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Do you ever wonder what makes certain people captivating, and others…

Not so much?

Often, it has nothing to do with someone’s age, looks or even talent, but rather an innate ability to get and keep other people’s attention.

Kind of like an “it factor.”

You don't learn how to be fascinating, you unlearn how to be boring. @SallyHogshead Click To Tweet

Now what if I said that you have this certain “it factor” too but you probably don’t know it and worse, you’re not using it to your full advantage.

Hopefully, you’d be intrigued enough to keep reading…

Because my guest today, Sally Hogshead, is the world’s leading expert on the science of fascination and she’s going to show you six steps to be more fascinating.

Now before you balk, please understand that this isn’t about changing who you are.

This is about understanding and embracing the distinct advantages you were born with and being more of that.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What personality trait could you leverage more in your business or life?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Remember to be as specific as possible as your insight can really support someone else in our community.

If you’re already familiar with Sally’s work, feel free to share about your unique fascination advantage and how understanding it has helped you!

Thank you, as always, for tuning in.


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  1. Passion.

    My passion is contagious. I’m passionate about coaching modern Goddesses the power of intuition so they can create their wildest most delicious dreams!

    But passion is not nothing if not grounded in ACTION to really make things happen & a big HEART to share our gifts with the world.

    Namaste Marie: your passion & big heart is a huge inspiration for all of us.


    • I can really feel your energy when I visit your website. It’s visible from the design, to the interviews, to your content. Your passion is showing! 🙂

    • Kiria

      Hey Caroline,
      love your site. I can really feel your sparkling passion!
      Signed up for your newsletter right away.
      Warm greetings from Germany

      • Hallo Kiria! Ich wohne in Wien. Schön jemanden aus der näheren Umgebung hier zu treffen 🙂

    • Fastinating. I am a psychotherapist, business owner and Myers Briggs Speaker Trainer and this is quite interesting to me. I am going to e-women in August, I am looking forward to hearing you speak there.

      I have the same passion for getting people to know themselves better so they can have better relationships!

      Jessica Butts

    • Teresa

      Wow!, what an inspiring interview Thankyou ladies; I’m Passion and Fun; but i’s so dormant right now….actually the last 20 months. I’m ready now and so want to turn it back on. tt from Victoria, Australia

    • Sally & Marie

      Great Tuesday episode!
      I love the context you’ve created Sally — what a fascinating way to look at ourselves…I’m looking forward to identifying myself using your tool.
      Marie – I particularly love how opened up you were while interviewing Sally. I watch your videos often and this one was really special…well, they all are, but you seemed particularly vulnerable…
      Have an amazing week!

    • Caroline,
      Totally agree with Ms. Pillowz and Kiria, you sparkle and shine with passion. I’ve just done the test and found that I’m Passion + Prestige, can’t wait to see what us passionate types create. Greetings from Bonny Scotland x

    • Vickie

      Defintely my passion and my trustworthiness. I get this feedback from my team on a consistent basis. Now that I’m ready to head out on my own venture, I’m going on these two attributes to help me find success in this new endeavor. Great post!

    • Heidi Gillespie

      I suppose, upon hearing this message, that I could really ‘unlearn’ sensibility and include a lot more FUN into my business and life. I think we all have so much pressure to achieve great things in this modern world that we can become uptight and stop allowing ourselves to be as fluid as we naturally would like. I’m going to experiment on this one!

      Thanks so much Marie for your ongoing inspiration AND for the amazing Bschool program which I’m digging my teeth into at the moment with unprecedented enthusiasm! You really have provided me with a steady hand rail so to speak during the development of my new Beauty business. Thank you so much for being yourself and bringing YOUR amazing gift to the rest of us.


    • I love this by Guy Kawasaki!
      “Pursuing your passions makes you more interesting, and interesting people are enchanting.”

  2. Yay! So fun to see Sally on Marie TV, love your work.

    I’m a Rockstar, no really, Sally’s test said so. Rebellion is my primary trigger with Passion as the second. Not so good for a j.o.b. JOB, but fantastic for running my own business.

    “You don’t have to change who you are to become your most successful…”

    What I love the most about this is getting permission to be 100% myself in my business. When I started out, I thought I had to tamper or hide the wacky parts of myself, but now I know that’s what people love about me.

    I can also see that this is what I love about you Marie. When I first read your newsletter, it felt like permission to be totally myself in my newsletter and blogs. Thank you for that.

    It’s interesting, in February I decided to bring out even more of my Rockstar in my blog posts and I got more cheers but also more unsubscribes than I have for any other posts. It hurt my feelings a little bit, but within 24 hours just as many new people had signed up for my newsletter as I had lost from being myself. Good to be reminded that if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re probably boring.

    Love both of you!!! So much!!!

    • Cecilia – now I realize I’m probably a rockstar as well 😉 thank you for sharing that! You are SO right – if you’re not boring, you WILL piss people off.

      • Hi Laura!
        Rockstars unite!

        As someone who has tried to hide my rockstar under a good girl exterior, people not liking me is a little scary, but I would much rather have a smaller number of people ADORE me than to have a bunch of people kind of like me.

        Did you take the test?! If you didn’t, you should totally take the test.


        • Yeah, I agree 100%. I’ve always been fine with people not liking me when it happened, but for some reason I’m still afraid of it. Guess that’s something to defeat right away!

          I will definitely take the test now!

    • Kate Erlenbusch

      Wow, Cecilia. Thank so much for sharing this!

      I just took Sally’s test and got ROCKSTAR too. But I don’t believe it. It’s not at all how I see myself. I know I’m passionate, but rebellious? No way man. I went to a conservative Catholic Girls School. And I was a good girl.

      Maybe I’ve done the test wrong.

      But then, on reflection, there have been sneaky ways in my life I’ve rebelled – just to mix things up a bit. Your story about putting more Rockstar into your blog posts has really inspired me. I hope to let me inner rebel out a bit more. Maybe she should be leading from the front, instead of hiding from the world.

      Love to you, fellow rockstar,
      Kate x

      • Hi Kate,
        How interesting, a closet ROCKSTAR! Were you excited to find out that you are a rockstar or disappointed?

        I feel like I have a bit of a split personality, one side of me is a very “good girl”, likes rules and likes to follow the rules. And the other side hates rules, hates routines, hates the norm and really, really, really wants to be an actual rock star. 😉

        I’ll be curious to hear if you find more of your rock star as you explore deeper. And YAY for taking risks in your blog.


        • Hey Cecilia,
          I can so relate to the split personality thing. Bi-polar does run in my family though, so…. maybe that’s where it comes from. Wouldn’t say I was dissappointed, just shocked. Most people I know say they love me for my compassion, kindness and care, so I see rebellion as oppositional to that.

          But wait…. Jesus was ultra-compassionate and a bit of a rebel! Ha! I’m sure that’s blasphemy…
          Enjoy letting your Rockstar out on the world stage sister!
          Kate xx

  3. Wow, this vid has come at the perfect time!

    I was actually wondering today what makes me so interested in certain blogs and not others, and you cracked it! By being who you are!

    I’m slowly adapting my personality trait of Playfulness into my blog because that is something that’s come up again and again throughout my life.

    People have told me I’m just so playful, almost innocent and that I somehow influence them to do fun things they haven’t done for a looooooooong ass time.

    So ya, Elise = Playful 😀


    • Elise, I can totally relate to what you’re saying!

      Love it! 😀

  4. I love Sally Hogshead – I’ve even read her book over 3 times! Her work is amazing. I want to leverage the passion and trust triggers on my blog (and life). I would love to connect with my readers on a personal and even emotional level.

  5. Ooooh love this video!

    Fascination if a form of energy and it makes a huge difference in how we impact people!

    My ability to fascinate comes from my ability to motivate women to exercise so that they feel amazing!

    I can push them not too hard but just enough so that they are inspired to live healthy lives.

    This makes a positive difference as they realize that they can do it!


  6. I use my sense of humor as leverage in my life and in business. I love to make people laugh. It opens people up to talk to me. It really helps to level the playing field, but it is also a double edged sword.

    Sometimes I use it as a crutch or as a way to avoid having difficult conversations. I use it even when it really isn’t appropriate, because I don’t want to deal with uncomfortable emotions. I use it as a smokescreen. I just need to continue building my confidence, so that I don’t feel like my sense of humor is the only thing I have in my arsenal to draw people in. I have other gifts too. 🙂

    Have a great day everybody and please let’s support each other by visiting other commenters blogs and websites! 🙂

  7. Humor and my faith in God.

    Honestly I’ve been a little afraid to share that I’m a born again Christian. It’s a bit taboo and you’re not supposed to mix religion with business right? This episode inspired me to say- WHO CARES! I even have a cross in my logo that no one realizes is there but yet most of my clients know I’m a believer and it hasn’t made a difference to them one way or another – so what am I afraid of?

    Yes I’m not nearly showing my humor in my content. I hate to toot my own horn but toot toot baby I can be pretty funny too 🙂 So I think that’s something I’m going to be using as well.

    Thanks Marie! Hugs and Kisses to you! I can’t wait for someone to hate me so I know I’m doing it right 🙂

    • Debbie

      Diane, keep tooting that horn! Your faith in God is obviously a huge part of who you are, so Shine That Light!!!

  8. WOW!!! Loved that interview and was captivated. Sally certainly ‘walks her talk’. You guys made me think more about what I might be holding back to try and please everyone. I am very passionate about my work and sometimes reel it in a bit as to not offend others with my preaching. From now on I’m going to make no excuses and just ‘say it as it is’ – I’m so grateful that Sally touched on the polarisation that happens when we put ourselves out there. Let’s see what happens. I’m happy to support and cheer lead others who want to say ‘screw it – let’s do it’ GO US!!! Thanks Marie x

    • Heather, that resonates SO much with me! I’ve been reeling it in as well, trying to be “nice” and not offend anyone. Not anymore!

      • WOOHOO! GO US Laura – total truth and authenticity from here on in. I’m with you x

  9. I loved this episode and am going to buy the book immediately!

    I’ve always had a theory about what makes certain individuals more interesting than others.

    People assume I get special attention because I’m fairly attractive. (it feels very odd to say that btw) What I always try to explain is ‘hot’ girls are a dime a dozen however what fascinates people about me is that I’m not a typical hot girl. In fact I’m almost the opposite I live without electricity in a tiny home with very few material possessions.

    It’s if you met a girl with long dreads and find out she is a lawyer – that’s fascinating!

    I always seek out the person who doesn’t quite fit because there must be something interesting there – a guy in a suit at a cowboy bar or vice versa.

    • Ha, Kristie, I just stumbled on your post after I left my comment here..fancy seeing another tiny houser around these parts! (treadingtiny), LOVE what you’re saying 🙂

      • No way!! So awesome I’m headed over to your blog right NOW ha!

  10. I’m probably more humble than I need to be. I decided to start to do what I love about a year ago and have just discovered in the last few months some specific things I’m really great at. I need to be less humble about how great I am. In some situations I can be shy if I let insecurity get the better of me. This means people don’t get to see that I am funny and warm and engaging and really helpful and talented.

  11. Michael

    Nicely produced video, but I do have one comment. The floral arraignment is always separating the two of you. I know it was to make the set look nice, but from a “body language” POV it tells me you don’t want to get close to your guest; you want a barrier between the two of you. It makes me wonder why. Watch the video again with this comment in mind…

  12. Amazingly enough, I can ignite other people. I only just found out.
    By the way, I have been to Sally’s site and cannot access the test due to “database error”. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks!

  13. Wow, Marie and Sally… what an amazing episode.
    I have a crazy personality. I’m really, really passionate about stuff. But, more importantly, I’m super rebellious. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid, and have never really changed much. So, when Sally said the combination passion + rebellion, I knew that was me. I haven’t done the test yet, but I’d be surprised if I turned out to be anything else.

    Here’s the thing: as a little passionate+rebellious girl growing up in Eastern Europe, I had a LOT of resistance coming my way. Eventually I learned to temper my rebelliousness so I could get along better with others. I replaced my rebelliousness with nice-ness: I was always the sweet girl. Passionate, crazy, and sweet/cute.

    Ever since I’ve started my website, I’ve yearned to bring back that rebelliousness within myself, but whenever it starts to peek out, there’s this part of me that just shoves it down out of fear of being rejected and alienating people. So watching you two talk about how normal it is for some people to be alienated and even hate you when you’re really being fascinating was eye-opening for me.

    Marie, you spoke about that with such emotion that I knew how real it must feel to receive hateful messages from others. And yet, look at how large your following is and how much people truly LOVE you. I was reminded, once again, that being your true self, unapologetically, will bring a lot more love than it will bring hate. I was also reminded of the fact that I was never created to be “in the middle”. I was created “polarized”. That’s my nature, and I will stop keeping it underground and just let it come out and shine.

    Thank you so much for this video. It was truly eye-opening and amazing. I’m gonna go and pull that rebel out of me now and let it have a blast 🙂

    • Passion + Rebellion are the top two triggers of the “catalyst” personality (that’s what I scored as a result on her test), it rang so true for me…sounds like we are pretty similar!

      • Hey Kacie, probably! Not sure if I’m a rockstar (rebellion+passion) or a catalyst yet, but I can’t wait to take her test and find out 🙂

        P.S. Should I really be chatting it up with you? You apparently killed my family… 😉

        • HA! I nearly choked on my lunch when I read your comment. Seriously, how did I not even catch that before? Solid joke- high five 😉

          …I’m way nicer than the name implies 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for the free link to the test!

    I fascinate by being steadfast, trusting, reliable — all ringing true with other tests I’ve taken. This reminds me why I love interacting with people in real life and online and being the same in both places!

    Thanks again!

  15. I’m a bit blown away after taking her advantage test….I got the “Catalyst” and her description of “me” is to a flippin’ T! Considering my company is called I Killed The Joneses…it was pretty fitting.

    Really enjoyed this topic today, it was something I think everyone needs to hear. I dig into bringing personality into their brand with my clients, I’ll be sharing this vid!

  16. Marie and sally thanks so much for the opportunity and the offer.
    I was finding the report really interesting. But then the website dropped out and I am guessing its because so many marie TV fans are hitting up the server trying to log in and be one of the first 500!
    I am really grateful I logged in and am hopeful the server comes up again soon so I can learn what it means to be a “maverick leader”!
    Wowser with this insight and all the great stuff I am learning in B – school I should know myself and my business inside and out soon!

    Thanks again


  17. Trust.

    Leaning in and building relationships around trust which is exactly what my mission is about- building longterm relationships with clients and helping others realize the value of their ideal customer.

    Love Sally and her opening line on her site always makes me laugh! First came across her interview with Derek Halpern. So thrilled to see her here.

    I first tapped into this idea when you mentioned we should ask our closest friends and families the three words they would use to describe us (originally from Oprah, I think). Trust came up big time as a descriptive word along with sincerity and curiosity. Love how Sally ties the idea of not only embracing your authenticity and core traits, but really showcasing them to your audience.

    Sally’s words about how the world is changed by people who audaciously care so resonates with me.

    Thanks so much again, Marie! And so grateful you showcase all of your fabulous traits to the world. You have been such an inspiration to so many.

  18. Wow! This was my favorite Marietv video in many weeks. I love the pistachio ice cream analogy. It really resonates.

    • Ditto!!..I agree with you on both points.

  19. I found this episode extremely enlightening. I think many of us, especially us 20 somethings, have a difficulty grasping how people perceive us. Or contrarily, we are so concerned with how people perceive us that we have trouble being ourselves. I definitely fall into both of those categories, and it is part of what inhibits my full expression and clouds my self awareness. I couldn’t pick myself out of a lineup! I can’t delineate whether I am a passion trigger person, or I just want to be. I think I am Mystique + Prestige, but the way I perceive myself may be very different from the way others see me. Since I am young, maybe I’m not supposed to know which of my personality traits are most advantageous just yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that others perceive me as I am right now. I’m just going to have to take the test because trying to figure it out on my own is more confusing than anything. But I do think this is common amongst women, to not know/ be super concerned with the way in which the world sees you to the point where we can’t see ourselves. It never occurred to me until now that cueing in how the world sees me may be one of the most revealing ways to more authentically and effectively express myself.

    Luckily there’s Q&A Tuesdays, which always give me a little perspective
    (p.s. that tapping thing really works!)

    Thanks Marie for all you do,


    • Josie — fellow 20-something here — and I think that’s a lie that you aren’t supposed to know your personality yet. Girl, what the hell?? You’ve been a live 20 something years and you don’t think there is an aspect of you that has not been appearing OVER and OVER again. Just ask your mama and pops… I’m sure they’ll say “Oh, you’ve ALWAYS been ______!!!” about something.

      Now, more than ever, is a time to understand how the outside world perceives you. If you’re anything like me, you are HUNGRY for success by being YOURSELF. In order to make that happen, we must learn how to leverage what comes naturally to us (whether its personality trait, skills, ways of thinking, etc). Hey, please keep in touch with me. I want to find out what you discover.

      • Hey Udo!
        Thanks for the response! I didn’t mean so much that I’m not supposed to know my personality, but that this is a time for discovery and I still have time for my qualities to emerge. My main point was that it’s not always clear to us, even when it’s so apparent to others. I am like you, I am hungry for success and always have been. But I have also had the tendency to dull myself down to make myself likable to everyone. I am just now starting to become my vibrant self, and new aspects of my personality are beginning to emerge, or at least I’m starting to see what was always there. We are who we are, but we also partially create who we are, or hide and suppress who we are (especially in those teen years). So though I think by now we should have an idea, I do think this is also a time to challenge that idea, or change it if we feel like it. I may not be a passion person, but I want to be, and that’s got to count for something

        • Josie, that resonates with me a lot. I have also dimmed some aspects of my personality just to be likable and get along with more people.

          In a way, now I see that as a sign of weakness – it was easier for me to give in to what everyone was telling me (that I’m too rebellious and strong-willed), rather than trust my intuition and keep being who I’ve always been.

          On the other hand, I have learned a lot from dimming myself down – I’ve learned what it feels like to be “boring”, I’ve learned what I’m missing from not being myself. All of these things will ensure that next time I’m not going to take the easy way out again, even in the face of fear. Now I’m learning how to soften what I have to say through words while keeping the same rebellious nature.

          I suspect that you *do* know who you are, deep down, but you’ve just covered it up with so many layers that you’re no longer aware of it and don’t want to recognize it. Meditation has helped me a lot with this – just sitting still and tuning into my intuition, my inner voice of wisdom, and listening to what it has to say.

          Ask your parents, not so much your friends, and think back to when you were a child – that’s when your personality traits were in their raw, pure form. And, actually, I don’t think that you should go based on “what you want”. I think that wanting to be a passion person when you’re not is just going to take you down the wrong road. Instead of jumping around trying to be different things that you think you are or that you want to be, maybe it’s better to just slow down, connect with yourself, and pause time for a little bit – look around, look behind and ahead, look inside most of all – and see what you discover about yourself.

          I get the feeling you’re going about this with a certain anxiety (ohmygosh I really have to find what makes me shine or otherwise argghh) – maybe that’s just my impression, but regardless of whether or not that’s true, I think you would benefit from approaching yourself with a lot more curiosity than you currently do. Instead of *trying* to find what your shining stars are, *allow* yourself to find them.



        • Josie, I love the magazine you’re a part of! I sent yall a message. Hope to hear back soon 🙂

          I’d really like to get in touch with you, Josie because I have been bubbling an idea for an e-book for people who are looking for their passion/trying to be more passionate. I’d love for you to be one of my test-readers.

          You can message me at udokaomen @ gmail dot com

  20. Rick Giovannini

    Very interesting concepts.
    It’s great to here these fundamental ideas again and spoken in a different manner.

    Thank you

  21. Quirkiness.

    I have none in my business, but I know that my friends and clients love my quirkiness. Hmmm, need to figure that out

    • It is totally in your avatar photo – I love it!!

  22. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Tweeted- FB Shared even sent a link to several friends by email! This was an AMAZING Marie TV episode! One of your best, Marie! I use the Enneagram personality typology as a tool for assessing personality types in my coaching for StepMoms and blended families– and it is indeed (as Sally says) the perspective of how my client sees the world. I WOULD LOVE to incorporate this fascination testing into my work to allow my clients to also see it the other way around. What a GREAT way to clearly identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be and to identify the work that needs to be done– FANTASTIC STUFF! Thank you so much!!

  23. marie,

    holy moly! YOU expand me SO much! You are an amazing resource and you’ve really done your friend Sally a favor by putting her out there to us…ill be downloading her book from when i finish typing this and ill be posting your video on my social media and forwarding it to my friends and…and…and…..i can hardly keep up with all the wonderful resources you put on my plate (Marcus Buckingham and Strengths Finders, Blue Ocean Strategies and….)
    My heart is absolutely full of gratitude for having found you through both your friends Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr. You are a treasure just the way you are. Thank you, Siri
    p.s. when i googled Sally i see that she was a guest at RHHLive…WHEN is the next one…i’m seriously dying to go!

    • Marie Forleo has decided that she will not be doing anymore RHHLIVE events.

  24. Compassion and empathy drive me to create beautiful jewelry that is affordable, something that could make THE small difference that helps change a woman’s life for the better. I want to make a difference, even if I never hear about it. True, I don’t make much off those lower prices, and it probably “dilutes my brand,” but it’s important to me to connect in this way, and I do offer pricier pieces as well.

  25. THANK YOU for this great video & for the opportunity to take the fascination test. So many great nuggets, my fingers were getting itching on Twitter 🙂

    Funny, I’ve heard from others that my enthusiasm is always contagious, and low-and-behold, Passion is my primary trigger. It’s never something I’ve truly paid attention to in how I present myself. Time to start amplifying.

  26. Huh! When I first saw Sally on the RHH LIVE website, I was like “What is this personality test going to tell me and why do I need to pay like $100 to take it???” But watching this interview makes me want to buy the book absolutely!

    I know that I am passionate and that always comes through… but I don’t feel like its “good enough”. Sometimes my super-passion makes people stay away! I’d like to learn MORE about how to apply these traits..

  27. malaika

    I think I’m a bit rebellious.
    I sometimes sensor myself because I don’t want to offend anyone.

    I wonder is there a way to stay true to myself and express myself but not offend people?

  28. Awesome episode! I especially love the quote about the world not being changed by people who sort of care. Beauty! I need to dial up my “Trendsetter” big time. Thanks for the reminder ladies!

  29. Great advice! There is more and more content on the web… lot’s of compagnies pay non-related people to fill-up blogs and social medias for them. Being you, being real will be the keys to having real followers and admirers. This is the real good content on the web, the authentic content. Easy to say, less easy to do! Yes, we want to please everyone. I think I am more of the MYSTIC type according to Sally Hogshead’s seven triggers. So I may think too much before each and every tweet or post! I am definitely working on this each day. Thanks for this!

  30. John Moore

    Pretty & fun interview…”You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht”….posture, friendly, confident immediate eye contact. When possible set the stage, tone, direction of the situation. Change or challenge the status quo…
    Enjoyed the interview, great things to think about…and you two are very easy to look at, thanks.
    Best regards,

  31. Olga Grueva

    WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Just did the test I am a Catalyst, 100% blew me away and 100% true to a tee on my personality, driven by passion and rebellion. People & innovation are my main two key drivers and need to express that to my team of people, which is EXACTLY how I communicate with lots of passion to keep people motivated. Not good being out in a box = I work for myself! Totally blown away! Thanks for the cool tool, love it, love it, love it. Thanks Marie & team! Melbourne, Australia 🙂

  32. Thank you for another informative, supportive and thought provoking episode.
    You gave me the permission to continue my quirky way of blogging and presenting my messages for women.
    I use humor to give women my styling tips and have noticed a big increase in subscribers since I started using video to really express who I am. I have even shown my own carefully hidden muffin top!
    Thank you Marie and Sally.

  33. One personality trait: Experimental.

  34. WOW! I loved this.It really resonated me. In fact when I was in the “working world” I tried so hard to be vanilla, but once I let the pistachio out I blossomed. Now that I have my own business, because of fear I became vanilla again. So now I’ve got to let the pistachio shine through again. And that one trait is my upbeat personality. Thank you Marie and Sally!

  35. FANTASTIC and fascinating interview! I really liked the pistachio metaphor.
    My passion, enthusiasm and observations are my most evident trails, I’m also a great motivator so when I really like a subject I can be, I guess, I can now say fascinating….or am I?

  36. LOVE this video! Thanks Marie and Sally. I have so many women in my life I will be sending this to now!
    I am in b-school and the pistachio story really helped me with something I have struggling with the last few weeks. Sometimes you need a combination of resources to really hit the message on your head. And since Marie has been teaching me to be more present and focused, each video has been building on the other. But it took me multiple times of Marie saying, Do Not Multi-task. Wow, that was also a big one for me.
    Talent is probably my biggest trait and I have been using it well, but now I really need to step into that space. Thank you Marie and Sally!
    Sally, I can’t wait to read your book!

  37. Susan


    I feel like this Marie TV was such a blessing! I have been working on a research project for the last 8 months and Sally’s work ties in so smoothly! Thank you! Thank you!

  38. Kim

    Marie, I’m so happy you had Sally Hogshead on your show. I loved the book, Fascinate, and have really benefited from doing the quiz. My main traits are mystique and prestige, which I feel come through naturally in my work.

    Its harder to know how to use my dormant trait – passion – to the greatest advantage, since showing the passion that I definitely have – does not come as naturally to me.

    • This is the same combination I’ve come up with, and it does feel like my “mystique” nature pulls me back from showing my passions, but the “prestige” wants me and my business to keep moving forward and accomplishing more things!

      An interesting conflict!

  39. Kristin Savory

    YES! Sally Hogshead, I just might be in love with you. What a great message. It just gives me more hutzpah and confidence.
    And…I always leave my clothes’ tags on for at least a week. The skirt looked great. You can take the tag off now. xoxo

  40. Thank you so much Marie! Perfect timing for me as I navigate my way through B-school and figuring out my personal brand.

    Took the test and the results were right on and amazing! I am Subtle Touch with my primary triggers being Mystique and Passion. As a physician acupuncturist who is passionate about nutrition a huge part of my job is to be intuitive and observant of people as soon as I walk into the room so that they have the best opportunity to heal & receive the correct treatment. I’m excited to dive more into my archetype so I can continue to “fascinate” others to lead healthy lives.


    Hugs to all!

  41. I loved this episode Marie! Sally is fascinating, as are you, and it’s just cool to see two women who are rocking their own personalities shine.

    My combo is the Avant Guarde: Prestige and Rebellion, and I think I need to balance the two a bit better. Sometimes I’m all prestige no rebellion, and things come out flat… other times I’m all rebellion, and that might scare people off.

    Like for my upcoming event in NYC, Off The Charts – it feels rebellious to me but I’m not sure if that’s what others feel about it or not. Same with my videos, sometimes they feel too prestigious and not rebellious enough. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on that. 🙂

    • Elzemieke

      Nathalie! Off the Charts is totally rebellious and I so wish I could come and sync my Rockstar to your Avant Guard-ism!

      There’s a photo of you flexing your muscles which you use in your training video on websites (I’m one of your Tutees). It’s the one where you can see a tattoo on your arm (a hash sign #). That totally brings together Prestige (make a kick-ass website) with Rebellion (and use your gut!) to me.

      Rock on lady!

    • Nathalie, I don’t know if Off the Charts is rebellious, but it is certainly very brave! I’m hugely impressed and look forward to seeing you there. And as Sally says, if some people are scared off, then that’s a good thing.

      I do know that I tend to play it too safe because I’ve always been the “good girl,” yet when I allow myself to be silly — even raunchy! — that’s when I really shine and everyone has more fun. 🙂

    • Nathalie, your videos are AMAZING: clear, practical, down to earth, accessible, easy to follow and a life saver for non naturally techy persons like myself. They are rebellious in being kind to non natural born techies 🙂

    • Hola Nathalie, I have the same como you have Avant Garde – Trendsetter I have same % of Prestige and Rebellion. I was sorprised with Prestige, I thought Passion will be my primary trigger (although the % of passion was high too). Now I understand my innovative ideas and ambition. I’ve always been a rebel, always doing things in a different way, my way. Now, I really want to incorporate my fascinating personality to my brand, I also wanted to be vanilla and now I want to be pistachio taking advantage of that I discovered. Giving you my thoughts about your videos, I think they are 100% Prestigious. I would love to have your comments on my website, which right now I think is boring, and I will make changes very soon to make it more me. Saludos 🙂

  42. Wow! This personality test is incredible! I am the Avant-garde…
    I need to capitalize on my out-of-the-box thinking instead of trying to go with the flow. And to use that “this is something different than everyone else is doing” approach to grow my business.

    Awesome resource! Thanks Marie & Sally 🙂

    • Rachel, I share with you Avant Garde. I agree with you, capitalize the out-of-the-box thinking. We will rock!! let´s keep in touch, I went to your website, I liked it!!

  43. Mimi Betancourt

    Always love watching you Marie and LOVED Sally too!
    Thanks so much for sharing the new “secret”. I shared this video with a great friend of mine. I know she will appreciate it as much as I do.
    Off to Sally’s site now. Dying to know how fascinating I am!! lol..!


  44. I’m a catalyst just like Sally (woo-hoo).

    While I’ve got the passion and enthusiasm part down, I could play up more of the rebellion part in my business, as my ideas and methods do go against the “normal” way of doing things. Just doing a comparison of conventional methods to my method would be an excellent way to showcase the benefits of my program.

    Thanks Sally and Marie!

    • YES! I am realizing that I need to play up my ‘rebel’ side, and that this might be my way to Blue Ocean thinking (which Marie references in B School). If you haven’t heard about Blue Ocean strategy, I highly recommend looking into it – it may be the framework you need for your comparison.

  45. This interview was fantastic, as they all are! Sally is, well, fascinating. In this assessment, and in the Strengths Finder, I was not surprised to know that my primary characteristic is passion. However, in both I was really surprised to find that rebellion is a close second. I think of myself as a people-pleaser, who likes to play by the rules and help everyone get along. But apparently there is a part of me – a big part! – that wants to throw the rules out the window and create something entirely new. I knew I was a creative thinker and brainstorming addict, but I guess I have been limiting myself to doing this within the “rules”. Sally completely confirmed that this is not the way to go with her comment that if you aren’t getting a negative emotion, you are aren’t living up to your full potential.

    So my big, huge, amazing take-away is that I am a rebel who, once I let myself go there, is going to feel more natural working outside my industry’s conventions. This is so powerful because those conventions are what made me question if I was doing the right thing by going into this industry. Now I know that I don’t have to worry so much about them – I’ll just create my own new little industry!!

    Thanks you Marie and Sally SO MUCH for this incredible insight, I feel like a big cage door has swung wide open in front of me. So exciting!!

  46. I loved this episode. One of the most beautiful traits in Marie is her spontaneity, she is so true to herself and that is inspiring and fun. Makes me feel comfortable and it just “feels right” to me. Thank you for talking about it.

  47. I am intensely passionate about practicing Chinese Medicine to help amazing people attain Fabulous health. As an introspective person I shine brighter in small groups, and when I am in a one-on-one situation with an opportunity to discuss what I do people comment on the genuine sense of passion they can see in my eyes. My next fabulous challenge, therefore, is to let more people see my eyes!

    As an aside, I love your goofy.

  48. When I walk into a room people tend to laugh – I will big this up on my business now.
    Jodi 🙂

  49. I’m the Advocate! I was one of only a few when I attended RHHLive last year and part of me felt bad that I had my secondary trigger as POWER (first is PASSION, and who doesn’t love that!?) I grew up in a very religious and patriarchal society that told me that wanting power is bad and so I’ve seen all kinds of desire to want to lead and influence and succeed as less than feminine.

    I’d love to try to redefine my thinking so I have a clearer definition of power (when we put PERSONAL in front of it, sort of changes it right?) and take that and fly with it!

  50. Having just returned from Social Media Marketing World I was SO excited to see Sally on Marie’s show. I mean, can you have 2 better personalities in the same room? Methinks no!

    Sally’s Keynote at SMMW13 was simply the most powerful live presentation I have ever witnessed, and I am now a huge fan of her’s for life! Everyone NEEDS to take her fascinate test…it is mind altering in a great way 🙂

  51. Oh my oh my, this was so good I want to eat it every day!! Goosebumps!!

  52. Adventorous

  53. Becky

    I think this might just be my FAVORITE MarieTV episode.
    Will be resharing for everyone to enjoy.

  54. Rowena

    Yet another awesome contribution to the world, Marie!
    I know you have heard it many times, but I absolutely LOOOOVVVEE what you are doing!
    This episode was another great one!!! Can’t wait to do this test myself!

    I have decided to start my own business and finally follow my heart, rather than just going back to work after my second baby. I have always drifted when it comes to my career (And with 40 approaching, I thought it time I took charge) and never fulfilled my full potential. I am finding that as I am taking all the steps now, it is all unfolding for me.

    People always think I am a little crazy and am always asked if I am taking “happy”-pills!! (As if it is a crime to be happy!) I am now using my energy and spread some happiness into the world and finally do what I love – I am sure things will fall into place eventhough my plan is not 100% formulated yet!

    Sending buckets of love from the UK to you and your team!

    xox Rowena 🙂

    • Hola Rowena, I relate to your story, I have passed for that 7 years ago, it was such a learning journey. Now I do what I love. If you need some support during the process, I will be more than glad to help you. Wish you a huge success!!!

  55. Julie

    Marie, you are amazing! Love just how you are! 🙂

  56. Oeeeh good question… I just don’t know the answer yet. I’ll think about it.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  57. great topic!

    I’m defenitely extremely passionate about anything I decide to do. I dive full speed into things that move my soul! Passion is my motor! Combine this with knowing what I want for myself in this life and it’s time to turn up the volume!

    thank you girls!

  58. Hello my fascinating friends! I love reading your ideas and insights on what makes you most captivating. Thank you. 🙂

    Our server is working like mad right now, and some of you are getting an error code. I apologize– My team and I are all over it. Come back in just a moment, and can come inside to play.


    • Sally, it is still giving me an error.

    • Mandy

      Hi Sally …very happy to be patient. What has come through so far is fascinating! I really appreciate you making this report available for us to take, use and to amplify our business success.

      Great interview today!

  59. Thank you!!! I got my free Fascination Advantage Report and it is crazy how accurately it described me! I’m a Catalyst – passion + rebellion. My closest archetype is Rockstar and I am actually a Rock singer!!

    I’m also creating a music resource website for musicians starting out. I’m in Marie’s B-School for this (I <3 B-School!) and I am definitely going to amp up passion even more!!

    Thank you Marie! Thank you Sally! Thank you Team Forleo!

  60. So wonderful and inspiring! Thank you both!

  61. Humor! Making people laugh eases so much tension and makes you so much more likeable. i am the kind of person who can always laugh at herself, crack a joke and is always smiling. Because of that I have attracted a lot of friends and good times. I’d like to convey that in my business as well to attract the same in my business life as I have in my personal life.

  62. Jo

    Hmm….playful badassery?

  63. Nancy

    People tell me they are very comfortable with me right away and often share things quickly as a result. Combining that with trust I think will be a great superpower for my clients to achieve what they need. Thanks for the episode Sometime excitement can crash the internet LOL. xoxo

  64. I knew it! Rockstar! I actually used to sing in a rock band when i was a student….And now I am rocking my Nia students’ and German students’ world. PASSION and not doing to well with hierarchies have been my triggers/traits all along. I am doing B-School at the moment and slowly but surely it is sinking in… Bit by bit I am dancing to where I always have belong: In my body not my mind. I am so passionate about Movement Inquiry and helping people to self-discover who they are or how they can learn best using movement, music, humour and getting into their bodies their own unique way. I am far from being really clear where to go with all that passion and plethora of (crazy) ideas but at least I AM ON MY WAY (one of my roads will lead me to New York in July for your hubbies CI workshop, Marie. See you there. I’ll do a Nia/Steffi funky, earthy, raw choreography with you then.)
    Thanks you Mary and Sally, crazy, fellow rockstars and Passionistas!

  65. My unique personality trait is my passion and conviction!

    I am the voice of young women entrepreneurs who are the modern day “It” girls: we want it all, we do it all, we have it all!

    I believe that women really can “have it all” by DECIDING to live an authentic life full of passion, beauty, love and wild success. I believe that success, beauty and luxury are the products of being true to yourself and creating a life that is aligned with your unique core values.

    My dream is to create a business of my own that inspires other young women like me to become entrepreneurs and CEO’s of their lives.

    xo Michela

    p.s. follow me on twitter! @michelaaramini

  66. This episode really makes me think
    “No matter where you go~ there YOU are!”
    Thank you for the generous offer….. I’m an Advocate
    It’s interesting how similar yet different her test was in comparison to Strength’s Finder where I was an Activator. Same strengths different perspective and nuance. Helpful to hear her articulate my particular strengths in the video afterwards. Highly recommend the test to all.
    All this action! I better get to work….. following through on details is the weakness. I need a team ; )

    • Hey Melinda! I’m an ADVOCATE too it turns out;) And also score #1 on the Strengths Finder with Activator! Interesting indeed! What are your other 4?? Love reading about so many ladies in similar places of power, passion and influence!

      BIG love!

  67. This is a great big teaching and challenge. As the Gay Girl Dating Coach, you can bet I’ve been polarizing people. I’ve had business coaches who won’t work with me, religious fanatics who berate me and even lesbians who hate what I do! All because I’m lesbian and my business is OUT there to support lesbian love, relationships and community.

    Now I’m not sure what my fascination identity is but I love this approach. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing Sally. xo, Mary

  68. Wow this episode was amazing! I was immediately fascinated by Sally and could listen to her all day. This has really made me think about knowing more about how I’m perceived and leveraging the real me in my business.

    Thank you for such an amazing episode Marie. I always learn so much from you. 🙂

  69. WOW. This might be my favorite MarieTV episode EVER! Gah, I’ve been researching & googling this topic for the past couple of months and this honestly the most comprehensive resource I’ve found. So thank you! The personality trait I could leverage more is my rebellion. I don’t want to live a mediocre life, go along with the flow, or do the tried & true. I guess that describes why I’m finishing (for the most part!) an Associate’s degree in High School, not doing a Bachelor’s degree or doing the live-on-campus-15k-a-semester college experience, and be an entrepreneur, since I’ve been dreaming of it since age 7.

    So, I want to leverage this rebellion + motivation to freakin’ SHINE in my business, emails, blog and interaction with clients. I’ve also figured out recently that I’ve been an approval addict + I can’t base my self-worth on it cause when I show more of who I truly am, people are going to LOVE me or hate/leave me. Point blank! And that’s okay.

    Eeeeeek!! I’m SO pumped up about this!! Thanks Marie 🙂 xoxoxo

  70. Hi Marie, I just love you to pieces and I am certainly fascinated by you. Thank you for being YOU! Your videos have been a blessing to me and I cannot wait to read your book…it is on its way in the mail right now!!!
    This video was wonderful. I was so inspired and am walking away even more invigorated.
    Three months ago, I started uploading videos on You Tube. I got the idea in a flash, knew it was God speaking to me but was like What!!!? Me?
    I was excited to start but knew the biggest obstacle would be that I cared way too much about what people thought and rather than just being me I knew I spent my whole life trying to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be.
    I love that you always close with a challenge for your viewers. I was thinking of what my best trait is and what came to mind was my natural passion and enthusiasm for life.
    It has been a little more than three months now since I uploaded my first video and the response has been wonderful. One of the things I noticed is that people leave comments about the fact that they like my attitude and my positive outlook on things.
    I have always been a bubbly and positive person but spent most of my life feeling like I needed to dumb that down for fear of what people thought of me.
    Today, I say no more. Today, I will say thank you to God for the bright personality He gave me and I will no longer care if the negative Nancy’s out there think I am just a foolish girl from lollipop land.
    You being you helps me be me…I truly cannot tell you how unbelievably grateful I am for that…Once again Marie…thank you!

  71. WOW WOW WOW! Freaking awesome video, love it, can’t wait to start implementation. Gets me all excited – can’t wait to get the book, and take the test. Marie, I must say that since starting b-school, I feel like it’s been so much more than than just a business course. I’ve started excercising, drinking green drinks, tapping myself to death, and have really been honing in on my natural gifts. For me, this has been the beginning of a new “life course” because I’m getting so much more than just really meaty nuts and bolts of biz. Now, if I only had more brain to slam jam squash all of this crazy amazing info in that I’m getting—hmmmmm
    The ideas going on up here seem to be endless:) Thank You.

  72. I want to be pistachio! Thank you so much for this interview. As for my single personality trait I could turn up…I am at a loss so I fear I may be a bit vanilla but I am committed to finding it!

  73. Luz Blanca

    My problem isn’t so much how to be fascinating or capture attention so much as it is how to avoid contact with the vultures who want to steal your ideas, take up your time, use your knowledge … all for free, never offering anything of equal value in return. It makes me downright anti-social. If I’m the expert they are seeking out for information, then they should be willing to pay for that information. And if they aren’t willing to pay for it, then I’m not interested in giving them the information.

  74. Melanie I LOVED LOVED LOVED this! Can’t wait to get the book! Turns out I’m Rebellion/Power, which is ‘splainin’ to me why I’ve got this entrepreneurial itch I’m only beginning to scratch (thank you Bschool!). Thanks so much for bringing this, Marie, and for such amazing and relevant work Sally.

  75. Brilliant and divinely timed guidance. I’ve been meditating on how to re-brand my business by enhancing it with more elements of my own personality. The concern I’ve been trying to balance is…’But I’m way too quirky & rebellious…those corporate clients (who have the big budgets) won’t take me seriously.’ Sally’s perspective on automatically screening out the boring stiffs I wouldn’t enjoy working with anyway just changed everything. Now…off to sprucing up that website! I give thanks 🙂

  76. Marie! Marie! Marie!
    I love this episode. I can’t wait to explore “Fascination” and my personal “fascination halo” and integrate my personality fully into the development of my business. This show was my true Aha! moment… My business is not a separate entity from me/myself… It is totally me. My business is not something I am creating for the world. My business is apart of me that I want to share with the world. Thanks for show me how to share the best part of myself with the world. This time I for the lesson!
    Much love and thanks!

  77. Isabelle

    Hey, wow !! That video is a wonderful way to bring someone to life !! Haha ! I’m kind of in a … strange mood, those days. Tired. Uninspired. Doubtful, even. BUT !! I was entranced with you both, Marie and Sally ! Uplifted, and led to aknowledge that I’m a Passionnate woman, and… probably the same as Sally, with rebellion as a specific trait of my personnality !
    (I just ordered the book, by the way, and feel great about it. Can’t wait to learn more about… fascination !)
    Thanks, Marie and Sally !

  78. oh my goodness! I love pistachio!! I am one of those people. I cannot tell you what this interview meant to me. I have always thought I was the type of person you either liked or didn’t like and it has held me back on many occasions! BUT no more…You go, Sally! And could I love her anymore…I totally loved that she couldn’t decide how she “felt” about her black skirt. HAHAHA! I do that!
    Going to buy the book now!

  79. Tatiana

    I love getting emails from Marie and as soon as I received this one I performed the test : mystique + rebellion. It was weird because I didn’t feel that the test described me well but like a commenter mentioned earlier : I couldn’t pick myself out of a line up. I just don’t know myself that well so I always struggle with the “be yourself” mantra that’s everywhere.

    I had hoped the test would enlighten me but I’m not so sure.

  80. Really interesting! I’m “The Guardian” which is Power/Trust/Passion which really does fit me so well! Excited to see how I can direct my business goals based on this!

  81. Emma

    Wow, I love love loved this!!! It explains why one of my fitness classes has been way more popular than any of the others.

    I’m paid a set contract price to run a weekly class and was given free reign to teach whatever I like. I enjoy teaching this class so much more than any of the others I teach, I’m never worried about whether anyone will like me and what I’m offering, cause I know I’m going to be paid each week regardless of who shows up. But the ladies come back every week, week after week, and have done for nearly a year now. And the feedback I get from them is always amazing. I am always blown away with how much they say they enjoy the class and my teaching style. I guess it’s cause I’m just being 100% me.

    Anyway, I’m now fascinated with being fascinating, so I’m gonna go take the test… Thanks for another awesome and inspiring episode Marie! <3

  82. Marie and Sally you make it appear so effortless!

    My one personality trait (must I choose only one?) is a cocktail: one part optimism, 1 part tenacity and 1 part certainty. I like to garnish with a rather large twist of humor.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking show. Loved it!


  83. Marie, I automatically smile when I see an email from you in my inbox – thanks so much for this introduction to a fascinating author and title!

  84. LOVED this. I got “passion” as my main and rebellion as my second, which makes me a CATALYST. Very true to form as I am a very “think outside the box” kind of gal!

    Can’t wait to dive into the full report! (and I can’t wait for the book, Sally!)

  85. Absolutely Love this episode and totally needed to hear this right now, as always!!

    thanks you,
    For me, hearing that I can audaciously be me with all my quirks and intense passion for true healing and a naturally science based health system. That I don’t have to hold back on my health rants when something in the world is screaming to be brought to light so we can free ourselves from being victims to our own fate!! Well, YeeHaa!
    thank you Marie & Sally, you both Rock in my world.

  86. Lisa N

    Without being cliche or predictable, Marie, this is THE MOST FASCINATING video of yours I’ve seen to date. Thank you for this little interview, I’m hopeful that Sally can help me!

    I can’t answer your question right now because the only things I identify myself with are loud, obnoxious, passionately opinionated, loser and quitter. I have a big mouth but I quit everything!

  87. This was an awesome episode and like always made me think in a different way. I truly love watching your videos they just help me through out the day. I need to add this book to my wish list, so I can read it this year. I have read Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself and it blow my mind, so I can’t wait to this one. What your friend was talking about made so much sense and I know would help me in the long run. At the moment I am the Social Media Specialist at this company, but I feel like it’s not as creative as I would like it to be. I am building my own website at the moment and trying to figure out how I want the world to see me. I just want to be me and have fun while helping others around the world. Thank you for this!

    Madeline Yau

  88. How do I add my picture on here?

  89. Wow! That was so accurate. I did the Strength Finders Test a few weeks ago and it’s really been informing what I want to do in my business, and what I’m good at doing. Now with the Fascination Test I can see that my strengths already are being perceived by others. As the Avant Garde with Prestige as my primary trait and Rebellion my secondary trait, people want to believe me. I love that I am a rebel thinking outside the box for solutions and I’m looking forward to allowing even more of my rebellious nature to come forward. I want to piss a few people off. I want to know that the people I’m working with LOVE working with me, rebel and all. Thanks Marie and Sally.

  90. Thank you Marie and Sally for the free assessment. Mine was spot on. I especially liked the video wrap up explaining the results. My results are not something that I was seeing as strength at all. Maybe it’s why I have felt blocked and stuck because I’ve been putting my energy in other parts of my personality that weren’t even mentioned in her strength assessment.Kapow!! I am blown away and need to process this information. Maximizing strengths like being calm under pressure, intentional and having a rational approach to problem solving is not something I would have ever thought of doing. Wow! Honestly, I would have called THOSE boring under most circumstances, but as I think about it, I am still out here after having left corporate two years ago which is a testament to that strength. My business is still in an infancy stage while I watch others doing similar things RUN past me, I feel every day like I should get a “government” job and have started looking. Maybe if I can use Sally’s assessment to activate I can do better and NOT end up back in a cubicle?

  91. Such a great message! Thank you, Sally, for your work. It has become clear to me in recent weeks that my greatest — and most recognized — strengths are Positivity and Empathy. Marie, I am currently preparing myself to launch a new website and video blog (scary!), with your help via B-School. I have occasional moments of doubt that can overshadow even my deepest feelings of confidence … ugh. But I am trying to stay on-track and keep the faith I have in myself. This kind of reminder that scary is good is so helpful. I KNOW in my gut that this is the right direction for me and my business … so I will take the “scaries” as reinforcement to carry on. Awesome timing. Yay! Many thanks and much love to you both, K

  92. Ahhhhh – The Perfectionist!

    Amazing how I KNOW these things yet I NEED to be reminded! I cannot wait until the certification process is open! THIS is sooooo key for people to know and understand who they are!

    I work with single mothers who struggle with embracing WHO they are and WHAT it means for them and their lives as mothers, partners, etc. Thank you Marie for sharing Sally with us and Sally — I am sharing you among my circle! 🙂

  93. Love the way Sally talks about unlearning rather than acquiring something…

    Liberating clients’ voices so they can speak from their hearts rather than their heads requires me to be fearless and perspicacious… Perspicacious? Being discerning or mentally penetrating… I just love helping identify what hidden pearls lie inside half-closed minds.

    Sally’s book has just gone on my MF recommends wish list!

  94. WOW!! Amazing! 😉 Lol…. I sooo… knew that I needed to take Sally’s fascinating “Fascinate” test that I went to her website and took it before I watched the episode of MarieTV! What a blessing it was to me—taking that test made me feel validated about my personality and how I think and approach life, which has oftentimes seemed so opposite to many people (I’m a “Catalyst”).
    I feel like in lieu of being understood, I was always willing to settle for being “liked”. And now I’ve decided that I’m willing to be BOTH mis-understood and not very well-liked, as I’ve just re-launched my business, complete with a new website, and what may be considered a controversial niche.
    Thank you so much Marie and Sally! Your courage to be “you” gives me the courage to be “ME”… in my very own fabulous, opinionated, and “fascinating” way! 🙂

  95. Deb

    Yeah, so it is coincidence that Pistachio Icecream is my favourite?
    I think not!
    Thanks Marie and Sally!

  96. Jan Schochet

    I love Sally and her How to Fascinate work. I first did it a little over a year ago and it is so on target. I highly recommend anyone who’s interested to go for it. It’ll bring a level of personal understanding you might not have realized and a level of validation that might just be exactly what you were needing.

  97. I Love This!
    What a great reminder to turn up the volume of your best traits. I think I am quirky passionate and honest. But Now I got to thinking…. what do other people think? … Great topic that is going to have my wheels spinning for days!

  98. This was fascinating! I love you two!

    I don’t know a word for what makes me fascinating. I think it might be “connector”. I always think outside of ordinary or traditional. For example, if I’m in a meeting and someone is giving an update, I start to think about how I can solve their problem. What can I do to help? Do I know anyone who can help? Often, it’s not even a problem it’s just the topic they are discussing. I find myself thinking of ways to help. I don’t expect people to adopt all of my suggestions, but I definitely at least throw them out there. I get an “adrenaline high” when someone does implement one of my ideas and finds success with it. In the same regard, I think we always need to be looking at how to fix things or make them better. We should take time and celebrate our successes and be happy about what we accomplish, but I also fear complacency and what that can do to a business.

  99. Marie, I’ve always been fascinated and captivated by your personality! This was such a treat to learn that there’s research on how to accentuate each of our personalities.
    Sally, I’ve never wanted to zip over to Amazon and purchase a book so quickly!!! Thank you ladies so much for sharing! =)

  100. I love, love, love this. I’m getting a lot of database errors on her website though. I can’t download my PDF. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Her team is working on it. There’s a database error.

      I’m excited by what I’ve been able to learn so far. I hope I can log back in to read the rest soon!

      • Maybe too much traffic from this post. A good problem to have. I kept trying and was able to download it. I will go on later for sure!

  101. Blaine

    Freakin’ fascinating episode!

    I am so inspired to turn up my EXPRESSIVITY. I’ve developed a tendency to “tone it down” to avoid offending or putting anyone off, stepping on anyone’s toes, avoiding confrontation, etc. My main motive: to be “liked” by every person I meet. Thus, social interactions make me feel stiff, drained, and hemmed in.

    I’m going to try to adopt the mentality that by making nice with EVERYONE, I’m being fascinating to NOONE. It’s compromising my core desires and life, and that sucks.

    Thanks so much for shining your wisdom, Sally!

  102. Margaret

    I watched this episode twice in a row it was so intriguing!
    Trust and Rebellion I think describes me. How do those go together? I’ll have to check out Sally’s book!
    Thanks for this look at the world from another point of view!

  103. This episode was – drum roll – f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g! I related to the blog because my articles always have a story and then the information. I recall many years ago throwing out a blog on lessons I learned on life with my sculling. This article was very personal and authentic. The response was amazing so I learned it is best to be my true self!

    Connie Brubaker
    Austin, TX

  104. Blaine

    ps – holla for the Connisseurs in here! Prestige + Passion. (so spot on, wow)

  105. Thank you so much Marie, and thank you Sally!

    I am The Orchestrator – this definitely comes across when I’m teaching a class or planning a dinner party. Hmm, maybe I should be doing more of both!

    I love that I now have a whole report full of tools for leveraging the best of me, to get my UAP more visibly out to the world!


  106. Carlyle Coash

    As always Marie – excellent. These are things I am working with at the moment – especially going through B School. It is these kinds of tools that really help define the path in a way that is not limiting but builds confidence.

    I would say that the one trait that has the most trouble is my humor and somewhat creatively goofy/irreverent qualities. I have been told at times that it is why I have not advanced in certain situations – perhaps because I am not serious enough. There is a way in which that at times is seen as not being “adult” or mature enough. However my humor is not to tell a lewd joke but rather to find ways to shift the energy of situation by reminding them that life can hold a broader view. Since part of my work now is working with people at end of life I am taken by how many times people need this kind of interact in times of pain.

    I think I utilized this quality of myself more when I was doing theatre and performance regularly, but in the last 13 years this has been pulled back. It is a reason why I feel stuck and not using the strength and quality that could generate more fascination.

    So thank you again for the episode.

    As always a deep bow of appreciation for encouraging joy and wisdom in the world – Carlyle

  107. Whitney B

    The test/site does freeze, often. I just kept refreshing and it eventually worked. I’m going to download the PDF so I don’t have to keep reloading the site. Maybe all this traffic is slowing it down…

    I do have to say though, the test was spot on! It definitely helped me to feel assured in my natural abilities as a leader.

    • Carlyle Coash

      Hey thanks Whitney – where did you see a PDF? Thanks -Carlyle

      • On the left hand side of the screen where it says Account Menu, there’s an option to download your pdf report. I haven’t been able to do it yet, because of the database error.

  108. awesome. loved it. so validating. thank you for sharing, both of you!

  109. Melissa


    I’ve been watering it down for years since I noticed my zeal for life & the issues arising from it made others uncomfortable.

    “Unforgettable = creating a strong emotional reaction”
    “If you’re not creating a negative response from somebody, you’re not fascinating anybody.”

    No more gray watery mush for me… Thank you for this video!

  110. This was sooo cool and powerful. I turned out to be a rockstar which is interesting to me – the other side of being a staunch introvert. when I come out, I come out big and rebellious, it’s true. Rebellion, Passion and Trust are certainly my hallmarks. But I didn’t add it up to being a Rockstar! WOW, I can get behind that!

    Looking forward to learning more!

    • LunaHart

      We’re twins! Rebellion, Passion and Trust, sister, HIGH FIVE!

    • Me too – Rockstar + Trust! I was a little bit surprised to be called a Rockstar … as introvert, quiet and patient I have seen myself. May be I just was formed like this. Hm, I will learn to let it out more and more …

  111. OMG, loved this video!! Both Marie and Sally were CAPTIVATING!! What a wonderful piece of wisdom. Thank you so much!!

  112. Man, every time I take personality tests, my response is typically “wow, that’s pretty darn close”.

    This test nailed me. Like, “fighting back tears” nailed me because every word I’m reading in the report so far is SO true and yet I resist living out that truth MOST of the time.

    My result: Provocateur (Rebellion / Mystique / Power)

    Thanks for this…


  113. Oh My God, Marie! I loved loved loved this video so much. I just watched it and literally have tears rolling down my face. Happy tears. Excited tears. Wonderful tears. I can NOT wait to get her book. I have been on the edge of everything she talked about for the past month. Creating my site. Being honestly me. Living from a totally genuine place and being fascinating because of that. I can’t wait to explore this more.

    You are the real deal. Thank you for all that you do.
    Big hugs,

  114. You know what’s too funny? I thought this episode was gonna be a bit boring, but then I watched it and… I was Fascinated!


  115. I have a quirky, smart-assed, intelligent sense of humor that can either bring the levity needed to lighten up the VERY dry area of law that I practice or can turn people off completely because the don’t “get it.” I am going to take the test and see what my FASCINATION FACTOR is!!! I loved this episode of Marie TV and I am excited to develop this area of my business personality! Thanks so much!

  116. Diana

    I wanna be an irrational pistachio!

  117. The personality trait that I have in my life is to know right away if I like something and if it will “work” for me. I will leverage this more in my business is by saying “no” to partnerships or parts of my business that I know aren’t working. So often in my work I want to say “yes” to everything, even though I know that it doesn’t feel right, or if I know that its something that I don’t want to do. Thanks, Sally and Marie!

  118. Loved this Interview, you girls are awesome. And I think deep down we are learning this is true and a neccesary thing to be ourselves in business and yet most are scared to just be…” just be” and it seems that those who do, those who let go of the ego and jump right in to the pool with both feet seem to be having the most fun and realizing the most success with it.. something we all should try.., not try, DO!!

    Thanks Marie and Sally


  119. Kerri

    I am the Secret Weapon. This is entirely true. The triggers are spot on. WOW!! Great test! It was very refreshing to have these triggers put together in a positive way that really reflects my spirit. Mystique, rebellion and trust. These are even tied to my Strengths-finder attributes!!

    People have been describing me as quiet, rebellious and loyal for my entire life.. even pointing to them as negative saying that I have to be more outgoing, follow the flock, don’t rock the boat.. When I have tried to change my approach, I am just miserable and unsuccessful.

    Thanks Marie!! This was an awesome gift! 🙂

    • Oh you and I got the same result! We should definitely connect!

    • Another Secret Weapon over here. 😉

  120. …going NOW to get the book! Can’t wait to take the test for my Fascinate insight! <3

  121. Passion is the trait that I have that I can possibly turn up the volume on although I don’t want it to be too loud.

    When Sally spoke about The Catalyst, I can truly relate to that archetype.

    I started to take the test but Sally’s site stopped working in the middle of it. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get past page 3. Please Sally, let me do it again. I bet that Marie’s fans made your site go crazy, as it should, being the Catalyst that you are.

    This was inspiring. Now to get off my butt and get moving on these ideas. Wow. Thank you both so much.

  122. Nicole

    I love the simple framing Sally presents. “what is the best and highest use of your personality?”

    I am The Connoisseur! Prestige + Passion 🙂 I have been sharing this with my clients lately and love it as a way to bring new energy into conversations and dialogues! Thanks Marie..and yes to the folks with issues on the test site. I think we may be crashing the site with all our traffic. I had same issue. Ahh the power of MarieTV 🙂

  123. I’m a Catalyst just like Sally! This is why I need to get off my “ask” and do more videos! I can only show so much passion through my emails and blog posts. I know by doing more video I will be able to show my passion and rebellion triggers SO MUCH MORE! And that can really only mean more awesome people into my tribe and “Dream Life League”! Thank you so much Marie and Sally for the kick in the ‘ask’! 😉 As usual!


    Very cool stuff! I’m gonna start bringing more of my inner “goofy” to the business. My canvas company has been very “serious” to date. Will have to lighten it up. And my coaching-biz-to-be has gotta have some good “goof-factor”. Looking forward to reading Sally’s book and hearing more! Great job. ~ d

  125. LunaHart

    I’m a Rockstar!! OOAH OOAH!! I always knew it, (mostly because I started out fronting rock bands, and being in that role is still my #1 peak experience). It took a little while and several hangups before I got results, I assume because of the high traffic caused by this video – way to go Marie!

    I’m currently in B-School, and it’s changing me down to the core. However, I’ve been hung up being unsure of how “out there” I can go. The Fascination test was the exact right thing at precisely the right time (cuz that’s how the system works, right?).

    I just got huge validation of who I am and how I do it. Man, do I feel the clouds lifting.

    Thank you, Marie, and thank you, Sally! BIG LOVE and many blessings!

  126. I’m tickled PINK with this interview just what I was looking for. I’ve wondered how others perceive me because sometimes I get misunderstood. Maybe it’s the way I’m communicating that doesn’t say what I’m really trying to say? I want to take the test but Sally’s site keeps crashing probably cos lotza ya hot ladies are burning it up!!!

  127. Hi there,

    My strongest personality trait is probably ‘translating complex higher mind concepts into passionate visions/playful lighthearted metaphors (created or imagined’ so people can understand and implement a new awareness and create a world of wonders. Intuitive downloads, improv, poetry of the soul.

    Love you all,
    thanks for yet another great video,


  128. I thought this was fantastic, great interview and even better information. Thanks for putting this together, ladies.

  129. Laynita

    I TOTALLY love this episode Marie… It’s PRICELESS…I’m going to AMPLIFY my MOUTH more! We can engage in life and assist in being and changing by living on the edge, not in our comfort zone.

    FYI… I love pistachio ice cream with a little coconut.

  130. Of alllll the personality tests, alllll these years. Never.Thought.Of.It.This.Way! And I’m… relieved, as any Catalyst would be. 😉 I just knew there had to be a different way of seeing this stuff. Love turning the personality inquiry around (upside down and on its head) reversing how to see myself by virtue of how others see. Break free from the traditional approach – diggin’ it! This fresh stuff is just plain ol’ good stuff.

    Sally’s tool = stepping *back into* me (passion/rebel/trust). Helpful anchor in my B-School work (STRB, client avatar dev, product/serv dev) and simply… freedom to release the burden of needing to speak to all (read: greyish white mucky mess).

    Thanks Marie. I love you sister-friend. Your (and your team’s) good work is changing the world.
    Thanks Sally. I’m squarely fascinated by you and your good work. And Sally, my last name means church.

    Don’t go changin’.

  131. This was such a great episode and something I needed right now! I’ve been trying to apply this very thing to my life 🙂

    thanks once again for all the great content.

  132. Dammit. You both TOTALLY fascinated me. Thanks so much! I’ll dig a little deeper to understand how I can harness that in myself. Eff Yes.

  133. I am so grateful for this video and email in my inbox this morning. I’ve been on a long and arduous search for the perfect job for a few months now. Last night before I fell asleep, I lay on my back and prayed for a sign, or some clarity, or just anything from the Universe because I was feeling lost.

    And then: BAM! Thank you, Marie and Sally! This is absolutely the kind of thinking I need to help direct my mission.

    My two biggest strengths (I have to pick two) are my ability to listen and my ability to connect. I always say I’m a naturally introverted person who excels in very extroverted worlds, as I am an excellent sales and marketing person, and on the side I am a dancer that performs semi-regularly. Being introverted lets me first be still, silent, and tune into my environment or the people around me. What are they really saying? What is their energy? Often, we aren’t sure of this for ourselves, so I can help people bring this out, clarify it, and redirect it toward their purpose, be it a personal or professional venture.

    Thank you again to Marie, MarieTV, Sally, and the whole community here.

  134. Oh. I’m in, finally. I’m an architect.

    Fascinating way to study oneself, isn’t it?

    • Well Ive done the test and Ive come out as an Architect: Prestige and Mystique.

      Not sure how I feel about this, especially the prestige part….so Im going to sit on it for a while…

  135. Wow! Loved this so much:

    “If you’re not creating a negative response from somebody, you’re not fascinating to anybody.”

    After recently questioning my business strategy because of a a few negative comments, this was so encouraging and perfect timing. Thanks Sally!

    Can’t wait to do the test to find out my Fascination Advantage. (Thanks Marie!)

    And the personality trait I could & should leverage more: Playfulness!

  136. Well I just loved this video. Thank you for permission, validation, acceptance to ROCK MY CIRCLES WORLD and screen out the rest! Love it! I am the get in action, inspiring, there is hope girl! Thank you again. Like minded people that I can relate to are the fuel for my fire!

  137. Hi Marie and Sally

    Great subject today. Like the part of “no negative” response that you must be boring. It can be unnerving to get negative feedback, but now I know I am churning up the waters of passion for what I believe in. Shall have to pop on over and take the test. Lots of thoughts going on in my gray matter and shall have to see what happens when the dust settles. It is the spark that drives us forward.


  138. one word – fascinating! a friend turned me on to your website and now i am turning everyone i know onto you, marie — thank you for sharing your gift with the world, especially me.

    done all the tests — disc, myers, etc….this is the first time somebody said i need to be MORE me….i’m definitely passionate and somewhat of a rebel….will have to read up more on sally’s site to see how to best be ME to serve the world.

  139. you only live once! at my house we buy 4 different kinds of ice cream! life is too short not to enjoy it!

  140. This is one of my favorite episodes, and that is saying a LOT! I’m so curious what my “type” will be. I don’t consider myself particularly fascinating, so I’d really like to highlight my strengths. I’m kind of vanilla on the outside, but pastachio on the inside! The problem is, others mostly see only vanilla. 😉

    Ordering the book asap to! Thanks to both of you for all you do!

  141. Tone Yrvum

    I am a catalyst! My goal is to become more proud of who I am and not try to “cover” my creativity and spontaneous behavior. This was a great Marie-TV – two great women!! Love it 🙂

  142. I am extremely rebellious…I despise doing things differently…I can definitely amplify that…This is as Mastin Kipp would say…is a GAME CHANGER…Thanks Marie…I love you!

  143. Thanks Marie and Sally, that was fascinating and delightful! So many quotable quotes. Sally, I actually connected with you about two years ago and have followed you on twitter ever since. I did the Fascination questionnaire then, and my result was Rebellion (no surprise there!) + Prestige = The Trendsetter. One way my Rebellion trigger shows up is in my irreverence and keen sense of wit – I perform with a comedy improv troupe. And my Prestige trigger means I have very high standards. I passionately, irrationally, audaciously care about effective communication – it breaks my heart and drives me nuts when I see people shoot themselves in the foot with bad marketing (specifically, badly written marketing messages).

  144. OMG, Sally’s group has put together a beautiful and skillful presentation with the report. Sally, I’m grateful for the effort you put into this information you gave us! To find out about the most fascinating aspect of you only takes a little time. I wonder if this assessment can change over time, with effort. I saw other combinations I’d like to try as well. Great! Thanks again. (The Rockstar).

  145. Hello! Another Catalyst here! 😉
    Ladies, you both fascinate me! And I loved every piece of insight you shared Sally. You really nailed that description of me right on.
    But I still feel like you’re so vibrant ~ and I am that too, but you’re right I stop myself way to often because I worry what others might think.

    I truly am passionate and I rebel once in a while 😉
    I love a sense of a community and I love to help others in finding their own path to pure health and happiness…. this is just a lovely reminder that I’m finally on the right path… I just have to embrace “fabulousness” more 😉
    Thanks ladies 😉 <3 Ella

  146. I met Sally at RHHLive, last year and her presentation was a complete paradigm shift, for me. Hands down, one of my favorites. I’m a trendsetter and “coming to terms with that” because (no matter what I do) that’s how people see me, in the world, was OMG HUGE! It was like someone slapped me in the face and said, “Quit trying to be someone that you’re not.” Simple and concise. I love you Sally!!!!

  147. Rebecca

    Sally’s book looks like it’s going to be my very first Kindle purchase! I can’t wait to read it. This was a great episode and it resonated so much with me– I feel like I’ve been tuning into fascination in a sort of instinctive, not very focused way and this put so much of it into words and concrete ideas. Like when I’m outside my vanilla-world day job and in a setting where I can really shine, like my performances, I observe how people treat me differently; I’ve studied the way I naturally gather people through my writing or my projects. But I didn’t have words for it or know how to really put it to use to become more successful, and I feel like now I’ve got an instruction guide for what to do with this stuff!! Thank you!

  148. Unrelentless optimism. This was a super fun episode. Marie, I wouldn’t like you so much if you weren’t as quirky as you are. So bring it on. !!! xo

  149. Just what I needed after a few weeks of business ‘confrontations’. Ready to really take flight now… xo

  150. I can’t believe how just a few simple questions can yield such an extraordinary (like freakishly) accurate result! Although I wouldn’t have guessed it right off the bat, mine was spot on. I’m The Talent: Passion + Prestige (holla from my home girl Marie)! I’m really curious to see how I can add this into my B-School work and into my new website design. Thanks for this amazing resource Marie!

  151. Berto Garcia

    I should start a band because I’m a Rockstar, baby! (According to the Fascination Advantage Test & Report)

    My results are truly aligned with my experiences (professional, social, and personal). As I was reading the report, I kept saying, “Holy cow! That’s totally me!”

    I am so glad that I was able to get “the scoop” on how people see me.

    Thank you SO much, Marie. ALL of your creations bring Light, Clarity, and Love into this world.

    I look forward to reading Sally Hogshead’s book, Fascinate.

    With Rebellion and Passion,


    • Elzemieke

      I’m also a rockstar AND we’re “Comment-Neighbours”. Rock on soul-star!

      • Berto Garcia

        Ha ha!

        You bet!

  152. Elzemieke

    The ‘pistachio message’ has been finding it’s way to me in many different guises these past few weeks, but it really hit home with this episode.

    Why? Because I LOVE pistachio ice-cream and I WILL cycle across town to get a fix from my favourite ice-cream parlour. Now I understand.

    To be honest, what I need most is bravery. Some people will choose mint over pistachio (God forbid) and so what if they do? I don’t like mint, I don’t want to buy mint and I don’t want to provide mint.

    I suppose I should stop pretending to like all flavours and go pistachio all the way. And while I’m at it, I’ll go for the organic, super-high quality version from my authentic Italian provider…

  153. I LOVE Pistachio ice cream!

    Gonna pump up my pistachio today. Sally, I tweeted your quote: “If you’re not creating a negative response from somebody, you’re not fascinating to anybody.” Now I’m printing it out and putting it up in my office so I can live it. Thanks Marie and Sally!! xoxo

  154. Jen

    This is fascinating! I love the scientific aspect and how simply you’ve explained the concepts. I’m curious of my test results. I expect rebellion to be one component because I love challenging the status quo, questioning everything and creating innovative change. I’m always looking at ways to make things better & to work better.

  155. This is one of your best videos. loved it. thanks.

  156. I am the Veiled Strength. Not really sure how to leverage my mystique, but I see that I can leverage my power and trust by further demonstrating strong opinions about what I know well, and also just in listening well.

  157. I am more influential then I give myself credit for. I’ve been told often that talking to me changed someone’s mind about some sort of decision that needed to be made. I don’t take advantage of that enough in my business as a freelance graphic designer. I often just go with “what the client wants”. This MarieTV really opened my eyes to how I can influence my clients to create projects that I can be really passionate and proud of versus just “doing the job”.

  158. My traits are Full on Passion! I believe that EACH of us have the capacity to live an AWESOME life 🙂
    I have coached clients over the world to step into their most beautiful LIVING PURPOSE! Through meditation, deep healing, my personal intuitive technique and the knowledge of Rocco”s self Love My passion is helping Others to change the world one friend and client at a time.

    Book a reading with me 🙂 it’s worth every penny !

    Rocco Distefano, 🙂

  159. Marie you just rocked my world! You really do get me/us! I would bring more of my passion for what I do! BUT, I am a big Scaredy Cat! I am and have always been scared to put myself out there, for fear of critism…that really crushes me 🙁 SO, I am so glad to have watched this video. I have given a lot of thought about what makes people sucessful and I know it is in part the ability to put themselves out there, raw and sometimes unedited. I am going to find a way to do that too! Watching your overcome fear + selfdoubt is my next video.

    Thank you Marie I am so glad I found you!

  160. Thank you Marie for this Episode, I love each, but this made me even post!
    Love and hugs!

  161. Karry

    Its so important to be fascinating as a business woman and really in life. Once we as people really get to know who we are I find that we are the most comfortable and know how to come across to people better.

  162. Silvia

    Thank you Marie for this Episode! I always buy the books you recommend. Always trust your judgement!

  163. I am so pistachio!! My personality trait is BRAVE!!

  164. EXACTLY what I need to hear… EXACTLY the book I need to read. Can’t wait to dig in Thursday night when it arrives in the mail! THANK YOU Marie and Sally! xo

  165. OK, this test has completely thrown me for a loop. I am “The Talent”. Just like Marie! 🙂

    But I think I may be more “The Architect”??

    I FEEL like The Talent, but often behave more like The Architect (Prestige + Mystique), and think the world sees me as The Vault (Trust + Mystique).

    I’m way more introverted in my behavior, but I am pretty confident. I used to be painfully shy until my 20s. Maybe I’m still “stuck” in old patterns of behavior and thoughts on how the world perceives me because of that??

    In my previous comment I joked that I am vanilla on the outside, but pistachio on the inside. And it’s actually true!

    Oh I’m so confused… 🙂

  166. Deb

    Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love this message! Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE this message?!!! I normally very quietly appreciate (very deeply I might add) Marie’s weekly content but this week I actually felt the need to speak out. Thank you Marie and Sally. As always, top notch and highly inspirational. Gratitude to both of you. 🙂

  167. Wow what a high energy and passionate interview that was. I thrive on passion and energy so I was fascinated at the edge of my seat with that segment.
    Thank you for introducing me to Sally she is a force to be reckoned with as you are also Marie.
    It re-inspired me to stop playing small and what I think people want to see from me and let my freak flag out and show them the passionate, inspirational, force of good, hope builder that I am!!!
    Much gratitude!!!

  168. I’m a Secret Weapon = Mystique + Rebellion. Makes me feel very James Bond 007 here. But it’s very true. A little hard to manage, though, cuz I like to keep my plans private until they are ready to be presented to the world (Mystique) and I always have someone trying to lift the lid before it’s done cooking (Rebellion — they’re looking for my next unpredictable action).

    Funny, too, cuz in my new online biz I offer all the education and training you didn’t learn in school, but really need to know — you know, the stuff the Ivory Tower doesn’t teach and actively punishes you for bringing to the academy, ie, the street smarts on how to get what you want in life and critical thinking skills to help you analyze all the B.S. coming our way via the information overload.

    And I call myself an Education Rebel and am forming my own tribe of Education Rebels and Warriors.

    Great stuff, as always. Thanks Marie!

  169. Marie and Sally,

    Thanks for the fantastic free insight, as we’ve come to expect from MarieTV.

    To answer your specific question Marie, my main personality trait that I should be turning up the volume on in my business is my sharp wit/wicked sense of humor. I’m not going to say anything funny here because I just gave myself performance anxiety with that previous sentence.

    Thanks for giving me the push to use my humor in my content and be ok with maybe hanging out “on the fringe” with the “pistachios”.

    I took Sally’s test and I’m a Catalyst like her. I laughed out loud when she told me I was passion plus rebellion and that I’m least likely to exude mystique. I started owning my rebellion in my 30’s and am rediscovering my passions in my 40’s. I have always been an open book, no mystery there.

    Really fun way to start my day!
    With gratitude,

  170. Ivy


    I never would have guessed…. but when she described it, it sounds like my true inner self. I think I am blocked by a “am I enough or worthy” feeling that keeps me from shining as the talent.
    I’m letting that shizzle go– It’s time to shine.

    thank you for the video, the article, the inspiration and the test!


  171. Thank you Marie and Sally! You are both fascinating women!
    My qualities are:
    Passion + Enthusiasm.
    My brand is about taking life by the horns and living it to the fullest. I help women accomplish their deepest dreams and highest goals.
    The key for me to expand my brand along the world, is to walk the walk. In order the be authentic and touch people’s hearts, I need to live my best life, as I call it, my “Hell Yeah!” life. That is why I’m going surfing right after I post this comment! Hell Yeah!

  172. Monika

    Thank you very much for the test!!! I had the chance to find out my triggers, the primary one is MYSTIQUE.
    I’ve always seen it more as a weakness and never as something others could be fascinated by. This shift in thinking puts me one step closer to love myself and accept how I am, and that it’s just perfect the way it is 🙂
    Thanks for the inspirational blog post!

    Love, Monika

  173. Gladys

    Arghh, I was in the middle of the test when a database error occurred!!!
    Hopefully, I will be able to do it later, such a shame 🙁

  174. My ability to kick you in the ass and rub your head at the same time seems to be facinating to people.

    I want the best for people. But I’m not willing to just “give” it to them. I will teach you how to get it for yourself. I give to the needy and not the greedy. You can tell when people want a hand up or a hand out.

    I loved this episode. You’e the best Marie! Keep doing your thing!

  175. What a wonderful interview, among the favorites today. This topic is precisely what many people want to hear, especially want to work in like discovering that unique gift that each one of us, to get the maximum potential.

    What an extraordinary way to communicate, ultimately find mentors to help us is the best thing that can happen, because thanks to that, we become mentors someone else forming a chain. Thank you very much for the videos so useful that we share for our growth, as always agreadeciendo your presence on these issues.
    Many Greetings from Mexico.

    En Español =) !!!
    Que maravillosa entrevista, entre las favoritas desde hoy. Este tema precisamente es lo que mucha gente quiere escuchar, sobre todo quiere trabajar, en como descubrir ese don único que tenemos cada uno de nosotros, para sacar el máximo potencial.

    Que extraordinaria forma de comunicarlo, en definitiva encontrar mentores que nos ayuden es lo mejor que nos puede pasar, porque gracias a eso, nos convertimos en mentores de alguien más formando una cadena. Muchas gracias por los videos tan útiles que nos compartes para nuestro crecimiento, como siempre agreadeciendo tu presencia en estos temas.
    Muchos Saludos desde México.

  176. Leanne Richards-Williams

    I did the test! and I’m my Fascination Advantage is TALENT.

    So like Marie I’ve got passion and prestige as our Swiss army knife in business.

    BUT my dormant trigger is trust, and I really want to see me package my personal brand in such a way that when people experience me, they will know I WILL DELIVER.

    This has been my greatest struggle: I lose the “fiz” that comes so naturally with my talent approach to life.

    So my business aim is to improve my image so that when people see me they’ll say THIS WOMAN MEANS BUSINESS.

    Thanks as always Marie!

  177. I so used to have the mindset of wanting to please everyone and I am so happy to let. that. go!! It’s s crazy… apart of me is sort of unsure how to just be me at times and this was a great seed to plant, push in the right direction!

    A personality trait that I could amplify way more is my sense of humor- sarcasm mixed with silliness. i make really corny jokes and think they are HILARIOUS. I’m excited to be attracted to and attract my tribe 😉

    Thank you beautiful women!!!

  178. I do often turn the volume on my excitement but have realized I am not consistent, and consistency is key!

    This was fun! and I LOVE to be fascinated!

  179. This was “fascinating”, truly. Went to take the test as soon as I got the email but the website froze up in the middle of the test. Tried refreshing, and tried going to the main site. Looks like the site is overloaded and down. Will we still be able to take the test later? And since I already created a password, what instructions to re-enter the test where I left off?

    Anyway, loved this one.

  180. Marie and Sally,
    Brilliant show, it is amazing how everything you say resonates with me. I think my ‘it’ factor is Passion.
    I have recently started a business in Dubai, which, believe me is no easy task, and to be honest, it is not doing so well. But I know why; although I have a long term goal that I am very passionate about, I was trying to find a way to make money, survival and all that in the short here, which admittedly is necessary, since I quit my job to do this. But my heart is not in it and nothing I have tried has worked. I am now working towards my goal in a new way and feel more confident about where I am going.

    I really thought about what I really want to do, so now when people ask me what I do, I tell them “I make a difference”. That is what I want to do, make a positive difference to peoples lives. My ultimate goal is to open an art centre for the special needs community here, and set up adult programs. I cannot tell you how needed it is, but I need to get government support and people to back me up. Again, not an easy task here, so I do have my work cut out for me, but I am very passionate about it and I know it comes out whenever I talk to people.

    Anyway, I want to say thanks, for helping me see that I am on the right track and believe it will be successful.

    Love, peace, and happiness….. and of course streams of Passion.


    • Leanne Richards-Williams


      I had the same log in problem for 2 hours so just keep at it since there is a limited number of free assessments. Work it….Work it….Work it girl. You’ll get a breakthrough.

      I’m working on a community project too and seeking support from gov. and others. It’s a challenge. It’s my first. But it’s who I am.

      Put all your energies in being true.

      • Thanks Leanne,
        Things are always rough when you are looking for financial support from Government sectors. Here in Dubai, my project is a very sensitive issue, with about 25% of the local population being affected with special needs, it has been kept quite hidden for years…. but if I can make even the smallest difference to these people, it will be worth it.

        Good luck with your project. If you are interested you can check out my webpage which is the start up part of the project. It is, I am looking for stories globally about special needs if you know anyone who may be interested to share a story.

        Take care and positive energies and vibes coming your way.

  181. So so very true. At first I thought “there is no way a test this short can get it right” -but my results are SO SPOT ON!

    I am the architect, Prestige + Mystique with Passion as the trigger. I definitely need to work on letting people know the steps I am taking when working on something so that I don’t get frustrated with them when they aren’t supporting something that they don’t even know about, or don’t understand because I haven’t bothered explaining it to them.

    I do prefer to avoid the spotlight and let my work speak for itself, but I need to take more time to explain the work and make sure it’s getting the spotlight so that it doesn’t get unnoticed or forgotten.

    Thank you as always Marie, for another fantastic episode. 🙂

  182. Bought the book right away (Kindle) and did the F test!

    1- Prestige, 2- Passion: “The Connoisseur”

    In short: I’m perceived as being “in-the-know” and admired for being able to discern what’s best (astute). People become involved advocates for my ideas and purpose through my passion, style and emotional intelligence. Say no more! 🙂

    Incredible, how we take these innate traits for granted…!

    Knowing that the world enjoyed that in me, I’ll give it to them full steam (!)

    Love this!!

    Thanks for this amazing jewel, Marie and Sally!

    P.S. Everyone: GET THE BOOK RIGHT NOW!! Mandatory reading! 🙂


    • P.S. I must say, I was pleased to discover that some of those of us who are subscribed to Marie’s newsletter got to do the test for FREE 🙂 yay!!

      Thanks Marie darling! Being in your VIP list pays 🙂

  183. Great episode! I took the test and I’m also a catalyst.
    I have to say that it’s true that it serves me as a naturopath and health coach.
    Love reading your comments. Such an interesting subject.

  184. Cathy Pullins

    Thank You Marie Forleo and Sally Hoghead!

    I am going to research my core personality strength according to Sally. My husband, Aaron is a talent. When we established our business we thought we had to do it all. I now see that as we enter the next chapter it is important to be aligned with our excellence. NICE Video & Info.

  185. I sometimes damp down my humor because it’s a little quirky and dry, but when I let it out people either really connect with me or go away…good screening device.

  186. Okay, this is genius. Sally… I lusty love you. I just did my test and I am a ROCKSTAR!!! The cool thing is, all of these things I have known about myself. However, I would only let them super shine around the people who knew me and loved me. They are such a natural part of me that of course they would come through… but sometimes I would feel so uncomfortable with being so different that I thought ‘let me dial it down’.

    Lately (and much to do with BSchool – Marie, lusty love you too) I have been having a WILD time fully embracing these qualities. Now this video is full synchronicity to ROCK WITH IT!

    Want to know something über-fabulous about this all? My company’s mantra is “Rock it Big!”

    Love, Light & Rockin’ it BIG!

  187. Loved the quiz. Made me feel happy and more inspired with my current projects, knowing I’m a Rebel makes a lot of sense:) Thank you Marie for having such great guests and insights.

  188. I love this video, and the fact that you can and should infuse your unique personality into your business and personal life.
    My trait is Enthisiasm! My friends and family see this trait, but I have tended to let it call to wayside in business and my day job for the past few years. Time to amp up the enthusiasm daily in all that I do!

    My best,


  189. I just took the Fascination test, and I came out with Prestige & Power (with Mystique as a “hidden” trigger). These results, although surprising, go in line perfectly with the B-School exercise of asking 25 friends/colleagues for feedback on my strengths.

    It’s enlightening to think to enhance the traits I already bring, because I often try and bring passion & compassion to my business.

    But, what would it be like to bring more prestige to my coaching?
    I could actually lay out my expectations (that clients take on my suggestions 100% for 2 weeks no questions asked, for example) and be more detail oriented & uncompromising in coaching them through that possibility being realized.

    With more power, I would be bold in sharing my opinions on topics or questions. The idea that I see things that they don’t and I’m admired for being unrelenting in achieving huge goals is new, because I usually see it as a trait I have to manage (simmer down, I tell myself).

    I think we stalled a server at howtofascinate, so I can’t get more info yet on my fascination advantage, but I’m loving this new way of thinking: how would my business be if I infused MORE of my natural talents into it (instead of trying to be “well-rounded”)?

    Thanks Marie & staff!


  190. Sue

    How inspirational was this episode?! Had a dreadful week questioning and doubting myself then whoosh I watched this after taking the test and I have my minx back! I can’t express my gratitude enough to you both, Marie and Sally, especially for the business screener tip, it has definitely been the tipping point for my new business name!

  191. Wow!

    Found myself nodding “yes” through all of this week’s video. Such a juicy topic…

    I loved the story Sally shared about using the meaning of “Hogshead” as a tagline and how it turned out to be a client “screener”.

    After watching this video, I’m definitely going to spend some time understanding my unique fascination advantage and leverage it to better screen my life and business!

    Thank you, both! I really LOVED this topic 🙂

  192. I’m opinionated. And in recent years I’ve tried to tone it down (or more like not say anything) for fear that I would offend someone. Or they wouldn’t like me.

    Guess I just need to embrace my strong opinions and know that I am speaking the truth for someone else who is afraid to say it!

    Thanks for an awesome episode. I was fascinated and want to learn more!

  193. Rebellion!

  194. As for a personality trait I could dial up, I guess maybe my sense of humor / snark factor? It’s so hard to do that in a written medium, which is my strength, but I love to make people feel good, compliment them, make them laugh and joke around with them.

    Any thoughts on how to translate that into the online space would be much appreciated. 🙂

    And thanks to Sally + Marie for this awesome episode – I was fascinated!

  195. Ann

    Thank You – I love this! I am excited to jump start my business. In the past, I felt like I had to try to be something I was not and it is nice to hear that my strengths and not someone else’s will get me to the next level. When I asked friends and family, they see me as industrious. When I have a problem, I do put all my effort into solving that problem and getting it done. I am taking the advice in the comments and look forward to buying the book to dig deeper.

  196. Great episode, Marie!

    I took the Fascination test, and my archetype is The Bullseye. My primary trigger is Mystique, and my secondary trigger is Alarm. I’ll definitely look more into these!

  197. melissa

    I have no idea what my traits would be… I usually make a really lousy first impression and then disappear into the shadows.

    • Kathy Kuzniar


      I don’t know if you intended for this to be funny but it made me laugh out loud. Such a funny visual.

      You made a great first impression with me!

      Come on out of the shadows.

      • Ditto, Kathy!

        Melissa, you made a great 1st impression with me too.

    • My first response was horror and sadness at your comment. No one should ever feel this way. You have values you are not bringing to the world. My husband sort of feels this way. He doesn’t feel he’s great with people. It’s really that he’s not inclined to put out the effort to BS in contrast to me who’ll talk to anyone about anything at any time and put forth great energy. It’s just not his thing and I believe he’s just fine with who he is. If you’re OK with standing back letting others be in the forefront, so be it. If not, start with a shift in your head. Go into a situation where no one knows you, even a grocery store and strike up a conversation. If it’s out of your comfort zone it may feel awkward. Make a point of connecting at least once a day. I met a woman years ago who took a strong dislike to me for reasons (still today) are unknown. I never ignored her or steered clear. I always said “hello” and acknowledged her. This went on for three years (our kids played soccer together) until one day she actually put her arm around me! I nearly dropped to the ground (and so did everyone else as it was clear to everyone she did not take to me). I believe that most people gave up on her, I did not. I would love to hear you thoughts . . .

  198. Lina Hollman

    Marie — OMG – this was awesome! I’m in b-school and everything that you share has been so helpful and enlightening for me. I’m very passionate and have a lot of positive energy and for years have kept tight reins on this side of my personality in the corporate world. Two life changing events – a job loss and bad accident – made me realize that God has bigger plans for me. I just had to take the blinders off long enough to see it. I’m currently reworking my business with your help. I’m still scared as hell but know in my heart that being authentic and leveraging my gifts to help others is the right path for me. Can’t thank you enough Marie!

    XO Lina

    PS — Sally I just loved your energy and insights! Can’t buy the book soon enough!

  199. Wow, what a fun and incredibly informative interview – thanks!
    Love the fact that both of you, no matter how successful, don’t take yourselves too seriously.
    Had me pondering quite a bit over my strongest personality asset and must say, CREATIVITY comes out tops.
    I was in magazine publishing for a long time and always had to please publishers, editors ect, and had to walk/write/create within a certain framework. And now that I have my own companies and get to do my own thing, Creativity and maybe a little rebellion is what differentiates me from a huge pool of retail stores out there.
    Thanks again Mari for my monthly doze of ‘get of your butt and dive into your business’. Focussing of Creativity even more so from tomorrow onwards. Yeah!!

  200. This is so …fascinating…!

    I have worked my whole life with children and their parents. In person I have a real sense of fun and an ability to see core issues in a way that can make people laugh and feel hugely loved.

    The whole email and computer thing does not translate all that well for me quite yet. I am still learning how to be this real me online. The online thing doesn’t have the “real person, in person” that I am so so used to. I guess I’m used to responding and not presenting. I can come across as heartfelt online but not with the same sense of fun. And core issues are not really the thing to be focussing on in an email:) That could come across as sounding impersonal and insensitive.

    Lots of growth for me here!

  201. I’ve got to dial up my REBELLION, yo!

    And I bought the book!!


  202. I need to leverage my sense of humor. I often feel like I’m too serious when I’m writing my content and that’s just not me. I think that I hold back for fear that I may offend someone or people just won’t get the joke. Sally said: “If you’re not creating a negative response from somebody, you’re fascinating to nobody.” This really resonated with me and is a good reminder to be myself – no matter whose feelings get hurt.

  203. Dawn

    Thank you so much for this episode!! I need to embrace more of my creative and goofy side. I love to have fun, but I get a bit serious sometimes thinking it is not appropriate to be “light”. I totally resonate with what you are saying about being totally yourself Marie. I have experienced this and know that the more I let go and allow my passion to show, the more successful I am and the more I can help. Thank you for the reminder!! Dawn xo

  204. Hahhhhh, I finally got my results!

    I am “THE CATALYST” : Outgoing, experimental, out of the box.

    1: passion
    2: rebellion
    dormant: trust

    Do I feel this is dead-on? I dunno yet. I do know for sure that passion had to be in there. I wasn’t sure if rebellion should be there or not. And trust is definitely a dormant quality (based on sally’s definition). But do people really see me as outgoing? I know sometimes they do… but in most everyday situations, they don’t.

    Ok, the more I read the more I feel like the “outgoing” thing is INCORRECT about me. I am not outgoing in the average situation. I’m usually described more as calm, relaxed, and unreactive. But everything else is really helpful. It is cool to PINPOINT the strategies I am missing and didn’t realize I need to include. Thanks, Marie!

  205. I loved this episode!I took the fascination test a couple of weeks ago, thanks to awesome Mayi Carles, and I discovered that my archetype is The Orchestrator and my triggers are passion and alarm. I felt that the test described me 100% at my last job (in a multinational organization) but I have a bit of trouble figuring out how to put it in practice for my current blog and the business I’m seeking to start (food photography)….

  206. The site took a while before I was able to complete the test. I finally got my results and I’m “The Secret Weapon”. It is fascinating and empowering. Thank you Marie for bringing @sallyhogshead to us. Her work is very, well, um, fascinating! Love it!

  207. Fotini

    Those truths are such an important ”wiring” we need to remember & grow . I don’t think I know for sure those traits deep enough , to discover truthfully mine. I can’ t know how others see me! I tried to take the test 1/2 h ago, I also put a password, but the page fell with a”database error” , 5 times.( Is there a way to take the test?)
    I am a 2 month new subscriber, & I can’t keep myself from saying, Marie , that I absolutely love your spirit of ”non- seriousness” . Never-ever would a real intelligent person doubt sth like that, or your credibility because of that – in fact ,it is a kind of a higher wisdom.
    Βut deep down ,- I don’t think Marie ever doubts it !
    ” If we get down to it, I have the life I have right now , because Ι am willing to look stupid!”
    It was so exhilarating to hear this ! ( was in a recent Q&ATuesday, remember?)
    ”Highest is this , that nothing can be against it, & this in which the lowest,is the highest ” & ” All the effort of human spirit, need to occupy with those fields, to amplify that simplicity where the opposites connect” says Nicolas Kouzinos ( see chapter IX in ‘Rosarium’ from Carl G.Jung) –envisioning , I believe -a very urgent modern need .
    It is no wonder to me , that great people & mentors resonate with conscious or genuine ”silly-like”, it’s a really unique trait & that’s how I am captured here & I love it for that reason :-*

  208. What personality trait could you leverage more in your business or life?

    I missed the offer to take the test but my guess is that the world sees me as playful and nurturing. My husband always tells me and others that I’m great with people, people love me. It must be because I love people! I care that each person feel valued and cared for.

    Great vid, thanks so much Marie!

  209. Dale Rogerson

    Hmmmm… so I’m a CONNOISSEUR (no wonder people always call me to find out how to do things!) – I manage to keep scads of “useless” information that so often comes up to help others so will definitely be using that aspect of moi!

    Thank you so much for this! I think my strength is playfulness and humor as well! People always tell me I’m a lot of fun to be with , while others think I’m not serious or “grown-up” enough. It used to bother me… until now!
    Now I realize it is my gift and should be celebrated and the people who don’t resonate with it are not my tribe anyway!
    I LOVE the analogy with the pistachio ice cream! Lick-a-licious, baby! 🙂

    I want to take the assesment sooooo much! I logged on earlier this morning and got halfway through and then it crashed. Now I’m trying to log on again and it doesn’t recognize my password and says my invite code is invalid. Please HELP! Thank you!

  211. One personality trait I could turn up the volume on? I’m a pretty radical giver – I give in a way that tends to shock people and catch them off-guard. I’ve learned that I have to do it anonymously in order for people to really accept it as a gift and not feel obligated to return it as a favor or gift anything back to me, but sometimes I just have to be the face of that giving because I have to physically be there to do it. In contrast to this – sometimes I feel like people respond as if I’m overzealous in giving advice, solutions, or alternative solutions when they share problems but haven’t asked for any response. I can’t help it! I really try to make peace with this, but I know I’ve actually lost some friends who just needed to vent and didn’t want to actually do anything about their problems. I just need to keep telling myself that they probably weren’t the best of friends in the first place for someone with a strong personality like mine. I’m someone who can like and get along with a whole lot of people – but I realize that isn’t the case for everyone – and I agree, sometimes it’s hard to accept that, but I’m definitely better off when I just recognize I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

    • Kathy


      I too am an unsolicited advice giver. It has also cost me friendships and 5 minutes ago I was writing to a friend about this video and told her that it helped me accept that I’m not “everyone’s cup of tea.” I love synchronicity like that!

      I did the test from “Now Discover Your Strengths” that Marie recommended and found that my number one trait is Activator. I don’t like to sit around talking about problems, I want to take action and I encourage others to do the same and taking that test gave me the permission to make that a strength of mine instead of a crowd unpleaser.

      Keep on keepin’ on.

  212. Outstanding – great video and thank you Marie for introducing Sally. So Babes I have done lots of tests and bought this one i.e. paid for it – its worth it. So I am The Maestro. So insightful and yes I do recognise myself. Would recommend you all doing it. However it now must be so popular that all the Babes are doing it – cos now getting error messages and not accessing my report!! So in the words of the late Jin Rohn I am being fascinated as opposed to frustrated. Hope the glitch get sorted out soon as I really do want to delve deeper.

  213. Love this video and thanks for introducing me to this idea of facination.

    I’ve heard talk of charisma and commanding attention. But, “facination” approaches the idea of being unforgettable in a more authentic way. I can’t wait to read up on it more.

    I have been told that I ” shoot a little too straight.” But I also feel that my take on most things is very simple and straight forward. Simple. That’s how I roll 🙂

    Because of that, I found myself “reaching” for a less no-nonsense and ultimately less authentic way of sharing my message.

    For the past 2 years I have been seriously working on understanding that I will not appeal to everyone. I ONLY need to reach the people that REALLY get me 🙂

    This is great confirmation. I will keep on keeping on!

    Great video!


    • I totally spelled fascination wrong!

      Eeek 🙂

  214. Sue Lyn Thomas

    Fascinating and fabulous! I took the test and it is so right on. I see the usefullness of the dormant trait in bringing things to fruitition. THANKS to both of you powerful and fun women.

  215. Kelly

    What is the trick to getting Sally’s site to work? I can’t see my results or print my report….

  216. Oh – I LOVE this! I usually avoid anything that applies labels or boxes to people. I am a firm believer in each of us being a true individual. This has such a positive feel about it though. Acknowledging your inner gifts to be more confident and affirmed of exactly who you already are – its a confidence thing rather than a put you in a box thing.

    Whoop Whoop I say!

    The Rockstar

  217. I’m “the intrigue”, balancing passion/emotion with intellect/rationale. Hmm I’m also a Libra (the scale)… interesting!

  218. I love this chapter! It really empowered me to be myself, I often don´t “fit” on the regular bussines personality and this tells me that it´s all right to be how I am and go for it!!! 🙂 Thank you!

  219. SHONTE

    I took the test. Sally is spot on. This is coming from a person who studied neuroscience/neuropsychology.

  220. Loved it, what a birthday present. Making a synopsis of my favorite quotes as I watch. This is very timely. Thanks.

  221. chris mendonca

    I just loved it. Today I discovered more about myself, and got answers about where I need to strengthen what I had been looking for a long time. Thank you. You all are incredible. Love you guys. peace and prosperity.
    Chris <3

  222. I am what you call a sapphire/ruby type of personality. I’m motivated by fun and a challenge. I love to have fun, but also get down to business at the same time. I don’t like when people waste my time. When I’m working with clients I like to deliver a fun experience (one that they will remember) with value. When you are yourself people will respect you more vs being fake. They can read right through fake and they will not respect you for it. I agree you can’t please everyone so just be yourself, stand up for what your believe in, add value and someone will respect you for it!

  223. Natalie

    Love love love! This was a fantastic video. So happy you introduced me to Sally. Great nuggets of wisdom in this vid. I tend to be more shy, reserved, and detail oriented. I have always thought this was sort of a negative thing so I have always tried to change. It is refreshing to hear that you don’t need to try to change your god given personality traits. Also really eye-opening statement Sally made “if you are not creating a negative response to anybody, then you are boring to everyone”. I will be watching this again. Thank you both so much.

  224. Another fab episode – thanks both Marie & Sally, for being so fascinatingly YOU. Really inspiring – confirms and affirms what I’ve been working on in my business about what I can best offer – EVERYTHING I offer I must passionately and audaciously care about. “Sort of” just ain’t good enough!

  225. I have this book and I love it. It’s helped me in many ways. My archetype is The Royal Guard, a combination of Mystique and Prestige.

    I’ve found that when I write about my products, people are more interested in why and how I made them than what they actually are. So, I’ve been adjusting the way I present my information.

    Also, I have to say I’m fascinated by Sally’s green and black dress. Do you have any information on it?

  226. This was honestly one of the best MarieTV episodes yet. It really hit home. As I was listening, I was typing my favorite quotes said by Sally and Marie and emailing them to myself, so I don’t forget! I know I am passionate, and I have been known to exude my passion onto others-however, one of the biggest characteristices I feel I need to ‘turn the volume up’ is being clear and concise. I love to explain, mentor and dive deep into big issues- but I’m learning, that I need to stop dancing around what I really want to say- and just say it! As I am starting my blog and my business- I’m really working on being clear and saying what I mean, right away. No one (really) has time to read or listen to long, boring blog posts that finally get to the point at the end of the post. I need to be clear, and state what I am doing and why- to my friends and anyone who is interested in my business- and put my need for approval aside. I approve what I’m doing, I see a need, I am passionate- and that is my fuel. I am also reading the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. There is a particular chapter that focuses on being clear, and saying what you mean and what you want- in the business world. This is where I am planning on turning up the volume! Thank you Marie and Sally!

  227. Mary Catherine

    OH – MY GOODNESS!! This is the BOMB interview – totally loved the confirmation that to be myself and lean into what is unique about me – I am tweeting now – because I am so inspired – to change the world – I must be done by someone who passionately cares!! That is me – I am about as passionate as one can get!!

    thank you, thank you and thank you, MC

  228. Wow. I’m blown away. One of your most “fascinating” episodes. And that’s saying a lot because I love all your episodes. I’m running out right now to buy the book. Thanks Marie.

  229. Love hearing about about the archetypes. I work with money archetypes and how we either hold ourselves back or move ourselves forward because of them. This was very valuable info! Thank you so much for sharing.

  230. Is it ok, that I am not a female and watch your videos?

    I have to say, I love your videos and their teachings. They have become a great way to take a small break in the day versus jumping on my Facebook.

    Are we allowed to share your videos or embed them in our blogs or websites so others can also see them?

    Thanks so much!

  231. This hit the spot today…thanks a ton, Marie and Sally! My archetype is The Secret Weapon (Mystique + Rebellion). I was surprised by the Rebellion part but, when I read that it translates to creativity and innovative solutions, that fits for sure. So does the complex, logical, deliberate part of Mystique. Surely it’s a fine archetype for a strategist and coach who helps working moms create systems and structures for more ease, joy, and success in their lives. Yay, me!

    To answer your question, one area of my personality I’d like to bring out more in my business is my spriteliness (as my friend from the UK calls it). There’s a warm, quirky, pixie-ish twinkle that comes out when I’m truly at ease and authentic. I’ve often tried to keep it under wraps in professional situations, fearing it will undermine my credibility and perceived competence. But the more I believe in and “own” my credibility and competence, the more they just exude from me naturally, rather than me having to consciously make efforts to prove them. And that makes space for the warm and twinkly parts of me, like Ms. Pixie, to shine through.

    So, here’s my fascination equation, as I see it:
    logic and substance + creativity and innovation + quirk and warmth = my truest me

    Fun stuff and SUPER helpful in crafting my brand and business messages in order to fascinate and draw in the people to whom I will be able to give the most value.

    Thanks again, Marie. You rocked it, as always!

  232. Great show! Took the test and got ‘the subtle touch’. Any other subtle touch types out there? Yooohooo!!!!

  233. Hi!
    My number one strength is my sense of LAZER bold honesty. I guess you could say that send people in the right direction with my words … I love writing and using witty phraseology.

  234. Jacquelyn

    HA! I love Pistachio!!! paired with Nocciolo and I will only eat it from one gelateria in Ferrara, Italy, waiting every fall to go there. Too funny.

  235. Fabulous Show, Merci Marie and Sally! XOXO
    My “Fascination Archetype” is “The Connisseur”,
    similar to “The Talent” (Passion- Prestige) just in reverse
    (Prestige then Passion).
    As an Intuitive Life Strategist, and Cutting-Edge Wellness Coach, it’s quite accurate. My clients come to me for specialized knowledge as well as ebullience and upliftment.
    It says “The Connisseur is Mentally Astute, Discriminating, In- the-Know”.
    How this showed up in my life: When I finally stopped trying to please everyone, and instead powerfully share my perspective exactly as I saw it, doors opened widely.
    The trait I’m learning to share more is my ((“out there” :)) sense of humor. Through speaking more in public I’ve found my “dormant comedianne” ;D

    Loving and Warmth to Every(Fascinating)Body Here!



  236. Lindsay

    I looked at the descriptions and couldn’t come up with a primary on my own. I see myself in both the mystique and passion description, but I feel rebellion may be my primary. I really enjoyed today’s episode. I know that my strongest personality trait is my sense of justice and fairness. I’m a bit of an advocate and it controls my opinions and ideas. If something is unfair, I have something to say about it. I’ve even quit jobs because of a biased boss. Oh so many jobs. Oh jeez, I remember almost getting expelled from high school for getting into it with a super unfair teacher a lot. Oops! Anyhow, this article has me wondering how I can use that natural inclination in my business. Ben & Jerry are advocates.

    Oh, and I’ll drive to Seattle for good vanilla ice cream. I think the flavor that best suits that anecdote is chocolate ice cream. Plain chocolate ice cream tends to be pretty bland and unimpressive. Even the fancier stuff is blah. Now add strings of fudge and chunks of chocolate, then it gets interesting. Yup, vanilla ice cream is amazing, chocolate, not so much.

  237. What a fascinating topic. I too could have heard more. I am intuitive in my business so I am going to ramp that up even more and listen to my inner voice more.
    Thank you for sharing all the great tips.The world is a better place because of you and you and you and all of us!

  238. I really enjoyed this episode and find the topic of personality type and influence very intriguing…in fact, you might say I’m FASCINATED by it! 😉 Took the test and was a bit surprised to discover that my archetype is The Maestro and my two dominant traits are power and prestige. I would have not guessed that…which leads me to think that maybe I need to take more ownership of my driven and determined nature. I do always happen to find myself in leadership positions…and lack of control terrifies me! Thanks for access to taking the test for free, Marie and Sally! What a wonderful gift.

  239. GOOSEBUMPS all down my spine from this, Marie!!! I took the test, and entered my new business name, “CARRIE SEID CATALYST” in her final field…then, I got my result video, telling me my archetype is THE CATALYST! Guess I picked the right name for my business. This was so helpful, interesting, and the biggest goosebump moment yet (for a B-schooler). My new website isn’t even up yet, but I feel really great about the domain name!!! Thanks for this!
    Carrie Seid, C A T A L Y S T (combining passion and rebellion, baby)

  240. I LOVE this video! It really speaks to how to leverage our authenticity, not only for the sake of connecting to others better but for our own ease and enjoyment. I resonated with what Sally Hogshead said about how when you are being yourself, it feels effortless. We could all use a little more of that, I think! I know I could 🙂

    I took the test and I am a Catalyst (Passion + Rebellion)! Totally makes sense! I already have a sense on how to tap into my Passion and people often comment on “what great energy” I have. My big takeaway was about the Rebellion part. I know I have it in me (my business is “Black Sheep Coaching” for a reason, duh) AND I want to step it up even more.

    I am all about Individuality, Creativity, and Out-of-the-(what box?!) Innovation. This test gave me another layer of validation that what I bring to the table is unique…and wanted. Thanks, Marie and Sally!

  241. Without having done the test I would say my down to earth no b.s. attitude. I value being direct and to the point. Short and sweet.

    I look forward to taking the test. Thank you for this fascinating interview!

  242. Leslie White

    I just saw your video after seeing it posted on Mark Sylvester’s Facebook page. I was engaged and enrolled immediately. What a great way to get the creative juices/energy flowing. I loved it. Going to buy her book. I was seriously captivated. Left me wanting more.

  243. Well, people have told me over the years but I never wanted to believe it…I’m the Perfectionist archetype (driven, disciplined, standard-bearer).
    I fight perfectionism every day because it can cause me to get stuck, but I believe that it is time to embrace it!
    Learning about this concept of fascination and how we are perceived is…well, fascinating.
    My two triggers are prestige and alarm, a combo that is shared by only 1% of the people who take the test. I am unique, so why not celebrate that??
    I want to leverage my perfectionism more. I am an image consultant and writer–why not tell people, I will help you look more perfect? I will perfect your writing!
    I believe that owning my perfectionism will attract fellow perfectionists AND people who NEED more perfection in their lives! Those who think, “no thanks” aren’t for me, anyway.
    Great info., it made my day and will surely be something I carry with me from now on!

    • Ines

      Hi Tabitha,

      I am sharing the same result and while I was reading your comment it felt like you were using my words…
      The more I think about my perfectionism, the more I like it 🙂
      …and actually I see how it helps me organize the part of my life I feel it has to be well done (read: job)…but at the same time I learn how to be “imperfect and not alarmed” in my relaxing times…it’s like a button I press when I feel I need the perfectionist’s help to help me solve thing in an organized, efficient, professional and fast way… guess if it happens to you as well…
      Thanks Marie and Sally for this great opportunity 🙂

  244. Michelle

    Loved this test!!!!! Thank you so much Marie and Sally for giving us the opportunity. I’ve been doing B-School and it has been opening up so many doors in my mind of who I really am and this test kind of nailed it. As I read it I realized it was me but so many parts of me that I don’t use and should let shine.

    The Advocate – Passion + Power

    My passion is truly what lights me up, now I just need to light my heels on fire and go for it all.

  245. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to infuse my personality in my business more. I’ve gotten mixed responses. Guess I’m fascinating some, so that’s good! Sally’s comment, “If you’re not creating a negative response from somebody, you’re not fascinating to ANYBODY,” rocked my world. Boom! I needed that because the unlikes and unsubscribes were really getting to me. On to the assignment…

    I have got to turn up the “Discerning” part of my Prestige personality. I need to offer my availability in smaller quantities to increase the perceived value. Honestly, I’m at a loss for implementing this. Pretty sure Fascinate will be arriving via Amazon Prime ASAP!

  246. Beth O'Donnell

    I’m a “Subtle Touch” who fascinates via Mystique. I am having a hard time trying to apply that to an on-line business. Tips?

  247. Love this episode. The feedback I get from people who watch my shows is that I am such a natural. They feel at ease watching me and become engaged. They say it is “Real”. So, I guess that means that I am coming across as just myself, plain and simple. Thank you for this share, it will serve me as I investigate further. Woohoo!

  248. I LOVED this – maybe my favourite interview to date? Sally made so much sense: “become more of who you are.” Seriously good!

    I could definitely turn up my passion for social media and all things techy and webby as well as self development stuff. I kind of keep it on the down low because I’m not sure if my friends/family/whoever will ‘get’ it. I’m starting to care less and Sally’s words have helped!

  249. Justine

    BLOWN. AWAY. by this episode. Utterly, utterly fascinating. You’ve given me so so much to think about. Thank you Marie and Sally.

    My trait to amplify is my feistiness!!

  250. Kirstin

    Loved this video! I got my results (Talent- Passion + Prestige) before I watched the video. It fits me perfectly and I remember thinking, “It kind of sounds like Marie too…” and lo and behold we have the exact same result! Very cool. I have always been afraid to let my passion come out 100% because I feel like I will offend people with how intense I can be but I think that’s altogether a bad plan. Time to be more me and see how that works out 🙂 I can FEEL Marie’s passion in all she does and I love it- and clearly this is working well for her in her business. Thanks for another inspiring Q+A Tuesday!

  251. This was one of my favorite Marie TV episodes yet!!!!
    Just as the video was beginning, I thought to myself “lets just see how fascinating this Sally Hogshead lady is…” and she was really, truly fascinating! This of course, made me pay attention to what she was saying.
    The personality trait that I could leverage more in my business is my sense of humor. Because I have a Tarot reading website, which appeals to the spiritual development crowd, I have been toning down my urges to write silly stuff. I felt like it was “unprofessional” to really let my innate sense of humor come out and I always fear offending people. But after hearing what Sally had to say about this, I feel inspired to come out of my shell, otherwise I really do risk being a total bore!

  252. Hi Marie! Thanks for your latest video!

    It struck a chord with me because I started a blog/events/project for people with Vitiligo. This is after going through much of my early life wanting to hide from people looking at me. How ironic that now when I need these self promotion skills to spread my message, I have had to quickly adapt and become a “fascinator.”

    I know many of the people I am trying to reach are struggling with this similar need to cover up and disappear, so it is ultra important for me to lead the way.

    Thanks for all your inspiring weekly videos. Love your energy and message.

  253. Carmen I.

    And I thought Marie’s trait was dancing. Nice pipes Marie!

    Before taking the test I would say people identify me as helpful and very trust-able. I’m the type of person that will be standing in a store and have people asking me for shoe sizes, memory sticks, etc. I could easily be handed the keys to heaven 🙂 and because of that I hardly disappoint.

    After taking the test, I am identified as a CATALYST [passion+rebellion]. Those are my inner traits 😉

    Thank you Marie, and thank you Sally for that amazing research. In the world of branding, you are goddesses!

  254. It’s funny, I’ve taken DiSC, and I know that I am C personality primarily perfectionist – what drives me in a work situation, aka consistency, rules etc. But once I started with my own business, I see where I really lack. I usually make my husband do interviews because I need to be so calculated with everything I end up saying really dumb things. We make fun of it but I’m really looking forward to learning how I can really harness my real personality and make it work for the business. 🙂 Thanks for this, and Marie – thank you for another great interview!

  255. Bill McKinley

    I love this test, and am super glad I got in under the deadline.

    I’m fascinated with the results (no pun intended), and only have one complaint/observation/concern (which makes total sense, since one of my qualities involves attention to detail): the site seems incredibly buggy. I have had to launch and re-launch the site, and have received error messages way more than I’ve seen actual pages. It’s a little frustrating, as I haven’t been able to view my report in full.

    Would you please be so kind as to pass along this information to them? The site is truly amazing, and I’m sure they want to know of any problems.

    Thanks for yet another amazing opportunity, Marie!


    • Sarah

      I had some similar issues. I was afraid I’d lost the test completely. But luckily once it finally went through, and I was back in, it said my test results were in and told me my profile. It seems to save it as you go, so try logging back in, or re-clicking on the link in Marie’s email (that’s what I did).

      • Bill McKinley

        Thank you, Sarah! I’m hoping that I get to see all the results today.

        Bottom line is…what amazingly wonderful information, presented so thoroughly and professionally…and it feels so great to really like the way I am perceived!

    • Caroline Haines

      Bill I had the same problems, but once you’ve done the test, you can log back in again any time to see the results and download the PDF report. Hope you’ve managed to access it all now, but I found (being in the UK) that it all worked perfectly this morning – less overload on the system, I think!

  256. Christy

    Yes I agree, SO much to think about. I’m buzzing from listening and watching you guys speak together. I feel on the edge of opening up to the path I will love to walk down and this video is perfect timing and another miracle moment in my in box. Huge love and gratitude, here’s to all our fascinating selves!! xoxo Christy, Brisbane Australia

  257. Loved today’s video! I’d love to leverage my sense of humor more because I love learning from you and how you always inject humor, and more recently Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I feel humor always pulls people in and engages them to listen to what your message is. I took the test and I’m a Rockstar, baby! Had trouble getting the report, the site kept giving me error messages. But Rockstar fits me with rebellion + passion as triggers. Now to learn more about leveraging this new info! Thanks Marie for this one…….very cool!

  258. Sarah

    My “fascination” point is Bullseye. I’m “precise, sharp, and under-the-radar.” I don’t like drama. All of this is very true of me. My primary trigger is Mystique. I also feel this fits me. Very cool test! I still have to consider how being a Bullseye is fascinating though… seems kind of boring to me. Lol. Not like the “Rockstar” others have said they were. But I know it’s unique to me, and it IS a gift.


    • Sarah – I had the same thing and I’m wondering the same LOL

      My 2nd one was alarm too….hmmm

      Let me know if you find out. 🙂

  259. Karina De La Cruz

    HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! I love the truth about becoming more of who we are to be successful.

  260. Mel

    I ordered a pistachio affogato at a gelataria once. I found it revolting, but I will probably never forget that experience.

    Marie and Sally – thank you for the insight and inspiration in your video! I loved it – now to read and apply.

  261. This is one of my favorite episodes ever! Marie and Sally, you two have such great chemistry. <3

    Because I have a nasty cold today, I actually do feel like a pile of (green) mush. But when I'm not a sniffly snuffly mess, I'd have to say that my biggest strength is craziness.

    I have all these big, crazy ideas. I have all these weird opinions that go way outside the norm. I have an insane sense of humor, and when I'm at home, I dance around the house, do silly cartoony voices, and keep my husband in hysterics — there's nothing I won't do to get a laugh.

    The thing is? In public, I'm really reserved. I'm working hard and getting better little by little, but I have a major fear of rejection and abandonment, and I can't see that going away anytime soon. I guess I have to stumble awhile before I overcome the idea that Me = Bad Wicked Horrid Scary Yuckballs.

    Am I the only one who's petrified of owning her strengths?

  262. I wanted to just say, thank you Marie, as always you fascinate me with all the amazing content you provide and I’m really very grateful for it. Also, thank you Sally Hogshead for sharing the valuable knowledge- (ps, love your surname!)

    Peace and Love 🙂
    Hinna xoxo

  263. Thanks. I love to watch two gorgeous ladies talk so clearly of such delicate matters as “how to fascinate”.
    To reply to your question I don’t want to brag but I do feel I’m fascinating, sometimes. Those times are when I turn up the volume of my undying, untamed, crazy and passionate enthusiasm. Name it as you wish.
    I just have kept that quality that babies have to totally marvel at things adults take for granted. I marvel at life and this World sometimes and when I do I even fascinate myself hi hi…I would call myself a passionate, trustworthy, rebel. I tend to adapt quickly and to love to evolve but I always follow through once a decision or promise is made….
    PS: Do you need to wear stilettos to be fascinating? ;-p. Mmmmh. Intriguing. I think I’ll give it a try.

  264. Marsan

    I always enjoy your weekly TV shows. I took the test, and I am Mystique with Passion. I’m still absorbing all the tremendous information from the report, but I want to thank you for bringing all this together. As always, you are awesomely talented but humble. You are a rare gem.

  265. moni

    Great video. Love the idea what Marie and Sally were talking about, that a person doesn’t need to change, I just need to find one or two things what i am good at and become more of who i am already, to naturally succeed. It’s almost like looking at the mirror and the image in the mirror would tell me how the mirror really sees me. Looking forward to your new exciting videos. Thanks again, all the best, Moni

  266. Hajar

    This is AMAZING. I know I will be up all night for this GOODNESS <3
    Thankful that I read all the email 😉 Thank you a ton Marie, can't wait for next tuesday!

  267. WOOHOO finally being a rebel is a something I should be more of.. Love it thank you thank you
    The green looks amAZZZZing on you by the way xx

  268. Sarah

    Uncanny…. My test came back with ‘The Victor’…. the profile is SO similar to my Myers Briggs profile (ENTJ)…. even the pitfalls are the same!!!

  269. Oliver

    Hi Marie and Sally,

    I’d have to say that I am unequivocally eternally beholden to being unrelentlessly quixotic in my interpretation of the world. “How does this come out as a personality trait?” As a guy, some times it comes out as effeminate, sometimes it comes as hard lined, and occasionally compassionate.

    This drive to see the world differently, sort of one sided instead of multi-dimensional is something that I can use to turn up the volume a little more to pursue noble causes such as giving prayer and thanks to those who endured and survived the explosive attacks during yesterday’s Boston Marathon. It goes without saying this event deserves a lot of attention.

  270. Jennifer

    Loved this episode and so needed in our world. We often are given the message to be individual but what we get from society is to conform, conform, conform. How lovely to hear about how our uniqueness can not only make each of us better but also serve the world we live in. I’m going to read ‘Fascinate’ as soon as possible. Thanks Marie!

  271. Thanks Sally and Marie, for encouraging us to bring forward our unique gifts rather than dull them down or conform to a social standard. Well done!

  272. Loved the video! I bought How to Fascinate about a year ago – my fascination advantage is power. I’ve been using Sally’s techniques as much as possible to fascinate with POWER!

  273. Thank you so much Marie and Sally! Was able to go back in and finish the test, check out the results (I’m a Rockstar), and download a pdf to keep for reference! Very kind of you and ever so grateful to be part of this online community! Looking forward to picking up “Fascinate” to explore this deeper.

  274. That was AWESOME! I am so freakin’ excited right now…all the people in Starbucks are probably looking at me like I’m nuts…but I DON’T CARE! That was seriously the BEST MarieTV I have seen thus far…nice work ladies! 🙂

    Okay…passion. I have a lot of it but I can definitely see when I let it wane in favor of not creeping people out (in business or pleasure) or slipping into my over-analytical, introspective, logical thinking. And of course there is a time and a place for my immense passion at.all.times but what I’ve realized that I need to gauge each situation individually and tailor my passion appropriately.

    My question is…how can I really hone in on when I need to let my passion shine and when to step back (as my secondary trigger, “Mystique,” would have me do)? Besides the apparent cues (e.g., people staring at me like I have a third eye) what are some cues that would signal me to reel in my passion AND cues that would have me express more passion?
    Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks soooo much for the thought-provoking, inspirational & FASCINATING content Marie & Sally! xoxo

  275. Personality trait to ramp up for business: Passion

    Hot damn this was a sweet interview. Thanks girls. 🙂

  276. Genius! I so needed to hear this today.
    As a fine jeweller, I am in a constant struggle to present myself as knowledgeable and professional selling high value goods. But I am an often filthy handed bench jeweller, who loves making things for people who love jewellery and want it to mean something, beyond a bauble chosen from a shelf. Thanks for the urge to be myself.

  277. Neo

    Thanks Sally and Marie for the free Fascination Advantage Test!!! What a bonus! I’m a Trendsetter and this result totally explains why I get bored once I’ve solved a problem, or if things get too routine. I’m going to use this knowledge to my advantage firstly in my part-time job, then in my business by creating Fascinating, Pistachio-flavoured (so to speak) product lines and marketing angles. Yum, yum, yum :))) You are both Fascinating to me and a HUGE thank you for giving us all permission to be ourselves xxxxx

  278. Wow! This is my favorite Marie TV episode yet! Thank you for sharing this! I love the message of being more of who you are. This is what we should hear more and say more to the world.

  279. Joaquin

    Awesome interview, very helpful, definitely we are all special and have something unique to share with the world, we are born with it but as we develop and grow up we forget about it. I would love to read more about it.

  280. Joy

    Hi Marie,

    Loved this video and the Sally’s concept to be more successful we just need to be more authentic and who we are.

    Now what is the one single personality trait I can amplify in my life?
    I am honestly not sure, From Sally’s website I think I am passion. Would love to do the test some day. Thanks Marie and Sally!

  281. Shamsha Shamsy

    Loved this video!
    Marie – you are truly an inspiring person! — and so am I, thats why I am so fascinating! – its true that when you are YOURSELF, you automatically give others the same chance to do so 🙂

  282. I’m colourful with my language and clothes. I laugh is huge and loud. And I did it alot. I realize that I don’t come out fighting. I tend to watch and get a feel of things and people before I open up.

    Adjustment: More me. The gloves are on. Tooting and blowing my horn, loudly!!


  283. Tarah

    I just found out that I am the Mastermind 🙂

    I never thought of my private and complex thinking as a fascinating part of me. I always felt as though people probably would not appreciate my input and my strategies for problem solving. Rather than trying to smother these thought processes, I’m going to let them play out and use my Power to fascinate and express more of myself!

    Thank you so much Sally for the incredible insight! As a student of psychology, I’ve come across several personality scales and measures. This is the first one that really gave me something to work with.

    And always many thanks to one of my greatest mentors, Marie. You are my Oprah!


  284. Rebellious + Prestige = Trendsetter.

    I guess it makes sense that in a world of power yoga teachers, I am almost always the only person talking about laying around doing nothing in the name of health and well being.

  285. Growing up I was the oldest of four kids as well as born under the sign Leo – I was a born LEADER. My business is about helping others with their businesses so I often take a back seat but I can infuse more leadership into what I do.

    I’m about to launch a new beta program and will take the bold leap to do so with Leadership at my side. Thanks, Sally and Marie, for inspiring me to lead!

  286. Eve

    I absolutely loved this episode and looked inside to find out what I’m passionate about and what others have commented on that I’m good at. It is being a good listener and friend. I get so much out of helping others – especially my close friends and family. Alas…time gets away with a growing family, work… and I don’t get enough 1-on-1 time with my friends they I would like. Although I have a facebook account, I’m not an avid poster but rather reader of FB. What would you suggest I do to share more of my passion of being a good listener to others while getting over my FB shyness of posting stuff for all the world to see…

  287. Finally was able to complete my test. 🙂

    I came out as The Secret Weapon (mystique + rebellion) which, well, let’s just say I grinned madly. Not just because I love the idea of being a secret weapon, but because my whole life the words people have used to describe me completely align with this analysis. For example, I was once described as “tiny, mysterious, and powerful”.

    I also grinned because as a hard-core introvert I’ve been recently thinking a lot about how to help introverts embrace their peculiar powers and get them out there and valued. Extroverts have no problem with this, but I’ve always thought that my mystique lended me a certain advantage and I want to help other introverts lean in to their super-powers. 🙂

    Thanks for bringing this together for us Marie!

    • Nikki

      I could totally relate to everything you said.

      I liked being able to see how I could better harness my mystique + rebellion personality traits in both work and play. I’d certainly be interested in learning more!

  288. I am VERY passionate about so many different things. How do I turn up the volume on my passion without sounding scattered to my audience?

  289. loved Love Love….. this segment…. I really needed this, as we are still creating & packaging our new gift line..

  290. Holy hell, that was a long time scrolling down to write a comment!

    Anyway, I did the test and this is what came out:

    My Archetype
    Your ARCHETYPE is a combination of your primary and secondary TRIGGERS.

    Few things that don’t really relate
    The things is I am horrible at details…
    I’m very good at picking details from people but not in actual work.

    My communication skills have room for improvement. I’m not afraid to speak in public but my actual skills are far for great. I have had a few (too many) occasions that I am trying to bring something across but the message is left in space…

    Passion is something that I need, I i can’t be passionate about something it is quickly over for me.

    Thanks Marie and Sally!

  291. ps. my actual type was: The Connisseur

  292. Well , if that wasn’t a turn-me-on-my-head upside down experience!!!
    I am almost speechless with gratitude, shock & joy… what a crazy tumultuous experience you have shared with all of us to help us find our unique selves ~ I am :
    Avant-Garde – Prestige + Rebellion
    How GREAT is it to know that becoming MORE of myself amplifies my Fascination Halo?
    I am always happiest BEING myself, and you two just gave me permission to be FULL on ME
    Namaste Marie & Sally, I am going out there … to be me!!
    Yeah! Its the Happy Dance time!

  293. Enjoyed the video. I’m a healthy living coach – helping people with eating healthy, reducing stress, exercising more, managing relationships, etc. My passion is educating others that our genes are not our destiny – how we live our life does impact our health.

    I think what makes me unique is that I am a problem solver. Watching this video made me realize that it is not something I need to be concerned with – it is what makes my service different and will appeal to those who are looking for this kind of approach. Sometimes I wondered if I was overstepping the lines of “coaching” (versus “consulting”) but I realize that this is what many clients like about coming to me. I need to own it!

    The other thing that came to mind while watching the video is that a recent blog post of mine was, “The ‘Real’ Secret to Weight Loss” which talked about eating well, exercising more, and reducing stress as the keys to weight loss. There are so many products, supplements, programs, and plans for people to buy that promise the quick and easy ways to weight loss. I lost two email subscribers from this blog. Although this upset me at first, I later realized that these are not “my people.” Thanks for the reminder Sally and Marie that I need to be true to myself – be pistachio, not vanilla!

  294. I was so excited to see that you were interviewing Sally. I found her several months ago and have been a big fan. This was definitely a fascinating segment!

    My personality archetype is the Provocateur: Rebellion + Mystique = Witty, Innovative, and Unconventional

    All of those things describe me really well, I just need to stop trying to be vanilla- better to be working with the people who really want to work with you, then a lot of people who aren’t that excited.

  295. I use to have reservations about naming my business what I did, but NOT anymore! I have been finding the same thing: My name is like a magnet for who I want to reach, and a repellant for people who wouldn’t dig my style anyway! LOVED this segment and the great information!

    • Laura I LOVE the name of your business! I just got some powerful imagery when I saw the name!
      And you’re so right, those that are turned off by it aren’t your ideal customer anyway!
      What were you TRIGGERS, by the way?

  296. I’m a pistachio! I think my personality trait is that I am a relator. Thanks for this episode Marie. Also, loved the bit about being strategically polarizing. Thank you for giving me the support I need, right when I need it.

  297. Ada Lincoln

    Oh Marie,
    I just love the mentoring you are giving to me.
    And such an inspiration to me to shine and be myself.
    I am so shy except to people close to me. I have done so much in my life and yes, I have so many interests and creative that I know I can share and benefit so many women. Yet I keep them to myself and people close to me.
    You are helping, Marie, so thank you.

  298. I love love love pistachio ice cream!

    My pistachio ice cream trait that I’m turning up is frankness. I’ve been way more ‘polite’ on my blog at times than I need to be. Time to get feisty!

  299. May

    Hi Marie and Sally,

    You both are fascinating people:) Loved this video!

    I like the metaphor of vanilla and pistachio icecream, yes I just need to find out my unique and natural flavor! Maybe berry ginger!

    Also like the way of screening ideal customers – it will save lots of time and energy!

    Thanks a lot for putting on this show…

    P.s Enjoy the fun endings of at Marie TV videos …and Sally’s interpretation of the surname:!!

  300. tina

    I loved the vid & the quiz. Funnest personality test I’ve ever taken and maybe the most accurate as well. Marie asked in her email what special personality trait I can leverage. What I would have said also turned out to be part of what my quiz results are: I like to innovate and revolutionize to make things more real, more truthfully what their essence is. Thank you!!!

  301. claire

    Wow, very captivating! I am training myself to live in the moment and to be 100% focus in every thing I do. And I was! What a treat! Thank you Marie!

    Time for me to discover my strengths and personality! What people say about me is that I have such a high ENERGY that they feel happier and motivated around me. Hence I would like to translate this into PASSION.
    THANK YOU for giving me the strength to see how our own personalities have to be part of our businesses and to our successes!

  302. Emanuela

    Wow! Thanks so much for this! I think this might be my fav vid yet (or at least in the top 5).
    When I did a survey my most common trait was “creativity” and “thoughtfulness” … I’m in a creative biz, so I guess that works out well!

    Thanks again, this was energizing, and of course, fascinating!

  303. Thank you Marie and Sally. I totally need this right now.

  304. You inspire me each day to be my own boss!! The transition from having a full time job, that “comfort” zone to full time entrepreneur is something I want to achieve this year! I love your humor, your passion for life and the amazing tips you share!

  305. I teach that the world sees you how you see the world. When we change the way we see the world, our attitude changes and when our attitude changes, people change how they see us.

  306. Love this! Thank you so much Marie and Sally. I really resonate with Passion and Prestige and wonder how to bring these qualities forth more. Any suggestions from the passionate and prestigious among you! 🙂 Thanks!

  307. Oooh – juicy!
    I love this. And I think I am the same ‘blend’ as Sally – Passion and Rebellion. At first I thought Passion and Trust, but when I heard Rebellion – I FELT it!
    What an eye opener!
    Now I want to really embrace my inner rebel and let her shine her wild love light the way the world has not experienced yet!

    Thanks! Beautiful gifts!!!

  308. p.s Downloading Sally’s book from Audible right now. it Has FABULOUS reviews! Can’t wait!

  309. Okay, took the test…. It nailed me and is RIGHT on the money. Nice!! I am a Passion Mama with Rebellion a close second. Catalyst was a dirty word prior to this, so glad I can reframe that word and be MORE of a catalyst for good!! THANKS Marie, great content/great,great, great, great!!

  310. Jaclyn,
    I had the same thing happen to me…I think I did the test 3 times and got stuck with it processing my results. I ended up just going to Sally’s main page and logging in with my e-mail & password that I set before I started the test. Lo & behold my results had been calculated! I’d try this if you haven’t already.
    Lots of luck! The results are exciting and inspirational when you get them!

    • People tell me I’m fun and funny.
      FUN, FUN…. I WILL put more FUN in my brand!
      I love my boxes and I know they will love me back
      very soon…hehehehe

  311. Lisa W

    Wow, how illuminating! I’m totally going to run with what I learned: I am the ‘subtle touch’: Mystique and Passion. Woohoo!! I’ve many a time felt ‘boring’ in social situations just because I am more reserved and discrete, but that’s what makes me fascinating: my mystique. This insight gives me the steadiness and confidence to stand proud and really own my mystique and not feel bad when everyone else around me is spilling their life stories and I’m not…

  312. I agree with all of it – however my situation is that my passion puts distance between me and so many of my friends/family.

    I am passionate about health – what I put in my body is health-giving, natural and organic as much as possible.

    They see my passion for health slightly crazy and as also a judgement against them for being unhealthy (or just usually not being as healthy as they could be if they had the interest/will power). They feel guilty about what they eat, drink, give their kids, etc when they are around me, and that puts them off. I try to show that I’m not judging them and believe we are all different and chose what is important to us, but it seems to make no difference.

    I have found that the less I talk about my passion, the better my relationships get.

    I know the answer will probably be ‘get friends who are passionate about the same thing’ but circumstances don’t allow for that at the moment (at home with 3 kids in the suburbs – there is a noticeable lack mums interested in health).

    Either way I’m not going to change who I am, but it would be nice to be able to express it more freely without damaging my social options!

    • Angela,
      What was your other Trigger? Wondering if maybe re-working the way you display your passion is the key to making that trigger work for you and not turn others off? This doesn’t mean stifle your natural passion for all things healthy but maybe living out your passion so as to inspire others rather than talk your passion to (or at) others, if that makes sense. When people *see* your passion at work in your life they become fascinating and inspired with you.
      And in terms of “getting friends” that are more like you…you will attract what you are! Be what you want to attract.
      You have so many gifts going for you…live them out, act them out and be who you were meant to be!
      And I hear ya in terms of being a stay-at-home mom…I have 4 young children (6 and under) and stay home with them as well (in the suburbs). It’s not easy for sure but as Marie says…”everything is figureoutable”!

  313. Craig Brant

    A little obnoxious (in good fun) and down right revolutionary.

    I loved the point about making not being afraid to polarize folks a bit. I have definitely made that mistake – even quite recently.


  314. Eileen McMaster

    LOVE this episode. Thank you Marie for the free link to the test! My triggers are mystique and passion rendering me “The Subtle Touch” which is so accurate it gave me goosebumps. It makes sense that I have not found true bliss in the corporate world and am not a fan of office drama or politics. I’m intrigued by how this information can help me grow using them to my advantage. I’m getting Sally’s book now!

  315. Great episode, thanks Marie. What’s my personality trait? Just looked at Sally’s website and I’m (drum roll…) “The Maestro”. I love the sound of that! I’m looking forward to learning more and discovering how to use that trait as a competitive advantage! Nik x

  316. Mel

    Wow, I literally burst into tears watching that, finally permission to be myself!! Marie thank you x

  317. I LOVE this interview, so fascinating! So many great nuggets – 1) Be more of who you are to be successful, 2) Be strategically polarizing, 3) Be the pistachio!

    I recently asked for feedback from my friends and clients about my brand and the ONE word that jumped out was PASSION! I’m going to amplify that through my website & messages!

    As a Personal Branding & Career Coach, I’m passionate about helping people differentiate as top talent talent by owning their greatness. Be OUTSTANDING to STAND OUT!

  318. This is exactly what I needed today! 🙂

  319. This was such a great episode. It got me really thinking about how people view me (from the task Marie set us in Bschool) and the biggest thing that my friends said I express is trust… until now I never even thought about using that strength in my business. How could I have not thought about this?
    Thank you for this insight Marie and Sally!!!

  320. Oh it was so good…Thank you so much, ladies!)))
    I will try to be more of myself during my interviews. Let’s see how it goes!

  321. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!
    I definitely want to reflect my enthusiasm & dynamism even more into my brand 😉
    Working on it.

  322. This is very intriguing – I believe that everything is learnable, and this approach to fascination is very appealing.

    Thank you, Sally and Marie!

  323. The whole video was worth watching just to get to her final point, which she articulated so well. I don’t really go for ‘personality tests’, or similar things, but, my heart tells me that I’m a ‘Catalyst’, in the way she described it.
    “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” ~Jack Kerouac

  324. My audience (professional women in the Arabian Gulf region) have expressed that they like my warmth, intelligence & class….

  325. Caroline Haines

    This really was ‘fascinating’! Thanks so much, Marie and Sally, both for the extremely interesting interview, and this different take on our personality traits.

    I took the test. I’ve now discovered that as a Wise Owl (Mystique and Trust), with a strong streak of Rebellion, this perseverance was probably typical of my Archetype!

    This should be taught to all teachers everywhere. And to kids. Far too often, early on in life, we’re all put into the same box that’s designed to turn us out as carbon copies of each other (causing untold misery to some), whereas it’s our individuality and personal strengths that should be understood and celebrated.

    I’ve been struggling a bit recently with knowing how to lead my ‘tribe’ – thanks to the report, I now know exactly how to do it. And it’s perfect.

  326. Marie, fantastic interview great work. I look forward to watching some more of your interviews and learning more.

    Sally, This is fantastic I just went through your “Fascination Advantage” report and came out as “The Rockstar” – interestingly I sort of knew this but had never labelled it as such. In addition to this I had, over time, lost a little of my “Rockstar” tendencies, and had become mediocre in nature.
    Your report has given me that shift to embrace the full “Rockstar” persona. It was incredible how accurate the detail of the report was and look forward to becoming more me – significant changes ahead!
    Thanks again, Iain.

  327. Hi Marie, love all your videos but especially this interview on how to be fascinating. I am an American living in England and growing up I was always told to “tone it down”. be less demonstrative, less passionate, don’t waive your hands about, be more English – it has taken a long time to be OK with the fact that not everyone will like you, that one cannot please everyone and to be proud of being an independent thinker.

    What resonated especially with me was that unless one has an enormous budget so that one can offer everything anyone could want, in these times of austerity, by being passionate about what one can afford to stock/buy at least one will make those people who like ones style – extremely happy that there is someone out in the market place with the courage to offer something different.

    Thank you – this is such a help to me.

  328. Marie! I want to see more of that goofy side of yours you talked about!

    Love from a “talent / rebel”.

  329. OMG!!! This was so good and there is no words that can describe it!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

    Loads of love

  330. Wow – this episode was so timely for me! I have a tendency to go off on these crazy ranting monologues about things I feel are limiting or unnecessary or unfair and I was chatting with a friend yesterday about a new biz project I’m putting together and she told me that my arm-waving rants were a key part of what made my ideas (and my biz idea) so convincing. She’s persuaded me to make some videos because of it, which is something I NEVER would have thought to do without her.

    Finding out how others see you and what they value in you is an incredibly valuable exercise.

    Thanks, as always, Marie, for your fascinating awesomeness xx

  331. Monique

    Hello Marie,

    What a nice interview! my passion is Music. I know I am a rebellion with a big sence of humor. I talk alot to myself and have my own Idea about things and life this gives the confident to be who I wonna be.

    Thank you.

  332. Marie,

    Oh Marie, I really love this episode and I was really fascinated by Sally. I was loaded with wisdom from her.

    My personality trait that I can leverage into business is that I can read emotions easily because of my vulnerability and emotional trait. A lot of people especially women who can’t cope up with their emotional battle, from there I found my purpose. Aside from being emotions reader, I love giving advice to people which I believe is what most people are looking for. Thank you for inspiring me again here.

  333. What an awesome interview! Thank you Marie and Sally…. You both exude tremendous amounts of love and grace.
    I look forward to your vids every week and it totally brings huge smiles and JOY to my day. Such insightful wisdom and incredible inspiration!

    I am passionate about educating families on plant based lifestyles, living close to mother nature, sharing Young Living essential oils with the world, helping people change their lives and erasing synthetic chemicals from schools, kindys and day cares!
    Creating safe, healthy and harmonious environments!

    I am a Rebellion, thrive on change and uniqueness!

    This information is so empowering and exciting!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you from Brisbane, Australia x

  334. victoria

    LOVED this episode. My strength is my genuine passion for creating pure organic products that enhance life! For people and the Earth! And…I shall definately allow myself to be AUDACIOUS enough to share it! Yay!

  335. Kelly Pietrangeli

    This video just blew me away from start to finish!

    I LOVED the vanilla vs pistachio ice cream analogy and have put a note up in my office saying PISTACHIO!!! to remind me to keep my upcoming newsletters interesting. Vanilla is safe…but BORING!

    I also loved the whole personality advantage concept. When I am with other passionate people, I am in my element. But I often tone it down to match the person I’m talking to, so I don’t feel too OTT. I sometimes even resort to self-depreciation, just so the person I’m talking to knows I’m not full of myself.

    Now it feels ridiculous to do this! This interview has made me realise that when I am the most comfortable talking to people is when I let my true, passionate personality come out to play, not when I stifle it to match certain people or situations.

    From now on I am going to practice exuding my passion and prestige in all situations!

    Thank you Marie & Sally!!! You guys are FASCINATING to the core!! xxx

  336. Loved this episode Marie…You make my Tuesdays worthwhile. Thank you so much…your energy bounces right off the screen. I am looking forward to implementing this in my business and career and hope to make progress in winning clients. Be blessed (you & yours). So much love from Kenya.

  337. Marigold Gabunia

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for another awesome episode! This is the very first time that I’m leaving a comment but I so love all your videos. I’m planning to take it soon, I hope cause you guys got me fascinated 🙂 Anyway, I think I have a cheerful positive personality that I can use in the business that I’m planning to have.

    Take care,

  338. Marie and Sally,
    This is just want I needed to hear! These messages keep popping up for me. I have set with my camera on a tripod for weeks because I dont want to be told I am crazy, go away or hear anything negative. Thank you for the ice cream analogy…I get it!!! Yeah! So my video will be up soon. I think pretty soon.
    Seriously Marie…I love all that you do! Thanks for quitting your job so long ago and following your dreams.
    I am a Passion/Rebel-yes I am a creator and love the confirmation from your website Sally.

  339. Vanilla and pistachio……great analogy……Im using that one again!!!

  340. Robien

    What an amazing talk…thank you both!
    I know I can really shine when I enter a room or when I talk to people. But people then always find me cute; if I manage to change the last part (sometimes, it’s not appropriate to be cute) I know I can use it.
    Curious for the test, I might do it!

  341. I want to be a pistachio ice-cream !
    And… You know what ?
    I WILL be a BEAUTIFUL, creamy & tasty pistachio ice-cream !

    Thanks Marie & Sally for this awesome shearing ✿

  342. I want to be pistachio! That’s my new business goal. Thanks for this video, Marie.

  343. Love, love, love this!!! You have no idea how amazing the timing of this video is!! 🙂

  344. Beth

    Great episode, Marie. Sally is on point! I looked around her website yesterday and found it all ‘fascinating,’ and thought provoking. I checked out the 49 archetypes. I determined on my own, which archetype I thought i would be. This morning i decided to purchase the test and get my own personal results…well oh snap, Sally! Was I wrong about my archetype! Initially, i thought to myself “well that’s not correct,” but as i read through my report Sally was completely describing ME to me. You’re good, Sally. And this is a huge gift since I’m in the process of building and launching my website. I’m reconsidering new and better ways to promote myself and my skills because of you. Much thanks!

  345. I’m ALWAYS fascinated with Marie Forleo in how she get great subject experts on her TV show! I was totally glued to YOU and SALLY! And thank you for confirming in being your truest form…the real you. People will still love you for your passion and what you are trying to accomplish in your business.

  346. Laura del Mar

    I am one of the grateful persons that took the test for free and WOW I have been having so many OMG and AHA moments. Blessing times.
    So I am the Ringerleader (yes mama, sound hot) and it’s all about power and passion. God, I never recognized myself as powerful maybe as passionate but is just a big revelation.
    I’m a bellydancer and by the end of this video I amazingly recognized that there has been blessings in all those “issues” I have always found on myself. I have learned by experience and sometimes I criticize myself and feel ashamed about me because I don’t have a super traditional education about it. I have been honoring who I really am all this years and it makes sense. I am not alone, I am not weird, I AM NORMAL and plus: there are good things about that! Thank you for reassuring me that this amazing person I am is worthy, makes sense and has great things too offer to the world. I just had a gratitude of unconditional love for myself. <3 thank you soul sisters! <3

  347. Thank you Marie for sharing your gifts and talents with the world.
    I really enjoy your show, It’s so good that many times I feel like your only taking to me. Sally Hogshead you are truly a fascinating in your own right. Understanding how others see you is so value and very powerful. I think as a society we spend a lot of time in our own heads. Understanding how people perceive you can really open up and help you develop and change your own image and self perception in new positive directions. As a massage therapist and an entrepreneur it all about personality advantage, and finding my true self. The personality trait I feel is most important for me to develop is trust. I’m looking forward to taking the test and getting my results!

  348. I LOVED Sally’s program! It really nailed my dominant personality traits, and it provided me with targeted suggestions on how to own those traits and use them to my advantage in business. My primary “trigger” (as Sally labels them) is Rebellion, and my secondary is Alarm. These are the traits that have led me through my entrepreneurial career thus far.

    Sally’s program also show me my weakest trigger – Trust – and how I can utilize that more to further my business.

    If you’re on the fence about taking the test and seeing your report, I hope this testimonial pushes you over the edge to saying YES.

  349. Ahhhh!!!! Marie, this is my favorite episode to date! So much insight and so much wisdom! My archetype is The Connoisseur (prestige+passion) and you, Miss Talent are my closest personality type 😉 People see me as the expert and an in-the-know, go-to person. I connect to people and get them excited to join my cause. I feel like this knowledge is already strengthening my vision of my business and will give me confidence in my unique gifts that I have to offer the world. Thank you Marie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!…Did I mention my middle name is Marie? 😉

    Love what you are doing!

  350. Thank you Sally and Marie. I have always believed that we must grow and develop our gifts and talents and they will lead us to our purpose. By following Sally’s advice and becoming ‘more of who we are” and not just sorta, but passionately, irrationally, audaciously, we can find that path that was designed speciffically for us and like Marie says, offer the world “that special gift that only you can offer”.

  351. First, let me say how much I ENJOYED this video! You ladies are fascinating! 🙂

    My personality trait= Calm. Especially in my business (I’m an organizer). I think I make people feel at ease and comfortable with the way I consult them. I make them feel confident that my decisions are best for their space.

    Thank you for this video. It was perfect for me. I appreciate you ladies taking time out of your busy schedules to film this.


  352. This really inspired me! I’m the Catalyst (same as Sally) and found out that my second trigger was “Rebellion”. I’ve been spending so much energy comparing myself to others in similar businesses, but this made me realize that I don’t have to be like everybody else or put myself in a specific niche.
    In fact, given my Archetype its my nature to want to be a trailblazer 🙂


  353. WOW! Loved this interview – thanks 🙂

  354. Jessica

    Marie, I love you so much!!! You are so amazing! I first read your book when I was in my very early 20’s, now, years later I’m seeking your business advice! 🙂 I want to especially thank you for making this video! I feel like I just watched two soul sisters at work here! It was really great to see you open up to her and give us content we can really benefit from. I hope I get to meet you one day! 🙂

  355. Marie & Sally!!! Absolutely Delicious!

    So much gratitude for sharing this work and your generosity with supplying the test to us gratis!! I am the ADVOCATE leading with Passion and then Power with dormant Trust. Pretty spot on, even though I have to admit I was hoping for Rockstar since ‘unorthodox’ could be my middle name;) Loved being in the same ring as Oprah, Tony Robbins & Richard Branson especially though! I just recently completed the advanced strength’s finder and also the myers- briggs test, so this was an eye-opening counterpart to help guide my business! Interesting to see all the overlapping fascinator’s in the community forum too!

    Many thanks again and BIG love!!

  356. I took the test, I was sorprised with the result, I am the Avant Gard and Tredsetter, I thoght was the Catalyst, I act like that too. But now I understand my innovative out of the box thinking and my ambition. I always been a rebel, I will be my whole life. Thank you Marie and Sally for this episode, it was awsome!!!!. I definetely will integrate my Fascinating Personality to my brand and business. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  357. I took the test, I was sorprised with the result, I am the Avant Gard and Trendsetter, I thoght was the Catalyst, I act like that too. But now I understand my innovative out of the box thinking and my ambition. I always been a rebel, I will be my whole life. Thank you Marie and Sally for this episode, it was awsome!!!!. I definetely will integrate my Fascinating Personality to my brand and business. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  358. I know I’ll be watching this video again and sharing it with all my tribe. You two were terrifically spot on – but what could you expect from a combination of The Talent & The Catalyst?!

    I know my next biz investment too – I’m itching to know where I fall in all of this and even though I have some thoughts on what traits I exude most I bet I’ll be surprised like so many people were!

    For me I can’t put my finger on quite the right word but I have something between imagination and this ultra “real” factor. I know a lot of people appreciate my level of candor and that while it’s super important to me I don’t let personal feelings cloud it (typically). I also know that it doesn’t float well with some who might prefer to coast by without knowing the truth. So maybe trust ranks up there for me?!

    • Alright I couldn’t wait I jumped on the opportunity to take the test and I am so not surprised by my traits of Mystique & Rebellion. I was so riveted hearing Sally talk about and point on some very specific traits I know myself to have. I can’t wait to delve in more! My dormant was Passion and again no surprise there, being so reserved even when I feel passion it’s hard for others to tell!

  359. Thank you Marie, Thank you Sally! This video and How to Fascinate is rocking my world:) I have taken lots of personality tests and branding tests before, including Meyers-Briggs and Reach 360. NONE of them have been able to effectively articulate anything that truly defined me or offered any next steps. In addition, the visual design elements and delivery of the information is TOP-NOTCH girl! Marie teams up with best, yet again!:) Go Sally, you hired the right design team to deliver your fabulous research to a design deprived market. Who wants to look at boring graphs and outdated graphics when you can have a killer customized report complete with videos. FAB!

    I tested as a Trendsetter with a high streak of rebellion + prestige. My branding and approach is finally making some logical sense. It all makes sense. I’m attracted to Marie for her awesome, talented uniqueness and to Sally for her fascinating catalyst-ness.

    Thank you for inspiring me to keeping adding more scoops of pistachio to my ice-cream sundae. Loved everyone’s comments too!

  360. Meg

    Totally could not wait to take the fascination test. I’m the Trendsetter – spot on description of my personality! Thanks for sharing Sally’s work with us, Marie!

  361. Hey Marie,

    Many thanks Marie and Sally.Excellent video.Absolutely loved the content.My personality is bit of catalyst type.Passion+out of box thinking.

    I under graduated in dentistry.But soon found out that it is not that resonates with my inner personality-Out of box thinking,Defy the odds.
    So i started our own Health Music company-Social BrainGym app with a vision of removing stress from modern world and in future to remove some of pain killing drugs

    Many thanks once again was very inspiring and has pumped me to start with some different and unique idea.

    God Bless,

  362. Didi

    I absolutely loved this video. It was very insightful and thought provoking. Thank you for it.

  363. What a fantastic episode! I haven’t taken the test yet, however I know that as i’m evolving out of the old paradigm ‘business professional’ mentality and into the new paradigm of bringing my fullest self into my business, that i’m realizing the unique traits/energies that I can be integrating into everything that I do.

    One specific piece I want to keep bringing into my business is my singing. I had an opportunity last weekend to sing a new song that I wrote called ‘Get Up,’ at an event at Asilomar on the California coast, in front of 150 aspiring and emerging Femmepreneurs. The response was boomBASTIC and the energy that was created as a result of me sharing this aspect of my passionate self left me in AWE and Celebration for having the courage and tenacity to bring it forward 🙂 And had the audience BEAMING with LOVE LIGHT VIBRATIONS and a feeling of deep Empowerment.. a connection to their big YES!

    When I was turned on to Marie in February 2012 it completely blew my possibilities wide open.. witnessing YOU Marie, stepping FULLY up in your business, sharing your fun, quirky, unique, sassy self with the world in your own way, on your own terms. I was like… ‘HELL YEA!!! THAT’s what i’m talking about.’

    So GIVE THANKS Marie for holding the torch and modeling this for us so beautifully!!

    Wonderful episode today…

    Bless * Empower * Love



  364. Susanne

    I am just beginning to learn what makes me fascinating. I’ve realized my positivity is extremely contagious. My friends have told me that they are drawn to me because I am always happy and not only see the glass as half full, but my damn glass is overflowing. Thanks for another insightful episode of You Marie!

  365. zoe

    I so needed to hear this, as a spiritual healer i find that i cant be my true self after watching this video im going back to the old me that i miss one that can laugh at mistakes and make the changes happen fast, one that has a twisted mind and can find passion even when life gets tough and tears take over, one that i believe everyone needs as life isnt serious we just make it serious and we lose sight of all the great things that come our way because we are stuck in a world of serious and forget how to have fun…
    thank you ladies!!
    now lets have a drink to fascinate and awaken more people…
    P.S Marie keep doing what you do!!! your corkiness got me to bschool and i love every minute of it..
    stay blessed

  366. Marie, one of my favorite Marie TV episodes, thanks! I too am The Talent, what a compliment when I heard that you are too!

    I particularly want to thank you for the piece of conversation you had in regards to “inspiring emotion” in people…even negative emotion. I am new to blogging and my blog post today was very uncomfortable for me. We had a recent unexpected death in the family and the post was a way for me to try to navigate through some things in my head. I stewed and stewed and ALMOST put up a follow up post to justify my thoughts because I knew some people wouldn’t agree. SO GLAD I didn’t.

    Love what you do Marie, you are on my aspiration list, hope I get to meet you someday soon:)

  367. Like you, Marie, I don’t think the world is ready for my most unique (and internally prominent) personality traits.

    I’d love to see you do an episode on how to let your wacky out.

  368. George H

    Love the help coming from two Beverly Hills housewives. I wish they show how to “fascinate” and teach a kid behind Burger King counter. That is what we actually need in our society… more consultants

  369. Loved the chemistry between you two! Such energy and confidence. My one thing I could turn up? Rampant and unabashed optimism. I say yes first and am always curious about how an idea can work. I love to play with possibilities!

  370. I’d like to consider myself quite green. I like to buy and wear ethical, handmade and second hand products and make things myself. I’d like to amplify this aspect of myself in my blog and make it part of my blog’s identity. A DIY blog with fashion, beauty and veggie and raw food DIY tutorials, outfit posts showing how to style vintage or handmade items and giving my recommendations for new indie designers and craftspeople and product reviews of ethical brands.

  371. I took the test and I’m THE AUTHENTIC! Trust + Passion which I love.

    The personality trait I could leverage more would be my humor and ‘realness.’ I’m very down to earth, but sometimes I second guess myself like Marie mentioned. I get all “That’s funny but what if others don’t think I’m professional?”

    Both Sally and Marie made good points that those are the people I don’t need to worry about because they aren’t my peeps. This is a great reminder!

  372. Emily K Chen

    Hello there,

    I’m your Royal Guard. Elegant, astute, reserved…. wait what? Reserved? I don’t think people would classify me as reserved either! Did anyone else not jibe with their results?

    Part of my problem with the test was that I had (basically) a 4 way tie!
    18% Mystique
    17% Prestige
    17% Rebellion
    17% Passion

    I got the results for Mystique and Prestige, but the strong Rebellion and Passion sides of me were completely ignored!

    Did anyone else have this problem and if you did, how are you dealing with it?

    Great test though, a lot of value packed in a concise way! Thanks Marie, as always, and Sally, good stuff 😉

    • Did you go through the entire report? She has an explanation for that in the 6th segment.

      • Emily K Chen

        Hmm. What exactly are you referring to? It says I have a more even distribution of triggers so I’ll use them in different situations, but for my secondary trigger, I scored 17% in all three, so how did the test choose to come up with prestige? instead of passion or rebellion?

        Not that I don’t think it’s accurate! I definitely see it. Im just not sure if its my most prominent aspect/ if I want to brand myself that way.

  373. Sally is taking the world by storm. I heard her speak at RHH Live last year and last week at the Social Media Marketing World and will have the pleasure again this summer at the eWomen conference. I get something new each and everytime from her. It is such a great test to take. I can’t wait to get more from Sally on using my my triggers in life.

  374. Yolande Rogers

    Love this episode…and a real eye opener to me.
    Most people on first meeting me often feel I am somewhat aloof and dare I say, ‘stuck up’! I find this quite hurtful as I know in myself this could not be further from the truth. People usually warm once they get to know me but sometimes a distance is still there which I take responsibility for. I am actually quite goofy on the DL and I guess I keep it under wraps as I’m afraid people will think me odd. However, I think I need to turn the goofball up. Goofy and stuck up are in complete opposition which can only make me more memorable and fascinating. I need to own it with a big hug…and it’s fun to see the perplexed smile on people’s faces!

  375. WOW. Marie + Sally, THANK YOU. This is by far and away the best MarieTV episode yet! And I’ve been watching for a few years now.

    I definitely found myself fascinated by you two and wanting to know more about how I fascinate. I found out I’m the Maestro: Power + Prestige. It fits to a tee and I’m ripe and ready to bring this fully to my business as a Psychotherapist + Couples Counselor.

    Now, my not-so-humble idea and request. Please oh please lets have some of Sally’s brilliance as a B-school bonus! Yes?

  376. MARIE!!! This video came at such an amazing time for me. I have been dealing with some major insecurities lately and was thinking that I “needed” to change myself in order to be successful. I have had many failures/hard life lessons and I have gotten to the point that I started doubting everything about myself. I am a member of B-School by way of Danielle LaPorte. I recently read Danielle’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions, and she speaks to being your true authentic self and embracing it. That ignited the fire within me. B-School has been PHENOMENAL in helping with the details for helping me to grow my business. But, this video was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I needed to hear EVERY SINGLE WORD.

    I took the test; I am The Victor = Prestige + Power. She is SPOT ON with her description, except she didn’t mention how hard we “Victors” take it when we fall short of a goal. To hear her speaking of my traits as a good thing made me feel elated. I know that it may sound kind of funny, but for the last several years I have been “working” on myself to try to change the things that I thought weren’t serving me. To hear that they DO serve me is very exciting AND is a huge relief. Thanks for your continued commitment to excellence and enlightening and enriching the lives of others. xo

  377. Love this episode! Great reminder that the message will never reach your target people unless you can “fascinate” them enough to read/listen/watch.
    Thanks so much from a MBCert.Life Coach wanting to help people dump the stressed life. xo

  378. Hi Marie,
    I’m deep into B-School right now and have been devouring your videos. I wanted to share that last night my boyfriend watched this one with me and was completely captivated! He has been on board from the beginning but now he sees what its all about! Thank you and thank you Sally for being so fascinating!
    I know my passion and creativity are what attracts people to me, along with my ability to adapt and problem solve. And I’m looking forward to letting those qualities shine in my life and business as a massage therapist!

  379. I am vivacious and intoxicating…I make people feel juicy from the first meeting…I teach people to think new thoughts and that is a process i call Mindshifting. I’m an inspirational speaker and an actress…I use my skills as a vibrational energy healer to bring out the story that people DESIRE to tell about their lives.

  380. My intuition said “I am the catalyst”, my test results said “You are the catalyst”.

    I am looking forward to applying the information provided by the test results. I find Sally’s work remarkably fascinating. Marie, you too!

    Thank you for an excellent chunk of information.

    Tam I Am

  381. Lesley

    Man! Why am I so concerned with being vanilla (having everyone like & get me)….this is crazy-talk! From now on my focus is listening for what people really want in their love lives and showing them it’s possible! Thanks Sally & Marie xoxo I’m so bummed I missed the opportunity to do the test!

  382. Marie,
    I was moved to comment on this episode. Sometimes we know there’s that something special we feel inside, but due to the judgement of others, it’s hard to own it when you wear several hats in the world of business. I report on business as a journalist, but my gift is my voice and teaching meditation and yoga. My passion lies there and I’ve finally owned it. Amazing things have happened. It’s challenging letting go of what always worked – status quo – in favor of embodying true vocation. But I’m in. Great episode! @judymartin8

  383. Love, Love, Love it! Gives me the confidence to be TOTALLY me in my business. Thanks!

  384. Madelain Burgoyne

    By far this interview is one of my favourites! I’m Like Sally, my archetype is also the Catylist… Innovations & Rebellion through challenging the status quo. Step it up.. I love this!

  385. Ashley

    ‘The world is not changed by people who sort of care’ brought tears to my eyes and reminded me why I’m in this!

    Thank you!!!


  386. Lea

    Nice one Sally, nailed it!
    Mystique and Rebellion over here…woot woot!
    The secret weapon….ya…its totally me.
    Very helpful, concise and clear, will definitely recommend to all my peeps, from my lair of secrecy lol!

    Cheers Marie for sharing!

  387. Marie,

    I love, love, love, love this video! Thank you for the behind the scenes clips. I always look forward to them and my husband always sticks around for them as he pretends he’s not really into your Q&A Tuesday Videos.


    Dali Rivera

    • Dali that is so cute; my partner has even quoted me Marie stuff a few times when I have been down. 🙂

  388. PSST! I am a Secret Weapon!!
    I am Mystique + Rebellion, so I won’t be telling you much else except you will love what I have for you 🙂

    On a more serious note, this is the only test that has ever captured my behaviour accurately… I can be friendly, gregarious, all part of the same onion…but I really appreciate the way it has explained how I work and how I operate, I always thought I was odd, and always felt like people found me odd, but now I understand it’s because I am mysterious! HAHA 🙂 NOt that I am anymore after claiming to be so.

    Thank you this has been fun but also really helpful.

  389. Brit

    I know this is a bold question but I was wondering if anyone would mind donating this book to me. I am graduating this May and I am not completely sure what I would like to do specifically and I think this book would really help me narrow my focus. I would sincerely appreciate it!

  390. I know that tons of people have already spoken up, but this episode was AWESOME and just… a game-changer! What a cool perspective — to be able to tap into what other people see in you, what other people want from you as a strength, and what’s already THERE as a strength. Authenticity + Purpose + Impact. Amazing.

    I took the test and I got “Provocateur.” I was a little surprised as first, but I read it more and it does sound a lot like me. What I like about this is that it gives me permission to use things like rebellion and mystique as a strength… I kept thinking rebellion was something that was WRONG with me… now I see I can take it and run with it. AWESOME.

  391. Josephine

    LOVED this episode! Who doesn’t love personality quizzes??? 😉 This came at the perfect time for me as I’m rebranding my business and was toying around with ideas. Took the test and got “The Catalyst” – Passion + Rebellion. It is me down to a T, and seeing the results and knowing that expressing my unique creativity is one of the things others appreciate about me has given me confidence to go through with some of my rather ‘different’ ideas! Thanks so so much Marie + Sally xoxo

  392. Hi Marie!
    I definitely think I’m the pistachio and not even close to vanilla. Those I come in contact with from the bank personnel to people I’ve only known on FB and then I meet in person, say that I’m aptly named. My client keeper is my Sunny personality…but am I too late to take the personality do I get the access code?

    Keep the great content coming ;))

  393. Lovaine Cohen

    Love this video!
    I would say my passion and positivity. I took the strengths finder test and positivity was identified as one of my strengths. Very interesting insights. Thanks for posting Marie and Sally!

  394. Tegan Ballinger

    Thanks Marie & Sally! Thanks for the ‘Hogshead’ story. I always thought I had to please as many people as possible and was sad over negativity. You’ve given me a completely new view and the courage to be me in my business. You guys rock!

  395. Poppy Parsons

    I think the trait I could embrace more or celebrate more in myself is my resilience and creativity, and my ability to make others feel good. Embrace your gifts now!! Thanks Marie..true inspiration…from Poppy in Devon UK

  396. LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode – thank you Marie! I’m recreating my website based on everything I learned in B-School, and fine-tuning my blog voice and presence – this is the icing on the cake to push me to perfection:)

    Can’t wait to dive into the Fascination test and book, and pass the word onto my friends!
    xoxo Michele

  397. This is fantastic. I have a passion for two things: helping pregnant women, and good sleep! When I put the two together I ended up patenting an ergonomic pregnancy sleep system that I think pregnant women not only need, they deserve. So now I’m inspired to use my passion (better sleep = happy mamas/better births/happy babies), my rebellion (this isn’t your mama’s maternity pillow) and my trust (I know what I’m doing here) to get this start-up going. Thanks for your great interview, and Sally, I’m ordering your book today!

  398. Tiffany M. (Master Document Specialist)

    Two weeks ago I happened across Ms. Hogheads site and knew that what I had come across would change the way I presented myself and my business to others. After reading her site and downloading her, 7 Triggers to Fascination, I knew that the Mystique trigger is what I use to fascinate. Now implementing this trigger into my marketing is a must.

    It’s way pat time to stop concerning myself with how the world as a whole perceives me and to start being genuinely Tiffany while trusting that the treasure that is me will draw those who love and respect my uniqueness and will love and respect the services I provide.

  399. Debbie

    I love this video! My fascination is Creativity. I love to create new fashions and I have just met a few like minded people to collaborate with.

  400. Great episode, Marie! I have been struggling to determine my own archetype to use in my business and Sally’s test has ended the struggle. So awesome! I am the Royal Guard, which is composed of the mystique and prestige triggers. The insights in the report are really valuable. Already working on creating my 9-second introduction, and figuring out all the ways I can incorporate this into my written materials. Thank you for sharing Sally with us!

  401. I managed to be among those with the free assessment and I’m still noodling my way through it. I had to dig into the description (because Rebellion seemed a little not-me) but applying it to business, the description (I’m a Trendsetting) is spot-on.

    What I found most fascinating (pun intended 🙂 though was my “dormant” quality of Passion. (Which is unlike about 99% of the posters on this comment stream!) And especially the way she described it as my “most exhausting way to fascinate” – and that rings very true. I can *do* Passion, I suppose, but damn, I have to lie with a washcloth over my forehead and my feet up when I’m done.

    Glad I’m her email list & eager to learn more. Thanks Marie!

    • Glad it isn’t just me who has ‘dormant passion’! I was feeling like a bit of an odd ball 🙂

  402. Gail

    you did it again!!

    great awesome video with Sally!

  403. INSPIRING – OMG feel a little conceited writing that.

    But I get told that almost on a daily. Love it. It’s so fulfilling. I really need to leverage that.

    P.S turns out I’m a connoisseur … interesting and of course, fascinating 🙂

    Awesome vid girls, I could feel the energy beaming off my computer screen!

    Jana xx

  404. Perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect timing! I just changed my OUTstanding banner from “vanilla” (Your Can Free Your Great Purpose with Your Video Course{ to…. (drrrrrrum rrrrrroll)…. pistachio (Bet We Can Attract $1,000,000,000 for Gay-Friendly Visionaries like You)! Thanks!

  405. Nicola

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing this episode of MarieTV. I was absolutely fascinated! Yes really, I’m not trying to be a smart ass for once haha. This brings me to my A to your Q. The personality trait I think I can leverage more of in my biz (not yet est.) and life is my fun loving, cheeky side. I sense that this is going to be a major realization for me as I build my biz and implement all the things we’ve covered in B-School. I tip my hat to you! x x

  406. I’m late to watch this video and I missed the chance to take the test for free, BUT I was so fascinated with this video I just purchased my test!!!
    This is my first time commenting on your site, but Marie I just had to come comment because my type is same as yours! THE TALENT! So cool. Thank you so much for introducing the How To Fascinate test 🙂

  407. Great, video thanks so much.

    The one personality trait I think I could amplify more professionally is listening. I’ve often been told by good friends that I’m a good listener and I can really tell when I connect with somoeone because they feel listened too.

    I would also like to share that the one quote that really spoke to me in this video was ‘We so want to be liked by everybody that we boil ourselves down to a grey mush”. I realise that I’ve been living in this grey space for quite a while now without knowling why I was wasn’t particularly happy – but now I get it 🙂

  408. I learn something amazing every time I visit and it’s always usable info.

    My biggest asset is probably my enthusiasm. I can’t fake it, but when I am enthusiastic about something I am unstoppable.

    I’m going to pick up this book so I can start work-ing-it like you lovely ladies!

  409. Another great show Marie!

    I was so FASCINATED that purchased the Fascination Advantage Report and I am a CONNOISSEUR.

  410. Marie,
    Like you I am a little bit quirky and have wondered how people would accept it. I really appreciate you coming out and saying that. Its your ability to connect with people that allow for us to be confident in being our true selves.


  411. I also just purchased the test and I am The Victor – results oriented, respected and competitive.

    Loved this episode 🙂

  412. Sun

    Marie , I’m so fascinated by this video and it really gave me something to think about. I sometimes have no confidence to speak to some people at all bcoz i thought im different from others. Thanks for what you’re doing , I love it.

  413. Oh man, I love the universe. I love it for creating those moments where things “come to you.” I just happened to be cleaning out my emails and stumbled upon this one in the good old inbox. I clicked on it and smiled from ear to ear with delight. Thank you as always for giving me a kick in the “yoga butt” I needed! Why the fears continue to hold us back from being ourselves will always be a work in progress. I so desperately needed to hear all of this and went straight to “how to” and took the quiz. Little did I know I’m a catalyst! My enthusiastic self is my strength and I should never hide it, apologize for it or make apologies for it. Working on my brand new Bio and Program page, home page for my website right now (with enthusiasm of course). I’m excited to be ME. Thank You Marie. You sparked something in me a few years ago when I was “A Girl and Her Carrot.” Now I’m on the right path.

  414. When I disagreed with the way chakra psychology was being taught in my diploma course I took a study break & went to India to do a 4 month Yogic Studies residential course! There I reveled in practical & theoretical assignments on the psycho-physiology of chakras, hard core charity labor, deep meditative relaxation & yogic practices, heck I even landed my dream of making an audience laugh – playing the monkey mind in a theatrical gig LOL. When I returned home to resume my diploma, certain people were very curious as to what I had learned and were ‘fascinated’ with what I had to share. There is a streak of REBEL or it could be PASSION but it is tempered with something of the thread of trust because I always go to great lengths to ensure that my knowledge & service is authentic seeing as it is usually ‘out of the square’. Must take the test!

    • Pyscho-physicology of chakras sounds fascinating! We will have to connect!

  415. I loved this interview. Well, let me see, the one character trait that I could amplify is my openness to life and my non-judgmental attitude. This can affect my teaching music and performing music.

  416. Off the top of my head… I think I’m a bringer-together-er. I like to bring people together by recognizing their individual strengths and finding common ground.

  417. This is a great video. I found a lot of inspiration from this wonderful exchange of ideas that you have facilitated. I think my trait that helps me thrive in business are my listening skills. This translates to a lot of other helpful tools. I think listening is severely lacking in the business and social worlds. Focusing on the person you are communicating with creates trust and balance. Thank you for all of this great information.

  418. Marie, Marie, Marie,

    Thank you for this, amazing stuff… Truth is, Sally’s got it going on, you’ve got it going on and I’ve got it going on. Now what are we going to do about it? Love, love, love you girl, keep up the great work!


  419. Zuzana

    I love this video!

  420. I love watching and learning form these videos… So thank you Marie!
    I think I am a lot like you too… I’m goofy and jolly and because of that I have lots of friends but when it come to business I am scared to be my natural self thinking that people would not take me seriously. Aparently I haven’t gotten too for with my business. I guess I’ll laugh it off and keep on smiling… Cuz the wold needs me 🙂

    Thanks Marie! You make me laugh!

  421. Informative! The one thing would be: COZY! for my business!

  422. I know that my inclination is to be a “pistachio ice cream”… but right now, I’m a vanilla.

    The road to transformation is on!

  423. I checked the website and it’s amazing how much science goes into something that we are conditioned to think that we either are born with or we will never have it.

    Awesome when we get steps that help developing a skill, thanks, again, Marie!


  424. the one part of my personality that i could amplify in my business —


    okay – i have to say another


  425. Either sense of humor or empathy. There is so much power in making people feel understood. One dedicated ear could be the difference from igniting someone’s passion or blowing it out. The same goes for sense of humor. What warmth can be brought to a relationship and/or conversation though laughter.

    I hope to use both of these traits more in life and in my work!

  426. This was so valuable! Thank you so much! I took many notes!

    On a side note, Sally looks like Angelina Jolie when she grins XD

  427. Wow! Such an amazing interview. I clung to every word. Thank you thank you thank you! I would say the trait I could amplify would be humor. I feel like I don’t exhibit enough of it especially in my writing.

  428. I want to turn up the REBELLION!!! I’ve got to get my unique idea out there, I’ve just developed it. I’m searching for the best vehicle! Then I think Prestige and, to a lesser degree, Power, will come into play. Great video.

  429. Kathleen Rose

    I’ve just devoured Hogshead’s book in one day as I couldn’t put it down, and immediately after I went and got the Fascination Advantage Test. (Clearly her methods of fascination are powerful! I just couldn’t help myself!)

    My test result shocked me, because it wasn’t how I would have typed myself at all. I got ROCKSTAR, rebellion + passion. Bold, artistic, unorthodox. But after thinking about it, it does make a lot of sense. Looking at my life so far, I’ve rebelled against my religious and stable upbringing and gone on my own winding, strange path. And I am very passionate and make decisions based on emotions and intuition.

    I’ve recently decided to be a graphic designer. I can come up with all sorts of strange ideas. I’ve only started, but I think I’m on the right track and my type will serve me well.

    Now that I know the ways that I fascinate, I can crank up both of these triggers and use them to my advantage as I get going creating the life that I want. Knowing how I fascinate can really be a complete game changer, so it’s really cool to know this early on.

    Thanks for this great interview.

  430. My fascinating quirky characteristic in my parent coaching business is humour .Caring for your children should be fun ,not serious!

  431. I’ve almost experienced a complete paradigmatic shift in my approach to addressing my day to day interactions with people (in a professional setting). So refreshing to know that to capitalise on one’s inner most strength and subsequently matching this to the ideal professional setting (in terms of a career or business opportunity which compliments this strength) is key to truly being fascinating. So often we waste far too much time in trying to be someone we are not for the purpose of conformity. Thanks Marie! A pleasure as always!

  432. Fascinating. Wonderful to see a slightly different angle to fully “being yourself” on this planet, my raison d’être and the basis of my book writing and my business. Very interesting and informative…great stuff from two wild and sassy women! Merci beaucoup!

  433. WOW. This totally helped me. I recently started my own Blog & Web TV Show and I’m super goofy. I was questioning myself a few times wondering if maybe I should be a bit more serious. But this made me re think that being your self is the best thing yet. Thanks for this great Interview! LOVED IT 🙂

  434. Fascinating interview!!! Hypnotic I would say.

    I gotta turn up my “tell it like it is” trait, which I’ve watered down ’cause I don’t wanna offend anyone.

  435. I’m an extreme introvert, the kind of person ho almost always slips under the radar. Even my own mother remembers my siblings giving her gits that I gave her lol.

    Not a great personality trait for a business owner.

    But I’m also the person people turn to in confidence and for advice, so I think that maybe that is what makes me fascinating to others. I guess I would fall under the ‘Trust’ category. I’m not sure about the 2nd catergory that would define me, perhaps ‘Mystery’, but I’m not sure how to use the 2nd category to my advantage in my line of business.

    Of course, this is only how I perceive myself as being perceived, so I guess I have to buy the book to learn what my fascination to others really is.

    Fascinating video. 🙂

    Thank you. xoxo ~ Marilyn D

  436. I love the idea that you don’t need to hide who are you and what your personality is like in order to succeed. And actually it’s a good thing that some people won’t love you and want to work with you – mostly likely they would have been the wrong clients anyway. Got to do that personality test Marie mentioned now to find out who I am and what my key traits are!

  437. Debra May

    While I always love all of Marie’s videos, this will rank up as my favorite!! It just makes so much sense. In my younger days, I would often speak my mind rather directly. Although, this trait not loved by everyone, I was able to accomplish a great deal as well as being highly rewarded because I was the one who would say what was needed to be said. Through some experiences, I have lost some of this and have been working on bringing my real personality back, with maybe just a little more filter than before. So true that the world is not ever changed by those who sort of care!! Thanks for a great interview! Can’t wait to read the book and take the test!!

  438. Loved the video, and will be sharing with my followers, since it’s one that we ALL can benefit from!

    People often comment about my passion, especially when on stage. So I think I’d like to amplify that aspect of my personality.

    But I DO look forward to reading the book and taking the quiz that Sally mentioned, too.

    When we fully embrace who WE are, not only do we live our dream, but we change the world! Thanks for a great video.

  439. Benson Daniel

    Enticing entrancing and enchanting, loved this video
    I excel in my prestige trigger, because to excel is to succeed in the diplomatic world .. my regards to marie and sally for giving out greatly awesome content.

  440. Leanne Wakeling

    Another amazing episode. I am happy to be the pistachio. I am definitely passionate and that is something I am coming to realise that others relate to. Not sure what may archetype will be, need to do more research. Definitely not talent, glamour girl I am not, closer to Catalyst though I don’t think quite that either. Looking to explore further. Loving your work, thanks.