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Every year, around this time, you might start to feel a little panicky. Everyone’s got an opinion on New Year’s resolutions and goals. Are they helpful? Will you stick to it? Should you even bother?

Personally, I love a good New Year goal. There’s nothing like a fresh, clean slate to give you that extra boost of energy to accomplish your biggest dreams.

For many — this has been a really tough year. No doubt, some beautiful and wondrous things have happened in your life. And, you’ve likely had your fair share of struggles and setbacks too.

While a lot of people want to speed ahead to focus on a fresh New Year goal, don’t underestimate the power of learning from the past. There’s a lot of unleveraged wisdom to be mined from the past twelve months, if you know how to find it.

Hiding in plain sight are often uncelebrated and important accomplishments. Hard-won lessons you’d be wise not to repeat. And, some chronic emotional baggage that’s ready to be let go.

Before you decide on your goals for the New Year, do this simple year in review.

As Margaret Wheatley said, “Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

It’s not till you let go of something that you see how it’s been holding you back. Click To Tweet

I couldn’t agree more. So before you decide on your New Year goals, take the time to reflect on what you’ve learned these past 12 months.

While many year in review rituals seem quite laborious and complex, this one cuts right to the chase. In just 3 questions you’ll not only get immediate clarity on what to focus on in the new year, but see how what you’ve accomplished this year is nothing short of incredible.

All you need is your calendar and about 10 minutes. These prompts always help me clear my mental and emotional decks and set myself up for a strong start in the new year.

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Want to set a New Year’s goal that sticks? Answer these 3 simple questions.

To help make this even easier, we’ve created an amazing downloadable PDF. Grab it now!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know, in 2018…

  • What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
  • What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
  • What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your comment may help someone else open up to a brand new perspective.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted.

Thank you so very much for sharing your ideas, dreams, and goals with us.

The comment section is a truly awesome and sacred place, due in very large part to your kindness, compassion and courage.

In fact, I encourage you to take 5 minutes and read through some of the stories below. Seeing the accomplishments, reflections and New Year goals of your fellow humans is a profound learning opportunity that will help unleash your imagination — and make your own “year in review” way more fun.

Whatever your mistakes this year, whatever your struggles, please know that it’s never too late to make a change. You are stronger and more capable than you know.

P.S. Do it with a friend! This year in review process is important to do for yourself, but it’s a great ritual to share with friends and family. The insights you’ll uncover will make for deep, more meaningful conversations with those you love.

So if you found value in this exercise, please share it! It would mean the world to us (and them).


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  1. Great episode Marie! Very good idea to write it all down… Otherwise we go back to automatic pilot pretty sharpish ?
    Ok, here’s for the big 3 :
    1) I’m proud of having put more of my personality in my content and website. Above all, I’m glad I shot my first course

    2) A mistake I’m not proud of is allowing resentment to build with some of my relationships, not being open enough.

    3) Willing to let go of the story that I haven’t got enough resources. I can be resourceful ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great insights, Rudiano! You can totally be resourceful — Everything Is Figureoutable! 🙂

    • Ronda Gartland

      1) I have been without a “job” for an entire year, and in that year, I have matured into the person, businesswoman that I wanted to become. I’ve learned to live a big life.
      2) Putting to the test the Law of Gradual Growth. Sowing Seeds, Giving myself Time, and waiting Patiently for my Harvest. Herein lies the mistakes and lesson.
      3) I don’t know enough, I can’t do it.
      Thank you Marie for the example of putting yourself out there!

    • Thanks for your insightful sharing Rudiano – and for the thought-provoking questions Marie.
      Rudiano, re point 2 – what can you learn from your ‘mistake’ of allowing resentment to build in relationships? And how can you leverage this awareness?

      For me, RESENTMENT is the biggie that pops into my head around question 3: “what am I willing to let go of?” Except I don’t want to let go of my resentment (as in – I know I should, but I don’t want to).

      Resentment is about anger, which is about safety, which is about control and keeping people away from me. So I think the serenity prayer [change the things I can and accept the things I can’t – and the wisdom to know the difference] will be helpful for me at this point (again).

      While it’s challenging for me to let go of resentment and anger (on some level it feels safer than powerlessness), I am working on reducing it as I know it’s a chronic stressor that impairs my mental and physical health.

      In practice this will likely mean some assertive communication (things I can influence), and working on my tolerance for the uncontrollable (things I can’t influence) and undesirable! (things that didn’t go the way I wanted)

      Best wishes for the New Year 🙂

      • Thanks Caroline! ????

      • Well Rebecca, my feeling is that generally resentment builds up when I’ve sensed something was “off” but haven’t been able to articulate it on the spot because im just slow at that. Then when I can articulate it, I hold back for fear of hurting the other or being judged rather than understood.
        It’s a slow process but we can get there!
        But my insight is this: forgiveness is a must.
        Especially because when I have time to cool off, I realise the cause of anger is usually a small thing in the grand scheme of things.
        But I definitely should be working at being quicker to articulate my feelings ?

        • You nailed it Rudiano, “Forgiveness” is the key. Gratitude for everything is a game changer.

      • Gabriela

        Rebecca, I loved you were honest w yourself and vulnerable putting all this out here. I wish you all the best.

        • Thanks so much for your kind words Gabriela. To paraphrase the mystical American cowboy I met in a Singapore backpackers (true story!): I believe our best defense is our vulnerability.

          Best wishes to you also 🙂

  2. Emily

    Hi Lovely Supportive Marie TV Community,
    This was my year:
    1) I wrote over half my e-Book “The Meaning Method: A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Epiphanies and Creative Breakthroughs” and I lost almost 30 pounds of what I was inaccurately referring to as “Baby Weight” (come on, my kid is two). Of course I wanted to finish the book and lose the whole 35 lbs, but as Tony Robbins says, “We overestimate what we can accomplish in a year but we underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade.” I know I’m launching myself well into my big vision.
    2) Be less emotional about money. Several times during this past year, I’ve been weeping, or stressing, or fighting over perceived financial issues. Especially around Christmas when I judge myself for the pricetag on my son’s presents, or I can’t afford to fly home, or I do fly home and spend the rest of the year doggy paddling. Done and done. In the coming year I want to witness the situation for what it is, and be less emotional and use my right mind to solve the problems!
    3) Stop the blame boomerang with my sister in law. This morning I realized how rediculous I am (!!!) when this paradox revealed itself in my journal: “Everything wrong with my life is her fault and everything wrong with her life is my fault.” Now, I think I probably fall victim to this tiny mad idea more than she does, but now that I see it for what it is, I want to have more mutual respect, not to mention self respect!
    Thanks again lovely community, it just feels really awesome to spout this out there.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Powerful insights, Emily. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

      • Petalouda

        Great post.

    • Natalie

      Emily, I have so much respect for your ability to identify your role in relational conflict. That is such a hard and humble thing to do. Thank you for modeling a level of self-awareness and humility. I so appreciate it (as I need to do it more as well) and pray that mutual respect will grow between you and your sister-in-law!

    • Valentina

      Hey Emily,
      I can definitely relate to the feelings you have expressed about money, in terms of your worth being affected by it and what you are able to offer to those you love (including yourself). I have seen a great few episodes by Marie on the money topic – and for me, also Marianne Williamson’s book “The Law of Divine Compensation” definitely worked/works wonders – it kind of (for me) put words where my heart doesn’t know how to, and releases them. Last year I read a prayer from it, with an open heart – and the day after I got a job. So, it’s all a work in progress, for me, but it shifted a little.
      Thanks so much for sharing that – totally useful – Thanks!

  3. Zeynep Delahoyde

    I love you so much Marie Forleo , God bless you
    Lots of love from London
    Zeynep Delahoyde xxxxxxxxxx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re sending so much love right back, Zeynep! ♥

  4. Deanna Arrants

    I have been asking these of my team in the office, but for some reason it never occurred to me to ask them of myself for my personal life. Thank you for a light bulb moment. 🙂

  5. Veronica

    Thanks for the video. I’m letting go of self-doubt and striving towards my goals.

  6. James

    One of the best videos I ever watched. So, here are my 3’s for 2017.

    1. I Quit smoking, I Launched my online coaching business, Renovated my house and Star in a commercial!
    2. I lost a lot of money on stuff that was not helpful.
    3. I want to get out of my relationship but am feeling guilty to let go as she loves me so much and am afraid she might do something bad. I don’t want her to suffer.

    • Marjorie

      Letting go – that’s a tough one but you are doing her a disservice if you are tying her up with a false love. Holidays are not a good time to do anything drastic so I get that, but can you disengage and yet remain friends and supporters so she can fly independently? I went through this with my ex – for over a year we called each other every night. Was rough – congrats on the rest, sounds like a hard year to top!

      • James

        Hey Marjorie,
        Thank you for your concern. that’s a really good idea you have given me. I will apply it and see how it goes. And I think you are right, it should be done slowly not drastically.

        Thanks a lot.

        • Sandra

          Hi James – my son is in the same situation. I am watching him waste his life and hers, because she is a lovely person, he has a big heart and he loves her in many ways. But if the other person is not your forever person, you are doing both of you a disservice by continuing on.

          • James

            Yes I guess you are right. we need to slow it down…tough one but for the long term I think its worthwhile.

            Thank you Sandra 🙂

        • Eejee

          I support what Marjorie said.
          I know that culturally, often, they ask “lovers” to either be all on or all off.
          I am not sure of what I will say here because of social pressure that made my own experiment failed, (friends and family butting in a relationship because it should be going as they see it should be going are real poison! It’s like they live your feeling vicariously (or what you should feel) and are thirsty for drama and blood…nah huh huh… ) BUT in some way if she can understand that you can still and better love her by not being *with her*, it might work…
          Just not if she has a mother like mine 😉 I laugh of it now, but it’s not comical that after 25 years I have left my first boyfriend, she still want me to sue the pants off of him and keep telling me I am a failure because of him. When I left, I got up in the morning and made my luggage as if one is going on a trip, left it everything and never looked back. I don’t even know where he is, what he does… so back then as of now, I was at peace with the unorthodox decision I took, as a woman, to leave a man with all I owned… just takes my clothes and bails… I wanted to help him up… but yeah…being badger by family and friends just made it impossible. In some way, not having to sleep on the floor and buy all the household stuff must have helped him… but yeah… intent are one thing… opening to act as one intent is not always possible.

          The best of luck…

          • James

            Hi Eejee, i totally get your point. Do you feel some guilt though?

            Am afraid that if I leave she might end up as a very broke person. 🙁

    • Cheryl

      HI James – My thought differ from doing it slowly. While waiting til after Christmas is a good idea- dis engaging over a period of time is probably more hurtful because she is going to definitely going to recognize it and feel that prolonged pain. Think about this. What would you want? If your girlfriend knew what she wanted would you want her to prolong it or just be done and get it over with so both of your healing process can begin? Just food for thought.

      • James

        Thank you Cheryl for your concern I really appreciate it. Yes I think after Christmas would be good to slow it down and also her birthday is next week so…

        • Pam

          Hi James, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say that the hardest things they ever went through, were the best things that could have happened to them. I think we discover our personal strengths that way. I am sure she will take time to get to that. but it is for her to decide to move forward. And she will.

    • Hi James,
      This is a difficult thing, and I was reading the replies to you and thought I’d add this. There is no good time to be broken up with and the holidays seem especially bad, but if she will be surrounded by family over the holidays, then in some ways that could make it a better time as she would have love and support. But you need to make sure this is really what you want. The back-and-forth of indecision is one of the hardest things to go through. You could also just open up to her and share your concerns and your feelings and see what she says. I am not suggesting telling her you are considering ending the relationship because that can feel very cruel, but rather to let her know what the problems are that are making you consider leaving. You might be surprised by what she says. She may be feeling similarly or she may sense your feelings and feel relieved to have you be honest with her. And, also, ultimately, you are not responsible for her feelings. You are only responsible for your own actions, but how you communicate what you are feeling to her can make a difference in how she experiences it.

    • Rebecca

      Hi James,
      I’m in the very position you will both be in the near future.
      My Husband loves me dearly, but just not as his wife anymore and yes, I grieved, I cry and have terrible days when I wonder at the injustice of it all and feel I cannot live life without him (we’ve been together 17 years) I ‘broke up’ with him in mid November when it became obvious that he just couldn’t try anymore, it was the bravest (and stupidest) thing I’ve ever done and I regret it to the bottom of my soul.

      My point here is that he is my rock and we are best friends, even through all of the trauma of the separation, he has been there for me as much as I am willing to allow him to be (I have to deal with shutting the door on my feelings, he has already let go, as you have) and he is as upset, and yes girls, he cries about it, as I am to a degree. But in order to preserve the relationship we have, we need to terminate the intimate one we have been fighting to hold on to. There are far too many memories to be bitter and nasty about it, far too many good things that we have experienced together to just be forgotten under a layer of hate and resentment.

      There is nothing much you can do to ‘protect’ her feelings – I was broken, and I still am, but with the right support network and clear signals (don’t lead her on with mixed signals, be clear that it’s over) she will get through it and learn to live her own life without you as her partner (perhaps just as your friend). I see a therapist, I talk with friends, I rest when I feel tired and emotional and I try to throw myself into my business when I can (without burning out). Separation is one of life’s most horrible challenges.

      So for me – I want to let go of my husband – as quickly as possible, embrace my best friend and be emotionally strong and bring back my bubbly, positive and outgoing self.


    • Yithza

      Hi James,
      I divorced my husband this year. He is the most caring and loving husband and father, but I was dying inside. There is no use staying, when you don’t love her anymore. You are taking away her chance to find someone who does love her.
      You are not responsible for her life and happiness. You are responsible for yours.
      If you stay in the relationship you will end up wishing she would die so you can finally breathe and live.
      Be honest, be compassionate but be very direct so you won’t give her false hope.
      Giving up your own happiness for someone else’s will just result in two very unhappy people.
      Big hug to you, I know it won’t be easy but you will be releaved once you have the talk and stick to your words.

    • Lina Strindlund

      Just make sure to be a GOOD FRIEND to her afterwards through the tough times…

  7. Ter

    Oh Marie – this has brought me to sobbing tears! S*O*B*B*I*N*G!!! This has opened my eyes, my heart, my soul, my being… I’ve lost lifelong friendships this year, one 28 years, to brain cancer and one, 40 years, to breast and lung cancers. In the face of these losses and emotionally breaking to an all time low, I’ve lost my job off 33 years. BUT…and this is a good but…I’ve learned and am proud of the fact that I was easily able to write about my dearly departed friends in a light of love. I was able to get through the darkness with their memories. I’ve made quite a few mistakes in the last year but the one sitting on my head the heaviest is realizing that not all “friends” are true-feathered; my mistake was believing “friends” would help see me through the way I would have if the tables were turned. The one thing I’m releasing and letting go of this year is caring more for others than myself and will care more for others who need and appreciate that care – through time, talks and being real! You’re a gem, Marie, thank you for this! xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ter, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friends this year, and we’re sending our sincerest condolences. Your insight about being able to honor your friendships and memories with them is so beautiful, and we deeply appreciate you taking a moment to share with us.

    • Ariana

      @Ter, sorry for you loss. I would like to say: Thank you for your insight – “not all “friends” are true-feathered; my mistake was believing “friends” would help see me through the way I would have if the tables were turned”. It resonated with me on a deep level.

  8. gabriela

    Thank you so much, Marie! I really like this episode.

    • Marie, as always you’re full of pep and energy! I’m proud that I began to sell my greeting cards in a very cool little local Museum Shop. They’re unique and loved by most.
      A mistake I made was expecting too much from one of my sons. I was so mad at him and he was so mad at me. I learned to back off (which I usually do) and give him space to grow . He’s a great guy. I miss him so much. It’s so hard to let go of your kids but it’s healthy for everyone.
      I want to drop being upset that I didn’t remarry and accept that Gd wants me to continue being here for loving grandkids (they are a trip!!!) and to spread beauty and light in the world through my
      paintings and cool greeting cards.

  9. Tiffany

    Love this episode, Marie! I always love this time of year when you have a chance to reflect and you presented some excellent questions to focus on!


    1) I am most proud this year of releasing an album of children’s music that I really enjoy and, after 10 years, I finally had the courage to let go of a source of income that was not fulfilling so I could focus on what I really wanted.

    2) I am still learning to trust my instincts – there were a couple of instances this year where opportunities didn’t feel right but I went further than I should have with them and, sure enough, they caused frustration. But at least with one of them I shut it down before it got too bad!

    3) I need to let go of the idea that I have already gone down every road so where do I go from here? There are always little tweaks to be made that can yield big results so I just have to have the courage to do what I am called to do and trust that it’s all going according to schedule!

    Here’s to a rocking 2017, y’all!

    • #3 that you posted hit home for me and triggered some useful insights on my own life. I am finding a lot of wisdom in the comments on this episode, so, thanks to all of Marie’s audience.

    • Eejee

      Congratulation on all you said above, Tiffany

  10. I love how simple this is! Classic Marie-style: Take something way too complicated and make it REAl, SIMPLE, and ACTIONABLE.

    1 | What am I proud of? I grew my business nearly 3x in 2016 compared to 2015. Whaaat? And yet I still have time for my family and myself. I let go of expectations and stress. My health improved, my client roster grew, and so did my bank account.

    2 | What mistakes did I make or what did I learn?
    I learned that listening to criticism from someone who has no experience in what they are criticizing is the worst thing I can do for my business. Not only does it put my success on hold, it can also deform my future success. I believe in learning, not in bowing to criticism that stems from a bad place. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and this has really grown my confidence.

    3| What am I willing to let go of?
    The idea that I’m invisible or unsuccessful. I used to be so upset by my small mailing list and small social followings. Turns out those things have NOTHING to do with success, not even in online business. Quantity doesn’t matter. Quality does.

    This has been an AMAZING year. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart for this community.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Amazing insights, Kate. I LOVE what you shared about not listening to criticism from someone who has no experience with what they’re criticizing — it stopped me in my tracks. Brilliant!

    • Ali

      Congrats on your growth! That’s awesome! I totally know what you mean about small mailing lists or social followings getting you down! I’m starting to see that it’s really the quality over quantity that matters too. It’s a great lesson to learn! 🙂 Best of luck to you in 2017!!

    • Kate, thank you so much for sharing! Everything you wrote resonates with me. Thank you!

  11. 1. The biggest thing I’m proud of is that I stepped out of my comfort zone. Doing that allowed me to collaborate with author Janet Conner to co-create, and, be officially published by Conari Press, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, Noodle, Doodle and Scribble Your Way to an Extraordinary Life. Seeing my name on Amazon wasn’t a goal I had, so it was doubly delightful to have it happen because I was willing to try something new.

    2. One of the mistakes I made was feeling I had to participate in a gruelling 11 day craft show because it’s the “best chance” to feature my products and get them before a larger audience. The show ended last week and I’ve been home with an intense sore throat and fever. A sign to stop and reconsider the year ahead.

    3. I am willing to let go of the way I now approach teaching art and creating. I am willing to let go of some of the creating I love and do now (even though it scares me) to make room for more teaching and sharing of art making as a healing process.

  12. Love Marie TV!!

    I’m proud that I have finally listened to my intuition! The idea of being a Hippie Mom Mala Maker and owning it, has been scary. I feel like now I’m taking responsibility for my what my soul has been showing me. The world needs me to create my style of powerful spiritual tools connecting hearts and minds with their souls calling.

    The mistake I made was not listening to my own calling and instead tried to take the easy way out by following my competition. The lesson is we are not competitors but co-workers with the same Divine boss.

    The story I am shedding is that I’m doing my life and business wrong because it doesn’t fit with mainstream business models. In 2017 I have a visioned life plan that has a wonderful biz plan layered on top.

    Thank you Marie for inspiring greatness.

  13. Holy moly. I just wrote down so many things. I’m actually AMAZED at myself right now. I always just feel like this is day to day kind of stuff, but looking back at everything, what I have accomplished in 2016 is nothing short of incredible.
    1. My ex of 7.5 years passed away from alcohol poisoning in March. I dealt with our break up previously, but I had to overcome his death on my own.
    2. I dealt with his family taking out their sadness and death on me. I allowed them to lash out to me while I just let them put that blame on me to make it easier for them.
    3. I got myself into therapy to deal with my PTSD from that relationship, depression and anxiety.
    4. I stuck out the tough times of a new relationship and a lot of anxiety of becoming vulnerable so I could get to the really, really good stuff of being in love with my person <3.
    5. I found a new place to live when my landords informed me they were selling and I had less than 30 days to get out.
    6. I did my own taxes for two businesses, my first time ever doing taxes.
    7. I walked away from three toxic friendships.
    8. I maintained my membership site while releasing a cookbook and workout program.
    9. I created six marketing launches.
    10. At 34 years of age, I made the Regionals team for my Crossfit gym and we came in in 30th place but by the end we were 16th/ 30 teams.

    • Wow, this is absolutely incredible, Kyra! I resonate with a lot of what you said, in terms of leaving toxic relationships, moving on, and PTSD recovery. Congrats with all you accomplished. 🙂

  14. Elena

    Thank you Marie, this is just great and very important for my life!
    1. I am proud of taking care of my self more! I am a mam of 3 children.
    2. My big mistake was to wait for some one to say: “it is your time now” That it never happen…..
    3. I will let go the stupid idea that:” I am too old to create my own artistic style”

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great insights, Elena. You can definitely say to yourself “it’s your time” — give yourself that permission! xoxo

      • Elena

        Thank you Caroline! You made my day! Ciao

  15. Petra

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for this insightful episode!

    My replies to the three questions:

    1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    A: Stood up on a surfboard – twice.

    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    A: One mistake I made was being too nice. The lesson I learned was to be honest and speak up when unhappy or doubtful. It’s a lot easier than blowing up later.

    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year?
    A: I have to hide myself to get what I want.

  16. So love the simplicity of this process and the powerful questions! I’m going to go for that commitment colonic! – Thank you Marie for your inspiration!

  17. Candis Angelene

    1. I am proud of having the guts to join the Symphony Choir in my city, which led to me singing as a soloist and performing my own songs with a hundred singers and an orchestra.
    2. I tried to please people before pleasing myself which led to me be depressed for too long… I realized life is too short to care more about what others think and will say “no” sooner.
    3. I am willing to let go of people who want to control you, even if they are sincere…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Candis! ♥

  18. Hi Marie and gang!
    December already! Well, if I answer your questions right now, without over-analyzing, here we go…
    1. So proud to have gone through B-School and made a new friend in an accountability partner because of it.
    2. My biggest mistake would be that because I’m working on building a business and not currently making much of an income, I’ve cut corners on spending. Lesson learned the hard way…you get what you pay for.
    3. I’m willing to let go of the fear of uncertainty in my future and let if happen as it should.
    Thanks for another great episode!

  19. 1. Finally followed through on my new Light Wraps product that I’ve put off for several years – but now I gotta go sell it! Also started going to the gym – JUST started so don’t list that as a win, but I’m glad I did it.
    2. Biggest Mistake? Always time management. Still disorganized – people, commitments falling through the cracks. But I did order Marie Kondo’s book and it arrived yesterday!
    3. “Not successful enough” is a mantra in my head – I’ll do Y once X has happened. I don’t take a leadership role because of my few (and they have been few) past failures. I’ve been working on a project for so long that I beat myself down about it, even though for many years it was out of my hands – and I know it will happen yet.

  20. mounia

    Hi Marie,
    thank you for this episode and for those question 🙂
    thank you for the inspiration and the hope that you are 🙂
    to answer to the questions:
    1)i get my certification as personal trainer (youhouu) / i bought my condos (appartement) alone 🙂 /i launch my vidéo on instagram
    2) i stopped a toxic relationship and i learned from it.
    3) let go of the fear before 2016 🙂

    Love from Brussels, Belgium

  21. 1) doing baby steps in personal and business because I was feeling overwhelmed but I am seeing how far I come
    2) less worry about money
    3) letting go of the negative and excuses

  22. LOVE this video, Marie! OK,
    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    1. I’m super proud of all the ways I took in and learned the lessons my entrepreneruial game wanted to teach me, both personally and professionally.

    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned.
    I hired someone I couldn’t afford, didn’t get what I hired them for, BUT learned SO much about refining my personal and professional game.

    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year.
    I began to let go of this story sometime ago, then took it to the next level at Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy, and that is that I am not an expert in my field. I AM an expert in healing and wellness, but I wasn’t an expert at marketing what I know makes a difference. I conflated the two for far too long! Game on 2017 = putting myself out there as expert!!

    Happy, Merry and Love to you Marie!

    • Nin

      I like what you said here Carol. Remember that the ones who always examine their credibility are usually the real deal. Here’s to always doubting and thus improving on our expertise!

  23. Perfectly timed episode! I was just thinking about what I’m going to let go of and what I’m proud of as 2016 comes to a close. I love the middle question too, since reviewing mistakes has always been something I’ve overlooked in my personal life.

    1. I’m incredibly proud of creating an entire brand and website (from scratch, by myself!) to help people living with mental illness after surviving abuse. I always believe we don’t need to be healed or recovered to live an amazing life and this website, along with my own coaching, is dedicated to helping others do that. Following my passion in this way has me oh-so proud of myself. 🙂

    2. My biggest mistake has definitely been worrying about finances each month. I’ve made it through the entire year and my business is only improving, so why spend the energy worrying about this? It’s taught me a great lesson in trusting the Universe and trusting in my own path.

    3. As a new and young entrepreneur, I need to let go of the belief “I’m not able to properly coach others because I still have PTSD.” The whole point of my business is to tell others they CAN do what they want even with mental illness, so making myself an exception to my purpose is a little (scratch that: more than a little) counterproductive. Plus, my clients have definitely gained a lot from my work!

    Thanks for the insights, as always. Hope you have a wonderful start to 2017!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Arien!

    • Ali

      Your 3rd answer really hit home for me! I am dealing with a physical illness and for the most part have been able to overcome it and I would like to help others heal as well. But I also need to let go of the belief that I can’t help others heal if I’m still sick. I hadn’t even really thought about that limiting belief that I was having until I read your comment. Thank you so much for sharing!!

      • Yay, I’m so glad my own comment inspired you, Ali! We can do this. 🙂

        And thank you, Caroline, too!

    • Christine

      I loved reading your three answers! #3 really resonated with me – I check-in with myself and make sure I’m treating ME as I treat others. Inner-critic can come out pretty harsh sometimes! Daily practice. Your commitment to your work is amazing – I’m sure you’re touching many lives! Happy Holidays.

  24. JUST what I needed. Thank you!!

    1. Launched a profitable, high-end web design business that I can run alongside staying home with my children.

    2. I’ve mistakenly said yes to too many people and too many opportunities. I’ve learned a hard lesson of the importance of a powerful no.

    3. I’m ready to let go of the idea I have to be everything to everyone at all times. And I’m ready to let go of the fear of charging what I’m worth.

    • Ali

      That fear of charging for what you’re worth is a big one! Why is that so hard!? Best of luck to you! 🙂

    • Christine

      Love #3! People pleasing is something I’m going to let go of. Can be very difficult!

  25. Hey! Marie you always know when and what to say! I love you 🙂

    1. I finally managed to invest in one of my big dreams to open up a shop on my website, me and my husband are directors and always wanted to open a shop where we could share with the world the work of the artists that surround us and do it un a clean way for the environment and people. We finally did it! <3 AND I also launched my own small catering business to promote vegan food 🙂
    2. I don't know if its a mistake, but a down feeling got the best of me during a big part of this year, I realised that I wasn't as passionate anymore for what I was doing and it made me feel really bad and disappointed of my self…but it turns out it wasn't what I was doing, it was the way I was doing it and how to approach it, that all changed with the shop project and the vegan catering thing, it made me strong again and master of my domains hahaha!
    3. I always think I'm too impulsive and that I never finish anything, that I like to dream too much and build up expectations and then get frustrated and sad when I can't find the time or money to do it…But actually this impulsive nature is what made possible all the things in point number 1 🙂 so f*ck it I'm sticking with it ^_^

    Thank you Marie! this helped me a lot! <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Daniela! We’re so glad this episode was helpful 🙂 xo

  26. 1) I am super proud of this video project. I think this showcases this years growth as a videographer!

    2) My biggest mistake is saying “Yes” to too much. I confused customer service with being a doormat sometimes and took on too many free projects because I couldn’t say no.

    3) I want to let go of the idea that I am “Just a little business.” or that my success is defined by the money I make.

    * I WANT to let go of some of the projects that have been sitting around for months, waiting on clients that for whatever reason won’t get back to me with edits, etc despite phone calls and reminders. But I feel so unprofessional not finishing! How can I let clients know that their refusal to move forward is holding me back?

  27. Ali

    Great episode! Perfect way to start the new year – can’t believe it’s 2017 almost!!

    1) I’m proud of myself for fully committing to working for myself, starting my blog which I’m loving, and overcoming a difficult illness. Go me! =P
    2) One mistake I learned from was that I too often put other people’s feelings and priorities before my own. I thought I was just being a generous and kind person but really I was letting other people direct the course of my life. No more! 😉
    3) I am willing to let go of trying to learn a new language – hah! I think I want to because it sounds cool but I never get around to it and it just makes me feel guilty…

    Thank you for this great post!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love these insights, Ali!


    Great episode. Love how easy the process is.

    1) What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of. Started a business.
    2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned. Disengaging never pays.
    3) What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year. That I’m only going to play Candy Crush for 5 minutes (I spend hours per week on this non-productive game that needs to go!). And I’ll never get things done quickly enough.

  29. Loved it! The easy reflektion message and also love your sense of humor, beauty and style too!

  30. 1. I finally launched my own skincare line. I’m still working on it but I’m proud of what it is becoming and how I’m giving back through my business.
    2. Mistakes: I made a few but I would say, letting fear control me and what other people think of me… I was hanging on to resentment which made me angry at my self and my family. Forgiveness is constant not only with others but with myself.
    3. I need to release the negativity I read on social media particularly Facebook. It’s a great tool for my company to sell products and connect with people but I waste too much time on there. I need to setup my social media plan and use it accordingly.

  31. Thanks, Marie. This was what I needed to hear this morning.

    1. My business grew so much this year because this was my year of clarity. I’m so, so proud of the spiritual growth I experienced that led to this enlightenment.

    I was finally able to let go of my idea that I need to “help” those I love to grow. Truth is I can only focus on my own growth. And it’s not fair to them for me too force growth on them when they are not ready.

    2. Not listening to my ideal avatar. My ideal client kept telling me what they wanted but I was so submerged in my work that I only heard part of it.

    3. I am willing to let go of my business growth goal for January (maybe even February) and spend time enjoying my new baby that is suppose to be born at the beginning of January.

    I’m willing to let go of the idea that I need to make things perfect for my clients. It’s not possible and not all in my contol. I love them and all I can do is give them the best tools/advice/guidance that I can.

    I am willing to let go of my feelings of defensiveness when it comes to people not understanding what it means to be a coach.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Laureen. We’re sending loads of love and best wishes for your bundle of joy arriving soon! xoxo

  32. Every year I’m intimidated by the task of going through last year with a fine tooth comb and seeing what I did or didn’t do. (Mostly didn’t) So I don’t. I think 3 questions makes it MUCH easier to face and actually do. So here goes…

    1. I am extremely proud that I wrote a children’s book and have put it out there and had 3 agents interested in it. I have one agent I’m talking to and hope to sign with. I think that’s pretty cool!
    2. Biggest mistake and hard lesson was not getting out of my crappy day job soon enough. I let it wear me down, beat me up and make me miserable. I thought I could keep doing it and still be creative, but instead it drained me of every bit of self esteem and energy I had. Lesson, listen to your soul and don’t be afraid. If you’re miserable, it’s time to go.
    3. I am ready to get rid of: The story that says “I am not allowed to be successful.” It echos through every cell of my being and it’s time to GO! Why not? Why can’t I be successful? I’ve always been brought up not to be vain, don’t attract attention, don’t do anything that will make people think you are a bad person, don’t expect success when you are born to just make do. Well, … I’m DONE! Buh-bye. I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

    Thank you very much for letting me put this out there and may you all have a wonderful new year!

  33. Liz

    Off the top of my head, but I’ll go back over them later:

    1. I’m most proud of my most recent pieces, the #loveislove collection, because they really mean something to me.

    2. Oh man. Mistakes a plenty this year. Um… having art out is not the same as having art seen.

    3. I moved my dining room into my living room, because it opened up space, but I was so worried about what everyone was going to think. I need to let go of trying to do things the way other people do them. There is no “right way” to live your life.

  34. I really enjoyed this episode Marie and thanks for all you’ve put into helping others!
    1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    I wrote my first book titled, “Hard Work is Heart Work” and I attracted a different arena of clientele which includes a fitness guru, a high profile clergyman, and a major music industry mogul! Lastly, I went kayaking for the first time ever this summer. The reason why that’s major is because I haven’t been to a lake nor a beach since I was a young girl and almost drowned at Belmar Beach in New Jersey. At 8 years old, it felt like a pair of hands wrapped around my ankles and pulled me in. I tried to fight to get out of the water but I couldn’t. I resorted to the idea that I was going to die and my mother is going to heartbroken. At that moment, another 8 year old came and pulled me out of the water and I never went back to the Jersey Shore again. Do you know how weird that is for a girl who grew up in Ocean County New Jersey aka THE Jersey Shore with Snooki and DJ Skribble? I did make visits to Seaside and Atlantic City boardwalks for the food lol but the beach was out. I was so afraid of natural bodies of water that I refuse to take or allow my children to go to the beach. Pools, yes! Beaches? HECK NO! BUT, 30 years later, I smacked fear in the face and it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life!
    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    I used to put off saying, “I don’t know”. I’m not tooting my own horn but I know quite a bit and I’ve been given the gift of wisdom and this year, I heard wisdom tell me, “You don’t have all of the answers to everything and that’s okay!”
    What a major relief! In addition to that relief, I’m open to learning new things and I’m loving it! Most times we tend to stick with what’s comfortable but I’m enjoying learning in unfamiliar areas.
    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year?
    You really know how to prick a heart Marie. I am and have already let go of the story that my weight is impeding my success. I’m not a big girl but I am a thick girl who happens to love her body BUT I wasn’t sure if people would hear me over the natural parts of my body that everyone is laying on a table for! I have even put up a full body pic on my site and I’m allowing my love for my body to shut out the concern of, “Oh my God! Are they staring at my hips? What about my tush?” LOL! It’s whatever now and becoming “whatever” even the more!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Nzinga! Huge cheers and kudos to smacking that fear in the face and getting out on the water. And I just adore that you’re not only loving your body, but letting go of other people’s perceptions too. Cheers to an awesome 2017 ahead!

      • Why thank you Caroline! And an AWESOME 2017 to you too!!

  35. 1. While working full time at my healthcare IT job I juried into my first craft fair, created my own displays, made 150+ pieces of jewelry, sold a lot and received much positive feedback. Oh, and I’m 63 yrs old. ?
    2. Focused on the wrong details at times. Also let my anxiety about success affect me personally and those around me. Need to find a different perspective
    3. Let go of fear of success, have already started revamping my Etsy shop. ?

  36. One of my favourite episodes so far Marie! Loved it!
    1- Things Im proud of- Letting go of my dancing career, Going forth with my teaching and coaching career and now doing so full time. Reducing my anxiety levels from high to almost nothing (a lot of meditation, self empowerment, self love and reading), giving my relationship a go, and decluttering my whole home!

    2- The biggest mistake I made at the beginning of this year was to not let myself grow in the direction the universe had intended but instead, fighting it and holding onto the past. I learnt that resting was as important as eating well. Exercising is the best form of medicine! I could have made better financial decisions by anticipating. PREPARATION IS KEY in everything.

    3- I would love to finish declutterring my kitchen, get my new website ready for the new year, not be scared of my worth, let go of my financial fears and lastly I would love to let go of the last little bit Im holding onto of “what I used to be” and embrace the new me.

  37. 1) What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of:
    I rode my motorcycle on the Continental Divide trail, from Banff Canada, to Mexico.
    2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned:
    I allowed myself to become anxious about money. The lesson I learned is that being anxious does not change the outcome.
    3) What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    I often feel like I’m not strong enough to commit to building a fuller Business life and more resources/money.

    I am strong enough, in fact the momentum will give me energy!

  38. Great thoughts and process, Marie (as always).

    1. This year’s pride points: One – last year, I had a play I wrote run Off-Broadway for a while, and it was published this year by a dramatic licensing company. Even though I have not been able to secure an agent (not sure I want one now, ironically), I asked the publisher to send the script to 15 theatres that I would like to produce the show for their 2017-18 season. This was not a massive effort – simply an ask, and something they offer anyway. But maybe sometimes the really meaningful things don’t have to be all that hard. When you asked the question on the video, this popped into my mind immediately. Two – My wife and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary. The time has gone way too fast. Three – we had a sun room built off the back of the house. This proved to me that you should make every expansion you can think of, and find a way to manage it – because the rewards make themselves felt and known very quickly.

    2. Twelve months of mistakes – I think all of the things I wish I had done differently this year come down to one basic tenet – I should have set clearer parameters and end points around my projects. I have had so many things drag on too long and get more diffuse instead of finished. I need to Drive It to Done for 2017.

    3. Letting go as we go forward – One: I want to shed the idea that I should only be doing one, self-defining thing. While I don’t want my task list to get too over-crowded, I don’t want to cut out activities that raise my vibe. Two: I want to phase out the things I don’t care for but feel obligated to do, and build opportunities around the things I do want to do. Two-and-a-half: Realize that the things I want to do offer the better opportunities for money, market and audience connections.

    That’s it. Thanks for the chance the chime in!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful insights, Nicholas. Thank you so much for sharing!

  39. Ash

    Wow! This advice is absolutely FANTASTIC. I love the focus on letting go, and valuable mistakes (I call those learning opportunities because “mistake” no longer has a place in my vocabulary). I’m in love with this video!

    Now, to answer those questions….

    (1) What am I proud of?

    I created a healthier and happier relationship with my husband and my children. I “show up” with them, act with intention (meaning almost no nagging or dramatic emotional breakdowns). I’m no longer insecure and I don’t allow myself to doubt my worth or value. Instead of feeling like there’s something wrong with me (or someone else), I focus on what I want to get. If I’m feeling boring, the answer isn’t to convince my husband that I’m not boring. I need to be fun! It’s that simple! They’re simple ideas and changes, but they’ll shift your whole existence!

    (2) What valuable lessons did I learn from my “mistakes” (aka learning opportunities)?

    This year, I learned that I need to be able to stand for my needs, and to make sure they’re met. I can’t expect people to see that I’m drowning in work, diapers, and house cleaning, and expect them to step in and help me out. If I need help, then I need to make sure I have that. So now, I’ll plop a baby in my husbands lap so that I can cook hands-free, or I’ll drop the kids off with grandma so I have some much-needed peace to get work done. If I’m swamped with work, I don’t sweat having the house in order. I focus on having quality time with my family, without making myself feel any guilt or shame over not being more “together.” What matters is that I’m giving my best. Doing that makes me more of a perfect woman because I’m giving my time where it matters to me the most. And this way, I actually GET STUFF DONE! 😀

    Relationship-wise, I’ve realized that I need to stand for my needs by making sure my needs are voiced and understood. Instead of getting butt-hurt every time I feel let down, neglected, or put down, I let people know what I think and how I feel about it. I don’t assume anyone is trying to upset me. Instead, I presume that they don’t understand how I’m interpreting it. Often times, I can pick up on a person’s intention and figure out what they’re really trying to tell me (ie. they’re angry not because they think I’m a terrible person, but because they feel let down). I know it’s not about me. Everyone’s stuff is about them. So, I stand for my needs as needed, but I also recognize that people are trying to stand for their own needs as well (although some of us could be a wee bit more productive and to-the-point). Now that I can see that, I don’t see a reason to get defensive or feel offended with people. I don’t become a good person by getting x many people to declare so. I become a good person by being a good person RIGHT NOW. By choosing to give my absolute best, and by trusting that everyone else is also giving the best that they have. I can either magnify this “best,” or I can detract from it. I prefer to add to it.

    (3) What am I willing to let go of?

    I’m willing to let go of my need to hold myself back. I’ve become a very talented writer, and there’s a word of opportunities out there if I would only see them and seek them. I am ready to stop making excuses, and to take action every single day that will work me towards my dreams. I am ready to let go of my doubts so that I can shine.

    • Brittany Lee


      Your response resonated with me on sooo many levels. Thank you for sharing! All the best in 2017!


  40. Emily

    Wow. BTW I’m bookmarking this page. Reading all the year end accomplishments and reflections of so many people at diverse stages in their business makes the road ahead not only more conceivable but more realistic. Such a profound learning opportunity.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      LOVE that idea, Emily.

  41. Haseena Bheekhun

    Dear Marie and the team
    This is a fabulous way to reflect upon the year in a constructive and empowering way. It’s certainly something I do.
    Question: How do you determine what are the things you need to let go of?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haseena, thank you so much for your comment, and that’s a great question! While sometimes it’s really easy to figure out some things to let go of, it’s not always obvious. We’ve done a couple great MarieTV episodes that talk about deciding whether to quit or to commit, so those might have a few helpful ideas:

      For me personally, I’ve also had success recently by keeping a “stop doing” list. Anytime I find myself really irritated by something, or when I come across something that I realize isn’t really serving me anymore, I add it to the “stop doing” list. It’s been really clarifying to consider what things are a source of stress or frustration, and then see if those things can be improved or dropped entirely.

      I hope that helps!

    • That’s a very good question, Haseena, and I have the same question… especially since the first thing that came to mind about the one thing to let go of is to let go of toxic relationships with negative people who happen to be close family members… not an easy one to manage!
      Thanks to you Marie and your team for another very insightful episode. I wrote the questions down – will get my “critical” hat off and answer the first 2..!
      Best wishes always

  42. Ana Gomes

    Marie, I have no doubt I will accomplish whatever goals I set if my inner soul tells me too. I´s always been like this. But the thing is that whevever I ask myself what I want to do the answer is: nothing, do nothing, be present. I´ve always been a very active person. Actually, I still am, but the idea of having responsabilities and setting goals terrifies me. But also, the idea that I am a slacker, a procratinator that keeps missing opoortunities haunts me. It´s been like this for almost a year. In fact, in 2016, as far as duties are concerned, I have been doing only what I literally have to, meaning, there’s no way to escape, like going to work, paying bills, defending my Phd dissertation, and so on… But the only thing that gives me pleasure is doing whatever I feel like in the present moment. Without any plans. And sometimes they are very petty things like whatching a bird fly/sing or the collors of my orchids, or even more challenging ones, like travelling without a fixed destiny. Actually I´ve been doing this many times this year while on vacation or on a day-off. And I can teel you I have never felt as happy as in those moments. Shall “do nothing” be my number one goal then?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Ana! Sometimes for those of us who always accomplish a lot, we actually need to focus on slowing down. Your number one goal can be anything that makes you happy 🙂

  43. 1) Stop being a people pleaser and adding the word ‘no’ to my vocabulary
    2) To fall for the love-bombing tactics of an emotional manipulator. Reconnect with my intuition and believe that energy never lies.
    3) “I am not good enough” was just the BS that someone else hung around my neck.
    Thank you sweet lady xx

  44. Denitza

    Hey Marie,
    I love listening to you and your tips.
    1. I quit my job and I am not working for myself as a business owner.
    2. Assuming things about people gets me in trouble, and it doesn’t allow me to truly connect with them.
    3. I am willing to let go of my belief that I am not good enough or I don’t know enough to run a successful business.

  45. Ela

    I love this video!
    1. 2016 is the year of more paintings done then in my entire life!! You huuu!
    2. I let the need to be right affect my relationships (and my peace of mind ,my joy).
    3. Let go of all the psychology books, courses and any preoccupation in “fixing” anyone (including myself”).

    Thank you much for the wonderful work that you do.
    Lovely holidays! Joy!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oooh I love that you did so much painting in 2016, Ela. That’s wonderful! Thanks so much for tuning in, and happy holidays to you!

  46. Thanks Marie! I am 57 years old – but still learning from you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Thea! Thank you for tuning in. 🙂

  47. 1. Made it to Uganda to hang with the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees in the jungle, completely debt free.

    2. The mistake is taking life waaaay to personally and the lesson is to calm the F down, it ain’t about me.

    3. That I can’t have everything I want.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is fantastic, Cayce. Thank you for sharing your accomplishments and insights!

  48. Thank you for that encouraging episode.
    Here are my 3 answers:

    1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of.
    I took a trip to Barbados and had an amazing time. To experience life outside my familiar surroundings was absolutely eye-opening and fulfilling.

    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned.
    I jumped into a romantic relationship that soured but I learned that I jumped because I was unhappy with the living situation at the time I made that drastic decision.

    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year.
    I spend too much time researching and absorbing info before proceeding into the creative process. I will allow the launch of my website to create opportunities for personal growth in many ways because it’s inevitable that that will occur.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are really powerful insights, Robert. Nice work! Relating to #3, Marie did an interview with Seth Godin a few weeks ago about how you shouldn’t wait for the right moment to do your creative work, and I think you’ll find it inspiring and helpful for the year ahead:

  49. I’m not where I wanted to be this year but am grateful to God That I am not where I used to be.

    • Sending love and support to you Bright. Such honesty. Thank you

  50. I am one of those people doing lengthy, creative processes for reflecting back on 2016 and when I watched this video it just hit me: the deceptive simplicity of it is so POWERFUL!! Thanks so much Marie for taking us there directly! 😉

    1. I am most proud of launching my coaching business (finally!) and just this week facilitating my first ever online course on living mindfully. 108 people signed up and I couldn’t be more excited or thankful!
    2. My greatest insight (ermmm mistake) was in thinking I had to choose between working in English or in Spanish. What? Speaking languages is one of my greatest assets and now I know I am NOT going to hide my talents and skills!!
    3. I am going to let go of my need to please others and instead focus on being there for myself. Authenticity and being my own woman are my greatest sources of strength going into 2017.

    Thanks everyone for your contributions! It’s so inspiring to read about everyone’s achievements, insights and lessons. I feel reflected in so many of them!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Magüi! Congrats on starting your business and getting so many signups! That’s definitely something to be proud of. We can’t wait to see where your business takes you. 🙂

  51. Raquel

    Thank you so much, Marie, for sharing your process.
    I have one of the loooong processes (it includes a vision board with glittery stickers and all) that I always do but I was really looking for something shorter this year, as I am hosting friends from overseas. So, to get things moving, here are a few answers:
    1) What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of:
    I gave a lecture that I wanted to do for ages. And they loved it! It was really valuable to them!

    2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned:
    Waiting for inspiration. I did a lot of processes to figure out some paths that I wanted to take, and some projects that I wanted to work on, and it would have been better if I just started doing them.

    3) What’s one thing you’re willing to let go of before the New Year:
    Toxic and disempowering relationships disguised as friendships.

    Thank you again!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love these, Raquel! Thank you for sharing. Relating to #2, Marie did an interview with Seth Godin a few weeks ago about how you shouldn’t wait for the right moment to do your creative work, and I think you’ll find it inspiring and helpful for the year ahead:

      • Raquel

        Thank you, Mandy. I loved watching the interview with Seth Godin and I will watch it again. It’s priceless!

  52. Miki

    Thank you Marie. I will be doing the Step 1-2-3 Review myself, and share this with my sales team! I always appreciate your energy, creativity and fun filled clips 🙂

  53. This is been quite an assignment for me! Good thing it’s a simplified version! I have been so hard on myself this past year that having to list my accomplishments took some effort. I realized I have sold my art. I did my first corporate and real estate photography job. I learned a lot about SEO and website, I quit a job with women I felt were not genuine and supportive. I healed significantly from my unexpected divorce- grieving the loss finally. I launched my boudoir photography and decided to pursue that genre, as it is my true passion. Some mistakes that I have made this year are letting my lack of confidence keep me from hustling and moving forward. I learned to fake it until I make it! I didn’t get a head of marketing enough and learned that I need to have a plan in place ahead of time. I learned that my lack of confidence affected my pricing and I look cheap, letting my financial worth determine my self-worth, which then just created a cycle of me pricing myself by my perceived self-worth . I am not only willing but excited to let go of my failed marriage. I need to let go of the shame and guilt of having my boyfriend supporting me through all of the tough stuff.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve been on an incredible journey and learned a lot this year, Karen! We’re cheering you on, sending healing wishes your way, and wishing you a beautiful year ahead.

  54. 1. I doubled my income. I created the relationship of my dreams. I grew my team in my company x 2. Now we have 4! Yay! I stopped operating from the question “are you gonna leave me?”

    2. I wasted a bunch of time “allowing” myself to be scattered… knowing that I have control over my actions. I messed up an opportunity by not taking it seriously and not preparing to make it a no-brainer deal for the affiliate the opportunity was with. So, that’s 2!

    3. Oh I love this question! I’ve let go of the story that “I don’t finish anything”. I’m letting go of the story that “I’m not disciplined”.

    This was fun! Team Forleo, you guys are awesome! Happy Holidays to you!

    • Tracy

      Great story to let go of!!

  55. 1. I am proud of growing the most I have as an artist that I have in the last 20 years a professional artist! I am really proud of the paintings that I am producing.
    2. Mistake: not listening to my gut (ugh!) I closed a business venture that was going to prove to be too costly to fully commit to felt like a failure but…)
    3. I need to let the idea of “failure” GO once and for all. The fact that I let this handbag business go and sold my remaining inventory was a SMART thing to do and like you said, letting the actual business go opened the door to something I had been missing out on as an artist. Hooray!
    AND can I just add, that as a former fashion illustrator, I am mesmerized by your hair Marie-gorgeous!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are all really great insights, Monica! There’s nothing as satisfying as loving the work you’re producing. It sounds like the future is bright and 2017 has some good things in store for you. 🙂

  56. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    A – Made the move to our dream town!
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    A – Its ok to say no, not no beacuse, not no and… just nope!
    What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    A – I am not good enough to have a successful business. I know that one is BS now!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Claire! Congrats on moving to your dream town, taking an important step to starting your business, and hopping on the No Train. (Marie talks about the No Train in this video and it’s pretty funny, too!

  57. This episode came at the right time for me. I didn’t feel ready to start a new year because I felt I didn’t accomplish my goals. It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves. Especially when you worked so hard to make something happen that you so focus on the project and you can’t see anything out of it. But looking back I’m proud of the product I’ve brought to life, I’m proud to see it on 2 stores shelves and to have some clients interested in buying it. As you have said, Marie, I should focus on the process and no on the results. But also results fuel you to keep going. The second question is been for me I guess having all my energy at the wrong target, I’m not sure yet if I have found the right one but it’s been time-consuming and also money consuming. Now the third question I don’t know how to answer it, you read, you meditate, you pray, you try not to stress out, to look at your blessings anytime there is a challenge, but still don’t succeed, in other words you literally do your best and beyond and still don’t succeed, so that mean let go? all the hard work on your project and to move on? How do you know if it’s not working ? What are the 3 or 4 or 6…elements to consider to know for sure is not going to be a good idea so focus on something else? It’s when you feel exhausted? It’s because you feel you are in the wrong place? targeting the wrong market? How to let go knowing for sure in your heart it wasn’t a good project? Asking for feedback? what if the feedback is great? but still not enough sales to create a living… It’s easier to say things than to put it in the practical world at least for me…But I do appreciate your videos so much, I’ve learned so much from in the past years, and when I look back I realized how much progress I’ve made…yet feeling I’m still in the same place and really nothing have had happened. Thank you, Marie. God Bless you. Nancy

  58. 1. Pride: I’m super proud of riding my horse in our first competitive show, a bucket list item for three years, happy checkmark made, and bonus red ribbon souvenir for our second placement. (Dang I’ve got one for my pro life too: I had on my goals for 2017 to boost my professional visibility so that “anyone” would take my calls for the upcoming deals I want to make. Without taking any specific new action besides repositioning my bio, I’m already in this spot. I’ve instigated deals (still in progress!) with some of the most visible and seemingly out of reach business people in the world. Will be more prideful when I can reveal the names of these humans who took my call with only two quick email requests.)
    2. Mistake and Lesson: As I continue to build my content production and distribution company (my own content, not others’), amazing opportunities continue to appear, not always in the ideal time to leverage my focus best. I made the mistake of letting my enthusiasm for a deal I’ve wanted for nearly a decade override my availability and core deal must have’s, costing me upfront relationship credibility and three months more duration for closing the deal than was necessary. Happy ending: Got the deal, credibility restored, and onward with a passion project of wide and deep proportions that will take top priority in the coming year. The lesson: know my capacity and keep my core deal terms top of mind for every new deal, so I can promptly and accurately allow the right deal to unfold around these prerequisites.
    3. Story to Release: I’ve done so much work on these stories in the past, I suspect the one remaining that still looms at times, is that the only way to be accomplished is to work hard. I do believe diligence and focus are essential (and that the REAL work is in choosing that focus!). But I don’t believe working “hard” is essential to success. Because I still have the periodic overnight session, apparently this story lurks and resurfaces at times. I will release this year the notion that I must work hard and replace it with the truth that working smart is what creates sustainable success.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great, Dodie! Congrats!

  59. 1. I started my 100% natural skincare line.
    2. I learned not to be afraid to put my work out there in terms of selling myself and my businesses.
    3. I’m no longer questioning who I am to want to give people life and health advice.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Jessica! 🙂 Huge congrats!

    • Brittany Lee


      The “who am I” thing is big for me. I’m glad you’re letting this go! Congrats on your line!

  60. Yes! This was such a great video and immediately things came to mind that I know will be helpful in shaping 2017.

    1. Most proud of… Redesigning my work schedule by switching to an internally facing team (versus client-facing) so I could work from home, workout at lunch and make my own food (take care of myself), and pickup my son by 4:30 to spend quality time with him every day. #designyourlife

    2. Mistakes…Not trusting my inner voice when I felt something was not quite right with my work–specifically, when I knew I should have spent more time to think critically about a piece of content and shape for the right audience before publishing.

    3. Letting go of… the pressure to attend networking or social events with people outside of my inner circle. I have a nagging FOMO (fear of missing out) whenever I see an invite for an event that I care about, but don’t have time for or isn’t quite the right fit. In 2017, I’m focusing only the places/events/things where I plan on having an impact, and letting go of the guilt associated with the things I’m NOT doing.

    • Letting go of guilt is always a great idea! I second that one. You’re preaching to the choir. : )

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Designing your life is so important and I’m really happy you were able to design yours in such a wonderful way. 🙂

  61. Chuantesee Evans

    Team Marie,

    Thank you for so much great content. Today’s was perfect.
    1. I began to finally believe that being multi-passionate is a blessing and not that I am and forever will be scattered. Once accepting that and allowing myself to be ME, I have created a path where nearly all my projects/jobs will elevate each into amazing service to others and myself.

    2. The largest mistake I made was allowing others opinions and my own hang ups to steer me from becoming a rideshare driver. Thankfully, I got over it. I have been driving part time for a few months and not only I have met some wonderful beings; I have made some wonderful contacts to advance my project!

    3. I am willing to let go of the resentment towards myself I have created focusing on where I think I should be at my age that has only prevented me from being my best self.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is great, Chuantesee! It’s awesome that you’re multi-passionate. Marie is, too, and it really opened a lot of doors for her. If you ever find yourself doubting your multi-passionate nature, check out this episode: It’s a super helpful pick-me-up. 🙂

  62. 1. I hired my first employee and became a boss :)))) & I started taking dance classes that I love and has tipped the work/life balance into better alignment
    2. I made the mistake of trying to hard to be too many things to too many people…I didn’t get the result I hoped for and I wasted a lot of precious time and energy
    3. I need to release a 4 year commitment to a group of amazing ladies that doesn’t fulfill me in the way it used to, even though, I still really enjoy being a part of it.

  63. Tanya Flores

    Quick, simple, and insightful! Thank you Marie!

  64. Thans a lot, Marie!!! You make things look so much better!!!!
    1. Looking back, it was an amazing year: helepd on 2 different startups and went for a temporary job in Cabo Verde (Africa).
    2. Didn’t manage money well… Even if it is a critical financial crisis all over, it was a mistake and point of improvement. And need to be more assestive on some professional decisions.
    3. I’m changing career… letting go many things that were priorities and now are just a background…

    Excited about my new year…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How cool, Lucila! It sounds like you’ve had some amazing adventures this year and you’re gearing up for an even better 2017.

  65. I have spent much of my life feeling like I had nothing to offer. It felt like my knowledge, expertise and irreverent style was not helpful for anyone, but I finally figured out that what I have to share with the world will resonate with someone out there and all I need is one person. I swear the universe has my back and now I am connecting with amazing women all over the world who have the same vision of helping others that I do!

    1- This year I started a business that really fills my cup and helps me to connect with other misfits and introverts that desire a life filled with purpose and excitement. I decided to embrace the parts of me that define who I am and turn it into a process to help others. It has been a powerful release for me and I’m excited to build on it in 2017.

    2- I made the mistake of thinking I needed to be like everyone else and sound like everyone else in order to be successful…I followed a million (slight exaggeration) different entrepreneur’s podcasts, videos, newsletters, etc all to find out that their style is their own and it works for them, but that there is no such thing as a magic formula. I have to create my own way and be true to me and my audience. I don’t have to explain myself or feel sorry that I am not using a certain sales funnel or writing 40 blog posts a day (j/k). It is so liberating to just be me.

    3-I am letting go of the idea that I am a special snowflake and there’s no one out there who feels the same way I do. I know that is not true. I know that my tribe is out there and I am allowing myself to be open to finding them.

  66. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    Perfect timing! I like this project, cuz you’re putting it all out there, making us accountable, instead of just pushing it back into the dark, ugly past that we’d rather just forget.
    1. I FINALLY tuned into my creative self again. I started drawing, and surprised everyone around me and myself, that I’m actually really good at it. And started writing stuff, about how I feel, good, bad, ugly.
    2. I learned that I am too “hands-on” as a mom and need to let my kids fall and learn to fix problems on their own. A valuable, painful lesson, but necessary for their growth and independence and my sanity.
    3. I want to let go of the fear of “being a stay-at-home mom for soooo long so what could I possibly offer the work world and why would anyone want to hire me”, so I can finally do stuff that I’m interested in and have fun and live a life I can be proud of and allow my kids to see me for who I truly am, not only as a mom. I’m so stuck here!


  67. Love this so much! Here are my replies!
    1) I am super proud of the fact that I mustered up the courage to walk away from a job that was making me miserable to pursue creating my own business and following some other side passions like writing a book!
    2) I made lots of mistakes this year, but one that I learned the most from was not talking about my life changes to friends and family. I was so worried about the perception (that I’d failed in my career, that I was lazy for not working, etc) that I kept my plans a secret until I had already implemented them. The outpouring of kindness and support was overwhelming, and made me realize that letting people in doesn’t have to be so scary.
    3) I am willing to let go of the idea that my career defines who I am. I have spent so, so many years on one track, and changing away from it has been scary. I want to do and be so much more than just a career, and I am willing to leave that story in 2016 to see what 2017 has to hold!

  68. One thing I am super proud of: publishing my book and speaking about in front of a large audience of professional peers! (book: Why Zarmina Sings )
    One mistake I made and what I learned: Selling myself short. I have so many years of experience and don’t need to sell myself short any longer!!
    One thing I am willing to let go of: Trying too hard–wanting and needing instead of just allowing it to happen while I go about my life.

  69. Hope

    Hi Maria!
    Awesome video once again, you’re my favorite life coach so far!
    1. I’m really proud of getting my first real internship in a local magazine. I had already been in an internship because of my university, but being in one in ‘real life’ made me feel so happy.
    2. 2016 has been a tough year for me. I lost someone special to me and I didn’t appreciate what I had until I lost it. I’ve learned that one second can change someone’s life for better or worse and people have to appreciate what they have.
    3. I want to let go 2016 and all the sadness it brought. I’m thankful for all the things 2017 is going to provide me.

  70. Magic beans! Now, that’s how you do a thing. I love how simple and yet jam-packed your wisdom wis every time I hit play on one of these episodes.

    Jumping into my three:
    1 – This year I had a major overwhelm moment that turned into a crazy kind of clarity when I wrote down my massive To-Do list, pushed it a little away from me, and then waving my hands over it called out “I declare all the balls officially dropped!” It was like hitting a reset button on my life’s agenda and I could be honest with myself about what few things needed to prioritized.
    2 – My mistake was not doing #31DayOfNarratemes sooner. When I finally stopped resisting and just got periscoping, everything I want to achieve with the book I’m writing just clicked into place. Sometimes that thing you’re scared to do is the thing you need to start now!
    3 – I’m letting go of referring to any part of myself as an enemy I need to punch in the face; be it fear or doubt or procrastination. If I’m inadvertently standing in my own way, I need to be communicating with myself better and not trying to punch some part of myself in the face. That’d literally punching myself in the face. Why has nobody noticed that?

    Thank you for the great content, Marie, and for giving us a place to connect and release!

  71. Rosa Maria

    Thank you, Marie. Your insights are really helpful.
    1. I am proud of finnally giving up smoking. I am also proud of my relationship with my my boyfried and hoy we overcome some problems.
    2. I learned the hard way not to take too many tasks and responsibilities as I usually do. Healt is very important.
    3. Too often feeling like victim and isolating myself, without reason.
    Thank you again Marie for your fantastic work.
    Greetings from Spain 🙂

  72. Emily

    1. I did Reiki certification training and I now love sharing my energy healing with friends and family. It helps them to heal and cope with physical/emotional pain and it helps me to feel more connected, calm and grounded.
    2. One mistake I made was believing that because I was in a bad place last winter (broken arm, no job, no boyfriend, broke) that I was a failure.
    3. My biggest lesson was that self-love is the most important thing, and that it is ok to ask for help when you are struggling. That loving yourself, and not looking for self worth in external things like money, work and relationships, is absolutely crucial. Let go of the shame, know that life has seasons, and know your value ALWAYS! xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great shares, Emily! About #2 and #3, I know those feelings can crop up unexpectedly, so I wanted to share this MarieTV playlist with episodes all about how to overcome fear, self-doubt, and other limiting beliefs: I hope it’ll lift you up when you feel down.

  73. Thanks for this episode, Marie. I love how simple this exercise is. Sooooo, here are my answers:
    1. One thing I’m proud of this year is getting my 1st paying voice over gig
    2. A mistake I made was submitting a terrible sounding audition after being sick and still being hoarse. I learned that I need to say “no” when I’m depleted.
    3. I want to let go of the story that I’m not enough just as I am. That story has lead to lots of poor choices with unpleasant consequences.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are excellent insights, Katie, and congrats on your first paid voice over job! About #3, I definitely recommend checking out this episode: Colleen discusses the mantra “you are enough” and has a lot of wisdom to share in this interview.

  74. 1. Began studying to be a Health Coach at IIN, quit my job :), went 100% full time into my dental office, started remodeling it too!
    2. Realized I could use some singing lessons hahaha, and that I have not been fair in the attitude I give my husband sometimes.
    3. I let go of the ongoing story in my head that I am not enough. I am enough, even more than enough!
    Thanks Marie this really helped!

  75. 1) I gave birth! In my home! To a healthy, happy baby! YES!!!
    2) I learned how to approach people who have copied my content. This was a really tough lesson, but obviously being accusatory doesn’t work. Thankfully, it inspired me to get some professional branding and my legal ducks in a row. But that said, I really regret how I went about trying to get attribution.
    3) I’m letting go of the story that I’m “just starting my business.” I’m making money, getting clients, and moving into a new phase of exploration.

    • Christine

      Love this! Congrats on your new family addition. #3 really resonated with me – staying curious on the journey and exploration is key for me! Happy Holidays!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your new baby, Lizzie! And I love that you’re ditching the story of just starting your business. I sounds like you’re making great progress!

      I’m really sorry to hear people have been stealing your work. I’m glad you’ve got your legal ducks in a row, and Marie has some advice to help too:

  76. Amanda

    Publishing my book and educating the world on sugar/gluten free vegan foods.
    Too much pursuing a certain passion and flame ie gorgeous man, need more me love!
    Letting go now of my mothers new married family and it all!
    Thanks Marie, love you so much, have a great 2017 & festive season. xx Blessed Be xx

  77. Whew! This has been an instructive year! A lot of lessons learned.

    1. What I’m proud of: I taught my first large class! Wow, what a rush! It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! It was a great paycheck and they want me back to teach again and again!!
    2. What mistakes taught me: I’ve learned to stand my ground in relationship boundaries (I will not be bullied or gas lighted), my art prices (are low as it is) and my self value (I am worthy).
    3. I can thrive on my own, my work has value ( I just need to find my peeps) network more!

  78. Liz

    Great 10 minute way to re-focus for 2017! Here’s my big 3:
    1. I’m proud that I started a blog to encourage other artists!

    2. I’ve learned to focus on quality vs. quantity- particularly when it comes to spending time with others. I’ve made the mistake of getting this backward and it creates so much stress

    3. I need to let go of the lies that hold me back from making new friends.

  79. 1. I participated in my first author event/signing. Which was incredibly scary and required a lot of emotional preparation. But I think, considering how hard it is for me to do anything social, I coped well with it. And it was because it was something I really wanted to do, instead of something I felt pressured to do. Plus, I got everything ready ahead of time, which helped calm my anxieties a lot. That could be part of what I learned this year, as well. That giving myself enough time to prepare can really help my anxiety. It won’t make it go away, but it does help. I’ve also put a lot of effort into my second book, and I feel like my writing has improved and I’ve figured out better ways of working that suit me and my process. It can be hard not to look ahead and see over half a book left to write, but what I have written is some of my best work to date. And it is because I am taking my time with it.

    2. My mistakes are mostly personal, but I think, as always, I struggle too much with worry about what other people will think. I know myself and what I want, and I don’t let anyone change that. I don’t hide my true self, and I don’t fake anything. But I still get triggered way too often by stuff I read on Facebook and the like that I feel is making a judgment on who I am (which sometimes is true, but is often just my perception). I also still judge myself based on other people’s accomplishments far more than I ever spend celebrating my own. But I’ve never been good at celebrating myself, so I’m not sure how to change that.

    3. I have lots of projects I still feel will find their way in the right timing, so I don’t want to let go of them completely. I have been doing a lot of physical clearing in my life, though. Going through old clothes, jewelry, magazines, and various papers I no longer need. As well as making a habit of donating books, DVDs, and CDs I don’t see myself revisiting. I’m a collector, so I like having a lot of stuff, but it’s still important to check with yourself – will I use this again and/or does it have deep meaning to me? You don’t have to save absolutely everything. Along with that, I’m trying to keep myself from feeling committed to finish any book series, video game, or TV series that doesn’t really capture me. There are so many beautiful stories that will resonate with you, and there just isn’t enough time to waste on stories that don’t. I tend to try to see the best in creative works, and I have to remind myself that I don’t have to like everything. And my not liking something isn’t necessarily saying it’s objectively bad, just not my cup of tea.

    In terms of resentments and guilt, that’s a lot harder to let go of. I’ve quarreled a lot with relatives in the last few years, finally having to block some truly toxic people. Ideally, you would be able to cut off toxic people without holding onto resentment, forgive and let go (without letting them back in to cause more damage). But that’s rarely the case. And for those people who have hurt you without meaning to? The ones you want to forgive and move on with? Maybe that’s even harder. And perhaps worst of all, when you’re holding onto anger with a person you are currently stuck living/dealing with. Someone you would cut off for good if you could, but life isn’t perfect and you have to deal with people you don’t like sometimes. And you feel you can’t really let go of that anger because you have to continue guarding against them. But at the same time, that anger is killing you, not them. “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Ugh. So true. And yet that doesn’t make it easier to let go. At least not for me.

    I’m not sure I’m completely ready to let go of this year and move into a new one, especially knowing at least one bad thing January has in store. But I do feel like I’ve opened myself up more and given myself the opportunity to think deeply about all of this. Thank you for helping us sort this year out, Marie. Apologies for the huge responses!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your heart, Valerie, and congrats on your first author event! That’s super exciting and I’m glad it went wonderfully.

      About #2, caring what other people think is a difficult thing to overcome. I wanted to share some MarieTV episodes with you in hopes that they’ll be helpful on that journey:

      I’ve been in a similar place myself with clearing out things like old clothes, books, etc. I love to read, so it’s really hard to get rid of books, but one thing that’s helped me is taking the books I no longer want to Half Price Books (or any used book store that buys books to re-sell). I take in a big box and get store credit for a handful of books. On the surface it sounds like it wouldn’t be worthwhile, but when I consider that I’m getting rid of a lot of books I don’t want for a few that I do want, it’s like rewarding myself for culling my collection. Consignment shops for clothes could have the same effect.

  80. Nicole Requena

    Marie! This episode was incredible. As I was watching in a local coffee shop near my house, a woman approaches me and says, “Hi, I see your watching Marie Forleo and I just knew I had to meet you.”
    She is also an entrepreneur. As we got to talking it was clear us meeting was meant to be. Though we are not in the same industry our businesses are similar and she gave me such great advice and instilled such powerful wisdom. Literally Marie, I thought I was talking to you.
    Today was the day I decided to take action on moving my business forward. If it wasn’t for your contagiousness I would have never met my new friend or have been inspired so greatly. Thank you from my whole heart x0x0x0

    1. I am proud that I bought a house this year & started up my first business.
    2. Start Small and Simple, Complications are lead by confusion.
    -Every project or vision should be able to be traced back to it’s most simple form.
    3. Resentment of poisonous relationships from the past.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Nicole! I’m so glad watching Marie in a coffee shop opened the door to meeting a new friend. We love that. 🙂

      Congrats on your new house and business! What an exciting year!

  81. Catherine

    such a powerful exercise!
    1) I’m really proud of having taken the decision and quitting my job after 17 years in same company. I’m proud of having worked on personal growth and started to study towards a new career and setting up my own business.
    2) From various mistakes, I learned my version of “when you see something, say something”. (for instance, I waited to long to schedule doctors/dentist appointments and then had to pay a lot of out of pocket. Or I sensed that something was not correct but came up with reasons instead of hard fact checking)
    3) I’m letting go of the story/excuse of “I’m not good enough” “I don’t have the skills” and I will focus on “I have the ability to succeed”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Catherine! We’re super proud of you for taking the leap and following your dreams. We can’t wait to see where your dreams take you in 2017 and beyond.

  82. Hello Marie,
    I love your episodes. You can speak directly to my soul.
    I am a Nurse and Aesthetic Practitioner since 4 years. I’ve started from scratch. Have accomplished few training this year. One that I am particularly proud of ( Thread Lift) and practising in the most extraordinary manners ( no use of anaesthetics where doctors will be using it).
    Other trainings I am not practising yet and I could have consider it as a mistake but I do not see it as such. Rather as always a lesson and one day something good is going to come out of it.
    Here it starts to be “funny” when you ask what am I willing to let go of for next year.
    It seems I have to let go of half of my practice in order to grow.
    As a independent practitioner I feel I am not giving it all chances to grow therefor I’ve decided I need to join other clinic. Thankfully there is somebody that is giving me a chance but I have to spend more then half of my time for them which I use to have for me and my business. Now, it shows I have to commit them more as my own.
    Am I willing to let go of I’ve been working so hard for the few past years?
    Is it a right thing to do in order to gain more?
    Love xox,

  83. Elena

    1. Prouds: Doubled income in biz with my business partner. Took dream trip to La and Joshua Treee for my 50th bday, and began building a new side business – my first very own website and online course! (Wow – cool to write it all down!)
    2. Mistakes & How to leverage: I sat for a long time on my true heart’s desire in my business. I finally spoke up this year about it. I am proud of having spoken up (back to #1!) but I think the lesson is that I want to trust my intuition more and speak up more.
    3. Story I am telling myself that I need to drop: That I am hurting my business partner by starting this side biz. That he is mad at me. I gotta stop projecting and ask. Find out! I am also telling myself a story that isn’t serving me… that I’m a “course junkie” if I sign up for another online course to help me build my online course. I know doing it will pull me forward and give me the structure and support I need. So I am dropping that not helpful self talk. I’m going to rock that new course!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How wonderful, Elena! Congrats on doubling your income, starting a new business, and having some beautiful adventures for your birthday.

  84. Tzazil

    Gracias por este regalo.
    Me hice maestra de Yoga con extensión para Yoga Kids, matroyoga y Aqua yoga. Ademas di las clases durante 4 meses.
    Me equivoqué en una inversión de miles de pesos, vendí mi caminadora y eso me mostró que no debes soltar a la ligera las cosas que tienen valor no monetario.
    Quiero soltar todos los resentimientos y la autoflagelación. Mi parte favorita Emotional Enema. Thku

  85. 1. I’m proud that I finally got brave enough to conduct my free workshops on the emotional connection to food
    2. the biggest lesson I’ve learned, saying less is more and never respond quickly, and always pray before your decide how to respond.
    3. I’m willing to let go of being frustrated, that things aren’t happening fast enough.

  86. What a great episode! I’m really inspired to answer.
    1. I got serious about my business! Spruced up my website, got the rights back to my three novels, uploaded them to amazon, and embarked upon my author-preneur career! This is a big scary step for me.
    2. Mistakes: I get distracted by so many different projects. I need to focus on writing more books, not wondering about starting a new blog to make affiliate income or open an Etsy shop to sell my crochet. This means that I didn’t get one single new book written this year. I also don’t have a new blog or an Etsy shop. Focus.
    3. I have got to start decluttering around here. It’s hard because I might need these things sometime in the future, and selling stuff at a resale shop is the worst because they only give you pennies for things you have cherished over the years. There are memories attached to all those things. But I will just have to be strong and give them away.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Saralee! I’m so glad you got the rights back to your novels. I totally hear you about #2 and feeling distracted. Marie has a whole playlist on how to focus and be more productive that I think you’ll find especially useful for this:

  87. I’m willing to let go of a stash of lockets. Ironically it rhymes with Hot Pockets – I’m gonna drop those HOT LOCKETS. I have a snap jewelry business where I customize the snaps with images and words of the year, as well as stock options with symbols, totems and natural stone/crystals. I was going to expand into customizable lockets. I bought a bunch of stock and decided that it diluted out my message too much. The stock is a thorn in my side, I try to clear it out at shows, sell it on local sites, all to no avail. I’m going to get rid of it to the highest bidder – the whole stock – to concentrate on my intentional custom jewelry. Most of my mistakes for question #2 were around staying focused and staying on track.
    My word of the year is “intention” and I intend to put it on some jewelry so I can wear that word for next year!
    I’m proud of the way this year I was able to distill my message and hone in on the products I want to sell and why.
    Thanks for the great video Marie!

  88. My three:

    1. I’m proud of the short film and music video my husband and I made this year.

    2. My biggest mistake was using resources to take a trip we really couldn’t afford for the wrong reasons (keeping up with the Joneses/fear of missing out). I learned that it wasn’t worth it and that I’d rather put those resources toward our projects.

    3. I need to drop my obsession with social media numbers and subscriber counts. My work is about connections, not counts.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly! I’m so glad you and your husband collaborated on a short film and music video together. (Funny story: I have a good friend who met her now-husband when collaborating with him on a short film and in that film they were a couple who got married. Now they’re married in real life!) 🙂

      Marie has some advice you might enjoy for your #2 and #3. Here’s an episode on jealousy: and here’s one on how to use social media so it doesn’t overwhelm your life:

  89. Melanie

    Three very good questions. One of the most important things I learned from a stressful situation was to look for a solution instead of focusing on the problem or getting caught up in the drama. One thing I’m willing to let go of is the story of my childhood.

  90. 1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of – Making the decision to quit my dead-end job and spend more time with my baby girl. I loved watching her grow over the past year, she has brought so much joy to my life.

    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned – While I am proud of being a good mom and taking care of my baby for the past year, I also made the mistake of quitting my job without having a specific financial plan in mind. My husband works full time, but he is also self-employed and income is very inconsistent especially during winter. I have realized that I have a hard time juggling projects, and being with my baby full time while trying to run a virtual business and make money to help support my family proved to be a lot more challenging and difficult that I originally expected. I need to come up with a plan and structure for next year and perhaps hire a coach to help me pave the way and provide some much-needed guidance.

    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year – That I am not good enough and that I can’t be successful.

  91. Ju

    1. Proud of:
    A year ago I was promoted into a new role and I am proud of having dominated it quickly and contributed to my colleagues.
    2. Mistakes I can learn from:
    Being impulsive, both for saying things without reflecting and also acting without thinking of my actions.
    3. Willing to let go:
    of my childhood and mother/father issues. The did the best they could…whatever happened was not on bad intention and it is not my fault either. Goodbye!


  92. Loved this episode, Marie! I’m also not a fan of long, drawn-out year-end reviews. This was perfect:

    1. Most proud of…I’m super proud of getting funding for my start-up, Shift Bars. We launch later this month!

    2. Mistakes…I learned that I need to over-prepare even in things that I’m a natural at. Case in point – my TEDx Talk. I lost my place in it because I didn’t spend enough time memorizing it. It was still an amazing experience, but I will do better next time!

    3. Letting go of…using my health as an excuse not to live fully. Instead of focusing on being 100% healthy, I’m going to be 100% me. And that is always good enough to share my gifts with the world.

    Happy New Year!

  93. Cristina

    I have new friends. I spend time with them and I feel good.
    I was wondering about my life and the answer was WORK and it took a lot of time for me to figure it out.
    I want to let go my Panic Attack year treatment and feel healed.

  94. Hi Marie.
    So I have made tree huge things that I am so proud of that I’m going to write them all down. I gave birth to my third little baby girl (who is soon 9 months old). I landed a cookbook contract with a book publisher and I got my little digital food magazine to be published by one of the biggest magazine publishers in Scandinavia so now everyone can buy my beautiful paper magazine in stores. As a bonus I did all of this without stressing out.
    Pretty amazing year right!
    I did a fiew mistakes allong the way. I kept giving some coworkers second chances after second chances even though I knew that they wouldn’t change and I should have let dem go sooner. Next year I will be more clear on things that I know ding work. So I’m buying a ticket to the NO-train ? (or rather I just bought it and I’m staying on board next year)
    So I guess that ties in to the next question. But I also need to let go of the story that I been telling myself that no matter how hard I work I will always be poor. I am willing to lett some healthy moneh in my life and I’m willing to challenge the believes that I need to work super hard to make money. I’m going to experiment with leverage and passive income next year.
    Thanks Marie fot all the great value you and your team have given me this year!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic year, Malin! Huge congrats on all your successes! 🙂

  95. Tzippi

    Success- I finally launched my online course on helping people live full out by confronting the ultimate deadline- our mortality. I was so gratified to hear how it helped bunches of people. I also traveled to 2 countries on my bucket list (India & Scotland), planned the vacations on my own, and met truly awesome people I’m still in touch with.

    Mistake- I allowed daily stuff to intervene and spaced out on being in touch with a friend who went through surgery. He forgave me, but I sure don’t want to make that mistake again!

    Let go of- feeling like I need to keep tweaking things. Sure, I can make stuff better, but sometimes good enough is more than enough and sometimes it’s just time to push things out.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on launching your online course, Tzippi! It’s so cool that you got to cross off two countries on your bucket list, too.

  96. Super episode Marie! I’ve been preparing for the New Year this past week myself! This episode gave me an amazing process to use! Not only will I use for me and my team this week..but I plan to share it with my sisters (blood and soul:) As always a great mix of personal development and spirituality….Thank you! ox

  97. Stela

    This is a great way to end the year Marie 🙂 Thank You for this episode.
    1. I am proud of myself for enrolling in to University at the age of 31 so that I am a step closer to achieving my goals and aspirations !
    2. This year I have learnt the importance of staying positive and not allowing my head get in the way.
    3. I let go of judgement towards others and myself

    Stel xx

  98. 1. I started a website!
    2. I got hung up on unavailable men (emotionally unavailable or in relationships already). I learned it’s MUCH better for me to start with single, mature people ready for relationships!
    3. I realized I HATE freelancing, so I told my freelance clients I’m not going to freelance in 2017. (Thankfully I also have a full-time job.)

  99. 1) I did trips to a quiet river bed and collected all of our firewood for the winter. Then did some reading and had a quiet time before coming home. Loved it.
    2) I learned not to charge a customer $2000 too much on an EFTPOS transaction. Ouch! That wasn’t my best day!
    3) I want to live loved, Let go of unbelief and see Gods blessing in my future.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow, #1 sounds like a dream! So glad you had such a beautiful experience, Simon.

  100. Pamela Taverner

    Marie, I LOVE this! I never set New Year resolutions but this is a great method for self-reflection, clearing out and recognizing accomplishments over the past year. I will share this with my friends! Thank you!!

  101. Dina Almonord

    Thank you Marie!

    1. Got a spot to show my artwork at an art gallery.

    2. Constantly replaying my past and the pain.

    3. Letting go procrastination and perfectionism

  102. ali

    Salam Team Marie,
    So much to learn!! I totally got spellbound with this awesome episode and went flashback to dig-up my 3 gems of year..
    1. Proud that in this year resolved many business issues and had several holidays full of treasureable moments with Family.
    2. This year enlighten many realisations about self. learnd to avoid impulsive decisions, and be more calm and centered when in chaos.
    3. Want to get rid of fakeness of ego, want be more lite-hearted thn ever.

    Feel Freshness of new year
    lots of Love

  103. 1 ) I developed and launched my own life coaching course!
    2 ) I underpriced myself and over-served others to the point of imbalance & exhaustion.
    3 ) I’m ready to let go of my self-doubt & fill that space with confidence & worthiness. 🙂

  104. Great episode, Marie! Ready to drop the old stories like a Hot Pocket…! (finally!).

    1) I did a few things I am super-proud of this year! I helped lead a team that turned out an astonishing 584,025 votes for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, PA – which is 5% more than President Obama got in 2012! People said that couldn’t be done, but as part of Hillary’s paid campaign staff in PA, WE DID IT, and had a historic victory margin there of 475,277 votes! Of course, Hillary won the popular vote – so I at least did my part. I also helped rescue my sister and her three beautiful children from a domestic violence situation and will always be thankful I was able to be there when my family needed me most. I taught in India again with my Buddhist spiritual teacher. Oops, that’s 3 things!

    2) I indulged in more “impulse spending” this year at times than I wish I had – and therefore am needing to make some extra money as I close out the year. I plan to implement better mindful money management strategies in 2017. Turns out I am pretty good at making money (although I have tons of room for growth there, too!) – and need to be more disciplined in how I manage it to keep it working for me and growing! This is a top goal for 2017.

    3) I AM READY TO FINALLY ONCE AND FOR ALL DROP THIS RIDICULOUS STORY: “I DON’T GET TO DO/HAVE WHAT I WANT…” I mean that’s ridiculous!!!! I have kept myself trapped at times in stories of my own unworthiness, even as people around me tell me I am a rock star. I am ready to just BE the rock star I know I am, and to drop all stories of unworthiness. ALL they do is make me suffer, and keep me from giving my gifts in the world at the highest level. No bueno! And NO MORE!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What an awesome year you’ve had, Lisa! I love that you’ve done so many things you’re proud of and that doing so is helping others. We’re super grateful for the important work you’re doing in the world.

  105. One thing you did this year that you’re proud of – I quit my job and started my dream business!!!! 🙂
    One mistake you made and the lesson you’ve learned – I’m not listening to my intuition enough. I’m practicing my intuition more and more and learning how to listen to it better. But I didn’t listen didn’t listen to my Intuition earlier and now I’m stuck in a rutt.
    One story you’re willing to let go of before 2017 – The story that I’m not good enough or experienced enough to start my own business.. but eek.. here I am!! 🙂

  106. Samira

    Thank you so much for this episode.

    1) I m so glad that I became the MF Insider which helped me start my book.

    2) Time management has always been my struggle. I will work on that.

    3) I am willing to let go of the thought “It has already been done before. My work is not completely original” while writing my contents for my book.

  107. Ms. Zee

    1: I am proud of taking the leap by faith and moving my family to a new church. It may sound like a simple thing, but for my family and me, we have been leaders in our prior church for over 15 years. We love our previous pastors and church family. I (we) conquered fear and our sense of “loyalty to people” in order to do that which has become a life-changing shift! It took us MANY years to do it, but we are so grateful, happy and are GROWING spiritually as a result of our move.

    2: I recognize that the biggest mistakes I’ve made were involving trusting others with my business vision. I’ve been hurt in the past by depending on others to birth that which only I can “push out”. I am learning to keep my mouth shut when my sole purpose for speaking is to get yet another person’s input, advice or “help”. No one can truly deliver a baby but the one who is carrying it!

    3: The stories that I am DETERMINED to let go of are that “I never finish what I start”, “I can’t do it because of lack of financial resources” and “I’ve tried this before and it failed”. Each of these stories FEEL like legitimate concerns, but they simply require a paradigm shift in the way I look at myself and my resourcefulness. Letting these go will likely be the hardest thing to do as it seems like they have become self-fulfilling prophesies.

    *Thank you for making me do this exercise. It was extremely helpful!
    XOXO ~ Ms. Zee

  108. I love MarieTV! Thanks for so many useful tips and insights. This is a great exercise to do:
    1. Setting up my own business and having a successful start with it already!
    2. Thinking negative only leads to more negativity! Attitude is THE key to success and to always believe in myself.
    3. Letting go of my fears and of people that don’t do me well…

  109. Hey Marie,
    Love MT – I watch every Wednesday morning in sunny Queensland, Australia.
    1. Sold a property (for a loss) but released myself for debt and said outloud that it was not a great investment – sort of large costly mistake!
    2. Learnt I don’t charge enough/value my services enough
    3. That I have to be there for everyone all of the time

  110. Isabela

    1. I am proud of taking my heartbreak for the best trip I ever made in my life, by myself, in my own terms.
    2. I made the mistake of standing still and not changing anything about my life or about myself I learned that time goes by faster than we realize and I should make the most of it and not settle.
    3. I am not particularly ready for letting this go but I’ll write it down anyway to make me look at it and start the letting go process: the idea that I am too old to change and start something new. That my life is already settled and this is what fate has reserved me. I want to believe there’s more than that.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Isabela. I know you said you’re not quite ready to let the fear of being too old go, but when you are I think you’ll really find Marie’s advice on this helpful:

  111. Ana

    1. Something I’m proud of accomplishing this year: packing my old house (harrowing!) and moving to our new one (overwhelming!)
    2. One mistake I made that I would not like to repeat: letting the construction of the new house take over my husband (the house was like a mistress!!). I had a million great excuses to avoid the process, never again will I let a new project either my husband or me undertake turn into an obssession 3. One thing I want to leave behind with 2016: all the new house related resentment between me and my husband…
    Everyone told us that if our marriage survived the construction of a new house, it could survive anything…God, spare me from what I can handle!

  112. Marie! You’re always so well timed in my life.
    Let’s see now…
    – I’m really quite proud of my photography and doll designing this year.
    – My biggest mistake was giving up the second I created a ‘design mistake’. Something happened this year, I started to shake it off, drink a cup of tea, then came back to my work. I stopped mistaking my mistakes for some giant flaw in the grand design that is my life.
    – I have already let go of childhood trauma. I am so ready to let go of adult trauma. No more excuses!

  113. Great insight!
    1) One thing I am proud of is that I presented with my principal to an educational conference on our one of a kind Yoga and Mindfulness program. I am proud that we did it and also that we ROCKED it.
    2) One mistake and lesson learned: I almost missed a fantastic opportunity because I became overwhelmed with excitment and possibility and “am I the type of person who receives this type of opportunity?”. I learned to go for it and figure out the hows and whys later.
    3) What am I willing to let go of: Self doubt and self sabotage. Over it!

  114. Giuditta

    Hey Marie,
    I love Marie Tv!
    This is my year :
    1. I discovered that I am capable of doing things that I had never imagined in my life, like building wood furniture for our new house by my self. I love the process : I have an idea and then little by little I create something beautiful and useful. Three months ago I did not even know what Home Depot was!
    2. I recently realise that I have been judgemental in the past. Thanks to the yoga practice I am more emphathetic towards others now.
    3. I am willing to let go the story of ” It’s gonna be a disaster, no one will be interested in doing this, people will look at me as I was crazy”. I wonder how many things I would have do in the past and in the present If I wasn’t scared of the reaction of the people around me.

  115. This is so cool. Made me feel relieved and happy when I put this down on paper and actually thought of the stuff I accomplished :
    1) I am really proud of the fact that I have gone out of my way to help more people in 2016 than I have done before. I look for where I can help, while also doing my job instead of consuming myself in my work.
    2) I have lost control when I am frustrated (big mistake) as I have regretted it, so I have read books to manage this
    3) I have let go of clutter, painted the house after 25 years, got rid of dated stuff and stuff I do not need and it feels great….this project is ongoing for 2017 and it has felt good to give away things that have helped others.

  116. This was really useful, thanks Marie and team!
    I’ts funny, December is my Rumi month – I always pick a poet, writer or someone else of great wisdom to guide me through each month: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi (sound advice)
    1. I am really proud of my resourcefulness this year and of learning to ask for help when I need it and to set better boundaries. This has helped me to make some major changes in the jobs I say yes to and those I don’t.
    2. The biggest lesson I have learned this year is that I must batch my work! I need to be more organized if I want to achieve all the things I want to – I am still working on this, but slowly getting better.
    3. There are three things I am really ready to let go of: a. Feeling guilty about charging adequately for my time and expertise because I do something I enjoy for a living. b. Constantly needing the approval of others. c. fear of dying; 2015 and the first part of 2016 were spent receiving treatment for cancer which was successful (yay!) but the constant contact with mortality and meeting so many who didn’t make it during that time has left it’s mark and it is really only in the last couple of months that I have felt able to make long term commitments – I am so ready to let go of this fear and build a beautiful future.
    Wishing you all a peaceful festive season and wonderful 2017!

  117. Christallin Johnson

    I was given a great job, got a promotion, and saved the money to afford an apartment. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I was starting from ground zero. I set this goal for 2016 and prayed unceasingly, and God has answered my prayer. Thank you, Jesus.

  118. Thank you, Marie! You’ve helped give me more focus and clarity as I approach the new year. So, here’s the big 3…

    1. I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and launched my Health Coaching Business! I expanded my yoga teaching and completed a Yin/Yang and Therapeutic Yoga teacher training. I started a blog. I got married. I had my best financial earnings this November!

    2. Gosh I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my relationship. I’ve learned I need to listen more, talk and react less.

    3. I am willing to let go of my anger, resentment, hurt, expectations and dreams towards my best friend of 20 years. I am willing to let go of the story that I struggle with depressive symptoms. I have overcome!

  119. OMGEEE Marie! This is soo good 🙂
    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of
    I worked with a life coach for 3 months on something I would like to call my Soul Evolution day. That’s the day I asked for a 15% raise and got it! Woohoo. Not only am I going to make more money but it was also a confidence booster like no other.

    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    I still haven’t learned to unapologetically say no and it has caused me a lot of money this year. Next year this is something I will be working on more seriously

    What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    That I don’t have time or money for my own personal needs. From a spa day, to girls night out or dating. I am a full time single parent of a teen and pre teen, full time student while building my own business with a demanding full time career. Yes I might not have any extra time laying around but I need to start carving it out forcefully because if I don’t, I promise I might lose it. The whole year I’ve been telling myself I don’t have time for me “right now” but I can no longer wait for the future to make time for me.

    I can feel it in my bones that 2017 is going to be an incredible year of fun and growth for me. Thank you Marie for your video’s and everything you do…you inspire me daily <3

  120. Thank you for 3 simply powerful self- reflection to become a better person to do only good deeds to anybody, in anydays, at anywhere.
    Thanks to God that even out of my 2016 resolution list, the 21 books are been my companion in 2016 but one important action that not able consistently doing it, is writing my journal and publish my second series of “photobook”
    and for 2017 I will let go the word “I want”

  121. Christine

    Fabulous episode!

    1. Attended an incredible personal development weekend retreat. Connected with an amazing group of individuals.
    2. Getting defensive with certain family members. Have learned to react less and breathe into the moment of discomfort. Releasing the expectations that I have on another person’s growth.
    3. Letting go of fear which can paralyze my thoughts and take me away from the present moment!

  122. 1. I left a stressful job; I made a series of paper portrait illustrations and put them on display–one of my originals sold and I sold some smaller items from my product line (art by Leneé); I became a photographer for a company I wanted to get into…overall I just wanted to be a full time photographer and collage artist!

    2. Money came and went too fast! I have to do better planning and budgeting… and just stop discounting my time and talent!

    3. Discounted mini sessions (20-30 min photo shoots) for my photography business Leneé Freeman Photography, LLC is going away! It’s not profitable and most people don’t show up for their sessions… or cry they can’t afford it! Just for the holiday season I’m using it as a gateway to book a full priced session.

  123. Marie,

    im loving all the direction you are giving. B-school was one of the best things ive done!!!! I completed it for my health coaching business and now doing it again for my organic cafe.

    This episode is sooo timely!!

    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of
    – being listed by Singapore Business Review within the 10 top most influential in Health & Wellness under 40
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    – not outsourcing to save time
    What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    – the impact setting up my own business has had on my personal time this year

  124. Friend,
    I am glad to appreciate all the information,…really amazing to inspire anybody.
    The works, by your team is Rich & Beautiful !…which I sometimes go through.

    Heartfelt Regards,
    Pandurang Patil

  125. This year has been a little bit of a roller coaster ride of both good and challenging times. All of which I have learned from.

    1) I’m proud of my dedication over the past year in both my business and course that I’m taking part time. My business is currently in a transition mode and I’m facing my fears and taking steps to move forward and create a new entity to my business.

    2) One mistake and lesson I have learned is spending money quickly without researching extensively especially when investing in my business.

    3) The one thing that I want to leave behind in 2016 is a relationship that is not serving me positively. I have given my 100% however I feel that he did not give his 100%. I eventually felt myself breaking down mentally and physically. I’m a very loving and caring person and do not want to hurt him so following through has been challenging. I feel that with the new year I need this fresh start.

  126. doa

    where i should write a Question for Marie to answer it in her episode?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi, Doa! There’s a link to submit questions on this page: You’ll find it under the “Got a burning question?” heading. If you have any trouble write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to help.

  127. Not being able to decide THE one thing for questions 1&2, I wrote two for each since tied up:-) together.

    1- What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of
    To publish my 2nd book in August and to sell enough to raise money for the SOS e-stress Foundation created in 2015. This money permits me to complete a 8 week-program to help a group of women in need of direction to shine their light.

    2- What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    That to think small offers small results. To try to do everything on my own prevented me to do what I am here for, i.e. to offer my expertise. Once I modified my perception, I received help and was able to touch the life of many instead of a few.

    3- What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    The habit of choosing drama over joy. Even when people’s reaction to what they might consider a “bad news”, as an example, I still have the choice to step on the path of joy. By doing so I am in a better position to be inspired to find ways to transform the initially perceived “bad news” as an opportunity to grow.

    Thanks Marie and team for this great episode!

    • Marie Z

      Yes! Choose joy!

  128. Really LOVE this video. Thank you Marie.
    SO –
    1) I’m most proud of my story telling in a woman’s group. Ten women, 5 performances on the central coast of California last Spring. In my story I publically claimed myself as the Crone of the group – (oldest by a decade..64) shared my desire to live fully, my disappointments, my dreams – and received standing ovations every performance! I also let my hair go silver during this time. So….
    2) Having always been an entrepreneur and struggled hard in a “man’s world” my entire professional life, I regret not having cultivated more women friends in my younger days. Well – no more! Women are the best!
    3) I am SO willing to let go of being too old (says the woman learning how to rock Instagram for her business) and I’ve remodeled my (being born right now!! Yay!!) dream project to something more manageable – because it’s also more nurturing and allows for friendships to thrive… and me… and therefore my work. Since heart is everything.

    Thank you for allowing me to share. I hope this helps my younger sisters who think they are too old at 40 (or 50).
    ❤️ Marie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Marie! Congrats on your performances with your storytelling group! We believe you’re never too old to do what you love. 🙂

  129. Susan Thompson

    Thank for this fabulous idea.
    1 went back to school and aced my classes (at 53). Yep, I’m pretty proud of it.
    2 my first semester back I enrolled full time and completely stressed myself out. I learned that I don’t do well if I don’t have a good balance in my life including work, family, fun, relaxation, as well as self-improvement. I continue taking classes full time but I don’t let my studies consume me, C’s will make degrees…..BUT I still made A’s!!
    3 I am letting go of my fears of failure, success, rejection, abandonment, of my need to be perfect, & of anyone that won’t accept me just as I am.

  130. Lynn Cook

    1. one thing I’m proud of:
    putting on a show of the artwork I’ve made over the last couple of months: inviting people, reaching out to people, reminding people, asking my partner for help, hanging the work, welcoming people to the show and having a great time.

    2. one mistake and what I’ve learned from it:
    this year I’ve taken on a series of jobs where people have said “Lynn, you’re perfect for this!” but things have not turned out so well. I’ve learned to be much more straight forward about who I am, and what I want to achieve. Not to mould myself to other people’s expectations, instead be prepared to have the difficult but rewarding conversations that straighten out misconceptions and move things forward.

    3. one story I’m willing to let go of before New Year:
    that I’m a “helper”, that I defer to what other people want to get stuff done for them. This is especially around the renovation of our house which has been dragging on because I’ve been putting off having the hard conversations with my partner about OUR priorities to do with finishing the work.

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for a wonderful year of inspiration!


  131. HI Marie,
    Thank you for a great video!! I wasn’t going to comment until the last question came up and then– it struck me.
    1. Been with a really great guy this year and got to live on two continents.
    2. I was not wise with my money and sometimes decisions involving finances.
    3. Pursuing a career in Fashion- the way I have been for a millionth year. Not relevant and not serving me or anyone. WHOOOOSH!!

    Have a great Holiday and New Years- thanks for the tips.
    Bring on 2017

  132. Lisa

    Great video, so funny and quirky with great ideas 🙂
    My 3 –
    1. I am proud to say I have risen from the ashes this year after a very tough start – and I have truly become a positive, more conscious, more empowered individual.
    2. With the best intentions, I needlessly pushed myself to attend a group of ‘friends’ for far too long and didn’t listen to my intuition – that was my mistake
    3. I am willing to let go of the story that “I always leave things to the last minute/I’m not very organised/I love the excitement of last minute preparation”. I am now detaching from the drama and actually sorting myself out – who needs the stress??!
    Thanks Marie & Team – love your work


  133. Marie! You’re doing it again, being awesome. It’s why I tune in every week. So here goes:
    1. Something I’m super-proud of myself for: finding my voice and using it. No longer sitting idly by and not speaking up when things are not right because I’m worried about the backlash from people I may or may not know. And taking action on that voice for issues that I need to be involved with, especially since the election.
    2. A mistake I made: put myself into a living situation that completely drained my and sucked my energy out. It was tough, and with friends, and at this point I have let go of the relationships because they were draining me so much due to ridiculous expectations. I stood up for myself and said enough. I’ve learned I need my home to be a very peaceful place, a sanctuary.
    3. What story am I willing to let go of right now? That I don’t know how to get to where I intend to go. I know exactly how to get there and have been acting like I don’t because I have let fear and uncertainty creep in and started to live my life too small. It’s time to grow big again.
    Thank you so much for always providing relevant, amazing content that hits the mark. You da’ best!
    Jenna Amundson

  134. I loved this episode! I don’t normally do a year in review, but I worked really hard this year and I can honestly I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

    1. The one thing that I’m proud of is that I finally launched my hand lettering business The Type Project. I’ve been wanting to create stationery for years now, to sell something cause-related greeting cards. Finally, I plunged heart-first to make this dream a reality, selling online and at design markets. And I realised that my vision was two-fold, not just to donate a portion of sales to charitable causes, but also to spread happiness and optimism through positive and empowering words – the main feature of my lettering artwork.

    2. The one mistake I made was being too nice, and putting myself in a position where I wanted to say no but I didn’t have the heart and I was afraid of the fall out. Confrontation is definitely not my thing, and to this day I still haven’t confronted the situation, instead I’m sticking my head in the sand.

    3. I’m willing to let go of the idea that your career defines you, or that there’s only one path you can follow. It’s been a slow build-up, but I’m taking Marie’s advice on following multi-passions. In addition to my corporate day job (that I want to ease out of), I’m exchanging my time for things I actually love doing, like my lettering business, pet-sitting, and I’m even brainstorming to start a doggy daycare with a friend. And who thought that lettering and doggy daycare could go together?

    Thanks for this year Marie. Great food for thought as usual!

  135. Thank you, Marie for sharing your 3 questions and inspiring me to think about the past year…. It’s weird, but I hate year reviews and new year goals 😀 No idea why! However, I liked the way you do it! It’s really fun and doesn’t put any pressure on me to require even MORE of myself in the next year.

    So, the review took about a page, but I’m only going to share a few points to keep myself accountable:

    1. I FINALLY did a pivot coaching program for newbie sellers. It was one of the most fun things I did this year, plus t helped 3 amazing creativepreneurs start their handmade business through Etsy, and they’re rocking it!
    2. I learned that I should NEVER ever take ANY side when it comes to my in-laws. In fact, there is one side I should take–my husband’s and that’s that. Even when I think someone is right or wrong, I should just keep my mouth shut.
    3. There’s a story I’ve been telling myself: I can’ succeed because I’m far away from everything that’s going on. Meaning that all successful people in the digital space seem to be in the U.S. and I’m just a Bulgarian girl living in Turkey. My time zone is wrong, my accent is wrong and yeah… get the point. It will take some time and some meditation to let go of this story and believe in myself but I think I’m off to a good start.

    Thank you for reading!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Antoniya! It’s wonderful to hear you joined the coaching program for Etsy sellers.

      The beautiful thing about online business is that the world is your marketplace. I’m so glad you’re letting go of the story that you have to be in the US because you don’t. You’re in the perfect place for you! 🙂

  136. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of? Relocating to Southern California

    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned? Moving to Hawaii to be with my then boyfriend who didn’t like living in LA. For some crazy reason I thought I could make my career in the entertainment work from Maui. Lesson learnt – never sabotage my own career to make others happy.

    What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year? Don’t settle for less than I deserve.

  137. Hi Marie!

    such a powerful episode! Thanks so much for this huge input!
    1. I launched my online business in november ( and that is all because of your outstanding B-School I mad in 2015! Thank you so much for every loving advise, every helpful episode and just for being you! You are the reason I had the guts to start my own business and therefore I’m eternally grateful to you!
    2. Be so stressed out and can’t get a sleep, because I overthink stuff that it’s not worth it.
    All need’s time and being stressed out just kill myself! Accept the fact that a day has just 24 hours, that I’m a mother of 3, that I have a job next to biteaway and that there is no overnight success!
    All this crazy stuff of self destruction was part of the hole year! And that will get me to point 3.
    3. let go of all the negativ self talking and self destruction
    give myself more time to grow with my business

    Marie and the whole Team, thank you so much for everything!
    Nora from cold zurich

  138. Hello Marie,
    I am An from Belgium. I started my own (sales coaching& training) business 4 years ago at the age of 50 and this is what I wrote:
    1. I finished some amazing projects this year whith real positive impact on company’s climate and sales results. The best comment from one of my clients is that I brought the “top and bottom” people closer to each other. Nice!
    2. I should really be more patient with people and give them more time! Also myself:).
    3. I should stop thinking that I’m not good enough and stress myself at the beginning of each new project:)
    Thank you for your inspiring video messages!

  139. 1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of
    I finally launched my own business: Creative Pickles, together with 2 colleagues.

    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    Don’t wait for it to be perfect. Just launch already! 🙂

    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    Still working on this…I have quite some baggage that I carried around for too long.

  140. Hi Marie,

    Thanks once again for a wonderful video. I always feel good and pick my mistakes up fast when I write things down.
    Here are mine…….
    1) I’m proud of what I have achieved this year. This is my first year that I have create a full funnel and have started to build my list.
    2) In the being of year use to jump from one course to the next one and in my personal life I have had lots of up and down with close relations.
    3) From now on going to think positively, stick with what I am doing and start makeing some money to fulfill my life time dream of paying for eye operation in third age counties for people who can’t afford.


  141. Great video! I shared, shared, shared!

    This year I’m proud of the fact that I published two books and faced my fears of doing radio interviews, YouTube videos and standing up for myself and being a little…aggressive.

    My mistakes would be probably doubting myself or assuming people are judging me, rather than just doing my thing and not worrying.

    Which also leads into what I want to get rid of; allowing what others think of me to hold me back. Not that I was overly analytical on the subject but if I do an interview or tape a video, there’s always a part of me pinpointing what I think others will attack. I have to let that go and say ‘F*ck ’em’. Chances are if they are attacking me, it reflects more on themselves and what they feel lacks in their own lives (or to take attention away from what lacks in their lives)

    Thanks Marie – happy holidays to you and your staff!

  142. Thanks

    1: Proud of: my house renovation
    2: lack of claritiy, focus, strategy and massive action on my business. The lesson is that this is serious and deserves all the ingredients I have missed
    3: stop feeling I need to fit, in any freaking area business, health, love, whatever.

  143. Thank you!
    1-Driving! finally! (I’m 30 freaking 7 years old, had my license forever but never really used it until this year) I feel so proud (and happy and free!)
    2- I didn’t see certain things coming at work and at the time I really freaked out. In retrospect: I learnt and it didn’t kill me (yay!)
    3- I keep trying to make a relationship “perfect”. I’m letting go of unrealistic expectations.

  144. julia

    1* Posted a comment on your website!

  145. Good stuff Marie.
    #1 Proud to have published my first e-guidebook and all the new connections that have come from that.
    #2 Biggest mistake is probably around finances, but I have taken charge in the last few months and on a path to clear things up and have more stable income in 2017.
    #3 Really working hard to let go of waiting around for people/becoming upset when favours are not returned. I consider myself to be a very helpful, connector-type and sometimes feel unappreciated for my efforts. I am working hard to bring my mind back to healthier thoughts… as in good things will come around, just not in the way/from the people I have expectations around.
    Happy Hols everyone! xo

  146. Veronica

    Hey Team Marie. This was a good eye opener.
    1. This year I’ve accomplished a lot even though I have spent most of my time on recovery. I´ve taken action on my dream of writing, and took a online course. I sent my first manuscript to various publishing houses. I have saved money for the first time in my life. And I’ve spent a lot of quality time with the family. I have worked on my self-esteem and self-confidence, and reached a new level of self-love.
    2. I do not remember any big mistakes, other than that I just sent the manuscript to only one publisher, who never could give me an answer.
    3. I shall let go of the people who`s energy and actions do me no good. (like deleting them from snapchat 😛 ).
    Thank you for opening my eyes trough all of 2016 :*

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve had an amazing year, Veronica! We’re so happy for you and hope that 2017 is even better.

  147. andrea grimaldi

    1. I graduated from Computer Engineering School!
    2. I delayed my studies and good things for me out of fear and out of other’s pain and diseases. If I’m ok, I’m in a better position to help others and I wasn’t living according to that.
    3. I’m letting go of my fear of my family disapproving me. I gotta do what I know feels good for me, even if they don’t like it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on graduating, Andrea! You have such a big heart and while that’s definitely a good thing, I’m really glad you’re living for *you* and following your dreams. 🙂

  148. Diana Rangel

    This is that kick-in-the-rear-end kind of thing I needed. #3 hit me pretty hard because it required a bit of soul searching right through my heart. That hurt! But what a breakthrough. You can’t move forward comfortably if you’re still lugging around baggage from the past. Thank you!
    Your newest fan!

  149. Always love your content!

    I’m most proud that I left my NP job (I worked for 15 1/2 years as a nurse practitioner) and took a leap of faith and worked solely on my functional nutrition/coaching business…

    My only real mistake is that I didn’t realize how much easier this transition would be for me and my family…I had held off for years bc of the ego component and all the years of education that I had gone through to attain my job….spending time with my kids/husband in a less stressed state has been so beneficial for all of us. I’m happy making less money (of course, I want that to change) and I wish I had realized that 5 years ago as my kiddos won’t be young forever!

  150. Hey Marie! Thanks so much for this. As I have been pondering these questions I have had some emotions come up about a hope that I have been holding on to for many years. Do we need to let our hopes go that seem to cause us sadness over them not coming to fruition? You see, I lived in France for a little while as a young adult and it really became a time I hold very dear in my heart. Not just the place but the people I love that are there. I have for years and years always had in my mind that I would return but then life happened. I have three little ones now and a husband with a demanding job. Every year goes by and my hope of making it over to France doesn’t happen. What do we do with those hopes? I am stuck between the let it go, it’s never going to happen and the don’t give up on your dreams! Thank you for providing me with an outlet for this question!

  151. lizzy

    I LOVE the quote from Rumi! I’m going to let that be my mantra going into the new year. Thanks again, Marie!

  152. Thank you Marie for this little exercise…you’ve got my wheels turning!! You’ll see a theme emerge here in my responses…

    1. The biggest thing I’m proud of this year is that in February I went back to work as a kickboxing instructor after 16 years of being a stay-at-home mom! What I’m most proud of though is that I have stayed committed to it, hung in there when I was ready to quit, missed soccer games and school events and dinners with my family because I had to work and know for a fact that I am a highly valued member of the team despite being old enough to be everyone else’s mother : P

    2. My biggest mistake this year was allowing my whole life to be overrun by my new job….sidelining both my personal fitness routine, particularly my yoga practice, and my health coaching biz — I know they’re excuses but in my defense I was extremely sore for half the year and my schedule was so erratic that it was seemingly impossible to commit time to biz development let alone regular sessions with clients…which leads me to…

    3. I’m letting go of the story that my kickboxing job is keeping me too busy to focus on myself and my biz !!! (Which is legit now that I have settled into the schedule I wanted all year and have begun really honoring some boundaries that I have set for my days off!) AND even bigger than that…I’m ready to let go of being a procrastinator!!! For as long as I can remember I’ve identified myself as a Class A procrastinator and quite frankly I’m tired of not getting s**t done!!! I’m not going to be sitting here at this time next year thinking about all of the things I wish I had gotten to to set myself up for the year ahead…next year I’M A DOER!!!!

    Thanks again Marie ?

  153. Girl, Why do you not have a show on TV? Get on that next year. You can do it! (I know, I’m a TV producer!) Ok- to the biz-
    1) Started coaching business, produced a web series and launched & hit the 30,000 download mark on my podcast, “Women with Balls…in the Air.”
    2) I screwed up a contract with one of my clients. I need to be crystal clear at all times with all clients and have everything in writing.
    3) I took my own advice and put my best foot forward and dropped 23 lbs!
    Marie!!! Thanks for making me do this- I just realized – Ah- Ha! I had a great year!! xoxo

  154. Eejee

    Oh wow!
    That’s loaded!
    Let’s dive…
    1) my first thought went to the fact that I actually broke even at the art show this year BUT now that I wrote it down, it is not that. Sales comes and goes with no rhyme nor reason in art. You could be putting all you heart in it and no one buys…let go, about to send things in a loraas and suddenly that very thing you decided to prune out has a ring. So I am not responsible of my sales. I’m responsible to show up! I’m responsible to make it happen in spite of the blows. That’s what I’m proud of 2016: I did not let others people talk me out of showing up. And believe me, it’s not something I would have accomplished even a years ago. I showed up at many things I was told I shouldn’t, I will fail. Kept chin and hope up.
    2) mistakes: opening up too much. That one is a hard one for me. I’m naturally inclined to be transparent and happy when I can… but this year I finally clued in that you can still be honest and loving and caring without showing all the dings and crack in the armour. I have suddenly clued in that I might be safe and respectful, but not everyone is and the cause of some people abusing me is just because I gave them the keys to do so myself… they knew where to hurt and put me at the place they wanted me to be (some just for fun) because I volunteered the information myself! Now, it’s not done yet… I can’t be Sleeping beauty in January 2016 and suddenly be Emilia Earhart the year after. I got 40 years of “be a nice girl” pattern to un-learn. It will all depend on points 3 next year
    3) stop wanting to please, be understood and love by “everyone” … I already tried for that long and folded myself in all ways I could to make it works and all I gained is controlling party pants liking being with me because I’m so malleable, when they need a stress ball they come and I accept their sh with a lovely smile and even apologize for nothing I’ve done. And I mean when someone make you apologize because it snows… and you do, you feel guilty it snowed as if you could have made it not snow… and are willing to do anything to fix the wrong the fact it snowed had on the person that just told you it was your fault… man… it can get pretty batsh… crazy! Shouldn’t even have to justify by saying: it’s not my fault! Because then the person gets out the stop blaming others thing. All they want is an argument and lord over someone because they need to feel they have power on at least one person… besides, if I really was responsible for snowfalls… they should not be coming to me, they should be scared. If you got the conundrum of the situation…
    Merry whatever you celebrate!
    Cheers for a better 2017 to all…

  155. Justyna

    My three:
    1) start selling my won cosmetics (espacially crema and peelings),
    2) end painfull relationships,
    3) give up thinking that i will never find partner ideał for me.
    Very short, but powerful i hope 🙂

  156. 1)I am proud that I could be with my daughter, during her first days after the delivery of our first grandchild, and to be there for about 10 days later, without my husband presence.
    2)I am really sorry that I allowed my inner child to be so needy for fun that I did something that hurt me badly. Besides learning to honor my inner child’s need for fun, I learned how to exercise on my own, using plastic bottles filled with sand, as weights.
    3)I am letting go of beating myself up, and then forgiving myself for not sticking to my healthy diet. I understand now that my desire to be healthy is greater than those moments when a craving overwhelms me, because I now know that I can adjust my meals accordingly after caving in to a prohibited food.
    PS I like the color of your lipstick, Marie. The cool colors become you, in my opinon. 🙂

    • Joanne Grace Larkins

      Ooops, my husband’s presence. I do like my grammar correct. 🙂

  157. ~Proud of….getting my website and mindset to a place that I’m quite happy with
    ~Learned to shield myself from the emotions of others and not take them on myself! Being so empathic is exhausting!
    ~Let go of “friends” who were toxic and who I could no longer keep giving advice to.

    Here’s to 2017!!

  158. This is an amazing ritual and I am, for sure, going to do it every December! Thank you so much Marie for this awesome method of self-evaluation.
    For #1- my list is long! I lost 19 lbs and am back at my pre-baby size (20 years later, hehe)
    I also coached my first client to lose 95 lbs in 8 months so far! I completed my wellness coaching certification after having purchased the course some 4 years ago. I am eating 85% whole foods/vegetarian and have eliminated toxic products from my personal care routine. I’ve put myself out there making videos for my new coaching business. And I’ve accomplished some small physical fitness feats (was NOT a physically active person before). There is still more to add to this list, but its so much more than the other two to follow. I had am amazing year! (not to brag, I have amazed myself) I’d love to post about this in my wellness website with all credit to Marie Forleo and a link to this post if I may. Thank you again so much for helping me see I deserve a pat on the back this year. Onward and upwards next year! xoxo

  159. Hi Marie, after a while I jump on your Marie TV again! Glad I did it!
    Was actually missing it but you know how it goes… stress, stress and more stress…
    Than I said to myself, for Marie TV I am going to make the time! 🙂

    Thank you so much for your 3 questions!
    1) What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of:
    I unsubscribed from so many things and lists, so now I get way less distracted and more focused.
    2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned:
    I purchased at least 2 programs that I not used yet. Learned how to skip pitches effortlessly (no watching videos, no reading sales letters). Improved Self-Discipline.
    3) What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year:
    I am to old this is not truth. I am as old as I feel! They say: Sixties are New Forties (if I spelled it right). 🙂

    Love & Peace to All of You!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you’re here, Vera.

  160. John

    OK here goes:

    1) I biked to work almost everyday (maybe half the days?) this year (18 miles round trip), and I lifted at the gym at least 3 days a week. I lost a lot of fat and gained muscle and feel great!

    2) One mistake I made was trying to intellectualize myself out of emotional problems. The last novel I read had a passage that included, “the brain is not a salve for the heart” (or something like that), and I definitely put too much blame on myself for things that weren’t in my control, and I tried to over-think my way into ultimate control over those things to immunize myself from failure. But it totally backfired–the pressure I put on myself was paralyzing, and I lost a LOT of productivity because of it.

    3) The thing this year that I am letting go is the belief that my poor performance in my undergraduate education has no recourse. I can and will enroll in classes, even if it’s one at a time, at night after work, and I can produce coursework that I am proud of and that will bolster my education portfolio.

  161. Jennifer

    1. Something I am proud of for 2016. I graduated college!! It took me 6 years to get my Bachelor’s degree and I finally did it!

    2. One mistake I learned from is taking things personally when someone is not doing what they need to do to succeed. I realized that it is not my fault that they are struggling and that I shouldn’t take it personally if they decide to stop trying.

    3. Something I want to look go of is excuses that prevent me from accomplishing my goals. No more!

  162. 1) I’m proud that I worked for myself in my Photography business the majority of this year full time. I’m also proud, however, to land a new job (full-time) and still run my business. I also graduated with my Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership!

    2) I partly feel like it was a mistake jumping back into a corporate job, however, I also take it as a great opportunity and a push to keep building my businesses so I can eventually just focus on my passions!

    3)That I am behind or wasn’t good enough. There are many things on my to do list that I haven’t gotten to since the beginning of the year, which makes me feel disappointed when I keep looking at them. I’m ready to let that disappointment go, make a new list (and take some off!) and move on to a new and brighter year!

  163. Thank you for keeping it short and sweet!
    1. I found my calling to make fused glass art and jewelry and have begun building my business. I put myself out there and sold glass!! And all this while living and thriving with chronic pain and fatigue!!!
    2. I wish I had been more careful about how much money I’ve spent getting this new venture up and running. Then I wouldn’t feel so under the gun to make money quickly.
    3. I’m letting go of the crazy store that I’m not good with money and I’m behind and should already know everything already!!! That’s all so crazy and doesn’t serve me in any way!!! Enjoy the ride and learning as I go!!!
    Thank you!!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Here’s to more of us letting go and enjoying the ride, Elsie!

  164. Thanks Marie for another awesome episode. You seem to always know exactly what topic I need hear and learn from. Hmmmmmm… how do you do that? 🙂
    Ok, here goes:
    This year I am proud of the fact that I hosted a 3 day wellness event at a Four Seasons, Presented at Wanderlust, was invited to teach and train (I am a personal trainer) at Rancho la Puerta (world’s #1 destination spa), and produced incredibly successful fitness retreats through my company, Sweat Play Live. Inspired by your vlog about scars, I also finally finished my “story” – “Scar, A Love Story” – that was noticed by Shape Magazine and re-published by them. WOW – I actually did do some cool stuff this year!

    My big lesson this year, is that while running around training all over the world, I did not pay close enough attention to my relationship with my husband. We both learned to communicate better with one another. HUGE.

    I am willing to get rid of my (small) guilt for taking the road less traveled – living a very different kind of life than my family had wanted for me.

    • Janelle

      Can I inquire on how you began running your retreats? Or what is your story of being invited to train at the resort? Congratulations by the way! I will be checking out your site!

      • Hi Janelle –
        Yes, please check out and we can connect from there! Xo

  165. Excellent episode, Marie & Company!! Brilliant way to cut to the essence of a year-end wrap-up. Thank you!
    1) I’m proud of “Project DIALOGUE”–a program and exhibition idea that I brought to fruition (by collaborating with partners!), where artists from the Washington, DC community collaborated with the artists of Studio In-Sight, men and women who are living with mental health disorders. DIALOGUE is the story of creative collaboration, risk-taking, growth and finding common ground. After a summer of presentations by professional artists in the community, the Studio In-Sight artists created works in response to the presentations. “DIALOGUE: A Visual Conversation” is an exhibition of the works from this unusual collaboration, at the Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum, in Bethesda, MD through January 4. It has been a total thrill to see the arts in action–transforming lives in positive ways!!
    2) I did a super crappy job on the ‘self care’ front the second half of the year. It has been an amazing year of creative opportunities (my first project grant, wonderful exhibition and critique opportunities, taking on board co-chair for a DC gallery), –but I didn’t know where to draw the line when other people dropped the ball. I took too much on and cheated myself of the time I need to practice yoga and make art. Whenever I go down this path I get to a point where I quickly spiral down and lose all perspective. I’m determined to take better care of myself going forward!
    3) After giving a mediocre television interview on Monday (due to serious burnout), I’m letting go of the story that I don’t have anything valuable to contribute (and that’s being polite). It was one moment in time. What really counts is my commitment to making a positive difference through my art and through connecting with others in meaningful ways.
    THANK YOU–this was a gift!!! x

  166. Jesse

    I’ve been on a MarieTV binge! truly love the info you provide. Sweet success is while I binge I’m on the treadmill so double win 🙂
    1) I have really gotten over myself, my fear of “what will people think of me”. This was difficult. Once I decided I would have to just do it and not worry about what everyone thought, I realized how much support I received from so many different people. Amazing. They had so much more faith in me then I did in myself. So, I got over myself and I invested in myself. I attended training after training and started implementing them. Slowly, but surely I am seeing results.
    2.What’s one mistake I made and the lesson I learned – make a list and check it twice. Even with common tasks, it is important to keep notes on everything I do so I can not only make sure I am doing them ALL and doing them all properly but also learn from what does and doesn’t work well.
    3.What’s one story I’m willing to let go of before the New Year – I’m not going to succeed. Letting it go, because, I am already progressing and I will succeed.

  167. Janelle

    What great questions to ask oneself

    1. This past year I am really proud of all the traveling I did. I took to the road, marked a ton of places off that were on my bucket list… plus several that were not and I happen to manifest up. I solo traveled, went on girls adventure with some friends, road tripped through the U.S, did my first business trip… to Columbia, visited long lost friends and had romantic getaways with my love. A lot of traveling and I loved it.

    2. One mistake I made this past year was not taking a bigger leap with a career avenue. I have been too afraid to start something particular because of insurcuites of not thinking I’m good enough.

    3. Something I’m letting go of… thinking I’m not good enough! Reminding myself I may not be the best at all of something, but what I offer the world is good, and there are people that have told me so.. I can let go of not believing I’m good enough.

  168. One thing that I did this year that i am really proud of is moving away from my mom. I have a very toxic relationship with her that i have felt was holding me back from achieving my goals. It was a very hard decision but it opened a lot of opportunities for growth in my life and I don’t regret it. I am now independent, I finally am writing regularly, met a lot of friends and on my way to launching my own business. I never knew I could do it on my own but thankfully I just have to get past that emotional turmoil and I found myself.

    One mistake that I did was being crippled by fear. Now that i look back from everything that happened this year, I realize that horrible things were happening because i was doing things from a place of fear, and not of love. I was afraid of things that didn’t even happen. I was paralyzed by my mountain of fears. The lesson I’ve learned here is you just have to quit the overthinking process of everything and just engage and act. Action led me to this exhilarating experience and state of being. I just needed to get out of my head. Everything fell into place after that moment of awareness.

    One thing that I have to let go of is my lack mentality. I wasn’t getting anywhere financially because the mindset that I grew into was a traditional work like a dog and you’ll get a high paycheck. I always thought that opportunities were scarce and that there wasn’t enough for everyone. I have to let go of my fear of scarcity and just go to that place of abundance.

  169. Anne-Lie

    Thank you for a great episode! I really need to get more thoughts on paper, so they don´t just roam around in my head and cause kaos =D
    -This year I´m proud of giving birth to my daughter, investing both time and money in myself, and that I´m getting better at letting other people know how I feel and what I want.
    -Getting upset with things and people that I can´t do anything about
    -I will try to let go of fear!
    Thank´s again =)

  170. I loved these 3 questions!
    1. I became a Professional Coach!
    2. I learned the power that I have by being authentically me!
    3. I let go of some “friendships” that I was putting energy into which was not being reciprocated!

  171. bamys

    Great Episode, just done it on this solemnity day.

    1 – I am proud to open myself more to people, show my vulnerability
    2- The mistake that I did this year was to silent my intuition (i did not get of when i sens that the situation or a person was odd) … The leverage, be more in synch and listen more to my intuition
    3 – I am willing to let go of what I thought my ideal life was supposed to be and the country i lived in

  172. Hello Marie,
    What a great subject! Love it!
    1) I finally published years long project – my website, even if its not 100% finished. It is a working process, but having it out there pushes me to try to finish it faster.
    2) I made a mistake by letting go the control of my business and not following up properly on the actions of the manager.
    3) Letting go of unnecessary anger and stress. Learning that things will work out eventually!

    Thank you for your awesome videos! Keep them coming 🙂

  173. Omeri

    I am proud of making myself a better professional. Improving in my skill-set to carry out work for customers.
    I made a mistake of withholding a client’s money I was supposed to give to him, this made my do free jobs for him and put me in a place of integrity issue.
    I have to let go of being afraid to bill a client/customer, an appropriate amount and to let them know their bill before starting a job for them because you feel you have to hold them.

  174. 1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of
    My exhibit for this year.

    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    I was very careless filling in a content plan. The client didn’t let it go, and I paid for it with six gruelling months of my life. Lesson Learned: PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS. Odd because I’m usually super obsessive compulsive. The one time I slip up, right? So sub-lesson learned: don’t take anything for granted.

    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    How my bestie and I are *breaking up* ~ we’re shutting down our business; our lives are taking polar opposite directions (she just had her baby; i’m sticking to art), and all my trust issues x there’s no such thing as forever best friends. I’m so willing to just let all that resentment and regret go, and to just start over without ever *relying on a best friend* ever again. I’m all grown up now; I don’t need friends, lol. They just leave you in the end, anyway once you’ve outlived your usefulness to them ^_^

  175. Marie, you and your team are AMAZING and every Tuesday morning I wake up with a smile on my face, cause it’s Marie TV DAY…. YAASSSSSS!!!
    Thank you for all the positive vibes and laughter you bring to us all.

    Ok, so here is the low-down:
    1. I have been designing and making all sorts of clothes for the past 10 years PART-TIME and I finally launched my own website this year. It was a super emotional day and it literally took me years (4) to design it and finally put it out there. I cried my eyes out before and after hitting the launch button, but I did it and I am super-duper proud of myself. Since then my business has grown at a great speed and this has boosted my self-esteem so much. As an artist or creator we always feel like we are not good enough, but I feel proud of what I have achieved this year and can’t wait for next year.

    2. I love helping people on last minute projects and this year it hit me big time. I made the mistake AGAIN and it put me under so much stress that it drove me insane and lots of sleepless nights. I promised myself that I will never do it again as it is very bad for my health and I have stuck to my decision and have had the power to say NO to everyone looking for a quicky.

    3. From next year I have scaled down with my day job to only two days a week to push my business to the next level. This has been a life changing decision and I feel ready to take on the new year with new passion and drive for MYSELF. I am letting go of self doubt and starting to listen to my inner spirit who is guiding me to be who I was born to be.

    WOW, that felt amazing to type and I am overwelmed with relief and new energy.

    Thank you Marie and the TEAM

    SO so soooo much LOVE

    • Wow Andre, reading this made me feel energized and so happy for you! Get it! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      André, thank you so much — we love how excited you get for Tuesday mornings!

      Huge congratulations on what you achieved this year, and we’re so glad you took time to reflect on it and answer the questions. Launching your website is no small feat, and we hope the feeling of having conquered that big mountain propels you into conquering more mountains in your business this upcoming year. It’s such a beautiful accomplishment!

      Keep up the amazing work, and we’re sending so much love back.

  176. I started my own networking group. – yay me
    I made the mistake of not being intentional with my networking. thinking the right people were just gonna come to me.
    I need to let go of the thoughts that no one else is interested in me when I am networking.

  177. Karina

    Loved this episode Marie and Team! That last little giggle in the outtakes at the end is absolutely charming and made me smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m super proud of having way more repeat customers and larger/longer-term projects this year. I’m also proud of making time to do more art and improve my skills, and for recognizing that it’s worth investing in continuing my own professional development.

    2. I learned that I am worth more than I’m charging, and I can OWN my knowledge, skills, and value to my clients. I also learned that I do work I feel more proud of when I give myself enough time to properly prepare. And that I can say “no” or “I’m booked” or “if you want it in that time frame it will cost more”.

    3. I’m letting go of the stories that I shouldn’t charge *that* much, that I’m not a writer, and that putting together my newsletters takes me a long time.

    Sending love, gratitude & holiday cheer!


    Boom, it’s all easy and flows!

  178. Fernando

    Congrats marie forleo for your program.
    1. I’m proud of taking care of my health as a priority this year, to get better from a depression.
    2. A mistake consisting of critizing and acting against my boss and myself.
    3. My story of being higher than people around me.

  179. Thank you Marie! This episode is really useful.
    1. I’m proud to have launched my newsletter. I’m also proud to have spent more times with my lovely daughter <3

    2. I learned that I need a better way to schedule client's business project using a steps method and establishing milestones

    3. I'm letting go the terrible thoughts that are in my mind about myself

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sara, we’re so glad you enjoyed this one, and kudos to you for all you’ve learned and accomplished this year. Spending more time with your daughter is huge.

      Keep being gentle and kind to yourself. XO

  180. Another great post! A lot of times it’s easier to look ahead without looking at, spending some time with, and accepting the mistakes we’ve recently made. “Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” Love this quote and will be thinking a lot about it in the coming month as we prepare for another year of business. Thanks Marie for making educational videos that are actually fun to watch!

  181. What am I proud of this year? I went to B-school and, man o man, everything changed! xox

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Jen! We’re so glad you did. 🙂

  182. 1. One thing I’m super proud of is launching my coaching business and getting clients!
    2. One mistake I’ve made was not being 100% my full self in all interactions with others.
    3. One thing I’m willing to let go of is asking for permission from others before accomplishing my dreams. I’m ready to start fully embracing my intuition and listening to where it guides me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on launching your business, Stacey! Your dreams are important and we’ll be cheering you on as you’re moving toward them. 🙂

  183. Thank you for another inspiring episode Marie, this year was a big one personally. I had been feeling pretty stuck for the last few years, and 2o15 was one of the most difficult year I’ve experienced in my life, and I’m no spring chicken either.
    1) When 2016 started with a new little Wheaten Terrier puppy named Stetson, the tide seemed to have officially turned. Two months later I met an interesting man who has become a very special partner in my life. Another two months down the road, I bought my first rehab property. I had the rehab complete in, you guessed it, two months! I sold the house for full price and am on my second rehab property. 2016 was the year of the new dog, the new relationship, and the new career, a pretty big year for me.
    2) One mistake that I made was not to trust my intuition about the new house and take appropriate steps to secure my investment. I have insurance, but it doesn’t cover theft for a vacant property. The house is a head turner, and gets an amazing amount of attention. We were broken into and had around $3000 of materials stolen. I found a portable alarm system that can move with me from property to property and uses a cell phone for monitoring. It was a $3000 lesson but I’ll never know how much it will save me in the future. This was just one more time that I learned to trust my own intuitive wisdom.
    3) The thing I’m dropping going forward is a little odd to explain; I have had a compelling urge to buy a multi-unit property and run it as a halfway or transitional housing. It is a way to help uplift people in transitional times and make the most potential out of the space. When I would tell people, they could not understand why I would do that when there are so many other ways… My breakthrough came earlier this week when I realized. My compulsion was what I needed to pay attention to and I felt I needed to do it because my mind was continuing to limit me. I needed to pull MYSELF out of the halfway house. My true desire is a 12 bedroom 12 bath vacation/retreat facility on the beach in Kona Hawaii.
    Now I’m owning my desires, dropping the limits that I put on myself, and allowing the universe to deliver what I know I want without going into self denial over being so audacious to dare to have a dream!
    I’m looking forward to 2017 I think it is going to be a very interesting year. This was a simple yet powerful exercise, thanks so much for the work that you do!
    Big hugs, and happy new year!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is great, Lesley! It’s so cool how the good things seem to come regularly every two months, like a subscription box from the universe. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re owning your desires—I think that relates to your #2 since you mentioned wanting to listen more to your intuition. Sounds like you’re on the right path!

  184. Hi Marie,
    1. Something I am proud of is, I surprised & bought my husband a plane ticket to go see his parents in Colombia which he had not been able to do in over 1 year!
    2. I made the mistake of Giving too much of my interior designer service to 2 clients before they paid me the 2nd phase of design. I have to value my talent & 30 yrs experience more and not give my designs & time away.
    3. I am willing to let go of the stories / beliefs I am telling myself that I must not be good enough because “xyz” designers are doing more than me, different than me, etc…

  185. I’m really proud of this: In 2016, I launched my blog to carry my message of hope and recovery to other Adult Children of Alcoholics.

    I learned from this mistake: I kept putting off my blog. I knew I wanted and needed to start my blog but I was afraid and I felt unprepared. I learned (with help from Marie’s “How to Get Anything you Want” audio training) that situations require action; that you will get stuck if you keep thinking it over and, many times, you just have to do it. You’ll never be fully “ready” for anything.

    I am so willing to let go of this particular story: that I have to choose between being a great mom/homemaker and being a great blogger/business owner; that these two accomplishments cannot co-exist in my life. I am so willing to let go of that one!

    • regina s islas

      I just read your blog Cassandra. I began my journey in ACA 7 mos ago and it is a journey that has been waiting a very long time to begin (I’m 57). I am very proud of you, and appreciative. There are many of us on this walk together, near and far, quietly in the background and roaring out in front. Your blog graphics look good too! Hooray for you, keep it up!

      • Thank you so much, Regina! I have been in my program for almost 3 years and it has changed my life. Congratulations on starting your journey!!! You’re proud of me? Well, I’m proud of you, Regina! Not everyone is brave enough to look at it all. Blessings to you. <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on starting your blog, Cassandra! That’s fantastic and it sounds like you have a lot of wisdom to share.

      I’m so glad you’re shedding the story that you can’t be a great mom and a great entrepreneur, because you can! We see that a lot in our B-School community, actually. It can definitely be done and we’ll be cheering you on as you go for your dreams.

      • Wow – thank you, Mandy! I really appreciate your comment. I’m sure there are plenty of women who are great moms and great entrepreneurs – why couldn’t I be that too, right? Maybe 2017 is my year for B-School!

  186. 1. started my biz. gee whiz.
    2.mistake: beating myself for trying something that didn’t work. no more beating myself up. no. no.
    3. story to let go of: I’m tired! I’m not.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Regina! Congrats on starting your business!

  187. Oh, I like how simple this little exercise is.

    1. One thing I’m proud of: Selling my old smartphone to a complete stranger, or rather; they WAY I sold it. I just posted a picture, price & details inside a local Facebook sales group, and boom! A lady contacted me almost immediately and set up the time and date. It was all so seamless. I saw on a deeper level what it means to ATTRACT the right people to you. Didn’t have to do any convincing at all. I just told the truth and let it go! I understood that it wasn’t up to me from that point on. It was an incredible experience and I didn’t have to refresh the page like a crazy person trying to “will them into” being interested. It’s not up to me─obvious, right? HAHA! I could just do my part and leave the rest up to the people who want what I’m selling. No big deal.

    2. Mistake and lesson: Coming off a high from that first sale, I decided to sell all my old clothes so I can update my wardrobe. Family members got wind of my project and stopped by with bags full of their extra clothes too. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in overthinking everything. Researching my options, looking into businesses that sell second hand goods and how they go about it. Creating lots of pressure for myself to be a professional. Daydreaming about helping people declutter their lives and offering a combo service of coaching and sale of their items. It was really quite spectacular, except it was all in my head. I don’t even know if I like selling stuff face-to-face on the regular. So the mistake was wasting a week of time I could have spent promoting my little yard sale test run. Remembering that this IS just an experiment, and not a business. Not that I couldn’t make that happen if I wanted to, but now would be too fast.

    The lesson was so worth it: I understand the difference between common sense and just a random passing idea. Insight vs. Thought. When you’re present, you just KNOW what to do. There’s nothing to force, there’s nothing to figure out. There’s no need to try and avoid the pain of being wrong. No need to move at lightning speed.

    And you know what? I’m never actually confused─there is always just the very next step in front of me. Something completely doable like taking a picture of a pair of jeans I don’t wear anymore. Success is a series of tiny steps that add up, and you don’t have to know everything before you start.

    3. Story to let go of: This year was a major breakthrough for me. I could clearly see how much importance I was putting on thinking about stuff. More accurately, OVER-thinking. I would literally clear my schedule for it. And all that really lead to was worry and anxiety─and never taking action. I don’t have to think about my thinking so much anymore. That feels incredibly freeing!!!

    And you know what, because I took the first step and sold my phone, the ball is rolling. I’m selling my clothes next week, and more stuff thereafter. It occurred to me that if I keep the momentum going, I’ll be on my way to selling all my possessions and travelling the country─which is something I’ve always wanted to do anyway. ?????

    Did I really just start bringing my dream to life by accident? ? Letting go of overthinking is the most incredible gift I can give myself in 2017. And I’m off to a great start already!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good job, Marinda! It’s pretty cool how even the things that feel like a waste of time or a mistake in the moment end up teaching us something.

  188. 1. Proud of: I turned 60 and fulfilled a lifelong dream of buying a Red Angus Cow herd. 140 first calf heifers. We did it.
    2. Mistake: I got so busy with the cattle that I gave up my creative time and my business Cowgirl-Red. I can do both. It’s not one or the other. If I need help I can hire it. With some planning ahead. I was too much in the day to day physical struggle. Just surviving. Not thriving.
    3. Story: I’m too old. That story is getting really old and really boring.

    Xoxoxo. Terah. Cowgirl-Red

  189. Jennifer

    Accomplishment I’m proud of: Finally travelled to Europe on my own and dropped a 10 year friendship with someone I considered a best friend but was very negative influence, I didn’t realize how much it was dragging me down until I experienced a massive relief after cutting off full contact.
    Mistake: Ran away from the calling in my heart. Kept finding excuses to not start because I was scared.

  190. So, three GREAT questions, I can already feel the cogs turning in my mind. The first things that popped up for me were:
    1. I am proud that I have finally decided to step up and start writing articles and blog posts and start coaching people. I’ve been tiptoeing around this for a few years but this year I finally got clarity that it is what I’m here to do and I have made a start.
    2. A mistake that I made this year was launching a property business that I knew was not my ultimate goal but I thought it would bring me in some cash while I figured out my true purpose. The mistake was that I forgot who I really am, how passionate I am, and went down a path that did not light my fire. Never going to work!
    3. I am willing to let go of the bull***t stories I have been carrying around for most of my adult life. They have held me back from living my Truth and being fulfilled. I have no time for them anymore!

  191. Marie, girl, you’re just the snickety-snackety best! Thank you, and thank your team for all the love, support, clarity, and guidance you offered us sexy MF insiders this year. The presence of your work is deeeeeeeeeeeeeply appreciated by this gal.

    1. I am SO proud that I put away 10% of my earnings this year, that I received my ordination, that I am clearing and building space at my family’s farm for creative and healing projects for family and the generations to come, and that I continue learning healing modalities to deepen my service to others, and create greater abundance for myself.

    2. I made the mistake of not asking for help from my business team, and a wonky accounting issue went haywire, creating a huge ruptured distraction in my business, which took nearly six months to reconcile, resolve, and heal from.
    I will ask for help WAAAAAAY sooner from now on.

    3. I am willing to let GO of needing to know “how” to do everything myself or upfront, so I can creatively pursue my deepest calling and service, creating prosperity and freedom for myself, my loved ones, and my clients.

    Love love love love love love love love to you!

  192. Liz

    Wow – thanks so much for this! I love the three question review of the year and I so need the emotional enema. Even listening to it made me realize that I’ve got a lot of emotional crap to let go of.

    Here’s my answers to the three questions:
    1. I am insanely proud of the fact that I took the next step to publishing my novel in hiring an editor.
    2. I feel that my biggest mistake is trying to do too much. I’m slowly correcting it, by making my to-do list only three things and trying to let go of the glorification of being busy, but it’s hard! I’m thinking the emotional enema will help with that though.
    3. The one thing I’m willing to let go of right now is not feeling like I’m a good daughter. It comes with a lot of baggage – my dad cut me off – but I am a good daughter to my mother in always being there for her. Sure, I mess up and say the wrong thing at times, but the other 90% of the time? I’m awesome, supportive, and there for my family that wants me there. So, yeah, I’m letting go of that right now and grinning as I type this out.

    Thanks again for such an awesome video.

  193. Lorraine

    With so many comments already, I thought about not posting but decided that I should just put it out there into the universe/worldwide web/marieforleo world.

    I just want to say THANK YOU!
    I watched this video JUST WHEN I NEEDED TO and I also received in the mail today, one of those flyers that says “We need your Usable Clothing & Household Items” – ALL TIMELY!
    Your video message validated everything that has happened to me this year up to this point.

    I’m not just Decluttering my things, I’M DECLUTTERING MY LIFE.

    It’s all pretty major stuff – includes selling our house, moving and buying another house.
    It’s been challenging because it involved convincing my husband!

    I’m letting go of everything that didn’t work and since I’m including letting go of this house, it’s a perfect time to TRUELY PURGE ALL THE THINGS THAT DON’T ALIGN WITH WHO I AM RIGHT NOW. (So simple but I needed to hear you say it to me!)
    I’m going to keep everything that works and that matters to me (things and relationships) and purge the rest.

    The mistake that I made is thinking that I need to keep everything in case I want to be something or everything that I was before again. Change is never easy. I guess my life has never been a normal progression. It’s been one of many huge spikes but overall good. But with many huge changes instead of gradual changes, it can create a fear of any change. But the lesson that I’ve learned is that I’ve always been resilient (successfully) so why am I so afraid to let go of these things? So it’s time to embrace it. Oxymoronic but I’M EMBRACING LETTING GO!

    The one thing that I’m proud of doing this year is signing up for your B-School! I’ve not implemented the wealth of knowledge yet because of this house thing but we’re finally going to bite the bullet! I can’t wait to go through B-School again in 2017 but this time, actually being able to focus on implementing all that I’ve learnt.
    Well, the sooner we can sell our current house; find, buy, move into our new home, the better!

    Luv ya and THANK YOU!

  194. Thanks for this Marie.
    What did I do, create or experience this year that I’m really proud of?
    I earnt more money than ever before as a vocal coach (I’ve been doing it for 17 years!).
    I started creating video tutorials
    I gave my second masterclass on Mindfulness For Stage Anxiety at Brighton Institute of Modern Music and got a great testimonial.
    I started looking into Inheretance Tax Planning and organising meetings with scary wealthy managers.

    What mistakes did I make that taught me something? What lessons did I learn that I can leverage?
    I tried to launch a new exercise class in the new year and realised it took my focus away from my business as a vocal coach. I’ve realised the importance of narrowing my focus so that I can really give what I’m focussing on my undivided attention.

    What am I willing to let go of?
    I’ve just decided to let go to a little part time job that I felt was no longer feeding me.


  195. Hi Marie and thanks for this episode. It was so easy to write so much…it just poured out of me.

    1. What am I most proud of ?
    Taking my first Design & Lifestyle Tour to Italy with a group of women. When I joined B-school this was on my dream list and thought I could never make it a reality. Now it is and I’ll do it again in 2017 x 2. The thing was this year, I got brave and had a go, releasing the idea that if something I did failed I was better to have a go then live with the regret of having it as a dream that didn’t see the light of day.

    2. What mistakes did I make?
    Producing so many offers, courses, tours, ideas rather than honing in on specialising in a particular area of expertise. I love creating and trying new things but my focus got a little scrambled. Next year I am honing in.

    3. What do I need to let go of?
    Fear around money, taking regular time to focus on my business finances and not being disciplined with how I chose to allocate business funds. My business really grew this year but in 2017 I’m letting go of the money blocks once and for all and watching my business finances daily. This will see me flourish.

  196. Elissar

    Very inspiring episode , loved it. Marie I cant find enough words to thank you and to tell you how much your episodes and you work helped. Here is my three things:
    1- The thing am very very proud of : My TED talk and achieved one of my dreams, (talking about it, I wonna thank Mandy and team Forleo for all your support)
    2- Lesson I have learned: Relax , everything will eventually be OK, no matter how hardship and fear you are passing through
    3- The story I am willing / hoping to be able to let it go: painful emotions and painful experiences resulted from being a refugee
    Thanks again beautiful Marie <3

  197. Thank you so much Marie & Team for the wonderful video!

    Here are my answers:
    1) I am proud of obtaining my NASM Personal Training Certification after sitting on it for almost 2 years.
    2) A mistake I made this year was being working so close to burn out and not standing up initially for the value of my time.
    3) I’m willing to let go of the lie that I only know how to live paycheck to paycheck and that my income is enough only if I can pay the bills. I’m letting go of the lie that I cant help more people without being depleted of my time, energy and freedom.

  198. Nadin S

    1)Proud of transcending my fears :
    -Getting over my fear of flying and drowning ! phew
    -Getting over of my fear of being seen; and getting out there with my message

    2) Lessons:
    – Having everything promised/agreed upon in documented contractual form
    -self care is the source of everything, serve from my overflow!

    3) I am willing to let go of :
    – My fear of abandonment, to reach a hand& ask questions
    – Attachment to far away outcomes, to trust the process

  199. Diana

    This is so much more productive than spending hours upon hours laying out my game plan for what’s up next.
    1) I’ve gotten back in my kitchen and have been creating some great and healthy meals on a pretty regular basis (Thank you KC).
    2) I learned that double checking my work for mistakes and updates will save me loads and loads of grief down the road–even if there is a deadline breathing down my neck.
    3) I am giving up, right now, competing with my brothers for the top billing of “who loves Mom more,” (which is the flip side to, “Mom always liked you best.”)

  200. Bilkie Gurin

    I’m new to this , but here goes nothing .

    1. I am proud that I have been able to remove myself from unpleasant activities and emotions . I always find a way to avoid and exit anything that is going to make me uncomfortable. Also I have learn to embrace and love myself , growing up in a polygamous family with divorced parents is really hard . We get pulled into different personalities that aren’t yours , but this is Year was different.

    2 the biggest mistake I’ve made was that I let people define me and I stuck and acted in the light that people thought . Also I lived life dependent on a few friends and they tired to break me , but I am unbreakable . I let love make decisions for me

    3. I am tired of the depressed story line of my life , I’m tired of the financial story line , and I’m damn tired of the dependant story line . LEAVING IT IN 2016

  201. Kimberly

    Okay, here goes:
    1) I have to say that when I first thought of this question, I was a complete blank – natta. Then I allowed myself to go basic (“I’m still in the game”, “I’m alive”), and eventually began to come up with some things I’m proud of and overall, I’m proud of what I’ve done as a single mother taking care of my almost 2 year old son, keeping a roof over our heads & starting a business, as well as continuing to strive to be a conscious parent – healing old wounds & moving forward.

    2) I would like to say that when it came to this question, because I allowed myself to think of things that I felt proud of first, I could be so much more kind to myself with respect to my mistakes & what I’ve learned. I think I can sum up my mistakes under this one as I believe the rest really stem from here: I made the mistake of thinking I could care for everyone else (my son, my dogs, my cats, my work), please everyone else (impossible!), put myself last & somehow I would get to me later. Almost 2 years in The (single) Motherhood & I became so burnt out & resentful because later never comes & I’m left empty. I started to change that by getting more sleep & making it a non-negotiable priority. Next step: Radical self-care.

    3) Bring me to the 3rd question: what am I willing to let go of? Perfectionism. Oh, how paralyzing & destructive perfectionism is in my life. From parenting to business to taking action on virtually anything, the fear of failure is so huge that nothing ever seems “good enough”. In business: I’ve had a dozen different domain names & just as many ideas & several websites yet none have been published. Time to let that sh*t go! xoxo

  202. Aysenur Akgöz

    1. One thing I did this year that I am proud of:
    I go forward to speak in English. My vocabulary is expanding with time. Then I can understand better and also tell you more in English language.
    2. One mistake you made and the lesson you’ve learned:
    I learned that I have to be more open to people. Because you never know what opportunities you encounter when you are open.
    3. One story you’re willing to let go of before 2017.
    I learned that detox is needed in your life and not just in your diet. I am now more conscious of my time.

  203. Hieu Tran

    1/ I have found my dream and passion : become a motivational speaker
    2/I couldn’t get better income for my family. For that I will have to find a better way to do it.
    3/I will let go of the fact that I was too easy on myself, I have to get more discipline.

  204. This episode helped me so much as it is a bit of an emotional DOWN time for me right now.
    1. I am so proud of launching and successfully running my Online Vocal School that really helped soooo many singers! It worked!
    2. A BIG mistake I’ve made my whole life that really bit me in the butt this year was being to “helpful” which allows family or others take advantage of me and my time.
    3. In 2017 I am willing to let go of the excess weight and I am not only speaking of the few pounds on my thighs. I am talking about gigs, people, projects and thoughts about myself. (I have a feeling this will be the hard one)
    Thanks Marie and Team for helping me start the year out with “The Good, The Bad and THE UGLY” Happy Holidays!

  205. 1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of
    – I moved in the condo of my dreams: a downtown building called The Vincennes (fancy, huh? 😉 ), with the view of the Lake, with 2 HUGE balconies I enjoyed this summer each and every day while getting the best tan of my life.
    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    – I got too comfortable after I moved and I didn’t do my daily routine consistently in my business
    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    – I’m not a business natural (to replace with: I’m a born business woman)

    Thanks, thanks, Marie, I’m borrowing this 😉
    …by sharing your tweetable and video.

    Merry, merry xo

  206. oliver

    1. Proud that I severed ties with my Mom under peaceful terms – she sucks positivity out of life.
    2. Two of the biggest mistakes I made this year is not communicating more forward or directly. It cost me the opportunity to accomplish about 60% (give or take a margin of error of 20%) of what I want to do because the message I delivered was not reaching people at their core. Put another way, if I am not clear with others, I am not clear with myself.
    3. I most willing to give up my home. It comes with baggage, memories, and actions I am not proud of. I want a revitalized home, or a new one to take its place because the presence of old memories filling it and people’s attitudes within it are a drag.

  207. Very cool episode, thank you, I loved it <3

    #1. This year I published my book "Your Cardinal Connections" on Amazon before Christmas! Yay!!! It was a self-published book and I followed Marie's advice to go for progress, nor perfection. So THANK YOU!

    #2. The biggest mistake I made this year was not setting clear boundaries with my clients who do not understand the difference between a professional relationship and a friendship. Because I work with emotional healing I felt sorry for them, gave them discounts and free sessions and since some of them are emotioanlly unstable they got confused and it was not a good experience.

    #3. I can't pinpoint one single thing, there are too many. I will meditate on that though, and when I have clarity I'll let you know.

  208. Maz

    Lesson 1: I forged through my vision and got EXACTLY what I wanted regarding my career.
    Lesson2 : Drop, threw out those items, and people that dragged my azz down.
    Lesson 3: Past id gone; only looking up and forward.

  209. Dan Ray Domani

    Since I have so very few to none whom I can speak out my stories to, I’d share it here on Marie’s box. (Before anything else, you should know Marie that you are changing my life step by step with these videos, so well-articulated and so easy to follow/digest — and I hope that you get the deserved good karma that your work has done for me and many other people.)

    One thing I’m proud of — single-handedly taking the responsibility to do the decorations in our town festival, without any pay. The event was a success.

    One mistake I made — doing so many things at one time. Your video where you talked about how trying to quit many bad habits at one time is a bad idea has helped me to realize that doing the opposite, i.e., trying to achieve many goals at one time is also as bad. I learned to focus on one thing, which is to try to earn and save enough money to finance my dream and other projects.

    And finally, after 12 years, I have finally put to rest my built-up self-hatred which has sprung from being teased and bullied in high school, which allowed me to do many things to myself, like cutting etc. And to forget that it ever happened.

    Thank you. Love and peace, D.R.D.

  210. I need to start this off by saying that I found Marie Forleo this year, which has been amazing in itself!
    1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    I completed my certification to become a child sleep consultant and I’ve built my business from ground zero to helping over 100 families in my first year!
    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned
    I waited too long at a job that I hated because I was so scared about leaving a big salary. I’ve learned that my husband and I can and will figure out a way to make it work and I’ll get to spend more time with my kiddos while they are little.
    3. What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year.
    The money scarcity complex. If I work hard and I’m passionate about what I’m doing, the money will come.

  211. Jacqui

    1. Legalize my biz
    2. Quitting my job and had no savings. Lesson learned to save and invest for every penny I get for if biz slows down and for retirement.
    3. Live streaming and being vulnerable online. It took me forever just to type it and now I’m crying just thinking about actually doing it. (I guess I’m not ready) Sorry to disappoint Marie and my fellow Bschoolers.

  212. Ashley Blair

    This episode was SO well timed Marie. 🙂

    1. This year I am proud of landing the internship of a lifetime in my career field. On another note, I have been more open in my business. I have become so much stronger as an individual by reflecting and growing from tough times.
    2. I have learned that I need to spend money wisely. I wasn’t conscious of my spending and my job situation changed, causing me to become stressed about money and paying my bills. Now, I make a more conscious effort of where my money goes.
    3. I am willing to let go of all the negativity and hard ships I faced this year, by not letting them define me as a person, but to grow from them and strengthen who I am as a person.

  213. Thank you so much for this, Marie. I’m so grateful for the reminder to slow down during a busy time and reflect.
    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    – I married my best friend this year. I am so incredibly proud of that. And so grateful.
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    – I’ve learned a lot about boundaries this year. I’ve made the mistake of being overly passionate and letting my heart lead too much, and I’ve learned how to reel that in. On the flip side, I made the mistake of listening purely to my head and limited beliefs and found myself in a place where my soul was fragmented. So I learned how to make sure I let my heart talk and listen to my intuition even when afraid.
    What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year?
    – That I’m a bad person for my mistakes. I know deep down I’m a human and making mistakes is part of our ticket to live this life that is so complex and beautiful in so many ways, but I still get down on myself for making mistakes, especially the mistakes that hurt people. I’d really love to forgive myself and let go of the story that I don’t deserve forgiveness before the New Year. I know once I do that, I will be able to better reach others and have more compassion for people overall.

  214. Thank you, Marie, I am grateful for your generosity. You are an excellent teacher!
    I realized I have accomplished so much in 2016 and have 6 huge accomplishments to be proud of, including releasing a successful cookbook and creating a YouTube channel and releasing weekly cooking videos that is growing in popularity. Others, too. I am going to let go of feeling like I am not successful enough. No matter what I achieve, it’s always there in the back of my mind bringing me down. I want to embrace bigger, more positive thinking and let go of fears and concerns about roadblocks and failure.

  215. Hi fine folks!
    I am so needing this exercise! Here goes:
    1. I am proud of the HUGE leaps of faith I took and continue to take to build/create a coaching business. Huge steps I could not do prior to this year.
    2. A HUGE lesson was that I get to determine what price point is best for me. I learned to trust myself in this and so many other things with so many how to become successful programs coming at me every day and many I invested a TON of money in and never used. All great lessons in trusting in myself!
    3. One thing that I am determined to let go of is the belief that I can’t make it and I don’t know how to get clients. I am also letting go of the fear around money although that is something I have to practice on a daily basis and letting go of believing that I am not connecting with “my people”.
    It’s just a start but it’s a good one!

  216. 1. Launched my first book ‘Stop Waiting, Start Creating’ from Amsterdam while I was on a two month trip to Europe leading events & retreats.
    2. I let some of my team take way too long on projects – learned that if it’s not happening immediately, they probably aren’t going to deliver. Being much clearer now! (And got some awesome new people!!)
    3. Letting go of everywhere I’m impatient. It kills possibilities, rather than creating more.

  217. I LOVE YOU MARIEEE! Thank you for being REAL and SO GREAT as YOU!

    Love, Sarah 🙂
    p.s. What am I proud of: I am coming out with the first fully recorded and produced song of hundreds that have channeled through me TOMORROW! It’s a dream come true and it’s a country love song! Awesome 🙂

    A mistake I learned from: let go and allow things to happen naturally. I met a GREAT GUY this year, someone SO DIFFERENT than any man I’ve ever been with. I really love him and he left our relationship last month. I can see where I pushed him to Be “the one” instead of just enjoying him and I together and having fun and seeing where it goes naturally. In the next relationship I’m in I am going to let it happen naturally and evolve naturally 🙂 And enjoy every stage of it. No need to rush!

    And, what am I willing to let go of? A LOT! I’m letting go of some major things from my former marriage. I am also letting go of old relationship stories in place of new ones that are more true and enlightening and uplifting for me now 🙂

    Thank you for BEING here Marie ! Love, Sarah

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We love you back, Sarah 🙂 And thank you for sharing your reflections!

  218. April

    Accomplishment: Standing up a new office from cradle to grave for 100 people and delivering that same $1.4 m project on-time, on budget, and safely.
    Mistake/Lesson Learned: Allowing others to negatively impact how I see myself.
    Willing to Let Go: Fear of failure and that who I am is not good enough

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, April! Congrats on your fabulous new office!

      I’m so glad you’re letting go of the fear of failure and fear of not being good enough. You are enough. And if those feelings try to creep back in, this MarieTV episode can help:

  219. Maggie Tredwell

    Thank you, Marie. To be quite honest, I needed something like this as we move toward a new year. For the last few months I have been struggling with a very unhealthy relationship. A relationship that has been my main focus for three years now. In the end, it turned out to be exactly what I was scared it would always be. But in the end, I realized that I am the one that got the better end of the deal. And, while it was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, I decided to let it all go. This year for me is all about emotional, personal triumphs, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. So I’m taking it all as a good sign, and while it is difficult to deal with, I keep reminding myself that it can’t be any harder than what I was dealing with while in the relationship. So… one thing I am proud of… That I was able to recognize who I am, what I stand for, and what I truly deserve. I am proud that I was smart enough to realize that the only solution to my situation was to remove myself from it. Number 2… I wouldn’t say that it was a mistake. In the long run, I don’t really believe in mistakes. I believe that everything happens for a reason. And because everything happens for a reason, I was meant to learn something. I learned how to let to go of what is bad for my heart and soul, I’ve learned to accept the things you cannot change, even if it means walking away from someone who means the world to you. I’ve learned to let go and for once in my life, it’s okay to put myself first. And finally number 3… while I don’t necessarily want to forget my lifetime original movie that I have been living in the last several months, because as I said, everything happens for a reason, and it is important to learn and go from every event that comes your way. But as the new year approaches, I am prepared to take what this situation has given me and use it to my benefit, let go of all the pain, and let it turn into one of the many memories of the events that took place in my life that has helped me grow as an individual.

    (P.S. sorry for the novel)

  220. Such a great point about looking back to see your accomplishments! I’ve noticed when I do that, it definitely boosts my confidence.

    1. What I’m proud of most this year is that I used the power of focus to push through tons of boring but necessary tasks (endless paperwork, and I detest paperwork!) and seemingly insurmountable obstacles (bad credit due to a foreclosure, several bad loan officers, changing rules from investors, a super tight housing market in Tampa Bay) to finally close on a home 6 months later. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but I made a conscious choice at the beginning of the process to remain ZEN and to push through each obstacle until we reached our goal. And we did it. My real estate agent was amazed at how calm I remained, and I gotta say, I was too! LOL

    2. A mistake I made: I continually put self-care on the back burner, at least pertaining to exercise. I notice that on a daily basis, I’ll do laundry, tidying up, and taking care of the pets, but meanwhile my body’s screaming at me to at least take it for a walk! The lesson I learned is that I am not being more efficient by taking care of mundane household tasks before I take care of my body, and that it would be more efficient and productive if I first took care of my body, then then rest. I think that falls under Stephen Covey’s 7th habit, “Sharpen the saw.”

    3. What am I willing to let go of? This was the hardest one. I am willing to let go of the story that I have adrenal fatigue, and that it is holding me back from producing a lot more in my business.

    Thank you for this post, Marie! You have such fantastic, helpful, useful content! I love you!!

  221. I’m most proud of the renovations I did to the Dome Asylum, my home and B&B. We (my BF helped) renovated the kitchen and both bathrooms. I even learned to install tile!
    I learned to choose future collaborators wisely, when the team for our commissioned art piece turned up a weak link.
    I am willing to let go of the negative energy I hold onto when people I am working with don’t behave as expected. I need to clear this with someone I am currently upset with! I intend to do that before New Years.

  222. My Year in Review…
    1- Proudest moments: I raised over $5,000 for charities with my business built from love and subsequently grew my community through said events and tripled my email list.
    2- Room for Improvement: I email people for business before having all the facts and details. Before contacting people for business requests I need to have a complete plan of action.
    Go for the low-hanging fruit. I knew my weakness for details and data, but it is extremely important for marketing. From this weakness I forged a bond with someone that excels at this and enjoys it. She now handles this for me.
    For events or hosting I overlook details until the last minute. Imagine people’s needs and make sure you have a plan for all their needs. For events. have all serving ware out and a garbage as well as recycling in pain site so no one needs my help.
    3- What I’m willing to give up-“I’ll never be successful or well off.” I have believed this for sooooo long that I was doomed, from the wrong family and not good enough. I think I have proved myself wrong now.
    “I’m not talented enough.” I will also not let other people make me feel bad about myself either when it comes to my abilities. I have done some amazing shit, I’m also not perfect and that’s okay!

  223. Ashley

    1. Publishing my books
    2. Hiding my feelings and struggling because of it, not just being honest
    3. Fear of what others think
    I’m really not doing well and I’m pretty depressed. It’s helpful to think of all these things, and I had plenty of answers for the questions. I’m feeling pretty lonely and isolated. I hope these reflections help, and that I can make actual changes in my life.

  224. One thing you did this year that you’re proud of
    – I returned to university. I succesfully accomplished two semesters! I am maintaining a b+ average!

    One mistake you made and the lesson you’ve learned
    – Pace mysself! Don’t wait to do things at the last minute in one big jiggy.

    One story you’re willing to let go of before 2017
    – I’m fat

  225. joseph ravi

    thank u mary. through these 3 questions; I think one of the better ways to start and live the new year in a meaningful way. i enjoyed ur video. fourth point i would like to add for me is that ‘trust in God’.
    thank u.

  226. A tip I use that has helped me (and might help you too?):

    When I cross things off my to-do list (kept on a spreadsheet), I move the BIGGEST accomplishments to another tab. I keep all of the accomplishments under a heading, e.g., “Accomplished in 2016!”. I put the month I did it, and what goal it’s moving me toward. Whenever I’m feeling mired or discouraged during the year (“It’s already July and I haven’t accomplished anything good. Have I just been wasting my time??”), I take a quick peek at this list to remind myself how awesome I am and how hard I’ve worked. (I put big events on here, too: this year, it was “Move into a new house.”)

    It also made this exercise easy. I scanned the list, first, for the things I was most proud of, and second, for things that were likely mistakes, a waste of time, or something I probably shouldn’t repeat next year.

    Also, here are my three:
    1) Got to my first $3k month (big for me! hooray!)
    2) After I fired my freelance clients a year ago so I could focus on my own business, I kicked myself for getting rid of my safety blanket and took on NEW clients. (fear? insecurity? questioning my own decisions? You betcha. Wasted energy.)
    3) Going BACKWARDS because I’m frustrated I haven’t achieved every dream YESTERDAY. Instead, give myself time to learn and get better at what I’m doing.

  227. Angie Bailey

    Thank you so much Marie. I really needed this episode to put things into perspective.

    1. Even though I knew I wasn’t ready to be fully committed to starting my business, I joined B-School because I know that having my own business (eventually) is what I want to do. I wanted to have the tools necessary to start when the time was right.

    In January of this year I started a regular yoga practice, not only has it helped my physical body, more importantly, it has helped my mind/spirit tremendously.

    Since October 2015, I continue to work on bettering my health & have made great strides this year in improving my autoimmune disease.

    I made time to spend with people who matter to me.

    I took several improvement courses including an Introduction to Expressive Arts therapy which was restorative for my soul.

    I finally made the decision last month that it is time to get the ball rolling with my business after serendipitously bumping into someone who said just the right things to get me excited again about my life.

    2. I realize that I spend too much time wasted on social media.
    I know I need to set goals for myself….which I’ve always had swimming around in my head somewhere, but I realize that it is time NOW to take these goals, write them down & figure out how to attain them. I realize that on my days “off” from my day job that I need to schedule my days in order to reflect on how to accomplish my goals. I also realize that up until now, I have been too sick to really take things to the next level. I am being kind & understanding of myself for this… instead of seeing time to rest & restore as time wasted.
    3. I am ready to let go of the hold that my fears have on me. I now realize that I will always have fears, but that I need to work through them & do the work anyway.

    Thank you again Marie. I will be ready to be fully committed to B-School in March 2017. Looking forward to it 😉

  228. Jess

    Loved this episode, thank you Marie & Team!

    Here are my three to share 🙂

    1. I was honest with myself about what was most important to me and chose to go part time at my previously full time job of 5 years so I could spend more days with my 1 year old (who I am also proud to have raised for one whole year!)

    2. I consistently shy away from speaking up for myself at work, and this not only keeps me from representing myself and sharing ideas but also prevents me from growing my communication skills and vocabulary.

    3. I hope to let go of the toxic idea that I need to fit into someone else’s expectations of me or risk letting them down.

  229. Dear Marie, you are such a wonderful and inspiring person that I just can’t understand how can you beat yourself up for your mistakes (I wonder if you really make any at all haha). Seriously, you should be so proud of yourself … up to the sky!
    My three answers in short version:
    1. I am proud of forming a new community who supports each other (The Artist’s Way team)
    2. I was procrastinating and not being totally honest because I was ashamed
    3. letting go all the shame and guilt … I need to let myself grow and not expect perfection

    Thank you for everything!

  230. #heymarie …. loved your video, watched it three times… but I need your help with question 3! You see: Like you I am multipassionate, but it’s getting too much. I want my business to succeed (I’m a one-person company, digital educator, mainly with kids, in real life now, but am going to take it online in 2017). That alone has a number of things I need to do, from course development via web-site design and building an audience on social media & via email lists, to getting my head around all the legal and financial stuff, especially as (living in Ireland) I’ll need to go international as the market here would be too small.

    Then there are all my “private” passions, my family, the household (at least my share of it), learning a language and an instrument, making sure I have time to meditate (thank you for that guided meditation video!), being part of the community, keeping up to date with online updates (like yours, always watch MarieTV). The garden. A couple of Facebook groups (fitness, personal productivity). A daily 15-20 min phone conversation with my mother, who lives a few hundred miles away. Time spent with my husband and with our son. I’m supposedly organising an event in our church in May. And travelling with different family members at different times of the year (son & husband in Feb, mother in April, everyone in the summer). Oh, and did I mention that I’m training for my second marathon ever in October 2017? (My first was 20 years ago – I’m in my early 50s, at least chronologically, mentally I’m oscillating between 7, 17 and 27.)

    I already stepped down from a directorship & role as online manager for our local community association. But it’s still too much! Yet I don’t know what I would be willing to drop. No, not my guitar!!! Nor my Spanish (my son is learning it extracurricularly, as his timetable is too full to do it in school – do I see a family pattern there?)

    Help, #heymarie, help!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sabine, thank you so much for watching and sharing your dilemma. We’re all multipassionate over here on Team Forleo ourselves, Marie included, so I know you’re absolutely not alone there. We’ve actually done a couple MarieTV episodes that might help you tease this out and manage your priorities a bit more, so definitely check these out for some nuggets of wisdom:

      I can definitely relate to your challenges too, as someone who always has a ton of things going on myself. I’ve found that the most helpful thing for me is to get really clear on my top priorities, and then keep a “do it later list” where anything else goes that isn’t a top priority. That way I know I have a safe “storage place” for my projects and ideas, but I can still spend most of my time focused on my top priorities.

      I hope that helps, and thanks so much for watching!

  231. Millie

    A little late to the game, but finally got the moment to do this.

    1) I am proud of the work I did with my research team to create a research study that tailored to my interest for my master’s thesis.
    2) A lesson I can learn from my mistakes is not advocating for myself because of doubts or fears. There were a few times in the year where I made thing harder for myself because I was afraid to speak up.
    3) I am willing to let go the on-going jealousy of others achievement/hard judgment I place on myself comparing myself to other people. It holds me back from appreciating the present moment. A difficult task to let go of it, but I am willing to make the first step in acknowledging it’s a thing I have to do.

  232. 1. Gave a much appreciated talk in front of an international audience in Croatia
    2. They will not come, even if I build it, if I stay behind the curtain
    3. To give a rat’s a** of what other’s might think

  233. This is an amazing video. I’m watching it every day until the new year.

    1 – I created a website for a new client, but …
    2 – I wasn’t able to help her boyfriend, so they dropped me to do their social media.
    3 – And the one who screwed me over 3 years ago, I need to drop him like a dead leaf.

    Thank you for this video. I had chills watching it.

  234. Hey Marie,
    Thank you for a great video and year end wrap ideas. I have to tell you that you look fantastic in your cream sweater, it is so beautiful! The last few times I’ve watched I kept getting a sad energy and was truly worried about you. You are such a positive, giving person and deserve the world so I’m really happy to see you back to your perky, happy self. I hope the New Year brings you tons of love, happiness and prosperity. 2016 was really interesting and going back and looking at it was a wonderful boost of confidence. So many dreams were realized this year and I didn’t even know it till I did that exercise, thank you! I’m excited about 2017 and looking forward to positive adventures. Thank you for always being so honest and sharing your wisdom. Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year to you, your family and your amazing crew!

  235. Hi Marie! Great episode!

    1. Proud that I quit my job this summer as a reproductive acupuncturist to begin a business as an infertility consultant, and open the door to owning my own acupuncture business down the road (the time is up on my non-compete July 2017, hence I had to quit to open that door).
    2. Not being honest (with myself and others) about what I need in my relationships.
    3. Letting go of the story that my business will fail.

  236. 1) I created gorgeous dance choreographies because I finally let myself just express whatever I wanted to and stopped worrying about other people’s opinions.
    2) I haven’t gotten my schedule completely on track yet, so I feel like I never have off time because my mind os elsewhere (thinking about stuff I still need to get done).
    3) Guilt. I’m finally willing to understand that guilt has never been useful to me, it just holds back my creativity and genius.

  237. Suzanne

    Just responded to your email to support the Compassion Collective, and donated. I can’t think of a better gift to give myself than knowing, in some small way I have helped with the amazing efforts of the White Helmets and Compassion Collective.

  238. Amy

    Love this Marie and team as always! In the milieu of end of year planning tools, this stands out as so clear, concise and powerful.

    1. I am most proud of launching my website (FINALLY!) and starting my blog (written with more and more authenticity as I get more brave!). It was so powerful to review the entire year, though! Humbling…had to regrow my practice after taking a year at part-time, move, etc. For me, only happens through God’s grace and help.
    2. What a rich year of lessons – wow!
    Faith REALLY does trump fear and merely looking the fear in the face and seeing it as the fallacy it (almost always) is, allows me to choose faith and lessens the risk whether in my finances (big one), my priorities (having faith that I do really “control the faucet” of demands and incoming requests…they don’t and won’t get smaller as I grow in presence).
    3. Letting go of…
    Living small – in my presence, my true belief about the impact I feel God wants me to have, in my writing (going to write my first book next year), in my finances, in my relationships….welcoming love in 2017 on all levels.

  239. Love this post and needed it so much Marie! Thank you!

    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    My blog (this was very much a result of watching your interview with Seth Godin. So another BIG thank you Marie!). I aimed to spread light and happiness in my words and stories. I did this for 10 solid weeks! I figured we all could use a lift, encouraging words & hopeful stories from time to time. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some incredible things even while going through not so good times, so I created a space to share those stories. I just put them out there for whoever might need them. I’m planning on writing more in 2017! Again, thank you for your inspiration.

    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    Mistake: I sometimes give up on myself too soon with new endeavors.
    Lesson: Self-confidence is a daily practice, not just something you finally acquire one day. I need to surround myself with tools to believe in myself daily. I need to continue learning and trust my gut more. Those things help me be brave enough to give myself a chance and really commit myself to new work.

    What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year?
    That my only successful career path will be being a school teacher. I still don’t see how or what exactly I’ll be doing, but I’m ready to be committed to something new. Writing, teaching yoga, dancing. Just loving life. Loving my husband & family. I’m following my heart and I know all good things are coming!

    Thank you again Marie for this post and all the work you and your team do!

    Mary Bosak

  240. The one thing I’m proud of was to stop telling myself I didn’t have enough money, or create excuses to not travel more, and went on an entire month around Europe during summer, doing lots of Yoga and seeing again old friends, and even going for the first time to countries such as UK, France, Ireland and Italy.

    I can’t think of any mistakes, but I did have learn a lot from simply dropping certain mindset and letting myself open up for new experiences.

    I think there a type of business that I know I never really wanted to pursue, even tho there’s a lot of expectations around me that I should do it. But it isn’t a type of business that touches my heart, so I’m more than happy to let it go…

  241. I really needed this! Amazing video as always!

  242. Bill Bryant

    I’m proud that I survived a 25-foot fall into a canyon in Utah, fracturing the L1 disk in my back, both knees, left foot and ankle and still climbed out of the canyon and 3 more miles and survived 24 more hours alone in the desert until help could find me.
    I learned that not everyone does business like you do and the only way around that is for me to start my own business and be successful and show the way.
    I am letting go of EVERYTHING! Old habits, old beliefs, things I no longer need. I got rid of almost all of my possessions last year, now a few final touches and I’m ready to roll into 2017 free and clear with nothing holding me back. 2017 is going to be legendary!

  243. Kat

    The one thing I am so proud of this year is my new job. I actually became a Marie Forleo insider because I was so frustrated with my career path. I went to school for Graphic Design and have been struggling to find a job that was not contract. I jump from contract to contract, sometimes not being paid, or projects terminated, references hard to get in touch with and facing a lot of competition when hired with other designers fighting for those few contract to hire positions. I also worked at a coffee shop which I have to say I was so grateful to have and learned so much from not only about coffee and the industry but about human beings. But I knew inside myself, I did not want to stay in coffee. I needed to create and have a career in creativity. I made a promise to myself that by the time I was thirty I would change my job situation. I didn’t know how because nothing I was doing seem to be work, and I was advancing in my coffee shop as oppose to my graphic design. After many many many helpful tips from Marie TV, blogs, books, and putting the word out, I did it! Someone told me about a job opening ! And I went in and got it! I was so happy and fun of pride that this was one of best things that could have happened to be this year.

    Mistakes….oh god. Contracts and not putting myself first. I learned that working freelance you want to help people and do your best work, but that doesn’t mean doing favors or working for free. People will take advance of you but if you put yourself first and put down in WRITING termination agreements and what nots everyone is much happier and can walk away from a situation that didn’t pan out and even preserve relations and friendships. Hard lesson but essential.

    Hmm I think the story I am willing to let go are more of a collective of stories. I got married this year which was amazing!!!! But of course with any wedding there were a few dramatic moments. The most dramatic were the “excuses” of why certain family members did not want to attend. I know a lot of it either had to do with their relationship to my parents, and left over business about my grandfather’s home and business after his death. But some I knew was just because it wasn’t important enough to them. I think I was more hurt than offended. I always thought we had a good personal relationship but I choose to let this go. Because in the end My wedding day was one of the best days of my life. My husband and I were surround by family and friends, love, music, and food. We couldn’t have asked for more. So in the end it didn’t really change the day or the importance of us getting married. I let it go, because to me they will always be family even if they don’t feel the same in return.

    🙂 Ready for 2017

  244. Ok, so better late than never.

    1) Having struggled with confidence issues since I can remember, specially when it involves standing up to present or talk. ( red blush attack! ) So one thing I am really proud about in 2016 was choosing to ‘feel the fear’ and do it anything and take every opportunity to stand up and present and sit at the front of the room at seminars.
    Also taking the first towards following my passion which is to empower teens to
    be and live more authentically.

    2) Lowering my standards in a bid to help someone… I finally realised that every time I do this I am telling the universe I am not worthy – so 2017 is all about setting new standards and keeping to them. IE Learning to say NO.

    3) Is connected to 2) which is the ‘I am not worthy’ self-worth story. Now that I am aware of where this stems I feel a lot more confident starting 2017 with the believe that that I am just as worthy the next person.

    Blessings and Light 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! You are absolutely worthy, Debbie. ♥

  245. Really excited to have a quick recap of 2017. For whatever reason I am not into my usual longer recap of the year this year and since I am working on being more spacious, I’m gonna let it go.

    1. One thing that I am proud of is that I started letting myself do those things that I have longed to do, but had labelled as too frivolous, too irresponsible, too self-indulgent or too unworthy. This included acting for the first time in 10 years, playing the flute, launching a product under my own name (I usually develop products for other people’s brands), and working from Spain for a month. Most of these things also included “putting myself out there” and getting more comfortable with doing something that I have not perfected. Giving myself the permission to feel good, to do things just because, has made every other part of my life better. I have felt beautiful and proud and loving and giving and grateful more deeply than ever before.
    2. One lesson learned is that ignoring the feeling that expectations are not clear only makes for worse interactions later. Best to call (not email) and come to a common understanding than to continue the work and hope it will sort itself out.
    3. I am willing to let go of the “who are you to share?” story that I use to keep my talents hidden and my voice hushed. My life has been so amazingly impacted by women who have shared their stories and thoughts and I choose to believe that by joining the conversation I will create more space, more inclusivity, more goodness.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful shares, Ellen! It sounds like you did some amazing things in 2016 and we’re cheering you on as you’re going for your amazing goals this year 🙂

  246. Thank you, Marie, for another amazing episode! I’m a bit late to the game watching but would love to share my 3 answers to these questions (personal accountability, anyone?).

    1. This year, I launched my online business (yay!). I took a leap of faith by enrolling in B School, I traveled the USA for 7 months in my camper van (all while working on my business), and I hiked 27 National Parks. Yes!
    2. The biggest lesson I learned this year was that my business MUST align with a deeper ‘why’ – something beyond profit and reputation. And most importantly, I cannot be everything to everyone (an easy trap for new entrepreneurs).
    3. I am ready to let go of my limiting beliefs around money – that I am incapable of making profit, and should set lower standards for myself. I am also ready to let go of caring what others think about me, my business, and my unconventional lifestyle.

    Cheers to 2017!

  247. Mariza Mentzou

    Thank your for this video!
    1) I took the courage to end my relationship which was a marriage based on mutual codependency and fear.
    2) I was putting every one else first. My ex, my dog, my parents, my work.
    I was trying to please everyone and put myself last. I got sick, overweight, overworked an de stressed. I started to change by putting more sleep and learning to take better care of myself.
    3) the “I am too old” story. To one old to fall in love again, too old to change career, too old to have children, or even to go out and have fun

  248. i loved this and you just inspired the fck out of me 🙂 lol thank you so much marie !

  249. 1. I started meditating. That really helped me focus and wow, does it spark creativity!
    2. I really need to cool down and not engage in drama. I love a good drama, but it keeps me from doing what’s important and it takes me nowhere.
    3. Let go of the feeling of not being worthy. So what, who cares if I’m not worthy? Why should I let that stop me? Just keep going.

    Thanks for inspiration!

  250. Melanie Friedson-Kotcher

    Thank you for this episode! Here are my three:
    1 – I’m proud of obtaining my Diploma in Coaching from NYU
    2 – I made the mistake of letting my fear and anxiety get in the way of my first coaching session with a classmate. I learned to breathe and be confident in my abilities and the process.
    3 – I am willing to let go of fear and worrying about the future. I want to live in the moment. I am also willing to let go of the idea that I won’t be able to develop my own business. It’s really just about staying clear and confident.

  251. I loved this, I keep coming back to this post and actually writing a newsletter on this topic. I refused to niche down last year, I wanted to be creative in all the ways I knew how, from painting, drawing, design, lettering and even web design. I wasn’t happy. The one thing I was proud of was my lettering getting better working on my course and opening up my online shop. So this year I finally decided to pick a niche. It’s Lettering! Yey! I already managed to release the course and am super happy with the response. Thanks Marie for making me realize that I need to target one audience not 10.

  252. SHARON

    I am writing to appreciate the marvelous work done by restoring my life,i have been diagnosed of heart disease since 2013, ever since then i was diagnosed of having this killer disease, which have taken many individual because it was confirm that the virus goes through all the system breaking and killing any humors in the body, so it almost took my life away until i was doing a research on the net on how adodoghie has cured several person of this disastrous ailment, and after reading the article on the net testified by one lady i decided to also give it a try and behold i wrote to him, and without wasting time he wrote back to me, saying i will be totally cured when i receive his herbal medicine in 2 weeks and i believed him and did what was needed to prepare my cure and after he sent to me through courier service and when i received it and used it in 2 weeks i went back to the same Doctor and was confirm negative from my heart disease, today i obliged others having this same disease to contact this strong herbal Dr on his EMAIL:[email protected]

  253. Nice Share.

  254. Christiana

    Hi Marie!
    I am just watching this video(My Mum was really sick so I was off the internet taking care of her) but I believe its not to late to share my powerful 3!
    1: I published my first Poem book and my music debut same time.

    2: I let myself be mentally abused(i believe you are in charge of your mental space) and I gradually and unconsciously lost my self worth. Now I know that no matter what never allow your self worth be tampered with, although I am not there yet I am picking up the pieces as I go along.

    3: I am letting go of doubt in myself and capabilities. I am stretching myself no matter how painful or scary it is.

  255. Pooja

    Hey Marie thanks for all of your video you share.I would like to take some advice from your.I feel stuck in my career although I know I don’t wanna do 9 to 5 Window. Please help me clearing my vision towards my career.

  256. Flossy Guinn

    I would like to stop Smoking

  257. Linda

    Hi, I’m brand new here, just found out about you through Danielle Spurge-Swavely!

    Anyway I just watched the video and I think I need to do two separate year reviews: one for my business and one for my personal life! I have been so focused on my business but when I watched the video a lot of stuff from my personal life popped up. Especially during question 3 where I have this enourmous guilt from not keeping in contact with my friends. And the longer time passes the more I refrain from contacting them because of this guilt and the fear of getting in an argument because of my lack of contact. I have always been bad at this so this is definitely something I need to work with for next year!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Linda, we’re so glad you’re here! And high fives to Danielle. 🙂

      It can definitely be difficult to make time for friends when you have a business, family, and other things going on. I bet they’d love to hear from you! Marie has some great tips for making time for friends when you’re going for your dreams: I hope this helps!

  258. I’m proud I got support for 2017: I visited the doctor when health things came up, spoke to my boss when family drama affected me and didn’t hide my head in the sand like I often did!
    I learned a bunch of lessons in 2017 about listening (to myself and others) by starting my business and not trusting my own gut when others gave their opinions.
    I have let go of the pressure to take on extra responsibility in my life. I am responsible for my actions, and my reactions to others actions: and nothing more.

  259. Hayley

    Thank you for that check in framework – although I’m doing in on Jan 8th, very helpful.
    1. Started a great job, and although it was hard, ‘suited up and showed up’ and didn’t quit. And stayed clean and sober in my hometown which has always been hard for me.
    2. Putting my relationship and work above my recovery on the priority list, and as a result all 3 suffered.
    3. Fear – the story “I’m not good enough”.

    H x

  260. Aishwarya

    Great questions Marie, thanks you for this! I used this last year as well!! Doing it again this year. I am so grateful for you♥️?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Here’s to the magic of yearly reviews, Aishwarya!

  261. I’m incredibly proud of launching my copy/content writing business this year, and the amount of money I earned through it.
    One mistake I made was letting a ‘friend’ leach off me – emotionally, confidence-wise and with regard to my working life. I’ve already put things in place to stop that happening again.
    One thing I’m going to let go of is the belief that I’m not good enough. I AM good enough and that means that I can step forward into the life I’ve been dreaming of for years. It’ll mean a lot of hard work but I’ve already proved this year (see point 1) how much I can do when I apply myself.

  262. Rachel

    Thank you, Marie. I love this episode! I can’t thank you enough for constantly sharing your encouragement, advice and wisdom.

  263. OK so this hit hard, and ended up inspiring a blog. I’m not attaching the link, but I hope you don’t mind if I post the blog itself here because it answers every question AND explains how Marie Forleo has impacted me this year. ( I hope it’s okay that I linked to her page in my blog, but I really want others to follow her, too!)
    “If you’re at all like me, you probably follow so many people and groups and businesses that you end up scrolling past most of it (maybe even just looking for the funny animal videos, TBH)….
    My inbox is full of notifications of new blogs, solicitations for donations, sales, and junk that I have to unsubscribe from every day. But today I got one of those emails that said “Read ME.” Not in the subject line, but just to my gut. It was from Marie Forleo (if you have a business, blog, or a desire to do better in your life and you’ve never heard of her, CHECK.HER.OUT.)
    Marie is a real, down-to-earth, hysterical successful businesswoman. I don’t know her resume details to spout them to you, but I will say that since I was introduced to her by one person I highly respected about a year ago, I’ve also been recommended to her by many other people I respect in the entrepreneur field. She’s a kick-butt leader in starting your own business and taking control of your life, but honestly, I just get her emails. I don’t really do much beyond watching a video or two here and there, or I’d probably be a lot more successful than I currently am. But hey. That leads me to my point.
    So Marie sends out emails reminding you of how much you are appreciated and how hard you are working, and even though you *KNOW* that she’s sending a bucket email to thousands of people, she speaks to you in a way that makes you feel like she’s talking TO.YOU. When I opened her email today, my first instinct was to dump it – I’m too freaking busy for this motivational crap today, deadlines, deadlines, Christmas shopping, money troubles, blah blah blah. Gotta workworkwork.
    But again, something stopped me. Her email, much like the mushrooms Alice saw in Wonderland, whispered, “Read me…” in my ear. Irritated, I opened the email and began scanning. And…she did it again.
    Instead of working hard on things that have no end, she has me thinking. And kindasorta tearing up, really. Marie points out the common sense schtick. Yeah, it’s been a hard year. But it’s been a wonderful year, too.
    It’s SO.FREAKING.EASY to ignore the little successes, and even the big ones, when we have snowballs piling up on us. Deadlines, bills, goals we haven’t met that are in our reach, goals that seem to be out of our reach. But Marie doesn’t let us wallow in those. Instead, she asked me (yeah, yeah, you too) these three simple questions:
    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?
    Honestly, I usually blow these types of self-evaluation questions off. I REALLY don’t want to evaluate myself. It’s painful. It hurts. I skip these questions on EVERY motivational building exercise I ever do.
    But, I really like Marie. And she speaks to me. So I took a few seconds to think about the answers, and what I realized took me to this blog.
    As I sit here feeling like a failure because I haven’t finished my book, I realize: HOLY COW! I’ve wanted to write a book for like 20 something years! And I’ve got over 180 pages in it done!
    As I sit here feeling like a failure because I can’t keep up with my deadlines, I realize: HOLY COW! I quit the office, 9 to 5 gig and went out on my own to be a freaking freelance writer and editor, and I’M MAKING IT! I’m making more than I made teaching or in a boxed office, to the point where it’s a struggle to keep up and stay focused. What the heck am I whining about???
    As I sit here feeling like a failure because I can’t keep up with my TWO ONLINE BUSINESSES (my blog and my business page) I realize: AMANDA – YOU STARTED TWO ONLINE BUSINESSES THIS YEAR!!
    And as I sit here feeling like a failure for skipping out on my exercise goals since October, I realize: AMANDA! You hiked the freaking GRAND CANYON! You set a bucket list goal AND YOU DID IT! Take the rest of the year off if you want, you did something that like NO ONE ELSE DOES! Or rather, no one else you know does… seriously, STOP reducing the significance of your accomplishment just because no one else around you understands exactly how significant it WAS!
    What mistake did I make? Boy golly, did I make mistakes. Mistake after mistake after mistake. My biggest mistake was in allowing others to dictate my actions. I limited (and to a degree still do) my actions because I was afraid of what other people would say.
    Which takes me to my limiting story: I made some BIGGGGGG mistakes in my past that made me think I wasn’t worthy of happiness. I hurt others, in a big way. I’ve atoned, changed, drug myself through the mud, and even long after everyone I hurt forgave me and insisted I move on and forgive myself, I still hadn’t been able to. And it has limited me, this inability to forgive myself and allow myself to be successful and happy. “But what will people SAY???? They’ll talk about me! I can’t be happy and successful and in the spotlight! EEEKKK!!” The end of 2018 is the end of that story.
    Thank you, Marie, for reminding me how far I’ve come. Thank you for reminding me that I can have bad chapters in my book, but I can keep writing my story.
    Guys. Seriously. If you want to be successful, follow her. As for me, I’m moving on from my self-pity and upper limit problem and continuing my story in 2019 without my other baggage weighing me down.”

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You’re amazing, Amanda! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us. We’re thrilled these exercises helped you see your own accomplishments in a new light. What a year you’ve had– huge congratulations on launching your businesses, the progress you’ve made on your book, and hiking the Grand Canyon! We have a feeling even more incredible things are on the horizon for you in 2019 and we’re all cheering you on. Thanks so much for giving Marie a shoutout on your blog and for sharing the love for her work- you seriously rock!

      • Thanks for the ego-boost! 🙂

  264. Marie, you rock! Thank you for getting us to think on these things at just the right time. Here are my three:
    1. This is more than one: I am so dang proud of myself for opening up a group practice in my business, building relationships in our community and giving back. I’m proud of the guts I’ve had in taking this huge leap. I’m proud of how I’ve stretched myself as a leader and in learning about business and money. I’m proud of how I have stayed true to course on my core values and that I’m running a business with generosity and integrity AND it makes money! I am also so dang proud of working toward getting off the non-stop work wheel and for finding more of a balance at home with my kids and hubby, daily workouts and surrounding myself with badass female friends.
    2. Oh, Lordy have I learned so much this year. The one big stand out is that I continue to struggle with the need to please to a fault. It has resulted in 2 hires that have yielded major issues in my business. It’s also been triggered in my parenting journey and I’ve realized that a lot of the lack of my boundary setting in exchange to ‘please’ is done unconsciously.
    3. I’m ready to get rid of the voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough. She’s a total bitch. I’m done with her.

  265. Always LOVE the tangible content that you offer us Marie!!!
    1) I am proud that I said yes to B-school this year, because it really felt right to do it!
    2) I would call my mistake and lesson learned where I sat in front of the computer for weeks on end trying to create content and programs instead of immersing myself in my playing field, which felt like it went against the grain of sitting down and “getting to it”. As soon as I let go of trying to create and dropped into my zone of play that I work in, I noticed a physical change in my body and my inspiration became supercharged, giving me “content” that I am still using! So lesson learned for myself, is that my inspiration is derived through what I love doing the most and that is truly what supports the biggest waves and flow of creativity in my life.
    3) Letting go of playing small and hiding, and karmic relationships of carrying guilt for others related to past traumas. Huge breakthrough this year and releasing it all with grace.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Heck YES to all of this, Jess! It sounds like you’ve experienced some incredible growth this year and we’re so grateful that B-School has been a valuable part of your journey. Playing small is so last year 😉 – we can’t wait to see what BIG, beautiful things lie ahead for you. Keep pouring into what lights you up and trust your heart in the process. We’re grateful to have you in our world!

  266. I loved this episode! It’s perfect timing as I’m about to head off on a mini retreat with my accountability buddy to look back on this year and plan for 2019. I am also excited to jump back into B-School again this year and FINALLY put together the plans for a passion project I’ve had inside of me for many, many years! Thank you for what you do and for being such a bright light in the world!

  267. Lori

    Great way to end the year!

    1. I am so glad I stopped telling myself I’m not a sales person. Then braved it out, went in a cross country prospecting trip and with my biz partner (also a sales person may sayer), we landed 3 new contracts!

    2. I am not proud of the fact that due to poor personal health habits, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this year. But glad I took the wake up call to get my act together. Down 17 lbs and feeling great!

    3. Letting go of the feeling that I don’t know enough. I have always been resourceful but don’t give myself credit for understanding that it is ok to seek the answer and get back to the person who asked you the question with your newfound knowledge. It is ok to say “Let me get back to you” rather than just saying “I don’t know”.

    Thanks again for all your wisdom!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Lori! Congratulations on landing new contracts, kickstarting some healthier habits, and letting go of ideas that don’t serve you. Those are all well worth celebrating and we’re all doing a Team Forleo happy dance for you! Keep up the awesome work.

  268. Pierre Itoumbou

    Hey there Marie,
    Honestly I set myself high and shouldn’t be here. I have been victim of sabotage and identity teft. But didn’t let myself down, I reinvent myself over and over. My main goal is to do export. But with all the none sence and sabotage keep on going despite all my efforts, I sign up to a Uber driver for today over a year and half. I less than two year, I completed over seven thousand trips, great reviews and comments. Guess what was happening, money was still missing of my account as it’s been happening. I changed banks accounts close other but it was still happening. I find out I have been stocked with goal to destroy even that little venture. I report all the scams and how it was portrayed.
    Meanwhile I built relationship toward that plat form. Lots of people find me, my investors, I met famous people and so on. Come to realized I while I am going through this holocost, the saboteurs declare me or sprayed rumor such as I was crazy, I was a failure and on and on, loser, not speaking english etc……. But those people came face to reality. I speak good english, I smart, not crazy, great to talk to and just good.

    What I learn is to remain calm, focus and consistent as well as careful. You played great deal of encouragement and inspiration as well being loved and that is priceless and up building. Also I learn that there is a peace missing missing in my life and I had to allow it, love. Yes because of all that is happening, I close myself inward, have no one and kind of lonely which I handle well. But it is not about me it’s about bring in something that other might benefit.

    For this coming year 2019, I decided to get back up to the game. My projection year look bright and promising. I set up a construction business, and have other plans and objestif. The issue I am facing it time. Because I delegated it’s not in my power to speed things out I am waiting for those plan to take place. So for the time being is just rest, reading and strategizing
    Also I even plan to move out again.
    Again thank you very much to allow me in your community and be loved

    With big love

  269. Dear, Amy Porterfield
    whatever I’m saying and whatever I do, I’d never give you what you gave us. I’m here to thank the opportunity which is gathered between you and me and I’m proud by this opportunity. You are great because you have a big heart, heart trying help anybody else, these characters not available these days, it’s available but not as much as we want. Thank you so much
    According to your questions:
    # 1 What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    I’m incredibly proud of I have got this chance to start my real business through you.
    # 2 what’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    My biggest mistake I try to build an online business for a while and I didn’t find really who are willing to take me by hand to achieve what I want to achieve and still wondering how may find the one I trust, I wasted much time on seeking.
    # 3 What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the new year?
    I tried to make a full stop for seeking for anyone else after I found you and read as much for you and read your profile, and your experience and the time you spent on this job that enough to let me make a decision to start with you, “the trust was built”.

  270. When I thought of the 1 that I did this year that I’m proud of I found I actually had 4 (and considering it’s been a tough year, this was a great insight!)
    I graduated from my MSc with merit, cared for my granny as she was dying and facilitated her death, redeveloped my transformational change coaching program enrolling new students into it and kept my company going when I wasn’t sure it was possible.
    What I learned this year is that I have a tendency to hold onto business partnerships and friendships that drain me out of fear and misguided loyalty. I learned from this to have clearer boundaries, trust myself and my intuition more and to put my well-being first!
    The one limiting story I’m letting go of is “I can’t do it myself”. This reflection has shown me that I can. Curious to see what 2019 brings from a place of knowing I can do it myself (and get the right support when I need it).

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Tabitha! We’re glad this exercise helped you reflect on so many powerful memories from the past year. We’re deeply sorry to hear you lost your grandma, though it’s wonderful that you were able to be so present for her in her final moments. It sounds like you’ve experienced tremendous growth in all areas of your life and we have no doubt incredible things are on the horizon for you!

  271. Marloes van Meel

    Thank you for another great, insightful and fun episode. Btw, I LOVE your sweater, earrings and lipstick!!
    So, here goes:
    1. I’m proud I changed my website myself and started a blog, and even posted drawings and a few videos.
    2. I regret not staying with my intuition/gut feeling with a certain guy I dated ;-). I want to be with an emotionally mature and available guy who takes responsibility for his mental health, and now I’ve learned more clearly what that means and what I want from a relationship :).
    3. I want to let go of the lack of trust in my feelings, intuition and judgment, and the guilt and shame around this.

    I wish everybody here an amazing new year full of meaningful encounters, growth in every way, many bouts of uncontrollable laughter, exciting adventures and of course lots of love. Xxx

  272. I don’t know what it is about you Marie but everytime you say your closing piece it makes me well up!!! Think it’s because you make me feel like you’re being my cheerleader…
    So my three end of year reviews are these:
    1) I launched my business – over 10years in my head and it’s now reality and the feed back from third parties is awesome.
    2) I don’t trust my instincts enough so have wasted funds on some business help which wasn’t useful even though I had doubt before engaging with them!
    3) I am no longer going to do things to please others at the cost of my own happiness/fulfilment. For too long I have carried the feeling of guilt when I choose to take care of myself and feared it would upset others. And I no longer worry about trying to maintain a relationship with my brother who informed me I was self centred, selfish and never considered others!!! I put the phone down on him and to this day haven’t looked back.
    Well there you go, I’ve never commented like this before but have found it cathartic. Love you guys, all the best for 2019, I love New Year X x

  273. Yeah Marie! I always look forward to your content in my inbox and on messenger!
    This was a great little exercise that packs a Punch! POW SUper PoweR!!! Yeah!!!! ! I Love You and Happpyyyyy BirrrthDay!!!!! I am already on your list multiple times so not resubscribing but I want the gifts!!!! Bless YOu!!!!! <3

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for your kind words, Kaaz! We’re grateful to have you in our world.

  274. Thank you so much Team Forleo! Great teaching, as always:)

    For me, I’m super lucky that I have daily practice to review my 7 wins (or more) every night. I always find 7 actions or steps that I took that day in the direction of my dreams (going to the gym, writing a blog, connecting with a friend, moving my nw programs forward, invoicing a client, doing my “Marie Homework” etc). Because of that, reviewing my wins for the year (and writing them down) were easy for me. Number 3 was a bit harder:) Still working on that one!

  275. This is a good one, as always. Here goes:
    1. The thing I am most proud of is that I made the commitment to move into a place of my own before the holidays that would be conducive to creativity, with plenty of space to grow into. I ended up moving into a 2 story brick row-house with my brother (rent is expensive in Portland, OR!) on October 29th. Though it is a bit scary due to the rental cost, we have a basement where he has 1 room that is his art studio and we have another room where I can start doing some small furniture projects. It was a property that opened up that we had not been considering and now here we are. I could not be happier!
    2. One of the mistakes I made was moving out of one room in a house I was sharing with my other brother into another room in a very small house with a co-worker. It was a very difficult time for me. Maybe I would say less of a mistake or failure than a huge lesson that caused me to realize I am so tired of living small. I was sick of being confined to one room and being at the whim of someone else and decided no matter the sacrifice, it was worth it to me to have space to live out my best life in the way I saw fit (see #1 above).
    3. What am I ready to let go of? The idea of surviving instead of thriving. It hit me last week that is the next evolution. Deepak shared this in his most recent meditation, so I cannot claim it. But now I am measuring my life by what does thriving mean for me? It might mean getting rid of some old clothes that are a bit raggedy and making space for new ones. I did just that recently and ended up going to Nordstrom Rack (just last night!) and getting 4 shirts, 1 pair of jeans and a sweater that retailed for $546. I ended up paying a fraction of the cost, just right around $80. There are so many other things that are coming up for me I am working through them all as they come up and I am excited to see what this year brings! I am ready to release all that crap and get after it.
    Thank you so much to you Marie, and your team! You bring so many good things to me in my life and I have benefited so much from your work, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your year-end review with us, Jenna! It sounds like you’ve made some big changes and have gotten clear on your values in the process. Congratulations on opening new doors– we’re sending along our best wishes that the year ahead is filled with peace, abundance, and joy in all areas of your life!

  276. We Should Practice

    1) I am really proud of organising two holidays for our small family and getting away from where we live for a break.
    2) I’m disappointed that I applied for two jobs that I knew in my heart and gut, I didn’t really want.
    3) I’m willing to let go of right now the experience of having my first play plagiarised. I deserve to be happy and move on to more success and happiness!

  277. Greetings from a Romanian living in Jersey (Channel Islands)! Thank you Marie, for these mind-opening questions. 🙂 Here are my reflections:
    1. The thing I am most proud of is that I have launched my website. And yes, I felt I was not progressing fast enough, but now, that I look back, I think it’s amazing I have learned so many things and created this website all by myself, despite a full-time job, organizing my wedding and many head-crushing migraines.
    2. One mistake that I have learned this year is starting my website without a real understanding of my audience’s pains. Not having a clear vision on how I want to provide value to my audience.
    3. I will let go of the limiting belief that I need to become an expert and to know everything about my industry in order to help other people. I have a master degree in my field, 7 years of experience under my belt, and I decided I am good enough to do what I am doing.
    Thanks for everything you do and I wish you all a Happy & Mindful Christmas!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Maria-Alexandra! Launching your website and planning a wedding, all while focusing on better serving your customers are all incredible accomplishments that are so worth celebrating. There’s truly no one more capable of bringing your ideas to life than you– trust yourself and know we’re all here cheering you on!

  278. 1) I’m so proud of myself for a few milestones: for investing in B-School and for rebuilding my site myself from scratch (I had to learn Elementor page builder), for starting to make art (something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl) and even finishing some small pieces and showing in a group exhibit in my small town. Also for changing my diet for health reasons and losing 42 pounds as a side effect. But most of all for doing the hard, hard work of getting willing to come out of my shell and into the light.
    2) My mistake: I tried to accomplish WAY too much in one year (talk about trying to go from gutter ball to strike!) I didn’t finish B-School because I allowed myself to get hung up with the relaunch of my site & not knowing what to offer as an opt-in. (But now I know and I’m working on it.) So next year? I’m not going to pile everything I want to change on top of myself in one feel swoop to try and compensate for feeling scared and stagnant.
    3) I’m ready to let go of fear of showing up, judgment, failing, not being good/skilled enough, and I’m ready to let go of perfectionism and procrastination. It’s much too hard to be “all that” … so I’m just going to focus on being all that I am at whatever stage of the game I find myself.

    Marie (and team!), thanks for all you do – and are. You’ve made a very great difference in my life and you continue to give me a clear and authentic example to shoot for in both personally & professionally. Much love & gratitude.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Julie! This warmed our hearts so much, thank you for all you shared! Your kind words truly mean the world to us, and it’s such an honor to support you on your journey.

      It sounds like you’ve had such an AMAZING year of growth – you should be insanely proud of yourself! We’re doing the biggest happy dance for you over here right now to celebrate all you’ve achieved.

      And amen to letting go of perfectionism in order to fully celebrate where you are in the current moment. You’re doing fantastic, never forget that! Cheering yourself on along the way will only encourage you to continue to show up and shine your beautiful light.

      Here’s to an equally powerful 2019!

  279. Carol

    I’m proud that I:
    Started volunteering at 4E Kennels where service dogs are bred. These dogs literally save lives all across the country. Changing Breeding from Bad to Badass – #Badassbreeder
    Btw – Jeanette Forrey would be a great person to have on one of your shows!

    I’m not so proud of:
    The fact that I overreacted to my 90 year-old Mom being scammed out of $35,000 on Facebook…for LOVE TEXTS from some bozo(s) claiming to be a Bridge Builder in Turkey!
    I’m ready to let go of:
    The hurt I felt when my Mom refused my help; in fact, went to this bozo’s defense. I’m ready to let go of the disappointment I felt facing the fact that my Mom is and has been dishonest with me for many years of my life. Sad revelation, but true.

    • I sympathize so deeply with your problem with your mother. It’s a dreadful situation, when a parent is in trouble and stubbornly refuses to take well-meant advice.
      My mother was also scammed — in her case, by some Jamaican con-artists who called her on the phone and told her she’d won millions of dollars, which they would send to her if she would only send them $1,000 or whatever. She wouldn’t listen to anything my brothers and I said. According to the lawyer I consulted, there wasn’t anything I could do to stop her from giving away her money. Eventually she lost everything she had, and it was horrible.
      She passed away a number of years ago, but the hurt is still there.

  280. Erika

    Thank you Marie! Sometimes i just forget to be proud of myself and not only see the mistakes.

  281. Great year-end contemplation list!
    1. I completed one coach training program, began a second, and soft-launched my LLC, all while working full time at a yuck job that pays the rent.
    2. Mistake: I did too much and my health crashed.
    3. I am willing to let go of cramming my schedule, reducing my list of goals, so that the goals I DO keep are more crystallized and well-experienced. 🙂 <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE your crystal-clarity, Hannah! You’re amazing, and we’re wishing you such an incredible year ahead. Keep rocking it and yes – remember to be gentle and oh-so-kind to yourself along the way! Taking good care of you is the most important thing. XOXO

  282. Hi Marie!
    You have been a great blessing to me in this tough year ! Everytime I feel stuck, clueless and desperate, I google on Marie’s thessaurus hoping to get the answers – and guess what, I usually find the answers from your Marie’s TV shows, newsletters, and Instagram posts. My sincere thank you to you! So here are some reflections to your questions:
    1. What I am proud of:
    Keep doing what I can with super limited money to build my floral business. Like building my website, making a business plan and projection of how I will manage my business finances once it generates income (sometimes, I think I am crazy, I have not even made $ 1 yet from this business! ), creating a moodboard template (so when time comes I am ready to present a proposal to a client, without spending hours to figure out how), making a plan of how to show client appreciations, creating the workflow process, timing, pricing formula spreadsheet, and salary schedule (for me and any team members when I grow my business), writing all of the FAQs, and thinking of more ways of what I can do while money is not available yet.
    2. Mistake: Last February we got an announcement that our beloved school would be closed. I have spent so many sleepless nights since last year thinking about this dire situations and how I am going to survive, so many negative what-ifs scenarios inundated my thoughts. I transferred safely to another campus by a strike of mind-blowing coincidence. I was so relieved for a while. Then anxiety creeps in again, but what if my industry collapses? The number of students have not improved yet… Suddenly I am asking myself, am I going to spend so much energy to worry through the next year??? Turns out , this is all rooted to question number 3…
    3. What I am willing to let go: limiting beliefs that I am not smart enough to figure out life challenges! How is it possible that I have no way out (of any challenges I face) while other people can overcome theirs? I am learning to infuse myself with the new beliefs that I am enough, have enough to cope with whatever life present me with.
    Thank you for these questions!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Dear Johanna, we’re SO happy to hear that Marie’s advice has been helpful for you this past year whenever you were needing a little boost of encouragement. It sounds like you’ve been working incredibly hard and your devotion to building your floral business is truly inspiring! I can tell that you absolutely have the determination, discipline, and intelligence within you to move through whatever challenges life may throw your way. You’re already doing it! Keep trusting yourself, and the importance of your unique gifts.

      We’re rooting for you over here and wishing you all the success in the world!

      • Thank you Julia for your encouragement! It really helps to get going and focus on my goals.
        Have a wonderful rest of 2018!

  283. 1. I am proud of publishing my first book in October!!
    2. I am really disappointed that I am not financially free as I wanted to and serve the amount of clients I wanted to this year.
    3. I am willing to let go of always looking after others and not me. I deserve to be seen, looked after and loved.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing about your 2018 with us here, Bianca, and HUGE congrats on publishing your first book! This is an amazing accomplishment. And yes – you absolutely, 10000000% deserve to be seen, cared for, and loved just as much as you do for others. What a beautiful, powerful intention. In case it’s helpful for working on your finances in the coming year, you may want to check out this great episode:

      We’re cheering you on and wishing you an incredibly fulfilling 2019 ahead!

  284. One thing that I am especially proud of this year is the introduction of 5 new products in my food production business, after several years of not adding anything new and my customers absolutely love them and want them available in stores. Their affirmation of my taste in flavours is so incredibly rewarding.
    One mistake I made that I can learn from is to never stop practicing my meditation, positive self talk, and personal affirmations. It seems that is when problems arise and less success is achieved.
    The toughest question is what am I willing to let go of. I have let go of so many things in my personal life over the last few years, but I guess the one thing that continues to evade me is the dis-empowering stories. I don’t think I’m even aware of them, but my actions (or lack of action i.e. procrastination) is evidence that they are still there. Including not completing my B-School, which I will get back to ASAP. By following through on #2, I know that, in time, I will succeed at #3.
    That’s almost poetry 🙂

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      There’s “no behind in B-School,” Liz! 🙂 Feel free to join us in 2019 for the live course to help keep you inspired and taking action. We’d love to have you on board again!

  285. Thanks Marie!
    1. I got accepted into a master’s degree program for Clinical Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and I finally was able to take Andrea Nakayama’s Digestive Intensive course.
    2. I didn’t have a more focused job search to find another job. I was not consistent enough in my essential oils business. I need to be more accountable in the new year.
    3. What am I willing to let go? Beating myself up for not accomplishing all that I wanted to do this year.

  286. Marie – I REALLY needed this today. It’s been a hard month and this has really turned my thinking round.
    Something I’m really proud of this year is that I took part in and completed the 100 Day Project which opened so many doors for me and was that basis for so many new product lines I did this year.
    A mistake I made was neglecting my online sales channels as I was so busy trading at markets this year I didn’t put in the time and effort they needed (and it really hit me over this festive season when I didn’t do a lot of markets and my online wasn’t ready to fill in that void).
    Something I’m ready to let go of is valuing myself based on the number of sales I have and comparing it to other small business owners on social media. I feel like I’ve been bombarded with everyone else doing well this holiday season and I haven’t been – but when I look at my year overall it really hasn’t been bad, it’s just that I mostly did well during the summer, but seeing low numbers on my Etsy store and how everyone else is sending out hundreds of parcels really got to me when it shouldn’t have done.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your note, Tash – it means the world to know this episode arrived at just the right time, and I hope that reflecting on all the incredible things that you’ve accomplished in the past year keeps you uplifted and inspired as we head into the bright New Year ahead!

  287. 1) I’m proud of launching my first on-line course about how to develop intuition!
    2) Try to avoid and/or suppress my fears, I’ve learnt to embrace them with love seeing them as my safe guardians.
    3) All limiting stories that are impeding me to grow, specially the ones related to “I’m not good enough”

  288. Thanks for another awesome episode! 1. Passing my drivers test after many years. 2.Listening to advice from people who had no experience or expertise in the area I am moving forward in. 3. Limiting belief: I am not really a business woman, just an artist scrambling to become financially free. That’s a lie and I’m ready to drop it. X Maame

  289. elmarchouk

    Hi marie
    thank you for everythings you do for us i really don’t know what a good things or experience i am proud of but the must important thing is iam still fighting to be alive on this bad state iam live in i mean marrocco their is no health care no education no job
    i hada bad experience by the way my grond mather was died at a bad hospital no one cares about her……
    The lessan i have learned to take care about my famille
    2019 I have to do new thinngs but i dont know i need your help

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Elmarchouk, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in a bad situation right now. Please know you’re always welcome to watch our MarieTV episodes anytime – they’re the best ways to learn some of Marie’s best tips and thoughts. I hope that 2019 brings peace and better things your way.

  290. Great post MF!
    One thing i’m proud of: I got out there and spread my message to the world unapologetically.
    One mistake I made and the lesson learned: delaying taking action out of fear of what others might think, when actually… most people really don’t give two hoots!! ?
    One limiting story i’m ready to let go of before 2019: That i’m not clever enough to build a successful thriving business of my dreams. It takes hard, consistent work + belief that it’s possible + the right intention (to serve).

  291. Gracy

    Hi Marie,
    I love love love this. So simple yet impactful.
    1. I am a Ph.D.student collaborated and produced 3 peer-reviewed publications.
    2. I let the needs of others take priority over my own. I wasn’t asking if things served my own interest. I just jumped on board the dreams and aspirations of my partner thinking that ‘we’ should be the first consideration in all my decision. In the process, I lost who I am and what I could be. I have learned to center my own needs and wants first. Yes, it is good to think together as a couple, but I need to prioritize my own. Be selfish!
    3. I am letting GO of the idea that I am not good enough. I am more than enough and belong where I am. Now going to ACT like it.

    Thanks for these prompts.

  292. Pierre

    The thing that I am proud I made was to join to join the user driver community as an alternative or transitional set, the car I bought a year ago.
    The mistake I made was to let my was not moved where I planned to.
    I have recalibrer my settings and ready for 2019 challenge, I know it’s not going to be easy but I am optimistic.
    Again thank you for allowed me in your awesome community and have your inspiration, cheers and love.

    Love you more

  293. Shanda

    1. I am proud of the fact that I underwent major surgery to donate my kidney to a husband and father of three in my community.
    2. The mistake I made was that I was not better disciplined with myself prior to surgery. I could have been more organized and further ahead financially. (I was laid off from my job four months before surgery.)
    3. The limiting story I am ready to let go of is that I cannot earn the income that I am accustomed to because the economy is poor and jobs are just not paying as much.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, Shanda – it’s so incredible that you donated a kidney this year. That’s so deeply generous, and I have no doubt it’s made a tremendous difference!

  294. I have to share 2 things I’ve accomplished that I am really proud of because they go together. 1. I finally, after owning my own business for 10 years, realized and embraced the fact that I am a Business Woman and a great one at that! and 2. in November, I tripled my monthly revenue because I sold the program I have been working on since I started B School!

    Mistake I made – I collaborated with some colleagues on an event and I took on more than my share of the work including the financial backing of the event and did not work out the numbers to get reimbursed properly. I also did not get to run my program during the event because I am more comfortable being behind the scenes. I did learn I’m good at managing meetings and getting something off the ground.

    Willing to let go of old beliefs -such as not deserving success and not believing in my abilities and strengths.

    thank you for this year end review! It is powerful!

  295. Deborah Willig

    Super excited to watch this with my NYE day crew. As for me, 1. Super healthy, communicative relationship. 2. Check assumptions before enacting strategy. 3. Releasing ‘knowing my “place”‘ and fear of rejection if I overstep my ‘box’ in life. I have too much to give and enough water under my bridge at 43 to let myself blossom. To stop holding myself back out thinking others know the answers. I am shining a great big welcome light on my path ahead.

  296. Love this exercise, Marie! I know I’ve been resistant to do this sort of review in the past…because I could only see the negative. So the first thing I’m proud of if stopping to answer these questions and having them written down while I plan for 2019!
    Here are my answers:
    1) investing in B-School! Which gave me permission to get clarity, cut the crap that wasn’t working for me and focusing my business into something I love. Additionally, I am proud of myself for getting out into the world and taking my products to fan conventions (where my customers are!) and making awesome sales and connecting with this community. Finally, I created two candle fragrances that I’m super proud of – one got some amazing feedback from the actor who plays the character on TV. He loved what I did (taking his ideas and creating a fragrance) and actually purchased a candle (I told him he could have it for free, but he insisted!).

    2) Being a newbie to the convention circuit I made the misstep of not understanding my audience and the event. I ended up barely making my travel/booth costs back. The reality is that I missed the mark. I plan to attend next year and go about the event in a completely different manner which I think will increase sales and create the relationships I think will help me out for future sales.

    3) Oh I just decided to this with one of my one-on-one offerings! I’m ditching it because it’s not in line with my new focus. It has been lingering all 2018. I couldn’t let it go because, like so many of us, I saw it as a failure to quit. However, I had a moment with myself and my intuition and just go real. It’s not serving me or my business. I’ll miss it and maybe someday I’ll come back to it. But right now it’s going on a shelf. I am also committing to saying now if any past customers reach out to me – it will be hard, but it’s got to be done. Another thing I need to address is my negative thoughts/fear about hiring someone to help me work my business. I’ve been a solopreneur for 5 years. I need help or I’ll never be able to go to the next level. But trust/fear hold me back. I’ve got the jobs all ready developed, so now it’s time to jump feet first into finding people to help me out.

    Marie and team, I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for an amazing 2018. I hope you have a great holiday season and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds! Much love! <3

  297. Pat

    1. One thing I’m proud of this year is my work that involved creating this beautiful after school cooking and nutrition program for Teens. This program allowed me to meet some amazing young people who have inspired me to not only continue my work but also explore my full potential.
    2. One mistake I made this year was compromising when asking for the things I needed. It really set me back in more ways than one. (But it was a learning and growing experience.)
    3. One thing I’m willing to let go of (and it is going to be a work in progress) is fear of failing. Although this year has proven to me that discomfort is not the end of the world. Sometimes being uncomfortable or in unfamiliar places helps us build bravery badges that we will definitely need for furture life circumstances. So if any this year was new and unfamiliar but it is helping me work on my fears of failure going into 2019.
    ***Side note: 2018 was the year I accidentally stumbled upon Marie Forleo, an accident that I am grateful for. Your emails and videos are great reminders of mindfulness and gratitude. Thank you for a good year of advice, support, and inspiration.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your answers and for your kind words, Pat. We’re so glad you found our work this year, and we’re sending our best wishes for an incredible 2019 ahead!

  298. Thanks for this great episode!
    1. One thing I did that I’m proud of is that I published my latest novel, and this time I did it “wide” — not just on Amazon but in a lot of ebook stores, and even made it into a paperback format. That was a big step forward toward being an “authorpreneur” and not just a writer of books.
    2. One mistake was to not have a book marketing plan in place — I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to marketing my books, and frankly it was a scramble just to get the book done. Too much chaos, no clarity, but how do I write and market at the same time? Marketing is scary. I don’t have to talk to people when I’m writing.
    3. One thing I’m letting go is the idea that I have to be an instant success. I can take my time to learn these things.

  299. Thank you, Marie and team, for all you do for us struggling entrepreneurs.
    Is the only newsletter I religiously read, and watch all of the videos.

    1) My biggest accomplishment this year has been quitting my job to start my freelance career (August, just 5 months in). I’m a graphic and web designer and it took HUGE amounts of courage to take the leap. So I’m very proud of myself. But, it hasn’t been easy, so again, I can’t thank you guys enough for all the value and love you give us.

    2) The mistake I made is not organizing myself, and biting off more than I can chew. I signed up for countless courses (the Copy Cure included) and finished neither of them.

    3) Lastly, I need to let go of my procrastination and my perfectionism (mostly this). I think is gonna be a long-life battle, but I’m trying to overcome it.

    I haven’t finished my website, PURE EXCUSES! With merely 13 days left of the year, I’m gonna do it. Perfect or NOT, I HAVE TO HAVE IT ONLINE. Got myself an accountability partner for it, and I really need to push myself through.

    I can’t thank you enough! FOR TAKING OVER 2019!

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Micaela 🙂 I totally hear you on signing up for courses and biting off a bit more than you can chew – I’ve been there so many times myself! The great thing about The Copy Cure is that there’s no time limit, so you haven’t missed the boat at all – you can dive in and work through it anytime you’d like.

      While I was reading your note, I thought of an early MarieTV episode that has a couple tips to help beat procrastination, so I’m passing that along for some helpful tips for the New Year:

      I hope you enjoy checking it out, and we’re cheering you on as we sail into 2019!

  300. You make mistakes every Week??? Emotional E, Colon C.

    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of? I moved safely to TN. Yea!
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned? Hum, what vegetable plants grow in this area. As for hanging on to the Master list. I laugh at the languishing items. However I do not forget them since like you said, Write it down!
    What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year? Unpack the last 8 boxes? Went around house, thought I had 5! The bright side is most are 80% empty. Originally I thought contractors will come through the house, so no rush to show them all. Then get a check from a lawyer for ~$783, this is the rest of settlement and cost for whatever repairs I can do. Ha ha, wondering why no floor vent in kitchen, so take other vent (to match), come home, and did not fit. Ha ha the idiots cut the hole to small. Now just have to find rip saw, use safety gases, set height correct, and let her rip. The job’s of homeowners… Just checked the new part fits in another existing one! Yea, so I get to choose which direction the hole will go! How to stay positive!

  301. Mariza Mentzou

    Thank you Marie (and team) for the thought-provoking video.

    1. I really moved on this year. Bridged a gap between theory and action in my personal life. (I did the work in 2016-17 and it payed off)
    2. My time is a valuable commodity. I wasted some of it on the wrong people, the wrong activities. I need to use it wisely.
    3. I’m ready to give up the story ‘that I’m not employable after a certain age – at 43 today basically I stress myself that I need to change jobs yesterday to not miss the train forever –

  302. I’m proud of landing a publishing deal for my deck of oracle cards, (I’ll shamlessly mention them here, lol) ‘TLC for The Soul,’ 33 Messages of Comfort, after years of hoping and dreaming!
    I’m releasing sadness.
    I embrace my voice and my sincere desire to grow even when I feel vulnerable and unsure. My life is dedicated to Divinity and I’m willing to accept that some people won’t get me and that’s not my business. Thank you Marie! Merry Christmas Sparkling Soul! ??

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your responses, Shana. Huge congratulations on your publishing deal, and Merry Christmas to you!

  303. Clara Bauleth

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for the post 🙂

    1) I have taken over as General Manager at the age of 28 in a company that has been operation for the past 20 years and all my direct reports are 40+ . We recently opened our second branch and I am really proud of that.

    2) I got an abortion earlier this year because i was scared and had many fears due to things that happened in my past.

    3) Letting go of being to fearful to just experience life!

  304. Hello from Old York, UK! Brilliant episode – although your ‘loaf’ move at the beginning did make me splurt out my tea laughing.
    1) Most proud of – a major project ‘moving the beehive’ of web content – and improving it – for a major English cathedral.
    2) Mistake to learn from – not setting aside tax as I went along for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs which will be due 31 January. Ugh.
    3) Willing to let go of – Feeling somehow less by not having an official copywriting qualification. After 20 years of writing, with the last four freelancing and earning my living from my words, I think I’ve earnt my stripes.
    Merry Christmas Marie and all your amazing team!

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      There’s no better teacher than experience, Helen – I’d say you’ve more than “earned” your stripes way beyond any paper qualifications! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you too!

  305. Lauren

    Hi Marie and Team,
    What are some steps to “let go”. I read it everywhere… “you need to let go” but no one explains the process of letting go. Thoughts?

    • I found it really helpful to look for letting go meditation’s on YouTube, they’re free and help get your mind into a space of not trying to hold on to every thought and every circumstance, trusting that it will all be taken care of . Mai had a really good comment below that talked about that as well, and I too hold on so tight sometimes and it is hard to let go. To me letting go is trusting that whatever circumstance or frustration your in, you develop a belief of “oh well, I know this will pan out how it’s supposed to or I know I’ll be able to figure this out so I’m not going to worry about it so much.”.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Great question, Lauren! One technique that so many people recommend for letting go is meditation. As Stacey shared below, there are some wonderful meditations specifically about “letting go,” and actually any kind of meditation in general can help with the practice of letting things go overall.

      We did a MarieTV episode about meditation a while back, and it includes a free 10 minute meditation audio, so you’re welcome to check that out for some tips:

  306. Mai

    Thank you for your post, Marie! This is a great, fast way to reflect on the year!

    Here are my answers to your 3 questions:

    1) I’m most proud of unapologetically putting myself first. That means, making sure I get the exercise I need, making time to go to the farmers market for fresh, nourishing produce, making time for home cooked meals, making sure I get enough sun/nature time and giving myself enough mental space to reflect and be creative.

    2) The most important lesson I’ve learned among many is that I am in control of my own happiness and peace and that my internal state is independent of my external circumstances. Case in point: I’m still working in the corporate world while doing my self development work on the side. I kept thinking, once I get out of this corporate world, I can be happy. But the reality is, I’m learning to be happy where I’m at. I’ve set an intention for myself to discover what brings me the most joy at work and focus on that, while I’m doing my self development work and building a cushy savings!

    3) What I want to let go of the belief that I have to do everything by myself and I can’t rely on others. I want to learn how to receive and trust that all will be provided for me.

    • Mai, I just love what you said but especially the part about learning how to trust that all will be provided for me. Oh yes, that is so difficult sometimes. When I’m really honest with myself, I look around, and look back on different circumstances and everything really is OK, everything really was provided and I will continue to work on trusting that more as well. Thank you for sharing.

      • Mai

        You’re welcome! I’ve done a lot of self development work, but this is the first time I’ve ever addressed learning how to receive and trusting. And it’s hard and I feel like I’m just barely touching the surface. But despite the difficulty, I just remind myself to take baby steps. Best of luck to you, Stacey and remember to be gentle on yourself. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  307. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of? Learned and share spiritual hygiene practices that help me stay (or get) calm and centered. (Grounding, shielding and cutting negative cords. AhfrickinAmazing!).
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned? Allowed others to rile me or cause me to doubt my inner wisdom…and I learned better how to shield myself from them to focus on the positive outcomes I want to see and then acknowledge those accomplishments.
    What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year? That I don’t get enough done and I don’talways know why I’m here, as in, what is my purpose. I’ve heard from multiple friends and family this year the question, why are you so hard on yourself? I’ve been doing a lot of exploring on that question, I got Brandon Burchard’s High Performance Habits planner and I am already reaping the benefits of more consciously focusing my thoughts on my accomplishments and owning my truth and power. Even my husband said to me, you are really doing a good job, I wish you would own that more and understand that you got this, don’t doubt yourself so much. Made me look at why was I waiting for permission to be who I am? I already have permission from Jesus/God, my higher power. I was created to help others, and once I started focusing more on that, I have much greater peace in my heart. Thank you Team Forleo, I sincerely adore you and the work you do, you inspire me daily. ❤❤??

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your beautiful year-end review with us, Stacey! We’re so glad these questions sparked so many powerful takeaways for you to carry into 2019. We’re grateful to have you in our community and we’re sending along our very best wishes for a positive, productive year ahead!

  308. Elaine Dolan

    Inspiring Marie, a different tac to take!

  309. ONE) I had my first paid exhibit at a University (this is kind of a big deal for artists to be paid to exhibit their work instead of being charged to exhibit). I really put myself out there this year by participating in two celebrity gifting events; the Oscars and the Golden Globes. I spent four months completing an oil painting that I am super proud of!

    TWO) I need to stop wasting time on people who aren’t 100% rooting for my success. And I need to stop letting other people come first when they rarely come through.

    THREE) I am letting go of other people’s expectations of me. My career is what I make it and no one else can navigate success *for* me.

  310. Tuff

    #1 I constucted a lot of beautiful things this year that brought joy to many people. Zing!
    #2 I made the mistake of projecting my own work dissatisfaction on a co-worker, when the simple answer was that this is not the work where my passions lie. Boom! Eureka baby!! (New job a comin’)
    #3 Imma let go of perfection in favour of playfully seeking growth and stillness. OMmmmm!
    Peace out!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love it, Tuff! It sounds like you had an awesome year. Zing! Boom! Eureka, indeed!

  311. Love this episode!!
    I am super proud that I generated a lot of new clients/guests for my vacation rental.
    I made the mistake of hiring someone to do my website without being super involved in the process and now I’m having to re-create it so I’ll know how to run it and modify it myself.
    AND I am willing to let go of the notion that I need to have someone help me or co-create with me to start/run a new aspect of my business, I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.
    Thanks so much Marie and Happy Holidays!

  312. 1) What’s one thing I did that I’m proud of?
    I am proud of starting a new company in 2018 and in less than a year already getting international orders and orders through Google Searches.
    2) What’s one mistake I made and the lesson I learned?
    Struggling with product manufacturing and re-doing things too many times (total time-waster). I’ve learned several manufacturing methods that speed things up and make for more accurate sizing.
    3) What’s one limiting story I’m ready to let go of?
    I am not able to run a successful company. I can see that in a short time I am able to build something that has merit and great future potential. I’m excited to build on this!

  313. Love Marie video’s the down to earth, clear in the face on honest, serious tone with humour in it, I so love it.
    I opened mail just coming home, listened to the video of tv, first thought “oh great to do it ….later” No, NOW. So grabbed pen and paper and start writing, to bring it back to one thing of each question this is my list:
    – most proud of is well it this particular moment it this exercise NOW and did not postpone. Looking back on the year, quite a list (feels good especially when I think I don’t do enough), the one thing standing out is one of my business creating. In a magical way I received a name, just messing around with stuff seeing it “out of the blue”. It is unique and not existing and created an online structure for it.
    – mistake I learned from this year is, one standing out is, that idea in me, when something I feel not done good enough I tend to linger into it, wanting to do it “better” or stepping back and “do it again”. This is slowing the process and progress, and keeps me stuck. Learn from it is, “move on”, even when crappy “move on”. Stuff will come up again in another way to process it and take it to a deeper level. So simply “do it” and “move on”
    – let go of, practical is a book a bought of Julia Cameron a 12 week journey about money. It is not a match. So let go. Going to pass on the book. More emotional the idea I am not going fast enough, I am not doing enough. That I should do more, work harder etc.
    (in the now doing this exercise and thinking oh my list is too long, not complete etc, this is it for now done it, post it and move on, to the next thing)

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Harma! Way to take quick action. We’re thrilled that you enjoyed this exercise and that it stirred up some great ideas for you to continue working toward in your business and beyond!

      • harma margrieta


  314. Awesome video! Thank you 🙂

  315. I’m proud I finished B-School and launched my business! I put my head down and really did the work each week. It took a lot of effort, but it was totally worth the investment and I’m so glad I did it. I’m also proud that I’ve finished my first course and am launching it next week.

    One lesson I’ve learned is that staying in my own lane while growing my business is the best place to spend my energy. Comparing my growth to other businesses isn’t helpful or healthy. I’m gonna do me and staying in my lane and focusing on how I can bring value, not what someone else is doing, has been a valuable lesson.

    I’m letting go of perfection. I’ve been letting go of it, but I still have my moments. I’m fully embracing done, not perfect in 2019.

  316. Loved this episode, Marie Forleo! Tweeting, Pinning, Facebooking, Liking. . . All of it! Here’s my answers:
    1. Most proud of for 2018? Launched my online business in mid-Sept! Woo-hoo!
    2. Biggest lesson learned for 2018? I had been holding onto too many overwhelming commitments too long. Just could not say “no” to anything. . . Everything that is but me and my business. . . For years now! It took me a few months to unravel and delegate responsibly. . . But I did and learned that things will move forward just fine without me always being the “bellboy” for everything. I am not the only one who knows how to “carry the luggage”! I still take my shift. . . But in a more balanced way.
    3. What to let go of? I have a huge wardrobe moving box in the corner of my bedroom filled with wonderful vintage clothes from my years in NYC. It is so full that the box is actually starting to collapse into itself. Can I wear them? No. Can I store them in my closet? No. Could I sell them and make some coin? Yes. So, I am taking some of my birthday money (thanks, Mom!) and buying me a great garment rack. Taking them out of the box so I can see them. And start to list them for sell. Bonus? It is going to give me some much-needed income while my online business gains traction. . . And, we circle back to Question #1. My NYC Love funding my Business Love! Woo-hoo!
    . . . Thank you so much for this great exercise, Marie Forleo! Back to work now. 2019 is just around the corner. . . ✨?✨

  317. I loved this episode! Ok, here are my 3:
    1. I’m proud of growing my blog to its biggest year yet.
    2. I made a mistake by listening to 2 other people about a contract I received. I lost the contract as a result. Will trust my own instinct next time!
    3. I can’t fathom letting go of jealousy over the person who has my dream job, but I know it must be done. I just don’t know how to let go of the jealousy.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your honesty! It can be tempting to feel limited by someone else’s success but we truly believe there’s enough room for everyone’s unique gifts in the world. Congrats on the growth you’ve experienced so far with your blog– keep trusting your heart and know that you’re on the right path. This episode from our archives may provide an extra bit of a boost for you, too:

  318. Hi Marie,
    thank you for this reminder of recognising the wins. I often go into the new year feeling defleated. Love that name. Now that I’m aware of this I’m going to let go of the negatives. So my list of 2018 reflection is
    1. I will celebrate the launch of my first Canva workshop [which was a huge success] it blew my mind how my members love it so much.
    2. My mistake was not launching it or doing things earlier in the year.
    3. I gotta let go of the negative self-talk – cause it turned out that what I do for others is extremely valuable.

  319. Malory

    I’m currently laughing at how easy it was to answer these questions. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but it is what it is.

    1. I got over my fear of teaching and a fear story of mine that I wasn’t good enough at languages to teach English as a second language. I taught English to refugees at a local school for a whole month!
    2. At the beginning of this year I started going through an INSANE personal transformation, and with that came a flock of business ideas and a whole lot of drive. I even joined B-School! However, I let my excitement and new found manifestation and spirituality practices get the best of me… I didn’t balance it with practicality at all. I moved from Utah to California with no budget and no plan; but a whole lot of business ideas and surety that the universe was guiding me there. Needless to say its a good thing I was able to get out of it, because I fell flat on my face. To make things worse, I lost friendships, moved back to Utah, was back on the job search and felt really stupid.
    3. I am working on letting go of the mistakes I made this year everyday. I learned multiple valuable lessons this year, just the hard way, and ultimately know that I will continue to figure things out.

    They happened. Their over. Cue 2019.

  320. Thank you for always saying exactly what I need to hear, Marie.
    1. Looking back on 2018, I’m proud that I sat with feelings of depression. Instead of beating myself up, I allowed myself to be uncomfortable. I didn’t self destruct, avoid my truth, or force solutions. As long as my face was clean, the bills were paid, and the dishes were done, I accepted myself and trusted this, too, shall pass. And it did.
    2. A mistake I made that taught me a valuable lesson was that I allowed limited thinking to convince me that my desires were unachievable/unnecessary/not important/too haughty.
    3. I’m willing to let go of…. drum roll please…. the housecleaning! I’m meeting with a housekeeper tomorrow. I’m also willing to let go of negative self talk.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s incredibly brave, Sandra! We’re so glad to hear things have started looking up for you. We also recognize the courage it takes to ask for the help you need. Congrats on making positive changes to create more room in your life for things that rejuvenate you. We hope the year ahead is filled with an abundance of peace and joy!

  321. Cheryl

    Love your comment, Marie, that we don’t know what’s holding us back until we let something go. Intuitive expert, Sonia Choquette, would agree with you. Even when we don’t see it, receiving intuitive guidance to move forward is more difficult when even our subconscious minds are focused on the clutter in our lives. Catherine Ponder also calls this creating a vacuum. Letting go of something we don’t need or want creates a vacuum that makes room for the Universe to fill the emptiness with something greater we do want. Perhaps instead of waiting to do “spring cleaning,” doing a little New Year’s clearing would be more productive. Difficult to fill the refrigerator with fresh new things when it’s full of leftovers.

  322. 1. I’m proud of the consistency in my business in the second half of this year
    2. I made the mistake to not pay attention to the traffic coming to my website; as soon as I took care of it again (I had just forgotten it), my business worked smoothly
    3. I want to let go of the thought that growing older has to affect the way I operate in my life in a negative way

  323. 1. Two major things this year I was proud of. Became debt free (credit cards etc.) and was hired by the NFL to be a photographer.
    2. Biggest lesson learned is that procrastination leads to lost income.
    3. I’m letting go my fear of success for the new year.

  324. I might have commented last year already – not sure, but would be cool to find that comment though!
    Anyway, 2018 is this:

    1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    Bringing in my first coaching clients.
    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    Taking on a freelance as a side-hustle out of desperation for money. I did not like the work. I did not have a good connection with the team and ended up feeling bad and leaving almost ended up in a fight. Lesson: if your gut’s telling you it’s not right for you, just don’t do it and leave the door open for an opportunity that resonates with you at that time.
    3. What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?
    That I never have enough money, or never will, to invest in myself and my business.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled this exercise sparked some great takeaways for you this year, Eline! Congrats on growing your coaching business and working with your first clients– that’s so exciting! We’re sorry to hear your freelance work wasn’t a good fit though it’s wonderful that you trusted your heart and found peace in the process of moving on. We’re wishing you joy and abundance in all areas of your life and business in the year ahead!

  325. I proud that I finally decided to see my addiction for what it is.
    My biggest mistake was to think that I could knew others the way I know myself.
    Im letting go of the gangster in cape town 😛

  326. 1. Proud Of – I have been working at creating another new business idea (which may be necessary due to some health related matters). At this point in time I am only applying for a fictitious name in the event I move forward with my new idea.

    2. Mistake – I literally had 90% of all my eggs in the same basket due to being overwhelmed with the work that was coming right in the front door. Then suddenly my client was bought out by a larger company and they decided that they were going to hire in house personnel to provide the professional services I had been providing for the past 15+ years. And boy did that wake me up! This taught me an extremely important and valuable lesson of making sure that I limit my exposure by maintaining no more than 30% of my professional services are performed for any one client. And did that ever sting! Ouch!

    3. What am I willing to let go of is the resentment, hurt and pain that was caused by something that was completely out of my circle of influence (see Q # 2). More importantly, I will be purging my files & stackers and pitching anything that I haven’t used in the past year.

  327. Jared

    Firstly OMG “Commitment Colonic” and “Emotional Enema” LOL I am totally loving these anal alliterations!

    1. I joined a community music group at the end of 2017. This year, we performed publicly in my nation’s capital, and I also traveled to Japan to perform at a huge event! I always thought I was an introvert that didn’t like the limelight, but I am totally down with this show-pony life! 😀

    2. I learnt that I need to become much more aware of my mental state, and what is going on in my head. I started spiralling down dramatically this year following an accident that happened to a worker at my workplace. I left the company shortly after, and was later diagnosed with depression. I got the help that I needed, and I was able to connect this to my own father’s workplace accident which occurred almost 20 years ago.

    3. I am willing to let go of the shame I felt from 2. above. I’m actually starting to feel that it could be a huge blessing that is pointing me in a more positive direction. I am starting a new job in the New Year.

  328. Elizabeth

    Thank you for another great Marie TV episode. I think I definitely needed someone to make me slow down and assess my year. In answer to your questions:
    1) I’m proud of how I have managed to shift lanes to a new career path. It was a hard decision, but I feel happy with how it is.
    2) I learned that while it is important to keep busy, it is also important to be careful not to over-commit yourself to too many projects and to prioritize self-care.
    3) I’ve also learned this year that I need to forgive myself when I make mistakes and pick myself back up. Today’s mistakes don’t mean that you can’t make better choices tomorrow and even if you get stuck in bad cycles for a little while, you can get back on the horse and try again.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this exercise, Elizabeth! Congratulations on shifting into a new career path, committing to taking such good care of yourself, and learning to let go of what doesn’t serve you. We hope beautiful things are on the horizon for you in 2019!

  329. Kerry Harley

    Thank you Marie from Down under. Thank you for prompting me to review my year.
    Question 1. I was invited to be a guest presenter on The Today Show Australia. Parents asked for my professional advice about their babies and toddlers. The best part was that I only said “um” twice!
    Question 2. I published my first eBook on Potty Training for Boys but haven’t marketed well. I didn’t investigate it well. I just thought when I loaded it on to Amazon it would sell millions of copies. I mean hey,it’s a great book!
    Question 3. I need to get rid of the guilt around not yet publishing the other books I have written. “everyone else has better books than me”,ho hum,boohoo….

  330. Jon Ward

    So my best thing this year was applying for and getting my limo driver job. Love my job and not many can say that.
    My biggest setback was getting evicted and not being in control of my finances.
    The thing I need to let go of is stressing about my vehicle and whether it will continue to work for me. It either will or it won’t and stress won’t help it either way, right!

  331. This has been quite a year for me.
    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    I finally lost 120 pounds that I have been carrying around for decades. I have changed my lifestyle and what I eat and how much and have made the loss permanent.
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    I invested almost $50K of borrowed money. I was investing in myself, but the company I invested it in was shut down by the FTC, leaving me no way to pay it back – at least not from where I had hoped to.
    What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?
    I have let go of blaming others for a bad investment. I realize that blaming and not forgiving is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die. I’m going to make the money back online with what I have learned about weight loss: what works and what does not work. I’ve also let go of blaming the establishment for misinforming me about the right way to lose weight. I think they believed it, they were just wrong!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Linda! We recognize the courage it takes to let go of the things that no longer serve us and we hope you continue to find peace and freedom along your journey. Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goals and the beautiful insight you’ve gained along the way. It’s clear you have a huge heart for serving others and it’s wonderful that you’re feeling so inspired to share your personal experience. We’re sending along our very best wishes for a wonderful year ahead! Thanks for being a part of our world.

  332. Virginia Holness

    Thanks Marie, I love your directness and humour (and hair).
    I am proud of the successful B&B that I have set up which provides travellers and holiday makers a beautiful, restful, eco sustainable space to retreat to (or just hang out) at the end of the day.
    The thing I did this year, that I will not repeat, is chase money from a place of lack by working for a low vibrational, negative organisation that hurt my soul.
    Moving in to 2019 I am letting go of relationships and situations that do not serve, support or inspire me.

  333. Thank you Marie.
    I am proud of following the trail and uncovering the mystery of my early childhood, that I was psychologically experimented on by the CIA at the age of 3.
    I learnt as I went along what wasn’t working and that helped me find the way, so overall, I’d say I have a handle on mistakes.
    I let go of my father’s dominance over me (which he’d been trained to do by the CIA)

  334. Thanks Marie! Yay no more complicated new year plans! Keep it simple is just right for me!

    1> I’m most proud of the fact that I sold my business. Whooohoooooooooooo
    2> My biggest mistake was not getting a bid for some contractors working on my house ( I let them work on a project and I trusted them ) and it cost me an arm and a leg financially when they had finished. Booooohooooooooo
    3> 2019 here I come! IM letting go of a very dominant parent and am going to be FREE to be who I AM Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Go, Vanessa, go! We’re so proud of you for all you’ve done, all you’ve learned, and all you’re going to do. Cheers to 2019! 🙂

  335. A.G.D

    I love your episodes Marie! This is my first time commenting on your episodes, and excited to participate in the conversation… I am ready to start this new year with a bang and success. To retrospect my year of 2018 :

    1. I am a medical student that studies medicine in Cuba and I am really proud of entering my 3rd year of medical school and transitioning into the clinical setting where I see patients at the hospitals and start my hands on experience.

    2. Sometimes I have noticed that I tend to do things last minute for certain tasks, which in turn can mess with my planning…. I will do my best to have the intention to start things early when I can and not slip into the cracks where I end up procrastinating. Also, another mistake that I have done that has taught me something is being to nice to others to a point where I loose my self expression…. I learned to continue with a kind heart, but holding on my personality and beliefs and showing the person I am.
    I want to be fearless, self-expressive and with a higher self-confidence.

    3. I find my self holding on more than I need to, therefore am willing to let go of things that do not correlate with my present (medical student) and future self (Best doctor & healer that I can be). I wan’t to be a beautiful, more simple, more of a minimalist young women without loosing in touch of my genuine self.

    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, AGD! Congrats on the beautiful work you’re doing in med school and thank you for making the world a healthier, happier place.

  336. I made and put on my website a e-research book called Cancer…..And The Answers with great help and facts about Cancer. Then I re-learnt my WordPress skills and put it on my website with the help of GiveWP whose donation software I am using and set it up so anyone that donates on the site over $9:00 can get a copy of the E-Research Book.
    On the other side I need to get crowd funding started and update my website while also restarting one of my old businesses.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are excellent goals, Richard! We’re cheering you on and appreciate you helping educate people about cancer.

  337. 1) What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    *I am proud that I stood up for myself and moved a couple states away to Santa Fe, NM where I walk outside every day amazed at the beauty and almost cry.
    2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    *I got lax when money appeared in my account due to land sales, and not stepped fully into me every day. Lesson is that I need to not do that, and really work on being me and my biz helping others daily, even if I do love hiking and playing in my new home.
    3) What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?
    * “I’m only worthy of free coaching to others” That is not true and I am fucking valuable and people can afford and want to pay me for what I can help the see in themself and create for themself. PERIOD!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Kelley! We’re proud of you too, both for moving to your beautiful new home and for knowing your worth in your coaching business. Right on!

  338. Lucy

    Hey Marie! I loved that episode and shared it with my best friend! We both loved it and learned a lot from it! Okay, so here are the golden questions!
    1~ I am very proud that I used my advantage to the farthest and baked as many cookies as I could!
    2~ One mistake I learned and the lesson that I learned from it was when I was making fun of my little sister and the lesson that I learned is not to be a mean person in life, there will be NO rewards, there will only be consequences.
    3~ The first thing that popped into my mind was losing my sugar addiction.
    I love you Marie Forleo!!!

  339. I enjoyed this episode. This ritual will stick with me for years to come.
    1) I am proud of myself for coming out of a depression and taking the plunge and launching my own business @craftsofahand .
    2) I made the mistake of not exercising enough like I have in the past years but am thankful that my body is functional and resilient.
    3) I am willing to let go of the last two toxic persons in my life. A “friend” and sadly, a close family member.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful end of the year and great things to come in 2019.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are HUGE, Cristina! We’re really glad you’re doing what’s best for you, even when it’s difficult. That takes a lot of courage, so we’re cheering you on and wishing you strength.

  340. Love this simple process. So much better than a full on annual review – although I do enjoy the process of recapping an entire year.
    1. Super proud of publishing my new book The Freedom Plan
    2. Biggest lesson learned is to never stop learning cos when you do you stagnate. Be ahead of the curve, cause the disruption.
    3. Letting go of what I think I have to do for others and instead – focusing on doing what I want to do, and therefore by proxy, serving others more fully.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Natalie! Publishing a book is awesome!

  341. Tha Keo

    Thanks for sharing Marie and team Forleo❤️

  342. Hi Marie. Hello from Indonesia
    To be honest you are my inspiration to start my blog. My note for this year is I could find your blog it’s such great thing for me .

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Izzah! It means the world to us that Marie inspired you to start your blog. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  343. 1. I’m proud of raising our foster baby for her first year of life and then saying goodbye with more grace than I knew I had. I transformed my grief by building things–including my first table and benches for our handmade camper. I’m pretty dang proud of that too!

    2. One mistake I made was underestimating my contributions to my family and the world, while basing my self-worth on income and productivity.

    3. One thing I’m ready to let go of is shame about how long it’s taking to finish my book project. This isn’t just a book, I realize. It’s life, and that just can’t be rushed.

    This is a fantastic exercise. Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo!

    • Donna Andrus

      Sharon thank you for sharing. It helped me to hear your answer to number 2. I do the same thing. I too am working on a book and I loved your comment. I’m not rushing mine either. It is so deeply important to me, that I know it has to happen in its own due time.

      • Thank you, Donna. It feels good to know there’s someone else who understands. I read your post and it sounds like you’re doing some wonderful things! I suspect your book will be well worth the wait.

  344. I am proud of the service I added to my Counseling Practice for Spanish-speaking families. Helping immigrant families stay together was the driving force behind this project. So many hoops to jump through and it took a year but I learned so much along the way. I now have a wonderful team of interpreters and a bilingual answering service.

    One mistake I made this year was creating a project (another service to market) I felt very passionate about without identifying the targeted client first. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! By the time I finished this lovely project, I realized I did not know who to market. I had only a vague idea of a handful of individuals as possible referral sources and most of them never responded. UGH

    I am willing to let go of the story that “I’ve got to do everything myself” in regards to my business. This New Year, I will commit to letting go of at least one administrative task that I don’t like to do in order to free up my time for the things I do love to do–helping people and creating.

    Thank you Marie!!! You really got me thinking

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the necessary, important work you’re doing in the Spanish-speaking immigrant community. We’re grateful for you and can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon in 2019! 🙂

  345. Jessica

    Thank, Marie! I love this and I’m going to share this with my fellow artists from the education team at Kerastase. Thanks!

  346. Danielle

    Thank you so much Marie for this episode.
    It was actually super hard for me to hear off the back of what has been a couple of weeks of marriage difficulties around finances and my business (the regular topics my hubby and I disagree on).
    To look back on the things I am most proud of this year:
    1. Fitter, healthier and lost more weight this year than any other;
    2. Finally built and held my first business workshop which was very successful (and booked out in 24 hours);
    3. Built a “beautiful” Instagram account and gained over 600 followers this year;
    4. Finally fulfilled my dream of being paid to teach ballroom dancing;
    5. Was a great mum and got my daughter through kindy, ready to start school next year;
    6. Built much better routines and habits for myself and my family which were so hard to do – I have never been a morning person – but helped me so much to achieve more and be calmer, more focused and productive.
    7. I also learned the importance of outsourcing tasks and getting them back better and more quickly than I could ever have done by myself.
    8. Finally, I made a best friend this year who is one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met and has helped me so much in every avenue in my life, I am just so thankful that God put her in my life as she has been a blessing to me since we met.

    The second question – what mistakes did I make that taught me something:
    1. I feel like I made a few big mistakes. The first one was having my husband as a financial investor in my business, meaning he was trying to keep me accountable, but this was adding soooooo much stress to my plate in doing so. Startups are so hard when you have little to no money.
    2. The second thing was falling apart based on other people’s reactions to me, my work, my life. I did let people in and they hurt me time and time again this year, and I have learned through this I need to be able to determine WHO do I let in and set boundaries more appropriately in future, even with those I love. This created a huge amount of anxiety and depression for me in my life.
    3. I also learned that I absolutely must BECOME financially independent because at the end of the day, my dreams are my dreams, and no one else really is going to ever care about my dreams as much as I do. I need to make the money myself in order for me to be able to support and continue on my dreams in my business.

    Finally, what am I willing to let go of. Oh, this is tough, as the first thing that came to mind was my relationship with my husband. Ouch. But then I thought about it, and here’s what I’ve come up with:
    1. I’m letting go of the need to be right all the time. I am going to choose to “agree to disagree” and be loving in the face of family arguments and disagreements, even when they are wrong. To realise that love comes before winning.
    2. I’m letting go of the resentment I feel towards my husband. He is not an entrepreneur, and most likely never will be. I expect support from him that I will most likely, never receive. I need to surround myself with those who are like-minded and supportive of my business journey. At the same time, I recognise he is a wonderful financial provider and does care for me and to allow his love to flow into my life irrespective of his business beliefs.
    3. I am willing to let go of the story that I am not worthy and that I am actually GOOD ENOUGH to make this successful, with or without support from my husband or anyone else in my family. What I do for others far outweighs what my family think.
    4. I am willing to let go of the need for me to get everything done now, so that I can start financially contributing and start living in a way that resonates with adequate provision for my family and my soul, through seeking and finding a job that fits well with my other activities, relationships and my business.

    I feel like I have clarified a lot of areas and purpose through this activity and I am very thankful for this opportunity.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a year! The lessons you’ve learned and growth you’ve experienced and amazing work you’ve done are so evident in your comment. We hope 2019 is smoother and even better!

  347. Allison

    This was a great episode, thanks team! I’m like you, Marie, I love to tidy and declutter!

    In review, 2018 has been pretty cool, although extremely difficult…
    1. This has 2 parts because they’re both huge and I’m happy about them!
    a) I worked with my body to heal myself (no doctors) of chronic fatigue, migraines & toxic overload
    b) I moved to a different state with my husband to start a new chapter of our lives
    2. My biggest mistake was to make decisions based on the story that “I’m not good (smart, creative, wealthy etc) enough” and “I don’t deserve any better”
    3. I am getting rid of EVERY disempowering story that has held me back from fulfilling my true potential. I have a new job which is a means to my study – I’m going to become a LIFE COACH!
    Thanks Marie for the huge part you have played in my progress.

    • Allison

      P.S. I am relatively new Marie TV and I am loving it. Thanks!

  348. Joy

    1) I was able to finally complete CIMA, equivalent to CPA but in the U.K.
    2) Procrastination in starting a business.
    3) I once started a business in personalised online fashion but never launched it… I got into a top business school by presenting my business plan and was a finalist. However the venture required a lot of investment and time I didn’t have. I’ve always carried the weight of continuing with it, but now I realise it’s hust not for me anymoreat least not now. I do however want to start a business that is like a side hustle, I just don’t know where to begin. I started a blog in May (but again never launched it)! I wanted to talk about travel, as some how sell something, but I got so overwhelmed I just left it to the side. I need your help Marie, I am a very determined individual but I fear I’m more comfortable with the academic side of things. I think I’m entrepreneurial and love the idea if independence, I do everything I can’t but then never it comes to hitting to go live button… I freeze! Someone, anyone please help.

    • Margo

      Joy I sense it is fear? You not launching, not stepping into the light? Your ideas sound amazing. Go girl, go!! Please let me read your blog?! I am curious to see

      • Joy

        Thank you Margo for your reply and your motivation. So I just had a look at my article and it looks like I had only written it halfway through (in May)! I have now completed it… I’m sure there are tones of errors, but thanks to Mandy’s link below I decided it’s now or never. I stayed up till 3am, the current time here, working on it from 9pm (loading pics was very challenging). Wishing you all the best for 2019!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a really good question, Joy! Marie shares some wisdom in this episode that I think you’ll find helpful: What Stops You From Getting Started and How to Fix It

      • Joy

        Thanks so much Mandy, between Margo and you I felt motivated enough today to give it a push. Thanks so much for replying!!

    • Shatiya L Figueroa

      Hi Joy, did you ever think about joining Bschool?

  349. 1. I created a workshop in LA with my 5 female power houses with our favourite teachers @Phil Stutz & Barry Michels authors of The Tools. I flew to LA by myself from Amsterdam and met my girls there and other’s that had enrolled in this private ambassadors impact class!!
    1. On a personal note (call it life) I took my son (21) to London for 5 days, to leave him there to start his year as a commis chef. I was and am to this day so proud of him and of him and me being able to strongly and lovingly say goodbye to his childhood in our own special days. He will be home for Xmas in a few days from the UK! I am so excited.
    2. I made a HR pilot plan for a business I have been coaching employees for. The plan did not make it, as they choose for a renowned bureau. My mistake was trying to do it alone. Next time, I will compile a team of people and go for it, be more believable, make more impact.
    3. Fear and feelings of not good enough. Anger towards my dear husband, for ‘not doing stuff my way’, He is not me, I wish to value him for his assets and me for mine. Each to their own strengths!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great insights and accomplishments, Margo! Keep going––you got this. 🙂

      • Margo

        Thank you Mandy, also for your work! very encouraging for me.

  350. Definitely a ritual worth doing.
    1- Something I’m proud of: Bschool! I’ve been working through Bschool this year and I’m almost done. LOVE what I’m creating.
    2- One mistake I made and lesson learned: I coached myself out of truly being in touch with my feelings of depression. Sounds like a good thing, but it kept me from dealing with the true source of the pain. Was a good reminder that even coaches need a coach!
    3- Limiting story I’m kickin to the curb: “Not enough time”. Setting boundaries with others and myself about where I spend my time and where I give my focus ALWAYS frees up the time for the things that are most important. Pick my priorities wisely and give myself permission to tell people no.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, and YES. These are all fantastic lessons, insights, and accomplishments and we’re honored you’re a B-Schooler. 🙂

  351. Louise Geldorp

    Hi Marie and thank you for this. It has definitely been a year of ups and downs for me. Every time I’m ready to grab the brass ring, someone else snatches it up.
    Here goes something!
    1. I created many beautiful 100% crochet dishcloths that I taught myself how to make by following patterns and this includes redoing it as often as it was needed to get it right! Someone is going to love owning these one day!
    2. One mistake I made was letting fear of insecurity and uncertainty rise up and stop me from doing what needed to be done. I learned that I need to have faith in myself and my abilities. I know what I am doing and I can’t let fear or insecurity shake that foundation.
    3. This is a hard one Marie. There are so many things going on that I am holding on to and trying to accept and be tolerant of and none of which help me in the least. So what can I let go of….I’m coming out of the closet…I’m a chocoholic! I admit it! I love chocolate…especially dark…I know there are more important ones to let go of but for right now that’s going to have to do!

    I’ll keep working on it and let you know if I find the one thing I can truly let go of and be the person I was meant to be.

    All my love and Merry Christmas Marie!

  352. My 3
    1) What I am really proud of is booking a Co-star role on S.W.A.T. which I will film right after the new year. As an actor who has a disability ( cerebral palsy which mildly affects my speech and gait) I am thrilled when I get cast in a role where my disability is incidental to the character or storyline as is this upcoming role.
    2) I think my biggest mistake has been trying to do everything for my company all by myself and not asking for help
    3) I am willing to let go of the fear that it is to late and I am to old to find a loving and supportive guy to share my life with.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Diana! This is an amazing role and what a gift to the world to see such an amazingly strong woman in the role. Congratulations and we hope you savor every moment of filming.

      And we tend to think that it’s never too late because age is just a number. Chase those dreams and show the world how it’s done.

  353. 1. Im must proud of releasing my album and creating new one .
    2. Being to hard on myself . I understand that things take time and not everything will happen automatically there is a process.
    3. Willing to let go of fear of failing !

  354. Katerina Bezruchenko

    1. My beautiful baby girl. Honestly, didn’t expect her being so great.
    2. Failed relationships with my ex, father of my child.
    3. That I’m not a worthy person for what I want.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Your daughter is lucky to have a Mom that loves her so much, Katerina. Thank you for sharing your words with us.

  355. I have done so many end of year reviews but this one is so simple and easy. Thanks Marie.
    1. I have two – Having an exhibit at my city’s Royal Show and winning the major award for best exhibitor and being involved with a documentary by being in it and helping having it viewed in my city.
    2. Sending wrong products to my customer. I did it a few times this year and it makes be feel really bad. I always make it up to them but I still feel guilty for making these mistakes.
    3. Writing blogs. My husband is so much more motivated and better at doing it so I just need let him do it and I focus on other things within our business.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We like simple and easy while making a great impact, Tina. We’re so glad that you took the time to reflect and shared them here. Happy New Year to you!

  356. Kim

    “2019 Intentions” has been on my whiteboard for a few weeks now, but I haven’t sat down to do it. I’m so glad I opened your email, Marie, to find this video. With these questions and reflections on 2018, I’m better able to see what I’m capable of in the upcoming year.
    1. In 2018, I not only left my lucrative gig in Corporate America to build my brand, but my husband and I WROTE A BOOK! Whenever I think that I haven’t done enough to grow my brand this year, I just keep telling myself, “but you wrote and published A FREAKIN’ BOOK! Shout it from the rooftops, girl!”

    2. Going from living life on a schedule to living life on my terms left me with way less time to work on growing my business. What I’ve learned, and what I commit to resolving in 2019, is that 100% of my time is within my control. The mistake I had to make was that it’s one thing to live in the flow of life, which is how I like to roll, but quite another to create literally no structure. My brand and my book are my babies…my husband and I birthed them from our souls and they deserve dedicated hours each day when I am focused only on their well being, and growing them to be life altering, world changing impacts.

    3. I need to let go of my current relationship with money and my value. Like everything else, money is an energy. For so many people, including myself, money is uncomfortable because of perceptions or representations it’s had in our lives. But in order for me to ask others to value my book and business and what they are truly capable of, I first need to come to terms and be comfortable with that value myself.

  357. I started answering these questions yesterday as I am a big fan of evaluating and it’s been a VERY big year. I immediately burst into tears as I typed the answers so I came back at it today.
    1. I did stand up comedy a whole bunch of times including an open mic in NYC, then produced a sold-out comedy fundraiser to raise awareness and a whole bunch of $ for Period Poverty, a cause nobody seems to know is felt locally by thousands of people.
    2. Lessons. So many this year… One is not asking enough questions before jumping into supplier relationships that in the end going to serve me well, are expensive and unsustainable. The other is being SO clear on the end game.
    3. I am dropping the idea that life is some kind of race that I need to win.

  358. Jeanrette

    Wow this episode really helped me declutter all the excess baggage that I’ve been doing and holding onto this year round. Thank you so much for this reminder Marie! So here’s my A to your Q:
    1) I’m mostly really proud of myself for the fact that I learned a lot and have grown so much in terms of my emotional intelligence, my physical ability (fitness), and also my spiritual awakening. I believe that I can only grow from here.

    2) My one biggest mistake is that I was slacking so much and didn’t take my freedom of time very seriously due to my old habits and self-limiting beliefs, but I have also learned from it how to improve and persuade myself into doing the things I know I should be doing to serve for my growth & success in the long run. Thanks to the books I have invested on.

    3)Wow, there’s quite a number of things I’m so ready to let go of, but one of the most important ones is letting go of unhappiness, negative self-talk and the habit of overthinking. I have decided not to dwell in the past no more and will start to instead motivate myself to be who I’m really meant to be. Happiness lies in the present momet but I will also look forward to achieving my goals and dreams ahead of me.

  359. Something I’m proud of: Started my blog, went to Kauai on girls trip
    A mistake or lesson: Didn’t develop daily discipline on my blog, ignored/disregarded my physical health.
    Limiting story: That I could repair my relationship with my brother and sister in law after death of my parents. I’ve given it 100% and now I’m done and I wish them peace, but I’m really done. That I am too old, not attractive enough to succeed.

  360. Love this year in review, will have to share this with some of my girls and make it a girl night. I love these questions, because we can be so hard on ourselves to progress and progress so more not realizing we have actually achieved much when looking at it on paper. So here are mines..
    1. Proud of….
    *I made huge investment in myself, by enrolling in BSchool, the most I’ve ever spent on me… I’m still taking the courses now.
    *I launch my website, created by myself and looks great
    * I launch a Podcast that I really love
    * I launch an event with my husband around spirituality and fitness
    *I balance being a stay at home mom and newly entrepreneur well
    *Wrapping up writing my 1st book, will be done next week to finish 2018 strong
    2. Mistakes and lessons….I launch my website without having a legitimate product, so my website actually became a bill, wasn’t smart. I stopped doing an assignment to get clarity. Now, I know that I should have never stopped it because clarity comes from engagement. Though, I receive much clarity while being on a break from it and Im picking it back up in January, I should have continued in consistent work.
    3. I’m letting go of the thought that I messed up God’s plan A for me due to a closed door. I now believe that I am exactly where I need to be. I trust God’s timing for my life and his awesome plan is still in motion fully for me!

  361. Renee Biele

    Hi Marie! My cousin in the Netherlands has just introduced me to your blog and every time she sends me a link I feel incredible. So much of what you say resonates with what I am going through in my life (and from the comments, the lives of so many others).
    So here are my responses to your 3 vital questions.
    1) What did I do, or create, or experience this year that I’m really proud of?
    I’m proud of myself for taking the plunge, turning one of my dreams into a reality, and moving to The Netherlands from Australia. At the end of the year I’ve turned what has always been the home of my grandparents into my own. I finally have a job at a well renowned British school and can already speak conversational Dutch.
    2) What mistakes did I make that taught me something? What lessons did I learn that I can leverage?
    The mistakes I made this year largely stem from not having a clear plan and a focus for my future. After my break up, I keep seeing my life as ‘Plan B’, not really fully committing to anything. I’ve really struggled finding a job overseas because I didn’t do the research or prepare myself enough for what it meant to live here. I can also acknowledge that experiencing the whole process of job hunting in another country is a lesson in itself. I know I have a passion to continue to live overseas. Each time I do this; apply for the visa, contact in my case the schools, find somewhere to live etc. I will only continue to improve in international communication and that is something I can share with others who come after me.
    3) What am I willing to let go of?
    My low self esteem. This has been a hard year for my mental health and returning to my childhood home in the beginning of the year was very difficult for me. What I’m willing to let go of is my disempowering inner dialogue that doesn’t actually match up with who I am. This year I have visited six countries. I have taught in both primary and secondary schools. I empowered students to be their best possible selves. I have packed up my whole life and moved overseas. I have started learning another language; my third. I fell in love again when I didn’t think I ever would. I am making steps to a more sustainable future for our planet. I want to let go of the guilt, the embarrassment, the shame and go into the new year knowing that everything inside of me is now, and has always been, enough.

  362. What a great way to review the year!

    1) Enrolling and completing B-School. It’s been so valuable and I continued to go back to it as the year went along.

    2) Holding onto a business partner for much longer that I should have. Three months is a long time to wait for your business partner to come through with their end of the partnership. In the end I was finally able to cut ties but remain on good terms.

    3) The fear that I won’t have enough if I let go of my current job which I want to leave. Though I’m good at it and enjoy it, it isn’t isn’t fulfulling my greateast goals.

  363. Angelica

    I loved this episode – so simple and powerful!! It will become one of my favourites and a go-to to analyse a period…
    Ok here comes my answers;
    1, Im really proud of cutting alcohol, a codependent relationship and handling a busy season at the office.
    2, Dont take the legal responsibilities of a company that I dont feel fully aligned with. A lot of stress to get out of it and too much risk.
    3, Im willing to let of the story that I am not enough and that im a failure. Im enough just as I am and im pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far! 🙂

  364. I am super proud that trusted my gut and started my locally-focused Bonita Business Podcast, featuring business leaders from my chosen hometown of Bonita Springs, Florida. My clients come from all over the world, but I’d been wanting to connect more closely with folks in my own backyard. With all the different projects I’m doing in my business, one more thing didn’t look smart on paper, but I decided to pilot a first season–and had more fun than I expected. I also had a local firm come out of the woodwork to financially sponsor me even before a single episode aired, and I’ve decided I’ll do a second season. Just found out today the podcast is on a 10 best list for local podcasts, too, so that’s another win! Thanks Marie, for the great year!

  365. Great episode Marie!
    1. I’m proud that I applied for AND was hired for a job in my field all while dealing with depression.
    2. I wished I negotiated for a higher salary instead of accepting the initial offer.
    3. I’m ready to let go of the self doubt.

    • Sequoia

      Congratulations Golda! I totally hear you about self doubt. We can be so hard on ourselves and need a reminder that we can be and do anything we set our minds to.

  366. 1. Traveled to a Conference in England and gave a presentation where I delivered content that was well received.
    2. Mistake: not checking and reigning in overwhelm and forgetting to update changes on an event timeframe..whoops!
    3. If I can let go of insecurity and the impulsive desire to want to digest every self-development idea out there (online courses piling up) and embrace all that is inside of me. Truly know that everything I really need to know is divinely within me.

  367. Kathryn

    Hi, Marie! I am 26, still forging my path (aren’t we all?), and I love your videos!

    1. I am proud that I moved out of mom’s house and into my first apartment. I am proud that I am working harder to independently make ends meet. I am proud that I got a new job with a bigger title. I am proud of how strong and perseverant I have become in dealing with obstacles. Finally, I am proud that I have made progress in finding my path, and in realizing that I have been on it along!

    2. I made the mistake of letting bitterness, anger, resentment, etc. take over. My mom always said, however, that we do what we can in the moment with what we’ve got. I had limited experience and wisdom, but I have learned that things always turn out for the best. Life can be hard sometimes, but those moments grow us. I will remind myself of that the next time I feel crappy about the hard stuff.

    3. I will rid myself of the seeds of resentment. We are all human beings, doing the best that we can, including myself. There is no place in my life for blame, only growth and healing.

    Wow, Marie. I had a really hard year. I thought that it was a bad one, but after answering these questions, my perspective has totally flipped. Thanks!

  368. Rebekah

    1. It was a big year. I quit smoking, moved to Switzerland and I started working on building my business online.
    2. I went to Italy on a vacation with my closest girlfriend and we had a falling out shortly thereafter. It was not a mistake, rather a learning experience, and necessary. Sometimes amidst great transformation friendships also change.
    3. Relinquishing self-doubt and over-thinking, so I can have more energy and flow in my life and build my business with ease, grace and speed!

  369. I am proud of taking time this year to write more. Also launched a virtual assisting freelance business.

    One mistake I learned from was when I did not do sufficient homework on a business membership. I ended up losing money and experiencing a terrible onboarding process.

    I would like to release the pain of stories I have either told myself and also felt intuitively from others about me not doing enough or being enough. The reality is, I have made so much progress this year. Maintained momemtum in my projects and brought home some much needed additional income. I am actually doing ok and improving every day!

  370. I loved this video Marie, Thank-you. Food for thought. My greatest achievement was publishing my book ‘The Drinking Woman’s Diet’. Mistakes – taking on too much and not paying enough attention to the details when I have too much on my plate. What to let go of is difficult – see above – I’m not good at saying no so tis I need to work on!
    Thanks again great way to go into the new year.

  371. My one thing I’m proud of – Launching my business and the Wellbeing & Fit Body for Life 90-Day Program! It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
    What didn’t go well was trying to manage my mom’s alcoholism but I joined ACA and am doing so much better!
    One thing I can let go of is the belief that I have to choose between a successful business and starting a family <3 Thank you Marie!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Vanessa! A heartfelt congratulations on all you’ve accomplished despite the struggles you’ve faced. You should be so proud and we’re super grateful to have you in our community here. We’ll be rooting for you as you keep crushing it in 2019 <3

  372. 1. Really proud of: Finished creating my brand new Goal Setting Course
    2. Mistake/Lesson: Waited until the last minute on a very important matter, and it created a lot of stress for myself and put me behind on other things. Eeek!
    3. What I will let go of: relationship that is not in harmony

    Happy New Year Everyone! Live Your Dreams <3

  373. Ayeesha Kanji

    1) I am proud of signing a great offer with a company for a new job.
    2) My biggest lesson is recognizing how God saved me from my ex and my ex-best friend and removed toxic people from my life.
    3) I am ready to let go of being nice and genuine to the point where I am taken for granted and will create boundaries. I will let go of “looking for a man” because I am happy with who I am and my own company. The bonus comes when you least expect it.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      We love this, Ayeesha. A massive congratulations on your great offer for a new job! I’m sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve had with other people in your life, this must have been so hard. Although it sounds like you’ve made some healthy realizations — the more you make these choices for yourself, the more you’re sure to find the people that will treat you with the love and respect you deserve. Thanks for being here, Ayeesha! We’re so grateful.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Sounds like you’ve had a powerful year of transformation, Ayeesha! There are SO many amazing things ahead for you in 2019 as a result of all you’ve learned. Wishing you the VERY best – you deserve it!

  374. Thank you very much Marie for this video. This is right on time.
    This was the year where I got in touch with my story, solidify my purpose, and found my niche.
    1. What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    I am proud I took to leap and decided I would centered my business around teaching Journaling as a tool to relieve stress and increase productivity. I took the extra step and presented two workshops on journaling in 2018.
    2. What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    Not trusting my gut and making decisions that are rash and not well thought out. I had the opportunity to teaching a Monthly Yoga Nidra class (3 month Stint) at a studio. It took me a while to figure out this studio was not a good fit for me and was not aligned with me energetically and spiritually. I did not feel supported by the studio. I chopped it up as experience, opportunity, and lesson learned.
    3. What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?
    I want to let go the fear of success or the fear of being seen. The time is now for me to show the world what I am made of.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a powerful year of learning and growth you’ve had! YES – the time is absolutely now to share your amazing gifts with the world. They’re so very needed. Keep following your intuition and trusting it to guide you forward in the right direction. Here’s to an incredible 2019 for you!

  375. Bernadette LeBel

    Hi Marie, I loved this episode ❤️ My big three are:
    Accomplishment -Selling my beautiful home to prepare for retirement and a different lifestyle. It was so difficult but so necessary. Mistake- I avoided saying things that needed to be said because I was afraid to be vulnerable. Thank you Brene! Letting go: I must let go of the regret of the way I ended a five year relationship. I ended it 2 years ago somewhat abruptly and I’ve been beating myself up so much over this. I haven’t been able to move on emotionally but it’s time.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re sending you a big hug, Bernadette! It absolutely sounds like you’ve been facing a lot of tough letting go in recent years, and we know that 2019 will be full of amazing new beginnings for you as a result. xoxo

  376. 1) Proud of: I officially launched my business Amoni Technology Studio
    2) Mistake : taking on a job as a software developer
    3) Let go of: the worker bee mentality, 2019 is about focusing on learning how to enroll, leverage, delegate and lead.

  377. Martez

    This made me think Marie–Thank You as always!

    One thing I am proud of is: Being able to help someone with a problem they were given no hope of resolving, but managed to find a solution that worked that saved her both time and money.

    One mistake I made was, investing in a business idea that I did not have a passion for that didn’t compliment my gifts and talents and ended up not profiting from that investment. And I learned to wait when diving into new things, so that I learn what I don’t know first, so I can overcome any challenges when trying to juggle more than one thing at a time.

    Lastly, there are relationships I need to let go of that are not compatible with who I am as a person. As much as I don’t believe in “throwing people away” per-say, I think I need to rid myself of stumbling blocks around me that I feel don’t operate in my best interest anymore. It’s hard, but I need to cut some people off I feel are hindering me, so I can move on and grow and fulfill my purpose in life. Also, I struggle with playing the background and taking a back-seat in certain situations so that I’m not perceived as trying to exalt myself above others.

    God willing, I won’t leave my purpose unfulfilled.
    see you next year :)XOXO

  378. 1) I am proud that I went to Europe (Paris) for the first time in my life> I am proud that I started learning French again (well actually studied it in high school many years ago). I am proud of a couple of online positive reviews for my business. I am proud that I improved my skill, learning more magic and more balloon decor. I am proud that I read a textbook on marketing and will start implementing what I learned in 2019
    2)I learned that I can’t be great at everything, that I have to specialize more
    3)I have to let go of that I can’t please everyone even when I try to communicate well and bend over backwards to try to make them happy

  379. Hi Maire,
    Thank you so much for this invitation to reflect a bit more on 2018, before setting goals for the new year. Here are my answers:
    1) Created our CRM online courses and hosted a pilot to help small business owners to learn more about CRM and guide them to select and implement it. Wrote poems that helped me to process my pain. Visited my family in Brazil two times this year!
    2) I allowed the “little me” to drive the bus and get pushed around. Took a wrong turn before I could take the right one. I prioritized paying others. As I result, I worked a lot pay others and I didn’t take nearly enough money from my business. I also learned how some of my past wounds are affecting me today.
    3) I am willing to let go of a client that is not longer a good fit. A relationship that is hurting me. I am willing to let go of the “little me” that got pushed around earlier this year.

    • Lindy

      bravo Lidiane, being willing to let go of the ‘little me’ that got pushed around. Your words speak to me. Thank you!

  380. Question 1:
    I spent 2018 planning the direction I wanted to take my art business and in self-improvement. I now have a set of goals for my business and a set for my personal life. I am working towards making my dream of working as a full-time artist (business goal #1). I have lost 17 pounds of the 125lbs that is my weight loss goal in the last 4 months (personal goal #1). Another big change is in my relationship with my sister, we hadn’t spoken in 20 years and now we are great friends
    Question 2:
    As for my failures, they go hand in hand with my goals. The first set of goals that I wrote for myself back in May have been completely scrapped because my mindset was still one of what would make those around me happy, not what would make me happy. Even now, my goals change and grow as I redefine what makes me happy.
    Question 3:
    Clutter – both physical clutter and time clutter (distractions)
    Negative Attitudes – both others and my own

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is all so powerful and beautiful, Kat! So much growth and positive change. Here’s to an amazing 2019 ahead for you full of joy!

  381. Juju

    1, I went to the USA in 2018. And I am proud of it. It came to the question ” Now or never.” Finally, I made time, went with my boyfriend and made my ever the dream comes true.
    2, I told my next move with my work in the company to a colleague which I am not supposed to do. It is a mistake. It was not professional behavior of me. I learned a lesson.
    3, I decide to let go of me being cynical. I was not happy behaving like that. I will drop it, take more actions to make a positive influence on this world, starts from myself.

  382. shari

    Great Questions Marie!!
    I just love how you are so different then other’s and this is motivating to me. Keep up the great podcasts!
    1) I am proud that I actually took some time out of my very busy life to actually STUDY for the CA Real Estate Exam.
    2) The biggest mistake I made was while studying for this exam I was not ‘fully focused’ in all the information I needed to actually PASS the exam. Missed it by 1%!!!
    3) I need to cut out all the social media apps on my phone to keep me from being distracted. I’m a very ‘social’ individual but need to stay focused on my goal to achieve a better career that fits my financial goals and passion for homes.

  383. Hello to you! And thank you for the invitation to share ?

    1) After reviewing my year, the thing that I am most proud of is… I have so many things to be proud of! Yay me!!
    2) The biggest challenge this year has been my eating patterns – and the lesson I am learning is that the thing I interpret as a need for consumption may actually be a request for processing (digesting.) IE – breathing time.
    3) I am willing to let go of my anxiety – and the correlating belief that anything at all is set in stone.

    I hope everyone has a marvelous 2019!
    -Lila (Happiness Practitioner)

  384. Cathy

    1) I am very proud to have co-created a podcast to do with my teaching of the ITM Alexander Technique but even more that I developed an additional side-business project as had planned throughout the summer, and my first client was delighted with the service!
    2) A mistake that I repeatedly seem to make is jumping the gun on things and in my attempts to ‘make things happen’, I force. Allowing or giving the space for a more holistic evolution would be far better.
    3) I am willing (wonder if that is true as I write) to let go of the anger and resentment from people in the past that I feel have harmed me.
    Thank you Marie and Team for all your support and Marie, especially for your honest and heart-felt communications that have made a big difference. I look at the Judge Victoria Pratt quote regarding ‘people can’t be failures’ repeatedly and it’s very helpful.
    Happy New Year to All! Cathy

  385. 1. I had my a little amazing and beautiful baby girl.
    2. I got wrapped up feeling jealous of a fellow colleague and found myself hating on myself for being such a creative ideas filled person without taking action.
    3. I would like to let go of the feeling that I will always be the help and never in the drivers seat for a creative project and the anger and embarrassment that surrounds that. I would like to let go out feeling that my ideas constantly get used by the same colleague that I found myself feeling jealous of and not overshare creative energy.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your new baby girl, Jessica! These are very potent and powerful reflections, and definitely worth exploring further. We know just how tough it can be to feel stuck in jealousy or anger and I think you’ll find this episode really helpful in moving through these feelings: We’re wishing you an incredible 2019 full of creative fulfillment, Jessica – you absolutely have it all within you!

  386. Doreen

    Ahhhh, Marie. You were a huge part of my biggest accomplishment this year. Without watching your ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ speech and then becoming an MF Insider, I may well have given up on my dream of moving to Nashville. It’s a loooong story, but I literally stopped telling myself that I couldn’t do it and said out loud, ‘Everything is figureoutable’ and I started again and I did it. All by myself.
    My accomplishments were moving 1,100 miles away where I don’t know anyone and restarting my business as a Realtor and surviving being blindsided by a breakup. My mistakes were to try drinking alcohol again and now knowing that NOT drinking is the only lifestyle choice there is for me. (I found you through Sexy Sobriety.) I am going to let go of all the mistakes of the past that are still dragging me back financially (that’s a big one) and emotionally.
    Thank you for all your advice and honesty. I tell everyone I know about the impact you have had on my life. Here’s to 2019!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Doreen, thank you SO much for sharing about your year with us! It means the world to know that Marie’s words have supported you in following your dreams. CONGRATS on making this big move – you’re so courageous! We can’t wait to share more inspiration with you in the year to come as you keep dreaming big. Here’s to fresh new beginnings in 2019! XOXO

  387. Lindy

    What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?
    creating and presenting a workshop to family and friends
    What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
    being vulnerable amidst a group of strangers – next time I will choose carefully who I do this with
    What’s one limiting story you’re ready to let go of before the New Year?
    loosing my power in relation to men or authority – there is no need to alter myself to garner approval

  388. Katie

    I swear the older I get, the faster the years fly! Less than 10 minutes before 2019 is officially here, here’s my year-end review as 2018 closes:

    1) I’m proud of prioritizing my mental and physical health, which resulted in me seeking therapy for the first time, hiring a life coach, and attending the gym regularly.
    2) I realized I was trying to use my business to fulfill all my professional as well as personal needs, and learned this was preventing me from creating a life outside of work.
    3) I’m ready to let go of the story that I’m not pretty/intelligent/young/deserving/rich enough. I AM enough!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO powerful, Katie! You are MORE than enough. Wishing you all you dream of in 2019 – you deserve it!

  389. 1) What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of:
    I left my corporate job where I couldn’t be my true self after starting a successful business and selling on Amazon. WOOHOO !!!!

    2) What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned:
    I let what others thought of me define where I lived, what I drove, how much money I spent instead of being in control of my money and living my best life. I learned that leaning down helps build long term goals.

    3) What’s one story you’re willing to let go of before the New Year
    I’m willing to let go of the resentment I had towards being treated unfairly at work because of my age and my gender. Be like a tree and let the dead leaves fall!!

    xo This is our year to thrive and know that you can do whatever you set your mind to! xo

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Alyssa! Sounds like you’ve had a incredible year of learning and growth. We’re wishing you the most beautiful 2019, full of embracing your true self in even more expansive ways!

  390. Linda

    One thing I did in 2018 that I’m proud of:
    Made each of my grandchildren a hard-bound memory book.

    One mistake I made in 2018 and what I learned from it:
    Didn’t formally apply for a job opening right away, then
    when I was frustrated that the committee didn’t ask me, it took hours
    of feeling miserable about it before I got the courage to ask about it
    at a business meeting.

    What I learned: ASK for what you want right away, don’t wait for some
    magical moment that’s perfect. Have courage.

    One limiting story that I’m ready to say Bye forever to in 2019:
    My husband’s financial betrayal of me in our business together (1990-1994)
    I am not a victim anymore. I am empowered, intelligent, will survive, & thrive!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is SO powerful, Linda. Here’s to an amazing, empowered year ahead for you – you’re absolutely going to thrive!

  391. I really really really love this episode and these questions! You make me feel encouraged. I’m going to take my time this evening to answer these questions. I feel like they will make a big impact on my perspective.

    Thank you very much!

  392. 1. So I wrote four short stories this year,started working on novel,wrote two screenplays for two short films (about to shoot one). I’m really glad to have done this.
    2. I learned the hard way that I’m responsible for my life and my finances and everything. I haven’t been employed for a job/not been working. It was bit hard,I lost my faith,my parents marriage failed and then I’m having quarter life crisis (though my parents have veen really supportive but I can’t tell then about my faith loss,it’s not right time).
    3. I haven’t applied for any job/work for months because of one fear: ending up at a job and hating it,and then being stuck in it forever. And then having a miserable life forever (since I have to support my parents too partiall). So going to confront this fear and leave this story.

  393. Catherine

    1) I have created a new life (since 2017) here in Hong-Kong and I love it! Very proud of it and would like to continue for a lot longer. As I travel a lot, I have also visited and created beautiful work relationship in Vietnam, Macau, India, Mainland China and other countries in Asia…I love living on this side of the world!
    2) Speak too quickly and voiced negativity out loud!
    Lesson: Think before I speak, give, take and move on…before it goes pear shape!
    3) I am willing to let go of I am too old to do this now and the all story that goes with it.

  394. Megan Linklater

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. After watching this video I feel hydrated again and ready to take on the new year. I look forward to hearing more of your podcasts. I am very thankful a friend pointed me to you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so thrilled to hear this, Megan! Couldn’t be happier to have you here. We’re wishing you an amazing year ahead and can’t wait to share more inspiration with you soon!

  395. MFFan19

    Happy new year, Marie! Cheers to your blessed new year!

    Great blog and email content, thank you for sharing!

    1) One thing I did this year that I was very proud of was to read and study much more as I intended!
    2) One or two things I was definitely not proud of displaying this year was letting anger and continued suffering consume my heart for those who have hurt me continuously.
    3) Before 2019 continues on even at this point in late January, I would like to relieve the stressors of the rough 2018 and prior that continued to try to pause positivity and eliminate darkness and evil wrongdoings from any situation.

    All to your success Marie and thank you for sharing your wisdom and great exercises!

  396. I liked this! 😀 as always short but smart tips from you Marie! 😉 My fianceé added a 4th Q: What am I grateful for…? <3
    BTW, who made that chair you´re sutting in? 🙂 Looks like something from "the lord of the rings", cool! 😉

  397. Thanks for this episode!
    1) Launching my website. Started letting go of my other business. Was more present with my family. Started doing things for me.
    2) I spend too much time, effort, and money on things that ended up being a waste because I didn’t know what my goals were.
    3) Get rid of my unprofitable business and quit trying to make it profitable. The belief that being a SAHM isn’t enough.

  398. Thanks for this episode. I really needed it! Here are my 3:
    1. What I did that I’m really proud of: I quit my job and started my own business! I started B-school and have been doing all the lessons little by little. I was very afraid, but trusted God and so far, he has not let me down. I’ve never not worked for someone before and I’m 56, so this is huge! I’m also learning to use social media.
    2. My mistake that I learned from: I waited too long to quit! I learned that fear is a terrible partner.
    3. I want to be willing to let go of having control over my grown son’s decisions with his life and my desire to rescue him. I really want to let go of this!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Monica! This is amazing! It sounds like you’ve gained so much clarity since leaving your job. I love that you said “fear is a terrible partner.” I feel that deeply, and it’s such a powerful lesson. All of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on –– keep going!

      • Thanks Renee. As Marie says, there isn’t anything to regret, unless I didn’t learn from it and there’s been more learning in the last six months than in the years I spent in grad school. I’ve never been so free in my life and yet, I’m earning no money right now. However, I have all the tools to make me successful and I thank you all for helping me get where I am. I wouldn’t be here without all your efforts with B-school and all the Marie TV episodes. I’m so grateful! I will keep you all posted on what next year brings!

  399. 1. I bought a 40 person art-support camp and The Punkin Project, mutant vehicle to Burning Man and created a new community during the build season.
    2. I accepted an easy answer around our home insurance policy that turned out to be wrong. I also didn’t get it in writing.
    I learned that my due diligence efforts were weak and I needed to reconsider my B&B business plan for insurance and zoning reasons.
    3. I’m willing to let go of the feeling of failure because it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. We celebrate our 5th year in 2020 as a short term rental and event space.

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