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Waking up in a pool of your own blood isn’t something most of us aspire to.

But when you constantly push beyond your limits in an effort to “get ahead” that’s exactly where you might wind up.

Combine our change-the-world ambitions with a diligent work ethic and 24/7 technology, and we’ve got a recipe for chronic exhaustion.

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That’s why it’s so important to me that you watch today’s episode of MarieTV.

My guest is the legendary Arianna Huffington, author of the new book Thrive, and she’s here to help us redefine success on our own terms.

I read her book cover to cover and was so incredibly impressed, not only with the lessons it contained (I changed a key habit of mine instantly!) but with the science and research included to back it up.

Watch as Arianna and I talk about the importance of sleep, the challenges of our perfectionistic tendencies, and our own struggles with time.

You’ll also hear one of my favorite strategies from the whole book — how to instantly reduce stress from your neverending project list.

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Get your own copy of Arianna’s incredible book Thrive, here.

Your body, family, and soul will thank you for it.

Now, Arianna and I would love to hear from you.

Which of the strategies from today’s episode will help you most right now and why?

Be as specific as possible in your comment, as thousands of incredible souls from around the world come here to connect and be inspired.

Thank you for reading, watching, and sharing your heart in the comments below.

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  1. Making your bedroom a “device-free zone” has been critical for me. Ya gotta get your sleep without distractions.

    I’ve worked with too many clients that sleep with their crackberry by their head and they’re working ALL the time. One of my most recent clients was a walking pharmacy because of all his health ailments – many of which linked back to the fact that he never got enough sleep. I’m not sure it’s so great to be a millionaire if you can’t get enough sleep to enjoy it.

    • Hah! I still use my tablet to wake up. But I did give up my smartphone because it was eating up my life. I totally agree on the lack of sleep – I think the same goes with having a lot of money and no time to enjoy it, and instead spending all your time working and stressing out over everything. Not fun.

      • Definitely, Laura. If you can’t enjoy all the success you’re creating for yourself, how can you call it success? 🙂

      • I only use my phone as an alarm when necessary. Broke the habit of checking email, etc years ago on a trip to Brazil. Had to turn my phone off because of outrageous charges. When I returned after 10 days, I realized how much more peaceful I was not having looked at email before getting out of bed! Makes a HUGE difference.

        • Same here and I make sure that I get enough sleep. If we are recharged the next day, we are more productive.

    • Love this too! I was up at 4am making a to do list on my iphone! No bueno! Our dining room is a phone free zone (family time) but the bedroom should be too!

    • Mary Shabestari

      I’m really trying hard to keep devices out of the bedroom. At some point you need to “turn off” for the day, but it’s hard not to check email that one last time!

    • This is in alignment with Feng Shui advice. Keeping screens out of the bedroom helps sleep better!

      • Wow Moni, I couldn’t agree more. There are times when I know I’m just not in the frame of mind to work on certain things, they can be as simple as making a call to a prospective client. I know that if I’m not rested or in the right frame of mind, I’m not going to achieve the outcome I’m looking for. The unconscious mind is never wrong when it gives me the ‘GO-AHEAD’, and usually that is when I have had adequate rest which puts me in charge of my game.
        I was always a ‘night-owl’, that no longer serves me.

    • I never work on a project before I feel ready for it. I have confirmed time and time again that when I try to force myself to complete something by discipline and will I end up wasting my time. I let my unconscious mind work on project by giving it goals and I know when I am ready to tackle them because of all a sudden they feel really easy or I get happy at the thought of working on them.

      • Anuko

        It seems such a luxury to be able to do so. But on the other hand, I find it so true. If I keep on working past10/11 p.m. it’s so ineffective and even if I seem to have produced something, it doesn’t really matter the next day. Otherwise, if I manage to finish or drop something earlier, it’s so much easier to sort of play it by ear the next day and get better results and be happier about it. I guess it is exactly giving my mind time and rest necessary to function well and naturally.
        And it is such a pleasure to be inclined to work. I love working. However, oftentimes something in me protests.

        • @Anuko-I totally agree especially with writing-if I come back to it later, I seem to add insights that I hadn’t thought of previously.

    • grace purpura

      What else can you expect from an Italian and a Greek? They are classics – – – goddesses – – – and their advice is timeless! Thank you so much for this interview!

    • Ivanka

      Hello Mary, you met Oprah Winfrey,
      You have great success. You are inspiring.

      I am 22, I want to be a successful famous fashion designer .
      What is the fastest best way to be a successful famous fashion designer ?

      I know that being a successful famous fashion designer is my Purpose

      thanks in advance, Ivanka

    • Ha, crackberry – that is the best term I have heard this month 🙂 and I love what you said about getting them out of the bedroom. It is really important to literally unplug at night.

    • Ruban Samuel

      Hi am Reuben Samuel from India and I have small scale software solution company but i don’t have clients and also I don’t have a source to get a projects to increase my company level. If you have any projects regards application development and building a websites and other solutions regards developing and creation oriented please mail me. It will be a huge help to increase my company standard and you can also be satisfy with my service..

      Thank you..

    • I think I need to get a standard “regular” alarm clock because I use my phone to set my alarm but hate getting woken up every time it buzzes with a new email, notification, or text. I love this idea of an electronic free zone, especially in the bedroom which is supposed to be a relaxing, serene environment to end our days in!

  2. What an awesome interview, Marie! And a great topic I love (I have a little obsession with success, and have studied people I call “success ninjas” for a while, I’m now focusing on training people on how to use their failures to fuel success so they are no longer afraid of failing).

    Love how much emphasis Arianna puts on sleep, and the importance of prioritizing. We want so bad to check off every box and finish everything, to be absolutely perfect, that we ignore our own humanity. I am so guilty of this and have started in baby steps, from decluttering my home to my schedule in order to teach myself to start discriminating between what matters more or less to me in a non-stressful way. One of my favorite interviews so far!

    • I too have been a follower of success:
      Being it
      Defining it
      Finding it
      Losing it

      The most important part, besides taking care of your well being (emotionally, physically, spiritually) I believe success comes from being it.

      I agree this is one of the best interviews because Arianna explains how her mom showed her and her sister by being it (actions) more than words. I’ve seen time and time again women who see themselves as successful but like Arianna says, doesn’t acknowledge (even through eye contact) the cleaning lady in the hall.

      Perfect timing as I build on “Lead by Example”

      • “He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction.” ~Bessie Stanley, 1905, commonly misattributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson

        • Tara

          Thanks for posting, it’s beautiful.

    • Thank you so much for the interview! It touched me so much and I ordered the audio last night!

      Thanks again!

      Delisa Christy

  3. I am SO guilty of having my smartphone next to my bed. It’s the last thing I look at at night and the first thing I look at in the morning. I look at it when I’m out walking, with my daughter, with my husband, with my friends. I’ve had to assert my boundaries with my clients, but it seems like I haven’t actually reinforced those boundaries with MYSELF.

    Public declaration: Smartphone Banned from bedroom with immediate effect!

  4. Congratulations on this amazing interview: Arianne is such an inspirational woman (so calm and grounded, I love her energy). Thrive is now on my amazon list.

    My strategy? No emails at night (or first thing in the morning quite frankly.)
    I try to use my time to capitalize on when I’m most creative (mornings) and my evenings are for relaxing (yoga, snuggling, reading).


    • Caroline, you are smart. 🙂

      My mornings begin with spiritual practice and then I’m offline by 6pm unless there’s something I’ve previously scheduled to do, so I’m not just randomly addressing issues that crop up after “work hours”. It makes a big difference in the quality of my work AND my relationships.

      • Offline after 6pm? Now that is a life I want to aspire to! You have created a new bench mark for me. I am sure that you are happier for it too!

    • Julie R

      I love that you reserve evenings for loving. Inspirationally, it shows a priority level placed on love that I would define as high and sacred. With some rearranging and prioritizing my day’s tasks,. I will be able to do the same.

      Also, by completing a task through droppng it I can live more freely today rather than burdening myself with unfinished business that may never be finished.

      Add in some sleep and the recipe is complete. I get more busy doing things that don’t last than i’d like to admit.

      The wisdom offered here is wonderful. It clearly lines up with the truth that relationships and love are top priority. Each person on this earth was shaped and formed with care and we are all blessed by treating them as such. This thought echoes the age-old words of Jesus, who held the secret to the source of life and offered the insight to love my neighbor as myself, even giving it as a command since he knew the kind of abundant life it would afford me. If modern research confirms this truth He shared, what other insight and wisdom could I glean if I really learned his shared secrets?

  5. Great interview, Marie.

    Traditional success has always had a component of destructive self-sacrifice. I love that people are now considering that success isn’t found only in profit and a great bio. Well-being has to be included or what’s the freakin’ point?

    As for tips to implement, I’ll be switching to an iphone shortly so I need to maintain the device-free zone as it stands. 🙂

    I’m so honored to have recently started blogging for HuffPo’s Third Metric (Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power). It’s an important discussion to be had. Our definitions of success have to evolve before we run ourselves into the ground.

    Will definitely be reading Thrive. Thank you both.

  6. “change the channel, darling”… so much wisdom in this interview. thank you.
    all the best,

    • Mary Shabestari

      I love this! “Change the channel darling”, reminds me of what my mother always says, “wait to worry”. Wait until it happens, then worry about it.

      • “Change the channel darling” …A wise mother who bought up a wise daughter

    • kathleen rose

      yes! I love that. I’m going to say it to myself whenever I catch myself worrying too much!

  7. Rest. Over this past weekend, I forced myself to not work anymore than needed. I’m so excited by what I’m doing, I only recently realized I never stop working. Add too, as I build my writing career, I’m working three jobs (writing included.) I was getting sick from not resting. It was hard to not do anything but totally worth it. That feeling that there is no time is not true. I run the clock and my plan can roll out as I go. There is plenty of time. I just have to keep reminding myself.

    Tieara Myers (formally known as DeDe Deylnn)

  8. Love seeing Arianna here! When I was starting my first business, Arianna graciously supported and encouraged me. It was the advice from successful women like her who took time to meet with me that totally fueled my growth and I’m forever grateful.

    I have been committed to a full night sleep for the last five years, and it’s wonderful. Of course there are days when I have to be up in the middle of the night to catch an early morning flight or something, but most nights I get a full 8 hours and I love that Arianna is a sleep evangelist encouraging others to sleep more. One thing I need to work on is the “Device Free Zone” in the bedroom! I still keep my tablet and iPhone on the nightstand.

    “Change the channel” is such a powerful lesson, I love that. The other one is acknowledging people because we all want to be seen, and heard, and remembered.

  9. Dear Marie and Arianna,

    Yesterday I went to my dermatologist because I had an abnormal mole appear on my neck about a year ago. This is a doc visit I have avoided over the course of the last year due to the fact that my dermatologist is 1.5 hours from my home and I used the excuse of “I am building my business” and “was too busy” and “will get to it when I can”. Needless to say at the visit my doc was somewhat alarmed by the mole and insisted that he biopsy it right away.

    I tell you this, not to give you TMI, but because tears came to my eyes as Arianna talked about the definition of success and “undermining her health” as she was launching HuffPo. As she spoke, I realized that I need to work smarter (not harder) as I launch my business. I need to pay attention to the health needs that I have and not deem myself too busy to get myself to the Doc if I need to. I need to turn off my phone at night and leave it out of my bedroom. I need boundaries between where Licia Morelli the person and Licia Morelli the corporation stops and starts.

    I need to be present for my family and be mindful of my mind, body, and soul.

    I have every expectation that my doc will come back with good news around my issue but between my appointment yesterday and this video – I have had a wake up call and hereby promise to take care of me so that I can continue to give to others. 🙂

    Thank you, Marie and Arianna. Please know that the message today will help build a strong and healthy platform for me and my business going forward.


    • Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I am sending lots of blessings your way and hoping that you get amazing news 🙂

      It truly is a profound message. Just 4 months ago I was working 50 hour weeks, was 9 months pregnant and had pneumonia that took 10 weeks to get over. Made me realize how important self care is! Your business is beautiful!

      • Thank you, Zuzana, for your support and kind words! Good to know that self care is something we are all working towards! xoxo, Licia

    • Hi Licia,

      I can also relate to your self care insights. I recently became poorly and on my GP’s advice had to re evaluate things and have made self care I priority and everything has benefited from my healthy to my relationships and my business. I totally agree with working smarter not harder. With best wishes x

  10. Thank you for this amazing interview. I love to be aware of the moments. I make an effort to do this with my daughter as she skips into school each day. I take a mental picture of the moment. We also say good morning to people on our way in, people we see each day and this becomes like a ritual. I am so excited about my coaching business that sometimes I stay up a bit too late so I’ll be taking the advice to get to bed earlier and to get more sleep.

    • Hi Deborah –

      I can so relate to your enthusiasm at starting your new coaching business. I, too, am doing the same. As part of my new mindframe, I make an effort to both respond to people who greet me, especially those that are doing so because that’s part of their job, and to at least smile as I pass others when I am out running errands. My coaching business provides me with the opportunity to connect hands, head, heart and health to the learning process and a big piece of the “health” part is the amount of sleep my clients get on a regular basis. I need to make sure I practice what I preach.

  11. Well, Marie, I “didn’t miss the moment”, because I found the “time for the MOST important thing to spend my time on”, in which was your WONDERFUL program today!! Thanks and I am honored…

    With Much Love,


    • Lol, that’s a good point. I had to remind myself while watching the video to not check email and do other stuff at the same time! Yikes.

  12. I love this episode…I resonated with so much of it. As a 55-yr old woman, I felt I had to “prove” myself for so many years, but no more and I’m so much happier now. The reason? Because I have pared down my life (things, monthly expenses, toxic people, etc.) and learned to focus on the things I found that bring me joy, happiness, and fullfillment.

    It’s worth the effort to figure that out and take action to make it happen. The tip I am taking away is “Change the channel, Darling!” because I do sometimes fixate on things that could happen but may not. It doesn’t pay to worry about the future dangers if you’ve done everything reasonable to keep it from happening.


  13. Gyda

    I have a weekly planner, where I write a new quote for each week.
    I was so inspired by Ariana’s words that I wrote:
    This week: I have enough time for the important one
    Next week: You can complete a project by dropping it
    Third week: Don’t miss the moment
    Forth week: Change the channel

    Thanks Marie and Ariana 🙂

    • What a great idea Gyda!

    • Gyda,
      I love your idea. I’ve been keeping a running list of quotes I love on my iPhone. I love going back and reading them.
      Thanks for taking it one step further.

    • brilliant Gyda! Thanks for this awesome idea!

  14. “Change the channel, Darling” + “Don’t miss the moment” are two things that I am taking with me.

    As I continue to build my family and my business, I get caught up in the building aspect far too much. I have small children and I don;t want to miss out on the preciousness of right now. I also allow far too many things to “get to me”. So, I’m changing the freaking channel on that stuff.

    Great interview!

    • Nakeia, first of all, what a beautiful name! I am so glad you said this about the “moments” with your children. I remember my mother doing this, sometimes staying up past our bedtime when we were having really good talks. She knew to appreciate the moment of connection and I did this with my children also. Sometimes your child or teenager will start to open up and it’s like a special bubble you don’t want to burst, I don’t answer the phone, I don’t say let’s do this another time, when the moment is happening and you realize it, it’s so important to cherish it, it may never happen again, and will certainly have a better chance of happening again if you show you are there to listen.

      • Debbie

        Yes Laurel, I agree Nakeia is a beautiful name.
        I feel I have always been available as my daughter grew up. My daughter is the one texting and checking emails, or doing things around when I go visit her.
        I feel life and happiness is basically about finding balance. And allowing guilt to go out of our lives, though challenging I am willing to declare my home is a “free guilt zone”
        Thank you Marie for this interview, I got it just when I needed it. And thank you ladies.
        Time to sleep. Hugs from starry night in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  15. It’s all about creating a business around the lifestyle you love, and that includes looking after you first and foremost right?

    So you have enough energy to put into everything without burning out. That means your relationships, your business and every single thing that demands your attention everyday.

    Excited to read Ariana’s new book for sure!

  16. Lovely interview, Marie. I am proud to report that here in New Orleans, it isn’t a stretch at all for us to acknowledge garbagemen, janitors, and all service workers with a smile and friendly hello. You should definitely try it!

  17. Yay thank you so much for this video. I preordered this book and was soooo excited when I saw it pop up in my kindle this morning!

    “Don’t miss the moment” is a beautiful mantra to live by. With two little kids (2yrs. and 2 months) I recognize how important it is to enjoy every moment and be present with them (even during a little tantrum, hehe). I think remembering this mantra will help me be a better mother as I work toward making my other dreams come true as well.

  18. Wow! I can so relate! thanks for sharing. Just downloaded the book!

  19. Kaoru

    “Change the channel” is an awesome advise.
    I had been obsessed by a negative idea for a few month.
    This is the advise what I wated. Thanks!

  20. LOVE this interview with Arianna she’s so inspiring. Growing up Greek I understand where she’s coming from and as an over worked mom I so get the sleep thing. The key to finding my sanity!

  21. There is nothing worse than sleep exhaustion. I think I have been running on fumes for the last 2 years, ever since my kiddo was born. Being a full-time, work-from-home business owner has its perks, but also has this drawback–I do not get enough sleep. Sometimes making drastic changes is the only way to improve on that–we are moving close to family, so I can employ their help to work a few hours during the day, so I can sleep at night.

  22. You can complete a project by dropping it.

    Done & done.

    I SO resonate with Ariana’s message. I’ve damaged my own health from overwork and perfectionism in the past and I am beyond thrilled that a woman of her influence is walking her talk and spreading this super important message to other women. I’m getting the book right now for every woman I know! Thanks Marie!

    Love to both of you ladies.

    • Oh, hell yeah! Love that sentiment. It turns guilt from dropping something into accomplishment – smart, huh 🙂

      Having burned through the wee hours on client projects several times this week I’m taking the sleep mantra to heart. In 2 weeks I’ll be in France with my mum and whole family gathered around for her 70th birthday, and you can bet we’ll be spending serious time making small talk over pain au chocolat and cheese options.

      Fully believe that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the least powerful person in the room too.

      Goodness me, you guys are filling up my reading list faster than I can keep up (but that’s okay…)

  23. What really spoke to me in the interview is “don’t miss the Moment”. Thank you for this!

  24. Thank for this interview. I am going to the Thrive Conference in NYC at the end of April and this interview was so motivating for me! I am so excited to see her in person and really be in the moment throughout the conference. For me I am going to work on getting 30 min more of sleep each night. I usually get around 6-7 hours a night but would love to push it up to 8. I used to consistently get 8 hours of sleep a night but since my business has grown my sleep has decreased. Good to know it is ok to sleep more!
    Thank you for your work.

  25. I loved this talk, it is so great for me to watch such successful woman who are ambitious. I agree with the sleep part and I actually take care of that part of my life because I can’t function otherwise. What I really got out of this though, is feeling that I am ok. The other day I was thinking: “why can’t I just be content? Why am I always wanting more” It is exhausting to have my wheels turning at all times. Friends comment, why can’t you just simmer down and relax, I started feel like there is something wrong with me. The truth is I am never ok standing still in life and whether people perceive this as I have anxiety or ADD I feel totally normal when I watch your videos. I just want to be successful and I am driven to do so. Thank you.

    • Irene

      I am with you Louise! Thank you for validating me too. Your drive may look like ADD or anxiety to some, but is inspiring to others. Take care <3

  26. Arianna’s message really speaks to me, in my heart. I pre-ordered a copy of her new book which arrived yesterday and I’m already half-way through. What sticks with me the most is that we have to show the next generation how to do this right, and make sure they start early.

    Ever since I started my new business, I have been very mindful of setting the example for my daughter of a life that I would want her to live. She has already told me that she will run my company one day and she is so influenced by what I do. So, taking care of myself is not only important for me but it’s critical to ensure that she will have a much better life than even I have. And for my sons also, although they don’t seem as interested in copying mommy. Lol.

    SN: My daughter has no choice but to be a biz star – she watches MarieTV with me and has even been helping me with B-School homework! And she’s only 11. 😀

  27. ‘Don’t miss the moment’. This so resonated with me today.

    This morning when I was still in bed, my husband came in to say there were two birds in our garden nuzzling up affectionately with each other. My first instinct was to roll over and get a few minutes’ more sleep, but I hopped out of bed and joined Mr H in watching the birds out of the window.

    We so often don’t spend time with each other first thing in the morning, as we are both ‘doing our thing’, so this felt really special. Just spending a couple of minutes together, looking out at those loved-up birds set me up for the day. I’m glad I caught hold of that moment!

  28. Arianna is awesome. Best tip. Drop the projects. Let them go! Love this. I am not dropping a guest performance on Broadway!

    Also sleep. I have been practicing this for a couple years. It has completely changed my immune system and strength.

    I have notice a natural ebb and flow of how much sleep I enjoy. Weeks will show up where I sleep 9 or 10 hours. And the ebb is a week of 6 hour nights.

    With mindfulness I trust my body.


    Great episode.

  29. Deb

    This was one of more profound vids you have offered. Yes, I love the idea of getting more sleep-something my young son (4 years old at the time) used to remind me when I got cranky: “Mom, I think you need a nap!” Yup! I also loved the phrase: “Change the channel.” I think this is so true when we just need to readjust our thoughts, direction, wording, intentions, etc. As one who had a second chance at life, I feel “Don’t miss the moment” speaks to me in a very special way. We are all given now to make a difference not only in our lives but the lives of others. So being present is the best gift we can give to ourselves and others. Kudos, Marie, and a very special thank you to Arianna Huffington!

  30. Donna O'Klock

    What an amazing idea – that, “I can complete a project by dropping it!”
    I look forward to being liberated.

  31. Oh, Marie. This is your best interview yet. I was nodding my head the entire time. Every sentence is a take-away. You know, when you reach your forties, you start examining life and you begin to understand that there are only a few things that matter. And emails are not on the list.
    I’m in the middle of B-School right now and absolutely can’t wait to watch every single video, read every sentence in the PDF’s and peruse all the comments, but yesterday, as I was gearing up for my full day of learning, my 15 year old daughter, who is on spring break, asked to go out to breakfast with me. It took me all of 30 seconds to power down and jump in the car. We enjoyed a full day of shopping, eating and talking. And as the commercials go, it was priceless.
    This is the longest comment I have ever posted on any blog because everything Arianna says is exactly right. Sleep, eating well and filling your life with gratitude is the pathway to joy.
    Many, many thanks!

    • Joanne

      Patty your comments on this amazing interview completely resonate with me! Learning to just let go for those unexpected and unplanned joyous moments and experiences is something I am embracing lately and gradually the guilt lessens and truly…the important things always get done!

      I’m so looking forward to reading this book and hoping to enrol in the next intake for B-School.

      So thanks for posting 🙂

  32. I have a bad habit of keeping the TV on all night in my room. I know this is bad because the few times it is off, I sleep SO much better…..gotta work on that……love the insight that both Marie and Arianna give the world !!!

  33. This was such a lovely interview and the messages are so needed. Slowing down, being in the moment and unplugging are my focus right now as I try to build a business but create balance in life. I appreciate the idea of “don’t miss a moment” so very much as the mother of a toddler and as an entrepreneur. It is very easy to brush aside precious moments with our family in favor of building our business, responding to emails, answering phone calls, etc. Those tasks can always wait but the moments with our loved ones are precious and should be relished.

    Thank you for this interview!

  34. I nearly cried when I saw this. Marie and Ariana were so authentic and inspiring together. I cannot wait to read this book. Tonight, I’m going to take a hot bath and to go bed a half hour early. I feel better already 🙂

  35. Wow! Arianna Huffington! She is such an inspiration! Thank you, Marie for bringing her to us!!
    What a huge, important subject – sleep!
    I am so excited about life that I often have a difficult time settling down and getting really, restful sleep. I am grateful that I have such a wonderful life but I also know the importance of deep sleep in recharging and healing the body.
    I am going to get rid of all the electronic devices – they are all charging next to my bed!! And I am going to make that Extra-30-Minute commitment.
    Thanks again for today!

  36. elena simone

    I LOVED the today’s video! such a wonderful conversation with so important tips which they can really change our life!
    I will take the challenge! By this moment every time i think negatively or stressed about the things i have to do i will repeat the phrase : “change the channel”. SO great!
    I beg this phrase can change everyone’s life! You should it also guys!!

  37. Being in my own business 20 years and working from home but very disciplined it was a sinus infection last Fall that wiped me out and showed me the importance of those 7-8 hours sleep and that when my immune system was shot that something had to change as handfuls of supplements and a great diet just could not do everything to shore up recovery. So now I wake up every morning without an alarm clock and feel so much better and actually more creative.
    The incomplete bucket list items that Arianna decided to just let go of spoke to me alot as well! Let go of all the perfectionism! Be present with everyone we are with…all such great reminders!
    Thanks Marie for another dynamite interview with one of the best!

  38. Jo

    It’s so true that our parents often give us pearls of wisdom that we don’t listen to. In our haste to rush ahead with our own lives and our own way of doing things, we often listen to everybody but them. I like the way that Arianna talks of a home coming when she remembers her mother’s wisdom. I will take a moment to reflect on those important life lessons that I had the privilege to grow up with.

  39. So good to see you two together! Arianna just keeps getting better, and you had a wonderful dynamic together.

    For me: continuing to connect with everyone…I especially love to say hi and have a small-talk moment with people who are often treated as invisible…puts a smile on all our faces and hearts!

    Love to you and all the good work you are doing!

  40. I usually get great sleep, but I literally just stayed up all night working on a project. I feel somewhat terrible and my face hurts.

    The only email I have in my inbox is this video blog!

    I love how serendipitous life is.

  41. This video was so timely. One thing I’ve really been trying to work on shutting down at night. Little by little, it’s happening. My goal is to get to the point where the computer is closed and the tools are put away by 6:00-ish. “Don’t miss the moment,” is such an important concept to me but I’m the worst about stopping for those moments.

    I will say, I’m most certainly one who acknowledges housekeeping staff in a hotel (they know me by name at one resort here) and I always pause my conversation to thank a waiter for filling my glass, removing my plate, etc. Sometimes people seem so self-absorbed that it seems they feel simple social graces are beneath them. What happened to saying “excuse me” when you need to pass someone in the grocery store rather than just staring at them with an unfriendly expression until they move?

    Lastly, complete a project by dropping it. So true! I also need to learn to delegate and outsource where I can. I, too, have very high standards and letting go is often a struggle!

    Thanks for the video. I do admire Arianna and can’t wait to read “Thrive.”

  42. I feel like I just sat down for a nice cup of tea and a heartfelt chat… so much wisdom and I felt like she was taking not just Marie under her wing, but all of us women entrepreneurs.

    She said that her mother lived a third metric life… so intrigued by that and it’s sometime that I want to be.

    so many quotable… “change the channel darling” “complete the list by dropping it”.

    Thanks for this

  43. Sheri D. Maple

    They are actually two things that stick with me the most. The idea of perfectionism, you cannot grow as a person when trying to become a perfectionist. It stifles the creativity and learning process. Not having a sense of hierarchy. Actually acknowledging a person’s presence is a sign of respect and it’s also for good in having great leadership skills.

  44. Rachel

    Such a great interview. I just put the book in my Amazon cart!

    What struck me most in this interview was in talking about her mother, Arianna mentioned the way she taught just by the way she conducted her life. This is something that I have thought about a lot. I have a daughter who has witnessed my string of bad choices (mainly around marriage) and I worry that she will make a mess of her life because of my example. She is shockingly well adjusted and says that she has learned what she doesn’t want and won’t allow in her life. I hope that’s true.

  45. meshack

    Marie ever since I started watching ya episodes, it has really changed how I think and act. my tempers could kill me or I would have killed! but watching ya inspirational videos since mid last year, I have learnt to take control of my every moment and now am a master of my life since I control how I think & act….
    my stress has vanished and ma confidence is all time high! I got a job now an air traffic controller in Kenya and I see a great future ahead now that am doing my masters degree in management!
    Forleo U really change me…… to me U R a goddess of inspiration!
    THANK YOU…..

  46. The timing of the message for me was somewhat divine. I am exhausted today due to my decision to go to bed late. As I continue to build my business it easy to put myself last with 2 children and the to dos of a family. Today I feel lifeless and am completely dragging myself. But the message to create downtime and a sacred space for bedtime sounds amazing as I KNOW that I am at my best when I am rested and rejeuvenated! That energy gives us the opportunity to really BE in the moment.

    Thanks Arianna and Maire!

  47. Every message I’ve gotten over the past few weeks has been about sleep so I’m guessing that God is pounding me over the head to get more sleep. …yawn… and I think maybe you’re all right { zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz }

  48. I love how “generous” Arianna is. What a spirit! I enjoyed her tips and I think it would be wise to read this book. I often feel guilty about actually sleeping. No more! Although I get up very early to work every day, I will have no problem with going to bed equally early!
    Thank you for bringing this to us Maria!


  49. jenaya crosson

    ” Change the Channel”-
    such a simple way to get back on the positive and let go of the negative.
    So easy to get caught up chuggin away on negative energy and most people are willing to participate.. good ol human nature.
    This is such a simple, light hearted phrase that can switch the mood in an instant. – genius.

  50. Steve Szubert

    Completing projects by dropping them … Brilliant! Now I’ll have time for better sleep 🙂
    Thank you.

  51. I totally agree with Arianna. We need to put ourselves first, before our business. If we’re not primed, how can our business be? How can we help others shine when we’re fading? So, great message! I know from experience that sleep is the greatest creative force. When I was in grad school for architecture, classmates would pull all nighters and then sleep for just an hour or two during the day. I refused. Midnight was my cutoff and then time for bed. If there’s one thing I will not sacrifice, it is my sleep. I’m useless without it. Getting my 8hrs each night let me complete epic design projects and stay healthy during my grad school years. Hooray for self care!

  52. Diana

    Arianna is spot-on with the third metric logic — being truly successful goes beyond money and power. Her wisdom nuggets amazing — sleep (and lack thereof) is linked to every function of our body; the “device-free zone” is completely necessary because we need to “unwire” and disconnect; learning to accomplish by “dropping it.” Have a lot to learn! Thrive is already in my Kindle. 😀

  53. Freya

    “Change the channel.” I love that as a self-loving way to redirect your attentions and actions!

  54. I love “change the channel, darling” — I need to write that down and hang it up over my desk! 🙂

  55. Starting this moment, I will be ‘changing the channel’ when ever I am stuck in a negative thought pattern – great trigger words – I used to say reboot but this is somehow more complete and faster. (picture remote/tv and restarting computer I suppose) love it! It really can be that simple. Arianna is lucky to have had such an amazing mother!!

  56. “You can complete a project by dropping it.”
    Brilliant! That is seriously fabulous advice.

  57. Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby

    I loved, “Complete a project by dropping it!” That makes so much sense. I am going to implement and share with everyone I know.

    Great messages. Thanks Marie.


  58. Jen

    Sleep is my biggest priority, always! It’s a big reason why I’m committed to self-employment working out for me: so I can control my own schedule!

  59. Jen Guglielmi

    OMG! Thank you for giving me permission to SLEEP!! I know how terribly I function without it but it seems like everything I read says “Successful people wake up an hour earlier than they have to.” Which makes it hard to not feel like a failure before I even get out of bed in the morning!! I’m working on finishing my day a little earlier so the evening can be a wind down/me time instead of a last minute, to-do list, email catch up time. It’s all a process and I’m grateful that the advice you’re giving encourages self care!!

  60. Wonder interview Marie! Here’s what I will do to become more productive: stop working at a reasonable time so that I can relax, get more sleep, and clean up my to-do list.

  61. This is the first time I have ever left a comment on a forum, however am compelled to respond to this fabulous, authentic and beautifully memorable interview. Wow, you and Arianna are such an inspiration and great role models! I am already a sleep evangelist and read Arianna’s ‘sleep your way to the top’ blog with a smile on my face and shared with many… no more guilt about needing 8 hours sleep. And loving the ‘don’t miss the moment’ and ‘change the channel, darling’ advice… Can’t wait to try that out on my sometimes slighly obsessive 14 year old 🙂 and well, what great advice for us all, thank you. Sincerely thank you, Marie and Arianna. And can’t wait to read Thrive. Please keep all your wonderful messages coming. Bless you both. Fabulous!

  62. Wow, Marie, amazing interview with Arianna! Thank you for bringing yours and her insight to us. Arianna has also been a role model to me as I’m sure she is to most of us. As I embark on starting my own business (thanks to you and B-School), these tips are immensely helpful. The most eye-opening coming from such a successful woman like Arianna is the sleep tip. Like you, I’ve always been told 4-5 hours is enough but feel dramatically different with 7-8. I’m going to do it, at least try for 30 min more a night and keep adding on. And I’m buying the book immediately. Thank you, Marie!!!

  63. Katharine

    Hi, Marie,

    We have to keep my husband’s phone on at night, because he is on standby for forest fires, but it almost never rings, thank goodness.

    My need is more sleep. I began skipping sleep, though, because of migraines, which were less if I slept less. Now days, I think I’ve gotten carried away. I usually need six hours, but have been sneaking in more work until it’s often only 4. Not good.

    I think what is hard about this message, is that the success you or Ariana are sleeping on, is already made. You can afford to sleep, basically. Not everyone can.

    But I shall try. I know it is a true need.

    Thanks for this.

    • Sleep is not a commodity that we can ‘afford.’ We have been led to believe that we can only be successful by paying the price with sleep deprivation. I encourage people to consider their pj’s. as part of their success wardrobe.

  64. Eliane

    Love this, the quote “don’t miss the moment” speaks to me a lot because I spend a lot of time with my children, and just to be with them, watch them play and play with them teach to me a lot. Very nice, thank you! 🙂

  65. Angela Willis

    From someone that suffers from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, I highly encourage everyone to take Arianna’s advice…I am preaching to the choir, here (and need to take my own advice) … and at times, especially busy stressful times (like during B-School!!), that seems like there is NEVER enough time in the day, it is ESPECIALLY important.
    Wonderful restorative healing sleep.

  66. Joanne Moore Professional Intuitive

    Thank you as always for the inspiring start to my day! I love the “change the channel darling” and will be using that not only for myself but my children. I use my phone as an alarm, but have found more and more reading my email or texts before bed, that will stop today when I turn my phone to airplane mode in the bedroom, and even when I go in to just read and have a few quite moments.
    Arianna thank you for sharing your story and insights so may all learn!

  67. I LOVE the tip about sleeping. Somehow my dad’s been always going on that I need to go to bed early and sleep more and blah-blah-blah and I never listened. And now when one of the people I really admire says it – I’m all ears and willing to do what it takes 🙂 Burning a candle at both ends isn’t productive on some days – so completing projects and ideas by not doing them would definitely help to keep the to-do list manageable!

  68. Uche Adegbite

    Great Video, Loved the reminder to acknowledge everyone you come in contact with, very valuable words of wisdom. I will have to go and get this book!

    Thanks Marie and Arianna

  69. smilesnfayth

    Redefining success as we speak! This video moved me to tears specifically because of the moment I am in with my own life. To hear almost exactly what I have been personally experiencing beginning with my health, was overwhelmingly inspiring. Somehow this video let me know I am on the right track (one of those universe coincidences) I’ve recently had to encompass all of the things mentioned by necessity & others by choice. But one thing I really enjoyed was the story “treating everyone the same regardless status.” That’s something I’ve always done & it’s definitely had an impact on my life. I will be adding Arianna’s book to my collection today! Such an inspiring women both of you!! Marie thank you for this video!

  70. Fantastic interview!

    I just “completed” a couple of projects!

    And it is definitely time to “change the channel.”

    One of the reasons I have been so successful in sales over the years is because I not only spoke to everyone everywhere I went but made friends with them. So whenever I called on the phone or went in person they went out of their way to help me.

    I totally agree about keeping the bedroom a “work-free zone” and I never do work on my ipad or iphone there but I have to mention that twice I left my phone in another part of the house when I turned in and didn’t hear it ringing in the night when there was a family emergency. So now I make sure it is charged and leave it on the nightstand just in case but do not work while in the bedroom.

    Have a fabulous day!

  71. I think trying to get more sleep is at the top of my list! I found out recently that I naturally will sleep upwards of 9 hours! Yikes! I’m hoping that once I start sleeping more regularly, that number will go down closer to 7 or 8.

    If not then I can at least claim that my mind is hard at work being creative and giving me ideas through the crazy dreams that I have in the mornings!

  72. I started getting a full night’s sleep about 2 years ago and it’s revolutionized my life and business! I can focus, get tons more done (in less time?!), and feel happier.

    I also take an actual break when I feel burned out. Rather than powering through, I think about what I’d really like to be doing (movie, walking in the sun, tea with a friend) and do it. That couple of hours is usually enough to completely recharge me and I come back ready to work with a great attitude instead of spending extra hours dreading my work and doing it anyway.

    My takeaway from this video – I’ve got some projects to “delete.” I’ve got an Idea Bank where I jot down everything that would be cool. That way it doesn’t take up mental space right now. When I do my planning I go back there and pull things out. I never remove anything, and I know I won’t ever do it all.

    Today, I’m going to the Idea Bank and deleting things that are really low priority, or I’m just not jazzed about anymore!

  73. “you can finish a project by dropping it from your list.” awesome. I think this might be the easiest and most effective way to let go of the pressure that we put on ourselves. it’s a great shortcut to relax and just be. no more thinking “I could be doing this” or “I should be doing that.” release the pressure to do it all. the inspiration to do the things that matter will come to you when you most need it.

  74. Love it! My fav was change the channel!!!

  75. Joy

    I love this! She has inspired me so much. I wrote her an email a month ago and just got her advance and signed copy in the mail. I’m so excited to dive in!

    Read my email here!

    Much love to all you ladies who walk the walk.


  76. Thank you Marie for bringing this book and this wonderful interview into my radar! The tips and story telling from such a woman figure are precious. Some guilty feelings have already vanished! It took me only 18 min to make them disappear 🙂
    I absolutely loved the quote: “I can complete a project by dropping it!”
    I feel already lighter.
    My immediate actions:
    Get my iphone away from my bed.
    Get my focus on “don’t miss the moment” mantra.

  77. Kate

    My favorite tip is “change the channel” xo

  78. Zeineb

    I think this video is wonderful :). I loved the part where she talks about connecting with oneself, to reach our creativity. if we are happy, we can be creative. That is awesome. When we are miserable, we can be creative as well, but I think it’s much much better to be happy and radiate that on whoever comes in contact with our work.
    I cried when she was talking about her mom, because I can relate to that so much. I live far away from my mom, and my dad passed, but I do live by what they taught me and try to teach some of it to my kids as well. Kudos to this video. It touched me on sooo many levels… Thanks Marie, and thanks Ariana :))). Love!

  79. Thanks so much for a wonderful interview, Marie and Arianna!

    I especially appreciate that you have created a beautiful, thriving life around simple intentions — like getting sufficient rest, honoring others with your full attention, and savoring the moment.

    One of the simplest, but most powerful routines I use to maintain a feeling of absolute thriving is to ask myself consistently throughout the day how I’m feeling.

    I’ve learned that when I am in a positive state of mind (e.g. acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm), I am aligned with the creative forces of the universe. When I’m in any negative state, I’m not.

    It’s like Marianne Williamson says, “We can have a grievance, or we can have a miracle; we cannot have both.”

    I want the miracle! 🙂

    Thanks again, Marie and Arianna, for helping me get clarity on what it means to truly thrive.

  80. Sarah H

    I enjoyed this video. It was short and informative. I will definitely start reminding myself to change the channel and don’t miss the moment. It is always good for me to be reminded and this is just what I needed. Thank you both.

  81. Tasha

    I LOVE the advice her mother gave her when she was worrying: “Change the channel.” That’s something I really need to get better at as an anxious, modd-swingy person. I need to remember that I have the power to choose and the power to simply decide that I am not going to let myself feel that way!

    • Tasha, this one really hit me as well. I was just thinking and writing about this today, as I had an episode the other day of getting a sticky, nasty place in my mind and being able to “simply decide that I am not going to let myself feel that way”…for very long. I was able to transition in under 24 hours, which to me, is a feat, since that same process used to take about a month or more. So, yeah! Let’s rock this and CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Thank you for sharing your voice and story here. You have inspired me.

  82. This was my favorite interview of all, Marie Forleo!! She is so wise and warm…it was really a GREAT reminder of so many important things in the lives of creatives and entrepreneurs. THANK YOU for having her on Marie TV and THANK YOU, Marie for ALL you do!!

    P.S. I couldn’t pick just one tip…Loved “Don’t miss the moment” AND “Change the channel” and everything she had to share!

  83. What a wonderful interview, Marie and Arianna! I’ve been trying to build some serious self-care into my daily routine. 🙂

    Marie, I saw that you enjoyed Divergent. Such an awesome movie! I went to see it on Friday with my 13yo daughter who is literally obsessed with the book series, and with Theo James. LOL.

    She has an Instagram account devoted to her Divergent love at, and she has over 6,000 followers! I love that she uses social media for good fun. 🙂

    Thanks, Marie!

  84. The idea that sleep will enhance my creativity. (I had it pegged as another procrastination technique) Now I will stop feeling guilty about going to sleep when I am tired and reconnecting with the project tomorrow.

  85. I definitely have issues with sleep! I tend to go to bed late and get up late but even when I get 10 hours I’m still tired 🙁

    My bedroom is absolutely device free, I leave everything downstairs when I go to bed, I’m a light sleeper already so I certainly don’t need anything waking me up in the middle of the night.

    Prioritizing is a big thing to, I’m always making lists so I know what I need to get done and when. And I have also recently completed a few things by just dropping them – they had been weighing on me for quite awhile and I realized the best thing to do was let them go.

    • Renee, every hour of sleep before midnight is much more restorative than sleeping later.

      I tell my patients to be in bed and asleep between 10-11pm – you will feel the most rested and replenished when you do that. Also, you may need weeks of sleeping like this to really restore your body.

      • Tara,
        I know you have the best of intentions. But this advice does not take into account ‘night owl’ types who are physiologically designed to go to bed later. If they try to follow your advice they usually report insomnia. Best is to pay attention to your body. It will tell you when to sleep and wake up.

    • Renee,
      You may have a sleep disorder. Get checked out at your local sleep clinic.

  86. Michela

    Loved it! So many great reminders….”don’t miss the moment” is priceless.
    Thank you for sharing your awesome videos! <3

  87. Amelia

    “Change the channel” is going to do wonders for my confidence and stick-to-it-ive-ness! Can’t wait to share this advice with friends and family. It reminds me of Marie’s mantra to gain strength when we doubt ourselves: “I got this.”

    Thank you, Team Forleo and Arianna Huffington!

  88. Emily Brown

    This was my favorite video after watching MarieTV for over a year now. Such important things to remember during every moment of our day. I found the most inspiring comment to be that if we take care of ourselves and are kind to others (acknowledging each person we come in contact with), we are able to operate at our highest frequency. Beautiful message and I am definitely buying the book!

  89. Julie

    Oh my goodness! Such great wisdom. My is exercise. I know I need to, and I even like it but it put it off “to do” more important things. Well, no more! Thanks for this video! Life-changing!

  90. Helen Rowland

    Thank you so much for starting Tuesday with so much food for thought!

    I remember seeing Arianna on TV in the UK in her days of being the President of the Union at Cambridge and she was so obviously destined for great things, so it was a particular thrill for me to see the woman she is today and to witness how she has returned to the basic quest for simplicity and connection in our lives.

    I was interested in her ideas on “projects” like her German, skiing etc. These pressures are of our own making, they are not real, and they just add to the feeling of not being quite “good enough”, “not as we would ideally like to see ourselves”. Yesterday, I got an email announcing an advanced French course which I’ve been wanting to do for years and for a moment I had this vision of me speaking fluent French again,. But then, my reality check voice said, “Your priority now is B-School and getting your English language business off the ground because THAT will give you the feelings that you strive for..significance for other people, pleasure in helping and sharing knowledge and experiences, the satisfaction of exploring new avenues which at the moment cause me fear, monetary rewards which will
    allow me and my family to add some benefits to an already blessed life., and increase our help to others.”

    The lovely thing about getting older is being able to get a perspective on life and seeing what REALLY matters and how we can truly THRIVE, an excellent title for the book.

    My best wishes to you both.

  91. Rosie Much

    Great interview. So good to see someone like Arianna be so practical and so forgiving of herself. I particularly like the idea of being able to cross things off her to do list by giving up on them. Brilliant. Thank you.

  92. UH

    I teach self-management seminars and “You can complete a project by dropping it” goes onto my list of great quotes!

  93. Thanks for a great interview. “Thrive” is a terrific offering, a wise woman’s insights from a life lived well.

    Being in the moment and SEEING the people we encounter is something that has brought richness and wonder to my life. There are so many souls we encounter, many of them not experiencing the power of being witnessed by another.

    Clerks, cleaning people, servers in the world make our lives so much better and often seem on ‘auto-pilot’, as does our reflexive “Thank You.” I have made it a mindfulness practice to see and acknowledge those I encounter. It’s stunning how the energy shifts when a warm and sincere “Thanks for caring!”. is given, and received. Eye contact matters. Soul-to-Soul.

    I am fortunate to live on Orcas Island, involved in building thriving community. Our home is a hosted space and gathering place, Heartwood Inspired Living, where folks come together to live in more creative community.

    As an executive coach and leadership consultant, I will be offering Arianna’s book to my clients, and sharing this interview. Nicely done, Marie.

    Brian Andreas is one of my wisdom guides, so great to hear his work quoted.

    Another is SARK … Here’s to living a life that is rich, wide & rare.

  94. “You can complete a project by dropping it.” That was so liberating for me to hear. I don’t know how many times I’ve started something or had a grand idea for a project only to move on to the next thing but still putting out energy over the project I left behind. I don’t have to always physically complete it. If it’s no longer serving my vision, goals, or purpose, I CAN complete it simply by letting it go. Definitely a tip to carry through life.

    I love the “Change the Channel” tip. It’s one of the messages I pointed out in my novel Parallel Pasts. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s on the screen (happening in our lives) that we just stare at it or complain about it, but one of the best things we can do is change the channel. Change the circumstances. Put yourself in a better situation.

  95. I love this message because it exemplifies how our values may stay the same, but how they are realized or defined changes as we grow and change ourselves. Success is a value so many of us have, but it clearly can mean different things to different people.

  96. Rusti Quarles

    Wow, what a GREAT interview – thank you Marie! I have admired Arriana for quite some time and bought her book yesterday – cannot wait to dive in! In this last year I suffered a MAJOR crash and burn from sheer exhaustion and overwork and it was taking such a toll on my mental and physical health I wound up selling my ownership in my company- a very successful company with very high pay/perks. But I listened to my body for once in my life and said enough…I can’t live sleep deprived and with a non-stop monkey brain if I wanted to have my health. So I’ve regained my energy through sleep, exercise, nutrition changes and learning – all combined are taking me on a much more fulfilling and enriched journey in life. I was also drawn to Arriana’s suggestion to acknowledge everyone you come into contact with – this is HUGE for me – people want to feel connected, seen and heard, so I’m committing right now to do better at that.

    • Marian Knowles

      Marie, Arianna,
      Thank you so much for this episode! I am founder of a food tech company (enrolled in B-School) and I always feel like I am building the road that I am running on. Meaning that my mind is always future oriented. I resolve to stop and be in the moment with my team and with my husband and son. Thank you for the reminder.

  97. Where do I start! Excellent interview…I cannot pick one I will pick two and keep doing the third.
    1. Don’t MISS the Moment, life is not guaranteed and you never know, when one of your love ones will not be there the next hour.
    2. Change the Channel! I sooooo need this
    3. Acknowledge EVERYONE… this one, I learned very young to do… my biggest help have always been the cleaning crew, the receptionist… the people who others overlook, I try to honor their humanity and it has always worked and you can make them feel so special!
    Love, love this interview… I need to get the book.

  98. Debbie Strocchia

    AH HA Thank you! I love you!!
    When Arianna talked about her Mother and said she lived a 3rd Metric Life, a life past money and power at first I was like “wrong” and when she went on to talk about her Mother I liked it all however I have to only pick one.. When stress comes Change the Channel Darling… I am getting the book and I am using “Change the Channel Darling” Thanks you every one that helped put this out to us!

  99. What a beautiful interview. Arianna is truly an inspiration. We SHOULD live more in the moment and be really there and present

  100. SC

    Great interview. I promise to get more sleep! My mistake is jumping on all the things I need to do when my kids go to bed since there are no distractions. Sure I get a lot done, but the next day I am sluggish, not in the moment with my kids, and I have less motivation and patience. Now that doesn’t make sense! More sleep for me, definitely!

  101. I am going to go device free starting tonight…getting an old school alarm clock now! Also, a bed time ritual. I give my kids one – why not ME!??? 🙂 Thanks ladies!

  102. “I loved dropping a project…”

    I will reconsider my to do list right now and see how many I can complete by dropping them 😉 Thank you.

  103. Jackie

    Just tweeted a favorite quote from the video and realized @ArianaHuff is not her real Twitter account. It’s a fake #falseAdvertising

  104. Many teary eyed moments over here.

    1. “By any SANE definition of success, I was not”. – yes yes yes

    2. Arianna’s mother had no acknowledgement of hierarchy. Another big one. I feel I shrink around those that having more education/status/power and I don’t like it. I want to practice this more.

    I am a good sleeper with getting 8.5-9.5 hrs a night, it has always been a non negotiable for me. Sometimes I sleep for 12 hours and I enjoy every single minute. 🙂

  105. Great interview. Amazing woman.

    Im going to take a nap, right now.

  106. Francesca

    ok! i’m going to start from “don’t charge your device next to your bed” to change the channel…of course!!

  107. Kristen Maag

    Loved the interview today with Arianna Huffington! Quote that resonated the most was “Change the channel, darling!” Wow! I knew I had been practicing this for years, but I love that I have words to describe it!! So worth the time to watch this inspiring interview. Thank you.

  108. sleep! my alarm goes off every morning at 4:30am and I only hurt myself if I don’t get to bed by 9am.

    and, I have to say, acknowledging people as you go through your day, even to a shared smile with a random stranger on the street as you cross paths, is SUCH an important and easy way to stay grateful for the fullness of your life 🙂

  109. “You can complete a Project by dropping it” – this is by far the best statement I have heard in a while.. and is exactly what I am taking away from your interview today!

    I 100% agree with “Don’t miss the moment” too – this is something which I speak about and share with others as personally I have seen my life take on new meaning when I chose to really live in the present and acknowledge and give thanks for every day, every loved one and every opportunity of living life to the fullest!

    Thank you Marie & Arianna

  110. I loved this interview. The one thing that I’m going to immediately put into action is to take stuff off of my to-do list that I no longer want to do. These things have been causing me stress because I felt I had to do them, or I’ve failed in some way. Thank you!

  111. Being interviewed for HuffPost Live’s Third Metric was not only a huge honor, but it really did help motivate me to remember how much I need sleep. Especially since my husband and I don’t have kids yet, I want to soak up every minute I can! This interview was great. I just bought the book, and I can’t wait to read it.

  112. Christine Courtelis

    Hello Marie and Arianna-

    Thank you for such an inspiring and important interview, loving the shared wisdom!

    It’ so easy to become distracted by things we think are important, or to become unkind with ourselves…lack of sleep, overbooking our days, sleeping with our technology.
    Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the backside or a pivotal/critical moment to snap us out of our draining habits and into a life lived with clarity, intention, and kind purposefulness.

    My mantra for the past eleven years has been: “Live this moment”.
    Every moment of every day is filled with incredible potential; we can either sleep walk through it (busy and tired), or be alive to the moment. If we take care of ourselves (get enough rest, unplug appropriately, nourish our body and soul) we can engage in each moment of each day with our full, soulful, openhearted attention and intention. When we do this, the potential for generating goodness in ourselves and others is wildly enhanced. How fantastic!!!

    My pivotal moment arrived eleven years ago. Sitting with one’s mortality can often make things very clear very quickly. Not to be morbid…but….when we acknowledge that our days are numbered, we realize we won’t be wishing we’d answered that one last email, or taken that late night business phone call….we will be wishing for one more chance to be with the one’s we love, to see their eyes, to touch their face, to laugh with them.

    Live this moment! Thank you for such a powerful and delightful interview!
    You rock!

  113. Atisa

    Thank you Marie, what a fantastic interview!!

    I enjoyed every moment of it, she is an amazing human being & roll model whose words have always resonated with me!

    There were two phrases that hit home the most for me. “Change the channel” & the one about about enjoying & staying with the moments!
    Both very simple yet honestly not so easy to do all the time!

    Thank you ladies simply for who you are!!

    Much love, Atisa

  114. Tom Sikorski

    Beautiful sharing. It reminds me of something Bill Gothard used to say in his evangelical seminars, “Out of our of our greatest weakness comes our life message.” Thank you for sharing yours. So much wisdom in a few minutes. I just moved my smartphone charging station to another room. Not because of distraction (it is off at night) but because of the possible effects of the electrical force field! When I bring the phone by my computer, the speakers wail with static. What is that doing by my head every night? Changing the channel is a great metaphor for us tech connected people! Shifting our attention to something more desirable is so simple – yet profound. I have struggled with sleep issues all my life. Thanks for addressing this rarely spoken of concern. I appreciate your affirming my joy in having a real “happy place” where I love to go. It is a park with a lake to paddle my canoe and a beach to enjoy the water and sun. Going there is such a break from living in boxes. (buildings) It expands my horizons and makes me feel free. I look forward to taking “you” there…in the form of your book!

  115. Eve

    don’t miss the moment, and no hierarchy. I will focus on paying attention to the folks I have a tendency to ignore.

  116. Christina

    The sleep app is going to go and a classic book is going to take its place- along with happy dreams! Delightful interview! Thank You!

  117. Leann

    The most inspiring part for me was aknowledging people, treating everyone without bias. I feel like not enough people do that today, especially ‘hiding’ behind devices… I live in Los Angeles, & there is such a variety of people all in different walks of life. But I have found it very true that we can connect with people no matter any situation. Just the other day I saw a man & I didn’t know his story, but he had a small push cart & he looked very dirty, clothes & all. But he was sitting peacefully in the shade & as I walked by, I said “good morning” & he seemed so surprised that I had aknowledged him. He said good morning back & asked for the time. I was happy to give him the time. Just that little connection was a positive part of my day.

  118. Zenet

    Awesome video interview Marie!
    It was comforting to know I already implement some of Arianna’s recommendations. Currently I’m in the middle of clearing projects and my bucket list, so “you can complete a project by dropping it” is perfect.
    And today I’m adding “Change the channel” to my list of quotes. I need it. Thank you and Arianna for your words of wisdom and inspiration. Life is good.

  119. In college, I really struggled with my sleeping habits and had many sleepless nights. Some of the best advice I received through that experience was to reserve the bed for sleeping…no studying, no reading, no TV. I have lived by this for years now, but I think adding the idea of a no-device zone will take my sleep time to the next level. I often fall asleep to tutorial videos on my iPad, Instagram, or Pinterest (trying to suck every last second out of the day), but I often wake up from my iPad hitting me in the face, or disoriented in the middle of the night because my light is still on and such. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight without any distractions…with my phone and iPad charging in another room. I CANNOT wait to read this book! Amazon Prime, here I come!

  120. I loved this interview and can’t wait to read Thrive.

    As a Self-Love Coach, I often battle the idea that self-care is selfish. I want to thank Arianna for advocating that by taking care of ourselves, by having enough time for sleep, downtime, etc. we are more creative, success people.


  121. jessica

    “you can complete a project by dropping it.” i am notorious for having lists of things to do. personal things, business things, you name it. they all have varying degrees of importance and complexity, and some will linger on that list for much too long. those nagging items would vex me and hinder progress with more important issues. a silly example of how long i would let something stay on “the list” (and how early in life i started this behavior) is decorating the covers of all of my mix tapes. some of you are too young to remember making mix tapes for friends (or for that cute boy), but decorating the cover was an important part of the process. i had way too many tapes in my personal collection and never enough time to finish them. i still have them. they still aren’t done. i’ve let go of the need to finish, but i see it as a reminder that some of the things on the current list need to be crossed off.

  122. Thank you both for this incredible interview. Can’t wait to read this book.

    – Everything changed in her life the day she realized she had enough time for all the important things.
    – You can complete a project by dropping it.
    – I’m more creative when I’m taking care of myself. (LOVE THAT!)
    – Change the channel.
    – Acknowledge every human being you come in contact with during the day. It reconnects us to ourselves.

  123. Jennifer

    Loved this! 2 things for me:
    * change the channel (oh yeah)
    * complete the project by dropping it. let it goooooooo!
    Thanks Marie, and Arianna.

  124. Sofya

    Very interesting questions! Wish there was more freedom of choice in all societies!

  125. Karen

    “You can complete a project by dropping it.” That relaxed me like a warm bubble bath! I’m a perfectionist, an Artist, I have more Projects than the beach has sand. The Angst of an Artist is having so much Creative Compulsion that you live in a constant state of regret because there’s just not time enough in the day, or a disconnect when trying to bring into reality the pictures and forms in your head. Well, for goodness sake, who said that I have to do it All? I just dropped about a dozen projects, all finished in record time. Now, I have space to really devote myself to those that I love. WooHoo!!!

  126. Chelsea Pratt

    Wow this was like a message from the universe for me right now! I am currently working on starting my own business while working a full time job (I’m only 19 and annoyingly perfectionistic!) and so I have been spending every minute of my time that I’m not at work, working on my own business at home.
    I wasn’t sleeping barely at all and last week it really hit me. I collapsed in a pool of tears and didn’t want move from my bed for 2 days, I lost my interest in life and my passion for my business because I was just so exhausted that all I could see were all the possible failures and how my life would be if I was feeling like this all the time and I was terrified!
    However my wonderful parents kept harping on at me about sleep and so finally when I hit rock bottom I started to listen and this week I have turned off my devices and my work an hour before bed and I have finally slept and I feel like a completely different person!! My creativity is back, my excitement. Passion and drive for what I am about to start is now blazing more than ever and I have finally set a launch date for the 1st of April and I have put it out to the world.
    No more fears will hold me back, sleep is now my most important friend and it will be with me along this journey playing a very important role I can see now.
    So thank you sooo much for this video, it was perfect timing and installed in me exactly why sleep IS so important and how my business idea will have so much more chance to THRIVE if I take care of myself too 🙂
    Thank you Marie and Adrianna!

  127. Bobbie

    More sleep! And device free zone! Yes!

  128. I love this video, Marie!! Thank you!!
    I’ve been on a sleep increase diet for a couple of years now, also as a result from reading so much of the science about it. My mantra USED to be, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” I wore my workaholism like a badge of honor until I started to realize, “wait a minute, I’ll be dead a lot sooner if I don’t get more sleep!”
    I do struggle with implementing the device/light-free zone in my bedroom because my husband isn’t buying into it and, well, we share a bedroom obviously. Any ideas about how to get him to come on the ride with me?
    I look forward to reading Arianna’s book. I will have the pleasure of seeing her speak as a keynote speaker at a conference I’m also speaking at in May (ASTD International Conference and Expo), and maybe I’ll get the honor of thanking her personally for taking this important message to the masses.

  129. Hi Marie! I love, love, love you and all the value that you impart to us. Thank you for this powerful interview and will certainly apply Arriana’s tips here! Kind regards from the VA for Life.

  130. The tip I most resonated with was, “complete the project by dropping it.” Allows the energy being directed towards those things I thought I wanted to get done to be directed towards those things I definitely will get done.

  131. Breathless. Acknowledge every person you encounter…truly galactic advice. I’m a doctor and just 5 days ago I lost a 14 year old patient to cancer, and I can say that I am devastated. Every moment is so amazingly precious. Only moments before he died he was laughing and smiling, and then he was gone. So many people will not have the pleasure of knowing him, but I knew him. I remember that when I pass someone on the street, in the hallway at the hospital, at the grocery store. Every person has a story, and even though I might not know what it is, they have a precious life force inside them that deserves to be acknowledged for no other reason that they are here on this planet with the rest of us, getting up every morning, making their way, living through whatever it is they are living through, just like me, like all of us. Spirit is beyond precious, it is infinite, and that means it is Divine, as we all are.

    • wow that’s a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing it 🙂

      • Sue

        Erin, what a poignant reminder. I have been becoming more aware and sensitive to this subject and with a shift in my thinking and perception, I find myself much happier and more centered. I don’t know if you are on Instagram, but Humans of New York shines a light on this very thing. Every day I see someone with a little bit of their story and it reinforces the fact that everyone has a story and a struggle, I just love it. Thanks for sharing your story, Erin!

    • That is so beautiful Erin. Have you read The Fault In Our Stars? What you said reminded my of what Gus says about Hazel ‘..the real heroes anyway aren’t the people doing things, the real heroes are the people NOTICING things, paying attention…’

      What a gift you bring to the world – doing and noticing!

  132. Valerie Rosenkrantz

    Her presence was riveting and all her points we spot on. The one that I will adopt is “Change the channel dahling!” Straight to my heart. Love your weekly videos Marie!!

  133. I loved it all! But the most unexpected advice was that you can complete a project by dropping it. Wow! Adding that word “complete” changes the whole dynamic! Instead of giving up… you are recognizing that the best way to finish that project is to let it go. I will definitely be following that advice! And buying the book, too. Thanks Marie!

  134. ACurtis

    I love the idea of putting aside or laying to rest those things you haven’t gotten to and/or never will. That does sound like a very freeing concept and is one that I will be incorporating more into my life. I just bought a Smartphone/iPhone after only having a plain cell phones for years–only because owning a Smartphone cost the same per month as it did paying for “just” a plain regular cell phone. However, I am not one to hang online, or hang on the phone, talking to people. In fact, I have to be on Facebook because of a course I am taking, and I am rarely on there as well. I prefer to actually engage with people face-to-face as well, as I just feel that technology sucks us (or can suck us) into a bottomless pit if we let it. I also used to be one of those women who had so much going on that I rarely slept. I crashed and burned (Adrenal fatigue), and it’s been 6 years now that I’ve been working on implementing health changes in my life. Getting more (and better quality) sleep was one of the biggest changes I made in my life. It really DOES make a difference! Thanks, Marie, for the interview. It was a pleasure watching.

  135. I love, “Change the channel, darling.” I am going to live that and share that with my husband and children. Thank you Marie and Arianna! 🙂

  136. Pranali

    Sleeping early and enough is the first , things to do and not feeling guilty for not achieving , no electronic device in bed room , these are difficult but will try my best……. ;()

  137. Denise Abda

    The “don’t miss the moment” LOVED IT!!!! and THANK YOU

  138. Stefanie

    Loved that interview! Perfect timing. Arianna is such an inspiring woman, I really love her! Thanks Marie for having her on the show 🙂

  139. Nathalie Shalofsky

    Dear Marie,
    I have been following you for almost a year now and I have to tell How you have been an inspiration for me… in fact you gave me the reason to take action and start my business.
    The lesson I will definitively follow is “Don’t miss the moment ” , because I have 3 children and I keep on feeling being interrupted by them instead of embrassing these moment which fly so quickly.

  140. Amazing interview Marie. I like you more each time!
    I am NOW, dropping one of my “can’t get to it” project!! feel so released!
    thank you and Arianna, what a woman! Cheers!

  141. luckie

    So good. I know it is a challenge to stay productive AND mindful but it is my own personal definition of success. I will remember that I have plenty of time to enjoy each moment. Loved this talk and love Arianna.
    Thanks, Marie!

  142. Ash

    Brilliant- Insightful- Inspiring!

  143. Don’t miss the moment. As I get older time seems to really speed up. It is SO important to sit, connect, breathe and feel the moment. Great interview Marie.

  144. Thank you – I have been struggling with this for a long, long time. I need my sleep and I cannot go without. The problem I have found is, I am trying to get my business going and to get everything done I am working longer and longer hours.

    I going to bed early tonight. I look forward to a better day tomorrow.

  145. Loved this interview as every point is so easy to implement – I will be implementing sleep tips immediately. Can’t wait to get Arriana’s new book – she is so inspirational and yet so normal! Thank you for sharing.

  146. After watching this video, I feel inspired to make the following proclamations:

    1. Starting tonight, bed time moves to 9:30/10:00pm! I have to get up @ 6:00am every day to get my son off to school. Some nights, I get as little as 5 hours of sleep. No more!

    2. Leaving my phone downstairs, in silent mode, when I go to bed. With the exception of weekends when my son is out w/his friends. Need to be there in the event my teen runs into trouble!

    3. Ripping up my homeowner’s to do list immediately! The world will keep turning if I never ever get around to painting my dining room ceiling!

    Ah. I already feel much better!
    Thank you, Marie, for inspiring me to knock this sh*t off!

  147. My sleep is a big challenge, to stop everything a moment before my “supposed” sleep hour, not reopen the mac, or look at the e mail on my phone will change my life.
    I know it because I have the experience when I go to holiday.
    This video is a great reminder thank you
    And the life to do list and let down some project, accept to let go what you know that you will not achieve also a great quote

  148. Thank you for such a fabulous interview on this great topic.
    I will begin today to drop the projects that I really don’t want stealing my time away from the projects I can’t die without accomplishing.
    I will Live in the moment everyday of life!
    I always enjoy my bathing ritual in the evenings. A hot bath with exotic, creative essential oils before bed, prepares my brain and body to rest but create, even in my sleep. I wake up many days and can’t write the thoughts down fast enough. Or the new song that just amazingly pops into my head! It’s my secret to success…really!

  149. Tess

    Hello Marie, Greatfulness still you are my guidance, many Thanks for listening the amazing Arianna,This Kind of knowledge is just an organic for our human Body & allowing the bliss to flow in our LIFE…. Is Just kind magnetic sensation to acknowledge what Body language IS …., Yeah We need more time to listen the time…. To Be at the Raw moments…..and enjoying breath of LIFE…..thank you so much both of you for this beautiful sharing…..And I keeping listening to your Marie tv show

    Love !

  150. Great interview, and great advice! Especially for today’s hustle now, sleep later culture. It’s sad that people are made to feel guilty (as if they aren’t working hard enough) because they need sleep to function.

    Sleep Hard. Hustle Hard. Enjoy the Success!

  151. I have also suffered severe sleep deprivation, and we can all agree it makes you crazy. In a BAD way. Sleep has been a priority for me for over a year now, and it’s great to hear you spread this important message!!

  152. Melinda Perez

    WOW Loved this, thanks so much for it! Already bought the book.

  153. Definitely, Change the channel, darling. And the over arching theme of Thriving. Balancing work, kids, husband, self is life so remembering the moment needs to be a daily practice too. Inspirational ladies, well done you two!

  154. Love this! You can complete something by dropping it hello brilliant! My father is really been my inspiration for connecting with everyone he meets, he has a kind word and a hello for everyone who crosses his path….this was good reminder.
    So loved this interview what a gem

  155. Time famine… when I was a teenager, I read the book Momo, and it had a profound impact on how I viewed time. It really changed how I approached work, and enjoying the life I have now. Another tip that worked well for me and is on the topic of crossing items off a to do list, was scheduling relaxation and enjoyment into my calendar well in advance of scheduling work into my calendar… so that when it is important, it can actually happen and doesn’t get lost in the fray of endless goals and work tasks… which leads to more creativity, wonder, and joy. 😉

  156. Mia

    Change the channel… darling.
    Doing it now, myself! And will use it with my kids…

  157. Thanks so much for sharing this! I spent all of my twenties running myself raggedly in the name of “success” and “advancement.” While I am grateful for what I’ve accomplished (2 Ivy League degrees while being a teen then young mom), I often wonder if my former manic pace contributed to me being diagnosed with an idiopathic condition and later having to have brain surgery, a surgery I had the nerve to put off until the last minute due to my then crazed schedule no less! I’m 34 and a whole lot wiser. Like Arianna said, I focus on the important things and leave the rest. I get a full 7 hours of sleep too! I am better for it and whole lot happier!

  158. PS. I don’t remember you referring to Josh as your fiancé before… so CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!!!!

    • Maria

      RIght – I noticed too. Congratulations!!!

  159. Maria


  160. “Change the channel, darling.” Friggin’ LOVE that! Simple, powerful, and do-able. That’s going in the vault!

  161. Kate

    “Complete a project by dropping it” – oh yeah, this is one for me! The whole self-expectation thing is an ongoing challenge.
    Thanks for this great video, ladies. Really great concepts to think about and embrace.

  162. Jackie Leo

    Amazing interview and inspiring as always! I really want (and need) to start waking up earlier, so I have to make an effort to go to bed sooner, to get up before 6. No devices in the bedroom is a key tip Im going to have to implement, just will have to get a regular old alarm clock.
    Side note – it is amazing to see mothers in these powerful and inspiring roles.

  163. Tracey

    “Don’t miss the moment.” That’s about as grounding as it gets. LOVE that!

  164. Completing projects can equal dropping projects! Yipee! My Friday review hour just became a Tuesday Thrive Hour – it’s like getting on the ‘no train’ even when you got on a ‘yes train’ by mistake… Thanks Marie and Arianna

  165. Beth

    I’m not sure why she had to write a book about getting enough sleep, being nice to everyone, not worrying, and prioritizing. These are basic things that good mothers teach their children and what I teach my Kindergarteners at Church. I think there must be a lot of women out there who thought they had to prove themselves in the business world and forgot the basics of how to be a healthy, happy person. This is why I will always say that being a mother is the most important job in the world– if moms and dads don’t raise their children with wisdom, they fail to thrive. Who cares how much money they make? I just want nice people in the world!

    • Good job Beth! Unfortunately, everybody doesn’t receive that message and apply it so well. That is why she so generously wrote the book. 🙂

  166. Marlaine

    Wonderful interview! My favorite piece of advice was “you can complete a project by dropping it”. Going to go over my “to do” list right now and “complete” a few projects. Thank you!

  167. “Don’t miss the moment” and everything else – all reminders that I’m going in the right direction and have my priorities straight. I need the confirmation sometimes when I doubt myself. xo Tammi Cook

  168. I love Arianna’s quote:
    “You can complete a project by dropping it.” I am open to seeing the projects I’ve been hauling around with me on my to-do list that I can simply drop.

    Thank you for having Arianna on. I’m looking forward to reading her book.

  169. Jill Rowe

    Although many of the topics you and Arianna discussed today hit home ~ the one that I am aspiring to the most is leading a third metric life. I have completely redefined in the last three years my idea of success, both personally, creatively and financially. With those changes I have received so much abundance in my life that is beyond measure.

    I will add that getting eight hours of sleep is game changing!!

    Thank you again Marie for all that you do!

  170. Hello Marie and Adrianna,
    I was so sure my favorite quote was “change the channel, dahling” but it is one of my favorites along with “don’t miss the moment”. Yesterday I had to get prepared for my taxes and knew for sure I would be paying too much! My son’s ex-girlfriend, who is like a daughter to me< called crying as her beloved dog, Roy was having seizures after 7 months of chemo for cancer. I dropped the "have to get these taxes done" and spent the rest of the day preparing her for the inevitable. My son went with her to the vet and together they held Roy as he drifted off to his final resting place. I paid the bill as she is a broke college student with no family. I am so honored to have spent those hours with her. I will get the taxes done and there will be enough money. I didn't miss the moment and I am thrilled. Thank you both so much for your amazing gift!

  171. Milica

    Marie this was the best video ever! You look so rested and fresh, and therefore more sincere and calm! I loved every bit of advice and I am buying the book right now 🙂

  172. Making my bedroom a “device-free zone” one hour before bed.

    Thanks for today’s message!

  173. Natalia

    same for me! “Complete a project by dropping it” – it is so liberating! I used to feel guilty about not being able to finish everything I’ve started..
    Not anymore 🙂 Very good point, thanks a lot!

  174. GL

    This show is right on the number. Arianna and her book is in line with what I have been trying to follow and fail often to implement. To Thrive… That’s it, Not just to exist in this world.
    I find myself not sleeping much and it does affect my days. Things catch up after while and its not pretty. My work is creative and innovative and covers so much of my thoughts and daily activities, so I cut down on my sleep and that isn’t good for me. I feel it right now… after just 4 hrs.
    Being health conscious and staying fit is important and working doing what I love to do, conflict much and I feel it in my muscles and bones and it affects my work productivity, even having a social life, all at once.
    So it’s time to Sleep more. And use my time more wisely, and not forget to have fun too. That must include other people in my timeline as well. It is so easy to hide away in my cave of sorts, an reappearing after days seeing what I’ve missed and who I missed more importantly.
    Interesting book to read. Arianna is quite a lady, business woman and author.
    I learned a lot from your video today as well as all the others. You are the best Marie. Amazing all the positives you provide so many of us out here in the world. From a woman’s point a view, us men can learn quite a lot and can be better men, people and participants in this life of ours.
    Keep up the Classy and Passionate things you do. I’m still following regularly.
    All the Best,

    p.s. Just like to say, I would like to find a lady like you. You are not only beautiful, but intelligent and living your dream. I’m sure she is out there for me. This is not a dating request just an amazing dream when I see how a successful and classy lady like you… doing what you love and helping so many people succeed in business and life… all wrapped up in such a fine package. Nice to see you every week.
    Kind of off the subject, but I had to say it. Bye for now

  175. I loved this interview! Arianna Huffington has some great insights for us to take note of and she expresses them with thoughtfulness and grace.
    Thanks ,Marie!
    I will go out and get the book!

  176. As a mom who hasn’t slept through the night in 3 years, I very strongly agree that sleep is so vital to our physical and mental health. It affects absolutely everything! Now if we could just convince my almost 3 year old…that would be awesome. 😉

    I also loved the idea of crossing off items on my never-ending to do list that I just won’t be getting to, and considering them as completed. Ha! The perfectionist in me may be able to handle that. 🙂


  177. Dawn

    Thank you Marie and Arianna, I absolutely loved this video! So much great advice.

    Getting enough sleep is definitely a tough one for me, but not because I don’t try. My husband is a night owl & I’m a morning person and very sensitive. I wake up when he comes to bed and then have a tough time getting back to sleep. I put earplugs in before going to bed, but doesn’t always help. I now know why some couples have separate bedrooms, I would if not for the fact that I live in a one bedroom house 🙂

    I think the biggest take away will be letting go of some of the things on both my business and personal “to do” lists. Guess it’s time to sell or donate that guitar I’ve been holding onto for the last 33 years…

    Thank you again, can’t wait to read Adrianna’s book.
    Love & hugs,

  178. “Change the channel, Darling” I love that quote. It’s simply letting it go, something we need to learn more in this control freak world.
    Love it, Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  179. Natalie

    I really loved Arianna’s story about her mum, the plumber and the prime minister. Hierarchy’s differ depending what country you are in but I think most people could practice being more mindful of treating everyone with less prejudice and more courtesy. I started working on this by noticing when I made a judgment about someone based on their job or appearance and challenged myself, it feels good to break through beliefs about people that may just be inherited or a social norm.

  180. “Aknowledge every human being that are in contact with you in your day” This is amazing!!
    This is what I am constantly doing and try to lead & convince my doing people around me to do the same, to cin up and have eyes contact, to be polite but also aiming to be, not just one word.
    Thank you

  181. BIG SMILES ;D) Thank you Marie and Arianna for this Gorgeous Awesome interview!

    I left the 24/7 Film/ENT Business in 2007 and Began to practice Exquisite Self Care, Ie Slowing Down and Ceasing to Rush (Aaaah), Plenty of Sleep, Appreciating each Moment (Having adorable Dogs helped me with this!), “Dropping” the Loong “TO DO” List in favor of living from my “What *Lights* Me Up!” List :), and WOW my Mom had her version of “Change the Channel Darling” which she was “Put Another Station On” (meaning radio station, as we were big radio listeners in my family.) It worked!

    She also said, in her native Italian, when we were struggling with something “Lascia Tutto Andare”, which means “JUST LET IT ALL GO”.
    I loved this as well.

    Finally these days, when something Doesn’t get done on my list for the day, I TRUST it didn’t need to get done that day 🙂

    My Life and Business “Vibrant Body By Penotti” is now centered around Exquisite Self Care, as it has Changed My Life from an Anxiety-ridden, Pill-popping Striver- to a Grounded, ‘Plenty of Timer”, Bliss-Filled Ecstatic Thriver!

    Thanks again Marie, and With Thoughts of Love, Bliss and Joy for All! <3

  182. As usual, Marie..perfect timing.
    I am ‘in the middle of’ building my business which requires lots of physical work carrying vases of flowers around town. I have been going hard since August 2013 and recently developed a bad tear in my forearm. My usual tactic is to just keep pushing to get to my next target.
    Today’s interview with Arianna has made me stop in my tracks. Really, I have all the time in the world. Why the rush?? I’m going to take a step back and give myself permission to slow down. As my own boss I forget to do this. ‘Enjoy the moment’ will take the place of ‘just get it done’. Thank you both so much for clear and loving inspiration.

  183. Sita

    I just needed this!someone pushing me to get more sleep.. As against

    Completing my fun sheets till 3am tonite as am stressed of lagging behind

    I have just decided(1) nothing is more important than good health so (a) am hitting the bed in the next 5 minutes and ( b) making my room radiation free … As opposed to charging my phone at my bedside…
    Thank you Arianna and Marie for this wake up call.

  184. Change the channel. WOW!!!! Major aha! moment for me as a big time worrier. Thank you so much for an incredible interview. Both of you are such inspirations. I can’t wait to get my copy of the book!

  185. Mary Shabestari

    I learned awhile ago that I need at least 7 hrs of sleep a night or my brain doesn’t function. I just stumble through the day on anything less. Creativity doesn’t flow through a tired brain. I have trouble with “don’t miss the moment,” though and I really need to work on that. With having two children I feel as if I’m always putting out fires and I don’t slow down to enjoy the simple moments with my family.

  186. “I’m much more creative when I’m taking care of myself” – Arianna Huff

    I am constantly trying to take my accessory business to the next level that I have found myself EXHAUSTED. Not only exhausted, but my relationships with loved ones around me and even my relationship with my environment has been affected. BOO! Time to change this NOW. This video is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you, Marie TV! <3

  187. I am so impressed that the creator and owner of the Huffington Post is a woman! Super surprised, and gracious for this conversation. I’ve been taking time for me a lot lately and was starting to feel a little guilty, although my body is zen. Thank you for yet another dope conversation Marie. And I will be “changing the channel, daalin” when things get a little “raahhh-rrraahhh” crazy. It usually a better solution.


  188. Talia

    What an amazing interview. I just purchased the book and am anxious to receive it. She is an inspiring, intelligent and wise woman. Fantastic!!

  189. Hi Marie,

    Once again a great interview. This is the third interview I’ve seen with Arianna and her words are music to me. I’ve lived a life for the last 10 years slowly integrating the third metric mostly unconsciously because intuitively it felt right. What I noticed though is that the rest of the world is slow to define these things valued so deeply as ‘success’. I rewrote my bio to reflect what is more important to me, something that I would be proud to have in my eulogy.

    The thing I took away from this interview is when you are not on the right track in your thinking to say ‘change the channel’, I used to say ‘unsubscribe’ but changing the channel means I can switch to a more powerful one. Love that tip. I would loved to have met Arianna’s mother, gone to the farmers market and cooked with her.

    I was thrilled to hear Arianna redefine success to include the things I hold near and dear to my heart, things I have made money and power sacrifices to pursue. I’ve started to run my business from a more loving, forgiving feminine way that is true to who I am and how I want to do life. Oddly enough once I stopped apologizing for it, money started to flow in the most beautiful way and I’m now helping others create this in their lives.

    What a gift powerful women like Arianna and Marie are to laud and model a way of doing business and life that truly enriches people. Brava!

    Big love and kudos for all you are doing Marie,

  190. Sandy F

    Wow, I am that perfectionist who answers every email. What stands out for me is the simple task of not charging my phone next to my bed. Getting more sleep is a must. I’m definitely that 4-5 hours girl, even though I hate it. Importantly, don’t miss the moment is a good reminder to me, as a single mom who works very long hours in another City, there has been many missed moments. I do feel guilty about that too.

    Anyway, I am so impressed that my immediate change will be changing my charging location. 2nd….get the book! Thank you ladies! I feel empowered!

    Sandy xx

  191. Mimi

    I have to say that all the tips were awesome and even though they are simple they are also very powerful in applying every day. I know that tonight, I am going 30 min earlier to bed. Will remove the usual charging devices from my nightstand and put them in the living room. I am currently doing the B school program and about 20 min ago, my brain was going “brrrrriiizzzzttt brrriizzzttt” (trying to mimic short circuit sound!) with too much information and feeling overwhelmed and that is when I “changed the channel” and found this video which brought me back to the most wonderful tip and life lesson: “To live in the moment”. Had I not “changed the channel”, I would not have found the video, leading to a great book, to a new role model to look up to and learn from and remind me that living in the moment is the most precious gift given to us by us. Gracias Marie & Arianna

  192. What a fantastic pairing of women. Arianna’s catch phrases will stick with me: “Don’t Miss the Moment”, “Change the Channel Darling” and “Sleep your Way to the Top”. Thank you so much to both of you.

  193. Bonnie Hassan

    ‘Don’t miss the moment’ really hits home for me. Years ago, when my son was small, I was so busy trying to keep things together as a single mom that I was often burnt out, impatient, and too exhausted to be present in the moment. So much about his growing up that I don’t remember or wasn’t present for! Now my granddaughter is here, and my most precious moments are those when I’m with her and can just be in the moment and enjoy the wonder and delight of her as she grows and expands. And even with B-school, and restarting my business ( I’ve moved to TN from PA to be closer to my family.), I make sure to be present when I’m with her, which also makes me more aware and more present in other areas of my life. Can’t wait to get the book! Marie, thanks for bringing Arianna on, and Arianna, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! Greatly appreciated!

  194. Natalia Stefanova

    Wonderful episode – thank you! Making my bedroom area a device-free zone is key for me.

  195. I continually try to practice the “Don’t miss the moment” mantra and that is the one that hit me the most. Being so busy running a business from home and always being “on” is EXHAUSTING and you tend to start letting everything run together.
    By the time you wake up from being a zombie, dinner isn’t on the table until 8:30 and you find yourself walking through the day on autopilot at times! This morning my daily meditation was on “living luxury” from Deepak and I made sure I didn’t miss the moment by going to lunch at school with my 8 year old son. He had a smug grin on his face the whole time so I know I really took charge of that moment and made a sweet memory in both of our hearts. I took advantage of a luxury most people don’t have to spend that time at school with my one and only not-so-baby boy….
    Another great interview Marie & team! Love the advice Arianna and I need to pick up that book ASAP!

  196. I LOVED this interview. I am a new Arianna Huffington groupee. As a student at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I just heard her speak at their NYC conference, as well as last night on the Daily Show. She is amazing. I love her ideas and her ability to make it simple. I can’t wait to read her book. Marie, you are such a wonderful interviewer, I love to watch how animated you are with your guests.
    Thank you both for a wonderful day of learning.

  197. Go to bed 30 minutes early. That’s what I need to do. I am learning that self care is very important to help my creativity! Thanks for the video.

  198. I started getting more sleep two weeks ago and I can already tell you that it IS life changing ! I really want to read “Thrive”. Thank you so much for this great interview ! <3

  199. This video was so timely. Going to Amazon right now to order the book.

  200. My Favorite interview to date!!! Thank you so much for all the wisdom. I will use all the advice Arianna has shared, starting with going to bed early and catching more zzzz’s! “Thrive” is on my must read list!
    Thanks Again 🙂

  201. Mariana

    I totally love this episode, having this kind of successful people as a role models make us understand the major points of life. It’s okay to follow our own dreams towards success, but to learn all of this lessons by a person already successful is wonderful.
    My top three quotes are: Everything changes in our life the day we realize we have time for the important things; Finish the unfinished projects by dropping them; Don’t miss the moment.

    Thank you for sharing all this wisdom with us, as a young adult it gives me the motivation to continue my personal and professional development. I’m looking forward to read her book!

  202. Beth

    I thought more about this interview because it really bugged me and that’s unusual for Marie’s interviews. What I realized is that this is just a good example of putting your work in the center of your life– making it your idol. You will give your idol your time, your sleep, your love, your finances, etc., etc. And what does your idol give you in return? Nothing… nothing that lasts. People will forget what you’ve done in the next century for sure when it’s all about making money. I’m sure Ariana is finally realizing this. Sometimes this wisdom comes with age. Sometimes it doesn’t. When you center your life on the only thing that gives more in return than you can give it, then these things aren’t issues you’ll struggle with. And this one thing that promises you that you are so significant that even every hair on your head is counted and you were loved and named before your parents existed, gives you peace and joy and love and contentment. I think women strive so hard to feel that they are significant by feeling that they have to prove something in business. Maybe you already are significant and a life where you are pursuing your own talents, in your own way, is a much more balanced way to live. We’ve known this fact for at least 2,000 years. I think when you humble yourself to serve others and love them, you become much more significant to many more people. Blessed Mother Teresa is a perfect example of this. More people donated to her cause because they believed that she had her sights set on the right center of her life– God. And her significance in this world will be remembered for centuries. I am very careful who I take advice from, because many people make idols of the wrong thing– politics, money, power, fame– and those are all dead ends.

  203. Device-free zone. Love.
    Sleep 30 minutes more. Love.
    Change the channel. Love.
    Call the things that will never get done, done! and let them go. So liberating.
    What touched me to the core:
    Don’t miss a moment.

    Marie, I don’t miss a single MarieTV episode, keep doing the amazing work. And Arianna, thank you so much for your poise, intelligence, grace and wisdom.

  204. The device free zone is critical. My cell phone has been on silent (whether for calls or emails) for two years now. I check it through out the day but decided to switch of the distraction and Pavlov’s dog reaction to the ring tone every time someone called or emailed me.
    This has been huge is helping me to take back some control on my time and respond when is appropriate. It also means I am fully present for those clients, colleagues, friends and family when I am with them.
    It’s still with me on the nightstand as it provides my alarm clock, and I need to be better at not glancing at it last thing and first thing each day. However the transformation during the day has had a positive impact for me.

  205. Bianca

    Awesome interview! Cant wait to get the book! More sleep definitely and acknowledging everyone you come in contact with! I use to be so good at talking to everyone & I loved it-met such great people and I was happy! Some where along the line I let others opinions of me get in the way of that and became more “shy” about talking to people-which is so not me! Getting rid of that bad habit (worrying about what others think) and working on being me!! 🙂

  206. hii
    thank you so much for this interview and your guest is very awesome I very impressed with your idea about sleep you encourage me to management my time to sleep enough .

    thank you again and I wait for your new video

  207. I so appreciate having such a successful, intelligent, and well-respected public female figure out there spreading the gospel of putting self-care and presence and enjoying the moments of and connections in our lives above all else. In the last few years I naturally found myself deciding I was going to build a lifestyle that lets me generally sleep as many hours as I need ’til I wake up without an alarm…but was validating to hear such an admirable woman advocating that. So my carry-forward from this is to keep sleeping to my body’s content, but “changing the channel” from guilt or worry that I “should” be doing more with the hours of my day when they creep in!

  208. Michelle

    There was so much I learned from this interview!! Appreciate the moment, change the channel and you can always find time for the important stuff! Thank you so much! I love Marie TV!!! 🙂

  209. Great interview, I look forward to reading Arianna’s book.

  210. Marie,

    Love this interview, and the message you both bring!

    I have been tuning into the same vibe for the year or so. I decided last year that when we are between training programs (during trainings I teach from 6:30am-6:30pm) that I would let myself sleep in as long as I want. I discovered that I am most happy with 8-9 hours sleep. And this has cleared up a chronic sinus-infection that had lasted 3.5 years (yes years!!) which I believe was due to stress.

    I also love the “no sense of hierarchy” that Arianna mentioned that she inherited from her mother. My mother is very similar in her approach to life and people – very open and friendly, and equally so with people of all walks of life. Whether we address the lady at the grocery store check out, or the Queen of England, or the sanitation engineers who empty our bins each week, I love the idea that we are all equal in God’s eyes, and we are all connected.

    And last point I love, disconnecting from technology, and having a device-free zone, when dining, and especially in the bedroom. I adopted this practice years ago, not only for the reasons of clearing private space for myself, but also for health reasons – the wireless technology messes with our electromagnetic energy field.

    Marie, I’d like to take this opportunity to say I am a fan of what you do, and admire and enjoy your amazing work. Keep it up!

    Blessings and much success to you (whatever you define it as)!

  211. Taylor

    I love this idea of letting go of things you want to do, but you know you never will. I think it’s funny that she brought up skiing, because that’s one of the things I’ve always put on my goals for the year, but really, there are other things going on and it’s just not important. Letting go of being who you think you should be, and just being the best version of you. Great message. I’m implementing this one!

  212. I will have to say making my bedroom device free 1 hour before bedtime would be the most interesting and beneficial challenge that I got from watching this interview. Thank you both. I am adding Thrive to my reading list.

  213. I loved “You can complete a project by dropping it.” I just turned 45 and am finding myself now with a greater sense of self-worth now that I didn’t have most of my life. That empowerment has me wanting to do so many things that I wouldn’t let myself do before, and from that I often feel overwhelmed by all the desire and possibility. I’m getting better at prioritizing and realizing what really matters to me while simultaneously remembering a great lesson I learned from Peter McWilliams: “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” It’s nice to to have support in dropping things in favor of others, letting things go and not feeling less than for it.

  214. Cynthia Baltimore-Hutson

    “Change the channel darling”! Love it! Great words to live by. We stress and obsess, often over things that in the big picture don’t even matter. Or things that we have zero control over and sometimes things we just need to accept. Very inspiring.

  215. Bob

    Great episode Marie!.
    Arianna is such a real person, and I will be buying the book.
    So what hit me most… when you said you were driven and such a perfectionist. Being a bit older than you and having had many, many head banging session with the perfection wall, i have accepted the following philosophy: STRIVE FOR PERFECTION, BUT SETTLE FOR WHAT YOU CAN GET.
    Its hard to swallow at first, but the job gets done and if the left over flaws are worth fixing, the opportunity will present itself at the right time.

  216. Suzie Bartle

    Thank you Marie for giving another mind blowing Marie TV episode. Wow! Just wow!!! Such simple advice but overlooked so much in today’s busy modern day.

    I need around 7-10 hours sleep. And often feel guilty for needing to go to bed early and waking up later than i liked. For me, you start the day as you mean to go on. Thank you Adrianna for giving me permission to sleep!

    And gadgets! That’s such a hard one. I’m addicted to it. It’s like a chocolate bar screaming my name once it’s opened! My brain constantly wondering who’s got in touch, what’s going on. Then wonder why i’ve never done the stuff that i really enjoy like the creative stuff, relaxing, reading…My ipad and phone are the last things that i look at before i sleep and the first thing i see before i get out of bed!! Once even woke up with holding my phone with my laptop open on my stomach!!

    Gadgets and sleep are the biggest break throughs i am going to work on. Then i may the time and energy to read Thrive!!!

  217. Amy

    So awesome. I love that she said how much more creative she is after she gets rest. So key! I cannot agree more.
    Vacations and breaks and rest are “the secret”

    Great interview!

  218. Ali

    My favorite tip is the more sleep one! I so often get late-night surges of inspiration that keep me up much too late, and then it totally throws off the flow of my next day being super overtired. The last two weeks I’ve been on a really great sleep flow, going to bed by 11pm and getting up by 8am which feels so great for my body, mind and spirit. I’m going to keep this going! I also sleep with my phone turned off to give myself the break from the EMF waves and get the deepest REM, peaceful sleep as possible 😉

  219. I love this interview and will take away many tips from Arianna. So many good ones!!

    The one I want to try tonight is not charging my phone on my bedside table. I’ve been wanting to do it for months.

  220. rob

    Marie you are always a delight to see and listen too! Ty, Rob

  221. Edie

    “Don’t miss the moment!”
    I loved the interview; full of inspiration, support and selfcare.
    Thank you.

  222. Susan Brooks

    Sleep Sleep Sleep….my fav helper? PassionFlower Vine Extract – by Gaia – a dropperful before bed – and conk out! sure beats sleeping pills…and hmm…dropping projects on the to-do list? those DARN pesky photos…so hard to drop this one – organizing them – yet it’s so bugging me!!

    • Hi Susan,

      There are a couple sleep helpers I use, Valeriana officinalis (I use the tincture, you can get that at any homeopatic place) and Passiflora incarnata (same), if you add a couple of drops to a cup of water from both before sleeping you will feel absolutely relaxed and get a great night’s sleep

  223. I feel like Arianna just gave me permission to give up my quest to learn Japanese. I’ve been holding on to this idea for 6 years so tightly because I invested hundreds of dollars in the Rosetta Stone system. I’ve yet to even open the box and I feel like she’s absolutely right, it’s time to free up some mental clutter and let that go. I’ll also be freeing up some physical space in my home as well, always a good thing!!

  224. Hi Marie and everyone,

    I must confess I’m somewhat of a nightowl, so I mostly working up until 1 am, but I do turn silent my phone, and get at least 7 hours of good sleep most of the time. Though I wouldn’t like kicking my cell out of my room since it has become my “alarm clock”. Still, I do have a policy of no TV and no Computers in my bedroom, just books and well, my cell, but no charging, that happens in the studio 🙂

    Thanks for the great tips and best of luck to everyone here


  225. I Love this! The only thing is, I am a young mother and I want to sleep at night… yes! But my baby often wakes me up.
    First I was annoyed – yeah, who isn’t, when half asleep, half awake knowing another busy day is coming up! But then I stopped the fight. I acknowledge the fact that this is the phase my daughter goes through and make the awake moment at might mindful. Enjoying the smell of my girls hair… This relaxes me. When I am relaxed, she is too. She will fall asleep fast and me too. Then next day: yes, I have to drop some of my projects or tasks and just take a nap. I thought I wouldn’t survive. But guess what: I am.

    And I embrace and Love life, every bit of it and remember, nothing ever stay the same. This too shall pass….

    more on mindful motherhood here: http://www.originalmama [dot] com


  226. Arianna is such a lovely lady. Great words of wisdom. Beautiful interview. Thank you for being so real. Just purchased the book on Audible. Yes, I’m an audio lover.

  227. Because I am Blessed to participate in the care of my 2 youngest Great Granddaughters(3 & 5), I have become increasingly aware of the moments.
    Changing the channel and dropping projects is my next project. At 75, having successfully completed a round with cancer, I am very aware of how important it is to only fill my life with Special people, projects, and events. Thank you for this interview. Now I have great phrases to post where I can see them to remind me of what is important to my life!

  228. Clifford

    Thanks as always for the great show. Learning how to slow down and take care of myself has been a huge part of my process. Bought the book immediately!

  229. Lynnaire

    I am most definitely going to start taking Ariana’s advice re: not reading email an hour before bed. I am dreadful for checking my emails and my social media notifications before bed. I think; “but I’m in New Zealand and my clients are in the US/UK, I have to respond NOW”, but in reality none of the work I do is incredibly time-sensitive thankfully so I can actually afford to set boundaries on when I read my emails and respond.

  230. Avaleen

    This message is so poignant. This is one area that is extremely important to me. In addition to trying to make sure I get enough sleep, I also observe the Sabbath each week. 24 hours from sunset on Friday evening to sunset on Saturday I take time away from work to rest. I spend time worshiping and eating great food with my close friends and family–just taking a break. It can be challenging for the typical American to incorporate, but the results are AMAZING! I am mentally and emotionally stronger. This message is so timely! I love that Arianna and Marie and sharing this message–so important.

  231. Wonderful interview! Sleep is a big topic of conversation at our house. Both my husband and I don’t feel that we get good sleep. I’m going to try the going to bed just 1/2 hour earlier. Our bedroom is already a technology free zone – no tv, no phone, no cell phones or ipad. I also love the change the channel mantra! Good advice! Thank You so much for the information and inspiration.

  232. You can complete a project by dropping it.

    This one is totally for me. Actually I realised this few years ago in a meditation. That I don’t have to realize every idea I have in my mind because there’s just too freaking much of them. But then again I forget that quite often so that’s a good reminder.
    And don’t miss a moment of course!

  233. Susie

    I really loved this interview, sleep yes will add at least 30 mins extra per night, and don’t miss the moment, absolute magic. Arianna is an amazing women and I will definitely purchase her book 🙂
    Love and gratitude x

  234. Iwona

    “Change the channel” – I love that! So simple, so clear.

  235. Michelle H

    “Sleep Your Way To The Top” – love that! Great advice to be sure we’re getting enough rest each night!

  236. Molly

    I watch this with my five-year-old daughter, Adriana. I will be implementing the let it go philosophy right now, it feels very good to do so. My daughter says the video is awesome! :):)

  237. Lynn Cook

    “You can complete a project by dropping it.” Totally! I love this tip and also could relate to Arianna talking about dropping her being a good skier project. I’ve realised that I should never buy expensive sporting equipment … I like the idea of being good at sport but I am really a sloth at heart. And have just given away my bicycle because I much prefer to walk.

    Great interview – thank you!

  238. wow! love Huffington post! great interview!
    I have recently gone from getting 4-5hrs sleep to now working on 7-8hrs which is much healthier for me! I can really feel the difference.
    “Changing the Channel” is the biggest!!!! and keeping bedroom as a fee zone from technology! good avice

  239. I love the idea of Dropping something to complete it – fantastic. Also I have always defended my right and need to a good night’s sleep with the ferocity of a hibernating grizzly bear – I won’t feel guilty about it anymore! Thanks Ariana.

  240. Shirley

    Controlling the amount of sleep I get. I tend to keep a calendar of what needs to be done. Two nights a week, Wed and Fri nothing is scheduled on my calendar after 7. At 9p.m. all lights out in the house including the dog’s area and everyone in the house has to shut down.

  241. I love the idea of a phone free bedroom! I always sleep with it just away from reaching distance so I’m not tempted. But I LOVE the idea of making the bedroom a tech free zone. I also loved Arriana’s final comment about acknowledging each person you come into contact with each day. If we all made an effort to do this, the world would be a wonderful place 🙂

  242. Christina

    I played your interview in my car as I drove home from the grocery store. Plenty of head nodding throughout my route! “change the channel, darling” completely stood out to me. I need to let go of old wounds and change the channel! Thank you I hope to pick up her book asap!

  243. I’m a BIG sleep fan…. going to bed is one of my favourite times of the day 🙂 I’m also a neuroscientist and write a brain health blog – one of my most popular ever posts is on how important sleep is to maintaing brain health and wellness …. more specifically my blog post is on how afternoon naps improve your performance!

  244. Only achieving the priority aspects of life is one I struggle with. Letting go of certain goals is difficult. I love to craft and sew and I’ve tried to work at selling some of my projects but with minimal success. I did a craft fair this weekend and only sold one item. What I need to realise is that I may have to decide that this area isn’t a successful one for hand crafters and that I won’t do another local craft fair BUT that’s only one small avenue closed for me. It is not the end of my sewing business by any means. I have to allow myself that learning path and move on to other opportunities within the sewing/crafting arena.

    My blog is another area where I have recently had to decide that it’s not worth continuing with. It takes up far too much time away from the actual sewing that I love and hardly anyone comments on it, despite around 800 reads a month. The blog doesn’t define me and it’s upsetting to know that I’ve been unable to reach more people but I must remember that alot of people have read my blog; almost 16000 to be exact. I must challenge my efforts towards things that not only I enjoy but prove worth my time.

    The other things I do anyway, such as ensure I get enough sleep to be a relaxed, better person to be around. I also find acknowledging other people in our day to day lives important but it can be quite hurtful, when others often don’t treat me in the same way. I live the way I choose though; I behave the way that makes me feel a decent human being, who tries to help other feel the same way.

    Did I enjoy the video? Of course I did. Thanks to both of you for some positive, reflective time. Take care out there

  245. I love Arianna’s style and the ease with which she shares her stories and wisdom. Her message is really about living life and not just finishing projects or “being successful.” It’s so important for women to hear this, that it’s OK to get a good night’s sleep, you don’t have to work ’til you drop! It’s OK to let go of worries and even some of our aspirations (particularly if they are more of a burden than a joy to strive for). Who doesn’t feel like they HAVE to do all these ….things!!!! Thank you Arianna for letting women know that real success in life is about connections and being present in the moment. Good advice for all. Laurie xo

  246. Glad to hear there are people in the world who love actual books. Not published words, but paper books. I grew up with an intimate relationship with books, publishing, writing. It’s a world that is as sensuous and delightful as the world of fine chocolates. And what a great topic born from discussing time. You can’t enjoy a good book if you don’t have time to enjoy. There is time for all the important things. Glad to hear from such a wise and influential woman that joy, enjoyment, and wonder are not just important but deeply integral to a successful life.

  247. Marie,
    I do a lot of these strategies already, because I found out about 20 years ago that they really help.

    Sleep: my body can’t function for long on 4 hours sleep. By the early afternoon I’m really sleepy, and have to go to bed around 7pm! I regularly get 7 hours a night.

    Email: if I’m working on a long piece of work, or am in a day-long meeting, I check emails twice a day. I scan through them, and prioritise on my To Do list. If they are urgent, I respond immediately, and let the person know when I aim to get back to them with the answer they want. Otherwise, I don’t respond until the next day.

    Smartphone: I turn off the mobile data feed at night. I need the phone in the bedroom for emergencies, but I don’t need to be woken up by social media during the night!

    I’m so glad Arianna agrees with me. Sometimes other people make you feel weird for giving yourself time to escape modern life, but I know it’s essential for my wellbeing.


  248. Chantel

    Its hard to choose one…so I’ll reluctantly choose the top two most important for me: Sleep Your Way to the Top and the lovely words of her mother: Change the Channel, darling.
    1. Gave me confidence to sleep train my little guy on my own finally…so we all get more sleep. The one week or two it’ll take will be worth the rest of our nights sleeping soundly!

    2. I get really caught up in my emotions/stress sometimes…Changing the Channel is a BEAUTiful mantra. I think that just being able to think it might bring me back to reality in a moment….so I dont Miss the Moments!

  249. Thank you so much Marie for always bringing in super role models to encourage us.
    I loved the saying about not charging your device next to your bed.i really need to practice that a lot.

  250. Meredith

    Can’t wait to use “change the channel” with my kids (and myself)! Thank you for the wonderful video. I’m ordering g the book now.

    • Me too,it sounds so handy.few words with great acton.

  251. Annina

    I love the idea of sleeping just 30mins more every night.

    Starting from today => right now!

  252. Anita

    I’ve been getting more sleep and it has been glorious.I always make a point of taking a short nap at lunch (I work from home) and it helps me get through the day.

    I really like the idea of giving yourself permission to drop something on your to-do list. I will be giving that a try!

  253. Sandy Murthy

    This is such weird timing, I am usually on my phone before bed but I just started the Unicef Tap Project where each 10 min you don’t touch your phone provides someone with clean water for a day. I literally just heard about it for the first time yesterday, started it this morning and saw this Marie TV episode today.
    I think Arianna is completely right that we underestimate the importance of sleep. I started trying to sleep more after seeing her Ted Talk, so I stopped working on my projects in the evening so I could go to bed on time. I actually found I made much more progress with them over the next day when I had rested, compared to staying up late trying to complete them. Sleeping helped me get more done!

  254. Ronalee

    I love her shes awesome. I feel like the whole world need a Digital Detox once a week to live our life beautiful and healthy..

  255. Idan Vaitzner

    I loves so much the idea of dropping un-relevant projects or ideas. It makes such a relief!

    • That is something i need to do seriously.i always carry this guilt of not being able to finish a project that is so obvious i dont need.

  256. Denise Cadet

    What stood out to me is what she said about taking care of oneself help you to Thrive. Because Thriving come from the depth. I really need to take care of me. Starting by having an unclutter organize place that will lead in me prepare my meals and live what I preach. Thank you Marie And Crew. Thank You Ms. Arianna

  257. That was an extremely moving interview. Kudos to both Marie and Arianna for their enthusiasm and sincerity. You are both great role models. Thank you!

  258. Jennifer

    Time famine quote: Everything changed in her life the day she figured out that she had enough time for all the important things. – Prioritize the really important things. 🙂

  259. Sleep your way to the top!!! Great advice. When I feel inspired, fired up, and ready to create/work, I’ve always believed sleep took away from my productivity. But as I’ve grown wiser in business, I realize self care fuels longevity in building a sustainable business, wealth, and most importantly, life. Thanks Marie! Thanks Arianna! Great interview. It’s motivating to hear women business leaders encourage us newbies to take care of ourselves.

  260. Anuko

    “Change the channel, darling” does seem such an attractive phrase probably because of (the aliteration and) this sense of ease and distance needed to pronounce it. First of all, I need to acknowledge that there truly are other channels that others and I could switch into.
    I also love the idea of acknowledging other people – there is such a pleasure and sense of immersion in life in this. Yet, how damaging it is when we fail to notice others – usually we do not feel it though, suffering only through not getting attention. But in the end, it is a sorry thought to realise how unpleasantly ridiculous I am while not looking into people’s faces. Thanks God, there is enough time for doing it.

  261. Anuko

    And I love Arianna’s accent.

  262. elinor

    Beautiful words of wisdom.

  263. Susan Winters

    What a wonderful interview.

    “Change the channel darling.” How much time in my life have I wasted on worrying about things that never happened? Thank you for that bit of wisdom.

    Maybe it’s time to put that cell phone outside the bedroom. I’ve been using a sleep app with a lovely alarm on the infrequent days when I must get up before my regular time (a time that I simply wake up at) but it has always concerned me that it sits next to my head all night. Knowing what I do about electrical fields and my history of banning devices from the bedroom it is obviously time to take my own advice.

  264. Andra

    I was curious to hear this interview but was disappointed by the content. Would have been interested in how Arianna got her investors. I have stopped watching Marie TV regularly because I see a lot of nicely wrapped content that starts promising and in the end is full of generalities and common sense information.

  265. Device free zone for sure. I have been living this way for a while but have slipped a few times and notice a big difference when I sleep with my phone next to me. Thanks for the reminder! <3

  266. What an amazing interview–loved it! Great thoughts on sleep, time, completing the projects by not doing them, and “changing the channel.” And I love how you respect your mom’s wordless wisdom, Arianna! Thanks so much Marie!

  267. Veronica

    Thank you,thank you, thank you, I really needed to hear this today. The past few months I’ve been a walking zombie thinking sleep can wait I need to get important things out if the way first. From today I will have a device free zone in my bedroom.

  268. Change the channel! I love this. So simple. So necessary sometimes.

  269. Wow the timing of the sleep message could not have been better for me! Thanks for sharing x

  270. Thank you for your work both of you. I read the Huffington Post and of course I am inspired over and over again by Marie.
    In this conversation lots of the teaching I already apply: good night of sleep, being in the moment and change the channel, or how I do it is to not take anything, especially myself, too seriously, to always remind myself and the ones around me that we are here to play and if possible let’s play for the greater good, for the bettered humanity. I like that Arianna is reminding us to aknowledge the person in front of us. It is an act of kindness to ourselves. love, Ariane

  271. I love this episode, and I look forward to reading the book. Interestingly, everything Arianna described is exactly how I live! Yet, I have felt an inner shame of sorts for living such a self-protected life. Although I live it unapologetically, my inner critic often nags at me to be more like society encourages, as if busyness is somehow a badge of value.

    I give myself plenty of downtime, ample quiet time, I get 8+ hours of sleep most nights, I drop projects often, or at least reprioritize to only tackle what is right in front of me to avoid overwhelm, and I say no when I need to. I have often felt that my success, or at least my obscured perception of it, would be greater if I could be the type that worked into the night. After seeing this, I’m thinking that perhaps it is the western world that is upside down, not me.

    Thanks Marie & Arianna!

  272. Angela

    Bawled while listening to this! As a mom of four girls with a demanding photography business, I am no stranger to sleepless nights spent editing, editing and editing. I took January and February off to recouperate from 2013 and found myself walking out of a fog that I had been shrouded in for years. I realized that even though I had a ‘successful’ business, what had my ‘success’ really gotten me? I missed out on so much of my childrens lives, my health was severely compromised from my horrible eating and sleep habits…I was irritable and short tempered with my husband and rarely had time to spend with friends who help strengthen my sense of well being. When listening to this Marie TV segment in the car today, I just broke down. I sobbed during the carpool, and my sweet 8 year old just watched. She was also listening to Ariana, since my phone links to the car speakers, and when Ariana talked about lack of sleep and her health, my daughter instantly made the connection. As I picked up another daughter, the tears kept flowing as I listened to ways I could be successful and give myself permission to take of myself. This daughter also made the connection and listened quietly as Ariana taught me how to let go. When I picked up yet another daughter, the segment was over, yet my eight year old wasted no time telling her sister what she missed. All of them realized their mom had a break through today. Thank you…I have realized that on my journey of ‘waking up’, little nuggets of wisdom are being placed in front of me, helping me limp along in rediscovering myself and what I am capable of. You rock Marie!

  273. Thrive is a beautiful word. It engages and sets the mind on a course to heal and grow. Marie, your set is conducive to THRIVING as the colors and flowers ignite the brain. You and Arianna shared beautiful energy. My favorite take-a-way was the reminder that these steps we take to get the sleep we need and make spaces technology free, open our creative souls. I am a fan of YES ENERGY and each of these steps and the name of the book generate more YES ENERGY! Well done and thank you for sharing!

  274. Paula G

    Can’t wait to read this book! If not in Swedish, then in English. A great interview by Marie as always, and what a nice lady Arianna is – lovely.
    So, acknowledge the people around you and connect with yourself is something to be reminded of – feels so great when I do. I’ll will try to complete some projects by dropping them, a great way of thinking! But that’s a tough one! 😉 I will also try to find comfort in knowing we have enough time for all important things 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  275. My fave thing/key takeaway was the part about acknowledging other people- this is something I always strive to do and it makes my heart happy to hear other people share the same feelings about it. The world today needs a little more compassion and love.

  276. Martha Téllez

    Don’t miss the moment

    Change the channel

    Awesome & powerful statements.
    I have to say that I was raised to acknowledge everybody around me. We never know how much that attitude would positively affect others.

    Ciao – Martha

  277. Ann

    I am going to try and complete some of my projects by dropping them. Sleep your way to the top is great. My husband would say, “I told you so”. He always tries to help me turn technology off at a certain time and I used to get mad at him. I think I will thank him now.

  278. wow! amazing. Can’t wait to read the book. I love the idea of completing your “to do” list by dropping certain things off of the list. I did the fist pump too! In my 50’s now, I am learning that lesson.

    Thanks for sharing.

  279. Thanks you for such awesome advise – 8 hours sleep makes a huge difference to my day – I just get soooo much more acheived so much easier and happily. Something so simple has profound benefits and great to have it reinforced personally and professionally by someone so super-talented and respected.
    Great, thanxxx Marie.

  280. Chris

    There were great reminders in this interview but nothing that I and likely most people have not heard before. Getting enough sleep? Keeping phones out of the bedroom? Enjoying the moment? Heard them all before.

  281. “Don’t miss the moment”

    Such a beautiful interview. Thank you so much Marie and Arianna, I am so looking forward to reading Thrive.

    Just watching this interview has been life changing.

    Love to you both.

  282. Kamila

    Thank you Marie & Arianna for the simple truths that should be reminded very often.

    Completing a project by dropping it was something I used, but wasn’t aware of. Initally I wanted to start a collection of dressess and after some time I had so many doubts that I dropped it for something I enjoy now whole lot more! Some people found it like I easily give up – but actually it was such a relief. Now I know listening to your inner voice is crux of the matter and if you don’t like something => change it!

    I am also so happy to acknowledge everyone around me 🙂 I have a great rule – Whenever I am in contact with somebody (cleaning lady, sales assistant, even homeless people in the street etc.) I always try to leave them with a smile – it usually works 🙂

    What I take with me is “Don’t miss the moment” – I am so busy that I think I have already missed so many moments in my life 🙁 I cannot change it, but I can finish this day with a brand new attitute for the future.

  283. Jacquie Peterson

    I like how she talked about her mother and how she acknowledges everyone you come in contact with everyday. Everyday I work on this and it gives me pleasure in seeing their smile.

  284. Jeannie

    Change the Channel!!! I am SOOOOOO going to use this one! I mean seriously…how often do we LET ourselves get caught up in some kind of drama or another? Ourselves of someone else’s? Isn’t this what we do when we here blahblahblah on the radio or tv? Change the channel! But never, ever, on Marie TV:))
    I spent last summer totally sleep deprived while the clock ran down until my hip replacement surgery in November; I was in so much pain it was hard to sleep much at all. I feel like I am still catching up and when I sleep all night long it is like AWESOME to the 10th power. Never underestimate the power of sleep for well being. I can’t wait to read this book…Thanks, Marie!

  285. Thank you so much Marie and Arianna for this inspiring video!

    So many important insights into building sustainable success in your life. I especially loved the phrase “sleep your way to the top”.

    Sleep is the first thing we compromise regardless of what we are trying to achieve in life. University students do it, busy professionals, stay home parents, to name a few. We really are compromising our health when we neglect our sleep needs. I encourage everyone who joins my mailing list to begin their healing journey by focusing on sleep first and provide a free guide to get them started.

    I love that Adrianna is bringing the topic of sleep to the forefront as a key ingredient to health, productivity and creativity.

  286. I am going to apply the change the channel method when I’m obsessing over something. This will give me the chance to have a break from it, clear my mind and let the answer come to me.
    I also like deciding not to complete something unrealistic for me, is actually finishing it. I will definitely take this on board, I put way to much pressure on myself trying to complete things that no longer have the same amount of importance to me as it previously did.
    Thank you for an interesting, informative and engaging interview, I really enjoyed it and found the content of the discussion useful. 🙂

  287. I admit I have an issue with time famine. I have to watch my thinking, and remind myself that I really do have enough time for the important things. And, conversely, that it is vital that I give the important things the priority of time. Like my husband, my daughter, and the most important for me is my own time to rest, relax, and recooperate.

    and I have recently practiced letting go… I literally did what you suggested, I looked at my to-do list and asked, “do I really have to do that?” and if I said no, or if I didn’t really want to, I crossed it off. I am now limiting my to-dos to 10 or less items each week. It feels so much more relaxing, and nurturing of my inner self. I trust that all that truly needs to be done will be done, and the rest will be in the Divine’s time, not mine.

    Thank you, Arriana and Marie!

  288. The most powerful moment for me of Arianna’s jewels was, “Don’t miss the moment.” How often we are so busy and don’t take a precious moment to stop and chat with someone, or smile at someone. I will certainly post this to remind myself to begin practicing this so that it becomes second nature. Thanks, Marie, for all that you share.

  289. Excellent interview Marie!
    Recently I have planned 30 minutes sleep during the day. ( when I am not away from my office)

    I have question:
    Reason for subtitles?

    I can understand you very well Marie! 🙂

    Kind Regards


  290. Hi Marie,

    You have such amazing guests on your show, Arianna, yet again completely wonderful and so much great advice to offer.

    Every time you record a show it is so beneficial and incredible to watch, with so many lessons to learn. Thank you!

    There is only one thing that you might want to look at. When you ask questions you almost always start with “I” and pop in something to do with yourself or your life. It’s really not necessary.

    Did you realise that in the short time you were talking during the interview with Arianna you said “I” about 65 times and me or my about 20 times?

    Marie, you are an amazing woman and so insightful, generous and extraordinary. Just thought it might be useful for you to continue to improve what you do.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    PS: The sleep message was perfect but the “Don’t’ Miss” message was the one that really hit home.

  291. Natalie

    I am so glad when I ‘sacrifice’ the time to watch one of your videos! I especially loved watching this talk with Arianna Huffington. As a dreamer with an entrepreneurial spirit I think what smolders my aspirations the most is my perfectionist attitude. When I do something I really want to be the best at it and I find that I often don’t give myself credit where it may be due (okay… where it IS due – it’s even hard to say). I find myself in a constant struggle with myself and I never seem to believe enough in myself to follow through to success; I don’t invest in myself as I’m so afraid of failure and being a disappointment to myself and my family. I thrive on pleasing people in a regular day-job atmosphere, but when I’m the boss I never get those reassuring words that I’m doing a great job because I constantly want to do BETTER!

  292. Paulette Loren

    Oh I need more sleep! Thanks Arianna for saying it aloud. And thanks soooo much Marie for bringing us this message (and more). I’ve ordered my book and can’t wait to get it xx

  293. Loved this video! I am a firm believer in sleep, napping and keeping my bedroom totally device free. I really enjoyed the input on Time Famine as I often feel there is just so much to do and I “should” give up all sorts of other things to ensure that these things get done. So prioritization, de-committing to a project on my to do list and just stopping and enjoying the moment are key for me. Thank you.

  294. Kate

    I love this interview! First of all Marie, you show such respect and humility for Arianna and her work. It is great to see women supporting each other. I am really looking forward to buying this book. Just last night I was beside myself with tiredness, and instead of pushing myself to get more things done I just went to bed at 8.30 and picked up one of the novels on my bedside table that I never have time to read! I feel so refreshed today. As usual, great timing with this piece and you continue to support and inspire with your work. Thank you to two great women!

  295. Brooke Surtees

    Thank you so much for this video!
    I have been struggling lately with a business decision & it has been affecting my whole reality. There are so many wonderful things & possibilities within this opportunity, but this video made me realise it was offering a definition of success that is extremely different from my definition of success, & from the qualities I want in my life. No wonder I’ve felt so torn!
    This reminded me to continue creating the life I want to live, based on my terms. Easy. I love it.

  296. Sleep! Honestly, I think it’s a hard sell because many people tend to live with so little of it and this habit becomes a way of life. My husband has this idea he can catch up on it on the weekends. I insist that it doesn’t work that way.

    I think really what ingrained it’s importance in me was teaching. I’m an educator and earlier on in my career, I learned that getting 8 hours of sleep for me was essential for me to be a great teacher. Lesson plans could fail, a major disaster could happen in the middle of class, kids would have their off days but as long as I had my 8 hours, I could handle any situation with patience, a clear mind and with tact. Sleep gave me that edge.

    I’m in B-school and in the process of switching over into a different field still in education. After watching this, I realize I’ve been sacrificing sleep because I’m not working with people face to face anyway. Marie and Adrianna, thank you for this very important reminder.

  297. Tracey

    What a beautiful lady !! I loved her tip “change the channel, darling”. As I can often be “stuck” with thoughts going around in my head & achieving nothing because of this obsessing of nothing !!

  298. Loved it. May be one of my favourite Marie-tv episodes. Hot bath with Epsom salts coming my way 😉

  299. I absolutely LOVED this interview ,Marie! I heard Arianna speak at a conference last year that I attended and found her words so moving!!
    She was the highlight of the event and think of her words all the time when certain situations that pop up.
    Yes, I do feel a bit sleep deprived these days with a teething baby;) and roll with it especially while building my business.
    I absolutely love- change the channel darling- lately, I need this one;)!
    Thanks for this inspiring interview!!

  300. Navid

    Acknowledge everyone. Great wisdom as no one is better or worse than anyone else and a great reminder for myself to let go of being in pride. Thank you Marie and Arianna 🙂

  301. Thank you Marie & Arianna for this incredible interview. I heard Arianna speak at a conference a few weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed her talk then as well. My biggest take away is to “change the channel”. I’ve been very overwhelmed the past couple days and focused on what’s worrying me instead of what I want. I love this <3
    Thank you xoxo

  302. Ana

    I agree with everything said on this episode… sleep deprivation is a silent killer and Love yourself and those surrounding you on a daily basis. I opted to put a smile on my face and carry on with my daily rituals. That smile goes a long way when people on public places, office, doctor’s, my place of work, or simply passing people by on the streets giving me their head notch in agreement of “have a great day.” This gesture pays off, making me feel light inside, no more carrying heavy loads on my shoulder and helps me carry on with whatever my goal is with such much ease.

  303. Thank you Marie & Arianna!
    I loved this tip – Complete a project by dropping it.
    Oh how this is going to free up space on my calendar and in my head! Love all the beautiful work you both do for the world!
    hugs, Barb

  304. Yvette Wright

    No technology in ANY bedrooms in the house. Great life lesson. No phones on silent or playing games or even reading on a device (good old fashion books are a must! LOVE them!). Bedrooms are for sleeping…. 🙂

    We set the example. We have a technology bench. Everything goes there in the late afternoon. It has never cost us business or friendships. People we love have our land line in urgent.

    Love ‘change the channel’ and enjoying the moment is incredibly important. Thank you for sharing.

  305. Look at you rocking it out with Arianna!!! Danielle was right you are so headed for the cover of Time. 😉 Time sickness is my diagnosis!!! It’s a hard one to shake but just reminding myself of living the moment helps tremendously!! deep breathe in deep breathe out, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  306. Loved the part about letting go of “perfect” and completing a project by dropping it. Also really enjoyed the reiteration of abundance with TIME! 🙂

    Thank you for being you and doing what you do!

  307. Did you hear that big plop? That was me, dropping unfinished projects. That was my favorite. And just this afternoon, before I even noticed the video in my mailbox, I decided to take 4 weeks off, to re-evaluate, re-prioritize, and re-structure. And this structure will have time for the biggest project: me and my family.
    Thank you, Marie and Arianna.

  308. Heidi

    I passed out 4 weeks ago and hit my head really hard on a ceramic planter and I still have the bump to remind me every day that when my life is out of balance the only place to go is down, literally!

    My German father always said to me when we’re healthy we want lot’s of things but when we’re ill we only want to be healthy.
    I’m now focusing on getting healthy and keep my life in Balance and that’s going to be enough.

  309. Another b-schooler recommended I watch this & just carved out the time to do so 🙂

    I struggle with this… I work full-time 40+ hours a week (and travel globally for my day job) PLUS have two startups on the side. I recently downloaded sleepcycle (I know, bad to have devices near you!) but it’s been very interesting to see how I’m actually sleeping… and yes, (1) I need more sleep, (2) I need better sleep. Working 7am-2am is not sustainable.

    Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront. All of us perfectionists (me included!) need to give ourselves a break sometimes

    With gratitude

  310. I loved this episode! I am currently doing B-School (and loving every minute of it I might add!), along with running my own business and being a partner in another. I also have two children under 5 and a husband. With all of this in mind I have to say that the two tips that hit home for me were that there is time for the important things and to not miss the moment.
    I also have to say it hit me that Arianna mentioned some lessons that her mother instilled into her without really even saying it…I am so aware that I am role modelling for my children and I’d love for them to look back and think that I have shown them a great way of living a successful AND healthy life!
    Love it! Thank you both!

  311. Marie,
    This episode was right on time!! It came on a day that I was feeling so exhausted and trying to figure out how to get all the things done on my to do list for today. That’s when your email came through my phone. I was so relieved to see that someone as successful as Arianna was stressing the importance of sleep. That’s my take away from this episode. So often you hear successful people say if you want to be successful you have to forget about sleep. So, I feel guilty and like a slacker when I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep. I set my alarm every morning for 5 and I end up sleeping later. I rarely feel rested at that time, unless I go to bed at 10 – which I rarely do. I realize I need to sleep until 6 and stop trying to force my body to get up before it’s ready. I will be able to get so much more done. Thank you for the work you do to empower women. Your show is a blessing to me. God Bless You!

  312. This was such a great episode! When I was studying Marketing at Dalhousie University in 1986 (I dropped out as entrepreneurship kicked in and in those days they did not intersect), I learned of this crazy concept called ‘Time Poverty’, and we would all eventually suffer from it. Years later running multiple businesses before the web existed, I could not figure out how I was not able to leave work before midnight every day. 10 years after that I found myself at a bookstore buying Dr Phil’s ‘Relationship Rescue’ and Deepak Chopra’s ‘Grow Younger, Live Longer’. The clerk said, “Boy, am I glad I am not you. It must suck to be you.” And it did but I was thinking ‘who the [email protected] are you…..’ She was right. There were two very valuable things I learned that day. Always listen to the person who loves you because if they are the one, they will be there more than anyone else,(thank you Dr Phil) and GET PLENTY OF SLEEP!!! No matter how productive you want to be, sleep and rest are restorative and allow you to accomplish the most.(thank you Deepak). What seemed to be the worst day of my life ended up being one of the best. I received good advice and ran with it. Joel and I have been together for 24 years, run a business together and are happy, and we get lots of sleep because we know it allows us to accomplish more the next day. I have a gay crush on you. Just say’n.

  313. Melis

    I loved the tip regarding sleep. I recently started tracking my sleep through a Fitbit and was shocked to learn that I only get 5-6 hours of quality sleep a night (before tracking I would have told you that I was getting 7 hours). My new goal has been to consistently get 7 hours of sleep each night.

    It is amazing the difference an hour or two makes. I have noticed a huge impact on how I face each day…as Arianna mentioned I am no longer dragging myself through the day.

    Marie, Thank you for providing inspiring and informative content. I look forward to my Marie TV fix 🙂

  314. I can’t wait to read this book. I’m always looking for book recommendations and Thrive sounds like the perfect read, especially since I’m on a personal development kick.

    I loved hearing Arianna’s perspective on sleep and her tips for transforming sleep into a sacred time. Although I’m pretty good about getting at least 8 hours of sleep I do need to put more effort into turning my sleeping space into a “device-free” zone. The first step I will take is NOT checking e-mail for at least an hour before bed time. In fact, I think I’ll try to just detach myself from the compute/i-phone completely for that last hour too and see how that works.

    Thank you Marie and Arianna for a great discussion!

  315. So many take aways from that interview…making the bedroom a device free zone, change the channel, don’t miss the moment, acknowledge everyone. Thanks ladies!

  316. I’m going to bed 30mins early. What a treat!

  317. Hi Marie,

    This was an amazing and very timely episode! I am going to order a copy of Thrive as soon as I send this off. I am so glad to hear the importance of getting enough sleep! I have been working on that one for awhile and Arianna simply validated the importance of doing that. Two things I am going to do is remove my cell phone from my nightstand. It is my only phone, so for safety and in case of an intruder, it will still be in my bedroom, but I realize that many times I hear the little chimes and such that alert to new emails or FB posts or things I just don’t need to know about once I’ve gone to bed. The 2nd item is to do an assessment of my to do list and see what I can remove and consider DONE!! Brilliant!
    Have a magical day!

  318. Great interview: I wrote an ebook on Is Eight Hours Enough because in the last 5 years I go to bed at 1130pm and get up at 3am because I have to be at work at 6am. Because of not getting enough sleep
    I have gained weight
    my blood pressure is high
    being alert (mentally) is poor
    Health is moderate

    Thanks for reinforcement .

    I also wrote a podcast called a Missed Opportunity
    You, I don’ t know your name but you sit alone on the bench with a warm smile..
    As I hurry on to work.
    I look for the you with your hair as white as snow and the way you nod your head , saying hello.
    I look for you the other day.
    I look for your sparkling eyes and the soft spoken voice.
    I looked for you, yesterday, today and the other days, but you were not there.
    I wondered what stories you and I could have shared.
    I wish I took the time to say hello.
    Take your time today and say hello, give a warm smile and a nod.
    You never know how much those simple gestures mean to someone
    When Arianne mention we should speak to everyone we encounter I thought of what I wrote years ago.

    So, what I have to do is get more sleep. starting now, off to bed. up at 300am now it is 1000 pm thank Marie

  319. Thank you both for this wonderful episode. All of your tips were great, Arianna, but the one “crossing off a project from your TO Do list counts as completing it” really struck a chord for me. As did don’t miss the moment….my Mom recently passed away, and funny, just like you, many of the things she taught me really come to my mind more now than ever before. I am trying hard to enjoy life’s moments with my husband, children and grandchildren as well as spending more time with friends. Work seems never ending when you are an entrepreneur, but those special memory making moments only come along at the times when they do. Fortunately I am pretty good about getting enough sleep, and don’t check my email in the middle of the night anymore. (Have done, ashamed to say, when I began my business!). Isn’t it so funny that we need reminding about all the things our mothers and grandmothers just knew and DID, like going to bed on time? Thank you for the heartfelt reminders, especially for the younger women who just seem to want to do it all.

  320. I loved the comment from Arianna’s mother ; “Change the channel darling.”
    As we strive for success, we often get a little over-focussed or obsessive about one thing, which then impedes our ability to see perspective. I will use that phrase on myself!

    Can’t wait to read the book….

  321. Once again the universe converges and I get the message about sleep – my mum tells me, I tell me, and now Arianna tells me. But the practical tips are what will make it happen – so I’m making the bedroom a device free zone (hoping my hubby will agree) and I’m not dealing with email after 9pm. And I’m getting hold of a physical version of Thrive :).
    Thankyou lovely Marie and Arianna!

  322. Loved this interview! Such an inspiration and affirmation for me! My favorite part is acknowledging the people around you. I realized a few months ago, I was always rushing and did not feel I had the time to even make eye contact. What a difference it makes! I love feeling the energy shift when I look into someone’s eyes! Everyone loves to feel “seen”. It seems like such a small thing and it is not! It makes my day as well! We all need contact, especially in our high tech world!
    My heart is filled with gratitude for this beautiful teaching!

  323. My absolute favorite interview. What a wise woman! I will definitely be purchasing Thrive! From “completing” all those things on my list, to “change the channel darling” to not accomplishing anything due to the lack of sleep and always being exhausted, to making the bedroom a device free zone, it’s like Arianna has been watching me, really! So glad to have watched this!

  324. Jackie

    Love, love, love this segment. I need to sleep more because I’m the 4-5 hour email junkie. I’m working on that one for sure.

  325. Saikat

    Hey Marie

    I watched your program on Marie TV. Yes I admit that bedrooms should be device free. I would try to implement that. Also I would like to see your Fi if you don’t mind to share with me.


  326. Andrea B

    I really enjoyed watching Marie and Arianna hang out! – two peas in a pod and respect flowing both ways. That made me smile.

    As for my takeaway. Sleep. I’m going to align my sleep to my 2year old’s. So I’m going to bed tonight at 9pm so I can wake up refreshed with him at 5am! Sounds outrageous in my mind, but giggly delicious too!

    Looking forward to reading the book. What a legend Arianna is.

  327. I loved this interview, thank you Marie. And Ariana, ti telia yinaika pou ise!

    Ariana appears so calm, poised and exudes a quiet confidence that is enviable. If even the smallest fragment of her wonder is attributed to more sleep, I’m finishing this email, ordering a copy of Thrive and taking a nap!

    Meantime, I adored her suggestions to “Go to bed 30 mins earlier” and to “Complete a project by dropping it.” I’ll put both of these points into action, pronto tonto!

    I LOVE “Change the channel, darling!”. It’s such a Greek thing to say…I do it all the time – when others are raining down on me with negative Nelly comments and also when my own thoughts are unsupportive or run asunder. And it works a treat too! I dare you to say it out loud to yourself whenever you’re spiralling into an unhappy place and see how it quickly snaps you out of it.

    Thanks again for this interview, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  328. PS. I watched this interview with my 5 month old son strapped to me in his Baby Bjorn carrier and he was mesmerised. It goes to show that it’s never too early to learn about good and effective habits!

  329. I signed up for B-school and I wanted to get in the full 10 hours a week working through it. Problem is I have a full time job, renovations, an art course, a blog and a life. At the end of each week I can feel the pressure building. I ended up saying screw it last Friday and took a brake by drinking wine and watching a movie. Then I spent the rest of the weekend snowboarding and got nothing done. After all that, I’ve decided that I can do B-school and everything else, but I don’t need to fill up my life with work. I’m toning it down a bit and giving myself time to recharge and enjoy the moments that make life worth living!

  330. I totally agree with the device free zone too! Electronic devices give off harmful EMF that can affect peaceful sleep from happening in your bedroom. Check out my article where I provide some suggestions for EMF protection:

  331. I have admired Arianna for years.
    I love her mothers advice of Change the Channel! I will use that on myself for sure.
    Her wisdom is so much of Deepak Chopra’s 7 Laws of Success
    Get to bed by 10p which i have done for many years and Love It!
    Respect everyone- no one is above or below anyone.
    Be of Service and Give , I started volunteering at my local Hospice
    which is truly rewarding.
    Arianna is doing a 21 day Free Meditation on the Mentors Channel in April
    I love your website and channel Marie. My deepest thanks to young gals like you.
    Kathleen McInnes

  332. Thank you Marie for interviewing Arriana!

    This was very timely as I am currently working to make some changes in terms of sleep (in bed by 10:00, 8 hrs sleep and start “unwinding” at 9:00), email (check 2x per day max), really prioritizing my to do list and letting go of some projects that are not that exciting (including putting my website under construction and starting over!).

    Thank you!

    Dawn xo

  333. Janet Marie Petty

    Sleep and sleeping on my EMF sheet to neutralize all devices.I have slept 100% better this past year just by sleeping on this!!
    Plus being in the moment, I call ‘being present’ which is so much easier when rested. Plus balancing eat.pray.movement and interactions….breathe

  334. Dasha

    Dear Marie,

    With every episode I find so much new and useful ideas (sometimes they seem like a reflection of my thoughts :))
    For me the concept of “Life Audit” is something absolutely incredible :)! Thank you, Arianna :))!
    Marie, that would be awesome, if you could create a new MarieTV episode where you share some good questions or techniques for a powerful “Life *transformational* Audit” (just an idea).

    Thanks again!!
    hugs from Kazakhstan

  335. Linda

    Acknowledge the people you come in contact with throughout the day… I love this insight. A smile, a nod of the head an acknowledgment of a person can make all the difference to a persons day. I try and do this anyway but love that it is highlighted by someone as intelligent and successful as Arianna.

  336. I loved the freedom of the “drop it”. Releasing ideas or goals can be so hard but (woah)man oh (woah)man did I feels ease in my body when Arrianna said that! Thanks

  337. Thanks Marie, what a great episode this week. It’s so great to see someone as successful as Ariana talk about getting enough sleep and living in the moment, two things that really resonate with me and two things we all think we have to sacrifice to be successful.

    21st Century life has seems to have become so intense, so overwhelming at times. The pressure we put on ourselves and the high price we pay.

    We all want success, we all want happiness, but it should not come at the cost of our health and wellbeing, for then there is no success and certainly not much happiness.

    I did B School for the first time last year and I remember how overwhelming it felt at times and it did come at a cost to my health… So for this years BSchoolers… take heed and listen to the very important message in todays Marie TV Episode.

    Thank you so much for reminding us all to give ourselves permission to stop and smell the proverbial daisies..

    Peace and love.. Marie xx

  338. I loved the validation about sleep! I stopped using an alarm clock a few months back and naturally wake up around 6-7am every morning, getting 6-9 hours of sleep a night and feel completely balanced! AWESOME interview!

  339. joeaux

    What an awesome interview! AND, what an awesome peek at Arianna! Thank you Marie!! You are such a treasure! I loved the two sayings from her mom, “Take a moment” and “Change the channel.” They are programmed into my mind forever. Love, love, love that! x0x0x0x

  340. I’ve been one of the fortunate few to prioritize my sleep. But, I always live with this urgency to go go go and do more. I feel like I should always be working on my business and my art. It’s comforting to hear others feel this way and that we have the time to do “what matters.” Hopefully I can use this advice as a reminder to slow down the “speedracer” and be more present for my loved ones and myself! Thank you Arianna and Marie! Guess it’s time to go get that book now…

  341. Karen Chappell

    I loved *change the channel darling*

  342. Hello Maria and thank you for another fab video with great tips. The most important tip for me is ‘get enough sleep’.
    Love, Rita

  343. Catarina

    Great video and good timing as I set an intention this week to get to bed by 11pm in order to force myself to get some more sleep. I definitely did not succeed at this yesterday and kicked myself this morning… this episode was a great kick in the arse to stick with my intention!

    x Catarina

  344. Katy

    Gosh! Just woke up.. then saw this message in my inbox and, amazingly enough this was my first in a loooong time “proper” night – sleeping ~8 hours and now feeling so relaxed and simply put-together… Something that I knew I have to plan (besides work, studies, BSchool y’all! :)) but it hadn’t really happened (read: I hadn’t really made it happen) for the last two weeks big-time!

    Thank you for this post… just on the right time. I’m sure this will give me that extra boost that I need now to keep the good vibes up!
    Excited to see the video later this day and come back with my impressions!

    Loads of supportive hugs to anyone welcoming their best sleep pattern…back home 😉


  345. Archana

    Great interview, loved all the msgs, particularly “live the moment and acknowledge everybody that you come in contact with” Love what you do Maria, you are such an inspiration!

  346. Finally! I am so glad to see this topic discussed here and to have women like Marie and Arianna banging the drum for proper rest in general.

    There is this, pardon the word, douchey Cadillac commercial that treats the concept of relaxation — in particular vacations — as something for quitters who don’t want to excel. But that opens up this whole discussion on quality of life. Yeah, you may drive a Caddie, but if you’re working for 24/7, the only thing it’s doing for you is serving as a status symbol.

    Lots of books about successful entrepreneurs also stress that to be successful you need to be prepared for sleepless nights and running on empty. Yes, you might need to do that for a short period of time when launching a certain project, but for most of us, it is no way to live. I know that I start to shut down after a few days of less than adequate rest and really can’t do anything. My husband can keep pushing himself past that, but his personality becomes unbearable. There are trade-offs, and they aren’t good because they impact your physical, emotional, and mental health…for the long term in some instances.

  347. I can’t really talk right now cuz I have to go to bed, but I’m SUPER EXCITED to figure out which tasks I’ve just magically COMPLETED. And “change the channel, darling” (said with AFFECTION! Love that!) is going straight into my daily conversation, with myself and everybody else. Awesome.

  348. The discussion is like the book – incredible and if I have such an interesting text to read I would for sure stay even after 1.00 in the night and fall asleep just afterwards.

  349. Anita

    I love ‘don’t miss the moment’. I got this lesson when my mom was ill a few years ago and I kept going to see her on weekends and would run around tidying up and cooking for her. She used to say ‘just sit down and have a cup of tea’ and I always kept running with the chores. What I did not know at the time was that we were 3 weeks away from her slipping into a coma and being given 20 minutes to live. All I could think as I stood at her bedside was “I wish I had sat down and had a cup of tea with you”. Thank God she pulled through and I have done my very best ever since to slow down and stay in the moment.

  350. I love “Don’t miss the moment.” We often take these moments for granted and march on thinking we’ve got more important, pressing things to do, when in fact, small moments like the one you said you had sitting with your husband, are the ones that matter the most.

    And sleep! I am all for that.

  351. As always I get out inspired from this interview. Not only did it make me realize to “audit” my life but also made me realize that I should seize my moment and not to be too overworked. I just need to learn how to drop off some things and liberate myself from the ” oh I should have don this by now”.

    Thank you Marie and Arianna!

  352. ‘Change the channel’, was my favourite tip from this interview. I am going through a challenging time at the moment. I started off really calm and centred but as time has moved on and my situation hasn’t changed, I started to listen to all the negative comments and get caught up in worry. I knew it wasn’t helping me but Arianna’s interview reminded that to be creative, I need not to listen to the negative mind chatter. Very valuable.

  353. I am so grateful for this interview! Such important messages and I’m so glad that successful women like the two of you are getting it out there!

    I’ve been excited about the fact that I can now get up easily at 5 a.m. without an alarm. It’s because: #1 – I go to bed at a decent time (9:30/10) #2 – I have wind down time (reading a book!) before sleep and #3 – I have created my goals based on how I want to feel so I’m excited to begin the day!

    This brings me to another idea you speak of that I’m excited about: Time Famine – everyone racing around trying to be everything to everyone. I’ve been teaching this because I’ve been there. I’m tired of everyone saying “I’m too busy for…blah blah blah” there’s always something. For me, discovering the Desire Map completely changed my life so I tell everyone I can about it. Creating your life based on how you want to FEEL is very much like the ideas you speak of here and I’m so excited about this book! Thank you!

    My challenge to myself based on today’s interview is to acknowledge the people around me more. I am getting better at this, but there’s still lots of room for improvement. I work in a middle school, and I know that there must be kids who are struggling. Perhaps a smile and a recognition from an adult like me will be enough to help them today.

  354. I love the device-free zone advice! I recently purchased a fitbit for the main reason of observing my sleep pattern so Arianna’s message is clearly heard. Marie, you are truly amazing and I am so grateful to have caught this video at the start of my day.

    Thanks so much Maria and Arianna!

  355. My favorite message was don’t miss the moment. Our lives are a series of moments. We need to be present for them all. If we work at a job we don’t like and constantly wish for the weekend, we are missing so much. Every moment is valuable.

    I also liked change the channel. Worrying or obsessing is so unhelpful.

    Thank you for having Ariana Huffington on Marie TV. My word for this year is thrive. I’m definitely going to buy her book and share its lessons with family.

  356. Thanks Marie and Arianna, for having this valuable conversation.

    I recently contributed to the translation of Thrive into Dutch, which was a wonderful experience. I’ve translated dozens of self-help book and must say I expected it to be just another one of those. I was completely wrong. While translating I was often moved to tears. The book has had such a deep impact on me. I’ve always been a giving person, but after reading Thrive this has taken on an entirely different meaning for me. It is an important book that truly has impacted my life.

    Thank you thank you.

  357. Andrea

    Thank you Marie and Arianna for two absolute gems:

    “You can complete a project by dropping it.” Liberation!

    “Change the channel, darling.” Such wonderful advice.

    These are now a part of my life. xoxo

    • Kay Song

      I can already tell that “You can complete a project by dropping it” is going to change my life paradigm. What a great concept! I am glad that I heard this “Change the channel, darling advice. I always forget to say darling and use another word that is ummm less endearing. Words do make a difference.

  358. Andrea

    Wait, wait! I forgot to include my very favorite gem from this video (how could I forget it?!): “Don’t miss the moment.” Beautiful, touching, essential words of wisdom. I’m so grateful.

  359. Kay Song

    I love what Arianna said about what she wrote on napkins. All the import ants things will get done and the rest that don’t get done, well that’s fine. If it’s important, they will get done. What an amazing concept doing a “life audit.” More amazing is dropping these things we “always” wanted to. Not true anymore. I learn so much here on MarieTV! I look at my life in such a different way after seeing one of these episodes. What a humbling thing to listen to, Arianna describing her mother. I love MarieTV

  360. I really enjoyed this Marie! Such an important topic! I definitely want to get the book now. It reminds me of an article I wrote about “Do you want to survive or succeed?” Life is so busy, this is a good reminder of slowing down to smell the roses.

  361. All of this resonated with me, as I am coming off of turning in the first draft of one book, doing line edits for a second, while working full time and being a wife and mom. I realize that, though I met every deadline, I made STUPID mistakes over the course of the last month because I was exhausted and it messed with my ability to make judgment calls. So thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely be watching this episode over and over.

  362. Tracie

    I think this is my favorite so far! I always look forward to these Tuesday videos and here it is Thursday before I have had a chance to watch, but I did and am so happy I did! As a full-time non-profit director and Mom to three kids under 13, I don’t have a lot of time. AND – I am one of those lucky (unlucky?) people who needs 9 hours of sleep a night and knows it! This interview reinforced what I thankfully already know deep in my soul but often need reminding about – self-care is critically important, say no to whatever takes you away from what you love, and appreciate every beautiful moment. Marie – Thank you for doing what you do and for letting us get up close and personal with Arianna. So inspired!

  363. “Change the channel darling” and “dropping from the to-do list”. Those were my favorite. I used to struggle with sleeping through out the entire night. I now go to bed when I first yawn (it’s the signal for me it’s time for sleep) and wake up when I wake up. Unfortunately I go to bed at 9:15 and wake up at 5:30, but I’m listening to my body and it works!!! Who would have thought. Thanks for the videos.

  364. Oh what a gift this video is. It’s like a golden package with THE answer I’ve been seeking. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My entire focus changes today after seeing this video.

  365. Lindsay

    This idea that you can complete a task by letting it go. Just because something was once on you “To Do” list, doesn’t mean it always has to be there, and be a priority!

  366. I heart Arianna!
    Such an inspiration to me to GET BACK TO B SCHOOL and get going!
    I got plenty of sleep last night….according to my product recall FitBit Force.

  367. Another awesome video, thanks Marie and Arianna. My favourite idea is that “You CAN complete a project by dropping it”. What a great way to get closure on those ideas which have been hanging around because your heart’s not fully into them freeing you up to work on something you feel really passionate about. This resonates so well with me at the moment so thanks again. Looking forward to reading ‘Thrive’ too when I’ve finished Adam Braun’s one – Marie do you have shares in Amazon/ Kindle???!!! Much love, Kerry. xx

  368. Marie, I love that you had Arianna on MarieTV! I’ve been patiently waiting for Thrive to come out and I’m so excited to start reading it.
    I’ve been a sleep advocate for a few years now. It’s always one of the first recommendations I give my coaching clients, because I know the huge difference getting enough sleep makes in my life every day. And from now on I will definitely refer to it as “sleeping your way to the top”. because that’s simply hilarious!

    Your story about not missing the moment with Josh really touched me, because my relationship and my family are my number one priority in life. “Don’t miss the moment” is a great reminder to be grateful for our extraordinarily ordinary life.

    Acknowledging every human being we come into contact with is something I constantly improve upon. This is my daily assignment, because I tend to be overly shy and I feel like it’s holding me back. But I know the difference it makes when I get over myself and open up to the people around me. This step can instantly boost happiness.

    Thank you Marie!

  369. Nothing else to say than thank you. Marie and Arianna are two beautiful women with glowing souls and eloquent tones. I’m 28 years old and as I get older, I would love to carry the grace and splendor that these women possess.

  370. KatheM

    Adrianna’s accomplishments and energy are considerable. I remember her from England way back. Her ex-husband was my congressman and I also read the Vanity Fair article on them. It was perhaps too enlightening which changed my view of her.

    This was a nice piece but despite everything I would not have picked her for an interview.

  371. Tracy

    Thanks so much,Marie, for bringing this great interview to us with Arianna Huffington. I love the idea of getting more sleep, seizing the moment, allowing myself to remove a task from my to-do list and I especially loved the idea of changing the channel. The next time I feel anxious, or overwhelmed, I will just say, “Girl, change the channel!” My new mantra!

  372. Mitsue

    I have had a bad relationship with sleep for many many years.
    I always feel that there is more to do! more to do! and I hate “settling down for the night” because it kind of meant that I was “giving up” for the day.
    I know it was not healthy, but could not, cannot stop. This video is worth watching over and over. I will try and “get it”! and get the book, Definitely!
    Thank you, Marie, for posting such a great interview. Great woman, Arianna Huffington!!

  373. Tina Lambros Anagnos

    Revisiting the “To-Do” list and dropping items was one big take-away for me. The weight of the wish turned burden, is lifted. Thank you.

  374. Ava Rose Stone

    Thank you so much for sharing this Marie and Arianna! I have always been someone who values my sleep and there’s really not much that I will allow to get in the way of that…but I feel like my WHOLE LIFE I have been told to do the opposite and even judged for prioritizing sleep and taking care of myself. This was such a perfect message for me to hear someone as successful and incredible as Arianna Huffington confirm what I have known for so long! Thank you thank you thank you for that message and for everything in this interview! I am getting my copy of Thrive right now – can’t wait!

  375. Are those deer antlers in the background behind Arianna?

  376. hi Marie
    Thankyou so much for bringing Arianna on the show . I heard about her book the other day and really look forward to reading it even more now.
    For me I have personally experienced the fallout from sleep deprivation and it makes all the difference in the world to my life, it is an essential healer and energiser and the ‘ change the channel’ is the mantra I used since a little girl when having nightmares and now I say it to my kids too, this may have come from my mum so I’ll need to ask her. The newest one for me though today which I loved was ” you can complete a project by dropping it” absolutely love it and agree it is so liberating. Last night as I was working on my b school work I made the conscious decision to quit for the day and go to bed as over the last few weeks as you know those doing it may have felt a tad overwhelmed so clearly Ariana’s interview is well timed for us all:)) xxxx love Bernie x

  377. Thank you Marie and Arianna. I cant wait to read the book, it sounds amazing.
    I really liked the bit on wiping things off your to do list. I try to do a hundred things all at once, and then wonder why I begin fire fighting. I am going to revisit my 5 year plan, and to do list and take anything off it that does not need to be there.
    I love watching your show, its always full of useful tips and information, thank you for bringing me something to get my teeth into.

    Lots of love
    Donna xxx

  378. Thanks so much Marie and Arianna! I am high-fiving (sp?) all over this episode and getting the book, Thrive, today!. My mission as stated right on my website is to start a Rest Revolution. I so strongly believe in the importance of self-care including getting the restorative rest you need. For all you B-Schoolers out there: If this concept resonates with you please check out my free 10 Minute Time Outs: Short and Sweet Yoga Practices You Can Do Anywhere Anytime right here:

  379. Krystal

    “You have enough time for all the important things.”

    Learning how to prioritize is definitely the cure for perfectionism. The fear that “I’m not good enough if I don’t do x,y & z” plagues me daily. But who says I’m not good enough? Society sets the standards for what success is, but why not develop my own standard? I often add things to my to do list as I go throughout the day – the things I “should” do, which takes away time from what I really “want to do.” Learning what things to drop from my list, and being okay with letting them go, is definitely the self love strategy I need to have my version of success. Thank you!

  380. Don’t miss the moment. LOVE IT. I wrote it right down on a giant sized post it and slapped it up on the wall. Another great interview!

  381. I absolutely loved hearing Arianna’s message! Thank you, Marie, for having her on your show 🙂
    My actionable item is acknowledging every person I come into contact with. Every meeting is sacred and should be treated as such.
    Thanks again, Marie….you rock! Lots of love…Kati <3

  382. Stacy

    I love her comment, “You can complete a project by dropping it.” I have such a long list of things I want to do. Learning Spanish and piano have been on it for about 20 years. Maybe time to let them go! 🙂

  383. Ron

    Wow a lot of great comments. Because of this I almost didn’t leave a comment. But I feel compelled to share this.

    There are two things in the interview that have really struck me today.
    1. Do not miss the moments.
    2. Treat everyone the same.( No hierarchy).
    I believe it is important to combine the two. We run from task to task and place to place in a whirlwind of activity. Because of this I am often moving with blinders on in regards to my surroundings and the people around me.

    Years ago I worked in a hotel and have experienced first hand being treated with little respect. During this same time I was also acting in local plays and musicals. Their was a show in which I was one of the lead characters. The director wanted us to go out in costume to the lobby at the end of the show and meet the people who came to the show.

    Now during this I ran into a group who earlier today had treated me lets say in an undignified manner at the hotel. They where now smiling and praising the show as well as asking for my autograph. Completely oblivious to placing me from earlier today. I stayed polite and thanked them and gave them my autograph etc… . It was truly surreal.

    Here is my point. There are people, places, and moments all around us that ALL of us miss. Their is a saying that I forget about but try to remember.

    “Sometimes you need to slow down in order to speed up”.

    I believe that by combining the two points above you can do just that. This can allow us to be present in the moment more often throughout the day. I for one if I am more able to do this more often believe that there is a great deal to be gained and learned from practicing this.

    Sorry about being so long winded on this. Just felt the need to share.

  384. Barbara Hames

    Acknowledge every human being that you see as you go through your day. A great tip to support your connection to your heart’s energy and have it boosted. We are all connected so why pretend otherwise. Celebrate the connection with a REAL smile AND eye contact.

  385. Waow! Arianna is such an inspiration, her soft voice and pretty face, her singing accent, her natural elegance (matching Marie’s by the way 😉 set the tone for a pleasant moment, and then we dive deeper into what she says, and, oh, I was mesmerized. I can’t wait to read “THRIVE” which in itself, is a “must-read”, a “commandement”, I wonder why “Thrive” isn’t one of the ten commandements to start with. What she says is at the same time the word of a “Mama”, the word of a big company CEO, the word of an old sage, and the word of a child. It’s evidence and yet it needs to be heard over and over again. We all know that a good night of sleep is what we need, I mean, everyday … and yet we don’t do that unless someone says it with emphasis, someone like a doctor, or a scientist. Someone important you know!
    I loved every word of this interview, thank you again Marie and Arianna. It was a beautiful moment 🙂 Lots of love

  386. This was a great episode!!!

    My question though is do you find it hard, or does it take longer, to grow a successful business when keeping in mind some of these tips.

    Like you Marie, the advice is always I can sleep when I’m dead. But I DO NOT want to be the person that missed out on life (my kids, hubby, life experiences) because I was too busy growing my business.

    Do I have to realize that it may take longer than I’d like because I want these things?

    Just a question I’m actually struggling with right now as I grow.

  387. Tal

    I can’t wait to pick up this book! I love Arianna, and I’m so glad she’s talking about this better way of living our lives. It’s SO important!

    I really love the tip about acknowledging the people we encounter in our everyday lives. I tend to be on the shy side when it comes to interacting with strangers, so I’ve often found myself avoiding eye contact with people just to get on with my day. But when I do hear a “thank you” or “good morning” from other strangers when our paths cross it always cheers me up and makes me feel more connected. I’m going to do my best to practice this (along with the other tips that Arianna suggests)!

  388. SLEEP! So many wisdom nuggets, but sleep is definitely something I’m working on… and rest. It seems that in the name of “productivity” and being busy, we’ve traded our creativity and energy for a less-than-healthy body and truly happy life.

    Maybe that is not completely true for everyone, however, I find that lately this has happened to me and I love that this episode confirms that I’m getting back on track.

    Thank you, Marie! I’m looking forward to reading her book.


    No idea, the Huffington Post was founded by a woman. Woohoo! #GirlPower

  389. The one MAJOR takeaway I gained from this video is “change the channel”. I watched the video yesterday, and I had been stressing over the lack of income and beginning to go into panic mode, which usually ends with me taking a job I hate to get income to keep afloat. But I changed the channel and told myself, “I got this” and I came to the realization that I CAN change the channel and be in control of what I focus on. I can focus on being productive and heading toward my goal, and have faith that all will fall into place and I will be okay.

  390. Tunde Nemeth

    No more charging devices on my bedside table. They will charge somewhere else, and will get turned off an hour before bedtime, which I will use for a hot bath, reading a real book — Thrive, as soon as I can get my hands on it! Marie, thank you sooooo much for having Arianna on your show, and Arianna, thank you sooooo much for being there. It is so inspiring to me to hear that you, too, have had trouble with time famine and so many other issues that I face in my own life and work.
    Blessings to both of you.

  391. Loved this interview. One of my favorites. Two inspiring role models in one room, makes my heart go 246.
    xo desha

  392. Laura

    Change the channel is a great way to shift internal dialogue that is not working. I plan to implement immedaitely

  393. Claudia

    Oh wow – Arianna…the new Oprah 🙂 I love her interviews, thank you Marie xx

    The tips you’ve shared and discussed have been addressed in my life, I love the enough sleep, I am working on doing something more satisfying with my days and so currently put off going to bed and wake up tired. So I will get 30min more sleep in tonight, that brings me to 7 hours, next week 30min more.

    Thank you deeply, Claudia

  394. madeleine

    I love the idea of dropping it to complete it. beautiful. I have to look at my neverending list to see it with new eyes.

  395. Thanks Arianna and Marie –

    As an education coach, the majority of my clients are struggling for success in the learning process. I believe that each of the tips you provided are those that I can share with students of any age. My personal favorite is to “Change the Channel.” I find that focus on projects or life situations that truly fail to serve my purpose actually create blocks or obstacles to my success. Changing the channel is one way to eliminate that obstacle and move forward down my chosen path.

  396. Mel

    You had me at “sustainable and meaningful”.
    Thank you both, Marie and Arianna, for assuring
    us we may rest and still be productive…perhaps
    more so.
    Blessings of abundance and health to you both.

  397. Samantha


    I absolutely loved this video! Thank you for doing what you do.

    My favorite part was when Arianna said, “Acknowledge all those people you come in contact with everyday, whether it’s the cleaning lady or the barista at the coffee shop.” Too often we get so wrapped up in our own world and think we’re too good for those people. Ever since I was a little girl, I always “treated others the way I wanted to be treated.” It is so important to spread love and help others, regardless of their social status.

    Looking forward to watching many more of your videos!


  398. Don’t miss the moment!

    I love this one! I find that taking a deep breath helps to get me in the moment and ENJOY the moment. I’m often running from one thing to the next, feeling super busy. But taking a deep breath brings me into the moment and into enjoying life!

    Thanks Marie and Arianna!!

  399. Love this! SO many nuggets of wisdom. Plus, a joy to know that I’m already doing a few of the things suggestion 🙂 Marie, I got a tear in my eye when you shared your moment with Josh and it reminded me that I need to do more of the same! Thanks for this amazing content week after week.

    Upward and onward…

  400. As a “multi-passioned” person. the letting go message really struck me. I become completely overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish, which can actually backfire, and can become quite debilitating. This condition actually sets you up for feeling as if you are failing.

  401. Mmmmm! I know EXACTLY what she is talking about. Having a thyroid disorder, I learned to listen to my body-and do what it says. People think I am selfish because my life revolves around my caring for and loving myself-but if I didn’t, my family would suffer immensely. They understand now that when momma’s gotta sleep or do her, let her sleep and do her because when she feels good-it’s all good for everybody …”when momma ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy..ha ha! Glad I am not the only one saying DO YOU BOO!

  402. Lindsey Hardy

    Loved this interview!! Thank you so much! As a type A person it is so refreshing to hear this.

  403. I have a rule about my bedroom: no technology and no electronics. My husband’s alarm is battery operated and does not glow in the dark, so we can’t track the time throughout the night. The devices are all a couple rooms away from our bedroom, and powered off (mine are). If my husband is traveling, though, I keep my phone plugged in on the floor, but put a pillow over it and adjust the settings accordingly. If my devices are on and nearby, my mind would be creating all sorts if things throughout the night and is never get any sleep (besides having two toddlers who enjoy midnight visits to my to frequently!)

  404. Great advice – love Arianne’s tips. My partner was watching this with me and asked, “but when you’re a start-up – you HAVE to be 24/7! It’s your whole life, and you almost have no choice but to go hard because your passion is driving you so forcefully.” So my question is, can you be in start-up phase, get enough sleep, AND still be successful?

  405. Jane Firth

    Love, love, love!! That was so inspiring and so much good stuff. I loved how you can do a life audit, I’ve recently done one and it’s liberating!! Also a good reminder to make eye contact with the barista and say hello. Which reminds me I am off for a coffee with a client and I’ll be sure to say hi to my barista. Thankyou thank you thank you xxx

  406. I have a nasty habit of making sure every email is checked and every task is done before bed! I’ve seen me stay up super late for that reason and I know that I have to relax and decide when enough is enough and relax. Great reminder!

  407. Tiffany

    Just wanted to say thankyou for this Marie and Arianna. Wise words indeed. We must tap into our inner wise women regularly and often, before we waste too many years trying to be ‘successful’ in all the wrong ways.
    Personally I have burnt out so many times trying too hard to be successful, especially working for others. Now I am trying to redefine it for myself in my own business, although Im struggling with my self confidence. I also get really distracted particularly by the internet etc. but its probably just a form of procrastination. Much love to you wise women, embracing your wisdom and gifts with grace and courage.

  408. Liz G

    Easier said than done. But for some of us due to medical issues a good nights sleep is a distant memory never to come again.

    So yes by all means do whatever it takes for you to get the best rest you can, and don’t take it for granted. But also don’t assume that it is a matter of choice.

    Keep ’em coming Marie 🙂

  409. Eva Ponce

    This was absolutely a fantastic interview. Arianna is an amazing inspirational woman. The one and most important tip for me is to get more sleep (or sleep my way to the top – lol) I have been so guilty of sleeping less hours in an effort to squeeze everything in my to do list. I must buy this book!! Thank you for this great content Marie :o)

  410. This video was very insightful and very much along the lines of what I’ve been practicing for the past year and a half. I burnt out to the point where I couldn’t recognize myself in my last position as a venue wedding coordinator, and had to learn to de-stress not only work but in life in general. Stress can bleed from your work life to your personal life and vice versa, so don’t forget that.

    Sleep is SO important. I have struggled with insomnia over the past few years and still, to this day, struggle with staying energetic throughout the day. Sleep is a great start, but I’ve also found that consistent exercise, a healthy diet and doing things that help you relax (like a bubble bath, a good tv comedy or book before bed, or even some special time alone with your partner) can go a long way in effectively keeping you energized and happy, less irritated and spreading the joy throughout the day!

    Thank you for featuring this, Marie!


    • I almost forgot to post the best insight I received from that vid! I LOVE the mantra “You can cross something off your list by dropping it!” It just makes sense. We constantly want to do everything in life and feel bad if we let things go without trying them and subsequently being the best at them, but we have to understand that there are some things that we absolutely need to let go of in order to give our all to the things we are best at.

      Thanks again!

  411. I wanna be like her now, not in 10 o 15 years, but now. Thks for bringing that guest, she´s fantastic.

  412. Kerrie

    This is a good video.

  413. “Change the Channel…Darling” is my new saying for me when i get the anxiety that won’t go away…especially during exam time.

  414. I read that the electro smog that comes from all electronic devices is truly unhealthy. I will keep my phone out of the bedroom. Great video, thanks!

  415. I admire Arianna Huffington and enjoy her wisdom. Probably the biggest thing I took away from the interview is that dropping projects that I will never likely get around to doing is an acceptable way to complete those projects. That it’s okay to cross those things off my list without doing them.

  416. April

    Thank you ! O 😉

  417. What a woman, my mum is on her last journey and I am flying to my home town to be with her, I don’t want to miss the moment. Your mother sounds so much like her, she was always there for us. Will read your book on the plane.

  418. Torrie Pattillo

    As always, thanks Marie and team Forleo for such an incredible episode! I was so excited to see Arianna Huffington on this episode because I absolutely adore her. Not only for her success and incredible ideas, but she is such a pure and deeply loving person and it shows (same for her sister Agape). This entire interview was absolutely beautiful. I smiled through each moment. (Loved the wisdom from her mother too. She sounds like such a pure, beautiful soul).

    The one tip I can take away from this episode: sleep. Sadly, even as someone who lives a primarily Holistic lifestyle, sleep is one of the biggest ways in which I neglect myself. As women we often play the role of trying to nurture everyone, stay strong, keep going going going, trying to work, trying to implement self-care and everything else. In the past week, the past WEEK, I’ve had 15 hours of sleep!!! And when I really evaluate why the hell I’ve been up and awake so long, my time is unaccounted for. This always gives way into another nugget of wisdom from Arianna: “the best way to complete a project is to drop it.”

    Sooo much juicy wisdom in this episode. Thank you!

  419. Love how humble Ariianna is. Very refreshing. For me it’s remembering how much of an impact our actions have on our children not just our words. Also love the dropping the projects. Phew! I’m already a sleep evangelist so great to reinforce that. Cheers! I will definitely read the book when it gets to the UK.

  420. Sally

    I love this woman!
    For me “Don’t drag yourself through the day, enjoy your day!” hit home, we just walk through life so sleep deprived that we are not truly present. Sleep plays such an important role in true well being. I’m adding 30 more minutes of sleep and calling the bedroom a no device zone from now on. 😉
    Thank you Marie, for sharing your moment with Arianna, I could see your emotion and I hope you didn’t ‘Miss the moment’ and acknowledged the amazing work you are doing by being able to share this interview. You inspire and lead people, especially women to take control of their lives and to do what they love, true soul purpose – a divine gift! Thank You! xx

  421. cristina

    Actually what I am taking from this video is what great persons Arianna’s mother should have been!!! I wonder if there are many reference to her in the book.

    interesting video as usual

    thanks Maria

  422. paola

    Thank you Marie for this interview. We need to know about those brilliant people who inspire us.

  423. “Change the Channel.” Perfect mantra for someone like me who can get trapped in obsessive, unproductive analysis of issues big and small.

  424. An excellent segment! I didn’t know much about Ms. Huffington, but my opinion has definitely been enhanced. … And I take away a few “gems” like completing some projects by Dropping them(!) and making at least some small connection with each person you meet daily (not the exact words, I know). Lots of good advice there. All people have value and we ALL respond to being noticed and related to. (And it’s just the RIGHT thing to do!) And Marie, don’t ever think that only the ladies are listening in. If there’s Value there (and there IS), others will tune in, too!

  425. I like the idea of looking at “things” I want to do, accomplish that would be nice but aren’t priorities and letting them go. Like to do that, not going to happen. GONE. Whew…..relief.

  426. So inspiring – I loved the feeling I got this when I watched this. So what will help me the most? Arianna said one sentence to you Marie: “you have the whole life ahead of you” – that message is something that I tend to forget, I am only 31 and have already my own business. This message reminds me to be proud of what I created on my 1 1/2 year as a self-employee and it reminds me that I am kind of new in this online/entrepreneur world and that I should celebrate my journey so far. What also helped me in this video is to stay humble to the more experienced teacher and to really surround myself with inspirational leaders/roalmodels and doen´t think I “know the best”. Thank you for a great episode of Marie TV. Love Maria

  427. Oh My GOODNESS Marie this is a big one. I CRIED at least 3 times! I was really moved and grateful to hear this.

    The most powerful nugget for me was the quote about having enough time that Ariana had put on her napkins. I have been struggling with that hard core lately. I joined b school, work full time, I’m married and we have 4 kids 3 of whom have special needs.

    I am crushed under the weight of all that I have to do but I love you and b school so much that I realized that if I want anything to work for me I need to put myself first.

    I have piles all over the house of tedious chores and over the week I have been asking everyone in my family to pitch in to give me more freedom to work on what will actually give us all a better life and more freedom.

    Everything else could fall away. Thanks Ariana for making it okay because you are a successful woman doing it and it gives us all permission. I am writing that quote down and maybe I’ll embroider it onto a napkin too 🙂

  428. Andrea

    “Change the Channel Darling.”

    Our minds are by far our most powerful tool and when turned on ourselves can cripple us with worry, frustration and doubt.

    Arianna’s mom mantra makes me think of another quote from mindfulness training “Thoughts are not facts.”

    The key is to be aware – see those thoughts, acknowledge them and “turn that channel!”

    • Lucinda

      I loved Arianna’s idea that you can complete a project by dropping it. Too much mind clutter is just as bad as too much physical clutter. Great interview. I want to read the book.

  429. Wonderful interview Marie! Arianna has been such an inspiration to me for several years now. As an entrepreneur (started my silicones specialty business a year ago) I am going through all emotional rollercoasters inherent to any startup and try to cope with each and every one of them the best way I can, so I appreciated all her advice. My business endeavor is the most challenging task I have ever attempted to do in my life, even though I have taken other risky paths in my life ( I came to the US from Romania in 1992, with a masters in petrochemical engineering, with my husband and 7 years old daughter and worked in a field outside my formal training -silicones industry- for 17 years, until 2012 when I became unemployed and started my own company). I made many mistakes I have learned from the hard way and today I know how to best describe my life experience: a never ending adjusting process. Arianna’s advice is helping all of us adjust and become better at what we love doing. Very inspirational indeed, made me think one day I should write my own “thriving” book.
    Congrats again for such great interview. I wish I can meet Arianna in person one day!

  430. 1.Realizing at new level there is only so much we can do in this life time. And this is ok. It is what it is. And making clear priorities, to the best knowlage as it is at this moment, and move on with what is most valuble to us.
    2.Sleeping is ok thing to do 🙂
    3. Reminding self about existing option and ability to “Change the channel” , to say “I am back” even in most chalending moments.

  431. Loved the video and will work on getting more sleep tonight! Checking email is something I do constantly, but do not need to do immediately. That will change…

  432. Sue

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and cannot wait to read “Thrive”! I took plenty away from this interview and all of it applies to me, but the “time famine” hit me hard….”always breathlessly feeling like we don’t have enough time”. That’s me! Not enough hours in the day, I say it every night when I’m going to bed!

    On a personal level, this interview struck a chord with me for both of my kids, 19 and 17. One is very anxious, obsessing over things that most likely will never happen. I LOVE the lighthearted but meaningful “Change the channel, dahling!”….perfection! This generation has a multitude of technological advances that make their lives so much richer. But one of the downsides to it is their need for instant gratification on most everything.My 17-year old is taking a business class that he loves and his teacher reached out to him yesterday and asked that he contact the owner of a local insurance company about joining their program. He sent an email around 5pm and by 7pm was beside himself that he hadn’t heard back from him yet! Great teachable moment….there are lots of people who disconnect from their work after a certain time. And it’s OKAY!!

    THANK YOU, Marie and Arianna, for a thought provoking and helpful interview….I can’t wait to implement some of these tips!

  433. Allison C Bayer

    Thank you!! An Excellent video! The most impact over the course of 17 years working from home has been getting my 8 hours of sleep. The “techno-free zone” is a recent implementation. Our tv, internet, and wi-fi are all bundled together on that lovely little, tiny cable of light. When one goes down, they ALL go down. Life changes . . . to a slower pace. Visits to the library to check e-mail for 45 minutes max. I’m great at unsubscribing to links that no longer server or apply. Most customers understand that their only communication will be once a day until we are restored. I use to hate it when it happened. Now I don’t, I look forward to it, because I’m NO LONGER IN CONTROL and MUST let go. Last time it was down for 8 days until a new router arrived. It was blissful and the stress just melted away. I’m looking forward to doing a life audit and to “change the channel” next time my nickers get in a twist!! Thank you for all that you and your team does to confirm what I eventually figure out, but you get me there faster. Forever grateful! Allison in Plano, Texas

  434. Thank you once again Marie! I frequently talk about The Huffington Post, both as a source of information and as a dominant business model. So, I dropped everything to watch the video this morning…twice actually.

    The topic that most resonated with me is the idea of “Time Famine.” My daily list is longer than anyone can realistically accomplish in a week. And if I had more time, I would make it longer. I admit it. It is an area of my life I’ve been working on because I realize how much I lose to the weight of time famine.

    And so, I vow to make the list for the sanity of my brain. But then I will prioritize what actually needs to be done and let the rest “rollover”.

    I was so inspired by this interview that it is the topic of my post today on my website, Love and Hope, Dawn

  435. The phrase “time famine” hit me right between the eyes. I have been struggling with insomnia for nine years. The last 2 have been much better because of time spent with an expert, a complete life-style overhaul, and more. However, I realized that I battle with this idea of time famine. Setting priorities helps, and then I get caught up in the moment and forget about the priorities. I think that having a mindset that there IS enough time and that it’s all about priorities will help me to keep on track.
    Thank you so much, Marie, for having Arianna on. Thank you, Arianna, for writing this book. I am buying this book right away. I am also going to recommend it to everyone I know, and I haven’t even read it yet.
    All the best, Kathleen

  436. Deborah

    What a gift to hear Arianna share her heart with us. It’s inspiring to hear an incredibly successful woman talk about the importance of self-care.

  437. What a great interview. Guilty on all accounts… Since launching my business my sleep (that I value greatly) has been put on the back burner. Time to reassess and change that! Thank you Marie for sharing the interview and thank you Arianna for writing this book! Good Night 😉

  438. Steph

    Change the channel! I LOVE that. At first I thought she was going to say stay away from TV, but then it was about what your obsessing or angry about- change the channel, change your channel! great advice, thanks Mari and Arianna.

  439. This is just what I needed to hear. But please, oh please, tell us how to make it work when you really don’t have a lot of time. I’ve got a full-time “day job” that pays the bills. After leaving there after 8-9 hours, there are 3 children and a hubby to tend to. After getting them in bed, it’s 9 p.m. How am I supposed to become the blogger/vlogger/entrepreneur that I am trying to be if I only have 1 hour per day to make that happen?
    As a result, I forego sleep until 1 or 2 a.m….waking at 6:30 a.m.

  440. Yeah! I loved this episode. Thanks Marie! My business is called Thrive so I was super excited to see what this episode was all about. We are totally on the same wavelength. Holistic happiness is so vital – it is really true happiness. I love the emphasis on sleep. As a mother of a toddler who is just now sleeping through the night I am seeing just how important sleep is. I have slept very little in the past 2 years and it was catching up to me. So grateful that my little man is sleeping longer/better now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the phrase “change the channel.” I can’t wait to share it will my clients. Just perfect. Sending love to you both and all beings everywhere!

  441. Such a special interview, thank you so much. I do get my sleep, living on a farm waking up with roosters crowing, I have to get to bed early. I don’t read emails at night because I don’t like to go to bed stressed out, I’ll have bad dreams. I live in Latin America where everyone says hello. but giving up projects and say it’s finished, now THAT resonated with me. It’s a relief not to feel I am letting myself down my not doing all these things I created for myself to do. It leaves a space in my head to appreciate what I do accomplish!

  442. WOW! Now I really enjoyed this conversation. It’s opened my eyes to what I did when I first started my self esteem building website. I would stay up late get up extremely early.

    And I can remember falling asleep in my kids room when I was trying to read to them before bed. Crazy. Thank the good Lord I didn’t keep that habit for long. I noticed how it was affecting my family life and I didn’t like it.

    So I’ve taken a step back and decided to build my website slower. And I’m very happy with the choice. I have little kids and they’re growing so fast that I don’t want to miss a thing.

    I always choose them over my after work – work.

    Great video Marie. This one really inspired me. I bought the audio book as soon as I finished the video. Audio book because I don’t have a lot of time to read books these days. 🙂

    So I listen on my way to work and back and it feeds my need for growth.


  443. Its 2 things. Take in the moment and change the channel. I am doing B School and I have so many thoughts and so much information that I am getting. I feel like if I dont do it know. I wont be successful or make a difference. This gave me the freedom to walk away from a exercise in B School and go revisit after sleeping and work on it again. I know I have stressed myself out on some exercises trying to get it perfect and that I wasnt doing it right.. Its all perfect since its growing pains and we are working on the service still so I feel like omg how to do it all done. I just will change the channel and go from there. Love this lady

  444. Sleep makes all the difference! I turn off the computer/tv, read a book or try some sleep meditations (can find them on It’s been so helpful and has changed my world.

  445. I also really loved the COMPLETE A PROJECT BY DROPPING IT…cause I also have about a gajillion things I’d like to do like learning to play the cello, learning French…etc. that really really aren’t things that are that important to me in the big scheme of my life. So, just erasing it off my project/to-do list feels like total freedom. Thank you, Arianna and Marie! Brilliant interview and video, and I’m excited to check out Thrive very soon.

  446. Stephanie Woodward

    Vindicated! Haha. I need to play this for my colleagues and family. There’s a joke among my circle that, unless you’re sharing the bed with me, I am unreachable from 10:45pm to 6:15am. Because I’m a-sleepin’ ! I learned a while ago that I needed 7-8 hours of sleep a night to be my most creative, game-changing self 🙂

  447. Rosalynd Diviniry

    What an inspiration. I will not charge my phone by the bed. My favorite tip was to complete a project by dropping the project from my To Do list.

    Thank you, I feel liberated already!

  448. Don’t miss the moment!

    Change the Channel….darling!

    Absolutely priceless amazing woman.

  449. Dee

    I sent this interview to my daughters, both in their twenties, connected to their devices 24/7 and sleep is an entertainer/entrep. and the other will grad. from college with a marketg degree in may…I enjoyed the interview because this advice is good for me and them. Yeah Thrive, just dropped learn Italian, learn to cook from my list. I’m 20 pounds lighter.

  450. Melanie

    Acknowledge other people, no matter who they are. I get so caught up in “who’s who” that I forget that we are all human beings. I think it would help me release the fear of public speaking when I think that we are all the same, our goals may be different and our likes are different, but we all live and breathe here together. Arianna is a breathe of fresh air, I knew who she was, but didn’t really know anything about her.
    Thank you for having her on your show and gifting me with some insight on how I can thrive in my business.

  451. Mike Nelson

    I am going to take on two of the challenges. First is to switch my shower from the morning to just before bed. I used to do this! Hearing Arianna discuss it reminded me of how good it felt to take a long hot shower and then to slip under the covers. The second challenge is to not sleep next to my phone. I am not yet able to make my room device free, but I can use an old fashioned alarm to wake me up. 🙂

  452. “Sleeping my way to the top” has been the biggest challenge that I had to overcome when I quit my big law firm attorney job. I was so used to not sleeping and doing 3am conference calls with people on the other side of the world, that even after I quit and didn’t have to do it anymore, I just couldn’t fall asleep! I was so tired and exhausted all the time but could get decent sleep no matter what I tried. It took me probably 6 months to finally get into a normal sleeping pattern. So now that I own my business (which I love!) I guard my sleep as a watch dog. 🙂 Thank you Arianna and Marie!

  453. Marissa Germain

    This was fantastic! Too many great tips to count! But I think one I really have to work on is “completing” things. I’ve recently caught myself dealing with a huge workload by saying the words: “one thing at a time” and then zeroing in on that one activity to it’s completion while trusting that the most important things will get done. It’s a tough bargain and being reminded of this is so important. Thank you and I look forward to reading Thrive!

  454. Arianna spoke at an event I put on in 2005. In her speech she talked about getting enough sleep and crossing things off your to-do list without doing them. It was shocking; no one was talking about this. Her advice has always stayed with me (although I don’t always remember to follow it), and I’m glad to see she’s still spreading these messages.

  455. Daphne Newman

    It is so ironic that you aired this episode today because I was chatting with an old friend and after sharing my busy life adventures of the full time day job, B-school, creating my online business and writing a book, he said ” so you must never get more than a few hours of sleep” How do you do it?’
    Believe me I often think that I am quite possibly not cut out for this kind of work because I always cave into my little sleep bug!
    I responded with “actually my sleep has to be number one!! ” I have learned that my body does not cooperate if I am behind in that department” it takes me twice as long to do everything and it lacks the creative edge I am usually looking for…. I am absolutely useless without my 7 to 8 hours and my end of day bubble bath, no matter where I am!! xo

  456. Amazing nuggets o’ wisdom from AH. Perfect timing after a big move and a trip to the ER from stress! Priceless tip: you can complete a project by dropping it. I will live by that! Out of sight, out of mind- take it off the to-do list and let it disappear! Thank you AH!

  457. Aravinda Ram

    A warm hullo to all my fellow “success-ninjas” 🙂 Excited as this is my first ever post!

    It is creepy and exciting that every time a video of Marie lands in my inbox it perfectly echoes my state of affairs at the time.So this week (and most of the weeks before) has been one of those where i have been trying to check every box at a personal and professional level- My family runs a private university in Botswana with 6000 kids and yes as owners/managers trying to set the right examples the buck always stops with us!!Thankfully i have managed most of my work but my days and nights have pretty much merged into what i can only categorise as “long never ending hours”….This has put me under extreme duress so much so that things like filling up my car with gas (!!) got sidelined. It was truly a wake-up call when I found myself stranded yesterday evening having to make a few SOS calls!!

    So glad to hear that sleeping a bit more is not really a luxury- it the time for recharging my brains and my spirit 🙂 The phones/i-pads are not something i can ban from my bedroom. I just need to control myself!!

  458. “You can complete a project by dropping it”. I can’t believe how much I needed to hear that!

  459. I’ve been watching Marie TV for over a year now and this is my first comment!

    I’ve always felt I was alone when it comes to health, happiness and success. I’m a stickler for 8 hours of sleep, a healthy and hearty breakfast, and time to exercise. On top of it all, I have great ambitions to work on my business and change the world. I always feel like I fall behind when I head to bed and others stay up late – a feeling of guilt and even laziness, when in my heart, I know it is best for my life, my consciousness, and those around me.

    After watching this video, I feel that I have permission to stick to my healthy ways and trust that my time spent on my work will be more thoughtful, valuable, and full of energy.

    Thank you for sharing this video Marie. My apologies for not posting for so long!

    ~Gina Su (Also known as Gina Heart <3)


  460. I loved this video! I’m going to stop charging my phone by my bed.

  461. Dan

    This was awesome!

    I feel troubled whenever I hear others (I’ve been guilty too) bragging about how sleep deprived they are because they’ve been “Hustlin'” and “Grind’n”.

    My experience has been whenever I go for quantity, by going without sleep and continuing to work, the quality of my work gets worse.

    Hard lesson to learn but an important one!

    On behalf of the Marie Forleo Secret Society of Men, Thank you for sharing!


  462. Really loved this interview. What I took away was acknowledging things I’ve “striven for” that are not really that important nor will ever accomplish. For me to now cross off things on my “to do list” was really freeing ~ freeing enough so I can fine tune what it is I actually want and what my authentic blessings are.


  463. Karin O'Grady

    Acknowledging the people that I come into contact with each day. Why don’t I do this!? I wonder what the world is coming to with a lot of ignorance and hate but I fail to lead by just being present and acknowledging the people that “speak” to each day such as retailers and barristers. Busy being busy is not the way to spend each day.

  464. Thank you Marie + Arianna – Great chat!
    I love the concept of completing a pro