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OK, we were blown away by all incredible videos that came in for our 2016 B-School scholarship contest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The sincerity, creativity and love you shared really inspired us all.

And, I also loved seeing the support that forms around the contest each year. Expressing genuine appreciation and encouragement for another’s dreams doesn’t cost a dime, yet it’s priceless in its impact.

We’ve watched over 1,000 entries and have made our selections for this year. Before I get to the recipients, I want to share a few things. But most importantly, I want you to hear this:

Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you.

You have wisdom within you that you can never learn in any textbook or classroom. You are creative and loved and divinely blessed with capabilities beyond what you can imagine.

Not receiving a scholarship to B-School, nor any other disappointment in life, can’t stop you, unless you let it.

And, I’ll love to continue to support you — week after week for free via MarieTV. We give our all to the show. We’re here to inspire you and provide encouragement, wisdom and tools to keep you moving ahead.

You are brave and beautiful, inside and out. You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul. Don’t ever forget it.

And, if you know you’re going to join us for B-School 2016, get registered now.

Procrastination is a dream killer. They say good things come to those who wait. I think greater things come to those who get off their ass and make things happen.

And now, without further ado, here are the 47 recipients of a 2016 B-School Scholarship.

  1. Buyantogokh Sukhbaatar
  1. Alejandra Recinos
  1. Fanny Olin
  1. Katherine Mackenzie
  1. Jake Schaap
  1. Krystal Wascher
  1. Sinead Quirke Kongerskov
  1. Breanna Polacik
  1. Andrea Olson
  1. Naomi Estment
  1. Olufunmilayo Ogunjobi
  1. Kelly Mermuys
  1. Cade Westlake
  1. Emma Nelson
  1. Latoya Francis
  1. Alina Magdalena
  1. Tara Cooney
  1. Martinus Evans
  1. Vanessa Eagerton
  1. Sheila Seabrook
  1. Brittany Marie Smith
  1. Camille Havis
  1. Sheila Willobee
  1. Kendra Phillips
  1. Anya Mayoss-Hurd
  1. Amy Landers
  1. Aina WieH
  1. Martha McAlpine
  1. Brit Stueven
  1. Natalie Ahlstrom
  1. Randy El Fakih
  1. Lauren Bruce
  1. Katti Powell
  1. Ryan Manon
  1. Daniela Goncalves
  1. Rickilee Walls
  1. Mirei Ballinger
  1. Pamela Cancel
  1. Michelle Armstrong – Military
  1. Tara Falcone – Military
  1. Contessa Akin – Military
  1. Sophie Cross – Military
  1. Shannon Wascak – Military
  1. J. Clark Garcia – Philanthropy
  1. Nikki Webber Allen – Philanthropy
  1. Patty Gerrits – Philanthropy
  1. Monique Chabot – Philanthropy

**If your name is on this list, write to us at scholarships at marieforleo dot com with “I’M A SCHOLARSHIP WINNER” in the subject line and we’ll send you information on accepting your scholarship. Since we’re in the middle of B-School enrollment, our email volume is way higher than usual, so please be very patient. We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins!

P.S. Since many have asked, B-School enrollment closes on Wednesday March 2nd at 3pm EST. We will not be opening up again until next year. If you know this is right for you, get in now!

With all my love and appreciation,

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  1. jof

    I learned a very difficult lesson today: Procrastination will lead you nowhere. I was delaying submitting a video because I was soooo scared! Scared of what? Just an old habit. After watching Bronnie Ware’s last interview with Marie on regrets of dying people, I was emboldened to apply and finally make a video.. Carpe diem I said! I made a video — I was so nervous I couldn’t get the words right. Only to realise when I finally had the video the selection have been made! hahaha The irony of it all. But I still have to thank you Marie and your team for taking me out of my comfort zone to make a leap. I may not have sent in a video but I felt like I can do this! I can still level up my business to where I want it to be, the process of making the video made my vision clearer (and yes procrastination will get you nowhere!!!). I hope I can still save up, afford it and take the classes for 2016! 🙂
    Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂 I’m so proud of each and everyone of you to putting yourself out there for your dreams. Thank you team Forleo!! You guys are amazing!!!
    This is also my first time to comment even if I’ve been following you Marie since 2011!!! hahaha


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      We’d love to have you join us if the time is right for you! And don’t be too hard on yourself, Jof. We absolutely believe you can do this, and it’s a HUGE win that the process of making the video helped you gain clarity. That’s priceless!

    • Terra Palewicz

      Congrats to all the winners!!! So happy for you ! ?What a wonderful way to start the weekend!

      • Terra Palewicz

        Oh thanks Marie and her team for all your hard work!

    • Mary Harp

      Congratulations to all the Scholarship winner’s! I am very excited for all of you. Thank you again to Marie for giving me the opportunity to participate!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who entered and won the scholarship! I’ll definitely give it another try again next year! x

    • Kelly Fedge DuBose

      Congratulations to ALL the amazing people who won a B-School scholarship! I have been inspired by all of you! Thanks also to Marie Forleo for the chance to earn a scholarship. I can’t afford B-School because of medical bills but I will keep learning from all the free information you and so many share via the internet and hopefully impact more families! Dyslexia Hotline is almost here….

      • Warmest congratulations to all the scholarship winners! SO HAPPY for all of you, and I delighted in watching a bunch of your videos. So many worthy candidates and visions and dreams to invest in. Have an amazing B-School, everyone!

        I applied and was not selected this year- and I want to thank Marie and Team Forleo so much once again for the opportunity. Making a video was a rich and great learning experience onto itself. Such a good practice to take a risk, follow your heart, and ‘just do it’!

        I’ll continue to appreciate Marie TV and I’m going to try again next year! 🙂 Thank you again, SO much!

  3. Hi Marie and awesome Team!
    This is so inspiring. What an awesome and generous gift to all of us. I am not a recipient (I am already enrolled in B-School this year- yay!) but I am inspired by these amazing stories and I look forward to connecting with such amazing people.
    I just know this is going to be life changing for all of us!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Jean! So honored and excited to have you in this year’s class 🙂

  4. Congrats to all the scholarship winners. 🙂 Have a great time and may your ventures rise beyond your wildest imaginings.

  5. Woohoo!!! I’m shaking!! Thank you so much for awarding me a scholarship to B-School Marie and Team!! I missed the deadline last year, had that 3rd gorgeous baby of mine mid-year, and pretty much every day since I’ve been hawking my email to NOT MISS applying this year. I’m so thrilled and honored and excited!!!!!! You’ve made such a difference in my life today. *Just* making that schol video was so helpful for me professionally and personally, I can not wait to see how this whole program changes my life. And all of the encouraging replies to the video and on the B-School comment feed have floored me – I’ve already made 3 very important connections and can not wait to meet everyone else in school. NO more mommie WAHM loneliness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo Andrea

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Andrea! We’re thrilled to have you!

  6. Wow, amazing! And so generous of you Marie and the FORLEO team!
    As a previous scholarship winner, I know how much Bschool changed my life.
    Thank you eternally!

    With love and gratitude, from South Africa!

  7. This is so awesome! THANK YOU, Marie!!!! <3 <3 <3

  8. Lea P

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!!
    I’m so happy for all of you!

    I’ll try next time again 🙂
    But I actually feel like a winner too!
    I still feel very blessed because with this challenge I learned to put aside fear and timidity ,which is a true miracle for me, as soon as I learned about the scholarship I jumped into it, I knew if I waited to think about it first I would have ended up not doing it.

    So to everyone, if you want something go and try to get it! 😉
    For all the shy people like me, it’s ok to look silly sometimes (if that’s what blocks you), we have to learn to laugh at ourselves too, I laughed so much watching myself, but I still found myself kinda cute doing it 😀

    Love you all!
    We’re all amazings !

    • Danni

      Lea P – your message totally resonates with me!

      Huge congrats to ALL the winners right now!!! – what an incredible opportunity and so well deserved for being brave, putting your ideas out there and hearts on the line!

      I for sure don’t feel like a loser!. I was so Nervous to put it out there that I had been struggling with a disease that most people I know had no idea about. Deciding to do it anyway was actually very liberating! Going one step further and ensuring that it was seen by as many people as possible helped me fight my fears even more. The support that I got back far exceeded anything I could have imagined. I had a flood of messages in my inbox from people who could relate & were inspired to share their own stories with me. Together we have all created beautiful connections with people all over the world.

      I am filled with love, and feel I only have more to give now!
      The momentum is on & the idea’s are following!

      Enjoy this undoubtably life changing experience you guys!! – Im excited for you!!!!!

      With LOVE XXXX

      • Danni

        Hi Marie!

        I’ve been thinking….How’s about a little consolation prize for those who didn’t quite make the cut? I still REALLY wanna sign up this year but maxed all my credit cards on training last year. I only know that this is what I NEED… I will beg if I have to! Haha… Ohhhhh go ooooon! PLeeeeeeeease!

        With Love hehe ? XXXX

      • Danni

        Hi Marie!

        I’ve been thinking….How’s about a little consolation prize for those who didn’t quite make the cut? I still REALLY wanna sign up this year but maxed all my credit cards on training last year. I only know that this is what I NEED… I will beg if I have to! Haha… Ohhhhh go ooooon! PLeeeeeeeease!

        With ❤️ hehe ? XXXX

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Hi Danni, lots of <3 right back!

          Thank you so much for participating in our scholarship contest — we always watch every entry we receive, and it means so much that you took the time to create an entry.

          While we're unable to offer additional scholarships at this point, we'd love to have you join us when the timing is right. We also do run our scholarship contest every year, and you're welcome to apply next year if you'd like to!

          If you have any B-School questions, feel free to drop us a line at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com for the fastest response!

  9. Jackie Smith

    Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients! What an amazing start to what is bound to be a life changing year for you all!

  10. Ameerah

    Congratulations to all of you chosen for the BSchool scholarship I pray your businesses flourish and surpass the desires of your heart.

  11. Congratulations everyone! I am not participating in B-school this year, although I know I will get there some time soon!
    But I just wanted to say I really admire the four people from the philantropic videos and wish them all the best in their projects. May they reach as many souls as possible with their web based businesses. Best wishes to all the other winners too!
    Thank you Marie for bringing all these amazing people together and for your contribution to making real magic happen!
    laura xx

  12. Federica

    Congrats to all the winners!
    Thanks again Marie for this wonderful opportunity. Let’s build the conditions to be with you next time 🙂
    Federica Samaya

  13. CATI

    Congratulations to all winners.. hope to make it one way or another because 2000 USD is quite a lot of money when you live on the Mauritius Roupie… Love to all

  14. Congratulations to everyone who won Marie’s scholarships! I’m so happy for you. I watched several of the videos, and you totally deserve it. I wish you all the best in your endeavors! 🙂

  15. Hey Marie , first of all congratulations to the l winners.. amd wooowww 47 scholarships is a huge count.. It was an awsome experience entering such a great feild and enrolling B school is in my yearly to do list for next year… and it felt amazing to see 900+ wonderfull men and women entering and all with a different cause and ambition.. its like I already found a community of wonderfull people.. once again heartly congrats to all winners and I wish you guys good luck with the training and we all love you team Marie.. you will rock this as you do it every year.. love you.. xxx

  16. Congratulations for those who won the B-school scholarship and keep up the good work for those who didn’t. Even if I am not a B-school scholarship winner, I am a winner for discovering Marie Forleo and her team. I love Marie TV and I am sure I will learn many beautiful things from last episodes.

    For a philanthropic person, I am grateful for all that I received and I will spread the lessons in my community.

    With love,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Alina, that’s so kind of you. We’re SO happy you discovered Marie and that we’re now connected 🙂

  17. Congratulations to all the winners who will be going to B-school, and a big congratulations all those who entered a video. For me, it was a big challenge and the first video of me I ever posted, so I’m very grateful for the inspiration and this push out of my comfort zone, I’ve grown so much already. It takes a lot to be one of the 1000 who actually entered a video… out of almost half a million who are presented with the opportunity to, and I know that with this courage to shine, we have what it takes and the knowledge is within us to succeed. I won’t be able to participate this year but I trust that it’s just not the right time. I’m excited to continue to put into action what I learned from the 3 free videos and see how far I can grow my business this year while continuing to follow Marie’s free guidance online. Thanks so much for putting all this free content out there, sending you lots of love and success for B-school 2016!

  18. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! (even though we are ALL winners in the end!) We’ll all find a way to get our message out there and serve the people we are committed to.
    Thanks Marie, for the inspiration!

  19. Oh darn it! I missed it! ?
    Coincidentally I just broke my ice yesterday and made my first inspa-motiv-goofy-silly video. ?

    Oh well next time?

    Nevertheless, congratulations to all the winners and to all the ones who had the courage and confidence to enter.

    And to Marie and team thank you for continuing to inspire.

    Happy Confident Action Taking 2016!!?

  20. Omg! Thank you so much Marie!!! My heart is beating out of my chest I am so excited! I can not thank you enough for this opportunity to take part in B-School! Cant wait to start!

  21. Olufunmilayo Ogunjobi

    I want to say a big Thank you to Marie Forleo and her entire team for this opportunity…………I have learnt today that taking a chance on your dreams is the way to go to get what you want in life. I am really grateful for this………………Also I want to thank everyone on here for your support and love. Thanks Marie for being an inspiration and guide to me. Ever since I came across your website and videos something changed in me and for that I am grateful

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re SO welcome, Olufunmilayo!

  22. Yenisey

    I was so anxious about the results.
    Even I don’t win, thank you all for you’re time to watch my video. It was a very challenging experience.

    Congrats to the winners

  23. Hi Marie and Team, heartfelt THANK YOU for selecting me as a scholarship winner and CONGRATS to all of the others! This means so much, especially among such special people and stories. I so look forward to an incredible journey together. Sincere thanks again and warmest regards, Naomi

  24. April

    So sad I didn’t make the cut, maybe its a sign to move on. Good luck to all winners though, go on to do great things for the rest of us.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      April, please don’t take it as a sign to stop doing what you love! Your dreams are valid and important. It’s never easy for us to choose winners from the INCREDIBLE pool of entries we receive, but we’re truly in awe of this community and every amazing entrepreneurs we learn about through this process.

  25. Oh my gosh I am so sad I completely missed the scholarship application! I don’t know why but I never got an announcement about it or I would have applied. I have been checking the site and my inbox for weeks I don’t know how I missed it dang it.

    Congrats to the recipients, you’re in for an awesome experience!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So sorry you missed it Adrianne! We announced it via email and in the third free training video last Thursday, but the window to submit an entry was short (ending on Monday the 15th).

      We hold the contest annually, though, and would love to have you try next time if you don’t join us for B-School this time around!

      • Adrianne

        Yeah I think I fell victim ? to a Gmail Inbox sorting problem. Thanks for the kind reply!

  26. Elizabeth

    Congrats to everyone who won!
    Not my year…that’s okay. Still have so much to work with. And there is always next year. Thanks Marie Forleo and the wonderful B-School team.

  27. Paula

    A little upset I did get the scholarship, but congrats to the winners. Maybe next year I can save up and come to b-school. But God has a greater plan for me.

  28. Corinne Clapham

    Congrats Everyone! How exciting:)

    Much Love <3
    Corinne Clapham

  29. Lovely, I liked this concept of yours Marie.
    This year too I missed it. Actually this year I wasn’t clear whether b-school was right for me or not.
    Last year my card didn’t work. Well for good at that moment.
    I would like to get into after Im 100% happy and sure of my decision.
    Thanks a lot, as these entries are so inspiring….
    Thanks to all winners, for sharing your dreams. You are sounding so motivating in your videos.

  30. Katherine kuczewski

    Congratulations to all the winners! I sadly did not make the cut but just making the video completely pumped me up! Loved the experience of not over analyzing and just doing it. I completely fist pumped the air and said ‘I am an action taker!’ Afterwards hahahahaha. I am going to see if I can find a way to make bschool happen anyways this year 🙂

  31. SUPER CONGRATS TO EVERYONE! I didn’t win but I’m so honored to have been a part of the process! I hope everyone continues their pursuits because Marie is right –Procrastination is a killer! Trust me, I know! I have fallen victim too long..I’m wishing success to everyone who reads this email and in my Marie Forleo voice, “Stay on your game…because the world needs that special something that only YOU have!”

    Soooooo Much LOVE!!!!

    Miranda 🙂

  32. WOWZA! So many awesome winners this year! Congrats to all of you and this amazing opportunity you have to change the world. Wishing you the best educational experience in B-School. XO

  33. Yaaaaay! Jumping up and down excited (quietly, so as not to wake up the baby sleeping in the next room) to be joining Bschool. Thank you!!! It’s a gorgeous day outside, and I’m feeling the sunshine in my business, too. AND I am feeling so honored to be part of a group of AMAZING scholarship winners!

  34. Lauren K

    Hi guys! Thanks for watching my video. Bummed I didn’t get the scholarship. But, I figure there are two options. I can see it as a setback, a reason to quit or doubt myself. OR a reason to push myself forward, light a fire under my ass and create create create! Just doing my video forced me to get really clear on what I wanted to pursue when I had multiple ideas. And in fact what I chose and I’m now amped up about really surpised me. It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life and always tried to hide. And all of a sudden all my hardships, learning,accepting, growing had brought me to wanting to shout my most feared most embarrassed about quality from roof tops! As I realized what I was missing and what others are missing with this condition is connection, support, education and feeling like we fit in and have others who understand the struggles. My name is Lauren K and I’m a hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating condtion) and anxiety Rocker! And I’m Sweaty. Strong. Beautiful.
    Thanks Marie and team.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lauren, don’t quit or doubt yourself! Keep going after your dreams!

  35. Congratulations to the winners!! Those videos were incredible and inspiring. I didn’t win the scholarship but after seeing who won I am so happy these amazing people will be given the chance to join B-School! After waiting and waiting over 5 years – THIS YEAR I am going to pull the trigger and JOIN See you all in B-School!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      WOOHOO! Can’t wait to have you join us!

      • Congrats to the winners.
        My heart is sad I did not win.
        I will keep moving forward.
        Aloha. 😉

  36. Kinga

    Beautiful videos of all of the winners!!! Congratulations! And thank you Marie & the Team for the time to watch it all, for choosing beautiful dreams to help them come to life and for this opportunity. Making a video of myself and my dream was a treat itself! Coming out of my comfort zone, showing myself out there with both fear and excitement only to discover, that I really have nothing to lose, that imfear have big eyes but no more than that, that I even more wanna do what I wanna do now and am corageus enough to do whatever it takes…I am gonna launch my business alone this year and see you next year either in the scholar contest again or regular paid b- school :)))
    Love , Kinga

  37. Congrats to all scholarship winners!
    I am so jealousin a good way. I wish I had won one.

    Is there a way to pay for the school at smaller amounts over a longer period of time? I can’t afford it at the moment, because my savings are just a little over the BSchool fee, and I have been using them to for my business. I otherwise would have to borrow from someone to be able to afford it so that I could pay back later upon ROI. I will very appreciate various options available for starting entrepreneurs like me.

    Thanks so much for understanding.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Jyldyz, we offer a payment plan which is 4 monthly installments of $549USD. This is the only alternative payment plan we have to the full-pay. If B-School isn’t in the cards for you this time around, we would LOVE to have you join us when the timing is right for you!

  38. Leesann

    Celebrating the scholarship winners!!!!! Making our world a healthier and happier place one life at a time! Thank you Marie and staff for your inspirational work!

  39. I’m speechless. This is a turning point in my life. Thank you Marie and team for believing in all of us.
    To those who have a dream, please don’t give up, the universe is conspiring on your behalf, and when you least expect it, all the pieces will fall in place.

  40. I was veeeery sad not to be on the list… Untill I looked at some of the winning videos! Now I can only be happy that these winners were chosen because they all have a beautiful story to tell. They are all beautiful people with a beautiful project. This is a great choice you made! They all deserve 200% to win this scholarship and I hope they all become very successful in what they want to realize! Go all for it! For 200% !!! I am very happy for them!

  41. Courtney

    Congrats to the winners!!! I can’t afford bschool but I’ll try again next year. I’m happy for the winners!!

  42. Diana

    Congratulations scholarship winners! What an amazing, inspiring, creative and big-hearted bunch. After watching more YouTube than I’ve ever watched in my life, I think I’ve found my tribe! And believe me, Ive been looking for a while. Hopefully I can join you guys in B-school next year. Sending everyone good vibes as you all go full steam ahead!

  43. joe falzon

    Congratulations to all the scholarship winners!!!! Marie’s B-School will be awesome and an amazing experience that will benefit you, those around you and hundreds, even thousands or more around the world. A toast to the future incredible modern entrepreneurs!


  45. Ruth

    Happy for you winners! Feeling sad I didn’t get in and like i want to give up? But I’m not going too ?

  46. Congrats to all the winners! So exciting, and some amazing stories. I’m glad I got the push to make a video this year. It was a challenge all by itself but I pushed through. Just sharing my story made me really nervous. Hiding has always been my mo. But, I pushed past my comfort zone and did it. I put it out there. Funny thing is I got such good feedback from friends and supporters that I realized that hiding in the shadows isn’t as good as sharing what you have to offer. I love the planet, the creatures and all that live on it and want to share the beauty and abundance that can be if we live with nature. I love learning and growing too so I’ll keep on studying and saving and hopefully I can join B-school in the near future. That is a good goal to work towards. Thank you for what you do and good luck to all on their new learning adventure. Namaste.

  47. Wow!! I am soooo inspired by these AMAZING scholarship winners! I’m excited and honored to be in B-School together (I just signed up)!! I feel really grateful to be beginning this journey with folks who are so passionate and with such unbelievably inspiring missions!

    Congratulations to all of you beautiful scholarship winners. I can’t wait to watch our dreams grow! What a gift to the world!! Yay B-School!

  48. Jen

    Wow congrats to everyone! There is so much talent here I am very inspired to submit a video for next years B School! What a fantastic opportunity and thanks Marie and everyone at B School. . . . Have a great time learning and creating!

  49. Congrats to all 2016 scholarship winners. A huge congrats to everyone who entered and didn’t allow fear to paralyze you or procrastination to stall your goals.

  50. KontessaKJR

    Thank you for sharing these entries. Marie, I don’t know how you watched these without getting emotional. I am… simply after viewing a couple. Congratulations to all B-schoolers!!! See you next year unless you decide to run another one in 6 months ;).

  51. Words cannot describe the excitement I felt this morning when learning that I was one of the 47 selected for a scholarship. I am honored to be among those selected, each of their videos are amazing! I’m still jumping around with excitement!!! I am counting down the days until B School starts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity! Cheers to everyone who is attending B School this year!

  52. KontessaKJR

    OHHHH! I forgot to mention how GENEROUS of you to offer these scholarships. Another incentive to SIGN UP – to help support others!

  53. Jennifer

    Congratulations to all of the winners. May the next year bring all good things to you! 🙂

  54. Cade Westlake

    I actually fell off my chair! I can’t wait for B-School to begin, and I am excited to see everyone else who’s kicking butt and creating their difference in the world!
    Creating that video really pushed me outside of my zone. I really have never liked posting things on the internet, and I always knew it was the best way to make your mark on the world! The struggle! Now, because of Marie, I can say I do like posting things on the internet. I am still overcome with gratitude and I am stoked to learn how to take the world by storm so we can build it into a better place.
    As Marie always says, stay on your game! The world needs that special something that ONLY. YOU. HAVE. Ooh Rah.

  55. Congratulations to everyone, and success to all.

  56. I looked at many of the entries and was so enthused and flat out thrilled for each and every one of my fellow potential b-schoolers. Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the rest, as well….we are all unique and have something special to offer!

  57. There are some beautifully moving entries on here. Thank you Marie for the opportunity to enter my video! Congratulations to the winners! It is obvious they are going to do great things for the world <3

  58. Lois

    Congratulations to all the winners! Many thanks to Marie for giving everyone the opportunity to apply for scholarships!

  59. Thank you, Marie and team, for this wonderful opportunity to join B-School on the scholarship! Making the video was frightful, and I definitely proved to myself that I could do something so scary and survive it. 🙂

    Congratulations to all of the other winners!!!!!

  60. Wasi Saleem

    Congratulations to all of the winners!!! I’m sure they’re extremely deserving and will do amazing things with the opportunity.

    Of course, I’m disappointed I didn’t win. I had a feeling that mentioning I was a “medical doctor” in the video would take away any “why does he deserve a scholarship” sympathy, but I should have included in there that I have graduated from medical school only and am studying for board exams and not making any money right now, therefore, I am working on my new coaching business and extremely tight on funds which is why I can’t afford to sign up for Bschool right now. I truly believe I would have been a huge asset to the community and could really use the financial assistance, plus, one of the few guys who had the guts to apply, haha, but I’m not a sore loser so I understand that Marie and team had tough decisions to make and the best entries won. Congratulations to them and the team again and I look forward to cheering everyone on. We’re all in this together.

    With gratitude,

    • Nevena

      Hi, Wasi!
      Just pure curiosity – do you intend to work as a medical doctor parallelly to your entrepreneurial activity or are you changing your path leaving your medical to rest for now?


      • Hi Nevena! Thanks for reaching out! I’m still pursuing a career in medicine (studying for my last board exam right now to qualify to apply for residency) and I’m continuing my confidence coaching brand alongside it. It’s been one crazy adventure of ups and downs, but I’m going all in this year with my brand and I’ve already been making some major breakthroughs. I do hope to combine my medical expertise with my coaching skills at some point in the future, but I’m keeping the 2 separate for now. Are you also in the healthcare field? You can email me if that’s easier 🙂


  61. Patty

    Happy, proud and very gratefull te be selected.
    Thank you sooooo much, Marie!
    This will be life changing, I’m sure of it…
    with love,

    • Ingrid

      Well done Patty! Stay positive – You’re cut out for this. This is a great wave to sail!

  62. Skye Zaccaro

    Woo hoo to all the inspirational winners! You all shine beautifully! I think all of us who entered are winners, too! This video exercise provided an invaluable opportunity to step outside my comfy zone and put my dreams out there. Action here I come! As Journey wisely once said, “Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling!”

  63. Congratulations everyone!!!

    May you be very Blessed and Successful

  64. I just watched every video above and it was such a pleasure! I found myself saying “hell ya, so glad that is happening in the world!” Some amazing things are happening, so glad I can be exposed to this amazing environment!

  65. Congratulations to all of the winners of the scholarship this year!! Excited and inspired to see you turn your dreams into reality <3

  66. Congratulations everyone, I was so busy trying to build my business and working a the same time that I really forget to enter on the contest but I’ll for sure next time Good luck to all the winners

  67. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners!! Wow you all are so inspiring!

    Even though I didn’t win a scholarship this year, I felt like I was winning through this whole process – when I started wondering what I would share, testing to see if my computer camera was good enough, fiddling with iMovie, getting over my fear of visibility to post on YouTube/Facebook, trying to wrap my mind around how to use Twitter (it’s a bit overwhelming for an introvert), being embraced and encouraged by my Facebook friends, and realizing that I belong to some pretty amazing communities and study with some incredible teachers. WIN!!!

    One of my yoga teachers always tells me to replace fear with curiosity, and this is a case where I successfully followed it off the mat. I’m not going to join B-School this year (hopefully 2017) but I’m going to keep following my curiosity and listening for clarity in what I wish to offer.

    Thank you Marie for the invitation, inspiration, and creating a worldwide community; and all the best for the 2016 B-School class and my fellow emerging entrepreneurs. Much love!

  68. Congratulations everyone!!! What an amazing opportunity. I’ll try again next year. 😉

  69. Hello Marie Forleo and Team!

    Thank you for giving away scholarships this is great and thanks for sharing the videos of the winners!

    I want to tell you something that I feel Marie, I´m not psychic or anything but I sense that you are pregnant or that you are getting pregnant soon and I´m sure your baby soul is like super happy that you and Josh are going to be his parents, and I think you must be reading a lot of babies and parenthood books and you baby is like “I do appreciate you Reading a lot BUT I´m still turning you world UPSIDEDOWN and can´t wait to do that” Also I think he is thinking “will you just CHILL? you are like the best mom ever, relax”
    As I told you before I´m not psychic but I sense that and I wanted to share it with you maybe I just want you and Josh to have babies, hehe you will do great as parents.

    Love Viri

  70. Kayretha

    I thought I signed up for the scholarship but clearly I did not! OMG. I don’t know what I signed up for but I’m sure it will be good.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Kayretha, I’m not sure what you’re referring to specifically, but if you have any questions for our team about anything you signed up for, please drop us a line at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be happy to help.

  71. Alejandra Recinos

    Oh marie! i’m so glad, you have no idea how i’m feeling in this moment 🙂 i know this is a new path in my life! so so thank you! i’m ready to learn from you! the best!!!

    • Katie

      Your video was amazing! How did you make that book?! SO artisitc and inspiring. I just loved it. Thank you for sharing your dreams and creaticity — and congratulations!

  72. Stacey

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  73. Congratulations to the scholarship winners. I’m so glad I made the effort all sorts of goodness has and will continue to come from this step outside of my comfort zone. First of all, this is my first Youtube video, what’s next?? 😉
    Thanks for your content always Marie, your words give me courage.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much Mindy, and huge kudos to you for stepping outside your comfort zone. We’re so honored you chose to participate this year! xo

  74. Dear Marie,thanks so much to you and your team for the amazing job you guys do and for the opportunity for a bschool scholarship that you have given us.
    I’ve been so impressed with the way your team (despite being surely so busy dealing with the checking and evaluating of every single entry) has managed to follow up with the emails I’ve sent in because of the technical problems I was experiencing. Just great!
    Also, even though I’m not among the winners, just making the video happen has been such a great experience. It has been my first time posting a video online ever and it has forced me to push myself outside my comfort zone.
    It has also been so inspiring to watch the stories of those who, like me, have a dream and try their best to make it happen. Congratulations to the brave souls who have won, well done guys!
    I’ll definitely try again next year!
    Thanks again Marie, for having created such a wonderful community! U r responsible for saving a lot of lives, I’m sure.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Valentina, thank you so much for your sweet note. It’s wonderful that you took the time to step outside your comfort zone and create a video for us this year. We always do watch every video we receive, and it’s never an easy decision for us since there are so many incredible, deserving people who take part.

      We’d love for you to apply again next year if you’re interested, and in the meantime we’re so happy to continue sharing great tips with you through our MarieTV episodes! 🙂

  75. There are so many amazing winners here. Congrats girls and guys.

    Go out and make this world into a wonderful place.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo


  76. Jana

    Oh my goodness! My name is meant to be on this list, but I only just found out about B School! When can I submit an entry for next year? I would love to enroll this year, but currently have no income.

    PS. Thank you for this amazing platform. I’m loving Marie TV and the newsletter!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jana! Next year’s contest will be open during our B-School launch in early 2017 around the same time frame as this year (early Feb) and we’ll be sharing all the guidelines then. Definitely make sure you’re signed up for email updates over at, and we’ll be sure to send you all the details as soon as they’re ready.

      Once we release the free training videos during our launch next year, definitely do watch those right away, as the window for scholarship submissions is usually short and we’d hate for you to miss it 🙂

  77. Congrats to all of you! Putting my video out there was a huge step for me. I look forward to B school next year. For now, I use Kris Carr’s words of wisdom to stay focused on my goals and dreams “turtle power”!!

  78. Chessy

    I’m considering enrolling in B-school but haven’t seen anywhere what tools are needed. Do I need a new computer, printer, etc? Is a Mac ok, preferred, not an issue? I want to be sure I have all the resources before I sign up and find I can’t get downloads, videos, etc…


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you’re interested in the program, Chessy! You don’t have to get a new computer (unless you just want to). You’re welcome to use the computer you have, as well as any tablet or smartphone you have since the B-School website is mobile-friendly. You can complete all the materials on your computer, so you don’t have to print them out if you’d rather not. Macs are totally fine—that’s what many members of our team use, in fact.

      We’d love to support you on your business journey. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at [email protected]. If you’re ready to enroll, you can do so here:

  79. Congrats to all of the winners!

    My question — if I already have a business and want to attend B School, am I able to count the course as tax deductible under “education?”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Bethany! We’ve heard from some students that they were able to write off the program on their taxes under education, or business if they have a registered business. It depends on the tax laws in your country, so we can’t make any guarantees. If you have an accountant, it may help to give them a call to check. We don’t charge any tax on the program ourselves, if that helps.

  80. Jacqueline

    Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! I am so thrilled for them. I wish I had known about this. somehow, I would had to find the courage within me to make a video to try to receive a scholarship. This program sounds like something that I have been wishing and hoping to find and do. I am a stay-at-home mom about to go through a divorce in desperate need of a new life and income. I have been reading anything and everything I can get my hands on for free due to not having any funds. Now I have to create some kind of income for myself to take care of my daughter and myself and this program would have helped point in the divine right direction. That is okay though, maybe this was not the way I was to supposed to go. I am so grateful that there is someone like yourself out there making this happen for others. You are a blessing. Thank you!

  81. Lisa Ann

    Whaaaaat! They have already been chosen?? I was waiting for information on when we could submit a scholarship video! Is there another chance for submission in 2016? Please let me know!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lisa Ann, I’m so sorry you missed it! The window for submissions was Feb. 11-15 and we announced the winners on Friday the 19th. We don’t have any other submission windows for B-School 2016, but we do run the contest each time B-School comes around, so definitely keep and eye out!

  82. Congrats to all the winners!!!!
    So excited for you all and can’t wait to see how you change the world! xoxoxoxox

  83. Congratulations to the 2016 winners!! Sending you blessings on your journey! I’m a 2015 B-school alum and B-school was the very best investment I made in myself and my business.

  84. Marisol

    Hello Marie ‘s team. How can we enter for next year’s B-School scholarship? Thanks 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Marisol! We’re so thrilled you’re interested in participating in our B-School 2017 scholarship contest. We’ll be releasing all the info as we get closer to our launch in February 2017, so we’ll be sharing all the rules, guidelines, and how to participate then.

      Definitely make sure you’ve signed up for email updates here: so you’ll be among the first to know when those details are released.

      If you have any questions about our B-School program, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com!

  85. Ana Brad

    Hey guys,
    I am interested in the scholarship contest for 2017. How is it going to be? What is the next step?
    Lots of hugs and appreciation

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ana, thank you so much for stopping by and for asking! We’ll be sharing all the details about our 2017 scholarship contest during our B-School launch in February.

      Definitely stop by and sign up for email updates to make sure you’re on the list to receive all the details when they’re ready. You can also write to our team at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com with any questions.

      We can’t wait to check out your submission!

  86. Nicola

    I am really getting frustrated and it’s starting to really annoy me. I really want to do bschool. But I’m not sure if it’s the right time. It seems like most of the people are already 100% clear about what they want. However I’m overhere juggling with several ideas that sound great at first but I end up getting super overwhelmed when I start engaging and researching about them. How do I know if it’s too soon !

  87. Congrats to the winners. Very exciting times ? I hope its okay that I ask: I am curious to know why there were so many less recipients this year compared to previous years?

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