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In this episode of MarieTV, we do have some adult language. So if you do have little ones around, grab your headphones now.

Marie: Hey, it’s Marie. And guess what? We are on our first ever Marie TV road trip. And we’re out here in upstate New York. We are heading to Woodstock to see one of my besties and the incredible New York times bestselling author Ms. Kris Carr. We are going to her home and it’s going to be awesome.

Kris: Hi! Welcome to Woodstock.

Marie: Yes! Thank you for having me up here.

Marie: So we are here in Kris Carr’s new kitchen to celebrate Crazy Sexy Kitchen, 150 mouthwatering plant-empowered recipes that are going to ignite a revolution in your mouth.

Kris: In your mouth, right there on your tongue.

Marie: In your mouth. And so today we’re going to actually cook some recipes. Because I have to say this, I don’t know if you know this about me, but Kris Carr has changed my life. She has changed my health and through you and through juicing and eating healthier and eating more plant-based foods, I feel better than I’ve ever felt before. As my life and my business continues to get busier, you really, you are my goddess. So I’m so glad to be able to cook some recipes today from this gorgeous new book, right.

Kris: Well, First and foremost, I am just so glad that you are here because you are literally christening my new kitchen, Marie TV christening it.

Kris: And before we get started, I think you need to have a little French made apron.

Marie: Oh my goodness!

Kris: I picked this one, I collect aprons and I picked that one from my collection.

Marie: Oh, look at this, I’m putting this on.

Kris: Saucy, sexy Marie in the kitchen.

Marie: Okay, great.

Kris: So speaking of being busy and on the go, like so many of us are, I thought we’d create like a little sandwich bar, a little wrap bar.

Marie: Awesome.

Kris: And we’re going to start with something that I used to love, which was egg salad. Are you an egg salad fan?

Marie: I have to say I am.

Kris: So egg salad, absolutely delicious, but too much, but of course, high in dietary cholesterol, saturated fat. So you don’t want to do too much egg salad, but we have in Crazy Sexy Kitchen, this wonderful curried, nada-egg salad, no egg, nada, that’s Spanish. And I thought what we would do is put it in either a gluten-free wrap or what’s this Marie?

Marie: Oh, are these little collard green?

Kris: Little collard greens.

Marie: Look at that, gorgeous.

Kris: Have you ever wrapped a sandwich or a wrap in a collard green?

Marie: I have never done this before, but I’m so excited because I know myself and many of us out in the world. Sometimes we just don’t want to have more carbs, but we want to have a wrap or a sandwich, so this is great.

Kris: And you’ve got your veggies, you’ve got your phytonutrients, wonderful. So just you get this recipe, but just a run down of what’s in it.

Marie: Yeah. So just as a little note, there you are going to get this recipe right below the episode, but Kris is going to walk us through what’s in it because I have to say I had a little taste before, it’s good.

Kris: So we did tofu and I did red onion and carrot and I did some cilantro and some parsley.

Kris: And of course the Curry and instead of mayonnaise, we use vegenaise.

Marie: So, why vegenaise? I mean, I’ve read your book so I know, but for any of our audience members tell us about vegenaise.

Kris: Well, vegenaise is basically the plant-passionate, plant-empowered, alternative to mayonnaise and again, less fat, less saturated fat, less cholesterol, fantastic product. I also use nutritional yeast.

Marie: Oh my God, this is one of my favorite things on the planet because you know, I’m a cheese lover.

Kris: I know you love your cheese girl.

Marie: I do.

Kris: Nutritional yeast is high in B12, which is a great thing to have in your diet. Especially if you’re eating more plants and less animals and this tastes cheesy to your point.

Marie: Awesome.

Kris: So, a little salt and a little pepper mixed it all up and now boof, volia, it’s just done like that.

Marie: The magic looking on TV.

Kris: Exactly. That’s how we do it.

Kris: So, why don’t we start with this one?

Marie: Cool.

Kris: And Marie, just go ahead and scoop a little bit in there.

Marie: I don’t know if you ever do this, but Josh always does this, he over stuffs his wraps.

Kris: I like to over stuff as well.

Marie: Do you? And then it turns into a crazy mess. So tell me when I need to stop, because I usually under stuff my wraps. Because I like…

Kris: Because you’re dainty and you’re a French maid.

Marie: I keep it tight and right. That’s probably about good. Right?

Kris: Okay, that’s good. Okay. So that’s Marie’s portion and we’ll just scooch it on in there and get it nice and tight.

Marie: Tight and right, you found my nada egg salad.

Kris: Okay. And then we take our nice, fancy, sharp knife and we’ve got a beautiful little egg salad sandwich for you. You want to give that a…

Marie: Can I taste, can I do it?

Kris: You can do it.

Marie: I’m going to get messy.

Kris: Oh, I hope she likes it.

Marie: Oh, my God.

Kris: Is it good?

Marie: It is so fucking good. Quit carb. This actually tastes…

Kris: That’s a good sandwich.

Marie: It tastes better than egg salad. Because one of the things that happens for me when I have egg salad, I always feel so heavy and I feel this sense of guilt. I want to go take a nap, I’m like, I shouldn’t have ate that.

Kris: Yeah.

Marie: So, that’s amazing.

Kris: I remember having those feelings [inaudible 00:00:04:58]. Now let’s get even lighter. I don’t want to talk with my mouth full a little bit and we’re just going to do it in the wrap here. Now, one of the things that you do with collards, a little tip that my friend, Chad Sarno, who is also the wonderful chef from Whole Foods, who helped me create these recipes and taught me so much in the kitchen. What he taught me was you take your knife and you just cut down here a little bit, cut the spine.

Marie: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Kris: Just, you don’t have to cut all the way through, you’re just going to slice a little bit and then it makes it super easy to wrap, right. So I pre cut the spines and the same thing, I’m just going to scoot on over, okay. And I can even cut it on an angle.

Marie: Ooh.

Kris: Now, take a bite of this one.

Marie: Oh, this is good. And I might get messy, so if it falls on my face, you guys. That’s cool.

Kris: I actually like this better because you can taste the egg salad more. Good.

Marie: This is amazing.

Kris: And that’s a wrap literally. So Marie, I think we should make another wrap.

Marie: Yes!

Kris: Yes. It’s a wraptastic time.

Marie: I said yes to the wrap.

Kris: I know you love cheese girl.

Marie: OMG, this has been my my vice and ever since you and I met, thankfully, you’ve introduced me to the world of non-cheese and you’ve been very successfully weaning me off the real stuff. So that’s awesome, thrilled.

Kris: We’re going to have you make some cheese today.

Marie: Yes.

Kris: And you know what? You’re not going to be milking a cow.

Marie: Thank goodness.

Kris: You’re not going to be churning it up, you’re going to be making cheese with cashews.

Marie: Oh, and cashews are one of my other favorite things in the world.

Kris: Stop it.

Marie: Stop it.

Kris: Okay. So why don’t you take a vacation over to the Vitamix?

Marie: I am going to get a Vitamix.

Kris: And while you’re doing that, I’m just going to chop some scallions.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: Now this recipe actually calls for chives, but we couldn’t find any chives, so we went for scallions.

Marie: And they’re all in the onion family, right?

Kris: They are, they just lots of different tastes and textures, some are stronger than others.

Marie: They are family. Okay, am I putting everybody in?

Kris: Yes. So go ahead and put your cashews in.

Marie: Cashews going into Mr. Vitamix.

Kris: Yep, perfect. It’s about two cups of cashews.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: And then you’re going to do your water.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: About that’s maybe about a half cup.

Marie: Yep.

Kris: Awesome. Perfect.

Marie: Ooh, that sounds like I’m out in the forest.

Kris: Not tinkling. That’s what I’m going to get partially while you do that and keep moving.

Marie: And this is…

Kris: Lemon juice, so I squeezed that earlier.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: And then you just go ahead and turn on your Vitamix, make sure it’s nice and secure, so the cashews don’t go on the ceiling.

Marie: That would not be good. And there’s this little guy that can go down there like that.

Kris: That’s basically the damper. So you can use that to manhandle the cashews.

Marie: Ooh, I’m going to manhandle cashews. Whoa!

Kris: All right. Go girl. Move your wand around, roll your wand.

Marie: Oh, I never knew that this was, this is [inaudible 00:08:00].

Kris: Do it and like move your hips, there you go. Oh look at that cheese. Your making cheese. Good girl. You see how powerful that machine is?

Marie: Wow, that was an experience. I didn’t expect to have.

Kris: That’s one of the reasons why I totally suggest people save up for the good blender because if you have the kind of blender that I had, which is like the old one that your mom used to make margaritas or cocktails with her girlfriends, you know what I mean?

Marie: Yes.

Kris: I put the spoon in and it would eat it all up.

Marie: Yes.

Kris: This makes a world of difference. So now that you’ve made your cheese, we’re going to season the cheese a little.

Marie: Should I put this in the sink?

Kris: I’ll take that for you.

Marie: All right, mama.

Kris: If we weren’t on camera, I would lick that.

Marie: Yeah. Let’s not do that.

Kris: Let’s we’ll do that later. This is a PG segment.

Marie: This is a PG segment.

Kris: So I’m so glad just put that in this beautiful mixing bowl.

Kris: Another thing that I learned as a result of working with a professional chef was, invest in good mixing bowls, not the tiny ones. Give yourself space to grow, to flourish.

Marie: In the kitchen. No, actually, I mean, it makes such a difference any time that I have gotten myself some good tools, first of all, I actually think it saves you money because I know, I did this with a Le Cruset.

Kris: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Marie: I used to have pans that were like the non-stick frying pans or whatever, and we’d always have to order them again and again and again. And I didn’t realize that if I actually just invested a little more upfront, they would last longer.

Kris: Absolutely, a lot of times they’re easier to clean one. So I’m going to go ahead and just start adding some of the herbs and the scallions.

Marie: Sorry, I got cheese on you and me.

Kris: That’s okay, we love cheese.

Marie: I’m going to put the rest over here.

Kris: And this is just onion, granules. And again, we’re using our nutritional yeast, so it makes it even cheesier. And look, I don’t measure salt and pepper, I come from Colombian stock. You come from Italian stock.

Marie: We pinch.

Kris: We grab, we pinch. We throw.

Marie: We throw it in.

Kris: Throw it in, pinch.

Marie: Do you want me to throw it in?

Kris: Do some pinching.

Marie: I’m going to pinch and bam!

Kris: Look at you and look at how you did it like that.

Marie: I did.

Kris: And then the extra, even if it’s pepper over the shoulder.

Marie: I’m going to do a little salt over there. Whoa. Hey.

Kris: Hey, it’s good luck. Do it again.

Marie: All right.

Kris: All right. So now, just go ahead and mix this up.

Marie: Awesome.

Kris: And then we’re going to wait to see if Marie likes it.

Marie: I have to say the little bit that I licked off my finger as very, very good. It was very good. This looks amazing. Oh my God.

Kris: And you can just do the pinky test. So, because we’re family, but usually guys, a lot of times you take your spoon and you put it in. You taste, don’t use the Spoon again.

Marie: Yeah. That’s not nice, is it?

Kris: No.

Marie: I do it all the time.

Kris: You can do it with your honey.

Marie: Well, I do it with John, I was going to say because, it all goes in…

Kris: Yes, Marie, it does, it goes… PG.

Marie: That is damn good.

Kris: Let me get in there.

Marie: That’s amazing. I want to do a little more salt.

Kris: Do more salt. Okay, good. And a little more peps. Okay.

Marie: A little more salt. Great.

Kris: I like to embalm myself, I know you shouldn’t but I really do. So now to make this gorgeous Mediterranean wrap, we’re going to take your cute little gluten-free rice wrap.

Marie: Right here?

Kris: Slap it right down there, give it a smack.

Marie: Bam!

Kris: This one? Yes, smack it, good. And go ahead and spread the cheese.

Marie: I’m spanking my gluten-free wrap everybody, that gluten-free wrap really deserved it. It was naughty before.

Kris: It does. Now, I want you to go cheesetastic on us. You know, don’t be all, yeah. Get in there.

Marie: I’m not going to be too nice and not going to be too dainty with my [crosstalk 00:11:27].

Kris: Make it nice and pretty spread it all around.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: Good. Good, good, good, good, awesome.

Marie: Oh my God, heaven a lot of heaven.

Kris: Now let’s go ahead and use some sun dried tomatoes.

Marie: Oh, I love sun dries.

Kris: Perfect.

Marie: Sun dried.

Kris: A little sun dried now and we can add some more capers. I love capers. If you don’t like capers, capers are, kind of an acquired taste.

Marie: There, you go.

Kris: Just add a few. And then of course we always want our greens, we had arugala before, so now we’re just going to have some mixed greens, there’s some spinach in here.

Marie: Yeah. Oh, fantastic.

Kris: Look at how easy, we made cheese. We took it to the Mediterranean and now we’re going to wrap again.

Marie: You’re so good with that wrapping.

Kris: But you have to be authoritative with your wrap. You know what I mean? You got to be like, Oh…

Marie: Do it.

Kris: So one more time. And of course we can use our collard if we want.

Marie: Shout. Oh, are you going to let us do it?

Kris: Oh, look how pretty that is, do you see that?

Marie: Amazing.

Kris: See the colors.

Marie: Okay. I’m going in.

Kris: Does she like it?

Marie: That’s awesome.

Kris: Is it good?

Marie: I really, because you know, I have no ability to lie, I really don’t. So I can’t fake this stuff, which is like a blessing and a curse, that is cheesetastic. It’s fantastic.

Kris: It’s cheese-a-go-go. I want more salt. Just a little bit like that.

Marie: Kris, another great wrap.

Kris: Thank you, honey.

Marie: From Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

Kris: Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

Kris: Okay Marie, so we’ve got great things for lunch, really easy.

Marie: Beautiful.

Kris: But the problem many of us face is that afternoon dip.

Marie: Oh my gosh.

Kris: Right? So I’m going to…

Marie: Three, Four o’clock comes and it’s like, yes.

Kris: Right? So here’s a very quick, easy smoothie that we’re going to make that has a tiny bit of coffee in it.

Marie: Oh.

Kris: And if you’re weaning off a coffee, this is a great, great recipe because there’s just a tiny bit, but you also have brazil nut milk, I made this earlier.

Marie: Oh my goodness.

Kris: Brazil nut milk and we’re going to get a little tricky and hide the kale in there.

Marie: Are you serious?

Kris: We can hide some kale.

Marie: In a sweet coffee-like…

Kris: In a sweet coffeetastic smoothie.

Marie: I got to see this one, this is awesome.

Kris: I’m going to ask you to go ahead and pour that in there.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: Our fun little friend, the Vitamix.

Marie: The Vitamix. All of it?

Kris: All of it.

Marie: Okay.

Kris: Go for it.

Marie: Yay.

Kris: I soaked the nuts earlier and I made the nut milk before you came.

Marie: What kind of nuts did you soak?

Kris: These are Brazil nuts.

Marie: Brazil, nuts, okay.

Kris: Brazil nuts are high in selenium.

Marie: And what’s that do for us?

Kris: Reduces inflammation and also boosts your metabolism. So we put the coffee in there and now here’s where we get a little tricky, put some kale in.

Marie: No freaking way.

Kris: Yeah.

Marie: By the way, I happened to fall in love with kale, thanks to you. But I’m excited to see this.

Kris: I’ve got two tablespoons or teaspoons and I’m going to just do a little vanilla.

Marie: I love vanilla. So we have agave, vanilla, kale, nut milk, coffee…

Kris: Cacao, got to have our chocolate.

Marie: Oh my goodness.

Kris: And the last ingredient, this is wild. This is ingredient is wild. You have to be courageous to put this in here.

Marie: Cayenne pepper?

Kris: Yes, because it’s going to boost your circulation and you know what else it is?

Marie: What?

Kris: It’s an aphrodisiac.

Marie: No. So this is like afternoon delight in a whole new way.

Kris: If you need to have a boost and a boost.

Marie: All right. We are doing this thing.

Kris: So we’re going to add a tiny little bit. Right? Because we’re not that.

Marie: Yeah. When you can’t be that naughty. Put it on nice and tight.

Kris: And then you blend it all up.

Marie: The magic stick. Everyone’s in.

Kris: I’ll get our Mason jars ready.

Marie: Oh my God.

Kris: There she goes. Beautiful.

Marie: Woo. Can you feel that?

Kris: Oh, yeah. All right, I think you’re good.

Marie: I’m good.

Kris: All right, beautiful.

Marie: Okay. I’ll let you do that, because you’re better at that than I am.

Kris: Here we go. So now, here is our little afternoon pick me up.

Marie: It’s the afternoon delight. I know. Wait, what is the name of this? Do you have a name for this?

Kris: This is the Aztec spirit.

Marie: Beautiful. And I’m just going to call it the afternoon delight, if that’s okay.

Kris: I like that, maybe we can rename it.

Marie: The Aztec spirit, AKA the afternoon delight. Cheers.

Kris: Cheers.

Marie: Oh, another one.

Kris: That’s going to work.

Marie: Oh God. That was good, Kris. Thank you so much. And everything we’ve done today, right, is in Crazy Sexy Kitchen, which is available right now. And I know you are so generous that you’ve got some incredible gifts for people who are going to buy the book. So if we buy it online, what else do we get, mama?

Kris: Well, you get a big fat thank you and that thank you, is cooking classes. So we shot 12 classes at Whole Foods Market Culinary Center with our wonderful, sexy Chad.

Marie: Awesome.

Kris: And we go through everything to make you feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen. So those are a bunch of videos.

Marie: Awesome. And so I know we also love to support brick and mortar bookstores. So you’ve got another gift for people, if they go to the bookstore and buy it, what’s that about?

Kris: Well, you know, we can’t let our bookstores go out of business.

Marie: That’s right.

Kris: Got to support those locals. So if you buy it in the store, you get dinner with Kris, which is a live stream event once a month for three months coming to Woodstock, well, not really. You’re at your home and I’m at my home but we’re shooting it here and we’re going to have a beautiful dinner with some of my friends and answer questions and just make it a big celebratory party.

Marie: I love that. And one of the other things I love about this book and why I recommend everybody to get it at home, is I know when you first started talking to me about eating plant-based, it can feel a little scary if you’re not used to vegetables.

Marie: And one of the things I love about this book is you go so far beyond kind of the normal stuff. I mean, I know there’s french toast in here.

Kris: Pancakes.

Marie: Pancakes, crab cakes, there’s even, I think you even have a clam chowder in here, which is absolutely amazing. So breakfast, lunch, sandwich, smoothies, sexy sides, dressing, snacks, munchies, sweet seductions. Everything is in this book. Really, really beautiful.

Marie: So you guys go out and get it and to end Marie TV, the way that we always love to end it with a challenge. So if this is all new to you, if you’ve never eaten plant-based before, we’d love you to try a recipe. In fact, you can try the one that we’ve got right below this episode, come back and comment and let us know how it goes.

Marie: And if you’ve been eating this way for a while, if this way has changed your life, tell us about it again, leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you. Kris, thank you so much, I love you. Thanks for letting us have the first ever Marie TV episode on the road here at your beautiful home.

Kris: My pleasure.

Marie: Awesome. So, for you watching, thanks for joining us today, stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The world needs that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much and we will catch you next time on Marie TV.

Marie: B school is coming up. Want in? For more info and free training, go to

Marie: Apron dance at Kris Carr’s house. Apron dance in the woods. Yes. We dance. Apron dance at Kris Carr’s house. Oh yeah, working it out in my [inaudible 00:18:19], like I should. That’s awesome! Woo, yes. We just started something for America.

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