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What if you could sit down with your coffee and pour out words that spark an aha, a revolution, or thousands of clicks to your “buy” button?

What if you stopped second-guessing yourself every time you sat down to write and could get down words that sound as good on the page as they did in your head? No more writer’s block, website shame or devastating silence in response to your work.

Guess what? You can.

Those words — the words in your blog posts, emails, sales pages, headlines, business tweets and all over your website — those are called copywriting. Or, “copy.”

They’re the words that inspire emotion and action. They’re words that sell. If you’ve been having trouble writing them in a way that sounds like you and makes people want to buy what you have…

A few key changes to how you think about copy can change everything.

Over the last few years, thousands of ambitious creatives and entrepreneurs have gone through our stellar writing program called The Copy Cure. Our students have seen huge jumps in comments, fans and sales. Some even before they finished the course.

  • By Module 2, Mohamed had built an international community of over 6,000 members — from scratch! And in English, his third language.
  • In just 3 months, Carolyn and Cynthia went from $54,000 in sales to $119,000. Three months! And the only thing they changed was their copy.

If you’ve been a fan of this blog for any significant amount of time, then you know how committed we are to serving our audience and customers at the highest level.

Well, for the past six months we’ve been working behind the scenes rebuilding the entire program from the ground up. We took everything that was effective about The Copy Cure and challenged ourselves to go even further.

We surveyed creatives, analyzed over 16,000 responses and used all of that insight to create new video trainings, masterclasses, fun sheets, templates, and live workshops. The program has now doubled in size.

We believe in the power of using the right words to create positive change in the world.

We believe your voice deserves to be heard. We believe that your message matters. We believe that the world really needs that special gift that only you have.

That’s why we’re offering a handful of scholarship seats to The Copy Cure 2018.

This Scholarship Program Is Based On The Honor System

Getting an education isn’t easy. My early journey was filled with work-study gigs and, frankly, anything I could apply for that might possibly ease the financial burden on my family.

But an education is one of the most powerful tools in existence for transforming our lives.  

If you’re familiar with my work, you know I believe that talent is universal, opportunity is not. That means we strive to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from what we create, regardless of economics. It’s why 99% of our creative work is offered free of charge.

To be clear, our company is proudly a for-profit business.

Our paid programs not only fund the production of our free content but also pay the salaries and benefits of everyone on Team Forleo who work tirelessly to help produce what we feel is some of the best, most inspiring and educational content around.

We’re grateful to host an audience that spans 195 countries worldwide. We’re acutely aware of the vast range of economic realities that comprise our beloved audience, both domestically and abroad.

This 2018 Copy Cure Scholarship Program is based on the honor system. Please, only submit an entry for a potential scholarship if it’s truly needs-based. I’m entrusting you — on your honor — to apply for a scholarship because without it, improving your writing skills with a program like The Copy Cure would not be financially possible right now.

In our selection efforts, we’ll strive to focus on creatives from underserved and marginalized communities. Check out the details below, and get to it. (Act fast, because the deadline is Monday, October 8th at 3pm Eastern US time.)

The Copy Cure Scholarship Program

What it is: Complimentary access to The Copy Cure digital program.

How to be considered: Read the following questions and post your answer in the comments below. Make sure your response is 250 words or less.

  1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
  2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
  3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

Everything You Need to Know

  1. You apply with a written comment below. Yes, it must be public. No email entries will count.
  2. We’ll award a handful of scholarship seats. A specific number is not predetermined.   
  3. The entry deadline is Monday, October 8th 2018 at 3pm Eastern US time and the recipients will be announced on Friday, October 12th 2018 by 5pm Eastern US time.
  4. No purchase is necessary to receive a scholarship.
  5. We’re the judges and our decision is subjective and final. (We love and appreciate you more than you know.)

Remember: We’re looking for heart, creativity, kindness and the ability to follow directions. Show us how stronger writing will help you reach your dreams and create meaningful change.

We can’t wait to see your entry.



Our minds are BLOWN! Thank you so very much for all of the goodness, heart, and soul you shared. We read each and every word of 649 entries. Huge congrats to the following winners. Our team will be in touch with you via email about next steps.

  1. Daniella Green
  2. Ellice Plant
  3. Rebeca Four
  4. Karen (Making The Jump)
  5. Amanda Wilbur
  6. Madeleine Carrington


Thank you again,


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  1. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is it’s more natural for me to verbalize. I also have a type A brain. So when I sit down to write it’s hard to be concise and it’s hard to be personal and fun.
    2. I’m a financial wellness coach (i don’t sell products unlike an advisor/planner) and I want to grow my reach to help as many people a possible. I want to save marriages from divorce, break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and change family trees through fixing mindset problems with money.
    3. There’s nowhere near enough room to list how help with my copy would change things. I’d be able to connect better to my audience, serve more people, be able to finally write copy for those email campaigns and more. Writing is my weak point and this would help tremendously.

    • My biggest struggle is to create inspirational content out of the ideas that I’ve taken because I want to have the right structure and words, latest in the second try and thus, I’m delaying my work.

      My online business is dedicated to helping millennial high achieving women world wide to be, feel and act true to themselves. Once more individuals take care of themselves then we can create a better world together.

      With The Copy Cure I can express my inner wisdom that was lacking the ease, the right expressions, structure and finally overcome my fear of communicating with the world in writing, which also influences the speaking skills. I’ll be able to write more resonating articles, titles, descriptions, scripts and many more. I can reach more people and build enough wealth to support my family, especially health-related challenges.

    • 1. My biggest struggle is writing for my audience – I understand their plight, emotional space, and desires, but tend to write in my own voice and use a vocabulary that isn’t universally digestible.
      2. I am dedicated to the holistic eradication of chronic illness in women through an ‘education first’ philosophy, where we will cover an evidence-based analysis of your body, mind, emotions, environment, and resources to identify patterns and connections that will provide you with your own ecosystem’s blueprint and the tools you need to live in a chronic state of health.
      We will finally evolve beyond the era where the adages “it’s all in her head” and “she’s just hysterical” are acceptable medical diagnoses, and finally help women know, love, and trust their bodies, while learning to tap into their full, juicy, vibrant feminine power.
      3. The confidence that I’m reaching the women I’m here to work with will allow me to focus more on the work to be done, and less on whether or not my copy will open that door. This also gives my family and friends the language needed to – not only take it to heart, but – share the message and continue spreading the gospel of empowered wellness.
      All of this will allow me to focus on this initiative exclusively, instead of trying to fit it in after hours and on weekends – women deserve better care and it’s time to get off the back-burner.

  2. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I love writing but I really struggle to make it succinct and to the point. I know my audience and I really want to reach more people to help them. I’d love to take the Copy Cure, I’ve followed since the launch.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I serve people who are looking for expert led, clear and valuable health and nutrition guidnace and information. People looking to reach their maximum health level and Thrive.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? Oh wow. I’d re-write my entire website copy. To laser focus it and reach more people who need help with clear nutritional info. I’d apply it to my magazine too, so that the content is expert led, but hugely engaging and succinct.

    • Vicky V

      Hi Maria and MF team! It’s a pleasure and an honor to participate in this amazing opportunity.
      1) My biggest struggle with writing is the ability to convey my message authentically, with flare, have meaning and be relatable without the concern or fear of judgment.
      2) I’m a Certified Christian Life Coach with a niche in personal growth. I help women of faith embrace their flaws, overcome their struggles and challenges to evolve in life without feeling inadequate and fraudulent to reignite their confidence and feel empowered.
      Being a Christian, I’ve often felt fraudulent and unsupported from the Christian community when I dealt with depression and anxiety. It was an overwhelming feeling that would leave me hopeless and faithless. I know that I’m not alone and want to assure other women of faith that they are not alone as well.
      3) Getting help with my copy would allow me to confidently share my message that would help a community of women rebuild their faith, their confidence to be their true, unapologetic self.

  3. My biggest struggle with writing is connecting with the audience. I am an ESL teacher so I sometimes find a balance between sounding fun and keeping the language simple for my prospective students.
    My business aims to empower second language English speakers to pass their English language exams. This would enable them to chase their dreams of studying abroad or getting a better job.
    I think with Copy Cure’s help, I will be able to strike the right balance. Just by using your free tip of using contractions instead of writing it out completely has completely changed the tone of my copy. I would love to see more such strategies to sound personable and trustworthy when a potential student checks out my page.

    • I am an EA and I work for a not-for-profit organization and I am also a content creator and manage the business social media pages. I am passionate about what I do and can’t afford to pay for any education at the moment. To educate myself, I listen to podcasts, read and I seek mentorship. As English is not my monther-tongue, my desire is to write eloquently to an audience who will receive what I write in a positive way. I would love this opportunity as I know without a doubt, it will help me to grow in my career. I would like to offer my time and dedication to make the most of this opportunity and expand in all available platforms in writing. I thank you.

  4. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is not knowing what to write and sticking to one subject at a time. My mind tends to get blank and then if I manage to start with something, I tend to jump to one idea to the other.
    2. I work (in French) with conscious women who are committed to their evolution and I help them fully reconnect with who they are at Soul level, and fully embody so that they can joyously shine their Light and take part in elevating the consciousness on Earth.
    3. I feel the urge to serve more people, and therefore to be more visible and to allow people to find me (I work mainly online). And I know stronger writing skills is a must to do that. I’m fully committed to my business and to my mission. By reaching more people, I can help them help transform the world, and I can make sure I can provide for my family. Tangibly : better writing = creating more abundance for my clients, for my family and for the World.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, Marie.

    • My biggest struggle with writing is sounding less like a research paper and more like the warm, welcoming human being I am. If I can be comfortable adding some lightheartedness to my writing, my personality will shine through and I’ll be able to connect so much better.

      I make high performance natural skin care products infused with herbs and flowers. I serve women who want to take care of their appearance while also doing what’s right for the environment and their own health.

      If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would allow me to connect so much better with the women I serve. I would have no trouble explaining why plant-based formulas are amazing, how good it feels to hydrate our skin and hide wrinkles with organic products, and why my brand should be part of their daily routine.

      This will make a difference in my life because I’ll be broadening my effort to support our one and only planet while also growing my business. My goal is for every woman to have at least one all natural product that she relies on in her daily skin care routine. When she uses it, I want her to love how she looks. When she thinks about where it comes from, I want her to feel grounded and satisfied knowing that she’s making the right choice to help the environment.

    • My biggest struggle in writing, relates to allowing myself permission to engage in this way. It’s a medium of self expression that I desire and sometimes dream of as part of the ideal life I would love to design. No wait, am currently designing! I enjoy writing and always have. My current work involves holding space for others and assisting them through different mediums, on their path to healing. One of these mediums is not writing , yet I know it’s possible, and feel called to change this. My business is service based and currently limited by how many people I can literally (physically), touch in a day. I enjoy the deep personal connections and being closely involved in my the process of my patients and clients, the business side is referral based and largely runs itself. I won’t speak to efficiency, which might be a requirement for me to allocate time and energy to writing…

      I have a story inside of me, and it wishes to be told. I wish to create space to express myself and in doing so, inspire others to connect to the part of themselves that is ready to grow, heal and be reminded of their infinite power and grace. One of my mentors early on my path of becoming a healer, Kari Samuals, derived much value and return on what she put into Marie’s mentorship program. It’s been a secret desire that someday, I’d arrive in a place where it’s “ok” to invest in myself this way. That was years ago, while I was in grad school, after becoming spontaneously pregnant with triplets during my second semester. I finished acupuncture school, started a practice doing all the esoteric and deep spiritual work that feeds my soul, followed my dream of giving back to the community by becoming certified to teach yoga and meditation (I teach at the Y, where it’s on honor to serve by helping keep sacred practices accessible to all), all while being a single parent to the beautiful triplets, who it turns out, happen to be the soulmates I never knew I had, or wanted.

      Stronger and more focused writing would help me by giving me permission and a sense of direction to engage this part of me that desires to be expressed. Learning how to create value out of my writing, rather than see is a luxury belonging to those who have simpler lives or a more established path to linking their writing and business, could help me tie this into my greater vision to experience financial abundance and greater freedom in how I can share my gifts and touch others.

      Thank you for allowing me to share this part of my story.

  5. Hi There, the MF team!! Thanks so much for this incredible opportunity! Ok now, let me talk about myself!
    1) I am 24, born in Paris and from Sri Lankan origin. English is not my mother tongue but I believe in its power to raise my voice and impact millions of people with what I do. I don’t have the perfect english and I struggle to write with the correct worlds/sentences. I am quite fluent orally but it’s not easy when it comes to writing articles.
    2) This year I have decided to be 100% in developing my own media for entrepreneurs. My mission is to show that aynone can become an entrepreneur by portraying different journeys and profiles through my own talk show: Mel’s Talk! I really want people to know that no matter where you come from, you too you can do it!
    3) My Talk show is in french for now but I want to make it global! I started to write articles on Medium and I want to write an article after each of my interviews as well as content for entrepreneurs! This course will really help me to improve my writing skills and make a large impact on the world.

    Thanks again to the MF team for this opportunity! It means the world!
    Mel’s Talk

  6. 1. My biggest struggle is telling a story in a way that makes sense. So, I try too hard and you can sense that when you read it.
    2.I am a tea blender, I have my own business where I blend Sri Lankan tea with herbs, spices, flowers. I would really like able to be in a position to change for the better the lives of the women and children who work in the tea estates.
    3.To be able to write well, be in for social media, blogs or articles for newspapers. To raise awareness through information and detail.

  7. I know that the sexuality education I offer slays shame, saves marriages and creates confidence. I receive these testimonies in a steady stream of email gratitudes. So why do I struggle to pay the bills? I believe the struggle, the sticking point, is in my sales copy. Especially in a world with so much sexual shame and censorship, where so many are afraid to talk about real sexuality, words matter. I am trying to reach those struggling with sexual trauma, shame and guilt and transform that into agency and permission. But I don’t want to fall into the old marketing ploys that USE shame and “not enoughness” to entice. I know that Team Forleo can help me break through this barrier. With The Copy Cure, I will identify a way to ethically and authentically offer what I know to be some of the most transformative and progressive sexuality education available to more people. We all know how many of us are struggling with the legacy of sexual violence, and I know my work to be part of the global solution. Please help me speak that truth more fluently. If I can grow our sales, I can stay dedicated to my mission, take care of my family and let go of the daily stress of paying my medical bills from my chronic illness, and devote all of that energy I waste worrying into more solutions for global sex culture. Thank you for this opportunity and consideration.

  8. Hi Marie,
    I’m a fan! Thank you for this opportunity!!!
    I started a business in 2013 to teach future generation how to grow their own food. I am a mom of a 15-y-o and an 8-y-o. I am passionate about this topic. And I know I am the right person to help parents and teachers grow food gardens with kids, with ease. I am a Permaculture designer and an Environmentalist who believes in positive action. I have amazing testimonials from people I have worked with and I know I am changing lives. My business is a for-profit business (proudly). I have created lots of online and on-the-ground programs. When people buy my programs they usually become raving fans. But not enough numbers are buying and I am not making the money I need to be able to address the global, social food justice issues I want to address in this world. I have invested 10s of 1000s of dollars on coaching programs and online marketing and are seriously exhausting my personal resources.
    Upon reflections on many launches that sank over the years and feedback I got from people who claim to be experts in copy writing, it seems to me, at least one of the weakest links in my online business is copy writing and with the type of business I am building, that is not something I can hire others to do for me. I truly believe I should be connecting with my audience myself, as a mom and as a teacher. So I desperately need to learn how to write better.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Cheers and Peace,

    • 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
      I’ve got the motivation and original content but struggle to find an engaging way to communicate the content.

      2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
      Currently I am in the process of writing a book, revealing ways to help people engage more in the workplace – so my mission is to support people to become more resilient, engaged and successful at work and to help them to identify and embrace opportunities for growth!
      To date my career has had a two fold focus. (I have two day jobs) The first has been as the owner of different recruitment companies, facilitating career change, helping people find new jobs or with career decisions and helping companies find great people – the second has been contracting to a company that makes native flower essences for holistic wellbeing.
      3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
      Stronger writing would make it easier for me to share what I have learned and would make the content more engaging, relatable and accessible – so that others could learn from my experience and mistakes and could use the ideas to add value to their careers and workplaces. I am on a mission and feel that this is something that I really have to do – so no matter what, I will get it done! – Some support to make my writing stronger means that I have another tool to accomplish my mission! As part of this venture, my understanding is that I need to start to create a social media platform – so some help with my writing would also help me to start writing interesting copy and blogs so that I can share bitesize bits of wisdom and experience with people out there who want to become happier at work or who need some support in the workplace!

      • I inspire women of all ages–and MEN of all stages in HONORING women. Fourth-Wave Feminism, Without the Fourth Wall, is my hilarious comedy show that explores the feminine’s darkness, brightness, and agelessness, then gets the audience playing a game about who has the most names for our genitals!
        In my teaching artist business, I teach circus and clowning, and run self-empowerment workshops for pre-teen girls. My over-riding mission, whether clowning in dementia units, juggling with differently-abled adults, or entertaining at the Warrior’s Owners’ Family Party, is that humor and play helps heal all.
        My email writing struggles to cultivate a community that stays connected while I travel, as classes and performances change location. That challenge is two-pronged: part clumsiness of writing, mixed with not creating delicious-enough morsels of written words to entice returns to my website and all the products from which to choose.
        Copy Cure will help me unify the many services available on my website. It’ll revamp my social media persona, thereby adding to (and inspiring more of) the powerful voices in the world of 4th Wave Feminists. The growth of my community will support multiplying my speaking engagements.
        Most importantly, to me, is that great copy is part of freeing myself of working in one place, allowing me and my husband to spend more time with my 9 year-old stepson, who just moved abroad. Honestly, his move away is the spark rocketing me toward expanding income and increasing mobility, while diving even more deeply into my mission.

  9. 1)Writing with engagement and being fluid in my words has been a struggle. Sometimes the things I say continue to sound similar to my past words. I know that my copy is not as strong as it possibly could be.
    2)My work is dedicated to reviewing books and connecting readers with the next great read. I am also an educator outside of the digital world. I review these books and push for sales based on my words. I am passionate about sharing books with the world and helping someone find just the right book.
    3) I have followed your blog and words since I started my blog. Some may say that it doesn’t apply to book reviewers but many of your tips and tricks have been essential in creating turning points for me. Many could question how I have used your tips in being an educator but I find what you say to be insightful and aiding me in the new digital world of education. My words help to sell books, books that can make a difference in a persons life. Stronger writing would give me the opportunity to reach more readers and followers. Having new skills in writing would elevate my work and provide new ways to interact with readers and authors. Having my sales pick up via my buy now links for these books would essentially increase my portion of the sales and this help financially.
    Thank you for the time and consideration,

  10. My biggest problem with writing copy is not being able to get the readers to connect with what I’m saying. My new business engages millennials to drop the 9 to 5 and set up online businesses so that they can live a lifestyle that they want, whether that’s to travel the world or build their dream home/family. But with so many “get rich quick” schemes out there, my words aren’t getting through because people think I offer one of those schemes in disguise! If The Copy Cure gave me a scholarship, I would be able to grow my business faster than expected and be able to inspire more people like me who are “closet” entrepreneurs and want to be free from office jobs. My husband and I would be able to also live the life of our dreams as I only have a part time job and money is hard to make at the moment! He has also set up a new business and isn’t earning. We both want to get our businesses off the ground and making more money. Our family would love some Christmas presents this year!

  11. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I don’t know how to sell without sounding pushy, gimmicky, or sales-y, especially to my ideal audience. My copy has to build trust, overcome emotional obstacles, and promote my credentials.
    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I offer guided meditation for trauma, mostly for vets with PTSD and women who have experienced sexually violence. My live program is very successful, but I can scale this work through recorded guides.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    There are more than 6000 veteran suicides every year in the United States. Sexual abuse is rampant. 1 in 5 women will be raped in their lifetime. I am an iRest Teacher and a Warriors at Ease Meditation Instructor. Getting the program into more lives could very well save lives. You can see the clinical research here: and the statistics on veteran suicide here: and sexual violence here:

  12. My biggest struggle with writing is turning what I’m thinking into words. It never seems to flow. When I finally get those words down on paper it doesn’t have any of my personality in it!
    I am a health/wellness/nutrition coach. My career is dedicated to making sure my clients are happy and healthy. I educate them in the nutrition field while teaching them to love themselves every step of the way.
    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me share my wealth of knowledge (for free) with the world. I would love to drop little knowledge bombs through social media and blog posts, I can just never get the words out right now. Knowledge is a powerful thing and I would like to share mine with everyone that needs it whether it’s nutrition based or just learning to love yourself!

  13. Salutations,

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is a lack of confidence. I have a hard time believing my own story. I feel like no one will read or believe me. Impostor syndrome, I suffer.

    2. I’m . Strategic Communications Consultant who helps politicians, businesses, and organizations drive results by gambling with their truth. Now I’m pivoti into public interest lobbying with my collaborative policy development platform The Urban Lobby (

    Mission: Our mission is to arm Americans with the tools needed to effectively advocate for their own best interests when dealing with corporations and governments. We also aim to develop and pass public policy that empowers underserved communities in urban and rural areas. While our main target is to help impoverished people in urban and suburban communities, our goal is to pass policy that will benefit U.S. Citizens in rural areas as well.

    3. Finding the balance between professionalism and authenticity for my own self and projects is a challenge. I’m great and helping others find their voice, but I freeze up when it come to my own messaging.

    This course will help me not only communicate my ideals better And with more confirm but also arm me with information I can make my own and teach to my membership base so the power of the word and public opinion can be used to accomplish goals in the policy and social change arenas.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    With gratitude,

    • Felicia Gooden

      I sent this from my phone. Pardon the typos..🙏🙏🙏

      • Shylene Njeri

        As a writer my biggest challenge is that I have to push past my confidence issues because I don’t feel qualified to be a writer to give advice as a leader. I am a college student who currently does freelance writing for various niches. However its been my goal to study copy writing so I can serve my clients better, help them appeal to their target audience with authentic content. Eventually I want to start a business that focuses on women entrepreneurs and environmental protection.
        The Copy Cure program would be a great boost to my confidence in my writing, which would enable me to reach women and help them build businesses that support environment.
        It would be such a thrill to be able to communicate well so my audience can see the real me.
        Thank you so much for this opportunity. Love you Marie.

  14. 1. I used to blog quite a bit, write in industry publications, present at professional conferences and still have some social media activity, but I have had a visibility issue for the past couple of years, as in “I’m afraid of being visible in my industry”. This has turned into not blogging anymore and not offering potentially interesting contributions. A second struggle is that, as a translator, my job is to fit in the author’s shoes, as if I were ghost-writing for them in my native language. This makes it hard to find my own compelling voice.
    2. I am a freelance translator, working from English and Spanish into my native French and specialising in international law, human rights, and corporate communications. I mostly serve high-profile international organisations, courts and tribunals, as well as large corporations.
    3. A scholarship to The Copy Cure would be the best way to find my voice in English (second language for me). It would also help my daily job as a translator, as I’d be more able to understand the author’s point of view. It could reignite my willingness to write for the benefit of the translation community. The course may also help me launch another side gig as a coeliac disease advocate/blogger/would-be author, which I’ve been reluctant to do as I was struggling with my diagnosis. In turn, this would benefit my bottom line, and my family’s well-being as I’m the breadwinner. I think The Copy Cure would help in tapping into my potential to develop and reach my life and business goals.

  15. I struggle with making sure the personal side comes through-the voice part that connects deeply with people! My business is an apparel brand giving back to those who serve. Everytime we sell a shirt we give the customer a free one to deliver to a veteran or first responder. The “giveback” is so powerful and expressing that in writing is challenging for me, but I need to be able to so that potential customers understand why they need to get involved! Our mission is to bring unity and connection-bridge the gap between those who serve and “the rest of us” so instead of isolation, there is appreciation, strength and solidarity.
    The biggest difference The Copy Cure would make is that I could write more effectively (I have 4 kids so time is a precious commodity), trust myself that my copy is amazing, and actually be able to convert people on our website. As of now the business is profitable, but not enough that we can make money ourselves. We know the concept works because in person our sales are great, but online we aren’t able to get enough people to our site through ads and email etc. I feel like better writing will increase people going to our site and then getting involved. There is an audience and a critical need in our society, please help me address them through my emails, press releases, and web copy so people take action.

  16. 1. My biggest struggle with copy is getting it concise yet emotionally compelling. My writing over the years has been longer format and that’s just not effective anymore wtih our short attention spans and cluttered media environment. Maybe my MBA program broke me with all those long ass papers?!
    2. My business is digital marketing and our goal is to help our client make personal connections in a digital world. We serve entrepreneurs and also small to medium sized businesses. There is a huge under-served segment that cannot afford big agency pricing, so we set out to either help take their marketing off their plate, or give them the tools and training to do it themselves.
    3. If I get this scholarship, it would help me become a better asset for my business and for my clients. Stories sell, and being able to write concisely and with emotional triggers will not only help my partner and I secure and stabilize our business, but it will also help drive business for our clients. My partner and also have a goal to write a book and this will help that dream become a reality!

  17. Lynnette Cook

    My struggle with writing is about where to start. My career has been about serving nonprofits, usually through helping them evaluate their success, identify their challenges and strategize about their future. One on one, I do fine. I’m good at asking questions and helping them work through solutions. After doing this for awhile, I now see some “universals”, or at least some “pretty frequently occurring” things that I’d like to address. I also know that nonprofit execs have tight budgets, so if I could learn how to put what I’ve learned into writing, I could offer a lot of free stuff to support them, even as I’m working more detailed engagements with some of them.

  18. I sometimes struggle with writing because the content I write about is science-based and fairly complex. My audiences claim they want to know about science but I am noticing they really don’t. They just want to know that what you say is science based, and they don’t like the weeds. At least not at work. I want to achieve a good balance between simplicity and complexity in my writing.
    I am a cognitive neuroscientist and my work is dedicated to researching memory. I don’t focus on the processes you use to remember why you entered a room or why you opened the fridge. I serve those who want to earn a spot in someone else’s brain. This is more critical than ever because if you want to influence someone, you must stay top of mind. People act in your favor based on what they remember, not on what they forget. So how do you help someone form a memory of you and what you have to say?
    Stronger writing tips would help my business and those I work with because social memory is not typically something you associate with business success. I want to change that. Our society will only progress to the extent that we all remember what to do next.

  19. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is communicating the value of what I have to offer.
    2. I am a life coach for homeschool moms. I was a homeschool mom for 27 years and I know the fears, frustrations, self-doubt and overwhelm they experience first hand. My mission is to help them eliminate the “unnecessary” negative emotion, build their confidence, improve their relationships and increase their emotional well-being as they educate their children. My work impacts every area of their lives: parenting, marriage, relationships, habits, etc.
    3. If I were able to communicate the value of what I do more effectively, I believe I could empower moms to “happen” to their lives vs. letting life “happen” to them. I could bring them more freedom and less burden. I do a great deal of coaching for free but if I could produce more income with better communication, I could enable my husband to retire from a very stressful job and move back to our family farm–a very positive impact on my family. 😉 Thank you very much for the opportunity to apply.

  20. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is how to clearly articulate my message in an interesting and compelling way. It’s also a challenge to come up with new ideas. I feel like I keep writing about the same old stuff over, and over again.

    2. My business is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations raise more money and build stronger fundraising boards. I teach and write about how to raise money from individual donors in a personal and meaningful way. Most nonprofit professionals and volunteers never dream of raising money but are forced to do so because they want to help solve the world’s biggest problems. These do-gooders are often uncomfortable asking for money. To achieve their mission, they need to learn how to ask for donations in efficient and effective ways.

    3. If I were a stronger writer, I could reach more people throughout the nonprofit sector. Each organization I reach has the potential to raise ten times or more what they are raising right now in major gifts. That could mean an additional $10,000, $100,000 or even a million dollars or more for critical, mission-driven organizations. Collectively, this would add up to millions more raised for the nonprofit sector, in addition to boosting individual skills and career paths for those serving our most vulnerable populations.

  21. 1. My biggest struggle is finding the words that accurately say what I want to convey. Consolidating my message is also huge—apparently I’m big into telling the ENTIRE story to set the stage, and by then I’m sure I’ve lost my audience.
    2. My business, career, and life’s work is to help people of all sizes rediscover the joy in living. I have created a bicycle company which builds bicycles for people who weigh up to 550 pounds. To my knowledge, I’m the only one who does this; other options are custom bikes only. I’ve been in business a long time, and the only reason I’m able to stay in business is because I don’t take a salary (my husband supports us). My desire to help people change their lives is so strong I just keep plugging away, because this is SO IMPORTANT.
    3. I have learned a lot about what I need to do to attract customers, but I still struggle with getting the copy right. If I can find a way to succeed with creating powerful, usable copy, I can increase my sales, which will serve to help more people. More sales can also allow me to offer lower prices, scholarships, a whole host of things that would make it easier for anyone who really wants/needs one of my bikes to get it.

  22. 1. Hello! My biggest struggle with writing right now is that I’ve just graduated from law school (still waiting on bar results) and everything I write still sounds very technical and formal. I would like my copy to sound more conversational since I am selling jewelry.
    2. My company sells African waist beads as a body positive alternative to the scale. Women use them to track weight loss or maintain their weight. Our mission is to change the way women view their bodies as they pursue a healthier lifestyle.
    3. Admission to The Copy Cure would help me articulate our mission and connect to our key customers as we begin to rebrand. It would also help us integrate the various parts of our story (body positivity, weight loss tracking, made in Ghana, providing jobs and training to Ghanaians, sharing a traditional African cultural practice with the world.)

  23. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is clarity. When I have to write to “sale” I’m not sure where to begin: who am I really talking to (I have multiple “ideal customers”) and how do I create content that builds trust and engagement.
    2. My mission is to bridge cultures, support community development and cultivate compassionate global citizens. My work is dedicated to supporting communities in Africa through global volunteer service/education abroad programs; and increasing diversity in the international education/volunteer service industry. I serve under-resourced communities in Ghana and in Togo by providing small-scale financial, human and in-kind resources. I serve universities and individuals out of the USA by providing hands-on experiential learning and international professional development experiences.
    3. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would help me speak effectively to a diverse audience: college administrators, parents, students and recent graduates. It would help me articulate the service opportunities available to support our West African partners from community health and education to rural development and the environment. It would help me articulate the benefits of diversity abroad without alienating those who would typically engage in these types of experiences. It would help me provide greater resources to the under-resourced communities I serve.

  24. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I struggle with making copy that is straightforward and buzzworthy. I tend to over-elaborate and become so creative in my wording that my message gets lost. Because of this I get a bit intimidated when it comes to creating social media ads and email campaigns. I try to combat this by explaining what I want and having someone that is not as involved go back to write or re-write for me. but, sometimes, I just stay away from it all together which, is extremely counterproductive.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a fashion designer that is building a women’s evening wear company that is built on sustainable principles. We seek out headstock textiles and up-cycle them into beautifully fabricated evening wear and bridal garments. This allows us to combat the issue of waste in the industry while allowing our customers to be a part of the change that we need to see in the fashion industry and ultimately our world. Our garments are fully glamorous yet, timeless which means that they will be wearable for years to come.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and to community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Admission to the Copy Cure would allow me to firmly refocus and reposition our brand to relaunch next year with our more specific goals and vision in the forefront. Up until this point, I have been in survival mode, making custom garments for clients and doing freelance design work. Although we have nice photos of the work, we have not shifted towards creating the product line that will truly realize the vision for the company. Getting a better understanding of the copy writing will allow me to focus and execute. This execution at another level will assist me in rebuilding financially and allow me to reach the clients that want to be the change that is needed in the fashion industry. This growth will be the launchpad for the next chapter that is needed for my business and also for my family.

  25. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I don’t have much trouble coming up with plenty of words. The struggle with writing for me is to make them compelling without sounding like a salesperson. I was an outside sales rep for years, and that “ABC: always be closing” still oozes out of me. I am working on becoming a better writer without seeming like I’m just trying to schmooze someone out of their nest egg.
    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I own a clothing store, Blushing Bella Boutique, which sells new and previously loved clothing and accessories. My ideal customer is a fashion lover who loves to buy from the convenience of their phone and is looking for a killer deal on designer name brand fashion. My mission is to find the best high-end brands at offer them to my customers at a great price so they can afford to wear the brands they love without paying retail.
    In addition to my clothing store, I am an author. I have self-published two suspense novels, which was a massive undertaking but yielded little results. While I very much enjoyed writing my fiction novels, I am certain I am on this planet to help others. I have a great start to my next book. I am changing genres to self-help, so I know I need to write compelling letters to publishers and agents. I am ready to put my best foot forward and write some serious kick-ass book proposals for my upcoming novel, Escaping Fat Prison: End Your Self-Imposed Life Sentence.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I just KNOW better writing would increase my income, which in turn, would help my family. My husband has been supporting us because my business and writing career are just not earning enough to do so. I know this pressure to provide eats away at him because he talks about money constantly. My greatest goal is to earn the fantastic money that I know I am capable of so I can relieve some of the pressure for my husband, feel great about myself, and set the example for my daughters that they can pursue and EARN WELL for their passions.

  26. First off thank you so much for offering this special scholarship opportunity. I find that I love to write and that I use too many words to try to explain something, to get a message accross or to educate potential and current clients and supporters about ongoing and new offerings/opportunities. I believe that it’s because it’s also how I speak. I believe I struggle with this because I want to ensure that people have all of the information to make informed decisions (and also because I want people to know all of the wonderful options that they have). I know that I can write more concisely without losing the importance of the message – I just need help getting there.

    I am one of five women leading the charge of an artist collective in Boston. We are dedicated to using the arts as a tool for positive transformation of self and community, creating bonds, fostering meaningful relationships and creating lasting social change. We create inclusive environments for high-quality performing arts programming (Latin music and dance workshops, classes, master classes, large community events, fundraisers and gatherings) for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to actively participate in. We partner with schools, non profit organizations, community centers and more as we aim to help individuals and communities experience a metamorphosis through artistic expression. Basically we promote arts for social change and community health and we create a feeling of synergy that makes everyone feel like part of the family. Most of our programming is free to the community as we fund this mostly through grant writing, sponsorship seeking and income from weekly classes and cultural exchange trips we organize in the Caribbean. Born and raised in Boston I have seen so many changes here, especially in the economic landscape, and I am currently struggling to afford living and doing this important work here.

    With admission to The Copy Cure I know that we will be better able to continue providing and expanding opportunities in Boston, especially for the low income communities we serve, as I would improve my copywriting skills. I serve not only as a lead instructor in our dance and percussion classes, I also serve as a youth program manager, fundraiser and marketing manager for our community programs. I know that with improved skills I can better support my community, my collective and definitely my family (as artist entrepreneurs we don’t receive salaries – we only earn from income we bring in). With better copy, I will achieve better outcomes, epecially as it pertains to creating sustainable income in the future for the collective.

  27. My biggest struggle with writing is 3 fold – Time, Creativity, and FEAR! Making (uninterrupted) time, lack of creative spark and the fear of it (read: me) not being good enough holds me back all too often.
    My work began 2 years ago, and I’m currently evolving as a lighthouse for those seeking direction in the foggy spots of life.
    I see SO many more women who are craving that safe space of unwavering love and acceptance where someone will salve their hurts and send them back out to do their good works in the world.
    If awarded a scholarship- I would use that education to polish my work, be proud of what I write – even if it’s not PERFECT! – and be able to show my audience through words what kinds of transformation is available to them as well.
    I would be able to share my messages of healing, growth, acceptance and love to more women, creating a ripple effect of positivity.
    I could lead them through my content to the healing they not only desire, but deserve.
    As they invest in themselves, it allows me to provide for my family in ways I’ve only dreamed about. With my oldest daughter a high school senior, the pressure is on for college (she’s going to be a teacher)- and the ripple effect will start with me being the role model for a woman changing the world, one person at a time.

  28. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Continuing to find fresh ways to engage my audience in an old and hard story – divorce and co-parenting. I try to open with unique and positive ways we can improve relationships with our kids and our former spouses. I try to stay positive all the time. It’s a challenge.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I have been writing about and coaching single parents for five years. (A single parent myself for 8 years) My mission is to give positive encouragement, positive ideas, and positive parenting strategies for both men and women after divorce. Divorce and depression were my first two topics, as they often go hand-in-hand. I’ve since added dating, as that is where my life has evolved, and that has quickly become the most popular part of my site. We need to learn how to date again. We need to learn what makes for a good relationship, and what signs point towards disaster. I’m working to remap Brené Brown’s wonderful work a bit, to apply it to single parents.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    By strengthening my call’s to action (I currently soft sell on my site) I can reach more people. My coaching practice is very affordable and I work on a sliding scale, often offering my services for free when a person is in need. I’d like to reach a larger audience. I’ve gotten my writing on most of the major outlets and it’s time to go harder into speaking and possibly television experiences. Strengthening my writing will accelerate my global domination plan to spread the message of The Positive Divorce. How can we make divorce part of an evolution towards happiness for all parties involved?

    Thank You for this opportunity.

  29. My biggest struggle with writing copy is that I dont know how to appeal to the client’s buyer emotions. I share solid content, people appreciate the content. They tell me how much they enjoyed it, but no sale is made. The result I am still floundering 3 years later
    2. I am a transformation coach, teach women 45 and over to unlock the power of your mind and language. My mission is to empower women to operate at a higher frequency and create a better life for themselves, in their 2nd half of life.
    3. A scholarship to the Copy Cure, woud be a Godsend to me as I am in desperate need of a breakthrough in this area, however, on Wednesday I was surprisingly hit by a major financial blow, so I scholarship to improve my copy is what I need to continue to grow my business. As a result, my message can be heard by those who need it and it can positively impact their lives and finances as well as my life and finances. As a coach, I learn and grow from clients as well.

  30. Rebeca Four

    1) My biggest struggle is staying targeted on my subject. What I typically write about is complex and often requires a lengthy article but I know to capture and audience to the end I need to keep it concise.
    2) I’m a private practice International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I support dyads (parent and child) who are struggling to achieve successful breastfeeding. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life and continued breastfeeding along with complimentary foods for AT LEAST two years or beyond. In the US, initiation rates are high by steeply drop off by 3 months and at 6 months the rates are below 30%. I currently live in a gentrified community. My clients are either through the one insurance company I’m contracted with (others won’t contract) or out of pocket. Because of gentrification there are many that can afford my services but equally more than can’t.
    3) I would like to write short E-books on important education regarding the success of different challenges with both lactation and breastfeeding. I want to make the E-book available for a nominal fee so that 1) anyone at any geographical location and of any social economic background can afford it then 2) with the income revenue I could provide in person reduced or free services to those in my community who are most at risk and can’t afford my services.

    I’m a Cuban immigrant single mom who’s been homeless twice in the last 4 years because of the gentrification of the area I’ve lived in for 38 years. I know the community I’m targeting to support first hand. I am part of the very at risk community so my first hand experience makes me an effective tool to help achieve greater health outcome for the at risk families I want to help.

    • Congratulations on winning the Copy Cure Scholarship Rebeca. What you are offering is so wonderful and very important…I had terrible breast feeding problems with my first born and was so grateful for the education and support I received. I love your mission and wish you all the very best in your venture. xxoo

      • Thank you so MUCH Annette!!! I am beyond thrilled. My friend actually informed me because she got the email yesterday announcing the winners. I am sorry you had challenges with your own breastfeeding experience but I’m so HAPPY that you received the education and support you deserved and which every lactating parent deserves! xxxx

        • Claudia

          Congratulations on your great mission Rebeca! Wishing you all the best xo

  31. My biggest struggle with writing comes from the fact that I am french Canadian, but I want my business to be global and have a strong desire to share my message with the most people possible in english. English being my second language, I do struggle with the right way to present my ideas and have the most impactful message.
    My business is called Happy on Mondays and the goal is to inspire/help/support women to make the jump from their comfortable but miserable corporate life into their happy place so they can become the best version of themselves. If I am part of The Copy Cure, I will be able to share my message across the world with the most impact and influence people to make changes in their life. I want to share more insights, tips on the journey to exit your 9-5 and coach more women to leave their fears behind and dare the impossible! The ability to improve my writing will impact directly my reach and help me become an expert in the field of happiness.

  32. Connecting to my audience is the biggest factor in my business. I am comfortable talking to the guests that I have, but writing and grabbing my audience through blog posts and writing has been difficult for me. This course would greatly improve my ability to grab my audiences attention against all of the other competition and help them truly feel the message I’m sharing.
    My business serves moms of color as a digital platform of resources that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Mothers need their own space to find women who look like or do not look like them. My goal is to bring moms of all backgrounds together in one place because of our shared experiences with guilt, juggling many hats and still trying to practice self care. This course would not just benefit me, but the community which I am building and helping moms find. Thank you!

  33. Hi! I would say that my biggest struggle is making the awesome things in my head make sense on paper. I end up rambling. I feel like I have important things to say, but I can never make a cogent point. My bookkeeping business is dedicated to helping those who help others. I love to help people, so I want to help people who also want to help. My mission is to make sure that business owners who strive to make their client’s lives better are able to keep doing just that by keeping their books and finding ways to save them money. I am just starting out and am on a tight budget. But I really think that if I could write helpful guides to reducing costs, getting funding, and other helpful guides it could really help the businesses I want to keep going. I am happy to put that information out there for free in order to help! I fully believe in giving to get. If I am freely helping others, I hope to receive help in return. If I can make my bookkeeping business thrive it will help my family and help me be there for them more, and I also hope to help small business owners succeed! I would love to show my kids that helping others brings your life peace and joy.

  34. Hi! My name is MaryAnne. I am a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines and I also help other women especially single moms become Virtual Assistants so that they can create for themselves a career that they can do while looking after their children at home.
    My biggest struggle in writing is putting my exact thoughts into words. This is so important because sometimes it causes a lot of confusion. And I struggle with writing truly conveys my message.
    If I would be given the chance to join the Copy Cure scholarship program, stronger writing skills will give me an opportunity to reach out to more women and help them by opening new opportunities for them as VAs, convey my message clearer, and create more income through courses that I plan to create. This Christmas would be better than the previous Christmases we had, something that my children would remember.

  35. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggle is to have a voice via my social media channels and site. I do really well in person but struggle to share my gift with others via social to reach more audience.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    My life mission is to help as many people as I can to overcome their automatic negative thoughts less than an hour to feel absolute freedom and become more focused, resilient, productive, calm and fulfilled. To help others build tiny practices that they can implement in their daily life to overcome their hijacked mind with stories that no longer serves them.

    I launched my startup to:Resonate last year. It’s a transformative technology company helping people to reduce anxiety and overcome their automatic negative thoughts/critical inner-voice in a short period and build tiny daily practices to anchor positive behavior change.

    We have used our deep understanding of sound, interactive technologies, and behaviour design to develop an effortless method of utilizing a therapeutic listening process to reduce anxiety in chronic pain patients.

    We have worked directly with patients and doctors at health institutions in Vancouver, BC such as St. Paul’s Hospital, Fraser Health Outpatient Pain Clinic, and Vancouver Arthritis Research Center, and pain specialist clinic to conduct studies testing the efficacy of our approach. We have a developed an evidence-based technology that reduces anxiety and pain within 5 minutes.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What would tangible, specific difference this make to you and those around you?

    I would be able to share my story with others of how I have overcome/healed major social anxiety, depression, spinal disc injury and been able to overcome my automatic negative thoughts within a day. Being able to write will help me share my knowledge with others on how I was able to do all of this and help with putting together a compelling fundraising campaign to raise $500k to build out our solution to finally have it available in the hands of those who need it the most. We have an MVP at this time. We have chronic pain patients who have been waiting to get access to our solution. We have cancer patients who have used it for having rapid thoughts before going to sleep, having panic attacks in the morning and not being able to get deep sleep and it has helped them dramatically. It has helped them during chemotherapy to make a 2-hour session to feel like 15 minutes with our solution. We have helped patients with back pain and scoliosis to feel no pain during our sessions. Also helped people with the fear of public speaking to open up and share their story with a large group of people.

    This will help me to finally have a voice to share my side of the story and have a greater social impact. I want to have a big impact on my community and this will help me to serve others the best way I know.
    You can listen to our sounds here but the system is able to make the composition personalized to you depending on what your sensitivity level is at that moment, level of anxiety and other parameters that on soundcloud we are not able to do so.
    This class will help me to tell my story, intention behind every therapeutic immersive experiences I have curated and how what we have created can have an impact on our community as a whole while each person learns to build positive tiny habits to overcome daily anxiety and automatic negative thoughts.

  36. 1. Writing is my biggest struggle. I am a visual communicator but I’m finding that my thoughts are not making their way across – and I can’t organize my thoughts well enough internally to move forward as an artist. I’m stuck.
    2. My business is photography, specifically weddings, portraits and families. I love being able to visually communicate relationships, the human condition, love and the highlights of life. I love creating things, whether it is photos or paintings or building (I have a background as an architect) but I’ve always struggled with communicating through words. My job is to visually communicate for my clients, but I’m finding I cannot do that without verbalizing.
    3. If I could improve my writing and communicating skills I think it would help me in many practical ways such as being able to write down and tell my personal story, which would help me differentiate from other photographers – but more importantly as an artist it would help me in my life’s work of articulating my point of view. As a woman, immigrant, architect, photographer, wife, feminist, sensitive soul, middle-child, gemini… etc. I love being able to work as an artist for my livelihood and would love to keep being able to do so rather than getting burnt out and disillusioned because I can’t stand out from the crowd.

  37. Words matter and every person matters, copy matters.
    I am currently finding my path but the goal is learning and practicing skills that will serve the greater good.
    The struggle to s the ability to convey truth in copy,and live that resonate and are authentic

  38. My biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I’m on a deep spiritual journey and seeking intensely for answers, often deep understanding dawns on me either through listening to various spiritual masters, reading ancient scriptures or when I’m in deep contemplation. Sometimes these understandings and realisations are so profound and non-stop tears roll down my eyes, I feel – I wish I could make people understand this, I wish I could transfer this ‘powerful cognition’ to others.
    I do so during my counselling sessions, I share my ideas and knowledge but when I write stuff down- for my newsletters or send emails to clients I struggle to make it sound as beautiful as it feels in my heart 🙁
    It ends up being long, not as clear as I’d like and pale.
    My work/mission…
    I’m a therapist and counsellor, I conduct meditation classes and workshops. It’s my passion to help people see the beauty and meaning in life and come out of painful delusions.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family…

    It will help me to share my articles/blogs/newsletters/posts widely and make deep meaningful connections with people. I’ll be able to connect with wider audiences through the power of words and deliver the message effectively and beautifully, enriching more lives with beautiful truths and sacred knowledge.

  39. Hi, MF Team!

    My name is Megan, and I live in sweltering hot, fiesta-filled San Antonio, TX. I’m 29 and a single mother of one spirited 8 year old boy and one angel baby girl. Marie, I began watching your videos, after tragedy struck my family in July 2017 with the sudden loss of my baby girl, Lilly, at 37 weeks gestation. Five weeks later, my boyfriend walked out on me. “Devastated” doesn’t cover a smidge of what I was feeling. I was searching desperately for the will to get myself out of bed and into some regular clothes, as well as any reason to crack a smile or even let out a laugh again. When I found your content on YouTube, I could NOT stop watching. I put your interviews with resilient women like Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert on repeat, and, eventually, I found the motivation to brush myself off and continue with my life. I tell you this, not for a shred of sympathy, but to let you and your team know just how impactful and important your work is. So, thank you thank you thank you for what you put out into the world!

    But enough fan-girling…

    You asked what my biggest struggle with writing is and why. To keep it simple, my biggest struggle is confidence in my natural ability to write. I didn’t go to college, so can my writing possibly be any good? Am I using words that are compelling enough to draw in engaged readers? Do these sentence structures make sense, or do they come across as boring and robotic to read? Can my words convert more efficiently?

    My desire to become a better writer is two-fold. Earlier in 2018, after about a decade of working in marketing and business development for a variety of companies (including some of my own– the entrepreneurial itch is real!), I started a marketing agency called Hype Honey. Since the beginning, all of my clients have been referral-based. I need to improve the quality of work I deliver to them, as well as write more compelling proposals that really highlight my abilities as a marketing professional to convert new marketing clients. My goal is also to increase conversion rates for my clients who are all small business owners that are trusting me with their precious marketing dollars. For some of them, my work in promoting their brand/product is what keeps them afloat. I don’t want to let them down.

    In addition to my business goals, I want to take this writing course so that I can become a stronger writer and gain the confidence to finally write my damn book! I’m slowly picking and mulling over the words in my head that I hope will be meaningful enough to change some lives for the better. But “hope” isn’t an action plan, and if I have the opportunity to improve my skillset, BRING IT ON! Because I lack confidence and education, I continue to press the “delete button” when I feel that I am not putting out my best work. Self-doubt is a bitch, amiright? The end goal is to create an amazing piece of work that helps others and provides me with the opportunity to get in front of larger audiences (speaking at conventions, podcasts, blog contributor, etc.) so that I can make a greater impact. You see, I don’t want to show people how to survive life’s unexpected back-hands… I want to teach people how to find the silver lining in any situation so that they can stop feeling like victims and start seeing that the Universe is on their side. I want to show people how to break the cycle of negativity and chronic bitchiness so that they can live up to the potential that is already just chilling inside of them waiting to bust a move. I want to help people so they don’t suffer for a moment longer than they have to.

    If I were given the incredible gift of this TheCopyCure writing course, I know that it would help the small businesses that trust me with their marketing, as well as launch me towards my dream of being an inspiring writer and speaker. And with both of those two things combined, I’d also be on my way to providing a better life for my son through financial stability and giving him the confidence to know with certainty that any dream he has is reachable– because his mommy was able to lead by example and reach her own.

    Team MF, thank you for offering this scholarship and allowing your MF Insiders to share our hopes and dreams with you.

    Warmest Wishes,
    Megan Coleman
    San Antonio, TX

  40. 1. What I struggle most with writing is my confidence in what I’m sending out into the world and how it will be received by others.
    2. I own and operate and paint and sip studio and have been in business for a little over 3 years. I opened this business to provide a creative space for my customers to relieve stress, enjoy themselves and step out of their ordinary box. My love of art has been passed down from my mother, who passed this year in April. She is my guardian angel.
    3.If my admission request to the Copy Cure was accepted, I would be able to confidently share my love of art to my community, make strong connections with past and potential customers and find joy in writing what is in my heart, instead of worry.
    Increased revenue would allow me to spend more time with my family and allow me to make a greater impact within my community through more frequent and larger charitable donations from our Painting with a Purpose events.

  41. 1. My biggest struggle is to fully express who I am in my blogs and website, using the right words and humor. I want to be able to put my soul in everything that I share even more and allow my customer to connect before we have met in person. This enables me to address serious topics in a lighter way. There’s a thin line, you cover that, I would love to learn more, express more of me in what I do and share.

    2. Both my business and life are dedicated to the relation between parent / teacher and child. I am entrepreneur and mom, it is my mission to teach parents and teachers to live by example. Seek happiness and purpose in your life and our children can walk on that red carpet. Be happy and speak your desires into existence; and start young.

    3. I walk my talk, I am a single mom of two, with a desire to teach my kids that it is all possible. You can work hard, be happy and earn your own living. One person CAN make that difference. I want to earn enough money so that I not only provide myself and my children but also to be able to teach kids at schools to create the life they dream off. By making a shift in their thoughts and actions. I want to inspire parents and kids to go for what they truely want on a large scale in the Netherlands. My dream is to create an education for kids that covers the needs these children who don’t seem to fit in now. It is needed.

    It al starts with words. As they are there always, spoken and non-spoken.

  42. Shimon Klagsbrun

    1. I’m a religious jew, I grew up speaking just Yiddish so I find it very hard to effectively communicate in English which is the language that I use in my day to day work. Writing an email and posting on social media etc comes very hard.
    2. working as a loan Officer for a Mortgage broker, I need to post content and let people know what I do. Educating my clients and putting all the options on the table requires a lot of writing.
    3. Since it would help me a lot in business, I assume that everyone around will be a lot more happier to it going 🙂

  43. Brilliant! What a great idea for gathering contact information of people who would be ideal candidates for taking your course! You get their problem language written out by the students themselves.
    1. The Struggle
    I am not a writer at heart. Still, I know I need to paint compelling pictures by using words, particularly for the ‘inspiration’ part that you’ll see under Purpose.
    My background is in project management, so I can help people get their large goals sub-divided and organized for completion without they experiencing ‘overwhelm’.
    My problem, as far as convincing people goes, is that I am very goal directed. This helps get projects done … great for managing projects. However, when it comes to helping people free their creativity and see their possibilities, that’s another thing.
    I need to convince people that we are here To Play and To Create. To do this I need to reach hearts rather than heads.
    2. My Purpose
    The purpose of Play at Creation is to enable people to truly savour life’s experiences. We want people to live life with a sense of playfulness, joy and wonder.
    I believe the best way to have wonderful experiences flow to you is to have your own venture. There is so much we do on this game board called Earth.
    We inspire, train, and support Boomers, recently retired or about to retire, to successfully create, launch and operate meaningful ventures for the 2nd half of their lives. Our main programme: Your Venture Your Game! will have each person
    • choose what they really want to experience in life,
    • design a venture that will give them those experiences, and
    • take action to make that venture real.
    The goal I am aiming for with PlayAtCreation is to have 1000 ventures created by people inspired and supported by us; so that when we get back home and are reminiscing about this turn on Earth, each of those 1,000 venture creators says to me, “Wow John. That was great! I’m so glad you got me to do that. I had a blast. Let’s go do it again!”
    3. The Transformation
    When I am able to write better I’ll be able to inspire people to believe in our power to create the life experiences we choose.
    This energy of ‘Playing at Creation’ is easy to transfer when I am face-to-face with another. But I need to first get them to be ‘face-to-face’. To do that they have to be moved by the words I write, and what I say on videos.
    Everything on my website would be improved, from cornerstone posts, to course landing pages, sales pages, the content of email sequences, and even course content.


    1. My biggest struggle with writing is getting started. I may have tons of ideas that flow to me throughout the day, and think, “yes, that’s good. I should write that down.” Then ,when the time comes to actually write something, I’m at a stand still. It may take about 15-30 minutes to get an idea written down. However, once those creative juices get flowing, then I feel more at ease and able to transmute my ideas into written word. I think this may have something to do with my schizophrenia. There’s a lot going on in my mind at any given moment. So, being able to pinpoint where the good stuff is coming from, tends to be a challenge.
    2. I am dedicated to women owning their periods. Yes! The taboo-est of the taboo. I believe in order to embrace the totality of our femininity, we must begin to honor and see the Light in the experience of our monthly cycles. I’d like to bridge connections between a woman’s cycle and her overall well-being.
    3. I’m in the planning phase of starting a blog that will pave the way for a book. The Copy Cure will give me the tools and confidence I need to create the best content. And, it’ll be a badge of honor to show those around me how serious I am about growing myself, and my skills.

    Thank you, Marie (and Marie’s team), for this exciting opportunity. Namaste.

  45. Julie

    My biggest struggle appears to be finding my authentic voice in a noisy marketplace.
    My work is creating and hosting meditation and mindfulness retreats. We serve peaceful warriors, the sleep-deprived and seekers. We walk just a little bit ahead on the path and bring back tips and tools to help make life better.
    If admitted into The Copy Cure training, my goal would be to soak up the energy of the offer, and take the instruction to this next level of stronger and compelling content development. I would craft my messaging in a way that reaches the right attendees, who will benefit from a retreat environment among new friends, learning new skills. And knowing I am doing my best work and supporting myself while doing so is bliss.

  46. Diane Miller

    Hi and thank you for offering this opportunity ….
    * My biggest struggle with writing is that I have so many thoughts & ideas floating around in my head and I need to bring them all together. To merge those “aha” moments with the “sit down and do it” moments. Knowing that it does not need to be perfect on the first draft.
    * I own a management consulting & leadership coaching company. My industries are varied including health care, sports, finance, start ups. “Partnering with Exceptional People and Organizations to Make a Difference in a Positive and Sustainable Way.” Helping business owners and executive to focus on their “why” and their vision & purpose in their career & personal lives….
    * Like public speaking, I see writing as an avenue for creatively and effectively communicating my calling & purpose, which will in turn help my clients to do the same. I am often told that I should write books. There are many books in my head and notebooks/stickies. Support and coaching will help to open this faucet from trickle to fully on. 🙂
    Thank you for your consideration !

  47. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I often have a strong feeling of what I would like to say, but then get hung up on the “right” words. I worry that I’m not being authentic and that I’m failing to inspire. Ultimately, I want my words to propel my clients to take action, but I don’t want to come across as being “salesy”.
    2. I own a creative business called Color Story Studio. We design and create custom, one-of-a-kind display and decor for retail and commercial businesses. Our mission is to make a business’s physical space the visual representation of their brand. An inspiring physical space can take your breath away. A physical space can invite people to linger, to discover, and to talk about it with everyone they know.
    3. I am in the process of creating my business website, and will be writing all of the copy. That alone is completely overwhelming. However, there is the added pressure of knowing that if I’m unable to accurately communicate what I do, I will fail to reach my ideal client. Since my ideal client is also a business owner, it means that by not working with me, they may be failing to reach as many people as possible. I believe that my success comes from helping other businesses to succeed, and I believe The Copy Cure will help make this possible.

  48. Núria

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I wish I felt free to express my true self. Why can’t I?
    I believe there’s 2 reason.
    – I’m a very private person and find it hard to talk about myself online.
    – I’m worried about hurting people’s feeling with my comments.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I’m a Spanish teacher and right now I’m working on a Spanish online course. My new website is under construction.
    I want to help women realize the power of education. Learning a language is more than just grammar and vocabulary, it’s about being able to communicate with others, it’s about expressing yourself. Learning a language brings you new opportunities in life, professionally and personally. I believe learning a language is a gift that you give to yourself.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I would be able to have an honest conversations with women and make them realized that if we want to live in a more compassionate and tolerant society, we women need to educate ourselves until the day we die.
    Many thanks to Marie and team Forleo for ALL your work.

  49. Team MF…here goes…
    Biggest Struggle: Not being able to articulate in writing what’s inside my heart. Translating what I have to say into a clear and impactful message, and not just sounding like everyone else. SOOO frustrating to FEEL like you have a unique voice but can’t seem to translate that into writing.
    My mission/dedication: Intuitive lifelong Registered Nurse dedicated to helping women break through self doubt, who feel like they have just “died” inside as they age, or don’t even know that they have, but just know something is missing.
    I design limited quantity necklaces and bracelets meant to connect a woman to her soul shining joy, peace, healing, creative excitement, and inspiration when worn. I also am a mentor/coach to entrepreneurial women working on mind set strategies, about to release an online program called Extraordinary Together.
    If admitted : I would be PROFOUNDLY grateful…and taking a course like this I believe could help me get my message finally, in writing to my audience that is relatable and FUN. The more I reach the right people who need my help, the greater the success of other woman who could either strengthen or begin to share their unique gifts to help others in this world. I am 64 years old and want what I have to give go beyond what I was able to do as a nurse, but touch other women’s lives and heart speak it CAN be done, at anytime!
    LOVE what you are all doing and grateful for your time to consider!! xo
    Debbie Love
    Chief Visionary, Designer Love Soul Style
    Centreville, Virginia

  50. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is creating conversational, relatable content that connects with my audience. I also struggle with transitional wording that will peak my audience interest. Not very good with descriptive words to make the material more interesting. Very bland and straight forward.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My business is dedicated to teaching women with families how to invest and teach their children to begin the cycle of financial growth and wealth. Many complain that investing was not taught in school and my goal is to help families with solving this problem.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    As a mom of 5 I faced and overcame many obstacles in the financial world through trial and error. Being tired of the endless work -pay bill cycle, I decided to learn how to trade. The Copy Cure will help me make a difference by teaching me the proper skills to be relatable in my writing and connect with other women in similar experiences needing that extra support on where and how to start taking control of their finances.

  51. Hi there. I’ll begin with my biggest struggle as feeling as though I don’t convey my personality in my writing. I brand myself as the hospitable accountant, however, as an “accountant”, I fear my words in my message are too sterile or “salesy”. I have a passion for helping small businesses get control of their finances, easing the anxiety that financial concerns cause but I just don’t think it comes through. I know it doesn’t. I truly enjoy seeing the weight lifted off their shoulders when the owners realize there is light at the end of the tunnel but how do I convey that I can help them get there while building trust and rapport?

    My business is dedicated to addressing accounting and tax issues for small business/owners, particularly, Bed & Breakfasts and small hotels though I won’t turn anyone away that needs help. A lot of times, these businesses don’t have the capital for an accountant and feel they can’t get the help they need or feel like they are just stuck. The people that own these businesses are often retired and not quite sure what all the accounting aspect requires but got into business because of the joy and idea of what running a bed and breakfast would be like; meeting new people, freedom to travel, expenses for the house covered, etc. My mission is to serve these businesses with the same charisma they provide their clients; hospitality with a smile and a little southern charm. Ultimately, my goal is to help them increase their bottom line, get organized and maybe a little automated through coaching and instruction. As an accountant, I feel that I am limited when it comes to creative and passionate writing and stuck with the stigma of a “numbers person”.

    I am still in the beginning phases of building my business and don’t have a lot of capital to invest in areas that are not required. I quit my corporate 9 to 5 in April while simultaneously getting married. I did this to stay at home and help my daughter pass her third grade end of year test, which I am happy to say she did. The minimum to pass was a 300 and she got a 300! So it was close. But the improvement I saw and the benefits of staying home, I just couldn’t go back and decided to make it work and try to help other people in the process since I enjoyed it so much. The scholarship would allow me to reach out to more businesses and help make a difference in their lives, easing the fears that keep them up at night and wondering if they can keep going. I feel that stronger writing would most definitely convey my passion and focus for sincerely wanting to help and support other small businesses.

  52. Beatriz Abella

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is confidence and perspective. I know what I would like to hear but I would love to be able to create content that would reach my audience in a way that resonates and delivers to them what they want and need to hear to improve their lives.

    2. My mission is to share information and services that motivate and inspire others to be their best and most inspiring selves.

    3. It would help me to fully embrace myself as a writer so that I could create the kind of website and content that could support me financially while having the greatest positive impact on my audience and community. I would be better able to lift and inspire others to love and believe in themselves and their abilities to create a life that they feel good and happy about.

  53. Laura Horne

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggle with writing is not being able to explain what I mean. I struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem and depression, so trying to get down on paper the thoughts and ideas in my head, is and will be an ongoing struggle for me. I’m constantly second guessing myself. It goes something like this – write a few words, delete, write a few words, delete. It feels like everything is jammed up inside my brain. It’s very frustrating. I’m super scared of appearing unintelligent as well but I should just be me, right? I didn’t go to college or University, but I do love to write and I love words (especially made up ones) and I’ve kept a journal for years.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    As I said above I suffer from anxiety and depression. I’m currently unemployed because of this. However, I sell on eBay (well try to sell my belongings) so I can then use the money I make to start a t-shirt company (money to start and money for the training – B-school). My mission is to get better and live a healthy, happy life, attract amazing people into my life and then help women who may be going through the same thing do the same.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and to community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    If the copy cure landed in my lap, this is how it will help. 1) I will take the copy cure course and improve my writing. 2) I will create better eBay listings and sell sell sell! 3) I will use the money that I make on eBay to start a t-shirt business and enrol for B-school in Feb. 4) I will build an amazing business that I am proud of. 5) I will build my life back up and help women going through the same thing do the same. I will have my life back. It would actually change the trajectory of my life 🙂

    In all honesty, If I don’t get chosen I will find a way to pay for the course. I love what you do Marie, you have helped me get out of a dark dark place, so thank you 🙂

    P.S. Putting this out there for everyone to see is terrifying! But I suppose I’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain If I’m chosen.

    Good luck everyone!

    Hitting ‘post comment’ ahh!

  54. Hello, I´m Maria Luisa from Panama, Central America. Thank you for the opportunity. This is my story!
    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I love writing since I was very young. I used to have a little diary and write every day, even when my letter was funny! Today, I have a blog and I love to write as an opportunity to release myself, connect with other people sharing my thoughts and experience, but I do it in Spanish, which is my first language.
    My biggest struggle with writing right now is doing it in English, with confidence that I can connect and build an audience from scratch in my second language.
    Why? This is my story (the short version): Three years ago, I got pregnant and when I had 4 months, the company where I was working for closed. That was shocking for me, but, I have always thought that things happen for a reason, so I decide to take a time to stay at home, taking care of my baby and see his growth. Also, I saw this as an opportunity to became an entrepreneur, something that I always dream to be.
    Now, my son is two years old, and I want to continue managing my time to be with him, but also I want to be productive and create something that helps our family in a financially and that makes them proud of me in the future. So, I decided to take risk of using all the savings that I have left on my bank account and start my own online business, focused on the English-speaking market.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My business consists of a brand that I created of Crafts and Art Supplies to be sold online.
    I´m not an artist but I truly believe (and know for my personal experience) that crafts or art projects are powerful tools to find ourselves, to feel relive and heal. Share that message is my mission: I want to bring the tools to other people to feel that. Empower them to do crafts or art projects without the fear of making mistakes or having to do things perfectly, just as a way to express and found their selves.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    If the admission landed to my lap, I would feel blessed to have this opportunity and tools that will help me to build my business. Even though I love to write, is not the same to do it in a professional way for many instances, and is even harder to do it in a secondary language. Since I´m creating a brand from scratch I need to build a community from zero behind a blog and social media sharing my message. I have to send emails to my new customers, make them feel that I care of them and also, get subscribers and keep them engage with my message as well with my products. Doing this would help my business to start with a strong base, to build trust within my customers and share my positive message to the community. If I have success, this would help my family in many ways: of course, releasing the financial pressure from my husband, but also keeping them trusting in my dream and being able to manage my time to be with my son in the most important moments of his development.

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Maria Luisa

  55. 1.My biggest struggle is staying engaging for different clients who sell a variety of products in their own niches.

    2. My career is dedicated to two things:
    • To advocate for the arts as profitable means of earning, starting with writing. Parents should now realize that artistic talents are applicable in several fields and can create comfortable livelihoods. The first step is to earn well from copywriting and content marketing then eventually to create awareness of it as a possible career option.
    • To set the standards of the industry, particularly in my country. Philippine writing style isn’t copy- or content-friendly. Writers here run blind. I want to set the direction and help make Filipinos more competitive in the international market.
    • To help eco-living/sustainable living businesses and promote environmental awareness. I want to niche into this industry and push it forward with good copy.

    • My business: It would help me convince potential clients in the US to trust me with delivering quality content and help them improve their business.
    • My family: I would be able to start preparing to have my own family, like a wedding and a house, while providing for my parents so they can stop worrying about my finances.
    • My community: My copy will be directed to helping environmental efforts while creating a business where people can earn well enough for themselves and their families.

  56. Linda

    I believe, oh my, I can’t even get started. I have been criticized all my school years for my writing mistakes and especially in college. I was brought before the academic dean and put on probation by one of my teachers. Fortunately I was able to defend my style and the Dean agreed. Not only did I help myself but the grading curve was raised and everyone benefited. But, the instances of teachers not accepting my work has made it especially hard to write for an online business to be made public. I hold back, check and recheck my work to the point of giving up and not publishing my online coaching website. My passion is to help others in transition, to identify their strengths, help them set goals and accomplish them. I am intuitive in this process, being quite successful with clients where I work. I want to expand to online use of my transpersonal life coaching training; eventually making that my prime income. I LOVE the Marie Foleo show; having followed your progress for years. It would be like a miracle to be so comfortable with my words as to be able to inspire as you have. Blessings, Linda

  57. Hi Marie and Team!! Thank you!
    I’m a woman of action more than words. I just DO it – which is funny since I don’t DO writing very well.
    I’m working to help small Black owned businesses. They’re a ghost in our communities. It’s so odd to see media portraying us as big and upcoming and how we’re the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs (Black women). While we do have some big players around, we are the least supported group by every racial group – including our own. I truly say that by experience. We’re also the smallest group of businesses found in our own communities. That damages our economy a lot .
    In 2015, I laser focused my efforts to help Black owned businesses. I discovered there’s a lot of red tape, bureaucracy and power-hungry individuals and groups that make it hard for Black owned business and minorities to really get the help they need in growing their business. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of programs floating around out there, but effectiveness is few and in between. I want to change all that. I want to make sure that I develop a program that is effective and EASY to get to. Learned skills from The Copy Cure can help me have stronger writing skills for grant writing, proposals and educational content that can help my community grow in ways that we knew were ALWAYS possible. This will help so many more families than just my own.

  58. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Our company deals with serious environmental issues, especially plastic pollution and climate change. It is hard to write about these things without making it too alarmist, too doom and gloom, and to make it engaging for others. Also very fact heavy (ie. boring) and we can ramble. I need to find a way to make this engaging and to inspire others to take action.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    Our company, Ahimsa Eco Solutions was founded to provide solutions for the most pressing environmental issues such as plastic pollution and climate change. We have a range of reusable, sustainable, biodegradable products, and also provide education (in the form of blogs and workshops) and consulting.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? As you can see from above, it is hard to write about these topics without sounding robotic! And yet we need to communicate the gravity and urgency of the issue in a way that can draw attention to the issues in a positive way and inspire action and not apathy. So copy is crucial to our business, and to making a difference on this planet, at a time when it is needed the most!

  59. 1-My biggest struggle with writing is translating what I feel into how to say it. I also try to write to the “listening” of my audience but it becomes too wordy and therefore looses effectiveness. I’m just casting….no fish
    2-I am a professional photographer specializing in magazine style portraits of women and high school seniors. My mission is to convey their story through images that reflect their highest experience of themselves.
    3-Over the past 8 years, I have seen a significant decrease in my income. At 59 I’m starting to feel as if I’m losing relevance. I believe in my talent and in my goals but I’m killing myself trying to figure out how to communicate it effectively. Discouragement visits often and as it effects me, it also effects those around me. Getting on the right track would make all the difference.

  60. Hey Marie – thank you so much for this opportunity! Here’s my entry:

    My life’s mission is to bring entrepreneurship to underprivileged transgender communities in the world – because being able to make money on their own terms is what they need to have a decent life – a life worth living, where they aren’t just the victims of a society that casts them aside.
    A transgender entrepreneur myself, I am currently learning the skills that I need to fulfil this mission, including copywriting. In my current business, I make efficient French learning accessible to all, through the internet. This business, once successful, will be my credential to show the world that entrepreneurship is indeed a viable solution for underprivileged people. Better writing skills would help me first get there faster, and then broadcast this important message more successfully.
    My biggest writing struggle currently is writing copy that’s specific, understandable, relatable, impactful and short all at once.
    Better writing would also mean more sales, hence more money and more independence. It means that I would be able to take my wife to the US where she could get the health care that she needs to cure a chronic transgender-related health condition that no doctor wants to treat here in Germany.
    My dream is to inspire more underprivileged people to take their life into their own hands. It is possible to lift yourself out of any hole that society might throw you in – and in doing so, make the world a better place not just for yourself, but for everybody.

  61. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to express myself in a voice that sounds like the real me. I never considered myself a writer, yet I write every day (on my journal). I’ve hired people to write copy for me before and I’ve never used their work because it just doesn’t sound like me. I am an introvert and I am quiet, but not shy. I THINK a lot (of brilliant things!), yet I have a hard time putting them down of paper. This has been the biggest reason for not starting a blog.
    2. I am a life, leadership and personal development coach. I work with introverted women entrepreneurs/solopreneurs. My mission is to help introverted women solopreneurs come out of hiding, help them unleash their natural gifts and strengths, achieve greater success in their business and own their introversion as a strength.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I’d start a blog. I’d be writing regularly to be able to reach a wider audience. Yes, eventually it would lead to selling my services, but mostly I want to start by building my tribe, finding my peeps out there who struggle with being seen and heard authentically, and in their own voice. When people get noticed for being who they really are and are able to express their natural talents and strengths, they can in turn make a greater impact and contribution in the world with their own work.

  62. My biggest struggle as I sit here at my computer just answering these questions is trying to think of ways to express myself in words. It is very difficult for me, and it may be linked to confidence in my writing skill.
    My Business is teaching the art of card making through paper crafting and providing some of the best quality product in the marketplace. The company mission statement is “To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments … in this we make a difference”. Making a difference is what it is all about.
    If I received a scholarship for Copy Cure, I believe I would be able to develop more confidence in my writing skills. I would be able to express the importance and benefits of being creative. Papercrafting allows people to use their hands, mind, and energy doing something they love and something they can share with others. Creating and sending a card brings so much joy and satisfaction to both the creator and the recipient and helps to build community. With more joy in our lives, we all have less stress. Being able to touch more lives in a positive way with my writing. I believe when people are touched in this way they pay it forward making the world a better place for all.

  63. 1. I love to write, and I’m a good writer, however, I’ve been charged with writing about a necessary cultural paradigm shift. It must be written from a place of love. I’m having a hard time shifting from my head to my heart. Our work is from the heart. Why is it so hard to write from the heart?

    2. My work is related to the culture of care in families, communities, systems. Currently, I work with families who have a member with exceptional needs – cancer, disability, mental illness, age related issues – and teach them that the best care starts with self-care. Compassion, joining with another in suffering, is not possible until you have recognized and dealt with your own suffering. My teachings are gaining attention and moving into justice and healthcare. My mission is inspiring and teaching families and professionals the lost art of self-care to transform the culture of care.

    3. The Copy Cure will help me gain focus and clarity as well as develop the language and cadence for these new conversations. We’re living the transformative process in our family, caring for a 26-year-old daughter who is mentally and physically challenged and seizing daily, and having cared for Mom through cancer and dementia. We’ve experienced the powerful benefits of “self-care first.” The Copy Cure will help us effectively express (even perhaps package, market and share) this help with the millions of burnt-out families, direct care and community service workers around the globe.

  64. 1. My biggest struggle is getting started, I think it’s due to lack of confidence in my writing ability these days, mainly the subject. The idea of writing formulas in the Copy Cure makes me think it would help. I’m all about formulas and data.

    2. I am dedicated to teaching people, businesses, any and every one, about the benefits and improving customer experience.

    3. I believe it’d help me inform and deliver – which then will help improve Customer Experience. It’s a great CX effect. 🙂

  65. Hi Marie! The Copy Cure is exactly what I need for my business to succeed!
    My biggest struggle with writing is finding my voice and which side of my personality I want my customers to see. I feel that I haven’t been able to make a connection with my followers because I overthink every single post that I make.

    My business is all about embroidery art. I took some time off to find my purpose in life and discovered that I have this amazing talent for embroidery. I have more goals than just to sell my art. I want to teach embroidery; inspire people to discover their talents and create new things.

    The Copy Cure would completely change my business. It would allow me to connect with my online audience and would build my confidence to start making connections with local artists and galleries. These connections will allow me to sell my art and services which will have a great financial impact on this single mom’s life. I’ve found my purpose; now I’m trying to design a life where I can live my dream of working on what I love; give back to the community and set an example for my children and others to pursue their dreams.

  66. Franklin Gutiérrez

    I’m Franklin from Mérida – Venezuela.
    I love to write and I think I’m pretty good at it!, But, I would like to enhance my habilities as a writer! So that is why I’m here interested in learning from all of you about it!!!
    Thanks you very much for this opportunity to All of You!!!

  67. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is not being aware of how I sound in my writing. I have trouble speaking out loud sometimes which always haunts me when I’m writing. I then second guess what I’m writing and think that no one will understand it or even read it to get anything helpful out of it.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My business is an online holistic lifestyle brand that runs social media and in the process of launching a podcast and subscription box. My main audience is women and my mission to give them empowered tools to help them create their own self-care routine and education them how to find their true selves.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Getting in to The Copy Cure would be a hell of an experience! I think the tools and the skills that I would obtain from attending would help in so many ways. I would be able to help women understand what I do and WANT to know more. Being able to communicate in effective ways will not only help me in my business but I would be able to write beautiful things in those birthday cards that no one can ever figure out what to say in (jokes) In all seriousness I believe that a way with words is so powerful and I need help in all aspects. I know it’s said to write how you speak but sometimes you need a little more oompf! in the words you type. I want to spellbound, influence, and inspire. Please, this course would bring me so much confidence and a new love for communication.

  68. I vividly remember an interview in which you mentioned that you wanted to make money to take care of your family and loved ones. I recognized myself in those words -the taking care part I’ve got down, now for the money part…not quite. The past 3 years I’ve taken care of my dad who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2015. He has passed away early this Summer and I find myself starting up my freelance writing career again. But the money stress is stifling me emotionally, so my writing is suffering too.

    I studied journalism, so I can write. But I’m dancing in the dark regarding the sales and copy part. Am I writing in an authentic tone of voice? Do I sound like myself? Can I bring across what I want to convey to potential clients? And why does writing that email to an editor take me ages?

    I doubt myself every step along the way, but I carry on. I know I’ve got the potential for also being a fantastic (copy)writer with lots of heart, but I’m not there yet. I need to leave that crippling doubt behind me and so free myself up to just write engaging blog posts, emails and articles and hopefully even books.

    An inspiring program as The Copy Cure would help me to be able to go all the way, but with little money to spare there’s no way I can afford to participate right now. Receiving a scholarship would lift me up, it’d be a ray of light in a difficult year. That extra pick me up that would make all the difference for me in an energetic and financial way. I’d be ready to go out there and spread around my given talents and abilities.

  69. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is finding what to write. There are so many things in my head that I want to put out, but each one feels like it is “not good enough” to be presented to my readers. I always search for that “perfect” subject and get paralyzed by that and nothing is written. Also, English is not my native language (it’s my 6th language) and I may have some limitation in that area as well and I would love to overcome them by learning from Copy Cure.

    2) I am a performance coach (physical performance) and I help people to stay injury-free, strong, and balanced. Especially as we grow in age, it becomes even more so important. I have a great success with my one-on-one touch, but I would love to spread my knowledge with my writings to a wider audience. I believe it is so easy to feel good and strong if people just knew how to.

    3) Participating in Copy Cure would help me with the discipline and strategies on how to share my knowledge with others and thus make them feel good, strong, and empowered, physically and mentally. I truly believe I have that knowledge and passion, and I’d love to pass it on as many people as possible.

  70. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I struggle to convey my message in a way that gets attention but also still does not offend or hurt people. So often I’ve been told to mention what people are struggling in terms of their body to get people to join my programs, e.g. lose the mummy tummy, however I don’t want to use the negative negative body image to attract my clients, I want to be positive and reassuring with my writing, yet still be able to have people join my programs. So I feel a bit stuck with my integrity vs sales and marketing advice.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I have an online Pilates studio with a membership and various programs. I serve women through their pre and postnatal journey and beyond. My mission is to help more women/people around the world to love their body, know how to alleviate pain and care for their body through exercise and healthy living.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I just know that if I was blessed enough to have the copy cure program available to me I would make a bigger impact. I would feel more confident in my writing skills, which I feel is the missing link now I’m my online presence. I know I would be able to connect with my tribe on a deeper level and therefore have more people join my programs, allowing me to continue to serve more people in the world. I have goals and I really want to reach them. I know I can’t give up, even though often i get asked when I’m going to draw a line in the sand, however I feel I’m at a tipping point now with my business, so any assistance in copy would be so incredible. I loved B-school so I assume Copy Cure is just as good, especially the new and improved version!
    Thank you for the opportunity to submit for a scholarship. I wish whoever does get the opportunity all the best. It’s very kind of you to offer this. 🙂

  71. Kristen reed

    Dear Marie and Team!

    I would be so honored and grateful to be considered to receive a scholarship for the Copy Cure! I feel like I am creative and have lots of inventive and unique ideas, but sometimes struggle to put them into words and communicate them effectively. I am so passionate about wellness-all aspects including mind-body and spirituality, and I’m in the process of starting my own wellness business as we speak. The Copy Cure would give me a wonderful outlet in which to be able to communicate my passions to my audience! I would be so appreciative of this opportunity to improve my writing skills and drive my new business with my new and improved communication!!! Thank you for considering!

  72. Cristina Simmons

    When I write from my heart, which is the only way I know how, the writing itself isn’t an issue. It is blocking time to sit down and JUST WRITE. The time management and focus is my biggest struggle because I live in a crazy house! I wouldn’t have it any other way, but being a #twinmom and #austismmom can really muck up a girl’s schedule. I am passionate about my writing because of my crazy life though and I feel called to share my struggles and give Glory to God because without him I couldn’t have overcome three consecutive infant deaths, adoption, twins, autism, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, cancer, a broken marriage and changing careers at age 39. Whew! It makes me tired just writing about it. I know that my story needs to be told and that I can help to encourage others like me sludging through his thing we call life. So WHEN this scholarship falls in my lap, it will help me to complete my book proposal, get a publishing deal, share my story and live the life that our family has been dreaming of for so long. Thank you for this opportunity and all of the work that you do. #godbless

  73. Adrienne Lowe

    My biggest struggle with writing is being succinct and removing “qualifiers” that deemphasize or soften my message. I want help adjusting my language in writing so that I stand powerfully in the truth of who I am and what I have to offer the world (which is so much). I know with training I can feel more confident with my voice.

    My business and work is dedicated to empowering women in technology. I work as Director of Engineering at a tech company leading a diverse team I established. But I swim at an executive level that’s almost exclusively men. For example, I attend a monthly CTO breakfast where I’m the only woman. Because I advocate for underrepresented folks in my field, it’s important for me to be able to express myself clearly and powerfully.

    The Copy Cure’s direction and training will help me feel more confident in my voice and directly empower me to write and publish to my website on a regular basis. I already have a strong social media following of top technologists in my field, many who have been asking me for a while to write more. It’s so important for my messages of humane leadership to reach a wider audience. Right now, on my development team, I’m offering leadership that is allowing them to do the best work of their lives…but no one outside my org knows. The Copy Cure will give me the encouragement and training I need to soar.

  74. Thank you for the opportunity for the scholarship!
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is I never sound like myself. To often my writing is robotic and I get bored reading it!
    2. My business is dedicated to teaching handmade business owners how to photograph their own products so they can be successful. My mission is to empower other creatives with the knowledge they need to work their own cameras so they can share the work they create with confidence.
    3. If copy cure landed in my lap I would be able to build my writing tools so that I could be more successful with business. I would gain freedom because I wouldn’t spend so much time trying to figure out how to make words sound better! This would give more time to be present for my family and friends (and make my littles very happy). Every sale I make from my photography course coming out I will give a donation to Smile Train, so being able to create a profitable launch would allow me to give an even greater amount!

  75. Sarah B

    1 – Just getting started. I have been working through my B-School materials and I’m not sure at all how to get my skills into words that make me sounds as qualified as I actually am. My training has been through small group or web based programs instead of college certificate/degree programs. The training has value, but I need to know how to spin that so the general public realizes this as well.

    2 – Helping people in non-traditional relationships problem solve. So many coaches I’ve encountered concentrate on straight, monogamous, Christian couples. I aim to help the greater LBGTQ, polyamorous, and pagan people find accessible resources for relationship coaching.

    3 – My business, I would finally more tools to get a website up and running finally. I have been struggling with the getting started piece. Being able to attract paying clients would let me start investing in more time to help those that have the desire to get help but not the funds. My big goal is to be able to work on a sliding scale and help those who are big on desire and low on funds. I’ve struggled myself for a long while, I want to give back to those who gave so much to me.

  76. I am a pilates instructor and massage therapist looking to develop a structured and replicable blueprint that can alleviate pain in the body.
    I am highly skilled with my hands and instructions to teach movement, but somewhere in between I have forgotted that people are people, and have become shy about the fact that im working with bodies, which can be a little bit awkaward and intimate for some, and therefore there are MAHOUSIVE blocks between me and my target audience.
    I would benefit from this orograme as my broader vision is to write childrens based educational programes that use fictional characters and dialogue/ interaction as the vehicle to inform, educate and inspire passion for movement based learning.
    At present im stuck in a hole.
    Please help!!

  77. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle is that I express myself in the wrong way that my best intention is in the words I write but it lands on people’s hearts and minds differently than I expected. I want to write lots of blogs, social media posts and the content for my website and sales pages. I took mini-courses to understand my tribe and how to write attractive titles but I haven’t gotten any conversions because of this reason for not expressing myself properly. To be honest, I have a published book called “Second Chances” that people who read it say it’s brilliant! But that’s after lots of tweaks and editing by a friend editor and bootstrapping the whole process. People are confused about not being able to write a proper copy because I’m a published author. I don’t post my own content on social media and have a friend do it. Which I know is the reason my engagement is low. I hope getting the copycure structure will help me write better engaging copy.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? My work is dedicated to women with lifestyle diseases like cancer, Endometriosis, obesity, and diabetes to name just a few. Their diagnosis, prognosis and lab work are not in their favor and are looking for a holistic health approach to treating their condition. That’s why I wrote about my system and called it “Second Chances”. Because I was able to give myself a second chance at healing and health when I was on my own health journey. Even though I am an accomplished clinical pharmacist with 25 years of healthcare experience, I was unable to help my conditions that included pre-cancerous cells in my ovaries, endometriosis, obesity and other health issues using conventional medicine. After many months of testing/measuring both conventional and alternative methods, I found Rapid power hacks (mind and health hacks, RPH Method) that skyrocketed my results and I was able to lose 66 lbs. in 10 months, reverse my conditions and ultimately saved my life.

    Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? My mission is to bring my message of the art and science of self-healing that I call the “RPH Method” to women who are suffering due to their illness to find hope in healing to health naturally. Especially if conventional medicine has failed them. Also, since 40% of conditions that people go to their doctors have no solution or cure. Endometriosis is one of these painful diseases that affect women physically and psychologically. I now know why I had to go through the same pain and suffering so I can discover the system to help other women so they don’t have to go through the same pain.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? I’ve been wanting the Copycure to land in my lap for the longest and imagined how my words would be able to land on people’s hearts and minds to motivate, inspire and educate them to follow the steps in my system that is evidence-based (lab tests shows them before/after results after going through my holistic health funnel, “Healology”). When I saw the email in my inbox of the copycure scholarship. I knew the universe is a very loving universe. Because it never leaves my prayers unanswered.
    What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I’m really not looking to make millions from my system, book and so on. I want to leave a legacy that will help people and bring this new wave of change in healthcare that empowers women and men to take control of their health and happiness and not just rely on external resources like medicine, doctors and the “newest fad diet”. But to realize and understand “if the problem/disease was started inside them, the solution is also inside of them”. Their dis-ease has nothing to do with genetics and all to do with their inner conflict theme. The foundation to the lifestyle medicine system that I call “RPH Method” is the root cause analysis that is the secret link that no doctor, pharmacist or healthcare professional speaks to their patients about. Not because they don’t want to help their patients but were never taught this crucial step in therapy. That’s why I want to teach this to health coaches, fitness coaches, and health professionals so they can truly help transform their patient’s health.

  78. Jessica Griffioen

    1. My biggest writing struggle is finding the write words that get others’ attention. I write a great deal of research papers, but I want to find words that show people I care for them and that really get my message across well.
    2. My business is jewelry (just narrowed down thanks to B-School this year) and sharing God’s love! I serve women who strive for meaning and guidance in their life. They may be mother’s lost in the hustle of family life, a businesswomen who has lost herself in her career choice, or a grandmother who is feeling lonely in her empty nest.
    3. Stronger writing would help me as I continue to develop my boutique website. It would help my business become more successful, help bring more money into my family (5 kids over here & a husband who works nonstop). It would help my community as I would be able to reach more people through my writings and website. Specific differences it would make would be as my business grew, my husband could be gone at work less, our kids could be in sports, new clothes for school, less stress about cost of school, family vacations and time together. I could think of so many ways that writing could improve my life and those around me because words are so important! As an aspiring Counselor (outside of my creative business) I know that words have such deep meaning and using the right ones is ideal! Thank you for your consideration.

  79. I love to write. I write novels of empowerment and survival spanning space and time. I strive to write novels and stories that inspire hope, empower men and women to struggle, to survive, and to make a difference. I have a website where I blog about inspiration, self-care, and the history and psychology behind my books and stories. I published my first novel a little more than a month ago. But my website and novel aren’t reaching very many people because I have no copywriting skills. Okay, maybe no skill is an overstatement, but not by much.

    My struggle to write my books and get them out there is deepened and complicated by being my dying husband’s caregiver and financial support. A scholarship to the Copy Cure would enable me to reach the people who need and want to read my stories. The income from the sales of my books would help me afford the care my husband needs and get more writing time. One of my recurrent topics is survival of sexual abuse. I would love to be able to afford to donate part of my proceeds to local and national rape and abuse hotlines. Most of all the copywriting skills I learn in the Copy Cure will help me show people that no matter how dire their circumstances they can survive and create a better world.

  80. Thank you so very much for all your work and this opportunity!

    My biggest struggle with writing is not knowing where to start, intimidation, and probably the insecurity of it not being understood or fulfilling its purpose.

    My mission is to encourage people to live on purpose, to use their God given gifts and talents to connect with and collaborate with others in their community to create and make difference…specifically creative entrepreneurs in the arts and cultural heritage. I serve and support creative entrepreneurs and local businesses in my community but want my message to resonate with anyone who needs encouragement to work together for the greater good of humanity. I want to be able to share my story…my testimony, to connect and be personal with my audience and to partner with others to complete the good work we are called to.

    Stronger writing would help me to express myself in a way that connects with, helps and encourages others to take action, to live a life that creates and contributes to the community.

    I want my work to create opportunities for people to collaborate, create organizations, programs, community engagement and outreach, and connect them to opportunities available for economic growth like public art and cultural heritage tourism.

    Thank you for your encouragement and consideration!

  81. 1. My biggest struggle is that I have so much I want to say! My mind is swirling with ideas, however I have difficulty paring down my thoughts into meaningful segments that are concise, yet full of the information which I’d like to convey. It’s important that I do this in a voice that is consistent with my organization’s core values and mission, and I’d like to explore how to capture that in my writing.

    2. I write copy for Trinity Lutheran Church, Temecula, CA. Our mission is to share God’s love and the message of forgiveness in Jesus Christ with people near and far. My writing serves not only our congregation, but our community and ultimately is an expression of faith which is a witness to anyone who reads our bulletin, website, email communications and social media feeds. Ultimately, I work for God, I serve God and want to improve my skills to His glory. We are undergoing a “rebrand” and there will be lots of opportunities to write (website, social media presence and newsletters), so the icing of this is perfect!

    3. It would be a great honor to be scholarshipped into the Copy Cure class. I am new in my position, and would use this gift to not only as a help myself, but the ministry of our church. I am passionate about using my gifts and talents to further God’s Kingdom. If improving my copywriting could bring even one more person to know Christ, it would be worth every minute I spend writing every week. With Church budgets they way they are, I wear many hats on the job, so better writing skills will help me be more productive, creative and ultimately will free up more time for me to tackle additional ministry opportunities.

    • Lisé Galezo

      Amen and God bless 🙌🏼❤️

  82. 1. To fully connect with the heart of my customer – this is my inherent struggle in crafting messages. I want to bring them into my mission and make them feel compelled to join my movement. I often want to say it all, and struggle with brevity. Thus, finding the right words often paralyzes me.
    2. I help women find the words to their running stories. My movement Fellow Flowers is a running community where I guide and inspire women to share why they run and how running has transformed their lives, work, mindset and physical self. Running is a transformative sport, but it’s often difficult to convey how it changes you. My mission is for every woman to know and believe that she is a story worth telling.
    3. Over the past year I’ve rebuilt the foundation of my business – this has meant personal sacrifice, financial overhauls and recommitting to our mission. I’ve surrounded myself with a team of heart-centered and biz-savvy women ready to help me take on the world. We’re just missing the language, words and messaging to help us breakthrough into that next level. And lastly, I’m a mama of three little girls – I want to show Alexis, Ali and Maggie what it looks like to chase my dreams as to prepare them to someday chase their own.

  83. Johanna C.

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    1. I have a lot of thoughts or ideas. But they are all scattered and get very wordy – it is logical to me but not always to others.
    2. I never learned to properly do storytelling, so I feel like my copy is often too structured, but without heart.
    3. I am a more logical thinker, but it sounds often boring. To sound more fun I sometimes end up too over the top.
    4. English is not my mother tongue.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    1. I work mostly in IT and B2B, but would like to expand to SMBs and the Yoga & Education Industry
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    1. I want to inspire my community and the people around me. I think the world has a lot of interesting and amazing things to offer but people are just not aware of it.
    1. Specific example: Some Centers which have great volunteer opportunities + my yoga community
    2. By learning better Copy Writing I hope to shine more light to those that have amazing things to offer and also improve the things I can offer.
    3. I think being great at communicating can also help inter-relational and bring yourself more confidence.

  84. When it comes to writing, I often second guess myself. The words get all jumbled in my head and when I finally get it out on paper, it doesn’t often make sense. My writing doesn’t “captivate” in the way that I would want it to. Writing for my business is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I used to write creatively, but I can’t seem to write good copy! I just feel like what I have to say and the message I want to share isn’t portrayed well through my writing.

    I am an Online Business Manager and Creative Designer. I primarily work with coaches, therapists and educators who work in the mental health, nutrition therapy and mindset/Law of Attraction niches. Working with individuals in this field help me make an impact because I am helping them change lives. My mission is to help individuals find the help they need to have a better and healthier mind.

    Stronger writing would, of course, help me bring in sales. By bringing in sales, I’ll have more money to give back to the community. I currently volunteer my time but would also love to financially give back. Community programs were very helpful for me growing up and I want to help give back. I have a strong desire to help foster youth and the deaf and hard of hearing. As the primary source of income, better sales will also lead to a more comfortable lifestyle for my family of five.

  85. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle with writing is that I simply feel insecure. I spend a tremendous amount of time rewording and changing text because I’m more worried about what the reader thinks than just expressing myself. Almost a people pleasing element except in writing, ha! I’ve also paid someone in the past to rewrite my own words because if these insecurities. Silly right?!

    My business/career/work has recently shifted and I’m focising on what is in my heart. It focuses towards faith and God, specifically feel good, love, and Christianity. My audience is mostly women 30-65 but also a large number of men 40+. I feel my mission is to enlighten through entertainment.

    With The Copy Cure, I believe stronger writing would allow me to reach a larger audience in a more authentic way. I believe people’s ideas that could be negative about things faith and Christian related could see another perspective that is not the stereotype. It could encourage people and open them up to hope, love, and a softer heart. It could change their lives. A tangible difference to me would of course be income and the ability to bounce back financially after not working for almost a year and half due to a cancer diagnosis ( all is well now, Amen!) and pay off what I owe from freezing my eggs before treatment. I also feel like I could contribute to the Christian community and beyond in a totally different and fresh way that is inclusive to all.

  86. 1) I struggle to write regularly enough that I feel confident in my voice and my skill. It always seems like a few steps forward and then a few back. And I am always asking myself who am I? As if it changes…
    2) I serve people who want to know more about garden design (i.e. how to design their own spaces). This is mostly straightforward, but I hate coming off as a know-it-all (BTW, I don’t know it all – I just know a lot more about design and plants than most people). But I also want to inspire people to love the land, take care of it, and cherish and celebrate what makes their own place on the earth special. I find that a much harder goal to tackle with words.
    3) I launched a couple of design classes this year – they are good (and students love them) but now I need to figure out how to scale and market them (help my business grow and keep my family financially secure). Better copywriting would help immensely. Plus I want to launch a membership site – which will mean sharing my platform with others that have related missions and messages and helping them grow too. Being able to thread this all together with my message seems daunting. Garden writing is half dead and fading fast (along with many of its practitioners) – we need a place for people to learn and share that is approachable to genx, millennials and younger generations.

  87. Nancy

    My biggest struggle with writing is not only finding the right words that can inform and inspire but I also I find it difficult to condense what I write. I often feel that I need to cover all the angles, so people are not mislead or misunderstand what I’m writing about. This often stops me in my tracks of creating content, or it takes so long I lose motivation to finish. And honestly, putting myself out there is difficult, writing this and posting publicly is scary.

    I am a health coach and I’m focused on helping others, primarily women, create a balance and healthier lifestyle. This focus is more than just food but how they handle stress and the role of spirituality. A strong part of my mission boils down to people living with more joy.

    I would be so honored to be selected, so if I did receive this scholarship, I’m confident that this would help me create consistent content that will help inspire people to make healthy changes in their lives and live with more joy. It will also open more opportunities for me to work with paying clients which will lift any financial burden. We currently donate what we can through church and community, but I would love to be in a position to donate amounts that can make significant impact to others (both community and family).

    PS: as someone who has a hard time condensing, I actually finished under 250 words!

  88. -Honestly I am not sure where my struggle is with writing. I enjoy writing but I have very low engagement on social media, no responses to emails, and no feedback on blog post. It seems my writing does not inspire dialogue and that is one of my goals, to create a community, a sisterhood.
    -My business focuses on Women and Girls of Color. The mission is to empower them to Love the skin they’re in.
    -My hope is that if my writing improved I would have more engagement, which would spark conversation, which would build community, and spark change! My audience would grow and we could work together as a sisterhood to save our daughters. We are really focused on self-esteem so that isn’t really tangible but of we can raise a generation of children that Love themselves and KNOW THEIR WORTH, we will have empowered them to make a difference and add value to the world around them.

    • Joy

      I love this entry, Valeda. I love your mission. You’re clear and concise. I vote for you! Keep going! Your work is immensely valuable.

  89. 1) Mi biggest struggle is ordering my ideas (structure). I have too much inside to express but sometimes I struggle to put it in a way that everybody can relate to and connect. But when I do (connect head and heart) magic appears!

    2) I am a Corporate Social Responsability Manager, I create programs and procure funds that supports education (professional schoolarships) and a better quality of life for the most needed (health, environment and infrastructure programs). I am part of a professional soccer team and my social impact is nationwide. (Mexico) I use soccer, as a medium to change my community (whatch youtube link). I Also am a coach, certified by ICC. Love working on tansitions and transformations. My mission is to enjoy the game of life, to use the gifts that God gave me to serve me and serve others, and contribuite to be the best version of themselves.

    2) If I get admitted my writing skills will help me to deliver my message more strongly to the 3 millon facebook fans and 1.5 millon twitter fans of my soccer team (Tigres) so we can enroll them to our social work and collaborate. It will help me to start my ebook “The seven tools of love” that I am really really wanting to do for so long, It will also help me to my coaching blog I want to start. The difference is that I wont be the same as before I started Copy Cure, I will have a fantastic hability that I will bring it to any field I work… writing is the best way I can express myself, and I know I have something wonderful to share to the world. Thank you for reading me.

  90. I am not from this country. I was born and raised in Denmark and while I speak and write English fluently, I have a some uncertainty about how to ‘hit it on the nail’ so to speak.
    I teach yoga and meditation teacher training programs and I coach private clients.

    I get solid, positive feedback so I know that “I make a difference” – but I want to reach further and wider. I want to be the most effective channel for growth and awareness, I can possibly be.

  91. 1. I feel like I was born a long-winded writer. My biggest problem is writing concise emails that keep the reader’s attention. I also struggle with creating good attention grabbing headlines.

    2. My business is dedicated to helping people live a “Habit of Excellence” – where they boldly and courageously use the science of habits to achieve their most audacious goals! I don’t believe in “time management”, rather I believe in “action management”: helping people to take control of their day by focusing on those actions that will grow their business and increase their happiness!

    3. I have no children of my own, but I have an incredibly beautiful and adorable 7-month-old Niece. Unfortunately, her Mom and Dad are having financial difficulties and need help. The Copy Cure would help me to write stronger email series and, hopefully, sell more units of my online course: “Habit of Excellence” (I am about 4 weeks away from finishing it). I am also sure that the Copy Cure will help me to build stronger sales and opt-in pages – – which will hopefully lead to greater sales. With more sales of online courses (and my coaching program), I will be able to help my family financially and, hopefully, fulfill my dream of earning enough money for my Niece to go to private schools (since the public schools, in my area, are not great).

  92. My name is Diksha, I’m 33 and from India.
    1. I think my biggest struggle with writing is writing with confidence and authority. I think it comes from the fact that I’ve been employed full time at Government Service for the past 5 years. The writing in Government files is hugely different from writing interesting, captivating, and persuasive copy. You have to be factual, no fuss, no frills and absolutely no personality.
    2. As I mentioned, I’m a public servant. However, I’ve recently become a parent and I’m looking to switch careers. My boy is almost 2 years old now and I want to make a name for myself in copywriting so that I can provide for my son without leaving him alone at home. So, my career is dedicated to my son and I serve him by capitalizing on what I know best i.e. writing.
    3. If I got admission to this course, yes, I would be able to sharpen my copywriting skills. But honestly, an even more important, benefit to me would be the confidence that comes from knowing that I communicated my story effectively. This would help my writing tremendously for the dose of confidence it would bring. If I become a more confident writer I would be able to provide for my son better.
    It’s quite simple but very true.

  93. 1. I am a very good writer, but I absolutely hate to sit down and take the time write. My husband needs me to do all of the writing, and I dread it.
    2. My husband and I are dedicated to influencing hard working people in Silicon Valley to have FUN through our adventure board sports company by demonstrating an active lifestyle and rich family life that many aspire to have. Less egos, more amigos.
    3. I want to empower my husband be more than an athlete; to be a confident writer as well. I want him to see he will be a leader to one of our children who also struggles with writing. I want to be their support and encouragement instead of being the only one in the family who can write. I want to see him confidently post a story or a few sentences on social media instead of hiding behind hashtags. I don’t want him to be held back by writing, but instead be able to share his own thoughts, words, and stories as an influencer in our uptight area.

  94. My biggest struggle with writing is letting my personality shine. I have severe social anxiety. I try to connect with people through art, but I know my art can’t always speak for me.
    My purpose is to help people express themselves with the art they bring into their homes or businesses. I also like to help women, especially, feel empowered through art to take up space and be okay with just wanting something because it’s pretty and not feeling ashamed for it. There’s something powerful about putting art on a wall and claiming that space for yourself. “This is my wall. This is my room.”
    I would love to be able to help support my family with my work. I want to be able to show my children the world and, in doing so, show them that they can follow their passions and still lead the life they dream.
    And really I want all artists to be successful! I want us to smash the stereotypes and say, “we are reliable, we do work hard, and we have something of value to contribute. And that value is joy.”

  95. Maitri Modi

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is sounding relatable and fresh. I’ve seen how some bloggers make an impact with mere words. But, I haven’t yet created such a magic. I feel like only a bunch of people get what I’m trying to convey. Also, I find it a bit tough to drive people to read my work. So, that is another thing I wish to change.
    2. I am currently a high school junior. And, I have a blog of my own where I write for teenagers, their lives and their issues. I also am currently working to begin my first online magazine.
    3. If I get this opportunity then I will use it to create meaningful content for my readers in a way that they can relate to it, act on it and also become an agent of change. I will use it to write empowering articles in my magazine. Talking about the bigger vision, if everything moves in the direction of growth then I can fulfill my dream to be an influencer, begin earning.on my own and start saving up for future. It can highly decrease my odds of getting a shot at my dream school. That is how great writing skills are going to impact my future.

  96. 1. Procrastination and getting my ideas down structurally that will result in the biggest impact for readers.

    2. I am a self employed Executive Assistant. I chose to take the leap after redundancy this year when the company I worked for went bust. As this was the second time in four years I went through redundancy I decided to start my own business and take my destiny in my own hands! As a C-suite level assistant I want to empower and help assistants who want to move up the ladder transition from being regarded as “the help” to key players in the boardroom. It’s not ability that’s holding assistants back it’s ingrained mindsets and not getting the opportunity to learn new skills that can easily be passed on.

    3. Admission to the course would be the catalyst in driving my mission and business forward. By moving it forward the increased income would provide my family and I more financial freedom and choices. It would give me more confidence and be a stronger role model for my teenage daughter who is starting to look into her career options at 16.

  97. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle with writing is integrating new knowledge and concept updates in a way that is easily understood by my target audience. As I begin to use gender neutral terms, remove subconscious bias, stereotypes and other hindrances from my writing I am posed with the struggle of making a smooth transition. I do not want to lose the audience I want to read my writing, I want them to see the concepts, the transitions, the why’s and the application.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My work is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within the community. I seek to help individuals take the opportunities that are provided and notice when transformations in society have mad it possible to participate in arena’s that may have previously been out of bounds for them or people from the community to which they belong.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Stronger writing will allow me to properly provide adequate information in a way that is accessible and understood. I do writing for curriculum, facilitators, training’s, in addition to poetry, articles and blogging. In the future I hope to publish novels. Whether in the form of a curriculum or a novel, I want the underlying messages, theories, concepts and practices to be understood in a way that can be adapted into the reality of the readers life.

  98. Jazmin Alvarez

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is finding my voice and being able to convey with precision exactly what I want to say . I believe the reason why is because I’m more of a verbal communicator. I’m much stronger in that area of communication versus writing.

    2.My business is a beauty and wellness focused startup as a retailer for several non toxic beauty and cosmetic brands and super foods. I am starting online first which is why copy is so important My aim is to serve everyone who is interested in a safer approach to beauty and overall wellness.
    3. If I had access to The Copy Cure, I believe I would find so much value in my voice and define it so that my audience really understands what I’m selling to them. I also feel it would help when making wellness related suggestions to my friends and family who view me as an expert in this area. I want offer only the best to my customers and those around me and if I can write it, I know I can speak about it with even more accuracy.

  99. Thank you for this opportunity. My biggest struggle with writing is sitting down and actually doing it – taking the time for ME to do the research and writing that I know I want to deliver. I have the outline in my head – the content never emerges onto paper (yet).
    My work is dedicated to creating positive workplaces – if we are going to spend half of our waking hours (or more) at work, then it should be a great place for people to grow and thrive. I truly believe that everyone deserves a great workplace, and everyone can help make that happen.
    Stronger writing would help me to create more great workplaces by giving me another platform to spread the word – scale up the message, so to speak. My blog has floundered over the years, and this book has been unwritten for nearly a decade. I would greatly appreciate the tools, structure and support to do the research and write the book and spread the message of what it takes to have flourishing leaders, managers, employees and workplace cultures. Thank you for considering me for your program.

  100. Dear Marie & Team,

    Here are my answers:

    1.) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is knowing that I have SO MUCH TO OFFER the world (it’s an ache in my heart) but feeling frustrated that I don’t know how to get it out there!!!! I naturally have loved to write ever since I was a kid and I DO write in my journal and in my blog (once in awhile), as well as sharing my thoughts on facebook sometimes (I write and share from my heart), but when it comes to writing for my business and to share effectively what I do… to make people take notice and say, “hmmmm… wow… that interests me; I want to know more…”, that’s whole other story that paralyzes me. Ugh.

    2.) What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My business is State of the Heart Fitness — Fitness for the Body, Heart, Mind & Soul. I’m an Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Consultant, Wellness (Heart) Coach, Spinning Instructor, Author & Motivational Speaker. My passion is helping people to connect with their hearts… not just their physical heart, but mostly their emotional and spiritual heart. I ask, “What is the state of YOUR heart?” because our heart holds the key to everything in our life. I speak and teach from experience… not just my background (BS degree in Sports Medicine/Exercise Physiology) and years of experience working in the health/fitness/wellness realm (25 years), but also and probably most importantly, my spiritual journey that I’ve been on ever since my teenage years AND most significantly, when I pulled myself out of a deep depression at the age of 20 and took the biggest risk of my life. It’s when I followed the calling of my heart (that I couldn’t explain with my logical mind) and did the unthinkable… I took out a $2000 loan and moved myself from a small town in Central Minnesota to California. I didn’t know a soul. I didn’t have a job. I just had a dream… and my heart told me I needed to go to California… scared as hell. But what happened from that moment transformed myself and my life forever!

    LONG story short, the clouds in my sky of depression opened up (literally and metaphorically) and the sunshine shone through. My depression lifted and my joy came back on my adventure of spirit that was all because I listened to my heart! Magic and miracles began to happen and opportunities opened up for me here in California, like the almost impossible opportunity of attending Pepperdine University. That was a miracle in itself thanks in part to scholarships, grants and an aunt & uncle who believed in me and my dreams and helped me as much as they could financially. I am FOREVER grateful to them.

    My point is, SO MUCH came out of my going deep within myself and trusting what my heart was calling me to do. My heart knew what was best for me, despite my mind being scared to death.

    My whole life since has been dedicated (my mission) to helping people connect with their heart — their dreams, their passions, their talents and their joys — and not only believing in them, but living in accordance with them. I truly believe that this a the KEY to our health on many levels. So I help people to recognize the miracle that our body is and how we need to honor this most incredible gift we were given because it IS the vehicle that not only carries our precious soul on this planet, but it is also the stage with which we shine our light. The stronger our body, heart, mind, and spirit, the greater work and joy we get to experience in this life AND the more we can serve this beautiful world.

    My belief is that when we heal our heart, we heal our world. Hence… State of the Heart Fitness. I LOVE helping people (my clients) to see and experience the bigger picture of their amazing body, as well as helping them to develop a healthier, more loving relationship with their body. Without that, we have nothing. But also, helping them to see the connection between their thoughts/beliefs/story, along with their emotions and how it has a direct affect on the health and well-being of our bodies. I have written and created a whole online course on this alone called, “Head to Heart: Finding Your Health & Happiness Through a Heart-Centered Life,” but do you think I know how to get it out there to the world? No… Hence, why I need help with copy writing! Like I say, I have so much I have to share… I just need help getting it out there! I know there is a need! Yay, but ugh! Help! (HA!)

    3.) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Well, I just feel I would be able to touch more people’s lives! I know the lives I have already touched with my one on one coaching, my spinning classes, my community classes/hikes in Santa Monica, my retreats and my online course, but it’s a small number compared to what it could be! I know I have something to share with the world… I have a big vision. My business’ logo is the globe within a heart. I know what I know… and with those lives I have touched, it has made a big impact. They have always said, “You have so much to offer… you just have to get it out there.” Yes… I know. I’m trying.

    So… applying for this scholarship… I am willing to do the work. My finances have been challenged in the last couple of years for various reasons, which I could explain more privately.

    Anyway… I’m grateful for the consideration. Thank you for reading and listening. I appreciate your work, Marie. I really do. You inspire me.

    Thank you.

  101. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle grabbing the attention of people who don’t see the benefit of having plants and fresh flowers in their environment.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I own a boutique flower shop. I work with both corporate and residential clients. My mission is to get people to buy and care for plants in their environment as well as beautify their spaces with fresh seasonal flowers.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I would be known as a thought leader in the industry, I would be able to focus on hosting workshops and events educating places like assisted living centers, nursing homes, after school programs, summer camps etc.
    I need to get the word out i just don’t know how to do so effectively.

  102. Amanda

    1. My process is too painstakingly slow. I’m constantly hit with inspiration for personal projects but I abandon them midway due to mental chaos/panic that I’m wasting time. Academically/professionally, I force myself past the barrier because I have no choice, but I’m always missing deadlines due to overthinking and inefficiency.
    2. I just graduated law school and I’m working on a three month contract as a law clerk/copywriter. My plan is to gradually build an online business providing legal services to creatives, marketed by a blog, supported by a day job until I’m making enough to do it full time. As a course in miracles student and lifelong aspiring writer I ultimately feel called to write about creativity/productivity/mental chaos from a course perspective, because that’s what I personally struggle with the most, and yet I can’t find content that addresses my specific needs and concerns.
    3. At my current job, my boss is thrilled with the quality of my work but has expressed concerns about how long it takes me to produce it. Fixing the time problem would up my chances of getting hired here full time when my contract ends, or getting a full time job somewhere similar. This opportunity to gain experience as a lawyer WHILE strengthening my copywriting skills is invaluable. I also need to free up the hours I spend working overtime on the weekends, in order to start writing my blog/building my business. My boyfriend and I plan to have children in the next two years–the more I strengthen my writing the more available I can be as a mom. I also know that breaking this mental barrier will help me live the principles I believe in more fully and thus be of greater service in all areas. Finally, I want to have time as a lawyer to do as much pro bono work as possible. Becoming a more efficient writer will not only make more time for that kind of service, but also allow me to take on more pro bono clients because I will be able to write letters, legal documents, etc. more quickly.

  103. 1. I struggle most with analysis paralysis. Especially with work that means a lot to my heart (and my wallet), I waste so much time reading and rereading what I wrote to make sure it’s clear. Even after I hit publish, I wonder whether or not I got my message across. I know ‘I’ get it. But do others get it too? I came up with a word in my work I call “mind-circling” and I’ve found ways to navigate it in grief, but in writing, it’s a whole ‘nother story. Often I scrap what I write and do a total overhaul because I can’t believe what I’ve written is clear enough. If people got it, I’d be selling, right?
    2. I show up for grievers—people who have had their hearts shattered by death, divorce, diagnosis, or another loss—and provide them with similar stories and a place to share their own. It’s very much a heart-centered business… one that I wanted in the aftermath of my mom’s death. My two biggest endeavors are my weekly podcast, Coming Back: Conversations on Life After Loss and my private Facebook community, The Grief Growers’ Garden. I’m working on a book now too called Permission to Grieve that’s all about having permission not only to feel the emotions of loss (which the world makes hard enough as it is), but to have your personal identity shift and change in the aftermath of universe-rearranging loss.
    3. I would be more confident in selling myself both online and in-person. That shift from frenetic rewriting to confident posting and scripting would allow me to put my head into more vital spaces, like connecting with my communities and building out my business to serve a wider audience through online courses. Time is money. Honestly, Marie, I also want to quit my day job in the restaurant industry so I can devote more of my energy to the grief space. There are so many more conversations to have, so many more books to write, and so many more people to build a beacon for. Everything from politics to reality TV to personal finance contains elements of grief. And I can help teach the people I interact with to see it, listen to it, and take action based on their interaction with it. I just need the time and money to do it.

  104. Catharine Gibson

    I am thrilled that you’re offering this scholarship for those in need.
    1. One word: Uncertainty. When I’m writing, editing, and re-writing, I can’t tell what sounds good. Is this clear enough? Do I sound too relaxed? Does this come off as fake?

    When I write my inner voice is saying ‘I need help’

    2. I’m a creative who offers graphic design services which means I have a strong eye for aesthetics but very poor writing skills. I’m constantly asking my clients for feedback and my writing is a topic that continues to come up. Embarrassing!

    3. I hire other artists in my community (videographers, art directors, stylists, etc) Improving my copy means more work for local artists and a stronger platform for them to showcase their work.

    I’ve taken copywriting workshops to try and improve my writing where I can but I feel that I need more than a four hour workshop. I’m ready to improve and change the lives of others.

    I’m not looking for full sponsorship and I know this program has HIGH VALUE. I can pay $800 CAD for this program and am happy to give what I can. Unfortunately, my husband is unemployed so the monthly payments are not possible for me.

    Thank you SO MUCH for listening and giving me a chance : )

  105. A picture can speak a thousand words ….give me a pencil and paper and I can draw you a beautiful story…. But ask me to translate that into words… and… nope. Nothing. I cant do the picture in my mind justice.
    My mission is to empower first time mums (to be)
    To help overwhelmed first time mums become calm and confident strong mamas Primarily through education and by giving them the confidence to make the right choices for their themselves and their baby and providing the right kind of expert support throughout pregnancy birth and beyond.

    You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”… well we don’t have that luxury anymore. We live in a world where we are the most connected we have ever been yet the most disconnected. I can connect to thousands of people on the other side of the world within seconds yet I may not even know my neighbours name.
    If the opportunity to become a stronger writer will allow me to get through all the noise, to allow me to connect with that 1 isolated first time mother, who is struggling and doesn’t know who to turn to. To let her know I can help. Then it will be worth it.
    I know Stronger writing will help me build my TRIBE of mamas and experts that can be THAT village for each other.

  106. #Struggle: How to communicate my personal brand.

    #Dedication: Help customer service leaders incorporate self-care into their lives.

    #Mission: In order to take the best care of others, we must first take the best care of ourselves.

    #Difference: Creating healthier customer service teams which makes for happier people and financial success for all businesses involved, including my own.

  107. Amanda

    My biggest struggle with writing is having the confidence to start. Right now I am in graduate school to be a social worker and I work full time to support myself and my son after a divorce. I feel like the divorce has taken the wind from my sails as well as my family and my self-esteem is shot. As part of the MSW program, I am interning for a local homeless program called Love Your Neighbor and Community (LYNC) and our mission is to provide safety, stability and supportive resources to remain housed for those that are without homes.
    Stronger writing would help me gain confidence to be assertive in advocating for the community that I serve. As I write community newsletters, blog posts or email to supporters I will be able to gain support and possible sponsorship for our program. Admission to The Copy Cure would help me gain the skills, structure and confidence to use words to help our LYNC program. I hope to make my children proud of me again for picking myself up after divorce and making a new path for myself as well as the vulnerable in my community.

  108. 1. I struggle with the start. Where to begin? I have a lot of topics and ideas but have trouble trying to find that starting point to kick off from.
    2. My career is dedicated to helping others be their best self through training and development. I serve individuals, employees, and companies with the goal of improving people first with kick-ass training and development programs.
    3. Stronger writing would help me hone in on the words and ideas I want to not only convey to deliver great content and information to help others reach that “AHA!” moment when learning happens, but also it would help me connect with more people which would help spread the word, so to speak.

  109. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that English is my second language and the audience I want to reach is English-speaking. For that reason I spend enormous amount of time trying to write something, even an Instagram post. I run a one-person photography business and I know how important it is to be active on social media, reply emails quickly… But sometimes it takes me so long that my leads get cold. I want everything to be perfect and grasping but as a result I often just procrastinate until never and therefore loose potential clients.

    2. I’m a freelance marriage proposal and wedding photographer. For the last few years I had been entirely focused on building my business (which I love) from scratch and making ends meet. I was overworking myself and completely neglecting my needs and as a result I had a nervous breakdown a year ago, which led to depression. I had to take some time off from building my business to heal myself and learn how to take care of myself, which I never ever did before.

    I learned the hard way how important it is to tend to myself, trust my instincts and take time off. I learned how to meditate, eat healthy and change my mindset. That’s why now I want to help other female entrepreneurs (because I’ve seen so many other women struggling with that a lot) to learn to take care of themselves, both in mental and in physical way. I want to start a blog My Self Care Stories that will inspire others to build healthy habits and put their needs first.

    3. If I got admitted to The Copy Cure, it would change my life and the life of others around me.
    If I could just sit down and write what is in my mind quickly and effortlessly, I’m sure that it would make my work more efficient and bring me more photography clients and money.
    At the moment I’m struggling to make ends meet. If I made more money, I would be able to help my mom, who suffers from and autoimmune disease, pay off my business debts, hire a team (at the moment I’m working solo) and invest in building a community around my project My Self Care Stories so that I can inspire other women to take care of themselves and support each other. I would do a life coach course to be able to help others. I’ve always been the go-to person for my friends who needed advice or help and I deep inside I know that I have this power within me to heal and help people. My dream is to be able to use it and make a bigger impact, especially on female entrepreneurs who need support.

  110. I used to consider myself a writer. In fact before I became a chef and nutritionist 20 years ago, I thought I was a writer. I just feel like I lost my nerve somehow, especially when it comes to promoting myself and the work that I do. I seem to be stuck in the “everyone’s already wrote this stuff before” loop.
    As a personal chef and nutritionist and my passions are 1) to create beautiful, delicious and nutritious food but to teach and 2) empower others to take control of their health from the heart of their home…the kitchen.
    Admission to the Copy Cure program would help give me the confidence and structure to grow my business and reach a broader audience. I love to teach and I have a lot to say. There is so much I would like to write and share (a blog, a book, a course) but my inner editor is my worst enemy! I need to get her off my back so I can just write strong, persuasive and inspiring copy with grace and consistency.

  111. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle with writing is putting words on paper that connect with people. Finding the right words means to open the way to people’s hearts and make them want to listen to what I want to share. Writing something that is not expressed in a cold, sterile, business-like style (which might have perfect grammar and punctuation but doesn’t connect with anyone at all) is very difficult to master. So far, I haven’t been successful with it. Writing needs to be different to disrupt, get attention and the right people to say yes to. I’d love to develop that skill and be able to do that with words on paper or on screen.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    For most of my adult life, I have been working with young people in different settings. I am a passionate educator who has whitnessed the pressures and struggles of today’s teenagers. I feel that adding more pressure on to “prepare them for the future” has backfired. The number of young people suffering from heavy workload, feeling isolated, burned out and even depressed seems to have increased immensely. There has to be a better way. I’ve been studying yoga, mindfulness, meditation and the three principles (mind, consciousness, and thought) and would like bring my work to teenagers and their educators to offer mental health awareness and an early intervention to mental well-being programme based on understanding and insights, not on to-do-list practices. I want to disrupt, question how we do things and find ways to improve the mental well-being of young people and their educators, because education always works both ways.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Stronger writing would help me get the attention of the people who could help making a difference – school leaders, educators, counsellors, student support units, administrators – who could buy in these services. No one has to do it alone. Finding the right words is the key to people’s hearts and would ensure that more people working in education know about this because words that connect get shared, discussed, recommended, passed on. Building a strong, supportive community which isn’t build on ‘stigma’ but honest, courageous, open-hearted prevention strategies and healthy self-care practices would help reach more people at risk and help them before they get too close to the ‘black hole’. Creating a (virtual) place to turn to without being judged, questioned or ridiculed would offer a sense of belonging that bypasses any boundaries, borders, and limitations. Finding the right words would help people to take notice, stop and listen (or read) and take action instead of brushing it off, throwing it away, laugh about or ignoring it. It needs to be too good to ignore it. Connecting with powerful supporters through the written word would spark action to ensure it reaches communities who need it but don’t have the funds for it. The mental well-being of teenagers (and their educators) deserves attention, being able to communicate it in a way that gets noticed and provokes action is powerful beyond measure.

  112. Noel

    1. My biggest problem with writing copy is coming back to it after a two year hiatus to deal with immigration. I am now unsure of how to tell if it’s actually any good or how to connect with the reader.
    2. I’m a copywriter! I am trying to niche further into writing for nonprofits, particularly free clinics and other organizations that provide healthcare for people that need it. It’s uniquely challenging to create a strong enough connection to the reader that they would want to donate their time or money.
    3. If The Copy Cure fell into my lap, it would help me gain the confidence to get the clients I want and help them. It would mean I can start building a life in my new country, while serving my new community at the same time.

  113. Hi Marie,
    I have SO much I want to share with my customers and audience, but don´t know how to properly word it/phrase it in order to be inspiring (and at the same time witty and charming). (Yes! I want it all!) All day long, I find myself coming up with ideas and thoughts I would love to post and publish but never seem to get around to it and when I finally do sit and try to write–puff!–I go blank.
    My business is about helping parents claim quality time back with their children using our products.
    So we are in the business of taking back quality time and placing it right where it belongs. However, we are not referring to placing it right smack-dab in the middle of it all surrounded by neon arrows pointing towards it. And it doesn’t have to be a mega-production with gold glitter and a marching band either. We are referring to those small, compact, blink-and-you-miss-it moments of joy, laughter and connection with our children. (We like to call them little joy pods).
    It´s a chaotic world and we all lead crazy-busy lives, but parents don´t need another “motherly” brand to tell them what they need to be doing or pointing out what they are (supposedly) doing wrong. Our brand wants to be the comforting and funny friend that puts his arm around your shoulders, gives you a big hug, and reminds you that there is no need to feel guilty about anything.
    Our mission is to support parents in their journey of parenthood: encouraging them and cheering them on as they raise passionate children that will inspire the world.
    I know that being able to attend The Copy Cure would help me connect better with other parents and would allow me to empower them in their journey. We would like to create a real tribe of happy, confident parents that can in turn raise a new generation of compassionate, caring individuals.
    Obviously driving sales of my fledging company would be the first aim on the list. This so I can quit my day job and dedicate myself full time to making this vision a reality.
    Having more freedom to spend time with my children is also top in my list. And finally, coming from a Latin America country where there is so much inequality and poverty, I see first-hand how our society needs a stronger family base. I would love to dedicate myself to help various causes that address children and their upbringing to create real changes.
    Thank you for taking the time to read me!

  114. Writing to enter the copy cure scholarship..oh the irony!
    I struggle with expressing my thoughts and ideas through written and spoken word, proving a little problematic as a coach! Verbally I have improved in storytelling and emotional connection, yet as I move into the arena of organsing community empowering events, I discovered my writing skills aren’t projecting what I want to say in promotional or workshop content. My event promotions aren’t doing the quality of the event any justice and lack of funds prevent me from investing in designers or copywriters, so this opportunity has come at the best time! (doing my happy dance)
    I am dedicated to share knowledge and collaboration through organising free empowering events that put fellow quality trainers in front of a hungry audience that are searching for knowledge. The feedback has been great from attendees, people share how they have benefited from the events and I want to create even greater positive impact in peoples lives by reaching a bigger audience. I lack: creativity in my flyers, my post-event emails are missing the heart and soul present in the event and my social media copy falls flat of both creativity and heart, it sounds so much better in my head, I definitely need the copy cure!
    With an improvement in my written skills, I can elevate my connection with people, bring life to my copy and ultimately encourage more people to attend events which clearly create positive impact in their lives.

  115. Hey Marie and Team Forleo!
    I’m super excited about this amazing opportunity because:

    1. My life’s mission is to raise awareness and share stories about the refugee crisis. It’s a constant struggle to do justice to the incredible, heroic stories that refugees share with me, through my writing.

    2. My business is story telling….
    And my mission…changing mindsets, overturning stereotypes, unravelling prejudices and diffusing fear of the ‘other’.
    This is a huge challenge in this crazy time of Donald Trump and Brexit that we are living through. We are more fearful of our differences than ever before, and my work is to highlight all the things that connect us.
    I run an online community called The Worldwide Tribe. We create content and share uplifting stories from refugee camps, and in turn fund tangible projects on the ground in these camps.

    3. The stronger my writing…the more people engage with it online. More engagement equals not just more financial donations (which impact thousands of lives on the ground in refugee camps as we fund basic needs such as food, clothing, tents and shelters etc), but also more AWARENESS…and I believe that awareness, education and understanding are the first step towards true change.
    Writing more effectively about this global community that we are all part of will bring people together and encourage a responsibility for one another.
    We are all connected and the world is our home!

  116. Lori

    250 words or less? Great challenge, lol!
    1. When I write , I am so passionate that I can either talk around in circles or bounce around. I labor over “how” to say things in many cases.
    2. I am a consultant to Small Business Lenders. I am very passionate about the importance of small business and help lenders start programs or enhance SBA programs and small businesses.
    3. Stronger writing skills would help me circumvent the back and forth in discussions with clients. And while raising 4 boys, I could use those skills to encourage them in the writing struggles. I can see it as a tool to use when communicating and working with teams on community events as well.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be chosen for a scholarship!

  117. Hi Marie and Team Forleo 🙂

    I’m thrilled !!! This is for ME ! I was saving up to buy the previous Copy Cure formula but when the day come to finally enroll everything had changed ! …which I saw as a “see, you don’t need that to make money ! let’s make even more !” from the universe. But hey…I don’t mind a good scholarship. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I’m a 23 year old artist from Switzerland, currently working for a very cool international watch company as a digital designer. It’s been a year and I realize it’s not for me… So I’m now planning on going back to my lovely freelance clients I had while studying.

    My biggest struggle is now : how do I inform them that I’m back in freelance town ? I love sending newsletters but this one is a bit trickier than usual; I want to tell them why I’m back and what are my plans for what’s next but don’t want to make it all about myself…which I tend to do often when I get excited about what I’m saying.

    I’m eager it’s such a perfect time for me to be your disciple – My goal for 2019 is to set up a marketing and branding agency fully dedicated to conscious brands and/or individuals.

    Everything about this idea fills me with joy, so I guess it’s a good one. I have SO MANY vegan brands I’m in love with but which products I wouldn’t put in front on my shelves. What’s worse than a lover you’re ashamed with ?

    My mission in life is to educate people towards being more compassionate beings through my designs. I’m good at everything visual …but… as you know… words are crucial when dealing with emotions. That’s why I think the Copy Cure would be my perfect ally at helping me structure my thoughts so that I can make more sense to the less visual ones and ultimately be able to collaborate with those brands I love !

    I strongly identify with everything you create and I’d really like to thank you for all those years of wisdom, laughter and joy 🙂

    Merci !

  118. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is having the ability to convey what I am truly feeling and the experiences I have gone through with eloquence and without going off on possible tangents. I feel like I have so much to share but may not have the art of comprehensive writing down without compromising my authenticity. I guess it all boils down to self-confidence and if what I have to share is truly valuable or worth sharing to an audience.
    2. I am a new blogger in the beauty, health and wellness industry. I am dedicated to sharing my experience and knowledge leading a healthy non-toxic lifestyle from personal care products, food, and mindfulness with busy women who value and desire to lead a healthier life for themselves and their families with resources and advice they can trust.
    3. Admission to The Copy Cure would allow me to gain stronger writing skills and the confidence I need to push forward, not give up in sharing my story and the knowledge I have acquired over the years. My hope is to have a continued stream of valuable content easily flow out of me that people want to read. My business will thrive. It will allow my family and I to have a like-minded community surround us as we share our journey. This would provide a steady income that would allow me to have more quality time with my family, buy a dependable car, and hopefully buy a home of our own.

  119. My biggest struggle with writing is picking out the key things that I really need to mention to grab my future clients attention and make them see that what I have to offer is EXACTLY what they need.

    I was my ideal client five years ago and a program similar to what I offer completely changed my life. I KNOW my program will do the same for them, but I struggle to present the value, be relatable and express my passion all in one. Nothing I write reads/feels as impactful as the thoughts in my head.

    I’m on a mission to change the lives of 100,000 women through my online personal training, nutrition and mindset program. YES GIRL!

    I want to inspire women to stop settling, walk in every room like they own the place and provide them a complete blueprint to slay the gym and learn how to fuel their bodies and brain for success.

    If the copy cure landed in my lap, my message would empower more women. I’d build that know, like and trust factor and ultimately more women would walk in the gym with a plan in hand to FINALLY get killer results and go on with the confidence to make their own impact in the world.

    And for my family, the sooner I create a crazy converting email series, the sooner I can retire my husband from the NAVY, so I never have to kiss him goodbye for another deployment.

  120. Inni

    1. I really, really want to make an impact in the world in two areas: Sustainability and Health. As a Nutritionist, I am good at giving the scientific facts as to how and why we need to feed ourselves well. As an environmental advocate, I can argue for what we need to do to save our planet. My problem is, I can´t reach across with facts. I need writing skills that will move people to change.
    Also, I want to write freely in English, which is sometimes tough as I have lived and schooled in Sweden for most of my life.
    2. I coach entrepreneurs and managers into becoming sustainable leaders through healthy habits and being congruent with their core values.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to feel confident in blogging, sending out newsletters and giving free material, thereby scaling my business by clients signing on to group coaching and online programs. I could actually stay focused on my company (instead of needing to take a job) and the vision I have for making an impact for a sustainable planet. I would be able to do this in English for the international market!
    I could get more speaking engagements. Because, once on stage, I am good. But it is getting there, that is the challenge. The difference for me, is making my best contribution or following the masses.

  121. Crystal Loya

    1. When I’m in the flow of another task but thinking about what I want to say, the words come easily. But once I sit down to translate that into actual copy, the words vanish. Nothing I write seems as meaningful as the conversation I had with myself, in my head.
    2. I’m an architect, working to not only create beautiful things but to build stronger communities through design. I believe design impacts everyone’s lives in big and small ways everyday, and that architects and city planners should be using their super powers for good.
    3. Architecture is traditionally a culture of egos. Many can’t see past their own ideas and lack the awareness of the impact they can have in the communities and neighborhoods they are working in. When I approach peers in the industry, no one thinks there is a problem. Architecture, as a profession, is already dwindling in relevance but we have such potential for positive impact. I have a very niche portfolio of work and research and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with others, but am having a difficult time with the conversations.

  122. Daniela

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to convey my message in a powerful, fun, unique and compelling way with a clear call to action. To keep it short, simple, clear, engaging.
    2. I´m a Functional Nutrition Coach. My work is dedicated to women who want to feel healthier, more energized and thrive through nutrition and lifestyle practices. Women who have the curiosity and commitment to start a lasting change that leads them to experience more well-being.
    3. Stronger writing would help me in so many ways: further develop my business, grow my audience, connect with them on a deeper level, communicate in my own authentic style in a consistent tone that helps me reach more women. Support me in bringing my purpose, content, and passion to life: educate, share my knowledge and experience in an effective way that serves others. It would help me create engaging and effective content for my soon to come webpage, social media channels and future online courses. And, why not, use my voice to write a book 🙂

  123. I have business writing experience, but after staying home to raise my family and being sidelined with an illness, my skills are rusty; the language and ideas are here, but I struggle to get it all down. As a career metalsmith, most of my time is spent growing my technical skills and selling my art, but I’m ready to up my game and take my professional vision to the next level.

    After decades grinding it out as tech support in Banking, I finally made my dream transition into a career I’m passionate about, metalsmith artistry. Very soon I’ll host local pop up workshops, and my ultimate goal is to open a studio where I can host other artists and educate people within my community about metal art. At the moment, I’m also exploring an option of becoming a merit badge counselor for my son’s scout troop as another means of paying it forward. The world needs more artistry!

    Participating in The Copy Cure would definitely of course help me market my products and services, and I hope it will help me build some much needed confidence around my writing as well. I also believe the experience will come in handy when I apply for a business loan to fund my future goal of opening a public studio. Of course assistance with any form of communication will be useful when working with scouts, parents and aspiring metalsmith everywhere.

    Thanks for the consideration!


  124. 1. Writing has always been a personal practice for me, a way to connect with my inner guidance and tap into my deepest authenticity. My biggest challenge is gathering the courage and confidence to pivot this creative gift into a marketing skill. I long to write in a way that connects with people’s hearts and supports women entrepreneurs to lead successful, purpose-driven lives. I just need a boost of technical skills to get me there!
    2. Since graduating from college in 2014, I have dedicated myself to international volunteer work in the Philippines and El Salvador. My work has ranged from supporting water projects in rural communities to developing a mindfulness curriculum for children impacted by gang violence. I returned to California last December and quickly realized that working in non-profit administration is not truly honoring of my gifts and soul purpose – so I am pivoting into something new! Although still in my full-time job, I have been training as a yoga teacher, developing a podcast dedicated to authenticity, spirituality, and social change, and building an online presence to connect with and uplift others.
    3. My goal is to successfully launch my own business as a contemplative copywriter who supports healers, activists, changemakers, and helping professionals to craft heartfelt content. I am committed to offering my writing support on a sliding scale so that non-profit leaders, fledgling entrepreneurs, and young women like me can feel supported and successful as they do their soul’s work!

  125. Thank you Marie, Laura, and Team Forleo for this opportunity.

    My biggest struggle with writing is not letting the passion I feel for it get in the way of my showcasing my brand for what it is: a clothing brand, rather than a coaching service. I struggle with this because although I sincerely want to inspire women, I feel I end up delivering as a self-help business, instead of a clothing one. I’m sure this confuses my potential customers.

    My business and work is dedicated to the day–dreamer, the woman unknowingly caged up by self–doubt. My mission is to inspire her to reveal her own mission. I want more than anything to help women go from dreaming to doing.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed on my lap, that stronger writing would be the golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Copy Factory. Stronger writing would help me appropriately present my business. It would help my business connect with those who want and need my work most. It would help my family move forward financially and emotionally. It would help my community evolve.

    The difference this would make to me, as well as those around me is growth. The more I can successfully communicate with those I aim to serve, the more awareness of my brand. The more awareness of my brand, the more women are moved. The more women are moved, the more confident they become. The more women with confidence, the stronger the world.

  126. Coen Vazquez

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggles are: indecision, self worth, and doubt. This transfers into my writing and I find myself thinking too much and for too long about what I want to write about, how to write it, and who to tailor it to. I’m a good enough writer, I struggle with choosing, taking action, and not questioning everything after! Perfectionism is something I am actively working on overcoming. It has crippled me for far too long.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I’m in the process of building my own coaching/consulting business called Become Purposeful. I’m a certified body language and personality trainer (through The Science of People) & life coach.

    Mission Statement: I help leaders who strive to have a meaningful impact learn how to embrace vulnerability and mindfulness so they can be their authentic selves in any situation, effortlessly foster genuine relationships, and lead a purposeful life that gives them the freedom to create what they choose.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    It would facilitate finding and working with my ideal clients, leaders who are passionate about creating positive change in the world. Strong, positive, purposeful leaders give permission to others to do the same. We all win through this.

  127. I am almost sixty years old and just completed a certified life coaching program and started my own company. In my previous jobs, I rarely had to write. Now I find myself with so much knowledge to share with others. I am not selling a product, and I just don’t have the skills to competently present myself, and build trust and a following.
    My business is dedicated to helping Baby Boomer and GenX men realize their bliss in this second act of life.
    If I was a creative and competent writer, it could mean the difference between success or failure of my business. I do not have a retirement plan. Being successful in my new coaching career would ensure a level of financial success that would prevent my wife and I from just surviving on just Social Security.

  128. Marlene Martin

    Answers to your questions:
    1)writing is a discipline that I’ve practiced and studied for a loooooong time. I love writing. But writing a book has not been easy. What’s hardest for me is 1) the discipline of sitting everyday… and the reason I believe that THAT this is hard is because somewhere inside, the voice that tells me to be quiet, that I have nothing important to say, still lives. It’s only a whisper but it is still there. I have been actively working to quiet that voice for 40 years! And I have done AMAZING WORK, but that voice is still there. And she is like moving through molasses when I write. I am determined, and I still write, but it would be so amazing to walk through say, water or air instead of mud!
    2)My mission is to create a space for families who have children with special needs where they can be heard, feel understood and get the knowledge they need to in turn, better understand their children so they can be more connected and can lead happier lives together. I am a developmental specialist that works primarily with families who have children on the Autism spectrum. I was inspired to do ths work when I received help from therapists who came into my home and did the same for me and my family. I have taken my experiences with my own son on the spectrum to create that space for other families
    3)In my 14 years working professionally with families, I have helped hundreds of children and their families. But it’s never felt like enough. I want to help more. And more than anything, I don’t want these families to feel alone. I want them to know that others feel as they do, have the same experiences they have. This community is still so isolated and divided. It always feels, from a parents’ perspective that you are alone in THIS. But they are not. Recently, I came to the realization that my working individually with families was helping some, but still not reaching people who NEEDED to feel understood and not alone! I’ve often offered parents who are not my clients to meet for coffee, just so they can talk about their experiences with someone who won’t judge them. But I can’t have coffee with everyone. So I decided to write a book. THAT has the potential to reach SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! When I came to this realization, it felt like I had no choice. It is done. But now I’ve got to write this book. Writing this book would help me fulfill my original mission-to support the parents of children on the spectrum. Because the first step of learning is feeling worthy. And to feel worthy, you must feel connected.
    My business would obviously bloom into a different phase where I see myself speaking to larger groups of parents, helping to create community, speaking at conferences giving large scale workshops to professionals to help them connect better to parents. My family would benefit because I would spend more time with them (speaking at workshops and conferences would take the place of the majority of my individual work) and I would finally feel like I was reaching more people through the genre that I have always loved- since my first chapter of my first book written in the 3rd grade (I believe I only got to chapter three that time!) this is what I’m meant to do next. I can feel it in my bones. I am certain of it. And I will get there. Thank You.

  129. I suck at writing for social media and to draw people to follow me. I have no idea how to go about this. I like my writing but with all the writing in the world, for some reason that clearly isn’t enough  After 8 years as a government attorney, I left the legal career. I joined a small business at 50% of my prior salary and am pursuing my health coaching business on the side. ( (I’m so happy. I no longer have full-body dread at the thought of going to work. However, I am on a freeze from spending any money on educational opportunities until my side hustle starts to bring in some money). I target busy professionals in my coaching practice, but I also donate programs to local nonprofits for auctions, and I dream of working with agencies in town to bring some coaching services and health information to individuals who cannot afford them. I have big dreams and lots of passion around creating a community of better health and happiness, but if I cannot communicate to reach people, my impact will be less than it otherwise could be. I am also the president for a nonprofit triathlon in town and the head of a ski sale which raises money for the ski patrol and race club. Better copy would have an impact in both of these volunteer activities which bring healthy activities to our small community in Juneau, Alaska.

  130. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is getting things from my head (where they sound amazing) to paper (or email). When I speak, I am more natural, bubbly, and not afraid; but the minute I try to get those ideas down, they come out bland, boring, and NOTHING like what was just going on in my head. The writing process takes me an excruciatingly long time for some reason.
    2. In my professional life, I work in development for a foundation that supports a residential arts high school. We raise money to ensure that no qualified, artistically talented student is denied access to a quality education. Our tuition is state funded, but there are financial burdens that may prevent students from pursuing their dreams. The funding we receive provides the opportunity to level the playing field for these students.
    3. Stronger writing would save me time, and help me connect better and serve more people. I can use my time to send more proposals, instead of scrutinizing my every word. I want my writing to sound more like me, and less canned, stuffy and transactional. I want my words to be transformational, exciting and exude personality so you cannot ignore them. These kids, their parents and the community are depending on someone in my position to help them, and that makes me a happier, better person. Stronger writing will give me more confidence to do the things I’ve longed to do.

  131. Hi everyone! 🙂 This is so fun!!

    I don’t know about anyone else but, my biggest struggle with writing is keeping my message grounded and in flow. I am very passionate about my message so, I can easily get off track while I’m writing. I always want to end my paragraphs with “Does that make sense?”

    I think powerful copy, the kind that connects with people and inspires them to take action, is infused with a passionate message but also rooted in strategy with a clear take away and action plan. I want my copy to make people think “hey, I could probably do that. But how? Oh wait … she’s telling me how!”

    I help moms embrace their worth, make money online, and become who they want to be when they grow up. My ICA is a mom who thinks she’s too old to make a pivot in her life and/or career but, knows in her heart that she is more than she has become.

    Just in my tiny little corner of this earth, there are several women that I interact with on a daily basis who admit they have followed a path in their life that they thought they should. They never really stopped along the way to ask themselves “Is this what I want? Does this speak to me? Will this help me to live my values? What ARE my values?” All of them are moms. Some of them have full-time careers and some of them stay at home and take care of their homes & children. But, all of them feel like they want to be something more, feel guilty for having that feeling because being a mom “should” be enough, and are scared because they don’t know how or where to begin making a change.

    Being able to write copy that is both inspirational but also has a clear plan of action would allow me to awaken this group of women and guide them in figuring out what type of business connects with their values, starting and growing that business, keeping a healthy mindset, and staying focused and productive while they transition from one lane to the other. Can you imagine the ripple effect that would have!? What kind of amazing impact could this powerful group of women have on this world!?

    I think moms are uniquely qualified to be CEOs and we need more CEOs in the world who are running businesses that are dedicated to being of service to their fellow humans. Not only with programs and products but with philanthropy from the revenue of their businesses.

    I think now more than ever before in history there is a growing culture in our society that creates space for women to make choices about the direction their life goes in based on what they want and not what they think they should want.

    I want to write copy for the women who didn’t have that support and are trying to merge the life they are currently living with the life their heart is screaming at them about. Does that make sense?

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  132. Thank you, Marie, for your generosity in offering this great opportunity -The Copy Cure Scholarship Program.
    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Not completing what I have started and not being able to structure my writing concisely and make it impactful, adding psychological triggers at the right place.
    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I help individuals (especially those who in the age group of 30 to 45 and are stuck in their job or business) alter their thinking to take actions that produce results within a specific timeline.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community?
    It would make me more confident, avoid procrastination, and generate better leads and revenue. It would help the family to have more cash flow to enjoy a better standard of living and empower the community to be more enterprising, proactive and enjoy life – have time freedom and money freedom.
    What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I would spend less time to complete my writing and devote more time doing “on the business” work. I would be able to spend more meaningful time with the people around me – contributing to their lives and make a difference.

  133. Agata

    1. My biggest struggle while writing is to use the words in order to achieve my goals. I know what effect I want to have on the readers, but don’t know which words to use. I shoot and miss. I’d like to learn how reach the target – right in the bull’s-eye.

    2. I’m an email marketer and my mission is to deliver the informations that will be useful, helpful and interesting to the readers. Everytime someone subscribe to the list, they do that because we made the promise. And my job is to keep that promise, which is a HUGE deal as the users are inviting my words to their most private place in the internet world – an inbox.

    3. As an digital marketer, I use a set of metrics to assess the performance of my work. I believe that improving my writing skills will be noticeable, as the metrics will grow according to my development.

  134. I have always loved writing, and am excited to be incorporating my creative work into my career as I’m transitioning into coaching. I work with parents of Highly Sensitive Children, and I’m passionate about helping parents understand what is going on beneath the surface of their child’s big emotions and challenging behaviors so they can adjust their responses accordingly. I struggle most with presenting what I do in an engaging and enticing way so that people actually click the subscribe button and sign up for my offerings. These kids have so much potential to create change in our world, but their gifts are so often misunderstood and muffled by the adults in their lives. Understanding the way I need to strengthen my writing to really reach people would have a profound impact on the lives of many misunderstood children, and would be the boost I need to transform my work into a business that supports my family of three. We are currently living in my parents basement in Washington because our businesses are so new that we have to keep our personal expenses quite low to avoid going into debt. I know this will change, and I believe that amping up my copy will accelerate the process. If I don’t get the scholarship, it’s likely that I will take this course eventually because I know I need it. Our financial situation just isn’t aligned with me signing up for it out of pocket right now.

  135. I struggle with getting the words on the page in alignment with the feelings in my heart and the thoughts in my mind. There are times when they line up beautifully and that is when writing is exhilarating. And there are times when I stare at the copy and wonder how I can clarify and resonate. Why is this? I think it is because I feel so deeply about what I’m writing that my words and emotions don’t always remain on the same path at the same time.

    I am a vegan lifestyle and transition coach. I guide people who would like to live vegan, and need direction. I believe that plant-based living is the future of healthcare. Vegan is our soul’s work. I am committed to helping end suffering for humans, animals and the planet we all share – through vegan transition coaching, activism, education, creativity and love.

    This message needs to resonate with all who read it, but it needs to be presented with compassion, understanding, respect and an invitational approach. Learning how to do this would strengthen my message and would allow me to express myself and be received in the way my message is intended…to educate, to respect, and to make the reader feel the sheer joy that helping them into this abundant lifestyle brings to me.

  136. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is doubt, based on criticism received throughout my career. In order to avoid the dread of the criticism I often find myself procrastinating and ending up writing under pressure. Once in a while in my private life, I find the flow of writing is easier.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I work with a governmental marketing organisation in the marketing and communications department. I am often called upon to write, speeches, articles, reports and I freeze due to my own self doubt. My organisation’s mission is to sell my destination to the world as the ultimate tourist destination. On the side I currently have a company with 2 other women where we put on a biannual fitness event, providing a weekend of wellness in a tropical destination. Both roles may seem different but the ultimate goal is the same…sell my destination.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I think my stronger writing abilities will be of great benefit to my organisation, and the success of my writing will affect my country, affect communities and all who are involved in the tourism industry…my successful writing, will therefore be of economic benefit to not only to myself but my country. On completion of the course I would hope to follow my dream of writing my own novel, and starting that blog I have registered but never made public nor even made a post. Success in my journey, increasing of my own confidence will bring joy and happiness not only for me but for my family who want nothing but the best for me and to see me happy.
    Thank you for all that you do in the world for persons like myself. One love.

  137. 1. Hi MF, hopefully you will believe this! This is the thought I have every time I sit down to write anything. My biggest struggle is standing out in a saturated market. I run an adventure TRAVEL business and it’s all been said before. (How many times can you say Paradise, Wild, Imagine Yourself Here- in your copy?) I have an extremely deep well of curiosity and creativity AND somehow get sucked into writing copy that I feel is too esoteric. I fear my copy and thought process is outside the box, even though it reflects our incredible trips. How do I get people to believe that yes, we are actually building surfboards with locals in Papua New Guinea? AND sending kids in Namibia to visit wildlife in their own backyard? I’m a big picture gal and struggle with the pieces – the website, the podcast. The subject matter can be too heavy as few want to read about struggling humans in developing countries while splashing in a turquoise sea. I don’t just want the CC, I need the Copy Cure, at the moment I truly have a financial barrier to entry. Help!

    2. My business is dedicated to opening minds through sustainable travel and unique experiences in remote locales. Every trip is built from scratch. Zero cookie cutting. (Profit) I’m also dedicated to lifting kids out of financial circumstance through experiences in travel. (Purpose.)

    3. We are creating travel scholarships through amazing teams of explorers. Think bush pilots and Royal Geographical Society. The CC would potentially allow me to create a steady income, play bigger, and pay it forward by reaching larger high income markets around the world.
    Thank you!

  138. I love writing and wanted to be a journalist as a teenager. My mom’s a bookseller (yes they had this profession in Poland back then and you had to do a vocational school for that!) so I was raised loving the written word. It’s the copywriting that is the challenge. How do I sell online without sounding pushy? The second big challenge is time. Being a busy mom of a toddler I need to deliver good copy quickly.

    I’ve dedicated my life to promoting healthy sexuality, free of fear and shame, especially for women and girls. I worked with teens as volunteer sex educator for 17 years. Recently I decided to make my vocation into a profession. I became a sex and relationships coach. I’m working hard to start my online business in a foreign country. I believe sexual energy has the power to heal the world. As soon as my business takes off I want to give back to community by organising free women’s circles, especially for new mothers who are closest to my heart.

    Finding an authentic and convincing voice in copywriting will boost my self-confidence as business woman. I’m good at giving but not at valuing myself and my work in sales terms. I would able to work efficiently and prove to myself that I can make it again in a new country, without connections. I want to be an example of a fulfilled, successful woman to my son without working overtime. I want a balanced life.

  139. 1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I’m an academic, typically writing for research-focused audiences. I struggle to write copy that conveys personality, emotion, and effectively elicits action.
    2) What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    Collectively, my team and I are devoted to increasing the accessibility of widely-used, free (!) science simulations for students with disabilities. We bring fun, exploratory, and empowering science learning opportunities to students who wouldn’t typically be able to engage in these experiences and share these for free around the world.
    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community?
    In our fundraising efforts last year (we’re a non-profit!), more interest and funds were generated from emphasizing other, non-accessibility, aspects of our work. This has to be because of the copy, I refuse to believe my fellow humans would not be motivated to directly support our efforts if we conveyed our message and call to action well. Participating in The Copy Cure would provide a welcome opportunity to greatly develop my skills in writing for a broad audience, and try it out in our next fundraising cycle. Additional funds generated would go directly into creating more accessible (and free!) learning resources for children with disabilities, continue to lead the way in accessible educational technology, and show my team that their work is truly valued by the community of parent and teacher users.

  140. 1) My mom was an English teacher, so I write my emails in a matter of fact grammatically correct way. Like here’s the info and here is why you should do this, but it doesn’t connect to my audience and it doesn’t move them to take action.

    My biggest struggle with writing is how to be real, open, authentic and vulnerable through storytelling, which has prevented me from making a heartfelt emotional connection with my audience.

    2) I’m a Life & Love Transformational Coach, who helps mid-life women realize that it’s never too late to create their next amazing story in life and love.

    I am on a mission to create a movement to help women overcome their fears, struggles and obstacles, to start living the life they always dreamed of, no matter their age!

    3) It breaks my heart when women (40’s to 60’s) think it’s too late for them to change their lives.

    If I were admitted into The Copy Cure, I would also use these new skills to empower and inspire women to create the change in their lives that they so desire…one amazing woman at a time!

    I would do this through writing more connected inspiring emails, Instagram, Facebook, and blog posts. And I would finally write a book about how I, myself have repeatedly done everything later in life at 53 years old, so I could inspire and empower other women to realize that it’s never too late to live the life they imagined!

  141. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is moving people to action. I am always told that my idea is great but I don’t know how to get people to sign up effectively. You do it so well Marie! Please show me your ways! I also find it hard to articulate the emotion behind all of my ideas in a way that gets to the heart of what I’m trying to say succinctly. I think it’s because I genuinely want to serve my community and am afraid I will sound too sales-y.

    2. I am currently working as an Au Pair in Sicily and earn 70 euro a week. Despite this I am still managing to pay for B-School because I knew that it would help me launch my business idea. I have launched The Au Pair Movement on Instagram and am currently working on a website (online community log-in to register projects and connect Au Pairs) and a book that will launch soon all thanks to B-School (big love). My mission is to bring Au Pairs, projects and ideas together on a global scale by revolutionising what it means to be an Au Pair. I am pioneering a movement, not just a business to support other Au Pairs during their experience but most importantly in their lives beyond Au Pairing. I genuinely don’t think people know it’s a life option available to them.

    3. I feel like the copy cure could be the magic sauce between all of the ingredients I have worked to have in my life right now. I genuinely feel like it will help me convert customers and be able to pay back the money I have lent from my family $9,000 since leaving my soul crushing office job to pursue my dreams despite their words of concern. Working as an Au Pair is the stepping stone that gives me more hours to work on my projects each week. I know that my business idea has legs and has the potential to pay off in the end so I would be deeply honoured to be considered for this scholarship. Good luck everyone!

  142. Kelsey

    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle with writing is my lack of knowledge. Until recently I had no idea that I could actually write as a career. I had a skewed perception of what a person could do as a writing professional. “You either write novels or become a journalist,” was what I thought.

    It was during a period of unemployment and dead-end minimum wage jobs that everything I knew about writing professionals was flipped upside down. By sheer luck, I came across a content specialist position at a small business. At the time, this discovery made me feel like a child opening the door to Narnia.

    On the other side of the door was a magical world of knowledgeable writing professionals who were able to take everything I knew about marketing and use that knowledge to connect with people through beautiful writing. Joining them, however, made me feel like a child trying to take a seat at the grown-up table. While they openly discussed the pros and cons of various writing strategies, all I could do was sit back and listen quietly, absorbing as much as I could and making mental notes to look up any acronyms and names that happened to stick with me.

    I still feel like the child sitting at the table (I’ve only had my writing position for half a year now), but at best I’d say I’ve made it to my awkward middle school years. There’s still a lot for me to learn before I can feel confident and comfortable in my writing skills.

    2.1) What’s your business, career or work dedicated to?
    The business I’m at is dedicated to selling recycled OEM key fobs at affordable prices. My career here is dedicated to helping this business grow its awareness through inbound marketing strategies.

    2.2) Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    On the B2C side of the company, we serve automobile owners who need affordable key fob replacements. On the B2B side, we serve mostly locksmiths, but also other automotive professionals like dealers, mechanics, and towers.

    Our current mission is to grow our B2B relations. We want to be a trustworthy resource for automotive professionals to turn to when they need help with running their small business or understanding new products.

    3.1) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community?
    It’s tough to put yourself out there when you don’t feel adequate. When you feel like you’re still just the child at the grown-up table. I want to feel confident in my writing skills, which can only happen by improving them.

    I don’t know if I want to stay at my current company for the long haul, but I do know that at the very least I want to do my best for them in return for giving me chance to write. By improving my writing skills and knowledge, I can not only help them make more meaningful connections with their audience but also help lay the foundation for a solid copywriting and content strategy. And while I’m at it, I’d also like to build a community of automotive professionals who feel comfortable and confident in reaching out to us for advice.

    It’s always been my dream to be my own boss. I don’t know if that’s the right career path for me or not, but if I could enhance my writing skills enough try my hand at freelance writing, I’d be able to find out. And if it does work out, I’d be able to move back closer to my parents and see them more often. My dogs would especially like that. My mom has a yard they love to dig up and two dogs of her own that they like to chase and be chased by.

    3.2) What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    If I had to pick the most meaningful difference The Copy Cure could make for me, I’d have to say that learning to write better sets me up to continue to write better.

    I don’t want to remain the child sitting at the grown-up table. I don’t want to keep listening in on conversations that go over my head.

    What I want, is to sit at the table as an equal with my writing peers.

    I want to be able to sit quietly and listen by choice, not because I’m afraid to speak up. I want to continue to absorb the information from those around me without having to smile and nod like I understand, only to Google the information later. I want to be able to add to the conversation and help others learn more about our craft.

  143. My struggle is that I have a great vocabulary and it sounds great in my head, but it doesn’t translate when I write. Therefore, my brand voice is not showing in my content and I don’t feel I’m showing my authority to expertise. I’m feeling hesitant to start a blog as I don’t feel confident that I can create engaging and creative content.

    I am a new Virtual Assistant serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. My first mission is to just get this business off the ground (as I have no clients yet) and eventually grow enough to start helping others become Virtual Assistants, grow my business, and eventually start providing other product offerings, especially courses.

    Stronger writing would help in all areas of life. Having clearing copy would benefit my personal and business emails by proving greater clarity, better website copy that makes people stay (right now its blah), confidence to do public speaking events and host webinars, ability to start a blog and feel my messages have power, and the ability to feel confident in the future digital products I want to develop.
    If I knew how to write great copy, I would feel more confident, empowered and the ability to better express myself with words.

  144. Grace Koehl

    I’m a student about to graduate with a degree in and hopefully start a career in Global Public Health. My biggest struggle with writing at the moment is writing casually without sounding forced. I can, and do, write academic papers all day long, but I’ve recently discovered a real shortcoming in my more personal writing while working on a blog for a school project. In my field, I need to be able to write impactful memos, op-eds, newsletters, and so on. Everything I write either comes off as too formal or disingenuous, and I would like that to change so that I can be successful in my career.
    The tangible difference that this would make in my life would be to help me find a job and have success in it. Let’s face it—it’s hard to be a young woman right now. One thing I’ve been doing to avoid feeling dejected is to empower myself by developing professionally. Every day, I wake up knowing that I can make the choice to make a call, read an article, or take a course that will help me improve myself, and that is so empowering. Furthermore, I have a strong network of other young women in my life who feel similarly, and with new copy writing skills, I can support them in their own aspirations. Finally, the payoff of my work in global health can be stretched further if I know how to effectively communicate.

  145. Thank you! I both admire & appreciate your generosity & transparency AND I hope that I am a lucky winner. 😉

    1. I write too many words & make too many segways? Use punctuation improperly. And I love ALL CAPS + emojis. Sigh! That & I am CONSTANTLY editing. It’s probably b/c I want to be liked. But it’s awkward – for me & for them. …have NEVER really been Miss or Mrs. Popular.
    2. My work is in Decor. In making the mundane more beautiful. I have recently launched an Interior & Party Consulting Service & am in the process of making Jewelry Organizers to sell on Etsy. At the moment the latter is really where my heart lies. My mission is to enjoy what I love. To share the proverbial (creative) spirit/wealth. To teach others. …Chopra has forgotten smth in his mind/body/soul continuum. The spaces/places we occupy affect our overall health.
    3. The difference that Copy Cure could make, I think, to those around me is that it would probably make me more thoughtful …calculated – but not in a playing chess sort of way – deliberate. Having tricks of the trade would most certainly help me make every word count. And then maybe someday I’d finish my Autobiography. Who knows, Marie – it might very well turn into a book instead of a Screenplay. The possibilites are endless. 🤞 And the message there to share is smth like there’ s a silver lining in every cloud.

  146. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Even though I have been in this country for over 20 years I still find difficult to understand the culture. It is hard to play with the language and craft it with intimacy and playfulness.
    I am 57 years old and arrived in the US when I was over 30 years of age. I usually joke saying that I landed here too old to fully get the American culture. I have avoided writing due to my sense of inadequacy. I have leaned on family to help me in the past.
    No more! I am doing my own copies now. After all I got a bachelor’s degree in journalism in my home country Brazil. I won contests of poem and literature in college. I am ready to cross the gap between the reality back then and now.
    I am ready to change. I need to change. My goals and dreams are pushing me forward.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a transformation coach for 10 years now. It was on my 55th birthday, that I fully realized that I’m lucky I have few decades left ahead of me. I have this urgency to give all what I know. I refuse to die without sharing my insights and fields of possibilities learned in the past decades.
    It became clear to me that I need to reach more people. I envision to impact the lives of millions of people. To do so I need to change my strategy. Stop working from word of mouth and apply the internet resources.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Being a former journalist, I know how powerful writing is. It is a tool of transformation. I want to reach out and help those who are seeking guidance and confidence in themselves to speak up and live their life call. I am aching with this longing to help others transform their lives and change our world.
    Writing is key to communicate this idea. I want to give back to this world all the love and healing I received.
    I want to give back to this planet, our home. Raising funds for rescuing our oceans and bodies of water. The time is Now! I am that girl from old school. I was too busy healing from anxiety and depression. I did not have the mental health to keep up with the electronic world. I built my business on one to one. Now time has come for a change. I need to shape up my mind with this new technology and learning how to write well is one of my number one priority.
    I was a good writer and I Know your course can help me. I am committed!

  147. Hello! Thank you for this opportunity.
    1. My biggest challenge is getting my internal dialogue and passion from my brain into inspiring written words. I’ve worked on my own business (now defunct) and as my 90+ father’s caregiver for the last 5 years. It’s been very isolating and I feel has silenced my voice. I’m ready to be heard. At 56, a grandmother, and being totally self-taught on technology, it will be difficult to enter the work force again when my father is gone. I need to develop a business and a career that will enable me to support myself, be mobile, and an inspiration to others.
    2. My mission is two-fold. For the past 37 years my father has offered barrier-free (disabled access) to special needs students, facility-bound elders, and disabled veterans. This is offered on a pond on the property my family has lived on for 130 years. He is now unable to continue to offer is as it’s too stressful and physical for him to do. I am forming a new non-profit in his name to carry on his legacy. Copywriting skills will enable me to build a powerful message on a new website, write grant applications, and inspire volunteers.
    My second project is a storytelling website for families and women to tell their stories. Our family has many rich stories that we’ve talked about writing down for years but no one has ever done it. Every time we are together, most recently at funerals, we talk about how we need to get the stories written and shared. I’m sure many, many families do the same. The website would be a place to write and share with tips and questionnaires to help bring forth the stories. As a sexual assault survivor, and in the current environment, I want to offer a safe place for people to write and share their stories and how they made it through and thrived. The website is started but has a long way to go, I want to have guest blog posts from professionals to add to the healing and thriving process.
    3. Stronger writing will capture the passion, the need, and the ultimate impact. For the nonprofit, it will enable me to communicate to grantmakers in a way that will encourage investment in the project and also motivate a new generation and group of volunteers. The impact has been proven by giving the special needs students, facility-bound elders, and disabled veterans and opportunity to get outside and experience the joy of catching a fish and the comaraderie with their peers and the volunteers. This type of experience has been shown to benefit in physical and mental ways. Storytelling and sharing has long been a proven way to benefit healing. Families are missing out on preserving their rich histories because the writing process is intimidating and time-consuming. An easy to use resource would benefit families and whoever they care to share the stories with.
    The Copy Cure would be the perfect complement to B School and a TERRIFIC asset to me.

  148. Thank you for this Marie, we love you so much. These are my reasons:

    1. Lack of confidence. I’ve always struggled with that and I tend to leave projects unfinished because I can’t keep my motivations for long. Also fear, I have fear of not being good enough to write in English, which is a language that I love but not my maternal tongue. I have fear to talk about serious topics and not to find the better way to communicate the most important ideas in an effective and meaningful way.

    2. My goal is to produce explainer videos to share important knowledge with people. I want to talk about the environment, social struggle, mental health. I want to provide a meaningful message in a beautiful way. My first video talk about the disappearance of bees and its potential threats to the world.

    3. First time I saw your stories announcing the cure on Instagram I knew that this was what I needed to stop suffering because of script writing (writing a script for me comes always with a lot of stress which I have not been able to deal with lately). I would be willing to make a greater financial sacrifice to enter because I want it so much but if I can gain the scholarship it’d be the greatest relief!
    I want to open hearts and minds to the topics in my videos, I want to be able to communicate seriousness and relevance, I want to be able to touch people, to make them act and join a cause.

  149. Carl Mason

    1. Confidence. I have been writing for most of my life. I was praised for my writing skills throughout my school years. Yet, beyond a few articles here and there, daily social media messages, a few minor coaching ebooks and the odd and end reflection, I’ve done nothing truly professional and focused with my writing. It all comes down to confidence. I have been encouraged, even begged to write a book about my self healing journey from incurable cancer but I have lacked the confidence. I have been asked to write for publications, but lack the confidence. I somehow feel the message and my skill simply are not valid enough for anyone to want to read in that context. Even so, I deeply desire to write a book. It is actually a life long dream.

    2. My mission, passion and purpose is to help people create a healing and sustainably healthy lifestyle. Back in my late 20’s and early 30’s, post 5 years of chemotherapy and radiation, I was facing certain death within 2 months. I refused to accept it and decided to try natural methods for healing. Thirty days later, I was cancer free and 22 years later I remain so. I now use that exprience and the tools I learned and applied to secure my healing and sustain health to help others do the same. Essentially, from 1-1 coaching to written and online courses, I’m working to help people create a lifestyle that fosters health.

    3. I certainly believe that participation in the course would help me grow in confidence and write copy that expresses that confidence. This would help me make a deeper connection with the reader. I believe it would also help touch the heart of the reader rather than merely offering education. Most of all, I believe it would help me create copy, in whatever form that is, that reaches more people with the message of hope and the tools required for natural healing and a lifestyle of sustainable health. It is such a vital and desperately needed message for millions of people and to keep it tucked away in copy that falls short, is a sad waste of everythng I’ve experienced, studied, learned and applied in life and now have to offer others for the same transformation.

    I believe I was given the second chance at life for a greater puprpose than I have yet served. I also believe that I have been given inherent writing skills to convey that message. I do however, need to learn just how to project, express and present that message through wiritng so that the millions who need it can be served for natural healing and health.

    • What an inspiring peek into your life! Thank you for sharing about your cancer journey and that natural methods helped you to be cancer free in 30 days. Would you feel comfortable sharing those ideas here?

  150. Kim Monney

    My biggest struggle with writing is making the time to write a priority, and then when I do, with writing great headlines and ensuring my copy is persuasive, with a clear narrative.

    It’s my mission to help others achieve their potential in the pursuit of achieving mine.
    I am just beginning to serve people who are on a journey of personal development and entrepreneurship by helping them validate their business ideas and then communicate their value clearly to their audience so that they have a better chance of success. I learned this lesson the hard way and I want to help others avoid the difficulties I have faced.

    Through this work, my purpose is to make the world a kinder, more peaceful place. By encouraging those who hear the call to take the brave step into doing work they truly love (and are good at) I will be able to help people reduce the risk of following their intuition by ensuring there is a market for what they want to do, and that they will be paid for the value they create. In turn, I believe they will become more satisfied and happy in themselves, creating a virtuous cycle of good karma. Eventually, as you are doing here, I would love the freedom to help people who need it most, when they need it most, with the tools that will help them succeed.

  151. in a voice that comes across as authentic, without major writer’s block and second guessing – how to write as if I was having a face to face conversation – sounds easy enough but I struggle with this
    My new business is dedicated to providing support for minority women to gain clarity, so they can prosper and thrive no matter what that looks like. I feel especially for African-American women there can be a disconnect and a lack of support outside of immediate friends and family when trying to achieve professional goals. Also locating the information and people that can help is not always easy.
    I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in business. My doctoral project will be focused on minority women in business. I will grow my skills writing academically but it isn’t the same skill to write for and connect to my ideal client for my business. I want to be able to take my professional and academic experience and use that for social change and be able to confidently write and communicate in a voice that is truly authentic to me

  152. Marie,
    Thank you for all you do to inspire people and model for us a better way, to design our lives on purpose with passion!
    I am running for United States Senate in Indiana. My biggest struggle with writing is not that I can’t write – but my literary ear is so tuned to prose and expository writing that it’s difficult to appeal to my audience and sell my ideas. Politics – selling ideas, evangelizing for freedom, helping people see possibilities that exist for them when they don’t think it is possible, that’s my mission! I want people to know that they can change, move towards something better, be free…but sadly my writing doesn’t seem to inspire them to cast off the chains that bind them.
    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would devote my efforts to study, implementation, testing and re-implementation of what I learn. With better copy, I will inspire more people to vote for me, to donate to my campaign, to pay attention to the ideas I share about personal freedom, responsibility and opportunity. More people would choose to be free! You can see samples of my writing and why I need help at

  153. Hi 😊. My biggest struggle with writing is overthinking what I have written and changing things too much.

    I am a certified life coach and recovery Coach. I left a nursing career to help others in caregiving careers deal with burnout and compassion fatigue. I am in long teen sustained sober recovery and I work mainly with other nurses in sober recovery in my coaching practice. I teach workshops at hospitals with the intention of providing tools for dealing with stress, and offering self care strategies that will help others avoid the path of addiction, alcoholism and victim mentality (that is where it lead me). This year I attended B School and Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and learned so many amazing things to help my coaching business as a whole. My intentions for better writing would be to sell out my workshops and courses. This allows me to coach more clients for free. I will always have several clients that I coach free of charge because someone did that for me in my life. I believe that when we help someone and they turn around and help someone else we create an amazing ripple effect of love and compassion. My life purpose is to love myself, love my higher power and by doing that I will create connection. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I believe it also takes a village to raise an adult as well. A tribe of supportive, like-minded individuals that want to see you succeed in life. Thank you for your consideration 💞


    I love to write my heart out, I want to pour everything for you what’s is in my head, what my soul ask me to convey, to say, but as soon as I start penning it down, each word got restricted with the thought whether it’s a right word, will it going to make a change, or become a reason of the next debate within the community, and the reason to judge me.

    I am a student, who love to write, want to write a blog, but something (may be the fear described above) kept me the place where I am. I am a simple person, just a student, I don’t have the big missions, but yes! A reason, a hope to write and make an impact, somehow.

    If admission to The Copy Cure land to me as an opportunity, it would help me to be bold, to put me at front, to me took me ahead, to bring or make a little change and make that the mission.

  155. Joanna

    My biggest struggle with writing is just literally finding the moment to sit down and do it. My life is very busy, I’m a divorced mum, I work outside the home and we have a very active young dog which needs lots of walking.
    The work which I would like to dedicate more time and writing to is an Instagram account called “Mymotherdoesnotloveme”! When I tell people the name of the account, they say “Why so negative?”, but I don’t see it that way. It’s deliberately named to attract the audience who I am aiming for; young people who may be going through the same experience as I did. My mother does not love me and that fact has been apparent to me from a very early age .. I’m now at the wonderful age of 50! I always felt different from the other kids and so ashamed of my loveless condition and like I was the only one in the world with a mother like mine. It was terrible. My self-confidence was rock bottom and I had no one to talk to.
    Now my little mission is to try to reach other people, especially girls, who might be having a tough time with their mum. Society as a whole recognizes unconditional, un-wavering mother love, the kind we see that moves mountains for their children. What we don’t talk about much are the mothers who emotionally and psychologically abuse their children, who do not feel unconditional love, who treat their children as unloveable burdens and worse. The effects on their children are devastating, as with all types of abuse including low self-esteem, substance abuse, self-harm, depression, anxiety etc.etc.

    If I’d had just one person who’d understood my situation perhaps years of suffering would have been avoided. My little mission is to let as many people as possible know that they are not alone and that it is not their fault that their mother does not love them. Perhaps a child will be relieved of the burden and shame they carry. Perhaps even a life will be saved.

    I studied Psychology at university in the UK many moons ago, but have never put those studies into practice because I never really wanted to until now, years later and many hours of therapy!
    Now I can say that my mother doesn’t love me and my world does not collapse around me. I know it to be a fact that has absolutely nothing at all to do with me, the way I am or my loveableness. I know it has everything to do with her own pain and issues.

    That’s the message I really want to get across in easy-to-understand, compassionate and non-judgemental terms. I think stronger writing would help clarify my message and hopefully help it straight to the hurting hearts of unloved children and young adults.
    I’ve never felt greater purpose in my life than when I post on my Insta account. I’ve never felt more privileged than when a young person confides in me.

    I was inspired by Marie’s guest who founded crisistextline. I tried to volunteer, but they wouldn’t accept me because I don’t have US papers.
    Please feel free to look up my account on Instagram: mymotherdoesnotloveme
    And thank you so much for taking the time to read my application.

  156. Susan

    My biggest struggle with writing is procrastination. I have new ideas consistently and do not take enough time to put them together . I love people and am in several women’s groups. I enjoy listening to them and encouraging them and sharing in their journey. This is my target audience. I believe I have a gift of relating to people through writing and if I am not using it I am not fulfilling completely what I am put here to do! At this time I am a caregiver for an elderly parent and have just finished homeschooling a teenager and am letting go! Life is too short to not do what you consistently have tugging at your heart.

  157. 1. I love writing, from my heart and share what I know, but the marketing language is to make sure this speaks to your audience and converts them, interests them to buy or work with you. I feel that I do not have the necessary experience to know how to make my copy absolutely rock even that I know I rock!
    2. I am a business coach and I teach coaches and service providers how to generate more sales and leads, be more visible with no paid facebook strategies. My mission is to show people how much more they can do in their life if they put their mind to it and it doesn’t have to be too complicated. I am very intuitive and I want to inspire more people, motivate them for action, follow their passion and visions so more talent is not going to waste.
    3. If I can attract more people to see the value of the results by working with me, it will allow me to build more sustainable business that can grow, my intention is to help my family and pay off my parents debts, support a charity that in Uganda created by a single priest, he saved 250 orphan children and helps them just from his farming work. If I can grow I can help myself, others around me, create jobs, events for the woman that also suffered abuse or silent illness and show them that they can change their life as well.

  158. I struggle with verbs. Passive and sleepy verbs find their way into my writing all the time. Rock solid grammar is difficult, as well. Good grammar is like running a 4-hour marathon. You get there through consistent training, over time. As the daughter of a high school English teacher, my writing training started early. For 25 years I have been a writer that has worn different hats – teacher, professor, program evaluator, researcher, policy analyst, and grant writer, to name a few. In each role, my mission has been to build the capacity of people and organizations to foster a creative, healthy, and loving world. Strengthening my writing skills is part of that. Focusing specifically on creating compelling copy has eluded my academic and professional training. A scholarship to The Copy Cure would help me: raise more money for the non-profits I currently serve as a grant writer, communicate a message of gratitude and compassion more broadly and effectively, and build my storytelling skills in ways that connect people to one another. I started the Wide-Awakeness Project in 2003 committed to the practice of loving kindness. Words that inspire love are critical at this time when cynicism and despair can plant our roots in the barren soil of inertia and even cruelty. Our world can heal and grow. I want to be a part of that.

  159. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, Team Forleo!

    I struggle with impactful, persuasive copy for our eCommerce store and blog. A few issues play in. My writing process is chaotic rather than strategic. I have a lot of resistance around engaging our ICA, so I’m never quite sure what to write for them. My resistance comes partly from the emotional baggage of wishing I was our ICA (see below).

    Our family’s business – Enchantmints – has been creating and selling unique children’s gifts that nurture imagination and creativity since 2004. The core product line is musical treasure boxes featuring horses, dancers, fairies, birds, and flowers. Our ultimate mission is to support the performing arts, fostering crucial creativity in the world. We have been doing that now for over a decade by funding our sister non-profit organization, Lemniscate Arts.

    Stronger writing would transform our website and eCommerce store, leading to stronger sales and a more engaged community. Greater income would allow us to hire an awesome team of people, and devote more budget to product development and paying the watercolor artists who are the foundation of our products.

    And I would be able to take a proper salary and begin planning for creating a family through adoption (see the ICA comment above).

    And most importantly, enlarged profits would allow us to support the performing arts projects that in turn nurture our creative spirit in wider society.

  160. Kori Tomelden

    My biggest struggle with writing is forming a meaningful connection with my audience regardless of the platform that I’m using. I’ve always felt that writing is one of my strong points, but I seem to be lacking an emotional pull.

    My work is dedicated to serving overwhelmed moms of special needs children.

    I feel that I would be able to have a much greater impact and meaningful connection with my audience. This would directly affect my business, which would in turn, help my family.

  161. Yana Mironov

    My biggest struggle with writing is trying to communicate the message I want to send with the right emotions or power. It’s so hard to find the right words, the words that will inspire dreams and action.

    My work is dedicated to wanna-be adventurous families: mapping out a fulfilling lifestyle, acheiving that lifestyle and capturing it through cinematic vlogs. Our mission is to make possible the remote work/adventurous lifestyle for families. Families crave adventure and excitement but are locked into boring stable jobs and tied to mortgages. We want to help families figure out how to make it possible for them to travel the world, to connect and live a fulfilling life.

    We have a lot of potential with our business and families do want what we are offering. Having stronger writing skills would allow us to connect the right way with our ideal clients and actually make sales. In making sales, our personal family lifestyle would change a lot! My husband would quit his day job, we would sell everything and travel with our three kids! We’d make cinematic vlogs and our life would never be the same again. All we’re looking for is the right opportunity to do what is fulfilling for us. As far as community, we’d be the proof that it is possible to achieve your dreams. It’s possible to escape suburbia and to make money on the go. It could inspire others to make leaps of faith of their own to change their lives!!

  162. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I can get people to open my emails but they don’t take any action once the emails are open. Are my buttons not convincing enough? Is there not enough of a build up? Am I a great storyteller but not a great salesperson? These are the questions that whirl around in my head and I’m not sure which answer is the ultimate culprit.

    2. I am the Founder and CEO of both Brands by Brie and an organization called Black Girls with Purpose. Brands by Brie helps small female- owned businesses create a professional online presence without breaking the bank. Black Girls with Purpose is dedicated to illuminating truth, inspiring change and impacting the next generation by affirming young women in their God-given identities.

    3. If I received admission to the Copy Cure class and was able to increase revenue in my business, my family and I would be able to finally exceed the poverty line, get off Medicaid and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Instead we’d be able to invest and to save. My husband and I went full time into entrepreneurship at the beginning of 2018 and we are doing all we can with what we have. We just need someone who believes we’re worth the investment to help us succeed. Not only that but we’d be able to better assist other entrepreneurs in our community who need assistance converting sales and gaining leads and add copywriting as a service to our Brands by Brie clients should they have a need and we’d be able to increase our online engagement with our Black Girls with Purpose community thereby expanding our reach.

  163. To keep this exciting (and short + sweet), here’s a poem:

    I am a bookkeeper, though many are cheaper, my work is far better than most.
    But bookkeeping seems boring – my readers are snoring! How can I get them to read my posts?!
    My services make sure that the online entrepreneur has a firm hold on their money goals.
    Without far reaching words, my voice won’t be heard; My copy is full of holes.
    My husband and I foster, and with a larger client roster, we could help more kids and still not be stressed!
    It’s been the joy of our lives to help our kids thrive, we know we have been truly blessed.
    Hopefully you can see, with some better copy we could not only help out a few.
    With just a hint of luck my words will get unstuck, and there’d be no limit to what we could do!

  164. My biggest struggle with writing is exactly why Copy Cure exists: I put words on paper and immediately second guess the impact they will make. When it comes down to it, the reason for this is lack of trust and inner guidance.

    My mission is to create an education revolution by supporting educators who want to improve parent-teacher collaboration. When parents and teachers are on the same page, student success skyrockets.

    If given The Copy Cure 2018 Scholarship, hands down it will help me gain inner trust and guidance. More importantly, due my potential transformation, I can then help change the lives of the educators, parents and students they work with.

    Just like a drop of water that ripples out across a body of water, this scholarship will have an impact much greater than me. Stronger writing will help me express my programs value as well as the value educators and teachers provide to students, parents and their communities. Once educators effectively articulate the value they provide, a shift in how society views the K12 education system will happen.

    The Copy Cure 2018 Scholarship will help educators “bring their whole self to the table” with confidence and clarity. Thank you so much for the consideration and offering scholarships to those in need.

  165. Katie

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is doubt. I wrongly assume that somebody else has already written it or that most people already know it. I struggle because there is a part of me that desperately wants the confidence to present in a confident way and I am not there yet. I am still finding my confident voice.
    2. I am a Master’s level mental health counselor that works with kids and their families. I see the same issues over and over and would love to be able to reach more than just a few families a day. I truly believe that healthy kids and healthy families will change the future and affect our communities and culture in amazingly positive and incredible ways.
    3. I am a single working mom. I am just going to be real, if I could monetize my knowledge and experience in a way that doesn’t take more time away from my family (direct service) my kids and I could breathe a bit easier about finances and enjoy more time as a family. I also know that there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health and getting help. I believe getting confident and clear on my copy would invite more people into the space of compassionate living and parenting without the constraints of time, insurance and/or stigma.

  166. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is sounding like a robot or sounding too salesy when I am trying to convey my message and products.
    2. I help bridesmaids who are trying to juggle being the best bridesmaid they can be while also living their lives. My larger mission is to teach women to be better to each other and to live with less stress!
    3. I have ideas for podcasts, blogs, and landing pages, oh my! The Copy Cure would obviously help my ideal customer want to consume my products, which I hope would lead them to less stress and more happiness.
    I have big ideas for my business moving from just helping bridesmaids to creating communities of women helping one another and in turn helping the world.

  167. My biggest struggle with writing is that I don’t feel smart enough to write an elaborate copy that will have potential customers running to my website. I grew up in North Philadelphia where poverty was all I knew. I come from a Puerto Rican family where their idea of “making it” was graduating from high school. I knew deep down inside I was created for much more. In 2012, I started a non-profit organization called Latinas in Motion where I encourage, inspire and empower women of color to get active and adopt a healthy lifestyle. I tried to juggle working a fulltime job and working on my non-profit but it was a struggle. In August 2017, I decided to resign from my 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship fulltime. Let’s just say, self-employment has a way of humbling you real quick. It’s hard… but I am committed to this fight because I know that I was created to do this. Admission into The Copy Cure will help me become a stronger writer so that I can share my message with the world and also empower more women of color to get healthy and get active. I would also be able to seek sponsorship and be confident in my message. My dream is to organize wellness retreats for women all over the US. I would love to create scholarships for women who cannot afford to attend a yoga class or run a 5k race! I pray you consider this entry.

  168. Molly F

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggle with writing is downsizing my thoughts into action items. Copy is so important in this realm and I would love to learn how to move my storytelling from big picture to accessible action. Copy is key.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I presently work as the Director of Operations for a nonprofit and I am working, on my own, in creating a Healthy Boundaries Program to begin coaching. Say what?! This is something that is lacking in so many of our lives, especially women. My goal is to give the complete foundational tools for self exploration and boundary intelligence – with supplemental programs in situational boundary guidance: work, relationships, family, illness, pregnancy and, very important to me, in helping to support teenage girls. Boundaries are not about saying no, they are about saying yes, to all the things that matter most and all that ways that honor you.

    3. How would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Communication. My goal is to build my practice with the Healthy Boundary Program up to include all walks of life and something that can easily be used in daily living, in fact, in shaping the rest of a person’s life. Boundaries are not walls but deeper portals into our authentic selves. I am so excited for people to know and learn this. It is a life changer! The growth of healthy boundaries is a confidence booster, a work stabilizer, a relationship deepener and a soul expander. We all deserve to own, act and live in this way. Improving upon my writing would also help in my comfortability in being seen. This work is deep, true and requires vulnerability, not just in its participants but in its facilitator.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Forleo Team.

  169. My biggest struggle with writing is that I worry that I don’t know how to express myself well enough when talking about my work. I make whimsical, magical AF jewelry (I know, who doesn’t? But I swear I actually do though) and I want my customers to *feel* like their jumping into a magical world when they read my emails/see my social media posts/shop my website. But I often feel that when I am writing about my own work and not someone else’s, I have a hard time getting the copy to that place. It comes out dull, safe and boring.
    I serve the weirdos. The ones out of step in the world. We all escape to a magical forest together… the one in our minds that is. And we can all be connected to each other and to the Earth in a tribal way through our fashion and lifestyle choices. I would like to grow our community of women (and a sprinkling of men) to make a real difference in the world based on their (our) passion for human rights, animal rights and magic. I know, I know, but I told you, we’re the weird ones!

    If I were a stronger writer, I would be able to draw more of my female community together so that we can all make differences in the world. And you know, look cute doing it.

  170. Editing my thoughts is my biggest writing struggle, because of the constant revisions taking place in my head before getting a single word on the page; scrutinizing every sentence, worrying that it might give people the wrong impression of me or may not clearly express my thoughts. (I know, I know, #progressnotperfection. But still.)

    My job is to market wine, but my work is about encouraging and guiding moms in their pursuit of financial independence, especially as a means to reclaim their sense of identity and self-worth.

    Strengthening my writing skills with The Copy Cure would allow me to speak confidently and clearly to the woman I most want to help–the cautious optimist who’s aware of her potential and, despite previous failures, really wants to find a way to realize it.

    Stronger writing would allow me to tell stories she can imagine herself in and build the trust she needs to feel before taking that positive first step to work with me.

    Stronger writing would allow me to communicate empathy and kindness and genuine interest in her professional and personal development–things I’ve long struggled to express verbally in a presentation, meeting, or–God help me–a scripted sales pitch.

    Thank you to Marie and Team Forleo for extending this opportunity to further develop my communication skills. Now that I’ve finally reached a point in my life and work that I’m comfortable sharing my story, I want to make it a compelling one.

  171. I want to touch readers in the same way I do while speaking with them face to face. I find it challenging to be authentic while writing because it comes off as cheesy and not like me, or the company I’m trying to represent. Vulnerability and transparency are key to connecting with my two audiences right now and I can’t figure out how to do that without giving away the farm or sounding uncool.

    I’m wearing two hats right now, working for my partner and creating my own business. He’s in startup mode creating bioplastics from wood. Our first product is 3D printing filaments. Down the line we can make things like cabin interiors for airplanes, lighter stronger car frames, super capacitors and solar cells, etc. We care deeply about climate change and the plastic pollution problem and this product addresses more issues than space here to convey.

    My business tagline is, “Sustainable Happiness…because it’s hard to save the world (and yourself) on a bad day.” Is this terrible or amazing? I’m not sure. I’m trying to convey that wellbeing is key to living a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve created the 3C’s of Sustainability: Consciousness, Connection & Consumption to highlight a path to joyful living while treading lightly on the planet.

    Strong writing would help me win funding applications and marketing to unfamiliar audiences. For my business it would help me be authentic and true to my desires to just have fun! with such serious topics people want to avoid.

  172. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I do something that is so unique and it is evolving so it is a challenge to write about it. Even when people experience my unusual, sacred channeled sound healing, they don’t know what words to describe what they have heard.
    2. My work is dedicated to delivering the sacred sounds that your body is craving. As the world frequencies change, we are lacking in some frequencies which cause us distress and dis-ease. The sounds that I channel through my voice and other sound healing tools such as crystal bowls, shaker, drum, and chimes have the power to transform. My mission is to reach those people who are ready to hear these sounds to soothe and ease their body, mind and spirit.
    3. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would feel more confident that the words I choose to write on my website, and in social media posts would reach the exact people who are ready to be transformed by Sound Washing®. I would not only help all those who experience sound washings®, but also my own family as I am finding my way to earn a living sharing these sounds. Traveling the world, offering large and small group experiences of these unique sounds allows me to share my gifts which always raises the vibration of those around me and the world. Doing what we love, helps everyone else. Tangible and Specific differences? People have experienced relief from pain, ease from stress in their body and mind, clearing of old energies from beliefs and experiences gone from their being. Even if people only experienced one of those, our world would be filled with happier, freer beings. I feel that sound washing® can create that for us all. Maybe not every single person on the planet, but enough people to make a difference. I don’t know what that number is. I just know the people who have experienced it have been positively affected.

  173. My biggest struggle with writing is trusting my words. I teach and I speak and there is no fear but when I have to sit in front of a computer or write in a journal I freeze. I barley put out content in my business or on my social media because of this. My work is dedicated to helping women step into their power and recognize their self-worth so they may live a vibrant and creative life. My passion lies in studying the connection of mindfulness/meditation and coaching and how they each benefit each other and bringing this work to people who experience domestic abuse as the abuser and abused. If I were gifted The Copy Cure, I could finally take all of the words I speak and thoughts in my head and have the confidence to put it out in a way that would expand my reach out of the classroom and reach so many more people. When I get my business really going, generating the revenue and creating financial freedom, I can start working on my MA in Clinical Mental Health focusing on Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling.

  174. 1. My biggest struggle is landing my message on the eyes of the mamas who so need to receive it! My copy is too long, my copy is inconsistent…. my copy and I are “friends off”.

    2. I lost too much presence. In the struggle of postpartum, the growing resentment toward my spouse, the constant overwhelm, and bucket loads of “comforts” that were only making things worse, I wasn’t present. And so I missed out on so many little joys. This time when the kids are little; this time when my husband and I are still young…. I missed so much potential.
    But now, I’ve got new tools. I fill my cup first, and it spills over onto those I hold dear. I’m grateful. I’m clear. I’m energized.
    I’m not wasting another minute, and I want every mom to feel this way.

    3. As an Ayurvedic health coach (NOT a digestible title), I’m on the tireless hunt for ways to bring traditional health & wellness methods (the old normal) to the Women, moms, and solopreneurs who spend too much time focusing on too many fads that don’t deliver (the sad new normal).
    I hold group programs (accountability for the win), workshops and retreats offering SIMPLE tools for thrive.
    And I love my work so effing much. I can’t say what it would mean to be able to reach more people. I’m so excited & honored to share it.

  175. My biggest struggle with writing is in finding a voice that effectively communicates the point that I want to get across. I get into my head too much, and fall back on knowledge, and then communicate like I would to a colleague. I like to sound intelligent, and I think it ends up sounding pretentious.

    My passion and work is helping people feel better, move better, and live better. I feel that if people got the movement our body requires in their daily life, many physical and mental ailments would be diminished. In person I help active adults find the source of their daily pain or discomfort, and I help them manage and move past it. Online I try to spread the importance of daily, healthy movement, and help people manage their conditions with exercise.

    Stronger writing would help me spread my message of healthy movement into my community in ways that people could get behind. My content would make the best impact, and people could see that I’m trying to help them live a better life through movement. Additionally, in my mission of community service, I would combine this knowledge with my marketing and business knowledge to contribute to boards and community organizations, so they can effectively communicate their message to their communities. I know that my status as a white male doesn’t constitute need very well, but effective communication would assist my goal of using my status to bring opportunity to others.

  176. Thanks for this opportunity, Marie.

    My biggest struggle with writing is finding the emotional tone to write to. I know what needs to be said, I just don’t seem to fully grasp to tie in the emotions I want to touch.

    My business, as a copywriter, was dedicated to helping small businesses boost their message and improve their impact with their audience. But now my mission has changed. I feel like now my mission is to create a means for people to start a business off on the “right foot.” I’ve created a step by step, concise process for fleshing out a business idea, identifying a target audience, and steps to begin marketing to get the word out in an organized manner.

    Stronger copy would help me be more effective in my approach to those who need it most. It will help my community by empowering those who never knew they had a chance at being in biz for themselves.
    Learning how to hone my ideas into more powerful & moving emotions will cause a wave (eventually) of people to finally and fully realize their potential for entrepreneurship, independence, and inspiration for life not lived paycheck to paycheck.
    We all deserve to feel that way.
    I need to write better so people that grew up like me and my family know there is a way out of the revolving door of mediocrity and lifetime struggle with focus and hard work.
    The tangibles for us…is the accomplishment of overcoming our deepest fears. There’s nothing better than being free of fear.
    Thanks again Team Forleo! Good luck everyone and I hope you all overcome your fears and succeed to your wildest dreams 🙂

  177. 1. My biggest struggle with my writing is that it feels very vulnerable – like I am standing completely naked in front of everyone on the internet! I am afraid that others will judge my personality, that I will say the wrong thing, or that I could even cause harm to someone.
    2. I am a licensed psychotherapist, and my work is dedicated to helping individuals who are experiencing grief, low-self-esteem, or overwhelming anxiety. My mission is to provide support, tools, and education to help my clients develop the strength, insight, and resiliency they need in order to navigate difficult life challenges.
    3. Stronger writing would help my community improve their mental health while also giving me a creative outlet. I would be able to write about the tools that are useful in my practice, and share that insight so those who cannot afford therapy can still receive education on how to improve their situations. This this will also help me to grow my practice, for potential clients can get a better sense of my approach as a therapist. I also want to decrease stigma that surrounds mental health, and be able to write and speak openly and confidently about this very important, yet controversial topic. A tangible difference that would come out of this course would be a decrease in the shame that many people feel about going to therapy. This would, hopefully, increase the number of people that address their mental health concerns by getting the help they need.

  178. Oh Marie & Team, Thank you so much for doing this. I literally jumped so high when I saw this email. This would absolutely mean so much to me to win the complimentary spot. My heart is beating fast just thinking about it.

    Simply getting the words from brain to paper is my biggest struggle! Words always sound so magical in my head but it’s like there’s this huge gap that drops off all the important things I want to say & everything I write ends up being a big paragraph of scattered words that feel so strung together with no real meaning or point getting across.

    My work is dedicated to teaching moms & their families to cook nutrient dense & delicious foods but also to understand living a healthy life in a new way. I’m an IIN Health Coach & a Culinary Arts Student. I created a business called Mother Supper. I’m extremely excited about it!

    If I received this beautiful gift, having stronger writing would help me connect with moms on the level I’m so desperately seeking to do. It would help get the word out in a much clearer, direct & efficient way. It would help show others the value of what I have to offer so I can finally have a business that is profitable (oh how wonderful that’s going to be for my family) We’re ready for a breakthrough. My kids & husband have been so patient with me on this journey. Thank you!!

  179. My biggest struggle with writing is trying to decide whether to use my internal speaking voice and how I conversate or to use my educational and authoritative voice.
    Why I struggle is because I have used both in my blog posts with varying results.

    I am in the permanent makeup business and my mission is to serve the client who wishes to achieve beautiful new eyebrows they once had or would like to now have.

    If I had the opportunity to get The Copy Cure it would help me tremendously with my business in communicating the value I have to offer my clients. The tangible difference? Not only an increase in my business but most importantly, to write better content that sheds a positive light on permanent makeup treatments and how, with proper maintenance, clients can achieve life-changing, natural-looking results.

  180. Julieta Favetto

    Wow! So many inspiring posts already! Kudos to all of you for taking action!!
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I have had so many ideas, but I am not sure how to start to put it into writing. I am usually good at writing and I am able to express myself best through writing, but when giving out information, I feel stuck on how to make it sound professional and relatable to others. I am at the beginning of this new journey, and I get butterflies just thinking about what this program can do for me and in turn for others! My life has changed so much in the past few months, for the better, and finding your program comes with no surprise! Everything falls into place. This is wonderful!
    2. My degree is in Elementary Education. I love teaching and I know I can do bigger things than teaching in one classroom. I want to teach to the world. My husband and I are a perfect match, because he is the speaker and I am the writer, and together we want to be Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor, when we grow up 🙂 Through humor, positivity, and inspiration we want to dedicate our lives to changing the world one mindset at a time. We want to bring back “the good old days” feeling, the happiness and love for life and everything in it, but most importantly, the power of the mind to design your perfect life. That’s the mission God has lead us to.
    3. Becoming a strong writer is absolutely essential for my purpose in life, not only as an entrepreneur, but in order to send out the right message out and be able to connect to others. I want my three little boys to be just as inspired and proud of us as we are of them! Of course my community would benefit from my and my husband’s encouraging teachings. We are incredibly blessed and grateful for having found your program and many other eye-opening resources. Your program will absolutely change my family’s future, because even though my boys are still young (6, 4, and 2) they have already been taught about love and the power of their minds, and I can just see how this will become a family matter, maybe not as a business for all of us, but as a passion to inspire and help others.

  181. Shelly mehra

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to face my fears & making my dreams come true!
    1) I was a known writer in high school but since then Tech field served my life and now writing is scary… Poems erupt out of me sometimes but I didn’t write much thinking that writing is not a part of my life besides the usual block of “is it good enough that people even read it?”
    I need to learn succinct & motivational writing skills to reach masses besides working on my blocks!
    2) I am reborn into a new life and starting to work on my purpose for being here – “helping girl children to receive education” & bringing deep awareness/awakening in women to support other women, thus becoming an inspiration for men to consider women as an ally instead of a commodity!
    3) My soul’s calling – to help & guide women/children (writing, verbal & financial support ) and Copy Cure (CC) will open unseen doors for me to reach masses in remote locations & gather funding to fund families, so instead of killing their girl embryos, they let their girls light shine through education and freedom of being.
    CC will help me becoming a major catalyst in awakening women to support growth/freedom of other women by sharing real life experiences facing fear & living uncomfortably and then holding hands of the ones who jump into it, starting with my own family.

  182. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I feel like it’s always sub-par and hard to pull out of myself. I have always received good grades in English and writing, but it is not convincing. I have been through B-School, but I feel like my copy is like pulling teeth. I know I need to expand on my customer’s pain point and make my program sound exciting, but I do not know how to make it sound unique compared to others’ work.

    2. My business and life work is health coaching, dedicated to women in middle life who have busy schedules and/or families. They feel tired, burned out, and are struggling with hormonal imbalance. My mission is to use food, menu planning, lifestyle changes, and personalized support to help women gain control of and feel better in their body.

    3. Stronger writing would help my clients better understand how I can help them. It would help them be excited about living a healthier life and trust that feeling better is a possibility. It will make clients believe in me as a health coach and trust that they will be successful from signing on to my programs. Stronger writing will help my business grow and expand. It will help me to be more clear about what I do and who my niche is. It will help my community to be healthier and work together because it would help me with wording in my own networking. (Because I want to be a supporter of other small businesses in my town). It would help my family because this career makes me so happy that I could do it for free (yet I am a single mama supporting two kiddos!). 🙂

  183. Maria

    Hi Marie!!

    First of all, thanks!! You really are inspirational!!

    My biggest struggle with writing is basically doing it. I am very straight forward, and struggle a lot to use words.

    I have a day job in government, but I am constantly taking courses, which I am turning into a business now. In a few months I will be between jobs (probably) and I would like to write. I am not sure if this is for me because I would like to write more than emails or material to grow a business, I would like to make IT my business. With it, I would like to serve anyone (but, especially women, like me) who, sometimes, struggles to find his or her voice in the world.

    If I were admitted to the Copy Cure I think it could help get my voice out there, I think it would give me the confidence and tools I lack to really get my voice out there. I have found that, when people find their voice, they become an inspiration to others, to their communities, to their peers, to their friends, and their families. Tangibly, I think I will be able to show others, through words, that we are far more than we think we are, that we have a far greater capability than we might think, and that We can All be part of something better if we choose to.

  184. Mandy Wimmer-O'Brien

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle is balance – sounding compelling without sounding overly sales-y.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I teach a research-based music curriculum to young children and their caregivers through weekly classes. We endeavor to model and show shy (and enthusiastic!) parents and caregivers how to strengthen their bonds and become musical families by incorporating joyful music-making into their daily lives.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I currently serve families in my neighborhood, but I would like to expand to teaching more vulnerable populations like teen parents, children in hospital settings, homeless families, children with an incarcerated parent – there are so many folks who could use the gift of bonding with their child through music, especially those in stressful situations. Becoming a stronger writer would do two things: 1) help shore up writing needed to sell my for-profit classes, giving me more time to focus on my true passion of bringing music to vulnerable children and families; and 2) allow me to articulate the need and value of this music program to the funders and non-profits serving these vulnerable children.

  185. James Watts

    My biggest struggle is mental clarity and writing skills. I did not study my best to learn how write well. Presently I am marketing Solar Panels. My back ground is construction material sales lwj.
    My Why in life is to inspire some people to do better than some. So that some do better than most.
    It will be great opportunity to participate in the writing class.
    Thank you very much.

  186. Hi Team Forleo! I’m Iman, I’m 24 years old. First, I’m so grateful for the opportunity of the Copy Cure scholarship.
    My biggest struggle right now with writing is that I don’t know how to write basically (aha!). I’m French and English is my second language. My English is great but even after 2 years of living in London, I feel like I can’t translate what I want to say how I want to say it. I don’t really know how to “sell myself on paper”. I become a little shy when I need to write about me, what I do when it’s in English as I think that I don’t have the “good vocabulary” to sell.
    I’m an Image Consultant, I help female entrepreneurs building a powerful image through confidence and style! I want to help them to be heard, having better opportunities, more accomplishment (and more $$$).
    I was gifted with a talent: I believe that everybody is beautiful. Really everybody. Some people don’t see it but I do. All the time.
    My mission is to show my clients what I see: that they are beautiful and that they can conquer the world with confidence!
    If I received the scholarship, well first I’d cry of joy and happiness.
    Having a stronger copy will definitely help me to reach my people, my community and it’ll help me build confidence in my business. I’ll finally put my voice on my website copy and stop having the “blank sheet” issue.
    Love, Iman

  187. Assel Bapanova

    1. I have a couple of things that I struggle with. In fact, they are the reasons I still don’t blog or am not active in social media consistently. The first one is all about inspiration – keep in touch with it. On the other hand, there is this practical side. I was never taught to structure my thoughts. Well, I was taught at school how to write essays. But somehow I believe that there must be something that will help me to write more fluently and more interestingly and concisely, too.
    2. Going through lots of courses trying to find myself in this life I finally got certified as a coach. My tears getting the certificate were tears of happiness – I was never that close to my mission. I want to serve people, help them to find the way to themselves and live the life they deserve or want to live.
    3. I would start blogging more professionally to introduce coaching to people here. I live in Kazakhstan where about 70% of people are not awaken. I would inspire them to ask questions and find answers within themselves.

  188. Ben S


    It’s always been fear. The act of writing itself is often exciting and fun for me. It’s the letting those words be seen and read by people, that’s where I trip up. My life is full of pages, once blank – now full, that no one ever reads. The struggle is Fear.


    Sleazy selling sucks. I hate car shopping and furniture shopping. I loathe cold calls. How is it possible for someone’s offer to be so valuable, if their sales strategy is such a put-off? I reject this entire notion of sales. I believe in presenting the value of your offer in such a way that the viewer can effortlessly see how their life improves after the purchase… Then no closing is necessary – they buy because they want to. My work is to make the value of an offer obvious, so sleazy selling disappears. Value is the Mission.

    Fear & Value.

    Does stronger writing help with all this? Sure – stronger writing makes it easier to show value to customers. And stronger writing can make it easier to face fears. But its more then that. For me, stronger writing isn’t about a sentence being written well. It’s about a sentence being read well. Learning from proven experts, sharing community with writers as they have their words read, that’s the good stuff. A sentence read well would overcome fear and spotlight value. The Copy Cure difference for me (and everyone else) is The Well Read Sentence.

    Thanks Marie! Be well.

  189. 1.) I love writing and have gotten good feedback on it, but my struggle is knowing how effective it is for sales and my business goals. I write from my heart and can see it really engages people, but I’m aiming to be the best I can be!

    2.) I have a boutique cycling travel business in Italy that serves English speaking male and female cyclists. My mission is to support myself financially doing something I love, inspire and empower people, and to have a strong (female) position in a male-dominated sport and market.

    3.) B School this year was life changing so I understand the power of Marie & team’s programs. Improving my writing I believe will help me sell to the right people, give me the confidence to write in an effective way and show that my business isn’t about “shiny objects and ego-based metrics most people chase” (like you say).
    In all honesty, I loved B school so much that I’m keen to do every single training program Marie releases b/c it’s just so damn inspiring.
    More truthfully, my boyfriend has a good income, the problem is, I don’t (yet)! I started my business this year and it’s just shy of making €10,000. That’s enough to almost pay my rent, and kilos of pasta I eat. If I don’t do the copy cure this year, surely I’ll do it when revenues rise! Can’t possibly ask my bf for any more money, it’s time to make my own under my own steam.

  190. As a little girl, I remember seeing my parents come home day in and day out: exhausted. Very rarely after work did my mother or father have time to work on projects they loved. Being immigrants from Dominican Republic they weren’t even sure what they loved – they had dreams but those dreams were “unrealistic.” Determined to change my family’s future, I decided to pursue a career in communications – what I love. I’m currently building a PR and Communications business helping B2B tech and marketing companies build awareness, create a community of like-minded individuals and nurture and strengthen their client relationships. My mission is to help other writers and creatives design the life of their dreams the best way I know how: one word at a time. My biggest struggle? Making my copy have personality. I’m the silliest of them all in a composition notebook. But in front of a laptop? 😰 Yeesh. But my business is all about serving brands and businesses who are real: playful, have a relationship with God, unafraid to love Disney and fairytales! When it comes to marketing communications and the work I do for my clients – personality is key. That’s how admission to The Copy Cure would help me. I believe helping others tell their stories is the key to helping them live their dreams. I believe through my business I’ll also be showing my family (and adorable 5 month old nephew 😍) that doing what you love is possible – that dreams ARE realistic.

  191. Hello Marie and Team, thank you for this opportunity.
    1. I sit at the computer and although I can write an essay quite well, I just sit staring at the screen when it comes to writing copy for my site/blog/ads/promos, etc. As a result, it doesn’t get done. While I’m a gregarious person, when it comes to speaking online, I don’t even know where to start. I’m not sure I know how to connect emotionally to a screen. Given a path, I’m a good student will work hard to perfect my craft.
    2. I am a personal fitness trainer/nutritional coach who works with middle-aged men and women who want to regain their health and fitness. I want everyone to grow old in a beautiful, active, healthy way. I share what I have learned through my studies and my own experiences as an older adult.
    3. If I were honored with this gift, I would be able to get my programs online and help many others who I can’t work with in person. I have designed programs and I’m ready to get them out there so those who think they’re out of time or that it’s too late can have an avenue to undo the sabotaging habits and regain their life in a body they can do it well in. This would also help my family as my aging (97) mother-in-law is living with us, sick, feeble and in and out of dementia. It’s difficult finding help and she can’t be left alone. While we have some services in place, it still requires someone to be here. This gift would help me promote my online services and be able to be here to help GG (great-gram-ma to my grandchildren). This gift would also allow me to take my laptop with me and do my business while visiting my siblings scattered around the country. It would also allow me to add revenue to my in-person trainings which are limited by time.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  192. 1. My biggest challenge with writing is my heart. I’m a claircognizant empath. I funnel energy through my heart. I feel so deeply, my heart actually feels the tug and pressure. When something beautiful happens it tightens with joy and radiates through my entire body. My heart and my head want to be friends, but it’s tough to put such deep feelings into words sometimes, without writing a book.

    2. My business, Divinely Sensitive, is dedicated to the self-development of women that identify as highly sensitives/empaths. I want to guide them as they learn to understand know and honor their sensitivities. My deepest hope is in sharing my story and my experiences, as well as the tools I continue to learn that help me navigate the world, these women will NEVER have to feel as alone or broken as I did almost my entire life. I want to shine a light on the beautiful gifts they behold.

    3. This would be a total life changer. I could finally express my truth, what a gift. My business is all about connecting through my writing. I need help translating the feelings in my heart into words. I want these women to trust me enough to open up. My husband has carried the weight of financially keeping our little crew a float for over 14 years. I stayed home and we’ve been a great team. We are stretched and stressed. The kids are older and I want more. I see his anxiety growing, it affects us all. I want to be able to help financially. I want more for all of us, my family and all the other families I hope to help. Strong writing will also show my children when your passionate about something, sharing your truth can help bring conscious change.

  193. My biggest struggle with writing is sounding like me. Even though I’ve got an Honours Bachelor of Science in Language, I still don’t feel confident in my ability to capture my own voice. I’ve got something to say. I know in my heart that there’s healing in my words. When that medicine is applied, it’ll heal hearts & souls that’ve been shattered into oblivion.

    I’m a breakup coach. I help ambitious women who can’t afford to be held up or stalled by a sticky breakup. My mission is to help women discover that a broken heart is the first step in discovering their inner world. From that inner world comes life, strength, knowledge, creativity, energy – we can collectively give birth to a new way of life instead of fighting for scraps in our current circumstances.
    As a coach, I am a mirror. I am a reflection of everything that’s already inside of a woman. I want women to know that they are whole, sentient & infinite beings – their hearts may be broken, but their souls remain intact.

    Stronger writing means I can inspire women to take action towards their healing journey. My young son can see me as a strong woman creating a life for herself. Stronger writing means my content can support more women on their journey past heartbreak. It also means I can start earning my own money in my own way for the first time in my life.

  194. Firstly thanks for the opportunity and the timing couldn’t be better.
    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Defining a concise message as well as lacking the confidence to put regular copy out there in cyberspace. I can’t even give a single answer to this question.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I’m a newborn photographer as well as having an Etsy store. They both rely heavily on social media which is where I need help writing copy.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Well I just became a single mama (a week ago) to my two beautiful girls so I need to earn a living now more than ever before and support them financially as well as showing them women can do amazing things when we put our mind and hearts to it as well as being home to raise them. My work as a photographer is about creating beautiful memories for families which I think is a beautiful gift. My Etsy store is about motivation and self worth and putting more love out in the world in the form of digital art.

  195. 1. My biggest struggle with writing copy is keeping this short. I tend to want to explain everything in minute detail even though I know there’s a shorter way to explain something.

    2. I actually work in the (self-)publishing industry. I know. How can I not have a grasp on writing? I do! But I always felt it could be better. My mission is helping authors get their books into the best possible position so they can become bestsellers and be seen as authorities in their own industries. I believe everyone has a story that needs to be told and I want to help them get their stories out there.

    3. Stronger writing will help me better serve my clients (and generate a more steady stream of clients). I’ll be able to help them write killer book descriptions to coincide with their covers. Eventually, I’d love to be able to transition and really niche-down my services that I currently offer so I can have time to be creative again and just have a better work-life balance for my own mental sanity.

  196. Hi from Texas,
    Have you heard of squirrels? Yep, that’s me. I will be going along thinking I am writing some brilliant piece of literature and then…squirrel….and I am off to a different subject. I will try to ignore the squirrels for this comment. Basically, I need help writing copy that converts to sales. I am really unsure what that means. Do I need to be funny? Do I just need to get it done with one great tag line? Do I need to tell a story? And if I need to do any of these things, can I do it in a manner that will captivate my audience and have them begging for more? Yes, I need help!

    So my career is very consistent with the squirrel theme above. I am on my third career which is a very busy retirement. Mid life crisis is REAL! You young people will remember this post when you hit your mid 40’s, maybe 50’s and say that girl was right! I just looked up one day, had a melt down, quit a lucrative job and decided to play with my horses. Horses eat a lot. So fast forward to opening an event center and equine assisted learning program, which is why I scraped up my last pennies to buy b-school. This 50 something “girl” needed to get tech savvy. So now in my retirement, I work with struggling families to help build their skills such as communication and getting along with others. The best part is the horses are the teachers! Did I already mention horses eat a lot?! My mission is to share my horses and help as many families as I can, reconnect through improving their life skills. And before anyone finds their own squirrels and says wait a minute, if that girl can afford horses she doesn’t need a scholarship…..I am getting to that part.

    Do you know what a FAFSA is? It is what parents fill out for financial aid for college. Everyone has to fill it out no matter if you need it or not. The first year my daughter was in school, there were not enough zeros to record our income. I was embarrassed to even file it. The next year I didn’t even do it until April, what was the point? Well the point was that I didn’t know that we had huge losses the next year and our expected contribution for college was zero! We were broke! When I realized we were going to have to withdraw my daughter from college, I called financial aide. When they asked why we missed the deadline, I simply said I didn’t know I didn’t have any money. And thats the truth. My daughter is still in school but I am scrambling to get it together and literally keep the farm. Time to put on my big girl panties and make it happen. So stronger writing not only saves the horses, keeps my daughter in college and basically allows us to eat, but it also helps numerous local families struggling to stay together. South Texas is a very underserved area when it comes to mental health providers. I am hoping to reach more organizations so they know about my service. Even though I do not do therapy, with my horses help, I have seen families completely change before my eyes!
    From the Ranch,
    Angela Cardenas

  197. Stergios Loukos

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is that i never like what I write, so I keep correcting and adding, and erasing, over and over again and it’s never ending!.
    I have always had a problem to write essays since I was in elementary school.
    Maybe i just do not feel good enough.
    Thye paradox is that I m very good in oral speech!

    2. My business is about angelic and energy healing.
    I was just born to help! My mission is to awaken people and connect them correctly to the divine.

    3. Stronger writing would promote my work and my ideas in a better and more efficient way. My country is small and people have stereotypes and a low interest in personal developmenr. If I could show them how energy healing and working with oneself and with angels would benefit them in their emotional and physical health, I would get real satisfaction that I am following my vocation, plus it would add some cash in my pocket that is so much needed!

  198. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is logical organization and getting out of my own way. During the idea & brainstorming phase, I am completely in “The Flow”. When it’s time to put pen to paper, suddenly I am fighting the voices in my head about whether my work is “good enough” to put out to the world.

    2. My work is dedicated to everyone struggling with weight loss who has lost faith in themselves. I realized through my own journey that a KEY factor to losing weight is loving yourself in the process. Now my mission is to share my message with the world. You CAN achieve your weight loss goals and stick with it, you can rebuild faith in yourself even after letting yourself down before, and that you don’t have to go to war with your body to lose weight, you can love yourself in the process.

    3. Seeing the email in my inbox for the Copy Cure scholarship felt like a sign to me. I just launched the pre sale for my course “The Faith Fast” detailing the process that I went through to lose weight combining intermittent fasting with self love habits and spirituality. My plan is to develop the course into a book by Thanksgiving. I know that admission to the Copy Cure would help me to organize my writing in a way that I know will bring true value to others. I would feel confident that I was launching my book with a solid foundation for success.

  199. 1. I come from a corporate background where I was trained to communicate in a…well lets face it, a boring and unemotional way. After leaving 12 year corporate marketing chapter of my life to explore a range of esoteric subjects, I came back to myself and started remembering how to communicate with my heart. I’m in this transitional phase where communicating with my heart feels right, but I’m not sure it’s interesting to my audience…I’m much better at “selling” myself in person when I am able to tell a story face to face.

    2. I dedicate my work to help people feel better. Whether it’s emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. I do this with the help of medicinal cannabis and other alternative therapies. I’m a self employed holistic nutritionist who is certified in yin yoga, hypnotherapy and cannabis therapy. I weave all of these modalities together. I serve people who are interested in alternative therapies and are curious about looking at parts of themselves to get to a better feeling place. My mission is to help people understand that feeling better is a lifelong journey because we are constantly changing. Therefore, our approach, whether it’s through nutrition, physical movement, self improvement etc. should also evolve to support what is happening right now.

    3. I think would be braver. Brave enough to take up more writing gigs. Currently I’m writing for cannabis producers (government regulated and legal, basically all of it is legit) who focus on women’s health. I think I would have the balls to ask for more compensation too. Stronger writing would help me establish myself as a voice of authority (in a loving way). It would help my community, (especially my Chinese Canadian community, the seniors who are suffering) understand that cannabis is just like the thousands of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine which have helped people for eons. And prohibition, a political agenda, was based on a lack of scientific basis.

    Being a stronger writer would help me earn more by becoming a voice in this industry. I would get more writing gigs which would help me pay off my loans from going back to school and changing my career path at the age of 36. It would help me support my retired parents and set myself up to feel secure about starting my own family. I would feel like an equal partner with my wonderful and supportive other half (and stop feeling like a free loader!). And most importantly, I am able to set my life up in a way that I can help others and contribute in a positive way and become a role model for my kids and others. I would like to see myself continue this work from anywhere in the world, at any life stage (single, married, or a mom etc), being self sufficient and my own boss.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Margaret <3

  200. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Marie.

    My biggest struggle with writing is finding compelling words and phrasing that will turn my calls to action into positive results and transform so many families, like it has for us.

    You see, after both my husband and I became disabled within a month of each other 2 years ago, we were struggling hard to survive. I nearly lost my husband. Just a year ago, we didn’t think he would make it to this holiday season. But he has, and he’s thriving!

    What happened? About a year ago, I discovered Young Living (a very charitable MLM company) and after kicking out all the toxins from our bodies and home, we’ve both improved so dramatically that our God-given mission has been to help as many families do the same.

    The results of what we teach and share are so profound for everyone who joins us, but in order to get fence-sitters to make that important decision to detoxify their life, we need to improve at communicating our message.

    Admission to The Copy Cure would be such a blessing! Our business is online on FB/IG. Words MATTER. This would help fine-tune our business, blessing more families worldwide, and in turn, we can tithe more to our Church which helps our community, and we can participate much more in the D. Gary Young Foundation’s projects… it would have such a HUGE positive ripple effect worldwide. Can you imagine?!?

  201. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    1) My struggle with writing is figuring out how to talk about our program and the difference we make with our young people while being able to connect with potential donors and volunteers on an emotional level.
    2) The not-for-profit that I founded and manage, The Riding With Us Foundation, teaches high school aged students technical skills and life lessons by getting them involved in the restoration of classic cars. We aim to create change and opportunity for our young people while bringing the local community, and automotive community as a whole, together behind this effort.
    3) Stronger writing would help me better connect with people – whether that be through our website, newsletters, or connect with potential funders – helping to strengthen the impact of our work. I stepped down from a full time position (and am now working part time) so that I would be able to have the time I needed to bring the foundation to the next level. So finances are tight to say the least. If the Copy Cure landed in my lap it would be an awesome gift, and something I’d be able to pay forward to all the young people I work with now and will be able to reach in the future.

  202. 1. My biggest struggles are writing for my unknown audience, and innovating how horoscopes have been done in the past. I want my writing to attract an clientele with my words who will come back repeatedly and buy my services as well as gain respect from my peers to build recognition. Astrologers have a difficult time capturing the specifics that will grab people and draw them in; I am not an exception. I write as I speak, which isn’t always the best way in thought organization. I believe you can mentor me through this journey.

    2. As an astrologer, my job is to translate the roadmap of the planets and distill down the essence of a person’s strengths and gifts in their life story. By the time we are done with our consultation, my client will have clarity. They will have their narrative unlocked and the choices of which road to take won’t seem so confusing.

    3. I am just starting up an astrology consultation business, which is my passion. As you can remember, start up costs are extremely steep (financially, time, emotional) so any help I could get would be amazing. I want to do this well and I want to do it right the first time. I need to differentiate myself from those astrologers who are too wordy and those who speak in overgeneralized terms without specifics. I believe I can with this scholarship.

  203. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Honestly, I don’t have holdups with writing. I could go on for days some times. Writers Block is a myth I learned. Writing from the heart can sometimes be too much and I need to learn to change my approach.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Insanely high quality food. I make Pintxo Sauce and I want it to be of the highest nutritional value EVER! Sooooo, I’m now taking a Permaculture Design Course that I can afford along with scouring every last bit of info I can from all of the mentors in the movement. My product needs to start at the seed level.
    —–Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? Is that a loaded question? Lol!! I serve the man upstairs regardless of what you may refer to him/her as, and I am of service to everyone I can every day at my NA meetings. But it all starts with being a solid person and resonating outward. My mission is to make a incredible product that also has an exceptional amount of nutritional value. No compromising there.
    3. When admission to The Copy Cure lands in my lap, how will stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? My approach needs improvement every time I write. Being involved with food and agriculture calls upon all who can to spread this message. This is a super sensitive arena that incorporates community, politics, religion, etc. My approach needs to be spot on if I am going to carry the message properly and convey it to another who can also do the same.

    —-What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

  204. I struggle with information overload. I am nervous that people will think I am not an expert and am not worthy of their dollars to hire me. Therefore, I try to cram in way too much information and have difficulty knowing which nugget will appeal most to their emotions.

    I’m a whole foods, plant-based dietitian who helps mamas reverse their type 2 diabetes while raising happy, healthy kids. Being diagnosed with diabetes is emotional and many doctors struggle to give quality advice on how to manage and EVEN reverse it. My private practice is just starting, filled with (count it) ONE successful client. I work full-time for my City/County as their Employee Wellness Coordinator. My most important job, though, is raising my two beautiful boys and maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband.

    The Copy Cure will help simplify my writing and communicate the points I want to get across more clearly. I can see this program also helping me land more ideal clients by having better copy on my website, ebooks, and lead magnets! This would help me grow my business so I do not have to work 60+ hours a week between my full-time and private practice jobs. I would be able to reach my goal of being able to set my own work hours so I can drop off and pick up my oldest son starting on his first day in Kindergarten next year (this is my ‘why’).

    Thank you for an opportunity to learn and grow!
    Angelina and Family

  205. Hi marie! I love your work and would love a copy cure scholarship; I have been creating programs to train birth professionals for 10 year which I’ve done while having my own five little ones and time was short. I really believe more compassion in birth and better bonding and families could heal the world in one generation: this generation. But there’s the tiny issue of making marginal sales. Your gift of a course may be the investment that brings a harvest from a decade of work and helps me create a better childhood for my own kids. I sure could use the help and would feel very blessed if you chose to invest in me. I run brilliantbirthacademy and am a b schooler. Many thanks.

  206. Alexis

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is fear. Fear that I am not good enough, and fear that everyone else who is already out there writing is better. I fear that no one will want to read what I have to say. I have been wanting to write (blog and books) for as long as I can remember, but fear keeps me from taking the leap and moving forward with actually doing. Right now, I am just dreaming.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My ideal business (because fear has kept me from moving forward) would be to help women just like me! I want women to know that we are all more than our fear, that we have natural, God-given gifts we must use in order to fulfill our purpose in life! I want every woman to know she is not a mistake and she is meant to fulfill a beautiful purpose in this life. I would complete this by writing a blog and writing books.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Stronger writing would give me the confidence to see my dream finally become a reality. Stronger writing would allow me to take the leap and begin writing order to help to help women everywhere to know they were created on purpose, they have a purpose, and they are loved by an almighty God.

    This is my dream and stronger writing skills could help it become a reality.

  207. 1.My biggest struggle with writing is specifically in marketing. I struggle to find the words to let my passion shine through, while also describing exactly what I offer in a concise way & how I can guide them to healing. In blog posts, I sometimes struggle to string together the passionate words in my head in a way that makes complete sense and resonates with readers.
    2.I am a Holistic Health Coach, focusing on helping women build a strong foundation of food and movement to live an empowered life. My mission is to use a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) to guide others towards managing stress, fueling their bodies properly, and overall having an immense amount of self-love.
    3.Stronger writing would help me convey my message to those who need it most. I know my purpose is to serve others and inspire and guide them towards ultimate health, I just need some help bridging the gap between my authentic passion and words 🙂 By improving my copy, I would be able to sell more coaching programs, express my knowledge more concisely, work directly with wellness brands who exist to better the lives of others, and ultimately guide more women towards living THEIR best life. I would thrive financially off my business alone, and live a soul-on-fire life!!

    Thank you SO much for this incredible opportunity!

  208. My struggle is that darn Ego Mind that creates self-doubt because I was not officially trained in the writing arena. I overthink: Is this good enough; Who is going to listen to me; Will anyone read this; Why do I feel so compelled to write from my heart but let my mind get in the way?
    My main book is to help today’s Empathic and Sensitive personalities understand the Narcissistic relationships they are in. I provide tools to help them and their children, if applicable, to move forward emotionally. It’s based on my life experience and people I have helped. My blog was my therapy and where I first discovered my writing. Now that I have opened a gift from the Universe, I have also started short stories and a mini book all aimed at awakening the next generation of children to Universal Love and to help the current generation to understand the spiritual world.
    Stronger writing means self-confidence. Self-confidence means the ability to be vulnerable and own it which allows others to connect with your writing. Connecting with your audience gives you the satisfaction that you are living your mission and opens you up to changing lives on a bigger scale. My writing has to get out there to change lives and I would regret it if I let my lack of confidence and ego win. I believe the Universe presents opportunities, for this one, I appreciate your time and mission.

  209. My biggest struggle with writing is a fear of not always having something interesting to say , I keep second guessing my content and I have the impression of not delivering enough to the people on my list because I feel others have more interesting things to say. And I say to myself: maybe I’m too personal or maybe I should be more personal ?!

    My mission is to serve, help and honor new-mums, make them feel appreciated and in general bring more awareness on the crucial role a mother has in the first years of their kids, so underestimated. Todays babies are the adults of tomorrow, and how we take care of them will be seen in the world of tomorrow.

    I would rewrite my landing page (and hopefully soon a website) to make it crystal clear to anyone who lands on it what is all about, my future goal is to launch an e-commerce selling special gifts to new mums! But more important I’m writing (and really need help here!) an e-book and from an humble place, I truly think my ideas are worth spreading, mothers need to be so much more appreciated, by the whole world! getting an online business would allow me to be more with my family and walk my talk, and having a digital product could get me on the road of financial freedom. I’m writing from Italy, my English might not be perfect- I do strive for progression not perfection:-)

  210. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is the brain freeze that kicks in when I have a web page, optin or sales letter to write. I’ve learned so much about what to say and how to say it, but I don’t have a method of attach to help me know what to write where and when!

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My mission is twofold: 1) To help the company founder realize his passion goals in a sustainable way while doing work that is meaningful to me and 2) to create a series of online courses and membership site that a) give people in difficult transitions a sense of self, direction and purpose and b) support our military, especially the medically released, through the difficult transition from military to civilian life.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    The most difficult part about helping people in transition is that they don’t always reach out for help. I really need to master the skill of writing copy that will help them trust what we have to offer, and take out programs. We have a study to prove that our methods have efficacy, but the military people in transition are often quite self-isolating and don’t even realize that the help they need isn’t a new job or a new skill, it’s a sense of self, an understanding of their gifts, passions, and values; and an understanding of their life path so that they can choose a future that increases their well-being and doesn’t deplete it.

    How do they find us if they don’t even know to look? We need a trojan horse like “Make every man want you.”

    If I can help those soldiers click that button, we would finally have a solution to our “abandoned” military vets. This course will teach them how to figure it all out for themselves without having to rely on the government. How empowering is that!

  211. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is actually doing it. For some reason, because I am the only employee I have, I tend to focus on tasks that make money much more immediately… And yes, I am aware, the logic doesn’t add up here. My second biggest struggle with writing is being strategic about it: What do I say to whom and at what time?
    2. I am a feminist counsellor who specializes in helping women recover from binge drinking and disordered eating. My mission is to improve my clients’ quality of life as quickly as possible. In my work, we focus on what is going on right know, what someone wants different about their life, and how we can make that happen asap.
    2. Stronger writing skills would help me help more women lead the lives they deserve! It would help me create jobs, help my also self-employed husband worry less about money, help my daughter go to daycare full-time (which we can’t afford at the moment), and help me help my community through being able to offer more programs, both paid and unpaid. The most important, tangible, specific difference would be that, very hopefully, more women would learn that recovery is possible and hope is worth it. <3

  212. Leanne Moyer

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggle with writing is finding the right words that will draw my ideal clients in and make them feel a connection to me. I am a quiet person and words have never been my strong skill. I am full of vision, heart, patience, kindness, determination and passion, I just need to find a compelling way to show that to others.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I am a Transformational Life Coach. My mission is to help women all over the world learn how to access the power within themselves to create the life of their dreams. I also want to use my financial success to do good in the world and be able to give $10,000 or more every month to help children and families in our own community as well as overseas.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I would finally be able to share my inner wisdom to the world in an impactful way. I also want to get better at creating videos for my audience so I think the Copy Cure would help me to find the words for creating valuable videos as well. Stronger writing will help me to create more abundance for myself and my clients as my business will grow faster and I will be able to connect with the people who need and want to work with me.

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity!!

  213. Teresa Saga

    My biggest struggle with writing is my mindset. Writing is something that I have only been allowing myself to do for fun or when time allows. To place more confidence and consistency in my writing is my goal.
    I am a Meditation Coach in Training. I currently work in the Cardiology field as a Cardiac Ultrasound Technologist. Over the years, I have observed the strong correlation between stress and disease development. Meditation is a real answer to helping alleviate stress. Stress and not knowing how to process emotions and feelings is often the breeding ground for disease and other challenges like addiction, anxiety, and depression. I believe that Meditation is a vital piece of the healing arts puzzle. My contribution to this piece is where I belong.
    Stronger writing would encourage me to keep developing my practice as a Meditation Coach through creation of guided meditation scripts and raising awareness of the importance of Meditation through social media and in person. I also feel that it would help me develop my speech writing and speaking skills.
    What initially drew me to Meditation was the concept that I need to start with myself in order to foster real change in the world. By truly showing up in my life and in my Meditation Practice with confidence, grace, and tenacity, I will be able to help others do the same. The Copy Cure would profoundly help me in the creating and sharing processes.

  214. 1) My love and hate relationship to writing has stifled my personal and professional life. I am a self-proclaimed wounded writer in recovery. I am finally starting to explore the written world privately but keep failing to attract professional clients with my writing.
    2) I am a life coach and Yoga teacher trainer. My aim is to bring as much healing into this world by raising humanity’s consciousness.
    3) I want to serve and bring as much positive impact as I can in my lifetime. I am raising the bar and I need help. I believe the Copy Cure (great tips from download) will demystify the digital professional writing and attract the people I can serve. Plus I need confidence to overcome the struggles of not being a native English speaker/writer.

  215. To be 100% honest here, my biggest struggle with writing is that I don’t believe in myself and my abilities to really make lasting change in the world. I just started a blog two weeks ago and I also have all the information I need for my book but I haven’t started to actually write it. I am writing blog posts that I am telling myself serve as practice for when I actually start the book but I know it is all BS. I am too afraid to do it. I am very passionate about speaking on behalf of other minority groups in the US and I feel I am well positioned to connect with others thru my life experiences as a Latina, lesbian, female, self-sufficient woman who has a leadership position in a technology career (which is mostly dominated by man).
    I work in IT and run the entire department at a University in New York which includes 70+ amazingly diverse individuals. Most of them are older than me and one of my missions is to demonstrate what is possible and inspire others to know that if I made it this far, they can do it too plus it is never too late. I want to demonstrate how society has tried to put me in different boxes and one by one, I have escaped and thru my spirituality (and Gabrielle Bernstein and Eckhard Tolle, and Wayne Dyer, etc) was able to reconnect with myself and be of service finding the good in every situation and every person I encounter. Did I mention I am a Super Soul Sunday type of gal too (smile)?
    If I was fortunate enough to land this opportunity, I would be able to obtain guidance and find the best ways to put into action all the ideas I have on helping other minorities out there by writing more powerful articles that can reach a larger audience and presenting my book to others in English and Spanish (ohh my wife is Polish so I better add that too) allowing them to see that they are not alone and that every time someone says “the sky is the limit” it is a lie and they shouldn’t buy into it… There is no limit other than the ones we impose and believe and so let’s go beyond the sky and pass galaxies and whatever comes after that together. I see a lot of division now and my message can demonstrate why working together is the only sane way to move forward and bring actual change for generations to come.

  216. [1.] My biggest struggle is explaining why people who do not make a lot of money in their jobs in the first place should spend money on working with me. I see how much of an impact my coaching has on my clients and once people start working with me, they rarely stop, but I do not know how to say that. I apologize for my prices even though I know my fees are fair. I overexplain that this is how I support my family. And then in the apologies and the overexplaining, I lose clients. [2.] I am a writing coach and editor for underrepresented and marginalized professors and researchers. My coaching supports faculty (mostly women, queer people, and people of color) as they try to survive inside the toxicity of higher education today. My goal is to empower clients and help them heal. I want each client to develop their own definition of success and happiness so that they are equipped to impact the tens of thousands of students on their campuses. [3.]Stronger writing, clearer copy would help me move my business from the stage of “barely paying the bills” to really thriving. My community and the nation will benefit because I am “support staff” for change makers, activists, scholars, and writers on the front lines of fighting for justice. If I can do my job more effectively, then they can do theirs more effectively and we all win.

  217. Diana Burcea

    Dear Marie,
    Dear All,
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    1. Ever since I was a little girl I believed that words have a certain power, that there are perfect words for a specific situation, a specific person and that, if found, I could really make an impact in that moment/ on someone! Easier said than done: my struggle with writing is that I can’t find THOSE great words at the right moment. I feel deep within me the idea that I want to share, but I can’t easily make it come through. I think this might be because of a lack of connection between my ideas and the means that I have to communicate them.
    2. I am a freelance singer and music teacher. I recently decided that I want to dedicate myself to the early musical education and start my own business. I will work with children 2-6 years of age and make them love music by enhancing their immagination and creativity! It thrills me only writing about it! I intend to go viral, making myself visible to millions of people around the world through online media. And I will certainly need to be verbally prepared and on the spot in order to achieve my dream.
    3. If I would be given this amazing opportunity to be admitted in The Copy Cure Program, I really believe that not only my writing will become stronger but also my speaking skills will greatly be improved, because writing makes me find my words faster and speak more easily. This will help me in becoming a better Teacher because I would have the Cure to my Copy 🙂
    With all my Love,

  218. I am a dance therapist and I’m passionate about dance/movement as a powerful catalyst for transformation for individuals, families and communities. But writing is not my first language, movement is! The majority of my writing has been in for grants in the non-profit/arts sector, which has a particular voice and tone, that doesn’t connect well to the audience I now want to engage with.

    I’m on a mission to positively impacting lives through dance by creating opportunities to reveal and highlight the importance of movement in how we live, learn and relate to each other. Currently, in addition to facilitating movement experiences for groups and individuals, I am running a campaign focused on “re-defining dance in the English Oxford Dictionary”. The current definition of dance does not acknowledge why we, as humans, dance and how it makes us feel.

    In a world where technological advancement allows for instant global connections, we are becoming increasingly disembodied. This gives rise to “dis-ease” in our physical, emotional and intellectual selves. In order to experience life to it’s fullest, it is important to keep in touch with our moving selves. I am not advocating a specific movement technique or practice. It is about re-discovering that we are all born knowing how to dance. Movement is the expression of ourselves in the world. Movement open doors to connecting beyond barriers and impacts social change on levels we cannot comprehend.
    I’d like to share this message on a global level and be of service to help others develop a healthy connection to our dancing bodies for people all over the world.
    I’m also a mom of 4 amazing little human beings, and hope to inspire them to share their passions and be of service to the world in their own unique ways. I would share my knowledge with my kiddos and help them achieve their goals with their own project – where we raise funds as a family and community to raise awareness and funds for kids who need healthy lunches at school.
    I’m super grateful for this opportunity and always inspired by Marie!
    xoxox Nina

  219. Anuk Harvey

    Thank you for this opportunity Marie x
    My biggest struggle with writing is getting caught up with ‘is this right? am I doing it right?’
    It can take me way way too long to write copy, which I then question ‘is it good enough?’ But then when I do write something I think is great I have a total crisis of confidence and question who the heck am I to write about this as if I have all the answers?
    I’m committed to helping women who are unhappily financially reliant on their partners to gain the tools and confidence necessary to make their own financial choices and create the life they choose.
    My focus is on supporting and teaching existing small business owners the specific how-to of branding, marketing and social media. And educating them in such a way that they so enjoy that part of their business that it is actually sustainable, rather than them feeling that marketing and communication is another chore that never gets them anywhere.
    For women to be financially independent can positively impact whole communities. I need to reach as many of these women as possible to have the greatness impact but my copy writing skills need to be much sharper to achieve this. I know The Copy Cure would give me the education to reach, engage and in turn education the very women who can become financially independent and make a big difference to their communities and eventually the world.

  220. WARNING: The following admission would be a LOT better if Stacey Stewart had The Copy Cure under her belt!

    My name is Stacey and I have a confession. I have a hard time putting my passion into words. I don’t write in a clear way that moves hearts and minds. My copy just seems… blurred and boring. The reason for this is, obviously, I haven’t gone through The Copy Cure!

    I’m a lactation educator and the founder of Milkology®, an online education site helping women around the world learn to breastfeed and pump for their sweet little babies. Breastfeeding is natural, but it doesn’t always come NATURALLY! My mission is to give women around the globe access to useful, quality online lactation content and classes. Like you, Marie, 99% of my material is free!

    If I became a stronger writer I’d be able to CONNECT with women on a deeper level that they so desperately need during the fragile prenatal and postpartum period. A lot is riding on my shoulders right now. My husband is a public school teacher (and we all KNOW they don’t get paid what they deserve!) and I feel the burden of financially contributing to our family of five. Plus, I’d be able to show my children what it looks like to help change the world for the better!

  221. Sacha Nielsen

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle with writing is believing in my abilities. I also feel my writing is stiff and I’d like to shape it to become more natural and conversation like. I think the best writing is something you relate to instantly and that’s what I’d love to create consistently.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am currently working as a freelance copywriter in my husband’s brand and advertising business. My main background is in Marketing. I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years and I’ve always loved the writing part of my marketing roles. Whether it’s writing a media release, speech writing, blog writing, product blurbs, writing is something I have always enjoyed. I recently quit my full time marketing job and now want to find a career that aligns more with my passions. So I have decided to focus on copywriting. My mission is to try and create compelling copy for a great cause. Whether it’s to help create an awareness about the environment, or help teenagers to love themselves for who they are and focus on kindness not superficial things, I’d like to use my writing skills to genuinely make a difference to someone’s life.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I could confidently turn my strong writing abilities into something that could help effect change in other people’s life. I’d love to leave a legacy of some form for my children. Whether the focus is on the environment and being more mindful and aware of recycling, reusing and treading lightly. Or whether it’s a blog to help inspire young people to be confident humans as the person they are. I’d love to show my children too that if you work hard enough you can do what you love.

  222. My biggest struggle with writing is to make it interesting, riveting, memorable, and inspire my target market to Buy Now! Right now I could be writing out the phone book for all the excitement it generates. My passion for what I do definitely does NOT show through.
    My business is dedicated to empowering women through creating personal Goddess Portraits: a portrait of them as their own Inner Goddess so they can be reminded of the powerful Being they truly are every time they look at it.
    My clients have found them joyful, powerful, and inspiring. My copy, however, has not had that effect on anyone. :-/
    Stronger writing would take me to a level where I could make a living empowering women through these portraits! I could release the stress of financial tension, and be doing what I love to do and do well; and that would make my kids (and me) verrrry happy!

  223. Dear Marie,

    When I speak, words and meaning and heart spill out of me. Though my business is a fledgling one, only making ends meet by serving others with my voice, I know that if I could write the way I speak, I could help thousands – even millions.

    I see a pattern in the struggles of so many I speak to; the inspiration for what I dream to make my full-time business. In a conversational setting, I teach people to design a lifestyle that organically manifests their goals through knowledge of what triggers your individual state of flow.

    My writing is wordy, sometimes confusing, flourishing when directness is key. I’m always beating around the bush of: What I have to offer worth your hard earned money. I’ve created workbooks, activities, workshops, and articles I truly thought would make a difference, but it didn’t seep into the soul of my readers the way water seeps into the soil – the way your words seep into my soul.

    Admission to The Copy Cure would empower me to finally translate my heart, knowledge, wisdom, hilarity, mistakes, lessons, and empathy into soul-seeping words. I would have the tools to publish workbooks, a hardbound lifestyle planner, courses, and valuable free content that would inspire thousands. I’d be able to focus on my business: to provide for my family, pay back the loan on our homestead, and to show anyone who is watching that if you believe you are worthy, you are.

    With gratitude,
    Amelia Bartlett

  224. My biggest struggle with writing is I doubt myself constantly. I know what I want to say but I’ve no confidence that the people I’m writing for actually want to hear it or that I’m writing what I want in the right way.

    I’m the Practice Director for my husband and I’s Chiropractic clinic and our mission is to make the Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand (where we live), the healthiest community in New Zealand … and from there the world is our oyster! We are dedicated to helping people have great health and live their best life.

    Stronger writing would allow me to communicate what we are about, as a business and as people, more effectively, the business would expand, and we could serve more people in our community, and wider, by giving them an access to having great health. As our business grows it would help my family. My husband works so many hours seeing and helping clients and growing the business, and we still often live from figurative paycheck to paycheck. If stronger writing helped to increase our income it would be awesome to give him a holiday so he could spend more time with our little girl.

  225. I have always had a struggle with writing, as numbers as always been my go-to. I have a very pragmatic mind, and this is where my strength and success has been. That means yes and no answer and making things short as possible that includes my writing, which I realize is not really the way marketing works.

    I work with Teachers and Principals helping them with their book-keeping and accounts. I want to help teachers to take the stress out their finances in schools, so they can concentrate and nurture our children. I want to create a mission for teachers to become leaders and create children that know that anything is possible, and not to concentrate on the lack of money and resources.

    I want to inspire my family, including my grandchildren to be the best they can be, even without formal higher school qualifications. My employees (6) to become the leaders with their families, and within their careers. I want to inspire teachers to take the leadership role within schools to create more positive leaders and become examples for the children they teach. I have taught teachers that they have everything to live for with whatever limitations they believe they have, and for them to pass on what they learn to the children they will be leading and teaching.
    My Tangible evidence is seeing teachers stepping up to the leadership role, and getting not only academic result for children but also the ever-growing mindset that is essential for success.

  226. 1. My biggest struggle with writing would be that I have absolutely no background in it whatsoever. I have always struggled as well with vocabulary and words due to my learning disability, so anything that involves proper writing or speech I often have to keep things simple or just don’t write it at all because I am afraid it will be obvious that I am not good at it, or even afraid to sound dumb.
    2. My career is dedicated to the arts, and I serve to teach and help others through their own struggles with art, while creating lasting friendships and encourage others to support and enjoy the arts by sharing what I love to do with the world.
    3. Writing would help me to be able to communicate beautifully to the world how I truly feel, instead of fumbling over my own words. I am a creature of emotion, often times when I truly become passionate I well up with emotion and cannot think or speak clearly. I think if I gained more confidence in writing it would create more confidence in myself and that would spread like wildfire to those around me. As I share my passion with those throughout the world I am astounded at how many people struggle the same struggle in themselves. I love to see people gain confidence in themselves, especially in a tricky world like today. There are good and wonderful people out there and I think the louder we speak, or write, with our words, the more we will be heard and make for a more beautiful world.

  227. I love to write creatively (poetry, songs, stories) but when I’m writing to promote myself as a kinesiologist, helping women to stand in their power, I struggle to find the words that help me attract paying clients.
    Finding the right words to connect with the hearts and minds of my tribe would be wonderful. I absolutely love being of service. My testimonials, mostly from free clients, are wonderful but so far, since I have started hiring a clinic space, I have only had one paying client.
    I know the work I do is needed. It’s my aim to help women, stand in their peaceful power, be at peace with where they are in life, follow their heart and soul’s desire and to live a joyful, meaningful life.
    I really feel that I just need the right key to unlock my creative copy to connect with the women I am here to support.
    I am the sole parent of two gorgeous young children and I have chosen the modality of kinesiology to support them.
    Many thanks for this beautiful opportunity.

  228. Dear Forleo Team, Dear Copy Cure program team,

    First of all, I would like to thank you to offer such a scholarship opportunity. Even if I don’t get it, the exercise is great practice in term of writing.

    My name is Marjorie, I’m from France. English is my second language.
    1- I’m actually quite good with spoken words, not so much with written ones. I tend to hit blocks as I’m trying to demonstrate what I want to convince people about. 
When I have no worries about finding the perfect words as I try to convince others orally, I actually believe they are quite important, I can’t seem to find them as I write. It is to the point that I lose my train of thought, and the point I want to make. 
It is an issue I don’t only have when writing copy in English, but also in French, my mother tongue.

    2- I’m a senior designer and marketing strategist. I launched my business in 2015 as I wanted to help other entrepreneurs realize their dreams and find the career they have always fancied about. I dedicate myself to identifying their exact marketing situation, to create made-to-measure solutions and tools, for them to gain time in their business on a daily basis. The idea is for them to focus on what they are good at, and why they wanted to start a business in the first place, rather than marketing, something most of them don’t know much about.

    A few months ago, I met up with a number of wonderful women, whom like me, are struggling to make a living through their companies. We all sell services dedicated to assisting our customers to make a better living for themselves. As most passionate and creative entrepreneurs, we are not the best at advertising ourselves. We are good at promoting others’ services, especially when we are convinced about how good they are, but like my copy, we lose the confidence and words to talk about our own work.
    It occurred to us, that if we regrouped, we might be able to help each other. As all of us have complementary jobs, regrouping would enable us to sell bigger services packages, similar to a communication agency.
    As we worked through the idea, it was decided that we will be regrouping to create a non-profit communication agency. All of us have either worked for communication agencies in the past or a multi-national. If we all have the goal to make a living from our respective jobs, we certainly do not like the idea of creating one more company which would have for objective profit. As such, we are looking into creating a business model for which we could make a living (all 9 of us) and dedicate the extra-money to assisting chosen (still small) internationally based NGO’s with their communication, design, and marketing as well as training them to use the tools we create for them. We really would like to be able to make a difference and do more than help companies gain more money.
    We are still in the research stage for an exact business plan, and we hope to be able to launch by the end of 2018.

    3- If an admission to the Copy Cure was to land on my lap, I believe that stronger writing would help me in a number of ways.
    It would enable me to better assist in the development of the non-profit communication agency. Really good copy, both in French and English, would be a life-changing tool to convince customers to trust us with their marketing needs but also a great help for the NGO we will dedicate our time to. We don’t want just to assist them, we would like to empower them, so they can better help those they are dedicated to giving a hand to. I want to make a visual but also written difference in those projects, helping them any way I can, whether to explain to them how we can work together, or to give them the perfect copy to inspire others. 

    On a way more personal level, I would first do a really happy dance too (even though it might not help my application). Writing is the medium I have not been able to conquer yet. I’m a creative, and expressing myself is vital to me. Words have been an issue since my first spelling bee in first grade… I would hope that this personal Everest, would enable me to grow confidence. I have a few modern fairy tales in the back of my head, in which little girls slay dragons, and kiss and save princes, that just need the proper tools and writing tips, to get on paper.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. 
I wish good luck to everyone else looking to get in the Copy Cure (whether on scholarship or not). I can only relate to how crippling it can feel to not be able to express yourself correctly in the written form.

  229. MeganKate

    My biggest struggle with writing is that finding the balance between professionalism and passion. I develop and run programs focused on self esteem and mental resilience for teenage girls aged 15-18 years in schools in regional and rural Australia. This means my first point of contact is through the principles and teachers, and then my programs are with the young women. My main struggle is finding the correct tone when approaching potential schools that show that I have the professionalism to manage the program, but also the intimacy to connect with the young women. By improving my writing I believe this will directly result in higher success rates in approaching schools. There is a huge gap in education and opportunity in Australia between coastal and regional areas, and I hope that by teaching young women mental resilience they have the strength to improve their communities and follow opportunities resulting in reduced developmental gaps in Australia.

  230. My biggest struggle with my writing is overwhelm! I will have something stirring inside me and the mere thought of getting it out in an organized format makes me stall. I have a laundry list of blog topics written out, a handful of outlines drafted, but COMPLETING them is my hurdle. I think this partially has something to do with the fact that the subject matter is SO important to me (a little backwards), that I have a hard time streamlining my message…without too much subtext.

    I am a holistic lifestyle consultant and my purpose is to facilitate a space for people to make sustainable, self-honoring changes towards a healthy, stylish, organized life.

    I consistently feel guided to live my purpose and in order to do that, I have to put myself out there. The best platform to do that is through my website and blog. I’m trying to remove myself/ my fears out of the picture because it isn’t about me, it’s about the people who might be struggling with life; whether that’s their health, weight, identity, and/or other forms of self-care. This, in turn, causes a ripple effect to those around them! (By serving yourself, you are able to serve others.) If I had the opportunity to improve my writing capabilities, I think it would reduce the anxiety I have that comes quickly after thinking of a blog concept. Having those tools would allow me to feel like I could efficiently complete a message from start to FINISH— very empowering!

  231. Showing my hand—is my biggest struggle. I restrict my language, withhold details and emotions and don’t give myself over to the reader. If I have more to say the words muddle and fleet, as a result, I edit my writing down to the bare facts.

    I manage and part-own a yoga and Pilates studio. We are an inclusive community dedicated to movement and wellbeing. Our studio is a place to feel welcome, entirely at ease and connect.

    My admission into The Copy Cure would give me the guidance and education in writing that I crave, and hopefully help me let go of a little fear. I write all the copy for our website, newsletters, social media, class descriptions—everywhere we have something written, I’ve written it. My ambition is that my writing will communicate clearly what we offer to the people who need it, with some feeling. Ultimately converting them into happy clients, generate more bookings, employee satisfaction, revenue and a general effect of positivity and clarity in our identity.

  232. 1. In the past year, we’ve managed to downsize, move onto a 35′ sailboat, learn (or start to learn) how to sail, change careers, and coordinate caregiving for my mother who lives with dementia. The reason why I mention this is because these aspects of our recent journey feel like different punk bands playing all at the same time, all vying for attention in terms of what to share for our business.

    So two of the biggest struggles are niche-ing down and understanding when/if to bring in my background in poetry (i.e. I used to teach poetry at a women’s college, so not sure when the use of metaphor or lyrical language can feel right or not for our business). In the hopes of being inclusive, my writing and the array of topics may risk coming across as too kaleidoscopic, but ideally, I’d love to shape our content so that it reflects an authentic, unabashed voice—with dark humor, weird metaphors, solid research, and helpful geeky-dom—for our community.

    2. Our business, WayfindersNow, is devoted in to helping people (especially women creatives of color) who seek more abundance in their lives while “living small.” That approach can manifest in different ways—from literally living in a smaller home (like in our case, a 35′ sailboat) and the ensuing benefits that can come with that choice, or reducing one’s waste footprint, living small by slowing down and un-busying ourselves, or living small by acknowledging the everyday wonders that we easily miss.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I’d apply my learning to improve our connection with our current and future subscriber base through compelling newsletters, actionable resources, and the creation of our own products and services, including consultations, online courses, ebooks, and even zero-waste tools. I’m preparing our inaugural newsletter next week so feeling a little 😬, but I consider a great newsletter a form of care package (in digital form), so I really want them to be memorable, personalized, and helpful for our community about living small to gain abundance.

  233. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is dropping down into what my heart wants to say, my authentic heart. I over think the words and they come off very surface level and not me. Sometimes I get bursts of inspiration and night and I jot them down on my phone however I want to have access to these streams of consciousness during the times I want to write.

    2. I am writing a book about loss/grief and the beautiful and spiritual alchemy and gifts that it can bring up in ones life by accessing the wisdom of ones heart and musings of ones soul if we honour the process because as a society we tend to push our feeling of loss/grief away. Grief is a tender subject so accessing the deepest side of me or learning how to drop from my head to my heart is important in this process and I would like some help with that. I’ve taken B-school a couple of years back however after the loss of my premature daughter, my Avatar changed and my business changed most importantly my words changed.

    3. Admission to The Copy Cure would help me translate my hearts language into words. they have to be my words and not someone I hire. They need to be authentic and truth.

  234. 1. My biggest struggle as a writer is fear. Fear that my audience will not connect with my words even though I’m told, by the few readers I do have, what an amazing writer I am. It’s more difficult when I try & teach my 13 year old to have confidence in his work when I do not practice what I preach. So I change the lesson and show him that at any age, it is normal to experience fear & insecurities but it is how we overcome those obstacles that define our personal growth. So he and I made a deal; I apply for this scholarship, put my insecurities on a public comment forum and he will apply for an after school writing class he wants to join.
    I started my own skincare line & makeup like and my # 1 reason was to make it into something that people , like me, can afford. I don’t believe that Organic, Vegan and Natural Beauty products should cost what they do, especially after I am learning how to make them and the cost that goes into it. Even us women that live paycheck to paycheck deserve to wear the good stuff. I believe confidence in women starts off being worn on the outside. It’s a foundation that brings confidence to meet our true beauty on the inside. No matter how you look. And if I can provide a product – and hopefully one day a service – that would help women be more confident, $ or no $– I’m in.
    When I write, I feel free and have the confidence that I can do anything., The second I realize someone has read or will read my writing, I am a mess., If I felt I had formal lessons/training, I think that the world is my oyster and I would be pushing the limits with my business. More importantly, myself. I’d start by actually publishing my website I have been sitting on since March. My blog and my stories of experience might offer hope to someone who has been through my troubled past because they’d know there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is possible to overcome anything and find personal success. My confidence starts when I write. As long as I keep writing, it doesn’t end. As far as an effect to my community, that is hard to say. Right now, I guess it doesn’t, hahaha. But my plans for the future will impact my community a huge way. I want to teach 13-17 year old girls how to make all these products themselves and offer certain class/lessons for free but charge for parties. I want to do the same with women’s shelters and halfway houses

  235. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to get what I feel in my heart out and onto paper in a way that resonates and has meaning. I often find what I feel in my heart never translates right onto paper. I often find I repeat words and can never come up with those eloquent sentences.
    2. My business is Detoxing with Dani. I am a holistic nutritionist, and I serve women who struggle to with cystic acne. Who have been from doctor to doctor, bouncing from diet to diet in search of anything that will clear their skin. My mission is to show up for these women and make them feel noticed and important, as I too struggled with acne for years.
    3. Stronger writing would help to get my message out there and allow me to help those women in search of an answer. It would help me further my passion and love for helping women and desire to create a loving community. It would help my family and my community, because as a successful business owner it has always been a dream of mine to be able to support and take care of my family and my community by having the means to offer financial support if necessary or my own time. I dream of when I can take my parents on an all expense paid vacation on my own dime and say thank you to them for all they have done for me. Copy Cure would make a tangible difference in my business by giving me the confidence and the means to truly connect with my community and show them my heart. It would also tangibly help to grow my business financially and be able to quit my part time job.

  236. wendy

    Ditto – It’s my attempt to at concise copy.
    Concur with a majority of the above comments and ditto is an attempt not to paraphrase. Normally, my copy is too wordy.

    I’ll keep it brief – I need to get interaction on social media platforms with concise crafted copy that turn my services into sales – without sounding pushy!

    Twitter is too short.
    Facebook too open (friend based).
    Instagram – a picture that says a 1000 words . . .
    My business is Feng Shui consultancy. I need to find my tribe.

    • wendy

      OHHHH and I guess I don’t read my copy before I hit send 🙂 Typos!

  237. Morgan Tobin

    The power of the written word, the copy of an instant in time, capturing a moment for all of eternity, and providing a medium for sharing that moment, thought, or experience with all people for all time. The biggest struggle is finding the right words to write. In an era of massive amounts of data and information, creating something new often requires utilizing all former resources, spinning these ideas into fresh, pristine webs of fruitful creative imagination. Allowing the writer to communicate the expression in its truest form, is a symbol of a connection to higher intelligence and creates a driving force behind commerce, finance, entertainment, and relationships.
    My business, mission, and purpose is to build up the pursuit of happiness, magical experiences, community, family, and planetary awareness. The mastery of the written word is well known throughout the world’s history as an art form, a commander and redeemer of people, an expression which brings ideas to life, and a means of sending warning and of relaying success. Stronger writing is the means by which the words hidden in my heart for so long will find their purpose. To date, I have dabbled in spoken and written abilities, and I find the inspiration which draws me closer to that which I belong, even as I write these words. Bound with my technical writing techniques, the instruction provided by The Copy Cure program, will provide the vine by which my words will find a tangible difference in my reality.

  238. My biggest struggle with writing is believing that I fit in somewhere, that I have something of value to contribute. My partner and I have a laser cutting business. Working with a group that finds employment for teens that are living on the street, we intended to hire these teens for production work. What we’ve found is that this population needs help with soft skills before they can keep a job. We are also designing crisis communication training because being unable to communicate in a crisis situation is vital to these kids survival. So, after watching one of your programs I designed a Blue Ocean Strategy using cartoons, comics and You Tube videos ( live comics) to teach these skills. We are in the middle of creating these materials and there is a great deal of writing to do. Stronger writing would help me engage these kids. Support and connection would save my sanity and my relationship. Getting these kids off the streets would save my heart and the heart of my community.

  239. 1. Biggest struggle – using the right content to attract. I have a few points to write about and I am conflicted to choosing the right one. Choosing the right topic to start with and too many ideas with no direction equals confusion.
    2. Founder of The Phoenix Rising Foundation which will be building retreats around Australia for homeless veterans, abused, neglected, suicidal and homeless youth. A Mental Toughness coach with the motivation to create a new culture – self-renewal, self-preservation, and personal growth. Creating a connection with people is really important to me and those who are struggling with self-belief can follow my journey to gain the motivation and adopt the correct thought process to change their lives. It also will give me the opportunity to gain trust with my followers.
    3. The Copy Cure would direct me to the right path for opening up and writing my journey – from a survivor of suicide to Mental Toughness Coach and speaker.
    I need to focus to create a powerful blog which will empower those who are struggling with workplace performance, feeling lost, suicidal and/or in pain.
    I need the push to think outside my reality box and believe this scholarship will make a HUGE difference – most of all, give me the confidence that I need to get into the writing zone.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  240. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is in believing I’m important enough to take time away from other priorities to write. When I sit down, I write through that first flood of guilt and doubt until I am centered and in that in love zone, in love with writing, in love with creating, in love with seeing what comes next. When I am able to do that it makes my whole being sing! 2. My creative work is devoted to the expression of energy and emotion through creativity and sharing beauty with the world. I want people to look within and around them and see beauty and create/live from that space. My odd jobs work is devoted to allowing me to explore the world (travel, swim with whales, be underwater as much as possible) and create (paint, write, photograph) and right now trying to build a business out of my artistic pursuits.
    3. The Copy Cure would help me to hone my voice and back myself, bringing clarity and strength to my work and help me to share my story and my work with the world by tying all the seemingly disparate paths my story takes to be told together!

  241. I struggle to write this to you. I want you to get it, to feel it not just read it. I want to write words that won’t distract you. If I knew how to string together words in a way that speaks to your heart about your purpose for reading this without distracting you with unnecessary words this wouldn’t be such a struggle for me.
    This world is noisy. Especially for women. Even more so for women entrepreneurs and women in leadership roles. That’s why it’s so important that every word I write and speak while coaching them is value filled, speaks to the purpose for which they chose to read it and have the impact intended. It is my mission to help them create businesses, relationships and lives that work with them, not against them, aligned with who they know them Selves to be now by teaching them The Art of Selfishness.
    Cure-ing my Copy would help me write copy that is clear concise and actionable. It would help me build a brand and business that has consistent language to help deepen its impact with every encounter. The Copy Cure would allow me to take what is now done on a small scale of one on one and small group coaching and turn it into an evergreen program that can be readily consumed by women while maintaining its effectiveness. Copy is what creates, kills, changes, strengthens. Copy is using the word and the word is everything.

  242. Julie

    Thank you Marie and team for this opportunity! My biggest struggle with writing is sitting down and doing it. I love writing and I come up with a lot of fun and great ideas for books and poems and I never sit down to write. I serve and am dedicated to being a great mother and human being. My mission is to inspire others in an admirable and loving way. If a copy of The Copy Cure landed in my lap today it would be both scary and exciting, scary because I’d actually be held accountable and have to start producing something and exciting for the same reason. I’m both scared and excited just thinking about it! I don’t really know what tangible difference it would make in others lives but it would make a big difference in my own life. I mean if I actually produce a piece of written work it would be like a dream come true! Sorry for the cliche. I actually am tearing up just thinking about it and I never realized how important this is to me. Thank you for the insight!

  243. Sophie Aziakou

    I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words without a prompt. I have always known I was meant to be a writer/storyteller, but I have a hard time organizing my thoughts, expressing myself and taking initiative. I know the what, but struggle with the how.

    I work in content/social media in the nonprofit/humanitarian space. My mission is to make the world a better and more inclusive place.

    With stronger writing, I will be able to share stories about the world’s people and places, in order to help readers live in truth with themselves and in harmony with others.

  244. I actually LOVE writing. I’ve journaled out of necessity since I was 8. As a child I’d win awards for my creative writing and the teachers used to read out my stories in class. But when it comes to writing for sales I miss the mark. Possibly it’s my imposter syndrome shining out from the page for all to see. My words come across as salesy and even sleazy at times. I hardly ever get comments on my social media posts. I know I can do better with right training.

    I’m dedicated to human kindness. I’m a naturopath and shiatsu therapist. I aim to help raise the vibration of the planet by inspiring my clients to connect with their own inner wisdom and self-heal. I recently ran a women’s circle aimed at connection and healing, but sadly I didn’t get enough bums on seats to complete the program. I have an idea for a not-for-profit. My theory is by giving kindness to victims of abuse they will heal the cycle. I need good copy to get noticed, fundraise and get my idea out there.

    Stronger writing means I can viably complete the mission I was put here (on Earth) to complete. I have medicine for my community and I want to share it. I’ll contribute to my family’s income in a meaningful way. I’ll be able to fly my kids home to see my mother. Engaging copy will make my dreams come true.

  245. 1. I’m struggling with my writing because I want it to be perfect, i’m afraid if people find it unprofessional. I have not yet possessed a gut to explore more of my ideas and stories. I collect papers and notebooks hoping that l’ll fill it and touch people’s heart but again perfection holds me back. I began to doubt my ability.
    2. I’m an intern in Green School Bali, I write newsletter for Kul-Kul connection community, it’s a community that bridge Green School International community to the local community, one of our missions is to reach more audiences to help local scholarships program.

    3. I have the copy cure free ebook since it first published but I can’t afford the course. I want to be a content writer or website manager in the companies that I love and care for their ethnical and impactful business. I also want to be a social entrepreneur who empower local villagers in my Hometown in South Sulawesi, Indonesia so that the people won’t leave the village to make money. There’s a believe system that being a farmer is not cool there so i want to assist the community with English and permaculture design skill to help them independence but I need to work to have enough money to begin that, having a strong writing skill will help me to get better payment and connection to start my own business so please help me!

  246. My biggest struggle with writing is CREATING AN IMPACT that lead to SECURE SALES.

    WHY? I have the words, the stories, the passion, the motivation, the vision, the drive – I lack the skills/formula required to “sell” AND feel certain the copy cure will clearly S P E L L the “how” out for me…

    My mission is to Promote inner peace and empowerment through meditation, spiritual support sessions and energy healing. I am committed to spiritually supporting women, (in particular mummas) who feel stuck, lost or fearful. My business helps woman who have lost confidence in themselves, their power their ability and allows them to CLAIM IT BACK.

    The Copy Cure will help…

    Me: As I will be spending my business hours more effectively when creating copy AND will have the income to work on what LIGHTS me up – which is helping others – YAY!

    My Biz: Clear copy will create more sales for my heart and soul led business Gumboots By The Sea – more sales means I help more people – YES PLEASE!

    My Family: A happy AND financially stable Mumma (who uses her work time productively!) means a happy and financial stable family – WIN WIN WIN!

    Community: My #gumbootsgivesback program ensures I offer one FREE community meditation to a different community group every 3months (minimum). I would LOVE to make this a monthly or even a WEEKLY offering and with more secure sales, an actual income and more time writing productively it would mean I REALLY could…AWESOME!


  247. My struggle is putting my thoughts in writing.  I have so many things to say that I need to find some structure as to put it sensible and attractive to read. I’m a natural shy person so expressing my thoughts openly is a bit intimidating and I don’t want to be repetitive in my expressions .

    I’m a yoga instructor and dancer. My work is dedicated to alternative healing, natural remedy and medicine, as well as spreading the beauty of different cultures and dance .

    I serve all walks of life that need a way to a healthy happy lifestyle and to find that balance naturally and within .

    My mission to give and teach the natural healing art of yoga and natural remedies so all can have access to a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually. 

    This would help me reach more people so that this wellbeing service can reach more so that they’ll have access to an alternative method of healing in all aspects of their lives.

    It’s my life goal to spread what I have learnt from yoga and natural healing.  This will be a great accomplishment and benefit for all.

  248. “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. ” – Rabindranath Tagore

    Whether I am awake or dreaming, service has been core to my days and nights.
    My biggest struggle with writing is that I am not sure how to be of my best service through my writing. Another way I explore how to serve is through building a field of practice that supports the role of artists in emergency management. I consult, manage projects, conduct research, share presentations, and write articles focused on supporting communities to prepare, navigate, and recover from emergencies through art. Whether a natural disaster, such as hurricane, or human caused trauma, such as a school shooting, we need creative approaches to longstanding and growing emergencies in our communities. Becoming a stronger writer would help me to clarify what service can look like now and how it can evolve as this work grows. A solid base and understanding for myself allows me to be even more support to artists, emergency managers, partners, and disaster-impacted communities. For this work to receive the support and growth it deserves, it is crucial to communicate the potential, value, impact, and incredible power of this work through writing. This special field requires special training and support! I know there is joy in advancing this work, in improving my writing, and in being of service.

  249. I need to put myself first, shut out the chatter and sit at my computer and STAY there. I write something…its fabulous and then I stop. I look back later and go that was profound, but why did’t I keep writing?
    I Engage, Energise and Expand Humanity’s Heart. At the level of the heart we are all the same and when we work together we flourish.
    I am dedicated to write and deliver programs to schools and workplaces that focus on creating a fertile ground where everyone flourishes, where the word bullying doesn’t exit.
    I believe that it is through our heart-aches that we are propelled to make the difference we are here to make. This has led me to my mission which is to touch the hearts of many and expand our love for Humanity as a whole. We all belong to Humanity…we are never alone. I am writing a program where people bring the best of themselves into their daily lives. I will write books for children and adults that inspire them to step up to be an humanitarian human being. I want to teach people labelled bullies that being connected with others through the heart will bring them more joy in life and abundance than any power play. Likewise to the people labelled victims, that the energy required to stand in your own power also lies in the power of Humanities Heart. I ask the question…what do you bring to your workplace? How do you show up in your world.

  250. I’m Melanie, and I live in Australia.
    I’ve walked away from the ‘normal’ 9-5 working world to start my own business online.
    1. My struggle with writing is translating my passion, and ideas from my head into words! To keep things succinct, and keep the message concise whilst keeping the readers attention, and igniting the passion in themselves.
    2. I am a Naturopath/Herbalist and work in all areas of health, and am dedicated to helping people overcome health issues. My calling is to reach a global audience, and assist more people with health, helping people awaken to their own power, and assist our planet and humanity in raising the level of consciousness to assist our planet and humanity.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would help my business to grow, reach a wider audience, help create employment and improve the daily lives of family, community and more. I envision helping directly the communities that grow herbs, and spices I use in my own herbal formulas. Being able to assist directly with local growers would help them and have a flow on effect beyond their community. I have a passion for ending cruelty to animals and would then be able to offer more support in teaching the world more about plant-based food, and how to live in a kinder world.

  251. 1. I think that I am okay at writing academic stuff–I somehow got a master’s degree after having left HS at 16 and getting my GED. However, my biggest writing struggle is that I don’t know copy and I worry about sounding like a used car salesman.
    2. My work, in its infancy, is dedicated to helping people get off of Suboxone, a narcotic given to heroin addicts as a means of harm reduction. Often people are given this medication, misinformed about its strength, and kept on it for years. Some people need that cushion but it can also hold them back from recovery. As someone who has been there, done that, my work is a culmination of my life’s experiences, studies, and practices. After getting off of Suboxone and struggling to find pertinent information online, I realized that this was the niche I wanted to fill. My mission is to help people find their best selves while breaking free from the chains of opiate addiction.
    3. Stronger writing would help me get my message out there in a way that not only feels authentic, but also reads well. There is an opiate epidemic in our country. My goal is to create a space where people trying to get off of any narcotic can find information that is scientific, spirit centered, and transformational in order to create better communities locally and online. I believe that when we build community, people are less likely to use drugs to escape.

    • Ellice Plant

      Congratulations on the scholarship, Karen! I am thankful for the work you are doing.

  252. Hello team Forleo! Thanks for this amazing opportunity. Here are my responses:
    1. My biggest struggle with writing has to do with a lot of inner critic voice, trying to protect me of failure or not being liked by others. I love to write and I know I am got at it in my first language (Spanish), but when it comes to English, I doubt myself a lot so learning some tips to create content in English would be fab.
    2. I am an organisational psychologist passionate about helping organisations and people, especially women, navigate personal and professional transitions. Last year I created with other 4 Peruvian Women “Ñustas”, a community of professional women that seek to empower and develop female leadership in Latin America through training programmes, mentoring relationships and organisational change strategies that create more productive workplaces and equitable societies.
    3. Definately! We have started writing a blog for Ñustas and publishing articles and posts on facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram on a weekly basis. I also want to start writing a book about the transitions of becoming a mother at work, based on my masters dissertation from LSE, where I collected stories from more than 25 working mothers. I want to continue writing in Spanish but also in English to impact a broader audience and capture more attention and funding to gender equality and women leadership initiatives in Latin America.

  253. 1. My biggest struggle is trying to give content to my readers that is valuable to them, I have a hard time knowing WHY they would want to choose my blog over the thousands of others and what will entice them to return and eventually purchase.
    2. I am a craft blogger and I sell Stampin’ Up! products, I’d also like to branch out to selling my own tutorials. I do this because it is my passion, because without having a creative outlet my mental health suffered, I believe everyone needs an outlet and that everyone can be creative, I want to inspire others to explore and use their creativity to make a better life for themselves.
    3. If I could do the Copy Cure course I believe that it would help me to connect with my audience better and be able to help others find the joy I have in being able to do something that I love, I’m also hoping that eventually I can leave my 50% job and that my blog and business can provide me the stable income I need to support my family and be able to work around their needs.

  254. 1. I’ve totally lost my confidence, and I am too close to my passion. While I can write reasonably well, writing copy for my website to engage and connect is a brave new world, and vital for getting my message out, and I am really struggling with getting it right.
    2. My website is Off the Hotplate dot com; and is the first mental and emotional health website with proactive courses for the hospitality industry. I have bootstrapped the entire project, and we’ve just delivered our first course to apprentices in Hobart, where for the first time ever, the training company had not one drop out, and the only new thing was our course!
    3. The collateral damage from stress and tough conditions in the industry (which is in crisis world-wide) is well known. I aim to fix this from the ground up, training the young kids in skills they’re never taught at school, and providing the industry with confident, savvy, clever staff who manage, and manage well – without drugs, drink, or stress. I am filming these courses to take them world-wide – and I can, and have, already, made a difference.

  255. Sana

    Hi Marie and Team,

    Here is my entry:

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is the resonance of the message to my audience because I’ve been told my writing has a voice but when it comes to selling that does not work. I would like to focus it more on my audience’s so they can resonate with it and take the necessary action.
    2. My online business sells all-natural personal care products. I’m also building a community for women to help them build soulful and successful online businesses. My mission is to help women strive for their full potential by embracing themselves inside out and move forward.
    3. In e-commerce when you are selling physical products the only way to get a customer to buy your product is via words. Since it’s not a brick and mortar store it’s a huge challenge. You have to make sure every word has been placed on the page with some goal in mind. If admission to copy cure landed in my lap it would help my business thrive because of more website sales which in turn would help me share my success. It would help me communicate better to my community of women and help them see clearly that what they yearn for is not a dream but a reality they can create for themselves.

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity 🙂


  256. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is writing in a way that people can understand it well, I write how I talk. I have never been good at writing, but I strive to deliver valuable content to my audience. All the thoughts and ideas going on in my head it is hard to put on paper. It is hard for me to find the right words that I want to convey to potential readers. I have to use Grammarly and the Power Thesaurus to figure out the correct words to use.
    Even writing this for you is hard for me.

    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am dedicated to helping single-parenting moms be able to earn either a side income or being able to make a full-time income from owning their own website. I was a single parent and I totally understand how much of a struggle it is to do on their own. I want to be able to help those mothers be able to spend more time with their kids instead of working long hours or having two jobs. I hated the fact that my kids spent more time with the sitter instead of me.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    If admitted to The Copy Cure I would be able to reach more and more women with better writing skills. I am striving to be able to bring single parenting moms to our local community center and teach them how to become a business owner of their online website. This would better my community by helping those in need, extending my hand of help and guidance so that maybe one day they could have something of their own to be proud of.
    This would benefit me, by being able to make a difference for someone and their life by giving back as once being a single parent. I am thankful that I am married to a wonderful man now, but I will never forget where I was at one time in my life. I can not have the years back that I missed special moments with my kids because I was at work. So maybe I can make a difference and bring some moms back home.

  257. My biggest struggle with writing is feeling like I have something important to say. I have some issues with my self worth on an intellectual level. I never went to post secondary school and sometimes I feel, in blatant terms, dumb. I feel that I don’t have enough credibility to write what I’m passionate about or sometimes I feel as though I lack originally.

    I’ve always loved to write and have kept a journal for 15 years. I started a blog (that I would love to turn into a business one day) on topics that I am passionate about which are confidence, authenticity and self love (sprinkled with other goodies too). I want to show women how amazing it is to be yourself and how so many good things can come your way when you are confident in who you are. Even though I am struggling with some of these concepts as well, I want to show females an imperfect version of someone who loves herself and always chooses to be herself over anyone else. (Even just writing this gave me that jolt of wanting to push through passed the self doubt!)

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would be such a wonderful opportunity. Stronger skills in writing would give me more consistency and conviction. I think if I became a better writer my words would lift people up even more and have a larger lasting effect on those I am trying to reach.

  258. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I have bipolar disorder and I’m on a life-saving medication called lithium. It affects cognitive function making it harder to read and write compared to the average person. But even more debilitating than the actual effects of the lithium are my negative beliefs and mindsets that prevent me from even getting started. The result? Writer’s Block on Steroids.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I am 1 credit short of a Masters in Social Work. In addition, I’m getting re-certified as a life coach by 2 programs. I want to work with people who have bipolar disorder or depression and help them live fabulous lives!

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    This program could help me get my business set up because I won’t be afraid of all the copy I’ll need to write. If I can get my business set up I can help individuals with mood disorders live better lives. There are very few life coaches who specialize in this area so I feel like I can make a meaningful, significant contribution to my future clients, their families and friends.

  259. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is having the confidence to share my message without worrying about what other people will think. I let other people’s opinions hold me back, I strive for perfection and because of this I don’t write at all.
    2. My business (and life) are dedicated to supporting women and empowering them find a better relationship with food and their bodies. I serve women of any age and my mission is to write a book in 2019 so that I can reach women everywhere.
    3. Admission into The Copy Cure would make writing my book a breeze. I would be able to clearing share my message, ideas and practices with ease. My family would have to take my business (and me!) seriously when I have that hot little book in my hands.
    Thank you Marie and your team for all that you do.
    I can’t wait for this program to be released.
    With love and gratitude,
    Kerryn x

  260. Once upon a time… there was a woman named Laura who found herself yearning for more in life. Like so many others, she had her share of ups and downs. It was during one of those “downs” that she discovered there was a wannabe writer inhabiting her heart, mind and soul! The passion filled her to a point where it could not be ignored but she struggled because she lacked experience. This lack of experience quickly prompted feelings of inadequacy and fear…
    … but… Laura reminded herself that back in January of 2018, she had made a proclamation that this was going to be her “F*%K Fear Year”. When she did this, she quickly began to realize that she was NOT the only one who sometimes allowed fear to hold her back. She decided to launch a blog and titled it: The Fear-Less Female! Her mission was to help other women realize that while it may not be realistic to be FEARLESS it is possible to FEAR-LESS. She jumped into this knowing she was not an expert but hoped she could possibly lead by example. She believed the world needed that special gift that only she had…
    … so… Laura applied for The Copy Cure scholarship with the hope that the experience would prompt feelings of adequacy and help her to fear-less. She could then continue to lead by example, helping herself and those around her!

  261. 1. I hope that this is not my internal excuse, but I feel that my biggest struggle originates from the fact that English is my second language. I love to express myself through the written word, but sometimes the sentence structure I use is not fluid and simple enough. I know that, if I had the right coaching, I would be able to write in a more compelling way.

    2. I work with jet-setting business professionals who are wrestling with learning French on their own, and I help them to instead speak Parisian French confidently in their travels and in business and impress their friends and clients with their fluent French.

    3. I am a 2012 B-School Alumna, and I go through the program every year. Great writing would help me show up in my business as the highly professional French language coach that I am. I work with languages, so my mastering writing in English would inspire my potential clients too – they’ll see that it is possible to master the intricacies of a second language, and they would be motivated by my transformation. Through my mastering of great writing, people who are traumatized by shame and embarrassment of the mistakes that they make in French will see the light at the end of their own tunnel too. If I can write well in a second language, they’ll trust that I have the right expertise to help them do the same.

  262. Thank you for this opportunity!!

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is it takes, what feels like an eternity to find the “right” thing to say and the “right” way to say it. For example, I saw this question and stared at the screen for 20 minutes. I want my copy to be “perfect,” create excitement, and spark action but panic when I sit down to do it.

    2. I’m a birth and postpartum doula dedicated to improving women’s health and empowerment. I believe educating birthing parents enables them to use that knowledge to make informed choices for themselves and their babies.

    As a woman of color who comes from an underserved community, my wish is to empower WOC so they have better birth experiences and birth outcomes. So much focus is placed on a baby, when, if we prioritize the health of birth parents, the baby’s good health would follow.

    3. Words are powerful!

    Learning to write copy that’s intentional, succinct, and effective, I believe, would translate to speaking in a similar way. My goal is empowerment and it would be amazing to share tools for efficient communication to the birth parents I serve.

    I trust the course would help grow my business by attracting more clients and allowing me to create quality informational content. Growing my business would help me finance my mom’s care and have more revenue and resources to volunteer as a doula for WOC, train and educate WOC doulas, and fund a birthing center for women in Guatemala.

  263. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? Recently recovering from a stroke that affected the communication part of my brain. Its been a humbling experience asking for help from friends and family. I cant believe I am applying for this scholarship either. Today writing is complicated and finding the perfect words to meet my demographic is now an interesting challenge. I am a visual person who can tell stories but put a pen in my hand and that is a different situation. Stuck and frustrated ! (I can type but not write) My beautiful penmanship is gone but my spirit is alive and ready for the next adventure.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? As an entrepreneur for past 20 years I now help entrepreneurs with business strategy and public relations in wellness and beauty industries.
    My mission is to inspire, educate and empower business owners / leaders with innovative tools, resources and connections.

    Super Gratitude

  264. Sagi Barzilay

    (184 words)
    The biggest struggle I have is writing at my perfect customer’s eye level.
    I struggle with writing in a language and jargon my perfect customer understands rather than me or my peers who are already familiar with the subject, the problem, and the solution.

    I am helping business owners and marketers who face
    an unexpected slew of incoming interested surfers,

    to provide a per individual person a customised tailored campaign that
    converts those surfers in to leads and to satisfied customers,

    without increasing workload or personnel, or losing time.

    Once I manage to speak at the level of my perfect customer;
    and (s)he buys the product — the customer is successful,
    stays in business, and lives another day with confidence.
I improve people’s life by letting business owners the necessary confidence that
    they are in the right business and are serving their people the right way.
    This applies also to myself — viewing other people succeed,
    not only survive, using a product I have created will make me proud.
    Being proud will also affect my family and we will have peaceful, fun, and
    caring life together.

  265. My biggest struggle is that I can write great grad papers – but school is NOT real life. At the same time, there is a huge vision wanting to download, and it take time to translate it into words that people can understand. In my mind’s eye, I hear the words of Crowded House, “There is Freedom Within, there is freedom without, try to catch the deluge in a paper cup.” My clients want the paper cup, but I want to give them the waters – there has to be a bridge between the two. I want to find a voice that speaks authentically and deeply to their hearts and encourages them to take action towards the life of their dreams – I just have to figure out how to cross the chasm between the potential I see for them and what they really want here and now.

    2. My business, which I am soon to launch is called Impower Healing, LLC – in which I help people reclaim their inner power to heal through connecting to and living from their true center. Specifically, my hope is to help sensitive people who struggle with overwhelm and deep empathy to master their sensitivity, reclaim their gifts and start putting them out into the world where it can make a difference (and where frankly it is DESPERATELY needed right now.) I’m a holistic healer so I’m the kind of person who looks at the ROOTS of problems rather than hacking away at the symptoms – and I firmly believe that self-healing leads to societal healing.

    3. From what I have seen of your work so far Marie, you have a super authentic voice, your organization of content is clear, concise and amazing, and you stand for a deeper purpose. Tony Robbins has always said that if you want to be great at something, follow the people that you admire — so I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to learn from someone who is putting out the kind of energy that I want to put out into the world – deeply authentic, personable, meaningful and USEFUL (actionable). I am just on the verge of building my community and I hope to build my audience primarily by doing guest posting and blogging, and a limited amount of social media – having the language and structure to do this quickly and effectively would be invaluable! Thank-you so much for this opportunity and I look forward to being more involved in your community and spreading the word! (I have not shown my website to anyone but you yet – and just published it now specifically for this opportunity. As you can see I need some help getting my blog and copy going for my main offer. I would sure love some help with this!)

  266. 1.The biggest struggle is getting my message understood. I am having a hard time doing that in my own language, let alone in English :). I always fail to finish writing just because I feel that I didn’t give enough value and my message isn’t good enough.
    2.I do interior design for families and young couples. I know that sounds like a weird niche. But a few months ago, after I lost my first drafting business to a bad partnership, It struck me. This is my mission, and I am best suited for it.
    All the events of my life, from near death experience to air force cadet, to psychology aficionado, to engineer and entrepreneur.
    Per aspera ad astra.
    I am here on this world to create comfort in my client’s lives and homes (in that order). I help families live in a space where their individual and common values are being manifested.
    I repair their relationship before it brakes down due to a poorly designed space. A better world begins with in a happy home.
    I am alone right now, but I’m here for the long haul.
    3.If I get admitted, I would be able to help a larger audience, scale my business and focus more on how to help my clients. If my happy clients would make just one other person happy and so on, I would have done my part for a better world.

  267. 1. Connect deeply with my audience, I have a lot to share, the message in my mind is really cool bit it is not the same when I write it. I want to hel, but my ideas are not the sam at the copy momento.

    2. My mission is: awaken the entrepreneur that dentists carry inside. In Mexico, the country where I live this profession is not recognized as a priority and even most of the dentist dont see their profession like a business. I teach them to chenge their mindset and think like an business woman/man

    – I could connect more with my dental audience and they will have and improve their bussiness capabilities
    – My family will have a better way to feed and reach goals
    – My community will have a better appreciation for dental care
    – My family, me and my beloved ones will have an income doing what we really care, help others, and in pecific help Mexico dental profesional increase their income thinking as businessman. By the other side, patients will leanr to really care about their dental care

  268. Anne-Lie Höög

    -My struggle with writing is to write so people get inspired enough to take action

    -Better writingskills would help me to connect better with my future coachingclients as a LifespiderCoach. To be able to help people to become all of what they are able to, and to find their true essence and drivingforces.
    -If I get a schoolarship it would help me develop my future business. I´m now a stay at home mum who don´t earn any money of my own and it is so frustrating!
    Have a nice weekend

  269. I am a writer. I create authentic and emotive pieces that touch people’s souls. But, when it comes to writing to get a sale, an opt-in, or any other CTA, I freeze. I feel like a fraud, like a snake-oil saleswoman. And that’s a shame; since my work is focused on helping people find relief and meaning in their pain. My mission is to reach those feeling alone in their suffering and guide them through their underworld, until they emerge stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

    I am a Jungian Shadow Worker – I bridge spirituality, philosophy, mythology, and psychology. I am certified by The Ford Institute, Sufi Master Abdul-Hayy, and am now currently training in the Jung Institute of Zurich. My ultimate aim is to help those in the Middle East and North Africa by doing this work not only in English, but also in French and Arabic (my two other languages).

    With the Copy Cure, my confidence to take the next necessary steps will skyrocket. I will write that email to get the funding I need. I will write to get people to participate in the mentorship programs and workshops I am creating that I know will change their lives. I will write to show myself that I am definitely not a fraud, and that what I am living for is worthy of pride as much as it is of humility. And then, I can show others that they, too, can take pride in their missions.

  270. Tosin

    Thank you so much Marie, I live in Nigeria, West Africa and I’m grateful you’re providing this for people that can’t afford to pay. Just wanted to say Thank You for the opportunity you’re giving people. How much is the program normally? Best wishes, Tosin Alli-Osori

  271. boris kaziev

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to apply.

  272. Marqueeta Hughes

    The biggest struggle for me is feeling like I am not good enough at writing, that no one really wants to read it. It stems back from childhood honestly, nothing ever was good enough for my parents. I am dedicated to building a community of people who want to change the world with entrepreneurship and stepping out of their comfort zones. My focus is women and girls, I believe that the world needs us so much. I believe that if I could become better at telling my story and urging people to action I would be able to build a tribe and make a difference in the world. People always say I inspire them, but I want to inspire people on a larger scale, we only have one life and its short. I have so much I want to say but it just never seems to come out right and I know my story is one people need to hear.

  273. Teresa Townsend

    1: My biggest struggle is that I’m not even sure I can write. I didn’t even realise until 2 years that I even wanted to write. I started reading and I felt an inner pull to write. I’ve written 3 books since and not sure what to do next.
    2: I spent over 20 years in finance and now I’m a Life Coach and want to serve. My clients are mainly women, who want out of their life. My mission I feel is to take as many people as I can up to their potential.
    3: I’m not sure if I’m saying too much, not saying enough and this fantastic opportunity would answer this question. Biggest one for me is to be a role model for my teenage son and change my family tree.

  274. Mikka

    Hi, I am Mikka, CPA by profession. I struggle to know how to complete and organize my thoughts and ideas as soon as I start writing. I strongly believe I have a unique story to inspire and share to the world. I have been working for more than 20 years in the corporate world. I have a gift to develop and inspire team members to discover their full potential. I have such unique background across various disciplines of finance and accounting and helped SMEs and MNCs to innovate and leverage technology to transform their businesses by practical application of accounting and finance. I hope to share my knowledge, talent and experiences to all entrepreneurs out there and allow them to transform their business to be more efficient so they can serve their customers better, value their primary asset which is their people and contribute to their community. I look forward to leave corporate world and start making a difference through The Copy Cure.

  275. Kitty

    During my English teacher training (I’m Dutch) I wrote a ‘glorious glossy’ career test and my teacher’s written comment to my piece of creative writing was “Is this really your original writing? If so, you should be doing it for a living!” Ever since I read his comment I feel not only a longing, but also a sense of enthusiastic obligation to make it real. However, I have been lacking confidence (I’m working on that one already) and the skills to structure my ideas, cultivate my ideas (build that business!), sell my writing and ideas and crucial: take the time, effort and discipline to simply put my ideas into writing!
    Now, I have a wonderful kid who’s 7, has a muscular disorder (MD1) and I am grateful but so ready to improve my financial situation (living on social benefits). I am already learning heaps of stuff from all the free information and teachings you offer, Marie; many thanks for that! And with my entry into your scholarship program I can’t wait to take the opportunity to report on my growth through blog posts and tell the world how you (and Tony Robbins) help me and help billions of others to bring out the best of themselves into the world. I will take on that job and do just the same!

  276. 1 My biggest struggle is finding my own writing style. I want to confidently write my authentic message. I don’t want to be anybody else. I just want to be the best me. The words are dying to get out of me. I just need help finding the skills and tactics to craft them in the clearest, most confident, most bad-assy way.

    2 I’m ‘Chief Cruncher’ of my snack startup. We partner with smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and train under served women in the community to be artisan bakers. Our mission is to produce irresistible teff snacks, create value added activities for the disadvantaged, and generate a deeper appreciation of the local culture.

    I started Dirkosh Crunch after my 7 month, solo, backpacking journey across Africa. Traveling through 13 African countries showed me that the best impact on the continent is empowering women. When women have good paying, stable jobs,– everything blossoms. So I quit my job, moved to Africa, and started this company to create something beautiful.

    3 Stronger writing will help me be a stronger woman. I hope it also helps me explain our mission of empowering women in Ethiopia in a way that is inspiring and educational. Tangibly, I hope at the end of The Copy Cure I am able to write more actionable social media media posts, more memorable web content/blogs, and write confident emails to my suppliers and potential investors.

    Thanks Marie & team!

  277. Thank you!!
    1.What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle with writing is, I write or do any work as a creative or an artist when I feel inspired to do so. You see when words come THROUGH me! And this “Inspiration” cannot be found on a CONSISTENT basis. I want this whole writing process to be So FUN that whenever it’s time to write, those fear gremlins don’t sneak in and make a noise saying “Oh, but you are not in ALIGNMENT, write when you feel INSPIRED to write, because if you write it in such an unaligned state, people won’t resonate with you and won’t like your work”, if it makes sense!
    2.What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    Ohh, I feel this is a really difficult question to answer. As like you, I am a multipassionate entrepreneur trying to make a difference in people’s lives.
    My website is
    I am currently doing a full time job as a Chartered accountant (which serves as a capitalist for my passion business) along with building my passion business of Lifeskills company, where are provide tools, teachings on the four areas of Entrepreneurship, Empowerment,Manifestation and Mindset. Our mission is “Inspiring you for an Inspired living”
    I am also author of the book “Mingling with the Universe” ( and wanna write more books) , podcaster, speaker, and just someone exploring more passions! 😉

    3.If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    1.Copy is very important for my career be it for my books, my speaking engagements in future, my blogs, my sales page, my social media posts as currently I am in the first year of my business and I haven’t made any penny because my main focus is around building a community of raving followers to love my work and so I am providing them my work for free.
    Getting Copy cure in my lap, will make me successful wayyyyy sooner than I have planned as more and more people will love my work after that and they in turn will share with more people which will serve my main intention for 1st year of my business which is community building!

  278. Once upon a time, there was a photographer. She was blessed to be able to work on her business full time and started to find clients and success.
    Then her husband found out he was losing his job. That photographer went back to work as in education. It gave them the security of a regular paycheck and health benefits for their family while her husband travelled for work as a contractor.
    She loved her students, but that photographer felt trapped, unfulfilled, and drained but it was temporary (two years max) and then she’d be back to what she loved. She kept her website professional (read boring) and focused on getting out to meet people in person so they could know her.
    Fast forward six years, her hubby took a pay cut to be home, her daughter has overcome her worst year yet in her mental health struggles, but that photographer is still working in education and hustling nights and weekends.
    Then, one magical day in October 2018 an email comes in…you have been chosen for the Marie Forleo Copy Cure Scholarship!
    Suddenly when clients find her website and social media they instantly fall in love – this girl is not only great behind the camera but she’s so full of joy and funny too. They haven’t even met her yet, but know she really gets them.
    In June 2019, that photographer left her school, said goodbye to her students, and stepped forward into the business that lights her up.

  279. 1) Fear. It can be paralysing. My writing suffers because I fear judgement and ridiucle. I fear not being able to take the words back and for them to forever be on show. I have no idea how to craft copy that will deliver my objective, which means lack of confidence that’s rooted in fear.
    2) I’ve committed to acting as a role model and inspiration to others to help empower them face modern-day fears so that they can transform and author their lives towards one they love, where they feel fulfilment and joy. This is done in a holistic approach including me sharing my personal challenges and experiences as well as public speaking and coaching my clients towards an improved mindset and lifestyle. My mission is to touch people’s hearts so that they feel empowered to nurture their own.
    3) This opportunity would be a perfect example to share with my community, to show that you can’t let fear stop you. It would give me the knowledge about effective copy which would give me the confidence to push myself over the edge and become awesome. This, in turn, would help me make the leap from concept and desire to reality. It would support me in realising my purpose and making it a full-time job. This isn’t just for me though, those aligned and in need of my message and support would become connected with it, which in turn would impact their lives in a positive way, however that looked for them. We would have a lot more people walking around being inspired and motivated to design and author the life they love.

    Sending you all big smiles and hugs 🙂

  280. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle is putting my words across in a natural, informal and relatable tone. I discuss very sensitive issues at times (caring for children with special needs) and sharing my message while remaining hopeful, encouraging, being matter of fact and educating while not appearing ableist is a tight line to walk.
    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? My business is a support website for mothers of children with Autism. My mission is to provide support and education for mothers to help them drive positive change for their children whilst also looking after themselves. A mother with special needs child must look after themselves so that they can look after their child and I want to facilitate programs to help these mothers fill their own cup so that they can be their best for their child.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? It is important that I can convey my authenticity to my audience as a mother who has a severely disabled child. In order to reach the people I want to reach, I need to be able to share vulnerability from my life along with being relatable, real and accessible.

  281. THANK YOU, Marie, for offering this wonderful scholarship!

    As soon as I start writing, I start second guessing myself. Is this the right topic? Is this what my audience wants to hear? Is this the best way to serve them? The mental chatter maddens me and I just want to scream at it to shut up and let me write! It’s frustrating and confusing, because I really do believe in the strength and power of my message.

    I serve new mothers throughout the postnatal year. Most pregnant women are so focused on their pregnancies and upcoming births that they forget to plan for what comes next…and the reality of caring for a newborn, while recovering from birth, is a huge shock. It can have devastating consequences on all parts of their lives. It’s horrifying to me that suicide is one of the leading causes of death for postnatal women. We have lost so much knowledge about how to care and protect new mothers. I’m passionate about helping mums access this knowledge, and feel valued and supported.

    The Copy Cure would help me get clear on what I want to say and how to say it so it resonates with my audience. Expectant mums would take my message seriously and learn how to protect their health and wellbeing. They’d feel more confident in their parenting, more connected to their communities. It would also make a huge difference for my family – my business would become sustainable.

  282. Zorana Radović

    Due to the lack of courage, funds, opportunity, and mainly determination, lulled by the comfort of a “steady” job, I’ve postponed pursuing my dream (even though I started my website 7 years ago), until now that I had my baby. She’s my main motivation for doing this. I know it might be the worst timing, but I guess I’ve needed that extra push (no pun intended).
    I’ve started my business in June this year, and my main struggle at this moment is sending out the right message about what I do. You see, I believe in what I do, I know I provide value for my students, but I’m not sure that I’m able to explain and convince people of that. There’s so much crap online, so I’m afraid that people can’t really tell that this isn’t like that.
    I’m an ESL teacher, and I have an online school, which is created in a way that goes beyond traditional methods of teaching and focuses on the students, providing them flexibility in the learning process, quality educational materials (which I’m creating myself) and motivation.
    At the moment, my copy is all over the place. I’m doing most of the writing, but my husband often helps, especially at times when I feel I’m going nowhere, and he has a completely different writing style.
    I’m already giving a big contribution to my community, as most of my educational content is available for free on my website. I believe this program would help me take off, scale some of the workload, and thus have more time for my family.

  283. My biggest struggle with writing is my public voice. I love to write. I am not comfortable sharing that writing online. When I write for an online audience, I become stuck, unsure, and I put off “publishing” because of the fear that I don’t sound authentic. I have a website and a small number of subscribers whom I would love to continue to motivate. I don’t know how to do this well.

    I am a writing coach and editor. In my relatively new business, I have worked predominantly with women over 40. Because circumstances have changed (their children are older, they are settled in their professions, for example), the women are able to focus on stories they’ve hidden away – in their journals, in computer files – over many years. They are ready to hone and share their words. I want to help them gain the confidence and skills to do this.

    So far, I’ve worked with writers who live in my area and who know me. I’d like to broaden my reach. Stronger writing would help me to connect online as authentically as I do in person. Working with a wider range of clients would develop my abilities as a coach, helping more stories to be told. Stronger writing could help me to engage people on my subscriber list – whether or not I am coaching them – so that they continue to devote time to their writing and share their important stories.

  284. 1. I never know whether the way I’m writing will resonate with people and even when I think I’ve hit the mark, it’s crickets!! I never seem to get people to sign up, answer a questionaire, make a comment etc. I really don’t know why but I’m just getting no ‘action’ on my CTA’s!

    2. I serve women, mostly mums, who struggle to be as healthy as they’d like themselves and their families to be. My mission is to be part of a health revolution where the reliance on doctors and convenience foods is replaced by whole food, water, exercise, sunshine and a positive outlook!

    3. The Copy Cure would mean that more people would get eyes on what I have to offer. More people would have access to real information about how achievable it can be to live and eat healthier without the gimmicks, and have actual tangible ideas and tips about how to implement these things into their lives. When a mother is healthier and happier, everyone in her family benefits and those habits can be passed down through generations. For me, every person that says they’ve changed their diet or eaten some healthier meals or they’re feeling better because of something I’ve said, completely lights me up and spurs me on to do the same thing for more people. The copy cure would mean this could happen a little more often.

  285. 1. My biggest struggle is articulating my message, while addressing the needs and ambitions of my audience. I struggle with finding the right words that will connect emotionally and effectively with the most driven people in my audience because I often find myself unsure and whether or not my personal story connects with others. My mission is to create a community of high achievers that feel supported in their journey towards greater impact.
    2. I am a happiness and success coach, I help high achieving and ambitious women and men define their best selves and the type of impact they want to have in their communities. I help people develop into their most positive, happy, and motivated version, so they can be leaders in their families, communities, and countries.
    3. The Copy Cure will help me reach the ideal audience, individuals who want to make a big difference not only in their personal lives, but in the lives of others. Writing better copy will get me there – help me understand how to connect through writing and engage my audience. I know I have a gift in connecting and coaching people to be positive and growth-oriented. Knowing how to write better, will improve my business impact and also increase my capacity to give more to my family and to social causes (I am interested in women’s empowerment and girl’s education – since I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, I have always wanted to make a bigger impact in girls’ and women’s lives). The tangible difference I will see are more people served by my message, more lives impacted positively, and more courageous and socially-minded people unleashed to do the good work in their lives – educating, helping, and inspiring others in their circles.

  286. Jasmine Garcia

    I ask myself constantly about time. When do I decide to put the dish soap down and the basket of laundry to just sit and do something I love. Why is it so difficult? My limited exhausted time. My toddler watching Baby Boss on Netflix for the 50th time, waiting to be distracted by actual toys on the floor while we laugh at the funny way he babbles his words. Deciding to make time is my struggle because I love my son and I have to clean this old house! Working a fulltime job as a property manager is my “job”. Although I enjoy finding a place for a family to live, I wish I could flourish in my creativity. The closest I’ve gotten to it is buying old furniture and TRYING to refinish it. I love to sing. Singing with the music on blast on a way to an appointment was the closest I’ve gotten. Painting just gone out the window along with playing the guitar and learning French. Writing was my favorite where I could make the tone of the story match the exact way I was feeling. Has it been years since I’ve written like this? Wow. Just 250 words. I know if I had this opportunity, it would simply make my heart rejoice and I could do something with it, a blog, a story or a book! . I could establish a plan to write about the things I love, and that can reach hundreds of people.

  287. Siana Braganza

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is finding my voice, my true and authentic voice that I feel proud to share with others around me. I want to find my voice so I can be of service in the world in a way that only I can.

    2. If I could improve my writing skills, I would be able to connect with people in a way that transcends us both to a better place. I want to write to inspire, to widen perspectives, to explore ways of thinking, to change and evolve myself first and then others.

    3. I’m a new mum, living in a country that is not my own. I would be very grateful to receive the scholarship to start and build my Positive Psychology Coaching business so I can help stay connected to myself and to others. I want to have an impact on the world that my baby daughter would be proud of.

    Thank you Marie Forleo for the work that you do.

  288. The content in my head is abundant, yet, when it comes down to releasing it to the world, I freeze. As a young breast cancer survivor, I am cultivating my audience now, and being the change I want to see in the world by taking action. Currently, I have a podcast dedicated to survivors who BE the change they want to see in the world. Next week, I’ll be in Washington DC to support metastatic breast cancer patients. One in three women will end up with MBC. It’s terrifying to think of how many lives may be cut short during this human experience if we don’t do something about stopping what actually kills men and women with breast cancer.

    I’ll finally have the courage to tell my story. Nearly four years since diagnosis, I’ve had to adjust and grow, and the transformation has been dramatic. Now, it’s time to fly! Financially, I’ve been a mess due to student loans, medical bills, taking time off work, etc. Luckily, I’ve enlisted a financial coach, so I am open and receptive to this opportunity! This scholarship would help TREMENDOUSLY, as I feel strongly there’s a reason why I’m pouring my heart out here. I CAN survive, and want to show others they can do the same beautifully with courage and grace. By elevating their businesses and stories, I aim to be a lightworker. I want to clean up my hometown, make my family proud, and diminish ignorance in regards to breast cancer awareness.

  289. 1. My biggest struggle is that I sound like a professional robot when I’m writing copy. I can talk like a regular person, but for some reason, I can’t translate it when I write. I think that’s because I was in the Army 12 years, and I was great and so successful at it, but, in order for me to be taken seriously in email correspondence and such, I was trained to take all personality out my speech and writing. As an entrepreneur now, I’m trying really hard to un-do this training, but I’m having a hard time doing it on my own.
    2. When I retired from the Army, I became a licensed Realtor. I decided that I need to serve mainly two groups: military families and lower to middle income families. My reasons for serving other veterans is pretty obvious- I love my brothers and sisters in arms and I want to do anything I can to help their families. The other group of people I love to serve, the lower income households is for another reason. I grew up on government assistance and everyone I knew was too. And everyone lived in apartments or houses that they rented with the assistance of the government. No one owned ANYTHING in my life. No one in my life had ever worked with, or known a realtor. That needs to change. My fiancé and I bought a house this year (which is why, on top of losing my twice a month income from the Army, I’m kinda broke right now). I want my family and friends to have something of their own. They’re afraid to even try because they don’t know the process and no one else is trying to help them figure it out. So, why not me?
    3. I have been stalking The Copy Cure and B-School for years! Even while I was still in the Army, before I knew I What I wanted to do after I got out. If I learned how to consistently write better, without overthinking it all the time, I’d be better at explaining things to people instead of feeling like I’m just a rambling robot. I’d be able to actually get my point across about the importance of homeownership to people who don’t understand it i the first place. I feel like I’d be able to make a difference in the lives of my family, friends, veterans and total strangers who need my message.

  290. My biggest struggle with writing is figuring out/deciding on my content! I often write in a more complicated style than necessary, and with a background in print journalism, I know the value of KISS. I’ve never had any formal training, and I am a sponge for writing tips! My mission as a health and wellness coach is to free busy moms from the overwhelm and struggle of what is arguably the busiest time in their lives while equipping them to serve their families, friends, and communities from a place of love, joy, and peace. I specialize in essential oils protocols. To me, it’s all about helping my clients find their perfect balance. Stronger writing would help clear up my message and hopefully make me more accessible to those who need my services. Writing is all about communication, and better communication in my business will naturally translate into better communication in all of my other relationships – family, friends, and even with myself so I can do the inner work in a way that is effective and powerful, supporting me toward my very best so I can serve in the very best way. Gaining more exposure and clients would equal more income for my family – so I could pay off our debts, be confident to purchase the things we need, and one day plan and pay for a family trip to create fantastic, fun memories for us all. Living in financial freedom is the DREAM.

  291. Alice Leite Flores

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is self-criticism, which sometimes freezes me. And also I fear criticism from others, so I tend not to say what I need to say and get detached from myself and from others.
    2. My work has been dedicated to architecture for the last 9 years. My true mission is still on a quest to be found, but what moves me is to try to express myself in an artistic language that can show my soul and hopefully, convey a message of humanity and kindness.
    3. A stronger writing would help me be more transparent in what I say, even to myself. In communicating more directly, I could finally build a stronger community sense with those around me and shape mutual understanding, instead of conveying a message of isolation.

  292. 1. My biggest struggle is that I throw up onto a page everything I’m thinking. I am also dyslexic, which shifts my brain at times. While it is one of my struggles I never use it as an excuse. I have a natural funny side that I can’t seem to capture when writing.

    2. When women wear my jewelry I want them to feel good about themselves, to wear my jewelry as reminders to be kind or calm or patient with others & themselves. ‘Accessorize with ease and intent’ is my tag line. I don’t believe I was given my creativity & built my small business to not give back. I create & sell certain bracelets where half of the sales go directly back to the need. I also host my annual Marinella jewelry Trunk Show/Holiday food drive to help fill the small pantry of one of our neediest communities, a community I’m passionate about!

    3. I believe in your words that better copy helps drive sales, which in turn would help my family & my community financially. My husband especially helps me without doubt or question. He knows I have a creative side & a big heart that needs to be ‘fed’. The people/causes I give back to are always SO appreciative, that I imagine how much more I could give back to them. Many times what I am giving doesn’t just help a person(s) but it furthers another important cause. The stronger I get the stronger my community gets!!

  293. For the last 6 years my family and I have lived in 8 different countries hoping to start a new life in every one. But each time leaving due to similar themes, unfairness, workplace bullying, poor management etc.

    As a result I became passionate about practicing alignment. As teachers we have to be more aligned because our alignment affects the students & colleagues. Parents also need to be aligned. If we’re out of whack then how will it affect the children?

    My business is about that. Leading a Teacher Alignment Academy where teachers and parents feel supported and skilled in managing themselves. After all – we’re ALL teachers. I want to coach people, share my alignment strategies and how to apply them. This is through creativity, compassion and ultimately better connections.

    Problem though- I get scared.
    I struggle to make my writing connect.
    How quirky should I be?
    How personal should I get?
    How do I make it clear, concise and impact in the way I want it to?
    How do I make people pay for what I believe I can offer them though my writing?

    Increased confidence = Great copy = great website = happy people = sales = new life and business for my family and I. This makes me feel free. This would help my family break out of this cycle.

    We have met some beautiful people, seen amazing places. But I am tired of packing up our lives and starting again. I want to build a home. It starts with action and copy.

  294. Nikki Winkle

    To be honest, I’ve never actually attempted to write professionally. However, the thought is a bit overwhelming. I’m interested in this scholarship because I’ve had an idea to write a book about how to help children who have been court ordered as a Child in Need of Services, a “CHINS” kid. I am a CASA Volunteer. A Court Appointed Specialty Advocate for a child in such need. (In some states it is also known as GAL) The eye-opening experiences this service has gifted me, along with Marie’s motivation, has sparked an idea for a book… or two.

    I’d like to write a book to help CHINS kids because it’s very complex process! I want children to be educated on what the court system is like and what support and services will now be available to them and their families. I’d like to help them understand what to expect moving forward and that the many emotions and up’s and down’s they are going to feel are temporary, normal, and that they can get through this.

    If I were awarded this scholarship, I feel it would help me organize and actualize my ideas in a way that would stream-line the process and help to get this book in the hands of children sooner rather than later. Also, one version of this idea is a book for small children in which I would also illustrate. The book for kids 12 and up would need to be very different, respectfully.

    My Best, Nikki

  295. Hello! Thank you for extending this opportunity.
    First, my biggest struggle with writing is trying to ensure that my copy captures my full voice and personality instead of being boring and wordy, especially when I’m trying to do something like daily posts on Instagram.
    Second, I am an artist creating colorful work for children and adults, and my passion is literacy. Currently, I am using my tiny platform (my hundred or so Instagram followers and my participation in arts events) to raise money for a school district fund that pays for basic needs for our city’s most vulnerable students. It’s hard to learn to read if you’re hungry, or in the dark because the electric bill hasn’t been paid. I have further dreams for fundraising for this organization. I also dream of writing and illustrating my own early readers full of joy and color, combining all my passions together.
    Finally, if this scholarship came to me, it would help me to get my fledgling art business really soaring. This would obviously benefit me and my business dreams. It would benefit my family directly through not only creating a second income, but through my being more fufilled as an individual, which makes the entire unit stronger. Finally, because of my comment to education, my community would also thrive through my strong business presence. Eventually, my books would let me reach out to even more children around the world.

  296. My biggest struggle with writing is know how to write content that will engage with people that will start conversation and begin to create community and that will end in loyal customers. I find it difficult to know the level of vulnerability that should share and when I don’t get engagement on my posts like I would want, what to do to change it.
    So my business is called Natrice, we are a natural hair and skin company that makes an Organic Shea Butter creams called ‘Organic Shea Infusion’ that “empower you to feel beautiful in your own skin”. When you purchase from us you get your cream a beautiful box with a stunning stickerbook that will inspire and a travel bag created by our partners at Beacon of Hope Production, Kenya. This centre has become a driving force in combating HIV/AIDs and providing women with sustainable income as they use their God-given talents.
    Lastly, through your purchase with Natrice to invest in Choose Empathy a non-profit organisation that affirm the worth of disadvantage females in need by meeting practical needs and speaking tangible truths of acceptance. They choose to do this by providing Empathy Boxes containing washable cloth pads and a personalised letter of self-worth affirmations.

    If I could to get a scholarship on the copy cure it would enable me to increase engagement, community and expertise to make my business the business I know it can be!

  297. Judy

    Hi, am from Kenya and my biggest struggle with writing is putting my thoughts together in a way that someone else can enjoy reading and understand. The young and women, and all the wonderful men. The difference this scholarship would make is huge, best when you’ll see.

  298. 1. My biggest struggle is writing the way I talk. I’m an extrovert who’s customer service driven, yet I write like an introvert (no pun intended). I find my writing too professional although I’m a jokester. I’d like to mesh the two together and have the authentic me show in my writing.
    2. I’ve recently made a lateral move within the company from doing accounting work to administrative. The department I transferred to have the communications, marketing and web design teams. Had a coworker make a comment saying, “I wish it were a promotion for you.” I quickly responded stating this is a promotion and only I understood the reasons why, but I appreciate her concerns. The move wasn’t about status. I see the bigger picture and know the money will come. My reasons for taking the job without getting a pay increase is because I’m pursuing my dream to become a writer and to establish a girl’s group home for troubled teens. Working in the new department will provide me with the skills for both.
    3. Admission into the Copy Cure would further hone my skills as a writer and allow the authentic me to shine through. It would also help with writing content catered to teens, in particularly troubled teens, as they tend to shy away from verbiage that’s too professional. They want and need someone who they can relate to on their level.

  299. 1. My biggest writing struggle is to get what is in my head focused and on paper. Everything seems to ‘disappear’ and overwhelm sets in when I sit down to write.

    2. My business is to point others in the direction of how the mind works. With this understanding, thoughts becomes nothing to hate, change, avoid, or work through, but understood for what it is. This alleviates blame, shame, guilt, judgment, which clouds our creativity and thinking. By understanding how the mind works, clarity of mind rises up allowing for the infinite potential we are to shine through. This understanding applies to individuals and business alike.

    3. I could finally express what I understand and know and write the website, the book, the articles in an articulate and heart felt, compassionate way to get this understanding out to a larger audience. I’ve seen this understanding bring people back from the brink of suicide, from hurting others, & business explode with success.

  300. Bethany Miller

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I have a difficult time expressing myself in a way that seems genuine. Writing persuasive marketing copy is hard and takes me much longer than others because I overthink everything.
    2. I actually work for a writing company! The company is based around homeschool writing through home-study curriculum and online writing classes (K-12). My mission is to become better at my job so that I can communicate clearly with our customers and with my staff members.
    3. It would change my life. First, because I would be so shocked and happy to receive admission! Stronger writing would help me in my own creative projects. It would help the company I work for because I’d be more confident in my writing and communications with staff and customers. My family and community would benefit from my confidence, peace of mind, and the words I’d put out into the world.

  301. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? I usually have good ideas; but sometimes putting pen to paper is not as easy. I have 3 book ideas for instance: pregnancy, postpartum and a bereavement book. I even have outlines for the books; but I guess I struggle with following thru to the total end. I need help in order to get my dream of publishing finally done!
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I am a doula and I also train doulas. My mission is to help mothers learn more about trusting their bodies for birth and help those mothers recovering in postpartum to have good information and education. I actually started a small support group called “Bettering Lives of Outstanding Moms” and I want to help these mothers more.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? If Copy Cure landed in my lap, I believe that taking this course would make me a strong enough writer to complete the books that I want to publish for mothers (pregnancy book, postpartum book, and bereavement book). I also think it would help me so much on my online blogs, etc. I just want to help mothers know more — please consider me for this scholarship!

  302. 1. My writing appears to be sabotaging my best efforts like a bus driver who misses the bus stop every time and rides with empty seats and an empty till. I offer courses but I’m not getting passengers on this amazing journey. I have been struggling with this since 2003 and the challenge is unrelenting. I really don’t have the insight to know the difference between how copy attracts interest and commitment or lets it slip past unnoticed.
    2. I run short courses on supporting architects to become more creative and to introduce curves and a feminine quality into what is a male-dominated building industry. To create softer sculptural forms for their buildings rather than another flat-sided box. I have lost a large fortune trying to do this but I am not going to give up. The courses give architects the possibility of giving others deeper meaning in their lives through a softer and more inwardly spiritual approach to design.
    3. Femininity is a rare quality in architecture and if it does not find a voice the world will be lesser for it. There are thousands of young people asking deep questions about how architecture can meet their strongest needs, but they don’t know where to find a way to marry their needs with how architecture is done today and our courses will support them if they knew about them. Instead of being a struggling 2 person business at the bottom of Africa we could become global and make a real difference not only to young architects but to all they serve throughout their professional lives. We can then move from small groups of people attending short courses a few times a year to an online course that has the ability to change how people, especially women, think about and practice architecture.

  303. I am a professional jazz musician and music educator. I am also the creator of new musical instrument that is based on ancient resonance principals. Recently I have developed a new product utilizing that instrument in the form of audio files that help us transform ourselves to be more naturally harmonic, productive, and receptive human beings. I desire to share my new product with the world and regretfully realize I am the only person that exists that can write about these new discoveries. I never intended to become a writer but necessity is sometimes the mother of invention. Although I have the appearance of being financially in the low income bracket I am blessed with a unique mission and would greatly appreciate the chance to learn the copy skills that I obviously lack.

  304. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    I struggle with concise writing that still gets attention. When I try to keep it short, I seem to lose my mojo.
    My work gives women a chance to heal emotional wounds and learn how to make the most of habits, breaking bad ones and getting good ones started.
    By expanding my work, I can better support my family with my time and financial resources. I’m working a bridge job part time while acting as patient advocate for my critically ill father. I have several additional family members I’m providing general support for both physical and mental health concerns. This has been the summer of multiple cancer diagnoses, dramas, traumas, and major upheaval. I’m working hard to hold steady and make progress through these difficult and painful challenges.
    Every woman that gains freedom from emotional pain or learns how to use habits to their advantage becomes more confident and content creating a ripple effect around them. Right now, I only get a drop or two at a time. I long to create a storm of positive change.
    Thank you again. Your work has been incredibly encouraging and helpful to me!

  305. 1. English is my second language. My wife’s first language is English and she is helping me with my writing. We are taking a lot of time to write an email or a post, or a blog because of the conflict about styles and proper or common English. I am waiting for her to review my messages before I send them. She does her best; however, when she arrives home from work she is tired and is hard to be productive.
    2. I am a Social Psychologist, Marriage and Family Specialist. Family Mediator.
    3. Our mission is to build strong marriages and families in the USA and Latin America. We also work with singles who want to find the love of their life and get married.
    4 & 5. Gaining more abilities to write will help me to connect with my audience and help them to make meaningful change in their life. It also will increase our income and increase our quality life. We will touch more marriages and more communities in the USA and Latin America. This is our dream.
    Something about me: I am passionate to learn. For this reason, I am persistent, creative and very good following new directions. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.

  306. Thank you for the opportunity to give voice to my struggle, my mission, and apsirations.
    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    As I pursue integrating my soul’s work at this stage in my life and career (I am 66 yrs), I find it more challenging to convey my offerings in a more succinct way that truly reflects my soul wisdom. I have in the past advertised my classes in a rather “pre-fab” format as it was taught to me when I got certified, trained, etc. Now, that no longer fits for me and I find myself often blocked in writing what is more to my truth and experience.

    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I have dedicated my life’s work to the cultivation of compassion, loving-kindness, and mindfulness. It not just about the cultivation, but the embodiment of these qualities in everyday life. This embodiment allows us to show up to our own soul voice and gives can give us a vehicle to connect with presence, truth, and compassion to others. I serve anyone who is interested in cultivating these qualities.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    If I could be more clear on my invitation to others, then my aspiration of cultivating more compassionate, honest, soul-full, and kind communities, etc., would have a greater opportunity to spread.

    With Gratitude.

  307. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I struggle with grammar skills and low self-confidence. I don’t believe in myself and my writing abilities, and while I love reading and enjoy good writing, and I even write as a creative outlet, I struggle to articulate myself on a level where my writing does not sound simple and dull.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My job is for a non-profit organization, Bread For Israel. I work as the Program Administrator, arranging bread distribution across Israel to over 120 locations, and over 100,000 loaves of bread per month distributed free to hungry children in Israel. I use writing in donor communication, advertising, web and email copy, and communicating with the bakery and volunteers. On a personal level I am a mother to 4 boys, and my husband studies Talmudic law.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Better writing can mean more loaves of bread for hungry children in Israel. Until now we have had to use operating funds on paying copywriters, or else we have been left with sub-par copy. If we could bring the copy-writing in house we would be able to invest in the bread more, which matters most.

  308. Francesca

    I don’t believe much in coincidences and have as of late been really trying to pay attention to what is put in my path. I get your emails and usually save them for a time when I have some peace and quiet to really dig into them. But for some reason I was compelled to open this and read. Your The Copy Cure keeps popping up and I think it is time to pay attention to it. So with that – here are my answers to your questions above:
    1. I have a love hate relationship with writing. I love to write and love what comes out; and I hate the constant battle I feel like I have with the gremlins in my head that tell me no one will read what I will write. It has been a few years now since I have been “feeling” a book inside me. Probably more than one book actually. I think I struggle most with getting clear on the different topics. And there is probably equal struggle with quieting the gremlins. The clarity is a big piece for me – I have a story to tell about adopting my daughter when she was 4, and I have advice related to that, and to living your life simply that I know is important to share. I just feel frozen in my quest to consistently do what I know needs to be done to reach that goal. And I have decided to ask for and let in as much information about getting clarity & squelching that gremlin.
    2. My work is dedicated to helping people as I say create a life they love. I am a professional organizer and a health coach and I believe strongly that how we live, what we own, affects how we “do” life and how good we feel about that doing. I know organization plays a key role. But it is more than just having things *look* tidy and neat. To really know what you have and why you have it involves digging into your self, asking tough questions, and making some not-so-easy decisions. I love the work I do. And I especially love writing about it. My goal is to be a thought-leader, to inspire others, in general, to improve their lives and achieve their goals. As a professional organizer, my niche market is really women who work — helping them find purpose through organization and healthy lifestyle changes. But I see myself as being able to affect more people, more broadly – and with writing I feel like I can reach so many more – which is my deepest goal.
    3. Stronger writing would help me, my business, my family for sure, and my community. It is palpable how much I want to positively affect people. I want people to live more purposefully, consciously. I know that with strong writing my esteem would be higher. My business would take on a different realm — it would help me be seen as a thought leader, because being an author is but one way in which I would like to become one. Funnily enough, coming from a very large, and close-knit Italian family, would help me feel more understood and seen in the midst of literally over 100 immediate members. That is my own “issue” so it might sound more selfish. But I also think that since we never know who people truly or what their fears and goals are, and what I write about could help them, too, see and feel and do more for themselves. I think in general, the opportunity to home in on my craft – being an artist in this way – will allow me to grow more and in return give more to others.

  309. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is writing in a way that translates my offerings and availability to my audience. I can write well, but I have trouble focusing my points and translating into selling. I have zero marketing experience, so I don’t know how to sell.
    2. What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a women’s health care practitioner- a Certified Nurse Midwife/Lactation Consultant. After 28 years in “mainstream” medicine, I left the security of my salary and position to dedicate myself to a mission-based practice.
    My mission is to elevate women to their full potential, helping them to reach their personal health goals. In my heart and soul, I am a midwife – all that I do reflects being “with women”. Treating women with respect, honesty and true caring is so vital to me. Partnership is key. I do not believe that a medical professional should do anything to, or for you; rather she should work in partnership with you.
    As I am entering my “wisdom” years, I am realizing that the intuitive knowledge that I have gained from the women that I have served over time, and from living through family and personal health obstacles, enhances my practice. Yes, age has its virtues. I bring this with me to our visits.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I think that the biggest advantage would be to be able to communicate fully and let the women that I’d like to serve be aware of my services. My goal is to bring value to the lives of families. In order to do this, I need to earn a living doing what I do. I’ve been investing in so much clinical education, that there isn’t any funds left for more marketing or writing workshops. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I would not disappoint you if you chose me.

  310. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

  311. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is knowing what is of value to the reader. I have stories to share, but I am not clear on what is important to ME versus what value they would want to receive. On top of that I would like to learn how to write concisely. I am trying to serve others the best that I can and there is a fine line between sharing and being egocentric.

    2. My business is dedicated to helping mothers of children with special needs find their happiness again after receiving a life long diagnosis that their children will never be what they thought they would be. My mission is help mothers come out from under the isolation and daily stress to know that there is a world beyond medical bills, wheelchairs and grant applications by improving their physical, emotional and financial health.

    3. In building the skills for better writing I can reach more mothers through my online copy. With compassion and empathy clearly written I would build relationships and trust with women who have a hard time trusting anyone. If they see that there is another way to live, one that is not full of worry, pain and solitude and I can share with them community, happiness and growth I can make an impact one mum at a time.

    Once this happens, their children in turn will also feel less stress and more happiness.

    Thank you to Marie and the team for this opportunity. Should it happen that I don’t receive the spot, I am very sure it has gone to the right person. I get so much happiness and value from your podcast (I listen to it daily on my morning walks after running) and finding out about you from my sister was a gift in itself.

  312. Tania

    Hi MF team and community!
    My current struggle with writing is presenting my services as a freelance technical and professional writer in a way that attracts more customers and local businesses here in Puerto Rico.
    I’m in the business of writing (many things actually!) and I aim to serve others through my writing. Whether it’s a technical writing project for a company, writing for an agricultural magazine (I have a science background) or a personal development writing project (passion project I’m working on); I serve in writing.
    Writing has been a passion of mine since I was young, but being multi-passionate (as Marie would say) I chose to be a chemist and educator first. Then, in 2015 I decided to finally go for it, leaving my job in the pharma industry after 10 years.
    Truthfully, working freelance as a writer has proven to be a challenge. While I still take other jobs and do all I can, copy writing would really help me learn how to write to attract more customers. I think the program would make a really big difference in how my freelance business runs and in my own development as a writer.
    It would be an amazing opportunity to participate in one of the MF programs, which I really believe in!
    Hoping for the best and wishing the best of luck to others.

  313. Serru Renee Relunasun

    I have had lots of great feedback about what I have written online, in encouraging personal messages and when communicating about difficult topics. Where I could use some support is to ensure that I am using a style that is relevant and methods that are effective as I am being offered a leadership opportunity online, to show up fully all aspects of my personal journey as a woman who is transforming her life after 5 very challenging years of significant changes.

    My work has been as an Entrepreneur Coach for people who are pursuing, developing and offering their Divinely Guided gifts, then I went on to become an advocate for affordable housing and I have always had an interest in First Nations and how the reconciliation conversation can soothe all our Souls. What I have realized is that in all my work there is an essence of self-care, celebration awareness and shared resources that I have had as my foundational theme that can enhance everyone in our communities lives. That is what my current opportunity is offering and I can become another example of what Is Possible!

    As I am re-establishing my life and those that are important to me are settled this will allow me to upgrade my skills and abilities when it comes to writing which I have been being guided about for a while now. It’s so exciting! In my new leadership role and with the potential learning of the program ~ the Copy Cure; I can show by example what I learn so that this resource can be gathered and shared in the most effective and efficient manner to enhance Richer, Joyful Living as we all upgrade our quality of life together.

    Thanks, Marie and Team so much for this opportunity, I am very Grateful for your generosity. I realize that this invitation to answer your questions has already added positive energy and forward motion to my intentions.

  314. Hello Marie and Team Forleo,
    I hit the enter button by mistake earlier, without answering the questions… So sorry!
    But here are my answers:
    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is to write things that connect and create engagement. I feel like I talk to a wall most of the time. I assume I know who my target audience is and what they need (floral service for weddings and events). I try to alternate my writing among what I offer (floral service), life as a floral designer, life outside floral world, my travels, passion and my cat to try to create engagement because I was told people buy from people. Still there are hardly engagements are created. I am really clueless, if it is really my writing, or if I miss technical tricks to connect with my intended audience. This is why I struggle, I feel like I already applied advice from the social media experts, but I still don’t see results.
    What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am transitioning my hobby in floral design into a business. I serve wedding couples or people who need floral service for their events. I offer a full service floral design, and I am developing an a la carte service at the moment. My mission to create ease and peace of mind for my clients (both full service and a la carte), to make them feel assured that they are in good hands, that the florals will be gorgeous, so they can focus on enjoying their precious moments.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    If I have the opportunity to learn from The Copy Cure, I would learn how to write copy that create connections, and soon create sales, because I am pretty sure there things that I unconsciously do that hinder me to connect to my intended audience. Knowledge/ education is power, and I need this opportunity badly to take my small business off the ground. In addition to this, when my business can finally make a profit, I will be able to reach my personal goal to financial freedom. In order to have more resources to help the community and family around me, I need to help myself. This floral business of mine is my chance to do so.
    On the side note, while trying to kick off my own business right now, I am also trying to coach my little sister to create her business in illustration world. When I am successful to launch my own, it can be an inspiration to her too. I really want to inspire others by example, and it starts with my close family and friends .
    The Copy Cure will have a positive snowball effect if it lands on my lap. Thank you for considering my application and the snowball effect it will have. 🙂


  315. I don’t know what I don’t know, and what I don’t know about writing is holding me back. I have no problem conveying my passion and ideas verbally, but am completely flummoxed when it comes to writing content with the same power and clarity.
    I created from a tsunami of unfortunate events that literally stole my life and sucked my soul like Voldemort. At 57 I had to completely reboot my life, my family, my finances and my marriage. There was no playbook for a midlife reboot, so I had to start where I was, use what I had, and do what I could. I started with the things I could control, like what was on the end of my fork, and completely changed the direction of my life. I passionately serve other women who find themselves in similar circumstances. You need a strong body and mind to play this tough sport called life. My purpose is to share what I know works. You can literally change your life one bite at a time.
    The gift of The Copy Cure would help me get past my complete psychological writing block, help me create proper nurture sequences, clearly convey my vision and make it possible to launch my first online course. The Refrigerator Reset, How to make your refrigerator a partner in the life you want to live. Every woman wants the tools to change her life in her inbox. The Culinary Cure should be in her arsenal.
    Thank you for considering me for this life changing opportunity.

  316. Wow. Congrats to every brave person who submitted their comments in this public manner. I must admit, I almost didn’t comment myself.
    1. Quite honestly, I’m unsure what my biggest struggle is with writing. I’d like to work with an expert who can help me grow. I’ve been told my blog writing resonates with readers. Yet when I write a Facebook post and ask for comments I get none.
    2. My 9-5 is lobbying for the American Heart Association because I get to share information with people and encourage them to advocate for life saving laws. My 5-9 or side hustle is sharing information via a blog to inspire people to create change in their communities. I also provide services like coaching, training and key notes encouraging folks to lead to inspire change.
    3. I often write about my struggles, lessons learned and successes with my blog readers and social media followers. I often hold lunches and happy hours for women who want to become community leaders to also share these tools. I would 110% share everything I learn. I truly believe as I grow my blog (and hopefully use it as a platform for a book) I am required to pay everything I receive forward. So many have helped me along this journey and I must do the same for others. I would specifically do that by holding meet ups, coffees and/or brunch meetings where I could teach others what I learn. I would also use SoMe like Facebook Live to teach others as they begin their own passion projects. Lastly, I am a community volunteer and I would also sprinkle the information to those who serve on my committees and/or boards.

  317. Netty Turner

    My biggest struggle is I worry too much. In what I say will get misconstrued, I am not clear and concise and people will not understand the message or offer I am trying to get across. I also worry about coming across too blunt in asking people to buy from me. I am also afraid to launch my website for fear that wording will put people off.
    I am in direct sales and teach paper craft classes using product from my direct selling. I would to make a difference in peoples lives.
    If I were to be admitted it would mean I would to be able to increase my income so I could leave my other job which I have to work away for so I could be home every night and send more time with family, friend and my team & customers.

  318. Dawn

    I love writing and I easily pour my heart onto the page, having written prose and play scripts which have been really well received. Now that I’ve started blogging I also need to make my writing as accessible as possible to my readers so they have something actionable they can take away from it. Sometimes this balance is hard to figure out, especially when I’m having days where my inner critic is shouting extra loudly.
    My work is dedicated to sharing my experiences of single parenting, domestic abuse and mental health issues with other women and men who are in/have been through similar situations in order to inspire and support them to reconnect with their true inner voice and own their power.
    Stronger writing would allow me to grow my business faster and more efficiently, helping me provide financial stability for my two young daughters, with even greater value and connection provided to my readers. I don’t want any person going through life to feel alone, I want to teach them how they can be their own biggest support, even when they may be sat totally alone on the bedroom floor in the middle of the night despairing that they’re just getting everything wrong. That’s when a person needs to listen to their true inner voice and give themselves the kindness they deserve. The better I can enable people to do that, the more strength there will be in their soul and mine.

  319. My writing style tends to be very formal, and as a result I think I struggle to connect with my audience authentically.
    I am a Nutritional Therapist specialising in pregnancy and postnatal nutrition and empowerment. My mission is to help women have healthy, enjoyable pregnancies and postpartum; through empowerment.
    Admission to The Copy Cure would allow me to connect with my audience at an authentic level; allowing me to reach more women that are needing support through their pregnancies and postpartum. Empowering women through this period will strengthen their connection to their innate wisdom- positively impacting their birth experience and recovery, birth is where it all begins.

  320. My biggest struggle is me expressing myself thoughts and views being embarrassed stopping myself with what I can offer when expressing my soul and changing the world when writing. Why because I believed the identity my husband had of me I was unattractive, poor at communicating, not like everyone in the world different a heavy burden. Yet he never left and I let him make me invisible it was easier. Not anymore here I am !

    I will focus on reaching out to everyone that wants to listen.

    I lost over 36 lb over the last 6 months since having my first born beautiful joyful cutie baby girl. My husband fell in love with another women cheated when pregnant. I had to have an emergency c section and remember
    feeling his presence only on the on the operating table he was argumentive and distracted during labor. The blessing is I grew in my journey of life !

    I want to use writing in helping others show up for themselves in life. I did with working out at home every day DVDs insanity max30 were a great help and looking after my baby girl myself at the time.

    My aim is to cut through and reach a person’s soul and activate, strengthen the joyful muscle memory (everyone has one!) for people using humor fitness and practical advice and tips. The tangible difference you would see is healthy fitter people, practical helpful advice, giving profits to communities to empower themselves self and hopefully people connecting with other people they would normally connect with!! Creating a global positive moment! That’s what I am going to do.

  321. Tara Hansen

    Getting started is my biggest struggle with writing. Finding a clear direction to create meaningful content is difficult. Previous professors gave me exceptional marks but provided feedback that my work lacked depth. I want to find this missing link.

    My work is dedicated to the outdoor and wellness space. Marketing services for vegan chefs to acupuncturists, and outdoor retailers to yoga studios. In turn, letting these professionals focus on their vision, teaching others how to live their best life.

    With admission to The Copy Cure, I would be able to develop my own unique voice and the ability to channel that into relevant content and compelling copy for my audience and for my business. This would provide me the opportunity to work with clients that work with me, on a flexible schedule; granting me the financial and creative freedom for myself and my family to live our best lives.

  322. 1: What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    A: Not being able connect with my clients on the level that they need from me. I know that video’s have helped in the past, but the art of the written word is something I want to be able to understand to the point of being able to answer a question my clients haven’t even asked me yet.

    2: What’s your business, career or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    A: I want to help women grow their businesses online. I truly believe that we have such an amazing connection source at our fingertips that women have either been told it’s a ‘mans place’ or they haven’t had the opportunity to grow online. I want to help as many women as possible realise that they can have and be anything they want, and that includes being a successful online entrepreneur!

    3: If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    A: Well for starters I would probably cry with joy! Haha.
    But I want to help women grow!! I want to learn the skills necessary to grow myself, put them to action and then help other women grow as well!
    If I get this Scholarship I want to help other women grow by my own means as well, and not to make a massive profit.
    I want to be able to provide for my family. And I will. But I want to help other women provide for their families as well!
    My community of women online are amazing, powerful women. They deserve a chance to grow as well!! <3

  323. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    First of all, English is not my first language so I spend more time to come up with each content and I always need an editor (actually my editor is my husband). I feel like we are in the world that people still read but they need to consume something fun, entertained, or useful for them – but in quick packages. It’s very challenging for me to cut things that I don’t need to say and get to the points. Also when I pass my contents to my husband editor, he doesn’t understand my writing – either grammar is wrong or I attempt to be too cool and us