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Happy Summer Sunshine!  In the states, Memorial Day weekend marks the kick-off of summer.  That means for the next four months, I’ll spend the majority of my time out east at the beach in Sag Harbor.

While there were parades and parties all weekend, Josh and I did something a little different to celebrate.  We took an electronic holiday. Translation: no email or computer use + no cell phone checking for two full days.

It’s something I highly recommend you do with your family and friends if you want to experience real quality time together.  Speaking of time, today’s brand new Q&A video is all about how YOU spend your time.

If you have a lot on your plate and always feel like you could or should be getting more done…

Or, if you have loads of great things you want to do but not enough hours in the day, watch this video now.

Deepak Chopra makes a “guest appearance” and you’ll learn a simple exercise you can do in less than five minutes to make sure you’re spending your time on the right stuff.

Think you’re too busy or not ready to work toward your dream? Think again. Watch this MarieTV on how to overcome procrastination, so you can get your special gift into the world.

As you know, insight without action doesn’t mean jack.

So in the comments below, start taking action now by telling me two things:

  1. what impact the “reframe” will have on your life and on getting more done when you implement it
  2. the results of the quick “priorities” exercise

Your share might be just what someone else needs to hear to have a breakthrough.

And if you found this video helpful (or simply entertaining!), share it with your friends and family.


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  1. I love the succinct way you solve “perceived” problems Marie. Thank you, thank you, thank you for who you are the work you’re doing!

    • marie

      thanks Maryellen 🙂

    • angela

      Haha I love that Deepak! Yah, that nagging chitter chatter OVER & OVER! It’s xactly that. Thanx for the exercise and all the other great videos. Love them. Thanx for keeping them short!!!! the perfect amount of amazing info in a few minutes:)

  2. I’ve enjoyed a ton of your videos at this point, but I found this one in particular to be awesome. Creating that space between the “voices in your head” (I’m not the only person with more than one, right?:)) and the quiet that is our actual essence is so key, and SO HARD! I really liked your switcheroo and am going to practice that myself. Thanks for being rad and sharing your uber fab-ness. 🙂

  3. Rachel Q.

    Great article! I woke up this morning deciding to take a walk around the lake, sans iphone so I could focus on my thoughts (new ones!), I find that when I put on a podcast or music in the background, I also tend to have the same thought loops circling around my brain. When I have only my thoughts to keep me company, I’ve found I can generate more ideas!

    This was the perfect video to watch this morning. Thanks!

    • Karen B.

      Thanks for confirming something I suspected, Raquel. I have the same issue. Always wanting to improve myself and listen to podcasts for more knowledge, but I feel that too much of that is preventing my being as creative as I’d like. I’m gonna spend more time exercising without my ‘pod. 🙂

  4. YOU ROCK! I was just referred to your site last week and look fwd to more of your materials & oh so refreshingly REAL approach! Im sharing this vid…it’s a common topic within my inner circle of peeps. Keep it up!

    • marie

      Sweet Tiffany. So glad to have you here and thank you for spreading the word!

  5. Thank you, Marie. Very helpful. I am a coach and yet, boy do I need coaching to get out of my own stuff sometimes. I had spent this weekend focused on my business (I’m in your awesome RHH b-school!) and yet by yesterday afternoon, I was all down on myself. I kept thinking that I really didn’t get enough done. Now I realize that I really did. I actually did a lot and of course I always have way more on my to-do list than is humanly possible. Thanks for the reminder to ge kind and gentle to myself and stop the “i’m never good enough” tape.

    You’re always right on and my favorite inspiration!
    YOU ROCK! completely and totally!

    • marie

      Thanks Pamela! And as we’ve been saying in bschool, take your time. You’ve got lifetime access to the program and you WILL go back and revisit stuff again and again. You’re in perfect time with YOU. Enjoy the experience 🙂

  6. Sandra

    You are awesome, Marie! Your video clippets are inspiring, simple and fun!

  7. As a mother of two and a full time artist, there never seems to be enough time. I found it so helpful to write down my priorities. When I look at it that way, I see that my children are still such a big priority while they are little and the time I spend with them is important to me. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I tend to think I should be getting more done but I can see that I’m getting “the perfect amount done” at this point in time. Thanks for this exercise. Truly simple and very enlightening.

  8. I was driving in my car today and realized it was Tuesday and one of the first thoughts after that was your Q&A! I got a little excited 😉
    As always, great food for thought,
    Sending you some white yummy light, for the many aha’s you’ve given me!

  9. As always, a perfectly timed video. I was just ranting and raving this morning about not being able to get it all done and still keep up with social obligations, etc. I will try to tell myself each day that I got the perfect amount of work done today so I can empower my thoughts and stop feeling like a daily failure when I haven’t tackled my way too long to-do list! Thanks Marie 🙂

  10. Marie A

    Shoutout to all the Maries!

    The horrible thought loop is definitely a problem, and you were great at addressing that. And most of the time, we get a lot more done than we think we do and sometimes we’re just too damn hard on ourselves. But sometimes the answer ain’t so easy.

    I know you are oriented to the self-employed, but my husband is in a situation where he works for a company in a crisis–bunch of stuff hitting the fan all at one time, deadline NOW, and, because he’s been such a “go on-give me all the work I can take it kind of man,” he’s finally realizing that his job description is Do Everything. He stresses constantly. I tell him, You’re just one guy, you’re doing great, blah blah.

    He’s trying to delegate and get his bosses to step up, but if he drops the ball or fails, people lose their jobs (not just him).

    What do you say to that?

    • marie

      It’s all about communication and honesty Marie. Your hubba with himself, his bosses and you. It’s important he realizes his role in CREATING this experience (i.e. give me all the work I can take) and then using that same sense of self-responsibility to uncreate it. It may not be easy (change of a deep pattern rarely is) but it is possible!

      • Linda


        I have an unusual question. But it does impact business and life in a big way. What strategies do you recommend when you find yourself surpassing your husband’s personal growth ? We are deeply in love with each other and wish really well. But I sometimes find it challenging to communicate it to him, as to he should spend time watching some personal development videos or reading good books than movies.

        He works really hard and in business. But I think he will gain multi folds and succeed rapidly if he did create that ‘hunger’ for knowledge and to learn more?

        Every time it try to tell him things, he replies- why don’t you start implementing what you have learned in your business and more importantly show results.

        Is there a solution to this sticky situation or am I just being a personal development ‘snob’. 😉

        Thank you so very much Marie. I’d truly love to answer this on your Tuesday Q segment.

  11. Ooh what a great tip Marie. I can totally relate with the question, so many great things and projects so little time.. or in the reframed way, it’s all about priorities and making things happen that you really care about.

    Ooh and I love me some Deepak Chopra too! 🙂

  12. marva

    Hi Marie,
    Fantastic vid and advice once again! Before reading this week’s email, I was indeed thinking about how much I hadn’t got done.. Listening to your message was just what I needed! On a level, even though I knew better, I wasn’t listening!! But watching your vid, I sat up and turned myself round. Thanks loads, keep up the great work!

  13. That post completely answered my question, and perfect timing as well, thank you Marie and to your team. Perfect practical advice, in an engaging format – I couldn’t ask for more! 🙂

    • marie

      You are welcome Jessica! Thank YOU for asking the question 🙂 OMG – I’m so clicking on that chocolate peanut butter brownie recipe of yours woman!!

  14. I love Deepak! One of my favorite programs of his that doesn’t get too “woo woo” is “Magical Mind, Magical Body”. This is the one that he did for Nightingale Conant. And there’s a ton more in it that goes along the lines of what you talked about with the 65,000 thoughts.

    As far as getting all geek with this time management stuff, I’ve felt Tony Robbins with “Time Of Your Life” course does a marvelous job of guiding you through the process of finding what’s most important to you and structuring you day so that you’re always moving toward what you want.

    Now for actually what do during work hours to be most effective, hands down, Wake Up Productive was what really helped me.

    These two programs together are a dynamic duo.

    • marie

      Awesome Lewis!! Thank you for those reco’s – all my awesome buds + mentors 🙂

  15. Marie I have been delving into this matter of priorities so much lately! Mine are :

    1. My State of Consciousness (and specifically, healing the holes in it)

    2. My Children

    3. My Life’s Work (my business, and a school and eco-village project)

    4. My Home Domain (the space in which the above are happening)

    And when I regard my day in terms of my priorities, I have to accept that I am doing pretty well!

    Thanks for helping to start my day on this happy note!!

  16. I was just trying to figure out how to prioritize my to-do’s today. Perhaps in avoidance I chose to open my email. Thank the business gods I did because there was your post with just the perfect advice on how to prioritize my day. Yeah!

  17. Hi Marie,
    Great post. Very insightful!

    My result of quick priority exercise:
    1. Creativity – I always want to design tons of stuff.
    2. Education – Learn new skills, learn a foreign language, self-development, etc.
    3. Relationship – Quality time with my family and friends.
    4. Hobby – Reading, singing, drawing, etc.
    5. Fun – Concert, party (not drinking at friends’ garage), meeting new friends.

    Wow, I’m surprised how my REAL weekly schedule looks like compared to my 5 priority.

    10 hours at work
    2-3 hours surfing online, doing random researches
    2 hours cooking, cleaning
    3 hours TV watching, dinner with my family
    6 hours sleep

    8 hours sleep
    6-8 hours drinking in friend’s garage
    3 hours dinner and TV
    2 hours house work

    Here is how I want to reframe my schedule:
    1. Cut hours on TV watching (1 hour max with dinner).
    2. Only spend 1 hour on cooking and cleaning.
    3. Plan for weekend activities ahead of time.
    4. Take a class or two.
    5. Instead of drinking in a garage, I would encourage my friends to do stuff together on weekends.
    6. Be very specific about surfing on the internet.

    The change I will see in my life when implementing all of the above, which will be much more focused, and I will achieve more than I could in the past.

    • marie

      POLY!!! Nice work. You get a gold MarieTV star, baby. As far the cooking/cleaning – you may be able to have someone who needs some part-time work help out with some light cleaning + cooking a tasty meals. Timers also work great for limiting surfing/email/etc. Use your phone or a good old kitchen timer!

  18. I am so great at giving advice to others on how to be more productive and how to make their business and life more efficient, but when it comes to my own “stuff” I feel a little stuck at times. Thanks for your great video to help me put things into perspective and feel better about getting things done that are truly important. In fact, my current theme sont that I have been listening to over and over lately is Adele’s Chasing Pavements.

  19. Alessandra

    1) SOMEthing’s gotta give! either i have to get a new job or move… 🙂
    2) love it. it’s so refreshing to be able to categorize things like that.

  20. Dea

    This post came in the perfect time as I am reading a book on practing to be present in NOW. Those little voices in my head are sure hard to ignore sometimes! But your post just reconfirmed that being focused on now and STOP thinking about the same thoughts over and over again will really bring better things into my life. Thanks!!

  21. Gratitude Marie, this is f’n’ fabulous. I forget how important it is to neglect the “mind tapes” that play over and over again. What a wonderfully simple formula you have provided. Now it will be easy to check up on myself and cut the crap. The best part is to see how much I am already doing to create a life full of my “top 5”!!! Blessings…

  22. Great post, Marie! Your exercise showed me that my priorities do match up with the way I spend my time. That was refreshing! thanks, pal.

  23. Can someone help the techno impaired? For several weeks I am unable to view videos on this and several other sites….where the video link should be the screen is blank and there is a tiny little multicolored square in the top left hand corner where the video should be….help?!?!?!

    • marie

      Kimberly – it may be a browser issue. Try several different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and clear your cache too. You can also see all our vids on!

  24. Alexandra

    Hi Marie,
    I have read your book two times, but it is still difficult to learn to think and act the way you advise us. I really want to feel good and happy, but negative thoughts are still disturbing me. I’m preparing for final exams and I get very stressed out. Is it possible to feel good even before such a test?

    So, have a nice time 🙂

  25. Maya

    Thanks so much for this video Marie. This is the exact problem I’ve been having for several years now. I’ve tooled and retooled my schedule a gagillion times, but never thought of what my REAL priorities were. I tend to get overwhelmed over little things, so I’m always guilt tripping myself over not getting enough done. I will adopt your new mantra, “I did the perfect amount today”, and will stop the unnecessary double thinking about the same old stuff. *sighs*

  26. Is there such a thing as being “too productive”? I’m always doing something and although I get my to-do list checked off – I find more tasks to do!

    I used this weekend as an “excuse” to take time off (rare for me) and I realized that I need to make down time a priority. So I think I am shifting my list and putting it near the top.

    Thanks Marie! XXOO

  27. Gillian

    Hey Marie! Thanks so much for posting this vid. I just graduated college and I’ve been having this intense feeling of “spinning my wheels in the mud” lately – a lot of anxiety and frustration over…well…nothing. But after watching this video today I realized that the buildup of potential energy I’ve been feeling was because I was not working on anything I really wanted — instead, I was visualizing it, letting my thoughts convince me I couldn’t have it, and then doing nothing/feeling anxious. My calendar was NOT filled last month with things I want to accomplish – so now I am excited to rewrite it! Thanks so much for this!!

  28. Barbara

    Thanks Marie! I have a morning “mantra” as part of my meditation that helps a lot: I have all the time I need to do the things I want to do. Sometimes when it’s frantic, I just step back and repeat. The “want” part, I think is important because we all have have to’s and should’s but I don’t think they should outweigh the wants. It’s also a reminder that in some(perhaps unconscious) way, I have chosen those have to’s and should’s.

    Love the weekly videos.

  29. I’ve just come back to my computer to get on with my work (it’s 8 pm in Hungary, the children are going to bed now) – ’cause I thought I haven’t done enough for today. But I’m so sleepy and tired, and I’ve got a headache – and I watched this video ->> So I rather go to bed now, instead of working!! 🙂 Thanks for helping to decide! 🙂

  30. Wow, I don’t think I have ever said to myself at the end of the day, “I got the perfect amount done today.” Mind-blowing concept! I’m writing this on a sticky note and placing it on my computer. Maybe it will help peel me away from the screen at the end of the day to slip in bed and get a full 8 hours of sleep. Here’s to reframing!

  31. perfect message Marie – as usual, your timing is right on. thanks much!

    Keep the brilliant messages coming!


  32. Liz

    Both of my parents are guilty of the “I didn’t get anything done today” negative voices. I can remember them both saying it when I was a kid, and they continue to do so today. Soooo, it’s no wonder I feel this way about myself lol. I’m going to stop saying that, and encourage them to stop, because you’re right—it is negative self-talk in the end. Thanks Marie!

  33. I definitely have this problem, but only with my work. I have so many projects opened that I don’t seem to finish and close any.
    You are absolutely right when you say we are hard with ourselves with that inner negative voice instead of highlighting what we’ve actualy done. Thanks again Marie!

  34. Love this. could get lost in the piles, housework, cleaning (peril of working from home and having two small kids…) for days! This is great reminder- crisp, clean, concise- Thanks for the great reminder as I sit down for the day- I know I will get just the right amount done. I also LOVE the techno-gadget free dayz… something inside of me relaxes when I do that.

  35. WOW! I am really digging this but I really like the excercise of writing down your top 5 priorities and going through your calendar. Um, BUSTED! Thanks for setting me straight Marie!

  36. Jan

    Thanks Marie, the lesson really helped me to get concrete about why I am not happy doing what I am doing: Because it isn’t even close to doing what I believe in or love!

    The life priorities:
    1. Peace and love
    2. Create a positive life experience for my family
    3. Maintain a healthy and fit body that can carry me through adventures and difficult times
    4. Live authentically, spiritually
    5. Financial and material freedom (material freedom refers to not letting ‘things’ own me)

    The result: After realizing that I am devoting maybe 1% of my time to the above, I am now asking myself ‘How can I ____’ rather than ‘why don’t I ____, why isn’t ____, why can’t I ____’.

    Thanks Marie!

  37. So true. I’m finding that I even need to go through the things that are on my list of things that are important to me and be selecgtive there as well.

    It’s a constant thing to stay on track – the real track. I have to do a spring cleaning every once in a while and see what still needs to get some of my attention.

    For example, there are some blogs or newsletters that I subscribed to a year ago and were great at the time, but are not as relevant to what I’m doing now. It’s tough, but we have to evaluate regularly and be honest with ourselves about which things in our lives are still helping us move forward.

    Thanks for still being relevant to my progress, Marie.

  38. Girl, we are totally on the same wave-length! I just wrote my weekly blog post to be published on Thursday about doing a technology “Diet.” I really feel I need to get a grip on how much time I spend on social media~the checking the emails gotta stop! When I reframe, I will see a more focused and productive work day. Plus more time to be really present with my fam.
    Here is my priority list:

    1. Family time~soaking up all kinds of love and giving them my full attention.
    2. Enjoying fun activities with friends.
    3. Eating healthy, whole foods and moving my body
    4. Traveling and observing different cultures.
    5. Connecting; spiritual practices like being in nature, journaling, being grateful.

    love this post and YOU, Marie!

  39. Mary

    I love your post today. I did notice that I seem to put the same things over and over on my list. And the stuff that makes it on every list are things that I keep postposning or do not particularly like to do.

    Making the top 5 priorities list will help me realize what is important and do my best to complete the items that belong on that list.

    Awesome video. Great perspective.

  40. 1) Laugh at life – am doing this every day!
    2) Get essays published – am doing this!
    3) Hang out with nature – am doing and want to kick it up another notch, so I may need to become a forest ranger or a wildlife photographer.
    4) Challenge the status quo – am doing this a lot!
    5) See the world – am doing this and want to do it way more often. will reframe on getting to more distant places.

    thanks, fun video. G.

  41. Brilliant and precisely put! Thanks Marie

  42. Thanks Marie for once again delivering the goods! I can’t get enough of Q&A Tuesday! The reframe really helped me because between building my biz, RHH B-School (woop! woop!), my 2 lil girls, my hubby and a home to take care of, life has felt pretty overwhelming. Yesterday I made a list of things that “must” be done by the end of the day. I kept the list to a reasonable size and although I didn’t make it to the post office (which ironically was #1 on the list), I told myself at 5pm I was going to close my laptop, celebrate what I had done and spend QT with my lil girls. Admittedly, I felt a little guilty for not making it to the post office, but your message today helped me re-congratulate myself for getting so many other things done. Today is another day and hey, I might make even make it to the post office! 😉

    p.s. I love the “eCation” that you and your family took. My 2 yr old will actually come up to me and say, “Mommy, close it. Close it the laptop” when I’m spending too much time clicking the keys. I think Casa de Luna is due for an eCation ourselves. 🙂

    Blessings & Success,

  43. This was a great video, but not in a business sense. After running my own business for 9 months, I know what triggers the “not enough done” syndrome and how to avoid it. (As an aside, I’ve been off Facebook games for 2 weeks now. Hello, 3 extra hours in my day!)

    But, I find the same repetitive thoughts regarding relationships to still be a problem. I like the idea of a re-frame, Marie, but I’m not sure what to say to myself. I find myself on a roller coaster of needing alone time and wanting people time, and my people time rarely matches up to when people are available to hang out with. Any thoughts on what to tell yourself in that case?

  44. This video, and one of the comments above, prompted a sweet epiphany. As a bodyworker, I know that in order to keep myself in good shape to give to my clients I need to receive bodywork myself. It just occurred to me that as a coach, I also need to continue to receive coaching in order to stay focused and fresh. I, too, am currently enrolled in B-School, and am deeply benefitting from the program. I never imagined that business strategies could be completely aligned with my integrity. I so needed this! Thank you Marie!

  45. Sarah Taylor

    Thanks for a very succint and workable approach to having a life you are inspired by. Some schedule changes in the wind 🙂

  46. Brenda B

    Hi Marie,
    These videos are awesome. Is this where I submit questions for Q&A Tuesday? WHere is the submission spot for these and how backed up are you on these. I would love to know how you choose these?

  47. I’m loving this video! I always laugh at your intros. I constantly struggle with this issue wondering if I’m using my time wisely and although I do so much in a day, I still don’t feel satisfied! From now on, I’m going to say, “I did just enough today” 🙂 A great tip I got from someone was to say reaffirming things like this to yourself in the mirror. It really works too!

  48. moira

    I couldn’t get away from the crap going on in my head after a day at work even with reframing and using a bunch of other tools. It finally burnt me out and I quit. Now I allow my thoughts to go where ever they want to – totally novel experience. Maybe some day I’ll be ready to focus again but for the moment I’m letting myself recover. There are no priorities just moments and I love them all.

  49. Julie Rocha Buel

    I am such a culprit of letting the voices in my head run me around in circles until I fall on the floor paralyzed by the amount of ideas and wishes and what ever the “F” pops in. I think I might break it down like Polly did. Thanks Polly for showing your stuff and Marie as usual you’re a ROCK STAR!

  50. Hey there Marie! LOVE LOVE LOVE today’s Q&A vid! Totally synchronized with my last few weeks of crazy, busy, where-the-hell-did my time go?! In trying to stay focused on B-School and lots of other things I’ve got going on, I felt like I was scattered like a jigsaw puzzle that fell victim to a 3-year old. Putting things into perspective definitely felt like a weight lifted today. Despite knowing this and telling my clients to do the same, it’s still great to hear wise words of wisdom from a fabulous “yoda” such as yourself! Thanks a bunch!

  51. Another great Q & A Marie and Deepak’s 65,000 thoughts a day (with most being repetitive) is just the reminder I need to stop beating myself up. Now if I wake up at 3 or 4 am thinking about what I didn’t do or what needs to be done, I’ve got the psychology to stop myself rehashing the tedious thoughts and concentrate instead on the fact I am actually achieving a lot of good stuff. Your wisdom is such a blessing.

  52. Marie, Guuuuurrrrrrrllllllll! I just have to say that ALLLLLLL of your videos are like old skool TLC! Crazy!! Sexy!! (ofcourse)!! and Ridiculously Cool! All that schticky factor goin on there and I’m just learnin the basics!! I know you market to mainly women, but I’m awestruck and awe-inspired everytime I see 1 of your insanely hot and funny videos! I just hope 1 day I’m able to learn from the best!!!!!!! because that’s what you guys (I mean gals) are!! yor da sh*t yo!! 😉

  53. Marie!!! Yeah girl this video came at the PERFECT time for me!!! I am totally going to reframe my thoughts when I am feeling like I have too much to do or feeling overwhelmed to “I got the perfect amount done today.” LOVE this…and it will make me feel a hell of a lot better!!

    Also putting my top “priorities” in order and taking a look at my calendar was UBER helpful!

    Thanks for all of the amazing videos ~ Love ya! xoxo

  54. Cassie

    Great video Marie!

    Here’s my list…
    1. Love, happiness, peace of mind
    2. Family, Friends, and dog
    3. Business
    4. Personal and Business Development/ Spirituality
    5. Physical, psychological, emotional, and financial comfort/ well being
    6. Health, fitness, music, the arts/ other interests

    I did spend time on all of these during the course of the last month. It’s interesting though, that as time I spent on my business went up, time spent on some of my other top priorities went way down. I’m working to put systems in place to make my business not so dependent on me, so I can put more time into these other priorities. Yay!

    Thanks Marie! PS- Loved the beginning of the video! 🙂

  55. Hi Marie

    I just “love” your stuff! It makes me laugh & learn at the same time.

    Cheers for all the fabulous content and tips…in appreciation Jennifer x

  56. Hey Marie,

    My friend Michelle of WE suggested I watch your video and boy am I grateful I did.

    I love how you take the brains reoccurring thoughts and make it simpler for your audience to grasp it, and encourage us to take control back for better self talk. That’s quite a feat!

    I’ll definitely be opting in to your newsletter as you requested. Thank you!


  57. Amy McCarron

    Thanks, Marie!

    Great video and wise advice! I always find your videos encouraging and uplifting as well as relevant. Thank you for posting this, I needed it!

  58. Boy, I have some work to do. What I value most and where I spend my time certainly is unbalanced. Thanks for reminding me to take a look at this…AGAIN!

  59. Marie, this was perfect! Thanks so much! Love Q & A Tuesday!

  60. Marie,

    This video was super helpful in making that voice in my head shut up. Thank you for posting it! I’m about to add my top 5 priorities to my Google Docs so I can get to them always.

    Much luv,

  61. Marie,
    Awesome stuff as usual! It may take a little time (& beating those negative thoughts into submission) but it really IS possible and it makes a HUGE difference when you focus on the good stuff. I love this: “I got the perfect amount done today.”

  62. Im a huge fan of affirmations, Marie. They are so simple and so powerful! “I am getting the perfect amount done today.” Yep, that feels good.

    And those priorities are really tough to number, actually. This is an excellent way to get honest with yourself.

  63. Also, I had to add a 6th priority, because I was shocked it wasn’t on the list!

  64. Georgina

    What a coincidence- or maybe not such a coincidence! I was just thinking about the way I spend my time these days- like if I spend too much time reading things that aren’t that important to me instead of going to sleep on time and things like that- and then came your video!
    Time to reframe things a little bit and be more aware of them! 😉

  65. This was from a few days ago but just got to watch it now … and I needed it now. I am struggling with poor time management somethin’ FIERCE. I just did a massive overhaul of my life (in a great way) by getting really honest with myself and cutting some mind clutter and life clutter out: quit a project that was eating time, not paying. got rid of an on again/off again relationship that was eating time, stressing me out. Cleaned up some other stuff so that all of this room and potential for new energy/action was available… and now I’m like, uh……

    feeling super stuck and reluctant to take real action. Great at talking about what I want to do but not following through with the actual TASK COMPLETION needed to make it happen and get things moving. Totally at peace with the changes I made clearing what was holding me back, but feeling oddly scared and hesitant about taking bold action to propel myself FORWARD? What up with that? Makes me feel like a lazy loser. Not a fan of that!

    Anyway, today’s video helped. B/c if I’m honest, my number one priority right now is personal/intimate relationships and that HAS been what has gotten my attention most recently, with phenomenal, exciting results. But career is on that top 5 list, too and the action steps haven’t been as solid.

    I need to get my sh*t in motion here, but today’s video did help a bit, to realize beating myself up doesn’t help. But inspiration is no good without action and I need to get better about the action part on my other life priorities.

    Keep the videos coming, mama!! 🙂

  66. You nailed this one on the head Marie!
    Settings priorities and sticking with them is awesome advice, whenever it comes. The nitty-gritty of re-framing ones thoughts is the real kicker though. I find that morning meditation and “morning pages” of stream-of-consciousness writing really help me out with the repetitive monologue. On days when that’s not enough, I just try to pay attention to that stream of nonsense and get out of its way long enough to move on to more positive, productive, creative thinking.
    Thanks again,

  67. You’re right on the mark about this one! Thanks for the reminder!

  68. Time Management is sooooo important. I often use the “not enough time in the day’ excuse for NOT exercising, but I know that on the days that I Do exercise, I am 100% more productive and more focused! Thanks for the Deepak quote and info. I just followed him on twitter. Great Reframe exercise, I will get on it next week when I have more time……… I mean right now!


  69. Girl, you were right on with this video. Every single day I look back and think of all the things I didn’t accomplish, when really I should be looking at what I did accomplish!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  70. Thank you SO much Marie for the reminders…..feeling a bit overwhelmed these days which I can usually “power through” and actually be more productive….but what is happening lately is that I am actually getting stuck, and consequentially, I am getting nothing done. Sheesh….

    I am definitely ready for a reframe “I got the perfect amount done today.” (Just said it out loud and am feeling better already!)

    And, here are my priorities:
    1. Peace of Mind/Spirituality
    2. Business/Financial security
    3. Boyfriend/Close Friends & Family
    4. Cooking/Eating simple local foods
    5. Spending time moving my body outside (gardening, hike, ride bike)

    Hmm….after an analysis…..looks like I am turing to the BF (3rd priority) for more then I’d like rather than my 1st priority (Peace of Mind Spirituality). Time to make that shift…. off to meditate! (Alone!)

  71. This really struck a chord with me Marie! I used to always stress about not getting enough done. But I’ve done a lot of “internal cleansing” over the last few months, starting with my thoughts. I came to realize that the great majority of them, and all of the negative ones, were simply that little voice in my head spewing crap again. Once I deprived those thoughts of their power, and focused on the fact that everything is ALWAYS exactly as it should be, my stress levels have plummeted.

  72. Especially love the reframe and how it worked for me today.

    I got the perfect amount done!

  73. Ana

    Love it Marie! I started doing this about a year ago and it definitely helped release the grip of the “shoulds”.
    Thanks as always!

  74. Delegating is a great way to get more done! 🙂

  75. Oh, Mama Marie. This was excellent! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  76. Today I finished the perfect amount…and relief…!

  77. Oh Ms. Forleo, way to dig deepa sista. One of my favorite v blogs by u definitely.

    1. My daughter, my health
    2. My dating/romance coaching
    3. My man
    4. Commitment to laughing
    5. Nomadic adventures

    Loved this exercise. Hugs & thank u!

  78. Love it…great stuff!

  79. I am following your blog regularly and got great information. I really like the tips you have given. Thanks a lot for sharing. Will be referring a lot of friends about this.

  80. Christine

    Thanks Marie,

    When I got honest and wrote down my list, I saw that the reason some things were priorities were because they were ingrained into my head that they “should” be. At the same time, I realized some priorities were lower than I wanted them to be.

    Very revealing exercise….thanks so much!!


  81. This is great Marie 🙂 Just having you mention those 5 priorities in life (not just what you have to get done in the day) made me pull out paper and write mine. This video has helped me to realize that my set hours of work time need to be shorter and more efficient so that I can spend more time with my top priorities! 🙂

  82. van025

    Thanks so much for your great advices and great video.Delegating is a great way to get more done!

  83. Oh god – perfect timing for me – sitting at my desk feeling SO overwhelmed but don’t worry – I got the reframe!

    I’m procrastinating getting my V.A sorted, so I’m off to get that done!


  84. Fun video. I look forward to perusing your other videos.

    Best wishes,

  85. Marie – I want to thank you again for answering the question so well, because its helpful to come back to it and relearn the lesson (old habits die hard). I asked the question at a time when I was beginning to set up a website with my Mum for Redheads in the UK, and was struggling to find the time to work on the new project. Its still not easy, but remembering that whatever feelings I have are about perception, rather than reality, helps relieve the pressure. After all, if I’m going to be an entrepreneur or business owner, its a feeling I’m gona have to get used to! Sending gratitude and joy Jess

  86. I thuoght I’d have to read a book for a discovery like this!

  87. Great advice, Marie!
    Where can I ask you a question, for your next Q&A?
    Well, I´ll do it right here, since it is related to this topic:
    Question to MARIE FORLEO:
    I have recently put together an online course in Spanish on how to get fit & healthy, to be followed by my E-book & downloadable video to be sold online. (I already have a free e-book on my blog, for list-building +giving purposes).
    Though I have thousands of followers on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter, I don´t see the results in sales… yet… And I am feeeling frustrated, despite my efforts & a 27+ career in Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness, including my own successful & long-standing (10-18 years) TV shows+radio shows+newspaper columns…
    In other words, though the internet is a different media- and, yes, people want me to train them personally, which I cannot/will not do for time reasons-, I have to confess that I am struggling, not thriving yet…
    What is your advice on this? Attend your B-School ; ) of course!
    —- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, in advance —-

  88. Love it & great tip!

  89. Zoe

    Thanks Marie! I love the idea about making a list of 5 priorities and making sure they’re getting well deserved time! And I was just thinking about how I constantly have things to do, the ideas don’t stop! Now, I can rest assured, I’m getting the perfect amount done and enjoy the moment!

  90. Oh my goodness, Marie. This is my #1 struggle. I always thought of it as a time management issue, so thanks for reframing it as an inner voice that can be controlled by ME. It’s also perfect timing for me, as I’ve noticed myself recently saying, “I actually got a lot done today”. Why “actually”? Because I usually don’t get a lot done? I don’t think so. We all need to cut ourselves a little more slack. The self-employed tend to be mean bosses, don’t they? Haha! Thanks again.

  91. At first I was stumped by the five….then they came to me all at once:

    1. Create
    2. Connect
    3. Learn
    4. Feed
    5. Manifest

    CREATE: make art, write, bring more beauty into the world.

    CONNECT: spend time with friends and family: faceface and facebook…they both count. dinner parties. exercise dates. crazy adventures. its all good.

    LEARN: read, travel, mentally stretch, emotionally stretch, grow. learn to feel my body again (remember how it felt to be an athlete?)

    FEED: my body (with better choices), my soul (with positive thoughts), my world/others (with my wisdom and empathy)

    MANIFEST: bigger opportunities, clearer energy, deeper awareness, more connectedness, and abundant cashflow.

    AH, I love the clarity you bring through your simplicity, Marie!

  92. Hi there Marie I really liked your post it was awesome and eye opening. I actually go true the same thing like everyday. But now am actually making steps to improve ,having a re framed mind is key along with organization. Cheers!!!

  93. Love the video Marie. No, my lists don’t match up. I’ve been stuck in this imaginary rut for a long time now. And it’s time to change it up a bit. Thanks for the reminder.

  94. What you are saying about the looping of same information in my thoughts day after day is true. It is true that if you keep doing the same things the same way, you get the same results. Good feeling to make progress and get closure whether it is a chapter or a complete project. Thank you.

  95. hi Marie

    I like this!! thanks so much… I just have one question…
    I do have a goal but I seriously don’t know how to get there.
    So right now I feel like I am saying yes to anything because I am not sure which of these roads might take me to the place I want to go. 😉
    Is there room here to clarify on how do I know which of my opportunities will work when i am not sure what one will get me to my goal?

    I am currently a film-maker and photographer. I am mostly hired by people to create films or promo’s or portraits. I am doing well in my industry and for the most part really enjoy the work.

    However my deep passion is creating… but creating what I want to create. Films… and books and apps and tv series and more! I have a billion ideas and I am not sure how to proceed to get to make a living from my creations rather then being hired by others. I am making them… and working toward this goal… but currently they are not earning more just for passion.

    So I am taking a few steps toward this in a variety of angles! building a profile… working on personal projects and putting them into the world… Leaving me a little thin in places and feeling a bit overwhelmed too!

    love to hear your thoughts. warmest hailey

  96. So important, so often our priorities are not aligned with how we spend our time and then we wonder why we are so stressed out and unhappy!

  97. Marie! This is the second time I have watched this video, thanks for sharing it again on Facebook. Got even more out of this the second time, it seems as if I need constant reminders of this!

  98. Hi Marie, wow this video came at a perfect time. I find it so hard to organise and priorities my things, I have so many projects going on plus a family. Will talk to hubbie tonight about this as it will help in both our business and our family life.
    Thank you for your guidance…

  99. Loved this Ep – Awesome!

  100. Hi Marie. This video (along with so many others you’ve made) is amazing and just what I needed to hear today.

    I picked up Tony’s “Time of your Life” program 6 months ago and have very diligently been following his RPM process and working with one of his coaches. This has totally helped re-frame my way of thinking and helped me decrease my “mind chatter.”

    When you said that what we often tell ourselves boils down to “we suck” and “we’re never doing enough” I realized that although I’ve come a long way, there’s still soooo far to go, because I hear these things all the time!

    Once I am finally able to master my “re-framing” process, I know I’ll be able to achieve huge success financially, in business and in my family life. Deep down in my gut, I know I’m not here because of the mind-chatter.

    1. Develop and grow myself
    2. Health and wellness
    3. Business and career
    4. Professional hobbyist (photography, Ukrainian folk dance, swing dance)
    5. Creating a family

    After going through this exercise, I’ve also noticed that I actually do spend a good amount of time on each of these 5 areas (thanks to Tony Robbins & your Marie TV videos).

    Area 5, creating a family is really frustrating for me. My partner and I have been undergoing fertility treatments for more than 3 years now and trying to get pregnant for almost 5. I spend my time and money going to acupuncture weekly, seeing my Naturopath, improving my diet and lifestyle, etc and although I try to stay positive and calm the mind chatter, I can only stay in the positive zone for a day or two before the “this is never going to work” comes back. I’d never thought I’d have difficulty in this area, but I’m really starting to loose hope now.

    Any suggestions for how to deal with this?

  101. Hi Marie!
    You are hilarious and totally remind me of my girlfriends back at home! I just found your website yesterday and have been scheduling you into my daily routine to feel empowered and get your words of wisdom. Thank you for the encouragement and for your willingness to share, I think it’s common to find people keep their “secrets” to themselves. Even if it’s as simple as time management. I am recently married (6 months now!) and we moved over to England from Portland, Oregon 3 months ago. Tons of life changes and “what am I going to do with myself/ time/ job/ etc” and I was getting buried under thoughts, doubts, and uncertainties. Through making the decision to quit my day job in retail which was sucking the life out of me, and let’s be honest, not what I want to do at 27, been there and done that 10 years ago. I have picked up where I left off (kind of) several years ago when I was running a mediocrely successful business. Making a enough to cover my expenses at least.

    Now that I’m back, I want to do things the “right” way, the efficient, time saving, still have a life outside of running your own business type of way. I have already shared your site with my network and I am looking forward to the future and getting updates and emails!

    So, thank you. Thank you for your site!!! Sending some British love your way!

  102. Thank you Marie, I see what you are saying. Even if we had done more than we expected there is always more to be done and a good chance that our inner chatter will just continue with the same tape. There is nowhere else to be where we are right now.

  103. Marie,

    Thank you so much for another incredible post! I really loved the idea of acknowledging what you got done that day by saying out loud, “I got the perfect amount done today.”

  104. I love this video ! So true about identifying what is important to me versus what I think I “should” be doing. I love the idea of saying “I got the perfect amount of work done”.

  105. Amy Talley

    I am in the process of changing my thoughts, so I can change my reality. Thank you!

  106. Is there a difference between your “priorities” and your values? I have done a lot of values work that has been very helpful but I wasn’t sure if priorities would be considered different and if so how. I’m very excited by the idea that we can have our personal priorities and our BUSINESSES can have their own priorities and values! I will definitely apply this to both, thanks!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s a great question, Emily! It’s wonderful that you’ve already invested time and energy into identifying your values. In terms of your to do list, it may be helpful to think of your values as your “whys” and your priorities as your “whats”– the sweet spot is finding where the two overlap!

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