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Do you want a life of spontaneity, joy, and intelligence? Or one of pain, frustration, and suffering?

The choice is yours.

While you can’t always control your external circumstances, my MarieTV guest today will show you how to access something WAY more powerful.

Gary Zukav is a modern spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers including The Seat of the Soul and Universal Human. He’s known for his profound insights about human consciousness and appearing on the Oprah Show more than any other guest.

“No one has a choice about what they're going to feel next. But you do have a choice about what you're going to do then.” @gary_zukav Click To Tweet

In today’s episode, Gary speaks openly about his early struggle with sex and drug addiction, the advanced physics meeting that changed his life, and how each of us can choose love over fear in our everyday lives.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to know what you were born to do.
  • The sentence that radically changed Oprah’s life.
  • Where emotions come from (this might surprise you).
  • The most powerful force on the planet — and yes, YOU have direct access.
  • How to tap into your multisensory perception.
  • The important difference between intentions and outtensions.
  • 3 body parts that hold MASSIVE emotional wisdom.
  • How to choose love in every situation. 

If you want to learn how to turn would-be painful experiences into joy-filled ones, this episode is a must-watch.

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DIVE DEEPER: For more on the power of your emotions, learn 3 steps to channel anger into a force for good.

Amazing conversation, right? But here’s the best part:

Your insights from this MarieTV can change your life faster — if you repeat them.

Take a moment now to write down your key insights. Or speak them outloud. Share them with your dog. This step is SO important because repetition drives growth.

No pen and paper handy? Plop your ahas in the comments below. Tell Gary Zukav — and the tens of thousands of souls who come here daily for inspiration — your BIGGEST takeaway from today’s episode. More importantly, let us know how you can put your insight into action.

Because the intention YOU put in directly correlates to the results you get back — in every area of life.

In Gary’s words: “Your being here is not accidental. Your creative capacity is far beyond what you can now imagine. And if you give all that you can to Life, make that with a capital L, you’ll receive in return more than you can imagine.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for adding your voice and sharing your experience with this community.


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  1. YAY!!! Gary Zuchav! Just this morning I looked up the video of Gary Zuchav and Oprah from the 1990s where he talks about meaning as the compass of the soul and the beautiful metaphor of the soul as the mother ship. It was the first time I’d gone back to it in a couple years, but I watched it a few times because it’s very powerful. What a lovely synchronicity to see this interview on the same day.
    Thank you so much for being such a leader talking about the soul and spirit guides. My guides are always at my side and I’m so grateful. I read The Seat of the Soul during the weeks that I launched my business several years ago. It gave me courage I didn’t know I had. And it worked because I’m still in business. Whew! I’m so excited to read this new book!

    • teamforleo

      Emily, this is SO AMAZING! We’re so glad that you shared your words and that Gary’s work has had such an impression on your business and life. We’re always grateful for your presence here. xo – Heather

  2. I had been asking this very question since the last few days – Can my intentions change my outer reality OR should I just do the work and ignore sending intentions to the universe? I was ecstatic when I saw Marie’s video Thumbnail – it synchronically answered my very question. Grateful to the holographic universe, for this response from Marie and Gary.

    • teamforleo

      Ask and you shall receive, Jerry. Three cheers for the Universe! – Heather

  3. I really like Gary Zuchav he have a lot of thought and you always learned from him. Thanks for this new episode. 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for taking the time to watch it, Adam. – Heather

  4. So incredible! I will walk away with intention of love or fear- authentic power- personality and soul come together. Feeling emotions and staying with them (especially the uncomfortable ones) and making a choice to act from love. When listening to others engage with me- if I have resistance- pay attention, notice – really listen (it is likely there’s truth in there!). I chose this earth school experience. Karma. Taking responsibility for this cause and effect experience. And full circle back to awareness of my intentions coming from fear or love (in its most simple form). I am so thrilled to have watched this… it feels life changing and brings together so much of what I’ve been learning from so many different angles ( non- physical information!!! I know this idea somehow). I especially feel grateful as I grapple with being a parent if young teens and a blossoming parent coach. I know no greater teacher than the children in the world to reflect back to us what we most need to learn.

    • teamforleo

      Jessica, these are such great takeaways! Thank you for sharing them with all of us to witness. Children certainly do reflect back so much to us. Wishing you all the best as you launch your business. xo- Heather

  5. Don Lowry

    Fascinating interview; I have work to do. Which of Gary’s books should I read first?

    • teamforleo

      Maybe whichever one calls to what you need right now, Don! – Heather

  6. Such beautiful, present, human being.
    At some point a persons intentions are able to override their unconscious motives but for most people the unconscious motives are far too strong. When those are acknowledged and transformed then a person can naturally align with their souls higher motives without the need to consciously choose.
    Enjoy the journey my friends

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for being here, Matheo. – Heather

  7. Thank you. I love the candor with which he speaks about those nasty aspects of ourselves. Jealousy for example. God forbid I get caught being jelly of someone. But to recognize it as fear based helps tremendously as he says: to be gentle with myself and others. To allow the sensation fully and make room for compassion. It’s a very nice shift in perspective. Thank you Gary and Marie!

    • teamforleo

      It IS a nice shift in perspective. One filled with compassion- which we could all use a bit more of for ourselves. Thanks for being here with us, Yentl. – Heather

  8. wow Marie, what a wonderful interview, didn`t know Gary, but he just blew me away, so incredibly awesome!!!! By far the best interview you ever did in your show…i follow you as an mf-insinder for a couple of years now, but this caused me to tears!…In terms of cause and effect and the laws of karma you might consider to invite Geshe Michael Roach…if you like, just google him, if you want a personal contact, just let me know…(i`m studying the buddhist philosophy since 2005 and learnt and still learn so much by GMR as well organized many events with him…)….(to myself: i`m from Hamburg/Germany and work as an entrepreneur as a goldsmith and as a teacher in corean martial arts and Ki Do In, which is a very healthy and holistic way of moving your body (a little bit similar as yoga)….)……. lot s of love, Ulla

  9. Well I would like to fill in the rest with a little more truth. Dreaming and living in La la land is great. But 95 % of life is not fear but forced. You can say no fear but 80% of the planet is living in fear of a idea of a virus. Then being programmed that a mask will protect you. If you are even slightly aware spiritual you will know you only get what you deserve. If you follow anyone else you will be pulled into their karma. If you get the shot you are giving into something worse then fear complete control. Sadly they made people believe in a great lie.
    Then thinking love is the answer for most things is dead wrong. It was only created 2,000 years ago and people don’t even understand that. Never mind more relationships are breaking up now more then ever. They have no real understanding what love really means.

  10. People love to hear good things- true or not. Thinking you have a higher self is delusional. You just have a programmed idea of who you are. Given to you by your mother and father. If you are looking for life it will come when you let go of the idea of how important the body is. If you even have a clue to what Jesus was teaching it was about life after death not about living in Hell. The rooms Jesus spoke about were the higher worlds God created for aware souls. If you want to live with out fear, programming , pain and suffering it sure is not on planet earth. You are not aware of 1/3 of what is really going on. But look at the simplest things- speakers are only speaking to about 20% of the planet if that. Over 90 % percent are living in poverty. That means homeless, starving, abused , being sold, and many don’t even kow when their next meal is coming . But sadly most people in the US don’t care about that while they call themselves – spiritual, higher dimensional beings, aware of what? Sure not a real God. The Idea GOD is a loving being ??? Really not in hell. yes in the higher realms/ worlds but not in the bottom level of earth reality. I am not talking about our universe or galaxy. The old saying if it sound to good to be true you are definitely right. THe longest anyone can live is 125 and that is not very long to learn the thing you have to learn to leave the lower worlds. I am talking about the Astral plane people call heaven.

  11. Kristy

    This episode couldn’t have come at a better time. I have just started a new job in a new industry. Its been 3 months and I feel like i have chest pains at the thought of going to the work place. My previous career was with the same company for 21 years, i was made redundant.
    I feel like I’m in a period of growth and I’m enjoying the change and challenges but don’t really know what I want to do??!! I’m thinking I should quit my current job and continue with my studies and trying out some other jobs or industry but so scared of not getting work… help….

    • Sara

      Hi Kristy,
      I don’t know if it’s normal on these threads that readers respond to each other, but I just wanted to share that I feel you. Having to leave a company after 21 years must have been a shock.
      My take would be to take 2 things into account: keep an eye on your financial situation and at the same time take some time to figure out what gives you energy. That can be through small projects outside of work, or studying a field or a hobby or whatever you’d like to explore. Hopefully that will lead you to a decision.
      Best of luck in any case! I’m an entrepreneur with 3 projects on her mind at the moment and I feel overwhelmed 🙂 I need to make some choices myself.

      • Kristy

        Thanks Sara, thats a really wise idea. I think deep within our hearts we all know what we have to do, its just moving from the fear to the loving place that Gary talks about.
        I wish you all the best with your decisions and a wise friend told me that the hard decisions are usually the right ones to make.

  12. What a wonderful chat! I’ve focused on intentions (and their power) in creating my life for a while – so the biggest takeaway for me is when he said ‘be gentle with yourself.’ More easily said than done for me but so worth focusing on! Thank you Marie and Gary, I’m off to get the new book.

  13. Kelly

    For the last year or so I’ve been trying to follow the philosophy of a paraphrased verse in Proverbs that says, “Do not let kindness and faithfulness leave you and you will find favor with God and humankind.” It seems you could replace “kindness” with “love” and really be leaning in to what Gary was talking about. I don’t feel the “finding favor” part in this verse is referring to accolades but more of a returning love. Really appreciated everything Gary had to say. So insightful. Thanks Marie, for the great interview!

  14. That was awesome. The email dropped into my inbox and I was intrigued. It felt like a wonderful transmission of a lifetime of experiencing and wisdom. The key moment for me was when he said ‘As you create authentic power your meditation becomes intentional.’ Boom I really felt that.

  15. Brandi Harrigan

    You, Miss Marie, are sooo soulfully good at these interviews. Always ask such beautiful questions <3 Questions from the heart, which really is all of our Heart <3 I thankyou. Deeply.

  16. Susan

    This is such a timely offering. I’m experiencing so many changes currently, in all aspects of my life. One thing I am doing is decluttering my home, and that equals decluttering my life because my home reflects my life as I have so far lived it. And I now understand that. This conversation with Gary confirmed my own beliefs around that. As I continue my attempts to downsize I will do so from a changed perspective. Thank you Marie, as always.

  17. Anj

    Thank you for this mind blowing and life changing video. I can feel the sincerity and so much love in it. Act in love indeed and it will give you peace. I am grateful to you, Marie, for sharing this valuable lesson from Gary.
    All the best!

  18. Wowwww! This talk has been very transformative for me, specially for what am going through right now. For example, I’ve just realised that a particular goal I have in my business is to make money and that goal is rooted in a space of fear and scarcity, more than a place of love to fully serve others sharing my skills and gifts, being not attached to the results of my actions. Give with no attachments to the results is a basic core principle in yoga and I’ve been struggling with it. Now I know why! Thank you Marie for such a special guest!

  19. Cheryl

    Wow! What a powerful conversation with Gary Zukav!! The timing of this profound wisdom was perfect for me! If you haven’t already, tune in to the interview and get the book. Everyone has so much to glean from this information. There are too many aha moments to pick one that stood out the most. Get the book and have your highlighters ready!

  20. Brianna

    Such kind and wise and loving teachings—thank you Gary. And thank you for being an eternal student, Marie, so we can all learn with you.

  21. Barry Wates

    Really insightful , It’s hard to fine a Word that describes you, I believe your kindness and understanding of people brings out The best of them, pretty amazing it’s not just the thing about you, it’s your truthfulness and understanding, you are truly blessed

  22. Kathryn

    I’ve so missed Gary Zuchav; like many of the comments before I have heard his teachings on Oprah and read his books. Thank you Marie for interviewing him and reminding me of his insights to the Earth School. Thinking of the religions and if every Christian/Buddha felt/acted as he described what a different world we would live in. I have so much work to do & looking forward to listening again! Be blessed and be well in this beautiful day of Earth School and everyday we are learning!

  23. Joe

    This was an utterly beautiful exchange between Gary and Marie! Talk about synchronicity and wisdom. We are going on vacation soon and I wanted to bring something to read. I was really struggling to figure out what that would be.
    Just ordered two of Gary’s books and used my father’s day gift to help me be the change I wish to see in the world. Now when I question my purpose or my own talents and abilities, I realize that is based on fear, not love. Intent based in love can change the world. In fact, the shift toward a just, living economy and a hopeful future has already begun. I need to get off the sidelines and get in the game.

  24. Devany

    I love Gary Z. I always recommend his books to people just starting out on the path of emotional and spiritual awareness. I also remind people to be gentle with themselves and having him remind me again brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Marie TV for always sharing the most amazing authors and teachers ❤ I am excited to read his new book. 🤗🌎🤙

  25. Alodie Spires

    This was an AMAZING interview! Feeling blessed to be a student in Earth school even on the hard days.

  26. Coree Aussant

    This was so powerful! I love how Gary presents the information in such a down to earth way that is easy to process and apply to my own life. It all makes so much sense. The idea of taking a moment to go within and become aware of what the physical body is feeling is so important. A wonderful reminder to take a moment to assess and then consciously respond from a place of love. Love it!!

  27. I love Gary Z. His eyes and whole being exude gentleness and love as he speakers. What a moving episode. Thank you.

    My biggest takeaway is that there are only two intentions in this Earth school (great phrase), love and fear, and to always be conscious of one’s intention so one can live from their authentic self. So simple, and so beautiful. I loved his words about looking cool as being from fear, and trying to manipulate the world. His words ring like a bell of truth. I also appreciated the example of sending a kid to school for different reasons. I’m homeschooling my kids right now, and his words remind me that I can act/teach from love or fear, and helps me to remember to tune into the love vibe.

    So much goodness to soak in. Thank you Marie and Team Marie. Keep the goodness coming. Love it all.

    Putting it

  28. Valerie

    Wowza did I ever need this message today! My personal and work world are going through some tumultuous times that require me to make some pretty big decisions for change. Hearing this guidance for setting intentions through asking why and finding the root from love is such a wonderful way to move forward… instead of the fear and anxiety that have been keeping my life’s potential small and stagnant. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  29. Larissa

    Amazing 😻 thank you 🙏

  30. Thank you for bringing Gary in my life, Marie!
    What I’m left with after so many deep thoughts was the brilliant simplification of life into two intentions: fear and love. And that we should feel them all, and choose act from love.
    With so much love,

  31. Jul

    This is definitely inspiring me.

    I am Mom of 3 young children whom I am trying to teach and guide to best of my ability, along with retrain myself too.

    My relationship with my fiancé is not good but I am going to do my best to Change my thinking and become a better me for me and my family.

  32. Donna

    I’m always inspired to hear more people talking about emotional awareness and intention. I need daily reminders and connections. Also high quality co- regulation- you guys are among the highest. I’m grateful for you.
    My biggest take away today it to revisit my “why”. And not to attach to an outcome.

  33. Vesna

    Incredible! I love Gary!
    There were so many seeds of wisdom in this interview. I never saw my intentions as a way to true empowerment. All of these years and I never put the two together until now. I can see how things that I did out of fear never resulted in fulfillment. When Marie and Gary began laughing I laughed along with them.
    Thank you for this interview! I’m ordering the book today and I will watch this over again!

    • teamforleo

      We love how much you enjoyed this episode, Vesna. We hope the book continues to serve you and your journey through life. xo- Heather

  34. Yadira Hendricks

    Gary definitely brought out much of my own unclear thoughts 🙂 And now I will have the thought of fear or love to root my actions to when I’m unsure of why is it that I do certain things and will let my spirit keep guiding me into the unknown…

  35. Cecile

    Thinking about life this morning and why I was procrastinating again, I said out loud to my wardrobe “It’s safe to say I didn’t give it my all, haven’t made the very most of my life.” And bam, not ten minutes later I saw Marie’s mail, picked up on Gary Zukav’s name (I’m currently listening to Oprah and Dr Parry’s audiobook version of “What Happened To You” and she mentions him) and checked out the conversation. What celestial timing! What joy! What a gift on this day off (it’s Luxembourg’s national holiday). I wrote down lots of things, but the main ones are
    – I’m not writing this novel alone because it’s not possible to BE alone
    – There’s LOVE and there’s FEAR: which one is driving your intention?
    – “The intention is to act with love, and to eliminate the intentions of fear in your life.” And it’s DOable!
    And the biggest one: “Begin to be aware enough to listen to the call and to EXPERIMENT!”
    And that’s what I needed to hear. That was the Universe saying “that chapter you’re unsure about, go with it. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to be wild.”
    And then I went for a run and had some fab ideas which I recorded on my phone, and now I am So Excited and full of vim and vigour, so HUGE, HEARTFELT thanks to you both.
    And that little boy that held his grandmother’s hand on the bed & gossiped, he’s still there, twinkle-eyed and wonderful. Thank you so much!

  36. Judith Nastally

    I’ve been working on fear vs love. I gave a talk to my meditation group on that topic Sunday. Our intention as opposed to out-tensions was very clear. Powerful and juicy thank you for helping me become emotionally aware❣️

  37. Yes ~ Yes ~ Yes !!! Feeling Very Fortunate That Gary Is Mentioning These Experiences Of Being Happy * Joyous At Funerals Rather Than Grief. This Was My Journey Too In This Life When Attending Funerals Such As A Dear Friend Named Frank From My Course Of Miracles Group When I Was A Teenager In The Early 1990’s ~~~ Everyone There Was Sad At The Funeral Except For Me & That Was Because I Was Still In Communication Form With Him Even Though He Left His Body. Frank Called Me A Few Days Before He Transitioned & Then At His Funeral ~~~ Because Frank & I Had Such A Great Relationship In Human For & Spiritual Communication Form There Was Nothing To Be Sad About { At Least From My Perspective }. 10 Years Later My Grandfather Passed & When The Funeral Was Happening I Felt The Same Way ~~~ Happy & Joyous & Celebrating His Human Life ~~~ My Grandfather Was Always Good To Me ~~~ We Had & Still Have A Good Relationship !!! Super Awesome !!! Yeah !!! Thrilled That Gary Is Briefly Speaking About This Particular Topic/Subject Because It Needs To Be Listened To / Addressed For Many Others To Hear{t} !!! Kindest Regards, Catalina

  38. Sara

    I’ m struggling for a while now with the right approach to solve my social issues. On the one hand, I feel lonely sometimes and I don’t know enough people, on the other hand reaching out to people is difficult for me since I’m slightly autistic. So sometimes I think I need to try harder to build connections, other times I think that I just have to let go, do my thing and see what it leads to.
    I’m reading stoicism now (I like it), I tried mindfulness, I’ve also had therapy and coaching, but I still don’t have the answer. If anyone can point me in good direction to figure it out, I’d like to hear it. I’ll think more about what Gary said, but I’m afraid it still won’t solve it…

    • Barbara Spikes

      I have had some good luck with a group called Lifelines. It is an online program. I heard the creator of it on CBS Sunday morning. It has been a real gift for me. Just a thought.

      • Sara

        Thank you, Barbara. I’ll check it out!

    • Sara, in my experience as an empath, learning how to manage my energy field ( aura) helped tremendously in my interpersonal relationships. Learning how to ground in the body and how to manage the energy in my space and clear what isn’t mine, plays a significant role in feeling at ease in the body. When one is in command of her/his own energy, one doesn’t take in the stimuli of the environment in a way that makes it uncomfortable in the body, it’s about mastering our own energy. I hope my insight gives you an idea of which direction to look. Blessings.

      • Sara

        That goes in the direction of my thoughts about doing my thing and seeing what it leads to. Thank you Fadia.

  39. Marie, You always find the most amazing people to interview who have such wealth of knowledge and brilliance to share – bravo! And thank you for keeping it real ALWAYS!

    • teamforleo

      We love keepin’ it real, Alison. Thanks for being here with us. – Heather

  40. Ginny

    Thank you Marie for bringing on Gary Zukav – I have read the Seat of the Soul many years ago and this interview spoke to my heart and my soul…the simple yet deep question of asking “What is my intention?” Then finding out if it is from Love or Fear is one I can practice in every choice I make. Your purpose and the authenticity of your work Marie is encouraging and oh so inspiring!

    • teamforleo

      May your intentions and soul lead you on a really great path, Ginny. Wishing you all our best- always. – Heather

  41. Barbara Spikes

    I have listened to this 3 times. Each time I gather something new from it. Thank you for having Gary on. He’s an amazing soul, as are you and your team. Blessings, Barbara

    • teamforleo

      Thank YOU for watching, Barbara. It means the world to us. xo- Heather

  42. Thank you, Marie. Gary Zukav’s book The Seat of the Soul was one of the books that played a role in my spiritual awakening in the late ’90s. It taught me to ask myself ” Am I choosing in love or fear?. It’s always so nice to hear him speak. Gratitude!

  43. Joan

    Team Marie, thanks for the interview. I had to listen twice and I even downloaded the transcript to read and highlight – helps me cement the thoughts.
    My main takeaways
    – Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your Soul and the intentions of your Soul..
    – If you have an emotional reaction to something said to you it means you should really listen because there is a lesson there for you.
    – That, jealousy, addiction and other forms of fear are not your obstacle to spiritual growth, BUT your AVENUES.
    – To question each decision if it’s being made out of LOVE or FEAR. Profound

    I own ‘Dancing Wu Li Masters’ and made several attempts to read it but I guess I am just not ready for it yet.
    I own ‘Spiritual Partnership’ and oh I love it and refer to it all the time – it is great for any type of relationship.
    Will check ou this new book too.
    Very transformational information.

  44. Fay

    This really helped me today. I am in an organization which does great work but I was “under” a boss who continually undermined me despite all my experience. Some months ago I had a choice between a permanent job to get away from her and a temporary job where I would directly support the organization through change and our clients through the pandemic. I chose the temporary one, I went towards love. Now I’m faced with the end of my contract. I have another temporary opportunity to grow towards love and helping others. I need to find something permanent but I will let love, not fear, guide me. This video has cemented in my mind what options I will or will not consider.

  45. Ali

    This episode touched on everything I’ve been pondering and considering lately, but he shed light and provided clarity through his perspective. It’s further “proof” to me that I am where I am supposed to be and am learning what I need to learn. I really needed the reminder about being conscious of the motivation behind my actions and desires. When we are conscious, we can choose where we put our power.

  46. I loved this episode, after watching just half of it I sent it to my husband, this is something I need to share!! What most resonated with me is what they said about intentions, you can do exactly the same thing but doing it from love… or from fear. I prefer so much doing it from love, and the best thing, as they said, is that it all comes down to practice. The more I do it, the easier is gonna be to live in love. So is a great motivation to keep having/doing intentions. Thank you so much for this episode!!!

  47. Yay, Another great conversation. Looking forward to listen to the conversation of you both. By the way I just make a comment first cuz i was excited. 😛

  48. Shareen

    I was thrilled when I saw you were having Gary on MarieTV. I read Seat of the Soul 21 years ago. It was a life changer and Gary became my guide. I have referred to that book over and over since first reading it. One of my favorite takeaways from Seat of the Soul (and there are many) was something he said on your program – “Temptation is a dress rehearsal for a negative karmic event”. Whenever I was tempted to do something that perhaps did not feel quite right, I would imagine what the effect might be. I could decide then and there to choose differently and consequently have a different outcome or effect. I guess you would call that acting with an intention of love instead of fear. And what an empowering feeling – authentic power! I’m looking forward to reading his new book. Thank you for another wonderful episode.

  49. Ida

    I always have high expectation if I saw Gary Zuchav talking. Because he a lot of idea and you can always learned from him. 🙂

  50. Ali

    Gary Zukav was inspiring. Thank you for sharing this video! I’m very glad I checked my email today and something compelled me to watch this. However, I have a question. What if we have done things in the past for which, as Gary said, karma will bring similar suffering back to us in another guise perhaps? If we are truly penitent and aware now of the wrongs we have done, are we still doomed to wait for that karmic payback no matter what? How can one live without letting fear direct some or many of our actions when there is the constant knowledge that we still haven’t paid the price for whatever wrongs we did before we understood things from a different perspective? Thanks.

    • Nisha

      I believe that if we have done the work to start acting from a place of love rather than fear, then we will be ready for anything that comes our way, by taking that pause to think about where our FEELINGS are coming from and making sure our REACTIONS to those feelings are coming from a place of LOVE. This is a part of taking responsibility and accountability for any actions we take. We are only doomed if we don’t make the transformation, understand all the connections of the universe, but most importantly as Gary leaves us with, the ability to be gentle to ourselves will allow us to make those connections and react from a different place resolving the karmic cycle for that particular experience (cause/effect)…you have the ability to resolve or keep that cycle going.

  51. Nisha

    This interview is just what I needed for inspiration and a reminder that my choices are made with intentions for my bigger picture and purpose on this earth. I work with children and am a single mom to twins who just turned 8 years old. I am passionate about teaching children about emotional awareness from birth to five, or to anyone who is wanting to make intentional changes by learning about how to become aware of where emotions come from and how to learn to work through and make different choices in our lives, ones coming from love not fear. This interview was wonderful and I cannot wait to share how these principles have changed the way I choose to live my authentic life, and how we can expand the teachings of emotional awareness for successful emotional regulation early on in the lives of children. There is work to do, but I believe in everything Gary has to share because I’ve experienced it myself. Thank you Team Forleo and I look forward to reading this latest book. Going to download it right now!! xoxo

  52. What a wonderful topic raised in this conversation. Thought provoking! I absolutely love Gary and his teachings.

  53. This is great content! There is a lot of value in this article.

  54. Shweta

    Thanks for sharing this post. It was really inspiring.

  55. What a amazing topic. Gary is great speaker to hear. Because you will always learn new things from him. Thank you Marie for having him on your episode.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Katrine,

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the episode with Gary. Thanks for sharing!

      -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  56. Harsha

    I never really understood the idea of “choose love not fear”, until I watched this interview. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom!

  57. I watched Gary on television for more than twenty years ago and I have followed him ever since. He made a deep impression on me. Not what he said or did. Just the way he is. He is a TRUE human being and I will never forget the impact he had on me that night! He is truly one of my sources of wisdom.

  58. Linda Kuo

    So many take away’ s, but one thing that I was very impressed with, inspired by, and given peace with, is how Marie engages with every single caller – back to back, when she went live with “Time Genius” Completely engaged. Responded with pure love. And I think witnessing that was really miraculous and beautiful.

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