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Before we get going into today’s episode, I want to thank you so very much for all of the love and prayers you sent our way after last week’s accident.

I’m happy to report we’re all doing so much better, and we’re taking very active (and gentle :)) steps to heal.

There’s no doubt in my mind that YOUR positive energy and intentions have, and continue to, help my family tremendously.

Speaking of family, you’ll get to see and hear directly from my man Josh — today.

Josh is an incredible actor, director and teacher. While you can look him up on IMDB to see everything he’s been in, you’ll be able to catch him this summer in the brand new Showtime series, Ray Donovan alongside Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight.

So how does this relate to you?

You’re a vibrator. @JoshPais Click To Tweet

Well, if you ever struggle with a fear of public speaking, or putting yourself on video, or getting on a big stage, or “putting yourself out there” . . .

This MarieTV episode is a MUST WATCH.

Josh has been one of my “secret weapons” and I’m sooo darn excited you get to experience some of his genius today.

You’ll learn a completely new way to think about — and more importantly — manage fear that’s holding you back. And this entertaining method involves both Einstein and vibrators. Go figure.

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If you loved this episode and want a deeper dive, Josh has created an incredible multimedia Committed Impulse learning program that we’re a proud affiliate of.

As you know, I don’t endorse many things — but since I’ve personally benefited from this work for over a decade, have hired Josh (yes, hired) him to teach alongside me during seminars and retreats, and seen the results he gets people first hand — his work gets my full endorsement.

At the very least — grab the free 27 minute audio download on being present from Committed

Truly life changing.

Now, in the comments below — Josh and I would love to hear from YOU.

First, tell us an emotion or sensation you’d like to overcome.

Then, describe that emotion or sensation in terms of vibrating atoms.

Are those atoms bouncing, stretching, pulsing, spinning, heavy, light or something else?

Finally, nickname your vibes and commit to party with them!

Of course, if there’s anything else you’d like to share in the comments — go for it.

Thanks, as always, for tuning in and being a part of this incredible community.

With so much love,


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  1. This is a great vid! I am good at speaking in public… but it’s the lead up to it that gets me all stressed out! As my writing gets more well known, I hope to speak more publicly about it… without getting worked up as I want to deliver the best version of myself right from the word go!

    Love your site, and gain inspiration every day from it 🙂 x

    • Love it, guys! The visualization piece and how we relate to these feelings and fears is so HUGE in terms of how we manage and work with them. Thank you. 🙂

    • I am the same, I realise – I completely freak out before doing it, but if I’m prepared (essential) I can get up there and just roll with it. It’s the anticipation of everything going wrong that stresses me out beforehand. It’s almost like an anxiety attack (but I ward it off before it gets there with deep breathing etc). Funnily enough, once I’m in the moment, I tend to be okay.
      Some great ideas here guys – I love the idea of embracing those icky feelings and using them to empower you. X

    • This episode was amazing! And so damn timely.

      I am an actor as well as a life coach and literally yesterday I chose to leave my agency because I have been feeling creatively stifled. It feels like a tightness, a squeezing or compressing feeling over my chest.

      I think I’ll name this feeling Chachi!

      I really love how Josh explained emotions and related them to atoms (lol). I’ve been studying Chekhov technique which is all about impulse and I LOVE it. But what Josh explains is so much more in depth and on a level that I totally get!

      Thank you Josh and Marie!

  2. Namaste Marie,

    I’m so glad to hear you guys are doing well: we need you alive & healthy!

    This is so timely -thanks Josh- as I have a presentation in front of journalists next Sunday and I’m a little FREAKED OUT.

    My nervousness is feeling like a buzz in my body: I’m gonna party with Buzzy!

    I’m also going to look at which ones of my Goblins is keeping me from truly enjoying this moment (the spotlight!) and I’m going to flip it.


    • Joanne

      Caroline – I love your name Buzzy for the jitters when presenting. I think I have a Buzzy too — I’ll think of you doing a Buzzy dance party.

      • Caroline – I agree with Joanne, it should be a Buzzy Dance Party. Your Goblin(s) love to dance and they are just waiting for your invitation to be your dance partner! “To Flip” – it reminds me our stereotypical human reaction (not response); and when we try something to “flip” we usually separate or “run away” ourselves from our aspects (Goblins). Accept and embrace your Goblin(s) as the best Master Dance Partner and you will be like a flowing “Dancing Star” during your Sunday’s presentation. You are one of the best intuitive coaches, as far as I know, and I am sending my prayers and blessings to your beautiful Soul!

      • @Joanne: maybe we should have a Buzzy dance party together 😉

        Anybody else wants to join in the fun?


        • Martina

          I’m in!!! I feel Buzzy too lol

        • lisa

          I want to party and dance with all of you including Buzzy.

    • LOL! I like buzzy. I am going to party with buzzy too. AWESOMENESS!

    • While I love this video and know it can’t possibly represent all that Josh teaches, I do see 1 enormous point missing. It’s taking your vibration and using it to energize you. There are 2 issues with this. First – the vibration is a result of the fight or flight response. When you do Josh’s fabulous technique the response will subside much quicker. When it subsides – so does your energy. So oftentimes when people use this technique their speaking starts out super energetic and dissipates throughout. Second – you then need to have a more compelling energy source that will sustain you throughout the speech other than switching your fight or flight vibration to use as your energy source. Where do you find that organic deep well of energy? The seed of your passion is the source of your power. When you immerse yourself in that part of you that keeps you passionate you will not only deliver with high energy but it will be heartfelt and passionate. Natural energy instead of transferred frenetic energy. If you are looking for support with public speaking feel free to contact me.

  3. Great episode!

    WOW you guys work very well together! Love the sushie!

    Public speaking is definitely something I struggled with as I was always worried about being judged by others. My emotions would overcome me and I often felt like I couldn’t do what I was suppose to do.

    The feeling was nasty – like being hit with a thousand ping pong balls.

    That continued until I decided to simply be myself and accept who I am.

    Once I accepted myself for who I am and stopped hiding it, that fear of being judged started to disappear away.

    My nickname: Bugger!

    Anytime I feel nervous I remind myself that we are all human and experience these emotions. That always makes me feel better. =)

    • SUPER COOL FIT MISSY! super cool…..

  4. I really liked Josh’s advice about riding the wave of energy and not thinking feeling nervous is a bad thing. I agree that if you feel nervous just become aware of the feeling and call it energy and just go with it. Thank you Josh!

    • Margie

      I agree with Jackie in my appreciation of ‘riding the wave’ instead of trying to conquer it. I like the idea of naming that anxious feeling, etc. I get nervous about putting myself ‘out there’ even though I’ve been running a business and even teaching for years.
      Someone once told me to pretend I was hosting a party, and to just welcome people in.

    • Totally! I’m feeling some nerves for an upcoming live rhhbschool meet-up i’m hosting this weekend.. I’m going to honour that energy and ride it out. It’s time we stop worrying about things going perfectly but rather think about how we can show up fully and be a true authentic expression of ourselves!

      Marie and Josh, you two are AMAZING! So inspiring! I love seeing your love for one another and how real you both are!
      Sending you guys so much love!

  5. Mmmmm…. Give thanks Marie & Josh! Wow…i’m consistently, explicitly filled with the yummiest vibrations witnessing YOU being fully YOU in the world. What a gift 🙂 It’s all about the VIBES baby!!

    I love what Josh offered here today. What a clear, fun, expansive way to relate to energies within our inner being that we’ve labeled as bad, uncomfortable etc.

    I’m presenting a playshop this evening entitled Calling All Creatives, and although public speaking isn’t something i’m terrified of, I do get nervous at times.

    I love what you offered here about allowing whatever feeling seems to take over the most to be fully present, and that by allowing this energy to be there without trying to change it, it will naturally shift and transform or dissipate. Brilliant! I’ve been experiencing this more and more and was something I thought about offering when I read about the fantasies you were having Marie, after the accident last week. I wondered what it would be like to just allow the energetic vibrations of the fantasy to just fully rise up, be there and then POOF! Clear out…

    One of the experiences that has been with me on and off since I was a child is the fear of spirit energy in the dark.

    This energy is like spastic starlights in my body that are just shooting from side to side, up and down and it resonates from my chest up into my head where it starts to feel like this tingling, pulsing type of energy.

    I’m going to name this energy ‘Inner Starlite Magic’ I’ve been experimenting with allowing this energy to be more fully present, to not turn on a light and to remind myself that i’m safe. I also sometimes use a clearing statement that helps me to release the crazies (weird images or fantasies) that might pop into my mind.

    Even though I don’t feel this fear very often anymore, i’ve stepped into an energy of being able to face it when it’s present. This is tremendous growth for me.. it feels triumphant to allow the energy to be there without taking action out of fear or trying to make it go away.

    From now on, I will remind myself that the Inner Starlite Magic is turning ON.. Vibrations high and let em’ rise up and clear out.

    Empowering!! Now this is a great way to start my Tuesday.

    Highly Bless Y’all!!!


    Your SiSTAR

    ps… Love the dance party at the end.. so inspired by all the FUN you’re having in life and biz 🙂

  6. Marie,

    Your boo gives good advice! Great vid!

  7. How cool is it I’m watching this video literally minutes before interviewing Sarah Miller Caldicott who is Thomas Edison’s great grandniece? We’ll be talking about innovation and collaboration. I love Josh’s story about his father and how he explained his job. I’m sitting here nervous about the interview but this helped me accept it and get around that. This interview is going to ROCK! Thanks Marie and Josh! Glad to see you two are making a difference for all of us.

    Off to vibrate! HA HA!


    • Holy cow, Desiree! That is what I call serendipity! I’m sitting here at 4:45 pm Eastern and KNOWING that you rocked that interview. I can feel it. Don’t you just love it when what you need to hear pops up at just the right time? Love it. ANNND, I want to hear how it went!

  8. Lorena

    Hi! I’m so glad to hear you guys are doing well!
    I really LOVE this episode! I like very much how you work together!!
    Thanks for these advices!

  9. Marican Garcia

    OM Gosh!!!! You two are vibrating so much LOVE!!!
    It really made my day to see this and to know that you two are recovering from your accident…
    I giggled to the dance clip!!!! It’s what I want for me, and to express!

    How Fun!!!
    Much love,
    Marican Garcia

  10. Rachel Hartstein, L.Ac.

    What a gift this was. I watched with my 2.5 year-old son by my side, and we both were enthralled! Loved watching the conscious partnership embodied by you and Josh as well.

  11. We love you Josh!

    Seriously, your work with us has changed my life. I am so excited that you’re making your work available to even more people through the magic of the interwebs.

    Every time I hear the story about your dad, it gets better. I hear it differently, or something lands for me.

    Sending so much love to both of you!

    • Off topic, but Nathalie, I’ve never heard of you before today, and in the past three hours, I’ve encountered your web presence in three, unrelated instances. *fist bumps* \\\\:////

  12. Woohoo Josh! I’ve so missed your great advice. and used it for years now! It’s always great to get reminders. It keeps me on track.

    BTW, Josh, I see you’re on netflix, too. ;-D Gotta watch ya one day soon!

  13. First, so grateful to hear you are all doing well. So grateful.

    Absolutely, love Josh and his work. Have been following him a bit since I first discovered him through you. Really believe in his message and have being wanting to really make use of his practices. Will work on naming my fears and using his method.

    And thank you so much for the audio! So appreciate it the mp3!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      You will LOVE it Laura, it’s amazing.

  14. Leslie

    I loved this message! I was so worried about what was “wrong” with me, but now that I know it is just that I am a vibrator, I am suddenly at ease! My feeling lately has been feeling completely overwhelmed!

    The feeling is:chaotic internal trembling

    Name: Aunt Jemima

    Now I know when I am vibrating with Aunt Jemima; everything is gonna be alright!

    Thank you so much!!!

  15. What I love about this the most is that Josh’s whole approach is about not trying to be different or pretend you’re something you’re not or squash the natural feelings that come up in you. Own that stuff. Use it! It has certainly worked for me and I love that you guys are helping to spread this wisdom through Marie TV. Nice!

  16. LOVE JOSH! He rocks! How fun!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your man’s genius Marie. 🙂

    I love the reframe, rename, & reclaim!!!

    Authenticity all the way… very sexy.

    Fear is a biggie for me.
    It feels like a fizzy candy in my belly.
    It’s my new ‘Sha-Zoo’

    So here’s to Sha-Zooing like never before.

    Again, thank you for beauty you always share so graciously!

  17. » I struggle with: Feeling mis-/not understood
    » What is the sensation: Heart races, shallow breath, tight in my stomach, flush cheeks, lump in throat.
    » Alias: Panda

    I LOVE this identification and nickname practice! Panda wants to disrupt things to return to more solid ground, But Panda can party with the vibrations too. Thanks for more permission to feel myself, John & Marie. I love me some Committed Impulse in whatever way shape or form—delightfully today it was delivered via Q&A Tuesday.

    • Hey Jennifer –
      I’m curious, what situations does Panda make an appearance? 1 on 1 high stakes meetings? Making a video? Speaking to 100?

      I totally get where you are coming from…mis/not understood and the body sensations… Diane

  18. Joanne

    Marie and Josh
    Thank you for your insights into working with emotions in business and life. I love the idea of reframing them as ‘atoms’, naming them, and embracing their energy instead of fighting it!

    I love @FitMissy’s name “Bugger” for her public speaking worries, and @Caroline’s “Buzzy” for presentation jitters.

    I struggle with not feeling ‘good enough’. I feel like there’s a black hole inside, sucking in all my confidence and ability to give. “Crusher” is a name that comes to mind. Wow, now it has a name. Let’s see where Crusher takes me this week.

    Thank you so much for the experiment – I can’t wait to go out and try it.

    • Barbara

      Wow, Joanne, you hit the bull’s eye on this one for me. You’re describing exactly the feeling I get about not feeling “good enough.” Thank you for the courage to post this — it was something I needed to see. Love the name Crusher:)

    • Wow Joanne & Barbara –
      My heart goes out to you and “Crusher”!
      Would you like more support in addition to the advice on Josh’s video?
      Does Crusher hold you back from creating the impact you want to make?
      Smiles! Diane

  19. Brandie

    Anxiety. It is terrible! I feel like I can’t breathe, like I am going to pass out, like someone is sitting on my chest, like there are a million tiny pins pricking my face. Ugh.

    Nickname: Whirling Dervish.

    This Q&A was just what I needed today, so thanks!

    • Hey Brandie –
      Your symptoms sound pretty uncomfortable.
      Do they stop you from reaching out of your comfort zone?
      Is it important to you to overcome them?
      Fully Understanding Diane

  20. Great video.

    I’m an introvert and, while I’m not shy, being the centre of attention and commanding people’s attention is a big fear of mine. For a long time I avoided any situation that involved public speaking on any scale.

    I love Josh’s comment that shyness maybe isn’t something to overcome. I’ve learned to embrace my introvertedness and know this offers me a different perspective that those confident, chatty extroverts….!

    I would certainly say though, as with anything else, the things that seem scary lose their power the more we have the courage to push through our comfort zones. Far from avoiding it now, I have flipped it to see it as an opportunity to get better and better…. (though a small group and intimate conversation will always be my safer ground!) x

  21. I actually adore how speaking helps me grow as a person and better define my ‘why’ and my core message.

    I’ve seen it transform others too, especially introverts, into confident beings who radiate from stage.

    A great tip I was told is to remember its about your audience, not you. Focus on delivering massive value to them and it becomes much less daunting and more enjoyable.

    This is a topic we can always learn more about – the world needs more great speakers, thanks Marie.


  22. Katy

    Uncertainty – what do I do next (regarding a specific decision in my life)

    Atoms are just sitting still – not knowing whether or not to vibrate, move, bounce – just paralyzed with “not knowing”

    Nickname: shruggy

    • Gayle

      Me too…Uncertainty, Fear, Self Doubt. It’s paralyzing, and the more critical it becomes for me to DO SOMETHING the more panicked, paralyzed and incapable of making a decision I seem to become. I feel like its choking me and sucking me down.

      It feels like “Quicksand”.

      Oddly enough, that’s a pretty good metaphor for what Josh was talking about…when you struggle in quicksand, it just swallows you up even faster. If you want to get out, you have to stop struggling and just swim in it. Hmmm.

  23. Gina

    Shyness is so complicated. My husband was the shyest person I knew, but when onstage (he was a jazz musician), in front of thousands of people, he was so loose and relaxed and I didn’t recognize him.

    I’m just the opposite: rather bossy, maybe even pushy sometimes, but turn on the camera and I melt into a pile of nerves.

    So thanks for the tips!

    • Gina –
      I totally get your comment. I’m both a musician, speaker & have done a zillion videos.

      If you could get over the pile of nerves with a camera, would you want to make videos?


  24. I remember first learning about this (pigeons!) at RHHLive last year and it has been key to me getting more in touch with my emotions and dealing with them, as you said, in really non-dramatic ways (unless I’m acting!). What I loved most learning about this from Josh in person was his reminder about being present. You both mentioned it again today–feel the feelings, be honest.

    I love public speaking, I get a high from it, but when I’m at a party of people (with no planned time for me to speak), I get incredibly insecure. I always try to talk myself out of it and usually end up standing close to a door or a corner and just observing people (that sounds more creepy than I mean it to).

    The insecurity feels like I’m smaller, tiny, like all my atoms have stopped partying and gathered into my stomach and I want to huddle into myself.

    Today–I dub that feeling “willy-wonka”

    And I’ll get real with it!

    • D’Arcy, WOW! I didn’t realize it…..
      But I am the EXACT WAY.

      I love to talk, love love love. And yet I get observational and quiet in a group I am unfamiliar with when I am not the main speaker but just another woman part of the group. Yep. yep, yep.

      Thanks for sharing. I gotta work on that! 😉

  25. Hi Marie and Josh,

    I struggle with nervousness every day so, I’m delighted to have your tactics to try.

    The emotion I struggle with is fear.

    It feels like everything is vibrating inside me and around me, uncontrollably, it tightens my throat, makes my face tight, fixes a grin on my face which I can’t shift, makes my thoughts run so fast they come out as though I’m playing a game of emotional Squash with the other person.

    I often find that when I start speaking, everyone else starts speaking at the same time and to drown me out, children start to cry and people have accidents around me.

    I am doing exactly what you said: I am trying to suppress my fear and carry on as normal. It’s interesting that you say people don’t trust a person who is doing that, because that’s exactly what I’m afraid of: of not being trusted, of being doubted.

    I am going to nickname these vibes as buzzers. And I will say to myself “I have got the buzzers. I wonder what they feel like if I ride them? I wonder what they will turn into after 7-12 seconds, I have never felt that feeling before, I am curious to know what happens next.”

    I have a lot to share with the world, this has always been my stumbling block, no more!

    Thank you Josh and Marie.

    • Sarah

      Fiona, I am so right there with you!
      The buzzing -so loud I can’t hear my own thoughts, and everyone else seems blankly frozen in time- the tightness, the strange uncomfortable grin affixed to my face. My mouth gets dry, my tongue doubles in size, my head feels so tight I might squish myself right out of existence – which is probably exactly what I’m trying to do in those moments.

      I can feel them right now just creating this moment, and as I write am putting my attention out of my head and back into my body. I can trust that this feeling is just some ‘vibing atoms’ that I can ride along with-
      nothing to give control over to, or try to manipulate, either. Just being authentically me and acknowledging the roller coaster from this moment to the next. Wheee!

      Presence is a virtue!

      Great video Marie and Josh, thank you for sharing yourselves!

    • Hi Fiona
      One thing I want to point out to you.
      You wrote…

      “it tightens my throat, makes my face tight, fixes a grin on my face which I can’t shift, makes my thoughts run so fast they come out as though I’m playing a game of emotional Squash with the other person.”

      The fact that u were experiencing fear didn’t cause those things to happen.
      Rather – the fact that you were trying NOT to feel the fear is what caused all those things to happen.
      That’s why we all have to ride it not hide it.
      When u ride it you stay present – even if it is a little intense – and I bet you will see that people won’t talk when you talk, because you are going to be able to listen and people are going to listen to you with greater clarity.
      Have fun exploring.

      • Lynn

        Wow, Josh-you just gave the a HUGE ‘chills’ AHA moment! By saying that all of those negative feelings and sensations, or paralyzing facial expressions are not caused by the fear, but by suppressing the fear, what a COOL way to look at it!

        Now I understand what NOT to do when talking to people (not just in public speaking, but in general). I think I will name those feelings ‘globbers’ because that’s what they feel like! Big heavy clumps of fear!

        Thank you THANK you!

      • Ride it not hide it. Brilliant, Josh. Thanks so much. Shazam.

    • Fiona – My heart totally goes out to you.
      What you have to share with the world is SO important.
      Worth the journey of figuring out how to ride the fear wave and help it dissipate.
      If I could support you, would you be interested in hearing more?

  26. I love love love #3 – Ride it don’t hide it. As you both mentioned, as soon as you have that feeling of “Oh I’m shy/scared/fearful etc” we think it’s bad. But addressing and identifying what you are feeling is so empowering. And gives you such a better place to move from.

    Thanks for sharing Josh 🙂

    xx Johanna

  27. God, I needed this right about now. I’ve been dealing with such anxiety lately that has been taking a physical toll on me. I have a presentation coming up that I am having nightmares about and you and Josh just made me feel so much more relief over it. Thanks for your ongoing mission and pump up the jams, sistah!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      SO glad that this episode feels like it can help. Please keep us posted!

  28. I’m a mural artist that specializes in children’s artwork. I have 2 daughters that are 9 & 11, I drive my kids to school & parties, and SHOULD have tons of business due to these abundant opportunities. But I still feel the way I always have since childhood; awkward around people in groups…like a perpetual 3rd wheel. I’m awesome 1 on1, but I freeze when trying to work my way into a crowd. The vibes that I make are like a turning inside out feeling- just insanely uncomfortable- and I would call it spongy. Yep; I get Spongy.

    • Hey Nikki
      I hear ya.
      You may want to experiment with something…
      The next time you feel “awkward” (followed by a conversation you have about being a third wheel) – give this a try.
      Identify exactly what u r feeling and breathe deep to feel it even MORE.
      At the same time continue to stay involved with the people around you. They won’t know what u r doing. But practicing feeling the sensation and staying engaged with what is in front of you will pull you out of that third wheel conversation. Also people want you to be there. They are there with you because they love ya. So jump in and have fun with them.
      You’re a gift!

  29. Hey Marie and Josh- thanks so much for this video- I’m playing hookey on BSchool for my Tuesday update- sooo worth it!
    I friggin *HATE* getting up in front of people- and I’m no wallflower- to me it’s like what I imagine standing in front of a firing line would be like: certain death!
    So that’s what I’d like to overcome- paralyzing fear of public speaking; in terms of how that feels? Gotta say it’s like having a cage around my heart closing in tighter and tighter- squeezing the life outta me.
    Okay, let’s change it up… I’ll party with those vibrations and call them “Les Cages Aux Folles” cause that makes me smile…
    Definitely relate to being authentic- it’s the only way to be!
    Get better and thanks so much for BSchool- it’s not just a game changer- it’s a life changer!

  30. 1 – I have a challenge embracing compliments. Fully accepting them.
    “Steve, you’re a great coach!”
    “Steve, you’re a great writer!”
    Any type of accolade makes me cringe.

    2 – When I hear compliments, I want to crawl under a rock. Weird, I know. I don’t like to be in the spotlight. I want to shine it on everyone else.

    3 – Nickname? I’ll call it “Oh No!”

    • “Oh No!” sounds like trying to fight it. How about, “Hells, Yes!”

      • I forgot. I was suppose to reframe the name!

        Hells Yes! I like the sound of it. Thanks Wendie!

  31. Hi Marie and Josh – I am floored by this, truly can’t thank you enough.

    The world certainly gives us what we need at the time that we need it and this is no exception.

    I know that I am right around the corner from a huge transition. Not just in my business (I’m a B Schooler baby 🙂 ) but also in my personal life and relationships with those close to me.

    The resounding issue that stops me from moving forward is fear based anxiety. I’m a self employed single mother and I’m forever worrying about money – even though I don’t really need to in the way that I did before.

    I feel it through my very core. I usually describe it as a fizz that starts in my stomach and rises upwards until it’s in my head and enveloping me.

    I want to allow myself to feel it and know that I will and always DO come out the other side feeling more awesome. That feeling teaches me something every single time and I want to recognise it as an indication that something is about to propel me forward. I have to relax into it and be blown with the wind.

    I’ll nickname it – The Bungles

  32. “Ride it, don’t hide it!”

    I love it! This is all great advice. Thank you so much Marie and Josh!

    Every time I watch a Marie TV episode, I walk away with a whole new set of thoughts and understanding of myself and the world around me.

  33. Marie I love all your videos but this one in particular spoke to me.

    I cannot help but appreciate the approach Josh takes when it comes to fear. My fear is not speaking in front of people (I actually love it!) but my fear is that I will SUCK!

    In my head I am this amazing speaker and writer and I have SO much I want to share with my peeps. My fear is around SHARING it and letting it out there.

    I need to allow myself to vibrate…Thank you Josh and Marie. Love the energy you two brought to this video 🙂

    • Hey Leah –
      I’m with you about being an orating genius on the inside! If only it were easy to do that in real life! How important is it for you?

  34. You guys are so loving and sweet to each other. Loved this. As an actor and a coach, this will help me so much. I can’t wait to rename my “negative” feelings to fun words like, “shussy”. 🙂

  35. amy

    What a meaningful video, you two are adorable.

    I have always been pretty comfortable speaking in front of groups in a professional setting. My challenge is that consistently whenever I am asked to speak in an emotional setting, like my mom’s big surprise party, or a friends wedding I am so overcome by emotion I well up and find I can’t adequately voice how I feel about this person that I care so much about without crying (I don’t mean a timely tear, more like a choking, can’t get words out, display of emotion).

    It feels much more like I am about to sob, throat closes up, waterfall of tears about to spill. This happened at my wedding and during our thank you toast I handed the mic to my husband because I felt I physically could not get any more words out. I was so disappointed in myself because I felt so genuinely thankful and wanted to voice that in front of all of our people. Any tips when it happens in the middle of a toast and I dont feel like I have the 7-12 seconds to fully feel it as everyone is watching? many thanks!

    • Dawn

      Hi Amy,

      That’s happens to me and what I find is that people get drawn in to the emotions and begin to feel what I’m feeling. It’s like what Josh said, about watching people speak, people love it when we’re real and coming from the heart. When I get to the point that my throat feels closed and my voice is barely a squeak with tears streaming, I stop, close my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and pause in the moment. Sometimes I may have to stop a couple of times and that’s okay. Often people will come up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes, give me a hug and tell me that what I said really touched them.

      I think when we allow ourselves to feel and show our emotions, we give others permission to do the same. I hope this helps 🙂


      • amy

        Thanks so much Dawn!
        I think you’re right, in the moment taking a few seconds always feels like an eternity, but in all likelihood adds to the sentiment 🙂

        especially as wedding season approaches I have been trying to visualize how a great character in a movie would deliver the toast and write it before hand with all the emotion and sentiment, then day of remove myself emotionally and think of it more as a performance piece… dangerous, I am not in any way an actor. think i’ll just go with the tears 🙂

    • Amy – such a sweet story!
      Just this morning I was talking with a friend about her fear of public speaking. She confessed to me that she once had to give a major presentation at work and got a hot flash right in the middle of it. So embarrassing, right? But if you ignore hot flashes, they just come back with a vengeance! So she just turned it into a joke and asked everyone to excuse her for a few seconds because she was having a hot flash! Everyone laughed, and they even asked her to come back and present again the next week.

      When your emotion hits you like a truck, the best thing is just to embrace it, and share it with people. No one will judge you for being emotional. I cried like a baby at my wedding, and everyone only found it very endearing.

      Remember what Marie said in this video – once you embrace it fully, it really only lasts for 7-10 seconds or so. When it hits you, just embrace it. Say it out loud, let yourself be vulnerable, and don’t be afraid of taking the few seconds you need to let yourself choke up a bit before you can talk again.

  36. Love this video!!! You guys talka my language! Especially love the part about ‘this’ as well as ‘that’ being centered. Speaking your truth is being centered, being authentic = being centered. Had a paradigm shift over that one. Reframing my personal definition of being centered, which up to this point I had generalized as ‘grounded’. They are two different things in truth.

    So I’m going to expand on something that I’ve been reframing…when I get ‘shushy’ (and I have public speaking experience) I have helped myself by saying “I’m nervous because I care”. It has helped. Now I’m going to change it to. “I’m ready to share so I’m having a heart opening.”

    Heart Opened.

    Thanks Josh and Marie.

  37. Kim

    What a fantastic episode with lots of great advice for public speaking and beyond. I can see the benefits of this advice for any emotion we experience as “negative.”

    For example, I have a fear that comes up in the face of conflict, where I feel panic and a tightening in the chest. I like the idea of recognizing and (nick)naming this feeling – how about Chester – and then really feeling it and moving on.

  38. Joy

    Wow, that was inspiring. Thanks so much, Marie & Josh!

    I’m 56 and feel inhibited by my age and appearance now as opposed to the very young & beautiful in the world. I see photos of myself now and wonder, “Who Is that person?!?”

    The fear of getting out there in front of people feels like a dead weight – like the opposite of vibration. It’s a big block.

    Perhaps I should call it Rocky and try to climb over it?

    At this point I just want to delete this comment and move on, but maybe others can relate?

  39. My day job at the moment is waitressing and I find myself annoyed/frustrated with my manager bc we have different ideas of what a restaurant manager’s role is.
    I’m working on being more in the moment with what I am doing instead of thinking about his shortcomings but sometimes it is tricky. I will allow myself to feel this, I’m having a hard time at the moment coming up w ith a nickname for it, but will remember it’s just a vibration and to keep it movin to be the best server possible :D. Thanks for this video Marie and Josh!

  40. Gosh. That gave me goosebumps – so beautiful.

    I’m gonna reframe that first question. ‘An emotion I want to overcome’ now becomes ‘an emotion I want to come along with.’ See what you did there already? I think for me, it’s pure emotion, pathos, whatever you call it that comes so intensely that I can’t speak for fear I might cry or choke up. Ironically, it’s at that very moment that I would have something profoundly worth expressing if only I could.

    Atomically, it’s surging and expanding like hot gas in a bell jar. Swelling and blocking; moving too fast.

    Nickname? Hmmm….have to go for Sergei here. Sergei arrives and wants to come out all at once he’s just full of so much care and passion, but he’s inviting me to just stop, witness that he’s arrived, and let him express his truth in his own sweet time.

    LOVE the fear as creative juice. *Writes on notice board*…

    • I love that you used the name Sergei and i think it fits my nasty annoyance feeling perfectly! I’m going to borrow this name from you! Thank you. When I get that tight feeling in my jaw I will say “Sergei, keep it moving! I’m trying to be an awesome server!”

  41. When I was a singer, fear and anxiety paralyzed my ability to sing for an audience when I was introduced as myself. However, when I played a character in a musical or sang a solo as part of a larger choral work, it was so much easier to push through the fearful vibrations when I didn’t feel like it was me putting myself out there as myself. However, I have to say, it was SO much easier to overcome my fear when I was an actress, or even now when giving a speech to a large crowd of my fears because I can just feel the feelings instead of the feelings actually having a physical affect on the work I create. So, while I’ve been able to utilize fear as an energy factor in most of my life, it still stops and interrupts my voice when I get up to sing. I’m still working on it from a mental level – acknowledging that I don’t need to be perfect, I just need to let the energy flow out of me, but feeling it as a stopping energy – Mr Stopperson – doesn’t seem like the best strategy, ha! It’s definitely a practice and not something that is accomplished by only trying once and giving up.

    In the audition world, I got over my fears by deciding that if I didn’t get this audition, it would just give me more time to audition for many more parts and meet many more directors and choreographers than I would have met otherwise. In the speaking world, I got up on stage because no one else would stand up and deliver the message that I thought needed to be heard. But man… I’d still like to throw Mr. Stopperson off the stage when he arrives with a solo aria.

  42. Awesome!

    When I am put in the spotlight I emotionally freeze.

    It feels like a well oiled industrial machine becoming suddenly locked!

    I’m naming it my lockbock!

  43. Thanks Marie and Josh! with my Chemistry/Biochemistry degree I totally get this. 🙂

    I love speaking so not scared at all. What I do now when I feel fear (because I can instantly recognize the most itty bitty fear that creeps up)… TO OVERCOME FEAR I switch gears. I shift into a higher level of taking action (whether it means scared of rejection so I write more proposals OR waiting for health news about someone I love….I remind myself that I do not know until I know so until then I’ll do 20 min yoga to breathe and remind myself its ok)

    To sum up, FOR ME overcoming fear is finding an action I can take.

  44. Carla LaBrosse

    Great video. Thanks! I love the idea of representing feelings as something tangible. Thanks for sharing Josh! PS: Love the dancing at the end. Put a smile on my face!

  45. Pat

    Does Josh have programs for tweens and teens? That would be awesome!

    • Hey Pat
      More and more I am working with younger people.
      But right off the bat – I would suggest they listen to the “My Free Lesson” on the site. If that resonates with them then the Online Program is the way to go.

  46. love the video. so much!!
    I am fine speaking to and in front of others, in fact I love it.
    my stress and “bad feelings” are overwhelm and anxiety. I am always telling my kids {who have them too} just remember, this won’t last forever, nothing ever stays the same for very long… and excitement and anxiety are so close in vibration that they are easily confused for each other.
    This whole thing gets really cool when you realize how our energy affects others and vice versa. It took me a long time to realize that I was feeling other people. Especially those close to me… which is why I try to be as positive of a broadcast as I can be, for my family, friends, and clients.
    Thanks again for bringing more awareness to this! You rock! xo

  47. Ok, I’m vibrating with a bit of jealousy right now… how cute is Josh! I love having a little inside view of what you (Marie) and your hubby talk about. Lucky lady to be able to share in depth about your passions in work, life and love with your partner 🙂

  48. Love it….Although I am an enormous extrovert….I am struggling with being fearful in the leadership role of my biz….So, I am naming that fear “Teddy Bear” instead of fighting it….Wow, that makes a difference….Now, I can embrace and use that energy for good. Thanks..

  49. YOU ARE AWESOME. First off you and your fiance are adorable, but more than that I can so appreciate this episode. I tried to overcome my shyness for nearly a decade and hated that this was a part of who I was. When I cam to understand that I feel more being a highly senstiive person, I reframed my sensations exactly the way you described – as a vibration. This really propelled me to heal on a deep level and stop using food to feel not okay about myself. This is something I know teach to my clients (as an emotional eating coach for the highly sensitive). WOOP WOOP! Spreading the love Marie. -Kate

  50. 1. “Worthless” – that’s the base vibration that holds me back from ‘being’ my true, out loud self.

    2. I feel as if the atoms stop vibrating and instead become still, stagnant, constricting even.

    3. I’m renaming the vibration “Precious” because it’s the opposite of ‘worthless’. I may change that though because “Precious” doesn’t resonate right now. But it’s a great place to start eh?

    (PS – what a joy to see you and the sweetie on such a supportive journey together. Glad also that you all fared well after the crash.)

    • Juliette

      Well it sure resonates with me, I like precious very much.

  51. Loved this video! Such great but simple techniques! I work with people on working through emotional eating, binge eating and over eating. I use a similar philosophy of sitting with your feelings and learning about them but the way Josh has it is so much more fun. The way he has his steps almost makes it exciting and intriguing to want to work through. The steps with in themselves were such a huge re-frame for me. Tell him thank you so much! I look forward to using for myself and sharing with my clients!

  52. Josh & Marie – thank you SO much for this. I do believe this will be a game changer for me in a few ways.

    I recently started working with introvert women entrepreneurs and this is something that comes up a lot. Many of them want to be speakers. Not all introverts are shy, but some do have that component to their personality. I believe this will help me help them, and for that I need to say thank you.

    For me personally, I am an introvert but not shy, so this has helped me, in that, I have wanted to put myself out there to speak for some time, but typically let my nerves just overcome me. I’m that gal who just tries to appear not nervous, and it never works.

    Something I teach is how important it is for introverts and introvert entrepreneurs to manage their energy. I love how this fits with that idea. Giving a nickname to those nerves & feelings is a darn good management approach – love it!

    Thanks again!

    • Tamisha- I love how you are helping introvert women entrepreneurs- your work will empower so many more women. I, too, am not shy but am an introvert- I love talking one on one and even in small groups but I have never been comfortable with public speaking- something I am challenging myself to overcome as I work on my life work of helping others.

      • Tamisha

        Awesome, Amyli! Thank you. My work will be in two-fold in that, I want to educate that introversion doesn’t always = shyness, while also helping introvert women entrepreneurs know they have the same opportunities other business folks have – they just have to learn how to use their seeming “disadvantages” and turn them into advantages.

  53. Timely topic.

    Naming the anxiety I feel as a heavy tightening in the middle of my chest that rises to my throat and sinks to my stomach as Shizzle.

    Thank you.

  54. Thank you Marie and Josh. I love ‘ride it don’t hide it’. I have a demonstration in front of my first ever audience next week, and ‘Mr Gurgles’ and I are now much more focused. Love and Hugs Vx

  55. Three things:
    1) Marie and Josh, your love shines through in every video I’ve seen of you two!
    2) Marie, yours is the ONLY list I’ve ever been on that I’ve actually thought to myself, “Yeah, I’ts Tuesday, I’ll get an email from such and such list today!”

    3) To answer your question: I don’t feel shy of public speaking, but I do get this freekyweaky feeling whenever I feel trapped or completely out of control. I vibrate completely hot then completely cold and then there’s a complete disconnect between my brain and my actions and words. It usually ends up not so cool. I will SO be implementing these tips (I hope) if I can remember in time, before I get my freak on! These feelings can come up pretty fast and intense. I am afraid my rational mind won’t remember to catch it in time. The freakyweaky can be kinda sneaky. 😉

    I do love being a vibrator though! 🙂

  56. That was awesome. I loved watching you watch your husband. Such love, so beautiful. My least favorite emotion is “hurt feelings” it does not visit too often, but when it does it can be hard to shake. It feels small, wounded, shallow and stagnant. I think I will call her pookie or pouty… lol sorta fun to think about and thought I don’t invite “hurt feelings” with the exercise I look forward to playing around the next time to shows up.

    Side note: Marie, on today’s video I felt the desire to make you a cup of tea. You are an amazing lady and I hope you take the time to unplug, put your feet up and have a cup of tea. I Hope I am not too much in your kool-aid… it comes from a place of love. I know you know that the more you give the more self-care you need. <3

    Continued blessings you to and your wonderful husband.

    PS my personal favorite tea is Good Earth Sweet and Spicy… love in a mug.

  57. Lisa

    This was a wonderful video yet again! Every week you touch on things that ring so true to me and I just love learning how to break through my fears. A sensation I wish to overcome is the one I get when I’m trying to describe my thoughts to people. I feel like I have hard time using the right words to relay my message and then when I become tongue tied I feel the warming sensation throughout my body that makes me feel like maybe I’m not getting my point across accurately and therefore feel like the audience has tuned out and I begin to ramble even more trying to bring them back which in turn just gets me even more off track. The craziest sensation ever!! I think though the reason why I get that way is because of exactly what you and Josh mentioned in the video that when I feel that sensation I try to suppress it and I become distracted by it so much that I lose myself in it instead of embracing it and continuing on with my thought! I love how now that I understand that the sensation is not a bad thing I am excited to see where it will take me.
    The feeling I have is almost indescribable but if I have to I will say it starts out as a warming sensation that begins in my chest with my heart speeding up and then it goes to my head in a tingling/numbing sensation. My lips even begin to vibrate and I think that is where I always have the hardest time is feeling like my lips are actually shaking and therefore feel like it discredits what I’m saying or comes across as though I am unsure of myself even though I am completely sure of what I’m trying to say but the words go blank because I get caught up in the feeling in my head and lips!! Crazy!! So glad to finally have it labeled in a way that is uplifting instead of distracting and negative.
    The nickname that first comes to mind is “Electra” because it is such an electrifying sensation!!
    Thank you so much for this video!! Very cool!! 🙂

    • Hi Lisa
      I have a hunch…
      I’ll bet when you start to feel those sensations that you don’t like so much – that you also radically decrease your breathing.
      And as we decrease our breathing we tend to get unfocused and our bodies start to funny things ( well not that funny:). So experiment breathing deep, as you stay connected to your immediate environment. I’ll bet your thoughts will come out clearly and people will be very engaged in what you are saying.
      Let me know how that works.

  58. Thank you so much for this authentic resourceful video. Really appreciate that this comes from some of the magic of both of you!
    Desire to break through: Fear of really being heard & seen in my authenticity in the limelight….fear of being seen as phony or not worth hearing &/or being overshadowed & therefore not bothering to even try to express my being.
    Vibrational experience: condensed heavy mass
    Nickname: bombunctious

  59. Arlen

    Wow! that was just awesome Marie. And thank your Josh on my behalf for giving us some his time and explain so simply and in a fun way how to deal with stressing sessions. I truly appreciate all and every single one of the tips.
    In my case I feel particularly shy to talk to people that are new in my environment, whether work or my social life, people that I might see everyday but never there to speak to. For me it feels more like my chest expands and my heart start bitting so fast that I have to take a few deep breaths to calm down,and all this happen while I’m actually thinking that I want or need to talk to that person because he or she may be a potential friend or someone just interesting enough to meet.
    Just today over lunch I follow some of Josh’s steps and I gave the first step in a conversation with a colleague I have never spoken to. result: wonderfully enjoyable talk, and I even get an invitation to visit him in Machester if I ever go there. So great!
    So you see that my bungyjumpy atoms led to something nice in the end once I was able to ride them instead of hide them.
    Love your show more each day! Thanks for being there 🙂

    • That’s awesome Arien.
      And just know that meeting new people for most of us generates more body sensation than seeing people we are familiar with. So, might as well ride those sensations when they occur – exactly as you described.
      Keep having fun!

  60. Leigh

    Marie and Josh,
    The words you used in this episode are spot on. I often find myself unable to express in words what I know/feel. Thank you for sharing this wisdom today.

    My favorite part was when Josh shared to remove the idea of having to put an experienced feeling in a negative category and replace it with acceptance of what it is – an expression, a tool, fuel.

    I’m not one to leave comments on things like this, but I’m inspired by today’s message to accept my feelings of total and complete gratitude for your message today and share it with your readers. So thank you!

    As for the challenge, I named my vibes ‘swoosh’ – after the Nike swoosh because I need to Just Do It.

    Thanks again and Happy Joy!

  61. If I am put on the spot to answer a question, respond or give my point of view no matter the number of people present my stomach gets tied up in knots and it feels like the acid is burning through. Sometimes I even blush.

    I nickname this vibe “Burn Notice”.

    It helps if I am comfortable with the people present. I guess you could say my perceived judgment factor. All it takes is one person I don’t know and I have more of a internal conversation than with the people around me.

    Thanks for this video post. I love the idea of respecting the vibe and seeing where it takes you.

  62. Aaron

    Agree with the 7-12 second thing. You can learn all these random tricks to “hide” your nervousness.. and they become the crutch. Reality is you WILL get nervous if stuff matters. Better to handle the feelings than self medicate with weird tricks (ps. just to be clear Josh is showing how to deal with the feelings, not teaching crutches!!)

    People want to connect with the REAL you – want to ride on your passion (ride the passion wagon?) and putting up masks just breaks that connection.

    Be you. Let them love you.

  63. Fear – it’s a gripping of my chest, stomach, and throat, and a fire in my cheeks and temples. I picture it as a red triangle, and I let it increase and burn out. (12 seconds)

    I name it “Gaylord.” Then I laugh at it out loud because it is so wimpy and only lasts 12 seconds! And it has such a wimpy name!

  64. Josh/Marie!

    You hit it home for me disassociating my fear/nervousness and naming it… that’s flippin’ brilliant for someone like me who feels everything and everyone very intensely. I’m shazaming right now as I am whiteboarding all the key points in this video as I’m creating my own promo video for my crowdfunder for my start-up Hubster (digital marketplace for women solopreneurs + professionals) which will be on Indiegogo in a few days and I’m so scared about it! I’ve been procrastinating for weeks and I just have to do it already! This will help me get there today!

    Hope you both are healing from your accident quickly.

    • Hey Kristin – How did your video go? Diane

  65. Hey Marie and Josh!

    What an amazing episode today- thank you, thank you! I found real value in the fact that just because I’m scared or nervous, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing- it’s just another vibration. It’s a relief to see it this way.

    So here’s my answers to the challenge:

    Sensation/emotion I most struggle with: Fear

    In terms of vibrating atoms: It’s atoms/vibrations that feel like a moving, rolling thing in the pit of my stomach

    Nickname of vibe: roly

    Roshini X

  66. Lynn McGreer

    Loved this today! The challenge:
    1) a fearless moral inventory (that I am beginning, so as to facilitate healing and bring on a profound personality change through a recovery program) which has been looming overhead for over a year. It is one of the most critical pieces of the recovery process.
    2) it feels heavy and tight and reluctance and fear are sprinkled all over those vibrations.I would dare say that the vibration is very very slow and actually makes me feel frozen, unable to do and accomplish what I need to lately.
    3)name it and ride it:I immediately thought of what gives me comfort…which is water, being in it or on it, so I thought riding on water, but with some momentum and speed……Im naming it the blue streak waverider. I appreciate both of you taking the time to share these tools with us. I love how Josh talked about embracing something rather than negating or disowning it; which might just be who we are, and how you,Marie mentioned the re-framing. That was a perfect way to state the action. I am going to take today and do the writing I have needed to for a long time, and now….I will be riding the bluestreak waverider, so it will flow effortlessly! It’s silly, yes, but sillyness keeps it light! Have a blessed day!

  67. Erin

    Whenever I talk about something close to my heart…which, to me, is the only thing really worth talking about, I often feel overwhelmed with emotion and start to tear up & my voice quivers. All my little atoms are swelling up and creating a tsunami of energy inside me. I like that if I just pause and feel it, it will pass in 7-12 seconds! Now what can I name this tsunami of love…..suggestions anyone?

  68. Minela

    Fear! It has been my shadow since I was 8 years old. I was just a little girl when I had to leave my country and family because of the war in Bosnia. Somehow the fear never left. I know I’m safe now but the feeling doesn’t change. It’s like the fear for my life has transformed into fear of making decisions and allowing myself to feel what I feel and be who I am. I’d love to get rid of that crippling feeling so I can make something of my life. Thank you for this video.

    x Minela

  69. Kendra

    OMG…I love this video. Just named my vibes Mazey and I think I’m actually going to love her! Thank you sooooooo much.

  70. Hi Marie and Josh. Thanks for such a profound video. Really great work. One emotion that I am trying to overcome is anxiety. Anxiety feels like a whirlwind in my mind, my heart races and my throat and chest close up. The atoms aren’t flowing at all and everything is stuck in my head. I don’t feel my body. I am going to nickname these emotions Caitlyn’s anxiety summer camp and go on summer camp with them every time. Nothings bad at summer camp. I also have the emotion of excitement. It feels like a bursting sensation in my chest, my limbs vibrate, and every movement is forward moving and very active. When balanced I am very high energy, enthusiastic, animated individual. In the past I have tried to hide this and held a lot of shame around it, I would push it down and not appreciate that as a gift. I took an improv class and that helped very much in letting out what I’ve got to share, so did this video. I am going to nickname this emotion *MAGIC MOJO* because that will be my magic mojo that makes things happen and engages everyone when I have my first TED talk!

    • Caitlyn,
      Thank you so much for sharing this. Anxiety is one of my atom vibrating emotions too and I also experience similar sensations when it occurs, especially the “stuck in the head” thing, though for me my chest gets tight and I forget to breathe. The summer camp analogy made me laugh out loud as a former summer camper, great reframe. The name that came up for me was Kooky Auntie, don’t ask me why but like your summer camp thing it made me laugh. Will also drink me up a glass of your magic mojo!

  71. thank you for this beautiful interview. your love radiates.

    1. the emotion: anticipatory anxiety
    2. the felt sensation: full, front body contraction
    3. the new name: effervescence

  72. CP Time

    I often feel overwhelmed — by my workload and if I can do a good job, by my health issues, by financial issues. It feels like a piling up of problems and then I shut down.

    The physical feeling is a tightening in my chest, a hollow feeling of dread in my stomach, and my mind races.

    Because the feeling seems to originate in my chest — or at least that is where I feel it the most — I am going to call it Chesty Puller after the badass marine.

  73. 1. I struggle with fear the most of any emotions and I attribute it to all sorts of things.

    2. It feels like a heaviness that makes my stomach churn and feels kind of like motion sickness.

    3. My nickname for it is now “Bully” because the emotion feels kind of like nausea, which is what the words “Bully” kind of sounds like…sort of pukey.

  74. Christina

    I love this video. I have always struggled with public speaking and being the center of attention in anything I do. It has always affected the way I live my life.

    My new name for it is popping because it feels like popcorn, popping inside of me. It starts out slow and then goes crazy. Uf I can ride it out, like Josh said, then it will eventually stop like popcorn stops popping and then I can enjoy the situation just like I would enjoy my popcorn.

    Thank you so much!

    • Christina – I really understand how being the center of attention has affected the way you live your life. If you could wave a magic wand and be really comfortable and at ease when in the spotlight, how would your life change? Diane

  75. Amelie

    That was a great episode (as usual…)! I found you two very touching and funny.

    So, I have a big fear of speaking in front of an audience, watching people watching me! The energy feels like dizziness! Well, my nickname would be Tornado. “Ah, Tornado is back, let’s ride it!” It works for me! Thank you Josh for these precious advice.
    I am grateful to you two.

  76. Rebecca

    OMG. This was AMAZING. And seeing/hearing the love between you two made my heart sing. Ya, I’m using heart sing as my nickname of vibration of love!

    Challenge: I want to overcome my anger! GRRR. 8-} I can honestly say, I don’t know what that feels like in my body… probably because I’m too much in my head at the time. So since I can’t nickname it yet…. I’ll wait until my next opportunity to FEEL it, so I can nickname it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • Hi Rebecca
      So, next time you feel those atoms start swirling, have fun with it. Know it is not bad – just a lot of energy. Breathe deep and let yourself be intimate with that sensation so that you break the pattern of running away from it.
      Rock on!

  77. Ohhh, Marie, Josh, and everyone. I hold on to some deep resentments, dislikes, I would even say hatreds for people who have hurt me in the past. I get a tight, swirling tingling in my stomach that makes me nauseous when I think of the people or past experiences.
    I’m going to start calling this feeling swirly. It makes me feel swirly.
    Ride the swirly, baby 🙂

  78. Ally Davis

    fabulous video!!!!!
    I am like Marion. I get anxiety before speaking. The vibes are in my solar plexus mostly. it feels like lightness, emptiness or hollowness…if it had a sound, it would be tinny, almost–gosh, it’s hard to put feelings to words. lol! I would nickname it angelbreath (omg, where did that come from).

  79. Danielle Holschuh

    LOVE IT! Thanks for such usable advice Marie and Josh.

    My feeling is anxiety when I have big things going on in my life where I am forced to show up and put myself out there. Whether it be visitors coming from out of town, a big show coming up, or just a ton on my to-do list.

    I feel my anxiety in my skin! Tingling all over and once it starts, it is very hard to stop. SO…my new nickname from here on out is Prickly.

    I love when Josh said to view it as Creative Fuel – brilliant!

    Sending positive vibes to all of you.

  80. Ana K

    Beautiful episode! My fear of public speaking is like a wild fur ball in my stomach. Hmm, I could call it Fluffy!
    Thanks a lot!

  81. Sweet! And truly enlightening thinking. This was a fabulous video, thank-you so much.

    My most common emotion: fear (usually of failure)
    Sensation?: Crazy intense tightening in the chest plus raging flare up in my power center
    Nickname?: That’s a tough one…will have to think on it!

  82. This was a great episode. Loved hearing the story about Josh’s dad. What a great gift of insight to be given as a child. It’s so true how everything is vibrational.

    I don’t have a problem with public speaking, it’s in smaller groups or networking events. I get very shy. The idea of just sinking into the feeling is beautiful. I have read of Bentinho Massara ( speaking on this idea as it relates to other areas of our lives. It’s just not being afraid to really feel the fear or pain. The feelings do lessen over time.

    Thank you Marie & Josh for sharing this.

  83. Hi Marie and Josh

    This is the first time I’ve seen you two together and it was amazing to watch . Thankyou . Great advice and so simple to remember. I’ve just started out as a coach and putting myself out there. I did a workshop on Saturday speaking in front of half a dozen women and we talked about vibration a lot , and I was wondering how to explain it further and TA Dah!! So I will refer to these notes and implement them with excitement next month! Love and light to you both . Bernie xx

  84. Thank you for this fantastic knowledge! I have had the pleasure of learning from Josh live at RHH Live and have forever been changed by that experience.

    I get really nervous talking to strangers one on one. (I do fine speaking to groups, and well when I know someone- strangers just freak me out!) I go through two vibrations when I know I should be talking to people I don’t know- the first is like a lead weight is sitting in my stomach. The second, assuming I’m brave enough to actually start the conversation, is bubbly in my stomach.

    I’m going to call the first one ‘My Rock’- and reframe it as an anchor keeping me grounded and present.

    I’m going to borrow the term Marie used in the video for the second one and call it ‘champagne bubbles.’

    I’m looking forward to inviting in My Rock and champagne bubbles the next time I meet someone new!

  85. Oh I am glad you are all right. Still I pray pray for your aches and your pup who might not cope the same way humans do.

    So! Assignment: Frustration which used to be shame so I am moving up in the world. I have gotten a handle this past year on my biz and I have some paths to choose in front of me. I am not freaked just need to shake it off-it’s like a icky nat. (Naming it cheeky) I am Cheeky that I cannot see clearly where to head and that I know having too many paths and too much on your plate can lead to burn out. So I will commit to be peaceful in my cheeky fog. Wow, fun exercise. Did I do it right?

    • Hi Monica Lee
      Here’s something to experiment with…
      Take a deep slow breath, feel the sensation in your body, and let yourself slow down. For some of us slowing down about 20% allows us to welcome all our sensations, and reduces the pressure inside our skull ( literally) so that we can make decisions by listening to our hearts.
      Give it a shot.

  86. Emotion that I Sometimes Catch Myself Trying to Suppress (even though I know it’s a fruitless mission): Sadness

    What it Feels Like When I Try to Silence my Little Friend: a tourniquet twisting tighter and tighter in the area where my gallbladder used to live. (How’s that for specificity?)

    New Nickname: Melancholyflower? Caramellow? Just, no. I think I’m going with “Undercast.” I thought of the weather term “overcast” and decided I wanted to reinforce a word that was a reverse representation of that. Not to deny myself the feeling, but redefining DOES have a way of unblocking energy. Unblocked energy often minimizes the intensity of emotions that we sometimes would rather not feel at such a high volume.

    I thought I was just some word-coining genius, coming up with “undercast,” but it IS, indeed, a legitimate term: an overcast layer of clouds seen from above. And, that’s exactly where I’d like to be with sadness. It has its place in my sphere; I just want to be on top of it.

  87. Marie,

    My comment is more about the essence of the post. Loved Josh’s authenticity. I’m a scientist at heart and adored the story about his “Daddy”. The fact that he chose that term of endearment revealed his revernce for him. Also, how adorably vulnerable he is that he showed (and clearly stated) his love for you and that was so charming to see.. You are a fortunate woman. Not to mention, he can get down! Go Josh! I’m a fan of team Marie-Josh. (*.*)

  88. WOW! Powerful episode today!

    1). I have a difficult time closing the deal and often feel nervous approaching the subject.
    2). It gives me a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. At first it feels like I swallowed a rock and it lands hard in my stomach with a “thump” and then it swirls and bounces it around a bit.
    3). I’m going to name it Rocky – and now I will embrace Rocky and just see where it goes!

    Thank you for this video Marie and Josh! Really got me to think differently about my emotions.

    PS – You have a beautiful love for one another that is so sweet to watch. Thank you for sharing it with us all 🙂

  89. *reverence (typo)

  90. You guys are the cutest couple ever!!

    My sensation/emotion is anxiety (public speaking, financial fears, etc)

    The vibration is crackling nerve endings and cold extremities.

    I’m going to call it creezy. Crackling + Freezy. But not crazy… yet.

  91. I love how the Universe is always conspiring on our behalf. I have my first two public speaking engagements this week and will be talking in front of 12 and then 200+ people. This could NOT have come at a better time for me. Sooo grateful!

    the emotion or sensation I’d like to overcome is anxiety, nausea and having out of body experiences while I present!

    The sensations feel like atoms gripping my throat and squeezing, like thumping bunny feet filled with excitement in my heart, and deep pulsating throbs in my stomach and tingling dark and light stars in my head.

    Tony Robbins tells a story about how Bruce Springsteen gets extremely nervous every time he gets ready to go out on stage and rather than describing it as being on the verge of a breakdown, he said it makes him feel alive and knows that he’s doing what he’s meant to do. I had forgotten about that story until now. My nickname for this feeling I’m having about public speaking is now BRUCE and before I walk out on the stage, I’m going to claim myself as SHAZAM!

    love it!! Thank you so much!!! I’m going to download Josh’s audio file and listen to it on my drive to work today. Woo hooo! I can do this!!!

    • Susan – How did your speaking gigs go? Diane

  92. Alice Wilcox

    OMG!!! This has been my challenge forever!! I love teaching and sharing in my career and personal life, but expanding out to larger audiences has always escaped me and intimidated me. The FEAR has always made me FEEL constricted in the chest and rapid heatbeating, like it’s choking me!!! Hate it!!! But today the message was loud and clear and brought to me in such an “AHA”– I got this!!! I haven’t thought of anything I can identify with better than SHAZAMMM, SO SHAZAMMMMM it is!!!! I love you Marie, thank you for bringing this life changing information to us , you rock!!!!!

  93. Kathie

    What a fantastic reminder to get out of our heads! Thank you Marie and Josh. I often find myself noticing the fullness of energy in my body before I go on stage to speak. What I recognize now is that in part it is my own energy charging me for the presentation…combined with the energy I’m picking up on from the audience. Often now I notice how quiet the audience is and I notice the feeling of love and recognition I get when I connect with their eyes. The more I do this the more I see it as magical science. Thank you for reminding me of who I really am….atoms. Beautiful.

  94. Reframe! What great advice.

    The thing I need to get past is stage fright. I think I’ll call it being zapped. My atoms, freeze up and paralyze me in the middle of what I’m doing. When thas happens to me it’s usually followed with shame and regret for putting myself out there in the first place. I really want and need to overcome this because, I want to put myself out there! I don’t really consider myself to be shy, I’m great talking in small groups, or one on one with people and have been told I have a natural gift for relating to people… But somehow get me in front of a crowd and I’m paralyzed, like I’ve forgotten how to connect with people.

    I really love the reframing it advice. I’m hoping I can get past it by acknowledging what’s happening, being sincere about it and changing how I perceive it.

    Any other advice you can give on how to work through this would be so appreciated!

    • Hi Maia
      Well, “being zapped” doesn’t sound like the sweetest rename. How about I’m feeling “Zippity?”
      Here’s the thing – the result of NOT feeling Zippity is what causes things to freeze up. and that is followed by shame and regret.
      I would suggest really slowing down when you start to feel the big Z, and hang with it. Yup, the first 5 times you do this it’ll be a lotta sensation. But the more you can welcome Zip, the less it will get in your way.
      You know if you’ve gotten to feeling locked and then thoughts of shame that you have automatically avoided the sensation. So, then go back to your body – feel it – and you will be present and unstoppable.

      • Thanks so much for that Josh!
        I agree Zippity is better ;). Reading everyone’s responses in addition to the video I’m starting to get it’s a process. I never thought I could really control it before. This is really empowering!


  95. I loved this video! Loved meeting Josh as well! I’ve had to speak in public quite a few times while working on my graduate thesis. I attended several conferences where I had to present sections of my work. I used to get really nervous the day leading up to the conference and then get this huge bolt of crazy nervous energy in the minutes prior to my stepping up to podium. I see how it could have been totally crippling but somehow, my body used it instead to fuel me during my presentations and it was really afterwards that I felt the “after shocks” of having reached such high levels of nervousness. My hands would shake and I had dry mouth…put I was so energized and would then want to repeat the experience because of the high it created.

  96. 1. Annoyance – I know that I am busy, but yet I take on helping “friends” who ultimately waste my time. ex. “Help me start my biz”

    2. It makes me feel nauseated and panicky

    3. Name: The Cray Cray

    I know that I need to start with saying, “no”. So whenever I start feeling “The Cray Cray” I am going to realize it, ride it out, and just tell people that I am too overwhelmed now to help, offer a quick tip, and move along.

  97. Adena

    Hey Marie and everyone else! 🙂 Its interesting that this video popped up today for me to watch in Youtube. I have a big interview tomorrow which is making me nervous. It gives me a tightness in my chest and my heart beats faster. I’ve decided to call this vibration “Skippy” (i have no idea why, it just popped in my head!) and I am going to make the effort to so hello to him before my interview, because I KNOW he will want to drop by, and invite him to come with me to the interview. 🙂

    Your comment on how when we try not to be nervous in front of people and how peoples BS meter picks up on that really stuck me. I have found myself trying not to be nervous and inside even i’m thinking “you sound fake, this isn’t you!”. Eventually I calm down and let it flow and that fear aka Skippy leaves the party.

    Thanks Marie for making this timely video for moi and everyone else….I will let ya know how it goes and hopefully I get promoted! No wait….I will get promoted! Why wouldn’t they want a chick like me? 🙂

    Have a great week!

    “You can’t teach passion” – unknown

  98. 1. You guys are so cute. 2. Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight?! Can;t wait to watch! 3. What a unique way to look at our feelings. Very fascinating!

  99. Aayaan Vohra

    Hi Marie

    Thanks for this awesome Video.
    I think “27 minutes audio” link is broken 🙂


    • Aayaan Vohra

      Oops.. The link is working now.. Sorry 🙂

  100. Katie Payne

    This video was so helpful!! Here’s my answer to the challenge:

    For a few months now, I’ve been studying for the most important test I’ve ever taken; the MCAT. I take the test next month but I’ve been struggling with the same terrible feeling every time sit down to study. I think it’s a mixture of fear, anxiety, and nervousness. I feel this pit in my stomach. It pulls my shoulders down and takes my lovely smile away. It’s mean, scary, and it never disappoints; it’s there ALL the time.
    As test day is approaching, it’s growing even bigger. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to focus on studying because I have to deal with this strange heavy emotion. I even get to thinking maybe I won’t survive as a doctor if I can’t learn to handle emotions like these because after all, these situations will only get worse.
    I’m not quite sure what ‘society’ would call it, but I’m going to call it Frankie. Every time Frankie arrives, I’m going to party with him until the feeling subsides so I can get over it and hit the books!

    Thanks so much!

  101. Awesome! Thank you so much for that video. Naming it was powerful for me.

  102. Rhonda Berlino

    1- This afternoon (after i get thru my morning presentstion of course)I’m sitting at a Round Table with the US TREASURY and Senators, the Mayor of Las Vegas and I’m not sure why I’m there vs others. I arranged Round Table in August, but am best at being a conduit for resources …not SME (subject matter expert)…I’m basically doubting my value at this table
    2- Atoms are making me nauseated and my brain wants to shut Down as my body runs my ass away…fight or flight
    3- what’s next? My name…of course, the amazing Einsteinette, I’ll let you know how I do after the ride as the amazing Einsteinette (it’s feeling like a circus ride at the moment..hoping I don’t just lose it all mid ride as the change falls out of my purse! Thanks for the plan you two..ima dance it out soon as I survive it.

  103. Monika

    Hi Marie, I’m a professional musician so desperate for a steady job in an orchestra. In auditions I get past the first round often but then in the second round something happens and I stuff up or feel that I’m too nervous to give everything of myself and to just GO FOR IT! It’s hard to describe but it’s almost like some part of me is putting on the breaks as it’s simply too afraid to just show myself. ( for fear of failure of course)
    I’m doing and have done a lot of mental preparation, meditation, hypnosis and all that sort of stuff but would really just like to be able to go out there and give EVERYTHING and be convinced that I AM the person for the job. Any suggestions? Thanks, Monika

    • Hi Monika
      What you are going through is very common – and with a little practice – easy to overcome.
      First know that the more you put yourself out there – be assured that you will feel more body sensations. That’s just how it is – and that is not a bad thing!
      I would give up all the mental preparation, hypnosis and all that stuff – as you put it.
      Instead I would practice the 4 keys to being present.
      (get them here for free: ).
      Then I would practice staying present long before your ‘call back’. Then when that increase in sensation occurs, you will just party with it – and not hide the sensations and your brilliance.
      Suggestion: Make your goal to offer your artistry, your truth, while having fun, as opposed to convincing yourself you are the person for the job.
      The people hiring you want YOU – they don’t want to watch you convincing yourself you are the one. (Cuz you already are:).

  104. So what if the sensation is a dull, tired, heavy and numb.
    I know what it is about – procrastination and feeling overwhelmed so that I don’t get out in the world with my gift.
    How do you ride on that!

    I am in B-School – great work Marie!


    • And the wired thing, I love to be public speaking or hold a workshop!

  105. Wow- these are great tips for myself. I have ALWAYS feared speaking in groups, or even performing in front of a camera or people I dont know well.
    My Vibe’s nickname is now “BAM!” Now that I understand my vibes are essentially my creative fuel, I am actually looking forward to embracing it at my next speaking opportunity! Thanks Marie and thanks sooo much Josh!

  106. Dear Marie,

    It is sooo beautiful and well explained. Now I understand where your secret weapon comes from.

    Thanks alot Marie, and heal well __kissess__


    • Monique – Have you tried the “secret weapon” for yourself yet? Diane

  107. Kat Morrissette

    Thanks so much for this video. It’s a great technique to get away from labeling your feelings good and bad and just being with them. I also love the naming aspect, which can make uncomfortable emotions not so scary…. my nervousness just got reframed as *sparkles*, which makes me laugh and is fun.

  108. love this video thank you so much to you both its definately worth a go. I have yet to speak in public but am determined to get over my throat closing up with nerves any suggestions?

    Thank you Maria and Josh

    Blessings libbie x

    • Hi Libbie
      Know that your throat closing up is the result of having a low tolerance for a certain sensation.
      So, instead of being determined to get over your throat closing – be determined to stay with whatever sensation occurs – and I’ll betcha that throat will stay open. Be brave. And after practicing this 3 or 4 times you’re going to notice a huge shift.

  109. Hey Marie! Glad you’re feeling better:) Also wanted to let you know I finally read The War of Art, it was great but really connected with the last quarter of the book.
    The feeling that gets me is lack of respect. I feel like rage coming out of my chest like a fire breathing dragon. I’m going to call this jamn, like “we be jamn” it makes me smile 🙂

  110. Loved it! So much good in this episode. Love and respect and vibrashonz!!
    Marie, your man sure can boogie on down!
    So lovely to watch your happiness and both of you walk your talk; the most inspiring thing of all.

  111. I love Marie TV and today was the perfect thing I needed to hear.

    First, thank you Josh for your comment about “Centered.” I have always loved those moments when I felt what I thought was a “good” centered and when I am not there, I feel “wrong” somehow. I am first goint to reframe that “Centered is wherever you are truthfully at that time.” A total WOW!

    How cute are you two?? BTW

    So for the assignment:
    What I have always wanted to overcome is that heart pounding, vibrating at tectonic levels in the center of my body that throws me “off my game” when I am speaking in front of people. It comes on suddenly and unexpectedly to make me forget what I want to say, so we will call her “The Generator” so I can try reframing it to a positive sensation instead of negative. Maybe I can use it to prep my engine to work for me not against me. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hey Dylan –
      I totally get “off my game”.
      Do you need to speak regularly?
      Do you avoid any speaking because of The Generator?

  112. Hey Marie:

    Loved that! I often think of our atoms like those little pixel dots on a TV screen when you first turn it on…. fuzzy…fuzzy then GEL!
    When I’m in fear my atoms get all frenetic and act like spastic sperm (or fireworks, for those who prefer a less bodily, more PC visual.) I shush them by breathing deeply…taking a moment to step out of the fear, and observe myself as if I’m watching a movie. My little “mind-movie” can often be exactly what I need to gain more objectivity…. (I know I’m NOT being objective, if my little mind-movie turns into a scary-ass sequel, and then it’s time to try again.) …It’s a practice. 😉

  113. Mary Beth

    The fear I would like to overcome is one of abandonment. I am afraid to speak at all to anyone other than my young child so I only speak what I need to survive the rest of the time I am alone. It feels as if someone is standing there with an ax ready to kill me — that if I speak I will die. My throat closes up and I feel dizzy. I feel suffocated and cannot breathe easily. I feel dizzy. My body cannot move and shakes

    I am not sure about partying with this! But I’ll go along and call it peppy.

    How do you party with these vibrations that make you mute?

    • Hiya Mary Beth
      The first step is to really explore what your experience of abandonment actually is.
      I suspect this is what happens…
      1.) You experience a sensation you don’t like.
      2.) You try to get rid of that sensation.
      3.) You cut yourself off from your body in order not to feel this sensation. As a result your attention automatically goes to your thoughts.
      4.) You go through a series of thoughts( that are always pretty much the same). The theme of the thoughts are abandonment related.
      And that is what you call experiencing “abandonment.”
      So, if that is at all accurate – what i suggest is to break the cycle by hanging out with the body sensation. Be intimate with it. Welcome it – even if it is a bit unpleasant initially. Breathe, see what is in front of you – and if you start your abandonment thoughts say I’M BACK – and return to your body, again breathe deep and see what is in front of you.
      Practice. Have fun. And in this moment you are not in any way abandoned. Know that abandonment starts in your thoughts – say I’m BACK.
      Big Hug

  114. Very cute to watch you both. Having been super freaked out about speaking when I first started teaching, I can totally relate. I guess it’s all about getting out of your head, and into the present moment.

    Thank you, I love the exercises, and I hope to remind myself that I’m just a vibrator next time I found myself anxious.

    My vibey sensation: feeling very self-conscious until it turns into panic or disconnection with my environment. My awareness feels trapped inside my head, paralyzed thoughts, blankness, and a sensation of tightness in my chest area, shallow breathing, a pounding heart.

    You know, i think i’ll nickname it: Fahrvergnügen 🙂

    Thanks for this, always a pleasure watching your videos.

    happy vibes from Bali,

    • Swathimaa
      It looks like your body does whatever it can to protect you from the perceived fear! There are so many layers of coping with this!

  115. Mahelva

    1. Fear of being “attacked” or “crushed” by criticism. It’s not the criticism itself I fear, that I can handle, but the attack of someone publicly discharging all of me, my ideas and everything I stand for without the possibility do defend myself. I know I’ve got some good stuff going on here and I can defend it, but the fear of the attack makes me feel like I can’t.
    2. Like there’s an inescapable fullness of force coming at me. Like the wind.
    3. I feel “rufsig”, a Swedish word for having messy hair, messed up by the wind. I can live with that. I can live a fun, exciting, “rufsig” life where my hair might get messy but by feet stand firmly on the ground.

    Thank you Josh and Marie! <3

  116. Looooooove it! Superb episode guys. I actually think I sometimes get too excited and would like to “overcome” this. ( I’m having second thoughts about that after watching ths episode though:) ) it feels like this bubbling in my upper chest that wells up into my throat, pops out of my mouth and sends me into chatty hyper witty woman mode! I’m gonna name this “the shizzzz”… And own it. I own my shizzzzzzz!

  117. Aura Carr

    So glad to hear that you are fine. Aura

  118. Megan

    Hi! Thanks for all that you do. This was a great video.

    I’m an actress/ Singer and sometimes when I’m not fully comfortable with a song I’m about to perform my breath goes away. I feel anxious and unable to take a full, deep breath– which is 100% necessary to be able to sing using your full lung capacity.

    I understand channeling whatever vibrations your body is producing but also want to physically calm down.. suggestions?

  119. Supriya

    Hey Marie (& Josh!)

    Love, love LOVED this week’s show – particularly the owning not fighting one’s emotions thing – had a total lightbulb moment off of that bad boy.

    So, to take your challenge this week – basically, if I go into a situation where I feel uncomfortable or nervous – say, meeting a new group of people for the first time, I go into Stand Up mode. Basically I get so anxious about making everyone else feel comfortable, I end up pretty much doing stand-up. And y’know – after 35yrs I’ve gotten pretty funny, not like bad-jokes guy in the office or whatever.
    Thing is, I actually feel more comfortable as a wing-woman than centre stage, certainly don’t have the energy to be upbeat, laugh-a-minute the whole time (which I then end up feeling I have to be and I don’t know if it’s a British thing but folk here seem to really struggle with the concept that a person can have RANGE) – so I guess the feeling I need to address is the ickyness (or shyness) I feel meeting newbies and let myself feel that but not let the stand-up mode kick in and override it. Stand-up mode is frankly exhausting so definitely up for a new approach, thanks guys!

    Love & Blessings from London, England

  120. OMG! You guys are the absolute Cutest! Marie I almost fell off my chair when I saw your BF! I was a HUGE Sex and The City fan when it was on HBO and I remember your fiancé from Episode 2 season 1 The Modleizers! I am a Huge geek I know but that’s part of what makes me so cool 😉
    Anyways I Love this weeks episode! The core of your discussion rides along one of the most important parts of living a success and purposeful life and that is vibrating with AUTHENTICITY. Loving and feeling every part of your existence is an amazing tool that can help improve your relationship with yourself and everyone around you which, in turn can make some of your most Amazing dreams come into fruition. This is a key component in my coaching program at come way hello 🙂

    I Love you guys!


  121. Carla

    Definitely fear is a big emotion for me. It’s something I deal with everyday. Makes my insides wobbly and my skin cold. Will call it fluffy and ride it out!!!!

    I do have a question though. What about anger??
    This is labelled as a bad emotion, especially when it can’t be surprised??
    Does this method not apply to anger??

    Would love to hear some feed back.


  122. Sensation/Emotion: anxiety of speaking in front of large groups because they might be judging me.

    Where these vibrating atoms live: my chest

    Realizing now that it’s not about ME, I need to get my info to people because it’s important to them. So…..I’ll thank Me Me for coming and reminding Me that it’s not about Me!

  123. Ok.. Marie and Josh..

    Mine is simply intense emotion.. if I try to get up and speak about how something has touched me deeply I end up in a puddle of emotion and tears .
    Hmmm.. Name it.. ? Whooshy!. I dunno if that is even a name.. lol

    I will get back to you on the effect. thanks so much, for sharing !. xo

  124. I try to push away nervousness and anxiety. I don’t like being in front of people and prefer to stay in the background. B-school is showing me that I need to step out and step up and this video is perfect timing for me. I’ve been dragging my heels on recording my first video for my own website because I’m worried about how I will come across.
    Since my nervousness to be is my heart beat slamming into my ears and chest, I’ve decided I’m going to call it that – and just say I feel slammin’! I think it works.
    I love turning this around and embracing my nervousness instead of replacing it. Where were you guys when I was in high school?

  125. AmyRenee C.

    My vibration: When I am being cut off mid-sentence and/or not being fully listened which leads into not feeling wanted/needed.

    It feels like a fusion reaction. Everything collapses inward to a tiny point and then explodes! I feel very hot and prickly – my hands clenches into fists and teeth bite down. Then I feel like a child that does not know what to do.

    Nickname: BamBam
    I can visualize my release and let it go safely.

    Thank you for sharing and doing all that you do.

  126. Hey! this is so pertinent! THANKS JOSH and Marie!

    I was having this feeling of overwhelmed this morning with so many thing to do…I was feeling my breath a bit stuck, a not very enjoyable tickling on the chest and stomach, and all of that related with the thought, GOSH there is so much to be done!
    From now on I am calling this kind of feeling “bushy “, and just by acknowledging it I feel it becomes relative, and it looses its power over me.

  127. Lisa

    When having to speak in public I get all heated, like heat rising from my chest and dizzy. So I’m going to rename it “percolating”.. I’m percolating.. 🙂 Great vid Marie and Josh!

    • Hey Lisa – Do you have to speak regularly? Does percolating prevent you from stepping out? Diane

  128. Carla

    That was meant to be suppressed not surprised!!

  129. Eimear

    Thanks for another great episode! And for making me do this assignment, it really made me think about my shyness.

    Just before I present I feel breathless, my heart is breathing overtime and the minute I start talking my face goes red. I’ve just realised it’s a similar feeling to when I’ve just finished a run.

    When I present I do so passionately and with lots of energy and when I run I give it my all.

    So I think it’s the feeling of cortisol rushing into my system. So I’m going to nick name this feeling ‘solly’, as in corti-‘solly’! 😉

  130. Linda

    Hi Marie,

    I love your videos. I am so happy that you created a video on fear.

    I am a very “shy” person and find it to be such an impediment in my life in so many areas, but mostly in my career. I have always thought of fear/shyness as a trait of mine to be ashamed of and conquered. I have never really reframed it, as Josh explained, as just energy – not good or bad, just energy. I am going to try this and I thank you for such an interesting and insightful video.

    When I get very nervous, I feel a tightness in my back, pressure in my throat, tingling in my hands and it feels like little gum balls (?) are ricocheting off my stomach walls… Lol.

    I am going to rename these feelings “Harold”…that’s what came to mind, weird I know. Kind of like an initially unwelcome guest that you just need to get to know before you see their true value.

    Thanks again for your video Marie and Josh 🙂

    • Hey Linda – Boy do I know where you are coming from! Shy shy shy! However, I have made tremendous headway using techniques such as Josh’s and many more. If I can support you in any way – feel free to contact me! Diane

  131. Hi Marie and Joshie!
    Love, love this video (esp the dancing!), so many great tid-bits of learning in it.
    I am a workshop leader & teacher at art retreats (and small classes) so I do a lot of “public” speaking – just in a more relaxed setting. But I still get nervous every single time I stand up to start a workshop or class. It manifests itself as a tightening in my chest, my throat closes up a little bit, my tummy gets all jittery and sometimes my hands shake. It usually only lasts a few minutes (seems like hours though) and I hate starting my class that way! I don’t even remember what I say after it’s passed. But no one looks at me too odd so I must make a little sense.
    I’ll name it my “gremlins” and deal with it in the way that Josh suggests.
    I do believe that it is all a vibration of energy. We just have to learn to go with the flow of it.
    Thanks so much the all of the Q&A videos and loved seeing you and Josh on the screen together!

  132. Kemi


    Thank you for posting this video. I can relate 100%. I have struggled with nervousness while mainly public speaking but it has also crept up on me while in more intimate interviews and group settings.

    My vibration is nickname is vibrotia because my voice and body litterally vibrate so when I speak i sound like I am about to cry. I recently got ky MBA and I was known amongst my classmates as a liability for group projects because of my public speaking. People are often perplexed because I work really well with people one-on-one or in small groups for the most part but when I am thr center of attention in front of a larger group and vibrotia comes out.

    I have tried many techniques, including being funny which has helped but my problem is when it is time to get serious and be truly myself with no funny or performanfe filter ti hide behind it
    turns into vibrotia time.

    Although it is great to accept vibrotia for what she is, I feel like I get negatively judged by those I am speaking to because of her. How do I overcome that?

  133. Mary

    1) I want to overcome the stage fright I’ve had all my life when it comes to singing/playing my guitar in public. I am actually… pretty good, but I’m too shy so I hide it and have done so all my life with little spurts of trying to perform.
    2) When I get ready to go play somewhere or someone at my house asks me to play my body feels ill. My stomach feels like it’s in a bunch of knots, my hands shake, my heart rate shoots up and I feel like I could cry.
    3) I’m calling it “Lovey”. 🙂 So next week, I’m going to shoot to sing at an open mic while feeling Lovey. Lol.

    Thanks for this video – it was such amazing timing.

  134. Josh and Marie,

    I enjoyed your video. As one who has spent a lifetime trying to “figure out” what things mean, this ‘resonates’ (pardon the pun) with all that I believe about how we human beings work. My feeling is fear which is different at different times but often appears as a deep heaviness in my abdomen. The worry is that ‘riding it not hiding it’ will bring an uncontrolled response….and, don’t you know, uncontrolled is well, uncontrolled :-). Think I’ll nickname it ‘chocolate brownie’…also a heavy object which I very much enjoy.:-) Thank you for the reframe!

  135. When I am speaking for a group larger than 15, I feel like I just came “off the boat” from Holland, and I don’t know the right words, and I have a strong Dutch slurr. I would describe the feelling as if my brain cells are leaking and scrambled, and what I know is lost. But I like the idea of partying with it, and if I were in the audience to listen and watch me I would probably think it is charming.

  136. Thank you Josh for sharing your insight on fear! This is an incredible way to think about it, thanks Josh’s Dad! I have struggled with public speaking and this short video will be very helpful. Thanks again…:)

  137. Ride it, Don’t Hide it!! OMG–YES!!! I found this so liberating! Such a beautiful reminder of the shifts that happen when we choose to go WITH the flow instead of against it–so gentle, compassionate, and reality-based. Always a win-win!
    Thanks for rockin’ my world…again!

  138. Nema

    Thanks to both of you. Watching this episode was such a good reminder. When I am in there a love to let my body shake and say: I am so aaaalllllllliiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee 🙂 But a name is kind of a good thing. There isn’t any just coming up right now, but it will come. A name is always a more personal way to communicate and be in relation with something or someone.

  139. Lesley Ridge

    Even when I’m totally prepared, I still get what I imagine hot flashes to feel like…my face feels like it’s turning beet red, flushed, followed by getting a frog in my throat where I start to choke on the words I’m trying to say. Then sometimes, if it’s really bad, my hands get sweaty and shake, like I just chugged my ninth cup of coffee. All of it sounds like a crotchety old lady so I think I’ll call mine Old Maid.

  140. LOVE this! I love the concept of feeling my emotions fully whatever they might be – sadness, anger, fear, happiness. I think I suppress so much when I should be embracing what I feel. It’s what makes me, me, atoms and all.

    So the emotion I feel the most is when I’m criticized. I hate being called out for things when I make mistakes or when people have a negative reaction towards me. I automatically lose my appetite. If I’m eating something, I can literally feel my stomach and throat closing.

    So I’m nicknaming that emotion Twiggy given if I felt that way all the time, I’d be like Twiggy, lol!

  141. 1) Emotion/Sensation I’d like to overcome: Fear/jitters

    2) I get a lump in my throat, my body gets really light, and I get all this energy – I can’t stop bouncing my leg, tapping my foot, or shaking my hands!

    3) Name: Passion/Truth! I feel the same way when something is really true for me: my body shakes. What a connection! I can’t believe I’m JUST realizing this!

  142. marie and josh,
    so glad you guys are ok.
    when i feel nervous at facing a situation the physical is always the same dry mouth and nausea. i try to have water with me and realize that i often feel this way when people have disappointed me and i need to call them on it. being authentic is very important to me and letting people know that i expect more and that when they give their word they need to deliver is one way i am being true to myself and what i deserve.
    i guess i will call this state of being crackers, they help with nausea:)
    thanks for another great episode and for your authenticity!
    i guess i would call it the

  143. I get really nervous when I first get up to speak in public. It does go away after I’ve been talking for a while adn I really enjoy public speaking when I feel that I have something to say, but it really vibrates me. I tremble from head to toe. I feel that if I didn’t breathe it down, my whole body would shake so hard and I would take off like a rocket. I think I’ll nickname it Take-off. LOL

  144. Awesome video today, thanks!

    Before I give presentations I get two vibrations, sounds ridiculous, but I feel as if my chest is being filled with helium and it creates a wave ripple sensation that works upward to my throat.

    Actually, I love to snowboard and I get the same vibes when doing a new run… or when on a roller coaster. Guess I’ll call it “thrilling” 🙂

  145. 1. I feel shyness and fear of saying the wrong thing in public and looking foolish
    2. It feels like a lack of breath in my chest, like the air has been sucked out of me.
    3. I’m going to embrace this vibration and call it SQUIGGLES. I love you, SQUIGGLES! You’re so cute! You’re so cute! Smoochies.

    • Chandi – I’m the same way. Afraid to be a DORK! But I don’t let it stop me anymore. I embrace my inner Dork. Do you speak in public regularly? Would you like to? Video? Diane

  146. Amy

    I am from a family of hard-nosed Germans but am a soft-hearted person myself. My family is always telling me to toughen up but I realize that it is my deep sense of compassion that allows me to see others who are often ignored. I get anxious when I try to be this person that others want me to be, and my chest begins to vibrate in a way that makes me think I will keel over! I think it is my deep sense of compassion that will allow me to build a business helping women like me, divorced and in transition, build healthy, independent lives doing what they love for the people they love.

  147. Stevie

    Thanks Marie & Josh

    I have never done public speaking to an audience, but when put on the spot, even with a few friends and when I am talking about something that I am passionate about, I find my chest bubbles up almost like champagne bubbles rising and it feels like I am about to burst, it is only when I am passionate, so I would probably explain this to my audience, I would probably call it fizzle, so I would say I’m having a fizzle attack, which would make me laugh and hopefully the audience. Life is too short to worry too much over such things for long so it is all fizzleoutable…yeah

  148. Jade

    Cool episode Marie! You two are a great match!
    That’s interesting about the atoms. I agree that our head does way too much diagnosing for the rest of the body!

    The feeling I am struggling with now is being extremely tired/fatigued.
    The sensation is like the tide, flowing back and forth each time pulling down on me.

    I will nick name this sensation “the tides”

  149. I am a musician and my least-favorite feeling is anxiety. I’m heading overseas to work on a crazy-awesome project, and the feeling has gotten so bad that I’m grinding my teeth to death in the night. I dreamt about the feeling last night and it’s like a full-body tensing that happens multiple times a second. Like I’m kind of shaking to avoid getting hit as a target, and to grind my way through a wall to escape the “attack” I feel could be coming when I go overseas and things aren’t all ironed out.
    The feeling could be called zingazinga. Like a zebra on the safari, it’s time to run, but I’m frozen like a deer in the headlights.
    Now that I mention it, I would be running around New York getting prepared, but I don’t feel like I have the money and resources to do what I need to in order to feel fully prepared and satisfied before I go:
    that is, get supplements to support my travel, get all the equipment and costuming and makeup I need, get some supportive voice lessons…
    Hmm, all this is food for thought, my dear friend zingazinga the zebra…
    Thanks Marie, you’re the best teacher out there!

  150. Thank you so much to both of you, awsome video!!
    Josh, please write a book on that subject, it would be fantastic and so helpful 🙂
    I would buy it for sure!!


    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Oooh, so much of this goodness is in the online program- it’s amazing!

  151. I love you both.
    Thank you for this super vid!
    It’s my new favorite.

    1. Fear of being laughed at or judged, doing videos actually. Yesterday, I actually went for it and did a short vid on youtube. But, I’m still wondering if I’m being laughed at…..and I realized I’m actually judging myself….aha!!!
    2. Sensation is heaviness in my chest, like I can’t breath.
    3. Nickname: “Peppa” said with New Orleans accent….because Cayenne Peppa has a bite to it, and it gets our attention immediately. 🙂

  152. Wow- it is comforting to see that so many people share my anxiety of public speaking. I have almost been ashamed of this fear because I am a business lawyer, start up investor, and a serial entrepreneur- always figured I was supposed to be a natural speaker, etc. Somehow I have managed to be all these things without having to do a lot of big group speaking.

    But as I enter into this new stage of life- doing my life work of helping others live more meaningful lives – powered by lifestyle entrepreneurship, the MISSION is becoming the CREATIVE FUEL and by focusing on service and mission over fear, it helps greatly.

    Thanks Maria and Josh for the tips- very helpful to have practical exercises to manage the nerves.

    Amyli McDaniel

  153. Great video, I loved to “meet” Josh 🙂

    My sensation is shyness, I think my atoms are spinning and shaking and pounding. My nickname is swishy, I got inspired on the comment before by Diana 😀

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I really truly loved it!


  154. amy

    Holy crap Marie! I loved this video! I love what I do and I am the director of teacher training and a yoga teacher at my studio, Starseed Yoga & Wellness. From the time I became a teacher, teaching yoga chokes me ( although I have been a teacher in so many other aspects of a professional job) because it means so very much to me and is personal. Each week (even today) I fret on what is my message, what do I say, do they really care what I have to say. One of my teachers long ago gave me great guidance to pray and ask for the download and that has worked wonders but it doesn’t take away my fear. I want to share something worthy to take away and so I search and search for perfect words but what I found is that if I tell my own story, everyone perks up. My own name for myself is Aumiah–that brings in the Aum of yoga and that girl rocks me down to be present and more relaxed. I find that bringing in Aumiah let’s me have open space to forget me and care about others.

  155. Kira Muchnik

    I adore you both! I love all MarieTV but this has got to be one of my faves! I am a dancer and an actor and watching this I realized that I do put myself down for feeling shy, never realized that before!! I’ll be shazammin’ from now on, and feeling cool with it.

  156. Hi Marie, Great share…very powerful, inspiring and inviting!

    1. Q; First, tell us an emotion or sensation you’d like to overcome.
    A: An emotion I’d like to overcome is when I “close up” to when someone gives me positive criticism. I take it personal and full of doubt.
    2. Q: Then, describe that emotion or sensation in terms of vibrating atoms. Are those atoms bouncing, stretching, pulsing, spinning, heavy, light or something else?
    A: I would describe the atoms bouncing with a heavyness that get to the top of my head and keeps me from keeping cool…It’s like I start a new discussion with myself and stop listening to the person giving me advise…
    3. Q: Finally, nickname your vibes and commit to party with them! Of course, if there’s anything else you’d like to share in the comments — go for it.
    A: OK…I will nickname my vibe: kirmee

    All right…I commit to party with Kirmee …Yep, I like that…LOL…Getting Kirme with it

    Thank you Marie and Josh 😉

  157. Meagan

    LOVE THIS! Love the fact that you work together so well and encourage each other. Reminds me of me and my man :). Such great advice. I know this method is going to be a huge shift for me when I’m teaching big classes or just speaking in meetings in front of my colleagues in sales meetings. Thank you for sharing!

    ps: Josh, I knew I recognized your voice and your a famous actor BUT couldn’t place why it was so familiar. Did a little imdb search and BOOM there it was…Sex and the City. One of my fav episodes! Good work 🙂

  158. Hi,
    Lot’s of shyness history with things like learning the Gettysburg address by heart when I was eleven and getting to deliver it to the assembled classes in my elementary school; and running off the stage!! I have worked at this situation through the years with acting classes and other things, and do not run off stages now, but this observation of vibrations and embracing shyness as something okay or even good, is music to my ears as I need to use many strategies to keep these demons at bay. My vibrations are right in my gut or solar plexus with heart poundings and a cold hollowness in my chest. There is some sensation connected to all the faces looking at me also as a kind or awareness of the thoughts from those watching and that being too much to take in. You know as I write this I just had the thought that I always want to shut down or not show up run away because the sensation of my mere presence, let alone doing anything is causing the vibrations from the watchers to appear menacing to me. There’s something in that…Hmmm…Thank you so much for that insight! I’m going to nickname my sensation: “solar-plexi” and make every attempt to make this shyness thing a more acceptable personal quality.

  159. My sensation is anxiety. It makes my heart vibrate, my knees weak and breathing shallow and my head spin. From now on it shall be nick-named: karfuffle. I’ll ride my karfuffle and will sense my atoms for 7-12 seconds. FULLY. Thanks Marie and Josh (I am currently in B-School- thanks a million for that, too. Josh: you gonna see me in New York for your trainings. Need to get back to what I really love and am passionate about: acting, dancing and teaching)

  160. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Loved this interview, so nice to meet your other half! I really loved what Josh had to say about being centered and that it’s not about trying to feel any different than how you’re vibrating at the time. That was an a-ha moment for me and a big shift in thinking for me. It’s so liberating to see it that way rather than thinking you need to change what you’re feeling and “calm down”. Thank you both!

  161. Kim

    My emotion is nervousness to express my feelings to a lover.
    It feels vulnerable of course, but really it makes me want to cry. It takes my breath away, makes my heart race, I feel jittery, I have fogginess in my head, I can’t remember what I want or need to say.

    The atoms are uber jumpy and crashing into each other.

    I’ll call it Woosh.

    I’m feeling Woosh just thinking about it! Woosh

    thanks for reframing me!

  162. I AM NOT SHY. When I go to a meeting to show my product I am full of energy and excitement, but hoo boy, getting to make those calls to get the appointment, there’s where I get nervous. Even if the client says thank you for calling, call next week to set up an appointment, I am still nervous about making the call.
    Fluttery, a sense of dullness,
    I’ll name it Koosie. say hello, say let’s go, and make the call anyway.

  163. Lori V.

    Wow! This goes right to the heart of the matter for me! I am a late-bloomer musician and my fear of people seeing me shake while I perform is what has really held me back. I have a lot of wonderful support, but it is truly exhausting trying to lasso all that anxiety! Josh’s advice was truly incredible and I think the most important piece was realizing my negative attitude toward the anxiety and seeing it as my enemy and also giving it a lot the power.

    1-I would LOVE to overcome the intense anxiety I feel when performing like I want to run for the hills.

    2-I literally shake like Katherine Hepburn and it’s hard to sing, play the guitar AND remember the words when all this anxiety and movement is going on–completely exhausting!

    3-The name I would give all this drama is The Hepburns. I think I could hate it less if I gave it this name. I feel like I could joke about the situation more and diffuse it and help me to not treat it like life or death.

    Thank you for the incredible video! I will watch it over and over–it was that helpful. Does Josh ever hold classes for performing artists where we shakers could have a “safe haven” to help us get over our fear? Something that I have thought about starting in the past, but would love to take a class from Josh if he had one.

    Thank you, Marie!

    • Josh teaches live classes Lori — just a few times a year (around shooting schedules) – all info on his site. They are amazing. Links above 🙂

      • Lori V.

        Marie–this is fantastic news! I can’t wait to check out info! Thank you so much! Josh seems like an amazing guy and the two of you are wonderful together. I have been married 18 years to the best friend I ever had and when it’s right–it’s magic. You and Josh have it! So glad you guys are ok.

  164. This video was the best!!! I have been working on my realness factor w my cooking videos and have noticed that they are the best when I just tell a story and am real. Sometimes this so hard to do when I’m in the middle of making a dish. This video was amazing.
    My fear feels like my heart is going to explode out of my chest!!!
    I get nervous that I will forget the recipe or the ingredients or that I
    will forget to do something that is important to the recipe. Or that I’ll mix words up.
    What if I call this The Mumbo Jumbo and make it a dance?
    I totally commit to riding it, not hiding it.
    Thanks so much to you and Josh for this incredible info.
    And I loved to see you both dancin it up together!!!

  165. Trying to break into a conversation with a group of people who all know each other, but don’t know me has always been a challenge. I would call it a feeling of being left out. The vibrations always feel like I’m shrinking away from the group, rather than rising to their level. I’ll nickname it PowWow. That way it’s no longer something something trying to keep me out, but rather something fun that I want to be a part of.

  166. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one… so simple and yet so effective..

    ok so when things are not going to well for me I get this really kind of heavy sinking feeling right in the middle of my chest!..

    I’m gonna call it “the slumpies” because it makes me sinky in to a slumpy ..

    I will now just see that as energy vibrating, and redirect it to somewhere far more beneficial … like my brain so that I become more alert …. my eyes so that I see things differently …. my ears so I only hear positive messages. Go flo with the mojo ay? ( and I’m not even American! LOL!)


  167. pve

    I am calling my vibe “kramer” – like on Sienfeld and I need to harness and allow that vibe to bounce me and propel me forward rather than letting my little emotion squelch or silence me.
    So my challlenge would be.
    1. Squelch ( closing up -closterphobia)
    2. Vibrate like elevator doors shutting
    3. Kramer – need to let my Kramer out of the elevator and vibrate!

  168. Nina

    Hi Marie really enjoy your work I am 45 and come from an ethnic backgroubd one which prohibits women from being aurhentic and living there dreams. I lived as a supressed person all my life which manifested in disease and it wasn’t until I full healed and discovered that all my symptons were because I wasn’t the REAL ME. After many years of treatment I have healed mentally/physically. and feel awesome. Through my journey I have discovered my passion for media and wanting to help others expecially my tribe which is east indians or women of color. I love your work and I myself have done a lot of the work you speak of. Im not surw how to get started and share my gift with the world and help others heal. Please give me advice on how you got started ? I look forward to your reply. Love Nina

  169. The emotion I feel is fear and the sensation is shaking in my body. I can sometimes shake from head to toe, almost like an epileptic. The other sensation is a burning in my body mostly around my heart, which I sense as panic or fear. It feels like my heart is going to explode or it is bleeding into my chest cavity, I don’t necessarily have to be about to do anything, sometimes it just comes out of no where which tends to freak me out even more. If I was to think of it in terms of atoms, they would be vibrating together, hitting each other, in a closed space with no where to go, or that they are oozing out fire and heat. I am going to name the burning, The Love- here comes the LOVE- and the shaking The Knocker or the Rattler or The Hugga, sounds like a woodpecker peeking a tree…..
    This morning I woke up with the burning around my heart and I tried to meditate around it, but it still was there, and I felt sick as well, so the next time I am going to ride it, feel it, ask it what it is trying to say to me, love it, embrace it and try to not feel as scared that something is wrong in my body or that I am getting sick again. Thanks for this great video Marie and Josh

  170. Hi Marie and Josh,
    I love the concept of not getting attached to the feeling, but just allowing it to be there. My vibratory sensation is heat as well. I can feel it creeping up and spreading throughout my entire body. It’s uncomfortable, but I’ve learned that it’s just the way I operate. This heat will actually physically show up and I can break out into full on HIVES! I’ve learned the only way to suppress the full on reaction is to ride it out. Like you said! I’ve had the experience of channeling this energy and using it to speak more authentically. When I ride it out, my body calms down and it goes away almost as quickly as it comes up. I’ll call it “Lava.”
    Thanks for sharing.

  171. My emotion would be performance anxiety. Interestingly I’ve overcome the public speaking thing but this anxiety I experience, for instance as a current example, when I have to test in karate for the next belt level. (good timing on this – I’m testing this Friday – and even writing that I can feel the vibration setting in.) I feel stomach issues all the way down to intestinal issues and it starts days ahead of time (immodium time!)
    I’m going to call it Peppy.
    Peppy and me are gonna do a little performing on Friday.
    Oy – I mean, thank you!

  172. Thank you both, perfect timing, and while listening i felt sooo much emotion with tears.
    Am doing B school (loving it) and been so scared to even write comments, and my atoms/feelings I have tried’ to hide all my life.
    This video has instigated a big leap of courage now for me and so desire to be able to engage with ya all so my vibration will call “abra cadabra karina 🙂

    big hug thank ya’s all- love all your fun, cheek and buzz

  173. Deborah

    Hi Marie & Josh:

    Thank you so much for this video. My fear of public speaking is not just so much about the fear of the speaking, but the fear that no one will come or they will all be offended by what I have to say. I speak about nutrition and I so want to approach my child’s school to talk propose a talk about good nutrition for parents and also get the teachers on board with stopping all the snacks/treat/sugar in school. BUT everytime I think about doing it, I freeze and think 1) I will offend everyone 2) they won’t be interested 3) they’ll think I’m a crazy-sugar hating lady 4) no one will show up even if I do get up the courage to say something. I feel panicky and not worthy and my stomach gets upset and if I start to talk, my throat closes up.

    As always, your videos, insights and encouragement are fantastic and I love them and YOU!


  174. Deborah

    Oh, and I have to come up with a name. I am going to call it Pollyanna. I think that I think people think I’m all – preachy and this is easy and all you have to do is this – which is so not the case.

  175. Shyla

    Love this video. So helpful and so fun to see your buzzing vibrations together! I’m a major introvert, have always had a hard time speaking in public or small groups. I’ve taken courses and read books, and I swear this 10 min video was more helpful than all of that!

    My fear is being judged. Which annoys me because who cares?! But hard to let go of.

    The sensation is a complete heaviness in the chest and belly combined with almost a total limp feeling through the rest of the body. Almost like a total body paralysis.

    Renaming it to my “pals”.


  176. Awesome challenge. Here goes:

    1. Same for me, I wouldn’t call it shyness, more like terror when I even think about being in front of a group of people, be that in person, tele seminar, webinar, doesn’t matter. It horrifies me so much that I haven’t actually done it yet and I know it’s holding me back in my business. Hugely!

    2. I’d say the champagne bubbles, just not in a happy way. Or ants all over me. I can’t eat. And that’s just thinking about it, not actually doing it.

    3. I want to call it my Passion! Because I’m passionate about what I do and I need to get it out to more people. And because I get “passion ably” sick thinking about it. And hey, who wouldn’t like to say “Hey, I’ve got my passion” rather then “Um, I’m shy”?

    Cheers, to all, let’s overcome this challenge together!

  177. This was an awesome and inspiring video- great way to start the day! The emotion I would like to overcome is being OVER excited. This might seem like something to embrace but when I vibe it, it can feel out of control, inauthentic, and just way too out of balance. This often happens in the middle of they day when I get really into my projects, business ideas, etc. and get really amped up. But my enthusiasm get out OUTTA CONTROL and then I have a difficult time calming down for phone calls, making decisions etc. I would name this vibe- crazycrazycraze. And for today, if I vibe it, i am going to embrace it/not fight it…I will get up and out of my desk chair and dance to some rad music instead! 🙂 Thank you Marie and Josh for this awesome guidance and inspiration!

  178. Great video. I am good at public speacking and tv shows too, but it is something I have cultivated over the years. It didn’t use to be like this at all.
    Thank you for all the good work you people deliver!

  179. Suzi

    Hi, This is great! I really needed to hear where Josh said that when we don’t act in the moment of emotion people sense we aren’t being our true selves. And it leads me to a question. How do you feel that emotion and still be professional about the emotions? That might sound like a silly question, but I’m really trying to visualize what that looks like blended together. I started two blogs, one for business and one for my creative side. My creative side did WAY better at attracting people than my business one and I can’t figure out what I’m missing. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

    • Hi Suzi
      Great question.
      Here’s the interesting thing – when you practice staying connected to your truth ( body sensations) – even if you feel insecure or scared – YOU APPEAR CENTERED.
      Really wild – but true.
      It’s only when we try to hide and alter our truth that things come out messy.
      And just to be clear, if you are feeling sad, for example, that doesn’t mean you have to actively show that emotion. It also doesn’t mean you are allowed to wallow in thoughts that support those sensations. Instead, if you stay connected to who you are talking to while breathing and feeling your body – you will be very powerful, focused, clear and engaging.

      • Suzi

        Josh, I appreciate your answering my question. It is clear to my brain, but experientially I’m still trying to see it, although you’re helping a lot! Thank you.
        When I am writing for business, I do feel myself shut down, or hold my breath, which I’ve been known to do with other things that cause me fear. So I guess that’s what my atoms do when I have internet “stage fright”. Mine become super dense like a rock. Then I feel a build up in my body from the block.

        A phrase I’ve been connecting with is, “You’ve got it girl!”

        I’m definitely reflecting on this longer. The whole breathing thing is huge. Its no wonder I don’t pass out like a narcoleptic goat!

        Thank you Josh! All the best to you and Marie. Have a great week.

  180. 1.Before I speak I feel a pressure in my body
    2. It feel like atoms are ready to burst
    3. The name that comes to mind makes me smile & laugh because you don’t here it often. I chose to name this sensation Bertha.

    I am going to ride and not hide Bertha at my next speaking engagement. Thank you for teaching me this helpful challenge. I love it!

  181. Rachelle

    Thank you for sharing Marie and Josh! I struggle with shyness every day and since I was little have forced myself out of my shell to experience life. I know I have to do it to enable myself to get out into the big bad world, but sometimes it feels kinda fake and I dislike myself for feeling like that. It’s a Catch-22.

    My vibrations are a sick “bottoming out” feeling in the pit of my stomach, but from now on I’m going to call it my “rocket fuel”… “I got some rock fuel in my tummy and I’m ready to launch” 🙂

  182. Cathy

    Right now my energy feels like almost flat waves I was wondering if I should find a way to stir the waters into a more familiar froth or literally find a beach and park there for a bit. You just taught me that being centered means to own wherever you are in the moment this teaching suggest that I do some form of the latter. Thanks. Marie it was fun so see your Josh. God Bless.

  183. Kar

    Hi Marie!
    I didn’t know you were in the hood! ( Venice) That is so cool! I can kind of relate about people driving through the alleys of Venice rather carelessly- my little girl likes to scooter up and down the streets and I always tell her to stop at the alleys because there might be a car coming that won’t stop… Even still We almost got run over once by some alley driving maniac and it scared me so bad now I only let her scooter on the “walk” streets or at the park or beach…It really pisses me off when people drive crazy around here with no respect for other drivers, kids, old ladies,pedestrians etc-this is Venice for god sake – it’s supposed to be peace lovin nirvana! Some of these people need to meditate and chill out( go smoke a bowl) before driving round here! Anyway I am glad you are okay! and thank you for the reminder to live gratefully and like every moment could be the last because one day it will be! <3

    • OMG — I love you Kar. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So glad that sweet little girl of yours is safe 🙂

  184. Thank you so much for this information! I love that I am a vibrator! I equate this concept with Beyonce. She stated how when she was about to perform she turned into “Sasha Fierce”…..she explained she was very shy and still is but when performing….she was able to “Fully” ride the experience as Sasha Fierce and as you know she becomes amazing.
    My shyness or fear when speaking in front of others is not feeling that I’m good enough. Afraid of what people would say. I start to become tongue tied and lose confidence. Lately I have felt these epiphanies…then this video of your talented fiancé Josh and what he has offered to help folks like me and the writer of the letter. It was like ‘BAM’…girl, you can do anything…so, my nickname for my vibe is “Sapphire” – My dear husband who passed from cancer two years ago…used to call me this. At first I was like, “why are you calling me Sapphire! Don’t you know that was a black women from back in the day that was meant in a degrading way”? But he said, “I call you Sapphire because you are a gem and you shine every time you walk into a room”. I was a mess after that…boohooing all over the place. So in remembrance of him, when I begin to speak I think about his words and hear his voice calling me “Sapphire”….then I know I can do anything.
    Thank you so much! You will never know how this has propelled me forward to greatness!
    Linda aka “Sapphire”

  185. I love everything about this video!! It brings me right back to our weekend in LA last year… you guys are both such incredible teachers. Every day I try to either stop by one of your websites or listen to a recording I have on my ipod of you, even if its just for a couple minutes, it helps me stay centered and clear.

    Also, you two are just so sweet and good to each other, I love watching you be together – your “I love you’s” at the end brought me to tears. Your relationship is an inspiration, a very beautiful thing to watch.

    (One more thing- I love that when you Google “Marie Forleo” one of the first things that pops up is “Marie Forleo age” haha you’re so young, beautiful and successful, people want to know how old you are, I love it.)

    Thanks for this video- it will be added to my library of Marie & Josh wisdom

  186. OMG, this was great! Love thinking of my nervousness for public speaking as creative fuel! I’ll work on coming up with a nickname. The feeling has always been a pounding in my chest that I feel is so loud that others can actually hear it! Crazy, huh? Just finished a great book called “Quiet” by Susan Cain and discovered I’m an introvert, who knew? So here’s to all us introverts riding out the energetic wave of shyness to share our wisdom with the world!

  187. Siegren & Ana

    You guys are adorable!

  188. Victoria

    My hardest feeling is that I’m just no good. It feels like someone is turning a screwdriver between my belly button and my diaphragm, making everything inside bunch up and struggle to work. I’ve been calling it shame, but that’s no good. Let me think…
    (drum roll)
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… Screwy!
    I love that! It’s a name and a description all in one.
    Thanks as ever.

  189. Andrea

    Marie, thank you!
    I watched it this morning with my 9 year old daughter who loved it! She describes it like this:
    “I want to be an entertainer (signer or actor) or a model but I am bit shy. I feel nervousness a little and it feels like something heavy in my tummy. I loved your example of the Shazam….and so I am going to Shazam from now on…I would like to have Josh’s opinion on when I should start taking lessons to become a good actress. I already take piano and voice lessons and I love it.” Aleah (age 9)
    So here you have it…Marie and Josh! We look forward to your comment.

    • Hi Andrea
      First of all you and your daughter must check this out:
      A blog post I wrote about another 9 year old who felt like she had an elephant sitting on her chest.
      And, I think it’d be great for your daughter to do some school plays. And if she wants acting classes – make sure they are fun and bring HER out. Many times people start working with me after having years of training that completely suppresses them into a technique.
      I think the online program ( available on the CI website) would be a great thing for her. You can do it together. I sure wish I had this info at 9.
      Have fun you two.

      • Andrea

        Thanks Josh, we will check it out!

  190. Great video and insight! I’m going to apply this to my next video blog, pitch, etc. Thank you!

  191. This is one of my favorite videos on Marie TV. As a bodywork practitioner (Myofascial release) I completely resonate with what Josh said His work is very inspiring and I am so glad he is putting this out there!!!!!

    It takes so much energy to try and make yourself feel like you think you want to feel, instead of just being what you are. …..

    Right now as I sit here I feel a sense of on edge-ness in my chest and solar is slight.
    The name would be a gutteral sound like: BRRRRRRRR or aaahaaaaaahh

    You both are so cute together 🙂 I can really feel the love between you!

  192. Rhonda

    What a great episode. I enjoy watching and learning from all of them. Thanks for all your hard work. I will commit to “Shazamming” this week and beyond. I am excited.

  193. There’s a vibration that I LOVE transforming to make me feel more alive and more free. It’s hard to label this vibration with just one feeling, but more a combination of the following: reserved, shyness, fear of not being enough, and not feeling I’m significant. This vibration almost feels like a tightening and like I need to free myself, let myself loose and express myself. I notice when I’m in the tight vibration and I notice when I’m free. I would love to be free and full of life, daily and most of my life. This takes practice to make the transition at will, and then make the new vibration so strong that I start and end in that place each day. Thank you Marie and Josh for reframing how I look at this situation – I feel it helping already! And that really excites me!!

  194. Catherine Stein

    What a great way of looking at emotions. It makes them seem almost random. Which is sometimes what they feel like.

    Anxiety is my main emotion that causes shyness, and worrying about whatever I do or say, before and after. My chest tightens up and there are sort fluttering of feathers or tentacle whooshing around inside me. It makes me a little breathless and dizzy at the same time. My head starts to ring inside and I can’t focus on anything. I’ve already named it (something silly/comical that fits perfectly), and that’s a great first step.

    Next time the old Jujubee vibration gets going (oops, gave my name away!) I’ll call it what is and let it come and go, because how many seconds was it that it will last (if I don’t fight it)? 11-17 seconds? Just knowing it will pass is a great relief going into it.

  195. I love this. I particularly love the bit about not keeping calm. I really didn’t like the recent “Keep calm and…” meme; I was like, if you aren’t calm, don’t be calm.

    So the time when I get nervous is when I’m trying to be sexy or sensual. My chest tightens and it’s hard to breathe. So, my new nickname for it is luvva luvva, and I commit to riding it not hiding it.

    Thank you for the great content!

  196. YES nothing happens from a place of fear, you gotta break out that light sabre and get connected to source.

    I LOVED this today! You all really rocked it like you meant it!

    Hugs and love,


  197. Anasuya

    First, I’d like to overcome the feeling of dread and hesitancy. Second, there is a tightness in my chest, lungs and throat, the energy is solid. Third, I would call this one Tighty Whitey.
    Thank you for the whole experience, not just what you’re saying (which is awesome and really helpful), but for sharing you and your relationship with all of us.
    Blessings to you both!

  198. My wife, Tina Redwood shared this post with me and I took a few minutes to watch your interview and am glad I did.

    The emotion I would like to overcome is a feeling jealousy. It feels more like a uncomfortalbeness in the center of my body. (Interesting until I thought about your question, I understood it more to be a mind thing or thought). The vibration is again an uncomfortableness, feeling of being off center and not in control. I will name it zippie doo.

    • Hey Oscar
      I can so relate.
      That used to be my big one.
      But, Committed Impulse worked for me.
      The key is to stay with the sensations – and not go into the jealousy mind rant.
      It’ll be uncomfortable the first few times you do this.
      But know you are making new patterns in your way of being.
      Stick with it and be an explorer of your sensations, and know that your wife only wants to be with you (that’s why she suggested the video), and that practice will undo all this.
      Rock on

  199. Christine Allocca

    Wow – I LOVED LOVED LOVED this video! I actually have to give a presentation on Thursday to my entire office, with a microphone and slides, and the works. I have to do this every 3 months, but the fear never gets much better. It’s exhausting and a little depressing.

    Fear of public speaking is definitely the sensation I struggle with most. It’s almost like the atoms are trying to get outside of my body but my skin is holding them in. So the atoms make my heart race, shallow my breathing and weaken my voice. The sensation of anxiety before starting, and for the first few minutes after I get up there is the worst part of all of it.

    I’m gonna nickname mine too when i can think of something fitting, but for right now I love the name sushie. This idea was a total shift for me, and it felt very freeing. And I love kind of getting permission to be feeling what I am feeling without trying to pretend that I’m not! HUGE fan of this episode, dude and dudette! Thanks!

  200. Thank you Marie for bringin’ on Josh today and his super helpful insights to dealing with emotion, stress, and the “jitters”! Reminding us about the atoms that make up all energy and owning it within ourselves because it has a great purpose. LIFE!! Great story! And about being on stage with all that true emotion. Yes, that’s why we love great, energetic speakers!!
    Encore with Josh anytime! Thanks to you both!

  201. First of all, I just love your energy together! Josh was really terrific at RHH Live with sharing his Committed Impulse techniques, so great to have this reminder and new insights/strategies to refer back to again and again! Connecting our Mind-Body-Spirit while reframing and embracing is the key! Thank-you Marie & Josh for sharing!

    In a similar approach, during training runs for an upcoming race when I feel my legs are on fire and I want to quit on myself, I tell myself that its energy sensations (rather than tired sensations) coming from my legs and to keep going rather than give up. Running has been a way for me to keep embracing my fears and allowing me to step more outside my element. And I only discovered this 4 years ago when I decided to learn to love something I hated and have since gone to become a Half Marathon runner!

    Finally, so grateful to know you are both doing much better from that horrific car accident! Sending you love and healing prayers to keep gaining back your energy and focus. Surrender to this time and this moment. Namaste! ~ Sarina

  202. Jennifer

    Awesome, guys!
    Mine is self doubt. It feels heavy, dull, contracting, restricting, and black.
    I’m naming it ‘Crazy’!

  203. This is such an incredible video! I’m a shy person, and for a *long* time it gave me anxiety. I felt like I wasn’t “enough” this way and that I needed to be more outgoing. After a while, my relationships took a backseat because I stopped going out at all! *BUT* over time I began to embrace my shyness, love who I am, and stand in my truth.

    I absolutely love the tips in this video! For me, when I’m feeling anxious I tend to feel it in my heart and throat chakra….it feels like a champagne just corked inside a surrounding layer of honey. I’ll name it ‘hizzy’ 🙂

    Thanks Marie & Josh for an amazing video! xox

  204. Love the episode! Such great suggestions. I have heard them before in different contexts, but putting them all together like this is really helpful! I am going to share for sure.

    The feeling I “struggle” with most is, I guess I would call it apathy or disconnection. When I want to do something I feel is scary or challenging, like putting myself on video or writing a blog post that is very personal and meaningful, and I am afraid of being that vulnerable, I get a wave of “who cares” or “naaahhh, why bother.”

    Atomically, the feeling is heavy and slow, kind of frozen.

    I could call it “Sluggie” – that is kind of cute, don’t you think?
    Oh, yes, here comes sluggie, almost like “snuggie.” Like I want to wrap myself up in a snuggie and not do anything…
    So, Sluggie, let’s ride you and see where you go!

    Thanks for the mind, and heart expanding.

    Big Love,

  205. Thank you Maria & Josh…
    this was brilliant and exactly what I needed today. I am a photographer and my whole life I’ve struggled with shyness. I even chose a profession that I thought allowed me to be shy and hide behind my camera….NOT. My husband is a musician and a phenomenal performer, so again, I can just hide behind him and be the shy one…don’t look at me…look at HIM! Yeah. So, to hear Josh say “maybe shyness is awesome and maybe NOT something to overcome”. Now that just feels right.
    I have resurrected my business, re-invented myself after raising my two boys and I realize that if I am going to get real with this gift and thrive in a photography “business”, I will need to put myself out there….
    (NOPE, not me. I like living in my shell…it’s cozy there.) However, I know it’s time to come out and shine. This major shift in perception to “use” my shyness and not be ashamed of it is HUGE for me!!! I did actually face the public speaking demon in a small, baby step way last month by deciding that I wanted to overcome this “fear” and accepted a place in an interior design presentation to speak about how to display family artwork integrated into your home decor, yada yada…I finally said “YES” to coming out of the shell (I know I have to do this and I’m tired of feeling invisible and have been for a long time). This is how much I started to “vibrate”…I actually entertained the idea in my head of running out the back door when I was nearing my time to do my little talk. “They won’t even notice….they’ll just say, oh, she must have gotten sick or something…” I did not run out the back door. I decided to speak from my heart in spite of the vibration and fear. My notes were there, but I just started to talk and in my mind, I was “terrible”, but everyone in that room felt my authenticity and willingness to be “real” even though it was uncomfortable for me and they supported me with their undivided attention and adoration and wonderful questions. I was so proud of myself because it wasn’t perfect. I allowed myself to NOT be perfect and to be seen & heard. I didn’t care that I wasn’t great. I just cared that I did it. Anyway, I’m still scared to speak and have attention on me. So this is absolutely my emotion to overcome and why this video with Josh is so powerful for me today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Emotion to Overcome: Shyness
    Vibrating Atoms: Feels like a hot fire burning & beating in my stomach and my heart is ready to explode
    Nicknaming it: Little Monkey …

    • I’m changing my shyness Nickname to Pow for (short for power) Little Monkey doesn’t exactly go with hot fire burning & beating…LOL.

  206. Great topic, Marie + Josh!

    What I find so interesting about what Josh said,
    (paraphrase) become aware of the feeling, know that they are atom vibrations, and just be with it is…

    that very consciousness takes your mind off whatever “fear” got you feeling that way in the first place!

    Maybe that’s why the fearful feeling will subside after a matter of seconds?

    My vibration feels chilly/cold when I get fearful or nervous.

    Good stuff, you guys!

  207. Bennett

    Wow, this was great! I will definitely apply these techniques to my thesis defense. Especially the riding-not-hiding-thing seems really empowering to me. I will finally stop working towards being a non shy speaker and just be myself ;). Thanks for sharing!

  208. Thank you so much for shooting this video. I have to save it is the most helpful one that I have watched.
    I will be launching my website God willing within a couple months and one of the things that I want to implement into my business is vlogging.

    The problem? I get nervous in front of an audience or camera. The sensations that I get is a bubbly sensation in my chest followed by tenseness.
    I am going to nickname it Shebang. Why? Because it means the all of something and if I am going to vlog my viewers are going to get the whole shebang…vibrating atoms and all…LOL

  209. I used to suffer from extreme “shyness” in middle school. The worst part was that I was a “blusher.” Just a teacher calling my name out in class was enough to turn me bright red. My solution was that I would try to – purposefully – blush. In other words, I would “give into the sensation.” After I learned that trick, I haven’t hardly blushed since.

  210. Laurel Noddin

    Even posting comments produces some slight form of anxiety. However it would appear form the other comments that I am not alone when it comes to this emotion. I have never been a religious person but I have almost finished A Course In Miracles and it has truly given me new perspective on the importance of forgiveness, and I have also realized that the person I need to forgive most is myself. So, I am working on overcoming my fears and embracing my strengths. ACIM refers to us all as Sons of God. And it would appear that most of us suffer with some form of fear and anxiety. So I am going to nickname this emotion SOG or Soggy to remind myself that we are all in this together as Sons of God and we all have the power to turn it around. Thank you both for this video. Inspiration is motivation and that is what you offer us on a daily basis:).

  211. MF!

    You guys rock! I’m sure Jay-Z and Beyonce are watching this and thinking…. “wow, these guys are awesome, are we this cute together?”

    Marie, as always the message was right on time!
    As the VP of Membership for my Toastmasters Int’l club (Conquerors1066) public speaking is a roller-coaster ride. sometimes even a train wreck. it’s not so easy to motivate folks to get involved with Toastmasters, but the members that are there are phenomenal speakers. I totally vibrated on a different wave-length watching Josh teach about his “Ah Ha” moments as a child. He reminded me of Wayne Dwyer’s philosophy about thinking on high&low energetic levels. Good stuff. You both ROCK! and are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, creativity and ALL that you do.

    • Marie Forleo*
      Wayne Dyer*
      gosh i wished i could edit after send ..

  212. Maggie

    Hm, I think the feeling I struggle with the most is a sense that I’m not fulfilling my potential, that i’m in a holding pattern and that I’m supposed to be doing something I’m not doing (but don’t know what it is, so bad feeling +frustration)! I get idea that the gross feeling might even be keeping me from resolving the issue, so I’d like to overcome/handle it!

    How it feels – it feels like my gut being forced down and back into my low back – almost like a medicine ball was in my belly forcing me to sit and keep my butt firmly planted in a chair. There’s also a sense of the back of my throat cinching up and closing. Atomically, I think that would be heaviness, contraction and sluggishness or lethargy/stagnation

    I think I’ll call this feeling “sluggy” – it feels like moving slowly and being stuck where I am, despite all this energy I have to bounce around and do great things!
    Not sure how to party with a slug, certainly beer is off the menu, but I’ll see if I can find a way!

    • Haha, Sluggy, that’s perfect! Frustration is my number one enemy emotion too, it ties my stomach up in knots and makes me feel as if I have a golf ball blocking my throat. To me, it’s like my atoms have stopped vibrating in those points of my body and won’t get started again until the frustration wears off. When I have a major attack it makes me feel like crying…

  213. I really love this video, and the energy between Josh and Marie 🙂 Thank you for sharing it. And I really like the way Joshua describes the relationship between feelings and emotions as something to express and clarify and then “overcome”. I have worked in this area for a long time, and the thing that I like is that Joshua describes a way of overcoming these experiences which is not about fighting them. When we fight something inside of ourselves, unfortunately we make it stronger. That goes for thoughts, emotions and feelings. But it seems like he is saying, make friends with it, if you will.
    The funniest one of those for me was in a 2-week silent meditation retreat where I was a total beginner with a lot of very experienced women. I was so anxious about the sound of my breathing, the tick of my mind, the intense agitation that made it difficult to sit still for hours….. until at one point my stomach started to gurgle in the silent (very silent) meditations. All I could do was smile, and try not to laugh aloud. The affect was that the vibration of the fear/anxiety became funny to me, and I stopped fighting, and started to have a humorous experience with that energy. It was so clear that this ball in my belly was not me, in terms of the big sense of my Being, but it was part of my energy. I let go of trying to control it, and laughed along with its silly fidgety vibrations.
    Thanks Marie. Loving the presentation of your work, and seeing how you have fun, and present a very professional front at the same time. Gorgeous!

  214. my failure fear = feels like a closed fist around my throat
    we’ll call him rocky.

    my favorite snippet here was that the feeling only lasts 7-12 seconds before it moves on. will be sharing that with my 11 year old son who wants to control all and stop the fear.

  215. I know exactly my feeling, it happens every time. my heart literally sinks and then it pounds heavily like a drum for like 5-10 seconds until I figure out what’s going on. This also happens anytime I get nervous. I guess Josh is right when he says the feeling lasts 5-12 seconds. Smart Man! I think mine will be called Beat Box and that’s definitely something I can party with!

    I loved the connection between you and Josh, it was really heartwarming and I almost teared up, perhaps because I don’t have a connection like that with my significant other. I could definitely feel the love!

  216. Veronica

    I’ve been having these feelings all my life, they doesn’t seem to go away. When I even think about public speaking I feel a huge chunk of bread (or whatever) in my stomach. I’m afraid that I will forget what to say on stage.

    However there is one thing that help me be stronger than my vibrations, and that is KNOWING what your goal is. What is the message you need to get out in the world. If the goal is bigger than yourself than focus on that goal. I will now call these vibrations my “motivators”. Thank you Marie & Josh.

    When I’m afraid of what people will think, I think about the powerful quote by Thedore Franklin: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    Remembering that at least you had the courage to make the effort will make the critics look small.

    • Veronica

      Sorry! It’s Theodore Roosevelt, not Theodore Franklin….:)

  217. Hey Marie and Josh!

    So glad to hear that you’re healing after that nasty accident! Today’s topic hits home with me on so many levels. While I’m super comfortable getting in front of people to speak, I’m secretly fearful of failing. Specifically, failing at losing weight and failing at launching my new program.

    I’m going to name my weight loss fear Beyonce (cause who doesn’t love Beyonce) and my launch fear Honey Boo Boo because when I say it out loud I can’t help but smile.

    Cheers to Beyonce and Honey Boo Boo.


  218. Amanda

    Such a beautiful episode. Thank you for sharing your love with us.

    So, my “public speaking” fear is maybe a little different. You see, I don’t mind speaking in public whether in front of groups or one-on-one. I feel more confident if I’m prepared, sure, but in general I can ride the “shush” pretty well in those situations. My barriers come up around social media. I’m not on Facebook, or Twitter, etc. (Gasp! I know). And I know this is a huge hinderance to my business, and even my social life at this point. It feels like if you’re not on social media these days, you pretty much don’t exist. I’m in awe of how many people fully embrace it and “put themselves out there” on a daily basis. Everyone is on it, sharing so much of themselves… even people who are terrified of public speaking. I totally get the advantages at this point and do crave some of that interaction. But I feel like everything on the internet is “public speaking” carved into modern stone. You don’t know who is looking at you or entering your world either, which is also kind of weird to wrap my head around. And I feel incredibly alone in this point of view. I’ve thought of writing in for Q&A Tuesday, but have thought time and again… “Nahhhh, nobody shares that fear, dork. Get a grip and get with the times sista!”

    My emotion is: fear of social media and general “public speaking” on the internet.
    My atoms are: swirling in my whirlpool of a stomach, pulling the plug, and draining the words right out of me. I feel nauseous and paranoid and alone.
    My new nickname: atomic. I’m going to keep it literal here, because calling it what it is in this case helps to keep me centered in the way you described. It actually helps me feel less alone to know that my atoms are your atoms are the table’s atoms. So freaking cool. Thanks for this simple yet profound little physics lesson. Josh, your daddy would be proud.

    On that note, I am going to start this “party” by publishing my first comment here, but would love some perspective on what I feel these days is a rather quirky fear. Any thoughts would be so appreciated. Cheers!

    ps. feeling atomic….

    • Veronica

      I think this is a great Q&A Tuesday question! I would love Marie’s thoughts on this. Sometimes I also struggle with this, but I made a rule for myself: Just publish things on social media that is related to your work or the message you want to get into the world. All other things: keep it to yourself. In that way, you have the best of both worlds. xx Veronica

      • Amanda, thank you for this post – you are not alone.
        I love that Veronica! Yes, would love to hear how Maria would approach this subject. There is so much confusion for me in terms of Social Media and how to get our message into the world, but I see so much fraud and plagiarism. How do we remain authentic selves within it all. I seem to think that my clients are not on Facebook & Twitter, but at the same time, I don’t want to get too far behind if this is what is required to take business to the next level. It is a scary landscape to navigate…no doubt. That is why I want to sign up for Maria’s B-School in 2014 when my business will be ready for an online push. Now, I am just playing it safe and dabbling on Facebook (no twitter) and I have a blog attached to my website ( which desparately needs an overhaul) that I use to communicate & market. Good for you for sharing your comment and putting it out there. It is valid and should be addressed. xo

  219. Carlyle Coash

    Most excellent as always. Such a great way to start my Tuesday.

    I have been and still am an actor/performer/speaker – so a lot of time up in front of people. I still get nervous and it can be completely random when it will strike. Sometimes I shake. Sometimes there is a flush of warmth that results in hands sweating like the most sweaty hands in the history of all sweaty hands. If it arose during a production of a play, my mind would instantly leap in and convince me I was going to forget all my lines. If a presentation then it would usually be a feeling that everyone would walk out wondering why I was up there talking.

    Funny how the mind leaps in and builds on the energy.

    So the feeling of shaking, heat and bright energy in my chest. Up to this point I generally find a way to ground myself, take some deep breaths. I practice meditation, so that has helped with the negative voice to be able to acknowledge it is just fear. Naming it though – I like that.

    Ok – first thought, best thought – Flurgey. That is the new nickname. Flurgey. I’m feeling Flurgey! If nothing else it makes me laugh which right there switches the whole thing. Thank you. I will try this next time it arises.

    I will say that also I do try – and at times succeed – in just going with the energy. I use the nervousness to energize me into the performance or talk. It really helps and is much less work than trying to push it down. I use the energy to connect more and step forward. Then the feeling usually shifts very quickly. This has been especially so when I have done Children’s Theatre because the energy you give is matched a thousand times by the kids. Then the fear becomes joy. Plus you can be a total goof and they love you for it. Beautiful.

    Thank you both for being messengers for change. A deep bow of gratitude.

    • Carlyle Coash

      In fact this has reminded me of one of my favorite characters in which I played a nervous vampire. So nervous he scared himself when he leapt out at people. So now I have a visual along with the word!


  220. The “vibrator” concept is something I learned from KC Baker and its absolutely changed how I’ve viewed speaking, and how I speak to people! I’ve even found that concept helpful when I’m about to publish a big blog post, or guest post, or send a big email, etc. But I love the idea of nicknaming it! That’s a great idea and something that can totally flip your perspective when you’re freaking out in the monument. I’m gonna have to do some brainstormin’ today for goofy names! 😉

    Thanks Marie & Josh!

  221. Wonderful episode! De.light.full explanations of how being centred and integrated is a mind and body energetic (ie. vibrational) experience. And courage is knowing that at the bottom of our human experience is vulnerability and insecurity which is not a problem but the opening to love and compassion and the fragile beauty of this miracle of creation. Thank you Josh and Marie! – angelA from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  222. candice

    The vibration that wreaks havoc on my life is fear. It feels heavy like dense energy walls caving in on me. This creates another sensation that feels like very chaotic energy. The energy is bumping into each other; it’s fast and scattered. These two sensations can get locked into bouncing back and forth with one another. I’ll nickname this bopsy.

  223. Hello!

    I loved this video. I had a teacher explain working with anxiety in a similar way, by asking his students, “Yes, I know you are anxious, but how do you KNOW you are anxious?” – A practice in embodiment and taking the judgement away from the experience.
    That being said, when I have anxiety creep in, I feel a constriction in my chest and a ping pong energy bouncing around quickly in my head. If I resist it too long, it shifts into tunnel vision and full blown stress response. The practice is feeling fully, again and again and again…great video 🙂

  224. Thanks so much for the information on how to overcome nervousness. I have given talks in church for years and performed on stage with my music. I use to get so nervous that I would spill things and get shake so bad until I really got into the show. I have since just ignored the nervousness and plodded on. I am now able to use this information and use that to my advantage. thanks so much.

  225. Scott MacMillan

    I can’t seem to get comfortable with cold calling and sales calls. I don’t like dealing with the awkwardness of some calls or the rudeness and rejection of others. The emotion is fear I guess. I also feel inadequate to deal with people who don’t agree with me or see my point of view.
    The atoms feel like they are jumping up and down from my stomach to my head over and over again almost in a rhythm. Maybe if I just sat a minute before I start calling and get in tune with the rhythm I can use it to my benefit.

  226. Josh & Marie,

    As a Vocal Empowerment & Success Coach, I really appreciated how Josh expressed his points. I teach the same thing from different angles… it is vital information that so many people benefit greatly from (much of the population).

    I love being in front of people, and if I get nervous or anxious, I take that vibration and channel it INTO my performance and presentation, as Josh suggested. I also suggest dropping from the head into the heart & body… moving my body, feeling hips, wiggling toes, and softening. As the mind is what creates nervousness, while the body simply IS….

    We are powerful and can transform our own energy.

    Cheers, Kudos, Thank you!
    Empowered you,


  227. Tracie

    I love the idea of riding a feeling instead of trying to suppress it; that’s definitely something I need to work on.

    The thing I struggle with the most is being emotionally vulnerable – It makes me feel exposed and nervous. Instead, I”m going to start calling it my mojo – to empower myself TO be vulnerable and let people in.

    Thank you for making this video, Marie & Josh! It really made me think about things differently.

  228. Tunde

    Love this – it’s so zen and so bang on.

    My sensation/emotion to “overcome” is a constellation of overwhelm, depression, exhaustion, feeling incompetent and small, and feeling frustrated about reaching breakthrough on All Of That. Whew. I sense the vibrating atoms as stuckness in my throat & chest, & general overall slowed-down, heavy feelings. I’m nicknaming it Whoa Nelly!

    And committing to ride & not hide it.

    Thank you so much for this. Lovin it.


  229. Cyd

    Oh I wish the dancing part of the video had gone on longer. I got up and was starting to dance with you too! 🙂 I struggle with self-confidence, which makes me feel irritated, sluggish, like something thick, wet, heavy and icky is sitting on top of me … so I’m gonna name that Oyster. I hate those oystery feelings, but I’m going to take your advice, enjoy that mushy goo on top of my head until the pearl decides to come out! (So great to see how much love is between you two!)

  230. JONA

    That was great! Loved the dance off ending ! I have to say for the first time I saw that you were just a tad nervous having the man you love there with you in your realm. It was perfect really as an example of just going with the vibration in that moment , very real and authentic . Made this video clip that much more special! Thank you for this wonderful energy ! Blessings to you both! 8)

  231. Gem

    What an awesome technique!

    I’m quite extroverted, but at times struggle with the feeling that I’m not moving forward quickly enough – perhaps a part-fear, part-self-doubt, part-anxiety melange of rancidness.

    When it’s more on the fear and doubt side of the fence, it’s like a really dense black rubber block (new nickname: “The Clunk”), and when it’s tinged with anxiousness, the edges of the dense rubber become a really slow moving red smoke (new nickname: “Singey”). Both often happen within a short space of each other and I feel it in my chest and throat.

    Now I think of it, Singey and The Clunk sounds like crap funk band name… I think I have a keeper ; )

    Thanks Marie and Josh, really enjoyed this vid!

  232. Natali

    I did not get any links to 27 min free audio after I signed up. All I got is links to social networks.

  233. Hi Marie and Josh, what a great video! I would love to see more of these with both of you as well, because the world needs more examples of the new way of relating and creating where both listen to each other with love and respect. Thank you so much!

    1. dissolve ‘feeling guilty’/’fear of raising jealousy’/’crime to shine’ but a call to be a celebrity in the SPOTLIGHT
    feeling guilty to have it all, be rich, hot & happy, in love, beautiful, brilliant, and living my bright light and dream-come-true-life, because ‘there is always someone who needs it more’ (old belief!) and because ‘it makes visible to the less fortunate or handicapped that they don’t have it.
    2. Sensation/emotion of vibrating atoms: it tightens my head, clutches my heart, strangles my throat, and gives me cold feet like standing in a grave: alive enough to not offend, neutral enough to not threaten others (Crime to Shine)
    3. My nickname: SunShine
    Everything is Energy in Formation – and the Sun shines so that all can grow and prosper and come alive with passionate living by Divine Design.

    Wow!! I bet the sun never once felt guilty for shining… (hehe!)

    Great powerful challenge. Thank you!

    gratitude, generosity, and genius to all,


    • Hey Tanya! I have very similar feelings to yours. Best wishes to you)

  234. Elena

    Excellent, *mindful* way to think of the somatics of fear of public speaking, Josh. Really breaks it down to allowing *what is*, as they say–choosing self acceptance, making it sweet and neutral, with a funny handle. Thank you for sharing this.

    Rejection is my greatest fear, next to meaninglessness. I expect it- it does not matter where I am or what I’m doing! Talk about daunting! But in public speaking, it is THE BOOGEYMAN.

    The physical feeling is CONTRACTION, the energy goes backwards and down to the lower body instead of expanding up into my chest and head. The emotional feeling is SHAME (for having all of my weaknesses) and the intellectual impulse is WANTING TO DISAPPEAR, isolate. There is a simultaneous sense of *having proven rejection to be true* in multiple experiences and a consciousness that my brain picked it up early on and it formed a negative *neural groove*.

    That is something–just to verbalize it! What a trip…

  235. Ingrid

    I loved the idea of not suppressing the “negative” feelings but expressing them. So much of my shyness comes from not feeling worthy and shamefullness. I am searching for a way to overcome the lack of self worthiness and shame. Maybe you and Josh could present a video on this subject?
    This feeling of lack of self worth and shame is heavy and what pevents me from stepping in front of the camera to pursue acting for commercials or uploading videos to my acting profile.
    So do I use this heaviness as a means for expression?? I am not sure. I like the information and it makes sense but I am not sure how to apply it to my vibrations.
    Thanks for the great presentation!


  236. Matea

    This one is gold, thank you for doing what you do, you are both amasing <3 , my biggest fear is the one of public speaking,located everywhere in my body, just under my skin, I˙m gonna call it Shos and from now on I`m gonna LOVE it, love from Croatia, Matea

  237. Wow. The whole “7 to 12 second” revelation blew my mind. I’m definitely going to tune in to my feelings and vibrations from now on with that in mind.

    One particular emotion I want to move past is the feeling that comes up when I feel like I’m not good enough. There are just moments when I step back and wonder why I’m doing B School, why I’m bothering to start my own business, and that nasty ego tells me I’m not good enough. The vibration I feel as a result is very slow, low energy, sad, and it resonates throughout my body. I’m going to call it Blahzie. “I’m blahzie right now”.

  238. Hi Marie! I loved this video/post. It speaks so much to what I do everyday I am a Health Coach/EFT Coach. I help people release those energy disturbances that don’t always feel so good and move on from them.

    You and Josh should look into it, it’s amazing! I agree that you shouldn’t suppress the energy vibrations, but to release them with tapping is so liberating!!!
    I am a trained actress, as well, and I have successfully tapped away a serious case of stage fright. It was not able to serve me well(as Josh suggests) because I would visibly shake. Talk about vibrating, Whoohooo. Anyway I was recently in a show and I was so relaxed and able to enjoy performing! Fully enjoy, like never before.
    Tapping is miraculous!!

  239. Yowzah Marie and Josh! That episode was GENIUS!

    Now what was that homework…….?

    I think this is it. When I’m trying to write, the “trying” part is a closing up of my middle and lower windpipe. I feel it from the back of my throat and down into my lungs. I literally stop breathing, or breath very, very shallowly.

    So I thought of it as a vibration. I named it Choo-Choo (I have no idea why). I went through it, instead of kind of almost punishing myself when I would notice it, by taking a huge, panic-tinged deep breath.

    And I realized, Choo-Choo is my body’s message to myself to get me present in the moment and tuned in. Which I guess is what you are saying — whatever the vibration is, when I can be with it, I become present.

    In the case of Choo-Choo, I don’t jump away from it anymore. Now I notice, say “Hello, Choo-Choo!”, then let my throat and esophagus open up softly, on their own.

    As a writer quite literally finding her voice… WOW. You have both given me such a great gift. Thank you. You have given me a second gift — to see what a strong and healthy love between two people looks like. My life changed today — Sincerely, Karen S.

  240. Suzanne

    This is the best video you’ve ever done. Thank you!
    my emotion- wanting others approval
    Sensation – gobbly gook in my chest
    renamed – gummy bear

  241. I usually have a hard time knowing how to express what I want to say even after I have rehearsed it. I get panicky and feel my cheeks slowly turning red and hot. I start feel very dumb because people can tell I look confused and I feel like no one will get me seriously. All this because I get nervous-even about the things I am most passionate about! I don’t get it. So, what I try to do is to try to listen to how fast my heart is beating and mentally tell it to slow down. This usually helps. I should call it “riding the lava” because I feel as if I turn into a volcano about to erupt.

  242. Wow—how refreshing is it to actually be yourself–it’s kind of scary when you are an incredibly passionate and emotional person. I feel too deeply at times! I would describe mine as anxiety and I feel buzzy all over and like my heart is climbing up into my throat. I will name it my Bah Bahm! Because I feel a little like screaming from a mountain top to settle down—Grateful for your work!

  243. This is one of the best episodes you have done! I am floored that Josh describes so understandably what I have been learning in my chi gong practice for the last 4 years.

    When I practice chi gong I feel myself vibrate. This vibration that is a part of us comes from the earth and it cleanses our cells.

    I have been practicing everything that Josh talks about in this video and even though it can be a wild ride on an emotional roller coaster it is a life changing practice where you learn not to hold on to and repress your emotions because they are constantly changing anyway.

    You have to let your emotions flow by like a river instead of damming them up. We hold onto our emotions by contracting our bodies in certain ways and the emotional energy plus our body fluids get stagnant and can cause health problems.

    As a health coach I can’t tell you how important this practice is for health. It is great to use for public speaking but really this is LIFE CHANGING advice. But it takes a lot of practice to see the enormous benefit.

    Thanks for putting out some of the best content I’ve seen in a while!

  244. Vanessa Edgar

    the emotion I would like to overcome is anxiety. I have it over just about everything I do. from just daily routine things to being honest about my feelings to people who may reject me. the feeling usually comes in the form of a tightening and pulsating sensation in my belly. sometimes to the point that my whole body feels like one big beating heart. so, since I’ve recently been trying to learn spanish I will nickname this feeling ‘mi corazón’.

  245. LOVED the video! SO helpful. And as a couple, thank you for sharing yourselves with us. Up until just a couple of years ago, the thought of even talking to a tiny group of people around a conference table freaked me out, but my previous career in HR was a huge incentive to do the work to get over it.
    I am “ok” speaking in front of people, except for when I am extremely passionate about what I’m talking about; subjects like our saving our beautiful earth, or the fact that everything/all of us are connected, fill me with such powerful vibrations that my breathing picks up and my voice shakes, and I even get teary. The atoms rush and build, and then it feels like they froth and splash, and I visibly shake, and then get even more self conscious because at that point the audience picks up on how affected I am by what I am saying, and I feel like my body can’t hold it all. This video has been awesome. I have named my sensation “Splashy” since it is kind of a dorky name for such overwhelming emotions and makes me chuckle. I am going to RIDE IT not HIDE it, by channeling the energy better and being ok and happy about the fact that I am so effing passionate about something so awesome. THANKS, and NAMASTE!!

  246. Karry

    I have a feeling of nervousness I would like to overcome. I think its fate that this video came out this week because I was just speaking with someone about how I wanted to conquer that feeling. The feeling of nervousness feels like my heart is beating a mile a minute. It feels like someone is playing the drums really fast and wont stop! I call this feeling: Beating Heavy!

  247. Isabelle

    Hey, hi ! Thanks Josh, thanks Marie ! You two are adorable and so “real” ! I feel like I know you personally !
    I have one presentation coming up in a few weeks, and I’m getting a little nervous. Now, let’s ride the wave, and experiment with the assignment:
    1. I’d like to “overcome” this sensation of fear, of being sure I’m an “imposteur” (fake ?) talking about this subject…
    2. The physical sensations are light-headedness, heavy legs, wet hands, being enclosed in a shroud, feeling far from the audience, heartbeat running wild…
    3. O.k., I’m pleased to meet…. “CRAZY FOGGY”. (Hi Crazy Foggy! Let’s take a ride together !)

    • Hey Isabelle.
      Let’s break down your #1.
      It may actually be two parts.
      1A is you feel some fear.
      1B is you listen to a commentary that you are an impostor.
      Now, just so ya know – a lot of people have that commentary in their heads ( and it is completely caca).
      The key is to feel the sensation – and know that if you are listening to a commentary about you being an impostor – it means that you have left your body. Stay with the body sensations fully while you engage with your immediate environment and there won’t be room for imposterous thoughts.
      Have fun!!

  248. This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  249. How I feel about this video is ineffable so I’ll just say thank you. I’m totally shazaming!!

  250. I get a weird feeling on my chest and I used to say “I have a bad feeling.” It feels like something heavy and I start breathing with intention to calm it down. From now on I will be calling it the Shakalaka!!!

  251. Adrienne

    Thanks for the video! It was eye opening. I am trying to put together a class on facing your fears and this info is PERFECT!

    Emotion: I am a public speaker and am comfortable facilitating large groups, the largest I facilitated was 800 people. My problem is I hate small talk. I know how important it is to develop relationships with people. And I can talk to people in regards to the subject matter I teach. But when I’m moving from point A to point B with someone and I need to feel the void of silence, I get all choked up. The conversation doesn’t flow. It’s nothing but short one to four word sentences. Ugh. So frustrating.

    What am I feeling: I get tightening in my chest and a lump in my throat. My atoms aren’t jumping, they are all working together to push out of my chest. Picture the end of the movie Finding Nemo. When all the fish are working together to rip through the fishing net, they’re caught in. That’s my atoms. They are all working together to get the hell out of dodge. NOW.

    Nickname: I’m going to nickname mine as “Ms. Flow”. Why? Because a conversation flows from one person to the next. And Ms. Flow sounds like someone’s who’s inquisitive, caring and fun. Like a 200 pound woman, sitting on her porch swing and at that moment in time she’s got nothing else to do, but to listen to you and offer her downhome advice. I think I’m really gonna like Ms. Flow.

  252. Gayane

    Thank you! Such a beautiful piece. I’ve been riding my emotions the last few days. I so appreciate the comment about not labeling the vibrations as either good or bad.


  253. Melissa

    What a beautiful way of looking at life and dealing with natural emotions that sometimes sabotage us at very important moments in our lives. I think these nuggets are such profound life lessons. Thanks for sharing, this was by far my favorite episode!!! I would love for Josh to come back and share more of his wisdom and good energy.

    • Hey Melissa
      I’m sure I’ll be back.
      And, just to expand on what you wrote.
      We should all remember that no emotion ever sabotages us.
      We only sabotage ourselves when we try to stop the truth of the sensation in our body.
      Once we increase our tolerance to our body sensations we become invincible.
      You’re awesome.

      • That’s some deep wisdom you’ve got there, Josh…

        Emotion – The feeling of that i have to be doing things all the time, constantly getting things done + the panicky feeling that it’s never ever enough
        Sensation – Tightness/cramping sensation in my heart and weight on my chest. Hard to breathe.
        Nickname – Trust

        Ooh! The last one surprised me, but yes, when I nickname it Trust it confuses my mind in a way that it drops out and gives me space to actually relax into the feeling of trust. And when I ride that wave I trust in the perfect timing of everything, including my own actions. 😉

        Thanks again for an amazing video M & J!

  254. Sarah

    Marie and Josh, thank you so much. I really enjoyed this!

    I love how Josh described shyness, as I’ve recently read the book ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain and was very inspired by the read. I’ve also recently returned from living abroad and am a NJ gal like you Marie! (I believe I heard you say that in one of your videos!) I went to a good school, have done all the right things, however deep down, I’m not one to do things like other people, although I’ve lived a life according to all normal conventions. I just have all this wild creative energy bubbling up inside but because I never given myself the right outlet for it

    1. Courage
    2. It manifests as fear- tightening in chest, throat and neck muscles. These little electrical currents form long spindly fingers and crawl into each of my internal organs and then quickly grab a hold of them while the outside of my body tingles. Ugh :/. Not fun and they’ve recently stopped as I’ve been doing my best to speak my truth.
    3. Cuzum

  255. Mel

    Feeling stupid/looking ugly in front of a camera. Feels like a tightening in my stomach. If I had to name it (this is hard, never thought of it this way before): JUMPY HANDS. I would like to ride the jumpy hands feeling without looking like I’m about to seize up from my own nervousness.

  256. Karin

    Thank you for neutralizing the fears by making them something that is not necessarily attached to me but energy that flows through me. I often feel fireworks inside when I’m happy for someone, want to hug them, raise my voice to a higher pitch and congratulate them, but I’ve been made fun of before and given weird looks so I tend to really hold back on my excitement. I don’t like it, and I do feel fake, but I feel I fit in better. With this video, I got to thinking that I shouldn’t worry so much about others’ reaction because maybe they’re resisting the vibes I’m sending out and maybe they’ll let go one day and allow their energy to flow, just like me. Then we can both let the fireworks show and just be happy instead of worrying about being too proper.

  257. It was such a beautiful Q+A, not just because of the content, but because of the two of you. You looked so incredibly cute the pair of you.

    Josh verbalised very atoms eloquently and our connection to the table. I remember hearing this many many years ago. Loved his whole 3 step process. I am now going to rename my vibes.

    Thank you 🙂 Julia

  258. karenann

    you guys rock. thank you for sharing this. Josh great advice.

    1) i struggle with anxiousness and crappy feeling of people judging me if they find out the truth about a lie i told.
    2) heaviness, a feeling of ‘oh sh-t’ they got me
    3) i will name it freddie

    • Liz

      The hardest thing but the most freeing thing is to just come clean if it’s possible. I know sometimes there are times when we wonder if the truth will cause more damage. It’s a hard one, but everyone has made mistakes and everyone has lied at some point if not only to ourselves. It shows a lot of courage that you can own up to it. Don’t worry about others judging you. It’s just a hazard of being human. You just can’t let other’s judgments of you define who you are. There may be bits of truth in it, but it’s also mixed up with that person’s projections. Here’s a funny metaphor – not to trivialize your situation, but to make you laugh. It’s like farting in a room full of people. You can sit in shame hoping no one calls you out and embarrasses you, or you can claim it, say excuse me and hold your head high – nobody can use that fart against you because you are aware and comfortable with your humanity. 🙂

  259. Ellen Scott Grable

    WOW! Thanks for today’s major life shift!

    I struggle with the disappointment vibration when I am confronted with people who refuse to see we need to change courses in order to thrive on this planet with its other inhabitants…Before we get to being in energy space daydreaming of the days we vibrated and the whole planet did too…and I struggle then with sad vibes.

    The disappoint vibes named poofy feel heavy in my heart dragging toward my midsection. A palpable drop in my shoulders and heaviness. Sadness vibes are called bummy and vibrate in as a darkness rolls in and colors are muted and then I feel more heart heavy and eyes feel tired and my jaw aches.

  260. Patricia

    This video helped me today especially because I’ve started to wake up in the morning and just feel like I have no purpose in living.

    I don’t really think it’s depression exactly, just …. now I have to think of a new name for it as Josh suggested….. blank? I know there are things that help but I like the idea of re-naming it.

    If anyone has had a good way to name those kinds of feelings I would like to hear them. Marie’s videos inspire me a lot when I get like this… thank you, Marie!

    • Hiya Patricia
      Just to clarify…
      If I may be so bold.
      You don’t wake up in the morning and FEEL like you have no purpose.
      You wake up in the morning and listen to a series of thoughts that all fit under the theme: I have no purpose in living.
      They’re just thoughts – and I’ll betcha they’re the same crappy thoughts every morning.
      But ya know what – they’re just thoughts. They’re not accurate. Just a familiar tape loop.
      Look, our minds want to keep us listening to it’s crap.
      What to do – stay in the brilliance of your body. This will pull you into the present moment.
      Feel those amazing sensations in there.
      Say out loud “I’m Back” and remember that you are on the planet for a very important reason.
      We need what you have to create.
      Have fun.
      Big Hug

      • Patricia

        Hi Josh, and thank you… big hug back! I realilzed after I wrote this that I was off the topic of public speaking…. which, for me is actually energizing and fun… totally takes me out of that place I talked about before.

        I am going to practice your suggestions … I was thinking after I wrote that, that I need to get stung by a bee or something; I see it goes along with what you said about getting back into my body.

        Thanks for the shot in the arm 🙂

  261. Piera

    This was so awesome! thank you Marie and Josh.I felt like I was hearing myself speak, as I ALWAYS talk about energy and VIBRATION. I can somehow relate everything back to how we vibrate as energy is everything!

    I would have to say I’m getting better at public speaking. The key is to keep at it. The more you do the thing you fear the less charge it will have for you.

    I would say I feel nervous before giving talks. I feel everything within me super ALIVE, and on. It’s a very intense sense of awareness. I feel the energy vibrating at a very quickened speed, and I feel a pulse like sensation mainly in my chest. That could be the ol’ heart just feeling more awake.

    I REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE Josh’s suggestion to go with the energy instead of deny it, push it or change it entirely. Using the energy to go forth and and bring forth the words is a great way to use up the excess nervous energy. Also nothing is “good” or “bad” it just is.

    I find that once you get past the initial jitters, the energy transforms into a more confident, and smooth feeling. Practice, practice, practice.

    • Piera

      OHHH i am going to call my nervous energy – Chichi. It’s you and me Chichi, you and me for the world!!!! 🙂

  262. Wow! Shazam is going to be my word – it’s neither good or bad.The one thing I cannot seem to get over when speaking in front of a crowd is trembling – but now will put my shizam in to good use and ride with it! Thanks Marie – love it!

    • Hiya Kellie
      Just know that the trembling is the result of trying to control and monitor the sensations. Breathe deep, see who is in front of you, and let all the sensations be your guide track to create from.
      Rock on

  263. Elena

    Josh…this is such a gift. I got a name for my REJECTION persona!…the Grim Reaper and I can laugh inside when he raises the pick-ax!

  264. Loved the insightful advice! And Marie–you’ve got a great man!

  265. I’m cracking up! Love the dancing.
    My emotion is fear/worry. It feels like I’m dropping really fast on a roller coaster and I’m nicknaming it Feefee. I am committing to ride it and not hide it. Oh and by the way Marie, I can see a total difference when your around. You can totally tell he melts you, 🙂

  266. Love the re-frame. Shazaam!

  267. Wow, wow, wow. I feel like this video is an answer to my prayers. You two are so great together. I could feel the love. 🙂

    To answer your Q – I’m hugely shy until I’m comfortable with a person or group of people. This has led to me having a tendency to hide in my shell, for sake of comfort, rather than speak my mind, live my truth, and push myself to have the business/career of my dreams.

    I have had anxiety attacks over public speaking assignments in college, mostly due to overall shyness and a fear of sounding and looking stupid. I almost failed a course because of it! It’s definitely a tightening in my chest as well as a feeling of almost nothingness in my stomach, like I’m losing my stomach…if that makes sense.

    What to name it? Hmmm. How about merlot. Or shiraz. Two of my favorite wines that actually make me very un-shy and outspoken. I’m feeling shirazzy. hahaha Also a reminder that my shyness really is just a mask that the booze removes. 🙂

    I love, love, love LOVE the “ride it, don’t hide it”. I feel like there is such a need to control every little thing about ourselves that doesn’t line up with what is considered right, polite, or attractive. As a nutritionist who is somewhat obsessed with the topic of emotional eating, this concept of riding it and not hiding it is blowing my mind right now as I type this!

    Oh, and every really negative feeling only lasts 7-12 seconds? I’ll be testing that out. Thanks so much for this amazing vid.

  268. Awesome episode & great tips!
    I actually love public speaking but that doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous sometimes…
    1. The things that I worry about the most are if people are bothered by my age (“She’s only 26, what does she know?”) and very related to it, how much of an expert can I really be at that age
    2. Physical sensations are usually being a bit hot, flushed cheeks, thirsty and faster heartbeat.
    3. Nicknaming this the “Young Shyness” and welcoming it with me.

    Usually these are only before stage only and perhaps first few seconds but I find when I’m on stage there’s nothing but me, my words and the engaged audience. I think it’s also because now that I’m an entrepreneur my talks are my words, my beliefs, my experiences, and my expertise in my field… Which makes me authentic and real! This is a great place to be after working in the corporate world which didn’t have many presentations like that even though I tried to put my own spin on them though often wasn’t allowed… So yey to Marie & B-School for helping me set-up my new business that I love!

  269. sabrina

    Hi Marie and Josh! The feeling I struggle with a lot is anxiety. I get anxious when asked about my business ideas. It feels like a contraction of energy, a tight cluster of buzzing bees. I love the idea of renaming the feeling/vibration. I’m going to call that anxious feeling Ziggy. So when I’m feeling ziggy, it wont be so bad.



  270. robin

    ok- the feeling or emotion i would like to over come?The feeling of complete paralysis i feel on what to do with my life . I am scared stiff i guess.

    the sensation is tention in my whole body, buzzing in my head and stomach and the feeling that there is somethng dark over my head making me walk crouched. There is also a visual- its me as a child only i have those big eyes like those 1970 paintings! im hiding behind a fence.

    the name- ill name her Bunny. I kind of hate her.

    the two of you- Josh and Marie are so cute. the love is infectious. best to you both and keep the good juju coming.

  271. Liz

    What a special treat! It’s so great to see a couple communicating and being as supportive as you guys are. What a nice change from network TV! For me the vibration is work related fear of getting in over my head. I love how Josh put it – that a feeling is a vibration and we choose the label. For me fear and excitement feel the same so when I feel that racing heart, pounding chest, shallowness of breath, weak and jittery arms and legs, sweat beads, and pale face coming on, I have learned to say “this is EXCITING! What an adrenaline rush of Star Power!” It reminds you of what you’re made of (stardust) and it makes you feel like a rockstar ready to face the challenge.

  272. Beth

    LOVE this interview. Thanks Marie & Josh!
    For me, it’s:
    1.) Shyness; which shows up in my life whenever I’m meeting new people, interacting with or speaking in front of groups of people, or speaking about the things I’m passionate about.
    2.) It feels like a tightening & constricting in my chest. My breath feels short and rapid and I even feel tightness in my armpits!
    3.) I’m renaming my shyness feeling to Bubbly. 🙂
    I’m totally committed to riding Bubbly, not hiding it.

  273. Hi Marie and Josh.
    Glad you guys are doing better and thanks so much for sharing. LOVING B School by the way…
    I never thought of calling my “fear” a name. It makes it feel less scarier somehow.
    I still get a little nervous when speaking to total strangers about what I do for a living (it’s totally legal lol). Not as much as before, it’s getting better because my comfort zone is getting larger!
    I get little butterflies and my breathing gets a little faster. I’m going to call this feeling…B.C. short for Bradley Cooper (kind of diggin’ him right now). If I were to ever meet him I would DEFINITELY have butterflies and my breathing would be off the charts!! But while speaking to him I’ll come to realize that “hey this isn’t so bad and he’s easy to talk to, I can do this and I’m SPEAKING with him…”. I think part of why we feel the fear is that we are anticipating what people are going to say and that it will for the most part be negative comments. Also, our ego is trying to protect us and keep us confined in our “safe place” to save us from hurt and rejection.
    I’m going to learn to live with B.C. everyday and while I do so, I know I will grow each time I speak to someone.
    Josh has got some sweet dance moves Marie!! If you’re not careful, he’s going to want to do all the dance moves for all your vids lol..
    Actually, I would love to see you both do a dance video together!
    Love you lots,

    • Lovaine
      Wishing you and Bradley (B.C.) the best.

  274. Marci

    Anxiety. It feels like the entire inside of my body is a screaming frizzle. The goofiest, silliest thing I can think of to nickname it is balooey.

    Thank you so much for the segment. It was awesome. I am extremely introverted and am always being told how negative, sad, and terrible that is and that I need to change that. Uh, no. It’s who I am. I think being introverted is wonderful and a great asset. I like being introverted. I’m not interested in being anything else! I am big on not changing who I am but embracing who I am; so, this was, truly, very applicable, helpful and a fun approach for me. Looking forward to more, as I always do! :))

  275. Elena

    OMG, I watched the Josh Pais video again. I briefly tried on the Grim Reaper for my rejection persona and that name is NOT a reframe, it’s not
    neutral. It’s as judgmental as the somatic feeling of fear!

    What about *Klooping* is coming forward here,– look at her!

    Marie, I can see what you you see in this guy….XXOO

    • Elena

      She spies Kindness-in-their-Eyes.

  276. Love this! You two are a super-duo.

    Josh – Your stuff is so good. So simple, practical, and real.

    My favorite bit was “ride it – don’t hide it.”

    Glad everyone’s doing well and healing over there!

  277. I am sooo happy you changed from Grim reaper.
    Now, is Klooping kinda fun?
    Maybe you can bump it up one better?
    Rock on

    • Elena

      Tip-toeing here around *Klooping*. This switches to self-consciousness at being seen….Hmmm. Delicato. I was shooting for neutral which is progress pour moi. Really makes me think of fun as unfamiliar, in a sense, not allowed, too flamboyant, will be shot down.
      This takes us to that idea that it venturing into the unfamiliar, not just thinking about it, is how you progress.

      • Elena

        This video/conversation made me realize that in any speaking scenario I’m afraid to look in people’s eyes, or seek out any kind of feedback while it’s happening….to make it an interactive thing instead of just speaking AT a group.
        Even when I try to name the somatic sensation to lighten it up, I project on it…positive or negative. Loved Ann’s choice of CoolAide. It contains the clue of what to do with the feeling, not what to seek from others. Any suggestions for a soma-character who expects rejection?

  278. Ann

    I have been trying to “overcome” shyness my entire life. I never thought I could use it to my advantage to get a job done. Normally, if I have to do something out of my comfort level, I start to feel an emptiness in my throat and chest. It feels like I just drank an icy cold glass of water and I have this cooling sensation in my throat and chest. My new nickname will be CoolAide and I will start to experience it and appreciate it and enjoy what my vibration can do for me.

  279. Renee

    Great tips, Josh. Thanks, Marie!

    1) When I have to speak in front of people, I get shaky. I am literally visibly vibrating! Talk about being a VIBRATOR! And it embarrasses me and then I shake even more. My hands shake, my knees shake, my whole body VIBRATES! Even my cheeks starts vibrating.

    2) I would nickname is “Josh”. LOL! I thought of naming it “Shaky” but I think it will make it worse.

    3) I commit to riding it. It does not stop me from trying to speak in front of people. But it also has not gone away.

    Do you think Josh has experience with visibly shaking persons?


  280. You guys are too cute 🙂 I Especially love the part about just riding it out and not supressing whatever the vibrating feelings are, and not feeling bad or inadequate about having nervous vibes to begin with. I love what Josh said about how it’s hard to listen to someone speaking who is trying to hide their feelings because of the mixed messages. I’ve always been shy and nervous and quiet, and somehow learned to label these things as not great, but it’s just who I am. I hate making videos and putting myself out there in my business and I keep hiding behind my so called shyness that really isn’t there so much anymore. It feels like tightness in my chest and stomach, and then I realize I’m not really breathing. I’m nicknaming my nervous vibes as “sticky”. Thanks for this!

  281. Fear.

    Constricting, like a heart attack.

    It’s “THE CLAW!”

    So happy to hear you and Josh are on the mend! You two are adorable together . . . I see the spark of loovvve and it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks so much for the FABULOUS interview! xxoo

  282. Josh! Awesome!

    As soon as you started talking I knew I knew your voice. So I hauled mouse over to IMDB to discover that you (YOU!!) played Carl who delivered one of my favorite parts in my favorite movie, The Station Agent.

    “Who’s showing the movie tonight?”

    “Canada, Canada, cold, snow, the scenery, is really spectacular. Because the train was moving forward the smoke was moving backward – it was not extremely windy…” Hahahaha! Anyhoo…

    This does all relate to this Marie-TV segment I promise! I get super nervous communicating with people who I respect or adore, in this instance both of you! So I feel a constricted, pressure in my chest. Her name is Shakira. And when I let her ride, there is a warmth that trickles down my limbs, and then she’s chill.



  283. What a refreshing and liberating take on Sushie, Shazam!
    that kind of vibration is so strong and powerful I can hear my own heart beating, my face gets red and hot and my hands shake, I love Josh’s take on this it has truly and absolutely shifted my belief from “overcoming” to embracing.
    Thank you! ever so powerful!!!

  284. Wuaoooo, what a great video Marie, love your energy and Josh’s too. Thanks.
    Fear, that is a big word and a huge emotion. For me when I’m ready to participate in any public speaking my hearts beats like a hurricane, it is unstopable I feel my heart in my throat and I start to shake. I have been working with Toastmaste which I do recommend it is a public speaking group.

  285. LOVE this episode: I’ve been in a bit of a funk about moving forward and today’s vid encouraged me to set my expectations higher and move past the blah to beautiful, better, a B bombshell- business go-getter! Thanks for the encouragement Marie!

  286. Marie & Joe, I LOVE this! Feeling yourself as vibration is a h-u-g-e part of the meditation I teach and yes, balance occurs within the calm *and* within a storm. In other words, we don’t have to wait for the storm to end to find balance, experience peace and perform at our very best.


    • Jona Genova

      Oops! Sorry!! Josh!!!

  287. Sometimes, at night before I fall asleep I’ll get a sudden anxiety attack. Luckily, I have two awesome, Josh Pais tools in my toolbox…1) the 7-12 second rule: take a deep breath and realize that the feeling passes shortly; 2) “I’m back”: works like a Charm! Thank you Josh.

    Great to see you both.

  288. That was great Marie and Josh! I’m listening to Josh’s first audio piece at Committed Impulse and it’s wonderful and he’s hilarious!!! You’re a lucky girl 🙂 Thank you for introducing us to this.

  289. Eve

    Hi Marie, Hi Josh and Hi to this amazing community!

    Wow! What a great way of seeing our emotions.

    Mine is anxiety. I feel it when I need to talk in front of people; when I need to put myself out there and when I think people won’t agree with me. The feeling is like my atoms are clashing against each other. My body is heavy, my heart race and my face becomes red. I’ll call it Sesame (it sounds like her/his friends in French it makes me think of “Open, O Sesame”)! I will ride Sesame, not hide it and party with it!

  290. PERFECT timing! This was exactly what I needed to better handle my fear of speaking in front of an audience.
    1. I’ve always carried around a feeling of shyness in large groups. I’m told by many that I’m not shy at all, so I think I’m sabotaging myself :/.
    2. I’d experience a quickening heartbeat, increase in breathing and a little jittery. Good signs to know I’m alive lol. Josh was SO on point with reminding us that it’s neither good or bad. It just is!
    3. Me and Ms. Jiggy are going to become good friends. I’m committed to accepting it and embracing it, riding it not hiding it. No longer will I be a speaker that looks like a deer caught in headlights lol.

    You two are AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much. I don’t know where I’d be without all that I’m learning…not only about business, but myself.

  291. Andre'a

    Hey Everybody, Marie & Josh!

    So… here goes my transparency:

    1) The Sensation/Emotion to Overcome: Im not sure what the term is but it appears when its time to produce, of follow thru, or submit the final results.
    I have a fear when it comes to completing/finishing tasks and when its time to be accountable for your final product. Fear of REJECTION of the outcome. It doesnt matter the importance of the tasks Nor how much I practice or how prepared i know I am to succeed.. I always get scared of the End, of anything.

    2) It feels like my tempeture is rising. Tingles under my arms and in my scalp from the body heat rising inside of me. Fast paced heart beats. Shallow breathing. Figit-y. Itchy from the tingles all over. Swollen about to burst.

    3) Im not sure what to call it. Maybe Ill go with Glitzy!

  292. Tennille Ortiz

    This was great! I will do just what he said ;))) Another thing that helps me is actually owning it and being honest ” Excuse me everyone, I shake with excitement, drives me crazy but its how I feel when I’m excited to share great information that will help tons of people” 😉 Your energy is beautiful Marie Thanks to you and your husband!

  293. Hi Marie and Josh!
    This video really touched my inner atoms today because it’s kind of similar to an exercise my emotional coach suggested me to do but yours is more broken down to apply to feelings and vibes I get about a very complex issue for me: guys. When I realise I like a guy, I feel like running away the fastest I can. I feel completetely terrified. I start talking faster and a lot more than usual, I sound relly bossy, and in my head there loud alarm noises telling me I’m in complete danger. All words a guy (I like) can tell me is under suspicion. I don’t believe a word, not even a single raising intonation trail in their voices. Nothing at all. Although I’ve been working on this with my emotional coach for quite a long time, I havent been able to “overcome” the feeling I get when I really like a guy. It’s supposed to be good, but it’s not. Thanks to your vid I’ve realised I keep hiding it and labeling it. And the more I hide it, the more artificial I look, the less attractive I feel. It’s a vicious circle. I know now. But what I dont know is what nickname I could give to this run-away feeling I hate… That would be the beginning to ride it. Wow, a new journey: I’ll ask my emotional coach about how to ride the runaway feeling and start looking for a good name that makes me really feel the peak of horror when I see a guy I like! 😀 Thanks a lot Marie and Josh for this amazing vid. It really made my day 🙂

  294. Thank you so much Marie & Josh for answering my Q. I appreciate this so much.

    I will now embrace my vibrator. The sensations I feel when having to present or speak are tightness and lots of tingling in the chest and throat, the sensation feels like it all wants to burst out.

    I like the name Shazam. My vibe will now be call Shazam. Shazam Shazam Shazam 🙂 I plan to keep you updated on my progress. Again thank you so much for everything that you do.

  295. Love seeing the two of you together – talk about great energy! I just wanted to add a little something to what Josh illuminated, in case it helps others: The Flip A Switch Reframe. We all get to be the boss of where we put our attention and focus and thoughts. When we are feeling shy or nervous about going on stage, that means our attention is on ourselves. You can switch focus from Self to Others as fast as you could switch on a light switch and get light instead of darkness. Shift your focus, place your attention on the audience and what they might be feeling, or hoping to hear, or wanting or needing from you. When you focus on them, not you, you can be in service and be present. When you are focused on you and your nerves, you can’t be as effective. Rock on!

  296. Allison

    Love this video! Thank you Marie & Josh!
    1)Tell us the sensation you’d like to overcome:
    I have this tightness in my lower tummy/abs that can extend into almost like pain in the front of my thighs.

    2)Describe the sensation in terms of vibrating atoms
    It’s like my atoms are frozen in fear. It actually feels like my lower abs or organs are clenching. The atoms in my thighs feel like they are shaking with fear. Not vibrating in harmony but in a discordant shake that’s trying not to shake.
    3)Nick name your vibes and commit to riding it not hiding it. Something that will propel you into action
    The clench in my lower tummy I’m going to call Ernie and the pain in my thighs I’m gong to call Bert. One because they are a team but Ernie comes first and just the thought of Ernie takes away the fear of the fear and makes me giggle which inspires deep breath.

    I love this process! Thank you!

  297. Just the other day as I was swimming
    I felt a wave rush up and take my breath
    Before I could resign and drown – a mermaid
    With green eyes suggested that I dive

    Kate Costello, “Inside Out”

    The whole song is a beautiful way to sum up facing our fears….

    • Margot

      lovely, thanks

  298. Margot

    Hi Marie and Josh,
    Thank YOU both, Great topic, Beautiful Delivery. My favorite part was the “i love u’s” at the end…. I watched this with my 12 year old daughter, b/c to me she is who I really look up to in this regard. Like me she has always been “shy”, but for some reason on stage she (unlike me) has been able to shine when she is needed to perform, ski racing, dance or acting on stage. She does this naturally, she feels the Shazammin’ ahead of time and then sits with it fully and by the time she is “on” they have morphed into something else. For me it goes like this 1) speaking in public has kept me from becoming the great yoga teacher I know i could be. It bubbles up,makes my heart race, keeps me up, preoccupies me the whole day and takes over, so much so that I would rather just not deal with the torment. I will call this feelin’ Daisies. Thank you, i so needed this. With more than just this one example 🙂

  299. Mary

    Thanks so much for this video! This is exactly what I needed right now. I’m unemployed and scared. Jobs in my field are extremely rare these days. It’s hard to describe the feeling in my chest, its as though my heart and lungs at time are trying vibrate apart. Its as if a thousand butterflies are trying to break free. The feeling in my stomach is like deep, thick mud (which BTW is helping me to loose weight).
    I have no idea as to what names to give these feelings.

    I’m glad to hear that you and your family are healing, I was in a car accident 3 years ago and I still get nervous going through an intersection.


  300. Hi guys,
    Thank you for this, I loved this video and Marie I think you’re fab! I look forward to your videos every week.

    My sensation is panic. I rehearse as much as I can but I literally start shaking before I speak and when I’m up there I feel myself burning up and I then I forget what I’m supposed to be saying. The only way I’ve managed this so far is to say something funny when I start (that’s to relax me as much as the audience!) and have my notes in my hand to read from. I almost feel numb and like my head’s going to pop!

    I’m not sure of a nickname – Jitterpop maybe.

    Thanks again. I hope you’re feeling better now.

    Warm wishes,

  301. Luz Blanca

    Great video. And challenge! Let’s see. I am not exactly shy, but I am introverted. What that means is that I don’t like to be put on the spot and have to perform publicly without fair warning, something that, unfortunately, happens quite a bit when I live in other countries where I stick out (visibly) as a foreigner. When pressured to give an impromptu performance and when I feel that, for some reason, I must (doesn’t happen as much nowadays since I have incorporated the word “No” into my vocabulary :-)), I experience three emotions:

    1. Anger at being used by others to present information, esp when I am the one *paying* to learn something new
    2. Irritation at being singled out for being a foreigner
    3. Absolutely petrified

    A bubble of pure, erratic energy emerges from the middle of my stomach and starts spewing out in all directions, but mostly upwards towards my chest and throat. My chest tightens and my breathe shortens and then it feels like it is strangling my throat.

    And then I just start talking because, what the hell, there’s no way out of it. So I just say whatever comes to mind (although I do censor the angry words I think for being put on the spot!) and go from there. How it looks from the outside, I have no idea. But there it is.

  302. Oh Marie! And Josh! The best part of this video (and what I love about you in general) is that you can really see it in action. I do not like to be in front of the camera and when I am ‘on’, I feel so ridiculous and giddy and the oxygen starts to slowly leave my brain and I turn into a goofy hot mess! But what I loved about watching Josh, is that he really does just embrace it. Hands flying and all. It means nothing negative about him and you see that. It is just energy coming out. I think I am going to nickname my energy ‘juju’ for no reason but it just sounds silly like I feel. Thanks!

  303. MJ

    What a fabu video!! I’ve done lots of public speaking in the last year, and I never, ever would have dreamed that I could — primarily because I TURN RED LIKE A LOBSTER AT THE DROP OF A HAT. I’ve learned to talk through it, make fun of it — and also, that people actually like me better as a result because they can see my vulnerability so clearly!! I also practice reminding myself that I’m not necessarily nervous — I’m EXCITED! Then I add in a few high kicks and I’m ready to go….. 🙂 lovelovelove your work….

  304. What a great solution to the “what you resist, persists” issue when you’re anxious, unhappy, or worried. Love it!

  305. Three things:
    [1] Awesome advice from you and Josh. I watched it twice and have forwarded it to all my friends. I’ll watch it again.
    [2] I love the fact that you acknowledge how much you have learned from Josh. A friend told me early on in my marriage to pay close attention because I would learn a lot from my wife, and he was right. We’ve been married almost 30 years.
    [3] Check out Wistia to host your videos; you can add an email subscribe at the end of the actual video, plus the player is very clean.

  306. OMG. I love, love, LOVE the piece about nicknaming it.
    Hi-larious, and yet GENIUS.
    When I give workshops I sometimes get nervous.
    A tightness that makes me trip over my words…perhaps I’ll call it Trip and ride with him 🙂

  307. You guys are too cute…lots of love.

    I love these simple reframes.

    I often notice that before going on a stage where there is a smaller audience (under 100) I can ride it and not hide it. But recently when speaking to a room of 500+ of my peers I felt the feelings in my stomach…kinda like butterflies, I got red on my chest and when I went on stage I was thinking more of my fear than what I wanted to say. It took 2 min to settle in…but afterwards my stomach hurt!

    Next time I am going to let the creative energy come up through my throat…instead of stuffing it down.

    I’m naming her…” biggity badass Sha-la-la”

    THanks for your genius..both of you, Angelina

  308. This is GREAT! Applies directly to me right now – I have a problem with FEAR, which turns to ANGER.
    (and my kid is feeling it to – she’s super sensitive, and now everyday before school she says ‘I’m nervous’ ‘my stomach feels bad’ – so I hope to try to help her use this technique too – even though she is only 6)
    Since the fear is literally stoping me from expanding or moving ahead at all at this point I really need to address it. It’s hard to put a fun spin on anger. The anger comes from not knowing what will happen, from being scared to make mistakes, and from a feeling of being misunderstood.
    It feels heavy – like a clamp. On my head mainly.
    So I’m going to nickname this energy LEGGO . Cause I need to just LET. IT. GO! There shall be no building of blocks upon my head furthermore!
    amen. ahwoman. aum
    and so it is.
    massive gratitude. — And Josh- I’ve been remembering to use the I’M BACK technique too- and it is a super simple and awesome tool!

  309. Lisa

    Thank you so much for sharing and helping all of us. Just thinking of this makes me vibrate and want to dance! Big smile on my face and running through me. Thank you!

  310. This is so super helpful to me. I do get very nervous when making videos for my subscribers and my friends watch them and say, “you seem nervous!” Which makes me more nervous to the point that I don’t even put out videos I have filmed! I am totally going to adopt this “relabeling” method and I am naming mine ELECTRIC POWER because that is how it feels, like getting shocked by an open socket! I love you both and am so happy you are OK from your crash. When I read that email last week I totally cried-it made me realize how important you are to my life Marie. Looking forward to meeting you one day soon. Love and blessings.

  311. LOVE! This is SO great – thank you Marie!

  312. Lisa

    Sensation/Emotion I want to overcome: Feeling unworthy
    Vibrational Result: The core of my body becomes leaden, lumpish with a very low almost imperceptible vibration, and my legs and arms, through to my feet and fingers get jumpy and tingly. They want to escape.
    Nickname: Tubthumper

  313. Wow!
    Great episode! You need to have Josh on as a guest more often. Not that you’re not fan-tabulous yourself, Marie! This is an episode that I’ll have to file for reference and keep coming back to it.

    I always thought my shyness and fear of public speaking was a “Baaaad” thing. I always beat myself up for not being able to relax and just speak from the heart. I never thought about embracing my feelings and just going with it. What a great concept. I feel more relaxed already!

    Every time I have to talk, I feel a rush of heat coming over me, it goes from my stomach all the way to my cheeks, then I feel pressure on my chest as if an elephant was sitting on it! Then my lips tremble and my voice cracks. OMG! Am I silly or what???
    I don’t know what to call that, I need help! I’m compelled to call it something negative, like “Anxious Moron” is here!
    May-be “Excited Elphie”…..any ideas?

  314. I struggle with feeling anxious- not getting everything done, too much on my plate- missing out (I could have done more)and ultimately- should I have said that? So easy to get into trouble being too quick to respond/react really. SO then I edit edit edit my thoughts, comments and dont trust my own voice.
    When I feel anxious- it’s consuming- makes me feel short tempered, rushed- not here- like im buzzing around with no focus.
    Also- I’m afraid that my energy is too big for people- too enthusiastic (my true nature to the core).
    LOVE the BS meter and riding it allowing it- the freedom of being authentic and allowing the experience and not running from it or suppressing it. The fact that there’s a time limit on any emotion if you let it be.

  315. cathy maxwell

    Great advise! I actually have a whole body tremor and it gets worse when I am nervous so public speaking has been very difficult and embarrassing for me. I have opened my own business and it is going to be a critical part of that new business, so I look forward to using your techniques. My new nickname will be Shazam!! Thank you for the feeling of empowerment!

    • Josh Pais

      And I would expect that with each step you make in your business that Shazam will give a pleasant house call.
      And that’s great!
      Have fun

  316. elisa

    I LOVE the idea of shyness being ok and not something to overcome. I Really love the idea of riding out the emotion (vibration) because it only lasts for 12 seconds.
    BS meter reader! I am the worst at lying and I have found that to be a huge gift because I am always trying to be super honest cuz my body language sells me out everytime!
    Dancing at the end was so fun and funny happy! I already like Josh, I can see why you know he is awesome!

  317. I have just tuned into your vids and love them. I am just starting my new business and have not been out in the “public” speaking for over 7 years. I am going to just go with the flow and take deep breaths when I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to setting up my business. I think my word will be freeeeeeeeeeeeee because that is what I am now.

  318. OMG OMG OMG!! you guys are such a beautiful couple!!! Josh I totally love this video! You are brilliant!!! I am so anxious that never even thought about putting myself in front of a lot of people, only in class when exposing but at that time I had no choice!! now I feel I have so much to say and after watching this video I guess it is time to reframe!

  319. Thank you Marie & Josh. The hardest emotion for me in public is deep sadness, although much better now I was once very sick and whenever i think of that time (although it was 3 years ago) my throat gets congested, right up to my nose which burns and my eyes tear up and i try to hold back the tears. Its so embarassing that i just try not to talk about that time although its an important part of who I am. It is the reason that I started my company.
    A few times I just let the emotion work itself out, and it’s true it usually only takes a few seconds, but I just hate the idea of crying in public.
    Before I got sick I never cried, never felt much period, I had no compassion for deep emotional displays, but now I find I am easily moved. Even if I cry for a few seconds during a presentation as long as I pull myself back together and continue my presentation it’s true, people see that my work comes from a very genuine place.
    Your choice in Josh as a partner, and his choice of you speaks volumes about both of you. Before I met my boyfriend I knew I wanted to be with an inspirational man that was wise, confident, and whose advice I could always turn to. I hope the single ladies watching this are inspired to find a man of high standards that will only add to the special experience that is living on this planet.

  320. Katy

    Question: Having supressed emotions and desires for SOOO LOOONG (38 years) I am having a hard time knowing WHAT I’m feeling, what I’m here for, and what my true talents and purpose are. Got any good tips or tricks for that?

    Loved the episode…many thanks!

  321. Susan Reed

    Ride it, don’t hide it! Love it! I’ve caught myself in meetings, thinking, “everyone is looking at me now”….and lost concentration. Thank you for this new way of dealing with nervousness and shyness. Mine feels like I’m clenching my stomach muscles and not breathing…there’s a clue! 🙂 I’m naming it CRUNCHIES because i may as well be doing crunches!
    What a treat!! Thanks again!
    Susan xoxo

  322. Sallie

    I think of shyness as a form of fear. Fears of this kind are not something I want around to ride. It is the opposite of love. This particular fear reminds me that I don’t want to experience the negative response of criticism or rejection. Speaking in front of people can have that response.

    The funny thing is, most people aren’t going to do that. Why do we get caught up in the mental drama of what only some may do? Interesting.

    Rather, know that I am speaking from a heart of love-to give help, information, whatever-and remind myself I am not responsible for the negativity of others.

    Also, to be congruent, I must not criticize others. Perhaps if I do have a habit of doing this, that is what precipitates the anxiety. I give some form of rejection but expect and want acceptance.

  323. Hi Marie and Josh,

    So glad you’re feeling better since the accident. I hope Kuma is doing well also.

    Thank you for the video. It was very helpful as I also experience shyness and fear when it comes to speaking pulicly…which is weird because it’s something that I most want to do. It manifests as tightness in my chest, sweaty palms and shakiness in my voice which makes me feel insecure and paralyzed.

    The tips in the video will help just knowing that these are vibrations that last from 7-12 seconds, though it seems longer. The idea of being honest and not hiding it but riding it out is major. I will name my vibration Shakilicious.

    Thanks again,


  324. Michelle T

    I adore you Marie and Josh. Thank you so much for doing this video and being the beautiful lights of love and inspiration that you are.
    I’m not quite sure what to do in my situation because I am part of the small percentage of people who have severe facial blushing. The second I start shazaming my entire face goes fire engine red with bright red blotches all over my neck and chest. I have been told in the past in multiple different facets of my life that I would need to find a way to beat this if I wanted to act or public speak because it is visually distracting(it is) and shows that I am not confident in the situation. This has haunted me most of my life and held me back from living my dreams.

    I truly want to ride the wave instead of attempting to stay as calm as possible but it’s hard to do knowing it will result in my looking like I’ve instantly developed a skin disease which makes me want to run and hide. If anyone has jumped this specific hurdle or has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you again Marie and Josh for discussing this hot topic as well as to everyone who’s shared their experiences! 🙂

    • See below…

      • Michelle T

        Thank you so much for replying Josh and giving me some hope that I can change this uncomfortable reaction. I am definitely going to go and check out the Free First Lesson on your site and would love to attend one of your courses if I can make it happen! I saw that the next one is in May. Do you think you will be leading another in the summer?

        You rock!

  325. Juliana Gregory

    I love this! I took a stand up comedy workshop, and I am shy. I shake like a leaf if I’m talking to more than one person, even when I’m not on stage. On stage I have to leave the mic in the stand or all anybody can hear is noise disturbance HA….Anyway she said a couple of things that really helped me through it 1. All shaking is, is energy that wants to move, so let it move. and 2. Similar to what you guys were talking about, she said, “point to it” whatever your feeling self conscious about, whatever is obvious to the audience, point to it right away. People can’t help but love you when you’re that honest about your vulnerability. I’m loving this! I started back in school (bschool) included, also science, because I want to help people heal nutritionally and energetically, I have been tripping on atoms for months. I’m so glad my atoms found a match in your atoms thank you for all you do! I’m getting so clear, you’re like a focus lens for my ADD brain!!! I can see!!

  326. Chris1169

    Thank you very much! That is exactly an area I wanted to be enlightened upon.
    Now, I’m thinking…
    What vibe nickname sounds better – Ladies And Gentlemen or Lightning?

  327. Craig Brant

    This was really helpful thanks – I have been down these roads a bunch of times and am excited to try this…

    As for the challenge:

    1) The sense I sometimes struggle with is wondering where the “audience” is at… I was taught to meet people where they are at, many of my views are fairly radical/revolutionary, I find myself second guessing my words to try to keep it within “bounds” for the people I am talking with/to. I have gone to far on “my views” a bunch of times and now find myself editing as I go to avoid putting folks off but it leaves me “second guessing” in front of them and I totally loose them because of it as Josh described in the video. I think part of the solution would be to stay empathetic to what people are experiencing while stay true to what I see, edit with wisdom and check in with folks when possible on how things are landing for them. I could also name the fact of having been ostracized in certain places and times for certain views or having made people feel bad and then lay out clearly, in a couple sentences, the altruistic vision that I am committed to.

    2) My eyeballs are shooting up to the left and right. Tightness in my diaphragm (and elsewhere). Feet fidgeting. Unpresent in my body.

    3) Nicknames –
    unpresent in my body – “gone away”
    Eyes searching – “lost”
    Tightness – “vibrating”
    Feet – “cringy”

    I was once yanked off the stage midstream (well, nearly so) and have dropped the ball a few times, I need to heal up around some of this a bit but I can commit to riding it not hiding it.

    thanks for the advice!

  328. I am overcoming my fear and phobia of public speaking YEAH!! It has been a huge stumbling block for me going forward to give my best to others. When I speak my heart races and I have a fear I’ll faint right on the spot. I tingle all over and feel I’m floating. The name I’ll give this is “bursting out” I am going to practice this tonight as I am doing a speech. I love the image of going with the flow! Thanks so much.

  329. Kerri

    Wow, LOVE THIS episode!! I have been exploring this topic in many ways lately and love Josh’s method. I recently watched Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on the power of body language which helped me to get through a recent networking event by doing the Wonder Woman pose for 2 minutes before the event.

    The feeling I get when meeting new people is like a fog, or cloud, and then I feel distracted and nervous. I’m going to use SNUGGY.. that warm comfortable security blanket, and reminiscent of sun and warmth to battle fog and clouds!

  330. Karina

    Hello Marie and Josh!
    Thanks so much for the video; I appreciated your insights on owning what you’re feeling; it’s so ingrained in us to do the opposite. Before I sing or speak in public, I feel a surge of nerves in my stomach and lower body; I get shaky, despite my excitement.

    Nickname: Rumble, as in “Are you to ready to rumble?” (cue the music).

    Thanks for making my Tuesday that much better.
    Love to you both,

  331. Dear Marie and Josh,

    As a fitness and lifestyle coach, healthy chef AND professional speaker, I know very well the issues of which you speak! I love the way you look at life and how to overcome our fears, but I am surprised no one has mentioned Toastmasters! Toastmasters is an international speaking organization that helps with these very issues! Not only can you work on your speaking skills-both prepared and “off-the-cuff,” but Toastmasters helps with your listening skills as well. These are always important in the business world, don’t you think?

    I know-I know, I sound like a commercial! But i can honestly say that while not exactly having a ‘shyness’ issue, Toastmasters really helped me become a MUCH better speaker.

    I’m just sayin’….

    Keep up the wonderful work you do and I am SO glad you’re recovering well from your accident.

  332. You guys are great together! Thanks for this. It’s a re-occuring message that keeps showing up and Josh, your version of this message is really freeing.

    My #1 is Anxiety. It feels like a tightening in my gut and suspension of breathing. I’m gonna start calling it “getting a stiffy!”

    My #2 (including because it’s almost as bothersome as #1 is Discontent/frustration/worry. It feels very itchy all over my skin and makes me want to scratch myself and pick at myself. I’m gonna call it “getting fired up.”


  333. Elle

    The feeling I struggle with most is stress.
    In a way it feels like excitement – heaviness inside my chest and tightness across my shoulders.
    But to give it a name? Hmm. I think I’ll borrow it from MJ:

    ‘Shamone now!’

  334. Great video:)

    I totally agree with riding it not hiding it, that’s my practice.

    I feel anxious a lot because i’m feverishly working to create a structure where i can be fully engaged in myself and my world, flowing harmoniously. I feel all yucky promoting my work and asking for support too….so i guess i need a better word for it….
    okay i got it…..inspired by the shushui or whatever that was…and the kaka i feel:)
    shikaka…’s from Ace Ventura pet detective II….i think that word expresses the vibration i feel rather well but with a twist of play and humor. thanks so much i’m going to work with that!

  335. You two are so cute! I loved witnessing the chemistry 🙂 xo

  336. Sarah

    Until today, I called it fear. It is a very special and specific fear, it says, “I can’t do this alone and I shouldn’t have to do this alone but there is no one who will help me so I’m stuck.”
    It feels: numb around my mouth, a straight burning from my throat to just below my navel, and heavy and soggy in my gut.
    I will take your awesome suggestion and rename this feeling Shazaaam! Impossible to summon Shazaaam! without smiling!

  337. Thank you Marie and Josh, I really appreciated today’s video. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Josh validating that shyness is not a character flaw or something to be “overcome.”

    As a coach who specializes in helping introverts leverage their natural strengths, I am always looking for resources to share and I think Josh’s program could be really helpful. I teach introverts about the value of vulnerability which aligns with Josh’s #3 tip to “ride it,not hide it”. If we are willing to step into the emotions without labeling them something scary and just let them “vibrate” (love this!), we can let our true selves come forward. Too many introverts feel pressured to pretend to be who they are not. I experienced first hand the benefit of speaking from the heart and telling my truth. People did listen to me and everything changed for the better.

    I am a proud introvert who still gets nervous before public speaking, even though I have done it many times. For me, it feels like I am having an out of body experience. I live so much in my head so when it comes time to literally be seen on stage, I experience a natural disassociation. Opening with a story helps ground me and puts me back in my body.

    So, I’ll call this emotion “balloon” and if I start to feel myself float away, I will remember that I have the string in my hand and can pull it back whenever I am ready.

  338. This came at such a perfect time!
    I have so much fear built around some lindy hop dance aerials and I’m performing this weekend.
    I get short of breath, very shaky, and fast pitter patters in my stomach.
    I’m renaming this feeling I’M ALIVE!
    I’m determined to ride the feeling on stage and rock out these aerials in the performance this weekend. 😉
    Thanks for the help and fresh ways of looking at emotions!

  339. Sally

    Great video! I am going to name my emotions from now on and see what happens… When I feel shy, I will call that one, Shazam! That’s a great name. I also have money worries from time to time. They have a definite vibration to them – faster heartbeat, numbing, hot and cold, tingly… I am going to call this Sloozey – kind of slow and oozing away… Let’s see what is possible with this new name. 🙂

  340. Martina

    Thank you Marie and Josh for the video:)
    I have my Jiggle Buzz when I want to present my business – call to client, talk with new customer etc. I feel my throat tight and high vibration which feel like a heavy water drop fall into my heart chakra and then I feel the vriples traveling over my physical body. That is when I turn and dont do what I wanted to do because it make me sick and the thought such us : “no one wants to listen what you offering” or “you not worthet to be your own boss becuase you stupid and don’t know anything” comes.

    So I will name my vibration Jigilly Buzz and now I must watch the video again to clearly understood how to get rid off Jigilly Buzz because I am entrepreneur and love to serve with the tools I know:) Thank you.

  341. Marie, (& Josh)
    Thank you for todays episode! As usual LOVED it…but this week very pertinant. Been going through some yuck stuff…this helps. So probably my biggest issue (althogh some close friends may argue with only one :)) is FEAR. Sometimes it is in the form of palpatating heart, shortness of breath, but othertimes it is a heavyness, that I feel in my shoulder. I think the name “fabby” seems appropriate…flip that fear upside down! and become fabulous!

  342. Emanuela

    Great Vid Marie! It was so sweet to see you and Josh in action!
    My struggling emotion is ANXIETY.
    It feels like a loud base speaker banging in my chest. LIke it’s just run a marathon.
    I haven’t had this emotion in a while, but next time I do I’m gonna call it “BOOM BOX”

  343. A

    Very zen! ( Complete acceptance. No judgment. Embracing. )

  344. Anita

    Marie and Josh, thank you! I frequently have anxious feelings and this really helped me today! I was able to “flow with the feeling” and used this energy to get things done instead of fighting against and it WORKED, this is really powerful and I will keep trying it. I also kept remembering a previous quote of Marie’s “Losers wait for motivation. Winners just get shit done.”

  345. Awesome video! First off, I love that you and Josh did a video together. I’m always weary about incorporating videos/blogs with my boyfriend, feeling that it may seem to0 ‘mushy.’ The fact is I guess I’m just concerned of what others may think and I need to kick that thinking to the curb!
    I LOVE naming your vibes and riding it not hiding it! I have a big event coming up that I will be speaking at and I will definitely be using these tips before going out on stage!
    Thank you for sharing. xo

  346. Beth

    I am so glad you are all doing well and so grateful to have you in my life via B School and now Marie TV. This was an excellent episode, one I may even have my children watch. Teaching children about spirituality and emotional empowerment is one of my future goals. 🙂 In my life I have had the longest run with the emotion of fear, and I remember the last time I felt it quite well. While reading a text from my ex husband that included mention of an attorney, I became one with my emotion. My mind spun out of control to worse case scenario (no more financial support), while the atoms in my head and voice as I picked up the phone to call him felt as though they were alone, strained, and up on planet Mars.. far, far away.. while the atoms in my throat closed up, the atoms in my chest heated up to a fiery level and the atoms in the rest of my body felt as though they were floating (the opposite of feeling grounded!) Fortunately, he did not pick up and I was able to experience the emotion and then release it over a nice long run! There’s a couple tools I use to help me with emotions. One is I remember to say “I feel.. (the emotion) instead of “I am.. (the emotion). This separates my true identity (a piece/atom? 🙂 of God/The Universe) from a human body experiencing emotions. And second, I add a visual while experiencing the emotion. Since I know I am not my body/mind, I try to picture myself as a ball of bright white light talking to another light.

  347. Awesome……loved watching this ep.
    Thanks Josh coolio.

    Describe my vibe, it would go something like this…
    The shaking intense feeling of rage because I”m trapped in a human body.
    I’m a direct Channel – everyday i communicate with Spirit.
    I do this work everyday the Soul is my business and many times I’m in touch with the human limits
    and boundaries that the Soul has to experience from the limits imposed by social structures.
    Riding this wave is a constant work in process.

    love to you both from me and my Soul.

  348. Diane

    Hello, Second time watching your Tuesday Q/A video…captivating. Thanks.
    I very much understand the concept Josh is describing and I’ve worked with the notion of vibration understanding that everything manifests through vibration. Josh’s application could be helpful.
    My difficult vibration is a tighenting in the upper chest which sometimes descends to my mid-section. I’m going to call it Freeze or perhaps Squeeze or even Squeeze Freeze. You know the feeling when you drink something cold fast! Until very familiar with this notion/concept it takes a while to become aware of the sensation… to listen to it, to identify it, to isolate it, etc. And yes, the Squeeze Freeze does go away and another vibration eventually takes over… if I allow myself to stay with it. Thanks for the thoughtful insight today. Best wishes, Diane

  349. Sarah Wells

    Loved this video! I always talk about feeling vibration in my yoga and meditation classes but only in the context of becoming quiet and still and checking in and then watching how that shifts. I love the idea of taking this into life when we experience the “stress response” and maybe making it into something else – I call this awareness, but building in the experience of feeling vibrations is something I will work with and take back to my students. As a B-school student, I love the depth of what you offer – not what one would expect in relation to “business”. Bringing Josh on helps us see another side of you, Thanks for your authenticity. Sarah

  350. I would like to overcome anxiety and it feels like heavy atoms that are neurotic – originating from my solar plexus and going all “skitchy” til they swarm up into my brain!

  351. Lorraine

    Great video! Loved the tools and witnessing your love for each other and your work (Can I call it work when it looks like so much fun?)

    My difficult feeling is feeling overwhelmed. It feels like a leaden yoke pressing down compressing my upper chest and back. I usually decide that I need to either take a break or push on to get something done. But just now I experimented with tuning to this prickly compression and let the typing flow from there. Ahaa! More energy and a deeper sense of myself.

    Now to name it. Hmm… Rubber Ball because its density is like energy potential ready to give me a boost. Bong!

  352. Lorraine

    That’s Boing!

  353. The biggest issue I have is the anxiety I feel speaking in front of anyone, because I cannot remember what I am wanting to say or how to speak – I lose half my vocabulary.

    I think my atoms get very confused: The brain ones head down to my feet and every bit of self-doubt and fear, even the ones I know not to be true, rise to the top. Every atom is going a million miles an hour in all directions, I cannot breath, and I am trying to catch something to say rather than just stand there with a dumb look on my face, or blab out the odd word which doesn’t even make sense, because it is just part of a sentence.

    Up to this point, I named it hell – sure felt like it. Maybe I need to name it Uni, for universe because my heart and soul likes to speak; and could be the reason my brain cells move out of the way. I will try and let my heart and soul speak and see if that helps. If not, maybe I need a career as a Mime.

    Thank you for bringing this up.

  354. L

    Hey Marie and Josh, I have fallen in love with the both of you! What a beautiful couple.
    My struggle has always been with confidence. I am intimidated by people sometimes, especially at work! I’ve gotten much better in my personal life (yah!) but I still struggle at work.
    I suppress lots of atoms (is that possible?) in my body. Even my fingers and toes.
    I’ll call her Confidininini? or Intimidata?
    I purchased Josh’s online program this past weekend. I loved it.
    Thank you for any thoughts on how to overcome this.

  355. Michelle H

    What a great webisode! I have been wanting to call on a real estate deal but have been nervous. Once Josh said to “ride the feeling” feel it and use the energy, it changed how I felt about the phone call.

    My emotion is Fear and it feels like a pair of hands around my neck when it is intense. Bad right-imagine how I feel! I hate it. I am naming it CHOKEY.
    Appropriate?! Thinking that it is just atoms rolling around and I can feel it for 7-10 seconds then it will be gone is reassurring.

    Always enjoy your Tuesday episodes. Going to make the call now.

    Signed Breathing freely,

  356. The sensation: anxiety
    How it feels: intense buzzy energy, starting in my chest and spreading through my upper body
    New name: Candy clouds!

    Thanks for the great vid- this is my fist time commenting 🙂


    • YEAH Chrissy! Thanks for speaking out and commenting 🙂

  357. Wow, amazing timing – I was literally thinking before the episode that I need to get over my I know I can incorporate it into my work!
    I’m a singer who hasn’t performed by myself for years (will occasionally perform a duet or in a group). I’ve even stopped looking for ways to practice or perform, because when I do get up on stage to sing, I shake so much, it affects my voice big time!

    I just decided/realized that the feeling is like having an eagle trapped in a songbird’s body (me being the songbird, of course 🙂 ). I feel like I have so much to offer, something HUGE needs to come out, but when I make space for that to happen, the eagle starts flapping and squawking, and it’s too intense for the songbird!

    So I’m naming my eagle Squawky. And next time he shows up, I’ll ask him what he has to say, what he needs to give, give him his 7-12 seconds, and get on with it.

    Thank you so much, Marie & Josh. Now I just need to find my next singing venue (eek!)..

  358. Great video with excellent tips from Josh. I’m definitely going to try these out and see if I can do my first video without freaking out. PS. You two are a super cute couple!

  359. Dora

    I loved this video!
    And I watched it at the perfect time also. I will be going to teach a presentation in a couple of days and I have very bad stage fright! Whenever I speak in front of even a small group I freak out.
    This vibration/sensation feels like a hot sensation spreading behind my ears and neck and a pressure in my stomach.
    I am going to call this vibration ‘crackling’! When I feel it next time I will try your guys technique.

  360. Love me a good challenge! Here goes:

    I often feel the emotion of overwhelm. Even saying it now I can sense the physical attributes of overwhelmed. My breathing gets shallow, I feel like my head kinda spins in circles, there is a anxious energy and I want to get up and do something (unproductive) to expel it. The “list” starts to shout out at random in my head, piling on top of each other. I think a good reframe-name for overwhelm will be shoupy doup and when I feel overwhelm coming on, I will declare that I am feeling shoupy doupy and maybe have a quick dance party to clear the voices in my head and then get down to the business of gettin er done!

    Great vid – thanks Josh and Marie!

  361. Kate

    Loved this, thankyou! And thanks for reiterating one of my *favourite* mantras .. “there is no right and wrong! There just ‘is'” .. love the non-labeling of things being good and bad, it’s just a vibration, or a feeling or an experience. Brilliant.

  362. Cyndi De Rossi

    I absolutely LOVE the techniques in this video to overcome “shyness” or nervous energy! Personally, ANYTIME i have to put myself out there, including simply meeting someone new, my whole body shakes with a really distracting tremor. Because it’s quite an obvious tremor and I am aware others can see it, I usually just say straight up “Wow. I’m so excited to meet you I’m literally shaking in my boots!” This usually results in the other person actually laughing, and it helps me relax and the tremors quieten down. I LOVE the idea that I’m not actually shaking, I’m VIBRATING!!! The visual I get of all my atoms bouncing and jiggling around is totally cool and much less annoying than “shaking”. I’m going to definately use what I learned here today!!! Thankyou!!!

  363. Juliette

    Wow, overwhelming to see all the responses here.

    When speaking on a team it can happen that I suddenly get the feeling no one is listening and that my input is not valuable to them. I feel inferior and I get this sensation of tightness below my collarbone and that I have failed all the way. I will name this ‘diamonds’ because it is in the place a necklace goes – not that I have any diamonds to wear…. Who knows, those diamonds might start to sparkle.

  364. Monique

    Thank you Marie & Josh! This video was a game changer for me. I am virtually paralyzed by fear of public speaking and I have a speaking engagement coming up soon. When I have to do these events it always feels like lightning is racing through my chest and thunder is drowning out any rational thought. I am going to call this “Storm” and convert that energy into adrenaline power.

  365. This. Is. Lovely.
    Thank you both so much for putting this together for us in such an accessible way.
    The sensation I most want to overcome shows up more when I am at a microphone to ask a question of a speaker than when I’m called upon to speak to an audience. My guess is that it has to do with preparedness.

    There are seltzer bubbles in my stomach, and I speak quickly, as if I have to speak quickly enough to let them get out. If you know me, you understand me, but I’ve watched myself on video, and know that I sometimes speak so fast that it can be difficult for strangers to understand me.

    The name that comes to me is Fredrick, (I don’t know anyone by that name, but he sounds like someone who would speak calmly.)

    • On second glance though, with a name like Fredrick I am still trying to do the opposite of the feeling instead of going with it. Maybe “Bubbles” is a better name.

  366. Loved this. Life changing! Can’t wait to put it into practice. Thanks for sharing Josh with us Marie!

    My vibrations prior to public speaking manifest as butterflies in my stomach then move onto what i name as FLOATY vibrations. I feel almost like i am in a dream when i speak in public. completely in a fishbowl – with tunnel vision looking at everyone. I eventually settle in, find my groove and get on with it, but each time i speak to large groups, FLOATY comes back.

    now back to B-School …

  367. Danielle

    Hi Josh,

    I get anxiety when I get closer to people. I’m really comfortable the first few times with meeting a person, but then like a switch I get really anxious and can’t be myself (this inhibits me from building relationships). I tried your technique of focusing on the anxiety to fully be in it today, but found that I was focusing on it instead of the person and making it stronger. Any suggestions?? Thank you SO much for the video, Really appreciate what you do.

  368. Thanks for sharing your man and his knowledge with us. 🙂 Great video and message! xxoo, Sheri

  369. Great video…great lesson…great site.

    Very professional…big cred to you for that..!

  370. Great advice!! I especially loved the part about naming the feeling and allowing yourself to feel it. But at the same time I don’t think that trying to relax and doing some exercises to try to calm the anxiety is a bad thing… I mean, for some of us it can be so overwhelming, you can even feel it like a month in advance before doing the action that scares you. So I think that sometimes you do need to start reframing the situation and try to actively relax and stop the irrational thoughts.

  371. Fear of SPEAKING. Fear of WRITING.

    My fear of speaking vanished when, at a business meeting with the CEO of a Fortune 50 company I had to shake his hand after he finished his speech. As we reached across the conference table his hand was sweaty.

    Here was one of the world’s power men and he has fear of speaking before me.

    I keep this imagine in my mind every time I speak before a group.
    This was the SHIFT for me. And, it is FREEDOM

    Fear of WRITING …
    I started a storytelling website, BOBBblog. So, now I must write and it gets easier with every story.

    I recommend finding an event in life that provides the SHIFT.

    Take the fear-energy and use it as a tool.

  372. Soooo, Marie. When are you two gorgeousnesses (?) getting married? I feel like you’ve been fiance’s forever. Just curious 🙂

    The emotion I would like to get over is worry. I worry about everything! I know on some level everything will be ok and it’s all meant to be, and that we’re just energy.

    This worry atoms overpower all my thoughts and positive energy. The atoms feel full in my head (like a balloon about to burst), they are in my stomach as well, and are spinning so fast they get hot. My palms even get sweaty. Probably sweat from those fast spinning atoms in my stomach. lol.

    The worry atoms in my stomach are now called: the wooshies. The ones in my head are called ‘shooos’ I think I’ll try those on for a while… 😉

  373. Well I’ll be a… I am not alone with my struggles. In fact, it looks like none of us are. I will try and remember that many people have some degree of fear, and to be a little kinder to myself.

  374. Rochelle

    Hi Marie and Josh, this is perfect timing for me as i am giving a speech at an intimate wedding ceremony for my two best friends who are marrying each other this weekend.. I will use all of these tools outlined and i am actually LOOKING FORWARD to giving the speech~ ride it dont hide it! rochelle x

  375. Thank you for sharing, brought tears to my eyes. Isn’t new information but I love how you have framed it from your own experiences and the timing!
    I have always felt that when I feel nervous before presenting to an audience that it is really important to feel all of that energy and adrenalin, to “let the butterflies fly in formation”/ ride the wave/ and be in the moment with everyone’s energy. It’s way harder for me to walk into a gathering and engage in social chit chat. I dread this, but see the same principal really applies here as well.

  376. Wow! You have no idea how timely this is. I have been feeling these feelings and have been pushing them down and especially in team meetings which of course was messing everything up.

    What you said, Marie, about how there is dishonesty in it and how Josh said they can’t read you because the signals are crossed. I absolutely believe in this. I have made adjustments recently and I am reaping the rewards. I have to build trust with these contacts but being genuine and speaking from that emotional energy really is making all the difference.

    I will be shazaming this week and weeks to come 🙂

    Thanks again!

  377. Kathy

    For me, the feelings I want to overcome are the anger and fear wrapped together in a ball of “not enough.” I don’t feel that way all the time, but it’s so strong when I do that it’s a challenge to keep it from letting it laying me out. My jaw clenches, my neck stiffens and now I realize why. I’m pretty sure my face contorts, but I haven’t looked to see.

    I think they are very heavy atoms, so I’m renaming them “Porky,” because I can’t take anything named Porky seriously!

    • Kathy

      *lay 😉

  378. Jen R

    Thanks so much Marie and Josh this episode has given me a great idea to help my excited/nervous 10yrs old girl, she is about to go to camp next week and is soooo excited/nervous I think If I tell her about her vibrations and pick a name for them this will work a treat for her when she is away and with the everyday. For myself my vibrations are a churning in my stomach…which I will now call ‘ Wooshka’…bring it on!! xoxo

  379. Alice

    My biggest passion in life is singing. Though, I’m no great talent, I love participating in our church’s musical variety show every year. I know I can sing (when I’m in the house or car by myself!) but when I have to sing alone in front of people, my throat closes up and I squeak! I so want to share my joy in music, but have just not been confident. I love Josh’s advice, and will try to ride the “squeekies” at the very next rehearsal!

  380. Kristel Hayes

    Thank you…for everything you share & do!

    The thing I think holds me back: Being overwhelmed when there’s way too much input (aka lots of work to do, or think about, or too many things happening at once)

    How it vibrates: exhaustion and lack of focus

    What I’m going to name it: “Schnarfie”

    We’ll see how it goes next time I’ve gotta ride things w/Schnarfie!

  381. Anthony

    Great Q&A! For me shyness and nervousness in meeting. I feel my heart being lifted and butterflies in my stomach. I have to think of a nickname for this

  382. Thanks Marie!!

    Public speaking is something I struggled with tremendously over the last 10 years. I would avoid every possible situation where I would need to speak in front of a group, including simply giving an introduction of myself. My chest would constrict and I actually would lose my breath and could hardly speak! I felt like there was no way I could ever get over it.

    Luckily, when I graduated from college I realized I couldn’t avoid it my whole life and needed to face the fear head-on. The one thing I could not possibly imagine myself doing, but also the thing that would excite me most in life was to become a yoga teacher.

    I started taking baby steps in that direction, began facing my fear, went to a teacher training and had many opportunities where I had to speak in front of a group. The thing was, I knew I was in a group that supported me, so I was willing to give it a shot.

    I think it’s key to practice in front of people who love you no matter what. And each time you take a step it will become easier and easier and you will be able to speak in front of a bigger group. Each little step you take outside your comfort zone provides a huge amount of growth.

    Although I still have those nervous “vibrations” come up when I am about to teach a yoga class, I now know I have done it before, I have and will do a great job. The nervousness can actually be exciting!

    I encourage all of you to face these fears by taking small steps in the right direction. Thanks so much for this video !

  383. I’m not able to see the video : ( can i go some place else to see it ?
    thank you!!

  384. Tal

    An emotion or sensation you’d like to overcome:
    Nervousness/Anxiety! It has kept me from trying a lot of things.

    Describe that emotion or sensation in terms of vibrating atoms:
    It feels like my atoms are buzzing and jumping, and they feel like they’re alternating between feeling lighter and feeling heavier.

    Nickname your vibes: I think I’m going to call these ZIPPY vibes! When I usually feel this emotion, I end up not doing anything at all, and so I feel calling them the opposite of what they make me do would help. Love this idea!

    Thank you Marie!!

  385. Amanda

    Great video, as always.

    But….anger…fist-clenching, throat-closing, beads of sweat on my lip, angry. I cannot imagine, especially as a teacher, just letting that one flow in front of co workers, supervisors, or, above all, my kiddos. In fact, I am certain I would be marked down on an evaluation if that were the case. I think this advice is super for fear, anxiety, pain…but anger? Ride it? mmmmm…don’t see it working, but perhaps I am missing the point.

  386. I’ve always had ‘stage fright’. I remember being in a play for a chapter of our local Grange organization when I was no more than 5 or 6 playing a ‘muscle man’. The prop was a wooden flag pole with the two cross stands on each end meant to portray a barbell. As I lifted it one of the stands fell off the pole and one of the actresses in the production rushed out and ad-libbed, saying “he doesn’t know his own strength”, bringing laughter from the audience.
    I found Theater and speech class in college did help, but, I certainly haven’t overcome my stage fright. Maybe next time I’m in that situation I’ll try the name game and call the feeling ‘Mavericks’, and think of a Huge, awesome wave~ wonder if this will help?

  387. Great video. I love that I am a vibrator! I didn’t realize that if you just roll with the feeling it will transcend into something else soon.

  388. Fotini

    So glad to see you two together ! I can’ t help not to mention that you look different in a beautiful way when talking to Josh !.. insightfulness + serenity + intelligence -all aligned in a beautilul flow . I enjoyed the way the discussion was done & those qualities reflecting between you 2 !
    The topic reminded me strongly of your other video about fear ( the impression of that 1st, one was stuck some time before in my head strongly).
    I think my challenge is not public speaking , (I am doing enough of this anyway ). It is interacting better with my public, how to communicate better, to interact better, to understand them better & be more efficient to give them what they need

  389. I agree, great episode Marie! Thank you for bringing up the concept & Josh’s wisdom. 🙂

    My emotion that I struggle with is overwhelm/anxiety/defeat which encompasses a lot I know but the feelings are the same so I’m grouping them together. The feeling I get is like a static ball just buzzing and all my chest, stomach limbs & head just feel like they are going to explode. I’m not very creative (and an inside joke for my recent health issue) I am going to name this feeling “spectacular” so I can turn it from a negative to a positive.

    There ya go…that’s my story & I’m stickin to it. 😉


  390. GREAT EPISODE!!!! How brilliant was this?!?!

    Anyhow, when I’m in Energy it is like a volcano erupting. Lava, hot boiling lava flowing out and explosions!!! I think I’ll call it Kilimanjaro.