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Ahh, the last drops of summer. Bittersweet, right?

As I’m writing to you, a cool morning breeze is carrying the first hints of fall into my world.

But before the leaves start turning and we break out our chunky sweaters and jeans, we’ve still got August to enjoy.

For me, it’s the perfect time to clear my mental decks, savor the sunshine and get myself ready for what’s always a bustling fall season.

That’s why I decided to do something different this year.

For each of the four weeks in August, we’re going to focus on revisiting a classic MarieTV episode.

As long as you’re on the email list (if you’re not — sign up in that green bar above, pronto!), you’ll know which episode we’re focusing on and why.

Of course, I’ll be with you in the comment section of the episode we’re focusing on each Tuesday for some real-time discussions.

Since you and I both love a little ‘behind the scenes’ insight, here’s why we’re doing this.

1. Change is necessary for growth.

Consistency is vital for long-term success. Howevs, change is necessary for real growth. Innovation requires us to step outside of our everyday patterns and look at things from a fresh perspective.

Plus, I’m a creative — just like you. I adore changing things up, experimenting, risk-taking and trying out new ideas, so here we go!

2. There are some mighty fine MarieTV episodes you’ve likely never seen!  

While some readers have been around for years, many folks in our incredible community have just joined the party.

That means unless you’ve binged on all 154 MarieTV episodes, there are some great episodes you don’t even know exist.

So this is your chance to catch up and see some classics.

3. We’ve chosen episodes to help you reset your foundation so you can rock this new season like a champ.

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been outta school, there’s always a strong sense of getting ‘back to business’ once September rolls around.

And for all of my Aussie and Kiwi friends heading into spring and summer, same dealio! A season change always sparks an inner drive to clear the decks and start anew.

OK, so now that you know how this is gonna roll, let’s do this.

Week of August 6th

How To Deal With Overwhelm:  A 6 minute workshop to get you focused and productive.

I wrote this post back in 2011, when I was with one of the most productive people on the planet, Sir Richard Branson! In our current update, I’ve included four simple resources to help you stay out of overwhelm once and for all.

C’mon over to the episode now and I’ll see you in the comments.

Week of August 13th

How To Reach Your Full Potential. This week we’re focusing on one of THE most important concepts I’ve ever learned. Yes, ever! It’s about Turning Pro with my favorite author, Steven Pressfield.

This interview isn’t super old, but it is super good. In fact, it’s the material I revisit anytime I want to take things to the proverbial next level. And you know what? It works. Every. Single. Time.

Join me in the comments over here, as I’d love to know what you’re ready to turn pro about.

Week of August 20th

How To Stand Out From The Crowd. This week we’re going back to one of the very first MarieTV’s of all time! And the topic couldn’t be more relevant.

If you feel like you may be getting lost in a sea of samey competition, you’re gonna love today’s episode. You’ll learn two simple strategies that most people never use — that can help you stand out in an instant.

Join me in the comments over here because I want to know who YOU think is doing this right!

Week Of August 27th

This week, it’s all about How To Recognize Great Opportunities from Time Wasters.

Because if there’s one consistent challenge that every creator I know wrestles with (including me) it’s time.

So what is the secret to managing our most precious resource? And, more importantly, when loads of opportunities come our way, how do we know when to say yes vs. when to say no?

In this week’s classic MarieTV episode, you’ll learn how to use “filter questions” — a simple and genius decision making framework — to make sure you’re always spending time on what’s truly most important.

Get your buns over to the episode now. In the comments, tell me your top 3 goals and the filter question you can use to stay on track!


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  1. You look gorgeous Marie: a Goddess on the beach.

    • Totally agree Caroline – if only my hair looked like that on the beach!!! I’ve never quite perfected that ‘beachy waves’ look!!

    • Seriously — that hair, that dress! Lookin’ fab, Marie! And this post was so relevant for me this week.

    • Caroline – that’s the first thing I thought too – beach goddess! Totally gorg Marie! Now to watch the video 🙂

    • So true. Marie is gorgeous and fabulous in every possible way (and I mean that in the most respectful way as a happily married man!) I’m totally late to the party because I just discovered Marie a few short weeks ago (I know…where I have been, right?), so I’ve been going through all of her past MarieTV episodes and picking up on SO many useful nuggets for my business, blog, and most importantly, my life. Keep rockin’ it Marie, I’m excited to see all of your classic episodes!

      • Shola..

        Clicked on your link cuz I was drawn to the name. Awesome domain, btw.

        Then started reading your blog.

        Love the look. Love your message.

        p.s. just followed u on Twitter.

        • Darlene, thank you so much for the kind words about the look and the message of my blog, it is greatly appreciated! I’m following you on Twitter too. Keep up the fantastic work!

      • We called my college roommate “Shola.”

        I checked out your site…good stuff!


        • Thanks Nakeia! If you’re still in touch with your college roommate, tell her that I said hi. Us “Shola’s” need to stick together 😉

    • I have to get in on this hair discussion! LOL

      My sister has gorgeous hair like Marie’s.. Neither of us really thought about it until I noticed pp commenting on Marie’s.. and when I mentioned it to my sis, she said pp compliment her on her hair, too.

      I have nice hair myself, but 99% of the time it’s in a ponytail so it doesn’t have that glorious look like my sisters and Maries.

      How did we get from overwhelm do hair!?! 🙂

      ~darlene 🙂
      p.s. loved Marie’s “overwhelm’ episode.
      p.p.s my sister is in my About page picture:

    • You guys — thank you SO MUCH. I can take very little credit for the hair — my Italian ancestors gratefully passed it down 🙂 So pumped for this month!!

      • Marie! You look so gorgeous! I love everything about this picture. Who was your photographer here? I am dying because when I take beach shot my hair is all over the place and yours in neatly in place! Was this on the beach in Santa Monica/Venice?…my stopping ground!
        PS- I am 100% Italian (both sides my Mom and Dad) and I did not inherit thick wavy hair from my ancestors ): neither did my sister but my cousins did. Ha! Lucky Goddess you!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to checking out this week’s classic MarieTV. 🙂

    • Alison – I also coach young professionals, and I think Marie’s interview with Steven Pressfield this week is really relevant for our shared audience. I recommend his books to most of my coaching clients – especially my young entrepreneur clients – because his writing is the perfect mix of inspiration and ass-kicking. “The War of Art” was amazing, but “Turning Pro” takes it to a whole nother level. Thanks for reposting this, Marie!

  3. I’m one of those readers that actually binged on every single one of your episodes and posts. When I first discovered you, I thought I had discovered a gold mine (and I did!). Still, I’m SO looking forward to this month. I made my own video about dealing with overwhelm in the meantime, and it’s so great to revisit this one and learn more about it. Great idea, Marie!

    • I’ve watched all Marie’s videos, too, but I’m also super excited to revisit MarieTV Classics this month. Especially this one about overwhelm — such a great reminder about what’s REALLY important.

    • Yep, me too. I snarfed all the episodes in one go. But I like the idea of curating a summer series of one’s own pre-existing vids, that curation is a whole new creation for us. Thanks, Marie!

  4. This is one of my favorite “workshops” – I’ve been using it several times a year since you released it. LOVE it!

  5. Oh, a trip down memory lane! I enjoyed this vid the first time round and have done again… taking something new out of it this time> identifying the “meh”!

    I love the peek behind the scenes vids (especially the one from new year’s day this year) – I hope some of them make the cut!!

  6. Hi Marie,

    This is a fantastic idea. Every so often I re-look at the videos of past episode to make sure that I take all the right content for my business. Some times we over look things or simply need to be reminded.

    Good luck and we look forward to re-visiting your videos this month.

  7. I love that you have no apprehension about revisiting the past…of course, the content is timeless (and God knows I can use this exercise at this very moment). However, a lot of people like to erase or ignore what doesn’t look like where they are now. You’re sooooo not that chick. You embrace all of you and that alone is yet another great lesson.

    • Ha ha Emelia — in our day and age, much of our past is on display with just a little bit of Googling 🙂 Or in my case, you can walk into any Target or Walmart and see me on the cover of some fitness videos from back in the day. Thanks so much for your comment, and for being here!

  8. Great idea, Marie!

    I’ve seen lots of your videos, but I can’t claim to have seen them all, and we need to take time to review things, otherwise how are we going to know where we’re going?! Looking forward to digging in!

    Beautiful picture, by the way.

  9. Thank you Marie. I can say with confidence I’ve watched all your videos and do some whenever I need a little boost. Will look forward to re-watching through August.
    Yours, Sarah

    • Wow Sarah! Thank you so very much — I’m honored to know they provide a boost 🙂

  10. No joke, I JUST watched (and used) that episode last week! It should probably be a DAILY practice.

    • Great minds Leah!! I use that exercise often too. Life and business have a way of “building up” fast — a little clearing out never hurts!

  11. Awesome idea, Marie. I love that picture of you btw!!!

  12. Gawjuss pic Marie! You look amazing.
    Love the idea of revisiting videos from the past. I love your videos and often find that when I’m in a tough place or am uncertain about things, you have a video that talks about that exact topic. Can’t wait to watch the video on overwhelm- boy can we all relate to that! 🙂

  13. What a great way to introduce vintage videos.
    Always learning!

  14. Great idea, Marie. As it is, I already love going back and viewing previous episodes, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing which ones you have chosen for us.

    And with that said, I’ll be enjoying the last month of summer right along with you! 🙂

  15. Love this Marie! It’s really cool to see how MarieTV has evolved over the years. You may not have had a fancy set and crew and stylist for the vids a couple years ago, but I like that and the content is still killer! xo

    • Thank you so much Natalie — you are 100% right. The very first ones were web cams in my kitchen!

  16. This is a great way to give you some breathing room (as well as a change), while at the same time allowing content to see the light of day. As a blogger, it’s sometimes frustrating that I have so many older, wonderful posts that others may not get to read. Repurposing is a great idea!

  17. I very much appreciate the idea of getting back to basics! My mom did this when I was little – August was for enjoying the end of summer but also for preparing for the upcoming school year. Summer messes got cleaned up and put away, bedtime went back to a normal hour. It’s kind of like spring cleaning in reverse and I love it! Can’t wait to see Marie’s classic episodes. 🙂

  18. Marie! You’re always innovating, even when you’re recycling! Watching you helps me stay fresh. Thanks for the opportunity to watch your amazingness over and over again. I ALWAYS feel 100% inspired after a good MarieTV dose! You are the BEST.

    • So glad to have you here Kat! Love ya woman xoxo

  19. What a great way to remind us of some of the awesome business-building classics from your library Marie, thank you 🙂 Can’t wait! Tehmina

  20. Can’t wait to watch it Marie. Was dealing with a bit of overwhelm myself yesterday after 3 weeks of summer vacation spread over 2 months. Playing some catch up.

    Very timely!

  21. Love the whole concept of this idea — I just know the content will be killer, and I LOVE that gorgeous dress!

    I missed out on BSchool this year, but I also enjoy your sass, style & wisdom, and I hope I can be a part of your winter class!

    Stay chic,

  22. This is such a great video. Overwhelm can happen to anyone, not just the entrepreneur. I’ve learned, the hard way, to follow the first rule diligently. There is far too much angst living otherwise.
    Now, I need to learn how to sort out those Meh’s. I call them Shoulds, because the word sounds as off-putting as the concept. Shoulds can be emotional and psychological quagmires. The word ought to come bordered by a hazard sign. Doing something solely because one SHOULD is living without authenticity. But, I was raised in a time when Shoulds were bandied about recklessly. Hear enough of them and it becomes a pernicious mindset, difficult to eradicate. Yet, it’s is so liberating when even one is struck from that list!
    Thanks for the great advice, Marie!

  23. What a wonderful reminder of the amazing content on this website! There is always something useful for anyone!

  24. You’re kinda magic, it always seems like your videos resonate with what I need to hear at that EXACT moment. You inspire me so!

    I’ve been using this idea since I saw this video the first time around. To anyone who hasn’t done it: do yourself a big-time favor!

    Everyone has those monkeys bouncing around in their mind, especially if you are in charge of your own business. This a good way to shut ’em up.

  25. Sheryll

    Thanks so much! This really helps. We often put pressure on ourselves to be superwomen/men. This exercise really helps to put things into perspective. I feel better already!

  26. Hi Marie,

    Your content is evergreen, so it’s a good idea to remind your readers to not just look at the latest episodes…

    Btw, you are a natural at the beach. Like a mermaid. Are both your parents Italian?

    • Hey Maria! Yes, both my parents are Italian though mom’s side has some additional international flavor in there 🙂

  27. I LOVED this topic! Thank you! So thankful that Karie Hill told me about you. You offer some of the BEST stuff in the industry and it has inspired me greatly! XOXO

    P.S. Karie and I are thinking of taking a trip to NYC. Coffee date?? LOL!!

    • Hey Stephanie! I likely won’t be in NYC for a bit, but please do give Karie a big hug for me 🙂 xoxo

      • Will do Marie! Thank you so much for all your content! It has truly inspired me to start speaking and coaching women entrepreneurs. I would love to attend your next event!! Xoxo

  28. Hey Marie, I don’t think I’d seen this episode but it’s awesome. I love the method of crossing off all the “outta my hands” and all the “meh” ones. I think I need a new category though that I’ll both use and teach to my kids.

    Underline all the things that you are in charge of but avoid because you are uncertain, don’t like, make you feel bad or other reason. Identify how much time you need to spend on each and give that item a time home. For me, one such thing is keeping up with my business books. Because I am A) not systematic and B) this is at best a Meh task, I tend to avoid it until it does become overwhelming and eat an entire day to deal with. It’s not something I can delegate yet so it has to get done by me.

    The kids I tutor have a lot of tasks like this. Their math homework, for example. Most of them would put this on their meh list and avoid doing it. LOL

    By having a time home that allows for an appropriate, and doable chunk of time, the thing can get done before it’s an OMG I have to study for 3 midterms and I have only 1 day to do them all. I’m going to die! Or I have 6 months of statements to balance. Crap!

  29. I love this greatest hits album!
    It is so tempting to chase the new systems or efficiency apps or million dollar programs and create more overwhelm with fresh techniques from the hottest new expert. But really I just need to take a minute to do this simple practice more often. Thanks for the reminder to take the time, push the pause button and actually write out all the little nagging thoughts and then cross off half the list and get to work.

  30. I LOVE this idea! Looking forward to it! Much love Marie!

  31. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I deal with being fully booked out as a social media manager and life as a mom and wife! And LOVE the idea of revisiting the classics!

  32. Lina Hollman

    Hi Marie,

    You are such a gift! I really enjoy your weekly videos and admire your passion toward helping others be their best. I hadn’t seen this episode. I plan on sharing it with my daughter – a recent college grad who is looking for work. She is feeling a bit overwhelmed and the exercise can only help her. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

    P.S. I do the happy dance too!

    • Thank you Lina — for your comment and sharing with your daughter 🙂

  33. Yay! This is so timely. I recently counted the number of plates I have in the air (creative: blog, MFA, memoir first sh*tty draft; life: don’t get me started) and have been sandbagging that creepy, overwhelming feeling. You’re right on time Marie. Thanks so much! Now on to the show! 🙂

  34. One could argue that following leads like yours contributes to “overwhelm” in the sense that I don’t really feel I have time to allow myself such “distractions” while trying to build a biz. (I can’t be the only one…) BUT, Marie, the content in your MarieTV episodes is SO worth it! Thank you for that! I’ll be tuning into this episode right now…

  35. PERFECT timing! I’ve been home with the kids all summer and i am so ready for fall so I can get back to my full time work schedule! I have so many ideas for new projects for my magazine that I’m ready to make reality! Trying to not be overwhelmed by it all! No matter how many times I revisit your videos I catch something new, or it inspires me in a different way. I so appreciate you sharing your experiences and wisdom. Xo

  36. I was revisiting some of my old videos taken from my iPhone in a jungle with flies around my face and ironically people seemed to love those. I still love your earlier videos where you were unscripted Marie and natural and from the heart. To be they were more personal like you were sitting on a couch across from me and we were having a chinwag.

    Not that your series now isn’t fabulous, I just prefer the earlier ones


  37. Thank you. This message came at just the right time. Love your work!

  38. What a perfect picture! That dress is beautiful, why can’t TJ Maxx carry that kind of stuff?! 😉

    This vid came just in time in my life, as usual! Thank you!!

    PS – Thanks to Marie I started recently and am currently doing a giveaway of a SIGNED copy of Patti Digh’s best seller, Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. I don’t have a ton of followers yet (although over 2,000 views in 3 months!) and would love for someone to win the book so please come on over and enter to win!

    <3 Namaste

  39. Amber

    I remember doing this exercise with you way back when! It was probably almost a year after finding your book and doing your Booty Camp. Both of which I LOVE to this day. You really should consider re-releasing that material. The first time I did this exercise with you here my list was already way shorter because of Booty Camp 1 and 2, and your book. This time around, guess what? It’s had time to sink in and only the truly pressing stuff is left over! Woo! Does that mean that I don’t feel like running and screaming in a tiny circle? Nope, I still do (albeit less often and with less fervor), but when I do I actually put my shoes on and take 30 min to actually run or do something good for myself rather than stew.
    Thanks Marie!

    Oh, and I feel like a broken record repeating what has already been said, but you serious-for-realeo look like a GODDESS mermaid that just grew legs and is now having everyone gasp in awe at her Goddessness.

    • Hey Amber!! Booty Camp is on our docket for an update so THANK YOU for that reconfirmation. And of course — you are too sweet on your compliment xoxo

  40. Marie, as always, you are just so rad!

    Thank you for reminding me of this clear and easy process to relax our minds.

    I totally agree that inner chaos creates outer chaos…the more at ease we are, the easier life is!

    Much LOVE and appreciation for you! 🙂

  41. Marie, thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been debating on how to repackage and repurpose content for my NEW followers. As you know, great content you created (months or even years ago) can get lost in the ethers of the internet world :).

    Some of my older work is so in-depth and spot-on that it would be silly to try to “redo” it. I’m going to add some updated insights to those older pieces, get a new conversation going, and help more people. Thank you!

    P.S. I love the classic “How to deal with overwhelm” video.

  42. I crack up every time it’s TV Tuesday, because every single time the content is poignant for what’s going on in my life.

    Having a breakdown? Here’s how to deal with overwhelm…

    Ha! Get out of my head! Or actually, don’t.

  43. Marie – what we need is a checklist with all the marie TV episodes, and then we can check them off as we watch them lol so much good stuff and I feel like some golden nugget is going to fall through the cracks!

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  44. Hi Marie,
    what a fab idea to highlight some of your previous videos. I have only been on your list for a couple of months so I would have a lot to catch up on.

    Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see the hightlights 🙂

  45. Hi Marie! I LOVE this idea! You gotta take a break sometimes to get your own juices flowing and find inspiration! I’m excited to see what you come up with! 🙂 THANK YOU for your awesome encouragement and support through consistently providing us with EXCELLENT material to build our own businesses and lives that we love! 🙂 *hugs*

  46. Awesome, Marie!!

    Me too, I feel that August is the month for preparing the change for September.

    Teaching, right, starts in the fall, so August is always the time for me to reinvent myself.

    I love reinventing myself (look at lady Gaga, Madonna – the queen of successful reinvention, and so on) – but there is so much to learn in order to also boost the potential when we do that reinvention.

    You are a master, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see how you handle this 🙂

    See you next week,

  47. Great exercise! I’m currently writing about clearing all those things that take up time, space and energy that block your flow and keep you from doing what you really want and need to do. So I will definitely include this video as a tool to help with that process.


  48. Great Marie! Perfect timing with this workshop, I needed it..

    BTW magnificent picture!

  49. Love this, Marie! Thank you for the little reminder 🙂

  50. This is the second thing I’ve run across in the past week on the topic of clearing out to create focus. The universe must be telling me something 🙂

    The challenge I had with this particular exercise is that my original “must” list was entirely things under my control. So not cross-off lines there. And the one or two “meh” items are stuff I can’t not do, like housework and yard work. (OK, I could, but then my house and yard would be a mess!)

    The rest is mostly focused on building, marketing and promoting my site and business. For me, the overwhelm comes not from the tasks themselves necessarily, but the time it takes to do them and the number there are.

  51. I love this video! I have always done a variation of this, and when I first saw this in B-School I snatched it up and share the concept with my clients ALL. THE. TIME.

    Mental White Space = calm, present, in the moment being.

    I’m not thinking about yesterday, or tomorrow – ’cause they’re already planned and taken care of. And right now, is where the magic really happens.

    Have you ever used I am checking out your list of resources, and workflowy is my number one resource for the list maker in all of us!

    thanks, Marie + team!


  52. Lifestyle of a Christian

    I love your creativity. You make it look easy.and effortless. Kudos to You and your TEAM!

  53. Amy Gavartin

    Hey Girl! Gotta love me some Marie! It has been a few weeks since I watched one of your video’s and this was just the secret sauce I needed. You always put a huge smile on my face.

    I loved seeing your how your authenticity has always shined through. I wasn’t on your list in 2011, so didn’t catch all of the older video’s, but I can tell I have missed out. So glad you are bringing your ‘oldies, but goodies’ to our attention.

    I have such gratitude for you and all you do. Your B-School has given me the most incredible foundation and I tell every biz female I know that it is a MUST!!!

    Love to you always!

    • Wow — thanks for that Amy, can’t tell you how much that means to me and the entire team. Huge gratitude.

  54. I wasn’t on your list early on too so it’s great to see an older video. While the video may not be brand new, the advice is GOLD.

    I’m working through this workshop because I tend to get overwhelmed very easily. I think the key is also being aware that you really want to make the effort of getting out of overwhelm too. So many people complain about it but don’t put the effort in to doing something about it.

  55. Fernanda Ramirez

    Marie! What can I say? It´s a wonderful way to spend my summer, watching great coaching videos from your whole collection.
    I enjoyed the first one and…created some consistent mental wide space already!

  56. You look like a siren. Hope I don’t run my ship aground on the reef. 😉 Good tips. I was hoping for some footage of the Necker Island retreat, however. I like Sir Richard, and pay attention to the things he has to say.

  57. I always enjoy reading your newsletters etc, but especially much today. Being a forensic psychiatrist I was quite thrilled to see the word “gangster” on your banner. I just started my homepage, so far it has only a photoe and nothing more, but I am very inspired by you!

  58. This IS great timing! I was just talking about how MarieTV used to be my Tuesday ritual before I started traveling this past spring and I’ve gotten my man into an old episode last night…it’s a great time to catch-up and get him in on it…he did the brain dump exercise a couple nights ago…I think he’s pumped, I know I am. 🙂

  59. As always your timing is so great as I am ready to jump start my thoughts and energy for the fall after having major surgery and having to take a month off. There are so many wonderful things happening in my life right now and your energy is exactly what I needed. Great to know that I can also revisit my B-School content for a refresher. Thank you Marie!

    • YES Franka! Sending you some good healing vibes, and absolutely — B-School is there for you forever 🙂 oxo M

  60. You are such an inspiration Marie and you look amazing in the beach photo!

  61. This is great timing as I go from part-time Coaching to full-time Coaching. While it’s been a long time coming, the chatter never stops until I surrender. You don’t say it much but I am most attracted to you because of the feminine business model you offer. Mental White Space reinforces for me what Abraham Hicks says, as well. Rock on girl! See you in B-School soon.


  62. I guess I’m still a newbie because I missed that episode.

    Great exercise and thanks for sharing!

  63. Sowmya noronha

    Hey marie,
    You look stunning in all your videos and pics. I totally love what you do. Just by watching your weekly videos i’m inspired to take actions which I would never have dared to venture into before. I’m starting my apparel designing and styling blog soon. Thanks to you and the awesome tips you give. Can’t wait to join b school! By sharing your tips with friends I see them totally in action and inspired. You have the art of creating leaders around you. totally love u for That

    • That’s a huge compliment Sowmya and I feel really honored 🙂 oxo

  64. As a Professional Organizer I LOVE LISTS!! At times I try to keep it all in my head. This is not a good idea as Marie so perfectly put it……… becomes overwhelm
    Recently I did a big mind dump of all the projects I am working on and all of the to do’s. Then I put A,B or C beside each item. Then I hired a very part time assistant to take care of the B and C items. Ah this is working out soooooooooowell.

  65. Awesome. I watch past episodes when I am on the elliptical and really dreading it. Watching these episodes makes the time fly by and reinforce the idea of me doing something good for my growth–elliptical and MarieTV 🙂 I am grateful.

    • Cool Ronnie! So glad I’m “with you” when you’re sweatin’ it out!! 🙂

  66. I love this exercise!! I have been working on setting up your productivity spreadsheet from your bonus materials at the end of B-School. One of the most exciting things is getting it all down and allowing myself to focus!! Thank you! Keep the productivity help coming!!

  67. Kim

    Thanks so much for this timely piece of advice! I so needed this right now. You’re the best Marie!

  68. Enjoy Italy Alejandra! I can’t wait to return 🙂

  69. josé

    Hi Marie, i find your down-to-earth, hard-working approach extremely refreshing. No magic tips or formulas.

    Anyway, i wanted to tell you that you look A LOT like one of my favorite singers, Teresa Salgueiro, from a traditional portuguese band. I guess its all in those mediterranean genes (by your lastname i assume theres some Italy in you). It all makes your material not only easy to understand, but easy to watch too!


  70. Ngoc Khong

    Thanks for the reminder, Marie. Love this XOXO

  71. As a newcomer, I’m really excited about this! Also personally want to thank you for reminding me of September and everything it used to stand for back in school. I was a total geek when it came to back to school shopping (and for the supplies, not the clothes) and I always loved breathing in the air in the morning that first day of school… There was always a, “This year is going to be awesome!” echoing through the wind!

    • I know what you mean Chiara! I had an obsession with school supply stores too (paper, notebooks, great pencils 🙂 and LOVED that time of year.

  72. Thanks Marie,
    I realize while watching your video that the system I used when I was working for someone else was to have a list in the morning to check off throughout the day and then I would never leave the office without updating and creating a list for the next day. That way my brain had dumped all the concerns of the day before I walked out the door ensuring an evening of sanity in a high stress job.
    Today I realized that I have added another way to deal with overwhelm. That is my new “let it go and let it sink in” method. Now that I am on my own schedule for my own business, I still make lists but I have the space to do the things on the list that can be done with order and ease and then when I get to the ones that overwhelm me I allow some time to feel what has to happen next rather thank think my way through. I often come up with better solutions this way though I admit sometimes it takes way longer than I am comfortable with to find the best solutions. This has been a new practice for me lately.
    Thanks for the video. It was good timing for me.

  73. LisaR.

    Thank you Marie for all your insight! Our department is in process of restructuring and listening to your weekly advice kept everything in perspective. Tx again and have a wonderful rest of summer! : )

  74. Oh Marie,

    I’m so happy that summer is close here ‘DownUnder’. I don’t go much for the cold times. Looking forward to revisiting some of your classics and kicking some more goals. Thanks for your continuous motivation and inspiring me to get those juices flowing.

    Happy days ahead.

  75. I discovered Marie Tv about 3 months ago as I began cultivating ideas for my business- it’s been such a fortunate discovery! I have watched most or perhaps all of her videos- some of them several times and I have learned so much! I’m very new the the business world having worked in education prior- so reading Marie’s stuff and the material of people she recommends like Seth Godin has been amazingly helpful! Thanks Marie!

  76. This episode is so powerful for me to kno which road, i am going to follow.
    It is dedication, persistence, work and succuss wll come when you put your energy into it consequently.

  77. This summer series is a perfect example of how to turn “off time” into “pro time”.

    Funny, this episode is one of the first I saw when I first discovered you… which turned into me joining B school when I decided to turn pro in my online presence and engagement. I was pro in what I did as a pro chef, but not in how I looked. This led to a swanky new (no more website shame) website which launched last month.

    I even named a new offering after this…Go Pro Kitchen Makeovers.

    Since I know you love to cook, you’ll find lots of great Italian recipes and tips on my site. Check them out.

    And when it comes to the hair…oh boy! I crack myself up every time I think that my hair speaks Divine guidance to me. I realized long ago that when I’m fighting with my hair, it’s a clue that I’m not at peace with myself. Since going pro…this gift from my Italian ancestors shines too!

    Thanks a million Marie for helping with this gal’s transformation.

  78. Loved this video! I never thought of this but really need to put myself and business at the forefront and go pro. Loved reading the other comments as well and will begin working on my scheduling and not pushing stuff off anymore. I also went to add the book The War of Art onto my Amazon wishlist and realized its already on there….if I put a book on there twice I must really want it. Going to click buy right now!!

  79. Great idea, Marie. Your videos are amazing and I could watch each one several times and pick up something new each time! I’ve just started making vids for my business and hope someday be able to look back and still find the content valuable and relevant. Thanks for all you do!!

  80. Just a suggestion: It would be awesome to be able to create our own favorites list of videos that we go back to time and again. You’ve chosen some awesome videos here, Marie, but there are others that may also be personally significant to each of us. Would be great to be able find and play them again easily.

    • Hey Madeleine — Great suggestion, we 100% have it noted. And, I believe you can do that already on Youtube!! You can make a list of favorite videos to rewatch whenever you want 🙂

  81. You know you’re a Marie Forleo GROUPIE when you stay up until midnight (Aussie Time) to get the weekly video hit! I’ve watched this one before, but I always trust your advice and I’m off to rewatch it, until it really sinks in! 🙂

    Love Jana xx

  82. After seeing your Steven Pressfield interview I purchased his book “Turning Pro” on my kindle and read it in one sitting. I then purchased his earlier book “The War of Art” and also plowed through that on my kindle. Next I think I might take a look at “Do the work” but “Turning Pro” spoke VOLUMES to me – I really resonated with what Steven spoke about. I have been developing a blog on/off for just under a year but did not actively promote it or even talk about it friends and family. I just hoped that somehow people would magically find my site and or course, they did not. Then I read Stevens work and it hit me for not only my website but also the training I was doing towards a Half Marathon in September. So I asked myself “Am I all in or not?” and I was in! Since then I have kicked everything up a notch. I now write content for my site 4 times a week (previously it was maybe 1 a fortnight) and I have a new drive and commitment for my training/running. I organised new networking cards for my site, in anticipation of attending the PBevent in September, and finalized the new site design.
    Thank you so much for sharing this great work and great strategy. “Turning Pro” is a daily decision but it has certainly created movement and new focus on my life.

  83. This was definitely one of my favs that I watched months ago! Looooove it!!!!

  84. I actually bought the book Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield 4 months ago right after I watched your episode with him. It has then changed my life and gave me a better perspective about life and business. I used to be a person full of ideas but lacked execution techniques. When Steven tackled the differences between an amateur and a Pro on his book, then it hit me big time that some of my habits were lurking on the amateur side.

  85. Good Day Marie,
    Awesome hearing you speak with the author of Turning Pro,
    Steven today. I only discovered you recently, and I have to say you are fresh & delightful and a, new-to-me, find. Yes, I have encouraged others to come join the fun. I see your following is young, however, I do love that you speak to some “old” wise people also. Yes, you are beautiful, smart and a amazing worker bee. I too want to see that show you are certain to create, you are obviously a star:). I have three grown children, two beautiful daughters and a handsome son, all professionals, married with children, which is one reason I appreciate your zest, hard work and the joy you project on screen. Thank you for the wonderful motivation to live life like a Pro. I am still loving speaking and coaching wardrobe and etiquette clients, young and seasoned. I have fashion events monthly, with and for, f REAL people of all sizes, shapes, and ages. It is a fabulous way to encourage people to, “Get Out There and Go for their Dreams” at any age. Thanks Again

  86. I’m gonna take a no excuses approach and from this point forward commit to honouring my working hours with work and go pro!

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    Hope your having a great Summer xx

    Best wishes to all 🙂

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  90. Jane

    Look stunning in this photo!

  91. This is such a great point!! It’s so easy to fall into sticking to “industry standard”…even when that does fit what you’re doing!

    I’m having trouble negotiating my new business on this front….I design websites, but what I REALLY do is help people design websites for themSELVES using an online platform. There are many services that many others do that I don’t, and some great ones that I do that they don’t. I need to focus on what I HAVE that they don’t, and not the other way around!

    Thanks, Marie 🙂

  92. Loved this video! I actually picked up on this topic on the very first video of yours I ever watched. You definitely bring your WHOLE self to your work! It was so clear to see and get.
    I started immediately looking at how to do that with my business.I also heard it even more in this video. Thanks!! You’re great!

  93. Hi Marie,
    I just saw your comment at the bottom of the email – sending you a whole sack of good vibes Yo!
    How was that? Was I just a little bit Hip Hop? LOL. Am I getting down wit da hood?

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    You changed my life

  95. Thank you for giving us permission to be ourselves! 🙂

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    Well being from Southern CA, I must say “Thank God one more less month month” (I don’t do harsh weather. I like being comfortable)

    I’ll be sure to tune into MarieTV though since I just started a new sales job at this tech firm though.

    • Mike F

      “HOT month” I meant (not “month month” lol. Need to proofread)

  97. Maria

    Hi Marie,
    We share the same name (lovely)…we share the same vision of self-improvement, wealth and helping others…but I have not yet found my “AHA” moment where I can say this is what I want to do for the rest of my life 🙁

    I love your blog…came over from Mastin’s blog…and I’m hooked but very sadly I don’t know yet what I want to do. I’m 47 years old and have one adult child who still lives at home (ok by me???).

    Help me find my true sense for being in this world.

    Thank you.

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  99. Marie you are fabulous! Your humor and articulate mentorship is rocking me and my husband’s world. We are what you call “Bhaktipreneurs”… artist entrepreneurs of the bhakti yoga tradition.. and we LOVE your vibration. We heard about you from our dear friend Rob Elings and have been following you ever since. As the chunky sweater season of Autumn rolls in, I look forward to hearing more crisp insights. Thank you and Namaste! ❤ॐ❤

  100. Thanks for keeping it real Marie! Here is sending positive thoughts for your fabulicious news, can’t wait to hear about it soon.

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    These episodes are very important & dear to me since they have shaped my dreams & made my vision more clear.
    Am now a happy person besides life getting even better with time since Marie has made me understand myself! THANKS.
    Love and Light be with you my lady Marie Forleo.

    • Amboka!! Thank you SO much for your note — you are the physical embodiment of a vision I had long ago. I had these “flashes” of being connected to incredible people all around the world, and sharing ideas/concepts/stories that would help us all reach higher and love more :). Sending YOU so much love right back!! xoxo

  102. Love you Marie! You crack me up every time! 🙂 XX

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    Cannot find the words to express how grateful I am for being part of such a group!

    Thank you, Marie, and thank you all, for being here and brainstorming.

    I know I want to be and stay an entrepreneur – being able to help more and more people is a blissful goal.

    Thank you
    thank you

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    I totally get where your mom is coming from. Before I knew you had a stylist and borrowed outfits, I took note of you and your videos because of your constantly changing outfits. Great job to your stylist that she hooked me.

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    Started a blog a couple of years ago. Link below.

  115. Your videos here are oldies but goodies. Thanks for pointing them to me Marie.

    Cheers Rachel

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