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Did you ever have a feeling that you just need to be somewhere?

It’s far beyond a mere “want.” It’s as though your soul whispers, “You have to go to this. Your life depends on it.”

I sure have. In fact, whenever I’ve heard the whisper from my soul (usually it’s telling me to do something unreasonable), it’s been a decision that’s truly changed my life.

As you know, my company is committed to inspiring you to reach your full potential and use your unique talents to change the world.  We do our best to help make that happen each and every week, for free, through MarieTV.

We also go much deeper through our paid programs, like our upcoming conference, Rich Happy & Hot LIVE.

If you’ve heard your soul’s whisper about this event, I’d love to invite you to spend a weekend with me, my personal go-to experts in business, health and happiness, and 300 like-minded women and men in New York City October 26-28th, 2012 . . . for FREE!

What IS this event?

Rich Happy & Hot Live is a 3 day event in New York City that brings together 300 entrepreneurs, artists, creators and world changers from every corner of the globe to share ideas, gain skills, and discover a new level of personal and professional mastery.

You’ll encounter speakers who are turbo-charging their industries, and innovating on innovation itself.

You’ll meet hundreds of incredible individuals who are re-defining success on their own terms, and are committed to working hard, giving back, and living life to the fullest.

All this and more will take place at Donna Karan’s jaw-droppingly beautiful Urban Zen Center in the West Village of New York City on October 26 – 28, 2012.

As part of our Change Your Life, Change The World™ Initiative, a portion of ticket sales are donated to the Urban Zen Foundation: an organization dedicated to changing the global healthcare paradigm, empowering children and helping communities preserve their cultural and spiritual values.

This is The Last RHH Live, And Here’s Why

This event has gained an incredible reputation as being one of the most innovative and inspiring business and lifestyle conferences on the planet. We’re humbled that it’s sold out each and every year and beyond grateful for the outpouring of rave reviews.

But as a highly creative entrepreneur, I find it impossible to rest on my laurels. A few months ago, my intuition spoke loud and clear and said that this year should be the best, and the last, of RHH Live as we know it.

There are some exciting new projects in our pipeline and above everything else, I’ve learned to honor my intuition and trust my creative process.

Since this is the last event we’ll do for a while, I do hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be absolutely spectacular.

Here’s How You Can Join Us, For FREE

Each year, I give away scholarships to our high level training. There’s one way to win a scholarship, a video submission. I’m looking for heart, creativity and the ability to follow directions.

Here’s what you need to do. Create a video under 1 minute and answer the following:

  • Where are you at with your business or your life, right now?
  • What’s your biggest challenge?
  • What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, your life and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

Then upload your video to and make it public with the following title and description. Cut and paste, verbatim:

Your Video Title:  Rich Happy & Hot LIVE w/ Marie Forleo vid by YOUR NAME
Video Description: – Rich Happy & Hot LIVE with Marie Forleo – business & lifestyle training at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center NYC.

Leave a comment below this post with a link to your YouTube video entry. You must do this for your video to be a valid entry.

Social Media Bonus Points!

Wanna boost your chances of winning? Spread the word about this RHH Live scholarship contest on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are a couple of sample tweets and Facebook blurbs to get you started:

I want a ticket to @MarieForleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE  #winRHHLive

I’m ready to win a spot at @MarieForleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE  #winRHHLive

Hoping to win a ticket to @MarieForleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE  #winRHHLive

This scholarship contest has my name on it @MarieForleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE  #winRHHLive

You can share your RHH Live lust on Twitter and Facebook up to three times per day, and use any wording you’d like.

But all tweets must include the #winRHHLive hashtag and the official shortlink to this post:

Here’s everything you need to know about the contest.

1. You must enter to win via video. Tweets & Facebook shares get you bonus points!
2. Videos must contain the specific description stated above, MUST be under 1 minute, and must be left as a comment here.
3. Tweets and Facebook shares must contain the #winRHHLive hashtag and a shortlink to this post:
4. The entry deadline is 3:59pm EST on Monday, September 10th and the winner will be announced within one week.
5. If you already have a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either refund you—or you can give your spare ticket to a (very lucky) friend.
6 . No purchase is necessary to win.
7. My team and I are the judges. Our decision is subjective and final (but we adore every single one of you, and there’s nothing but positive ju-ju flowing your way).

Remember: We’re looking for heart, clarity and creativity. Show us how being at Rich Happy & Hot LIVE will help you deliver your genius to the world.

We can’t wait to see your entry and social media shout-outs. Have fun and good luck!

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  1. OMG YES!

  2. Awesome! Good luck to all that enter!

  3. I went last year, and it was truly inspiring! This year is going to be even more mind-blowing!

  4. So cool and inspiring!! Wish I could be there in person but I’ll cheer you on from Switzerland 🙂

  5. Claire Minnaar

    This will be a DREAM come true!

  6. Happy happy dance with a little spin. I can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity!

  7. I am thrilled to be attending my first RHH Live event!
    I can feel in my bones, it is going to change my life forever.

  8. Ciao Marie,
    Grazie for helping people sore, for the love you give and the passion that you share to help others bloom. You’re a treasure and RHH is a gift for anyone who wants to put on a little polish and shine.

  9. I’m so excited! I’ve Tweeted, Pinned, Facebooked, shared, liked & even posted it on Google+ Keeping my fingers crossed – all the way from sunny Cape Town!

    • Girl! You gotta post your video to enter. Tweeting’s great, but won’t get you away from Cape Town. Just a reminder 😉 Good luck and enjoy the sunshine!

  10. A generous and much appreciated offer that has BRILLIANT SEO implications. My hat off to you Marie.

    • TOTALLY Agree on the SEO (and generosity).

      I read the contest and was like, “that marie is one smart cookie (and/or also hires smart cookies)”

    • Cosign. Smart and generous. Well the good word does say, give and it will be given back to you, page views pressed down and shaken together, hits running over (I paraphrased just a little).

      This is exactly why I want to attend RHHLive. To get in the know. Well and get into the groove too.

  11. I’m nervous and this is SO out of my comfort zone on so many levels (mostly to ask for help via social media) fear of looking bad etc but me wanting a bigger, better business and helping some close non-profits to my heart TOTALLY is bigger than me being embarrassed to ask for help( no problem asking my family for help but when it comes to anyone else-yikes !) I’ll play that the universe community can be my family! Putting in universe now so will play- nothing to lose! Thanks for the challenge and opportunity Marie!
    (oh Sh*t! moment over here)

    • I totally get the feeling! Sharing stuff I want on the social media is usually also a big fear of mine! But this is just too good to miss!

  12. Wow amazing!
    Am getting started on my video submission right away! 🙂

  13. Dawn Powell

    I could not read this fast enough!!!! Literally, so excited I had to read it over twice! (ok three times) almost in tears with excitement to even get the chance for this scholarship:) Can’t wait to see all the entries, turn on your #badass people! creativity and hunger= #badass

  14. Yary Gonzalez

    this is a sign from the universe.

  15. YES!!!! OMG YES!!
    I need this like I need oxygen and salad.

    • Monique Kovalenko

      You’re so adorable! You need a big ol’ NYC-H20 Salad!

    • Girl, I hope you win! Huge fan of your range. time to get that vid up!

  16. Andrea Montgomery

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eeeeek*

    Mind is RACING!!!!

  17. heart is pounding so hard!! this scholarship is mine Mary!!!! wait & see!

  18. Andrea Montgomery

    Okay- I fainted for a minute!!!!
    I am ESTACTIC to even have an OPPORTUNITY to EXPRESS my NEED to attend this event!!!!!!

    here is my submission 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity…. <3

    • Hey ReW

      First one up – you rock girl!


      • THANK UUUUU xXx
        please visit me one day soon on *ReW & WhO?* xXx

    • Louise

      Thanks ReW. We are so excited to check out your entry!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Rock on ReW! You are the big show that could. Maybe not today, but I see it! Soon. Best of luck. Maybe we’ll both be in NY cheesing! Wait do rockers cheese?

      • THANK U SOOOOO MuCh eKeNe… I LuV CHeeSE..
        my kids make fun of it ALL the time… haha one day you can ask them
        GOOD LuCK here… I so would LuV to have EVRY contributer here as a guest on *ReW & WhO?* .. that would be PaSsioN up the WaZoo for sure
        😉 xXx

  20. Jana Martin

    Hi Marie;

    Here is my official entry for the contest : )

    • Louise

      Love that you are jumping in here! Can’t wait to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Hey Jana, from a fellow Marie fan… sorry to hear about your job loss. Good luck with the contest. Sandy

    • <3

    • Kim

      Way to go Jana!

  21. OMG! My “graduated-college-two-years-ago-doesn’t-know-what-she-wants-to-do-still-living-at-home-and-adores-Marie” daughter wants to go to this so badly but just doesn’t have the cash. I’ll forward the email RIGHT NOW – I’ll also post Twitter and FB for HER! Thanks Marie for being so “out-there’ fantastic! Oh BTW her name is BrittanyC.

  22. I want this so badly! cant wait to make my video!

  23. Excited!

    Just curious, does this scholarship include airfare and hotel? 🙂

    • Louise

      Thanks for checking in! The scholarship prize is a free ticket to this last-of-its-kind event but does not include travel or accommodation.
      All the best,
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  24. FOJ

    I am very interested in attending and will do my best to get my video done ASAP-60 seconds or less!!!

  25. Here it is!!!

    I couldn’t wait a minute (which apparently isn’t a long time at all 😉 to get this done. I have been stalking my email waiting for the announcement about the scholarship and YAY it’s here. No time for make-up or hair. I had to get this done.

    I heart Marie Forleo and her team. They have rocked my world and my life in so many ways. I SOOOO want to attend this event. Please hook me up!

    Much love.

    • Stefanie Katz

      Wow you are on it girl! So inspiring- Wish you the best.

      • Thanks Stephanie! I’ve had some pretty significant life changes in the past three months and I need help getting my $#!T together. I appreciate your support!

    • Louise

      Thank you Dayna! YOU rock our world and so happy to have your entry in the mix.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thanks Louise! As you can see from my video, I am a hot mess and could use all of the help I can get. I love the work you all do and would love to see you gals in action.

        I hope to see you there.

    • Go Dayna!! You got this done fast, girl!

      • Amber, I am on a mission! I must win this scholarship. I am determined. 😉

    • Hahaha Right with you with the thousand takes! 1 minute is a real challenge ! Full of great teachings in itself 🙂

      • Laura, it was sooooo hard to say what I needed to in one minute. But it did teache to focus on my message and delivery. Good luck and hopefully I will see you there. 😉

        • That Marie is full of tricks! Good luck to you too!

  26. Lindsay

    It would be so kewl to go to this event. But, alas, I’m breastfeeding an infant who’ll be 3.5 months old during the event.

    This is the year I started taking my business seriously and am in the process of taking my life back. Oh the benefits of RHH could only be good.

    I wish everyone luck in their submissions.

  27. Here you go my video is already to be reviewed

    • Louise

      Thank you Jessica! We can’t wait to check out your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  28. Adi

    Hi Jessica:)……I can adhere to that:))

    Btw, Just saw your products on line, I’m going to be in the same field pretty soon…..and I’m pretty terrified and lost as to where to start:)) if you were to give ONE advice to a beginner (producing) in natural cosmetics and skin care, what would it be?
    Thanks a lot for your reply! Adi.

  29. So much love here 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  30. Made my heart race!!! Thank you, Marie, for this opportunity!!!

  31. Thanks Marie and good luck to all the other entrants!

    My video:

    • Louise

      Congrats for diving in and we’re excited to watch your video! It’s going to be an amazing few days (get the tissues ready).
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Louise,
        Thank you! I just noticed that you tube added to mine too and it was hard to get to the minute. Will 2 seconds over disqualify me? Do I need to resubmit?

        • Louise, I shortened the 2 secondson You Tube so should be under 1 minute now. 🙂 Sandy P.

          • Louise

            Got it!

  32. Geanine

    Such an AWESOME opportunity!

  33. WOW!

    THANK YOU for the opportunity Marie and amazing team!
    I’m getting right down to work on mi video.

    Good luck to all the stars entering!

    Love to all

    • Darla Neal Morello

      delighted and excited to participate in this wonderful opportunity to boogie with Marie!

      • Louise

        The link is taking me to an upload page, can you try to post your video link again? Can’t wait to see your entry!
        All the best,
        Louise (Team Forleo)

  34. Working on the video right now! I asked for it and now you are giving me the opportunity! Thank you Marie.

  35. Looked at my planning for october, plane tickets, schedule for the next 72 hours and video ideas flying in the air… Let’s give it a shot and be part of the game. Thank you so much for the fun. Good luck everyone.

  36. Here is my entry:

    Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to create this video Marie and Team! To my fellow Marie-lovers, you are an inspiration to me each and every day! Reading your insights is what truly motivates me to shake a leg! Good luck! Love and hugs,


    • Louise

      I agree about the inspiration that comes from this community- it truly rocks the socks. We cannot wait to dive into your video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Good luck Jessica!!

  37. Oh My God!!

    Hai Ladies!!! awesome job so far with the vids! Mine is coming..!!!

    Good luck to you all and this is my opportunity to thank Marie live (well, sort of cause it’s a vid). That alone is awesome! Can’t wait to shoot my video.

    Lots of love,

    the Netherlands

  38. I would *so* be all over this if those dates worked for me, but it’s looking like right about then me and my family will be leaving the US on our sailboat, headed for the Caribbean, starting our life as livaboard cruisers. I will be continuing to operate my business from anywhere and everywhere! Woo Hoo!!

  39. Wahoo! I’m on it!

  40. I seriously began profusely sweating when I saw this. Oh. My. Gosh. I worked really hard at the one minute thing…whew!
    Thank you for the chance, here is my video:

    • Louise

      Yay Catherine, thanks for the video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • I’m still not under a minute. Should I re-do it? I don’t want to get tossed out for 4 seconds, and I know she said under one minute! argh! That was really hard!!!!!!!!!

        • Louise

          Sometimes YouTube seems to add a second or two on but if you can cut it a few seconds early (without going crazy), that would keep it in the safe zone!

        • Louise

          I can’t respond to the comment below but YES I have replaced the link with your new one!

          • Hey, Louise! Me again…I just saw your comment to another gal about videos being disqualified unless they are under a minute and that got me worried!
            In my video editor, it was 59:84.
            When you are viewing on youtube, it says 1:00.
            When you see the video in the side grouping of related videos it’s 1:01.
            I’m just checking to make sure I’m not getting tossed out with the bath water and if I need to cut it down and re-upload.
            THANK YOU!

          • Louise

            Sorry I just saw your question about showing up as 1 minute on YouTube- that is totally fine!!

    • I know right Catherine! I had to reshoot 5 times:)!

    • Catherine, I know exactly how you feel. I shot 4 different locations! I felt like I was going to faint! But I clocked in 1 min even!

  41. Jessica

    OMG I can’t believe I did that! I am so excited and really hope I win – but BEST of LUCK to everyone!!

    • Louise

      SO happy that you submitted a video Jessica! We can’t wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  42. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Here’ the link to my video submission:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

    • Kristin

      Hey Jennifer, thank you for your entry! We’re looking forward to checking out your vid!

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

      • WOW Jennifer,
        You have so much on your plate, but you couldn’t look more graceful or sound more grateful and confident. Congrats on that beautiful attitude toward life, and good luck! I want to read that book 🙂

  43. Oh hell yea, I’m in it to win it! Gotta go make my video!

  44. Hello Marie & Team!

    Here is my video submission:

    Enjoy and thanks for the fun opportunity!

    • Kristin

      Excited to watch your video, Kaneisha! Thanks for submitting!

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

      • Enjoy, Kristin!

        • Aw, thank was so sweet Kaneisha!

          How wonderful are you for giving a copy of your book to each attendee! Now I REALLY wanna go!! 🙂

          • that*

            Sheesh, I could learn how to spell!

    • Kaneisha,
      I love your name and you have such a sweet personality. Good luck!

    • I love your generous heart that shines through, Kaneisha!

      • Hi Falan! Thank you. I don’t ever think of myself as generous. I’m not selfish per se; but it’s just not something I think a lot about. I appreciate that.

    • Great video ~ my favorite part is when you said ‘nobody knows who I am!’ because just by doing this…you are already changing that. Good luck!

      • Hey Kristyn! Yes, just submitting a video to the contest has helped more people know who I am. Even if I don’t win the scholarship, this experience has shown me the power of interacting with Marie’s awesome community here.

  45. Marie and co.,
    Here’s my video! Here’s my video! Yay!
    Thanks for the chance to attend RHH this year! Fingers (and toes!) crossed that I get chosen, I really need it this year! Hope you like my video.

    Jess xo

    • Irina

      Hi Jessica – loved your video! Best of luck 😉

    • Louise

      Sweet! Thank you so much for your video Jessica.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  46. LOVE YOU Marie and Team!!!!

    Cancelled all my plans and made a video before I head off to work. If I could I would sell my car to pay to go to RHH LIVE, but the value of my 20 yr old Corolla won’t suffice. 😉

    Just making the video was worth it! If anyone is she or not sure about making a video, JUST DO IT! I feel like a winner already.

    Here’s my link:

    Love, peace, and happiness

    • I did the same:)!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video and for encouraging everyone else. You rock!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • I meant shy not she. Don’t be shy about what you want to say or how you look. Good luck everyone!

      • Awesome Erin!

        Thanks Louise, go team marie!

    • Sandy, I hope you get your needed break…. another Sandy

  47. Hey Marie! Is it acceptable if the video is listed as private on YouTube?

    Thanks a million for this opportunity, once again!! 🙂

    • Louise

      If it’s listed as private we probably will not be able to view it but if you put it as unlisted (rather than public), then people have to have the direct link to see your video. Then all of the amazing members of this community can show you love and support too!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  48. Thank you so much for this opportunity Marie!

    Since I applied last year, everything has shifted in my business and I feel like applying for the contest was a HUGE jumping off point!

    I am so thankful for this community of amazing women + all of your hard work.

    Here is my video:

    Much love to all!!


    • Great job Erin!!!

      • Erin

        Thank you April! It was so hard keeping it under a minute! Hoping that my clarity this year helps:)

        • Erin, what a great video! ~Sandy

          • Awesome Video Erin, very creative!! good luck:)

          • Thank you ladies, yours as well…wish we could all go + meet!!

        • Erin, Congrats on your soon to be baby boy!! Good luck lady, its well deserved for sure 🙂

          • Erin

            Not pregnant yet:)!! In the next year or two:)!

    • Louise

      Yay Erin! We cannot wait to check out your video. Congratulations on all the amazingness going on for you.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Erin

        Thank you Louise!

      • Erin

        Louise! I just realized the first day of RHH Live is End Sex Trafficking Day!! I would be celebrating like crazy ( and bringing books;)

        • Louise

          Everything always happens at the same time, right?! It’s magical.

      • Louse– I’m recording another video right this moment since mine is one second too long, I will post below once it’s done. And hopefully you will catch this comment so you know I am submitting a new video:)

        Thank you so much!!

        • Louise

          We got it!

    • Daughter and future son…. Did you just bust out some big news in this video?

      • No;) Just hoping for a son in a year or two…I now realize how that sounds…oops:)!

    • Erin, you are such a cutie pie!

      • Thank you:) You are too Falan, LOVE the hat:)!!

  49. Thank you so much for this opportunity Marie!! You ROCK!!!

    Here’s my video:

    (the last second of my audio cut out…DANG!…I was saying ‘…hope to see you at RHH Live, Marie; thanks!’)

    I’ve scheduled a tweet bonanza too….game on!

    THANK YOU for making this opportunity available & for everything you do 🙂

    Love love love to you & your team!!

    • Louise

      Excited to see your video and off to look for this tweet bonanza- it sounds fantastic!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Wow Kelly, what an inspiration! Having been through many family tragedies, I understand how far you’ve come. Your passion for helping others will pave the way. Sandy

  50. Marie –
    Here is my video. Thanks for the great opportunity. Fingers crossed!

    Hope to see (and dance) with you in NYC!

    • Louise

      Thank you Jenn! We are so excited to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  51. Lauren Vanessa Zink

    Loving watching everyone’s videos, y’all. Here I am throwing my hat into the ring:

    Best of luck!

    • Louise

      We’re so happy that you’ve thrown that hat! It’s such a gift to get to watch all of these beautiful videos and we cannot wait to check out yours.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  52. first time You tubin’
    (and- hilarious mistake at the end- oops dyslexia.)

    Cheers to mistakes, RHH and PASSION!

    • I love your dyslexia. So human.

      Good luck!!!

    • Louise

      Yay for your first YouTube video (it gets easier, we promise!). And absolutely cheers to mistakes, RHH, and Passion!!

    • Cheers to putting yourself out there Hanna! Your website is gorgeous. Good luck <3

    • Whoo girl! My first time Youtubin’ too 🙂 You did AWESOME!


  53. Hi Marie! I would absolutely LOVE to have the opportunity to go to RHH Live 2012. I do photography out of Salt Lake City, UT (Cara Love Photography) and am in need of business direction. I adore your style of mentoring and think this would be such an amazing opportunity for me to realize my full potential and gain the confidence to get out there and make my dreams happen! I’ve posted a video on YouTube. You can visit it by going to this link:

    I hope you’ll consider me for the scholarship! Thank you so much (: Much love!

    • Louise

      Thank you Cara! We are so excited to check out your contest video. I think that posting a video on YouTube gives you a huge marks in the confidence department- totally amazing and so inspiring!! We believe in you.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • LOVE your video Cara! I think you should get a bonus point not just for your incredible talent and sweetness, but also for when your baby tried to pick up your cat. That had me in stitches!


      • Thanks you guys! (: I put my little boy down for a nap about 20 minutes before shooting the video… I was just about to record it and then, to my surprise, he ran into the room straight for his “ki-ki” Apollo! Not sure if the cat was too happy about that. lol.

    • LOVE your video Cara! <3 so adorable. good luck!

    • Awesome job, Cara! You had me swaying, too cute! Best of luck!

    • Cara, you are a beauty and your video was so awesome!

    • Jen

      That’s awesome Cara… I have no chance against yours 🙂
      Good Luck!

    • You rocked it girl! 🙂

    • Cara! I love this! Great songwriting. (And cute baby, too!)

      Good luck

    • So awesome! You should win. Funny baby tackling a cat in the bg

  54. Oh boy… here is my video. As I am sure I am not the only one…. this was completely out of my comfort zone. I just hope I don’t look like a fool! 😉

    Good luck everyone!

    • Louise

      So happy that you went outside your comfort zone and we CANNOT WAIT to watch your video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Jessica

      It was totally out of my comfort zone as well! I am glad we both stepped out!! Best of luck!! <3

      • Sharena
        You did really well. Spoke clearly and got your message across. You also looked cute, love your necklace.

        I know all about your struggle with the negative feelings from the past. I was the Queen of holding on to the past to self sabotage, which is why I wrote the memoir exposing it all once and for all. I would love to give you a free copy of my book “Umbrellas in the Rain Guidebook: Find Forgive Accept Yourself.” Let me know if you want it. 🙂

        good luck and so proud of you for making this video!

    • Nice work leaving that comfort zone in the dust 😉 You did great!

  55. I re-uploaded my video!! The other link is *nul and void* (the video was over 1 min….that’s no good, ’cause I follow instructions!!)

    Here’s the new link!


    • Louise

      Got the new link!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)


    what an awesome opportunity. i’m currently cooking risotto, and dreaming of my future. hope to take part in your training party!!
    thanks a million,

    • Louise

      Love both the risotto (my fav) and the dreaming! We cannot wait to check out your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  57. Everyone here is bLoWiNg me away… w/ PaSSioN & creativity… it’s incredible.. we should ALL have a party no matter what to celebrate our courage & dreams… I would LuV to have each & every one of you as guests on my humble show *ReW & WhO?* … PleaSe.. visit soon… & spread ur WoRd xXx… 😉 THANK U everybody for ALL the iNSPiRATioN… xXx

  58. I’m ready to join you in NY Marie. Good luck to everyone who posts a video.

    • Louise

      Thank you Sandy! We’re excited to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  59. Hi there! I’ll be on my honeymoon when winners are picked, so if you decide on me, don’t give up on me if I respond slowly!!

    Marie, you are so awesome to offer this. Ladies, you are such a supremely inspiring community to be a part of 🙂

    • Leah,
      Congrats and have a blast at your wedding. The video was fun to follow and I thought “she seems pretty cool, i like her.” 🙂

    • Wedding on Saturday!!!

      Congrats lady love!

      Haha your business bridesmaids. LOVE. Your business bridesmaids are like my clone concept. xxoo

      Enjoy the honeymoon. Where ya going?

    • Louise

      You rock! Amazing that you are getting married on Saturday (yay!) and still made a video- love that. Hope it’s a beautiful day and we can’t wait to check out your entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Leah! Congrats on the wedding AND the business! I love the bridesmaids metaphor. That’s totally my challenge, too. I need me some bridesmaids!

      Good luck

  60. Woah, spooky!

    I was just thinking about how much I can’t wait to actually attend one of your events and then I sat down to my computer and clicked open this email!

    I am IN.

    Back shortly with vid link woo…. 🙂

    • Oh dear. I made a boo boo.

      My brother’s wedding is on the 27th of Oct so I am unable to submit this round!


      The next competition you have Marie, for whatever it is, I will be in!

      Sending “good winning vibrations” to all the entrants! You guys rock!!

  61. Yoli

    Oh my! I hope I did this right… soooo… nervous!! 😮

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Yoli, we are so excited to watch your video submission!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Yoli

        biting nails…

  62. Good luck to all the ladies out there!

    Marie, et al, here is my entry!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video entry, we cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  63. I’d love to enter, but am unable to via video. Good luck to those who can and much success to all at the last conference!!!

  64. Yoli

    Can I say something? I am SO honored to be a part of this incredible community of women who cheer each other on, as they themselves brave the storm of uncertainty. My wish for everyone is that every friggin’ wish you ever had come true, today and always. I love you all!!!!!
    May the chosen video ROCK this world with love and grace. GOD! I feel so emotional!

    • Yoli,

      Want a sweetheart you are! Thanks for your wishes! YOU rock!

      Sandy P.

  65. Stephanie Sisco

    Marie, I am so grateful to have discovered you and your work this past year. This community is amazing! Congrats to all 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Stephanie! We are so excited to check out your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  66. Here is my video I am so excited that I can barely even think about going to sleep. I hope EVERYONE at RHH-Live will come + have a cupcake with me. I am grateful to all of you just for the opportunity to have met you.

    • Louise

      Yay! Thank you so much for your entry, we can’t wait to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Kim! Such great video work! Such great inspiration! Thanks and good luck!


  67. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I can’t wait to make my video this weekend and send it your way 🙂 THANK YOU for this chance 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you for your video, we can’t wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  68. Thanks Marie for the opportunity!

    Super excited! Good Luck to ya’ll!

    x Linka

  69. Linka Botha

    Here’s my link.


    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry Linka, we cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  70. Thanks for helping me step outside of my box and also for this exciting opportunity… Per your specific directions, I created my “Rich Happy & Hot” video that is under 1 minute!!

    It creatively includes:
    * Where I am with my business & life right now…
    * My biggest challenge…
    * And what true success looks like for me : )

    • Louise

      Excellent! We are excited to watch your video and thank you so much for taking the leap.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thank you for your kind words : ) I hope it is the start of more leaping!

  71. Hey Marie,
    Thanks for the incredible opportunity! Here’s my entry! I’m all excited!

    Hope to see you in NYC!

  72. Thank you Marie and team for this opportunity. It would be such a blessing to see you in NYC for RHH Live. MarieTV has been huge for me as I’ve started my business and this would just be an amazing weekend for me, my business and my life.
    There’s a lot more to this story but here is the condensed version in under 1 minute!

    • Melissa

      YAY! Go Brittany! I loved your video, good luck!

    • Louise

      We are so excited to see your video and 1 minute is definitely not enough time to deep dive into the completely amazing stories here but everyone is doing such a brilliant job- we are overwhelmed and honored!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Ha, you did great. I loved the bits of humor and your personality is awesome.

  73. Marie,

    I am beyond THRILLED to enter your contest. It would be a DREAM COME TRUE to come to NY for RHH Live.

    Under a minute is tough for this chatty gal, but I hope you get a sense of who we are and what we do! You are such an inspiration. We are ready to ROCK it!

    If you want more info. check out our website at:

    Can’t wait to come see you!!!!!

    • This entry has a little glitch with the video for some reason. The next one is playing smoothly. Please feel free to remove this one. Thanks! 🙂

  74. Hi Marie!

    I am beyond THRILLED to enter your contest for RHH! You are an inspiration and I would LOVE to come to NYC to meet you and learn from everyone there.

    Under a minute is tough for this chatty gal, but I hope you get a sense of who we are and what we do. We are ready to ROCK it!!!!

    If you want more info, check out our website:

    Ready for NYC, woot woot!

    • Louise

      So happy you sent in your video and we’re so excited to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • I’m super pumped too Louise! Would so LOVE to be there. Fingers and toes crossed!

    • Love what you’re creating, Marlene!

      • Thanks Emily! It has been a dream come true and I’m super pumped to see where it goes. Best of luck to you too!

    • What a great program! I know there are lots of parents who need help in this area. Good luck!!

  75. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video, we cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Ah, I loved your video, Ashley! So fun 🙂

      • Thank you, Rebecca! I had a lot of fun making it too. 🙂

    • Ashley! Love the dance party! Good luck!


  76. A video for your enjoyment. I’d LOVE to attend this event. I do events like this but on the west coast. I would be wonderful to stay in my own city to attend.

    Thank you!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  77. Jenna Richard So excited for you to hear a little snippet of what I do! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • I love the biggest and most important of your business, and that you’re going after your true calling! Great video 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for sharing your video- we can’t wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Hey Jenna! A fellow Canadian yay 😀 Loved your video and your business. If you need help with visual branding, that’s what I do! I’d love to be able to help you 🙂 Feel free to browse my company’s portfolio and sorry for the french only :O I should try and remedy to that someday!

      • Jenna Richard

        Hello Canadian friend haha! Awesome! Thanks Laura , do I just click on your name for the info?

    • Hey Jenna, I love what you’re doing. It sounds a bit like what I’m trying to start, but from a different angle. Maybe we could collaborate sometime! I’d love to chat. My website is barely up and started (as in this week), but I should have a contact page up this weekend and you can email me there. Good luck to you!

      • Jenna Richard

        Hey Erin! Sounds great, you can always get in touch with me at [email protected] 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’re up too!

  78. Pretty please with a super delicious cherry on top….our business survival depends on this.

    • Louise

      Thank you both! We can’t wait to check out your submission vid.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  79. I had so much fun making this video! we tried to film on my rooftop for the amazing view but all the dogs barked at once, alarms went of every time we turned on the camera, the Mexican sun was burning on my skin and we decided to go back inside… I hope you like it!! Good luck to everybody!!!

    this is the link

    • Louise

      We always have the same situation when we go on the road with MarieTV. Mostly the traffic noise or people trying to get on camera themselves! Thanks for your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Justine,
      Your vision for your business inspires me ~ it’s such a beautiful connection of different passions. Highlighting your necklace against the black and white was a perfect choice, too! it sent me straight to your website.
      Good luck 🙂

  80. I’m SO excited an greatful for this opportunity.


    Here is my video submission –

    Hope you enjoy! 🙂


    • Except apparently I can’t spell “grateful” correctly. LOL.

      • Louise

        Thanks Stevie, the wheel of dance is kind of phenom. We can’t wait to see your video!
        Louise (Team Forleo)

        • Thanks Louise! I can’t wait for you and the rest of Team Forleo get to take a peak at it. 🙂

          Have a great weekend!


  81. I am so excited to be sharing my first video EH-VAH! Would absolutely be tickled pink to be picked! Shout out to all the fabulous other women who are submitting their videos. I love hearing about what everyone is doing. Good luck, everyone!

    • Louise

      Hooray for your first video and honored that you jumped in for us! We can’t wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Well, Louise, the way I see it, you only live once, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I really really want to be at RHH Live! I saw a photo today with a caption that said, “There is no certainty. There is only adventure.” Seemed pretty appropriate!

        • Louise

          Oh! Totally writing that in my journal, what a great inspirational quote.

  82. Janelle Evans

    Having trouble commenting… I hope this works — I wanna join in the fun!

  83. Hello Marie & Team Forleo!
    Here is my entry:

    To all the amazing ladies who posted entries yesterday — great job! I posted loving & supportive comments for you yesterday on this page, but because of a mistake — none of them posted! WHOOPSIE! But I hope you feel the love I’m beaming to each and every one of you. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Louise

      Yay! We’ve got you Janelle. Thank you for sharing your video, for being so persistent, and for sending out the love.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thanks so much, Louise! I really appreciate your presence here! <3

    • Love your enthusiasm and your message for women!

      • Thank you, Nacia! Your video made me laugh out loud — especially with the skillz part 🙂 I wish you the best of luck (and I wish me an opportunity to try your delicious vegan cookies!) <3

    • Wow, Janelle, really impressive, crystal clear video and I love your photos. What you’re wanting to do to step it up a notch really IS so important. I look forward to watching you fly, regardless of whether we meet on the RHH dance floor or in the vortex of FB. Keep it up!

      • Thanks so much, Emily! It’s very nice to meet you — your blog is awesome! 🙂

        • Oh, Janelle, thank you so much for saying that. I’ve been really working on it as I get ready to launch my new site and fold the blog into it. It’s been through so many incarnations over the years and I’m so excited to know that I’ve finally found me juicy center of the fruit I’ve been nibbling at for so long. B-School gave me so much clarity of mission and message. It’s one of the gazillion reasons I know RHH Live will blow my mind and take all of our businesses and dreams to the next stratosphere.

          Best of luck to you & hope to see you in a few weeks, fingers crossed :). xo

    • Cathy

      Love your energy janelle!

  84. Nataghia

    Let the fate gods intervene, cause the idea of going makes my heart sing and my toes tap. xx Check it out!

    • You sound so sweet! I wish the best of luck 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  85. Vanessa F.

    Hello there Team Forleo 🙂

    I am wondering if I am being selfish for wanting to submit a video being that I was already graced with a seat to B*School. The instructions don’t mention anything against it, and its not to say by entering I’ll win. (although that would obviously ROCK 🙂

    Soooo, at the risk of sounding a little odd for asking… I figured if don’t ask, the answer is already no.

    All my love


    • Louise

      Jump in Vanessa! We’ve love to see what’s going on in your world.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Vanessa F.

        Thanks Lousie! Super stoked and nervous but more stoked than nervous Nope, I think nervous 🙂 Cant decide <3 See you in youtube land

  86. Directions followed, ceasing the opportunity, preparing delicious vegan cookies as bribery if all else fails 🙂

    Thank you Marie!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video Nacia! We can’t wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Clever video, Nacia. It made me smile. 🙂

  87. Rachael Lowe

    **Drumroll** Here it is!

    So excited to be a part of this opportunity! Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck!! <3


    • Louise

      We’re so excited to check out your video! Thank you so much for diving in.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  88. Hi Marie and Team,

    I would LOOOOOOOVE the opportunity to soak up all that juicy knowledge at Rich, Happy & Hot Live and implement it to help grow my business and in turn help others to grow theirs.

    My video submission:

    P.S. I keep looking to the side because I’m watching my timer trying to make sure to stay under 1 minute! =)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Louise

      Yay! Thanks for the video entry. And no worries about checking the clock, one minute goes by fast.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • I loved your video, Summer! xoxo

  89. So pumped for a chance to go to RHH live! A big thank you to Marie and Team Forleo for this opportunity catapult our business to the next level and rock it in NYC! Good luck to all you lovely ladies! Here is my entry:

    Love & gratitude,

    • Louise

      Thank you for much Jennifer. We cannot wait to check out your entry!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Jennifer B. Duggan

        Thanks Louise! Wow! It’s so awesome to see you have responded and cheered all of us hopefuls along! Thanks for the support!

  90. Whew! Here’s my entry video (*super hopeful and excited!*)

    I’ll be tweeting the hell out of you lovelies!

    • Louise

      Sweet. We cannot wait to watch your video Spinnabel Lee!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  91. Cara Citrowske

    Hi Marie,
    Here is my video for the RHH Live Scholarship. I am ready to capitalize on everything I learned in B School and keep the momentum going with RHH Live. I am grateful for all you have taught me and for the amazing B School community.

    Thank you,
    Cara Citrowske :: Kick It Catalyst
    End the Pack Mentality

    • Louise

      Thank you for your video and love that you are building on B-School! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Cara—

      I got chills watching your video— your energy and determination shine through brilliantly. Thank you for the work you do. Rock on!!

    • Loved your beautiful confidence, Cara!

    • Love your motivation, inspiration and confidence, Cara. Well done and such a necessary vision in the world. Best of luck and sending light and juju to your family member who’s sick.

  92. Monisha Ramgahan

    Hi Marie & Family.

    I totally did it!! I finished my first video ever as well mastered some webcam technology that was driving me up the wall!!!

    I am so amazingly happy to share this with you and so inspired by all the wonderful posts.

    I hope you enjoy it!!


    • Louise

      Thank you SO much for your video. We can’t wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Loved your video, Monisha…so much heart and clarity 🙂

  93. Hi Maire and Team ;)… OK 1 minute…LOL that was something! French people usually fit 2 or 3 words in 1 minute…;) I’m ready to see you all in NY…Good luck Girlfriends!!

    ~ Nathalie

    • Louise

      We cannot wait to check out your entry video! Thank you so much for sending it along.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  94. Here we go!! See you there xoxo

    • Louise

      Thank you so much, we can’t wait to watch your awesome video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Loved your video ladies! Would love to find more about what you do!

  95. Hi Marie,
    Here is our video!!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! You are absolutely brilliant and it would mean the world to Liz and I to see u LIVE! The making of this video was already a big step toward being more successful in our business. This video not only put our business in perspective but encouraged us to put ourselves out there. We already feel more accepting of who we are and what we have to offer people. I can only imagine what seeing you would do for our future success.

    See you in NYC,
    Liz & Mallory <3

    • Louise

      Thank you Liz & Mallory,
      We love that making the video was helpful (yay!). We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  96. Oh man, ladies! There are so many awesome women here. I feel a little like I’ve been nominated for an Oscar and I’m competing against the best of the best. Your videos, and you, are all so great. It’s an honor to be amongst you! Good luck to everyone!

    Here’s my hope-filled entry.

    • Louise

      We’re so excited to see your video and happy you jumped in!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  97. This is so great! I want and need to win! This way I can help even more people! YEAH!

    • Go Ivana!!!!! I have experienced Ivana’s magic first-hand and yes! more people need you! <3

      • Janelle, You go!!!! So thrilled to even be here, have access to Marie and you and the other amazing women who play the game of life with love! Thanks so much for your support & you know you’ve got mine!!! XOXOX

  98. I was so excited I did this video straight away in my pajama’s!

    Thanks Marie & good luck everyone!

    • Louise

      Thank you for your video Tracey, LOVE that you dove in while in your pjs. We cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Tracey, you’re awesome! There’s definitely a PJ theme happening and though I didn’t wear them in my vid, if we all end up in NYC, I propose a PJ Party!

      Believe in your dreams, chica, and screw any dude (or dudette) who tries to tear them away from you. Your unique voice deserves to be heard – megaphone, mountain top, whatever! Sending oodles of juju your way.

      • Thanks Em!
        back at you sista!

        Haha nothing beats a PJ party in a goddess circle mixed with some dancing for good measure! 🙂

  99. I’ve been watching some of these videos, and they are awesome!!!! What incredible sisters I have in the world! Yay!

    • i AGREEE this is amazing how many absolutely KooL & FaBULoUS people are out here.. i luved your video.. Youtube said i couldn’t comment on any more to wish good luck ha!… so GoooD LuCK fellow contender.. xXx

  100. Rebecca

    Just as I was wondering how I could manifest this one, Marie comes up from behind with exactly what I needed. Per usual! Making my video today, can’t wait to see the rest!

  101. Hellloooo MARIE & the Fabulous Forleo-team-members & community!

    I am just THRILLED at this opportunity to win tickets to RICH, HAPPY & HOT!!! I would truly be honored to be there among all of these AMAZING entrepreneurs… Marie, If you pick me, I will give you a part in one of my fitness videos!!! (you can dance-bomb us during kickboxing!!!!)


    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your scholarship video, we can’t wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  102. Hey Marie, Louise + the rest of Team Forleo!

    I’ve visualized myself at RHH Live for weeks, so my heart RACED when I got the scholarship email! What an AMAZING opportunity! I know this is exactly what I need to take my B School training to the next level.

    My entry:

    Best of luck to all of the participants! Thank you so much for being so generous!

    Krystle Rowry,

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Hey Louise! I noticed that when I check out some of these entries (including mine), youtube adds a couple seconds to the video time. However, once you start playing the video, youtube displays the actual time of the video. In my case, I edited it to exactly 59 seconds, but youtube says it’s 1:01. When you start to play it the total duration time changes to 00:59. Just a heads up! Don’t want anyone getting unfairly disqualified 🙂

        • Louise

          Absolutely- we are definitely paying attention to the “real” time codes!

  103. Olesya

    Hi Marie and the Team! Hot greetings from Russia. I would be happy to visit the Event from Moscow.

    Marie, what are you doing is great! And it’s, probably, on of the best site in the world for pro-active women who is going to rock the life. I am proud to learn and share your advices with Russian speaking world.

    My video

    • Olesya

      I am a subscriber for a long time already, but cannot realize where to login for the site? To moderate profile, to put pic for a comment…Could you advice?

    • Louise

      Thank you for sending along your video and for your lovely words about the site- being a part of this community and watching all of you make magic is a dream come true for us.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      Oh, visit and set up an account with the same email you use to comment, this will generate the picture you chose every time you post here!

  104. Aggghhhh, I did it!!! Wha-hoo! Love to all you courageous women who entered! Love, love, love!

    • Louise

      Yay! We’re so glad you did too and can’t wait to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  105. Still all sweaty from a 3 hr Zumba dance fest, but I gots to get my Marie on! And it’s on…. It’s ON like Donkey Kong.

    Thank you Marie and team for this opportunity. I’m constantly impressed and inspired by you.

    • Louise

      Thank you Betsy, we cannot wait to check out your post-Zumba awesomeness!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Damn, girl, I wish I looked that calm, cool and collected after 3 hrs of anything. I’m more of the turn beet red and pass out til my cat claws a Jackson Pollack impression into my jog bra.

      & congrats for shedding the corporate chains but keeping the shoes.

  106. Hi Marie and hi to all you fabulous people who are also part of Marie’s tribe! I love the energy here. I have been a stealth fan of Marie’s for a long time, though in my community I am one of her evangelists! I love spreading the word about great ideas and great peeps!

    Thanks for the chance to join this contest. Here is my entry,, hopefully I’ll be picked and you’ll see me in the front row cheesing and learning!

    Be well and to all Team Forleo, keep on rocking, because you are doing a great job!

    • Wow your little girl is so sweet! It made me smile so much! I wish you all the luck!

    • Oh my goodness, you and your daughter are adorable!

      • Thanks Falan and Laura!
        She is my little rockstar. I am so crazy about her, when God gave me her, he made my life! And she adores New York. We just got back actually and she watched her first Broadway show. Watching one through her eyes was breathtaking.

        Thanks to everyone else as well and good luck! Everyone here has such heart and soul! Blessings.

        • I can totally relate to the stealth fan status Ekene. But all these videos like yours moved me so much I finally had to start posting instead of just reading all the time 🙂

          Gorgeous video, and great message. I am so glad to know you are out there making a difference!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for sharing your video, and LOVE that you’ve emerged from your stealth status! We can’t wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thanks Louise. Quick question, my video was actually 59secs in Imovie, uploaded to youtube now, its 1min after loading…
        Any thoughts?

        • Ok, I reuploaded a slightly shorter version because apparently youtube adds a little extra time on it and I would hate to be disqualified on a technicality. So please consider this version and not the first…

          Thanks again!
          (Posted twice, I know, obsessing much?)

          • Louise

            No worries, we’ve got your new link!

  107. Nerdy question for you, Louise! 🙂
    How do you find our twitter & facebook shares to tally bonus points? Do you do a search using the hashtag and try to marry what you find with the names of all who entered? Or should we share our twitter & facebook urls with you?
    Thanks! I’m loving all these cool connections we are making! This community ROCKS! <3

    • is that how they pick a winner? are we suppose to get points?? if we accidentally tweeted w/out the hastag are we penalized??
      May the Best computer savvy person here.. WiN… 😉
      i actually wondered the ‘how’ part.. Good LuCK JaNeLLe 😉 xXx

      • Don’t worry, ReW*!
        It’s just for bonus points — you’ve entered perfectly! But yeah, I am curious about the “how” of the bonus points, too 🙂

    • Louise

      We are tracking all of the shares on fb and twitter using the hashtag and the link so we’ll catch ’em all! And you are totally right in your advice to ReW below, they are bonus points. The real action is the video you post here! I know, this community is seriously the bomb dot com.

  108. I did it! My first video ever–here it is.

    Marie, thank you so much for this opportunity.

    And good luck to everyone! I’ve really enjoyed watching the videos so far.

    xo Maeg

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to check it out, and I agree that it’s been so beautiful seeing all of these entries- what an overwhelmingly wonderful community. We are blown away.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  109. Ok, I reuploaded a slightly shorter version because apparently youtube adds a little extra time on it and I would hate to be disqualified on a technicality. So please consider this version and not the first…

    Thanks again!

    • Love your vibe and your voice, Ekene! And your daughter is adorable to book. Rock on, chica!

      • Thanks Emily! And thanks Louise.

    • Louise

      Got it!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  110. Dawn Clancy

    Comin in at under 1min is the finisher.

    I am so grateful for this opportunity and I wish all of you that submitted videos much luck!

    • Love your voice, Dawn – and I don’t just mean what we hear when you’re talking but rather what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Keep talking. (And good luck!) 🙂

      – Tonia

    • Kristin

      Thanks for your submission, Dawn! Can’t wait to watch it. Good luck to you, too!

  111. Hello Marie,
    Here is my video submission!
    Karen Ciocca

    • Ok so YouTube apparently adds a few seconds and I pinky swear I was under 60 seconds! k

      • Louise

        Thank you so much for your video! I will add the note about the time to our list and we cannot wait to check it out.
        Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Love your video: authentic and fun 🙂

      • Thanks Divine, I made about 14 before that and finally my daughter came in and we just winged it! SO many videos here! Good luck to all!
        k 🙂

  112. Ahhh… so here’s my video entry. Feeling really exposed about now! But, Marie is the go-to for the particular business challenge that’s tripping me up right now, and I would love to fly out and be apart of the live event. So thanks again for such a cool opportunity. 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry! We cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  113. Goldy Bothireddy


    Thank you for a fun challenge and enjoy all the videos. Good luck to everyone.


    • Louise

      Thank you so much Goldy! We cannot wait to view your submission.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  114. Marie & Team Forleo,
    Here’s my video, I’m looking forward to bringing you and the RHH community some Fresh Raw Radical juice.

    I busted my booty in B-School, and I’m ready for RHH Live. I can’t wait to catapult my business with you in October.

    See you there!
    Kate Zanderpants

    • Louise

      Thank you for your video and so glad you had some B-School booty bustin’. We cannot wait to watch your entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  115. Talk about letting my guard down… no make-up and in my jammies! 🙂 Thanks for giving the nudge to take imperfection action; hope something in me and my process resonates with each of you.

    • Love the truth in the jammies at oh-crack-of-whatever-ungodly-hour. Been there, chica. Actually, currently that’s the only time I’ve got. Silver lining – phones don’t ring. 🙂 Hang in there!

      • Louise

        Thank you for your video, we cannot wait to check it out. And love that you are keeping it real and embracing imperfection (that is DEFINITELY something we do every day too!!).
        Louise (Team Forleo)

  116. Claudia Massot


    You are all so amazing!!! I just want to meet you all. XOXOXOXO

    Now that I my video is uploading, I am actually enjoying yours…(did not want to get influenced before I made my own : )

    THANK YOU Marie and the entire Forleo team for the wonderful opportunity!

    Love love love


  117. Oh my goodness that was FUN!!!
    I am so very excited about RHH live and all of these videos! This was a tremendous boost to my confidence, and fueled me with inspiration!
    I just can’t believe I am part of this awe inspiring community (pinches self)!
    Thank you Marie, and team for taking the time to watch!
    And BEST of luck to all the participants!

    Here is my entry…

    • Sarah, your video was so fun to watch! The trampoline part was my favorite. It’s obvious how much you love your business and want it with as many people as possible. Good luck!

      -Ashley (a fellow Austinite!)

    • Louise

      Thank you so much, you rockin’ B-School babe!! We’re so excited to check out your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thank you Ashley, and Louise!
        The trampoline part was longer, but alas I only had one minute. 😉 I had a ton of fun with it! My daughter asked me why I was making the video and I told her about this opportunity. She said, ” isn’t more important that you had fun, it’s not all about winning.” I must be doing something right. 😉 But it sure would be more fun in New York at RHH Live!
        Best of luck to you as well, Ashley!


        • Louise

          Oh, your daughter has a fierce mindset. I love it!!

          • Hey Louise!
            I apologize for sending yet another email your way, but I realize that my video plays at 1:00 on my laptop and only 59 seconds on my iPad. I busted my rear to get that video at 59 seconds. I see that youtube adds extra frames on many videos. Is my entry invalid if I re-upload the video with a shorter time? This opportunity means the world to me, I just want to do everything, as written in the instructions.
            Oh, and yes, my little 6 year old redhead is super fierce. 🙂
            Thanks for your help!!!

          • Here is my official link… The other link has been disabled, I made it shorter than one minute, just in case!
            Thank you so much for all of your time and energy!!

          • Louise

            We’ve got your new link- just wanted to close the loop here!

          • Louise , Kristin, (and the rest of the Forleo crew),
            May I just say how amazed I am by your responses to each and every post!? I strive to have as good of customer service as you all, because you are the absolute BEST!
            Thank you for your open heart, and kind words, may they come back to you and yours, 10 fold.
            Have a great week!

          • Louise

            Thank you Sara- we love this community. And a shout out to your daughter, part of the redhead crew!! We have to stick together.

  118. OMG! I’ve never made a video before, much less published it but lordy, Marie, you have a way of making a girl do things she never thought she’d have the courage to do so… here it is:

    EEK! (It was kind of a blast!)

    Loving watching everyone else’s and so grateful for the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring.

    Thanks, Marie & Team – for this and for every single thing you do!
    xo -em

    • Louise

      We are beyond honored to be the cause of your first video!! That rocks, as do you. We cannot wait to watch your entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thanks, Louise. And HUGE kudos to you for all the individual replies to everyone. As always, you and the entire team are such caring and attentive rock stars – it matters, it is noticed and it is received with such gratitude. xo

        • Hear, hear! 🙂

        • Louise

          Oh, thank you darling! I love this community and I am constantly, blissfully overwhelmed by the compassion and action.

    • I love your video!
      Hope to meet you in NYC!

      • Muito obgrigada, menina!

        And you are on! We can get a little samba going, no? 😉

  119. Hi Marie + Team!

    I’m super excited to be able to submit my video for the scholarship contest! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I really hope to win but even if I don’t, please know that I will always be rooting for you! You are totally amazing and ROCK!

    Video Submission:

    • Louise

      Thank you for your video submission. We cannot wait to check it out!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  120. Hi Marie and the wonderful Forleo team,

    here’s my video entry:

    Thank you so much for the love, the time you take to go through this whole process and the fantastic opportunity to go to RHH Live for free.

    I have had a great time making my video as well as watching all the others. We rock!!! I love it. I love knowing that we are out there, giving it all.

    Good luck, blessings and success to all,

    All my love,

    Claudia Massot

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Claudia, for your video AND for the support you are showing others. This is such a beautiful and powerful community, it amazes us every day. We can’t wait to watch your entry!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thank you Louise,

        It IS an amazing community and I am grateful to you, Team Forleo and Marie for making this haen.



    • Claudia! This is such a great video! I love the dream idea. Totally made me laugh. Good luck with building your business and inspiring women around you!


  121. Kris Adams

    Thanks for this opportunity Marie and Team Forleo!

    A lot of “firsts” for me. First time making a video, first time up-loading anything to youtube and first time stepping way outside my comfort zone without having it all figured out before I make a move.

    Here’s to the bigger, bolder game of life for all of us!
    Blessings all around to this beautiful community of people,

    • Louise

      Hooray for your firsts!! We cannot wait to watch your video and YES to the bigger, bolder game of life for us all. I love that!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Beautiful Kris and your baby!

      Good luck and lots of love and success


  122. Gabby

    Hi Marie & Team!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    I’ve just uploaded my video:

    Hope you enjoy it & good luck to everyone! I’m sure it’s going to be a hard decision!


    • Louise

      Thank you for your video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  123. Hi Marie and your fabulous team!!
    Here is the link to my RHH Live 2012 Scholarship Contest vid:

    Thanks so much for considering me for this opportunity to spend the weekend of a lifetime with over 300 amazing women at RHH Live in NYC!!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your contest video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  124. I was so FREAKING nervous when I uploaded this baby to You Tube that I bit my tongue and did not even realize it…

    I have so many things to say thank you for to You Marie and to your amazing team. For now, let me just say: Woooohooooooo – let´s meet at RHH-live and get our ecstatic passion flowing together! (reference to the Queen song I´m singing (!) in the vid).

    Lots of Greenylicious LOVE from Sweden!
    Elenore @

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video- we cannot wait to watch it!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Love your video Elenore!

      So fresh and alive and twinkly (is that a word?)

      Thank you and good luck! Success and LOVE


  125. Hi Marie!

    Here is my video for the scholarship:

    I was so nervous! But I did it, with the help of a great friend (& former B-Schooler) and I already feel like I’ve surpassed myself doing this video. I love my boutique and I hope to transform it into a green community project – as you’ll learn when you watch it.

    Thanks again for this opportunity and I hope to see you in NYC soon!
    Marie Thellen

    • Louise

      We’re so excited to see your video and happy that you jumped in!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  126. OMGosh!!!! I am soo excited about this. Good luck to everyone. I heart this community and it’s leader! I think you are #awesmazing Marie. I hope to see you at RHHLive. So here’s my video


    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thanks Louise! It’s such an awesome opportunity. I’m so inspired by all of the amazingly fabulous wome (and gents) who have entered. So many great stories. It soooo humbling to know that so many others know have experienced similar (or worse) struggles on their own journeys .

  127. Dear Team Forleo,

    Super fun! What a great way to inspire all us entrepeneurs to radiate our gorgeous, powerful gifts to the world…cuz when we OWN it, others do too.


    • Louise

      We’re so excited to see your contest video! And it has been amazing to see everyone’s stories- completely incredible.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  128. Whew! I heard Marie’s voice saying “everything is figure-out-able” as I ran into a major file conversion snag. And it IS! So here is my video, converted, in sync, and filled with my heart! Thank you for the opportunity to shoot for the stars!!

    Peace & Hugs, Megan the Vegan 🙂

    • Louise

      So glad you fought through file conversation and sent in your video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  129. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!

    You ROCK! You inspire me each and every day to be my best self both in business and life. I am so grateful to have a chance to attend RHH LIVE. I know it will be huge ASSET to my work and life. Here is the link to my video:

    Good luck to all the other amazing women who have submitted videos:)

    Thank you, again, for this opportunity!

    Lots of Love,
    Tessa Zimmerman

    • Louise

      Thank you Tessa. YOU rock!! We cannot wait to watch your video submission.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Way to go Tessa!!!

      Good luck with all you do, I know you are already changing the world.

      Love and success


      • Louise~Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my entry! What a relief it was to know Team Forleo has my submission! Thank you, again, to both Marie and Team Forleo for this opportunity:)

        Claudia~Thank you for your beautiful and kind words! Your comment made my day. I am trying my best to make a positive impact on the world for the teen generation:)

        Love to you both:)

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Anabel,

      All my love and light to help in this delicate time.
      I love the steeldoll logo and mission.
      Infinite love, success and good luck with your entry!


  130. Siobhan Pyburn

    Entering from Britain with a cup of tea what-what:

    Ok, enough of that utterly stereotypical poppycock.

    No really, I really will stop now. Enjoy and thanks! 🙂

    • Louise

      Lovely to see you here and we are so excited to watch your video. And hooray for the poppycock.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Thank you for the work you do Siobhan,

      good luck with your entry. Your video is beautiful.

      Love love love

  131. Thank you Marie and entire team for your time and this amazing opportunity. I had so much FUN putting this video together:)
    Good Luck to everyone here!

    Here is my entry:

    Hope to meet ALL the other amazing women at RHH Live!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  132. Tania Marchand

    OMG my heart is beating so fast!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. Here is my video to win a place to RHHLive…
    You and me changing the world…Let’s do it!!! ;-)))

    Tania XXX

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Tania

        Thank you Louise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tania,
      Hearing you talk about what you imagine makes me want to be in the audience, watching whatever beauty you create with all that vision. I’m glad you posted this…and I hope to see your piece on stage one day.

      • Tania

        Oh! Thank you so much Kristin;-)

        • Tania


          • Tania

            LOL!!! So sorry, don’t know why I keep inverting things this morning…I guess I am really touch by your comment Kristyn!!!

  133. Hi Marie and Team Forleo! I present to you my entry. Thanks for the opportunity! 😀

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Jen, we cannot wait to check out your entry!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  134. Ngoc Khong

    Hi all, I’m Ngoc from Vietnam. This is huge. Thank Marie & Team Forleo a lot for giving us this amazing chance. Here is my entry:
    I’m sorry for the not-so-right pronunciation, so I’ve already include a caption there, please turn it on. 😛
    Good luck to all of you guys, to all of us! ^^

    • Louise

      Thank you for your contest entry video. We cannot wait to watch it and learn more about you!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  135. Hello everyone!

    Thank you Marie for this chance to win a free ticket to RHH Live 2012!

    Here is my video :


    • Louise

      Thank you for your video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  136. Hi Marie and team,

    I am entering for my husband (yes, I really *would* be thrilled for him to hang out with 300 stunning women. And Mastin Kipp. In New York. Wow.)

    Here is my entry – exactly a minute long 🙂 I know in my heart this would change his life, which is why I didn’t enter for myself.

    Bless you for believing in us all.
    Love, love, love
    Elloa xx

    • Louise

      You are amazing! Thank you so much for submitting on behalf of your husband. We cannot wait to check out your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Oh Elloa, you gave me goosebumps 🙂

  137. Eep! Video filmed & all systems go to meet some new tribe members at RHHLive who are ready to create more providence in their lives & the world! Stylishly & while dancing, of course.

    with grace & gumption,

    P.S. If any of you bettys are coming to town, we’ve got two spots in our Brooklyn home to sublet during RHHLive! Hoping to bless some people with a more affordable spot to stay & help you get the local flavor!

    • Louise

      Thank you Hilary for your video entry (and the digs shout out, you rock). We cannot wait to check out your submission.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • This is a super sweet offer, Hilary!

  138. I’m heard the WHISPER, and I’m ready to PARTY with you!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Hi Louise,
        I appreciate that you are responding to each of us, so we know our video is up! I also wanted to let Marie know that I’m a HUGE fan, watch Marie TV every tuesday and have written about her on my blog several times:

        and in an interview:

        It’s a dream of mine to be in the same room (maybe even have a cup of tea!) with Marie and Danielle LaPorte- these women inspire me so! I’ve been facilitating a group based off Daniele’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions, which has been widly successful. So, how cool that I could meet them both at RHH?

        I mention in my video that I have a TV show- here’s a teaser if you have 36 secs to spare!

        many thanks for your good giving karma with this amazing award~

        • Louise

          Just had a chance to sweep back in here and check out your show trailer. It looks great and congratulations for getting out there. The joy you have in sharing your experiences leaps off the screen!
          Keep making magic,

  139. ENTRYYYYYY TIME! Ohhhh yeaaaaaa!!

    (Does Macho Man Randy Savage come to mind, or is that just me?!?!)

    • Louise

      Sweet! Thank you for your video, we cannot wait to check it out (and I’m off to google Macho Man Randy Savage because that sounds pretty rockin’ too).
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  140. Sarah Curnoles

    Hi Marie and Team!
    Here is my official entry. I am thrilled to have this opportunity!


    • Louise

      Thank you Sarah for your video entry. We can’t wait to fire it up on youtube!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  141. I am pleased to present my video today!

    “Creating a business of life coaching, to guide people into their
    own brilliance, reclaim creative joy, and grow self-love”.
    RHH Live is the perfect event to catapult my vision and expand
    my tribal community.

    With Heart and Soul~

    Please note, this video IS exactly 0:59 seconds.
    My business website is currently under construction. 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry. YouTube can be cagey like that! We can’t wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thank you Louise!

        Best wishes to everyone who entered! 🙂

  142. Hi Marie and team Forleo!

    Thanks a million for the opportunity to even submit this entry. Who knew Youtube could be so much fun. Now that I’ve finished, I’m going to dance with my babies!

    Love, peace and many blessings to you all:)

    Shakima Martinez

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry! We cannot wait to check it out and I hope dancing with your kids was awesomesauce.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  143. Hi Marie and Team,
    What a phenomenal opportunity you are giving us to attend RHH Live 2012 for free! Thank you so much.
    I’m so excited to be able to share this video with you for a change to win a ticket to the event. I had fun making the video; I didn’t know I could talk so fast! 🙂

    Here’s the YouTube link to my scholarship entry:

    Much love and gratitude to you all, and best of luck to all video contestants!

    • Louise

      Thank you for your entry- we cannot wait to watch your video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  144. Marie!! Louise! Team Forleo!! B-school Babes!

    Abundant thanks for this fabulous opportunity! It’s actually my first EVER video that isn’t performance art!!! Love PRESSING my EDGE & coming out of hiding more each day! It’s also great practice for my upcoming intensive on Transformational Speaking next weekend;)

    Here’s the entry!

    Thanks again Marie…and to all the other incredible entrants! You guys rock!

    -Lainie Love Dalby

    • Louise

      Thank you for your submission and yay for your first non-performance art video! We cannot wait to check it out.

  145. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity! And let’s hope the best wins!! 😀

    Here is my entry!


    Carolina Segura from Bogota, Colombia

    • Louise

      Thank you Carolina. We cannot wait to fire up your video on YouTube!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  146. I am in! I’m doing this because I am more than I am now.

  147. Oh Marie, please pick me…we would have so much fun in NYC!! I had a blast making this video – enjoy!

    See you soon 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you for your entry video! We cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  148. Here is my entry. I am doing this because I am more than I am.

    Whatever the outcome thank your for inspiring me to do this video and all the transformation you inspired at RHH Live.

    xo Francesca

  149. Hi Marie and Team!

    Thank you sooo much for such an amazing opportunity to be part of your fabulous community!

    Here is my video ::

    Fingers crossed,
    Erin, Writer and Life Coach in training

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  150. I’ve been following the comments here and watching every single video and I wish all of you the best of luck! Whoever wins this deserves it 100%! Participating in itself has been quite an experience 🙂 Good luck all!

    • Niki Driscoll

      Agreed! I love seeing amazing women in action!

  151. Hola,

    I already bought a ticket just in case but here is my entry


    • Louise

      Thank you Kristin! We cannot wait to check out your video…. but…. I see your note below about the length. It is a 1:00 video cut off and most of the submissions have been right around :59. I know that YouTube can be cagey and add on one of two seconds so we have been taking that into consideration but anything over a minute is disqualified (although we are all watching EVERY video!!). This is seriously the most amazing thing, this community is phenom. If you do want to edit and repost, we’ll grab your new link!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  152. Wow, just noticed that almost everyone’s videos are 2 min instead of under 1 min as Marie requires. Mine is 30 sec over so I guess could be easily tossed out for not following directions 🙁 …but the process of spending all day today making it was a really awesome, meditative, personal experience and fun creative exercise.

    May the best (wo)man win, but and hopefully even those of us who went over 1 min will still have a chance if our messages are well communicated.

    Either way, thanks to Team Marie for giving so many of us the opportunity to reflect on why we want to go to RHH Live and put something tangible out there.


    Thank you for an AMAZING opportunity!!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your contest video. We cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  154. Dancing and talking about my biz at the same time is tough, but super fun to do! Here’s my vid:

    Good luck to all you fabulous ladies!!!

    • Chinh! What a great video! Your Hot Hula looks like so much fun!!
      Best of luck!!

      • Thanks so much Sara!! I hope you are able to go!!!

    • Louise

      Thank you for your scholarship video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Love the video inside the video, Chinh – so awesome! And I think I threw out my back just watching you do that hot hula but it looks like so much fun, I’d love to try it. Hope we both get to NYC and I’ll be asking you to show me some of those moves!

  155. Hi Marie,
    Thank-you so much for this great opportunity!
    Here is my video:

    Hope to see you soon!

    • Louise

      Thank you Suzanne! We can’t wait to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  156. Keeping it to one minute was so hard!! I had to much I wanted to say 🙂

    I had so much fun creating it! Who knew video could be so fun??!

    Good Luck everyone!!

    Here is my link:
    Heading now to tweet and post 🙂

    • Louise

      I LOVE that this turned out to be fun- that rocks! We cannot wait to check out your video and thank you for much for posting it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Great pop-ups, chica!

  157. Here is my submission =)

    It’s hard being creative when trying to squeeze alot of content in under one minute, which, for the record, my video was under a minute and somehow gained a few seconds when uploaded to youtube!!

    Thank you so much!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video (and it’s showing at 1 minute exactly so no worries!). We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  158. Marie and Crew,

    I can’t thank you all enough for the opportunity to create this video. This project opened my heart and allowed me to push myself WAY outside my comfort zone in ways I didn’t anticipate.

    The mojo you bring out in all of us is inspiring. I can feel the ripples of awesomeness just waking up all that goodness around the world!

    Here’s my video:

    Excited about the possibilities…

    • Monique Kovalenko

      Please redo your video to get it inside the time limit. It’s such good stuff, you deserve to have a legitimate chance!!

      • Thank you so much for the heads up, Monique! How you guys look out for this community is so incredible. I stayed up late last night and got it done, girl. I sent in the 58 second version just around 1am this morning.

        Big hug!

        • Monique Kovalenko

          Girl, I’m submitting my own video but you’re are fantastic and that needs to be seen.

          hugs back

          • Awesome! Thank you, Monique. That really means a lot. I haven’t had a chance to check out the videos but I’ll be sure to look for yours and send you some good mojo! Kick butt, girlie!

            More hugs!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. It is showing up as 1:49 so it’s too long right now but please know that we watch everything submitted and if you want to recut it, I will replace the link!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  159. Aaaaahhhhh!!!! So excited, I had so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity

    my video (yyaayy):

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Julia. We cannot wait to check out your video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  160. Take 25.7 — And, finished! I’m so happy I got this done before the deadline, especially after a challenging weekend. Love to all and I hope to see you LIVE!

    • Louise

      Thank you for your entry! We are so happy you got it done and cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  161. Thanks again for the opportunity Marie & for pushing us all out of our comfort zones – you’re always thinking of how you can help us progress! 😉

    Here comes my submission:

    • Damn, girl, I must speak at half speed or something because I have no idea how you got all that awesome info into your 1 minute.

      Fingers crossed for both of us b-school babes to meet face to face in NYC. xo

      • Thanks Emily – there was so much to say and so little time, needed a few takes to get it in order :p
        Good luck & hope to see you in NY!

    • Hey Susanna, we have the same mission! It’s in french but I created spreading happiness in France. I haven’t done my video yet but now the sun is up so let’s go. Good luck and if you come to Paris, come and meet us 🙂

      • Wow that looks amazing Joanna!
        Would be great to catch up, can see yours is much more evolved & am sure I have a lot to learn from you 🙂
        Am actually planning a trip to Paris in fall or spring so will let you know!
        Would also love to chat over Skype if possible?
        Take care!

        • Great!
          My skype: moodstep
          I would be happy to welcome you in Paris and have a drink in an unknown part of Paris with the best view.

          • Different picture, same person. I am just using my desktop computer that must be logged in with a different account :))

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  162. you know why I love Marie? Cause she created an opportunity to have so many great people post such ROCKIN’ AWESOME videos. I love watching all your videos and getting more and more inspired.

    One thing is for sure. We are not alone. So many of us with great intentions and great ideas. You know the good news? There is abundance for all. We will all succeed. Just keep going no matter what.

    Making a video is winning already!

    Love you all!

    Don’t let anything hold you back, just do it.

    • Louise

      Oh thank you for cheering people along- you rock.

  163. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!

    Greetings from Brazil!

    I´ve been helping Brazilian women to empower themselves… Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to empower myself 🙂

    Here´s my entry!


    • Super legal, Cristina! Boa sorte e espero que eu vou te ver em NYC.
      Beijinhos! 🙂

      • Hi Emily!
        Obrigada 🙂 I´m looking forward to it! To be at RHHLive this year is a dream I´ve been cherishing for a long time! I like your website! You lived in Brazil! So nice to get a message in português 🙂 Hope to see you in NYC too!
        Até lá 😉
        Beijos xxoo

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to fire up youtube and watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Hi Louise!
        Thank you! I´m enjoying every step of this process! Hope to meet you in NYC soon – with my Brazilian accent 🙂

  164. Such a cool opportunity! Dreaming of the possibility of attending RHH Live…… Thank you for all of your hard work, and all of the awesome resources that you offer!–VkSEZo54

    Feeling super inspired thanks to your crew,

    • Shayna Marmar

      Oh boy! Here is the REAL link… thank you so much!–VkSEZo54&

      • Oh boy! That last video was sneaky and made it a second over 1 minute! I took it down and replaced it one that is listed a bit below… thanks so much & sorry for the trouble…. still learning the video/Youtube ropes. My bad! Big hugs to Team Forleo!!!

        • Louise

          I’ll grab the link below, thanks for the heads up!

  165. Sarah Hoffman

    Here is my submission.. Thank you for this opportunity!
    Sarah Elizabeth

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your contest video. We cannot wait to take a look!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  166. Hello Marie & b-school team ! I just created my first video EVER! This experience alone challenged me more than you will ever know. Thank you! My video can be found at and I tweeted and posted on Facebook. By the way, my 9 year old daughter was asking me when will RHH live junior be available? 🙂 Have an amazing week and see you in New York.

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for making your first video ever for us! We cannot wait to watch it. And LOVE the idea of an RHH Live junior…. will add it to the ideas list.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  167. Thanks for the opportunity, here is my entry:

    Have a great time watching them all!!!


    • Wow so many great entries! Good luck everyone, what a wonderful community.

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Steph. We cannot wait to check out your video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  168. Hello Marie and the team!! thanks so much for this opportunity to be creative and get my movie making skills on.. here’s my entry! all the way from Broome Western Australia where I am currently spending time with my sis and playing aunty.. and on tour.. 🙂 x big love! Prita

    • Hi Marie and the team! I made the video 59secs on imovie – but on youtube it’s showing up in the preview 1.01 until you press play .. then it’s back to 59 secs.. hope thats cool! x p

    • Louise

      Thank you for the video and no worries, it’s showing up as :59 for us too! We cannot wait to check it out fully.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  169. Monique Kovalenko

    I’m so damn thankful to be a part of this community! Creating a video to be just a minute long was a really great practice in being concise too. WOW.

    Here’s my entry:

    Thanks so much Marie and Team Forleo -I’m ready for some dancin’

    • Louise

      Thank you for much for your entry vid. We cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  170. Alla Petcheniouk

    OMG. Marie, if you only knew what you do to all of us. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy my soul that I put into this video.

    If I only knew when reading over 15 biographies of Hillary Clinton at the age of 16 that I will mention her in a video that has hanged my life already while making it…
    All my love to you, team Forleo! Thank you so much!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video submission. We cannot wait to check it out, totally intrigued by the Hillary Clinton mention above….
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Alla Petcheniouk

        and if I only knew while writing the horrible MA theses for International Relations, that I will finally find my way to politics… life is amazing. We never know… 🙂
        Thank you so much that you comment on every entry! It makes it so personal! I really appreciate it 🙂
        The future Hillary 😉

        • Louise

          Can’t wait to watch you take over the political arena- I see it now!

  171. Brittany Poast

    Wow, I can’t believe I actually did this!! First video, first YouTube submission, first total jump off of a cliff!! 🙂 Whatever happens, I’m so grateful that you are pushing all of us out of our comfort zone; what a huge first step! Here’s my vid:

    Thanks to Marie & the whole team. Happy watching!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Brittany! We cannot wait to watch your video.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Brittany Poast

        Thanks for your personal reply Louise, the whole team @ Marie Forleo is #1 at making all of us feel very special. 🙂

  172. Marie,
    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to dig deep down and express where I am right now and turn my focus to what it’s going to look like when I rock my biggest challenge… and muster up that last little “I think I can!”

    I hope to see you in New York! Here’s my video:

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Hi Dana! I loved your video and your “stone soup mentality” comment.

      • Falan, thank you sooo much!

        Louise, I’m dying for the results next week.

        Kristen (Team Forleo), thanks for helping me figure out my Gravatar. You rock!

  173. Thank you for your generosity and true beauty Marie! I so hope to be chosen to experience RHH Live.

    Here is the link for my vid:

    Thanks again Marie and the whole team!!!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your entry video. We are excited to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thank you Louise! I actually just learned how to cut it so is 59 seconds instead of 1:05 minutes, would you want me to send it again or that should be ok?
        Thank you all for this amazing opportunity!!

        • Hi Louise, I am following my instinct and I am adding the video that is less than a minute. Could you please change it for me??
          Thank you so much again 🙂
          Here it is:

          • Louise

            Circling back in to let you know we got your new link. Look at that timing on your comment- right at the deadline!! Love it.

  174. Yay! Here is my video! I hit 60 seconds on the head.

    So exciting. Woot!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video submission. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  175. Allison Kirk

    Hey Marie! Attending RHH Live ’12 would mean that I’m serious about Bustin’ Crazy Dope Moves with my life! Here’s my entry:

    • Louise

      Thank you for your contest vid! We cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  176. Throwing my hat in the ring all the way from Sunny Coast, Australia. Thanks Marie and Team Forleo for the opp! My bags are packed, airpoints sorted, my NYC buddy’s couch is free, only thing missing is a ticket 🙂 Kylie x

    OMG just realised I did not share my challenge specifically! darn it. It’s part of my reason #2 – – – new business chicka still needs some learning from Marie and the fab B School/ RHH community :))

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video (and the extra note!). We cannot wait to check out your entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  177. WOW! I am loving ALL of these videos! They just keep getting better! It is so exciting being a part of this community. Well done ladies, and gents!

  178. Suzanne Call

    Dear Marie and Team … am really looking forward to seeing you all soon, and in particular want to thank Marie for her smile and continued source of inspiration ….

    Many thanks
    Suzanne xx

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Suzanne. We cannot wait to check out your video entry!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  179. Catherine Lavelle/Auntie Cat

    Here’s to the whisper in my soul, it’s getting louder. I am ready to rock this!
    ~Auntie Cat

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. Happy to hear the whisper is getting louder and we cannot wait to check out your entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  180. Check out my contest entry. I swear it’s not a second over 1 minute:

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to watch it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  181. Hi Marie & Co.

    I’m ready to make the jump. To quit my unsatisfactory day job. To live my passion. And to be a full-time photographer! RHHLive will help show me how! Thank you for watching my video.


    • Hey D’Arcy, Great video but most of all great pictures. You are gifted. Good luck.

      • Joanna, that means a lot that you would reach out and comment! Thank you so much. Fingers crossed for us both!

    • D’Arcy,
      Your video is gorgeous! Your passion for your work couldn’t be more clear. I rarely let anyone near me with a camera, but your images make me want to do a photoshoot for just about the first time ever. Good luck lady!

      • Oh thank you! I would LOVE that! If we both end up in NYC, let’s plan on it!

    • Gorgeous photos! You have true tallent! Good luck!

      • Thank you so much, Laura! Good luck to you too!

    • D’arcy
      Your video is truly amazing. Your talent is clear as well as phenomenal. Creative genius indeed needs Marie’s business savvy. You are a true contender! Good Luck.

      • Sandy!

        Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that you took the time to watch it. When creativity can business savvy live together–artists can make a living doing what they love! Good luck to us all!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video submission. We cannot wait to check it out!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Really phenom pics, D’Arcy. Love your video and your work is simply kick-ass!

    • D’Arcy, Loved your video and your pictures!!!

  182. Hello Marie,
    Here is my entry for the scholarship contest! Thanks for the opportunity! I hope this short video is able to convey a small part of the massive transformation I am undergoing in my life!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Celedonia! We cannot wait to watch your video entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  183. Hi Marie and Team Forleo,

    First of all, thank you for giving us all the opportunity to win a free ticket! I cannot describe just how much I’d love to go to RHH LIVE! Marie already changed my life through B-School once, I hope this happens again 🙂

    I hope you enjoy my video!

    Love everything you do!

    With L O V E ,


    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to check it out!!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  184. Rebecca

    Making this literally revived me after a really tough week. So happy to share it!

    I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Marie and team! And to everyone who’s applying, you are such an inspiration… keep being you and rockin your life.

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video (and glad it helped shake off the tough week!). We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Rebecca

        Thank you Louise! I love that you are taking the time to respond to each and every one of us. What a great way to show your support and the amazing values of Team Forleo.

  185. I’m ready to live the next steps of discovering my true work and eventually creating my own enterprise… and to meet the people to help me get there. Here’s my scholarship video: Thanks for the opportunity to carry B-school momentum even further!


    • Louise

      We’re so excited to check out your video and thank you so much for entering!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Mara

        Woohoo! Thanks : )

  186. Hey Marie and team! Ditto on Justine’s comment – I had so much fun creating this! Thanks for the challenge. I love the learning process that happens when we aim for something big (with a timeframe). (I have a few things to learn about video/audio… ) Have fun watching lots of videos and good luck to everyone!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. Yay you for embracing the challenge and rocking it!! We cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  187. Wow, it’s past my bedtime! But, here it is…my first youtube video!

    This is totally new for me, but it’s going to be the beginning to a whole new phase of my life.

    Good luck to everyone!

    My video –

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video and hooray for new phases! We cannot wait to watch your entry.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  188. Hi Marie,

    Here is my contest entry:

    I look forward to seeing you at your event next month! 🙂

    Yolanda Enoch, Lifestyle Organizer

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video. We cannot wait to check it out!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  189. Sorry I’m such a sweaty mess! Had to hoof it to the top to make it before sunset 🙂

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! Love and luck to everyone involved!

    My video:

    My company:

    • Louise

      Thank you so much Jennifer. We cannot wait to check out your scholarship video!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  190. Hey there, again! Resending my video cut down to 58 seconds. Please ignore the first one. <3

    • Louise

      Got it!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  191. Helga E. Perez

    Wow, what a wonderful experience this has been! You guys have said it . . . Marie is a true genius in asking for video entries. Working on mine & watching others, I see how they’re bringing greater clarity, giving us more confidence in talking about our businesses & dreams, & are a win-win no matter what. Thank you!

    It’s been inspiring to watch everyone’s entries & learn of such amazing life purposes being fulfilled. We’re all at different stages & yet we’re unified in our goal to inspire/motivate others in so many different ways. In doing this, we’re all changing consciousness, raising the vibration of the planet & changing our world. Many blessings & love to all of you!

    Here’s mine:

    Sending thoughts of abundance for all of our businesses to thrive,

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video and your amazing post here. I love all of the insight, bravery, and support that these submissions bring- truly incredible. We cannot wait to watch your entry!
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Helga E. Perez

        Hi Louise,
        It was comforting to read your response & know the entry is official. 😉

        I agree, it’s incredible, & beautiful to be a part of this experience. And to know all it took was a challenge since all those qualities have been there all along.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond to ALL entries.

        With deep gratitude,

        • Louise

          I love what you said about the qualities being there all along- so beautiful.

  192. Tamara Branch

    Love this community of women shining and sharing their visions for changing the world!!! I had a blast with my hubby shooting it. Thanks Marie for being YOU and for this yummy opportunity. Here’s the link to my video entry:


    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to watch it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  193. Hi Marie And Team!

    This is my video, It’s my first video ever so fingers crossed! ^_^
    Good luck to all of you!! great videos!!! This is so exciting!!!

    Thank You so much for this opportunity!
    Have a great day!!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to check it out.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

      • Thank You so much Louise for your reply and your time.

        Have a great rest of the week!

  194. Hey Marie and Your Amazeballs Team,

    Here’s my video entry! Really hope you like it…I even sing to you (don’t worry, it’s what I do professionally!)

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!
    Parisa xx

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your video! We cannot wait to watch (and listen!) to it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

    • Beautiful voice, Parisa!