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Does this ever happen to you?

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. - George Harrison Click To Tweet

You’re determined to stay top of mind and build your business, so you start saying yes to every “opportunity” that comes your way. Guest posts, interviews, speaking engagements, teleseminars, and meet-ups, oh my.

Pretty soon, you’re on the fast track to burnout. I know how tough it can be, especially in the beginning, to know exactly what to spend your time on so that you can avoid massive overwhelm.

In today’s video, learn an incredibly simple + effective tool to help you recognize the great opportunities vs. the time wasters – fast. This tool is highly adaptable for your business + life, and best of all, it’s free.

Think you’re too busy or not ready to work toward your dream? Think again. Watch this MarieTV on how to overcome procrastination, so you can get your special gift into the world.

As you know, insight without action ain’t worth jack.

Leave a comment below and tell me your top 3 goals, as well as the “filter question” you’ll use to help keep yourself focused and on track.

Please be specific and share from the heart as your comment might be just what someone else needs to have a big breakthrough.

And I can’t wait to check out your insights too.

Thank you for reading, watching and sharing!


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  1. This video rocked my world! I LOVE the idea of filter questions. Seriously, such great advice. For the last few days I’ve been working on my top goals (in time for our next mastermind call!) – so I will finish those up today now that this video gave me the kick in the butt I needed. When I figure out my filter question, I am going to post it on my wall in my office so I will be reminded of it daily.

    Thanks for sharing, Marie!


    • Are you in the Adventure Mastermind group Amy? Would love to hear about it!

    • Amazing as always Marie THANKS! I see this video always when I need to figure out if some action will bring me and my goals closer and Amy hope you figure out your filter question.

      My ultimate goal is attract more traffic on my website, 100.000+ a month and my filter question is: I am doing all the check list before posting or contact others sites for backlinks?

      Have a nice week and your mommy will be happy next week with a new Marie video, like us.

    • This is a great blast from the past video and amazing to see some of the top Bschool grads commenting from previous years gives me inspiration to stay focused! Perfect timing as we head into the fall to get clear on top priorities and create my filter question(s).

      Rock on Babes!

  2. Great advice as always Marie! I’ve had filter questions but I didn’t have a label for them.

    They are: 1) What has a deadline? 2) What generates revenue? 3) What builds my list? That’s how I prioritize my projects.

    As far as my goals go, they are to: 1) Become a multi-millionaire by June of 2015 2) Build a publishing company that’s fun and delivers world class customer service 3) Always live remembering the spirit of Mother Teresa. I believe that if we all had even a modicum of the courage and faith Mother Teresa had, we’d accomplish much more in our lives.

    • I’d love to hear an update, Maryellen. How goes it?

    • Chris

      Of course, Mother Teresea was found out to be pretty much a fraud – that the money raised was used to build her Public image and rarely went to the poor. There have been numerous studies on this:

      Perhaps you can aspire be the woman mother
      Teresea was hyped to be.

      • Toni

        Chris, I think it’s stretching it a bit to call Mother Teresa a fraud. She was working in Calcutta, certainly not one of the easiest places to conduct charity work. And she experienced many times when she questioned her faith. Probably if she were alive today, she would leave the Catholic Church due to their many issues, one of which is the treatment of retired nuns.
        For people (like Maryellen above) to aspire to be a multimillionaire and then point to Mother Teresa as a role model is a bit strange. It’s like saying “we should all be like Jesus and live in Beverly Hills.”

    • Whew! There are some judgmental responses to your post here, Maryellen. For anyone reading them, I’ll just say that there are WAY too many things that you don’t know about a person’s overall picture to pick things apart that way.

      I, like you, am building a media/publishing company with the goal of inspiring many people into Wholeness, Freedom & Hope for a bright future. That takes money to accomplish.

      Sending many blessings that you achieve all your endeavors, Maryellen!


  3. i’ve been loving this technique ever since i first heard it form you last year! the clarity that comes from just asking those filter questions is really amazing.
    i’m definitely going to refresh my goals list today & create new questions.
    thanks hot stuff, you’re always on time!


    • Yep Elsa! I too need to refresh my goal list and questions.

      Here’s my “TO DO” plan:

      1) What is my #1 primary goal to achieve in next 12 months?
      2) What is my #1 primary means to achieve that goal?
      3) Print up my goals and place in front of my computer to form new habit of filtering activities thru the questions.

      Great advice as always Marie. darlene 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for this great video, Marie! I LOVE the action-based content!

    Here are 3 of my goals:

    1) I have a personal coaching business that is growing exponentially because my clients keep telling their friends about me.

    Filter question: What one thing can I do today to create an awesome experience for my current clients?

    2) I have at least $100,000 in net revenue from my coaching business every year.

    Filter question: What one thing can I do today that will likely generate revenue? (Write an email blast promoting a program, plan the next retreat, follow-up with a prospective client, etc.)

    3) I publish a collection of my non-fiction/personal development writing with a major publishing house (now in the form of a blog).

    Filter question: Did I write (or re-write) today?

    And I also thought the “any road will get you there” quote was from Lewis Carroll! I love George Harrison, too, and am glad to know to attribute the quote to him!

    Thanks again, Marie!

    • This is SO GREAT Stacey! I especially love the way you stated your goals as STATEMENTS as if they exist, not wishes yet true. I’m taking that one!

    • Hi Stacey!

      Sorry about my English as I´m following this discussion from Germany.

      I Ilike your goals and questions. There is just one thought I would like to share with you on goal #3. I don´t think it has do bring your nearer to your goal if you still write day by day. I think it could be more neccessary to do things as resultoriented as in goal #2. maybe contact at an agent or an publisher, find the right title an so on. More things that depend on marketing instead of content creating. Just a thought after it took me almost one year to get my first book publihed.

      Good luck …


  5. Hi Marie –

    As always what a great and actionable video! I really appreciate all of your motivation and advice!!!!

    I have 2 short term goals at the moment.

    1 – To start bringing in sales on my artwork – filter ??? “will this help me make sales”

    2 – Lose 30 pounds in the next 6 months – filter ??? “will this help me lose a pound?”

    Have a great day!

    PS – Bschool rocks!!!!

    • Just reading the comments before I actually watch the video – and your filters really grabbed me!

      I think I will use before I start each task – “Will this help me make a sale?” or “will this go straight on my hips?” Ok, I might sound a little dull but I think it will work 🙂

      • Elizabeth, I’m with you on the weight goal, specially how dramatic the filter is:
        will this help me loose a pound?
        Even though I want to focus on my health more than a specific number on the scale, I have to admit the strength of the statement to shock you into eating better has great value.
        Rock it.

        • Thanks Roxana – once I lose the weight I will switch it up to something around “will this help me be super strong and healthy..” but for now it’s a journey and I plan to focus on one pound at a time. – e

      • Sarah – doesn’t sound dull at all! Best of luck!

  6. Love this!
    1. Create fashion business to provide jobs for survivors of human trafficking
    2. Become a public speaker/creative/business consultant
    3. Grow Ebay business

    Filter question- Will this help me to “(plug in from above)”

    Thanks girl!

    • Hey Rebekka! Just had to pop in and say I LOVE your #1 goal! Beautiful! 🙂 I’m sure you will indeed get to help MANY people through that fashion business. 😉

    • Rebecca, your idea will elevate the fashion world: something that is MUCH needed!

  7. Eleanor

    Great vid-cast as always – it’s incredible how timely they are! Thank you!!!

  8. Love the filter question suggestion!

    One goal: to earn over $3000 per month from working with clients.

    Filter question: Will this help attract clients to my business?

  9. My 3 month goal is to acquire 35 more quality resort rentals.
    My filter question then would be “How does this activity contribute to acquiring quality resort rental clients?”
    My 12 month goal would definitely be maintaining Custom, quality & Green service to both tenants and clients while serving my higher interests as well, (ie, preventing burnout!)

  10. Another word for the ‘fllter question’ is having a Soul Sentence…which another wonderful lady Bonnie Bruderer suggests – for instance my soul sentence is ;The purpose of my life is to have an abundance of health happiness, passion a wealth and pay it forward and each time something comes into your life, professional and personal – you think whether this matches your soul sentence and if it doesn’t…you give it away ;))

    • gloriamaria

      OMG! Helen!.. Thanks for posting about Soul Sentence… That resonates w/ me so much more! It’s so juicy! Thank you Sister!

  11. Great video Marie! I’ve been overwhelmed lately by requests as well and I finally am learning how to say no without feeling guilty! I have my goals posted and have started asking those filter questions. Thanks!

  12. Cassie

    Thanks Marie!! My top goal is to create a successful business that can run without constant involvement from me- especially once I start a family. My two filter questions are:

    1. Will this help me spend more time on the things that matter?
    2. Will this help me take my biz to the next level?

    I’ve written these on a post-it note which I’ve posted to the corner of my computer, so I’ll be reminded to put all of my decisions past these questions. Thanks again! Love these vids!

  13. Hi Marie! 🙂

    Fabulous video, and thank you for the reminder about the filter question! 😉

    Three of my goals are:

    1. Earn $5,000 / month in my business by September 1, 2011 –> Filter question: How will this bring in REVENUE?
    2. Have an island home somewhere in the Caribbean –> Filter question: How will this help me get my island home?
    3. 5,000 subscribers on my list by the end of 2011 –> Filter question: How will this help me get people on my list?

    And now, these are going up on my wall where I will see them every day! 🙂

  14. Wholly crap… this was HUMONGOUSLY helpful for me to watch ( and read ) today. Thanks!

    1. Have my Human Body Detectives series in every kids hand either through the library, school, store or home.
    filter: Does this person have an affiliation with a library or school.

    2. Sell a combo of 10,000 HBD books, ebooks, apps and HBD Goes to School elementary curriculum by December 31, 21011
    filter: Will this guest post ( or connection) reach a larger audience in my target market?

    3. In 3 months, grow my mailing list to 1000 and begin offering health support groups/classes for families to become more proactive and confident in their health… particularly children.
    filter: Will this build my email mailing list?

  15. Goal: to earn 5,000 revenue from working with clients and product offerings.
    To complete and publish e-book and recording for teachers
    To have 1,000 subscribers in 3 months

  16. Wow, I nearly skipped the email from you today for PRECISELY this reason-
    so many opportunities this week alone-
    asked to write forward of abook from an author I admire, asked by a raw celeb to partner with them and create a new APP, asked to be project manager for artist’s launch, asked to co-write a recipe book and/or video series of uncooking classes for a huge online mag I write for, and invited to half a dozen telesummits to speak…I said no to all but one telesummits because they are happening in over summer when my kids are off school and those opps come around constantly.

    But said yes to everything else because I didn’t have any filter Q’s!
    I think you just saved me from immenent burn out, Marie!

    My top 3 goals as a new business owner:
    1) To get crystal clear on my signature system and offerings for the next 6 months
    2) To receive high level coaching to implement above and below
    3) To create a Dangerous Body Bootcamp program and have the best time ever running it

    My filter Q will be:
    Does this opportunity bring me closer to my top 3 goals?

    Thank you, Beauty!

  17. This is one of the things that I’ve discovered since the economy tanked that separates businesses that thrive and those that struggle to survive.

    SO many people think they should do more things to get more opportunities and make more money. But focus is the key.

    Marie, I love your advice about getting clear about where you are going and then measuring each potential attention thief against that goal.


  18. My four (needed 4!) goals for July:
    1. Sell 16 more “Year Round Dodie” packages. Filter: Will this increase sales of YRD?
    2. Finish my blog infrastructure and initial content/launch. Filter: is this essential, I mean ESSENTIAL for the initial launch? (enhancements can wait for phase II – y’know the beast that scope creep can be!)
    3. Complete package for licensed product pitch. Filter: Is it on the list of content required for the package?
    4. Make the most of summer’s pace and activities. Filter: Is this a seasonal activity or experience and do I have time for it without crowding my existing plans?

  19. LOVE the vid this week — thanks, Marie! My goals/filters a SUPER specific.

    1) Get back to living part time in San Francisco.
    2) Increase company nationwide presence (double clients in 6 months) via press coverage.
    3) Have my dating advice column be picked up by another magazine/newspaper within 6 months.

    MY FILTER QUESTION has to do with making efficient use of my time in the next 6 MONTHS:
    Will this new client/project keep me from moving back to SF (at least part time) in 6 months? If yes, I’m walking away… (This might mean turning down clients — scary! — but well worth it in the long run.)

    Have a successful week!

  20. My number one filter question is always this: “does this make me happy?”. If I can’t answer that with a “hell yeah”, then I know I will make a pass on it.

    • Thank you for reminding me of this. If it’s not a “hell yeah!” it’s a “hell no!”

  21. Luv the video Marie, no nonsense and to the point!

    I am returning to a private alternative health practice as a Homeopath and working towards building clients for that so I can help fund my humanitarian work and projects.

    1. I want to earn $5000/month by Dec 2011
    Filter Question
    2. Will this help build awareness of what I am offering so I can get clients in the door?

  22. LOVE this video! I think I’ve been doing this, but not officially. My #1 goal for my business right now is to build a larger, QUALITY list of women who fit my ideal avatar description. Right now I’m working towards 500.

    I have been receiving some requests and “opportunities” here and there and I guess my filter question has been something along the lines of, “Will this opportunity put me in front of the RIGHT people?” I don’t want a big list for the sake of a big list. Or fans and followers. I want QUALITY and I want women that I can really serve. I will have to think of some additional goals/questions! Thank you as always for your brilliance and wisdom! xo

    • I love this Steph, and I especially love your clarity around wanting a list of people you can really serve. I’m seeing it for you, babe! 🙂

  23. Sean

    Top 3
    1. Make $90,000 in the next 12 mos. from my independent entertainment co.
    2. Sell 1,000 DVDs of my film myself in the next six months
    3. Consistently draw 100 paying fans every time I perform, anywhere.

    Filter question:

  24. This video was particularly timely for me and I immediately whipped up my short term personal, professional, and artistic goals and a filter question for each. I LOVE this idea. I know this will work well, and take the emotion out of the many daily requests sent my way. I often get paralyzed in what to take on and what to turn away – this just makes it really simple. You are a smarty pants 🙂

    Thanks so much, Tracy xo

  25. Funny, I was working on this yesterday (the goal setting part, not the filtering question part), so lets see how I can start asking that.

    Goal #1 – Revive my health by eating well, adopting an exercise routine that actually fits my schedule and reducing to a size 6, 135 pound size.
    Filtering question – is this a healthy meal? Is this meal going to help me reach my goal?

    Goal #2 – Since I depend on a job to finance my dream company for now, I have decided that I have to look for an opportunity closer to my skill level, whether with the same company or somewhere else is still under debate.
    Filtering question – is this job going to cover my bills and the $500 that I need to add to my company’s monthly budget?

    Goal #3 – I would like to eliminate all my credit card balances by December 31st, 2011 and the student loans by December 31, 2012.
    Filtering question – is this a necessity or is this just a want that will separate me from my goal of a debt free lifestyle?
    Any suggestions on more filtering questions or refining my goals are very welcome.

  26. So true Marie. You’ve hit it on the head. I often do apply a filter question but also love saying yes to opportunities and I’m getting a lot lately. I find it all helps to grow my audience, tribe and credibility but I could definitely look at each of them from a more strategic point of view.

    3 Main goals for this year are to grow my blog platform to 5,000 email and RSS subscribers by 30 Sept – on track with a conversion rate of 3% on my offerings (traditional rates are 1-2%)

    Launch WE Mastermind site 3rd week of August and have 150 members by end of the year

    Send out my book proposal for the Suitcase Entrepreneur by 1st August and have a contract by Sept 30th!

    My filter question:

    Am I creating massive value and impact in others’ lives every day?


  27. On fire again Marie 🙂

    My goal is to grow my network marketing business (short term) and to write a book (long term).
    My filter questions will be 1. Will this expose my business faster or more wide spread? and 2. Will this just get shelved and never get looked at? (like so many emails I get).

  28. Woohoo! I remember applying filter questions to my business and life last year, but all of my filters have changed since then… lightning speed business growth does that, I guess? 😉 Here are my new filter questions:

    1. Will this help me grow my list to 15,000?

    2. Will this get me new clients, customers, or workshop participants in a way that I can serve them sustainably?

    Thanks Marie!!

  29. Ahh the power of questions! Someone once said “The Answers are in the Questions” – brilliant technique!

    On my desktop monitor I have posted 3 powerful questions to remind me of what’s truly important to me as I go through my day-to-day tasks:

    1. “Am I fully PRESENT in the here and now?”
    2. “Am I loving fully and unconditionally?”
    3. “Am I giving my gifts fully?”

    However I’ve never really used questions consciously to evaluate opportunities. Looking back, I actually do it, but not as consciously as I could. So thanks for this vid, I’d defo do that from now on!


  30. As a new movement leader 😉 this question is right on topic! Its really hard not to spread your self thin but I love the advice and will jot dow some filter ? today;-) Thanks Marie!

  31. I love your style and ease – you know your bizness lady! here are my three top goals (combo short/long term)

    1. Have my new online business (coaxing people out of the creative closet and taking their ideas from ‘thought to thing’) be powerful, true and impactful
    Filter Question: Am I walking the walk on my website
    2. In the next 2 years, join entrepeneurs on Necker Island with Richard Branson to contribute and learn from the best
    Filter Question: Will this earn me respect, money and recognition to put me in a position to go to Necker Island
    3. Make enough money in my first 6 months of business to pay myself back for taking a year off to re-direct my life
    Filter Question: Will this help me meet my 6 month financial goal

    Thanks Marie!! Hope to see you at RHH Live in October!

  32. In a totally unrelated question, how do I get my pic to show up next to my comment on the blog? I have tried forever to change my avatar on my own blog, which I believe is the way to go, and I have failed miserably. Any suggestions?

    • marie

      Go to 🙂

      • Hi Marie
        You were 1min faster than me, wuaa!

    • Hi Roxana
      Just go to and enter your profile and pic there!
      Good luck!

    • Amy

      Hi Roxana, you need to upload the photo to – and use the email address you use to sign up there when you post comments to blogs – then it pulls your pretty pic to put next to your comment!

  33. Awesome video Marie!
    My main focus is to stay in my pleasure because I see by doing that, I’m attracting more abundance naturally = more business, more money, and more joy in my family life.

    So my goal is to only do things that I really want to do and am delighted to do.
    Filter questions:
    1. Do I really truly desire to do this activity?
    2. Does it inspire and delight me?

    Then my personal “tune in” questions so I stay balanced:
    1. How am I feeling right now?
    2. What does my body want/desire right now?
    3. Am I maintaining balance in my business, home and personal life?
    4. If I’m off, what will bring me back into balance or increase my vibrations? What do I truly desire to do right now?

  34. At first, I didn’t think this video would apply to be, since my business hasn’t opened yet. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for this insightful video because this can help me along the way to beginning my business and also be able to check into areas in my personal life that need filtering.

    1. Carry products that are in line with my integrity as a practitioner and reseller. Not just to choose products that will make the most $$$

    2. Make an initial income of $1000/month in the next 3 months.

    3. Learning to say “no” to distribution companies/reps/people, when my gut is telling me not to engage with them.

  35. Jocelyn Da Silva

    My top 3 goals…
    1)I’m going to have my first baby within the next week (crazy. exciting. scary.) – I will stay calm, relaxed & enjoy this time in my life.

    2)I’m building a new consulting business – I will take my business ideas and build on them, make them stronger, bigger & better until I’m ready to get out there & share it with the world!

    3)I will take care of myself during this time of radical and beautiful change in my life.


  36. Great post, and extremely valuable exercise. I use this with my Professional Organizing clients when we declutter a room – it makes the entire process easier if you articulate a filter question that relates to your goal, e.g. “How will this object help me create a relaxing space for overnight guests?”. Totally simplifies the decision-making process:)

  37. Great video! In the last year I have attended way too many networking events and I still shudder at the though of attending yet another one. As I am looking for big brands with big budgets I now always ask for the list of attendees to determine whether it’s worth my time attending an event. Therefore I don’t find myself in a room full of start up businesses and one-person businesses that don’t have the budget for my product/service. Don’t get me wrong, I run a micro business and I couldn’t afford my own product so I am not being negative about small businesses.
    It’s all about knowing my audience and where they “hang out” and trying to join those sort of events. The right client means work, higher revenue, higher profit and better lifestyle for my son and myself.

  38. I love this video! My 3 goals for my brand-spankin’ new business are as follows:

    1. To make $10,000 by the end of the year.
    2. To begin building my personal business brand.
    3. Gain 10-15 new clients by the end of the year.

    So my filter question is: “How will this help me to build my personal brand and gain me the right access to the customers who can benefit from it?”

  39. I’ve had a filter question since 2004. 🙂
    How will this help me take my three-month vacation?

    And it’s helped us take that three-month break (sometimes four) every single year (except one because of some accident issues). The goals really help.

    Good work, Marie 🙂

  40. This is great. I do this myself. I have a big sign up in front of my desk that says if it isn’t making my company 1 Million a month Sorry “NO”. My goal is to help my company I work with Thach Real Estate Group reach 10k in subscribers by 9-30-11

  41. My big goal:
    Build a successful career based on a platform for meaningful fashion

    So my filter questions are: 1) Do I have something to say that would help people and get a message across? and 2) Does this opportunity align with my business vision? and then 3) Does this opportunity have reach?

    In that priority. Great advice!

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE U Marie!! Thanks for this awesome poignant and pointed video.
    Be a) RICH, b) HAPPY and c) HOT! : )
    (SPECIFICALLY: a) 1 million in my biz by Dec 2012. b) Plenty of PLAYTIME with loved ones and SERVICE to others. c) MY perfect weight and toned HOT bod by Dec 2010.)
    FILTERS: a) Is this worth my time/distracting me/taking me away from my biz plan?
    b) Is this worth my time/distracting me/taking me away from my play/service time?
    c) Am I being mindful and making a good food/activity choice here to reach my HOT goal?

    Oh YEAH!

  43. Gosh so many great comments already. And how can I possibly top the ‘be more like mother Theresa’ comment. Not that I have to top it but other goals all seems to seriously pale to a very beigey hue in comparison.
    Regardless and without judging myself…… goals are:

    1) To make 10,000 per month through meaningful one-on-one consultation and video blogs that facilitate others personal wellness journeys.

    Qu: How does this- a) teach me how to facilitate people better/more efficiently?
    b)Find me clients I can connect with in a meaningful way?

    2) To be able to perform goal 1 without sacrificing valuable and prioritized time with my 4 year old son

    Qu: Is this business time or family time?

    3) To complete goal 1 and goal 2 utilizing my God given intuition…..not my silly brains ramblings

    Qu: Hello….Hello….Who’s there?

    THanks Marie and other commentators. You inspired me to write and I feel an aha moment in my mists. Sweet


    • Linda

      I loved your comment and goals, thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  44. I love your videos – so full of energy and cheeky humour! And I’m inspired by all the comments left by your avid followers.

    My career goals, for now, are:
    1. To live my purpose by establishing a profitable wellness business in the next 12 months.
    2. To build my BasilBe brand through word-of-mouth marketing and develop a media presence.
    3. To become financially free in the next 2 years to allow my focus to be on pursuing my heartfelt ambitions.

    My filter question has got to be ‘how does this fit with the growth of Basilbe’?

    Thanks for the inspiration!!! Good luck everyone.
    Basil x

  45. Ahh, yes the power of questions! Its an amazing technique to keep you focus. I do this myself and I also use what I called the lame or lucrative lens filter to help my clients select their highest money generating idea.

    They must answer the following questions before they take on another project:
    1. Will this project have the greatest impact on my business?
    2. Does it align with my vision, values and priorities?
    3. Will it positively impact my bottom line (aka make me money) ?
    4. Do I have the right resources in place to take on this project?
    5. Will it make me happy?

    It really helps them to stay focus on what’s going to move their biz forward instead of what they usually do flit and bumble from task to task, project to project like a moth bouncing between a hot bulb and a lamp shade – never really getting anywhere. 🙂

    Great vid & advise as always, Marie 🙂

  46. Tiia Lin

    I have a predominantly product based business, so my goals are as follows:
    1) find local opportunities for publicity, like product placement in film and photo shoots over the next 6 months
    2) over those same 6 months I want increase traffic to my online store throughout online features and the launch of new items.
    3) longer term I want to reach sales that will have the business paying for itself.. At the moment that means 15-30 items a month going out the door and I want to take commissions, both for private buyers and for tv/film/photo shoots

  47. Tiia Lin

    Oops! Filter question: does this publicity reach my target buyers?

  48. Great video as always Marie. I love it when you stop and make me think. My top two goals for the next 6 mths
    1. Take some time out to smell the roses and hang out with my son
    2. Grow my brand new membership site that launched last week to over 500 in the next 6 mths
    3. Grow the international online Social Media Woman Magazine to over 5000 by Christmas – nearly there so this is very achievable
    4. Plan another ‘She Experts’ event for early 2012

    So my key filter questions will be
    1. Will this add value to my business or take more time away from my son?
    2. Will this add more members to my new membership or distract me?
    3. Will this add more people to my magazine list?

    Thanks for making me put these filters in place. As you mentioned getting lots of offers can be a distraction and not a benefit. – Now the filters will help me stay focused on the ones that create a win/win opportunity for both parties.

    Congrats on interview with Richard Branson
    Cheers Pam

  49. 3 short term goals
    1.Get My word press bolg up and running, but 1st I need…
    2. A brand! I have ZERO artistic ability, but without a brand I don’t have a foundation to build on.
    3. LGS! again.. when I have the brand… yada yada yada!

    Filter question? will this task help me generate short and long term income and goals?
    Thanks Marie!

  50. Hey Marie,
    I suffer from shiny penny syndrome. I started meditating around 4 years ago to help me focus on what is important right now and do those things. I have gotten much better at asking myself “Will this make me money?” “Do I need to do this right now?”
    My 3 goals in the next year are:
    Write everyday for my websites
    Constantly building my subscriber list to 10,000 by the end of the year
    market and sell my ebooks
    Oh and find a gorgeous hunk to fill up the rest of my time – (iknow anyone?)

    Great advice! Thanks, Marie

  51. I love how this tool is so simple, but makes perfect sense. Complicated formulas are no good, especially when you need to make a quick decision (“do I say yes to this opportunity or no?”).

    As far as my goals, I’m still working on formulating them, but I think my long-term goal is: To be the go-to resource for women who want to get happy, healthy, and fabulous! (Is it silly to say: to be the “female Dr.Oz”??)

    So my filter question: will this opportunity help me reach more people who are truly interested in healthy living?

    Thanks again Marie, for great, crystallizing advice.

  52. My goals: Get 3 new perfect clients by September and make 6000 a month, find an awesome business partner and discover wonderful vegi juices. My filter questions are: will this help me meet new clients and interesting people and will it give me energy and a feeling of strength, vibrancy and joy for life? Will it make me glow?

  53. Fabulous take action video for us. I love your uniqueness!

    My short term goals:
    1. Finish my proprietary system by 8/1
    2. Launch my new site and programs 8/15
    3. Attend 1 networking meeting per week

    Long term goals:
    Help more women successfully and uniquely present themselves throughout their marketing, networking and presentation skills without burning out just shy of success

    My filter:
    Is all that I’m doing helping women stand out in their uniqueness and with total confidence?

    • I love your long-term goal especially as you’re focusing on helping women avoid burn out. And your filter question is great because it can apply to both your personal and business life 🙂

  54. Lucia

    Hi Marie,

    Here’s a dilemma. I’ve been invited to comment on a draft piece of legislation that if, and I mean “if”, enacted could significantly benefit my business. I’ve already given two sets of comments, always noting that I don’t have much time to spare, but they keep coming back.

    I determined that my filter question is – Is this activity going to help me raise between $10k and $30k in the next 1-2 months? The answer is clearly no but the pesky voice in my head says this is a great opportunity that “may” reap dividends down the road.

    Would love to hear what you and others think about this dilemma.

    Your vids are always so topical and relevant to what I’m going through.

    Thanks much!

    • I know that dilemma. On one hand, you’re giving out your expertise into the universe, so your efforts will be rewarded, if possibly not directly by the source that invited you. On the other, sometimes we get eaten up and that’s not a good feeling.
      What does your gut say? Is enough enough, or is there still something positive about sharing your knowledge in this case? Is it doing some good for anyone else besides the ones who asked you for help?

    • Lucia,

      I find the best way to answer these questions, when you’ve gone through your filter & still have a dilemma, is to get very quiet! Just ask the question & go into a meditative state (if you don’t know how to do that, just get into whatever state is completely relaxing for you). “Feel” the answer (as opposed to “thinking” it). Go with what “feels” right.

      That pesky voice in the head can be your true calling or it can be the voice that calls you off course. “Feeling” it will help you determine which it is & you can trust that!

  55. Wow! This is a great topic! I recently wrote an article on this very subject===>

  56. Dear Marie! Even without being bombarded with opportunities your video today is great. To the point and fab as ever. Filter question is a powerful and clear tool. Love your spark and authenticity. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs from Lima, Perú

  57. Hi Marie,

    This was such a great video today and reminded me that I need to do thing according to my goals.

    My Short Term Goals are these:

    1) Increase my followers and mailing list by 2500 people by 9/1
    2) Successfully transfer over my website to WordPress so I can implement Bschool strategy fluidly by 8/15
    3) Engage in 5 strategic marketing partnerships by 10/1

    Personal Short term Goal:

    Lose the 8 lbs I put on since March by 9/1 by eating mostly vegan alkaline foods

    Long Term Goal:

    $250 in profit (not revenue) by the end of 2012

    Thanks for the reminder Marie. I am going to use my filter question in your formula. For example, will meeting with this person be beneficial in creating a strategic partnership that will eventually help me get to my financial goal of $250K in profit.

    xo, Tracy

    • Tracy, your short-term goals are measurable so by taking small steps on a daily basis, I know you’ll reach your goal. Good luck with your new diet. I’m not vegan but I can increase the amounts of fruit and veggies in my own diet, especially as I’ve started working out again.

  58. Great post! I only found it because it was posted here!

  59. Hola Marie!!!

    Loved the video here are my 3 short term goals!

    1. Increase my email list by an additional 1,ooo people by 9/31

    2. Collaborate/Engage in 3 Strong Strategic Partnerships or Projects by 9/31

    3. Increase my profits by $2,000 by 8/31 (goal is to attend RHH Live Baby!)

    Filter question: Is the person, event or thing going to help me increase my mailing list, bring a powerful/strong collaboration and/or bring in extra profits?


    Your Jersey Girl Guru
    Kelly Lynn

  60. Hi Marie,

    Your posts are always just what I need to hear, when I need to hear it! My computer kicked the bucket a week ago and I’ve been wandering around in a state of confusion without it. Ok, not that bad but I have gotten off focus trying to revive it.

    More than ever I need to have a list of goals and filter questions! I will need to sit down and really evaluate this. For certain I need to completely replace my income (and then some!) in about a month so I will use the filter question, “Will this help me to replace my income?” So that’s my first goal/question.

    • Grade A stuff. I’m unuqestinoalby in your debt.

  61. Hi Marie! I looooove your videos! I really enjoyed this one because I’ve been ask to guest post several times and said yes, even when I knew there was nothing for me…

    So my 3 short term goals are:
    – Making enough money online so I won’t have to go back to work after my maternity leave (and stay at home with my son) -> May 2012 (it’s more like a mid-term goal…)
    – Selling 100 copies of my workbook How to Write a Communication Plan for Small but lovely biz -> September 2011
    – Increase my followers (+ email subscribers) to 1000 people -> September 2011

    So I guess my filter question would be: How this opportunity will help me making money or sell my brand online?

    I guess I now have to learn to say no and to keep focusing on what’s really important to me!

    Thank you so much for this great video!

  62. Every week – a jewel – xxxx
    1.Get my mailing list to 1000- by 1st Sept
    2. prepare my class for Sept
    3. lose 10lbs by 1st Sept

    Filter questions
    1. is this adding to my list?
    2. is this helping get my class ready?
    3. Do I really nee.d to eat this?

    Thank you, as always

  63. Belinda Sims

    This is just what ive been thinking about as I found I was taking on every opportunity thinking they were all going to help me, as they all seemed to tie in with my goals but by focussing on too many things it has actually become a distraction and held me back. I know in the long term I want to help people succeed, to influence and change lives for the better. I want to help people achieve complete wellness from within, while bringing awerness to the world about a life of balance between plant based foods, positive thinking, meditation, yoga and exercise.Im going to think about my long term goals clearer as even though I know this is what I want, I have failed to clearly define how im going to do that. My 2 short term goals are
    1 . To gain my cert 4 in Kinesiology before I leave on my India pillgrammange in October 2011
    2. To lose the 10 kg I recently put on after losing 70 kg.

    My filter question will be
    1. Is this going to support me in gaining my Kinesiology certification by October and Is this going to help me achieve my weightloss goal.
    2. Ill also be asking myself if by taking on something exta if im taking on too much. Will I still be able to remain focussed on my goals

    Thanks Marie. I have been following your work and find you such an inspiration. I was hypnotised to do a public talk and had to picture someone in my mind and visualise myself stepping into them, someone who I admire and I visualised you. I did an awesome heartfelt speech btw. I was blown away and so was everyone else in the room. This was during my NLP training. Thank you for being you x

  64. This was a really good vlog! Nice and timely.

    My current long term goal: to build a huge online presence with my blog and shop that makes at least €10,000 in the next 12 months.

    My second goal is to have my rebranding done spot on and picked up on by large outlets.

    My third goal is to get at least one or two wholesale accounts in the next 9 months.

  65. Caroline Gamble

    Very energizing Marie – thank you!

    My short term goals:
    1. Increase income by £1500+ per month through private clients
    2. Clarify look and feel of website and marketing materials
    3. Nail my sequences and music compliations

    My long term goal:
    Nourish millions of people with yoga that empowers their mind, body and spirit because “When we live our best life, the world around us blossoms.”

    Filter questions:
    1. If I do this, will I increase my private clients?
    2. Does this reflect my vision and my personality?
    3.a.Does this help me clarify my sequences? b. Does this feel good in my body, mind, spirit?

    Keep on keeping on….

  66. Short Term Goals:
    1. To increase my income by 3000 a month.
    2. To get signed with a top class agent.
    3. To film my short.

    Long Term Goals:
    1. To be fully self supporting through my art, represented by a kick ass agent in UK and USA, global presence, travelling between countries and projects with ease.
    2. To have my writing published & produced.
    3. To have my theatre company profitable and prolific; with a home in NYC and touring power; to play Clytemnestra in The Oresteia.

    Filter Questions:
    Will this serve my goal of getting a top class agent?
    Does this forward the filming of my short?
    Will this create opportunities to earn more money?

  67. Marie, this, you, and your team are rocking my world at the moment!!! It is so great to have come across a woman delivering such awesome content and remaining a woman!
    Thank you. Here’s my share…

    My short term goals

    1. To complete the videos and website for The Confidence Garden
    2. To reach 1,000+ working women with my free video course
    3. To speak at one ‘gig’ a month to women about confidence

    My Long term goals

    1. To write and film my online coaching programme
    2. To outline the first draft of my book
    3. To connect with three great JV’s whom I can support and promote!

    Filter questions;
    How does this support me in reaching 1,000 or more women?
    How does this connect with or help the confidence garden grow?

    many thanks to you all
    Jules Wyman

  68. As usual, a great reminder to always use your filter questions.

  69. Great information.
    My 3 goals are:
    1. Increase my business revenue.
    2. Increase and update my list.
    3. Develop products out of the subjects I have been teaching for YEARS!.

    My filter question is: What is the ROI on this opportunity, and does that ROI serve my goals?

    I have been asking myself my filter question often lately.

    Thanks for the reminder,

  70. Lovedddd this video 🙂 so sexy+savvy you are Marie! thank you was needing justt this.

    Short Term Goals:
    1. build newsletter list to thousand mark by September
    2. launch site this August Cosmic Life 🙂 sign up now for FREE meditation+newsletter
    3.increase my profit to $10,000 minimum monthly (of course I welcome more)
    4. Kick off a Free Telecourse to kick off site end of August+ leading up to 3 month women’s healing intensive interactive telecoaching program

    Long Term Goals
    1. Have 5,000+ subscribers by January 2012
    2. Build profit to $20,000 a month+ by March 2012
    3. Have 2 aligned+conscious business’ advertise on by November

  71. here is the sign up for the free newsletter+ Free Meditation immediately upon sign up “ancient wisdom, modern twist” is the theme!

  72. Filter Questions:
    How does this support me in increasing my subscriber list?
    How does this support me in increasing my profit+income ?
    How does this support me in having advertisers on

  73. Great video Maria and the music is just so perfect…groovy and calm.
    I love it here in Marialand.
    My Top 3 Goals for this summer are:
    1. Explore my marketing options with expert advise/inspiration from you, Eli Davidson and Melissa Rosati.
    2. Post on my site 3 times a week and share posts with at least 5 other sources.
    2 1/2. Create content for my first YouTube from the Laundry Line and post it by September 1.
    3.Complete my book proposal with 2 sample chapters and marketing plan.

    Filter questions:

    Does this move reflect my value as a woman, writer, artist?
    Does this support my book proposal coming to completion?
    Does this support my presence as Laundry Line Divine?

    Okay. Lastly, my question for next week is about time. All this takes so much time and I am a full time Mom with teens. I close my door and carve out work hours, and still feel like once I have posted, linked, commented (creating value in my presence as LLD) it is time to make dinner.
    Xoxoox Hungry for more,

  74. Just the kick in the pants I needed to get myself organized, out the door, and into the public eye.

    My three goals are:
    1. Here Comes Trouble receiving rave reviews in numerous media outlets (newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.)
    2. Sales of Here Comes Trouble reach the 10,000 mark in the next year (only 8,462 more to go!)
    3. Movie rights to Here Comes Trouble are bought and made into a blockbuster movie starring Jennifer Aniston (really; I’m serious about that).

    My filter question is: Will this bring Here Comes Trouble maximum exposure to new readers?

    Marie, your stuff is great. Keep it up.
    As Always,

  75. Angelina

    Hi Marie,

    My goals? Here are some of them.

    1. I want to pull off a great event for which I will need lots of sponsoring. Short-term goal is to get it all worked out on paper (budget!), get permission for it, and get my first sponsor. Long term goal is the event itself, in one year. Then I will decide whether I will want to do it every year or even expand, get others going to do it every year, or decide that one event was enough. In any case, I am going to have so much fun!

    2. I want to write three books, fiction. Short-term goal is to publish a booklet just for fun within a month. Long-term goal is the first of the three books done two years from now.

    3. I want to start doing different things, start a new business. Short terms goal is 5000 subscribers/fans/etc three months from now; long-term goal is have established a decent turnover (at least USD 45,000) one year from now.

    Yes, I do have them written down in much more detail than that.

    By the way, in February, I had set myself another big goal that expires 3 months from now. I’ve already met it. 😉

    Thanks for being so inspiring, and for being there for all of us!

  76. My goals:

    * Fill my August programme with 10 (or more) fabulous women who love my work and are ready for a big shift in their lives

    * Add 1000 new subscribers to my list in the next six weeks

    * Lose 5kgs by my birthday

  77. I’m late to the game this week, but better late than never!

    Found this video to be super valuable! Love the idea of filter questions. Not only does it help with decision making, but it makes you get really specific about your goals. Speaking of, here are mine:

    1 – To earn $120,000 this year!
    2 – To work solely for myself and not need a day job within the next six months!
    3 – To easily fill my list with 5,000 high quality subscribers within the next six months!

    Filter Question:

    I’m stealin’ yours cause I like it!

    How will this opportunity help me generate high-quality subscribers to my email list and/or create substantial income within the next six months?

    Thanks for all you share and offer Marie!

    Happy B-Schooler.

  78. Love the filter question idea Marie. It is a great way to self check and sooooo quick.

    The trick is to make it a habit.

    For the next three months my filter question will be:

    Will this action drive traffic to my new website?

    Keep the inspiration flowing Marie.



  79. My one year goal: Double my shop sales. At present my sales are 949, by end of July 2012, I want my sales to be 1898.

    My three goals for the next three months are:

    1) To get 6 wholesale accounts
    2) To increase my email list to 350
    3) To introduce two new product lines, earrings and cufflinks into my shop.

    My filter: Is asking myself is this behavior going to keep me at where I am now, working for someone else or is this behavior going to lead me to being able to work for myself and having the lifestyle that I want?

  80. I launched my new website yesterday — — and I’m hoping to use it as an online resume. My short term goal is to use this as an online resource as I search for new TV hosting positions (highlighting my clips, photos and writing and music samples) and in the long-run allow it to serve as a homebase for my projects — with video uploads weekly. When I launch my e-Book I want there to be enough subscribers to make all this worth it. Marie, any advice you have would be wonderful. Really liked this video and the format of how you do things. Rock on, sista!

  81. Thanks Marie. As always, it was just what I needed to gain some clarity before our Summer vacation. We are going on vacation, but I still have some really important goals set in the short term that I need to stay focused on before and after.

    short term goals:

    (1) complete my under construction page with opt-in offer and video by today 🙂
    (2) launch website 8/6
    (3) bring in enough income to pay the mortgage by end of 9/2011

    long term goals

    (1) earn more income than at my full-time government attorney job by end of 2012
    (2) book contract by end of 2012
    (3) spend Summer 2012 in Europe with family

    filter questions:

    (1) How does this support my website launch?
    (2) How does doing this support my bringing in enough clients to pay the bills?
    (3) Will this serve my goal of making an income greater than I was at my full-time job by the end of 2012?
    (4) Does this support my goal of living in Europe with the family next Summer?
    (5) How does this serve my obtaining a book contract?

  82. Marie, thank you for this. I often find myself being pulled in so many directions that I dont know what to do next. There are only so many hours in the day and it’s important to make sure that all your activities are properly aligned with your goals. Thanks again 🙂

  83. Long term goal:
    * Write an eBook and make DVDs to sell online that will get me exposure to the directors and producers of the big shows

    Short term goals:
    1. Publish daily 1-min videos on Youtube to create my character and get me on the search engines
    2. Write 10 minutes / day for my eBook
    3. Write and perform a 10 min stand-up routine

    My filter question: How does this help me get exposure to the main stream professionals?

  84. Long term: Working on meaningful, challenging projects where mutual respect and reverence is the foundation of the client/designer relationship. ALWAYS.

    Short term: When I say yes! act to impress both myself and the client. (Build a “portfolio” of experiences, personal and deliverables, that warrants my long-term goal. )

    Filter: Does this project have an element of fear/does it scare me, over it feeding my (perceived) “need” for security.

  85. Thank you, Marie, for continually creating opportunities to hone in, boil down & share!

    My Short Term:
    1) Continue to create multi-media experiences (live & online) to stir the Creative Genius in others & add 1000 new subscribers to my list by 9/15/11
    2) Gain 3 new clients/week – leaders seeking intuitive guidance, to reveal the blocks that are holding them back, illuminate & ignite the fire of their unique & powerful expression.
    3) Get invitations to present my interactive talks, music performances, intuitive guidance at 2 high-level events this year.

    Long Term:
    My intention is to create educational opportunities for millions of others in my lifetime (directly or indirectly) – those who might not otherwise be exposed to the wealth that lies within them. Our collective wealth & our knowledge of our own Wholeness (Sexuality, Spirituality, Intuition, Creativity) is the way to Heaven (Wholeness) on Earth.

    1) Does this activity (platform) reach the audience that will spread the message of my work?

  86. Thanks, Marie – I was a virgin to your videos before today & now I’m a groupie. <3 Top 3 Short Term Goals:
    1) Create a web presence/WP blog to showcase my art + writing + Expressive Arts Therapy training seriously as a business and to integrate with the RHH community.
    2) To burn 10 lbs in the next 2 months & keep it off through education, mindful vegan cooking & commitment to cardio/strength & yoga.
    3) To enroll in RHHB school and/or attend RHH Live!
    My Filter Questions:
    1) Is this [fill in the blank] computer activity building my website + business?
    2) Is this [food, lack of exercise] adding to my hottness or taking away from it?
    3) Is this generating income + adding to savings for RHHB school?

  87. my filter question of the moment:
    * does this help me double my subscriber list within the next two months? *
    if not, then i’m saying no!
    thanks, marie! you rock!

  88. Long Term Goal: Make my living by using psychology skills in training and executive coaching, especially on relationship and communication skills. Would especially like to help women step up to full capacity in business, government, and finances to be equal partners at the table with me.

    Short-term goal:
    1) See few psychotherapy patients
    2) Get more executive coaching and training gigs (1-2 a month); get coaching revenue to 30% of income

    Filter questions:
    1) Does my agreeing to the requested activity help me promote my executive coaching business? (e.g., agreeing to be on a by-laws committee (as I am) does not, saying yes to a physician to take additional therapy client does not, guest lecture at university on Positive Psychology–not so much).

    Thanks for a great post and video, great concept. Easy to use as others have said.


  89. 1. to weight 158 lb by November: Does this thought/action leads me to my goal?
    2. hire qualified help by September: Does this step will get us a person for a long term relationship?
    3. get 3 new wholesale accounts by September: Do I have a simply packaged and attractive offer and Did I made my 3 phone calls/emails a day?

    Thank you Marie for making me think 🙂

  90. very useful tip, marie! i think i will apply it towards my goals at home. we’re currently working on the backyard, and it’s so easy to get distracted and do something besides work on it. my question will be whether or not what i’m doing will get that yardwork and organizing done. 🙂

  91. Marie, I love everything you post.

    Thank you for this golden nugget.

    My filter Q: does this build my new gig (full-time writing)?


  92. Top 3 long term:
    1. Earn $135K in one year
    2. Have an online empire with multiple ways that women can work with me
    3. Build passive income

    1. Does this support my ability to earn my $135K?
    2. Does this support me in building my business online?
    3. Does this allow me to build passive income?

    Top 3 short term goals:
    1. Launch my signature program Love What You See in the Mirror.
    2. Gain clarity on my brand and business tagline
    3. Have my website be clear and on focus to what I am here to offer the world.

    1. Does this support me in getting my program launched?
    2. Does this help me get clairty on what I am selling?
    3. Does this help me project my message?

  93. Top Three Goals:
    1. Build a dynamic business/career where I can express all of my creativity and talents without feeling like I have to be one dimensional.
    2. Continue writing and developing my blog (my first) Good Life Road. Letting it unfold naturally and honing in on the best I can bring to it.
    3. Attract and connect with thousands of like-minded people via Good Life Road and career described in #1 so that we can all lift each other, support each other, and create a thriving community.

    Disclaimer: Thank you for encouraging me to write this out Marie! I am in the early stages of figuring out where I’m going with all of this but for the first time in a long time I feel I am back on the path. I’ll be thinking about the filter questions while I’m at work today 🙂

    • Whoever edits and publishes these articles relaly knows what they’re doing.

  94. Surprisingly well-written and informiatve for a free online article.

  95. shantala

    thanks for the filter question! love it 🙂
    my top 3 action items are
    1) draft 3 months of newsletter topics, set time in calendar to write and get 10 high quality subscribers in 2 weeks (coaching business).
    2) get material for website written in time for april 1st week launch (coaching business)
    3) set daily and weekly time to manage my acting career (acting business)

  96. Thanks for the word “filter question” – it’s really a strong tool. I use it a lot with my clients – and you remembered me to use it for myself again. Great video.

  97. Wow, what a brilliant tool for creating focus. Even better because I can use it all over the place in my life.

    Personal goals – short term (3 months) lose a stone and a half in weight, long term – get down to a small size 14 (British).

    Writing goals – short term – get my first draft finished, long term – get my novels published.

    Business goals – short term – gain 3 new customers, write 2 new plays, long term – increase revenue at least threefold.

    Thanks for starting my morning so well.

  98. Great tip for dealing with overwhelm, getting clarity and prioritizing your goals! As always, you rock, Marie!!

  99. I really needed this Marie, thank you. I’m going with the short term here…1 choose 3 images (out of 693) for my website, 2. organize 2 business files, my studio and health business receipts, today. My filter question today is….will this make me feel more empowered in my business. Woman, oh woman….I struggle with this one, thank you!

  100. This is great! Okay 3 goals.

    1. To be Acne Free by 2013
    Filter ?: ” Will this choice help me become acne free by 2013…( i.e. food etc)?

    2. To have an up and running business in one year that is profitable.
    Filter ?: Will this time spent help me make a profitable business?

    3. To find out what my hobbies and likes really are.
    Filter ?: Will this activity stretch me and grow me or is it just an obligation kind of thing?

  101. OMG – Filter questions!!! Done! I really need to stop thinking about the little shit that makes little dollars and thinking more BIG!!!!

    Top 4 Goals:
    1) Learn everything I can from Marie Forleo to pass on to my clients.
    2) Net revenue this year – $100,000.
    3) Buy House
    4) Grow my business to at least 50 monthly service paying clients.

  102. Ellena

    1) lose 15 lbs in 2 months.
    Filter question, is eating this going to help me lose 15 lbs in 2 months?

    2) Figure out my business that will save the world & make money
    Filter question:
    Does the world want this?

    3) Be done having frequent migraines in the next 6 months.
    Filter question:
    Will this help me reduce the frequency of migraines in the long run?
    for example SCD, yes.

  103. Thanks Marie! I love it!
    Goal: Lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks.
    Filter question: Will this food/activity help me lose 1 pound a week?
    If yes – eat it/do it!
    If no – skip it!

  104. Goals:
    1- Win my IFBB Pro Card (Bikini Division) @ Junior USA show in Charleston on Sat, May 18th by winning Overall. Then, placing 1st in a pro show, which qualifies me for Bikini Olympia & placing first there also 😉
    2- Create a Bikini Competing e-Book that generates 100K in sales by year-end, and an additional 25,000 in affiliate commissions from links in the books.
    3- Open the EcoFit Las Vegas studio in June 2013 and immediately make $100k monthly profit due to high local and online and membership sales.

  105. Filter Questions:
    1- Will eating or doing this create the ultimate overall winning bikini physique that I want to attain?
    2- Can this experience be blogged, video’d, or included in the e-book or supporting marketing materials in building my e-newsletter list?
    3- Will this help me create such an amazing studio that membership sales will sky rocket immediately before opening and within the first month of opening?

  106. Wow. What a great video. I loved going through and reading the comments and looking at sites. It was interesting to see what kinds of goals people set and to see what their sites/presence looked like a couple of years later. Fascinating.

    Here are my goals:

    1. Increase my followers and mailing list by 2500 people by 6/1/13.

    2. Successfully change my website from The Design Mayor to Ursula Wayne and transfer over to WordPress after my session with Karen Salmansohn on Friday.

    3. Engage in 5 Strategic Marketing Partnerships by 10/1 and make $108,000 by the end of 2013.

    Filter Question: “Is this person, event or thing going to help me increase my mailing list, bring a strong collaboration and/or help me with my goal of making $12,000/month ($108,000 by the end of 2013)?

    I LOVE this. Thank you, Marie. Always inspired by you.

    • Joya

      Hi Ursula-

      Have a true story to relate about the number you picked: $108,000. I chose that as my target number to make in 2008 (created an electronic dreamboard/website with my goals for that year and shared the website with some girlfriends). I picked the number based on something that I had heard about the sacred #9. Well, in 2008 I did make $108,000 but only by error! One of my contracts delayed payment to me in the sum of $21,000 –so I had actually earned $129,000 in the year when I had set out to only earn $108,000. Funny but 100% true! Wonder how things are going for you so far…

      Oh all of my other goals came true that year. I got to a 3.5 level in tennis and won a trophy. I rekindled an old flame that I thought was gone. I bought my dream car:-)

  107. Thanks, Marie. I’m gonna try that as my biggest challenge is focus on the right things! It’s possible that I have an ADD. Is there a way to deal with it, ladies?

    • Hi Galina! While it’s certainly up to you if you’d like to get tested, one of the BEST ways to naturally harness the power of your gift (ultra creative) is to make sure you EXERCISE everyday. The natural chemicals your body/brain produces are incredible for focus and to help all of us multi-passionates. xoxo

      • Thank you so much for your comment, Marie! :):)
        I just a got my first juicer and want to try juicing along with exercising more 🙂

  108. Short Term goal, overcome fear AND boost my income by another £100 pweek- that’s £400 pmonth.

    Medium term goal, finish getting qualified in all of the Taoist arts.

    Long term goal, combine my Loves – Speaking, Teaching and Writing, with Horses AND help people overcome addictions using a combination of all of the above – preferably in California or Arizona 🙂

    My filter question is – does this move me towards my goal of waking up Peacefully and boosting my income?

    You Rock, Thank you 🙂

  109. I absolutely love the idea of a filter question. What a great way to keep your goals and thoughts as pure and as true to yourself as possible!

    It can be helpful to say “no” to something to something that really won’t get you to where you are going, but I also wanted to point out the flip side — sometimes you actually have to say “yes” to an opportunity to get where you want to go.

    Personally, I’ve come across several great opportunities in the past year where I was a bit wishy-washy in deciding whether or not to pursue them. These opportunities were everything that I wanted, but I was a bit hesitant. I then realized I had to become a tad bit uncomfortable and jump right in; these were actually the opportunities I needed to take.

    Oh, the world works in such mysterious ways… 🙂

    Thanks again Marie!

  110. My short term goal at this point is crating plenty more Haute’ Handbags of all my styles. Creating a monthly giveaway. And building my e-mail list from there.
    From there I will work on long term goals. Monthly Fashion newsletter and as always sales, sales,sales!!!!!
    The most important factor above all this is that I create Handbags that are not only fashionable but will last and help a woman stay easily organized. fashionable and functional. It has worked for me in the trials of making and using my Handbags.

    • Great Scarlet! I’d challenge you to get clear on the #1 priority from your short-term goal list, and then create a filter question that supports you in reaching that goal.

  111. My short term goal(s):
    Publish My Newest Book on Kindle
    Create Opt-In Products for Building Email List
    Locate FREE spaces or min. cost spaces to share my message, Change Your Story, Change Your Life

    My long term goal(s):
    Be a Best Selling Amazon Author
    Build An Engaged Online Community
    Create a Personal Growth and Development Online Program
    Obtain Sponsors for Spring Book/Seminar Tour

    • Awesome Jackie. Looking at your short term list, I’d say creating your opt-in should be your first priority. That ONE thing is a huge lever for all of the other goals you have — short-term and long term!

  112. Danielle

    So simple, yet challenging. I can definitely see filter questions helping me better develop my business, find work, and live life to the hilt! First day of my 25th year of life, and a fire under my ass to get things movin’ right! Love it 🙂 Thanks Marie.
    My filter questions are:
    1. Does this enhance or diminish my self worth?
    2. Does this action have vision?
    3. Is your authentic spirit present in this decision?

    And my top three goals are:
    1. Develop my health coaching practice (one one one clients, speaking and workshops) by the end of this year
    2. Host three catering events by the end of this year
    3. Find my home through work, location and friends

  113. Hi Marie! You are awesome. The End.

    Well, not the end. 🙂
    My filter question/s are usually one of these!

    Will this add to my life?
    If I choose this, what will my life look like in 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?
    Will this be fun, nurturing and rewarding?
    Will this contribute to my highest and best good?

    If the answer is no – then why choose it, right?

    Thank you a godzillion.
    Sending you all blessings.

  114. Top three goals:

    1) meet my December 1st deadline for the next novel in my series
    2) beat my sugar addiction
    3) Exercise daily

    Deadline for all three: December 2013

    My filter questions:

    1) Does how I am using my time at this moment advance me toward the goals of series completion, release from sugar addiction, and/or daily exercise?

    • Regina — NICE work. I like how you incorporated your three goals into one clear filter question. My suggestion is to take that filter question and now put it ALL over. Your phone, screen saver, paper (if you like non-digital reminders).

  115. Hey Marie!

    LOVE this video – thank you again for the insight and direction!

    This summer I took a bit of a hiatus from my life and wellness coaching business, but I’ve been cooking up programming and brainstorming new content for the Fall. However, I’ve recently felt overwhelmed by indecision about which projects to take on and which to decline. This simple video TRULY helped me figure out how to manage my expectations and how to move forward with my business.

    Here are my 3 questions:

    1) What ONE thing can I do today that will generate revenue? (Write an email/social media blast promoting a program, plan the next wellness event, follow-up with a prospective client, etc.)

    2) What ONE thing can I do today to create an amazing experience for my current clients? (send thank you cards/share wins)

    3) Did I create content this week? (blog entry/facebook post)?

    Can’t wait to start implementing my filters!

    xo, health, and happiness,

    • gloriamaria


  116. gloriamaria

    Short term goals:
    A) Track all finances and reconcile accounts and set new financial goals for next 3 months.
    B) Have fun, be creative, and super empowered in a creating a bigger life vision.
    C) Create the opportunities for expanding my expertise in multiple areas to explore opportunities.
    Filter Questions:
    a) Where did I file that receipt (after making a purchase)? What’s my present P&L (today or this week)?
    b) Is this fun and empowering? Does this excite me about greater possibilities?
    c) Is this something new and out of the usual routine (out of the box) of what the standard has been in my business?

    Amen sister!

  117. I watched this video 2x before today. And Now I watch it and my goals are clear.
    Thanks for sharing. I always learn something from you but today was an Aha moment for sure.

    I want to build a successful and profitable online business but I was unclear about how many subscribers to shoot for to be consistent with my profit goals.

  118. Thanks Marie for the tip!
    Choosing 3 goals was tough for me, but I guess that is the whole point..haha.

    Goal #1: Release a kick ass version of my app Rise Up: Overcome Your Eating Disorder for the new iOS 7 platform this September and get started on a version for Android

    Goal #2: Integrate both iOS and Android apps to an online database where users can view analytics and give access to their treatment professionals

    Goal #3: Start the Recovery Warriors Podcast

    Filter Question: Is this going to advance Recovery Warriors position in the digital health space or build the Recovery Warrior brand?

  119. 3 Goals:

    1: Bring 7 figure revenue to my business by 2016
    2: Lose 6 inches by October 15!
    3: Double my August revenue in September

    Filter question (one of them): Will this activity generate any revenue before the end of the month?

  120. Sweet vid Marie – thx. My goals:

    1. launch new member-based site
    2. maintain a paid member base of 300 people per month for 6 months, then increase to 400 for next 6 mos, 500 for next 6 mos, and 600 for next 6 mos.
    3. increase my email list size from 2500 to 5000 in 6 months, to 7500 in 12 mos.

    My Filter Question for #1: “Is this going to get my new site launched?” If not, forget it til later! If it is, go for it!

    xx Andrea

    • Janette

      After watching your filter question video, as well as the interview with you and Steven Pressfield, on Turning Pro, and wasting much of last week with the energy of taking on a project that ended up not being good for me, these three goals easily came to me:
      1; Develop my website with music, video, and blogging.
      2. Start working on my album.
      3. Implement pro habits now, because I have the mindset of a pro.

      So my filter question is: Is what I am doing today reflective of my pro goals?

      I have three books sitting here: Do The Work, Turnng Pro, and EFT for Procrastination by Gloria Arenson. The time is now!

  121. Anna Klimczuk

    Hey Marie and fellow MarieTV fans!
    One of my short term goals is to pay off my credit card debt and stash away some money into savings. For this goal my filter question is: Will “x” improve my financial situation? Is this a necessary expense?

    Thanks so much for this video and of your other MarieTV episodes. You brighten up my Tuesdays 🙂

    • Hey Anna! So happy to hear that. If you haven’t read my friend Ramit’s book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” — I highly recommend it. Ramit teaches you how to automate your finances — great stuff. My other favorite personal finance teacher is another friend of mine — David Bach. He has a TON of great books on the subject 🙂

  122. Marie, first I am very impressed to see Amy Porterfield as your very first comment in this stream. She obviously learned how to ask her filter questions working with you!

    My filter question is: Is this something my readers want?

    I’ve got it figured out that what I think they want is not working out so well!

  123. KatherineK

    This is such a great and simple way to say no to things! I keep getting overwhelmed and need to focus. So I need to ask:

    will this help me get more clients and increase my revenue this year?

  124. I gotta get me a filter question… thanks for the great summer series!

    Marie I love that you are a little crazy, it encourages me to just be fun loving self as I create the business I love. You rock lady.


  125. Jemma

    + Re: career- Will this help me make respectful relationships in the California restaurant & bar industry?

    + Re: health- Does this give me more energy or help me really relax?

    + Re: relationships- Will I feel supported, loving, & inspired after spending time with this person?

    So simple, but good. Also, I love what Chopra said about a balanced throat chakra will act as a successful filter in expression. Filters = Fun

  126. I love you. You are so relevant.

  127. This is a wonderful video Marie – thank you for picking it up as part of your summer replays! As always, these are really great advices! 🙂

    My objectives are the following:

    1. Being able to make as much money in my new career & soul purpose as I did in my previous one, so that I can keep doing what I love 🙂 –> Filter question: How will this bring in revenue?
    2. Get 1,000 subscribers by December 31, 2013 and 5,000 subscribers on my list by June 2014 –> Filter question: How will this help me get people on my list?
    3. Get known as a health coach specialising in women’s hormonal health & fertility -> Filter questions: Is my message reaching my “target market”? Is my communication strategy helpful or should I review it? What other opportunities of getting my message out there do I have that I haven’t thought about yet?

  128. Long term goal: Develop a successful DJ’ing business that can provide 75% of my income by the end of 2014, and which provides a variety of music, a feeling of community and an enjoyable alternative to the club scene for event-goers.

    Short-term goals:
    1. Two gigs/events per month by the end of 2013.
    2. Develop collobarative relationships with other DJs
    3. Get my name out to as wide of an audience as possible.

    Filter question: Will this opportunity broaden my audience and get my name out to a broader audience?

    • Thanks, Haven, your goals are very similar to mine, they inspired me. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  129. Long term goal:
    – develop a household commodity Parisian French online learning system for Australia, Canada, UK, and US

    Short term:
    – 4 new students per month by the end of 2013

    Filter question:
    – will this opportunity broaden my audience?

  130. Good advice and well said – the only issue here is telling your family and friends for “accountability”. No, No, No Marie – not for all of us. Family in particular can be incredibly cruel and can mentally beat you down especially if they think you are “trying to rise above your raising”. Pick one or two – at the most – true friends who really have your best interests at heart AND have a good sense of business. Unfortunately, we all have well-meaning friends who don’t want yout to succeed out of their fear of change.

  131. Thanks for this video Marie! I’d seen it before but being reminded to view opportunities through the lens of the filter question is great advice. It didn’t hurt that you reminded us of how to apply this to your wellness goals as well. I’m setting up a FB group to help people get back on track with their fitness goals and just being more mindful goes a long way.

  132. I am feeling a sense of clarity, urgency and excitement as I’m writing all my goals and filter Qs down. So here goes (I have 4, including goals in the love department) :>

    Goal #1: I am enjoying my work as a graphic designer for a stable company in the creative industry.
    Filter Q: Does this make me look competent and exciting to work with?

    Goal #2: I have high energy levels, healthy and I love my body to bits. As a result, I feel confident in all areas of my life.
    Filter Q: Will my body (and mind) thank me for doing this?

    Goal #3: I am continuously creating artwork, traveling, and meeting different people who I help with my creative skills and with the idea of the “Creative Hour”.
    Filter Q: Is this both creatively fulfilling and helpful to other people?

    Goal #4: I am happily married and living together with the love of my life here in Canada.
    Filter Q: Will this support our relationship and help us be together for the long term?

  133. Awesome!

    1) Become certified in training/teaching the material I am passionate about (Lean/Agile product development methodologies)
    Filter Q: Is this going to help establish me as an expert and/or thought leader in this field?

    2) Increase readership/relevance of my blog
    Filter Q: Will engaging in this activity contribute to gaining more readers on my blog?

    3) Continue to achieve even better health & fitness, especially peace with my body and with food
    Filter Q: Will eating/doing this make me feel fulfilled and satisfied?

    Thanks Marie!


  134. Gail Laursen

    Reflecting on the archival videos you’ve posted for August, I’ve gleaned a theme: focussed attention to purpose. It’s crazy-stupid how I can get lost in the minutiae, or decide a story needs a forty-sixth rewrite. I’m like a magpie, easily sidetracked by shiny objects, all in an attempt to avoid doing what I KNOW I must. Focus clearly on my goals…no more allowing self-doubts to interfere with aspirations…

    Which are:
    Short-term goal Week #1: Quell the inner editor and send out short fiction for publication.
    Short-term goal Week #2: Quell the inner editor and send out short fiction for publication.
    Short-term goal Weeks #3-Infinity: Rinse & repeat….

    To achieve…THE long-term goal: Writing supports us materially as well as it fulfills me emotionally and spiritually.

    Filter Question: Is this (usually self) criticism constructive or obstructive to achieving publication?

    Now, off to work on this week’s goal!

  135. Thanks for reminding of me of the filter’s powah. Very fun to see what I posted when this originally aired in 2011!! (WOW – we’ve been friends longer than I thought Marie!) Just today I turned down three things that were “potential opportunities” – some personal, some pro, none of which passed the filter questions. I now have one overarching question that I run past for the business side: Will this get me closer to the $6 million check? It’s shorthand for one metric of success for a project I’m producing. Speaking of which….

  136. Kelsey

    This is absolute genius. Exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks, Marie.

  137. 1. Write my book, dance, and go to bed early today…will all help me stay focused on my path of dreams today!!

  138. Awesome video! I often find myself saying yes to everything, which can definitely lead to burn-out fast. My short-term goals revolve around increasing my following and my revenue. Therefore my filter question could be “Is this going to help me to increase my earnings?”

    Alexis Meads

  139. BRILLIANT!! Here are my top three goals:
    1. Be happy.
    2. Be healthy.
    3. Be self-sufficient.
    Here is my filter question:
    “How does [person/place/thing/activity] create a happy, healthy or self-sufficient Nancy?”

    • Amazing! Love your goals and filter questions. Adding it to the vision board 🙂

  140. Mac

    Always good
    my three
    I am attending a writing seminar in early October. My goal is to have three samples of the non-fiction book I am writing.

    To get a good night sleep

    To raise my current level of income through self-sustaining activity – longer term

  141. This really got me thinking Marie! Great post.

    My goals are:
    1. My biz doubles it’s income each month
    2. My biz turns over $100k profit within the next financial year
    3. My biz establishes itself as Australia’s largest online community for healthy eating habits and positive body image for women aged between 25 and 34

    My filter question:
    Does this action move me closer to my goal?

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Rachel X

  142. Stefanie

    First goal: finish my last subjects
    second goal: get employed at big company.
    Third goal: have a position in the marketing area

    How would i do it? i will only go to the interviews in big companys, and i will sak for a flexible work that allows me to go to classes, also i will only accept a new job on the marketin area.

  143. My Goals are to
    1)Service more clients as a Health & Wellness Coach
    2)Introduce and Train New Health Coaches
    3)Hit Next Level in Business called Active World Team by bringing 10k or more personal value to my community in One Month.

    Does this bring value to my business?
    I’m I utilizing my time effectively and setting realistic goals?

  144. Hi Marie, l LOVE the idea of filter questions:
    My filter question is: How does this benefit me and my organisation?

    l believe its a huge time saver

  145. Actionable and focused takeaways. Thanks, Marie!

  146. C Anderson

    Marie, I’m a big fan of what you do and a kind of a new entrepreneur (just getting going in the relative sense). I’m a skilled pro in IT support and team management and tech consulting, but when one is delving into self-employment alterations there is always a bit of floundering with who is legit to work for in certain areas, since they all will tell you they have everything professionally in order until a few months down the road. We both likely know certain health and relationship coaching, and business coaching businesses (etc) are full of other start-ups and new entrepreneurial coaches looking for great freelance workers, plus of lots of prowlers and nutcases people who won’t make good on any word at the even the end of a contract. Even “entrepreneurs” and “multi-millionaires” who have apparently worked successfully for a million years in their field will tell you they are great on paper but sometimes have shady employee businesses or tax situations that you won’t know until tax season, or until whatever problem kicks in after a several months even if you thought you knew and asked. Of course as you get more involved there are more people you can ask around about the set-up or connection and you’ll learn, but when you freelance you are constantly connecting and getting new offers that you have to maybe jump on fast, and sometimes they are rotten apples. “Will this make me happy?” (or whatever) won’t be answerable until I know that they can live up to their end of the business and they know what they want from *ME*. I Have been caught up a few times lately in the “Is this a start-up that I want to jump into because it will be awesome”, or even “an organizational mess that I can untangle” vs “is this a startup mess or other organizational disaster that will just suck impressive hours out of my life if I agree to it”. I can ask filter questions and I do, but this is a new one for me, figuring out if their own entrepreneurial business can really support me or afford mine or keep me on for the time they are requesting for how long. I need to filter out the sudden offers from users and life-vacuum-suckers so we are all clear about what I will and will not do as an independent contractor. Any suggestions? IF they are doing something with a tight timing then it is difficult to ask for a history, but I don’t want to have to decide that every entrepreneur/start-up is a bad person or a bad coworker, for sure just because many tank!!! I can tell them a minimum rate, but even that doesn’t mean they remember to pay for the stuff I literally killed myself to create. Don’t get me wrong, my good clients are awesome and some times great surprises, which is why I’m wondering how to pick the real from the shady up front. Do I have to ask for a bank statement? A letter from their mom? It’s almost always a fast opportunity or short-term offer, so I’m not sure how to determine in that time that they are financially viable and cool.

  147. Amazing! Love this laser-focus, as I know that I can’t put the cart before the horse in any way while building my business, and my short term plan always needs to flow carefully into my long term plan.

    My goal for this year is to bring in $100,000 in revenue. I’d like to build my website in the next month and add at least 3,000 to my list in the next three months.

    Yay!! 🙂

  148. My company PartnerUp specialises in strategic alliances and content contribution is a form of content partnership. The 3 golden rules of any successful strategic alliance are:

    1. It must be aligned with your objectives (as per Marie’s filter question);
    2. There must be a compatible target market (this is the second question I ask) between your business and the business presenting the opportunity;
    3. There must be value alignment between your business and the person/business offering you the opportunity.

    I hope that helps!

  149. Great video! You videos have such great style. My filter question I ask myself is based on the quote, “Do something for yourself today that your self will thank you for tomorrow.” This applies to how I take care of my body, my career, my side hustle, and my relationships. For bigger projects I ask myself, “Will I thank myself for starting this project a year from now?” If a new opportunity comes available, I try to think if I will be happy I did it a year from now. That puts everything in perspective.

  150. My filter question is based on a quote too. That of Robert Bly and he says “Become obsessed with ROTI – return on time invested – for
    every activity you undertake.”

  151. Hi Marie ! Great video ! I’ve just been planning my socks off the next 12 months and this topic comes in really handy !

    My filter question is based on the Pareto Principle that 20% of your actions account for 80% of your results. So after I write down the list of possible actions/people/events, I ask myself, “what is the 20% that will get me to achieve the 80% of this goal?”

    Top 3 goals:
    1) Increase +1.000 subscribers in my list
    2) Launch my live & online programs & earn 50.000€ in 4 months or less
    3) Experience sacredness and deep connection at my new home with my fiancé

    1) Earn a passive income over 8.000€/month
    2) Have more than 1.000 people join my online courses yearly
    3) Marry my beloved and have a baby

    Regarding the quote from George Harrison, it is indeed from him, however he based the quote on the conversation Alice has with the cat which I use in one of my seminars explaining the need to have your own inner GPS. Mark your goals, ask yourself your filter questions, take those actions and tadá you will reach your goal in no time:

    -“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
    -“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
    -“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
    -“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
    -“–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.
    -“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

  152. Loved the idea of simple focus! I am working on it and will repost when I have it figured out…

  153. Current Top Goals:
    1) Support myself from my business earnings.
    2) Finish my comic book projects.
    3) Buy or rent my own house.
    Filter Q’s depending on time of day:
    A. Will this help earn money? (I also add “sooner rather than later” when prioritizing my millions of business tasks.)
    B. Am I finishing my comic book?
    C. Am I taking care of myself?

  154. carole

    3 goals :
    1. continue to be a vegetarian and contribute to respectful treatment of animals
    2. support myself as best I can on all levels
    3. be healthy, fit and lose weight (10 kilos to start with).

  155. Marie, I can’t get over how great you look on Marie TV! Congrats. I look so forward to Tues. even though I rarely have time to watch til the w-end. You have seriously influenced me and I have so much respect for you.

    I am running two successful small businesses and starting a third. For me its all about health including sleep, nutrition and cognition. I am training to be an infant and maternity sleep consultant, running a licensed and accredited early childhood education center from my home and also a sugar free gluten free vegan treat business. We sell our treats at one coffee shop and a farmer’s market and have had a good response to the flavor so my top 3 goals are
    1. Get new people to try my product and see how good they feel
    2. Get 9 new wholesale distributors in Madison WI
    3. Move from a rental kitchen to our own kitchen
    My ?? Does this action move me towards one of these goals?

    Thanks so much, Marie, for all of the support you offer. So many good things are happening in many places because of you.

  156. Hi Marie!

    Thank you once again for your allways worthy input, that I appreciate very much here in Germany.

    I have one question I´d like to share with all of you and another one I need some help with.

    The question helps me since many years indipendent of the different goals. (hoppefully my translation is correct):

    “Does this one thing I´m doing right now bring me closer to my most important goal?”

    There is only one anwer to that question and therefore only one thing to do in that moment.

    But on the other hand theres a question I like to get answered by you. There is one thing I struggle with sometimes: It has to do with the long vs. the shorttermed goals. I have three longterm goals from which I derive three (mh, unfortunatelly even more) shortterm goals. That makes it a little bit difficult to allways makes the right decision.

    Any ideas on that?

    Thanks in advance from Europe,


    • Martin, I know this is a question for Marie but I’ll give you my two cents anyhow since productivity and goal achievement are in my turf 😉

      If your short term goals are in alignment with your long term goals this shouldn’t be a problem.

      The problem comes from wanting something different for today, than what you think you’ll want in the future.

      If that is the case, you have to really sit down and think why are your long and short term visions and desires so different?

      And which one is more important for your future?

      Remember we build our future one tiny step at a time.

      Sometimes we want that instant gratification but it will usually be at the expense of the long term vision.

      For example let’s use the example Marie used of losing weight. You might feel the urge to eat that tasty high calorie meal to satisfy a certain immediate craving but it will not help your long term weight loss goal and it will probably make you feel bad afterwards. Believe me, I know 😉

      So I use something I call the 1 2 3 method. When in conflict with a decision, imagine how would you feel about making that decision 1 hour after making it? How would you feel 2 months after it? How would you feel 3 years later? Would it be worth it? Or significant? Would you be moving towards your goals or away from them?

      I know there are some exceptions to every rule, for instance you might want to quit your job and build a business but if you do that you might not be able to put food in your mouth. So in this case keeping your job may feel you’re acting against your long term goal but what you do in situations like this, is create a reasonable plan to go after both 😉

      Hope this helps a bit,

      Good luck & keep in touch.

      • HI Tatiana!

        Thank you very much for your comment. I love to get your advice as much as Maries 🙂 and totally agree with every single point you wrote about. I´m sure, especally your 1 – 2 – 3 method will be helpful in many situations.

        I think my goals are pretty clear to me, I struggle with the countless numbers of projects I have to work on to reach them. Let´s say my # 1 goals is to become a better non expert in my field to raise my speaking engagements. To reach that goal, there are a lot of shortterm projects to realize, like writing a book, phone potential clients, send press releases and so on (in German I could name 50 more but it´s damned difficult to translate them first) That´s what makes it a bit overwhelming sometimes.

  157. Thanks Marie. This gives me guidance to focus like a laser beam. So many opportunities look good but it slows down overall progress and completion.

    Cheers Rachel

  158. Thanks Marie, great video like always.

    I’ve used filter questions for a long time, I also have my clients use them and it is one of the simple yet very powerful techniques. Well, I call them alignment questions 😉 to remind myself to have my decisions & actions in alignment with my goals.

    My top 3 short term goals:
    1. Finish crafting my new coaching program and launch it.
    2. Start writing that book I’ve been putting off.
    3. Revamp my website.

  159. Hey, just happened upon this and it’s just what I needed right now. Tons of demand on my time suddenly, and was looking for a way to help prioritize. This is it!

    Thanks marie,


  160. Oakley

    Filter question? YES! thank you. i needed this! my filter question is: Is this getting my website ready for launch at the end of april and ready to teach in may? (the two are connected). if the answer is no, then its gonna get passed over. so simple. wow.

  161. 1. Complete my BS and MS in Holistic Nutrition
    2. Build a profitable online business helping others get and stay healthy with wholefood, clean nutrition.
    3. Build a database of people to offer my knowledge to that can then share what they learned with others.
    “Will this task/ product help me build a 7 figure income within 10 tens?”

  162. Great tips and excellent presentation. Thank you Marie!

  163. It is not my first tiime to visit this web site, i am browsing this web page dailly and take good facts from here alll the time.

  164. Hi Marie and community,

    Burning out from absorbing so much info about online business & coaching. so much info swimming in my head. Been to a couple workshops and have another scheduled, don’t feel I know how to put together an online business yet, tho I’ve heard training on all the “pieces” that need to be put in place. “Experts” say if you knew everything you need to know, you’d be already successful, so there must be a knowledge gap that would benefit from private coaching/workshops. So they say to keep attending and learning. I am trying to get down to the business of making something tangible happen that gives me results. The focus question helps when focusing on one thing, but what do you do when you have multiple goals you’re pursuing at once?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Diana, thank you for your note, and you’re SO not alone! We have lots of brilliant, multi-passionate entrepreneurs and creatives in our community who struggle with getting started when pursuing multiple goals.

      Attending and learning is absolutely awesome, and it’s great to hear that you’ve been doing so much research to help you get started. While it may be technically true in some cases about knowing everything you need to know, I’ve personally seen in my own life that we really never do know “everything” we need to. It’s great to be prepared (and ideal!), but no matter how prepared we are, we’ll never feel truly ready. There’s always another level and more to explore — and that’s not only okay, but it can be really incredible!

      In terms of deciding which goals to focus on, definitely check out one of our classic MarieTV episodes about being multipassionate:

      You might also find it helpful to just jump in and get started working with clients. Your business definitely doesn’t have to be perfect right out of the gate — I’m not sure anyone’s ever is! Marie shares some awesome thoughts about that here: and in this great episode about getting started in coaching:

      Once you start to take action steps and see results, it can help you figure out what your primary goals are, what needs more research, what might need tweaking — and of course it’ll be a huge confidence boost that you CAN do this.

      We have loads of other great MarieTV episodes with other tips, so please feel free to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com for more suggestions, or check out our archives anytime!

  165. Great topic and article. James Altucher wrote a book called the Power of No that was about letting go of those time wasting things to free to up to do what you want. Great read too.

  166. Kat

    I have been waiting (only didn’t know it) for this video! Thank you.

    My goals for 2016
    (1) I have my home/personal finances/retirement/relocation plan from the corporate world done with a target date identified (meeting with a financial advisor for help) so I can take my business full time from home;
    (2) Reignite my business by going going through B-School again and finishing this time so that my group and private clients quadruple because my clients tell their friends and family about me;

    Filter question: is what I am choosing to spend my time on fitting into one of the above goals or fulfilling the quality time for balance with my husband or self-care.

    My filter questions

  167. Dee Dee

    Short-Term Goal:
    Finish reading books for the first time
    Revise the already read material
    Take up mock tests
    Long-Term Goal:
    Get admission for masters in my dream college
    Finish my Doctorate
    Become a scientist in a Research and Development company

  168. It is very important to know your goals. Thank you, Marie! Great episode!

  169. Carla

    3 paper work to do it, I will get up earlier and do my non negotiable healthy morning routines, I will time my activities. My filter question will just be: what are the priorities of the day in this 3 little projects to use my time effectively? also will be avoiding social media as is my great source of procrastination.

  170. Superb Filter…. Love This! Thank you

  171. Greate article. Keep writing uch kind of info on your site.

    Im really impressed by it.
    Hi there, You’ve performed a fantastic job.

    I’ll definitely digg it and for my part suggest to my friends.
    I’m sure they will be benefited from this site.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear you’re digging our content and finding it helpful, Beatris! Thank you SO much for sharing it with friends who could benefit, as well 🙂 You rock!

  172. Asha

    Filter question?! Love it! I had been doing something similar and asking myself is this bringing me closer to My WholeHearted Yes life (that’s the life I visualize three years from now that makes every cell in my body say yes!). However I feel I will be even more discerning by linking the filter question to my short term goal rather than the larger one! Crushing on Marie’s wisdom and genuine and joyFULL expression. Awesome combination!

  173. Oy! Here are my top 3 goals right now and my filter question for them.

    1. Have 1/2 of my income be from self employment by June.
    -Q: “Will this opportunity lead me to being more independent in my business?”
    2. Become an official LLC and have a separate bank account/other official business.
    -Q: “Is this opportunity one that can use the name of my brand and be recognized as more than just me? Is it aligned with the purpose of my business?”
    3. Get out of debt by September.
    -Q: “Is this purchase/ is this opportunity leading me to financial freedom? Is this pushing me forward towards zero or is this holding me back?”

    I know those are a little vague but I think they work for me in this moment. Open to any feedback, of course. Thanks!

  174. Thanks for this site. This was really a big help for my research. I really appreciate your website. Thanks Again.

  175. Jelena

    My top 3 goals are:
    1. Gain more live students for my (eventually online) business – a steady running class of 5-10 students locally by next fall (sooner, but I have medical treatments:( that are pushing it back)

    2. Finish B-School – just enrolled – loving it.
    3. Hone the skills I’ll be teaching first.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Jelena! Your clarity and simplicity here is great. You can absolutely do this! We’re beyond excited to have you in B-School and can’t wait to support you in bringing this into reality! XOXO

  176. My top 3 goals for the next 3 months:
    – Publish my book
    – Start my Greater is Calling Tour
    – Grow my list

  177. List building is my #1 priority right now so I loved this filter question ❤️
    And thanks for this PRO TIP Marie, especially one that applies to almost everything in life. I’m creating a personal collection of filter questions for other productivity killers like perfectionism, and what Charlie Gilkey, in his book Start Finishing, calls OPP or Other People’s Priorities.

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