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Inspired and deeply honored. That’s how I feel after reviewing the 2019 B-School scholarship applicants.

Thank you for your heartfelt participation.

Thank you for the enormous creativity, vulnerability, honesty, and effort you poured into your video. We watched every single one — over 700 entries!

Before you scroll down to see the recipients, please read these few important notes.

First, one of the primary reasons I designed the scholarship contest this way is to get people to act.

One of my gifts is being a catalyst to help others bring their dreams to life. While some folks make videos regularly, for many of our participants this is the first time they’ve ever shot, edited, or uploaded a video.

As anyone who creates content knows, that’s never a small feat! Getting across a clear message in 90 seconds or less takes more time and energy than you’d think.

But as Thomas Edison said, “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”  

Part of my objective was to help you stretch outside of your comfort zone. To help you articulate and share your vision and take another bold action, which you did.

I sincerely mean this when I say it: the win is in taking action. The win is in taking a stand for what you’re creating and sharing that vision with others. The win is in moving beyond discomfort to expand your capabilities.

Taking risks, putting it out there, doing new things is what being a leader is all about.

Even more important is this. How we deal with any kind of letdown, setback, or obstacle shapes our lives more than almost anything else. You showed up, you shared, now take what you discovered and run with it!

Not receiving a B-School scholarship nor any other disappointment will stop you unless you let it.

Making the selections is never easy. We do not take this experience lightly. Nor do we take who you are, the time you put in, and the vulnerability you share for granted.

As a fellow creative and business owner, I have so much respect for you. I want you to know something from my heart to yours:

You are enough. You are capable. You have the power to bring your heart’s dream to life.

Whether you’re able to join us for B-School or not, my support is not going away.

I’ll be here each week through MarieTV, our MF insider’s broadcast, The Marie Forleo Podcast, and everything else we create and share.

I’ve been in business now for over 19 years.

If you’ve been connected to our work for any amount of time, then you know this is true: we’re fiercely dedicated to providing encouragement, wisdom, and tools to keep you moving ahead. The vast majority of our company’s work is created and shared, free of charge.

Now, without further ado, here are the 18 recipients of a 2019 B-School Scholarship.

1. Regeanie Corona  

Regeanie’s non-profit, Advancing the Seed, helps underserved young adults and women become leaders. She left a career in IT to move into the non-profit space — we’re here for you Regeanie!!

2. Ashley Caron

Ashley’s from Trinidad and has created a non-profit to reduce gender-based violence through resources and safe spaces. A victim of violence herself, Ashley’s taken her experience and turned it into a mission.

3. Christin Riddick

After experiencing the joy of growing his own vegetables and creating cultural significant dishes, Christin created a business to help his community learn about the power of plants — and reconnect to the land.

4. Christine Hiratsuka

Christine is a mom of two living in Columbia. She’s committed to saving the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous communities that live there. Talk about saving the world!

5. Asel Bapanova

A mother of 7, this Kazakhstani life coach has been on a 20-year search to find out what she wants to do. With her country ranking 4th in the world for the number of suicides, Asel’s committed to helping her community (especially young people) set goals, find joy, and thrive.

6. Aisha Amijee

Leaving her full-time job to live a more holistic life and take care of her 3 kids, Aisha founded Voices of Muslim Women to education and mentor girls and women to become confident, connected, and informed leaders.

7. Brittany Harrison

This incredible powerhouse has started an online community for Laughter Yoga to help others receive the benefit and joy she’s found, even while battling a chronic illness. Now she wants to take it to the next level. We’re cheering you on in your recovery Brittany!

8. Jennifer Anne Garcia

Jennifer is a military spouse who’s helped veterans, students, and working professionals with their resumes for 10 years. And she’s got a 100% hire rate! Go Jennifer go!

9. Betsy Butterick

A former basketball coach turned life coach, Betsy travels the country working with athletic departments and teams, but she has big dreams of financial growth as she gets married and starts a family!

10. Peach Brown

Inventor, YouTuber, and product creator, Peach’s mission is to help every little girl know she can be an inventor — even with no money or traditional education.

11. Sally Adams

Sally has big dreams of creating live events that will showcase artists from communities that are usually left out. Recently retired and relocating to be near family, Sally is fired up and ready to change the world!

12. Nadia Muhina

A Moldovan psychologist diagnosed with MS, Nadia is determined to be of service to people who struggle with illness by using her wisdom and personal experience. You’ve got this Nadia!

13. Bella Lam

Bella started Coconut Whisk — a vegan, gluten-free baking company that gives back — her senior year of college! She’s got a big social mission and an eye on industry domination (get it girl).

14. Leona Carter

After her family was impacted by the government shutdown, this military wife and mom of 6 has dreams of helping other moms manage their time, while building a legacy for her children.

15. Thamar Innocent

A birth worker helping women of color, Thamar is committed to supporting maternal health and wellness. Hooray for safer and healthier babies and mamas!

16. Charles Peoples III

A singer, songwriter, and performer, Charles wants to be a positive role model through his work. (We think he already is!)

17. Clarice Fonseca

Clarice is a Brazilian handbag designer (her work is so beautiful!), who wants to support herself, provide for her family, and share her creations with the world.

18. Antti Juopperi

Antti is a Finish jewelry designer who discovered a passion for metalworking while coping with depression. He’s committed to using sustainable resources and giving back through his work.

With all my love and admiration,


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  1. Valeria Hahn

    Thank you for your words Marie, and congratulations to all the winners 🙂 I’ll keep on working hard and will make into B School one day.
    Loads of love, Val

  2. Caroline

    Congrats to all of you!

  3. Tia Marie

    Congratulations everyone!!! Woohoo, this is your year! ??

  4. Congratulations to all the winners!! I know each one of you deserves to be in the B-School. Probably not this year, but next year I definitely want to enroll. Marie, your show Marie TV has so much free content. Each episode has some valuable information that could be applied to my business and I learn from you every single day. You have authenticity and warmth in your voice. You have been part of my everyday routine for the past few months. Thank you for being so wonderful!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for spending so much time with us, Maria. It means more to us than you’ll ever know. xo

      • Thank you so much for your kind words Heather. 🙂

      • Heather!! I did it!!
        I enrolled for B-School just few seconds ago. Wow! I cannot believe it.. I thought of saving up and enroll next year.. But my husband encouraged me to go for it and loaned me the money… I am doing the dance… I am so thrilled Heather….

  5. Congratulations everyone! ?

  6. Gitte Wind Nielsen

    Loads of heartfelt ❤️ congratulations wishes to all of you amazingly beautiful souls and winners. You deserve this sweet treat and I absolutely love ❤️ each and everyone’s wonderfully heartwarming contribution that you all aim for changing the world to become a much better place for your hearts, the hearts of all you are ever so lovingly reaching out to, and for the hearts ♥️ of all of humanity and beyond! Bless you all & bless you too, Marie for your generosity and encouragement which really made me step way out of my comfort zone, and make myself visible as well as vulnerable. I am forever grateful for that, as you offered me much needed help for me to arrive where I am right here today, in the very reality of living out my Life Purpose FULL ON NOW! Through taking massive ACTION and FOLLOWING THROUGH as I owe it to myself, and I so look forward to sharing my creative gifts in service to the world! Thank you so much ? Marie, from the very bottom of my heart ❤️! I will indeed embrace your kind invitation to be following you and all of your valuable ? advice, experience and knowledge. For now enjoy CELEBRATING your success and have a wonderful weekend ahead to all winners, and to you beautiful Marie & lovely Team Forleo too. ENJOY ?

  7. Willijah Dawson

    Congrats to all of the winners so happy for you all ?

  8. Asel Bapanova

    Wow, I am a winner!!! Everybody, thank you so much for congratulations!!
    Dear Marie and the Team, may God bless you – all I can say for now – I am so excited and honoured and feel responsible to make my dream to come true.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Congratulations, Asel! We’re so happy for you.

  9. Congratulations to the winners!
    I will be trying to save up enough money this year so I can join next year. Weather or not I take B-School, my business is not going anywhere! ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep taking action, Henrike. You’ll be amazed as to where you can end up in a year’s time. We’re cheering you on.

  10. Andrea

    Congratulations to all of you!!! You are all amazing. Now go make your dreams come true! 🙂

  11. Hello, I have a special thought to all those who, like me, applied for the scholarship but didn’t get it. It might be a sad time now. Allow yourself to feel the disappointment. I do.
    When we hold space for our emotions instead of fighting them, they subside. You’ll see, tomorrow you’ll rise again, remembering how passionate you are and you will figure out a way to be part of B-school.
    My best to you on this journey ❤️


      Well said! Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Such beautiful words, Pascale. Thank you for sharing them and your heart. xo

    • Christiane

      Could not agree more, Pascale! Emotions are guests who come and go and they are all welcome. After shedding some tears today, tomorrow will be about adjusting the crown again! 🙂

  12. Paola

    Hey! Congratulations to all the winners! You are amazing people! Sending all my love and gratitude for the opportunity to participate. May be next year 😉

  13. MJ

    I learned so much from taking action on this scholarship opportunity. I’m incredibly grateful and I wish all the winners abundant happiness and success! Congrats! MJ in New York


    Can I use several different credit cards if I want to enroll in B-School 2019? I did not make the scholarship, which I am disheartened about, but I cannot give up on my message. I cannot see this as a hardship, this is an opportunity. This is a topic I feel needs attention and that is “Placenta Previa.” I am interested in helping other mommies with this condition to provide information and support. I am interested in having a strong platform, whether its a website, a book, a blog or speaking or some other medium. (I would love some feedback unless I should just only use this as an experience or something to share rather than monetize on the subject for helping others??? Some feedback would be great. It is a low percentage but for the women affected that have to get hysterectomies, lose their babies, have to have abortions, premie babies, and other many other complications, this means a great deal to me. Thank you 😀 Congrats to all the winners!!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Gloria- thank you for your question. We’d love to have you in B-School if it’s the right time for you. We know that it’s a big financial and personal investment and we don’t take that lightly. We do offer a payment plan of 12 monthly payments of $199 USD in addition to our one-time amount of $1,999 USD.

      We urge you to make the decision that’s right for you at this moment in time. We’re just an email away if you have any questions. xo

  15. Congrats to all of the winners!!! So many amazing entries!!!

  16. Charly Risenmay

    This is a beautiful list of beautiful people. Just reading this article makes me love humans all over again!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We completely agree, Charly! Thank you for sharing those words.

  17. Congratulations everyone!! Very happy for you. You’re destined for greatness ?

  18. Karin Nelson

    Congrats to everyone. Make it count! You’re all worth it.

  19. Just showing up for that was encouraging and motivating! Thank you for this opportunity! I will take this feeling with me and maybe will be able to enroll next year… Congratulations to everyone who received a scholarship and may you all change the world in your own unique way! I avoid the term winner as all of us who participated are already winners 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We completely agree, Christiane, which is why they’re recipients 😉 Words matter and we’re so grateful for the ones you’ve shared here. Thank you.

  20. Congrats everyone! I of course was hoping to be one of the lucky ones, but man — over 700 entries!! Team Forleo was sure busy this past week watching and evaluating all of those videos. I so appreciate how thoughtfully this page was written to all of us who entered, and am continually inspired by you Marie. Thank you.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      It’s an honor to witness such amazing people in the world, Sharon. Thank YOU for being one of them. We’re grateful that you took the time to share your heart.

  21. So many people doing good out in the world!! Congrats Everyone!!

  22. Congratulations to all of the winners! Best of luck!

  23. Peach Brown

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Thank you so much Marie and team forleo!!! I am sooooooo excited to be an offical B-schooler!! I cannot wait. Thanks for seeing my potential 🙂 There were tons of amazing people with amazing stories. I spent my weekend being inspired by watching a lot of the submitted videos. It was uplifting to hear everyone’s WHY, and journey. Im truly honored! And congrats to all the other winners!! This is our time to shine! Lets make Marie and team forleo proud!!! Good luck to everyone and Ill see you guys on the inside 🙂 And to everyone who submitted a video, KEEP SPREADING YOUR STORY!!! Let the world know who you are and what you are here to do!! Because like Marie says, ” you are the only who can do what you do!!”

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Beautiful Peach, we’re so excited to welcome you into the B-School family. We can’t wait to see what you do with this special opportunity. xo

  24. Maddie Ofina

    Congrats to all of you!!

  25. Michelle

    Best wishes to all of the recipients and all of the others who submitted their videos. I look forward to seeing your businesses thrive!

  26. Ashley Caron

    Omg! I’m totally doing the ugly cry right now because my name is on this list!
    I’m so so grateful. I don’t have any more coherent words!
    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for this amazing opportunity! I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that I’ll make you proud.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Congratulations, Ashley! We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our vibrant B-School community. Let the tears flow freely and trust the words will come. We can’t wait to hear how your business and ideas grow through B-School, and beyond!

  27. Congratulations to all the recipients! Reading through the summaries of each winner’s business is pretty damn inspiring! These people are going to change the world for the better! And so am I! Let’s GO!

  28. Shoutout to everyone who applied! I won’t take this opportunity for granted ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Christin! Congrats! <3 We're so looking forward to seeing you around the virtual halls of B-School.

  29. I am truly amazed and honored to be included in this group. After watching many of the videos I had begun to consider the possibility of having to wait a year before starting B School. Thank you Team Marie for making this dream feel real!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Sally! We’re thrilled to have you in B-School! 🙂

  30. Congrats to all of you guys! You’ve got beautiful creativity and ideas! <3

  31. Congrats to all the winners and have fun on the way!
    Marie&team, thank you for all the suport and greats things you do for the comunity!

  32. I am so very excited to syst this journey. Only God knows what it took to get here. Thank you Marie and team Forleo !!! You won’t be disappointed



    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Thamar! Thank you for the important, necessary work you’re doing in the world. <3

  33. tesa guevara

    So happy with all the chosen winners….and would be soaring soon with more success in their endeavors. One day, it will be my turn….not giving up just yet.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Tesa! <3

      • Kirsten Henry

        Hi there Mandy!
        I was wondering where we are posting the scholarship application video? Is it too late to submit, or am I missing another link explaining this entirely? Thanks so much!

  34. Sonia

    I am so excited for all the people that received scholarships I am going to apply I feel I was born to be a Boss however I get to a point and then I’m stuck I so need B School Congrats Congrats to the receipiants

  35. Congratulations to all the winners. You have been blessed take this opportunity and grow and be successful.

  36. Véronique Gautier

    Congrats to you all, winners ! You all have incredible projects or businesses. This is awesome 🙂 Thank you for Marie and Team. I quote you, Marie : “Part of my objective was to help you stretch outside of your comfort zone. To help you articulate and share your vision and take another bold action, which you did. I sincerely mean this when I say it: the win is in taking action. The win is in taking a stand for what you’re creating and sharing that vision with others. The win is in moving beyond discomfort to expand your capabilities.” ==> this is is exactly how I was feeling and that’s why I tried this experience, this contest. Thanks a lot and can’t wait to keep watching you next videos ^^

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Véronique! We’re so glad you submitted an entry and enjoyed the experience. Keep going for your dreams! 🙂

  37. Congratulations to everyone who won the scholarship for B School. Many blessings and abundance to you all!

  38. Congrats to everyone who won the scholarship for BSchool! Many blessings and abundance to you!

  39. Oh, a great-big-huuuuge CONGRATULATIONS! to all you ultra-deserving winners of the B-School Scholarship. You are the ones who, with your talents, passion, knowledge and skills, truly have big hearts and make such a meaningful, positive difference to our people and our world!
    I’m gonna jump in on the next round!
    Jax xox

  40. Amazing projects. Congrats to all the winners!!

  41. OH MY GOD. Thank you Marie + Team for seeing something in Coconut Whisk and for giving me this amazing scholarship. I know that this wasn’t an easy process since there were SO many amazing entries. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Marie, you’ve inspired me since I was 17 years old to share my gifts with the world no matter how awkward, uncomfortable or unqualified I might feel so this is truly a DREAM COME TRUE. I’m incredibly humbled and honored by this opportunity and I cannot wait to start B-School!

    With gratitude,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Bella! We can’t wait to see what your dreams have in store for you! <3

  42. Devy Samosir

    Huge congratulation to the scholarship recipients!!! I’m so moved by the story of every recipients that I feel glad I did not try to get the scholarship. Because you all deserve this B-School. As for me, I thank God already for guiding me to Marie Forleo and B-School. So hopefully I see you all beautiful souls who have beautiful dreams to make our world better inside B-School. Peace. xx

  43. This is sooo amazing and inspiring! Thanks Marie and Team Forleo. Maybe you realise it, maybe you don’t – but even in sharing the stories of the deserving scholarship winners you are helping me sharpen my focus on how to develop and grow what I love doing!

  44. Beautiful! I am happy for all these people! Congratulations!

  45. Congratulations to all of the wonderful recipients! This has been a fun, adventurous experience! Look forward to your graduations and celebrating your success!

  46. I am so happy for the winners! In a way, I am relieved that I did NOT receive a scholarship, as a friend approached me and said that she was giving me a personal scholarship to attend BSchool because she believed in me so much. How freaking magical is that??? So much love to all the winners and everyone else that applied!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Alex!! We’re so glad you’re able to join B-School and please give your friend a high five for us. <3

  47. Oh my goodness…

    Reading through the profiles of other scholarship recipients has me holding a global space of gratitude for being selected. “Thank you” seems to fall short, but I promise to expand upon that sentiment by using what I learn in service of others.

    To all who entered, I appreciate your courage and your commitment – keep going!!

    To the team at Marie Forleo, thank you!! I’m unbelievably grateful (and crazy excited!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Betsy! We’re excited that you’ll be in the virtual halls of B-School. 🙂

  48. I just realized that I was selected as a recipient of one of the coveted B-School Scholarships. I am humbled, speechless and truly grateful. Thank you Marie and Team from the bottom of my heart!! I can’t wait to get started, and most of all, I can’t wait to use what I learn to increase the capacity of my organization through a profitable business model so that I can in turn give more, do more, and continue to help reduce poverty by teaching underserved young adults and women how to become strong leaders through social entrepreneurship and financial stability. Thank you again!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Regeanie! We believe in you!! <3

  49. Regeanie Corona

    I also want to give a major shout out and thank you to those who applied and didn’t receive a scholarship this year. You are all amazing and beautiful. Thank you for being entrepreneurs who want to do so much good in the world by building profitable businesses so that you have more to give. Remember that your light shines always because you operate with service in mind. ❤️??

  50. I am TERRIFIED. And I just signed up anyway!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Kara! Welcome to B-School and cheers to taking action on your dreams!

  51. Hi Marie,

    Congratulations to all the winners, It’s really a great feeling for all the winners those won 🙂

    I understand how does it feel when we became a winner.

    Thanks, Marie for sharing this post.

  52. Beverly Hornibrook

    after reading the winners goals, I realise i sure have a long way to go and need to reassess my way of forwarding mine. These all sound so amazing and well deserved and I would like to congratulate them all. I am learning all the time and hope I will be in a better position next time!… go for it guys and excel! I know you all will!….until next submission, I shall be lapping up the freebies! thanks again B x

  53. Congratulations to all the winners! I got the scholarship 4 years ago and I still had tears in my eyes each time the announcement was published. So excited! Because I can now say that “this is your start, a wealth of great lessons and experience and priceless connections is waiting for you inside the classroom”. Just a start, because things happen in life, right? I can tell I need to go back to B-School each year, there have always been new things inside that would respond to new challenges I was facing, and let alone the help and insights from the community ? After exceeding my initial goal (when applying for the scholarship), I was presented with a series of new challenges in different areas of my life, and in this kind of “darkness”, guess where the “light” came from? From books and programs published by my B-School friends, from ideas launched by my B-School friends, inspiring projects by my B-School friends, forums run by my B-School friends, and even when I taught intuitive doodling and lettering for the first time, guess, the class was hosted by super girl Amelia, an intuitive coach whom I met in B-School! We all know it’s impossible to be connected to all B-Schoolers ?? but the connections I made were real gems. Can’t wait for you to experience B-School with all its goodness! Bravo! And thank you Marie and Team Forleo and B-School (and I still have tears in my eyes ?) ❤❤❤

  54. Maham Noor

    This is very helpful and providing good opportunities to students. I am applying for masters degree scholarships as an international student. I am searching and applying and I also found some in but I am searching for more as my class fellows also want to apply. Anyone please help me in this. Thanks

  55. Joniqua “Nica” Griffin

    I am a scholarship recipient

  56. Heather

    When it comes time to apply for the 2020 scholarship, I will speak from the depths of my soul to show that with a scholarship I will use it to change as many lives as possible; myself being the first.

  57. Van

    Hi! It’s wonderful to see a supportive community here that the program creates. I am interested in applying for the next batch. Please let me know about the application requirement. Thanks team 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Van! We’re delighted these stories have inspired you. We’re honored to have you in our community as well.

      Marie always shares the instructions and details for the scholarship program via email (and on the blog here) during the B-School enrollment period. The next enrollment period for B-School is February 13, 2020 through February 28, 2020.

      Make sure you’re on the Waitlist for B-School so you don’t miss Marie’s updates about the scholarship (it’s typically a tight window to apply):

      We’re honored to have you in our world, Van, and we’d be happy to “see” you in B-School 2020!

  58. Georgina Hudson

    Hello, I’m so happy to be in this community. I feel so aligned with Marie’s teachings. I’ve just applied for a scholarship for B School 2020. I followed the instructions to a T. I made my video, uploaded it on Youtube, added the title and description verbatim but when I moved to the last step “comment on the blog with a link to the video” I got the message “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” Any idea of what might be going on? I feel so excited I can’t wait to get it all done. Bless you Marie and team

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Georgina! We’re so happy you’re in this community, too 🙂 And we adore your excitement about applying for a scholarship to B-School this year! We aren’t actually accepting applications for the scholarship program until tomorrow, February 14th, so that’s why you’re currently running into trouble leaving a comment on the blog. We’re can’t wait to watch your video, and be sure to check back tomorrow to post it there then!

      • Georgina Hudson

        Thank you Julia! I’m so pumped about this. Bless you and all the team

  59. Wannita

    I am trying to link my video for the 2020 Scholarship and I don’t see anywhere to do this.

  60. I want to be part of The B-School Scholarship Program Is Based On the Honor System so I leave the link of the video I made, greetings to all!

  61. Dear Marie and Team Forleo,
    I would like to hereby apply for The B-School Scholarship 2020. Here is my video story link:
    Thank you for all you do. <3
    Best of luck to all applicants.
    Much love,

  62. I’m so excited to join this journey that leads to the achievement of my goal . it will be a great pleasure to be granted this opportunity

    This is the link to my video

  63. Brandi Tyann This too is the only place I see to post my link for Scholarship. 🙂

  64. Tammy Sibert

    Congratulations to all the winners! Much success to you! Thank you Marie and team! The encouragement is just what I needed!

  65. Denice Reed

    I’m 45 years old single no kids. I feel like there is and always has been something out there for me to do but I haven’t figured it out yet. I just learned of B School about an hour ago and I strongly believe this is what I’m looking for to help clear the clouds out of the way for the rest of my life. I’m currently homeless but I still can win. Please may I be eligible for the scholarship?

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