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Do you know your worth? Really?

Forget about your current hourly rate or your target salary for a second and look at your business with fresh eyes. How much should you charge for your products and services? How do you even decide?

When it comes to pricing, there’s no golden rule or one-size fits all answer. People can charge whatever they want for almost anything. You could be the dime-store razor that costs pennies on the dollar. Or the gold-plaited blade touted by Men’s Health to be “the best shave in the world” — and everything in between.

Your worth is what you say it is. Click To Tweet

Naming your worth is 100% up to you.

So how do you decide what to charge? This is where many smart entrepreneurs get stuck.

Like Meghan, an entrepreneur who left an abusive relationship and wants to help other women do the same. Inspiring, right? I love seeing folks making the world better with their businesses. But you know what else your business needs to do? 

Make money.

In this MarieTV, I share a smart strategy that’ll help you figure out exactly how much to charge. Even better? I’ll show you how to stop focusing on the numbers and deliver experiences that make your customers feel like they’re getting a steal… at any price.

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DIVE DEEPER: Try my favorite method to find your pricing sweet spot and then effectively communicate the value of what you’re offering.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, leave a comment below telling me how much you need to charge to deliver incredible value and make it sustainable.

Then, brainstorm ONE way you can deliver 10, 20, or even 100 times the value of what your clients or customers are paying.

You won’t fear being labeled “expensive” if you’re worth it.

Make your business sustainable.

Charge what you’re worth so you can keep making the difference you were born to make.

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  1. As I’m launching my seed community to my list this month I’ve been thinking about the ‘worth’ side of things since I’ll be charging for memberships. Especially thinking about how much each ‘resource’ is worth but then also considering my input – my experience, my qualifications, the time and energy I’m saving those people… It’s definitely a hard one to do by yourself!!

    Your point about prevention versus giving a solution is a good reminder too: My people feel lost in who they are and their personal reinvention after years of trying to ‘improve themselves’ by themselves. When I focused on “hey you want to avoid this long journey, i’ve taken it for you” I wasn’t connecting with people, but focusing on how lost they feel NOW, I’m getting so many responses asking to join and it’s not even live yet =)

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing Katy-Rose! Happy to hear that you found a good reminder with the content.

      – Antoinette

    • That’s great. Congratulations! I like that a lot.

  2. Love your point Marie around being able to shift from problem solving and pain points to investing in something for prevention. It gives me both perspectives on how to market my offers and membership, that I believe willalso help my customers think about not only the now, but also their future possibilities.

    • teamforleo

      So glad you enjoyed the show and that the content resonated with you as you support your customers!


    • Dee

      I heard Marie say the opposite. I thought she said that Most people buy solutions to problems, not preventing problems. Meaning they are already in the midst of the problem. Then she gave the example of when she needed to find the therapist when she in Josh was in the midst of the problem, not before the challenge arose. She also said that when you are marketing, you speak to the pain. Did I miss that?

      • Jessica

        Yes, Dee, you got it right. 🙂 People buy solutions to pain they are already in, not prevention to something they don’t know if they will ever have.

  3. Gabby

    I am still confuse on how to improve what we can offer at 10, 20 or even 100 times with the price I want to charge. The case is I am a photographer, and I want to up my pricelist, but what should I do? I am quiet clueless on what quality should I improve?

    • I have recently started a youtube channel showcasing what I do, and will be sharing valuable content of my knowledge. When I have this going I will be offering workshops through my website focusing on specific ‘problems’ that I know how to solve. In my case I feel I have put several of my passions into one product, and maybe sometimes that is the answer. Sometimes its just about a particular angle that’s all yours…
      I just thought I wanted to give my 2 cents. Have a great day!!

    • Marie-Laurence Camara

      Hey Gabby, I am also a photographer. Pricing in our world s a bit tricky but I ‘d suggest you check competitors pricing in your field and specialty of photography and once you know the ‘average’ price of their services, see what free add-on service you can add to exceed your customers expectations , i.e: deliver your pics in 3 days guaranteed, or add different pics formats (if they want prints, add digital format usage) etc …Also, join professional photographers forums in your field of photography and ask your network.
      Lastly, brand your company to reflect your market positioning (and 10,20,100x your value). Hope that helps, Marie (not lovely Marie Forleo, another Marie he he )

    • Paola

      Dear Gabby, Just a thought…my daughter just got married and I went with the photographer that charged more than some of the others. Why? Photography is so important in the precious life moments. It is the ability to capture a moment in time that will NEVER be repeated. That is priceless. So in the case of my daughter’s wedding I wanted to solve the “pain” of worrying and fretting over my ability to capture this moment of precious memories. I knew that I was saving myself tons of sleepless nights. And by going with the trusted, more expensive photographer I could with confidence have one thing off my already full plate of wedding plans! This has tons of value…worth every penny!!

    • Hey Gabby. I’m a photographer too. There are many ways, but the best you can offer to stand out is service. Make you customer live an experience, not just a regular photo session. Plus you can add a nice packaging, and some amenities both in the sessión itself and the sales appointment.

  4. Mandy

    I really love the idea and the perspective shift of both points made. My question is that I feel time and energy are my poorest resources and that I’m already giving 110% of myself, the idea of giving 10, 20, 100x more value than the price makes me feel exhausted – am I thinking about things the wrong way?

    • teamforleo

      Hi Mandy, this can be a common issue for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs. Try to think of something or some system in your company that you could create or set up once, that will have a lasting impact on your customers. It could be an auto-reply that offers answers to questions they didn’t even know they had yet (but you do because you know your customer). Or perhaps you already are adding that 10-20% more value and just need to figure out how to communicate that in your marketing. Again, you could do that once and re-use it to save time/resources in the future. I hope that helps! -Sarah, Team Forleo

    • Helen

      Hi Mandy, I can resonate with this feeling, however, there is a different way to look at it. If you check in with what Marie says it is: “Who do i need to BE? What do i need to CHANGE?”.

      Marie isn’t saying you have to DO or even GIVE 1o-20 times more tho. She is saying: ask yourself how you can become who you need to be in order to deliver more *value* to others… And bearing in mind that “value” in itself is highly subjective, ultimately intangible, and a matter of perspective.

      If you are giving 110% of yourself right now then absolutely your time and energy will be depleted! Giving more than you have is a tried & true recipe for burnout. So “who you would need to be” and “what you would need to change” in order to deliver more value to others, is this: Someone who gives energy and time to herself first, someone who protects her time and energy, someone who makes herself a priority, and who ensures that she is giving from the overflow rather than emptying her well and having nothing left to give to others, let alone back to herself…

      I realise that’s all easy to say but it’s an essential 180′ shift in mindset and priorities, and most likely will require the removal of old patterns, habits, and conditioning around over-giving and people-pleasing (speaking from personal experience, and a lot of inner work). All the mantras are true tho! “Fill your own cup first”, “You can’t draw water from an empty well”, “Put on your own oxygen mask first” – they’ve become meme-worthy cliches for a reason. Start giving that 110% to *yourself* and you’ll find you have so much more to give, start fully realising your own worth, and become so much more “valuable” to others in doing so… 😊💕

  5. This was so interesting! I think one of the key points in being able to offer more value for what you charge is automating processes and value itself. On top of any tailored services you may be offering to your clients, through which you are already doing your best to help them, you can also have a set of guides, resource lists, and additional content that you will be able to share with your clients in order to enhance their experience. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • teamforleo

      Yes! Great advice, Cris. -Sarah, Team Forleo

  6. Reading and listening to Marie it’s part of my to do daily list!! Amazing, inspiring and powerfull

    • teamforleo

      We’re so glad you’re here, Miriam! -Sarah

  7. Echoing Meghan’s words—B-School was the perfect dose of approachable yet challenging to help me take bold steps towards creating a more sustainable business. <3

  8. Rachel

    The timing of this is so, so, so spot on! I’m shook!
    I’ve always dreamed of making money from my art, even if it’s just in a side hustle capacity. This week I got a request for 2 commissions after I posted pictures of presents I made for my Nephew on Instagram, and the dreaded “So how much?” reared it’s head!!
    Thank you for the advice!

    • teamforleo

      That’s so exciting, Rachel! Don’t let the price question get you frazzled. Remember, they saw value in what you created or they wouldn’t have asked. Best of luck on this side-hustle and bringing your artistic business dreams to life, we’re here for it! -Sarah, Team Forleo

  9. Anjelika Tskhovrebova

    Thank you so much for this!! Loved it, super useful.

  10. Great conversation, so true, thank you for the insight. You’re worth a million, billion, trillion bucks baby, but it’s not about your worth personally. .what problem are you solving? Priceless. Love all of this, what a great shift! Too often I’ve pondered this in thinking, am I enough to charge this or that? Of course I personally am, of course you personally are, but focus the worth on the content, the problems we’re solving, very empowering.

  11. What a great topic!
    As a Mindset & Fitness Coach, I have seen the value of how my expertise creates life-changing transforms for the lives of women, yet I continuously undercharge my programs/services. Setting price points was a constant struggle for me.
    After watching this specific video, Marie, I have now shifted my own mindset when it comes to pricing!
    You talked about giving lots of free valuable content – which I do with my YouTube channel and through social media- and now, yes, I have finally revised the pricing of my group and personal coaching.
    Thank you, Marie, for addressing this vital conversation and for sharing your thoughts on it. It will be life-changing for me – my business!
    Keep on shining,

    • teamforleo

      Wonderful, Tanya! Charge what you’re worth and the value you bring! -Sarah, Team Forleo

  12. Richelle

    I agree with Marie ten folds when it comes to businesses paying for prevention. I am a Food Safety and Quality Consultant for food manufacturers, and I learn that it takes some time to get management on board when it comes to prevention. It makes more sense to them to pay for someone to solve a problem rather than preventing a problem even though prevention can cost them pennies comparing to problem-solving that can cost them millions.

  13. This lady was so touching and what she says at the end about being a BSchooler and being inspired by all that Marie does. I’m sure 1000’s of us went : Yeah, me too, this is what happened to me.

    • teamforleo

      Ah, so glad you are in our world, Suzanne! -Sarah

  14. Hello Marie, You look fantastic. Your own power of positivity is working for you. I listen with intent to your interview ‘How much should you charge’ and your conversation with ‘Meghan’ and her leaving an abusive relationship. Good for her. That’s where my thought comes from. I have benefited enormously by listening to ‘Dr. Les Carter’, I love you both and follow you. These ‘wolves in sheep’s’ clothing have to be understood and exposed. Thank you.

  15. Very useful and clarifying . Thank you!


    Incredible! It was so inspirig! Thank you sooo much!

  17. I just want to echo her “Thank You” at the end of the call. Marie, thank you!

  18. Even after working with business coaches who have helped me with pricing again and again, I worry over this every single day – especially now that I’ve just made public my first program pricing and pitched my first set of coaching clients.

    Thank you so much for sharing this strategy. I’ll sleep so much better tonight knowing I haven’t priced my services too high.

    • teamforleo

      That’s great, Celeste! Congrats on your first program and knowing your worth. We’re all cheering you on. -Sarah

  19. Helen

    Wonderful conversation and perspective shift. Thanks Marie & Team (and Greg who might not say much but is still nice to look at ☺️), and Meghan – great question with a familiar set of conundrums. All power to you 🙏💕

    • teamforleo

      Helen, so happy to hear you enjoyed the episode. We love hearing from our community.

      – Antoinette

  20. Nice videos on pricing! Looking forward to B-School in March with y’all…definitely warming up to Marie and Gregory’s style…how refreshing to hear this information articulated again in your own unique style.

    • teamforleo

      Hi William! Thanks for being here. B-School is coming up soon! If you haven’t already, hop into our free training happening now here -Sarah

  21. I was rethinking my pricing for my therapy sessions. Some time ago I have raised the prices because I felt that when I’m paid less I don’t feel like I want to put my full energy in it as I felt that I’m not being compensated for the energy I put in. Once I raised the prices, I felt good every time in terms of compensation that I was getting. Now this year, last couple of months I have experienced slow down and lack of paying clients which made me think if I shoul perhaps drop the prices. But somewhere inside it felt like betraying myself. Watching this episode helped me to get my belief in myself back again and to rethink my marketing and also free contents instead price drop. So I think I will do that instead.
    I am still going through B-school modules so perhaps it is time to get into that!
    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo! ❤️

    • teamforleo

      We love how you worked that out, Ruta! Remember that feeling you have in your gut is usually right. We ove that you’re looking to offer more value rather than cut your pricing. -Sarah

  22. I enjoyed this episode a lot. I had a thought about Megan’s (sp?) “prevention” versus “solutions to problems” decision, and I don’t know her business model now, so I can only hope this is helpful:

    When I was in my early twenties, I learned from a small documentary screening in someone’s home how pervasive human sex trafficking is in the United States (where I live). Up to then I’d assumed this was something that happened in other countries overseas, but rarely here. The purpose of the screening was to raise awareness among people who haven’t been directly impacted by trafficking, so they could be alert for the signs and do their part to *prevent* it from happening. That was actually a very powerful experience for me and it impacted the way I shopped, observed people, and talked about serious issues all throughout the rest of my twenties and into my thirties.

    In a way, this was both a “prevention” and “solution to a problem” approach, because the friend doing the documentary screening was responding to a problem “someone else” had and teaching people on the *outside* how to stop it and help prevent it from spreading.

    From what I’ve learned about abuse, those being abused are not likely to seek a way out; i.e., they’re not likely to seek a solution to the problem. By the time they’re in the thick of it, they’re often psychologically past the point of no return. It’s more likely that they’ll try to “learn from” and respond to the problem from within, by avoiding actions that tend to trigger abuse, trying to “be better” and change the other abuser over time to a more loving person, or convince themselves that the abuser isn’t *all bad.*

    Also, it might be hard for a person in a position of abuse to spend a lot of money on something that “solves” their problem without attracting attention from the abuser and making the abuse worse.

    I’m wondering if there isn’t a way to raise awareness generally (maybe in corporate settings, or at women’s conferences) about what abuse can look like to an outsider (“you might think it looks like this, but it can actually look like this”), along with “what you can do”-type steps, so that the work IS preventative, but also responding to a problem in real time.

    Just a thought.

  23. I have been told a few times that my fees are too high. I charge $125/hour where other folks may only charge $30-$40/hour. Here’s the hitch I try to humbly tie my horse to… I clean up and fix what those low cost providers break. There are always going to be people who are only looking for the cheapest solution. I get that. Sometimes that person is me! But in the end, it all comes down to quality. I manage money and people. The two most critical parts of any company. Now, do you want cheap, or proactive, responsive, and smart?
    When I start to doubt myself, I think about the occurrences where I have literally found thousands of dollars for my clients. I seriously had a client lean into the camera a couple weeks ago and say, “I LOVE YOU!” Best feeling ever!
    I share so others will know it’s okay to be the most expensive razor, consultant, whatever. There is a market for you at the price you deserve!

    Thanks Marie! I LOVE YOU!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Barbara! It sounds like you offer TONS of value. Good on you! -Sarah

    • teamforleo

      Wahoo Barbara! Thank you for sharing that quality is a top priority to you and that content resonates with you from this episode. We love you too–thanks for being a part of our community.


  24. Awesome! This reduced me to tears. I have been fumbling my way through my failing business for 11 years. Only today have a realized my core problem. I was unconsciously selling prevention! Thank you so much for your incredible insight.

    • teamforleo

      We’re so thrilled that this helped you have an aha moment that can hopefully help create a shift for you, Anna! -Sarah

    • teamforleo

      Yay Anna! We’re so glad you gained the insight to tackle your challenge. We applaud YOU to keep going, thanks for sharing.


  25. AJ

    Loved this! Echoing what so many others have said – thank you, Marie, for all you do!
    I’m currently struggling with pricing – or even charging at all – to some of the people I want to serve. I’ve been a yoga / meditation teacher + wellbeing coach the last several years, but have had the majority of the past year off due to breast cancer (which is now thankfully healed). I’m looking to shift part of what I do to focus on helping women within the breast cancer community who are recovering from treatments and want to grow a community for them to connect, but am having a TON of blocks around charging for this. I’ve always had a hard time charging for my services and marketing myself, but now it’s 10-fold. I’m not trying to capitalize on this group, I just want to share what I know I can help people with, and it so happens that it’s already my job, I just haven’t “worked” so to speak, in a while so many people I’ve come across in the last year don’t realize this about me. But I am so afraid to come across as sleezy or taking advantage of anyone. I’d love to do it for free, and can have some free content as Marie discusses, but I also need to start earning again. Not sure how to get around this, or if I am, in fact, completely out of my mind thinking to charge this group (which would only be part of the people I aim to serve, not all – and even with everyone else, as it’s been so long since I’ve put anything out there that I charge for, I worry people will harshly judge me for doing so). Not really a question in here, just wanted to share as I’ve been feeling quite stuck around it!
    Sending love to all, especially anyone who has actually read all of this!

    • teamforleo

      AJ, we’re so happy to hear that you’re healing and are ready to share your gifts with the world. I can tell how passionate you are about this and your heart is so big. Think of how you can offer value for free (for example, a free weekly support email, or even a free community) and then have offerings for those that want more support. Other ideas are writing an ebook, offering downloadable on demand products. Your gifts are needed by someone. You have a story that will help someone else. You got this, AJ. And we’re all here for it. -Sarah

      • AJ

        Thank you so much for your response, Sarah. It is SO helpful, and honestly has provided some much needed clarity and direction, even within such a short space! I love the idea of presenting it in a way that it’s clear I’m here to support everyone with the free content (I already have a blog, so that’s one thing), but that there is also more if you feel called to it. It’s all in how you approach it. Big perspective shift. Much gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom 🙂

  26. Something stuck with me from this interview: To get people to invest in advance is way more difficult than solving a pain or immediate crisis. As a relationship specialist and Clinical Imago Therapist I know from my practice that couples only come when the challenges are overwhelming and almost 1% of my practice consists of couples that want to learn how build a healthy relationship in advance.
    My challenge came in with revisiting my slogan “Invest in meaningful relationships” – and with this I realized the first image I create is asking of people to invest in their relationship before it even gets rocky! This slogan translates into all of my copy on my website and communication.
    Any advice on either a new slogan that still communicate the essence of how important it is to invest in a relationship or total different communication strategies?

  27. Thank you for sharing your many videos with are really inspiring. Wish you a wonderfull day.
    Kind regards

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