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Millions of people dream of working from home, but when they finally get to do it, they’re more stressed out than ever.

Project deadlines, writing, laundry, email, juicing and working out, love, shopping, making dinner, cleaning, interruptions, relationships, fun and conquering the world all need space in your day…

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. - Aristotle Click To Tweet

But how, exactly?

Wasn’t working from home supposed to give you more time to get things done, not make you feel inadequate – like a constantly overwhelmed hot mess-o-stress?

As someone who’s worked from home for over a decade and built a multimillion dollar company from my laptop, I’m intimately familiar with the modern struggle to find work life balance.

I’m by no means perfect, but years of mistakes and experience will teach you a few things!

In today’s new episode of MarieTV, you see how one ambitious viewer learned that time freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, unless you put a simple work from home schedule in place.

Bonus tip: if you’ve ever struggled to wake up early so you can get more done, you’ll love my “catch a flight” technique. Press play below to see what I mean.

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As always, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have a trick for sticking to a schedule and getting things done?

What are your top tips for working from home?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember to be as specific as possible in your comment as your wisdom and experience helps us all.

Thank you, as always for tuning in!


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  1. I LOVE Marie’s smackdowns! I face this same issue as someone who works from home and I find that what helps is to create a “must get done” schedule first thing in the morning before I turn on the computer or check email. This is usually the most important 3 or 4 things that I must do on that day that are going to make a huge difference in my work life and/or personal life. I also really like the idea that Marie suggested to create a non-negotiable schedule for yourself, esp. for us work from home business owners. She’s so on point and its so fun when she throws some hip hop in the mix! Lol.

    • Udo

      Jade’s probably tried to keep a schedule in the past and failed. She probably felt like crap about it.

      I’ve found that making someone ELSE a part of your schedule will make it more non-negotiable for free-spirits like us.

      I hope Jade reads these comments and considers it. She has a husband, so it should be easy to get him involved in her 5-day schedule trial 🙂

    • The “must get done” list I find is one of THE most helpful tips I’ve ever gotten. The trick is to 1) not overload this list, while it may be tempting to say you could get 8 or 10 things done and that’d be a relief on your big to do you will likely feel like a complete schlep if you don’t. Start with 2 to 3 (1 if it’s super involved). 2) You actually have to work on these things consistently. Stopping constantly for interruptions will interrupt your “work groove”. 3) Pat yourself on the back that you got everything done or worked on at the end of the day, nothing like a little positive reinforcement!

      • Kelly

        yes Laney! 1-3 things to start with. I saw the Kris Carr interview last week and one of the things I took with me from the interview was when Carr said that she can only handle or do 3 things a day.
        I have a propensity to be compulsive when I work from home, thinking that doing all of the *little* things will help me get ahead where-as I just get distracted and feels like nothing gets done.
        Love your comment! also, the pat on the back at the end of the day is totally reinforcing and helps the whole night through and into the next day.

        • Christa

          Hey! Where did you see the interview with Kris Carr?

          • I think you just solved the problem of my duality: I’m part Type A Project Manager & part Free Spirit.

            I have a Very Detailed Schedule (15 minute increments) that I just don’t stick to. What I like about the work schedule you gave is it’s in hour long blocks and (gasp) combines a few tasks (e.g. Shower, dress & eat breakfast). (In Project Management, we estimate & track the durations of just 1 task at a time).

            Thanks for showing me another way to come at this. I felt free-er just watching this and am looking forward to my upcoming work week using this schedule. This was the tough love I needed.

      • yes Laney! 1-3 things to start with. I saw the Kris Carr interview last week and one of the things I took with me from the interview was when Carr said that she can only handle or do 3 things a day.
        I have a propensity to be compulsive when I work from home, thinking that doing all of the *little* things will help me get ahead where-as I just get distracted and feels like nothing gets done.
        Love your comment! also, the pat on the back at the end of the day is totally reinforcing and helps the whole night through and into the next day.

        • Thanks Kelly (ps – this is my biz info all nice & updated). I find myself watching this again and feeling like I’ve fallen off the wagon even from what I mean to do! But it happens, we say okay, and instead of berating ourselves we need to just get back up and back to work!

          I do want to put in that I understand the struggle to get things done – as a single mama making things work with a toddler in your face 100% of the he’s awake the day is usually a struggle to get even simple things done. I found before I had a little one my schedule, was rigid, but effective. Now it’s a little more complicated to make it work so I just do what I can and if I have to work into the evening a bit so be it.

          Something important is that need to take a break. As entrepreneurs we often want to do it all or have it done. So we overwork ourselves and get burnt out. Add family & personal obligations and you can have yourself feeling torn in lots of directions easily! I find that learning to say “No” (even to yourself) is also extremely helpful. That means no overwork, no dinking about when you’re supposed to be working, no excuses…etc. You want others to respect your time, you have to start with doing so yourself!

    • So agree with you….great slap down and so on point. Let’s work it.

  2. Great schedule Marie, and I love your Coconuts! I write down what I need to get done the next day the night before too, and I find that helps a hell of a lot. Oh, and not answering friend’s calls works well too 🙂

    • The not answering friend’s calls point makes me laugh as I struggle with that one. My phone is often referred to as the Al-o-phone because it rings so much. And sometimes the gals will try both numbers to try and find me so I’m typing away on a project and the phones ring alternately! I politely remind folks of my office hours and suggest other great times to call whenever I get the “I called you and you didn’t answer” statement. Lovely to be the “go to” person but stand firm, everyone! As my Mum says, “self-preservation is never selfish”.

  3. Oh Marie- just love you doing what you do! Always so real, doable and poignant.
    This is something which has been an issue for me, usually because I’d be pretty sure I could fit waaaaay more in my day than is sanely possible (during non-critical times- continual crisis mode when there is no crisis!). Then, I’d start to feel lazy/ rebellious/ guilty/ stressed because I couldn’t measure up to the mountainous, demanding monster I’d created.
    So, I’ve started to craft a life which works around everything that is important to me- joy, ease and lightness. For me, this means having a clean, comfy space, good food & nourishment, family time, spiritual practice time, balanced work outside the home. Along side setting a reasonable amount of productive tasks for myself, I’m also opening more to how the day will unfold of its own accord. Sometimes, I just need time chatting with my friends over a dark-chilli hot chocolate at our favourite cafe instead of doing what I thought needed to be done (this is usually accompanied by a sudden flash of inspiration which shows me a quicker, easier more joyful way). Or, the kids call home sick. Or, shopping takes longer than expected. It doesn’t always go to plan. I’ve started to accept that I like having a schedule which can be flexible- I’ve judged myself incredibly for that over the years. Now, I think it’s more about getting smarter about what needs to be done, accepting my rebellious side and working with it to create a wonderful life.

    • Cristy, you and I are cut from the same cloth!

      Especially this:

      “I’ve started to craft a life which works around everything that is important to me- joy, ease and lightness”

      YES, YES, and YES! Otherwise, all the organized schedule-keeping in the world is simply not worth it :).

      That said, I’m a big believer of creating the structure so that you can have flexibility – otherwise overwhelm is entirely too easy (especially if you’re an entrepreneur working from home on your own hours).

      My biggest takeaway was to flip-flop my starting place. I already have a structure similar to Marie’s BUT I start with emails and finish with work focus…energetically I’ll be better served to do the big stuff first and allow the emails to still get answered in their own time at the end of the day.

      Thanks Marie and thank YOU Cristy for adding your 2 cents!

      • Sabrina, your site video is GORGEOUS!! I love it! Very inspirational in its own right…and you are just gorgeously fabulous! Go you!! x

        • Sarah

          Christy! You sound like my doppelganger! I love what you said about crafting a life of joy, ease, and lightness! WOW, I need to post that reminder above my desk 🙂 Those are my top values- however, it is easy to feel like you are hanging out with a beast (i.e. your business) when working from home. I find it very hard to be indoors all day long- especially when I’ve been working late on the computer right up until bedtime! I also have a rebellious side and frequently go with my intuition to guide my day.

          @Marie- I understand you are in favor of the smackdown style of advice-giving. However, I did find this video a tad bit insensitive. Please don’t get me wrong, I just feel the need to be upfront. The advice you gave didn’t seem to be from a place of compassion. Jade has been working from home 1/10th of the time that you have. It takes an INCREDIBLE amount of discipline to work from home. It sounds like you are in a groove with your work schedule (which is awesome!), but perhaps you’ve forgotten how hard it can be to harness the wild horse of a business startup 🙂

          I think your advice was pretty flippant- telling her to just create a schedule and stick to it. I hear what you are saying. But, It’s often not that easy in the beginning- we are entrepreneurs because we love creativity, flexibility, and freedom. I agree we need to have a schedule every day and discipline ourselves to stick it. However, everyone who has ever worked from home knows it can feel isolating and lonely at times- this was not addressed in your video. I’m sure Jade is fighting these feelings like we all do. So, the inability to stick to a schedule is coming from rejection of these unfamiliar or unwanted feelings. Being able to harness the wild horse of a business startup requires focus, balance, and determination. It is up to each of us to figure out how to balance personal interaction/ personal life with laser focus on our business. Giving Jade a cookie-cutter schedule isn’t likely to work for her or anyone else. We are entrepreneurs because we crave the ability to craft our own lives!

          I think this is a great topic and would love to see more videos on it!!

          Love and blessings to you, Marie!!

          • Udo

            Sarah, I totally agree with you. I found Marie’s advice to be rather flippant which is why I had to make sure I jumped in early with a comment! In case poor Jade sees the advice, thinks “Ok, I’ll try” and feels hopeless because the advice doesn’t address what her real issues might be.

            I think you’re right that Marie is just used to it by now. She also has an incredible support system. And she also really favours that kind of whip-in-the-ass advice and does this to her clients.

            But I personally know when someone asks questions about time management, telling them to just make a schedule is like a really cheap bandaid on the wound. In a week or two, Jade will likely feel like she’s at square one again!

          • I loved your advice Sarah!
            I agree a schedule is really hard to live with – and once you break it you feel like a failure.
            The two words I’d like to focus on is ‘acceptance’ & ‘prioritize’.
            Accept that no two days will be alike, accept that things will be chaotic once a while but you will balance it out in the long run.

            Prioritize what’s important on your to-do list. Sometimes it could be a kickass project for a client right next to a load of laundry on the same day! That is a great work-from-home life as I see it 😉
            ps. lastly just want to throw in a reward there….
            go take the time off, lay down on the lounge chair in between work hours or meet a friend for lunch – you work hard for this flexible schedule – make sure you Live It Up!

          • Sarah, I totally agree with you! While Marie gave some valuable advice and tips, I also found it a bit insensitive and actually thought she was joking at first! I love the way you put it “harness the wild horse of a business startup”. That’s great, and so true! I identify with Jade, and am going to try and put some of Marie’s advice into practice, along with other things I have read here, including some of your advice!

          • Jenna

            I wish Sarah had a website link…I want to hear more of what she has to say!

          • I always enjoy Marie’s advice but this time, also agree with Sarah’s reply and those chiming in afterwards. Even with that seemingly ideal scenario, there are a lot of unknowns –

          • Sarah thank you for your comment here! I find I’m dealing with the same kinds of struggles of maintaining a schedule. I’m fairly new to working at home and keeping a schedule in a very busy home (two businesses are being run from this home and it’s a family home of 6!) so I actually find it very difficult to stay focussed on my work and keep to a schedule especially since I need to escape often or barricade myself in my bedroom (which isn’t really conducive to my business–at least not for the writing part of it!). My business also has many elements to it–emailing clients, updating my blog as often as possible, working on and completing writing projects, marketing, contacting other people I consider on my ‘team’ that help me with marketing and business ideas… It’s a lot of stuff. I imagine a personal assistant might be helpful but I’m not in the position to pay anyone for that right now. My business is new so I’m bombarded with all these “things to do” and “get it all done, you lazy girl you!!”. Sometimes my business involves travel and because I’m still growing my business, I have to take on side projects to pay for things… So yes! It’s a struggle and it’s lonely and sometimes a schedule is not all that comforting when you’re feeling alone in your business.

    • Cristy, that was beautifully said! I don’t think I’d seen it so clearly until you put it into words, the lazy/rebellious/guilty/stressed part has been eating me again lately. I’d managed to work peace and lightness into my life as a mom of three special needs kids, but when I added starting a business to that… it pretty much went out the window.

      Thank you, your comment made my day!

      • Star, your work is incredible. I love it! And you manage to do it while looking after not one, but THREE children with special needs! WOW! Having had both a family member with special needs and having caring for children with special needs in an Outside School Care environment, my head and hat are completely bowed to you, special woman x

        • I have taken to reading comments on Marie’s videos and writing down key ideas I like on queue cards. I plan on making a motivational collage with all of them eventually….. from this discussion I took
          – do NOT check email all day long
          – scattered actions waste time
          – we are entrepreneurs because we love creativity, flexibility, and freedom
          – craft a life of joy, ease, and lightness
          – “Get smarter about what needs to be done, accept your rebellious side and work with it to create a wonderful life.” – C. Coates

  4. Udo

    I have ADD, so I ABSOLUTELY relate to Jade. Is there a way I can get her e-mail? I would love to chat with her. Overwhelmed-chick to overwhelmed-chick.

    I’m in a similar situation (only I’m single) so whenever I ask for advice, people say “wtf? You don’t need any advice. Shut up and quit whining!”

    If Jade is like me, she is overwhelmed mainly because she lacks focus and direction in the day. Her actions are probably scattered, which wastes time.

    I use the MIT method — Most Important Things. I make a list of 2 – 4 of the most important things to do in my day and get started on them as soon as my day “starts”. I write an action plan for them, so my brain doesn’t feel overwhelmed (chunking technique). I used to think “Hm, but what about all the other things I want to do today?” but since my default is to be scattered and act on impulse, I’m sure the other things I “want to do” will find a way to fit in. The point is to ensure that the things that are most important or will push me most ahead will GET DONE.

    As for staying focused on one task for a period of time — meditation + pomodoro technique. Now, this is really hard because you have to be consistent. I’m still practicing. Anyone mastered it yet?

    I am always looking to improve! Waking up earlier seems like a great idea. And I’m getting into the habit of checking e-mail/FB/etc. twice a day instead of… all the day long.

    P.S. I just heard someone talk about how 30 minutes of exercise a day means they need 1 hour less of sleep. WOAH! Is that not motivation to keep in shape?

    • Heather

      Hello ADD sista!

      The one thing I am consistent about is not being consistent. Would love to talk to someone who understands the issues we face.

      • Renee

        Oh…count me in too ladies!

        • I’m thrilled to see this thread – I struggle every day to keep on task while dealing with interruptions, keeping up with my kid’s schedule, keep the house clean, etc. All this with very little remaining capacity to focus! I feel like a failure every day because I don’t even get through half of what I planned to. And self-care is out the window – I’m in my pj’s barely showered, and no exercise. I’ve gained 40 pounds since working from home. Help!!

          • You are not alone and definitely NOT a failure!! The ADD brain is an absolutely beautiful creative and crazy intelligent thing. And understandably it can be frustrating too. But it is really possible for you to get out of overwhelm and stop fighting everyday with yourself and to trust yourself to follow through. I have been studying ADD for a few years and many of my clients have ADD and the biggest thing is getting them in a system to track everything – notes, tasks, to-dos, time, you name it – is what makes a huge difference. The system often involves leveraging support from other people too. I haven’t ever met a “people problem” only “system problems.”

            One of the most helpful things is to get things out of your head EVERYDAY. Put all that you are trying to remember in a place you will refer back and decide what time each day you will “download” your brain. Even if you need to start with just 2 minutes it will help.

            This is also the time you can jot down the 3 – 5 must dos for your day or the next day. If you find it impossible to stop and do this that is OK. Pick something else you will stop for (deep breaths, a hug from your child, a walk with your dog) – consitently each day – set a timer, reminder whatever you need to – and this will start building the “pause to plan” habit.

            Hope these help. Udi – so glad you started this thread!! It is so important for others to be aware of this too!

          • Udo

            Guurrrlll!!! Let me send you an email of whats been helping me. TTYS

    • I LOVE pomodoro technique! So effective.

      • YES! I love pomodoro, too! 🙂

        • thank you for mentioning pomodoro. I’ve tried it after seeing your comments and it helps me so much! it goes well with my OCT tendencies. 😀

          • Kylie

            Tips on understanding/ using pomodoro?

    • Ashlae

      I am not sure exactly whom Jade is or where exactly the posts are from her. If you read what I was talking about though and it came up as being maybe married. I am not married or the person that I am house, dog sitting and living here is even a boyfriend. He is just an ex-boyfriend and thinks that I should be his slave and do everything that he wants in one day or just be busy from sun up to sun down or even 24/7. It is just the way that he is.

      • Udo

        Ashlae, that may just be the way he is, but you don’t have to comply. I really encourage you to set limits with him and stay firm on them. He may want you do to everything he says, but so what? Good for him, but you’ve other plans. Set a compromise for the both of you that will help keep your home running smoothly.

        • Ashlae Romalotti

          @Udo, since he works out of town and is here for a visit every once per month…that I should do everything around here. Compromising with him is like telling him that you’re not going to do anything whatsoever. I have gotten to that point with him and he thinks that every female should be that way of a slave to him. That is why now he is looking for a wife in another country that is thin, young, does not have a huge ass, nice, will work around here, does not take advantage, and a few other things in his words. That there is nobody here in the United States for him. He already about 3yrs ago or so had a girlfriend that was living here from Indonesia, that ripped him off & broke into the house when I was not here.m I needed to go out of town for the day due to work purposes that day. So he thinks that getting somebody from Thailand, is not going to be the same…when they have gone back and forth at times with the way she comes across. He even got her a swimsuit and said that it was for somebody with bigger boobs and a smaller ass…that she did not have. He has been talking with her through webcam & yahoo chat for a few months now and now he wants to go to where she is at and bring her back and marry her next May.

    • OMG it’s nice to see I’m not alone. My brain is so scattered all the time. I didn’t have this problem while I was in the Army but I guess that was because I had a specific job and responsibility and had that mastered. But now am retired and WAHM and wife have NO FLIPPIN IDEA if I’m coming or going half the time. I need to focus and would like to keep in touch with you ladies if possible.

      • Udo

        Christina, my personal email is on my website (click my name). Would love to keep in touch with you as I find new systems and techniques that help me hone in.

        But I am just like you. One thing I’ve been doing is making finding like-minded people a part-time job. Right now, my brain is scattered with possibilities. If I could find the few possibilities that really ignite my fire (and not in a “If I do this, then I’ll be closer to what I want” kind of way but a real “I WANT TO DO THAT” way) I will be less scattered.

        It took a while, but omggggg its working! 🙂

    • About your exercise comment… when I was training for my first marathon, I found that I could squeeze a 45 minute run in the morning if I got up 15 minutes earlier (or a 30 minute run if I got up 5 minutes earlier). I made up the time because I cut out the groggy stare at my closet and zone out & super-long shower to wake up. I got the sluggish grogginess out of way during my workout, then I could zip through my morning routine and not have to get up super early.

      • Udo

        WOAH! Awesome perspective!! Thankyou!! Another IMMEDIATE BENEFIT motivation for me to exercise upon waking!

    • I love this comment! Checking email and FB seems to be a habit of mine too–I think this is partially habit but also partially a-not-so-great-way at dealing with the loneliness factor. I’m going to try your MIT technique and actually when you mentioned the chunking technique, Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week came to mind! I need to re-read that! Thanks for your tips!

  5. I love your coconuts, too! LOL~ you put de lime in the coconut and you shake it all up! Some of us are night owls, but, the idea of catching a red-eye and sticking to a flight schedule is still a valid one. Separating your business life from your personal life is also a good idea. Think of your home office as your island sanctuary and when you are in that realm, none may enter, even if they are bearing the secret skull ring. 😉

  6. Great schedule there Marie! Over the years I’ve learned that actually getting dressed properly really helps with productivity, just because you are at home doesn’t mean you should work in you pjs! Also, being honest with yourself and putting things you need to get done into categories helps a lot

    – important AND urgent = do it now
    – important but not urgent = do it soon
    – unimportant but urgent = get it done sooner rather than later
    – unimportant and not urgent = do you really need to do it or can you outsource it?

    Down time and movement is crucial to motivation and creativity too – feeling like you need to be chained to your computer and desk every waking minute is unsustainable – it’s counterproductive and leaves your ideas drying up pretty quickly!

    Life is for living, not working!

    • Oh YES I agree Ameena, getting dressed is one of the best things I started doing because now I don’t have any down time when I have to go out! Great Advice!

      • Yeah, also when you feel good about yourself it translates into your work!

    • Love that line Ameena: Life is for living, not working! It’s a Tweetable!

    • I agree with the getting dressed. You are at work, so you should act like it. The ritual of getting ready for work isn’t just a set of mindless physical actions, they have meaning and they signal a certain energy to us, in this case , “I’m ready to work.”

      I love the 4 divisions and I’m going to integrate that into mastering my monster of a task list!

      As someone who does most of her work at the desk I can 100% attest to movement and downtime. I know when I put “to do just a little more” I end up feeling drained and want to stop earlier than planned. When I take a break and just move around I feel instantly rejuvenated!

      • Caitlin

        I agree with all y’all too regarding the “pre-work” routine. When I first started working from home, I would roll out of bed and open my computer. I was also working internationally, and living in the PST time zone, I would justify it by not having time before conference calls at 5 or 6 am. But then I realize I didn’t feel great mid-morning, was low energy and it was oh so tempting to creep into bed. So I started implementing a routine in the mornings, no matter how early I had to rise. Even 30 minutes, stretching, drinking tea, going outside for a brisk walk, putting on a different outfit, made a world of difference. I also can’t emphasize enough how much power walks helped, especially on long days in front of the computer.
        Something else I really realized was how isolating it can be working alone. So friends of mine and I would arrange work-days at each other’s houses and/or coffee shops. We would check in at the beginning about our tasks that we were working on, challenges etc. Even though many of us were working on projects/careers that were completely different, it really helped to be accountable to others, to support each other, to identify with the challenges and to motivate each other. Kind of like we are doing here! 😉

        • Nikki

          Great idea about working with friends who also work from home! I’m going to do this!

        • I love your “meet-up work days” idea! I want to try Marie’s proposed schedule, and was already thinking I’d like to have a friend try it as well. So much more motivating to work in the same space once a week though! I would never have thought of that!

          • O I agree I love the work days with friends. I know, funny story, that I will often clean and organize while I have a close friend over. It’s not that I need them there to do it or to be rude but because it’s nice to have company while I’m doing something major! 😀

  7. Another fantastic video from you Marie. I love your NO BS attitude and practical advice that always goes straight to the point. I will show this to a friend of mine that has little or no time during the day and like me works from home. OK, we do have kids…but still we could maximise our time for the better and do not use our children as an excuse for missing tasks!
    Love your energy and spirit! You go girl!! xxx

    • I hear you on the kiddo factor. Mine is the main reason why I have trouble getting so much done. He’s at an age where wants the attention and only has very short times where he’ll entertain himself (which always start the moment mommy tries to get down to work!) As it stands I haven’t found a way that works with him, so if you have any tips or come up with any thoughts feel free to share!

  8. Yes, nothing like a good smackdown! It’s so true… I remember always complaining that scheduling everything was supposed to work but it just didn’t for me, until I STUCK to my schedule and accomplished some big things. It’s always a struggle, but I work hard to honor my routines and personal/business timelines as much as possible.

    Also, hiring out the things that you’re a) not good at and b) don’t want to do and will procrastinate for hours to avoid. I’ve just recently starting hiring out development for websites I design and hired a personal assistant! Yes, I CAN run all the errands and what not, but I know right now my time is better spent implementing some new business strategies and creating killer new programs and products. 🙂

    • That is so spot on! I have only recently started hiring out “tedious, but necessary” things. Before they were the bane of my business life, and now I just hand them off and forget about them until the results are brought back, and I always set a deadline and mark it down so I know for later. I think as a business owner it’s important to know that we cannot do it all, and we don’t need to. This doesn’t mean that you have to take someone on full time even, just a little alleviation from “extra” tasks can be a great help!

      I also think sticking to a schedule is much harder than making it. However some personal insight. I think sometimes we overestimate or have expectations set a little too high. A good check for this – could you expect someone else to do everything you’ve got day-to-day on your calendar, & get ready, sleep, eat, take breaks periodically and have a little downtime and not feel exhausted at the end of the day? How about an entire week’s worth? If the answer is yes, rethink some of the things you have on there. Scale down and know that doing later is better than not doing at all.

  9. OMG I had the same problem when I first started working my business from home!!!
    You see I was so use to working to an appointment book (I’m a Beauty Therapist) my daily schedule was always organised but when I started working from home I had no idea that this would affect me some much…after some time I realize “Why can’t I get my S*&% together?”
    I work to a schedule now just like Marie said. I allot time for Twitter, Facebook, emailing and blogging and boy do I get more done.
    One of Maire tips – turn OFF email and social media when focusing!
    One thing I do find is super helpful, I take myself off to my fav cafe and work my social media for an hour, change of scenery works wonders for the mind.
    Luv ya work Marie x

    • JIll Coon

      Suzie, I like the idea to take off to a cafe to work your social media. I have thought of moving “off site” to get some specific chunk of work done. Social media can be a time waster for me. I like the idea of scheduling it for a few hours a week and stay away from it during “work it time.” I’m going to try it!

      • Go for it Jill it’s so worth it, you’ll get so much more done and I find I’m less likely to want to socialize during focus work time! Enjoy and let me know how you go!

  10. Great vid Marie. Love the skull!!

    Boy – this is one I have really struggled with. I’ve always worked in corporate exec roles where my day was scheduled from dawn til dusk and I kicked butt big time.

    Now I’m just starting working from home I find that I can easily spend a day researching stuff on the net and then find myself having to get up and make dinner with sweet f#^a done.

    So I’ve recently tried getting up earlier (yawn) and getting my butt out of the house to the local coffee shop for a beverage while I fire up my trusty laptop and get stuck in to my most important tasks.

    This has helped me break my web surfing addiction so that when I return home I am productive again.

    It also helps me connect with people which you need when you work on your own.

  11. oh marie, this is my first comment and it’s just to say that you are so right! i’ve been doing that for about a month and things are so different! i get up later than you suggest, but i end my work day later too, because we need to adjust to our needs. i take a lunch break of one hour, i don’t eat in front of my laptop (also really IMPORTANT!), i take an hour break in the afternoon to walk my dog and finish before dinner time! and it works!!

  12. I feel fortunate that dropping my kiddos off at da -care has created Mysore schedule boundaries for me. When they are at school, it’s work time for mom. Period! And 95% of the time I am hyper productive.

  13. Lisa

    Thank you for this.

  14. I have a weekly planner and a set of ‘policies’ I adhere to. I make sure I have planned my weekly planner before every Monday. Having said that, I also suffer from Jade’s problem too from time to time. For me that is getting up before work to do exercise but more often than not I tend to sleep in and do it when I get home from work. I need to use Marie’s flight technique too.

    Thanks for the smack down Marie.

  15. LOL- Marie, useful advice and great entertainment as always!

    I have a tip that works like a charm, but it requires consistency and intention:
    Many people all know that they SHOULD do, and wait for the miracle day to come and eventually do it – however that day never seems to come…

    Breaking off habbit is never easy (otherwise the whole world will be full of highly productive people). However what you can do is to CREATE a new habbit and healthier pattern to phase out the old one. Eg, when you are up early or stick to your schedule, do give yourself great treats…it will trigger your subconscious mind to follow the new pattern. Here is the thing: we make probably 90% decision subconsciously, once you master your subconscious mind – you are sorted!
    Sounds like training a dog huh? yeah but if your dog can do it, you can do it too!
    (be aware that you might need 30-60 days to have a new habbit, so keep treating and encouraging yourself until you nail it)

    All my love

    • Courtney

      Great point! Replace an old habit with a new (better) one. Fill the old space with something you want to have in your life.

    • You can see this technique with people working through addictions too. Many people who have smoked will start chewing gum or some other habit. Often in those cases it’s similar or mentally relatable. But Pavlovian Conditioning, what Yiye is referring to, is the way we learn most things. Consider when you were a child, if you did something wrong you got punished. You learned to associate doing whatever action with that result (obviously there are ways around this…but don’t let yourself cheat!)

  16. Marie, fun video-as always…loving the pink on you.

    Ah, the intoxication of working from home. A schedule is key. As is a To-Do List that has priorities AND where each item begins with a verb and breaks down the tasks into small ‘next steps’.
    For example Today’s To-Do List might look like:
    Project A: pull file, read notes, draft reply
    Project B: email Client, design revisions
    Get as specific to the very-next-step as you can. Break it down Girl!

    As for my Weekly To-Do List, I like to have my calendar blocked out in colors: green is project A, purple is project B, yellow is me time [workouts, my personal appointments etc], red is for family time etc. Then, I can visually glance and see how much of what I’m doing, so I can strive to stay balanced.

    Additionally, I DO give myself time to get some little household tasks done around the house. In my mind this is a perk of working from home. So, I might take 10 minutes and tidy up the kitchen or make a quick trip to the farmers market [which gives me some movement away from the computer] or do a load of laundry while I work on a design. I find I tend to ‘think about doing something’ and ‘fret over it’ far, far longer than it actually takes to ‘do the task’. If you want to prove it to yourself, just put a timer on yourself when you do a task. You will probably be very surprised how quickly you can get something done and just clear your headspace to focus on something else.

    Remember: small ‘next steps’, time yourself doing tasks, use color to visually remind yourself to stay balanced, and everyday be sure to exercise and eat well.

    • Now that is an excellent idea, Mary, and sounds like fun! Will play with that one immediately as I have been trying to find my own to-do-rythm and strategy.
      I find, I’m having a hard time with rigid schedules, I function a lot better and happier, when I have the freedom of choice. So right now I’m setting up a weekly schedule with main themes for certain days, for example: sparkly house day or sacred creation day, or catch up day. This doesn’t mean I don’t do anything else on those days, but it does keep me on the path and focused with the huge benefit of eliminating the guilt over the not-yet-dones. So on a scared creation day I write my soul out sitting on my porch overlooking the garden and I can actually enjoy the view without seeing the weeds which need to be removed, knowing that that is a project for sparkly house day.

      And yes, I also use breaks to do small housework projects, as having a clean, clutterfree space for me is a must. And I have had some of my best ideas and inspirations while polishing a mirror or swinging the mop.
      Thanks for a great video Marie, you make me grin every time:)

      • Romy, Yes, color for me is essential, I do hope you try it. I’m going to give your idea a try. I love: the Sparkly House Day, Sacred Creation Day and Catch-Up Days. It puts a whole new spin on what needs to be done.

        I too ‘must’ have a clutter free space…it really helps me focus on what needs to be done and dusting or picking-up really frees one’s mind to become inspired. Good luck with your schedule.

    • I love the use of a verb! It’s so simple but it’s really effective! Breaking stuff down makes a world of difference. Any task it easier to deal with on a smaller scale! I agree with the fretting too. Every now and then when overwhelm hits I’ll just mentally freeze and then an hour (or whatever amount of time) will “disappear” in my omg space, still leaving me to need the time I needed to do my task + the wasted time.

      • Yes Laney, those little verbs are very powerful and motivational. Stick with ’em and see how they ‘work’ for you. Soon, you’ll even be able to ‘visualize’ how much time each of ‘those verbs’ will take and you will begin to ‘sense’ that you have the time to ‘draft an email’ and wait until you have a larger block of time to say, ‘strategize my marketing approach’.

        And if the verbs become too much-you have your mental freeze! I’m going to try that one. Thanks for sharing.

        • O no Mary, I think I misconstrued the mental freeze. It’s not a good thing, it’s my brain literally shutting down and just staring into space because I’ve overwhelmed myself. I always feel worse after because then I’ve wasted time freezing and mentally fretting, rather than doing & alleviating. After working with a coach for a little while I recognize that this is burnout rearing its ugly head. So I’ve gone back to my goal of 2-3 tasks a day as “must dos” to avoid overwhelm.

  17. OH MAN! This was totally my issue! Working in an office for 30 years and then released to my own schedule threw me into a hardcore tizzy! Sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and surfing the web did not make me happy, nor did it move my business forward.

    Yes, a schedule is important and planning my week out in advance helps greatly. I’m gonna try Marie’s schedule and see how that works. (I notice some resistance inside to do that so that’s even MORE reason for me to look into it.)

    Thanks Marie (and everyone!) for your ideas and suggestions!

  18. For me it’s become more of a weekly schedule than a day schedule with two little ones (3 and 7months).

    The 3yo is in child care on Wed + Thur so they are my GET SH1T DONE days while the tiny man sleeps. I made sure I got him into a routine around 5 months so I could get back to work. I work on Mon, Tues + Wed evening when the boys go to bed (hubby is out at soccer practice on Wed) then Thurs + Fri nights are WORK FREE/WINE FULL nights.

    It’s amazing how productive you can be if you STICK TO IT! I don’t comprise my family time (I still go to the park, have lunch with friends, go for milkshakes with my little men, etc.) AND still manage to have a profitable business.

    Vari x

  19. Morning ladies!

    As a life coach with a huge focus on wellness, so many of my conversations come back to time management so I totally love this video! I also work from home and feel pretty good about how I spend my time. Here’s my tricks.
    1. I get up early (6:30am usually) which is fabulous for me because I’m a morning person and do my best work before 1pm.
    2. I do one big thing on my to do list BEFORE I check email, facebook or the internet (In doing so, it takes me about 1/2 the amount it normally does to accomplish a task.)
    3. I work out in the morning.
    4. I always make sure to factor in time for food
    5. I keep my to do list manageable and have created buckets of time that I have built into my calendar. For example every wed from 8-10am is my newsletter bucket, every tuesday from 7-9am is my blog writing/marketing bucket. Thanks to google calendar I can schedule these blocks of time to repeat so I know that every week at the same time, I’ll be working on a chunk of my to-do list/master plan. It takes away the overwhelm of what should I do when AND I know that I need to keep my head down working for x-amount of hours until I get my needed break at 9am, or whatever the time is.
    6. I also try and schedule any calls or 1:1s after 1pm b/c anytime before that, is my best working, creative time. After 1pm, I have trouble sitting at a computer so that’s a great time for me to get out and meet people, tie up random loose ends etc.

    Good luck Jade!

    • Great ideas! I love it!

    • All wonderful ideas! I’m a morning person too, but I love to get everything done by 2 so I can take my time with what I do in the afternoon.

    • Caitlin

      The repeated, weekly “buckets” of time are a great idea, and has worked for me too! Thanks!

    • Marie – thank you! This is a fantastic Smackdown! Like Jade I just started working from home after eight years in the office and these tips were a great way to put on paper what I’ve been trying to set up. I spend a lot of time driving to appointments so those days are set up differently, but for office days this is perfecto!

      Johanna – great tips! I find that I am so much more productive when I have a schedule, and for me admitting that I need a bit of a break in the afternoon lets me come back guns-a-blazin’ in the late afternoon when I get a second burst of focus!

      Good luck Jade! You can do it!

    • I think this is my first time commenting 🙂 LOVE Marie’s videos and branding.

      This is a great video, and I’m down for the suggestions that she and the ladies here are suggesting. Here’s my dilemma, in my line of work with online business and a non-profit org, a lot of is email heavy in terms of leads, research, etc. – how do I manage my email w/o going insane or spending all day in “my box”? Ladies who are in a similar boat: what’s your method to manage the madness that can be email?

      I also do a lot of work in the social media world as someone who does social media for others and a strategist – I find Twitter to be a great way to read new insights and meet new people – how do you manage your ‘Twitter explore’ time?

      I LOVED the Catch A Flight way of looking at things, so true, I’m implementing that immediately.

      I also have learned if I can at least get up 20 mins early to meditate, the stresses of the day are much more manageable.

      Stay Passionate,

  20. I create to-do lists. I write them with check boxes (love checking off my tasks!). I reorder them based on importance – what needs to get done asap is on top and i don’t move on to task 2 until I finish #1.

    Good luck!

  21. Hi Marie. Great tips in the video for on-the-job time management.

    I’ve found a way to keep the house ‘almost’ spotless and manageable at all times. I allocate one hour of each day to spend in one room. By locking myself into a room for an hour, there’s time to tidy draws, clean windows and vac properly. I find this a great help for when I really get busy.

    • That is such a great idea, Sally! I bet it also takes a lot less energy than cleaning the house all at once. Will have to do this!

  22. Super great advice. Been doing @workfromhome for a week now and am struggeling to find my work schedule. :-/ This video and advice comes in super handy – thanks! Take it as a starting point. (BTW, getting up early really helps!) Now, this is a question to anyone here really. I am looking to find a super tool to help work my dodo’s every day. I keep notes on a block but look for new digital tool. What are you guys using/can recommend to help with this? Thanks.
    Marie, you are definitely rooooole model. Coconut cool!!
    Lotta love, Brit

  23. Love the schedule! A schedule is so important in order to be important. And creating a schedule that suits your lifestyle give you much more freedom. Make sure you do at least one thing a day that makes you happy. Life and work will be so much easier! 🙂

  24. Awesome smack down with love!

    I have worked from home for over 14 years. I have never had a schedule. I am a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of chic-a-dee. This DOES NOT work for everyone. I get it. 🙂

    My motivation is freedom #1. And for me, 9-5 even in my home doesn’t feel “freeing”…however with that being said I’m highly focused and disciplined when need be and I do schedule blocked time although not daily. And during those periods I:
    1) turn my phone off
    2) do not check emails
    3) and do not get on Facebook (at all!!!)

    Sometimes it’s helpful to do a check in…is the stress/overwhelm really from having too much to do? or is it self-imposed and is the feeling coming from a place of holy moly, “I am now in charge, now what?!” It can feel uncomfortable at first to be the one giving yourself permission and setting your own goals around what it is you want to accomplish. And of course you have to know what you want to accomplish! 🙂 Or that can lead to overwhelm!

    My BEST!

    • Holly it’s a refreshing relief to read about another flier by the seats of our pants girl.

      I have 4 kids, ranging from 20 to 5, and am a single mom to boot. I simply cannot plan around that, so I have to include flexibility always.

      I do use a few techniques to bring clarity; some from Marie’s B-School Follow-Through Formula…I get my head out on paper regularly…just write down everything bouncing around in there. Then, I prioritize it.

      I schedule anything that involves another person and put it in my calendar right away; I have a ten minute notification set up for all appointments.

      The rest, I go by intuition. Even eating…which I’m not sure is working too well for me, but so far no replacement method has been found.

      The thing for me is, if I plan a lot, or try to stick to a schedule, I start to tense up. I fought this for years, and just recently have eased up and started to trust myself more. Prioritizing and being clear that I am doing what I LOVE have been the two keys.

  25. Great advice … For the independent without kids. Anyone out there willing to share tips on how to cope and be productive if you work from home with a baby or other children in the house?

    • Jennifer Warden

      I share your struggle. I was so productive until school let out! I’ve almost thrown up my hands at this point and have agreed to do what I can do for another 4 weeks and then get after it in a big way when my daughter is back I’m school.

      • I have the same issue. Kids throw a monkey wrench into the best planned schedule, and summer makes it harder. I have no answers for you, except that you’re not alone!

    • I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old; the main you have to do is stop feeling guilty!! You have to get more inventive and productive with your time as the quicker you get things done the quicker you can spend time with the kids.

      Separate your time, when you are working you’re working do not get distracted and just go off and have a little play with the kids, they have to learn to respect when you’re working and when it’s play time! Also equally when you’re with the kids DO NOT answer your business calls, emails etc. It’s play time!!

      Also remember you’re not working just for the hell of it, you’re working to make your future (as a family) better!
      Good luck from the usual sunny UK

    • I try to build my schedule around the kids. I do a lot of my computer work in the evening after they go to sleep and I allow myself to enjoy my time with them during the day. I think this is the benefit of being your own boss, you are flexible to build you work according to your needs.

  26. Cristina

    30 minutes? I need 1,5 hours to get ready: taking shower, blow-drying my hair, Make-Up, eating breakfast and finally: Having my daily meeting with myself (thanks so much, Kris Carr!). A long time, or is it? Because here’s the point: When I’m finished with all that, I feel gorgeous and relaxed and am getting way more done.

    On my Home-Office-Day I stick to my 90minutes morning routine, then check my Remeber The Milk List (simply love that little cow) and start checking one thing after the other.

    Kind regards from sunny Berlin/Germany

    • As long as your schedule works with 1.5 hours and it makes you feel gorgeous….then, by all means Rock it Girl!!

  27. Amy

    This is great advice. How I would LOVE to have a helpful husband and no kids (okay, not no kids — I love my kids. How about a live-in nanny?!)

    Here’s what I do. I wake up at 6:00 — three days a week I use the time to go to the gym; the other two days I deal with chores or online jobs (emailing friends, signing kids up for activities) that otherwise would bother me when I’m trying to work.

    The other thing is that when I’m avoiding work there’s usually a reason — I’m overwhelmed because I don’t know which thing to work on first, or I’m anxious about starting something because I don’t know how to do it, or I’m stressed about something in my home life. Playing on Twitter or reading The Oatmeal are great ways to avoid dealing with that stuff, so when I find myself farting around and not working I stop, take a few deep breaths and try and figure out what the real problem is and then address that.

    (The solution to not knowing what to work on first is to do a quick GTD Weekly Review; the solution to not knowing how to do something is remember “everything is figureoutable (my favourite Marie saying)”; the solution to home stress is identifying what is bothering me and giving myself a to-do to deal with it — after work!)

    • JIll Coon

      I agree Amy. Avoidance is really a message to stop and pay attention to the real problem and work to fix it. Figureoutable indeed!

    • I think that’s huge Amy!… avoidance always has a reason… for me, many times, it’s because I just don’t know what the next step is and it’s either time-consuming or just takes extra thought process to overcome the hurdle that I clearly don’t feel like expending at the moment. But boy, how glorious it feels to finally climb that hurdle and get to the other side!

  28. elinor

    Love the tweetable! Consistency and keeping sight of your long-term goals when you are tempted by a distraction are key.
    For me, getting to bed early and take a break in the park really work to keep me on track.

  29. Lara Mealor

    Thanks Marie. I appreciate that you added a get er done hour to complete personal details. It has been about 6 years that I have worked from home successfully. It really helps to plan and prioritize week on Sunday evening and then again each night. Get important tasks first and set goals to know you are accomplishing what you said you wanted to do. We got this girls, get your work on.

  30. I like to use the Pomodoro Technique. I set a timer for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the task, and then commit to focused work (that’s been written down on a to-do list) until the timer goes off. Then I take a 5 to 20 minute break, depending on how long I worked for. After the break is over, I start the cycle again and follow through with this technique all day long. It really keeps me focused and refreshed at the same time.

    Another way to get things done is to start your day by completing something on your to-do list that you’re not fond of doing, or a project that’s been hanging over your head. Once you accomplish that, you’re super charged to follow through with the fun projects.

    Break big projects into smaller more manageable pieces and steps. You may not be able to finish a huge project in one sitting. If you have smaller items to act on, checking them off the list will create a confidence boost and give you the drive to move onto the next step.

  31. This video is awesome! I work both from home and in my office with clients. I have yet to get a regular schedule going, so I’m always figuring out how to get my from-home stuff on the calendar. It’s a challenge, but doing what I love makes it easier to overcome. Thanks for all the help, Marie!

  32. I schedule in FUN TIME that is non-negotiable.

    Ex. When I schedule a coffee with my best entrepreneur buddies from 9-10:30 to catch up and LAUGH… I am so much more productive afterwards because I’m enjoying my day and feel incredibly motivated to work. (instead of punishing myself at my desk about what I haven’t done yet!)

    Also… I don’t read emails after 6:30 pm which is very helpful to “turn off.” Previously I was checking my emails constantly on my IPad, even on weekends and feeling like my work day/week never ended.

    I left the corporate job for a reason. To get balance! So it’s all about setting new V Rules to ensure my happiness, motivation and productivity are #1 priority!

    Love, V

  33. Jill Coon

    This comes at a perfect time for me — spot on as usual Marie! Coming from the corporate world, like many of ya’ll, I always had a packed schedule and much of it non-negotiable. Now that I’m home doing my own thing (working to launch early next year), I find I get really distracted by the home front and social media and I’m not productive like I used to be. I also find I miss the interaction with a “team.” I’ve felt really crappy about it and even guilty for not being super productive. Marie, this video gives me some inspiration and also reading all these comments. I am NOT alone in this! Loving all the support here. Thanks for all the help Marie!

  34. Marie, I love the schedule you laid out here – it just feels right (and the break is so critical!). And you just make me laugh. 🙂 Alright, now you’ve inspired me to go exercise for the remaining 15 minutes of the 7-8 am hour. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  35. Ashli

    Hello. I’ve been working from home for about 4 years now. Couple of things that make it work for me:
    + Adjust your schedule so your working when you’re at your best. For me, it’s 6 to 10 a.m.
    + Keep your home picked up because clutter is distracting and will create stress. I practice the 10 minute rule everyday. I run around and pick up random stuff and put it away in the morning and before bed.
    + When my work is really crazy I make a list of the 6 most important things that provide value to my clients. Anything I don’t check off gets put on top of the list the next day. Keeping a TO DO list is important, but also, writing on that to do what you’ve actually done is equally important.
    + When I get distracted or frustrated I take a break away from the house. I go to the river and work on stuff away from email. It’s easy to look up and realize you haven’t let the house in days. Not good for you mentally.
    + Plan business lunches which make you dress up and get out! I plan my business development and networking on Tuesday and Thursday.

  36. I think the best way to stay on top of things is to get semi-dressed.

    I started working in my pjs with my funky hair looking like a hot mess. I bought myself a couple comfy outfits but ones that worked for going out too.

    Also, taking breaks is important. I like to go out for lunch because its breaks up my day.

  37. HI

    I have my weekends free that is my time/fun time, etc

    I work from home and I do it in this manner, my husband leaves for work at around 6:45am so from then to 9:00am I do the things I have to around the house such as laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, answering emails, writing out bills, paper work of any kind.
    Then after all that is done, and of course its not the same everyday but when it is done, I then walk down to my Owls Nook Studio (down the hall ) and begin to work on my art, sewing, crafts etc for my business. At noon I come out and I have lunch from 12-1:30 and then go back to my studio until 5:00 at which time I make/create dinner, and get everything cleaned up, thinks done for the next morning such as putting the coffee in the coffee maker etc. After I am done with all that I have a few more hours I work in my studio from 6:30pm to 8:30 or 9:00pm and then I shut off my computer which is on I use it for research most days. And I shut the door on my studio and that day is done.
    I find that like anything in this life, its all HABIT once you form a habit and keep doing it, it gets ingrained and then you just do it. I also only go out ONE day a week in which I get all my shopping done, for food, and send the mail out, go to the bank etc etc.
    I don’t think that this will work for everyone but it does work for me.


  38. is a total lifesaver. While the site is mainly designed for people who bill their clients per hour, it does track time and projects and keeps me on task. When I click start on that timer for my client “blog posts”, I do nothing but write write write! I consider each task to be a “client” and I wouldn’t check my Twitter or Facebook while I am with a client so I don’t do those things unless I am clocked out of a task. This site does have a fee associated with it but that is also a motivator for me – wasting time is wasting money! My work hours vary on a daily basis from as early as 7am to as late as 9pm but I always make time for myself and my family (hence the varied days). It works perfectly for me to have balance and stay on task.

  39. Hi

    I also between 6:45 and 9:00 am go for a work out if its the day to and I swim also, and that is done usually from 10:00am to 11:00 its very important to have exercise and be fit, I also use the mini trampoline 3x a week for 20-40 min which is a great exercise and walk also I fit it all in somehow 🙂

  40. I actually write my schedule as per Maries, into my diary DAILY! As soon as I don’t do that… Things slide and I lose a little focus. Consistency is the key. My mantra for this kind of focus is ‘Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always had’.

    I also share my schedule with my business partner, who I work with 2 days per week. I find setting this boundary helps him to get organised too and so he knows that I’m not just available all day, everyday.

    I have noticed that I have to watch myself over the summer months too. I can be tempted to go play out when its not scheduled!! And I agree, plan in some fun stuff… And use your lunch hour to plan and maybe prep dinner, meaning you’ll get more downtime in the evening.

    Love and leafy greens, Jo xoxo

  41. There is also a simple important Reality to being at home and working…when it is your business…you are doing hopefully what you love…the schedule needs to be productive…but remember if you are doing what you will not be tired or stressed…if you are? It is not what you love…it could be you just hated being or going to work for someone…but if you are just at home doing the same thing called WORK? well then you will be stressed being anywhere doing WORK for money…Unless you love it…So if it is just WORK…there is a problem fun comes from the love of what you do….So I hope this cuts through the reality of what Working at home could be…on many levels…for me…I can work 24 hours editing and never be stressed..because when the film edit is done…I have once again done what I love and my client is getting their dream they wanted me to create… so do I then take a nap you bet…but I sleep like a happy baby who knows he is doing what he loves…ps I have done over 5 thousand short films in 12 years….just speak to my wife about how I LOVE to work at home creating and knowing we are always together…it is a blessing to be able to get up from my desk and dance with my wife and hold her close every hour of every day…that is something you need to do…Play with each other …love each other all day…and think about this…I get to see my Angel wife …even as I work …she is at her desk working to help our Film company…and we go to meetings all the time…and she is the best cook in the world…my point is…my Mom missed my Dad as he worked away from home long hours …sure she had her two boys but what I have is the dream…everyday I tell my wife…no matter what…other people HAVE. The quality of the time we share is RARE…and so that Money can not buy…many Millionaires Never see their family…sure they Vacation big time…but most of their lives they are ALONE..or on the phone…but not like I will be in a few minutes …next to my Angel in the bedroom…just 45 feet from my office…not 45 miles or 4 or 5 days away…so …remember I also get to talk to Moses in my office…he’s our Cat…he gives us love that you can’t get anywhere else but at home…so do what you love and love what you do…and know you are blessed…and you will never be stressed unless you forget what you have…and it’s Value…also visit a VETS hospital anytime you feel you have it tough…go ahead get to know Vets who are Paralyzed or have no Arms or legs…Bottom line they would trade places with you in LESS then a Heart beat… and they would be HAPPY 24/7 to have a life again….SO Blessings to you all…. Michael Savage aka Sirtony It’s always about the Work…just make sure you love what you do…:)

  42. Mutha-humpers! LOL!

  43. Totally understand where she is coming from with this one, but Marie you are so right she’s just been hanging out with ‘Mean to’ & ‘Should do’!!

    I’m 27 with a husband who also works from home (different business) and two children age 2 & 3 our time is chaos!! Or would be if we didn’t schedule!! Me & the Mr are a tag team of dropping off kids, working, looking after kids, working, doing the house work, working, (I think you get the picture)!

    Get real with yourself how much time do you really waste every single day?
    Usually leaving comments like this on any videos is a real no no for me as this has just taken up 15 minutes of my precious day, so come on how much time do you spend thinking, ohhh I’ll just check out Marie’s new video or this really cool thing my friend just emailed me. Just stop it! If you haven’t scheduled it then DON’T DO IT!! (Marie is scheduled into my Tuesdays)!

    I set myself goals and time frames, if I get things done quicker and I’m more efficient with my time, then I get to spend more time with my kids & husband and you can’t beat that as a reward! Fill your life with more things you HAVE TO DO or WANT TO DO this will MAKE you organise yourself better.
    Love to you all from the very usual sunny UK!

  44. This was the kick in the pants I needed! I have this issue as well with sticking to a schedule. I thought I was a very disciplined person until I started working from home, and now I know my discipline muscle needs major working out. Here’s my big excuse: I have 2 little kids, and frankly, children can take a perfect schedule and absolutely DESTROY it in 30 seconds flat. Children require so much adapting and flexibility that unfortunately every day is a crap shoot. It’s better during the school year, when school is non-negotiable, but summer has been a huge achilles heel.

    I’m going to make a concerted effort to try your schedule, Marie, and see if I can tighten things up a bit! Thank you again! Your advice is always superb.

  45. I love all your blogs, but this was a useful reminder for me not to get side tracked into dealing with my emails throughout my day. From now on I’ll deal with them at the end of my day. New routine ahoy! Thanks Marie 🙂

  46. Fabulous smackdown! 😛

    I think many people don’t actually realize how much time they are spending on certain activities. A helpful starting point might be to track your time for a day or week routine… so you can actually see where you time is going (or being drained)!

  47. When I left the corporate world four years ago I faced the work at home challenges as well. I use an egg timer to manage my time, the old fashioned analog kind that you can keep on your desk. My new favorite is one in the shape of an adorable owl. The ticking sound is like a white noise that sets the tone there is work to do.
    I have lots more to say on the topic…so much that I had to write a book on the subject. It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide to Creating the Time for Your Life, available on Amazon.

  48. I love your videos Marie. Great topics and fresh style! Thank you!
    In my case it has helped to change my idea of time (I am still training myself on this). 1 hour could be enough to finish something or it could be short. It all depends on our state of focus, perception of time and blockers in my case.
    Regarding our idea of time, think of waiting time. When we wait for someone or something (wainting for a delayed bus) each minute is eternal, we could get things done in those mintues. Or when we do something we love, time actually disappears. Time is actually generous if we surrender to it, focus, learn to take our many mind blockers away and keep the goal in mind. I am not an expert on using the time this way but when I think of the abundance behind time and focus I get things done. All the best!

  49. Damm, it’s hard getting up in the morning and keeping up with a routine! But I’m working on it…

    For the time being, I don’t actually work at home. I have a 10 to 13 and 15 to 19.30 job to go to and some projects of my own that I’m working at, besides the house, the relationship and it all… Sometimes it’s hard to mingle it all and get it all done, for I never know how my day’s going to be. Since I work in a shop, my boss allows me to be entertained with my own stuff whenever I don’t have clients to attend, so it should make it easier for me to advance with my projects and all… But then come the distractions: social networks, newsletters waiting to be read, etc., etc., etc….
    Discipline! That’s what I need! Discipline to organize myself and so being able to do it all!
    For the past month, I’ve been trying to work out a schedulle for myself and forcing myself to overcome procrastination and focus on my goals. It hasn’t yet sunk in as it should, but I’m not giving up.
    The thing is, although much is on my part, some of it is also on my “hubby’s”… He has a 9 to 18 or 17 (depends on the day) job in a plant with a lot of responsability and that gets him pretty stressed out and tired. Many times he has to do overtime at work, and he also has an extra job to do at home from time to time (he’s a consultant also). When he’s free from it, all he wants to do is relax, hang out, watch tv or go out. And he pulls me into it. Since I feel bad when I keep on saying “no” to him, for I have to do other things, I many times say “yes” and that doesn’t really help my cause.
    Any advice you can give?

    Thank you!


    Cathy 😉

  50. Really found this one useful. How productive we are depend on how clear, calm and confident the mind is. If my mind is cluttered it’s more tricky to be productive, usually at work, we have a desk and not so much physical clutter, at home it’s so much different. Thank you so much 🙂
    The comments every leaves are so helpful.

  51. Maaaarrriiieee!! Girrrl, I just wanna jump up and down and shout your name from the rooftops!

    I have been wishing for something like this for a long time, and here YOU come along serving it on a coconut platter!

    I’m leaving tomorrow for the Open Up Festival in Holland, where no schedules like these apply.
    –> When I’m back home on Monday this new schedule – with the exact times you suggested – will be my Google Cal religion.


  52. Hi there!

    I have a small home office (about 40 sq ft) portioned off in my living room near my front door. The back of the door is perfect for chalkboard paint and each morning I write down my to-do list for the day for personal and business. And I cross off each task, which of course is almost as gratifying as completing the work itself 😉

    This method allows for a flexible schedule—work and then going to the grocery store interspersed, etc. but the board reminds me of what must be done each day. I don’t always get every last thing done but it’s a solid gauge for productivity.

    • Lucienne

      We all need smackdowns – Marie you are, as always, fabulous. What works for me is a 5.30 start, gentle and quiet, cup of tea with our cat (yup she drinks health tea too!) and 5 minutes pottering. I then do 20 minutes of Qigong – a great awakening with specific movements for upliftment and circulation stimulation. 10 minutes meditation to start my day with an uncluttered mind (hey girl you are talking of a mind here that never stops with ideas and thoughts). Juicing. A pot of coffee (small – hee hee). Mentally set my intention for the day … trying to journal reguarly but find I so love writing I get carried away. Shove laundry into the machine. A mindful healthy breakfast, sitting down and concentrating on what I am eating – trying to keep my mind quiet. Make our bed, tidy up apartment. Shower and dress (15 minutes tops including make up and looking good). 7.30am at my computer. Half hour to clear emails. 8 am check over day’s calendar
      830 am love my work 10h30 glass of water and away from my desk. 11h00 teaching, sales/promotion calls, appointments. 13h00 to 14h00 me time, grocery shop etc. 14h00 – 16h00 either computer, creation, business calls, appointments, teaching. 16h00 break, maybe start dinner – cooking great for relaxing and thinking, odd household chores, take a short walk. 17h00 set calendar for next day. 17h30 call grandgirls, my adopted grandson, family and friends. 18h00 finish off dinner, maybe phone in my ear finishing calls. 18h30 eat dinner with my partner. 19h00 PCU! new term for us! Thereafter socialising, maybe watching some TV, reading, Sumie painting, listening to music – relaxing or collapsing. Nothing is set in stone to the minute but I do try to moreorless stick to this programme and hey, not perfect, so if I slip one day, no beating up just recognise and get back on track. I am multi passionate about what I do and believe the trick to keeping on track is not only to love what you do but be cheerful and enthusiastic – with a large dose of WTF – I can do this!!

  53. I’ve worked from home for over a decade as well and the very first thing I learned was to ignore the chores. When it’s work time I’m not allowed to clean, cook or generally Cinderella myself around the house. I get my stuff done and then I can play.

    Which sounds all amazing until summer time comes and little people sabotage my day. There is nothing like the sound of school to calm an entrepreneur’s day right down…

  54. Maureen

    I am rubbing my cheek from tat virtual smack down! I so bend that and it hurt so good!

    Seriously, I too have a hard time working from home so a couple times a week I go to the library, you can’t get on te phone, no tv to distract and no dog bothering me. I put on my headphones, set an alarm that rings in my headphones and hunker down.

  55. Andree

    Hi Marie,

    Just to let you know you overlapped some times in your video. You say 3:30 – 4:30 take break then you say 4:00 – 5:30 work… Just in case it causes confusion….otherwise it is a great schedule…thanks 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you for your eagle eyes, we added a note to that schedule graphic. If you scoot your afternoon work it back by 30 minutes, you can get in that break before you work it again! So happy you dig it.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  56. After the first year when things were not taking off the way I planned I figured out I was too busy being self-employed. In start-up this behavior is deadly! I learned that I had to treat myself like an employee! You HAVE to follow a schedule!!!! I get up every morning, shower and get dressed as if I was going to a job – the only difference is I have on yoga pants and a tee instead of a suit. Then I learned to put a price tag on my time! You have to do this! If the dishes don’t get done that morning or the night before, LEAVE them! If you went to a real job that is what you would have to do! Cheers!

  57. Fabulous tips. I would also add no social media along with no emails if it isn’t directly related to our business activites.. It can take a huge chuck of time out of your day.

  58. Ashlae

    Maria, I love everything that you suggested indeed. A lot of us need to be inspired, uplifted, have a brand new knowing of things to do, and implement something that will indeed work for them.

    Due to a personal situation which is something a lot of us go through which is ID Theft. I am in a position that I was asked to house, dog sit, and live here. I was never asked to be a slave and do everything, which includes: of a 2 acre, story and 2 garages house. That I do all of the cleaning, taking care of the dogs…which includes washing them, giving them vitamins, feeding them, picking up when they get sick, picking up dog poop…title work, priming & painting, grouting floors, mowing, cutting & trimming trees, planting several plants, bushes, seedlings, & trees, when they are here picking up after them, serving them dinner on a tray, sanding stairs & other places, trimming anything else outside, taking care of 5 garden areas, and the list goes on and one.

    They do not care whether I have a passion & compassion in life of helping others to heal from their past and other things I love to help people with. They show no appreciation, respect, consideration or understanding. Just what they want when they want it and you better be working around the house from sun up to sun down.

    I will be very happy when my Id Theft situation is completely over with and I can have a brand new start. Also get to where I am working more closely in the same country as where my spiritual brother is at. Do what I want when I want.

    Freedom from slavery….No person should be in a position that I am in whether it be treated like I am or worse or dealing with ID Theft or both. And that is why I wanted to share this with all of you. You can change your circumstances and I CHOOSE to change this for myself.

  59. Yo Marie, and all you workin-at-home-and-hoping-to-find-balance guys a and gals,

    I’ve been working at home for 6 years now and struggled tremendously when I first left a “regular” job. Here are some things that have helped me find the work-life balance (and the coconuts) I was looking for:

    1) Don’t work in your PJs or think “well, I’ll just check a few quick emails before breakfast” (it never happens that way)! Now I am sure to shower, dress, and eat breakfast, as well as get my son off to school, and even do some yoga or meditation to get grounded and centered BEFORE I start my work day!

    2) Have a dedicated “office” space. Even if you work on a laptop, it can be tempting to work in bed, at the kitchen table, etc. But then every place in your home starts to feel like a work space and it’s easy to feel like you’re never away from work. As a graphic designer, I actually work on a big Mac and need my scanner, color printer, resource materials, art supplies, etc. around me, so initially I dedicated a bedroom as an “office”. But even then, I used to be in there at all hours of the day and night! My husband finally started to put a note on the office door after 8pm saying “The office is now closed”! 2 years ago, I finally decided I needed MORE office and home separation and we built a beautiful art studio over a garage on our property. Now my commute is across the driveway :-)) This distinction helps me separate “work time” and “home time”.

    3) As Marie and so many of you have suggested, keeping a calendar and scheduling your day is key. I mark off “me time” as well as time for my creative work, so that I actually schedule going to a yoga class or meeting a girlfriend for lunch, as well as client’s projects. If I don’t, its easy for the workaholic side of me to kick in and and then I’m in constant overwork and overwhelm. Learning to schedule self-replenishing time is essential to avoiding burn-out.

    4) Watch when you’re procrastinating or puttering around. I have to admit that laundry was actually my procrastination chore of choice. If I was confused, uncertain or fearful about any part of my day, I’d find myself down in the laundry room. Now, if I catch myself mindlessly matching up socks I know I need to take a step back and consciously & compassionately look at what I’m avoiding or worried about.

    5) Your weekends might not actually be on Saturday and Sunday. I sometimes plan a Monday-Tuesday off to enjoy a day on the beach, ski or an overnight at a B&B when rates are lower and places are less crowded. And then work on a Saturday or Sunday if necessary. This is when I’m reminded why I love being my own boss!

    Hope that helps, y’all!
    Keepin’ it real… While drinking the coconut water!
    – Gloria (aka The Fish Cat)

  60. Such a great video Marie! Very inspirational. No “should do” anymore. Just do it!


  61. I LOVE this schedule. I get the same way when it comes to my workday! I often feel likeI have WAY too much going on and I don’t know what to do first. I try to make a list of 4-5 things that I KNOW I want to get done at the beginning of the day and that usually helps me stay on track, but I sill end up working late because I screw around during the day. I also find out that most of my to-dos can be completed in 2 hours if I really get down to it.

    Thanks Marie!

  62. Waiting ’til the end of the day to check email is SO key! Otherwise you’ll go straight into reactive mode and nothing will EVER get done.

    And on that note, my wonderful coach Renee Airya suggested the best time management technique ever to me. It’s very similar to the schedule Marie outlines in today’s episode:

    Understanding and practicing the 50-Minute Focus Finder has been the most valuable time management technique I’ve ever tried in all my years of working from home. It’s A1!

  63. Aaah, what a great topic, so glad you covered it here! I have a routine that works for me (90% of the time, anyway), but it’s so helpful to read all the other fantastic tips here!

    What I do is plan out my week every Sunday in a pretty little project planner/book I bought just for that task. In the book I write important client tasks/projects for the week, along with business building work for my own brand. Then each night before bed I make my list of key action items for the next day. When I get up in the a.m., I make a schedule for that day.

    I know how simple that sounds, and I’ve tried lots of other things to keep myself on track that didn’t work, but for some reason that little scheduling technique does. I schedule out blocks of time like this: 8:00-9:00 am – check and respond to email, 9:00-12:00 – client work, 12:00-1:00 – lunch, 1:00-3:00 – client work, 3:00-5:00 — kdh brand/business building projects and tasks, 5:00 – 7:00 wrap up client work for day. There’s something about writing down the sked and keeping it next to my desk that keeps me on task in a way other things I’ve tried didn’t.

    Something else that works for me like a charm is planning something fun — even if it’s just a yoga class or a long walk with a friend — for the end of the work day. That works really well to keep me on track throughout the day. I find that on days when I have nothing planned for the evening, I don’t work as efficiently during the day as I’d like to, because somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought “I can work til 10:00 pm if I want to.” And I sometimes do, so it’s important to sked that “end of day fun thing” to keep me on track and efficient. : )

  64. So great! For me, email is the big bugaboo. I get sucked in by that sh*% like it’s important! Before I know it, 30 minutes, down the drain. That was a good smack down for me, too. I have no kids and a husband who helps with the cooking too. Mind you we both have other jobs, but my schedule is flexible, so I need to quit whining and create a work at home schedule for my flexible days!

  65. Amanda

    Yes, working from home can be tricky! One of my tips (like other people) is to get up, shower & dress for the day like you are going to the office. If you don’t, you can get into overwhelm mode. I mean, would you go to the office without showering and looking your best? Nope, didn’t think so!

    Secondly, my husband sometimes says, “Well, you are home, can’t you just do it?” My answer: “I’m not home doing nothing. I’m trying to create a life for US, not sitting around twiddling my thumbs. So, no, you can do it.” In a nice way, of course! Creating those boundaries and having your partner know that your time and what you do is as important as his/hers, despite being home is extremely important!

    Those are my two cents.

    P.S. Marie, in England, Oz & NZ double-fisting means something else – just sayin’!

  66. Cassandra

    Hi Marie,

    Love this – love seeing a schedule.

    My best tip is to set up reminders in my iPhone. I do two check ins a day – at 11 am and 7 pm. and when the bell goes off, I check in with my body where ever I am and then ask when do I need to do to take care of myself. I also have reminders for my meditation time, nap time and bed time. I don’t always meditate, nap or go to bed at bed time, but it helps me to be mindful about what I am doing.

    Also, the afternoon break – 3:30 to 4:30 conflicts with the “Work it, girl!” afternoon session from 4:00 – 5:30. yes? Might want to fix that…..
    love, cassandra (a bschooler)

    • Louise

      Ah, thanks for the heads up. We added in a note to the video- simply slide the timing of your break or your afternoon work it section to get that 30 minutes back into your schedule. And I LOVE the two daily check-ins with your body, great tip.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  67. Great topic Marie and yes the smack down was necessary. Creating your own structure is the most challenging part of being the ‘leader’. You have no one to be accountable to and therefore the overwhelm spirals. I like to use specific songs and playlists to time projects and tasks. Getting fresh air and out in nature in the afternoon also helps recharge the brain for one last push before you call it a day.

  68. Another great shoeeee, Marie!

    Here’s a tip that keeps me on schedule:
    Daily: Create 2 Lists – one for work, one for personal
    Break down to hours, as Ms M stated. Keep it fresh;
    if you don’t get all the work completed by end of day,
    add them to a new list the following day. It really
    helps. Good luck, Jade!

    Check as tasks are complete – it’s greatly satisfying
    and keeps me on task.

    M- LOVE your post-show blurbs….”smiley entertaining!”

  69. Hey Marie!

    Jade has a a great question, and it really points to a pattern that women get into in every aspect of their lives.

    Like you, I encourage my clients to stop saying they’re overwhelmed. I say, “My plate is full.” Or “I have a lot to do this week. And I’ll start with…” or “Next time I’m going to be more clear about the amount of work I’m willing to do in a day/week/month, whatever.”

    Right? Because the point is YOU get to choose what you do with your life and more importantly, how you FEEL about it. This is especially true about building your own business.

    Now, of course, there are A LOT of moving parts related to building a business, but you’ve laid them out in B-School, right? 🙂

    My secret weapon is what I call a “15-minute sprint” — I work at least 15 minutes a day on any one goal or item on my to-do list, and then lather, rinse and repeat until I get completion.

    The big thing is NO multi-tasking, just focus on one step, getting completion, and then go on from there.

    I also try to avoid recreating the wheel at all costs. So often I see my clients working in their own business who are trying to save money so they’re doing everything themselves, but this is a mistake, in my opinion, because a business owner should always be almost exclusively focused on income-generating activities – creating content, designing programs and providing services.

    So if I ever feel stuck, I look to someone who has figured out and say, it looks like you figured this out, can you show me how?

    And that’s the BEST thing about MarieTV — you’re always more than happy to share.

    Thanks again for everything!

    • Bravo Stacey, YES, we need to keep our focus on the positive.

      This week my schedule is brimming with facsinating work from excited clients…which makes me bubble with inspiration.

      Thanks for that reminder.

  70. As a mother of three kids under 12 years old and the owner of a busy website for mom entrepreneurs, I have found the following things to be uber-helpful when scheduling my day and week:

    Menu planning – every weekend, I plan dinners for the next week and write my grocery list accordingly. That way, I never have to wonder what’s for dinner OR make last minute (pain in the ass) trips to Whole Foods. I even created a nifty spreadsheet with 30+ dinner ideas and a link to the recipe because, after cooking for hubs and kids for (gasp) 18 years, my brain is sometimes *fried*. 🙂

    A uniform – I have a week’s worth of nice jeans, tees and FitFlops and Uggs and that’s pretty much what I wear on my workdays. Knowing this is my “uniform” prevents the time-wasting standing in front of the closet wondering what to wear every day.

    Google Calendar – I put *everything* on a Google Calendar, from the editorial and marketing calendars for my website to my kids’ checkups and activities, to when my husband gets paid each month and everything in between. I share the calendar with my husband and we each get event reminders so we’re always on the same page.

    I hope that helps, Jade!

    • Hi Heather, I love your tips!
      You wouldn’t by any chance want to share your ‘nifty spreadsheet’ of recipes would you? I have a black board I try to fill with preplanned meals, but I still find myself going through my recipe books for new ideas 🙂

  71. Does anyone have a good tool for social media automization? I know I “should” spend less time on the computer as well and I am going to use this video to jump start my progress. A free service would be great.

    • I like Hootsuite…it’s free up to a point. Good luck.

  72. It is so hard not to be distracted while working at home – I give myself 2 hour periods where I don’t allow myself to stop knowing that I have to get something done b y a certain time. Well it works …..sometimes.

  73. Does anyone have a good tool for social media automization? I know I “should” spend less time on the computer as well and I am going to use this video to jump start my progress. A free service would be great.

    • Jessica,

      My assistant and I use and LOVE it. We have the $5.99/month account but they also offer a free account.

      Hope that helps!

  74. Ashlae

    @Amanda ~ one thing is that this person is not my boyfriend or husband. Just an ex-boyfriend that asked me to house, dog sit, and live here while they are out of town working, due to there is no working here of what he does. Though he comes back for so many days and basically decides that he is going to do the very bare minimum if anything at all. They can be back here for anywhere from 4 nights & 3 days or even longer and still do bare minimum. He will say things such as “Oh, I will do this and this,” and it does not get done. Very lazy when they are here and they know that I cannot do certain things. Like chopping a huge tree that broke or something similar…such as construction work or some kind within the house.

    He thinks just because that is the way it used to be back between the 30 – 60’s and that there own mom used to have to do this that every female that he has a relationship with should just do what he wants and be his slave/servant. That, that is just the way women should be and not have their own lives and go after their passion’s and compassion’s.

  75. I keep wondering if something more is really going on for you Jade.

    I just wanted to let you know, if you’re feeling blocked, or like life is a struggle, then usually it’s a sign that something is up and it needs your loving attention.

    Even the best schedule in the world or the best routine cannot provide the kind of structure and support you may be needing right now, Jade.

    Are you working with anyone to explore this? Dealing with this means you’ll heal it and it will be much much easier to rock your life like you really mean it 🙂



    • Ashlae

      You’re most certainly correct by asking if there is something else going on that may be blocking.

      I know that I myself have done inner child, inner adolescent healing, and other healings etc. Though YES, it does seem like there is still something that is blocking me from moving forward in certain aspects. I know of one thing is the ID Theft that is going to be finalized to where I can have a brand new start, and brand new life in September is when that happens. Though I do feel like there is most definitely something that is still and I am working with somebody…though they themselves are having some blocking going that I feel I need to talk to another person to maybe sort out what may be these blocks.

      • Hi Ashlae,

        Yes, usually there is “stuff” going on… a story holding us up and if we don’t address it, it persists. What we resist persists.

        Sorry to hear about your identity theft. Can I just say, there is only one Ashlae!

        I’m here. If I can help you, let me know.
        Wishing you all the best,


        • Ashlae

          Hi Robin,

          I would love to have another female to talk as I do have some female friends though I rarely talk to them any more. For some reason or another. I would love to go over some things and find the core of what is the blocks that are still there, be able to release, let go, forgive, and move forward in the direction of my true passion’s and compassion’s in life. The website is what I do and work with, with my spiritual brother and where I want to go to to work closer with him. We have both helped one another out of a whole lot of the past and other things. Though it seems like we both have something that is holding us back from our true Destiny and that which we do that is totally different than anything else that is out there. It is all of the missing pieces to the puzzle of life that anybody and everybody is looking for. What you do not get taught in school or anywhere else it’s aligning your whole being, it’s getting your subconscious mind from stopping our conscious mind from our dreams, desires, wants and needs, it’s helping you achieve your financial well being, your true relationships, finding your passion’s and compassion’s and so much more. Even helping people build a website.

    • Jade

      Thanks Robin. This strange sequence of events has definitely got me to look within. You must have a rare gift for healing, because a lot of people ask me how I am throughout my days and weeks but only a few have the ability to bring tears to the old eyes. I suspect you are just one of those people. Thanks for the kind words! Jade

  76. Great post Marie, as always!

    For Jade and anyone else who’s looking for a few more tips on time management, check out a video post I did a few months back. These tips got a LOT of great, positive feedback. Hope it helps!! xoxox

  77. I print out blank calendars from iCal and label them according to the function:
    Writing, Wellness, and my budget.
    Every morning I write, even when i don’t feel like it. I chart my progress on this calendar and look at it, whether it’s 500 words a day (or 1300). I set apart time to write for one hour every day.
    In my wellness calendar, i write down what and did and where. If it’s measurable, like 5.2 miles or 300 calories, I mark it down for me to see.

    I, too, started getting up earlier so I had time to do these things that i claimed i wanted to do, but yet never made time to do. So now my day begins with writing/reading or writing then personal trainer. I enjoy the rest of my day so much more because i have already succeeded in feeling accomplished. Anything else i do is a BONUS!

    It took a lot of time for me to get here but I’m here working it! & making it work from home! 🙂

  78. I print out blank calendars from iCal and label them according to the function:
    Writing, Wellness, and my budget.
    Every morning I write, even when i don’t feel like it. I chart my progress on this calendar and look at it, whether it’s 500 words a day (or 1300). I set apart time to write for one hour every day.
    In my wellness calendar, i write down what and did and where. If it’s measurable, like 5.2 miles or 300 calories, I mark it down for me to see.

    I, too, started getting up earlier so I had time to do these things that i claimed i wanted to do, but yet never made time to do. So now my day begins with writing/reading or writing then personal trainer. I enjoy the rest of my day so much more because i have already succeeded in feeling accomplished. Anything else i do is a BONUS!

    It took a lot of time for me to get here but I’m here working it! & making it work from home! 🙂

    Thanks Marie! Another great video/topic!

  79. Hi Jessica

    We use the same as Heather and it makes life super easy!

    Good luck

  80. You are so enjoying yourself doing this! You make me smile a lot. Thanks. Maybe you know this already, but You are really really really good at what you’re doing and That’s inspiring!

  81. I struggled with this as well when I left my corporate job last year. My dream was to have freedom and all the time I needed to get everything done. Complete opposite happened. I didn’t manage my time well. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. It was crazy! Finally I gave myself a smack down and started waking up at 6am to workout and get ready for my day by 9am. I also use a google calendar to block out my time and a list of tasks during my work zones. I still struggle with distractions, but working on staying focused with tasks! Thanks Marie for a great reminder!

  82. Oh, snap! This is me! I get help, but still feel overwhelmed. I don’t have kiddlings either. I have to get a schedule, OMG. I’ve been in denial for so long. Also, I check emails and social media during working hours. Doh! Time to stop doing that…Okay, I’ll stop typing here 😀

  83. I go to sleep at 10 p.m. (which is recommended by Deepak Chopra and I sleep like a baby!). I naturally wake up at 5:30 a.m. and I make sure to get out of bed before 8 a.m. (I linger for a long time under the covers, and I read emails and the news.) I get non-work related activities done before 9 a.m., so there are no excuses for why I have to do those things during the work day.

    I work between 9 and 5 and only take breaks for lunch or a yoga class. Anything else unrelated to work is avoided. I barely text unless it’s important.

    I have a few exceptions:
    1. I will read Marie Forleo’s emails or those of other motivators to keep me excited about my work.
    2. I will do yoga late at night once a week with my favorite teacher. By the time, I shower and hit the sack, it’s already 11 p.m. It does mess up my flow, but it’s worth it to do a yoga class with a really good teacher.

    I used to keep a back-to-back schedule on my Google calendar to keep me accountable for each minute of the day. But I would get stressed out from the pings from the Google calendar, because they distracted me while I was doing important tasks on my computer.

    At this point, I’ve stopped scheduling myself because I’m motivated enough to do what I have to do at the times I need to do them.

  84. That 6:30 shop closing time really took me by surprise. I never close shop until bedtime.

    For Jade, I have 4 kids, a hubby who doesn’t do much housework, & I’m active in my church….my #1 trick for getting stuff done is the unstoppable to-do list & making sure I have 8 hours of sleep at night. If I’m not well rested then I just drag my feet around the house all day.

    Good luck with the new schedule. Even I am going to try it out. Thanks Marie

    • Renee

      Wendy ~ I think our lives are parallel! I also have 4 kids and am active in my church. I’m also a single mom. My mind sure gets more distracted it seems the older I get. Love the tips and suggestions here. Will definitely try them out!

  85. As an artist, I’m definitely in the “I’d rather not have a firm schedule camp”. But the reality is, when you work for yourself and work from home, most of us aren’t just naturally going to fall in line and do what needs to get done. There are all kinds of fun distractions.

    I basically strike a balance between having a schedule and honoring my free-spirited artist ways. I make a list of the top 3 things I need to get done that day, and put them in order so I make sure that no matter what, the most important thing happens. I don’t set a specific time to get them done, so that I still feel I have freedom. I find this helps me a ton.

    Another thing I do is work a project until it’s complete; this works really well for the business side of things. So it’s kindof a “work it til it’s done” thing, and then I can just be done and move on to the next thing.

    I also find that when I’m to the point that I feel drained, getting up and moving around and getting some fresh air, maybe alittle yoga and/or meditation, helps me to mentally reset.

  86. I struggled with this myself when I started my business. It finally came down to priorities. My business was a priority, having a museum like house every second of the day…. well that had to play second fiddle.

    OK, the one thing asked myself, did I have problems getting to work and getting things done while at work? … Well, NO! What I discovered in my contemplation was, working at home is no different than working from the office. I think the basic problem with working at home is that you are staring at those household issues every time you go to the bathroom or kitchen. IGNORE them as if they weren’t there until it is time to get off work, just as you did when you worked out of the house. (OK, when I go to lunch, I stop by the washing machine and throw a load in, and cycle it after lunch – but the folding happens after I get “home” from work.) It’s OK for the chores to wait as they have always done but you get that extra commute time to get them done! Yeah more family time!

    I like Marie’s schedule suggestions – remembering to take time for yourself and is just as important to being productive while working… the trick is balance your coconuts.

    Thanks Marie!

  87. Habit is the primary ingredient to success. I have created and built all that I have with much craziness. Imagine Marie if I actually structured my day how amazing everything would be. 🙂
    I will give the 5 day calendar a try.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  88. I do-do because I have bills to pay and like vacations : ). I set deadlines for myself that MUST get done, cuz they set me up to make money. My schedule is similar to what you shared Marie,, except I have an 8 year old that comes on the scene at about 3pm, so the work day is shorter, but I get mega done by focusing during my work hours.
    Setting deadlines like a boss really works for me.
    Again, if Jade had a boss who was waiting for a project or report by a certain day and time, I’m sure she’d get it done.
    Be your boss, Jade! Don’t let yourself down!

  89. Marie, can I be honest with for just a moment. I promise it’ll only be a one time thing, but if I don’t get this out I know I will regret it. Who wants regrets, right? OK, are you ready? Here comes… wait for it, wait for it…. (cue the grand introoo… NOW!) YOU, Mi Lady, are the S#%@, the creme de la creme, the lioness growl!! I absolutely love Marie TV! Tons of helpful advice and tips, love your sense of humor, and the “Do Do” – Priceless. Even though you speak only to the ladies for the most part, I’m certainly glad you let us fellas in on the action, as well. Even those of us who chase after those dang rainbows. 😉 You’re truly a gem, my friend. Keep on bringing the heat! Smooches! <3

  90. Oh your timing is always SO elegant Ms. Marie! I had dreams and nightmares last night about all that I am not scheduling and not doing.
    Thank you for the subtle bucket of water.

  91. omg… please give me her schedule! I have two kids, plus two other kids who live with me here and there, — and a dog who is so sweet, I have to hold myself back from curling up with her every time I see those big sweet eyes.. I own a Hula Hooping biz (Rock it at, ya all!) and I just launched another biz called Cancer Health and Wellness, LLC ( AND …. I have a hot and amazing husband who I am ALL OVER every chance I get!

    Our lives are full. We meet with friends, do stuff with the kids, hang with family and so much more. it’s certainly a balancing act, but Life is about living …. so I live it!

  92. Hahaha, Do Do. This was great, structure is so important in creating success. We always tell our clients the same thing when doing work on Social Media. If you are not consistent, your fans will not be able to count on you, and they will stop visiting your page.

  93. Suuuuper helpful, Marie, as I plan out the school year schedule beginning in September. At home in the summer it’s a lot of early mornings and late evenings to leave lots of playtime with the kiddos and one full work day.
    I love this platform as I can see how easy it is going to be to mold into a schedule that allows me to work out before they get up, set my work for the day, drop them off then hit the books!

  94. I think that making a schedule is obvious, and there’s more to Jade’s challenge than what’s on the surface. Something in the “chaos” feels “safe” even though it’s not giving her a pleasant outcome. Jade, think about “why” you can’t get-it-together, your upbringing/family patterns, events that happened to you in life, and see if you can figure out what triggers the security in the chaos. This may give you relief from beating yourself over the head, and that alone drains mental energy. You may have an ah-ha moment which will “free” you from the ball & chain and allow to you smoothly change your ways.

    • Jade

      So true. You hit that one right on the nose. Thank you. That totally resonates with me.

    • Very good point Sheryl….when we look within to see the patterns, it become easier to change those patterns. Thanks for sharing.

  95. HI Marie-
    I adore your videos and look forward to seeing them every Tuesday.
    Thank you for the PCU strategy. I always clean my dishes right away but I am trying to get my kids more into helping out. I know they will be more excited if I give cleaning up a fun name like “Project Clean-Up”.

    The “Catch a Flight” technique is BRILLIANT. Never thought about it before but so true. Thank you so much!

    One of my favorite strategies is “pulsing” which my awesome coach and friend Nisha Moodley taught me. Pulsing is focused work for 90 minutes and taking a fun break ( going for a walk, stretching, dancing. etc.) for 15-30 minutes. Repeat pulsing on and off until your work day is over. Sharing this reminds me I need to work on implementing pulsing on a more consistent basis.

    Thank you again for your always inspiring and entertaining videos.
    Love- Michelle

  96. Love today’s post — working at home is becoming more common (yay!) especially for women…block time to focus on your work is key just like Marie said. Try not to feel guilty when you enjoy the perks of working at home, either. You can enjoy it if you truly focus on your tasks without interruption. Check out my website (www.TheWorkingHouse) and Facebook @TheWorkingHouse community to connect with other ladies who work from home, too. Thanks, Marie for addressing this issue.

  97. As a busy mother of four children this is what works for us to stay on top of everything required of running a household…I get up and get ready for the day BEFORE the kids get up. That means showered and dressed, bed made. We do a laundry load everyday, the kids fold their own and put away immediately. Rooms are tidied every morning and dishes are done after every meal. We structure in free time and chore time and family play time and then have Sunday as our anything goes (except for the bed making and dishes…no exceptions:)

  98. Ashlae

    I am truly unaware of whom Jade is. Though I can relate to a lot of what I have heard others say regards to what she is talking about.Myself I am single, just living in a house of my ex-boyfriend, house and dog sitting. and being treated like a slave/servant. That all women should be treated like this and have no other life other than that which they want 7 days per week without any days off whatsoever, just to relax and have some me time or even take a vacation. Although they get to relax and act like “Oh! I work so I get to take time off and have a vacation, but you do not get time off or a vacation…when their work does not consist of physical labor. Yours work does consist of physical labor and a whole lot of it.

  99. Melanie D'Arcy

    I think the best nugget for me was — separating out email from “work”.

    I admit to getting sucked into the vortex of the internet…. like I’ll be emailing someone who is kind of an ambiguous “contact”, but also just kind of a friend…. facebooking some other similar such people… And then I’ll look back on the hour or 2 spent & ask — “Was that ‘work’, that I just did?”

    This video helps me understand that, for practical purposes — no, it’s really not. Though it could be considered part of an overall work day. But one that comes at the end, kind of like dessert.

    Thanks Marie, per usual… 🙂

  100. My husband & I are both self employed, we homeschool, and for many years, we also dealt with aging parents who required a lot of attention. Life was beyond hectic & stressful. Also, I love to over plan & schedule, I just don’t like to follow through with those plans. A few years ago, the stress level became unbearable & I stopped over scheduling myself. Instead, I made a daily checklist that consists of doing an hour of housework, an hour of homeschooling (the kids are both in high school now so they don’t need me nearly as much) an hour for my husband’s business and 4 hours on my own. I also keep a running list of tasks that need to be done that I refer to when deciding what to do during those time limits. Now, I know what needs to be done but don’t get overwhelmed feeling like it all has to be done today. I have reasonable time limits to work on the tasks but don’t have that feeling of “having” to do something at a certain time. (I hate being told what to do. LOL)

    But even more important than fixing my scheduling problems, I learned to embrace my slow cooker. In fact, I learned to love it so much, I bought a second one. Now, at least 3 days a week, I start dinner while I’m waiting for the morning coffee to brew. There’s something unbelievably motivating & calming knowing that no matter how badly the day goes, dinner will be on the table.

  101. nancy

    Marie!! I love you!!! this video reminded me of how you put me on check on RHH … and glad you did!

    Nancy Urena

  102. I love that Marie laid out a schedule and highlighted some of the areas that are probably taking Jade, and a lot of us, longer than they “should.” Especially compartmentalizing email at the end of the day. I loved Project Clean-Up would add to mix “BS O’Clock” which is 1 hour on my schedule when I take care of annoying errands like going to the post office, meal planning, updating my voter registration, so I don’t look up at 4:30 and realize I didn’t stop to eat and these little things have magically multiplied to take up my whole day.
    Like Jade, I’ve tried tons of schedules and the real work is sticking to them. I find that “planning my schedule” was just one more task I did instead of getting my work done. I needed something to hold me accountable, and a physical sign of it.
    I did something like this when my husband was procrastinating on preparing for a credential that would earn him a bonus at work. We agreed on the amount of money 1 week of studying was worth and I’d write a check to him if he hit his goal, he’d write a check to me if he didn’t. We share finances, so it didn’t “really” matter whether I gave him money or he gave it to me, but there is an undeniable rush of adrenaline when you receive any reward and an equally strong twist of your gut when you have to hand something over, no matter how small. This makes for a visceral sensation when your alarm goes off in the morning, like the visceral response you have when you realize that you’ll miss your non-refundable flight and vacation if you hit snooze.
    Add to that the social pressure of having someone else know about whether you’re meeting the goal as they are giving you the reward or punishment, and you have some pretty powerful motivation.

  103. I love that Marie laid out a schedule and highlighted some of the areas that are probably taking Jade, and a lot of us, longer than they “should.” Especially compartmentalizing email at the end of the day. I loved Project Clean-Up would add to mix “BS O’Clock” which is 1 hour on my schedule when I take care of annoying errands like going to the post office, meal planning, updating my voter registration, so I don’t look up at 4:30 and realize I didn’t stop to eat and these little things have magically multiplied to take up my whole day.
    Like Jade, I’ve tried tons of schedules and the real work is sticking to them. I find that “planning my schedule” was just one more task I did instead of getting my work done. I needed something to hold me accountable, and a physical sign of it.
    I did something like this when my husband was procrastinating on preparing for a credential that would earn him a bonus at work. We agreed on the amount of money 1 week of studying was worth and I’d write a check to him if he hit his goal, he’d write a check to me if he didn’t. We share finances, so it didn’t “really” matter whether I gave him money or he gave it to me, but there is an undeniable rush of adrenaline when you receive any reward and an equally strong twist of your gut when you have to hand something over, no matter how small. This makes for a visceral sensation when your alarm goes off in the morning, like the visceral response you have when you realize that you’ll miss your non-refundable flight and vacation if you hit snooze.
    Add to that the social pressure of having someone else know about whether you’re meeting the goal as they are giving you the reward or punishment, and you have some pretty powerful motivation.

  104. This was a terrific video. One thing to remember for those of us who used to work in an office environment for many years — time gets wasted there alos — by chatty co-workers, pointless meetings, workplace political drama, etc.

    Key to my productiveness working at home (or virtually if traveling) are some of the same things that helped me when I worked in an office:

    -spend time making a “must do” list for the week/each day and plan when stuff will get done

    -set deadlines to make yourself accountable
    -schedule time sucks like social media and use a timer
    -have a door, and close it
    -convince family and friends firmly that you are “working” not sitting around waiting for something to do or someone to talk with

  105. Wear tight clothes. You won’t go to the fridge or snack cabinet as often, and you won’t gain the weight that most people (including me) do during their first year working from home. I gained 35 pounds. Fortunately, that was 15 years ago so I’ve only got a few left to lose.

  106. Hello ladies,

    I don’t have a suggestion for scheduling a productive day. I’m still sorting that out for myself, which so far resembles of a mad headless chicken running around trying to get things done. Let’s just say there are a lot of to do lists in my house..

    Here’s what’s making my life complicated (not bad, but complicated – in no particular order either!):

    – a three-year-old and a six-year-old
    – a husband who spends 8 days overseas in every two weeks
    – a university degree (last year starting in october, then another year for my honours)
    – a recently launched business that involves making my products, promoting, social networking, etc.

    I don’t have a cleaner. I cook everything from scratch because I don’t like to buy ready made food. I don’t have family living around me.

    I don’t have any time for myself, ie: going to the movies or shopping, which is fine. For now. Once the degree is done and the business is on its way, I’ll do stuff for myself. For now I’d just really like to sort myself out, so I feel I have everything under control. I meet deadlines no probs, but because I’m a procrastinator, my last minutes are manic!

    I find it difficult to keep to any sort of schedule as when I do have time (Mon, Wed, Fri 9.30-2.30) I feel I have to catch up on housework and I can easily get side tracked by surfing the net…

    Any of you in a similar situation? I would LOVE to hear from you about what works!

    Many thanks

    • Veronika,
      Might I suggest you write a book about ‘how you do it all’!
      Even in the last-minute-shuffle, you describe, you ARE getting it done.

      Perhaps a book could monetize enough $$$, so you could off-load say the cleaning, for example, which would give you time to focus on your business.

      If writing a book would ‘put you over the edge’ I suggest you try a schedule…so sort of structure [obviously you know how to structure your family’s meal planning & prep]…look at the parts of your life that you ARE succeeding in and try to use those same techniques in the areas that might feel a bit chaotic.

      And BTW lovely dolls you create. So expressive.
      Good luck…

      • Hi Mary,
        Sorry, I’ve only just seen your reply!
        I’m actually following Marie’s suggestion and only checking emails / net twice a day. I tell you what! I actually felt a bit of freedom today. I love it that my emails didn’t run my day. 🙂
        Funny you should mention the book. My degree is in Literature and Creative Writing! 🙂 I do have simple ideas for future books, but none are about ‘how to get things done’ :)) Thank you for the link, I will check it out.

        Oh and thank you very much for the compliment on my dolls!


  107. Hey Marie,

    As usual, great video. Loved the topic as scheduling is something I often find myself struggling with. Of late, though, I started to develop a routine that really gets the job done for me. Like Kris Carr said in your recent interview with her, “I can only metabolize 3 things a day. That’s it.”. Thus, I only schedule 3 work-related activities per day to avoid overwhelm. I make sure to kick off my day with an hour of yoga/exercise, have breakfast, get ready and then I’m off to the races. My best friend in all of this is my planner. I have the current week’s schedule already in place so that I have to stick to it. This is how I move and shake.



  108. Marie you continue to rock my world! Not only do you say get a schedule, but you gave us one! Plus, it looks a lot better than the one I have going now. I need a Marie app on my phone to ask questions on the fly. Thanks again for providing actual steps to improve life & work!

  109. Working from home is much harder than most people think it is. You need to set your own schedule and there’s no outside source telling you what and when to do. I’ve been working from home for many many years now and I learned by trial and error what works best for me.
    I now have a to do list where each task is defined as high priority, medium or low. This list helps me organize what I have to do every day and also see if I have too much scheduled for a specific day (if so I try to re-organize things to be more doable). I look at this list at the end of the day to see what I have planned for tomorrow, add or delete stuff etc.
    Thanks Marie for another great video.

  110. Marie,

    My favourtie piece was the 4am flight deal……YOU ARE SO RIGHT.

    Lately I’ve been scheduling my clients earlier in the morning, say 9am, (today is one of those days) and it is true, you can do it, and it makes those days off much more welcomed and appreciated.

    That was one of my fav episodes Marie!

  111. Good stuff here. I’m wondering if anyone knows WHY waking up early, makes a difference? If you’re up a little later and still use the same techniques/schedule do you get the same result? Sometimes, I feel like I am more productive at night. And now with my living situation, my roommates are gone mostly at night so I have the place to myself and I get more done. What do you guys say???? Thanks!

    • Interesting point Dana. I’m a morning person and my partner does the same thing late into the night. He can stay up late-as his body rhythm allows. Whereas, I get up at the crack of dawn and have so much accomplished by mid morning.

      Whatever works for you…work it.

  112. So besides running my business from home, I also have three boys, which actually helps me! It’s like Marie said with the early flight plan, I have to get up by 7 to get them off to school, well fed and not looking crazy. I usually do any cleaning while they are doing there thing; clean up the breakfast mess, start a load of laundry, sweep, etc. So by 8 my house is empty and cleanish. Now I exercise and get ready for the day. Then I “do work” ( anyone watch Rob and Big). I eat lunch at 11, then go back to work. My boys get home at 2:45 and I walk to the bus stop to get them, which is great because I get a bit of energizing fresh air. Next we have a snack together and get a bit of talk time. Then they do their homework and I do my work. At 5 my work day is over (but I may sneak back on line after the boys are asleep).
    I do make a to-do list at night for the next day. This is a must for me. My oldest two are 9 and 12 so they both do a few chores and it really helps out!

  113. Loved this video! I have a home office where I used to be full time. But I found it very difficult to get stay on task and not be distracted when my family was home (I have a toddler, teenager and husband at home- all boys!). I was lucky enough to find a small, inexpensive office right around the corner from my house. I don’t lose a lot of time commuting and I’m close by if I’m really needed. I slip into biz mode and stay on task much easier when I’m working from my main office. When the family is in bed for the night, I slip into my home office prepare my agenda for the next day and in the morning, I hit the ground running with a plan! Prioritized check lists, and calendars are the keys to being super productive for me! I’ve found setting specific times for checking email to be a huge help in staying on track too. Nothing derails a super productive day like checking emails as they come in! I never tried building in a late afternoon hour break. I like that idea!

  114. If I don’t have a schedule I end up wasting so much time and the ADD kicks in. I use my good old paper planner (yes, they still make them!) and I plan out my day the night before. Using the planner helps me have some down time away from my laptop and keeps me on task. Then it is back to blogging and networking my brand. I even schedule calls to my mother! Ha!
    Thanks Marie for your insights. You simply ROCK!

  115. I definitely struggled with creating a schedule for myself when I first started off in business. But once I grasped the truth that *Structure Creates Freedom* I found a new love and commitment to getting things done, showing up and being a “do do” cuz lord knows I was humpin’ around with the other two.

    For myself, I like to structure my time where I keep all the big “do do’s” in the morning because it’s when I have the most energy and then the afternoon is left for any other do’s or space for creative and intuitive inspired actions that come up for the day.

    And to break up my day I have lots of dance breaks, yummy snacks and take moments where I just go outside, stretch, take deep breaths and feel the sun on my skin.

    Thank you Marie for another great vid!!! Love the non-negotiable flight technique too. So so true!

    XO ~ Christina

  116. Marie….lovin’ the hip hop.

    I am sharing these tips with my gals. The first thing I had to do was to get a weekly calendar and block out the times that I absolutely could not do my business (during church, family events, etc) and then I could make a daily schedule that works for me.

  117. hey all….
    this was a fantastic reminder for those that work at home…
    here is a tip told to me by a monk….
    honestly the discipline is harder than the work and somehow knowing this makes it easier….
    now let’s get to work all ! :)….
    thank you marie…you are lovely and amazing!
    ~ september

  118. Cathy

    Great video, Marie! I needed a reminder that summertime is not necessarily slackin’ time.

    BTW, I was 2/3 of the way through the video before I realized that the BRAIN sitting on the table was, um, FLOWERS. Seriously, girl, they look like a brain. :-). I’m still laughing!


  119. This is awesome message. It’s a great reminder that just because I, myself set my own schedule doesn’t mean it’s negotiable! One thing thing that might help folks, and something I’ve learned from my office job, is that you can’t manage what you don’t track. It’s really enlightening to see how you actually spend time in a day. You THINK you will spend or spent 20 minutes on a project but you really end up spending 45! I recommend using a web application (it’s free) to easily track and ultimately analyze how you’re spending your time each day and see where you can modify your schedule to become more productive. It also helps keep me on task. When I start that timer I want to keep going with it and not switch to another task. I found I completed more projects in an acceptable time frame and didn’t get distracted by “quick tasks”. Those “quick tasks” had to wait until I was done with what I was focusing on.

  120. Tre

    I do a lot of different things (writing a book, producing my play, freelance creative work and I have a job too) and even though I don’t stick to a schedule when I work from home, I make a list of what to accomplish for the week and pick things out every day to get done. I keep my house in “drop by” condition, which means if people drop by, I don’t have to have them excuse my mess. I live alone so I know it helps, I can be as anal retentive as I wanna be. I cook something big every few days and freeze stuff for future crazy periods when I don’t have time to cook. I find it cheaper and healthier to cook my own food rather than buy prepared food. I would like to wake up earlier but I do prefer working at night too so that doesn’t happen much. But my friends say I am the most productive person they know so it must be working.

    But I really want to know is… why is Tattoo tied up on Success Island???

  121. Speaking from experience (reformed — one day at a time– perfectionist and rigid planner… With a bit of secret /procrastinator/point the fingerism sprinkled in) I totally get what Jade is experiencing. That’s why I help others today ….

    Here are my top tips:
    1. Plan your week every Sunday: meals, social, workouts, what you want to accomplish with work, quiet time, household chores, and fun things to do!
    2. Review your plan every morning
    3. Stick you your plan during the day — if you “get off track”, that’s okay. Just smile, and be grateful that you were aware enough to “bust” yourself
    4. Before going to bed, set and review your plan for the next 24 hours
    5. Let go of the actual overall outcome — just be aware of the simple “wins” along the way (i.e. did I smile more? Am I grateful? Did I cultivate more awareness? Was I able to be if service/help others?)

    Simple living for busy people is not easy. But it is do-able. And you are not alone.

    Hope this is helpful!


  122. I love Marie’s smackdowns. I’m always tweaking my schedule, or trying to optimize it if I can. I find that going for a walk with the dog is one of my most enjoyable and overwhelm-reducing activities. It also helps keep my schedule more regular.

    • Cindy

      Nathalie, I know what you mean about walking the dog. We start off our day by walking the dog. Just to get out of the house and clear some cob webs is fantastic!

  123. Cindy

    IT’S A TRAP!!! Working from home is not easier or time freeing unless you structure your time. I think it’s hard for women to work from home and not want to do EVERYTHING that has to be done around the house…and then feel guilty for not getting it all done.
    I put laundry in the washer at 7am and it’s still there the next day! PATHETIC I know!
    Then…the beginning of July I printed off a bunch of blank monthly calendars and penciled in one project I HAD to do a day. Some days I’m all hyper and I’ll do 2 projects freeing the next day to do whatever.
    I also set an egg timer in the other room so I move away from my computer every hour to stretch, cuddle my dog or just walk around.
    The laundry is still a problem though. 🙂
    Thanks Marie!

  124. Rae

    What about if you are juggling a full time job 2kids, marraige, trying to stay fit, and upstarting a traveling dance work shop, which also means you have to carve out time to choreograph and work on class plans. I think i try to do too much and all at the same time. While dinner is cooking im checking emails, trying to market on social network, and planning the bill pay schedule. It feels like too much to do and not enough time.

  125. Oh my god. You’ve really hit on something here, Marie. I have big problems with holding myself accountable to a schedule, and sometimes miss the structure of working for someone else. As a woman, I often find it easier to do things for others than doing the same thing for myself!! My workarounds? Using my weakness to my advantage and: scheduling Skype or in-person meetings first thing in the a.m.; joining a morning running group or other group exercise; or volunteering for a couple hours in the a.m. These things get me up and out of my pj’s, and give me other peopleto be accountable to in the mornings, AND make me feel amaaaaaazing about my day.

  126. Jade

    This is too bazaar:

    So, I have been thinking about Miss Marie Forleo all week and I’ve been anticipating her Tuesday video more than usual (perhaps I knew on some level that she was thinking about me?)

    Anyways, I woke up this morning to the email “What’s your work at home schedule?” and I thought to myself “Ok Jade, this one’s for you!” not knowing it was actually was FOR ME!


    Thanks Marie for the helpful advice and the stiff kick in the behind. I do appreciate it. I should have mentioned, I’m a bit of a workaholic so I do hang with “Do-Do” quite a bit just not so much in my personal life. That’s where I’ve lost the balance.

    I loved your schedule and I’m going to implement it right away. THANK YOU!

    I’m just in awe at all this huge support system you have set in place for us. Thanks to everyone who shared tips for success with me.


    – theeee JADE

    • Caitlin

      Hey Jade,
      I have a replied to a few of the threads above but then saw your post and felt compelled to write directly to you.
      First off, thanks for your honest and being open to a Marie SmackDown – as Marie often says, you reaching out help not only yourself but many others.
      I’m going to copy what I wrote above here, which is something that really helped me:
      “I agree with all y’all too regarding the “pre-work” routine. When I first started working from home, I would roll out of bed and open my computer. I was also working internationally, and living in the PST time zone, I would justify it by not having time before conference calls at 5 or 6 am. But then I realize I didn’t feel great mid-morning, was low energy and it was oh so tempting to creep into bed. So I started implementing a routine in the mornings, no matter how early I had to rise. Even 30 minutes, stretching, drinking tea, going outside for a brisk walk, putting on a different outfit, made a world of difference. I also can’t emphasize enough how much power walks throughout the helped, especially on long days in front of the computer.
      Creating a schedule for home stuff too is super duper important, like who is going to cook dinner which nights, what days the laundry gets tone, etc. As the stay-at-home worker in my partnership, I often felt like more of the chores relegated to me. Creating a division of work/schedule for that too really helped.
      Something else I really realized was how isolating it can be working alone. So friends of mine and I would arrange work-dates at each other’s houses and/or coffee shops. We would check in at the beginning about our tasks that we were working on, challenges etc. Even though many of us were working on projects/careers that were completely different, it really helped to be accountable to others, to identify with the challenges, to support each other, and to motivate each other. Kind of like we are doing here!
      Now I share my time between a small town in Mexico and a small isolated town in Canada and in some ways am even more isolated. I am a do-do person too, especially when it comes to other people’s deadlines. A friend of mine inspired me to set up an “accountability group” regarding my writing, where I set deadlines (for myself) and announce them to the group, and then I am accountable to them as well as to myself to achieve my goals. But this could be used for your ‘personal life’ as well, or whatever you have a hard time prioritizing. Also, a weekly call with a peer or a mentor, every Monday or Friday, is great. What are my goals for the week? What were my challenges last week? How can I overcome them? What could I do differently? etc. Especially if this is new for you, having that additional support can be really helpful. I would be happy to discuss this more with you if you’d like! (you can see it’s something I’ve been through and am still challenged by!)
      All the best Jade!! woot woot!

      • Jade

        Thanks Caitlin! Awesome advice!
        xx Jade

    • Hey Jade, thanks for writing to Marie….it’s really opened up ideas for all of us…and esp. for you! Keep us posted on your progress.

    • Jade! YOU ARE AWESOME and thank you for speaking up and asking a question that inspired so many great ideas. I know that there’s a lot more happening in your life that is impossible to fit into this format (a very brief question and answer) and if we had a two way conversation, we would have gone MUCH deeper. But know that you rock and I’m super excited to watch you soar. xoox Marie

  127. Amy

    I have long been vexed by similar issues to Jade’s, and now I am an at-home mama of 1-year-old twins and trying to get hardcore about getting on a schedule and getting sh!t done. Things that have helped me:

    ~shorten the to-do list – it’s no good to overwhelm myself and then feel like a failure. 3 solid goals each day works for me.

    ~include 1 thing I really, truly want to do and/or get satisfaction from – for example, mowing the lawn and doing some weeding the other day made me feel awesome and made my home look nicer. If all I have on my agenda is stuff I’m dreading, I’ll procrastinate all day and not even think of useful things I could get excited about doing.

    ~a daily spiritual practice has helped me a LOT with anxiety/overwhelm/procrastination… I wouldn’t call it meditation exactly but I make sure to take about 20 minutes a day while my kids are napping to sit in my special space, burn some sage, breathe, journal, read some Rumi or Hafiz… whatever.

    It’s still a huge work in progress but these little things are helping!

  128. Marie, only YOU could deliver a smackdown that includes: rockin’ a fuschia dress, vaguely alluding to Jade’s *fun* in the shower, sporting your “Oprah hydrangeas” in the background (yeah, you KNOW you are!) and using “motherhumpers”, Aristotle, and doo-doo in the same paragraph.
    Keep “doin’ YOU”

  129. Thanks so much for this vid! It was great! I going to get my schedule started right now!

  130. Thank you for this video Marie 🙂 It’s encouraging to see which parts of your working from home schedule are balanced and which are not.. I think I lean more to the over working side of things and must close shop on time! Much love Xx

  131. Wow! this video sure hit a lot of notes for people. I haven’t even had the time to read all the comments but I really felt the need to reply.

    When I was 28 I was really resistant to structure and schedules because I felt that they would take all the freedom and spontaneity out of life. I thought that I was only free if I could do whatever I felt like on a whim. The thing is, I had a lot of dreams but I never made one of them come to pass because there was always some shiny thing that seemed like it was more fun to do than sitting down and doing the tedious things that needed to happen to make a dream become real.

    So Marie, I love your smack down and I sure could have used it when I was 28.

    Flash forward to this past year when I started my tutoring business and I found myself in exactly the place that Jade is in now. I was drifting about and getting nothing done unless I had some concrete client to do it for.

    The only thing that helped was to set a schedule and stick to it. Some days I just can’t get the cylinders in the mental engine to turn over and I am really resistant to going to my workplace and doing anything at all. When that happens I use Pressfield’s blank screen technique. I set myself I time frame where I have to go to the work area, sit down with all the bits and pieces I need for whatever I am working on, and I have to stay there for a set period of time. If I did nothing, I did nothing but I couldn’t leave the work area for the full amount of time. Usually I pick something like 8 to 10:30 to stay there because I get my best work done then. If, at the end of the time frame, I still have done nothing, I can go for the day. The thing of it is, being forced to stay in my work zone for that length of time is enough to get me working 99% of the time. That other 1% I cut myself some slack and go do something else.

    I make sure I pick a length of time I am not likely to out wait. Some people are in motion within a half hour because they have the personality where they are jumping out of their skins if they aren’t doing something by then. For me, I can easily sit and contemplate the wall in perfect stillness for a half hour or more so I had to pick a longer time frame. Whatever the limit, it has to be something that is going to make you nuts if you don’t start working before then.

    I use Leo Babauta’s Most Important Things and I build them out my vision of where I want to be in a given time frame. Right now that time frame is short but it varies. So, I sit down at the start of the month and I make a list of the goals I have for the month. What projects do I want to be able to say I have completed. I imagine how good I will feel to have them done (Tony Robbins and others) and I list them out on a yellow 3 x 5 sticky pad that I keep in my planner. I try to put complete by dates near them. On Sunday or Monday morning I sit down with that list and make a list of all the action items that I need to accomplish that week to move closer to completing the projects I listed. These are also listed on a 3×5 sticky note. I assign each day in my calendar 2-3 MITs (Most Important Tasks) ( no more than that, I can add to them after those are done) that I am going to work on to accomplish my project.

    I do not shift from project to project well so if I have multiple projects going on I may assign M-T to actions associated with project A and W-Th to project B and so on. I do thinky things early because I am better in the morning that way and I do social things, like calls and meetings, in the afternoon. I have found that if I schedule a meeting in the morning away from where I work, I’ll never get back to the work place to my research and writing. If that kind of thing is unavoidable, I make the whole day an “out of office” day and do work related meetings or errands.

    I provide all of these details because I am trying to make the point that you have to develop a system. I took systems that other people had outlined and continue to tweak them so that I have a system that works to support my strengths and accommodate my weaknesses. This is really important because I have found that I can not beat my weaknesses into submission. I waste energy on the beating and end bloody and with nothing done.

    If your dream to work for yourself is a driving force you have to build a system that works for you and treat your self as though you have a boss. You have to hold yourself accountable.

    Marie’s posse idea, where you form a posse of people who support each other and hold each other accountable for getting what needs doing done is a great tool. The posse has to be made of people who will call you on your bullshit and not let you fool yourself with your stories. We all like to tell ourselves stories about why we couldn’t do it. I bet even Marie has a few of those.

    And, as Marie says, it isn’t enough to hear about it, and know about it and think it sounds brilliant. You have to do it.

  132. Thank you! I was so worried you were going to validate being THAT busy. I have two kids at home while I work and go to school and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t I would have enough time to rule the world!

  133. Catherine

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your “Tuesday Q&A” videos !!

  134. Amy

    Definitely get your poop in a group before you have kids! Live by your schedules and set alarms if you have to. I get so into my work sometimes, it’s easy to forget little things like…. picking up kids from school 🙂 So I have daily alarms, calendar reminders and pop ups to keep me on track. It also makes me more focused on tasks because I know I have X amount of time to complete it. I also split up my “chores” throughout the week so I don’t have a shitload of them all at once. Little changes will make a HUGE difference.

  135. I make a to-do list the night before, with only 3 items. And I use my breaks throughout the day to do the dishes!

  136. YEAH Marie. Whoohooooooo. LOVED this video. Dodo!!

    My hubby and I just started a weekly ‘traffic’ meeting to check in quick (one hour on a Sunday eve) with how we did with our schedules that we made on our calendars for the week and how we can refine them and what did not work and biggest challenges. So excited we are being SUPER productive with our accountability to each other and our schedules! It works!

    Hugs and kisses Marie!

  137. The Summer has been the beast of shoulda and intend to. Thanks, Marie for the mental smackdown-shape up.

  138. Laura Baay

    Marie….This was HILARIOUS and HELPFUL. Thanks for yet another great tip! I’m going for the 5 day straight schedule you presented starting tomorrow! LOVE IT!!!!!

  139. Love the Aristotle Tweetable! email has to be the thing i spend the most time on. Organisation and a can-do attitude are key in ensuring that we get as much beneficial stuff done as possible. Another thing is that many solopreneurs waste time doing things that don’t bring in money- prioritising key parts of your day is definitely key. Thanks for a great video Marie!

  140. Tori Zimmerman

    I am a start up but I can relate to this video. I love to be organized and I have four kids so I do have some distractions. One thing I made sure to do was to set business hours. I do NOT answer the phone, reply to emails, etc unless it is during my business hours. This is a bad habit to get into anyway, if clients see you working at all hours of the day and night, they WILL take advantage of it. If I am trying to learn a new skill or brush up on anything work related, I’ll tackle it after the kids go to bed. This doesn’t happen every night so my husband doesn’t feel neglected either.
    Marie love your videos!!

  141. Cinthia

    This is just what I needed to hear today! Thanks Marie for putting work at home schedule into perspective in such a lighthearted way! Sometimes I am too hard on myself for not sticking to a schedule but you’ve inspired me to get back on track. I specially love the suggestion of planning your next day at the end of a work day. Planning your day at the beginning of your work day won’t give much room to prepare for your tasks and visualize them getting done the same day.

  142. Loved this video. This has been something I struggled with lately, I would stay up until 12 or 1230 at night, but never to do work, just to watch junk TV. Lately I’ve been going to bed earlier and getting up around 7. It is amazing how much more work I can get done. Once night hits and I’ve had dinner I’m usually doing non work related things like TV or reading a book so it is nice to have the extra time in the morning.

  143. Awesome post Marie! Just at the right time, I have been busting my ass and feeling so niggley and 70% burnout mode.
    I love that you scheduled breaks and gave us all a talkin’ to.
    My best way is constant google cal reminders on my apple devices. Its like a mini me motivating me to do more!

  144. Thanks for the schedule, I’m going to give it a go with a few minor tweaks.

  145. This was a wonderful video today. It is funny that she is overwhelmed though. First, I run a handful-of-a-household that includes 4 boys- 2 of which are twins~3 under 3 years of age. Following me? I also am a Social Media Director with clients in different time zones AND work from home. In addition to running my husband’s catering business as well. So, here is my tip for laundry {which is the death of us}…keep a plastic bowl of safety pins in your wash room. This will come in handy for socks {because everyone knows there is a “sock-heaven” right?}. Pin the socks together before washing. This will save so much time and everyone will be happy that they aren’t wearing one blue sock and one yellow sock to school, work or play. I know it sounds crazy; but it is the little things that save time…with all of that time I usually spent sorting through socks…I now can take a walk, have a longer conversation with a client OR most importantly, give those little boys more smooches! Hope this is useful 🙂

    • Jade

      I guess it’s easier to assume that someone like myself should have no reason to feel overwhelmed or in need of support in this way. But the reality is that no one can fully understand the depth of another person’s situation, background or responsibilities based on s short letter.

      I don’t have children, but I do plan on them in the near future and I’m sure when I do, I’ll have earned my “I’m allowed to feel like I can’t balance work and life” badge. Until then, I suppose my alternative is running for president?

      We women all face similar dynamics with finding the balance between bread-winner and home-maker and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not naturally inclined to being both at once.

      Like you, I also direct a national company in its marketing, social media, advertising and PR efforts; I volunteer a lot of my time weekly to causes that I am passionate about; and I do my best to support family who are in need financially.

      I think it’s great that there are forums and support systems like this in place for women to share their perspectives and learn from one another. However, directly comparing and judging one another is a bit counterproductive as we all have different circumstances.

      That being said, I don’t think I am the only woman in the world who has felt like she can’t be everything to everyone. If you are one of the few who are actually succeeding in this way…good on ya!

      Anyways, thanks for the helpful tips!

      Peace and Love – Jade

      • Oh Jade~I am sorry if I made it sound like you had some sort of luxury I didn’t. I didn’t mean that at all! I would be the last to pit any of us against each other…trust! This is why I NEVER comment on blogs~ I just wanted to share my cool sock trick and how it saves me time with the wonderful chaos that surrounds us! I just had a chuckle because I do remember being without kids…and having a routine was a bit easier.

  146. Simar

    Hey Marie,
    I too was really surprised by the 6:30 shut down. It seems like that can’t be enough hours to get a business of the ground. Do you think ending by 6:30 every evening is something a new entrepreneur should truly stick to if they don’t want it to take a million years to start making good income?

    • Not speaking for Marie here but I think yes. You need to stop at some point and recharge. The when and for how long is going to have to work for the individual but not stopping and allowing time for those activities that recharge your batteries and bring new creative inspiration to the mix is a recipe for burn out.
      There are many studies that support this. That at some point in the day, if you don’t stop working you become less effective and more prone to making errors.
      One of my favorite books that talks about this concept in depth is Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey calls this time “sharpening the saw”. What sharpens your saw is unique to you but we all need to take time to sharpen our saws or they will cease to cut.

  147. Thank you Marie – always wonderful and inspirational videos. What did I ever do without you!

    When working on projects, I set tight deadlines – I find that if I just work away at a project until it is done – I could take several days to complete it. If I set myself a deadline of 2 days – I have it done, and done well, in 2 days!

    I am a single parent with a full-time job – and I am building a business at the same time. I still have time for my passions, and my kids. If I can do it – others can too!

    Now if I could just start doing the dishes right after I eat! 🙂

  148. This post gave me some really excellent ideas that I WILL apply. As a matter of fact, I just set up a very similar schedule in iCal. Thanks a lot!

  149. I used to not be a morning person. After I started implementing the veggies into my diet with smoothies I saw a dramatic difference. Because I had more energy I worked it hard during the day and felt exhausted enough to go to bed at 10pm. I also happened to take night classes at one point in my life because that was the only time the classes were available. It turned out to be a schedule I really liked so I would also suggest trying a new schedule if you think you are a night owl.

  150. Ladies with ADD! You are not, I repeat, NOT allowed to use ADD as an excuse to piddle around unfocused all day. I was diagnosed in college and have been mildly medicated for about 10 years – and although I am not recommending medication for everyone, I will say that whether you choose a small amount, or exercising every day, or making your entire life digital, you absolutely must find what works for you and stick to it like a born-again religion. Too many ladies with ADD out there are just throwing that term around as a boo-hoo poor-me excuse for being unfocused and unproductive. NO. Get walking in the morning, or get to a doctor, or get a list going, people! If I can do it, (and believe me, I’m the worst!) so can you!

    • Heather


      I don’t think any of us were using it for an excuse, but I will just speak for myself. My feeling is that support helps and I have chosen to go with no meds, so reaching out for support from people who understand the challenges ADDer’s have is pro-active. The way you come across is the same as so many who don’t have or don’t even believe there is such a thing, which is by no means constructive for a group of people who already have low self-esteem. Compassion, support, understanding and helping other ADDer’s find what works for them would reach many more people who deal with ADD. Everyone has different symptoms and challenges and there isn’t a one size fits all remedy, so even finding what works best can be daunting. Also, often ADD is accompanied by other chemical deficiencies such as depression, addiction etc… so it isn’t always so cut & dry.

    • @Jessica
      Well bursted, sister 😉

      – and I have to “add”: We’re not ‘challenged’ with ADD. We’re gifted with it 😉

      Using it as a gift means: Using the ENERGY and CREATIVITY, flow’n’fun in it.

      Love & Light

  151. LOL…that was fun…yes do your dishes at night and you don’t have all the crusty stuff in the a.m.. I am lucky, my husband helps me out so much. 7-8 workout …I like your schedule! I skip the hour lunch and the hour break. I have been pretty good about curtailing my time…lately I have been working 24/7 but I know that it will pay off…then I can slow down a little. Right now I have more should do’s and need to’s than I have time to. This week is not normal…I get up at 6…workout…7 shower / 7:30 a.m. start working….7:30p.m….go in the living room with my laptop and pretend like I am watching tv with my husband…10:00…go to bed…start over again. I am leaving out all the hooting and hollering during the day from successful moments! In about a month I will go back to starting work at 8 a.m. and stopping at 5:00…and I really should get a break during the day to move around…otherwise I am going to get F.A.T. Thanks, I enjoyed this.

  152. Wowww, I have to say I usually LOVE Marie’s videos, but I really feel like she missed the mark on this one. No offense Marie, I love you girl! Good advice, but not sure it really got to the root of Jade’s issue. Is she just being lazy? Or is there a deeper issue here? Perhaps fear? Fear of failure or fear of success, could be either or a little of both. Or how about guilt? Maybe she’s self-sabotaging and not feeling like she deserves the blessing of her current situation, being able to work at home, so she has to complicate it, make it difficult, etc. It could be a myriad of things, but my suggestion would be for Jade to check in with herself and see if something deeper is going on. Just sayin…. and yes I’m speaking from personal experience! Best of luck to Jade and lots of love to you Marie (hope you are not offended by this micro-mini-smackdown!) xoxoxo

  153. Amber

    OOOOh…Yeah! Love it girl! This is so hot and delish, I am eating it up. Seriously tho, I totally relate. The days when I make myself a nice tight schedule, naps&snacks included, I get so much done. The days when I don’t, those are hit or miss. Thank you for the lovely reminder that I need to make this more of a habit than an act. Love you!

  154. Jade sounds like me…

    But when I force myself to take an hour in the morning to walk, journal and read something inspiring, that investment pays off for the rest of the day with more groundedness and abililty to focus. Today I skipped it…and I’ve been pissing around all day and can’t seem to buckle down.

    The other thing that helps me a a LOT, especially on days where I’m struggling to ge down to the work at hand, is the Pomodoro Technique. Set a kitchen timer for 25 minutes, pick a task and work it till the buzzer, take a 5 minute break, and repeat the process until DONE. Every 4 “Pomodoros” you get a longer 20 min. break. No interruptions allowed during the 25 minute “on” times, not even stray thoughts (you jot those down and get back on task immediately) . Try it on your most ADD days — it works! Because you only have to do anything for 25 minutes at a time.

  155. I see a lot of us going back and forth with different things going on within our lives, myself included. I must say that, that which we think, feel, act, implement, learn, go through, think at the time that we deserve, are worthy of or unworthy of or think we are. Has a lot to do with our old programs that start from our families, churches, schools, relationships, work, and anything else that we went through growing up…what we were told, whom may have abused us in any way, whom did whatever it is that you may be thinking that you deserve because of this or that.

    Myself I went through all of the abuse and others telling me things or doing certain things to me…that until 2010 was unable to let go of completely and YES, I still do have times where certain aspects come up and need healing. What I did realize though is that I was searching and searching for something that would bring me the missing pieces to the puzzle of life, going through Tony Robbins seminars, doing Zig Zigglar seminars, watching & reading about “The Secret”, and reading watching, doing anything and everything possible.

    Until I found my spiritual brother that I work with, that he has helped me, and I have helped him. He showed me the missing pieces to the puzzle of life that we all are looking for within our lives. He showed me that you can align your whole entire being mind, body, heart, spirit & soul together, you can let go of your past of the old programming by implementing the inner child and inner adolescent healing that we offer, you can stop your subconscious mind from stopping your conscious mind from your true dreams, desires, wishes, compassion’s & passion’s, your true path, your Destiny, and anything else. You can have your financial well being with one of our products, you can have your true love,you can have a website built for your business & have it on your cell phone or anywhere connected to where others can find you &b your website, you can create anything and everything that your hearts desire.

    All of your missing pieces to the puzzle of life are “Within A Blink Of An Eye ” can be changed for you in any and every that you can think of without having to keep on searching for something that only gives you some of the missing pieces, not everything that you would need to let go, release, forgive, and move forward of your past.

    What I have realized that we blame people for what happened. And what it comes down to is that the ones that abuse us or tell us certain things that are not friendly or that does not serve us has been through the same things or similar to us. That is something that I am still learning everyday. We learn something new everyday, we implement something new everyday. Some of us have powers to help heal another, we have powers of seeing the future, we have powers to become all that we can be, we are all deserving, we have powers to see Angels, spiritual beings, whom I call Divine one, animal spirits & other spirits. We have some kinda of powers that maybe are stronger than others or that we are still learning about,

    It is my own passion and compassion to share this with all of you in hopes that you can read this and get something that will help you in some way or another. that you will not be afraid of telling your story to others and ask for help when you need it. Even know it’s a story it is your story to tell. Do not think you are not worthy and deserving of being loved, seen, heard, acknowledge, appreciated, accepted, understood, considered, or anything else that you truly are as a person. Which is a Beautiful Spiritual Being having a Human experience. You are love & are loved. You are strength & have strength to get you through anything. You are so much joy, light, peace, harmony, and more than words alone can say. You just CHOOSE what you want to do with your life to change your own circumstances. CHOOSE to take the first step today and ask for the help that is going to bring you so much more happiness and freedom from your past so you can move forward.

  156. Julie

    This was really great for me! I am horrible about setting a schedule and keeping to it, hence even though I’m super motivated and effective at getting things done, I could be getting twice as much done, I just resist the routine. But I know it would be very freeing to have that routine. The airplane thing is totally me, I can get up at 3am if I am headed out of town. I agree on the clean up right after, that is something we are very good at.

  157. lakeisa

    Procrastination Is Opportunity’s Assassin! by Victor Kiam.

  158. Thanks for the great tips Marie. I especially like the catch a flight technique. What I use, is an on-line timer called: The Magic Work Cycle 30 minutes of work and then 30 minutes play. Lather, Rinse & Repeat. “Play” for me equals getting coffee, eating, laundry, e-mails and all the other things that take away from my work. I am astounded with the amount I get accomplished in those short 30 minute work sessions when I am not making excuses to get that coffee, phone a friend or otherwise procrastinate. While this cycle took a bit to get used to, I love it and can’t imagine going without. Thanks Marie & good luck Jade,

    • Monique, I’m really excited to look at this 30 minutes thing! Previously whenever I felt overwhelmed and when my brain would stall I would take a 15 minute break from work to take care of something else that would essentially get me away from the desk and out of work mode to clear my mental palette. While this still works for me (and it’s amazing how much I can get done in 15 minutes), 15 minutes of work seems like it does nothing. (I will say that most of what I have to do takes hours to do because of the nature of my business.) I like the idea of using “play” to do non work things too! Can’t wait to try this out!

  159. Hi Marie,

    I love the schedule you include in the video. That’s indicative of what I’ve found so helpful in getting stuff done: systems. Whether it’s a schedule, a day planner, automated finances, whatever, systems help me get stuff done because I don’t have to think and I definitely don’t have an excuse because the system is pushing me to complete the task.

    Systems I find helpful include a day planner with a task list that’s alphabetized (“A” tasks receive top priority, “B” is “good to do today” and “C” is “not a priority today”). I plan out my day the night before (all you need is 20 minutes) so you don’t have to think once you get up. Keep email checking to once or twice a day, otherwise your attention will wander, and archive email as soon as you’re done with it.

  160. Ouch! Mama Marie..
    I needed to hear this one today. Thank you!

  161. As always, thanks for the video Marie.
    OMG, I know how this girl feels. I’m 29, have a helpful partner and work from home. Granted I have about 3 jobs I try to do from home (but that is another story about time-management).

    I have found that working in different locations throughout the day keeps me more focused and further away from ‘home-based’ distractions.

    Also being very diligent about only spending X amount of time on email and social media…it can suck up WAYYYYY too much time. There has to be a balance with networking and actually working. You need to do both.

  162. I so much appreciate the smack down Marie. Love the schedule and YES – if one follows it it’s especially helpful and we can be super productive changing-the-world entrepreneurs… isn’t that what we signed up for?!

    Thanks as always.

  163. Thanks Marie! I really liked your suggestion to avoid emails first thing as I find they really get me off track and can effect my mood for the day (whether positively or negatively). Lists really work for me especially when I plan them in advance. Writing them in the morning tends to put everything in the “urgent category”. I have monthly lists too for bigger tasks. If I haven’t achieved something on my monthly list I’ve found that this usually means I need the help or support of another. A technique I use to deal with this is to break the task down into smaller, more manageable steps.
    Nicole x

  164. Fayola

    Marie, I feel like every guru is a morning person!!! Anyway, I’m a night owl and instead of beating myself up about it I work with my own productivity cycle. So if I wake up at 9 and go to bed at 2 am, it’s fine. I think it’s great to stick to a schedule, so long as it is based around how YOUR energy varies throughout the day. One of the perks of working from home is that you get to decide. Hip hip hooray!

  165. Deb

    Oh yeah. Smack that down Marie!

    I have one big tip for getting the crappy, around the house things done: Allocate time to do it, crank the stereo and get it done. Mixing the fun with the crappy always works for me.

    An inspiration as always Marie.

  166. I love the ‘catch a flight’ technique. It’s a great example to use when my clients are hanging out with ‘should do’ too often.

  167. What is that “he helps out ” crap? Do you ever say that the woman “helps out” at home, or with the kids, or with the garden or… My English might be bad but didn´t Jade say that she was working all day? As what – a house maid in her own home? Does Jade “work” at home because she needs time to clean or because she likes to run her business from there? I say Jade and her man has some oldfashioned expectations to discuss. A job is a job and a way to make a living so that you don´t have to depend on someone else. A household is – just a household…

  168. I really enjoyed this smackdown episode. Thanks for this gem!

    For me, one of the secrets of getting and staying organized, is that of being disciplined. Not only does that mean doing things consistently, but to develop and understand what works for you. Most habits, we are told, take three weeks for them to take hold. And there’s no better time than NOW to figure what needs to be accomplished to support one’s short and long distance goals. Results always require tangible action.

    For example, I self-published a book of poetry back in November 2006; as part of my marketing plan, I blog new poems once a week. across multiple websites and different types of sites, such ash: poetry, author and social ones. I maintain a list of websites using MS Excel and poetry manuscripts with MS Word. My backup plan includes a clipboard with pen, which is not only highly portable, but allows for a change of scenery away from the computer.

    -Joe Breunig
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

  169. This video came at the perfect time for me. Summer has really kicked my schedule’s behind and I need to get back on track. And as soon as I started working back on a schedule I signed on a new client. It is hard to stick to schedules and get stuff done but I make it work. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 3 and they are with me all the time. So I break up my work schedule to match their activities and make sure I have all my client calls scheduled for the mornings when my house is still quiet.

    I do get out of sync some times and it greatly reflects in my income so I know that sticking to a flexible schedule works.

  170. It was hard at first to get disciplined but if you don’t want to go back to a J.O.B. then it’s a must. I wake up at 6:15am Monday-Friday. Get dressed, make the bed, straighten the house and have breakfast by 7:30am.

    From 730-8:00 my dog and I take a 1.5 mile walk every morning. MWF from 8:00-9:00am I clean the house. I deep clean two rooms a day. And on Tu & F sort and do laundry. 9-9:30 meditate daily.

    Then I begin my work day. I set the timer in the kitchen (so I have to get up and shut it off) for 50 minutes at a time. I work straight through until the timer goes off. On MWF I use 3 of the 10 minute breaks to workout. With my first 10 minute break I get out my weights and do an intensive arm routine.

    During my first afternoon break I put on some music and dance like crazy. Then during my last afternoon break I do an intensive leg and ab routine. This way I’m working out for 30 minutes 3 times a week without every realizing I’m working out.

    I always work 50 minute hours this makes me the most productive. On the other breaks I get up and go do something outside like piddle in the garden or sweep the porch. I take lunch from 1230-1:15 and I only check email twice per day at 11:00 and 4:00.

    My day ends no later than 5:00pm. And I don’t schedule my Friday’s unless it absolutely necessary. I find by sticking to my schedule I can everything I need to do done without feeling overwhelmed. I also make sure that when I have big projects or launches to do I work on them the same way-50 minutes at a time and I don’t multi-task I do only one thing at a time.

  171. Great tip to have meals planned ahead of time! This act alone saves a ton of time, money and you will eat better. I consider it such an important part of my week that I have created a program for my clients to teach them how to do it easily and in a short amount of time each week!

    I loved your “flight” analogy – so true how you can “make yourself” wake up when the time is non-negotiable.

    One thing I do to make sure I exercise is schedule my workouts at the beginning of the week – if it’s a class I’ve paid for or I’m meeting a friend, I’m much more likely to do them!

  172. I am home full time with my two year old and I have a business – here’s what I’ve figured out over the last 2 years, hope it helps!

    Be clear on what is important to you to achieve that day (and this means being clear on what your overall goals are that day / week / month). Don’t pretend that you are magically going to get through 10 million things in one day, select a few key things that will most move you closer to reaching your overall goals, so that at the end of the day you can look back and feel a deep sense of satisfaction for having achieved those handful of important tasks.

    Don’t multi task. Do what you are supposed to be doing, not that one thing plus 15 other things simultaneously, it’s inefficient and it will make you feel like some sort of crazy lady running around that doesn’t know where her head is. (being focussed leads to a sense of calm and concentration = greater creative output and bigger results in the longer run)

    Get out of the house where there are no distractions of house-keeping tasks and all that you have in front of you is your work. I use a quiet lounge at my fitness and social club a lot for this, and they also provide child care so it’s win win! A lot of people like libraries because again, little else to do, and it’s quiet.

    Know that you will get the hang of it eventually, we all go through transition periods when we’re doing something new, so be a little patient with yourself. Good luck!

    • Aly

      I used to brag that I could multi task like crazy and now I totally agree with you. ONE THING AT A TIME. Give it focus. I feel much more grounded. I love that you use your fitness lounge for work.

  173. Hi there, well this ‘b’ school thing is really great 🙂 sorry we’re drawing to an end; but check out my latest blog at – (or did you read mine first Marie?) Or have you looked into my diary ? I only started this blog ’cause you directed me there Marie! I must say my diary is the one thing that I don’t do anything without. If it’s not in my hand I won’t make a commitment until I’ve consulted it; I believe I’m pretty good at this organising thing; but there are times when it all just overwhelms and one needs to cry for HELP!!!!!

  174. Been there, done that! Same situation here… Not a big fan of cleaning, laundry etc, but I do love handcraft and work from home so, when I can’t stick to a schedule (whatever the reason) I reward myself when get things done, specially things I don’t feel like doing (cleaning, laundry, dishes) For example: Cleaning the house and wash the first and second load of clothes, the reward 2 full hours of crafting. I set the timer and start crafting. This keeps me motivated because I really want to do it. This is just for those days that, you know, sucks! Also making a to-do list helps getting everything done, love to watch my own cute designed pages full of checks!

    Thanks Marie for your super advice. Waiting for b-school!!!!

  175. I stick to my schedule. one day on the weekend i do my washing the children
    helped to clean. my cooking time would be the same as if i was working out
    side the home. so the rest of the week i paid no attention otherwise
    to house cleaning.

  176. I’m in this very frustrating/ time consuming transition phase where I am still working about 3 hours, four days a week outside of my home. I also have a dog to walk, take care of etc, I’m terribly organized and my house ust be spotless or I’ll have a full blown anxiety attack!

    For me, I’m really working on getting that ONE BIG THING done first.

    Facebook is an absolute no-no when doing other projects.

    If/ when I master those two things I’m MUCH more productive!

  177. The one thing I love the most about working from home is getting the laundry done and dinner on the table. My computer reminds me every hour that it’s time to step out. Take a breath. It’s not healthy to sit in front of a screen for 10 hours straight. So take 10 minutes to toss a load in or 20 minutes to get dinner in the oven. You will be happier and healthier.

  178. Robin Holland

    I love your simple straightforward schedule.

  179. Larra

    OH my gosh…can I just say that it never occurred to me to NOT look at my email first thing? Can you hear the sound of me slapping my forehead?! Ladies, thank you to all who have posted so far, I’ve read them all and am grateful to be gaining wisdom from all of your experience. I struggle with having a full time job in a new career plus launching a business and managing it from home and going to school. It’s definitely figureoutable and also tricky for time management. I feel overwhelmed a lot and find that getting out of bed in the morning is the hardest. I like the morning, I’ve even a morning person it’s just that I feel so overwhelmed before I even start the day that I get that deer caught in the headlight look before I’ve even hit the coffee maker. Perhaps checking email before I even get out of bed was part of that one!
    Off to pare down the daily to-do list and to take the computer equipment out of the bedroom…thanks ladies you rock!

    • Larra, I feel you on the mornings. I would call myself a morning person too in general. But there feels like “so much to do” that you don’t know how or where to begin a lot of the time. Then somehow you “waste time” not being optimally productive because you weren’t really ready almost. If you’d like I’d love to connect and compare notes!

      • Larra

        Laney, Girl you said it! I’m definitely up for comparing notes and connecting, thanks so much for your comment. Let’s help each other sift through it! 🙂

        • Hey Larra (updated my profile for commenting here). You can click on my name now and reach my new website – it’s got my contact info email at the bottom of the page.

  180. Marie,

    You are lookin’ like a babe(even more so than usual)! What have you been doing differently?

  181. Damn! I needed this smack down also! I am 23 years old, freelance working for the first time in my life and I’m struggling so much! I need a good ole schedule like in College or the office! It’s very stupid! I always say I’m going to wake up early to exercise and get on with my work day but I always end up in the computer until 2 a.m. or later, thus making it impossible to wake up. I needed this reality check!

  182. Aly

    Wow! What a HUGE topic. That has to be a record of replies. I feel like an old pro at working from home, in my fifth year. I have learned so much about it, I could write a book. (Hmmmmm). I have a wholesale jewelry business and work from my home studio because I like making my own schedule and being with my kids after school. It’s our summer schedule now, so I work in the studio 9-2 every day. My kids (9 and 12) know that I’m done at 2 and we can go play, swim, library, hang out together. The regular schedule helps them plan their day and expectations. I keep sane by being organized with my work space (it’s taken me a LONG time to learn this because I’m not naturally tidy or organized!!!) AND having an awesome studio assistant to distribute the work load. I keep a date book and write everything down, with my to-do list at night- ready for the next day. I do one extra home chore each day: Tues: laundry, Wed: clean all floors, Thurs: grocery, Friday: laundry, Sat: home tidy up (all hands on deck) and bathrooms. You get the idea. I get caught up on office work monday evening when they are off at their dad’s. I’m not good at menu planning at all, but each evening my GF grills and I make the side dishes out of the garden or farmer’s market basket. Friday is out to dinner! I’m learning to add daily work outs into our schedule and the kids have been great help with this.

    • Akemi

      Thanks Aly for sharing this with us! Your experience helps me to follow my own schedule and reaffirms that I can be successful in my work with the limited time I have to devote to it! 😀

  183. I love your realness, thank you marie. i find keeping a calander with one or two “extras” a day help to keep me going where i want to go. thanks for your love.

  184. I just wrote a blog about a similar topic that might help some of you ladies out. Check it out here

    • I haven’t read it yet, but the window is open and ready to be read! Thank you for sharing!

  185. Ooo, I wish your suggested schedule was posted in this post (rather than just in the video). Or made into a G-cal entry.

    I’m actually gonna make up a schedule right now. I already had one, but it wasn’t as well-defined. Thanks, Marie.

    Another great thing is to set a timer for a task you need to do. So you can race against it and not take all frickin day with the task. I do that toooo many times. (Take all day for a blog post. Ridiculous.)

  186. Akemi

    Hello pplz! Yeah, managing schedules depends on many things when you work from home. But I would like to share a little of my experience. I do know that we have to have a schedule and stick to it, but sometimes, this schedule is not the one that you should be following depending on the responsibilities that you have. I had literally a nervous breakdown last week, to be more precise Friday, because of my work schedule, which is supper funny that she came up with this info just this week, cool Marie!
    The reason was that I have another responsibilities besides my project/work. I do have all the finances of the house to maintain, cleaning, laundry, cooking 3x day, walking dogs, maintaining my fish tanks, representing a shipping company, and taking care of my husband. And the 2 things that takes more of my time, believe it or not is the finances and my husband.
    After 4 days in bed, I figured it out why I was so sick, I was trying to do something I cannot do. So I do wake up early, but the mornings are for the household work, and in the afternoon I work on my project. And most of all, I do not work on weekends anymore. I was trying to do everything to make this project/work to be successful that I was sabotaging myself. The project is coming along faster now, I did accomplish a lot this week, and I do have less of the overwhelming feeling that you get when you need to do so many things and you can’t do it because you are only one, and in my case I have to do everything by myself since what determines what I do and do not is the quantity of money I bring home. So my advice is try to do a schedule that you can follow, and if you fell that you can do more work in the mean time, increase the time, manage your time, really. Just don’t increase it too much, otherwise you are not going to like the results; I know I have a sister that owns her company for quite a while, she works 24/7, well, she sleeps about 4-6 hours everyday give and take, lol; and she became the type of person that is always in the point of braking in pieces emotionally and fisicaly. You want to work for yourself to make you happy, to feel that you can accomplish something important in your life and in someone else’s life. Not to destroy your health.

  187. I run into this issue all the time- getting on schedule is easy, sticking with it, much harder! My biggest tip is to jump right back on the wagon if you’ve fallen off. I love the suggestion to actually put the schedule into your calendar and I think I’ll do that.
    As always great advice Marie!

  188. I feel like anytime we try to tell someone that they should do what we do, we make the mistake of assuming that they are just like us and that what works for us must work for them. Instead it’s sooo great to just share what we do b/c it just might help them if they try it out. I’m a big fan of internet superstar Eben Pagan and one thing I learned from him is the 60-60-30 plan. When I work it, it’s magic! The idea is that we can only really stay focused on a task for about 50 minutes at a time. So I begin by identifying what I call my First Musts at the end of my work day the day before. My First Musts are the things that are most vital to my business. I only select 2 of these. When I get both accomplished I feel awesome! And if there’s time left over in my day to get more done, I feel absolutely incredible! This way I rock no matter what! With the 1st of my First Musts in mind, I set my timer on my phone for 50 minutes during which time I focus only on that task (no calls, no emails, nothing else!). When the alarm goes off I make myself stop and set the alarm for a 10 min break during which I’ll get a small snack, jump on my mini-trampoline to get my lymph system smiling (so great for the body!) or whatever, but I walk away from the computer and take a break. When the 10 min is up I set my alarm for another 50 min of full focus on a First Must (the same one I was working on earlier if it’s not done yet). After this 50 minutes are up I get another 10 minute break to decompress again and then go right into a 30 minute break during which I might eat lunch, meditate, take my puppy for a walk – something completely non-work related. I squeeze in as many of these 60-60-30’s a day as I can but I do a minimum of 2 of them. I work them around my daughter’s schedule so I can be as productive, efficient and effective as possible and feel great about whatever I accomplish that day. You might want to see if it works for you. If so, then keep it up! If not, then continue to search for what does work for you and then keep that up! Hope that helps!

    • Kate…you are speaking my language.

      I am going to practice this. I get very easily distracted so doing this I honestly believe is going to change my life. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • I love this idea! I am definitely going to try this one.

  189. This was a really good episode. I work at home and have 2 toddlers at home with me.. scheduling my life is next to impossible BUT I am figuring it out.

  190. Oh Marie,
    I just loved this last video. It’s just what I needed.
    I wrote down your list and started it today.
    So far, so good. It’s really helping.
    I have such a problem with time management working from home.
    It’s sooo easy to get sucked into email, online information (oh… so much information, I JUST WANT TO SCREAMMMMM!!!)
    I am unfortunately one of those who has to read everything and complete everything and it drives me crazy.
    So, needless to say, this video, I know, is going to SAVE ME.
    Thanks as always Marie
    You are a lifesaver!

  191. We’re on the same wavelength this week, Marie! I posted on the same topic on my blog:

    My tips for getting it all done include…
    – Figure out what was most important and put that first.
    – Focus on the task at hand and put all of your attention on that one thing.
    – Simplify and systemize everything, so you aren’t wasting time reinventing the wheel or repeating tasks.
    – Delegate.
    – Know when and how to say no and how to set good boundaries.

    We have the ability to get far more done than we realize. It takes focus and practice, but it is possible.

  192. I recently realized I waste away soooo much energy and time on email. I would check email before both feet were out of bed and then another 1000 times through the day. And of course, I had to respond to EVERY email right then!

    Talk about getting nothing done!

    My smackdown has been that I’m allowed to check email only TWICE a day (or so :). It actually has taken a huge load off my mind, freed up my time and made me more focused on important activities. I haven’t perfected this yet, but I’m making progress.

    • Larra

      Ooooo Susan I SO know how you feel on this one. I have to almost laugh at my compulsion to check email. I mean how much could happen in the last 5 minutes (or 39 seconds!) that I couldn’t deal with later in the day when I’ve actually gotten something done? I used to think I was being super efficient by checking constantly, then I realized as my eyes were practically vibrating that it wasn’t efficiency it was just plain crazy I was creating!

      So good for you for only checking twice a day, I’m cheering you on! Do you have certain times that you check so you can keep yourself on track or what works for you? I’m looking for inspiration 🙂

  193. I love the idea of just checking your email once at the end of the day. I am going to challenge myself to do that. I spend so much time checking my email and checking my facebook, it’s ridiculous. Thank you for the reminder and I’m taking all of your advice. I’m not going to waste my time scratching my butt:)

  194. Fabienne Oberli

    Dear Marie,
    Thanks once again for this advice. You’re talking about a problem I always hae to deal with at University, whenever I have to organise myself f.e. to finish a project. First of all, when I work at home, I stay in bed too long in the morning. Then I don’t find anything good for breakfast in the fridge, so I have to go and buy something. When I finally sit in front of my computer, I check my mails (BAD!), after that I start a computer game (BAD!!) and the day is wasted.

    So I decided:
    – I don’t sign in to Facebook or my mail account until I’m done working
    – I don’t start a computer game (Minecraft, Farmville,…)
    – no watching (or listening to) TV while working
    – and I explained to my father (we’re living in the same house), that actually I’m not available. Of course, I’m at home, but he has to imagine, that I’m not there anyway. So there’s no asking for help with his computer or helping with laundry or the kitchen while I am working.

    Greetings from Switzerland,


  195. OH Marie I needed this soooooo badly! Substitute “grad school” for work and *ding ding ding.* I’m still in the honeymoon phase of school since my program just started and I wanna experience everything. But surprise I also have a business that’s feeling a little lonely right now. The Universe knew I needed to hear these words…

  196. This video made me laugh “LAUNDRY… WHAT’S THAT?!”

    I love working from home, it’s really awesome and I found that when I started out because I wasn’t sure what I was doing, so I’d watch TV, watching random YouTube videos and generally f**king around.

    Now that my business is more organised, it’s all easy. I have so much stuff to do, I just get shit done and hustle all day long. I play the email game every day ( and then make a to-do list.

    And housework – that’s not that important. Seriously – having a cleaner is awesome and I’m thinking of oursourcing the laundry too!

    Working from home is the bomb!
    xx Denise DT

  197. Marie…wow…i’d say this post def hit home for lot of folks here…myself included. Do it…do it now. keep on rocking your show.

  198. I get up early and look forward to my day but after looking at facebook, emails and other things that are interesting I find it is 11am before I know it. The end of the day comes too soon and nothing gets done – I’ll try your advice but it is nice to know that I’m not alone.

  199. Great post! I especially like all the feedback. Lots of great ideas here. The bad thing is that I totally blew my schedule trying to read all of them!!!! 🙂

    I am always learning new methods on how to balance my coconuts because one works for a while and then not so much. Many times the biggest struggle is trying to get my husband and me on the same schedule without turning into a total nag bag. I started a board title “Life is a Verb” that is our, well more mine than his since his methods (ie: the dreaded ‘mental list’ and the ‘man drawer’) are his own…mine are better 😉 but I digress. The board serves as our central location for tasks, priorities, dreams, and ideas that we see as soon as we walk down the stairs. My goal was to use it for both of us to have less ‘what do we do now’ time where we are unable to move because we can’t gather our thoughts as to what is looming and should be done next. It’s certainly been fairly successful in knocking things off our list more effectively. I made little magnetic white board pieces so we could be flexible and adjust as life happens. initially I didn’t have enough for all the task items on our list. Now I have blank unused ones… so that’s certainly a measure of success.

    My biggest issue is the online time. I have been told time and time again through blogs, self help success books, etc… that networking was inevitable to succeeding as a business. I soon found my inbox flooded with blog posts, posts to sell me more self help stuff, posts to enlighten me on what others are doing, posts to share this or that, etc… I simply could not, and still cannot keep up. Networking takes a lot of time. and it clearly has brought me in touch with some amazing and fantastic people and ideas and I love it until I realize I’ve accomplished nothing else. Where I was struggling for balance, I completely fell over the edge when I started ‘networking’ and I’m not that good at it. Probably the most helpful advice I recently got was to ask yourself it what you are doing, about to do, or taking time for adds value or helps to reach your current dreams and goals. If it doesn’t, bypass it,stop it, no more! Given that, I have been unsubscribing to anything that I do not feel adds value… Of course, Marie is still on my list of keeps.

    Thank you all for your input…. Great ideas!

  200. Great info, Marie!

  201. alyssa

    i loved this video! it made me laugh, marie is hilarious and i appreciate how much FUN she has while she does “serious” business.

    something i’ve done to help me with overwhelm: i have a 3 tier filing system that seems to work well for me – a “PENDING” file where i put all of my stuff that i am waiting for someone else to respond to me, etc., a “TO DO” file that i draw from when my “IMMEDIATELY TO DO” file which i keep on top of the desk that is the urgent stuff. also the motto “FIRST THINGS FIRST!” really helps me.
    also, waking up early – it really does work!!!!

    thanks for the video + comments – it’s so good to know others have a struggle with this as well. it’s awesome to work from home and i am always finding better ways to make it work for me!

    • alyssa

      whoops, correction – i am so trying to stay on my schedule that i didn’t proofread before i hit send!! 😉

      i meant to say…my 3 tier system works like this: a “PENDING” file where i put all of my stuff that i am waiting for, i.e., someone else to respond to me, etc.; a “TO DO” file that i continually draw from and add to; and an “IMMEDIATELY TO DO” file which i keep on top of the desk that is the urgent stuff and can’t wait. this helps me stay focused! i’m thankful for this topic and this online community!

      Read more:

  202. Thank you for making me chuckle (in a constructive and informative way, of course). With two primary school children (8 and almost 10), a lot of my time is taken up looking after them, getting their things ready, etc. I get my work (as opposed to housework) done by getting up early and dividing my day into chunks. Post school run, I work (9-12). Then I have a lunch hour. Then I work again (1-2.30). Then it’s school run again and once they’re home, I get on with housework, laundry, etc. By having those 2 definite chunks of time, I can get a lot done and still not miss out on family time. At the moment, it’s summer break so I’ve had to change that around but I’m still getting up early and working until 10 (7-10) then taking another chunk in the afternoon when the children are busy with their own things. Thanks for sharing.

  203. Thanks Marie,
    I really needed this today. My inbox has been sucking the task master out of me. I will say NO to interruptions!

  204. Love the video. Anything you do more than once becomes easier. So I make sure I am consistently doing a set schedule since I been working at home since 2005. I have a similiar schedule like the one you showed on the video.
    If you need to generate a set amount of leads daily, place ads, delegate work, hire help etc,.DO IT! DO IT DAILY! The REAL money starts to flow in only then in my experience

  205. It might seem pedantic to some, but…. One piece of language I’m trying to reform is the use of the term “work/life balance.” If language shapes our reality even just a little bit, then “work/life balance” – although its meant to be have positive connotations – must be reinforcing some negative views of life for all of us. Work and life are not somehow distinct “realities” that we can balance. “Work” is surely not meant to be devoid of “life.” Equally, considered, engaged and relational work can surely be part of a highly connected, health-ful life (even potentially a very big part of it). I know the term is coined to try to get us to live in a more “balanced” way but I suspect it simply allows those who see “work” and “life” as mechanically disconnected realities, to continue with that problematic viewpoint – and to continue tinkering with work to make it a “bit more friendly” rather than reforming the notion of work and its part in a whole life..

  206. I allow a housekeeper into my budget for the bigtime cleaning. It’s a part of me that’s most affordably and easily delegated, and some of the cost is tax deductible – ask your tax accountant how much for your circumstances. I do daily chores as Marie suggests, right at that moment, or as my study break. I timed my most tedious chores. Emptying the dishwasher takes only 2 minutes – the same amount of time required to boil my tea water! So when tempted to avoid the task at hand, I think, “It’s only two minutes,” and remember the payoff of an empty dishwasher is an empty sink and orderly kitchen.

  207. I’ve been working from home for a couple of years now, and let me tell you – it aint easy! I’ve tried so hard to segment my day into a schedule, and for two years I’ve only fully succeeded at NOT following the schedules I lay out for myself. I do get up early, and I do get my work done eventually, I never miss deadlines – but I hate the feeling that I’m not accomplishing all that I could professionally and as a writer simply because I’m not disciplined enough to stay on task and WORK or WRITE during the hours I’ve put aside for just that. Ugh. The next tactic I’m going to try is to set up “office” hours at the coffee shop three days a week. I’ll see if the prospect of getting out of the house will motivate me more. Gotta keep trying 🙂

  208. I’ve tried different things like getting up super early, blocking off time in google calendar, writing to-do lists, etc. The most helpful for me is writing a to-do list before I go to bed for the next day ahead of the most essentials that need doing and visualizing how I want my day to go. That helps me see how to time my day out because I like change and having the same time everyday to do something doesn’t work for me. I also have a weekly and monthly list for things that can wait.

    I use alarm clock for my mac and work in 30-60 minute block sessions with NO distractions – facebook, phone, email, etc. That really boosts productivity. Then I’ll take a mini break 10-30 min. and get back into my work.

    As for laundry I do once maybe twice a week. And that doesn’t take long. You just throw the clothes in and go. Not a time waster at all. Whenever I eat I clean as I go – PCU in effect! I also make simple meals that can take anywhere from 5-15 min. Mostly whole foods – fruits and veggies.

    I know I’m doing something right because I work from home and moved to the same island that fantasy island was filmed (like in your video) and enjoy fresh coconuts often. 🙂

    From my experience you’ve got to be hardcore and push yourself to do the things others don’t want to do. If it were easy, everyone would be working from home. Be disciplined but still have fun and step away from the desk and do a cartwheel or handstand from time to time. xo

    Thanks Marie for this video! You’re awesome and a true inspiration. Much love.

  209. Lincy

    I just downloaded the book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: A Short Guide to Making Over Your Mornings–and Life by Laura Vanderkam from Amazon. Same concept and topic, however giving us an example schedule to work off of was truly amazing, Marie! Keep posting videos like this.

  210. As Tony Robbins says: “one of the reasons we fail is we start blaming …. people, economy, ADD, neighbours, family,….. la-la-la”… I am not saying this in a disrespectful way, I know for myself, sometimes I feel like I have ADD (and that’s normally happens when I didn’t have a tight schedule set, didn’t go to yoga or had too much chocolate ;). Keep rocking it, girls!

    Much love!


    P.S. … Mother HUMPERS???? Precious! 🙂

  211. Sophia

    I love the schedule and basically I watch your videos like mantras, Marie 🙂 The same as to your book, I read it as if it was some wisdom-of-ages-lost-treasure-map, and basically the thing is – it really works! One question to this video – why there should be no emails in the morning? Is there some special reason?

  212. Cuca

    Great tips Marie as usual!! And girl, I’m still curious about what time do you manage to sleep!! How to be so awake at 7am, do all the work, and still be ready for some more? LOVE your videos 😉

  213. YES thank you – I needed this smack down too! I also find it helps to get dressed and ready before starting work – If I just hit the computer after the gym in the am, I’ll find myself still in gym clothes at 2pm eeewwh! Getting schedule written on paper helps so much. Thanks chica! Always LOVE your advice!

  214. Naja

    Love it Marie!

    I don’t know why I never made a schedule for the day. Since I’m a student my schedule can be quite flexible – enabling wrong prioritization and “I’ll just do this x (personal something) in the middle of the day, since there’s a break between lectures. Wrong: Still work time – or break time.
    That’s probably my biggest challenge, allowing myself to take breaks.

    Thanks for all the lively and wonderful insight.

  215. Great tips and fun video. Discipline is the key I use.
    I have always had a schedule even for exercise. On my days off I let it fly and am more relaxed with my time. Work days are organized. I keep a list of to do’s and find joy in crossing the items off. The key is to only have 6 maximum number of things on the to do list. More than that is overwhelming. It is proven.
    If your goals are big enough you will stick to your plan. If your need is big enough you will stick to your plan.
    I reward myself for getting things done and sticking to my work schedule.

    • I love your work Rowena! I agree, more than 6 is just way too much. For me I have to pair it down to 2 (2 for biz 1, 2 for biz 2, 2 for me) so I get up to 6. But on top of that I have the rest of my schedule. I do enjoy my days off too and get more done than I’d expect because I don’t put so much pressure on myself to perform. I find myself magically finding energy to do things :D.

  216. I have taken to reading comments on Marie’s videos and writing down key ideas I like on queue cards. I plan on making a motivational collage with all of them eventually….. from this discussion I took
    – do NOT check email all day long
    – scattered actions waste time
    – we are entrepreneurs because we love creativity, flexibility, and freedom
    – craft a life of joy, ease, and lightness
    – “Get smarter about what needs to be done, accept your rebellious side and work with it to create a wonderful life.” – C. Coates

  217. Alani

    OMW! I love you… you make me laugh so much! 🙂
    Thanks for this – It was what I needed too! I was just thinking that I need to commit to at least ONE thing in my life for once. Because I start something and end up doing it halfway and give up. But I realised that it’s because I’m not organised properly.
    Thanks lovely xxx

  218. Annie

    It’s very difficult divide my free time and my work as freelancer.
    I tried to use lots of application to schedule my day.
    Now i’m using Basecamp to keep track of every task (also housework!!) and then i found Timeneye ( to track the time I’m spending for each work project, commenting completed to-dos.

  219. Awesome, Marie!

    I wrote the schedule down – looks so awesome (even though I know I’ll work longer, this way I’ll take care of the important stuff early in the day.

    Thanks so much,

  220. MollyBishop

    Thank you for this! I have really been struggling with this lately! I love the point about not dealing with your email through the day and only having one set time to do that. I end up wasting a lot of time when I get on my email because I get distracted by things. I would have a hard time not checking it first thing in the morning, though, so I would probably have my email block for just an hour in the morning and then maybe another hour before closing shop.

  221. I’m wanting to look at blogs containing music I like, but sifting through all the detached, outdated and crap blogs is a hassle. . I know there are thousands of blogs, is there a good resource to seek out the preferred ones?.

  222. I just wrote a blog post about this for work! I kinda went at it from a different angle – I looked at how President Obama works from home (because he kinda technically does) and tried to see if I could learn anything from that. It was pretty fun! I guess here’s the link if anyone wants to read it:

  223. Haha Marie Smackdown!

    When I really need to get stuff done, I turn off Wi Fi!! Facebook and twitter and PINTEREST are time killers.

    Thanks for this video Marie, time management can be a hard thing – especially for us home dwellers who can flip on Ellen instead of working…


  224. Jaroslav Tavgen

    Is this schedule good for men as well? Or should they wake up earlier, than 7:00 am?

    I want to start waking up early, and the first thing to decide is – WHEN specifically. 5:00 am? 6:00 am? 7:00 am?

  225. Kim McNaughton

    Any advice for this soon to be mama of 5? 🙂

  226. I have 2 kids at home, so I don’t have the luxury that Jade does. My kids get to watch a “long movie” after lunch so I can get some work and meetings in blurring normal business hours and other than that 11pm-2am are my golden hours.

  227. Shinji Chijiiwa

    You are interesting. Nice gag.
    I laughed much.
    So I become healthy.
    I love your dance and songs.
    thank you.

  228. OMG I needed to hear this. I’m in the same boat as Jade (29, no kids, a husband who helps out) and I get distracted SO easily when working from home. I think the “no emails” rule is VERY helpful. I also think taking a break or working out early would be big changes for me. I like to work out at night, so I think I’d just swap out times. I am really looking forward to trying this out and tweeeeeking as needed. Thanks Marie! xo Kim

  229. PS: When should we watch Marie TV? During our break?! 😀

  230. Rori

    What keeps me on track is the mantra “results, not regrets”. Works everytime! (almost!)

  231. Deb

    Awesome thread! Working from home is definitely a challenge. When I first started I gained 20 pounds, not so much because of what I ate, rather it was the increased inactivity. And because I wore yoga pants every day, It was easy for the weight to creep on without me really noticing. I was so scattered that nothing got done. So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and begin walking everyday, it would help me focus and walk off the pounds. Each time, I’d end up in my local coffee shop chatting with random people and losing precious time to get stuff done. LOL

    But I get what Marie is saying, if you want a high 6K and above business, it’s going to take serious discipline to make that happen, especially in the beginning when you’re doing everything yourself. One of our coaching programs is business start-up, and before we begin working on setting up or organizing an existing business, I have at least two sessions just to make sure the client is clear on what they want and 90% of the time, it’s different from what they initially thought they wanted. If a client is looking to create residual income say about 3-5K per month, her program and work schedule will look a lot different from the client who’s looking to create a full time 6-7 figure business. To do the latter, it takes tremendous discipline, not a lot of time to be “flexible”, not in the beginning anyway. It’s when you get to the place where you can hire help and you’re comfortable that the ship won’t sink if you take a few hours, is when you can have some flexibility. Discipline is necessary even for the smaller business in the beginning, until you get your machine running smoothly.

  232. i’m also 28, i live with my boyfriend and i work for myself — and i have a different approach.
    i am a night owl. i thrive at night. i get so much shit done.
    so for me, being true to myself/honoring myself looks more like staying up late to do work (i stayed up until 4 am twice this week writing blogs). But in general i stay up until 2 am finishing work once my house is quiet, I wake up at 10 am to meditate and get ready. I see my first client around noon (I am a life coach) and work until about 7. i go to yoga around 7:30, hang out with my boyfriend, and then i get a couple more hours done late at night as needed.
    so i would tell a friend to be true to herself. to figure out what time she *naturally* would like to wake up and go to bed. and structure in some self-love every day at whatever time truly feels good to her.
    a major benefit to working for yourself is to schedule your life in a way that you truly love that truly works for you.

  233. I find that the Flylady website has helped me a lot with cleaning up. It’s a site I recommend to others.

  234. The other thing that comes to mind is an underlying health issue that has not been diagnosed. It’s worth a trip to the GP to get some tests done imho if you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and lethargic on rising. Thyroid conditions and anaemia for example can create those feelings.

  235. Hi Ladies,

    Great video on time management Marie. I’ve always had time management issues so I finally figured out what works for me that may be helpful to others.

    a) a handy-dandy weekly/monthly planner. (At-A-Glance has nice and colorful planners and they feel and look so professional) To keep me on time for projects, tasks or to-do’s.

    b) I invested in the M Arc customizable notebook system by Staples because my mind clutter is so chaotic that I needed to find a way to write everything out and still be able to arrange my pages within the book. You can’t do this with spiral bound notebooks. This system was perfect for me. And finally,

    c) I use a 3-ring binder for inspirational articles or ideas. I have a section just for doodling when I get writers block, which is a lot of times, it helps me unwind on those days I’m running into stumping blocks on my projects or tasks.

    I hope this helps.

  236. Oh Marie, thank you!!! I am gonna try this schedule starting tomorrow. I am having a hard time keeping a structured day and the delay in getting things done or doing too much at once is frustrating and energy consuming. I am so looking forward to the new me. This schedule looks great. Sending you much love from Hamburg, Germany

  237. Becky

    What advice do you have for a mother of 2, both under the age of 4 and a husband who travels for a job? It feels a little more complicated. I have yet to find my routine or niche and I’m trying extremely hard. My ability to concentrate is pretty much non-existent.

  238. Lora

    So 4-4:30 is for slacking 😉 because not sure how else to both work for take a break at the same time.

  239. Kylie

    What do you do when someone asks you to get coffee during your work day? You technically “can”….

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kylie, I think it really comes down to what you want. Just because you “can” doesn’t mean you have to. You can set up whatever boundaries feel best to you!

  240. Corrie Ann

    I always like this episode. About three months, before I left my 9-to-5 job, I changed everything to get up early and get shit done. Now that I am working from home my Mon-Thu schedule is this:
    5 – 6 am: wake up and workout/walk
    6 – 7 am: get ready for the day and have breakfast with hubs, watch the sun come up
    7 – 11 am: focused* work
    11 – 12 pm: lunch break
    12 – 2 pm: focused work
    2 – 2:30 pm: break/free time
    2:30 – 4:00 pm: focused work
    4 – 5:30 pm: do whatever I want
    5:30 – 6:30 pm: prep and eat dinner with hubs
    6:30 – 8:30 pm: misc housework, reading, writing, planning for next day
    8:30 – 9 pm: get ready for bed – lights out
    *Focused work means that I have scheduled in my calendar exactly what I am going to work on during that period. It might be one big block of project work, or smaller blocks of work such are writing an article, tweaking my site, interviewing an expert, etc. I know exactly what I will be doing during that time.

    With this schedule I find that I am waaaaaay more productive and I have more time to spend with my husband. I never thought I would be a morning person; however, this change has made a huge difference in my life. I love it.

  241. I love this! I just wrote a post about “A day in the life” working from home as I love learning from others to see what other people do.

  242. Meghan Usry

    Super serious question – HOW do you shower and dress in 30 minutes? Marie, you have as much hair as me, and between washing it, drying it, and styling it…that’s 30 minutes already and I haven’t gotten on clothes and makeup yet. I need tips on getting my “getting dressed” time under an hour.

  243. MAAAANNN!!! I have watched your blog since I don’t know when. I must have been a teenager or maybe even a kid…

    I LOVE THE WAY you present almost anything! But I still thing you need to be closer to the mike. The ambience you know… It sounds like you are recording in a bath room 🙂

  244. After quitting my investment banking career in 2017, I can’t believe how much my work-life balance has improved. Running a business means I work harder but it doesn’t feel like that. 🙂

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