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I’m still riding a sweet TV high from Sunday night.

The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones both had big nights (one season finale and one season premiere, respectively) and I was really happy to indulge in a little popcorn break.

That’s because since the car accident a few weeks ago, things have felt a bit more intense than usual.

Which brings me to today’s very special MarieTV episode.

You see, I’ve known about this topic for years — and even heard great things about it from many people I trust. But honestly, I was still skeptical.

If you’re angry about something, feel rejected, or helpless, tap on it now. @NickOrtner Click To Tweet

That’s until our car wreck gave me a big reason to dig in and really test it for myself.

You see, the stress, psychological trauma and after-effects of that crash simply could not be cleared by traditional means.

I know that millions of people around the world swear by EFT’s effectiveness — and if you don’t already know what it is or how it works, you’re in for a treat.

Whether you have trauma from a past event, or simply a lot stress affecting your energy, results and joy — this episode is a must watch.

Listen in as I have a very candid conversation with one of the world’s foremost experts in tapping, Nick Ortner, who is also a filmmaker and author of the brand new book, The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living.

Not only do we talk about tapping, the science behind it and give you a live demo, but we take a detour into a very lively conversation about marketing and really owning your value in this world.

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In the comments below the video, I’d love you to take our interactive tapping challenge.

1. Name the one area of your life that you experience stress about. Be as specific as possible.

2. Describe where you feel that stress in your body and give it an intensity score from 1 – 10, 10 being the most intense.

3. Do five to ten minutes of tapping on it (follow the format of the demo in this video) and leave a comment with how it went for you.

Of course — if you’re already a fan of tapping and can attest to its power, I’d love to hear that too.

Thank you, as always, for watching and sharing so bravely and generously!

With love,

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  1. #1 – Gaining financial independence from my mother as a recent (multi-passionate) graduate.

    #2 – Upper chest , neck with intensity of… 4 right now. It changes depending on my life situations. Some days, its a huge 10! But it never really gets below 4.

    #3 – Ok my level is down to a 3 or 2.5 now.I feel more “okay” about the situation.

    I’m going to try tapping for a while and see what kind of results I get. 🙂

    • Hi Marie

      I followed along with the demo and I am feeling more relaxed . My situation is that I am having trouble getting paid from a client. It is causing extra stress in my life.

    • Ive been tapping on my way to school and reading the comments here. I was trying to figure out how to use this in my life. It seems this is best for physical pain management and when emotions make you feel stuck or paralysed and you need to move on with life.

      I knew about tapping but did not take it seriously. I will now.

    • One of my best friends is an EFT practitioner and she taught me the tools to overcome an acute physical pain I was having, deep-seated past emotional pains and the ‘little’ anxieties that come from living the creative life full-time. It’s an amazing way to heal and awesome that the tools are always at my disposal.Tapping has become a permanent positive part of my spiritual toolbox (which includes prayer, meditation, & scripture study.)

    • I saw this when it came out, but didn’t take the time to try it. I’ve been seriously stuck on a specific issue and came back to try this. OMG. I started balling, just tears pouring down my cheeks. That was really unexpected – I knew I was stressed, but holy cow! I guess I need a bit more tapping to figure this out and move it the hell out of my body, so I can get on with creating the business I love. Thanks as always Marie. XOXO

  2. I love Nick Ortner’s work and started tapping a few months ago. The area of my life I was experiencing the most stress in was my crazy schedule and traveling. Tapping totally works to take my stress from a 9 or 10 to all the way to a 1 or 2 in just a few minutes. When you do it on an airplane or in an airport you do tend to get some funny stares though…

    Gabby Bernstein also did a great stress tapping video yesterday that people dealing with a lot of stress will benefit from: She’s a natural!

    Awesome topic Marie 🙂

    • I heard you on Gabby’s May Cause Miracles conference and I thought you were fantastic. I went to your website and I see that you are a dynamo! I am a new fan and have added you to my Feedly. Keep up the great work!

      • Natalie MacNeil is a total dynamo, a great friend and someone I’m extremely lucky to call my partner in biz and getting women to play a bigger game.

        Nat I had no idea you’d been practicing tapping. I bought this book from Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner after learning about it through a client and have practiced it a few times. It really worked, even though, like Marie I was a little skeptical.

        I love trying to new techniques to tap into your inner power.
        And this one seems to work for real.


        • Oh, and you are a total dynamo too, Ms. Sisson! I subscribe to you and follow you on FB. Love your posts and interviews! I hope to one day be able to call myself a Suitcase Entrepreneur! 🙂

      • Thank you so much for checking out my digital world, and I’m glad you liked the interview! I was totally honored to be part of the May Cause Miracles Conference, along with Marie too.

        • I’m so glad to hear from both Natalies on this topic!

          I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, if I’m not tapping long enough or I’m too skeptical but it’s just not doing it for me. I think it’s the tapping itself that annoys me! LMAO!

          What I see & hear though, is that when skeptics tap with Nick 1×1 it works! Maybe I need Nick to personally teach me 🙂

    • I do it in public all the time!

      When the tapping is anchored into your body, you can sometimes do a shortcut – like tapping just on your hand – makes it easier to do in public.

      I always do this when I’m about to speak on stage, nobody notices because I’m just doing it on my hand.

      • Wow! Talk about synchronicity~ I had never heard of EFT until Sunday night(March 31st) when I was doing a search for audio CDs on a different topic and ran across Carol Look’s site where she discusses it~ I guess I am in tune to Marie TV.

      • When I was in Hong Kong a couple of years ago I noticed people doing it all the time while walking down the street after a stressful day at work. Just tapping on their arms etc.
        It’s time for me to give it a go I guess… 🙂

    • Cori

      I have recently tried tapping, my accupuncturist introduced it to me.
      I have had chronic acne since I was 11 and am now 37.. Nothing worked.. Including accutaine which is a terrible drug..
      After having a few tapping sessions my skin rapidly began to clear.. And is continuing to stay clear.. I believe being able to let go of the stress and trauma from my life has cleared my complexion and I sleep and feel way better. I am happier .. And that can make your life healthier.

  3. Yay! Thanks Marie for having Nick on to share about tapping!!! Let me tell you ladies (and gents) it work! I’ve used it for years for a variety of issues mostly stress related. It works fabulously for all that mental chatter that comes up as an entrepreneur and biz owner (self doubt, fear, worry). It’s the main tool I use to help my clients
    Thanks again Marie for sharing more great tools.

  4. Thank you so much for this, Marie!

    I have been using tapping to heal my anxiety and I can happily report that I am now 99% anxiety free! I used to suffer from social anxiety, hypochondria and aerophobia and now I am free!

    Tapping really works, but you have to do it a lot!

  5. I’ve been tapping since 2005 and, in hindsight, can see that it was the point at which I “woke up” and started taking control of my life. I am now a life coach and I use EFT with my clients. It’s powerful stuff! Oh, and like Nick, I am originally from Newtown and have worked with him and some others to bring healing to those affected by what happened there.

  6. I am so sorry about your car accident! I have been super busy we have investors and are launching my baby product nationwide soon so I didn’t know you had one ;( Plus like you I’m working with the women who’ve been entrusted to me – coaching for business.

    I believe in other forms of healing beyond traditional medicine always have.

    For me my Christian faith has helped and healed every trauma. And I’ve had many. My real father was a drunk who was abusive, my biological father who is alive today, has three daughters and still wants nothing to do with me.

    But I can say that I’m the happiest person in the world. And it’s all because of Jesus 🙂 When I saw what He did and what the Bible says about me. honestly to me all the new age techniques just “borrow” from the Bible so when talking about the truth I’d rather go to the original source.

    Life has never been better for me. I will be praying for you because I know the Healer who can fix every pain- physically and emotionally. I also made a youtube video about it on my channel MompreneurMogul (about my dad that is) called “Lisa Cash Hanson Personal Testimony- Broken Girl Changed World”
    Mostly I did that because I knew if I can feel this good after all the heartache I’ve had in life than anyone can :))) Keep doing what you do Marie 🙂 And speedy recovery to you.

    • Hi Lisa
      I totally agree with you. Go to the source.. I am not discounting anything as I respect everyones opinion. But I put my “faith” in my catholism. Its always worked for me.


    • sooty

      Actually, tapping is based on the energy meridians pivotal to Asian medical traditions, which predate Judaism and Christianity by millennia. Body energies are also at the core of many indigenous religions that are similarly old or older. Given that the New Testament was written in the mid- to late 1st century CE, I don’t think we can call the Bible the original source.

      BTW, I had a similar upbringing and am a very happy atheist who finds truth in nature. There’s more than one way to get there.

      • Kika

        I am a Christian, too, but that doesn’t prevent me from benefitting from the wisdom of older cultures and their healing practices. I have been interested in learning more about EFT for some time and am thrilled to watch this video this morning (and other videos that commentors linked to). I think it is possible to create your own affirmations (that stay true to your belief in Jesus Christ) and still use tapping. Our bodies are so incredibly designed and I love learning more about them.

        • We have many in the EFT community that actually specialize in EFT from a Christian point of view. Check online. It’s great that EFT Tapping is finally getting the attention it deserves! I train many life coaches in EFT and they all say that they can’t imagine their practices now w/out it

          Alina Frank
          EFT Trainer

    • Udo

      Actually christianity borrows from everything else

      • A great video because it provides information for a different path. I’ve heard of it before and tried it during this demo. It was very interesting. I will try it out… trying to new things 🙂

        I’m a believer. I believe in myself. That’s the most important thing regardless of my religion, spirituality, and daily practices. I truly believe we each will do what is best for each one of us knowing some things will resonate and others won’t. I will at least try it out to see if it works for me.

        Peace. 🙂

      • Olga

        I do not think Christianity borrows from everything else. The Universe is the universe and everything under it responds to its rules….you can call it whatever. I am a Christian myself, I believe God created everything I choose to believe in Jesus Christ and when I am all stressed out like I can’t sleep at night, I tap into what He says in the Bible and a sudden peace starts to overtake my body. I do not think we should fight about faith…..But many atheist get angry with christians…..just let people believe what they want.
        I think the rules of universe work for everybody. A different issue is if you believe you are going to heaven or not after death or if you think that this is it when you die…….but this is a completely different issue from benefiting from universe resources…

        I did the tapping exercice with Marie and Rick and I felt much more relaxed.
        My issues are financial , I do not seem to get financial independent doing what I love, but I am investigating in order to get there.
        I feel the stress in my throat and chest and sometimes is less intense thabn other but never higher than a 5 or 6. After doing the tapping exercice went down to 3 or so….
        Love you all!
        Spaniard from Barcelona, Spain, Europe…

  7. 1. Having the courage to consistently reach for my dreams no matter how much fear I feel

    2. I feel it in my stomach – sometimes up to a 7 or 8

    3. As I followed the video, I started to feel more relaxed, particularly in and across my stomach and diaphragm area – Amazing!

    I had heard about tapping and wasn’t sure about it – perhaps a bit unsure about something this simple could help me … but I already feel better

    Wow – something for me to experiment with even more and show my teenage sons to use when they are navigating the ups and downs of their life.

    thanks Marie & Nick

  8. Wow! Interesting topic. Never heard of this before.

    When I am stressed I feel super restless with tension all over my body.

    Glad to hear there is a way to heal it on my own. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I learned about tapping early on during my raw food journey, and I even took some training courses about EFT. I think it’s super useful for people who experience a lot of cravings that feel like they’re beyond the regular “oh I’d like a cupcake” stuff.

    Some of the things I love about EFT are how simple it is, and also how it taps (pun intended!) into the Chinese Meridians. I’m all for the Traditional Chinese Medicine route of healing! 🙂

    • Hi Nathalie,

      I came across EFT during my earlier raw food adventures too, and have been trained in it as well. I love that it can be used on so many levels. I’ve tapped on bears with kids, tapped successfully on things like coffee cravings, panic over a dysfunctional printer, PMS, but also deeper issues like losing my mom at a young age.

      When I’m in a panic I just wildly tap my body anywhere and everywhere, and it always works.

      I love how business is turning into this holistic practice for me 🙂

    • Wow, I’m so surprised by what a POWERFUL experience I just had! As I was doing the exercise I burst into tears…feeling very stressed as I attempt to make the leap from 9-5 gig into fulltime biz owner. I’m someone who deals with cravings when I get stressed and this method, because it is so simple, will definitely be in my bag of tricks…in addition to juicing & eating well.

  10. Yolisa Bam

    I’ve been tapping for about 2 years now, after I came across David Childerly’s tapping videos on youtube. I was going through a rough patch and it really helped me deal with my emotions and choose to have a good day regardless of my circumstances. Here’s the video I used:

    I’ve never tapped in the way you showed us in this video. I’m gonna take it on and see how I feel.

    Thanks Marie.

    • David is great. I started out tapping with his videos a few years ago. It was so helpful. I highly recommend him too. 🙂

  11. I have been tapping for years and I use it with the people I coach as a holistic health practitioner for pain relief. It works miracles! I encourage everyone to give it a try.

  12. OMG Marie! I’m so happy that you’re bringing EFT into the mix of your already versatile arsenal of life/success/happiness tools.

    I’m always blown away by how effective EFT is, and funnily enough I still feel I’m a sceptic even after loads of miraculous experiences with it.

    (It’s just too weird and too simple! You know?)

    My deepest experiences have been with when I’m tapping (and crying)

    “Even though I hate myself, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I feel like a total failure, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I feel totally worthless, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

    It shifts it into love so fast it’s almost unbelievable.

    Go tap! Look silly! Transform your life! 😉

    xoxo Ronja

  13. Marie, it is so amazing to have you share EFT with your ever-expanding network. I’ve been working with an EFT specialist in MA for 8 years now and the work I’ve done with tapping has changed my life completely. When I started doing EFT in high school (I’m now 24) it was hard and uncomfortable to share EFT with other because it was not something many people had heard about. I attribute so much of my well being, success and peace to EFT and I’m thrilled to see it backed by you and Gabby Bernstein and shared with your fabulous networks.

    Many many thanks – TAP on!


  14. E

    Dear Marie
    I’ve tried EFT but it didn’t resonate with me.

    However, I just wanted to say as well that MFR (myofascial release) can greatly help. It’s one of the tools that clinical massage therapists have and can allow your body to release which in turn can help mind/lifeforce.
    all the best

  15. I learned about EFT several years ago. It has allowed me to move past the trauma of losing my mother to suicide, the trauma of being raped at 14 years old… among other intense, and less intense, issues. I use it all the time! It works… It looks weird, but it really works!!!

  16. Tapping is such a powerful tool for my toolbox, it’s enormously helpful when I’m stuck and can’t move past something and I have huge success using it with clients in small doses –it’s definitely not for everyone though. And the main point is we each need to find our own right way to heal, but heal we must! Thanks Marie and Nick!

  17. I LOVE EFT!!!!

    I’m so glad that you’re featuring this, Marie. I learned about EFT several years ago via a woman named Anisa Aven. I too was skeptical at first, but the sense of calmness I feel after I do several rounds of EFT is remarkable.

    At first, I thought that focusing on the negative would be counterproductive, but when you acknowledge what’s causing you stress and “tap” it out, it’s so beneficial to reducing stress and allowing the things you want into your life.

    The key is being consistent…which I’m not, LOL.

  18. Congrats to Nick! He’s on HayHouse Radio and now he’s on Marie TV.

    I tried tapping but couldn’t get into it. If it works for you that’s all that matters.

  19. Grace

    I heard about this once long time ago when I was Googling Tim Robbins and never thought twice about it.

    If it will help me move forward with my business and life, I will try it!

  20. Krystyna

    1. I lost my home and studio in Hurricane Sandy and don’t know if we will ever get back.So much paperwork. Such a confusing maze of regulations to negotiate. I don’t even know what I don’t know.

    2. In my chest to the point that on occasion I feel like I am having a heart attack. Stress level on 1 to 10? About 20? Even when I’m sleeping ,my dreams are permeated with the horrors of the flood or dreaming about walking through my home and touching things that are no longer there.

    3. My stress level decreased somewhat. Now I’m maybe a 4. My chest is not tight at the moment. I wish that Nick could spend a day in our community to help everyone who is feeling helpless and hopeless in this impossible situation.

    • Krystyna, keep tapping and share it with your friends and community. There is now solid scientific research for those who doubt. It is best to be specific when tapping. You will get better results that way. I am certified in EFT and am also an EFT trainer. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of help to you. Keep learning about EFT. It works!

  21. I experienced EFT with a therapist who I’d been seeing for a few years, back in 2005. I remember it because the clarity I got during the session was stunning. Almost to the point of being scary weird. I haven’t done it since. This Tuesday video has given me pause to explore it again. Thank you for sharing! I have a feeling it will help me AND my health coaching clients.

  22. LOVE tapping! I have Nick’s book and DVD, and I share his and Jessica’s info with anyone I know who is stuck with an emotional issue.

    I just shared with my niece, who is 14 and recently developed a debilitating fear of flying. Well, she is a champion jump roper and NEEDS to fly to competitions. We hope that Tapping will have the same effects on her fear, as it has had on my mini-crises through the last few years.

    By the way, can I send big gratitude to Nick and his family, who have been volunteering behind the scenes to help families in Newtown, CN. Their hearts are big.

  23. I saw this on Kris Carr’s website not too long ago and it really does work! I went through a bit of an anxiety/depression cycle not too long ago, and tapping really did calm my nerves and settle my mind!

  24. Thank you for posting about the greatness of EFT. I’ve been doing EFT for over a year now. I’ve tapped on perfectionism, self love, procrastination, resistance, surrender, fear, guilt, loving my body, money, love and relationships, health, migraines, and so much more. It has helped me bust through sooo many blocks.

    I even wrote two blog posts about it, which can be found here: and

    I just recently heard about Nick Orton, so I will have to check him out. If any of you want to find some great Youtube videos to try it out, I strongly recommend Brad Yates (fantastic), David Childerly, HealingMagic, and MagnusTapping.

    When my fiance’ and I broke up, I did Brad Yate’s Tapping Through a Break Up video. I cried so much the first time. Every time I did the video, it got easier for me to get through it without crying. It was part of the catalyst that helped me work through the pain. Thanks again Marie for sharing this!

  25. This might not land with a lot of people, but one of the few areas where I feel significant anxiety is around the loss of my dog. He’s only 7, but he’s like my friggin’ spirit animal! I’ve worked from home his entire life and he really is like an extension of me. He’s super healthy and likely to live a long life, and I’m great at living in the now. But there’s a part of me that is so aware that I’ll have to process his death one day and I can’t even think about it without feeling IMMENSE anxiety and grief. I’ve never done tapping before, but maybe this is something I should try to help me through those occasional hellish moments of knowing my boy won’t grow old with me. 🙁

    • Oh my goodness, Heather, that completely resonates with me. I grew up with a collie that was so near and dear to me, and he really seemed human in his interactions with us and understanding of us. He got very sick right around the time when I left for college, and I was fortunate enough to hold him in my arms when he was put to sleep, right before Christmas. We just didn’t have it in our hearts to let him suffer through the holidays, as he was barely moving anymore. It completely broke my heart and I avoided going home for years after that, and kept dreaming of him. All I can say is that, as time passes, he became more of a guiding spirit animal in heaven for me. His passing left a scar that nothing will heal, but time healed the deep pain I was feeling. I still cry whenever I think of him, but now I know he’s at least pain-free. I guess all we can do is just treasure every moment with them and give them the same unconditional love they give us!

  26. Cindy

    Wow! I was a TOTAL skeptic about this, which is kind of odd because although I sell pharmaceuticals, I believe wholeheartedly in complementary healing techniques. Besides my traditional day job, I am also a Reiki practioner–I KNOW the brilliance of the body’s ability to heal itself. So I followed along this morning just to prove I was right to be skeptical. However, when I named my stress and pain (a 6 in my neck and back) and followed along with the tapping, I was fabulously surprised that the pain disappeared. Not down to a 3 or 1, but gone. Still gone at the end of this email. So excited to explore this more!
    Thanks and love from Texas,

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      I love that you were skeptical too but dove in. And even greater than that- you received the benefits!
      All the best,

  27. shaniece

    This is one of the best videos ever!!! SOOOOOOO amazing and helpful. I am also from CT and will be using this method to get rid of my anxiety. Thanks Marie for always bringing in great content.

  28. Recently I had to pass a few exams. Especially the oral exam and the presentation were frightening me a lot. So discovered EFT a few days ahead. It seems that it has worked- I wasn’t that frightened at the day X and I passed with the best result 🙂

  29. Hi Marie:

    Just watching this video before the tapping process I felt comfort in my body. It was kind of weird. (Good weird).

    My stress is losing weight or lack there of. A lot of times I ignore it, but when I deal with it I feel bad, and eat something I shouldn’t. I carry the weight in my stomach – which is not that attractive. So I did the tapping release exercise, and decided to get off my tushy and go exercise even though I don’t prefer morning exercise.

    Here’s to tapping a new, tight tummy. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Marie!!


  30. 1. I had stress that I had offended a potential client and wasn’t sure how to resolve it.

    2. It was a 7 and all across my chest and shoulders.

    3. The tapping brought it down to a 3! I have done tapping before, but somehow I always forget to pull out this amazing, healthy tool when I’m dealing with things. Like part of me feels more important if I’m stressed and busy all the time (I know that sounds crazy!) I think tapping has been introduced at such a great time (B-School!) where I’m making a lot of amazing positive changes that I want to implement daily and not just for a few weeks.

    Thank you so much!

  31. Laura Inman

    1. Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism and having to be on life long Coumadin therapy.

    2. In my left leg

    3. I started my first tapping session today. This is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time and your video is Divine timing. I am hoping to help other people who suffer from Thrombophilia with tapping. I’ll be the test subject and then incorporate that therapy into my work!

    Thanks Marie and Nick! I am excited to see the results. I am CERTAIN the swelling and pain in my leg and abdomen will begin to diminish.

    • Gretchen

      Along with your at least temporary meds and tapping and other beneficial modalities, look into a macrobiotic lifestyle which incorporates a healing way of eating that respects nature and your ability and intelligence to gradually and positively affect your body’s chemistry and outcome.

  32. Alan

    Hey Marie, I confess to have missed all the news of your accident. All that matters is that your are recovering.

    As to EFT, I used this for six months about 4 years ago, and can not attest to any noticeable or significant changes. They may have been subtle so it can’t be said it does not work, as there seem to be many who have had different results.

    • Hi, Alan. If you have not worked with a highly skilled EFT practitioner you might want to give that a try. Though it is simple, there is also an art to EFT which is why there are certifications in it. Chances are good that someone with a lot of skills and experience could help you better understand what EFT can do. Let me know if you have questions. Kay,

      • Cheryl

        I’d agree with that Kaye. I got excellent results on some emotional issues when I went to a skilled EFT practitioner. But when I try it myself at home, the results are quite “hit and miss”.

  33. Wendy Wu

    Honestly, in my experience tapping is rubbish and I urge people not to spend valuable time on it as I have. I’ve gone into it and practiced it for long periods and never noticed any benefit. There may be some placebo effect for people. If you think it has helped you, I’m very pleased for you. I would try any other therapy before this one.

  34. My social anxiety makes itself known with a tightness and restriction in my throat and jaw.

    It’s frustrating because I know it holds me back from expressing myself effectively and making connections in my personal life and business.

    Very excited to try tapping!

  35. Thanks for this Marie. I have been having neck and shoulder pain for last 6 months and after trying everything I was going to email a friend about doing some EFT as a last resort (I’ve never done it before but she swears by it) – then a minute later this email popped in my inbox! Haha I guess the universe was listening ;-D

  36. Kim

    1.. My day job is so stressful (which is why I’m in Bschool preparing to launch)
    2. My chest is so tight I can barely breathe. 10.
    3. Did the tapping in the video and already it’s starting to loosen up.
    Fabulous tool to know about as a therapist.
    thank you!

  37. Interesting! This is the first time I’m learning and hearing of this technique. I’ll have to try this the next time I’m stressed! Thanks for the tip, Marie!

  38. Marie it’s great you are spreading the EFT love. I’ve used it for years to heal trauma – including a car accident – and it is such an important tool for people to have in their back pocket. It is self empowering to be able to heal yourself. Keep spreading the love and light! Lopa

  39. Thx, M&N. I tapped my way thru severe PTSD several years ago and have been a believer ever since. Today I tapped away some pain (from moving furniture yesterday). Thx!!!

  40. I was and am still a little skeptical about EFT, but I will take the first two steps now and will do the tapping tonight at home and report back on what I learned.

    1. I have had an icky and tense relationship with a family member for most of my life. I feel this person is competitive with me and judges and criticizes me whenever they have the chance.

    2. This icky relationship is taking up real estate in my shoulders. I can feel my shoulders rising towards my ears the more I think about it. My breaths are shorter and my forehead is drawing into a slight frown. It’s about a 5 right now, usually a 9 when I see this person.

    3. I will update tonight when I am out of cubicle-land. I will get some funny looks if I do this at work. They already make fun of me for drinking green juice and sitting on a yoga ball haha!


  41. Rachel

    Wow.. I just did the tapping from this video and I don’t know why or what happened but I got so emotional and had some tears … I think I need to try this along with my meditations.. Something is stirring up inside me.. Thank you!

  42. Gillian

    Great intro video. I love EFT and am so glad to see that it’s finally getting some attention in the media. I have found EFT to be a very empowering and effective technique for anyone who is invested in self help, healing, and personal growth.

  43. Deb

    FINANCIAL STRESS!!! So tired of it. I feel it in my stomach and chest all the time. I gave it a 12 when I started tapping. It’s down to an 8 right now. Can one overdose on tapping? LOL!

  44. Great topic, I loved to hear about it. I already had tried tapping but somehow I forgot about it, but now I’ll start again! I loved this episode and when I did the exercise my stress level went from 10 to 7, I felt much better and a little emotional along the way.

    1. Name the one area of your life that you experience stress about. Be as specific as possible. Money.
    2. Describe where you feel that stress in your body and give it an intensity score from 1 – 10, 10 being the most intense. I feel it in my heart and head and I give it an intensity of 10.
    3. Do five to ten minutes of tapping on it (follow the format of the demo in this video) and leave a comment with how it went for you. It was great, it went from 10 to 7 and I felt a huge relief!

  45. I really got into tapping a year ago when I was studying to take my social work license test. I was so worried and anxiety ridden with fear about failing this test. However I was able to use EFT to calm my nerves and I totally passed the test!

  46. Hi Marie & Nick and THANK YOU

    1. One of my kids is a special need child (Tourette syndrome) that drag me down half of the time.

    2. it is a 8/10. I feel cold in my entire body and heaviness on my shoulders.

    3. This is new to me and I cried the first seconds of tapping. It really helped me to let it go and reminded me that I’m not alone to deal with it. My husband, ma family, his sister, doctors and teachers are here to help. I felt “lighter” after tapping and give a 4/10 now.

  47. Wow!
    I named my stress (one of them) did the tapping exercise along with you on the video, and my shoulders dropped, I swear, an inch or two! I have never heard of EFT and I am already loving it! Now, off to tap my next stress….

    Thank you so much for sharing not only this but all that you do Marie! It seems that each time you share it happens to be something I need at that moment!

  48. Hi Marie

    I’m soooooo thrilled that you’re bringing this to your community!

    I heard about tapping over a decade ago and use it on a daily basis.

    It has totally transformed my world and got me out of the ‘I have to do what other people expect of me’ trap that included ditching my dreams and taking a crappy job just to pay the bills when my husband lost his job – all so that I would appear to be doing the ‘grown-up, sensible, responsible’ thing. In fact I couldn’t earn enough to pay the bills that way anyway, and ended up being ill and unable to work at all.

    I absolutely hate to see people abandon their dreams and settle for less, for whatever reason. I’ve been an EFT practitioner for 10 years now and specialise in helping heart-centred business owners stop procrastination and self-sabotage so they can share their gifts with the world and create a successful business doing what they love.

    Keep tapping, people!!!

  49. Hi Marie, Sooooooo happy you have found EFT. Sometimes it takes the 2×4 instead of the whisper to get us to where we need to go!
    For me, it took a house falling on me to get it. Alzheimer’s caused my father to commit an horrific act and take my mother and himself from me.
    EFT saved my life, where traditional psychology– my career work–could not. I found and studied with Gary Craig founder of EFT; and many others. I am now using it with my clients for many different life challenges as well as combining it with spiritual work. Amazingly powerful. All I can say to others is, “Try it.”

  50. Elizabeth

    Starting issue: being able to find financial success using my best gifts now that I left my job

    Felt in chest, neck, shoulders, back, scaled at #7

    Started crying immediately during tapping and cried all the way through the next two issues that came up: fear, hurt and stress over finding my “home” in the world where I feel I belong, and then came an even deeper issue: losing the lifelong stress of not feeling like I can be myself. Pretty major. and I am on the brink of stepping out in a big way, just finding my way to really putting myself out there. So THANK YOU. This is a huge issue to weep over this morning, and critical to my future success. I was raised a proper Southern girl in a very critical small town culture, so, of course I was terrified to just be myself, which was my mother’s advice. You’ve got to be kidding me! I am at a point in my life where I’m just touching on who I really am outside my original, confining culture.

    Tremendous gratitude to you. I blow you each three sky kisses to land upon your wonderful cheeks (right). I will use this with the work I do with people.

  51. Wow, I was carrying shoulder pain former than a week, knowing that it was the emotional baggage of a painful separation and breakup. The one see session of tapping has freed me incredibly! I will buy nicks book. Thank you for this! I have a holistic vacation to Costa Rica that I am promoting, and my provider had scheduled a session by an expert in EFT, so of course I was curious. It’s awesome, and now I have a testimonial to how it can work! You rock, Nick and Marie.

  52. Elizabeth

    Forgot to tell you the pain in my upper back is now a $4, overall, I feel much better as evidenced by all of those tears!

    • Awesome Elizabeth. Having any kind of relief from physical pain (in a natural way) is quite amazing, isn’t it? Good for you for giving it a go!

  53. I was introduced to tapping in 2007 and I knew it was doing something because when I pressed the part under my arm, I had such a strong reaction. I kind of forgot about it for a while, but it came back into my consciousness when I saw Nick’s invite on facebook during the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    The truth is there are many avenues to finding emotional release, but this is a quick and harmless one. The bottom line is even if you think it’s woo woo.. it doesn’t hurt. I understand that it’s especially helpful with trauma, so thanks so much for sharing.

    I also want to thank you for the little aside about marketing and making enough money to support your passion and be able to give your gifts. I think it is such an important message.

    Here’s to speedy recovery!


  54. I am just getting into using tapping with my therapy clients. I will be getting your book as soon as it comes out! thanks for this great video.

    Jessica Butts

  55. Tracy

    Hi Marie, Thought people would like to know tapping is accepted in the medical profession too- I am a Kaiser Permanente patient (one of the first “HMO” care facilities) and had extreme anxiety attacks stemming from a protracted legal custody battle with ex-husband/lawyer which lasted 15+ years. One of the classes Kaiser had me attend was a tapping class which helped as much as anything else I tried. Just letting people know you can be go’in to the Doctor and this may be a treatment you are “prescribed”. Give it a try- the Doctor told me so!

    • Great to know Tracy!! Thanks for sharing that 🙂

  56. NICK IS THE BEST! Tapping changed my life and I’m so happy to have this amazing tool to give to my clients. Can’t wait for the book launch party tonight!! <3 <3 <3

  57. Dianna

    Finances are my main concern. I feel it in my chest. The pain is a 6

  58. Michelle

    Loved this, thank you!

  59. Michele

    Thank you for doing this video, Marie. I enjoy watching all of your videos but this one in particular made a big impact on me. This is not the first time I’ve heard of tapping, and I am a believer in the power of the mind and energy. But I’ve never had results so fast or so powerful before! I’m amazed.

    My stress is about money.
    It manifests itself in my lower back–last week I could not stand or sit.
    I gave it about a 7 today before the tapping session.
    During the tapping I had a HUGE release. Tears, stress, all of it.
    At the end of the tapping, and now as I’m typing this I have NO pain in my back.
    No one is more surprised than me, but seriously, my pain is gone. Wow!

    Thanks again to you both for sharing this incredible technique. I love that you are open to helping all of us, and letting us know about everything you can that you find useful for life and business, no matter what it is.
    Wishing you and Josh all the best as you recover.


    Michele xo

  60. Jackie

    Marie Marie Marie speaking the truth! I’m an EFT practitioner and hate the stigma around holistic healing so I made a hipster tapping points worksheet for you all to use. It’s on my Free Goodies page, along with some free videos on confidence, weightless and career. ! I’m bringing it to schools in developing Asia this summer to help girls heal from traumas we can’t imagine.. So I’d love your feedback 🙂
    Love love love you all!

    • Karen J

      Jackie – I’d love to see this worksheet – graphic+demo+reading is how I learn best. But, there’s *-zero-* links in your comment… Where is this?

  61. Christina


    This actually helped me loosen up so much. Thank you for sharing this!

    Blowing kisses to both of you
    Christina from Berlin/Germany

  62. Maja

    I’m started tapping 2006 and have been a daily tapper since. I’m a huge fan of tapping. My only concern is the growing general tapping manuals that can give a totally wrong idea on what tapping is and even don’t bring the relief possible because of erroneous use of it. I’m also sad that Garry Craig as the founder of EFT isn’t mentioned more often on these sites and videos since he was definitively the most biggest contributor for the spreading of tapping. He even now in his retirement age still keeps the Gold Standard for EFT alive.
    From my personal experience on myself and my friends an family I witnessed hundreds of mini and maxi miracles with tapping – from my sister’s abdominal pain because of artificial insemination going from 10 to 0 to my small steps driving to huge changes from my daily tapping on the Personal Peace Procedure (more on that on I’m happy it helps more and more people.

    • Hi Maja,

      My name is Kris Ferraro and I am an EFT Practitioner as well as an employee at The Tapping Solution, Nick’s company. We’ve always acknowledged the incredible works of Roger Callahan and Gary Craig in the creation of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.) In fact, they are both thanked in the Acknowledgements section of Nick’s book. Since EFT’s creation, there have been countless variations that have furthered this work. Please know that we get emails into our Customer Service Support center thanking us for bringing these skills into a wider audience and that what we teach does help thousands of people.

      Kind regards, Kris Ferraro

      • Kris, I’m glad you all thank Gary and Roger, since I found EFT through Gary years ago as well. AND I also appreciate that students often surpass their teachers. I love that Nick and you all are getting the information out there to a whole new group of people!

  63. Hi Marie!

    Perfect timing! I’ve been procrastinating launching my crowd-funder on Indiegogo to raise money for my web site Hubster (digital community for women service providers in service to each other). I’ve been anxious and totally fearful about this… it’s super tough for me to put my self out there and ask for support (super hard!), not to mention having huge money issues.
    I’ve been reading about tapping for a few years (I do other forms of energy healing work, which I have for years, like working with my angels, ascended masters, God!), and now I totally understand it doing Nick’s demo with you! Funny, I’ve been aware of the meridian points on my face and massage those (helps heal organs and make you look younger too! BTW), but did not use it to heal emotional stress. I’ve exhausted my adrenals lately and this will help!

    I wish you fast healing and send you big thanks for inviting Nick to show us how to do this.



  64. Stress is all about my two teenage children. I feel the stress in my chest and tight stomach. Need to try this EFT some more…… it was relaxing but I do still feel the anxiety.

  65. Marcela

    Hey, Marie
    Never heard about tapping before, but I will definitely give it a try.
    I lost my brother one year agora and I still feel so much anxiety, and sadness, and heaviness in my chest.. it can go to 10 easily on bad days!
    And also I have been trying to loose weight for a long time now.. and even though it’s not that much weight, I feel stuck!
    So, will try tapping and hopefully it will help!
    Thanks, Marie!

  66. I’m excited to try this.

    I get a deep fear and stress in my stomach when I put myself out there, as a result of being a major introvert and shy.

    As a business owner its important that I get the heck over it and just freaking do it. Every time I send an e-mail newsletter out or attend a craft fair, it’s a huge stress. I do these things anyway, because I know they’re good for my business, but the stress remains.

    If this can help, even a little bit, that would be beyond awesome.

  67. #1 – Stressed about balancing a few large client projects/travel with family life (home management, my marriage, etc.).

    #2 – I feel the stress in abdomen/stomach, and it’s about an 8 today (!)

    #3 – Just tried a few rounds of tapping after a quick workout, and also incorporated prayer as a part of the statements as well. I started to feel an emotional release almost immediately (nearly crying), and positive mental changes closely followed! Seems like the methodical movement and sensation really allows a certain and specialized focus, and I’m excited to experiment with it further and hopefully pick up Nick’s book!

    Thanks for yet another great Marie TV! 🙂

  68. Sandra

    Hi Marie….saw Gabby tap couple days ago so I decided to try the tapping on my anxiety about marriage ..I want to be married and something’s from childhood have gotten in the way…first time I tapped all the anxiety went away…I mean to the point that thinking about being married actually makes me giddy..amazing love it and so happy and excited to see who I am going to marry now that the fear is gone…yea! Thank you and thanks for B school….love to all…spm

  69. I discovered tapping a couple months ago. Loved the Tapping Summit! Lately I have been slacking off….weird feeling. Thank you for reminding me again of this wonderful tool. I think I will take the Level 1 EFT workshop that is coming up in my area in May.

    My issue (only one??? . -): bursts of anxiety attacks probably from a bad car accident about 12 years ago and some career related burn out.
    I feel it in my stomach, dizzy head and my heart is racing.
    When I have an episode I usually go down to 2 after the tapping.
    When will Nick’s book be out? Can’t wait to get back on track.

    • Hi Steffi,

      I’m a certified EFT and Mind Detox Method Practitioner….. This might seem obvious but if you can identify the reasons why the car accident was a problem for you (i.e. the emotions and beliefs you had around that incident when it happened or afterwards) and tap on them, then that should help with the anxiety attacks. For example: “terrified because I thought I was going to die”, “anxious because I don’t feel safe” write them down, rate their intensity from 0-10 with zero its not a problem and 10 its as intense as it could be (write the ratings down beside them) and then tap on them using the statements you wrote down (and anything else that comes to mind while you tap). End on a few positive round(s) of tapping about what you know now, that had you known it then, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore… For example: “I am safe”, “I survived”, “I am ok” , “that was then, this is now” or whatever feels true to you. Then re-rate… the rating should go down (i.e. improve) 🙂

      Hope that helps!


    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Nick’s book came out today (great timing, right?!). We’ve linked to it above.

  70. Dan

    Great session Marie and Nick! My biggest stress at this time of starting a business is major cash flow out w/ little cash flow in. My lower and upper back is tight and a manifestation of some stress (been that way for years), but not sure to what degree. Sitting at the computer many hours doesn’t help. I did some tapping and feel a lessening from 8 to 6. My prayers are with you and your husband Marie for a speedy recovery.
    On His Path,

  71. I’ve been an EFT practitioner for about 5 years and I still don’t have 100% buy in most of the time. I work with clients who have miraculous results and part of my brain still doesn’t believe it! So at this point, I realize I will probably always have part of my brain that just doesn’t get it- even though it works so well! I heart EFT.

    For those who may be a bit more spiritually inclined, the set up phrase I use is, “Even though I am feeling _____, I love, accept and forgive myself anyway.” Because in my world view, everything really comes down to self forgiveness for judging myself. Most times I feel 90% better just after the set up!

    Thanks for shining a light on EFT Marie!

    • Thanks for the phrase, Angelina! It hits the nail on the head for me when I’m blaming myself for not getting everything done, or not doing as well on something as I’d like. I will use that….

    • Hi Maja,

      My name is Kris Ferraro and I am an EFT Practitioner as well as an employee at The Tapping Solution, Nick’s company. We have an expression we often use: EFT amnesia. It’s when people experience a wonderful healing using tapping but forget that tapping helped or are convinced it must have cleared for some other reason. LOL I think it’s the way the human mind sometimes accepts the miraculous.

      Kind regards, Kris Ferraro

      • I know exactly how you feel Angelina … I’ve been using EFT for 7 or so years and sometimes I still go ‘wow – thats amazing’, as if it’s the first time I’ve witnessed how beautifully the body and emotions respond to tapping.

        And I LOVE the phrase ‘even though’. It reallys helps you to lean into your fears/problems and move through them. Actually … I love the phrase ‘even though’ so much, I include it in the training I do for Speakers/Presenters (to help with their confidence).

        Thanks for sharing!

  72. Hi there,

    I am so glad that you are well after your accident and that you have discovered the power of energy therapies.

    I don’t think is an overstatement when I say that EFT saved me 🙂 I used to experience debilitating panic attacks, OCD tendencies and agoraphobia until I discovered EFT. I was a talk therapist at the time but whilst talk therapy definitely had it’s uses, I was unable to break free from the loop of anxiety and terror I found myself in. I trained in EFT and other energy therapies and haven’t looked back.
    I went from not being able to leave the house for more that a minute at a time to moving to the other end of the country, setting up my own business and living the life I had always dreamed of.

    from fear to freedom (and much more laughter 😉

    I can’t recommend it enough :-)) and the fact that you can learn for free AND do it yourself is a beautiful gift from the founder, Gary Craig, who by the way gives awesome hugs!

    One thought, if you do find that EFT is shifting habits and patterns somewhat but not completely, that’s probably due to globalisation and the key here is to go back to an original memory. I know that looking at childhood stuff can be a little urgh! but really it’s not about getting stuck there, with EFT it’s about truly being free.

    Ok, maybe you can tell I am passionate about this :-))

    Thank you Marie, for sharing.
    Love to you

  73. Grace

    Thank you for this video, Marie! I used to do a lot of tapping, even taught this to clients. The clients who did tapping were the ones who did the best. The ones who were not receptive did not make big changes in their life. Facing the trauma of a job loss that I cannot seem to get past, and already having the CD/DVD course from Gary Craig, I know what I need to be doing to heal this trauma, because I know, deep inside, that it works.

  74. Huuuuuge fan of tapping, totally pulls me out of the depth of despair when I’m exploring the shadow side of something and get “stuck.”

    Way to go for self care!


  75. Mary

    Time, Time, Time, I get so stressed out about deadlines, and I am a part-time freelance artist and I get immobilized by deadlines, which is very counter productive. On ascale of 1 to ten right now I am sitting at a 7 because I have over-committed, said I would do something in the time the client wants and not in the time I can actually do it. 40 plus years of this and I am still doing the same thing and expecting a different result. WE all know what that is.

    It manifests in my chest and arms, and sometimes in my forehead with tension not headaches. And the tapping brought it from an 8 to a seven so I am going to do it before I sit down to draw, and as I plan my day in the morning, and at night. Thank you so much both of you. Marie, you are the best thing to come into my world in a long time.

    • Mary, it’s like reading myself think! Are you my doppelganger? lol
      Seriously though, I am a full-time freelance artist (illustrator predominantly), and I too suffer from ‘overcomittment-itis’, paralyzation/immobilization from deadlines, and doing this for so long I should know better.
      For me, manifests various ways but often jaw, trapezius muscles, and sacral back area. Looking forward to trying tapping along with my other meditation practices that are slowly but surely helping me shift these patterns and are definitely making a difference with my creativity in my work.
      Just felt moved to say ‘You’re not the only one!’ 🙂

  76. Loved today’s video with Nick. I was new to tapping and I am adding to my list of books now 🙂 My stress spot in my body is always my right sholder blade. So this AM I woke up with it being tight and the pain shoots right up into my neck. I totally have that robot thing going on! Pain scale is an 8. I know I have been very over whelmed latly with my business and have noticed that I’m stepping back from my B-School assigments. This just makes me mad at myself! When I started the tapping with the video I started crying right when we said “I choose to relax now”!!! The flood gate was opened. I still have the pain, but I will check in on it a little later after another round of tapping.
    Thanks so much xo

  77. Meg

    #1 Overwhelm – Trying to get everything done, read all the books I want to read, continued research and learning on my passions, and getting enough sleep! Sometimes I feel like we need more than 24 hours in a day!

    #2 I feel this tension around my neck and shoulders and it is typically about around a level 2 – 3. I am a lucky girl if time is my biggest constraint!

    #3 My stress level is down to a 1 post tapping. I feel like I have more of a “productive” energy rather than a “frenetic” energy and this has already translated into me getting more done in less time. I will try tapping again before bed to calm my brain chatter!

    Thanks Marie and Nick for an amazing video and tool!

  78. Chara

    Tapping is superb. It is now being used in VA hospitals to help with PTSD and is being researched and documented. Look for articles by David Feinstein phd.

  79. Stacy Rowles

    I don’t get it, so you tap and then the stress goes away? I tried it and I’m not sure I’m getting it.

    • Hi Stacy,

      Sometimes you need to persist, especially with something like stress. Think of your stress as a forest and each tree is some aspect in your life that is creating stress (such as beliefs, perceptions as well as too much work etc). Tapping once will skim the surface of each tree so if you apply it consistantly over a period of time it will work. Also sometimes its best to look at one tree at a time, getting really specific about the stress. The free training manual and videos at explains it beautifully, so much better than I can here 🙂

      Good luck

      • stacy

        thanks. its very interesting to me and i want to get it and understand it. i will check your recommended website out.

  80. Amanda

    #1 Where my life is going and stressed about my mother due to anniversary of her stroke last year

    #2 I feel it in my head and shoulders. Score of 7-8

    #3 After tapping it went down to a 6 or 5. I feel lil better about the situation but definitely going to do some yoga as well. I’ve been avoiding yoga lately & making excusing but time to take action 🙂

  81. Tapping is such a powerful tool! I have used it myself for years and now use it working with clients who want to transform certain areas of their lives–weight, health, relationships, career, etc. Now that I am taking part in B-School I can tap if I have resistance to completing any of the exercises! 🙂
    Thanks Marie and Nick for all that you do.

  82. Hi Marie, I would love to watch the full video but I’m having difficulty. I’m hearing impaired and while you have the captions on there for which I’m really grateful, I would love to be able to read the full transcript on its own.

    I’ve done EFT tapping for a while and got disallusioned with it but want to try again thanks to your video and inspirations.

    Thanks, Cathie.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We do have the transcript available on YouTube so you can follow along. I hope that helps! It sounds like you might have tracked it down already but if not, it’s located on the youtube page for the video ( just to the right of “Share” and “Add to.”

  83. I work at a clinic that practices alternative medicine and we use tapping with every patient. It is a powerful tool that helps facilitate healing on all layers, physical and energetic. It’s wonderful to see that you have introduced this Marie:)

  84. Thank you both for this great episode!
    I learned about tapping from my Holistic practitioner, but this episode was a reminder to use it more often.

    1. I feel stressed about getting my website launched, in particular creating my freebies for opting into my newsletter….everything I’m doing with my website requires me to learn new skills and I tend to get triggered with learning new technical skills. As an artist, I prefer to work with tactile materials I can feel. Creating online, is very different. My issue goes back to childhood stuff though, not having a positive family environment for learning, and heavy stuff going on around me.

    In school, I always felt like I was a struggling to stay on track with my peers….But somehow I managed. I did really well in some subjects like writing, but nearly failed in subjects like math. To this day, when I learn new computer tasks, I get triggered. So this is perfect.
    The deeper issues of not feeling worthy and safe and loved as a young girl, are present for more healing.
    I welcome every opportunity for healing as a gift!
    That’s why life is a ” journey “. 🙂

    2. I feel anxiety and heaviness in my chest…

    3. Level 7-8 when I’m actually doing the task. I’ve learned to take frequent breaks and lots of deep breathing to push through. So I’m excited to add tapping to my protocol!!!

    Thank you for sharing this Nick, I’m looking forward to your book. Wishing you and your family, continued success!!!

    I also want to say, I’m really happy Marie, Josh, and Kuma are healing and have this support! I think it’s really powerful you shared your experience with us, and are using your own healing, to help others.
    Safe journey back to NY! xo

  85. Claudia

    I had heard of tapping and thought it was a lot of woo woo until today when I decided to watch you, Marie and Nick. So I followed along for a my first attempt to learn where and how to tap. Still quite skeptical that it can do anything for the problem I have had for a long time. However I did notice that I felt quite calm when the tapping was completed.

    My main problem in life is that I NEVER have enough money to stop worrying about it constantly. I long to make more money so that I can have freedom of choices and many more options. I loathe working for others and am stressed about that every day of my life. Thanks for the great introduction to tapping. I will look into it further. Hope you and you family recover in every way from your accident. I think that you will! Claudia

  86. Rachel

    My friend and coach, Pam Thompson ( tought me how to tap a few years ago! It completely changed my life. I thought it was a joke at first (like fictitious psychics or something)… but I was able to release some resentment that had been building about a job situation. She has written an EFT book “Ready Set Tap: For Moms”, I wasn’t a mother when she first published her book, but now I have a 2 year old and have found some of the EFT scripts invaluable. I am one of those people that cannot learn to tap by myself – I need to follow a script or a YouTube. Anyway I wanted to give her book a plug, its on Amazon here (

  87. Mallory

    My biggest stress right now is starting an EFT weight loss coaching business…getting my website rolling and paying clients. I am enrolled in B-School-Yahoo! But I combat my fear&little nah sayin’ echos every time they come up with EFT. Thank you Marie and Nick for intorducing it to so many more folks XX

  88. Not for me or at least not for me right now. Thank you for sharing this anyway as it’s something that does make a difference to a lot of people.

  89. CJ

    Ok Marie I cannot believe I am writing as this. It is very hard for me to be the sharing I saw your episode today and Yes I had never heard of this. To be honest I thought for a minute you had fallen of your rocker, any how I watched the whole episode and yes I did follow along with you during the “tapping”. I started my morning with a pain in by lower left had side of my back like most mornings and the pain was an 8 but being who I am I had learned to accept this a part of my life. I have to say Tapping thing works I don’t fully understand yet how but my pain is gone!! If there’s one thing I have learned from you thus far is to stop trying to figure out the how and why and just fallow your advice it is working for you very well there is no reason it cannot do the same for me .
    PS I am saving this episode on my desk top. Glad to see that your energy is coming back.

    • Awesome CJ! I fell off my rocker a long time ago 🙂 So incredibly happy you gave it a try. As you can see, there are many, many free and low cost Tapping resources in this thread to support you if you’d like to take your practice further. I’m all for any method that supports people in living more fully and of course, without chronic pain. While EFT may not be for everyone (nothing is!) — it’s great to be able to share a natural resource/practice that others may not know about.

  90. Hey Marie-
    Thanks so much for this video. I tried tapping for the first time yesterday after seeing Gabby Bernstein blog about tapping. I noticed the tension in my shoulders/neck area decreased both days after tapping. I’m super stressed out due to my boss seeing my own business succeed and he wants me to commit to his solely now. So I’m going to stand my ground and stick with what I have been doing and things I have been learning in B-school the past few weeks!

  91. I think EFT is one of the most amazing techniques, and everyone should have access to this knowledge. I have been using EFT in my holistic practice for almost 10 years with success every time! Thank you for bringing it even more out there for people who are not necessarily in the healing industry but to EVERY person so that can use this amazing tool!

    • p.s. – I actually use the EFT method in conjunction with muscle testing, so it makes it even more effective and tapping on what the exact problem (emotional or physical) is!

  92. I did this exercise after meeting with my attorney about my impending divorce, so I thought my stress was related to that, but I wasn’t feeling particularly stressed in the normal places, like tenseness in the shoulders, etc. So I started the exercise, and as I was tapping on the side of the eyes and under the eyes and nose, I realized I was holding my stress in my sinuses! I’ve had a sinus/ear infection for weeks now, and it won’t go away! And, yesterday while at work, dealing with enormous amounts of change and stress, my sinuses were at their very worst, with my nose running as if I had turned on a faucet!. So, I changed my stress focus from the divorce to work, and continued to tap further, and lo and behold, I can now breathe better! I’ve already purchased and downloaded Nick’s book on my kindle and plan on tapping away all my other stresses, including my inability to lose weight, and the stress with trying to launch my real estate business. I know this will help me move through the blockages I’ve been feeling lately!

  93. Sarah Wells

    I learned how to tap – spent a full day in training after my passed away from cancer, I did it every day in the shower so kept to a good routine. I really believe it helped me clue into the real issues I was feeling and face them! Funny I let it go for a long time – its maybe been a year – I have to admit I tried it for a long time when I had sleep issues and it never got me back to sleep – it takes a while for that cortisol sometimes to go down even when you are relaxed! I haven’t tapped in about a year – I do meditate daily. Today by chance I just happened to be listening to another interview that got me tapping again so pretty wild when I opened up this episode today (about 2 hours later). I am back at it. Thanks for this 🙂 I had a car accident too 20 years ago now, some of the issues/fears still hang on when I am in the car with someone else driving – my face where I was hit is still a place I feel my stress – your episode has inspired me to return and see if I can clear this more completely. I also think it might be worth doing this for B school – when I get stopped up and overwhelmed!

  94. Paula

    My relationship is my greatest stressor. I feel the stress in different place but today in my throat, my upper back and neck @ 7. I have heard about EFT before but this is my first attempt at doing it. Yay! what fun and I could feel all kinds of energy movement in my head. I now feel like it’s down to 4-5 and I want more!

  95. Ellen Taylor

    Thank you so much for introducing me to EFT! I had never heard of it before, but I’m going to give it an honest try. I suffer from chronic pain and also have a great deal of anxiety as a result. It would be great to have a way to reduce the pain level when it gets overwhelming. I have nothing to lose by trying this out. If it helps, I’m going to be a very happy camper!!

    Thanks again!

  96. marcia alec

    Loved today video. I feel my stress in my shoulders and neck, but after tapping it was less painful. The pain was an 8 and now is a 6. Thank you.
    I’m stressed over my health, trying to start a business that I feel is not right for me and not having the motivation to write the book I want to write. looking forward to learning from you .

  97. Mary

    Hey, Marie
    Never heard about tapping before, but I will definitely give it a try.
    I lost my job almost a year ago and I still feel so much anxiety, and heaviness in my chest.. it can go to 10 easily on most days! I worry about how I will pay my mortgage/bills every month as well as all my legal bills relating to this issue.
    I have been trying to loose weight for a while now.. and even though it’s not that much weight, I feel awful! This is all due to the changes that happen to all of us at this stage of our lives, and it feels terrible I can tell you. I guess we are never prepared for this.
    So, will try tapping and hopefully it will help!
    Thanks, Marie!

  98. Christina

    1. my relationship with my cousin
    2. feel it in my stomach…about an 8
    3. tapped along with nick and marie and it feels about a 6 now…this is a life long issue so that’s not a bad score…obviously need more work

  99. OK, I seriously cannot believe how timely this video was for me today (well, yes I can… it’s Marie, after all)! I don’t know WHAT in the heck I did during my sleep last night, but I woke up this morning in agonizing pain and I could not stand up straight. I had a spasm in the right side of my back that just would not let up. And I had a million things to do today… SO not ideal timing.

    I have chronic back pain, anyway… and that chronic pain on any given day is probably a 4-5 on the pain scale, but I’ve learned to just live with it. It’s days like today, tho… where I “throw it out” and it’s in constant spasm that the pain level hits a good 9 or 10 and I don’t even know what to do with myself.

    I’m usually a pretty big skeptic about stuff like this. But, I figured the motrin, ice, heating pad and icy hot I’ve already tried today have done nothing to give me any relief… so why not?? lol I can’t even believe I’m saying it, but after tapping for about 5 minutes, I was able to stand up straight for the first time today. It’s still sore and I can feel that if I move the wrong way, it might spasm again… but, as far as I’m concerned, this tapping exercise helped me relax enough to release the spasm for now…. and being able to stand up straight is always a good thing!

    Can’t wait to check out Nick’s book… I’m in awe that this actually helped 🙂

    • And I just snagged the Kindle edition of the book… can’t wait to start reading it before bed tonight!

    • Tracy — that is awesome. Could not be happier you found some relief. Can’t imagine how much benefit you’ll receive as you continue to practice and learn more. xoxo

  100. I tapped on money and the stress of starting my own business. My intensity was at an 8, now it’s at a 6.

    Thank you SO much for this! I used to tap quite often and I stopped 🙁 This reminds me of how great EFT is and how well it works.

  101. Hey Marie and Nick,

    OMG!!! I can’t describe to you how happy I was to see EFT featured on MarieTV. I came across EFT years ago, and although I was skeptical, it has helped me so much on numerous occasions, that I’ve wondered why it’s not more widespread.

    SO glad that it helped you Marie. Nick, I highly respect the philanthropic work you did, and ofcourse I participated in the World Tapping Summit and loved it!

    Much Love,


  102. Derek

    I will attempt your tapping challenge for the stress involved dealing with my son’s ADHD struggles, as it affects the entire family dynamics. However I have specific questions on how tapping can be done to help HIM (my son) through his focus/ADHD issues. Do you have anything put together on how to guide another erson through a tapping session for things like this?

    Thank you

    • Lynn

      Derek- EFT works GREAT with my husband, who has ADD!

      • Derek

        Thanks Lynn- What specifically do you do/say? How might you suggest you adapt it to a child?

        • Lynn

          Hi Derek-
          I would suggest that you or your son should tap on the back of his hand in the area between the pinky and ring finger (either hand). I don’t know how old your son is, but if he is old enough to be able to say a phrase-have him say ‘I am calm and balanced’ until he can feel himself becoming just that:)). It doesn’t have to be the whole 9 points. See if that helps!

        • You can also surrogate-tap, that is, tap FOR him. For instance, “Even though my son has a hard time focusing, he’s still a great kid…” while tapping the points on yourself.

          Also, many family dynamics are systemic (meaning everyone plays into the problem) rather than there being one person causing all the trouble. So you might try tapping on how your son’s focus problems affect you. Lowering your own reactivity can have a really positive effect and be contagious! 🙂

  103. This should remind you Marie to not “be skeptical” about what your gut tells you. I met “tapping” about 10/years ago, and as Nick said “it fell out of my daily ritual”. Thanks so much for the reminder. B-school has been stressful and I’ll be tapping it out!

    Love you

  104. I did it, this was the result.

    1.- Rescue my financial independence being consistent and excellent in my business
    2.- I feel it in the chest
    3.- it was amazing how the stress level dropped down from a 9 to a 6.

    I heard before about this technique, but I really thought it was not true. Today I see it works.

    Thanks for sharing.


  105. These are Dahn Yoga techniques that have been around for a long time. is the founder of Dahn Yoga. Is Nick Ortner a master in Dahn Yoga?
    I am a little confused here.

  106. elena

    Ticked off that I’m grey and aging and that this is generally dealt with by coloring your hair and getting stuff nipped and tucked. Reality: Looks are the very first impression we have of people, especially in business.

    Underlying belief? The *window of time* for my making it in life has passed. This ouch is attached to a plethora of I-feel-angries and I-feel-used’s and I-feel-misunderstoods. It relates to feeling my life has been wasted. Why bother pursuing this thing? Mix in a pound of BLAME on various others, plus physical and emotional birth trauma.

    Then get this one, it is mixed with feeling resentful about having to do costly and time-consuming hair maintenance ever two weeks until doomsday, if I do give in to the social pressure there.

    The grey hair alone is a 7 on the scale of angst, with other situations compounding it. Like 4 front teeth missing and waiting for implants to be completed.

    I (think) the pain, and it is pain, is in the cranium, shifting around–sometimes prefontal cortex, sometimes in the vision center… probably in the amygdalae. This happens sometimes at C-2 or C-3 and at T10 (the heart chakra).

    Glunk, I came to a grinding halt with the website writing challenge–transforming the old site material to confident promotional marketing of what I believe in AND what I know drives people, however shallow.

    It scared the be-geebies out of me when the slightest motion toward opening my business came back positively with a call from King 5 to promote my business on their website front page. I recalled Marie’s *Do it before you’re ready* and this hit my body like a kick in the guts. Sheepish is the word that resonates here…

    Have only briefly used tapping when I was in Donna Eden’s training. I did
    not feel it helped. However, at this un-confident and somewhat frozen moment, I can’t lose by trying it again, right? Diet, exercise, mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques, titrated social interaction, looking for the kindness in *their* eyes (if in fact you can look into eyes without guarding, as a vulnerable autistic). Challenged? You might say so.

    Being patient with myself.

  107. Rachelle

    I’ve been hearing so much about tapping and wanted to try it, but didn’t realise how simple it can be. I tapped for 5 minutes about the recent stress of arguing with a loved one and low and behold, out came an even more intense stress response which was inked to the actual core of the arguments. I didn’t even realise this was the root of my arguments. I tapped on that for another 5 minutes and “puuf” my stress diminished… thank you Marie and Nick for empowering me 🙂

  108. had a series of losses last year 3 within 2 months, Mom, Grandmother and fav Uncle… very sad, my anxiety panic disorder came back after several years from all of this trauma, been thinking about going to a healer of some kind to help with the grief, it has created some chest pains so deep it feels like heart failure. I went to the doc, they say its just stress, but it is so scary it seems it will turn to something traumatic if I don’t address this NOW. The tapping , I’ve worked with before, I will do again, as I am feeling like anything will be good right now. Thank you Marie for your kindred Spirit. Since I have found you online, we are always dialed into the same frequency. I will keep checking in and will recommend you highly! Vera

  109. I use EFT all the time. When I use it regularly it makes a real difference. I have HUGE blocks against book keeping and paperwork. I am terrible at procrastinating about it!! I tap now every time before I sit down to do paperwork. lol. It works! It hasn’t cleared it up totally but is definitely helping. Thanks for this great video!

  110. Hi

    I am stressed about money and my business. It is a at 10 level. I love and enjoy making jewelry and bridal accessories. Creating is my passion. That is all I can think about and I want to make it a living. But I am having trouble getting anywhere with it. I work part time to try to make ends meet but we are slowly going backwards. I was a stay at home mom and now starting working to make ends meet and try to build my business. It is hard because the only career I want is my business I feel very passionate about it. But in the mean time we are going backwards finiacally and it stressed me out. I always wanted a nice house with a yard for my pets and all I can afford is my townhouse which is too small and my creations are all over the place so it always seems messy. I need a bigger place. I am in my 40 and going backwards very dissappointed in myself at this age I should be successful. I have no retirement no savings. Wow I can’t believe how many things came out as I write. I tried it the tapping it seems to help I felt better but I probably have to do more. It seems relaxing.

  111. I’m not surprised to see Nick here. He’s a great example of slow and steady wins the race. I’ve been watching him for a while. Like many, I was skeptical at first, but years later tapping is being embraced far and wide. One EFT practitioner I love is Brad Yates, who has a tapping video for just about whatever ails you:

    • Yeah, Jess, I’m a big fan of Brad Yates, too. Thanks for mentioning him here too.

      Love, Ingrid

  112. Found tapping in 2006 and it did a world of good for me as well as for family, friends and clients. EFT is an accelerator for personal and professional growth and development that has to be experienced to be believed, It is also deeply spiritual, for those that have that interest.. It has transformed my life in so many ways, and also the lives of my clients. Very joyful, indeed! Am certified by Founder Gary Craig and EFTUniverse. Also certified and a trainer for the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques International (AAMET). I work with clients in my office and also worldwide via phone and Skype. free information on my website, Please let me know if you have questions or if I can be of help to you.

  113. Marie, thank you for doing is. I’ve been in many accidents and though I don’t wish it on you or anyone, I love how things always bear their opposite in them. And so you’ve turned your experience with the accident into something for the greater good. Yeah.

    I am an experienced tapper and just last night, as I was thinking over my business model decided that it was going to include being a Tapping Solution affiliate. I’ve followed Nick since the first Summit and I know I can wholeheartedly recommend this work.

    Thanks again, love, and namaste.


  114. Theresa

    Hey Marie:)
    You have this keen sense of making the exact videos I so need to see…how the heck do you do that?? lol
    Anyways to take the challenge:
    1. I have extreme frustration with my bosses inability to communicate with me. It’s a logging/sawmill company and they just can’t let me know what their up to and what the plans are.(i’m a need to know kinda gal)..I’ve been so close to quitting for quite sometime…but I’m not a quitter so have been having a hard time to figure out what to do…
    2. Pain in shoulders to lower back lately about a 5
    3. After the tapping it is dissipating…kinda trippin me out actually….but soo cool!!
    So you say to keep doing the tapping for 5-10 min…and this is a total newbie question…do you keep saying the same things over and over from the beginning?
    I have to keep watching that part so I know what to say:)
    On my way to hopefully buy his book:)

    I also bought Gabrielle’s book and am doing what she says to do…I’m just going to do it all and hopefully get on to obliterating all my fears, and frustrations!!
    Your so awesome!! and Thanks sooo much for all your help and insights!!

  115. Have been doing this without realising in times of deep trauma. It’s intuitive as a way to connect to the body directly.

  116. Marie and Nick this concept is new to me but my mind was racing through the whole presentation!!! I’m a B-Schooler (YEA!!) working on my business which is bringing strategies, tools and resources to those who work with special needs children. As I was watching I was thinking about all of our students with emotional disorders, all of our students who have anger issues as they struggle to deal with their challenges in life and it hit me that these students might benefit from tapping! I do plan to look into your book and see where this might fit in with what I’m doing in the world!!!! Many thanks to you Marie for the light you bring in countless ways! Carla

  117. Just bought the book! Can’t wait to read it.

  118. Great timing on this episode, Marie!

    I’m currently stressing out about my 100-year-old grandpa who I’ve just had to have moved from his apartment to one of those 24-hour care assisted living places. 😐 And it is my job to fly from NY to California next month to clean out his apartment. Every time I try to go to bed, I can’t sleep because I’m imaging / anticipating / replaying what it will be like to do this… the best room to start in… what to do with everything, etc.

    I feel it in my stomach mostly… a tightness in my upper stomach.

    It was a “7” before the tapping, now after 5 minutes of tapping, it’s a “3” or “4.” I suppose I’ll have to work on it some more.

    Thank you for the great tools, Nick!

  119. Such synchronicity! The blog post I have scheduled today for my site is all about tapping too! I love when that happens :).

    Marie, THANK YOU for bringing the Ortner’s work to this space and sharing it with your readers. Tapping is so simple, and I’ve witnessed it help my clients “soothe the crying baby” (as I like to call it) and get grounded enough to get clarity on what’s at the core.

    Of course I use it myself on one of my favorite first world problems: overwhelm ;).

    Beautiful work as always!

  120. Thank you Marie for bringing forth this technique to your followers and letting us into your healing experience today. ….. Over 13 years ago I suffered through a heartwrenching life crisis that touched me, personally and professionally causing reocurring disabling anxiety, and Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) What had happened was this violent incident triggered all prior crisis in my life, and they all came up at once flooding my being — leaving me feeling traumatized, unsafe and unprotected. At that time I was lead by true divine intervention to Dr Henry Grayson–I was meditating seeking the answers to difficult questions, and then literally picked up the mail where I read about a workshop given by this NYC energy psychologist. Something urged me to immediately call his office. When I heard his voice – the soothing vibration reached a vulnerable part of me and brought me instant peace and hope — it was the voice I knew would help me through this crisis.. and I was right. EFT and TFT (thought field therapy) were hardly known in 1999 yet I trusted this method and was changed by the guidance of Dr Henry Grayson’s visionary work, combining science, spirituality and healing –it was transformational and life changing for me and the limitless number of people he has helped through his practice.

    I am ever grateful to have met Dr Grayson on my life path and be invited to work alongside him as a founding board member in the formation of the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy. At that time the word spirituality was not seen in the same light, as today — through strong collective team work, enriching conferences and educational networking meetings,gradually and gratefully we all emerged and awakened to a new world. You can now find many trained ASP therapists and members, teaching and healing community with evolutionary techniques and methodologies, integrating spirituality and science into psychotherapeutic practice.

    You may read more about Dr. Henry Grayson and ASP’s ongoing programs.

  121. Salsita

    Awesome feature! My dearest friend and “guru” told me about it years ago but i never tried it. Actually felt a release from just the little session here.

    1. My greatest stress is related to my childhood with a alcoholic parent and how it’s now following me in my relationship

    2. Neck and stomach

    3. Will go do my tapping now – already know it will work as everything comes in my life at the right time. Thank You so much

    The point made about not charging for your work as it’s your passion has been my down fault for years, still struggling with it but now know how much more I can do and how much more I can help if I have more financial freedom. Thank You so so much for that reminder.
    And thank you for all this amazing sharing!

    Love to one and all!!!

  122. Wow. This was my first experience with tapping. As a spa owner/practitioner I work with clients, friends, colleagues, family members, and (yes) my pets and heal through the power of touch, conversation, and care/positive energy exchange. I believe that there is a massive power in touch and that quantum connection between emotional stress and physical pain/ailment is very real, yet goes untreated in so many people. This episode has opened my eyes to a whole new side of care for my clients, YAY! I performed the tapping demonstration with you and found tears rolling down my cheeks in the second round! Until now I hadn’t realized how tightly I’d been holding onto my own (financial) stress of being a new business owner. Thank you both for sharing this practice with me and so many others! You are indeed changing this world and inspiring us to do the same. Onward now…gotta get my hands on Nick’s new book and put this into practice.

  123. Great episode! I was lost in my life, with debts, divorced with a 4 year old daughter at my care when I learned the tapping technique. I did it twice only and since then my life really started to flow differently. All the help I needed has been showing up at the right time. I registered in B-school (best decision EVER!), and things are getting better and better. I think the tapping had something to do with it. It realigned me with something and gave me inner peace and focus.
    Thank you for this session Marie. It was an awesome synchronicity!

  124. Paula

    It really works! I was with a 3-day headache and I´m not anymore… I´m amazed! Thanks Marie for letting us know this kind of work and thanks Nick for your work… it´s really great!

  125. I love that you shared your experience with tapping, and had Nick as your guest! I pre-ordered his book a couple weeks ago and have been patiently waiting for it to be shipped. Ooooh, I’m even more excited now! I was introduced to EFT about a year ago, began to study it and now offer it to my friends and coaching clients. I’ve held a couple group sessions in my home that powerfully impacted everyone involved. Rarely do I feel a high level of stress, but normally when I do, it’s surrounding my thoughts of inadequacy, or low confidence. It’s through my prayers, positive affirmations, validation from people who support me, and EFT that keep me pushing for the success that I know is within me, and that I deserve. Thanks again Marie for your constant generosity!

  126. Hi Marie
    Great interview on tapping and how timely for me. I’ve just returned from the doctors having had a really infected abscess drained, so I was pretty certain where my trauma had come from today. A really interesting technique and certainly one I will return to again both in terms of my own use in life but also with our business where we explore the best in personal development techniques out there to help people achieve brilliant living.

    Keep up the good work helping people, both you and Nick.

  127. I have been an avid follower of both Nick and Marie for years, and I am not surprised they got together for this week’s episode!! (I have to admit I had a suspicion they were friends; they know a lot of the same people!)

    Long story short, I am a young stroke survivor who has been searching in the last ten years for any and all methods of healing to help get through various issues (whether physical or emotional). The beautiful Ortner family has done AMAZING work making EFT accessible to the general public.

    I have also received an advance copy of the book and it is truly a gem! I have always wondered why tapping works and it covers the history and thoroughly explains the science behind the technique, so it makes the mystery of it so much clearer. . . .

    Thank you Nick and Marie for this video!!! I love you both!

  128. Dear Marie and Nick ~
    Thank you for sharing this “woo-woo” (;)) self-help technique.
    I’m sure it *will* help me, too, even though by the time you got to the 3rd round, I was feeling MORE stressed because you were both talking and moving so fast! This is “new choreography” for me, and trying to *watch, *follow, *repeat words, and *repeat actions – all at the same time – just knocked me completely out of the groove.
    I am grateful to the many commenters who’ve offered additional resources, and “small-but-important” pieces of information that are vital points for beginners to understand, but were kinda glossed-over in this video.
    Bright Blessings

  129. A few years back I was very sick, doctors could do nothing for me (luckily) and after a few months of tapping sessions and fresh ocean air I was almost back to normal. I hadn’t done it in a while but ust did the tapping session along with you and Nick for “too much to do”, and feel much lighter, thanks and love to you both.
    PS! An excellent tool for those of us in B-School, great timing!

  130. 1. My “lack” of business success in the financial department (not making enough money).

    2. 8 – in the back of my head “buzzing about like chatter”, in my heart/chest area.

    3. I immediately felt relief, I am not feeling down & worried about it and I noted another issue that came to mind while I was tapping and I’m going to to work on that right now!

    Thank you so much Marie & Nick for sharing this! I’ve known about tapping for years but I stepped away from it because I really didn’t feel I needed it, now it’s a godsend while I’m feeling stuck in a very bad space in my life <3 to you both for all that you do!

    • Alright I went tapping crazy yesterday! I started with the aforementioned issue, then was lead to “my relationship”, then to “my car situation”, then “my teeth/decisions”. I ended that session with “Where I’m at in my life” and I felt it was time to stop and let that digest for awhile. I came back to tap again later in the day as I felt some overwhelm crop up over my “business to do list”.

      Each subject I felt the tension lift significantly around the second round. It was a subtle shift but given that nearly all of my stress is carried in my head it was a nice change. Again thank you both for coming together to share this with your audience who weren’t familiar with it and reminding me of it! <3 to you both!

  131. I experience a lot of stress over eating. I’m not overweight at all but I eat or think about food all the time. I eat really healthy 98% of the time but it stresses me out.

    I feel this stress in my throat. It feels tight. It feels like I have a tie tied really tight around my neck. It’s real intense some times, around an 8 to 10. Mainly right after dinner is when I feel the most stress or anxiety about food. I always want something sweet after dinner but I torture myself mentally because of it. So a few hours later I eventually give into my craving and make some kind of dessert to eat. Of course it’s healthier than it could be but the fact is is that I really don’t need it.

    I’ve been using tapping for awhile now here and there. Nothing consistent or anything. So I’ve used it to overcome my cravings and it works.

    But now I need to use it as a first resort instead of a last resort and be done with this nasty habit once in for all. So in order to do that I need to tap and find my root cause of stress and anxiety that brings me to that point of cravings.

    Cuz I don’t know why I do it. I truly don’t know why I get so stressed and anxious about food. I’m going to order Nick’s book. And I already have the DVD so I’m going to pull that out and watch it again.

    Great episode Marie.

  132. Marie, thanks for having Nick on Marie TV, I´ve been tapping for a while and it´s so powerfull to have this practice spread out in the world, even the skeptical minds get in when they experience it!!!

  133. Katia

    Hi Marie,
    I don’t know if you read all the emails you receive but I had replied to you when you wrote about the car accident and I told you to tap on the trauma. I’m so glad to hear that you did!!

    I was lucky enough to received Nick’s manuscript in advance from The Tapping Solution for review purposes. I’m taking this great opportunity to share with you and your community my reviews of this wonderful book,”the missing gem”, that came out today!

    “I discovered Nick Ortner over a year ago and I have been experiencing with tapping on and off since then but I always felt something was missing. This book is what was missing!!! Now I have a map to follow and exercises that will help me organize my healing on different topics such as improving my health, creating my dreams, dealing with the past and having loving relationships. Even though I knew about tapping and how it worked, I learned so much information reading THE TAPPING SOLUTION that it is accurate to say it will help everybody whether you’re a new or experienced tapper.

    It is very easy to read, filled with real life stories, great exercises and tapping scripts. I can’t wait to get to work on the exercises “I should”, “The personal peace procedure” and especially the “Tapping Tree”. I will be planting a forest!!

    I totally recommend THE TAPPING SOLUTION, it will change your life! Get it now and you will be forever grateful you did ☺”

    I have already started doing a lot of work. I have created 3 tapping trees already. I have written my personal peace procedure and my list of “I should”. Now I’m tapping, tapping, tapping one limiting belief, one emotion, one event, one side effect at a time! I am on an amazing journey down my healing path and I will forever be grateful to Nick and Jessica Ortner!

    Go get the book and happy tapping 🙂

    • Hi Katia — thank you so much for your comment. I want you to know that we (my team, myself) read everything that comes in 😉

      While we’re not perfect, we take pride in and strive to read every note we receive.


  134. Kelly

    I really loved watching this video Marie! This was definitely something different and that’s great. I really feel that tapping can be something very useful in everyone’s lives from day to day. We are burdened by stress in some way from something or more than one thing. Right now, I am feeling stressed over school. I am a college student and not really sure where I’m headed after graduation and what I want to do with my life and this definitely causes me stress in some way. You could say that I am apprehensive about my future. Just thinking about everything that is my main focus right now, from homework, preparing for exams, to my current major and my plans after graduation, it all boils down to stress. On a scale of 1-10, I would say my stress level is at 7. I think I feel it most in my head. Again, awesome video and thank you so much for sharing!


  135. Kate Lindsay

    I have years of stress about not measuring up. I seem more able to let go and be the real me in some outside situations where I know, because of outside sources, that I am totally loved. However, in my day to day, where the important people ie my family are, we clearly take each other for granted and though I know their criticisms come from a place of love I find myself to be harsh with the judgement of myself. Its showing up in my physical body, my relationships, my self presentation and even in my finances.

    I feel it in my my shoulders and my neck most. I get myself all out of spinal alignment and end up with the worst headaches.

    I have tapped for a few min and I feel some release right. There is already less tension at the top of my spine. I am not sure about it just yet but I know I want to do more and try. I am open to it.

    Nick, do you suggest doing some tapping on this for a few min a day or setting aside a longer time period each week?

    • Hey Kate! Nick’s book is launching today (huge day for him!) — so I know he’s not able to jump in here with the comments 🙂

      While I’m no expert, my understanding is that you can tap as often as needed. And, if you scroll up in this thread — there are quite a few resources and practitioners who are answering questions!

    • Hi Kate,

      I’m a qualified EFT therapist. To answer your question, tap away every day or whenever you feel like it… you don’t need to set aside a specific chunk of time although sometimes it help… whenever you get a chance and it is appropriate to do it is perfect 🙂 A good tip for when you are doing alot of tapping is to keep hydrated (i.e. drink water) as that helps.

      There are loads of free resources online (youtube) etc that will help you along 🙂 For any of the ‘stickier’ stuff (that you feel you need outside help with) then I suggest you contact a qualified and experienced practitioner to help you 🙂

      Best of luck!

      Eilish xxx

  136. beachmama

    Financial stress and concern about my teenage son.

    Level 9 in my head and my heart area

    Tapped with you and Nick

    Flooded with emotion . . . very surprised at my response!

    Level 5 released tightness in my chest

    I’ll do more tapping

    Thank you ~ xxoo

  137. Love this video Marie and Nick! And I love EFT, I use it with my clients and I have over come so many issues using this technique. i cured a chronic gastric reflux problem with my EFT master, the docs said meds for the rest of my life! Now GONE!!! Love it, great share Marie x

  138. jonathan francis

    Hi there,
    Just started tapping the negative thoughts that kept telling me you just cant live your passion its too hard! after awhile, i was back on track with a smile on my face.There is no fear when you are truly in touch with your passion, i no longer have the fear for talking in public about something i really believe in!Thanks for sharing the EFT. AWESOME STUFF!

  139. I tried EFT once years ago, I didn’t think that much of it, I’ll have to give it a try again.

  140. Rita

    Dear Marie!
    THANK you!
    You really got something good going on in here 😉

    1: I experience stress about the fact that I feel unhappy about my life.
    2: I feel it around my heart, like nervous energy, or tensions. Started around 7-8 on the scale.
    3: I tapped for 10 minutes and is now at 4.
    Great 🙂 I will keep up the good work.
    Love & Light

  141. I loved this episode! Nick, we met and were partners at a Tony Robbins seminar like 10/11 years ago!!!!! My husband Steve and I totally remember you! Enjoyed tapping and will begin utilizing it in my life! Marie, thanks for continuing to bring amazing, inspiring info to us all. YOU, are amazing!
    Thank you!
    Gilly Garrett

    • That is so cool Gillian! I will let Nick know 🙂 Thank YOU (and everyone) for watching. It’s my absolute honor to do this work.

      • You were born for it! I have always been a fairly confident person, and have enjoyed motivators in the past. But, YOU are so relatable to me…we are around the same age, I love your personality, and find your blogs so inspirational! I even started doing video blogs for my organic skincare company…not as fun as yours, but a terrific start that has grown my customer base in just one video! I am truly grateful I stumbled across you. Also, I knew Nick was going to do something amazing! He was so honest in his partner work with me at Date with Destiny. I’m even more inclined to tap because it was him on your blog. Send him our best please! Finally, so happy you have found a way to deal with the anxiety that has followed your accident. I hope the love of all the women and men you inspire, and your fiancé and family and friends give you strength. Looking forward to next Tuesday!

  142. Marie, I’m SO excited that you found EFT. I’d been meaning to comment on your last post about the accident and suggest it. I’m a spiritual psychotherapist and I use tapping all the time for myself and my clients. I don’t know anything else like it for shifting trauma.

    Thank you so much, and thanks to Nick Ortner, too, for getting the word out about a tool that is so easy, free and helpful for anyone! You’re making the world a better place.


  143. ric

    1. Job related – always super performance oriented, and rarely get set back. Company I worked for was bought out, and about 9 months later about a third of the original people in the company (me included) were let go.

    2. Upper chest, upper back and neck, and vivid bad dreams of failing to make the grade.

    3. Pre-tap = Level 8, Post-tap = 5. Going to buy(donate) the book and continue learning this…process. I want to see how it lasts, and what it’s edges are…

    Thank you Nick and Marie!!

  144. Denise

    Loved that you did this video. I’m not sure if it’s tapping or California, but you look so refreshed and beautiful in this video. : ) Safe travels back to the big apple.

  145. Beth

    Amazing episode! I love tapping. For me it’s the following:

    1.) Finances! I’ve got a lot of debt to my name and I want to be financially independent and debt free but I don’t know how.

    2.) My stomach. Money thoughts usually equal all sorts of nausea and tightness in my tummy.

    3.) 6 or 7

    I feel so much lighter after tapping. I feel lifted and free of my fears, powerful, and even excited for my life. Thank-you SO much Marie and Nick!

  146. Libera

    Well, I guess I’m gonna be the only one who says it doesn’t work. But maybe my pain is different as it’s not just a matter of stress-anxiety needing to be calmed down.

    I stumbled across Tapping/EFT over a 6 months ago? I watched the very moving documentary and a few Youtube videos by Nick and his sister and even one with Gabrielle Bernstein. So I decided to give it a go and I tried tapping both during the movie (multiple times) and during the videos (other multiple times). And I also did it today while watching Marie’s.

    The pain never went away. I have suffered from back pain & fits as well as multiple muscle spasm almost daily but often randomly for a few months now. Of course I am taking care of it also with “western” medicine but since in Nick’s movie there was a man with chronic back pain who was cured basically overnight, I was hoping it would help me too 🙁

    This said, it makes me happy to see that other people are getting benefits out of it (Marie included) and I truly appreciated this video because I can tell that both of you (Marie/Nick) act from the heart & passion. And you also do charitable work.

    So thanks no matter what and all the best to you all! 🙂

    • Hi Libera. I’m so very sorry you’re in pain — and I’m sending you healing vibes and hopes that some modality will come into your life soon that will help and be perfect for you.

      • Manal K.

        Hi Libera,
        Another Eft practitioner, here. Used it on myself to heal PTSD, postpartum depression, anxiety, panic attacks, 2 traumatic births and everything in between.

        If you are willing to give it another shot, I’d like to recommend a couple things.
        First, some questions to explore in your journal:

        1. When did the pain begin? What was happening in your life at that time, or slightly before?

        2. What are your theories as to why this pain started/is resisting treatment?

        3. What might it be trying to tell you?

        4. What is the primary emotion surrounding the pain? (Tap on that first)

        My other suggestions are to:
        1. Work with a practitioner. Many work online/via phone or Skype and can often get to the root faster than we can on our own. (4 years in, and I still see a practitioner, myself, for sticky issues) It is hard to be the patient and the doctor sometimes 🙂 also, working face to face is awesome, so Google locally as well, if that’s available.

        2. Have a little vent while tapping. Forget the script for a bit and just tap with whatever is on your mind. “I’m sick of this pain, I’ve tried everything, nothing works, even this stupid tapping won’t work:-) , it’s useless, I’m a lost cause, etc. Yes pretty negative but it’s good to get that stuff out of the way so you can open yourself to more healing.
        Keep taking until you can feel a shift, like you start to say to yourself, that’s not true.

        3. Once you’ve settled a bit after your vent, without digging too deeoly, imagine your issue as a tree and each branch represents an aspect of the issue. Then imagine pulling that tree from its roots. Once you do that, start tapping things like “part of me must be hanging on to this pain for a reason, a big part of me wants to heal but a small part is hanging on tight, whatever this means, I release and let it go, whatever it all means, I choose to move forward, I choose to release any and all references to this pain, I choose to release all anger, sadness, fears, emotional traumas, negative emotions, it is safe to be free of pain, it is safe to be me, it is safe to be safe, I’m OK, all is well, thank you for protecting me all this time but i can take it from here, i can keep the lesson and release the pain, everything I need is already available, etc

        4. Between rounds, get up and dance around or get a glass of water or imagine a peaceful memory to break up the negativity.

        Ex. I worked with a woman with terrible chronic migraines, around her forehead. As we tapped on the pain, we discovered a missing link. Past abuse surfaced, and she remembered the abuser would hold her head down, the same place she’d experienced pain for the past 20 years. She’d always assumed it was due to a car accident she was in at age 5. Once we cleared the trauma around the abuse, she was migraine free. Went away on the spot. So, it’s not always as clearcut as it seems. Takes digging sometimes.

        I hope this helps you, and anyone else, feeling stuck. Feel free to ask any questions. I’m happy to answer them.

        P.s. my goal for the past few months is to one day work with the Ortners!:-) thank you for your service, Nick, Jessica, Amex (and Marie) Was sooo happy to hear we share the same view on EFT/ trauma relief being a big missing piece in humanitarian aid work. That is my ultimate vision, to train disaster relief teams in EFT. I pray it will become reality soon xoxo

    • Hi Libera,

      Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I am an EFT and Mind Detox Method practitioner and from my own personal experience and those of my clients pain is simply the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong – in the same way that alarm bells go off in a building if there is a fire. EFT has definitely helped me (personally) and my clients overcome physical pain but everyone’s situation is different.

      The thing about EFT that maybe wasn’t mentioned in the video but is very important to know, is that you have to be specific. What I mean by that, is that its important to identify the specific emotions and beliefs around a specific event or events (that you experienced) that is triggering your pain e.g. “angry because I have no support”, “sad because dad didn’t love me”… or whatever it is relating specifically to your situation. Being too general is one of the top reasons why you may not get results with EFT. It just means you’ve got to dig a little deeper 🙂

      As the creator of EFT (Gary Craig) would say, being general (about the issue) will most likely give you general results. So while in many cases being general (like tapping along to a video or while saying ‘this emotion’ without actually naming it) can give some relief, it may not get rid of the problem totally.

      In the case of more deep-rooted issues, it may not be quite as easy to identify the real reasons for your own problems – we may think we know the reason for our problems when in reality we may have a blindspot when it comes to the reasons behind the problems/pain we are experiencing and the resolution to them. That’s why in some cases it is better to go to a qualified EFT practitioner so that they can facilitate the session for you, help you identify the root-cause reasons (emotions/beliefs) creating or contributing to the pain and then resolve them. If you have not done this already, then that would be my suggestion to you… Find a qualified EFT practitioner who comes recommended and has experience and success working with pain.

      But…. having said all that… its so important to trust your own intuition on this. If EFT still resonates with you and you still feel it could help you, then great. If not, I hope you find some other modality that can help you that does.

      Best of luck!

      Eilish xxx

  147. I used to do tapping a few years ago through a EMDR therapist. I haven’t seen her in years and forgot how much the tapping worked for me. Thank you so much for reminding me! It’s time to stick with it. 🙂

  148. Stressed about being dyslexic and not being able to read properly whilst doing technical web development work.

    Stress level 10
    Were – stomach and head
    Tapping seemed to put the feeling at a distance.

    Interesting insight – I used to get tapping from a therapist. They claimed it helped with dyslexia cos of what I did to the brain. I thought they had no idea what they are talking about cos dyslexia is not a brain misfunction. However after listening to this I can see how tapping can help with the traumatic side which is very troubling ( prisons claim to have a high proportion of dyslexic inmates).

    Fantastic work, thank you both.

  149. I haven’t read all the comments, but I’ve been tapping for a few years with scripts by Brad Yates, and others, and it really works. Any negative thoughts, feelings, pain, disappear by the tapping sequence. Sometimes I forget to use it and think later on, “I should have tapped on that.” Tap tap tap..

  150. Katie

    My weight… it’s literally killing me.
    I tapped on it…and felt immediately more relaxed.
    I will mos def give this a try.
    Thank you Nick and Marie!

  151. Marketing myself is my fear which goes along with financial stress adn i feel it in my lower back at about an 8-9 most days.

    Just from doing the exercise in the video I instantly had tears streaming down my face when we talked about feeling it and then letting it go..

    Big improvement and just more acceptance around the feeling rather then anxious.
    I have never done this before but heard of Nick often – thank you for the introduction Marie and fantastic demonstration..

    • Bailey

      Hi Charlie!

      Just wanted to give you a quick EFT tip. When these thoughts or feelings come up, do a Faster EFT round which goes like this:

      Between the brows- Let it go!
      Side of the eye- Let it go now!
      Under the eye- I choose to release and let this go NOW!
      Collar bone- I’m free to let it all go now!
      Grap around the wrist- Let it go!

      Once that round is done, say “Peace” or “Thank You!”, then take a deep breath and from 1-10 how bad are you feeling? Once you’ve established a number, do another round the same way. You can even add in your own ways of saying “Let it go” like “I’m so done with this feeling, or fear”, or whatever works for you. Keep doing these rounds until you’re at a 1 or less. I hope this helps you. By the way, if you’re in a situation where you can’t physically tap, do the rounds in your mind. See yourself tapping on each point and say “let it go” in your mind. It’s easy! Best of luck to you.

  152. Never skipped a beat. I’m in B-School and an so inspired by you – whom after being involved in a traumatic accident – can continue on with your work; from emails, to MarieTV to holding down hours of real time Q & A sessions for B-Schoolers. You are a true PRO, while being an empathetic and positive human being.
    I loved this video. Loved the message, the EFT, Nick and the philanthrophic efforts you are both involved in.
    My tapping session was:
    1. Stress around having someone in my life that stresses me out!
    2. Feel it mostly on my neck, where my throat/esophagus is.
    3. After tapping, I IMMEDIATELY relaxed. The biggest hit was towards the end, where we were saying, ” I choose to hold this stress in my body.” Wow. It is a total choice and we can simply choose to not hold the stress in our bodies, but just let it carry on, and pass right through our bodies. Powerful.

    • Thank you so much Tania. I feel truly blessed to do the work I do in this world. Even though I’m giving myself a bit more downtime than usual 🙂 — nothing fills my soul with more energy then being able to connect, listen and serve as best as I can. xoxo

  153. Naomi

    I was recently cheated out of a whole lot of my money, time, and energy on an independent film, which is currently moving ahead without my name attached to it in any way. I feel sickeningly helpless.

    The stress is in the pit of my stomach and my chest. It has been sitting at around a 9 the past few months

    Tapping has helped calm me down. I’d say the stress is at a 6 now, so I might keep this as part of my daily routine, and see if I can get rid of the stress completely and really learn to let it go

  154. How Awesome. I am definitely going to tap more often. I tried it just now and felt so relaxed afterwards. I surely need the de-stressing. Thanks Marie and Nick for a great video.

  155. Bailey

    FINALLY!!! I’m so glad you bought this up Marie. I’m also so happy that you found EFT and were able to use it for yourself. EFT is AMAZING!!! I’ve been a hypnotherapist 16 years, but after discovering EFT a few years ago, I use it exclusively with my clients and myself. Hypnosis is like a slow boat to China, while EFT is like taking the Concord. It’s so much more effective, works for everyone whether they believe in it or not, and it works far more quickly. I seriously recommend it to everyone who has any kind of emotional issue (trauma, phobias, blocks, depression, loss, etc,), as well as for people suffering from any kind of pain or disease. It is a real Godsend, I’m telling you. I actually made a mind movie with music, words of affirmation, and pictures of the things I want in life, and every morning I do 2-4 rounds of EFT while watching it. It puts me in such a wonderful state of mind. There are a lot of mind movies on youtube. Try watching one that resonates with you and do EFT along with it. Amazing things will happen.

    Lots of Love To All!

    • Rena

      Great idea! What were some of the things that have happened for you?


      • Bailey

        Hi Rena,

        One of my issues was my weight. I had been holding onto about 30 pounds for the past few years. Although I know EFT works for just about everything, I just didn’t do it for my weight. This was major resistance on my part. About 2 weeks ago I finally decided to use EFT to let this weight go. It was AMAZING!!! I can’t describe it any other way. The words I used were as follows:

        My body always automatically releases and lets go of all excess fat, fluid, toxins and cellulite every day in every way. I choose to release and let go of all excess fat, fluid, toxins, and cellulite NOW! I have every reason to let it all go now! I’m completely ready and joyful to release and let go of all excess fat, fluid, toxins, and cellulite right NOW!

        Although I KNOW EFT works, I was absolutely astonished to find that I had lost 10.5 pounds in 7 days. To be honest, I don’t exercise. I even ate a McDonald’s meal with coke, and a piece of cake within, I think it was the second day, and 2 pieces of pizza a few days later with coke. I didn’t diet at all. I actually ate a little more for some reason. I also added these statements in my mind movie. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of excess weight. If there’s anyone out there needing some suggestions for what to say while tapping to lose weight, please let me know. I’m happy to help.

        Many blessings!

        • Hey Bailey – that’s amazing – congrats – I love EFT too 🙂 xxx

          • Bailey

            Hi Eilish! Thanks so much! It is amazing. I just wish EFT had been invented about 20 years earlier, don’t you? : ) Well, now is the time in any case. We have it now and I’m SO grateful for it.

            Wish you all the best!


  156. Tina

    Relationship breakdown
    Feel in as a 10 – my teeth ache and my shoulders are tense.
    Tapped and feel an 8

    • Bailey

      I’m so sorry. Is this my Tina? In any case, Do this right now….

      When these thoughts or feelings come up, do a Faster EFT round which goes like this:
      Between the brows- Let it go!
      Side of the eye- Let it go now!
      Under the eye- I choose to release and let this go NOW!
      Collar bone- I’m free to let it all go now!
      Grap around the wrist- Let it go!
      Once that round is done, say “Peace” or “Thank You!”, then take a deep breath and from 1-10 how bad are you feeling? Once you’ve established a number, do another round the same way. You can even add in your own ways of saying “Let it go” like “I’m so done with this feeling, or fear”, or whatever works for you. Keep doing these rounds until you’re at a 1 or less. I hope this helps you. By the way, if you’re in a situation where you can’t physically tap, do the rounds in your mind. See yourself tapping on each point and say “let it go” in your mind.

      If you want to go further, once you’re feeling some relief, do more rounds with a positive statement like: “I’m okay”, “Everything in my life is just fine”, I choose to be perfectly okay”, “I am strong”, I choose be be okay”. Just keep doing this until you feel like you are okay. Or bette than okay. Okay?

      Everything is going to be okay! YOU’RE going to be okay no matter what!

  157. #1 Feeling like I never have enough energy or capacity to do the things I want, i.e. I get fatigued or have anxiety

    #2 I feel is in my chest, stomach and muscles in my body

    #3 I did some tapping on a certain stress and I did lower it, which was great.

    I have tried EFT in the past and sometimes I find the sensation can get worse, not sure if I am doing it wrong, or if it is just bringing up something else. I had watched some EFT with Nick and everyone seemed to get relief but sometimes I didn’t. I also wonder if it really is about figuring out exactly what is bothering you i.e not being to vague. Also do the statements make a difference, knowing what to say, sometimes I struggle with what to say when I am tapping. Do people ask you about this?

    The wonderful thing that happened though was after my husband had a small stroke he came back from the hospital and he had to wait a couple days before he started his blood thinners- I think it was to get the other drugs out of his system., He was worried about having another stroke and so I led him through tapping and it helped him so much. It was amazing.

    This was an awesome video Marie, thanks so much for doing this episode, I think it will help so many people.

    I bought Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping by Patrica Carrington but for sure I will buy your book Nick.. Thanks

  158. Jacqui

    Hi – I have been tapping for -gosh i would think 10 or 12 years now but on dogs – so I hope that you gave some EFT to Kuma as he would have needed it too. If Nick doesn’t have this in his book I can send you the dog tapping ‘map’.


    • Hey Jax — please do send that to [email protected]!!

      • Ashley

        Jax or Marie,

        Can you please share this dog tapping map? My furdaughter has severe arthritis in her back and I’d love to find something natural that I can do to ease her pain! Thanks!

        • Jax

          Ashley Hi – not sure how to send the ‘map’ via this route! But here is a site

          They don’t recommend tapping directly and often like Reiki you can do it by proxy, especially with an arthritic back

          Try this or TTouch which is also fab. v easy to do and very effective – well I think so – You Tube has some very good videos examples

  159. I’ve been doing ‘Meridian Tapping’/EFT for a few years now and it always works – on some level – as long as I remember to use it. As Nick said, much like acupuncture, it doesn’t make any sense that it works (especially to us westerners), but it does work. Very calming and helps me deal with the stomach pain and nausea related to Celiac Disease and various other health issues I struggle with. It is excellent for emotional issues and stress as well. A close friend of mine used it to quit smoking… after one session of EFT using one of Carol Look’s scripts he never smoked again. Maybe it can cure my allergies too?!

  160. Fabulous!
    (I was skeptical at first, too.)

    1. Concern about lack of money and general overwhelm.
    2. In my neck/top of shoulders (trapezius mucles?)
    3. Level 5 intensity

    While tapping, tears came up. Such self-care and so moving! I felt CARED FOR.

    And all the pain was gone. Couldn’t believe it!

    Thank you SO much, Marie and Nick!

  161. First I have been a skeptic of tapping and hearing about it for about 5 or 7 years! But, today I was feeling a lot of stress that is just gripping me. You know how in a cartoon when the bully is holding the little guy’s shirt and no matter how fast his legs go he gets no where? That is how I was feeling. At about a level 8 or 9! So why did tapping make me cry like a baby? Then when I was through it was about a 4. Now after 5 more minutes maybe a two or a three. Nice. Who would have thought? Thank you for sharing this. . . again. The first I had heard about it was through Rebecca Fine.

  162. Hiya Marie,

    Thanks for posting this and sharing the healing power of EFT with so many! Beautiful to help bring your healing journey by helping others and introducing us to Nick. I will check out his book for sure!

    I actually had an accident too I think a few days before you … so I was and have been feeling your pain and shake up sista. I fell 9 feet from my loft onto my sacrum and foot in my house. WOW the pain was so intense I crawled to the bathroom and got sick.

    Couldn’t stand or walk the next day.

    I have been in the healing arts for 12 years and work with emotional stress that causes disease in the body … so I knew this was a big trauma to my whole body. The next day I began my authentic journey back to wellness on a mind-body-spiritual level.

    EFT is amazing, but I used ACE to help clear my stress and pain. Advanced Clearing Energetics beautiful powerful work. My teacher is actually coming out with a book in June with Hay House sharing this technique.

    It is similar to EFT in that you are releasing the stress and trauma out of your body, but you are also working to get the Soul learning about the stress, which is in truth a lesson. The process works quickly and is beautiful, just like EFT. I love healing modalities! So beautiful.

    Yoga also was a beautiful preventative medicine…my injury would have been far worse if I hadn’t been practicing. Now I am back to Yoga full time and almost back to where I was a month ago.

    The power of the mind and spirit to heal the body is truly unlimited!!

    Marie if you or Josh have any pain or stress that still feels unresolved, let me know. Would love to give you both an ACE session if you need it.


    Lots of love everyone!!


  163. Michele

    This is random but Marie, I think your shirt might be the nicest one I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks for a great episode- I’ve flirted with tapping after Kris Carr’s vid on it, I think now I have to take tapping on a date (like spend some time with tapping, maybe buy it dinner).

  164. Jessica

    Wow… I had never heard of EFT before today and I admit, was pretty skeptical. I’ve been stressed about a particular (huge) project at work and I hold the majority of my stress in my lower back. Ok, why not give it a try? I followed along just with the exercise in the video and I could feel the stress drain away. Amazing.

    Thank you Marie for sharing such great info, always!!

  165. Anne Tower

    1. My stress is around finances right now, leaving my job to focus in starting my business full time!
    2. I feel the stress in my gut/digestion.
    3. Pain level 4-6, depending on the day.

    When I did the tapping demo with Marie and Nick, I immediately started crying. So many emotions came bubbling up around this stress, and it felt empowering to name it, claim it, and release it. I still feel emotional from the quick tapping experience, but also empowered. I hve the power to change this stress! Can’t wait to buy his book and learn more. As ever, your videos shed light on exactly the topics I need to hear, Marie! You’re a blessing. 🙂

  166. Wow, I did some tapping on issues related to personal relationships this morning right after watching this video and not only felt better, but also had better interactions today. AND I was much more productive on the work front since none of my energy was sucked up in non-productive emotional drama. This ranks right up there with doing qigong every day, which helped me write my first book. Woo hoo! Think about the combo of doing qigong and tapping every day. Wow! I gotta do it.

    Thanks, as always, for the great tips.


  167. Some great content! Looking forward to interviewing you, Marie, on the Wealth Boomerang Show. More people need to hear this! 🙂

  168. Laura Delhauer

    Holy shit…. Ok, so I’m bawling my eyes out over here….. I’m actually in B-school right now. But I haven’t been doing any of my work in about a week, because I’ve let the stress of my life take over. I’m an actor in NYC, which comes with it’s own set of stresses- but money is maybe the most frustrating of them all. I have a pretty cool “money job”, but I don’t make enough, and then I was introduced to Marie TV, and knew it was fate- because there is only one thing on the planet I am as passionate about as acting, and that’s nutrition. Nutrition, and helping people who aren’t crazy like me, and don’t attack every single article/book/documentary/blog, etc. they can find to know better what it is they should do to take care of their bodies. So I thought, with Marie’s help- I could totally make this thing I am so passionate about into a business, AND as I am a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” like Marie- I could also use these skills to market myself better as an actor! So I borrowed the money for B-school from a family member… but the last week or so, I let myself get super overwhelmed by all of my prior obligations, money stress, etc. and started to doubt my ability to do any of it… which I feel is really unlike me. I’m always the one looking on the bright side! … Anyways, this video was the first email I’ve let myself open and actually check out from Marie in over a week, and I was tearing up before we even got to the tapping.
    Once the tapping began- it was ALL in my SHOULDERS and arms. It was definitely at a 7 or 8.
    I’m still aware of it, but the awareness is also of my silliness. Why do others get to make it all happen and not me? Fear and doubt are just silliness. I’m better than that.

    Thank you both so much.

    • Thats awesome Laura – (not so much the bawling, lol … but the new awareness). I’ve been doing tapping for 7 years and it has helped me gain some amazing insights over the years.

      Keep moving forward … you could even tap on your ‘silliness’ and see where that leads. 🙂

  169. Thank You so much Marie and Nick for this video! I’ve seen lots of clips and read articles on EFT before but this was the first time I actually felt a difference. I really enjoyed it and I’m going to try to tap everyday for 30 days and see what happens…thanks again!

  170. Hoa

    That’s awesome!
    your video is really useful for me.
    Thank you so much!

  171. My trapped emotion/stress is the feeling of not feeling good enough. I hold this stress more severely in my chest and upper stomach and would rate it a 9-10. It is severe! I actually suffer from chronic anxiety and have done most of my life. I just tried the tapping demo in this video and literally tears started rolling down my cheeks…I will definitely be continuing with tapping…I don’t want to hold onto this emotion any longer.

  172. Thanks Marie and Nick.
    I added tapping to my toolkit almost 13 years ago, love it, love it love it. I can’t imagine being without it, and have been an EFT practitioner for many years now. Just fantastic that it’s getting out there more now, thanks to Nick & his crew. When I started it was considered very
    ‘woo woo’ ! Great that the world is now paying attention! I still can’t believe it when I work with a client and see a lifelong phobia disappear in an hour. (Neither can they 🙂 ) It’s just BRILLIANT …. can you tell I’m enthusiastic 🙂 J x

  173. Heather

    Hi Marie! First off, I adore you, you are so amazing. I am so grateful to have found you. Second, my thoughts go out to you and your man as you recover from this traumatic event. Thank you for your vulnerability and genuineness, very powerful stuff.

    Tapping….I’m going for it. I have struggled with invisibility syndrome which has effected and hijacked the course of my life. I have been confused about how to really flip this thing around. I know I have so much talent inside me and I have been playing not only small but invisible my whole life. Lets see if I can tap my way out it;) This routine of mine is getting boring.

    Thanks Marie!

  174. Mike

    Has anyone heard of Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), or better yet tried it with any success?

    • Mike

      Or better yet, the Lefkoe Method. I tried some of the online samples and it seemed to help pretty well for procrastination.

    • Mike

      I for some time have also been looking at FasterEFT, it’s a more NLP styled EFT for those interested and I found it easier to work with. Robert Smith (creator) has a ton of videos on Youtube for those interested.

  175. Marie,
    I love your passion and enthusiasm.
    Tapping is a simple solution for short term results. It does resolve physical/emotional issues for just that..short term.
    Deeper and issues of long term duration would best be advised with formal involvement of professional guidance.
    With out sounding to to self centered/self serving, i would more than happy to help you, Marie, with any post traumatic physical, emotional issues that may have come up/challenged you since your accident.
    Dr. Brown

    • Hey Dr. Brown! Thank you so much for your kind offer ;). You’ll be happy to know I’m working with other therapists (PHDs) as well. As you know, there are many roads, and many paths. EFT is one — and I’m always happy to know and experience difference modalities. My perspective is that it’s a fantastic tool and personal practice that can support people on their healing journey.

  176. Super excited to see this interview on Tapping, thank you so much Marie, you Rock ! 🙂
    I am an EFT Practitioner , and EFT is a huge passion of mine it blows me away every day ! Here is a free call I did a while back on tapping for Entrepreneurs and all the inner game stuff that comes up on this journey. In the call, we tapped away anxiety about money, fear of shining, fear of raising your rates and talking to peeps about your business. Tap along and enjoy , let me know if you have questions…

  177. I was walking home late from work watching this video. I have heard about tapping before, but of course was skeptical. I have been feeling a lot of back pain this week (level 8), it comes and goes every few months. I decided to do the tapping along with the two of you while I was walking home.
    I believe my exact words (out loud and to myself) were, “No. Fucking. Way.” Instant relief. And I have tried everything over the years to give myself relief from this pain. It isn’t ALL gone, but that kind of relief from a few minutes…while walking…holding a phone? Wow.
    All as I can say is thanks to both of you for being so charming and making me feel comfortable enough to try it out. I can’t wait to dive in a little bit deeper. This video was certainly a right place, right time sort of thing for me tonight!

    • Sara — AMAZING! Can’t wait to share it with Nick. I would def. keep going and huge congrats for taking action while you were walking. Awesome 🙂

  178. Anna

    Thank you thank you thank you!! It seems like your videos always come exactly when I need them!

    My stress has been coming from a combo of things; stress over finances (or lack there of) and my family. In a nutshell, my man and I are working our buns off to follow our passions but bills are coming in faster than the money. Rather than taking out more loans from the bank, we tried to turn to family and asked my dad for a loan. It turned into more of a lecture about us being irrational and irresponsible as well as a few other things that weren’t PG rated.

    I’m feeling this stress as a tightness in my chest, mostly, but I’ve definitely had a nagging headache for a couple of days and I don’t think it’s wine related (that’s not in the budget right now). Pre-tapping intensity? About a seven.

    Post-tapping; headache’s still there but the intensity has definitely dropped to a four. Funny thing, tapping gave me that moment (that I thought I had taken, but clearly hadn’t) to breathe and really assess the situation. Everything I need is in my life this moment and everything is figure-out-able 😉 Some really sassy lady said that once.

    Thanks again, and thank you for the beautiful work you do.

    Lots of love!

  179. Rachel Rogers

    For 2013 my goal is to “dig deep”! I have never heard of tapping and I’m so excited about it, because I feel this can help change my stress!! Marie you said “you need to claim it, to fix it”, I realized that one of my underlying stresses is my family role. My dad died ten years ago and ever since I have had to become “the spouse” figure to my mother, helping with financial management and be a sounding board to her. Also my brother has struggled with personal issues, and I’ve often played a prominent role in his survival. Well both of these things have taken a tole on me…..causing major stress. I feel like my success could be greater in life if I could let go of some of this stress. I plan to explore tapping and within the 10 minute session I did I felt a change in me.

  180. Dunia Lopez

    Hi Marie,

    I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I consider myself an open minded professional, and I don’t think there is one and only way to solve every problem; each individual and each need is different. Nevertheless, I think (and my clinical experience and that of many other mental health professionals has confirmed it many times), that traumatic events need to be worked through in many levels; stress relief is indeed important, but there are other aspects in the cognitive and affective areas that need to be taken in consideration and properly managed. I believe it is important to have this in mind.
    Dunia López

    • Hi Dunia! Thanks for your note — as I shared with Dr. Brown above, I’m also working in other modalities including more traditional therapy, too.

      What is great about EFT is that it’s a simple practice that people can use on their own, to support them along their journey to health and well being.

      It won’t resonate with — or work for — everyone (no one modality ever does!) — but since it can be done at any time, or any place, it can be a fantastic support tool.



  181. Marie,

    Thanks for sharing this!

    I know first hand how effective this can be….

    I was at an Anthony Robbin’s event with Nick’s sister Jessica (an amazing soul) and I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. It was a monster! Being a volunteer in the room, disappearing or “numbing” myself wasn’t an option and Jess offered to take me through the EFT process.

    Within minutes of practicing the EFT techniques, my headache went from a “9” to a “3”.

    It was amazing and I’ve been so proud of the work Jessica and Nick have been doing ever since. So glad and excited to see you share this amazing technology. Thanks!


  182. Rena

    For those who desire to experience financial abundance and money manifestation to help experience financial peace and security, what are some of the EFT set ups and phrases? Is it important to stay neutral or use specific dollar amounts?

    Has anyone experienced success with EFT as it relates to attracting clients and money?

    • Bailey

      Hey Rena!

      You want to be very specific when it comes to money. Maybe start off with some amount that feels believable, or go for it and put a crazy number out there and see what happens. I’m partial to $100,000,000.
      Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long : )

  183. I just watched the video, did the tapping, and by the end of it I couldn’t even remember what stress I was tapping about. I noticed that my neck pain disappeared though. I’m a little stunned. And very encouraged! THANK YOU!

  184. Such a great experience to try! makes me relax and will definitely try this with my future stressfull situations.
    thank you !

  185. Elliott

    Immediately after your car accident it immediately jumped into my head that I should tell you about EFT/tapping, but I thought it would be too far “out there”.
    It (EFT) has helped me and my family members several times in ways that made major differences in our lives, (medical/financial). I knew it could probably very well help with your trauma and your family’s trauma, but felt you probably already had a pretty robust “toolbox” of ways to handle the difficulties in your life.
    My only comment for those who haven’t tried EFT/tapping yet is that it can be very hard to accept that something so simple can work so well. Even after you experience some “one minute wonders” yourself (or witness them for the ones you love) it’s hard to believe the results that you saw with your very own eyes.

  186. My stress issue: a sudden collapse of turnover (in the Netherlands, no one remains unaffected by the economic crisis), which I feel in my shoulders and neck. Tapping made my neck feel strangely relaxed…! Not so bad actually :), thank you, guys!

  187. monika

    I have a stress looking for job, that effects my eyeside, sometime they get watery and i look tired. After i closed my eye and started to think about that, i began the tapping. I also pictured those tapping areas are the windows to my body and i am knocking on them saying “hi its me, you are not alone, let me in’. I felt so ridiculous doing that, i laughed at myself with every muscle in my body. When i was done, i felt happy and energized. The only problem is what if i get stressed on a train..)
    thank you for this great idea.

  188. What an incredible surprise to open your blog today and see Nick’s face on there! And thought it was so cool that he approached you to use the Tapping for your accident.

    When I heard about your accident, my thoughts were “Oh, tapping would help”.

    I actually started out in my own business as an EFT practitioner, before branching out, but I have seen so many amazing results with EFT for myself and clients … it’s always gonna be my special ‘baby’.

    Thanks for sharing this Marie (and Nick)

    • jan timms

      Good Morning – Thank you! This morning I had bad dreams about my Ex Boyfriend so I tapped along with you and Nick during the video. As well as finding it fun and found myself laughing I did feel I let go and put the effect the dream had on me to bed so to speak. I was rating it as a six and now its a gonner not even a oner! Yesterday afternoon I went to the osteopath for a treatment for a minor thing and then I went to yoga. As I left the class Rosaleen the yoga teacher was tapping! She was tapping away demonstrating to a pupil – a simple stress release method so when I looked at your email it resonated – no pun intended – I love it when life is like that! I like to call ‘weird’, ‘wired’ because there is actually a connection when we are open to it.
      I am an artist and yogi into most things holistic and am about to combine the two things I do in a workshop for the first time. One does not yet have a website… You have inspired me and your enthusiastic TV bits and bobs encourage me.
      Thank you thank you
      love love
      jan x

      • Buy this book! I got it on my Kindle yesterday because I’ve been having a terrible time with sleepless nights caused by financial worries. The technique really works. I had a great night of sleep, and I can see I will use it to carry me through moments of anxiety in this high stress period of my life. Thank you so much for this!

  189. I am SO doing the happy dance right now – Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Marie for sharing about EFT here to all your subscribers. I adore EFT and love to spread the word. I use it with clients, friends and for myself. I’ve been in the holistic health field for over 12 years and, honestly, it’s the best tool I know for overcoming our stresses, worries and fears. I’m living proof.

    My EFT story is that when self building my home 4 years ago we got stopped 1/2 way through – there had been errors that weren’t our fault. We spent 18 months in limbo, not knowing when we could legally resume, not knowing where we’d live or if we’d ever be allowed to live in OUR home, being told one thing then another. EFT was the only tool I had that REALLY helped me cope, on a daily basis, with the sense of helplessness, powerlessness and fear of that situation.

    Since then, I’ve recommended it to EVERYONE and use it with almost all of my clients. By the way, EFT isn’t just for people – I use it for pets too and it’s really effective (and I’m currently at B-School bringing that great work to the world). So – get tapping everyone and thanks again Marie <3 – that just made my day.

  190. marianne toft

    Hi Marie
    You are such an inspiring and vibrating entrepreneur and communicatator!
    Thank you for being hippie enough to bring things like tapping in MarieTV, I really love you for that <3
    I went tapping along in the show and have done the tapping challenge afterwards.
    1. The one mostly stressing factor and pain right now is disconnecting from myself, feelings, body, spirit, and in the end disconnetion to the world in general, by feeling so disconnected within.
    2. I feel the pain og the disconnection in my heart and in my stomach, and it makes me cry to connect with it. On a scale from 1-10 it is a 10.
    3. After having tapped it for a bit of an extended session, I feel quite different.
    On a scale, the pain is down to 8, but what also happend is, that I feel more connected with myself by allowing myself to feel the stress and pain by feeling so disconnected.
    I know this to be a core issue in my life, to have to disconnect to stay alive. So I think I could be a tapping-area to do some intensive work on.
    Thank you so much for this demonstration of a very low-practial soulution always by hand… 🙂
    It is obvious for me, that I can cut through some layers, that I would not be able to think or talk myself through.

    All the best to you!
    Love from Marianne <3<3<3

  191. Astrid Van Der Linden

    Thanks Marie & Nick for an amazing episode. Always so inspired by the information you share! I first heard about EFT from my dad a couple of years ago. He had read The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson & it made a great impact on him. For most of my childhood dad had suffered with severe depression and was very withdrawn. I was so used to him being that way & expected no different. It was only after dad started EFT that I started to see my real father. Finally he was free from all the torment, guilt & perfectionism that had him bound for years. Now he is the most peaceful, loving, happy man I know!!! I am so happy he discovered EFT. For years he tried everything else from psychologists, drugs, meditation, exercise etc. EFT really seemed to be just the thing dad needed. It is such a blessing that he discovered it and was willing to give it a go! Thanks Nick for writing your book and sharing this remarkable healing tool! I am sure it will be of benefit in my lifetime too. Best Wishes Astrid

  192. Connie Polk

    I’m so grateful for this! I’m so stressed by not having enough hours in the day with long work days, being 3 weeks behind in B-School, trying to do my own taxes (owing LOTS of money) because I can’t afford to pay someone! That’s the big one-my neck and head hurt every time I sit down to work on them (when I’d rather be catching up on B-School). I’m off today with my long list of to-do items but I will try tapping to see how it can help me get through-

    • Cheryl

      Connie, I think we are cosmic sisters. I’m also 3 weeks behind in my B-School, which I put on hold to prioritise getting my 3 year tax backlog completed (the only difference being that the Taxation Dept owe me money, not the other way around – you’d think that would be motivation enough to get it all done!) My neck has been hurting from sitting all day sifting through boxes & boxes of paperwork. I’m going to have a go at tapping my mental block at getting the tax preparation done more quickly, and tapping the “pain in the neck”. I should be able to power through this, with a $3k carrot dangling at the end of it. “Even though I don’t know why I’m procrastinating over doing my tax returns, I love & accept myself ….”

  193. Natali

    Marie, check astrocartography, they are in Oregon. Your astro map would tell you about “dangerous” places on the earth, you might want to avoid. I was skeptical at first, but after looking at JK map(they show it as example) I went ahead and purchased it. Dallas was the “fatal” place on JK’s map.

  194. Josette Owens

    First of all I want to say that I look forward every Tuesday to find a new Marie TV in my e-mail box! I, as a former professional dancer, so relate to “getting connected” to ones body. I have realized that I, because I’ve been focusing so much on my business, have gotten disconnected to my body so this all makes so much sense. My stress, probably like many others, has been in the area of my finances and debt. It’s like this black cloud that hangs over me and zaps me of my joy, which I’ve been fighting, by training my thoughts to focus on the positives in my life and through prayer. I did the exercise with you all and my stress level was an “8”…I notice that the stress manifests in my body through constriction of my breath, I literally feel a tightness throughout my whole body. After I did the tapping, I noticed that this had changed a bit, I know that I need to carve out some time to bring it down but the exciting thing is that this is something that I can do throughout the day when I start to feel my body constricting…thank you Nick and Marie!

  195. Deborah

    I am stressed as my little three year old is poorly after having febrile convulsions, (cause by a fever and the fact that the part of the brain that regulates temperature is not fully developed in children). She was unconscious and when she became conscious we went to hospital in the ambulance. I felt the stress in my head, neck and shoulders, even now some days later. Through tapping it went from an 8 to a four. She is making a steady recovery and tapping can help me through this time. Thanks Nick and Marie. This is cool. From a B-Schooler.

    • Kika

      I feel for you – this can be so scary. My middle child would have febrile convulsions fairly regularly – I slowly learned that the only clue I’d get was that beforehand she’d be a little more clingy than usual. She’d spike a fever and off to the emergency we’d go again. With her I became less hesitant to give out children’s tylenol at the first sign of a temp or not feeling well. Fortunately, these seizures/convulsions ended by 4 years old (I believe this is common).

  196. Natali

    It is so amazing what Nick did for the children and victim’s parents in CT. It brought tears into my eyes.

  197. Hi Marie,

    I’m so glad that you brought this up in the air. I am a fan of EFT because I tested this for myself and it really works. I’ve been encountering a stress few days ago from a project that I’m committed to and what makes me pressured is because of big expectation on myself that If I couldn’t produce the result that they want things will going to fail.

    So when I watched your interview with Nick, I was reminded again to do this.
    Thank you and thanks to Nick. More power to Marie TV

  198. The concept behind The Tapping Solution is super exciting for me. I use marma points (the Indian version of acupressure) along with deeply restorative techniques like Yoga Nidra in my practice to help people overcome stress related complaints like chronic fatigue and tension. These techniques that help release emotional blockages through the mind-body connection are super effective. Congrats Nick! And thanks Marie. Nice work.

  199. Marly

    I have a question.
    Did I noticed that the tapping has some sequence affirmations?
    It looks like it starts with something like “I dont know if I will be able to get rid of the stress?….. to the final round, where I say: ” I choose to get rid of this stress?”..
    Is that correct?
    Thanks a lot,

  200. Melissa

    I actually purchased the Tapping package from the Tapping World Summit, by Nick and it has been sitting on my shelf for 2 months. I was even contemplating sending it back until today. This episode really gave me the final push to start EFT. I cannot thank you both enough for taking the time to talk about such an important life changing topic! Just another fantastic Marie TV episode!

  201. Hey Marie, I’m a B-Schooler and suffer from a major comparison hangover. My stress and fear is not being successful with my business. It was at an 8. I felt the stress in my arms, like anxiety; in my eyes and head. I tapped with you guys and for some reason tears filled my eyes. I’m now at a 6, still need some work and will continue to practice tapping. Thank you for sharing this method.

  202. This was just what I needed to listen to this morning. My mother is not in a good way, moving deeper into dementia and it’s painful. Interestingly, this has shown up as a pain in my right shoulder.

    Just those few minutes of tapping reduced the pain from a 6 to a 3 and my shoulder now has more movement. I actually thought that the pain was from doing a lot of yoga but now I see that it was, and is, much more.

    Thank you so much for sharing the tapping with us.

    I have a friend who is really into it but like anything else, making it a practice is what makes it work.

  203. Oxana

    I heard about Tapping before even went on a tapping event here in Toronto, but honestly speaking, never used it by myself, till few months ago when my 5 years old son started to have emotional swings, taking things very personal and show all kind of negative emotions. My husband and I were frustrated, tried talking, explaining, but it worked only for a period of time. So one of my friends suggested to try tapping with him, I was skeptical but I really wanted to help. And we tried… I found very nice tapping videos on YouTube- EFT for Kids and fun pictures of super heroes with tapping points. To my surprise my kid likes it and was willing to tap. So now when he has his “bad moods”, I know how I can help , and even he –himself knows what to do to feel better.
    If someone interested –links to Kids tapping video, my son really likes.

  204. This was my first time ever tapping and I think that it’s amazing. The sense of clarity that you feel as you are going through the rounds even for just the minute during the live video was phenomenal.

  205. Hooray!

    Glad that tapping helped you Marie. As you can see from all the comments on your blog post…it’s becoming more and more popular. I have Nick Ortner’s movie and one of his books, tapping has helped me to clear some deep seated grief issues.

    Happy to see your platform casting more light on this part of the New Energy Pyschology Movement. Thanks!

    Personal Energy Coach and current B-Schooler

  206. Amy

    So glad that you are feeling better and what a terrific episode. You are so in the now and wow. After starting to watch this video yesterday I got a FB post from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Hay House sharing Nick’s book. So cool!

    I so loved this episode because Nick shared that people are afraid to ask for money and then can’t support themselves and go back to their previous day job. Big ring a ding dong for me, that I was a corp gal and bought my yoga studio 3.5 years ago from my deceased teacher. I spent the first year and half trying to climb out of her shadow and proving myself even though I was a known student of her but hell who can compare to charismatic woman in real life and the a passed on legend. Since then I have done everything I can think of to grow the studio and have sold my soul to the Groupons of the world and promoting a healthy staff of 10 teachers. What I forgot was me. I am down to teaching 1 class a week and haven’t spent anytime growing my private students, my coaching business, or my writing services. Signing up for B-School was my last attempt to help me jump ahead before looking again for the corporate digs to pay myself, support my family, and feel financial secure.
    I brought all that self doubt and financial insecurity into tapping and although it didn’t change everything I felt a space to breath a little lighter and easier with more positivity.
    Thank you Marie and Nick.
    So much love.

  207. Loved hearing more about this, my first knowledge of this was when the nurse did it to the lady I care for that has Alzheimers. My lovely lady was feeling anxious and getting a bit angry about what she imaged was happening (deep past memories), the nurse tapped and amazingly she became much calmer and her mind went to what must have been a safer place and she appeared more present.

  208. LOve this!! will definitely be trying this at home. thank you so much for spreading the good word 😉

  209. Pauline

    Hi Marie and Nick, I must share with you my 8 year old sons experience with Tapping. It was the night before Taj’s first day back at school for the year and as he was going to bed he burst into tears and was extremely anxious and fearful of going to school. ( he had been bullied at an old school and he was reliving that pain and trauma) I had only just discovered Tapping and so we did it together. His scale of fear and anxiety was a very tearful 10 before tapping and was reduced to a smiling 3 after he followed me tapping. We did one more round and he was laughing at 1 and commented “Mum, it works I feel great,” The next morning he was up and dressed and saying he was looking forward to school. How does it get better than that!

  210. Julie

    Thanks Marie! Yes, divine timing, i just wish you didn’t haven’t to get in a car accident to bring it to MarieTV. (Thanks for taking a bullet for the good that will come from spreading the word about freeing ourselves from trauma through EFT.) I have been studying the amygdala for the past month because i have fibromyalgia which is basicially your brain saying, “babe, you are in danger” all day, every day. The amygdala is a powerful thing! Time for us to start taking care of it. (If anyone reading this comment has fibro, you might want to check out the Gupte Programme. I think its the real deal to getting to the root of fibro.)

    Then a week or so ago i saw Nick’s website, downloaded his free ebook, and watched some other tappers on YouTube. Very powerful stuff! I love learning about freeing ourselves from trauma. I followed a tapping video last week on cutting ties to old relationships and it helped me heal from an abusive event in my teens and the root of some of my fears about being physically over powered. I also got to talk to my inner child at an early age and tell her its safe to run and play now (tears….)

    Tonight i followed your video with Nick. Why? Well last week my grandpa side swiped my car and his insurance is saying they won’t pay to fix it because we’re related (wtf?) and then this morning the other side of my car got nailed by my neighbor when he backed out of his driveway! I didn’t realize how much tension i’m carrying in my upper torso and when i think about the car stuff my throat and neck hurt. i like Nick’s wording of letting the stress go. I went from an 8 to a 4 in those few rounds. I often carry tension on the sides of my body, from the shoulder to the waist, and i am going to try to get to the root of why that tension is there with some more tapping.

    I was literally going to go to the store and buy Nick’s book today but then my car got hit and isn’t drivable. go figure!

    You take care sister. Keep tapping and smiling. Loving B-School <3


  211. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who does EFT or tapping. Sometimes we will be out for a walk and she will get me to tap out a situation. I must ssay i can not feel the difference. I am hopefull that it is just working.

  212. Hi Marie, I was so excited to see this info. I have been Tapping in clinical practice in Australia for over 10 years now. Tapping has completely replaced my Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice because it is a tool that I can teach to my clients and they can do FOR THEMSELVES! I am all for self care and self management and this is exactly what Tapping is. Not just for the minor stuff Tapping is extremely good for major Trauma as well such as PTSD. I can only encourage your followers to give this a red hot go! There are MANY wonderful practitioners in the States and around the world. I highly commend Nick and Jessica Ortner for the wonderful work they have done to keep bringing EFT to the world. I truly believe when we start dealing with our emotions in a practical way on a daily basis we live longer, happier and healthier lives and have so much more to contribute to the people we love and the world in general. Go on give it a go!

  213. I will tell you…Marie TV has been such a blessing for me in the last few months! Being a brown girl…you don’t always hear or believe some of the things your guest have shared as solutions to personal and professional problems…but I secretly have (now I tell everyone)! I’ve been listening, implementing and getting results in life and business! Your last interview about overcoming shyness…OMG! I so needed that…now tapping. I LOVE IT! Thank you! Getting my copy pronto! xo

  214. Hi Marie,
    I like the idea of tapping the meridian points. I did it along with you guys and felt a bit calmer. I am having teething pains common to starting a new company. Meditation, prayer, exercising regularly, eating live food, resting and practising instant forgiveness also are helpful ways to de-stress.

    I was involved in a horrible car crash in my teens. The car was totalled. My sister was also in that car. I can still hear the squeaky sound of the metal every time the car landed after a flip. But here’s the best part, seconds before this accident happened, a friend of ours complained about the wreckless driving and he concluded by say- “we are going to die”, to which I calmly responded- “No one is going to die”. Seconds after the driver hit the curb and the car was in the air! None of us had seat belts on. The car was unrecognisable! I still can’t remember how I crawled out but we all did. The driver (a friend of ours) was in a coma for 2 weeks and came to. No one died!
    Belief is powerful! And I believe your healing can happen this instant! This holy instant!

  215. Joyce

    I was a skeptic and I followed along. I have to admit I am more relax and the pain in my leg is gone! I am on my feet for very long periods of time. So what is the name of his book? i would like to read more about tapping.

  216. Mary

    I am using the tapping technique to help with my anxiety before I sit down to work on commissioned drawings and freelance projects. It is working very well. It has taken my anxiety from an 8 to a five, and I am just going to keep at it, and use it before I sit down to work. Thank you so much!

  217. Heather

    Dear Marie,

    First of all, kuddos to you for your strength and being able to “show up” so beautifully after your accident…I have been in a few accidents myself and fully understand what the body goes through in this process. They happened years ago, which was a big part of what got me onto the healing path I have been on ever since…

    It’s so wonderful to see you opening up to healing modalities, I’m sure you are in good hands and have healing therapists that you can work with.

    For over six years I was traveling the world and setting up luxury, holistic spas and wellness centers, so I’m surrounded by therapists and practitioners, healers and people “on the path” of self-love, self-development and empowerment… You might guess that I have been hearing about tapping for a long time! Whether I was in Bali, India, Germany, Turks and Caicos, Thailand or the US I had someone around me tapping their hand or forehead at one time or another…

    But for some reason, I was never truly inspired to embark on my own tapping journey…until today! Thank you for inspiring me to finally give tapping a try and thank you Nick for all that you do!

    I’ve invited my community on facebook at to join me in a tapping challenge inspired by YOU! – and would love it if any experienced tappers on this thread hop over and give us some inspiration to motivate us!

    THANK YOU MARIE and many blessings to you on your healing journey…

  218. Anna

    You’re awesome! I’m catching up on B-school right now but decided to watch this episode of MarieTV first. One word for it: LOVE! This is my first time learning about EFT and I’m intrigued. Nick’s work had come across my email earlier this week through The Daily Love but I didn’t look into it until now. Thank you for introducing this to me. Gotta run, I have some tapping to do…

    All my best,

  219. Aischa

    Thank you for sharing this Marie. I just found out on Friday that my husband is having and affair actually 2 affairs if you can believe that. So I will be trying this tapping to help me get through this. I followed along with you guys but don’t feel anything as of yet. But this is so fresh and devastating that maybe I’m just not focusing when I’m doing it. I’m also sooooo thankful that this is our off week from B-School so that I can try to get back on track for next week. So I’ll be tapping until next week. Thank you for sharing.

    • Manal K.

      Sending you hugs and prayers. Tap and vent away. Get angry, get it out and make space for peace. Xoxo

  220. Connie Polk

    Tapping my way through taxes. Will tap my way through writing the big old check at the end.

  221. So, I was skeptical too. But this morning I had really intense menstrual cramping and nausea. I’m trying not to take Advil anymore, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Tap-tap-tap-a-roo. And it totally worked. I can barely believe it – but now it’s 6pm and I STILL feel okay.

    Isn’t it funny – when you’re a skeptic, even when something works, you still don’t believe?

  222. Hoa

    Thank you for sharing Marie. i very enjoy this video. I have a discuss the toppic about “How to lead a happy life”
    May you help me about this this toppic.
    Thanks a lot!

  223. Alysha

    My mum taught me about tapping a while a go and I use it a little every now and then but havent got used to using the script 🙂 I think I need to learn that more!

    1. I tapped on feeling stressed about school – I’m learning a new language and am at school every morning from 9-12:30 and I have never been a morning person.. So feeling tired and brain stressed from pushing the boundaries and lear ing new and difficult things!!

    2. After tapping along with the video I went from a 9 to about a 3 and I feel a lot more sparkly and relieved.

    Thanks for a great video, I also loved what you said about marketing really being a way of sharing authentically what you are passionate about!

    xx A

  224. Carolina

    I did the exercise and loved the results! I heard about it before but didn’t do the exercise thinking this was not for me, it is a powerful tool, it changed my state in just a few minutes, GRACIAS MARIE!

  225. Judit

    Hi Marie,
    I am so happy you posted this one! Thank you for spreading the word, so many people are in desperate need for this technique!
    What I practice is EFT combined with NLP and other techniques, its name is Faster EFT, the founder is Robert G. Smith. It is faster and more effective than traditional EFT and you can actually flip the negative emotions or memories into positive and it is amazingly powerful. It provides really deep and lasting changes.
    If anyone of you would like to try it on Skype just send me an email to [email protected]. (I am not a native English speaker but it is time to challenge myself :-))

  226. Hi Marie,

    I understand the premise and am sure Nick Ortner has assisted you and many with this technique. My greatest disappointment is that Nick still leads with the negative telling you to see stress point – in essence putting the visualization there for you. Visualization is powerful. No need to add to the clutter. Instead a wiser option might be for you to take a look at what is there and clear out what isn’t serving you. Using the rest of the technique would then be even more powerful and successful.

  227. Wow, what a turn around. I’ve read about EFT before and even tried it, but thought it was, well, phooey if I’m honest. However, this interview was just completely inspiring. The way Nick talks about tapping really gets the message of it all across – I love his honesty about his experiences of it.

    1) This is really a teeny tiny problem in the grand scheme of things, but one thing that has been stressing me out today is refreshing my app review website. There are too many themes out there and I can’t find the perfect one. I feel like I’ve been drowning in WordPress themes all day!

    2) I’ve really felt the stress of this in my hands and wrists and I’d rate it at 8. Almost painful.

    3) After doing four rounds of tapping I would say I feel calmer and the sensation of stress in my hands has reduced. Overall, I think it brought me down to about 5/6. Not bad for a few minutes intervention!

    Yet again Marie, as a class teacher (primary/elementary), I’m left feeling inspired to take something from your videos into my class of 10/11 year olds. Does Nick have any experience or advice of using EFT in the classroom?

    P.S. I’m in London and will be buying the book – whatever the cover! 😉

  228. Oliver

    1. Hi…an area I feel pain about is not finding the right girl to have a relationship

    2. Feel the stress deep in my bosom

    3. Refer to the pain as an 8

    4. I felt better after tapping for 5 minutes because it reminded me that my problems are only metaphysical, but I am completely physical and take up alot mass.

  229. Liv

    #1. Dislike the way in which my female boss verbally projected her stress onto me earlier in the week; I asked her if she’d like to see a client not realising that she felt she was at the limit of her availability.
    #2. It’s strange, but imagine a crescent shape that originates in the soft palate and goes back towards the throat and upwards to end centrally behind the eyes. That’s where the stress ‘feels’ like it is. My chin drops and then my shoulders tense and it feels like the stress is a form of white noise. I also hear repetitive musical loops of about four bars – this week it was a complicated jazz riff I’d heard the day before. I’d grade the stress at a 7-8.
    #3. Instant release down to a 2-3 – although now I’ve described the feeling I’m feeling a little embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Elle

    1. The thing that is stressing me now is that I’m 53, twice bullied at work, twice made redundant, and twice had to take a pay cut to get back into work, whilst others seem to go up and up. Even starting my own business failed.

    2. I feel the stress in my neck and shoulders, at about a 9 usually!

    3.I did the tapping along with Nick and Marie and started crying! I did not expect that but it was such a good release. I am now at a stress level of about a 3 or 4. Thank you this was so helpful Marie!!!

  231. The main area in my life that I stress about is work. Since my life changed in early 2010, I’ve been having a hard time trying to pick up the pieces, and since I’ve started “working” I haven’t liked any of the jobs I’ve been hired for. Part of this is because, now that I actually feel like I’ve cured the insomnia I had for several years, now I work night shift and spend all night at work – so I don’t feel like I’m getting up with the rest of the world. Another part of the stress is that I’m very rarely social because of it.

    I feel most of that stress in my legs. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 3 years of age, and just now recently was told it’s spread to my back – again. But it’s always been around in my legs, and I work at a grocery store where I stand 8 hours a night.

    I did the tapping along with the video and I feel much better about things, I’d say my stress level calmed down a bit and I feel much better but I’m still thinking about how I’m going to change things, though the tapping helped me realize, “it’s not going to change right now and you need to sleep!”

  232. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    I loved this interview. I knew about tapping already & don’t do it nearly as much as I should but I do feel the positive effects when I do it. I think what Nick and his family are doing for people are great & I love that you both stress the idea that you have to charge what you’re worth & we owe it to the world to do what we’re meant to do & make a good living at it.

  233. Hi Marie,

    I’d also like to recommend something called an emWave2. It’s a little biofeedback device that shows you what your body’s state of stress is and guides you to a less stressed state.

    You can actually see the difference on the graph on your computer screen before & after – and I’m sure it could be used in conjunction with tapping.

    Tara xx

  234. Dale Rogerson

    Hey there Marie. It seems every single newsletter I receive has some link to EFT! I finally caved in and tried it myself.
    My stress levels are through the roof with my work, more specifically, my boss, whom I can’t stand and who makes me feel totally insignificant (which is why I’m in B-School and trying to launch my own business!) I have been sick 4 times in the last 2 months! Enough already. My level of stress was at a 9 before doing the tapping and just by going along with you and Nick, it went down to about a 6-7. Will do more for sure!

  235. Monica

    I’m a believer! I had this incredible lower back pain. I gave it a 10 in the pain scale. I followed the tapping that Nick and Marie did and the pain is now a 5 or less! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  236. Jenn Politte

    Hi Marie,

    This past Monday, my kids and I were rear ended by a car going about 50mph. At first I felt I was handling everything pretty well, but as the week has gone on I have felt my anxiety rise each time I have to drive. The accident occured at the entrance to my community so I have to drive thru that spot daily. I tried the tapping and already I feel my body relaxing and some of the residual pain ease. I will have to give some tapping a try tomorrow as I head out to run errands. Can’t wait to see what happens. Thanks for all you do.

  237. wow! Marie, Thanks a lot!
    I’ve heard about EFT some years ago from my dear friend, but like you, I did not take it seriously enough to give it a shot. After this video I am gonna definitely try to do it on a regular basis. If it helped so many people with their issues, there should be something special in it.
    I am totally in! 🙂

  238. Thanks Marie, great episode, as usual!
    I have been using EFT on myself for a while after doing eft level 1 and 2 but I didn’t get round to qualifying, partly because I struggle to explain how it works. But you inspired me to write my latest blog post: and make a public commitment that I will qualify this year. After all I’m doing my clients a disservice by not at least offering EFT as an option.


  239. Hi Marie, great to see this episode is creating such a stir and getting the word out there about EFT in a big way. It’s one of the most powerful tools I’ve come across for blasting through the procrastination and self-sabotage that plague many of us heart-centred entrepreneurs.

    If anyone wants a quick reminder of where to tap, and how to tap for stress, here’s a short video I created recently. Scroll along to 3min 42secs in to get to the tapping action:

    Happy tapping!

  240. Thanks so much for sharing. I think this is critical for people who can’t control their thoughts during meditation, but need SOMETHING to focus on in order to help reduce stress. Definitely sharing it with some people I think will really benefit from it.

  241. Enjoyed the video Marie with Nick Ortner. I have had a few sessions of tapping and think it is a great tool to help release stress and get to the root of what may be in the way of success and happiness. I am a counselor and support my clients in using it, plus use it myself on a regular bases.
    All the best to both of you and thank you for sharing your gifts.
    Love and blessings,

  242. Elena

    Ok, I’m a harder nut to crack. Tapping did NOT seem to help me before-when I first gave it a try. Suspension of disbelief is a good rule to follow, ’cause things do shift and change.

    Now something is different. Now it almost immediately changes my energy- and I forget what it was I was obsessed or compulsed about. Zippedy-do-dah!

  243. Theresa Guimont

    This is an amazing tool, I’ve been helping myself and others for the pass 4 years. I have to tell you….it give’s you the best results out there.
    We all have to take part in our own healing and empower ourselfs again.
    It’s is so exciting to see that this is really getting out there in ways that we can remove all the emotional, spiritual and pysical pain from our past and manage the present moment. 🙂

  244. Ann

    Hi Marie- This is all new to me. Thank you so much for adding the video demo. With just a click, the book is now on my Kindle…gotta love that! I am excited to get another good read…to add to my B-School recommended reading. Alright, I better get to work on module 4 🙂 See you there!

  245. I quit smoking using Thought Field Therapy, which is basically the same thing. Every time I needed a cigarette I just used the tapping technique until I no longer even thought about smoking. Smoking is disgusting so it wasn’t that hard. 😉

  246. I have tried tapping a few times in the past and had good results . I actually came across Nick’s website a few months ago & I started doing it now on a regular basis. I truly feel an amazing change! I highly recommend this EFT process- it really works :)!

  247. Loved this video and immediately started to apply EFT to some personal issues I was having last week and it really helped release stress (did it while hiking even).

    As someone who experienced EMDR therapy (bi-lateral tapping/eye movements for PTSD) this wasn’t a big bridge for me to cross. I LOVE it and was even tapping last night around midnight during my yoga meditation…even after a super awesome fun day of work and B-School, I can get a little *up in my head* and not totally *unplug*. The tapping really helped!

    I ordered Nick’s book and the UPS guy just dropped it off. I ripped it open and can’t wait to dig in.

    Thanks Marie, I saw Nick on Kris’s show too. He’s great!

    Your B-School student & Buddha Doodler,
    Molly Hahn

  248. I feel stress about lots of things. I actually have trouble identifying it. But i used my stress over my relationship with my husband. I feel all my stress in my neck muscles and jaw. I’d rate it as a 7 right now.

    I wonder why i experienced more pain when i tapped along with you?

    • ysoto

      Barb your mind has to be centered. Meaning you have to have a clear mind in order to Relax. Try a new routine, get home from work, draw a nice warm bath, nice scented soup, a glass of wine or a good book. Believe me it works wonders… then Ponder which I call Meditaiton. It helps you reflect on the days worries. This is what causes the neck area pain. Hope this helps. You can find me @ Yolima Soto

  249. Marie, you rock! Thanks for sharing this. I did it on changing my website – have been feeling a bit stressed about which direction to go in. It started as a 6 and is now down to a 3 thanks to tapping. 🙂

  250. ysoto

    You are a Template of our lives. You show us the path instead of organizing a team overachiever. We are all equal and it shows in the way you express your work. A thousand Thank You’s to all who have transformed into what we now know as “true awareness”. Namastè

  251. i have tried tapping once before and felt like i was going down the road to crazy. just a bit out of my comfort zone.

    but now i am in b-school and my mind is opening up.

    so yeah, i have my glass of wine and i have some stuff to tap on. going to give it a try. not to mention nick is cute as a button.

  252. I personaly tried tapping a few years ago to reduce some personal fear (social anxiety). I didn’t dive into it extremly, but i learned the basics which has definitely helped me to reduce these fear in order to become more engaging with people and social groups in general. Really great stuff, i highly recommend those techniques! It might feel a bit “awkward” at the beginning, but it works.

  253. This was a huge help today. I used to tapping to deal with the emotional stress of seeing the coverage of the Boston marathon bombing that happened today. Thank you both for shining your beautiful beacons of light into our world.

  254. I just love this technique! I really want to learn as much as I can so I can help my clients recover from trauma and grief. A BIG thank you Nick and Marie for spreading the word and letting the world know about it! Reading your book now, Nick 🙂

  255. I feel stressed about making the money I need to live my life. This video was freaking helpful. Thank you.
    I cant wait to continue my tapping practice. Thank you for reminding me how effective this is. I really need it right now! The stress I’m feeling moves around my body- it doesnt stay in one place so its frustrating! On a scale from 1-10 I’d say its a 5.
    After tapping, I feel more clear and my ‘pain’ is down to a 1. 🙂
    Thank you for this gift.

    • Hi Myria – well done with the tapping!

      It’s quite normal for the stress to move around your body as you tap – we call this ‘Chasing the Pain’ in Tapping-Speak. It’s a really simply way to address any issue at all with tapping. Just notice where you feel the feelings in your body when you think of the issue, give the physical feeling a description (eg you might have a tight red knot of anger in your stomach, or a tight, heavy weight of sadness in your chest), put your attention on the area and use your descriptions as tapping phrases as you tap around the points. You’ll find it will move around the body and its qualities will change as you process and release the stuck emotional energy.

      It’s a relatively pain-free and simple way to use tapping as you don’t need to go ‘unpacking’ all the details of the issue – all the aspects are contained within the physical feeling.

      If you have further questions on this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  256. Thank you so much Nick & Marie ~
    I followed along & it felt great! I’ve been learning more and more about tapping and following Nick’s journey. I am a LifeLine Practitioner and we incorporate some of ‘tapping’ within this healing modality as well. I have a question for Nick ~ I have a nonprofit organization & we work to help prevent human trafficking in Nepal. I do not speak Nepali, however, would I still be able to do ‘tapping’ with the girls we work with with a translator and a script? We are currently creating a special classroom for the girls who have been rescued from being trafficked for Maiti Nepal ~ I want to help these girls both academically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Thanks for any suggestions or help!!! Infinite Love & Gratitude to you both.

  257. Wow…that was surprisingly powerful. Here are my challenge answers:

    1. First I tapped about the heart palpitations I’ve been having this week. I have been pushing myself way too hard the last few weeks; launching a life coaching business, working overnights, starting two new exercise programs, hardly sleeping, letting my nutrition suffer, breaking up with my boyfriend, dealing with a frustratin roommate, and my body said “enough.” I’ve cut everything back and I feel better (and yes, I have checked in with my doctor about them), but I’ve also been pretty stressed about the palipations, which makes them stick around.

    2. The stress was at about a 7 or 8.

    3. After the few rounds of tapping, the stress went down to a 6 or so, maybe a 5. I started crying about thirty seconds in, and I realized that I’m scared of being sick and dying – I had a major health issue that I almost died from a couple of years ago, and I had a lot of PTSD from that. I hadn’t known that the two felt connected.

    I did a few more rounds of tapping on that, as well as on a stressful situation with a roommate, and I feel better about both. Thank you so, so much for making this video and sharing tapping as a resource!


  258. tegan

    Thanks Marie and Nick!

    I am struggling with sugar cravings and unhealthy habits at the moment. Before I did the tapping my stress was at a gut wrenching 8. Stomach all tight and shallow breathing. After the 3 rounds on the video it went down to a 6 – that’s impressive considering I would usually head to the fridge when i was feeling that kind of stress. I feel this is very powerful stuff and am excited to try this more. Thanks again for sharing this. You rock my world!

  259. This was a very interesting exercise, I had heard about tapping and EFT before but hadn’t tried. I did it at work, and felt more relaxed so I can only imagine how much better it must be if I do it at home and not worried about my co-workers passing by, lol.

  260. My husband just turned 30 and was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He had Hogkins Lymphoma when he was 18 and we believe the cancer came back as lung cancer from all the radiation he recieved from his first battle with cancer (since he’s never smoked a cigarette). I am 28 and we have a two year old daughter. We are at M.D. Anderson a lot and watching him in so much pain creates a lot of stress for me. I feel the stress in my chest and heart. I am writing you from a hospital right now and the stress level is an 8. I did the tapping and it did decrease. I love to learn new things and am looking forward to learning more about tapping and how I can use it to regain personal power during stressful times. Thank you so much for this video. Blessings.

    • Bailey, I wanted to send you and your family lots of love. Having experienced the caregiver role myself just know that your presence is the best comfort you can give to your loved ones.

      • Thanks so much for the love sweet Sarah and for the great advice. I’m sorry you had to go through this too, but I’m glad to see you came out on the other side. Blessings to you Sarah.

  261. Hi Lovelies ! What a great video , Marie you rock ! Want to find out more about tapping ? Join me, Expert EFT Practitioner Kate Winch today for this free Abundance Tapping biz Call at noon PST. Tap away stress and create more peace and abundance in your biz and life ! You can register here 🙂

  262. Ninah

    I just stumbled on your site looking for a demonstration of tapping after purchasing Nick’s book (audio version) – it was right on time! Thank you for sharing and I love your site – it is so refreshing!

  263. There’s simply more stress on me that I can convey here. Suffice it to say, I think my stress level exceeds 10 many days.

    I had heard of tapping before but honestly looked at it as psycho-magic. Skeptically, I confess, I followed the tapping exercise with Nick and Marie, and lo and behold, the stress was significantly reduced. I find myself a lot more open-minded about tapping now. Thanks for the video!

  264. I have gone through sessions of EMDR and really benefited from that, so just a little while ago I heard about taping and knew that would help with some of my minor anxiety that I still experience. I was glad to learn the technique. I loved seeing this and can see where the real benefit is with tapping.

  265. Wow! I just did a tapping session on my fear about not making money with my business, which has plagued me since I finished Bschool. I started at a level 8 in terms of stress. As I was following along with your video, I burst into tears. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Now that I’m finished with the exercise I feel such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m at about a level 5 now. Much better! Now I can get to work! Also bought the book. How coud I not after that!! XOXOXO

  266. I discovered EFT a long while ago, I even took some courses to understand it better… Thank you so much for bringing this topic to our attention, it is close to magic, that’s what it is 🙂


  267. Kori

    I followed along with this video and specifically was trying to rid myself of some back pain I was feeling. Similar pain to when you sleep on your neck wrong, but its behind my shoulder blade. I did the tapping. I still have the back pain, but I admit I feel more relaxed and at the same time energized, so I do see there’s some benefit here. I wonder if I didn’t do it long enough or if I wasn’t doing something correctly. I will continue doing it and see if maybe I actually do it a full 10-20 minutes if it helps me. Thank you for posting this!

  268. Joanne

    Thank you, Marie, thank you Nick, and I also thank each of your teams.
    What a great video, thank you for making it. I started learning about tapping with the 2014 World Tapping Summit. Although, I learned tons, it wasn’t until this year’s Tapping Summit, when I bought the Gold membership and really began to concentrate on what was keeping me from a better body image, and body strength. Hence, Jessica offered her program in Weight Loss and Body Confidence, and that is where I am now. I am excited to see where Tapping will take, including becoming a consultant in Tapping which will fit like a glove to my astrology consultations. Thank you again.

  269. Thank you, Marie, thank you Nick — Group tapping to manifest: I was having some trouble getting results by tapping on my own issues by myself. So, I tapped for insights on how to handle the problem.

    Did you know that you can use tapping to manifest circumstances, opportunities and things in your life? One month I tapped to manifest a nice computer screen and an ozone generator (probably more, but I don’t remember).

  270. Emotional pain is one of the biggest problem individuals have. Tapping solutions are indeed the best way to attend to this problem and the cheapest, yet, effective therapy we can give to ourselves.

  271. Richard J. Barbalace

    I only came across the terms EFT and tapping today, and I found this discussion interesting. There are many tactile techniques to improve mind-body awareness and relief stress, including yoga, meditation, deep breathing, running, or even simply walking, so this is another tool in our toolbox to complement those. I found tapping to work even without performing it on the meridian points mentioned; any point or area of stress works well. I think this might be particularly helpful for children. My toddler daughter asks me to pat her back (I use my whole hand) when she is having trouble falling asleep as it helps her to relax. Perhaps you can do a follow-up episode with a focus on children? Thank you.

  272. Tracey

    #1- I am feeling under appreciated and taken advantage of. I feel as if nothing I do is good enough and that I cannot get the acknowledgement that I need or deserve.

    # 2- I felt tension and stress in between my shoulder blades, in my chest, in my neck, in my throat and at the back of my head

    #3- first round of tapping and I started balling like a baby. I also thought, this may be related to my past- my parents and grandparents criticized me… I thought, “wow- I feel unworthy and unloved, like I don’t deserve to be admired. I have no self-worth” Then second round of tapping- I felt less congested, less aching at the back of my head and felt like my affirmations were louder and more defiant and determined. 🙂 haha

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Tracey, thank you so much for your comment and sharing how the tapping exercise went for you. It sounds like it brought up some important realizations, and it’s wonderful that you’re feeling less congested now. So many people swear by tapping, so I hope it continues to be a helpful resource if it resonates with you!

  273. I’ve been Tapping for 8 years, since I first found the Tapping World Summit. I’ve read Nick’s book The Tapping Solution and also have taken his course on financial success, since that is the topic that is most urgent for me: money 🙂

    Tapping helps me to calm down when I feel stressed or anxious about money, so that I can focus on being creative and resourceful (like Nick says). I was able to increase my income quite significantly once I overcame that barrier of being anxious and not being resourceful.

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