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I was up until 2am last night, reviewing all of the incredible videos that came in for our 2015 B-School scholarship contest.

Here’s what I have to say. You blow me away! I was laughing, crying and cheering at my screen. The heart, creativity, sincerity, and love you expressed to the world in your entries is awe inspiring.

And, I also loved seeing the support and community that’s formed around the contest this year. Expressing genuine appreciation and encouragement for another’s dreams doesn’t cost a dime, yet it’s priceless in its impact.

We’ve watched close to 1,500 entries and have made our selections for this year. Before I get to the recipients, I want to share a few things. Most importantly:

Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you.

You have wisdom within you that you can never learn in any textbook, classroom or program. You are creative, and loved and divinely blessed with capabilities beyond what you can imagine.

Not receiving a scholarship to B-School, nor any other disappointment in life can’t stop you from continuing to expand the greatness you already have within, unless you let it.

Whether B-School becomes a part of your world or not, know how much of a winner you are right now, and how deeply I respect you.

I respect your courage. I respect your bravery. I respect you for being an action taker and for setting your fears and insecurity aside to express yourself — fully and authentically.

I respect your focus, determination and willingness to get it done. I respect you for figuring out technology, and for all the work that goes into to creating a “simple” 90 second video.

And if you let me, I’ll love to continue to support you — week after week for free via MarieTV.

We give our all to the show. We’re here to inspire you and provide encouragement, wisdom, strategies, tools to keep you moving powerfully ahead.

You are brave, creative and beautiful — inside and out. You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul. Don’t ever forget it.

And now, without further ado, here are the 54 recipients of a 2015 B-School Scholarship.

1. Elizabeth Boardman – Military & Philanthropy
2. Melody Fugazzotto – Military
3. Holly Sanders – Military
4. Caitie Sherrick – Military
5. Erica Stein – Military
6. Catherine Saunders – Military
7. Yasmine Bryant – Military
8. Natasha Moorer – Philanthropy
9. Corazon Ketchem – Philanthropy
10. Ana Maria Saad – Philanthropy
11. Sabina Mihaela Manolache
12. Vani Murarka
13. Sarah Carman
14. Gabi Pezo
15. Julie Sando (and check out Jake’s submission on her behalf as well!)
16. Manjinder Singh Sidhu
17. Nalie Agustin
18. Lori Hoeck
19. Tiisetso Skosana
20. Grey Doolin
21. Rainbow But
22. Ginger Kennell
23. Amreta Sidik
24. Patricia Qhobela
25. Donna Harris
26. Lore Morales
27. Kristyn Brady
28. Emma Cheape
29. Alena Kuzub
30. Marshall Dunn
31. Kerstin Geissler
32. Maisha Hudson
33. Jenni Kowal
34. Shawn Madden
35. Maria Lola Edun
36. Josette Souza
37. Holly Hazen
38. Kenya Elder-Toussaint
39. Stephanie Roth
40. A. London Arrington
41. Pelin Boran
42. Elisabetta Colabianchi
43. Britt Ford
44. Anna Alandia
45. Marcela Macias
46. Natalie Cruz
47. Janice Layne
48. Jasmine Cabrera
49. Adrienne Patterson
50. Shalanda Moten
51. Linda Kelson
52. Sharee Cammon
53. Rachel Schmidt
54. Faith Cornwall

**If your name is on this list, write to us at scholarships at marieforleo dot com with “I’M A SCHOLARSHIP WINNER” in the subject line and we’ll send you information on accepting your scholarship. Since we’re in the middle of B-School enrollment, our email volume is way higher than usual, so please be very patient. We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins!

P.S. Since many have asked, B-School enrollment closes on Wednesday March 4th at 3pm EST. We will not be opening up again until early 2016. If you know this is right for you, you can join us here.

With all my love and sincerest appreciation,

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  1. Beautiful! Marie and Team Forleo, bravo on another year of being sooooo generous with these scholarships. Congratulations everyone! I can’t wait to hear your stories.

  2. You’re the best Marie. Happy to welcome these new people into the B-School community. Looking forward to doing it again! Couldn’t imagine a better guide for my business life and well, life. Thanks for being you and you know… sharing that special something that only you have. 😉

    • So thrilled to see you back in class Ramdesh 🙂 XOO

  3. Rob

    Wow…..99% women? No offense intended just an observation.

    • It’s actually closer to 95% Rob. And we can only make selections based on who applies!

      • Pam L.

        And props to one of the men in the group, Shawn Madden, for his video!

        • Akriti

          Loved Shawn’s video 😀

          • I’m a-blushin over here, y’all – honored, thank you!

    • Andy Bowker

      I think it will be mostly women who apply. Even Mastin Kipp says that about 93% of his listeners are women 🙂 although personally I think it’s a shame that there aren’t more men, maybe that will change.

    • Vermilion

      How is that a bad thing ?!

    • I’m a winner from 2013, I can confirm that there aren’t many men applying for this course 🙂

  4. Sarah Littleton

    Congrats to all of the B School Scholarship winners!!!! I am going to keep pursuing my career as a life and wellness coach and definitely keep tuning in to Marie every single day!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!
    Sarah E. Littleton

  5. Congratulations to this list of lucky peeps. BSchool is a game changer … Get ready for some amazing changes and to be part of a strong growing community!

    So generous and brilliant Marie and team.

  6. Darn it, I really wanted to win 🙁
    Welp, doesn’t stop me from being happy for all the recepients who did….CONGRATS ALL!! Go get ’em 🙂

    • Susie Black

      Dear Marie and your lovely team – Each time I read one of your posts or view one of your videos, I am blown away by your fun and pragmatic approach to work and life. It is so cool and refreshing! I did not apply for a scholarship nor am I going to BSchool this year, but I am thinking about a plan for it for next year. Opening this page and seeing 54 scholarships awarded to special souls is really heartwarming, and it just confirms my already positive impression of what you do. Thank you for sharing, for caring, and for being the wonderful and crazy change we need to see happen in our world. Best wishes to you and lots of love as well!

      • Stefanie Cruz

        Congrats to my sister Natalie Cruz!!!

  7. Congrats to all the winners!

  8. Congratulations, everyone!! I’m so happy for all of you!! 😀

  9. OMG I won!!!! I’m in tears right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear Marie!!!! My fingers are shaking and I can’t really type from the emotion. I am so so happy!!!! thank you thank you thank you!

    • Congratulations! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      • Thank you Haydee!!!
        I love Marie so much that I am sure I will 🙂

        • Marcela! I knew your name sounded familiar. I am on your email list! I just checked out your site again. Updated no? It looks absolutely awesome. Congratulations! See you in B-school!

          • Krystin, hi!!!!!

            Yes! I updated the site recently with the help of the amazing Marbel Canseco. So cool that you are here!!!

        • Donna Harris

          OMG there must have been a kazillion tears flowing yesterday. I was shaking so bad and I am STILL in the clouds. I will have to subscribe to your list Marcela. That is one of my weak spots is consistent email followup. We will have to sit at the same table. lol

          • Josette Souza

            I’m so so so glad you got it Donna! 🙂 You deserve it! 😀 (I won one too, so I’ll be seeing you in BSchool!)

          • Lovely Donna, yes, let’s sit at the same table! And you are most welcome to my internet home, where I like to serve virtual homemade cookies to my friends 🙂

    • Nancy

      Yaaayyyy!!! Congratulations! 🙂

      • Thank you Nancy!!!!! 🙂

    • Huong

      YAYAYAY!!! Congratulations, Marcela! You’re going to be in for the ride of your life! WOOHOO! What a great way to kick off the new year and weekend! 😉

      • The best possible way ever! Thank you Huong, I hope to see you inside! 🙂

    • Congrats Marcela! So exciting 🙂

      • Thank you Catherine! 😀

    • Robyne

      Congratulations Marcela!! BIG 🙂

      • Thank you Catherine! 😀

  10. Congratulations to all of the winners. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for working hard in deciding who these winners would be. 🙂

  11. Oh, I wish we had known Marie and Team Forleo were offering a scholarship, we would most definitely have applied–but I am SO thrilled for the recipients, I hope you all know how incredibly fortunate you are! Bravo! Happy 2015! Congratulations!

  12. Maria

    Congratulations to the winners! I’m on a strict 5 year student loan repayment track so won’t be able to sign up until that’s finished. 🙂 Once I’m in the clear I’m signing up for B-School. 😀

    • We will be here to support you each week for free Maria!!

      • Vermilion

        Heart warming ! I had made a goal to apply to B School for scholarship and I was travelling with a young kid during the submission period. But it was my perfectionist self who didn’t let me submit the video on time and I learned from this incident.

        That internet will not show up last minute, things will go wrong inevitably, battery will die – all if you are not prepared and somewhere in your mind you are calling for these things yourself. Big lesson !

        And it is also a lesson that I need to work on some inner things before I join you next year to maximise the offerings and really shine through. You will see me there – Marie !

      • I love Marie! I always watch Marie TV. I get inspired and get great ideas to reconstruct my business. I failed one time to give a try as entrepreneur but maybe it’s not the right time. I need to learn more and I don’t consider that I am a failure because that try gives me lessons and lot of things to learn. It is a good try and stepping stone to get connections and to let people know for what I am doing and what I offer to them. I love to join in the future, soon 🙂 I am starting all over again to build my business. I am broke when I loose everything year 2012 my restaurant, relationship and my father had stroke and single mom. But thanks God! I slowly gain strength and faith and I found this Marie TV I even don’t know how I get connected it just pop up on my computer 🙂 I am structuring my events and catering, transform the restaurant into events and catering not only in Portugal also other countries and in Philippines. Thanks Marie! God bless!

  13. Nancy

    Congratulations to everyone who received the scholarship. Hoorayyyyy!

    I believe everyone who submitted an entry is a winner because they have overcome their fears and challenges to get that 90 second video up there. You have grown as a person. You can be very proud of that. I certainly am 🙂

    Thanks Marie & team. You ‘re amazingly awesome and I love having you as a role model in my life.

    • Robyne

      I agree Nancy <3

    • Judy Jackson

      I so agree with you Nancy!

      I had no expectations of getting a scholarship, but did the video anyway, for myself, to get out of my comfort zone and moving forward… It was one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done!!! Needed to do it, now I have, and WOHOO I’m on my way. If I can do that video, I can pretty much do anything LOL

      Thanks Marie — and I am so impressed with your generosity of awarding so many scholarships. Good Job!

  14. Donna Harris

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I am so AWED right now and in tears.
    Thank you so much.

    • Nancy

      Super congrats, Donna. I’m thrilled for you 🙂

      • Donna Harris

        Thank you Nancy, it was scary but I got her done and I am so thrilled.

    • Congratulations Donna!!!!

      • Donna Harris

        Marcela, Thank you so much. I feel better about myself far more since I have found Marie. Can’t wait to get started.

    • Congratulations, Donna. I saw your vid last week and remember thinking that I hoped you’d win – good luck!

      • Donna Harris

        Thank you Louise, it was pretty scary but I wouldn’t quit until I got it completed. Almost did it one more time but my friend said “enough is enough”. But I was trying to hard to be as perfect as I could be because I am not creative in making videos but after she told me to STOP I decided to just turn it in the way it was. Thank goodness.

    • Awesome, Donna! Congrats! I’ll see you in B-School 😉

      • Donna Harris

        Yes you will Catherine, we will have to sit at the same table. lol Save me a place if you get there before me. 😉

    • Giving to others pays back. Congratulations, Donna. 🙂

      • Donna Harris

        Hi Haydee, payback is sometimes not much but it is satisfying to the soul. Caring for an aging parent is not a 9-5 M-F with weekends off kinda job but it is fullfilling. Thank you for your kind words.

    • Robyne

      Congratulations Donna. So excited for you. See you at B-School

      • Donna Harris

        Hi Robyne, I am more excited about bschool than I was for Christmas. lol Still so unbelievable that I won. Never in a million years did I think my video would win up against some of those AWESOME creative videos. God was looking down and said ” Oh my that girl needs help NOW.” and whispered in Marie’s ear. Thank you God for your blessing. I will make You and Marie both proud.

  15. Congrats to all involved. For trying and taking another step forward! See you in B-School! xo

  16. Im in tears, I cant BELIEVE IT!! OMG YAAAAAY TO EVERYONE!

    • Nancy

      Congrats! You rock! 🙂

    • YIPPEEEEEE! :o)

    • Congrats Holly! Yours is one of the first videos I watched and I thought you had a great shot! Thank you for your service 🙂 xo


  18. Ronda

    I am just blown away by the dreams of these individuals – in scope, heart, and potential impact. Thank you, Marie, for supporting them. The world will be a far, far better place for it.

  19. Congratulations to all of the winners!!
    Unfortunately I will not be joining you because I do not have the money to pay for B School and did not win the scholarship.
    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that someday I will be joining all you graduates in the wonderful journey of B-School. I also just found out that Marie is not doing another one until 2016 but I will pray that she changes her mind and I will have the opportunity this year!!
    Hope all your businesses flourish into your wildest dreams!!!

    • Maria Elena, I didn’t win last year, and I won this one. Keep the faith, keep working, keep trying! You can do this!

      • jill

        So very kind of you (Marcela) and so true. Thank you for sharing! Keeping the FAITH! Congratulations to all of the Chosen Ones. We are all WINNERS! 🙂

      • What tip(s) would you have for someone who didn’t get a scholarship in prior years even though they submitted applications in the past? (Other than keeping the faith and applying again next year)

        Do you think that you did or didn’t do or shared or didn’t share something that helped you be a scholarship recipient this year?

        • Hi Haydee. Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling.
          The one thing I did last year after losing last year was work on m business, especially on my why and its bigger social purpose. I did this not with the aim to win school but because I knew that if Marie asked us to focus on that for the scholarship video,it must probably be because that is very important. Doing this work was transformational on every level.
          By the time December arrived I knew I was going to apply and I knew what I was going to say. Because English is not my native language, I worked on the script for several days but the most important part-what to say- was already there,where it had to be: in my heart.
          So if I had to give you some advice it would be this: take advantage of the training videos and watch them over and over while they are there. Take notes.Fill the worksheets. Let them be your lighthouse for the rest of the year 🙂

    • Hey Maria,
      I did not win last year either and tried again. You have everything you need right in this moment to do what you need to do this year towards your dreams. I promise!

  20. CONGRATS to everyone who made the list! I am so happy for you! From what I have seen in the brief time I’ve known about Marie, you guys are in for an awesome ride of not only growth for your business, but personal growth…and that part is PRICELESS! Also, 50? Can’t we get a ‘Whoop Whoop!’ That’s truly a giving group of folks! ENJOY the journey everyone! The universe didn’t see it in my future this go around but maybe I can join you next time. So happy for all of you though!

  21. Judy Moore

    Congratulations winners!

  22. Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners! I hope to ‘see’ you in ‘school’!

  23. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners. Can’t wait to see what you do! And to those who weren’t chosen, please be very proud of yourselves for putting yourselves out there and doing the work to present your ideas. Seems like a great precursor to success if you ask me!

  24. Mechell Bridges

    How do I apply for the scholarship for the 2016 B-School season?
    Congratulations to all the winners!


    • Hey Mechell! Stay subscribed to our emails. We announce it every year in the middle of February so as long as you’re paying attention, you’ll get the scoop!

  25. Congratulations everyone!

  26. Petrina

    Congrats to all the lucky winners! Wishing all of you tremendous success.

  27. Wow! Congratulations to all the winners! Can’t wait to meet you all when B-school starts. Yay!

  28. Just got back from my cousins funeral was hoping I was a winner, Mehn I wanted this bad. But it’s ok :-). I will keep pushing forward and smiling. A big heart warm CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. I am revealing in the glory with you and feel your joy! Here’s to the greatest lesson’s learnt ever!

  29. Congrats to all the winners, wishing you the best in achieving your goals. Go for it! Knock it out of the park!

    I wasn’t ready yet this year but in 2016 you’ll see me.

    Love seeing so many women engage actively in their lives.

    Go make a difference!

    • Hope

      This is awesome. I am so very happy for all the winners. Your dreams are very inspiring. Will join you next year. In the meantime, I work closer to my dreams. I have been given a new vision. Thank you all and thank you Marie. Keep on rocking. Many, many blessings! Love & Light!

  30. Congrats to all the winners! Marie, I’m sure you made sure to pick deserving and driven individuals. Even though I wasn’t picked, I am starting another side job next week so I can pay for B-School!!

    I am so excited that I am making it happen and looking forward to reaching amazing new heights with my business and message! Thank you for continuing to inspire and bringing such valuablel information to so many people.


  31. Hey Marrie thanks for everything. Even though I didn’t win the scholarship thanks for letting me get over my fear to even make a video and making my Dream public. I am grateful. I’m so pumped for this year!!! It’s gonna be great. Will be enrolling next year! Xoxo

    • Beautiful Annah! Moving through your fear to take action is a HUGE win. And I’ll be here cheering you on each week 🙂

  32. Janna Morishima

    Hi everybody!
    I was one of the entrants who didn’t win, but I *know*, Marie, that you are absolutely right when you say, “You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.” Just taking the step of making the video seems like it has already opened a floodgate inside me. Since making my first YouTube clip on Sunday I have already taken several more concrete steps and it feels great!

    I am 99% sure I’ll sign up for the class in the next few days and I am excited about it!

    PS I read through the comments above and something about Donna Harris’s enthusiasm made me curious so I just watched her video…. awesome! Made me grin! Way to go, girl. 🙂

  33. Fantastic! The world belongs to those who show up! See you there! 🙂

    • Janna Morishima

      hi Monica,
      i don’t know if you were replying to my comment above, but i felt like you were. 😉 Thanks!!!

  34. Thank you, Marie, for the opportunity to even submit for a scholarship to B-School. Unfortunately, I was not one of the 54 recipients. Fortunately, I’m extremely driven and believe with my entire heart that I have been blessed with these gifts of mine to serve a greater purpose. Thank you for your continued inspiration and guidance. Love, light and blessings your way ♡

    • Hi Rocio! Thank you for participating. I’m sending you a huge high five and a hug for taking action. And I’ll still be cheering you on 🙂

  35. Welcome to the BSchool family! Especially love: “Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you.” Words to live by for us all! Big love to Marie and the entire BSchool team xo

  36. Soooo inspiring to see how many military spouses and military women were awarded the B-School Scholarship! And …CONGRATS, to everyone who was awarded a scholarship!!! I love seeing the variety of new entrepreneurs putting their hearts and minds out there to create success for themselves and others! So happy for you all! 🙂

  37. sumble

    i wish if i could b the part of it…;-)

  38. Such a wonderful gift from Marie… congratulations to the winners!

  39. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    You are all well deserving of this. Wishing you much health and success on this new journey.
    Maria~ You are an absolute gem!

  40. Awww!! Congrats winners!! All the best to you!!! <3

  41. It’s 6am in Sydney and we’ve just finished doing a celebration dance! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity Marie! xx

  42. Congrats to everyone! So excited to see what you all can do!

  43. Robyn Paulete

    Congratulations winners!! I can only imagine how you all must be feeling right now and I’m genuinely excited for you!!
    Wishing you al the best 🙂

  44. I keep checking the list to see if I missed my name. 🙁
    Sad day for me but I know there’s only positive vibes from you Marie!
    This was my second year applying. I’m still hopeful in my business. Thanks for the opportunity Marie!

    • And congratulations to the winners!

  45. Marielisa

    Marie! Thanks for the opportunity and the amazing experience! Congratulations and all the success in the world to the new B-Schoolers!

  46. Congratulation winners!! So happy for you!!! And thank you Marie for taking me out of my confort zone and make me do the video. The process was learning for me itself. Now thinking about video bloggin as part of my lifestyle blog.
    Hope to be able to join B-School someday. In the meantime thank you for all the great advice and the generosity.
    Blessings xx

  47. Nina Mahmud

    Congrats Winners!!! I am definitely applying again next year and in the mean time I will continue on my path. Cheers and best of luck! 🙂

  48. I am going to say something crazy here…thank you for NOT selecting me. Seriously, thank you. Why? Because for some reason I feel a strong energy to push harder. This only builds to MY story.

    Also, thank you for encouraging me to try for the scholarship. I could’ve believe how nervous I was. But, I did the video and didn’t get the scholarship and STILL feel like a winner!!

    Thank you, Marie and Team!!! ❤️

    I love the videos every week and always look in my email to see if anything new has came out.

    • Thank you for saying this. I really needed to read this. Sometimes you want to give up when you keep applying to things and giving and struggling – but it is a piece of the story and you keep getting back up again and working towards making it happen. Thanks so much 🙂

      • Racheal, thank you for the awesome comment. I am glad I can help someone else feel like a winner. I used to say “someone has to lose for someone to win and I am glad to be the loser if it helps someone else win. Be proud that you put yourself out there because 100% off shots are missed if they aren’t taken! We will get there and the world better be ready! Much love to you Rachael.

    • I love everything you shared here Brittany, you are brilliant and YES, you are a winner. Action takers and people who consistently create with love and kindness are winners in my book. I’ll be here each week with new episodes that I hope continue to serve you!

      • Marie, thank you so much! Just acknowledging my comment makes me feel like a million bucks! Keep the videos coming and I will watch (and rewatch, etc.) with my notebook in hand. I hope for us to one day be close friends or at least meet you. Can’t wait to tell you about my success!

  49. janine

    Congratulations to all the winners! I have to admit I am little jealous to not be part of it. See you next year & change the World for the better! We need kick asses for a better World!

  50. Huong

    A huge congratulations to all the winners! I also must give a shout out to those who applied for this scholarship because I know it takes courage to put yourself AND your dreams out there. Keep going!

  51. Congratulations to all the winners!! Much success to you 🙂 <3 There were tons of amazing applicants you all deserve it!! <3 And Marie – I like what you said, "Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you." That's the truth. Thanks for the opportunity!!! Much love!!!

  52. Go get em at Bschool everyone! Best wishes as you take action and make things happen this year 🙂

  53. Congratulations to all that applied! That in itself is a great accomplishment! Marie and team I have yet to find another program that offers over 50 scholarships! I applied 2 years ago and did not win but that did not prevent me from signing up. Doing the video was the hardest part and I knew in my heart that I had to keep pushing and that I would make it (and I did!).

    Congrats to you all, can’t wait to see you inside!


  54. Congrats to all who won! I wish I had known about this – I totally would have applied. I guess I missed the announcement! Oh well, time to keep on keepin’ on!


  55. danya

    Congratulations and I’m SO happy for the winners! Everyone is so inspiring!! Even though my entry wasn’t chosen, I’m going to just have to find another to make it work. Yes, yes, yes! Time to get creative! Thank you for lighting a fire for me – you helped me prove to myself that I can make a relatively awesome 90 second video even with me 2 little kiddos crawling on top of me and nothing can stop me from launching our family into a life we love for their sakes!! I have truly been so moved by everyone’s passion – bless your hearts. See you at school! Love, Danya

    • danya

      Oh my goodness, so many typos 🙂 note to self, don’t type with baby crawling on keyboard! Love to all!!

  56. Colette Micrae

    Congratulations B-School winners! I cheers you all and wish you an amazing life changing journey! See ya on the inside because I’m enrolling this afternoon!

  57. Congratulations to all of the incredible and amazing winners. And huge gratitude to Team Forleo for watching every video, being honest and fair in their reviewing, and choosing a diversity of winners and ideas.

  58. Kerry Shearer

    As one of the (apparently few!) guys who applied, I’m of course disappointed that there’s not a little more gender balance in the selections, but WOW – what a deserving list of winners! (And some very cool videos and stories). I can’t wait to hear some of the success stories that come out of the 2015 B-School group! Great job, Team Forleo!

    • Hi Kerry! It’s a really tough process as we all have huge hearts. But again, on the gender balance issue, we can only choose from the base of entries that comes — and it’s overwhelmingly female. All our love, XO M.

  59. This is amazing Marie! So generous!

    I will be joining this year for the first time, and I feel so honored to be along side this amazing individuals! Kudos!

    Brandy xo

  60. Alison

    Congratulations to you all!!! Best. Day. Ever!!

  61. Congratulations to the winners! I’m in tears watching your videos. Can’t wait to see the businesses that you create in B-School!

  62. WOO HOO! Congrats everyone! So fun watching these videos – amazing, beautiful minds out there. Gonna hang with my budget and see if I can give B-School a run this year, but know that I LOVE to geek out on your videos & newsletters, Marie – thank you for your generous wisdom. MUAH!

  63. Brian D'Angelo

    Congratulations on all the recipients!!! Go forth and ROCK it! Although I didn’t receive a scholarship this year, I know exactly what I need to do to make BSchool a reality next year. Wishing you all so much love and success on your journey! (o:

    • Brian D'Angelo

      And here’s another really cool part about this… doing this video made me realize that I already have an amazing amount of creativity, resourcefulness, determination, and drive to succeed. So, I’m gonna play with all of that realization this year and see where it take me. Thanks Marie for bringing that to the surface!

      • Oh Brian! You’re the best. What you just shared is actually one of the primary reasons we do this contest like this. I ***love*** seeing people tap into their own creativity, resourcefulness and confidence. Often times, you need a little incentive to make that leap — then you’re off to the races! Keep us posted and we’ll be here cheering you on and sharing support each week with MarieTV!

      • Brian,
        In my experience it will take you SO far. I lost last year, but honestly without making my video, I don’t know if I would have really been able to narrow things down enough to move forward. 90 seconds is a game changer, right?! Good luck and ridiculous success to you.

  64. Maya

    Thank you so much Marie & Marie’s team for this great opportunity! I am sooo happy for all the winners! Congratulations!!! Shine on and create on everyone. The world needs y {our} unique voices and stories! Maya

  65. Congratulations B-School scholarship winners and new B-School members!!! So much love to all of you! Rock it out <3

  66. My deepest congratulations to all the recipients! You are amazing as I’m sure everyone who participated is 🙂

  67. Jessica Taylor

    What great videos, and recipients. This makes me even more excited about what you’re doing, to see the truly unique and diverse group of ideas and women already a part of this program! I love this!

  68. Ruth Molenaar

    CONGRATS! to all the winners☺ looking forward to seeing great things from you all

  69. This wasn’t my year (but I’ll be back!). Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Marie Forleo for offering this opportunity. It did force me to get much more specific about who I am and what I want to offer the world. Bigger, better, clearer plans coming next year.

  70. Congratulations to all the winners!! I know you all will go on to do great things with your businesses! This experience has taught me so much and am very grateful for learning about Marie and all the cool stuff I have learned about business, period!! Hooray to EVERYONE!

  71. Neka

    So happy for all the recipients…Thanks Marie for this opportunity, It was a real learning experience for me… not to mention my first video uploaded on youtube! Thanks Again!!!

  72. Congrats to all the winners! Just watched a few of the videos….hard to stop – so many inspiring stories. Well-deserved wins!

  73. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!! To do this took bravery and vision and I applaud all of you! The video formed clarity of vision for me and I’m already seeing the fruit of this school and it hasn’t even started yet! I’m still going to this school and can’t wait for it to start! See you inside!

  74. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for the opportunity Marie! All things happen for a reason so now I must go out and do what must be done that I can see you in B-School this year! 😀 Love you!

  75. Jayde Porte

    Wow how awesome! I have been avidly looking into b school, and staying up to date with the videos and emails, and still in that clloudy gray area of deciding if iits the right direction for my business or not. After watching some of these videos, I am so encouraged and uplifted by the community of support that this program builds, helps me know that if I decide to join, I’m not alone! Thank you for this!

  76. cassilda

    Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients for 2015! Thanks Marie for all of your dedication, inspiration and plain old hard work. You rock!

  77. I’m curious about the people choice scholarships how they were selected last year and why they were eliminated this year?

  78. Andrea

    Congrats winners. I will love hear you all after B-School program.
    Thanks, Marie for give me the opportunity to be in this contest. You inspire me to take action. And I´m grateful to you.

    Hope see you soon in B-School.

  79. Oh Marie, what great news! THANK YOU and YOUR DREAM TEAM for all your hard work in reviewing the scholarship submissions. On behalf of Noah’s Ark & Co.- a 501(c)(3) disaster preparedness organization, we feel humbled and honored to have been blessed to receive this great gift… You are all indeed God’s answer to my fervent prayers!!

  80. Too bad I did not make it, but I am happy for everyone who is in. Make the best of it. Opportunity of a lifetime!

    heart Lynne

  81. Hi everyone.
    I am so thankful, for this opportunity. Even though I sadly didn`t make it into one of the winners. YOU, Marie, pushed me to publish my first video about my buisness! And CONGRATULATION! I watched every single winning video – they inspire me so much.
    I love your authenticity, honesty and love for people Marie.
    I am just 18 years old and still in school. I only get one year for building a buisness, the way I want it. My own buisness were I can really transform lifes. Because if I am not able to do this, I have to study. Let all my dreams be dreams and go into some sort of “normal” career.
    But I created my first buisness Plan when I was 10 years. I study inspiring people and read, watch and listen to coaches like you, Tony Robbins, Brendon Buchrard, and many, many more. I will create this buisness. Even though I have no one here, understanding me like you all do.

    One last question Marie: Is there any way, I can work for you – through the Internet, to earn my way into B-School? I am great at a lot of things. And I know I can learn anything really fast. If there is any way – please let me know.

    Thank you, for your inspiration and your love for people. I really love the winning videos.

  82. I’ve never applied to B-School, but I always love this list because it introduces me to a lot of future business owners I never would have heard of before. I get to hear about their ideas and mission and follow along because it’s something I’m interested in (and possibly hiring/buying from them down the road). Thanks Marie and team!

  83. Congratulations!

  84. Excited, humbled and a little nervous about going to B-School! I agree with everyone who’s mentioned the BIG WIN associated with just making a video and uploading it for the world to see. It was SO far out of my comfort zone, but I ended up having fun doing it. Even without a scholarship, just conquering my fear of talking to a camera would have been huge. Thanks, Marie for the push! And thank you for the opportunity – I’ll see you in B-School 🙂 xoxo

  85. Sharee Cammon

    I seriously starred at the screen when I saw my name….I really had to say to myself…girl, that is your name!!! Soooo excited! Thank you Marie and the B-School team!!!! So ready to start! 🙂
    Congrats to all the other winners too.
    And to the ones who didn’t win, keep trying!!! I saw LOTS of wonderful entry videos, and can’t wait to see more from you!

  86. I didn’t win, but I’m in.
    Congrats to the winners !

  87. Congratulations!
    I’m excited for you and welcome you aboard as a 2014 B-schooler!
    Let the fun and fulfilment begin!!!
    Thanks Marie 🙂

  88. Leona Bogaert

    Congratulations to all of the winners. I am sure this was a very hard competition. You are all wonderful, beautiful souls. Show ’em your all!

    Leona Bogaert

  89. Congratulations to all the B School Scholarship Winners!!!! Great job on your videos!!!

  90. Mishan

    It’s so beautiful to see the love and generosity flowing!
    These winners were so inspiring.
    You’re amazing, Marie.. to see how you help so many people go for their dreams.

  91. Bree

    WOW! thank you so much for sharing all the entries from all these amazing, talented, inspiring people! I so enjoyed watching the videos. So happy for all of you! Go for your dreams!

  92. I did not click this link expecting to find my name on this list!!! I think my eyeballs almost fell onto my smartphone. I am so absolutely humbled and grateful right now! A note to those who did not win, I know firsthand that pang of disappointment. I actually cried last year because I didn’t make the cut and couldn’t attend. If you know in your gut this program is right for you, even if that feeling defies some logic- get there. If for some reason you can’t, please trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and have absolutely EVERY tool you need to get to the next level on your journey to a dream. That belief changed my world last year. Congratulations to EVERYONE who entered. You are gutsy and brave and you rock. xo

    • EXCELLENT advice Kristyn!!! Thank you for your transparency. Wishing you all the best!!! I didn’t make it this time but next year if it feels authentic and true i will apply again with even greater purpose and vision. In the mean time – here’s to growth and possibilities!!! Let’s all keep looking up!!

      • Hadarah, I wish SO much good to you. I’m so happy to have met you through this. You are a beautiful soul and voice. Keep singin’, lady!

  93. Erica

    So excited to be a part of this great group of people. Really looking forward to what the future brings us all!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  94. Congratulations to all who won a scholarship! And to all those, like me, who didn’t – everything is figureoutable!
    Thanks for the opportunity, Marie! I appreciated the challenge to go for it and stretch myself.

  95. nneamaka okafor

    I didn’t win ,but am sourcing for funds already to be able to pay ,hope i hit my goal before the cut -off date ,cos i really really ,really more than a thousand times really need the structure and organization i know ,B-school will offer .And i love the thrill for having to source for my fees ,cos i will prove to myself and people around me that i don’t leave in the clouds ,i actually have a dream and i know its figurable and doable ,i just need to learn,continue to learn and apply .Thank you for the opportunity and i congratulate eveyone that won,make good use of the opportunity its more precious than diamond.Hope to meet you all at B-school cos i intend to get my fees .

  96. Congratulations to everyone!! These were so beautiful to watch.

  97. Congratulations to all the winners, specially to Marcela, that didn’t give up the first time, you rock!
    To me this is the first time I dare to enter the contest, after at least 3 times that I was scared away. I will keep going I promise 🙂

    Thank you Marie for the inspiration you keep providing all of us!!
    As I told you in my video: you inspired me to remember my special me of when I was a little girl, you introduce me to Half the Sky and I have donated (wondering why there is not a Latin American foundation mmm), and finally after seeing one of your videos I bought my domain and started making videos. Not much production, still not making money, but I will hang in here until I meet you on the other side.

    • Sonia,
      Congratulations on taking such a huge step in making your video! 90 seconds seems like an easy task but it is so hard, right? I made a (losing) video last year and honestly it was the single best thing I did to help me figure out where I wanted to go. And it already sounds like you are taking some really great steps. Keep going!

  98. Hi Marie and Team,
    Although I did not make the list, I want to thank you for the opportunity. What a blessing you are for being such a trail blazer. Get some much needed rest =)
    Love you all,

  99. Adrienne Patterson

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Marie! I am so ready to get started! Can’t wait to share my passion for teaching American Sign Language!

  100. Wahooooo! Feeling beyond blessed to receive a scholarship to B-School. Thank you Marie and team. I can’t wait to take my organization to the next level. Feeling so pumped and honored to be in such great company with this year’s winners. I feel so inspired. Xo.

  101. grey

    I feel very honored to have been chosen as a scholarship recipient! Many thanks, Marie, for the generosity and the opportunity. Congratulations to the other winners, and I look forward to meeting other B-Schoolers!

  102. Dora Breaux

    Unfortunately, I did not win a scholarship this year but I will like to congratulate all the winners!!! I look forward to hearing about the success of each business venture in the very near future. Hopefully, I will join you all amongst the ranks one day as a B-School graduate. Good Luck!!!

  103. DARN! I have to say am disappointed to see I did not make it this year. 🙁 But, I am so happy for those who did! AWESOME for you!! It’s not going to stop me though. I am willing to go into some “debt” at this point cause
    B- SCHOOL, I am READY!…. SWIPE MY CARD!! I plan on paying that off soon enough! That 7 figures is in my future. I’ve got souls to inspire,encourage and lift!! Bring it!

  104. Lori Hoeck

    Thank you for the scholarship, Marie!
    Kudos to you and your team for helping so many discover and shape their dreams and in the most fun and upbeat ways!
    I discovered just a few months ago. Your videos were like the movie where the fighter pilot is spinning out of control, flames on the wings, and the voice over the radio yells, “Pull up! Pull up!” Your words, interviews, and insights motivated me out of a care-giver’s mental limbo to take action. Deep respect and thanks!

  105. Congratulations to all these new B-schoolers!

    B-school is amazing and changed my life!

    I am so honored to have my story featured, as a former graduate, this year.

    Carla xo

  106. colleen randle

    Thank you for your wonderful challenge and opportunity for a scholarship. Because of you I: 1) Asked for $1,999 on ‘gofundme’ 2) posted that request on my Facebook page (BOLD for me) 3) made my first video using my laptop 4) posted my first video on YouTube and 5) sent a link to you to apply for a scholarship. I am now $35 closer to joining bschool and even if I don’t make it this time I still know I am a winner. A huge congratulations to the 54 who achieved their goal, and again, my thanks for all you do!

  107. Congrats to all the scholarship winners. For all of us who may not have gotten in –just remember if this door didn’t open-there’s another one somewhere around the corner. Life will always provide you your GREATEST GOOD! You never lose if you continue running your own race. Keep running! Keep changing the world. Blessings ~ Kecia L. Jones

    • Carmilla

      Thank you for sharing this. ♡ I’m determined to make my dreams come true and provide for my family. ♡

      • Awesome Camilla!!! So am I…. Nothing ever goes wrong. I’m still so excited about my video–i’m going to make a few changes and keep sharing it-Lol. Stay Determined! If you’re in this feed -you’re already creating the life you want!

    • Sherry Sink

      Well said, Kecia. Thank you so much for that positivity.

  108. This is awesome. Congrats to the winners!

  109. You’re all so inspiring! Congratulations to all the winners of the B-school scholarship. You’re truly destined to do amazing things and share your gifts 🙂 And Marie, look at all these amazing people you get to work with! You’re helping people change their lives and the lives of others. What a beautiful thing.

  110. Sherry Sink

    So disappointed for myself, of course, because I really wanted the extra guidance and the energy boost for my own project, especially since I’m clueless about business, but…

    At the same time, just watching the videos linked above, I’m so moved by many of their stories and can see why they were chosen. In fact, many of them I’ve already bookmarked within my web browser so that I can go back at my leisure and visit their websites and check out their amazing offerings. So many of them, I just thought, absolutely, that’s an amazing cause, product and/or service! I want to remember that and support them in my own way, as I’m (eventually) financially able.

    So congratulations and good luck to all of you B-Schoolers! I look forward to seeing all these wonderful projects come to fruition in beautiful ways.

    And who knows? Maybe in one year I’ll be in a whole new position and will be able to afford to go to B-School myself. In my disappointed moments, I’ll have to remind myself: you just never know what a year will bring. Here’s hoping I get to join you in some way next year!

    • Sherry Sink

      And by “so many” I mean ALL of the videos above that I’ve had the chance to view (I’ve only been able to watch about half so far). Each person’s passion and project focus is remarkably unique. I love the variety of interests!

  111. Karina

    I watched the videos and they are so inspirational. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners!!!

  112. This is amazing! I am so overjoyed for all recipients!!

  113. I am SO EXCITED and thankful that I was chosen for a b-school scholarship!!! I’ve wanted to attend for so long so this is a true dream come true! Thank you Marie & Team for this opportunity and congrats to all of the other scholarship winners as well

    • Samantha

      Congratulations everyone!….so happy for you all. I tried to apply for the scholarship but the video didn’t work out and I ran out of time. Bless my husband as he sent a video instead but it was a bit late. We have great plans and desires for our future ministry and we really believe Bschool is going to play an integral role in this. We are trying to apply this year anyway….being missionaries we don’t have the money, but we are praying for a MIRACLE. Thanks Bschool for helping us realize our potential and take action to do what we love and desire. We will see you there 2015 by FAITH! Love. X

  114. mog

    Well done guys! I wish you all the best. Thanks Marie for the opportunity this year! Best wishes from Mog : )

  115. Congrats to all the winners. I wish I was one among you. But, I will continue to watch Marie TV for huge inspiration. All the best to the winners. Hope this training program brings a huge leap in achieving your ambitions.
    Thanks Marie for watching my video. I am your Ekalavya disciple. In Indian Mythology he is the person who learns everything by just keeping a statue of his Guru. I never recorded a video of myself before, you made me do it! I am sure I will come back next season and show you want I achieved with your inspiration and probably imitating your style. Can’t thank you enough!

  116. Congrats to all the winners! You all rock! Looking forward to learning and growing with all of you in B-School. The truth is we are all winners because we are committing to our dreams…how awesome is that?

  117. Gabi pezo

    all i can say is THANK YOU! I feel blessed and happy.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  118. Big congratulations To all of the recipients!! So Exciting!!

  119. Congratulations to the winners! I’ve watched some of the videos and I’m blown away by all the potential out there. And Marie — You seriously rock for your generosity. I can’t wait to see where these people are this time next year! Again, congrats — and good luck to you all!

  120. Raluca Ciupitu

    First of all, congratulations to all winners!! Marie, thank you for the opportunity for making me step out my comfort zone and really doing it all the way. I’m more than grateful for Marie TV and everything you do. What is amazing is that more and more people are realizing that hate & jealousy aren’t 2 great things that can uplift people. We are already abundant and loved beyond this physical plane!! There is always a way for each of us to fulfill our dreams 🙂 as long as we believe in it!!

  121. Sarah Peters

    Best wishes BSchool Winners! I’m so incredibly excited for this new journey you get to take! Thanks again for the oppurtunity Marie! I hope to try again next year! All my love! Xoxo

  122. Monika

    Congrats to all the winners!!!
    I didn’t get it… I cried, I went for a run, life goes on. Obviously there were other people who needed it more than I did.
    Focusing on a teachable moment in this and ready to go after my dreams no matter what. I am still unstoppable!
    Thank you Marie, this challenge got my creative juices flowing and I am excited to see where my passion brings me.
    And like I said, you can’t win or lose if you don’t run the race! so I am proud of myself for trying. xoxo

  123. Congratulations to all the winners!! And thanks a lot to Marie for the opportunity! Creating that video was an extremely valuable lesson in itself.. especially the 90 second time limit..

  124. Congratulations to all the B-school scholars! It’s going to be a fabulous year for you all!

  125. Vivian Kim

    Congrats to all the winners! You will love it! I am reviewing 2014 a second time around and it still wows me! It’s like another layer or depth has been revealed to me. I am looking forward to dig deeper this year. Last year was a tough one. But as mama Marie says
    – Everything happens for my highest good.
    -I am in always in perfect time with my life and the Universe.
    -I am always expanding beyond my own limits.

    I am soooo looking forward to B-School 2015!

    Thanks Marie and Team Forleo for the inspiration, fun, great info and giving opportunities for all to be able to participate.

  126. Wow, Marie. 54 recipients of a 2015 B-School Scholarship. What a blessing you are to the world.

  127. Congrats to all the scholarship winners! Would’ve loved to celebrate being on that list with you, but totally trust exactly where I am at, and the stretching that comes with it! Looking forward to growing and transforming with all of you!! Enjoy the ride, everyone!

  128. Wow, I can’t even imagine the amazing things that the nearly 1500 entrants are doing! Way to go recipients!

  129. Robyne

    Congratulations to everyone who has won a scholarship into B-School and thank you Marie for bringing such wonderful opportunities into the lives of the people.

    Look forward to meeting all of you and being a part of all your many successes. See you at B-School… BIG 🙂

  130. Wow! How awesome. 54 recipients!!!

    I literally was awestruck, had shivers, laughed and even cried watching some of these videos. What an amazing bunch of folks! Congrats to everyone who won a scholarship!

    See you in b-school! 🙂

  131. Of course I’ll let you carry on teaching me.
    I’ll be waiting for your emails every Tuesday.

    Thank you for the opportunity and for teaching me so much about myself.

    I am going to be a part of B School eventually.
    I know I will.

    I love you Marie.

    Big Hug


  132. Still in disbelief! I didn’t know whether to scream or cry when I found out that I’d won! Didn’t do either (I was in public). But, because I released a small squeal of excitement, I couldn’t help but share the wonderful news first with a few kind (and curious) ladies and spread the word about Marie Forleo and B-School. The next twenty minutes after finding out that I’d won, I vacillated between almost crying and literally being in a state of shock. Grateful. Can’t wait to meet all the B-Schoolers. Congratulations to all of the other winners!

  133. Sarah

    A massive congratulations to all who received a scholarship!! I hope to see you in there. Xxx

  134. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo! Woohoo!

  135. wow – there are so many videos here that give me goosebumps! Well chosen recipients B-Schoool team. I have a feeling these people are going to change a whole lot of lives for the better (((love)))!

  136. Kimberly

    Curse you Marie Forleo and all your scholarship winners. I had decided to forgoe FB for my Lenten journey to focus on my projects. Now I want to watch every video and write to each participant how amazing, inspiring and motivating they are. And of course to wish everyone endless success and growth during B-School. So proud of you all!! So proud to be a part of this community Marie. Thank you for the endless possibilities you invoke in all of us! Hugs!

  137. Liza

    Congrats to those who made it through.
    I’m pretty bummed I didn’t, but thankfully a few musicians did. We always seem to get shafted, so I’m happy for them.

  138. Congratulations! Very inspiring. Here’s to another great year of B-School. Welcome 🙂

  139. Congrats to all the winners and to all the people who put themselves out there and submitted a video. Reading this list reminded me of last year when I saw my name as the 19th recipient. It was a GREAT feeling, I can only imagine how all the people on this list feel.

    Congratulations once again.

    With Love & Respect,

    Osama Janakat

  140. Let’s get ready to rumble as one colossal team
    Excited ! Congrats ya’ll

  141. Congratulations to all of the winners AS WELL AS everyone working towards their goal, dream or passion. I haven’t finished looking at all of the videos but wow, such great stuff in the world people have to contribute. It just goes to show everyone has something to give. So, congrats to everyone. Keep it up! 🙂 Mary

  142. Olia Saunders

    Congratulation to all of the winners! I just finished watching the videos. All of them are so inspiring and motivating. Good luck everyone!

  143. Judith Witte

    Wow 54 scholarships is an amazing amount 🙂 Congratulations to everyone and a special hi out to the winner who like me is from Berlin, Germany 🙂 unfortunately my applications didnt make it (Jay Dubb). I am thinking about putting two thirds of my savings into B-School now…my current situation is that I am studying a subject that I don’t really like anymore and last night I had a panic attack. That was because I realized that one day this life will be over (and we are all having this in common) and I realized that B-Scool offers me the opportunity to find a way to make the best out of the given time. I was inspired by my grandmother, who was an actress/ voice actress and when I listened to an old vinyl of hers yesterday (“Ferdinand’s Zauberhäuschen”) I realized that she was so brave when she quit her medical training as a doctor to fulfill her dream of being an actress. Now she is 90 years old and suffering from Alzheimer’s, but at least she spent her lifetime (until she was about 87) working as a voice actress, reading the little lord to children and grown-ups live in the Berlin Planetarium. That just gave me the courage to realize my own dreams. What does the money in The bank account do any good if you can have an experience like b school with it. And thinking that you get life time access makes it even more valuable.

    Thank you again for all your hard work Marie!

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  144. Poonam

    Congratulations to all the winners…. i m sure u guys deserve… all the best for an awesome opportunity… u should promise to make the most of it !
    Till then, i will try harder and reapply next year … all the best … t c

  145. I’m so honored, grateful, humbled, thrilled, excited, to see my name on the list! Thank You Marie and Team Forleo! To be very honest it took me awhile (to really believe it!) since I saw it early this morning here in Jakarta, Indonesia. What an amazing gift to wake up to! And all the love and good energy in this post! Thank you everyone for your kind words. I had tears in my eyes still!! I also want to congratulate all of us who have been so brave and worked hard towards our dreams. Marie’s words are sooo right: how much of a winner you are! I also failed in my previous effort. I took Marie’s advice (there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to binge-watching Marie TV, I swear! I normally came out energized! ;-)) I’m now grateful that despite everything, I kept showing up, kept doing what I could do and kept focusing on my mission. So looking forward to meeting you all! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Nancuy

      Congratulations, Amreta! I’m very happy for you.

      I love your reply and especially agree with the part where you write:
      ‘…despite everything, I kept showing up, kept doing what I could do and kept focusing on my mission.’

      Showing up and doing what you have to do IS where realizing your mission starts.

      I’m going to print your phrase and put it on my wall.

      • Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m so happy and I will remember this also. Thank you!

  146. Congratulations to ALL! And Especially to Pelin Boran who is also from Turkey as I am 🙂 Women here need empowerment! Thanks, Marie and team for making it possible!

  147. Samah AlJundi

    Dear all,
    Hope my name is listed in the coming scholarship. I am so interested to share this learning venture with my student. I am a teacher in Syria so I hope new education chances will bring peace to my country and to the world

  148. Katie Foster

    Huge congratulations to all the amazing scholorship winners…enjoy B-School everyone and I’m setting a goal to be with you all next year x

  149. Wow! Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations to all who participated in the contest for taking action! And also Thanks Marie for making this fantastic school and communitity available worldwide! I’m amazed that you allocated 54 places for scholarships – how cool is that! Hope everyone stays connected even if they don’t do B-school! This is such a motivating community! Love it!

  150. shadab

    As a indian this is the only things that makes me feel lucky ur ideas and ideaology nd ur creativity makes me a huge fan,congratz guys u will rule nd rock in future .be the best nd try to be as simple as u can with the rest:D

  151. Helga

    Congratulations to all the winners!! 🙂

  152. Big congratualations to all winners! Inspiring….I was fighting a big disappointment after I decided to not send my video in…because I didnt have time to adjust the endning of it….then the day after I really was annoyed that I just didnt send it….Im back in my self again and happy for everyone and I feel I will fight to get what I want stilll….Ive always been able to manifest my deepest wantings so even though Im getting against probably the deepest and strongest blockages or negative spaces with this project I do, with the loving inspiration from Marie and everyone else that dares and wants with intensity, believe that I will get very super satisfied in my life this year <3 still holding the wanting to be able to do the Bschool 2015 🙂 Go go every one!

  153. Jenny

    Taking part in this competition has been thrilling 🙂 Only because I have never uploaded a video onto YouTube before (and I was really scared to do so hehe) and it was fun learning all about it and taking part in a competition. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the winners, I have seen some of the videos (and will watch the rest this weekend as they are so great to watch and I am learning so much from them) and they are SO amazing and deserve to win. Some of the videos are so incredibly touching. And also big congratulations to everyone who took part in the competition like me, even if we didn’t win the scholarships, just taking part has been an absolute thrill, a learning experience and so much fun 😀 AND Thank you to the Marie Forleo Team, I have emailed them a few times with questions and they ALWAYS reply quickly despite the number of emails they must receive and they are always so helpful and friendly. Thank you for the opportunity of this contest also 🙂 This is such a great community. Jenny 🙂

  154. Many congrats to all the amazing winners! xx

  155. Congratulations to all the winners!

  156. Thank you Marie! And a warm hug to everyone here!

  157. Candy Newton

    Congratulations to all, so happy for you! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Love always, C

  158. Congratulations to you all. I have signed up for the program this year and am really looking forward to being with you on this journey. Exciting times…

  159. GO ANA MARIE SAAD!!!! Love what you are doing, and I wish you all the amazing success you will surely create!!!!

  160. I am so grateful and honored to be a B-School scholarship recipient! Thank you so much, Marie and Team Forleo! This opportunity will help me take Kurandza to the next level and make a greater impact in the lives of women in Mozambique! Can’t wait to meet everyone in B-School!

  161. Just finished watching all the videos (military and philantrophy winners still pending) – I am feeling a sense of awe! Thank you so much to each one of you for being who you are. I plan to one-by-one share the winning videos that have touched me on my social network – because the world needs to know how beautiful our world is. Rather than fretting about how everything is so bad sad in our world – war shawr and all that – here are people who are actually taking action, making our world so beautiful.

  162. Josette Souza

    I am so excited to be a scholarship winner and meet all these awesome, dream-chasin’, world-lovin’ folks once classes start! 😀

  163. Roxana

    Thank you! Even if I did not apply this year for a scholarship, I watched all the winner videos and I found them extremely inspiring. Next year I will sure apply, or if I am lucky, manage to save enough money to join ! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Marie, and everyone here, you are all awesome!

  164. I am forever grateful to you, Marie. Thank you for selecting me to be one of your 54 and I’m overly hype about getting started! I can’t wait to see how you reaching out to help me will allow me to pay it forward to someone else!

  165. WOW! 54 scholarships – so generous. Loving the inspiring videos.
    How cool that Jake make one for Julie. Was that a first?

  166. Wow!!!! Congrats everyone who won, and everyone who applied, and really everyone who is in this community! This outpouring of joy and gratitude is truly beautiful. I wonder what else is possible for all of us now? And I wonder what amazing creations are being actualized as each of us step into our potency? That’s what I’m talkin abouuuut! 🙂

  167. Congratulations to all the wonderful winners!!! Some truly amazing people on this planet and it’s so, so good to see all the amazing things you are doing! Love, C

  168. To: “Coach” Forleo

    Here’s another BIG THANK YOU for the admission “ticket” away from the “parking lot of haters and naysayers”, my V.I.P. seats inside of GAME-CHANGER STADIUM, for the scholarship on a winning team, and an opportunity to LIVE a SUPER BOWL LIFESTYLE! #Salute

  169. OMG!!!

    I still can´t believe that my name is up there!

    Marie, I promise that I will make a great use of B school to make money and really the change the world! That´s already my mission, girl, mother ship knows it!

    Thanks so much Marie and you lovely team, you made my year!!!

    Thanks, gracias, merci, obrigada!!!!!


  170. What an amazing group of entrepreneurs! I love all of the ideas and passions being supported, as well as the range in ages of recipients.

  171. Sarah Binger

    Congratulations to all who won! And THANK YOU to B School for the large number of recipients. How generous! I am inspired by watching the videos above and realize that I need to keep moving toward my own dream and business. The hardest part about the 90 second video was to say CONCISELY what it is I offer. And since I’m not 100% clear on that, that needs to be my #1 focus so I can move toward that clear vision instead of sort of meandering around toward all these hazy ideas. Doing the video, and also putting it out on Facebook (telling my friends my dreams!! Gasp!) was the scariest part. Like someone else said in another comment – if I can do THAT, then I can do anything. It was a very good exercise to do. One I can learn a lot from. And perhaps try again next year.

  172. Congrats to all the B-school scholarship winners. So many quotable gems in this post Marie. I’ve only heard great things about this course and love seeing people shine. Good luck everyone – dream big and high.

  173. Diana

    Oh no, I can’t believe I missed the scholarship deadline :(! I sadly just found out about the amazing B-school today. Better luck next year I guess. Anyways, huge congrats to all the winners!

  174. Teresa

    I just wanted to say I am soooooo happy for all of you winners! And I am excited for everyone who will be in B-School this year! Hope to join you next year!

    Thank you for putting your message and gifts into the world so it can be a better place!

    And Marie, Thank you for the continued inspiration and love that you offer. It encourages me on so many levels!

    With Love, Appreciation, and Respect for you all!!!!!!!

  175. Gabi

    Thanks Marie! 🙂 thanks from the bottom of my heart! keep laughing

  176. Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity for you all. And some incredible talent there too.
    B School is fantastic – and certainly changed my life and business! Enjoy! xx

  177. I’m a little late to this party (was celebrating with everyone over on Kris Carr’s Mastermind FB page!!) but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who watched my video and especially to Marie Forleo and her team for awarding me this scholarship. I only found out about the contest a few days before the deadline and almost didn’t enter because I had no idea how to use iMovie, and then was embarrassed because my video wasn’t all fancy. But I went for honesty and there you go — you never know unless you try! I am so thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Like someone wise once said to me, use cancer as a catalyst, not a sob story. See you in B School! xoxo

  178. Kate

    A part of me is thankful that I didn’t win the scholarship as it will give me the opportunity to do better next time (I was late to party and ended up doing my video the night before applications closed)…I’m relatively new to Marie TV so it will give me some time to look over all the videos and implement them into my businesses (the ones I’ve watched to date have beed FANTASTIC!!).
    What I got out of this whole experience is the ability to put myself out there (something that I never thought I could do) and I look forward to improving my businesses with the help and support of Marie and her team.
    Kate 😀

  179. Neima

    Wow, all these people are so inspiring! I wish everyone the best of luck in B-school & hope to apply next year.

  180. So many of these videos brought tears to me eyes – it’s beautiful to see so many people doing amazing things in the world. Congratulations to all the winners. Can’t wait to see you shine even brighter!

  181. Ohh… I missed this opportunity of applying for scholarship. I had guests pop by at y place. 🙁 Sadly I saw the video last night and was going to make a video now. But its too late now.

  182. Nikita

    Is it that only people who are in Business or doing some social awareness or helping the community to grow apply for this BSchool Scholarship? Curious to know?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Nikita, our scholarship contest is open to anyone looking to take B-School! B-School is designed for people who are building businesses though (the B stands for Business), so one of the things we look for is that someone has a clear vision for their business whether they’ve started yet or not. 🙂

  183. Sherry

    From time to time, I find myself thinking about everyone from the scholarship list and wondering how things are going for them and their businesses and dreams now that they’ve been through B School (or are still going through B School and applying all the lessons they’ve been learning).

    Obviously what happens in B School stays in B School (heh), but it would be great if we could hear in general about their experiences and how B School helped them take their dreams to the next level.

    I hope everyone is thriving and excited and finding their dreams coming to fruition. 🙂

  184. Good Morning everyone,

    First Off Congratulations to every scholarship winner! I am so happy for you guys. I have a question if someone could answer for me would be great. Although, I did not win a scholarship I still want to attend B-School. My question is can i get financial aid for this school? I recently graduated and simply have NO money to attend and I REALLY do not want to miss this years course. I am so scared that my business will remain as is and not grow into my dream. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA. I would greatly appreciate any HELP!

    P.S. It is my dream and passion to create a completely online bakery of healthy, fresh , and organic tasty baked treats that can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Gabrielle, thank you so much for commenting and we’re so thrilled you’re interested in B-School! Although we don’t offer financial aid outside of our scholarships, we do have a payment plan of 4 monthly payments of $549 if that makes it easier for you to jump in.

      If you have any questions for us about B-School, please don’t hesitate to email us at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com for the fastest response!

      • Good,

        Can I still enroll on March 2nd? Can I start the $549 payments on March 2nd?

        • Mandy - Team Forleo

          Absolutely! On March 2nd or whenever you’re ready, go to to enroll. On the checkout page you’ll be able to choose the payment plan. If you have any questions email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help! We can’t wait to support you on your business journey.

  185. ROBIN

    Please tell me when the scholarship deadline will be for the next session. Thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Robin! We don’t have the official dates set yet, but it’ll be around the same time next year as we’re getting close to enrollment opening in February 2017! We typically share some free training videos as part of our launch, and as those are getting released, we’ll share all the details about the scholarship contest, requirements, and deadline for participating.

      Thank you for your interest!

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