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The past few days we (my team and myself) have been watching hundreds of massively inspiring videos from our annual RHH Live Scholarship contest.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and inspiration. Here’s why.

The generosity and kindness of spirit that is shared among our community continues to take my breath away.

Giving love, attention and encouragement to someone else’s dream costs you nothing. It is, however, the most valuable gift you can ever give another human being.

When I read through over 980 comments on the scholarship videos and see the depth of love and genuine support that is given and received, amongst mostly strangers in a supposed “competition,” it reaffirms my belief in the kind of world we can create together.

It’s a world where we know that there’s “enough” for all of us and the more we lift each other up, the more rich and fulfilling our lives become.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned is this:

When you look for and affirm the best in others, you help them unleash their full potential. When you believe in someone, even when they don’t believe in themselves, you give them a ladder to reach new heights. And when you stand witness for others with a kind and loving heart, you help them become as great as they can be.

This is what we do here.  And this is what we’ll continue to do, for each other and for everyone we meet.

A huge heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you who have submitted a video. By expressing yourself with such passion, creativity and courage, you’ve set the Universe in motion and strengthened your resolve to fulfill your dream.

Without further ado, this year’s LIVE scholarship winners are as follows:

Ngoc Khong
Tania Marchand
Sara Ballard
Jessica Sandhu
Ruth Morlas
D’Arcy Benincosa
Erin Giles
Ekene Onu

If you’re a winner, please write scholarships at marieforleo dot com as soon as possible and we’ll tell you all about the next steps. We look forward to seeing you in October!


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  1. Just wanted to say congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

    Peace and Love!

  2. Congratulation to the winners! Marie, what you do is amazing and your generosity and desire to see others achieve their dreams is SO inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Congrats to all the amazing winners ~ you’re in for the ride of a lifetime!! I’ll miss being there this year, but will be cheering you on from the sidelines. Have a BLAST! xo

  4. Congratulations to the winners! I am truly delighted by the sheer number of winners Team Forleo chose!

  5. Congratulations to all!!! Have so much fun in October with Marie & all the other amazing women out there! Much love! 🙂

  6. This is awesome – congratulations to everyone!!!

  7. Congratulations to the winners! Have a blast in NYC!

  8. Jen

    Congratulations everyone! How exciting! Have fun ROCKING it in NYC! 😀

  9. Angie

    All those entries bring tears to my eyes – so proud and happy for all of you!
    Women are the future! xoxo

  10. Super congrats to all the winners! Such a life-changing opportunity- I know you all will have an amazing time! Thank you Team Forleo for all of your continued generosity!

  11. So freaking cool. Marie you must have had your work cut out with all these amazing women. Enjoy, ladies!

  12. WOW!! Such touching, heart felt, amazing women!!! Congratulations- RHH Live is going to rock your world!!!! So much love! 🙂

  13. Congrats to all the winners!
    Thank you Marie 🙂

  14. lindsey e.

    Wow, guys. Congrats in a big way. Take notes and PLEASE CONSIDER LIVE TWEETS lol!

  15. Congrats everyone, I’m so excited for you!!!

  16. I watched them all – what great, inspiring, awesome women!! Congratulations to them all and I look forward to their wonderful contributions to a better world!


  17. Congrats to all the winners – what a phenomenal selection of kick-ass women to join those already planning to attend! I look forward to following your journeys.

    And thank you, Marie & Team, for creating this amazing opportunity for all of us to continue to clarify our missions, step out of our comfort zones, connect with a mind-blowingly awesome community and learn from the best. xo

  18. Outstanding! So proud of all the winners.

  19. Monique Kovalenko

    Such great picks; such inspiring women! Love and congratulations to all!

  20. kim

    All so gorgeous, and inspiring. Congrats to the winners! Blessings back to you Marie, and team!

  21. Rebeccah Jonson

    Congratulations everyone, we are all winners! Have a blast ladies…I can’t wait to see your creations post RHH LIVE!

  22. evie

    im with angie who commented above, teary-eyed and full of hope for the women of the future! congratulations to all.

  23. Natalie Garay

    Amazing, Amazing, AMAZING! SO wish I could be there to meet all of these incredible ladies! A HUGE congratulations to you all! xoxo

  24. Awesome Winners!
    Congratulations to all and best wishes~

  25. wow wow wow!

    many congrats … look forward to seein’ y’all in October!

    peace & love,

  26. Congrats to the kick-a** inspirational women here — at least 2 of those videos made me cry. In a good way.

    There are so many talented souls in this tribe, and we’re lucky they want to share their gifts with the world in a way that will benefit us all.

    “I know how to fly jets, I don’t know anything about marketing” — that’s a keeper line if ever there was one — thanks Ruth Morlas. ; )

  27. Congrats to all the amazing winners!

  28. Congratulations to all the winners! <3 Thank you to Marie, Louise, and Team Forleo for making this amazing "competition" (as you say 🙂 possible for all of us! The video-making process helped me uncover and focus my message, which I am so grateful for! And meeting all these powerhouses has been epic! Thanks so much,

  29. I can’t believe it, I think I am in shock.

    Last year oddly I cried when I found out I didn’t win…but I didn’t have the clarity on my business purpose and this contest was what had me launch my site in the first place.

    One year later, I am crying because I am going…and because this year has been one amazing year. I am so thankful. So so so very thankful.

    I feel like giving so much of myself to End Sex Trafficking Day opened the door for this and so much more.

    And even more amazing End Sex Trafficking Day ( is Oct. 26th, which is the FIRST DAY of RHH LIVE!!

    Love to you all, congrats to all of the winners (which by the way you will be in my course Rocket Your Revolution in Feb.) and I can not wait to meet all of you next month!

    And now, looking for a friends place to stay in NY;)


    • Erin! CONGRATS!

      I felt like I knew you when I saw your face and then I realized I have been staring at it for like a month since one of my design clients sent me your website as inspiration – haha!

      Anyways, I am renting an apartment for four with the amazing Allison Braun ( and Amanda Genther ( for the event and we are looking for a fourth. If you are still looking for a place to stay, shoot me a message!

      And either way looking forward to meeting you! xx, Cort

      • Cort — That is so cool! Looking forward to meeting you, can you email me at hello at eringiles dot com and give me more info?

        Thank you for thinking of me:)

    • Hey Erin

      Big congrats to you and to all the amazing women who stepped out of their comfort zone and told us about themselves and their business.

      Love your work Marie

    • Congratulations, Erin! Love what you’re up to. Have fun in NYC!

    • Erin that is awesome. Watching your video I saw how clear you are, we need more clarity! thanks and congrats. Rock it!

    • Ahhh!! Erin! I’m so excited for you and so siked you won! Congrats! I’m sure you’re gonna have a blast! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out for your girlfriend!

  30. CONGRATS Winners! Awesome inspiring videos 🙂 Cant wait to meet you all!

    Particularly inspired by my fellow photog, D’Arcy! Looking forward to hugging you girl!

    xx, Cort

  31. Congrats you guys!!

    Well done! Super happy for you all and I hope you have a FANTASTIC time at RHHLIVE!

    CanNOT wait to hear all of your amazing stories!!


  32. Daizy Neri

    Congratulation to all the Winners. You guys are going to have a blast and gain lots of knowledge and wisdom. ” If you create your own reality nothing is unattainable.”

  33. Congratulations to all the winners – ENJOY RHH LIVE because I will live it through you all – and go for your dreams!

  34. Wow, congrats to the winners. A well deserved win. Awesome!

  35. Hats off to Y’ALL winners & submitters… winners when u r i NYC please drop by and be a guest on *ReW & WhO?* we highlight PaSSioN & you obviously ooze of it 😉
    congratz…. everybody…
    RoCk on…

    • Oh ReW* I would LOVE that! Let’s be in touch! Send me an email maybe?

  36. Darla Neal Morello

    Congrats to all the winners, a beautiful inspiring group of ladies!! wishing you all a rockin’ time in NYC!!

  37. Oh, lady, you’ve made me cry with these words:

    “When you look for and affirm the best in others, you help them unleash their full potential. When you believe in someone, even when they don’t believe in themselves, you give them a ladder to reach new heights. And when you stand witness for others with a kind and loving heart, you help them become as great as they can be.”

    THIS is why I LOVE my work as a health coach – because “standing witness” to others coming into their greatness is the coolest thing ever.

    And it’s why I love and adore every BSchooler with whom I’ve ever come in contact. You have all provided me with more support than you can even imagine, just by your presence in my life.

    Marie, You and the tribe you’ve attracted rock. Thank you.

    (And congratulations to the winners! I can’t make it to RHH Live; but you’ll feel my love and support comin’ your way from Seattle. xoxo)

    • Well said. I love your comment about ‘standing witness.’ I couldn’t agree more. The B-School community is like no other I’ve seen. Incredible, inspiring and so supportive. So lucky! Happy, happy days 🙂

  38. Congrats to the winners! And thank you Marie for being so generous!!! You rock! 🙂 x

  39. Congratulations ladies!!!! Super proud and happy for you! 🙂

  40. Congrats to the winners!! Not gonna lie we are bummed to miss it this year. Here’s to next year!! xoxo

  41. Marie’s contest are always soo fun. They are the one opportunity in which I get to play with video and actually COMPLETE a fun video. It’s just for me and not my video business.

    So thanks for the nudge Marie. Your contest are a testament to how much my video skills keep improving over time.

    I’m looking forward to the next. By the end I guess my films will be Oscar worthy;-).

  42. Marie!!! Your email came through just before I had to jump on a work call. I could barely think straight. Throughout the call, I kept making little screaming sounds and when I finally got off, I screamed so loud, I think I am hoarse. My daughter actually ran out of her room and I danced with her saying we won!! She was so proud. Thank you Marie! And thank you team Forleo! Thank you, all you amazing people in this community who support and inspire us with your stories, passion and courage. And thank you my secret weapon.

    I know I just gave an acceptance speech. But I feel like I just got a gold statue in a fancy designer dress. I look forward to coming and learning and connecting with you all. I can’t tell you how much this means to me and how excited I am to get pumped and get focused by you and your power crew!

    “Start spreading the news! NEW YORK BABY! Here I come! (Unfortunately my baby will be left at home. This time!) Marie, get ready, I have a new dance step to show you…youtube azonto dance please. We’ll do it African style.

    Blessings everyone.

  43. Oh my god these videos are amazing. Totally tear laughing right now with that last one – mom and daughter singing New York, New York together. I love it! So excited to meet all the winners, Marie, and all the other bad ass divas next month at RHH Live!!!! xo

  44. Congratulations to my sister D’Arcy Benincosa who has worked so hard and deserves this opportunity more than anyone I know. She will make the most of it. Also congratulations to all the other winners. I know it took alot of heart and talent,not to mention hard work. You ladies rock!!!

  45. Mad props to the winners and everyone who submitted a video! I was so inspired just watching them.

    Have fun in NYC
    xo Johanna

  46. “It’s a world where we know that there’s “enough” for all of us and the more we lift each other up, the more rich and fulfilling our lives become.”

    Amen to that, Sister!!

    Congrats to all the winners! What an epic opportunity and wishing you greatest of great things to come of it.

  47. Wooo! Mega congrats to the winners! Yay!!!!! RHHLive will totally change your life, your biz and your path!

    My video got me there last year and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! Marie and her whole team make the event absolutely incredible. Such an honor and you will keep reaping the benefits for years to come. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!

    Now… when you’re in NYC… kick up your high heeled tootsies and give out a loud “yippeeeeeee”!!!!!!

  48. Congratulations from the UK to all the brilliant winners. It must have been so hard judging (but fun)! So generous of you to do this Marie!

  49. A MA ZING!!! So inspiring indeed.
    Can someone tell me where to register to enroll for this year semester please? Can’t fly to NY but will be with all my heart.

    • Louise

      Not sure exactly what you are looking to register for but the information about our LIVE event is at (and we are just about to sell out so definitely don’t wait!). If you are talking about B-School (which I think seems more fitting since you mentioned semesters), you may sign up for the interest list at and check out the free training videos that will give you a greater sense of the course. We will be having another live course in 2013, with all details sent to the interest list as soon as they are available! If you have any other Qs, write us at info at marieforleo dot com.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  50. Congrats to all the winners! Yes you too…. the ones who pushed through fear and put yourselves out there.

  51. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!

    Have a blast and make the very best of your experience and what you’ll be learning, which I know you will.

    I am sharing your joy right now!

    All my love,


  52. Congratulations to each and every one of the winners that Team Forleo has chosen. Wish I could be in attendance at RHH Live but I will be in Mexico.

    Thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be!

  53. I am honored by the amazing presence of the winners — they all come through with heart, grace, and personality. I’m inspired to keep finding ways to give, and to learn, and to share.

    Thanks, Marie!

  54. This is experience alone was a true motivator. I am excited for the winners and happy to see how passionate everyone was about their goals and how transparent they were about their struggles. Watching the videos took my loneliness away when it comes to this fight of entrepreneurship, I am so thankful to have the chance to be a part. Thank you so much Marie & Team, you all rock! Thank you to all the contestants who shared their beautiful stories, you rock too! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    TSpell Designs

  55. Marie, and team, you really nailed it by picking totally inspiring videos. Congrats to all the winners!

  56. Congratulations to the winners and lot’s of love to all of the Ladies who participated!

  57. Sooo happy for all these beautiful winners! Take on the world ladies… show us your gift!

    Love and light to you all…

  58. Wow! What an amazing group this community is. Congrats winners!!! Can’t wait to see how you rock the world.

  59. The winner’s videos were the most inspiring perspectives I have heard in quite some time! I was deeply moved. Congratulations!

  60. Lidia

    Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all (the winners, Marie and Staff) for making the world a better place!



  61. Congrats, ladies! You’ll have a blast, learn tons, and feel super inspired after!

  62. congratulations to the winners and all who submitted! and all who supported! I’m so incredibly moved and impressed with you all! xo

  63. Jessicah

    I loved these picks! Omg, Ekene and her daughter singing New York, New York made me laugh so hard. Congrats everyone! Sooooo sad though that this is the last year of RHH Live but cannot wait to see what Marie and her team are doing next. In any case, Marie gave me the push I need to be in the City that week and I’ll be touring MFA programs so it’s not a total loss! If anyone wants to meet up for lunch and inspiration that week send me a msg! My email is jessicah.pratt at

    Lots of love community,

  64. Gisele

    Congratulations for alllll!!!! Beautiful! Touching!!!

  65. Congratulations to all of the winners and even more to all of you who put your love, heart and soul into making your video. What courage that took! It’s that courage that will build your business. You are all such inspirations!

    Big Hugs!


  66. Dear Marie, Team Marie, and Sisters!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! My niece has never seen me scream like that before! We danced around the house in glee. This has been such a crazy year for me, being thrust into immediate motherhood to a child with many issues to overcome because of what she has endured and seen in her short life. I felt that taking her in I was giving up all my dreams because they were put on hold. Then I decided to brush myself off and do what millions of single mothers are doing every single day.

    My patience, ability to love, and self-knowledge have sky rocketed this past year. I can’t wait to go to NYC in October and make the most of this time and keep moving forward with my passion for photography.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  67. Ruth Nicholas

    Big CONGRATS to the winners!!! It sounds like you gals are in for the ride of a life-time. Have fun rocking your business endeavors sky high and taking them to the next level!!

    And to everyone else who put themselves out there, be proud and know that you are awesome for sharing your message and for wanting to make a difference in the world 🙂

    Lots of good vibes, love and hugs to you all… xoxo

  68. Eleanor

    Congratulations to the winners – loved your videos & wish you a wonderful time at RHH Live!

  69. big congratulations and love to all the participants and winners!!

  70. Amberlee

    Amazing videos! Congrats!!! Love to you all!

  71. Congrats to the winners. I am envious. I wish I had known you were taking submissions. Somehow, I missed it.

  72. eva

    Congrats to all the winners! Sooooooooo happy for you all!!!!

  73. Julia Gutierrez

    Congrats to ALL the winners!!!! I almost thought I saw my name but “the most HIGH is the best of planners” and you guys have won for a reason. Make the most of it and in case you change your mind about going, you can hit me up!!!! lol


  74. Ngoc Khong

    OH MY GOD!!
    I can’t believe in my eyes… I’m gonna see you guys in RHH live!!! Thank you Marie and Team Forleo, this is so amazing. Thank you all of you guys here. You guys’ enthusiasm and spirit have inspired me a lot so that I could step out of my comfort zone and submit the video. Thank you :(((((( Love you guys :(((

  75. Penelope

    I have to say watching some of these brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart with so many wanting to do good! I cant be there physically but I will be there in sprit. A heartfelt congratulations to all, be a sponge of life. It will only gets better after this amazing start to your adventures…

  76. Yayyyyy!!! Congrats Ladies. Each of your videos exude so much passion behind your business endeavors. I wish you all much success and blessings of overflow. God Bless

  77. Mike from Montreal

    Congrats to all the winners:)

  78. Kathleen

    OMG… so frigin THRILLED for each and every one of you SiSTARS who are about to Light Up the SKY!

  79. Hi Marie and team Forleo!
    Just wanted to thank you for this great chance you’ve given to the winners of this contest and wanted to thank you for Believing in me despite my incredulity towards myself. This was the first time I fought for my own ideas, for my big projects which are shaping slowly but firmly. Again, thanks a lot for this chance and please, have a blast in NYC and have a toast for the ones following you from the distance!

  80. Kris

    Congratulations to everyone! Thank you for your inspiration and can’t wait to hear how everyone is gonna rock their lives and those of other’s.
    Peace & Blessings

  81. Congratulations – so excited for you all !! Be blessed and continue being a blessing !! xoxo

  82. I am SO moved, i fact I am in tears here from watching the winners, that’s how much love is vibrating from these ladies!!!WOW!So so so inspiring and lovely to see women who all just long for helping the world, in each of their special way, THANK you Marie for doing this.
    I too desire to be at RRHLive, and I am going to make that happen…. I want to! One way or the other!
    Love from Copenhagen!

  83. Nikki

    Congratulations to all the winners, amazing stuff!! Have a great time!

    D’Arcy, love love the work I saw in the video, wow! Shame I am on the other side of the world, otherwise I would step by.

    Big hooray to all of you!

    • Thank you Nikki! I travel to the other side of the world often, so we should still plan a photo shoot or coffee 🙂

  84. Congrats to all the winners!

  85. Hells YEAH!!!!! Congratulations winners!

    I’ll meet you all in NYC.

    My hustle is on like DonkeyKong!!

  86. Lisa

    Watching these women and their gorgeous souls and hearts was a highlight of my day. Ladies-Thank you for your courage and your heart, and Maria and Team Forleo–thank you for making it possible for these ladies and contributing to their dreams and those of all the contestants!

    • Lisa

      Typo- I meant Marie!

  87. Great job ladies!! Wooohoo to all the lovely winners! I’m sure you’re going to have a blast and enjoy every minute of RHH Live. Have a great time. 🙂

  88. tabassum

    Congrats to the winner + to all of us who participated-this was a hard competition ;D! Soak up all the magical goodness that will be there 😀

    Marie-If you+ your team are planning something even better than RHH LIVE ( if that’s even possible) then I *cannot wait* to find out what it is + most importantly plan my way to get there!

  89. Brad

    Well, the inner winner is in evey human being. A man has different energy, masculine energy, and therefore is born to fight!

    But, he is fighting to win the peace for his woman. And women can win whatever they want in life (in humanly purpose) by being feminine.

    And all of you ladies out there, have no idea how feminine energy is powerful. It is literally a secret weapon that puts every man on his kneels to have a date with you!

    So ladies, keep being girly girl with this flowing feminine energy… and… I can guarantee you, you will steal the heart of every man. At least, you will steal the one of the mister right!

  90. Congratulations to ALL the winners! ROCK ON!! Just by showing up and playing all out in your videos, you’ve given us the most amazing gift of all – YOU. Thank you. I know RHH Live will be the awakening and blossoming you hope for it to be, and I’m SO psyched for the exciting journey that awaits you in gorgeous NYC!

    Marie and Team Forleo – you do what you do with such heart and wisdom. Thank you for providing these scholarships, for giving us the gentle kick in the pants to dream bigger and do more to bring more light and love into the world.

    Just like hundreds of others, I’d hoped to be selected for a scholarship because I feel so much for and am so inspired by what you do for the world and for the entrepreneur in each of us. (And because my business has taken a backseat, and my bank balance has dwindled, for a bunch of unexpected reasons e.g. tending to people in my life who have been very ill). Things unfold in our best interest, though – this past year has come with its own necessary set of life lessons and wake-up calls for me, and I trust that our paths will cross when the time is ripe. Looking back on my submission, I see that I’m getting closer to the core of my calling – just a little more heart & clarity and I’ll be on my way!

    Can’t wait to see what you’re dreaming up to follow this last, biggest and best-est RHH Live!


  91. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Congrats to all of the winners!! Rock it out at RHH live, enjoy!

  92. Hi Marie & Team!!

    Oh my….what video’s!! I can’t say I’m not dissapointed ;), but the video’s of the women that have won have boosted my spirit. They have so much power, such beautiful stories (which doesn’t necessarily mean without bumps in de the road) and I wish them and all the other women who are coming the best of you and your team.

    And Marie & Team, the Stroopwafels (dutch delight) will come to you guys anyway!!! Their too good not to try 😉

    Have a great time at RHH live and all my love,


  93. Desiree

    Amazing – congratulations to all winners and well done to the entrants for taking that step to sumbit an entry.

    Enjoy the RHH Live – wish I could be there too – and NYC!


  94. Congrats my ladies! And big love and kudos to every single one who entered the contest – you are ALL winners!!

  95. Congrats to the winners! I’m a new subscriber and am looking forward to what is in store for me! And I couldn’t help but take a second take at your photo… La Amada (aka Beloved)? Beautiful place!

  96. Congratulations to all the winners!!!! Keep doing what you are doing, the world needs you:)

  97. Congratulations to all the winners!
    You guys are amazing!

    And to all who did not win: you are amazing too!

  98. I just watched all 10 vidoes, and while I’m feeling my heart sink that I can’t join you lovely ladies, I will focus on gratitude and still soak in the magic through your videos, knowing that you will rise and achieve- and that gives me hope. xo Desha

  99. Love the scholarship videos — Thanks for sharing!! And congratulations to all! See you at RHH Live, Babies!!! x

  100. Congratulations to all the winners! What amazing, inspiring, incredible videos each of you put together….you are each SO deserving and I’m sure RHH Live will help you shine your beautiful lights even brighter and farther than they already are. Have a blast & all the best in achieving your dreams!

  101. Sorry to be a party pooper, BUT

    having seen the results I’m a bit confused as to what the judging criteria was. I really want to feel as positive about this as others apparently do, but feel that it would be superficial on my part to try and force it. So, in the interests of being real, I have to say that I don’t really get it.

    My selection would have included Kaneisha Grayson for having such an appealing personality (and ‘cos I really wanted her book! 😛 ), Jalanda James for the amount of effort that must have gone into that video, I mean it looks so professional!! And also LeAnn Webster, for taking something as ‘everyday’ as running and making a rap out of it! Now THAT’S creativity!

    Oh, and that lady who conveyed her message through the scrapbook. I thought that was very cool. I watched about 2/3 of the videos and can think of quite a few who deserved a place instead, and although I realise that there must have been some hard decisions, I can’t help but feel a leeetle bit hard done by, for myself and others (for sure!).

    I don’t know how to continue without sounding like I’m personally attacking anyone – and I promise this is not my intention. First and foremost, I respect everyone for having the courage to submit, and I know that, naturally, each one of us who did probably feels, on some level, that we should’ve won. So disappointment is inevitable. However, for my silly little ego purposes, I would really like to hear how, for example, a video about getting more women to become pilots gets a place where my own, about tackling the issue of child sexual abuse, doesn’t. Niether video was creative (a rap just wouldn’t have worked with my subject.. 😉 ), and both were clear enough so the differentiating factor must be the content of what is actually being said – since we were asked for ‘heart, clarity and creativity’. So is the objective message, then, that increasing the number of women in aviation is a more worthy contribution than campaigning to end child sexual abuse?

    As I say, my intention isn’t to appear like the baddie from a Disney film and upset people, but I do feel the need to ask ‘what’s up with that?’ I think a lot of other really good entries were overlooked, not just my own, and with the exception of Ngoc Khong – for having such courage to extract benefit from adversity – I would’ve chosen differently (even to the exclusion of myself).

    Congratulations to all the winners anyway, and I hope I haven’t completely alienated myself for expressing a different point of view!


  102. Congrats to all the winners! What an amazing experience for all of you, and for us.

  103. Congratulations to the winners! Marie, that is a great picture of you! Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

  104. Stacy Smith

    Wow, all those videos are amazing. So inspiring, they have inspired me!
    Have the best time ladies and I look forward to hearing about you in the future!!!

  105. OMG! I am so excited. I’m a little sad I couldn’t find the time to do a vid but I will be there anyway!

    I cannot wait to meet all these inspiring women doing extraordinary things.

    If it’s anything like B-School (which I thoroughly enjoyed and completely morphed my business….like no really totally different biz than when I started) it will be all worth it.

    Hope to see you guys there!

  106. Simply… Yeah! Yeah! Yeah for all of you selected. And beautiful, beautiful, beautiful to all in this community – the support and love and high, high, high energy is Divine. Peace.

  107. Danee Kipri

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  108. Wha-hoo! So exciting for all of you! You deserve it ~ HAVE A BLAST 🙂

  109. Joyce Averils

    So inspiring – congratulations to all the winners!!

  110. Jennifer B. Duggan

    Wow ladies! Congratulations to all the winners! Can’t wait to rock with you at RHH live!

  111. Tania Marchand

    Thank you so much for all the good vibes and the love!!! Thanks to you Marie and to your team!!! Thanks to you for putting your heart and soul out there to create a better world for all of us. I love you all…Thank you again;-)))

  112. Chrystal Hartberg

    So much love to all of you, Congradulations to the winners, enjoy and take it all in!! Here’s to you sharing your love through your business even further! Thanks Marie and the team xo

  113. Vanessa F.

    Marie hit it right on the nose!!

    There is so much love here and it is very inspiring to see such genuine support. I am so happy for the winners! I hope the experience is Everything you imagine and more. May the lessons you learn fill the rest of your days with strategy and the confidence that will take you to new heights. Bask in this wonderful moment, it is most deserved and will forever alter your unfolding tales. I may not “know” you but I love you for wanting to change the world and make a positive impact in your own unique ways- you are the everyday heros that make me remember that I am not alone and although the task ahead some times feel daunting- we are a growing force that is not to be taken lightly…..Congrats!! xoxox

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  115. Amanda

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    It’s great to see so many people focused on making a positive contribution to the world. Thanks for the opportunity Marie & Team!


  120. Greetings everyone! Giving thanks for the opportunity to show up and follow through here. I feel expansive & thankful with a tinge of disappointment mixed in.

    Mucho congrats to the winners and have an AMAZING time at RHH B-School live!

    Bless & Love

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  124. Congrats to all the rock stars, I wish I was able to make it and sad there will not be another edition next year, Maybe I should organize a European edition next year, Marie are you interested?

  125. Lynne Hailes

    Congratulations all you beautiful winners! Seeing your video’s really made my day. So so beautiful to see so much love and service happening in this beautiful world. Much love to you all xxx

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    Marie, you and your team are so amazing. Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity!

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