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Have you ever walked into a restaurant with a ginormous menu and felt frozen in indecision, like “Aaahg! Too many choices…I have no idea what to get. Don’t want to pick the wrong thing!”

Or been given carte blanche by your significant other, “I’ll take you wherever you want to go. We can go wherever you want — anywhere at all! Just name it,” as you flail around in your head and fail to come up with a good answer.

Or, how about looking at your mile-long to do list and getting totally overwhelmed by all the different things you could work on right now, only to waste hours trying to figure it out.

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Welcome to the strange and often anxiety inducing, energy-draining land of limitless choice!

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about the power of a decision detox and how to give yourself an immediate boost in clarity, creativity and overall energy.

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Your creative dreams require fuel.

And doing your best work in this world means not blowing your daily supply of mental and emotional discernment on low-ticket items.

If any part of you is feeling consistently exhausted by the end of your days, do a little experiment with your own decision detox. It just might help. (Worth a shot, right?)

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

Specifically, what aspect of your life is most in need of a decision detox? Where might you get an incredible boost of mental and emotional energy by reducing your choices? Design your own little 10 Day Decision Detox and tell me about it in the comments below.

Share as much detail as possible in your comment. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your detox plan may inspire someone else to get themselves back on track too!

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Huge thanks, as always, for watching and sharing with such joy. You continue to make this one of the brightest spots online.

With so much love,


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  1. Simplifying different aspects of our lives is so LIBERATING. Less choice makes it easier to function, whether it’s in health or business! I’m trying to implement it in my business step by step and it makes things SO MUCH EASIER! 🙂

    • It’s so counterintuitive that less choices create more effectiveness and liberation! It’s so so true.

    • I’ve been making the decision to ignore Facebook on my phone and it’s been helping. I am not wasting my energy on social media as much and it’s improving my overall mood.

      • I’ve been doing the same re: Facebook Bernard! Helps so much.

        Handy tip for those digging this thread!
        I also like to do a “rip the plaster off” technique with some decisions by making them all at once and getting them out of the way.

        E.g. On Sundays I try to plan all my meals for the week and my outfits for work. I can’t tell you how much clothing decisions were draining me at 6am. My outfit plans make me feel free! I realised that I don’t need that many clothes when I’m organised and plan. It’s definitely a must for me when I go on a short trip home. I can be more present because I’m not wasting time and energy sifting through what to wear and finding things. More family quality time=win!

    • I definitely get overwhelmed when I have too many things going on, whether it’s projects or all those emails I signed up for, etc. I have gone through my emails a few times and unsubbed from any that I never read. Makes me feel a lot lighter when there aren’t so many things in front of me 🙂

  2. I’m feeling called to a bit of detox myself and have been feeling so much lighter and more energetic –> priceless.

    In my everyday life, I want to be in an optimum state of mind: clear, calm, centered, grounded. Now, I’m not ALWAYS living in this optimum state of mind, but I know what to look for *within myself* to get back in connection with my “center”.

    Quick tip: whenever I feel overwhelmed or stress, I know NOT to trust that thinking and I give myself permission to take a break, step away, so that I can let go of a confused state of mind. (Just a tip, you’ll find your own best way.)

    When I regain a clear state of mind and feel connected to my inner wisdom, making ANY kind of decisions is effortless.


    • Jessica

      Yes, Caroline. I understand and totally agree with you. 🙂 Sometimes it is challenging to picks betweens goods. It’s not as hard to pick between goods and bads. Choices are awesome, but picking the best one is hard. Just like flipping TV channels, I see people can be spending 10 – 15 mins just choosing what channel to watch and this drives me crazy.

      Tips: Before we expose ourselves to so many choices, we need to ask ourselves what we want. At least some direction. What do we WANT? If we don’t know what we want, no ones else can help us. Yes, it goes back to the clarity quest and a higher version of ourselves. 🙂 Set our intention and take a few deep breathe that would help. 🙂 Even just take 1 – 2 minutes, only focus on the breathing. This will help calm the mind. 🙂

  3. Omg Marie I’m so glad you shared your detox experience!! I know exactly what you mean. I never realized how much my life revolved around food choices until I did a 7 day juice cleanse. The increase in my productivity and mental clarity were profoundly profound. I can’t even express what a difference it made to decision making and getting shit done!

    What I’m going to work on after seeing this video is getting into a routine. Right now my schedule is cray cray all over the place and I know by getting into a structure I’ll save time energy and accelerate my work productivity.

    Thanks girl, you rock.
    Maddie xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome — go Maddie! 🙂

  4. Decisions, decisions, decisions! My biggest go to is asking myself…what would I most regret NOT doing? This has never failed me. It reminds me how do I want to show up and what I really want. If I had to pick an area that needs decision limiting it would be meal planning and limiting options for breakfast and lunch during the week creating more time to focus on everything else like getting out the door in the morning;)

    • Yes! I totally get the food detox, but needed guidance on how to detox my work schedule. Literally faced with 100 choices a day. Which would I most regret is the best question. Im writing it on a postit now 🙂

      I’ve had much help by alotting time for certain things and when the timer goes off, I move on to my next project or to-do!

  5. I actually tried a 30-day raw food detox about three years ago and it was so good that I just kept on going. 😉
    Now I recommend this kind of cleanse to everyone, because only if you try it, you can see how got it makes you feel.

    A while ago I also did no screen time after 10 pm and that was amazing! I actually turned off the wi-fi at 9 pm (which was a win by itself) and then I had 1 hour left for reading on my Kindle. Then off to sleep. I would love to make this a routine.

  6. I can totally see this because it goes the same with will power. If a bread basket sits on your table the entire time through dinner and you spend all your energy resisting the bread, you’ve used up all your willpower on that and will be more likely to cave to dessert.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great example, Kyra! My problem is I never resist the bread 😉

  7. Marjolein

    How to combine entrepeneurship with being a good mother who is able to be fully present, supportive, loving and nourishing for her child? How can a decision detox help in this? I think this is the most difficult challenge women face…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Marjolein. I know that’s a super important topic for women who have both a business and children.

      There are different ways you could try a decision detox in this case — it’s all about discovering where you have lots of decisions that are getting in your way.

      For example, depending on your child’s age and needs, you might set a rule that between 4pm and 6pm is playtime — so you put away all work and screens during that time and just enjoy being with your child. Or maybe you decide together that 3pm-4pm is homework time, and stick to that.

      We also did an awesome episode a while back about being a mom and an entrepreneur with guest Latham Thomas, so definitely check that one out for some more thoughts and helpful tips:

    • Marjolein,

      This is what works for me… I discipline myself to have time slots for work and for my kids at different times. I keep this as a routine, so my kids know when I am available for them and when they need to wait. Because it is routine, my kids know they really will get all of my attention each day at certain times. Committing to a routine takes away other options and helps prevent decision fatigue and mommy guilt! It also helps me have regular time to rest.

  8. How do u keep coming up with these relevant videos
    10 days I won’t worry about my future!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ronnie / Manoj — we might be a little psychic! 😉

  9. Shannon M

    OMG! Loved this! So true! I waste so much time and energy with decisions that don’t really matter! Thank you for sharing this. I thought it was just me 🙂

  10. LOL I WISH I had the “problem” of someone offering to take me anywhere in the world I wanted!

    You’re videos always seem to zero in on what is most plaguing me Marie.
    I’m someone who is constantly coming up with ideas or strategizing the many possibilities an idea can manifest but envisioning something is not the same as manifesting it. I had a LOT of ideas for projects I wanted to do and nothing to show for it. I would carve out time to sit at my desk but then I’d be paralyzed, thinking if I worked on my portfolio that I wouldn’t be working on blogging. If I painted I wouldn’t get to experiment with animated gifs.

    I was putting my energy into so many things that I wasn’t getting very far with any. I’ve narrowed my goals for the next couple of months to 3 specific things. I’ve told myself I can think focus on another 3 but not until March. I guess I’m just trying to give myself more structure and be more deliberate in my choices.

    Thanks girl!


  11. I don’t do a food detox, but I often do business detoxes. With all the cool and interesting things that are available to do an try, each month I pick one theme (this month’s is email) and get to work on that one thing.

    It limits my choices like yours did… should I watch this webinar about podcasting or do an email campaign? should I spend time on Instagram or do an email campaign?

    Easy peasy decisions…:)

    • Excellent idea Tara! I tend to always feel like I’ll miss something, but being focused I’ve found is the key to progressing and moving ahead.

  12. Great message and very timely!! Thank you Marie

  13. TM

    I feel the liberation of not having to make good decisions when I fast for thirty days every year. In fact, many of my day-to-day decisions are on auto-pilot because my religion has clear steps on what to do when. So all my mental energy is reserved for the major decisions. I love the fact that these principles make sense to most human beings.

  14. R

    I personally experienced this after reading the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I followed her examples (to a fault) and all those things I heard about minimalism turned out to be true. I very quickly found I had much less mental clutter when the home clutter went away. And, with less choices of ….STUFF to choose from (including my wardrobe!), my life got so much easier. I also used to have too many hobbies, and noticed at 25 that I had no real skills in any of them. I thought to myself, “which of these hobbies truly make me happy?” and I kept only three of them. I thought it would be painful, but growing your skills is a really satisfying experience and it allows you to truly experience your hobby. If you realize you don’t like one of the three (or what-have-you) that you choose, then you still have the freedom to change it to one of your other ones, or even discover a new hobby along the way. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out.

    • Christine

      Marie Kondo’s book is on my nightstand awaiting my attention. Thank you for your thoughts on the book. I am even more inspired to open it up! Peace!

  15. Mary Lahti

    Marie! I took a moment to think about the number of things and time I spend to make decisions on things and oh my goodness, it adds to hours. Even with this post: Should I be clever? Just write what I feel? Research something and add a value tip? Do I have time to do that? Thanks for the extra bit of lift-off of life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome comment, Mary — I love it!

  16. Is anybody else a teacher out there? Because we are about to go on winter break, which means… SO MUCH FREEDOM! So this episode is perfect preparation material.

    For me, my decision drain is on my writing projects. I’ve got three! A blog, an e-book, and a short story.

    It’s like having three kids, you love each one more than you ever imagined possible, and even though you’re not sure how you ended up with three of them, getting rid of one is not an option. Has anybody else seen the Friends episode where Phoebe’s brother wants to give her one of the triplets and then changes his mind? That’s kind of my situation with writing.

    So, this Christmas, I’m going to institute some RULES and ROUTINES about writing. And as far as decisions about my actual parenting, well, I’ll leave that up to my husband.

    Love this show! Thank you again and again,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So glad that this episode is timely for you, Emily! I hope it inspires you to dive into your projects in a structured way that gives each of them the kind of attention they deserve.

      And of course don’t forget to have a little fun and relaxation along the way too 🙂

  17. OH YES, I had this.

    I had this whenever I went into my Todoist. Until I realised I can only DO ANYTHING PRODUCTIVELY, if there are just a few tasks in there (and not tens or hundreds on each lists to choose from).

    So now I have one list which is called IDEAS, where I do the brain dump of everything that I want to get done and is not important+urgent, and then they’re searchable if I want to later look at all my ideas relating to e.g. “Pinterest”, while my daily/weekly to-dos are much, much simpler now.

    I think there was another old great episode of MarieTV about ADD, where the advice was 3 main tasks for a day. AND IT’S TRUE. 3 main tasks. That’s it. Obviously, we do end up doing more, but the plan of the day is 3 main tasks. 🙂

  18. Hi Marie,

    As a “Multipotentialite” I am plagued by the enrapturing parade of possibilities that stomps thru my mind on a daily basis. In fact, I would say that narrowing those possibilities and remaining committed and consistent is my greatest challenge.

    I have done the raw food and vegan thing and really loved it. I applaud you for doing that, even if it’s only for a short period.

    Thank you so much for laying it out, GF. Now that this is in my conscious mind I can move forward with a much more ‘rigid’ schedule. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Karen! You so got this 🙂


    Marie, you’re so freakin cool, FUNNY and super Hot and your body rocks….could you please give me the secret to your awesomeness??? Hellooooo the HAIR? Could you please email me and let me know HOW the heck you get that stunning head looking so amazing!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha you’re so sweet, Roxanne! Marie’s hair is all her hair stylist and mostly lucky genes — we all have a little hair envy over here 😉

      In terms of her health and well being, I know Marie has some non-negotiable things she does every day to help keep her feeling her best including working out, meditation, and green juice. Check out this classic episode for a bit more on that:

  20. Brenda

    Love this Marie, thank you!
    I waste so much time making decisions everyday. Unsure which way to go at turning points and if I get off to a rough start/ or different than I had planned, it seems to throw my whole day off where I can’t get back on track. Time to notice the decision fatigue and I think pay attention to what I really want and not what I think I should do at any given juncture.

    xo, peace and love!

  21. Kristin Davis

    Hey Marie,

    So glad you enjoyed your detox. My partner and I have allergies to dairy and gluten so I really love how you showed the positive aspect to making our life simpler. It really is a blessing to put nutritious, whole foods into your system and make conscious choices about what you put in your body. It will make the flavour of food taste differently and ultimately change the way you behave when making other decisions. It truly can help develop a pattern of making healthy choices. Thanks for your wisdom. Love your show!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kristin, thank you so much for your note, and you’re so right — it is really wonderful to make conscious choices about the foods we eat. It makes such a tremendous impact!

      Thanks so much for watching this week 🙂

  22. I need an income decision-making detox. I’m building a business but looking for employment “in the meantime”. Do I go full-time or part-time? Should I be looking for what pays the most or offers the most time freedom? Replenish my savings then leave to start a business or continue my efforts alongside whatever work I find? Should I even be looking for work or seeking financing so I can expound on my accomplishments to date?

    Tack on single mommydom decisions along with the rest of life and I faceplant a lot. Lol. But I’d decided last night to scale back, so this is awesome confirmation as always. As is THAT SUGAR MOVIE someone just told me to watch last week. 🙂

    • Nina


      I am in the same situation started up my home business while looking after my little baby and trying to find a job as I desperately need an income but business doesn’t bring anything yet.
      On the top of it I am trying to get more skills and totally overwhelmed with different self development courses and courses for enterpreners. Never mind social media, where I also looking for an inspiration and tips. At the end of the day I feel tired and I haven’t done it all… Which makes me really exhausted.

      Thank you so much for the video, Marie. It was an eye opening for me:)

  23. I learnt this lesson several years ago. I noticed my constant inner torment every time I bought another packet of cigarettes and with each cigarette I lit up I was nagging at myself for making what I felt was the wrong decision. I then decided to become smoke free so I didn’t have a choice anymore and I still breathe a sigh of relief for taking that decision out of my daily routine.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s SO great, Cherrie! Big kudos to you for kicking that habit to the curb 🙂

  24. Janine

    Actually I talked about this perfect part of beeing a vegan today, where you can go across the supermarket and know exactly what to buy. There’s tons of products they just ain’t for you. Often I’m in and out in 15 minutes.That’s real freedom. I love to be vegan! Try it too and save the world!

  25. OMG! I LOVE this!!

    This is exactly why I literally wear the same thing and eat the same foods every single day during the day. I vary the dinners 😉

    Where I could use some help is in my business!!

    Do I like this color? or this color?
    This copy or that copy?
    Wait, do i want to take my brand in a whole new direction?
    Should I leave my Facebook on still and ‘see’ how it does?

    Oh yeah!! need some help in that area 🙂

  26. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for a great video again!

    I can totally resonate with you on this one. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately due to writing a book proposal, creating a website, and researching, as well as, making sure I eat well.

    It does all boil down to limiting what you need to do and doing only that each day. Cutting out choices really does help with focus.

    I still feel like I’m wading through concrete at the moment – but this vid has given me the extra push I needed to plough on!

    Thanks, Love & Creativity xx

  27. Karen

    Just what I needed to hear today. In the midst of making some major life moves and I’ve fallen into the tar pit of indecision! Totally over whelmed but your video helped by reminding me to just do one thing differently and nor get overwhelmed by the big picture. Thanks, Marie.

  28. Dear lord there is such a thing as decision fatigue? Mind blown! I need to write about this on my blog because I am definitely plagued by this. Lol. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Marie, another fantastic episode to save me from my sucky week. Take Care -Iva

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay Iva! We’re so happy to hear this episode saved you from a sucky week 😀

  29. Loved this video and I’ve felt the same way, especially since I quit red meat and alcohol this year, and integrated a very set morning routine. Next step is sugar. When I take sugar breaks, going to the supermarket is such a blissful experience 🙂

  30. Vineet Adkar

    Hi Marie, I like your video on decision detox. More precisely I liked the way you explained it in simple language. Still, I admit that almost all the time I get attracted to different subjects, even though they are not affecting me directly. May be it’s the inbuilt fault.

    But still, I agree with you that one should conserve his energy. In India, enlightened people use to commit themselves to silence for a certain number of years. It is still believed that after following this vow or promise properly whatever is uttered by the person becomes a reality. He who follows the vow, gets the power from the Supreme and whatever he speaks, the God has to honor it. Yes, along with the power comes the responsibility, the person becomes enlightened and doesn’t use the power at all since he knows not using the power so received will make him more powerful.

    Similarly, instead of wasting the power in making decisions over trivial matters one should lead a simpler life as naturally as possible.

  31. Tracy

    I get overwhelmed by just choosing between a couple of choices sometimes. I’ve been bouncing between two big choices for way too long and it’s caused me a lot of fatigue. Having the many smaller choices throughout the day causing decision fatigue makes a lot of sense to me. I am definitely one to be irritable by the end of the day. I compare myself to a cranky toddler sometimes. Maybe now I know why I get that way, decision fatigue!

  32. This video was SUCH perfect timing for me. There seems to be so much clutter in my life: mental, physical, spiritual, and I think all of that has drained me in ways I did not expect. I’m going to do 10 days of no work after 7 PM and do everything in my power to finish so I don’t stay up late chugging along until 2 AM. Thanks, Marie!

  33. I am consistently blown away at how the messages in your emails have perfect timing for me. I am in a big transition period and I have so many passion projects, artistic endeavors, interests in travel, and relationships pulling at me that I am feeling completely overwhelmed and sometimes frozen as I wake up and try to scatter my attention to all of these things each day. I was having a discussion with a friend last night stating that I wanted to have one thing I could pour my energy into without feeling guilty about neglecting the rest so I could truly be a master of one trade and not a jack of none. Question in is… which one do I choose? Haha, it’s that big decision that weighs on me the most, but the more I procrastinate choosing where to focus, the most stress I have in the little day to day decisions. My next question is how do you know which direction to go? Which options to limit…? I’ve been a fan of always following my heart, but I feel like somewhere in there I have a to make a logical decision and just stick to something if I want to ever want to make it something I can really be proud of.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great question, Eliza — that’s something that SO many creative people face when you have a lot of interests and passions. Definitely check out this classic MarieTV episode about being multipassionate for a few tips:

      I’m also someone who often feels like I’m a jack of all trades, master of none — and only recently I’ve started seeing that as a good thing. There’s something really cool about being able to do a lot of things and have many interests, even if it can feel a bit scattered.

      What has helped me a lot is realizing that I CAN do everything, just not all at once. So I might focus on a particular hobby, interest, or project for a while, and when other things come up that seem interesting or distracting, I just say to myself, “I can do that later, no worries.” If it’s something I still am interested in down the road, I can always go back to it!

  34. Donnell

    I tried a food detox about a month (spiritual fast) and Marie’s right, I didn’t have to make those hard decisions and has LOTS of time to work towards my projects.

  35. Thanks for the video about Decision Fatigue. My decision fatigue arrives when I respond to the questions and decision choices presented by my 3 beautiful children. “Mom, can I have ice cream?”, “Mom, can I watch more than an hour of tv on a school night?”, “Mom, do I have to read the full twenty minutes?”. If I don’t say yes (and I often don’t), then there are more questions. “Mom, WHY can’t I watch more tv?”….you get the picture. So my question to you is, how to I limited decision fatigue that is generated from external sources and seems to require a decision response?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a great question, Julie. The first thing that popped to mind is actually sharing the decision detox with those external sources. It can be a great way to set boundaries with your kids and get them involved in creating their own healthy habits and routines.

      It sounds like you have some rules and guidelines in place already for them, but by having the kids part of the process, it could be fun and they might have some cool ideas for detox “rules” too.

      And as a bonus, if they do ask, “why can’t I watch more TV?” you can say, “because we’re doing a decision detox, remember?” 🙂

  36. Oh yeah. I’ve done 30-day eating clean months, and am planning another one in January…I’m considering including social media for that month as well. But turning it off by dinner time might work just as well. <3

  37. Carrie Ure

    My main area of decision madness is with clothing. I used to have a complex system of different colors on different days and different clothes for different events and now I have just pared my closet down to the essential “uniform.” Most days, since I work at home, I work in my work-out clothes because they are comfy and I’m ready to got to the gym at noon. Then I get dressed in comfortable and casual jeans with nice tops that look good from my computer’s camera angle and it’s all good! Phew, no more standing in front of the closet wondering. Also, when I go on a weekend to week-long vacation, I take clothes that are all the same color scheme and one set of jewelry that goes with everything, and a dressy pair of shoes and a walking pair. That’s it. Easy and no decisions on the road.

    • That is so great you did this in you wardrobe!! SO many women struggle with this 🙂

  38. Emily T

    Amen Marie! This indecisiveness is paralyzing. I believe that because my husband and I have no children it gives us so much freedom that we end up either saying yes to everyone ( because they know we are flexible) or not planning anything for ourselves because we figure we should work with our free time. I cannot tell you how many arguments in 20 years we have had over where to eat, and then what to eat when we get there. That’s what made me click on this weeks video. I did a detox back in February with he and I , it was beautiful to have this commitment to something and that we supported each other with it. Our friends weren’t the biggest fans, because we weren’t as flexible as we used to be, but we felt so amazing. I also work from home, and have a very hands off Management team. For years I believed that freedom was awesome because they trust me to do a great job and assume I do not need any help. I had a very strict boss for my first job so I figured working from home and going on sales calls at will was the best thing ever. But the mental energy I spend on what is considered” work” and what is considered ” personal” or, if what they are paying me is truly how hard I worked that hour or day.. that is exhausting. I think so many of us can relate to there is no 9-5 job, so the overwhelming decisions come in during the day, when work could be in a lull to accomplish personal things because you know you will have to work that night anyway.. see now I’m sliding down that fox hole of indecisiveness just thinking about it..

    • Karen J

      So hear you on that, Emily! I’m looking (Here, Job! Oh, Job-job!) for a regularly scheduled part-time job, myself, to give my brain a break from the decision-overwhelm I so easily get stuck in, too! Good luck to you ~

      • Emily T

        Thank you Karen, and you as well- so much great info from Marie. A nugget of wisdom I got somewhere and posted in my office ( My office feels like I live in a fortune cookie, with all of my quotes and inspiration posted to my walls)
        1) Stop thinking about the overall task you need to complete
        2) Instead, focus on a smallcomponent of the task that you know you can achieve.
        3) Ask yourself ” Can I work on this task without being distracted for 1 hour?”
        4) Forget about everything else other than working hard for 1 hour
        5) At the end of the hour, ask yourself the same question again.
        6) Move your mountain 1 hour at a time.
        7) Enjoy the amazing sense of achievement that comes from completing a difficult task.
        — Dr. Anthony Fernando.

  39. Sony

    “I said to Josh, WE are doing this”. I love you. I love Josh. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Jody

    I am a new fan, and yet it seems that you already have me on your schedule for looking in my windows and watching me struggle so you can write about it for me. I appreciate the quick service.

    This is a goodie, as I am at the point of jumping off into the business world after having been a stay at home mom till the kids up and left and set up their own lives and left me here holding the bag. I felt I had nothing to offer, and no desire to work at the grocery store or any of the starbucks at the shopping center. I decided to try being my true self and follow my dreams and become an entrepreneur, and there you were, something shiny and true amongst all the other stuff I found (and just where in the f- do you hide with your binoculars? You seem to see into all the windows, including a couple that aren’t really there), and I appreciate the range and depth perception in your truly helpful, validating advice. This seems to be the place to be to create a business and a lifestyle that I love! You soothe me and give me hope, and it seems to come so easily that I know it is your thing, and I want that too. I want to do my thing and help others like it was no thing, too.

    You are divine, Dahhhhling!!

    Heartfelt thanks,


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re so sweet, Jody! Thank you so much for the amazing note. I agree Marie has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what to say at just the right time.

      We’re so glad to welcome you to our beautiful community!

  41. Angelica Barbosa

    Always great tips to make our lives more enjoyable! Thanks!

  42. Umm, this video kind of just described my life right now. 😉 In fact, just before I watched, I was thinking about decisions around how much time I spend on social media. I told myself that for the rest of this week, I will check it once in the morning, and once in the evening. That’s it! That way I don’t even have the OPTION to decide to browse Facebook in the middle of the day.

    And, since I’m a professional tarot reader, I couldn’t help but relate this concept to the cards. The Seven of Cups shows a figure presented with seven cups – each with something strange or intriguing or captivating inside. The figure looks almost bewildered at having so many options. When we get that Seven of Cups energy going on in our lives, it just might be time for a decision detox.

  43. I absolutely love this episode and completely relate to it!!! I suffer so much from decision fatigue and it creates huge anxiety in my everyday life.

    My decision fatigue is on a lot of topics, but lately it’s mostly how do I use my time to create the career of my dreams. What is my priority? I’m studying the last exams of my masters, and at the same time training as yoga teacher and coach, so everyday my battle is where I should put my energy and every moment I hesitate on whether I’m using my time on the right thing. It’s so tiring. Any tip on how to detox ? thanks

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Alessia — it sounds like you have a lot on your plate! It can be tough to decide what to focus on when you have a lot going on, so one place you might like to start is with deciding which of your priorities are truly at the top of the list. You can check out this other episode for a few tips on that:

      There are a couple things you might like to experiment with for detox ideas. For one, you could block out specific time on your schedule for each project. That could look like an hour for each project per day, or maybe the projects could be split over different days (something like exam work on Monday, Yoga homework on Tuesday, etc). And then for your detox, it’s about really sticking to that. It can help take away the worries that you’re ignoring something because you know that you do have time dedicated to it later on.

      There’s no one right way to do this though, so maybe start there and experiment a little bit to find what feels the best for you!

  44. As much as I agree with you about the Decision Detox…. BUT, a detox is for a limited amount of time. And just like your food detox, people can only follow a restricted ‘plan’ for a limited time. As a Mindful Eating Coach, I find that most people DON’T make decisions in the first place, and this is where they get into troubles. They don’t want to make the decision on food choices, so they simply go to non-decision making mode and fall into default, choosing the fast food nutrient lacking food.
    So as much as I love you Marie, and I hear what you are saying on the Decision Detox…. sometimes people need to have a Non-Decision Detox and actually MAKE some decisions for a change.

    Just inputting my two cents.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Adriana, you have some great points, and we appreciate you sharing.

      A decision detox (or any kind of detox) can be a great way to test out a new habit for a limited amount of time — I know for me personally, I find the idea of an “indefinite” habit overwhelming, but 10 days or 30 days feels much more doable. Sometimes feeling those short-term benefits can help kickstart long-term habits.

      Like you mentioned though, restricted diets or habits can be hard to stick to, so you’re right that a detox isn’t always the best way, or the only way, to change behavior.

      Thanks so much for sharing your two cents!

  45. Janice

    Make “fewer” choices

  46. Oh yes, can definitely relate to this topic.
    I’ve been on board for a health detox not for 21 days, a piece of cake (pun intended!) but for over 6 months due to celiac disease. If you have the same problem and still feel sick after removing gluten (docs often have no clue), then you might have a pretty inflamed gut that needs healing and cannot tolerate any complex carbs nor complex sugars, and fibers too… So no rice either 🙁 However, once you remove the sugars and breads for a few months you’ll stop craving them. Sounds crazy hard and it is bc no cheating is allowed. Being an Italian I’m determined to eat farinata again! (it’s a chickpea flatbread) So in the meantime I get high on green fruit smoothies and juices.
    It’s true as Marie says, once you make these choices, you become more disciplined not only with your eating habits with with other choices in your life as well. xo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Mirella, good for you for taking care of yourself and sticking to it. Feeling better over time will make it all so worth it. xo

  47. Marie, how adorable you look in your outfit! Jeans and pullover suites you. Thanks for this episode – even for your decision detox topic!


    Marie You Trip ME OUT!
    Every MarieTV is sooo relevant to my life.
    I started last week, UNSUBSCRIBING from newsletters coming to my personal email account! Even those I really respect and value the info, it was just too much to be tempted by…
    I too have removed all the koo koo food choices, had to for health reasons a year ago and boy oh boy is it easier!
    I love the term- DECISION FATIGUE.
    I felt quite guilty last night, coming home and truly had no brain power for my boyfriend. I went straight to the bedroom.
    But thanks to you, I realize after cleaning up issues for my new video launch campaign and 5 hours of dance rehearsal for a new ballet my Mom’s studio is producing … I had NOTHING LEFT = decision fatigue.
    Much appreciated Marie

    • I also need to UNSUBSCRIBE and clear out my inbox… I work from my inbox for goodness sakes- it shouldn’t be that cluttered!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Mitzi, we love how the timing of this episode worked out with your own resolve and goals this week. It sounds like you’re on the right track.

      You too Maegan! 😉

    • Amanda

      What a great idea, thank you!

  49. My issue is that I try to pursue so many things at once. Right now I’m working as a full-time ESL teacher and studying Chinese. I also have a blog that I desperately want to devote more time to, and an exercise regime that I need to take to the next level (I’m having some health problems).

    I have plenty of time, I just need to figure out a way to easily schedule it all in advance so that I’m not second guessing myself all day long about what I should be doing!

    I would love to hear how you would implement a decision diet, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for tuning in, Alexandra! Marie shared a few suggestions for rule ideas in the episode, but in terms of the actual “how to,” I might suggest keeping it simple. So your decision detox might be only one or two rules — for example no screens after 8pm. Then commit to that for at least the 10 day detox.

      By having a small amount of rules (or even just one), it’ll be a lot easier to remember and implement them. You can also use little things to remind you, such as setting a notification on your phone that will go off at 8pm saying something like “no screens now!” or putting post-its on or near your computer with a reminder.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  50. Great!!
    I am Brazilian. I am from Santo André near São Paulo but nowadays I live on the beach. I´ve moved recently and I´ve learnt that my decision depend on my healthy mind. I am looking for peace and I´ve been finding it using detox “myself”. No stress and the best control.
    I am so happy because this was ” the choice of my life”. Quality this the word!! I would like to help more people discover themselves using Master Coaching

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful! And welcome home to the beach then, Claudia.

  51. First- I need less choices in the “to do” list area of my life. I so badly need a routine and I struggle to create one and stick to it. Every morning I deal with- should I get right to work? should I shower? should I do yoga? maybe I’ll put the laundry on real quick.. ahhhh!

    Second- I believe wholeheartedly in what you are saying. I try and reduce this type of overwhelm for my clients by giving them a small, functional capsule wardrobe that hands them their outfit everyday 🙂

  52. Amy

    This was completely divinely timed! Thank you Marie. I am struggling so intensely with information overload as I seek to find the best of the best to help me organize and grow my private psychotherapy/coaching practice, along with incorporating writing and speaking. I thought I’d arrived at a decision then, thanks to the limitless “rabbit holes” of google, I find yet another resource for psychotherapist/life coaches and/or people with similar visions for their lives. I KNOW, Marie, you are one of the best of the best and limited those to whom I listen daily to YOU and Darren Daily but this was a help just in maybe backing off and using the KISS rule – just feels like such a significant, life-altering investment. This helps me to stop the information madness and simplify.

  53. Should I listen to Marie, Michael Stelzner, Steve Dotto, Amy Schmittauer… ahhhhhhhhhh… they’re all so amazing… too many choices… too many DECISIONS!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  54. Enjoyed the Decision Detox talk. It chimes in with the last chapter of TA Harris’ Book “I’m OK you’re OK”, where he makes the comparable point that MOST of morality can be reduced to simple Rules saving one from having to wrestle with the question “what’s the right thing to do in this particular situation?” umpteen times in each day! Rules, then in principle, become our friend not to be resented (unless imposed as in an oppressive chain of command). At best we sign up to a set of pre-made decision – e.g. for me, not to eat breakfast after XX o’clock, or no Face Book until the day’s paid work is done! And Tuesday gymn work out is non-negotiable! Today I didn’t FEEL like making a particular telephone call (I’m self-employed but my log had a note to ring . . . and so, like it or not, I made that telephone call ( and it was worth it). Yes, removing options can make the hard parts of life easier!

  55. This message really resonates with me although I don’t exactly know how to apply it in my current situation.
    In the past I tried sugar free, detox, no reading&watching movies for a week – not even instructions and emails (that was the hardest one!!!).
    However now I am not happy with my current situation. I’d like to move house but there are more options on the hand but non of them a perfect match, so I feel kind of stuck and I admit helpless at some times 🙂 So perhaps what I should do is just to be still and wait to see what comes out of this naturally and don’t use so much energy for thinking about all the options. Ahh.

    Thank you for another good tip … many blessings.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that idea for you, Barchi, of letting things unfold a bit more rather than frantically searching or getting overwhelmed. Your home is looking for you too! Good luck to you. 🙂

      • Thank you for your kind words Chelsea … best of luck to you as well. 🙂

  56. Lightbulb!! This may be why I have such a hard time deciding what to have for dinner! Daily, 95.9% of the time, I eat the same items for breakfast & lunch, but for some reason, dinner has always been a hanging chad! I like the idea of leaving that meal open to ‘spontaneity’ but in doing so, when I have so little ‘decision power’ left, it’s no wonder I not only can’t decide what to make, but just don’t feel like making it. And it happens nearly every day – you’d think I’d have caught on by now. Sure, this applies in other places in my life, but this meal-time think was the item that stuck out the most ~ thanks!

    • Same here! I almost dread even thinking of dinner.. its such a daily thing that I start worrying about it around 4pm. By the time we actually eat, I don’t even care anymore, just want to get it over with because it’s taken up so much time and mental energy by then!

  57. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for getting to the point (as always)!

    My decision making problem is in my
    to do list.

    I have a few projects running and never know
    exactly where to begin with.

    So, maybe I could help myself by making
    an ‘time table’ with exactly time boxes for
    each project.

    It would help me to see the wood trough the
    trees, I guess 🙂

    Have a awesome day, Marie 🙂


  58. Aw man, I needed this today. I started my own business a year and half ago. I’m a hairdresser and know everything about hair, but almost nothing on the administrative part of running my own chair. I’m trying to start a referral program. Starting is a big word. Starting starting starting. Every single time I sit down to research the ” right” way to do a referral program I get SO OVERWHELMED with all the options. I look and look and look and 3 hours go by and I have no idea where to start. So I throw up my hands and close the computer. So. Many. Options! Help!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Elle, so glad this episode came at the right time! Keep trucking along with one small task at a time (maybe taking a detox from the areas that are feeling super stressful), and all of a sudden, you’ll be gaining clarity and figuring out your path.

      As Marie always says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”

      You also might love this free video workshop on overwhelm:

      You got this. 🙂

  59. Great show Marie!

    I find clothing to be a huge decision black hole for me. One thing I’ve done is made a rule that if I don’t LOVE it, I don’t buy it, even if it’s only 1.99. It also has to work with things I’ve already got. If I have to buy more things to be able to wear that one thing, I don’t buy it.

    I also eliminate everything from my closet that I haven’t worn on a regular basis. Unless it’s a cocktail dress or something designed only for special occasions, if I haven’t worn it, it gets donated to the thrift store.

  60. Anne Eppley

    How does Marie know what I needed to hear? I was working on getting my ideas together (again) for a logo that I had purchased back in February. Each time I would “work on it” up to that point, I would end up spinning my wheels from so many choices. Tired of all the indecision, I gave myself a short period of time to have all my ideas together and sent it on it’s way.

    What I learned from this is to create bookends for any project them I am working on, big or small.

    Next up is finding images for my website that could easily send me down the rabbit hole if I let it.

    Thanks Marie for sharing your wisdom! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Great, Anne! And for the images, maybe set a timer or only allow yourself a certain number of searches or something so that you can clearly limit yourself, make a decision, and not spend hours or get overwhelmed. And you might even enjoy it!

  61. Christina

    It’s interesting because it seems like this is the hot topic of the moment. Check out brightline eating for one example. It really boils down to setting up rules for how you will live and sticking to the rules. For example, I have noticed lately that I am spending way too much time on FB because so many important causes that I care about seem to be coming to a head. There is always something to share about climate change, refugees, gun reform, presidential election, etc. I almost feel guilty if I don’t like or share a message that supports the cause, whatever that happens to be at the moment. I waste so much time trying to decide whether I should share messages on my page. I decided this past week that while I care deeply about these issues, I would only post positive messages on FB and my limit would be one message a day, if even that much. That instantly reduces my choices because if the message is not in a more or less positive tone, I’m not liking it, sharing it, or commenting on it, even if I agree with the message. Not only that, but I decided that FB should be fun and that some days would have a theme. For example, I love classical music, opera, etc. So on Sunday’s I will make one post in that genre, and that’s it for the day. If a post on gun reform comes through on Sunday, I will not spend time on it, I will not share it, I will not like it, etc. I am considering extending this to other topics that I care about. For example, I might designate Wednesday as climate day and post one positive thing that is being done to address climate change and that would be the only post for the day, and it would be the only post on climate change for the week.

    • Karen J

      Loving your plan for FB overload, Christina! Hope it works for you!

  62. Hello hello!!!

    First: I don’t have website, so if you try to take a look at it, you go see nothing.

    My indecisions are:
    Which Business Coach?
    How start my business ?
    My target?
    Web, blog, FB, Instagram, etc ?
    What food habits to follow to teach my clients? Ayurveda, herbs, vegan, vegetarian etc.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you!


    Cristina Brennan

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Cristina, if you’d like to reach out at info AT marieforleo DOT com, our Team will be happy to share resources we have with you!

  63. It’s so true that we often don’t realize how much energy it requires to make all the decisions we face in a day- from the small ones to the bigger choices. We should of course consider ourselves lucky to have all these options but going on a decision detox sounds like a great idea when overwhelm and fatigue start to get the best of us.

  64. What up Maria!

    I need more sleep and to practice what I preach. I fell off the wagon hard YO! I did workout this morning though,so, that is a great start. Thanks for this one!!

  65. Sam

    Amazing content as per usual, Marie and team!

    The concept of being conscious and effective in decision-making is super important, and it reminds me of the overall minimalistic outlook on life. Hacking away at the inessential for a less cluttered mind. I love how you touched on this philosophy with decision-making.

    To add on to the video, it’s important to view the detox as something you don’t have to convince yourself to do. If you think, “I can’t…” or “I’m not allowed to…” and etc, you are prone to deprivation or spending your energy on resistance. Basically, it’s best to be fully into the mindset instead of the debating stage or half-set on it. It will be a lot easier for short-term and long-term, whatever it may be.

    Definitely going to implement the cut-off times as well as the general 10-day decision detox. It will help all of us with conscious awareness. Will also look into Mark Hyman’s book!

    Thanks, Marie and team!

  66. While watching the video I couldn’t help but laugh at my ‘non-routine’ this morning and the multitude of decisions I was trying to make for a span of 30 minutes.

    As I was washing my hands while I cooled off after my morning walk, my head was racing w/ the following thoughts:
    -Should I wash the dishes first? Na, I’m too tired; I need to cool off first.
    -Ok, should I make a cup of tea and sit to reflect for a bit? …would be lovely, but I need to make breakfast for the husband so he can go to work.
    -Maybe I should do a little of everything, you know, multi-task, so I can get everything done and ready before my husband wakes up and asks for breakfast.

    I caught myself doing this, and I was actually starting to get agitated trying to make the smallest decisions. I took a moment, calmed down, and went for the more sensible thing to do: tea and some light reading of my new HONY Stories book!!

    Best decision made… and in the end, everything got done in a timely manner.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sounds like a wonderful morning with two of my favorite things — the HONY book and tea!

  67. Hi Marie. I’m one of those “nutrition nerds” you speak of 😉 I SO agree with the need to limit options. I share this concept with my clients all the time. Say you’re at a holiday party and the buffet table is offering choices galore…kind of like that restaurant menu you refer to. You want to make good choices and not blow your healthy eating plan, but every food on the table is whispering in your ear. What to do? Limit Your Options. Before (this is key) the party, jot down on an index card (you can use your phone, but an actual card is more powerful) exactly what you will eat/drink while at the party. Flip the card over and write down exactly why you want to do this; you must have a powerful compelling reason for this to work. Carry the card with you to the party and look at it when ever you’re being pulled in the wrong direction. This works well for any situation mostly because it requires forethought and committment rather than “will power”. I will be sharing your Decision Detox post with my followers as it is right on point! Thanks so much for your wisdom and wit. Love your stuff!

  68. Shakti

    Thank you for this video, I just started my carrier and just moved out to new location. I have been facing with so many pending decision through out the day and it was really affecting my productivity. Now with your mantra I have some way to achieve the best of my day.

  69. Emily

    Loved this video, Marie and team! SO NEEDED.

    I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue syndrome, and my recovery plan is exactly what you prescribe… detox and decision dieting… and boy, has it started to make a difference! I still have a ways to go in discovering the small things that drain my energy, but I’m figuring it out.

    I’ll share my own finding once I do my own emotional detox exercise very soon.

  70. Amanda

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful episode! 🙂

    I’ve had two recent detox successes: no! more! pushing! the! snooze! button! and reducing my wardrobe to the essentials. The result: sooo much more time in the morning and I found it’s easier to dress well with less clothes.

    The next detox projects on my list are less browsing & no more refined foods.

    Wish me luck 😉

    Thank you and best wishes,

  71. Awesome episode, Marie and team.
    I found this to be especially true when I quit drinking.
    By not giving myself the option to drink, I never had to think about it.
    That’s not to say that I didn’t think about it at first – but it took away the mind f*&*% for me.

  72. Well this is super interesting, I didn’t even though there was decision fatigue until you mentioned it Marie! I am going to make a plan and do a 10 day detox, thank you. And even in your casual outfit, you look gorgeous BTW.

  73. Oliver

    I have two detox challenges to undertake and they are Internet Decision and Project Decision Detox. I am limiting Internet use to paying bills, checking e-mail, and Facebook notifications. For now I cannot consider working on any other project other than a building management project or bringing the car up to spec for inspection. That’s it.

    Thank you very much for the personal referals. I may read Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Detox to increase my chances to detox and I will delay watching the films till much later.

  74. Alanna Faith

    Love, love, love this vid Marie! So on point! Here’s my 2 cents:
    Out of necessity – injured my knee and have limited mobility now, and my car died and can’t replace it now, and I haven’t been able to work for months – I have pared down daily “life tasks”.
    Someone drives me to grocery shop only once a month! I’ve become a menu planning/grocery shopping ninja! And this ninja has adopted a mostly Paleo diet, so I stay on mission at Gordon Food Service. At GFS I can be in & out of the store in 40 minutes or less, I save tons of money buying in bulk, which I repackage into proper portions which supports to my weight loss plan.
    By limiting my options, being resourceful, and some deft ninja strategic planning, I eat really, really well and healthy while spending less than $200 a month on groceries at Gordon Food Service. (Only plugging them because I love the store and staff)
    For groceries I consider “one offs”, the stuff you only need in smaller quantities, or fresh veggies beyond the romaine and spinach I buy in bulk, across the street from GFS is a local grocer that drives me home with a $60 purchase – and the driver off loads my bags onto the porch for me. How awesome is that?! Even ninjas have to work smarter not harder! : )

  75. Funny at the start of this video you sang my business name, Celeste. And I have been doing this exact diet for nearly 4 months now. Go Marie!! Its so good aye!

    And I agree life is a lot simpler and fresher.

    Take care

  76. OMG – yes. I need the detox sooooo badly! Recently my head’s been so big in the evenings that my eyes are about to pop out! Thanks, Marie, for helping us stay sane while striving for success at the same time!

  77. “To Jump Out of Bed or Hit the Snooze Button”… I hate this decision 🙁

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Omg — you and me both, Naomi!

      If you have an iPhone, I use the “Step Out” app, which makes me actually get up and walk a certain number of steps before it will turn off. Super annoying, but effective 😉

  78. Amanda

    That being said, I think I need to go on a friend detox. Sounds weird, but I have a ton of friends that it gets me exhausted trying to spend time with all of them. I don’t want to “cut” anyone out of my life, so I am not sure how to handle this. I would ideally like to have a handful of close friends, not a ton of barely there friends. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such an interesting Q, Amanda. The first thing that popped to mind was this great episode about having time to hang out with friends when you’re also really busy. It’s on a slightly different topic, but Marie talks a little bit about her own friendships, so you might find a few nuggets of wisdom in there:

      Another thing you might try is to do a decision detox where you dedicate one or two evenings a week to hanging out with friends, and spend that time with the friends who are the closest and most supportive. It doesn’t mean you have to actually “cut” other people out of your life, but you can let those closer friendships grow organically by spending more time with the people you value the most … and who value YOU the most 🙂

  79. I recently did a online course/training detox because I realized that I was always attending someone’s training. Even though continuous learning is a good thing, I was spending too much time learning and not enough implementing. I also unsubscribed to a lot of lists because I was being bombarded with emails that had become distracting. This exercise has freed me up to focus on the things I truly need to get done and now I only get those emails I truly want. I still get too many but I’ll do another detox and cleanse next month to see what else I can get rid of. I have completely stopped going to any online training for a while and instead am just focused on implementing on what I have already learned. It has truly made a difference. I am learning to trust what I already know.

    I am more productive and I feel less anxious. It turns out all that training was making me less focused and overwhelmed.

    Thank you for this great episode!

    P.S. I have done a sugar cleanse and food detox before and I highly recommend them to boost your energy and for overall health.

  80. Christy

    I love the idea of a decision detox. I seriously simplified my wardrobe a few years ago and it really helped my morning routine. Having a small number of clothes that I LOVE makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning than having a huge closetful that I am only “meh” about. I think I need to do a decision detox in my evening routine, too…which probably means thinning out the number of skincare products I have and choices of pre-bed activities.

    On a separate note and beside the point of today’s episode…but I would be really interested to hear how Marie felt about her diet detox from a physical perspective. I eat a wide variety of mostly vegetarian whole foods and I have never felt compelled to eliminate a whole food group (or two or three…) but there is so much buzz on this topic that I have lately been thinking I should try it. Hearing Marie’s perspective would strike me as much more balanced than some crazy nutrition coach who is trying to sell a book or program. If you are comfortable sharing a few lines about the diet detox, I would be all ears. Thanks. Keep up the great videos.

  81. It’s important to portion control your lifestyle diet. This means not biting off more than you can chew, trimming down your obligations, making smarter choices on what you take on and how you spend your time and learning to digest everything more mindfully and slowly.

  82. Will

    1. What does Marie and her team do on a daily basis? Is all she does all week is work on one video and blog post?

    2. Email list building through Youtube is very very slow for me. I have been doing weekly Youtube videos for YEARS and still get only 40 views per video.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Will! We actually batch our MarieTV episodes and record a few at once in the studio. Then on a daily basis, Marie and our team does a ton of things! Respond to customer emails, interact on social media, run our courses, write copy, and work on new projects. We always have our hands full, so it’s never boring! 🙂

      Regarding your Q on YouTube, I thought I might pass along this awesome episode we did with Derek Halpern about getting more traffic to your site:

      That’s a good start, but we also have loads of other great MarieTV episodes that talk about boosting your business, so feel free to check out our archives anytime!

  83. Yasemin

    My detox is I’m not going to use social media until I’ve finished my painting for the day (I’m currently doing a 100 day painting challenge). Cheers! Yas x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo — go Yas! 🙂

  84. Tatiana

    I was once so fed up about thinking what to cook for dinner each day, that I decided to prepare one week menu which I was using for 8 week. What a relief it was

  85. This is just so true!! I’ve found that by having a structured morning, I can start the day without having to make any decisions because I simply do the same thing every day. My routine from wake up until 8am is always the same and then I’m ready to start!!

  86. I feel ya! I made all of my schedule, food, entertainment, work, etc. the day before and sometimes the week before. Totally helps my brain!!!

  87. Sue

    I have celiac disease and cutting down decisions has been one of the best gifts it came with. I know you are like celiac has gifts??? Trust me, celiac is very difficult to live with, but having to stay to a completely gluten free lifestyle does give me the clarity of not having to constantly make food decisions. Plus I have chosen also keep sugar to a minimum because of the inflammation which is especially bad for those living with an autoimmune disease. Then yes, there is the added bonus of super brain clarity when not clouded by poor nutrition.
    Thanks for this great insight Marie. I will keep it in my favourite list for those times when I may feel kinda sad about not getting to eat the cake at the party 🙂

  88. Jami

    I need a face book detox in a big way. I suffer from serious “FOMO” (fear of missing out) & it’s so distracting to say the least. So I am simply not going there for a few days I have deleted FB from my phone & my tablet. THEN I did my “see ya in a few days & if you need me do something crazy like (gasp) call me (I know crazy talk right?) . then I updated my status & closed the page. Then BOOM a HUGE sense of freedom came over me. Right away my head cleared & I was able to focus on my business, my family & myself. DANG! I’ll let ya all know how my detox goes in a few days 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Jami! I took FB off my phone too, and have never looked back. Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  89. My decision detox: deleting that stupid little game off my phone + tablet. Not only do I spend way too much time deciding whether or not to take a break to play it, it has become a dangerous distraction from making the truly important decisions. Thanks for the inspiration Marie!

    P.S. Love Dr. Hyman, he was one of the first resources on my journey to better health habits. The 10 Day Detox is great!

  90. This is sooooo up my alley right now. I need o set some limitations. THANK YOU!

  91. Watching this video is already a detox. Gonna go ahead to set good boundaries of what I eat. Ta. Cheers.

  92. Tatum

    Thank you, Marie! Perfect advice just when I needed to hear it! My wedding is in 10 days time and I realise that I need to practice some decision detox to ensure that my day is fun, relaxed & love-filled rather than stressful. I don’t want to be frazzled on such a special day, and I can feel the frazzle creeping in already. Actually, our wedding party is tiny…12 people in total. We chose to keep it so small because our intention is to have an intimate and stress free celebration. So why am I starting to freak out about exactly what should be decorating the table…my dress….the invite…order of service…what colors…what earrings….aaahhh. I keep piling on more options (which makes me dissatisfied with the choices that I have already made). And all of these (in)decisions are clouding my confidence and excitement. I’m trying so hard to make it all perfect, and that isn’t making me happy! So I’m chucking out my truck load of ‘options’. Back to the basics. I am going to honor the decisions I made initially about what to wear and how to decorate. Going to keep it simple, because what really matters is how I FEEL on the day. Honestly, I could wear my pajamas and my man would be happy. But me rocking up on the day with a stressed face because I’m not sure I got the table settings right would break his heart…and mine. Thanks so much for your advice!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a lovely comment, Tatum — we’re so happy to hear that this episode arrived at the perfect time. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we’re wishing you and your man lots of love and happiness together! <3

  93. Another great episode!
    I unconsciously do this on a nutritional basis, as I have my Juice or Joocie every morning, BUT i will go and implement it in other parts of my life to. Like which projects to follow up.
    Thank you Marie …

  94. Perfect episode. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, Marie.

  95. Hi Marie,
    thank you for this wonderful episode. I have celiac disease, am lactose and histamin intolerant, follow the paleo diet, as it is the most suitable for my personal needs and am a coach for people with food allergies and intolerances (yep, a nutritionist nerd!). I feel the same about my “limited” food choice as you do about the detox: it is liberating! Of course there are sad moments whre I would love to eat that cookie my son made for me, but I don’t have to bother with all that artificial stuff from the supermarket and can induldge in fruits and veggies or bake my own goodies (chocolate pistaccio biscotti are the best!). So yes, I totally agree: limitation can be liberating!
    Have a great day,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Julia, wow — chocolate pistacio biscotti sounds amazing!

      • Oh, they are. I will put them on my German blog tonight and then I will try and have a translated version in my English site…

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Nice! And all good — I speak German 😉

  96. Love this – just what I needed! I need an detox on when to exercise morning afternoon evening – does my nut in so my detox is exercise in morning only unless I have a set class.
    Boom – I feel better already:)

  97. Purna

    LOVE this video! As a raw vegan and wellness coach with a business in another field to run 7 days a week, I must say, this is beyond true. Eating super clean gives me more time and energy to think about what’s important and urgent. Plus, the detoxing of any area of our lives is incredibly important – back to the 80/20 rule!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true! The 80/20 rule is super helpful.

  98. Hi there,

    follow my intuition helps me a lot to decide what to do or not, which activity to follow and to set prioritys.
    Good video thanks a lot


  99. Hi Marie – this morning I woke up and I was immediately clear on the fact that I was doing too much things at once and constantly putting myself down for not being able to follow through with everything. And probably also there are too many decisions to be made each day which makes me feel that I am not doing the right things. Because if I do A then I regret not doing B. thank you and have a wonderful time – greetings from snowy Swiss Mountains – Sabina

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds super stressful, Sabina. I’m sorry to hear you have so much on your plate! There’s an episode of MarieTV where Marie is discussing how to know if you’re spending time on the right stuff: I think you’ll really like it!

  100. I KNOW that I struggle with decisions and second guess myself in many areas of my life (business and personal). I really like the decision detox idea to gaining a bit more clarity in my day so that I can focus even more.

    First, turning off my email while I work on projects 🙂

    PS – I am dairy and gluten free most of the time. And on those days that I am not, concentration can be a chore :))

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s super smart, Anna! Marie is a big fan of ignoring email in the midst of a big project.

  101. Wow! This episode is stunning, Maria and so fitting to my everyday life of all the times!
    I am the tipic young woman with lots of different interests, I wish to work in creative and responsitive enviroment and, at the same time, to have spare time for practice yoga daily and action sports, studying and reading coachin, digital and web review, taking pictures for my course, cooking tasteful dinner for me and my boyfriend, talking with distant friends, travelling and so on…

    At the same time, I feel in a lack of energy sometimes, I sleep not enough, I wake up thinking 2what I should I do first” and procrastinate one project and an other…Even preparing my luggage for a short trip could become a difficult decision most of the time!

    What do you suggest for my Detox Therapy?
    I am really on of those never-give-up person!
    Thanks for your help!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Flavia. Definitely check out the episode above since Marie gives some great tips there, and I think you’ll also like this episode: where she shares her unconventional wisdom for trying to fit it all in. You got this!

  102. Dearest Marie
    You are a very special and beautiful human being, a powerful “woman” who is a tremendous “inspiration”, in so many ways! You are a passionate “Teacher”, a true “Visionary” who I have great admiration and respect for! You exude wholesomeness and truth in all you do! I honor you for the way you so selflessly express your passion for life! You are that bright beacon of light that outshines the sun when I find myself searching for answers when there are too many questions. Your ministry is a beautiful gift that I deeply appreciate. I love your enthusiasm and “Jersey Girl” attitude, but most of all what I love about you is your authenticity! I believe in God, and I believe in you and I consider it to be an absolute blessing and privilege to have found my way to your doorstep! Thank you for being you! I love you for that and all the joy that comes from your heat! And so, I send to you and yours my very best wishes for a holiday season full of abundant love, peace and joy! Namaste` Respectfully yours, Anthony

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words about Marie! We really appreciate you. 🙂

  103. Lin

    HI Marie.

    Thank you for another great video and for “reading” my mind of what I need at this moment.

    My biggest drains are food prep, using all those ingredients to make everything from scratch, but most of all, it is deciding which task to tackle first.

    I started a “simplify my life” project and started by writing down each “headache” that causes me grief and I just went for it. Since everything was important, I started with what was on the 1st page and so far, I got completion of a huge energy drainer. Now onto page 2.

    Thank you for your optimism and support 🙂


  104. J Allison

    I feel that sense of tension in the mornings… “should I do this first, or that, when will I run today, what is the most important thing to get done?”

    So, I’ve tried to adopt (still building this habit) a practice of sitting down at the end of the day and doing planning for the next day. Marie has done a video piece on this and earlier I read where this was compared to Mise en Place… the culinary practice of prepping all your ingredients prior to starting to cook a dish. (I love to cook so this analogy really resonated with me!)

    I have a dedicated ‘Mise en Place’ notebook to write out the plan for the following day. When I do it, my day goes smoother but also – I feel calmer. This MarieTV episode really reinforces the importance of getting that habit “baked in”! 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! I’m so glad your Mise en Place notebook helps you have a more peaceful, productive day. 🙂 Great tip!

  105. Kathy

    This is good, thanks Marie. My decision detox needs to be what project, what step to take next, what, which, how??? Yikes. I am going to decide the night before and stick to it!

  106. Maria

    You might be interested to read Gretchen Rubin’s “Better than Before” about habit formation – she talks about how forming habits put some decisions on autopilot (and save that mental energy!)

  107. Love this Marie! You are inspirational and your videos always make me smile! As a Gluten and Dairy Free Chef who offers detoxes, health supportive group programs and cooking classes, this one really did resonate!
    How fantastic to translate this message into my own daily business habits.

  108. What a refreshing insight into a detox diet. Thanks for the different perspective. But more importantly where can I get me some of that chocolate brownie wine?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Haha! Good question. I did some googling and couldn’t seem to find any chocolate brownie wine, though I learned that they do make chocolate win and there are tons of recipes for red wine brownies. Who knew! 🙂

  109. I experience the same thing every time I do a Whole30! It’s SO FREEING to have so many decisions already made. We decide what to eat, several times a day! How exhausting lol

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Christine, I just finished a Whole30 a few weeks ago and totally agree! When the decision about what to eat is already made, your free up SO much brain space!

  110. T Koenke Diaz

    Should I do the decision detox or should I stick to the status quo until after the holidays? Decisions, decisions! Seriously, though, limiting choices, narrowing it down, whatever it is decided that “it” may be – basically sticking to a routine — for me is KEY. There’s so much I do in a day that when the routine gets changed for too many days in a row, I get really, really cranky!

  111. This is so good! I’m someone who loves freedom and variety. Heck, that’s why I’m self-employed! However, I do notice myself making so many decisions that just stress me out and waste time. For my 10 day decision detox, I’m going to plan out my day the night before and stick to it the following morning for 10 days in a row! Decision detox!!

    Thanks Marie! You rock!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      LOVE that plan, Jessica. Let us know how it goes!

  112. Thanks Marie, this is what I needed to hear. Every day I can organize my time whatever way I want, no 9 to 5 job where you’re mostly told what to do. Sometimes I really find myself lost and confused as to what to do first, if I should work at home or somewhere else.
    Now I see why this was so tiring! Thank you!

  113. Hi Marie and team,

    I totally agree with this. I get really drained on days when I have to make a lot of decisions. After reading Small Move, Big Change: Using Microresolutions to Transform Your Life Permanently, I noticed the same thing about how easy it was when I made a decision in advance, like not using sweetener in my coffee or exercising at a certain time.

  114. This was so good too good Marie! I feel like you all have read my mind. Entreprenurship = billion od decision battles. I never thought about it in those terms before, but it is spot on. I have a tendency to put my hands in too many bowls, and feel equally passionate about each. When it comes to the day to day, im not sure which to work on or if (dare I say) I need to say no to one of the projects even though I really really care about it.

    One thing I do know is that there is time. I dont need to do everything in this quarter. I can slot it in my next quarter calendar and stick to THE most important stuff now.

  115. It’s definitely challenging to get things simplified in this day and age where it feels like we have so many things to do everyday. A decision detox does help a lot in making us feel better about ourselves. Beautiful wake up call! Thanks for sharing your experience, Marie!

  116. I eat the same oatmeal breakfast everyday. I also try to keep a Clothing routine. POTUS wears only blue or gray suits to simplify decisions. Steve Jobs, Marc Zuckerberg, Elizabeth Holmes all billionaires who wear the same thing everyday.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      It’s so insightful, right?! Glad you’re finding some things to take the decisions out of. 🙂

  117. I would have to say work and health. I so am going to watch the documentaries and do the detox. There are many things pulling me and I LOVE learning so I can be distracted very easily by a new video, article book training etc. I then find my self going days without creating content as I’m in student mode. Great episode… Thanks

  118. It’s just recent that I stumbled upon your youtube channel, Marie. Oh, how I wish it could have been earlier when I have been constantly battling with the happenings in my life. Nonetheless, I’ve learned so much from you.

    It’s true that there are some decisions we do on the daily basis even tho it is not really that important. We end up draining our minds just by thinking of those. I’ve recently uninstalled my phone’s Facebook App because it is one of those things that have been draining my energy. And I am indeed happy that I did it.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Kai — welcome to the MarieTV family! We’re so happy you’ve discovered Marie’s work, and have been gleaning helpful things from our episodes.

  119. Hi Marie,

    Youtube has gotten much more difficult. I have put out over 500+ videos trying all sorts of things including staying consistent and I still get ~40 views per video. I haven’t given up but am of course pivoting to try new things. Although it still works for some people to build up a following this way, it doesn’t work for everyone nor do I want to wait years before I can make a single sale.

    Having said that, traffic is not the problem for me. My question/problem is how to validate that people will actually pay for my product? I have reached out to my Youtube audience (which is right now just a hodgepodge of people who are quite mean) and cold traffic in like-minded communities of potential video course program/ideas and gotten very luke warm responses. I have a bunch of things I want to possibly sell but no takers. I have mentioned my years of knowledge from reading tons and tons of business books, etc. but it doesnt seem to help. Not sure if you can help. Wondering if you got lucky on your product idea or not.


  120. Amy

    Marie, this is great advice!! I’ve learned little tricks and ways to limit what I need to look at in a given day so that I don’t lose a pile of time attempting to decide where to start! I often share your videos to my clients through my business FB page and they love them!

    And, as an aside, I am diggin’ the outfit today 😀 I always love what you wear (and secretly catalogue them on my ‘I want’ list) but today feels much more down to earth somehow. Thank you for all your brilliance and warmth and for making the world a better place!

  121. I have totally been feeling this “decision making fatigue” with my wardrobe and pricking out what to wear each morning. I went through my closet this weekend and got rid to 3 trash bags full or clothes (it felt SO good!). And now I’m looking into creating a capsule wardrobe. I’m far from that now but taking baby steps into making my mornings easier and saving that decision making power for more important things. 🙂

  122. I need a digital detox and to clean out my inbox!

    You’re always hilarious Marie!

    Carla xoxo

  123. Santana

    Loved this episode! Such a simple idea, but there are so many benefits if actually implemented into daily life on a regular basis. It’s ironic how ‘taking away’ decision making power from yourself (even though you made the decision to give up that power 😉 … makes you feel more ‘in charge’ and at ease.

    I’m really excited to try this because I think it will minimize my habit of living in limbo. I don’t make final decisions until it’s crunch time. I know it doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s the lapse of time approaching the need for a definite answer that is exhausting. I constantly go ‘back and forth’ and change my mind and analyze every possible outcome from each potential decision. Blahhhhhh I’m eager to just make up my mind and stick to it. I made that choice for a reason so this exercise allows you to exercise trust in yourself.

    This is an idea I think about often, so it’s interesting that I chose to watch this episode just now.

    All the best

  124. Tee

    I enjoyed watching this video. It is so timely as I look forward to a great New Year. I am working on the decision detox starting with my business. I will surely put the advice and tips to good use.
    Thanks Marie.

  125. Alyssa

    Great episode!! I definitely have issues with being indecisive. I try to make a schedule of my day, which helps that a bit. My biggest one would probably be food though. My husband likes to keep snacks and treats around the house, and I’m trying to be healthy and lose weight. The issue is I have a super big sweet tooth, so I find it difficult to say no to these things when they are around, even though I know I have goals to reach. I do the meal cooking, so I’m able to generally control that aspect, but how do you decide between a healthy snack and a sweet treat?

  126. This sounds so silly but I need to reduce my decision making when it comes to clothing. I work in the fitness industry so I have to change outfits at least 2-3x per day and making all those decision in the morning is so overwhelming and then frustrating when I forget something. Organizing my closet into outfits instead of separating them by articles might help reduce daily decision making.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Christy, that is so NOT silly! I love your idea. It’s those daily decisions that can seem small, but waste a lot of energy and thought.

  127. I could not agree more! There is always a struggle to organize a day’s work. Being overworked is a feeling no one is comfortable with, and having too many tasks to choose from can be overwhelming. It definitely helps to set a solid plan at the start of each week!

  128. Mary

    Great that Marie likes Mark Hyman as well. His book ” The Ultra Mind Solution” changed my family’s health in such a positive way. Another benefit of detox- the cells in our most important detox organ, our liver, can completely regenerate itself in approx. 3 weeks – with a diet free from alcohol, animal fat, sugar and if possible gluten. Isn’t the human body amazing?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  129. victoria

    Thanks for sharing. This has been timely especially for the holidays. No wonder we LOVE YOU Marie. Really wish I could meet you personally someday. Happy new year everyone!!!

  130. Kathy Faubion

    I love this episode! I have been struggling with too many decisions regarding running my business, so, my business plan for the next 90 days is to not let any shiny objects into my life and just work my plan, with no distractions.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Kathy. Having dedicated focus time is so important. We’re cheering you on and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish! 🙂

  131. Luv this!!!! Doing a social media detox for 21 days. Best decision evah!!!! Learning so much from it.
    Thanks for everything Marie you’re the best!!!
    Just finished my third book on taking care of ourselves from the inside out and this detox is giving me clarity for my fourth.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear, Kerrie! Congrats on finished your third book, too! I know everyone who reads it will be so glad they did. It’s wonderful to hear how detoxing is positively impacting your life. 🙂

  132. Great article. I remember listening to a podcast with Neil Strauss where he talks about when he is in writing mode that he completely removes all other decisions. He will get his favourite takeway shops to just deliver to him at certain times and will only meet his friend at specific times like he will set up a dinner one night a week. I thought that was an interesting approach.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Scott, thanks so much for sharing that with us. That’s one way to remove almost ANY decision that you’d have to make in a single day!

  133. Thanks for this one Marie! I love how there are lessons in everything and how you took a 10 day health detox and applied it to your overall life / business. Great stuff and I just added that book by Mark to my Amazon wish list. I’ve been really wanting to do a detox, 2016 is my year!

  134. This episode is stunning! Thank you for the tips.

  135. It is so so brillant!
    I limit my decisions via my fridge 🙂 I do not go shopping until I am done with everything I had there – so I have to be more creative while cooking, I eat better, I save money and do not have to make too many decisions about the food.

  136. Dear Marie,
    Thanks for the tip on decision detoxing. This came at a great time because I have been fusing about career and finance stuff for a long LONG time , meaning shall I switch, shall I go this way .. or that way.. blah blah.
    Tomorrow , September 9th-19th I am making a career and finance decision detox.
    For 10 days: I am only focus on the career I have (tour guiding in Paris)- and just say it’s my career- not give a thought to my other ideas and yes…that is it.
    For 10 days: I am not spending on frivolous things such as a baguette everyday or cookies or .. whatever, TRAVEL and all that blah, blah. Just the essentials: Breakfast lunch and dinner (preferably at home), 4 times for coffee/ tea scenes, transportation via train,

    Let’s go. Thank you for this video. I will write at the end to let you know what came out of it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Stephen, this sounds like a wonderful decision detox! We’d love to hear how it goes, so please feel free to comment again so we can cheer you on 🙂

  137. Marie!

    So great to see that you’re following Dr. Hyman’s protocol and taking a Functional Medicine approach to your health. I nearly fell off my bed when I was scrolling through Mark’s FB page and saw that you two wrapped up an interview. Mark is on faculty at our school, The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Inc (FMCA). where we train health coaches in Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Techniques & the art of coaching based in Positive Psychology. It was YOU who actually inspired an online learning environment more than 4 years ago when I started my first online business. Two years later, my biz partner and I started FMCA and we’ve had 3 virtual classes go through with over 300 students in the program from all over the US and 16 countries. Very blessed to have come across your inspiration 4 years ago and SO happy to see that Functional Medicine has made its way to you! Warmest, Elyse Wagner

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh what a wonderful comment to read, Elyse! We’re honored to hear that our work has been a source of inspiration in your journey. We can’t wait to share more with you! 😀

  138. O.M.G! Yes! “Decision battle” is the one thing that kills outcomes. It is the sabotager extraordinaire. Defeat by making a clear plan! Like, I’m getting up at 6:30am to run 3 miles with my friend.” is always more helpful and will 90% of the time get done than if I say, “I’ll see how I’m feeling in the morning and then call my friend to go running.”
    I have decision battle a LOT! I’m going on a detox NOW. First, identifying where my weakness is. 2nd make a plan in those areas that will help me get around the constant nag of making a decision over and over. Thank you for this inspiration!!

  139. Octavia

    Omg, EVERYWHERE!!!! I am so exhausted from having to make decisions! I thought that my mind was tired, but I did not know that to call it or how to go about fixing the problem. Thank you!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! So glad this episode was helpful, Octavia! We appreciate you and are so glad you checked it out. 🙂

  140. This is great! Definitely social media/phone usage for me.

  141. Stephanie Lorencz

    p.s. Grammar error: should read “How making fewer choices….” (
    Keep rockin’ it, Marie!

  142. Lynn

    Good call on tying in food with the bigger picture of decision-making. Every Monday, I fast. I drink only water from Sunday’s last meal till Tuesday morning. Of course, GF/SF/DF/AF will always kick ass!

  143. Eva

    To be honest I didn’t think I had any problems with decision making in my daily routine. But after watching this episode I now know there is work to be done like: Should I first exercise and then work or the other way around? Should I cook, which takes time, or go for the quick food because I am sooo hungry? And know that I have asked myself in this written form I have the answers! YES! I will make the decision before I go to sleep. Thank you Marie for sharing your talent with the world! You are healing so many lives❣️

  144. Noelani Casiano

    I’m in need of a social media detox! I love connecting with others on a daily basis, but would love to only connect for a small portion of the day. I totally agree with this way of thinking and can’t wait to figure out what other things I can eliminate. Thanks for sharing!

  145. Kayla

    Haha… as always, another excellent video! I have to say, my favorite part was the ‘Decision Battle’ voice over. So hilarious! 🙂 I definitely struggle with decision battles on the daily. Thank you for the reminder that setting rules can actually lead to more freedom. <3

  146. I can’t cook, so meal planning and cooking and picking recipes or way to eat out has always been a daily struggle and overwhelming number of choices! Recently I have been buying meal kits (Blue Apron, Freshly, etc) in order to limit my choices, invest in my nutrition, and learn to cook! I love having options that I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards and exploring new things without feeling completely lost. Yes, they are a little more expensive, but it saves me on time and brain space so it’s worth it to me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Emily! There are a ton of great options out there and we’re glad you’ve found meal plans you enjoy and that work for you. It’s so refreshing to have the guesswork taken out of things!

  147. Asha

    Decision Fatigue! I’ve felt it and yet didn’t have a word for it until now. In my work-a-day world, I have a significant amount of decisions with a significant amount of weight to them. This explains why, when I’m under a lot of pressure, I slip into the homemade blueberry/spirulina/almond milk ice cream for dinner phase … night after night. Feel good about the antioxidants, it’s like a smoothie for dessert, and takes no thought and little time! I can see how a decision detox would be super helpful around food and the habits I’m cultivating so I’m not deciding, I’m just following my habits! Awesome content!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love ice cream for dinner and that sounds delicious! 🙂

  148. Definitely a privat life detox. Not beeing so wishy washy when it comes to what i want in my social life. Decide which relationships are a dead-end and which are vial and nourishing for both parts.

  149. This video just made me remember that I used to grocery shop once every two weeks. I made a meal plan and bought it all for the two weeks…I’m thinking that I need to go back and do that. So much time is wasted figuring out what’s for supper, but I never thought about it as decision making. It’s just life. But may be time to go back to the simple life….the grocery store once every two weeks sounds like it would free up a lot of time when I now run in every other day…..and no more what’s for supper, just check the calendar……hmmmm. thank you for that memory jolt.

  150. Bev

    I definitely could use a decision detox in the food, clothing (for myself and my child), and the daily schedule areas. I always waste time thinking about what I should do next because there is always so much to do and not enough time.

  151. I am going to write out a schedule at the beginning og the week of everythig i need done including B-school, my fitness my kids activities and my business so I am not wondering everyday what I should do with my time that day!!!! Decision already made 🙂

  152. Ruth

    I usually take a long time in the morning deciding which yoga practice to start the day with. There are so many choices in the app that I use that I get bogged down trying to see which one is best for tha day! So, I’ll trim it down to just one practice everyday of the week then on the weekend choose the next one to do for the following week, and so on and so forth. Hope it works!

  153. Hey Marie, thanks SO MUCH for this episode!! It really helped me.
    Just one small thing… you’ve got a broken link on your site. Dr. Mark Hyman’s program link. The correct link is here:

    Thanks again!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Brooke! Thank you for letting us know! I’ve alerted our Tech Team and they’re on it. Thanks for keeping a lookout for us. ?

  154. The hardest is what to do each day off my endless to do list, but B-school solved that for me. 🙂 Grazie!!! <3

  155. i spend a lot of time making graphics for my instagram and facebook pages and writing descriptions and hashtags for them. it’d be smart to batch them and spend one block of time creating the images in canva and saving them in a google drive and so all i have to do each day at the same time is pull from the file and post. also i think i’m going to grocery shop via a delivery service and set up my paper goods for subscription from amazon like diapers and t.p.

  156. Ashley Johnson

    When I was growing up as a teenager, social media was barely even a thing. Myspace was one of the only platforms out there and it did absolutely nothing for me. Fast forward 10 years later and the first thing I wake up to do in the mornings is check my Facebook and Instagram. Before I know it 4 hours of my day, which I had planned for productive uses, are gone due to scrolling up and down social media pages. So yesterday I deleted the Facebook app and Instagram apps off of my phone. I still check my business DM and Facebook notifications on my browser throughout the day to make sure I reply to any business related topics. All of a sudden that big “FOMO” is off of my chest. I’m not sure when I will download the apps again, but it will definitely be after 10 days.

  157. Shohreh

    Thanks Marie, this is a great advice. This gives us awareness about our daily life. Making decison makes us nervous and sometime we even don’t know why we are nervous!
    I have decided to watch out my decision making this week, doing it wisely and clearly. I would eliminate and cut down as much as I could to see how productive has become my week.

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