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Before we get to today’s video, I need your help.

We’ve been busy working away on a brand new website (hooray!).

There’s one section that will have little “reviews” of my work from people all over the world.

You know, one or two lines of love + praise about how my book, videos, programs or newsletters have impacted your business or life.

If there’s anything you’d be willing to share, please leave a comment below with your review and include your name, where you live (state or country) and what you do (entrepreneur, writer, jewelry designer, etc.).  Bonus points if you include your website + a picture.

**If you’re in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia or anywhere outside the US, please let us know.

Thank you SO much in advance for anything you’d be willing to share.

Now onto today’s video.

A reader asked me if I ever feel consumed by stress and, if so, how I deal with it.   I actually get asked this question a lot.

In this video, I’ll show you two simple yet effective strategies to quickly turn stress into more productive energy.  Plus, see some vintage Marie video footage that will definitely make you smile :).

Oh yeah, be sure to watch the video till the very end.

There’s an extra surprise moment in there for ya.

If you’ve got more stress busting tips to share, leave a comment.

I’ll bet you’ve got some good stuff.

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching.

And extra thanks for any praise + love you’re willing to share for the new site.

P.S.  I threw down some awesome science on making money + owning your worth for my friends Gabby + Christine during their Summer of Happy Event.

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  1. Great practical advice Marie, especially the part about being in the present. That’s easy to forget.

    I also appreciate the info. on meditation. I’ve been resisting meditation but I keep hearing more and more successful people say that they meditate on a regular basis.

  2. Yes, I’d love to share what I do! I jump up & down on my bed, swinging my arms, kicking my legs here and there…think of it as high impact dance moves gone wild! I can usually go for about a minute and a half.

    I just gotta shake some energy out of my muscles and get my body pumping so it feels good…not bad. It’s helpful to do this to music and sing at the top of your lungs too!

    But my all time favorite go to place is outdoors…to soak up some sunshine, breath deep, listen to the birds, feel the breeze, or watch the grass grow. It’s my favorite way to let go and regroup.

    Thx Marie!

  3. Wow as if this video wasn’t made for me – the woman asking the question is also called Natalie. 😉

    My tip: walks with the dog barefoot in the park, naps, hot yoga… I guess these might fall under taking care of yourself.

    Getting back on the daily meditation train!

  4. I go in and out of having a meditation practice and usually there is direct correlation with how much caffeine I consume (more meditation=less caffeine) and the amount of stress that I feel. Currently, I am reading a fantastic book on meditation called “Meditation for the Love of It” by Sally Kempton that is inspiring me to recharge my meditation practice. I absolutely recommend it!

    I also have some love lines (review) for you Marie:
    I am currently a Rich, Happy and Hot B-school student and the course is rocking my world. The tools I am learning are not only making my business more successful, they are also making me a stronger, more confident person in the world and I’m loving it!

    (my info: Eliza Tobin, USA, Artist and Yoga Teacher,

  5. Marie

    That video was amazing and the exercise video but a bid stress free smile on the this former group exercise instructors face!
    I am down some stress already!


  6. Fabulous timing for this video. As I just got some unpleasant financial news. But one of my favorite de-stressing tips is walking away for a bit and enjoying gifts. Those may be playing with your kids and/or pets, cooking a great meal for yourself, having an impromptu girl time, tinkering in the garden or some combination of the above.

  7. Great video. As a Pleasure Nutritionist I’m a big fan of eating clean but I’m also a big fan of bringing pleasure into my life and the lives of the women I work with. Pleasure is a huge stress reducer and it can be as simple as taking 3-4 deep breaths, turning on the music and dancing around the living room, stepping outside and putting your feet on the ground, checking in with a friend, bragging. It doesn’t have to be big to be fun!

  8. Marie! You’ve inspired the confidence in me to launch where I get to create custom fingerprint jewelry for some amazing families! I know am able to live the life I want to live – spending my days home with my children and creating jewelry! Thank you tons 😉

  9. LOL, I´m sooooooo much better right now! It must have been very funny to watch you exercising on those programs, as you´re such an amusing person.

    Tons of love

  10. I will now be adding ‘African Arms’ (to the left and to the right) to my morning routine. Awesome!

  11. OMG Marie you crack me up! The “booyah, Mark Twain” part had me rolling on the coffee shop floor! Thanks for the fun spin on this never-heard-too-much advice!

  12. Jen

    You are spot on with the eating clean, meditation and working out! Thanks for the introduction to Kris Carr, I have read her book and it has changed my eating habits. Now my skin glows and my feet haven’t swelled up once and I am 8 months pregnant.

  13. African arms to the left…african arms to the right! Love it!
    Great post! Thanks for what you do!

  14. Ashley

    Great old school video clip Marie! You made me wanna get the DVD lol It looks like you were having FUN.

  15. Marie, those videos are great! I have actually browsed your website and have watched those videos before. Nice stomach and great moves……..I’m jealous – wait, I got over my jealousy from your last Q&A Tuesday! Thanks for all the great tips and advice. Of course my best stress relief is through a nice run or an hour with Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength (killer). Really clears my mind and helps me focus on what needs to be accomplished. One of the biggest excuses for not working out is TIME. But I know when I work out I am twice as productive and way more focused. Love your videos, working on the courage to add some to On my way to google Kris Carr…….. Thanks

  16. Sweet Tips Ms. Marie,

    My daily wind down, luxurious epson salt & essential oils bath to “wash off” the day, and getting enough quality sleep. Love the Mark Twain quote. Dang girl, I really look forward to your videos each week!

  17. I LOVE Byron Katie’s revolutionary process, the Work, for turning around stressful thoughts. I’ve found, though, that it works best for stressful thoughts that stem from judgments we have about others, thoughts like: “My husband doesn’t appreciaate me.” “My boss puts too much pressure on me.” “My parents should accept me.”

    But the stress that comes when we look at our circumstances—the circumstances that aren’t related to how someone else has treated us—often require a different tool. That’s because it can feel like it’s the circumstance that’s creating the distress.

    But it’s not true. All circumstances really are neutral, and it’s important not to confuse them with “reality.” I really love Brook Castillo’s process (as described in her book, Self-Coaching 101) for breaking down any stressful thought into components that can be investigated in order to find a better-feeling thought.

    I’ve found doing this helps me create more powerful actions that will likely yield better outcomes.

  18. HA! That exercise bit cracked me up. I didn’t know you taught group fitness. That’s pretty rad.

    My favorite way to stay stress-free is to laugh. Seriously, one time I blew up wax in the microwave and just rolled on the floor laughing. Now I make it a point to attend a local stand-up comedy routine every week.

  19. Fabulous tips, Marie!

    I love walks to de-stress. I’ll head down to the riverfront at the end of the street, kick off my shoes and walk barefoot through the grass. It always helps to clear my head, get me de-stressin, and I come back feeling ready to take some action and move forward! 🙂

    (I’d love to send in some lovin’ for the new Reviews page, and will email something soon!)

  20. Meditation for sure!! Journaling is also great for writing down fear and stress and removing those energies from your body.

  21. Ha I love the vintage Marie videos! I totally agree with your 3 steps to avoid stress – for me sweating and laughing my ass off are TOP priority for avoiding or stopping stress dead in it’s tracks.

  22. Dear Marie,

    I love your dynamism. I also all my life like you have believed that nothing is impossible in life. What’s more, I admire your positive attitude. I like your idea of nothing being worthwhile to make one stressful. What I like about you is that you teach women – even an elderly woman like myself who still hopes to become a bestseller author – to believe in the powers hidden within them.

    God Bless

  23. I’m LOVING this video! It hits so close to home for me. I’ve actually been writing a book (almost done) and video series for the women who join my list about dealing with this exact issue!

    One of the tips I give women in my book is to perform one big task to clear out the clutter. One of the biggest causes to stress is having a task in the back of your mind that you are afraid to face.

    Every woman should dedicate one day to facing that task and getting it done! Even if it is to organize your closet. You will be amazed how good you feel when you get it done!

    As far as dealing with immediate stress, my best tip is to cut it off by thinking of positive things in your life. Start telling yourself everything you are thankful for. After a few minutes, you’ll see that what you are stressed about is pointless. Things always get better!

  24. Great fun and practical tips as ever Maria – love your videos and they make me laugh!

    I work with creatives who have millions of great ideas, but when they don’t see progression of any one thing it creates stress. So having a simple plan every week, clear goals and a daily routine of morning meditation, a quick run and doing your most important work first thing helps me to feel more in control. Also – one project to completion as a rule. Thanks again. nicky

  25. Mer

    Yay for the Crunch Cardio video! That’s how I first got introduced to you… I did this video many a time in my living room…”watch out Beyonce!” I also had your Women’s Health Wedding Workout. I absolutely love your biz and life advice, but I’d also love to see some of your fitness stuff, as well. Just a thought. LOVING Q+A Tuesdays…please keep ’em coming!

  26. BREATHE!!!
    Breathe from your belly, all the way out first, then allow the breath to naturally flow in with more ease. This will activate your parasympathetic nervous system and calm you.

  27. My line of love is that:

    Marie’s positive, full of life energy and no BS advice is the only update I look forward to in my inbox each week. Thanks to her inspirational insights and fun videos I just started my own business and know I don’t have to be one thing or do it it any one way. What liberation! Thank you so much. Plus, did I say she has the best name?

    Marie Incles
    Editor and journalist. I also help small businesses to gain more clients with online content.
    (As requested: currently in London, moving to Hong Kong in 10 days. Excited!)

  28. Always enjoy your super-pro vids!
    My remedy for stress is screaming out my car windows when no drivers are nearby just before I get to work (when needed)…there’s this really nice long stretch of road before I arrive. Of course I do meditate and pray and eat well and sleep and have love in my life and exercise….however, sometimes a good primal scream from way down deep is worth 45 min on a couch telling someone my troubles for $125. !!! Oh, and then I laugh!!!!!! God, that clears my head!!!

  29. My line of love is that:

    Marie’s positive, full of life energy and no BS advice is the only update I look forward to in my inbox each week. Thanks to her inspirational insights and fun videos I just started my own business and know I don’t have to be one thing or do it it any one way. What liberation! Thank you so much. Plus, did I say she has the best name?

    Marie Incles
    Editor and journalist. I also help small businesses to gain more clients with online content.
    (As requested: currently in London, moving to Hong Kong in 10 days. Excited!)

  30. Marie.. you’re too great, hah.. those workout videos = awesome! We must be on the same wavelength or somethin’ because I just wrote about meditation today on my site! Question: what type of meditation do YOU find most effective? I’ve heard about people completely clearing their minds and others who specifically bring in all their thoughts and “let them go”.

    Feel free to use anything I’ve ever said to/about you. I almost wish I had waited until today to post last weeks comment, ha! To make life easier for ya and so that I’m not just repeating myself here’s a link to my praise for you last week 😉 and here’s my tweet that I just realized you favorited (and have made me feel super special for doing so):!/FourLeafClover/status/71922123005886464

    My name is Eva Kwolek. I currently live in Switzerland and I’m the writer/blogger behind Four Leaf Clover: and I hope this photo works:

    Thanks for another fantastic video, Marie – I can’t wait to see this new site!

  31. Couldn’t agree more on the stress tips! I love that you included diet. Most people don’t think of that one. Listening to music, walking my dog and spending time in nature are also ones I use!

    “RHH B-School is the Bomb! Marie and Laura offer the most valuable, easily applicable concepts while at the same time demonstrate how to be completely AUTHENTIC in your business. A must for every empowered entrepreneur!” -Amber Krzys, CA (Founder & Body Image Expert, bodyheart –

    Feel free to pull my Gravatar photo or email [email protected] for one. My pleasure to support!

  32. So true!! It’s all about focus…

  33. Marie, I’m a Creative Director and Graphic Designer bred in New York/now based in Austin (, and normally I eschew 99.9% of the “woman entrepreneur”, “how to grow your business” and “the new normal” communication that comes my way. And while my BS factor remains high, and I require a degree of snobbery, discretion if you will, in my life… you and your work my dear, like a bullet, have penetrated the wall.

    Your blend of sass and treating me intelligently, combined with your insane consideration of my experience, has charmed the pants off of me. For this I am grateful. And in this case, I’m also grateful to be able to show off my Hanky Pankys!

  34. Love it! As an entrepreneur and business owner, I cannot agree more! Holla to daily morning meditation, eating clean, and exercise! I’ve recently even learned to bookend my most jammed packed work days with a morning workout AND an evening workout {usually one cardio and one yoga} to ensure I stay focused, on task, and stress free. So grateful to be getting coached in B-School and here ; )

  35. You are the BEST. Just love watching your videos and ALWAYS seem to be just what I need for day.

  36. Ha ha, OMG – the videos are freakin awesome!

  37. Jacqueline Hanley

    Stress management:

    From the Dalai Lama: “If you can do something about it, don’t worry… if you can’t do anything about it, don’t worry”.

    From Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements): 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take it personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.

    From me: Relaaaaax! Chill! Breathe and feel your whole body. Move, stretch, dance. Inhabit yourself in the present fully. Enjoy – look around and take in all the beauty. Laugh with friends till your sides hurt (watching Stephen Colbert does it for me).

    Stop striving and just take action – then go to the beach. Have a margarita made with fresh ingredients (no chemical mix).

  38. Testimonial:

    As a woman entrepreneur with multiple side projects and a full-time job to boot, I need guidance that can help my business that is also entertaining, engaging and above all, effective. I need it to work. Marie Forleo’s RHH program helped me to make my business something real with real money coming in! Marie speaks from success and experience, and is focused on results. She is single-handedly the best resource I’ve seen to start a new business or improve the one you have.
    – Rebecca Thorman, Washington, DC,

    Here are some photos:

    Feel free to edit as needed or email if you need something different.

  39. Juicy stuff Marie…as always.

    I got bitch-slapped in the face on slowing down the pace of my life in 2008 when I suffered an unexpected brain aneurysm (just after starting my own business). After months of rehab, and a year or so of recovery, I was able to jump back into my life again with some great lessons learned.

    This included dealing with stress in a more positive way and keeping my blood pressure down. I try to live in the moment every day when I’m on my walk with my precious dog, Eddie. If I start spinning on my to-do list, he yanks me back into the present pretty quickly!

    Also, your notion of everything is figure-out-able. It IS, people! It’s not like we’re performing brain surgery (pardon the pun). It’s about putting things into perspective: clients will get pissed off, projects may be late, you may not make your sales numbers. The answer is not to freak out, but to say, “OK, what actions do we need to take to overcome the situation.” I find when I take this step back, my fiesty Italian short fuse settles down, and I can be much more productive and problem solve.

    I’m running a 7-part video series on my blog called Reboot and Reframe about the 7 lessons that I learned during my recovery that also apply to building a great brand and business. You might dig it. The last one yet to be posted in about Finding the Humor, and this is so relevant to what you’re talking about today. PS, I’m also writing a book about this experience this summer to help others and inspire them.

    Thanks girl!

  40. I’m looking forward to Marie’s Q & A every week! It has helped me to keep on doing what I love, believing in myself and overcoming lots of barriers that these video’s just clear out instantly. Marie, you have been a great inspiration and you truly are very important in my life!
    I’m giving everything I got to help women overcome difficulties and live the life they truly want – including health, relationships and financial freedom! Thank you Marie xxx

  41. Mediation, Diet and Exercise…I like it! Thanks Marie for sharing your wisdom…all 3 are very important! All part of my daily routine…

  42. Love what you share, Marie! Thank you for inspiring others to make a difference – this is very close to my heart.
    As a life design coach and meditation teacher, I have to agree totally with your meditation and staying in the moment insight when it comes to stress. Meditation is such a powerful way to access our intuition and creativity which are perfect stress antidotes in any situation.
    I also see stress as a positive source of challenge instead of resisting it – using it as a tool to transform whatever situation that is creating stress into an opportunity to upgrade life and explore new possibilities. I believe that often what challenges us has the potential to create positive shifts if we are willing to take a closer look.
    I am currently based in the USA but I am originally from England and I work with people globally.

  43. (Dr.) Marissa Heisel

    Hey Marie! Loved the Q&A, as always. However, I need to respectfully correct your definition of stress. What you defined is actually anxiety, a fear of something that has not yet happened, and might never happen at all. Stress is a physiological response of the body to a stressor that can be physical, chemical, emotional, or spiritual in nature. It causes a sympathetic fight-or-flight reaction in the nervous system, and leads to the release of a hormone called Cortisol. This is actually a brilliant short term response, because it enables us to run from danger when we need to, instead of standing on the spot and waiting to get hit by a car. However, in modern day life, the problem is that we’ve lost the ability to recover from that Cortisol response the way we’re supposed to. Watch a cat when it gets frightened. Its back rises, its fur goes insane, it hisses and spits, and then, as soon as the perceived danger is gone, it licks its paws and lies down on your porch. Humans don’t do that very well. Maybe we did when we were cave people being chased by bears, but in this day and age, every other additional stress (your dictatorial boss, a screaming child, the guy outside my window cutting down tree branches) just adds to the stress response that your body is already fighting.

    The real issue here is that stress is DEADLY. Research has demonstrated time and again that 95% of ALL chronic diseases (cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, cancer, diabetes…) are due to chronic stress. Think about the number of women whom you’ve heard of who have been diagnosed with cancer while they’re going through a divorce. It’s not coincidental. All of the methods that you recommended for stress reduction are great. But the reality is that the regular, ongoing stress that so many of us are under on a constant basis actually changes the brain’s ability to react in any other way. It’s almost like we get stuck in that fight-or-flight pattern and can’t get out – meditate, dance, or pray as we might. These are all fabulous for symptomatic relief, but don’t address the physiological and neurological responses to stress.

    Don’t get me wrong. All of those methods are necessary for self care. But to really get at that altered neurological response caused by stress, there needs to be a sensory input to “unload” or essentially reboot the nervous system. I perform cortical brain function EEG readings in my practice, and I can see the effects that stress is having on someone’s neurology. It can be devastating. While I practice Pilates and cycle 5 days a week, I rely on Neurofeedback training and Neurologically Based Chiropractic to keep myself, my family, and my patients healthy. Referring friends and family to a Neurologically Based practitioner could potentially save someone’s life. At the very least, it will help them to live a life that enables them to effectively adapt to their environment, especially when the environment itself (their job, their home, their relationship) cannot be changed.

    And read Robert Sapolsky’s “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”. It’s brilliant.

    • Thanks, Dr. Heisel, I was about to say the same thing about the difference between stress and anxiety, but you said it smarter than I would have. 🙂

      I also recommend Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as a quick-response stress de-escalation method. I have a demo video of that on my website and anyone can follow along in about 3 minutes:

      • (Dr.) Marissa Heisel

        Yes!! I LOVE EFT. I was wracking my brain for other modalities and coming up blank in the moment. Thank you!

  44. Great A to the Q – as usual… crackin’ me up!
    The biggest irony is that we sometimes think of meditation, exercise, good eatin’ as ‘extras’ – if we have time. But grinding away and NOT making time for those things is what gets us lost in stress-land to begin with… hmmm. I agree with you on all those points-
    Plus, living on Maui, I have my stand-by re-set – jumping in the ocean, for a surf, or just a dunk my head under the water and wash it all away- both bring me back to the present moment and leave me with a clean slate.

  45. Wow, what perfect timing! I’m sitting here on my bed, looking at my to-do list and feeling stressed out about my business and everything I have to do! But the truth is, there’s no time-line! I can do it when I want to and it WILL all be okay.

    To deal with my stress I like to make lots of lists – usually a list for the week, then a list for each day. It’s a little trick I used in college to make sure I didn’t forget about anything I was supposed to do! When it’s all down on paper I usually feel much better because I can see what I have to do and can make a plan for getting it done.

    But to deal with stress today, I’m off to the gym and to get a pedicure! “Me time” is my other fave stress reducer!

  46. My advice to reducing stress (for what it’s worth): Laugh out loud A LOT and get a dog.

  47. Mike F. Jean

    You truly are the best Marie. Keep it up. Love that personality!!

  48. Tanya Winfield

    as always full of great advice, humour and honesty. Thanks Marie……love ya work!
    Tanya xx

  49. Thank you for the beautiful reminders — especially eating clean!


  50. Thanks so much Marie! What clears stress for me is music, music, music. I find that the best part about singing and composing is taking myself out of that stuck, limited space where stress lives! Also I have been incorporating EFT Tapping and tons of visualization into my daily routine!

    xxoo Bev

  51. Hey guys. I find that if stress hits, literally moving away from where I am works a treat. So if I am at my desk, getting up and going outside for 5 minutes just changes my ‘state’ and I am out of the stress zone.

    Meditation is also a total plus!

    – Razwana

  52. “…african arms to left…Mambo!” LOL! that’s good stuff right there, love it! For me, prayer works best – knowing that it will all work out just the way it’s supposed to. Also, brainstorming on paper ways it CAN or WILL work out helps too.


  53. Chantelle – I love the idea of writing it all down. It has its therapeutic effects for sure …

  54. Jeanette Henderson


    Have I told you how much I love you? … you are so much fun! I can’t wait til the day when I’m sippin a margarita next to you somewhere (preferable in another country) on one of your mentoring retreats. You really are inspiring and I love your videos and you are irresistible (I can see why you wrote a book about it.) Okay…perhaps I’ve had a few glasses of wine, but seriously. Wine is a great stress reducer, by the way ladies! Anyway, doesn’t everyone want Marie as their mentor and friend? Of course we do!

    We love you, Marie…

  55. Love the Crazy Sexy Diet!

  56. Marie – you did it again! I so love how you get to the point but its always fun, entertaining and truly delightful. Did I mention that this was exactly where my head was today – a huge thank you for Q&A Tuesday and this specific Q. Got me outta my head.

  57. Hi Marie–great tips, as always!

    Dealing with stress is a BIG topic for me. I break it down into two major categories: short-term stress coping (AKA: how to deal with crap when it arises) and long-term stragegies (this is more like building your resilience, or “stress-proofing” your life).

    Short-term strategies include: activating your “relaxation response”, reframing, swapping negative reactions/emotions for positive ones, and plenty of other coping strategies (like your “everything is figure-out-able”, which is perfect.)

    Stress-proofing stuff is exactly what you mentioned: meditation, eating clean, and exercise. I’d like to add gratitude to that. (keeping a daily gratitude journal, or just making a practice of thinking about 3 things–can be just little things!–that you’re thankful for in your life. Works wonders.)

    Fact is, there are LOADS of things you can do to deal with stress, and what works well for one gal is not going to work well for another. I wrote a blog post recently called “50 Ways to Deal with Stress”. Yes, 50!

  58. Hey a Marie i know you focus on women ,but i love Q&A tues and you have such a incredible personality plus you mix everything up with hip hop culture and you are very entertaining person.

    Mark Bravo
    kag business credit

  59. Hey Marie i know you focus on women ,but i love Q&A tues and you have such a incredible personality plus you mix everything up with hip hop culture and you are very entertaining person.

    Mark Bravo
    kag business credit


  60. eu adoro o seu livro, e muito bom so queria que vc falasse mais sobre, o amor porque eu ja faço tudo o que você manda mais nao dar certo,mais eu nao consigo parar de ler seu livro.

  61. Hi Marie
    I got put onto you by another wonderful colleague of mine and have been following you for the past week or so and I just love your energy, as well as your very amusing video on your home page including Josh and Zane!!. Love this video about stress – thanks again for all the great info :)) PS (Im a brit living in New Zealand)

  62. Great video! So simple- Get out of your head. Take Action. Meditate, Eat Well and Exercise.

    Sometimes it just feels good to heard good advice- even when we already “know it”.

  63. Hi Marie– Stellar as usual, and look at that skinny little torso! I totally agree with you over not sweatin’ the small stuff–and it’s all small stuff, right? Also the diet & exercise tips. Definitely.

    As a yoga teacher, I would like to add that the VERY BEST THING anyone (even if they can’t Mambo) can do is DEEP ABDOMINAL BREATHING– 3 part yoga breathing. Sit or stand and first fill your abdomen with oxygen, then lower ribs, then upper chest. As the diaphragm moves in & out, it massages the vagus nerve which runs all the way up your torso, through heart center and into your brain, sending a calming influence all the way up. Instant chill down after only 3 breaths. Most people DON’T breathe properly, and the shallow chest breathing actually stimulates the fight/flight response even more. Bre-e-eathe…..

  64. Totally agree with your 3 stress busters – getting a routine going in all of these aspects is key. The first few times you meditate, or go without your sugar-cereal its hard, but after a while a new (and healthier) ‘habit’ is created.

    Food is medicine – thanks for highlighting the importance of diet. Good nutrition is definitely changing our lives for the better!


  65. Such an awesome video with such important tips and advice. Another for me is morning pages. Writing in my journal, three pages longhand, EVERY DAY. It’s a brain dump and allows me to mentally work through what’s nagging at me so I’m cleared out and ready to tackle the day! xo

  66. Dear Marie,

    Although I have not been able to participate in any of your live workshops, I am a big follower of your blog and newsletter. I am a procrastination “guru”, and of course, I am an expert in my field. For the last couple of years I have put my passion last and done the “right thing” by getting a J.O.B. to make sure the bills are paid.
    The most important thing I’ve learned with you is that we choose what we want to do when we want to do and the consequences. Which is why my goal for the future is to go to New York this fall to see you live. I can do it all, I don’t know how yet, I just have to believe I can do it and the way will present itself.

  67. I could not figure out how to add my pic to the previous message, so here it goes.

  68. Wow! Hot Site with ah hot woman! Looken Good!

  69. Evelyn

    Hi Marie,
    I’m Evelyn from Perth Australia, thanks for a great message, very wise and practical. I’m a mum of two boys, one is 3 and the other 5months and for me juggling motherhood, running a house and working from home is stressful if you let it. I too believe in the present moment, im a big fan of Eckhart Tolle and not allowing our thoughts to dominate in the past and future. I would also say to get organized and be vigilant of clutter in our lives, it is a key to finding balance in the day to do all that you have too. It also helps to just breathe and let go of thoughts that dont serve your highest potential. Love your work Sister…

  70. Megan

    Thank GOD I watched to the end!

    African arms! Mambo!

    Oh yeah, and the stress stuff was pretty good too.

  71. Love it, Marie! Seeing you dance was a fun bonus. : )

    My personal fave tool for de-stressing? I write down what’s bugging me on an index card or scrap of paper (like stuff from the recycle pile). And then I rip that baby to shreds, knowing that I don’t need to truly pay attention to it. It’s almost always just my ego, getting hungry to come bother me. Feels soooo good to rip it up.

    Here’s to living the good life!

  72. ¡You are sooo right Marie! I also find that I stress out when I know I have a lot of things to do, but when I make a list and actualy start with what i had to do, it feels much better, like under control.

    Thanks a lot!

  73. …African arms…*facepalm* Wonderful stuff.

    A line of love:

    Don’t be fooled by the fun, Marie has it taped. RHH B-school is the most practical training I have ever done, and it is transforming my business week by week.

    I’m Alison Macleod, I specialise in website strategy, and I’m from Cambridge, England.

  74. Robin Conley

    Marie – I am a school teacher (second grade) and a grad. student, so stress is THERE – but you are helping me. I have been watching your videos for about 3 months, and even though you seem geared towards business people, I am learning to look at developing by own attributes as a type of “business.” In a time where teachers are losing their jobs left and right (and we haven’t gotten a raise is 3 years), I can actually say that I am happier in my career ( and I’m getting there on relationships) than I ever have been before. Keep it all coming, babe – you are so loved!!!!! Robin

  75. Awesome topic, love your proactive strategies: 1 & 2 I have nailed (whoop!) and 3 is the one that evades me sometimes. So off I go now – push away from computer, move my body! 😉

  76. P.S. Job description = Goddess! 🙂

  77. I love that I can learn from you with a smile on my face. Your videos are so fun! Stress is an issue for many. As a music therapist, I’d like to recommend music as an outlet. Listening, playing, or creating can also be outlets.

    Can’t wait till your next share!

  78. FABU advice Marie!
    I totally agree with your strategies & the importance of incorporating them into an everyday routine. When I first started my business 3 years ago, one of my earliest mentors advised me on the art of meditation. She said it was her single most stress reliever and that she swore by it. I remember getting back to New York (in my one bedroom conversion that I shared back then with several roommates) and trying to find a spot in the apartment to light a candle & be alone with my thoughts. Pretty difficult in a tiny space, so I started going outside by the FDR and sitting for 20 minutes to clear my head- practical but still found the distractions of the outdoors stressing me out while I was trying to distress.

    Then I realized meditation doesn’t have to be sitting with your legs crossed humming peaceful thoughts but can be anything that gets you out of your head and into the moment. I discovered my personal form of mediation that has worked like a gem ever since…Music!

    Now whenever I feel those moments of anxiety coming on I literally stop, put on one of my favorite motivational tunes & let the melodic lyrics bring me back into the now. If I’m really worked up I blast my booty shakin anthems and do what I refer to as D.O.L – Dance Out Loud! Works every time!!!

    So ladies when talking meditation don’t get intimidated by what it appears to be and find what it is for U!
    Lots of Love Marie! #PLUS

  79. Dori

    Love your reference to diet and exercise to help with stress Marie!
    “Everything is figure-out-able” is exactly what I needed to hear this week.
    Once again, thanks so much!

  80. I completely agree with you! The only other thing I would add is that I take at least one day a month for me. One day to relax completely; to focus on renewing myself.

    The more I watch your videos, the more I like you!
    Thanks Marie!

  81. Liz

    Thanks for another great video, Marie! When things get a little too hectic, I like to remind myself that stress is a CHOICE. Remembering that I’m in charge of how I respond to the world around me keeps me aware that I can choose a response that is more productive than stress. It’s hard at times, but helpful! I’m also a big fan of spontaneous dance parties… 😉

    And a little love from Portland, ME…
    When starting my life coaching practice I was searching high and low for business training full of meaningful, juicy content to get my business off the ground. Although there are many programs/consultants/self-claimed gurus out there, NO ONE delivers the goods like you do! An incredible blend of nitty gritty action steps with motivating energy that makes me feel that I can tackle the world. Thanks to your guidance, I have the confidence and savvy to propel my business to new heights!

  82. I can say that Marie Forleo has changed my life! I am a student of RHH B-School. In the short 4 weeks that I’ve been in class, she has given me the step by step education that I have lacked as an entrepreneur for years. Marie has given me the inspiration and game plan that has given me the courage to quit my day job and finally take control over my career and commit to it and believe in it 120%!! That really means that she has given me life! Nothing is worse than doing what you hate and fearing what you don’t know.
    Marie is a SUPER ROCKSTAR! Every word is effective and fun!
    I teach Sensual Cooking Classes and Inspire women to connect with their men through food
    Thanks to Marie- my life in changing BIG TIME!!

    • Review Take 2!!
      I’m Shani Delamor, “The Sensual Cooking Diva” I live in NYC, NY. I teach Sensual Cooking Classes and Inspire women to connect with their men through food

      I can say that Marie Forleo has changed my life! I am a student of RHH B-School. In the short 4 weeks that I’ve been in class, she has given me the step by step education that I have lacked as an entrepreneur for years. Marie has given me the inspiration and game plan that has given me the courage to quit my day job and finally take control over my career and commit to it and believe in it 120%!! That really means that she has given me life! Nothing is worse than doing what you hate and fearing what you don’t know.
      Marie is a SUPER ROCKSTAR! Every word is effective and fun!

      Thanks to Marie- my life in changing BIG TIME!!

  83. Sylvia

    Loved the video ! We all have to deal with stress at some point in our live and people always forget to take care of themselves FIRST so they can then take care of others ! You Q & A Tuesdays keep me in check all week long !

    Brava !!!

  84. Life Changing is all I can say about you Marie! In a million little ways that dont always hit you in the moment but sometimes days… weeks…months later. Little Marieism’s show up and help you get back on track! I am forever grateful for my time with you and cant wait to get me some more Marie! Love ya tons! The “other” M 🙂

  85. Carmel

    Love this Marie! (and the exercise videos did make me smile). Another great habit which is my # 1 which I did either in the morning or at night is GRATITUDE – where I write down all that I am grateful for. Today I am grateful for Marie Forleo!

  86. Oh how happy I am to have found you!!This is a subject close to my heart. I know you will identify with what I am sharing in community. Nia Technique fusion fitness & dance enhances me and really helps me to be in the present moment. My students come each week to connect and play with their spirits to help channel negative stresses. Just simply acknowledge this energy for what it is, then learning to transform it into positive actions can help break it down. Move, breath, play, seek pleasure and be nice to yourself!

  87. Tanya here from San Diego, CEO of Tribal Truth. Bschool has given me valuable tools and most importantly, put me into action. The editorial calendar that I created has changed my life because now I just open up my calendar and BAM I have my topic. I cut down my time from over an hour to under 30 minutes to put out my weekly newsletter. My vid last week was so solid that I had the most comments I’ve ever gotten…I was in the flow and it showed. Thank you for being real, getting down to business and making a difference for so many women entrepreneurs. Love you! Website: Photo:

  88. If there’s a takeway from this video it’s the fact that we really need to take a time out for the gym as exercise is a major stress reliever. Health is indeed (and the road to) wealth.
    Here’s my line of love for Marie, straight from Manila, Philippines:
    I”m Prime Sarmiento and I help women travelers craft their own journeys via my blog I recently set up a copy writing business providing blogging services to entrepreneurs via I ‘m always looking forward to Marie’s Q and A Tuesdays as they’re not only fun but also help me solve the many problems that I encounter as a career woman – i.e. stress, professional envy, time management etc. So Marie, many many thanks for changing my life.

  89. I’m a little late to the party this week…stupid spam filter…but thought I’d share a recent blog post that might help people “eat clean”:

    Couldn’t agree more, Marie – eating clean, exercising, and meditating (when I get around to doing it…need to stop being a meditation dabbler) keep me on track too.

    • Mary

      Lve it!

  90. Hey Marie,

    I never thought it was possible for sexiness and wisdom to reside in one person. Now I know, and seriously? You’ve changed the standard girl! I’m going for both!

    Oh, one more big thing. My life shifted in HUGE proportions because of this one line I got from you. “Clarity comes through engagement, not thinking.”

    Oh. My. Goodness. I’m still picking up the pieces from the shift, and in a very very good way.

    Love Times a Million,

  91. Such timely advice! Thanks, I needed that.

    I totally dig this blog and check in weekly for inspiration. I never thought of myself as a business-minded person but after a few weeks of hanging out here on the site I realize that I am in the business of ME! I have completely reframed my thought process. I don’t feel like I have to sit back and wait for opportunities to come to me. I’m in the driver’s seat! I make my own opportunities! Thanks, Marie, being a kick-ass role model.

  92. loved this video and your advice, marie! and the end was great!!!!!

  93. Thanks Marie for another great vid – xoxo Kathleen

    “In the Rich Hot & Happy B-school, Marie has a supreme talent for bringing together pure pleasure of learning along with a hard core practical method to get you movin’, shakin’ and extraordinarily effective. Marie truly cares about her women! When you join the tribe, you are going to be so welcomed, encouraged and satisfied.”

    Kathleen Bloom
    Berkeley, CA

    • Kathleen Bloom

      Kathleen Bloom
      Intuitive + Awareness Trainer
      Founder, The Meditation Project
      Martial Arts Teacher, Aikido Black Belt

  94. Marie, Marie. Your videos are always so timely for me. It seems like every video of yours I watch was recorded just for me. I’ve been working on cutting down my stress by slowing down, and your three stress busters are my three major goals. I’m studying to be a Health Counselor, so these are necessary for my own personal health, but also for my future career.
    Also, I KNEW I recognized you from somewhere! I have that Crunch dance video (with you in the yellow). I can’t get enough of the salt shaker. 🙂 I love that video — I’m going to bust it back out this week! Thanks!

  95. Alishia Sala

    I think my friend said it best when I showed her one of Marie’s videos… “I think I have a girl-crush” 🙂 Ha! My thoughts exactly. Marie is love at first sight. Her energy is ecstatic and an instant lift me up. Her programs are crisp and cut straight through the bullshit and shed light on exactly what’s really tripping you up. If you’re ready to get really clear, really fast, while supported by a shit load of love, sign up for one of Marie’s programs. But be ready to change. No wall flowers here. The pain is acute, sharp and right on point. You immediately understand what you’ve been doing wrong and you can longer ignore it. You won’t be able to hide anymore. Dramatic shifts followed by concrete action becomes inevitable… you become supercharged to move forward. Be ready to be powerfully exposed.

  96. Oh Marie..You just keep bringin’ it!
    You are an inspiration..
    I wonder, do you use guided meditation, silence, holosync, or some other technique when you meditate?
    XO Jessamina

  97. This is my favorite Q&A Tuesday so far! Not only packed with helpful (do-able) tips like eating good food and clearing out your vessel, but we got a little “African Arms” at the end. You make me smile, Marie Forleo, thank you!

    p.s. I agree…boo-yah, Mark Twain.

  98. Hi Marie,

    Review as requested – my pleasure 🙂

    I am a specialist in Loyalty and Partnership Marketing in Sydney Australia who has a corporate background. Although I’ve been in my business for nearly 6 years I haven’t yet grasped what it meant to truly grow the business I wanted until I stumbled across Marie’s website and started B-School. Without corporate budgets and departments to delegate to I needed to retain myself.

    The content is extremely powerful and actionable. It is incredibly well structured and most importantly it’s bloody fun and entertaining.

    A few days before enrolling in B-School I bought a ticket to an Online Marketing Masterclass in Sydney – I have learnt more from one of Marie’s 5 minute free videos than I did for $300 and a full day in the workshop.

    I have a completely new perspective on my business and it is already evolving from a ‘dry boring corporate site’ to a ‘fun, cool, powerful business tool’ that I enjoy working in.

    The current site is at but if you subscribe now you’ll see the transformation for yourself when the new phase 1 site launches again very soon.

    Marie, you said extra points for a pic but I can’t work out how to attach one here?

  99. “Marie’s smart, direct and practical advice keeps me grounded in my business goals of both making money and making a difference. Her sense of fun, creativity and a flair for the dramatic set her apart as a wise, intuitive and unique writer and coach.”

    Clare Herbert,
    Writer & Non-Profit Worker,
    Image here:

  100. Hi Marie,

    Here is my review:

    I did not know who you were until the SY Soul experience in NYC this past May. You kicked my ass and opened up a long-nailed-shut part of my heart that day, and I will forever be grateful. Your words, heart-felt and experience-shaped wisdom permitted me to bring down a very solid, heavy wall that, since surviving as a “different” and “difficult” teenager in a small town in Alabama, I had tried so hard to defend . It is no wonder I married an Italian from Jersey too, is it?

    I had already quit my day job as a government attorney in DC — something that had really been stamping out the fire. But, I needed a jumpstart. Since that SY Soul event, I stopped procrastinating and holding back. I put up my picture on Facebook and stopped hiding behind cool pics I had shot or of my family. And, my website is on its way.

    I am in B-School now and am so absolutely energized and grateful. I am coming out — my own way baby!

    Love you love you love you and all you so openly and creatively give!

    Candace Smyth
    heart-centered attorney + ayurveda counselor
    — soon online at

  101. Marie has both inspired me AND made me some cold hard cash. I tried out one of her free tips and made $1500 with one email, so obviously I was sold! In a world of dodgy or cheesy internet marketers (mostly men), Marie Forleo stands out like a beacon. Can you have fun, live in integrity, help people AND make money? Yes and Marie has shown me the way.

    Denise Duffield-Thomas, Australia
    Coach and author of “The Inspired Life Formula”


  102. Hi Marie,

    You’ve been a great inspiration for me in terms of figuring out how to do marketing without feeling dirty.

    And I have literally stolen your Q&A idea for my own video blog:

    I only wish I could make them as fun as yours with musial interludes and text and sound effects.

    Thank you for your wonderful, fun self!

    Yoga Teacher of Active Hands Yoga
    Berlin, Germany

    • Also, how do I add my photo to my comment?

  103. Hi Marie.

    I LOVE RHH B School. The content is filled with so many great ideas, suggestions, assignments, lessons, and tools to get out of my own way and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!! I thank you.

    Joni Lowe
    from Connecticut
    Entrepreneur, Speaker, Fitness Leader
    Engae your MIND, Love your BODY, and Be one with FUN

  104. Thanks for another GREAT video, Marie! Here’s my review:

    “Marie Forleo is one-of-a-kind cool. I’ve gained so much from her videos and newsletters. It’s amazing how much rich content she can share with wit and wisdom. She makes web marketing fun while imparting valuable advice. I look forward to learning more from her in seminars, workshops, etc.”
    Sarah Fisher, Director/Producer
    Blue Lotus Films
    (*feel free to pull my photo and/or logo off my website for purposes of this review only*)

  105. Michigan Girls Love Marie

    No matter what I’m doing, I stop *immediately* when I see an email from Marie hit my inbox. Love, love her videos and wish that she’d send them out daily!

    I started following Marie online about a year and a half ago, and my obsession with her and her wisdom grows and grows. She makes business uber-fun.

    I enrolled in Marie’s Rich, Happy & Hot Bschool last year. It was the most unique, enjoyable and valuable training program I’ve ever been in. I’m a former corporate marketing director, so I was skeptical about what I’d learn from an online program. But it was so worth the price and then some – the information that Marie & Laura shared in RHH Bschool is pure gold – new, brilliant and delivered in a sassy, warm, hip way.

  106. Hey Marie, just saw this today. Here’s my two cents if you’re still taking comments!

    Marie Forleo’s gift lies in her ability to inspire you to be yourself. During my year-long coaching program with Marie, she helped me to stop judging the different aspects of myself as right or wrong and she also encouraged me to incorporate all of my skills in my business, creating a unique brand that truly comes from my heart.

    Name: Sukie Baxter
    Occupation: World-Traveling Entrepreneur and Up and Coming Jewelry Designer
    Location: Variable

  107. Hi Marie! Greetings from Dubai and I am LOVING everything you offer and share with us! I am loving all that I am learning. Also, I am so honored and humbled to be part of this amazing cohort of kick ass women, what an empowering vibe, which in itself is something to be SO very grateful for!

  108. I could definitely use some of that mambo vibe myself! I had no idea you were an aerobics instructor.

    I really need to incorporate more stress freeing activities in my daily life.

    Thanks for sharing!


  109. Marie, you are the bomb! I just love your energy and I’ve been following you for a few years (& I met you at Ali Brown’s last, evah Online Blueprint Workshop). You were my inspiration for putting video up on my recently-renovated website –I remember when you were recording/taping right from your computer and I knew, “If she got started that way, I can too!”. Thanks for doing what you do and being who you are!

  110. “Everything about Marie Forleo has impacted on me and my business in a positive way. She delivers material in such a compelling way, sometimes all I need to do is to ask myself “What would Marie do?” and the answer comes to me. Her simple “live in the moment” exercise brings me every day into my right relationship with my life and work and for this alone I am eternally grateful.”
    photo? of course….

    • “What Would Marie Do?” – seriously, we should get t-shirts or something with WWMD?

  111. Hi Marie, I would love to give you a review. My website is getting revamped this week though so I will leave you with my fb page. My website is ( )

    Marie Rocks! No where else can I get this great information delivered with such clarity, humor and kick ass passion. Marie is one of the reasons that I enrolled in RHH B School. I knew that she would motivate me beyond my wildest dreams. I have done more in one month with B-School than I would have done in a year on my own.

    Sasha Campbell
    Raw Food & Health Coach

  112. I call her Marie ‘Corleone’. Because Marie is the Godmother for all sassy, outrageously creative, entrepreneurial women worldwide. From the first class it was like ‘Welcome to the family, babe! We’ll take good care of you.’ You can’t find this anywhere else. And no growing business can succeed without it. Run, don’t walk to join in on anything Marie does! It’s waaaaay worth the money.

  113. Hi Marie
    I’m Natàlia from Barcerlona!!!!! It’s amazing that you are in Barcelona now!!!!
    Catalonia It’s an incredible place with amazing people!!!!

  114. B-School is the bomb! So much great stuff. It will take me more than 6 weeks to implement. Glad to have the power now. Thank you!

  115. Helena

    Hi Marie,

    I love your Q&A’s and I’m also loving RHH B-School, it’s really great information and presented in a fun way so I’m always looking forward to learn more! With B-School I’m feeling much more confident in launching my new web site and business, I’m learning all the right steps and I’m already making it happen!
    Thanks so much for all that you’re sharing!


  116. “Marie is the perfect example of authenticity and reality. She doesn’t tell you ‘what’ she tells you ‘how.’ As a Generation-X poster child I’m skeptical, and I can tell you without question that her free “Teach Me Tuesday video’s, will provide more REAL value to your professional development than all the other empty-promise, you are-a-stupid-victim-so-buy-this-useless-bullshit that we’ve all paid for. I’m a fan-and I have no doubt that many of my future successes will have quite a lot to do with Marie Forleo. Stop watching and paying for that other crap and get focused on Marie!”

  117. Marie is the perfect injection of biz mojo infused with spirituality. Through her live events and programs I have implemented so many needed habits and practices. Plus her programs inspire the students to actually interact with each other. My life and biz have only gotten ‘richer’ in many senses of the word. Priceless!
    New York based personal fashion Stylist

  118. Working with Marie over the past nearly 5 years has quite simply been life changing. She is a tiny, gorgeous bundle of energy, insight, truth and brilliance and working with her has unlocked every area of my life in ways I could not have imagined. Thank you Marie, with all my heart.

  119. Before Marie I thought I knew what I wanted. Now after working with her in her programs and using what she shares I found who I wanted to be in my relationships, life and business. The #1 thing I got was to be more of me and to take action to stay out of my own way. Thank you so much Marie for being a great example of what is possible. xo

  120. Your Q&A Tuesdays really perk me up! It is like a sparkle of great ideas and motivation, and you are so fun! Definitely a unique style. I like the way you put things on perspective and if I have spiders inside my head, they go away! Thanks for those great Tuesdays.
    Rosa Fierro. San Diego, CA

  121. Marie Forleo has changed my life! I signed up for B-School feeling a bit vulnerable.
    I wanted to learn about this internet marketing thing, but I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether or not I would walk away with any good info. Not only did I learn tons of stuff, I also learned about myself. As a psychotherapist, I have found myself limited by my view of my profession. I kept trying to squeeze myself into a box of mine and others expectations. It has been because of Marie that I see myself totally differently and run my business in a totally different way. She has taught me how to be authentic in my business and in all that I do and to like myself for it. I have felt quite differently since my introduction to Ms. Marie and it shows in my attitude and my business success. I love the Tuesday Q & A and want to know where I can get me a pair of those glasses? Viva la Forleo. Thank you just doesn’t cover it.
    Wexford, PA

  122. Great advice, Marie. And LOVED the blast from the past videos : )

  123. If you were to see a graph of my business from “before Marie Forleo” and “after Marie,” you’d see a huge spike in action, clients, confidence, and income. Things are finally happening and dreams are coming true. I’ve blossomed into the authentic, sassy, respected business-woman I’ve always wanted to be. And if I need a pep talk, I go straight to Marie’s videos for some no-nonsense-get-out-of-my-head advice & entertainment. She gets me out of my brain fog and into action like only few things can do. I’m so grateful I finally have a mentor, especially one that makes me laugh!

  124. Marie helped me bring everything that was rattling around in my head to life. After working with Marie, I am more present in my business and in my life and am reaping the benefits of that each and everyday. I applied what I learned from her and got so busy, I had to slow my roll so I could get ready for all the greatness that was coming. Marie creates an awesome network of women that I love to be around again and again.

    Annnnd for the bonus points: Amber McCue, Maryland, Coach + Photographer,, photo in avatar.

    Muah! Can’t wait to see the new site, ladies!

  125. Lovin’ you! You got just as much sass and attitude as I do! Wahoo! Your videos are awesome and I so appreciate you and what you contribute to other business women. Cheers – The Date Diva

  126. Kate

    I can’t even deal with how awesome this video is. I love them all, but this is your best ever. Stress is such a bummer, and I totally get caught by it, and away from the moment all the time, this is so helpful! Thanks for being a daily inspiration Marie, and sharing your wisdom. And your african arms…

  127. claire

    I can’t remember how I found your website now (I think someone posted a link to your site in my timeline on Twitter), but I LOVE your videos – they are such good fun, yet offer great advice as well.

    How do I de-stress? ..

    1) Meditation and

    (now) ….if I’m feeling particularly frazzled…

    2) Watch one of your Tuesday Q & A videos before I finish my work for the day.

    Your videos make me smile every time 🙂


    Tiny Angel website not quite ready yet….but we spreading love around the world with tiny angels! xxx

  128. Kate

    I was looking for guidance and found you on the web! Thanks so much I really felt myself calming down as I watched your video. Will try meditation, and living for the moment. Love the quote about most of the troubles not happening! I’m going to try and keep a positive outlook.
    Many Thanks
    Kate, Yorkshire, UK.

  129. This video is very helpful for me.

  130. Amy Talley

    This one really hit home, and I have a lot of work today, but I totally agree that everything is “figure-out-able!”

  131. Hey Marie, my name is Rachel from San Diego, Ca. I’m an entrepreneur and stay at home Mama of two little ones.
    After finding you on YouTube about 6 months ago I’ve come to you almost every day now for my daily pick me up. I’ve been going through a lot of emotional ups and downs lately and your videos, articles and pretty much just your energy in general have gotten me through some very rough days lately.
    Thank you for doing what you do and pretty much just being the most amazing human and someone I look up to and strive to be like when I grow up…someday…soon!


  132. You have a great blogs and i really enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep on posting. Thanks

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