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Since last week, we’ve been poring through nearly 600 scholarship entries videos for B-School. (That’s a record high for us!)

It’s been an absolute privilege, on behalf of myself and my team, to watch each and every video that has been submitted this year.

We’ve been laughing, crying, hootin’, hollerin’ and sending notes back and forth all week. Most of the time, though, we’ve just been in serious awe of you.

Who you are, your courage, your insight, your creativity and your willingness to go for it.

As you know, we believe in the power of B-School and sincerely hope you’ll join us for it.

But if, for whatever reason it’s not the right fit, know that we’re still cheering you on. We will continue to be here for you: providing education and inspiration each and every week, for free.

I’ll be honest, when I first announced this contest, I didn’t know what to expect. You’ll see that you’ve inspired me to award a lot more scholarships than any of us imagined.

Here are our 31 winners of a full B-School Scholarship for 2013.

1 & 2. Carolina & Constanza Quezada
Watch these two entrepreneurial sisters from Chile, you will fall in love.

3. Molly Hahn
Founder of Buddha Doodles.

4. Alyona Stavrova
Personal trainer from Russia.

5. Victoria Rosas
Badass designer, artist, creator of e-courses.

6. Vicky Olubi
Founder of natural hair care products for women of color.

7. Shirley Plant
Smart foodie for people with crazy health restrictions – really needed.

8. Jennifer Luby Howard
Web developer/designer.

9. Bernadette (via Hans)
This husband did his wife right.

10. Venessa Rodriguez
Highly talented storyteller and health coach.

11. Sara Pocius
Jewelry designer into 3-D printing. Waay cool.

12. Jimena Pardo
Wellness coach in Mexico. For every 3 paying clients she takes one for free.

13. Nikki Collinson
Chiropractor, single mom with a huge philanthropic heart.

14. Leah Kalamakis
Crazy talented web designer, living abroad on a mission to make the web beautiful.

15. Ferris Jay
Very cool energy therapist for pets.

16. Rodrigo Flamenco
Rodrigo is representin’ for Central American men.

17. Jenna Richard
Jenna is a great example of being truly ready.

18. Aja Davis
Aja has a straightforward plan, great stats and an easy to get description.

19. Amalie Wright
She’s creating beautiful legacy landscapes with eco-consciousness.

20. Carlton Taylor
Another fella who get’s it right. Watch till the end, it’s waay worth it.

21. Kitara R. Wilson
Kitara’s creativity and inner child won us over.

22. Saima Ali
This Pakistani woman living in Sydney has a great idea with panoramic images for local businesses.

23. Connie Polk
We love this 57 year old NICU and newborn photographer.

24. Melissa Schacker
Melissa’s family business to helps stroke victims recover their speech is a winner.

25. Rebecca Dempster
Rebecca lives in Sudan and is ready to transform the culture relating to animals.

26. Prue Barber
This one is hard not to love – just watch.

27. Leanne Richards-Williams
Tech training for the women of Jamaica? Um, hellz yeah.

28. Audience Choice Winner: Rebekah Borucki
This Jersey fitness girl pulled it out for our Audience Choice Winner.

29. Lynn Daue
Inactive Air Force Reserve writer, proving you can have a new life and career after serving your country.

30. Dali Rivera
Dali served 10 years and her husband served 5, making unique cutting boards and committed to decreasing unemployment in the veteran community.

31. Christine Ayar Illichmann
Her husband is active duty in the Army and she wants to help military families rate duty stations to make them feel more like home.

32. Michelle Leivan
She’s an entrepreneur and wife of a full time Kansas National Guardsman Major who has served in two deployments in Iraq.

**If your name is on this list, write to us at bschool at marie forleo dot com with SCHOLARSHIP WINNER in the subject line, then we’ll send you information on accepting your scholarship. Since we’re in the middle of B-School enrollment, our email volume is waaay higher than usual, so please be patient. We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins!

One of the best things we have in life is each other — and the power of this community.

I am so grateful for the positivity, the love and support we always share with each other. So please take a moment to share your congratulations by commenting below.

Once again, a HUGE thank you for sharing your heart and vision with us and the world.

As we watched each video, we blessed every person, their family and their dreams. Please know that it was no easy feat for us and we are so grateful for your participation.

With all my love and sincerest appreciation,

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  1. Congratulations everyone! Woohoo!

    • Congrats girls and guys. Its lovely to see the diversity of all the winners. Bring hope to my heart.

  2. Congrats to all of the winners! I can’t wait to see what B-School does to advance your business and mission to make this world a better place!

  3. Kim

    Congratulations everyone! 🙂

  4. Brandon

    HUUUUGE congrats to all the winners – you’re all awesome.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! I KNOW this is worth it even though I haven’t signed up yet. Marie – you are a true inspiration. Thank you for everything! I’m hoping to join in but just spent a ton of money for trade shows this year. So if/when I find the funds – I’ll be in. I know 2013 will be a great year for us all!

  6. Congratulations everyone!
    I look forward to taking the course with all of you!

  7. Congrats to all the winners! I know B-School will rock your world!

  8. Ana Goncalves

    Wow, that is amazing! Congragulations to all and well done on the FANTASTIC videos. Thank you Marie, for such an inspiring idea.

  9. why do I just want to burst into tears of joy?
    As I kept scrolling and seeing the amount of talent and the amount of genrosity on your part Marie to offer this many scholorships I found myself getting choked up with emotion…in the best possible way.
    So excited to be participating as a “graduate”….It will actually be the first time I have focussed and truly participated.
    So grateful to you Marie for honoring “life time” B-School access…again more generosity and it speaks to who you are as a person.
    You ROCK.
    merci beaucoup.

  10. Congrats to the winners…WOW so many and as I’m totally bummed I wasn’t chosen I will be saving my moola and hope to take it in 2014…thank you for the opportunity Marie..xo Aimee

  11. Candas Ifama Barnes

    I’m so happy for each of you! Huge, Gigondo congratulations 😉

    I’m already enrolled and excited we’ll all be sharing the B-school Spring 2013 classroom. Looking forward to learning with and from each of you. All the best!!!

  12. ShaKara A.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am ELATED for all scholarship recipients, but am heartbroken that I missed the deadline. I saw on this page: that “As long as you’re on the list at, you’ll be notified of the scholarship details, dates and participation guidelines. ”

    I’m so sad I missed the deadline. When was notification sent out? I’m on the list. Did I join too late? I had already made my video and was awaiting further instruction via email.

    Do you all think it’s too late to try to campaign on Indiegogo for the funds to pay for B-School? I REALLY don’t want to sit out a whole year but can’t afford B-School in addition to my Life Coaching training classes. Please someone!!! ANY ADVICE????!!!!

    • Shakara, I missed the notification too and I had my video 🙁 …had been following this since it started but happy that so many from my region of the world got picked.

      Hope we both get in somehow, Shakara :).

      Lots of love!

      • ShaKara A.

        Me too!

    • Marlon

      Hi ShaKara!

      I’m right there with you! I’m amazed at the amount of winners and want to wish them all HUGE congratulations! But, I have no idea how I missed the boat?! I video taped myself as well and was going to edit, seeing as I didn’t hear about the scholarship deadline though I’m on the b-school list. I began to assume it was march 4th, the end of enrollment.

      Indiegogo could definitely work but also check out and kick starter. I’ll have to figure this out too since I can’t afford bschool alone at this time.

      Marie could you let us know where our overlook was?

      Much love to everyone here! Doing my best not to let this get me down. Have to keep moving forward!

      • Hi All! Happy to share the details. We offer scholarships every year, and we send out the details in multiple places: via email, on the launch blog (under the free training vids) on Facebook and on Twitter. This year, the contest was from Wednesday Feb. 13 — Monday Feb 18th, and as we always do – we put the word out, sent out reminders via email, FB, etc. We do our very best to share as much as we can in as many places as we can! I’m so sorry you missed it, but please know that we do this every year and we’d love to see you participate in the future! If you have any other q’s you can always write us — info at marieforleo dot com.

        • Hi Marie,

          I have been following these scholarships since you first started offering them a few years back. The contest details may have missed some of us as I did my best to scan all the emails that were sent out for any word about it. I eventually assumed the deadline from what I could see on Facebook and I submitted my video from best guess. Unfortunately, I was a few hours too late.

          Thank you still for the opportunity to consolidate my weak areas and to go braver in the video arena!!! I feel the love through your all-round generosity even with this tiny glitch.

        • Hi Ladies,

          First off, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, big LOVE!! Your stories are so inspiring and uplifting and I KNOW you will change the world with your many talents! It’s because of you all that I entered the contest to begin with.

          I have to mention that I also somehow missed the deadline information and feel a little silly and disappointed that I worked so hard only to submit so late. Although I had high hopes for the scholarship, I learned a lot about myself and my business while making the video and want to thank you, Marie, for the opportunity to do so. It was well worth my efforts just to see what I could come up with. I hope you ladies that are in my boat can try to see it this way?

          I’m going to try and rally the funds somehow for B School and hope to see you all there. To the ladies who missed the deadline, much love and respect to you for putting your story out there. Much LOVE to all of you!!

      • ShaKara A.

        Me too!!!! I can’t sit out another year. If I don’t get in I’m going to use every resource I can to figure this thing out. I don’y have a year to waste!
        Thanks for the other suggestions. Best of luck to you in your endeavors!

        • Don’t worry ladies, you are not alone. There must have been a bug either with our spam filters, or the scholarship email accidentally didn’t go out to the whole list. I just did an intensive search of my gmail and there’s a gap from the subject line “did you catch this?” on February 11th until the next Marie Forleo email that mentions b-school on February 18 (no mention of scholarship.). Thankfully, I was able to fund my enrollment for b-school without a scholarship (so excited, Marie!) and my hope for you Marlon, Sasha, and ShaKara is that the money will somehow come to you so you can join b-school this year or next.

          • Just an additional note that I really wanted to do b-school last year, but just couldn’t swing it financially. I’m so thankful I can this year, but I also feel thankful to the universe because I feel more ready this year.

          • Hey Ladies! Thanks so much for checking your email. Please do look again (just to make sure you’re getting things!). We sent an email out to everyone on Monday Feb 10th with a heads up about the scholarship on Wednesday, then another email on Wednesday Feb 12th, with the subject line “don’t believe the hype” – announcing the scholarship was open and details were on the launch blog. We shared about it on Twitter & FB too. Once again, we do our very best to let everyone know. If you ever suspect you’re not getting something from us, or you have q’s, please write info at marie forleo dot com. We answer everything!! xoxo

          • Jessicah

            Same thing for me! I was waiting to get an email about the scholarship after Marie’s newsletter said on the 11th that it’s coming soon. I always check my Forleo emails. My next one was also on the 18th. Never got this (don’t have FB). And don’t see it on the B-school page (watched all the intro videos & “is this right for you”) Disappointed but glad for the winners. Go ladies!

          • Hi lovely ladies,

            Oh wow i’m somewhat relieved to read all this – i completely missed out on the scholarships too even though had my vid ready to roll. Was quietly so gutted inside to see this list of winners on the blog (i feel guilty saying that, eek), not because i got an email update but just because i popped over here to the blog this morning to watch some of marie’s (awesome) vintage vids!

            Hey at least we’re all in the same boat! I’m now thinking i’m just going to roll on the credit card to fund it – almost every bit of feedback i’ve read from past b-schoolers is that they completely repaid the tuition fee more than a few times over within only a couple of months of doing b-school, it made their businesses THAT awesome! So i’m pulling out the credit card (and the risk), trusting that it will all pay off in the end. Read a quote last night – the most successful entrepreneurs are thus because of how they deal with fear and risk – they look it in the big furry face!

            So join me!! Eek!!

            Much love and positive vibes to you all, i’m so excited to watch all of your businesses grow and for our lives to become even more fulfilled and glorious doing what we love. xxx

          • Jessicah

            Buffy, I think your logic is sound. If you feel it, you should do it. I think it’ll all work out for us. And I forgot to congratulate the gents too. Hadn’t watched all the videos yet. Well-deserved wins. I already feel more business inspired just by watching other ppl pursuing their dreams on this page!

    • I also didn’t get this email… and i am definitely very careful about emails… I am going to join the FB group now to make sure i don’t miss it next year… I am very inspired however by all these videos, these lovely ladies ( and guys ) and Marie herself, changing the world and empowering people! I hope to take part next year! ♥

      • An update! I just checked my spam folder individually (I thought that a regular gmail search also searched spam, but I was wrong!) And the “don’t believe the hype” email was in my spam folder. I have no idea why, because I seem to get every other of Marie’s emails, but there it was. You may want to check your spam and adjust your settings.

  13. Congratulations to the winners!

  14. so awesomee!

  15. Jealous though I may be (of all the winners)… I, nonetheless, am SO happy for you all! Chase those dreams! I know you’ll do SOOOO well and I wish you all the VERY VERY best!! X

  16. Ryan Smith

    I may not be able to attend this year. It’s a little out of my reach, financially right now, even with the payment plan. But on a more positive note:

    Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! As much as I would have loved to receive one, my heart goes out to everyone who did. You guys deserve it.

    When B-school opens again next year, I’ll be there for sure. 🙂

    Good luck with your training!

    • Keep the faith Ryan! Use 2013 to strengthen your core purpose. Looking forward to congratulating you next year!!!! Have a blessed day!

  17. Congratulations, Everyone! “See” you in B School!

  18. congrats!!! I feel so honored to be taking this course with such good company! so excited to get started and to make our mark in the world!

  19. Candas Ifama Barnes


    I am beyond thrilled about being in this year’s B-School class. I’s a totally phenomenal testament to your commitment and generosity that you’ve given 31 scholarships to the program. Wow! As I go through the program I plan to remember this and weave it into my business model. IMHO this is just one more way you are completely changing the DNA of business as we’ve known it. Rock on!!

  20. Congratulations to ALL the winners! These are some AMAZING people. I’m looking forward to seeing them featured in next year’s “live your dream” videos! What an exciting day this is!!!

  21. Big congratulations to all the winners – watched the entrants and they are all truly inspiring and well deserved winners. Wishing you all every success. Best Shelley @ LBD Boutique, Ireland

  22. Jesse Andersen

    Much Congratulations everyone! Right now there are women
    (and a couple of men) … Jumping for Joy …. Thanks for the
    opportunity to enter Marie, you are the best.

  23. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys are amazing! Can’t wait to work with all of you in BSCHOOL! Wooo hoo!

    We’re all winners really! We get to go to BSCHOOL!!


  24. I’m feeling warm inside looking at all these videos.
    So much hope, happiness and hard work coming from you all. It’s wonderful…

    This is also a great idea to give more scolarships this year, thank you for that, Marie!

    Congratulations to everybody! Happy dance!

  25. Nikki Collinson

    Oh my god……I’m shaking, I just burst into tears……I can’t stop crying! I’ve had the most awful last 2 years on a personal level and to be awarded this scholarship means the world to me! Thank you is really not enough!!!!! Marie you have no idea how significant this is for me…….thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’M GOING TO B-SCHOOL!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Congratulations Nikki! You won because you deserve it!
      I am astounded by all you have achieved with your charity as well as being a chiropractor and mum too. AMAZING! Hope this is the start of a new happier chapter for you, and may those big bucks come rolling your way fast to fund your dream life and grow your charity. Wishing you all the best!!

      • Nikki Collinson

        Thank you so much xx

    • Kerstin Medwin

      Congratulations Nikki!! I was really really moved by your video. I am also a chiropractor and have signed up for B-School. I am beyond excited to be a part of this amazing network of inspired people!! I am humbled to be able to participate in this journey and I am humbled by you and your work!!

  26. CONGRATS to all the winners! Ah-mazing videos. So honored to see how B-School has evolved over the past few years. Can’t wait to see how it goes for everyone. We are changing the world. Way to go Marie! xo

  27. Devi Bheem

    Congrats to everyone. Keep reaching and all the best

  28. Can’t believe I missed this! buaaaaaaa :´(

  29. Congratulations winners! I’m so excited for all of you. I was sad for a second that I wasn’t chosen as a winner. Then I realized that I could afford to go to B-School all on my own and maybe someone who won couldn’t. Yes, the universe knows and supports everything you truly need. I am so happy for all of you and I’ll see you in the members area.

    • I love you for your comment Michelle – many thanks!

    • Great attitude Michelle! You will be blessed for your humbleness. Looking forward to being entwined with so much talent!! Have a blessed day!

    • Evelyn Cassoli

      I totally agree with you, Michelle!!
      It’ll be great to share my thoughts with you!

  30. Congrats to you all! Wow…what a diverse group from all over the world! Rock it!

  31. Congratulations to an awesome group of people! I look forward to hearing the success stories later. 🙂 ~Angie

  32. Wow, I’m so inspired by these winners, their passion, sincerity, business ideas and creativity in creating these videos. I admire their courage to enter; its not easy to put your face on camera, ask for help and share your vision publically either. Bravo! MUCHAS GRACIAS MARIE for offering this wonderful opportunity to your global community and for sharing their entries with the rest of us. Sending love and luck to you all from me in Spain!
    P.S. I would love to see a follow up video to see how their businesses grow before you launch next year. That would be so cool!

  33. Paulina

    I can’t watch it cause I feel I’m gonna cry a lot.

  34. Well done to all the winners. I watched a few videos yesterday and I can’t imagine how hard it was to choose just 31 out of the 600. Of all the great videos I watched yesterday I only see one here, so I know the competitons was tough.

    You are all worthy of the fantastic opportunity. Make the most of it and I wish you every success for your business.

  35. Hey everyone, Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you all and looking forward to joining the BSchool community next time around. You guys rock!

  36. Feeling very inspired in viewing the winners. And feeling very supported and renewed from simply entering this contest. Congrats to all the winners and thank you Marie Forleo and team!

  37. Ahhhhh! So excited to see the winners! Congrats to everyone. 🙂 Best part is that I found myself on the list and almost let out a scream on the very crowded bus this morning. Thank you so much for this opportunity Marie!

  38. Very inspiring videos! I personally loved Kitara R. Wilson’s “inner child”. I think that little girl should win a scholarship, too! She’s a little super star!

  39. nema

    You are so incredible! Most beautiful! My heart is deeply touched by you. Love it!!

  40. Liza Dunkel

    WOW — thank you for posting these videos! Watching them made me so happy and INSPIRED. I don’t know the form yet that my business will take…but all of you scholarship recipients have thrilled me with inspiration. It is so cool to see who’s in Bschool with me.

    • Jewels Bertrand

      Wow, I’m so inspired by all of these fabulous stories. Some of them have me crying like a baby. I can’t wait to take this journey with all of you walk the path to our highest dreams!!!

  41. Congratulations to all of the wonderful winners! I am especially pleased to see my good friend Ferris Jay who is a wonderful energy worker and very passionate about helping animals and their owners. Go Ferris, this is the start of much bigger things for you! x

  42. A big Congratulations to all of the winners!!! We all have such an important story and mission and it is so wonderful to see Marie’s generosity!!

    I am happy to be participating on the sidelines and so happy to have found Marie, B School, and this supportive circle!!

  43. This Kansas girl is doing the HAPPY DANCE!

    Thank you for the scholarship… I can’t express the deep well of my gratitude.

    I know it’s going to be an awesomely intense couple of weeks but I’m totally psyched for the challenge…

    See you at B-School!

  44. Martina

    LOVE your choice of Winners:) Such an inspiration. All of the lovely people showed me that from now on I will not fear to fully open my heart and mind to serve my best:) Thank to you Marie and all your helpers:)

  45. Danielle Clymer

    Congratulations! These videos were amazing… and I am so excited to start B-school with all of you in a few short weeks! Rock on.

  46. Congratulations!! Watching these videos is making me jump for joy! It is so wonderful and inspiring to see such heart, passion, and desire to change the world for the better. I am beyond excited to begin B-school, and to sharing the experience with these beautiful people!
    Thank you Marie and Team!!

  47. Biggest congratulations to everyone xoxo

  48. Paulina

    Yep, 4th video and already crying, It’s soo moving.

    • LOL – love you Paulina! Now you know how WE felt all week 🙂

  49. OMG Marie, I’m crying, I’m shaking and I’m in tears as I write this! I can’t believe I’m a b-school scholar. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m absolutely in shock.

    This means everything to me and I’m absolutely speech less right now.

    Thank you so so much. And a massive hug to all the amazing women who entered- you’re all unbelievably inspiring and inspiring. See you in b-school! xxx

  50. Congratulations to everyone who put themselves out there! Some incredibly inspiring folks here, can’t wait to see you all achieve your dreams!

  51. CONGRATS to EVERYONE!!! Big Thank you to Marie and her team for watching all of these videos and their dedication to make a positive change!!!! annnnd that had to be SOOO cool and WAY inspiring to watch and soak in!
    Big hug and bigger loves sent your way! Bcool Bschool.

  52. Awesome videos! Great job, everyone!

  53. Wiping away tears, so inspiring, I’m so grateful to be going through the training with these people

  54. Aja

    OMG. THANK YOU Marie and team and everyone! I’m so grateful for this opportunity! I’m so excited for everyone and all the wonderful work we are doing!


    And congratulations to everyone!

    • Congratulations! Looking forward to a great B-School 2013!!! Have a blessed day!!

  55. MARIE!!! THIS IS SO FLIPPIN INCREDIBLE!!!! 😀 I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU GAVE AWAY SO MANY SCHOLARSHIPPPPSSSS 😀 I’m totally happy for ALLLL of the winners – SO inspired! I’ve only watched the first 12 or so, will have to come back to watch more – but i just wanted you to know that i’m TOTALLY KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT MAKING A VIDEO!!! 😀 I think everyone who thought about it but didn’t just learned a real good lesson 😉 I know i did! ALWAYS GO FOR IT – ALWAYS BELIEVE! Thanks for always teaching us Marie – even in ways you may not have expected <3 *tears* *big hugs* *love*

  56. Pamela

    Congratulations to the winners. Well deserved. I hope to make my video for the next launch because I am in the same spot as Jenna Richards was. I am 60 years young and time be pushing on. However, I do believe in this company and by this time next year or sooner. I will be joining the ranks. Thanks to you and your staff Marie you are so loved and appreciated. I look forward to all of your information. I will get there!:)

    • Pamela, don’t give up! I am 61.6 years young and live by putting the life in my years not just the years in my life!! Look forward to being B-School alumni with you!!! Have a blessed day!

  57. Rakel

    Fantastic! Congratulations to all! You are rocking inspiring!

  58. Wow. This is an amazing array of wonderful and inspiring people. Thank you Marie for sharing and for your generosity!!!

  59. Way to go winners! You are in such good hands. Well done!

  60. Caryn Josepher

    Wow, this group is amazing!! Congrats to all the scholarship winners!! You’re an inspiration to me 🙂

  61. Congratulations!! great and inspiring videos! see you all in B School!! 🙂

  62. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    31 scholarships! Awesome!!! Congratulations to everyone who won & Marie thank you for the opportunity & all of the great info & love you put out into the world!

  63. Congrats to all of the fabulous winners!!! I am so happy this contest pushed me out of my comfort zone to get in front of the camera. I didn’t win this year, but I believe if I do some hardcore manifesting, I will make B-School happen this year. We have over 100,000 followers through instagram and facebook that really need me to get our message for healthy living into more lives, and I believe B-School can make that happen for our community. A million hugs to the winners. You all rock!!!

  64. Congrats everyone! This looks like an amazing course!!!

  65. A BIG congratulations to ALL of the winners!
    You are amazing and inspiring.

    And Prue, I was hoping you would win, too!
    Your video was so touching.

    ENJOY every moment!


  66. Heather K

    These are some of the most inspirational messages I’ve heard in a long time. I’m truly honored (and VERY excited) to join these amazing people in B School this year!!! Together WE are changing the world, building a brighter future for others & of course making $$$ & looking good doing it!!!

  67. Mahoooosive congratulations to all the B School Scholarship winners! Whoop whoop! Can’t wait to see where you all are a little way down the road! 🙂

  68. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I am so excited I am shaking!!!!

  69. Congrats to the winners. I remember going through some of the videos when I was looking for inspiration to make mine and I saw Carolina & Constanza and thought it was the cutest video ever and hoped they would win. As much as I would have loved to make it through, I am looking forward to trying again for the scholarship next year. I learned a lot just from finally forcing myself to make a video so I am thankful for the experience, regardless of the outcome.

    • Keep trying Lisa! Your growth this year will intensify your success next year at B-School. Blessings….

  70. Leslie

    Congratulations to the scholarship winners! I can’t wait to watch all of your videos and cheer you on! I’ll be your classmate in B-School as well!

  71. Heidi Skye

    Such inspiration!! thanks for posting 🙂

  72. Congratulations to the scholarship recipients!! I am so inspired by your videos…I can’t imagine how hard it was for the team to make their decisions!! You are all so talented and worthy of this life changing experience! Never forget your WHY!!!! Looking forward to being classmates at B-School 2013!!!! Have a blessed day!!

  73. Pam Grieco

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!!
    Have a great time in B-school – can’t wait to get home and watch all the videos – fun!

  74. Amazing! Congratulations everyone!! I can’t wait to call you all classmates, ‘cuz I’m signing up!

    Love and health,
    Dr. Tonia

  75. Marie!
    You and your team are awesome. This is such a great diverse and unique group of winners. Thank you for giving back. For that, you have been blessed over and over. Two thumbs up!

  76. Wow, congrats to all the scholarship winners!

    That is super cool. 😀

  77. Wantreprelearner. Gotta remember that word, LOL!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  78. Congrats to all the yummy awesome ladies whose moment this is, seize it!!!!!! 🙂

  79. Venessa Rodriguez — I had full body chills while watching your beautiful video. You’re an inspired angel walking the earth. So excited to see where you’ll go!! Congratulations on the scholarship! <3

    Congratulations to ALL the winners. I'm already more inspired than I was yesterday just getting to know a little snipit of what you're all about! Can't wait to join the ranks tomorrow when I sign up for B School! 🙂

  80. Africa Archield

    Congratulations to all the winners! I know you will make the world so much better than you found it!

  81. Angelica Gaudinez

    This was so inspiring to read and watch. . . and totally sent me over the edge and gave me the final push to join. It’s so nice to feel like I’ve found a place where I think I could fit it: where kindness is just as important as intelligence and business smarts. Congrats to all winners, and Thank you to Marie Forleo and team for being so generous. I’ve been researching this for many months now, and after reading the Kris Carr and Danielle Laporte emails and this, I know that this is where I belong! Pulling my funds together and will definitely be enrolling 🙂

  82. Caroline Frenette Master Intuitive Coach

    Congratulations to all the winners! WOW. Such an amazing community of movers & shakers that will impact the world in such a magical + powerful way.


  83. Congratulations!!! Blown away by all the winners, wow, so freaking inspiring. Marie, you continue to be hugely generous! Just wow.

  84. Congratulation to everyone guys, was fun to watch your videos ;-). Wish you all a lot of luck and a lot of success! Marie thank you so much for inspiring me and give me some idea how to manage my journey to changing peoples lives too. So glad I found you !!!! Best of LUCK and a lot of LOVE !!!

  85. Ngoc Khong

    Congratulations to the winners! Your videos are all inspiring. So excited that you’re doing B-school. <3

  86. Congrats to the winners! Such a big community of inspiring people! Thank you all! Amazing!!

  87. WOW, what an amazing and inspiring group of winners! Congratulations, everyone! I can’t wait to see what you all do.

  88. There is so much inspiration and passion on these videos a case study could be created from this!

    Big, massive congratulations to everyone who participated and looking forward to see what these people are really capable of doing!


    PS. Extra points for having two amazing Mexicans representing! (sorry couldn’t resist lol)

  89. Super bummed I didn’t get it, but super excited for all the winners. Tried to set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $ for B-School, but they only accept projects. If anyone knows of a platform that I can try to raise $ on – please let me know! Otherwise, I’m going further in credit card debt…but it sounds like it will be worth it.


    • Mari

      Congrats Rodrigo! You’re going to kick a**!

  91. What a awesome bunch! I’m delighted to be going B-School with all of you this year!!! Wohooo and Success to us all!

  92. Amazing! Congratulations to everyone. I am so excited that there are so many women (and men… peanut butter and jelly!) giving so much of themselves, their creativity and kindness to this ole world. I love it!

  93. Kathy Kuzniar

    I thought I was going to be really sad if I didn’t win a scholarship but I just took a breath and reminded myself that I made a freaking video…of myself…talking about my passion…showing tremendous vulnerability… and I made it available for the world to see. I’ve already won! Thanks Marie and team for the huge push, the encouragement and MUCHO inspiration.

    Congratulations to all the winners! I want to be a part of your community. This whole experience of pursuing B-School is making me feel better and better about the state of our world and where we’re all headed… together.

    I’m going to figure out a way to pay for B-School! Hopefully I’ll see you there! Peace.

  94. Ashley

    Yay! Jenna! I am so DANG happy for you EH?
    Maria! My friend Jenna is SO ready for B-School. She is already HOT and doing the work. B-School will introduce her to a way of thinking and being that will propel her success forward 100%.

    Maria. Thank you so much for offering these scholarships! To everyone who won! Congratulations! Do something amazing!

  95. HUGE Congratulations to all of you fantastic people! So many of you have touched my hearts through your video message.

    Wishing you loads of fun, and great success!

    I might still join you this year, but if not, I’ll be on the list for the next one. That’s a promise! 🙂


  96. Rosalie

    Congratulations winners!! You guys rock! Good luck in B-school.

  97. Wow, these people are gonna rock it! I see why you picked them. Congratulations to all these passionate, amazing, and inspirational entrepreneurs. The world needs you all.

    I don’t have the funds now to do B-school and I know there’s a reason for it. I am now one of your dedicated fans and will stay open for when the time is ready.

    Thank you Marie for showing us all what is possible.

  98. So thrilled for you all, and so excited to welcome you to this wonderful community!

  99. I’m so super excited for all the winners! Congratulations!!! Love the variety and the international flare!! I’m inspired by all of you! Thanks to you all and thank you Marie and Team! xo


  100. Andrea Nunez

    Super bummed I didn’t get a scholarship but I am wiping myself up off the floor after watching these AWESOME videos from the winners! You all totally deserve this and I’m truly happy for you! And you know what? I’m going to figure out a way to join you for B-School this year – I cannot wait to be a part of this amazing community!!

    Love and success to you all!!!

  101. Congratulations to all of the B School scholarship winners. Each and every one of you is so very deserving of this incredible opportunity. I truly enjoyed watching all of your videos. I wish you all of the success in the world and enjoy your time learning from one of the most inspirational women I have ever come across.

  102. Congrats to all the winners. This was definitely an amazing experience for me, even thought I didn’t win! I had over 2,300 views on my video! <3

    If you guys want to check it out, (I'm really proud of it!):

  103. Congrats! So excited for you all! Great videos and this is just the beginning of something great!

  104. Tatiana

    Big Congratulations to all!! I am single-woman-show-entrepreneur in Spain and watching you means so much to my heart. It is to watch that New World is not only possible but it’s actually happening!!! YYUUHHHUU!! Looking forward to next Bschool! Thank you Marie and everybody!

  105. Amber

    Congratulations to all the beautiful winners!!

  106. A year ago I was telling my sister and the boyfriend I had at the time, that I was going to take join B-school in 2013, and this could not have come in a better moment, really. This means the world to me and I plan to take advantage of every bit of knowledge, advice and experiences that will come from B-school.
    Thank you Marie and team, and to every single person that sent positive vibes, hugs, views and lattes.


  107. YMS

    Many congrats to all the winners! I did apply, and still trying to find a way to make this happen. I know it is aligned and the outcome is always the one that is best. Congrats to all of you again, you have great ideas that will change the world.

  108. Emely De Leon

    You were not kidding when you said that we’d fall in love with the sisters from Chile. They are super cute and awesome lover their spark. I’m glad to see Bex made it, I follow her blog. Even more I am truely glad that this group of inspiring ladies are getting a chance to go to your school. One day (soon) it will be me. Good luck to all! I’m sure you don’t need it tho

  109. Maria Malbas

    Congratulations to all of the winners! It’s so inspiring to see all of the individual ideas and dreams out there, and the people behind them. I’m excited for all of the applicants to the program, not just the scholarship winners: B-School is a treasure trove of information that will help you realize your goals and dreams. It doesn’t get more exciting than that!!!

  110. Holy lovin’ GRATITUDE…this gives me goosebumps! Thank you Marie Forleo. This moment reflects to me the importance of sticking with your dream no matter what! I am pinching myself! I stayed up all night working on a book deadline listening to tons of your videos. I’m so grateful to have a teacher like you. There was so much I wanted to say in my video…this has been a lifetime in the making. I’m looking forward to inspiring other people through this gift. Wow. Wow. and WOW. Love your energy and how you’ve lit the way for tens of thousands of women. Also, I’m so happy to see Leanne on the list. When I came across her video, my heart swelled with joy. Bex and I are already teaming up to do an interview and I’ve been trying on some of her workouts in between production! Soul sisters overnight. Ha. We all started a B-School community over on facebook and are supporting each other in this journey. This community is precious. I feel so lucky. It’s been so worth it. Whew!!!! Dance party time….so much love and appreciation, Molly Hahn aka mollycules

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Hey girl! Write us at [email protected] so that we can get you set up with your B-School Membership.
      So excited for you to rock it out,

  111. ♥♥♥♥♥Congratulations to all of the winners! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  112. congratulation to all these beautiful people! And thank you, Marie for such a generous number of scholarships!! wonderfully changing the world.

  113. Congratulations everyone….B School Rocks!!!! WHoo!!! Hooo!!!

  114. Evelyn Cassoli

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!
    These were so inspirational videos and really spoke to me.
    I’m so happy for you all!!!
    I have to admit I was a little sad in the beginning for not have won,
    but I was so thrilled about watching all you guys there,
    and realized I will be among so many warm-hearted and passionate people, I feel blessed I will meet you and will love to share my thoughts and support with you!
    I’m also very grateful I realized I’m able to afford it and really agree with what Michelle Sears says in the comments above!
    See you all in B-School!!

  115. Congrats everyone! I miss a good Marie Forleo video contest. Aren’t they fun to do?

    Signed the Erica Kane of Marie Forleo video contests;-)

  116. WOW…..31 scholarships awarded! Congratulations to all of your who won. Although my first reaction was sadness because we didn’t win, I quickly stopped that thought and said NO….this is not going to stop me. Some how, some way I am going to find a way to go to B-School this year. This mama’s got some work to do! See you in B-School ladies!!!!!


    • I’m right there with you Alesha! This is an awesome opportunity, and I’m going to get real creative and find a way to make it happen this year! INTENTION! See you in B-School! 🙂

  117. What an amazing blessing. Congratulations and enjoy B-school. I am expecting amazing things out of all of you!

  118. Ann

    This is so awesome! I love that you give scholarships to such a wide variety of people from all over the world. This is an amazing thing that you are doing, leading to everyday revolution in people’s lives.

  119. Awesome to see how many people are shining so bright! A wonderful collection of inspiration right here – so happy you posted all of the videos!

  120. Congrats to all the amazing vid winners! I loved watching all the love, passion and desire in this group! I can’t wait to join a great group and start a new chapter in my business!!! Love to all!

  121. Joi

    Unbelievable! Congratulations to all! *Kicks myself for not entering* So awesome that you awarded so many people.

  122. Marie Powell

    Marie and Team,

    Your scholarship picks were AWESOME! Congratulations to all the winners! I now see why I was not picked but I still believe B-School is right for me :-D!!!!

    Hopefully, I can figure out the moola to get in before the deadline! Thanks for pushing me past my comfort zone by doing the YouTube video…ironically I teach how to use social media for marketing a business and now I understand why some of my students are afraid to embrace this wonderful media we have to bring our business to life…locally & globally!

    Hope to see you in B-School 2013!

  123. Where to start? Congratulations to all these women (and a few amazing men) who had the courage to put themselves out there to make their dreams come true!
    Last year I was in the same place as you: I had big dream and a big vision and no idea of how to manifest it in the world. I trusted that if my message was going to help others, I would be guided to make it spread. Then B-School showed up into my life and EVERYTHING changed. I really can’t explain how much value I’ve got from it: from a dozen of clients, to a network that got me my first speaking agent and probably my first book agent as well! (we’ll know in a few days 🙂
    Now my message will be passed to the world in big ways, as I envisioned. B-School gave me every single tool to put my business into action and to become profitable! It also gave me friendships that I am beyond grateful to have.
    Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! I am so proud to see so many Latin people! Bienvenidas chicas! Bienvenido Rodrigo!
    Congratulations to anyone who had made the commitment to join this program. Be ready to change your life!
    Besos and endless abundance!

  124. Olga

    Hey Marie, I am astonned by this videos and incredible people and the things they do, they love. Wow! I have goose bumps, some videos made me cry, some made me laugh. What a wonderful people you get to meet, girl. I’m jealous. Because I love people, and I also want to help people and make a huge difference in this world just like you. I hope next time I will have a chance to join B-school just to see what is going on in there, just to have fun and meet you and all these incredible people. At this very moment I’m attending Brendon Bruchard Experts academy and B-school is next. And I can’t wait!!!
    You are amazing!!!

  125. Your videos were Fabulous ~ Congratulations to everyone who won!!! Thanks for sharing all you do Marie!

  126. Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who had the courage to send in a video! I cant wait to watch the winning videos and be inspired. I am very grateful to be a part of the B-School community. I feel encouraged, supported, motivated and INSPIRED. Thank you! ~ Myria

  127. Congrats, Everyone! I am super jealous, but you all really deserve it! Looks like I will be pulling from my retirement to be able to join you. I am sure it will be worth the hit. I am very excited, and will see you all at B School!! 🙂

    ~ Tracy

  128. Pia K

    Wow. These videos moved me to tears. Go chile girls! Go Molly! Go Bernadette & Hans! Go Venessa! Go Carlton! Congratulations to all the recipients. How inspiring you are.

  129. Congrats to all of the recipients! Obviously I’m disappointed that I didn’t win a scholarship (especially when I put so much heart, time and energy into it) but I’m happy for those who did. You all deserve it! See you all in B-School in 2014, God willing. 🙂

  130. I thought I was dreaming. I refreshed the page ten times being afraid my name somehow disappear from the list. I haven’t been that happy for a long time. Thank you, Marie and all B-school team! I know now what a single action can do. Love you all!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Drop us an email at [email protected] so we can get you all set up with your B-School Membership.
      So excited for you,

  131. Jasmin

    “I am going to do this” vs “You can’t afford it” are at battle in my head. Until now. I so want to be part of a community with these amazing people. “I am going to do this” has just won the match. Hells yes!!
    Thank you, CONGRATS and see you on the inside!

  132. I am so overcome with joy that I refuse to be disappointed or sad for not being selected as a B-School scholarship winner!

    EVERY single scholarship winner DESERVES to have won this scholarship, and I’m so excited to join in with many others in sending a heartfelt congratulations to each of you!!! I cried, I laughed, I sat in amazement watching each vid – My hat off to each of you! Sending you love, light, amazing energy, and lots of blessings as you embark on what I’m confident will be an amazing journey and turning point in your lives AND business! 🙂 <3

    I only recently discovered Marie and B-School (that was all kinds of a divine set-up) but in that short time I've discovered the truths and power of Marie and this amazing Online Business School!!! This contest caused me to step out of my comfort zone, to push even further, and to trust more, and I can't help but think that wouldn't have happened if not for Marie, so thank you so much Marie! You are such a beautiful, amazing, wildly talented, and generous spirit!

    I know that my life's purpose. I know that I'm called and chosen. I know that B-School is what I need…. So, I BELIEVE that I will get there… Believe that!
    ELLEvate NOW! Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

    • Agreed. Forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone (put together a video with a limited amount of time) — AND get my message out in 90 seconds was a HUGE challenge. It reignited my love for putting together presentations and “teaching” in a creative way. Plus, I got to dust off my PowerPoint skills. lol So even though I didn’t “win” this scholarship and had huge challenges getting it finished exactly how I wanted it done (and naturally am super bummed out — I keeps it real!! lol) – I still feel like I won something. I know that we can really do ANYTHING we want – if we put our mind to it.

      Best wishes to you Elle and everyone who is taking this course.

      • Evelyn Cassoli

        I totally agree with your comments Elle and Thea! I’m usually so very shy, and I think this course has given me the first lesson just before it started!! I really had to push myself to get out of my comfort zone as well, and for me it was such a blessing for having done the vid!! I’m feeling so much happier just to have put myself out there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    • I agree Elle! I was a little sad at first, but am so PROUD of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone, working hard at something and putting myself out there. Gotta keep believing 🙂 So I’m keeping my chin up & am going to continue spreading my passion!

      Plus, all of these videos are EXTREMELY inspiring and oh so deserving!

  133. Leanne

    I EXPERIENCED THIS STATEMENT: “One of the best things we have in life is each other — and the power of this community” by Marie.

    And though it’s ‘congrats comments’ in here I want to just want to express my joy – here, there Spontaneous speech to WINNING SCHOLARSHIP to B-School, and everywhere!

    • Evelyn Cassoli

      Congratulations, Leanne!!!!!
      Love your video and energy!!!
      I know I’ll love to share my thoughts and my support ; )
      This is so great!!!!
      See you in B-School!

  134. Susan

    So inspirational! Congratulations!

  135. Jill Nikolai

    These folks are truly inspirational and will change the world. Thank you.

  136. Audrey

    After watching these, I really regret not making a video </3 Next year!! 🙂

  137. CK

    Wow, these videos are SO amazing- I can’t believe all the inspiring, exciting projects here. Good luck ladies and men- you are going to do awesome :)))

  138. Patsy

    Totally inspiring! Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, and HUGE thanks to you, Marie. I am certain these recipients will change the world (they already have) — I am signing up for B-SCHOOL today!

  139. Congrats to all the lucky ladies who made it into the program. 🙂 Have fun!

  140. Vanessa

    Congratulations to all of you! Awesome videos! Can’t wait to interact with you in BSchool!

  141. Congrats to all you lucky winners!
    Sadly I can’t join you, but I do wish you all success!

  142. This is stellar! Thank you so much, Marie – I’m looking forward to the program so much!

  143. DaceYoga (Tracie DiMaio)

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners! I wish you all the best in all your businesses

  144. Congrats your all so AWESOME!!!

  145. Huge Congratulations to all the winners! I’m so happy for you and so mad at myself for not getting mine done in time. You have a lot to be proud of. Hope to join your ranks soon! Much love from a fellow entrepreneur!
    Marie, keep rocking it like you do. 🙂


  146. Congratulations everyone!! Such wonderfully inspiring videos, many had me in tears. I hope all your dreams come true!!

    Can’t wait for B-school to start!! 😀

  147. Ana

    Fantastic and inspiring videos!!!

  148. Elaine Adams

    Woohoo, major congratulations to all. Soooo inspiring! Women rock! Xxx

  149. What an incredible showcase of talented women (& men)
    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Rock on with your sassy selves 😉

    ¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’*~ Lee*

  150. Wow! You are ALL so deserving. Congratulations!!!

  151. Welcome ladies! These were awesome! LOVED the inner child one — beautiful!!! 🙂

  152. Wow Maria. I can’t imagine how you feel seeing so many remarkable people submitting such heart centered and amazing applications. Good for you and of course great for the winners. Power to you girl!

  153. HOLY COW!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
    Everyone here is so bloody amazing, I LOVE IT 🙂 You guys light up the world 🙂 Super love and super congratulations! 🙂

  154. Rachel Walker

    I am absolutely blown away. You all are incredible. Every single one of you deserved to win, and I had so much fun watching all of your videos. A shout out to the men – you STEPPED up and beyond, and what a fantastic example you’ve set for those that follow your footsteps. I can’t express that enough! To the rest of the applicants, PLEASE know that you took a step towards your dream and the world is always listening. It may not be your time right now, but there are amazing things to come if you just believe :). Bring on B-School 2014! 🙂

  155. Amy

    Congrats to all of the amazing winners and to all of those who submitted! What an exciting journey and honor to be in it with you!

  156. Big HUGS and smiles and encouragement for those who didn’t get the scholarship. I watched so many wonderful women open up their hearts and share their passions… bravo! An applause for them too!! 🙂

    I am enrolling and can’t wait to learn it all from Marie and to meet everyone in this fantastic community of HIGHLY motivated entrepreneurs!

    Marie – You are the most divine diva of them all, the most empowering role model for young women. Love you and your mission!

    XoXo from London (UK)


  157. These submissions are awesome.

    congrats to all winners BUT

    Thank you thank you thank you to team forleo for choosing my very talented friend Amalie to join me for B-School.

    I was already very excited but now B-school is going to be even more awesome.

  158. Cindy

    Congratulations Ladies….I am so excited for you! Your videos have really inspired me….now, go…MAKE SOME MONEY and CHANGE THE WORLD…I’ll be right behind you…still trying to discover my second career passion.

  159. Saima Ali

    Marie!! Thank you so so much, I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to receive this opportunity to learn from you and connect with a community of amazingly inspiring women! 🙂 This was my very first time creating and submitting a video online, and I was having weird stomach cramps about it all week (not to mention the dreams)!! Lol.

    Congratulations to all the winners… can’t wait for B-School to start!

  160. Wow, you are all soooo amazing! You absolutely deserve the scholarships and I can see what a great difference you have made and will make in the world. Your light is shining and it will only shine brighter with B-School.
    Way to Go! xoxoTiffany

  161. Seema

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! I can’t wait to start B-School with this amazingly inspiring group of peeps – together we will change the world!

    Thanks Marie for the opportunity to win a scholarship!! While I didn’t win, when there’s a will….there’s a way! 🙂

  162. Congratulations! I cannot wait to try this next year! ;o)

  163. Aileen Irias

    Wow! It’s watching these videos makes me think how much “amazingness” there is in WOMEN. So impressed, ladies. Congratulations!

  164. It seems like only yesterday this contest was announced last year, over 400 people entered and ten were chosen to attend.

    TODAY, I stand in awe of the over 600 people that applied and the WHOPPING 31 that got their seats!! I am not too surprised though, Marie, is that kinda gal- always ready to GIVE.

    When I speak of Marie and my B-School experience to anyone, I tell them that what stood out to me the most is how EMBEDDED being of service is, within the program.

    There are so many naysayers who love to talk smack about the fact that people in the personal development field don’t care one bit about the people they service and it used to make me really upset.

    Now, I just bless them, it must be hard being that cynical about the world.

    The point is 🙂

    When I first learned about Marie & B-School it happened in one fail swoop. I hadn’t been a follower of her work, so it was all brand new to me.

    Now almost a year later, I have had a front row seat to the growth of her reach and to be honest I am actually more happy for the year’s winners than I was for myself- I remember what it felt like and my heart swells to know
    31 people got to feel that too!

    Being a part of this community- changes me daily. I see countless examples of women coming together in support of each other and it makes me grateful to know that much LOVE can stem from one place.

    I look forward to doing B-School again this year- to expand my learning and to simply be among the gorgeous flowing energy of these babes!

    Congrats to all the winners- I am overjoyed for you and excited for your journey.

    and thank you Marie, for giving so much of yourself to us-
    may every round of B-School always exceed the next, it is most deserved.

    with grace,


  165. Congratulations to all the winners. What an inspiring bunch! Being part of this competition has really ignited my need for action and I am totally inspired and on the path to making my dreams into a reality. I’m so grateful to have found you Marie. It’s so touching to hear everyone’s stories and desire to change the world! Makes me twinkle inside!

  166. I am so inspired and HUMBLED by the scholarship winners! Can’t wait to learn alongside each of you as we all make the world a better place and take our businesses to the next level! Congrats all!

  167. Dan Murray

    Nice Rodrigo!

  168. So impressed with these videos, congratulations to all the winners!

    I especially love Buddha Doodles!

  169. Marie, You are amazing. HOWEVER, it is the PROMISE of hanging out with all the off-the-hook BRILLIANT PEOPLE that got me to sign up. Thank you!

    Big congrats and hugs to the winners!!! Love, Light & Lucre!!!!

  170. Congratulations to all the winners! Well- deserved. Even though I am disappointed about not winning, it was a great experience to do something that I never would have otherwise done. It was exciting and built momentum for our business. So I’m taking away some good stuff and a fun video to boot! Thanks Marie!

  171. This gives me a lot of hope for the world, makes me happy 🙂

  172. Wow – I was so inspired by all of you. Great job!

    Marie I can’t begin to imagine how dificult this choice must of been – 600 videos of beautiful heart felt entrepreneurs. You did good – these folks and videos are awesome!

  173. Linda Chaousis

    Congratulations to all the winners! Even though I did not win the scholarship, I discovered an unexpected tax refund that almost paid the whole tuition-the universe knows what its doing. But even more exciting than that is I have been looking for a few charities that I can put in my ‘business visioning’ as ones that I will donate to when my on line business takes off through B School. Prue Barber’s BARC is perfect and is a good companion to Soi Dog in Thailand that I sponsor. Since BARC is a ‘just starting’ charity, I’ll spread the word among my mailing list and have already made a donation to help them build their adoption centre and will keep an eye on opportunities to help when and how I can. This made me think that these videos may inspire other B School students to add some of the charities here to their ‘giving back’ plans. Looking forward to B School and getting to know all the wonderful people in the B School community!

  174. Tania Marchand

    Congrats!!! I just watched every winning videos and I am so excited to see you all in the B-School!!! You are fantastic 😉

  175. Kristine Ara

    Congratulations to all the winners!;) It was a great inspiration to watch all of them!

  176. Oh my goodness… congrats to all those who applied, and congrats to all those who won!! How exciting… and a special congrats to Shirley [email protected] Food I can eat from my home town in Ottawa!! xoxo

  177. Andrea

    OMG!! You’re all so inspiring! Congratulations!! And specially for my 2 fellow mexican gals! Un abrazo desde Oaxaca!! I’m glad you all made it 🙂 I’m still gonna try it out next year 🙂 Congrats and I’ll see you on the next Marie Tv show! HUGS from Mexico!

  178. Ann Ritter

    Thank you thank you, thank you! You are one amazing powerful force in this universe. I so enjoyed listening to all these amazing people out there trying to reach their goals. These voices would have gone unheard if it wasn’t for you! I don’t think you know just what an impact you are having on people or perhaps you do. It is so heart satisfying knowing someone like you is making such a wonderful impact on the world.
    Do you know Mark Crowley? If not check him out….”Leading from the Heart” I would love to see you two on a lecture tour!!
    Best of everything,
    Ann R, 🙂

  179. Chris

    Cogratulations all winners!!! I like so many others will not be able to attend the B-School this year, but hopefully next year. I am glad that so many were able to get scholarships. Enjoy! I know you guys are gonna love it! Can’t wait to hear about all the success stories.

  180. CONGRATZ to all the winners, you’re gonna rock B-school! And for all the contestants who didn’t get the scholarship (including me)…you know we didn’t lose.This just shows everybody and us how we are willing to fight for what we believe in and that we are willing to do whatever it takes to make our dream become reality. To everyone I say this….Never let go! When you keep holding on that’s what makes you a true Winner!

  181. Ladies and Gents, Congratulations! I didn’t get a scholarship but I’m so happy you did and I’m so happy to meet you because I’m gonna sign up anyway! I can’t afford not to. So stoked for us, cheers to our future endeavours, learning, growing, sharing and knowing that we’re in this together trying to make a positive difference in the world and live our lives fully! Sweet!

  182. wow!! congratulations on all these fantastic & awesome videos- they really moved me!! thx marie for such an inspiring idea- cant wait to see where youre gonna bring all these- courageous women – good job!!

  183. Susana

    OMG, what an amazing group of people!!… all the videos where so so so inspiring!! I am already enrolled in Bschool and super happy.

  184. Kristen Strate

    I watched every single video and found such inspiration! I’m so happy for each of these applicants to be attending B-School. I know that their great ideas will make the world a better place. Congratulations!

  185. ashlee

    Congrats to all the winners! I knew it was a long shot, but it was worth it. Thank you so much for watching my video Marie and Team Forleo!

  186. Hi Marie and all B-School Winners Scholars,

    Congratulations to all the winners! I know this B-School will really help your business out way beyond you will be expected. I am about to enroll also but it’s okay, I will apply next year.

    Marie, thank you so much for giving us inspiration from all your videos, they are really helpful. I am from the Philippines, and online business here is quite new and fresh. Through your videos (Q&A Tuesday- i love it) I am inspired to work on with my passion- which is inspiring women to know and love their self. I’m so happy seeing all the scholarship winners. Thank you Marie and all your staff for a life changing you are all doing. You have a big heart. Godbless you!

    More Power to B-School!

  187. I cry at videos of animals and any airline and telephone adverts showing families reconnecting. Don’t need to tell you how I reacted to these stirring clips. Really excited to know that these souls are connecting to our new B-school family and that they will get the chance to share their gifts and ideas with the world when they might otherwise not get that chance. See how powerful your work is Marie and how you change the quality of people’s lives with your work? You’re a gem and thanks for giving these guys the chance to be gems-in-progress. Love you all B-school sisters! xxx

  188. Congratulations to everyone! I look forward to being part of this and the greater community. Thanks for your inspiration!

  189. This is so beautiful and wonderful… I teared up a bit.

  190. Christy Lafferty

    Congratulations to EVERYONE who both won a scholarship and just got up the courage to submit a video! I am so encouraged by seeing all the amazing things that people are doing all around the world to make people’s lives better!

    Also, Marie, PLEASE make a correction. In video #15, of Rodrigo Flamenco, he does NOT represent South American men since he does NOT live in South America. He lives in El Salvador, in CENTRAL America, a region of the world that is too often forgotten about, overlooked or dismissed. I live here as well (in Nicaragua) and I am SO proud that Rodrigo is representing for CENTRAL America!!! ¡Suerte hombre con todo! Tal vez te puedo buscar para cuando diseñe mi página web!

  191. Congratulations to the 31 winners and I would like to congratulate Marie on designing this competition. I entered the competition and whilst I wasn’t a formal winner, creating the video was an awesome experience. It certainly challenged me to go way out of my comfort zone but more importantly it gave me a clarity about my business that had been lacking. This insight alone made me a winner and I am extremely grateful. To everyone else who entered the competition I would like to say congratulations because you are a winner just for entering the competition. It defines you as a person of courage and commitment. Big group cosmic hug to you all.

  192. Thanks Marie for making the B-School Class of 2013 all the richer, through the participation of these inspiring and engaging women and men. I look forward to learning from them all along this thrilling ride!

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  194. Reba Charleston

    Congratulations everyone! Wow, I loved all the creativity and stories of passion. I’m so happy for you all, and see ya in B-School! 🙂

  195. Dear Marie,
    thanks for posting all the videos, it is great to see the energy of women out there all over the world.

    NOW here is what I am thinking.
    Listening to Leanne Richards-Williams video I would like to contribute a resource for her and all other women who want to learn tech skills.

    There is a Corporate Social Responsibility Program that is doing exactly that and can be the door for getting the Tech Education needed to change people’s life. The program runs in more than 165 countries, so cooperating with you on this could make an impact that I can not even imagine …

    What I find really special about such a cooperation with you is that with we could do this on a personal level. This is what I like to do beside my job – coach people on a very individual level to understand the potential they have and motivate them to go for their happiness.

    I am on your mailing list – lets work on this!


  196. Congratulations to all of the winners! I did submit a video but have really learned a lot from each of you to improve my authentic voice. You all have inspired me. I am happy to know there are such amazing people in the world doing incredibly awesome things. I hope to be part of the B School community and see you there. Very happy and proud of you all!!!
    Lisa Upshaw

  197. Lisa

    How inspiring – I loved watching all of these videos. They made me smile, laugh, get a little teary – the whole range.

    I’ve been following Marie for a little while now and am going through some shifts in my own life – making the transition, reinventing…you all know the drill. But…I know I’m not ready yet – So, Marie – make sure you run B-School next year, cuz I’m a gonna be there!!!!!!

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

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    This is brilliant, so much positive energy!!! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants for sharing their message! 🙂

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    With supporting the people you chose for your B-School, the world will be a much better place!
    Thanks for this fabulous idea of posting the winners. I saw you chose someone who represented me – exactly where I am now. And has been the perfect reason for me to decide to join your B-SHOOL, which I thought it was not a place for me…yet. Well, I am ready!

  201. Thank you Marie and team!!!!! I am so grateful and honoured to be among this amazing group of people. Your generosity in awarding 31(!!) scholarships is so inspiring.

    Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who put themselves out there by making a video. I know firsthand how scary that was for some of us.

    Just grinning from ear to ear here.

    Huge love and gratitude

    PS If you want to see more of Loopy, the inspiration for my animal welfare organization – check her out here – She is very happy about our win too 🙂

  202. Ladies!

    .. I just enrolled, you have no idea what you are missing!!!

    .. JOIN US IN, stop stop stop stop thinking about it, JUST DO IT!! Waiting for you… let’s change the world!


    Love form London (UK)

  203. What an inspiration to watch all those videos,
    everyone has such gifts to share with the world and the message I get from everyone is LOVE.
    I am so excited to be part of this community.

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    I am beyond honored to be selected for one of the scholarships, and I’m so excited to get started. 2013 is going to be epic. I can’t wait to co-inspire with all the amazing B-School students!! xo

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  208. Dahab

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks Marie for sharing such amazing content with those of us who dont get to attend B-School.

  209. First of all I want to say THANK YOU for the huge opportunity of having a seat on B-school! Im so happy that I won! I send all of you that are joining this year lots of good energy and see you there! For those that is not the right time keep going for your dreams! Te right time always comes! LOVE, jimena

  210. Alejandra R.

    Today I enrolled to B-school (yay! love it!), updated my profile in the members’ area, my password, card holder details, avatar and requested to join the FB group.

    All of a sudden I can’t log in anymore… Please HELP!!!!!

    I tried clearing the cache/history/cookies, restarted my PC. Nothing worked. I suspect my profile is trapped in a loop? I did open the pages in several tabs and (guilty as charged) updated my profile way too often. Probably all my excitement caused this issue?!

    Even though I emailed the tech-help bschool address, I thought to mention it here as I know beautiful Marie or someone in the “rescue” Team Forleo will probably read this.

    I am so incredibly excited to be part of B-School and would love to get started with the Follow Through Formula bonus training over the weekend. If there’s anything that can be done before Monday, I’d be eternally grateful!

    Thank you very much in advance! Please feel free to delete my comment (I am mortified to raise a tech issue here).


    • Alejandra R.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am soooo incredibly impressed with how quickly the “rescue” Team Forleo responded re my tech issue (which was actually a typo on my part). Louise, you are a super star!

      *** Impressive customer service!!! 🙂

      Now logging into the system again to continue with this amazing B-School experience… yay!!!

      Lovin’ it,

  211. Wow. The videos are inspiring! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to have gotten to know all of you a little bit. Big blessings to you all!!

  212. Christine

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity and congrats to the other scholarship recipients. Watching the videos is inspiring and powerful!
    Can’t wait for B-School to get started! Adventures, creativity, and success will abound!

  213. Amazing Videos! Rock on with your bad selves!

  214. Wow awesome scholarship vids…

    I didn’t get through to the scholarship… I can see why after these vids! They re amazing and much more clearer and clever than my vid was.

    I am studying Fire starter Sessions to get really clear about my desires…I think that’s what was missing from my scholarship vid.

    Now the big news! I was willing to beg… Borrow or (definitely not steal) to get into bschool! I ended up borrowing… Something I never do!

    Every fibre of my being knows bschool is right for me and my businesses. I put in 1000s of hours on my businesses. I don’t have time to muck around trying out different techniques ( I have 3 kids and a baby). I need a solid plan to follow, I’m sick of wasting precious hours trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong with my marketing, website, list building and snail pace progress of my list…

    See you in BSCHOOL signing up next week when the money comes through.

    Love from Jana & Mason (my baby who was in my scholarship vid!)

  215. Hi Marie!

    Thank you for sharing all these amazing projects that people have. It sounds so productive and fullfilling. I can’t wait to be part of this community!

    Thank you so so much!

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    How can I apply?

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    Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners. It’s fantastic to see so many beautiful, creative, talented women and men who are changing the world! 🙂 And the scholarship winners list is just the tip of the iceburg! I’m begging and borrowing money to enroll in B school this year. It will be a privelge to join the ranks of you fabulous people. Cheers, Odette x o

  219. Lauren

    Congratulations B School Scholarship winners! Thankyou for your inspiration and empowering messages. Thankyou Marie and team for presenting such an opportunity. Looking forward to joining you in B School. What an honour to be in such great company with so many talented people with beautiful messages to share with the world.

  220. yahoooooooo congrats everyone… so excited to connect with you all 🙂 feels like we are all part of an awesome family xxx

  221. Amalie Wright

    Wow. I am still in shock at receiving this totally unexpected gift. Thank-you so much Marie, and all the team, for enabling me to participate in this life and business-changing programme. I am truly excited by the passion and dedication of my fellow scholarship winners, and humbled to be part of such an inspiring group. I can’t wait to get started and connect with the whole B-School community.
    Please also allow me a huge shout-out to my dear friend and uber-talented designer, printmaker and typographer, Nicole. We applied together and when my computer died a day before submissions were due she gave up her desk, her computer, and many hours of her precious time to enable me to redo my video and make the deadline. Although she missed out on a scholarship she has enrolled in B-School and I’m thrilled to be sharing this experience with her. This one’s for you Nic!

    • Your vid was amazing. Very well deserved. I missed out on the scholarship but have signed up anyways too. Can’t wait to see you in bschool 🙂

      • Amalie

        Hi Jana, I’m glad you liked the vid. Like everyone else, it was a challenge to put it out there, but I’m so glad I did! Enjoy B-School!

  222. Katy

    warmest congratulations everyone! Wonderful videos! Truly inspiring!

  223. Jennifer

    So happy for all the winners. Definitely bummed I didn’t make it, but I am inspired by all the videos and by Marie’s free content. Trying to figure out how to proceed. If anyone has any resources, books, tutorials etc. to help all of us wanna-b-schoolers that cannot afford to go this year, please share. Maybe we can have a fb page!

  224. just watching was worth the price of admission already! i’m both intimidated and inspired. what an amazing group of creative women i find myself in. it makes me look more closely at just exactly what my special gift to offer is. buckle your seatbelts… we go!

  225. Congrats to everyone – amazing videos.
    Cannot wait to meet you all in BSchool!!

  226. wow! congratulations. I watched every video and it was simply fascinating! I learned a lot about content for an introductory video too. And creativity. I’m thinking B-School might be in 2014 for me.

  227. Patricia

    Congratulations to all the B-School Scholarship winners, B-School was a great experience. I got more out of this course than I could have ever imagined. Put the work in, and you will reap the benefits. Good Luck!

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  234. Awesome! I love that I’m entering into B-School with this fabulous group of incredibly gifted and talented women. Synchronicity!

  235. I’m a little late, I know, but I wanted to congratulate all of the scholarship winners. I was introduced to Marie’s website after reading an ebook I was asked to review on my blog, so I’m a baby to this community. However, I’ve set one of my goals to join this vibrant community next year in 2014 when B-School reopens! Woo Hoo! Take care.

  236. Huge congratulations – it was wonderful to watch these videos and see so much passion is out there and so many solutions to real needs in the world. I wish you all the best with your ventures 🙂

  237. What an inspiring collection of videos! I love to see what others are doing with their passions and how they want to expand those passions into profitable businesses. It gives me the strength to follow my dreams and live my life’s purpose! I hope to be a part of the next round of B-School students!!!! Love Love Love!

  238. Natrishka

    Holy Cow !!!!! Watching your videos again Ladies and WOW!
    Amazing videos, bright shining stars and creativity. I tip my hat to you all and cant wait to see and hear about your transformations within yourself and the community you will be sharing this with. Huge giant smiles as I sit at my creative corner this evening filled with inspiration and guidance from all of you teachers!!! Much love and thank you !!!!

  239. Kitara R. Wilson

    Just popping in to express my complete gratitude for the opportunity I’ve been given. B-School is Uh-May-Zing! Awesome content and wonderful community of men and women making a difference in the world. Me and my Inner Child (daughter) thank you Marie. Much

  240. Kitara R. Wilson

    I put a heart Emoji to say Much “Love”!

  241. I watched every single video, and they are so inspiring. Video is nearly (but only nearly) as good as meeting someone in person.

    Well done, all of you courageous creative beings,

    with reverence,


  242. I watched every single video, and each one of them is so inspiring. These videos made me laugh and cry. Congratulations to the winners! Hope to see more Indian’s participating 🙂

    Your’s truly
    B-School Aspirant

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