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Ever had a weird product idea and thought, “Now THAT would be a great invention?”

You could be sitting on the next mass-market phenomenon.


Today on MarieTV, multi-million dollar toy inventor Azhelle Wade will show you how to turn your creative ideas into real products — that sell like hotcakes.

Azhelle spent ten years climbing the ladder in the toy industry working for companies like Toys R Us, Party City, Madame Alexander, and more. She’s a three-time patented award-winning designer who’s led multi-million dollar toy lines as the VP of brand and product development.

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When it comes to inventing and marketing new best-selling toys, Azhelle has literally done it all. Now, as The Toy Coach and founder of the Toy Creators Academy, she helps aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors make it to the big time.

Today she’s sharing her insider secrets — like the fact that big companies are actively searching for new faces and fresh ideas all the time.

What does that mean for you?

It’s time to take your weird (potentially genius) product idea off the creative shelf and into the real world… where people can BUY IT.

Watch now and learn:

  • How to find your multipassionate sweet spot.
  • 2 habits that’ll set you up for success as an entrepreneur.
  • The biggest mistake people make when pitching new products.
  • What to do if your idea gets rejected.
  • The pricing secret you must get right if you want to sell physical products.
  • A 4-word mantra to unleash your creative drive.
  • How to get the right customers to find YOU.

If you’ve ever been curious what it takes to bring a fun new idea to life, this conversation is a must-watch.

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DIVE DEEPER: Too many product ideas? Follow these 5 steps to figure out what business to start. Then learn how to make time for creativity with Morgan Harper Nichols.

Now Azhelle and I would love to hear from you.

Do you have a favorite moment or insight from today’s MarieTV? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Whether you’re a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, work a day job, or are between gigs — your creative ideas deserve to be born. You already have what it takes to bring them to life.

As Azhelle would say, “Never say you can’t.” Every product you see, use, and enjoy every day started out as someone’s great idea.

Everything really is figureoutable.


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  1. Nice hearing and learning new ideas from AZHELLE WADE. Thank for this.


    I wasn’t really interested in toys, per see, but I had committed to listening to your Tuesday show and Azhelle happened to be on.
    Great interview – this is me getting to the point, and the point was that I LOVED was the point about GETTING TO THE POINT – You heard me!
    Thank you so much for that little Ah Ha!
    I gottit!

    • teamforleo

      We’re here for getting to the point, Lavinia! Thank you for watching and for your kind words. We hear you :)- Heather

  3. Elizabeth

    Azhelle’s enthusiasm is infectious! Thank you Marie for putting the spotlight on her. I may not be in her target market, yet, but she is a shining example for entrepreneurship. I love her reply to that last question about her audience and using platforms like this as “a megaphone” to help them find her <3

    • teamforleo

      Isn’t she great, Elizabeth? Her thoughts can inspire all of us and they certainly do. We appreciate you taking the time to watch. – Heather

  4. I’m so glad you shared Azhelle and her story with us! So much insight around creative breakthroughs! I have so much knowledge and have always struggled to get it out – not on paper, but out in the world — and thus basically have 3 separate businesses I’m trying to merged into “me”.
    “Being an expert in the specific life your choose to lead” is so true but I’ve definitely got caught up in the “how do these pieces fit together?”
    I love the turtle example: I’ve definitely got caught up in the past by “oh they don’t like that his head moves, so I should change that” and it’s so validating to hear “lead with your why – i made his head move for a reason!” Because Hell yes I did! Everything I’ve done is for a reason, and I need to remember to stand behind that decision.

  5. Hi Marie
    I love Marie TV and this interview with Azhelle; came away inspired to revisit my idea of interviews & podcasts within my own specialist field. Thank you so much.

  6. Mireille

    Such an awesome interview. Like a positive explosion!

  7. Antoinette

    Talking about short intros. The reason I discovered Marie is because I was on YouTube, trying to find a book review for Gaye Hendricks’ The Big Leap. There was one review that was a gazillion minutes long and then there was Marie’s with the quick intro and she got to the point. I then went on to binge watch so many episodes and fell in love with Team Forleo ❤️

    • teamforleo

      We’re so glad that you found us! We are sending you so much love right back. – Heather

  8. Oh man, that’s my biggest painpoint: I assume that I will do it wrong but I know I can. OMGOMGOMG… I need to embrace that. The bravery to do it and fail. And then do it and one time get it right. I’ve realised for a while now that one day the puzzle of my passions will come together but that will only happen if I dare to try shit. Thank you for the reminder!!
    Really loved this episode!!

    • teamforleo

      Wendelijn, you most certainly CAN! Embrace it and whenever you need a reminder, come right back here. We’ve got you. xo- Heather

      • I do not have words to express how warm and “belonging” (I know, it’s not an adjective) such a reply makes one feel Heather. You and team Forleo are like a warm bath to us . Much love and have a great weekend

  9. Thank you!! My creativity SO needed a pick-me-up like this today!!

    • teamforleo

      We hope this did the trick, Celeste! – Heather

  10. Marie, thank you for your megaphone of a platform!! If it wasn’t for that I would have no idea that the amazing Azhelle Wade, a toy coach, existed. Who knew??!? I’ve been toying with a game idea for a few years now and had no idea how to move forward with it. But now I know exactly where to turn to next to keep this moving forward. Azhelle’s energy is contagious and her insight is priceless and I can’t wait to learn more from her. Thank You!!

    • teamforleo

      Michelle, we “see” what you did there- toying with a game idea 😉 We’re so glad you enjoyed this conversation and we hope it’s just the spark you need today. – Heather

  11. Rae

    Awesome Azhelle and Marie!
    ‘So cool to see you zero in the the exact kind of person you want to work with, Azhelle.
    I have a laser focus that can exclude so many other things I love to do. It is inspiring see that eventually it does all come together when you find where to aim the laser beam.

    Marie, thanks for confirming that it’s your irl house behind you! ; D

  12. RIGHT with the long ass intros?!?!?!?!? ew – LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!! And then the long ass dialog about “what we’re going to do….” in all of these youtube videos and tutorials. LIKE STOP! KISS. (keep it simple stupid) and for the love of all things! GET TO THE POINT!!!! no one wants to hear the garbage! THANKFULLY some recipe sites added a “jump to recipe” link bc I DONT CARE! I want the recipe! LOL But on another note: this resounded with me as a creative trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. BUT my “corporate job” was MINIMUM 12 hours a day (working for a magazine) which is why I went freelance BUT! Biz is not where I want it and I am getting bored and frustrated. I’ve done life and career coaching and got an “answer” but I have no idea what environmental protection service would actually pay me to do design work for them. They all have zero budget and I have bills that I need real money to pay. (sigh) ANYWHO! loved the episode!

  13. You guys are soooh good at this. Ms Wade just blew my mind about pricing pitching product.
    Love it, a great conversation certainly helped me.
    The video thing. I have been reluctant to speak about my jewellery online.
    I will have to suck it up and try a video.
    Love this conversation.

  14. The one biggest insight I garnered from Azhelle, is that the path to your inner creativity isn’t straight and narrow, but, more often than not, is a long and winding road. Thank you for sharing her multi-faceted ideas.

    • teamforleo

      May the road treat YOU well, Chas. – Heather

  15. Melanie Floyd

    I loved the part about how the interests and ideas are all over the place. You may not necessarily know the end game, or even 5 feet ahead, but taking all of those pieces, honing in on them (giving them your attention) and then exploring without an expectation of outcome. I love this! I have many ideas and interests and no idea what to do right now. This is the nugget that I choose to take from this episode today. Trying to hone in on those different interests and see where I land. I am thinking to pouring my energy into making just free content on info that would be useful and helpful to my audience, and see where that takes me. The idea of freely making content that helps people actually makes me feel good at this stage in my life.

  16. Bettina

    Loved 💕 the interview.
    The nugget I took away is knowing your / my inventory and mashing it all together

  17. Amazing interview. Thank you so much for this!!!

  18. Jean Howell

    That was very inspiring for me. It’s so hard to connect with others that are designing a physical product. My dream is to design for the craft industry but a lot of what Azhelle said is transferable so I will be following her for more insights.

  19. Ewa

    For me this was an enlightenment moment that there is someone working as a “toy coach” out there. This is a remainder for me that there are no “stupid” activities – as my father would probably say about a professional toy designer or a toy-coach – and that everyone have a precious gift to offer. Some career paths are just not typical ones, some are totally new and we shouldn’t quit our ideas because no-one around does sth alike.

    • teamforleo

      We LOVE this take away thought, Ewa. Marie often reminds us that we’re created in the way that we are for a reason…..dreams and all.- Heather

  20. Safae

    OMG!! love this episode, thank you so much!!
    after whatching this, I want to go to rech my goals.. you Marie is such a great motivation for me for years.
    You are among person who helped me to be who I’am today.
    Shokran (Thank you)
    Big hug from Morocco 🤗

  21. Kristine

    I’m borrowing something Azhelle said. “I assume I’ll do it wrong. But, I CAN do it.” Love it! I so needed to hear this and will add it to my bulletin board of thoughts I choose to think.

    • teamforleo

      We’re so glad those words landed right when you needed them, Kristine. May they serve you well. – Heather

  22. I am a functional medicine health coach, with no health profession background, write now initiating a consulting firm on corporate wellness.
    I have been studying about hormones, functional medicine, biochemistry, etc.. on my own for more than 10 years. Still one of the things I know has been holding me back is the impostor feeling. Feeling like an impostor because I didn´t study medicine or nutrition at a big fancy school.
    Azhelle´s phrase: “It´s not about being an expert in everything. It´s about being an expert in the specific life that you chose to lead” Has just blowed my mind!
    Thank YOU!

  23. Ok – I have a question. Did Azhelle design the LOL dolls?! My daughter LOVES them (and I do too!).

  24. Sharmaine Williams

    I love Azhelle’s ending remark if her students wanting to make better lives for kids, which is what I would love to do through etiquette. I think it begins young and at home. The question is how.
    I love you both, so much juicy content, great interview.

  25. Roberto

    I love you both, you all are very humble!

  26. Amanda

    Thank you both so much! ~ Too many insights to list! Hoping you have an A for ma Q; When a products “for purpose” how do I create a price point that serves the purpose and the consumer? Is there a ratio or line to guide me please? I could get it done cheaper offshore but would like to offer employment opportunities to women recovering from sexual violence here. The crux is that the proceeds from the product go to an organisation focused on preventing and reducing sexual violence.

  27. Thanks Marie and Azhelle,
    This interview was so extremely valuable! I’m going to have it streaming in my ears just for the positivity! What I LOVED was the advice on pricing, pitching, and the secret sauce of finding your people! I think we get the same advice over and over especially about pricing and audience building which is: “Do lots of ads and charge a million dollars for anything, because having a sustainable business is super easy and fast.” Not true.
    Thanks for the practical grounded advice. So resonate.
    Much love,

  28. Omg I could be a coach for other music teachers wanting to turn their home business into a professional career and/or start a music school!! 🤯 It’s already what I’ve done and what I’m GREAT at!! Thanks for some great 💡💡!! 🙏❤️

  29. Melissa Chambers

    I love Azhelle’s concept of thinking of talents and interests as pieces in a puzzle. I may not have the answer to ‘what am I going to do’ right at this moment…so I just need to keep playing with my puzzle pieces and seeing how they can all fit together. Great concept and gives me a great visual to meditate on too! Thanks again for all the wonderful content you share.

  30. Inspiring! What a lovely and wonderful woman, who has found a way to share her gifts.

  31. This is amazing. I appreciate you taking the time to share these very useful ideas! Thanks Marie and Azhelle.

  32. “Never say you can’t.” Every product you see, use, and enjoy every day started out as someone’s great idea. Everything really is figureoutable. – Azhelle
    That’s really Inspiring affirmation 🙂 Big claps and thanks

  33. I find this very inspiring for me as a women. Thank you for posting this.

  34. Thank you, Marie, for bringing Azhelle to spotlight. I really appreciate how she responded to the last question regarding her audience and how she uses venues like this as a megaphone to help them find her, well done!

  35. I really like AZHELLE WADE and also her work’s 🙂

  36. I love Marie TV and this meeting with Azhelle; left away enlivened to return to actually meets for me and digital broadcasts inside my own expert field. Thank you kindly.

    • teamforleo


      So happy to hear that this episode resonated with you!


  37. Watching and listening to you guys. Give me the motivation to really invest on my idea. A big thanks 🙂

  38. Happy to hear some ideas from you guys on how to cash in on my idea and make it into something that i will be proud of. 🙂

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