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Imagine this.

You’re giving a big presentation, telling a story over Zoom, or pitching an idea. Your audience leans in. They’re hanging on your every word. Instead of staring at their phones, they’re staring at you.

You’re making them feel something. Not because your words are perfect, but because of how you’re saying them.

Want to learn how to do it? America’s top voice coach, Roger Love, is here to teach you the same vocal techniques he uses with his students — students like Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, and Reese Witherspoon. 

Roger Love is the real deal. Bradley Cooper hired him to learn how to sing for the film, A Star Is Born… and then he won a Grammy. 

Storytelling is really about speaking from emotion to emotion rather than word to word. @RogerLove1 Click To Tweet

This interview had me jumping in my seat and jonesing for some karaoke. (Josh has Roger to thank for the new one-woman acapella concertos happening at home.)

If you’ve ever wished you could speak or sing with confidence, get ready because there’s so much in this interview:

2:44 — Why the voice you were born with could be holding you back.
6:45 — The common mistake that makes 80% of people sound boring.
13:50 — How to convey *anything* with passion — even a voicemail!
17:45 — Why HOW you say something matters just as much as WHAT you say.
21:17 — The secret to never losing your voice again.
24:21 — How Roger helped Bradley Cooper win a Grammy.

Your voice is the most powerful instrument you were born with. In this interview, Roger Love will show you how to use it. 

Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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DIVE DEEPER: How to overcome impostor syndrome and how to overcome fear of public speaking with Josh Pais.

Roger Love’s gift:
Ready to harness the power of your voice? As we mentioned in this episode, Roger’s offering MarieTV listeners a $50 gift certificate for his Singing Academy and Perfect Voice programs. Go here to claim it.  

Now Roger and I would love to hear from you.

Did you experience any ‘aha’ moments from this conversation? What was your biggest insight and how can you turn that insight into action now?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Remember, your voice matters.

Or as Roger says, “You were born with the greatest communication tool you will ever possess. No matter how amazing technology is, you have your voice.”

With all my love and gratitude,


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  1. Helen

    This was really interesting and useful, thank you! I am also one of those people who was told i couldn’t sing at a young age, and believed it…? It’s encouraging to hear Roger dispel that.

    The tip about breathing through the nose was perfect and will certainly come in handy in future. Thanks again for sharing this conversation Marie & Roger ??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry someone told you that too. We hope you’re now feeling inspired to sing again!

  2. This was such a good makes-you-think video.
    I actually consciously changed my laugh-sound when I was in my early 20s; focused on wanting it to be less loud and less… well. Less like the one I heard growing up, to be honest.
    Hadn’t quite thought about day-to-day voice in this way though. This also reminded me of a spoken word poem by Taylor Mali called a “Totally like whatever, you know?” which talks about the upward inflection at the end of sentences.
    Thank you for sharing such thought-provoking content. <3

  3. Amazing! I can’t wait to start playing around with the idea that there is not divide between singing and speaking!

  4. Jerry Jean

    I’ve always wanted to be able to sing, dance and act. I believe each of these skills can add a beautiful layer to our public speaking and teaching skills. I’m so glad that u and the people that u know, bring these skills together – Marie, Josh and Roger.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! So well said 🙂

  5. Irene

    OMG Marie, this was AMAZING!! I’m sitting here listening with my headphones on and a huge smile in my face from beginning to end!! To hear that anyone can sing was such a blessing!! Like you, I always wanted to learn to sing because I love it and music is a very important part of my life. And I sing, at home of course, but I noticed that I put more passion when I’m alone, because no one is listening and I’m ashamed of my voice, that maybe it doesn’t sound good or in tune. Maybe I need to remember what you say more often, “Progress not Perfection”. So again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you and to Roger for this inspiring and enlightening message!! I feel hopeful and happy!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Irene! That’s so wonderful to hear <3

  6. I haven’t been watching Marie’s videos over the past several months, but when I saw this one, I watched, because it is so very important. But at the same time, it brought a deep sadness to the surface. Because I’m a singer and a voice teacher who taught for over two and a half decades. And I used to be so passionate about what I did, and it was so gratifying to have opened doors to so many people of all ages and walks of life over the years, and I loved performing. But over the past years, I’ve lost that passion, even for my own singing. And no matter what I’ve tried, when it seemed that I was beginning to reconnect with my voice, it simply slipped away again. And I don’t know how, or if, I’ll ever get it back again. It’s a wonderful thing that Roger is doing and his enthusiasm is fantastic. I wish I could find that again.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We hope you can find it again too, Jade. The world needs your voice. <3

  7. This was a magical interview! I’ve been a lifelong musician, and we are also taught to believe that there’s a difference between a players and a singers. Not so, I’ve realised today.
    Really spectacular stuff – teaching anyone to sing!
    The nose-breathing technique is gold, as is the fact that we should tone down the intonation at home. Thanks, Marie, as always.

  8. my insight : speak as if you were sining <3 speaking melody = emotions, emotions, and once more emotions. huge thx for this episode. I am having a webinar today where I will be singing for sure !

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Kasia! We’re wishing you a fantastic webinar 🙂

  9. Ken

    Fantastic interview.
    I love to sing, but I’ve never liked my voice. I’m soft spoken, don’t know how to vibrato, I feel my voice is too high (wish it was lower and more sonorous). Also, I don’t have much range, so when I sing along to my favorite songs I’m always having to change octaves. I feel the same limitations that are holding me back with my singing (sans working at it) are also limiting my saxophone aspirations.
    As a speaker however, I am full of passion and love to tell stories. I also do sales and I can work a room.
    I would love to do karaoke, but I’ve always wondered if it is possible to significantly improve my instrument and leave my wimpy limitations in the past??? This interview has given me a new hope. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Ken!

  10. I liked the simplicity of it, Marie, and Roger. thank you because it is a nice change from any revolutionary and seemingly unaccessible self-development (or should I say: self -loving) method.
    Thank you also for making that trait-d’union between the stars and everyday people. That also is real gift of sincerity.
    Kindest regards to you all, guys,

  11. Anna

    LOVED THIS one. So many good nuggets that are applicable over multiple areas (work, meetings, family talks, etc). The most profound part for me was something I already know and believe but got confirmed even more … that what matters the most is how you make people FEEL … and you can do that with HOW you speak and melody of your words. GOOD STUFF!

  12. A

    LOVED THIS one. So many good nuggets that are applicable over multiple areas (work, meetings, family talks, etc). The most profound part for me was something I already know and believe but got confirmed even more … that what matters the most is how you make people FEEL … and you can do that with HOW you speak and melody of your words. GOOD STUFF!

  13. Traci

    This interview was profound! Everything that Roger was describing I found myself go “Yeah, that’s right!” or “Now that you mention it…I’d never realized that before.” My biggest take away was “You have to create different characters to succeed in life.” I felt that statement to be so significant. As a child and young adult I loved presenting and teaching and sharing knowledge through voice; however, as I transitioned into adulthood presentations seemed to become more difficult. I constantly find myself questioning my ability and asking, “What am I doing wrong? Was that good? Where did I lose my voice?” It is clear that I need to circle back around, dust off those extra keys on my keyboard, and recreate those voice characters to transfer and transmit the messages I am so genuinely passionate about.

  14. Ode Dixon

    I had to play that part back to my husband. I’m Nigeria, and I (all of us) talk loud ?
    I’ve always known it was just who I am and have to remind my American husband all the time when he goes, why are you yelling? Now though, I’ve got to put a little more melody to it so it doesn’t sound harsh or angry.

    Thanks, very insightful indeed!

  15. Amazing-amazing-amazing! Thank you both so much! Marie for opening Roger Love to me, and Roger for transferring such a simple and effective approach to understanding my vocal ability.

  16. Larissa

    Ah ha! This is why my students don’t listen to me! Totally blown away by this concept. I’m going to try and sing-talk from now on! Thank you, Roger and Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We hope it helps, Larissa. You got this!

  17. T. T.

    I really loved this episode, Marie. I was feeling a bit uninspired about starting to writer my new podcast episode and the interview popped into my inbox. Now I am completely excited to write it and start recording, using some of the ideas from your interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, and congrats on your podcast!

  18. I’ve been amazed at the number of people who walk around with their mouths hanging open in current times, including loads of runners – as everyone’s-a-runner-now. I run too, but not at the moment, and I always breathe through my nose. I know that the nose has natural filters (from my biology classes) but I also feel we get better results as runners (and dancers) when we breathe through our noses as it naturally works with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems as per our design. So we get stronger lungs, activate more efficient fat burning and tone up the stomach muscles (due to right breathing, something I can personally confirm). If you need to open your mouth when running you probably need to slow down a bit.

    Anyway, went off on a slight running tangent there! I used to be a shallow breather years ago, and the difference when you go deeper is like night and day. I also like to spend some time reading out loud, and speaking out imaginary conversations (really). Shakespeare is good too! I love the gift of voice and I really enjoyed this episode. Thank you to Marie and Roger.


    Breathing through the nose instead of mouth is a revelation! Also, I’m going to notice what Roger said about going down at commas and periods. Hmmm. Thank you Marie! You’re a doll.

  20. Thank you so much for this conversation, Marie and Roger! I’m a singer and spent many years learning it. And the story about the choir teacher was so close to me – that’s exactly what happened to me at the music school when I was a kid. I was classified as very bad and was not allowed to sing at concerts. Only ten years later I started to love singing and to believe that I can do it.

    Funny as it is, I’m getting more exhausted from speaking than from singing. So would be happy to get some coaching on the speaking voice too!

    Victoria Lye

  21. I can IMMEDIATELY put this to use! I am a teacher and a teacher entrepreneur. I can use this in my classroom AND in the many videos I create to influence other teachers and students beyond my classroom.

    What he said about imitating our parents’ voices makes perfect sense, but we never think about that!

    Wonderful episode!

  22. Thank you Roger and Marie, that was very enlightening. I speak very softly, always have, sometime’s people struggle to hear me so when I try to speak louder, I can hear myself sounding a bit common almost and I don’t like it. I also know that our voice projects how we feel, so if one is having a very hard time, is going through or trying to get over, a lot of trauma, then it automatically comes out in our voice and our facial expressions match our voices. It is all interlinked. I “am” is such a position now, but have spent my whole life in “survival mode” due to heinious childhood trauma’s and have spent many year’s writing about it but struggling to become published. I write poetry, prose, am a self trained photographer and I used to sing with my Soulmate (who sadly passed away in my arms) and have not sung or written anything since and the comment, “losing our voices”, resonated so much with me because it is so very true, that is exactly what has happened to me. Use it or lose it I say! Again, due to a lot of trauma, rejection’s, how I feel, loss of confidence, less self esteem, self worth and due to feeling that way, it shows in my monotone voice now! Like I said, how we speak is how we feel! and boy does it show on our faces too! We cannot help that, it’s a natural reaction. I want to be a Speaker to show and tell other’s who have experienced the same or similar to myself, how to become a “Survivor” and NOT a Victim, I have experienced it, have so much to say, real life experiences that have made me who I am today and have “Survived”, come through it, I AM a Survivor and an Empath and want to help so many people but I do not have a clue as to how or where I can do this. Even if I help just one person, then I will feel healed and my goal achieved but my voice has changed, I know it sounds “boring”, monotone, and I have the miserable facial expressions to go with it and I hate it! Although I have known this for a long time, this interview has made me realise and face up to just how monotone I have become, it was very enlightening a good kick up the proverbial to “wake up and smell the roses” and try to “lift” my voice, which hopefully will lift my mood and my feelings and expressions. It is hard because my mood is very low, I am suffering trauma, so forcing myself to be “happy, joyful and lyrical and smiling” is so hard because it’s not what I feel inside, but want to. I know if I achieve my goals, my soul purpose, then how I used to be, will return, because I will feel the joy and happiness of achieving my goals but mostly, helping others of which I do all the time and put myself last, but the frustration of not achieving my goals, not getting my book out there, has affected my inner voice, my emotions and it’s coming out in my voice and expressions, how I project myself to others now and I can hear it and I can don’t want to hear that low, monotone, sad, depressing voice so I know, no one else will either so the cycle keeps spinning. I want to become Autonomous once again. Thank you for the kick up the jacksy!! Love you xoxoxo

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      Hi Carole’Diane! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We’re so honored that this episode was so inspiring and motivating for you. We believe in you and your voice!

  23. Great session. I loved the insight about breathing through your noise rather than your mouth to never get hoarse again, whether speaking or singing.
    My yoga teacher also says to not breathe through your mouth and never fully explained why so there you go.

  24. Rhonda

    Perfectly timed message—thank you! On a call two nights ago, I could hear the feedback of my own voice and wondered why it sounded so monotonous—I *know* the importance of the melody of voice and that I can do it; it’s an important part of my work.

    After listening to your conversation, I realize that, for me, it’s about being prepared and staying engaged. Professionally and personally, when I have felt unsure, my volume has tended to decrease; and if my attention drifts, I think that’s when the melody of my speaking voice falters. Well, I will certainly give that more attention going forward.

  25. Edris Thomas

    You know when you’ve been contemplating something up close and than at a distance usually out of fear, aaaannnddd BAM something likes this pops up in your inbox?! WTH! I find it so refreshing that we all have the ability to impact lives in so many varying ways. Roger has the perfect last name:-) How can you not smile upon hearing or saying it?1
    Much thanks TeamFerleo

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      We love it when that happens!

  26. Daniela

    Hi! Thank you for that! There are so many good insights for my work… I was trying to make videos for my professional instagram (I’m an Illustrator, and was making videos with drawing and painting tips), and hating it, although people usually love my funny videos in my personal account. I was thinking it was just because the “technical” ones were not spontaneous enough… but I can see that I really speak more monotonically when doing that! I’m gonna use some of the advice on next ones!!! It really helped!

  27. This episode was amazing! Just what I needed. I felt shy and powerless for so many time that I was afraid to speak out. Now, I understand that my “little” voice make me feel an impostor many times, even sad. Thank you Marie and Roger: I learnt that if I educate my voice and its musicality (I’m half italian!), I’ll be able to speak out, sell my services with passion and express my ideas with confidence. Thank you a lot!

  28. Laurie

    Wow! Amazing lightbulb moment…I was raised by depressed parents and have always wondered if my low, soft, flat toned voice was a turnoff. To learn that we mimic the voices we are raised with has just answered my question and I am feeling very empowered to take control and change the way I speak! Thank you so much for this interview – I have a sense this could really create a turning point for me. Thank you, thank you!

  29. Susan

    Marie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Roger on and sharing this conversation! I’ve loved and responded deeply to music from the time I was little. As an 8-year old, I was one of two kids who didn’t make the choir because I didn’t sing the boring song “Lightly Row” well enough. I was totally crushed but didn’t tell anyone because I was so ashamed. I went from being a gregarious, lively child to increasingly shy and shut down, afraid to even have my speaking voice heard. Over the years I’ve taken some vocal trainings and feel better about my voice but still won’t sing in the presence of others. I loved hearing Roger’s perspective and just signed up for his course! Excited!

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Susan! So excited for you to take Roger’s course!

  30. Michele

    LOVED this conversation, Marie! I’ve always been much more influenced by the SOUND of someone’s voice vs. their WORDS…and now I know why! Also, like you, I’ve always wanted to be able to sing well, but I didn’t know how and thought you were just born with that gift. So HAPPY to have found Roger Love! Thank you for sharing!!

  31. I’ve always wanted to learn to sing!! I’ve been singing in the shower and when alone for YEARS!! Never really found a way to learn and now THIS pops up!! Thanks for this great interview :-).

  32. Donald Theiss

    Amazing!!!!!!! What a gift you are …………..Thank you……..Love you

  33. Roger Love makes you smile.
    Loved this Marie. Thankyou for this wonderful interview.

  34. sophia

    this was great!!! Thank you!

  35. Thank you, Marie, for this!
    I read The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle where I learnt that you can build a skill at any age, so I worked on my voice for a while. Not using it for singing much, I stopped, but I was blown away at the progress that I made then. I’ll check out Roger’s programs, I’m always looking to self express and communicate better.
    Of course, I use these techniques for my own clients 😉
    Merci beaucoup!

  36. Me too Me too!!! Have been feeling the same way as Marie… wanted to take singing lessons for several months now – not to become a professional singer, but just because I want to, it makes me feel good, maybe do some theatre… and when the pandemic happened one of my favorite singers ever (Branden & James) offered voice lessons… so I took singing lessons from Branden and looooove practicing and singing. It feels that it opens your soul, at least for me. My soul and my voice.

  37. Great episode! As a voice over actor (and one who’s constantly getting hoarse), Roger’s insights about how we’re breathing incorrectly is truly a life saver! Thanks Marie and can’t wait to hear your singing chops!!

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      So great this can help you professionally, Robert!

  38. Christy Willoughan

    Omg, i have had the awful experience of people not listening to me when i was sharing vulnerable experiences with a group,  which,  they asked me to do. I was terrified so Im guessing I was monotone and i know I take time to pause to pull my thoughts together. It a HUGE relief to know that speaking is a learned skill and why people didn’t listen.  Its not my fault and now i see huge possibility in learning new ways to share my messages. And,  Im in love with how my voice vibrates in my body when Im relaxed and in enjoyment. Like warm melted butter massaging the inside of my body.  I want more of this!

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Christy! Love that you can enjoy the FEELING of your own voice. Keep it up!

  39. Thank you for such a great presentation! I do a number of workshops, facilitate retreats, and record my own meditations. My voice tends to quit on me at all the wrong times. Breathing in through the nose is such a simple suggestion and one I intend to practice. Thanks again for the great interview.

  40. Stephen Donahue

    I have one of those choir stories from Grade 5 or 6 choir where the choir master slowly and methodically searched out my voice to boot me from the choir. Not that I wish the experience on anybody, it is somewhat comforting to know it is an experience I share with others. I started doing some community radio a few years ago and having the opportunity to hear my voice and play with my voice in doing station IDs or introducing Public Service Announcements was a real game changer in understanding the dynamics of voice. I think this episode gave me a few other techniques to play with in that regard. Thank you.

  41. Amber

    Such a great interview! Thank you! A practice that may sound weird/extreme, I learned to tape my mouth at night. This forces the body to breathe through the nose. I’m a yogini, so I’m used to breathing through my nose when I’m awake, but I still was breathing through my mouth when sleeping. The mouth taping completely cured that! You just use a simple surgical tape that removes easily, and can poke a hole or two in it so it doesn’t freak the body out and wake you up if you try to breathe through your mouth when fast asleep.

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      Yes, Amber! I heard a breathing specialist talk about taping the mouth shut. Glad to hear it’s working well for you! And so glad you enjoyed the interview.

  42. This was fascinating and enlightening!!! The nugget I came away was to breathe through the nose when speaking at length. I am a retired litigator who ate more lint than anyone I can imagine because I did not know what Roger taught me today.

    You see, the combination of giving opening statements/closing arguments/lectures/speeches and nerves always resulted in such dry mouth, my lips would stick to my teeth! So, my solution was to suck on hard sour candy and tuck it in my cheek when speaking. I soon learned there was no way to quietly unwrap the candy in a courtroom, so I had them unwrapped in my pockets. Thus the lint eating.

    My next stop is to check out Roger’s website. I’m building my second chapter life running a B&B and creating glass and metal art; to properly market those businesses, I need to do videos…and not sound like I’m bored with myself!

  43. Heather Stewart

    Loved this Marie and Roger! It is so fun to see people who love what they do. I’m going to try the breathing through the nose, then speaking. I was a music teacher for a long time, and I got so tired of singing and my voice became really tired after teaching. I’m in a new career/life direction now and I’m looking forward to trying these techniques with my speaking voice, and who knows….maybe I will try singing again one day. Thank you!

  44. I loved this! I’ve actually been listening to the things I’ve recorded for my online class audio downloads and noticing how I feel about the tones and fluctuations of my voice. This was a GREAT interview and so super helpful!


  45. Tone Deaf

    I envy both’s incredible voice. Although I am inspired by this conversation, I still have the double that I can sing since I can not sing higher notes or the right musical notes.

  46. Ingrid

    I have missed seeing your videos Marie!
    However, I thought you were going to sing in this episode 🙂 Consider it for another one! LOL.
    Thanks for your continuous effort and never ending creativity to inspire us!!
    Stay safe. Love from from Florida.

  47. It was insightful to hear that our voices are an imitation of our parents and those around us when growing up. Loved this conversation especially on tone

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      So glad you loved it Mayasel! Thank you for joining us:)

  48. I’m not even a third way in and I had to pause to comment! I’m loving this interview. It’s so interesting hearing him comment on monotone speaking – I have a Trinidadian accent and everywhere I travel to people are fascinated by it and always say the same thing: “your accent is so melodic!”

    I guess if you ever need practice adding different intonation to your voice, find a Trinidadian vlogger and start taking note! Hahah

  49. Vesna

    Thank you so much for this interview! I’m in my 50’s and I feel like I need to do something with my voice. This may sound strange, but I feel that my voice sounds too young! I was told in my 30’s that people couldn’t tell whether it was me answering the phone or one of my kids! I’m thrilled at the prospect of changing how I talk and the sounds I project. So grateful Roger and Marie! Great conversation and uplifting.

  50. Veronica

    I took pleasure in knowing that sound um, ahh, humm is more important than words helping to create emotion and passion. Will use in my next video! Thanks.

  51. Lilian

    I love love love this interview! It was so fun and invigorating! I watched A Star Is Born twice and I recall saying to myself each time “I did not know Bradley Cooper can sing like that” and who would have known that Roger was the amazing voice coach behind it that made that happen?! I fall victim to the whole notion of “I don’t like how my voice sounds” and those tips shared by Roger is so insightful! My biggest takeaway is understanding how to take people through our voice from emotion to emotion instead of word to word. Thank you for such an amazing episode and for your’s and Roger’s generosity!

  52. OMG Roger was my vocal coach back in the day!! I LOVE ROGER LOVE!! So good hearing his positivity and wisdom <3

  53. LOVED this episode. It’s something that landed right when I needed to hear it as I work on making my podcast.
    Thank you!

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Yay Nancy! We’re glad this conversation resonated with you and hope it continues serving you as you move forward with your podcast — we’re wishing you tons of success:)

  54. I was reminded of Matt 5:13 and Mark 9:50 and finally Lev 2:13!
    Great podcast, thank you!

  55. Ok- I had to stop the video about 10 minutes in so I could grab my notebook- so many gems!! Roger’s energy and passion (as Marie referenced) were contagious. I found myself smiling throughout. Roger is an awesome billboard for his own message about using the voice to convey emotion in order to get people interested in what you have to say. Thanks so much! Loved it.

    • Kristina - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview, Jennie! We hope you were able to get tons of notes and information, and we can’t wait to see what you do

  56. I loved this interview Marie and Roger, thank you! I am moving into new brave territory with my own voice as a singer + sound healer and this was so perfectly timed! I felt inspired by your conversation and walked away with some exciting things to explore in my own voice practice. Thanks!

  57. Cathy Stewart

    I really enjoyed this information! I am a Corporate Professional Educator and speak often. Of course, due to the pandemic, I am now speaking entirely on webinars. I have noticed that for some reason, I speak LOUDER when presenting via webinar! Crazy! Because of this, my voice has been getting tired. I am going to use Roger’s “close your mouth” tip and make sure I am breathing through my nose. Also have noticed that I drop down at the end of sentences…will work on that also! Thanks so much!

  58. Lidia

    I’m wondering if Roger is able to help someone with abductor spasmodic dysphonia to regain their voice.

  59. Interesting. I never thought about my voice like that.
    Wow. Glad I click the play button 🙂

  60. Audrey

    Oh my goodness! This one resonated with me! I was very curious to hear what Roger Love had to say about the singing voice and the spoken one too. I liked all the tips and insights he provided.

    I myself have been trying to address emotional trauma relating specifically to my singing voice. I took voice lessons as a teenager, and one year I was called in to be told that I had not been improving fast enough, that I could not sing and was kicked out of the school.

    I have read some of the other comments too, and it’s crazy how many people have been damaged in the same way too! It’s insane.

    • Kristina - Team Forleo

      Hi, Audrey! Wow, thank you for being open about your story, and we’re thrilled that this video resonated so deeply with you and encouraged you. It sounds like you’re doing some wonderful work around the emotional trauma you experienced, and we’re sending you lots of Team Forleo love. Keep up the work you’re doing, and we know you’ll get there!

  61. Oh yes! What a timely episode! I am a singer, vocal coach, and choir director, and it’s so lovely (ha-ha) to hear my philosophy (that everyone can sing!) espoused by someone who is influencing so many! Sharing this message is the reason I am a B-schooler. I love Roger Love’s energy. It seems that so many of us get musically traumatized during a tender moment in childhood, and the damage done to our sense of future possibility is criminal! The work of reclaiming and freeing your voice is so worthy, brave, and soul-nurturing. It is also imperative to let our voices be heard in this time of upheaval – our chance to use our voices to create a better future based on collaboration instead of competition. Thank you so much for this episode!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Clancy. We’re so glad you loved this episode!

  62. I love this so much. Especially the part about breathing through the nose. I’m a breathwork instructor and there are so many health benefits to breathing through the nose, but I never knew how it impacted the voice!! Makes so much sense.

  63. I loved the episode with Roger Love, simple: breath through your nose! And I know it’s never about the words, real truth lies before the words!

  64. Sophie

    Your interview with Roger Love floored me. I always knew that speech was important, having had a speech impediment as a child and being sent to a Speech Therapist for help.
    I was fascinated to hear how his work helped so many people find their voices; using his techniques to accomplish their dreams. Listening to the stories of how these people learned how to use breath, tone and sound variations to change their lives in positive ways was inspiring.
    This was a wonderful interview, thank you.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      So glad you loved it, Sophie! Thank you for being here.

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  67. Yolanda P.

    Great interview Marie and Roger.
    OMG, I breathe with my mouth open… No wonder!!! I’m picking up a $50 gift so I can hopefully get my voice back from getting sick last year. I lost my voice, but was still trying to talk, even though I sounded like Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch. ( I know I lost some of you young peeps). I’m hoping some coaching can get my high note back so I can once again try to keep up with Adele while in the shower.

    • Kristina - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this video, Yolanda! I was surprised to find that I breathe through my mouth, too, and amazed at how much of a difference it makes to breathe properly through my nose. We hope you enjoy Roger’s training and can get your singing voice to where you want it to be!

  68. Kristina Heifferon

    Wow! I am blown away with what I have learned about speaking, singing and breathing!

    My number one takeaway is to breathe more through my nose and not my mouth when I talk. I conduct presentations that are a couple of hours in length, and my voice gets horse which takes a few days to recover. I am going to consciously focus on my breathing next week!

    I also found it interesting that the melody of my voice, which I learned to do on my own after researching and modeling how professional speakers present, impacts whether the other person is actually hearing what I am saying. I will also pay closer attention to my verbal communication style!

    Thank you Marie and Roger and your generosity for the gift certificate!

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    • Kristina - Team Forleo

      Yay, Karen! We’re so happy this video gave you some encouragement. I also have a loud laugh, which I’ve gotten embarrassed about before, but I’ve learned to love my laugh the way it is, and I love that you’re inspired to bring more confidence and joy into your life!

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    I’m so grateful to you for sharing this inspiring and encouraging video! I was diagnosed with S.D. after I lost my ability to speak due to a painful and traumatic time in my life almost 15 years ago. I’ve been trying to heal my voice ever since. Your video gave me renewed hope that I can have a beautiful voice.
    Thank you with all my heart!

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rebecca! We’re so glad this video gave you hope — we’re rooting for you and are cheering you on your journey to healing your voice:)

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  77. Hi,

    This is especially important when your work relies entirely on technology to assist with productivity and efficiency. As someone who runs a business from home, I can absolutely vouch for these gift ideas for the work-from-home techie.

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    • Jayasri - Team Forleo

      How beautiful that you’ve been investing in yourself! So glad you enjoyed Marie’s talk with Roger. xo

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  81. Jean

    This was such a fantastic episode to watch! In 2005, I was told by my boss that he didn’t like the sound of my voice on the telephone, as it went down when I spoke, so he fired me! It really hurt me, after working as a receptionist for 3 years I hadnever had a problem before. Friends and family said my voice was fine and couldn’t understand his comments but it knocked my confidence so much I’ve never worked as a receptionist since! Now, I finally understand in 2020, what was meant by that and have something I can focus on going foward.

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      Awesome George! We’re so glad this is helpful for you & we can’t wait to hear how you enjoy digging into Roger’s work.

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    However, bringing it back to oneself, changing the way we sound at 40-50 years old can be tricky and perceived as fake, even by ourselves. No?

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