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The past few days we’ve been pouring through nearly 400 scholarship entries videos for B-School.

Words can’t express how much inspiration and pure LOVE you have shared with me in these videos. It’s been an absolute honor, on behalf of myself and my team, to watch each and every one submitted.

We’ve been laughing, crying, sharing notes and most of the time just sitting here in serious awe of YOU: who you are, your courage, your insight, your creativity and who you are being in life.

As you know, we adore our B-School program and do sincerely hope you’ll join us for it.

But if, for whatever reason, it’s not the right fit, know that we are still cheering you on and we’ll be here providing education and inspiration to you for free each and every week.

I’ll be honest, when I first announced this contest, I imagined we’d award a scholarship or maybe three…

You’ll see that you’ve inspired me to award WAY more scholarships than any of us imagined.

Here are our 10 winners of a full B-School Scholarship.

1. Jacqueline Du Plessis
2. Hayley Carr
3. Alex Beadon
4. Monica Crowe
5. Jacquette M Timmons
6. Tangela Ekhoff
7. Sean Patrick
8. Gina Hoskins
9. Jayme Brucal Gatbonton
10. Vanessa Feliciano

If your name is on this list, write to us at bschool at marie forleo dot com and my team will set you up within the next few days. Note: we’re in the middle of our launch, so please be patient as our email volume is much higher than usual.

One of the best things we have is our community and the love and support we always share with each other so please take a moment to share your congratulations by commenting below.

Once again, a HUGE thank you if you submitted a video, for sharing your heart and vision with us and the world.

With all my love and sincerest appreciation,

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  1. Congrats Everyone!!!

  2. Congratulations everyone!

    • Hey Sarah! Hey Marie!

      Such inspiring videos & amazing women. I don’t envy you having to choose between everyone. LOVE all who received the scholarship.


  3. Congrats…

  4. Vicky

    Congratulations to the winners! How awesome that there are 10 of you! xoxoxo

  5. Super excited for the winners :)!! Congratulations everyone great job :)!!

  6. 10 Winners? Wow. I really wanted to win that scholarship, but all I can feel now is gratitude for the opportunity to take a stab at it & pride that I gave it my best shot.

    MUCHO BiG HUGE CONGRATS to the lucky winners!!! -xo

    • Aahhhh I’m crying from inspiration and gratitude for the amazing videos and beautiful women who won. Totally deserved!!
      And Joanna – cudos to you, me and everyone who created a video!
      See you in B-school!

      • Yes! Yes! Kudos to us all! There were some fantastic videos that did NOT make the cut- loads of inspiration. I don’t know if I saw yours, Ronja??? I’m going to go looking for it now.

        I won’t be in B-School this time around, but I’ll be damned if I miss it next time!

        I actually made a follow-up video to my entry called “The 5 Things I Learned From Trying To Win A Scholarship To Marie Forleo’s B-School”, and Thing # 3 is that I NEED to get my finances in order so that I can go to B-School with or without that scholarship ;O)

        • Felicia Holman

          Hey, Joanna!…I second your emotion! 😉 Congrats to all the winners….great videos & “Why”s

  7. Ela

    Congrats! Good job!

  8. So happy for the winners. You’re in for a treat! xo

  9. Zara

    Congrats everyone!!

  10. Congrats everyone!!

  11. Congratulations everyone!!! You’re going to LOVE B-school!!

  12. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you Marie for inspiring us

  13. I am so happy for all of the winners! You will get tons out of the B-School…Good Wishes on your journey!

  14. Erin

    Its so great to see so many passionate people chasing their dreams. Congrats to all.

  15. Congrats to all you successful ladies – your creativity paid off in spades! I’ll be seeing all of you. Even though I didn’t get this opportunity, oh well, such is life. But, that won’t deter me. Such value in this and know it will continue to pay me for years to come. See all of you soon! xo

  16. Inspiring! Congratulations Dream Chasers! (loved your comment Erin)

  17. Congrats to all the winners. I’m so happy that 10 people won vs 1. I’m sure it’s well deserved to each and every winner. Best of luck with your future endeavors. 🙂

  18. Hey all and everyone of you! (both scholarship winners and proud video makers). I feel I want to give a big YAY to tout les beautiful persons behind each video. I know I poured my heart into it and I know that every one else did that too! So.Much.Power&Love! You go and be all that you are!

    As for me I´ll continue to enjoy Q&A Tuesdays cuz, Marie – you bring out so much of our goodness!

    Crazy Bliss!



  20. A HUGE congratulations to the winners!!

  21. Congratulations to the winners.

  22. Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone’s videos were incredibly inspiring. Thank you all for sharing yourselves so openly.

  23. I am crying now and my hands are shaking as I write this. Thank you so much Marie for inspiring me and motivating me to achieve my dream. You have changed my life.

  24. OMG! I’ve laughed sooo much with Hayley Carr!!!!!

  25. Carol Rodriguez

    Congratulations yeah….. my best vibes to everyone… 🙂

  26. Congratulations everyone, and thank you Marie for giving us all the opportunity to try for it! Much love and success to you all.

  27. That’s a great group of people who won! Congrats to them all. Their videos have inspired us all to keep trying and never give up.

  28. I am truly inspired by each one of these women and what amazing videos!!! I love, love, loved them and truly got their passion in each video. I just want to acknowledge each of the winners for expressing themselves with power, grace, and from a place of love. Thank you 🙂 xoxo

  29. Congratulations to all the winners! Just watched your videos 🙂

    Well done, Ladies and Sir!

  30. Congrats to all the winners! Marie’s generosity at work again! Welcome to an amazing experience and community! xoxo

  31. Great pics, marie 🙂 All awesome vids!!

  32. Congratulations to all these winners. They are all deserving. I think we might hear big things from many of these folks in the future.

  33. Congrats all!

  34. Woooo Woooo!!! Congratulations peeps.

  35. Susan

    Woot to everyone who entered and a Yipee to the winners.

    Mega-woot woot to Marie and team for the scholarship generosity. Paying it forward = soul-shining, beautiful goodness.

    • I second that. What a wonderful act of generosity : 10 Winners!

      Marie Forleo, paying it forward…

  36. Congratulations to all the winners. Such an inspiration to see all these beautiful women (and Sean) reach out with such passion and confidence. Much success to you all!

  37. Super congrats to all the winners!!!!!!! I can only imagine how excited you are about being a part of B-school! I shall join you all for sure next year!!!

    Thanks again for this opportunity Marie! I love that you make sure all can attend.

  38. Wonderful videos! Congratulations winners! You deserve it!

  39. Wow!!! Congratulations everyone!! 10 scholarships?! That’s incredible 🙂

  40. Congrats to everyone! I hope that you, Marie, will keep us up to date with these winners so that we can all see the fabulous things I’m convinced they will all do in the future!

  41. Each of you is SOOOO fabulous!!!! A huge congrats to everyone- I can’t wait to connect with you in B-School! xxxx

  42. Congrats + can’t wait to see you all inside!

  43. Congrats everyone! I’ll see you in B-School! Fantastic videos and amazing messages. Yay!!!!

  44. congrats to all the winners 🙂

  45. Way to go guys! Serious video skills—awesome! High-five winners!!

  46. So great. I loved all the videos. I’m so glad Tangela won. I would hate to think she would have to dance bomb you everyday.

  47. So much good goodness — congratulations to you all! Looking forward to meeting you all!

  48. Congrats to the winners!!

  49. Lis

    Very touched by all the videos of the winners – FANTASTIC. Best wishes on your journey!

  50. Stacy

    Congratulations! I admire that you all put yourselves out there.

  51. Well done everyone, your videos were awesome and inspiring

  52. Cristina Villalobos

    congrats to all of the winners! =)

  53. Congratulations fellow B-Schoolers! I loved loved loved every single video. So much heart and passion. You guys rock!

  54. So sad no to win! But so thrilled for the other AMAZING women and man who did win!!! They deserved it to be sure:) I can’t wait to see their businesses boom. I am saving my pennies to get to Bschool someday soon! Great job at choosing Marie & team.

  55. Adore. J’adore. This is incredible. Marie you rock for giving out 10 of these. How incredible. This edition of school is going to be so great with such inspired personalities on board. I can’t wait to get my butt on the B-school bus See you all there!

  56. Wonderful, inspiring videos. Congratulations to the winners and kudos to Marie + team for generosity and ongoing insight, humour and calls to action!

  57. These videos are so awesome! Woohoooo! See you all in B-School!

  58. I just watched the videos of the winners. Congratulations to all of you! You are BEAUTIFUL and SHINING and INSPIRING! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Congratulations to all the winners! I am so thrilled to be in your midst and look forward to getting to know you in B-School! Yay, Yay, Yay!! So grateful!

  60. Wow! Thundering applause to ALL of you!! Your passion is contagious!

  61. Fonda

    I watched ALL of the videos and was blown away…I can only imagine the difficult decision it was to even narrow it down to ten. My spidey senses knew it was gonna be more than one! So happy for the winners, so excited to see what they produce on the other side. Marie, you must be so humbled and filled with love for all of the people who submitted videos. Awh! Even though, I didn’t win, I am inspired and glad. In wholeness, Fonda

  62. Amazing guys, congratulations.

    Everyone is a winner who entered the competition, that takes guts! If you didn’t get a scholarship declare to the Universe that you’re going to be in it anyway!

  63. WOW! Thank you sooooo much 😀 I am so so so happy and SO GRATEFUL.

  64. I laughed, I cried. Hayley, the JUMP, Tangela, the DANCE — priceless!!! Congrats to you all!!

    The timing of this announcement is Divine, seriously, because last night the voice of Divine/God/Goddess/Spirit spoke to me through my 6-year-old daughter when I was putting her to bed. After I told her how blessed I am to be her mom (as I often do), she grabbed my shoulders and said, “Mom, keep hope! Your Change-Week is going to happen. I know it is! It might take TWO YEARS, but it WILL happen. Keep hope!” (I love how long two years sounds when you are six!)

    Anyway, I resolved then and there that I will find a way to get to B-School even if I’m not chosen for a scholarship. If only to give my kids an example of a mom who follows her dreams to change the world, and LEAPS. So, I AM keeping hope, my dear (thank you!). And I will see you all in B-School! (Thanks for the payment plan option, Marie!) 🙂 Can’t wait to be a part of this inspiring group — and you GO, Marie, for awarding 10! Generosity breeds generosity! Peace and hugs to you all!

    • “If only to give my kids an example of a mom who follows her dreams to change the world, and LEAPS.”

      This is wonderful Megan and I encourage you to keep at it. This is the very reason I put myself out there to join B-School. I look forward to seeing you in B-School and getting to know you. 🙂

      • Thanks, Jayme. I look forward to getting to know you, too! And CONGRATS! Wonderful video! Celebrate!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Megan! I’m still actually in shock. So happy to be in this community of supportive, innovative women.

      Change-Week is a divine concept!!!!! Your baby girl is brilliant! I make you a promise, sista, when I make the big bucks, I will pay for a scholarship…

      The only thing that has keep us going, besides a whole lot of pray is a whole lot of little miracles. I believe in miracles…and yours is coming.

      • Tangela, what a wonderful idea, to have a community of b-school grads that give scholarships to others to attend! I was having that thought too as I was reading some of the comments from those who were hoping to attend but may not be able to this time around. Two months ago when I started following Marie’s blog I never thought I would even be considering b-school at this point. Now I’m prepared to take the leap!

        • Thanks so much, Tangela! I really, truly needed that little boost last night. 🙂 I WILL be there. See you soon!

  65. Amanda

    Oh my gosh, 10 winners! So amazing! Can’t wait to meet all of you in B-school! Congrats to each and every one of you!!!!

  66. Jalanda James

    Finding out you didn’t win a B School scholarship is like finding out there is no Santa Claus;-)

    Congrats to all the winners. Y’all had some great stories.

    • Jalanda loved videos and can’t to see How She Did It!

  67. Jen L

    Thrilled for the 10 and a little sad for me. Back to manifesting in other ways.

  68. Congrats + thank you ALL! Very inspiring.

  69. emory doubman

    All of those videos were amazing. It made me want to meet every single one of those people. I feel privileged to have watched them! Wow.

  70. Huge congrats everyone! Enjoy the program! And we look forward to hearing more from you!

  71. Beth

    Haha omg hayley carr please marry me even though im a straight girl, you are awesome

  72. I prayed that the people who needed B-school the most would win the scholarships and watching the videos I’m blown away by those who’ve been selected. Truly inspirational! I know I’m in good company at B-school!

  73. Fantastic Videos, inspiring, beautiful, thought provoking women who, without a doubt, will change the world and be hot, rich and happy.

  74. erin annesley

    What an amazing group of winners! Thrilled for all of them and for all the people who’s lives will be changed by what they end up doing after b school.

  75. kiki

    YAY!!!! I loved so many of the videos both winners and just submissions I subscribed to lots of youtube channels and blogs! I will be stalking I mean networking with you all 🙂

  76. vanessa feliciano

    Congrats to the winners- Iam honored to be among you. and for all those who entered- you rock my socks and Iam rooting for the change you are inspiring throughout your communities and the world. All my love

  77. Susan

    I’ve been a quiet student for a long time, Marie, but these vids are bringing me out shouting, BRAVO! I watched every one of them and I totally see why you all cried, laughed and gave away 10 scholarships. How utterly blown away you must be by seeing just how much you’ve impacted people! I’ve never said a thank you before (and know there must be a lot more like me), but in the face of all that love, to not say my own thank you for all you’ve taught me would be–well–stealing something from you that clearly belongs to you and to your team.

    So thank you. I’m a boot-strappin’ single mom of two little boys and with your help and others I’m dangerously close to launching. B-school is out of my league at this point, but I have my eye on it, perhaps for next year. I’m an excellent fit and I look forward to giving you my money. You’ve already given me 2 grand worth of advice for free! 🙂

    Keep kickin’ butts.

    Oh… and I totally want your dog.

    Susan 🙂

    • Susan,

      I can so relate! The videos affected me similarly. I’m so excited for these folks I don’t even know, it’s cray-cray! LOL.

      Anyway, good on ya for keepin’ on keepin’ on. I’m mom to a toddler and have a portrait photography business and b-school is awesome and out of my league too but I’m still dreaming! 😀

  78. That was amazing. Couldn’t stop crying. Still can’t.

  79. These videos are just flippin’ awesome. You all deserve it!

    • Ash, I think you are flippin’ awesome. Love your ballsy, irreverent style.

  80. Congratulations all!

  81. Congratulations, everyone! These videos are fantastic!

  82. Thank you so much Marie and team for choosing me as one of your 10 winners. I am grateful beyond measure and so ecstatic. Congrats to my fellow winners. I feel like I’ve been initiated into a very special club. <3

  83. Congratulations winners! You are going to LOVE this program. See you in a couple weeks : )

  84. stacia

    Congrats to all and what a great bunch of woman who will be attending! WOW very Inspirational…. …. I love it! I am just starting a new business and this really helps me get out of my own fear

  85. So generous, Marie–this is part of why I share what you do with everybody!
    Congratulations to the winners!

  86. Well done all, embrace every moment!

  87. Awesome…congratulations to all the winners!

  88. Amazing! Congrats to all of the winners 🙂

  89. Congrats everyone! Enjoy your journey!

  90. Miranda cheevers

    Vanessa Feliciano…moved me to tears with her light and her love….but every ones bravery and passion has been an inspiration…than-you.

  91. Amy

    Congratulations everyone – can’t wait to meet you all in b-school!

  92. Rita Shields

    I say congrats to everyone that submitted a video. You are all winners. Only 10 could be used.

  93. Oh wow! What an amazing group of winners. I just watched all of your videos and got so much inspiration. You all shine so beautifully. Congrats. What an amazing gift Marie to give away 10!! Scholarships. So generous!

  94. Congrats to everyone who won a scholarship! Absolutely thrilled for you and can’t wait to hear how B-School affects your life and goals!

    Big ups to everyone who found the courage and wherewithall to submit a video! You’ve started something just by speaking up and out loud about what you want. The universe hears you.

  95. Oh, my goodness!! What a remarkable, inspirational group of scholarship winners!! I was so impressed, often brought to tears and it is unbelievable what level of creativity and greatness there is out there!!

    Congratulations to you all!!

  96. Congrats to all of the winners!! Get ready . . . your life + biz is about to change forever!! So excited to have you all in the B-School tribe.

  97. Kelly

    Congratulations!!! Each video is so moving, and you each have such a spark, you all did a great job, and after B-School…Watch out, World!!!

  98. Awesome videos! Congrats to all the scholarship winners!

  99. While we didn’t enter the contest, we had a great time looking through everyone’s videos and subscribing to channels. Hope to see more videos after everyone is done with B-School!

  100. What presence!!! A beautiful representation of us all!!! I know you all will rock it in B-School~ Congratulations!

  101. Wow – not just one but 10 Winners – that IS amazing!

    Congratulations to each and every one of the 400 entries, to Marie and her team for watching all the videos and to the 10 deserving winners – may B-School make your life even better 🙂

  102. Congratulations to all the winners. Best of luck with your B-school experience and beyond. Success is already yours. And Marie your generosity is transformational. Beauty is as beauty does.
    My hat is off to everyone who had the courage to submit a video and dare to dream. Your success is waiting for you as well.
    Thank you all.

  103. Congratulations, Winners! I just watched all of your videos and I am so excited that you’re going to get the Mad Skillzzz to change this world! You’re enthusiasm, sincerity and joy is contagious!
    And, thanks Marie, for the opportunity! Thrilled to hear you picked ten (TEN!) winners!
    May all your endeavors be crowned with success.

  104. Here’s what cracks me up……

    I’m looking at the list going, “Oh yeah! That woman! I loved her video! She was great…..” …and so on. HA! (Have to admit….I missed Sean. ;-))
    All so well deserved and inspiring!

    Congratulations to all!

  105. These videos are so inspiring!I watched every one of them and I laughed and I cried. Congrats to the winners and thanks for putting yourself out there. Have fun in B-School!:)

  106. So inspirational! Congratulations everyone!!

  107. Annie Conley

    What wonderful videos! Everyone of you so deserve your scholarship. You’ve inspired me; I’m thrilled to be joining this group of kick ass B Schoolers!

  108. This is soooo awesome!!! 10 winners… WOW!! You are so very generous Marie and we are all most grateful for such an awesome opportunity!! Thank you again and again!! Much love and light to you and congrats to all the fabulous winners… Go get em! 😉

  109. Oh it was so wonderful to be inspired by all of these winners. I especially enjoyed Jayme the OptiMommy! Excellent and congratulations to all.

    • Thank you so much Colleen! 🙂 I always say that video is our family’s work of heart.

  110. Awesome! Congrats everyone!
    See you in B-School ; )

  111. Laura Hames Franklin

    Yay yay yay. Congratulations and LOVE! Feels amazing to be a part of this whole creation 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  112. Maria

    🙁 I didn’t make the cut. BUT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!

    @Marie. YOU ARE AWESOME!

  113. Congratulations to each and every one of the winners. What a trembling good feel happy moment you all shared with those of us in the viewing audience. You are going to be in B-School. Whoop whoop de Do!

  114. CONGRATS everyone! So awesome! And there are 10 now! So cool Marie! Love it! Love that! and …Love YOU!

  115. Megan

    This is amazing.

    Well done to every single last one of you…AND for all of those who gave it a true, heartfelt shot and put a video out that didn’t get picked. I hope you’ll still join B-school! It’s worth so much more than the pricetag.

    Thanks for kicking off B-school with such an inspiring start! And thanks Marie and Team Forleo for being the kind of peeps that extend such yuuuuge generosity. You’ve built quite the community here. ♥♥♥

  116. kim

    Congrats! How inspiring. Am loving Hayley’s cliff diving action, really choked me up. Love it!

  117. Absolutely Magnificent! I feel so honored to be in Bschool with all of you! Thank you for showing up so FULLY and Truly Who You Are! Bravo! Encore!

  118. Dimple Arora


  119. Congrats to all the winners! You all are so amazing and inspiring!

  120. I am going through the videos and , WOW!! I am so happy these women are going to B-School! I am glad to know they will be out there changing the world!

  121. What amazing people for taking action and making this happen for themselves! So meant to be. Rock out the program and live your dream!

  122. I am super inspired by all of you! Thanks for showing up.

  123. Dea

    congrats to all the winners, good going!

  124. I would have to agree with Deb Owens: as I was reading down the list, I thought the same things, “Oh yeah, I remember that ONE…oh yeah, and I LOVED that one…and this person, too!!!” …… so a huge, HUGE congrats to all the scholarship recipients! Very well deserved.

    To everyone else, I was also going down the list, thinking, “Oh so-and-so didn’t get it…or…I’m surprised such-and-such person didn’t win…” The goals and intentions that everyone put out there were extremely inspiring…I want to see more, so keep please sharing the love with the world!

    What this has done for me: In the past, I’ve posted literally two videos of my creative process on my blog and vimeo account, BUT I had never in my life posted a YouTube video with my face plastered all over it, nor have I ever had a YouTube account. As terrified as I was, I did it!

    This process has inspired me to take the act of posting videos online to a WHOLE new level. I couldn’t have done it without the AMAZING support of the B-school community. Thanks to each and everyone of you, and Thank YOUUUUU Marie for lighting a fire up my you-know-what! 🙂 Cheers!

  125. CONGRATULATIONS to all the WINNERS attending B-school because that’s what you all are! Marie you have inspired such an incredible movement.

  126. Andrea

    Congratulations! I am inspired by all of you.

  127. I am in the middle of an EPIC, snot filled dance bomb…anybody wanna join me? Thank you Marie! Thank you to all of you who commented on my video. I appreciate the support. I know what I intend to do is the right thing. I’m blessed to be in such a great community of supportive women.

    Let’s dance, y’all!

    • Trisha Stezzi

      YOU ARE SO AWESOME Tangela!!! Enjoy your snotty happy dance 🙂

    • Chandra

      Seriously, I rarely comment but girl…the world needs your spirit. Go you, go change the world, you rock 🙂

    • Jen

      Dancin’ with ya, woman. You’re awesome. X

  128. Trisha Stezzi

    Congratulations to everyone receiving the scholarship AND to everyone who had the courage and dedication to make a video AND to everyone enrolled in B-School or who is interested in enrolling! We are all receiving a beautiful gift on so many levels…learning from each other and inspiring each other! Yay B-School Team!!! Let’s DO THIS THING and make some serious IMPACT in this world!!! Love, Trisha 😀

  129. Valerie

    Thank you for sharing the winners! All of the videos were amazing! There are truly some amazing folks out there…Is it wrong of me to want to kiss them all over their faces?!!! 😀

  130. Cheryl

    Every one of you is going to SHINE. My wish for you is to step out past any fear and unleash yourselves on the world. I hope to be part of your journey. Good luck and best wishes to all of you.

  131. Cheryl

    Congrats Everyone

  132. Wow, what a great day to start my day, watching some of those inspiring videos. Well done to all winners (particularly Sean Patrick who I reckon has hit the jackpot already). Looking forward to reading more about you all in the future.

  133. A HUGE Congratulations to all the winners! I enjoyed watching the videos and being inspired by them. I’ll see you in B-School.

  134. Congrats to all of you!
    Jacqueline – fellow Cape Townian – look forward to having you back home!
    Hayley – you seriously rock! Kudos!
    Tangela – what an inspiration. I know you are going to be an AMAZING coach! You go girl!
    Jayme – lovely honest video – beautiful to watch.
    Vanessa – wow – so creative and powerful. Well done!
    Good luck to everyone – I’m sure you’ll all do well.

    • Thank you so much Anouschka! 🙂

    • Thanks! Proudly South African! We should have some Rooibos when I’m back in CT.
      Looks like we’re both in the SM biz.

  135. Hi Everybody.
    HUGE congrats to the winners.
    Your videos are personal and inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing them.

  136. Congratulations to all the winners – some very inspirational people. I love Tangela especially.

    I don’t think I could have created anything as well made or inspiring as these.

  137. Guess I can uncross my fingers now… Unfortunatelly I wasn’t one of the winners, so I’ll have to rethink my journey. But that doesn’t mean I’m sad! I just have to fight harder!


    And to the other 400 like me, don’t give up! This is not the end!

  138. Monica Crowe – I just watched your vid and I love your idea. I look forward to working with you somehow/someway in the future!

    • veronica

      I love your jewels!

      • Thanks so much for the love!

    • Hi Cara! I just saw your comment. I’d love to learn more about you and what you do 🙂

  139. veronica

    love your choice!
    congratulations to all that did videos because it is so inspiring and so cute, funny, energetizing, beautiful, generous etc….

  140. Wow!!!! So awesome, this is going to be a great group. Congratulations to everyone who won and all those who put themselves out there and tried! You all rock.

  141. love your choice!

    Congratulations to all that did videos because it is so inspiring and so cute, funny, energetizing, beautiful, generous etc….

  142. All amazing videos! Love to see the creativity and thought put into each one. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!

  143. Woohooo! Congratulations! I am in total tears watching these videos 😀 So inspiring! XO!

  144. To all the winners… I am truly happy for each and everyone of you !!!! and I know that you will be able to use all that you learn at B-SCHOOL to make a difference in the world…!!! Thank you for sharing your stories and life with all of us… I will see you all in B-school…. : ) !!!!!!

  145. Winners, you each inspire ME to take another step forward to my dreams.

    Congratulations and enjoy your journey!


  146. I just watched all 10 winning videos and was inspired to say the least! Looking forward to interacting with everyone in B School 🙂

  147. Congratulations to you all on making B School! Well deserved.. Your videos are all so inspiring. Thanks for contributing to my fabulous day. Linda xx

  148. Congratulations to all the winners !
    And thank you for another lesson learned : if you didn’t try it, you can’t complain about not getting the scholarship ! (what I didn’t because of all b*******ts excuses !)
    So here I go back to my Follow Through Formula…

  149. Raquel

    So inspiring to see others pursuing their dreams and purpose! Keep on it, ladies and gents.

  150. Congratulations to all the winners! Have fun at B-School, oh I am sure you will! ;-))

  151. It’s exciting to meet 10 of my new BFFs. Congratulations, Ladies! While I won’t be jumping off cliffs anytime soon, I FEEL like I’ve jumped off of one by leaving the workforce and starting my business. May we all inspire one another the way you have inspired me today. See you “in class”!

  152. Célia

    I am very grateful for the extraordinary work that you do, and how you inspire us. I am very impressed and happy for the winners. I can see that great things are up to come…
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  154. The videos are amazing!!!! CONGRATULATIONS everyone. Marie you are doing such an awesome, more than awesome, job inspiring us all. I hope next round of B-school I will be there too. Thank you so much . I wanted to comment the other day on the last B-school post, but there were so many comments it almost ruined my computer to get through the endless pages of them!

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