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“Broke doesn’t scare me.”

Arian Simone — entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, international speaker, and best-selling author of The Fearless Money Mindsetsays that from experience.

After getting laid off, moving into her car, and selling her clothes to buy food, Arian applied to 153 different jobs and got hired for exactly zero of them. Plan…Z? She got scrappy, built her own PR and Marketing firm from the ground up, and landed entertainment clients like SONY, Universal, and Walt Disney Pictures.

After massive success in business, Arian went on to co-found The Fearless Fund — the first ever venture capital fund led by women of color that invests in women of color — because she’d promised herself, “One day you’ll be the business investor you’re looking for.”

People have more fear of being broke than have faith in abundance. @ArianSimone Click To Tweet

In today’s MarieTV, Arian Simone reveals what really determines your wealth (hint: it’s not your IQ, address, age, or even your bank account). Plus, how to master the one success tool that transcends gender gaps, ethnic disparities, and socio-economic boundaries… your mindset.

You’ll learn:

2:19 — The abundance mindset that took Arian from food stamps to successful CEO.
10:23 — What are you *actually* attracting? Learn the key beliefs that’ll bring you better results.
17:30 — How to master your mindset for unwavering confidence.
22:15 — What a 5-year-old can teach you about abundance.
28:57 — How to be a smart steward of your money.
31:22 — What Arian did that no investor had ever done before.
41:02 — The #1 factor behind her success in venture capitalism.

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DIVE DEEPER: Release money beliefs that are holding your back with Kate Northrup and try these 6 little money mindset shifts that pay off huge (Arian uses #2 all the time).

Now it’s your turn. What’s one insight from this conversation with Arian that you can put into action today?

As she says, “By default you will believe in something, make sure it’s something you can stand on.” What do you believe in? On a daily basis, do you put more energy into worrying about scarcity or having faith in your own abundance?

In the comments below, let me know one positive belief you have, or would like to have, about money.

It may seem impossible right now, but remember, when you create an abundant life for yourself, it serves us all. 

All my love,


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  1. Helen

    Aww… you two ? This brought me to happy tears too. So inspiring, so much magic in this conversation, and what a time for it! ? Thank you, thank you, thank you both for all that you do in this world… ?✨

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you enjoyed it, Helen! We’re passing you a tissue and a hug. xo

    • Gosia

      I loved this interview!

  2. I love that reminder of a 5-year-old’s “mindset” -> letting curiosity and their beliefs not shaped by media/culture in the same way. As a coach with multiple Psych/Neuroscience qualifications, the difficulties with mindset and how we perceive things… the fact that our beliefs really do shape our thoughts and thus behaviour… it’s crazy they don’t teach these concepts in schools, like Marie said! And I am loving that one-negative-thought needs two-positive-ones-quick to counter it -> The science shows us that having that focus on finding positives will actually lead to happier feelings for you – even if it feels ridiculous (I used to think it was!)
    Thank you for the reminders and for sharing your inspiring story <3 It's never too late to just start today.

  3. sharon

    I chose to major in Elementary Education bc it was a safe choice, or so i thought. It was a disaster. I hated each day of it. Then my princioal, rather than firing me, made me the art teacher. She saw my bulletin boards and thought it would be a good match and tho i wasnt certified, she gave me a chance. I also got more religious at that point, g-d really had a hand in this. It went so much more smoothly. I got certified in art ed and then, the same principal hired me again. I really loved my job.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sharon, what an AMAZING story about nudges, people seeing something in others, and how your talents and gifts were peeking out. We LOVE how this worked out for you.

  4. Wow! This conversation was amazing! I feel so inspired to pay more attention to my beliefs and the words I speak and listen to on a daily basis.

  5. Jabulile

    This I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved her kind, compassionate, never say die spirit. Yet she ain’t backing down nor apologetic about her dreams and achievements to anyone. Abundance is our natural state of being. I had forgotten to re-affirm this to my self daily. Thank you both for rekindling the spirit in me again. I highly appreciate it. Sooo worthy of my subscription.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES, Jabulile! Keep affirming and believing in your dreams- they’re there for a reason. We’re cheering you on and sending you loads of encouragement.

  6. Thank you ladies for doing what you do! I really really needed this today and I am so grateful.
    Arian your unwavering faith is infectious.
    I honestly feel so uplifted from listing to this.

  7. My insight : I am now Marie addict so maybe some day I will have the morning reflection „Kasia, you are having your dream life” cause I will be talking in Marie TV 😉

    • Alison

      That makes two of us! Can’t wait till we’re her peers 🙂

  8. The work I do is important and contributes positively to the world I live in. Because I share my gifts, The Most High supports me and blesses me with abundance so that I have the capacity to continue to share and support those who I am assigned to.

  9. Wow, Arian took me back when she said Apple Bottoms. Such an inspiring interview.
    So many gems. Thanks, Ladies

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      If you’re not singing the song in your head right now…”Apple Bottom jeans….” Or is that just in my head now for the rest of the day?

      Thanks so much for being here 😉

  10. This is great! Congratulations for your success!

  11. This was so very powerful. What hit me most was how you both spoke of your mindset and how that controls your movement. I forget that sometimes and this was a great reminder of how to keep the positive thoughts in front because what you think is what you become. This entire conversation was an awakening for me. Now I’m getting back to work on my entrepreneurial journey. Thank you a million times Marie!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Korene, mindset is such a huge factor in the entrepreneurial journey. We’re so glad that this episode of a small reminder of that.

  12. Ke'Anna

    Wow! Such an amazing & inspiring conversation! As an aspiring entrepreneur myself (who has already downloaded the 322 tools *thank you Maria*) I’ll be diving deeper into the Fearless Fund and see what opportunities exists to help me fulfill my calling and move forward in my purpose! Not even fear can stop me! It’s ladies like you who help women like me know that anything is possible! THANK YOU!! ✨

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Ke’anna, we hope those tools are super helpful for you! There are so many goodies on that list and we’re thrilled that you signed up to receive it. Keep chasing your dreams- we’re cheering you on!

  13. Goodness! Where to begin. Right from the start this interview made an impact. A HUGE impact on me. I have been wavering a tad and my spirit definitely tapped me on the shoulder and nudged me in your direction to be attentive of this interview with Marie and Arian. I definitely needed to be here and I feel sure that so many other women had their spirit tapping on their shoulder to be here also. Incredibly inspirational. The mind is a powerful, energetic resource and it is certainly true that on our journey to delivering our special gift to the world that we be TRULY aware of what we allow in through our ‘Eye-gate’ and ‘Ear-gate’, so that whatever we focus on to aid our higher good expands and not contracts. Thank you ever so much team Forleo for this interview with this incredible young lady named Ms. Arian Simone. May the light of both ladies continue to shine brightly in the Universe. Thank you again.

  14. Tia Cook-McNamara

    Love this story so amazing

  15. Kay

    “You/I can always start today”. Wow, wow, wow a simple powerful reminder; it is never too late. Mindset, getting around the right people…Marie this was amazing, so uplifting.

    Keeping Faith & Hope and being mindful of what I focus or give attention to for it grows.


    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Simple, yet profound, remind Kay! We’re so glad that you found is uplifting. Here’s to more hope in your day each and every day.

  16. Tia Cook-McNamara

    Love love love her attitude, her brilliance. I’ve been where she was and it is still difficult fir me to be positive. But I can always start today. Thank you thank you thank you to you both

  17. I’m blown away. I’m entrepreneur crushing so hard right now and bursting with inspiration. This is just what I needed to start my day and continue to set my mind right every day. Marie and Arian, you are clearly two beautiful twin souls who were destined to crash into amazingness together. Thank you, thank you!

  18. Marie,
    As always, you always deliver! I loved Arian Simone and her unwavering belief in herself and is sharing her inspirational message. I have always had a “can do” attitude and wonder why so many people live in fear rather than abundance. I will definitely pass on this podcast and go grab her book. I love inspiring woman and constantly feed my mind.
    Continue sharing your authentic self and these inspiring people and their stories.
    Love & Kindness,
    Lori Jolin

  19. You were talking about why they don’t put more positive news in the news for adults. So I thought I’d put The happy newspaper by Emily Coxhead to your attention. I think that’s a brilliant invention and Emily is also a very radiant person. And thank you for this inspiring interview!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing that here with everyone! Here’s to happy news 🙂

  20. Adela

    Wonderful! Just wonderful! What an inspiring interview, full of gems and wisdom. Thank you!

  21. Jane

    I love this interview, and love meeting Arian! My takeaway (and something I seem to have to keep relearning): what I focus on magnifies. If I allow myself to focus on thoughtforms that tear down my faith in the world and each other, then that’s what’s going to happen. This episode is a powerful example of what I choose to focus on: steadfast belief in the power and inevitability of one’s dreams and how that focus will lead you to magic and wild fun that you’d never imagined, and the ability to help others in incredible ways. Returning to Child’s Mind as a way to source your limitless nature is an essential part of that Takeaway for me. Gracias!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES, Jane! What we focus on expands so here’s to us being more aware of that and returning to the mindset that will serve and expand our impact on the world and on our dreams.

  22. I took pages of notes during this conversation and look forward to reading the book! I love the statement that people have more fear of being broke than faith in having abundance. It definitely hits home for me and something I’ll be noticing now so that I can change it!

  23. (big sigh of relief) SO needed the words on money! And what an inspiration Arian is! My belief system has been so locked down in lack which I’m realizing is affecting .everything. from my money, love, and being on the struggle bus for way too long when it comes to my acting. Looking forward to getting her book and thanks for the deeper dive resources. Arian, all of it was SO helpful but for me, especially about 39-40 minutes in, your talking about how to handle unsavory projections and was so inspired by your robustness of authenticity and showing up as your full self…adopting that, thank you ❣ Big loves Marie – your faith in all of us who are wobbly in our self-beliefs help us be stronger and your heart in wanting and witnessing people win in life is so sweetly palpable xo

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Mary, we all wobble and sometimes it takes the act of seeing someone else shine their light like Arian and Marie are here for us to remember the light that shines within ourselves. We see you. xo

  24. Anati Bloch


  25. Andrea Montgomery

    I can’t BEGIN to thank you ladies enough for this episode.
    “I, too, am convinced ABUNDANCE is Mine.”

    Thank You!

  26. What a beautiful interview from two beautiful souls! I am in tears, literally. And I can’t wait to read the books that both of you have shared! Inspired and dreaming big!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Heidi, we’re passing you a tissue and sending you loads of love. Keep dreaming and reaching for what you want.

  27. Thank you so much Marie, so inspiring!!!
    thank you so much !
    this woman made me cry because her dream resonates so much with mine; I want to be wealthy so that I can support people in financial Hardship.
    I take all this conversation deep into my heart. I could not stop the video I was not supposed to watch it for the whole but it was so good ??? thank you so much

  28. Dawn

    I’m so glad you introduced us to her! I love her beautiful story. Very excited to read her book! I’m ready to have the same moment that she just had with you! I’m working towards that! ?

  29. Christy

    Hi Ladies,
    Thank you so much for this episode! It’s timely for me as I am presuming what I feel is my calling and the money hasn’t arrived yet. I have been actively working on having deep faith the the money is on its way. I have one question for you, what do you do if your spouse lives with a deep lack mentality as it relates to money? We’ve been together for 20 years and combined our finances a long time ago, as I evolve and change my money habits and beliefs, do you have any suggestions for how we can navigate these different philosophies without it causing discord in our relationship?

  30. Christy


  31. This was really, really good. Glad to be introduced to Arian.
    Tali Lavarry Author –
    Confessions From Your Token Black Colleague

  32. This interview speaks so clearly about the power of love. Marie and Arian both operate from love, not from fear, and that includes abundance, helping others, being open to possibility, kindness, coming from the heart, being inspired and so much more. Both have histories of coming from love, creating communities where love dominates, and then in the video we get to see their love for one another expressed so deeply. I think it’s really true that all we need is love. With enough love all things are possible. Thank you both for the lives you live, the examples you are and for the love you give to so many.

  33. Gosh I am so in between both a scarcity mindset and abundant mindset. I feel like it’s a tug of war as I’m learning and practicing a more abundant mindset while starting my first business. I loved the little “affirmation” to say “There’s more where that came from!” to help shift the money mindset. What a great nugget of information. Thanks for bringing this topic at just the right juncture in my life.

  34. lisbeth

    I have loved so many of your interviews…as indeed your essence and mission. but for me this was beyond…perhaps it was just the timing…there are no coincidences…and it also allowed me to tell several women I love about her fund! But i thank you so for bringing her to the light of your audience…blessings…

  35. I loved this so much. I really related to Arian’s positive attitude and not letting people project their fears or negative experiences onto you. Last year I got divorced, sold my house, and moved with my 2 kids to a better school district. So many people expressed their fears and worries for me — how would I find a place to live? Who would rent to a single mom without a full time job? How would I manage on my own? But I haven’t felt sorry for myself, I’ve felt empowered and peaceful in a way I never did when I was outwardly “successful.” I signed up for B-School last March out of hope, not fear, and while I could not have predicted the pandemic, schools shutting down, and hiring freezes, I am not counting myself out yet. I may not be where I want to be yet but I am living my best life now, spending tons of time with my kids and outdoors enjoying nature. Broke doesn’t scare me either, hopelessness does.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Abby, these words and your determination and heart are an honor to witness. Thank you for sharing them here with all of us. Your kids are fortunate to have a Mom like you, leading by example with a heart full of determination and hope.

      Keep using the lessons of B-School, coupled with your dreams and determination and your actions will continue to take you far- they already have. We’re sending you so much Team Forleo love.

  36. lisbeth

    omg yes the KIDS edition with LESTER HOLT LOVE!!!

  37. LaShaunn

    Loved this! So inspiring to see women lifting each other. It’s like Marie said “I want to see everybody win.” So happy to see a fellow Florida A&M University alumni doing well and living in her purpose. Marie is so inspiring and I’m grateful for the opportunity to finally be working with her.

  38. Georgina

    I felt you were both talking to my heart from your hearts. The generosity and abundance were so touching and inspiring. Thank you.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      So glad you felt that Georgina because they were!

  39. Amazing! Just what I needed to hear today! Thank you both. Biggest insight ‘you can always start today!’

  40. Joy Washington

    Oh, my goodness I was so inspired by today’s guest and interview. I am 56, and I have made many money mistakes in my life. I have your book, Everthing is Figureoutable, and I love it. I plan to purchase Arian Simone’s book. I am taking away the importance of planning for my money. The stewardship principal is very important. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and others through MarieTV. I am so grateful for your passion and gifts to the world.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Joy, one of the most beautiful things that Arian illustrated that you can begin again. In the next moment, day, month, hour- you can always begin again. We’re so grateful to you for being here with us.

  41. Nisha Foerstner

    First time ever I cried watching your videos, Marie! You and Arian are wondrous beings.

    I’ve been going through Esther and Jerry Hick’s book Ask and It is Given, in addition to watching your videos. I have so many thoughts that reflect how you and Arian think, …mostly. I do have negative people in my life and have wondered how best to manage, not dissimilar to Eckhart Tolle’s story. I tried running from them and it didn’t work, so I recently ended up sitting through the ugly and discomfort. I am just on the other side. Just. Life is an adventure and I am looking forward to the next steps.

    Right now I am hyper aware of my thoughts (fear, ironically, sneaky little guy), I could use an infusion of lightness and cheekiness (Thanks!). That is my goal: Amp up the attitude, cheek, while taking care of the essentials. Feeling the Abundance and Love. Love Love Love you for who you are!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and reaction with all of us here, Nisha. We see you. We’re sending you lots of love right back. xo

  42. Love love love everything about this episode – limitlessness, abundance, flow, freedom!!! All the high vibes & spirit!! Thank you Marie & team for exposing us all to incredible peeps – would have never known likely about Arian without this show!
    & getting the book!!

  43. This was truly inspiring and empowering to hear. I believe it the journey to our destiny that will yield the greatest lessons. Thank you for sharing and also showcasing humility also. Be blessed

  44. I think my take away from this conversation is it is not about coming from nothing to something but being willing to let everything fall away so that the things you desire have a space to take hold. I also loved that Arian did not let those times that were financially hard for her shape her vision of herself. Her view of her circumstances being something that was going to pass because the vision she had for herself in her heart was so solidly planted. I know I will remind myself of this forever.

  45. What a timing to hear all this! So thank you to both of you. As I lost my job at the end of April and have not secured other job yet, the scarcity beliefs inundated me lately. I am planning to build my email list for my floral business that yet to leave off the ground. i have the money allocated for an email subscription provider fee. But I have been holding it for 22 days now, so scared to make this $ 206 investment in time when every single penny matters for me. This got me thinking, if I don’t take action now, by next year, I probably won’t make any progress at all. Thank you for the reminder to conquer scarcity mindset and to overflow myself with an abundance mindset.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      May your abundance overflow each and every day from here forward. We’re so sorry you lost your job. We’re sending you lots of positive prosperity vibes.

  46. Heather Stewart

    Wow-Arian is amazing and as I’m sitting here $300,000 in debt after a 3-year divorce, I’m like, “It’s fine” It’s below the bottom, but it’s bottom, and I can start today. Thank you Arian and Marie for making the world such a beautiful and hopeful place.

  47. This was AH-mazing! Thank you! <3

  48. Such an inspiring person! Stories like this give me faith in the things I want accomplish.

  49. YES, that was super awesome! Loved all the reminders of “make your decisions based in faith/your heart rather than fear as decisions based in fear lack magic (OK my word there) — so on the money! AND I love how she maintained her faith even while living in a car! Impressive!

  50. Brandee

    I have a new Tuesday ritual ~ the Marie Forleo podcast while exercising in nature. This episode amped me up and set me up to charge the day. So many powerful reminders in this episode – it always helpful to hear other strong women talking about installing an abundance mindset. It’s so invigorating! Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Brandee, that sounds like a really special Tuesday ritual. Thanks for taking Marie along for your nature time. It means the world to us- and her. xo

  51. Beth

    “You can always start today”?

  52. katherine adler

    I decided to watch highlights of the Falcon/Patriots game. That story from Arian was powerful!

  53. “That was your reality, but that doesn’t have to be mine”!!! THE.BEST!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      RIGHT?! We love that one too, Liesje!

  54. I thought I would just listen to the first 15 minutes of it since I’m super tired and continue tomorrow, but I couldn’t stop. This was beyond Awesome on all levels! Thank you for this amazing and inspiring interview. You both have such beautiful souls and I truly believe in the power of your thoughts. This was food for my soul- thank you! I love you both!!!

  55. Marisha

    There was so much in this interview- thanks to you both for your dynamic and positive energy, wisdom and stories. I loved most of all, I think, the principle that you can always start today. I have been treading my toes into financial literacy and sometimes I get down on myself for not starting to save more sooner- but I hit pause during the interview (with the thought: “just start now”) and increased my savings percentage then and there. And then of course came right back and finished the interview! The curiosity and brightness of a child and having that outlook on the world, showing up as authentically as possible, not being afraid to be at rock bottom- I’m taking so much away from this. Thank you both again, so much.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Marisha, that’s is EXACTLY what Marie means when she says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” You just DID it and took action. Bravo!

  56. Thank you for this, Marie!
    Just wanted to tell you that CNN has now a new newsletter called “CNN’s good stuff” where you only read the positive news.
    Talk about energy 😉

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing that, Llyane. We hope you’re well!

  57. Junifer Tutavaha

    Thank you, Marie, for this episode, Ariane was such a delight to watch I can definitely relate to her how she watches your podcasts and acknowledges you and that the path and purpose you have chosen has been influential and inspirational to her and in turn to so many other people. You and Ariane are similar in so many ways, It feels like you have a soul, connection. Absolutely love these moments Marie!

  58. Yes me too many times tears of joy, beauty and love for our humanity coming up!

    We really all need to change our mindsets and feel the abundance in every days endless gifts, no matter what shape or size.

    What came up for me was “oh yes, how many times do i actually waste time on the phone looking at what I wasn’t going to it for”.

    And just as important, I need to get my mindset back into abundance, 2020, was bumpy, but there’s more love, juice and joy where I come from 😉

  59. Laura Wynne

    This is awesome. How grateful I am to both of you for your fearlessness, transparency, drive, generosity. Life changing.

  60. What happens to most in general is they hear this reinforcement and run off being superficially positive for a while, but then life gets the best of them. Me too. My wife and I both, going through typical situations in life and business. Budgeting and family relationships.
    It’s a practice though like Miss Simone speaks about. Every day principles, not just sometimes. A steady and consistent, even persistent practice of thinking in the right direction. Leaving behind those nay saying bummer people that want you to stay where you’re at. My positivity circle of business and wellness has been strictly online over the past fifteen years with you Marie and many others because my world was simply full of Negators. The Negator is a dark and sullen creature that finds you making comments they can latch on to and bring you down instead of lifting you up. Beware of the Negator. Find those Spiritative (is that a word, it is now!) peeps who live in the mindset that is based in principles and daily practices.
    Thank you for sharing this story.

  61. Pristine

    I asked for this and hear it is!!! Thank you Marie and Arian for sharing your gifts.

  62. Rachel

    So much this!!
    It made me think back to the times when I would watch MarieTV wishing I could afford B-School or Copy Cure but keeping a precarious roof over my head after escaping my abusive marriage. This year I was able to and that line “you can start today” just resonated so hard as rock bottom has been the solid foundation I’ve built my life on not once but 3 times now, and each time I’ve reached higher and achieved more faster, and with hindsight realised with the right mindset these catastrophes hold opportunity.
    Thank you all again for another inspired session!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Rachel, you’re amazing. Look at where you are and what you’ve been able to accomplish! You did that. Each ‘today’ lined up next to one another and you’re in a completely different place in your life. Thank you for inspiring all of us today. xo

      • Rachel

        Wouldn’t have been possible without you guys! ?????

  63. What an amazing interview! It could not have come at a better time for me… I have been sick since March (VERY slowly getting better) and went into some not very happy places. In the past weeks, I decided that I needed to be kinder to myself and accept the new me. I started doing the things that bring me joy and also decided to make the tough decisions that I had put in the back burner for the past months: How can I create more income from home, will I have to sell my house..?
    After watching this interview I can start thinking about those questions trying to not let fear but abundance into the equation.

    I just ordered the book and as soon as I get it, will be the first thing on my to-do list (Without any morning distractions, what a great concept!!!)

    Loved it, loved it, thank you for all your positive energy, virtual hugs to both.


    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Debbie, we hope that the new you gets stronger and healthier each and every day. We’re sending you a big virtual hug right back.

      • Debbie


  64. LaTisha

    I completely understand and share Arian’s adoration of you, Marie! I have been so encouraged by the gems you have dropped, since discovering your website last year. I love this conversation because it was so relatable and inspiring and I can’t wait to read her book!

    My greatest take aways from this episode are, first, to mentally (and intentionally) direct where my money is to go. That’s something I’ve been working on but it’s always nice to have a reminder. The second take away, and the most important for my motivation after 2020 kicked my confidence down the street, lol, is that I CAN START TODAY! And I’m so excited to do so!

  65. Creece Rubia

    Thank you Marie for another special interview with your guest Ariane Simone who has lived her dream to be in your show because of her positive outlook in life that leads her to success. In a capsule, I like her spirit of adventure that propels her faithfulness. Yes, for countless of times, no matter how I think I have done my best in all phases of my life, I always find myself lost, or have entered in what I learned to call as “virtual forests” of challenges/problems – just like this forest called pandemic. But I prefer to think of overcoming and finding ways to be able to pass through these dangerous forests that are so plenty in my life. Whew! And while passing through, waiting to see or making or clearing a path myself, I maybe lucky to see, find, stumble upon exotic beautiful creations that grow only in forests which is my analogy to serendipitous moments of wonder and opportunities in the midst of crises and calamities. Being and staying in the forest will bring out all survival skills and even force us to invent new tools, ways and means to be able to pass through and reach and see the wide valleys, plains and civilizations under the bright sun. In my case, my delicate health always brings me down every time I am about to reach the pinnacle of success. In my five decades of life, getting sick on my way to career and life success halts and destroys all my best plans. So I must operate on the position of patience, faith, hope and defend myself by subscribing only to what is beautiful, healthy and nourishing to mind, emotions and spirit. As a result of all these ventures and adventures, it has finally come to my attention, especially during this extended period of being quarantined, that focusing on my health must, and not only should, be my main hobby and passion to be integrated into my professional/career moves.

  66. Well, this was FIRE. I really needed a swift kick to remind myself that ultimately I control what I’m attracting. I had to stop it within the first ten minutes so I could go write a blog post because my brain was exploding.

    My biggest take away?

    That this is just a season of life. This position I’m in right now, just starting a business, this struggle is not my end game. This doesn’t define who I am or my business.

    Money comes easily & frequently, babe.
    Thank you.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Amazing takeaways, Rachel! It sounds like you’ve tapped into that powerful frequency of creating with ease. Keep it going, we’re all rooting for you!

  67. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you some more. Thank you so much for bringing this example of what’s possible. I NEEDED to see and hear this story and this human right now. I feel so many limiting stories and beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had flying from my head. This was a story I didn’t know I needed to hear. Thank you. My biggest takeaway was any act taken out of fear is not the most profitable and I connect this with what Arian shared late in the interview about showing up as her “full self.” I’m taking action by showing up as my full self in my work today rather than from a place of fear. Thanks so much for this. <3


    When I read the Subject line of your email “Broke doesn’t scare me”, I thought – “Yea, you haven’t had to deal with depression.” And that made me want to listen to Arian, and hear what her mindset was like. She truly is amazing. She knew her circumstances wouldn’t be the end result. And it didn’t stop her. That’s the kind of mindset I’ve been working towards my whole life. That and having the bona fide completely 100% confidence that abundance is mine. As always, I appreciate your genuineness Marie – what a great talk, so glad I listened!

  69. Dee

    My insight is to no matter what to keep believing in my desire/dream – to have my desire and belief line up. I’m putting my insight into action by continuing to daily to follow my manifesting energy. It’s actually happening now because I don’t always take the time to watch these when they hit my inbox, yet I followed the nudge to click on this one now know that it is because I am in an exciting time in my life of being in alignment and my grid is filling in – this is a confirmation that I am right on track. Feeling truly inspired.

  70. veronica ramos

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring interview by two amazing influential woman. Such a powerful mindset that you both posses and this definitely has given me more inspiration striving to be the best and make a difference each and every day.
    God bless you both.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      This is music to our ears! We’re so glad it inspired you, Veronica. Thank you for being here.

  71. Pam L

    So many beautiful messages and mindset shifts. One of the big ones for me is don’t buy into the imposter mindset. Prosperity, success, fearlessness, love, its all our birthright. SHOW UP AS YOURSELF!!! We love you Marie & Arian.

  72. Dulce

    When the obligations of raising a family come pouring in (school, amortization, debts payment, etc), it’s so easy to get lost, just go with the flow and be driven by fear of not being able to meet those obligations! Since it’s just really hard not to think about money when you have a child looking up to you for support. This has been my story since I got married, getting into small businesses or jobs just to get by but still feeling that I don’t have enough and I’m not creating something valuable (eventhough I have given all my time and energy in those endeavours). Thank you Marie Forleo team for putting this together! I have been practicing the abundance mindset just recently, but this podcast supported my new journey! Please keep them comin’!

  73. One of my favorite interviews. Everything about Arian is authentic and inspiring. What a powerful example of living your purpose and starting today – no matter where you are. Thank you MF for sharing her story.

  74. I am cloaked in positivity this morning after listening to Marie and Arian. Thank you for this episode. Hearing about the abundance mindset was very valuable for me. I think it not only applies to our financial life, but also to areas such as our health and our relationships.
    I also am going to remember “it’s just a moment in time” to remind me during this pandemic that we will be able to return to the positive parts of our pre-pandemic lives.
    I will conclude with saying that “start today” is what hope for the future is all about.

  75. This was so so powerful, and helpful. Thank you so much Arian. I resonate with your story so much. It’s so great that you can be so vulnerable and successful at the same time. Thank you.

  76. Dave Cobb

    Powerful young lady!

  77. This interview! Oh my gosh – it literally came days after my partner and I were wracking our brains on how to fund a crazy dream vision and I loved every minute of her energy, advice, enthusiasm and grounded conviction.

    Watching this video inspired this idea in me and a whole new understanding in the saying ‘pay attention’. I now get that what I pay attention to will pay me back with abundance and financial attention. Thank you Marie and team and Arian for being so timely with your energy (is the universe speaking to me?) and so… haha… on the money with your wisdom and advice!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re grateful it came to you at the right time, Andrea! We’ll be cheering you on, and we can’t wait to hear how things fall into place!

  78. Jess

    This was amazing! Thank you ladies! Thank you Marie for the great content as always! The most eye-opening thing I got from this was when Arian said the analogy about the emails! I am pretty decent with my finances in terms of telling it where to go every month, but I NEVER ONCE thought about telling my time where to go!! I am totally the person who checks emails first, gets side-tracked, and ends up not doing anything on my TO-DO list! LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Great energy!

  79. Aaah such a refreshing injection of uplifting, positivitiness!!
    Full of brilliant tips, and stories of gobsmacking progress for all women, especially those
    of color.
    Heart warming information
    thank you Marie and Ariane !

  80. Gail Gaudreau

    Ooooh those coincidences… I was trying to sell my used vehicle last week so I could pick up my “new to me” vehicle and did not have time to watch this video. I spent sleepless nights worried about the money but tried to calm myself by saying “it will all work out…” As luck would have it, I sold the truck at lunchtime and picked up my new vehicle after work. Now that I am watching this video, I can see that the power of positive thinking and belief made things happen. Thanks Marie and Team for doing what you do and for having inspirational guests such as Arian to help us be our most wonderful selves! Hugs!!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Gail, we’re so happy to hear everything lined up when you leaned into trust! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.

  81. Kikue

    you can start today….Wow! What a powerful sentence!

    Thank you!

    I was at midst of some chaotic situation and I felt some stress was taken off my shoulders when I heard this.


  82. Charlene

    This was so extremely good…. the mindset you have and stewarding your money were the biggest takeaways for me!! “when you can lay hold of your goals and you can lay hold of your dreams and you see them and you stay on them until they manifest, they are yours for the taking.”

    It’s never too late to start!!

    Thanks to both of you.

  83. Christina

    First off, VERY happy tears!!! This was exactly what my soul needed- Especially today.
    I’m paraphrasing but when A said that what we focus on is what will be in abundance….there’s more where that came from.
    Yes! I’ve heard this SO many times before and it didn’t CLICK until now. Maybe it’s the timing, things became more real in 2020 but something about the way A phrased it here made it click. I’ll admit, I AM afraid to be broke. But when we’ve needed help, it has been available. We’re blessed that way. And because of that, things are taken care of, and I can focus and move onto the next.

    There’s more where thy came from. Mic drop!

  84. Whitney

    This was so full of love and gratitude it was palpable! That’s where the big moments really sink in. Arian the message of “you can always start today” really sunk in because I am constantly in a mindset of being “behind” and that is just not true when I can start today. You’ve given me a feeling of safety behind doing something big and daring. Doing something that is new and exciting. I can visualize my next steps, but even better, I started to feel how I want to mentor in my future and that has been very telling in where my next steps take me. Much love to both of you ladies for this blessing.

  85. I have to say that it felt amazing to hear Arian speak of her experience living in her car. I lived in my car for 11 months in the ski resort town of Whistler BC Canada through winter while trying desperately to keep my yoga studio afloat and not go bankrupt.
    I spoke exactly those same words about my experience. It was an adventure that I knew I needed to take, it was my seva/service to that community, and I discovered so many beautiful untouched places to park the car and thought to myself “most people need millions of dollars to live with this view”, I learned so much about my capacity, my faith, my ego, resiliency. At the time I kept it a secret, not because of shame, because I knew that other people would be uncomfortable with it and would want to “save” me. I was not a victim of my circumstances, I chose to turn that shit around, and I did.
    Thank you for sharing your story Arian!

  86. i’ve had a the past 4 marie tv episodes in my inbox for a while now and as i binge watch, each episode gets better and better! i found myself saying ‘girlfriend, amen!’ out loud in response to so much of what arian has to say and i love her energy and unwavering belief in success.

    having just launched my blog as phase 1 of my business, these last few marie tv episodes are SO encouraging! so thank you

  87. A great conversation again. Thanks for uploading and sharing your conversation with ARIAN SIMONE. This give me motivation not to give up in life. You know right now I’m having a hard time because of pandemic and my business are not doing. But watching both of you and giving advice really help me. Thanks and God bless both of you 🙂

  88. lisa

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  90. Aja Kweliona

    I loved this! The notion of “you are going to believe in something” is so powerful and true. You are going to believe that you are destined to be a peer among those you’ve admired, or your going to believe you’re not built to make the cut. Your going to believe you love people, or you’re going to believe you are not. All of your beliefs, consciously chosen or not shape your attitude, approach, behavior, and optimism. And believing in the positive actually feels sooooo good! Such a great reminder! Also, have to add, as a black woman, it was so refreshing to see another woman of color who is positive, authentic, kind, optimistic, gentle, successful with such a good soul 💕 I also am an entrepreneur in finance, and it helped break this archaic notion that we have to be “hardened” and buttoned up to win, and she showed you can lead with love and simultaneously make great money! Loved, loved, loved this!

  91. lisa

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  92. WOW, When I saw the title I instantly read and you guys never disappoint me. I learn a lot from you guys and looking forward to apply it in the future. Keep it up and More power 🙂

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  97. lisa

    This sounds like such a great trip and I just love your little collections of mementos! I’m heading to Paris for the first time later in the fall and would love a travel guide — especially on places to eat!

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