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Putting things off. Waiting till the last minute. Telling yourself and everyone around you, “Yeah, yeah, I’m totally gonna do that . . . tomorrow.”

Sound familiar?

Sure does to me. It doesn’t matter how productive or driven you are, if you’re human, there are times you procrastinate.

Sometimes putting it off is a sign you need to call it off. Click To Tweet

Which got me thinking.

Is procrastination really as bad as it’s cracked up to be?

What if we’ve been drinking the personal development Kool-Aid for so long that we’re failing to witness the blessing in a habit we so commonly curse?

If you’re willing to open your mind and heart to see procrastination in a new light, you’re really going to appreciate today’s episode.

NOTE: no submissives were harmed in the making of this video.

Quick caveat: If you’re a professional procrastinator who has trouble getting anything done, today’s declaration isn’t necessarily for you. Start with this MarieTV on how to overcome procrastination.

You can watch it later.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever found procrastination to be a good thing?

If so, what were the signs it was different from a run-of-the-mill “wait till the last minute” habit?

Leave a comment below and tell us about it.  Remember, what you have to say matters!

Your share may be the perfect story to help someone stop beating themselves up and reframe their delay for what it really is — divine timing.

Thanks in advance for contributing so generously here.

I learn something awesome each week from you and I really appreciate it.


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  1. I love this message, Marie! It’s true, sometimes procrastination is a sign that you’re on the wrong track or not being authentic.

    I like to ask myself a question when I’m procrastinating: “If I took this task off my to-do list, would I feel relieved or uncomfortable/disappointed?” It’s awesome for figuring out when I’m procrastinating out of fear or because I’m off-track somehow.

    • Good question to ask to make the distinction, Kristen.

      • I ask this as well… But sometimes it’s not fear or being off track. Sometimes you just have to get some not so inspiring stuff done in order to get to the good stuff! And we wish we could strike it off the to-do list and feel relieved…. but ALAS! The necessary evils… Anyhoo.. gotta get back to work. I’m procrastinating at this very moment! 🙂

    • “If I took this task off my to-do list, would I feel relieved or uncomfortable/disappointed?”

      Ooooooooou I love that Kristen: very wise.


      • that is the PERFECT distinction, thank you! Will be sharing.

    • That’s a great way to look at it Kristen, I’m going to ask myself that question next time I find myself procrastinating…. which happens quite a lot! My procrastination comes from fear; fear of putting myself ‘out there’ as an expert, but it’s something I’m working on daily and slowly overcoming. Interestingly there have been times when I’ve made snap decisions as a way to try and beat procrastination and more often than not it was the wrong thing to do so I do believe I’m the kind of person who needs to mull things over for a while – just not too long!

    • Great way to reframe the situation and get some clarity, Kristen. And them MOVE ON if you must. Thanks for sharing!

    • What happened to me was that something that I procrastinated turned out to be an amazing thing. Even though my intuition was telling me not to. What is that??

      • Was that your intuition really telling you not to do it? If it turned out to be amazing and in your best interest, then it might not have been. I’m glad that you went through with it anyway and it turned out great!

        • That’s a good question, Ms. Pillowz! Maybe it was just…fear of unknown…my limiting beliefs!
          Thank you for your comment 🙂

          • Of course! 😉

          • It was your intuition! I remember a soccer player telling me that , as captain of his team he had to flick a coin, to decide which team starts with the ball and he said that every time he felt positive in his gut that the coin would heads it would always be tails, so now when his gut tells him heads, he calls for tails and it works to his advantage every time, so now you know what to do next time when your intuition gives you the same vibe. I think people get abit egotistical about thier intuition, instead of accepting that it might actually be working against them and learn how to trick it, they suffer

    • Oh! That simple question alone could lead to serious breakthroughs!

      Now making a mental note!

    • That is a great question to ask!! I watched Super Soul Sunday with Gary Zukav. It was the show where he talked about fear. He says that all negative emotions are based in fear. Oprah said that whenever she feels herself getting angry or impatient or resistant to anything, she asks herself what she is really afraid of. Once she figures it out, the emotion dissipates.

      Your question is the start to getting to the bottom of the “why”. If you answer that you will feel uncomfortable or disappointed, then ask yourself what you are afraid of and wait patiently for the answer to come to you. You may be surprised by what you hear. 🙂

      • Resistance! That’s the word!!!

      • Hey if it is good enough for Oprah it is good enough for me 🙂
        That is a great tactic!

    • That’s a good question Kristen. Another thing to ask is: Six months or 1 year or 5 years from now, does doing this feel light or heavy? If it feels heavy then it’s something you shouldn’t do.

    • Awesome question Kristen!

    • I love that question Kristen! Right on!

    • I love this question too. When I find myself putting something off, I also ask myself something similar: “When I complete this task, is it taking me in the direction that I want to go?”.

      Heidi xx

    • LS

      Kristen, that is very interesting! So can you explain a bit more about how you sort it out?

      • Sure, LS. When I ask myself that question and I feel…

        – uncomfortable, it usually means that even if I don’t want to do the task, I intuitively know it’s important;
        – disappointed, it usually means I really want to do it, but I’m scared (like accepting a speaking gig);
        – totally relieved, I know it’s time to either let go or pay someone else to do it!

        • Great question and example of how to listen to your intuition Kristen!

          I usually find that, if I’m procrastinating something, it’s usually because it’s not a great fit. Then, I need to look at: does it just need some minor tweaking or do I need to do something else.

        • Precisely my thinking, Kristen! Great answers!

    • Kristen I love the question you posed as much as this episode. Very wise question for those seeking wisdom 🙂

    • That is such a good question to ask Kristan “If I took this task off my to-do list, would I feel relieved or uncomfortable/disappointed?” it really does wonders to just clear the clutter and move things forward.

      I do find that when something just doesn’t sit well I procrastinate not always knowing why. I also think I do the same thing when it comes to contacting potential clients a third or fourth time. . . sometimes it’s best to let things settle and see where they land. Thanks for another great episode!

    • Wow! Kristen that’s a great question to ask. When I start putting something off for too long I know that I need to figure out the why behind it.

    • Brilliant question to ask yourself, Kristen! I’m putting that one on my office board do ponder the next time I’m pushing a project off for what often times feels like no apparent reason. Thank you!

    • Tabassum

      This is a great question to ask oneself, Kristen! I love it! I think I’ll be applying it to my to-dos because sometimes I sign-up for way too much and never make it to the game-changing priorities on my list as Jamie mentions below.

    • I like your fresh perspective, Kristen. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” ~Mark Twain.
      Sometimes, a better opportunity is ahead, than the one you are pondering about grasping.

    • So simple, but such a great tip! Thanks for sharing!

      There have been a few projects I’ve procrastinated on, and procrastinated on, and then finally forced myself to do them: only to have no positive results occur afterwards. A lotta work for nothin’! I should have listened to my gut to begin with.

    • totally writing this down and using it !! i feel like this is a great way for me to whip myself back into a productive mood. thank you. 🙂

  2. This is sooooo interesting for a Productivity Junkie like me…

    I did not expect you to answer it like this. BUT It has given me a great perspective about the #4 #5 & #6 tasks on my To Do list.

    You know the ones that come after the MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) the ones that keep getting carried over, and over and over!?

    This has given me an awesome idea to ‘Check-In’ with the things I’m procrastinating about. Does it keep getting carried over because I’m resisting it or is it my body just screaming ‘NO!!!” and I’m not listening.

    Thank you for giving me an awesome new perspective about slight procrastination situation!

    Love ya guts.

    Love Jana xx

  3. Love it! “All forms of procrastination are not created equal.” You’re right. Sometimes, it’s a cue to stop, take a breath, then continue…or NOT.

    Takes me back to when I developed the habit. I think it was undergrad. School was always easy for me but for some reason I hit a roadblock…studying at last minute, skipping classes, etc. Still did well but there was a noticeable shift in my habits. Makes me think that unconsciously, I knew I was out of alignment. It’s taken a while, but I’m headed back on the right path.

    Thanks for the insight on how to use procrastination as the gift that it can be.

    • Loved this episode! Thank you, Marie!

    • Great insight, Emelia!

      We sometimes procrastinate for good reason, and over time that procrastination becomes a tool for sorting information – an increasingly sensitive spam filter for what we should or shouldn’t be doing. We may be tuned out on the surface, but our subconscious mind is definitely tuned in!

    • Whaaat! You hit it right on the head for me too. Undergrad school, the game changed… totally uncharacteristic procrastination took place. Once I got into doing what I truly love, procrastination was out of the picture 🙂

      • I’m still shifting so procrastination lingers but it’s clear where it started. It’s waaaaayyyyyy overdue for it to end. 🙂

  4. What a fun episode, Marie! Definitely, it takes a lot of insight to see clearly through your procrastination. When this happens to me, I try to take a break from it for a while and see how I feel when I come back to it.

    I definitely believe in the fact that things work themselves out over time exactly the way they need to be, and every situation we’re in is there to teach us something or move us forward somehow. And the only way I can tell if the procrastination is good or bad is to be in touch with myself and listen to my gut – that’s a honed skill, but a very valuable one that’s saved my booty many times. Thanks for sharing your story!

  5. For me it’s about feeling the difference between procrastination and realizing that I may not need to do that “thing” at all.

    Maybe my intuition is telling me “it’s a waste of time, you don’t need to do this” or “it’s not in alignment with your higher goal or your higher purpose”.

    Turns out, when I listen closely to my inner guidance and get a lot more done, I’m more productive and certainly a lot more creative.

    I’ve had to learn to let go (and delegate!) and the freedom + the space in my schedule is delicious!

    And as a result? Abundance, creative projects and joy. Lot’s of joy.

  6. I am so distracted by the guy in the outfit!!

    But back to procrastination…. I am certainly guilty of procrastinating and, usually, when I find myself getting caught in the loop of putting something off it usually means one of two things. I need to slow down and take a break OR that something isn’t quite sitting right. I’m clear on what I value and often it can be that one of my precious values feels “threatened” in some way… It might mean going back to the drawing board, it might mean facing into my fears…. or it might be just a little adjustment that can get me back on track. Maybe it’s that I just need the old British answer – a cup of tea! 😉

  7. My procrastination usually comes in the form of creating 15 other things that MUST. GET. DONE. NOW. Followed by a brief moment of guilt and squeamishness about not ever getting to that thing that felt so important when I first dreamt it up, then finally letting it go. Unfortunately, the queasiness usually lingers, probably because I keep beating myself up on some level about procrastinating and not following through.

    Thanks to your reminder, Marie, now I’ll remember to look at things in a new light–that perhaps the timing wasn’t right or the project was a dud. Looking at letting go in this new light feels like there can be some closure to these dangling projects that never took off.

    Thanks for your wisdom!

  8. What a wonderful observation about connecting intuition to procrastination. The great thing about this connection is that rather than “hiding” from what you haven’t accomplished, your gut pushes you forward.

    • Well said, Mariah!

  9. I think as women we forget to trust – or at least listen, to our gut. Whenever we act out of our norm, it’s time to ask why! Procrastination when you’re not usually a procrastinator is a sign to evaluate what’s really going on.

    Great reminder, Marie! And your example hit home on that almost partnership of yours reminded me of a similar partnership whoopsy I almost made a year ago.

    And I love Jana’s comment above – perhaps this is also a reminder to reevaluate those tasks that just keep following you but never make it to the High Priority list. I’m definitely going to look at who they would actually serve and perhaps thin that herd out a bit.

    I often “procrastinate” on sending an email or posting a blog entry to allow my brain a few days to work out kinks but that’s another case when procrastinating is good (for me, at least). Maybe that’s more “taking a break from it” than outright procrastination, but it’s something that usually results in a more polished final product or communication than if I just put it out there right out of the starting gate.

    I just wanted to mention that I love how sassy the videos have been lately, Marie! And as always, thanks for the clear, concise, and practical message.

    • I can soooo relate!

      I am always re-evaluating my energy “sucks” and “taking breaks” from things that do the same. I am almost always a “get shit done” type of person so for me, listening to myself (gut, intuition, whatever you call it) is super duper important!

  10. I am a professional procrastinator, but I can appreciate that sometimes procrastination can be good. This is definitely a different way to look at it other than my typical, “beat it to a pulp” mentality. It is hard for me not cut myself a little slack and see some of the positive in what would typically be considered negative characteristics or actions. This all has to do with my need for perfection, which I wrote about here:

    I am very critical and I judge myself harshly, so when I procrastinate, I come down hard on me, which isn’t healthy. Thanks for this video, Marie. It’s a reminder to try and see the good in absolutely everything. Have a fantastic day! 🙂

    • Liz

      Well, Ms. Pillowz: I found your blog through your post on Marie Forleo’s procrastination episode, with the link attached about this article here that your wrote regarding PERFECTIONISM! I have slowly evolved into a perfectionist in my life, and it most definitely has kept me from very many potentially beautiful pieces of art and dance that I could have taught or at least shared with others. It also has kept me from attending certain dance classes to hone my skills because the FEAR of what others think of me (failing or not looking good enough), was stronger and more important to avoid than honing my skills and enjoying my passion! At least with the help of Marie Forleo, the community of online followers/readers, and other wise words of advice I have found lately, I am now having these breakthroughs. It’s a sad realization; but all for a purpose that is being built up slowly, but surely. I am not giving up…I will eventually find my niche and work through these fearful blocks. Thank you for your article.

  11. Hi Marie. Every time you surprised me with your excellent speach and subject.
    I love you Marie.
    Be always tuned

  12. The dreaded ‘P’ word… its like a heavy load we chug around hoping the thing we are meant/not meant to do with go away on its own. I agree that sometimes its a sign something doesn’t sit right if there is no peace in it. Maybe we should listen?

    Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  13. Love this one Marie! There have been many projects such as course, e-book ideas and even a speaking invite I put off as I thought to let my creativity come up with something…only to realize that I wasn’t meant to it in the first place.

    Things always happen for a reason and if we aren’t meant to do something, we can’t beat ourselves up for NOT taking action!

    • Totes magotes!

    • I also have many projects that just aren’t “fitting” into my life. They almost always fall off the plate and I realize they don’t fit anywhere at all anymore.

  14. Hahahaha, Elsa!! “White people” Nice one.

  15. I hear ya!

    That time for consideration is definitely valuable! Thanks for this, Marie! 🙂

  16. Great perspective on things, Marie! The biggest takeaway for me is if you’re procrastinating “uncharacteristically” then we need to take a step back and really evaluate if this is the right path for us.

    Ahhhh, the feedback we get from within if we just pay attention 😉
    Thanks, Marie!!

  17. Yes! We all have a strong intuitive gut and it speaks to us every day. We can listen and be curious instead of shaming ourselves into taking action. Don’t push or force your way through, sit back and observe.

  18. Ah, such a juicy topic!

    I completely agree, procrastination comes in a variety of different forms and it can be hard to judge. I like to ask myself, “what’s the fear, here?”.

    I like to rule out the, “Aaaargh! I’m crapping my pants that I’ll fail, and therefore putting this off to avoid discomfort”, and the “What if this makes me so successful and I don’t know what I’d do with all the money/time/requests/hate mail etc.”. I remember a question you answered a couple of months ago about when to close a business, but it can totally be applied here – “If this task went away tomorrow, how would I feel?”.

    If it’s anything in the disappointed, sad, resentful or plain angry camp, I know that I need to power through. If it’s in the relieved, happy or joyful camp, it’s something I’m doing that shows I’m not being true to my own values.

    I also don’t think we can rule out the time when you’ve been working like a monster, and actually? All you need is a break. Get up, go for a walk, chat to a friend, have a bath – whatever. That should clear the resistance and freshen up the brain cells 🙂

  19. As a creative person I have come to realize that sometimes procrastination is the cultivation stage of a new idea. Sometimes ideas need to percolate and even when you aren’t working on them outright, they are ruminating in the back of your mind. When I told a parent about that concept they were able relax over their child’s slow start to doing some projects.

  20. I was just thinking about this topic last night, Marie.

    Whenever I’m creating something, my intuition (or as I like to call her, my Goddess) will give me signs that I need to leave whatever I’m creating alone by creating confusion or drying up my inspiration well. Then, out of no where, I’ll get this huge wind of inspiration and I’ll be super productive and create an even more amazing ______ than I initially dreamed of.

    I know it’s a different type of procrastination because I don’t welcome it. It really frustrates me because it’s something that I really want to create and do it well. When I’m procrastinating readily and enjoying it – that’s when I know I need to kick my butt back into gear :).

  21. As an intuitive person, other people’s procrastination has helped me several times from making HUGE business mistakes. There was a time I wanted to have my own fitness studio so badly. I was ready to partner with anyone who would have me. There is this one lady in particular that told me and did everything i was expecting. The problem was that she always procrastinated on everything. Well 3 months went by and turns out she was swimming in a financial mess I had no idea of before. I realized that I was going to be her financial savior which was going to put me in a hole financially myself.

    Now when I want something to happen and it’s not happening, I take my time and don’t know why. I pray about it and leave it alone because sooner a later I realize that I either didn’t really want it or it wasn’t the right time.

  22. As always Marie you nailed it. When I sold real estate my clients would ask “what do you think, should we make an offer tonight”? My advice to them was, “things happen for a reason, if you woke up tomorrow and found out the home sold how would you feel? If the answer is crushed, then make an offer tonight. If on the other hand you would say well it was nice, but…..” then it was meant to be”. Things happen the way they do for a reason.

    • I love this Steve — especially with real estate!

  23. i follow my own rythm and most of the time it is the right time instead of trying to do, lose many hours and energy instead of waiting the right time with the right will
    everytime i don’t push most of the time i get a better deal, opportunity; it doesn’t mean i do nothing, i just listen to life and what life is telling me

    if i don’t have the impulse that mean it’s not real my mission, my wish so i go down an other road

    and sometimes i just need to stop running and doing to let come in inspiration and new idea, instead of following old ideas who are no more valuable

    and sometimes i’m just LAZY but i feel better if i don’t whip myself, i go out lazyness much more faster

    ( ps: i’m a french girl and i really enjoy your video and how you make your business, i really need to up grade mine as life coach and healer, i have reflexion about creat a programm and also edit my own tarot …yes i’m also psychic & médium)

  24. Great perspective, Marie, and inspiring, as always. For me, feeling into my body when I’m procrastinating is key.

    If I’m procrastinating through fear, I feel the pull-back in my gut – and can then have a conversation with the part that’s running the fear to find out what it’s been trying to protect me from. Then I give it some updated information and we negotiate a different role for it to support me as I move forward.

    If I’m procrastinating because something is ‘off’ and is just not right for me, I get a wobbly feeling around my heart area – nothing really strong, but enough to get my attention if I take the time to check in. Which I don’t always do :-).

    Getting better at it though (checking in!).

  25. This video is super timely, and hilarious, too!

    I’ve had a couple of projects and tasks that had that same feeling of “maybe there’s something not quite right here”… and it can be hard to tell the difference between that and “other stuff is more important”.

    Sometimes there are things that you can delegate too, and I’ve realized that if there’s something that needs to get done but I haven’t done it (and it stays on my todo list too long) that maybe I just need to hire someone to help with or handle that for me. Thus removing myself from the bottleneck!

    • Good point, Nathalie! Now, time to stop procrastinating and get caught up on the past 3 days of your list building challenge 🙂

    • Tabassum

      That’s such a good point Nathalie. I just started outsourcing small things just to get the ball rolling and it was incredible…stuff..started..getting..

      Now I’m moving on to delegating bigger projects that I need more help with and I can’t wait to make to make more headway in my projects.

  26. Elsa killed it! LOL! So flippin funny! I spit out my Starbucks!

  27. This is very true, sometimes procrastination is your gut radiating a signal to your brain preventing you from doing something you’ll harshly regret. However, there is a fine line between procrastination, self-sabotage, and pure laziness. 🙂 Happy Tuesday! -Iva

  28. I totally agree with this Marie. I’m not typically a procrastinator and in times when it does happen I have learned to stop and ask myself questions, such as, What’s holding me back? What are my feelings around this? Once I get into the reason as to why this is still on my to do list I’ll see that, in fact, I need to change or adjust it in some way, then it begins to flow.

    Thanks for another great episode. 🙂

  29. Marian Knowles

    I had a recent experience in the area of business partnership. There is so much buzz about partnership being the only way to succeed in business, especially anything in the tech category, that I started meeting with a highly recommended potential partner. Long story made short, there was no chemistry and I felt like I was doing all the work to make it work. After 6 months of torturing myself over this relationship I ended it (amicably.) Now my business brain and heart are fully engaged in building my business and I feel like a 140 lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders, literally:) As usual, you are in the flow and serving the community, thank you!
    Warm regards, Marian

  30. I’ve been so damn productive this year it scares me but this video has definitely made me think about the moments where I’ve majorly procrastinated in a new light.

    I thrive on deadlines and pressure and big hairy audacious goals. And that’s worked really well to publish my No #1 Bestseller and 4 other eBooks and do a book tour. But there have been several projects that sat on the back burner for too long and likely because they weren’t fully aligned with my purpose.

    Thanks Marie

  31. I totally needed this. I’ve been feeling depressed over not being able to get some people on the same page over a project I’m so immersed in and passionate about. In the end some of the people I considered a mastermind group ended up leaving. But, because of not trying to force anything, I am still friends and not business associates anymore.

  32. YES, YES, YES!!! I procrastinated on a business deal. And it was the sort of procrastination that was sooooo not like me. However, despite everything telling me to slow down and wait. I pushed forward…beating myself up for putting this deal off. One day I was smacked in the face with a situation and I said to myself, “AH-HA, this is why I was putting it off!” Fortunately, I was able to run…I was able to run really fast in the opposite direction and just picked up where I left off.
    Next time, I am going to trust my intuiting, my gut and not get so angry at myself for procrastinating.
    Now, off to start seeing clients!!!!
    Thanks Marie! You rock!!!

  33. Procrastination is good when:

    1. You’re about to buy something you don’t really need.
    2. Get into a relationship with the wrong person for ya.
    3. When you are about to eat that chocolate cake in the middle of your successful diet.
    4. When you’re about to say or write something nasty to someone you care about.

    Not so good when:

    1. It’s keeping you from moving forward in the direction of your dreams.
    2. It’s keeping you from saying no to all that and those that keep you from living and being your best.
    3. It’s keeping you from making the decisions and taking the action that will change your life for good.
    4. It keeps you from taking care of yourself.
    5. It keeps you playing small.
    6. Your taxes, parking tickets and other bills are due!
    7. You hold yourself from having that conversation you know you must have.
    8. Keeps you from saying I love you.
    9. Keeps you from forgiving.
    10. Keeps you from allowing yourself to be happy no matter what 🙂

    • WOAH – awesome tips! You should make a printable for this! It’s a manifesto I’d like to have on my wall!

    • My favorite is number 3… procrastinate the chocolate for the love of your diet!

  34. Great Dress Marie!

    I’m a huge proponent of looking at things in a new light so I love this video. People can get really down in the dumps when they procrastinate but if the procrastinating is unlike you then get to the bottom of why you’re doing it. The bonus is the more you do this the more you’ll get done, no matter what!

  35. hannah

    Sounds like they really wanted to do the deal and you drove them crazy with your procrastination so they just jumped on that detail

  36. I’m a Chronic procrastinator and never saw this angle of it. Great insight. Thanks Marie! xx Ritu

  37. Great episode Marie!
    I agree that sometimes it’s just our intuition trying to save us trouble. I remember one situation where in retrospect I was just trying to do something that I thought I SHOULD be doing. But it actually wasn’t what I truly wanted. In this situation I actually got a divine intercession that resulted in me not being able to take action. After that I realized that I actually didn’t want to take action and was grateful that I didn’t pull it through.
    Thank you Marie! xx

  38. Awesome video Marie, I must admit as a lifestyle and procrastination expert, you took me back to school in this one. I help folks stop quitting and start succeeding in business and life and that ‘quitting’ is usually a by-product of procrastination. However u r so correct in that everything happens for a reason and for that reason delaying a decision, action etc. may be the best gift ever. I’m positive that if I had written my book “Get Sh*t Done” earlier than I did, I would not have had the unique experiences and factual information that can assist others and make it a message that not only sticks but one that get results. We all have intuition/discernment in one form or another- well women have a stronger sense than most of us guys but nevertheless that gut feeling in your subconscious was most likely the reason why you and your team procrastinated in that business deal thus helping you avoid a bullet! Another shining example to us MarieTV lovers that “other people’s experiences can be the best teachers” #ProcratinationIsNotAlwaysBad #lessonlearned

  39. This episode left me smiling. So many changes happened to me and my business in the last year. After 5 years of designing and hand-making children’s clothing I decided to fold that company and start a children’s magazine. I am so much happier now but I felt, at first, that I needed to get the first issue out as soon as possible. I rushed too fast; trying to make a quick product when I really needed to stop and assess the situation. Now a year later I have dedicated contributors, my hubbs is on board and I feel like I am producing a good product. Sometimes “seize the day” may be “seize the year of research”.

  40. Grace the Musician

    Marie’s video is the first thing to enter my brain this morning, and what an insight! I have never really been a procrastinator until recently, so maybe this is a sign that I am participating in some things and trying to force the issue of getting things done that just maybe are not meant to be on my real path. Or, maybe I am just putting too much on my plate! Definitely a new perspective, an ‘ah ha’ experience for me, and all the more listen to take some quiet time this morning, and every morning, to ask myself what is really important to do today, and what needs to be taken off my list. Yes, sometimes it is fear that is making for procrastination, but sometimes it is a sign that something is just not right for me! Whoa!

  41. Love the tweetable Marie! This is so timely because at the moment I’m totally procrastinating about whether to move to Berlin or not.

    I keep finding excuses to move things forward and not take the action I need, who knows, maybe there is something better waiting around the corner that will make me happy for not going?

  42. Alissa

    Another amazing and timely episode – thank you! I’m also coming to learn that a *certain* kind of procrastination can be the biggest sign that something isn’t quite right and that it might be time to take a step back, instead of just a sign that I’m a lazy ass.

    I signed up for a series of training courses earlier this year, and about a month into the last one…oh boy, getting me to do anything for it was like pulling teeth. When it came to the classes or doing the homework assignments, I found myself squirming and wriggling and basically doing anything I could to get out of it.

    Now I LOVE learning, I truly love being a student, and I am so unbelievably passionate about the subject but you never would have known that to look at me 10 minutes before a class. It was totally ridiculous. I was like a sad, sulky teenager.

    I obviously did the super smart thing for a while – faked it, forced it, and beat myself up about what a crappy, uncommitted student I was. I felt like I had to keep going because to turn back and change my mind would look like failing or being a big, fat quitter.

    Finally it came time to sign up for the next class in the series, and I found myself sitting at my computer, literally unable to do it. It was the last day to sign up. I was sitting there with my credit card. I got as far as putting my name in the registration box…and I just couldn’t press the submit button. At this point I thought it might be wise to take a few moments to think about why I was acting like my stubborn puppy when she sees something she doesn’t like in the street.

    I know what it is to be excited but scared…this didn’t feel like that. It felt heavy. Uncomfortable. Like I had a stone in my shoe that kept niggling me with every step I took. I knew that I’d never be able to learn while I felt like that.

    I decided not to take the next class, and oh my, the relief was sweet and immediate. The last of my previous classes ended this last Monday and weirdly, I’ve woken up with more energy and passion for the subject and this learning path that I’m on than I’ve had in months. I’m now excited and energized about my next steps instead of feeling sluggish and resistant and guilty. The class just wasn’t for me, and THAT’S OK! I’m taking a slightly different path and I’m so very happy about it.

    So yes, thank you wise procrastination. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you right from the start, but thank you for persevering with me.

    Now to stop commenting on forums and get back to work 🙂

    Thanks for a great episode and an awesome discussion.

    Ali x

  43. Loved this episode. Glad to hear that we are distinguishing between procrastination and contemplation. I’ve learned to trust that if something’s not happening, it’s not meant to because I know the Universe (my Higher Self) has my back. I think that at times we have too many shoulds and our inner guidance is putting up resistance because that should isn’t something we should or need to do. It’s just something we bought into and…there’s a better way.

  44. Hi Marie –

    This is a great message. In late August I had just started my VA/Business Development business and I pitched an acquaintance of mine that has a business. Our first conversation over the phone went so well she hired me and we settled on the rate. We set up a time to get together (since I knew her) to go over the details and get started. Once there, I felt very out of control of my business as she was telling me how things were going to be handled and what I would (and would not) get paid for. I am a flexible person and obviously do what is best for the client, but something just was not sitting right with me. By the time I arrived home, she had said we should keep the hours to a minimum until the first of the month, which I was fine with. I told her that between the meeting and getting to know her business (she gave me access to emails and facebook and wanted me to dig around to get to know her business), we could keep it to 5-10 hours. All of a sudden I get a phone call that the meeting was an interview that she wasn’t paying me for, even though she officially hired me on the phone. Something in my gut told me to hold off looking into her business. The next day she called me to call the whole thing off because she couldn’t afford me. Thank god I procrastinated – I would have wasted even more time. Now I know to trust my gut. If something doesn’t feel right, then I am not doing it.

  45. Marie, thank you for your videos. You really inspire me at times I really need it. Building a business has put me in a place I’ve never been before, a vulnerable place which can be very scary! I realized my biggest procrastination was all due to my fear of the outcome, once I got over that I was able to make great commitments and see the joy in moving forward and now it’s back to smooth sailing.

  46. “Should I or Should I NOT”
    Copyright 2013 by Jai Louys

    Like “LOVE”…Procrastination can help prevent a heartbreak…What’s really at stake?…Another commitment?…Another contract packed with legalese…With the other “party” hoping you will bellow out, “NO PLEASE…OOOH, PLEASE STOP”…Like I would if Marie swatted my sexy ass with a horse crop…Life teaches us this, “Amongst the bad decisions we’ve made two major reasons top the list”…One is lack of details and the other is desiring something MORE than we can afford…Like “LOVE or SUCCESS”…We can only emotionally pay for what’s on “sale”, but we charge card the “best”…As Marie advised, “S%@t Show Lane” can be scary like the “Red Room of Pain”…So, think “Twitching Palms”…Relax and stay calm…Procrastination sometimes get’s a “Bad Rap”…In fact, like “LOVE”, until you just “know” he’s the one that brings the heat and makes the bedroom “Steamy & HOT”…You will stack up memories and waste time on simple leads, when procrastination just needed a “luv tap” from the crop…

    “Should I or Should I NOT”


    (from the epub by Jai Louys “The Bridal Chamber: Where Dreams Become Reality ISBN# 978-1-4566-1987-9)


    Ohhh, how she longed for “romance”…To feel a man’s energy being spent and exerted directly on her…For her well-being and hers alone…He would toil and make sacrifices for them, on a deep emotional level…She wanted to feel like the only woman in the World…”Special”…Ohhh, how she longed to experience “passion”…The ultra-warm chemical reaction of his delicate touch…Sweet as a “sugar rush”…She could never get enough of his “love words”…Crisply whispered between sipped sparkling white champagne and hand-fed chocolate covered strawberries…In other words, he was the “One”…The one who could motivate her to cooperate, respect, cherish, admire, and appreciate his “manly” ways…Ohhh, how she longed to forget all those “lonely days”…Nights, just hoping to get away in the pages of a book…”Dreaming” of the day she would enjoy a sensuous “kiss” from her soul mate among the backdrop of his seductive look…While red rose petals float on lavender scented bubble bath foam…The many romantic moments and encounters they would share in their home…Consumed her mind…She would finally get to “feel” acknowledged, adored, understood, and supported throughout the “end of time”…Ohhh, how she longed for “romance” repeatedly demonstrated…All of his efforts, the little gifts, and caring attention would have her elated…Ohhh, how she longed for the quality of love and supportive communication that would help her “cope” with the stress of the modern workplace…She was fed-up with heartbreak, seeking an antidote of an “unconditional love” so pure…”How will I know he’s the man, my soul mate, whom I will live happily ever with?” , she asked herself…”You’ll just know”, a Heavenly voice whispered back…You’ll “just know”, was…


  47. Sometimes things will stay on my to-do list for so long that they eventually work themselves out without me. In these cases, I see that no action is the best action.

  48. Yes Marie!

    I have had the same sort of experience several times in life and business.

    I have learned that whenever something is outside of they way I typically “do things” and the wheels are turning quite as fast as they should, I view it as a signal that I should step back and evaluate things.

  49. kitty

    I love this video if anyone wants to giggle at their procrastination!

  50. This is a great message Marie 😉
    I personally have been a great go getter in my early 20’s! Started a great biz, had the hubby quit his job to work with me full time… then family happened and along with it health problems (rare and scary!) – so now, I’m kind of starting over from scratch in a healthy living lifestyle and I’ve had this amazing business plan in the works BUT my intuition has been pushing it every few months… for another personal reason. I’ve been wanting to have another child and I now know very well how stress can get you quickly to a death bed if you overdo it!!!
    So, I’m being real about my future. Prioritizing what’s good for me right now in my life and my dream can wait another year. Deep down when you know you’re not ready and want something else, your intuition will tell you…. and procrastinating is a secret message that tells you this isn’t what you want right this minute…

    For women especially family planning is a big deal when dreams collide with a baby bump – we, have to be super careful to choose what we want…. We can do a lot, But we can’t do everything!!!! 😉

    QUESTION : anyone else mixing up family life with business plans? How is that going for you???? Is there a bit of procrastination in your life? (please say Yes! ;)) (to make me feel better ;))


  51. Jessie

    “The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!” And we all know cheese is way better than worms!

  52. Thank you. Merci. Gracias Marie!!!

    I knew I wasn’t going back to a certain project for some reason.

    I tried standing on my head. Having a few cocktails. Journaling for days.

    And yes, it all comes back to gut instincts.

  53. Thanks for the insights, Marie! I agree; it’s a matter of intuitively understanding WHY you’re holding back or not moving ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to admit, especially if it’s inconvenient for us to do so, but it’s so well worth it! No one wants a horror show ending. 😉

  54. Nada

    Absolutely amazing, as if we have shared the same experience. I was always very diligent person so when it happens to me to procastrinate I realy do listen to it as my “good chance”, my deeper inner self that knows more then me. I experienced this type of “deep procrastinating knowledge” both in bussiness as in my love life. Great, I can just abandon myself to it….
    Recently, something (The Procastrination Angel) did not permit me to share certain personal information with the man i’ve been dating and I was wandering myself why…events continue to happen in his life and he just dissapeared and I am sooooo happy I did not reveal that much about myself to him…. because Mr Right has come and we are completely in LOVE sharing everything!!!!

  55. I have thought about this in regards to being a guest poster on someone else’s blog. I am rarely inspired to do a piece for it and would rather just write for my own, despite the fact that his following is huge. Hmm…

  56. Tammy

    Wonderful again Marie – this has happened to me so often that I have learned to consider it “intuition”. When I am procrastinating it is my cue to take a deeper look – and consider why I am doing it. There is also that little thing called “serendipity”, where often I will hesitate to do something whilst waiting for a “sign” or event that either encourages or discourages my original intent.

  57. jpsp

    So true Marie. I was planning to invest in the company some friends had and I kept forgetting to do it! Then I’d remember, and forget, and remember and forget – I never got around to it and this was uncharacteristic. One day we all found out that the husband was lying, cheating, mismanaging etc and several friends lost sums around $30,000. My forgetting was my signal to not do it and I was very grateful.

  58. Hi Marie – great video. I always thought i was a procrastinator until i changed and started doing something i love…now i just get er done! Turns out i was just doing the wrong job LOL

  59. Thank you for this video, it felt a little like validation for me.

    I’m a get-up-and-do-it gal, that’s how my clients know me as well. I’ve found that there is a fine line between procrastination when it doesn’t “feel right” and just plain out not wanting to do the work and take the action required.

    I’m very grateful that by now I can tell which is which, and when I push action off because it makes me feel squirmy, it usually turns out to be the right decision in the end.

    Nice to hear this from you too. 🙂

  60. Hi Marie et al,

    Great video and you’re looking fabulous as usual!

    Last week I realized (with the help of a coach) that a project that I had put a lot of faith into, yet wasn’t quite willing/able to finish to my satisfaction, was not the right project for me to be working on after all.

    Luckily I will be able to re-purpose the content I created into a simpler project more suited to building a steady stream of income. I’ve taken a few days to let go of the other project and accept I’ll have to start something new, I’m feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about the transition.

    During my letting go phase, I caught up on my bookkeeping and found that a number of times this year I had paid for a service / content that I wasn’t quite ready to use, but I thought that by taking the plunge financially, I would somehow conquer my procrastination. So another lesson learned…don’t spend money on a service / content that I’m not fully ready to use, especially if I have a free system in place that works or plenty of resources that I’ve yet to utilize.

    Stay tuned for new and better things to come at, where I’m always moving forward.


  61. Fiona

    Thanks Marie. This came out on the perfect day, I was going to dig through your videos looking for the one about late clients. I’m about to go have the “why are you procrastinating and always late?” conversation with a client. I think this isn’t the right time for her to be moving forward on this project and this will be soooo helpful!

  62. Meron

    Early in starting my business, I picked up a partner who was all in. Excited about the work I wanted to do and committed to meeting with me weekly to get things done. From the very beginning, she spent time focusing on the legal aspect and taking care of that. I understand that it’s important but I didn’t have the same sense of urgency. Fast forward and we’re no longer working together. Relieved that I procrastinated or else the split would have been a lot more messy.

  63. Great point of view, Marie! I learned from my experience that when I procrastinate it’s usually for 2 factors:
    Either I don’t know how to do a new task, so I get stuck with the technicalities of it (for example, running a webinar for the first time), or,
    I am just not excited enough about the project so I push it forward each week.
    Once it hits a 3 month procrastination, I usually realize that the project is actually a Hell No! for me, so I let it go and let new abundance come to fill the space that I just cleared.
    Funny thing is that some projects that I let go in the past, come back years later, once I am ready to do them in a better way. Everything goes full circle when I’m ready to move into that.

  64. Tracilee

    Procrastination… sigh.. it saved my life, almost literally. I was a highly driven, typical type A personality who had to complete everything immediately and it almost killed me. I ran myself ragged with the gotta do, have to do, and must do’s to the point of a break down. I sought counseling for this out of the norm issue that my hectic life brought on and the first thing the counselor told me is that I don’t HAVE to do anything and everything is a choice. Well, long story short, I started using words like I’d like to do and even, let someone else do it and my life changed completely. Now I happily procrastinate with things that aren’t life threatening and I don’t let it bother me.

  65. Nadya

    I have exprienced that many times… something that comes now to mind: I wanted to learn personal coaching 4-5 years ago and found myself procrastinating it all the time, until 2 years ago I did it – and the timing was perfect (my friend went with me as well, it was close to my work and I had time for it), so looking back – I’m really happy I have procrastinated 🙂
    I need to keep reminding to myself not bit myself up for that because usually it turns out for the better.
    BUT – this needs to be applied mostly for people who usually do everything on time… because if someone is used to procrastinate it can be used just as an excuse 🙂

  66. Great insight, Marie! This resonates 100% with me!

  67. Elainea

    Loved this video and topic and glad to know that I’m not the only one who has experience this! Oftentimes there’s a reason I’m procrastinating about something that can only be described as a feeling. The challenge is recognizing that feeling, trusting yourself and not punishing or judging yourself for not making it happen.

  68. Syreeta W.

    This is so on point and a testament to what I’ve been experiencing over the past year. Last year I finally decided to start a business doing what I love but I hadn’t really ironed out the details of who exactly I was trying to reach and how I was going to do it; so I just decided to try to be everything to everybody (can I get a witness from the people who have been there?!). In spite of my enthusiasm to get started, I felt a need to hold back so I kept researching and planning and gradually things began to come to me. There were times when I would be in the shower and my mind wouldn’t be set on something else and all of a sudden BAMM, an idea for my business would come to me. This happen often until nearly a year later I have a whole new focus for my business. My vision and my goals are much clearer, and I’ve found that my target group has such a great need for what I have to offer. Now think of the disaster it would have been if I had not waited (procrastinated) and just jumped in head first? That would have left a painful and very expensive bruise… ouch!

  69. Jenna

    This is perhaps the video I didn’t want to hear, but needed to. I have been putting off the final step in advancing my business, though I’ve been working on the business plan for months, I have been starting to feel that maybe its not the right step. Good to Great kind of step. Or maybe just good to greatly in debt? I am worried I’ve got fear and intuition tangled up in one big mess. Its hard to stop in mid track when you have come so far and contacted so many people, and then say have to say “nevermind.” Why do we feel something is so absolutely right one minute then mmm, maybe not… the next?

    • Susan

      Wow. This is very timely for me. Just yesterday I got an e-mail from one of my employers who wanted me to do a one-time job that was outside of the regular work I do for him. There were things that were problematic about the job and I had a strong feeling it would be more trouble than it was worth – yet I did not want to disappoint this really nice man who gives me regular ongoing work. I am a freelancer and can say “no” to a job, and have turned down extra work from this person in the past, but this case seemed tricky. So I decided to wait a few hours and mull it over before responding. When I got back to my e-mail, he’d written another message saying, “Never mind, it’s no longer relevant.” I was SO relieved.

  70. Malina

    Today I really believe that if things in life do not work out as you wish, there is a reason (which we often can’t see). I hardly wanted to make the MBA. But although I had great grades in my Bachelor, the university refused my application. So I tried once again and after months I finally received a commitment ( through clearing). After two exhausting years at university and several job experiences I realized that this was the complete wrong way for me. I hated my professors, I hated my jobs, I hated my colleagues (we just had nothing in common). Then I thought “You have an MBA, you earn your own money, you had great job opportunities. So why are you so depressed?”. Now I understand. I tried so hard that I totally overseen the help that was given to me.

  71. Marie!
    Remove the camera you have installed in my office. Not cool.
    (there’s no other way you could have put this video up this week precisely).

    Seriously, no more spying.
    (I hope it’s a camera and not a microchip in my brain).

  72. I love this!! I used to be such a procrastinator a year ago and now I’m the opposite! I realized my needs and desires where not being met with what i was doing and managed to change things around…it’s almost the number one issue people come to me for, everybody struggles with this at some point..I did a webinar on why its important to really look at your procrastination and why i think it can be a good thing, it’s free at if anyone is interested 🙂

  73. Marie,

    Your comments about procrastination being a blessing in disguise are so friggin’ on target. I grew up around people who constantly characterized me as “lazy,” and the irony was that I constantly worked to improve myself and get out of the slave-for-other-people mentality. I procrastinated enough so that I finally stopped getting caught up in dead-end jobs, jobs I would take on just so I could be thought of as “hard working.”

    I’ve paid a heavy price for thinking this way. My business went under, through no fault of my own (file that under “s–t happens”), and the trials and tribulations since then have been scary. But I wouldn’t give up my dreams for anything. And the things I’ve created since have been incredible.

    Thanks for having the guts to speak on this.

    —A Guy Fan

  74. Absolutely GREAT video. Trusting your instincts. It’s a compass that never fails.

  75. It is a very true, I have spent many times, have a project and to underestimate and fast enough, now I realize it was because it was not ideal for me.
    It is very important to analyze why we are delaying the project, I work myself when I realized that neither had a passion for it, and it was not something he wanted to keep. So I said goodbye, and I was happy because I focus on what I really liked although the road would be more time consuming.
    A big hug from Mexico!!!

    en Español:
    Es un hecho muy cierto, me ha pasado muchas veces, tener un proyecto y no darle la importancia y velocidad necesaria, ahora me doy cuenta de que era porque no era lo ideal para mi.
    Es muy importante analizar el porque estamos postergando el proyecto, a mi me funciono al darme cuenta que ni tenía pasión por eso, y no era algo que quería mantener. Así que le dije adios, y fui feliz porque me dedique a lo que realmente me gustaba aunque el camino iba ser mas tardado.
    Un gran abrazo desde México.

  76. Amen Marie! I am with you on this and for me when I am not moving forward with something it’s always a tight feeling in my stomach or chest. This can be personally or in business.

    When I don’t listen and do the opposite of moving too quickly without checking it, let’s say it’s a reminder to be o.k. with pausing AKA procrastination.

    Thanks for putting this out there Marie!

  77. I’m such a procrastinator, but it works great for me because it ensures I work more efficiently (that is, when I have my back up against a ridiculous deadline).

    But it’s totally true that when you just keep putting something off, it can be a sign that it’s not the right thing to do at all.

    Okay…no more procrastinating! I have to get back to working on my book launch 🙂

  78. María Consuelo

    Excellent episode! I happened the same thing to you Marie! I personally think that sometimes procrastinate because what we have to do is much more obligation than desire. Other times the Universe is responsible for helping to procrastinate, filling the road drawbacks “something” because it will not be good for us. The issue is then to learn to discriminate the signals…sometimes so subtle!
    Big hug for you, and thank you for teching with humor
    (sorry for my english, i am from Argentina and i´m learning your language!)

  79. Daniel

    Hi Marie! I can’t thank you enough for letting me confirm with myself that sometimes it’s okay to procrastinate! I’m a really busy high school senior and sometimes I overload myself with work unnecessarily. On top of my school work, I’m really involved at school and I put my personal projects off for multiple days without having a second to devote to it.

    I realized, thanks to you, that maybe that project I’m trying to start is just cluttering my mind with more things to do and I’m not able to really think clearly. Thanks for being such an awesome teacher and advisor for the world!

    Much appreciated,

  80. My initial response to this vblog was to say – “I understand the point that we all gain perspective in retrospect, however, I am not sure if that’s good justification for procrastination.” Lol!!!!
    but i do let situations reveal themselves to me, and they could be some slippage to deadlines while they are “revealing themselves or unfurling” lol! Would you consider this procrastinating?
    I tend to plan with my team but leave room for God to steer me wherever He feels best and sometimes God’s “steerings” disregard my deadlines. (Yes, i’m blaming it on God!) Lol! So yes, I am a chronic procrastinator that gets things done with my Joy intact!
    The journey and the lessons in every moment is what I watch out for these days.

  81. So true. I procrastinated joining a leads group and then learned that it wasn’t the right group for me. I dodged a bullet. Sometimes, it’s okay to take your time. Other times, you need to make decisions. The key is to listen to your gut. Thanks for offering such great tips and advice in an entertaining way. Love it. You’re inspiring me. 🙂


  82. Steph

    Thank you Marie. People have judged procrastination and made it the pivot point of their humour. After making a decision to never procrastinate again, I pushed through setting up a business with a person. Needless to say, it really didn’t get past the starting line. Procrastination was telling me to sign off! Keep it coming Marie.

  83. Lex

    I procrastinated like crazy when making the plans to move out of my apartment into a new apartment with my partner. Month after month I would reschedule with the movers for one reason or another. I just recently ended the relationship with my partner and will be moving into a different new apartment this coming week.

    I am SO GRATEFUL that my procrastination 6th sense knew not to move those boxes into an apartment that would never really be my home.

    This was such a validating episode of Marie TV, thank you!

  84. I gotta say Marie, this is probably the exact reason why I hold on to procrastination. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found that it was more beneficial to put something off than to move forward. It kind of goes hand in hand with trusting our intuition. On some level you realize that whatever it is, isn’t meant to be, so you subconsciously drag your heels. For me, there are actually more times when it is beneficial than not. I tend to have really good instincts about things like that. Now, if I could only figure out when people were lying to me, I’d be golden. 😉


  85. First off, I love the outfit, Marie. One of my favorites yet. That could be in a magazine and perfect colors on you. Interesting question about procrastination. I’m a driven person so I always feel down on myself when I do procrastinate so this is a good reminder to evaluate WHY I’m procrastinating the next time I notice it happening.

  86. Hi Marie & team,
    Although I own a biz, this example of procrastination comes from my personal life. My best friend was getting married in Hawaii, and I had every intention of attending. Even though money was tight, I really wanted to be there for her, and enjoy what would be my first trip to Hawaii. But during the planning, something always came up (Hubby was having trouble getting the time off work, we were waiting to hear back on my mom’s timeshare, etc). And although I was excited for her, and had some fun surprises planned, I always had a feeling of dread about the trip. Well, months before the wedding, my best friend did something that really hurt me and made me evaluate the relationship. After a lot of thought, I realized I had been unhappy in the friendship and not being treated well. I decided to end the friendship, and felt an enormous amount of relief. And right after, things started opening up for me (my first new car, new clients, new biz opportunities, I redecorated my home, etc.). I had no idea that feeling of dread would be me leaving the relationship, and I’m turn, not attending the wedding.

  87. bleu11

    This was very insightful. I will look back at situations were I have procrastinated and determine whether it was a good thing or not!

  88. I really believe procrastination is your “gut” trying to tell you something.
    I was approached a few months ago with a speaking opportunity that just sounded great. A golden opportunity to promote myself, my business and my educational programs. My expenses were being covered and the organisation was in alignment with my target audience and something I wanted to be part of. However…… “gut instinct” was nagging at me that there was something not quite right here, don’t sign anything until you know what it is. Thank goodness I listened to it. The promoter of the event was disorganised and had let down a number of people. Some of them I later learned were clients of mine who filled me in on the full back story. Huge restrictions would have been placed on the content of my presentation due to a clash with an event sponsor. The whole affair would have been a huge waste of time and resources for me and had I signed on my “logical” assessment I would have been trapped into attending regardless of the disadvantages. Now conversely, I have had the opposite be true. Sometimes an opportunity has looked all wrong from the outside but my gut is telling me to go ahead because it knows something I apparently don’t. And, sure enough out of a less than promising situation a golden opportunity has come my way.

  89. Rebecca Davis

    I love this look at procrastination! As a student I sometimes end up procrastinating whether its by choice or lack of time. I always try and get things done as early as I can to avoid stress but sometime I find myself at a loss of creativity or ideas. Ive written papers a week ahead of time before and then taken a look at them a day or two before they are due and just end up starting all over! Sometimes the pressure of the due date can actually bring out your best work. Some of the papers I have written last minute have been my best with the best feedback, but of course, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes procrastinating as a student can be my worst enemy, but at the same time, sometimes it can take active thinking about an assignment for a long period of time for me to actually get motivated and come up with ideas for certain difficult projects. Thanks for taking a different spin on procrastination! I’m sure all students would greatly appreciated.

  90. Ruth

    This ep in particular made me giggle but also go ‘ahhhhhh’ with understanding!
    Every time in the past when my gut has been dreading something or I have forced myself to get active on something I didnt want to its turned out to be a bad gig or bad decision. While a kick up the butt when I am lazy is a great thing, indeed avoidance can actually be a little message perhaps you should listen to! Awesome 🙂

  91. What say I? I say, sometimes “A hesitation is as good as a no”

  92. Joc

    I’m a problem solver by nature and often want to react quickly. However, I find that procrastination in dealing with a problem or opportunity can, at times, give me that key bit of time to step back, reflect and come up with a new approach or better solution. It gives me time to listen to my inner voice. That old adage about “sleeping on it” before acting can be good advice.

  93. LOVE this episode! Interestingly, my new website has been in process for a few months now, and every time I’ve been sent an update from my designer, I’m not super- stoked about any of it, like something/ some elements were missing that I had a hard time vocalizing because I’m not a designer. Instead of just going with whatever, I’ve been procrastinating (subconsciously) because my gut has been like: HOLD the phone and DON’T go down Shit Street!! Anyway–I finally decided to hire my regular graphic designer who is a driver & knows me well to be the liaison & communicator with my new site designer (who is awesome also)–so this is superb street instead of shit street! Yay. I feel like one always has to have the guts to put a hold on a project if it doesn’t feel 100% right. And interestingly, sometimes when we’re in the middle of a project–we may even be in some transformational phase as well–which also is a game changer at times even for projects.

  94. I know in my gut if something is an immediate YES – and I know now that if I’m hesitating or questioning the value, then it’s a no.

    I usually sleep on it – and then if I’m still feeling iffy the next day, it’s a definite NO.

    I use to procrastinate the actual “NO” part, and just sit on it for ages, but I’m getting better!

    xx Denise

  95. I do get intuitive hits more often that I’m prepared to… but I’m learning to catch up 🙂

    It’s really a different space and a different type of ‘listening’ that takes place, and the more I trust it the more I enjoy it.

    It’s a little voice though, and it took time for me to hear it and separate it from the chatter of my ‘logical’ thoughts.

    Thanks so much, Marie 🙂

  96. This was really great Marie! I tend to not procrastinate so when I do, I’ll often ask if its resistance/fear and if it is, that is usually enough to kick my butt into action. But when I see that something just keeps sliding and fear or resistance is not the main issue—I love what you say & I agree, that sometimes it’s the inner wisdom acting on our own behalf, helping us out and steering us in the right direction 😉 Thanks for an awesome episode.

  97. Marie, I love how much you encourage us to respect our own intuition and examine the “why” behind our choices and behavior, even when it comes to procrastination. I’m realizing it really can be useful. It made me think of this quote:

    “When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that in itself is a choice.” -William James

  98. It does happen a lot of times in my personal life. I know when I am not taking a decision or when I’m not into action, it means something’s wrong and I need to make a change. Definitely a tip on where to go or how to take a decision!


  99. Ha!
    This JUST happened to me today.
    I had been putting something off for weeks. Every time I was about to start putting energy, focus and research into it I felt a dark block and quickly put it on my list for the next day.
    I kept doing this and doing this and finally, just today (of all days!) I came up with a much better strategy, that makes much more sense AND eliminates this “thing on my to do list” that I was dreading for weeks!
    Perfect timing Marie – as always!
    Thank you for the great vid!

  100. I’d been procrastinating on renewing a developer suite package I use for clients (It still worked I just wasn’t getting updates) and then I get an email with a 35% off coupon.

    Procrastination saved me about $60 ! Yay procrastination. Good job buddy!

  101. Just what I needed today… a question to myself about why I am procrastinating and carrying over one simple task on my To Do list, which is to go spreading the word about my upcoming course. This time it’s not because it feels wrong, but because it feels so right and means so much to me… I am in the middle of testing it out at the moment, it is going well and by putting the word out there and spreading the word for the real thing, I feel so very vulnerable. If people like it and want to sign up, great… if they don’t I’m back to square one. Yikes! Gonna feel the fear, take the leap and go do it with confidence this morning. Thank you Marie. x

  102. jan timms

    Dear Marie – You are hilarious and your delivery is so natural. Keep doing it girl! thank you. jan timms xxx

  103. Marie,

    This episode is right on target! I went through a similar situation where I put my money and my time into a project and my partner just wasn’t pulling their weight. Procrastination is indeed a sign that something is telling you rein in your energy and enthusiasm.
    You have given me food for thought! I have recently launched a creative coaching program for analysts and managers where I explore solutions to career challenges with them. Procrastination is a state of mind that I will definitely explore in one of my creative thinking technique.
    Even in the corporate world too often people put off taking action because of something that is trying break through to their level of consciousness that they chose to ignore.

    Thanks for the tips and insights! Tuesdays mornings are my favorite because I get to read your post before I start my day.


  104. Jan

    Love all these comments!!
    My personality is “Jump first and then think” and that has caused me to experience so many train wrecks in the past. Now, what appears as procrastination is really me running ahead and looking around the corner to see what that crazy woman before would have gotten me into.
    Procrastination is my friend:)

  105. Great point, Marie!

    I’ve never thought about it this way. I beat myself up for procrastinating, but some things I procrastinate on I need to reframe to see if there’s a reason I’m resisting it.

    If the reason is just fear, then I better go ahead with it! But if it’s something I don’t feel that great about doing, than your right, just let it go.


  106. I am not a procrastinator – in fact, sometimes, in my desire to get a project done (and off of my “to do” list), I will finish it well in advance of the deadline – and of the best inspiration. Then, right before it’s due, the “real idea” – a better, more authentic, “alive” one – arises. When that happens, if I have enough time to do justice to the new idea, I’ll take a deep breath, listen, re-write, and go with it. Intuition is a powerful tool, but not all of us were taught to respect and listen to it. Thanks for pointing this out, Marie!

  107. Ruth

    what about procrastinating your marriage… is that a bad sing? 🙁

    • Nicola

      Ruth. maybe it could be a “good” sign, it depends how you are willing to see it. The recognition that you are procrastinating is calling for you to understand why. Be true to your feelings and you’ll know the answer. Best wishes 🙂

  108. There are pros & cons to procrastination! I ADORE it. The trick is to figure out when you are procrastination out of fear OR because what you’re working on, just isn’t the right direction…or…what’s REALLY going on :-D.

    (I teach productivity, so this topic is SO important. I LOVE procrastinating. Hey, everything in moderation!)

    Thanks Marie for showing the “good side” of procrastination!!!!!!

  109. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on why you don’t want to do something and having a little extra time helps. It’s one thing to procrastinate on household chores, but there’s probably a good reason you’re not moving forward with a partnership, especially if it all looks good on paper. The mind works in mysterious ways, just roll with it!

  110. Love your video Marie.

  111. Thanks Marie, Yes I have had many occasions like that where something doesn’t quite seem to be adding up. Its usually when I get whacked in the head by a Neptune transit (I’m an astrologer). It’s really good during these times just to go with the flow and not force things….. and usually something to comes to light to make you feel glad that you just sat back and allowed all the info to emerge.

    A really good point you made is noticing when your doing something uncharacteristic to natural way of being…. knowing when you are being a slacker or just intuitively cautious is tricky!!

  112. This is such a great video today. This is so true – whenever your behavior doesn’t match the action that you think that you should be doing because something is stopping you or it doesn’t come together as it should, there is a bigger message there. Sometimes it is important to stop and pay attention to that message instead of charging forward in spite of it!

  113. Nicola

    Marie … I love your message and the following comment from Silvia above … “distinguishing between procrastination and contemplation” …. I ‘know’ I have my own back I just don’t always realise it and I now see that the procrastination which I’ve beaten myself up for in the past is part of my deepest intuition guiding me … I’m grateful for this clearer understanding and move on from “what might have been” towards the exciting unknown depths of tomorrow. <3

  114. Procrastination can be a good thing if it’s giving you time to consider things carefully. Even the things we are excited about and can’t wait to start could use careful consideration. There are others that you have to wonder, why aren’t I more excited? Being self employed takes enough self discipline to stay focused and work hard without having projects you aren’t even excited about. Thank you Marie for this perspective, it does make me reconsider some ideas I have and even suggestions from friends that just stay on the back burner. And feeling bad about procrastination is an energy drain, so better to reconsider, do it, don’t do it. or wait on it but don’t feel guilty!!!!

  115. Melinda

    Spot on Marie.

  116. word.

  117. Avelyn


    I am the Queen of Procrastination, my boss probably refers to me as Queen Pro lol. Any who I am new as an Executive Assistant for a Major Bank and it seems like there are so many deliverables in a day that it causes procrastination! ugghh- I loved the video but I was hoping on hearing some newer tips in regards to procrastination, or putting things off when they start to pile up. I’ve seen some of your past vids but I feel like there’s still that magic tip somewhere. I want to start my own business that’s why I want to control this ugly habit now. The big question is- Will it ever go away?

    (other’s welcomed to share)

    Queen Pro <3

  118. Than you for this!
    I always get really disappointed with myself when I procrastinate. Now I don’t have to feel like that every time 😉

  119. Patti

    Whipping a “black”person bring slavery to mind

  120. Love this vid, Marie! I totally agree – if I keep putting something off over and over, I know it’s time to take a closer look. Once I do, I can tell if something is truly off, or whether it’s just resistance.

  121. Thank you for the video, great point!

  122. Procrastination is our teacher. This is part of the shadow (ego). Ego and shadow received a bad rep as well.I belieed the hype until my student pointed this out to me. I realized that she was right. Procrastination is part of the balance in our lives. For every negative there is a postive. Nature is our greatest teacher. In nature the electrons showed us the relationship between postive and negative ions. This is true overall in pretty much everything.
    It’s amazing how awake you really are, Marie and you are elevating. I do one to point out thing and that is out to be kind to flies. Instead of swatting it and killing it, release them from the areas they are trapped and unable to get out. Capture them with a jar and lid and take them outside and set them free. Be kind to all of nature not just the human ones.
    Excellent video though. HUGS.

  123. Hi Marie, great points about when procrastination can be a good thing actually. I watched your video on how to defeat procrastination, and now you’ve given us the full picture with this video. Thanks! 🙂

  124. This message is so timely! Sometimes procrastination is an amazing thing. I’ve been procrastinating on booking an appointment with a Dr. about my lower back issues. I’ve been on a chiropractors website, I’ve read up on information but for whatever reason, I hadn’t made the call. Then randomly yesterday I found out about a home show I was interesting on attending and an opening in my afternoon to go. The back Dr I had been googling was there. I received information, booked two appointments for half the price it would usually be, and he donated all the money to charity. All of a sudden, it made sense why I had put it off that long.

  125. I have found this to be so true when starting the first stages of working with a new client. Sometime I can just feel it is not going to be a good match or that they will be the ultimate “pain in the rear” client. I find myself putting off quoting, calling back or following up. I find my intuition is spot on, and that procrastination is not such a bad thing after all.
    Sometime we need to hold off to see the truth, or to have all the pieces fall into place. Awesome advice!

  126. Molly

    My take on procrastination: You have to do what you’re in the mood to do! Sometimes this means you get something for next week done before what needs to be done this week, but hey, at least you got something done instead of staring at something you didn’t want to do. I work from home, and sometimes I wake up and I’m in the mood to clean, so I clean the house instead of working! Sometimes I sit down and get right to work! As long as everything gets done eventually, that’s my take!

  127. Yeah, I definitely notice that there’s some hidden intelligence at work when I procrastinate. Usually, it involves something that I either shouldn’t be doing and should be outsourcing, or something that doesn’t really align with what I value and am passionate about.

  128. Hey Marie,

    I totally agree with your mindset about procrastinating. In fact, I see it as a way to ensure that I don’t speed things up too much and get overwhelmed.

    For me, procrastinating consciously is a very important part in my business. I implemented GTD and now I’m working on an app that allows people to plan taking some time off and that’ll motivate them to get back to work.

    It’s just like you’re saying, procrastinating might happen for a good reason and people should be aware of that. After all, you’ll only grow a business when you’re feeling good about what you’re doing, so beating yourself up for procrastinating won’t do any good for you in the end.

    All the best from Germany,

  129. Love it Marie! Some brilliant wisdom here – as usual =) xx

  130. Did she say “White people!”?!?! That’s hysterical.

    And yeah, sometimes there’s a good reason for procrastinating. It’s always an energetic sign that SOMETHING is off.

  131. Thanks for this new perceptive. I realize now that its a good thing sometimes.. Helpful when working on getting a business going and getting a project done.

  132. Sometimes procrastinating is a good thing. There is something powerful that energizes me when I wait until I HAVE to get it done. I’m focused, and as it gets going, I find I feel empowered and keep going. Not always mind you but sometimes!

  133. Awesome post. I have been trying to figure out this procrastination thing that sometimes crops up, but in many different ways.

    I procrastinate on cleaning/house chores because I think then I won’t know what to do with myself when it is all completed. That’s just plain silly because there are so many things I love to do that make my heart sing – so I am working on this one.

    In work, when I procrastinate it generally means the project isn’t meant to be, or that a certain piece hasn’t appeared or been made clear. In general as I get more honest with myself and am willing to see my patterns at an arm’s length, I am becoming more authentic!

    Thanks for posting, Marie!

  134. Loved the video and the message was refreshing! Sheds a new light on the procrastination monster. Very timely advice!

    Thank You, Marie…

  135. Michaela

    I know this very closely. I call it the feeling that something “doesn’t fit”.

    I was about to publish my first book but I was postponing it all the time. This wasn’t good and that wasn’t enough. I got far away from my deadline.

    There was just something saying to me. Wait, wait, wait. I was thinking. Oh god! What if this is just a kind of excuse? What if I am just afraid to take action?

    It turned out to be the best decision. I have met a graphic designer few weeks later and showed her the book. She took it home and drew her own pictures. She told me she had a feeling she has to do this because my poems deserve the best and people deserve the best. I didn’t have money by that time but she did it for free.

    Now I am about to publish my first book in two weeks. I have found two men who are so excited that they offered me paper and all the stuff for printing for free. And the prize of the printing is three times smaller then usual! They told me they want to be part of this piece of art.

    So listen to yourself and maybe procrastinate a bit sometimes. I do it when I feel good about the income of doing so. (as was sad in one of the comments above)

    Keep up the good work and create!!! We own it to the world!

    • That’s amazing, Michaela! It sounds like providence really opened up for you.

  136. Perfect timing for me. After 7 years of trying to run a particular website for women only, today, I felt the green light to close it down. I might turn it into a product in the future, but EVERY time I worked on the site, things would just go wrong, nothing gelled and despite building a big list, they were so non responsive.

    Today, my mentor cousin sock it to me hard … “these women are headliners … they love the story and the name of the site, but they’re not walking away with what they need, they’re walking away with what they think they need … inspiration but no substance.”

    Wow, there is more, but I feel as though a load has been lifted off my shoulders.

    Perhaps I won’t wait 7 years next time thanks to this perspective Marie. Thanks! x

  137. I’m saying yes but also saying yuck yuck yuck. I was really looking forward to working with an organization on some projects in the community. Turns out, they just want help doing the visual branding of a 12-page toolkit. Not only has it been taking a while for the decision-maker to get back to me, I’m feeling funny about the response I got when I told her that I want to display the work on my site. I have been burned when I designed promo materials as part of marketing campaigns. That’s what I do. I’m not a graphic designer and if that’s what they wanted from me…well, then it won’t work. It shows me I need to improve how I represent myself.

  138. This reminds me of Oprah’s statement: Doubt means don’t. But sometimes procrastination is just about getting clearer before proceeding. It’s definitely an art form (or at least hyper self aware) to know which is going on: a) doubting what will follow is what I want; b) still percolating the details before execution; c) procrastinating something I know I want but have something subconsciously thwarting my plans. (I love your post on this topic – getting the subconscious mind all aboard!)

  139. Jo

    THANK YOU MARIE… I have been ‘on the fence’ so to speak on a major project that I have been trying to launch and for the life of me could not figure out why I was dragging my feet when I am normally so proactive and move with purpose on projects… the reason is the direction of the project was wrong! I realised this when reading and watching all of your material on B School and the lead up to B School and had an epiphany that the direction I was heading was all wrong and my gut was literally trying to tell me but my head was being too logical and wasn’t listening! I had a hynotherapy session too for the purpse of getting the left side of the brain to step back a bit and let the right side have a go! This has now all come together so I know why I was procrastinating. Amen : )

  140. Gracelove

    You are so right about this.It happens to me a lot.

  141. Wow. Yes. This happens to me all the time. Whenever I procrastinate, I know there is a reason, and it is always divulged to me within time. I agree. Procrastination is a sign that you are picking up on something that isn’t conscious. It is a signal that we need to pay more attention to.

  142. Jennifer Dobson

    I so needed to hear this today ( as I sit here on my couch feeling like I am procrastinating waitIng for inspiration to strike. Haha!). Ask for a message and the universe delivers.

    I see procrastination as your brain processing some detail so small that it was caught by your subconscious but wasn’t transparent at the time you made the decision to do something. Some detail so minute that was caught by your brain and is still being processed. 9 times out of 10 when this happens to me I find I was dead on with holding back and going with my instinct and things turn out just as they should.

    Thank you for the great message and, as always, great delivery!

    Thank you!!!

  143. Yes! I know this feeling, I have a project that is just not coming together, I feel something off with it and I’m not rushing because I think I need to figure out that thing first! 🙂

  144. YES.
    I am a clothing and lifestyle designer for kids, who is in mid launch – and have been offering sewing alterations to bring in some $ while I get things running. Turns out, I loathe the alterations work. I do it because I’m good at it, and it’s easy cash – but I procrastinate for weeks, and let it weigh heavily with guilt until I finally DO IT just to get it off my plate. This is a SURE sign I need to STOP this service and just do my collection 100%!!!

  145. Great reminder that sometimes “procrastination” is actually our intuition in disguise.

    When I notice I’m in procrastination mode, I find that just asking: “Why am I dragging my feet on this?” helps me quickly get at whether the feet-dragging is being driven by fear, intuition, lack of clear priorities, or just not being the right time to focus on this priority.

  146. Ashwini

    How do you decide which form of Procrastination is good & which is bad, do you just go with your gut feeling ??

  147. I own a branding and marketing agency that specializes in businesses that inspire. One day, an old family friend of mine heard I was a designer and asked me to design their logo. They have a steam cleaning business, which is not the typical business we work with, but it was a friend so I agreed to help them out. I procrastinated the crap out of the project and when I finally got the first round of proofs to them they hated it. Thinking it was because I hadn’t put my best work out there I sat down, poured all my best ideas onto paper and tried again. They hated it. It turns out, they had never seen any of the work my studio produces, never even looked at my personal website.
    I learned 2 major lessons with this project:
    1. Designers are artists. You wouldn’t ask Van Gogh to paint like Michelangelo. An artist’s best work happens when they do what comes naturally. I’m trying to develop a consistent look for my business, and deep down I knew that steam cleaning businesses were not part of that.
    2. Make sure your client knows you as well as you know them. This whole thing could have been avoided had I just said, “Have you seen our work before?”

  148. Hi Marie, abundant credibility about back dabbling can be a acceptable affair actually. I watched your video on how to defeat procrastination, and now you’ve accustomed us the abounding account with this video. Thanks!

  149. Great video, Marie!

    I completely understand the value that procrastination can have even if it can feel seriously scary riding it out, not knowing where it will lead you. It takes courage to trust that you’re making the right choice whether or not procrastination leads to doing what you think you need to do.

  150. Yes… this is absolutely true!
    Its proven tons and tons of times in my life.
    I have been procrastinating, and seen universe procrastinating sometimes (lol) for me. When taking away or putting things away from me that I desire. Ive just got better and wiser choices later on.

  151. lily

    Hello,Another thing to ask is: Six months or 1 year or 5 years from now, does doing this feel light or heavy?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a great question to ask yourself! Thanks for sharing part of your process with us. 🙂

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