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“Hey Marie, how do you run a business in the middle of a global pandemic?”

Over the last few weeks, I’ve received hundreds of voice messages from big-hearted entrepreneurs on this topic. It’s a fair question. What’s happening right now is unprecedented. Millions of people are struggling financially, emotionally, and physically. The pain and suffering are devastating.

If you’re a small business owner who’s still open, you might be wondering, “Is it even ethical to do business right now?”

On today’s episode of The Marie Forleo Podcast, you’ll learn five compassionate ways to both sell and serve your customers during this global crisis.

If you feel a sense of guilt or shame about selling anything right now, please listen to this episode. You’ll hear real-life examples of businesses that are making a difference and helping their business thrive during these extraordinary times. 

As business owners, this is our chance to step up and become more caring, more generous, and more creative. We have an enormous opportunity to create hope from our collective hurt. Click To Tweet

Bottom line? We need each other. Every act of kindness and contribution matters. Business owners and consumers have an important role to play in the healing of our world. We need everyone to do their part socially, spiritually, physically, and economically. 

This is an enormous opportunity to create hope from our collective hurt. 

As business owners, this is our chance to step up and become more caring, more generous, and more creative. 

Click to download the episode now from your favorite place to get podcasts, or hit play below. After you listen, be sure to join me in the comments for an important insight into action challenge.

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5 Ways Your Business Can Sell & Serve During The Coronavirus

Looking for ways to serve your community and the long-term success of your business? Here are five ideas to market and sell with heart during this global crisis.

Strategy #1: Buy One, Give One

Companies like Warby Parker and Toms have used this model for years. For every item you sell, give one for free to someone in need. 

An inspiring B-Schooler named Line adapted this into her business a few weeks ago for her online hypnobirthing course. She made thousands of dollars this month and was able to give her program away to women in need.

My friend, Natalie Golonka, is another example. Natalie designs swimwear and resort wear for her clothing brand, Jungle Gurl here in LA. A few weeks ago, her team started producing stylish cloth face masks that she calls, It’s a Jungle Out There Face Masks. For every mask she sells, she’s donating one to local folks in need. The first round went to elderly people in assisted living facilities in her neighborhood.  

This buy one, give one strategy is simple but impactful. It’s a way to keep your business running and your team employed while making a difference. 

Strategy #2: Donate a Portion of Your Proceeds

This is a strategy anyone can use, no matter what product or service you sell. 

Take DJ D-Nice. Right now tens of millions of people are self-quarantined. So what did D-Nice do? He created Club Quarantine and Home School on IG LIVE. These live sets have become so popular that he launched a limited edition D-Nice Club Quarantine hoodie, with 50% of proceeds going to the CDC Foundation Coronavirus Fund. 

How could you do this for your business? Whether you donate 25%, 50%, or 75% this is a beautiful way to sell your products and serve your community.

Strategy #3: Offer Scholarships

We’ve used this strategy in our company for years. Our paid training programs like B-School and The Copy Cure have a scholarship program. Every year we give away full need-based scholarships to folks who wouldn’t be able to invest in our training experiences otherwise.

It’s straightforward and a win for everyone.

Strategy #4: Collect Tips and Give The Tips Away

As you’re aware, many brick and mortar businesses who rely on foot traffic have taken a big financial hit. When a small fashion brand and coffee shop called Neve & Hawk was able to stay open and do business curbside, they shared this message with their customers on social media:

“The fact that we are able to open in this capacity while so many of our friends cannot is not lost on us. So many stores & businesses have no way of generating income at this time while their bills keep piling up. Because of this, we will be donating our tips to a different business on the avenue daily.”

This is a brilliant example of businesses helping other businesses. Think through what this means for you. Even if you’re not a business that collects tips, could you show solidarity with your fellow business owners in another way?

Strategy #5: Offer Generous Payment Plans or Put Payments On Pause 

This strategy won’t work for everyone, but it’s a wonderful option if your business has some cash reserves.

Mario Salerno is a landlord in Brooklyn who owns 18 buildings and has about 300 tenants. As soon as the coronavirus hit, many of his tenants started losing their jobs. They were understandably fearful and panicked so Mario decided to cancel April’s rent. He said, “My concern is everyone’s health… look out for your neighbor and make sure that everyone has food on their table.”

So beautiful, right? 

If you treat people with generosity and respect, they’ll remember it. Even if you only pause payments for a month or two, that can help. When your customers are able to get back on their feet, they’re likely to keep doing business with you.

It’s a long-term perspective on customer service and caring that is so necessary right now.

Today’s Insight Into Action Challenge

Now I’d love to hear from you. It’s time to take action, grow, and create results. Today’s question has two parts. Answer one or both in the comments below.

  1. If you can still do business right now, what can you offer folks that they need? How can you best serve your customers and community?
  2. Name 3 businesses you’re grateful for right now. Can you send them a message of appreciation, give them a shoutout on social media, or in some way support them? 

I can’t wait to hear how you’re putting your insights into action.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your words may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough. Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

If you’ve spent any time around these parts, then you know I take a strong stand for kindness. Please write and respond to each other in that same spirit.

Keep your big heart front and center. The world needs you to show up and share that special gift that only you have — now more than ever.

All my love,

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  1. I’ve been trying to think of myself like the supermarkets: I’m so grateful I have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, and I do not even question paying for them.

    My services feel a bit “non essential” as I’m a coach and wellbeing practitioner, but equally, who the frick doesn’t need a bit of wellbeing support right now?! I might not be working with my usual people doesn’t “level up your life” but I sure can ensure I’m offering to serve people in need of resilience support. <3
    A portion of my proceeds already get donated to 2 mental health charities here in the UK, so I'm not sure if I should try to change this or maybe just ensure people know about it. 🙂

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Thank you for all you’re doing to help people get the resiliency support they need, Katy-Rose! We love that you’re donating to mental health charities, too — these services are essential in all times, pandemic or not. ?

    • Your work isssss very essential. Keep going my friend!!!

    • Olga Aura

      Girl, you’re spot on – ‘ I’m so grateful I have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, and I do not even question paying for them.’ And that’s how I feel about the actual supermarkets too 🙂

    • All work is needed 🙂 If not that would not exist 🙂

  2. Thank you, Marie, for answering my question – I really appreciate it.

    You are right. We are part of the solution in this time of great need. We rob our customers when we don’t find creative ways to stay open and thrive in our arena. “Work is about dignity and focus and meaning” is by far my favorite quote from today’s session.

    • “We rob our customers when we don’t find creative ways to stay open and thrive in our arena. ”


  3. Dear Marie,
    You and you and only YOU are the inspiration behind my new Youtube Chat “Alma of the Airwaves”! Thank you from the bottom of my heart:

  4. Anati

    Hi Marie,
    For me, hardly any work is coming in – which is strange because people still need translations to close the gap of misunderstanding, even now (I’m a translator and content writer in two languages).
    I’m also a certified meditation instructor – but don’t see meditation as something to take money for, especially now, when there are so many instructors out there.

    I volunteer on the phone with the elderly and I offered my writing services on the village’s Facebook page for a discount – to help people write their story and so on, but got zero response.
    I’m lucky to be living in a village in the country so I have plenty of fresh air and relative freedom, which helps me stay calm and my partner is still working (from home), which also helps my general well being. My two amazing teenage sons are also handling this situation well. Time is still running through my fingers, and I can’t seem to find the right energy to reinvent myself.
    The 5 tips are great, but first I need some income to be able to give to others. I need pointing in a profitable direction.
    Thank you for your light in this world ♥
    Anati (Israel)

  5. I’m a writing coach and have run a couple of free online writing retreat sessions on Zoom. I decided these would be a safe and positive haven, so that writers could take time out from the Co-vid stress and worry. I set writing sprints, with writing prompts on positive themes. Plus we have sharing/discussing segments. I have been blown away by the messages of appreciation attendees have sent – I decided to do this on a whim and had no idea how helpful people would find them! I’m based in the UK and people join from Canada to Australia. Brilliant! I’ll be running more and keeping them free – but I am also going to turn past in person writing workshops into online courses.

  6. Kate S

    1. As a yoga teacher, I’m told that the sound of my voice is very calming. I’ve recorded and sent some meditations both for my French and English pupils to help them relax.
    2. Gratitude. Last week I was very grateful that our veterinary surgery was still open. One of our cats got a respiratory infection and needed treatment.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Kate, we’re so glad to hear your cat got the care it needed! Thank you for the meditations you’re creating and how you’re serving your students. Keep it up ?

    • We are all needed 🙂 Especially in hard times.

    • Hi Kate, I too teach yoga in both English and French. I’m struggling with how to get my classes moving forwards, during confinement and in general! I’d be really interested in hearing from you, if you want to get in touch. Google me. ;o) Namasté

  7. I’ve ordered bakery and joined on line fitness classes to help the small business around me. Ive called it out on Linkedin – if you can then you should be supporting our small businesses – appreciative comments have come back.

    I have offered my last two books ‘The Lama Drama’ and ‘The Children of Michael’ on amazon, or home delivery if you are on my dog walk, all profits going to our local church to help them look after the vulnerable right now.
    The impact of this will go on for some time. We have to look after each other.

  8. Honestly, I am so grateful for B School, Marie TV & today’s podcast! For realz!

    I’ve been working with my heart, my hands, and my intellect for 40 yrs in service to humanity & the last 26 in orthopedic massage therapy. I knew I needed B School to continue learning & growing with the weaker aspects of my biz skills. And then I lost my thriving business in a day! I’m still living on a no questions asked refund for my B School tuition – it’s paying for food & medicine right now!! Thank You!!! I know it’s a temporary solution, but it has meant the world to me!

    Love to you & your team forever!!!

    So I’m turning my wheels fast as I can to re-invent myself, moving out of state in 5 weeks with a Penny in my pot and it will all work out (!!!).

    I’m offering Self Care Success Sessions in the Park, outside, proper distancing, separate yoga mats, and empowerment abounds! Self care is always key, and never more important than now!

    I’m looking into starting Tele-Med services for orthopedic conditions, and wondering if people would come in for 30 min on my infrared bio mat (anti viral anti bacterial) – no touching necessary! Maybe this is the perfect buy one give one opportunity…?

    I know this is hard, but I’m so entirely overwhelmed with love, compassion, and the silver linings that I can see & feel as we humans evolve fast in this transformational time.

    Calm intelligent & caring western women will save our planet and her people, so keep on keeping on!!!

    So much love, Joelle Marie Cogliati

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Joelle, it means the world to hear you’re doing okay despite all that’s happening right now. We’re cheering you on as you pivot and reinvent yourself, and we absolutely know you have everything you need inside you to create a new thriving business. ?

  9. Chloe

    Hi Marie, what is the website of Line the hypnobirthing teacher ? I’m so interested !

  10. Barry Hall

    Many thanks Marie, great Podcast Q & A, take care and all the best Barry in the UK!

  11. Thank you Marie. You got me with the Louis Prima remix. “In your heart I’m happy to be”. I’m an Artist for Peace, and my shows and exhibitions have been cancelled, closed, or rescheduled till next year. I invested heavily in January and February to have enough inventory for the season. I heard about the need for PPE for hospitals and a local organizer asked for people with 3D printers to help out. I started printing headbands for face shields and posted photos on Facebook. I just wanted to have a purpose. Someone asked me on Facebook to set up a donation page and in 2days my FB friends donated $2,000. I’ve been supporting other fundraising for PPE medical needs as I continue to print these essential parts. I’m still sitting on my inventory and your podcast has inspired me to make my Holos Amulets a “buy one gift one” to medical workers. Thank You Marie, I have so much to give even in home stay.

  12. Heather

    You are such a wise and wonderful coach and human. Thank you!!!

  13. Zsu

    So funny, I’m looking for the Fun Sheets. 🙂 Thank you, Marie!

  14. Marie,
    You never fail to amaze me. Your heart is so big. As you talked I realized you have given me so much value over the years and all I have purchased is your books. You have lived in my heart and in my home. Thanks for continuing to serve your community. My writing was to give back to a profession that served me for years. I never made the transition to entrepreneur and still work as a nurse at the hospital. Even thought there is fear, there is greater gratitude that I still have income coming in. I have been donating to online channels and food banks and whatever else I feel inspired to do to support others pouring out their hearts without the ability to work,

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Debra, thank you so much for your work as a nurse. We’re deeply grateful to you and everyone in health care working hard to care for so many people right now (and always!).

      We’re honored to hear how Marie’s work has touched you and grateful to be connected. Thank you for your donations, heart, and for showing up in our community ?

  15. Janelle

    So grateful to you and all the amazing business men and women leading by example around servicing others AND making money. I plan to implement the buy one, get one and/or buy one donate one strategy.

  16. Hi Marie!

    Thanks for this, really great tips as I wrestle with how I set up an online business on helping people to live with Love Not Fear, something I’ve been working on for a while but need to step up to the plate now and action! I’m so grateful for all the internet entrepreneurs such as yourself who are helping me learn how to do this, the companies that keep delivering books and other needed supplies to help me grow and the supermarkets that keep me and my family fed. Doing all I can to support other businesses now. Stay creative lovely people!

  17. Thank you Marie & Team Forleo!
    These are such great ideas! I own and operate a small Dog Treat business and was trying to figure out what I could do to help out and have decided to offer free local delivery to anyone who needs it! I will announce this offer on my Instagram this afternoon!

  18. My original plan to launch a new eCourse at the end of March hit a wall (of course) because just as I sent out my advertising, the world began to go into lockdown. However, I knew that the lessons in my course were exactly what people needed to help them through this crisis.

    So, I immediately followed up my original advertisement with two strategies:
    1. Pay What You Can – from almost giving it away for those ‘Whose finances are dire’ up to full price (where portion of proceeds to charity)
    2. Sponsorship – people could buy a class for someone in need

    The response was fabulous! I was amazed at how many people signed up and how many purchased classes for others.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Beverly! We’re so proud of you for seeing how you can continue to serve your audience and take action to offer your course. We’re cheering for you ?

  19. Grateful for supermax supermarket making home delivery and for amazon and for my medical insurance SSS in Puerto Rico they saved my life literally I do not need to go out and be at risk by getting food or medicine. Also pool guy keeps pool clean so i can exercise my way to physical and mental health during this time and achieve goals. With him and my once monthly gardener we made a safe distancing plan to make sure neither get too close or touch surfaces to cross contaminate. I did follow Marie’s advice and paid cleaning services (even though is on hold per my request) to support her and her sons in time of need. I used PayPal to send her the cash. I also got my rental money thru PayPal. Audible thanks for ur regular service and also some free kids books to keep me sane laughing and inspired in business ideas, meditation, abs books, and adventure books. And lastly and most important to my online coaching Daily Motivators: to MARIE Forleo, PR Yizzete Cifredo, Esther Perel, Evan Carmichael, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown for keeping me inspired focused and motivated ???? for all these I am soso thankful, All these businesses are My heroes!!?????️

  20. Dave Cobb

    This podcast was my 1st absolutely loved it! Great content! Marie and team are authentic real people! Thankful Marie and team welcomed me to this group! Cant wait to read Marie’s book! Dave Cobb. Life coach.

    • Yes. Yes youll like it. And funny how God works, her book is super appropiate now we’re in this moment that many would think is un-figurautable. Her book is amazing!! It is a clear effective message!! I got it in audible as soon as it came out and devower it that same week on my commute, back then. I still use it as resource as well as B school and Copy Cure. And of course my favorite and Free resource when i need a pick me up is Marie TV ♥️Marie is very good and is for many a friend and Role model.??️

  21. Hi Marie,
    I opened my credit card bill yesterday and apparently have taken it upon myself to support the economy! No, not really. But it reminded me of how we are really connected and need each other now more than ever. I’ve bought pizza for my family and had it delivered to my parents too from local places that are in turn supporting our local medical community by donating meals. As I bring to life my new candle business I continue to buy materials that support small business providers in Nevada and Texas. And I’m trying to keep the family entertained through puzzles and games purchased from family art businesses in Oregon.
    And through all this a local shop owner in Half Moon Bay, CA reached out to me to buy candles for her shop. Even though her physical shop is closed, her customers are still shopping online and she is delivering. It all comes back to community and supporting one another. So thank you Marie for the inspiration, I will reach out to those businesses today and thank them as well for being there for all of us who need them.
    Stay well,

  22. I’ve been a follower of you for quite sometime. I did the EIF live videos and chat last year and loved it! I even opened up my own travel agency late last year (because of EIF).
    But, man am I struggling now! So much money gone in an instant! I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. I’m 100% commission based. If I don’t sell anything, I make no money–Sorry folks, the world is closed! I’m guaranteed to have zero income for months and it sucks.
    I’m having a hard time staying relevant in my clients’ and potential clients’ lives. How much feel good posting and contacts feel cheap? How many “hey hows it going?” emails can you send?!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Larisa, thanks for being here, and we’re so sorry to hear you’re struggling. You’re not alone, and we encourage you to check out the resources in this Coronavirus Support Guide:

      We hope you’re safe and well right now, and we’re sending you tons of Team Forleo love.

      • Larisa Smith

        You guys are the best, thanks 🙂

      • Thanks Marie for this resource of covid 19 guide i loved it!!! I shared it with all my contacts♥️??

  23. this is a good one! I am an artist and felt guilty about sharing my website, etc. marketing during this time, although I believe strongly that sharing bits of beauty during hardship keeps a little light going in our hearts. But I wasn’t sure I could be convinced about the ethics of selling during this heartbreaking time but it turns out, you have changed my mind! Allowing people to earn income, caring for my family, donating to food banks and other organizations, there are so many reasons that the pursuit of work is crucial right now. I really appreciate your words of wisdom at the end, especially the idea of dignity.

    Stay safe everyone!


    Forgot to mention resource of Shirzad | Positive Intelligence
    PQ videos

  25. The world that we live in today requires us to CONSUME LESS of everything. Unfortunately the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE model is a model that promotes MORE and MORE consumption.

    Tom Ford’s shoes model cant be verified by anyone, as Anand Giridharadas puts it, has anyone seen these shoes on a child/person in Africa? Plus it’s playing on people’s emotions to make them feel justified that they are buying it for a CAUSE. This is sad.

    We require a paradigm shift in redefining wealth and happiness.
    It doesn’t feel right to just tell people heck its ok to sell and to serve because people are just doing things status quo.

    Many things have to change from business models to what we’re selling and how we’re selling and our supply chains etc. This is the time for people to not just be productive and become innovative on how to keep on selling. This is the hype of porn productivity.

    I have been a long time fan Marie and I hope you can share more thought provoking ideas that challenges the assumption of CONSUMPTION = GROWTH = MORE MONEY because in a planet that’s expected to have 10 billion inhabitants in just 30 years from now is under the threat of total destruction.

    Thank you!

  26. I love this podcast. I am an artist. I work from home, and I create greeting cards from my original art. All the retail stores that sell my cards are closed, but I also have an online shop. I’d love some help on how to sell my card sets AND how to put a giving back element to it. I would love to get cards sent to seniors in nursing homes, but I’m not sure local homes will accept snail mail. Any input would be appreciated.

  27. Hello Marie! Hope you and everyone around you are safe in this terrible catastrophe.. Praying for everyone’s life from my side.
    Talking about your latest podcast, wow you are truly mesmerizing… One more time you have come with such an amazing kindness 🙂
    This is what really the world needs now, the power of love, selflessness, sense of empathy and willing to give who are in need as we are gradually growing with the help of the world.. we need to work hand in hand to inspire each other, help each other, lift each other and grow each other.. Money is everywhere and nowhere, but we should keep proving our humanity that we are everywhere for everyone especially who needs the necessary things. 🙂 Keep inspiring me and the world.. we are with each other. Stay safe

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Naveen, your kind words here mean the world to us. We’re sending so much love and strength your way right now, and we’re so honored to have you in our community.

      • No need to mention my friend 🙂 I really admire what you guys are doing… Actually, I am so honoured to discover you… Let’s share kindness, love and peace 🙂 Stay safe my friend I am feeling so painful when I think about the situation of the world. Hope everyone reaches their homes and stay happily ever after with their loved ones 🙂 Take care my love to you… Hugs and tight hugs… Take care of each other

  28. Wow Marie…what a brilliant episode…loved all the music and sound affects…but even more the content!!
    Since the lockdown I wanted to open up my services to help couples who are faced with each other in their homes and cannot run away this time from relationship challenges. I have been postponing again and again and today’s episode (and specifically the part on everyone needing to play their part like a symphony) caught me deep in the heart!
    I will publish my website…even if it’s without blogs (yet!!) and go for option #1: Pay one session, get one FREE!!
    Thank you for staying true to your way of serving and inspiring people to create the life and business they love! Thank you for helping me to share MY gift with the world and owning that the world needs that special gift that only I can bring!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Karla, we’re so thrilled to hear that this episode gave you the push you needed to start sharing your gifts, especially with what’s happening in the world right now. Please be sure to keep us posted on how this all goes for you, and for the people you’re serving. 🙂

  29. If everyone would stop working world economy will crumble.
    So let do our best… if only we can.

  30. Barbara Spikes

    The way I help small businesses is that once a week I go to take out dinner at any of the places that are local businesses. And there are two little coffee shop/ bakeries where I can get something. I have also started donating some money to places that have been doing free content. I love that some of my favorite musicians, Carrie Newcomer for one, are doing at home music and posting it. It makes me smile, so I try to add to that. I am a massage therapist, so I am not working at that. But my house is doing great. And I have really had time to watch educational videos to help me be better when I’m able to get my hands on people again. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is all SO wonderful, Barbara! We love that you’re really making the most of this time and finding ways to support local businesses and artists. Thank you for being you and spreading the love! ?

  31. Ron

    Thank you, period.

  32. I am currently offering free computer phone and TV repair help to Senior citizens who are homebound via the phone and remote access so that they can stay connected to their love ones.
    I am also offering free coaching to provide a safe place for people to get help for releasing stress and anxiety.

    Business Shoutouts
    1. Our local Trader Joe’s store In Arroro Grande,CA. They are so careful with making everyone feel safe and their team has the highest level of customer service that is very personalized. Their whole team has a great attitude.
    2. Secure Pros in San Luis Obispo, CA the give fare estimates and always do a great job. They replaced the screen on my wife’s at a fare price and did it in 1 hour.
    3. SLO Food Co-op in San Luis Obispo CA. They have a wonderful inventory of natural foods, organic produce and a smoothie bar.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Mike, you are amazing! Wow, what beautiful, thoughtful, and generous services you’re offering to those most in need right now. And we adore these local businesses you’re celebrating and supporting right now, too. You’re an inspiration!

  33. great work on this one really enjoyed it.

  34. Rachel

    My business is in the very early stages as I’m building it ground up as I work through B-School.
    I’m grateful for the time this has given me to refine and renew my business skills for my clients to-be.
    I’ve also been offering my services as a therapist for free in a much different capacity than I’m used to by supporting those who are losing loved ones and friends. Unable to say goodbye or be with family is making the grieving process that much harder for many.
    As I’ve never done this kind of work before I am learning constantly but glad to be able offer some comfort and support in such a tumultuous time.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Rachel, this is beautiful. What an important service and support you’re offering to others who are grieving right now. We’re so proud of you for using your gifts and making the most of this time to serve even more folks in the future. Keep going, we’re cheering you on over here on Team Forleo! ❤️

  35. Loreley

    It’s so nice hearing of inspiring B-schoolers! What is Line’s Hypno-birthing course link?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aren’t those stories SO inspiring, Loreley? This is Line’s website: Please note that it isn’t actually in English, as she’s located in Norway, though we’d encourage you to reach out to her!

  36. Jen

    Anyone else a little emotional thinking about the businesses you love supporting right now? I am sending thanks to my favorite businesses a little later today, those who have given me joy from their service. Thanks for that challenge!

    I have felt so much love from clients in the past few weeks who have supported me through gift card and product purchases (I’m a professional skin therapist and makeup artist). I’ve been so honored by their support and want to help them feel loved. I came out of my protective shell and created my first video tutorial of a product they can use at home. I’m editing it now but really nervous about it. Regardless, I genuinely feel inspired to take it to the next step. I’m researching how to support Dress for Success to give women the support they need to prepare for their career next steps and hopefully give them a little joy in self-care at home. Thanks Marie, and Team – what great timing!

  37. If you can still serve your customers, pleas do. It will help so many keep going in these strange times, and it contributes to our economy as well.

  38. Kimberly Smith

    This was great! Gave me some fantastic ideas for some of my own business ideas. Thank you, Marie! <3

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Kimberly, that’s fantastic! We can’t wait to see where you take this and we’re cheering you on!

  39. I am a graphic designer, and I create templates for online entrepreneurs and bloggers – think ebooks, opt-ins, webinars, etc. So many people are using this time to build their own online businesses, and I am so grateful that I can continue doing what I love and help people get started in or continue building their businesses. I’ve been using this time to add value to my products to help my clients create content as they get their businesses off the ground. One of my favorite mantras is ’empowered women empower women’, and that is my goal in life and in business!
    I am grateful for you and your team, for the amazing content you produce and how you constantly push me to look a bit deeper. I am also grateful that RC Willey is open, because my fridge went out last week (on my birthday, no less!). They’re not doing in-home delivery right now, but fortunately (and here is #3 on my list) I happen to run a small resort and have a couple of amazing maintenance guys on staff who are still working. They went to the warehouse, picked up, delivered and installed the fridge for me – all told, we were without a fridge for less than 24 hours, much to the relief of my poor five year old!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aww, Jennifer – thank you so much for all you shared here! It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job of making the most of this time, and spreading the love with others. We’re thrilled to hear that you’re supporting other women and business owners through all you do! And so glad that you were able to get your fridge fixed quickly, too ☺️

      Keep up the incredible work and attitude! XOXO

  40. This podcast was so helpful in figuring out how to market during the pandemic. Thank you! I have one question: How might I set up “Buy One, Give One” on my website, especially a signup for those in need of the giving? Thank you.

  41. Zain

    Wow, this is the powerful message I needed to hear.
    I was about to fall off; the week before this Pandemic I started my Fitness Program z365 where I Instruct Martial Arts. I’ve been offering free classes and for the past 2 days I got so caught up on these phones, laptops and tablets I have to do these Livestream classes over Instagram and YouTube….. but this message is really what I needed to read.
    Thank you very much,

  42. Jennifer - Team Forleo

    Lovely! So glad it was helpful, Zain.

  43. Pam

    Thank you, Marie, for always being a beacon of light. Six weeks ago when shit really started to get “real” – I froze. I just stopped. I was feeling all of the things you addressed today. I have a gift box business and at that moment I felt that the things I offer are luxuries and that no one was going to buy things that were not necessities. So I had to get quiet for a bit and really think about my next step. What I realized was that I had established this company to connect people and create meaningful moments and that was needed right now. Another very important element is that I source products from artists and makers for unique and functional pieces. So it is important that I continue to support them at this time. So I slowly started to climb out of the shelter. And then! I received an email from one of the artists I work with and she was offering to make a limited edition bracelet that says “We Rise” highlighting the strength of the individual when united in spirit. She was requesting a collaborative effort through sales, where each of us would donate $10.00 to the charity of our choice. (Of course, I was all in! ) And that was really the catalyst to get me back in the game.
    I am thankful for my local post office so that I can continue to ship gifts and contribute to spreading joy. I am thankful for a small local grocery store where I can get everything I need and feel safe doing it. I am thankful for the affirmation that you provided today in the podcast. There’s so much uncertainty right now and it has been heartwarming to see not only our local communities but people worldwide coming together to help each other out.
    Thanks for all you and your team do.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Pam, we’re so glad this podcast resonates and has helped you take those steps back into serving your customers, supporting your artist suppliers, and opening your business in a new way. We love that you took some time to listen deeply, and that you’re finding ways to give forward with your business. We’re sending you so much love and huge high-fives!

  44. Hi there-
    Thank you for this post and podcast. The subject of how to market and sell without guilt during this time has absolutely been on my mind, and you’ve given me ways to feel a lot better about it!
    I run a small online educational program for homeschooled teens. Even though I’ve decided to donate a percentage of my proceeds to a relevant-to-the-time charity for the indefinite future, I think offering scholarships during the back to school season would be appropriate too.
    Here’s my question. How do you vet applicants for scholarships, or rather, to what degree do you suggest doing so? I’ve never done this before. I want to make sure an applicant truly needs the scholarship, but I feel squeamish asking about other people’s personal finances. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
    Lily (B-school alum)

  45. don’t agree with some of the stuff you said, but the overall was pretty good

  46. Marie, thank you for talking about the elephant in the room.
    Of course, I want to do business more than ever, a compassionate one. My work is to help people with anxiety and stress and this is the time. Besides offering psychotherapy online in private pay, I quickly opened a free psychoeducational group in Spanish so people will find someone to talk to and they do not need to be worried about paying. One balances the other. I must confess that the first couple of weeks were tough because I needed to be stress-free for others and I was in high levels of anxiety. Thus, I planned to stop my podcast productions. However, I decided to leave the so professional hat and open the mic just to share my own fears and provide hope. Voala! people are loving it. We are all in this and we, the privileged ones, can do something for others. This is what is beautiful about humanity.

  47. Wow Marie…what a brilliant episode…loved all the music and sound affects…but even more the content!!

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