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I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for poo jokes.

Yes. I know it’s not the most sophisticated topic in the world but then again, I never said I was the most sophisticated person. But stick with me for a minute…

Because if a brand that focuses on poo can accurately be described like this:

Courageous. Joyful. Undeniably Useful.

If you want a fresh brand, don’t give a crap about someone who thinks you stink. Click To Tweet

There’s some creative magic happening that’s worth paying attention to.

In today’s episode you’ll discover three inspiring lessons from a small brand that’s causing a big stink in the marketplace. I really think you’ll appreciate their inventiveness, humor and unwavering commitment to keep doing what they do best.

But more importantly, I hope you’ll appreciate the broader message of what they stand for: unbridled, open-hearted, good-natured, full self-expression.

Too often in our world, we’re afraid of being our true selves.

We hold back from expressing what (or who) we love for fear of what others will think. We’re so busy trying to look cool, or smart, or evolved that we lose touch with the simple joy of creation and the gift of being alive.

In every corner of our day, we have the chance to express our creativity and bring light into people’s lives. I hope today’s episode inspires you to do just that.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you. Which one of these three smart strategies could help you the most, and what’s one action step you can take right now to move ahead?

Please be as specific as you can in the comments below.

Details paint vivid pictures and help us get to know you, and ourselves, better!

And, thousands of incredible souls from every corner of the Universe gather here each week for connection, insight and support – your share could be the breakthrough that someone else really needs.

Thanks in advance for reading, watching, and sharing.

You make my world!


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  1. Love the puns in this one Marie 😉 You must have had fun with that! Poo Pourri is a brilliant brand indeed. Their launch video was so well done, and totally original.

    I’m working on sales prevention right now, and my team and I have been looking at our sales prevention strategy for our next launch. We almost got it right last time around but had a few blunders that we’ve learned powerful lessons from so that we only take on our perfect fit customers this time. No amount of money in the world is enough to take on the frazzled, negative energy of some people.

    • Agree, PooPourri is brilliant — their videos are extremely shareable and got me to buy some for myself AND for other people. Their brand is so solid, clear, and fun! Lots of strategies to take away from this brand.

      Biggest takeaway: Know your ideal audience and don’t give a crap about anyone else! (Lovin’ all your puns today, Marie 😉 ) And don’t be afraid to be a little irreverent! Modern marketing is so much more focused on being REAL and relatable.

      • Exactly. Real and relatable get me every time! 🙂

        • Maria ,
          You are such a pleasure to watch and see YOUR show grow and evolve..I love the fashion and style you present both in word and deed!

          Thanks for giving us all a lovely picture window to look through to see and create our dreams! Even if its just a dream day!

          Cathie B

          • I recently saw Poo Pourri in a Dallas co-working space restroom, I thought it was super funny! 🙂 love that commercial! I am revamping my site and are definitely focusing on my ideal customer only.

        • Kristen & Sandy, I agree with the real and relatable thing but would you agree if I said it can be done wrong?

          I’m new to making videos for my poo crew and once in a while after I’ve already published a video I think to myself “DANG I shouldn’t have said that!”

          Right now I’m going to focus on defining my poo crew and tweaking my brand a little to speak their language more…maybe use a little more office-friendly jargon and less profanity. Although my potty mouth is authentically me, it doesn’t need to go full-throttle in my business.

          Thanks for your input ladies! I love how we can feed off each other

          • I think you already hit on the most important thing here — it’s all about relating to your “poo crew.” If your target audience is professionals who like a bit of snark, then maybe it’s fine to drop a few expletives here and there. But if the audience you’re trying to target would be turned off by that, then it may not be appropriate.

            I think Marie’s video a few weeks ago addressed this really well:

            It’s important to be REAL and fully yourself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean showing every single aspect of your personality. It really depends on your target audience, your brand, and the tone you want to set for your business.

            Hope that helps, and good luck with your videos 🙂

      • Ahh I so agree ladies! You save yourself SOO much time & energy when you put your brand fully into whatever you do. Straight out of nutrition school, I had so much knowledge but no clue how to translate it into a unique & magnetic business! Over the past 6 months in Mentor Masterclass, I’ve learned from the best of the best and one thing they always stress is how important it is to be 100% YOU in everything you do. At first this was super daunting because I was afraid to own who I was but with the support of Jeannine Yoder and the sisterhood, the transition is going easier than I could have imagined. This past week I have been working to create more space in my business and this is such a great reminder as I build my site & a more sustainable business structure!! xxo

      • Manam

        True that. Loved the episode!

    • Ha, yes, I forgot to mention the puns in my comment! I was snickering every time thinking of how much fun you and Laura must have had writing the script for this video. Absolutely hilarious!

      Natalie, I’ve been following you along for a long time (you know that) and I have to say that I’m glad you’re sharing this about yourself! Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that even established entrepreneurs make mistakes and have to work to improve. Hoping you’ll be able to keep the negative customers away in the future 🙂

    • I read your post on I was curious about what sales prevention is? I run a lifestyle blog and am new to marketing. I’m thinking of selling some products but I have so much to learn. Any insight would be great!

      • Hey Dija! I talk about Sales Prevention in this Poo Pourri video here so watch it. I also did a talk about this topic extensively here 🙂

        • Meegan Thomas

          Great topic Marie! It’s so important to know both sides of the coin when choosing your ICA. Loved this video and the new talk with Joe Polish. Many words of wisdom! And Poo-Pourri is stinkin’ brilliant! 😉

          My biggest take-away is understanding that it’s OK to weed out clients! All of us here are big-hearted creatives and often loose sight that we are not meant to serve everyone. I will be refocusing my copy, tailoring my graphics and promotions to serve me AND my ideal audience.

          As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • Maryell


  2. Poo Pourri is hilarious and their copy is really phenomenal.

    I think the strategy that I need to work on most is “spraying my brand’s scent everywhere”. I must admit, I’ve gotten pretty lazy lately and I need to get back to kicking it in high gear. I worked really hard on my copy over the last several months after realizing that I was attracting clients that weren’t exactly main squeeze material.

    I really love the term “sales prevention” and once I understood that concept, I stopped being afraid of putting my radical self and message out there. It’s one of the most liberating feelings ever.

    • I agree! I have been writing copy for my new product and send it over for someone to edit and they told me I need to be more PC. Since then I haven’t been able to come up with anything because I’ve been worried about offending people, I’m holding back and it feels unnatural. I need to stop worrying about appealing to the masses.

      • Yes you do, Patty! That was not the right copywriter for you, clearly. Definitely get in the mindset of your ideal customer and craft your copy that way – and make sure you’re 100000% comfortable with it!

      • Hi Patty! I appreciate your comment. I’ve been blogging for a while now and finally started to write with more personality (I’m not all the way there yet.) But I’m finding that it’s not only more interesting to read, it’s more fun to write!

      • I hear you, Patty! Holding back sucks! Whenever I start to doubt myself with the content that I create I just ask myself… “what do you wish you could say” and then the liberation I feel outweighs any fear of offending people. The truth shall set you free 🙂 xo.

    • Demetria, I totally agree. I decided this week that I’ve gone a bit too serious on my new website – totally need to get the me back into it, and I’m really excited!

  3. I need to work on my copy a bit. I have made some changes recently to infuse more personality into my brand. I just need to fine tune it a bit. I just signed up for The Copy Cure.

    • I often wonder if my brand shows my personality. I think it does, but I don’t know what my readers think. So, how do I know if I need to make some changes into my brand? How do I know, if I don’t do it already, how to reflect myself into my brand? Because I personally think I am funny and smart (and modest too), but do my readers see that?

      I signed up for The Copy Cure. I hope it will help me see things more clearly.

      • Alina, I think that reflecting our personality in our websites is a work in progress, we keep changing and changing it each time we get more brave about “being who we are”.

        One thing you can do is to ask your friends. Do they think that your website reflects your personality?
        Mine said – even without asking- that it does! Hope yours can too.
        (and don’t be too attached to any critique if it comes with the answer 😉

        • Thank you Joanna for answering!

          Actually one of my friends mentioned to me (without asking), that my passion comes through my website. But I always wonder if this is true or my friend is trying to encourage me by saying nice things about my website…

      • Hey Alina, are you Romanian by any chance? Your name sounds like it. (I’m Romanian, which is why I ask)

        Jumping in here to give my opinion on the topic… I think that branding is always a work in progress. Over time, you’re going to have more courage to put your personality out there, you’re going to refine your branding based on the clients you get, and you’re just going to discover yourself more and more as an entrepreneur.

        I like your branding personally, but it’s very “good”. If I was your customer (which I’m probably not because I’m not a parent, but if I was) I think I would want you to infuse your site even more with humor and confidence. I would try to find some blogs or websites that you really enjoy reading and try to do the same thing Marie is doing in these videos – identify what makes them so awesome and try to start implementing it yourself.

        Anyway, hope this helps – I’m not a branding expert but this is my personal opinion 🙂

        • Hi Laura,

          Yes, I am Romanian, but I live in Canada now.

          I enjoyed reading your website and I also enjoyed the photos you shared from your trip to Romania. Along the years, I showed my husband many parts of Romania too, which he found interesting and sometimes even dangerous :). We Romanians like to live on the edge a little :).

          I am still trying to learn how to write so that my personality gets reflected into my website. Here is a post where I share a little about one of my trips with my Canadian husband to Romania:

          I would like to write more often like this as this is me.

          Thank you, Laura, for your advice. I agree with you that I am a work in progress and as I learn more about myself as an entrepreneur, I will be able to reflect this knowledge into my brand as well.

  4. Love it! Poop pourri is my kind of business and I even have a poop book in my bathroom for some educational reading (just in case you want to identify).

    Strategy #2 don’t care about what others think
    I think I can apply this in my business and my life. My action step today is writing a book proposal that’s playful and classy, like me.

    I’m pooped.

  5. Recently on my YouTube channel I’ve been getting very few DISLIKES – and it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY!

    Clearly I’m not pushing the envelope enough 🙂

    Thanks Marie!

    • Hi Adam

      I saw your post and was prompted to click the link to your website to find out ‘why’ you would get DISLIKES.

      I watched all four videos and felt an overwhelming need to give you an honest critique. Your comment that “being controversial can be an attractive quality”, was my unwritten invitation to do so. I’m just going to be frank here Adam and please keep in mind I’m not trying to be hurtful.

      I’ll list what I believe is inappropriate and state why:

      I found your opening video to be way too casual. Sort of like you’re just giving a few tips on dating to your mates, after you’ve put in a hard day’s work someplace else.

      The volume of the background music is way to high. It sounds like your trying to shout over the top of the noise.

      The unbuttoned collar and loosened tie, makes it appear that the camera has caught you off guard, before you’re ready for action. It appears that you haven’t had time to change from your work clothes into your presentation tuxedo or casual turtle neck sweater. Your attire indicates you’re not giving the viewer your full attention. ie Special attention to the special lady in the room who is hanging on every word you say (the viewer.)

      You’re talking ‘at’ the camera, not to an individual woman. You’re not talking to an audience – you’re just talking. Not slowing down for any inflection of the voice, or serious secret one-on-one comments.

      The ‘mood’ of your video reminds me of a vacuum cleaner sales man.

      Lastly what with the background decor. A set of empty glasses and a partial image of a fuzzy umbrella pic. The ‘No Background Distractions’ rule has been broken – big time.

      Presentation is a serious business.

      Hope this helps.

      • Shan

        Actually, I thought Adam was joking about sales prevention and saying that his channel was getting very FEW dislikes.

        “Recently on my YouTube channel I’ve been getting very few DISLIKES”

        • Hey Shan,

          Your right! I’m still learning to read.

          Anyway, Adam now has one big long “DISLIKE” – food for thought.

          • Shan

            Haha yes Sally – he certainly got some feedback there 🙂

  6. Hey Marie

    I love todays approach to a very funny advertisment. Its a great ad and your critique was spot on, and interesting in itself. I cracked up every time you said ‘Poo Crew’.

    I’m taking away the “Go flush it” line.

    Thank you so much for this upload.

    • So glad you enjoyed it Sally 🙂

      • Love the cameo of you dancing in the Polyester mini-dress at the start. The only Pooh I’m interested in, however, is Winnie. Does a bear… never mind. 🙂

  7. I am such a sucker for plays-on-words! Thank you for all the great ones in here and all the excellent insights. I always say, as someone who has been a copywriter forever, that making things cute and clever isn’t selling out; it’s called branding. The key is making sure that the message is still totally clear — as per the copywriting adage, “Be clear, not clever.”
    Cute, clever and clear…the holy trinity. Hats off to PooPourri and to you, Marie!
    PS I first spotted PooPourri in a bed and breakfast I stayed at in Kennebunkport. Such a funny find in the bathroom!

  8. Marie – the way you wove their brand into your monologue was beyond brilliant. And what a great example of branding for all of us – thanks.

  9. Michelle

    I laughed til I pooped! Well not really, but I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode. Who doesn’t love poo jokes, especially when they’re wrapped in such great business info? Keep the great videos coming!

  10. Perfect timing! Launching a new brand for my upcoming web series broadcasting my clients’ actual meetings with lessons learned. Really struggle (insert constipation analogy here), and always have, with identifying my Poo Crew. Oh I’m a Believah when it comes to niching down; I just haven’t niched down enough yet for my new brand. But soon, friends soon. Meeting with the pros in two weeks, and creating a Branding Board to start to visualize the perfect poo-ers for my next chapter. Meanwhile, back to scripting the video for my Dodiegogo Campaign, already in progress at 47% funds raised for the new series!

  11. I was afraid of haters when I started my blog, in fact, I did get a hater – a friend who was close to me at the time and for some reason she turned on me. Anyway, that inspired me to write this post: Thank you for this Marie! xx Ritu

  12. I agree their branding is ahem refreshing! Proof that any product and company can have awesome branding.

    Loved this episode Marie!

  13. Tal

    Hilarious!! That was a good laugh to start my day. I love their marketing strategy, and I like how they just cut through the crap – literally!

    I don’t have a business of my own, but I think these tips are still useful for marketing myself. Instead of trying to morph myself into who I think people will want, I should work on marketing ME, and highlighting my best qualities, in a way that is best for what I want to achieve. This was a good reminder!

    • Yep – right on Tal. Being true to you is the only real game in town. xo

  14. Toooo!!!!!!!! Funny and very informative, i loved the show Marie. (still laughing about Doo Doo brown video. (Great show as always.)

  15. I LOVE THIS! I recently saw poo-pourri in a store and chuckled out loud. They nailed it, and I love the ridiculous charm on the bottle. I love people that can talk about poo (it shows they don’t take themselves too seriously), and a brand that talks about it? THUMBS UP! I actually have not one but TWO (wink wink) posts on my blog about poo…and my brand is skincare. Yeah, there’s a link between the two. I thought people would think I’m a freak for talking about it, but turns out my customers find it hilarious and useful, although most shy away from actually commenting on the posts (they will email me instead).

    But enough about poo/branding.

    Thank you Marie, for reminding us that being ourselves is always, always enough.

  16. LOL, so funny! Marie I love that you are not afraid to use humor to make a point.

    Thanks for all the great content… always.

    B-School graduate and fan 🙂
    Clara Rose

  17. I LOVE the suggestion on being sure our copy reflected our brand. I was doing that, and wondering if I was pushing the envelope too much, this shows me, I can go even further! Thank You Marie, for granting me permission.

    I’m going to look for ways to consistently show that I know about the dental industry, and be sure my copy is getting to the root of the decay. (I thought I’d show you what I mean).

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this episode!

  18. The way I see branding that we are the perfect mix of everything and our brand must represent this. We’re just the right amount of rainbow sprinkles and love. It’s what we’d call our good and bad bits, the light and dark, the accomplished and novice parts that make us so interesting. And in terms of what we offer the world in exchange for payment…it all needs to be represented in our offerings, we cannot leave anything out. We cannot pretend we’re someone else. We’ve gotta do it all our own way.
    Awesome message Marie!! I appreciate your strategies here, and the commercials are my favorite.

  19. We got some major horse-poop to deal with on our site. Thanks for breaking this down. We need to not be afraid of being too politically correct to attract our target market. Need to think more of how to have this epic branding on our site.
    Good info!

  20. Bryan

    This is great. I think the toughest thing is not giving a crap about anyone else…the trusting that the focused audience will come through.

    I find that when things get thin, there is a “what the hell” moment and I start looking to other audiences. This = bad…and in the long run only jeopardizes my audience and brand. Thanks for the reminder.

  21. Marie – love the fact that you highlight a brand that is clearly going to bring about strong opinions one way or the other. It is what makes their brand great. Those who love it, LOVE it! Sometimes I feel like I hide my true self for fear that someone will unsubscribe from my mailing list. Then I realized that if they unsubscribe, they were not ideal clients anyway. Thanks for this reminder
    I am working on copy in every aspect of my brand. Find your voice and stick with it. That’s how you get raving fans. That’s what I want!

  22. Just have to add a funny to this. I was in a cute gift shop here in Texas and saw a display of this. Went to purchase and in talking to the owner I asked if people really purchase a lot of this. She said it was one of her biggest sellers – IRONICALLY – to MEN! To be more specific, she says she gets tons of hunters coming in buying a bunch. Imagine ::: weekend… cabin in woods…limited running water…and a bunch of grown guys eating venison chilli and drinking beer. Yup!! Poo Pourri take notice and get that product into Bass Pro right away 🙂

    Thanks for the share Marie !

    • Too funny! I can vouch for it working really well in our RV. At first, my hubby said “We don’t need that kind of thing… what a waste of money” … it didn’t take him long to change his mind and now we’re using it all the time 🙂

  23. I love Poo-Pourri. It is THE TRUTH! Especially in a small office environment 🙂

    I think I need to focus my copy more towards my audience, the uncomfortable mom-to-be. Right now it looks like I just have a maternity store. I need to go back to my avatar and think about what I can do to punch it up a bit.

  24. Heidi

    Love your new video intro. 🙂 Who’s beautiful singing voice was that in the first song?

    I really, really love the idea to step it up a notch in the marketing to weed out … the stinkers. The visually descriptive card #2 was brilliant. I’ve been in creative mode writing ideas and copy and having a lot of fun with it coming up with what seemed like overkill (and maybe silly!) by running with a theme so intensely… knew I was onto something good! Writing copy is fun!

    I have to ask, did you Google: ‘songs about poo’? How do you find the perfect songs to go with your segments?!

    In Gratitude for all you and your Team do,
    Heidi xo

    • Hey Heidi! That beautiful voice belongs to a very talented woman named Michelle Vargas 🙂 xo

  25. I fell in love with this brand the MINUTE I saw their hilarious video. So stoked to see they made the Marie TV cut.

    Biggest takeaway: Copy is everything!

    Side note: I’ve gone through all of your Copy Cure emails that you’ve sent and have stored them away for future writing inspiration. The voice and tone of those emails are genius.

    Can’t wait to see what Copy Cure is all about 🙂

  26. I love this and you Marie!! Thanks for sharing so openly! I saw Brenden Burchard this weekend and he was talking about how genious you are and I couldn’t agree more!!!

  27. This was terrific. Sales prevention is something I need to work on. For a long time I tried to be all things to all people, and that just caused all kinds of frustration. But it also takes time to get out of that mindset. I’ve been working on it through weekly blog posts and refining my offerings.

  28. Hi Marie, Hi Guys.

    So this has got me thinking about redesigning my logo. Its also got me thinking I need to get some small stickers made to spread the word, and even doing my own tongue in cheek FAQ. Spreading smiles is fun and contagious.

    Thanks Marie xx

  29. Great show! Definitely a tweet-able. 🙂 Their advertising caught my eye awhile ago and I have studied it too. I think it is different, bold, and very imaginative and we can all learn a lot from it.

    P.S. I love your dress!

  30. Marie –
    I really have noticed their branding, actually watching a two minute you tube ad (you know, when you have a chance to skip the ad, but you don’t?) and was suitably impressed. Product was expensive enough that I didn’t buy, but they do a great job. I have so many customer avatars for my product, but like how you point out to speak to your raving fans (and have a few of those too!). As always, love your video.

  31. Marie, thank you so much for another great advies!!!

  32. Lovin’ this episode!!! Your copy in this vid is hilarious!!!!!

    My take away: Forget what others think, do your own crew!!

  33. Wonderful! Great points drawn from genius marketing. Thanks for the scoop!

  34. As usual….funny and informative. You go girl!

  35. I love it the idea of sales prevention! And the best thing about all this is that Poo-Pourri isn’t just brilliant repackaging of an existing product–it actually works and the scents they use are fantastic! My mom, who hates poop jokes, swears by it, after encountering it in my admittedly hipster bathroom. So I’ve been posting their video AND raving about the product itself.

  36. I love the concept of you reviewing businesses and what they do well or could do better, I think it’s great to hear you discuss it, but then to see case studies as examples helps us understand it even better!

    Anddddd I love poop jokes!

  37. Marie, you freaking crack me up!

    The biggest thing i took away from this was spreading my brand, i am a jeweler and this summer has been. so. sloooow. i have gotten off track with my marketing plan and have been working hard to get back on track. My logo is under way and i have made significant steps on my website which has me feeling so much better.

    thanks again for another great video.

  38. Poo is fun and funny to write and talk about….lots of great puns but……what if your subject isn’t inherently as ‘punny’ as poo??? Help!!

  39. Hi Marie,

    Awesome tips. Your branding videos over the past few weeks have been right on time! I’m in the process of making adjustments to my brand and redefining my target market. Sales prevention is something that I need to work on. When you’re a small business just starting out your focus is on getting as many paid clients/sales as you can–even if those clients aren’t your target audience. I think as your business grows you have room to be a little more picky about who you chose to work with.

  40. What a brilliant video! I love this one, and I love all of your new, sleek branding Marie! Gorgeous.

    This was SUPER helpful to me especially as my husband and I are growing our natural deodorant company Arborstead ( for who’s interested).

    I fell in love with the branding and marketing strategy of poo pourri a long time ago and will definitely take what you’re presenting here and try to apply it to our branding as well, tweaking it to match our own style. Thank you for this!

  41. Love, love, love Poo-Pourri. They’re genius!

    I find branding takes time. I’m still working on my messaging and attracting the right customers and repelling the wrong ones. However, I know from my first business that finding your voice and community is a journey. Sometimes you need to put yourself out there and see who you attract. Then refine your message and brand as you go.

    At least that’s the way it seems to work for me!

  42. Great post. Informative and fun!

  43. Great segment today. It’s so funny, the first time I saw the “poo-pourri” commercial, I thought it was just a funny joke. Then I saw it in a boutique and thought “this is genius”.

    The tip I am taking away from your advice today is also sales prevention. I do have a hard time repelling the clients that want something for nothing, and don’t appreciate good design and high quality products at the extremely reasonable prices I ask for them.

    I’m done apologizing, and I’m done discounting my hard work because some people done deem it worthy of their hard earned money. I’m officially “flushing” them!

    Thanks for giving me the push I needed!

  44. The poo video is so freaking funny and just love the way you used the poo words so effortlessly weaving words and creating a dreamcatcher to allure your viewers. Just so clever. Thank you, Marie, for your weekly videos. Each weekly video really sings to my warrior spirit.

    In Friendship and in Spirit,


  45. But WINNIE THE POOH is the original and still one of the best brands around 🙂

  46. I love you just said ‘hanging around like a dingleberry’ Not many English gals know this phrase but growing up in Hong-Kong with American TV I knew it well l- and haven’t heard it for years, so I literally laughed out loud ( I don’t do lol unless its really funny) I have no idea who Poo Pourri are as I’m now in London. But gotta say ‘ loving your work’ and stay gold! We brits love to talk about poo so this one made me stay around like a tagnut!
    Angela x

  47. These puns though! One strategy that I’m currently trying to implement is to not give a crap about everyone else but my Simply Serene crew! Of course, focusing on that crew and loving them up as well 🙂 Thank you for another amazing episode, Marie! You rock!

  48. Hi Marie!

    I tell all my fabulous girlfriends about you.

    I love that I found this website the same day you’re talking about genius marketing — you will LOVE this! Health + reduce waste + genius marketing. Please revel. 😉

    Have a great day!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      That is such an amazing story and video, we’ve been loving it over here too!

  49. Maureen Briglio

    Hi Marie I need help with my new logo. I need some input,can you help?
    I love the inspirational videos which are so much fun, and it keeps me in the fun zone of what I’m trying to create.

    • Maureen, google brand specialists, bran consultants, graphic designer, and choose one that you will be able to talk to personally – and of course see what kind of work they did. And hopefully someone from marie’s bschool will respond to your comment because there are few of them there.

  50. I just love Marie’s hairstyle – and the video was brilliant like always.

  51. Evelyn

    Perfect video Marie and perfect timing. I’m in the beginning stages of a new website and I’m having a hard time coming up with a name. I know my audience and whom I want to target but can’t come up with a good name.

    It will be a site about the inside information on the sharing economy. Specifically how to be the best host. At the beginning the videos will be about home sharing but I do want to talk about the different models of the sharing economy.

  52. This was one of my fave videos Marie! Even though the subject matter is so funny, the point is really important. I think the big picture is knowing your audience and playing to their hand, whatever that means. Not every brand can rely on witty and snarky copy and poo jokes to stand out but if we know who our customer truly is, we don’t need to waste energy and money on attracting customers outside of our niche.

    I’m in the wedding stationery business and I learned earlier on that participating in traditional wedding shows wasn’t allowing me to reach my kind of customer (who’s indie-minded and values non-traditional and unique wedding ideas). When I stopped bothering with those types of shows and focused my energy and $$$ on the type of bride that I knew was into what I had to offer, it made all the difference in my businesses success. Awesome tips as usual! Thanks Marie!

  53. Diane

    Thanks for the inspiration. I just put a post on my F/b business page which includes the word ‘shit’. I’m not condoning swearing all the time and that’s not my style but days like today, just demand that sort of language and I’m sure my ‘ideal customer’ has days like these too, so I want her to know that it’s ok to feel that way around me and just get it off your chest. That’s why my company name is Stitchscape; a place where you can escape from whatever you need to and just stitch away for an hour or so and possibly swear if needs be or jump for joy or cry a little.

    Thanks for encouraging me to express myself in my business.

  54. Charissa

    Love, love, love that today’s video showcased Poo~pourri! When I first saw their commercial on Youtube and went to the company site nearly 2 years ago, I was so impressed with their message and consistent tone/voice. They make what so many people consider gross hilarious!

  55. OK, this is one episode that I have to watch twice.

    Poo-pourri stood out for me as a brilliant branding exercise and I cannot be more grateful for getting an inside scoop from Marie.

    I’ll be back with my to-do after I watch it again 🙂


    • OMG Llyane!
      I already wached it twice and was just thinking about writing exactly what you did!!!
      Salut 😉

    • OK, so I’m back 🙂
      1. Know your poo-crew
      – American CEOs in their 40’s, traveling for work and pleasure in France
      2. Don’t give a crap about everybody else
      – I have to make that clearer on the site
      3. Brand the copy
      – Must do that more – taking writing for comedy course at Second City

      Thanks again, Marie chérie 🙂

  56. Did you actually sneak in “turtle head” into your scripting?!?! OMG — you’re the best!

    Anyway, yes, Poo-Pourri is a fab branding example that I have been supporting (by buying their products and displaying them in the bathrooms) for Live Events I manage for my clients (….if the poo-pourri brand fits the participants, that is!)

    When I do work for my clients by developing, executing, and managing their events on site, I have to take into consideration all of the brands that I am choosing to be represented (from the schwag, drinks, food, pencils, journals, transportation, hotels, even the city location….etc) to make sure that it fits their exact target.

    I love being able to count on my honed Marketing Skilz in such an unsuspecting place… a live event!

    PS I just got on the list for — you go , girlz!

    • I just want to say how smart that is Aimee. You’re essentially blending brands and making sure that they’re compatible with your clients’ and their people’s brands and visions / values.

      Smart cookie! 🙂

      • Awe — Takes one to know one, @Nath!

        PS Congrats on your *amazing* “Off The Charts Live” 2nd year success. So fun watching your in person brand & events really take off! xo

  57. I love this episode of Marie TV! And I love the Poopouri adds so much – very clever indeed!

    Check out my short 3 minute film for a twist on the same topic:

    Love me some Marie TV!!

    • Wow, that’s amazing! I have a compost pile in my backyard, I LOVE to see anything that would be trash or waste getting reused. You are really doing great work. I wonder if poopourri has a “giving back” section, SOIL would be an awesome match up for them.

  58. This video should come with an option at the beginning: Are you male or female? If male, it should be audio only because damn Marie, that hair & dress had me dizzy.

    I had to re-watch this video twice because Marie was looking too beautiful so I missed most of the content the first time around. The second time I managed to focus with my ears more than my eyes and the content was good and I must apply it more to my own business and not be afraid to disappoint people who aren’t right the right kind of customer for us.

    Thanks Marie.

  59. Sandra

    Sad commentary – brilliant?? I don’t think so. Smart? Genius? I don’t think so. Funny? Not at all. Oh, I do get the lesson learned here about branding, but this product? Throw it in the crapper!!!

  60. This was so helpful and applicable to what I’m working on right now. I’ve created an outline for my latest book idea. Last night I was writing out a few pages for my objective of the book and I’m ever-debating on how much personality to put in due to fear of turning people off. This was a great reminder to focus in on my “poo crew” and be relatable to them, not caring about the rest. You can’t reach everybody. This inspired me to figure out exactly what “scent” I’m going to go with and spray it everywhere! Working on it now!!!!!!!

  61. Branding works especially well when the customer your marketing to knows your unique branding lingo. I think it’s fun and catchy how they have their own terms for their customer and she understands it!

    Maybe by Catalfo

  62. Hi Marie & Team!

    Thanks for turning on my switch this morning! ‘Ah ha’ moment fully realized. Even though I didn’t think so, my website and brand tries to appeal to everyone, I use a filter that it is common in my industry that makes what we’re doing in our practice seem stale and not life altering.

  63. Right now I’m struggling with conversions (getting people to actually buy the products I recommend).

    I’m asking for the sale every time, but how many times should you ask for it?

    • Hey Kevin, I invite you to dive a bit deeper vs. looking for a magic number, because there isn’t a magic number. Have some real conversations with the folks you’re connecting with. Be curious. Care. Listen. Find out what they’re struggling with. What’s stopping them from buying? Connect heart to heart. Person to person. More humanity. Less strategy. That will give you insights and so much more. XO

  64. Sean Rami Abass

    Wow Marie,
    Very puny! How impressive, Not only are you beautiful, But I listened
    again with my ears and discovered such a great delivery. Your singing voice is
    beautiful, attractive accent, and tonal, acting ability. This was another lesson in how to to give a superb performance of a well put together show. Thanks for the lessons and insights on branding, target market, and not being afraid to be yourself and not take any crap from anyone.

  65. Wow Marie! This week’s lesson REALLY hit home for me. I created a nanny agency for families a little over two years ago, and have always struggled with distinguishing my target audience. Sure, it’s moms. After watching this week’s segment, I realize that it’s working moms, who I should focus on. They are the ones, who need quick back up. I am now confident that it is OK to talk only to her.

    The action that I will take is to tweak the brand and my copy so that my target mom knows that she’s the one. I’m on it!

    Thanks Marie!

  66. Hahahaha- only in America!! ;-D

    What fun, Marie- and such a profound message about speaking about things EVEN IF others are uncomfortable with it- I held myself back in so many ways, for so many years, but LOVE the subtle opening of windows in my work (and opportunities) which is happening as I gain confidence.

    I took B-School on, because I knew I was holding back -I seemed to have regular flare-ups around me, where people were projecting stuff onto me- I saw it as my issue, because it affected me so… Thus the Tweet message about not caring what others think resonates with me best! 😀 It’s a liberation to not give a toot,and to stop trying to please ALL my clients (particularly the PITAs!)!

    Since I started openly following my more passionate, outspoken aspect of myself in my business, I’ve seen how much more sincere my connections are with people- how they react passionately in agreement with me about their own experiences, which resonate closely with my own. This helps hugely to develop the direction of my business which is altruistic; which wants to help people.

    Without that leap of faith, I’d be becoming resentful at the world being ‘against’ me! It was amazing to break out of that stuck energy!


  67. I was laughing at all of the ways you looked for opportunities to play homage to poopurri in your script! The new visuals are really great as well. I recently had an experience where thousands of spammers subscribed to my blog. I was excited at first before I figured out what was happening. It was very discouraging since I’ve been blogging for several years now to realize all of those subbies were in fact spammers. I went through 300 emails and finally decided to delete the entire list of 4,000 emails because I was sick of having my time sucked away by these spammers. All that to say that I’m at the point where I don’t want anyone to subscribe to my blog unless they are truly interested in what I have to say. It’s more worth it to me to have a small list that are true fans than a big list of people who don’t care about my brand. I know that’s bold to say (at least for me) but that part about knowing your poo crew really spoke to me. (I love that video by the way!)

  68. Another fabulous video, Marie. Thank you! Of the three steps, I need to get to know my Poo Crew better. A company, who I think falls into my ICA, just wrote an article about what they struggle with. So, my action step is to read the article right now.

  69. The second strategy is stinking awesome!

    Action: Sitting down to review my start up and making sure the message is clear to my target market. Making a list of what i need to become specific.

    Thanks &… I Luh Ya Marie, I Luh – Luh – Luh Ya Marie!!!! LOL 🙂 xoxox

  70. Hey Marie,

    Yesterday I had to make some branding decisions and copy write for a new offer. It was pretty important to me because it’s a low price intuitive reading video that could be a clients first paid experience with me. I’m also on video so they better like me, too.

    I decided to put some silly pictures up for my bio, it’s actually a composite of four pictures of me smiling, sticking out my tongue, and I’ve got on moon earings and my hair is all spikey.

    This is how I like my hair, and I love my life working for myself, being able to have the freedom to do what I want and express the Sofia Wren within.

    It also may be a dream for my ideal client–to replace their stuff linked in picture with something like mine.

    Your episode today is supporting my choice–if you are silly be silly, if you are cool be cool, if you are edgy be edgy, if you are a mermaid—you get where I’m going with this.

    Oh right, and Nice five bazillion poop jokes.

    x Sofia Wren

  71. Thanks for the video, you gave us a lot of points I hadn’t thought of before! I’m still working on stuff and now I have some other things to consider 🙂

  72. Loved the video and just the 1st insight is worth beaucoup dollars. Unfortunately there is a restaurant in town called Brown Trout and after watching the video and having never hearing that term used in that way I’ll never eat there again. 🙂

    So you gave great tips and saved me going to one less restaurant. Thanks!

    • Oh boy Chris! Sorry to ruin that one for you oxo

  73. I love how we are always on the same page. Before I watched this video I did some edits on my blog that narrowed down my audience. LOL

  74. My first comment… I loved your video and I think that poo-pourri’s branding is brilliant. I have yet to buy any, though… I may not have the right profile 😉

    What triggered my comment is that I am a bit “emotional” about this product. I was stunned when I heard that one of the stores that sell my jewelry was starting selling poo pourri (they were very excited to announce it on FB). They buy wholesale, so they can do what they want. But I am not sure how I feel knowing that my jewelry is displayed next to a product for toilets…

  75. Hi Marie!

    I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, I’ve always gotten great content out of them. This is sadly the first comment I am posting, but I couldn’t hold back, who ever your new stylist is KEEP THEM! Your look in this video is so modern, fresh and a bit edgy. A+++++


    • Thanks Michelle! The profoundly genius Elsa Isaac @elsaisaac is still my stylist – she’s just always taking it up a notch 🙂 xox

  76. What a light-hearted video with such a profound message. Loved it! In case of my business (, I am pushing the envelope by getting people to embrace what is inevitable and live their life to the fullest by making their final wishes known. Not exactly a party conversation but so important.

  77. Yeah, great poo-advice! What I will implement from this video is spreading everywhere on- and offline my authentic message. Which is swirling your desire to save animals and the earth from being exploited into your authentic music and stop giving a poo about making a career.

  78. Awesome Marie. You can make everything sounds ok even poo:) I’m working on all 3 strategies . I need to really work on my repelling non poo crew out, and deepening my work on knowing my poo crews and being a 100% clarity on who they are.

  79. Dear Marie,
    you really made me laugh with this one 🙂 And your hair looks amazing, I must add! 😉
    Anyway, thinking about theese 3 strategies I can’t think of something I’m doing wrong or not at all…but I’m subjective when it comes to my business because I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night thinking about it (sometimes even wake up in the middle of the nigth with new ideas about web page improvements, or copy changes, or new product designs…).
    I think I’m in love with my business 😀
    But, after watching the vid for 3 times, I can’t get “sales prevention” out of my head.
    No idea how to do that though… probably too scared of not having enough conversions…
    and now that I’ve put my fear in writing I realize it’s crazy to fear this. There will always be enough of everything I want. Unless I let my fear get in the way. I learned this from Natalie MacNeil. Thanks Natalie!!!! And thank you Marie!!! I know what to do now. Sales prevention!

  80. Sharon

    I often get stuck trying to write blogs and create content that will please everyone. I flip-flop and change my voice instead of committing to MY style. Thanks for this one Marie!

  81. I absolutely LOVE when companies do not take themselves too seriously. I’m way more likely to buy from them. I went more formal with my business (translation), but this might be an idea down the road!

  82. So funny to see this today, I just started potty training my toddler this weekend, so I’m just handling more poo than ever.

    I need to work on spreading my personality through all of my copy and my FAQs are definitely the butt crack of my site. I picked a reassuring & maternal tone for my brand personality. It’s hard to make EVERYthing be a big comforting hug but still be clear. I can see how to infuse irreverence and joking around into any opportunity and still keep the readers attention, but my snuggle-tone is a little harder to keep momentum.

  83. LOVED this Marie! Thank you. What an amazing example of brilliant branding and I loved what you say about Poo Pourri really not ‘giving a crap’ about what others think of them and their product. They’re fully focused on serving those who love and get them.

    I SO wish we could all embrace that mantra and stop worrying about trying to convert others to what we do (when they clearly are just not right for us) or simply being obsessed with what others think about us. We can’t control that but we can control how much love and energy we give to our clients and customers who are fully on board – thereby creating more great touch points and experiences for them that will likely see them spread the good word about us and create even MORE opportunities.

  84. Back when I was working at an internet marketing firm I had this hilarious multi-millionaire client who was OBSESSED with Poo Pouri. In fact, one of his businesses carried the whole line. He told me I HAD to use this stuff. I’m trying to tell him how awesome his online campaigns and conversion rates were and he was telling me how awesome my poop could smell.


    The next day he sent me an entire box of goodies and POO POURRI. All of my coworkers were like “I knew he was happy with the work you were doing for him, but how close are you two?!”. It was hilarious. Needless to say, the girls bathroom smelled much better. hahahaha this story still makes me chuckle.

  85. When I started my business, the one thing I knew I HAD to have was a fun brand. That’s how I ended up naming my fitness business Fit Armadillo. In the beginning I got a lot of push back from people when I would tell them my business name. However, in the last few months I’ve had 3 brand new PAYING clients who said they hired me because of my name. I LOVE it!

    I even started making t-shirts with my Fit Armadillo logo and they have been a huge hit. One of my clients has a friend who’s a designer and she’s going to help me make some really awesome designs all around the brand I would have been afraid to have if I gave a poo about what other people think!

    Thanks for reminding us today and always to be authentic and brand what we love for who we love. Makes business and life a whole lot more fun 🙂

  86. Mel

    Sorry to be a pain in the ass (pun intended)… Marie, what’s with the skirts/dresses getting shorter and shorter!!! ?

    You’re all about personal branding and right now, your brand is flashing unprofessional and a mini bit tacky.

    • Have to disagree Mel!

      I think Marie looks amazing – and particularly so in this video. Strong, sexy, confident. Love it.

  87. Hi Marie and Team,

    You are amazing! I can not say enough for how great the work is that you’re putting into this world. I hope to see you some day in person.

    Anyway, I have been completely enamored with your new introductions, unleashing your creative juices in a new light. If I may, I would like to make a request. Would you and your team create a full video just of your new intro-theme! I literally can not get enough of your new intros! 🙂 The dancing, the outfits, hair, infectious laughter and joy, it’s just awesome!

    Marie, thank you for going for your dreams, because clearly we all need that special gift that only you have. And thank you for inspiring us to learn by your example.

    ~Rose Marie

  88. I loved this! Brilliant! I do know who my audience is and still struggle with how I should approach them. My brand is Kettlebell Bombshell and my theme is “Pin Up” I wear pinup style in my YouTube videos and sometimes I don’t, depending on time of day I have inspiration. I am working out in my videos but I don’t know which would be best. Help if you have the time. I’d SO appreciate it!
    Love ya loads!!

    • Hey Lisa! A few questions that may help. What approach brings you the most joy? What feels alive, exciting, creative and fun? When you stay in the zone of what feels best in your heart and soul, you create magic. oxo

  89. This is exactly what I needed in the midst of preparing a re-launch of a brand I’ve been developing for a few years. I’ve been frustrated in the past because my brand positioning never quite felt right- mostly because I was trying to fit into what people expect a “beauty blog” to be.

    Recently I made the decision to relaunch with the clear intention of not just differentiating myself from all of the other beauty bloggers out there, but to highlight what makes my work and perspective different. As I’ve moved closer to my launch date, I’ve sensed myself wavering on this commitment and felt my old instinct to blend in and push myself back into the mold start to arise. Thanks, Marie & team, for reminding me that trying to appeal to everyone and doing things the safe way is exactly what HASN’T worked for me in the past.

  90. Love this, brilliant branding. I didn’t have a proper name for my sales prevention strategy – awesome, thanks!

  91. This was a great episode. It’s another reminder that I really need to identify my “poo crew”. I’m stuck in the trap of trying to cater to too many people and in essence I’m not catering to anyone. I’m so frustrated by my lack of progress that I’m almost at the point of giving up. I know I won’t but that’s how I feel as of late. I’m encouraged by Marie’s final words every week – reminding us that people want what I have to bring –that thing that ONLY I can give.

    After watching this episode I’m going to take a step back and try to identify my target audience. Once I do, I need to commit to that audience and go all in. Thanks for what you do Marie…you’re really changing lives.

  92. Dude… Marie. These poop puns are over the TOP freaking HILARIOUS!!! Both the subtle, and not-so-subtle ones 😉

    I’m a huge poop-joke fan so this episode kinda made my day today.

    xo Ali

  93. I have only just begun to follow you Marie and I must say that I find you the most talented and honest person in this field today. Loved this video. It’s really opened my eyes to what I need to do for my own branding/marketing. I am a fantastic graphic designer.. haha… if I say so myself, however no one knows about me enough to book projects or they can’t find me on the web cause my website STINKS!! haha… I need more exposure and more projects.. ugh… So I am currently in the middle of redoing it.. I hate my current site and need to become more professional in my field. I love your videos… They give me so many ideas and tips and always make me laugh. Thank you so much. It’s about time someone was fun in social media! Sending love all the way from Australia. x

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind words Andrea and welcome to our community! It’s filled with the most amazing, kind, and inspirational people.

  94. Marie,
    As a recent grad of B-School, KNOWING YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER!, was the biggest take-away for me. As an entrepreneur I have felt I have done a great job at attracting people to me and my brand but I realized some of them keep me from being passionate about what I do. I believe EVERYONE deserves to feel beautiful, so if you think otherwise, BYE-BYE. Customers who are rude are asked to leave, people who don’t appreciate our mission, take advantage of our policies or customer service guarantees or don’t get what we are about are asked not to come back. This may seem harsh but I learned through you to do business with only people who value what I have to offer to the world. It has paid off.
    Thank You.

  95. “and it’s smeared everywhere” hehehe oh Marie I’m so glad you love a poo pun!

  96. I definitely need to remember to infuse my brand in my copy. I have been slowly updating my website but it feels like a never ending fix, especially for artists who are always changing their mind! 😀

    I will go over my next two planned posts and revise copy to include branding in it.

  97. Yin

    What a great case study for Branding! Branding is the subject I am stilling working on. So far I’ve figure out the branding message of my handmade jewelry, which is to help people express love. The next step would be to work on how to carry this message throughout my site. You video gives very useful tips to consider about.

    Yin Yin Wu of LoveGem Studio

  98. This is a great video! The first tip is key. Targeting the audience is the one of the most challenging parts of one of my businesses. I’ve been so resistant, but at the same time, I know that being clear and being specific about my audience will help me grow.

  99. Hey Marie,
    I’m a potty mouth, so loved the poo talk. Could have just been all the poop in the show, but I got some really great ideas for my own FAQ page…and more. Why not make them fun? Simple enough idea.
    Plus, a great reminder, that not everyone in our target market is our target customer.
    This is sure to go down as one of my favorite episodes.
    Love it!

  100. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your kind words. I will improve on Branding.

    Rohan Sarker

  101. I’d like to think I’m doing good on the first and second point, but I need to do some work on the third.

  102. Great show Marie. I learnt quite a lot from this show. I love the creativity in the entire Poo copy creation. Just shows how good copywriting can boost your brand. I love the pun, the humour; all well entwined.

  103. Marie! You MUST check out – also on the poo front – Who Gives A Crap in Australia. Genius dudes who started a toilet paper business wheree 50% of their profits go to toilet projects in the developping world. Their copy, email communication and ‘puntastic’ brand makes you actually excited to order your toilet paper each time you need to!

    Thanks for your beautiful work
    Alexx x

    • this is awesome Alexx! Love these guys so much – thanks for sharing it here!

  104. That was a cute video, I got quite a few take aways!
    Thank you so much!!

  105. Chris

    Hi Marie,

    I’ve been meaning to tell you how amazing I think you are in comparison to all of the “Gurus” I receive emails from on a day to day.

    Your subject matter is always bang on and you seem to most accurately choose and bring to light topics that really matter and that people should pay attention to. No shiny new techniques and magic bullets but tried, true and tested principles and philosophies.

    Having said this, the reason I am writing you today is that I have noticed that most of all those who commented seem to have websites and be in the coaching and personal improvement end of things. (All great sites by the way 🙂

    It seems there is a similarity with most of them to a certain degree and some very much like your own site and so I was wondering if they might be students of yours?

    I think I would very much like to learn from you and your students and also carve a piece of my destiny online and in helping others as well.

    Ciao Marie and keep up the amazing work!


    • Hey Chris! Thanks for your note. I work my tush off to inspire people to build brands/websites/etc. that are fully them, 100% unique and hopefully, nothing like mine or anyone else for that matter. That’s what I teach in everything I do. No cookie cutter. No “do what I do”. No shortcuts. Virtually everyone who comes round this way has a great heart and desire to serve and our goal is to continue to help every person express their own unique gifts in their own unique way. XO

      • Chris, I’m a Bschool alumn, you’ll be pleased to see that our site is nothing like Marie’s: No matter what your business is, what Marie teaches you is to “look under the hood” and implement. Works for all kinds of sectors/industries 🙂

  106. That was the shit, Marie!
    It’s like that voodoo that you do hahahahaha


  107. This was a good one Marie! My 3 year old loved it even more than I did 😉
    I doo need to let go of trying to serve so many different people. I doo think that my copy could weave in more of my USP and step it up in my own unique branding.


    • So sweet Talei 🙂 Please give your kiddo a hug and squeeze from me!

  108. Hi Lucille! What a kind note – thank you so much. I’ll pass this along to the Team as they’re all sooo dedicated to making our show the best it can be, and this feedback means the world. Sending you love right back.

  109. Love. It. All of it. From Poo-Pouri to the 3 lessons/tips to the hilarious language cues in the vid. Thank you Marie!!!

  110. Loved this video! I think you mentioned them in bschool and I’ve been a customer of theirs ever since. My takeaway is that I need to get to know my poo crew better. I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus and need to fix it.


  111. I definitely snorted liquids out of my nose when I first saw their commercial. I thought, “No way. NO.WAY.” and yet- yes, it is true. SO HYSTERICAL

  112. Tremendous value in this post, thank you! I think your best poo joke, the one that really made me crack up the most, was the dingle berry.

  113. What a fabulous show, Marie! Every once and a while (especially when writing-up my blog posts) I start to think “does this sound smart enough?” “does it make me sound like an expert?” “could this sentence showcase me in a different light than this one?” when really, I should be thinking, “Do these words speak to my target market?” I find that when I write to my target market (people I could be best friend’s with) the words flow naturally and if people don’t like it afterwards? Too bad. They probably weren’t people I wanted to work with in the first place.

  114. What can I say, Marie, you’re the shit!

  115. Nerissa Street, Be Your Own Answer

    What is spectacular about their branding is that I knew what company you were talking about before you started. I just told one of my clients to focus on one target, and it’s great to get the reminder again myself. I love the concept of sales prevention, which helps with focus. Thanks again, Marie!

  116. William Baranowski

    “Poo Tinky!” – My sister, when she was three and “smelled” something.

  117. I have to admit that there was a little too much poo talk for me, but I couldn’t hold back my giggles after a while.

    As soon as I sit down to write, or try to make a video, an automatic filter appears before me, and I become a boring ol’ anybody. People like me and what I have to say because I’m so animated and excited about life, which isn’t coming across on my site. I need to kick that filter into the pooper and flush it away. I need to stop giving a crap about what other people might think and just be me!

  118. April

    Lol! Too funny, doo doo brown, lol! O:)

  119. I learn more from your 5 minute videos then I do searching the web for hours! I’ve been toying with the idea of going farther with my brand & copy but after seeing this and checking out their site it’s time to stop thinking about it and “do” it already!

  120. Hi Marie,

    Excellent video today.

    I signed up for The Copy Cure back in May but only received one email so far. Is that correct or did something go wrong with my subscription?

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’ve signed up to get info and so sorry that there’s seems to be something amiss! Please write us at [email protected] and we’ll ABSOLUTELY get you caught up with emails.

  121. This is awesome! I was on vacation last week in a sweet little over-priced coastal town and this stuff was at the register one of the street front boutiques. There were quite a few women in line (myself included) waiting to pay for our probably too expensive trinkets. One woman was relaying her experience with this product to the whole store. Every woman in ear shot was in roaring cackle mode as this conversation unfolded!! It was hilarious. Without even knowing the brand, the intent was received!

  122. Great video as always Marie. I agree it’s important to really know who your niche audience is and cater to them, add your own personality and not give a crap what people think. That can be tough but you want to be true to your brand and connect with those that you serve best. 🙂

  123. Emily M

    Wow – I’ve been using this product for years, and I so appreciate the parallels to business building for me. I’ve got to find my poo crew – this concept of sales prevention is something that I have been cluing in on, but couldn’t really articulate. LOVE it! I am going to out some serious work into my web copy and see what I can accomplish within the very PC industry that I am “in.” Opportunity!

  124. Brilliant video, again!
    Thanks for emphasizing their copy. We love to use our own lingo and will pay more attention to the details from now on, also on the pages that one would usually not expect to need it.


  125. Sam Eddy

    Yes Marie, this is it.

    My biggest takeaway: know your poo crew.

    I’m currently taking a course created by Ramit Sethi and he constantly stresses this stuff all the time. And I couldn’t agree more. I mean I’ve seen it myself. The more I get to deeply understand who I’m targeting, the more I realize one incontrovertible truth: they’ll tell me everything they want.

    And once I know that, the rest is mostly a done deal.

    Thank you Marie for today’s post. You rock.

  126. Oh my goodness!! I had never heard of Poo Pourri. What a great concept. I might suggest it for my mother’s groups when going in to hospital to have their babies.
    Marie you highlighted the fact that in business you need to be “OUT THERE” and you have inspired me to do the same. Thanks again.

  127. LOL, Marie Said ‘Turtle Head’ I just loved this video. I never knew the Term Sales Prevention but this video helped me learn a clever way to infuse more of it into my Copy! Love it Marie!

  128. I could definitely use some guidance with my copy! Marie’s tips have really made me think twice about what I’m saying in ALL the corners of my website.

  129. So great, Marie!!! I’m starting with tip #1 and then working through all of them! I feel like I have a good start with my brand but really have GOT to focus on my ideal client / poo crew!

  130. OK you’ve inspired me, I’m off to write a killer FAQ page for my website. Pressure’s on with the Poo-Pourri benchmark!

  131. I found this very helpful Marie! I plan to enroll in B-School in the near future and am grateful I stumbled across you. I hope to take my blog to new levels with your tips. 🙂 Muchas gracias chica!

  132. Very interesting article Marie! I have tested this poo-pourri product and have to say that its partly working – no fully… but its such a nice marketing idea!!!
    I also posted an article about poo-pourri on my blog

  133. Steph

    Love the new case study feature!

    A suggestion: I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I had take 10 minutes to go searching for the site and video before I knew what you were talking about. Maybe you could put relevant links under the video in the future.

    Thanks for the lesson! It was really helpful.

  134. Thanks Marie! I will be using the mantra “If you want a fresh brand, don’t give a crap about someone who thinks you stink.” It’s ironic that through my business I support individuals (mostly women) and organisations in leading with HEART and shifting the way they think as leaders in order to create a culture of wellbeing, essentially at the heart of the message is to be vulnerable enough to be YOU and in doing so ‘give permission’ for others to do the same – and yet at times in my own business I struggle because I’m ‘giving a crap’ about others who may think i stink! Sounds like I need some poo-pouri to cleanse my mindset! ACTION: say the mantra every day “I don’t give a crap about what others who think i stink!” 🙂 feels good already x

  135. OMG I LOOOOVVVEEE this!

    The #1 strategy I am going to use is continue talking to ONE SPECIFIC GIRL. My IDEAL customer avatar. Everything I write, make, etc. is to HER!

    • I’m working on narrowing this down more and more! Any tips on how you brought color and life to this ideal customer avatar?

  136. Focus in, focus in … on my one and only customer.
    Thank you for ALL of your episodes. This was a doo-doo-good one!

  137. I LOVE this episode Marie, Poo-Pourri is the real deal! In fact, if anyone out there is in need of a nostril hair intervention, we are offering a 20% off discount so that you can try it for yourself!

    Come to and enter coupon code: mariepourri at checkout.

    In fact this is a store we built from the amazing lessons over at B-School!
    Try Poo-pourri out, trust me, noses and relationships can be saved if you do!
    Thanks and have a poo-tastic day!

  138. Long-time listener, first-time commenter!

    Loving this Marie thank you! Strategy #1 I think is super helpful to remember as a re-branding B-Schooler.
    My industry often tries to capture everyone and I know that I appeal to one market so I am going after it fiercely!

  139. As for these construction and engineering executives mentioned above: while I have never had an argument with them to win over whether intuition exists or not, they go by intuition every bit of the way. When ding consulting in refurbishing I often had to ask for quotes. They’d do their measurements and when at the end I usually ask “Now, how much do you figure it may cost?” they ALWAYS answer: “ah, well, too early to say, I have to do my calculations first”. Now, to me it makes little sense for me to wait for an offer far too high to consider nor for the potential supplier to spend time on a proposal that, had I known the rough dimension, i would have dismissed as unfeasible. So over the years I would always say: “I understand it is too early to throw around any exact figures. But I mean will it be closer to, say, a hundred or ten thousand?”. INVARIABLY and without THINKING (which I call intuition for want of a better word) I get an answer like “Ah now, four thousand at the very most” or sometimes “well, it looks it will take at least …”. With that figure (which often proves not to be too far off the mark) I can say “Well don’t bother, we don’t have the funds right now for that size of project” or I can say “well go ahead, if you can make a good case for a sum like that [and if I don’t get an even better deal from the others] we might be in business …”. If that ain’t intuition at its best I don’t know what is!

  140. Hey! I see my photography and designs in this episode, awesome! 😀

  141. Hi Marie,
    thanks for all the great words you give to us.
    You are really a pleasure to watch and see how your show is growing. I love the fashion and style you present both in word and deed!
    Take care of you. Ulrike

  142. I KNOW I need to look at the copy on my website and I have known for a while. It doesn’t really reflect me. People liked it when I had a video on the about page and the front page but for some reason I took it down. I need to really think about my copy so it ‘sounds’ like me. When i connect in person my branding always sells itself or I do…who knows but I dug this episode 🙂

  143. Linda

    Hello Marie and everyone here,

    Brilliant and simple. Love it. But I have a question about a step before this branding exercise.

    how can i find out who my customer is and what their pain point or problems are…I often hear this advice but don’t know how I can actually find out the starting point which is what does your customer want or understanding what their problem is ?

    I have a family portraits photography business, and I am struggling to find put who exactly should be my target market and what they want.

    Any suggestions please?

    • Hey Linda, I think it’s just taking that jump and being brave enough to narrow down exactly who you’re talking to, imagining one very specific person, trusting that this actually doesn’t limit your ability to connect with a large group but in fact increases that ability. I’m still building this skill myself. For example, rather than saying “I market to moms” I would say “My customer is a single parent, 45 year old mother of two who is struggling with a teenager that can’t seem to keep up her grades while she herself balances two jobs. She’s tired, and needs some structure and results when it comes to finding help for her family.”

  144. Hi Marie, I really need help with branding. I just struggle with the whole concept of branding. I’m wondering if I need to define MY brand more clearly (so, I probably do) but I also need help defining WHAT a brand really is in general… a style? A consistency in the way I present myself? I don’t really know if my website really shows my personality. Hopefully I’ll get some help with this in B-school this year! Just wondering if anyone else is struggling.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great questions Kristine and you’re absolutely not alone – many people find it difficult to really clarify their brand. Essentially, your brand is the “personality” of your business – so all those things you mention and more. Like each person has a unique identity, so does each business – and that’s your brand. 🙂

      If you’re enrolled in B-School this year (woohoo!), you’ll definitely get some great tools to help with this too, so stay tuned.

      • Thank you Caroline. I definitely have high hopes and big intentions for B-school this year! Very excited.

  145. I’ve realized through watching this that while I thought I knew my “poo crew” I am not writing to them. My blog is sexypast60 – but I’m not telling them what that means in my opinion, what it doesn’t mean, or how they can be sexy past 60, too!
    Need to do some re-thinking, and targeting, and not worry about who won’t like it!
    Thanks, Marie, I really needed to relearn that lesson. Next up, getting The Copy Cure.
    (PS – Learning new tricks is sexy!)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great insights, Donna! We’d love to have you join us in The Copy Cure too.

      Learning new tricks is definitely super sexy! 😀

  146. I feel so inspired by this episode, it moved something inside me..I feel like a newborn.
    Thank you!

  147. Watched it again – like I promised lol
    So, riming… need to ponder on that one, because it’s so much fun – to write and to read.
    Merci !

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