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It’s a wild experience here in NYC due to Hurricane Sandy.

The city is pretty much shut down. Both the streets and the shelves of the grocery stores are empty like I’ve never seen before.

While we’re praying for everyone to stay safe, I must admit that the break from the normal frenetic pace couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

On Sunday we completed our final Rich Happy & Hot LIVE event.

What a way to close it out!

We had over 300 bright, loving and ambitious change makers from 12 different countries and 37 states joined us for this transformative experience. Donna Karan herself made a surprise appearance and every single one of our beloved speakers was absolutely spectacular.

By the end of the weekend, I was moved to tears by the loving energy, joy and gratitude I felt in that room. And, I’m beyond excited about the new experiences we’ll be cooking up for you next.

Speaking of cooking – today is our FIRST ever MarieTV cooking episode!

We’re celebrating the launch of a very special cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr.  Click play to see Kris and I whip up a few recipes in her brand new kitchen.

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While every area of your life is important, your health is the core foundation of your success. If you don’t master your energy and your health, all of the money, and career success will be worthless.

And, it’s nearly impossible to create a business and life you love, and make the difference in the world you’re meant to make if you don’t honor your physical body – the vehicle that’s going to help you create it!

Click here to download the recipes from today’s episode and, of course, go get a copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen right now online or go to your favorite local bookstore.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Are you a plant-passionate eater?

What changes have you noticed in your energy and your life from this lifestyle?

If you’re not plant-passionate yet, please give these incredible recipes a whirl and let us know what you think.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing!


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  1. Hi Marie! Always good to learn new tricks. Loved learning how to veggie-wrap a sandwich 😉

    • I am a vegetarian needing to go more vegan. My body is screaming for better health. So excited to try these out!

    • Ditto!!!

  2. Please stay safe Maire & all East Coasters, Hoping for the best.

    I just loved your first road trip & cooking class too. Loving the “Wraptastic” you’re making me hungry!!! Marie you looked like you were doing something naughty with that blender lol lol.

    3 months ago I started cutting carbs bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.. Having tonnes more veggies & salads eating smaller potions of meat & trying really hard to stay away from dairy & sugar stuff. I’ve lost 5kg (11 lb) in 2 week but overall I’ve lost 10kg (22lb)
    I’m feeling so much better, my head is clearer, I’m sleep better but the weirdest thing that’s happened, my skin feels firmer and my cellulite has reduced, I’m 49 and things get wobbly so I’m super happy. I’d like to lose 5 more kilos before my 50th so I’m on track and finding it easy now.
    Still amazes me how things come into your life at the right time, thanks for this Marie & thanks Kris you have made my journey to a healthy lifestyle even more enjoyable.

    We don’t have Collard green here in Australia so what can you use instead??

    • Hey Suzie

      I reckon you could use something like a silver beet leaf, or alternatively, an inner leaf from a cabbage, maybe even a chinese cabbage would be nice as they are light and crunchy too

      • Thanks Clare, I like chinese cabbage & the crunch! Excellent I’ll try that!

    • Hi Suzie,
      I use swiss chard or green cabbage leaves and both work well raw – we are sans collards here in Spain as well.
      Another option is kale “marinated” in lemon juice. Lemon softens the leaf a little and takes the edge off that grassy flavor that it sometimes has. You just squeeze a lemon on the leaves and kind of mush it around a bit, then let them sit for about 30 mins before you use them.

      • Thanks Abbie, I’ve not had kale raw before so thanks for the tip with lemon juice. I’ll try that!

    • You can use cabbage leaves, romaine lettuce leaves work well as “bowls”, and if you have an Asian grocer near you, then caisim works perfectly 🙂

    • Hi Suzie, congratulations!! It’s exciting to hear your good news! I really love romaine lettuce leaves, they’re firm enough and you can bite right through them. All the best, Robin

    • Lisa Joy Tuttle

      Susie, we have been on the same path!!

      Exactly one year ago, about 6 months before my 50th bday, I set the goal to be 10 lbs lighter by going the “plant passionate” route and going off the white stuff, especially the three biggies: (1) gluten grains, (2) refined white sugar, and (3) dairy.

      My goal was to be my ideal weight by my birthday celebration, but I reached my goal in just 12 WEEKS! Now, exactly one year later, I’ve not only kept the 10 lbs off, but reduced another 5 by sticking with the program plus going off meat and poultry. I still enjoying fish periodically — I’d have to say I’m a vegaquarian 😉 .

      I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it, but my cellulite has VANISHED!

      The key for me was my believing I could do it, and keeping my motivation INNER (focusing on the health benefits, positive mood, and high energy) as well as outer (looking awesome and getting all those OMGs and compliments).

      You Go Girl! And happy early 50th!!

      Lisa Joy

      • Thanks for my early birthday wish Lisa! Loving Vegaquarian…lol How good is the cellulite thing it’s just disappearing….love it.
        My focus has been my long term health, you see my Mum (Love her to bits) is 75 and amazing… walks a lot, eats well, never drinks alcohol and loves life she is my motivation. I want to be just like her!

    • Jo

      Hi Susie

      I use Romano lettuce instead of the collard 🙂

      Jo xo

  3. Hey Marie and Kris

    Loved this video Marie and Kris. Kris’ kitchen is just stunning!

    I’ve been a vego for a while now, and have only recently started smoothies and juicing because I was inspired by Kris and her story.

    Surprisingly I have found that drinking green juice (yes with actual kale and spinach in it) wasn’t actually as nasty as I thought it would be. In fact, I have noticed another boost in my energy by adding this into my day, and my body just loves it.

    I now don’t think I could go without my juice and smoothie every morning because it makes me feel so amazing.

    For those starting out eating more veg my advice is start slowly – just do one or two veg meals a week and build from there.

    Second piece of advice is to buy some books from people like Kris and search out recipes that sound good to you and try them.

    I’ve found that I’ve been able to turn my sons and my husband into partial vegetarians and they now enjoy several pure veggie meals each week – without complaining – yeah!

    My next challenge is to ease them into smoothies :).

    I’m definitely going to try that ‘afternoon delight’ smoothie at home too ;).

    • Hi Clare

      Yes I agree start slowly that’s what I did! I can’t get my mob to have more veggies they like the meat BIG!! Maybe Kris’s recipe book will inspire my partner to cook veggie.

      • Suze – I’ve found various recipes in cookbooks over the years.

        A few of our favourite veggie pasta dishes come from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.

        He does a great broccoli orecchiette and a pasta bake with cauliflower which may sound funny but tastes surprisingly delicious.

        • Oops – Sorry Suzie I misspelt your name 🙁

          • Clare we have that book, we will be have some this weekend. Hey Clare As long as you don’t call nasty names you can spell it any way you like.. I’ll still answer…lol :))

  4. Love making my own almond milk! Great video, Marie.

  5. I’m gonna have to try this recipe out! I absolutely love it. Marie, you and Kris Carr are both my role-models. Thank you so much for this video! I appreciate it very much!


    Peace and Love,

    Hinna xoxo

  6. My family and I have benefitted tremendously from Kris. It specifically has empowered me through my ovarian syndrome and through the two tumor diagnosis of my parents. I’m a young person and seldom do people take me seriously or give me the resources I need for these unique situations. I am able to run on a tredmill without pain, not rely on a prescription, balance my moods, have an easy cycle (I think avacados particularly helpful!), get up in the morning without difficulty, sleep easy because i spend loads of green energy, and more importantly stay sane during this difficult moment of my life. These diseases are our assignments. People don’t understand how I stay ok but it’s because I make choices many times a day that reassure me that I’m heading in the right direction and bring me and my family peace (despite difficult transitions and we’re definitely not 100% vegan).

    To everyone in the wellness business, do not be doubtful. Keep it up. We need you! We need your unique voices!

  7. Love this because I’m always looking for new ways to eat healthier and with a toddler it’s a challenge to find something quick and easy 🙂 This looks great can’t wait to check it out.

  8. Marie, as a general rule, I hate cooking… but I loved this video! Posted it to my Facebook page so my friends could benefit from it.

    I’ve been on a vegan-esque diet for almost a year now. It all started when I visited an excellent doctor in search for a solution to some of my, ahem, ‘women’s troubles’. Long story short, things are improving.

    I’ve adjusted to the diet quite well, and can see that this is a far healthier way to eat. Although, I’ll admit I still do enjoy all my naughty treats once in a while.

    Will definitely be making these high-energy dishes. Thanks again.

  9. Lucie

    Love Kris Carr! Seeing her documentary inspired me to be more conscious about my health and to start juicing. I became vegetarian in January 2012 because of stomach pain due to gastritis. Since then, I have been PAIN FREE all year. I cut out milk, but like Marie, I haven’t weaned off the cheese yet! I just love it so much. So I can’t wait to try the cashew “cheese”. My boyfriend is a coffee addict so I can’t wait to try that Aztec Spirit as well! Love you both! 🙂

  10. Gina

    Congratulations on wearing aprons — I’ve recently complained in my blog about TV chefs cooking in designer clothes — but Marie, please don’t help perpetuate the cholesterol myth.

    • Joy

      Oh good! Thanks for mentioning the cholesterol myth!! The truth is so unpopular !!

  11. I absolutely LOVED this video! I am so inspired to cook this week. In fact, it’s perfect timing as I’m just about to go to the supermarket, and now I have a couple of new recipes to try out!
    I have been gluten-free for over a year now, after suffering most of my life with bloating and stomach pains. It’s not completely solved now, but there has been a vast improvement since I went gluten free. I’m vegetarian anyway, so I LOVE veggie-based foods. This book sounds ideal for me, as there seems to be a ton of recipes I can actually eat.
    It’s nice to know that my positive food choices are strengthening and energising my body.
    Kris’ book doesn’t come out until December in the UK, so I shall have to wait, but I am excited to buy it.
    The cookery book I swear by at the moment is Honestly Healthy: Eating with Your Body in Mind the Alkaline Way:
    I recommend it to everyone!

  12. Love that you have ventured out Marie…on your very first road trip. I had pre-ordered Kris’s new book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

    Normally, I like to eat from a plant-based diet and I mix in the occasional organic egg, soymilk, and sometimes-yes…cheese. So, I am really excited to try the cashew cheese recipe you made- for myself. I always feel better when I’m eating plant-based.

    It is when I have strayed that I get on a tailspin and need to pull myself back into the ‘habit’ of eating better. Oddly enough, I was just traveling [this is when I find it really difficult to keep a healthy, clean diet] and have come down with a cold.

    Thankfully, you two Apron Goddesses have inspired me to clean up my diet and promote my health. These recipes you have shared will tie me over until my new Crazy Sexy Kitchen Cookbook arrives.

    Oh, and I can’t wait to try the Aztec ‘Afternoon Delight’ Spirits…yum. I’ve been trying to years to crank back on the caffeine with de-cafe and green tea. This will be another nice boost to my recipe repertoire. I think I have a trip to the coop in my very near future.

    Thank you both for your great work and inspiration.

  13. I’m a huge Kris Carr fan. When I recommend resources to my health coaching clients, her books are right at the top of my list. As I’ve become more plant-based, Kris has been a wonderful inspiration. Thx for making the video. Can’t wait to try the Cashew Cheese. And even something as simple as making a slight cut in the rib of the collard leaf is a great tip! Can’t wait to share the tip AND the video with the participants on my current Gluten Free Diva Ultimate cleanse!!!!

  14. I loved watching this. You looked like you have so much fun together.
    Nutrition is so important and it is great to see you promoting that we eat more vegetables. All my support to both you.
    Katie xx

  15. Thank you both for this! Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet changed my life, and I can’t wait to get Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Been singing praises to anyone and everyone I know – I even mentioned the book once in a media interview (and I’m not in the health industry!).

    I have to say though, I’m still a big cheese eater. So I can’t wait to try the cashew alternative. In fact, this whole vid made me a little hungry to get back in the kitchen (and I’ve never been a big cook). I think the biggest change for me since leaning into a more plant-based diet is being excited and feeling empowered about what I eat – and that’s priceless.

  16. Morning Marie and Kris

    What a great episode! Love the two of you. I’ve been eating a plant based diet for my entire love and I have the be the healthiest person around. On the off chances when I do stray from it, I feel sluggish and lethargic and don’t have nearly as much pep in my step.

    It comes so easy to me to eat and live such a healthy lifestyle that I’ve taken my talents to inspire other smart, active, but exhausted women on how to eat well. be happy. love life. I help them find their healthy and happy sweet spot through making better eating choices and saying consistent with exercise. I run 1:1 and group programs which support my clients to make those changes.

    Yup, I’m a health coach and have seen how plant based diets have changed my client’s lives.

    Keep up the great work!
    xo Johanna

  17. Your apron dance stole the show! Loved it! Great ritual to have before starting to prepare any kind of food! 😀

  18. I firmly believe that if your body and mind are nourished with healthy food, running a business is just easier. I went gluten-free many, many years ago, prepare loads of whole food/plant-based meals and feel awesome everyday no matter what gets thrown at me.

    Being a holistic nutritionist and food blogger, I love that you chatted about food on MarieTV and that you’ve highlighted the importance of taking care of our bodies so that we can run some rockin’ businesses!

    PS: totally doing the apron dance today when I whip up a recipe for the blog a little later. Love it!

  19. Hi Marie and Kris!
    I’ve heard about Kris’ amazing story and her site here, on Marie TV. It was perfect timing, as at that time I decided I need to do a big change with the way I was eating and living. I used to eat in a healthy way, but I started my business I couldn’t find a balance : I was so busy that I didn’t have time to think about healthy food, not to mention about cooking in a healthy way. But I noticed that I was feeling worse and worse and my clothing didn’t fit me anymore. When I made the decision to change the way of living I found your interview with Kris – and then the big and amazing things started! 🙂 Now I’m enthusiastic plant eater, I’m in 50-80% (depending on the day) on raw food and I’m feeling great! 🙂 I don’t know how it’s going to be in Winter, as I’m in Poland and I live in a small town, where I can’t buy organic veggies, but I hope it will be fine. 🙂 I’m slim again and I’m full of energy. Thank you so much Kris and Marie! 🙂

    Wish you all stay safe!

    Best wishes,

  20. Lol!!!
    You have made cooking look sexy!!


  21. love the collard wrap … get the greens in and spin!

  22. HI Marie and Kris! Awesome episode!

    If we want to be in a state of feeling inspired, juicy, creative, fantastic, and alive –the food we eat needs to be alive and inspired as well.

    Thank you both for this inspired message!


  23. Eating a raw food diet totally changed my life! After being obsessed with raw foods (like, I bought every single raw food recipe book I could get my hands on!) I knew I had to share it with the world, and I got certified as a raw food chef and I now run Uncooking 101 classes where I make really similar recipes to these. Raw foods can seem so daunting at the beginning, but really, it can be as simple as Kris has shown us in this video.

    I believe in living by example, and through making lots of yummy and healthy raw foods, I have helped so many people to eat better. My partner is now a vegetarian (I never pushed him, he was just inspired by the way I lived and ate) and he is now also telling everyone he knows about the benefits of a plant based diet- I love this kind if ripple efffect!

  24. I love juicing, and smoothies, and my salad every day. A year ago, though I did occasionally juice (maybe once a year) and make smoothies (mostly with bought juice), I wasn’t really on this path. One day I got up off the couch and made a raw / marinated / massaged kale salad, and I’ve never gone back.

    Just watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” last night with my girls, and watched you guys doin’ the apron dance this morning while drinking up my delish juice of kale, cuke, celery, apple, carrot. Yumster!

    Been making a cool food for resale, and now also building a coaching biz on the changes I’ve been through in the past year, inspired by lots of fab women like yerselves, plus the 25 years of food work I’ve done. I can’t tell you how much it helps to hear you guys say to go for it, that the world needs each unique voice… countering the fears feels astronomical some days! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Lisa Johnson, Y’Ambassador at Yummy Yammy

  25. Hi Marie and Kris,
    I love both your stuff!! I’ve been eating plant based for years and years. I’m a baby boomer and am getting up there – aren’t we all gettin’ up there. BUT I look younger than my years.
    I’m putting Kris’s book on my blog
    xxoo Judy

  26. Loved your show today Maria with the fabulous Kris Carr.
    I can’t wait to get your new book Kris, and way to share your message
    of health through a plant-rich diet!

  27. Nina

    Loved this! Can’t wait to make cashew cheese.
    Now, where can I find that gorgeous half apron for my kitchen???

  28. Stefanie

    Such a fun, inspiring video! Thank you Marie and Kris. Hope you’re staying safe in NY.

    I’ve been successfully off gluten, but am struggling to cut out dairy. I love all of it’s creamy goodness! It’s about time I get moving with the cashew cream cheese and milks ( pecan recipe sounds amazing!).

    I live in Argentina and there are no Raw Cashews to be found! The next best thing is toasted cashews. While I know the toasted variety will lack many of the enzymes and nutrients of the raw variety, I still would prefer cashew cheese over regular cows milk cheese.

    Will the cashew cream cheese recipe work with toasted cashews?

    Thank you and be safe!

  29. Lisa Joy Tuttle

    Hi Marie! I Loooved your cooking demo with Kris Carr. Thank you for that.

    The recipe link appears to be broken… alas, I was not able to retrieve it (a pop-up thingy said the link was unrepairable). Please would you let us all know when it’s fixed? If, for some reason, the problem was on my end, would you send me the file as an email attachment.

    Much joy, and mucho gracias for all you are doing for us crazy, sexy business ladies.


    Lisa Joy

    Lisa Joy Tuttle, MA
    Life & Wellness Coach
    [email protected]

  30. Lisa Joy Tuttle

    Another question:

    If we buy Kris’s book from a brick-n-mortar bookstore, how do we let her/you know, in order to get her gifts of the videos and live-stream dinner events?

    Thank you!

    Lisa Joy

    Lisa Joy Tuttle, MA
    Life & Wellness Coach
    [email protected]

    • Hey Lisa! Please contact Kris’s team at 🙂

  31. HI Marie & Kris –
    That was so fun and so helpful. I’ve lost alot of weight since signing up for B-school back in June, radically changed my eating habits, and veggies have so much to do with it (and water). Its baby steps for some of us as we get better and better at this, but you show the world that it is easy. I’d love it if you and Kris would look at my product to help make healthier meals EASY. I know it helps me a lot to have ingredients at the ready, though I know through Kris some things that can be changed up! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! And LOVE the apron dance, you two are great fun together.

  32. YAY, I have been waiting for the announcement for the classes! Going to head to a bookstore today to grab it.

    Since I got diagnosed with many food allergies and my dad had cancer I have been trying to eat more and more healthier. Your first book was an eye opener to our current diets! Can’t wait to try some new recipes!

    Keep up the great work!


  33. Ya’ know how Food Network is sometimes the most soothing relaxed TV ever? I could watch multiple MarieTV/CrazySexyKitchen episodes! Yum yum. And LOVE the sassy little aprons 🙂

  34. I became vegan almost six years ago, and every day I’m more excited than the last. I began drinking green smoothies in December and my skin looks fantastic. It’s clear, creamy, golden, blushing and lustrous all at the same time.

    I’m going to make the Aztec Spirit without coffee because a little woman like me can’t handle the caffeine content! And by the way, brazil-nut milk is my favorite nut milk!

  35. I need a new apron.

    Mr. has many food allergies, cheese is amongst them.
    Thank you for the great alternative!

  36. Regina

    I love these drinks by Bolthouse Farms. Two of my favorites are Strawberry Banana and Coffee Blend. Try them you will love it.

  37. Joy

    Hi Marie. I really love you guys and I thought 10 times before writing this
    Because I know what you are saying is politically correct, however as an expert , personal and professional, I have to warn you.
    Firstly about
    The use of tofu, soy in general is not a health food and wreaks havoc on the endocrine system. Good quality organic eggs are a much healthier choice.
    Agave has been falsely marketed as a health food , however it is worse than High fructose corn syrup!!
    Third thing is that our bodies do need good quality saturated fats and PUFAs (polyunsaturated vegetable fats) are a REALLY BAD idea.
    I was vegan for 10 years. Initially it will be an improvement over a SAD diet
    But most people, like me, end up severely mineral deficient and overweight.
    One more thing is that if kris would have fermented that “cheese” it would have been a much healthier probiotic rich option.
    My favorite saying is “EAT REAL FOOD”.

    • I totally agree with you Joy. I have read so much about all of this in my quest for dealing with my own less-than-optimal health issues.
      Everything you said is definitely true and worth looking into for readers.
      Especially about soy. I’m 1/2 Japanese. And honestly, Japanese don’t eat soy in nearly the quantity as we do here in the States. And they eat a much purer version. The soy here is way overly processed. There are a few makers out there doing it right (Hodo Soy in Oakland is one), but personally I’d be wary of soy.

      I’m a believer that there is no “one size fits all” in health/wellness.
      Eat Real Food. And I would add, those foods that work for you and your body.
      That said I love Kris (and obvs Marie) ~ this way of life has clearly worked miracles for Kris and I think that says a lot, however it’s def not for everyone. I bet there are a ton of other great recipes in her book – I will definitely be checking it out, love supporting these ladies!

      • Yes, I also agree Joy.

        Soy really is not the health food many people believe it to be. I also don’t feel raw cruciferous veg are a good idea due their thyroid-inhibiting effect (there is a reason why these are traditionally only eaten cooked).

        That said, Kris has done wonders in converting many people to a diet high in plant foods which has to be a good thing.

        After 13 years of specialising in the nutritional support of those with cancer my conclusion is that there is no ultimate diet for cancer, it’s about finding what works on an individual level.

    • Good for you for speaking up, Joy.

      While I’m a Dietitian, I always strive to get to the truth, which has resulted in some unconventional views in contrast with mainstream health professional opinions.

      However, changing your diet from one style of processed foods to another style of processed foods, is not ideal. No doubt improvements can be seen with the extra intake of vegetables and a reduction in pre-packaged meals, but that doesn’t make it the ideal option.

      Eating real food is good advice, and one I recommend my clients, whether it’s for weight loss, or adapting to a healthy diet. Advising against eggs due to outdated and incorrect information that suggests dietary cholesterol is bad, is poor advice and misguided.

      Anyway, love the work you do @Marie. Keep at it!

    • Hey Joy! I’m a big believer in moderation – all across the board. No matter where you turn, in any field, in any industry, there are compelling cases FOR and AGAINST pretty much . . . everything.

      So while I appreciate what you shared, I’d be wary of any “facts” in health and science as they all seem to change as the years go on. Generally speaking, I think we can all agree the more real food we eat – which includes loads of fresh veggies, the better. And that’s what this episode, as well as Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is about.



  38. Wow! What a cool video!! I started drinking green smoothie and green juices about a year ago! It gives me so muh energy it’s magical! As a personal trainer I need to be always alert with high energy level! I want to start eating more raw and vegan! I think this book simplify things! I will get it for sure!! Oh and another thing, I received a Vitamix for my birthday this summer and it has changed my life!!! No kidding!! This is the best blender on the planet! You can do so many food preparation with it you don’t even know! With Xmas coming put it on your list !!
    1month ago a set my intention to eat vegan 1 day a week! Ended up being the wednesday! If you want to join me on twitter @virginiegduval I often share my recipes 🙂
    Again Thanks so much Marie for sharing this lovely episode with the magnificent Kris Carr !

  39. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing this video. I am looking to find ways to nourish myself with non-fad foods and Kris’s approach is right on the mark. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome Lana! Let us know how it goes!!

  40. Thanks to Marie and Kris Carr. You are all such an inspiration. I’ve been eating healthy foods for two months now and doing Zumba plus green juice. I seen a tremendous change in my health and eating habits. I wish I can find those herbs and gluten free wrap here in the Philippines.


  41. Amber

    Awe-yeah! I am so excited to get my book in the mail…it should be here today. This was the perfect set up. I found Kris’s book Crazy Sexy Diet about a year ago at my local library, and have since turned on dozens of people to my yummy kale smoothies. I had been juicing for about…well I’m not going there…it ages me, but I never considered blending my greens. When I picked up Kris’s book I thought I’d never be able to go 3 weeks on almost all raw, but with those gentle loving words I made it…and loved it! Thanks Kris and Marie. You guys make a great team.

  42. This video is making me excited to tear open the box of my new Vitamix. Thanks for the great recipes and I definitely want to try out that shake!

  43. Thank you, Marie, for road-tripping upstate to bring us delicious, life enhancing recipes. And thank you, Kris, for (what I imagine was) hundreds of hours of work to create Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I can’t wait to buy a copy for myself as well as friends and family this holiday season. What a perfect gift for someone you love!! I’m off to shop for a Vitamix, which for me is an invaluable tip for making healthy eating more accessible.

    Abundant autumn blessings and love,

  44. Yep,

    This way of eating expanded the way I view myself and my world. It managed my ADD, my asthma, my allergies (triple A :o). And my bone issues. Love it.

  45. I pre-ordered the book online. Waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. I gotta be honest. I hate to cook, I love to eat crap. But, I’m challenging myself to make every single recipe in the book and chronicle the journey in my blog. Stay tuned.

    • Rock on Dianne – so excited for your adventure 😉

  46. Kris

    Heey marie and Kris..looooved the video, have been eating plantbased for some time now and it changed my life completely, for the better I might add. I lost 140lbs, beat diabetes type 2 , lowered my bloodpressure, and the bad choeterol:), put my family on a new healthier track, and started studying at the institute of integrative nutrition:) to now teach others that food is medicine and can really heal. Oh and before I forget, I look ten years younger, people usually cant get over how radiant my eyes, hair and skin looks. So a big hurraaay for a great cooking book, and ladies like you ( and me and my fellow students yaaay) ..I m looking for alternative for collard greens ,they don t sell it overhere..we have loads of other vegetables but nooooo collard greens..will ask you book for KRIS tmas:) ooooooh can t wait:)…kris(thats me lol)

  47. Cheryl

    ! Apron daaaaaance in the woooooods!! love it! Sending love and gratitude for you two amazing young women! My book is on its way! I love learning from you and Kris!

  48. It was absolutely amazing spending 3 days with all the incredible women (and a few men) at RHH Live this week-end.

    I love how you’re always helping us in all aspects of our lives by bringing on guests like Kris Carr. You know healthy eating is important to me, and the energy you both bring is contagious. I know Kris’ new book is going to be off the charts amazing, and totally yummy!

    • YAY Nat! SO great to spend time with you again. xox M

  49. Omg omg omg I LOOOOOOVE this one Ladies, so super super amazing much fun, I was crying laughing from watching you two rock it, thaaaaank you!
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so wild wise and alive, I have been a plant passionate goddess for three years now since my stay at Hippocrates Health Institute, healing from Candida issues and crazy sexy heavy metal over load in my metabolism, and today I am so happy to say I am rocking everything at my highest, from plants, I can’t wait to see the book!

    xo Line.

  50. Hey Marie! Thanks once again for another awesome video! One question, where did Kris find GF wraps that are pliable? have been GF for over 5 years & can’t seem to find any.

    • I use the brown rice wraps by Food for Life and the secret is to boil a huge pot of water and dip them for like 2 seconds into the boiling water using tongs. Then they fold up nicely! Hope that works for you 🙂

  51. Edwina

    This was amazing. I literally just bought Crazy Sexy Diet and am in my first three weeks of transitioning into that diet. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years in my past, so it’s not too difficult. But it’s just time to get back to it. I love that Kris not only provide recipes, but gives thorough explanations behind why I just feel so much better eating this way. It’s much greater incentive. I’m excited to buy this new book to add to my recipe base. Thanks for sharing.

  52. You two are adorable! <3

    Really dig the episode, especially the collard wrap. Thanks so much for sharing the love, ladies!

  53. Jo

    Hey Marie & Kris

    Wonderful Episode. Its about getting to confidence around plant based recipes. This has changed my life AND the life of my clients. We are ROCKING THE RIPPLE on the green smoothies especially!


    Big Love Jxo

  54. Great episode today ladies! As a personal trainer with a passion for nutrition I really enjoyed this episode.

    One thing I think could have been covered is the fact that if we treat our bodies well and nourish ourselves with wholesome foods that our body will be able to give back to us, and our demands.

    We are so incredibly busy and we continuously push our bodies to the limits each day with everything we have to do and all of the roles we have to play as entrepreneurs. If we want to be able to maintain a high output, we have to have a GOOD input. Energy in vs. energy out. You can’t eat junk and expect to maintain a high level of energy output.

  55. On Valentine’s Day as a twelve year old I ate my last piece of meat and declared to my family that I was done and turning vegetarian. While they tried to be supportive, my mom was less than thrilled when I started asking for specialty foods at the grocery store hahaha and I can understand that….

    Now as a grown adult I can get whatever I want at the grocery store. I am still vegetarian and eat an organic, largely plant-based diet. I still eat organic eggs from a local free-run farm and cheeses made locally too. I believe success starts with what’s in your fridge — like you said, without your health you’ve got nothin’. Here’s a picture of my glowing green fridge:

  56. LOVE it! Going more plant based has changed my life! Losing 50 lbs was great – but the clarity was so unexpected. I chaged careers in my 40’s and now help other women take the steps to change their lives. I am leading a Three Week Cleanse right now and look forward to sharing this video with them. Keep on keeping on!

  57. Barbara Fanning

    Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  58. Great episode Marie – what a great idea – combine a roadtrip AND healthy cooking in one episode (2 of my favorite things, thanks!). Loving and taking care of ourselves is a huge part of a successful biz & rich life – I love that you teach that & practice what you preach.
    Thanks, also, to Kris, for sharing her amazing journey with the world, coming out so positive & inspiring. I’ve been eating plant-based for years, but I know I have things still to learn from her book.
    Thank you two powerful women, for coming together for all of our benefit (& entertainment!).

  59. Thank you Marie and Kris! So cute to see the two of you hamming it up in the kitchen.

    FYI people, the vitamix totally changed my life. I don’t often spend the money to buy the thing that I really want and often regret my purchases. I have never for one second regretted spending the big bucks on my vitamix.

    I use it every single day to make green smoothies, beautiful soups and my latest creation was a coconut butter, date, raw cacao & vanilla spread. OMG, so delicious.

    I actively miss it when I go out of town. I never thought I could love an appliance, but I really do.

    Marie, you are a superstar and I’m so glad that this storm is giving you some real down time. I’m hanging tight in Brooklyn with my friend (who I just got to sign up for Marie TV) but can’t wait to get back to Toronto and my vitamix to try some of Kris’ recipes.

    RHH Live has totally broken me open and I can’t wait to see what happens when I get back. Taking charge of my bus!

    Big love,

    • Travel safe Cecilia!! With so much love xoxo M

  60. Jessica

    I am so grateful to have this wonderful cookbook after RHHLive!!!!! I love you and Kris – thanks ladies, cant wait to try out some of these recipes 🙂

  61. Loved this episode! I’ve been eating more plant based food for the last year now and I feel much better. My girls + I also gave up dairy a year ago which really improved we feel. Can’t wait to get this book and test out some recipes. I’ve had a VitaMix on my wish list for over a year now, I’m hoping to have one in my kitchen within the next 6 months!

  62. I just loved this episode Marie! You both reminded me of how much fun I have when I get in the kitchen with my friend. Thank you for the amazing recipes. This book is going to make a great Christmas present!

  63. Marie and Kris! Fabulous! Love it. But hey, it’s a SEXY cooking show, why not make it rated R just for fun? 🙂

  64. As always, Marie (and Kris) you leave me laughing, crying and hungry to live life more fully!
    One little thought… Kris, thank you for taking a moment to celebrate the loveliness of your Mediterranean wrap! “Look how pretty that is!”
    I have found that taking the time to really be present in the eating of food, noticing the beautiful colors, textures, and flavors, relishing them with gratitude and joy in the moment, is an important part of feeding my body. Especially when I’m eating whole, nutrition rich foods (which is mostly) — but hey, if I stray into a cheeto or a peanut m&m or some other strange otherworldly foodstuff (which is rarely), I celebrate just the same! 🙂 The joy and gratitude is food for my cells too!!
    Love you more and more! Thanks for a very fun episode girlies!
    xo Kathy

  65. BTW, Marie and company,
    I would love to have a picture where my pretty pink speech bubble is… how do I merit an avatar? ~K

    • Hi Kathy! Try going to to upload a picture…you could link your profile pic to your blog, too. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks so much! I will do that – but first… starved – gonna go make me a wrap! xo

  66. Hey Marie and Kris!! I loved seeing this video! You girls are so much fun and give me so much inspiration to eat healthy plant based foods!! I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year and found Kris and have been doing so well ever since!! Thanks so much for bringing her on your show! This brightened my day!

  67. I loved this weeks Marie TV and I love this sort of food, used to be very good. My problem at the moment is that I don’t even have time to go shopping so just eat whatever my husband buys because I’m hungry. I don’t eat meat but not eating healthy either!
    Must change this!

  68. Hi Marie… Thanks for the roadtrip!!

    I could barely get through this episode ’cause I had to keep PAUSING IT to go and try the recipes. Six minutes in… Pause. (I made the Nada-egg salad! I had all the ingredients ready ’cause I’d downloaded the sneak-peak from last week.) OK, video Resume. (eat eat eat…) Pause. I had to get up make me an Aztec Spirit for dessert. (Damn, that was good!)

    I’ve always eaten fairly well but have been following Kris’s advice lately and cutting out meat and dairy. I feel so much lighter and energetic! I “cheated” last week and had some fried onion rings and felt soooo ugggh, slow! afterwards.

    Thank you both for a great cooking demo! x, -Christine

  69. Amazing, you are both lovely !!

  70. Great episode – thanks for sharing! I’m just waiting for my cookbook to arrive! I recommend Kris Carr to many of my clients – her smoothies and juices are wonderful!

  71. I have Crazy Sexy Diet and while watching this video ordered the recipe book 🙂

    I am looking forward to new recipes especially for breakfast which is usually toast + peanut butter + coffee & cream for me: not the most energizing breakfast frankly 🙁

    Congrats Kriss and thanks Marie for this lovely episode!

    PS: a van? really? LOL

    • Hey – ya gotta drive a whole film crew full of people from the city to Woodstock in SOMETHING!

  72. Loved this! Two of my absolute favorite people. Thank you so much for the amazing event this weekend and for taking such good care of all of us. I can’t stop drooling over this gorgeous book — I knew it was going to be good, but this is just above and beyond. Thank you, Kris for putting this out there, and thank you both for your generosity this weekend!
    Hope you’re safe + happy where you are.

  73. Audrey

    I was definitely not expecting a vegan cooking show!!! That made me so happy! 🙂 There is a lot of great info here and I have always wanted to know how to make my own vegan cheese! Thank you!

    I have struggled with acne my whole teenage life, I felt that I tried anything and everything to rid of it but found no relief! I figured it was time to change my diet and how can you go wrong with such a healthy one?! I have to say, no that I have been vegan the past 4 months and avoiding harsh makeup, my face is totally clearing up! I am so happy I want to scream it on the rooftops! 🙂 Plus I feel 100% more awesome with the diet, I am never rolling into bed with a tummy ache and I feel more energized. A plant-based diet is the way to go!

  74. Loved this, ladies…I was cracking up the whole time! I am totally inspired to start trying new, healthy vegan recipes again. Heart disease runs in my family, and I have been on-and-off trying to eat foods that prevent high-blood pressure — not the easiest task while traveling and running a business. I have a copy of Kris’s first book, and I enjoyed having it in my kitchen. Can’t wait to see and try the new recipes — it all sounds very deelish!!

  75. You guys are too cute. More episodes with your soul sisters please!

  76. Ladies,
    Great show…my 3 year old Jaeda was watching with me and as Marie is spreading cashew cheeze onto rice wrap she’s saying is ……mmmmmm that looks yummy I want that…
    kris 🙂

  77. Courtney

    Marie, I’ve been following your videos for about a year now, discovered you online while teaching English in Korea and planning my next step into full-time freelance writing. Your work has been so inspiring and a real guiding light as I create my website and the career I dream of. Being a vegetarian for 13 years, eating plant-based foods is super important to me, but I must admit I’m still hooked on cheese and bread. I’m a huge fan of Kris Carr and starting to embrace her recipes, giving me that extra nudge into healthier, greener living. Huge thanks to both of you. You’re both hilarious, so genuine, and glow from the inside.

    • Thank you for your continued support Courtney!! 🙂

  78. Danielle

    This is awesome ladies! You two are hilarious! My book is in the mail and I cannot wait- that smoothie is lookin’ goooooood!

  79. lisa

    I went plant strong last December and one of the first book I got was Kris Carr’s so I was thrilled to see you together.. I was a pre-school teacher for 14 years and now I want to be a holistic health counselor and help people get away from processed food and get more energy… SO i follow Maria for buisness Ideas… and the two of you together was such a treat… and you guys are so funny… I ordered my book can’t wait to get it.

  80. There are so many great cookbooks coming out right now! Makes sense with the holidays coming up, they are great gifts.

    I’m excited to check out Kris’ cookbook. I love getting new ideas for healthy cooking. When I first met my husband, the only thing I knew how to cook was Kraft mac and cheese and spaghetti with the sauce that comes in a jar.

    He taught me a lot and we learned a lot about cooking together, and now we’re both a LOT healthier. He’s lost over 80 lbs and has kept it off for over a decade and I’ve lost 35 lbs and have kept it off for over 4 years.

    For us, I think the biggest lesson has been that we look at healthy eating through the eyes of inclusion versus exclusion. It’s all about what we GET to eat rather than what we can’t eat.

    We do eat meat and dairy but we eat lots of veggies too and we guide all our eating decisions by two criteria. Is it 1) nourishing to my body/soul and 2) is it satisfying to my tastebuds? If I’m gonna eat it, it’s got to be both!

    Thanks for another great video Marie. Congrats Kris on all your success! Can’t wait to grab a copy of the book.

  81. Fun! I just got Chris’s book delivered this morning, so glad I pre-ordered.

  82. Trish

    Sorry, but I have some issues with Kris’s food recommendations. I can fully understand not wanting to exploit animals, but eggs are a perfect food and do not raise cholesterol.

    She does not specify organic soy and needs to because over 90% of soy grown in the US is GMO. Bad and dangerous stuff.

    AND agave syrup is just as bad as high fructose corn syrup.

  83. Apron dance at Kris Carr’s house. Indeed, you have started something in America. hahaha!

  84. Elisha

    Love this video, I invested in a vita mix this summer and have been blending some healthy delicious concoctions. When I started blending I noticed a big boost in my energy as well as other great benefits. It was fun to watch you guys cooking together and I can’t wait to get this book! Sending all of you on the east coast a whole lotta love, stay safe!

  85. Oh this was so good! Wrapping in greens is my favorite. And I can’t wait to try the cashew cream [email protected]
    I wonder about the tofu recommendation though- I know there are serious gmo issues with it, and also hormonal issues – I’m curious what Kris’ thoughts are on this topic.
    So fun to be cooking with you feisty fun ladies- apron dance is my new move in the kitchen!

  86. I LOVE Kris! She is SUCH an AMAZING fresh breath of air for veganism.

    I switched from vegetarian to a vegan diet over 8 years ago after a malignant melanoma diagnosis. I’ve never looked back. I not only lost weight (a little bonus) but I look younger than my 57 years and am more energetic than most 30 year-olds I know (unless they’re vegan too ; )

    Thank you for the cooking vlog Marie! xxoo

  87. You naturally gorgeous girls are so much fun in the kitchen! Y’all make everything a fun dancin’ party! 😉

    Eating a plant-empowered diet has been revolutionary for me. Nothing short of positive radical self-transformation! I come from a background like most do (eating a SAD) and awakened to a conscious lifestyle 11 yrs ago. Each year has compounded in my knowledge for this progressive approach, excitement and commitment to ME. It gets so much easier with time and I’ve found an entire world of creative expression in the kitchen opened up… which actually led to a dramatic shift in my personal and professional life. Consuming foods that grow straight from our beautiful earth, instead of from a box or can (processed & refined food) has been the catalyst for an extraordinary life! And, now I’ve got all the energy in the world to work with & inspire my clients & customers, and help them to see what’s possible.

    🙂 Love to you both!

  88. My mom has been eating raw vegan food for a long time. I also decided to eat like this since April. I can only say it has changed my life. Nice video!

  89. Being a herbivore more often than not has literally changed my life. I know if I have a lot going on I cannot miss my green juice, my kale, my veggies or else my energy plummets.

    I know if I want to be the best for my coaching clients I need to fuel my body with the right stuff.

    Thank you so much Miss Carr for the free book at RHH Live. I cannot wait to tell everyone I know to go get it. And get home to my Vitamix. I think I have attachment issues 😉

  90. Lyn

    I love this! I just ordered Kris’ new book and can’t wait to get it! last night I watched another documentary on the negative effects meat has on our bodies and the environment. I don’t know if I am ready yet to give up meat totally (as I have given up sugar and wheat as well) but I think I will be slowly phasing it out.

  91. Awesome, awesome!

    Marie – it was thanks to you that I originally discovered Kris Carr and Crazy Sexy Diet. I’d already been vegan for 10+ years but CSD brought me tons more energy and excitement around food and I recommend it to everyone (as well as echoing your love of the Vitamix – I use mine at least once every single day).

    Plant-empowered is such a gorgeous phrase. Deep gratitude to both of you for your sharing your life-transforming passion with others with such contagious joy 🙂

  92. I’m soooooo in for the “Aztec Spirit” smoothie! Thanks, ladies!!

  93. Claire Hutchinson

    Loved Marie TV today! Those recipes looked so amazing so had to get me a copy. That was my first job this morning! So this evening i will be perusing the online cooking classes. Thanks again Marie for all your words of wisdom. I even have my husband tuning in to listen to you as he got tired of me saying ‘but Marie said….’! Hope you are all safe and well following on from Hurricane Sandy.

    • Awesome Claire! We are all safe here, just without power and cell service, but fingers crossed for it all to come back online again. 🙂

  94. So I watched the video today, went out shopping tonight and made me some creamy vegan cheese and the hubby and I both loved it. Thank you for the yumminess goodness…!!
    All the best,
    PS. I hope to get to B-School someday, possibly next year 🙂

    • AWESOME Mahogany!! and YES, we would love to see you in B-School!!

      • Thanks so much, appreciate the comment.
        all the best,

  95. It’s great to see you two FANTASTIC ladies working together!

    Awesome 🙂

  96. I am so excited to see all the Kris Carr love! And, even more excited to see the vegan diet being promoted in such a fun and lighthearted way, without lacking on the importance of eating plant based foods. Although I am not 100% at a plant based diet (yet!) I have been eating about 90% vegan for the past year and it has been an ah-mazing experience! What we eat nurtures us from the inside out, and in order to find our inner light we need to be eating clean plant based foods.

    Marie & Kris – Thank you!

  97. Girl, this kitchen vid was smokin’! LOVED the ambiance, energy and beautiful transitions between recipes. Everything was just so pretty! Umm, and can we please discuss how hilarious you were handling that blender…rolling on the floor. Swinging by Book People tomorrow to grab my KSK. Kris thanks so much for bonus vids and congratulations on your new book!

  98. Great episode Ladies!
    You two are naturals at having fun in the kitchen together.
    I am a Nutritional Health Coach and the plant based diet has made tremendous changes in my life and the lives on my clients.
    Cant wait to try a couple of these recipes. Going on Amazon to purchase my new book tonight! Your excitement was contagious:)

  99. This was GREAT! So inspiring. I have wanted to try to eat better for a while now, but have a little bit of fear around making this type of food. It always seems so complex or difficult to do. You ladies made it look far easier than I imagined.
    Thank you, Kris & Marie. I will definitely try one of the recipes.

    • It can be REALLY easy Joanna! Give the “Nada Egg Salad” a whirl and let us know how it goes! xo

  100. ya’ll crazy. and I love it. I thought the whole crazy sexy life was a catchy brand but Kris is really crazy sexy and funny too.. Looking forward to my cookbook coming in the mail. I still eat fish but I am looking forward to making the transition into the plant based eating world. When I juice, I just feel fantastic. Thank you guys for the motivation.

  101. Carmen

    Just bought the book! Love Kris Carr and Love Marie!!

    • Congrats on buying the book Carmen!! So excited for you – cook up some recipes and come back to comment 🙂

  102. I have eaten “close to the ground” for years with literally years of longevity added. I can feel it ma’am. My sweetie and I just committed to choices that support our vision to live 100 years in perfect health. This episode makes me glad I pre-ordered Kris’ book! The collard green wrap will rock my world – much sturdier than lettuce leaves I’ve used in the past, and sometimes a RHB girl needs something healthy to go. Nutritional yeast and veganaise are must have’s; I’m eager to try Kris’ “cheese” recipes, but my other saving grace is The Un-Cheese Cookbook.

  103. Yum! Thanks for sharing. I’m also a fan of nutritional yeast…which makes “cheese-free living” possible <3

  104. Amy Perkins Alpert

    I’m getting my copy today! Yeah!!

    I’ve been re-reading Kris’ Crazy Sexy Diet book in preparation of getting the cook book.

    Can’t wait to go to the grocery store and buy some great ingredients and start cooking!!

  105. Nancy Da Costa

    I can honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt that going vegan this year has completely changed my life.

    On my way to New Zealand from New York last Christmas Day, I picked up a book called “Skinny Bitch” at Newark airport. I didn’t know at the time, but reading that book would make me seriously question what I had been eating and what it was doing to my body.

    I have been health conscious all of my adult life, but had previously never thought about the conditions of our factory farms as well as the link between meat consumption and cancer. My father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2011, so armed with a new perspective I decided to give being vegan a try.

    Not only do I feel so much better, I have more energy and since crowding out the meat and fish I eat a lot more legumes, tofu, quinoa, different kinds of seeds and nuts, foods that I used to basically ignore.

    It’s helped change my psyche as well. I feel light and clean. I eat as much as I want. I feel no guilt and pleasantly gain no weight 🙂

    I’m happier in general and people see that.

    Because of this, I felt the need to get my message and perspective out. I enrolled in the institute for integrative nutrition and am training to become a health coach. It’s my mission to show women how to gain perspective and conquer insecurities by nourishing your body properly with healthy delicious food.

    Thank you for the video! I’ll definitely be picking this book up.


  106. I just bought the Vitamix blender, so this is perfect! 🙂 This blender is an amazing tool to make tasty, healthy meals. I highly recommend it. It saves cooking time too!
    Like most people, I like cheese, so learning how to replace it with something healthier and still super tasty, is fantastic.

    Thank you ladies!

    I ll be checking out the book too. I love cooking and have been making a transition into mostly vegetarian ( I love my fish and little chicken here and there) diet, so this a great guide.

  107. i think the both of you are a match made in heaven and the recipes rock!

  108. elinor

    I tried the medit wrap today with fresh ingredients from my italian deli, so good… I can’t wait for my copy of Kris’book!

  109. I changed my lifestyle including eating plant based foods 4 years ago. What a HUGE difference it has made in my life. My mind, body and spirit has been literally transformed! I am no longer the overweight and depressed mother of 2 kids. I am the lean, green, sexy goddess Mompreneur that I was meant to be.

    I am so thankful to my holistic health mentor that I decided to pay it forward to show other women how they can do it too.

    Great video. I have shared it on twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

    Healthy Cooking is so SEXY! Thank you Marie and Kris!

  110. If I could make one major switch in my kitchen, it would be to swap the microwave for a VitaMix. I think the husband would have a fit, but perhaps the video will help change his mind…

    Mom and my BFF each have a VitaMix, and I am saving for one. Some day, that micro is gonna hit the sidewalk and a healthier alternative will take its place.

    Until then, I cram as many veggies as I can into my (and our) diets. Any thoughts on keeping a water-phobic man hydrated? He’s afraid he won’t leave the bathroom.

  111. I like to do the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I eat really healthy plant based foods. I have not gone as far as you have with the “pretend” cheese etc however I will give it try. My garden produced endless kale this year so I have no excuses. I use kale for my wraps. I love love love kale.Thank you for sharing your fun BFF time.

  112. I didn’t notice anyone else mention this problem but I couldn’t download the recipes. They all looked so delish and I can probably do them from memory but don’t want to leave anything out. Did you get any other mentions of this?

  113. Carina

    Ohh…everything looked so yummy that I got hungry immediately 🙂 I´m kind of really seriously allergic to nuts and have had some unpleasant encounters trying raw food not knowing what was hiding in there…does any one have any suggestions for someone like me who can´t eat brazil, hazel, pine, cashew, almonds….? This is one of the reason I haven´t dare to try raw food again…

  114. I really love the cashew nut cheese! I have been living a plant based lifestyle for at least the last 10 years and absolutely L-O-V-E it! I have found I definitely feel more energised and connected to life when I eat well. Thankyou both!

  115. Mindy

    I’ve been veggie for 11 years and vegan for 5. It wasn’t until I nixed that last teeny tiny bit of dairy that the constant mucus in my throat cleared up. I was nearly vegan for years. I only ate dairy in social situations so as not to inconvenience anyone. I also don’t get migraines anymore (I used to get headaches weekly, often lingering for DAYS). It’s amazing how many people strive to eat partially vegan, which I think is amazing! Just today, I received an invite to a vegan cookie swap – only two of the twelve girls are actually vegan! How cool is that??

    PS – Thanks for the tip on cutting the spine of the collard! I often avoid collards because I used to cut out the spine and my wraps would get all messy. I’ll be using them more for sure!


  116. Oh Ladies! Anything to stay in the spirit and energy of RHH Live sounds good to me! To see your two beautiful faces cooking up some of the deliciousness from that GORGEOUS cookbook was perfect timing. I’ve been drooling over (while reading because I’m one of those who loves to read pretty cookbooks) the fantastically generous gift from Ms. Carr since getting home Sunday night.

    I’m a mostly vegetable eater, with a smattering of poultry and fish and feel that I eat pretty healthily. Because I love those things, I never really considered a vegan lifestyle (and still don’t think I’d go full out). BUT! I started drinking smoothies with kale, blueberries, almond milk, banana and protein a month ago and I am a changed woman! It’s amazing how delicious, easy, and satisfying it is. You better believe I’m gonna be branching out!

    Marie, like you, I am a cheese lover 4 life (gangsta sign here). However, somehow you two made eating the new cheese look so fun and delicious that I’m dying to try it!

    The H will love it – another reason we NEED a Vitamix! Add that to my Christmas list right next to the masticating juicer.

    You two are the best! And I already have three people in mind who I’m going to buy the book for (from the brick and mortar store because they are my second home). And I just can’t wait to have dinner with Kris & co.!

    Thanks for another great episode (including the mini van reveal – so funny!)

  117. Thanks for this great episode, I love seeing you girls together! You are both my major inspirations!
    My health improved incredibly when I moved to a plant based diet: I finally healed from a life-long crippling arthritis and lots of other ailments. Hardly had a headache, a stomach ache or a flu ever since! I was already vegan when I came across Kris, but with her joyous attitude she inspired me to share the positive message of health with others, and since I really enjoy cooking and creating new dishes, I founded my own 100% plant based catering/ meal planning service.
    Then I “met” Marie and been following her great advice- as I’m not very business savvy, it’s been invaluable!
    Thank you both for all you do and for inspiring so many people to be the best they can and to build a better world!

  118. Abby Murphy

    My two favorite biz ladies in one episode:) LOVE IT.

  119. HAHAHA!!! Absolutely LOVE this episode. Love you both!
    I used to be a vegetarian but I feel I do need some animal protein. However, I still eat a lot of vege / vegan meals because they’re so great. I’ve also started adding a green juice / smoothie to my day and they make me feel fabulous.

  120. Hello ladies:)
    I just bought this book and scrolled through the recipes last night. I have to say I am REALLY impressed and cannot wait to try them! I have been gluten and dairy intolerant for several years and have been trying to incorporate more plants into my diet. The thing is, I really dont like veggies! I grew up with mushy vegetables, either overcooked via crockpot or out of a can, and I have struggled with acquiring a taste for them and cooking them “properly”. This past week I had blood work done for food allergies and found out many of the things I love, I am intolerant to, including beef, turkey, pork, blueberries, banana, spinach, cabbage, lentils, peas and corn! Ive started an elimination diet and after 3 days Im already feeling better:)

    Your book was perfect timing for me and I found myself salivating over the recipes,thinking to myself “I would totally eat that”! Typically as I scroll through a vegan recipe book I find myself staring at the same old thing such as blueberry banana smoothies and roasted veggies. I now know why I was feeling worse and not better as I tried to eat healthier (making blueberry,spinach, banana smoothies was making me sicker!) but your book has some unique, uncommon ingredients and I am so excited about trying them!

    I know consider myself a Gluten Free “Rogue” Vegan (because Ill still eat organic chicken:) and am up for the challenge and really excited about eating a more plant based diet for the first time in my life.

    Thank you so much for this, your timing was perfecto!!!!

    Lorri Weisen
    Founder: Greenbody Greenplanet Organic Hair Care

  121. Linda

    I can attest to the power of a predominately plant based diet. I’m 52 years old and was recently told that with my cholesterol and LDL scores were not good and that I would need to go on a statin but since my liver function tests were abnormal too they were concerned and not sure what to do. (Statins can damage the liver)

    I decided to take my health into my own hands and started a plant based diet and a liver cleanse. I did this regime for 6 weeks and then went back to my doctor for blood tests. Well, lo and behold ALL of my numbers improved dramatically. My cholesterol was under 200 my LDL was great and my liver function tests were ALL normal. Just to emphasize how major that is. I have not had a normal liver function test in 25 years! I know longer call this a diet it is now my way of life.

  122. Seeing both of you together in this video makes it incredible!! I mean what could be better than my two favorite and amazingly inspiring ladies filming and cooking together? And I have to admit I was star-struck when I accidentally “bumped” into you (including Danielle LaPorte) at Pure Food and Wine this past July. I felt like I wanted to scream and jump from joy 🙂

    My plant-based journey began while reading “The China Study” and I can easily say that this lifestyle suits me extremely well. What’s not to like about having more energy, feeling vibrant and joyful without a drop of coffee (which I’ve swapped for green juice), and have better mental clarity? The benefits are endless…And now having pre-ordered Kris Carr’s cookbook, which by the way is brilliant, I am looking forward to diving in and preparing all those healthy meals.

    Elena Kulakovska

  123. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Two of my favorite mentors! Loved this video & thank you for the recipes, can’t wait to buy the book!

  124. I LOVE this video and got so inspired to get back into “cooking” (although after so many auto-immune issues I am much more into the plant/raw based foods that keeps me looking 40ish when I am 52.. Thanks sooo much Marie and Kris!

  125. I can’t WAIT to make that cashew cream cheese! Filling and nutrious! Plus, I have an incredible amount of nutritional yeast I have no idea what to do with!

  126. Jenna

    I have to say I was very scared to try the “egg-salad” but I went out and bought everything and made it tonight anyway. I tasted the veganaise solo and I thought oh dear lord this is not going to be pretty but once everything was together it was AWESOME! I’m super surprised! I’ve got it in the collard green and it’s da bomb!
    I also picked up the rest of the ingredients for the cashew cheese and the shake and the only thing that I have to gripe about is cost of the items. Whole foods does equal whole pay check to me lol. obviously, I will make adjustments next time but as mentioned above it’s been totally worth it~

  127. Just watched your jealousy vid then this one and Kris is my green envy button! ‘ Luv her to bits’ but so glad I envy her cuz boy am I gonna be busy with all the inspiration she provides me with to crank up my own volume! Thanx for the pep talk, gotta run, soooo much to do! BIG hugs to Kris, adore the book, been salivating all weekend as I poured over it!! …..and that kitchen, wow!

  128. Nora

    Watched this episode last week with my almost 3 year old daughter. Just wanted to share…

    While making some collard green wraps for the first time today (lunchtime) my daughter reminded me, “Make it tight and right, Mom”. I said, “Oh yeah, who taught that?”. She says, “Marie!!”

    She ate every bite of her wrap! And, we had another helping for dinner! Thanks Marie! Thanks Kris! For adding a new healthy habit to our life! You ladies are awesome!

  129. Audrey

    Thanks Marie! Loved the 1st cooking episode & can’t wait for more!! Thanks for introducing me to Kris Carr and the CrazySexy revolution

  130. Leah H

    Ahh, what inspirational and beautiful women you are, Kris and Marie.
    I have been ‘Vegaquarian’ (thanks girls) now for about 4 years and always inching closer to the Veganistic! I don’t usually like to puch my vego-agenda, BUT, I do have some friends experiencing fertility issues, I wonder if I should recommend a veg passionate lifestyle? Any other thoughts?

    Anyway, also living in Australia, Collards are not at home in the sub-tropics, so I will try the wrap with my Rainbow Chard. Amazing candy pink and orange stems – I think they’ll look and taste bootyful! And for other aussie girls here, chard and silverbeet are super-easy to grow in a pot on the patio – fresh as you like!

  131. I am so hungry right now.

  132. Marie & Kris,

    absolutely loved this episode. I’m gettin this cookbook. Everything you made looked delicious, nutritious, luscious + EASY.

    I’m not the kind of mommy/wifey that wants to hang out in the kitchen all day and I still want me and my family to stay healthy.

    Love + blessings to you both,


  133. Carrie

    Thank you Marie & Kris!!!
    I’ve been vegetarian for 1 month now! YAY! I’m feeling more energetic, my skin is clearing up, and I just love eating my veggies!

    The hard part about going veggie is that we (my boyfriend turned pescatarian) have to find new places to go eat (which can be fun too) and trying new recipes at home. This video showed that there are many more options and ways to prepare plant-based meals, and that’s exciting!! THANKS!

  134. Lanna

    I am going to be straightforward. I am 16 years old and have begun looking for ways to improve my body image, confidence and energy level. But more than that, I have GERD. I have noticed that with certain foods, my condition worsens dramatically. This diet appeals greatly to me, and I am almost ready to go out and buy both books, there are just a few things holding me back:
    1) Bacon and Eggs
    I love these two things and am wondering what substitutes are available and how well they substitute the original ingredient.

    2) Social events
    Being the age that I am, I want to go out to eat with friends and family, have coffee, etc. I am worried that if I make this commitment, I will have to leave all that, and my social life, behind.

    3) Fish and Seafood
    How does fish and seafood play into this lifestyle choice

    These concerns may seem silly but they are important to me, so I would appreciate serious answers/responses.
    p.s. Sorry that this is so late, I only recently found this site and these books/alternative.

    • Hi Lanna,
      I’m no expert and can’t offer suggestions on substitutes for bacon and eggs – they are also on my weaknesses lol, but I am a Mom of 3, now young adult, children and as for your socializing with your friends here are some ideas. Go out for coffee, but maybe order an herbal tea or apple cider or a cold drink instead. Go out to eat but research the restaurant first so you have a good idea ahead of time what options they have to meet your diet. I have even contacted restaurants by e-mail or phone to ask about gluten free or dairy free options for myself. This way too you may be more excited, anticipating the food you’ve already researched.
      A number of people have posted good comments with respect to starting small and I think that’s great advice too. A small change to day will lead to another one tomorrow and in a few months you won’t even notice the big change that you’ve made in your lifestyle and your health.
      Hope it helps and it’s just one person’s personal ideas. Best of luck to you.

  135. hi Marie,

    i know that this post is not so new now but i wanted to reply anyway.

    thank you so much for introducing me to Kris Carr and her plant-empowered greatness. i think she is wonderful and went and purchased her book after i was impressed with the Nada Egg Wraps!

    i posted a little review of Kris’s book on my website here

    thanks again. your videos and articles have truly changed my life, i really feel empowered to get out there and spread my message of health in a way that i don’t think i would have had the courage to do before i was introduced to you by a friend.

    thanks so much,

    jenny x

  136. Kris and Marie! I have told everyone about this book and purchase it for my new nutrition cleints so we can discuss the recipes. My meat eating husband loved the crab cakes and said it was a dish to make for company:) Thank you both for all you do promoting health and others to reach the life of their dreams. xo

  137. Angela

    Loving the video- gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous…(although not as PG as you girls hoped for lol but even better because of the playfulness )..

    So quickly to a little of my story.. I brought Kris Carr’s Cray Sexy Diet book.. I tried the 21 day cleanse and FELT AMAZING.. I now stick to mostly vegan, always juice daily even for my two boys who are 4&8.. Everybody knows I’m grumpy mummy if you haven’t had a juice or smoothie today and basically I relax on other things I’d prefer they didn’t eat if they have had one of these in their day… Like meat because my 8 year old who interestingly has Native American in his heritage (they believed- I believe- it’s how the animals soul moved on in respectfully eating & killing animals).. Not sure how true that is.. But my little guy loves meat so I relax on that for him if he has had his juice or smoothie.. As for my other yummy little guy he is Asian Indian heritage and like me- he chooses to be vegetarian.. But he can have some sweets or dairy if he has had his healthy drinks for the day..

    I say perfection would be no sugar, no processed foods, no caffeine even or junk food.. But as a single mummy and a health nut myself I know how to not to go over board now…..It caused too much stress when I tried to be perfect with healthy food and that just affects my health more than the ‘junk’ food..

    I eat raw for breakfast and lunch, a homemade cooked vegan meal for evening meal and If I eat a bag of chips or have a can of coke or a cake from a cafe I used to call it a bad day.. Then my gorgeous friend said I think you need a new perspective- call those days you have those things -a good day if you’ve had all the other incredible plant based food and the days I stick to it fully I now call awesome days..
    There is no bad.
    That switch in language really helped me to stop aiming for perfection then beating myself up and feeling like some shitty human being or mother if I didn’t get it ALL right..

    I say .. Start small. Grab either of Kris Carr’s books Cray Sexy Diet or Crazy Sexy Kitchen (Deliciousky Ella is a fantastic UK equivalent if you are like me and live in England- due to advise on where to shop & names of products etc. is all I mean in suggesting that alternative)..

    Then start adding in a juice a day or a salad. Work your way up to having more plant based food in your diet, because stressing over it all is just counter productive..
    Remember the paradox of life is .. YOU ARE ENOUGH and there is always room for growth and improvement.. Just don’t do that at the cost of your health- berating yourself in the meantime while you forge ahead with making changes.
    Loads of love

    Food should be used for survival but let’s face it, most of us have been taught by our families and society to use food to numb and comfort with.. (Not blaming anyone, it’s just an acknowledgment so we can move past it). I once heard Kris Carr state she had learnt from her spiritual teacher ‘If you feel anything don’t eat’. Hunger is good, feeling sad or lonely or happy even is not the time to push food in your mouth.. I’m 35 now, I look back to food diaries I kept about food at 12 years old, bulliemic at 15 so I know it’s an on going journey and I have always used food in a self-destructive way..
    Not anymore.. Books like Kris’s have helped me to love myself.. Marie’s work too- I signed up for B school this year and Mastin Kipps work on claiming your power- his event in LA in June was transformational.. I ow know My stories, emotions, beliefs and origins of information around food and why I’ve had such an unhealthy relationship with it. It was mostly down to disconnection and lack of worth.
    No more.
    So love who you are , which isn’t your body by the way, that just houses the glorious love and light you are. But treat your body well so you can sore in this life and LIVE a life you love.

    Thank you for this video.. UBBER INSPIRED xxx

  138. Hi Marie,
    Great episode. There is nothing I like better than watching people have fun in the kitchen with food. I have often used Romain lettuce leaves for my wraps when I’m trying to reduce carbs, and espcially when I started being gluten free. I’ll have to watch for collard greens in my grocery store, but it’s given me the idea that all kinds of other greens can be used for wraps – kale, savoy cabbage. Thanks for the recipes too. I can’t wait to try them.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great suggestion of using romaine lettuce for wraps, Liz. Kale sounds delicious too!

  139. Are you a plant-passionate eater? NO. Oy. I never seem to find time to cook, and when I do I have no idea what to do. I have tried every single meal kit there is (seriously, I’m a pro) and I love when I’m just given directions and don’t have to make any decisions. #decisionfatigue

    I really hope to memorize some recipes (like these) so that I have more go-tos. Thanks so much!

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