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Yesterday, I set my alarm for 5:13 AM.

No. I wasn’t catching a flight to some exotic location. And no, I wasn’t waking up that early just for funsies.

The truth is that I had a massive, almost brain exploding amount of work to get done in a very tight time frame.

Now before you even think about pouring some haterade assuming I’m one of those lucky people who naturally wakes up at the crack of dawn, please don’t.

No human believes that any other human has a right to be in bed when he himself is up. Robert Lynd Click To Tweet

Because on Saturday, just two days prior, I finally rolled out of bed around 11:45 am.

Josh and I had an indulgent night out with friends and after a pretty intense work week, I had zero guilt about sleeping in.

So what’s this have to do with you? Well today on MarieTV we’re tackling a hot-button topic that’s been argued about for years.

It’s a question I’ve personally wrestled with in my own quest to be as productive, happy and healthy as humanly possible during my precious time on Planet Earth.

We’re Talking Early Risers vs. Late Owls in a Classic Productivity Battle

Pay attention here because even if you’re perfectly happy with your own sleep patterns, the people around you may not be.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Specifically for my late owls: Have you ever tried to become a morning person? If so, tell us what happened. Or, if you embrace your late-nite nature, got any great tricks to share that help you live and work harmonious with the rest of the world?

Early birds: I’d love to hear your experience with night owls. Found any great ways to respect and honor the difference?

During my research for this episode I discovered some conflicting information and loads of very strong opinions on the matter.

So my appreciation in advance for being cool and kind as you share your view in the comments below.

Our community is simply incredible and that’s all because of you. Thank you for reading, watching and sharing with us!



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  1. Honor your own rhythm and watch how you judge and compare yourself. Personally, I follow the sun! It depends on the season.

    • “Honor your own rhythm.” Perfection.

    • I can’t wait to follow the sun again when the kiddos grow up! 🙂

      • I am with you, Zuzana! I have to follow my kids’ sleeping patterns so that I actually get work done on a daily basis. My kids are still young (2 and 5) and they are early risers right now, but I know that soon enough they will be late owls and I will beg them to wake up :).

        • Andi

          Thanks to the kids (love ’em!) I’m so confused I no longer know whether I am an early riser or a night owl …. think I am a “quick, take advantage of any energy / P&Q combo that occurs”. I was definitely a night owl growing up but after 12 years of broken sleep who knows. The “follow the sun” comment definitely resonates, as does making it a habit. Currently on a 5:10am kick – 7am lie-ins seem luxurious! Hubby is a def night owl and survives on 4 hours sleep so I feel very challenged when I insist I need 8. Hey – its a journey! 🙂 …. and so to bed!

    • You said it Robin! The season matters to me. I would say I stay up late and wake up late in the cold season (Chicago basically has hot and cold). So when the weather is warm and the birds are chirping I find it easier to wake up early and start my day.

      There have been times when I’ve had to wake up early in the mornings and it’s simply a matter of getting used to it. I prep the night before with my outfit picked out and a yummy breakfast in mind.

      • I agree! For me it also really depends on consistency. If I wake up at a certain time consistently I feel so much better than if I’m switching it up all the time.

        • Yey- I’m with Robin! Getting up with the sun is really important to me, both in Scotland (where we don’t always get enough sunlight to stay sane and healthy!) and in Italy (where the earliest hours in the summer heat are the only bareable ones for getting anything done, and everyone sleeps through a long siesta in the middle of the day!). I love being awake at that time in the early early morning before the common consciousness has been roused. It works best for me, being very sensitive psychically!

          • Kate Bourne

            Yes, Clare! I’m a natural early bird- 5-5.30am. There’s something I love about getting up before the rest of the world, like you’re in a secret bubble! And like a lot folks I’m married to my opposite. We are like passing ships in the night sometimes, especially when he’s not a morning person to the point of no conversation until he warms up!
            I’ve found that often I’m the one defending myself for not staying up late (obviously different with an occasion). And… It’s taken me years to get over the FOMO and go to bed when I need to and get a decent amount of sleep! Then, enter a few weeks ago that Marie TV episode featuring Ms Huffington and Thrive!) Loved it! All in all, love your schedule and other people’s! Huge respect for night owls but soooo happy I’m an early bird!!

          • JM

            I agree with you Clare! I love love love that semi-quiet moment in the morning when most of the people are still in bed, and I get to ponder on things, or just relax.

          • Lizzie

            I totally agree Clare! I love being up early in the morning and up late at night when the majority of people are snoozing. Although that doesn’t leave a lot of time in the middle to catch my z’s. I honestly think that I would LOVE a siesta no matter what country and what season because afternoons always seem like a ‘lull’ time for me. (Hence my focus on working towards a life where I get to set my own schedule! 🙂 ) At the end of the day it’s whatever works for you as an individual.

        • Gena

          Me too Galen! I love my routine!

          • Same here. I love being an early bird and as I live and am an Italian girl I am really uncommon here. people usually start eating at 9pm and go to bed really late. I always feel I am the strange one, and the boring one, wanting to go to bed at 11pm. I used to live in Australia where you can see so many people walking on the beach, and get up when the sun rises! I love that. living with nature!!!! I feel so blessed being able to witness something solo beautiful like the sunrise:-) XXX

        • Dear Marie. As always everything you do is sooo topical!

          And yes on point it does come down to respect! One thing that has stressed me out so much is I have a late riser business partner and other partner (BF). When I have to get up in the morning and tie toe round the house getting kids ready for school, that can be frustrating. And my biggest annoyance is when he wants to have important meetings right before the end of my day!!! And then expect to continue working through dinner time etc. The result is actually the late riser misses important events and requires things to be re-explained plus has no respect for my down time.

          I guess a win /win would be I would be happy if they committed to a business meeting at a suitable time for both of us and helping with dishes after dinner rather than working through those family hours.

    • Your natural rhythms are there for a reason. Most live performers have a night-owl bent. You can adjust, but you can’t do it in a couple of days. Your sleep cycles and brain functions don’t adjust that quickly. It’s really about making sure you get the sleep you need – and everyone has different needs.

      That said, there ARE times when a night owl misses out on opportunities in the early bird’s world – and vice versa. It’s an opportunity cost of owning who you are. The key is to OWN who you are and not worry about the missed opportunities, because, to borrow a phrase from Sir Richard Branson, they’re like buses, and another one’s always coming.

      • I love this! The opportunity cost of owning who you are. Genius words!

      • Love this…”they’re like buses, and another one’s always coming”

      • I absolutely agree with Lisa 🙂

      • Janet Marie

        As a night owl..I tend to get a second wind from 9 to 12 or 2, but the adjustments come with getting enough sleep depending on where I need to be the next day AND protein smoothies, B12 etc.

    • “follow the sun” — totally!!

    • The night owl was made to be the worm-catcher’s second? Honor this and you’ll never find out who you were born to be!

    • I love the idea of following to sun.

      When I was in Costa Rica for 2 months this is something that really struck me. It was so easy to get into a natural rhythm because the sun rose at 6am and set at 6pm. I loved it!

      I find it harder to follow the sun in Toronto when the sunset/sunrise change so much.

      • Hi Wendy,

        I hear you! I have lived in Costa Rica for 3 months at one point ( have traveled to RC a few times now) and I did feel easier to get up early. It must be the energy there too. It’s such a lay back, relaxing place to be that it may have had an effect on how I was functioning overall.

        I travel a lot, just got back from a year of travels all around the world and I never really thought too much about how much that may ” mess me up”. But I see how I have a natural tendency to be an early riser in some time zones and the a night owl in other.

        I did learn that I need to get my sleep, and I need 8 hours. And that’s ok. If I don’t respect I loose the day to feeling sluggish, tired, foggy…an impossible foundation for having a productive, fun day.

        And then there are naps. I am all down for napping! It’s a great habit I think. It really works for me. I work from home, so I am lucky to be able to do it.

        And one trick I have implemented is making a list very day of the things I want to accomplish and that are actually important to accomplish. That’s mostly 3 Power actions that have a noticeable and very specific impact on my life, work, health…).

        I do this every day and that keeps me away from doing things for the sake of doing something and I can get my 8 hour sleep feeling good about my day.

        I am currently pregnant (first trimester) and feeling tired more than I normally would so the 3 power actions rule is even more important now.

        My health is super important to me and sleep is a huge part of it. And its as important as my productivity.

        I loved this video and I believe that our universe is build around our way of being and if we fully embrace that, than the universe will embrace that too and create the perfect opportunities to leverage all aspects of how we function in the world.


        Lots of love to everyone, the early rises and the night owls too.


    • I honor my own natural rhythm! My kids learned at an early age to just get themselves ready for school. And my hubby…well, I threaten war if he interrupts my dreams.

      It depends on the season how early I get up. If I don’t fight my evening sluggishness around 8:30pm, then I’ll wake really early. But, if I fight my sleep and get my next round of energy, then I’m on for a few hours…easily into the late night.

      I have noticed that I enjoy being up when everyone else is quiet and asleep. Soooo…in the summers, I get up earlier, while my kids sleep in. And during the school season, I tend to go to bed later and let them have quiet time in the mornings…while I keep on dreaming my crazy or totally funny dreams.

      I go with the flow (and NEVER schedule anything early. I learned my lesson long ago. I suck having commitments early in the morning. I totally ROCK having lazy mornings to warm up to my day!)


      • I love your examples! Generally speaking I am a night owl but my routine changes a lot because as a creative person, when I get inspiration (and sometimes that inspiration comes at 10pm) its important for me to be able to get my ideas out into beginning a piece of jewelry or at least a drawing of it which can take time… and I was feeling guilty about that, but no more! Thanks for your examples above as I also like being awake when everyone else is asleep and vice versa (at times). Moving forward, I’m committing to eradicating the guilt and just going with the flow! Whenever I need to get an idea out for a new design, I’m just going to go for it, no matter what time it is!

        • Liz

          Aziza, as a creative person as well, I keep a journal at my bedside so I can easily jot stuff down and then let it go until the next day when I need to get my rest (which is most nights, since I have a kid). But I agree that we shouldn’t feel guilty when we stay up creating, I might be the most tired, froggy-voiced mom at school drop-off, but it’s always worth letting the inspiration flow!

      • Melissa

        I am a night owl simply because I love the alone time where I can focus and get my work done without distraction. This sucks when it comes time to catch an early flight or an appointment that can only be made at an early time, but for the most part I enjoy the contrast in my sleep schedule to those around me as it gives us our respective time to do our own thing.

    • Elvira

      I’ve finally learned to honor my own rhythm and set boundaries that support bringing forth my best self. Though not a complete night owl, it takes me a while to rev up in the morning regardless of what time I rise so I don’t schedule any important meetings before 10:30 a.m. unless it’s absolutely necessary. Part of my agreement with my current employer is that my day in the office starts at 10/10:30. There were some rumblings initially but they stopped when it became apparent I actually work longer hours than most, just not on the same schedule. But it’s not about the hours, it’s about the results and those, are pretty darn good. Eight years into my tenure I’m happy to report the entire office has moved away from the 9-5 model to staggered hours. As a result, departments have coverage for a longer span of the day and our people have schedules that allow for a great deal of flexibility. As Marie says, respect is key. I’ve learned that so is trust.

    • I agree Robin. Some days it’s early a.m. and some days it may be early/late afternoon, or late evening. I’m only concerned with productivity & deadlines.

    • Robin, I am a strong believer in Bio-Rythyms and believe that the time you are born has a great influence upon when you naturally feel awake- the time when you have awakened to the physical world. For example, I was born at 8:39 p.m. on the west coast of the U.S. and this is when I feel the most conscious. I am definitely a ‘night owl’, even though I am getting up very early during the week currently, but, it doesn’t feel natural. The sun ‘rises’ at a different time everywhere on the planet. “No regrets Coyote
      We just come from such different sets of circumstance
      I’m up all night in the studios
      And you’re up early on your ranch
      You’ll be brushing out a brood mare’s tail
      While the sun is ascending
      And I’ll just be getting home with my reel to reel”~ Joni Mitchell ~ ‘Coyote’

  2. All these years later and I still don’t really know how to classify myself. I don’t get up super early, but I rarely get up later than 8. I get the urge to write at unpredictable hours and have not been able to get on a regular schedule as of yet.

    I’m not a morning person in that even though I may be up early, I really don’t feel like interacting with anyone–especially if you’re high energy. It takes me a couple of hours to warm up to the world (if I have to).

    Generally, I don’t think we should fight our natural instincts so to the night owls, I say rock on. To the early birds, I say the same thing – just don’t talk to me when you get up. I’m still trying to get it together.

    • This is great. I never thought about non-morning-people as not wanting to interact with super energetic people in the morning. Makes sense. Maybe I should perk down when interacting with my hubby in the morning 🙂

      • Zuzana, too funny “perk down!”, but I totally get it. I ask my husband not to speak to me for at least 30 minutes after I wake up. It’s annoying to have a conversation with my husband when my brain isn’t completely clear. I warm up to my day… and if your husband is the same way, then several minutes of quiet time will probably have him ramped up with energy, in no time.

        So awesome that you are perky in the mornings!!!

    • Oh Emelia I am feeling that morning “No talk” I’m not angry or upset I’m just waking up & getting it together.. love that!

    • Hehe Emilia, you got me giggling with “just don’t talk to me when you get up.”

      I don’t know that I’m either an early bird or a night owl. Generally, I move with the seasons so in summer I have way more energy and naturally want to work into the evening. In winter though? God help me. 2pm rolls around and my body tells me it’s time to crawl into bed with Harry Potter (not literally!). When it’s dark, I don’t want to do any work at all.

      I’m trying to find the balance at the moment with walking Molly Miracle, meditating and studying ACIM with my husband Nige and working first thing in the morning when I’ve got a lot of energy.

      Thanks as always Marie for such brilliant material x

      • carol

        What is walking Molly Miracle?

        • Molly Miracle is the Westie me and my husband welcomed into our family, and she loves long walks first thing! Sorry it wasn’t clear, Carol x

    • Ha! I’m exactly the same!

    • Emilia, I could not agree more with your “don’t talk to me” statement when I first wake up! I actually just had a conversation with another late riser in my family as we were discussing who’s sharing rooms with who on our next vaca.. Night owls in one room, Early birds in the other!

    • Yes! I totally agree with you Emelia about taking awhile in the morning. I’m a performer, so most of the time I have a night owl streak, but if I haven’t been gigging a lot, it can start to switch and I get a bit sleepier earlier and go to bed then. I try to honor what my body wants. I don’t use an alarm when I don’t have to because I find that I’m tired all day if I didn’t just sleep as long as my body needed. I do sometimes automatically wake up around 8, but I LOVE a slow morning. I also don’t know exactly which way to define myself because like I said, it changes based on how much output of energy I’ve given.

  3. Hi Marie and everyone!

    This made me laugh – I am an early bird by nature but I know lots of artists who thrive in the peace of the night. More power to them! We all have to find what works for us and go with it, amirite? (Yep! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!)

    🙂 I know there are times I want everyone to be like me and my husband reminds me (often, damn him!) that we are all different and to be open to the beautiful ways we all thrive. (that poetic language is mine – he just says “everyone isn’t like you, get over it!” heh)

    Night owls – we love you and thank you for your beautiful contributions! Early Risers – make sure the coffee is on and I’ll love you forever!

    (Happy Tuesday, yo!)

    • My amazing yoga teacher friend Liz says of coffee… “No coffee, no prana.” I think that to myself every morning 😉

      • Another early bird here, Lisa!! 4:30 AM! However, I totally, totally value my early morning time and am actually quite happy that my husband and daughter are “late” or “normal” risers! I enjoy the peace, the quiet and the fact that I can knock off a CHUNK of work without any interruption!! Like you say, we all have to find what works for us and go with IT!

        So, yes, night owls, we LOVE you and value you!! And now, bring on the coffee!!

  4. Haha so true! My husband is a zombie for the first hour of the day, no matter what time he wakes up! A little frustrating for an early bird like me 🙂
    I have to remind myself over and over that it’s just because he is tired, and I bring a little humor into it. “Honey, i know you are a little bit of a grumpy a-hole because you just woke up… 30 minutes ago.” Then in the evening he graciously tolerates my tired grumpiness 🙂

  5. My husband is a late owl, and I am an early bird!

    I let him sleep in and use that for my me-time. Working on my side projects, meditation, reading magazines, creating art…things that I may not get time to as the day goes on, and that he wouldn’t really participate in. 🙂

    He’s good at waking up though when we have early plans for the day– making him a cup of coffee and giving him five “wake up” snoozes (I walk into the room and say “good morning! ready to wake up yet?” and come back in ten) does the trick 🙂

    • Hi Lia, my partner can so relate to you. He brings me a cup of tea & leaves me for ten works every time! Love your work.

  6. Early riser in the house!

    Love, love, love early morning… I’m super productive in the morning but when comes 2pm I need a nap! (Or a mega green juice.)

    BUT my fiancé is a TOTAL night owl. He is super duper productive at night, maybe because his chatty girlfriend and barky Schnoodles are in bed snoozing away! Best trick to get him up? Unleash the hounds on the bed and the liking party begins!

    I’ve come to cherish my mornings alone so I’m 100% fiiiiine that my sweetie is snoozing away while I sip a delicious cup of coffee and write my book…

    It really comes down to respecting your body and your sleep needs. I don’t think there’s one right way to do things: there’s only YOUR way!


  7. Hey Marie,

    Personally, I’m an early bird but there are times when I have to work through the day and late into the night.

    My business is in the start up phase and like most I find there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done, so now I wake at 5am and I find that I’m most productive between 7am and 1pm.

    Just recently I tried starting my working day at 8am but for the life in me I just could not get anything done because I find working to a strict schedule works best for me. The earlier I rise the more productive I am.

    Like you say, you’ve got to work with your own unique body clock.


  8. Marie

    I consider myself a earlier riser with late night tendencies. I always have intentions to going to be early but I find ways to keep myself up. But then my body naturally wakes me up at 5 am. So in my case I think I should just go to be early because no matter what I will be up at 5am.

    I want to embrace being an early bird but I find it hard to shorten my night routine.

    Aycee Brown

    • Wanda

      Just a thought here, but perhaps you do both mornings and evenings. Have you considered a nap or down time in the afternoon so you don’t have to give up one or the other?

  9. Yes I agree follow your own timing and utilize that time as your productive time. As a night owl this has been the part that I’ve had to learn. When others such as early birds are wanting to relax for the evening and expect me to be relaxing with them…I’m ready to work. It is easy to put off ‘your productive time’ to please others. So not feeling guilty about your productive time being at 10 pm or so.

    You still have to live in a world where it seems being an early bird is more convenient though. So my advise is simple and that is to get enough sleep.

  10. Early bird all the way, though I travel a lot so differing time zones often throw a wrench in the wheel. When I’m in one place though, I usually work from 6am to noon and then have afternoons and evenings free. I love it!

  11. I love getting up early in the morning and hitting the ground running. I feel that it sets the tone for my day. Psychologically I feel much more self-satisfied this way, and that feeling trickles down throughout the rest of my day. If I manage to get a ton of work done early, I can take some time off and get things done around the house if I need to, or run errands, or take time to rest and read a book or reach out to friends and fellow biz peeps. Then, later on in the evening if I feel a second wind (which I inevitably do) I can get back to work – like content creation or other things that don’t necessarily involve other people’s time. Either way I already know that I’ve gotten a lot of work done that day, so should I choose to veg out and catch up on my favorite show, it’s all good. It works for me!

  12. allison

    I was a confirmed night owl until I started taking B-School. One of the first discussions on the FB group when I joined was about trying to become an early bird and be more productive. I read every single comment, hoping against hope that I would find a way to break the up late/sleep late routine that I couldn’t seem to break. Someone said they follow the recommendations made in a book called The Miracle Morning.
    A month later, I tell people I read a book and now I’m a morning person.
    For real.
    I set the alarm for 5:30 every week day and I get up. And get this…I’m excited about it! I get way more done and feel a zillion times better.
    B-School is so much more than the modules!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this book, Allison! I’ve never really been a morning person, but I’d really LIKE to wake up earlier because I know it would help my days feel more directed and productive. Plus, I could relish my evenings even more if I felt like I’d been makin’ moves since early in the morning. I’ll definitely be checking out this book!

  13. Hmmm, I recently read about someone who was super productive (sorry, can’t remember who…) and he slept 4 hours at night and 4 hours in the afternoon and split his time between two occupations – does anyone else use sleep phases? Always wondered if that would work for me….say, 12 to 4 is sleep time both a.m. and p.m…

    • Caryl Frye

      I have often been tempted to move to a country that utilizes the afternoon nap time…it makes so much sense to me. Regardless of what time I’ve gotten up in the morning, I still get a little sleepy and sluggish mid afternoon. I’m just not sure I could manage the 4 and 4 time clock, though it might be worth a try! I read somewhere about sleep phases and that it’s the best for our bodies.

    • Amy Jo

      That would be Albert Einstein, who slept in 4 hour intervals. I’ve often wondered if that would work for me too… 😉

      • Amy Jo

        Been a night owl since I was a child …. trying to change that feels like being forced to be who I’m not! I have also often thought I would do well with a nice siesta in the afternoon…. I’ve always dreamed of moving to Europe, where such a thing is accepted. I will continue to dream…. THANK YOU, Marie, for the support you give to those of us square pegs who can’t squeeze into the round hole!

    • I love the idea of this. It’s not possible with the day job, but still. I wonder if many people have had success with it, and if it allows for full REM.

  14. Crystal

    Oh gosh I used to be a night owl and most the time I could actually function very well the next day with waking at a decent time.I started running a while back and that would tire me out. I also hated to start running after the sun had risen, so I started getting up earlier to get in my runs. After a while, I was finally a morning person and I have been able to rise early to work on my business. I still have night owl habits, but having that peaceful time in the morning before anyone else wakes is just amazing!

  15. Hmm…I am def an early bird – or is that because the alarm goes off for my husband to get up for work at 4:45AM??!!?? Well, I am an earlyish bird anyways. I sort of start to clock out around 8:30pm – but can sometimes be found in my office at 2AM pounding out some amazing stuff!

    Yikes – I guess I am a bit of both! GREAT video Marie – love it!

    Hugs, Bobbi

  16. I’m a night owl by default, I always have been! BUT! I have five very young little ones who I see off to school each morning. While 7am might not be considered early for many, it may as we’ll be the crack of dawn for me!

    So to cope with being out of my own natural rhythm, which I feel it’s important to honor by the way… I rely on a morning ritual. And honest to goodness I don’t know what I’d do without one. I used to be a super cranky morning person until I realized that I had a different choice.

    Now, I wake up to my current favorite feel-good song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, (although I am thinking of switching it to Best Day of My Life!) then I lay in bed and “meditate” for a couple of minutes on the previous nights dreams and just sort of let my energy and thoughts integrate into the new day. I often get great insights that spontaneously pop into my head during this very relaxed, quiet time. And finally, I set an intention for my day. Something simple like, “I intend to honor my desire to balance work and play today.”

    And that’s made a HUGE difference for me. I believe it’s all about your intentions. Early riser or night owl, it’s about how you focus your energy 🙂

  17. Erika

    Only a late owl like me knows the importance of having a gym that is open up to midnight (like mine). This video was perfect for me, because I keep feeling guilty for not waking up early. I could never really understand people waking up at 5 so that they can go to the gym before starting working. How could that give them strengh for the day? It’s give me a bad mood and tired for the whole day! (I have tried that and it was not good at all)
    This video made me feel less guilty for being the way I am. Thank you!

  18. STILL trying to become a morning person and, quite frankly, I have to admit that in my VERY B2B focused business, it’s a must.

    I succeed 75% of the time. Problem is, I am “wired” at night, so it’s hard for me to go to bed at the early hour needed to get enough sleep. And even when I do, I sometimes have a 3-5 a.m. window of no-sleeping that kills any possibility of a 6a.m. wakeup.

    But the days I DO get up and am at my desk with meditation, exercise, the dog walk, breakfast and my list made by 9:00 — I have better days. (And also, I’m a great power napper and work from home so I sometimes do that in combination with my lunch time).

    But I am going to “atta’girl” myself — when I started my biz & professional career, there were days I didn’t get to work or to my home desk (once I was independent) until 10:30. I’d work until 7:30-9, but that didn’t jive with others’ needs and was detrimental professionally. Now — I am on biz time and NEVER hit my desk later than 9:00 — usually by 8:30. It’s just a matter of if I am fully “prepped” for the day or not that makes that 6:00 a.m. difference.

    Still a work in process. Getting better each day!

  19. Karyn

    I love, love, love your style……every tues you crack me up!

  20. I’ve found being a night owl is to my advantage. My boss is an early riser (I work online). For awhile, I tried to get up earlier than him in the morning to have everything prepared but then I learned staying up late is actually a good thing!! Everything is set for him no matter when he gets up. And… when I get up I’m fresh and ready to address any issues he has at the perfect time!

  21. Private

    I have actually been very successful as a night owl. When trying to change my clock I could never get work done. Feeling tired, and up in the morning didn’t feel right. But working from 10pm to 5am seems to work for me. Doing work throughout the night on the back end makes it much easier, and having everything work smoothly throughout the day is even better. Personally begin almost nocturnal is great, and allows me to make my own schedule, and work the way I like.
    I don’t work with product based services, so I don’t have any customer support, which may make it a bit easier on my side. But after almost 2 years of doing it and begin successful, I can say it works.

  22. OMG! I feel SO MUCH better now about being a night owl. No wonder I always felt weird/bad about it, because of the natural bias towards morning risers! I always thought morning riser was the way to be, and if I wasn’t that way, I was just a failure. Phew, this brought me so much light and I’m now embracing my night owl-ness!

    • Sally Ann Webb

      Hellloooo…. has everyone forgotten about daylight savings here???? Who does that benefit huh?I love going for an early morning run…and just when it starts to get light, and you think, ah.. this is nice running and seeing the sunrise…well they switch the clocks forward and we are back in the dark!
      Aditi… I live in Spain where they don’t even start cooking the evening meal until 10 or 11 at night. Im way in the minority here being an early riser… I get up at 5:30, and being a person who also likes to exercise early, I have to make up my own routine, as the gyms don’t even open until 8:30/9am which is a bit late for me. However, I cope okay and wouldn’t have it any other way. But, if you really want to live the night owl life come on over here 🙂

    • Zoe

      Me too! I also thought I should get up earlier, I should be more of a morning person, I often read that this should be healthier etc. My boyfriend always gets up early and I feel guilty. When I was a student I was really a night owl, studying late and having time to get up not that early. But now I have a job and have to get up quite early. I just can’t really adjust and I always feel getting too little sleep and I’m tired.

  23. I have the pleasure of being both (night owl + early bird) by default.

    I am a mother of 2 small children– one of which is school aged + the other is 2 years old. So, I have to be up before the sun, every morning, to prepare my family for the day. Even if I decide to sleep in (like on weekends) my body + my son makes sure it doesn’t go down that way. Since I’m up, I go to the gym, check emails, and try to do a bit of writing during the early part of the day. Mid-day, I engage in active rest (reading, researching, brainstorming.)

    I am also a songwriter. My husband and I work together at night (after the kids are asleep) on songs. We keep EXTREMELY late hours. Many times, we are up until around 3 am. This is not ideal AT ALL. I am most often tired- and sometimes it hinders my creativity. When that happens, I turn everything off and get myself together. My husband, on the other hand, is conditioned to function very well with little sleep. And yes, he judges me if I’m tired.

    The thing is: “everyone has to work out their own soul’s salvation.” If waking up early works for you-great! If not-sleep in. Either way, you have to make the time you spend in production count.

    So I say: whatever work…

  24. Being early didn’t work out so well for the worm…

    • Chrissi

      Love it Paul, haha!

  25. I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember. I have tried countless times throughout my life to become a morning person, and all signs point to night owl. One of the best things I’ve done for myself is giving myself permission to have whatever sleep schedule I want (through being my own boss) – and it feels great! I make my hours work for me and everyone I’m working with, and since I get my work done on time no one complains. People are often shocked by my schedule, but I feel like as long as I get enough sleep and accomplish what I want each day I have nothing to be ashamed of! The days where I took daily naps during my 9-5 lunch break are long gone and my happiness factor has gone WAY up as a result. Thanks Marie for the extra encouragement to honor my most productive times, even if they are abnormal! 🙂

  26. I never knew this was a controversial topic?!
    I will say, I think it’d be hard if your spouse was the opposite. Both my husband and I are extreme early birds. I *happily* get up for some alone time (before my kids wake up) from 6-8AM. Sometimes, just to get a bit more, I’ll wake up when he does–5:30. We both feel really productive and able in the morning. By 7 or 8PM, I’m ready to veg in my pajamas with either a book or watching tv.
    If I stay up too late I actually feel physically ill. My daughter has this tendency, too. When I worked as a barista for years back in college, and we were often closing up until midnight, I would sometimes have the shakes because I was so tired! I loved the job, but I’m glad to have my own routine back. 🙂
    I think it would be really hard to be a night owl and have to be up and at em at work between 8-9AM.
    Sarah M

  27. In some ways I suppose I have the opposite problem:

    My ideal schedule involves going to bed by 7pm and getting up at 3:30am. That’s not particularly socially acceptable though so I’ve compromised by shifting it about 2 hours.

    I still catch myself fantasizing about that schedule sometimes, and maybe down the line I can make it work without alienating myself and those I want to spend time with. Right now the compromise is working relatively well though (I’d say about 85/100).

  28. I have always been more of a late night, late morning person, but I do feel more productive when I get up earlier (for me) around 730 or 8am. I never had success doing this by sheer willpower because I work from home and my out of house meetings are in the afternoons usually. But after a bit of study on sleep and a bit of creativity here is what I did that has helped me successfully get up at my desired time every day for the past several weeks

    #1 I bough black out curtains for my window. Any bit of light can affect the quality of sleep.
    #2 I realized that light helps me wake up, so I bought a timer for my lamp so it automatically turns on at a certain time every morning
    #3 I learned that I am not one to immediately shoot up out of bed when my alarm goes off, so I set 2 alarms, one to wake me up and one to let me know its actually time to get out of bed. So for me I know I need at least 20-30 min of slow wake up time/ cuddle my husband time so I set my alarm early enough to do this.
    #4 and of course getting enough sleep (a full 8 hrs for me) is hugely important

    Hope this helps!

  29. I’ve had the great opportunity to be both a night owl and an early riser. In my younger days, I LOVED to stay up late and sleep in even later. Then I became a high school teacher and that all changed quickly.

    I have to admit that I enjoy being an early riser at this point in my life. I feel more productive and ‘scheduled’. Additionally, by the time dinner dishes are done and I’ve organized myself for the next day, it’s usually around 7:30-8:00. This is the signal to my body and mind that the day is done. I then spend the next couple of hours relaxing and indulging in ‘me’ stuff- reading, meditating, taking a nice bath or shower.

  30. I’m a night owl who married a early bird. To make things even we take turns sleeping in on the weekend and go to bed when both of us are ready. It probably means we aren’t getting enough sleep but at least we’re both happy. Thanks for the great topic and video!

  31. Like Marie said…listen to your body.

    One tip I could add is try not to pass judgement on yourself and others about their sleeping habits or anything else they do. Just your ego getting in the way. 🙂

    Great vid Marie!

  32. Oh my gosh! I love your Angel necklace. Where did you get it? I would love to sell them in my online Angel store. And, I love your work! Blessings to you and all you do ~ Karen

  33. I refuse to label myself in either camp, or rather keep one foot in each. I have experienced both early mornings and late nights, and have a love hate relationship with both. Sleep is very important to me and I need 7-8 hours to be a rockstar all day! Whether I go to bed at 9pm or have some downtime after work before a night out on the town – I have learned to put my foot down and keep my health (emotional and physical) top priority by balancing an early bird and night owl lifestyle.

    Tips for compatibility: If you are a night owl but need to get up early, try to squeeze in a quick workout to get the juices flowing. Early birds leave the night owls adjust to the day before chatting them up. And night owls don’t guilt trip the early bird for going to bed early. Early birds should also turn their phone off when they are ready to bed. Too many times I have had to get up early and ended up staying up late because a night owl started up a conversation. (Vice versa for a night owl getting early morning texts).

  34. Great video and so true about the stereotypes that come with early birds and night owls. I have always been an early bird but there are times when I wish I were a night owl. It all comes down to acceptance of our true essence and selves!

    I started SPARKITE to help people ignite the light within. You SPARK what you want to be held accountable to. This could be to get up at 6am or do work late. SPARK whatever you desire. Check it out here:

  35. As an architecture student, I once was a night owl. I worked some nights until 4am…several nights in a row. Now, I’m an early bird. It turns out that at night, I’m wiped and unless I get some major second wind, I’m better off in the morning.

    THAT said, I LOVE staying up…I hate having to go to bed. But I know if I do, I’ll be better for it 🙂

  36. I just always wake up before the kids even on weekends to make sure breakfast is ready for everybody. 🙂

    But my most productive times are in the afternoon usually after lunch time. I’m not sure where I read it before but some say that the time you feel most alive is linked to what time you’ve been born.

  37. Yes, we should honor our natural instincts; however, the problem comes in when we work in an environment and we are expected to start work early. Most of the world is not made for night-owlers. I know I may be getting flock for my last statement, but true it is.

    The expectation is that we are at work early enough to be productive in our work environment.

    You mentioned President Obama. He may be very productive at night. But I can betcha he’s not arriving at the Oval Office for work late in the morning. He’s most likely working early and sleeping late. And that my friend, is mostly how the world works.


  38. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for your video. I am an Early Bird, my husband is a Night Owl.
    On weekends, I take advantage of having a quiet morning to myself while my husband sleeps in. I can have a very productive time while he is sleeping.

  39. I’m actually a bit of both. I’m a nightowl but can also operate really well in the morning and wake up pretty naturally early-ish – although not 5:13am like you Marie.

    So I tend to take my energy levels and work off that and make sure I take some rest time in the afternoon, when I can I’m starting to implement a siesta even if it’s just 10 mins lie down time

    My folks have managed to make it work as my Mum is a night owl and sleeps in and my Dad is an early bird and asleep by 10pm. And I think although it’s bothered them in the past, they just know each other’s synergies now.

    That said when they’re traveling they both get more in sync and get up early to make the most of the day if they need.

    I do feel pretty smug when I get up at 6am from time to time and hit the streets for a run while it’s quiet outside (no matter where in the world I am) or get more stuff done in like 2 hours before most people are waking up!

    So just make the most of every hour and match that to your energy levels!

  40. Juan

    I had been a night owl for pretty much all my life. Last year I decided to tweak my routine a bit. Best desicion ever. I wake up at 6 every day an i am at te gym first thing, and get so much more done. I have time to journal and read. I not only feel more energized but less anxious and more productive; feels like i added extra hours to my day. It was tough but once you get used to it you wont go back.

  41. Marie:
    I have been an early riser since I was eight years old. I had an early morning paper route until I was sixteen. I have always loved the sun rise over the mountains of my home. I have seen some beautiful skis at that time of day. But as for getting the ahead in the business world it has not proven t be an advantage. One needs to work smarter and not harder. And you are showing me that it can work.

  42. Shirley

    Love this topic. I’ve always been a night owl and when I used to freelance I did my best work at night while people were sleeping. Of course I’d always get the side eye the next day when I’d wake up around noon! Lol. It’s especially difficult for me now a days because I work a traditional “9 – 5” and often time my manager frowns upon the fact that I occasionally come into work at 9:30/10 because she’s often in at around 7a (Yikes). Anywho, I still struggle with getting people to accept the fact that I don’t like working traditional hours because it feels unbearably abnormal to me.

  43. Rachael

    I work in 2 timezones. I live in Canberra Australia and my team is in Washington DC. Their day begins at my 11pm.

    I’m a natural night owl anyways and get my best work done between 7pm and 11pm AND I have kids during the day meaning evenings are best for work, but time zones dictate I am up till 2am some nights and awake on calls at 6am.

    I just need a wormhole 🙂

  44. I was a night owl until I read this article sent to me by Ramit Sethi about snooze buttons, changed my life and I’m now most productive in the AM and get up EARLY. I was the last person I’d ever thought would become a morning person.. the last. The reason I changed my sleep patterns was because I no longer use energy robbing snooze buttons. 🙂

  45. Hey Marie!

    I have always been and called myself a “late owl”, in the sense that my default natural desire is to stay up very late and wake up later if I can.

    That said, its not my reality, as I get up 5:57am every morning to care for my daughters (cook breakfast, pack lunch, drive them to school, etc), and now, even when I travel to the West Coast or do not need to get up early, I automatically wake up at that time because I have trained myself to.

    Where I think I still struggle most, is not fully honoring my body’s need to rest and heal daily, and when I do not get into bed and prepare myself to sleep by midnight (or do something that gets my mind or body active at that time), I do not get enough sleep, I feel it the next day, and it affects my energy and my focus.

    I have let go of trying to figure out if I am a “day” or “night” person and just becoming more flexible in my life and focusing on being a productive and fully responsible person, which includes being responsible to me, too. So if I find myself really tired one afternoon and I am not in a meeting or working on a pressing deadline due that day, I will invest 15-20 minutes in taking a break, getting some fresh air outside or eating something healthy, listening to music or watching inspiring videos (like yours!), or even meditating or taking a brief nap to give myself a fresh start to the rest of my day and night. I also follow up to make sure I get a better night’s rest that night and work on re-prioritizing myself to manage my responsibilities and days better.

    And when I do, it makes a world of difference to my energy and my vibe.
    Love you Marie!

    PS…I’m loving being in B-School, thank you for creating this program and amazing community! 🙂

  46. Hi Marie. I have always been a night owl by nature and recently tried getting up at 5am to exercise, but the remainder of the day I was SO tired I found that I wasn’t getting anything done. I did compromise and now I go to bed one hour earlier and get up one hour earlier. Thanks for a great video! 🙂

  47. I’m not really sure if I’m an early bird or a night owl because I have found that my sleep patterns are very much effected by who I live with.

    In college, “burning the midnight oil” was almost fashionable, and I was a night owl back then.

    Now, after being married to an early bird for nearly a decade, I’ve found that I have become an early bird too.

    And my experience has been that often night owls get more respect than early birds. Working into the late hours is seen as dedicated. This seems true in certain industries.

    I used to work for an online based start-up and the owner of the company would walk into work between 10:00 and 11:00 every morning, when I had been there since 8:00.

    It didn’t really bother me, as long as she understood why I was leaving between 5:30 – 6:00 while she continued working into the night. She seemed to understand.

    In the end, I think both early birds and night owls can be successful as long as they have discipline.

  48. I just wish I was able to keep slightly less night-owly hours. You think it’d be easy to re-program my body clock, but it really isn’t!

    A 12am – 7:30am sleep would be great! But it’s more like 2:30am – 10am. By the time I’ve showered/changed etc. and had some breakfast, it’s almost 12pm. 🙁

    • Ashley

      I am the exact same way. Don’t feel bad. Anything that happens before noon feels yucky to me – I don’t even LOOK like myself!!! But, hey, I am professionally and financially successful, have traveled the world several times over, and am consistently told I “live a great life.” And I do. So what if pre-noon is “me time.” I deserve it. 🙂

  49. Debby Waisner

    I’m a night owl. I like the mythology that goes with being a night owl: I am a watcher, protector and sound the alarm if trouble comes. I’ve always been a night owl and I have never tried to change it. My family is split some are early and some are late risers. It’s never been an issue. As someone said earlier, follow your rhythm. As you age, that rhythm may change.

    I have no problem getting up early. I am lucky because I fall asleep easily and soundly 99% of the time. I have one day every 60-90 days where I don’t sleep. About 6 months ago I started using a black out sleep mask and that works great at blocking any stray light. No TV in the bedroom either.

  50. Leigh

    I absolutely get more work done if I get up early (between 4:00 and 6:00), but I’m always SO tired. I usually get up around 9:00, so I’ve taken to courting clients on the West Coast. My 9:00 is their 6:00, so I can get up at 9:00, go through email, do admin work, and then be ready to Skype or talk with clients when it hits 9:00 there.

  51. I actually used to be exclusively a night owl. I thought it was impossible to change, and that I’d always be a night owl for the rest of my life. Then, one year while living in Australia and being awaken by the kookaburras at 4:30am each morning while having the sun shine in my bedside window at 5am, I became a morning person. I noticed that my sleep cycles are heavily influenced by nature’s clues, and that when I’m staying in a West-facing room with dark curtains and great sound protection, I wake up much later than when sleeping in an East facing room with sheer curtains and a window cracked open for environmental noise and bird calls. It was more difficult for me as a night owl- I would miss packages, not be alert for 9am conference calls, and then be active on social media after everyone had gone to bed. Now that I have a tendency to wake up early- I get so much more done and prepared before the rest of the world wakes up and am ready for any daytime adventures that might come my way.

  52. I am an early bird but have always admired the night owls! I am amazed at how they can go until after midnight at a social gathering, and I am dreading the party before I even go!
    Getting up at 6 is pretty much the norm but going to bed after 10 is almost unheard of.
    And like you say Marie, “Rock on with your bad self!” To each her own!

  53. Good morning Marie!

    It’s been a tug-of-war over the years. I have a tendency to be a night owl. Embracing the quiet where thoughts free flow and productivity is high. Love working out in the morning with the sunrise and birds chirping too!

    My two darlin’ kids over the years have made me appreciate the mornings more but I do love a good ‘recharge’ sleep in – which has become easier as they grow up!

    Throughout my life I had been labelled ‘lazy’ – even by my husband in our early years. Now, we respect and embrace each others’ natural tendencies! He relishes his morning coffee with a good book and I love my energetic and productive wee hours of the morning.

    As I get older (and wiser) it’s all about balance. Doing what’s right for you in the moment and respecting the ones around you.

  54. I have trained myself to become a morning person (alarm set for 5:00am) while having 4 small children (1, 3, 6, 7) and running my own business from home. I have found I can be productive both in the 8-10pm and the 5-7am time slots (times my kids are sleeping!).

    If you want to train yourself to become a morning person, my advice is to start small (change doesn’t happen overnight). It took me weeks to get used to waking up early. Try setting your alarm earlier by 15 minutes a day until you get to your desired earlier time.

  55. anne

    the early bird may catch the worm (is the worm the bird caught an early worm or a late worm?)

  56. Chrissi

    Marieeeeeee…..thanks for this, great video, greatbtopic, I burst out laughing, you are HILARIOUS !!

  57. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for another great video. I’m an early bird and my husband is a night owl. A great way we’ve found to respect each others rhythms is to have separate rooms to sleep in. That way, I don’t wake him when I start working early in the morning and he doesn’t disturb me when he goes to bed late! Have a great day!

  58. I LOVE that my husband is a night owl and I am an early bird. This was PERFECT when our kids were babies. One of us was always up ; ).

    A big YES to honouring our own rhythms and respecting others. No right or wrong.

    Beams of love, Karina

  59. Lynn

    I once read that the opposite sleep patterns were derived to keep the tribe safe. Someone had to stay awake while the others slept to protect it from wild animals or other tribes attack. It is also interesting to note that we normally end up with someone that is opposite our sleep patterns, especially if this union happens during our prime childbearing years (unions after those years tend to seek people on the same sleep pattern). This would make sense since the overall goal was survival of the species–one adult had to be awake to keep the kids safe.

    It is also interesting that many late night owls are very light sensitive people. They wear sunglasses when others don’t.

    I am by nature a mixed pattern sleeper (an official diagnosis). My creative side works best at night. However, if my get ‘things done side’ is engaged then I get up early because the early light feels energizing. down.


    • Interesting point, Lynn. My hubby and I have opposite sleep styles and finally realized, when we had kids, that this could be used to our advantage.

  60. Brenda

    Thanks for sharing! This is something I recently read about as well, with chronotypes. My partner likes to sleep in and I always wake up, just as the sun it cresting in the east. Once I’m awake, it is very difficult for me to keep sleeping. I always feel bad, when I get up, because he loves the morning snuggle time, so I try my best to do that on the weekends. During the week, I like to get up and actually use it for my own personal time. But I do find myself dealing with my conflicting thoughts that my partner should be up. Thank you for the info to help me just let him be and I can still go about my own early bird things. 🙂

  61. Am I the only one who lives in both these worlds? I’m pretty sure there are more of us out there. I am an early bird. I am always the first to rise and I get a ton of work done before anyone else even gets up. I am also the one still working well past midnight. Here’s the thing (as always there is always a thing), between the hours of 2 & 4 pm I am a total vegetable. It doesn’t matter what I have to do I bottom out. There will be no production of any use out of me. I might as well have a nap. Of course that isn’t always possible, but a girl can dream.

    • Trish

      I have a similar body rhythm. I finish teaching my last class at 1pm. My boss knows I nap for about 20 minutes after that-otherwise I am totally worthless. I tend to get up between 4 and 5 am and have to be at work by 7:30. I also have a second wind that kicks in about 11pm. I bottom out in the afternoons like you do.

    • Lynn

      Turns out that around 3 pm most everyone has a bottom out period. It is our hormones adjusting as the sun begins going down and hence melatonin increasing. I am a trainer and been all over the world and worst audience is at 3 pm — if you want to keep their attention you have to do something to increase the oxygen–hence active. There are also those that swear by a green juice at that time to help deliver extra enzymes to keep you awake!

  62. I agree with the ladies who say it’s a seasonal thing. Most of the year I’m a night owl, but in summer, I do wake up earlier and I enjoy the early start to my days. I just can’t seem to replicate the schedule and energy level the rest of the year. I do often contemplate a quote by business author, Jeffrey Gitomer, along the lines of “There’s no such thing as morning people and night people. Some people just ruin themselves at night so that they can’t get up in the morning.” I’m not convinced it’s true, but I’m not sure it isn’t:-)

  63. ‘Honour your own rhythm’ is absolute perfection when it comes to sleep, lifestyle, dietary choices, all of the life practices we create and engage in for ourselves should be rooted in honouring ourselves and the natural rhythms that our body, mind and heart want to follow. For me, my sleep rhythms and productivity depend heavily on the season. My body lets me know when I need to follow my own intuition and step up my self-care, and I usually listen, even if it’s contrary to the expectations of societal norms.

  64. Hi Marie!! I’m Lina and I live in south Portugal, in the sunny Algarve Region and “discovered” your channel in YOUTUBE…I love it!
    I’ve passed a couple of hours just listening to some of your videos… congrats, they’re great!
    I’m still a 9-5 worker but very soon will be 100% in my business, which I created almost 2 years ago.
    I would like to suggest you to speak about ENERGY management…and anergy drainers. Like the Early Risers vs. Late Owls theme, being conscious of, understanding and managing our own energy peaks is a time consuming issue and I would love to hear you speak about this theme.
    Thanks in advance!

  65. Tara

    I’ve always been a night owl, and I used to be late for school almost every single day. In fact, I just pulled an all nighter. My boyfriend, on the other hand, likes to get up early and he feels the day is wasted if we don’t; but just the other day he slept in later than me, and I decided to let him even though it was tempting to wake him. I could see how it could be boring or inconvenient for an early bird to have to wait for a night owl to wake up, but I also love those bursts of energy I get at night. I feel like the time you were born could possibly have something to do with it. I was born at 1:08 a.m. Any who, this night owl’s gonna get herself some shuteye.

  66. Betsy Harvey

    Marie – I love this segment. The quote took the cake. I always feel grumpy toward my night owl husband who reads until 12AM/1AM and I’m a 10PMer to sleep and a 5:30AMer to rise. I do feel a little resentful when he’s up and I’m trying to sleep. I think he feels similarly when I get my bad self up for spin at 5:30AM. So, thank you for this level setting MarieTV – and – for making us both laugh and lighten up. And I’d be remiss not to give a shout out. B-School Rocks. Love the way you’re helping me change my life for the better!! Now, off to continue my morning-person productivity. 😉

  67. I never used to be a morning person – hated them until I changed my sleep pattern.

    Now I go to sleep around 1am-ish, and wake up around 5.30am and I immediately start working, (in bed on my laptop, I have the luxury of running a virtual business) by 8am when the kids need taking to school I’ve answered all my emails, sorted out my prep for the day, dealt with my urgent stuff and I’m on a clean slate to plan whatever I want with my day.

    I then sleep for around 1 to 1.5 hours in the afternoons (this is of paramount importance and before I would have considered it a complete waste of time), usually after I’ve eaten, and then I’m ready to start the day again.

    It took about 2 weeks of adjustment but since ditching my 8 hours a night routine I’ve:

    – Had 2 days in one, it literally feels like starting a brand new day every afternoon
    – I’m super charged productive, I get done in 2 hours what would normally take me 4
    – I’m super on the ball, thinks get done seemingly effortlessly
    – I have loads of free time in the day
    – I don’t get tired or lethargic, which I did a lot before, I have 2 kids and currently pregnant plus the CEO of a company, BUT! I’m always alert the whole time when I am awake now
    – I’ve let go of my ‘daytime’ work routine, sometime I can work in the early hours of the morning, until 1am and feel great, I choose, it’s on my terms.

    So from my personal experience, and I never would have believed it had I not made it past those [horrible] first 2 weeks of retraining my body…

    I say BOTH!! You can have it all 😉

  68. Carolyn

    I prefer mornings, but my partner (who works from home) sleeps later than I do. The unfortunate part is that we go to bed at the same time – I’m perpetually exhausted! He’s always complaining that I go to be too early and begs me to stay up with him. I often give in, but regret that decision int eh morning when I have to get up at 6am to got to work (and see him softly snoring in a warm, cozy bed). UGH!

  69. I find it really easy to get up between 6:30 and 7 but struggle with anything much earlier than that. If I can get up earlier though, I always – always – get way more done with my day. After about 6 pm I’m just not productive (and I’m thinking about wine). But my schedule changes all the time and I know this drives my coworkers crazy…we’re working on systems to make it work better though!

  70. I am a total night owl! I’ve had coaches and bosses and family members tell me that I am “wasting my life” by sleeping late. I tried to be a morning person all of last summer. I woke at 6 am (so I could train for a run) and went to bed by 10 pm. It wasn’t good for ANYBODY. I cried a lot, was moody, felt sick constantly and just generally hated the world.

    I have since gone back to my owly ways but I do find it harder to fit exercise in to my day working my full time 9-5 day job while also working on my business.

  71. Teni

    I am naturally a late owl, but over the years I have trained my body to get up early, I get soooo much done because the world isn’t awake yet, and I feel like I get an extra day’s work in. Im still not perfect at getting up at 5 am, but here are my tactics(please bear in mind I have a 1year old, and she doesnt care what time it is, when she’s up, she’s UP)!!
    I try to be in bed by I try to be in bed by 9:30pm or 11pm.
    I make sure I’ve had dinner by 8pm
    I try to have a shower before bed(nothing serious, just a warm wash of water and my favourite body wash
    Set my alarm on my phone and keep it anywhere but my bedside so I HAVE to get up to shut it off
    I print out my morning plan or have it visible in my planner or iPad
    I exercise first before anything else.
    I put on my favourite music.

    Anyone else have a morning plan?

  72. Ali

    OMG! This video though!

    So. Freaking. Good.

    I am constantly back and forth with myself on this, feeling like I should get up earlier and definitely feeling the social pressure of waking early is the “best” way. The truth is, it’s just not how my body works! Waking up between 8-9am seems to be optimal for my body makeup and going to bed between 11-midnight feels good for me.

    To often I feel this condescending vibe from people (usually family and friends!) like its lame that I sleep later, almost insinuating laziness. It’s not only hurtful, but it’s also not true! There is also this superiority vibe that I sometimes feel from early risers in my life, like it’s the best way. My sleep schedule works great for me and I am an incredibly productive human being! I’m super responsible, I do what I say I’m going to do, and am super focused. For me, some of my most creative time is from 9pm to midnight! I don’t want to sacrifice that just because I feel social pressure to rise earlier. I just don’t feel good when I wake up super early before 8am.

    Anyway, thank you for this video. Marie! It’s definitely a charged topic, and I can even feel my own charge around it, because I just want to feel accepted for the night owl I am! I’m feeling much more inspired to just own this aspect of myself rather than trying to change it!


  73. My sleep pattern has always been dependent on the jobs I have worked. I have worked first, second and third shift before in different jobs. And I have had tricks for all of them. Such as for third shift I would go to the gym after work to burn off an extra energy and then keep my self up until I started to feel tired then I would go to bed. Oh and dark window shades are a must to block out the sunlight during the day.

    I think I’m naturally turning into a early riser now because I got home from work at 1:30 am last night and at 7:30 am my body is already waking me up. Now a days I tend to let myself wake up naturally instead of using an alarm ( unless it’s early in the morning).


  74. Dan

    I tried to be an early riser when I first started my business. Then I decided to spend a month with no designated schedule. I recorded when I worked, slept, ate, etc. to see if there were any patterns. The pattern: I was more efficient when I was inspired to do each activity and I just did it – despite the time. So my schedule is now ‘chaotic’ to others, but has me being more efficient with work time, better rested, and more engaged in what I’m doing at the time. And for sleep…I nap – my most productive activity! For me, it works – and it’s working for my partner, too. I’m happier with this ‘chaos’.

  75. For the most part I follow my natural clock – not starting work until 10am. But there are times when I feel guilty about it…especially when someone wants a meeting and the only time they have is 9am. I stick to my guns for the most part.
    What I haven’t mastered is not scheduling work during my afternoon slump time (3:00-4:30pm). I know that I don’t function as creatively or quickly during this period – no matter how much caffeine I employ to help – but haven’t been respecting this natural rhythm. I’m going to go block that time on my calendar right now!

  76. My mother was (and is) a night owl so I tended to be that way in my youth. It wasn’t until I started trying to fit exercise and working on my own business into my life that I shifted and HEY…IT TURNS OUT I’M ACTUALLY A MORNING PERSON after all!!!

    Whew! I love being up early and going to be early…so glad I discovered my true self 🙂

  77. Love this! I’ve always struggled with the fact that my days are NOT consistent. Sometimes I wake up at 5:30am and sometimes it’s 8, 9am. Sometimes I get a second wind at 8pm to work. I go with the flow, but the one thing that I make sure is that my day is planned. So no matter what time I wake up or go to bed, my priority list is set and I get it done while having fun!

  78. Mae

    I’m a bit of both myself! Depends on the context. Generally during the week I like to be up early so that I really feel like I’m taking control of my work day. Weekends I let my body kind of guide me. Though I admit that when my eyes open at 1pm, I am disappointed that I’ve missed so much of the day… On the flipside, the boyf tends to be a night owl. At first it really bothered me, angered me even. How could he waste so much of each precious weekday by sleeping?! I tried everything to get him up earlier, but I quickly realized that he really didn’t have a problem that needed fixing. I did. I needed to come to terms with the idea that he had a rhythm that worked for him, and I had one that worked for me.

  79. Julie Woods

    I’m one of the rare folks who is very much BOTH an early bird AND a night owl. I come by that legitimately (TRANSLATION: genetics) and, when I’m healthy (exercising), need 3 – 4 hours of sleep a night. When I’m NOT doing my healthy things ;-(, it’s more like 5 hours. I worked 114 hour weeks for 9 months at one point, and have stayed up — being fully functional as a high-level trainer for Generals at the Pentagon — for over 145 hours straight.

    Having said that, I agree: respecting others’ cycles as much as my own is *critical*. I do not arrogate to speak for other unless requested, so this is what I find from going beyond respect to actively welcoming and engaging in dialogue with Beloveds about how to have our differing cycles enhance our joint lives:
    • Respect reduces stress (which can increase my need to sleep, so I’m all-ways respectful.)
    • It’s cool to get creative about assigning tasks in alignment with our chronotypes. This looks like doing our quiet cleaning tasks when the others are sleeping, and doing noisier ones in the tangential times when we’re both awake.
    • When in a long-term relationship (blessed to have been head-over-heels, gone-job, stoooopid-with-4-o’s in-love for 23 years ;-D), make a point of each spending snuggle time with whichever of you is going to sleep… It’s a lovely time of intimate connection, and — from an NLP standpoint — neuroassociates safety, calm, peace, and relaxation with the sensorial input from your Beloved. (TRANSLATION:: it helps hook their yumminess into your brain on a subconscious level.)
    • engage the power of gladitude for being able to sleep soundly, safely (i.e. with both eyes closed) in your own bed. As an incest (and other nightmares from things that really do go bump in the night) suvivor, it was decades before my PTSD let me sleep soundly… and the entire time, *every* night, I took a moment to be grateful for the blessing of a roof, a good bed, and safe haven. With time, I beat out Vietnam vet-level PTSD so that now, when I sleep, I sleep soundly. And a cool side benefit of ANY moment of gladitude is that it draws more goodness into your life… Law of Attraction 101 (it’s one of the parts of LOA that actually works! ;-D)

    Marie, I LOVE your videos. You make phenomenal information both accessible and FUNNY… Thank you for reminding me that Penny (my Beloved) and I actually had to WORK at the ease of scheduling we now enjoy! Just want folks to know that — even with extreme differences in schedule — it can work out wonderfully in the end.

    Julie Woods

  80. Pia

    Marie – oh my gawd !!!

    THANK YOU for making this episode of Q&A Tuesday.

    My most productive and focused working hours are 7 – 11pm. And VERY few people can accept this. What’s funny, though, is that I live on the main highway in my (largish) town, and so I am quite well known for being a Night Owl. I can’t stand being in a darkened environment, so I have numerous lights on when I work. Anyone who drives past my place at night, is well aware that I am up and about.

    Thanks for giving me ‘permission’ to be a Night Owl and for admitting that you yourself sleep in. ‘Cause baby, I do too.

    <3 your work!

  81. My rhythm fluctuates. Depending on what my body needs.

    As long as I meet my goals and meet the people I promised to meet… who cares about how when I get up?

    And then there’s the flow one sometimes gets in… That can be night or day.

  82. I’m both, my sleep is something very special, precious, my sleep tell everything about me: I’m bad, good, disturb.
    Most of the time I’m a owl, but when I’m a project, I’ve a big idea I’m wake very early even I spend the night out.

    Sometimes I wake early just like this, my acupuncture told me that when you are up around 7.00, it ‘s because you’re in need for action.

    It’s also very interesting to look into Traditional Chinese Medicine and see which of your organ you’re not given enough rest.

    For me it’s a matter of listen to myself, my need.Yes Respect myself

    Ps: The tweetable is so true…I have the experience of the both side :p

  83. Thank you for addressing this topic. It has been an issue for me my entire life. There is a definite social stigma attached to nightowls. If someone goes to bed at 9 pm, no one feels they have the right to wake them up at 10 pm and say “What are you doing sleeping, it’s only 10 pm!” But someone in bed at 9 am is called a “sleepyhead.” As though sleeping is a thing to be ashamed of.

    We actually attach shame to sleep, just as we attach it to sex and other bodily functions, because it is a vulnerability we seek to suppress and deny.

    I am often amazed at what I call the “war on sleep.” We don’t let people fly airplanes if they had not had a good night’s sleep, we don;t let people drive if they are impaired by alcohol, but we will let people who are cognitively impaired by sleep deprivation run major corporations. There is a machismo to sleep denial, and it’s nuts.

  84. Albert

    I am so much a “Late Night Owl” always have been. I love the peace and quite. No disruptions or interruptions. It’s the early rises that make it difficult for me as they want me to conform to their schedule which basically means I get squat done. Zero, nadda na zip, zippy dooo done.

  85. Kat

    I’m a late owl (I’m writing this at 2:37am). My former boss was an early bird.I often felt like my refusing to conform to her body clock lost me opportunities for career growth but the fact is: if I’m getting up before 7, my brain doesn’t work at optimal for days afterward. Ultimately, I’ve left that job to start my own business, and you know what? I am on fire because I can roll out of bed at 9, and be at my desk at 9:30. I work longer and harder. I have more energy, pay more attention to what I’m doing, and I’m starting to reap the benefits. Respect yo’self!

  86. Kelly

    Try as I might, I am just not a morning person despite my best efforts. When I had a regular 8:30am office job it was really rough for me. I was always so out of it that I didn’t remember if I brushed my teeth, used deodorant, what route I took to work or even where I parked! The phone would ring and I honestly couldn’t remember how to answer it or remember conversations people had with me. One of my counterparts was one of those early bird people so if there was a meeting starting first thing, I would have everything set up before I left the previous night so she could start it for me or any other urgent morning tasks. But when she left at 4pm, I finished and cleaned up for her and took care of any requests people had so she didn’t have to stay “late”.
    Now that I work for a small company, they let me have a later start time which maximizes my inner clock and I am much more productive start to finish. Much happier now that I’m not made to feel lazy even though I was putting in more hours than those early morning people.

  87. Vicki

    I don’t think I’m naturally either an early bird or a night owl (am I “ambipoultry” or “ambiavian”?), but I do need a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep. When I work nights I also tend to wind down slowly when I get home, and rarely get to bed before midnight. The earlier I can go to bed, the earlier I can wake up in the morning. I’m sure second shift workers everywhere struggle with being early birds if they have children who need to be at school early in the morning. Luckily, I’m childless.

  88. Good Morning Marie, Thank you for always making me laugh, you are quite the comic. Laughter is the best medicine!!
    This is a great topic!!
    I used to be a night owl from the age of 13-36, and quite frankly I didn’t worry about what everyone thought. We all need our rest.
    As a former night owl, I loved that time alone into the wee hours. I would catch up in TV and movies and just BE. As a wife and Mom those hours were precious for me after hectic busy days, I needed it to find some sanity for myself.
    Now I am in my forties, and remarried, and I love going to bed at a decent hour. I have a regular day job that I adore, and I need my rest to fill my days with creativity and vigor and be the best I can be.
    I am awake early on weekends too as I love to see where the day will take me. Sometimes I get up and read, or watch Oprah on the OWN Network or I paint or write to the sweet sounds of classical or jazz, as long as its peaceful and creative I am thriving. So yes I think that we are very capable of changing our sleep patterns, it just depends on the circumstances.
    Have a beautiful day Marie, God Bless, Jeanette

  89. I am definitely a night owl and I wish most of the people around me understood English so I could show them this video and understand what you say, Marie. People have a strange concept of things, like thinking that one who goes to bed late is because she has been partying and the one that gets up early is the one who is very productive, I just don’t get why this is set in society and people accept it as if it was a mathematical rule. All I know is that I get very ironical comments from people doubting that I am a productive person just because I work better at night.

  90. Changing my night owl patterns has been one of the most challenging things I have tried to fix. I tried to “accept and honor my own rhythm” but realized that everything in me always wanted to be an early bird. I love the morning sun and morning energy in general, but wasn’t able to get there for YEARS! I could force myself up if I had classes or work, but was always exhausted. I finally realized that #1, I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and #2, because of my late sleeping habit, my biological clock was really messed up.

    I decided to get into nature to reset my biological clock, so I took a vacation to immerse myself into nature and get some sun. That did the trick! When I came back, my body was able to wake up with the sun just like everyone else and not feel tired! I was still tired later in the day and had to take naps when I could, so it’s still a process of shifting my schedule and healing my imbalances. But now I know that my body was so far removed from nature by always working indoors and not getting proper sunlight that I now know what to do to help my body get in sync with natural rhythms again… it’s all about nature and getting the sun to shine down on you in the morning (and going to bed early, of course).

  91. Nan

    Hey there Folks! I honor myself and tend to live seasonally here in NY. Night Owl in the winter and Early Bird in the Summer with transitions inbetween. I love getting up with the Sun (plus running the farmers market warrants it!). So I agree with others about honoring self and doing what we love to do! Thanks so much for all you do too!

  92. Alison Newton

    I am an early bird, my husband a night owl or daytime sleeper. But, I love to be on my own in the early hours, simply love the peace and quiet and gently easing into my day, then go like a cracker jack. It ended with my husband taking over the lounge and finally gave up hauling to bed at 3.00am, so his day starts at 10.00pm by that time my pillow has long ago called me. No more me falling asleep during a great movie, no more arguments and his job – a musician. One other thing no matter how late I stay up my internal clock feels no pain in opening my eyes wide crack of dawn …..

  93. marianne

    Hi, Marie and all ye Night Owls! I totally agree RESPECT is it! I live with a night owl, whereas I am an early bird. What to do? Nothing! To each his own BUT if joining in some activity say, going to a movie or show, compromise on the time…maybe not last show but the 8 o’clock. No times to choose from? well, then, it’s a matter of how important it is to go to that show/event with that person-sometimes it’s alone time and sometimes it’s tit-for-tat time. Love your Q&A Tuesdays.
    Abrazo from Mexico.

  94. Ms. E

    I have been both an early riser and a night owl. I once had a job as school bus driver waking at 2:30am to be to work by 4 am. This had pros and cons the pros being almost NOONE was on the road at that time, traffic was not a concern and my day ended around 3:30: the cons were terrible exhausation and feeling as if my creativity was stumped because I was too tired to do the things that were important to me. As I have grown I have come to realize that I am a night owl and my best ideas come to me (and Steven Spielberg) late at night. When I do rise around 9:30 ish am I have a cup of coffee and get to it. I have found that my MOST productive times of the day come between 10 am and 4pm. I must also say that I follow the tradition of a siesta and believe that a power nap just like a HIIT are just what the body needs to continue with day.

  95. Gotta love the tweetable. So true that “No human believes that any other human has a right to be in bed when he himself is up!”.
    Judge not, Lest ye be judged. This a fantastic lesson on so many more levels that just the
    early bird vs. the night owl.
    Regardless of what time I go to bed, I am SO NOT an early riser. It you need sleep, sleep! Has nothing to do with being lazy, folks. Sweet Dreams.

  96. I caught the Lunar Eclipse last night at 1:45am mountain time. It was amazing to see.. take that early worms 🙂

    I use to be on the 12/12:30am-7/7:30 schedule and I liked it. I felt rested and ready to go. This winter working on a big writing project I’ve warped to needing 8+ hours of sleep so for the first time in years I have been getting up 8/8:30. Eeeeeek … But trying to give my body what it needs. Sleep es importante.

    But now that spring has sprung and the days are longer and the sun energizes me I want to get up at 7 again. Evenings are peaceful, creative and introspective and mornings for me are fun and energizing. As an ambivert I think I need both 🙂

  97. Love this video, such a hot topic. For me, I’ve learned my best sleeping hours are 10pm – 7am (and YES, I need 9 hours). BUT, I also need a slow start in the morning. Time to go for a walk, meditate, write in my journal, etc. So it’s hard for me to just dive into work at a set time and I do get a second wind of creativity around 8 or 9pm. A lot to balance! I think it’s most important to know what hours keep you best rested, then understand your flow for creativity. Not always possible with a day job unfortunately!

  98. I’ve been a lifelong night owl, and know exactly what you’re talking about when you talk about night owl’s being discriminated against. So annoying!

    But, here’s the shocker, and proof that ANYTHING is possible:

    I recently started waking at 5am EVERY DAY to workout. (People who know me are truly shocked.)

    I now go to bed much earlier than ever, something I used to have lots of trouble with, so there is hope if you want to change. I’m not sure that I’m any more productive than I used to be, but I do have to say, something about starting the day with a kick ass spin class and getting home just as the sun is coming up makes me feel like I’m in control of my day and that seems to give me a mental/productivity advantage.

    Having been a night owl, I’m definitely a sympathetic morning person and avoid that “I’m better than you because I got up before dawn” kind of attitude and I make sure not to give my family grief if they sleep in or brag about how early I got up and how much I’ve already done by the time they get up.

    I agree everyone has a natural body clock, and one isn’t better than the other. (Though I have to say, grocery shopping at 7:30am is pretty freakin’ awesome — I usually have the whole store to myself.)

  99. I was an early bird my whole life until a few years ago and then my body started changing. While I still get up on the earlier side (when not on my kids’ schedule) between 8 and 9am, I stay up much later than I used to. I’ve learned to honor my natural rhythm. And I’m much better at respecting other people’s. My advice: do whatever you can to go with your flow. It’s the best way to feel great, be productive and get enough sleep.

  100. Hey Marie!

    I worked for years on graveyard shift, but also worked a wide variety of weird shifts, so I have become pretty adaptable. For the last year and a half, I have run my business from home, so I have the flexibility I need.

    Lately my productivity schedule has looked something like this:

    Wake up between 7 or 8am – Work and take intermittent breaks
    Take a nap around 5pm to 8pm
    Spend time with the fam
    Do a little more work from about 10pm to 2am

    I’ve found that early morning and late at night it is easier for me to “get into the zone” as no one is around.

  101. I am a LATE LATE owl….I love working through the midnight hours. I write without interruption. I don’t have to pour anyone’s juice, cut anyone’s sandwich or wipe anyone’s butt.
    My kids are night owls too…with the spring setting in and the light lasting longer…it’s always a “chit chat” with the kids about bedtime.
    I am forced to be an early bird with a shift work job that has me starting work (not getting up…STARTING work at 4:00 am) I am up at 2:30 am and done work by 1:30 or 2:00 pm.
    As I move away from this “bridge” job, I will work through the night and create the schedule I WANT.

  102. I’m so glad to see this question and to hear your response, Marie. I’ve always been a night owl and learned in college that I achieved better results when I matched my work efforts to my sleep cycle. I’m extremely productive even though I may not get up until 9:30 am. However, I also stay up until around 2 am. And that works perfect for me. My prime working hours are 10 am – 2 pm and then 9 pm to midnight. I tried becoming a morning person during a short corporate career and realized it just didn’t work for me and I was miserable. I’m much happier and productive working when I’m energized to do so.

  103. Good Subject. I have always been a night owl and I can be very productive at night. But why I stayed up so late and working in my home office was often because I find that I would waste a lot of time during the day. Three years ago I started a Morning Book Study that I do from 7am-7:30 am. That made me get up by 6:30 am and Monday thru Friday. I wouldn’t give up that Book Study for anything. It is for Personal Development and anyone can be on it. If you want more information email me at [email protected] or facebook me. But 1 month ago I started setting my alarm for 5 am instead of 6:30 am, and I like the change. Wasn’t easy but I really like the change. I like the quite time with no phones ringing! I am able to make my to do list and then schedule them into my calendar.

  104. Thanks for this, Marie! IT’s especially welcome after a recent article being promoted that once again claims all of the most successful people get up early and start their day being productive immediately!

    I’ve tried many times to get up earlier than I”m comfortable with on the weekends, and an extra hour early for my job so I can get some things accomplished. It just leaves me exhausted and needing even more sleep each night to catch up! Not a trade-off I’m willing to make!

  105. Marie, This episode is exactly what a few entrepreneur girlfriends and I were discussing just the other day – what a disservice it is when some coaches and entrepreneurs say “You should [or worse, you MUST] be a morning person if you want to be successful”! So not true…

    Love your take on honoring yourself AND others. It’s given me some great inspiration for one of my entrepreneurial cartoons! Yippeeee – Thanks!

  106. I wake up at 5 AM 3-4 days a week trying to maximize my business. Problem is I am a night owl too which is why I am up 3-4 days versus 7.

    Love it when I get stuff done.

  107. Well, I’m usually a night owl and love to stay up late…but since I’ve been in school, still work full time and developing my businesses, I go to bed at or a little past midnight and get back up at 5 a.m. So, what do you call those like me?

  108. Theresa

    Marie, this was awesome.

    I am SUCH a night owl – like when I was a 5 year old kid, I remember being up with my parents until eleven or midnight just playing games or watching TV – I have always had a hard time sleeping before 10pm.

    I had to turn into a “early bird” when I worked for the federal government and my start time was 7:45am with a 30 minute drive. At that point, I was also moonlighting my martial arts business, so by the time 10pm came around I was dead.

    However, once I jumped ship and went full time entrepreneur, I am able to schedule my own day and now I start my appointments and work during MY energy times – pretty much 9am on. Sometimes I will have to get up super early when I am on a tight schedule, but on those days I just drink a load of tea and get in an early work out to wake me up!

    Great video!

  109. Ashley Berg

    This episode of MarieTV is very timely for me. The last two mornings I have gotten to work around 8am. In the past, I would get in between 9:30 and 10am. For the longest time I have been telling myself that I’m a night owl, I prefer staying up late and sleeping in. But in reality, it isn’t that I’m a night owl – I just love to sleep! So, as long as I get enough sleep, I actually prefer waking up earlier, and I’m way more productive on days I start work early. I transitioned from night owl to earlyish bird without even realizing it.

    It’s important to understand that your preferences may change over time, and to regularly check in and make sure you are doing what TRULY makes you happy, not what you THINK makes you happy. Thanks Marie!

    • MK

      I too love sleeping and when I realized that the key to waking up early was going to bed freakishly early, it all fell into place (seems so obvious, but I really wanted the best of both worlds!). When I chose to wake up earlier one of my motivations was to avoid rushing around in the morning and to actually start showing up to work on time. That’s been a good feeling!

  110. I’m a late owl by nature. And yes, I have tried MANY times to become an early bird but it’s no bueno! This has been a challenge for me since I was kid. In Kindergarten our class was split into two groups, early birds and late birds. Late birds came in later and left later. I was a late bird which I loved. But a girl I liked was an early bird so I switched. The girl didn’t like me back and I hated waking up early. The teacher wouldn’t let me switch back so I was stuck! Ever since then I’ve encountered trouble when trying to switch to an early bird schedule. Down with the early birdies!

  111. My husband usually goes to bed when I am getting up…He has always gone to been late but now he can not sleep because of kidney, back and neck damage from a semi hitting him 5 years ago. I have accepted his sleeping schedule. I enjoy my peaceful mornings working out and listening to Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, having a cup of tea and painting my paintings. He has composed hundreds of songs at night to fill his time. We have learned to adjust to our unique life. We go to movies, out to eat and run errands in the afternoons, less crowds, less traffic. Life has a way of working out when you let it.

  112. MK

    I am a night owl but after reading about how amazing the world is in the morning, I thought I’d give it a go – and a real go. It took me over four months to cultivate this habit and it was hard. I was tired, I wasn’t hearing birds singing in the morning, in fact, I felt sick to my stomach most of the time. But I persevered – why? Because it’s what I do on my website, I cultivate habits and I write about it. Now, six months later I am waking up early – even on the weekends and seriously getting so much done. I write for an hour in the morning and it’s often in this time that my best ideas come to me. The biggest problem is that my husband is a night owl – it’s hard because we don’t get as much time together now. But now he’s waking up earlier and seeing the benefits too, so we’ll see!

  113. Snooze You Loose!.. or that’s what a night owl like me was always trained to think surrounded by 2 early bird siblings as a child. Yes that meant missing out on your favorite cereal because it might be all gone by the time you got downstairs for breakfast, but hey those were the risk I was willing to take just to be able to sleep in a little longer.

    As an adult I’ve tried it all… setting my alarm clock to go off 5 times, purchasing a light timer that would turn my bedroom lights on at a specific time, even asking friends and relatives to call and wake me up, but nothing worked, and finally I gave up. I embraced my night owl ways and was lucky enough to find an employer who recognized that I was super productive working at night and offered me the flexibility to come in late.

    Now as a night owl entrepreneur I’ve found the “ying to my yang”. My assistant is an early bird, so he gets in and answers the morning calls and puts out any early morning fires, wheres as I stay late to be creative and entertain clients as needed.

  114. Hey, I’m an Early Bird …. so working on this with my new Night Owl of a husband.

  115. How funny! I’m a late owl, husband’s an early bird… hard to connect sometimes…
    I tried to change my nature because of my mother job: have to wake up at 5:45 everyday and on week ends, my kids “sleep in” until 6:30. So I have to go to bed earlier but it really, I have to force myself. Thank god, I’m doing good with just a few hours of sleep (don’t really know how, though). When I feel this social jet lag, I just force myself to bed really early and catch up the missing sleeping time in just one longer good night (like 8-9 hours).
    Can’t wait for the summer, I’ll send the kids to grandma for a few days!

  116. I’m a total late riser/night owl! I honestly feel like it’s one of the reasons I have to work for myself–my creative muse/productive mind doesn’t work from 9-5! In fact, my mornings are such a blur sometimes I wonder how I even got my kids up, ready for school, and out the door on time. My best work happens at night, often very late–I always tell people that’s when my muse shows up. I’ve learned from experience that when the muse shows up, I go with it and let her work through me until she’s good and done–even if she decides to show up in the middle of the night–which, by the way, is when I wrote the majority of my first book which became a bestseller in three categories on amazon. Whenever I’ve tried to shut it off, thinking I’ll remember it later, it never works out–that wonderful creative juice is gone. So I keep a notebook by my bedside so I can scribble down whatever inspiration comes to me at whatever time it comes. I’ve tried doing creative work during the day and it never works because it’s forced–it’s just harder and I end up actually resenting the work and the person/company I’m doing it for. It doesn’t feel authentic. I end up editing it to the point that it wastes the entire day and I’m STILL not happy with what I’ve written. I’ve realized part of it is the realization that my work could get interrupted at any time during the day by multiple distractions-kids, phone ringing, errands, emails, etc. So I schedule my days with work that doesn’t require me to be creative, then I take evenings and nights after the kids are in bed to do the majority of my creative work–usually writing of some kind. Luckily my husband is used to this by now–he’s a bit of a late owl too 🙂 Oh and sleeping in? Whenever I have the opportunity–without guilt EVER. I used to let the term “lazy” get me down, but I realized that I am much more productive and produce a higher quality of work I’m passionate about now that I know when my best working hours are. Great video and post as always, Marie. XO Rachael

  117. This is such a controversial topic. But here’s what I’ve learned. I used to think that I was not a morning person because I would fight with my snooze button every single morning and would get to the office feeling drained and resentful.

    After transitioning into a business and career I love, I realized that it wasn’t that I was a morning-hater… I was just unhappy at my job. Now, I get up feeling rested and ready to face the day because I’m not trying to hide behind my blankets from a soul-sucking job.

    Now, that said. I do have close friends who are genuine night-owls and they struggle with having to conform to the system. I say, the more night-owls show the world their success the faster we’ll shift that pesky little bias.

  118. In my adult life I have always gotten up early because I’m a gardener and farmer. However, I used to also stay up late to get as much done as possible because the environment was quieter and I could bustle around uninterrupted. Turns out, I found out I had adrenal burnout, thus, my energy really got going at night because my cortisol pattern was completely off. I have made the switch and started going to bed super early. I love waking up feeling incredibly rested and I have just recently come out of burnout! Sometimes I fall back into a night or two of staying up late (last night!) and then I feel it the next day and then can see that my solid sleep habits are one of the best things to keep me productive and happy.

  119. Bri

    I can totally relate to this “issue.” I am an early bird, through and through. My normal wake up time (without an alarm) is 4:45-5am and I’m happiest and most productive through those hours until around noon. My husband, on the other hand, is a night owl. His ideal schedule would be to wake up at noon and go to bed around 4am. I think this schedule disconnect actually works for us. We have plenty of overlap where we’re both awake, but each of us has some time alone while the other is sleeping. Plus, there’s pretty much always someone awake so it’d be less inviting for someone to break in!

    Basically it comes down to respect, as you said. My husband respects that by 10 pm I’m mentally shutting down and I respect his right to sleep in in the morning when I’m up and about. It’s also about being realistic though… Even though we work for the same company, we come to work separately. If I had to wait for him to get up in the morning (feeling like an ogre for waking him up) and he had to wake up after only a few hours of sleep we would probably be divorced by now.

  120. When I’m in ‘creation mode’ I find my most creative hours between the hours of midnight and 3am. No one is emailing or wanting to hang out. They are the magic hours where minutes go by really slowly. I come up with my best ideas and never feel guilty waking up when my body tells me to wake up because I know that I have put in the time. I recently started trying to wake up for a morning yoga class and I feel like I’m getting to enjoy a productive morning too. Balance is key. And like Marie so rightly said…. Respect and honor your choices. And try to wake up with the sun every now and then. It will feed you in ways you never knew. Also, If you struggle with ‘social jet lag’ I highly recommend yoga nidra.

  121. Oh man, I struggle with this every day! I just want to stay in bed ONE MORE HOUR but the day begins whether I like it or not.

    We work with clients in different time zones so our calls sometimes start at 7am our time and last until about 7pm to accommodate later time zones. I don’t find any problem with getting to my desk at 9:30a to start my day after taking the babe to school, meditating and journaling each morning. My life allows that and my partner is at his desk to allow me that luxury but I also understand that business begins with those early birds and most people don’t run their own company where they can make their own hours. They also get a check every two weeks so it’s a give and take! Risk + Stress = luxury to work how you want while so-called “Security” + Stress = Structure & lack of ability to have input about your schedule (unless you are really lucky!).

    I have found that I am much happier not stressing myself to death about getting to my desk at a certain time just because others may judge my work hours or motivation and accuse me of being lazy in their heads but it took me a while to get to this place. I no longer have time to put energy in the invalid beliefs of others and my world is working great for me so I am going to keep plugging away as a night owl and will mold to what my business needs, not the need to please others and hope they think well of me. Wonderful, relate-able topic again this week! Thanks Marie & Team!

  122. I’m so much of a night owl I’m surprised I don’t have night vision yet.

    I tried all through my school years and the beginning of my work life to adjust for early birds, but I’m just not built for it. Not only do I not get as much done, but my error rate skyrockets! As a virtual assistant and graphic designer, my errors directly affect the workflow or appearances of others.

    Once I chose to change my perception and utilize it as a strength, everything changed. It may be easier to reach early birds at 7am, but I don’t deal with as many interruptions when I’m working at 10pm. My productivity is much higher, I can get clients in other time zones more readily than others in my field, my errors are reduced, and I’m just happier.

    Of course I accept and accommodate those who are on a different schedule, but I think it’s best to find a happy medium between courtesy and taking responsibility for your own well being an happiness.

  123. I have the same issue as your questioner, my husband is the same way but I totally agree with you Marie, everyone has their own wake-up schedule and mine is not at 6am. I have tried getting up earlier when I had a conventional job and even going to bed at 9pm doesn’t make it any easier to get up early.

  124. Janis White

    I am a combo night owl (by nature/preference & productivity) and I am an early bird due to my work start time. My natural wake time is about 8 am when left to my natural rhythm. If I aim to go to bed by 11pm, I get a surge of energy to be creative and before you know it, it’s 2 am!

    When I arrive at my job by 7:30 am, I am not ready to truly work until about 10:00 am. This is a pattern I have noticed for years. I can and do function early or late but my body responds better as a night owl.

    No guilt! Folks think it weird when they hear I go to bed at 1 or 2am, I think it just as strange when people say they get up at 5 am.

  125. terri

    Thank you so much for giving us night owls some respect. I use to hate on myself for this very reason until I turned fifty and realized that most of my friends were morning people becaue they could not sleep. They HATE the fact that they can’t sleep. I sleep like a baby and proud of it. Health is tied to sleep in such a huge way and my health is excellent. I have designed my life so that I can sleep in till 8 (give me a break it’s not that late) do meditation, yoga, house and life chores and then with all that settled the work flows out of me well into the night. The only problem I found is I’m not very quiet at night. I think morning people are much quieter and I also get a little lonely because I want people to socialize with me at 11 pm!

  126. I used to be a late riser but I decided to change that this year, so I could be more productive and really get things done and it’s been working great so far!

  127. It’s kind of crazy that you posted this today, on the day that I set my alarm super early in hopes to get up early and get more work done.
    I’ve always been a night owl. My most productive times are 11pm-1am, when everyone is asleep, the house is quiet, and I have no distractions.

    I was having a discussion on twitter last night and someone mentioned she “needed” to set a better bed time for herself. Thanks for the permission to stay up late and work when it works for me.

  128. Thanks Marie!! I get weary of business leaders telling me that I can only be successful if I’m up pre-dawn (enough Robin Sharma!) as soon as I moved to working at home I got rid of the clock in my bedroom. I get up when my body is done sleeping. Then I take my time waking and enjoy me time before I get into my office at 10am. I’m still productive and successful, I’m working when my brain is at it’s sharpest rather than stumbling around like a zombie being useless. The people telling us that you can only be successful if you wake early are morning people!!! Have you ever been at a dinner party with a morning person? They are cranky and head bobbing by 9pm!

  129. Tamiko

    Well, my body clock has changed from my younger days. I was a night owl able to stay up for a few days in a row. Now, over the last year or two, I have become the early riser. No longer do I stay up to the wee hours of the night working. To be honest, on some level I miss it:( and will try to encourage staying up late with after 5p coffee and it still doesn’t work all the time.
    So, I am learning to embrace my new regime starting early and calling it quits before sun down(slight exaggeration) I may not make it through prime time TV.

    So, I say as Marie stated, listen to your body clock and do what feels good to you.

  130. I’m BOTH!! I was fortunate because years ago, as part of a team building exercise at an agency I was working at, we mapped our most productive hours and when we most felt tired, in order to respect (and also maximize) each person’s individual clock.
    I knew from quite a young age that afternoons were killer for me, sometimes nodding off at my desk, and that I either needed to go out for a walk, or take a nap! I always felt like I was designed for the tropics, up early to enjoy the cool mornings, then a big lunch and sleep in the afternoon, then more work/creativity/exercise/pleasure into the evenings.
    I then lived in Cambodia, where 2 hours lunches were the norm. Everyone would go home for lunch, then take a nap. Or if they couldn’t make it home, you would see people napping in the shade under trees etc. I loved it!
    I now live in Mexico where the local culture also follows this rhythm: up early, long leisurely comida and siesta mid-afternoon, productive evenings. I’m totally in my element and it is also totally socially acceptable here, which I love.
    I use a shared/open space office where we have a back room for napping AND a hammock. Both get used shamelessly.
    This also made me think of your interview with Arianna Huffington and her book Thrive, which really touches on the importance of self care and honouring our need for rest and following our own rhythms.
    Thank you for your continued leadership in this area.


  131. Melissa

    Staying up late comes easily to me, but I love mornings. Sleeping through an alarm clock is also a natural talent, so it has not been often I get to see mornings until recently. I have started to get up to get to the gym by 6am. I love my new routine, and while there are still days I sleep to 8 or 9 (or 11) it really feels amazing to accomplish a Herculean task (for me, that includes a workout) before the world wakes up.

  132. It’s weird for me; when I’m on the east coast, I am a LATE riser but when I’m out west in my AZ home, I tend to get up MUCH earlier, often at sunrise. Now I know there’s a time difference and all but no matter how long I’m out east (often for 3 weeks or more at a time), I NEVER seem to get my early rise mojo going. I prefer to get up early because I LOVE the special, quiet morning moments before the world gets going. And I always feel more productive but sometimes, I just have too much creativity happening in those wee “ambrosial hours” of the night. So basically, I just have to honor the fact that I don’t stick to routines well and need to honor myself day by day (or night by night 🙂

  133. Man, where was this video 20 years ago?!!! For much of my life as a night owl, I’ve spent a third of my energy dragging my ass out of bed for school/work/etc., another third dragging myself exhaustedly through the day, and the last third making myself wrong about it. SO refreshing to hear since I’m still actively working on transforming into a morning person. I do think it’s possible with a hefty dose of consistency. If I can get to bed and get up around the same time for several days, I notice my body clock adjusting. The biggest challenge has always been getting to sleep early — even when I’m in bed and exhausted. I’m now considering the idea of getting up early no matter what time I get to bed and supplementing with a nap during the day, if necessary. I really feel empowered when I get up early and I find I’m in productivity mode longer. Regardless, I completely agree that we all need to accept and respect our individual needs. The energy it takes to fight our biological nature would be much better spent fulfilling our dreams!

  134. Not only do I have a hard time getting up super early, but I will actually get physically sick if I do it more than three days in a row. Isn’t that nuts? If I go more than three days where I get up earlier than 8:30, a sinus infection and sore throat immediately set in. So frustrating! I am one of those who beats themselves up for not getting up at 5:30….but I’ve just had to learn to STOP IT. Deepak Chopra teaches that your body has a natural rhythm, and your best bet is to “go with it.” So that’s what I try to do.

    Now, I get a crap-ton of stuff done between 8:00 p.m. and 11:30…and then I sleep it off for nine solid hours! #nailingit

    • I get sick too!

    • Ann

      I feel nauseous if I don’t get enough sleep and often have weakened immunity so that I get a respiratory infection more easily.

  135. Sonia

    Hi Marie and everyone,

    When I was younger and without kids, I used to be a such late owl. I was really productive on evenings, and really needed my 10 hours sleep. It was sooooooo difficult to wake up early in the morning to go to the university, work. I loved the snooze button on my alarm clock, maybe a bit too much. I always had to rush and I admit I was often late.
    Since my first baby, things changed. You don’t own much your sleeping schedule. I had to wake up early when my lovely tiny baby shouted ‘mummy feed meeeeee’. But it didn’t feel great to wake up that early and go to bed a bit too late. After my second baby, same struggles: getting up early and going to bed too late, as I was still productive late (but tired too). It is just recently (one month ago) after I followed a course about having a successful life, that I learn to re-own my schedule. I wake up like half an hour earlier as usual. I embrace the morning and the day to come. I plan my day as well. I start my day because I decided to, and not because one of my child is waking up. And it feels TERRIFIC.
    So it took me 4 years and a half (after my first baby) to embrace being a early bird. I claim: I LOVE being an early bird now.

  136. I am most definitely a night owl. An artist to the core some of my best creative moments happen as I’m falling asleep at 2am. I try to go to bed earlier because I also love mornings but I work late in the restaurant business so it’s hard.
    I’ve been trying to set my alarm for 9am but 6-7 hours does not seem to be enough sleep for me.
    I would love to go to sleep at 12 and wake at 8. But again, my schedule doesn’t allow for it. At least not every day anyway.
    I end up sleeping from 2-10 and then being productive from 11-3.
    If I don’t work in the evening my productive hours might be from 3/4 pm to 9/10! Crazy right?
    But I just go with it. I guess the point is going with what works and as long as you get in some productive hours every day, it doesn’t matter what those hours actually are:)

  137. GL

    Interesting you bring this important subject to the surface. As for me, I love the early mornings and I love to stay up late as my mind kicks into my creative mode. It is a challenge being split between two ends of the day and is tiring.
    I love to get up by listening to positive affirmations and incantations to start my day. And with an epic music choice to send lightning through my body to get going. And I get to work with a bounce in my step and I’m off on my adventures. But then at the end of the day… I am tired and ready for sleep and hit the affirmations and peaceful tracks to get me to lala land… but low and behold my mind kicks into gear and I’m not ready for sleep. Ouch for my body, but I love the peace and quite and all and I get to thinking about what I do best is create great stuff,
    The battle for me is balancing to two and sometimes it works well and yet others times I am nodding off at my desk during the day into unconsciousness. Haha. I am laughed at sometimes as the OLD Man getting some zzzzzzz when I should be working.
    When I exercise a lot and get outside I am invigorated and come alive and get my second wind each day… but I have my moments of being just warn out.
    Being single and alone isn’t helping this situation either. Not having a lovely lady to sleep with doesn’t help. Romance activities in bed at night just might balance things out to put more creative things in the mornings and through out the day. A thought perhaps. Where did this subject sneak in? HaHa
    I am working on this challenge but it is my daily schedule and I am always alert to the great subjects you bring up for me on Marie TV, fix a few things brewing with me.
    Bye for now Marie. Thanks again. I will keep watching Marie TV. Is that an endorsement I can’t tell?

  138. Keli

    I grew up on a dairy farm so getting up early was part of our family dynamic. You were a morning person whether you wanted to be or not! I’ve never been able to sleep very late (even after super late nights out). I agree that the seasons have a huge affect on sleep patterns. It’s much easier to get up at 5 a.m. in June than it is in December. However, I am VERY pro naps. After a 10 minute nap at about 3 p.m. I’m refreshed and ready to take on the world again. My dream job would allow me to take that quick afternoon nap without judgement.

  139. I just had this conversation a few months ago with my life coach. Im a creative head and I need peace and quiet, so the night time is the right time for me. I noticed I tend to go to bed at 3/4 AM and I still need me 7 – 8 hours of sleep. So 10 – 2AM is my functioning times. And I no longer need an alarm clock because my body just wakes up. Its perfect…for me. And my friends, I’ve learned is perfection indeed. #newrules

  140. YEAH!!! This Passionate Rebel just embraced the late night outpouring of mindfulness and geniusness….And had a great time sleeping in to make up for the late nights writing. My time, my rhythm = the right stuff goes out into the world…. 🙂 Thanks for always bringing up the best insights at the right time. InSync!!(not the boy band)

  141. I am very routined so I like consistency. I go to bed at 1am and then wake up at 9am every day (a sleep in for most people). I find that this allows me to stay up late enough to do all that I need to, while still getting my 8 hours in. However, if I do have a late night out with friends, I allow myself to sleep in as long as I need;) I find it’s all about the amount of sleep I’m getting versus the time I wake up.

  142. Awsome video. Thanks for that! I am most def an early bird – but I have had some experience w/ being around night owls. For ex, an old boyfriend of mine was a film director/screenwriter – he had a graveyard shift job he would go to and write his screen plays when there was quiet time – and it really worked for him and his ‘clock’. It was tough to adjust w/ this at first – but there was always this ‘golden period’ during the day where the early bird (me) and the night owl (he!) would cross paths, and it was truly an awsome exchange of stories, experiences, cuddles and what-not. I will always remember how fun it was to be around such an opposite – it’s kinda what makes the world go around. We all have our different ways of carving our niche in life and I respect that each person is unique in that way. If we were all the same it would most likely suck!

  143. Night owl here…

    Yes, I tried, I keep trying, and it feels off.

    I know that the body rejuvenates between 10pm-12am and it’s the hardest habit that I ever tried to create to go to bed at least at 11pm.
    Did it for a few days, then I had to rest one day longer (and it didn’t fall in the weekend).

    My best productive time is at night, yet my days feel longer when I wake up at 7am. Working from home makes it even harder, because “I can” set my own schedule.

    Granted, if I already had the results I expect of me, I may not make such a big deal out of it, but of course, I’m looking at everything when I try to improve my process as an entrepreneur.

    Yes, entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and the hardest thing to master is your own discipline. But the sweetest reward is when people show you that you bring them value. Very much like a declaration of love 🙂

    Thanks again,
    L xo

  144. Ally Trebbi

    Great topic! My husband and I were just discussing this, as I’m total night owl and have been since I was a child. I do feel it’s a disadvantage bc the world is set up for morning functioning. I feel like I’m always in sleep recovery mode. I would like to stay up late when my brain feels most active and productive but have to force my self to sleep so I can get up with the world, get kids to school and get to work. It feels like I’m cheating myself of my creative time, and it’s a definite struggle. I’m going to check out the book Allison mentioned, bc it would definitely require a miracle to change it 🙂

    Thanks so much for the topic and discussion!!!

  145. WOWWW… Morning #1 (Trial #552) of initiating (GOBE) – the “Get out of bed early” regimen – I hit snooze on all SIX of my alarms, but came über close to rising at the sound of alarm number one when I sat up, went cross-eyed from fatigue subsequently headbutting my pillow, once again. (That was this morning.)

    When I finally pried my eyes open around 9:00 am, I appreciated seeing that this email was sitting in my inbox. Ha!

    It’s no mystery where my biological clock lies. That being said, when I HAVE cracked the dawn in the past, I lunge into a burst of productivity with the entire day before me — and I love it.

    “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” Marcus Aurelius

  146. I’m a night owl. I prefer to get up around 10 a.m., so I work best in the late morning, afternoon, and early evening. And I usually don’t go to bed until around 1 a.m. I’m so grateful to work for myself now, so that I can “honor my own rhythm.” It makes me much happier and productive than I felt when I had to base my life around someone else’s schedule. I agree that it’s important to respect everyone — early riser or night owl — and learn to understand how we all work differently. Thanks for the post, Marie! Loved it!

  147. Susan

    Wow! I am an early bird and I felt like the odd ball as most of my family and friends are night owls. They make me feel bad when I can’t stay up past 10 pm. I usually wake up without an alarm about 4 or 5 am.
    It is great for traveling as I can leave at the crack of dawn and someone else can drive at night. As far as business, I do my reading, emails and studying (ie keeping up on technology) in the morning and then start making calls late morning.

  148. malaika

    Ha! I’m definitely a night owl by nature but have to wake up early for work during the week and hiking on the weekends. So, I’ve done everything I can to feel as awake as possible early in the morning:
    – Diet overhaul: only eating fruits and vegetables with very limited carbs and processed sugars
    – Maximising the quality of my sleep by cutting out all noise, light, and distraction, and meditating before bed
    – Watching funny videos on YouTube first thing in the morning to get me feeling happy

    • Love this Malaika! Thank you for these wonderful tips!

  149. Chris C

    Great video episode. For me, it’s about mindset. I am an early riser by genetics, but am adaptable if necessary. When working through my doctorate, it would often be necessary to reverse my body clock to become nocturnal and I could do this for 4-5 days at a time, then needed a break. As for those close to me with other body clock types, I make an effort to really maximize the time during the day we’re both in the zone.

  150. Michael

    “Yes the early bird catches the worm but, and it’s a big but… The 2nd mouse get’s the cheese! Ouch…… “

  151. THANK YOU FOR THIS EPISODE MARIE!! I have always been a night owl, never a morning person and it has always been hard not to compare myself with the early risers…This episode is very helpful because it reminds me that as long as we are productive it doesn’t matter what time of day it is & also that it’s not completely a choice if our body clock has a certain rythym. Thank you for this fun episode:) As a New Yorker, Im so excited that spring is finally here and hope that will help me feeling more in tune with rising earlier easier:) The dark winter mornings were tough! I love the idea of beginning your morning with a feel good tune & meditation-great idea!

  152. Ed

    I always Loved the morning and I believe it is the best time of day. It was not always easy to be up at 4am but I read a book on meditation and took the advice seriously. I trained myself to get up at first with an alarm, and then it became automatic. I feel the morning has the best to offer creative people, you are completely recharged and you are tuned into the infinite intelligence like at no other part of the day. Inspiration comes to me in these moments with absolute clarity. I will say though that I have not limited myself to NOT sleeping in occasionally. Many people cannot get themselves out of bed when inspiration calls, I find it quite easy and I am excited to jump up and write or create a presentation. I do give myself to take a nap during the later morning hours and feel very good afterwards. You can read my blog, subscribe and comment (its free) at I am currently writing a book and am always looking for real life accounts of people’s experiences to include in my writing, you are welcome to share, and who know? Maybe it will end up in my book. Have a great day everyone!!!!

  153. I am definitely an early bird, and always have been since my earliest years although I can be a night owl and a “third shift” whenever I need to. For many years I have honored everyone’s unique rhythm and accepted that my husband is a night owl and others who have no interest in meeting before 10am! My problem has been with people who really give me a hard time about being an early bird, frequently by asking what is wrong with me!. It is only in recent years that I have been willing to readily share both my early bird”ness” and my low sleep need – 5 hours is plenty for me most of the time…and no, there is nothing wrong with me, nor am I in denial. I would like us all to be understanding and compassionate with each other whatever our most productive time of day is.
    There are also many people who need 9 or more hours of sleep a night – and no, there is nothing wrong with them either.
    The 2 phrases that ring true for me in this discussion are: acceptance of uniqueness and compassion for those who try to be something they’re not.

  154. Dear Marie, what a great topic! Thanks for cleaning up with judgements of society that are so deeply rooted.

    I am a night owl. I run my own film production business. In the very start I was glad to be hired and I worked in a project for about 7 months where I had to get up at 4 every day. I got bad skin and was totally exhausted and lonely because in the evenings i couldn´t meet friends because I was exhausted and needed more and more sleep. 11 years later I sleep as long as my body would like to sleep and until i naturally wake up, then have my wake up time. I start around 11 am with work and I don´t do appointments before 2pm in the afternoon.

    It is the energy, the time you spend and the drive and joy you put into your work that is important.

    Whether you do it at 6 am in the office or at 3 pm in your hammock, doesn´t matter, as loong as you feel most comfortable. Which results in having more energy therefore more things can get done!

    Since we are world citizen, many of us have to deal with time differences with clients in US, Europe , Asia. So dear ealy birds and night owls: let´s just regard the other “species” as someone who is in another time zone 🙂

    danke, Marie!

  155. Destiny

    Hi all,
    K, since there are soooo many early risers commenting I thought I’d have to reply. I’m a night owl through and through. I liked reading some of your other comments though about how your partners can wake up in the morning if they need to for an event. I’m the same way. I’ve spent a whole week waking up early for an intensive study course and I loved it, but I also got my night fix (it was Italy) and ended up going to bed around 11-12am.
    Love love loved what Lisa Robbin Young said about it really comes down to owning who you are. Makes the easiest life ever when YOU own who you are!
    Thanks ladies! (And guys)

  156. Kim

    The biggest tip it to not expect an email response or phone call early morning or late at night. Whether you are an early birdie or a night owl-do what makes you more proficient.

  157. Hi Marie;
    I am most definitely a night owl.
    However last week I started a new excercise program P90X3 with my husband and get up at 6Am to do the workouts, 6 days a week. I alsogave up caffein because I was having a hard time sleeping.

    because I get up so early I do enjoy a more leisurly relaxed morning
    and YES I do feel tired during the day.

    Working on my diet to try an get more energy. I may even start having caffinated coffee every once in a while 🙂

    Trying get get to bed earlier so I can get more sleep.

  158. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for helping me by sharing me the training video on sleep patterns. I am not an early bird and I am actually a late owl now. To me a late owl represents a Space Observatory like Alma Chile Observatory. In my earlier life in Reliance Infocomm in 2005, I was a worm and birds use to come to eat me and I used to hide myself from nature.

    Now another interesting feature in your video is Jet Lag which I think is Aerospace Engineering from Italy & USA. Your training is very much for Miss Universe, Miss World & Miss Asia-Pacific contestants and appeals to me very much.

    May Jesus bless us all. I really love you and respect your team very much. I wish you all the joy and success in life.

    Rohan Sarker

  159. I think I’m a night owl, but with a young child I’ve been “forced” to change my ways.

    I’m really learning to like the early hours of the day that are quiet and fresh.

    I feel like either end of the day (early morning or late night) has it’s benefits of being quiet, with little to no distractions, and enough calm to be at one with my thoughts.

    Thanks for this video, and the interesting discussions it’s brought up!

  160. Kim

    I am a dedicated night owl but know that the world starts a heck of a lot earlier than I do. Because I know that mornings will suck no matter what time I get up, my method of dealing with it is actually to get up earlier than later and get my butt into work about an hour before everyone else. That buys me an hour to settle in without having to be charming and to ease into my day. By the time everyone else gets into the office, I’ve gotten a few things done and some momentum in my day and can be social and productive and give the appearance of being a morning person.

    The challenge does come at the other end of the day, however, when I’m revved up at 10:00 p.m. with new ideas and productivity and need to work to wind myself down to try to get some semblance of a full night’s sleep. That full night’s sleep is the part I’m still working on.

  161. I am both a night owl and an early bird. I flup from one to the other whenever it suits me. It’s never been a problem since I gave up worrying about it.

    On sunny days, I’m up earlly and head out into the countryside. On dismal days, I enjoy a long snooze, then I work creatively late into the night in the undisturbed hours.

    Who cares what time the clock says it is? There’s a great song on YouTube that reminds us that internationally, It’s five o’clock somewhere.:

  162. Thanks for this video. I’m actually in the process of learning to accept myself as a night owl. Since I was in high school, my most product and creative time was between 11pm-2am. I could crank out a paper or hang out on the phone with my girlfriend wooing her with sweet love poems 🙂
    (It was the same in college and in my first career) … but …

    …4 years ago I switched from running successful small local businesses to helping others run their business (i.e. I got into marketing and consulting). My JV partner and mentor was an early riser, and I was studying in a spiritual practice that promoted ‘waking up before the birds’ (not literally), so I made the leap to ‘early-bird-ism.’

    Long story short, just this month I switched. I decided to respect myself. I get up at 9 instead of 7. It’s amazing. I can go to sleep at 4am and still jump out of bed in the morning. I can go to sleep at 2am and wake up fully refreshed. I work most night from 9-2; it’s like having two workdays instead of just one. The only cost was losing 90 minute in the morning.

    I’m creating a new saying today, “The bird with self-respect and self-awareness get’s the worm, and really there’s enough worms for everyone so why you so bent out of shape about it …” 🙂

  163. I like working in the morning and then take some time in the afternoon to not be on the computer or anything like and be outside.. you feel better and your brain does too. I do have to say right now I am doing a medical detox ( I have food allergies so to get my gut healed must do this ) and I feel like hell in the mornings and there is no way I can even think and do something and remember. I have to take nap and I have just gotten clear this is what works for me no matter what the hubby thinks. 🙂 Just be loving and straight and show him and share what your working on. That way it will probably clear up what is missing for him.

  164. jan oliver

    Marie I just finished writing some “content” about things we can change….and the time you go to bed and wake up was one of them. When you look at the big picture it is something that you can control. And that gives us some power…right? I have been both night owl and early riser and probably every mom out there has too. When you don’t have a choice you just do it. I guess what it boils down to is productivity, if you can get it all done and it doesn’t compromise the family or people you live with it doesn’t matter. I personally like getting up early to have my spiritual time and my workout in before the day gets crazy.

  165. I am a bit of both. I find that I easily wake when the sun is out. In winter I sleep later and longer. On cloudy days I could literally be in bed all day long. BUT when the sun is out, I will wake up at 6am no problem and be energized for the day.

    Mostly I honor my natural cycles and can definitely get up and get going in a flash, which makes it helpful on those days that I must rise.

    It certainly is tricky, though. My boyfriend does think I could be more productive if I was more strict with my schedule and in a way I think he is right, but I also know that I work better and more efficiently when I’m well rested.

    Perhaps if I just moved to the equator all my problems would be solved!

  166. Nathalie Haller

    Am I an early bird or a night owl? I can’t say. I can easily stay up until 6 a.m. without any kind of energy boosters (drinks/red bull etc.) (I’m 27). If I’m not watching to clock I easily happen to stay up all night on weekends until the sun starts to rise. On the other hand, I have no problem sleeping in when I get myself into bed reeeally early (7/8/9 p.m.). Plus I hate sleeping in and waking up realizing I’ve missed half of the day and I love getting up very early and following an extended morning routine (sports, rich breakfast, etc.). Which sleeping pattern do I benefit more? Surprisingly – even though I’m easy at staying up all night, I notice remarkable benefits from getting early nights: e.g. my skin looks younger and I feel much better the next day (mental clarity, better emotional balance and overall wellbeing..). And I get super motivated starting my day early with a powerful morning routine.

  167. I’m an early bird and my husband is a night owl. One of the tricks that works best for us, is that I go to bed early, give him some warning, and he takes a break from what he’s doing to come to bed with me, snuggle, and often waits till I fall asleep. He then gets back up to enjoy the rest of his productive hours. In the morning, I rise when I want to, and about 15 minutes to half an hour before I know his alarm clock will ring, I get back into bed to snuggle and wake up with him. =) It’s nice to fall asleep with and wake up with the person you love….and this was the balance that we struck up after a few years of experimenting. =)

    • Brenda

      Great suggestion Vivian. What a wonderful way to get snuggle time! I’m going to give this w try.

  168. I have tried so hard to be an early bird but it just does not work for me. I wake up late, and go to bed late. I’m productive from about 11am to 1pm. Then I get more productive after dinner from 7-10pm. I work from home, so I am blessed to be able to do things on my schedule, and not worry about others.

    • You really know yourself! That’s awesome! Honor it!

  169. Donna

    This was the perfect subject because my sleep pattern is a mess. My boyfriend asks me how I slept — most times I say, “I don’t know. I don’t feel rested.” We go to bed, but my man friend likes to listen to the news, then The Tonight Show. Me, I’m ready to turn off the light and snooze away. Today, I’m going out to buy ear buds and an eye mask so I don’t hear and I don’t see the light rays from the TV anymore. If I have to, I will pull the covers over my head. Or go to bed before he even gets in the room.

    I need my beauty sleep. So if I go to bed late, I get up late and it is a slow start to getting productive. I love to sleep, but I also like to get up in the morning, ride the bike for 30 min. and be on my day.

    I’m going to change. Thanks for this perfect reminder.

  170. Milly Darwich

    I really believe you get the most of your day getting up early in the morning, even more if you start your days with exercise. I respect night owls but think they should try harder to adequate to what the vast majority does because they have turned to night owls over a period of time and their bodies are already used to that. The change is difficult but the energy you get early in the morning when you have slept a good span of time will make this change a lot easier. I think we should be synchronized with the light of day.

    • I’m not a night owl as much as I like getting up with the sun.

    • No.
      You don’t respect night owls if you tell us we should get up early to be productive. I work when you are in bed. I am productive while you are being “lazy” in bed. See how that works?
      Each person has their own best productive hours, and to tell someone that they would be more productive if they would only work when YOU do, is just wrong headed

  171. April

    I had SOCIAL JET LAG until about eight months ago. I grew up with two very active and sprightly early bird parents. As far back as I can remember my body screamed “YOU ARE A NIGHT OWL”. High School sucked because it started at 7:20am and my brain was still on STAGE 4 REM sleep. I got married just two years out of high school and had a baby. As you know babies don’t care if you are a bird or an owl. Needless to say, after two babies (now ages 19 & 13), owning five different businesses (over the past 20 years) that required early open times, this is the first time in my life that I am able to rise when my body wants to and not when it needs to. I am still a work in progress when it comes to feeling guilty about not being a sprightly early bird. The jet lag is dissipating and it is such a refreshing feeling…like I am finally out of the sleep deprived fog. I will never be an early bird and I am okay with that (it only took 40 years).

  172. I am definitely an early bird AND a night owl! LOL! I basically don’t sleep ever!! I do like to be up early, but I do not like to work!! I find that the constraints of most business hours (9-5) put some weird pressure on me; meaning I don’t feel as inspired or creative during these times. My mornings are just a way for me to catch up with my life, news, plan my evening work schedule, and answer emails.

    I feel most creative from around 7pm – 2am!! Crazy sauce, I know! But I have learned to embrace my primetime. It just works for me. I believe it is somewhat of the belief knowing that people are asleep, everything is moving slowly, no one is going to send me a stress packed email, there is no pressure to get something done in like the next hour, it’s just calm.

    Of course it is a bit of bummer that there are some nights where I don’t get to fall asleep with my man, but he knows my system and I make sure that my weekends are focused only on us!!

    • That’s great! My man demands I stay in bed on the weekend also! Bed arrest!

  173. I was just handling a situation around this topic THIS morning! I have chosen to start my work day with fitness clients at 8am because after 8 years of 6am & 7am sessions running me down I finally found the courage to make a choice for me & my body even though it means giving up time with people I love and money! I am being brave and practicing what I preach. Love your body! Marie – this video was perfect timing for me!

  174. Jackie Hershfeld

    I loved this video and it was perfect timing as I am started to make the move to being an early riser. One of the things holding me back from becoming a full on early riser – my husband is a NIGHT OWL. He catches his “second wind” around 10 and achieves some of his best work. I know for me to be more productive as a stay at home mom, artist and independent contractor, it would greatly benefit me to wake up around 5:45 and get my tush to the gym. Making this change will be hard, but totally worth it.

  175. Julie

    That quote is so true! My husband (unfortunately soon to be -ex), couldn’t handle the fact that I stayed in bed when he got up to leave for work in the morning (and it wasn’t like he had to be up super early – try 8:30). Once he left, I would get up and get going… The fact that I continued to work through the evenings on many nights because that was when my brain felt the most creative, didn’t seem to matter. It was the fact that I was still in bed when he got up that he just couldn’t handle.

  176. I am most definitely a night owl and have been since childhood. I’ve tried more than once to shift my schedule but could never shake the brain fog. My mom and I have both long struggled with insomnia too, which doesn’t help when trying to make that shift! I’m so grateful now that I can work on a schedule that suits my rhythms. I do get more quality sleep. 9:00-9:30 is kind of a general waking time for me. I notice that nearly all of my artistic friends (other jewelry designers especially) are also night owls.

    My husband and I are pretty good about respecting each others’ schedules (that’s taken some training on both sides!). I know he can’t sleep if I’m up and he’s the one who adheres to office hours, so I come to bed soon after him. However, he doesn’t mind if I’m on my laptop (bad habit, computer in bed, but it works for us!). He, on the flip side, kindly leaves me to wake on my own schedule when he’s at home and should he phone from work while I’m sleeping, makes his conversation short by saying, “I’ll let you wake up slowly.” Those of you who need to come around slowly…I hear ya’! The husband also travels quite frequently on business. When he’s away, I really do take advantage of being able to work late into the night. I seem to be most creative then.

    It’s taken time, but we’ve found a balance! I gave up on becoming a morning person a long time ago…

  177. Paula

    I agree with everything that was said. I used to be a night owl who is now liking the mornings better. I think is is due partly to the weather and also my age. When I was much younger I could sleep til noon or 1 pm – but I didn’t go to bed til 2 or 3 am. Now, I am 45 and find myself getting up with the first sunlight and chirping birds – of course it has warmed up a little. I live in Ohio so you never now what type f weather we will get! LOL! On those days when it is cold or rainy, I set my alarm, otherwise I let nature have her way. I get things done both in the morning and if need be, at night. I have really learned to listen to my body. I do not stress about my husband being such a night owl, however, I do see his sleeping pattern changing. Maybe we will be on thesame schedule soon…but I do like my quiet time! Thanks Marie!

  178. Jen

    I spent many years while in graduate school sleeping 4am-noon. On days when I had to get up, it was dreadful. Thankfully, being a graduate student allowed me a great deal of flexibility!

    I now try to be in bed and asleep by midnight, and tend to wake up around 8:30am, but I haven’t settled into a firm routine yet. It’s been over a year that I’ve been doing so, and so far so good.

    One of the reasons I’m determined to make self-employment feasible for me is so that I can determine my own schedule! Doing my PhD gave me that (mostly) and it’s hugely important to me.

    I can’t imagine going to bed at 4am anymore, but it still takes me a bit to fully wake up in the mornings.

    Late risers do get a bad rap, but I know from experience that going to bed at 4am meant I was productive after midnight, when the house was quiet and there were no distractions or errands to run! It worked wonderfully for me when I had to do a lot of work on m own, and give it my full attention.

    Everyone must figure out their own best way, and hopefully there’s room in your life/work to make small changes so that you maximize your sleep and productivity.

  179. Maryann

    I love how this video came out today when I was trying to write on my blog about being productive in the morning and night. Loved it, thanks for representing both sides. Awesome job!

  180. I have always been an early riser. I awaken naturally by about 5 AM. I was once negotiating a large contract in Barcelona, Spain. One of the business owners that we were negotiating with said “Let’s press on until dinner and then we’ll see where we are.” What I did not realize at the time is, 10 PM is a common dinner time in Barcelona. Around 7 PM, I started looking at my watch and my stomach was growling. By 10 PM, I was famished and exhausted. I was almost willing to give away the company in order to take a break and get some food. This was one situation where the night owls had an advantage on this early bird.

  181. Linda

    That is my favorite video so far! I wake around 7:30 usually but recently I have slept til 11am. I am shifting towards a night owl. Trying to sleep when I need it.

  182. Sylvia

    hahaaa…. I loved this video… THANX !

    I can SEE here in the comments , MOST are “EARLY BIRDS” …haha !

    I AM ALL MY LIFE A “NIGHT OWL”…. and this made me in school as child already trouble.. not to tell about later in the office as economic and accountant person ..


    • The good thing about being an owl and having to work in the morning is getting paid for the unproductive time and saving those precious hours of creativity for yourself…

  183. Thanks for addressing this topic, Marie. There is a major bias in our world towards early birds, yet it rarely gets discussed. I am a complete night owl. Most productive hours are 3pm to 9pm. As the sun sets, I go into overdrive. For years I tried to conform, thinking I was weak or lazy as I tried to change my body’s rhythm, but I come from a family of night owls and my mother said I never had a chance at being an early bird. Only last year after talking with a coach did I decide to respect my body’s natural inclination and GO WITH IT! Most people are not happy, so I decided to do what makes me happy. Beauty sleep is required for my personal happiness and best me. And I now also view it as a public service. 🙂

  184. I loved the video.. and yes I’m a night owl who was always envious of my earlier risers…I attempted to change but it was short lived and unfortunately I didnt feel like myself. There is societal pressure that says “night owls” are lazy..The moral…Embrace myself :).. Thanks

  185. Marie, you are always so cute,
    but this topic was a big double Duh.

  186. Allison C Bayer

    Ugh! Reformed night owl. Kinda. Married thirty years to a Marine that did not see action. So, they reformed him and I conformed to survive. We wake up at 5:30 am to do our “zombie” power walk. Exercise is a priority and sets the tone for the day. Make our protein shakes and he’s out the door by 6:45 am. Me? I go back to bed for two hours and then I’m ready to go at 9:00 am. On weekends we sleep in until 7:00 am. So, when Sweet Man retires I’m asking him to join me in the weekend routine from that point forward. My night owl side comes raring back into the picture on sewing retreats. With all that creative energy flowing I can’t go to bed at 9:00 pm!! I’m usually up until 1:00 or 2:00 am on those four day retreats. But, the weird thing is I’m back up at 6:00 am ready to start the creative madness all over again. So, half the amount of sleep and tons of fun hanging out with my sewing buddies. I scheduled monthly retreats this year and find myself more productive the whole month knowing I get to go play.

  187. I recently read an article that stated “nobody is born a night owl or an early bird – anybody can be an early riser if they just go to bed earlier” (I am paraphrasing). Hogwash. I seriously believe we are hardwired one way or the other. I have been a night owl all my life. I lived with my grandparents as a child and they’d put me to bed and I would sit at the top of the stairs and watch TV over the banister until I fell asleep right there. When I got older and bedtime was imposed I either just laid awake or snuck a flashlight and book. Even now, if I try to go to bed early I just lay there, my brain wide awake. My husband is a hard-wired early bird – he goes to bed between 8:30 and 9pm every night and gets up at 5:30-6:00 am. I actually like being up early when I have to get up and get out, but left to my own devices, I’d go to sleep around 11:30 pm and get up around 8. (I *try* for down by 10 and up at 7 🙂

  188. Sylvia

    sorry , I touched a button.. was not done haha !

    BUT .. when YOU force yourself AGAINST YOUR OWN UNIQUE NATURE..

    “early birds” should should slowly KNOW that WE ALL ARE “UNIQUE BEINGS”
    and masses people do still NOT accepting this and try forcing others into there
    made up FORMULA from society, school and parents fixed in childhood in there mind and habits as “routine” !!!

    I GOT SERIOUS SICK YEARS AGO M from this .. trying to satisfying OTHERS expectations and BE ‘normal’ for others… !! haha

    NOW I do not care IF I AM “right or normal” for anyone else ….
    WHO DO NOT LIKE “ME” OR MY KIND OR LIFESTYLE has not to be with or around ME !

    healthy and full of energy more and better as I ever was before

    … I never go up before 10 am anymore since years now…. and when I feel like do my work in nite til “midnite… ” than i enjoy it…
    I allow nobody anymore to put pressure or obligation on me ….!

    the matter of fact is… when people try to be SOMEONE ELSE as they truly are…
    they limiting them self and living there life for others to satisfying and NOT
    living there own unique life!

    .. and when this is not to taking for others.. than this people do NOT “BELONG TO EACH OTHER” …. and it will be always … be a PROBLEM-LIFE together and not truly real happiness …..

    I know, it is hard for many partners to UNDERSTAND and accepting different
    kinds from others as “our self” to0 see different kinds of BEING and living as also “normal for them”…. when this or they do NOT FIT in a made up expected Formula life .. kind… of “old styles”..

    so much … and I DO NOT HIDE MYSELF anymore … and i don’t care anymore
    when I AM ..for others ” crazy, not normal..nuts or even be called mental sick” from others……

    Wish everyone deep happiness !

    Sylvia, Ontario

  189. Thank you for the fun video, Marie!
    I’ve been eternally confused about whether I’m an early bird or a night owl. I’ve noticed that my sleeping patterns change with the season. In the winter I’m a night owl and in the summer I Iove jumping out of bed “early” (9am). Right now, with Spring upon us, I’m in the transitioning phase and I’m both!
    I totally agree that we need more RESPECT for everyone’s individual sleeping preferences/chronotype! 🙂

  190. Absolutely IN LOVE with this video and the message! Thank you Marie!!! I am going to post this baby everywhere so everyone knows it is time to show a little respect to the night owls as well as the early birds. 😉

    This is something I constantly struggle with. I am a night owl who has tried and failed at least three times in the last year to become a morning person. After trying to change my sleep schedule with a new job for a solid 3 months, I finally accepted that I am a night owl and nothing is going to change that. I adjusted my work hours and am learning to accept the fact that I simply work better at night!

    Good luck to all of the early birds AND the night owls out there!! Let’s kick some butt and do our best work on our own darn sleep schedules! 🙂

  191. A dear friend of mine in London who was a very talented (and sought-after) artist used to do most of her work in days-long, all-night binges. Musicians, performers, dancers (the latter of which I am one) all do their work at night, then often end up staying up hours after their show is done winding down from the energy they’ve expended. For me, sometimes I work late into the night, sometimes I relish getting up early and getting a good chunk of work done. This is a big world, and there are all kinds of ways to live in it — as many ways as there are people on the planet. In my book, it’s down to each of us to find our own most productive way to live at any given time and in any given circumstances — which may change! And vive la change!

  192. I was SO NOT a morning person when I was younger. When I transitioned from marketing to education, I had to all of a sudden be up at 6am to get to work by 7:30! What did I do? I moved from NEW YORK to NJ to be near the school I worked at!! I became a morning person because I had to great 800 teenage girls every day. They will wake you up for sure. I STILL went to bed late because I am a night owl by heart.
    When I left my 10 year career in service and leadership education for young women, I found my body was still on HS time. But regardless — I love to be AWAKE because LIFE IS HAPPENING!!! I hate having to sleep but I also love being able to call it quits on a Sunday and just snoozing away. When I am pumped about the content of my life, it could be 7am or 12 midnight — BRING IT BABY!!

  193. I am a night owl who forced myself to wake up early after my kids were old enough to go to school. Now I’m a night owl who’s tired and feels guilty for staying up too late.

  194. I’m a night owl by nature, but have trained myself to be a morning person. The trouble is, I am pretty productive in the mornings, but my mind races like wildfire at night!

  195. Katharine

    It’s the only way to get it all done.
    And I don’t resent your sleep rhythm–as soon as you konk out, I can finally get going on all I have to do. Here–drink a little of this!!


    Okay! Finally! I can get something done!

  196. I love all the talk about honor your rhythm – well said!

    I would say I’m more of a morning person, not in that I enjoy getting up early or that I’m really peppy in the morning but I’d much rather sleep and wake up early than stay up late. I was this way even when I was a toddler, when I was tired I would just put myself to bed, my parents never had to ask. I was quite possibly the most easy-going toddler ever because I really valued my sleep time. Haha!

    I also would agree that I “follow the sun”. My body naturally wakes me up around 6/630 every day and during the summer it’s great as the sun is usually shining by that time, but during the winter it is definitely a struggle. In the end I think it all depends on your body and, as was said, honoring your own rhythm.

  197. Selena

    Marie: You are sooo FUNNY! Thanks for tackling a touchy subject with your unique brand of humor. This was just the laugh I needed today. By the way, I switch back and forth between being an early bird and a night owl. When I am managing business affairs day to day, mostly I am an early bird. But when I need to turn-out something authentic and ground-breaking, then my creative juices seem to kick-in late at night.

  198. Ellis

    BAM!!! Quite a question!
    Well one of the many times I have tried to “become” a morning person, I joined up with a friend and decided to meet for work-out’s at 6 am 5 days a week. The workouts were great, feeling healthy in so many ways, and doing a workout before the day got started made sure that excuses could not get in the way. Buddy system was a great way to keep me going on this. However…. Having teenagers, and still being a “night owl” it was really tough to get to bed by 10pm, which was the kind of rest I need to stay sane and head-ache free for living.( I suffer from migranes without enough sleep!) I just ended up burning the candle at both ends feeling some reward, but really getting frustrated and burnt out!
    I think I need a happy medium. I also know that my time, what ever time of day it is, needs to be well scheduled and focused, goal oriented, in order to be truly productive.
    I also know I need routine sleep patterns and exercise to feel good.
    Most weeks, I have one guilt free week-end day to sleep in. I have one “early” morning, and the rest of the week is just the usual morning time to function productively in my family Rhythm: 7 am.
    This is a good conversation, for so many years I wished to be a true “Morning person”. These days, I’m trying to accept who God made me to be, and embrace what it takes to be the best me I can. Thanks for sharing everyone!

  199. I saw an interview with Tim Ferris in which he said he’s a night owl. I was actually surprised and happy to hear that.
    I am far more productive later in the day than in the morning [unless it’s the wee hours when I’m still up].
    I used to beat myself for not being a morning person, but now it’s freeing to embrace my natural rhythm and use it to my advantage!
    Thanks Marie for another great episode! 🙂

  200. Marie, this is a very interesting question, and what I would like to add is that it can also be a stage of life thing.

    I will be 60 at the end of this month. All of my life I thought I was a morning person. Up early for school, up early for work, when I was raising and homeschooling my children I would get up at 5 to get work done before they got up (I’m a writer and artist so working from home allowed me flexibility.) and I would always poop and be in bed by 9ish.

    THEN at 45 I was divorced and living alone for the first time in my life. Kids all grown or in college, and I found that I was a late night person and for the first time in my life I felt in “flow” with my natural rhythms. At first I thought my Circadian rhythms were all askew and I felt SO guilty about getting up later especially since the way it work was a lot of the earlier part of the day I was very slow. I did easier tasks them but by evening I was ready to rumble! And people always told me (without having any idea of my sleeping schedule) that they couldn’t believe how much I got done everyday. I get a LOT of work done later and it’s not unusual for me to not go to bed until 2 or 3. It took me a long time to fully embrace my natural rhythms but when I embraced my natural rhythms it was life changing and I got more done in my life and work than I ever have.

    Then come the menopausal years. I know a lot of women who are NOT night people and really suffer during menopause because they can’t sleep well at night. I barely knew when menopause began and ended and I think is in large part because I was in such a natural state of flow with my body. It has made me think about the fact the I don’t believe women historically (meaning tribal peoples, people who live more in natural rhythms with the earth and so on) suffered from debilitating cramps and terrible times with menopause. I think, today, between unnatural rhythms with earth cycles in addition to the poor dietary choices that are offered and prevalent most places add to if not cause this. My diet is nowhere near perfect but I do see that when I eat better I work/sleep and everything else better and I’m not talking about a perfect diet, just better choices.

    Anyway I fear I went on far too long, just a few thoughts from the vantage point of 60…

    Blessings to you Marie, and to all,


  201. I used to be an Early Bird, and LOVED it, loved watching the sun rise, especially when it would break through the clouds. THEN I took in a family member (who I take care of) and she’s a night owl…. I had to change my ways for her… and on top of that got slammed with fibromyalgia which hits with both pain and exhaustion… so basically, I’m ALWAYS tired – and fibro often causes insomnia. I fight hard (but often lose the battle) to get up early, I get so much more done when I’m up and going and then I feel GREAT because I’ve accomplished so much. My brain tends to shut down when it gets dark outside… so if “it’s” (what the it is) isn’t accomplished early, then I’m pretty much screwed… unless it’s mindless paperwork…. I do that often until 8-10 PM if I have to get caught up. Would love to get some insight into how to get up early when the body fights to stay in bed (from pain and complete exhaustion).

  202. Sorry for the typos! I was typing fast and it won’t let me go back and edit!

  203. I’m totally an early morning riser and can barely stay up late even on the weekends. In my family we are split 50/50- my dad, me and one of my brothers all get up early while my mom and other 2 brothers could sleep til noon. Usually they were the ones staying up late watching tv, or talking while we were already in bed. No real winner in this situation but you can clearly see which side of the family we all took after.

  204. By the way I also live with 4 rescue pugs who sleep with me and they will often not even want out before I get up in the morning which is usually between 10 and 11. If they do I get up and get them out to the potty and then I say, “Let’s go back to bed,” and they just trot right after me and go right to sleep. When you live alone with animals you really fall in sync with one another. 🙂

  205. Farrah Haidar

    Total night owl here. And the one thing I WISH I could change about myself is becoming a morning person. And I have tried to change – sleeping earlier, alarms, etc…But, it has NEVER worked. It’s upsetting because I could totally find time for things like exercise if I could just constantly rise early. When I had kids, it changed a little because I had to be up so many times during the night. Now, that they are all sleeping through the night, I still am up early with them but am constantly short on sleep. I just get so much done during the night and can’t let go of those precious hours of uninterrupted work time. I have found that power naps through the day – 15 min here and there helps.

  206. Yes, great video! I think I have always been a night owl, but I learned how to adapt by working out in the mornings. It was counter to what I would have ever thought I’d do, but once I get to working out, I start to really wake up and then I’m good from there.

    Still, it is important to acknowledge what your body’s natural tendencies are. For example, some people shun working in the evenings/late when you work for yourself, but I actually do some of my best writing and creative thinking in the evenings.

    Thanks, Marie!

  207. Wow, this could not have com at a better time! I am a night owl, and a yogi to boot. Over the years, I have suffered immense amounts of guilt from the hours I keep, both self inflicted and externally imposed from colleagues and family members.
    It was just last week as I was contemplating self care on a deeper level, when the light bulb went off in my head… ding, ding, ding, “Hello Tara, it’s me, your higher self, knowing yourself best means you have a better chance of giving yourself what you need to meet success!”…
    Then, this week, just when I started to slip back into old guilt grooves in the mind, Marie tv came out! I love this video. I completely agree with Marie about our bio-rhythm clocks. Thank you so much for addressing this question to Marie. I have a feeling this will have helped countless people, as every episode does:) Who knows we may even see a boost in the number of night owls that come “out of the closet” over this!!
    Peace and many thanks.

  208. I loved this video! Great points, Marie. My family/friends and other well-meaning people LOVE to act like I’m sooooo lazy for sleeping in, but that is their problem, not mine…I designed my business this way. I’m most productive at night, so I work when I’m most productive and sleep in as late as I want. I’m laughing all the way to the bank, and sleeping til noon most weekends.

  209. Total late-riser/night-owl here. Also since I was really little. The judgment from people who are up early is insane. I had a job where I had to be up about 3 hours than was natural for me and I did it well but I know I would’ve been better 3 hours later. I just wasn’t fully ‘awake’. Now that I have my own business, I find the best tips are to make phone calls or send emails within 10 minutes of waking up. Especially since I’m on the West Coast. I need to give people as much time as possible to get the responses I need. I try to move my body before 2pm because that usually helps me to get up an hour or so earlier when all is said and done. I then have energy to do the more physical tasks later in the day like running errands from 2-5 and then after dinner, I have energy to clean & organize.

  210. Cia

    Awwwww this made my day!!!!
    LOVE this! aka Sia lol

  211. Adejoke Paul

    Love it-Honor Your Own Rhythm.

  212. Patricia Walters

    In my heart of hearts, I’m a night person. Most of my working life, however, if had to adjust to an early to bed and early to rise work schedule. Or, more likely, late to bed and early to rise.

    The older I get there harder this is.

    I am currently a university professor. 9:30 am classes are no problem, although I prefer teaching night classes. This semester I’m teaching at 8am which means I’m at school by 6:30. Maybe it’s my age, but I’m really, tired even before my afternoon class.

    I would be much more productive if I got the necessary night’s sleep. I’m really looking forward to next semester when my earliest class is 12:30pm.

    • Tunde

      Hey Patricia, I had an 8am class for 2 years and NEVER got used to getting up at 6:30 to get there in time! Hang in there, sistah!

  213. Vanessa

    I’m a very late-night owl but one of the best parts has been that everyone else would be asleep when I would be at my most productive so there were no interruptions and no good distractions in-person or on the internet to take my mind off of things.

    The con for me is that it’s hard to live a normal life when you’re waking up so late. Half of the world is closing up shop just as I am getting into my productive state.

  214. I used to be a night owl, but a few years ago I went through a very difficult time in my life, and lost some people I was very close to. During this time, I felt like if I didn’t make myself get up early in the morning (as in VERY early, between 5 and 6am) and walk around the Central Park reservoir listening to great music and having a really amazing cup of tea, I would never be able to get through the day because I was feeling so fragile and unsure of so much of my life. This practice ended up helping me so much on so many different levels that I never stopped it. And now, I love going to bed early and very often get most of my work done well before 10am.

  215. callie weylin

    I’m naturally a night owl and I used to work nights, which I loved because it was so quiet and I could get so much done without distractions. The down side is, if I felt like takeout most places were shut and I also had to be really quiet so as not to disturb anyone who had a ‘normal’ sleep pattern.

    Now I’m on the 9-5 job I have to be up at 6am and I seem to be doing well at that now too.

    I find the key to success here is consistency. You should ensure that you have a set time you go to bed and get up so that your body gets used to it. It’s the chopping and changing of routines that really make it a traumatic experience when you have to deal with the reverse of what you are used to.

  216. Having almost finished Adriana Huffington’s book ‘Thrive’ I think the key thing is getting ENOUGH sleep! Totally recommend this book for those wanting the evidence for sleeping more, taking naps and going with your own body clock.

    I always thought of myself as a night owl – and certainly I get some great writing in between 8 and 10 pm. But now I’m actually switching my alarm on for 11 pm at NIGHT so that’s when I head for bed, I’m waking up at 7 am and feeling very chirpy…

  217. I have been a night person as long as I can remember. Being a musician and working at night, I’m not sure whether that was nature or nurture, but it was what it was. For a time, I worked for an airline, and was forced (through my shifts) to become an early riser. As in 3am. I did it. It was fine…for a while. But ultimately, it contributed to me becoming chronically ill. And now that I do deal with a chronic illness, I am incredibly protective about my sleep. And I still sleep best from about 2am to 11am. And my most productive work hours are usually from about 6pm to 1am, give or take…and I’m kind of on fire then. Especially if my kids are home – once they go to bed, and the house is quiet and all mine…that’s my zen work time. I’m learning to not sweat the small stuff (like not being able to focus as well during the day, and constantly getting distracted in 20 different directions), knowing that I can count on 6 or so solid hours of work space at night, when I focus extremely well, and have no problem putting the Facebook down. 😉 I think it all comes down to recognizing your own patterns and learning to respect and work with them. Be your own best friend…not your enemy.

  218. Krystyna

    What an eye opener! I am so judgmental about my son and daughter in law’s penchant for sleeping in. In my not-so-humble opinion, when I’m up, everyone else should be up unless you’re sick.

  219. Awesome video!
    Personally my energy levels tend to be higher in the morning than late at night.
    I think it really depends on the person though. You could wake up at 4:00am and have no productivity whatsoever in your day, you could also wake up at 11:00am and have the most productive day in a long time.

  220. Luxe

    Hi Marie!
    Loved the video. I’m definitely a night owl and unfortunately got into a daily ritual of drinking coffee just to be up with the early birds. Ugh… However, when I was able to sleep in, I prepared my tweets and Facebook updates the night before (Hoo Hoo) and programmed them to be posted with the early birds through an app while I slept! #Winning!

    -Lady Luxe

  221. Gaveeta

    Hey this was an eye opening video for me. I didn’t realize that my husband is a night owl and I am an early riser! So I have been getting cross with him for not coming for an early morning walk with me when he is just following his body clock. Thanks Marie for helping me keep the domestic peace 🙂 Also wanted to say that I have always been an early riser and would wake up daily at 5am for as long as I can remember. Then gradually I noticed my waking time getting later, and that I was feeling more tired. It turns out that my thyroid was under active. I am now on medication and my levels are fine and guess what? I’m back to waking up at 5am. So just a tip that if you notice a change in your sleeping pattern, and start feeling more tired in the mornings to think about checking out your thyroid functioning.

  222. When it comes to getting into a consistent sleep pattern, I must admit that I 100% am not good at it. I honestly have no idea if I prefer waking up early or late as I have done both, been productive and not too productive either way. I love mornings but I find it hard to wake up consistently early in the am. On the contrary, when I wake up later I’m always feeling guilty I didn’t wake up sooner to get more done. Every evening I am going back and forth in my mind whether or not I should go to bed earlier or if I can stay up just a little longer to get more done and take on the late am feelings of guilt. Overall, I feel better when I wake up earlier. HELP!!! *lol*

  223. i used to be a night owl and no one could talk to me before 10 or i would bite their head off! even at the office! then i had a kid and that changed EVERYTHING! she’s not a sleeper. now im a morning person. it works better because now i don’t bite people’s head off before 10am 🙂
    as long as i go to bed early to make sure i get enough sleep i am golden!
    thank you for the video. i have been a little judgemental of those who sleep in.

  224. I used to so battle with this and having guilt for being a night owl. For years I worked and toured in the live concert production industry which meant late nights. I often had to wake up early and work up to 18 hours, but it always included late nights. When I wasn’t on tour I used to naturally go into a rhythm of going to bed at 10pm and waking up by 8am. But about 4 years ago that changed. I could not get my ass to get out of bed that early! I was naturally staying up late just doing my own stuff, reading, writing. I tried to change it. Tried so many different methods and then was like I get to create my own schedule why I am trying to mold into anyone else’s. Now I love that I don’t have to live with an alarm clock. Somedays I am up at 8am somedays 10am. I always make goals for my days and I complete them. Love this video! No guilt for being a later riser!

  225. No matter how hard I have ever tried, I can never become an early riser. When I try to work in the morning it is sloppy and has to be redone later when I wake properly. I work best in the afternoon
    To say that another human being should follow a different schedule just because it happens to work for you is very arrogant, and I find the self-righteous early risers very annoying!
    Do what works best for you and ignore the nay-sayers

  226. Tunde

    Oh, Marie, I’m 58 years old and have been struggling with being a night owl in a world of early birds my entire adult life. Your assessment was bang on: there’s a lot of judgement out there about getting up late and arriving at the office late (the judgers never seem to understand that I also would leave after 6pm when they were already home and cozy). I work at home now, and have more leeway, though I do find that by the time I’m immersed in the late afternoon, other people are winding down for the day and want to do things like dinner or whatever, so that is often an issue. I’m also finding that as I get older, I just can’t focus past about 7pm, when I used to do my best work after 11pm. It’s a tough transition.

    I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier all my life tool, especially since I watched your interview with Ariana Huffington. It doesn’t normally help that much since I stay awake till my usual bedtime anyway, even if the lights are off, but I do find a warm bath does help, as does my new no-electronics-in-the-bedroom rule.

    The one thing I’ve found that really does make a difference is exercising in the morning. I recently found an 8:30 class taught by a woman I adore. On class days (3-4 days a week), I usually have no trouble popping out of bed by 7:30 or so, and when I get back, I’m at my desk no later than when I sleep till 9:30, but I’m energized and happy and very, very productive. I’m working on getting up at the same time every day, with varying degrees of success.

  227. I will never be a morning person. All of my thoughts, creativity, and project details come together to be worked on and tweaked at the end of the day. For some people that’s 4pm for me it’s 8pm. My best hours are from 8pm-12am. I am always up and working by 10am. 8am-10am is my time to either read the latest trends and learn something, eat breakfast and just be, etc. No matter what the activity in the morning I need the no pressure, few hours to be ready to reconnect to the rest of the world in my work space. No one would dare call me unproductive as I work and accomplish long lists of projects daily. Just don’t call me at 8am thinking I’m ready to “jump.”

  228. As a part of my ‘Living the Best Life Ever’ strategy, I set my alarm for 4:44AM(ish) almost everyday so I can get up, do my yoga and meditation practice and then head to the to golf course to play a quick sunrise 18 before I start my creative process for the day. When I get home, I load up on nutrients, spend 3-4 hours doing some super focused work and then I break for a couple hours to eat lunch with my wife, do some work down in our garden or take our dog for a big hike in the mountains (I live on Salt Spring Island, BC). Then I come home and work for another couple hours.

    Healty lifestyle practices are the most important thing in my life and it’s what I train all my clients to adopt as well … cuz what’s a million bucks in the bank if you’re not enjoying the journey of living your dreams now!?

    Wake up early and start your day doing something you love. The energy of that practice will overflow into everything you do.

  229. great vlog Marie! my sleep pattern shifts. i love waking up early and writing, doing my Buddha Doodle, and then easing into the day. With the launch of my affiliate offering for B-School {Unstarving Artist Academy} + training my team + running a product based business, my night owlness has reappeared out of necessity. It’s fun to change things up and in my honest opinion, sparks creativity. Sometimes sleeping in two four hour shifts opens up a portal…and then sometimes going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 4am connects you to another dimension of being. All fun to experiment with during this precious time on Earth. PS: i adore and love you! xo Molly

  230. Kitty

    I LOVE this! during last night’s eclipse I stayed up until 8 am with a total creative power surge where I wrote for four straight hours and then painted my kitchen. Normally I get down on myself for not being able to sleep but last night I just went with it and today I feel great. I like having those precious night hours to myself when everyone else is asleep, boosts my creativity!

    Thank you!

  231. As a child I burnt the candle at both ends – up at 6 and to bed at 10. After years of dealing with low thyroid and sleep apnea, I pray to sleep late. The rhythm thing must be respected, otherwise you are asking your body to do something when it may well need to have the opposite.

    I work two jobs. If I had my way, I would only work afternoons/early evenings.

  232. As a working musician who often must stay up late to perform, and in my experience, most other musicians, engineers, etc., do, too. Yes, they may work, if need be, early in the morning, but they aren’t even answering phones until 11 am. I, myself, won’t pick up my office phone until 9 am, when I start my regular business hours.

    But there’s more to it than staying socially connected by honoring the time schedules of your business associates. This is about right-brained/left-brained thinking.

    When are you most creative? When are you better at dealing with paperwork and business? As a writer and musician, I am the most creative at about 11 pm and into the wee hours. That’s apparently when my right brain excels. I am most left brained in the morning hours, so I proof materials and handle business emails and calls then. The afternoon, well, if I had my choice, I’d take a nap after lunch, because that’s when I seem to really want to sleep and recharge.

    So, I think this is deeper than night owl vs. early bird. It’s about what kind of work to do when.

  233. Count me in the camp of people who rotate between being an early bird and a night owl. I love being up in the morning – coffee, quiet music, and an introspective start to the day…but sometimes I love sleeping more! I think for me the key is consistency. Right now, I’m alternating rapid-fire between early morning and late nights and I think I’m confusing my body and my brain.

  234. I am an early riser and my boyfriend is a night owl. The best thing I ever did for my relationship is get a Bucky sleep mask. Now no matter what time I go to bed I have darkness. He can have all the lights on and as long as he is not making a ton of noise I can sleep peacefully!

  235. I am in the middle of transition from night owl to early bird. I always worked retail and waited tables and naturally feel more alive at night. But I changed from working for others to working for myself and in the process, improving myself. What I have learned is that everyone I admire, who has success and happiness – they all take time to work on themselves – exercise, personal development and play time. I also KNOW that I am a workaholic and tend to work till I drop. So, I had to make a change. If I want what they have, I have to do something different, right? I would rather sleep till 10, but at that point, it’s time to hit the phones and start connecting with people with “normal” hours. Then once I get on the phone and start working, or head to my in home spas at night, the day is done, I’ve not worked on me, I’ve not eaten healthy foods and I haven’t exercised. New rule in life as of last week that I am loving – wake by 7 – no WORK till 11. That’s ME time, that’s time to prep for my day, time to run or do yoga, to read or watch tv if I want. I feel much more balanced and I can go about my day feeling satisfied with ME before I work with anyone else. I love it!

  236. I wish I could say I’m a early riser by choice. I’m up early because of kids bus schedule. I’ve learned to squeeze a 1/2 of work before the main job. I’m usually up to 12 working on my side job. Then it starts all over again at 5:15. I try to make the best of my time because I always seem like I’m on the treadmill that never stops.

  237. I’ve always always been a night owl – like a seriously late night owl. My best, most creative hours are between 10pm + 2am, which can often stretch into the wee hours of the morning before I turn in. There’s no noise or distraction from getting things done! This definitely served me well in my years at art school and the beginning of my professional life when I was single and married to my work. And I really didn’t want to change it. However, over the years it’s taken a toll being a night owl in a 9-5 world. I always felt like I was behind, racing to catch up and overwhelmed trying to do it. Because I wouldn’t start my workday until after lunch or sometimes mid-afternoon, I’d work late into the evening and often miss out on social gatherings or leisure activities, which kind of made me resent my work. And because the ‘rest of the world’ seemed to winding down just as I was winding up I always felt out of sync. I just couldn’t make peace with my natural rhythm. As it turns out, this rhythm also does not fit very well with married life and having a young son.

    So, I changed it up this year. I started going to 6.30am yoga classes in Jan 1x/wk, then increased it to 2x/wk. Now I do those two classes each week plus an 8am class on another day of the week. I needed a motivation to get out of bed. In my old schedule I never made it to yoga classes even though I wanted to. Now I start my days with yoga and i’m feeling great. Getting up early on these days has shifted my clock so I am getting up earlier on non-yoga days. And because I get up so early i’m tired before my second wind kicks in at 10pm. My weeks have a structure to them that I was seriously lacking before. Even though I don’t actually think I’m any more productive than before (other than making it to yoga classes) I just feel generally better and way less overwhelmed. And that is a really good thing!

  238. Stephannie

    I am an Early Bird, and I totally second what a lot of the other Early Birds are saying! My Night Owls friends act as if it is soooo much easier to stay up late than it is to wake up early. Make me stay out until midnight and I will get a ton of complaining if I even yawn (“you are too young to be tired” and “stop being lame”) but they get away with things like saying “don’t even talk to me before 8 am.”

    I can also say that being an Early Bird and my partner being a Night Owl was almost the end of us. It seems so trivial but it is hard to be in a relationship with your opposite. First, we live in a tiny space so I feel like I can’t enjoy my mornings fully (I have to just sit quietly- not shower, not make breakfast, etc) and he can’t enjoy his nights. Plus, I love mornings (and had tons of morning rituals growing up in an Early Bird home) but, since he claims he can’t function before 10am, we never get to do the morning things I love. It feels stifling.

  239. zena

    I have to admit to being both. Starting the day at 6 30 and getting things done for my 4 children and ready for a full days work. I however rarely go to bed before 1am. I have had this pattern for around 20 years and am fit and healthy on minimum sleep. I spend the 24 hours in the day very wisely and still have lots of me time. Best of both worlds.

  240. Great topic! I’m a early person but my husband and work partner isn’t. He tried to change, but it was easy for me to get his biological clock. So, I learn to be more productive at afternoons and nights, but the most difficult thing for me was and still is acept that I’m not a lazy person because of that. When you live in a world where everyone says “God helps who wake up early” (this a brazilian commum quote) it’s take courage to say to your client that you just start work after noon!

  241. Shaina

    3:15am. After being a creative little night owl my whole life I decided to stretch myself and take a job where I’m forced to be at work by 5:30am. That means I have to wake up 3:15am! And since there’s no one to kick me out of bed if I hit the snooze button, that means I actually have to go to sleep on time, to make sure I hear the alarm clock the first time it goes off. I wasn’t sure I could do it, since 2-3 am has always been my bedtime. (At around 10pm I suddenly get a creative crank that comes over me.) But, so far I have not only been early to work each time, but I’m fully awake and energized. And being fully present at that hour is awesome, because I get to see NYC right before its starts getting loud and crazy.

    Some tricks I’ve learned:

    1. Realizing that I’m not really a Night Owl or an Early Bird. – I control when I choose to start the day. If I set the clock for 3:15am or 10:30am, as long as I counted backwards enough hours (6.5+ hrs) and went to bed, my day shifted. More than the actual hour, it’s the amount of sleep.

    2. Budgeting my time instead of rushing. – My chronic snail modes led me to place myself on a timer. I break my hour up into 15 minute segments and set a timer for however long I’m allotting to a particular task. If I planned my early morning out from the night before, it helps me to be laser focused on the tasks I need to be doing by a given time, and gets me out the door, instead of wandering. If I do get hyper-focused on a task, the timer reminds me to keep it moving.

  242. Marie: I loved this video and am glad you are shedding light on this topic. I have been an extreme night owl for years. I’ve found that I come alive after midnight. As crazy as it may sound, 1am-3am is usually the time when I get bursts of productivity and creativity. It’s rare that I have a night where I’m going to bed before midnight. And I kind of like it that way.

    Having a current job that requires me to wake up in the morning usually means I only get 4-5 hours of sleep at night. However, this is compensated for by napping 1-2 hours during the day. My unconventional sleep schedule has certainly encouraged me to only seek future work that offers flexible work schedules (aka my travel blog and life coaching business). 🙂

    I always thought there was something wrong with me or that I was sleep deprived, but I’ve found that it really was just me questioning my own lifestyle against societal norms. Just like we aren’t all wired to be early birds, we also aren’t wired to sleep in eight-hour chunks. We all must find out what sleep schedule works best for us and put ourselves in an environment that can meet those needs.

    Sweet dreams!

  243. I loved this video because I’ve been battling this issue with myself for YEARS!!! I currently work at a hospital and I have to wake up at 5:30 am to be there at 6:30 am. I get up that early because I HAVE to, not because I want to. If I didn’t have an alarm clock, there would be no way that would wake up at that time “naturally”. For years I thought that I was strange for not being considered an early riser. I’ve learned that my body clock gets me up around 8:00/8:30 am and I feel awesome, refreshed, energized and ready to take on whatever. I actually function better through the day when I naturally wake up at that time. One of my friends thinks that 8 am is still too early since he wakes up “naturally” at 10 sometimes 11 am. Whoa!!! I’m not trying to catch the worm but I DO NOT want to miss the great breakfast at the diner! LOL LOL LOL Thanks Marie for that Q to that A!

  244. Margina Jones

    The Early bird gets the worm. BUT
    The second mouse gets the cheese. 😉

  245. Recently, I was fortunate to visit and stay with my bestest of friends! She is a night owl. I am the early bird. I have to say that I was loving staying in a late-rising house! I woke at 7 and stayed in bed reading and writing until 10:30! That just doesn’t happen in my house of two kids and a dog:) it was challenging for me eating dinner at 9pm since I am used to 5pm, but I just packed a lot of snacks in my bag!

  246. kelly

    my late night owls and I call it sleep guilt. Early birds always think they are more right….

  247. I’m an early bird. But it is best to put your mornings on autopilot as much as possible either way. Coffee ready to go, clothes laid out, first calls and to list all done the night before.

  248. I’ve always been an early risen and I have experienced great difficulty spending the amount of quality time I wanted with my ex partner. I seriously believe that it is a major problem and both sides have to compromize somehow.
    Besides that, being an early bird works just fine for me, even when I can’t have long nights!

  249. I’ve experienced both being a night-owl and early-riser.

    I have to say that I feel a deep connection with myself when I am an early-riser. There is something beautiful about waking up before the world wakes up.

  250. Rosemary

    I’m an early riser and my hubs is a late riser – both of us equally efficient at getting things done – just at different times of the day:)

  251. Chandani

    I personally believe being early birds as it gives me more energy, fresh feelings, and much more me time!! but i also respect those late night ppl who got the strength to perform their best at late night. We all need peace of mind to do our best and it is absolutely fine whatever it is early day or late night. If your day activities dont stressed you out and u feel more productive at night than all is well. Enough sleep is much more important here and some of the me time( exercise and meditation), And I try to follow majority of the nature when new day begins with the sun rise! I wake up at 5 am since last 8 years and now my body and mind set with this so it’s very much natural now!( no set alarm needed)

  252. Natasha

    I used to be a morning person. I was the one who never really needed an alarm clock; I’d wake up before it went off. Then I worked nights jobs throughout college and afterward for many years. Now, I hate waking up early. I guess I’m still considered a morning person because my body clock still wakes me up no later than 8am, even if I work late at night. After watching this video, I realized that my most productive times are about 10-1and some time in the evening….this was good information!

  253. Newsha

    Great video and a topic that I have been pondering for some body naturally wakes up after 8 hours of sleep and I’m usually in bed by 11:00 p.m. My next step is to adjust my schedule and get up early for some productive focused time…Reading some of the posts here has inspired me to get up at 5:00 a.m. instead of 7:00…not sure how I’m going to get there!

  254. Marie (& friends),

    I just recently wrote on this topic, too! I have been medically PROVEN to be a night owl! Seriously! But I do have to honor the world around me and my responsibilities. I explain more, here:

  255. I would say it depends. Do you feel well or is it a habit that pushes you out of balance. As an Ayurvedic practitioner, we consider the times of day very important when considering your body type. A person trying to lose weight will find it difficult to do so if they sleep in. The morning has the heavy qualities of Kapha (earth and water) and you embody those qualities if you sleep during that time. Have you noticed when you randomly sleep in, you take a really long time to get going? It leads you to become a night owl because it takes that long to shake off that heavy feeling? Your appetite might take awhile to get moving too (and lead to eating later) A person that has a light frame and tends towards nervousness and anxiety may find this time the most restful (between 6-10am) because it weighs them down enough to dream. Since that heavy time is 6-10pm in the evening also, we consider it the best time to go to bed. You will find you naturally start yawning. If you bull past this, you will inevitably get your second wind after 10pm (fire time-observe yourself at a party and notice everyone’s second wind come on around that time) but it’s also the time for the liver (fire organ) to replenish. So, viewing life holistically, it’s about the individual as a total and being honest with your habits (and honest with how you feel) and whether they serve you or impede your flow.

  256. Alanna

    It’s taken nearly 1.5 years but I’m proud to say I’m now an early riser. Even though it’s still hard to get out of bed at 5.30am some days I wouldn’t really dare sleep past 9am. Before that I was struggling to get up at 9.30 and would always sleep in until 12 or even 1pm.
    After about a year of trying on my own I was getting up at 8 but still struggling. Then I started doing group fitness 3 mornings a week at 6am. That’s what the trick was 😉 the trick is to get up 1 or even 2 hours earlier than you want to for a week or so. This will make getting up at your desired time a breeze. I went on a retreat where I had to get up at 3.30am/4am for about 4 days. This made getting up at 5.30am a breeze for a while! I think it’s about going one more, just going beyond what you think.

  257. Jessa

    LOL this is too funny! I am a morning person and my husband is a night owl. This has made for an interesting marriage 🙂 I must admit that I do little to accommodate his sleep needs. I can’t help it if the floor needs to be vacuumed and at 6am while he is asleep. I’ve been up for an hour already, had coffee, a little breakfast…my day is well under way. Besides, if your really that tired you can fall back to sleep 😉 Either way, this system has worked for us so far so I doubt it will change.

  258. Melina

    The only problem with this issue that comes up for me that was not addressed is that I think it is important for parents to take on an early bird regimen if their children need to get up early. I had a step mom and a dad growing that would stay up late and would sleep in late too. I was always left to take care of all my own needs during this time and I feel I was too young to have that much responsibility yet and do it successfully. For example I had to, make sure I got up at the right time, (it also didn’t help that they stayed up late so sometimes I would too, but I still had to get up), make my own breakfast (I often would skip it because I would run out of time), and make my own lunch, and walk to the bus alone. I think this was a bit neglectful so I encourage people to watch out for this. I also do not agree that night owls cannot become early risers. If taking melatonin for a week doesn’t reset your clock, then check out your adrenal function and other hormonal levels and see if these need to be normalized through natural lifestyle and dietary changes. Also, this night owl lifestyle has been repeatedly shown to not be great for your health for many reasons. Basically I think that if this habit leads to irresponsibility it is a problem.

  259. Finally! Some respect for the night owls among us. I’ve always been a night owl and everyone has always shamed me for it. I’d say 95% of my writing gets done late at night though. My creative mind doesn’t open up until the moon is halfway across the sky. That’s just the way it is.

    • Elle Flythe

      I can relate. I need stillness and quiet to write and 2am is calmer than 6am almost any day.

  260. Hello everyone,

    I am a Business Productivity Expert and Coach and I get the Early Bird vs. Late Owl question all the time with my personal clients and in workshops. I believe that it is most important to work when your personal energy is peaking. I myself have trouble focusing before 10 AM and get so much more done in the late afternoon and night. In the mornings I still conquer tasks, but they are not the tasks that take the most creativity or focus to finish. I think it is a complete waste of time to try to force yourself to work on something when your energy is just not happening.

  261. Tammy

    I have always been a morning person. I get up at 5 each day except Saturday 6.30am and Sunday 8am. I just love to live a healthy pattern in life and just feel like I am abusing myself if I don’t sleep adequately. Hard when we go with friends. I want to be home by midnight and they are happy to party on till all hours. Guess I am a party pooper. I love days where I get up, exercise, eat right, rest right and hydrate right and get things done. How boring I must be.

  262. Hi Marie, what an interesting question! What’s my experience as an early bird dealing with night owls? Effectively, I’ve had to adapt…
    I was always an early riser until I recently had my first baby. Then, life got turned upside down! My husband being a night owl, I realized that the only way to get some quality time with him is to stay up late and make the most of the time our little daughter is sleeping.
    It took me a while, but somehow my body seemingly adapted to this new rhythm. Now, I also use the evenings to work on my personal projects (like doing my B-School modules, for example 😉 ).
    It hasn’t always been easy. I often wake-up early despite going to bed later, meaning that I am a bit sleep deprived. My solution to that is that have a lay-in once a week. So far, it’s working for me!
    Elsa xx

  263. hans

    love the traction

  264. Flor

    Hi Marie, Team and intelligent ladies in the web!!!
    I`m right from Argentina, a lot of miles away from you. I really want to thank you because I`ve improved muy english a lot since I watch your channel. I`m a big fun!!
    I used to be a early bird. Since I was a child, the morning was my favority time of work and be productive. But when I started to work and attend university I`ve changed my perspective. Best ideas and proyects became to appear at nigh. Now I belive that when you are working in a great team o doing what you love to do, no matter time or place, great ideas come to your mind.

  265. Shannon

    I use to be a night owl. I would stay up until 1 or 2 even when I had to get up at 6 or 7. Last December, I became unhappy with my mornings and felt the lack of time in the morning was affecting my day. I vowed to start waking up at 7 everyday (including weekends) and then working out. That gave me about 30minutes of free time to watch videos or read or just do whatever I wanted before going to work. Now, a week ago I decided to wake up at 6:30, so I could have even more time in the morning. I don’t regret the move, but I don’t think I could have done it unless I felt the push. I still listened to my body and my soul. It may have taken a week or two for me to feel great about it, but it’s been worth it.

  266. Great topic Marie.
    Three of us in our family are early birds with our adult son the night owl. I have been so judgemental! I feel because he doesn’t get up until lunchtime that he misses the best part of the day, hardly sees the sun – is that healthy? – and spends hours winding down after work with TV or games after his evenings shifts.
    He lives in another state now but when he comes to stay it’s even annoying that everything gets washed up after breakfast and then he comes out and makes a new mess. And I thought I was tolerant.
    I love being an early riser but just wish I could have a ten minute nap like my husband after lunch – he even does it in the office – which refreshes him for the rest of the day.

  267. Veronique

    I’m definitively a night owl. Each time I’ve tried to change my rhythm, I was in the fog all the morning and unfortunately like a zombie at 6:00 am so I lost a large part of my efficient work time. Happily I have a job which allows me to start and finish when I want, no kids and a boyfriend very understanding and working like me without hours. My best vitality, efficient and creative moments are from 5:00 pm 🙂
    I’m in Belgium (that explains also my bad English 🙂 and it’s 01:00 am here now 🙂 So I’ll tell, respect your rhythm. At least do your best to do it possible.

  268. I am a night owl and so is most of my family I think it may be in our DNA someone had to stay up and watch the fire to make sure the tribe was safe for our ancestors long ago! Even as a personal trainer, I would rather teach at midnight than 5:00am. I have tried to be a morning person and I always just felt nauseous and out of sorts, so I embrace my night loving self and make it work and have so much fun!

  269. Gwen Evans

    I am a night owl and have been so for as long as I remember. My husband, on the other hand, is an early bird. Just when I know that he is knocked out and sleeping, I crawl out of bed and get the rest and the best of my work done. Around 4 or 5 in the morning, I get back into bed and before long, he wakes up at zero dark thirty and singing with the sun! Are you kidding me?? As you can imagine, it makes for an interesting marriage, but it works out for the both of us. He doesn’t try to wake me up just because he is up and and I don’t disturb him when he is sleeping. I’ve tried to do the early morning thing, but it goes against my body’s rhythm. I’ve found myself foggy and dazed (and I must admit quite grumpy) until around 9-10 am, which is when I am usually ready to rock and roll!

  270. Marie you are awesomely hilarious! I’m a total night owl and have only been able to truly embrace it since becoming an entrepreneur. I’m very analytical and at night when my brain finally gets tired I’m able to get in the flow find so much clarity, inspiration and insight. Why would I want to mess with that?! When I do have something I have to get up early for, no matter how hard I try to go to bed early, I can’t fall asleep until my heart has finished saying all it has to say. I just have less sleep and then fit in a nap during the day. And really if you think about it, if a night owl stays up super late to get something out then they’re actually up earlier than the earliest of early birds 😉

  271. Hi Marie,
    It’s so interesting that you brought this subject up! I have always classified myself as “not a morning person”…have always struggled to get up in the morning through school, college and work.

    However, after having spent most of my adult life living in Kansas and then in Florida I have recently moved to Colorado and am close to New Mexico where I was born. I find myself waking up early and getting up early for the first time in my life! I am attributing it to finally living where my heart desires. Maybe my subconscious being has always been in this time zone…who knew?

  272. I am an early bird and my significant other is oh so a night owl. Over time, we have learnt to accept that we are different in this area and we have compromised on a few things. For example,

    1. If he has something super urgent or important to work on, I go to bed later so that I can stay up with him and offer my support.

    2. If he knows that I have an important meeting or something urgent to attend to in the morning, he’ll go to bed earlier.

    It continues to be a work in progress, and sometimes, we just let each other be! The good news is that our sleep times tend to overlap for the most part 🙂

  273. I would have to say I’m seasonal too. I’m so glad I now have my own business from home and can honor my internal clock. 🙂

  274. Hi,

    I am a natural owl! I tried turning myself into an early bird about three months ago. It is a constant battle. While I am very pleased with myself on the days I manage to get up at 5:30am and do 1/2 hour yoga before I start working at my desk I can’t seem to be able to do it regularly. The first time I couldn’t get up I told myself it is only a one off and I can get back on track. If I am honest with you, I am not sure I can, it is now past midnight in the UK and I am not sure I will be able to wake up at 5:30am tomorrow. If I do I will probably be so tired by 8pm I’d fall asleep next to the kids.

    It doesn’t make me happy to know I don’t have a life. I love evenings but Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am intending to keep up the battle. They say you can create a habit in 21 days. I am still working on mine…

    Wish me luck 🙂

  275. Am definitely a night owl but I’m also a teacher which means I had to switch over.

    The job that helped me do this was when I was teaching at a high school. I usually walked in the doors at 6:55 and by 7:30 I was teaching my first class. I admit, the first few months were a bit hellish. But as I trained myself to go to bed earlier and get the proper amount of sleep, I really could see the appeal of being an early bird. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the first bits of sunlight?

    One tip I recommend is using your body. I usually did a workout so by the time my head would hit the pillow I was pretty darn tired and wasn’t tempted to fall back into my old routine of staying up late.

  276. Elizabeth Lesch

    I am a night owl and I always have been. My mom actually used to say I was born without a fire under my ass. I was two weeks past my due date and have always had a slow pace about me. But whats funny is, I love the morning! I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. About 5 months ago I switched from working 3rd shift, 10pm to 7am, which I’d been doing for a year to working 9am to 5pm. I realize now why I actually loved the night shift. It was such a calmer environment. And so much quieter. Actually a lot of my time I had to myself which was great because I was going for a promotion and doing a lot of self-improvement online, such as this! Thanks Marie! It’s still hard to go to bed early even though I’ve always dreamed of a 9-5 schedule, literally wanting to be Dolly Parton! Perhaps us night owls just need a calmer environment to wake up to and work in. But as Marie said, it’s all about respecting your style.

  277. I so appreciate what people are sharing about dealing with differences in sleep clocks with their partners. Have been navigating this with my man, too, and I got some great ideas from you all.

    To answer Marie’s Q, I tend to be a night owl. Working for myself and having a service-based business with clients all over the world, generally this is fine. My schedule has shifted some, though, in the past year and a half, when I moved to a quieter, country/suburban area after living in NYC for almost a decade. It’s much easier for me to slow down earlier at night when I feel more connected to nature. Also, I did have an experience of my body clock shifting earlier when I had a full-time day job that started at 8:30 in the morning and I had a 45-minute commute so I had to be up by 6:30 or 7. For a good month or two after the job ended, I still naturally woke up around 7 or 7:30. So I know it’s possible for my clock to switch. It’s also helped to have morning appointments on the phone so someone is counting on me to be up and cogent. But I have to say I like the idea of following what my body does naturally instead of trying to conform. So I’m going to experiment with that, as well. Great comments on this thread! Thanks for the excellent topic and video, Marie.

  278. Right on, Marie! Love your content!! You rock!!

  279. Hi Marie,

    By nature I’m a night owl. Even at age 4, my parents “forced” me to go to sleep at 12 am. A couple of months ago I decided to become a morning person, to see if I could be more efficient. I have a full time job and am working on my own company ( during nights and weekends.

    It seemed like I never had enough time to accomplish all I want to achieve. After work, there was always something that came up.

    I’m doing B-School for the second time (which I highly recommend to every entrepreneur), and realized the only way to “get more time” was re-arranging my schedule.

    I started setting my alarm at 5 am. This allows me to work for an hour on my personal project and go the gym before going to my day job. At first it was extremly difficult. Nevertheless, by the third week it became easier. They say it takes 21 days to create a habbit. Becoming a morning person has helped me be more productive. I would recommend Night Owls who need “more hours in the day” to give this a shot. Waking up early is a challenge which gives you a huge amount of satisfaction.

  280. I tend to be a night owl since I have most of my energy in the later part of the day. But can go back and forth with “night owl” and “morning lark” to get things done! That is the beauty of being able to “build the business and life I love.”

    There is a euphoria of being able to welcoming the sun in the morning some days and hanging out with the moon at night on others! – last night was the perfect day to be a night owl… the lunar eclipse made the moon 3D – inspiring and breath-taking!

    I think balance and being reasonable is key. Having a routine that works for our preferences and that of the success of our business. Like Marie said: honor your high productivity levels and those of others. I agree that this question stems the belief that night owls are looked down upon and well, sometimes that bothers us. However, one can prove that despite our sleeping preference… we are successful!

    Think about it, successful people do many things out of the norm, yet they are respected. Why? because they have results not reasons. People admire that.

  281. I’m an OG night owl and used to think it was holding me back but I had realized everyone has their key work times.
    We tend to follow what they call abstract time. In that we do things based on the hour of the day, that even goes for meals as well. Who said lunch is at 12 everyday? We are stuck in this idea of the 9-5 day and 40 hour work week. Kind of a joke. Work the hours that you feel productive and dont force anything else other wise.
    Look at Patt Flynn from SmarPassiveIncome. He would be recording podcasts after 1am in the morning.
    Do what works for you

  282. Mary

    Night owl here. Needless to say my school schedule as a kid was really hard to stick with. Later on I always worked the late shift which was perfect. Then came kids – once again I felt like I had perpetual jet lag. I’ve tried to switch for many years just because if the kids schedules.

    As much as I tried to adhere to that early schedule my body never adjusted. Now My kids are grown and I can finally live my life on my schedule!! I’m way more productive working when my body feels best which is Not 5 am lol! Work is great now because of the 24 hour global economy I’m doing perfectly working with collegues and clients in other parts of the world! In fact now my early riser counterparts look bad because they can’t stay up past 9pm and become completely useless at a time when the rest of the world is up. There is a god haha!

  283. I’m naturally a night owl. Ordinarily I work great at night. However, now that I have a toddler by the end of the day I’m too exhausted to get any meaningful work done, yet I still find myself awake to 3-4 a.m.

    I really need to change and become an early riser if I expect to continue to grow my business. I know it’s what needs to be done but yet I struggle. I’ll take any tips or advice.

  284. Shinji Chijiiwa

    You are perfect. Beautiful,successful and interesting. I enjoy your video so much. You are PERFECT.Thank you.

  285. Mike Nelson

    Personally, I like to sleep. 12 hours of sleep from 9 pm to 9 am? That’s me. As for others, I say live and let live.

    The only time I get my panties in a bunch is when people don’t keep their word. If a night owl says he’ll meet me for breakfast at 8 am, then doesn’t show up because he overslept, I am not too happy.

    However I like to take ownership of the choices I make and not to place blame on others. I find blame to be disempowering. So when those darn late night owls don’t show up for breakfast as promised, I remember this ancient proverb:

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  286. I love night owls since I am a morning person the work is always ready for me to start my day. As long as I manage my projects with my night owls I am never disappointed. In fact always happy!

  287. Elle Flythe

    Stars, comets, lunar eclipses, other planets, meteor showers, outer space…deep night is gorgeous and so interesting! Just imagine all the scientific discoveries we’d miss out on if everyone was an early bird.

    I’m a night owl. To survive I try to stay one day ahead of the early birds. I do my work in the evening and send it out in the wee hours. The early birds have it in their inbox to greet them each morning. It’s working so far.

  288. I loved this video! Not to be a bubble-bursting party pooper, but according to Ayurveda (my passion) the hours between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. are when our bodies get to repair and rejuvenate. It’s an active time internally and that’s why we get our second wind after 10pm. Enter the night owl… 🙂 (Between 6-10pm is when we naturally start to feel drowsy.) If we’re awake and doing other things between 10-2, our bodies don’t get to heal as properly as they should. When I started getting to bed before 10p.m. (seriously!) I found that I fell asleep much quicker and had a more restful sleep. The seasons also definitely come into play, as well. Just putting this out there… It’s 9:45 pm so I am signing off! 🙂

  289. Lora

    Hey Marie!
    This was a great topic to cover! I love your clever videos. Just want to share that through the years I have struggled with conforming to the “Early Birds”. I have rarely enjoyed getting up at 5 am and always wondered, “How do they do that”?

    I have a friend that I was doing an outreach program with and she would jump right up off her air mattress and looked alive! Not me…It’s a struggle…I hit that snooze a couple of times an have to talk myself into moving. That same friend is useless later in the evening if you want to discuss something. We know this about each other and there is that “RESPECT”…lol 🙂

    My hubbie works swing shift. We are up at 1:00 am aka. pm and to bed at 4pm aka. am…Sometimes I get to experience the sunrise and the sunset!

    I spend most of the “Night Owl” hours on SKYPE with past students and co-workers from the DRC Congo. Helping with University letters an working through family an homework issues.

    What I have found, which will enhance my future business, is that we are moving to global opportunities. Other countries are awake, while North America sleeps! There is my playing field.

  290. Linda

    I’m a go-with-the-flow person, but when my body is saying sleep more after a late nighter (working), and I know I have to set an example for staff who arrive at 8am, I stick to their rhythm, but I am way more effective during late afternoon and late at night from 9pm to 2am. I was fortunate at one period of my life (for about 5 years) to be working with another time zone that matched perfectly my local body clock, and it really was such a productive and rewarding professional time. I rose at 10am and went to bed at 2am – and it was consistent – also worked perfectly for the weekend partying. Would love to get back to that rhythm but my professional life is not set up that way anymore.

  291. i did change quite a bit and get up several hours earlier than i did most of my life, and feel great–i really like it and it took some time to train myself to go to bed earlier–BUT if i try to get up any earlier than 6:00am for example and have to go somewhere while it is still dark outside, it can physically make me ill and i’m extremely tired all day and can’t stay awake it’s weird. It takes all the next day to recover. Thanks Marie for a great episode.

    • OMG i’m the exact same way Cici! like being outside/waking up when it’s early morning darkness makes me physically ill. it’s the weirdest shit ever LOL!

  292. I’m an early riser and most productive in the mornings. But I respect that there are people who are more productive at night, like my elder sis.

    Just let your work speak for itself and don’t worry too much about the bad rap that late risers get.

  293. Sue

    My company allowed me to move out west and telecommute to my east coast accounts. I was always a late sleeper and would roll out of bed a half hour before the latest possible time I could get to work (9am). This move required me to log in before 9am est, which is 6am pst — and I’ve been doing it from day 1, with only one accidental oversleep. I LOVE getting up early, and I LOVE being done with work at 2pm. I always wanted to be an early riser, and feel extra special great (bad grammar, I know) having such a long full day. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman feel GREAT!

  294. Jessica Sage @ Your Powers Defined

    Always been a night owl — I follow the Moon <3
    That definitely made getting up for school extremely difficult when I was growing up. Now as a mother I, fortunately, have a night owl child. Being a night owl AND a parent forced me into entrepreneurship LOL

  295. Umm… What if you’re not an ‘early bird’ or a ‘night owl’!? I just love being wrapped up in bed! 🙂

  296. I am a night owl and have tried to make myself a morning person my whole life… medical training was hell for me:)

    However, once I learned about ayurveda and how we all have different doshas, I finally embraced my nightliness and have never looked back! Every time I try and wake up consistently at 5:30 or 6 am I get sick…you can’t mess with nature!

    It is blasphemous in the medical world not to be a morning person, but now that I am my own boss (I am in B School right now), I don’t schedule any patients before 9 am….10 am if I can help it.

    Thanks for promoting our ability to live within our own circadian rhythms!!

  297. Have you ever heard the term “when the day breaks” well yes it does. This why its great to a morning person – Every time when the last of the night and the first part of day the world changes. The ocean becomes active and you can see life anew. Yes morning is great – don’t miss it.

  298. Always been a night owl and always struggled with being on time for work until I became my own boss. 🙂 For you fellow night owls out there… the best thing I did was schedule my day around those times when I am most productive and taking a regular break in the late afternoon to be with my early rising family especially for dinner. Then if I need to do some late night work, there’s a whole night to fit in a few more hours before going to bed. I still set a time limit to wind down so I’m not up every night till 3am. By working just the ‘peak’ times for productivity, you can use the down times to spend with your early rising family and friends. Marie’s right… it is about respect and knowing yourself.

  299. Well, I actually don’t seem fall into either category – I’m neither an early bird or a night owl. What sort of bird does that make me? I am at my most productive after 9am and before 3pm. I can’t get up at the crack of dawn but I don’t stay up really late either. As others have said you have to do what works for you.

    This post actually reminds me of a great book I’m reading: Daily Rituals – How Artists Work by Mason Currey. As you might imagine from the title, this book lists daily rituals of various artists, writers, musicians etc. Its so interesting to learn about how others have planned their days – they are all different. This further proves the point that different routines work for different people.

    With that, its getting late – I’d better be getting to bed.

  300. When I went up to the Yukon I fulfilled a lifelong dream of getting up with the sun. It was January and the sun rose at 10 am!

  301. I used to be a night owl, when I worked as an RN from 3-11pm and would go out with friends and socialize until 2-3 am. I thought I was doing great and loved it until I started having health issues and now I realize why. Our hormones only balance from 10pm until about 2am and we have to be asleep for that to happen. There are also many other functions of detox and healing that happen when we sleep and our bodies function best to do those things during the night hours. Did you know most natural birth and death happens in the middle of the night? Therefore if we’re consistently awake during those hours we may be causing some major problems in our health. For those of you who work in hospitals or other shift work, have you ever noticed that the night shift employees are usually the grumpiest and often overweight? Both are causes of hormonal imbalances. In nature we would go to sleep when it got dark, however since we can be awake anytime since the invention of electricity, we can mess with the natural scheme of things, which isn’t always a good thing. I have worked with many people who make the one change of getting to bed earlier and they see major changes in their health. For the best sleep ever, stop eating 4 hours before bedtime for a week…you will be amazed how much deeper your sleep will be and how rested you will feel in the morning.

  302. Being a freelance graphic designer/photographer, mom, burlesque performer/coach and planning to launch another business this Fall along with planning to live on the road in the next couple of years (whew!) – I have learned to just listen to my body (luckily I have the option to do this- most of the time). I use to always fight the night owl/morning person thing and finally gave in and said it’s okay to do what feels right and not follow any “rules”. Here’s my current pattern:
    9a-5p – wake up, baby time, cooking, cleaning, errands, maybe nap
    5p-9p – exercise, errands, baby time
    9p-4a – work, work, work… and MarieTV! 😉
    4a-9a – sleep

    Lisa Loving

  303. Yarmila Bruyevicz

    I have tried both, I like better “night owl”. Sometimes trouble sleeping, so it is
    the best to sleep in the morning.
    I used to work at night, until 9PM or 11PM, so it is an old habit from work.

  304. In high school, I hated getting up early to get to class. I felt draggy the first several hours of the day. I switched this up in college and picked late-start classes if I could; I felt energized if I woke up at 10 or 11 a.m., but found that by graduation I was excited to get into a normal 9 to 5 job.

    Then the only job I could find started at 8:30 a.m., and with a 30-minute carpool, I had to get up by 6:30 or 7 every day to be ready. And it was hell. I had no energy the first two hours of work, and then no work the first two hours I was home.

    Now, I go to bed at 3 a.m. and get up at 11 a.m. (because my husband works from 3:30 p.m. to midnight). And it’s working… sometimes. Some days I feel very productive, other days I don’t. So I think in addition to sleep, you almost have to take into account other things that may be affecting your productivity.

    But for the most part, I’m definitely a night owl, if my sleep/work history has anything to say about it.

  305. yves

    Hi Marie, I’m the living proof that you can turn a proud late owl into a passionate early riser!
    Since I moved from Paris France to Sydney Australia I learnt that I had to change: Sydney is fantastic in the early hours of the day while you make the most of Paris when you stay up very late in the night. I tried many things to get up early… and failed. I finally found the solution: to be able to run my small nutrition business alongside my full time job, I negotiated to condense my 5 days into 4, meaning that I work from 7.30 am to 7 pm every day. Given that I love taking time for my breakfast and my morning meditation, I now have to get up at 5.30/6 am. And I’m so happy about it that I now do the same every weekend. Yves

  306. I am a night owl and am I always trying to get up early – This video makes me feel so much better about not always waking up at the crack of dawn!

  307. I love this. Having a full time job and a business of my own I have to be flexible. I’m not a natural early riser, but my full time job involves travelling so I have to get up early half of the week. My challenge is my partner is on a permanent late shift so if I have an early night it limits our time together. For me my priority is balancing being productive in the time I have for both my work roles and having quality family time and time to recharge the batteries. That said I’m not sure what time of day I feel most alert so it might reflect on that over the next day or so, and try and schedule my important tasks in those times. I just need to save some of the best of me for my family! 🙂

  308. I am a night owl and the social jet lag that you mentioned is exactly my trouble. I can get up in the morning if I have to, and I am much better at it when the sun is up, but I really get productive at about 2pm until 11pm. Luckily I married another night owl so we both completely understand getting up later and being productive at night.

    My parents are early birds and they used to make me miserable trying to get me up early. I hated it, all I wanted to do was sleep. My mother even had a rule that if you were in your pjs on the weekend after noon you must be depressed so we would all get up and dressed just so we didn’t get a deep conversation with my mother.

    I use the productive evening hours to do personal projects like my own blog. In a way being a night owl means I get to have a day job that pays the bills and time to work on something I am passionate about.

  309. Sno

    Naturally I am a night owl. My favorite work shift is 3pm to midnight. I love to stay up until 3am and sleep until 9 or 10am. BUT I married a farmer and now I literally get up BEFORE the chickens, usually by 4:30am. After 23 years sleeping in means 5:30am at the latest – no alarm clock necessary. So, yes you can change your sleep habits if you have to. But, whatever time I get up is my most productive time of the day. I am sharpest right after my first cup of coffee and can take on the world 30 minutes after rising.

  310. Oh this is soooo me!! I am such a productive night owl. I can smash out some amazing work at night, but yep, school drop off means I have to be up to get my daughter to school. I will be sleeping in and staying up late once she flies the nest 😉

    I FEEL NORMAL yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
    Thanks Marie

  311. Claudia

    What an awesome video Marie, big gratitude to Sia for asking it. I never realised this, I am a night owl and because my work schedule demands morning person, plus my son’s school system, I’ve just felt so off track. But no more – I will fire my last critic, yep it has a beak too 😉 and just be up late without any guilt 🙂
    Love my choice for watching this awesome video,
    t h a n k y o u xxx

  312. As a nightowl and an early bird my whole life I can respect both positions. Marie is correct – again! It is all about respect through knowing the preferences and adjusting for those around you. If you spouse is an early bird and you are not, ask that he not turn the light on and make noise just to get you up. In turn you will sneak quietly into bed without making a “Here I am” entrance. Same goes in the work place, it is good to have a nice mix of both preferences as it extends the work day.

  313. Elise DiNuzzo

    This is great. I’m definitely a morning person (it’s 6:38 central and I’ve been up for an hour…). I think the important thing about sleep cycles is to GET ENOUGH SLEEP.

  314. My partner is a night owl and I myself am an early riser. It has taken a while for us to get past that judgment phase where we both want each other to be awake when we are, change their sleep schedule, etc. But the reality is, we’ve learned that both of us are our most productive and enjoy our independent “alone” time during these hours that the other may be sleeping -and that’s a good thing. We’ve also both learned to not be rigid and flex our sleep schedules for important together time. Thanks Marie for reminding us to respect each other’s natural rhythms!

  315. Kimber Lee Falkinburg

    Hey Marie,

    As part of my “who the heck am I” project in 2013, I spent one week to address this exact question.

    What is my “Optimal Performance Schedule”?

    Am I the early bird or was this yet another example of societal “rules” pushing me to be someone I am not? I tested out my theory with an experiment I highly recommend trying…

    For this experiment to work – allow yourself at least one full day of R&R (no work allowed) prior to starting:

    Day 1: Just Be. No alarm clocks, watch or scheduled activities allowed. Allow yourself to be present with your thoughts and only taking actions that naturally bubble to the surface.

    Day 2: Repeat Day 1 and begin your time journal. At breakfast, lunch and dinner write down these 3 things for the hours leading up to your meal:

    Activities Completed (checked emails, read a book, jogged, etc.)
    Current Emotional State (irritable, happy, relaxed, frustrated, etc.)
    Energy Level (rate 1-7)

    Day 3 and 4: Repeat Day 2. Remember: no scheduled activities are allowed at this time! The point of the experiment is allow your body’s natural cycles to emerge.

    Day 5: Finally – time to plan! Upon awakening, review your time journal and look for a time slot that energy levels are between a 3-5 and emotional state is positive in nature. This is a GREAT time for planning! Set aside that time on Day 5 to write yourself a schedule for days 5,6 and 7 that closely matches your personal time clock. I have added a key below that I use to determine my “Optimal Performance Schedule”.

    Day 6 and 7: Utilize your “Optimal Performance Schedule” and continue entering data into your time journal.

    Day 7: End this experiment by reviewing your time journal entries for days 5, 6 and 7. Revise your schedule to match and Viola…
    Your a Performance Rock Star!

    I know what you are thinking: WTH? Does anyone have a week to “just go with the flow”? What if I told you that this experiment changed my life completely. I am happier, healthier and a nicer woman because of it! Not only can I be more productive but I, as Marie says, I am honoring and respecting my body and mind in ways I never considered. THIS IS REAL AND WORKS. Give yourself a week long break – take a vacation from your hectic life – and rather than chasing kids on the beach or packing your days with the 400 activities you need to do…. just BE intentionally YOU!

    My personal grading system: ( feel free to make your own)

    Activities Completed: write down each activity from unloading the dishwasher to naps and everything in between.

    Current Emotional State: try to identify one word for the way you felt during each activity you entered. Example: I found myself waking each morning and immediately doing dishes (strange, I know). I wrote “sleepy and foggy” which actually makes a lot of sense. You see, I loath unloading the dishwasher but it seems my body will naturally do undesirable tasks first thing in the morning. Because I am only 50% awake I don’t even realize I don’t like it. I am in ROBOT mode! WOW – what a gift to realize this about myself. I get annoying tasks done and have no recollection of negative associations! True story.

    Energy Level (rate 1-7):
    1-3 Low – napping, reading, feeling emotionally “spent”
    3-5 Medium – making a meal, budgeting, dishes, running errands
    5-7 High – physical exercise, cleaning the house, hyperactive mind

    Here’s what I learned about myself: I have a burst of energy immediately after waking (dish duty!) and am happy to accomplish medium level, undesirable tasks. This last for about 30 minutes and then I am far too “awake” to proceed with icky chores. The next 3 hours, I have a high energy level and become restless and irritable if any attempt is made to bridle this energy. I am best to workout – lead an activity – host gatherings – make a presentation – clean the house – finish a group project during these hours. Hours 4-5 are introspective for me and great for writing, prayer, yoga or meditation. I usually feel a mid-level mental energy accompanied by a positive emotion which allows for spiritual reconciliation and connection. If you are doing the math and assuming I awoke at 6 am I am now well past the traditional “lunch hour”. This is intentional. I work best by pushing my lunch back and allowing myself the time to release energy or risk emotional frustration. Lunch is followed by 3-4 hours of low energy levels and lack of emotions – GREAT time to work! I am focused on the task at hand, have released my body energy and don’t feel guilty for sitting at a computer on my A$$. Those 3-4 hours of intentional focus are 4 x’s as productive as a distracted work day for me. Oh! guess what else I realized…..those 60 minutes I was using to “beautify” in the morning after breakfast…what a waste! No wonder I hated the task of “getting ready”. I currently work from home and have adjusted the schedule to shower and become presentable after work is completed (early evening) which is great for my after-work events. I am always fresh looking! On days when I go into my office, I forego the dishes and make sure to jump straight into the shower after falling out of bed. You get the idea…..I could go on….but why bore you. Do it for yourself!

    *Note: I am not a doctor, therapist or life coach. This is a non-professional opinion and simply personal experience so please take caution….IT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE…but I am NOT responsible:)

    Thanks – Marie – for getting to the point! I am not an “early bird” or a “night owl” – I am a self-respecting woman who honors the internal clock I was gifted with whether it means rising at 6 or 11 am!

    All love,
    Kimber Lee Falkinburg

    • Wow what a great experiment! I’ll try it when someone offers to have my kids for a week. I laughed when you said about doing undesirable tasks when only half awake! Totally agree with that one!!

      • Awesome, Terri! Fantastic exploration with your experiment. I do this as well, but often when I am able to take real breaks and get out of the country. Seeing as it is the home rhythm that needs attention, I am going to carve out a time (maybe after B-School LOL) and righteously work your experiment. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Kimber, thanks for sharing this! When I have the time, this seems like a very worthwhile process to go through. If for no other reason than to just listen to you body/moods etc. and learn a bit about yourself.

      • Kimber Lee Falkinburg

        Dara, welcome! I found it very spiritual…like matching my body, mind and soul to my day. Let me know how it goes:)

  316. Oh I loved this episode! I’m often so excited by life that I’m both an early riser AND a night owl! Until I watched your episode with Arianna Huffington, I tried to kid myself that sleep was optional! Now I’m in bed between 10:30 – 11pm at the latest and up at 6 – 6.30am. Even though I often feel super productive late a night when my children are sleeping and it is hard to get myself into bed, I’m feeling so much better about life now I get more sleep! The dark circles under my eyes are lightening up and I’m more relaxed in the morning as I have more prep time before my kids wake up.

    My partner on the other hand likes to be early to bed AND late to rise and I find it hard not to judge that as lazy! However recently I found myself choosing to respect more of the energy he expends in the day and honor his choices to sleep more than I ever would.

  317. Oooohhhh, I love this topic. I have tried so many times to become an early morning yogi. I was born in the morning, but I am naturally most potent at night. Plus, I am a bit of a workaholic and insomnia plagues me. I am applying the theory of RESPECT as we speak! And I am going to take my woke up at 8:45am today ass and work my shiny self happy. PEACE ❤ॐ❤

  318. Megababe Kim St-Laurent

    A few weeks ago I tried to wake up at 5:15am to juice my day and work on my B-School stuff. Alas, my alarm would rign and I could not wake up at that time. Seriously, I woke up tired and was like a walking sickie witch of the north! Poor children. Then at night I was so tired and exausted. I started to feel worn down and I started to do nothing (absolutely the oposit that I wanted)! So, after catching back up with my sleep… I returned to my night owl routine! Ahhhh relief ! I can still put my alarm on for 6 am… Yet I can not continuously do that every day. Kind of like my body saying: Wo Megababe … Get some of that well needed and well deserved zzzz!

  319. I’m a night owl all the way! I get my best writing done at night when there are no interruptions or traffic outside the window. My friends know not to call before 11am in the morning and everyone is good with that. Of course, when I do individual spiritual coaching sessions on Skype, my night owl-iness works for me since I’m in Italy and the U.S. is six to twelve hours behind me, depending on if they’re east coast or Hawaii.

    Have I ever tried to switch rhythms? Sure. But my health suffered in the long run. For me, the key is: know yourself and work with it.

    For clients who have run into the problem of being a night owl, but have a regular day job, most have negotiated to come in and leave a few hours later. When they first asked, they proposed a one month trial for their boss to evaluate their performance. Then they kept focused to be sure the results were delivered as promised.

  320. I’ve always been a total night owl, but now that I’m a mother of 2 toddlers running my own law firm, I’ve had to change my body clock to work at the time that is most convenient for me. No more late nights. I now wake up at 6:15 and am out the door by 6:45-7 am – before anyone else is even awake. I’m the only one in my office so I get to do my makeup, hair, and have my coffee at my leisure before my clients start coming thru the door. If I wake up later, my daughter wakes up with me and my entire schedule is thrown off by an hour or 2 bc she just wants to play with me and I of course want to play with her. I work til 6 or 7 pm (no lunch) and come home and spend a few hours with the babies and hubby. Depending on my workload, I either get back to work when they go to bed at 9 or I fall asleep with them then get right back up and do it all over again. This change has actually made me super productive!

  321. Bobbi

    Personally I’ve done both. I currently work late nights and it works very wrll for me and my management team. We have 3 early birds and 3 night owls on our team and we work very well together. We share tasks and are responsible for our own thing.

    I tried very breifly to do the early rises but alas I am not a morning person. Afternoons I can do 🙂

  322. Whoa, weird timing as I was just beating myself up about this! I struggle with this because I feel amazing when I get a head start on the day. Ex: Bootcamp at 6am then working before my coworkers are even up – it makes me feel really awesome.

    Problem is – it is SO hard for me to get up. SO HARD that it’s rare early mornings actually happen for me. I need about 1-2 hours after waking up to truly feel awake and be productive, but getting up in the first place is so hard for me.

    I struggle with the want to be an early bird, but the tendencies of a night owl.

  323. I used to be a night person and, after much study, I decided it was best to “fill myself up” early (the “golden hour”) and to rev my energy up with a 1/2 hour of movement early on, which had me feeling better and at a higher level of energy – AND much higher productivity.

    Anyway, I am now an early morning person, loving it, feeling much, much better, and have more than doubled my productivity.

    And it was easy and much more fulfilling…


    • Oh, incidently, the conversion works well if you do it bit by bit – and then you become trained into it as part of your regular circadian rhythm.

      I’ve studied 100’s of books on productivity and energy and sleep and I’m even writing my summary “ebook” about it – and it was very beneficial for me to be my own human experiment and to have this be part of a completely new life!

  324. Thank you so much for that!

    Love Michelle’s voice!

  325. I go thru phases when I am one of the other. Most consistently I’d say I am an early bird with a few later day strong flights:) One thing I notice is that late owls can be judgemental when early birds need to sleep. I’ve lived with a few and the cycle of being loud at night and having to be quiet as a mouse in the morning in order to not wake the grumpy bear can be a difficult balancing act.
    I am very OK with all of us doing our natural cycle,personally and professionally. We have to be that to be happy! But, to me, it comes down to self care and working with each other not judging or criticizing the other.

  326. Jessica

    I am most comfortable getting up around 8:30am and I’m most productive around 10am. My normal body clock needs a little rest around 3:00pm but then I’m just as productive around 4:30-5pm as I am at 10am. I had a boss who hated this about me and said in the normal working world I wouldn’t make it unless I changed my patterns. I would rather just change my career to fit my body clock and working for myself or at home is a better option.

  327. My Mom, of blessed memory, who passed away at the age of 91 last May, used to say, “You can sleep when you’re dead!” So, as a result, we are ALL early risers and stayer-up-late-ers. I don’t even watch TV and there are STILL not enough glorious hours in each day to empty the IN BOX.

  328. I LOVE this video. So far in life it seems I can go either way, but now need consistency or recovery time from one or the other. Often wake at 4am and sometimes get up unless there is a full scheduled day ahead and I am hoping to catch a couple of more hours. Date someone who is totally fine with staying up til 4 in a very fun way, so then must sleep til 11am or so.
    Anyway, as I get older I seem to need consistency in pattern in order to have my ON energy for an entire day.
    That ‘s the story and I’m sticking to it.

  329. This is such a hot topic for both myself and my clientele (firefighters)! Marie I’m so glad you are addressing this – I DO constantly feel at war with society because 8am is way to early for me to start my day. I also am a person who really struggles if I don’t get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep.

    It has always seemed to me like early risers and people who don’t need much sleep believe that that is the superior way to be. As you stated Marie, it’s better to accept and respect because it’s very difficult to change your natural sleep patterns.

    Firefighters have a horrible habit of thinking that sleep is not productive so they won’t ever nap even though they’re chronically sleep deprived from being up in the night while on duty. I am definitely going to share some of the information about the importance of sleep from the interview you did a few weeks back on my blog.

  330. Patti Bealer

    My daughter is a night owl; my son, husband and I are early birds. The one huge difference is when you ask us to solve problems. If you ask my daughter in the morning, she just can’t. If you ask us early birds to solve a problem at 10 o’clock at night, we just don’t do a good job; we will wait to morning to figure it out. It is also a determinate factor for when my kids do their homework. My son starts before dinner, my daughter doesn’t even think about it until I am ready for bed. She also gets the best grades.

  331. Great topic! Yes, I think we all have our natural rhythms but there are lots of external factors too, like light, sound, kids, etc. For most of my life on the east coast, I was more of a night person, staying up late, starting my day late, loving those wee hours… BUT, since moving 8 years ago to mountain time and big sky country, my body seems to sync up more with Mother Earth and her natural rhythms. Now I find I naturally rise and shine with the sun and go to sleep when it’s dark, especially during garden season. And, being on an earlier schedule keeps me in sync with human life on the east coast, which is good for business!

  332. I’m neither! I go to bed early and would love to sleep in- which for me is about 8 am… I rock 11:30 am like nobody’s business.

  333. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I a showing everyone I know this post…give us late night peeps a little respect.

  334. As a hard core night owl, the ways that I deal with the days when I need to do something early…simply stay up all night. I am highly productive during the night – no phone calls or emails to interrupt me, no family members wanting me to do something that is distracting from my work, nothing interesting on TV – so much gets accomplished then. The downside to this, of course, is that after being up all night, and doing my early morning “thing” that has to be done, I am pretty much toast for the remainder of the day.

  335. Michele

    Oh, this hits so close to home. I am definitely a night owl. In the past year I have started my own business and it is wonderful to work with MY body clock. That doesn’t mean I stay in bed until noon but it’s the freedom that it gives that floats my boat! Most everyone in my life is an early bird. I have tried many times to change my body clock and it just hasn’t been sustainable for me. I recently brought on a new product to represent that is great! Easy Up, it’s a time released coffee supplement that kicks in 8 hours after you take it so you’re ready to roll at the time you need to get moving. It just needs an ejector button to blast my ass out from under the covers…..

  336. Patricia B.

    I believe that your own body will tell you when to get up i am up at 6:00 am everyday and enjoy that alone time for myself, I feel so relax go for a 2.5 miles run then my day gets so peace full after my boy goes to school, i plan my whole day around my son and husband, alone time for me is precious.

  337. I am in a relationship with a night owl. My remedy is ear plugs and and cute sleep mask!
    I also listen to my body and wake up when I wake up. I always set an alarm as a “back up”, just in case, but I am usually up with the sun. Great for most days…but stinks when I have been a night owl the previous night.

  338. Great topic! As mostly a night owl or widely varying schedule person, becoming self-employed has been very healing for me. Getting up early for school or dayjobs was awful. I can stay up late or get up early according to what type of creative project I’m working on. I always schedule meetings with people for late morning or later. If I am up early AM, I am internal. Not a good time for me interact with others. Over the years I have run into clients or others who don’t “approve” of my schedule. From that I’ve learned to communicate very clearly with others about schedule and timing when in-person meetings or work are required. We can work something out that’s mutually agreeable . I no longer waste my energy feeling badly about my schedule. Live and let live! Thank you for another timely topic!

  339. I’m a Night Owl who has to get up earlier than I’d like to because I have to be at work by 10am and have an hour-long commute. I’ve tried to be an Early Bird quite a few times (just started trying again on Monday) because I really want to have a Morning Routine that includes meditation, exercise, journaling and making myself a healthy breakfast with time to do the dishes afterward… but I tend to become a “Snooze-aholic” after a few days and can never seem to make early rising a habit. Another challenge is that I don’t get home from work until around 8pm most nights so, between making and eating dinner, spending time with my husband, watching an hour or so of TV (optional, I know) and doing my B-School homework (being able to work according to my own schedule is one of the many reasons I’m doing B-School!) I tend to go to bed around Midnight. For my latest Early Bird attempt, I’ve been trying to get at least 6 hours of sleep (so, getting up around 6/6:30 if I go to bed by Midnight) or more if I manage to get into bed by 10pm or 11pm… I have to say it’s definitely easier for me to be an Early Bird this time of year when the sun rises earlier (it’s extra difficult for me to get out of bed when the sun hasn’t gotten up yet!) but I still hit the Snooze button way to many times this morning! If I didn’t have an alarm, I think I’d naturally get up around 8am or 9am, which is what I do on the weekends if I didn’t have a super late fun night… still much more of an Early Bird than my husband who stays up until 3am or 4am and sleeps in until 10am or 11am, now there’s a Night Owl!

    • Early rise and meditation is really great way, for me, to start my day.

  340. I’m an early bird and a late-owl. I love siestas.

  341. Kym Hanna

    Nothing to do with the topic but I wanted to say you looked amazing in this video – I just loved the dress and your hair was to die for…..

  342. bob

    When I was younger, I was a night owl. But, for some reason, my body decided I should be an early bird.

    I actually like hanging around with night owls because I get an extra hour or two of “alone” time when I wake up.

    But, a word of warning, if you make too much noise the night before, I’ll make you pay dearly the next morning!

  343. Lulu

    Hi Marie,
    I love this Q&A today. I didn’t know I was a night owl until recently. In high school, I was known as the sleeper, would sleep through lectures and everything but was still able to make straight As, my friends didn’t get it at all. Now I know that my best work is done between 9p-1a, when I come up will the purest form of strategies for my division.

    I would love to try the early bird switch though, cause being a night owl doesn’t bode well with my boss. Currently at a 9-5 corporate job which means my first few hours at work are really unproductive and I have to stay much later till around 8p to make up for lost hours. I have noticed though that whenever I’m in the tropics, it’s much easier to wake up with the sun. So I guess I’ll have to move. Or do you have any tips for making the switch to early bird?

  344. Shows all styles. Thanks from late night.

  345. Lou

    As an artist and creative entrepreneur I don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time. And, with my kids grown, I don’t have to use an alarm clock anymore to get up an hour before my family does, so I can hear myself think first before tending to their needs. I am living the freedom of the artist by waking up when I want to, or ‘have to’ when my Muses call, depending on the project I’m working on. When it’s a book, they love to wake me at the ambrosial hours, three hours before sunset. It’s a magical time and I always answer their call by getting up, going downstairs, make myself some coffee and sit behind the drawing board or my writing desk and let it flow. I’ll go back to bed around 6 am if I feel like it, or I stay up, depending on the day. Most of the time I wake up around 6 which gives me time to free write in my journal, meditate and take a shower. Since my muses seem to live in the shower I usually start my ‘workday’ still dripping from the shower on the bed and write like a wild woman to keep up, while my man goes for a run to get his juices flowing. Sometimes I wake up after my man has already left, leaving me sound asleep. My family respects my wicked ways of waking and working so I feel that I can be wild and free and do as I please. I am productive either way, but I must admit that I feel the spaciousness of the early hours, while I feel time closing in on me when I start later.

  346. I have always been a night owl. I sang in a band & had a day job that started at noon. That was my solution. I have a friend who started his own company & he’s a night owl. He will not have meetings with people before 11 in the morning. So whenever anyone wants to set up an early appointment with him he just says, “Oh, sorry. I already have a meeting outside the office at that time but I’ll be available at 11 a.m.” They don’t need to know he’s got a meeting with his pillow at that time!

  347. I’m an early riser. My husband is a night owl. I get more done, but it’s because I plan out my entire day, not because I’m an early riser. He could plan his day around his night owl lifestyle and get just as much or more done once he chooses to. And I respect his desire to get up late and stay up late. I bring him breakfast in bed in the morning & he brings me water by my bedside at night since I fall asleep too early to get it myself as I’m a walking Zombie by 9.

    • Julianna. Do you have any tips for falling asleep early?

  348. Oh! This is SUCH a timely topic for me!!

    I find it takes me so long to get going in the morning, and my most productive hours are often 12-3 in the morning. But ever since I hit my mid-thirties, if I do a night like this, I’m unable to sleep in and it RUINS me for two days afterwards!

    Having said that, I’m actually pretty cheerful (if a little slow) in the mornings. Sometimes I think that, if I lived alone on the other side of the world – so that everyone else was asleep when I woke up – mornings might be very productive for me. ie it may be more about distraction than my rhythm,,,


  349. John G

    I was always told Millionaires don’t sleep in.

  350. Angela

    I’ve tried to become an early riser. Sometimes it’s natural and I have loads to do and feel very motivated. Then there are times when I have thought urghh what am I going to fill this time with? And go back to sleep. The best solution I have found with my disability of Bipolar is routine. It’s difficult to stick to and maintain a routine but it has worked in the past and funnily enough it is something I am working on now.

  351. I’ve “tried” several times to become an early bird but I don’t think I try hard enough so I can’t say if it would work. I’ve been a night owl all my life and everyone thinks I’m lazy because of it. I naturally woke up at 5:30am this morning and made myself go back to sleep until 8, for no reason at all. I wasn’t tired, I just didn’t want to be up that early. It’s very strange, even to myself.

  352. The day that I got a Jawbone was the day my sleeping habits changed. I set my jawbone alarm and it wakes me within 20 minutes on either side of 7:00 when I am in my light sleep pattern. When that happens I wake up more rested and not groggy as when I was setting an alarm and waking when I was probably in my REM sleep pattern spot. If that makes since. Now instead of staying up late I have trained my body to get up earlier and more refreshed because of the sleep pattern that my Jawbone wakes me up in. Truly changed my life from a night owl to someone who enjoy’s getting up in the morning. PS My Jawbone is set to giggle when it is 10:30 so you will excuse me as I have some pj’s to get into. Love you Jawbone!!!

  353. You made some great points in this video! One of the main ones is pointing out how each person had their own natural sleep pattern. We cannot expect others to be programmed to do things the way we are. We simply are not wired the same. As long as we are productive, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you get things done. Great video!


  354. So glad that I’m not the only one! I work at home with one business and trying to start up a couple other online businesses aaaand am a total night owl- usually up til 3-4am. I do my best work when its quite in the middle of the night with no distractions. However, it was recently mentioned by my husband that I should be more “productive” when he walked past my desk while I was doing some online marketing for my businesses, which included social media. He thought I was playing around. (I dont have time for playing around) My first reaction…well my second was to say “why dont you” (the first was to bite his head off and spit it out, but that’s another story) and his reply was “I do, I go to work all day”. He thinks that since I work at home, keep really late hours and sleep late that Im lazy and do nothing all day. Can’t win! When I do wake up early and start my day with the sun, I notice that the day seems endless and I got a whole lot done. So there is something to be said for early risers but would appreciate some respect for my work schedule as well.
    Aloha ~Amber

  355. I love to do most of my creative work while my partner sleeps between 4-8 AM. No one interrupts me but the sweet songbirds as I wait for the sun to rise. By 8 AM I’m starving! I eat breakfast and go for a long walk. Life is great and I love it!

  356. I’m a night owl and I’ve learned that all important meetings I have, try not to schedule until after 10am. I still wish I was more of a morning person or knew how to be so I could at least take advantage of the to,e I’m still at work and feeling groggy.

  357. OMG laughed out loud when you put up the stock photos! Hilarious! I’ve been up since 5:30am ticking things off my list … and it’s a holiday day here in the UK! Thanks for making my morning :)!

  358. OMG laughed out loud when you put up the stock photos! Hilarious! I’ve been up since 5:30am ticking things off my list … and it’s a holiday day here in the UK! Thanks for making my morning :)!

    Emily –

  359. Sheralee

    I love this conundrum! Me I’m an early bird – sometimes hate it especially when I’m kept out until the wee hours but still wake up same time early! The BIG issue came when my partner and I got together – he’s way more productive ‘late’ and often is up until 2-3am…then I’m up at 5.30-6 and rearing to go SO to get this handled and not be grumpy at him I have settled to use the early hours for Me time and I kinda like it for doing whatever I like! Still have issues around wanting to get out and at the day but it can be re-arranged!

  360. Tanja

    I think you (and many others in this thread) are right – key is to follow your own rhythm and respect others. I tend to rise with the sun. My partner (BF) is a night owl. So in the mornings I let him sleep and take that time for myself to either prepare for work, workout etc. or on weekends take the time to read, catch up on emails, go out for coffee etc. I consider it my quiet time. And he does the same, except late at night while I am already sleeping. There have definitely been some compromises – example, some nights we have dinner really really late – but he makes the effort to return the favour.

    I also used to work in an office where half our team were early birds, and the other half late starters. It worked out really well as it actually extended the hours our department was able to support the business. The early birds got in by 8 and left by 5. Those of us that preferred the late start came in by 10 and worked til 7.

  361. I think in this day and age you can be just as productive any time of day or night. I AM an early bird, but I do a lot of business with people in other countries (who are 12 hours time different from me on the East coast). Life and work do not have to revolve around a 9am-5pm (US time) work day…

  362. Don’t you mean, when SHE HERSELF is up?
    Gender, baby, gender.
    Language matters.
    Otherwise, fabulous.

  363. April

    I’ve had many different jobs that require me to be a night owl or an early bird. As someone who leans towards being a night owl, I found it near impossible to adapt to very early jobs, such as one where I baked pies at 4:30am. I was MISERABLE and my pies were too. Jobs that had me working between 8a-9a were easier for me to adapt to after a month or so. What I found in myself is if I had a window of about an hour to ease into waking up, meaning I created my own rituals for waking up (ex: listen to a podcast while making coffee and having time for a good breakfast) , I adapted better to the early schedule. That said, I still think there are prime productive times for me that may never be before 8am.

  364. I have actually been both the night owl and the early bird. When I was in my 20s I was in art college and slept late, took late classes, worked after school, and either went back to school for homework until the wee hours or partied just as hard until the early morning light. And that worked for me.

    As I got older I found I couldn’t keep those productive late hours and my husband is a early bird, so I started to embrace that time of day and became really productive early in the morning before my kids wake up.

    I think that although it may be hard to adjust your personal clock, factoring in what the rest of your household does, changing it may be the more productive way to go when you are dealing in a team.

  365. I LOVE this video – THANK YOU for giving me permission for my sleeping habits! I am both an early bird and a night owl, which leaves me in need of a nap during the day to bridge my sleep gap. I have always felt extremely guilty about taking naps and I often wake myself from a nap in a panic for “slacking”. I would do great in the countries that have siesta. My most productive time is in the morning, followed by evening. My least productive time is in the afternoons.

  366. Tracee

    Great topic! I have been married for 24 years and I am an early bird and he is a night owl. Seriously, we never go to bed at the same time. I sleep from about 10-5 and he sleeps from about 2-8. It’s crazy, but it works for us 🙂

  367. My favorite quote that I use often from Robert Heilein’s “Time Enough for Love”:

    “p 50
    . . . Gramp Johnson . . . used to tell a story about a man who was condemned to be shot at sunrise -but overslept and missed it. His sentence was commuted that day, and he lived another forty, fifty years . . . I took it to mean ‘sleep whenever you can; you may have to stay awake a long time.’ Early rising may not be a vice . . . but it is certainly no virtue. The old saw about the early bird just goes to show you that the worm should have stayed in bed. I can’t stand people who are smug about how early they get up.”

  368. Stacey

    I found this video to be pretty enlightening. My husband is a night owl and I am an early bird, we always seem to be at odds with one another as far as our schedules go. And I’ll admit that I haven’t been too understanding in the past of his night owl ways. But this clip really helps to put the issue in perspective. Thanks Marie!

  369. Early morning is the best! A whole hour to myself as my partner is a late owl so I’ve trained myself to be an early bird. I love the quiet of the place. It’s my time when I do my own stuff…like listen to Marie!

    Whatever time you wake up, you have yourselves a beautiful day!


  370. I just finished reading “Start – Punch Fear in the Face” by Jon Acuff and he cites a research study that found that willpower is finite. We only have a limited supply of it and it tends to favor the morning. So if you put your 6:00am workout (or whatever) off until 6:00pm, chances are you won’t do it. Your willpower has been depleted by then. And yeah, even if you’re a night-owl. Bottom line (according to this study) is that getting up earlier gives you the best shot at success. So rise & GRIND, ladies!

  371. Oh Man Marie! I get it! I am an early bird and my husband is a night owl. Actually I do not mind him sleeping in at all. It gives me my NNT but he cant (sorry cant find my apostrophe right now) stand me lying in bed falling asleep in the evenings. He wants to talk and he wants me to talk and be animated. Sometimes he wakes me up and tells me its boring with me sleeping, bla bla bla and I want to murder someone! Just not him ha ha! No seriously I am going to have him watch this video and dedicate your song to him but it will be about letting me sleep when its my time.

  372. I definitely follow the seasons. If the sun is not up then neither am I. I find it easy to work when there is sun out. It’s like a natural energy booster, which means that in the spring/summer it’s easier for me to work longer. In the fall/winter I get tired faster and stop working earlier.

    • Nicole Renée

      I think following the seasons is a natural way to manage one’s energy! I have a similar relationship with the sun and seasons.

  373. Great video as always. I’m a night owl myself and have attempted to wake up earlier to be more productive. I just end up sitting around until 12 noon, when my body and mind are genuinely awake and then I can start working. I can workout early – just not work early. I embrace it – better than piling on the guilt.

  374. I just need to sleep. A lot. If I get my 9, sometimes 10, hours of sleep my intuition get so strong and powerful that I work less but always do the right things. I get so much more loving and patient. I feel in tune and connected to the universe and humankind.

    I’ve been teased all my life for always sleeping in but finally I’m getting more relaxed in honoring my own body. A few yrs ago I met a astrologist that told me that I need to sleep more, more that all other people, and that that was written in the stars and just the way it way. SOO nice to hear that, I could relax and just accept myself better. Now I also understand that it has to do with me being HSP, High Sensitive Person. If you are sensitive your brain has so much more to process during the night and you need more sleep. My BF needs 7,5 hour sharp. So he always wakes up a couple of hours before me and then he checks in to see if I’ve wake up – when I have he brings me breakfast or tea in bed. Oh, that is the time of day I love him the most ^^

    Starting my own business was superimportant for me to be able to sleep as much as I need! Being my own boss ROCKS!

  375. I’m definitely a Night owl. The only time that I’ve had to change this was in school, having to wake up at 5-6am for class at 8am. Honestly I loved getting up early but also loved to stay up late, eventually my body chose waking up late.
    My boyfriend is an early bird so I have morphed a bit to his schedule, but we mostly compromise. He makes sure that I don’t sleep in too late, and I make sure he gives himself enough sleep. 🙂
    I’ve been more productive following my own schedule, but still have to get up super early twice a week for college classes, good thing I’m almost done! Anyways, it’s been fine for me working late, I enjoy it.

  376. First of all, I love how the night owl music was from “Psycho!” Totally cracked me up!

    Secondly, I am a life-long night owl. I have a really hard time winding down and “giving up on the day” to go to sleep. It’s almost like I just want to eek a little bit more out of every day and find that I stay up WAY too late. And I can’t sleep in most days because my son has to be up early for school.

    But I have learned to be gentle with myself and just accept that I am a late-y (to bed and to rise). And since I’ve started my own business, I allow myself to have the freedom (that I so desired before I went into business) to choose one day of the week when I go back to bed for an hour or so after my son goes to school.

    I find that I feel like it’s a special little treat that I give myself, which feels loving and healthy (and different from how I’ve treated myself for years). And since I don’t get enough zzz’s most days of the week, it really helps me get a bit more rested.

    There’s no sense in not giving myself the freedom to take liberties like that, especially when THAT’S the entire reason I wanted to change my life. More freedom. Loved this episode!

  377. I am a natural night owl, but I have noticed that I tend to be more productive when I can get up earlier in the day. However, I have also noticed that my method of getting my sleep schedule to waking up early (if I sleep in, scale my sleep because 30-60 minutes a day until I get to the desired time) doesn’t seem to last very long if something happens and I end up having trouble sleeping. I guess it is all about finding that balance.

  378. Hi Marie,
    I am such an early bird leaving … with a night owl.
    Can’t say it is very simple everyday but we try and make the most of it anyway.
    No big secret to share, only I live with my exact opposite (and so does he 😉 ) and I tend to be more and more early bird when my hubby always feels bad when he has to wake up early and go to work.
    Can we really change our nature ? I doubt it in the sense that you can try but will always feel jet lagged at the end of the day.

  379. I’ve never really given this subject too much thought. I’ve always liked my full eight hours of sleep, but whenever I had to stay later / get up earlier, I had no trouble shifting at all, just as long as it’s not a messy schedule for too long.
    Interesting subject however, thanks for posting!

  380. I’m totally an early riser. My husband is a night owl. I have tried to go to bed late just to have some quality time with him, but it makes for a very unproductive day for me.

    I have realized that just because he’s a late owl it doesn’t mean he doesn’t get work done. When he’s ready he gets a lot of work done. I simply just get up early and do whatever it is I need to do. What has happened with doing that is when my husband gets up he will join in or just pick-up where I left off.

    It’s really about respect and knowing that there are many roads to one destination. Both ways are right, because it is what feels right to me, and makes me more functional and same for him.

  381. I feel like I am both an early riser and a night owl! I absolutely love dawn and sunrises and if I absolutely HAVE to be up early, I’m able to enjoy it. But if left to my own devices I would wake up at 11am everyday! Like most people I have a 9-5 job, though, so I am forced to be up early. On the weekends or on days off when I wake up past 11am I do tend to feel like I have wasted a lot of my day. In college when I didn’t have a class until noon and didn’t wake up until 11 I felt kind of bad haha!
    But as a creative person, those midnight hours and really early morning hours (like 2am) are THE BEST for creativity because the entire world is asleep and you’re the only one up. And there’s this palpable funnel of creative ideas that always comes when I stay up into the wee hours of morning. At least it feels that way.

    So I don’t know, I see myself as both!

  382. Marie mentioned that we are “pre-programmed” to be either an early-bird or a late-riser. I’ve been trying to find research to back this up but haven’t been able to find anything solid yet.

    Marie, how did you develop your theory that we are pre-programmed to be one way or the other. I’m just curious and would like to learn more about this topic because my hypothesis is that we are not pre-programmed in this regard.

  383. Meg

    There’s a 3rd category: Nappers! Ideally, I like to stay up late, wake up early, and nap in the middle of the day. The world is much quieter very early and very late, so I get a lot done on both ends of the day.

  384. Melissa

    I am an early bird and I love night owls, because I get to make them breakfast in bed 🙂 then they love me right back!

  385. Claire

    I am both! Quite frankly I am tired of justifying when or where I work…sometimes I will wake at 5am and blast some amazing work through. Other days I cannot get myself going, or I have a massive slump in the afternoon. If that is the case then I take myself off (food shopping or for a long walk usually), then I start my work as a night owl. I believe that you should get your work done to a high quality, and in a time frame that is efficient. You cannot do this if you ain’t feeling it…and working when you aint feeling it is pretty bad for your morale. Nowadays I respect my “in the zone times”, and as long as I know I have worked hard I don’t justify it to anyone. I am so much happier for this….be both!

  386. Jo

    I use to be a late night owl in my younger years and thrived working the ‘vampire’ hours… now I work in an office and I am up at 5 am, get the free train to the city (early bird free train before 7 am), hit the city while it’s just waking up when it is clean and quiet. I start my day at my desk at work with a meditation while the sun comes up… I finish work at 4 pm and on the train home before everyone else. I have time to myself at home to do the things I like (yoga, walk on the beach, being nature) while everyone else is doing the rush hour thang! . I wouldn’t swap being an early bird lifestyle now for the world : )

  387. Creative people have creative schedules.

  388. Namir

    I’ve been a night owl all my life – hate to sleep, and historically need very little. For the last 5 years I’ve had a job I love – BUT it means I have to get up at 4:45 am. After all this time it’s still torture to get up in the dark, and the hardest part is going to bed early enough to get enough sleep. For now it’s the price of doing something I enjoy, that energizes me and feeds my soul. Next summer I’ll move on to a different phase, where I can do something else I love, on a schedule that suits my inner clock. It helps a lot, on cold dark mornings, to have this to look forward to.
    Bottom line: if you have to fight your own natural rhythms, make sure it’s in the service of something you love, and that it’s not forever. Being awake at the wrong end of the day for the wrong reasons means you’re living the wrong life.

  389. I’m definitely a night owl, always have been and my parents are night owls too. I’m most productive late evening into the early hours of the morning, I just seem to be able to think more creatively and I get so much more done. I’m married to an early bird who just doesn’t understand!

  390. Very interesting Q & A and comments… there have been times in my life where I was an early riser (especially years in corporate Canada) and others, where I was a night owl (self-employed, trying to get stuff done)… I can do both but my health and wellness suffer.. I realize I am at my best, most productive, and healthiest when I get to bed by 10, get a full nights sleep and be up with the sun ( say 6). My morning routine of lemon juice upon awakening and then a walk outside in the stillness while I think through my affirmations and express gratitude start the day off right and I’m productive…

  391. Amy

    The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  392. I watched this video with my eight-month-old on my lap and he sat quietly, enjoying our time together — until the rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T: He started to cry! So while I enjoyed the singing, alas, the little one did not. 🙂 … Now on to the question of the night owl versus the early riser: As a business book ghostwriter, I do much of my creative work in the afternoon and late night. The benefit to my clients is that they can receive correspondence from me overnight and act upon it first-thing, if necessary. Of course the other benefit is that I am working on my clients’ projects when I am at my most productive and creative. That, I find, is the main thing: Find the time when you do your best work, whether you are a night owl or an early bird. Make your time count.

  393. the reason i prefer to work as a consultant and on my own businesses is in large part to have freedom of time. when i worked in construction getting up at 6am every morning i hated it. the good news is that we can all meet in the middle, set meetings when our times intersect.

  394. You always make me feel better for being a fitter outer. Thank you. I am not a earlier bird and always felt lazy, but most of the time I feel I get more done and have better results then my early bird friends. But I would question myself and think maybe I am not doing it right. To me, sometimes drag out what I can get done in three hours, they get done in a whole eight – nine hour day. Ehhh maybe they are night owls to and getting up too early and too tired to do what is done. 🙂

  395. Big night owl here!

    I felt so guilty and out place for years specially when I lived in Caracas everyone is up at 5 am over there and by 7 am the streets are packed with heavy traffic, lots of noise and people hustling!

    For years I tried to get up at the same time as everyone but it was really difficult. I just can’t go to bed before 1 am, if I do I’m just tossing and turning with a ton of juicy ideas floating around in my head, so I moved to South Beach now I feel like an early bird when I wakeup at 9 or 10 am everyone wakes up at noon around here LOL!

  396. For years I worked 3rd shift in security and it was nothing to me I always stayed up late as a kid. I would find entertainment and keep myself up wasnt much of a struggle. Well 5 years later I left that job and picked up a first shift job and absolutely hated waking up at 6am. Considered going back to a third shift but I dont have to now….I know im a night owl ive always been and I forgot to mention I took the 3rd shift because I always stayed up till around 3-4 anyways…..if you’re a night owl learn to work with yourself not against yourself.

    I love what you had to say her Marie

  397. OMG! I LOVE this! I’m a night owl and I’ve struggled with it for years. It took me most of my adult life to finally admit that’s what it was. I tried to become an early riser but I just couldn’t adjust. My most productive time is also from 10-3 and then again from 6-12. I do have a flexible schedule at my corporate job but I always feel judged coming in later, even though I stay later and produce more quality work. Even on the weekends – I’d love to be up at the crack of dawn with my family/friends but I just can’t! This video really hit home and I’m happy to share it with all my early bird counterparts. HAHA!

  398. gahhh I LOVE that you posted this.
    YES I feel like I am so judged.. but when I’m up at 10pm kicking ass I’m not making fun of early birds for going to bed.
    I just don’t understand the whole superiority deal…
    “I get more done before you wake up”
    well guess what? I get shit done when you’re in bed too.
    and they say “oh you CAN get up early if you try”
    sorry… tried for so so so long…
    End up feeling like shit, needing a nap.. then I stay up LATER
    thank you thank you

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Danny-J! I’m a big time night owl and I’m always getting all amped up at night wanting to work and create things. Happy to hear from another night owl, and keep on being awesome while the world snoozes!

  399. I’ve always been a night owl, and have always suffered that social jet lag.
    I do enjoy waking up before my boyfriend and having quiet time, but I don’t care if that’s at 7 a.m., 9 a.m. or 11 a.m.
    Weirdly, I actually find that I enjoy waking up early when I have nowhere to be. When I have to wake up to get somewhere, I’m less than thrilled.
    I just met with an Ayurvedic wellness coach who told me that according to Ayuveda, it’s best to go to bed at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. I’m working on going to bed a little earlier each night. I currently go to bed at 2 or 3 a.m. The other problem is I’ve had so many meetings during the day lately that the only time I get to work on deliverables for clients is at night!

    I’m trying to figure out how to best live and work….

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Very interesting, Rosella. Thank you for sharing this with us — and good luck finding the right balance for you and your life!

  400. Nicole Renée

    I was just telling my partner last night that our baby is so easy to take care of because his natural rhythms have been honored. He was born at 5:31pm in our bedroom at home and then tucked into bed with us that night. He has consistently put himself to bed at 7:30-8pm ever since. I am fortunate to be at home with him and I nurse him and put him down for naps on his cues. I am able to balance 3 university classes and a health coach certification course by respecting his rhythm. His cycle of needs is a lot like his mamas! I find that I thrive going to bed around 8pm and waking up around 6am alongside my son. Thanks for keeping it real about respecting our natural rhythms, Marie!

  401. Alex

    This is the first time I have felt the need to post in the comments and I have been watching MarieTV for years! As a night owl and someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I tried to change my sleep patterns for years but after I working remotely and later for myself, I realized it wasn’t worth it. Not even a little bit. When I had a more traditional schedule, no matter how long I maintain the schedule of early to bed, early to rise (it didn’t matter if it was for 21 days or 21 months)… it never became natural. My peak hours are between 13:00 and 18:00 and again from 22:00 until 1:00 in the morning. The moment I allowed myself to really respect my work flow and track when I felt the best, I saw that there was a very clear, consistent pattern. In order to navigate a early morning biased world, I now have a bit of a backwards schedule. I do my social media lounging in the morning (what a lot of people do at night or after work), I like to workout before lunch or at lunch and then start my workday after lunch at 13:30. I generally stop working at 19:00, which means I’ve worked a solid six hours with a break and then if I need to work more– I pick up again after 21:00 and will generally go until 1:00 or 2:00. My husband used to think I was crazy but then he noticed how much calmer I am when I follow this schedule and that the quality of my work is also higher. So how do I work with other people? I schedule meetings for mid morning so they don’t interrupt my focused time. I do all my nitty gritty admin tasks between 13:00 and 15:00 while people are still at their desks so they can follow up with me if they need. I schedule workshops for the afternoon because morning people tend to need some excitement that time of day and I am super focused and still fresh. If I’m up working late, I take a break at 22:00 to read in bed with my husband and then get up once he falls asleep. That’s pretty much it… and I love it.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Alex, we love that you experimented and found a routine that works for you and keeps you calm and focused. We’d definitely encourage you to do what feels right for you. Thanks for being here with us!

  402. Stacy

    I’ve often joked with my fiancé that I’m going to settle my own planet and set up society there to operate in a way that caters to night people. As a tried and true night owl, I’ve always felt like a bit of an alien having to fit into a world that operates primarily on the morning person’s schedule. Try as I might, I’m simply not one for super early mornings – and I’ve come to accept that about myself. I get wonderful inspiration in the evenings on into the wee hours, and sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night with a clear answer to a problem I’ve been trying to solve. At an early waking hour like 5am, however, it’s quite the opposite for me – give me coffee or give me death!

  403. I always found that people look at me strangely when I say I get up 6am on a saturday or sunday (sometimes earlier) because it means I need to be in bed super early. I have found from experience that it is best to have your partner be like yourself and then no one is complaining about going to be early or someone rising late. As my Dad said when I was little “Little B, its doesn’t matter if a husband and wife vote differently, what matters is how they have their weeties!”. At the time I disagreed with him but now as I get older, I can see that in love matches and friendships, they are so much easier and organic when everyone is on the same page for the little things in life 🙂