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Maybe it’s because I’m Italian. Maybe it ties back to my childhood and the hours I spent watching my mom cook.

No matter what the reason, I ***love food***.  Like, seriously love it. Love to cook it, love to eat it, and love to try new recipes.

A few years ago, I cracked open a new cookbook and gave this interesting looking “Avocado Pesto Pasta” a test-drive. From the first creamy dreamy bite, both Josh and I were hooked.

If you don’t take a break, the Entrepreneur Gods step in & make you take one. @ChloeCoscarelli Click To Tweet

Excited, I powered through over a dozen other recipes, and low and behold… I struck food gold! A whole cookbook of things that were:

  • healthy
  • fast and easy to put together (no long, exotic lists of ingredients)
  • ridiculously delicious

That’s when I knew I had to get to know the genius behind these creations.

Turns out, Chef Chloe won the show Cupcake Wars and was the first vegan chef to ever win a Food Network Competition. The deeper I dug, the more I fell in love with this hard-working, big-hearted woman who was uniquely creating a business and life she loves.

Valuable business lessons can be gleaned across every industry, if you’re willing to look and listen. In today’s episode, grab Chef Chloe’s recipe for success, both in and out of the kitchen.

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One of the many things I appreciate about Chloe is her deep commitment to creating an outstanding customer experience. Over drinks (and off camera) I learned how tirelessly she tests each of her recipes to make sure her readers get consistent results. Especially for her newest book, Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen.

I’ve tried half a dozen recipes already and one of my favs is her Tuscan Tofu Scramble. (Yet again, Josh swooned.) Coming from someone who has a lot of cookbooks, I can tell you that consistent results are not something I’m used to. As promised, here are the recipes from today’s show.

  1. Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes. *For a gluten-free alternative, substitute gluten-free all-purpose flour plus ¾ teaspoon xanthan gum.
  2. Meatball Sliders.

BONUS: If you want to see someone stay focused in the midst of reality-show-drama-hungry producers, catty competition and baseless criticism, watch how Chloe behaves during the competition on Cupcake Wars.

There’s a great lesson to be learned about taking the high road.

Now, Chloe and I would love to hear from you.

What’s your favorite takeaway from today’s episode?

Whether it’s a new recipe or a new perspective, let us know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and sharing. You make my week!


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  1. I love (and will be stealing) the phrase “The entrepreneur Gods.”

    This is really timely, especially where Chloe talks about needing to take almost “enforced” breaks or else she’ll just keep going, going, going.

    I often tell my clients that it takes a LOT of courage to do less and create space for yourself. (Because I know so well that struggle, too!) It’s so easy to just keep doing more and more — checking email, reading articles, doing research. It’s MUCH harder to stop, be still, and create space for yourself.

    I’m glad to know that other people are experiencing this, too!

    • It helps to put in lots of boundaries – I have several apps that keep me focused and then remind me to take a break… just in case I get sucked into what I”m doing. The most effective “app” of all, though, is my kid. He is good about peeling m away from my work so I can spend time with him… or let him play on the computer. 🙂

    • Kristen…

      I agree, “The entrepreneur Gods” is a great phrase.

      Plus, I love (and will be stealing) your phrase “it takes a lot of courage to do less.”

    • “Entrepreneur Gods”… So true!

    • Perfect! Marie & Chloe look like twins! I loved this interview.

      As a home cook with a new cookbook just launching it is wonderful to see someone so passionate and accomplished who is also following her dreams without always knowing what comes next.

      I sometimes struggle with this exact process. I know what I love to do but sometimes not always what the end goal is. Thanks to Chloe for the reminder that when you are following your passion the “entrepreneur gods” will keep you on track.

      Thank you Marie!

      • Irene

        This resonated with me too! I love that Chloe so gracefully owns that she struggles with not knowing what’s next, but keeps going anyway. It’s an encouraging reminder to “jump and the net will appear.” Love it!

        • Irene ~ YES! keep going! and hopefully we will not need the net. LOL.

    • MARIE! Gurrrrl all i can say is I am so thankful for your work. Started watching February 19. You are RIGHT ON TIME. Y’all are helping me articulate that it’s important and OK for me to articulate in my marketing the creative, fun and active exercises I facilitate with my clients at universities on some very intense topics ie. cross-cultural, cross-class, cross gender dynamic negotiations many of us face regularly. I am a crazy cool performing artist and educator and I LOVE being the strong safe conduit for people to feel comfortable enough to open up in order to deepen the conversation about race, class and violence in AMerica and the world. You and Chloe are helping me claim in words what I have been doing for the last 2 years BUT JUST AINT SAYIN it in my MARKETING!
      Cheers!!! Mitzi

  2. This was a big struggle for me. I’m a musician – been one since I was a young child. I’m also an exceptionally good business coach/strategist for solopreneurs and micro-businesses. For YEARS I really felt like I hit a wall because I thought I had to choose. I couldn’t see how the two could possibly fit.

    Now, as “the singing business coach” I have a fun, not-so-little niche I’ve started to carve for myself showing those same entrepreneurs how to show up more completely as themselves – which is where the real money’s at anyway.

    Don’t let other people say you can’t do what you love. You totally can, as long as you stay focused and “keep making cupcakes.”

    • So true, Lisa. It’s interesting how we try to compartmentalize the parts of ourselves that seem incongruent, not realizing that the genius often lies in the combo. Not to mention that because the world hasn’t seen it before, they will assure you that it’s not viable.

      For years, I didn’t see the parallels of what I was doing and what I wanted to do so I was paralyzed. When I accepted I could be multiple things, which was still really one unique thing, life changed…and continues to change for the better.

      Like Chloe said, “…just go do it.” That says it all.

      • Absolutely! I love this Emelia. For several months I was really flaky with my online community because I had placed an unnecessary box over myself and as a result, my biz suffered, bad.

        Now that I’ve declared myself as a feminist metaphysicist, my true passion, I am having way more fun connecting with my community.

  3. Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes? YAAAAAAAAEEEEHH!

    And a beautiful + smart leader opening the way for young chef’s out there to think outside the box & go for their dreams? Double YEAH!

  4. Chloe, you are such a breath of fresh air! I love your sweetness — and how you’re keeping your feet on the ground.

    I relate very much to the idea of driving yourself perhaps TOO much as an entrepreneur. It is difficult to moderate yourself when you’re in complete love with what you get to do each day. 😉 I worked hard when I was working for The Man, but oh, that’s nothing compared to my days now.

    Now I’m off to get ingredients for that Avocado Pesto Pasta. Because YUM. (And there’s nothing like some time cooking great food to help me scale back a bit. Haha.)

  5. Wohoo. Thanks so much for this interview with Chloe. This is so far one of your best videos. 😉
    I love vegan food but I struggle a lot with all these ingredients you have to get…
    a) I don´t find them
    b) they are extremely expensive
    c) I have to order them and wait for a looong time.

    I will try her recipes ASAP and will definitely buy her book.
    Thanks again for sharing it with us.

    • Hey Christina! That’s one of my favorite things about Chloe’s work – her stuff is really, really accessible. I find 95% of things in my local grocery store/health food store. And the ingredient lists are usually really short too. She also packs a ton of recipes in her books with alternatives if you have friends/family who are gluten-free, etc. Makes it easy and fun to take care of people you love with awesome food that everyone can eat. XO

      • 5 minutes after writing the comment I bought all of her books. Crazy. Never did something like this before but if you say it´s awesome I trust in it. 😀

        I started eating vegan last year and I lost about 20 pounds and felt awesome. But it was hard to get all the ingredients and the cooking took a long time. (living in the Austrian Alps can be hard some times 🙂 )
        Looking forward getting the books and start trying the recipes. My boyfriend will love it too.

        P.S.: You´re doing an awesome job, Marie.

        • Chloe Coscarelli

          Hi Christina!
          That is awesome about losing those 20 pounds! You must feel fabulous! I think you will find my recipes very easy with ingredients that can be easily found at your local grocery store-even in the Austrian Alps!
          Keep us posted on your continued success with your new vegan way of eating.
          All the best,

          • Hi Chloe,

            I am looking sooo forward getting your three books. They are on my way through the snow. (Can´t believe it´s October and already snowing. Yikes.)

            I mentioned Marie TV and this episode and linked to your recipe in my newsletter for my subscribers.
            I´m sure they´ll love both of your work too.

            Now I´m on my way building a snowman. 😉

            Have an awesome day.

  6. Hi Marie,
    synchronicity! A few days ago I had an avocado and it was my pasta day, so I remembered one of your videos where you talked about making an avocado pesto. I googled and found exactly Chloe’s recipe!! And it tasted soooo awesome!

    Great interview, Chloe you are so inspiring!


    • Chloe Coscarelli

      Thank you Anne! Aren’t avocado’s God’s gift to us?

  7. We’re huge foodies in our house; we used to live in Tuscany and have been living in Thailand for almost four years so you could say food plays a huge part in our lives!

    Really loved this interview, there is so much to learn from Chloe’s success and I appreciate her sharing her insights with us all!

  8. This was such a fun episode for me on so many levels!

    As a personal trainer, I’m always looking for fun, new recipe ideas to share with my clients. I love when they are surprised to discover healthy foods that taste better than the “real” versions of their favorite meals. I will definitely be recommending Chloe’s cookbooks to them.

    I also really appreciate Chloe’s was of explaining veganism. I’m not a vegan, but I always enjoy trying new foods. You might not guess it from my new last name, but I’m also Italian and I’m so excited to check out her new cookbook!

    Like Chloe, I’ve faced some push-back from others in my industry since my business model is a little non-conventional. While I do meet some special fitness clients in person, most of my business is run online. After working in gyms for 7 years and seeing how they don’t work for many beginners, I wanted to find a way to help them. I also wanted to make the support that comes from group fitness programs something anyone could enjoy. Busy women have loved my ideas and have enjoyed success and making new friends in my fitness programs, but other fitness professionals were (and often still are!) very negative when I described my approach. I’m glad I just kept “making cupcakes” and feel inspired to continue to do so after hearing Chloe’s amazing story.

    Thanks Marie and Chloe for this awesome dose of inspiration today! I can’t wait to try these new recipes 🙂

  9. Omgosh! Chole is ADORABLE & I’m getting her cook book!

    I also love the wisdom nugget – “Don’t allow people to tell you what you can and can not do!” Follow your passion, your heart and your dreams! <3

  10. This is such an inspiring story. Me and my wife (Britt) did B-School together and she is now seriously unfolding as a vegetarian/vegan Chef with her 3 cookbook in the making and her first series of workshops booked solid within 5 days! (sorry, had to share this 😉 )
    There is not a day that we do-not mention B-School or apply something we learned.

    Great success story here and many thanks for sharing and highlighting it!!!

    Rob & Britt

    • Congrats Rob & Britt! I will find you in the BSchool group. Would love to connect with a fellow cook & author!

      • THank you Krayl. I’ve connect with you in the B-School group!

        Exciting to know you’re from CT state – so is Britt 😉

  11. Great episode Marie!

    I can’t wait to try out her cookbook (going to buy on amazon). Love that she has a non-judgemental approach to eating vegan (as I was once a vegan, and got a LOAD of judgement)

    My key takeaway from this episode is that you don’t have to blend into an industry to be successful. It appears that Chloe has approached the food industry in a totally unique way, and that has been part of her recipe for success!


  12. Marie and Chloe,
    Thank you for sharing this story! My favorite part is Chloe’s passionate focus on creating amazing customer experiences through her books.
    Can’t wait to try the recipes!

  13. Jen Zeman

    I loved this interview – Chloe is so down-to-Earth! My biggest takeaway is that it’s okay to take a break. So often all you hear is “PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!” which can be exhausting in and of itself. I can relate to Chloe’s drive because I’m excatly like that, and my body has told me on more than one occassion, “you’re lying down for awhile whether you like it or not!” 😀

    Thanks Marie!

  14. Thank you, Marie, for this inspiring interview. Chloe is such a heart person and for such a young woman has lots of wisdom already. I, too, struggle sometimes with slowing down and taking breaks. I often work seven days a week. It’s so true that if we don’t learn to take breaks we will be forced to through illness. I try to take breaks during the day, and I walk, swim and practice yoga at least four days a week. I am also lucky to have a husband who will plan a vacay just after I finish a big event. He knows I can’t say no that! I will be buying Chloe’s book today! Thanks again for a great episode.

  15. Karen

    Yea! She’s vegan. Go Chloe!!!!

  16. Well now I’m hungry…

  17. Hi Marie – Mohan here: I saw you two years ago at the ONTRAPORT user conference (where you had told me you’d been to Karyn’s Cooked in Chicago during your stint on Oprah) and again briefly when you came to Santa Barbara sometime last year I think. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your part in promoting a cause which is not only good for us, but also for the animals and the environment. As a longtime vegan, I am so happy when I see influencers like you moving this cause forward. Thank you again and hope to see you again soon.

  18. Tatjana

    Cute. Nice However -Vegan Italian????Maybe good selling pitch but those two words simply dont go tohether and to put them together is so forced and so missleading. Italian cusine is not vegan. End of story. The rest is misleading marketing or just another vegan cookbook. May be great and tasty but not Italian!

    • Nothing misleading about it. Don’t knock it till ya try it – it’s awesome.

      • Helene

        Many of these recipes are NOT vegan. I love that she’s incorporating vegan substitutes for some of the ingredients and giving people a tasty way into eating more vegan-“like”. But last time I checked, pasta is made with eggs. No way around it. You can go gluten-free pasta, but that’s not clarified in the recipes as a way to make is truly vegan. Regular pasta is not. And those slider buns? Made with flour (gluten), butter, and eggs. Also NOT vegan. It’s all these little omissions and blurring of the boundaries that have everyone so confused about what they are eating and what they should be eating. Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, etc – it’s all become overwhelming about what to eat vs what not to eat. And so much misleading information. I have no doubt her recipes are delicious and healthy. Just not totally vegan – and no mention about where she’s crossed the line.

        • Jeanne Morgaridge

          Helene, I am vegan and I eat some form of pasta or bread each day. Whether store bought or homemade, they DO NOT include butter OR eggs. It sounds like you are uneducated when it comes to the actual ingredients in food. My grocery store has whole side of an aisle dedicated to bread and about 50 different choices of pasta. Not all of them are made the same. In fact, unless the pasta is egg noodles, rarely will I find one that includes them in the ingredient list. And Tatjana, who died and made you the Italian police? If you are so scared of vegan food, don’t buy a vegan cookbook. How is it misleading? It is marketed to VEGANS and anyone interested in healthy alternatives to their fat laden recipes.

  19. This was such a great interview! Chloe is a wonderful inspiration. I was particularly happy to hear about her recipe testing process. It’s not just the process itself, but her commitment to sharing a product deliver consistent, quality results.

  20. Perfect! Marie & Chloe look like twins! I loved this interview.

    As a home cook with a new cookbook just launching it is wonderful to see someone so passionate and accomplished who is also following her dreams without always knowing what comes next.

    I sometimes struggle with this exact process. I know what I love to do but sometimes not always what the end goal is. Thanks to Chloe for the reminder that when you are following your passion the “entrepreneur gods” will keep you on track.

    Thank you Marie!

  21. LOVED this ! I am not a vegan but I love how Chloe just pursued her passion even though it was a bit different and all the wisdom she comes out with. I create my own recipe too and am writing a recipe book so loved the idea of getting friend and family round to test out all the recipes – totally stealing that idea!

  22. What a wonderful episode. I think the flexible approach to anything gets people to try new things more willingly that a strict and authoritarian one. The takeaway for me from this episode is to be comfortable with uncertainty and keep moving forward and keep developing my business. In my case I run ARTISURN (, online marketplace of handcrafted cremation urns, jewelry and keepsakes. It is quite a niche business that calls for educating and empowering people to realize that a final resting vessel can be whatever you want it to be and let their imagination and inner voice lead the way.

  23. This is probably my favorite marie tv episode. I was just smiling all the way through out the entire vid. Everthing was just so sweet.

  24. After watching you eat the sliders I had to go and print off the recipe. Last night I made traditional meat loaf and now will make it using brown rice and mushrooms with a nice mushroom sauce next time. I love cooking and creating and cook vegan at least twice a week. I will be sure checking out Chloe’s books.

  25. I can relate – about both the consistency issues, and taking the high-road! Wishing I could actually get some consistent results from the gal from whom I took a low-blow in the process of having purchased her ebook cook book. Sad + sad…. But I’m all about that blue ocean, baby!
    Also appreciate the fact that Chloe is so open about choosing a lifestyle that isn’t cut & dry/ black & white when it comes to food choices. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to food/ clean & healthy living. Cheers!

  26. WAUW, this video made me cry, I was so touched by it in so many ways. Right now I’m struggling big time with the new EU legislation and Danish laws concerning skin care products, the laws are so difficult, far stretched, impossible to follow and I have to do so many tests on my products (I handmake my own organic skin care line), that it will be nearly impossible to afford it – BUT this lovely lady just inspired me to keep going! THANK you

    Love to all of you

  27. Being Greek Orthodox means going vegan for 40 days at least twice a year (Xmas and Easter fasts), which happens to be a good cleanse for the body (and soul?), but can sometimes be really difficult to keep up.
    That’s why I LOOOOOOOVE good vegan cookbooks! Especially from someone who understands that you don’t have to necessarily be vegan *all* the time.
    I can’t wait to try her recipes out!
    Thanks for introducing her to us, Marie!

  28. Biggest insight? You don’t have to have it all figured out to just get started doing what you love. As Chloe said, most of the time she doesn’t know what her next project is. She’s making it up as she goes along — she’s creating the process itself and not letting not knowing “how” stop her from starting.

      • Yeh I really got reminded of that during this interview as well, you just have to keep going doing something and then it either works out or you change it up and keep going

  29. Chloe, your enthusiasm and positivity are totally infectious!

    Thank-you for sharing your passion with us today in such an elegant and eloquent way.

    p.s. the food all looks amazing!

  30. Dear Marie. I really want to thank you for this wonderful interview. Not only does it make me want to see my way of cooking by adopting some vegan menus, but it gives me wings to believe to move forward in my business plan despite its novelty. I loved the quote from the end that says to believe in our project even if it is different from the market. Wow! This interview gives me the extra boost I needed today. Thank you so much! I am inspired!

  31. Our business is working toward expansion, against some pretty stiff competition in our niche, and the ending quote is just what we needed to hear. Our biz is a bit different and we keep asking if we’re crazy – to which the answer is usually yes – but we keep moving forward. Thanks for the golden boot on a day I needed it! Now, I’m off to make a difference in the world. 🙂

  32. As a vegan for many years and a recipe developer and blogger myself, I found this so, so inspiring! I look forward to Marie TV each week and was thrilled to see one of my favorite chef’s featured. Chloe’s recipes are indeed all delicious and amazing, I encourage everyone to try her books!

  33. Shawna Giefer

    I really love Chloe’s energy and her smile is totally infectious. Way to follow your dreams, girlfriend!

  34. Cheryl

    I am vegan, and love that you had this beautiful gal on your show today. I would buy her books simply because she is such a beam of light. I really love endorsing, and supporting vegan business.

  35. Allison

    I was in awe watching and listening to both of you! I love to cook and eat and I am going to get all 3 of Chloe’s cookbooks for me and my sweet 26 year old son! Thank you for the inspiration on every level!!!
    May your day be filled with yummy food and amazing EASE!!

  36. Thank you for such an inspiring (and mouthwatering!) coffee break today.

    I love the Entrepreneur Gods sending messages to force us to take breaks. I so believe the universe provides us what we can handle – and sometimes all we can handle is to turn off the screen, shot down the phone and take care of our spiritual/ emotional and physical selves. It’s the only we can consistently bring our A-Game to our business.

    Now, off to make the meatball sliders – going to try and slide them past my kids and see the response… Great interview, thank you.

  37. What Chloe said at the end, that if there is something you want to put out into the world, even if it’s a little different, do it, was just what I needed to hear.

    • Right? Truly fantastic and inspiring woman. Chef Chloe your drive is awesome.

      • I really agree: “If there’s something you believe in and want to put out into the world, even if it’s a bit different, just go do it!” So inspiring! Thanks for your enthusiasm, Chloe, even if my French food is so not veganized! 🙂

  38. Love the boots. Love the new photo at the top of your site “Nice Assets”. Love the videos. Thanks for doing what you do:) Kickass – Carleen

  39. As a young entrepreneur it’s great hearing about young successful women. Just as soon as I feel like giving up I hear an amazing story like this and feel inspired again! Thank you Chef Chloe! This is just what I needed for my Tuesday! And thank you Marie for making me bounce back week after week!

  40. This is a seriously delicious episode. Thank you so much Marie and Chloe, not just for the tempting yummy recipes, but for the scrumptious entrepreneurial insider tips too. My favourite one: … even if it’s a bit different, go do it!

  41. Dude- tiramisu cupcakes??? What The Fudge??? Chloe – I admire (and am a little jealous) that you’ve found your passion so early in life ~ what a wonderful gift!! Thanks for sharing your story!

  42. LOVE SO MUCH! She’s on my podcast guest wishlist.

    I’ve been following Chloe’s career since she won Cupcake Wars. My Mom and I both swear by her cookbooks.

    If you’re not vegan – buy these cookbooks. They will change your mind about what is possible without animal foods.

    If you’re vegan but don’t know her – get into her work. I can’t think of a better advocate for the animals.

  43. I am going straight away to make the receipes.. A big bravo from Paris andI will speak about veganfood to my friends

  44. Oh how I’m glad I was eating while watching this! Still didn’t prevent me from salivating when the cupcakes and meatballs suddenly appeared. Kudos to Chloe. She turned the concept of vegan cooking around for me and I haven’t even tasted it! My…erhm.. take away from this (wink wink) is if you are passionate about a concept, let it show, let it shine. Don’t be afraid to stand out. I also love the fact that she isn’t the ‘all or nothing’ type. T
    Her relaxed approach allows others to try without guilt tripping them. For me that’s erhm…great food for thought (wink again) …Salivating again…. Damn!

  45. Nancy

    that quote “…when you hear a lot of naysayers, it makes you reach down into a place inside that knows you can do it.” wow. WHERE is THAT place!?! I have never had that. When I hear that I just sit down and say – you’re right. I have never had that.

  46. Marie and team,

    Your videos keep getting better and better. The rhythm, style, content… I am in love with you. Chloe, you inspired me a lot today, thank you!

    Elena 🙂

  47. I’m vegan and have been following Chloe for some time.
    She makes the vegan community very proud!

  48. Mary

    Thanks Marie and Chloe! You both are so beautiful and inspirational 🙂

  49. Ale

    Thanks for having her over! It was so fun to watch! I have the same obsession on veganizing recipes. I like to say I give a healthy twist to Mexican and Latin food. I will definitely take a look at all of Chloe´s books. 🙂

  50. Marie and Chloe…I loved this episode for several reasons, but here are a few:
    – It just shows you can make a living doing what you love, you just may have to be a little creative.
    -If you don’t have a complete vision, just step out and do something. Chloe didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do after culinary school, but she didn’t just sit around and think about it, instead she took action, signing up for the Cupcake Wars competition and look where that has led her.
    -When you take the time to step away from your business, relax, take a nap, do something fun or whatever it is for you, you may think you have less time, but you are actually more productive and relaxed in the time you are actually working. Listen to the Entrepreneur God’s when they are speaking to you!
    -and of course, I am so glad to learn about Chloe’s cookbooks and can’t wait to get them!

    Thank you Marie and Chloe for being examples for those wondering if they can profit from their passion! The answer is YES!

  51. Marie,

    Every week I look forward to Q&A Tuesdays, but today left with an even bigger smile & jolt of motivation thanks to you & Chloe. Watching you both was a joy and has not only inspired me to keep thinking of what’s next as I build my coaching practice, I’m now inspired to try out some of her recipes for me & my husband, and as two big & bearish meat eaters, that’s no small feat!

    Thanks again for all you do.
    Robert Valin
    (that goofy guy who said hello a few weeks back as you and your pooch strolled Christopher… And yes everyone, she’s just as friendly & fabulous in person!

    • Give them a go Robert and OF COURSE I remember you 🙂 XO

  52. Jonathan

    Awesome! I will definitely get one of her veg books. Thank you thank you.

  53. Woo Hoo! I’m not a vegan but I am an entrepreneur…and Cornell alum. So go Big Red! Great episode, as always.

  54. I’m such a big fan of both of you and loved this interview! I will be getting certified as a vegan lifestyle coach next month and am so grateful to have outstanding woman like the two of you as examples of female entrepreneurs!

  55. Johan

    Marie and her fantabulous winning team, thanks for sharing with us all the wonderfull people on your program, Chloe ( like you) – is an absolute star and a great insperation to one and all !. Im learning and getting an uncountable amount of experience from your programs…….many thanks for that. I too am just starting a online business in the hope to one day help others to do likewise. ………..and now, on my way to the kitchen to try out that yummy “sliders recipe” !.Take care and speak to you soon.


  56. LOVE Check Chloe – just picked up her new Italian cookbook. Great to see her on MarieTV!

  57. Vegan high five!!

  58. Josette

    Chloe you’re so precious! Your passion, authenticity and warmth as a person shines through your cooking. It’s obvious that you had a message from your heart that you wanted to share with the world rather than, in this self-promoting/fame hungry world, trying to manufacture your brand in an insincere and calculated way in order to gain popularity. A real breath of fresh air and a great example of someone who follows her gut and passion and carved out her own way. Kudos to you! I’m rethinking the whole Vegan thing because of you too.

  59. Tia

    You ever wake up to one of those videos that’s so in line with what is going on in your life, you swear someone must be watching you? That’s what this was for me, and I love it. I now have a new vegan chef to add to my favorites list and inspire me. I am also a vegan chef (with a Health Coach Certificate and love of nutrition), just starting this year to get my name out there via Personal Cheffing, and last night, I had the interview and menu tasting of a lifetime to be the head chef at a new farm to table restaurant focusing on local organic farm fresh vegan food here in Portand. It’s down to me and one other dude, and whether or not I get it, I feel so good and right and validated putting mysef out there in this way, and even better having some new vegan chef related nuggets of wisdom to carry with me, as I march deiliciously forward into the world.

  60. So refreshing to hear a vegan invite people to just try it, but not try to “convert” us! Because of her attitude, I’ll be getting her book!
    I have so many food allergies, and now have had to give up gluten. It’s hard, because I’m also allergic to corn and soy, as well as tree nuts like almonds, so many of the flours are not what I can use. I’m finding my way, slowly — and will check out the wonderful sounding cupcakes you tested. They made my mouth water!
    It’s refreshing to see someone actually admit that they love doing something, but had no plan when they started. Chloe knows she loves food, loves sharing her recipes, but when she went on Cupcake Wars, it sounds she didn’t have a bakery or a business of any kind that she was trying to promote — she just wanted to share some amazing vegan recipes! Bravo. So many of us get started like that — but when we listen to the “experts” they all preach business plans first, and all the technical aspects of building your business. It’s nice to see someone who is succeeding just by doing what she loves to do and doing it with impeccability and love!

    • Hey Peg! Chloe does a great job of listing alternative flours, etc. She’s also pretty awesome on social media if you have Qs.

  61. I am reminded to schedule in time for R&R listening to Chloe’s airplane story. It is important to create balance in life- moments to work hard with the nose to the grind and moments to back down, breathe, and smile. I aim to do both while continuing to move forward on my journey towards my dream of helping others achieve a sense of feeling healthy and strong!

    • Nena

      Fabulous! I am starting a business in Essential Oils and women’s self defense! And learning to Tweet!!! Love ur show Marie! Health Whole and Secure! Nena

  62. Thankyou Cloe, we are not vegan but will definitely been trying your recipes as we have been hoping for exactly this kind of inspiration. congratulations you are adorable and super impressive. thanks Marie for a great episode. it was so funny when you said , ‘are these really vegan?

    ‘ loved it. Bernie x

  63. What a ray of healthy sunshine is Chloe! Youthfully optimistic, yet with feet firmly on the ground. Love it! Her parents must be awesome and also SO proud.
    Take-away: How she wasn’t completely sure of what next, but followed her excitement/passion and this is what it lead to. Success in all the right places!

  64. Kirstin

    It’s as if you know what is on my mind Marie!!! Thank you for this. Chloe you ROCK! I’m vegan where my SO on the other hand is a meat & potato guy. But these recipes are totally achievable and I could even pass them to him without telling him what it really is ! Love it. Cheers

  65. Chloé

    What a great interview! I love MarieTV, but had yet to comment. I always feel like I connect with you in your videos, but today’s was something else! Since I’m a Chloé, love baking and vegan, I HAD to buy Chloe’s Kitchen as soon as I discovered it’s existence (coincidently, the first recipe I tried was also Avocado Pesto Pasta… Delish!) I haven’t seen Cupcake Wars, but did upgrade a few of my baking equipment supplies to Chloe’s Kitchen brand :p Love the passion and enthusiasm of your duo! Thanks for contributing such great and inspiring stuff into the world, Marie!!

  66. Great interview! I’m curious how Chloe has been able to get so much press. Did it all come together after Cupcake Wars or does she have a PR agency working for her? I’m at the point in my business where a bit of international press is coming my way and it’s both scary and wonderful. I would love to know more about how her PR engine runs. Amazed!

  67. Jennifer / San Francisco

    So inspiring, thank you for this interview!! I have a passion to open a vegan restaurant in my city! Just starting on my own and driven by my passion to show people plant-based is so good. With my business plan under my arm, I’m currently seeking investors and keeping my confidence no matter what. Someday it will happen!! I am vegan and share the same philosophy that it is easy for people to incorporate plant-based meals into any diet or lifestyle. In fact my parents eat veg meals at least two nights a week now.

    Thank you!

  68. My big take away here…Is Chloe single?!! Yowza..

    Secondly her dedication and work ethic is very inspiring from someone so young and her “what next” attitude is also inspiring to keep the momentum going etc


  69. She was SO cute. Love her! I rarely eat sweets to I had never heard of Chloe. I love her passion for perfection.

  70. I love Chloe’s qualifier, “…even if it’s a little bit different”. Sometimes it takes a little nudge like that to give yourself permission, and confidence, to go for it!

  71. Going on amazon and getting her cookbooks now!

  72. I love love watching Marie’s videos. I also absolutely dig her sense of style Where can I get information about what you’re wearing?;)

  73. Marie,
    Thanks so much for introducing us to Chloe. She is amazing. My husband and I are vegan and I am always interested in finding yummy recipes that are easy, quick and affordable. I love that she is putting this out to the world and showing people that you don’t have to eat animals. “The World Peace Diet” by Dr. Will Tuttle can help those who are interested understand why eating this way is good for us, the planet and of course the beautiful animals.

    Peace with Plants,

  74. Love the knowledge you shared in this video, thanks for both

  75. Angie Wallace

    Chloe is such a doll, she is as beautiful inside as she is out! I’ve put her new cookbook on my Xmas wish list. Thank you Marie for your fun, informative clips! I’m new to your fan club and am really enjoying it. Keep up the great work!


  76. I LOVED this and especially her last piece of wisdom. She didn’t let the nay-sayers get her down! Bravo. I tried to eat vegan at one point, but if you have no recipes you can totally get lost! Would love to try out her Italian Recipes because I’m a bread and cheese lover!

  77. Winning vegan Cupcakes or 1-on-1 VIP French Immersion Retreats, they can be a dream come true, no matter how unusual 😉

    Thanks so much, loved this!

  78. Thank you both. Chloe – your dedication is inspiring and your authenticity is palpable.

  79. I love raw food?


  80. Roshni

    OMG!! How sweet is Chloe? She’s so positive and genuine, I can’t help but root for her! My two biggest takeaways were:
    ‘The entrepreneur gods will step in and make you take the break’
    ‘If there’s something you believe in and want to put out into the world, even if it’s a bit different, just go do it!’
    LOVE it!! I feel so encouraged by this because what I want to do is indeed a ‘little bit different’, so it’s nice to see people like Chloe championing it 🙂
    Thank you Marie and Chloe, for such an amazing interview! X

  81. Thank you so much Marie for introducing me and the spreading the word about Chloé. I am not vegan, vegetarian most of the time. I like the idea about introducing vegan cuisine one day per week to my family.
    And I will try those recipes

  82. Nicky Tanase

    Thank You for having Chloe on. I am now inspired to add a bit of “Veganism” in my cooking. My favourite part of your interview was two fold the tasting and of course the message I have resonance with and that’s to share your uniqueness with the world because THAT is Exactly what the world needs more of. Uniqueness -> Diversity=perfect ingredients for a Beautiful life 🙂
    Be Your Bliss
    Much love Nicky

  83. Elease

    I am looking for advice and the people who visit this website seem like the kind of people who can help. I am 24 years old. I’m going into my 3rd year of community college (I started when most people my age were graduating and beginning careers.) I am an English major and plan on becoming a teacher. This is not my passion, just something I know I’d be good at. I want to bake. I like to bake. I want to become the best baker I can be. I want to master recipes and make my own recipes and eventually turn this passion into a small business.
    I have a few problems though: 1. I am embarrassed to express this to my family and boyfriend because well… I guess it’s not safe, it sounds like a dream more than reality.
    2. I don’t know where to start. Should I shadow at local bakeries? Should I take classes (in secret) at the community college I go to? (which would post pone classes I actually need for my English degree.)
    If anyone would like to help me figure this out more or has even the littlest piece of advice, please reply.

  84. You are BOTH generous and inspiring women. Thank you, Marie, for showcasing Chloe’s wonderful talent. I love what Chloe said about the naysayers. That is beautiful. Using that negative energy as fuel to forge ahead. Yay!!!!!! indeed.

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    Thank you Marie Forleo for this episode! This is by far one of my favorite episodes. I am a Vegan and I loooooooooooove Italian food! So to see Chloe to come out with these cookbooks especially her new one just made my day.
    I am so happy!

  86. Such a cute episode. Chloe is such a bright and bubbly woman, I couldn’t stop smiling with the sweet energy she has!

    The thing that resonated with me the most is to put things out into the world even if they are different. I have done this with my new business and although it is incredibly different I have changed so many people’s lives! I trusted my instinct and believed in my program and it has paid off in astounding ways.

    One thing that I will add to is from Wayne Dyer who says when you are following your dreams, limit the people who you tell. Everyone is going through their own self-beliefs and self-sabotage and they will rain on your parade. I have committed to this and made it apart of the process in following numerous dreams and I have aced everyone of them! Life is good!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating such easy vegan recipes. Your book will be on my shelf soon! Thank you Marie for sharing Chloe with us!

  87. Jaclyn

    One of my greatest takeaways is surrendering to the unknown. Trusting that just because I don’t know what’s next doesn’t mean I throw in the towel. Also, just such a sweet reminder (literally) to keep going after what you love.

    Great episode Marie. As fan of vegan friendly foods, it was wonderful to learn about Chloe.

  88. Lisa

    I have just gone vegan for the month and my body responds so well to it so I feel guilty about the change back to being non-vegan because it might be honouring my desires more than my actual needs. The comment about veganism being a non judgemental and flexible way of eating really helped me. I can totally do vegan most of the week and still indulge in a good steak or some creamy Brie if my body is craving it. On point and right on cue as always Marie! Thank you 🙂

  89. Dejana

    Marie, this was so much fun! And full of joy! love you! <3

  90. Holly

    This awesome video is so fun and inspiring!!! The way you explain your purpose, present your recipes, and share your passion is contagious.

    Thank you, Marie, for continuing to shine and show such wonderful people taking action and creating great times/experiences. We can’t have enough examples of inspired living!!!

    Thank you, Chloe, for your genuine share of yourself, your jumping into action and the joy you are living! An example for all of us!

    Really, really fun and cannot wait to get my copy of your cookbook(s) and try these special recipes of yours. I’m jazzed!

    Blessings for continued success and much appreciation for you all!!

    • Well said, Holly!

      It is so inspiring to see two beautiful, centered, courageous women talking about their passions and impacting the world. Thank you 🙂

      When we get quiet, look within, hear our truth and live it out loud, the Universe opens up. Watching this process come alive through both of you fuels me to keep going on my own journey toward building my brand of spiritual guidance and transformational therapy.

      I can totally relate to Chloe saying that naysayers get her revved up too! It’s when I am faced with a challenge that I hear that intuitive true voice roar, YES I CAN!

      Here’s to all of you and your dreams coming true!
      Be well,

  91. I love that Chloe says you don’t have to be 100% vegan. I like to think of myself as one, even though I allow myself to eat seafood and dairy on weekends.

  92. As usual, outstanding effort, excellent information, wonderful, inspiring guests!

  93. Ellen

    What I really appreciated was Chloe admitting that she often doesn’t know where to go next or feeling a lack of definite direction. I am in that place now and have been feeling like I should know. Not knowing and putting a firm plan in place has been making me feel like I’m failing in this department and was so refreshing to hear another entrepreneur say it happens to her too. I now feel like it’s ok and I’m sure the ‘Entrepreneur Gods’ will help point me in the right direction soon!

  94. Janet

    Why is an eyelit dress paired with grey suede shoes? Please tellme this has nothing to do with Italian cookin, cuz it is so far from it and just not the best style I have seen hung on Marie.
    Yet I am totally into vegan/raw options for everyday living well.
    “What next?” Oh my, just staying on-task with eating a full plate of things to learn and implement every day!!!
    Desert now please!

  95. Taking the breaks. I just had this happen to me. My body told me this very recently and I have been taking it alot slower and breaks. I am starting a business but I am living like I have clients and this is how things will go. Chloe is great and I eat vegan sometimes and might check some recipes the cupcakes looked great. I loved what she said even if it looks different take it out to the world and go for it.. that is what I am doing.. great stuff.

  96. Susanne

    Loved this episode – The thing I took most from it is, if you know what you love, you have to find ways to get your love out into the world. I love eating vegan food, but often find it really time consuming, and thankfully because Chloe is doing what she loves (and you also Marie) I now have a solution so I can have more vegan loving yumminess in my world!! This was a big wake up for me. I only want to give to the world my love, not some rushed out ‘anything will do’ rubbish!! I also loved hearing that she takes the time to perfect. I have been told a few times just to get it out there. I know the difference between perfectionism-procrastination and actually giving something of value. So great seeing another woman live such a high standard!! thanks for today’s episode. Action: give out my love in my work. Take that extra time in what I am doing to give care and love!!!

  97. Jasmine Lasenberry

    Wow! The Nugget of Wisdom Chloe shared brought me to tears. “If there’s something you believe in and want to put out into the world, even if it’s a bit different, just do it!” Thanks Chloe for this. I really needed to hear this tonight.

    Thanks Marie for creating MarieTV. Love it!!

  98. Hey Marie & Chloe

    Wow! What an awesome treat to have Chloe as a guest on your show. I have been vegan since 1994 (20 years) and just in awe of Chloe’s incredible work and mouth watering recipes. Congrats on Cupcake Wars. My company is Vegan Vision Productions – creating original vegan inspired comedies. For the past 20 years I have dealt with comments and snickered remarks about my vegan lifestyle which of course as diminished over the years as veganism has become more mainstream. I love that Chloe was gentle in her approach by suggesting people try vegan foods for themselves, without it being an all or nothing decision. This can be applied to all of us and our businesses – being a likeable person and the product will speak for itself.

  99. OHHH! They look so yummy!

    I’m going to have to share this with my mum who’s just started a food blog.

  100. Portia

    I just tried the avocado pesto pasta recipe….. I have no words to describe how delicious this is. I have never had a pesto pasta dish this good!
    Thank you Chloe!

    Shout out to Marie for brightening my week yet again! I always look forward to your videos and your inspiring words. Thank you!


  101. Thank you, Marie for sharing!

    And Chloe, I am soo inspired!

    I had just decided (last week) that I needed to take a step back. I needed to take some time for myself to allow space to create and be present for my life. I needed to come back to center, to me, and not a second rate zombie version of myself that barely had the energy to give to my work and my life.

    It is very true that if you don’t take the time for yourself, the universe finds a way to step in and halt the whole process. Step back, breathe – reemerge!

    And I just printed the Meatball Sliders and I’m so excited to get started cooking them!

    Brandy xo

  102. Carol Prendergast

    Hi Chloe, congrats on your new book, I’ve been trying out more raw food recipes. I disagree with using canola oil as it’s GM, what about organic coconut oil, avocado or macadamia oil ?

    • Jia Hui L.

      You can definitely try to swap it in, and I’m sure the food will still be delicious!

  103. Jia Hui L.

    My favorite vegan chef is interviewed whoohoo! I loved her answers and seeing her smile after each question! I’m so happy for Chloe and I bought her cookbook as well, and the book and recipes are just the best all-around. My favorite takeaway is that you can do it, if you keep the negativity out! So inspiring!

  104. Awesome interview – as always thanks so much Marie!

    Another great example of someone going after their dreams no matter what. When people follow what they truly believe the results speak for themselves and it truly radiates, as it does in Chloe. Love it

  105. april

    tiramisu cupcakes…delicious! Thank you for sharing this awesome , inspiring video, ! O;)

  106. Loved this for so many reasons! I run a summer camp for teen activists who want to change the world, and all our food is vegan because eating a standard american diet causes so many of the ecological, ethical and social justice problems we want to change! Personally, I’ve also been vegan and doing veg advocacy for 15 years, and I agree it’s so important for people to see that they can try out incorporating vegan meals without committing to go totally vegan.

    Meanwhile, after years of working at other jobs (including for a national veg advocacy nonprofit – we’ve got lots of mutual friends, Chloe!) and working on YEA Camp in my spare time, I am now finally on the payroll (WOOHOO!), and while it’s awesome, I’ve been struggling with the exact issue of managing my breaks, schedule, prioritizing a million to-dos (including implementing more of B-School!), and the little voice in my head, and this video helped me see that this is normal, and reminded me to enjoy myself more along the way!

    Lastly, I’m so impressed you test each recipe so many times. That’s serious work ethic – props, girl! I tend to be a very lazy cook, and I’m inspired to try out your recipes above!

    Thanks for spreading the love! <3
    P.S. This is the first video I've ever commented on! 🙂

  107. So inspiered by you girls!

    Being a business woman on the leading edge my self, vegetarian/raw enthusiast and a dedicated mother this episode is such a gift to me!

    I have a 10 year old daughter who has just figured out that eating healthy and joying me and my man on our quest to better health might be a smart thing to do. So I know she loves her pizza’s, pastas and sweets – it is not always easy for her to make the right decisions. I’m going to start by making the recipes that you have posted here and keep you posted about the results. If you also could guide me to where I can buy the books online it would be much appreciated.

    And one last thing: Chef Chloe, I just love your outfit. Where did you buy those shoes and the top!

    Love and Hugs from Ingunn in Oslo

  108. Abra Marie Walsh

    Chloe Coscarelli is a graceful, generous chef-entrepreneur. I just love her & Marie Forleo’s passion & simplicity. I research & develop projects on urban food, exercise & well-being systems, making quality & nutrition accessible as part of a program to improve people’s & city’s environmental footprint & quality of life. I think Chloe’s very generous, creative, & enticing approach will bring her success, prosperity & fulfillment. I love that she’s making vegan food delicious, simple & pragmatic for families. Her process of testing, perfecting & simplifying vegan recipes will enable us non-vegans to change our cooking styles & to eat healthier, more sustainably. Thank you Chloe for sharing your approach & philosophy of business. You’re great!
    Thanks Marie for bringing Chloe on MarieTV! Your stories are so empowering.

  109. I’m always open to new & delicious vegan recipes, so this was a fun episode for me! I was touched by Chloe’s final words about going for it even if what you do seems out of the ordinary. As a tarot reader, I can certainly relate to that. 😛

    PS: I visited Italy a couple years ago, and ate a lot of amazing vegan food there!

  110. I totally agreed with Chloe, the unknown factor. Every morning I get up feeling my plan for the day is worthless and I am just wasting my time but despite of that feeling, I push myself to accomplish my goal for the day. Being a disable author, I only have few hours a day to get my stuff done. I wish I can do more but I have to remind myself that a little bit adds up.

  111. Thanks for the great show (never miss it). I was hoping you would share the pesto recipe (sounds fantastic).
    I have a food blog and I plan to create a cookbook of my own one of these days. I’m already outlining the contents. I was shocked when you said you try your recipes up to 50 times, and I’m wondering how do you justify the investment of your time and the expense of all the ingredients? Is that rolled into your business model, or do you go out of pocket and just do it for the love and passion of cooking great food?
    Thanks for sharing and I wish you much continued success.

  112. Awesome! As a raw vegan for over 10 years I’ve added some cooked food back in my diet simply because I couldn’t keep up with the prep of it while raising 2 girls and creating a business I love. I’m so excited to try Chloe’s recipes as I always attempt to make the best food I can for my family but often run into a block..what will everyone eat so I’m not making 10 things. And since I don’t have tv I wasn’t aware of Chloe or cupcake wars! ordering her books now! Just hope they aren’t all soy based?.. really not a fan of putting much soy in my body.
    Definitely trying to take breaks but I so love what I do that when I slow down I crave my work! I now get the kids involved so I can spend time with them and they are happy learning and creating alongside me. Being a stay – at – home mom and entrepreneur definitely has challenges but Marie and awesome interviews keep me in check! Thanks sistas for being such a refreshing light to the world!

  113. Great episode Marie and Chloe!!!! Some people eat to live – but I live to eat.

    I’m going to share the two recipes in the show notes with my wife. OK, I’m going to insist she make them 😉 Then she’ll be impressed and get your cook books!

    Bake on!!

  114. I took away a lot of motivation……Taking my love of dogs, and veganism and living a healthy lifestyle altogether, and really wanting others to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle WITH their dog by their side is my goal in my career!

  115. I loved this. I love her discipline and drive and this video makes me want to eat vegan food 🙂 I want to try those meatballs.
    You two should do more videos together. You’re both adorable!!

  116. Regina

    Bravo Chloe!!!! As a Vegan Italian girl and entrepreneur starting my own business, I want to send you a great big hug!!! I too, am realizing the importance of taking breaks or the Entrepreneur Gods will come get me!
    It is so true that we must not be afraid to put our unique gifts and ideas out there. I love the work you are doing! And I love your cookbooks!!! Un Baci!

  117. Marie and Chloe, thank you for the great video and your inspiration! It was very much needed here, as I as well provide services that most of the people have never even heard of.
    PS Marie, when do you start next enrollment for your B-school? Can’t wait!!!

    • Hi Elena! B-School 2015 will start in February 🙂 If you’re on our mailing list, you will get a heads up about it. XO

  118. As someone who is studying nutrition and in the process of trying to transition from my day job (web design) to my dream job of creating (vegan) recipes, food blogging, and health consultations, this is a home run video for me. Chloe is now such an inspiration and I hope one day I can accomplish half as much as she has. Her energy and her final words brought tears to my eyes, thanks for bringing her story to us Marie!

  119. Ladies, you’ve just made my day…
    Marie, I’ve been following you for some time. You’re such a positive person! Smart, energetic, with lots of brilliant thoughts to share with the world. Thank you so much for doing what you do. And thanks for introducing Chloe, she’s wonderful indeed, inspiring others to pursue their dreams. I’m right at the beginning of my after I quit corporation last year… Just started to fullfil my childhood dream by designing beautiful clothing for kids. I don’t have one but it doesn’t stop me from doing all this 😉 All you girls said about being an entrepreneur is so true! I also need to relax more often because I tend to forget about that when I’m doing what I love most 😉
    Thanks again. You are my inspiration.

  120. YES! Finally, I’m so happy to see someone in food be featured on Marie TV, more of this from nutritionists, entrepreneurs, food bloggers, etc.; this would be really great, especially focusing in on whole foods and plant-centric lifestyles.


  121. Beverly

    Loved this interview!!! Smart, engaging and funny. Great questions. Inspiring conversation. Thanks!!!

  122. Thank you for the recipes Chloe!! Awesome inspiration; I’m so impressed by the dedication and details you put into each recipe. Really makes me want to step up my game with my blog. I’m putting your cookbooks on my Christmas list and will be sharing this video with everyone! Great choice Marie. Thank you both!

  123. This was the sweetest interview! Chloe’s presence and her business insights are so beautiful. Marie, love how you were delicately eating the cupcake. Chloe’s idea to serve her winning treats in a cocktail glass during cupcake wars was amazing. Working on a video focusing on finger vs. fork foods and will need to make mention of this chic way of eating cupcakes. Can’t wait to try the recipes. Yum! Thanks ladies for a great segment!

  124. I love that Chloe talked about not always knowing what to do next.
    I often feel like I have a lack of direction and sometimes wish that I too could have a clear goal like some people do. However, when I look back at my decisions they all make sense, and yet all I ever did was to try the different opportunities given that spoke to me. I had no idea I would be doing what I’m doing today and I couldn’t be happier.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: Follow your heart and it will be the right choice for you.

  125. Ahmad

    Biggest insight?

    Passion and putting some thought and testing into it CAN be be tasty for yourself and also for others! 🙂

    Need to try that food, must get cookbook, was looking for something like this!

  126. Could Chloe be more adorable? What a lovely energy she brings to the conversation.

    As vegan myself, I sometimes shy away from even mentioning it because it causes such an uproar. (Yes, I realize this is ridiculous). I love Chloe’s attitude about her food and veganism- something I will definitely adopt in my views and conversations about how I eat! I can’t wait to get the books and start making some animal-free magic ovah here.

  127. Could Chloe be more adorable? What a lovely energy she brings to the conversation.
    As vegan myself, I sometimes shy away from even mentioning it because it causes such an uproar. (Yes, I realize this is ridiculous). I love Chloe’s attitude about her food and veganism- something I will definitely adopt in my views and conversations about how I eat! I can’t wait to get the books and start making some animal-free magic ovah here.

    Read more:

  128. Donna

    Chloe’s smile is contagious and her spirit is powerful…she is like Marie’s little sister who that has become aware that she has her own song to sing. Not a copy cat tune, just perfect harmony.

    My heart was so filled with truth when I heard Chloe say,
    “If there is something you believe in and want to put out into the world, even if its a little bit different, just do it.”

    Marie’s closing mantra has played a large part in my discovery of me…
    ” stay on your game… and keep going for your dreams… because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

    When I heard Chloe say the same thing from the abundance of her heart today, it brought tears to my eyes and a deeper belief in my dreams in action….
    Thank you ladies,
    There may be nothing new under the sun, however, the combinations are endless and unique every time…


    • Krish Perera

      Nice one Donna!

  129. Krish Perera

    I love it…! it was a motivational conversation which gave me the strength to go forward without concerning the negative judgment


  130. Such infectious energy – goes to prove that if you put passion into what you do everyday people take notice and your dreams can happen!

  131. Wow! I’m so excited about this! I’ve been gluten and dairy free for a while now because of my digestive issues. Because of these restrictions I’ve, unfortunately, have been eating less of my absolute most favorite food of all: Italian! I’m SO going to jump on trying that Avocado Pesto recipe that looks to DIE for along with recipes in her new Italian cookbook. I’m so excited! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this Marie and thank you Chloe for the work that you do! 🙂

  132. Renee Edwards

    This was a great interview, Marie. I felt drawn to Chloe’s process of refining and seeking feedback. That’s so important. Sometimes we have ideas about what works and doesn’t work, and try to go through the perfection process on our own, but it isn’t until we put what we have in the hands of others that we have the opportunity to truly expand. Earlier this year, I started working on crafting natural, hand-made vegan cosmetics, starting with lipsticks. I would be in the kitchen for hours working on recipes–weighing, sterilizing, adding, subtracting–until the product I made satisfied me. I wanted everything to be perfect…maybe not perfect but damn near it. For the first month or so, I would only let a few people try it. Friends wanted to get samples and people reached out to purchase, but I felt a need to know EXACTLY what to expect from my products to catch any potential flaws/areas for improvement before anyone else could. I was systematic to a fault–I’m only one person! My desire for perfection lead to analysis paralysis.

    While I’m still a perfectionist at heart, I’m learning the art of taking imperfect action, of leaping before I’m ready, of putting myself and my products out there and asking for feedback. This process has been liberating and humbling. We really don’t know what we don’t know, and the more we open up the space for conversation, the better and better we get.

  133. Ilaria

    Oh I am going to try the Avocado pesto!
    Thanks for an inspiring interview.

  134. Zulema


  135. I think this is my favorite episode of Marie TV. Great energy – I’m inspired!! oh and I’m getting a copy of her cookbook! Love love loved this interview!

  136. I really enjoyed watching this episode with you and Chef Chloe a couple of days ago. I got inspired to make this a basis for my new blog post.

    I hope you guys will check it out.

    Much love,

  137. Stevie

    Definitely her closing phase – If there is something you believe in… this meant a lot to me, as I seem to be holding back on a passion to just get my website/blog out there. Really pleased for Chloe and wish her great success with her books, very much needed as people still think things are boring if no meat is added. And thank you both so much for your inspiration.

  138. Christie

    I woul love to see Chloe have a cooking show!!!!

  139. Elena

    Great gig! I sent the Marie’s video to at least one raw foodist. Wonder if any of these recipes is raw?

  140. Carlos

    Love Chloe Coscarelli! I have been followed her since knew about her a year ago through Facebook!

    Way to go Chloe! Love your style, the way you are and your work! Hope to meet you soon on your tour! 😀

  141. Danielle Weickert

    I’ve been following the videos for so long but this one hit me RIGHT IN THE FACE!!! I can relate to Chloe’s journey and am inspired to take her example as my own. I want to go into addictions counseling with a holistic edge, but that is a rarity in our world, and absolutely unheard of in my town. I want a guide to curl under the wing of but I need to have to confidence to do it on my own. THANK YOU SO MUCH Marie and Chloe for your inspiration. I’m afraid but ready to set the world ablaze!!

  142. I absolutely adore Chloe Coscarelli! She’s adorable and brilliant! I’ve been a vegan for many years now and discovering her recipes, especially her desserts, has allowed me to share more delicious recipes to my family events and has shown my family and friends how amazing vegan food can actually taste! 🙂 Thanks for doing the interview.

  143. This girl just won my heart! What an incredibly talented, inspirational woman!
    Thanks for the interview, Marie! It really gave me a lot to think about, learn and be inspired!

  144. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I love Chloe’s beautiful smile and positive spirit. I recently went Vegan in November 2014 and had not heard of Chloe. I will definitely be getting my hands on these books soon. Thanks you so much for the interview.

  145. Robyne Arrow

    Amazing interview!

  146. Folake

    Thank you, ladies! Absolute gratitude for sharing.


  147. LOVE Chloe! She is so cute and her insights about entrepreneurship are spot on. I can’t wait to try her recipes. Thanks Marie!

  148. Marie, you are such a sweet and gracious host and a fantastic interviewer! I’m always so impressed with how you are with your amazing guests. I’m in a in a season of change in my life(thanks to B-school) and I’m constantly giving 110% right now to really make things happen, which can make for an emotional human being, but I swear I tear up at something in each of your episodes!! Haha This one had me tearing up at just how genuine and sweet you are. You are true role model. Thank you, thank you for sharing your gift!


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    Thanks Marie for sharing Chloe’s work. Chloe u r such an inspiration. I am trying to be a vegetarian mid last year and find it hard coz most restaurants doesnt serve vegeterian meals and the vegetarian restaurants that are available here to me are not really healthy. They uses mock/gluten meat. I am not a chef and doesnt cook very well but i would like to compile the recipes that i have tried (substitute meat with plant based) and share it. To change people perception that healthy vegeterian recipes can be tasty too.

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