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This has been the most epic B-School scholarship contests we’ve done yet.

Emotionally, it’s been really challenging. We’re big-hearted, sensitive folks and we care very deeply about what we do and who we serve. There’ve been lots of tears, smiles, heavy hearts, and laughter over the past week.

Most of all, there’s been an expanding well of shared love and respect. Thank you for being so brave, so creative and so passionate — and sharing who you are with us and the world.

Thank you for so wholeheartedly supporting each other, and being kind and incredible in our community.

We’ve watched close to 2,000 entries and have made our selections for this year. Before I get to the recipients, I want to share a few things. Most importantly:

Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you. You are enough. You have wisdom within you that you can never learn in any text book, classroom or program. You are creative, and loved and divinely blessed with capabilities beyond what you can imagine.

Not receiving a scholarship to B-School, nor any other disappointment in life can stop you from continuing to expand the greatness you already have within, unless you let it.

Whether B-School becomes a part of your world or not, know how much of a winner you are right now, and how deeply I respect you.

I respect your courage. I respect your bravery. I respect you for being an action taker and for setting your fears and insecurity aside to express yourself — fully and authentically.

I respect your focus, determination and willingness to get it done. I respect you for figuring out technology, and for the take after take after take it often TAKES to put up a stinkin’ 90 second video ;).

And if you let me, I’ll love to continue to support you — week after week for free via MarieTV — doing my very best to inspire you and provide encouragement, wisdom, strategies and tools to keep you moving powerfully ahead.

You are brave, creative and beautiful — inside and out. You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul. Don’t ever forget it.

And now, without further ado, here are the recipients of our 2014 B-School Scholarships.

1. Udoka Ezichi Omenukor – Audience Choice Recipient
2. Yahya Bakkar – Audience Choice Recipient
3. Casey Jourdan – Military Recipient
4. Akshay Nanavati – Military Recipient
5. Brandon Turner – Military Recipient
6. Lisa Shiroma Collins – Military Recipient
7. Jennifer Blischok Owen – Military Recipient
8. Judith Davis – Military Recipient
9. Denise Metzger Taylor – Philanthropy Recipient
10. Lisa Petrison – Philanthropy Recipient
11. Moriah Salter – Philanthropy Recipient
12. Jenna Edwards – Philanthropy Recipient
13. Worthy Wen Lee – Philanthropy Recipient
14. Jani Franck – Philanthropy Recipient
15. Han Xiao
16. Christine Pietrowiak
17. Signhild Brosvik
18. Kristina Parker
19. Osama Janakat
20. Mai Sirry
21. Ella Pelayo
22. Tiffany Staropoli
23. Matt Shortis
24. Amy Chao
25. Sowmya Jane Noronha
26. Flavia Maguida Vergara
27. Charmaine Nordtvedt
28. Becky Decker
29. Rue Micheals
30. Cathleen Keene
31. Eos Koch
32. Nick Akey
33. Milena Rangelov
34. Morgan Lindsay Nelson
35. Janelle McLeod
36. Zoe Vokes
37. Adrian Brambila
38. Ana Maria Uribe
39. Kat Lucas
40. Ana Carriço
41. Nathalie Lesage
42. Helen Rowland
43. Michelle Sokolich
44. Brittney Alkalarian
45. Kyle Shultz
46. Yusra Sawi

**If your name is on this list, write to us at scholarships at marieforleo dot com with “I’M A SCHOLARSHIP WINNER” in the subject line and we’ll send you information on accepting your scholarship. Since we’re in the middle of B-School enrollment, our email volume is way higher than usual, so please be patient. We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins!

With all my love and sincerest appreciation,

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  1. Congrats to all the winners! See you all in B-school!

    • Andrea Ponce

      Congratulations to all winners. Your videos are truly inspirational and amazing. You all deserve it. To all of us who didn´t get picked, I say. LET´S NOT GIVE UP! WE CAN MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

      • I echo your sentiments completely Andrea. Well done everyone, whether you received a scholarship this year or not.
        I’m not on the scholarship list but I’ll be joining B-School anyway, and I can’t wait!

      • We made our video, we didn’t get a scholarship. We are truly happy for the winners because when Marie helps them, the world is a better place and yes, we’re all winners then. And we know in our heart of hearts b-school is right for us, and what we need. But there’s one problem: that $ issue. And if any of you are like me (single mom, barely enough to get by–for now anyway! because we believe in ourselves, right?) you might be running around and racking your brain and eyeing the cat and trying to come up with the $ to enroll. So, my sisters. If anyone has an idea, an inspiration, a story, let’s share. No sob stories, just sisterhood (and yes, brothers are welcome). When I worked with refugees they had an amazing (and brilliant micro-funding) solution to buying a car: no $, and no way for 5 friends to buy 5 cars, so they each saved up $500 and gave it to the “1st” buyer. He bought a car, gave the other 4 guys rides everywhere, and meanwhile they saved up the next $500, and so on until they each had a car and everyone had their $500 repaid. Brilliant! Their reasoning: it’s easier + faster for 5 people to each save $500 than one person to save up $2500. Now this might not work for us (yikes! March 5 is not that far away), but there is magic in putting our minds and hearts together.

        Now, who’s in? leave a comment or send me an email: [email protected]

        • Patricia

          Hi Mackenzie
          I know exactly how you feel. Sorry let me introduce myself, my name is Patricia. I am not a single mother bt I do have people that depend on me in more ways than 10!!!! I will be the first to join the group you want to start in fact I would ove to start it up with you. I think seizing the momentum of this time is important. I will send you an email this weekend.


    • Ruby

      Congratulations to all the B School Scholarship winners!! How exciting, and to all those who stepped up to shine their offerings to the world I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Bless up to all for being present in your dreams and vision of love.

    • Hi all, to the brave + hopeful folks who did not win: it can be hard right now to even read these comments, telling you to stick with it and that we are proud of you…but when you can, come back and read through. So much heartfelt love and support is amazing! And it is because you stepped up and said to yourself “I can do this.” And please, PLEASE promise yourself you will follow that idea, dream, hope, new biz, old biz in need of an up-do, whatever it may be, and keep reminding yourself “I can do this.” We, the world, your fans and believers, are counting on you. And remember, before there was MarieTV and b-school, Marie had to do exactly what you must do: make it happen herself. What an amazing world we live in.

      • Nice words, Mackenzie, thank you! 😀

      • I like you didn’t win…BUT I know that next year, will be our year, in the meantime it is up to us to work on getting ready for BSchool and to work on our video for next year to WIN the scholarship!….I’ve been through the military, been though tough times there….been through good times as well the bad, and I what is a few more months?!??!? Just time, we can do it….until then let us keep in touch and help one another out to form a group of BSchool scholarship people to get the scholarship and work together in BSchool in 2015 and let our businesses take over the world for the good of all! See you soon, on Youtube- I am theVeganDogRunner if you want to follow along with me there or on facebook or through email, [email protected]– let’s help each other out for next year- in the meantime do not give up on those dreams and in the next few months make those plans for the rest of your life come true!

    • I second that!!! Congrats to the winners! You guys will rock it and be amazing!!!

    • ThePowells

      So I checked the video analytics. Thanks for not even bothering to watch my entry 🙁

      • I hate to say it but the energy of your post shows at least in part, ‘why’ you may not have been chosen to even have a video watched. Energy is everything and attitude effects it. I don’t think you should take it personally that your video wasn’t watched. Try to find the positives. Not everyone can win! However, I applaud you for submitting one! Did you visualize it being seen and experience the feelings that go along with being chosen? Only WE ourselves are responsible for what shows up in our experience. Rather than being sarcastic and feeling rejected why not go with the flow. There’s always a next time as well as other ways to expand! Food for thought 🙂

      • How can you see that in your analytics? I just checked mine and didn’t see any specifics, so I’m curious.

        As for the other reply to your comment, the post did say that EACH video would be viewed and considered for a chance to win. Not that if you submitted a video it had a chance to be viewed.

    • Sending every single one of you so much love and gratitude for collectively creating this entire experience for everyone. Regardless if you won or not, you have the power, tools & resourcefulness to start your journey towards pursuing your dreams NOW. Don’t let anyone tell you different <3

    • joy

      the winners are so inspiring and well deserved scholarships! i am excited to see where B-School takes their vision.

    • Congratulations to ALL the winners. I can not wait to connect with you in Bschool and watch your journey!

  2. Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you to Marie and friends for watching all of our videos! I appreciate your time and I believe in all of our dreams!!!

    • I love your response, Kathleen. Correct me if I’m wrong, it sounds as if you submitted your video but weren’t selected this year.
      I believe in YOU and your dreams to have the courage to thank the recipients because everything truly does happen for a reason.
      Big things are coming your way.
      xo Blessings.

      • Kelly

        Just watching even a handful of the videos makes it clear that there are so many great people with fantastic ideas and businesses (whether new or established), so I can’t see anyone being anything but positive. Plus, the Marie community is so awesome and inspiring.

  3. Congratulations everyone! You will LOVE B-school. I can’t wait to see you all flourish!

  4. Thanks again for the opportunity and congrats to all the recipients!!!

  5. CONGRATS!!!!

  6. Woo hoo! Congrats everyone. 🙂 I was fortunate enough to be a recipient last year and I can testify that it will for sure change your life. Get ready for an amazing ride!

    • Tatiana Jimenez

      Congratulations to all the Scholarship winners!!!! I am celebrating your success and super grateful to Marie & team for the opportunity!

    • Sara, I am… SOOOO EXCITEDDDD! I hope I flourish as much as you have!

      • Yay Udoka! So excited for you. 🙂

    • How encouraging!

  7. BSchool is amazing! I am so excited for all of you.

  8. Wow what an amazing, talented and deserving group of individuals.

    Congratulations to you all and to you Marie for you boundless benevolence!

    All Good Wishes,
    michael krisa

  9. Linda

    So much inspiration. Congratulations to all of you!

  10. Way to go everyone! It’s so great to see so many people going for it this year! I am so inspired by this community and I haven’t even started yet! Can’t wait! (oh and cuz I can’t help myself, GO CANADA!) xoxo

  11. Congratulations to all the winners. You all must be sooo excited! I know you are all going to have an amazing time together! Much love to everyone!

  12. Congrats to all the winners! Although I’m disappointed I wasn’t picked I know there are good things for me on the horizon. Thanks Marie for creating such an awesome community I look forward hearing more B-Schooler success stories!

  13. Congrats to all of the amazing winners!

  14. A BIG heart felt congratulations to all the winners! Be the change, make an impact and enjoy the journey.

  15. Kyla

    Congrats to all of the winners, you will love the program!

  16. Can’t wait to watch all the videos, they were so inspiring last year. Congratulations to all the winners, much admiration to the participants for taking action and being brave, and bravo to Marie and her team for watching soooo many videos and offering such a large number this year. Very cool!

  17. Ursula

    Congratulation to all the scholarship winners…Go forth and do amazing things!!!

  18. Congrats to all the winners – you are all very deserving!

  19. Suzanne Maxey

    Congrats to everyone!!!!

  20. Dragana Zmijanac

    Congrats everyone! Thank you, Marie, for this opportunity! I will be enrolling anyway, can’t miss this for the world! See you in B-School!

  21. Congrats to all the winners! Best of luck with b-school! 🙂

  22. Congrats to all! Enjoy b-school. See you in the forums!

  23. Good job everyone! Glad to know the learning continues and so many great folks will get to attend B-School.

  24. Thank you Marie for the opportunity. I did not win but I loved the whole experience of clarifying my message and taking the courage to apply.
    I will continue to be inspired by your videos and start saving for Bschool 2016.


  25. Nuria

    Congratulations to all the winners!! You are all awesome!!!

  26. Well done everyone. My video didn’t happen as I was travelling and then had computer issues at my dad’s house. It upset/annoyed me at first but hey, these things happen and life goes on. I can still improve my skills and work on the idea I have. There’s never only one way to get anywhere. Enjoy the course and work hard to really make it work for what you want 🙂

  27. Congratulations to all of the winners. I still have until March 5 to come up with a plan to join you!

  28. Marie and team, thank you for watching our video entries and congratulations to the winners.

  29. All of you are awesome and so deserve it! See each of you in B School.

  30. Congrats to all the winners!

  31. Shanna Bright

    Congrats to all the winners! Very exciting day in the B-School – Team Forleo community. I hope you all have an awesome experience! Will have to wait to join you next year, Marie. Sooooo wish my budget could spring for it now! Bummer.

    Congrats again to these 46 AMAZING peeps and look forward to your testimonials after the program. Cheers!

  32. Congratulations to the winners! 🙂 This competition was awesome and it forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you Marie for the opportunity. Hoping to attend B-School 2015

  33. Congrats to all the Winners!!!

  34. Congratulations to everyone who won, I hope you have a wonderful time.

    It obviously wasn’t meant to be for me, but I’m sure life will bring some thing else my way.

    Thank you for the opportunity Marie!

  35. Congrats all! Let’s go for it!

  36. Congrats everyone!! Silly me didn’t even know there was a contest. Ah, having a 5 month old has its limitations, for sure. Oh well…next year!!

  37. Congratulations to all you scholarship winners!
    SO awesome!
    May all of you be blessed with awesome businesses that change the world. Thank you Marie for this wonderful opportunity!

  38. Thank you so much for this opportunity Marie. Really excited to be a scholarship winner. I can’t wait to go through the training. Congratulations to all the other winners as well!

  39. Awesome generosity, Marie and company! So inspiring. Congratulations to the scholarship recipients. Have a great program, all.

  40. Such awesome and inspiring videos… congrats to the winners – I hope you soak up every moment of the experience!

  41. Congrats to everyone! Thanks for the opportunity Marie and team! It was fun!

  42. DWatts

    Congratulations to all of you!! Marie and your team, I thank you for taking the time to watch all of our entries. I also appreciate the opportunity to particpate in this contest. Making the video and watching so many of the others has helped me move forward with my goals!

  43. Congrats to everyone! This is such an exciting new chapter! I think I will enroll in B School anyways. I want to invest in myself and my business. Good luck to all and enjoy the ride! xx

  44. Congratulations to all the winners!

  45. Patricia L Stanton

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Thank you Marie, for forcing me out of my comfort zone as well. Maybe next year.
    In the meantime, thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

  46. Allyson

    CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya’ll are the bomb diggity. Set the world on fire with all your gloriousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. My heartfelt congratulations to the scholarship winners!
    Wishing you all luck as you realize your destiny!!’

  48. Ahhh, alas… And Congrats to all the scholarship winners! It must not be my time yet. Best wishes and good luck to all of you : )

  49. Congrats B-Schoolers! I watched a lot of the video’s of who made the list. Very Inspiring Stories.

    I’am cheering you all on!!! Big Dream!

    XO Britt

  50. Wow, Marie! I’m blown away – my jaw dropped when I saw that you are giving away 46 scholarships! I’m in awe of your generosity….you rock.

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  51. Mayling

    Just making that video helped me get back to my why and now I feel like I can have a course of action. Thanks Marie for your time. And congrats to the winners 🙂

  52. Sweet Mary!!!

    Your grace is astounding! Thank you for NOT choosing me!

    I will still sponsor 30 next semester.

    Here is why I am so happy…check it…

    Congrats fave friends!!! Connect with me…we have WORK to do!!!

  53. CONGRATULATIONS everyone! Can’t wait to watch you change the world and make money 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful B-School Year! Thanks again Marie for this opportunity.

  54. Deniz

    My favourite is Tiffany she is like my mother who also had cancer and transformed her life. Congratulations to all the winners. You are all exclu-awesome. 😉

  55. Jaleela Amatullah

    Congratulations, to all of the winners! I’m so happy for you all. You deserve this! Looking forward to getting to know you in B-School.

  56. Huge Congratulations to you all! This time last year I was reading my name in the same email and I cried like a baby, it was a life changing moment in my life! I just know it will be for you too! All the very best for your future awesomeness!! I look forward to following you all xxx

  57. Amber Mitchell

    Congratulations to all the winners!! You all deserve it!!

  58. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients!! To everyone who entered, thank you for showing up powerfully and sharing your gifts with the world! To Marie, thank you SO MUCH for this amazing opportunity for us to put ourselves out there. I had a wonderful experience! Here’s to lighting up the world with so much LOVE!

  59. Congrats, ladies! It’s going to be a great ride with you!

  60. Congrats all!! Sad I missed the deadline. Having a 2 year old and a 6 month old and being a bit sleep deprived I forgot it was already Friday! I was working on my video so much for that. Maybe next time!

  61. Lori

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! I knew I wouldn’t win a scholarship but what I did get was that just by being in action was a huge step in pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I did what it took and I learned so much from that experience. I also realized that scholarship or not, I am going to find a way to do B-school because I’m ready. Congratulations!! and see you in B-school 🙂

  62. Thank you Marie. I am sad that I am not joining you this year.
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to apply~~this has opened up new opportunities for me. I love all your awesome creative applicants.
    Every blessing to you all.

  63. Congrats to all the winners. I wish I would be joining you, but I can’t due to lack of finances. Still, enjoy B-school and living your dreams! You guys got this!

  64. Danielle

    Marie, these are beautiful and super inspiring. I’m watching all of them (while doing work I don’t want to be doing for my regular job), hoping the passion of others can help me to find my true path. Thanks to everyone for sharing theirs!

  65. I have just watched some of these amazing heartfelt inspiring videos and have tears in my eyes. Congratulations to all of the winners!! I look forward to joining you all soon!

  66. Just wanted to say congrats to all the winners. Can’t wait to watch the videos. Thanks Marie and team for taking the time to go through all those great videos. I know it had to be tough narrowing down the list!

  67. How exciting! Congratulations to all the winners — so many inspiring stories!

  68. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you so much for the opportunity Marie, the experience of applying stretched me and took me to new heights, as I’m sure it did for many of the other applicants to. Can’t wait to see you and connect with many other beautiful souls, in B-School 2014!!! xx

  69. kittybaroque

    HUGE congratulations to all scholarship winners – can’t WAIT to watch your trajectory fly! I applied for two scholarships this year, I’m REALLY ready for change. Although I didn’t get either, they were my first ever youtube vids, my first ever for putting myself online I am SO proud of myself for giving it a shot – & we ALL should. If I’m honest, I need to get some clarity around the model & originally I’d enrolled in Beth Nichol’s ‘Do What You Love’ course in September to do that with the aim of then taking B-School but the course was delayed till April 14. I guess I now I wonder whether taking B-School in 2014 is the right timing or if I should wait. Thoughts Marie or ant B-Schoolers? Will it prep me for setting up in the right way & help me see possibilities to do what I love or will I need absolute clarity before I’ll get benefit from?

    • Well done for just getting those videos up onto Youtube – a feat in itself some days!!

      • kittybaroque

        Thx Bella X Thiz last few years have been a great challenge on all fronts – partner on on disability post accident, injury myself, no govt assistance & one salary, frustration at work & now one of my sweet kitties with cancer but I SO will create a different story. My biggest challenge has been lack of self belief, confidence, few friends (non close) & no family but I WILL find a way to make this happen & use my creative (Artist..) to change the world. With a little community, love & faith in myself and opening up I can do it & even being courageous enough to make a vid & take this leap has helped. Much love, success & joy your way XX

  70. Congratulations winners! Even though I was not among you on this list,my wish is to your success! Great job! P

  71. congrats to the winners! and big thanks to Marie for the opportunity! this has certainly been a game-changing week for me! 🙂

  72. So many people with amazing dreams! Congrats to all who dared to apply and wishes for amazing things for those who won. Well done!!!

  73. So thrilled to see all of these amazing winners! Congrats to you all! And to those that didn’t when- we support you and love you and encourage you as part of this community- no matter what. And seeing all of those military recipients is so moving to me, especially. Thank you so much for your service. Thank you. Gonna go shed a few tears right now as I am watching many of these because I know what an amazing gift this is for each one of you. Thank you, Marie. Much, much love.

  74. Epic list. Congrats! Where are all the boys. This is a great opportunity for people to finally put their ideas in reality. Good luck to everyone = )

    Dean B

  75. D'Arcy Webb

    WHOA! No wonder you and your team had a hard time picking your scholarship recipients! What worthy individuals! What worthy endeavors! Oh, Marie! You are changing the world one human at a time!

  76. Much love, light and BLISSINGS to all those who participated for the scholarship. May all our endeavors bring our vision to the world! Marie, thank you for the brilliant opportunity. B-school is still on my radar 😉 Om Shanti!

  77. Rowena

    Woohooo!! Well done you amazing people that have won the scholarship!
    I am envious as a fellow-applicant who didn’t get through, but at the same time and can imagine you now jumping up and down, doing a happy dance and everything, which also makes me feel excited for YOU!
    Such an amazing opportunity! 🙂 xox

  78. Amy

    Welcome to Bschool ya’ll! Such a fabulous group. I can’t wait to meet you all!

    Marie and team… thank you for running an organization that not only gives back, a LOT, but one that also gives us such a supportive and beautiful place to connect with such brilliant and heart centered people.

    I am thankful.

  79. Cat Paterson

    Well done to all the amazing winners!!! so well deserved. I missed out on a scholarship this year…..but have enrolled in B-School anyway…Woo Hoo! can’t wait to get stuck in and go outside my comfort zone where the magic always happens 😉

  80. Team Forleo,
    Thanks again, for taking the time to review so many applications. I can imagine that it wasn’t an easy task!

    Congratulations to those of you who were selected for this incredible opportunity.

    I wish that there was a way I could join all of you wonderful ladies (and gents) on the other side… it would have been an amazing birthday gift… maybe next year 😉

  81. Congratulations to all of the Scholarship award winners!!!

  82. Well done everyone!!

  83. I can not say I am not envious of the winners. What a blessing this is! I hope you take full advantage if this opportunity and be a blessing with it. Xo

  84. Meegan

    Congratulations to all the recipients and see you in B-School! Thanks Marie for the scholarship opportunity. THIS is why we love you! Out of all the entrepreneur coaches out there, you show your heart and give with all your heart. Thank you.

  85. Congratulations! to you all.
    You are a rock star Mari Forleo

  86. Hi marie,
    It’s 3a.m here in India. I was so anxious to hear about the scholarship news and I’m so happy I Got it!I woke up the whole family and we are gonna celebrate today! I love you and looking forward to being a part of this wonderful transformational group! And a huge congratulations to all! Once again love you marie!
    Love and hugs

  87. HUGE congratulations to all recipients!! I watched as many entries as I could, and they were all inspirational. Thank you Marie & Team for a fantastic opportunity! It was so much fun I may start my application for next year… Lots of love & luck, Lauren xx

  88. Congratulations!
    Marie Forleo you are a phenomenal woman.
    See you in B-school 2014.

  89. Mirabella Love

    What a heart-felt, go-for-it process for all of us whether chosen or not. We’re all 2000 of us way ahead of everyone who didn’t take the risk to make a video. Team Marie, this helped me so, so much to put my intentions & face out to in public and now there’s no looking back. I’m going to see what I can do to sit at the table with all off you anyway! much gratitude, mirabella

  90. Does anyone else go crazy over these videos???!!! I LOVE them. Each and every one. It is amazing to see what people are in to in their lifetime. Fuck yes to all the amazing people living their dreams and being passionate souls. The world is waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fist pump/big smile!!!

  91. Michelle Abrahmz

    Congratulations to all the winners! Totally awesome that you won. I’ll see you in Bschool.

    Congratulations to all applicants who didn’t win, we are all totally awesome for having the courage to give it a go anyway 🙂 I hope I will see some of you in Bschool as well 🙂

  92. I didn’t apply for a scholarship, but if I had and hadn’t been chosen this is the kind of notification letter I would hope to receive. It leaves you feeling uplifted and motivated to continue working your business no matter what. I have see so many coaches get this one wrong. You, and your team, do everything with such class and grace, Marie. You are an inspiration. 🙂

  93. Congratulations everyone!

  94. Congrats to all of the recipients– such a huge opportunity for you and I can’t wait to join you in B-school this year!

  95. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who put forth a video and to the winners!
    THANK YOU MARIE for pushing and supporting us, though I didn’t win I am not defeated! I am pushing myself to make BSCHOOL happen this year!

    I’m off to my website to launch a sale in hopes of generating enough for tuition to sign up!!

  96. Congrats goes out from me to all of you! I watched a few video’s myself and from what I saw I thought, boy oh boy these are great!

    I wish I would have been picked as I am sure the rest who were not picked, yet some gotta lose some gotta win 🙂

    Go make it happen!

    Peace & Understanding,

  97. Super inspiring!!! Congrats to all who won and all who were brave and bold and put their truth out there! Big Angel Hugs to everyone of ya!

  98. Linda Watts

    Marie, thank you for the encouragement to step out of my comfort zone. Someone saw my video on FB and has offered to assist with product development, which we had no idea how we were going to accomplish!
    And CONGRATULATIONS to all the scholarship winners!

  99. Welcome everyone! I am so happy and excited for you! BSchool is an incredible program and it created a 180 degree mind shift for me! Hope you have an amazing experience!

  100. Congrats to all winners! Looking forward to seeing your future successes. Thanks Marie for pushing & inspiring us. I’m focused on my goal more than ever- hard work opens possibilities!

  101. How exciting, congratulations to each of you!

  102. JM

    Congratulations to all the recipient of BSchool Scholarship! Thanks Marie for giving everyone a chance to join you~

  103. Congratulations!! I am so proud of each and every one of you!! YES!!

  104. Maryna

    Congrats to all the winners. Enjoy launching your dreams and reach for the stars. For me, I feel like a winner just reading this big-hearted and powerful letter from Marie!

    p.s. As inspiration for us all, don’t miss this story on how the founder of Whatsapp went from orphaned immigrant, who relied on food stamps and a public school education to get a leg up THEN was rejected for a job at Facebook and this week sold his company to Facebook for $19 BILLION. Never give up. Never count anyone out!

  105. Thanks Marie for the opportunity. I would have loved to be selected, but it looks like you made some fabulous choices. I will still see you at B-School!!

  106. Congratulations and love to those who made it through with a scholarship – and so well deserved. Marie – thanks so much for the opportunity and I shall be with you all as I enroll and find my own way through it.

    Thank you
    Jen x

  107. Congratulations to all of the winners! And of course all of those who put in an entry – yay for overcoming fear. I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to pick the winners this year. It’s certainly an achievement in itself to put yourself out there and I am so glad I did. Thank-you Marie & team for helping us to take action and to move in the direction of our dreams.

    Tash 🙂

  108. Woo hoo! Congrats everyone!

    This whole process was so enlightening for me, and Marie, I thank you for the opportunity. So many amazing entries, it must have been a super tough process!

    I’m happy with the feedback from my video alone- pretty much everyone told me I made them smile with my rap, and that’s pretty much what I had set out to do!

    Love and gratitude!

  109. Thank you, Marie, for the opportunity! I have become more determined and motivated simply by the fact that I was able to make a video and put it out there. I am less fearful now of getting myself out there! thank you for the “PUSH” and for your inspiration! Although I am sad I didn’t win a scholarship, I am truly grateful that I jumped over to the other side and now am feeling empowered to forge ahead in my business! xoxoxo

  110. “You are enough.” Thank you for this reminder, and for your beautiful letter, Marie. I’ve been so excited and feeling a little unworthy since submitting my video last Saturday. I’m glad that I slowed down to read your message and fully think about it’s meaning before I rushed down to the list of winners. It’s such a strong message, and I believe it to be true. I won’t let anything stop me from sharing my gift with the world!

    Congratulations to all of the winners! You all truly deserve it!

  111. I just love the spirit of the Scholarship entrants and Marie’s huge generosity in running this contest and enabling so many wonderful people to participate in B School through it.

    Well done to everyone who entered. It can be a challenge to even make the video and put yourself ‘out there’ like that. Please, please, please keep shining and going for your dream, even if you didn’t make the list this year. Use the free teachings to propel your business to the next level.

    To those who won a scholarship – you’re in for a great ride and you’re in fantastic company.

    I won a scholarship last year and it’s made such a difference to me. It changed my mindset, I got to connect with the most amazing people and I learned to step and and start to think big. By the way, it can take time to implement all the great B-School teachings. I’m still learning and still implementing the B-School teachings – I don’t think that ever stops.

    I look forward to seeing all the winners and other returning classmates in B-School 2014.

    I won a scholarship last year

  112. Congrats to everyone! 🙂

  113. Rose Rivera

    Great job everyone!! Looks like the competition was fierce. 😉 See you all on the inside!

  114. Jessica

    I’m crying! Thanks to all you inspirations and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  115. WOW! I am late to the game here and did not submit a video but feel incredibly inspired by how many visionaries and trailblazers are out there, like me, just doing their “thang,” shaking souls and making waves!!! =) Excited to get started.

  116. I’m sad I didn’t win a scholarship, but I won’t let it stop me and I’ll still be a part of b-school this year. Congrats to all the recipients! See you in the chat rooms!!

  117. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I won!!!!! I am so excited and happy I can’t stop crying! Thank you SO MUCH Marie and team for this opportunity…this is just the boost I needed. I feel like this is the year great things will happen for me. I am ready to take on the world!

    Congratulations to everyone else who entered, winners or not, it’s really hard to put yourself out there and I admire every single video. I’m a little awed to be in such good company 🙂

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you again. My husband and I were just in discussions about whether we spend some of our house deposit on this course…so to win this is just the best opportunity ever. I feel like I’m gushing now but I’m not sure how else to convey my happiness and gratitude 🙂

    • Congrats!!! Please make the most of it!!!

      • Michelle

        Thanks Kim I certainly will!!! 🙂

    • It’s your time to gush!!! This is incredible! Enjoy it! I didn’t win, but it makes me feel happy to see your comment and know that this is going to be an incredible opportunity and life changing experience for someone. I’ve started to watch a few of the winning videos, and they all have seemed truly deserving.

      Congratulations, and keep sharing your joy!

  118. Sivan

    To all you who won scholarships – congrats! You rock!!! To all you who tried for a scholarship – you rock!!! I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for Marie and her crew to make decisions on who to choose. I look forward to many of you in B-School!

  119. Congrats to the lucky winners! Great choices and best of luck to you all 🙂

  120. Most profound congratulations to everyone of the recipients of scholarships and Marie and your team as well!

    Best success to everyone! Hope to see you in this years B-School!

    Warmest regards and love!

  121. Well done to everyone, and especially to Ella Pelayo who I’ve known since she started her career! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Michelle. This means so much esp coming from you!

  122. Christiaan de Wet

    So sadly disappointed. I have just watched 100% of the ‘winners’ videos and I also watched many many scholarship submissions. I cannot help feeling you missed a chance to change the world. Not to say the many you picked with past personal illnesses; guys who pop their twins on-screen; retired folk with time on their hands; cake makers and kids who blog ……..are not important to themselves. But you dropped Jamie Chick who runs a Laughter Yoga programme for kids … compared to the others, it’s like picking Hilary over Barak……..anyway I am just one voice and perhaps it’s too commercial for my people.

  123. A HUGE congratulations to all the scholarship winners!!! Based on the videos I’ve seen so far, you’re doing incredible work and you’re truly inspiring!! I wish each and every one of you the very best as you move forward in making this world a brighter, more beautiful and more heart-centered place! Much love to you. ~ Christine

    • By the way, thank you SO much to Team Marie for giving all of us the opportunity to share our voices and have a chance at such a generous scholarship. Your hearts shine and you ROCK. Thank you!!! ~ Christine 🙂

  124. Awesome videos! Congrats to all!!!

  125. Congrats to all the winners, a BIG well done!!!
    Not forgetting all the other entries. Well done to you too, keep your dreams alive. Well done for giving it you best shot.

    Well done everyone.

  126. Congratulations to all the winners – those who received scholarships…and those who didn’t but are going to push forward regardless!! I’m going to continue on my work of “Helping Organizations THRIVE by Helping their People THRIVE!”.

    Would have loved for B-School to be part of the journey, but that’s not to be at this time.

    Thanks to Marie for generously providing these opportunities and, even more so, for your CLASSY way of announcing your decision. WELL DONE!!

  127. Sheena Wilson

    Congratulations to everyone who applied, I hope you got as much as I did out of it whether you won or not.

  128. Zoe Vokes

    Maire and all your amazing team, THANK YOU SOO MUCH for this opportunity! It means the world. xxx

  129. Thanks so much Marie for the opportunity to share! You’ve inspired me already and given me some very practical ideas to move forward with my business.

    Congrats to all of the recipients!!!!
    Congrats to all who participated!

    Our worth is certainly not determined by what we are or are not able to accomplish. We are valuable because of who we are, people made in the image of our beautiful and amazing Creator! I’m so thankful for that.

  130. Camille DeVoe

    Congrats Scholarship winners!!! Now go out and change the world 😉

  131. No words will ever be enough to tell you how honored, grateful and excited I truly am to be part of B-School. Having lost so many in the recent Super Typhoon, and almost losing hope with the future. Today is a miracle for me. Congratulations to all the winners and fellow Scholars. Can’t wait to meet all of you!

  132. Congratulations scholarship recipients! I wasn’t one of the winners but after watching the winning videos I feel more inspired than ever to reach out and change the world. To the B-school team – how did you ever get through 2000 videos!? Congratulations on such an amazing feat!

    I hope to see you in B-school!

  133. Zoe Vokes

    Congratulations to all 2,000 applicants! Like Maire said, the greatness is already within all of us!

  134. Congrats to the winners!

    I’ll be honest and say I cried a bit when I realized I didn’t win, but now I am over it and happy for everyone who won.

    Excuse me while I figure out another way to get into B-School by March 5th…

  135. WOW!!! Thank you so much Marie, team Forleo and B-School fans! I’m so grateful and inspired by all of you for putting yourself out there despite your fears. I’m on the road right now but I can’t wait to watch everyone’s video. I LOVE YOU ALL!

  136. Congratulations to the scholarship recipients and everyone who will be attending B-School and pursuing their own vision!

    I am pretty sure B-School is awesome, so I will plan to attend next time. In the meantime, I am treating this year as another opportunity: to fully release the limiting belief that I *need* a program outside myself to powerfully and fully move forward in creating the business/world/life I envision right now.

    Thanks again, Team Forleo, and very best of success to all!!

  137. Congrats everybody! I just watched all the videos and I feel super inspired, I loved getting to hear your stories and dreams, I won a scholarship last year and I’m STILL learning and evolving. I know that if you put the time and effort B-school will really change your life, I can’t wait to connect with you!

    Have a rad day!

  138. Congrats to all the winners! Standing out in a sea of 2,000 videos is no easy task!! Thanks to Marie and team for taking the time to watch them all!!

  139. Huge congratulations to all of the winners! Wish you the best with your businesses and causes.

    I look forward to hauling major ass this year and working hard on my biz with what I’ve learned from Marie TV, and applying for the scholarship again next year. :}

  140. Belinda

    Congratulations scholarship winners! Wishing all of you the best ahead in B-School!

  141. Becky

    Congratulations to everyone who put themselves out there. There are no losers 🙂 I am very honored to be a part of this group!!

  142. Congrats to all the people that won… wish I could have joined you this year also. Oh well guess there is a better path for me to come.

  143. Ivelisse

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! Thank Marie !!!
    I’m a little sad but also happy for this opportunity !!!

  144. C.

    Amazinggggg!!! I’m so happy and excited for the recipients!! Hurray! Great things are in store.

  145. Yay B-School Winners! Congrats to all of you. Can’t wait to see how you transform! 🙂

  146. Congrats everyone! This will be a spectacular 2014 a school class of world changers!

  147. Isabel Hernandez

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! and thank you so much for the opportunity…. Even when I was not a winner of the scholarship I won and learned a lot about me… this was a big wakeup call to my soul and a big step forward to something wonderful I am sure…. I just have to keep on figuring a way to get into B-school either this year or the following!… “What this power is I cannot say.All I know is that exists… and it becomes available only when you are in the state of mind in which you know exactly what you want…and are fully determined not to quit until you get it” (Alexander Graham Bell) ….

    • Ana Maria Uribe

      Lovedd the quote!!!!!

  148. So excited for the scholarship recipients! YOU GO GIRLS! I wish I had the cash to join you all, but onward I shall march towards my destiny. I hope to see you all inside of BSchool one day because I’m SURE it’s an awesome opportunity! I’ll be excited to see what you all end up creating out of your BSchooling.

  149. WOW. So it seems I have won! Hold on for a second while I dance around my house like a wild-man.

    I’M BACK! Thanks Marie for your generosity and I’m totes excited to see what’s in store for me!

    • Ana Maria Uribe

      hahah! I danced and jump around my house too when I found out!!!!
      Congratulations!! See you in B school !!

  150. Ana Maria Uribe

    Thank youuuu all for your congratulations and inspiring messages!!!!!! I was one of the winners (YAYYYY) but if I have to be honest I couldn’t believe it. I was watching all of your videos yesterday and I was just telling myself this was going to be a tough contest to win!!!! Putting yourself in fornt of a camera and showing the whole world your truly self??? That takes courage and even for me that Im really extroverted person. Im glad we all did it !!! It was fun, full of passion, and we took over youtube!!!!!

    Thank youuuu Marie, thank you Team Forleo and thank you all!!!!

    From Colombia,

  151. Wow – I didn’t even apply but feel so uplifted just by they message in this post to people who didn’t get chosen. What a beautiful and supportive soul you have. You truly are doing what you were put on this earth to do!

  152. Chris

    Congratulations for all the winners & to Marie who gives so many people the opportunity to follow B shool.

    I am working at myself following 2 online courses, taking B shool is a next step…. not a forgotten step. Doing 3 courses at the same time, would not be fair, as I couldn’t do it properly => would not get the expected results.

    To the winners: take this opportunity with both hands & take the time you need for it.

    I wish you all a lot off succes!!

  153. My initial response was one of disappointment when I didn’t see my name on the list. But, I’ve watched the videos and WOW! I would have chosen y’all too!

    Making the video was an excellent exercise in and of itself. It stretched me. I’m known for confidence and yet when I published my first ever video I went into such a low self-esteem spin I couldn’t believe it. I’ve spent the last few days digging out and am now much stronger for it! I’m now eager and ready to develop a library of videos now. This was exactly what I needed.

    Marie — you had a really hard job. What you do requires just as much bravery and courage and you make it look sooooo easy. Thank you for modeling the behavior and showing us the way.

    Congrats to all the winners. I’ll be in good company when I start BSchool!


    • Hi Ellyn,
      Just thought I’d let you know, I relate! I found making a video fun, dismaying, stretching and, ultimately, fantastic. After the initial excitement of posting it, I watched it back a few times and wanted to rip it down. To me, I come across as wooden, stiff, rehearsed and reserved. I felt foolish and wondered what my friends (Facebook) would ‘really’ think. But, you know what? To hell with it! It was my first-ever video and, like you, I am going to develop more – a library, as you say. I intend to teach myself the skills to do it better and learn to RELAX. I’ve not seen your video, but I am so glad you, like me, found it a valuable learning experience. It was gutsy to do it.
      Wishing you a brilliant time in BSchool.

      • Ellyn

        Thanks Chris! Kindred spirits, eh! You said it better than I! I’m assuming from your message that you will not be enrolling. I wish you more success than your mind can imagine and will look for you in future classes!

  154. Thank you for the opportunity and such a wonderful written letter Marie! CONGRATS to all the winners and my wish to everyone is that your dreams come true! xoxo – life is BEAUTIFUL and we only have one to live – let’s live it to the fullest and inspire the world!!

  155. Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone’s mission and vision is so full of LOVE & so touching and heart felt. I admire your clarity, passion, brilliance & beauty! How exciting. 🙂 This world is full of incredible heart! Being apart of the Scholarship submissions for B School has been a blessing in itself ~ winning would be lovely for the bank balance, however the real value has been in simply getting out there and sharing with community world-wide about my mission and vision and being so so SO inspired by the visions and lives of others who entered! 🙂 I recommend everyone and anyone to enter for a Scholarship- purely for the growth that will come from challenging yourself & being vulnerable to say ‘I need help!’ 🙂 So beautiful. Looking forward to B School, already so many doors and connections have opened up, and my heart feels at peace knowing my visions, my passion to serve and my inspiration to make a difference in this gorgeous world is in good hands under B School’s tools and tuition! Yahooo! Lots of love! 🙂 x

  156. Danielis Rodriguez

    Congratulations to the recipients that received the scholarship Nd for us that didn’t never give up never surrender

  157. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners. Wishing you a wonderful and life-changing experience. Congratulations, too, to all those who take the leap and enrol. May your investment come back to you in many ways. We’re all in this together. Thank you, Marie, for your kind and true words. Blessings all.

  158. Wow – there are so many amazing businesses and movements among the scholarship winners! Congratulations to you all and here’s to a fabulous 2014 for you all xxx

    • Denieve

      Can I just say Ditto to everything Dana just said. Wishing all and you too Dana a fun, fabulous and prosperous 2014.

  159. Amanda Pandit

    Feeling a bit heavy hearted..I’m not going to lie – I spent my entire weekend working on my first video, but having said that – I am so proud of everyone that made it and think they really deserved to win. Thanks to Marie and the whole team for all their time, consideration and just the opportunity in general! I will learn from this, continue to grow and re-apply next year. 🙂

  160. Diane Rogers

    I am so surprised there doesn’t seem to be a man among the winners. Just curious, did any men apply? Your business advice is great and I can’t see men not using this to their best advantage!

    • Ellyn

      There are several male winners. Check out #19 (i forget his name) but, really fun. I want to be like him in my future videos!

    • There’s a GREAT group of men. Look more closely 🙂

  161. Jade Petty

    Congratulations everyone! I’m bummed that I didn’t get it but I’m not surprised…those sort of things don’t seem to happen for me. I will pat myself on the back for trying I guess.

    • Ellyn

      Those things haven’t happened YET For you. You’ve gotta change your script if you want to change your life! Good things are on the way. Believe it!

      • Jade Petty

        Thank you Ellyn, you are right. I have to work on believing I can achieve great things in order for them to happen. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me.

        • Ellyn

          Of course Jade! We all need reminders to get us out of the “weeds”. There’s a big part of you that already believes — the part driving your participation in this group; the part that motivated you to submit a video. Now you want to remember to LEAD with that part in everything. Not only lead but really reach for that part of you, invite it to the forefront especially when not chosen. Because “rejection” will continue to be a reality, what could you say to yourself instead? What feeling do you want to experience instead of rejection and depression? Feelings that are more in alignment with your belief I DESERVE, I’m WORTHY AND WHat I need is on its way. Then..,Aim for those feelings! You so got this!!!

  162. Denieve

    Congratulations to all the winners I am sure B-School will be life changing. For me getting over the hurdle of making a video was a win in itself. Thanks Marie for helping me get that big task off my “Mean-To” list.
    Thank you for inspiring and teaching and I look forward to Q&A Tuesday, notebook and pencil in hand ^_^
    Thank you for helping.

  163. Maribel Torres

    Congratulations to all the B-School Scholarship recipients!! I watched all your videos and you are all very deserving. Looking forward to hearing all you accomplish in the coming year!

  164. Congratulations to all recipients!!! I’m so excited to learn with you guys at B-School!!! I’m also an applicant, but I didn’t make it. However, I ALREADY LEARNED LOTS FROM ALL THE VIDEOS. WHAT A GREAT START OF B-SCHOOL!!!!!
    Caaaaan’t wait till our course starts:-) Lots of love to all of you!!!!!!!!!

  165. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients!!!

  166. Congrats to everyone who won!!! I’m still going so ill be seeing you in B-school!

  167. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! You are all amazing! And thank you, Marie for watching all our videos. I believe in all our dreams! We can do it!

  168. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! I am so grateful that I found all of you. The inspiration, fun, creativeness, and compassion is so overwhelming and beautiful. I am so stoked to start the B-school program. I’ve already learned some great things and the course hasn’t started yet. Love and happiness to each and every one of you! We all ROCK:)

  169. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!

    Have an awesome time doing the course and SHINE.



  170. YAYY!!! I SOOO Concur with Marie & Her Staff in Celebrating the beautifully, talented Scholarship recipients, for being so brave, so creative and so passionate — and sharing who you are with us and the world!!! I admonish you to Take B-School to Heart & Apply every single inch of knowledge and GROW, GROW, GROW mentally and emotionally and stay in the moment!!

    We ALL have navigated a ship(s) through some rough waters, and it’s OUR Time to share how and why, as overcomers, to bridge the gap, so that others might too know, that they are ‘ loved and divinely blessed with capabilities beyond what they can imagine’.

    So, as I activate my faith, for the provision to attend this years B-School, I am honored to have entered the scholarship contest, during the most epic of recipients, to date. I mean hey, at least I learned how to use my new Samsung Galaxy phone & this YouTubiee, thing!!

    As I prepare to permanently move to Los Angeles, I find strength in knowing that I believe in myself, my mission, and with the purest of hearts and intentions, that I am capable of seeing manifestation, as others are awakened to their passion, which is their oxygen and what brings Life to others!!

    P.S.- I have website shame & the only reason it’s still up, is because the 2nd WordPress Designer(of two of the terrible Website builders), won’t return my calls/emails, so I can get my password etc., to delete it in it’s entirety. Gratefully, I haven’t given it to anyone nor is it on any on-line or print marketing material. I’ve hired 3 interns to do on-line marketing, brand management and business implementation and they too, didn’t deliver! So, cheers to Me finally accepting my own responsibility in learning how to build my ‘OWN’ millionaire, on-line business!!! And gladly paying Marie to Coach Me! #BSchool #winbschool @marieforleo

  171. Eme

    Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to you Marie for this opportunity and your kind words to us that didn’t win. Just being a part of the buzz and hearing the stories has been an amazing inspiring experience that I wouldn’t trade.
    It was an awesome experience pushing myself and figuring out filming with my phone, by myself with no tripod and figuring out iMovie, YouTube etc -all in less than 24 hours. It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t allow yourself any more excuses. It was also amazing to be able to put myself out there and be forced to clarify MY message and MY INTENTIONS. Looking forward to doing more videos. I am gonna look for a way to STILL get into bschool if not this year then defo next year. See you on the inside…?
    Every blessing!

  172. Congratulations to the 2014 B-School Scholarship recipients! Not seeing my name listed left me with a mini ego crush. But, I rebound quickly. The pro’s outweigh the con’s greatly for enrollment. It won’t be easy but my intention is to enroll in this year’s program.

  173. Matt

    Wow I am so grateful! Congratulations to all the winners 🙂

  174. Sivan

    I watched every won of the videos above and I was totally awed and inspired by all of them! I am really thrilled to be participating in this program with such unbelievably awesome and creative people. Congrats to each and every one of you! It’s going to be fantastic! And, Marie, a special shout out to you for giving all these amazing people the chance to participate by giving them scholarships.

  175. Congratulations to all the winners! Best of luck!!

  176. Lora Mitchell

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Kimberley Jade

    Congratulations Scholarship winners…. I’m sure you will have a great school…..

  178. LaDonna

    Congratulations to all the scholarship winners. I was in the running with you! I’m so jealous but very excited that you are able to ride this amazing wave that you have been given. I hope you all soar to the land of infinity and beyond! Unfortunately, this year financially I cannot afford to join you in b-school…perhaps next year I will be given the same opportunity or be able to afford it!
    Good Luck…I wish you all success

  179. It was a bit tough putting my dreams out, and I can’t allow not being chosen as a end for me! It has to be a beginning! I am genuinely happy for each and every person who has been given possibly the biggest opportunity to serve the world! For those of us who weren’t picked, don’t let this discourage you! It may seem like such a dark cloud, but we have the choice to continue shining our light right through our let downs! Bschool 2014: I wish you all NOTHING but blessings and success! Go out and serve the world!

    Thank you Marie and team!!!!

  180. Rose

    Congratulations to all the winners! It is amazing to see the diversity and most of all passion from all those videos! I am excited for all the good each anyone one of you is bringing to this world.

  181. Claire Nicholson-Gates

    A huge congratulations to all the winners, great job!! What an exciting time this is for you. Much love 🙂

  182. This is such an amazing community!

  183. WOW! What amazing stories. Each one I watched brought me to tears! Great job selecting deserving scholarship winners, Marie! For those who didn’t win this time: I can really empathize with your frustration and sadness but please don’t let it discourage you continuing to go after your dreams. The world still needs that special thing that only you have- SERIOUSLY!- and if you give up, we are going to miss out. My favorite ad ever shows Michael Jordan walking in slow-mo from the locker room to the court and details his FAILURES: number of free throws he missed, the number of times the whole game was riding on him and he missed the shot… and then it challenges us to NEVER GIVE UP! The people who lose more times than anyone else end up the biggest winners because they keep trying until they SUCCEED!

  184. Robin Grosso

    Congratulations to all the B-School Scholarship winners. I applaud you for your determination and praise you for stepping out in faith. Your dream is right around the corner. I wish I could say I will be joining you but I can’t afford it right now, but I still be following constantly and reaching for the stars.

  185. A little note from one of the 1,900+ “runners up”:
    In all sincerity, I’m so inspired by each and every one of your videos. It’s amazing to see so many people take 90 seconds to express their dreams. So much love and luck going out to you all (and to all who applied). I can’t wait to see how we all touch the world!

  186. Congrats to all the winners, this has been a step in the process toward success, I am choosing to fail forward with this endeavor.

  187. Bernadette McCarthy

    My heartfelt congratulations to those who were successful with the scholarship! I didn’t get in either but no matter, just getting out of my comfort zone, and putting together the video was pretty awesome! I’m still hoping to make it to B School, if nothing else just to get to know some of you beautiful, creative folks a little better!

  188. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Marie and team. Wow, what an experience. Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! 🙂 Have fun! 🙂

  189. Congratulations to all the scholars. May you all take advantage for the opportunity that have given to you and enjoy the learn and development on the way. I know such endeavor will help you a lot and improve as well everyday life. Thank you as well to B-school for giving such opportunity to everyone.

  190. Wow, I just watched a ll the vids that won… It doesn’t even bother me that I didn’t win a scholarship… Heart bursting with awe, to see so man wonderful, talented and deserving winners.
    I will do B-School eventually.

  191. GLFH

    YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Make It So 😀 !!!

  192. Dear Marie and team 🙂 Thank you so much for your time and effort and for giving the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. I am so happy as it also gave me a chance to get out of my comfort zone and get rolling. Congratulations to everybody who won 🙂 See you on the inside <3

  193. Denise Cadet

    Wow, Marie and team, that’s a lot of scholarships. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Denise Cadet

  194. All of the winners are so amazing! Each one will do awesome things! If these fabulous people are any indication of who is attending B-School, I am in the best company of people in the world!!

    Congrats to all the winners!! I look forward to being inspired with you all…

  195. Anja

    Wow. My heart is just filled with so much joy and love watching all your amazing videos. What a great way to start my day.
    And what a powerful heartfelt letter you wrote Marie. How generous and fabulous you are!
    This community just gives me so much hope for a better world 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  196. Wow, what an inspiring videos, inspiring people… Evolus, a little company my friend Sanda and I started, was in for a scholarship too. Didn’t get it though, but don’t regret a second of it watching these videos, listening to you, winners. Now we know even more, that we want to be in your company, learn from you, as you could learn from us. We’ll figure out some great finantial plan till 5th march and hope to see you in b- school. If not this year, the next surely 😉

  197. Such amazing people out there, so chuffed to be able to create a video, and Im now in fundraising mode to get the funds to be able to come to b-school anyway before the closing date. Hope to see you there to create a business & life I love : ) Blessings, Beck xo

  198. Congratulations to all the Winners!

  199. Alanna

    WOW super inspired by everyone’s messages and intentions to change and help the world. LOVED watching the winning videos!

  200. Amalie

    Hello there,
    Congratulations to all this year’s scholarship winners. I know exactly how you feel, because this time last year I felt the same way. To all of you, and to everyone else who applied I say enjoy your time in B-School because it will really change the way you think about, manage and plan your business. I can honestly say I use something I learnt in B-School every day.
    Well done!

  201. Tiffany

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! I’d love to thank Marie Forleo for this opportunity 😀
    Unfortunately I didn’t get a scholarship, and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this course, but until March 5th my name WILL be in the list of people enrolled in B-school!
    Congrats once again and I will see you all when classes begin 😉

  202. Kamil

    Congratulations to all recipients, non recipients and all that are taking the big step to be part of B-School! Good luck.

    I hope I can become part of B-School next year!
    I’ll apply for the Scholarship again!!!!!!!! Being a military spouse is extremely tough, so being able to bring the business and not depend on employers is the way to go!

  203. Connie Polk

    Congratulations to all the winners (I was one last year), but especially to my nephew’s wife, Jennifer Owen!

  204. Congratulations to all the winners!! WooHoo!! You amazing ladies have worked hard for this Scholarship and are so deserving!! 🙂 For us ladies that didn’t make it, you are an amanzing lady in your own way and don’t ever forget that!!!
    I will not be able to attend this year, but I hope I can become part of B-School next year! 🙂
    Good Luck to all of you that will be attending B-School, I am sure by the end of it you will be more amazing and ready to dig in and get going. 😉

  205. CONGRATS to all these amazing winners! Wishing you all the best of luck as you enter the world of B-School and inspire the world.

  206. Mina Emad

    I wish I could be able to join B-school scholarship for this year … I’m sure that all of the above recipients deserve it …CONGRATS for all of you. Wish you all success 🙂

  207. CONGRATULATIONS to all the Selectees !!
    What an incredible opportunity this was, it must have been a very difficult decision to narrow down the chosen few; for I watched many of the videos and they were Epic !! Words kept popping into my mind, like courage, love and great new beginnings. I think the planet is in good hands with all the amazing video stars who want to do so much good.
    Blessings to team Forleo and Blessings to the Bschool scholars and everyone reading. Go out and do Good,

  208. I was a tiny wee bit disappointed not to receive a scholarship (but know my video wasn’t so hot as it could have been! ;-)) BUT it didn’t dampen my spirits: alongside all that I’ve learned this past year following Marie, part of it was taking responsibility; I know that I really want to do B-School, and that it’ll be the investment in myself and in my growing business that I REALLY need, and that I will find a way to do it.

    A year ago I wouldn’t have thought like this!

    So, with this positive outlook, I set my mind to it, realised that $s are actually a LOT LESS in £s, and that I have a savings account in Scotland with ALMOST enough money for the fees; so I’m hoping to JUMP INTO B-SCHOOL 😀

    I want to thank you immensely Marie, and all of the previous B-Schoolers, and especially the folks who submitted videos for the scholarship- I’ve been watching a ton of testamonials and submissions, to get a feel for how B-School might be right for me, and how I can approach my business freshly… And eventually I realised that without the network and peer support, I will not be able to get up to this next level.

    Trusting that all goes to plan, see you all later in B-School!

    With love, respect and in anticipation! 🙂 Clare

  209. I am so happy for everyone who gets to be a part of this!…and for those who saw there name on the winners list, CONGRATULATIONS!, what a thrill that moment must have been… a memory never to forget and a gift to change your life. I am all smiles imagining your excitement and the happiness you must be feeling and my heart couldn’t be happier for you! xo Silly me was so busy working “ON” my passion, I didn’t check the deadline until there was only Monday morning left! oops 🙁 I still tried though!, but being new to video tech, by the time I rushed through the right button clicking & youtube posting etc, it literally said 3:00 pm when I clicked the final comment button for Marie. Sadly, cyberface must have taken a bit longer bc I got a “missed deadline” message about 45 mins later.

    Everything happens for a reason :)… I was bummed, not gonna lie, but at the same time it made me do my first youtube video which I have been really wanting to learn how to do (and have the courage to make public) for my blog. (And I noticed I wasn’t the only one who had tech difficulties…I’m so sorry to all those who tried but outer forces got in the way. Remember it is never wasted effort).

    It’s so wonderful to be part of a community of such loving, big hearted, giving people…whether in B-school or not. That being said, as much as I know where my heart and passion is and all I want to do with it, I’m a bit “outside the box” and haven’t been able to find a comparison to know whether this is right for me right now, though in my mind NOW is what I have! 🙂 If all things come together and it’s meant to be… I will see you in B-School! Otherwise, enjoy every minute of it and I will see everyone else in Marie’s community as we continue to go after our dreams and learn all we can with the help of Marie’s video’s and each other.

    Thank you Marie, for being you!… And for helping all of us stand up and say, “I have the courage to be me!”. 🙂

  210. Toni Fraser Brennand

    Well Done to all the winners, so many great video’s… looks like some great things are going to take the world by storm 🙂 Marie, i totally believe in what you are doing, Thank YOU and AMEN X

  211. Congrats to all winners! Thank you, Marie! You’re such an inspiration. All the best to all! Sincerely, Siti

  212. Robyn Woods

    Congrats to all of the winners! I wasn’t one of the scholarship recipients and was very disappointed, had so much heartache, and almost gave up. But I decided to come back here and read the post again then the many comments. I realized that I can do this anyway with success. I want to build my character through seeing what I’m made of. I can do this if I stay confident.

    Thank you for this opportunity Marie. If I can get the money by March 5, I will be enrolling with glee!!

    ~Robyn Woods
    Chino Hills CA

  213. Osama Janakat

    I’m so grateful for this opportunity and inspired by you all for putting yourselves out there and giving your dreams a shot.


    With Love & Respect,

    Osama Janakat

    • Ana Maria Uribe

      Congratulations Osama!!! I loved your video. See you in B school!

  214. Amy

    Fantastic line-up of scholarship winners. Congratulations to all!

  215. Lee

    Congrats to the winners and to everyone who participated. I am delighted to see this kind of scholarship happening in the wild and sometimes crazy online marketing arena. It was heart-opening for me to open my email today and see the congrats to winners and to those not chosen. I loved reading Marie’s team’s response in what seemed to be a heart-felt and genuine desire to support everyone from the ones chosen to those of us reading this email to Marie in furthering her remarkable work. Thank you Marie and your team for creating a generous and very beneficial program for entrepreneurs. I’ve only recently been following Marie and I LOVE what I see. 🙂

  216. Ally Trebbi

    Congrats to all you winners! I can say I was bummed for a bit, but only because its such an awesome thing to be part of. But, watching some of the winning videos really put things into perspective. So inspiring! I am so proud to be part of this community of women who are bringing passion and love into the world of business and money. So stay strong and keep on <3 <3 <3

  217. Wow! Congratulations to all the winners! I just finished watching most of the entry videos and let’s just say, most of them, made me cry. Beautiful hearts and powerful stories.

    Also, I think it’s pretty awesome that you’ve given away $100,000.00 (yes, I did the math) to those in need. I just think that’s incredible, Marie.

    You inspire me and I’m so happy for all those who won (and for those who attempted).

    Love & joy,

  218. A heartfelt congratulations to all of the fabulous scholarship winners! It is just so inspiring to see all of these amazing souls and the important visions to help and heal people. What’s even more beautiful is to imagine how collectively, we will band together to change the world.

    I was one of the contestants who did not receive a scholarship and surprisingly, I took it a lot harder than I expected to. Not because I’m a sore loser but because I’ve been feeling very scared and stuck in my business for several months now for a few reasons. I felt (and still feel) like B-School could be the answer to help me breakthrough these blocks so when I didn’t win all of that yucky stuff came back in a compounded manner; it overwhelmed me and took me down for a while.

    BUT… I want to share what happened next. Not getting a B-School scholarship yesterday sent me into day-long a “come to Jesus” reevaluation of my whole life and business and what the hell it was that I truly wanted. I’ve had these moments before over the last several months but always came up short in finding an answer.

    Well, after tears of frustration and talking with my boyfriend and my mom I crawled in to bed last night and had an epiphany to resurrect an old business that I had entirely forgotten about. Funny, how we don’t see what’s right in front of us. I said aloud, half jokingly, “I should just go back to making and selling _________” (Keeping the details close right now as I’m still sitting with it.)

    I said it to a family member and they were like, “You know what? YOU SHOULD!” So all of a sudden, this thing landed in my lap for a new business venture (that would STILL compliment my current business that I’m stuck on right now) but in the meantime, provide an income stream that could be incredibly viable. ESPECIALLY in the place I am now compared to where I was the first time I ran this old business – my personal growth and circumstances are a total game changer this time around.

    Most importantly, this is something I feel EXCITED to venture into. All of a sudden I feel energy again, I feel un-stuck. Yes, I have some issues in my current business but if I can make some money and give myself time to let those things sort themselves out with time, then I truly set myself up to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

    So… I still need B-School but perhaps for a different reason that I thought. But here’s the kicker: IF I HAD WON YESTERDAY THIS NEW IDEA THAT HAS ME SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW WOULD HAVE NEVER COME TO THE LIGHT!

    Today is a new day and I am now more determined than ever to find a way to attend B-School this year so I can run with this brand spankin’ new business idea that’s fallen in my lap (while still getting what I need to help my other business!)

    I’ve always been a believer that everything happens for a reason and that if something is meant to be it will be and if not, then there is something better. But I’ll be honest, if you told me that yesterday you probably would have received a dirty look because of the pure frustration and desperation I was experiencing in feeling like I just didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

    I share my experience with full transparency to attest that it’s true: everything does (or doesn’t) happen for a reason and if you do experience disappointment just know that it’s because a better way is being found.

    So, thank you Marie for NOT selecting my entry because it was supposed to happen that way for me to receive the epiphany I needed. (Phew!) I love all of the scholarship recipients that were chosen and I certainly don’t envy you the task you had. I’m hoping to be able to join you in B-School this year anyway and I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the scholarship contest. There really is a powerful experience in the participation process as so many have attested and just look at what came for it for me! Wow. 🙂

    • Ally Trebbi

      Tara- I just had to respond to your comment. I too was surprised by how not being selected played with my mind for a bit. And this morning as I rolled it all over in my mind, I had a moment of lightness…the thought occurred to me that sometimes “rejection” is the universe’s way of helping us re-calibrate…! And so here we are!
      Well it seemed fitting for your story so I wanted to share! Much much luck on your new vision and approach!

      • Ally, THANK YOU for your response! It’s comforting, and interesting, that you had a similar experience. I honestly did not think that I would take it that hard, I’m generally a very easy going person. I think the thing is that building a heart centered business is SO personal and we care so much about our purpose in life and in the world that it’s deeply painful to feel lost and disempowered in that area. But I just LOVE what you said about the “recalibration” – YES!!! You are exactly right! Thank you for taking the time to comment and sharing your experience, Ally!

        -Tara 🙂

      • JADE Petty

        I want to thank both of you ladies for posting. I was so bummed about not winning, not the I was expecting that I would…but tons of bad news lately has me feeling very doomed. I have to believe I’m worth success before I can reach for it, and that is where I am stuck. I took not winning as a sign that I’m not good enough. However since helping people deal with depression is what I want to do….dealing with this rejection and the others I’m facing will help me to help others..which will help me to “recalibrate”. Thank you ladies and Marie.

        • No problem, Jade. I shared my experience because I thought it might help others. One thing to keep in mind is that you have a choice about the meaning you make of it all. If you make this experience mean that you are not good enough then that’s what you will carry with you. Or, if you view this experience as a rejection then that’s the story you will tell yourself. I’m guessing that that’s not what you want your experience to be so I encourage you to look for a different frame and ask yourself, “What else might be true?” When you consider other possibilities it allows you to choose an empowering story and I’d be willing to bet that just like me, an empowering outlook is available to you. I think it’s just wonderful that you want to help people with depression – that is something that is so needed! Keep going!

    • Tara, your comment came at so the right time for me. I went through a similar thing yesterday (see my comment way up at the top of thread). Thank you for bravely sharing! and best of luck with your “new” re-found business.

      • So glad to hear that my sharing was helpful to you, Mackenzie. Thanks for the words of encouragement on my new business venture. I encourage you to hold fast to the vision you have for yourself and the powerful woman that you are. 😉

  219. Pauline Scott

    Yes I would like to say to all the winners yeyyyyyy well done. I know my video entry sucked due to the fact I hadn’t enough time to prepare and did only one take….but hey I was just glad to actually put myself on video…. God bless you all and I hope to see you in B-school next year. Xx

  220. Congrats to all the winners! 😀

  221. Wow. What a fantastic group of people. Laughter, tears, inspiration…you all are amazing. B-school is going to forever change you. Hold on tight.

  222. Congratulations to everyone!!!!

  223. What an incredible outpouring of support for the winners! I wanna say to those that submitted and didn’t win…. I put my whole heart into my own submission for the summer 2012 enrollment and didn’t win a scholarship and:
    It’s okay that you didn’t win.
    You wore your heart on your sleeve.
    You were courageous.
    You were seen and witnessed even though it didn’t result in a scholarship.
    Keep moving ahead with the momentum you built creating your vid.

    I still invested (even though it was a BIG stretch for me financially) and it was worth every cent. Getting ready to join all of you for another round and I now have an online product that is selling and shifting into a brand new entrepreneurial gig that was only a faint dream when I went through the first time.

    If you’re thinking ” I want to, I just can’t afford it”. I encourage you to dig deep and find a way. You won’t regret it.

    xoxo to all the winners this year, looking forward to getting to know you on the inside!

  224. Allison JB

    Congratulations to all of the fabulous winners! You are already making the world shine so much brighter it can ONLY get better after this! See you in Bschool!!!!!

  225. Ana

    I’m (literally) jumping for JOY and HAPINESS – I’m one of the so lucky winners!!! Many, many thank’s Marie for your big heart! And for helping me dream a little more!
    Also thank’s for the congratulations messages 🙂

  226. Katie

    Huge congratulations to all the lucky scholarship winners – you’re videos are amazing and so moving – you all touched my heart with your messages. Every one of you has an incredible dream and I’m so excited for you that you’re receiving the support of someone as incredible as Marie and B-School to help bring your dreams to life. And to all who didn’t receive a scholarship this time round – the world still needs to see you and feel you…please still keep taking all the steps forward that you can so we can have the honour of seeing your lights shine too. With love and gratitude to you all and to Marie for being the awesome woman that she is and for supporting people in making their dreams come true x

  227. Mona Magurk

    Really enjoyed watching the videos and congrats to everyone!
    I do not have a clear business yet…is the b school for me,or should I wait?

    • Rowena Piek

      Hey Mona,
      Just wanted share with you how Danielle LaPorte answered that question in an email I had earlier:

      What if I’m only at the “dreaming” stage of my venture, business, career, idea?

      Get in there.
      You will get wildly inspired, pushed toward clarity (in the best way) and access to the B-School community. And, you know, once you’re in, you’re in. You’ll always have access to the B-School materials and forum, and you can take the live program next year, and the next year. It’s a healthy cult — you’re always wanted back!

      I haven’t got my plan or a product entirely clear, but I am driven and ready to shine and as I was not selected for the scholarship, but I believe I am ready to rock the world, I have decided to give myself a huge and belated 40th Birthday present:

      Watch out world here we come! Are you joining me Mona?

      Good luck whatever you decide to do xx

      PS: Why wait? Can you afford to wait a whole year?

      • This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been praying for a sign as to whether or not I should take this leap and so far all the signs have pointed to yes, so I am definitely signing up. I pray that this pays for itself.. this is a HUGE financial gamble right now!!

        Thanks for your post ladies and best of luck!!!

  228. Congrats to the winners!! You all have been given a huge gift — I know you all will ROCK it! 🙂

  229. Christine

    Wowza! Just want to thank everyone for such great comments! I am honored to have been selected for a scholarship. This has already been an amazing experience. A week or so ago only a handful of people knew what I was up to. Not anymore 🙂 The response from this community and my community at home has been so positive and inspiring. Looking forward to B-School and seeing many of you there!

  230. Congratulations to ALL the winners. I can not wait to connect with you in Bschool and watch your journey!

  231. I ‘m So touched and inspired by the video selected for a scholarship…I am so excited and honored that you are now part of this amazing community. Congrats 😉

  232. So much gratitude to all who are a part of this community! To all who applied for scholarships, all who enrolled…all of Team FORLEO…We’re on our way to reaching our highest potential, and we are all in this together! Love and light to everyone.

  233. great job for all who have done the job of the video even if you don’t win
    and for the winners it’s your time

    i’m still looking for a way to get in b-school this year, and even if i’ll be part of it next year

  234. Chloe

    Are the scholarship requirements the same every year? And how does one go about seeing the winning videos?

  235. Great job with the videos. You picked true winners Marie! I’m still VERY LIKELY going to enroll in B-SCHOOL. I know it’s worth it.

  236. All of these posts are incredible. Inspiring stories!

  237. Congratulations to the winners!

  238. What am awesome way to get going in the right direction towards the DREAMS!

  239. Wow’sers…EPIC list! Congrats to all the winners – what an honor and a massive gift. PLEASE, I beg you: use this blessing wisely by making the absolute most of this uber fab opportunity of getting to work with Marie & Team Forleo. Stretch yourselves and be inspired! You are about to be training with THE BEST…hands down.

    And a big thank you to Marie & Team Forleo for gifting these wonderful people with this opportunity. I know how much B-School meant for me so this will be a real game-changer for them. Much love & gratitude to you all! XO

  240. Congratulations to all of you beautiful winners! Make the most of this glorious opportunity. 🙂

  241. Eeeek! I’m too late! I worked on this video this afternoon and then came to Marie’s site and saw this posting. Gah. Oh well, here’s my submission if anyone else wants to view it:

  242. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. Even though I didn’t win, I am so super happy for everyone who did. I am so curious to see how these businesses will thrive with Marie’s and her team’s help.
    Thank you Marie for the opportunity to put ourselves out there on the line and go way beyond our comfort zone. Another hurdle overcome to post a video about something so personal as our hopes for a better future online for everyone to see.

  243. A HUGE congrats to all the winners! I look forward to going through the list and learning more about each of you and you’re each going to be helping to make the world a better place 🙂

  244. Christina

    I just watched a load of videos from the winners! I am so pleased to be joining b-school with them. I am inspired. I might be coming out of my shell.

  245. Yulin

    Thanks Marie for posting these. They are inspiring and after completing Daily Love Mastery, I’m close to figuring out my gift. It’s where I’m stuck but I’m getting closer every day.

  246. I am crying just coming across this post. I will pinch myself hard ASAP as I become a B-School grad, because without that it’ll be hard to believe its not my fantasy-muffin-land. 21st Feb 2015 is still 5 days afar 🙂 long time! I know its a pretty hard work there, so Good Luck and wishing your whole team a Happy Coffee-ish work hours ;D 400+ applications to review, woosh! Hats off to you all

    • And oh yes, I forgot to mention that once I get in B-School, Marie You are also receiving a huge thankyou video-note 😛 every time I go over this in my head, am all teary 😀 so lets hope I find a great song to play – to balance it all up! Cheers!

  247. can you resend me the instructions for entering for the 2015 scholoarship to b school for to day.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Hi Krystal! Thank you so much for your interest in the scholarship program. The contest actually closed on 3pm on Monday, February 16th. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email our team at [email protected]!

  248. Ramos Furtado

    Hi Team Forleo,

    When will the results of the 2015 B-School scholarships be announced?



    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ramos, we’ll be announcing the winners on Friday, Feb. 20th. Definitely stay tuned!

  249. Not sure if you have ever considered this or not but…

    What about partial scholarships for some of the recipients?

    I was just here wishing I had more income right now so I could join too!

    Being from Canada and on limited income the USD price of $2000 = $2700CDN
    and the 4 parents work out to $750/month. Our of my ballpark by a long shot but if there was scholarships that were 1/2 off I could swing 350/month.

    This got me thinking “I can’t be the only one out there with this problem.
    It would not cost the BSchool any more if 10 or … of the scholarships were offered to 20 people at 1/2 price rather than 10 for zero cost.

    Not sure if there are others issues with doing this or even of its a possibility but thought I would put it out there for future consideration…maybe?

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