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Time for a SUPER important creative reality check:

“Instagram ‘likes’ don’t pay the bills.”

Take it from Morgan Harper Nichols — musician, artist, and author of How Far You Have Come with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram — that there’s more to building a successful career from your gifts than you’ll see scrolling your favorite feeds.

What does it take?

In today’s MarieTV, Morgan shares the secrets that took her from college admissions counselor, to touring musician with a record deal, to published author and one of the most prolific and inspiring creators on the internet today — even as a “low energy person” with a toddler at home.

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The best part? You don’t have to hustle, chase likes, or have superhuman stamina. You just have to show up.

Your wildest creative dreams can fit into your life — TODAY.

Watch to learn:

  • 2 practices to train your brain to create consistently.
  • How to thrive as a multipassionate entrepreneur.
  • What writer’s block is trying to tell you.
  • The secret to surviving social media as an empath.
  • How to turn life constraints into creative fuel.

Plus, adopt Morgan’s mantra for lasting fulfillment as a creative entrepreneur.

If you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have enough time, energy, or space to pursue your creative dreams, think again — and watch this episode!

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn the #1 thing we get wrong about creativity with Chase Jarvis, and discover 15 books on creativity that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

Now Morgan and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, answer these two questions:

  1. What’s your #1 insight, aha, or takeaway from today’s episode?
  2. What’s one step you can take to make space for creativity in your daily life?

As Morgan reminds us, “It’s okay to modify the dream.”

Adapting to your circumstances is not failure.

Ditch the hustle, quit drinking compareschlägger, and give yourself permission to be where you are.

You are magnificent.


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  1. I’ve followed Morgan since The Devo Co, and it makes my heart explode watching success find her. There are still some saved poems in my DMs that she wrote for me personally, and they continue to find new meanings throughout different seasons of life. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to move where we felt led even when we don’t know what will come of it. XO

    • teamforleo

      We LOVE this so much, Amanda. What treasures those poems must be. Nice to hear from you here. xo – Heather

  2. Neilena

    Aha moment thanks to Morgan Harper Nichols…
    “Keep social media on only one device”… that way I am able to spend more time living in the moment instead of constantly checking my phone.

    • teamforleo

      YES, Neilena. It truly was a moment of “whoa”. Thanks for being here and sharing that. – Heather

  3. Hey Marie and Morgan! My #1 takeaway from this video was inspiration, I saw Morgan’s story as driftwood for me! I’m not an artist, but I’m trying and struggling to figure out how I can help and support people with my knowledge and thoughts/feelings as a career that I love. I’m currently an engineer but the work I do, which I’m grateful for because it keeps my roof over my head and food and clothing for my family, but it isn’t what I feel I’m called to do! I know I need to keep going and find a way to make it all work. I’m a B-school 2020 grad, so I’m taking action steps and changing things I believe in the right direction, it’s just taking time! One idea/action I’ve decided to do is to put my thoughts and ideas on video on a YouTube channel, and NOW from watching this video, I’m going to put requirements together for that to really create the right boundaries! Morgan your story is so inspiring and I am so glad you shared it and that I could hear it! Thank you Marie for sharing Morgan’s story with your listeners, can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful things/people you’ve brought into my life! ❤️

    • teamforleo

      What a beautiful visual, Sharon- driftwood. Always remember that every step- small or large- that you take towards your curiosity about what’s next matters. We’re so glad that you’re in our B-School family. xo- Heather

  4. Michelle Compton

    Hi Marie, I am so grateful there are people in the world like you and like Morgan. What blessing you are in the world!

    • teamforleo

      What a kind and generous thing to say, Michelle. Thank you. – Heather

  5. Thank you Marie for introducing me to Morgan and her work. I love it! One of the first things that came to my mind was how amazing it would be to have a personal collaboration with her and Mary Gallagher. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Mary’s work (she would be an amazing guest) but she does a process called Life Tapestry. She meets with you for 2 hrs and talks about who you are, what you do and why. She then writes this beautiful summary for use on a website, book cover etc… In that summary, she seems to come up with one strong statement for each person. I’m going to have a session with her next month and thought it would be amazing to have Morgan create a piece of art with my statement, so I reached out to her and asked.
    Thanks again!

  6. “Modify the dream”, this is such a realistic view, yet most people are so stuck and don’t achieve what they want because they are not flexible or adapting to their circumstances. I am still learning this everyday and it was great hearing it and getting that affirmation from such inspirations as Marie and Morgan! Thank you ladies for sharing your knowledge! <3

    • teamforleo

      Here’s to the flexibility that works for you and your dreams, Nattie. xo

  7. Hello Marie, Fabulous Team Forleo, and wonderfully made Morgan Harper,
    Thank you again for introducing us to Morgan Harper Nicholas with her wonderful gifts she has embraced the world. I enjoy the fact that she only keeps her social media apps on the Ipad. Ever since I saw the movie social dilemma, I too slow down with social media. It’s all about having human connections and showing up your creative side. The quote I will take away today is, ” we all need permission to do what we can do right now in the best way possible.” Let go of self-doubt and embrace your talents. Thank you and God Blessed!

  8. 1. The “writer’s block” part. I do this anyway and Morgan just validated that for me! I ALWAYS have multiple things to do, I keep a list actually, and when I’m not into something (writing or not), I switch gears and go do something else. Things keep getting done, which contributes to my sense of accomplishment, even if it’s the laundry.
    2. Being a single, living alone woman, I have to do everything (which I am fine with), so staying organized is key for me. I keep a spiral notebook handy so that when a creative idea pops into my head while I’m doing the dishes, I go jot it down for later reference. Sometimes I act on it, sometimes I don’t, but I don’t stop the flow because I’m doing the dishes. 🙂

  9. Ann Paquin

    One action for today: Add to my beauty and joy calendar: Morgan Harper Nichols:)
    I deeply feel, appreciate and lionize Marie’s love of humanity- a living legacy.

  10. I absolutely love, love, love this episode. I found Morgan on Instagram. Her poetry and artwork drew me in. Now, I am moved as deeply by her authenticity and wisdom. You both have a new and dedicated fan in me. Thank you, Marie, for providing a space for us to listen to her incredibly moving yet simple inspiration. So many valuable gems here. May you both enjoy health, happiness, and creativity for many, many years. We are all richer for it.
    ” It is not a block, it is a cue to do something else.” Morgan Harper Nichols

  11. Malina Hubler

    Ah Ha moment: Not focusing on the marketability of the art I create before I’ve created it. That’s been a stumbling block for me! Thank you both for your insights.

  12. Rhonda

    Loved the episode and NEEDED what she was throwing down! Literally so many takeaways I can’t choose only one. Just downloaded her app. The world needs more people with her realness.

  13. “There Is More To You Than Yesterday”
    ^ – That phrase gave me CHILLS.

    Since I am trained in cognitive therapies and have a masters in neuroscience, I love seeing those container and ‘rules’ for ourselve around these challenges that are DOABLE –> Not making it inflexible and too hard to ever achieve but working WITH how our mind works [at least from when I did my MSc in Neuroscience anyway – I know things have changed in the last few years]

    And I have to say – “Adapting to your circumstances is not failure” – adapting to the world around us is what humans are wired to do. Changing your mind, your thoughts, your dreams is part of the process of being human. <3

  14. This is the first I’ve heard of Morgan, but now I want to take her all in. I literally bawled when I listened to her. I’m also a preacher’s daughter, a singer and artist. I’ve been creating art for a long time but most recently discovered the magic of using my iPad. I’m creating new things and also sharing my words in it. And it feels AMAZING! My life and business keeps transforming. I’ve been talking about finding an outlet for singing and want to take voice lessons again as a way to tune-up and find my voice again. Thank you so much, Marie, for sharing Morgan with us…and Morgan, for sharing yourself with the world. I am so inspired! Yay!

  15. This was my introduction to Morgan, and WOW did she speak to me!
    My answers to your Q’s:
    1a: I realized that I don’t really get blocked, I always have ideas. My block is Fear. I’ve become terrified of trying to create for a living, and failing. Which is silly because I’m a learner, and view “failure” as an opportunity to learn. This line of thinking led me to 1b: Growing up as a kid and into my 20’s I was praised for my creative efforts, but…I continually received the message that I couldn’t make money doing “that.” It’s ingrained in me, and likely the source of my fear.
    2: I am going to set parameters for creating Something, every day. Maybe something small, maybe a small part of something larger, just start getting things out of my head. Nothing grows from inactivity (except my belly!), but if I throw some seeds out there eventually I’ll have a garden.

  16. Jennifer Armendariz

    Wow! I loved this episode!! I definitely do not see myself as a creative person even though one of my secret dreams is to take up writing. I loved how in the podcast, Morgan spoke about it’s not writer’s block, it’s simply a cue! I also liked how she talked about the really one-on-one conversations we have with those closest to us can drive our writing. Today, I had a conversation with a friend who is going through IVF and today, she told me she feels all the prayers as a “wave of calmness” and I just thought to myself, “wow… what a beautiful image” and I wrote about that.

    I like what you said Marie about the 30 day writing challenge and I am going to start that with my best friend who is incredibly talented and I asked her to do this with me, but for 30 minutes each day, starting today!

    • teamforleo


      Amazing! Keep us posted on your 30 days writing challenge with your bestie! Always, enjoy the process…


  17. This was exactly what my soul was searching for. I have been in a slump artistically, as I left my corporate gig pre-pandemic and 2019 was a rough first year. Then 2020 hit, and all the negative thoughts came flooding in. I’ve been frozen creatively, and have even thought about going back to a 9-5 PM ( even though I literally had a panic attack weeks before putting in my two weeks). Yet, Morgan’s quote “Making art is more than the product, it is a part of my well being, self-care” really hit me. So, I grabbed the crayola crayons 🖍, sketch book and rulers and am doodling the day away. It’s been on my heart to start sending mail to a few people, and I met a new friend via IG that I’m planning on sending a homemade card to. Thank you 🙏🏽, this was epic! Also, every time you say “…the world really does need that special gift that only you have…” it gives me chills, today it brought 😭 .
    I love you, and Team Forleo! #Bschool2015Alumni

    • teamforleo


      We are so thrilled you enjoyed the interview with Morgan and that it sparked joy and creativity within you!



  18. My #1 Aha moment = that it’s okay to modify the dream. I like to think I do well at modifying my goals but then I feel guilty after I modify them. In reality, it often doesn’t matter if I finish a personal project this month, in 3 months, or 6 months. The point is to enjoy the process and stay dedicated. Thank you for the gift of this episode!

  19. Great ideas and creative energy….Inspiring, thanks! I like the attention given to the creative process itself, versus the product…. I often quote the ZEN proverb: “Sing for the same reason the bird sings.” (Once the bills are paid, that is….ha) I just completed a triple album, and do admit I pay my bills elsewhere also….the music industry is a very tough place to pay bills. But this need to be creative is as real as life itself for some of us….Thanks again!

  20. Lisa

    SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE … plus you could just listen to her speak all day. So calm and inspiring and REAL!!!
    Take aways are many but the big ones are:
    * How she decided to start the podcast in one way but due to circumstances she had to pivot which turned out to be the perfect pivot. I love how she sets an intention and works with the universe to make it so.
    * The social on one device and essentially setting intentional time in social land.
    * Lastly, it’s not writers block its a que to shift. I felt that applied to so many blocks we run into day to day.
    Overall, she’s amazing and beautiful and the biggest takeaway is how she’s intentional with her time and her life.
    Just a breath of fresh air ☮️💟🙏🏻🌻
    And I can’t believe she’s in copy cure 😁. Thank you!!!

    • teamforleo


      Wow! thanks for sharing your takeaways from the interview! So glad you enjoyed the interview with Morgan.


  21. Oh my goodness. I almost cried several times. I am in a place of deep shifting and internal turmoil. So grateful for the many graces in this conversation.

    • L. Johnson

      I am in that same place, Cerece – I will hold you in my thoughts, bathed in soft. serene light!

    • teamforleo


      So happy to hear that Morgan’s interview resonated with you. Thank you for being a part of your community!


  22. Carrie

    This was my first time seeing Morgan. Wow, she’s incredible. I’ve had so much head trash about writing and thinking my stuff isn’t good enough. She inspired me to focus on the ‘practice’ and then pull out the good stuff later. 🙂

  23. I love watching MarieTV. I look forward every Tuesday to a new inspiring email in my inbox. But, today – wow – I was blown away! Morgan Harper Nichols is such an inspiration and so genuine and warm-hearted. This interview had everything I needed to hear right now and more. I grabbed a notebook and wrote down every quotable, especially, “I just need to do it for the love of it” and “We all need permission to do what we can do right now in the best way possible.” Lately, I’ve felt so stuck creatively as a writer, and I couldn’t figure why. I just needed “permission” from myself to create for the love of it. And it inspired me to do my own challenge of writing and uploading something new each day without judgment. Thank you!

    • teamforleo


      So happy you look forward to Tuesdays and MarieTV! So happy that the interview resonated with you and helped you move to the next level in your writing.


  24. I absolutely loved this episode. Thank you Marie and Morgan. My heart feels full, and happy and hopeful. Allowing myself to modify the dream, pivot, do what I need to do when times are tough, stay mobile, honour my health by doing art, not be precious about it but keep it simple, be in conversation when writing, be prolific, share consciously while respecting my own and my family’s privacy, and see the person behind the screen… are some of the key reminders and takeaways for me. Much love ❤️

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your lovely feedback with the community! So happy that doing art brings so much joy in your life.


  25. Pamela Joy

    Flexibility and baby steps are where it’s at!

    • teamforleo


      Bravo friend! So well said!


  26. This was BOOM! So inspiring, so uplifting! My “ah ha” was “it’s ok to modify the dream”. I’ve been working so hard to get my art out into the world & now I’m sick with serious asthma issues (we’re talkin’ can’t even fart without having shortness of breath). This wonderlicious conversation has inspired me to start doing a painting a day from bed, just for the sake of doing it. For my love of art & creating, for its healing powers. Thank you, Marie & Morgan, for such a beautiful spark!

  27. Donna

    Thank You Morgan & Marie!!!! My biggest take away is how calm and relaxed and seemingly non- pulsed you are Morgan! Showing that success doesn’t HAVE to be Hard or done a certain way; and clearly you ‘listen’ and know what brings you Joy and how to share it ! You have another new follower, again Huge Thanks!!
    Creativity is a huge void in my life and always has been. I Love to color in adult coloring books and I love using Bright, Colorful markers!! One new step for me is to look into Adobe Fresco!

  28. Oh wow, just love Morgan and how she creates her work in her way.
    I so needed to hear this.
    I often feel I have to be like others on social media. But after listening I realise that it’s the authentic me that I need to share not what I think others want to see.
    Loved it, thank you both Maree and Morgan.
    It’s ok to modify the dream!!!

    • teamforleo


      So happy to hear that the interview with Morgan resonated with you! Dreams are too important to all of us!


  29. This may have been my favorite interview. I am so inspired by her. I am taking with me the idea to create something every day. I am a performing artist beyond my work in social services and education; who has found therapeutic value in dance and drama my entire life. Inspiration to create without attaching a production, financial goal, or any expectation beyond sharing my creativity with others is one of the most freeing messages I have received in a very very long time.

    Thank you

    • teamforleo

      Rena Marie,

      We are so thrilled you enjoyed this interview with Morgan! We are thrilled to hear that you are taking the idea to create something everyday to share with the world! Yay!!

  30. Nisha Foerstner

    What a human! Morgan rocks. Marie and Team, you’ve done it again: found an amazing other who is inspiring! Morgan articulates so many of the little tricks I have found out for myself, like shifting when no writing pours forth, etc. And yet, she is so young and so calm. I came to these insights at a much riper age!

    I just finished a Costume Design course and am drawing fashion illustrations every day: my personal goal is to do one practice drawing a day for a year, starting May 1st 2021. And so far, they are hilarious! But so much fun! For myself. I find myself laughing and saying “Picasso, eat your heart out” as my body parts are often not in the correct perspective, much to my amusement.

    It took this pandemic to remind to make creativity a priority for, over the last five years, it has taken a serious back seat! Previously, I sang, acted, yoga’d, taught and all that disappeared moving to a new place to take care of family. Now, I am recharged and will continue in my small way to nourish my soul.
    Lots of love to you LOVELY LADIES!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Nisha,
      Thanks for sharing your story with the community. We are so happy you enjoyed the episode.


  31. Aha moment, from the very beginning of the interview that brought me to tears:
    When Morgan tells us when she showed her drawing to her dad, how he encouraged her, and how that became a foundational moment in her life, that would give her the courage to keep creating, no matter the circumstances. I remembered in that moment that when I was a child, I was very talkative, but that was seen as a terrible thing. It was the negative comment on every school report card, and a cause of worry for my mother. I realize I was basically told to shut up my entire childhood. And to this day I struggle to make my voice be heard in many ways. Fear and excuses get in the way. I started an Instagram account years ago for my business, but I still haven’t posted anything! I love talking, I actually dream of speaking in public. I have so many ideas to share! I just have to clear the fears and blocks that are stuck right there, in my throat! And seeing it more clearly is another step forward. Thank you so much for your inspiration:-) First action step: writing this comment! Let my voice be heard so it can get out of my head, and into the world!;-)
    Thank you Marie and team F for all you do and all the amazing life-improving content you bring us, for B-school that brought me so much clarity, and Copy Cure which I’m now starting:-)
    Morgan, you’re amazing and so inspiring!
    Much love xx

  32. Stacey

    Oh, Morgan, you’re advice, ‘it’s okay to modify the dream’ is just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  33. Stacey

    Oh, Morgan, your advice, ‘it’s okay to modify the dream’ is just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  34. Morgan Harper Nichols proves that when you really are committed to something, you don’t let obstacles stand in your way. I was so inspired by what an emotionally healthy, well-adjusted, generous and strong woman she is. When she has had to deal with limitations, i.e. working on her Ipad, shorter podcasts, she seems to have done it without resentment or despair. I am going to view my time constraints very differently. Morgan certainly exemplifies the “Everything is Figureoutable” approach to life.

  35. Kate Sanders

    Thank you so much for this Marie. Pretty much the whole episode resonated with me. One thing I will share is that as a result of Laura recommending 750 Words in one of her trainings on the Copy Cure last year, I signed up and have showed up every day since. As Morgan said sometimes I get to the end of the day and say “wow, I still need to do my words” and I do them. In about three weeks I’ll have done my first year. It has got me through this pandemic and helped me adapt my work. I’m proud of myself…

  36. Loved it! Learning: to not have to make a new voice for sharing your stuff – but sharing naturally what you would with friends and people you care about. (Something my soul knows, and how I have written my own book – and why it is successful – but my social media ego finds scary 🙂

    From now on – I will create a message a week on my illustrating Instagram towards the lovely people that are already following me. As my illustrations and words keep them going

    Lots of love, Marieke

  37. Three things was superinspirational to me.
    First; “it´s ok to modify your dream”; I know that I want to learn and that I want to write about what I learn”. I´m good at deconstructing and organizing, and I want to pass on my knowledge. But I also want to tell a story, and I want it to be important to me as well as to my loved ones.
    Which brings me to the second; “When my dad affirmed that God made me to be an artist, that was a lifechanging moment to me”. The two people that needs my knowledge the most are my two daughters (2,5 and 6), so the story I will tell should always be important to them either directly or indirectly. I don´t want to be a mom-blogger, but I don´t think i can avoid writing on family matters if the topic is going to matter to the core of my heart.
    Which brings me to the third; there is no such thing as writersblock; you need to stop, listen and learn! so, THANK YOU to the both of you, I am one step closer to my dream (which still will be modified a few times).

    • teamforleo

      Wow! We loved reading the three things that bring you inspiration! Thank you for sharing with the community.

  38. Finally, an artist and creative who is also empathic, sensitive, and on the autism spectrum (according to her latest news) who offers steady amounts of art and beauty to the world. We are neurodiverse! I have always believed that autism and the labels of ADD signaled high intelligence.

    Thank you for the inspiration, the clarity, and your message.

    I hopped on over to Morgan’s shop and purchased a beautiful mug for myself and a journal to inspire the young woman I mentor as she graduates from high school.

    Determined to stay on my creative path – teaching folks to find their voice and practice enlightened communication through my coaching practice. My first book will be published this Summer by ForbesBooks.

  39. Thanks for sharing valuable information

  40. I am a Singer/Songwriter and recording artist based out of Johns Creek Georgia. I’m hoping to learn and be empowered as much as I can by your website. Feel free to contact me.

  41. Thank you for sharing this. Really an inspiration that we can put to use

  42. Pavlina Lioness

    “It’s okay to modify the dream…other people will be inspired by the way we shift and adapt…” omg, this whole convo has been the most amazing and inspiring thing I’ve heard these past months… She’s gorgeous. Thank you for reassuring me that I can inspire others with my art as well as the art of flexible mindset :))

  43. Yafit-Laetitia Sarfati

    Thank you so much Marie for your beautiful questions. Love,

  44. LOVED this so very much. It was just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  45. Alexis Hanley-Trione

    What an incredible, value-filled dialogue! My biggest takeaways were:
    1. Keeping social media on the iPad! Just thinking about not having it always accessible at my fingertips already feels good for my mental health.
    And 2. Staying creative in silly, child-like ways, like we did as kids! Drawing, doodling, scribbling, painting, making things for the joy of it, versus some made-up fantasy in my mind about who might like it or what might happen as a result of me making it. AGH! This point really helped give me permission to just feel into how I want to create, be it ceramics, music, dance, whatever my creative expression wants to be channeled into on any given day!

    Thank you both so much for sharing yourselves & thank you Morgan for this amazing dose of inspiration <3

  46. Divya Jaggi

    What I took from Morgan is the idea of creating Art ANYWHERE and not being rigid about the Space available. I am an artist and this perspective helps me to release the confusion of creating in a small place and break the limitations within. Thank you so much. It truly means like a cool breeze of BLISS.
    Marie you are Awesome and so is your effort to spread that Awesomeness. Stay Blessed, always. love and more love, Divya

    • teamforleo

      Hello Divya,

      Thank you for writing in with your feedback! We love having you as a part of our community.


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