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Have you ever tried to “get motivated” to do something, but nothing works?

You start to feel horrible, like you’re falling behind in your business or career.

Losers wait for motivation. Winners just get sh*t done. Click To Tweet

You get embarrassed to meet with friends because you don’t want to talk about what you’ve been doing or more accurately. . . what you’ve not been doing.

Yeah, I’ve totally been there too.

If you’ve ever felt the shame, frustration and humiliation that comes from being stuck and lost in your life, today’s new MarieTV episode is for you.

Click play and I’ll teach you the four essential steps you must take to get back on track, including my controversial take on motivation.

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Now I want to hear from you. What specific steps do you take when you’re feeling stuck in a rut?  How do you get out of it?

What’s your take on motivation?

Leave a comment below and let me know your best strategies for moving through a rough patch.

Your insights and contributions will help thousands of people so don’t be shy, OK?

Before I forget, to follow-up on last week’s post about the Shorty Awards, thank you for your tremendous support. I can’t tell you how moved I was by your comments, tweets and sharing.

We finished strong in 3rd place, which should make us a finalist. Now it’s up to the Shorty Real-Time Academy to choose the winners. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I think being honest is the hardest thing to do…It is really to admit that you are going through a rough period, while at the same time feeling embarrassed by this fact.

    I believe that in order to be honest, people need to make peace with the situation they are in first.

    As for getting motivated…I could not agree more with you. Action is the remedy! Let’s do it!

    For example, this is how I motivate myself to exercise when I am too tired to do it: if I plan to work out for 1 hour, but I don’t really feel like doing it, then I just say to myself: “I will just get up and work out for 5 min”.

    This strategy works like wonders. Usually once I get up…I don’t sit down until I finish my workout. It is so easy to keep going…once I get up!

    So my advice is…when you want to get motivated, then lower the bar of what you are planning to do, and just get up and do something small. Small wins 🙂

    • Sarah

      Maria, I love your “Small wins”. This one hits close to home for me (and most people, I suspect).

      Sometimes when we wake up in the morning it can be difficult to WANT to get out of bed.

      We think about all the “stuff” we have to do that day and it can be a bit overwhelming.

      Every night before bed I make a list of all the “stuff” I have to do the next day.

      This helps in two ways:

      1) I can sleep easier because I no longer have to worry about all the “stuff” that needs to get done tomorrow.

      2) In the morning I don’t have to focus on not forgetting anything that needs to be done or dread thinking up what needs to come first…

      Instead I just go down the list one item at a time and dedicate my full attention to each item as if it’s the only thing I have to do that day.

      Once it’s done it’s done, and I can move on to the next item on my list.

      Whatever is still left on the list at the end of the day is first in line for the next day.

      In one of Marie Forleo’s other videos we learn to accept and appreciate the things we’ve accomplished during the day.

      She says to see your accomplishments as being the perfect amount for that day.

      This is very important: when you make a list it can be easy to see all the “stuff” piling up that hasn’t been accomplished and feel demotivated.

      One of the things I’ve learned though is patience.

      After a few days with this method you’ll be able to see how much you’ve really accomplished and you’ll find you’re list actually getting smaller because you’re accomplishing all the “stuff” that needed to get done without wasting all the time you used to spend thinking about what needed to be done.

    • Shavon

      Love it – progress over perfection!

      • Shavon

        Didn’t mean to leave this under this comment (but great idea with the lists), and am unsure how to delete…

  2. For me telling someone is the hardest part. I did receive a lot of value from the party fact, it resonates with me thank you so much for that.

    I know the “withdraw” scenario ….it is a difficult thing to move out of. Taking action an getting up and DO something is very powerful, it works to end procrastination as well.

    I also like “small wins” mentioned by Maria 🙂

  3. “Every path hath a puddle”~ George Herbert.
    I am going through one of those ‘stuck’ places right now, but, know it will pass. John is very lucky to have a friend in you. I go for a walk in the park next to the river where I live- it doesn’t solve all my problems, but, it helps.
    Nice necklace, by the way.

  4. Love this post and agree with all points. I can add:

    • Read “The War of Art” and “Do the Work” both by Steven Pressfield

    • Join forces with a friend and meet weekly to talk about what items are on your to do list and discuss how far along you are on your projects. When you tell a friend what you hope to accomplish, and they do the same with you, the mutual butt kicking can be a tremendous motivator

    • If you are like me and work from home, shake up your home space and bring new life into your days. Move your computer into another room. Work from the dining room table instead of the office. Go to the library to work. Open a window. Play some music. Declutter the space you spend most of your time in.

    • Time Block! Schedule to dos into your calendar. Stop when the calendar says stop. Move on when it says to move on. I’m always amazed how much I get done this way when I’m going through unproductive and unmotivated periods.

    • Deliver it! This one comes from Seth Godin. Stop obsessing over a project and thinking it’s not ready to launch. Delaying can cause inertia. Deliver it! Once you deliver you’ll be ready to start building something new. Seeing the fruits of one’s labour is a huge motivator.

    • Wow! Great tips Christina! THANKS for sharing!

    • Great suggestions, Christina! Thanks so much.

    • I love all these tips! I might just take me on a little holiday from the office to the dining room table tomorrow 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sharing Christina, it’s tips like these that really motivate and make a difference. Women like you and Marie Forleo need to share your wisdom with the world.

    • Alysse

      Christina’s tips are great! and I love that Marie suggests to “tell someone”. We all go through slumps, and I have a hard time telling anyone until I’m most the way through it. No idea why.

      One of my greatest motivators (and keeps me on track with schedule and organization) is having a helper. She has regular hours in my home studio, three days a week, and we really GET SHIT DONE! I also love my alone work days, but knowing she’ll be here in 10 min, gets that breakfast made and my butt out in the studio, getting ready! 🙂

  5. Awesome tips as always Marie! LOVE your tweetable – it’s so true… motivation is just an excuse to not do something … when I’m not feeling it I do something else, get out, draw, paint, talk to my coach, whatever it takes to give me a break so I can get my stuff done ….

    It’s often just a mindset – when you love what you do you just do it – sure, there are bumps in the road but it’s about getting back up eh?

    And yes to good things attracting awesome things … sure does!

    • Totally love your video, I’m currently living a “stuck” moment in my life and career and the one thing I’ve done is not to hide. Still have to find the way to cross the river of difficulties, I’m feeling tired as everything is and has been so hard lately. But I’m getting into action and try to enjoy what I do (include shoulders moves 😉 ) . Just seems that nothing really works despite my efforts and commitments.
      Adore you deeply Marie!

  6. I put on the cheesiest hair band music at full volume and have a dance party in my living room. Horrible singing at the top of the lungs is required. DON’T STOP, BELIEEEEEVIN’!!!

    • And me too! Eye of the Tiger. Man oh man, is that one cheesy but inspiring!

      • LOL I grew up with Eye of the Tiger at Amway functions 🙂 Loved it!

  7. Great tips (as usual)! One of the mottos I live by is, “Successful people do what they have to do, even when they don’t feel like it.” Whenever I don’t “feel like it” I just remember that there is someone out there with my same dream who is DOING IT! Then I get my tail outta bed and go get it done!

    • Demi

      Awesome thought Rachel! I am remembering that one.

  8. Awesome video as usual Marie! I’m totally on board with just getting stuff done. Whenever I’m feeling stuck, I make a list of the top three things I want to accomplish by the end of the day. Then I do them. I’m usually done before lunch and on with my longer to do list.

  9. Hilarie

    It must be the time of year – this episode appears to have hit home for people. Don’t wait for motivation – yes! Take action, deliver and progress. Stop being a hermit! Excellent tips.

    I always try to keep a theme of balance running through my endeavours so when I get stuck in rut, I think – in addition to the ideas presented here – it’s important to identify why. I usually find it’s because I’ve forgotten to take care of myself. Working on tipping the scales back into balance combined with some patience can work wonders.

  10. Easy like Sunday morning As usual simple, basic, and spot on.

    What I do: meditate, check in with my coach, look over marietv vids, mind map my shit and move on. Oh and scream my head off if necessary. A good primal one.

    • Ivana Siska

      Hi Jonathan!

      I LOVE your post and just had to comment because “easy like Sunday morning” is something I say to myself frequently, and also because as a coach, and personally, I often subscribe to the steps you’ve laid out including what I call the “Scream System”. I had to laugh that you recommend it to! Scientifically, if we let out the sounds that represent our feelings, we can let them go, avoid any trauma-or-baggage-causing suppressing of emotions, and move on with our day. Many a time, I have I politely left the room to scream into my pillow, or ran to my car and really let go!

      For motivation… I just envision what life could be like… YES!

      Much Love!

  11. Maria, I never even thought of reading your book, now after this week Q&A I’m 100% going to get it and read it.

    Here’s what I do when I’m in a slump.
    1) slow down and reflect
    2) listen to Tony Robbins
    3) Workout like crazy – Looking good makes me feel better 🙂
    4) Ask myself what state am I in, and what state of mind do I want to be in? Then I shift from where I don’t want to be to where I want to be.
    Basically I change my focus.

    Thanks for another rockin Q&A Tues.

    • Bka

      Kris, totally agree with u about the book.
      I often do the same, but point 2).

      • Kamina

        100% hitting the gym hard ALWAYS helps me too! Nothing like being ready for the beach to push me work harder to have enough to pay for the trip…lol! 😉

      • Marie’s book is awesome. Full of great tips just like her vids 🙂 I adore it and reference it when I’m feeling stuck/unsure.

  12. When im in a rut, sometimes for me a good first step is: get dressed. No pajamas, no sweatpants. Just feeling like I’m ready to meet the world really helps.

    • This is my trick for getting into my workout! Sometimes I just put my workout clothes (and shoes) on, and usually that is enough to get me going.

  13. You are totally right: Doing something when feeling unmotivated is key. For me this means taking my dogs for a long walk and getting my body moving. Getting my body in a different state gets my mind in a different state and fresh air, the sun, some trees etc. are great facilitators for a beneficial different body/mind state for me. Talking about it: Going for my morning walk now to be in tip -top shape for the day!

  14. Great topic, as always, Marie…
    This is something I hear from my clients constantly, so I developed my “one hour from now” mantras: ( I use them to when I feel like slacking)

    If you don’t FEEL like working-out, ask yourself how you want to FEEL in 1 Hr: “Sweaty or Sorry”
    If you are about to make a bad food choice, or eat more than you need, ask yourself ” In 1 Hr do I want to FEEL stuffed, or SATISFIED.”

    If you don’t feel like working, think of how you FEEL after you eff around on Facebook for an hour: ” do you want to check off your to-do list, or be PISSED off at yourself for wasting valuable time”

    95% of the time, these work for me, the other %5 percent I let myself skip the gym, eat gelato, and watch TV.. life is all about BALANCE..

    Oh, and one of our other favorite lines can catch me in an instant:
    “Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself, YO!”

    • LOVE it Danielle! This totally works for me as well.

      • Alex

        Heather, I love it too! Thanks for the tip Danielle; I’m using it right now!

        • AWESOME! use it, and share it… ; )

    • I love this. It is a good reminder.

    • This is a great tip! Love it! Definitely going to try it out! Thanks!

    • Michelle Doetsch

      Love the one hour from now mantra. Definitely need to put that one into action. Thanks!

    • This has helped me alot. I’ve been asking myself “How would I feel after I do X?” for the past couple of months. Helps me tremendously. Sometimes I think “Okay, I don’t give a crap how I will feel after!!!” and that’s okay. I usually don’t feel that way which makes it very effective in my life.

      • lol! i do that to- and it usually involves sugar!

    • Danielle,
      I just copied and pasted this and I’m putting it up for me to look at every day. I am in a horrible slump right now and I am not having any luck getting out of it. Thanks for this

  15. Marie, thanks for your words of motivation! Exactly what I needed this morning. You (and Ellen!) have greatly inspired me to make work fun! This is one of my most successful techniques to get my butt in gear. I have been churning out weekly videos which I try to make valuable and entertaining (like you!) and I also jam up the music when I’m just feeling blah and can’t get my head together. It’s so easy to get into a rut and sometimes just breaking routine up with laughter and music is enough to get me out of the daze. Thanks for reminding me!

  16. Excellent tweetable 🙂
    Sometimes a bit of a time out is necessary for me. I used to work myself into the ground (still do it occasionally, old habits can die hard) until I was exhausted and with no energy or motivation left. I hit a patch like that recently and I took a day to wander around the house in my PJs, watch lame tv and sleep it off. Then the next day, I get up and go back to getting shit done.
    That is in extreme cases. Less extreme cases just require loud singing, or dancing around to the chili peppers, or drumming like a crazy person till I feel like a badass again.
    And, in all cases, getting back on track means getting my glamour on. Even if not feeling 100%, putting on red lipstick means I’m better at my job. Fact.

  17. Hi Marie 🙂

    Thanks for another entertaining and helpful Q & A!

    Yes, ‘just get moving’ is essential… going through the actions to somewhere helps you fine tune your direction and journey. Trying to figure out where you’re going without moving forward or doing anything is like trying to move a big heavy rock to nowhere.

    Really, there is immense power in ‘just get moving’ physically. This gets that movement energy going in your body. (Re-affirming the need for dance breaks!)

    In my experience, there is always something that I am ready to see in my life that I am not fully seeing, accepting, or committing to that leads to that heavy feeling. As soon as I uncover that clue, and reconnect the ‘communication inside’ it’s like I get swept forward in a big unstoppable wave! So, move your body, re-consider your health (a very important nugget), listen to that deep voice inside that wants to offer you direction and insights… and fully enjoy the resistance… that too will set you free 🙂

    Joanna, now you now have thousands of women rooting for your movement forwards 🙂 The fact you wrote this Q is your first HUGE step 🙂

  18. Sharon

    Thanks Marie,
    I was in a rut last year, and depression,
    and I think you covered it thoroughly.

    And I just realised that I am no longer in that rut, I am working through some stuff, and I have found a new twist on my career that makes it fun again.


    • Lisa

      Thank you for your words Sharon! The idea of discovering “a new twist” really inspires me as I seek to break free from my own career rut.

  19. Great post Marie – thank you as always!

    If I keep putting things off and off and off, I try to be honest with myself about why I don’t want to do something. If its because I’m scared I try and deal with the fear. If its because the task is just not something that I care about or am interested in, I see what I can do about outsourcing or changing what I’m doing, so that its no longer part of my tasks. There are loads of parts of work that I love, that I could be getting on with, instead of wasting time on procrastination because I’m not motivated by something. It weighs me down, saps my energy – I think being mindful of when something just isn’t getting done is a great start to actually begin doing something about it!

    Jess 🙂

  20. Ps totally agree with Christina, “Do the Work” both by Steven Pressfield is great. I believe Marie, you did an interview with him when it came out right? J

    • yeah Jessica, me too! awesome book for making friends with the resistance and doing it anyway! thanks Marie, great resource.

  21. Thank you for this video, Marie. I can really resonate with what you are saying.

    One thing I do to appreciate what I actually do in my business is to keep a daily “have done” list. It’s like the to do-list, but the opposite – I list all the things I have done already. That helps me remember that I am making progress.

  22. Love your tips Marie. Getting into action is definitely key.

    1 tip to add:
    Check in with your personal “Why?” By that I mean, figure out what your deepest reason is for doing whatever work you are doing, and keep that “Why?” front and center for when it gets dull or challenging.

    What is your underlying passion?

    Write it down all over your house, share it with your friends, etc.

    Why are you doing whatever you’re doing? If you don’t know, then maybe it’s time to move in another direction. Take some exploratory courses, etc. as Marie suggested.

    Good Luck and enjoy the journey!


  23. When I realize I’m stuck, I reach for my favorite mantra (do nothing, nothing happens) and it reminds me that I need to do something, anything…just do something.

  24. When I’m having trouble focusing, I make a list of the things I want to get done. Typically only 5 to 6 things so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Being able to check things off that list, even if I don’t finish all of them, is such a great feeling. It helps build momentum which in turn keeps me moving ahead and working on more things.

    “Just get moving” is so true. Sometimes you just have to muscle through a task and get sh*t done. The benefit is, whatever it was that needed to be done? Is done! And you get to feel accomplished once it’s done and over with. Plus relief if it’s something you’ve been putting off.

    When I’m having trouble working on artwork or need inspiration for jewelry, I go out of my house and far away from my work desk — usually to a mall or my fav coffee house. Meeting up with friends and people watching is always great. I also always try to take notice as to what kind of jewelry people are wearing when I’m out and about. Makes for excellent ideas later down the road.

  25. Jonathan

    Sometimes I have to remember there is no spoon.

    My grandpa also gives me this line when faced with an issue : god gave you a brain, you figure it out.

  26. Great video, I always enjoy these!

    Last year I was in a funk with my passion. I had gone through a horrible business breakup and my clients (who weren’t my target btw) were driving me bat sh!te crazy. Finally I let them all go and didnt pick up my camera again for a year. My life was horrible and incomplete.

    A dear friend of mine told me I just had to stop complaining/bitching/feeling sorry for myself and get my sh!te together and just go out and photograph something. I finally did and happy to say that my passion has come back 10 fold and and I am passionate about my future. Action is sooooo much louder than word ever will be, add some passion to it and you’re on fire!

  27. Have you heard of “decision fatigue”, Marie? I read a fascinating article in the NY Times last fall about how people simply can’t keep making decisions well all day.

    So it’s very important that you identify your priorities at the beginning of the week. You sit down and you have this intentional time, perhaps early in the day, on Sunday perhaps, that you are identifying your priorities for the week.

    And then you do the tasks related to your priorities as early in the day as you can.

    So you’re never in the position at the end of the day of asking if you’d rather write another 1,000 words of your novel, or sit down and watch Glee with a big bowl of popcorn. I mean, there’s no contest, right?

    For too long, we’ve been way too hard on ourselves about being unmotivated and lazy. We’ve put ourselves in the ring with the 300-pound gorilla. I’m taking myself out of that fight by identifying my priorities early in the week and taking action early every day.

    • Great suggestion! And, sometimes we just need to schedule Glee and that popcorn into the day. Like you, I sit down and set out my priorities early each day and then I take a little time to meditate. That helps clear my head and calm my thinking so I can stay on track.

      As I am planning I make sure I include the steps that go with a task if it is bigger than a simple thing. For example: Write blog post may start out with look up 2 activities related to something, take notes on index card, write SFD (tm Anne Lamott) long hand, then type. I have a path to follow then, rather than a destination… “write blog post”. It is another way to reduce decision fatigue, I know what steps to take, I don’t have to figure them out.

      • Hey Beth!

        I love that you mention Anne Lamott’s SFD! (“Sh*tty First Draft” for those who don’t know it!) Your process for getting sh*t done (as our friend Marie put so well in her tweetable) is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

        And making sure that you’re carving out time sheer fun *is* uber-important. I, myself, can’t wait to settle down with some Downtown Abbey!

    • I have a lot of issue with this. I create loose plans for the day, but then when a curve ball is thrown in, it is hard for me to flow with it while staying on plan. Also, I am very impulsive. I just get inspiration for something and start doing it. Its hard to stay on plan when you want to go with the flow of inspiration. Any tips?

      • Udo, I understand impulsive. I have been the poster girl for impulse. One of the stories I used to tell myself is that if I submitted to structure and a set daily schedule I’d miss out on all the fun in life. I’d never get to be “in the moment” although I didn’t use those words. The thing I learned, slowly and in a hard won knowledge, is that if I follow every whim then I have no rudder and no control over where I end up.

        There are curve balls that we need to deal with and curve balls we need to duck. Your mother/best friend/significant person/yourself needing real honest help for some urgent real crisis is a curve ball we deal with. Anything that is a manufactured drama is a curve ball we duck. The hardest thing in world is know which is which. It is okay to get it wrong sometimes. The second hardest (and it is a really close second) is dealing with the fallout when someone feels slighted because you didn’t dance to their tune just right then.

        There are many ways to deal with the “sudden burst of inspiration” that feels like the perfect thing to do right now. What I do is ask myself: is this going to get me closer to where I want to be next week, next month, next year, in five years? (Of course that presumes that I know where I want to be.) I ask myself: is this a shiny bit of sparkle or is this a real diamond? I keep notes of all the shiny things that pop up in a plan so that I can come back to them later. Sometimes they are still shiny. Sometimes their glitter has faded. I reassess what to do on a regular basis. The thing I have found is that genuine inspiration is patient. It will wait for its time. Sometimes what appears to be inspiration is a siren trying to distract us from staying the course. Those sirens can come from our own fears, self doubts and uncertainties or they can come from close friends and family who are afraid to lose us if we succeed in our dreams. I have learned to question everything that is distracting me.

        There are so many resources out there that can help us learn what is going on. One of my favorite authors on the topic is a writer and writing coaches. Try Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Also, Marie’s: Make Every Man Want You is good.

        What would be awesome, Marie, is a Q&A that talked about some of the people and books that you learned from as you were starting out, way back in the day.

        Udo, I hope this helps.

    • that is so true! In the morning I say. tonight I will stay up late and get more painting done or just do some meditation or just something extra… Nope. It never happens, ever… Now I know why. If I do my business stuff early and get it done then I can quit torturing myself when I blow stuff off at night. This just might change my life… getting a little emotional at this one.

  28. Pixiegirl

    Hey Marie, thanks so much for this great video. This is exactly where I am at the moment, I could have practically written that letter word for word!

    I find getting outside and taking some exercise never fails to provide a good energy boost.

  29. Hey Marie! You’re absolutely right! When stuck in a rut I just keep doing the tasks at hand. If I’m scheduled to workout, I go. If I have to write a bog, I write it. If I have work on a lecture, I get to it. It’s amazing how quickly a rut can pass when you stay engaged rather than allowing the mind to sit idle while it tries to “figure out” what’s wrong. There is nothing to figure out~ Just get on with it!
    Thanks again for the great video!

  30. Here’s what I’d recommend!

    Turn your attention outwards — people, people, people.

    Help people. Give. Escape your head and the “me” plan, give yourself a break from thinking you need to act like a factory production line. Turning your attention outwards gives you clarity and a renewed sense of vigor. What’s motivation if it’s not being used to help people?

    Keep shining Marie,

  31. ali

    Thanks Marie – You rock! Love these ‘non motivating motivators’. Your just so fun to watch. I liked today because it is relevant to everyone at sometime. A few things that got me through those times….1 press the Regli Rest button. My hubby is not one for taking things out…he just moves right along to the positive, this has taught me to just let go…2. do the Nike way “just do it”. what ever it is just do it. and 3. ..forget the talkie talkie about bla bla bla, just get off it (most stuff) there are stuff we need to dig down in our souls to figure out but alot of it, I mean alot of it…we could just let go, instead of going to a therapist office…go do yoga, work out, get outside and a move. its much cheaper and actually in the long run healthier.

    PS. The honesty thing works wonders, find that special person who can help hold your hand and walk with you and see a new and better perspective helps allot too. Thank Marie!

  32. When I get stuck in a rut the specific steps I take depend on the size of the rut! 🙂

    Unfortunately I find a LOT of people get stuck on things outside of their control, which then gives them easier “permission” to feel the victim about the stuff that’s actually IN their control.

    Example: Like being upset that the picnic you planned is ruined because of a rainy day. You aren’t in control of the weather, but you CAN take your picnic someplace unexpected instead – like a Conservatory perhaps.

    I think being clear about what’s outside and inside our control is the first big step for people who are stuck. 🙂

  33. As a science teacher I offer up Newtons First Law: An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion, at its current speed, unless acted upon by an outside force.

    With this in mind, I totally agree with the just do something, even if it is wrong, statement. 95% of the time. It is easier to use the momentum of action to correct a course than it is to get something going in the beginning. Also, we are almost never completely wrong with our choice of action so the change needed can be accomplished with small tweaks.

    So how do I know what to do? Sometimes if I am in a really bad funk and the radio station KFKD (tm Anne Lamott) is playing loud and proud in my head, I find some really small thing that I know I can do and do it. I photocopy a flier and take it to the coffee shop and leave it there. I sweep the floor in my office so it looks nice. I get out something that supports my tutoring business, a book, something I’m learning and I work on that. Small things lead to bigger things.

    I also schedule time every day where I go to work and I sit in my work place from at least 8:30 to noon. That’s a long time to sit doing nothing just cuz you don’t feel motivated. I usually find something I need to do and often I find myself working longer than my minimum scheduled. At 12:00, if nothing has happened I call it a day. I even scheduled my days off. I planned my days off to work best with who I am and to allow me to get with my best friend at a time that is convenient for her.

    One thing, when I don’t feel like doing anything, I try to completely AVOID the internet because it is like Circe’s sirens. It will lure you to ship wreck if you don’t have a plan to navigate past all the siren songs of distraction.
    Marie is spot on. Feelings are deceptive, fickle things. Do something and the feelings will follow.

    What about that 5% of the time. In those cases I go play. I am still doing something but I am taking a break from the business to recharge those batteries so I have insight and energy to offer it. I do have fewer of those days because I made a point of scheduling time off during the week.

    • Beth-
      thank you for sharing Newton’s Law and your insights. I really enjoyed reading them!
      in gratitude-

      • Tara: You are so welcome. These thoughts are distilled from a lot of reading and listening to lessons just like the one Marie shared today. I really do think that the laws of physics apply, at least in some degree, to our psyches. After all, psychic energy is still energy.

  34. Hey Doll, Where Can I find your book?

    I have been a hernit… wallowing in depression, not liking myself or what I am doing. But you know what… After watching this… I realize that when people say “no”, it’s just getting them out of the way for someone else to come along.

    Thank you for your positive and up-beat “get your @$$ in gear” videos.

    • Its on Amazon. Type Make Every Man Want You. You can get it cheaper and instantly if you buy it for Kindle and download Kindle for your computer or use Kindle cloud (or if you have a smart phone, put kindle on it).

      • I just bought it on Barnes and noble for nook. I am so excited to read it!

  35. Here’s my list of things to do:

    1) Drop the downers – spend as little time as possible around people who don’t get what you are doing or why you are doing it even when you have explained it over and over to them and insist on offering you advice and nagging you on how to best deal with things.

    2) Surround yourself with people who get it.

    3) As someone said earlier in the comments, schedule blocks of time

    4) Don’t give yourself grief if you don’t get everything done in one day

    5) Go check up with therapists and doctors to make sure your physical and mental health is ok. And then go to the person you go to for spiritual advice, be it your priest, pastor, psychic, whoever so you can be sure your spiritual health is sorted out too.

    6) Break everything down into the separate tasks and then look at your schedule and slot them in. I do lists of tasks according to categories: Masters, business, conference, etc and then slot them in to the spaces.

    7) Write out a list before you go to bed of three things that you are grateful for each day. I put mine in my diary so I can see it when I look at my schedule the next day as well.

    8) Make time for things that make you happy – I have time each day to write, paint and dance.

    9) Make time for some sort of exercise each day – a walk, or yoga or a swim. Anything you can handle for however long you can handle it.

    10) Get a regular sleep pattern – it doesn’t matter what it is so long as it fits into your schedule so you can still do everything and so long as you stick with it.

    11) Manage your energy. If you can’t handle large events with big crowds, just meet up with people one on one till you can. If you need to sleep, adjust your schedule so you can sleep more.

    12) Try drinking more water.

    • Struggling so much with #2. What do you do when no one gets it and you don’t know where to meet people who do (there are no groups I can find)? I hate feeling like everyone I could meet who gets it is in Austin, TX or NYC. I know there have to be people in Dallas, TX. 🙁

      • I can relate to the same problem #2! Adding to #7 which is giving YOURSELF a good report. Which means, the 3 things you did right or got done, it takes the focus off of the negative which reinforces the positive on what we do right or got done.

        I also loved making time for things that make you happy! I am a BOOK FIEND!!! If i could figure out a way to get paid to read books everyday all day, life would be grand!! Guess I need all of your help for that one 🙂

  36. There is a significant difference between inspiration and motivation. Inspiration is an “A-ha” moment where someone or something gives you the glimmer of hope that you can do “it”…while Motivation is simply “why” you’re doing something in the first place. A key tip for you that I share with my Fitness Coaching Clients is this: Discover Why you want to do something, then flood yourself with Inspiration everyday. Before you know it, you’ll be closer to where you want to be.

    Hope this serves you XOXO…Joyce

    • YES!!! Joyce, I think you really hit the nail on the head here! I this a lot of people are waiting for a “lightning bolt” of inspiration to come, but when you have true motivation to achieve your goals, you work anyway, with or without the lightning bolt, just to keep moving toward a goal. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  37. Thank Gawd Marie you kept it real, and have inspired us that are or have been un-motivated to do the same 🙂 I have been in those shoes and yes, even until recently was very embarrassed by my gig in retail, but decided to just be honest with my boss, share my unfullfillment and unhappiness (hey, sometimes you get hired for the wrong job) and a weight was lifted, for real, for real, and I am now doing my “thang” as a paid freelance copywriter. Workin’ to turn this hustle from a freelance one to a business.

    Honesty! Yes, folks, I agree with Marie, it will save your life!

  38. Thank you – you don’t know how much that meant to me….

  39. Alex

    Thanks for helping a sister get unstuck!

  40. Marie,
    Love love love this one! When you’re in a “funk”, as I call it, doing all the things you described ARE the way to get out of it.

    I see it all the time as a business coach and have experienced it myself.

    Some things that have personally worked for me
    1. Journal to get authentic words and feelings about the situation so I can talk about it more easily.
    2. Get around other business owners who are in all different stages of business – this allows me to recall the successes that I have had in the early stages and think about the exciting times to come.
    3. Select tasks that I can complete quickly so I get the gratification “high”

    Thanks again for this one!!

  41. * Akua *

    Really great advice. Thank you for all you do!
    One day I will share a magical story with you about how far your reach goes. 🙂 Wishing you perpetual Love, Beauty & Magic always.

  42. Loved it Marie! Especially: Be honest about where you are at- tell your friends and stick to the facts, come out of victim mode!

    Good friends do help us get clear about whether we are in victim mode or not!

    My favorite saying: I’m gonna kick the sh*t outta’ this project!
    Think, Eye of the Tiger! Put up your dukes and jump around a little 🙂

    All the best,


  43. Great video and so many wonderful tips.

    What I want to add goes along with the “getting Honest” part. I find that in many instances the lack of motivation is because you don’t really want to do what you think your supposed to do. Your faced with a SHOULD rather than I want to.
    It’s important to get real with yourself and make sure you are coming from a place of your own alignment and not what everyone else thinks you should do.

    You Rock!!!


  44. Great advice! When stuck in the muck, I personally, truly take action.

    I just returned from a self-development seminar and one of the comments that stuck with me was, “Do the little things, and the big vision automatically comes.” Most people try to skip the little things and go right to the big things. When the big things don’t happen, then they do nothing.

    So, taking action…doing SOMETHING, as you said, is the best advice!

  45. Jamie

    I am a single mother of 3 teenage girls, Life is VERY STRESSFUL (like everyone else’s I know) I appreciate your BE HONEST comment. I have always motivated myself be pretenting life is grand and moving on. DEAL with the problems then move on… That is what I got out of your insights today… Thanks. Now let’s see if I can. Thanks for the kick in the pants. It is a kick forward.

  46. Candace

    I am a freelance journalist, have a novel being rep’ed by a huge NYC literary agency, and I’m not making nearly enough money. I’m a good, solid, fun lifestyle writer, but can’t break out into bigger markets. My book is going to be going out through my agency as a front-list ebook within the next couple of months, which feels like a fail. I wanted the hardcover, big book deal. But, the business has changed, and I am embracing this next step.

    Bottom line – I’m not nearly reaching my potential, Plenty of freelance writers make great money. I just don’t know how to get there! Help!

  47. Get up early.

  48. Marie — I LOVE your dress!

  49. Marie! I enjoyed this so much!

    Your 5 minutes summarized lots of therapy sessions! One take-aways from that phase of my therapy that I’ve relied on over the years was summarized with your tweetable :). Don’t wait for motivation, just do something…preferably moving your body to get of the head! I also subscribe to the theory that helping others will naturally kick start motivation and give you a well spring of gratitude.

  50. I have to steal this for my FB status today! Losers Wait For Motivation, Winners Get Shit Done!

    I Love it!

    So yes, I finally am in dream making process, landed my first official childrens book illustration deal, and got my deposit. Usually I’m freaking speedy gonzalez on crack with everything I do. Get it done now philosophy. I have been mentally motivated, but all of the sudden my body start breaking down with colds, fever, stomach flu. My back went out. Just everything in my body says rest or fear. I worked with my coach on this, and she simple said its my resistance which is fear working its curse on me. I’ve always been a really motivated person, I bite the bullet and just keep on freaking going. If I have a low period in my creative life, I do yoga, work out, get new hair color, or play like crazy with my daughter to keep the happy endorphins coming in. But this round my body got physically sick. So I journalled all my feelings out, went back in my past and confronted a few people that had been on mind for a few years, where I feel a bit unjust, and expressed myself. There was unhappy and supportive responses back, but I feel stronger because I said my peace, and it was practice for me to be honest with what I do. I worked as a graphic designer and web designer for years. Now I’m painting, making more art then ever, and getting paid as a professional illustrator. These professions may seem all a bit similar. But I’m finally living my dream, I read a book called “THE DIP” by seth goldin, before reading that book, I seriously was hoping, that the book just basically will tell me to give up, and find a job. But it didn’t, it expressed to me as Marie said, even huge companies like microsoft, and apple, go thru the dip, which is similar to motivation slump. Pushing through it is key to success. Who says success was a perfect highway. Like my years of hot yoga. I finally can do a headstand the other day against the wall ON MY OWN! I flew out of class in HAPPINESS, and the whole day got easier. What I mean, is fill your life and focus with other things, to help motivate your current thing. Sometimes we get SOOO focused on our work, that we loose sight of the purpose. Find your purpose, for me it was love. 😉

  51. Morning Marie from Mattapoisett

    The universe works in such strange ways. My name is Johanna (pronounced Joanna) and lately, for a whole slew of reasons, I have been having some motivation issues. When the video first started, I had to go back and listen a couple times b/c I thought to myself, did she really say “Joanna? Is she talking to moi?”

    Turns out you were.

    And here’s what I am doing to combat them:
    1. Get out and meet people. Part of my issue is that I have been stuck behind the computer too much so off I have been to networking events, health fairs and meet ups.
    2. I have brought the party to my job and getting back into all the things that I like doing in it.

    Thank you for this Universe.
    xo Johanna

  52. Well every time I have an issue you are right there with a solution, I have also been in a rut even though my life is great, I guess all that hard work caught up with me, and now I have to decide apart from my passion to do as well to make money, I have now decided, property as that apart from music is what I do best. I did try a few other things but they all failed, and the people I dealt with failed me also, so after getting depressed and feeling lost, I have not jumped back up and am singing like crazy and running a property business too to make that extra money until my royalties come in. In fact music and property work great hand in hand and is now a life plan for success in my music, and invest my money in property, job done; now I have to get back up as I have an album to get out. I am a happy lady, but gee for some reason I just become lost in it all. I am alright now though.
    I have listened to you and I have changed my life entirely and it is working great, and in it all just became lost a little, but now found me again!! I guess success can make you feel sad also.
    I think also it is I am not any longer running about all over the place, I have it all in order now, and that in itself takes some getting used to.

    Recording Artist

  53. Fajr

    Whenever I feel stuck or simply like a bump on a log, I give myself permission to feel how I feel. I try not to beat myself up about it and let myself sulk but not for too long.

    Then I write out all the things that I need (or would like) to do and then write down what I feel is stopping me. This helps give me some concrete clarity as to how I feel and gets my problems out of my head.

    Then I put on my Theme Music (Mary J. Blige’s Just Fine) and I get to work tackling my list. Music really keeps me pumped and motivated to get stuff done. Also I try to make sure I’m getting enough sleep, because sometimes lack of sleep is what drains my energy and has me all crabby patties!

    Great advice Marie!

  54. Great tips from everyone!
    A couple of things I do each day:
    – first thing in the morning, I close my eyes and get clear about what I want to accomplish that day, and visualize it being accomplished, complete with how great I’ll feel at the end of the day when that thing is done.
    – When I’m feeling unmotivated, I DON’T wait for motivation to kick in; instead, I simply sit down, dive in, and start doing the work, and within minutes, I feel more motivated and inspired. Pretty amazing how this works! Seems simple, but it really works for me.
    – Like some of the other commenters mentioned, sometimes doing just one little thing will break the cycle, so I’ve been better about putting at least one or two simple and easily accomplishable things on my daily action items list, rather than filling it with several massive, complex projects each day. Still working on this one! : )
    Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas, I’ll be adding some of these things to my toolbox. : )

  55. Another GREAT video…thank you Marie. Honestly, when the lack of motivation monster strikes, and if I’m not up against a deadline, I head for the beach (one of the many blessings of living in Hawaii). That usually revives my spirits just enough to work hard the next day.

  56. Oh almost forgot
    I found my passion with you Marie, Music, and I am doing great, a chart artist and hit single in December. Here is my latest this week release.



  57. Alexander_D

    Marie, Great stuff, good advice. you are too funny. Love the attitude. Keep those necklaces warm.. LOL

  58. If you just can’t help yourself, then help someone else. Doing even the simplest act for another can break your navel-gazing frustration.

  59. WOW.
    This post came to me in a huge moment of need. I’ve been feeling demotivated and sad (not only about my work but also in my life) and it’s true. I think being honest with yourself and just getting sh*t done will eventually start the engines going and momentum will make its way.
    Thanks for the useful advice!
    Love your energy Marie 🙂

  60. Best Tweetable yet! Good stuff, Marie.

  61. Karen Fitzgerald

    You are one kick ass woman:). I’ve met you through Mama Gena’s, been to RHH (which was great), and watch the videos…so good! And this one?
    I SO needed it, as I’m building my website, getting my work out there, etc.

    And you know what? I am doing it all…everything you mentioned. So, I’m on it. Yay me:) Thanks for reminding me. And then I re-watched more MarieTV, just because.

    Karen Fitzgerald

    • So love seeing you out there lately!
      3X in one week!
      Always a pleasure…you inspire ME.
      xo tara

  62. Jen

    First of all, loved reading all the comments! My two cents:
    Things that WORK:
    1) Watching Marie’s videos. Nuff said.
    2) Sleep in your gym clothes (yup). Plan B, buy workout clothes that are bright colors (i.e. PINK). It simply makes you happy and cute all in one.
    3) Set time lines throughout the day. (I’m still working on this one, but it’s definitely necessary for those working from their homes when not with clients). Don’t mess around on facebook and tweetdeck for more than ____ mins. (you know who you are).
    4) Don’t eat and tweet.
    5) Do what you love and the awesomeness seems to come back to you. Karma; It ain’t a b**** unless you make it that way.
    6) Have a buddy, at least one who you can dish it all out to. Someone who won’t judge you but listen to what’s really going on. Then share a cupcake (or not) and move on.
    7) Let it go. Allow any feelings to come up, let it marinade for a little, then change something, like your location, go for a walk, meet a friend, listen to Adele “set fire to the rain.” Do a headstand or a backbend (total immediate energy).

    • For me, I hate sports bras. And I’d never sleep in one because I have ingrained in my head that sleeping with a bra reduces your breast size. I’m an A cup! So I just put my sports bra on the bedside table and work out with my sleepy pants on.

      • Jen

        Udo, the Girl (aka Doka). Ha, well, I was kind of joking about sleeping in the gym clothes, you just keep that bra on the nightstand…that works, or at least the entire gym outfit or gym bag. Love that you wear the sleepy pants to workout. 😉 I often have mismatched socks.

  63. Michelle Doetsch

    I have an accountability partner that I check in with every day. Each evening, we set 5 goals for the next day, then email the other when we’re done and tell them what our goals are for the following day. We allow ourselves substitutions but we have to have a good reason. So if I’m feeling completely unmotivated I can say “I didn’t have the energy to do x goal, so I read y motivational book instead and now I’m supercharged again”

    Lately, however, I seem to have the opposite problem. I want to get started on opening my own biz so badly that I spend most of my free time working at it and then I find myself in need of some balance. So I have to set goals like “spend some quality time with my husband” or “have some girl time with…” a couple times a week to keep my sanity.

  64. This happened to me last year. I was home with the kids, running a business I didn’t love and lost all motivation. What helped me was getting back to doing the things I love. I work out 4 days a week, I changed my business and I am following my passion. All of these changes have made my whole life better. Negative thoughts will sink your ship, be a positive captain in your life. Lots of love!

  65. Fernanda

    Hi Marie, the letter describes exactly what i’m going through and telling someone is the hardest part, specially when you don’t have any supportive friends who you can trust and share this kind of thing.

    It’s hard when you realize that there are things you “should be doing”
    at a certain age and you are not even close of achieving them.

    And it’s even harder to put life on track when you’re broke and time is running…
    But just feeling sorry is not the solution, I must take action

    Thank you so much for this great video and I suggest you to make one with advices about the “should be doing” thing, I’m sure it would help a lot of people = )

  66. Ooh yes! I think taking the first step is always the hardest, but it gets momentum going which really pulls you forward. Every time I find myself hiding (from my inbox, doing speaking gigs, hanging out with people) I know that I need to get back out there. Once I do, the weirdness always subsides!

  67. Here’s what has worked for me when I’ve been stuck (some of this is proudly woo-woo):

    1. I believe that there’s a right time for everything, so if I’m not “feeling it,” then maybe it’s not the right time yet. Or maybe it’s not the right circumstances (with my own fears usually being the biggest circumstance getting in the way). Either way, I acknowledge that the situation is bigger than my limited human mind can analyze its way out of, and I use prayer and meditation as tools to quiet my mind and guide me to the right time, circumstances, and resources.

    2. I rearrange my office. Whether you think of it as changing the feng shui (woo-woo) or just giving yourself new scenery (non woo-woo) , it REALLY helps to reset my mind. (EZ Moves make moving my big desk really easy =>

    3. When I’m so stuck that the idea of putting time into my business makes my skin crawl, I spend that time instead helping my friend with her business. We’re both “solopreneurs” who know the value of having a second set of hands/ears/eyes in the business, so we’re always grateful for each other’s help. And I find that not only does the productivity in her business help me find motivation, but I also usually learn something while helping her that solves the problems I was facing (or avoiding) in my own.


  68. Sometimes I have a marshmellow mind that will blow up with anxiety if I don’t controll it. Imangine a marshmellow in a microwave….

    So, to help keep me motivated and on track with managing the anxiety, I have to write things down (part of keeping myself honest).

  69. Mon

    Thank you! I needed this last night! To help myself, I get out of my room for oxygen even in the winter. I sit in Starbucks and people watch or “feel social”. Feel like I’m in the world! I read a book. I turn off all media and take a nap or sleep. It helps my brain shut up.

  70. Marie 🙂
    I loved your clip about motivation. I have and am feeling stuck in life as well. One of my magic tricks is Music. Latley, the one i use that gets my motor going is Maroon 5 (moves like Jaggar)
    Being unmotivated is not an option when listening to this song!! I get the house work done! I play it over and over! Hope it helps!
    With Fondness,
    Marty (from snowy salt lake city, Utah!)

  71. I have been going through a very dark time in my life over the past 4 years. It has only been in the last few months that something changed in my head. I really don’t know what sparked it other than I learned to relax and let go. That change made me realize what I had been doing to myself. I decided to take that first step and now I take the first step every day.

    What do I do to motivate myself. As a owner of a creative business I have learned to fall in love with my work again. I find myself coming up with ideas and sketching or stitching constantly, every step a joy again. Little steps that together make big leaps. Setting goals and allow myself flexibility and balance to get where I am going.

    Of course reminding myself of the love and support I get from my husband and daughters is a big part of the process. And learning to love and be ok with yourself and not listening to the haters.

    Thank you for this and your other videos they have helped me on my journey.

  72. Perfect timing. Thank you!
    Be honest. ” I’m having a rough time right now.”
    Stay active with friends, going to Power core yoga this morning.
    Take action. Booked dinner with a friend, writing a note to you.
    Health and Properity.

  73. When I’m feeling unmotivated, I often just take a day off, watch a good movie, go for a run and basically just recharge my batteries. I often feel ready to get back to work when I do this!

  74. I totally LOVE this! You said it so simply and so well. It is soooo true!!! Just doing something moves the energy and creates more clarity.
    Be honest with yourself, have a good cry if you need to reach out to others and be ok with others helping you by listening or bringing clarity. So good. We don’t need to do this whole life thing alone!

  75. Love this video.

    When I’m feeling lost with my music career, I just start scheduling the shit out of my life. I book shows (even if it’s in a month and I don’t have a band ready), I book songwriting sessions, I book listening sessions, I book meetings with old friends and colleagues in the music business and I make extra sure that I stick to my workout and practice routines. Those routines keep me balanced and help me start the day.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up Marie! Great video this week


  76. I agree – being honest and accepting is so tough! I would just add to surround yourself with people who allow you to do that. I am lucky that my boyfriend and my co-working buddies are so supportive. When I am upset, my boyfriend reminds me, “It’s okay to be upset.” And my co-working buddy always reminds our group it’s okay to through yourself “a pity party” occasionally. Now we openly talk about how we had a pity party this afternoon or that evening, and it’s so nice to be honest about it! Then when you get bored from crying and feeling sorry for yourself, you can pick yourself up and get back to rocking it.

    Thanks for this inspiration today!

  77. Hi Marie! I take action! I’m in the middle of getting out of a rut and climbing to the top of my mountain, plus my life is shifting. The kiddos are in school, a loonnng divorce is over, I’m in an amazing relationship and I have experience in my field–time for something more.

    To get out of a rut, I take action and DO things, like a weekend retreat about relationship and Rich, Happy and Hot B School, then implement what I learn. I also ask for help, I’m talking to intuitive mentor Emelie Rota ( ) this week about what’s next for me.

  78. Hey there, Marie, yep, I do get those moments … when I feel my rut isn’t my doing but that of others in my life … though I always know that isn’t really true … in fact just the opposite. So I smile at myself. You can easily do that if you are just a little more open to yourself. Now inspiration is a big fish you don’t come by often. I have a li’l daughter, a university professor, all the literary greats in the world, all the singing sensations I know of, all the art work by masters, great survivors, and many more persons and things to draw inspiration from.

    Recently, I chanced upon a very singular person on the internet. If her black dress isn’t inspiration and motivation enough in life, I’d wonder what else can possibly be ;P



  79. I meant the one in the ‘How to get motivated…’ video.

  80. This was me last week! Totally unmotivated and just questioning everything. Lack of motivation goes hand-in-hand with resistance.

    I got some really good advice from a friend who said that resistance + fear is almost always coming from a “younger” part of yourself. It’s not the passionate, purposeful adult woman you are today. It sounds weird, but you can actually engage in a dialogue with your younger self. Ask her how she’s feeling, what she’s afraid of and what she needs. Because she (the fear) is just trying to protect you.

    And then, repeat it back to her. “Yes, I understand you’re feeling x… etc. Let her know it’s going to be OK and really listen to what comes up.

    Doing this exercise helped me make some connections I wouldn’t have otherwise, and it really helped me feel better about taking action.

  81. Movies are my go to when I really need motivation. Especially..waving my geek flag high here…is watching The Empire Strikes Back. After spending two hours and plus with Luke and Yoda, I’m ready to feel and use the Force again to get back on track.

    • Oh yeah!!! When I watch movies like… Legally Blonde or Freedom Writers… I am so pumped and motivated. Maybe I should watch it tonight!

  82. This is an amazing post that I needed deeply. I have read your book several times via the Amazon Kindle (for mac and android). One concept you talk about in your videos and the book is “bringing the party”. This is SO HARD for me to do on a continuous basis. Any tips?

    I recently have gotten out of my -lack of motivation- rut. I still have a bit of issues with it, but the BIG issue of it has started to subside.

    – I viewed my job hunt as a game. Everything is data. I didn’t get the job? More data. How about asking them for some feedback to build upon that data?

    – My situation involves my parents not allowing me to follow a certain dream of mine. I started focusing on other desires that make me incredibly happy.

    – I started networking (online) with like-minded women who might become my friend or mentor. I wish so bad to do this in real life, but its hard for me to find it. Luckily, there is one event this Friday that may give me the in-person community I’m looking for.

    – I got in touch with my body. Sometimes, your body has a slight twinge or urge to do that thing you’re avoiding. This is hard to notice!! Because when you are in a rut, your mind likes to STAY in the rut. So its very easy to ignore when your body has that slight twinge to get out of the rut. Get in touch with your body and TRAIN YOUR MIND to listen and obey certain wisdoms your body is signaling.

    – Think about how you would feel WHEN YOU ARE DONE doing the task. This has really changed my productivity. Focus on the FEELING of having that thing be done. And I’m sure if I couple this with “bring the party”, I’d be blaze bustin’!

    – Getting organized which is ahrd for me. I feel like there is always something more I could or should be doing. I’m coming to peace with this feeling. I follow Marie’s advice… clarity comes from action. It makes me feel a lot better than sitting thinking over and over “Oh crap what else do I have to do? I don’t even know where to start. Wah wah wah!”

    Those are my tips! I will re-read your book tonight, Marie. And anyone else have tips for me? I’d surely love it. 🙂

  83. Hey Marie,
    Thanks for the therapist comment!!! I always appreciate a shout out in my profession’s direction. In terms of the honestly, I think that it is the number one issue that people struggle with-in work and relationships. In the years that I have done therapy, I have consistently talked to my clients about honesty.
    Sometimes, you just can’t get to it without an objective ear.
    Thanks, Marie for being so you!

  84. Katja

    Hi Marie!
    And thank you For what you’re doing! I can really really relate to todays topic about motivation. I know how painful it can be to go through à period of time feelin absolutley dead at work and in other areas in life. I also know how painful it can get if you don’t do anything about it an just try to “wait it out”. To me the worst thing happened: My lack of motivation affected My relationship to the point where My boyfriend actually broke up with me. I felt horrible, but finally I started takin action in my life and soon got à new job; better one, better paid off, I started goin out, meeting new people and now I m not sure if that that person who was feelin so low really was me?!!! I also want to thank you For your great book: make evey man want you- it helped me à lot along the way and I still carry it with me as à reminder of how small changes can make Wonderful things happen!

  85. This is what I do when I feel “stuck in a rut”:

    I watch MarieTV!!!

  86. Perfect video for today. I’m approaching finals in grad school, and I’m feeling really under the weather, so motivation is even harder to come by than usual. I always try to remind myself that I can’t wait for inspiration to make work (I’m getting my MFA in Illustration), and that “the day will happen, whether or not you get up”.

    I find that when I’m in “Facebook-Coma” – you know that time where you just zombie-out and click through random pictures? Or maybe you’re on Pinterest – I get up and exercise. Working out really helps me to come back feeling pumped and focused.

    Thanks Marie!

  87. I think another issue that affects motivation is the idea that what you want to do is too big to be done.
    I’ve already started implementing my next Big Change and I’m so excited about it. I know how hard it’s going to be to get everything done, but I’ve already done it before so I know I can do it. Even if you’ve never made The Big Change, you can do it. It is possible. Even if you don’t have enough money, that doesn’t have to stop you.

  88. I would also say that a lack of motivation can be a pretty key indicator that your soul is telling you to take a good honest look at what you’re *trying* to do because it may not be what your heart is actually calling for. My personal experience has always been that a continuous lack of motivation signifies that my ego is trying to push my Being into doing whatever it may be because my ego is under the impression that it HAS to do it. When you’re living authentically from the place of soulful inspiration (following your heart), motivation is never lacking.

    • Liz

      Wish I read what you wrote before I did post mine 🙂 I totally agree however I feel like I am experiencing a vicious cycle. First of all, all my body my soul is giving me the signs of me doing something wrong with my life. I do think all day, read, watch try to find what it is, but nope, I can not. And most of all I do not have the motivation to do anything and it is getting worse every day. Being stuck all day at home and trying to get acclimated has got a lot to do with it but I feel embarrased cause every single sec of my life is valuable and will not come back. I hope you see where I am lost…..I do see it but cannot do anything about it.

  89. 1. Take imperfect action.
    2. Move your body!
    3. Make arrangements to work with a buddy who can keep you accountable.

  90. Great stuff again Marie. Too much focus on motivation or “getting in the right state” actually leads to more inaction. For me mindfulness/awareness is always the starting point (which definitely includes being honest), combined with making sure to remember what’s important to me in life, what I really value, and how I can make a difference. I agree with David above, too, that lack of motivation, or a lot of resistance to doing something, could be a “waysign” of where not to go, and could be ego resistance, forcing yourself to do something you don’t really want to. Of course it’s not always the case, but it CAN be at times. Like when I tried to get into real estate investing as my “career” many years back, yuck! Just not my thing.

    Like a compass when I get off track I also call it simply “doing what matters.” Focusing on values, of how you want to show up, make a difference instead of just on goals or accomplishing things. Of course goals are important too, but too much goal focus, and dissatisfaction shows up everywhere!

    I believe everyone wants to make a difference, and have meaning in their life, whatever that means for them.

    Keep rockin’ it lady!

  91. This frickin’ rocks, I love it. People wonder why I can get done what I do…ha!

  92. Love your tips! I was just stuck in the “lack of motivation” rut for a good six months. And, it was no bueno. Ultimately, the thing that got me out of it was completely letting myself off the hook. I had been pressuring myself so hard to make my business happen that I wasn’t having any fun in life at all. And, when I finally stopped pressuring myself, I was able to accept where I was and start taking action. I immersed myself in things that made me feel alive and happy regardless of their relationship to the task at hand. Just feeling that spark of aliveness really brought me back into the domain of inspiration in where I had been trying to go with my business.

    From there, making daily TO DO lists really helped me accomplish more. Taking a few minutes every morning and listing all the things that I could realistically accomplish in the day. Breaking tasks into their individual parts and checking them off one by one helps me feel like I’m accomplishing a lot.

    Not making shit happen in our lives can have a lot to do with the fears surrounding being successful. Not taking action keeps us safely in our comfort zone which means no failure or rejection. Even if we are miserable where we are, it can be a lesser fear than that of the unknown.

    And lastly, I read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. This book completely changed my outlook on motivation and time management. He proposes that we each have a limit to how much we’ll allow ourselves to feel good. Once we reach that point, we’ll trigger our Upper Limit and do something to sabotage those good feelings. It’s a pretty epic concept that I found to be beyond accurate in my own life.

  93. I’ll listen to some positive music life Natasha Bedingfield, Michael Beckwith or Irene Boggs. The words and upbeat tunes normally help my highten my vibration and get moving. Life is good baby, now lets go make it even better!

  94. melissa

    “Losers wait for motivation. Winners get shi* done.” I LOVE THIS QUOTE! You are so right. It’s very hard to find the motivation to tackle every problem all at once. I get overwhelmed by the idea and end up doing nothing, but if I start chipping at the problem bit by bit, next thing I know it’s solved.

    • Baby steps are definitely a great way to get started on something – here here Melissa!

  95. The big thing for me whenever I get stuck is to do something creative. I like to brainstorm with markers and pencil crayons – like draw a picture of my feelings, mind map in colour, write a list of 100 things related to one thing (usually the ‘thing’ is related to ‘what do I want?’), or write a letter to myself from some famous person. It invariably pulls back the curtains on my ‘stuck’ feelings and helps get me going again.

  96. Kelly

    I have been feeling in a rut lately so I made my new years resolution to set and achieve 3 goals a week! I have an alarm that goes off on my phone every monday morning that tells me “SET GOALS” and I list 3 things I want to do that week. They could be something really simple (last week I wanted to change the headlight in my car!) but it keeps me from procrastinating!

  97. Wow! The subject in this week’s video really hit home for me, as I’ve been going through a rough patch the past few months, trying to “figure it out.”
    Just yesterday I signed up for a ceramics class I’ve been wanting to take. Today I scheduled two seminars in my city that are geared toward creative careers. I also received a new job prospect from a friend earlier this afternoon.
    This video came into my inbox at the perfect moment, and urged me to call a friend, who I was supposed to talk to last week about my progress, which I was embarrassed to discuss until today!

  98. I totally agree about never knowing what things will lead to and just trying new things. A year and a half ago I took a silver jewelry making class just for fun and since then have turned my knowledge into a pretty successful side business. A side business that I could see expanding and turning into my full time job. All this because I decided to sign up for a class that sounded interesting to me.

    Thanks for the video Marie!

  99. Look at the response! Awesome video Marie. I think it’s important to literally let your friends know it’s ok to talk about when they’re stuck in a rut too. I remember once being on the verge of a nervous breakdown and an old friend from Primary school came to see me. She was my best friend then and I hadn’t seen her for about 10 or 15 years. I let her know I was having a tough time and she said “Oh! I thought you had it together.” She looked totally disappointed and, as you can imagine, sunk me deeper.
    Tell your friends, before they need to hear it, that it’s ok to ask for support.

  100. Dawn

    What did we all learn in high school? An object in motion tends to stay in motion!

    • Kamina

      Oh yes! I agree!

      Forcing yourself to do happy things forced the brain to produce those happy hormones. Just sitting alone feeling sorry for yourself is going to produce more of that.

  101. Bka

    This video comes at an exactly right time for me too.
    But I wonder, how to start when you’ve already been a hermit for too long??
    I’ve had bad experiences with friends that have shown unsupportive to the point I thought I didn’t have the right to be honest ’cause that was a burden on them, and so I just got used to cope with stuf all alone.
    I’ll appreciate very much any sugestions.

  102. Thanks for “bringin’ the party”, Marie – as always. You are so right.

    My mother passed on in November. Wow – this is a difficult time! Dealing with waves of grief mixed with work that must be done & life, in general, to keep up with. So, while I’m allowing myself the time to just hole up some days, I’ve also had to seriously “bring the party” on days when I’m feeling really lost. The number one way for me to do that is to walk – to really get grounded in natural settings. Mother Earth is an amazing reminder that all is well – all the time. Letting go while walking allows all this vibrant energy in that informs us of ideas & new directions we can take.

    And, as you said – just being truthful is so important. No downers, just the fact of what’s real. All of us experience tough times & most people are pretty compassionate. Just letting them know what’s up gives them the opportunity to respond. They may have just the thing for you!

  103. Kamina

    Two things always seem to work for me when I find myself in this situation.

    1. By forcing myself back into the gym I not only tend to my health but I boost my self esteem as well. If you don’t feel good about yourself how are you supposed to move forward?

    2. I get outside of myself. I do things for others like getting involved in my church or community. I have an associate that goes to the hospital and rocks sick babies….talk about a GREAT way to focus on something other than you!

    Basically, I find that the better I feel about myself the more I want to accomplish. I guess it is a bit like a drug…chasing that GREAT feeling.

    GREAT video Marie…awesome topic!

  104. Hi Marie,

    Great video and great advice as always 🙂

    My best tips to get motivated are:

    1. Start from within – work on your self-esteem so you believe in yourself and your future.
    2. Plan and focus on a goal or a vision – where you would like to be in the future.
    3. Do your best to do what your love, focus on your passion and try to make it into a career or at least a hobby that would give your the needed motivation and contacts.

    I write a lot about this issue and other personal and career development tips in my blog so please take a look and send to me your feedback.

    Have a great day!


  105. Tanya

    Perfect timing 🙂 Needed these reminders – especially to GET OUT THERE! Working from home and sitting in the one place can get so dull and insular…

    I find when it comes to looking after myself – whether it’s yoga or some other activity – what works for me is to decide the night before and no more discussion… Recently I decided that I would start every day with some yoga or meditation, even if it’s only for 15 or 20 mins… Got fed up with the daily “should I… shouldn’t I… or maybe later…” approach. So now it’s a done deal – I know that’s what I’m going to do when I wake up and it’s become as much a daily habit as brushing my teeth, eating or anything else we find time to do to look after ourselves.

    I should probably put this into practice with work…

  106. Haha…I was just talking about this myself. Do SOMETHING. Geez. I tell people all the time…just do something (you even mentioned a few things I’ve said like clean out a drawer). It’s amazing how once you start…it rolls into more. Doesn’t always roll for long, so you have to do it again…but it works every time!

  107. Exercise & move my body.
    PS- love your hair M. Cali doing you good.

  108. I am giving back today!! Here you go MARIE
    If someone wants an idea Marie for a business I have one for you to share, make daddy dolls, yes, little kids love to carry a daddy doll about until daddy comes home, or mummy doll, or doll of a child, a doll that is like you, with your face, just an idea to help people, I have found my passion through you Marie, and am very happy, this post today helped me, Have been through a lot and you helped me get through it all and get my life back, so giving back today, this idea can make anyone lots of extra cash, They sell for $24.95 and up, you just make a dolly from a photo and use the daddy, mummy face, kids love these a lot and they help them keep daddy, mummy close.
    Nothing needed in return, just me doing my thing and giving back to everyone.

  109. I will be doing the shoulder shake shortly!

  110. What a fun video! I recently wrote a blog post on staying motivated and committed to fitness and well being. I hope you enjoy:

  111. Hey Marie, thanks for another great Vid!

    In my opinion, it is ALL about doing the SILLY DANCE! If I am feeling a bit unmotivated or in a bad mood about something that I just know I shouldn’t, I wheel out the Silly Dance method.

    The Silly Dance method is where you have to force yourself to dance like a complete loon until you stop taking yourself so seriously… it works every time.

    The first few shimmies are tricky, but soon enough I get into the swing of things and the shimmy takes on a life of its own. AMAZING. 🙂

    TOP TIP: You might need to get your partner or flatmate to help you on this. Often they can see when you need to do the dance before you realise it for yourself…

  112. Great post as always Marie! Another reason why some people lack motivation or procrastinate is because they are NOT clear on their goals. They don’t have a vision for their life. Once they have clarity, they can then take the action steps that will move them closer to building a business that supports the life they envision.

  113. shantala

    awesome video…love the idea of bringing the party to it. i’m a huge believer in the law of attraction that’s talked about in the secret, and your thoughts on putting fun an passion into each task being a magnet for great things is so on par with that!


  114. LOVEd this video.
    As usual, it arrived at the perfect time.
    Thank you for being and bringing such joy and levity to entrepreneurs!
    in gratitude-

  115. What a fabulous video Marie! Love it and it touches every business person out there. I know I can get stuck and withdraw from people b/c I’m embarrassed by my lack of motivation. I usually attack my “To Do” List so that I feel like I’m accomplishing something and I try to set up plans to have a social life so that I don’t isolate myself. I’ve been dealing with some health issues for the past two weeks and have now attacked that by getting treatment and checked out. I feel like a new person. Being free of headaches is a miracle. Thanks for all the tips Marie and all you amazing people!!! 🙂

  116. Shalon

    I’ve noticed that every time I lose motivation (or get in a “funk” as I call it) it is because I am doubting myself. So I sit down and write. And I answer these questions:
    1) What am I feeling? (make a list)
    2) Why? (answer this for each item on the list)
    3) What am I going to do about it? <– key question

    The exercise of writing it down gets the negative, heavy thoughts out of my head so I can focus and get back to fabulosity again. Thanks for the great video!

  117. Entertaining, educational, & excellent video as usual Marie. You seem to have a knack to hit most of us right between the eyes. You just have a talent for too many things, you should let me borrow some from time to time.

    That tweetable is real talk!!!! #imjustsayinYO

  118. Feeling stuck in a rut is usually a sign of boredom. Do something different for a change. It gives us a breathing space and brings new light in looking at things. But don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish too many tasks at once. Instead, just do one thing at a time. It helps to bring us back into perspective.

    Keep the wonderful videos coming, Marie 🙂

    Thank you,

  119. Sarah

    How do I get motivated when I’m stuck in a rut? For me, getting out of my rut can be as simple as trying something new. Usually, to prevent myself from getting into a rut in the first place I set a goal for myself to try something new every day. It can be something as small as eating at a new restaurant at lunch, going to a different laundromat on laundry day, shopping at a different supermarket when I buy groceries, or taking a different route home from work… but the important thing is you’re constantly challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world around you. This can also be beneficial for your business. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve gone out on one of these self appointed challenges and seen something that inspired me to start a whole new collection for my jewelry business.

    I work two jobs, I’m a full time student, I own a jewelry company, and I’m the only one in my family who drives. It can be a little tough at times to juggle all these responsibilities, but I set aside one day a week for myself (usually Saturday). That one day I spend doing whatever I want to do: going to a museum, an amusement park, hiking to a local waterfall, shopping for clothes and accessories at a mall I haven’t been to yet or one of my favorites, having a spa day, sleeping in and clubbing the night away, etc. When I spend that one day a week doing what I want to do it often times helps me to feel re-energized when I get back to the daily grind of my week (which tends to start on Sunday and not Monday).

    Anywho, Marie Forleo, another wonderfully inspiring video. Keep ’em coming 😉

  120. As an artist I hear a lot of my compatriots talking about waiting for inspiration and not being able to create when they “do not feel inspired”. I liken these thoughts to your comment about motivation. I am constantly telling my peers, “You just need to get in the studio and do time with your muse. Yes, I know she is a fickle b**ch, but if you are not present to receive the gift of fire when it finally appears, how are you ever gonna get anything done? Besides, I often find the work that people tend to like is not something accomplished under the spell of that unreliable fairy; its often something that you think is just average. So just get in there and create…”

  121. Jamie

    There is great content in some of these videos, but I find them unwatchable due to all of the zooming in and out……very tough to watch! So I’ll just need to listen vs. watch….

  122. I recently took these exact same steps back in January, feeling not so optimistic about my future, and started a Quarter-Life-Crisis Support Group with my friends. We meet once a week to talk about our dreams, and offer our own resources to help each other make it happen! We’re there to be honest about where we’re at, we’re obviously with other people! and we set goals each week and review how we did the following the one. I feel more pumped than before knowing this is a time-honored process!

  123. If I am stuck, unmotivated it also might be that I am having a “silent pity party” in my head. They can sneak up on you! The best solution for me is to help someone else. Reach out to a friend that could use some motivation, write a blog post with the sole intention of helping someone in need that day. Nurture a relationship that needs some care. Heck! Call your mother!! She would love to hear from you! By helping someone else, it sets off endorphines inside your sweet little brain and it keeps you from becoming too myopic!

  124. Something that has helped with my motivation recently is to identify what is stopping me from completing a task, and then to come up with ways around this. For example, I’m currently completing an online course in interior design. I’m so excited about it yet find I’m just not doing the work. I realised what was stopping me was the online part of it and having to sit at a computer at night after having worked on a computer all day, so I printed out the materials and created work sheets with the assignment so I can work on it over lunch breaks or on the couch in the evening. It’s working like gangbusters!

    Breaking things into smaller, easier to digest chunks also really helps.

    Thanks Marie. Another great vid.

  125. LOVE this.

    Thank you, Marie, for your wonderful videos!

  126. Robert Garcia

    Hi Marie,

    Love your work!
    Question: What’s up with the censorship beeps?!? I really like the fact that you are authentic and I take you (and your site) as you are!

    Please don’t change.

  127. pinkus

    Hiya, due to my upbringing and having to stay positive with my mother as we lived with undiagnosed bi polar father and sister for over twenty years. I’ve been doing all the motivation requirements for ages, Then my mother died in 2009 quite suddenly and I took the challenge to keep moving forward. I was on an excellent path to recovery then i broke my arm and had 6 weeks of thinking time. I gave up on everything. I lived with two friends that took it personally and our relationship ended on bad terms. I was really at the bottom. I got help from the doctor and am now on tablets, I made it back to work but ended up doing maintenance in a psychiatric care home which was too close to how i felt earlier that year, so i left and since november I can not seem to get moving. I’ve talk to my friends a lot to the point where i want to change the record, I have tried the list before bed, I’ve tried minimising my targets. I’ve tried everything. I’m not talking to my sister now as I can not take her bad moods where she ends up blaming me for everything, she refuses to take tablets, I’ve distanced myself from my dad because he thinks i’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. I’m at the point now where I just sit and play my guitar and the rest of the planet can jog on. I’ve asked my doctor for blood tests etc and she said i’m ok, just stay with it. I should really seek professional help but i can’t seem to make the call. I’m really stuck. I can’t be bothered to at, my poor dog desperately needs a walk, I’ve spent 6 hours a day saying to myself just do it, just get up and get on and after the 6 hours the days gone before i know it its been 3 weeks. technically there is nothing wrong with my life. I enjoy my job and my hobbies. why can’t i sort this out x

  128. janet

    Hi pinkus,
    I can identify with everything you said! I have learned that getting back up and motivated to do what needs to be done sometimes just takes time. All the pep talks that makes things “easier” sometimes frustrates me too. Just be patient and kind to yourself. Realize that this too shall pass, but take good notes on the small things you can do – each day – that helps even a little. Sometimes just writing that down; acknowledging that you are probably becoming a better guitar player if that is what you are doing is a good start. You will sort it out, but in my life that doesn’t happen if I don’t write it down. Start now to keep a journal and recognize, reward, and strengthen your resolve by taking notes, even on those days when you don’t want to write anything down. Life goes on and so will you, so give yourself a little credit for what is right – right now!! A few good friends helps a LOT too.

  129. Laurie

    When that thought “I’m not motivated” or “I can’t get motivated” pops in my head, nothing cures it more than getting stuff done. Especially when lingering on where to start when it came to my business…I just did one thing and that one thing kick-started the next and so on.

    No time to get motivated. Just time to do that one thing that will kick the rest in motion.

  130. This funk I”m in just won’t go away. I have wonderful kids and a pretty good life. My business isn’t nearly as successful as I think it should be. I feel like I’m numb and that i don’t care about much. I lay around too much when I should be doing something that I don’t seem to do. I used to go through these periods and come out of them pretty easily but now i see no end in sight to this one. I’m going to try some of the suggestions here and hope to perk myself up. The not caring is draining my soul.

  131. Watts

    I hate this feeling! It’s due to where I live which is the desert and I am not originally from here. I never in my life thought that I would hate the sun so much but since living here for 5+ years I have developed a severe case of Reverse SAD (seasonal affect disorder). Yes, this is a real disorder – basically the opposite of SAD which people get in the winter. We have very, very little change in weather here in the CA desert. Cloud coverage is an extreme rare site – but when there is, only a few days in the winter, I feel great. My mood and how my body feels physically will literally change almost immediately as the clouds create filter light and dim the all too bright desert sun. After lots of research I have decided that my body remembers the N. Ca weather and environment and it just functions better since that is where I Iived for over 40 years of my life. It needs seasonal changes and diversity in the weather. Here in the desert the weather is almost identical everyday throughout the year!
    Now that it is June I have plunged into my low, low mood and it’s painfully hard to get motivated. I’m so glad you wrote this article as today was one of my worst days but reading this makes me feel better as it reminds me that we all have our slump days. I just have to hang on and push forward with my goal of moving out of this area by the end of the year. I have promised myself that this is the last summer here (I just have to stay positive throughout this long, long summer). People may not realize but where we live (the environment, weather, etc.) can have a drastic effect on our moods and physical health.

  132. I have to admit, I’m unmotivated, unfocussed and feeling rather desperate, and I formed my company a couple of weeks ago! I’ve been feeling both underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the same time, if that makes any sense.

    My biggest issue is actually the lack of focus and being easily distracted, and being avoidant because of the fear and doubt I feel.

    So I was surprised when Marie suggested not waiting for motivation, but to get on with stuff anyway. It seems odd, but it makes a lot of sense, and I will buy the book to read.

    I threw myself into the deep end by getting off my backside instead of being unemployed. So my choice is to make it work, somehow, in whatever way necessary.

  133. Having a system and consistency are two things that work wonders! If you know what you are supposed to do when you get up, it put aside the issue of not feeling motivated.

    • That’s been me the for the last several years at our non-profit (from which I was to retire in January 2012). After watching one of your videos, I started thinking about how often “by accident” I had made career changes – each a building block to what I do today. That enabled me to stand back, and realize that if this is what I’m meant to be doing, then God and I had to dicker to find a way to make it a whole lot more fun. I’m not sure if it’s God sending me good vibes at the moment, or just a realignment of my brain cells, but I’m incredible close to being back to feeling that same passion I did 20 years ago but looking at it with a new twist (or two, or three…).

  134. Marie, the biggest thing I have been getting from you in all of your videos is that you have to TAKE ACTION.

    SO as soon as the video was done I remembered a course I had created many years ago on business identity management (before online social networking) and decided to take a look at it – revamp it and see if it was still pertinent today.

    I got off my butt and started looking – found it on the first CD I picked up. I have been putting off looking for my old courses because I thought it would take along time, and I would need to get “motivated” in order to find them – here they were under my nose the whole time. I was sitting on my butt unmotivated and got up and went looking anyway – instant results.

    Thanks again.

  135. Maria

    The best motivation is to watch Marie TV!

  136. Liz

    I am there and cannot get out!!! I know the reasons why I have lost motivation (not working, military spouse, already changed two countries and away from all friends and family, no job no kids) but honestly can not do anything about it. Almost all blogs say `find your passion, follow your passion, focus on one thing, ect.` I don`t even know what my passion is. Has anyone ever felt as lost as I do feel right now? At this age (33) I feel so embarrassed for being at where I am. I am contributing to nothing, creating nothing, worst of all do not even want to leave the house. I feel tired all the time and now that it is winter I keep on putting on weight cause I want to lay down all day long! I need to get out of this NOW but do not have a clue about how. The worst feeling is to know that my life is passing me by and I am spending every single day identically. Please do not say `take a walk, exercise, meet people` I know that helps but the problem is I do not feel like it, at all!

  137. Tina

    @Liz , I feel the same way. I don’t know what my passion is either. I have pretty much been a stay at home mom for the last 10 years. I have become depressed. I do think a big key is getting out there. Even little things. I am pushing myself. I hope we both find our passion!

    • liz

      @Tina. Thank you for your good wishes. Since I wrote that comment I kept reading and finding where the real problem lays. In the last couple of years everywhere is filled with articles, speeches pretty much ordering us to find our passion. I can now see that it is a huge pressure. Just like seeing those anti-acid pill commercials every source so far has been offering the end result without going to the root of the real issue. I believe people like me who are struggling with `trying to find the life purpose` have a lot to do before coming there. In other words if we don`t know how to communicate with ourselves we should not expect divine answers 🙂

      • Tina

        @Liz, good point! I have been reading Tony RObbins for the past 20 years and he always talked about passion. I have a lot of interests but not a particular passion. Have you thought of the best way to communicate with ourselves? Thanks for your response.

        • Teri

          Hi ladies, I’d like to add to the conversation about passion. I know it can be hard to narrow down but what I’ve learned is that a passion is born out of a burden. Maybe a burden of yours or someone else’s. you know that one thing that just hits your heart in a certain place and you want so badly to help. This helped me to narrow down what my passion is. It can be something you see or do every day, maybe right under your nose 🙂 it will come in time.

        • liz

          @Tina, thank you 🙂 I have decided to completely avoid `trying`. Think about this, passion is a part of us, we are created with passion. Through years we just build up walls and forget what that is. But when there are too many stimulants from outside telling us to do this or that other than connecting with our real selves, the brain starts taking over cause it feels like an `order` or an important goal to be achieved. As I said before that is just useless pressure. Just remembering our lives since we were little, what we enjoyed the most and what we still enjoy the most is our passion. And when it comes to communication with our selves we should first face all of our issues, find the reason for the things we want to change but can`t or have time doing so. Once we are really honest to ourselves and decide to accept full responsibility for everything things then start resolving 🙂 This is my take on `remembering` our passion. Thanks for reading it Tina.

  138. Sometimes when I get stuck in a rut, I say the words out loud (my poor kitty listens intently), “I FEEL SO STUCK!” Often just letting it out gets me moving. Then I make sure I go somewhere, with lipstick & cute shoes, even if just to the grocery store, to create momentum and change scenery. Love your updates!

  139. Loved today’s video, thanks Marie! I need to take action!!

  140. Joy

    When I’m feeling like I’m accomplishing nothing I sometimes take a little action by updating my bio (or my about page). Just looking at the list of things I’ve already accomplished (when I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything then either!) helps remind me that if I keep checking off the small attainable tasks on my list, keep getting out there to networking and professional development events, and keep bringing my positive attitude to everything I do (like Marie’s “bring the party”) that I am accomplishing big things even when I don’t realize it! That helps me write emails, work the social media hustle, and dig deep into my content so I can share my story.

  141. Great video as always. I always give myself a swift kick in the ass and just do it. I know, not too exciting, but I always think of my end goal and how bad I want it. That always seems to get me back on track.

  142. This is great, perfect timing. I was great this morning going about the things i needed to get done, then just out of no where I get hit with this wave of “no motivation”.. I love step 4, FORGET ABOUT IT!. Really if I focus on “oh i’m so unmovitvated” all day long, for sure I’m going to stay there!! You’re right, so focus off of motivation and on bigger and better things because I am too good and my time is too valuable to be sitting around crying that I’m not motivated. Got your book by the way, and I’m enjoying every single page 😉 Love!

  143. I forgot about “it”. But I need to remember about the reason, the “why” I am doing this. One of the reasons I am not waiting for motivation (read: wasting another day) any more is, that the next day it just feels horrible. Getting the S*** done, even a small thing, is an incredible bost of self esteem and it cultivates the “I can do this” attitude.

  144. I talk to someone. My friends always seem to have a good angle on the problem 🙂

  145. My best remedy is when I get really stuck or have that sinking feeling or just feel overwhelmed I make a list with everything I have to do. Everything work related but also lunch, call to friends, cut my toe nails, wash the car etc. Literally everything! Than prioritize 1,2,3,4… etc, than forget everything and concentrate only on the task at hand. It is amazing what one gets done which in turn works like an energizer. Sounds dumb maybe but works.
    My favorite task is definitely crossing things off!

  146. I could related to SO much from this video and your tips. A few years ago I had a setback, and at the time it felt like I was having a crisis in my life’s purpose. Looking back, it was a great learning lesson and helped me to become a more decisive and thick-skinned person. I remember feeling like I had to put every area of my life on hold and I remember feeling like I didn’t know how to communicate who I was. I felt humiliated. Over time I began to volunteer and get involved in things that I’d put on hold, and what do you know? I became more motivated, more positive, more thankful, and more confident in who I was! And I began to tell my story for what it was; there’s no shame in experiencing obstacles or failure if you embrace them as learning experiences and use them to grow. Right now I’ve got more on my plate than I imagined I would and I don’t feel more invigorated and excited by opportunity (even for the obstacles) that are in front of me. I’m not where I expected to be at this point in my life, but I’m way happier with who I am now than I was a few years ago when I thought I had everything figured out. And I feel like I’m being me to myself and to others; to me, that is priceless.

  147. carol

    I think you need a good network of friends and/or family to do this. I have been stuck for so many years now and I noticed people who get through these times are the ones with concerned friends. I am an introvert and dont have that great network to get me through it, I had to move so often I didnt make long term friends. I made the big mistake of making my 3 children my friends and now they are gone and never call. I feel like my support network is gone. I cant fine any motivation and no one to help push me out of it. what do you do than?

  148. Marie Marie Marie

    You wow me every video !
    I love your style and learn form you each time.
    Your rock and yes the truth does set you free.
    Here is my question, have you read Simon Selkirk “Start with Why”?
    If so what is your golden circle of Why, How and What in your own words?

    Love to you

  149. Hi Marie,
    Watched your video and once again I LOVED how much effort you put in it and how entertaining it is. I think I don’t mind to get things done, I have a lack of focusing on things. I often find myself switching from one website to another and put all my effort in it. Do you have any advice for that? It feels with “my way” I never get anywhere – websites seem to work so lala because I don’t get out all the possibilities it has 😉

  150. Sam

    When I feel down or in a rut, first, I actually ‘allow’ myself to acknowledge how I feel, and maybe even have a little self-indulgent cry – I’ve always been comfortable with allowing feelings of frustration to ‘pass through’ me… But then, it’s time to take action and just as Marie says, you go all hermit when you should just get out, do something positive for yourself, do something proactive… And when I inevitably push myself to take some positive action, it ALWAYS makes such a difference and helps push me forward in a positive way… Yay for you Marie, great episode today… So great to hear this perspective being reinforced. Xx

  151. Amazing writing on motivation, thanks for sharing. It really motivated me a lot. I am going through so much negative situation and depression, it is making me sick.

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing– we’re glad this episode resonated with you. We’re so sorry to hear about your negative situation and we’re hoping for a peaceful resolution. We know it can be hard if you don’t have anyone to talk to. The Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 is available 24/7 and is free and confidential. Sending you lots of love!

  152. naomi

    i just watched this video from 2012 and you actually say everything is figure outable and my mind was blooown. you had this book in you for years.
    wow marie you are such a blessing to me and many for real you are.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Naomi – it’s true! We love that you noticed this 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words and for being an amazing part of our community. It means the world to know Marie’s work is inspiring for you! XOXO

  153. E. Faber

    Hi Marie and team, thanks for all your great video’s!
    I have a question that may sound a bit off-topic, but I would love to know what the name of the tune and the artist is that is playing in the background of this video? I’m a text writer and playing tunes like this keep me going while writing, or should I say, motivated? ;-)))
    Many thanks,

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