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Do you ever feel uncomfortable marketing your work? Or feel so overwhelmed by the seemingly endless marketing strategies you “should be” or “could be” doing — but rarely get around to?

You are not alone. In fact, tens of thousands of business owners have shared this exact problem.

As you know, I LOVE marketing. It’s one of my favorite topics, because it’s so powerful. The right marketing strategies are incredible, miraculous tools that can be used for good. For years, I’ve said that if you have a product or service you believe in, something that can genuinely help others — and you don’t do everything in your power to market the heck out of it — you’re stealing from those who need you most.

That’s right, stealing.

Marketing is the act of making change happen. Making is insufficient. You haven't made an impact until you've changed someone. @ThisIsSethsBlog Click To Tweet

I could go on and on (if you’d like that, get your butt in our B-School program next year).

But today, I’m honored to welcome one of my favorite people on the planet — a genuine marketing legend — back to the show. It’s the one and only Seth Godin, author of 19 brilliant titles including his newest must-read book, This Is Marketing.

There were soo many times while reading it that I cheered out loud! Seth will show you that marketing isn’t just a “must have” skill to get more clients, but a beautiful and potent tool to make positive change.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why marketing your work is more important than making your work
  • A dead simple 3-sentence marketing template
  • The power of going after the smallest viable market
  • How to stand out in a crowded market where everyone offers the “same thing” — Seth’s piano teacher example is one of the best I’ve ever heard
  • Why Seth “doesn’t believe in authenticity” or reading his book reviews
  • Plus countless more actionable insights to inform your marketing strategies

If you want to make real change with your work, this is a must-watch, must-share episode. Seth is one of the great teachers of our time. Grab your notebook, a pen and get started now.

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Once you’ve watched, let’s discuss.

What’s the biggest “aha” you’re taking away from this marketing conversation? How can you put that insight into action now? Tell me in the comments below.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

As Seth so beautifully puts it, “There’s a difference between being good at what you do, being good at making a thing, and being good at marketing. We need your craft, without a doubt, but we need your change even more.”

The world really does need that special gift that ONLY you have. You’ve got everything you need right now. Share this post with every creator you know. #letsdothis

All my ❤️,


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  1. Phoebe Hook

    I was scrolling YouTube when I refreshed and this was up. I love Seth, so naturally clicked right away and watched the video in its entirety. My favourite a-ha was about the axes. I’ve been through B-School, I’ve learned from Seth in the past, but it’s not a new concept. That reminder to position yourself strategically, and the example of the piano teacher really hit home that I need to review where I’m putting myself on that axis. Thanks Marie. Thanks Seth – I’m off to grab your book now!

    • Hi Phoebe Hook from another Phoebe.

      • I really love the idea of focusing on the embassy viable audience! I had never thought of it that way, and I tend to stress about whether my message is too “out there” for the masses. This was so helpful. Cannot wait to read the book! ❤️

  2. THIS episode. I talk to so many creative entrepreneurs who think their job is over once they have made something. I wish we had more conversations about the full picture of our work- and how it isn’t over until we’ve shared it with the world. Marketing and making it part of your creative plan is a must, and I’m so glad you had this conversation Marie because it’s something we shy away from or assume someone will do the work of our marketing for us!

    • Meika -Team Forleo

      Yes Erin! We’re so glad this episode resonated with you. Keep sharing that message, because it is so important.

    • Absolutely Erin! It’s a safe place, hiding in our creative caves creating new things but what’s the point when we don’t take the time to share them with the world with the same energy and love that we took to create them. My 2019 is going to look a whole lot different 🙂

  3. Beth Lauren

    Truly invaluable, validating and useful words from Seth and Marie.

  4. Thank you. That touched me and helped me. Wow!

  5. Robert Webb

    “Low price is refuge for markerters..” that is so true!! I want to focus on being better at what I do and the type of clients I want to reach. Focusing on better clients doesn’t mean I have to work harder to get “More” clients, it just means focusing on the few clients that have put their trust in me and believe in me! Then I can spend my time on serving them, obsess with helping them. Once I have made an impact in their life, they will remember that and share that experience with others!

  6. Melanie

    Fantastic interview.
    The biggest thing that hit home was that you don’t have to provide A service or product for everyone to love. You just have to choose that small group of people to serve. I think this helps you stick to your ideals of where you originally started your business.

    • Meika -Team Forleo

      This is such a shift for many people Melanie. Thanks for highlighting it!

  7. LOVE THIS! You both are amazing with SO many nuggets of wisdom. (I’m a voice coach so I very much resonated with this video!) Thank you thank you thank you.

  8. Rhodee

    Hey Marie,
    I am over the moon with your support en special guests. For some reason you are always there at the right moment. Because being an entrepreneur is wonderful, confusing and dazzling. You put things in perspective. So…..THANK YOU!!!

  9. Hello from the UK. You arrived in my inbox today and I clicked straight away. A great watch and I bought the book on audible to listen and learn as I walk everyday! I am an Entrepreneur it seems yay (or hope to be), I am launching a lower priced product to an audience that I hope to grow and scale and was relieved to hear this was ok! #phew I will then formulate higher priced (I am worth it dot com) services for those with a real need who tell me they want it because I actually ask and not assume. I am going to do the 10 people thing and work hard on a smaller audience to make my marketing work harder for me. 3 sentence marketing tool is like switching on a light bulb for every new idea and
    I love your shows and emails and ideas Marie and I recommend you to my friends and peers so this sharing really does make the world go around. Thank you both. Brilliant
    Lisajane, UK

  10. So many diamonds in this half our video… Time well spent! My favorite are the three questions. My service is for people who believe… I will serve people who want… I promise I can help you get… I love it!

    • Meika -Team Forleo

      We simply love that tool Machai! It’s such a wonderful way to focus your ideas and serve from your heart. Thanks for tuning in!

  11. Thank you soooo much for this Seth and Marie!
    I’ve been in business as an author coach for just over a year and I launched my first course YESTERDAY. I’ve signed my first students (THANK YOU B-SCHOOL!!!).
    One of the biggest accomplishments (during a week of stomach flips) was featuring 4 amazing women who’s lives have changed because they took a book that was stuck in their head, and sold it to people. They shipped!
    (I’ve been YouTubing “Quieting the Lizard Brain” on replay in the background for a week now. Thank you for that too Seth.)
    Listening to the two of you now (incredible synchronicity) reminds that I do know what I’m doing because people have been transformed. I’ve worked with 16 authors in this past year. They’ve shipped. They’ve marveled as others have laughed and cried over their words. They’ve connected to others and overcome big obstacles.
    At a time when everything is new, and my comfort zone is a distant dot in the periphery, thank you for reminding me that I’m moving in the right direction.
    So much love to both of you and the TEAM!!!,

  12. So many amazing nuggets of inspiration in this talk that I bought the audiobook right away! Can’t wait to listen to all of the marketing wisdom I’m about to listen to! 🙂 Thank you for another great episode Marie <3

  13. Louise Pollard

    Thanks for this wonderful interview with Seth!
    A great takeaway for me was around facing critics – kindness is key… “Thank you for caring enough to let us know!” & “The critic who doesn’t like your work is correct. The critic who says no one else will like your work is wrong.” Powerful yet simple words to take onboard & apply often. Thank you guys!!!

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      You’re spot on Louise – these powerful tools can be applied not only to business, but also in every day life. We hope that those words help strengthen your resolve and continue to propel you forward.

  14. William

    For me the most helpful insight from your interview with Seth was that smallness can work to your advantage. Also, the implication that the chemistry between you + the client has to fuse, otherwise forget it.

  15. This was a great talk between two very clever and charming people. Your conversations made it all the up to Iceland and it made such good sense, the whole thing.
    I loved these: The internet loves sort by price….We like paying more…..
    And what I take away and want to put to work right away is :
    This costs a lot and it´s worth even more than that !
    Thank you both so much.
    From top of the world 🙂 Joi

  16. Just bought the book in digital form. I had a lot of takeaways during your insight conversation with Seth Godin, but the one I liked most was being bold enough to refer our prospects to others who might fit more to what they are looking for. And, I have just done it. I received a call yesterday from someone who wanted to give his wife ‘English lesson packet’ as a gift for Christmas. I help people deliver their message in English and connect with international people by speaking with a clear accent. The man on the phone found my hourly rate a bit high. I texted him now and referred a colleague whose hourly rate is lower than mine. I told him that if he was looking for someone who could help his wife break her shyness and gain more fluency in her speech, I would be thrilled to work with. But if their goal is to find someone with lower hourly rate, my friend is the one to work with.
    I am very proud of myself. And, I believe by doing so, we can attract the right people to work with.

  17. This was such a great session! It really resonated with me.
    I agree with Phoebe, the example with the axes and the piano teacher really stood out to me. I have been struggling with connecting with my ideal clients and I too will have to re-examine my positioning. I absolutely loved that 3-sentence marketing template. It’s such a succinct way of capturing what you do, who its for and the results they’ll get. That short little paragraph is a great tool to use to communicate the value I will provide to clients, so I’ll definitely be using that from now on.
    Thanks so much for both your insights.

  18. Felicia

    Marie, this is just priceless, my favorite video so far honestly. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Sending good vibes your way!

  19. Patricia

    I am just starting my business as a coach, and l learned so much from episodes like this. Things that are common that aren’t common. Thank you for opening my eyes to new, and better ways for me to serve.


    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Patricia, this is such wonderful insight to have at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. It might be great to revisit as you continue to grow. We’re wishing you so much success!

  20. Marie, thank you for bringing Seth to our office once again through the magic of your interviews. We’ll be careful about asking for “feedback” as opposed to “advice.” THIS IS MARKETING, is available on audible, and I will be on my second run through it before the end of the weekend.

  21. Marie! This is exactly what I needed today. This is so me right now – I’ve created something I’m proud of but I’m not marketing it (I think because it involves me on video which is a new thing so, you know, fear…). So many light bulb moments; you and Seth hit the nail on the head of what’s up here and gave me so much clarity. Thank you for this! I need to get my marketing rear in gear… starting now.

  22. You, Marie, have always talked about the importance of creating products and programs and speaking to our customer avatar. If you KNOW you want to help a working mother trying to improve her life, it’s okay to NOT speak to a college kid living his dream. It was nice to have Seth reaffirm this. Don’t be general. Get specific to attract the right people and don’t worry about the others.

  23. Great episode! Laughed really hard as I am a piano teacher. And yes, the axis positioning really does work. Thanks to similar advice from B-school about finding my niche and creating a “blue ocean”, I now have a piano curriculum and videos, “Piano Lessons for Kids” on Amazon that targets families that don’t want to drive to lessons, but want to DIY themselves with the videos/book at home. Thanks so much to Marie and B-school for helping me find a niche and solve a problem. So grateful. Keep up the great work. I look forward to your content each week.

  24. Refreshing! He didn’t use these words, but what I heard (felt) was collaboration, connection over comparison with others and competing for ALL the market. We each bring our own unique spice and serve those who our particular spice is the most tasty. And in all honesty, this until recently has been a difficult concept to embrace – but I’ve got it now and shifted to a yearning of everyone who is doing work parallel to my own, in my living room using our unique spice to create a delicious recipe that uplifts humanity and improves the health our world! Rise Together. Shine Together.

  25. Gina

    This was such an amazing interview! I just started as a freelance marketer and EVERYTHING you both spoke about hit the spot. I have been going back and forth with so many people thinking marketing are sleezy people, but hearing that difference helps my confidence a lot! Thank you Marie for always giving such amazing content to the world! Sending much love!

  26. Very inspirational, especially this part of wanting change. I am kind of an idealistic free lancer and want to make a change. But sometimes my customers are like: yes, that’s you, but I’m just making websites/jewellery/graphic design for beer companies/etc. But now I understand that ofcourse they also want change. Why else would they have started their own company? It may not be world peace, but surely change on some level in the business they’re in. Thanks for this insight!

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said Muriel! Every maker/doer is after some sort of change. We often associate wanting change with Earth-moving, humanity transforming ideals, but most of the time, the change we’re after is very personal to our immediate environment. And that’s OK too.

  27. Wow. That just made me cry. I’ve felt like I’ve had something to offer. I just revised my book and I keep hoping that an angel will come down and do the marketing for me. This has given me the inspiration to remember that the marketing is what will help me actually help someone with my work. This has given me the courage to step back out again and try.

  28. Janet Rucka-White

    Wow. Just wow.

    I took so much from that but I really loved the short blueprint for determining your audience. That has been the biggest challenge for me and his “formula” really hit the mark.

    I will use that to develop a quarterly content marketing calendar and constantly revisit that formula.

    Thanks to all of you; what a fantastic production! Stay warm!

  29. Cheryl

    I NEVER watch a video all the way through – but this one was so generous, full of great insights – obviously practicing what you preach here. Thank you! My takeaway was focusing on my micro-market, critics are right and that OK, and the fill in the blank exercise is invaluable. Went and ordered the book in two ways – audible and print! Thanks for the great interview Marie an Seth! <3

  30. I loved the bit about the review for Harry Potter.
    21,000 reviews. 12% are negative and it’s one of the best selling book series of all time.
    It’s helpful to remember that you could be “successful” and still have 12% of people dislike your work.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Eye-opening right? This fact clearly illustrates why staying the course despite the critics is so important. What if J.K. Rowling had quit because of those negative reviews? We hope this keeps you inspired Patrick!

  31. Corinna

    I am becoming a teacher for kids aged 1o to 16 . I do this in order to build the groundwork for building a business I love What I took away is this: I wrote down promises I make to my students:
    – make learning interesting and fun
    – put the needs if my students in my. focus
    -structure the lessons in a clear way
    – have a strong focus on our goal
    – visualize as much as I can

  32. Laurie

    This arrived at precisely the right moment for me. “Cheap is another way to stay scared” is the hallelujah chorus I needed. I’m now realizing that I vested too much in feedback from others when I should have been trusting my own instincts to remain focused on cultivating my micro-market. Even those without deep pockets will invest in quality when the service or product you offer connects with them. Thank you so much!

  33. Veronica Penas

    Marie, thank you so much for this episode! I truly enjoy and learn out of every single one. Today I’ve learn the real definition of an Entrepreneur. THANK YOU Seth for your golden nuggets in this book.

  34. I just watched your interview with Seth Godin. I have a short attention span and am skeptics that I will learn something new. It was terrific! Honest, informative, entertaining and enlightening. Thank you

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the episode Cindy! We hope you’re able to put some of your take-aways into immediate use.

  35. Awesome episode, really enjoyed.

    The three things that spoke most to me, were:
    “This costs more, and it’s worth it!”
    “People without big bank accounts will still spend a lot to solve a particular problem… if you’re worth it.”

    And last but not least, that asking for advice is better than asking for feedback. (Language choice matters!)

  36. Lina

    This episode came at the perfect time for me. After sleepless night last night struggling with how to position my product and how to make it more associated with the customers, this episode was the first thing I saw this morning in my email. Sometimes things are meant to be and coming to you to help you. Thank you Mari & Seth for your wisdom and new ideas. Just purchased the book, can’t wait to read it !

  37. Louise (a.k.a LG....Life's Great! So let's make it Better!)

    I found a lot of interesting items out through watching this but I’m not quite sure about how to apply it in regards to my business. I did feel it was interesting about the micro-consumer and how to focus on that aspect. So I am trying to wrap my head around this one…I crochet dishcloths because I like making pretty, naturally (not machine made) made things that are made using natural fibers (not artificial) to use in the kitchen because there’s no point in doing chores in the kitchen if you can’t find a way to make it fun and work better than most commercially made products. Therefore I am making these for people who like natural products and like the fact that it’s handmade and because they believe it works better.
    Then there’ s the other aspect of this is a on-the-side business. I am trying to sell me, my skills, my passion and my abilities in finding full-time permanent work. So could I use these marketing tools to tell the story of me and what I want to help solve?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Louise! We believe story can be a powerful way to connect with the people you want to reach, so sharing why your work is important to you is wonderful.

  38. Andrea Magdalena

    This interview came in a right time and helped me to put many things into perspective. I took much notes that I’m already implementing. Looking forward to the second part ? a suggestion Thank you!

  39. “We need the smallest viable audience, not the biggest possible audience.” THIS! Thank you, Marie and Seth.
    In B-School, the ICA task was my favorite and I always credit it for transforming my business. I’ve become a firm believer in knowing who you serve and communicating directly to/with that person. But it’s easy to be swayed from time-to-time. To get caught up in what others are doing and wonder, ‘Should I do that too?’ Even if it’s not who you are, what you’re audience needs, or what you’ve promised to them.

    Listening to this was a warm blanket of reassurance. It calmed that ‘should I’ anxiety. It was the reminder I needed to stay focused on the person I want to serve the most and to continue delivering on my promises. And that’s it.
    Thank you for this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Annemarie! These are such fantastic insights and we’re so happy you’re seeing the value of the ICA exercise. It’s so good to hear that this episode helped keep the “shoulds” at bay. We’re proud of you! xo

  40. Permission Marketing from Seth had opened my mind and made me grow a lot in 2011 when I as the Marketing Manager form a GIS Company.
    2 years later I decided to have my own business and I fill lost most part of the time. I’d changed my goals and products a lot ato fit the public needs and this lack of focus had broked me many times. From this amazing and very difficult journey I’d learned a lot and now I know I can share this experience and help other woman to not fell so lost when trying to promote their biz and to be productive without being anxious.
    Im very excited with this new book (which Im looking for to bring one to Brazil as soon as possible) because I feel I can have the same type of growth I had in 2011.

    Thank you so much Marie and Seth for bring light for us.

    Kind Regards,
    Paula Talmelli

  41. Absolutely loved this. I resonate so deeply with Seth’s message and yet I needed to hear it again – right now. thank you! Beth Wonson

  42. Maria

    Wow, this was amazing and super clear. Made me change my point of view about authenticity. Sometimes I find myself trying too hard to be the authentic one, but Seth made me realise that what really matters is to be consistent, to keep my promise and do my job. At the end what matters is that I helped someone else to solve a problem.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      And the beautiful thing is that being consistent, keeping your promises, and doing your job to help people are all components of authenticity. When you think about the most authentic people you know, you’re probably thinking of people who do all three of these things. 🙂

  43. SO glad I watched this this morning. I particularly loved “Can I give them a service that can help them see what their choices are?” I learned this from my massage therapist, whose first conversation with me concluded with “if we aren’t a great fit I know a lot of people in this town and I’ll refer you to someone I think will be right for you.” She cares so much about what her clients need that she’s told me I need to reduce how much therapy I’m doing for my own sanity. “Come in less and do Pilates more!” She told me. She has no cancellation policies and only asks for payment if you’ve forgotten. It creates mutual respect, trust, and, even though it costs a lot of money, it removes the transactional feeling between us. I trust her now more than anyone. And that’s changed the way I look at my own work. Empathy is everything!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! This is such a phenomenal example of empathy in business and we’re so glad you’ve found the perfect massage therapist. 🙂

  44. Totally had a #magicmoment when Seth said something to the affect “you picked your audience, so don’t whine about it.”

    So hit home today!! As always, thank you.

  45. Fabulous, just tuned in at the right time and place to hear Seth talking about marketing he is awesome I’m now on my way to pick up his book. Amazing & magical thank you.

  46. Sorry my above comment is the one above – sorry to mess up client arrived early

  47. Reshanda

    Oh……man. This was such a treat. My biggest takeaway from this conversation is that true marketing is humane.
    I never thought a conversation on marketing could be nourishing, but that is what this was among many other edifying, insightful, and soul-elevating things.
    I’m so grateful for these two humans as well as the entire MF team for bringing so much wisdom and joy to my world. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Reshanda! It means a lot to us that this episode was nourishing for you and we’re so happy you’re a part of our community. <3

  48. I really enjoyed this because it connected with my mindset. I have been through so much noise on how to market my new business and this video gave me so much clarity on how I’m going to share my story.
    Thank you to you both…exciting times ahead

  49. Hi!
    I am glad I watched your interview with Seth Godin! I felt like I couldn’t write down notes fast enough! So many great take-always in the conversation that helped me make more sense out of what marketing is, and how to go about it.
    I think the biggest take-away for me is to get my message across to the right people, the most powerful thing I can do is tell what happened to me, and what my experience going forward taught me that I want others to know that find themselves dealing with the same thing! Because, if I had know then what I know now, I would have chosen a different path…….. And why is this important? Because we put our complete faith in someone elses’s hands , and they might not have our best interest in mind! And so it is….Gail Mendenhall.???

  50. Sanjay S Trasy

    Marie,, thanks for guiding me to this interview with Seth. I loved it. The priceless wisdom which flowed through the entire episode was awesome. I am particularly impressed by Seth’s advice to identify and offer to the customer something useful which no one else does. And if the customer still wants something else then redirect him or her to the right offering elsewhere. This will be customer service in true sense and create immense goodwill for the business. A satisfied customer will always come back for more. Trust and Attention are supreme in modern marketing. Lots of love…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Kindness and empathy, especially in customer service, are the way to go. 🙂

  51. I absolutely LOVE everything Seth stands for. To me, he’s one of the most thoughtful human being. After reading his books you don’t just hope, you strive to become and DO BETTER.

  52. Im sitting here weeping… I feel like Seth just read an Eulogy to the old me…and welcomed in the new me

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Ed! It’s a new dawn and a new day, full of new beginnings, and it sounds like the future has great things in store for you.

  53. georgi georgiev

    Every product is of sufficient quality as long as advertising is well made and the product will sell well. Every product has market and demand and buyers according to their needs. No much effort is required to make good advertising of a product and a little more money. And good performance on the market.

  54. You learned to invest in yourself
    It’s just that the confrontation is changing but not before I learn English well I will go to the best university in the UK so that my language can speak well
    We’ll start from here and from there. A new title is the human task of man

  55. I’ve known for a while now that better marketing is the next step to taking my business to the next level. I’ve been racking my brain on the best way to go about increasing my exposure, and today’s video just reinforced my fear that I’m going to have to put myself out there and create some videos of my own. I’ve been held back by the fear of not wanting to sound like a “know it all”, or the critics who’ll complain I’m not sending the “right” message. Thank you for teaching me how to respond to them with grace and to remind myself that my message will resonate with my ideal clients simply because they’re the one’s that I’m speaking to and who need it the most.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Helayne! It can be a little uncomfortable putting yourself out there, but it’s so rewarding and worthwhile, not to mention a game-changer for your audience. We’re cheering you on as you’re sharing your story!

  56. It was SO liberating to hear this; ‘the critics are critics because it’s not for them’.

    I just made about 10 different notes and decisions while watching this for our team strategy meeting which is 5 times as much gold than I got flying to Orlando for a conference and taking 5 days out of my life to do.

    I started with the list of what we believe in our company that is totally us and resonates with our avatar and it feels SO good. That is the difference with this approach is that in contrast to marketing ‘tactics’ this feels so much more genuine and liberating.
    Thank you, Marie and Seth, I agree with Seth that you should have chatted for about 2 more hours. Especially grateful for this episode!
    I also filled in the template (while watching) that we will be using for the business that feels good;
    My product is for people who are addicted to sugar. I will focus on people who want to be free from the grip sugar has on them but know they need way more than a diet. I promise that engaging with what I make will help people become stronger than the hold sugar has on them.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s fantastic that you’re already implementing what Seth talked about in the video and you wrote your three sentence marketing manifesto! Nice! It means the world to us that this episode was more helpful than the conference you mentioned. We’re happy to be able to share these fun resources with you. 🙂

  57. Ramdeo

    I liked and enjoyed the exchange between beautiful Marie and a bald Seth Godin. Beauty and brain were visible , perceptible , impressive and worth paying attention to. I thank them both for this video.

  58. I like Seth’s perspective on authenticity. If you are a professional – make a promise – keep it. I jotted it down in my notebook. I will think about this more. I would not separate the two, at least in my craft, which is coaching.

  59. Jill Rowe

    there were so many nuggets. I love both of you and what you do in the world. But the one that resonated the most was ” do work that matters for those who care”. This fits me to a T. It’s what I want to focus on most, and that I excel at. I don’t do well with marketing that feels false, and hollow. I just ordered Seth’s book and can’t wait to read it and add it to my bookshelf, with several other books he’s written that I have enjoyed enormously.

    Thank you again Marie for all that you do.

  60. As a former piano teacher, my ears perked up on that example. And now I can see so much clearer how I am always marketing my sound healing business. However, sometimes I feel like I am always sending people to the other “teacher” across town. And they are always grateful. Many of them come back to thank me. I try to focus on the people I am helping with my unique gifts. Every day there are more and more people finding me because I am standing in the truth of who I am and sharing the honest me with with the world. Thank you Marie Forleo for continuing to bring people like Seth Godin for us to learn from. Gotta get that book!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Phoebe! This sentence you said is gold: “Every day there are more and more people finding me because I am standing in the truth of who I am and sharing the honest me with the world.” You summarized the essence of Seth’s kind of marketing beautifully and it’s your unique blend of gifts that make what you’re doing so special.

  61. This was a great insight into the world of marketing and has really laid the first stepping stone for me. Thank you.

  62. Thank you so much for this!! Great advice! I’m so happy I watched this, and by the way, Seth… I use to sell the Flowbee Hair Cutter! Lol!

  63. Fairley Wijesinghe

    Thanks heaps, I have taken every word on board to market my ideas ( I don’t have a product) to be a leader in my work. I will use my five best followers ( believers) to reach out to the rest of 50+ staff I manage… I am using this as a management tool and I know it will work… Thank you both once again

  64. Really loved this video on marketing and I’ve already put out there to my followers 50% for the whole month of November do the holidays with adding new tools for selflove . I’m ok now with my decision 1. Because i already put it out there 2. I’ve gotten 3 more clients with it and 3. I’ had already planned on raising my prices in December or at the first of the year and 4. I now know differently so I’ll do differently
    Grateful for you , these free bodies and all the advice here Maria ???

    Any advice for me ?

  65. Tim

    Such a great exercise at 7:25.
    My product is for people who believe [that poison kills the poison and pain kills the pain.]
    I will focus on people who want [transformation, pain relief and increased freedom of movement from bodywork — and aren’t afraid to breathe through some discomfort to get there.]
    I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get [a pain-free body and buoyant spirit.]

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you’re taking action and already putting this framework to use, Tim! Right on.

  66. Wow! What a gift. I never thought I could learn so much in 30 minutes. Finding the first 10 customers who insist on telling other people about you is a gem. Best advice I’ve heard since launching my new business. Thank you for all that you do, and all that you share!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Elisa! We’re so happy this episode spoke to you. 🙂

  67. Love this and considering I’m working on marketing my first online product, not to mention fill a group dance cardio class with more ladies – this hits home. I have the first ten but I’m truly looking to up their experience and not I feel pumped with ideas on how to do that. Thank you! Here’s to getting more women feeling falling in love with their bodies thru dance!!

  68. Veronica Ricksen

    OMG this episode was soooooo helpful! I’ve been having such a struggle with my price-point and marketing my products. But, Seth’s words about price–“cheap is another way to stay scared–” and how it’s not enough to make good things, you also have to make change happen which is done through marketing really hit home for me! This episode totally re-worked my mind frame and I’m so excited to take action inspired by this episode. thank you!!!!

  69. Rinka

    Dear Marie,
    I can’t say how much i love this talk with you and Seth Godin! It’s like these wonderful messages came to me exactly the right time when i most needed them! I fear in doing things step by step when you have the idea maybe you have done things all wrong all these year. This video is simply a life-changing one! Amazing!
    Big thank you and hugs, cheers to both of you and the team!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The beautiful thing about taking action is that even if you realize later the step wasn’t the right one, you learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work. And many decisions aren’t irreversible, so you can start again and course correct. We encourage you to take action toward your dreams and use your unique blend of gifts and talents in the way that only you can.

  70. Catalina

    Lovely, so-much-needed-right-now content! Thank you so very much! I love you both! (already read the first 4 chapters of the book)

  71. Big thank Marie + Seth! Powerful message and confirmed what I’ve been sensing in my somewhat new coaching biz. Am I Wal Mart or Neimans? Serving less clients, but IDEAL clients with deeper pockets. I needed to give myself that permission. Grateful!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Tiffany! Plus, having fewer clients but at the price point your business needs to thrive means more freedom for you. 🙂

  72. So many thoughts here for me, but that reassurance that my free ideas are the important bit. Sometimes with ‘marketing’ it’s easy to lose focus on that aspect.
    I’m here to share the idea that we are more capable than we think, and it doesn’t need to feel so hard. I want to live in a world where we are taught how to handle emotional difficulties and setbacks so that we can follow our inner compass. That’s not a money-maker, that’s my own soul purpose needing to be shared. Because I swear we should be taught this stuff like ‘intuitive life direction’ recognition and resilience in schools 🙂

  73. R. Smith

    The focused perspective of “making a change”/”making change happen” – what a positive way to approach and to view marketing. I learned so much from this episode. Love the three questions: Who do we hope to serve? What’s the problem they seek to solve? What is the change they want to make? Can’t wait to get the Seth Godin’s book!

  74. Fran Hansen

    This was excellent information! I have been struggling with the marketing aspect of my business of designing and creating clothing for babies and small children. I make little dresses that often have hand smocking, heirloom quality aspects. Usually they take awhile to create. I have had great feedback from some on them, however, the amount that people have purchased is not the amount I need to have a regular income! I have become frustrated about it and somewhat disillusioned, yet this is one of my passions! I am a recently retired nurse who dove into this passion when I retired because I finally have time! I have a FB page and website. My website includes “stories” from some who have purchased my products. I need to figure out how to reach those who can afford these products and want to have them as a part of their lives. Thanks for the video!

    • Hi.
      This was excellent information! I have been struggling with the marketing aspect of my business of designing and creating clothing for babies and small children. I make little dresses that often have hand smocking, heirloom quality aspects. Usually they take awhile to create. I have had great feedback from some on them, however, the amount that people have purchased is not the amount I need to have a regular income! I have become frustrated about it and somewhat disillusioned, yet this is one of my passions! I am a recently retired nurse who dove into this passion when I retired because I finally have time! I have a FB page and website. My website includes “stories” from some who have purchased my products. I need to figure out how to reach those who can afford these products and want to have them as a part of their lives. Thanks for the video!

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        We’re so glad you’re committed to figuring this out, Fran! Your dreams are important and marketing can help you reach the people you most want to serve. It may help to get in touch with some of your past customers to interview them so you can better understand why they buy, what their hesitations are, what would lead them to recommend you to others, etc. because that can help you reach your future customers.

  75. The end had me in tears, of JOY! Because…it spoke to the FACT that each and every one of us is 100% worthy AS WE ARE and what gifts we NATURALLY bring to the table. AND we can choose to fine tune our approach in a way to reach our audience of choice, only to get better and better and better! How cool is that?! How successful we are is a choice, and “failing” only means we are gifted an opportunity to learn where we need to improve to do better, apply it and keep going, and in doing so, winning is the only outcome <3

  76. Overall excellent info! I do have to raise issue with being against authenticity, though. Authenticity doesn’t mean, “I don’t feel like doing my job today.” It means I provide you with a product/service in a way that’s true to who I am, in order to provide you with the best experience I can provide.

    That aside, I believe that if, for example, a doctor doing knee surgery is regarded as the absolute best in the field, and they felt that their best work could only be done when their chakras are aligned, or whatever, and explained that to their patients in advance, the patient would be thankful to the doctor for doing whatever they perceived necessary to achieve the best results. Anyone saying, “I need this surgery done next Tuesday no matter what,” would not be going to that doctor.

    Also, looking at the piano teacher example, I don’t think it makes sense to say “My personality is most in line with a relaxed style of teaching classical, but that market is saturated in this area, so I’m going to teach jazz instead because I’d be the only one teaching that in this town.” I think the better thing to do would be to change your location to where an easy-going classical teacher is needed rather than changing who you are to fit a perceived need in your area. That’s being authentic and it’s important if you want to truly serve people in the best way possible.

    These points about authenticity aside, I do think the message of serving people to the best of your ability is a great one! Thank you both for all of your awesome work!

  77. Madelaine

    I have just discovered you and I am so excited. Seth, also a new discovery is wonderful and your chat was inspiring. So much info, so much to learn and be grateful for. Thanks ?

  78. Sheila Riley

    Hello.. I just got done watching your video and the biggest thing I took away from it was that I have to go back to the drawing board. The reason being is that I was building this idea of working for myself in the wrong heart. I realized in all my being in the world, I lacked the understanding behind the heart of the business owner. Thank you for opening my eyes to the mindset that it takes to walk in this path. I have to go back into prayer now to fully find where I need to be.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode resonated with you, Sheila! Though it can feel scary, the drawing board is an amazing place to be. There are endless possibilities ahead and so much potential, so we’re cheering you on as you’re discovering the new path you want to forge ahead.

  79. Bob Mitchell

    We help ‘inventor-preneurs’ to commercialize their impactful technologies. Inventors come to us. We don’t really prospect for new clients, we screen for clients with impactful ideas and with the personality/willingness to be coached. So, on the surface, it would appear that we don’t need to do ‘marketing’.
    But, as Seth Godin makes very clear, “Marketing is the art of making change happen.” and “Marketing is persuasion.” Those simple statements, caused me to realize that we need to become more persuasive (i.e., get better at marketing our advice to our clients and prospective clients). Some prospective clients, that we dismiss as being ‘uncoachable’ would likely be coachable if we were more empathetic about the problems that they feel that they need to solve.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great takeaway, Bob! We totally understand not wanting to coach someone who’s uncoachable, though if you can help them understand the importance of the attitude shifts they’d need to become coachable, you may be able to turn them around and create your biggest fans. 🙂

  80. Hello! I’m Franklin Gutiérrez from Mérida – Venezuela!!!!
    I’m so glad of reading all this page that gave me tips to put in practice to get better at my piano classes as a Teacher.

    Thanks you Marie for your website and Keep it fresh and interesting every day!!!!!
    I wish you the Best!!!!
    Frankin from Mérida – Venezuela.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so cool that you’re a piano teacher, Franklin! Keep up the awesome work you’re doing and thank you for being a part of our global family.

  81. What Seth read at the end was just what I needed. Not just to hear it but he made me FEEL it. Thank you both so much.

  82. Oh man, is it too much to say I was almost in tears at the end? THIS. So glad I blocked off the time to absorb this geniusness – one (of many) takeaways – focus on the FIRST 10. Such an attainable, NON-OVERWHELMING goal. I know I’m good at my craft, marketing? Not so much. So off I go to get BETTER at this so I can continue to help more people. Thank you for such inspiration as always! xoxox

  83. Gosh that was genious. I love both of you and learn each time I read or listen to your thoughts. I’m a fine artist and kinda struggle here. I’m trying to offer free ideas but it takes time to spread them. What hit me (even though I’ve heard it many times) was making my message real specific and to the narrowest group as possible. Thank you for sharing… lots of love xx

  84. Wow…the email containing this video couldnt have come at a better time…

    I have been struggling BIG TIME with the direction I want to take my business and struggling even more with the message I want coming out of my business.

    There was SOO MANY golden nuggets in this video it’s ridiculous.

    My wife introduced me to Marie’s content several months ago but to be honest, it’s only been about a week that I’ve actually started LISTENING to her and actually reading her emails…

    Amazing content. Thanks so much….

  85. Seth and Marie together? Holy Christmas Cookies! What a treat. My takeaway? Authenticity is a trap! Oh, yes. I’m all up for keeping the promise. If only others were too.

  86. Amazing to experience so much heart & smarts in one interview. Thanks for the generous conversation and the honesty from both Marie & Seth.

  87. Great information! As a “trained marketer” who went to school to learn the biz, this information is so valuable. It’s 100% different than what I was taught and I’m so grateful to have found Seth & Marie at critical points in my journey! Y’all are awesome! Thanks for the great content!

  88. It’s a total coin toss to imagine choosing which of these two is more brilliant. Since because both Marie and Seth have layered much of this onto my soul over the years, my takeaway was a more general reinforcement of something I deeply believe: Marketing is a good thing.

    After years of blogging, I have just started a new podcast that is called “Find Loving Homes for Your Art” and it’s core values are wrapped up in all that has been stated here. I teach/preach to my listeners that the act of marketing (and therefore selling) their artful objects leads to a lifetime of joyful engagement with the art. They have th power to change people’s lives forever. It is my mission to help artists recognize and take ownership of this important role so they can be better marketers.

    My Satori Moment? Thanks for reminding me that what I do matters as much as the work my clients do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, McKenna! That’s such a beautiful takeaway. 🙂

  89. The thing that stood out to me the most, or speaks most clearly to where I am in my journey, is piano teacher/axis part.
    How do I do what I do differently from what is already available out there? Go there. Be me – to the edges – and serve the people who are seeking this.
    Love it as always. Now off to go buy that book!

    Thanks, Marie and Seth!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Beth! We’re so glad you’re thinking about ways to set yourself apart from the crowd––it can make all the difference.

  90. Brilliant! You just keep on bringing it!!! I always learn so much each time I watch or listen, I get so jacked after I feel Ike I have to run around the block then come back and get back to the work, which I love! Thank you so much and Ive ordered this wonderful book!

  91. Love it. The biggest take away for me is to pay more attention to the 5 people in my course already…. I have CFS so my energy is limited but I dream of doing a 6 week set of videos to help them out… never mind about the big boys and the competition!

  92. Tons of gems in this! Love what he said about not reading his reviews. Good advice!

  93. I am currently on your copy cure course and LOVE IT..worth every penny. I love the information you provide. This interview is FABULOUS! My goal has always been to over deliver and serve my clients in ways they have never experienced and built my global business via word of mouth! I love what you said about I maybe expensive but I am worth it!! I use this and it was great to hear you say this! I love and agree marketing is not about cheap price and pushy! Solving a problem. Always refreshing can not wait to read the book. ordered it as listening! Thanks for the great content as always!

  94. wooty woo!

    Thank you Seth and Marie. Thank you for giving me permission to go after a audience with big bank accounts. I for so long felt like I needed to serve those without gaining the value in return which never felt good. Now I realize free content for those who can’t or don’t value paying high prices and getting the checks from the ones who do. I don’t need to feel guilty. I know that my services are OVERLY WORTH IT. I change lives. It’s worth so much more than I charge. Thank you for this perspective shift.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Monica! You do good work and there’s no shame in being paid properly for the value you provide. This is an A+ takeaway!

  95. Fleur

    Oh my! The “My product is for people who….” statement is genius in its simplicity. I’m going to fill in those blanks for my business and use it everywhere. Best (unplanned) 30 minutes I’ve spent in a while. Thank you.

  96. I loved this episode! I especially appreciated the three sentence structure to marketing. It reminded me a lot of the lessons Marie brings up in B School.

    As an AstroYoga specialist, I do tend to stand out as specific, but I have struggled with the “piano teacher” effect–I know what I stand for, but it’s difficult to articulate that to people who see my field as a bit left field. This structure is helping me clarify!

    Thank you!!!!

  97. All I can say is WOW WOW I am off to buy Seth’s book now. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational interview ?❤️

  98. How amazing! Thank you soooo much Marie and Seth! This was absolutely beautiful.

  99. Amazing! I loved “I am here to help you get what you want not to persuade you that you are wrong”. The idea of helping people find their solution really changes the game.

  100. Marie, this was amazing! The “aha” moment for me (there were many, but this is most important to my acting career) is to MAKE CHANGE. I’ve never heard that information said in that way before. I constantly worry about being talented enough and consistent and having a good enough game plan to break into the industry. However, today I realized that what’s going to help me most in this career is to come from a place of wanting change. With casting directors and other industry professionals; I want them to leave a meeting or conversation with me feeling like I changed something in them, such as adding value to their lives or their projects. I’m excited to continue, thanks for being you. Virtual hugs!

  101. Martha

    Thank you, Marie and Seth. Your insights were gold for me as a newbie to the world of marketing and entrepreneurs. Seth’s definitions of both gave me clarity especially when so many people think I’m trying to sell another scam or entrepreneurs are flaky people who can’t get a real job, lol!
    I can now mov forward with confidence in myself and this industry, especially when you and Seth have my back.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear that, Martha! Entrepreneurs move the world, so we’re glad you’re sharing your gifts and making the difference you were born to make.

  102. Exceed in the small before you go to big! Genius. Loved this video. Marie and Seth you are a great team! Write a book together?

  103. Sam

    I have done Bschool and learned so much – Thanks to Marie.

    But we all have days when we judge ourselves, compare ourselves and feel like we’re not making the progress we want.. Watching this today made me realize that the small audience is so important and that I’m so lucky to already have those ten great people who love what I do. Thank you for the reminder..we have to crawl before we can walk, and then we get to walk before we run.
    Loved this episode!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Sam! Having 10 people who love your work is fantastic. Keep going. 🙂

  104. I am currently battling “authenticity” within marketing.
    Specifically with social media. What’s the line? Is there a line? Does anyone have any advice?
    I feel like we are constantly being torn different directions.

    My biggest take away from this was about bringing the price to the table and making a promise to the people you want to buy your product.

    B School Alum,
    Audrey Kramm

  105. I love the Seth and Marie conversations. They shift my perspective and energize me every time!!

  106. Laura

    Hello Marie and Seth! What a great interview! I loved it so much. Years ago I started to follow Marie as I recognized that Marie had this amazing super spark, that I desired to once have with the ability to inspire people to be the best they possibly could be. 🙂 I was a freelance artist and young mum of 2 and with very “shallow pockets” at that time. And I just can’t emphasize, how much support I have received(for free) during these years from you, Marie, and your team! Thank you!!!! The clarity, that slowly has dawned upon me about many topics in business and how to be a better human being is priceless…Back then, when I felt stuck in my life I decided, even though I could not afford to take a B-School course or similar, I would surround myself virtually with people that I admired subscribing to their e-mail lists…and my life is changing rapidly. I now know so much more and I am now confident to say, how amazing artist I am(because there is just one of me:)) and I am starting to sell my works, and to invest in other great ideas and projects…it is just the beginning…I am so excited for whats to come and grateful to all people like you! :), Marie, and Seth! <3

  107. The internet has upped the game of ‘free’. Free samples of ideas build your business but free samples at the factory break a business. LOVED that visual and how it brought home the difference between selling free ideas to get clients or buyers vs. free food or products LOL. Our blogs (as authors) are our ongoing free ideas. Also, answering questions from contacts who have not bought your idea or product yet is a great way to give a free sample. Great video. Thank you Marie and Seth for this!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Lisa! We love this creative thinking. 🙂

  108. Andrea Walters

    You caught me on the right day, at the right time and living in the right moment. This video couldn’t have been more timely for me. Having spent a life being told that I’m good at what I do, I’m feeling that the traditional marketing and sales initiatives that I was successful at, I’m now struggling with. I keep wondering is it me? Biggest barrier to entry is “cost” or so I’m told day after day. I’m now aware that my biggest barrier to entry is that I’m not selling the “need” to the end user. I’m selling the idea of a healthier, fitter, happier, person to a physician and not to their patient. I need to be speaking to the patient so they can understand what is in it for them.

  109. I have to read that book – it’s a positioning of the marketer that I’m happy to take on 🙂

  110. Frigg! So good. Thank you for changing my world today!

  111. Maria

    Thank you Marie and Seth. My aha moment was the idea of sharing, connecting, using one ´s intuition where and to whom and when and one´s intuition to find the “tribe” of 10 people that vibrate on your same level of vibrations. and it is not going to be a fixed level. that will also change. As an artista in art school not in the US, the curricular of art teachers do not share this paradigm, this new belief system. not only is it about loving to créate in your studio. when you finish that afternoon you need to ask one more question to your intuition: what tribe can i connect them with ideas, and the second aha is better a tribe that is able to value it . old belief given in art schools is to lower price of creative ideas as if in a flea market, which leads to poverty for artists.

  112. Marie & Seth. What a combo. Such an incredible podcast with two inspirational people who always show me new ways to look at the challenges I am facing as a business owner. GOLD.

  113. “If you can’t succeed in the small, how can you succeed in the large?”
    YES!!! Target the smallest viable audience, don’t try and appeal to the masses.

    I love this reminder. Thank you for another great episode 😀

  114. Omg THIS episode!!! I listened to it about ten times already – pausing and scribbling those golden nuggets down. My brain was racing and my heart was pumping (in a good way). I particularly liked the one sentence mantra by Seth on how to approach marketing…
    Ultimately, the takeaway for me is:
    1) CARE about your people (I don’t like to call them customers)
    2) Think small (group) but aim high (value)

    LOVE!!! Thank you Marie!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, Mishell! These are excellent insights!

  115. Wow! What an interview! What a mindset shift. I’ve never cared for marketing and it is amazing to learn that it can be done another way that resonates with me. I’m so thankful that I stopped tonight to listen to this interview. I can’t say that there was only one “biggest takeaway”. Several things were just downright encouraging. 1. Find the right 10 people 2. Quit trying to please the masses. 3. Critics- they don’t have to like it…thank you and move on. I bought the book. I’d like to sit down with Seth over a cup of tea and listen to him some more. I didn’t know of him before tonight but I am a fan now!! Thanks, Maria!

  116. Trying to be everything to everyone helps no one.
    Trying to be everything to everyone helps no one.
    Trying to be everything to everyone helps no one.
    Trying to be …
    I can’t hear this enough. It’s so easy to default into wanting to please the masses instead of focusing, or as Seth said, OBSESSING over your Ideal Customer Avatar. Thank you so much!

  117. Find the right ten people that are going to go tell others about you/your product. Focus on the micro instead of the masses.
    Marketing is an area I have always struggled with, and this video provided such great insights. I’m ready to make some change! Thank you!
    This book is going on my Christmas list!

    • Yes! I love the “find the right 10 people” mindset too. It makes the next steps feel less overwhelming. 10 is a doable number. I also like the “ask for advice, not feedback.”

  118. Lisa Cecconi

    Favorite line: “The gutsy thing to do is to be able to say to your customer, ‘This costs a lot, and it’s worth even more than that.'” This is something my team works on consistently and I can’t underscore enough its effectiveness. The important/challenging part can be getting the team to buy into it. Once they do, you’re golden.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So awesome that your team is on board, Lisa! 🙂

  119. Obu

    What resonated with me a lot is you can choose your market – don’t complain after choosing a niche that cannot afford your services..

  120. Oh I love this episode. I really love the distinction between entrepreneurs and free lancers that feels important and I am taking away that 3 sentence template – getting started right now on that and the advice verses feedback – brilliant !. Thank you both/ super helpful.

  121. Thank you again for a brilliant conversation Marie and Seth Godin!
    The biggest lightbulb moment for me was the talk about the size of the audience. I have a small one and they are amazing! I love them and they love my art. So I am at a great place to expand someday.

  122. This one is gold about business. And one of my favorite.
    Clarity and simplicity about so many topics in 30 minutes. I will spread the word to all the people I’m counseling and coaching.
    And I’m proud to say that yes I have 10 and more people who will feel bad If I decide to quite what I’m doing now.
    It also resonate on a personal level.
    I will bookmark it.

  123. I LOVE this episode. I went straight off and bought Seth’s book and the audible! I’m working my way very slowly through B School and Amy Porterfield’s courses that convert but procrastinating like mad on producing my course. Ive been running the course as a classroom course for years. I know people need it! It’s fear of putting myself out there in these days of everyone having an opinion on social media. I also feel some of the marketing I hear recommended doesn’t feel “quite right” to me. Seth’s comments on critics were a bit of an AHA moment – thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      There will always be critics with opinions, but it’s important to remember that they’re in the minority. They’re just loud. 🙂

  124. Benson Modie

    Yes, the smallest viable audience is the way to go, I loved that! Much wisdom, thank you…..and I got to find that book!!

  125. What resonated most with me was Seth making the differentiation between making things (factory) vs. making idea/marketing (service). When he says that if someone doesn’t want you, need you or agree with you (paraphrasing), that’s ok and if they decide not to go ahead with/pick you, they’re correct. That is so true. So many times I have wondered what about our business isn’t working for us and I don’t think it is the work we do but how much more we could have done in order to market it properly. The template for marketing is also such a lifesaver! I guess before every new idea I start pursuing I will definitely fill in the blanks of that template 🙂 Thanks Marie and Seth for this video.

  126. Finding the right customer, the people you can help … still something that’s hard for me. Can’t please/help everybody. Learning still with ups and downs.
    Believing in yourself, stand behind your product and pricing. You’re worth it.
    Also something that i am still working on. But i am getting better each time end just loved this episode. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  127. Sofia Carlotta

    “trust and attention are the two building blocks of the modern economy”

  128. Thank you for this video, Marie and Team Forleo. You’ve helped clarify mistakes I’m currently making in my business as a marketer and given me confidence to share my work in a clearer light to help the tribe that “couldn’t live without me.” ??

  129. Thank you SO much Marie and Seth for all these nuggets of wisdom. This interview is as valuable to me as a paid marketing course.
    I love what Seth shares about helping people get what THEY want, and just last week I was thinking about contacting other professionals in my field who have a different positioning so that I can refer people to them that don’t resonate with me or my positioning but would be a great fit for them. Too many “marketers” try to persuade instead of just helping others get what they want.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      And helping people get what they want, even if it’s with a competitor, means that person will be thankful for your help and may still recommend people to you who are a better fit. Whereas if they leave with a bad taste in their mouth because they felt pressured into something they didn’t want, they probably won’t make those recommendations. Helping people get what they want can be a win-win for everyone. 🙂

  130. I liked the template and found that I can use it in my bio on Insta, to describe my account as well, to serve my new followers by tell them directly “this is what you get”. I’m a TV-host, actress and coach from Sweden, non famous and still in the “struggling” so I’ve had a hard time (probably in my head mostly)
    to be concrete and clear for both me and my followers what they actually get on my account, and I always get to hear “what is it that you ACTUALLY do?” ?. So the feedback is clear, haha. I think the template will help both me and my tribe to be with that. #identitycrisesolved

    Also it was interesting the definition w freelancer/entrepreneur and my take is “building something bigger than yourself”.
    Thanks from Sweden!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Using the template on social media is so smart! Good thinking, Caroline. 🙂

  131. Loved this conversation and watched it twice. While I made many notes and had several great take-aways, I wanted to come here and say this:

    What Seth Godin said about price didn’t apply to my business (I write a blog), but I love what he said that the price we’re willing to pay tells a story about who we are and where we’re going.

    I signed up for the Copy Cure even though I make no money in my business. Committing to the investment anyway was a gift I wanted to give to myself. It helped me be more confident. Me showing up for the Copy Cure told me I’m showing up for who I am and where I’m going.

    So thank you. For this conversation, for the course and all that you do.

    Love, Yvon

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Yvon! We’re so proud of you for showing up for yourself, investing in your work, and setting yourself up for success.

  132. Cher Hamilton

    Marie! I’ve never commented but have followed your channel for about 3yrs now. Im so glad Seth gave you an Awesome statement about what your show delivers! I’m getting his book and yours too when it arrives! Thank you for being exactly who you are! It sure does make it easier to be a better me!

  133. Absolutely loved this! Advice that I can immediately put to use and tons of encouragement, too! Seth breathes new life into marketing! Thank you, Marie, for asking questions and highlighting exactly what I needed to pay attention to!

  134. Thanks so much for sharing this podcast freely. It definitely cleared my mind of the marketing fog and noise. The key thing for me is to start with the human element, who do you wish to help, what are their beliefs and what do they want. Let that be the focus of any marketing activity.

    My natural instinct is to share my ideas but the question keeps coming up how will I make money from this. I like how Seth explained that in this modern economy it about getting attention and gaining trust which you create by sharing of yourself. I also truly appreciate your insight that there are lots of people whom you inspire with your videos and who may never buy your services and you are OK with that. This is the bit I kept tripping up on and unable to move forward.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  135. My key takeaway was to “aim for 10 people.” I have been in business as a graphic designer for 12 years, but this past year I changed my ideal client and inched down to working only with women entrepreneurs. I learned so much!

    My goal for 2019 is going to be to “aim for 10 people.” Aim all of my content at those 10 ideal clients. Aim all of my free knowledge and services at them. Aim all of my blessings and god given gifts at them so they can aim all of their blessings and god given talents at their ideal clients and communities. Aim all of my love, help, support, guidance and great design at helping those 10 women far exceed their own business goals and dreams!

    Aim for 10 people.

    Thanks Marie & Seth!

    Ps this was the first Marie TV episode I watched, even after completing B-School, and it was great. Thank you both for sharing your god given talents and time with the rest of us

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is fantastic, Erin! We’re really proud of you for figuring out who you most want to work with and doing what lights you up. We’re thrilled you’re a B-Schooler and now, officially, a MarieTV watcher!

  136. My key takeaway was to “aim for 10 people.” I have been in business as a graphic designer for 12 years, but this past year I changed my ideal client and inched down to working only with women entrepreneurs. I learned so much!

    My goal for 2019 is going to be to “aim for 10 people.” Aim all of my content at those 10 ideal clients. Aim all of my free knowledge and services at them. Aim all of my blessings and god given gifts at them so they can aim all of their blessings and god given talents at their ideal clients and communities. Aim all of my love, help, support, guidance and great design at helping those 10 women far exceed their own business goals and dreams!

    Aim for 10 people.

    Thanks Marie & Seth!

    Ps this was the first Marie TV episode I watched, even after completing B-School, and it was great. Thank you both for sharing your god given talents and time with the rest of us.

  137. Loved this episode! Especially the part about what to do when your clients don’t have “deep pockets.” This is true for my clients – I’m a consultant to nonprofit organizations. As my expertise has grown, so has my price tag. Now I’m shifting my model – offering direct consultation to nonprofits who can afford me, and a membership program for small(er) nonprofits to get resources and inspiration from me that is customized to their size and capacity. Being more of an entrepreneur and less of a freelancer – passive income is my dream! Thanks for this great info, Marie. I’m going to check out Seth’s book!

  138. Heather allman

    What a great episode! One of the things that stood out was how Seth talked about the white table cloth and that we cannot expect it to stay clean. Critics will come but it shouldn’t keep us from sharing or stop us. ❤️

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! Share your gifts, Heather. The world needs you.

  139. The very notion that marketing is a critical part of making change. That was a “boom!” moment for me. I’m not a fan of the shots in the dark that has often made up my marketing or the long “to-do” list associated with it. But I am a big fan of change and I know that I can be relentless about creating change, because I’ve done so before.

  140. The marketing statement was certified gold. Mine is: My books are for people who read more than one genre of novel. I will focus on people who want variety. I promise that reading my novels will help you visit worlds unknown.
    I’m just wondering where I can put it so that it will be the most effective? I.e. website, social media. Or is it more meant as a driving force?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      My guess is that it’s more of a philosophy, but if you want to put it on your website and social media, go for it. 🙂

  141. My favourite Marie TV video to date!! Thank you Marie + crew!

  142. Marie,
    Thank you so much for this! I love Seth Godin, have been reading him for years. I love his writing style as well as his smart nuggets of information. Seth has mastery in what he does. What I learned most here, or the biggest nugget of wisdom was the importance of delivering value to a small audience. I have always believed this in conducting educational webinar(s). I only present to 20-50 people because I want to make sure I can answer everyone’s questions if they have any, or respond to all the emails. I truly believe in engaging the audience and as a facilitator/educator I believe it is vital for the clients/students to experience with technology. All the best to you!!!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Imagine the beautiful impact you’re having on each of those people that are fortunate enough to be in your presence, Kirsten. We’re so glad that you enjoy Seth’s work as much as we do!

  143. First off, there were so many helpful tidbits in this 30 minute convo that helped me so much. It also made me realize that I’m not doing as bad as I thought I was lol. With my business, I realized that it needed to be more heart-centered, because just pushing a product without having all of your heart in it, especially as a small business – it doesn’t get you very far with your audience. I always thought if the product is quality then it’ll speak for itself without all the “extra’s”, boy was I wrong. What resonated with me was: Price is a story, because it reassured me that I’m doing the right thing. Also, picking an audience, which I learned in B School, but still on the low was confused about. However, I’ve been going through a healing journey for almost a year now, and it allowed me to hone in on what I could bring to the product and get clear on who my audience is…I’m getting there. And lastly, free earns you trust and attention. In the beginning of my biz, I never gave out free samples, crazy I know but I just didn’t, and over the past couple of months I’ve begun doing just that AND-IT-WORKS! So this last part just reassured me again that I’m on the right path. The good thing is that I feel so close to my break through and it really, really, excites me. Sheesh, it’s been hard but it’s a process and a journey…might as well enjoy it! Thank you Marie for your guidance, and thank you Seth for your awesomeness. I’m buying the book!

  144. I just finished watching your interview with Seth. The chemistry between you both and your passion regarding the one central topic ( marketing) made your interview seem as if it was effortless, and you were both on point throughout. Of course, you were well prepare, as you always are – a true champion in what you do! I’m sure everyone watched to the end as I did, as the minutes just seemed to flow, and it ended way too soon! One of the best interviews I have seen in a long time. Great job Marie!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Great observations, Richard. Yes, their passion for marketing is quite evident and we’re so glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your time with us.

  145. Karen Stefanson

    Fantastic interview! I loved the section about the power of going after the smallest viable market. I felt pressure and overwhelm lift off my shoulders as Marie and Seth discussed finding and serving a few clients who are the best fit for my services. Thank you!

  146. Wow what an amazing episode. I’ve written out my 3 statements and hope that this will help to add clarity in my marketing.

    My product is for people who believe that their influence can be used to create a positive change for the causes that they are passionate about. I will focus on people who want to make an impact through the ways they can best serve both online and offline. I promise that by engaging with what I make will help you get the support you need to grow your influence with purpose.

  147. I just love this and what Seth had to say. I can’t wait to get his book

  148. What a fantastic episode! I had so many ‘aha’ moments yesterday that unraveled the knot I have been working to unwind for months (heck make that years)! My biggest take away:
    My product/service is for people who believe …….. I will focus on people who want to ……….. I promise that engaging with my product/service will help them with ………..
    Succinct and to the point. I was able to clearly verbalize my vision after watching the episode yesterday and today (drumroll!) managed to write the copy for my home page, about me page and services page in one swoop – thanks to all the writing prep work and fun sheets you and Laura made me do in the Copy Cure.
    Upon returning home, Seths book was in the mail. And I am part of his AltMBA in February this week. All seems to finally fall into place and become clear, it’s so very exciting. Thank you, Mariand all your team (and Laura!) for all the excellent work you are putting out there! Love

    • Daniela

      The AltMBA next year, not week ;0

  149. I am sitting with the idea and work of marketing my business again. The comment that Seth made – en masse doesn’t work – know who your people are. Be consistent – make a promise and keep it are simple and profound. Marie, I love that you interview such great thinkers and you totally vibe with them, because that is your work too. There is a non-commercial content of so much that supports integrity in your work. I hope I can move forward with some of this information. Thank you

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thanks for your kind words and observations, Beth. We appreciate them both more than you know. Keep taking action and know that it all adds up to forward motion.

  150. Shereen

    Hello from South Africa. Thank you Marie for an amazing interview with Seth. Lately I’ve been grappling with how to reposition my brand. Pricing has been top of the list because at the back of my mind I have this need of wanting to reach everyone. My take away from this interview which addresses my dilemma is ‘A low price is the last refuge for a marketer who has run out of generous ideas’. That statement struck a nerve because I wanted the easy way out of my marketing rut i.e. Reducing price to reach a wider audience. This clearly is not going to help me. Picking an audience that is well off seems the most viable option. Now though, I’m heading off to get Seth’s book. Thank you for all the nuggets of wisdom.

  151. That I’m more the Freelancer vs. Entrepreneur (!) and how to work with this, better!
    I plan to work with a marketer here in town who helps business people BE AWESOME, to learn what I need to learn, do what I need to do – to connect more EMPATHICALLY with my audience – and attract the people who WILL pay for my “expensive & I’m worth it” services, spread the word, and so on, and so on, and so on.
    Thanks Marie & Seth!

  152. Totally loved the interview and so many insights. I rarely market my services and no that is sooo not good. My focus for the end of 2018 and all of 2019 is to get better at marketing. The big “aha” for me was; My service offering is not about me but, about what I can give my niche clients. I also love the gratitude statement of if someone says no, this is not for me, yay thank you, I can point you to a service that will suit your desires and thank you for letting me know you are not for me! I recently did exactly that and it felt so good and there was no self doubt or lingering ick feelings for me.

  153. So many insights indeed.
    First of all, I’m going to find/gather the right 10 people within my circle!

  154. Lakshmi Lazanas

    Thanks for this fantastic video Marie and Seth,
    My biggest ‘hit me on the forehead like a mallet’ takeaway was the idea of changing your perspective from: this is what I have to offer and I’m going to convince you to buy it, to, I see your problem and I can help you solve it.

    I once watched a Ted talk where the take away was not to ask children what they wan to be when they grow up, but what problem they would like to solve in the world- I’d forgotten that and its power til I watched you today.

    Thank you.
    I’m going to go and buy that book Seth, and I’m going to take a moment to re-assess and re-align my offering perspective. (I’m just building my online copywriting business so, perfect timing)

    Thanks so much and have wonderful days.

  155. Hi! I never leave comments but today i feel compelled to do so I’m definitely a FAN of Tuesday emails and Marie’s videos and Seth Godin!! This has been one of my favourite interviews thank you for sharing, it’s motivating me to go back to my BSchool notes and up my marketing and freelancing game.
    I’ve been thinking a lot on how to attract the right kind of audience to my services and I’m still searching for those ¨foodie-travellers-who wish to change the world whilst they discover the world through food¨ and find a better way to describe and tap into their circle. So thank you!!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Imagine the new nuggets you’ll uncover Cristina! When you revisit B-School content with new perspective and experiences, you’ll be amazed as to what you can uncover. We’re always cheering you on! xo

  156. Amo gbr

    Absolutely loved this, this was amazing and super clear with Great advice!
    THank you soo much , love you all !

  157. PRICE! “Price is a story. Cheap is another way to stay scared.”
    Oh my goodness this hit me hard! I am so passionate about my audience, the information I share, and the connection I have with my small but beautiful subscribers.
    But it’s not sustainable.
    I’ve been saying I will monetise, create offerings to help them further, better, etc. But the price, and asking for money has been a big blocker. I’m currently creating a free guide that some people have said they won’t accept for free! Maybe another sign!
    This episode really shined a light on my story and fear, thank you. Tomorrow, I’m going to work out what it is I’m going to put out there to test and put a damn price on it!

    Thank you so much Seth and Marie — I love you both!
    xx Jess

  158. Wow. I usually take notes on Marie’s interviews, or watch them multiple times. There was so much in this episode that it took me more than twice as long to watch it as it was long, since I kept stopping to write down the Nuggets of Wisdom or my own thoughts. The biggest takeaway for me was the differentiation between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. I oversee the work of nearly fifty ministries that are affiliated with a recognized denomination, but are focused on particular issues, not brick-n-mortar churches with Sunday services. I’ve been working with them as entrepreneurs for nearly three years in my position. But in most cases – even though they are improving lives and changing the world – they are freelancers, not entrepreneurs. This simple, yet profound, difference suddenly changed my entire prospective on the operation of these ministries. This gives me a completely new way to help those I serve, as well as improve and expand my own work. Again … WOW!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      It sounds as though your work impacts MANY people, Terry, and we’re so glad that Marie and Seth can help bring a perspective shift to you and the people you work with. You never know how little shifts can change things for you, and them! Keep up your amazing work in the world.

  159. Marisa Singh

    Love the distinction between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Total paradigm shift. Although I work a full time 9-5 job now and a freelance part time job, this distinction will help me in the future as I know I want to branch out and do my own thing one day.

    I loved Purple Cow and Linchpin so I’m looking forward to picking up this book. Thanks, Marie!

  160. Betul Tekeli

    again a great talk. I have many notes. thank you marie forleo 🙂

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thank you for being here, Betul. We appreciate your time and kind words.

  161. I am taking two very valuable ideas away with me:
    1) “Reach the SMALLEST VIABLE group of people, not the biggest possible group of people.”

    2) “Price is a story. Cheap is another way to stay scared.”
    Thank you Marie and Seth you have both offered me inspiration and reignited my enthusiasm.

  162. Cynthia Callow

    This is a wonderful video and Seth is a genius and I have bought his book. On chapter 4 and already the book has changed my life. God Bless Marie and Seth for what they do. I can get better at marketing!!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s incredible, Cynthia! Thanks so much for sharing. We’re thrilled you enjoyed this interview and we hope Seth’s book continues to spark some new ideas for you!

  163. Giovanni

    My biggest takeaway is that I’ve instinctively known this all along, but because of the dominant “sell at” mindset I’ve been stalled and confused.

    Not gonna lie, I got right on Kindle and bought this book so I can finally learn how to focus on this.

    Thank you so much for this episode!

  164. Judy H.

    Fabulous interview! Chock full of goodies and many powerful take-aways. Interestingly, the aha for me was the difference between a free-lancer and an entrepreneur. I am seeing beyond being paid only when I work and have excitement and curiosity of what/how I can offer beyond that. Which perhaps also may satisfy the needs of people who aren’t able to afford the one on one.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s an awesome takeaway, Judy! We’re so glad this conversation got your own creative juices flowing. We can’t wait to hear how your business continues to grow!

  165. It’s freaky that I had just published a post last night with the title ‘Marketing is Sleazy’. You see, this video arrived in my life at the perfect time, which was this morning! Preconceived notions and assumptions had me ready to abandon my side hustles. I’d go back to what I call “smiling and nodding at the correct time,” whatever that means to you.

    To me, it means giving up and merely doing what I’m told, going through the motions without any grace or aplomb. Thank you so much for the swift kick in the tush that I didn’t know that I needed! Much appreciated and keep up the outstanding work.

  166. Ulrick

    Marketers as story telling change agents. Genius! Three cheers for Seth Godin and Marie Forleo. Thanks, Marie, for leading the change and this conversation with Seth.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Ulrick! We’re grateful you stopped by this week.

  167. Very Nice Post, I learned a lot through it. Thanks for posting.

  168. Thank you Marie and Seth! I’m so glad I got connected with Marie Forleo. I got several things out of this interesting video. One was that I am not an entrepreneur, I am a freelancer and I appreciate the distinction made. Also, I use this when speaking to people or referring them to my website/blog. I always say I appreciate feedback, not advice – so I’m doing the right thing except when I approach people on LinkedIn, I tend to ask for advice and am going to change my verbiage now. Seth mentioned that paying more gives people a “sense of reassurance.” My mom suggested this to me when selling online. I have designer items, never worn, that I was asking $30 bucks for when I paid $400. So I’ve upped my prices, but still no sales. This is not my real change that I want to bring to people, however. It is simply rewriting resumes and cover letters and offering interviewing advice. I’ve offered it free to the first 10 people. Since, I started this in September, I’ve never gotten a response. I’ve done the part of providing a couple free tips and am working on creating a resume done by me and one that can be found on the Internet for free. I don’t have the samples of resumes that I have redone so I would have to use mine. I realize some challenges to this type of work, such as I would need to communicate with anyone that asks for help so I am right away, asking for them to do work to help me create a finished product. Maybe my marketing could be more directed toward a particular group, such as college graduates or entry-level employees, as I’ve learned from your video, but I think the idea may just not be a viable one. I liked your example of Harley Davidson! Obviously, I’ve gotten so much from watching. Thank you! If you have any feedback, please advise.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Jana! Thanks so much for tuning in– we’re thrilled Seth’s interview sparked so many great ideas for you to implement in your own business. Congratulations on the steps you’ve already taken to build your business and connect with potential clients.

      We understand it can feel disheartening to pour so much into your work and not see the results you were hoping for right away but like many things worth doing, building a business you love takes time. Focus on your goals and trust that the energy and effort you’re investing now is establishing a strong foundation for your business that you can continue building upon going forward. In the meantime, your message brought to mind a few episodes of MarieTV from our archives that may provide some additional clarity and encouragement for you:

      Keep up the great work and know we’re all cheering you on!

  169. Thank you for speaking about the “…who don’t have deep pocket…” theme. The question, as well as the answer made an aha to my biz-thinking. I appreciate what you do!

  170. My biggest takeaway was that 98% of people on the earth don’t know who Seth Godin or Marie Forleo are. I only need a tiny slice of people who love me and my work in order to be successful. The piano teacher example was so good – focus on who I serve and where I can best serve. I’ll watch this one again!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great takeaway, Kari! Thanks so much for tuning in.

  171. Tatiana

    Honestly I love to watch Marie TV but lately I was having some health issues so I discontinued the show. Today I opened my email inbox and Saw this headline and said wow Seth it’s so smart he must have something good I love to read his blog.

    And you know the sensation I have right now is: I love marketing too!!! This interview reminds me the fundamentals and also why I’m doing marketing in the first place. A common mistake is lose our path as years come by and sometimes we forget our why and also forget why we love marketing and the impact this can have in other people’s lives.

    Thank you so much for this interview

  172. Victor Theocharides

    Awesome video.. This marketing video definitely made me feel very confident about my business pursuits.

  173. Camelia Cracan

    Warm thank you, Marie and Seth!
    Your dialogue was a true call to action.
    The “aha!” moment for me was when you develop the idea of the smallest viable audience and making the change for them, generously and ‘all-in’.
    I use it now as THE filter for my projects now.
    Merci beaucoup for your work and your energy!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      And what an awesome “aha” that is, Camelia! Thanks so much for sharing. We’re grateful to have you in our community!

  174. Coming off a disastrous launch, the timing of this is beyond perfect. I don’t suck. My marketing sucks and I just need to get better at that craft.

    Meanwhile, I’m not going to give up on my strategy of making change happen for the thousands of people who follow me. Instead, I’ll find my smallest, viable niche, sell to them, and get some money in the bank so I can continue the free stuff.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode arrived at the perfect moment for you, Julie! We’re so sorry to hear your recent launch didn’t turn out as you’d hoped but it’s wonderful that you’re willing to take what you’ve learned and pivot your approach moving forward. We’re sending along our best wishes that you’ll connect with potential customers who feel like the perfect fit and continue creating and sharing more of the things you love!

  175. Excellent Seth Godin interview, confirming for me that I need what I can not currently finance, a highly skilled marketing guru to do for me what I’m just not suited for,, an old schooler with extreme skill in what I do, though without sufficient number of ‘better clients’. I’m left with one road block after another, yet have only rave reviews from those who I have served. In Gratitude & Solidarity, Terry

  176. Karin

    Thanks Marie and Seth! I’ll take with me the reminder to chip away a little bit every day at making my marketing better. I’m employed at the moment and the changes we need to do in our team to reach our audience is huge. I’m easily overwhelmed, seeing the largest possible picture all at once, and end up feeling stressed out about the amount of work there is to do. I always find it reassuring to listen to you both – together and separately. It reminds me that marketing IS difficult but also a huge possibility for change, and all I have to do, really, is to keep turning up and do my best every day. Thanks to you two, I’ve come to love marketing and am excited about the steep learning curve ahead of me. Xx

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You rock, Karin! While the big picture is important, success comes from taking small steps toward our goals each day. We’re grateful that Marie’s and Seth’s work are sources of insight and inspiration for you and we’re all cheering you on as you continue working toward your dreams!

  177. I really loved this…insight: its all about making the change- and knowing what your promising and for whom…YES!

  178. Thankyou Marie and Seth!
    I found this episode super inspiring and clarifying.
    My biggest aha is this:
    (Which has been percolating)
    Narrow my focus.
    I’m a Birthworker offering Prenatal Yoga classes, Doula services and Parenting support for moms, babies and families.
    Last month I spent some time traveling around my state visiting a variety of organizations that provide support services for families.
    I saw a lot of suffering. Shockingly high numbers of women and babies who are homeless, birthing practices out of the dark ages and many well intentioned nurses caught in a system and culture that still disempowers women.
    Overwhelming? Oh yeah.
    I want to help them all. But how? And at what cost?
    At one point I realized that NONE of these organizations serve my ICAs( Thankyou Marie) which are middle/upper middle class women desiring empowering birth experiences!
    So I’ve been considering…
    Do I dare to narrow my focus and offer what I know from my own experience and what I do best?
    Support Informed and Empowered Birthing and Parenting
    Wow I’m getting even clearer!
    Empathy can lead to confusion…
    Thankyou for the clarity and support!
    Much love,

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Deborah! Thanks so much for stopping by. We’re thrilled this inspiring interview sparked so many new ideas for you– we can see your creative juices flowing and we value your commitment to helping others have happier, healthier birthing experiences.

      It’s clear you have a huge heart for serving women from different backgrounds during this important season of their lives. Although not everyone you work with may fit your exact ICA, there may be other opportunities to share your gifts and knowledge with others who could greatly benefit from them.

      Perhaps partnering with an organization you admire that’s already working in that space, writing an email newsletter or blog, and hosting group workshops or speaking events may help you reach those who aren’t able to afford your services, in a powerful way. Keep shining your light in all you do, we’re grateful to have you in our world!

  179. “I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change . . . I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back . . .”
    ~ Erica Jong

  180. This is so refreshing…I have struggled with marketing for years. I just could not buy into the manipulation of traditional marketing…Just bought his book…Thank you Marie for bringing him to my attention…So glad I follow you…You are a jewel…

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Jennifer! We’re thrilled Marie’s work resonates with you and that you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about Seth– we think he’s pretty awesome, too. We hope you enjoy his new book and that it gives you a boost of clarity and confidence in your own marketing!

  181. The message in the video supplements the Copy Cure well. I think the love-hate relationship I’ve had with the marketing has held me back. Every time I wanted to write something, those sleazy marketing people would come to mind and stall my progress. I am glad Seth is talking about marketing done with heart and connection so that it changes people’s lives in a positive way. Going to get the book with my next Audible credit. 🙂

  182. Biggest thing for me: this incredible, generous convo between you two beautiful thinkers/contributors was a PRIMO shot of energy during a crazy-busy season that’s also uber-painful: family impacted by Hurricane Michael, local community members impacted by California fires… Thanks so much for just being amazing. Talk about consistency. Y’all live it. THANK YOU.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re sending so much love and support to you and your loved ones, Teresa. Really glad this helped give you a little boost! Thank YOU, for being here.

  183. Seth Godin is a genius. He has the ability to use words to move masses. When you hear him speak about marketing, you see the need and impact it can have on the world. It is the bridge between problems and solutions at it’s purest form.
    Maria Forleo just did one of the all-time best interviews I’ve ever seen in the business world. The way she walked the viewers through this story was brilliant!
    Thank You Both!
    Bob Sisk

    I am just building a new web site, and this conversation supports me in coming from a new perspective with my work, as I deeply desire. I haven’t been good or consistent with marketing in the past, feeling that my understanding of it is at odds with who I am and what I offer. Thank you for the clarity and emotional healing around this topic.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO glad this was helpful in shifting your perspective, Katy!!

  185. Excellent interview. I’m getting the book.

  186. This is so yum. It made me sigh with joy: ‘Master the art of making change happen, makes someone better, open a door for someone, shine a light on someone, bring an idea, product or service to someone who needs it and offer them help.’
    And this had me grin with happy doing it and seeing and feeling the answers
    My product is for people who believe BOOKS CAN ELEVATE MOOD. I will focus on people who want JOY.
    I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get JOY AND KINDNESS AND LOVE AND SMILES AND JOY (my fill in the blank bits in capitals and felt so joyful and it is one of my values and felt so joyful I had to write it again.) Thank you, Seth and Marie.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Sounds WONDERFUL, Liane! Here’s to more joy! Thanks so much for being here and sharing your gifts with the world. XOXO

  187. I loved this! Seth Godin is so precious. This was a great interview. Thank You Marie keep up the great work/play.

  188. Ugh! I love Marie and I love Seth. I am so frustrated with the Deep Pockets vs Walmart example, however. I abhor the idea that my product is cheap if I market to poor people. Those are my People – I find Poor Culture, Poor Values, and Poor Strengths the most inspiring and invigorating of any out there. I need better archetypes for how to market to my People than Walmart!

    • Jewel Grant

      I don’t like the word cheap. My Dad used to always joke about being, “broker than the 10 Commandments”. I come from the demographic of the “Benjaminly Challenged” so I like the words– inexpensive/affordable than cheap.
      I don’t know what your product is but I am sure it has value and quality. I love that you are making your purpose serve the underserved.

      • Thank you, Jewel – love that!! “Benjaminly Challenged” haha. I may use it in my marketing. I’m also working on a “pay when you’re rich” strategy. I’m a social worker, and I facilitate Family Constellation Workshops, so it’s likely people will resolve all manner of challenge at some point!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Sandra! We totally hear you. It’s beautiful that you feel so called to serve a particular demographic of people, and it may be helpful to focus on the value you’re providing as opposed to solely price. As Marie and Seth mentioned, typically people make purchases based on what they most value or want – no matter the size of their bank account. If you can emphasize the value you’re providing in your marketing in a way that resonates with your ideal customers, competing on price will become less of an issue.

      Check out these episode of MarieTV for some more ideas on this strategy:

      Also do keep in mind that, as we do with MarieTV and our other resources, you can always offer massive value to those you’re most wanting to serve completely for FREE, as a way to build trust and loyalty. This helps you to provide a service to those who may not be able to afford your paid products/services, or may just not be ready to invest quite yet.

      I hope this is helpful!

      • Thank you, Julia. I’ve been following both Marie and Seth for years, and appreciate the easy-access link very much. I am charging a “Love Offering” for my workshops at this point, and so live my work that I subsidize it with a day job lol! Very satisfying so far. Thanks again for responding.

  189. Jewel Grant

    Hello Marie and Seth!
    Just WOW!
    But my biggest takeaway is the three-sentence marketing template. I need to get some clarity on my right people. And this will help frame it for me. (Still thoughtfully working through my B-School modules.)

  190. THANK YOU so much!! This was such good timing. It took a ton of pressure off! I don’t have to please the masses. Just my people! That makes it so doable for me. And timing was AMAZING! I sent my very first email to my list of 32 people today!! It’s more than 10 so I feel great about it 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Cyrina – that’s SO great! We’re happy this was good timing for you and helped to take some pressure off. You’re doing fantastic – keep sharing your gifts!

  191. Thank you Marie and Seth for this insightful discussion. I am on a journey, falling in love with marketing and doing more of that in my business. You have just pumped me into showing up more and putting my best into what I do. Nice stuff! Thanks

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, Mutiat! Such an exciting journey you’re on. Keep up the awesome work – we’re cheering you on over here! And thank you so much for taking the time to tune in, it’s an honor to have you here.

  192. The “do you know ten people?” idea was really encouraging. The idea of reaching people without parameters for what that means can be intimidating, and I loved the idea of the viable few. 🙂 Thanks!

  193. Soooo many aha’s. My fave was the critics who don’t like your product. Correct! It is their opinion and that is fine.

  194. My only complaint is you didn’t take Seth up on his offer to chat for a couple more hours!!!! Sensational, loved it!

  195. OMG, I needed to hear this interview! I loved Seth’s explanation of a freelancer vs. an entrepreneur. Here I thought I was an entrepreneur the whole time, but in reality, I’m still running my business like a freelancer. It’s time to make a big change! Thank you, Seth and Marie, for this incredible interview.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Really glad this shift in perspective was helpful for you, Jennifer! Sending lots of positive energy your way as you make these shifts in your business. Thanks SO much for watching.

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    I love the fact that you don’t have to worry and pay to much attention about what people think of what you do. That’s their opinion and it’s ok!

  197. Laurie

    This was what I needed to hear. Especially the part about the critics. I am my own inner critic & need to just keep enjoying what I do & not worry about what other people believe or think. Thanks for this today. I love all the great tips. I definitely need Seth’s book!

  198. Lisa

    This talk was inCREDIBLE! Thank you Seth and Marie for all you do! Educational and inspirational! Got the book immediately! Now, how about those “2 more hours” Seth wanted??! I want them, too! You know that question: “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?” You BOTH top my list!

    • Lisa

      Wow. Just noticed all the exclamation points I used. I’m not ALWAYS that over-the-top – I swear. Lol.

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        We’re SO happy you’re feeling inspired and excited, Lisa! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Your kind words mean the world – that would be a great dinner indeed 🙂

  199. Dear Marie,
    THANK YOU and the MF’s Team for all the inspiration you gave me.And CONGRATULATIONS for the podcasts! I love them.
    Thank you so much for having Seth as a guest.
    The best for me today was the clear difference between entrepreneur and free lancer as this is exactly the weak point of my current journey. I left top Director position as female in the Automotive Industry to do what I love. Design Thinking and BMC Trainings. I even moved to Middle East for more potential outreach than Berlin where I was happily living. The fear of not entering any money made me go back to ” free lancers jobs “and I feel NOW EMPOWERED . Thank You, Love from Claire the Parisian in Dubai.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Claire – you’re SO brave! It’s inspiring to hear that you’ve taken the leap towards doing what you love and that you’re feeling empowered. Keep up the amazing work, we’re wishing you tremendous success in this exciting new chapter! So grateful to have you tuning in. XOXOXO

  200. Rhoda Mehl

    I loved “Focus on the 10 customers you have now” Then build from there. Don’t try to reach everyone. If you have 10 customers then ask them for advice and tips, not feedback. Build trust with them by creating experiences with them.
    “Look for your smallest audience”.
    “Trust and Attention are the 2 factors of the modern market now”.
    “Not how much they have in their bank account, rather, how much they will spend to have their problem solved.”
    Just WOW!!! Makes so much sense. I just bought his book. Thank you Marie for having him on your show.

  201. Gay Collins

    Yes, Brilliant, and incredibly timely for me. I am on the cusp of moving from public sector to private, and so much of what you discussed is of value to me! I think the biggest point here is this: it’s not for everyone, AND the people who don’t want it aren’t “stupid”! They are just people with different experiences and conclusions. THANK YOU!!

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    What an interview! Seth is so impactful that I went straight to Amazon and ordered his book. I’ve never responded so quickly like that!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love it, Nicole! You’re going to enjoy the book so much – excellent choice. So glad you enjoyed the interview!

  204. Lori Teng

    “Figure how to bring the story of price to the table. If we pay more, we told a story about quality. Say, this costs a lot and this is worth even more than that!” – loved this discussion so helpful and so true in my situation. Thank you – excellent resource. Will definitely get my team to watch this!

  205. Juju

    This is so inspiring for me.
    All the time I am struggling with “I am not good enough” and “I need to work harder at what I am doing”.
    Now I know, it is so damn important to make change happen or open a door for somebody!
    A little shameful to say, actually I am a marketing manager in a company.I am so fallen behind.
    So glad I have watched this episode!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode was helpful and inspiring for you, Juju! You’re more than enough and always remember, you’re right where you need to be in your life. I have a feeling you’ll also find this episode really helpful: Sending big Team Forleo hugs to you!

  206. Judith Murray

    I loved this episode! I have watched and enjoyed many MarieTV episodes but this one hit home so much that I needed to share. My biggest takeaway is the piano teacher story. The idea of positioning yourself in such a way, and being confident in your position to the extent that if someone is not a customer for you then you are happy to recommend them to someone else is beautiful! Some of my preconceived ideas about business and marketing is that it comes from a selfish place but this flips it on it’s head completely. My product is not for you? Ok, thanks for stopping by, can I suggest this person instead? I love it! Thanks Marie, Seth and Team

  207. Artemis Hionides

    Take-away points from interview with Seth Godin:
    a) Focusing on “the smallest viable audience” and, later on, pointing out that “98% of the people in the US don’t know who (we, Seth and Marie, are)” was liberating for me; even the Buddha said you can’t please ’em all!
    b) Distinguishing between two kinds of critics: The “I don’t like this” ones (they are correct, SG said) vs “Nobody else will like it, either” ones (these are wrong).
    c) The idea that “Cheap is another way to stay scared”, in pricing, is so true: his alternative is great, “This costs a lot and it’s even worth more than that!”
    I also think that the fact it was close to half an hour long was helpful, because there was so much to absorb! Thanks!

  208. Donna Burney

    Thank you Marie and Seth!
    The video reminded me – things look better when I’m around, because I do my best to guide my clients towards what they want. Less of me more of them.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Donna!!

  209. Seth is a genius. Love the underlying message here: Listen to your intuition and TRUST that you are WORTH IT!
    There should never be a struggle… When a prospective client doesn’t feel like the right fit, they’re not. If I’m pitching someone and feeling conflicted, then that’s the sign I’m not working hard enough to find my ideal client.
    Oh, and never to never call myself a freelancer … Not that there’s anything wrong with being one, but the distinction is important.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this clarity, Sara – so glad these points from Seth resonated with you! Thanks so much for tuning in 🙂

  210. The distinction between freelancer and entrepreneur was new to me and helpful. New quote to work/live by “There is enough as long as I stand for something”.
    Thank you.

  211. Marie – every time you and Seth get together, I feel profoundly inspired to do great work. This one, like the last, left me in front of my computer screen with tears in my eyes.

    I picked up so much from it, (I cannot wait to read the book, which I pre-ordered as soon as Seth announced it), but a few things that really hit me were:

    – Positioning needs to be a service to the CUSTOMER; helping THEM cut through the noise.
    – A critic is a critic because it’s not for them… that’s all.
    – Authenticity is a trap. Instead, make a promise, solve a problem and do it professionally and consistently.
    – Seek advice, not feedback.
    – People who don’t choose me are correct.
    – Marketing is about making change happen.

    I also loved Seth’s insight on the feelings something like Monopoly can generate, and the reasons behind his decision to abandon the game. Very powerful and logical.

    As a B-Schooler and lover of Seth’s work (I just listened to three Akimbo episodes on the drive back from the country yesterday), I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the both of you.

    Right now, I am refining my three-sentence marketing template.

    I love you. Thanks. 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Peter! We love hearing that you’re feeling so inspired. Seth is just amazing, isn’t he!? You’re going to LOVE the book, too. These are such great takeaways, and we know they’ll have a powerful impact on your marketing game. Keep up the awesome work, we’re always cheering you on over here and are so honored to have you as a B-Schooler!

      • Thanks, Julia. Love that you guys always engage like this. xx

  212. I love it when Marie and Seth come together and have a conversation. It is obvious that they are really passionate about what they do and feed off one another. The one thing that really resonated with me was asking “who will miss me if I’m gone?” It’s definitely makes you reevaluate the work that you may be doing and the importance of focusing on how to solve someone’s problem.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – isn’t that such a powerful question to ask, Erin? So happy you enjoyed this conversation with Seth!

  213. Marie! Thank you! (You too, Seth!)
    You asked for a comment about the most influential tidbit.
    A couple: We may not be appreciated by many, yet still can succeed with our work. If we can remove our attachment to the past and comments of our previous work (how Seth doesn’t read reviews) we can bubble ourselves and get to work. I like the idea separation between freelancer and entrepreneurs, and I also took the low pricing idea as something to modify for my product (books and music). If the market I’m serving with earnings doesn’t have money, then does that mean the marketing and product should be produced for high money earners? Who we serve and who we sell to are sometimes different (e.g. non-profits or for-purpose). I need to adjust my actions to line up with the flow of information and awareness. Also noted, it’s kind and cool to know that sharing free work can expand the awareness and reach (which will help the causes we ally with).
    Seth, THANK YOU! Marie, THANK YOU TOO!!
    I send Y’all some love, luck, and light, and hope thee well!

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      Hi Robet! We’re so happy you found this conversation with Seth helpful. We encourage you to create the product you most believe in and charge what it’s worth, what you need to in order to create a sustainable business. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your product and marketing needs to be geared towards high-earners, it simply means that you’ll want to frame your marketing to reflect the value of what you’re offering in a way that resonates with what your ideal customer is most wanting. Remember, sometimes it may take a significant period of time providing value for and establishing trust among your prospects before they feel ready to invest in your product. So the more value you can provide even before the purchase is made, the better!

      I have a feeling you’ll find this episode on marketing and conveying value helpful as well:

  214. Trista Hendren

    Great interview! That last blurb that he read left me in tears. Off to buy the book! Thank you!

  215. Kelly

    Loved watching this! Thank you so much to both you and Seth…very valuable information for people like myself with limited finances and limited resources. Have truly touched my heart by offering this free information up! Working on my business plan and I am very intimidated by the marketing aspect. Thank you thank you thank you

  216. I can’t thank you enough for this Marie Forleo. I have set 5 new goals for myself this season in regards to marketing based on Seth and your wise marketing advice. And I have ordered his book. I have been more selective about the audience I want to serve including referral sources and more calls are coming in. Thank you thank you thank you for this invaluable interview.

    • Julia- Team Forleo

      That’s so awesome, Donna! Really glad to hear you found Seth’s tips helpful. Keep up the great work!

  217. Thank you Marie & Seth!
    Those 3 simple questions. Its been like having really blurry vision then getting the right glasses. My copy of the book is on its way …. to our tiny town in outback Queensland. I can’t wait to help my business clients and our region to market better. XX

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray Louise! I hope you enjoy the book! 🙂

  218. Amber Gregory

    Marketing has always been the part I don’t do as well at so this was great.
    I actually very recently toyed with the idea of quitting what I do, for many reasons that I won’t bore you with. One of my dear friends and life long Beta tester for anything I create sent me a message to say, it would be a disservice to the world to stop what I do, I’ve already helped so many and I mustn’t stop now because I have so much more to give and that she wouldn’t be where she is in her business without me. Needless to say, I haven’t quit, I got some of my B School work back out and just like that I’m on track to launch a project in Q2 next year.
    My insight from this was I already have people that would miss my work if it were gone so I’m on to a winner and I’m feeling the joy to say, I’ve made this or am making this.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is so incredible, Amber – thank you for commenting. We’re so glad to hear your friend inspired you to recommit to your work, and we can’t wait to hear how your business grows in the year ahead! ♥

  219. Vanesa

    This has been one of the best MarieTV episodes!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

  220. This was such a good episode! I’m taking away two insights that I can put to action right away… 1) Asking for advice vs. feedback. In the past I’ve asked people for feedback, but they rarely have anything I can really work with. I’m going to start asking for advice instead and I’ll start tomorrow when I take my current client out for lunch.
    2) The 3 sentence marketing template. I am good at what I do, and everyone I work with has glowing things to say about me. When I ask them what they like about me specifically, they say I have great insight. But how do you package and market “insight”?? I feel I still can’t articulate exactly what I do, and marketing myself has always been a challenge. The template will help move me in the right direction.
    And of course I’ve ordered a copy of the book!

  221. Pam Perumal

    This is so timely for me! I was just reading about how important marketing is for my services and I was going to look for a book on marketing. Are there are other books recommended for marketing?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Pam! I just sent you an email with some of our favorites 😉 Enjoy!

      • Caroline, can you please send that list to me too? Thanks so much!

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          Of course, Jen! I’ve just sent those over to you 🙂

      • New, too ?

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          I’ve just sent our list of marketing resources your way, Sandra – you should be finding those in your inbox!

          • Sandra

            Thank you!

  222. Truly amazing content! I can’t believe you don’t charge for all this stuff. This episode really helped drive home the idea that we’re not for everyone. And that’s OK! Thank you!!

  223. Great video! But I have to believe that there is such thing as authenticity. Just for the simple fact that we are each different and unique well that breeds authenticity. Be you and you’re automatically authentic.

  224. Wow. Thank you so much for this episode. This made me tear up and I there’s so much in here that I’ll have to re-listen and take notes. I’m a classical musician and it’s a tough market, but we don’t often think about marketing like we should. This has helped a lot. Thank you!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO glad to hear this conversation resonated deeply with you, Jennifer! Really hope these strategies are helpful for you in marketing yourself as a musician. You can do this!

  225. So many great nuggets. I wrote down the three lines that Seth shared about how to talk about who I am and what I have to offer:
    My product is for people who believe that
    I will focus on people who want to
    I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get

    He also shared this full sentence: If you are the kind of person who believes _____________________ and you want _________________, this thing I have is something that will help you in this way ______________________.
    I am struggling even though I thought I’d done a lot of work on figuring that all out. Thank you both so very much!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO happy these nuggets from Seth were helpful for you, Jen! What powerful phrases these are for your marketing efforts 🙂

  226. May I make a small suggestion, please? It would be helpful to us who are attention-challenged to put the “If a New Comment is Posted” section above the POST COMMENT button. I’ve forgotten to scroll down three times already today, and I really want to read the valuable replies to my comments. Otherwise, your formatting is flawless IMHO! Thank you!

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      Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for sharing this great suggestion with us. We truly appreciate you sharing your user experience and please know that we’re always listening and looking for ways to make things easier for you. Definitely be sure to select the option to receive email notifications when someone replies to your future comments – we LOVE that you’re here and engaging with the community so much!

  227. WOW! I was blown away by this interview.
    Heartfelt, content rich, and playful. What a combo!
    My biggest takeaway is that marketing truly is about change and nothing changes until the people around you and yourself see the change.
    I also felt so inspired to go out there and help create the change.
    Truly Marie, thank you for this very special interview!

  228. Erin Whiting

    Love this! Thank you ?

  229. I love so many things! His definition of an entrepreneur vs. freelance worker- brilliant! The piano teacher exercise is insightful and is going into my toolkit for how I’m marketing today and when I consider a new or expanded service! I have often thought about a newsletter but poopooed the idea because I thought it might not work for the masses – turnaround- I need to begin with a small group first! So, my newsletter starts with a “terrific ten” set of clients and we’ll take it from there!

    Thank you Marie for bringing great content to us. You and your team Rock!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You rock too, Gina! Really glad to hear you found Seth’s insights helpful and are adding them to your marketing toolkit. YES – starting with your 10 terrific clients and serving them generously through your newsletter is such a powerful place to begin. GO Gina! We’re cheering you on over here 🙂

  230. Karen

    These two are gems. My take-away as a freelancer: THERE’S ENOUGH AS LONG AS I CAN STAND FOR SOMETHING. Superb thought to take into the last month of this massively good year.

  231. Can I essentially say what a guide to seek out somebody who genuinely hear what they’re saying on the web? You unquestionably realize how to convey an issue to mellow and make it imperative. More people must take in this and comprehend this part of the story. I can’t envision you’re any more standard since you without a doubt have the blessing.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind words and for being here with us, Rohit. We wish you all the best.

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  233. Hi Marie love your sessions always motivate us with new information

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thank you for saying that, Thousif. We’re so glad that you found this helpful.

  234. Jenny Rose

    This is the interview I never knew I needed until now! I had so many Aha moments but the biggest for me is the difference between being selfish and generous. I always ask myself “How do I get people to me?” After this interview I want to shift my thinking to “What do I need to do to serve my audience?” It’s so giving yet so specific. The piano teacher example hit close to home as my goal is to have a private piano teaching studio.
    I just wanted to say that every video that the Marie Forleo team puts out always gives me hope and inspiration. There’s always a feeling of kindness and generosity in these videos, which leaves me smiling all the time! Thank you all so very much 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for taking a moment to share your kind words, Jenny! We’re thrilled that Seth’s message sparked so many great takeaways for you. We’re grateful for the opportunity to support you as you continue working toward your dreams of starting your own piano studio. Keep shining your light in all you do, your gifts are so needed in the world!

  235. sonja

    Great interview! How about a Seth video and/or worksheet in B-School (2018 alum) geared specifically to the artist selling original art – nothing mass produced? Love Love!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So happy you enjoyed this interview with Seth, Sonja! And what a great idea! Know that we’re always listening and looking for ways to better serve you as a B-Schooler, and we appreciate you sharing this suggestion. It’s such an honor having you in our community! XOXO

  236. Thank you for the marketing video. I am a small business attorney who wishes I could get into the weeds of my business and draft contracts and negotiate deals all day. But I know how important it is to devote time to develop a marketing strategy. This was a great reminder. Thanks!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO glad to hear this was helpful for you, Kimberly. We’re wishing you all the best with your marketing efforts and business – it sounds like you’re doing such great work in the world to support small businesses. Thank you for being here!

  237. Alessandra Vilela

    Awesome content! Thank you so much. 🙂

  238. I have always had the focus on serving others, my people if you will. When I hear marketing that talks about “getting people in the door”, it seemed not to resonate as much with me.
    I truly enjoyed this and also enjoyed the being generous part as well.
    Thank you for this great inspiration.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We love your service-oriented approach to doing business, Dianne. Keep being your generous self and sharing your unique gifts with the world – they’re so needed!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Mark! We’d love to help with updating this for you. If you could actually email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to take care of you there 🙂

  240. So on point! I had a high paying nutritional service and over the years I started trying to create a cheaper price point with the same value. I LOST ALL MY MONEY! And then I got trapped into doing little things, inexpensive things and lost my way. This video is exactly what I needed today. Thanks for all you give us. And thank you SETH!!!

  241. I finally got around to watching this. Okay, now I have a book to add to my “buy for myself for Christmas” list. And I was struck by how applicable this is for my daughter (Sunny Gable) who composes and performs her original songs. She has such talent and I think needs to hear what Seth read from his book at the conclusion.

    Personally for me in my jewelry business, I appreciated the insight that trying to find success by low pricing is a race to the bottom.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We love the “buy for myself” list and fully support you adding this book, Mary! You’re going to love it 🙂 So happy to hear these topics resonated for both you and your daughter’s work in the world.

  242. Melissa

    Biggest “aha” is change. As a participatory action researcher (focused on collective inquiry for social justice), change is central to my work. I am opening to the idea that marketing may indeed be part of my work too. Thank you.

  243. I too love Seth Godin because he has contrarian views. He leads the marketing discussion rather than following the pack. I believe strongly in serving customers and clients, i.e. Help Customers Buy, and both Marie and Seth came across as servant marketers.

    • Hi John,
      I agree on that so much! Seth really is a visionary. I read his book This is Marketing and actually, he didn’t invent any of the methods that he discusses in the book. No practical steps or anything. It’s all about observations and understanding the common problems that people face so that they can benefit from his insights. That’s something I admire about him too 🙂

      Best regards

  244. Make a promise and keep it!

  245. Love it! Even though I graduated on Marketing and I was a resident on a Buddhist temple for a couple of years, I have not connected how well the selfless approach is perfect. Great reminder and a punch in the face too! I must get better at it straight away.
    Fer Caggiano, full time artist and co-owner of a Charleston SC Gallery.

    • Hi Fer,
      Took a look at your website. Great art. I love it.

      Best regards,

  246. Masha

    Hello. I think marketing is imortant. And more than advertizing. And it i really important to have a good product.

  247. I was just about to clear my email box when I saw the email with this video and that what I needed to see! I have chosen the smallest market (new mums who are in my city) but yet was thinking how to please the masses and I now see how wrong I was. Thank you for sharing that finding the right niche market is crucial because that made me rethink my marketing strategy to focus only on my market rather than wanting to reach everyone.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your awesome takeaways, Kasia! We hope Seth’s message continues to spark some new ideas for you to implement in your business this year and beyond.

  248. Jennifer

    Really connected to the idea of targeting a small (micro) audience. I’m going to work on figuring out who that audience is, and how to connect with them. And also buying Seth’s new book!

  249. Liz

    Ugh, period

  250. I am an full time artist and I also make art products from my art because I want to reach more kinds of people. I love what I do and every time I watch a Marie video it adds one more facet in my diamond becoming even more brilliant. Thanks!

  251. Jen Willhoite

    The biggest gift from this video? Realizing I still zoom into a moral courtroom when it comes to business. I can easily make false equations and then actually live by them! Things like: I screwed up this post or this launch therefore I am a screwup. I know I do this. I’m grateful I’m aware of it and I do it less often, but the last segment when Seth read from his book shined a light on my internal judge and powdery wig again…”Oh yeah!”, I realized, “I absolutely conclude I am bad at my craft and even sometimes conclude I am bad in general simply because I don’t have particular skills or am still learning them.” So…Seth and Marie’s approach is not only more compassionate, it also gives me a task list and some accountability. I will be working on particular marketing skills. I will not be confusing failures while doing so with my value as a person. Thank you for the light!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Those are all great takeaways, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing. We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode and hope it continues to spark some new ideas for you!

    • Hi Jen,
      You’re right! Mindset is so important. I recognize a lot in your story.

      Best regards,

  252. I had this saved in my inbox and I am so glad I finally carved out time to open and watch. So many lightbulb moments for me. I have caught myself being disappointed when customers come up and ask us if we have something that in my mind is clearly not what we offer. I LOVE the push Seth offers of not taking that personally AND pointing that customer in the direction of another business who has what that customer wants. That is such a smart shift for my mental well being/ a great way to establish that trust. I am also curious to dig deeper into the first 10 and creating an experience that causes our 10 to tell their friends. THANK YOU Marie and Seth and the Marie Forleo team!

    • Kate, I loved the 1st 10 rule as well and am giving it a shot in my own business by gifting a complimentary astrology reading to 10 people in my circle. Best wishes in your trial of the rule, wishing us both wonderful results! XO

  253. Thanks Marie & Seth for this wisdom about how to create connection with customers. My actionable insights (aka homework!) = 1} the 1st 10 rule and 2} the value of offering free information to reap trust + attention. What am I doing with these actionable insights? Identify 10 people (5 raving fans + 5 people I would love to have as clients) to whom I can gift my service of a complimentary astrology reading…as Seth said, if they can’t stop talking about what I do to others then my work will spread more quickly and trust + attention will be established. XO

  254. Wow! so many valuable take-aways! Thanks to both Marie and Seth for this wonderful interview. The greatest take-away? I probably have 3, all different.. “you get to pick what you so do something worthwhile” and “most people who start out as entrepreneurs are actually freelancers. The only thing you can do as a freelancer is not work more, but get better clients” and “if you own a factory and everyone comes for a free sample, you go out of business. But if you make ideas and everyone comes for a free sample, you do great”. Definitely adding Seth’s new book to my wish-list! Thanks Marie for your great support and encouragement and thanks to Seth for his time. Best regards to all the MF team

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Those are all beautiful takeaways, Cecile! Thanks so much for sharing. We hope this episode, and Seth’s new book, continue to spark some new ideas for you!

    • Great that you wrote down these quotes!!! This one is my favourite: […]”But if you make ideas and everyone comes for a free sample, you do great”. Have fun with reading, I loved the book!

      Best regards,

  255. I’m a freelancer, but I want to be an entrepreneur! Such a great distinction for me while I’m working through B-School!

  256. BMF

    Struggle in marketing is very important without it you cant stay in business. Your blog is nice about marketing. So I am particularly impressed by Seth’s advice to identify and offer to the customer something useful which no one else does. Lovely post.

  257. Business is my passion. The right marketing strategies are incredible, miraculous tools that can be used for good. For years, I’ve said that if you have a product or service you believe in, something that can genuinely help others. I love marketing that is so great business.

  258. Hi Marie,
    I love Seth. What he teached me is two important principles. The first: people like us, do things like this. And the second: find your minimum viable audience. I found that very meaningful because it helped me to focus on my philosophy and vision and what kind of people fit in with that. It changed my mindset. Not only the companies mentioned on the Forbes-list or the ones that are most famous are the successful ones.

    Great that you give him a stage.

    Greets, Lisanne

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    Best regards

  262. Amber Volpe

    Marie and Team!
    I just want to thank you all for what you do. I was reading Everything is Figureoutable yesterday and read how marketing is essential for everyone. I realize how that obviously pertains to interviewing and I am working on my goal of getting into a highly competitive nursing program of which has an interview as part of it. I immediately came over here to your site to find a good resource for learning about marketing and here is your interview with Seth Godin! My baby is sleeping so I’ll listen to it once he wakes up but I’ve already searched out the book at our library and I am going to learn how to sell myself and nail that interview! THANK YOU!!! I feel so empowered by your team 🙂

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Amber! So glad to hear you found this episode helpful! Best of luck with your interview – we’ll be cheering you on!!! ❤️

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  266. Marie! I have been your silent viewer always. I ve always liked the videos you are making and the type of content you are posting but this one definitely deserve a vocal appreciation. Thank you for having Mr. Godin on your show. I was also in a loop of how do I achieve it as it’s so much noise out there and that piano teacher example hit me hard. Although, my head is still not clear but at least something which looks convincing and I a definetly putting that to my status right now! lol
    “There is enough as long as I stand for something”

  267. April

    It’s so brilliant that whatever you do, when you go at it with the most humanity, you succeed. Lots of business use the aggressive strategies (that’s what we were taught at business schools), but they failed to see the questions with a simple and down to earth perspective — Who are we helping? What problems they have and how do we get to them in their needs? How do we show them that we understand them and can provide them with the solution that will possibly change their lives?
    Thank you so much Seth and Marie, you guys have brought me back to my humane senses and helped me get more clarity about the marketing strategy that I believe in, and I have a feeling that, this time, it will work.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Such great insights, April, so glad this resonated with you!

  268. Me watching this interview was divine timing! I had just started marketing a flyer for my workshop and someone wrote a negative comment about trying to sell “non-essential” during COVID-19, a time when people are financially challenged. I personally think doing heart chakra work and learning about plant based eating to help build your immune system, during the quarantine for $25, is actually quite essential. IJS. But, I remembered thinking , that’s her opinion and if she feels that way, that’s ok, she’s not “my person”. You and and Seth confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for always putting out great content!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hey Ivory! We’re grateful for the work you’re doing and know those you serve will be, too. In case you haven’t seen it yet, definitely be sure to check out this recent Marie Forleo podcast on ethical selling during COVID-19:

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  270. Anu

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  273. I accidentally came across this blog and use stunned to read this. Yes, I used to hesitate before but I guess these endless marketing strategies are a great one way to get back the missing confidence

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