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The most successful, ambitious, prosperous entrepreneurs are often those who have failed…and failed HARD.

Now, when I say “fail”, I don’t mean: “No one bought my ebook” or “My article got rejected” failure. I mean substantial, teetering-on-homelessness kind of failure.

Take Suzy Batiz, today’s guest and founder of a brand I adore: Poo-Pourri. At 40, Suzy had multiple failed businesses behind her and was facing bankruptcy…for the second time. She called herself “the worst entrepreneur in the world” and swore she’d never go into business again.

An entrepreneur knows the hurdles are going to be there, and jumps them. @PooPourri Click To Tweet

…until she had her Big Idea.

Watch and learn how she came up with Poo-Pourri and how it physically felt in her body when the idea wouldn’t leave her alone. Poo-Pourri is now a $300M brand with a viral video you’ve probably seen, Girls Don’t Poop.

In today’s MarieTV you’ll hear how Suzy went from mega failure to mega joyful success, including:

  • How she knew this idea was the big one (and how to choose which business idea to pursue if you have several)
  • The time she started asking house guests if they needed to go #2 ?
  • What she did after getting “caught with her pants down” and the massive apology she sent as a result
  • The simple 2-word philosophy that guides both her business and her life

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This episode is full of surprises and powerful insights. Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you. Which insight or takeaway meant the most to you and why? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Suzy said it herself: “The world out there gets to delight in this offering.” Which is another way to remind you: The world really needs that special gift that only you have. Yes, even if you’ve stumbled countless times. Just keep going.

All my love and endless support,


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  1. This was amazing and I am saving this video. I so needed to hear this today. I have been struggling for very a year trying to make my business work. I have been ignoring the dream that makes me feel alive. Listening to this great interview reminds me that I need to listen to the ideas that make me feel alive and tuned in and I have to trust that the idea that is creating this feeling needs to be trusted and explored instead of dismissing it immediately. This was another great video.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Monica! Keep following and exploring the ideas that make you feel most alive. It’s for a reason, and you never know where they’ll take you. So happy this is just what you needed today. We’re cheering you on as you go for your dream – you can do this!

  2. Great story! So interesting to see her evolution into a success after so many years trying to make a go of it. I loved her enthusiasm, her openness and confidence. Totally contagious!

    Thanks Marie and Suzy for sharing this amazing story.
    xoxo LL

  3. Oh my stars, Marie!!! Thank you so much for this interview with Suzy Batiz!! Literally yesterday on my way to my offices, knowing nothing about the business or even product (never used the stuff) the thought popped into my head, “Wow, Poo Pourri is a brilliant concept and business. I would love to know more about behind their scenes.” This morning an FB notification popped up that you just uploaded a video. I never immediately click on them, but I did this time, and dear goodness it was the founder of Poo Pourri! Talk about chills!

    I started a jewelry business less than 2 years ago based on an idea for a small random niche group. It’s taken off like crazy and everything you and Suzy talked about is exactly how I’ve built this business and on the very same principles! But I needed this conversation! I’m still freaking out right now!! Thank you so much for the interview!! Thank you thank you thank YOU!! xx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow Charity! That’s pretty incredible, and we just love when synchronicities like this happen. It sounds like you were absolutely in the perfect place to receive these lessons from Suzy and her business. Your jewelry biz sounds amazing, and huge congrats on all your success so far! We hope this conversation has given you some great nuggets of wisdom to implement and help take things to the next level. Thank YOU so much for watching! XO

  4. LOVE what you ladies said!! That’s exactly how I think! I always say it’s a gut feeling- it’s either an instinctual yes or no. As a wardrobe stylist, I tell my clients “If you don’t love it don’t get it!” Again, the same theory of if right away you’re not an absolute yes then somethings holding you back which is a no. This was my favorite part and just what I needed to start off my day on the right foot! Thank you!!

    • I loved this and it’s so good to hear someone articulate business in this way. It’s how I’ve lived my life naturally and it always felt strange because no one ever talks about doing business this way. It was great to hear her story and her successes. Thanks Marie!

  5. Absolutely love this conversation! It’s wonderful to hear the topics of energy and vibration being discussed as the essential elements of real success in business and in life. Thank you for always sharing stories that cut below the surface of what success as an entrepreneur “should” look like and right to the depth of the beautiful truth.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this conversation resonated with you, Marissa! These absolutely are essential elements of business and life 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful words, and for continuing to tune in. We love having you in our community.

  6. Jennifer

    This resonates so much with me! As someone who just turned 40 yeaterday, Suzy is a great inspiration and mentor for me! She is one of many women who shows that age is just a number and no matter what that number is you can create something great!
    And I’ve been listening to my intuition again and following where it takes me!
    Thank you Marie, and crew, for this interview and being you! Love your videos!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Jennifer! We love hearing that Suzy is an inspiration for you. She’s just amazing, isn’t she? Age is absolutely just a number, and never something that should stop you from creating what you feel called to. Keep following the wisdom of your intuition – we’re excited for where it’ll take you!

  7. Loved this!! I’m crazy about my Poo Pourri! Gave them to my family as Christmas stocking stuffers last year, lol! My big takeaway from this interview is “Always follow that idea that makes you FEEL the most ALIVE”…when she said that, I got the chills. Yes, it resonated deeply with me. Thank you for reminding me to trust my intuition, my level of happiness and joy! Doing my B’School Fun sheets right now too. Thanks Marie!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So awesome, Theresa! Powerful isn’t it, that simple concept of following what makes us feel most alive? Really glad this struck a chord with you, and YES keep listening to your joy and happiness. Great work with those Fun Sheets!

  8. Thank you so much! This is such an inspiring interview! I will listen to my guts and will ask in the future if the idea makes me expand. Thank you again, Marie!

  9. Anthony

    I ” AM,” running a business that I like , but don’t love , and there is a passion that sits and waits for my time . I’m happy to know that , aliveness , lives in others , but just needs to be followed .

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We absolutely encourage you to listen to that passion and feeling of aliveness, Anthony!

  10. Ally

    Please sign me up to the exclusive access and interaction you are offering potential entrepreneurs and real people.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Ally! I believe you’re looking to become an MF Insider and you can sign up for our weekly emails and inspiration right here: When you do, you’ll receive the free audio training “How To Get Anything You Want,” along with some additional free resources 🙂 Thank you so much for being here!

  11. Thank you so Marie and Suzy. I can totally relate to so much of this having felt like the worlds worst entrepreneur. However my zing up the arm cafe in the form of a vision in of images, words and questions on a walk back in 2016. The drive to earn money and to be successful left me as the idea to make a positive contribution to the world replaced it and Women of Contribution and The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self book was born. So all of this makes perfect sense thank you

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This all sounds so exciting, Kezia! Way to go for following your visions and calling to positively contribute to the world with your gifts. We’re glad to hear Suzy’s journey resonates with you. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing in the world!

  12. Claudia Victoria

    Thanks for this inspiring video! Sometimes we need to hear others to reconfirm if one is making the right decision. Definitely, yes! That feeling in the stomach and the goose bumps are the sign that that is the way. And yes, if is not fun, hence is not the right way.
    Thank you!

  13. Tracey

    Radical resonance! Love this concept and the way you both talked about how to listen to our intuition. Thank you!

  14. Amy

    Love this video!!! That viral video made me laugh so much when it came out! As someone who suffers from allergic reactions to air fresheners and sits across from the bathroom at work, I thank you for this awesome product you invented!! There was a bit of a learning curve with the men but after hiding the air freshener, I think they finally got it.

    So many great clues to finding yourself, a purpose and a business in this video.

  15. The idea is the electric. The embrace is the magnetic. first comes the electric, which is 1%, then comes the magnetic, which is the embrace, and this is the 99% transpiration part.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow – beautifully put, Andrew! Thank you so much for sharing this and adding to the conversation.

  16. Letizia

    I watched the video. The main idea that captured my attention is that you both have mentors. How did you find your mentors?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Letizia! Absolutely, finding good mentors is so important and powerful on our journeys. While we can’t speak for Suzy, Marie has shared her own top tips for finding a mentor right here: Hope this is helpful for you!

  17. Jeaneldé Mouton

    It was amazing to listen to you talk about the physical reaction that you feel when evaluating your business opportunities. This has been my guide for many years and it is just so powerful to hear other people use this as a guide. Inspirational.

  18. So much good stuff, Marie. A couple that stuck out are that money is a side effect so do what you brings you alive. And when she talked about when an idea or business does not work out you take a look at “when did you know you were in struggle?” versus what went wrong.
    Great stuff!

  19. Jill Rowe

    this is my story! Spent all of my 20’s, 30’s and most of my 40’s thinking that success was to be found outside of myself and that it was all about that one thing that I had innately that I could turn into a financial success. Only when I said “no more” and walked away from a “golden handcuff” job and subsequently an unfulfilling marriage and spent several years devoted to finding my own bliss, did I see that it was all about what I had within me, not what I could find outside of me. That’s when everything changed, most importantly I found fulfillment, happiness and all the tools I needed within myself to navigate the waters of life. Life didn’t become a field of flowers, but I was able to see it all through a full/hearted lens and that makes all the difference. I was always strong, but now I knew that I was invincible, and self-healing ~ boom! I’m now beginning a business (also a multi-passionate and serial entrepreneur) that is so exciting, so in my wheelhouse and I have all the tools I need because I’ve honed them for the last 30 years. It’s not if, it’s when. Do the work on yourself first and the rest is all figure-out-able, as Marie says.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Jill! What an incredible journey you’ve been on. We love hearing how you’ve turned within and found your invincibility as a result – SO powerful! You’re incredibly brave, and a true inspiration. We’re so excited for you to pursue this new business and are cheering you on big time over here as you share your gifts with others. It’s going to be amazing!

  20. Great chat. Very uplifting. I loved the part about the hurdles — that as entrepreneurs, we simply expect them to be there… and they never go away. That’s a reaffirming and positive thought to keep alive. Thank you for your combined insights, Sheri

  21. I

    What’s the book Suzy mentions she wrote? ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi there! The book Suzy mentioned she’s writing is “The Art of Aliveness.” It’s currently in progress, and isn’t out or available now. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for it, though!

  22. Dear Marie and Suzy,

    I can totally relate to the story because I went bankrupt myself in 2014. The thing is that then I had and have a lot of things happening according to ‘human law’, where people want to discourage me, try to block me with rules and regulations and silly human laws.

    But when you have this electricity, when you have an idea, then that surpasses ‘human’ law. Because that idea comes from Divine Law. And Divine Law has nothing to do with restrictions. It has to do with faith, passion, vision, love and a good idea, this is the 1% inspiration.

    Then… it also has to do with embrace. And embrace has to do with determination, and this is the 99% transpiration.

  23. This was so inspirational. The best episode yet! Thank you to two amazing ladies !

  24. Hey Marie + Suzy!
    My biggest takeaway is a reminder that we don’t have to wait until the end goal to be happy. I will go even deeper in my daily joy-fueling practices like emotionalizing my reason for creating my business, each morning and when I get fearful about a step I’m taking.
    Thank you for this divinely-timed episode 🙂
    Much love!
    Melissa Dobson
    (2018 B-Schooler !!)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yay Melissa! This is such a fantastic takeaway – to keep fueling and checking in with your feelings of joy. So glad to hear this conversation was divinely timed for you! We just love having you as part of our B-School family 🙂 XO

  25. Hi Marie,
    This post was very timely for me. I am a true believer in the energy of thoughts and what you focus your attention toward. I have a question for you and Suzy. How can you just relax and let things come naturally when you have no financial net from a spouse or partner? I am a widowed single mother who is a newly licensed real estate broker, (work I love!) but struggling with the variable nature of my income.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Tamara! We’re excited to hear this episode came at a good time for you. Please know that you’re not at all alone in finding it difficult to relax into the flow when money is tight and perhaps a stressful area in your life. It’s wonderful that you’re loving your work as a real estate broker, and as you begin working consistently and building a steady income, we think you’ll find your ability to relax and let things come naturally increases.

      I also think you’ll find these two episodes about taking financial ownership over your life really helpful:

      We’re sending tons of positive, abundant wishes your way for this new chapter!

  26. My biggest Takeaway is remembering that I don’t have to have all the answers as an entrepreneur and a leader, that I really just need to keep listening to my intuition and follow what energizes me and keep solving problems.

  27. Love hearing inspirational stories like these – the ones where you can understand and FEEL the journey that someone experiences on their path to make an idea GREAT!

  28. I loved everything about this conversation. It really gave me the energy again to go on on my way. I need to watch stuff this every week or so. Its so motivating!
    I liked the “ideas are alive” the most. Sometimes I go like crazy when ideas come.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO glad, Constanze! Absolutely, please do re-watch whenever you need a bit of motivation. And keep tuning into which ideas make you feel the most alive and are the most resonant for you. Thank you for watching!

  29. Larisa

    The part of this amazing Conversation that resonates with me is the teaching about folks viewing “problems” “as problems” instead of as “Here’s what’s going on today.” I immediately felt the affirmation and the inspiration in my heart chakra to drop “worry” and keep doing what I’m doing, because I’m handling “handling everything” beautifully. Big weight off my shoulders! THANK YOU! from one of your B-school peeps. <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      WOO, Larisa! We love everything about this – music to our ears! So glad you’re feeling a weight off your shoulders. We adore having you as a B-Schooler! XOXO

  30. Christina

    BODY TINGLES!!!! 1000000% true! Here’s a poo analogy for you: “if you have to push, it’s probably sh*t!” If you have to convince yourself repeatedly, if you have to really struggle to believe what you’re doing is worth it or amazing or what have you, then it’s not it.
    Like a magnet, you will be drawn towards whatever your passion is.

    • Diamond

      Love that poo analogy ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Christina!!

  31. Diamond

    Yes , watched this and I totally loved it . Thank you so much for sharing . I am at that point where I have been wanting to do something but getting stopped by fear because I am always thinking about the end goal and what if I don’t get the desired result , now , all I want to do is just learn to sit back and chill and to start this dream of mine just because I love it and not be obsessed with how many views I get or likes or the sort . I also believe that I have found the two things that set my soul on fire :Fashion and Soeaking . I love clothes so much and I love speaking so much . I have been running my own online clothing store for well over 20 months now and it is still crawling and sometimes I get stuck in what if phase . Anyways , Thank you so much for this because I am really on the verge of simply learning to be happy and enjoy the process and just do what I love and give it my best because I love it and not obsess about the end result .

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Diamond, thank you so much for sharing where you are on your journey with us. We completely understand that it can be difficult to not jump ahead down the line and wonder/worry about the end result. Keep checking in with yourself along the way to make sure you’re enjoying the process, and your passion for your work will continue pulling you forward in the right direction. It sounds as though you’re really loving what you’re doing, so definitely stay connected with that feeling!

  32. The timing of this video was perfect! I had no idea Pot Pourri was so successful and had such a remarkable woman behind the company.
    Her story is one that will stick with me in my life as I can relate somewhat to failed businesses, and staying true to following a path that brings me life, despite financial pitfalls. I feel completely alive following my new business path… and I will trust that it will work out. Her honesty about not following money, especially when that would seemingly solve all my problems… is perfectly timed right now for me. As good as this new path feels, it still requires bravery and a deep inner knowing that things will work out, and as Gabby B says: The universe has your back. Having so many struggles has honestly improved my relationship with myself and with God (source). So it’s been, in retrospect, well worth it.
    All my love,

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kristin, we’re so happy Suzy’s story resonated with you and this came at the right time. Keep following those good feelings of aliveness and yes, trusting that the universe absolutely has your back as you do so. You’re incredibly brave for facing all the challenges that have arisen on your path. We sure believe in you, and keep believing in yourself and your incredible abilities, too! Sending tons of love and encouragement your way. xoxo

  33. Madeline

    Thank you so much for this episode! It has reminded me to move back to a place of trusting my intuition. I recently left a business partnership to start my own business again and have not yet had the success I wanted and hope for. The idea I am taking away from this is to just let myself get quiet and to listen. Lately in my daily meditations I have noticed that I am more directive of my thoughts and creating who I want to become, rather than simply listening and being guided. When Suzy spoke of the energy flowing up her arm I felt an instant electrical charge myself in my chest! I feel an electricity moving outward from my heart coupled with the thought that I can do something amazing like this too! EVERYTHING is figureoutable! I love that so much! And I am reminded that sometimes in order to figure things out, you just have to release the need for a solution now, listen, and let intuition guide you back to what inspired you in the first place. The perfect solution will then appear!

    Thank you Suzy Batiz and thank you Marie! I am so grateful I discovered you three weeks ago! Your videos, ideas, and energy are amazing and inspiring, and are helping me find my way back to myself instead of looking outward for answers!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Madeline, we’re so happy that you’ve found us too and are feeling inspired! You’re absolutely onto something here about releasing the need for a solution or answers, in order to truly listen and open up to the guidance of your intuition. We’re excited for what will present itself for you as a result!

  34. Wow – thank you Marie for yet another fantastic video!

    Not enough people talk about the unsexy side of entrepreneurship – like the struggle, the failures, the financial issues. So great to see someone so successful open up about it and then talk about how she got back on track. Gives hopes to us all!

    And I love her idea about Resonance in business – in music we call it harmonics, where the wavelengths match at multiplied factors to grow and build on itself. So true that we can apply that concept in business!

  35. Thanks for this great interview. I am on my 3rd incarnation – at 71 – having walked away from what most would describe as a successful situation to concentrate on my ‘passion’! I have had this itch that I couldn’t scratch for over 30 years and finally I have decided its got to have its day!

    So much of Suzie’s experience struck a cord with me – especially the “I must be the worst entrepreneur ever (I lost everything at 60 and started again to build back up again by 70) and carry the worry that I am probably not really that capable as an entrepreneur.

    Challenge is, this feeling that I know something that everyone else should know, just will not be quieted so I’ve just got to get it out there. Besides,I believe in my guardian instinct, so I must be on the right path right?

    By the way Marie, you are the tops!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      William, you are such an inspiration! We know it isn’t easy to start over and go out on limb, especially when you’ve hit major roadblocks or “failures” in the past. We’re happy that Suzy’s story struck a chord with you and YES, that idea you have that won’t leave you alone is asking to be brought to life, for you to put energy into it. Keep following what makes you feel most excited! You’re awesome, William. So grateful to have you as part of our community!

      • Well, thanks very much Julia – I’m flattered! ☺

  36. What can I say! Trust your instincts it’s an internal guidance system from birth. Practice it, trust it and act on it.
    I’ve been listening to The Secret and you are so on track. Believe you can have it and take action to create it into reality.
    Love that there are so many people getting this.
    At seventy, I’m still building on my dreams. You should never stop.
    Love your message Marie and am always inspired.

  37. My favorite interview you’ve ever done! Thank you for honoring the deep knowing we have in our bodies + that our intuition is more important than anything else. Also, so appreciating that fun and ease is part of your business culture… and that when we are in struggle it’s a signal to get curious. Hell yes!! xo Andrea

  38. Caryn Sullivan

    Wow! I have skipped over these emails and facebook posts for almost 2 years now and I LOVE when I feel pulled to do something. This episode spoke to just that! I have had the most amazing life since I decided to live for myself 4 short years ago. (I just turned 49) I’ve struggled with finding value within because I’m single and not financially successful, Suzy spoke exactly to the financial piece! I was in a car accident Thanksgiving weekend and have been recovering since. I lost my job, the second time in just over a year I lost a job. Rather than beating myself up on all that is out of my control I’ve focused that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. This is the second time the universe (on this occasion anyway) has opened the door for self discovery in such a short period of time.
    Anyway, I could go on and on.. this episode was perfect for me and it felt like an affirmation, I am right where I’m supposed to be.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Caryn, we’re happy to hear this episode and conversation with Suzy were affirming for you right now! Love that you followed your intuition to open this email. We’re so sorry to hear about the incredibly challenging year you’ve had. The universe is absolutely taking care of and opening doors for you, to lead you towards more feelings joy, peace, and aliveness. Keep following them! We’re sending lots of love your way. XO

  39. This could NOT have come at a better time for me! Just yesterday, my husband and I made the decision that we needed to close down an online business that we have been nurturing for more than two years. I spent the day yesterday just sobbing about how my ideas never seem to work out like I think they will!! The hardest part for me is that when we started this business, I DID have those awesome feelings of expansion, aliveness, and resonance that you two talked about, but the end result was (let’s just say) a little less desirable. In the beginning, I HAD the vision, I HAD the passion, I HAD the dream, I HAD those awesome energetic feelings, I HAD the wisdom, I HAD the plan, and on and on – and yet it simply did not work out like I expected. What I’m realizing is that the “side effect” of this whole journey can either be 1. SUCCESS or 2. LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES – and that BOTH of those possible “side effects” are worthwhile. I love that Marie and her guests are always trying to help us remember that message!

    I also LOVED that Marie signed the email today with “Keep going, Julia. Keep going. This episode offered me the hope that I need to do just that! Thank you!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aw Julia! It means so much to know that this email and episode were just what you needed right now. We’re so sorry you’re feeling upset about the closing of your business, and this is so natural – it means you poured a ton of yourself into it. Your attitude to take this as a learning opportunity is going to serve you immensely on your next adventure, in terms of what you can choose to approach differently the next time around – whether in business or otherwise.

      And always remember these wise words from Maya Angelou: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

      Sending big hugs your way! xoxo

  40. Melissa

    Great espisode! So interesting!! In the interview she mentioned a book she wrote..The Art of Aliveness? Does this exist or is it just The Woo of Poo??? Thanks! xo

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey Melissa! “The Art of Aliveness” is currently in progress, so it isn’t yet available. Definitely stay tuned!

  41. This popped up in my in box at the perfect time! It was so inspiring and comforting to hear the wins and the challenges that have been overcome by people so similar to yourself. As entrepreneurs we tent to beat our selves up over the process and the timing of our business, when in reality… the fact that you even had the guts to create something that others can use or enjoy is a beautiful thing. Art and creativity is a gift , Suzy’s story gave me chills and I am so happy that someone like her has found happiness and success.

  42. SO GOOD!! How do you know which idea to follow?! The one that makes you the most ALIVE!!! YES!! Again, such a wonderful reference to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

    I LOVE hearing about chills and the ideas that don’t leave you alone. This is SO important for me to hear because I am so confused by the signs and I would love to start chugging along and follow my signs better.

    Thank you so much, Marie!

  43. I love the idea about paying super close attention to how your body feels when thinking about ideas including whether you feel expansive or are contracting. Beautiful!

  44. I just loved the vibe between you two. I felt personally part of your conversation, I mean I was sitting there. The thing that sticked to me the most is that Money is not the goal. Money is a side effect. I LOVED this. Ideas are alive. Of course they are. When the right idea come to you it’s like love at first sight. Chills (good ones) runs through you.
    MARIE you are my mentor, I’ve been following you since the beginning and you never stoped to amaze me.
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be there to cheer. And one day I’ll be seating besinde you for an convesation…. 😉

  45. Wow! Hi there, B-school 2018er here! I’m now sitting down to proof read my book cos that what my gut said. I’ve been ignoring it all day doing the other stuff I thought was more important. NO! This is my gut speaking, Proof read your god damn book!
    ok ok!!! after watching this episode, i’m listening!
    Thank you!!!

  46. I LOVED this interview. I’ve already sent it to 3 people.

    The most significant takeaway was noticing the physical feeling of contraction or expansion when considering an idea or decision. I’ve had that “hi-def” moment recently, but then there was a lull. I needed to be reminded to continue to embody that energy day-in and day-out until eventually, the results will come.

  47. Nicole

    LOVE love loved this video!!! Craziness – yesterday, having never heard of the product, I somehow stumbled on their video and free sample offer… then your interview with Suzy!!! Loved hearing ideas are alive and how to discern between which idea/path to pursue. Does it enlarge or contract you; excite & energize or exhaust & deplete you… So good!!! I’m going to use and pay attention to my internal barometer going forward!! Thank you, Marie, for another amazing & insightful interview and content!

  48. AMAZING!
    What I loved the most is that is SIMPLE. Loved also how entrepreneurs really know that problems will be there! I see that most people see problems instead of solutions. It makes me frustrated at times. I am glad you two feel yes, we jump them, and everything is figureable as Marie’s emphasized in her talk.
    The new concept for me was the “ideas are alive”, lol It totally makes sense! I do vacation rentals and I have a few ideas and I have one in particularly that most people think it’s too much work: a vacation little hobby farm. Not exactly a new concept, but it’s “alive” in me ?
    Thank you so much for the inspiration, as always ??

  49. Feeling the idea resonate from within me has to be the biggest insight I take away from this video. It’s what happened with my current company, Henna Supply, which I launched 1 month ago. This video validated what I already felt would be my favorite project, whether it is successful (monetarily) or not. It was an idea that brewed within me for 2-3 years and I plan on using this video as inspiration for ideas that make my arms tingle. Thank you!!

  50. Lisa

    Am I the only one who just kept hearing a poop joke in Suzy describing how she just “felt these contractions and had to go?” ?
    Seriously, this was an amazing interview. Thanks, Marie!

  51. Adriana D.

    Hola equipo Forleo
    Siempre veo los videos de Marie y todos de una u otra forma me tocan, pero este ha sido ‘espectacular´, Suzi es una mujer admirable, me encantaría conocerla y poder hablar con ella (aunque no hablo inglés muy bien); yo también llevo dos quiebras pero de la última no he podido salir adelante, miro mis errores del pasado y creo que volveré a fallar y además tengo a mi cargo 4 personas, entonces hago lo que salga y aquello de la pasión o los sueños o la piel erizada por una idea loca, ya no me funciona.
    No sé qué hacer y no me gusta la forma como me siento conmigo.
    Un abrazo

  52. Kimmoy

    I’ve definitely felt that sense of aliveness multiple times throughout my life, it mostly happens when it’s time for me travel, dance, or start a new venture.

    The concept that ideas are alive is something I remember reading about in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic.” There’s also a great interview where she talks about it

    This was a great interview. And I too am a fan of the product 🙂

  53. Karen Peyton

    That was the perfect story at the perfect time. I know I am creative, intuitive, connected, passionate. But, I also keep getting lost. Continually brought back to the same wall of failure. A few days ago, I realized that there was a purpose for these exhausting trips to the wall of defeat. I was missing one simple thing, to surrender control, listen quietly and sit with my faith. So, now I sit at the wall, feet dangling over the edge, but I have faith, and I now see the light. Your show today was just confirmation. So, Thank You God and Thank You, Marie and Suzy.
    Warm regards, KP

  54. Thank you for this video. Somatic sensing and finding Ease is what its all about for me these days. And I so glad to have this reminder! Thank you for all that you are:)

  55. Roshan varma

    Hi marie i have never done online bussiness before but now i am studying please dont mind

  56. Thank you Marie and Suzy!

    I woke up today feeling a bit down at the finanical stagnation of my business but I know that it’s just a hurdle I need to jump over and keep going. I loved how Suzy talked about knowing which idea to pursue, the one that makes you feel alive. I’ve been pursuing 1:1 coaching clients (because everyone tells you to right?) instead of focusing on the book and group course I desperately want to build and get out to the world.

    I just realized that my resistance to working this morning is because the last several months have been consumed with networking and list building (all good things, yes) but I haven’t done anything creative other than my own blog and guest blog posts. I haven’t worked on the projects that I hold so dearly and that I’m dying to work on!

    I’m carving out time for my group course and to work on my book right now, because those projects make me feel alive and excited! And I want them to be a part of what I do each day.
    Thanks again Marie!
    xo Rachael

  57. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    This wonderful conversation solidified some things for me: it’s okay to listen to my gut and be thrilled with the chills 🙂

  58. Barbara Spikes

    What a great lady! And great talk. I love the feel what’s right from the inside out. I will remember to check out by body feelings from now on before I take on a project or client.

  59. Thank you, I loved the conversation. So many take aways, but the one nugget that I am putting into action is to really look at my companies and get more intimate with the personality of the brand. “Who is She?” Brilliant. Thank you.

  60. I loved her take on knowing what’s right for you by paying attention to how it makes you feel. Your body will let you know. I also enjoyed her insight on entrepreneurship having hurdles.

  61. Anne

    Great interview!! I *resonate* so much with the concept of listening to your body to know whether an idea brings expansion or contraction. Here’s my question: How can you sell a “hurdler’s” business idea to a “track runner” who is your banker, based on “I feel it in my body”? In this case, the banker is the spouse. Extra tricky, but still surely figureoutable. Right? Thanks.

  62. Muriel Alexander

    I had dinner last night a friend’s house and she said “ideas are alive and if you don’t act on them, they move on” and then today, I see this video. Wow. This was a great one and really resonated. I’m putting things into action that “turn me on” so I can catch, and act on, the next idea that floats my way.

  63. Christina

    I’m taking away 2 things.
    1. It’s okay that I don’t know all the answers. Doesn’t mean that I’m a bad business person. It’s just how business goes.

    2. Business is a daily series of problems and solutions, and no matter what comes, everything is figureoutable.
    Love it! Thank you so much!

  64. I love this episode! It resonates with me on so many levels. Like Suzi, I always struggled with brining my ideas to life; something always comes in the way and often it just feels forced. Listening to her speak about ideas being alive and carrying electrifying energy made me realize that I just haven’t had my BIG idea yet, or maybe I am simply looking in the wrong places. My parent instilled in me the notion that life is a struggle and that nothing comes easy, you have to work hard for what you have. My mom used to tell me that my ideas are not practical and that I live in the clouds, and I believed her. Her intentions were good, she was just trying to look out for me, but I have come to a point in my life where I know I have to change this perception and go for what excites me and not what is practical and safe to do.
    It feels scary but also exciting to look at life and the opportunities it presents in a different light.
    My action item is to sit down and take a long, hard look (journal, journal, journal) at what it is I truly want to accomplish in my life so I can begin the next chapter of my life, and hopefully discover my big, bright and oh so alive idea! Thank you Marie!

  65. Y

    Terrific interview. Thanks –But how do you “hurdle” the income slump? I need money NOW to pay for life — not even business investments. I haven’t been able to land a job successfully for over a year and I am highly qualified. I can’t seem to find what is in the way or turn my energy around. Any advice?

  66. Thank you Marie! That was such a great conversation! Ideas are alive! Mmm I’ve got some new radar ? Suzy referred to her book, The Art of Aliveness, and I can’t find it. Would you have the resource? Thx!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Ellie – love hearing that you’re feeling inspired by this conversation! Yes, Suzy’s upcoming book, “The Art of Aliveness” is still in progress and isn’t yet available. Stay tuned and absolutely keep it on your radar!

  67. Loved B-School 4 years ago (thank you). Marie rocks. And Suzy is so smart, humble, and relatable. She was the keynote speaker at a Boston Business Women’s annual conference last year and I took pages and pages of notes. This 20 minute Marie TV was a great reminder of her philosophy and courage – perfect timing as I (continually) stoke my confidence fires while completing my first book!
    #Gratitude for you both.

  68. Biggest takeaway was: 1) You have never had a business plan. I hate those (lol), but have spend 4 years trying to make one that resonates with my soul. Haven´t got one yet. But I did the steps to Start the Right Business when taking Bschool. 😉 2) This feeling of expancion or aliveness that just get you going, I will start trusting that more. I SO know what you are talking about, but I have doubted myself over and over when it comes. Thank you ladies!!! This was such a special episode of Marie TV.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Anne! These sound like really powerful takeaways for you and we’re excited to see what will open up for you as a result of trusting and following your intuitive feelings more. So glad you enjoyed the episode!

  69. Nancy

    Hi Marie, as always you and your guests are amazing and an inspiration for all of us! Thank you!!! There is much work to do to feel in your bones if the idea is alive and feels right… I’ve found that when you struggle to bring food to your table it’s very hard not to think money is not important…. I know that’s not the message here, I’m just saying it can be harder to feel and think that way when you have dependants that look up to you and failure is not an option…

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We completely understand that feeling Nancy, and the stress of needing to provide can be tough on entrepreneurs. Marie talks a lot about how for the first 7 years of her business she worked various (as many as 3) side jobs in order to adequately support herself in New York, and we truly believe that no matter what, being able to feel financially set is vital. So in any part of life – jobs, relationships, home, business – noticing where you feel expansive is so helpful and can help pave the way to more ease all around.

  70. What fun that was!
    My biggest take away is this… follow what makes you feel most alive ….
    I’m attending Bschool right now and this idea for a project keeps coming up….. an idea that makes me feel so alive and hopefully will bring that experience to others ….the details and logistics have been pushing this idea into the background… but no more! Let it rock!!!!!

    Thankyou so much,

  71. For me, the thing that I could totally relate to was when Suzy referred to having a clear vision all of the sudden, like litterally SEEING it clearly, accompanied with physical sensations. Also, when Marie described it as something expanding in the body. I recognise that too.

    What I took away is this: When Suzy said “They love HER”, I instantly understood what happens and will continue to happen with my “her”, my persona, my business’ avatar, Rae, the captain of The Unicorn Mothership.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Eline, I LOVE the embodiment of your business – Rae, the captain of The Unicorn Mothership. I got such a visceral feeling imagining her! Thanks for sharing your beautiful perspective here.

  72. This has been the most motivating expression of ideas that I have experienced in years or maybe even in my lifetime. Thank you so much! I have those amplified feelings A L O T but I ignore them or even worse, I keep trying the dissonant things and waiting for them to maybe become amplified. NOT GONNA happen. This interview has just put words to all the feelings I have. I can’t thank you enough.She is amazing and you Marie are too.

  73. Erika

    My God, this was so timely and inspirational! I woke up feeling overwhelmed and kind of not knowing how or where to head up with all my entrepreneurial start up ideas and projects. I know how that expansion and chills all over your body feels when you get an idea or impulse that comes from your inner being. Thank you for the reminder in trusting that feeling.. Thank you!!!

  74. Susie Rose

    Loved this video! I’m an intuitive and always know when I get the chills that something is confirmed, but omg I need to use and trust this in my business decisions!!
    What an amazing company to work for and makes me feel much more normal for using my intuition rather than logic as a guide.

  75. There was something magical about watching two successful female entrepreneurs sharing how they handle their business. I can’t explain it but I felt it and it will stay with me. My takeaway was that the idea must be alive in you. I have many ideas inside and I have heard that I should go with the one that “gives me goosebumps” and this just reinforced that today.

  76. Kathy

    Oh my goodness, I SO needed to hear this today! I have been struggling for a year now, trying to force myself to get “on board” with the advice of others, while actually going against my own inner knowing. This was divine inspiration and delivered right to my inbox no less! Thank you both for doing what you do…and helping me remember to do what I do best! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      YES Kathy! What works for others might not necessarily work for you – and truly, only you know which is the right next path to walk down. We love that this was delivered to you at the right moment!

  77. Thank you Marie for the reminder. Biggest thing that I learned or I should say, was confirmed for me was “listen to your intuition. Listen to the goose bumps, the chills and do the idea that sits deeply and go with the idea that makes you feel most alive. And having a mentor.
    “Evrrything has an energetic vibration” I love it!

  78. Wow! What a fun episode. My favorite thing about it was the resonance between the two of you and how contagious it was. As I watched the two of you connecting and smiling and really getting each other, I felt, and still feel as I write this, the muscles in my face smiling along with you and feeling the joy and excitement that you shared. I am in a training right now in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy where we are learning a lot of really cool things about how these amazing body/minds of our work, especially the invisible, but wildly impactful stuff. As a somatic psychotherapist and body/mind practitioner, it was exciting for me to hear you both talking about body sensation and ways of knowing and finding your answers through the sensations in your body, which is what body psychologies revolve around. It is really good stuff to be spreading around, thank you!

  79. Mary

    Wonderful story. I have struggled through three business ideas to ultimately feel like a failure. I was trying to make myself be passionate about something that was not working for me. I have recently taken time to explore my inner being and truly believe that I am supposed to make something happen with my ideas. But, it is not clear to me yet. I know I need to continue to focus inside me and just try to let ideas flow.

  80. Michelle

    This video has inspired me so much! I have always felt that happiness is the key to developing the right business. I feel so related to everything Suzy and Marie said. I have this feeling that does not leave my mind and my body. Every time I think about it I feel the amplitude for sure! My mission is to accomplish that idea which I know deep inside will change many people around me! Thank you Marie, for having such amazing guests in your show!. 🙂

  81. Delwyn

    Thank you Marie and Suzie,
    This has been an amazing session… My No 1 gift was Radical Resonance and Be Happy!
    With Heartfelt Gratitude
    Delwyn XX 🙂 🙂

  82. Love, love, love…this 20 minute video. The entrepreneurship runner vs. hurdler metaphor was the most powerful “Aha” moment for me. Thank you for sharing this testimony.

  83. Hi there. What do I do when I have the goosebumps about my product. I have the tingling. I absolutely love my product (Red Hot Motor Oil-my hot chili oil). But I still think about the end goal of money. I think I do this because I am older. Starting a business at my age makes me think of my retirement. I am not afraid to take any hurdle that comes along. I love putting out the fires. I take any negative comment and learn from it. I love telling everyone I meet about this awesome, delicious hot chili oil. I love being goofy and enjoying the ride. Is it wrong for me to think about the end goal? Am I hurting my company and it’s growth? I am a start up and funding is a goal right now. Would love some feedback. Thanks, as always, for what you do. My line is Spice is Life.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Cindy, it’s definitely not wrong to think about the end goal. Business is also about making money and turning a profit, and as long as the core of your business gives you that heart tingle, and makes you feel expansive, then the ‘end goal’ of bringing in revenue is not only the icing on the cake, it’s almost inevitable (over a certain length of time, which differs from business to business). When you’re as fired up as you are, you bring that energy into every business meeting, pitch, networking event, and conversation!

  84. This was very inspiring to me for many reasons. I also have had to file bankruptcy twice and it’s been 5 years. I loved that she never gave up and could relate to when things weren’t working because she was pushing to hard. My favorite line was to stay joyful during the process.

  85. Loren

    Love this video. Everything resonates. I managed to avoid bankruptcy but still had a lot of depth. I’m working on my business from the inside out and following all my internal cues for moving forward. I love the “expansion vs contraction” and the “idea is alive” metaphors. I’m driven by my idea and to give it life on a daily basis. You always give me the inspiration I need Marie Forleo xx

  86. I just got back from a intense cross fit class, which I hadn’t done in years. I found myself using the countdown as my countdown to get my career in fitness going. The voice in my head “said you got to hang in there”, “you got to trust that you can do this”… This episode of MF was so, so inspiring. The feeling of trusting your inner voice is my biggest take away. That feeling that this is it… Thank you so much for feeding my soul with MarieTV.


  87. Ok…. 1. The ‘no business plan’ comment. I do not have a business plan either. I try my best every day to do my best and it works.
    2. The ‘contract or expand’ thought. You have just helped me in so many ways with that! It’s true something can make sense to everyone else and financially, but if I feel a little bit of tension and force myself to go in that direction anyway, I constantly feel unstable, which makes me feel insecure, which makes me come across to the outside world like I like confidence.
    I have finally, at 40 years old, come to accept that I am an emotional, creative being. I don’t know everything. I never will. I am in a constant state of learning and jumping those hurdles.
    I have done a service business of bridal hair and makeup for 9 years now and it has provided for our family. I’m good at it. (I feel like I’m confessing here! LOL) But, I have clients ask me what I like doing the most and each time I find that it is the hardest question to answer. The skill is not the art for me. It’s the means in which to execute my true ‘love’ which is connecting with people. I like helping people connect with themselves in some sort of way. Like helping the inside connect with the outside. I love finding how we all relate in many ways when most of the time we feel we are alone… My art is the women I get the privilege to work with!
    So, I am going in a different direction at a time where it doesn’t make sense to others, but my idea keeps coming back and it makes me excited and fills me with energy. Will it work? No idea. Going to try anyway. Am I terrified? Absolutely. But in a way that propels me forward not in a way that makes me shrink back.
    Thank you Marie. I took the quiz, What type of entrepreneur are you?
    Honestly, your words resonated right away. You are not gimmicky. You don’t fill my inbox with emails that go from threatening (your never going to succeed if you don’t take this blah, blah) to overly inspirational (I woke up and the flowers in my backyard whispered to me to tell you, someone I have never met and absolutely do not know, that I love you) to all about the money you could be making. You seem genuine, relatable, humorous and most importantly, knowledgeable. Thank you for the inspiration and the platform for nobodies like me to feel like I’m sitting in a room with the somebodies having a conversation and walking away encouraged and inspired.
    Now, I just have to save up to take our course!
    Sorry for the rambling! I’m the kind of girl that thinks while typing and is resolving while thinking. ???
    Thank you again!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Synett, we are SO glad to have you in our world. It sounds like you’re leaning into ideas that excite you, pinpointing your unique talents and strengths, and moving ultimately from a place of love. I can tell from this line that you get it:

      ‘ idea keeps coming back and it makes me excited and fills me with energy.’

      We’re so cheering you on!

  88. What a great interview!
    When Suzy talked about contacting Bruce Lipton and asking about ideas being alive,
    I got lots and lots of whooshes all the time she was talking about them and having an energy of their own.
    I’m working on finally realising a project that has been bubbling away in my heart for 13 years!
    Thank you for your insights – SO appreciated! Lisaxxx

  89. Monika

    Thank you so much for this Video!
    I really liked the part where she said that she just had fun doing it. That’s what I always say,”I want to have fun”. If you don’t have fun when you are starting your Business then you don’t give it a soul !

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We absolutely agree Monika! People will connect to your business when, first and foremost, YOU are connected to it. We love that you took this away from the conversation today.

  90. I loved this interview! So so good!

  91. Such an awesome video. I have struggled w/ numerous businesses, well, more like business “ideas” and was always so afraid to take the REAL step forward. I finally “felt” that energy, excitement and goosebumps w/ my last business idea and finally, after 32 years, went for it!
    So calming to see that obstacles will happen, and the reassurance that as long as I (and my future team) is growing & having fun, we can overcome any hurdle. It truly IS about the journey, not the final destination!
    Thanks Marie & Team for all you do! I am a huge fan & wish to be on Marie TV ONE day! 😉

  92. Amazing, perfect information and timing!
    I’m taking away from today that anytime I or the business gets into ‘struggle’ we need to abandon it, seek out the ‘living’ ideas that make me/us feel good and follow that! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this honest and entirely useful interview!

  93. Amazing, perfect information and timing!
    I’m taking away from today that anytime I or the business gets into ‘struggle’ we need to abandon it, seek out the ‘living’ ideas that make me/us feel good and follow that! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this honest and entirely useful interview!

  94. What an INCREDIBLE episode! I LOVE her. Love the concept that thoughts are alive. I see that in my own life and business. So fired up after this one. Thanks Marie and Suzy! 🙂

  95. Probably one of my favourite Marie TV episode thus far. LOVE IT!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      It’s rapidly becoming one of ours too Eloise!

  96. Great! and so just in time for me.
    Proven in live Power vs.Force by David R. Hawkins.
    Time to hear from my body about my ideas : ).
    Thank you!

  97. This conversation was so amazing – the energy and enthusiasm Suzy has really inspiring to see and hear. I totally agree with Suzy’s comments about ideas being alive – I love that feeling. I’m still trying to get that feeling when it comes to a business idea and thanks to this video, I think I might be getting closer! Thank you ladies for sharing your insight with me 🙂

  98. salley Lee-Chung

    Thank you, Marie & Susie! What an inspiring video! I feel so thankful at this moment as I prepare my business lunch. I had to stop the video to write down this nugget;
    “How to define intuition and fear?”
    ask yourself “Do I feel expansive or contracted?”
    I use this tool all the time. Thank you so much!!!

  99. This interview is amazing! I resonate with every word and with the energy beyond words! It is so true that we need to go towards what makes us alive and what amplifies our joy. I know all that and yet it is not that easy to put it in practice. That’s why both of you are an inspiration to not let ourselves down. Being an entrepreneur is not easy! Thank you again for the inspiration!!!

  100. Absolutely fabulous! And I so relate. I’ve been running my business for two years and hit a wall. So I sat back and asked myself two questions. If you shut this business down will you feel like you failed? And the answer was absolutely not! I have given it my all and I have grown so much as a result and it has touched lives. You can’t fail when you’re pursuing your calling – something you’re passionate about. Then I asked myself if I shut this business down what would I do? And the answer was exactly what I’m doing now. Because I love every bit of it and I would do it whether I ever made a dime. Thank-you for affirming my path. You both rock!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Elisabeth, those are brilliant questions to ask yourself. Thank you for sharing with us!

  101. Really loved this, everything said was such a great reminder, thank you!

  102. This video is FANTASTIC! I looove her perspective on business! YES! Thank you both!

  103. Eileen

    Thanks for this! As a writer, there are so many directions and ideas pulling me everywhere. I need to remember to pursue the ones that make me come alive, and to wait for the inspiration that keeps me going in that direction. I’m so grateful!

  104. When Suzy and Marie talked about the FEELS it just resonated immediately with me.
    My business is just something I inhabit and possess within my self every day.
    It is part of me and I just know this is what I should be doing. It has nothing to do with money it has to do with my purpose. I loved watching this episode and feeling validated.

  105. amazing and timely, thank you ans

  106. Mandie

    I have always wondered who was behind the brilliant product and brand identity, Poo Pourri (couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw the viral video). I hung on every word coming from Suzy this morning, as it seemed she was channeling my own fears, ambitions, dreams, etc. I cannot recall another Marie Forleo interview that affected me in this way. It left me with a renewed belief in my abilities to bring into existence an idea that has hounded me for nearly 10 years. Thank you, Suzy, for sharing your journey. What a wonderfully inspiring journey it is.

  107. This is beautiful. I’ve been struggling with business ideas/plans/models for nearly five years now and this year I just enrolled in B school with that feeling like if I don’t chase this thing now I’m gonna miss my chance! It’s been a wonderful experience so far but it just makes me realize I’m going into this thing head long and I have no idea what I’m doing! But what Suzi said about just doing what feels right and if you grow personally and professionally it’s already a success and the money is a side effect resonates so much. I’ve been worried constantly that I don’t have the resources to do this thing that refuses to leave me alone, but this interview just shifted that mind frame for me. Resources be damned! And business plan be damned, too.. I’m making it over these hurdles and no one can stop me! Apparently that’s entrepreneurship ?
    Thank you beautiful ladies for opening my eyes and my heart!!

  108. Kenya

    I love this video because as a new B-Schooler I get overwhelmed by some of the tasks that I know will help me succeed and I begin to doubt my ability to start a business. Suzy’s story shows me ( as Marie has said) that 95 percent of this is showing up! I also like the idea of only creating something that “feels” good because I can never lose if I follow this advice.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Exactly Kenya! And as a new business owner, taking it one step (or one task) at a time is so helpful in combating those feelings of overwhelm. Give yourself the luxury of playing the long game, and stretched out over time, those tasks won’t seem so cumbersome.

  109. Deb

    I loved this episode, the two of you are amazing and the energy that you shared together was inspirational. I loved the talk about aliveness, that you know when something is right because it makes you come alive, not contract and shrink away. This is the one major thing I will be taking away and incorporating into my life going forward in business and in life. If it makes me come alive it is for me otherwise not for me right now. Thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful and inspiring episode. Much gratitude.

  110. This is a great video – it gives me hope that my time will come!

    Oh and my 8-year old calls this product her poo-poo-pa-rooni spray.

  111. Sharon

    I loooooove this video so much! Suzy is so real and genuine and honest about admitting her challenges as an entrepreneur. I’m a fan now!

    I do have questions about what was said though – when the ideas come and one feel amplified and expansive. As a multi passionate person.I have had ideas that come and make me feel this way and then 2 weeks later sizzle out and then 1 week later come back on again. How then can I tell whether it’s something I should work on?

    The idea that came back 1 week later gave me that same expansive and excitement again (which is really why I am up at 2am now watching this episode) and making me feel alive and charged but also scare me shitless. I’ve experienced this over and over before in my life and how this progress is that fear will take root and then kill that excitement and the idea sizzled out for good in the next week or so. It’d been such a pattern that each time I get the excitement, I am just waiting for it to sizzle out.

    How can I get past this?


    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Sharon, you are so not alone in those moments (be they fleeting or long-lasting) of fear taking hold and essentially diminishing the flame of an incredible idea. As humans, we’re hard-wired with negativity bias, so as soon as something enters our brains, we can either stoke that fire and let it get big and bright and beautiful, or stamp it for fear that it’ll become unmanageable, or that it won’t grow at all.

      Marie did an excellent episode on the power of following your fear, so if you haven’t watched it, head on over here:

      I know it’s a complex issue to overcome, and as Suzy says in this episode, the more you practice leaning into those ideas (or at least noticing them) that feel expansive, the more they’ll come, and the more they’ll show you the way forward.

  112. The exact dose of wisdom and inspiration I needed at exactly the right time. Thank you both!!! xoxo

  113. Thank you, Marie and Suzy!
    This is a confirmation that I always, always should trust my gut.
    I’m doing it now, I’ve been always doing it, but sometimes I doubt it.
    No more doubting, Llyane : )

  114. I LOVED this episode! It really helped support me in believing that the wacky direction I want to take my business may not make the most logical sense, but it is FUN, and I FEEL it in my body. Fantastic interview. I’m excited to see where the next year goes, and I’m happy to know that other entrepreneurs out there experience decision making the same way.

  115. Renee

    It brought tears to my eyes! I have struggled so immensely for 4 years in a demanding graduate program that feels exactly like what Suzy described — a contracted physical state that you just keep pushing through to get something you want. It has been *so* difficult to know whether all of what was talked about today is the same for academia as it is for entrepreneurship. Should I be experiencing those electrical resonant vibes in such a rigorous graduate program or should I not expect that to happen until Im out in the real world working? Is any of what she’s talking about the same or different for school?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Renee, I believe that Suzy’s talking about these concepts as they might relate to any situation. The conversation here is specifically geared towards business, however that intuitive spark, or current of electricity that brings you alive (or as Marie said, makes you feel expansive) is something to look at in all areas of your life.

      Just like there are ideas and businesses that might feel expansive in some people, and restrictive in others, the same goes for school programs, relationships, jobs, homes, etc. You get to find what feels alive for YOU. And we’re wishing you all the best, whether it’s this particular graduate program you’re in, or something else.

  116. I absolutely love how Suzy described that resonance in your body and how ideas are alive. People often think that intuition is “woo-woo”, but most people that say that spend years ignoring that strong visceral feeling in their bodies.

    There have been significant times where I’ve had those feelings and I’ve either chosen to listen or to ignore and those were the pivotal moments that led me to never ignore my intuition again. The one time I ignored my intuition was when a friend had brought a salad to share at a dinner party we were at. My body tensed up and I heard a very strong clear voice in my head saying “DON’T EAT THAT”. I did NOT want to eat the salad but didn’t want to be rude. I ended having the worst food poisoning I’ve EVER had in my life. That led me to trust that feeling no matter what.

    The next time my intuition came knocking that strongly was when I began seeing this woman named Marie Forleo and her B-School program pop up on several of the newsletters I subscribed to. I watched the video and the rest is history. I’m a proud member of B-School and my life has completely changed because of it.

    Like Suzy said, I don’t know how it will all turn out, but I’m growing and having fun!

    Thanks, Marie & Suzy!

  117. OMG, I can’t believe it! I wrote a book called “ALIVE – A Practical Guide to Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart” several years ago and it’s about exactly what Marie and Susie are talking about – following your aliveness to find your heart’s desire. The principle works for small questions like your day-to-day wants and needs as well as for your BIG life altering questions like finding that next idea or even your life’s purpose. Great, great video and conversation that is SO fundamentally true on so many different levels. Thank you!


    I love her words. of feeling abundant when shes going towards those Ideas, money is the side effect. Its an inspiration to see a person failed pick up and do what their gut tells them. I’ve been struggling with a business because it felt the right thing to do, but it was way ahead of the times. Now the time is right for my product – I,m struggling on making it work. This interview has been an inspiration to me.

  119. Great video today! I call that feeling “heartspace”. I’m a fiction author / graphic designer / photographer / singer, and that’s the feeling I follow when I make all my decisions in my life and in my business. Magic is real, and you discover it when you say “yes” to what heartspace shows you. <3

  120. This was amazing! I’m a BSchooler 2018, and I’ve been experiencing some amazing creative, connected, generative energy surges as ideas and insights move through me in this last month or so. I had written a little FB post about it, wondering if Marie might speak further to this kind of energetic/spiritual experience.

    So, it was *extremely* cool and synchronous to hear both of these amazing women talk and reflect on this, among other rich topics! 🙂

    My take-away is to just keep following the guidance of these “resonant” moments, and to not let perfectionism, rationalizing, or fear hold me back from taking action in my life and business. My intention is to take the risk to put those inspired ideas into the world sooner than later, without waiting for a ‘perfect’ way and time to do so!

    Thank you.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Heck to the YEAH Nicole. Start before you’re ready, so long as that energetic flow deep within you is sparking in a positive way. We love that you’re leaning into these new concepts, and that this MarieTV came at the perfect time!

  121. This interview was full of brilliant wisdom. Follow the fun and the money will come. Follow the ideas that make you feel alive. I feel inspired and ready to seek the fun and aliveness and let go of the pressure, fear, and self doubt. Thank you! This was just what I needed today.

  122. Kathleen Carr

    I loved your conversation!
    First of all the physics part of resonance, being amplified, Electric and Alive!
    Marie when you mentioned you feel expansive with an Idea that feels Right! You contract when it doesn’t feel right! Yes.
    Last I love the sound of the book.
    The Art of Aliveness
    Your Success is inside first then outside
    Thank you ladies
    I’ve been thinking of starting the ‘” Love Medicine Factory” for about twenty years. I try to imagine something about it each day. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

  123. Oooooooh my gosh!!! I so needed to hear this interview.
    My big takeaway / liberating business attitude was when Suzy said… oh geez, everything! I loved her talking about the resonant energy, and the energy of the business being a “her” and being alive. And perhaps the biggest one I needed to hear today was about – it doesn’t matter what you are doing in your business as long as you are having fun – truly having a good time doing it. As MF likes to say, “Business Church!”

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Amen Amber! I love your take-away about business being a living, breathing organism, and the emphasis on it being, first and foremost, fun. Thanks for sharing!

  124. I loved this conversation, thank you, Marie and Suzy!
    What I loved most is hearing about the inside out approach. That we FEEL it, and are guided and pulled by it, versus PUSHING and feeling tired by the struggle. Ideas truly are alive. Feeling them in my body is something new for me, and this is exactly what I needed to hear and see. Thank you both! With love, Manjit.

  125. I came into the office today with a prayer in my heart to figure out which direction I want to take my company now that my business partner is on an 18-month sabbatical. When Susie said “follow the idea that makes you feel the most alive,” I was reminded how two years ago I had an “alive” idea that would change our customer avatar to a completely new direction, and how excited I was and how I instantly had the company name/branding/customer avatar in my head ready to go. When I proposed changing our customer focus, I was shot down. Now, 2+ years later, I have the opportunity to make this dream work. A dream I forgot about/lost excitement over until listening to Marie TV today. Thanks for being an answer to my prayer today.

  126. Hearing her say she felt like ‘the worst entrepreneur in the world’ resonates pretty deeply as I’ve spent 2 1/2 years “growing” a business and although I’ve made progress and I know it’s my passion, I sometimes still feel like I’m spinning my wheels. By now I’ve learned as she mentions to not push through something that feels like a struggle and to be more in flow with the universe. But man…that was a hard lesson to learn!

    I really really loved the way she described an idea as an electric energy. It’s making me realize when I’ve had that feeling and to take notice of the ideas that keep coming up again and again.

    And literally right after watching this video, I had a shift. I’ve always known that I eventually wanted to create an online program to help people with their health, but I felt like I needed to have a lot of hands-on experience one-on-one before even getting started. But now I’m realizing there are a few things that keep coming up for me again and again, and by marrying those ideas, I could create something that’s really useful. It’s not quite what I’ve been envisioning…and I honestly have no idea if it will work, but it just seems to resonate deep down and feel expansive, so I’m gonna roll with it.

    This couldn’t have come at a better time when I was feeling a bit defeated. Thank you both for the inspiration!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Brilliant Nicole! I got goosebumps reading about the shift that you felt after watching this episode, and even though you’re not quite sure how to marry the ideas and passions you have, following that feeling and taking any small action will start to help the map unfold before you. That electric current is there for a reason, and your intuition such a strong guiding force. We’re so glad this came at the perfect time for you!

  127. being turned on and move from there.

  128. Suzy was 40 and bankrupt. I’m 38 bankrupt! But! her spirit and emotional connection gave me faith on my future. Thanks Suzy and Thanks Marie.

  129. My most favorite episode to date. Even more than Dani Shapiro’s (which I didn’t think could be topped). My big aha – the moment that made me come alive – was Suzy talking about identifying moments of struggle. Within minutes of the episode ending, I identified the exact moment when my blog became struggle: Last October when I changed it to a self-hosted site. Sounds backwards, but boy-oh-boy do I wish I were in the ease of my old my site. It’s not the recommendation, but my gosh did it make my life as a stay at home mom of a little (and as a decent wife) so much easier. So now I know. And now, for the first time in six months, I feel alive again. Thank you thank you thank you Suzy for your radiating insights, and thank you Marie and Team Forleo for sharing your platform with her.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Jamie, it’s SO helpful to know in which areas you’re feeling expansive, and which feel like struggle. Sometimes what’s recommended for most isn’t necessarily the ‘right’ path for you individually, so identifying what works for your blog specifically is so important. Now you know that you can either change it back, hire someone to help out with any pain points, or move in a new direction that feels more easeful. We’re cheering you on!

  130. Ula Lars

    Thank you so much for this episode! It is so important to hear stories like that, to know that we are not alone in struggles and learning. I have failed so many times because I was pushing through the ideas that seemed great but did not resonate with me.
    It is a beautiful and inspiring interview. Exactly what I needed at this very moment!
    As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  131. Mellissa

    This interview was so inspirational! It is really what I needed today — I furiously took note especially about being happy inside and also KNOWING, truly knowing the right answer even if it seems crazy. I shared this with my entrepreneur friends IMMEDIATELY and am heading off to purchase Suzy’s book. Thank you for making this gal’s day!! xoxo

  132. I just love her & her products.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      You and us both Steph!

  133. I love how you incorporating more and more knowledge of energy work!!! This is so helpful (and last weeks too, total life changer when I needed it!) Thank you, I´m really exploring the relationship between energy work and writing and my business and my audience has been really grateful.
    THANK YOU!!!

    • This is inspiring Emily! I’ve been feeling the pull to get back into writing (well, blogging) and emails are popping up more frequently that encourage and/or guide me in that direction. Just had to comment on your post since you mentioned writing and energy work 😉

  134. Pamela McNeff Smith

    Everything is bigger what? I can’t understand what you’re saying!
    Great interview. Such massive encouragement to go for the radiant concept that makes you glow.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Pamela, in this episode, Marie says, ‘everything is figureoutable’ – which is a term her mum coined back when she was little. You can actually watch Marie’s SuperSoul Session talk with Oprah about the story behind that phrase and philosophy over here:

      Thanks for watching and sharing your take-away here!

  135. Hartley Holder

    So every morning between 5:30 and 6:00 am; I have the most amazing vibes about the business I am creating, my eyes fill with tears as I plot my feature. I can see my business five years down the road. Congrats on your business will love to read your book when it comes out.
    Thanks, Marie for a timely video as usual.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      WHOA Hartley – what a magical time of day for you! And well done for harnessing those vibes and leaning into them.

  136. The one take away? To slow down and listen to how I feel! Well maybe there are two… the second takeaway is to let go of attachment to the outcome, though these two ideas are basically opposite sides of a coin. Honestly, I am all about this concept but I am still struggling to “align” with that excellent generative energy so I guess I am still ego attached. ARG!
    This is what I want and I know it. I have read Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief (plus many others from other authors) and I completely believe in this.
    You see, this is all very spiritual to me. I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience but when I am learning all of the “how tos” in B-School, I am coming from a place of I have to do this and I have to do that, in order to be successful and I fall back into trying to be good enough, instead of just being me and trusting the process! ARG! ARG!
    I think I keep making it too complicated. I wish I could get to that place where Suzi is and stay there. The questions I would have of her is how does she and her entire team stay in that space? Does she have practices personally and as a team? When she hired her team, did she talk about these ideas? I mean this is basically what Brené Brown is calling Whole Hearted and she has a whole Foundation that helps organizations operate in this generative way.
    In fact, I believe this is the very thing I am most passionate about calling into the world (maybe because I want it most myself) and I am calling it the Feminine. This energy and approach IS feminine because it looks to experience and share Exuberance (delighted, joyful energy), Intuition (going to your heart and body for information, not the intellect), Inclusiveness (the awareness that we are all connected by energy), Vulnerability (the willingness to trust the Aliveness and speak it, even if others don’t get it) and Boldness (the power that is available from being connected to your own heart/body truth).
    I am inspired because this is an exciting, amazing and generative conversation and I am also frustrated because I want to be a part of it with my work and I am still not.
    Hmmm, just got the idea to share this MarieTV episode with my followers and share my take. That would make me part of the conversation, wouldn’t it…?
    Thank you so much Marie!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Shelly, that would absolutely drop you right into the conversation! And I think you’re right there on the cusp – it sounds like you have so much invested in the feminine, the intuitive energy, and at the same time you’re willing to learn the ‘hows,’ the nuts and bolts that might bring your ideas to life in a tangible way. Sometimes these two concepts align right away, and at times they walk down different paths for a while until there’s a natural merging.

      The thing I loved about what Suzy and Marie shared in this interview is that the more attuned you are to those ideas that make you feel expansive or alive, the more you can identify the ones that don’t – that feel like you’re trying to run through a wall. The same goes for hiring people who ‘get it’ too, who can operate, be lead (and lead), and trust in this way.

      Keep asking questions and staying open for clues; your beautiful energy is on the right track!

  137. Felecia Howell


    Internally, does it feel contractual or expansive…
    There will be problems everyday but are we still having fun and are we growing…
    Let’s figure it out!……… EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE!!!

  138. Rea

    Love the energy of this conversation. The idea to amplify everything in your life is inspiring. I hope to amplify my life in the things that I am passionate about and not be stuck in the things that don’t bring me joy. It is a simple idea and I am grateful for this interview. Thank you Marie and Suzy. You make a dynamic duo!


  139. Charlotte

    There were a couple of things that gave me chills. As a track runner in high school the comparison of on a track you are either a straight runner or a hurdler. That in business you are always going to have hurdles and the hight of the hurdle changes. I think that in life this is also so true. The other nugget was that everything is an energetic vibration and that which idea should you follow the one that makes you feel the most alive.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Those are such great insights, Charlotte. We’re thrilled you liked this episode!

  140. Dominique

    This was so great and at perfect timing! My biggest takeaways were: 1.) “paying attention to your body”. If you are not sure you should move forward or bow out, what do you feel on the inside? Do you contract or expand! So helpful! 2.) “Money is a side effect”, yess! 3. The best and what I continue to remind myself “we don’t have to wait until the end to be happy!” So important to remember! For all things! It is life, a journey. It will be over before you know it so enjoy it every step of the way! Thank you for sharing!

  141. Being able to distinguish between hope/fear on one side and true intuition on the other side is one of life’s most difficult skills. Your contraction/expansion analogy is a good way to put it. But even then it is soooo subtle.
    Thankfully, if you do make a fear/hope-based choice, it doesn’t take too long to feel it. (as long as you don’t ignore it and keep grinding forward)
    Having a coach help you draw out the subtle differences can make a huge difference in your decision quality.

  142. Amy Turner

    Acknowledging my BODY as a place of intelligence that’s informing me–as opposed to only paying attention to my rational mind. The body, in my opinion does not lie. That’s my belief and my quote. ?

    • jutta


  143. Talin

    Great interview!! I love how Susie and you share that you are learning as you go and everything is figure-out-able! I needed to hear that. Yes thank you everything is vibration. How ideas make me feel maters! Contraction vs expansion.
    Thank you!

  144. Catherine

    What A great interview!!! I would love to feel that security that Susy says about when she felt that the idea excited her. I have had moments of intense emotion with many ideas, but then when I have to execute them the emotion becomes problems, doubts, insecurities and I think that I will not achieve it, Marie, do you think that I am easily demotivated? Would it be that I am not strong enough to carry out my ideas, I do not know… I am now in BSchool and when I started I was so excited, already in Module 4 I have fears, doubts and I am paralyzed, I feel that I have too many things to do and I feel overwhelmed. What work methodology do you recommend to me to feel that I am capable of doing it and to feel emotion while doing every step even though it is difficult?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a good question, Catherine, and we’re so glad you asked it! Being an entrepreneur can be an emotional roller coaster, even when you have an idea you’re super passionate about. Finding a business idea you love is awesome, though finding it doesn’t mean you won’t still have some ups and downs in your business. That’s totally normal and doesn’t at all mean you can’t still succeed.

      Marie is a big fan of staying present even when you’re not where you want to be, and it’s been one of the game-changers in her business. She talks about this more in this episode:

      And we always encourage students to take their time since you have lifetime access to the program. We know how awful and demotivating overwhelm can be, so we hope you’ll be kind to yourself, practice self-care, and take baby steps. Those baby steps really do add up to great leaps over time! There’s also an episode on getting motivated to help as well:

      I know these may not fully answer your question, so if you want to post this Q in the Facebook group, in the comments sections of the Member Area where the Mentor Coaches are answering students’ questions, or ask Marie on an Office Hours call, we’d love for you to do so!

  145. jutta

    great!!! i got addicted to watch to poop-porie videos – thete are amazing. from the episode, well, i love the body indicator for a good idea. i can zotally understand that.

  146. My favorite part, EVERYTHING!

  147. Nai

    I never leave comments, but this was so inspirational! Thank you ! Your love for your business completely vibrates, Suzy! Many blessings!


  148. Woot woot MF i am all suzed up!! Seriously this is how i have been feeling since i got my new business idea just 3 months ago (exactly 11.01.18!!).The fun feeling raised from the intuition that IT will work and that i ll have struggle but so much to grow and enjoy ahead!!i am so keen to flow through the work and to learn, live and change the world while i am at IT!#nethealthing

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY! That’s so wonderful to hear, Audrey, and cheers to your new business! 🙂

  149. Carol

    This interview was lovely to watch and I really enjoyed it. The thought that ideas are alive is intriguing and I will now pay much more attention to how I feel and what I feel when I have one (or two, or three!). Being in a state of happiness creates abundance …….. I really like that idea.

  150. I think I need to spend some more time in STRB, as I do not have the “FEELING”about my business that you guys speak about in this video.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The exercises are designed to help with that, so we encourage you to dive in fully and know that we’re here to help along the journey! 🙂

  151. Elaine

    I am taking away from this that I can succeed as an entrepreneur as a woman, and as woman that is not 30 anymore. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Absolutely! We believe it’s never too late to do what you love.

  152. Thank you for this inspirational interview! It’s come at a time when I needed to hear something like this.

  153. Luisa

    Thank you for sharing this! I have lots (almost too many) ideas within many different areas. It is as if I cannot stop my brain, which is pretty cool, still, I never pull through any of them, because I have a hard time to know how, when, what and where. I feel sad because I seem to be in a trap when never going further. I also need a job to have the income to sustain myself and my children. Now I don´t even have a job, am struggling with my ex-husband that is psychologically abusing my children and me so I´ve ended up getting ill. It´s a downward spiral. I do not know how to pull things through because of too many tough things in our life. I would love to have my own company because I have so many ideas, and even thought they aren´t always things that have to do with each other, I think they are things that could help others, and our world in general. Do you have any recommendations? I am so happy that you, Marie, and your group have such courage to do what you do. I live in Scandinavia, and there are very few people living here so, to start a business that would be a success, it probably needs to have clients all over the world. I am not so interested about how much money comes in (the success is not measured in zeros) but I still need to make ends meet and it would be nice to have enough to take vacations to be able to relax and not burn myself out (I´ve worked lots and with the abuse going on, I´ve been burnt out). Send you blessings, love, LUISA

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear of the challenges you and your family are facing, Luisa, and we really hope things get better soon.

      The good news is that if you start an online business, you can have clients all over the world! That’s the beauty of the internet and just one of the many reasons we love online businesses. It’s totally understandable if you don’t have a lot of time right now with everything else going on or you’re not in a place to quit your job––we’re big advocates of starting small and taking baby steps. It really adds up over time. Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere, so there’s no shame in starting small and growing over time.

  154. B

    Thank you – was so beautiful to watch. I’ve had this explosive energy in my heart before…I had to stop the car and call a friend who I thought would be perfect to do it with…the business grew so quickly and felt like the timing on everything was perfect. However, my friend and I had a disagreement within the first 3 months and I had to close the whole thing down…. Perhaps I chose the wrong person? It felt so right though? Were there other signs that I missed…?

    I just know this feeling you’re talking about but it didn’t work out for me on that occasion…any suggestions?

  155. Dee

    Thanks Marie, Yes – – this was so awesome. Now I know what it is that I have been doing and had not articulated it. I am taking my time – yet making progress, because I am allowing my ideas and product development to just flow in. This has so validated my journey. I am super excited and feel tremendously fortunate be a part of this community and experience in developing my path to the offering of my highest self-gifts and talents.

  156. I loved the reminder to follow joy!!! You can feel the joy in that exact moment of following it and then others sense the joy in the product and services that you’ve created!! Thank you Marie! Love you. You are an inspiration.

  157. Rachel

    Oh, Suzy, you are one incredible woman! So many things in this video had me screaming YES on the inside! I have a dance background, and I’ve not moved into the health industry and I constantly challenge myself with how I can inspire my clients to check in with their body, to move from a place that THEY resonate with, to understand that they have the toolkit inside them to address and understand the daily choices they make (physically, emotionally or otherwise).

    To hear you speak to candidly about following those daily internal impulses has me overjoyed and inspired, thank you once again.

  158. Carolin Hosac

    Biggest takeaway: Follow that what brings you alive and pause often enough to assess if you are on this trajectory or have slipped off of it (listen to your body to do so). I can implement this by starting each Monday with a solid moment, focusing on the idea and what it wants to be, instead of diving into tasks mindlessly.

  159. I absolutely loved this. I need to watch it again! I love what Suzy said about hurdles and both of you mentioning that everything is figureoutable really made me smile!
    The story that you have shared in the past Marie about everything being figureoutable is something that I tend to always remind myself of. That, and you’re saying that “the world needs that special gift that only you have” warms my heart and reminds me that I’ll figure out a way. To keep going, it’s ok. Thank you for that!
    I made a digital piece before with poopourri featured in a photo that I took because I got it to go with Christmas gifts!!!
    Anyway, I tagged poopourri in it, and I must thank you all Suzy for liking my photo. I’m sure that you don’t remember it and a team member probably did that. Just that like truly meant to world to me though. I had NO idea that you were so busy and am hugely impressed! Everyone loved the poopourri by the way! It was a HUGE hit!
    At that time in my business, I was a bit like you were Suzy, when you were going to give up business all together. In all honesty, I still go down that road from time to time. It’s like you said though, there are hurdles in business. I just wasn’t ready for them at first. I don’t let the hurdles stop me and keep going. They just aren’t as hard to deal with now. I still tend to wonder at times, but I think that it’s really up to me to keep believing in my dreams ya know.
    I also really love what you said about energy! I think that learning to ignore negative energy or people that put me down, etc. is a huge part of my hurdles. I don’t know about anyone else, but with me that negative energy causes all of my muscles to tighten and creates pain.
    Now, I’ve learned to keep going for my dreams nomatter what. Anyway, This made me smile and warmed my heart. Thanks again to both of you for sharing this. I absolutely needed to hear it.

  160. Absolutely inspiring! I loved the grace flowing from you both. Life Goals! xx

  161. Wow, perfect timing to hear this! Sunday I decided to stop ignoring the voice within me that’s been telling me since December to change the focus of my blog. The new focus idea, while it gets my blood pumping, also felt/feels crazy, and yet it gives me that physical reaction every time I think of it! Hearing Marie and Suzy talk about this visceral reaction solidified my path for me. No one at all may read it, but it will come from a place of intense passion, love and committment so here goes, I’m in! Thank you Marie for this valuable episode from a devoted B Schooler!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Linnet! It sounds like your heart is speaking to you and we’re so glad you’re listening. And we’re honored you’re a B-Schooler! xo

  162. Kim O'Donnell

    Loved this interview so much, thank you! I completely agree with what was said about thoughts and ideas being energy, which is exactly what Einstein said. I think of it like being in an elevator in a huge department store. It’s like, if you know what floor you want to get off on and you can visualise it, the elevator stops, the doors open and it’s all laid out in front of you waiting for you to make it a reality. People always know when I have an idea that’s going to change my life (even if they don’t understand it or think I’m completely crazy) because I have so much energy and they comment on the fact that I have a glow about me. It literally lights me up and, like Suzy said, it’s like being in love!!! Thanks again for this wonderful episode.

  163. Penelope

    Amazing episode! Thanks Marie and Suzy! So inspiring, exactly what I needed to watch today 🙂 I’m just a bit confused about these concepts of having a gut-feeling about an idea, developing your intuition and move from that place and the resistance that sometimes you feel to take action. Would love to hear your thoughts about that! Thank you so much! Again, you girls are such an inspiration! 🙂

  164. Jenny

    I live the basis and open dialogue around the “feelings” you get and follow them with faith and (already enstillled) happiness. With multiple things going on, this has me desiring to take time to let my mind flow and determine where to follow where I get turned on most. Thank you to you both!

  165. I think my favourite part of this amazing video was how Suzy described how she knew she needed to do something by how she felt on the side. Time to follow the feeling. It’s all figure-out-able!! Bx

  166. Thank you so much for this! Key take aways for me. 1. Listen to your body when exploring ideas to see what resonates and what doesn’t. 2. Struggle and pushing through doesn’t work and is draining and frustrating. We then become victims if it doesn’t work. 3. One of the big ones – it doesn’t matter what happens. We don’t get attached to the outcome. We just go for it without caring about whether it is going to happen or not or being concerned about whether it is going to work or not. We do what we do because we feel it, we feel alive and it feels right. This is very contrary to “making things work”. It is a whole new approach and way to do business that is not based on the cultural norms of “success” that in essence is based on struggle. Thank you!!

  167. “Success is an inside job”
    After all, what use is anything unless you can sleep well at night, happy in the decisions you’ve made today?

  168. SUPER appreciative of this segment — what I loved most was the idea evaluation approach — valuing and listening to your intuition. The other idea that resonated was being detached from the outcome and letting go when in the “struggle” zone.

    While the video was playing, I literally started working on an idea that’s been in my head for more than 12 years. Thank you for a great segment!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Kelley! That’s so amazing to hear and we’re thrilled this idea that’s been brewing for so long is finally coming out. It sounds like exciting things are on the horizon! 🙂

  169. I’ve been seeking clarity about what to do next with my life. This episode reminded me that the answer is ALWAYS inside me, if I just ask the right questions (and listen). Thank you Suzy & Marie!

  170. Denise

    Radical Resonance. Aliveness. On and on…you two articulated EVERYTHING I believe! Currently existing in that have to make a dollar corporate job after divorce….yes all of that – where I’ve had to keep putting my business/creative dreams on hold. I’m surrounded by people that lack imagination and innovation……it’s been horrible. BUT this today reminds me my tribe exists and is alive and well. This was so such wonderful therapy. Keep doing what you do M. We need you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Denise! It’s really good to hear that you’re feeling seen in this episode. Your tribe is definitely out there. 🙂

  171. Camille

    What if I am being led/pulled into a direction that sometimes brings me alive and sometimes creates huge resistance? Let me explain: the idea of what this direction “could be” brings me alive and looking at all the work it will take to get there makes me shudder in my shoes. Its like a struggle between my ideals and my practical self. How do I know when both the expansion and contraction happen about the same business idea?

  172. Vesna

    Thank you for such a wonderful interview. You have both reminded me how important it is to entertain the creative calling (that may even come from unexpected places), to follow my gut and my heart, to have fun and know that I can be happy while working to make my business a success. Your outlook on life is reflected in how you run your businesses. It’s beautiful. I could feel your energy through the laptop! Awesome!

  173. Linda

    Yes, Amen sisters. Inner energy, aliveness, and listening and paying attention to those feelings. I feel and sense that aliveness many times, about ideas that Suzy mentioned, “won’t go away!’ It’s sustaining that energy that can be challenging for me. The inner critic starts to speak up…so, I’m working on keeping that voice out of my head, and staying connected to the higher power and intuition. Many thanks for the reminder!

  174. Cam

    Today’s episode resonates with me so completely. Suzy is an inspiration! She didn’t let her age, her past, or her fear stifle her. She listened to herself – what she needed for self-renewal, how the idea that ultimately became her company made her feel – and the result is beyond her wildest dreams. Marie and team, thank you so much for sharing Suzy’s story!

  175. Helen Ali

    Wow, just wow! This video is my all time favorite because I felt like I could relate to her. She is the vision that many women have today and I love her overall entrepreneur spirit and that she is unknowingly humble about being a business owner. I, too have a dream of starting my own business and I can only hope that if I do, I have as much fun as she does, the main takeaway I took from this video was that no matter how hard things get or problems arise that she tries to have fun and enjoy every day because in the long run she wants to look back and say it was a fun ride. I can only hope that one day I get to experience moments like that for me and my team. Thank you ladies for joining together to make such an awesome episode with life-long teachings and insight <3,

  176. I really loved that interview! I was particularly struck by just how much Susi described being led by her intuition and her actual physical sensations telling her what to do. I relate so much to that concept . As a therapist I rely heavily on the feelings I have and the emotion I pick up from others. I find that The connection between the physical and the emotional is inextricably linked and I get very excited when I hear successful women describe that as being a huge reason for their success. It inspires me to keep listening to myself but more importantly to trust what I am hearing inside.
    Whilst I do not want to generalize or engage in gender stereotyping , This trait seems to be one that more females I know either have , or decide to follow. The male entrepreneurs in my life tend not to identify with this aspect of themselves and wouldn’t see their success as linked to their internal worlds as much. Another thing those men can learn from us ladies 🙂
    Thank you so much for this amazing interview- I will take what I have learned from it as I continue to work through B school!

    • Sanju

      I agree!! Men are sooo much afraid to reveal themselves and embrace who they really are.

  177. Sanju

    OMG!! This interview is just life-changing!! Suzy has just proven that it is possible to build a business based on intuition. A breath of fresh air, it feels sooooo uplifting/encouraging! We don’t have to always keep pushing harder and harder and drain ourselves when there’s no passion at heart, when you don’t really feel it in your bones. Complete corporate North America, or corporates worldwide need to hear this and start shifting their mindsets, and hence the company cultures, bring in more authenticity into our day to day lives. I have ALWAYS listened to my intuition. This interview just gave me a motivation boost. Thank you, Marie!! You are awesome!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Sanju! Having your intuition speak so clearly and loudly really does make all the difference. 🙂

  178. Thanks that video was inspiring. The thing that resonated with me is the idea that entrepreneurs see problems as hurdles to jump over! Also, that it is important to enjoy the journey because that joy will reach others and attract them to your product.
    Thanks Suzy & Marie.
    Cathy (T.O.Y e-cards)

  179. Aahhh, I need this never give up inspiration!!! Last month I tried to register my floral business with the city and I face a hugeeee roadblock! With home occupation, I cannot use commercial vehicle (ie. uhaul) to run my business…. and at the moment I do not own a car nor am able to afford it! I desperately said to the officer, ‘ but I try to run this business so I can afford a vehicle! I am about to lose my job in September, and this might save me!’ He might think, this girl is crazy, does not have a car and thinking about running a business? What is she thinking.?! I really felt like a poked balloon that day! But I went home with a determination, sir, you are not going to stop my dream (I know it is not his fault…), I will figure this out and I will see you again! I went to a car dealer the other day to see the estimate I need to own a car. Impossible amount at my situation at the moment. But knowing the amount helps me shape my goals, I now know how much I will need and will work around to figure this out! It is strange that this road block does not crush me butfire me up. I still have not found a job replacement to pay my regular bills yet, let alone adding expense for a car payment. But I have set my mind I am going to do this. Thanks for this interview! It encourages me not to give up?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love your dedication and determination, Sianny, and we’ve got our fingers crossed everything will work out! We’re rooting for you!

  180. Wow, so many amazing insights here! My favorite was when Suzie mentioned that if she and her team are developing personally, professionally, and having fun, they’re able to enjoy and feel fulfilled right then and there, instead of waiting to reach some sort of end goal. That just flipped my world upside down in the most glorious way! As a designer I’m always working towards the completion of a project or meeting a deadline, which I’m sure is true for most of us. I love this idea of being fully present and having a daily gut check to keep myself aligned and alive\. Thank you for this!!

  181. Danielle

    LOVE, Love, Love this interview and the gorgeous Suzy Batiz! What an amazing, genuine and authentic woman and such an inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs. It is so insightful to consider how connecting in with our feeling realm can drive focus and businesses forward rather than being stuck in our heads.

  182. Thank you for validating that ideas are alive. There are times I get so excited about something to grow the business but I get stuck on how to get there. Intuitively I know when something isn’t the right direction and I consciously move away from that and I know when it’s a good idea a message keeps appearing and people begin sharing the concept. As I am writing this I realize I am not sure if I need to do more research, find more people ask more questions or just leap. Thanks for reading this

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Marie is fond of saying “clarity comes from engagement, not thought,” meaning that taking action will help point you in the right direction. Market research is really smart, though that may not always tell you if you’ll really enjoy what you want to do quite like diving in would.

  183. MaryAnne

    OMG…..Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    I loved this episode because it delves into that feeling of ‘inspiration’ that moment when you truly ‘know’ without a doubt that what you are heading toward is a part of your own ‘destiny’ if you will….. it feels so electric and just sooooo darn good……you just want to go for it in the biggest way possible……
    However, what I found within my own experience, following that feeling of ‘inspiration’ of ‘knowing’ of ‘certainty’ was that the moment it changed, when it came up against a hurdle that felt awful (for example; meeting my new potential business parnter) that was also a time to really sit up and pay attention and search for alternatives – going back to the drawing board and exploring other possibilities, really honouring my feelings and my inner guidance as those feelings were just as important. I learned that the hard way but hey that’s all part of the process 🙂

  184. Brittany

    So inspiring! Loved how she never gave up and followed her intuition. Great interview!

  185. Hi Marie and Suzy

    Thanks for another wonderful show. This one was particularly powerful because I had the full body chills the whole way through!
    In the words of Danny Zuko (Grease), “It’s electrifying!”

    My biggest takeaway –

    Success is an inside job.
    If I’m having fun and I’m turned on, I’m not worried about the end goal.
    When I’m going toward these alive ideas I’m abundant – that’s just what happens.
    Let me be alive and vibrant and the world gets to delight in this offering.
    As long I’m growing personally, professionally and I’m having fun I don’t have to wait until the end goal to be happy.

    These profound words will keep me going as a I get my start up, up up up and away.

    So inspirational.
    Thank you. xxoo

  186. It is so good to know that I am not the only multi-failed entrepaneur. And I completely now understand that the positive impact of the idea resonating throughout your whole body. I have had one business idea return to me for nearly 2 decades, but I always pushed it aside whilst chasing “success and money”. Now I am finally following this calling, and the end goal does not matter – the steps I am taking every day feel good, natural and true to me. I am just letting it all unfold. Early days yet, but it feels right and I feel it in my heart, my soul.

  187. Aqib khan

    Worth watching….

  188. Everything is figureoutable! That’s what I am taking away from this. My business is my passion, but when I get to writing about it I get bogged down. I want to capture that “aliveness” that it makes me feel in all of my writing. I’m trained as an economist but turns out I really am an artist. And not just an artist – a celebration keepsake artist, turning invitations into framed keepsakes that capture the spirit of events and make you look like a rock star gift giver. Sometimes I look at what I made and I just can’t believe I did it – it is as if a force just flows through me as I create. Now I just need to learn to communicate it better…and watch out, world!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Carol! Since you mentioned having trouble capturing the aliveness of your work in writing, I wanted to share this writing tip from Marie that I hope you’ll find helpful:

  189. Thank you?. This video is sooo amazing??? and inspirational:).

  190. Deb

    This is a great video thanks, perfect examples of mBraining plus clean language and symbolic modelling.

  191. One of my favourite Marie TV episodes so far – Wow!
    I can totally relate to the physical feeling of having an idea!

  192. Hi Marie,
    I’m crying right know in watching this video. Because I’m the worth entreprenor in the world right now. I don’t want to sound so frenchie (even if I am French) but even if I truly understand your vision and your words about entreprenorship with my head, my heart hurts. Because I am so sad when I’m broke. And I’m broke really often. And I really really want to be happy of doing what I am doing. But when I can’t pay the bill it’s impossible for me. But I’m also really sure that my work is indispensable . I’m a creative business owner, and I encourage every one to be themselves to change the world for the better. And I’m not so enthousiaste to jump. Some days I just want to quit.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Gaëlle, we’re so sorry you’re feeling discouraged right now in your business. We know just how tough it is when you’re having trouble financially, and we do hope that Suzy’s story was reassuring for you. I can tell that you have such important, special gifts to share with the world – so keep going, and keep listening to that voice of your intuition!

      We’re big believers in the power of bridge jobs over here – to support you and your confidence as you continue building your business. Check out these episodes of MarieTV on this topic:

      We’re sending huge hugs your way and know you can do this!

  193. Eva

    Hi Marie,
    thank you for sharing this. First thing I did was checking the ingredients of the products. I am a person that is dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and going to the loo is a big risk for me when not at home, due to air fresheners and whatever is used in public spaces. Reading that this product doesn’t have any synthetical perfumes is heartwarming to me. From the bottom of my heart I wish this product and the beautiful entrepreneur soul behind it best of luck. Greetings from Germany. Eva

  194. Natalie

    Thank you for this amazing video!
    I am in my forties now, and the last 5 to 10 months my mind, my body and my intuition are crying and struggling to keep me just keep doing my job. Regular job, not my own business. And I think I am at the point to just let myself out of this circle. And just let me find myself and the things that can make me and this world happy.
    It is scary, but Suzy’s story is a proof it is worth doing, and 43 is not the end of life.
    What can I do today? Start gathering all my job stuff to pass it to someone new they’ll find.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Natalie! We’re so happy you found Suzy’s story inspiring. You’re in such an exciting place of being ready for growth and change in your life. We absolutely know this is scary too, so try to stay focused on all the possibilities opening up for you. You have a fresh new chapter ahead!

      There are a couple of other MarieTV episodes that I think you’ll find really inspiring right now:

      Wishing you all the very best and sending tons of positive thoughts your way!

  195. Really great episode. Love the fact that entrepreneurs have to be hurdlers and jump bigger hurdles as we progress. So many good things to take away today including making your product into a person that everyone can relate to. So inspired. I loved Suzy’s dress too, beautiful.

  196. Jennie

    Fabulous video, so interesting to here how it’s necessary to tune into to your own intuition for what you feel is going to work. That is a familiar sensation for me, but I’ve rarely trusted it & moved forward with it. Now I’m going to!
    Thank you x
    Thank you

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yes – trust it, Jennie! It won’t lead you astray! xo

  197. Veronika MM

    I love every episode of Marie TV, but this one has been by far my favourite! Thank you so much for this interview.

    My biggest takeaway is this: “Ideas are alive.”

    Which for me, makes that thoughts are also alive, so why not to treat them with the same love and compassion that I try to treat every living thing with.

    Instead of trying to push the negative thoughts away, and seeing them as a necessary evil, why not to just welcome them and see if I can be compassionate with them. Just like I’m practicing with all strong emotions.

    I decided to see my mind as an ally, not something that I need to overcome.

    Wow! I’ve watched this interview two times already and I’m coming back to it.

    Thank you so much for this a-ha moment! I love you, guys so much!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear you loved this one, Veronika! These are such great takeaways and how beautiful that you’re learning to welcome your thoughts and emotions with compassion. That’s a powerful shift! So glad you’ll be coming back to this interview. We love you right back. XO

  198. Elizabeth

    Boom Clap! My first Marie video since joining the list and what a ride. I felt the current rush through my body watching Suzy talk about the beginning moment of Poo Pourri. I felt her aliveness in me. Fantastic! Elizabeth Gilbert talks about inspiration waiting to find the right person that will bring an idea to life. Just another way of saying ideas are alive, which both Marie and Suzy convey with such vitality. Flow towards what enlarges you and away from what constricts is my greatest take-away. Thank you so much!
    Elizabeth in Germany

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY Elizabeth! We’re so happy you’re here. It’s wonderful to hear your big takeaway from this conversation. Keep following that flow of vital energy!

  199. WOW! What an explosion of beautiful energy watching and listening to you two this morning! 🙂 I FELT it too! The hair on my arms was standing up for you two! 🙂 And the possibility of our futures and listening to our inner selves, our truest answers, we inherantly know the “right answers” … we just have to FEEL them.
    I so appreciate knowing that neither one of you have a business plan. THANK YOU for that and for being honest and real.
    Big huge happy hugs from Sweden!

  200. Claudia

    I am vibrating with excitement Marie and Susie! I am embarking on expanding my coaching business by making a big investment in buying a “gadget” I have thoroughly tested and researched but I kept hesitating due to the investment. I literally put in the order today and stumbled on your interview right afterwards. I have felt the energetic vibration you are talking about very strongly several times and misread it for fear and it held me back making my decision. After watching you two I feel so excited and confident about my new adventure. Coincidence, resonance radar … ?
    soooo inspiring! THANK YOU!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      WOOHOO Claudia – this is incredibly exciting and a beautiful synchrony, I’d say! It’s awesome to hear you’ve had that electric feeling about your own product. So glad you’re feeling confident – be sure to keep us posted on how things are going!!

  201. Liliana

    <3 beautiful <3 I love her! You can literally feel her energy flow when she talks about how it affects her body. She even made me cry, cause it is just so true and so real what she sais. Thank you.

  202. Bianca Gheorghescu

    Goosebumps all the way! Thank you so much, ladies and Team Forleo, for doing this and sharing your wisdom with us. I wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy of doing business. If it feels good in your body, if it makes you feel alive and happy, then you’re on the right track. Thank you once again! ❤, Bianca

  203. Heather Liedl

    This was so exciting to watch! The concept off feeling excited/turned on in your body is right on and a true north. It always confirms my business idea when doubt (i.e., fear) starts creeping in. I also loved Suzy’s check-in with the team and willingness to scrap an idea at any stage because it isn’t working. It’s so refreshing to hear when people say they have no idea what they are doing but are figuring it out one hurdle at a time. Everything is figureoutable baby!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      OH yes – we’re all figuring it out one hurdle at a time, Heather! Keep following what turns you on 🙂

  204. Danielle

    O. M. G! This is such a fantastic, fully loaded, content filled post!!! Oh my, so super grateful for all the wisdom, insight, and experience shared from both Marie and Suzy. Everything resonated with me and I’ve taken away so much clarity from this post. Thank you, thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful Danielle, we love hearing this!! Thank you so much for watching.

  205. Jenn

    Suzy is amazing!!! I want to work for her, or better yet, be like her. Because, holy crap, if that’s not the right way to live life and run a business. This video was exactly what I needed. Back to Bschool work with new goals 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Jenn! We’re excited to hear Suzy has inspired you in adjusting your own biz goals! Be sure to keep us posted 🙂

  206. For me, this most important thing in this discussion is to listen to the energy coming in our body… when it happens we have an exceptional idea.
    Recognize the flow, and then make this happen in the real world… <3

  207. Samara

    I missed it, what was the 2 word philosophy she uses? ?? thanks!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Radical Resonance!

  208. Michelle Morrison

    I love, respect and appreciate every guest for various reasons, but I was drawn to what Suzy had to share. The parallels that I share with Suzy’s journey, drive and passion have overwhelmed me with emotion. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We all have our ups and downs and I try never to complain as my “down” may be someone else’s “up” but it’s always better to be a mountain climber than a valley dweller! xo~Michelle
    PS. In every way, Team Forleo Rocks!!!

    • Lana Neufeld-Yilmaz

      …it’s always better to be a mountain climber than a valley dweller! So TRUE!

  209. I loved this!
    As an entrepreneur with no business background and no one in my immediate circle in business, I sometimes look at the day-to-day problems and think I am failing. BUT THIS VIDEO has provided me with a clue that I am on track.
    In business the ‘problems’ are there to solve and are a part of a business, not because I am a failure!
    And I LOVED “Everything is figure-out-able”
    AND most importantly, the fact that you can become so successful by following your intuition and doing what you love.
    ‘On for the train ride, not reaching my destination’

    • Michelle Morrison

      Just keep moving forward, Lana, you are definitely not a failure! Our journey is the excitement 😀 Best of luck to you!

  210. So affirming! I love hearing success stories that resonate with my beliefs. I had chills through so much of what Suzi shared. She is awesome!! Great interview, Marie. Thank you! Now, I just need to find that same guidance and joy!!

  211. Kimberly

    My body feels resonant with all the content of your interview. This energy is jump-starting energy for me. Thank you! My first step is to go through my life and say ?? to things, ideas, etc that are not resonant. Thank you so very much for honoring this way of being in yourselves and reminding me that this is my way of being as well.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YEAH Kimberly – get on the No Train!! So glad this interview resonated with you 🙂

  212. The feels! My goodness ladies, thank you. I have been ALIVE with a recent new idea but doubting myself because its different and people don’t fully understand how personal it is to me. It makes me come ALIVE. I love it so much that I’m afraid I won’t get the message right when I finally let it out. Worried that I will somehow downplay my excitement to others because it is so different.

    Suzy’s interview has inspired me to be honest about my inner desires for both this new concept and one I currently work within. To not back down, to follow through on that excitement. I don’t want to stop listening to great ideas (sometimes crazy) I want to embrace them. As you said, Maria, I don’t contract with these ideas – I need to take a chance. THANK YOU, ladies.

  213. Hi Marie & Suzy, what an inspiring interview today (honestly which ones aren’t inspiring?!)

    The single most awesome thing I’m taking from this interview is when Suzy said that when the idea for the poo pourri came up, she actually felt a physical response, and Marie, you wholeheartedly agreed with her that that IS a REAL thing!! As a (failing) solopreneur, (I also appreciate how Suzy said she was the worst entrepreneur – saying something so defeating actually gives me hope because I feel that way a lot!), it gives me hope because I can’t seem to get it right. Nothing seems to fit me just right, and I’ve never had chills or shockwaves rumble through me when coming up with how I want to structure my coaching business. Now I’m a little more knowledgeable as to why that’s not happening!

    Your story is awesome Suzy and I hope that following what I’m really passionate about can materialize into something amazing!

  214. Thank you for an inspiring video! What this speaks to me is all about Passion. I have had a career in a structured environment, helping others but in a very contained way. In 2013 my son became unwell (he is now totally fine btw) and this was a catalyst for me to take a real hard look at what was important in my life.
    I realised how hard I had been working to “fit in”. My real passion was helping people to realise their potential, but using a more holistic approach, comprising different healing modalities. Two months later I resigned from this staff position and have never looked back! I threw myself into my healing work, without really thinking too much about it… and each year my earnings improved. The fear had held me back for far too long. I am now putting packages of my services together and really enjoying the feedback I get from helping others to shift their lives forward. Yey for Passion!!

  215. Sandy Rocourt

    Hello Marie and Suzy
    Great episode as it inspires me to get into my vibrational alignment. Love the message about energetic vibrations= ideas are alive. I will be more consciously aware of being a deliberate creator of my life and business. Continue to write my shitty drafts, edit and publish it on my website. Next step guest posting in other media outlets. In my life, I have taken more cautions in eating healthy and exercising my mind and body to healthy living. Thank you again for an inspiring video as always you do.

  216. Absolutely loving this concept of resonance, following what feels good and feels alive! Yum! This is what feminine leadership is to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  217. Drew

    The biggest take away for me is the part about growing personally and professionally while having fun at work. I interpreted Suzy’s comments as, this is something she watches to indicate future success. I’m so happy to hear there are businesses that operate like this. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could pursue their passions in an environment like that?

  218. Wonderful interview. I wish it were longer. Suzy drops gems about energy and ideas being alive. How awesome! #awakenedbusiness!

  219. Marie, you are my Spirit Animal!
    I too have had many business ideas, a true Multipassionate Entrepreneur, but I also created and failed in those businesses because I wasn’t passionate about them. I’ve been trying to create a new jewelry business, with the help of Flourish & Thrive Academy, but have been stagnant on really defining my voice and my true WHY I want to have this business. Then one day it hit me and I have been super stoked ever since, it’s a getaway retreat for moms, it truly encompasses me, what I stand for, and my skill set.
    I soooo get you Suzy and Marie, your body and being tell you this is the direction to go! ??

  220. Good day!
    The thing that helped me the most is the reminder that we have to follow the ideas that make us feel expansive. I also love that you guys talked about how when we follow what feels good and makes us feel alive we don’t have to worry about the end result because everything will fall into place. Choosing to be happy now and not letting some outside source determine our happiness, I think is one of the biggest lessons in life we all have to learn. Thanks for all the great nuggets of wisdom and reminders of what is most important.
    With so much gratitude,

  221. Claire

    Thank you so much!
    It came just right in time for me. In these days I was wondering how to stop my brain taking the lead without cutting my head off. (Even have a draft mail to ask Marie about that!) Thank you for this beautiful answer. Just focus on my heart and body, energy and aliveness. Very inspiring, it does FEEL right. Though I feel it’s gonna take some time to “reprogram” myself, I’ll try my best!

  222. Wow. This is so inspiring! I love being reminded that our ideas are actually ALIVE… I too have an expansive feeling in my being when ideas come to me from a place of inner passion and curiosity combined with the desire to share the wealth of joy that it brings. This interview has affirmed in my heart that going towards what makes me come Alive IS Abundance. I can’t wait to pour this wisdom into the early stages of creating my second chocolate business. Thank you both SO much! Lots of Love

  223. Allison

    Love this. She spoke what makes this women-in-business movement so welcome and true. We feel it. What was once called “women’s intuition” is now a guiding force in business. Love it.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES YES YES, Allison. Amen to this.

  224. Lydia Maria Eichiner

    The one single thing was “How to feel what is right for you and what not”
    And also how you feel it.
    This was an amazing for me!

    All the best

  225. This was one of the best interviews yet. The reality that ideas are alive and physically grab you is life-changing, of course. So this interview is going to change everything!

  226. Nidhi

    I loved that she did not quit after 2 bankruptcy and kept going on, i love that Marie Forleo has such deep understanding level and she sincerely listens and cares, i wish i can conquer my fears and be bold enough to go after me dreams like all these amazing people who come to Marie.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You absolutely can, Nidhi, we believe in you and your magic 1000000%!

  227. Mel Kendell

    I love the simple question “when did we know we were in struggle?” done with the right intent, cuts through the blame game.

  228. I love the explanation of feeling it in her body and being EXCITED. I feel that way when I am teaching and feel that way with getting my new online studio started. Also, when I am overwhelmed with my current schedule I feel that exhaustion. Even though I love it, it’s that feeling of needing to move into a particular direction a little more. Like tactile intuition. Thank you! Jodi

  229. Wow, that was awesome! The energy from you two is amazing and beautiful!
    This just really cemented what I have already heard, trust your intuition!!

  230. “It’s not about the end goal… as long as you enjoy the ride”… “Expansive vs. contracted”…
    Love this. Made me confident that some of my ideas are worth exploring more, and that I shouldn’t bother with some others 😉 (where the huge effort would only have been be worth it if it brought a specific result at the end..!)
    Thank you ladies!

  231. Thankyou for confirming what I have been experiencing lately! I have had several “good” even great ideas that would take work to accomplish and yet I keep coming back to my original “great” idea as the best one to pursue. I know it’s the one because as you said it’s the one that combines excitement with pleasure with business. The other ideas just feel too “worky”, too much like work. It’s the pleasure principal that is driving my best idea. …. hmm perhaps this can be applied to relationships as well!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Ooooh love that, Monica! The Pleasure Principle. That can and should absolutely be applied to relationships and all other areas of life! Go for it 🙂

  232. I so needed to hear this deep widsom. I’ve been recently going through a tumultuous time with my business with slower sales, cash flow issues and staffing problems. I had been riding a wave of success for 5 years and over the past 3 months I feel like the bottom just fell out. I’ve been feeling so defeated and anxious and this talk just made me realize that it’s not something I can’t overcome. It reminded me that energy is everything and that I have to quiet myself to look inwards and trust my heart with the decisions that lay ahead of me. Thank you for that!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Leah. Keep looking inwards and trusting that wise heart of yours. Congrats on the past 5 successful years in business – that’s huge! We know you’ll get through this and make whatever pivots you need to, to get back in touch with the energy and feeling you’re looking for in your business and life. Sending lots of love and encouragement your way!

  233. Diane

    oh my goodness…I so connected to this and the messages. I have been telling everyone, too, about working from the inside out…feeling that energy within that will resonate to the outside world! And I also understand, trying to come out with and trying so many businesses. I finally had my aha moment and working towards it coming to fruition! Thank you for presenting this! xoxo!

  234. Jaclyn

    That was such an inspiring episode. I loved the reminder to follow what feels good in my body and what feels expansive. I’m writing my first book and this is fuel to publish it because what you wonderful women described is what I’m feeling. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Jaclyn – so great that you have this feeling about your book. Keep going – the world needs it!!

  235. I love this video! It’s the first video I watched today. When she said “everything is an energetic vibration, ideas are alive” that truly inspired me. Her nuggets of wisdom truly inspired me to keep going.
    What an inspiring episode! Thank you.

  236. Needed this today. Thank you Marie and Suzie. I saw the ad just the other day shared again on FB. It really is a great Ad. Well done Suzie. I love the explanation of the energy feeling of doing business. Something I’m going to pay attention to this week. I have a lot of ideas in my head too and never know which way to go within my business and even out of my business. Thanks for the inspiration.

  237. Landis

    My last 9.5 years of business ownership have been that “struggle and push through” process. I just stepped away recently and have been doubting these feelings of aliveness with new ideas because they are not reflective of my experience thus far.
    THANK YOU BOTH for freeing my thought process. It all makes sense now.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Landis – so glad this was helpful for you. We’re wishing you all the best on your next, completely new adventure!

  238. Benson Modie

    So inspirational….and life-enhancing…..thank you so much!!!

  239. Lisa the Writer

    YES to Joy and Aliveness and holding the Dowsing Rod to tune into creative Happiness!!
    This tuning in to what makes us BLOOM, what makes us EXPAND…these are the breadcrumbs that lead us to that happiness, creativity, “aliveness”, as Suzy says. I have a Day Job, as so many Creatives do (because of the necessity for food, shelter and indoor plumbing),. While I am expansive, motivated and feel very alive with my patients, encouraging them and giving them helpful information about their mammograms, there are few Creatives in my workspace. I have learned that yes, I am blessed to have a Day Job that allows me to work with women in a way that makes me bloom (encouraging patients), but there are plenty of coworkers who find that level of energy, joy and expansiveness WEIRD and think my Creative Goals are trivial – writing, planning a writers’ conference to learn more, quilting to encourage my creative juices, getting my second book ready for editing. But, then, I also really like my husband and find many of my coworkers can’t relate to that priority, either.
    It is SO IMPORTANT, SISTERS…to know who those positive people are in our lives: are there any Creatives or just NON-negative people to share all this joyful, expansive energy with, people who value all this joy and even enhance it? Those are the ones to go to when you are excited about something. Don’t share your Creative Babies with just anyone. There are coworkers who are not interested in what I find magical and exciting – I have learned to maintain those relationships at a Day Job level only -to show up and do my work cheerfully and carefully, but not to open up to those who either don’t get the joy or may even enjoy excluding me socially because I don’t take an interest in what they find important (shoes, TV, how much money everyone makes, the recent grisly news stories).
    I have learned not to expect everyone I come in contact with to be as excited about the Creative Life I love so much. This saves me so, so much disappointment and energy.

    Lisa the Writer ❤️

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for sharing this, Lisa – it’s crucial for us creatives to remember! Surrounding ourselves, as much as possible, with who and what help us bloom. XOXO

  240. Kala

    Her body sensations work for me as well. But not everyone will have that body sensations as a way to “Know.”
    Some will be more mental or just other ways of knowing. I feel strongly that women need to tune in more to the body’s sensations.
    I work with women who are healing burnout- and that state often kills our access to our inner knowing via body sensations, as i’ts very subtle.

    • Lisa the Writer

      Oh, I’m glad for women like you – burnout is so discouraging and it’s important to recover from that before we can move forward.
      Thank you for what you’re doing. And yes, intuition is a great tool when we finally learn to dust it off and “plug it in”, so to speak.

      • Thanks Lisa, and good luck with your writing, I feel like are you writing a book? I’m going to speak my book LOL! Much easier and then transcribe and edit it.

        • Lisa

          Hi Kala,
          The first one was stories about our Labradors and growing up as a 60s-70s kid – just life stuff, lots of fun and you can write that kind of stuff forever. This next one, though, is about how to have a better mammogram, what to expect – more work and research, but my heart’s really in it to help women know what to expect. My patients are so smart but often feel helpless about the process and how it unfolds, what we look for, reasons some of us get called for extra images.
          I LOVE the speaking your book idea for convenience…I think I’m more organized with typing it out, though: I use a writer’s software program to keep it all in different pockets so I can edit, sort and rearrange it.

  241. *Radical Resonance* ~ just WoW! Marie & Suzy are both so inspiring and together they are such a dynamic duo. I am completely amplified by the interview, and the idea of radical resonance is my new platinum standard. So much gratitude for these golden nuggets and to the Goddesses for their incredible grooviness!
    In Lak’esh Ala K’in

  242. Angelica

    This episode is amazing! Suzy seems very down to earth and I adore how she said that ‘success is an inside job’. I’ve been trying to push through personal happiness, relationships and career choices and it never feels good. Now I think I will shift my focus to inner happiness first.. accepting and loving who I am might be the next right step instead of looking outside and forcing my way forward. The struggle is real – and i feel like I’m done with it. I release the outcome in the hands of the universe. Thank you so much for such an inspiring episode!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Angelica – we’re excited for you! This is SUCH a powerful shift, and paying attention to where you’ve been “pushing through” or forcing is incredibly revealing. Here’s to releasing it to the universe and trusting that you’re so very taken care of. xoxo

  243. YES! Thank you Marie & Suzy for reminding me that I THRIVE when I feel ALIVE! 🙂

    Allowing my Mediumship business to evolve into specializing in Animal Communication has been a self imposed hurdle. Letting go of what other people think puts that spring back in my step and opens the flow for more clients and I feel magnetized!

    I loved this conversation and the way you both navigate your life and business. Thank you both!


  244. Carole Anne

    Fabulous! I am allergic to “business plans” and am heartened to hear that neither of you use these in the conventional sense. I do believe one’s gut is always the smartest person in the room, so really appreciate hearing you talk about that. The phenomenon of “opening” and “closing” (as Marie describes her sensations in response to ideas, proposals, etc) is the primary focus of the work of Zen Cryar DeBrucke, an “intuitive business and personal consultant”: (I’m not a paying client of Zen’s; I just love her podcasts and videos.) Fresh takeaways for me from this week’s interview are 1) that a business is a “she” not an “it” and 2) that ideas are alive! Love it! Thanks so much!

  245. Natasya Yusoff

    My fav interview to date. Resonated with me on soooooooo many levels. Love love loved it hard.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Natasya – we’re excited it resonated with you so much!

  246. Bobbi

    Wonderful, wonderful! I so appreciate Susie talking about failure. I have felt the overwhelming desire to curl up in a ball and hide after a business failure. But down deep, I know I’m an entrepreneur and can’t help myself to move towards ideas that abundantly pop into my head. My present business is ready to bust out of the “smallness” of my fears. I can feel it. The world needs us all to be the “bigness” that we are.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAAAS Bobbi – you’re a true entrepreneur 🙂 Can’t suppress those ideas! And you’re right on, the world needs you in your largest, fullest expression. We’re cheering you on over here and know you can SO do this!!

  247. Amazing video and story, thank you! Made me realise how much of my business I’m not passionate about and need to let go of! Very inspirational and I especially liked/agreed with when Susie said that you can feel when an idea is right and when an idea is not right and it’s all about listening/trusting that. I will certainly be doing that more going forward ??

  248. Thank you so much Marie and Suzie,
    What really resonated with me was when Suzie talked about developing products that are a “good idea” rather than the ones that excited her; this is something I have been wrestling with in my business so much over the past few years, because I dont feel passionate about the “clever idea” it gets pushed to the back-burner and then I beat myself up, feel guilty which is another waste of energy! I also really appreciate Suzie sharing about product development meetings with her team, and everyone tuning into their feeling. This intuitive feeling based business practice reminds me to take that step, to look for the expansion, and to then be DECISIVE and choose where I am going to direct my energy and be committed to that, rather than feeling bad about all the areas my energy is not going. Super powerful stuff I love love LOVE your work!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Claire! Our intuitions really do speak to us and guide us on what we want to do, so it’s good that you’re listening to what yours is saying. 🙂

  249. This completely resonated with me! When I had the idea for my business, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I felt alive with this energy I’d never had before. I knew it was the right thing to start regardless of what anyone said because I was so passionate about it. Three years later, I still feel the same passion but I always say I have no idea what I’m doing, because I don’t. I just make it through the hurdles almost daily, and figure it out as I go along. Being an entrepreneur is hard, but sharing my passion with others makes it all worth it.

    • Jodi

      Amazing, Jenni. Well done!

  250. Oh. My. Goodness. This was the best episode so far. My one takeaway from this is that I am not crazy! I follow my intuition… I try ideas and move on to the next because it doesn’t feel right. And I know that this is the only way I want to do things. And I know I will keep going until it clicks – until I get that feeling that you were both talking about.
    That alone reassures me and brings me confidence that following my intuition is the only way for me. I have dropped my office hours to part time just yesterday so that I can keep going on this.
    Thank you so much for all you do. X

  251. I have happy tears in my eyes because everything you talked about resonated with me so much! Thank you Marie for this amazing interview with Suzy Batiz! I actually love and use her Poo-Pourri:) After hearing your conversation today, I just want to say I adore you both and am grateful for women like you who are willing to share and can articulate their experiences to benefit so many people like me on the journey to following what makes them feel alive. xoxo

  252. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! Worked in dream corporate job for years. It was such a great opportunity but it just felt like speaking Chinese all the time. Yes, I learnt to speak “Chinese” well, but it was a constant effort. Now I am starting my own business relying on my natural talents and it finally feels like speaking my mother tongue. It is such a great reframe to allow ourselves to follow the resonance radar as Suzie calls it. It brings us out of our head into our hearts!!! Love this successful, honest, bold woman!

  253. KG

    Great episode! Very inspiring!! Yes, go with you gut and heart, the voice of your intuition.

  254. Carla

    I love this! So many things to note. Most specially when identifying what makes you fee alive, being so observant to your inner being, your gut, your body. And I have viewed a previous video about becoming resentful to something you thought you loved doing. I think I need a break, this has been a thought hanging for over a year, I think it’s high time to do so. The problem is, I have contracts to finish for the next month. Gahhh m! Also one important thing that struck me in this episode was, being happy in the present state(while doing it) not only in the end goal. Makes me even think, what is my end goal really? Thank you both wonderwomen!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So spot on, Carla! It really does make a difference when you find something that lights you up vs something you just feel “meh” about. And you’re so right that sometimes taking a break can be helpful––sometimes it can help you see whether you really do love what you’re doing or if it’s time to try something else. We’ll be sending positive thoughts your way and hope you find the clarity you’re looking for.

  255. Claudia

    Hi Marie and Suzy,
    So many joy nuggets, my fb friend Seryna shared this interview and it pulled me.
    Take away which zinged me, was recurring ideas. I have one which I will now pursue and enjoy building a relationship with.
    Loved another one, that ideas are alive, I experience this often and will improve my respect for this resonance.
    As ever, inspired and pleased.
    Claudia xoxo

  256. I loved this interview! I am a new entrepreneur in the midst of my first “failure” which is really just a course correction. Suzy’s story is so inspiring and reassuring. I love the notion of leaning into the ideas that make you feel excited and following where that leads without expectation for outcome. It is so liberating to keep in mind that the success means enjoying the journey, not arriving at a specific destination. Thank you Marie and Suzy for inspiring me to hang in there and to follow my heart! ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Arden! I love what you shared about how it’s not a failure, it’s a course correction. That’s such an amazing, positive outlook. 🙂

  257. Two things really stood out for me today. The first was Suzy’s Nugget o’ Wisdom: “An entrepreneur knows the hurdles are going be there, and jumps them”. As an entrepreneur who feels like she’s been struggling to see traction in her business, I often have major feelings of self-doubt and experience a lot of failures. But looking at it as hurdles that you just know you’ll encounter and need to jump, shifts the perspective from roadblocks that stop you dead in your tracks to something I anticipate and jump over. Yes, sometimes we’ll fall down, but the race continues!
    The second was the idea of looking for those subtle cues from your body about contracting/expanding when you think about moving forward with a creative idea. Just thinking about a recent idea of mine and using this easy test made me realize that it’s not something that makes me feel alive and excited. So I feel good about not pursuing it, and to continue to brainstorm other ideas that make me come alive. Thanks for this great interview Marie, Suzy & Team Forleo!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Crystal! I’m so glad you got clarity on your idea and that you’re seeking what lights you up. We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find it soon. 🙂

  258. BEST. Conversation. EVER….

  259. Allison Fink

    Oh my gosh, I loved this talk! Some things that I took away from this conversation was intuition vs. fear = expansive vs. contractive. What a great way to look at how your adventure makes you feel. In addition, I really like the concept of radical resonance – abundance. Finally, how the idea just won’t leave me alone…I know I am doing the right thing. Thank you for wonderful and insightful content.

  260. Annisha

    Wow, this made my day and it’s only 7:25 am… I love the concept she and her team works with to determine struggle vs momentum. This video was an eye opener for me. It helped me to make sense of certain “struggles” I have been trying to make work, that has only been frustrating me, now I understand why. I am sooooo familiar with the “aliveness” that you feel in your gut, so many times I analyse it and dismiss it as being impractial :(… BUT now, I will be totally paying closer attention to my intuition on certain things. Another AMAZING interview. Thank you guys for doing what you do the way you do it. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  261. tesa guevara

    Thanks, Marie and Suzy!….this made me realize its not too late to try again when you failed once or twice or more…..and its a new thing for me the way you discussed on how to “listen” to your physiological reactions to confirm or affirm your gut feel on what you are meant to do.

  262. Beautiful, thank you Marie! I recently, accidentally, had a first energetic money block healing session with a client where I felt the same obviousness in my body for the first time. I found it amazing and at the same time I noticed pulling back afterwards, being intimidated by the effortlessness of it – and the client’s results. This interview makes me realize that I gotta do more of this. So I just messaged an ICA and offered her a session in return for a testimonial and 3 recommendations. I’m terrified and excited ?❤️??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so exciting, Anke! Good for you for connecting with your ICA! 😀

  263. Always inspired by you and your guests Marie! This one was particularly impactful. I lead a small (5 person) international nonprofit organization that supports people diagnosed with a rare cancer. I get goosebumps when I engage with our community and see how what we do makes a difference in their life. This video gave me permission to bring a similar method of running our organization as Susie has done with her company. A bit more of a challenge in the nonprofit world, but what the hell not! Lead from the heart, listen to my intuition and make decisions based on how it feels in my body. Brilliant advice!

  264. Alana

    Thank you Marie and Suzy! This was amazing!

  265. Rini

    How serendipitous – this came right when I finally got sick and tired of worrying how anything I do can be monetized, which always leaves me feeling discouraged and internally exhausted. I felt that I want to enjoy the journey, not the destination, of success, and that success is just enjoying my life in the first place. I felt like this was the irresponsible way of approaching it because I want to be able to make enough money to survive – but this moment I feel vindicated and now I feel I should pursue this new philosophy and internal practice 100%

    Thank you for such a wonderful video. Of all the ones I have watched thus far, this one resonates with me the most. I feel I’m going to start crying.

  266. Oladapo Ayeni

    This stirred up the energy within. And that’s all humanity need to still the noises and distractions without.
    – Good Job!

  267. Oh man, Suzy is grounded and delightful with a wonderful message. Perfect timing. This interview is a fabulous reminder and so where I’m at right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Rozina! Thank you so much for tuning in this week 🙂

  268. Marie and Suzy,
    I’m so happy that I tuned into this wonderful episode! I love that both of you are openly talking about making decisions based on the energy rather than what appears to be logic. Logic is great but its not enough; it has to feel right. Before I watched this episode today I said no to an amazing opportunity that I knew could have been great for my business but it did not feel right. I had peace as soon as I made the decision and I trust in that knowing. That said, I really needed a little confirmation on that; and you ladies just gave it to me. Thank you so much.

  269. Patti Ann Pullis

    This is the very 1st I have heard of Marie. How is that possible? I am sitting here with chill bumps! I love the positive energy and am instantly connected. Thank you Marie and Suzy. I am a new fan!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray! Welcome, Patti Ann 🙂 We’re so happy to have you here, and so glad you enjoyed this interview. We can’t wait to share more with you soon!

  270. Josette

    Kismet~ I just extracted myself from a life situation that was killing my soul. I left with a hastily packed bag, grabbed the train to Hoboken to crash at a girlfriend’s place and knew in my gut that everything was going to be fine! Every major “right” decision in my life happened like this, when nothing was perfect. I really agree with the truth that you can feel it when a decision/idea etc. is right. I also believe that ideas do have energy. Thank you Marie for once again encouraging me to keep going when everything is crazy and up for grabs!

  271. Was pretty amazing hearing how humble she is and how many falls she needed to happen in order to follow her intuition and be able to have an amazingly successful company.

  272. Erica

    Everything was great but what stuck was when Suzy said they were honest with their customers. I will cut companies a huge amount of slack if they do me the courtesy of being honest. But I have a very long memory for those that give me the run-around 🙂 Honesty builds trust and loyalty, plain and simple.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      All the yeses, Erica! Consumers are smart, but they’re also human. Treating customers as humans that feel and make decisions goes a long way. Pay attention to those companies that make you feel amazing- and then buy from them over and over again 🙂

  273. Boy I had to scroll down those comments, lol. Thank you so much for the interview it resonated with me so much. I’ve been struggling with my YT Channel and figuring out if I still want to keep doing it. But I feel I’m suppose to do this, I feel it in my bones like Suzy mentioned. I just get caught up in the many moving parts of it that I loose my self sometimes. This encouraged me to one read her book, I’m a sucker for book recommendations, and two keep doing what I feel in my gut rather than what everyone else is telling me.

  274. Can you do a follow up video on the key marketing strategies that grew the business. It seems the viral video was huge. What other things grew the business?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Deborah, their marketing video was HUGE so that’s how they exploded. We would urge you to check out their website as there’s more details on the company’s story there, along with the amazing marketing that they do. You’ll be laughing- trust us!

  275. Rossella

    Great interview. I like the zen-approach to identify a failing project and put it away, go over it without being scared or stopped by it. It’s useful even for an office person like me you is living a moment of great organizational changes, which don’t depend on me and which traslate in new competencies to learn or demostrate to new bosses.

  276. I constantly worry that I have effed up too badly in life so far. I love stories like these as they serve as a constant reminder that, no I haven’t! My perfect job and purpose will only exist if I create it. And it is so time for me to dare take that step. Maybe I will get hurt again, but at least I will hurt my self for me, not for someone else who just discarded me once that happened.

    I don’t have a direct action right at this second, it served more as a reminder that: Yes I can!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Every mistake is a learning lesson, Tobias. Keep showing up with your beautiful heart, dreams, and passion- the world needs it. Keep taking action and reminding yourself that it all adds up and places you exactly where you’re meant to be at every moment.

      Dare to take the step, and then another….and then another. You can. xo

  277. I love her energy and style. I love that she kept pushing through the hard crap- literally. She has so much to share and is such an inspiration. Taking two passions and bringing them together. Making a fun video that goes viral because you followed your own passion and vibes. I just love this story and love the brand. So good! So good.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s why we loved having her, Stephanie! She’s a true inspiration to us all and we’re so glad that you felt the same way. Here’s to all of us finding our passion and pushing through ….the hard crap. xo

  278. Peter Christiansen

    Beloved Marie, I have absolutely no words to thank you enough for all your amazing videos; they really uplifting and a great source of inspiration.
    As a person, you are really a gift from heaven above with an exceptional gift to help others how to navigate through the journey of life.
    It’s imperative that no one can become successful without mistakes or failures.
    However, it’s a golden opportunity to learn from mistakes/failures, then tun them into something worthy or valuable or helpful.
    The motto is: “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!
    Peter Christiansen

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Peter, thank you so much for this kind message – it means that world! We’re thrilled that you’re finding our content uplifting and inspiring. You’re right, learning from our mistakes and failures is truly how we grow! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our community.

  279. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy my journey. I am facing a huge step in my career and feeling overwhelmed with fear and with doubt. By remembering the reason I am here, those goosebumps that electrifying feeling, I am reminded to follow the electricity and to follow the joy of creating. Let everything else fall away and to really enjoy the journey! If you have any extra tips on how to do this when you are crumbling in the land of fear, please let me know!

  280. Thank you soo much for sharing Suzy Batiz with us. One thing that kinda pump me much more energy and big smile is part that says ‘the ride that we should enjoy’ and the money doesn’t matter. Because that is what actually me and my team do and feel it, we just pour love and compassion toward our business and we do make surprising progress. We feel that we grow and gain soo much everyday and that is wonderful! We understand that successful business takes time, and many people have no passion to ‘harvest the money soonest possible’.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Habsari – keep up the amazing work and keep enjoying the ride! Absolutely love your approach to business 🙂

  281. As always, I watch these videos at exactly the right moments!! Seriously, kinda creepy. I recently started a new venture that I SHOULD be in love with and I SHOULD be feeling great about…but…I don’t. Like you say in the video, I shrink and contract when I work on this new project. I shut down and feel depressed – totally not me! It got to the point where I really thought something was wrong with me. Perhaps I should pay more attention to the body signs! Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Really happy this came at the right time for you, Alex! Definitely, your body just knows. Keep listening to it and your energy around particular projects – these guideposts won’t lead you astray.

  282. My favourite idea here: ideas are alive, and when they resonate with us, there power is amplified.
    I think that it‘s the same with negative thoughts, vice versa: if we let them go from our body, they will loose their power.

  283. I truly relate to so much of what was shared about how to make the best decisions. Whenever I make a decision I’ve learned to ask myself a simple question: “Is it a full-body ‘yes’?” If it’s not a “yes” from the top of my head to the tip of my feet – it’s a “no”. Simple and effective. Loved this Marie! Thx for sharing.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Magalie – such a powerful decision-making tool. Love that this approach is working well for you!!

  284. Beautiful! Thank you for this wonderful interview, once again a great reminder and encouragement indeed, to follow our nudges and keep cultivating awareness, joy, and presence in living fully and expressing our purpose and true calling. Very poised you ladies, I am so glad I came upon this, and I know for a reason!

  285. Jessica le Roux

    Just want to leave a note to say a very heartfelt thank you! I’ve been working through a masters degree in nutrition science – alongside a longstanding health issue (ME/CFS). My house burned down over a year ago, triggering a major health wobble, and I had to take an 18 month leave of study. After two unsuccessful attempts at ‘restarting,’ both times triggering immune system wobblies I was seriously about to give up. I thought maybe the ‘light’ and aliveness on this particular trail had gone out. Watching this episode made me think: maybe it’s not the degree that is the problem but my approach t0 it. Instead of struggling to fit in study hours during my daily life (not working) I’m going to do study ‘batches’ and have mini retreats away from the real world to get through the course work. I ultimately want to be a writer, so this is the perfect practice at a writer’s retreat. The idea of doing it this way feels expansive rather than the contracted inner Noooooo! I was feeling before. Sometimes it’s not the path that’s wrong, but the way in which we are approaching the ‘how’ part. Thank you ladies for highlighting this intuitive way to kick ass!! High fives from South Africa 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That makes sense, Jessica! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and congrats on getting your masters degree! You got this 🙂

  286. This is such an awesome read. I loved the way you explained in detail.

  287. My big takeaway from this wonderful interview?
    Trust Myself!

  288. Such an inspiring interview! Thank you so much for bringing it. Reminded me to listen more to my intuition of ‘what feels good’. I bet it does make a difference at the end, if you did something out of passion or because you thought you’d have to. Not just for yourself, but for the quality of the results as well ;-). And the most important thought I got from this video, was to be mindful and not forget to enjoy ‘the way there’, as well :-)!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you found this conversation with Suzy inspiring, Marina! Yes, absolutely, how you feel along the way is SO very important to the quality of everything you’re creating. Keep following what feels good!!

  289. Hilary Torres

    Thank you for this inspiring conversation!

  290. Hi Marie and Suzy, thank you for this conversation so much!
    When I watch your video, and look Suzy talk abt the time she had big problems with her business, I can feel that is a bad time in her life. I am happy because she made it through and success now.
    Thank her for advise. Whenever I have a decision, I always wonder, afraid will fail or don’t know what should I do. But you are right! With ideas, we wont be alone, just do it and everything will work. And the important thing is choose the idea motivate you.
    Thank you again!

  291. I headed over here from youtube to leave a comment because I wanted to thank you both for this episode. My company is growing so quickly, and we feel like we’re drowning in orders. I expand our team; and then we get slammed even harder with orders. It was really nice to hear about Suzy’s experience, which gave me some seriously needed insight.
    I’m good friends with Joel who wrote and directed her commercial, and I was so happy when that video blew up. It makes me extra happy that Suzy owns poo porri (I didn’t know who owned it until this video) because it could not have happened to a sweeter person. I hope you do more projects with Suzy in the future!

  292. Charlene L Sansone

    One thing only! This video was packed with wisdom and inspiration. Things that spoke to me, that are a great validation since I am already implementing them…. letting go of struggle, finding peace first, finding/following my alive ideas and grounding into the place of “I don’t know everything, but I can find out everything.” This was my mantra as a broadcast ad producer when I was in the ad world and a great reminder to take it with me as I step into entrepreneurship.

    Thank you Marie and Susie for this amazing video. I have shared it with many friends and it has touched them as well too. Best always…

  293. Barbara

    Dear Marie,
    this great video is a proof to me that if we follow our inner guidance, our soul, there are no boundaries. I try to listen to my inner guidance for almost everything. The signs are very simmilar to yours and Suzi’s. When I feel inner peace, when I got chills or get very excited, I know that my soul has given me the answer.
    Congratulations to you and Suzy. I can feel your pozitive energy all the way to Croatia ❤

  294. Ivy

    This is my favourite interview right now! Thank you Marie and Suzy. I have renewed energy and I know where to go now.

  295. Patrick Whalen

    Enjoyed the interview. It resonates with me, no pun intended. Why does it resonate? Because it supports what I have newly found in myself and that is the ‘purposeful signal of my intuition to my consciousness.’ Some call it a gut feeling, the Third Eye or the juice from your pineal gland. For me, the Third Eye is the closest to what I experience. This isn’t a religious thing or a paranormal thing, it’s just a thought visualized clearly and distinctly…almost like a memory.

    The trick is not to talk yourself out of the ‘signals.’ Especially to let others talk you out of them. I’ll be minding my own brain business when a visualization pops into my head…not really related to anything I’m doing at the time. I’m assuming I’ve let a million of these go by with out me noticing, but now I’m noticing. And each one is essentially correct or true or right.

    I’m selling a house on an acreage and was getting ready to get it ready to sell. A lot of work was needed as the home had been neglected while I was a full blast alcoholic. Fast forward; sobriety, new life etc. and here we are. My wife and I sought the advice of my mother who had in her kefetime bought and sold about a dozen homes. I would get a visualization, say about a color of carpet, a redo of the deck…you know, all the refreshments and fixes one must do. One instinct, vision, was to,completely restore the deck. A huge task that required several hundred man hours to complete. I saw a light colored wooden deck that shined, like those old motor boats with the wood fronts. To get there, was literally hell because it was all done during the hot summer in western Iowa. No one, and I mean no one thought this was a good idea of my time yet anyone asked for help would help with gusto. Well, the deck ends up as good, a bit better than my vision. It really has paid off as everyone seeing it asks if is wet. No not wet, just varnished like the deck of a yacht. This and other visions has gotten me to a point where the house is getting huge attention and will no doubt sell at my price when it lists. I have no doubt and not even worried. At this point, the vision was realized, the rest will follow, good or bad. It has been a bit over a year since I have started noticing and reacting to the images in my head like this. Less than a dozen visions so far, but only one not being minor. They have all been followed and realized and all had positive outcomes. I have stopped,letting people talk me out of these visions. They are simply not in my head and can’t see what I see.

    I know my big vision maybe my last thing I do before I die, but it will work, and work brilliantly. If it makes a wad of cash, great, if not, eh. The challenge, the internalized drive and the ceaseless mental reminders of the original vision are good enough for me to follow through. And I really don’t care if anyone else likes it or hates, I’m doing it because somehow I know it’s the correct activity for me to be doing. I think my family thinks I’m a bit crazy. Still don’t care!

    Thanks for letting me and all the others share.


  296. Georgia

    Marie, your interview with Suzy Batiz was sooooo inspiring. “Success is an inside job” really hit home for me. I tried a business to make a business work for 4+ years that I really wasn’t passionate to take the time/work needed to make it succeed. I am going to be more intuned to my inner feelings and the excitement when that ideas, thought presents itself and follow through.

  297. This interview was so inspirational. I really resonated with the notion that when you’re no longer seeking validation- then that is your thing. It’s your idea. That feeds perfectly into Radical Resonance. Thank you so much!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for taking the time to watch, Timil. We’re so glad that it was the message you needed at the exact moment you needed it. Magic!

  298. My biggest takeaway…is to stop giving a fig about what others think about my ideas and my business.

  299. Nat

    So many nuggets of wisdom here. I loved how she said you feel it I. Your body. I also love Marie’s advice on intuition vs. fear or the feeling on expanding versus contracting. And even if she gets an inkling of contraction she doesn’t do it! So good! Oh and no business plans! We spend so much time rewriting our plans and making PowerPoints instead of listening to our intuition and taking action. Thank you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Those are such powerful takeaways, Nat! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it seems like our bodies are just waiting for our minds to finally catch up. Keep listening to yourself and you’ll get where you need to go– we’ll be cheering you on along the way!

  300. I loved when Suzy said her worlds collided. I started an education consulting company 2 years ago, but really wanted to help people transform their lives through life coaching. I now integrate all the transformation strategies into my work with educators and I get the “gut feeling” I’m on the right track! Thank you both for sharing!

  301. The thing that resonated the most for me, was Suzy speaking on her pattern of struggle. I am doing the work that I love, and I found that work by taking a break from trying to work, create a business, etc. and my electric idea came through. (It is actually something I have desired and been interested in since I was a teenager) I was actually frightened to turn it into a business because I thought I would ruin it by doing so, but I took the leap 3 years ago anyway! And while I have no regrets, my whole life pattern has been to struggle and survive. I too am very strong, and can push through lots of hardships, mostly because I have had to. What I am realizing is I have taken something that I love and brings me alive, and I make it harder than it has to be, because of this pattern of struggle. I want to take what I love, what lights me up, what makes me alive, my calling, and my business and also learn to allow it to be easy, flow, and bring me the happiness that I deserve and STOP GETTING IN MY OWN WAY! I also LOVE what Marie said about ideas either contracting or expanding in your body. I truly believe that paying attention to our subtle body and energy reactions is the key to success, and this may be the key to allow me to release my struggle pattern.

    SO GRATEFUL to have heard this beautiful, holistic conversation about business! MORE of this PLEASE! xo

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview, Heather! We hope Suzy’s inspiring story continues to spark some new ideas for you as you take the next steps toward your dreams. You’re totally onto something there– when we allow our minds to rest and we listen to our bodies, our creativity comes alive. It’s no coincidence that your “a-ha” moment struck you when it did and we can’t wait to hear how your ideas continue to grow and evolve. Building a business is often about finding a balance between knowing when to push ahead and when to let things flow, but the key is to keep checking in with yourself along the way. We’re thrilled that your journey brought you here this week!

  302. Susan Gutnik

    Great interview! I just wish Marie would have asked Suzy how she got from that initial idea to creating a successful multi-million dollar business, because afterall she had a string of failures up until then. What did she do differently? I would have liked a deep dive into her process. Thanks!

  303. I loved that IDEAS are real and when we are having fun following our ideas we are in abundance. I’ve been an artist, and in long-term recovery from addiction and #MeToo for over 27 years. I educate, encourage, and empower Recovery Art Warriors to reach their next level recovery by engaging their dreams and reclaiming their light. I get really excited about helping other women learn to use the healing power of art to recover. I also learned and loved that the hurdles I face and jump over in developing this new unique creative way to recover through Recovery Art Studio is a normal part of being an entrepreneur. Thx! Robin

  304. Lina

    A very inspiring interview. I had so many ideas like her and tried to push through everything, but it didn’t work out well. Now I know I have to find something that make me feel alive. Thank you for sharing this video.

  305. Jennifer

    This interview was awesome! What stood out most to me is everything is figureoutable and no matter how much time or money you’ve invest s in a project it’s okay to scratch it if it doesn’t feel right. There are too many times in my life that I’ve held on to projects and relationships that just don’t feel right. I felt I had invested so much in that I could get past the hurdle. Had I had this nugget of wisdom then I would have saved myself so much time and energy.

  306. Jennifer

    I learned that sometimes, I need to let go of ideas. That I have stayed longer than I should of because I thought I could make it work. But in reality, if I let it go quickly, I could find a better aligned opportunity more quickly. Also, I should trust my gut more, even if logic defies it. If something feels expansive for me, I should do it. If something feels contracting for me, I shouldn’t do it.

  307. The most important thing: “Have fun”. Thank you so much!

  308. Jannette

    Amplification… Love it.

  309. Fabulous interview!!

  310. Hmmm, this was so beautiful. I am building a brand myself right now, and going through the roller coaster “low curve”. One of the big things for me lately has been to create my business more from a feminine aspect and Suzy demonstrates that beautifully.
    The big take away is that it can really work, and that it is where the true joy of creating a business is. The expansion and contraction piece was huge, not something new, but deepening my awareness of it and I will be more consciously using that now for business purposes. It’s really about fully listening and trusting all those feelings. So happy to get that reassurance. I was also reminded of that body high feeling I had all over when I first wrote out my business idea and when I talk about it with certain people.

    Thank You <3

  311. Malcolm

    OMG … Suzy’s story is soooo important and relevant today!

    I have also had business failures in the past, and now have a chronic health condition (the two aren’t related incidentally) which is creating a bit of an unwelcome life challenge at the moment … but this interview is so timely and a real inspiration about believing in where your heart tells you you should go.

    Yes, you also need to have a reliable, realistic and dynamic approach to challenges you will come up against, but the bottom line is that you must have that deep down feeling of just knowing you’re doing the right thing.

    Thank you Marie and Suzy for sharing another brilliant interview!

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