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Ask and you shall receive.

We’ve been fielding loads of requests for volunteer and scholarship opportunities for Selling Your Soul, the one-day white hot event on May 12, 2011 with me + Danielle LaPorte.

It’s going to be off-the-charts and not to be missed.

We’re digging deep and handling the toughest, juiciest questions you have about your life and work.

Nothing is off limits. It’s raw and real, and one day only.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, where have you been, my love?

Watch the video below for the scoop.

The guest list is epic and growing daily. You’ll rub elbows with reps from major publishing houses, literary agencies and Fortune 500s – plus a boatload of inspired, crusading, kick-ass entrepreneurs flying in from all over the world.

You’ve simply got to be there.

That’s why we’re delighted to offer a few scholarship seats for Selling Your Soul – and one of them could be yours!


There are two ways to win a scholarship ticket – video or written submission. We’re looking for creativity, heart and the ability to follow directions.

Video entry: Create a video under 2 minutes and share the following:

  • Where you’re at with your business – including your biggest entrepreneurial victory to date.
  • The current business challenge that we can help you overcome.
  • A description of the spine-tingling, oh-no-she-didn’t dream that you’ll achieve once you rock past this challenge.

Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo with “I’m ready to sell my soul!” as the video title, and drop a link in the comments below.

Not a video-maven? Type your answers in the comments below to submit a written entry. 500 words or less.


Wanna boost your chances of winning, up to the sky? Spread the word about Selling Your Soul on Facebook and Twitter.

You can use one of the following messages (or write something of your own):

  • I’m ready to start selling my soul with @DanielleLaPorte + @MarieForleo! #SYSoul
  • I’m soaring towards a scholarship spot at Selling Your Soul. Fingers + toes = crossed! #SYSoul
  • If I win a scholarship seat at Selling Your Soul, I might implode like a supernova. Scope out my entry! #SYSoul

You can do up to three social media shout-outs per day. All tweets must have the #SYSoul hashtag, plus a link to this post.

Details Galore:

  1. The entry deadline is Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. The winner will be announced a few days later.
  2. If you already have a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll give you a refund – or you can give your scholarship ticket to a friend, you generous thing you!
  3. No purchase is necessary to win.
  4. Entries will be assessed based on creativism, uniquity, sizzle-powah, and other made-up words. One hardcore fact: if you exceed 2 minutes in your vid or 500 words in your text entry – or harangue us with “didja get my entry?” emails – you’ll be disqualified.
  5. Danielle LaPorte + I are the judges, and our decisions are final.

We can’t wait to see your videos and read your comments. Get going, SOUL babies! And good luck!


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  1. Thanks a lot! I’ll be there!

    • Looking forward to seeing your video Diana ♥ Tancie

  2. this pretty much just plain & simple rocks …

  3. You should all enter! Marie’s last contest changed my life!!

  4. You guys are so flippin’ generous. Wish I didn’t have a schedule conflict that week. Ugh. Would love to go to this. 🙁

  5. Totally entering this!

  6. Laura

    THANK YOU!!! I love this!! Making my video tonight!!

  7. WooooHoooo!!!! Appreciate the opportunity 🙂 Excited to make my video and meet you in NYC! Y’all freakin’ ROCK! 🙂

  8. I’m with Liz – Marie’s last contest changed my life too. Her events are truly epic, and the people are sooo incredible. Take the few minutes it will take to film a video and enter! 🙂

  9. SO excited to enter a video… I would love to learn from such influential women like yourselves!

  10. Danielle Tergis

    Well….I just started my business 3 weeks ago, so I’m brand spanking new at this. My biggest victory to date are two-fold. 1) Just making the leap of faith to go out on my own was huge (and partially inspired by Marie’s tenet of being authentic. So many things about my old job just did not seem to fall in line with my definition of being authentic and true to me. 2) Signing my first client my very first “official” day as a company.

    Being a newbie business owner I have a lot of business challenges that I need to overcome at the moment. But I’d say the overarching one is how to get the type of clients I want, who I’ll be thrilled to work with and who will be thrilled to work with me, and who have the ability and the desire to pay me what my services are worth.

    My spine-tingling, oh-no-she-didn’t dream is to inspire individuals to live healthier lives that are sustainable for themselves and the planet. I want to be a part of supporting companies and helping spread the word about companies, organizations, and individuals that do this. I’ve been told I’m being extremely specific, and what I want to do might not even be possible, but I feel so strongly about it that I want to find a way to make it work.

  11. Love Marie’s competitions- great to learn from and stretch as an entrepreneur in MANY ways… game on ladies… ; ) !!

  12. I believe in being as magnificent as possible! Attending “How to sell your soul” is exactly what I need to do right now as I approach my 40th birthday. I want to lift off and create amazing things in my next decade, to be an example of high achievement for my daughter, and to channel the internal power I feel into an outward manifestation of abundance, joy, and service.

    I’m a single mother with full custody of my girl wonder living in brain-town upstate NY having ex-patted here from Manhattan several years ago. Working, writing, and schmoozing in major gifts development at my alma mater, Cornell University, has taught me so much but I’ve plateaued at being super excellent in my role, but unable to move forward because of the travel commitment involved in frontline fundraising: I’m dedicated to guiding my little one’s life 100% which means being home to prepare wholesome vegetarian din-din, buy new tap shoes, and hang out on the couch watching the collected fifth season of Bewitched when necessary. While I’m not currently entrepreneur-ing, before motherhood, I had a sweet little Park Avenue/Sutton Place et al outcall massage therapy practice by which I made my living for about a decade. More recently, I wrote a sassy little blog for three years http://www.fleurconsultancy, which was an avant advice column designed to revivify and delight. I have a few ideas percolating right now and philanthropy is top among them.

    Recently I won a $50 gift card in a drawing at work. It was fun to win, but more fun to give away. My upstairs neighbors have been having hard times, and there was nothing more exciting than leaving the gift card at their door with a sweet happy note, except for yesterday when one of them hugged me and told me he’d finally found a job! Ultimately, I want to make people feel good, like a Dolly Parton song where she seems to be whispering in every single person’s ear in the audience telling a personal secret.

    When I started reading Marie’s blog, I felt an instant kinship with her message and the passion with which she conveys it. Finally someone is pouring it all on without apologies!!! I was so excited I bought new lipstick and re-revved up the treadmill. Winning a “How to sell your soul” scholarship would be a truly tremendous gift! If I am so lucky and blessed, I will make the most of the chance!

  13. I just posted my video Marie! Here is the link! I feel a win coming on….

  14. OMGosh I was so excited to enter I forgot to add my biz idea! I think I have 80 words left: I want to be a Personal Historian with a focus on love stories, collecting and preserving the vibrancy of new love in framed or bound personal stories that will last beyond the wear of long marriages and/or divorce. I’m just in the brainstorming stage…Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hola Gorgeous Super Chica’s,

    I’m super duper stoked to film my slapstick movie, yes I have been contemplating about what to do:-) However I need to verify something…
    Is it possible for me to enter because I’m not American. I live in Spain and I’m European. (I won’t tell you yet where I’m from exactly…moewhahaha evil laugh…because you have to watch and see)
    If it’s not possible then I want to wish everybody tons of luck and Lauren Sheehan don’t let anybody convince you that you are not awesome. Because you are! Your business sounds like a cool one. Kuddoos from a fellow twenty something.

    Besitos from Gran Canaria,

    • Louise

      My name’s Louise and I work with Marie. YES- we are talking international entries so send along your magic, we can’t wait to see it.

      • Hi Louise,

        Thank you for answering!! And it’s such happy, happy news, I’m thrilled!
        Will do, need to film some more scenes and try to stay friends with my Mac. (It went a bit buh-surk.. hopefully a good rest will help.)
        Hasta pronto,
        PS: You must have a blast working with Marie, maybe she could feature you and the rest of the team one day on Q&A Tuesday! Would be great to have an inside look-see

  16. Everyone told me I was BALLS-CRAZY to quit my high paying corporate gig peddling smokes (think… hot-shot-sales-gal pounding the pavement to promote a major brand of cigarettes) to once again go BACK-to-school (making that my 3rd degree) to become a CHIROPRACTOR? (My answer? It called me – I didn’t call it.) I opened my own chiropractic practice in the West Village in August of 2010. My biggest entrepreneurial victory to date was opening a second practice in suburban NJ, in October 2010. Sounds amazing on paper, right?! However, the true nature of my businesses is such: I’m generating small profits, my morale is down because I’m unable to make payments towards the $300,000 in debt I’ve accumulated, and, I’m depending entirely on the referrals of my clients to grow both practices.

    The best thing I have going for me is that I’m damn-ass good at what I do! (I have a dream job to be able to watch peoples’ lives change for the better under chiropractic care.) The other? I’m CRYSTAL CLEAR as to who my Ideal Client is. (We’re talking, “Waterford,” here Ladies…) There is NO doubt in my mind who it is EXACTLY that I want to Love and Serve through Chiropractic. The current business challenge you can therefore help me overcome is marketing! I’ve been trying to get involved with anything and everything where I can find my Ideal Client. I’m coming up short. So short, that this week I considered opening a new business to generate passive income so I can afford to keep both practices up and running! This is MADNESS!

    I believe that once I figure out how to effectively and efficiently market both of my practices, I will be able to make LARGE payments toward that debt, so, that in six months from now, the total debt has decreased by 30%. I also believe that as a result of overcoming my marketing challenges, both of my practices will be packed with laughter from ONLY Ideal Clients who are not only willing to pay me for chiropractic care, but do so, with big, HUGE, smiles on their faces. And finally, the most gratifying (and juiciest) outcome of all? Sending all of the people that have supported me on my journey to AND through chiropractic, on a frickin’ sweet “Thank you for all that you are and all that you do” vacation, at the end of this year.

    Clearly not a video-maven,
    Dr. Francesca Marino

    • Joha

      It is **gReAt** that you switched from the killing people industry into the making-their-life better end of the spectrum. Good karma coming your way! ;oD

  17. Without a doubt one of the most life changing things you can do is enter this contest if you are stuck, broke but full of desire!

    The most amazing women are a part of Marie and Danielle’s lives. Be amazing. Sell your Soul. Rock it out. Change your life.


    • Well put Hannah!! ♥

  18. Thanks SO much for this opportunity! I’ll be having fun this weekend throwing together something super amazing 😉

    I think you ladies are doing amazing work and it’s an inspiration to have you lead the way and show that it is possible to have fun while following your heart!

    Alycia Hall

  19. Katrina Padron

    I’ll be selling my soul this weekend!!

  20. SO EXCITED! Check out my video. Straight from the shower. Straight from the HEART.

    Woo hoo!

    • Louise

      I work with Marie. Will you pop the link to your video in the comments?! Then we can all have a look at your freshly washed and heart-filled entry.

  21. dying to see all of the entries! if you are on the fence….DO IT! it could be a life-changer. and all of the people that you will meet….get ready for an incredible ride! i hope to see you all there 😀

  22. Slipping in under the wire at 497 words! /

    What do you mean business, singular? I’m building an empire. It may not look like much at the moment, but in a year or two, this baby is gonna shine!

    She’s got three pieces, each built on one of my passions. Personalized Productivity is closest to breaking out, and holds my biggest entrepreneurial victory – I found an amazing business partner six weeks ago, and we’re going to bring a radical idea to a market that’s been served bread and water. Stacy helped me see the potential of my idea, and she’s providing the structure and branding that would have taken me months to do.

    My challenge isn’t so much business as personal. I’ve been listening to Marie’s audio book, particularly the pieces on resistance, and I’d love to hear more about how that relates to health. I’m trying to work through a yet undiagnosed muscular issue, and while I have a great team of doctors behind me, they haven’t figured it out yet. How do you live in the moment when your body hurts from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed? I remember what it was like to work at my best, and if I could get back to that, nothing could stop me. We’d be talking months, not years!

    And what are the visions?

    For Personalized Productivity, I see thousands of entrepreneurs soaring to success with customized productivity systems. No more struggling with someone else’s system – they’ll create their own based on their personality and it will be effortless to maintain.

    Multiple Passions will be reborn this summer as The Good Ship Lifestyle, and will unleash legions of Passioneers who embrace all their passions and create lives that incorporate everything they enjoy. And they won’t just be changing their own lives – good ideas come from the overlap of fields, and no one has more fields than the Passioneer! I expect world-changing ideas to emerge from The Good Ship Lifestyle – mitigation strategies for global climate change, works of literature that wow people the world over – the sky’s the limit!

    And speaking of literature, over at Written Insight I’m revolutionizing the writing process. Why is the novel is the only business where authors keep everything secret until publishing day? Even the greenest online entrepreneur knows that the way to create a product that people love is to ask them what they want and create it with their feedback. So I’m writing a novel in full view of my audience and taking feedback along the way. I’m still outlining, and already the feedback I’ve gotten has pushed me in directions I never would have considered. I’m massively excited to see where the story goes.

    And on a personal level? I’m finishing the first year of my MPH and aiming for PhD programs. I want to complement my world-changing empire with a career building models to explore the effects of environmental drivers and human behavior on infectious diseases. 🙂

  23. It’s just beyond me but ya’ll combine the two so well! I’m a faithful reader/vlog watcher and a graduate of The Fire Starter Sessions but in this area I need bold clarity. Help!

    • Laurie–

      Congratulations on creating the video! Best of luck and love with Miss Lilly’s Closet 😀


    • Loved it Laurie!

  24. Oh how do I want to Sell My Soul for a chance to get closer to my business dream!

    I’m a wedding/portrait photographer and I have recently found another area of photography I want to, no NEED to, specialize in. This has been one of my biggest entrepreneurial victories to date because I have discovered it fits perfectly with my style of photography and personality. It’s called Boudoir and it’s empowering women to be their own supermodel and be able to see their true beauty through photography. I recently did my first Boudoir session and it was amazing! The women loved it, the hotel was perfect, the images are gorgeous and I have a new spark for photography! Everything just fell into place. Now I need to get the word out to women that this is something EVERY woman must try. It’s a confidence booster for sure and who wouldn’t want gorgeous images of themselves to drool over? Winning!

    The biggest challenge I’ve experienced in my business is to get out of the mind set of just work harder and harder and you’ll succeed. This was passed down from my hard-working parents, bless their hearts. But this just does not work for me as an entrepreneur. I have been working my ass off since I was 16! I’m just exhausted and haven’t even reached my full potential and bad-ass-ness yet. But I feel it’s near and totally do-able. I just need some help and a different way of thinking. That where you guys come in. I know you can help me and I know I can change this way of thinking. I have to. I have to do it for myself to be a successful business owner and my future kids. I do not want to pass this way of thinking down if they are anything like me. It has to stop with me.

    Once I rock past this challenge my dream is to have my own studio. It will be a gorgeous, comfortable, creativity-inspiring place in Manhattan, yes Manhattan, where women can come and have a Boudoir session either on their own or with a group of friends. It won’t just be about the portraits but about the experience as well, which will be about loving your body as is, embracing your bad-ass-woman-ness, and having some fun. Woman these days are too hard on themselves. We all need to take some time to really see our beauty on the inside and have fun with it on the outside.

    I invite you to check out my latest Boudoir session on my blog to see some beautiful, real women:

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity and I hope to see you at Selling My Soul!

  25. WOOO HOOO!! Super Grateful for this opportunity! Working on my video now, but I’m already posting on Facebook!!



  26. Louise are you there? Cuz I’m sure Marie is on the beach!!! Question- I have both a personal and a work Facebook Page- should I post 3 times a day on both? I’m TOTALLY IN TO WIN IT!
    Let me know!

    • Louise

      Hey Shani,
      You can do both if you want. Also… twitter is a great place to spread the word, if you’re coolio with tweeting.

  27. Just got my (under!) 2 min video done and posted! Sooooooo hoping I’ll be meeting you and Danielle in NYC soon!!!!!

    xoxo and thanks for this generous, incredible opportunity!

    Video link:

  28. Whew! 2 minutes – that was a CHALLENGE!

    Here you are my lovelies:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  29. Yay!! My first edited video up and running.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

    video link:

  30. Blissfully working on my video now! Question — I kind of wanted to do an interactive 1,2 punch. Can I have a video and design a little pdf to go with it? : )

    • Amy

      Oh, Shenee, you delightful overachiever 🙂
      Love the interactive idea. Of course I have no say in the answer to your question. Just like your style. (BTW, how’s design for Hey Shenee coming?)

      • going well thanks! slowly but surely! Can’t wait to apply all of my lovely videoing skills to the new brand! : )

        • Amy

          Right on! Can’t wait to see it.

    • Oh! So I have a video and it is done but 1 second over due to a youtube glitch. I don’t want to post it and get disqualified and in some windows it says 2.00 minutes and in others 2.01. Am I freaking out over not-a-lotta? I just want to make sure it goes through.

  31. Hi Marie,
    Here’s my link for my 2 minute video answering your 3 questions.

    Where I’m at in my business? I am ever learning and glad I’m coming to the knowledge of the truth! My heart is to consult and awaken greatness in others. I hesitate to say the following as i may receive many emails with offers, but I have chosen to drop all mlm’s for affiliate marketing and personal branding.

    I am passionate about creating audio devotionals and positive impact messages to those who’ve been beat up by life. My carynelizabethlive youtube channel has plenty. I also have 2 others series still to post. I am called a lay down lover spiritually, as I have a strong spiritual connection with God. John 17.
    I am not religious. And I embrace my sensuality and love intimacy. I long for the glory that men like David Deida speak of. I love relationship and seek it openly.
    Thank you for the opportunity to see you in NYC. Born a jersey girl, 20 min from the meadowlands, I am presently about 1.5hrs from Manhattan, in the poconos of PA.

    Thanks for the opportunity to see you. You are an inspiration and so beautiful even when you act all strong and stuff! lol.. I can see right into your heart and it’s beautiful!

  32. See Ya in NYC!!!!

    • Well, shitola! My recorder says 2:00 min & youtube says 2:01. (I know it’s 2 minutes!) I can’t delete the above comment, so I’ll take off a fraction of a second and reload vid w/new link. K?

      Sweet! I’m baaaaack!

      It was .02 seconds over 😉 Here’s the new link:

      Thanks Marie & Danielle for the opportunity! Can’t wait to meet you both!

      • Louise

        The video’s not showing up… can you check it out and reply!

        • Hey Louise,

          I took it down on purpose! I’d rather go to RHH Live and didn’t want to win a spot when someone else could.

          A few peeps saw it! And I loved making it. It really made me zero in even more about what I’m up to!

  33. So many reasons I want to be at Selling Your Soul….including that I haven’t been this excited about something in….uh…..forever, it seems.
    But I’m going to make it short and sweet: I am a graphic artist, writer and single mom, and I need to be there more than I need air!
    Thanks for the contest! I think you are both Brilliant….that’s right, with a capital “B.”
    xo, susan

  34. Dear Marie and Danielle,
    I would like to put my name in the running for the Selling Your Soul scholarship in NYC. I started my online business at the beginning of this year. I work full-time in a school and am a mother and wife, so in my spare time I am have started my online business to create a new work and play life that I can transition into. I am a technology fanatic so it has been fun to figure out and create a regular blog, email newsletter and website. My biggest victory on this journey to date is creating my first video for sale, Jean’s Yoga for Runners.
    This was a labor of love which taught me so much about reaching out to people, video production, learning that I can’t and don’t have to do it all. I am so please and proud that the video is complete and now my biggest business challenge is to start effectively marketing this to runners and others who want to incorporate some yoga into their busy lives. I am a bit of an introvert so reaching out, selling and marketing in a big way is a ginormous stretch for me. The reason I want to accomplish this is to help pay for my 2 sons college educations (one is in college now and the other is going soon). I would LOVE to make my life an easier flow to live in and have abundance flow towards me emotionally, physically, and financially. I’d love to work with people that inspire me (which you 2 ladies do). I want to have more fun and travel and enjoy all that my life has to offer. I am a country girl so going to NYC would be a fantastic adventure for me too! Thanks for the opportunity to share my story and apply for your scholarship.
    Peace, Jean

  35. I don’t just want to win that scholarship ticket; I NEED to win a scholarship ticket. . I hope you hear the fire in my voice. I am ready to sell my soul! I am about to start a business site within the next 30 days and I need to this knowledge to make my new endeavor soar!!! I know this day will help me do that. I need to spread this fire I have burning in my soul. The link below is my official entry. I will see you in NYC!!!

    • Hi Terez,
      I really loved your video! I felt the fire and passion in your voice and I also loved your concept for your website. The size of a heel DOES matter and does dictate how we feel about ourselves (at least for me). Even though I want a ticket for myself to this event, I hope you get a ticket too 🙂 Best of luck!

  36. Booyeah!! It’s finally here! My brain-baby has arrived, it was a sleep deprived messy birth but I did it…I’m soo happy and of course it feels like it’s the most beautiful in tha wurld!
    Let me know what you think and hopefully we will see each other soon.

    my link:

  37. Dear Marie + Danielle,
    I am throwing caution to the wind in two ways; I am entering your “Selling Your Soul” contest and I am about to leave a lucrative career as a commercial Hair, Make-Up and Fashion Stylist to embark on my soul’s path; Social Activist + Empowerment Coach! The platform? Race + Heritage. It is the “THING” that makes my eyes moist, that ignites my soul, allows me to leap out of bed and keeps me up at night! It is MY blue print; I want to end my life doing it!
    I am Seattle based and reside in “King County”…. a platform to boot! I am mixed race, in an interractial marriage and have a son about to embark on college.
    My company – SEE NO (website
    75% complete). My Mission:” to inspire, motivate and transform antiquated beliefs in regard to race + heritage that confine our world”. How? Transforming yourself, so the world sees you differently. It’s about personal empowerment, it’s about time! It’s about youth, women, Mother’s – mentoring, coaching, race….it’s about budget cuts and making certain our youth succeed!
    THERE IS A BACKSTORY! It would put me over 500 words. I will share it with my audience. I need YOUR INSPIRATION so I can launch my baby with GUSTO!
    xo Tara.

  38. V&A

    Sadly, can’t attend but the event sounds wonderful. Good luck to all the entrants!

  39. Hey ladies! Here is MY VIDEO ENTRY:

    ” It is time to re-arrange how your spirit does business in the world. ”
    I am launching my first ever group Self Improvement Intensive in two weeks!!! I am a woman who is willing to work from her soul. Even though I had to drag myself to this moment kicking and screaming ( can you relate? ) Challenge for me :: FOCUS. Help me Danielle + Marie to become a leader. “I am going to change the way that people take care of themselves by changing how they think.” See you on May 12! ♥ Tancie Trail


      my spine was tingling 😀

  40. Marie my video is up and so ready to sell my soul in NYC. I’m ready to learn the magic from you and Danielle to help millions of women suffering from their painful pasts. Hope to make it t SYS2011. xo Hillary

    check it out ::

    • LOVED IT!!!

      Real and clearly made with care, concern and love!

    • The woman who inspired me to get my video made! Love you Hillary!

  41. Marie!

    I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. Here’s my video! I got so much clarity just thinking about what I was going to say. I’ve already learned a ton.

    Hope you like it!


    Sarah Jenks

  42. Ramona C

    As someone said: “A women needs good parents till she’s 18, a good body till 35, a good personality till she is 50, but after that she needs money”, so as I am at 31, with a good body and working on personality but also have to think about my financial future. This message will come to you from far in eastern Europe, more precise from a girl how didn’t have parents from the age of 12 but lucky me I’ve managed to finish technical University and to take ballet classes.
    Regarding the finances all the time I’ve been a proactive and tried to make some money from my high school as promoter for different kind of goods, a sales person for cosmetics, or brand manager for watches but currently my daily job providing high level of Technical support for International Company. This is not my day dream and as an escape I’m hoping to find resources to start a new investment, to buy a small apartment, with a 20 % advance payment and a mortgage for 15 years. During this time to rent it for covering the expanses and if is generating an extra to start it all over again maybe at a bigger level. This could be a small dream from a small mind but huge results may come in baby steps.
    I believe you’ll get a tone of messages and with the hope you’ll see in me that I’ve got potential and NY is my dream since I started to read. If I’m the lucky one, we’ll eat some cake on 13May, it’s my Birthday.

    With best regards,

  43. Hey Ladies, I’m so excited about SYS and could massively use that scholarship! So no time for hair and makeup. I sat straight up in my bed this morning and said “I’ve got to do this now!” My video link is below. See you in NYC! Oh and I’ve tweeted and facebooked my butt off for ya.


  44. For the past twelve years I thought that I was selling my soul, but I realize now that I was selling out! Between working full-time, parenting two delicious babies, and teaching yoga, I lost my sizzle, lost my zest, and lost pieces of myself. No more, I say!

    I have longed to unleash my inner-entrepreneur but have lacked the confidence and self-esteem. Every time I got close (so close that I almost signed a lease agreement for a studio), the negative voices/doubters would speak and I would listen. Shame on me! But enough is enough, and I am ready to break-out and break-through. To do anything else would be less than my best and less is unacceptable. I am ready to be MORE!

    I have been putting the pieces in place to launch my consulting biz in Ontario, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel on things like list-building and email marketing. I am looking to hit the ground running, and know that I can leverage what you ladies have to offer into immediate action.

    My big dream? To INSPIRE my kids (and others) to dream BIG, to lose the FEAR, to take ACTION!

  45. Hello Marie
    I am Tracy Olan, an artist and photographer….
    I tell stories with images, and weave big ideas, deep meanings, and light messages, through photographs. My work appears in galleries and magazines – this work fuels, inspires and keeps me growing. When this conceptual work hasn’t been flowing in my beautiful small town, I create (and fund!) my own. It’s the kind of work I want to do, so I find a way to do it, client driven or not! I know one day this will attract bigger thinking (and paying) clients and artists, so right now I am laying the groundwork.

    The other side of my work is portraiture, often working with people who are passionate about their lives. Artists, farmers, writers, muscicians, mamas…working one on one with people is crazy initimate and I love it. It pushes me to be oh so real. Seroius magic happens when you agree to witness another. I work with people who agree to have me tell their story, conceptually or otherwise. It’s a collaboration between artist and subject, and it’s a beautiful thing. The beauty is in the seeing, and the agreeing to be seen, and the images that come from here, are truly artistic. I don’t believe you can have an authentic image, without intimacy with your subject, if only fleetingly…and with that comes trust and faith. It’s a BIG investment, human to human.

    From a business perspective, success for me would be charging appropriately for that investment, and being fully booked, all year long. The challenge for me has been that I live and work in a small town, and I run out of clients often. Or charge what the market will bare. I need to move ‘out there’ more and make some bigger connections, so I might work with clients that will allow me to grow, as an artist ….and entrepreneur.

    Which brings me to my greatest business victory to date … agreeing to stop playing small. I have a big entrepreneur spirit and more ideas than I could use in one lifetime, but somewhere along the way, I thought if I reached some of these lofty ideas, too much might chage. I was afriad to succeed, and move away from the little life I have always known. I was this creative girl with big visions on the verge of flight, but kept stepping on my own cape! When I figured out I was the problem, I got out of my way! It’s been really good since…

    Getting to NY would be a symbollic (and literal!) step over, in so many ways. Taking in the big energy of that room, and being near so many expansive thinkers, might just be my tipping point! You might be helping a sister burst into a whole new world ….
    Thanks for the opportunity, I would LOVE to get a glimpse of bigger possibilities…


  46. Hey Marie and Danielle,

    I’m about to launch a coaching program for artists and creative types: a self-confidence booster that includes media goodies… I feel you two have exactly what I need to make this a successful and fun experience. My biggest victory to date is to have convinced everybody around me that I had an awesome concept for my business and I feel extremely lucky and appreciative to be so supported. I feel that this is a major step. My next step is to jumstart my business and design a program that will attract… the ideal clients I already have in mind! I just need that little extra push that says “go girl!”. My “oh she didn’t”? Shooting for the stars and rockin’, living my dream life: working without feeling I’m working!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration,
    keep the good stuff up!

  47. Dear Marie & Danielle,

    I know you’re busy ladies, and 500 words isn’t THAT long, but I’m going to make this post as easy to digest as possible!

    *Where I’m at with my business: I’m a freelance writer, fresh out of graduate school, with a number of clips under my belt including my biggest victory to date: a home-buying blog with where I talk about the ups and downs of finding my house and offer tips to others looking to buy a house. I love writing, I love learning, and I love making a difference. I just need help focusing my business so I know in every bone of my body that I’m on the right damn path.

    *My current business challenge: Fear. It’s such bullshit, but it’s true. I get scared and pump the brakes or talk myself out of trying something because I’m terrified it won’t work out (and SOMETIMES I’m terrified it will work out and I’ll have to deal with success… isn’t that crazy?!) Fear of the unknown messes with my head. Fear of rejection makes my chest ache. I want to kick fear’s sorry ass to the curb once and for all so my business can flourish.

    *A description of the spine-tingling, oh-no-she-didn’t dream that I’ll achieve once I rock past this challenge: Oh goodness. What WON’T I achieve without fear as a roadblock?? I see myself writing articles and blogs about fascinating, socially-important topics that get readers thinking and talking and acting; writing the novel that I want so badly to put on paper but worry won’t be good enough; creating copy for businesses that rocket them to new levels of success; and through it all I see myself making the kind of money I want to make so I can contribute to my household so my husband (as patient, supportive and loving as he is) doesn’t have to be the breadwinner.

    I don’t have kids yet; right now, in my mid-20s, my writing life is my baby. I want to establish myself as a kick-ass, rockstar writer today so in however many years when I do have kids running around, I’ll have a career that I can hold on to. But, I need help figuring out how to nurture and grow my career and I know it starts with learning how to sell my soul. That’s where you ladies come in. My mind, heart, and soul are open and receptive to all you have to teach.

  48. Marie and Danielle,
    I want to give you a hug for giving all of us an opportunity for a scholarship to your event! Mwah! (That’s a kiss sound).

    I’m a Professional Counselor and a Certified Coach. I left my full-time job a year ago to follow my dreams (which is my coaching and meditation training business), and I need your help!

    My story: I found my heart’s calling to help others after suffering from intense anxiety and panic attacks when I was in college. I became a counselor, then a coach. I left my job because I knew it was time for me to branch out and start sharing with the world.

    The two huge pieces that helped me in overcoming anxiety were: 1) My study and practice of “A Course in Miracles,” and 2) My meditation practice. When I think of teaching other people how to meditate and connect with their inner guidance, my heart absolutely sings!!

    Where I’m at with my business:
    I’m teaching meditation to clients individually and in groups. My biggest entrepreneurial victory is that I’ll be a keynote presenter on mindfulness meditation at an upcoming conference in the fall!

    Biggest business challenges – My 3 “T’s:”
    THRILL. I get caught in the thrill of how good it feels to share what I love, that I generate SO many ideas, I get SO excited, SO inspired, and then I get stuck because I am overwhelmed with how much there is to do. I need 2 or 3 of me to get it all done! I need a roadmap to follow. I need a system.

    TIME. I have a book in me that needs to come out about my learning through years of studying A Course in Miracles. But when to fit this all in?!

    TECHNOLOGY. A challenge is picking the right platforms & being cost effective. I need the right infrastructure in place so I know what to do and when.

    Once I get past these challenges, I’ll have a number of avenues in place through which to teach meditation and mindfulness skills to people, and I’ll have at least one self-help book written!

    Although I’m not video savvy yet, I was inspired to draw you a picture! I LOVE drawing Zendala’s. I drew this one for you to represent how I feel doing what I love:

    It represents being on my path and following my heart. Although I may get caught in fear and stray off my path, I find my way back onto it. The ultimate goal, the center, is sure. I just have to keep looking within and listening to my inner guidance system. When I do this, I realize there is nothing to fear.

    I was internet shy when you did RHHLive and I promised myself not to be shy again. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me I would love to meet you, but whomever wins I will be super excited for! Good luck everyone!

  49. So excited & thankful for this opportunity! Currently right now I am a graphic designer/blogger living on the coast of CT. The past few months I have been working on the launch of my new stationery design studio! I am siked that the business plan is in place and the photo shoot is at the end of the month and website will be up end of May! Woo hoo! I left my full time job a year ago and have been trying to work it for myself ever since definitely with success that I am happy, free and loving every minute of working for myself.

    The business challenge that I need to overcome is first: balance of everything that is involved with running your own business & currently from my home. Second: I am struggling to have a consistent amount of income stream coming in that is not working me through the floor so I can have some time to take a few days off and have some adventure and be spontaneous. My biggest challenge is letting myself be seen for what I am “a design geek” and lover of country chic living, & grandma inspired furniture & clothing, obsession with old man names like Hank & Earl & all the other quirky things that are me.

    Ahh the dream… My dreams I have would be layered between my blog & design studio:

    Seed Factory Blog- Would to successfully keep up my blog with amazing content with all sorts of collaborators who share my love for creativity in all forms and create a super duper following. I want to inspire people, teach people to tap into their creativity and share my creative spirit & goddess self. I want to create everyday and share this creativity with others and inspire them to see it in themselves and to plant the seeds for bloom!

    Stationery & Design Studio- To successfully run an online stationery & design studio with clients that I love and love to work with me and appreciate my sense of design & style. To design products & items that people adore & need as soon as they see it!

    thank you, thank you!

  50. Pat

    Hi Everyone,
    I finally got to doing my video Woohoo!! getting it to under 2 min was a challenge but it got done.. sorry for my french accent for some reason today it was particularly rough LOL
    here is the link

  51. Thet Khin Khin

    Hello Marie and Danielle!
    Both of you are my visual mentors because I have watched many of your online video/ book and get to know both of you. I am very excited for this opportunity. I have read, watched all the successful people in my life yet I haven’t met real successful people and inspire and be with them. I’ m Thet Khin Khin and I am from Burma. I immigrated to California by myself in 2007. I don’t have any relative here. I only have friend’s friend and I lived with them. Soon, I had to move out and worked at the restaurant 7 days. I don’t have role model. I don’t have any resources. I only knew myself inside telling me every day to work hard and get what I want and be a successful person. I didn’t really know whom to talk to and where to go. I have so much afraid about everything. One day I still remember on the TV the first lady gave a speech to group of people and said” she was tired of being afraid” and that’s how she and her husband went on for campaign. As if she was talked to me directly. That remind me how not to scare the situation and be willing to take charge of myself and also allowing to challenge myself.
    As a result, I started to find a book to read and find the answers for my life questions. I thought that answer could be found in the book. I think .. I was right. I am so proud to be said that I found my truth character through the books. Books are my best friend ever since. Sooner I wanted to know about this country and business opportunity and almost everything. After a couple years I started taking part time class and recently I finished Associate degree in Natural Sciences. Now then I realized that that education was not prepared for me for the real world either.
    However, I wanted to start my own business a few years back there. I have so much passion to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. I have been writing business plan for resale consignment store to develop the system that generates income that helps fund the public library in future. Life throw me in different way time to time and I lost courage and often time I have to recourage myself. Every day I get up myself and encourage myself to strike and fight for what I want in my life.
    Selling your soul is the only event that I been waiting for to be seen through my real eye and touch their spirit and inspire them as my role model. The most value to have life changing event bring me to make the best out of my life. Thank you for the opportunity.

  52. Hello Beautiful Ladies…

    Congrats and bravo to all of you who stepped out of your comfort zone 🙂 was your heart beating faster? I know mine was!!!!!

    Watching all the videos and reading everyone’s story is amazing. Best of luck to all of you 🙂

    here’s mine:

    So very grateful and appreciative for the opportunity!

  53. Ladies. Super excited to see you both in NYC.

    Here is my video submission:


    • Kimberly – I have the same problem you do… TOO MANY IDEAS! Good luck with them girl.

    • Kimberly – I love the sound of those island retreats!!! Can’t wait to attend one. 😉

      • Kimberly..we will definitely have to connect in NYC 😉 *ahem* I have that same dream of leading women’s retreat in exotic locales for the purpose of helping women reconnect with their purpose and start doing their great work (and of course enjoying LOTS of red wine and chocolate!!)

        Best to you
        Danielle (Miller) not LaPorte (LOL)

        • Paidamoyo-Janet Azehko

          Dude, I guess I’m gonna have to talk to you guys in NYC!! Just make sure some of that chocolate is white chocolate lmao

          • I am an equal opportunity chocoholic Paidamoyo-Janet 😉

      • Paidamoyo-Janet Azehko

        Then I’m sooo there!! Let’s do this!!!

  54. I love taking inspired action! Thank you Marie and Danielle for the opportunity to grow and expand myself in creating this video. Muah!

    • Beautiful video, Tanya! I love your big dream! 😀

  55. Marie + Danielle:

    You ladies give me so much inspiration and hope for the future. I was [SO] pumped up after learning about this contest, and I went home to start working on my video. Turns out – the ‘video vision’ I had in my head was definitely not what I produced… lots of swearing because I said ‘um’ twelve hundred times and the things I was saying sounded so canned and cheesy. So here I am, writing to you instead.

    This is a perfect example of who I am. I get SUPER excited about something and then don’t have the confidence to sell myself in the end. Maybe it’s because I am young, and maybe it’s because for the first time in my life people trust my advice and believe that I am a pro at what I am doing. Either way, I NEED to find a way to get my ideas and my confidence on track. There is so much I want to do with my life, but fear is holding me back! I need your help!!

    [This is Me]: Mariah Danielsen, small [really small] town Iowa girl with dreams big enough to fill NYC [although I’ve never been there]. I’m a recent college graduate and have been doing tons of graphic and web design jobs on the side but I want to take it full time when I have kids in the next few years.

    [My Biggest Success]: Since I am just doing design stuff part time, my biggest success is that I have 5 or 6 clients who take me seriously as a designer and marketer. That is HUGE for me because I often times second guess myself.

    [My Biggest Stumbling Block]: Decision making! I am passionate about so many things [graphic design, web design, photography, letterpress, wedding planning, social media, entrepreneurship…] and I wanna do it ALL! I know that I can do it all – you are perfect examples of this… Where do I start? Again, I need your help.

    [Kick-Ass Goal for the Future]: I want to be a leader and trend setter. I want to be known in my community as a girl who kicks ass at what she does, and I want to be a role model for those who are in the position I am now – bursting with dreams with fear of failure. Oh, and most of all, I want to have total faith in myself to sell my soul – pour my real self into all that I accomplish so I have a brand that is truly me.

    Hope to see you ladies in New York! Thanks for selling your souls every week, I always look forward to your new posts 🙂

    • Oops, I totally posted twice! Didn’t think the first one went through! So Sorry!

  56. Amanda

    Hi Danielle and Marie,

    My name is Amanda, and when I was sixteen years old living in Kentucky, something extraordinary happened to me.

    I was flipping through Elle magazine and saw the photo of a woman who called herself “Mama Gena.”

    Having been raised a Southern, Catholic girl, encountering the leader of the Pleasure Revolution at that time in my life, living in my town, felt like a UFO sighting. And I was instantly hooked. I read her book and devoured every drop of her work. I moved to NYC two years later to attend NYU, secretly hoping to one day become a student at the School of Womanly Arts.

    A few years passed, and I graduated college with an “individualized major” in Music, Art, and Cultural Studies and no clue what to do next, so I decided to take the plunge and finally sign up for The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program. It turned out to be the most terrifying, ballsy, divine, wild, outrageously fun, financially risky, world-altering thing I had ever done in my life.

    Fast forward, one year later, and I now work for Mama Gena…definitely my biggest professional victory to date! I am 22, and this is my first real marketing position. My current challenge is learning to develop my skills in this area (serving a dream I auspiciously fell into), while also cultivating my talents and objectives as an artist/musician (serving a dream I was born with); I love creating music and original musical instruments. So while I work part-time at the School of Womanly Arts, I also desire to continue to nurture my creative gifts and my financial independence.

    When I rock past this challenge, I will be turning millions of women on to the Pleasure Revolution and also sharing my own art on a wider platform, dazzling audiences with my musical inventions and creating revenue that is a true reflection of my worth. Selling Your Soul seems to be the ideal laboratory for growing these ambitions.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity and for reading!

    • I was just peeking in and after reading this Amanda, I just wanted to say wow, 22 and so wise and strong and rocking already!!! It’s beautiful. So hope to see you there!!!

    • Hi Amanda! 🙂

      Wow, what an inspiring story! So glad I took the time to read it. 🙂

  57. Marie + Danielle:

    You ladies give me so much inspiration and hope for the future. I was [SO] pumped up after learning about this contest, and I went home to start working on my video. Turns out – the ‘video vision’ I had in my head was definitely not what I produced… lots of swearing because I said ‘um’ twelve hundred times and the things I was saying sounded so canned and cheesy. So here I am, writing to you instead.

    This is a perfect example of who I am. I get SUPER excited about something and then don’t have the confidence to sell myself in the end. Maybe it’s because I am young, and maybe it’s because for the first time in my life people trust my advice and believe that I am a pro at what I am doing. Either way, I NEED to find a way to get my ideas and my confidence on track. There is so much I want to do with my life, but fear is holding me back! I need your help!!

    [This is Me]: Mariah Danielsen, small [really small] town Iowa girl with dreams big enough to fill NYC [although I’ve never been there]. I’m a recent college graduate and have been doing tons of graphic and web design jobs on the side but I want to take it full time when I have kids in the next few years.

    [My Biggest Success]: Since I am just doing design stuff part time, my biggest success is that I have 5 or 6 clients who take me seriously as a designer and marketer. That is HUGE for me because I often times second guess myself.

    [My Biggest Stumbling Block]: Decision making! I am passionate about so many things [graphic design, web design, photography, letterpress, wedding planning, social media..]
    and I wanna do it ALL! I know that I can do it all – you are perfect examples of this… Where do I start? Again, I need your help.

    [Kick-Ass Goal for the Future]: I want to be a leader and trend setter. I want to be known in my community as a girl who kicks ass at what she does, and I want to be a role model for those who are in the position I am now – bursting with dreams with fear of failure. Oh, and most of all, I want to have total faith in myself and I want to sell my soul – pour my real self into all that I accomplish so I have a brand that is truly.

    Hope to see you ladies in New York! Thanks for selling your souls every week, I always look forward to your new posts 🙂

    • Hi Mariah! 🙂

      Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on those design clients! Whooo hooooo! 😀

  58. So frickin’ excited — thanks for the scholarship opportunity! Here’s my entry:

    Lots of awesome entries! 🙂


    • Amber, you are so cute and so inspiring! I LOVED your video and can’t wait to meet you at Selling Your Soul! 😉

  59. YAY!!! So I am on a mini-vacation and totally rocked making my very first video! I’m super psyched- Here’s to me winning the scholarship! Thanks Marie for this opportunity! I’m ready to PUMP IT UP!
    Shani Delamor
    “Sensual Cooking Diva”

    • Super cute video Shani! It’s 6am here in Japan and you had me wanting to party and take shots! LOL Best of luck!!! -Rachel

      • Your video is adorable Shani 🙂 I feel like the senior citizen of the bunch here…LOL!

    • LOVE IT! You have great energy!

    • Whoooo hoooo! I love it, Shani! So fun watching your video. 🙂


    My first ever video! Guess I better get used to seeing and hearing myself talk!!!! Yeaaaahhhhhh 🙂 I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces in person & ROCK OUT IN NYC with amazing company!!!



    • Way to go on your first video! Any tips?

    • Hi Bobbi! 🙂

      Congrats on your first video! It’s awesome. 🙂 Love the tattoo… 😉

  61. Kristin

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! 🙂 Here’s my video:


    • Hi Kristin! 🙂

      Great video! And congratulations on the launch of your website AND the sales! Whooo hooo! 🙂

      Hope to meet you in NYC! 🙂

  62. What a fun way to do things. You guys ROCK!

    Here’s my video submission – thanks for the opportunity!

    • Great video, Phyllis! Loved the story about the book launch party with 500 people. That is FANTASTIC! 🙂

  63. I am not a video maven, however I can share an interesting video link that someone else made of me at work for their online magazine: Culture Flux Magazine:
    (it is 3min & no words but visuals speak loudly- you can see what my artwork is like- sooo sensuous!)

    Why you want me:
    I am a professional mixed media artist, art broker, & BellyDance instructor living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I have a gorgeous 5 acre manor in the Kona Coffee Country. I write for BellyDance magazines & have written (still writing) books and illustrating them in totally kick*ss multi-media style that is so sexy you will absolute freak out once you see them…. but what is so damn lovely is that these books have a common thread- they link you back to the manor- a REAL place that you can fall in love with & REALLY visit- in HAWAII no less.
    On an island still growing with an active volcano, dolphins to swim with, REAL mermaids (no joke- they are friends of mine), waterfall lagoons, black/green/white sand beaches, etc.
    It is destined to be the most amazing, private, enchanting mini retreat destination in all the world where artists, dancers, writers, photographers, destination weddings, etc. will want to hold their workshops, retreats, & events.

    why I need you?
    I need a little biz savvy to get this place fully functional- website & marketing to reach those who will swoon/cherish/love/hunger to experience it for themselves! Possibilities are truly endless & I know you can help me make it sooo HOT.
    (is that 500 words? Oh hell, who cares- rules can get broken for a good cause, right?)

    • Hi Stephanie! 🙂

      Beautiful video! And the kid at the end was just soooo cute. 🙂

  64. I help women unearth their existing style and refine what they show to the world. Technically I’m a fashion stylist but my role ends up being a friend, an aid through touch decisions (sometimes that sweater is hard to let go of), a muse to look better, but also a teacher. I practice what I preach and I encourage my clients to practice what I call ‘conscious spending’. To really consider what your needs are and separate them from simple desires. I also end up dealing with body issue and encourage all my clients to as you say, ‘party where you’re at’ ie. accept and love your body for where it is RIGHT NOW. I know what I do is unique and needed but I want to reach more women so…

    I AM in dire need of another dose of ‘Marie-mojo’ and Danielle-dynamism. There is so much douchery out there in terms of teaching marketing and entrepreneurship but you guys are the real deal.

    I attended BSCHOOL online and RHH Live in November and found it to be game changing. I’ve implemented so many strategies and find myself repeating the mantra, “You can have it all but you can’t do it all”. I was so inspired I posted on my blog about the word Swell-elegant.

    Since RHH Live I implemented selling my styling packages on my site, accept credit cards, and sold the first 2 large packages just before Christmas but none since.

    I have started reverse engineering my blog content and I am now in the top 4 search results of Google.

    I hired a video team to do a promo video which attracted a spokesperson opportunity (it didn’t happen but I the movement is in the right direction).

    My first book is now also available for download but sales have been sluggish.

    I know I’m on the right path but there is tweeking and site refining to be done.

    My biggest challenges are refining my sales funnel, promotions, marketing, implementing better systems to automate emails, and attracting my customer avatar.

    I loved your blog post about writing out who your ideal client is. I actually fired my first client last week due to the post and have been working on how to implement the dream-client attributes onto my site

    I’m so excited to take my business to the next level by selling more one to one packages on my site and I know selling your soul is part of that journey. I’ve decided that as a celebration of what I do I will donate a percentage of the next proceeds to my favorite charity. (inspired by your big donation) And also there will be some champers involved!

    • Hi Alexandra! 🙂

      Really enjoyed reading your story here! Popped over to your website, as well, and the video you have up there is awesome! 🙂

  65. Hey Ladies!

    Thanks so very much for this scholarship opportunity. The event sounds amazing and I’m so excited about this! I’m working on my application now and wondered if you’re able to track the social media shout-outs somehow. Figuring you’re both so internet-savvy that you can. I already have 2 people who’ve applied today as the result of my social media shout-outs. What fun it would be to experience the event together! In any case, looking forward to posting my app and I thank you again for your generosity, inspiration, and sparkle!

    • Louise

      I work with Marie and we are absolutely doing our best to track all the shout-outs in various forms. And we have seen the ones you mention…. you are rockin’ it.
      Take care and fingers crossed,

  66. Hi Marie and Danielle!
    I am not the video maven I hope to one day be 🙂 So that’s my first challenge to overcome *wink* in this modern world and in my business, which is my life!

    My name is Melanie and I came to NYC as a dancer, trained at Alvin Ailey, then watched Sept. 11 happen and knew the reason I was on stage was because I secretly wanted to be an actor, so bc I thought the end of the world was coming; I switched gears and I applied to NYU-Tisch for acting, and did not mail my application in until the last day. Fearful of hearing the word “no”, I couldn’t hear the word “no” to my biggest heart’s-desire…I would surely perish!! 5,000 applicants later, I was 1 of 30 transfer students accepted..score! yay!! I excelled and worked it, girl when I was there~interning for Scott Rudin and doing an independent film with one of the hobbits (ha!) Dominic Monaghan, etc. Even after NYU I excelled doing off/off broadway plays, films, and a few commercials etc.
    Then…my life changed!! I unexpectedly became a young mom of a baby girl. I had to put acting kind of on hold to get her started in the world for about 1.5 years. On top of that, I recently became a single mom about 6 months ago, and I had to learn to pay for everything for her and myself and still keep my dreams alive. One of my biggest challenges to overcome, was when everyone was telling me to give up my acting dream and just be a mom and work full-time to survive. BUT, I have NEVER fit inside the box, so how would I now?? I certainly knew I would not teach my little Estella how to really live HER life, if I was miserable myself? What is funny is when everyone told me to give up, I booked my first national TV role on “America’s Most Wanted”, which premieres on Fox soon! Like God telling me to not give up and keep on a going… So with my life against a wall, needing to survive and pay bills, yet still balance my dreams and keep them alive while having a flexible schedule, I got creative and started a biz for babies/toddlers teaching dance. Let me tell you it is not easy! It takes the right person to engage little people.
    It has taken off like crazy, and so now my challenge is how to keep my biz thriving AND how to get people to start working for me who can teach too, without taking my creative idea (I’m sure there’s a lawyer in there somewhere I need, right?), so that I can have the creative freedom I need to fly around for roles and live different places and still be a loving and nurturing mommy!
    My spine-tingling dream is to not be fearful to live in NYC again as a single mamasita (“concrete jungle is what dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do…let’s hear it for NY, NY, NY! That song brings joyful tears to my eyes), and so furthermore how to move my biz to a new location eventually, which is totally doable, but scary. I also want to live in LA for about 3-4 months on an NYU alumni opportunity next January during pilot season for past NYU actors. I was asked to do the program and there are only a few of us asked, and yet again doubt and fear get in my way. I just don’t want to do anything stupid or unrealistic with my life now, but I cannot stop dreaming about my spine-tingling dream either! Help?! I need to learn how to Sell My Soul 😉 lol Oh.. did I also include that my spine-tingling dream includes having a help-mate and sexy lover man again, one day!! Fingers and Toes crossed I win your scholarship, Marie and Danielle!!
    All my Love! Thank You for reading/listening and for your wonderful opportunity!!
    xoxoxo Melanie

    • How do I put my profile pic up?? My post feels naked..ha!

      • Melanie – This is just beautiful! As a former single momma (and wanna be actor) I totally related to your story. Best of luck! 🙂

        PS you can visit to get your photo set up

      • Hi Melanie! 🙂

        You can set up your pic at – then just use the same email address when leaving a comment. 🙂

    • Wow, what an inspiring story, Melanie! Loved reading this and hope to see you in NYC! 😉

      P.S. I absolutely ADORE Empire State of Mind – that song has been in my head ever since I signed up for Selling Your Soul, and it comes on every time I’m at my favorite coffee shop too! 😉

  67. Pam French

    I’m ready to come to New York ladies! Here’s my video submission link: I believe this event is at the perfect time for me to explode my business, celebrate my 48th birthday and have some girl time and get away from my house full of testosterone!

    • Great video, Pam! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you in New York and celebrating your birthday with you! 😉

  68. To me, Selling your soul is about getting your true authentic self out there, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. I’ve definitely stepped out of that cozy blanket to reveal how much I want to attend this event!

    I admire all the women who will be at this event. Thank you, Marie and Danielle for putting this together. I look forward to hanging with all you incredible soul sistas at the event!

    • Hi Mia! 🙂

      LOVED your video – you’re totally rocking it, girl! And your kids are sooo cute. 🙂

      See you in New York! 😉

  69. Greetings Goddesses! Checked out some of these incredible entries, it will be quite the job to pick someone! I’ve been having fun at this retreat I’m singing at, composing little spontaneous songs for everyone so I thought I’d write one for you too! Enjoy the process and thanks for such a great opportunity!
    Love & Blessings*

    • Hi Surya! 🙂

      You have a beautiful voice! Loved the song you wrote for Marie and Danielle. 😀


    Omg I am so wicked excited for this contest, but also my first soul rocking video! Yummy challenge I so needed. Went and got me a flip video just for it! Oh, but at the end of my video let me not say, I think I can do it, but hells yeah, I know it! Thanks so much for your big thumping hearts and giving us all this life changing chance! Peace.

    • Hi Lisa! 🙂

      Good luck with your book! Sounds like it’s going to be GREAT. I love your go-get-em attitude! 🙂

    • Wonderfull competition. Thanks for the chance!

  71. Wow Amber!!
    Thank you so much for your loving and supportive AND affirming (used to be a single momma 🙂 comment!!
    All my best to you!


    I am not sure why these links didn’t work on my above post, but put Selling Your Soul out on my social media network. Lovin it! Hope it helps you also!


    the hot tub cosmic profitably theory:
    work more on yourself, and the business will work more for you.
    dissolve your misconceptions of deserving, and cash flows.
    it’s all energy, baby.

    Like whoa.
    Who is this Danielle LaPorte?
    Spreadin’ the Words, and um,
    then I hear you talkin about tribe members…
    You’re my people!

    Marie: Rich. Happy & Hot.
    ‘Nuff said. Called it out, Named it,
    And a jersey girl like myself!
    Game is tight.

    You both show up in my life just as I’m beginning to get my Moxie back…

    Sexy beast from Phillie, Natural Born Entrepreuneur–
    Funky fresh jewelry remixer and indie designer, freelance wardrobe stylist.
    Also with dreams of writing a book. About purposeful work being The Path.

    And you two DAYUUMMM!
    Preachin entrepreneurship…bein all sexy and edgy doin it.
    Its kind of the validation Ive been seeking….

    Opened Moxie Jane Jewelry + Boutique in 2009!
    Tripled my Income in 2010-11! Hollerrrr.

    Twist: I sorta left Moxie Jane behind…and “got a job”
    before I made the cheddar.


    Financial Strains started to throw down, just as I was reaching a new height in my business and brand. Mere days before the doors opened, I lost clients who had been paying the bills for years, my best girl, My grandmother, died suddenly, and I met a guy who was the least supportive to date. Ooof.(Upper limit, anyone?)
    My dream turned into some for-real hardship.
    Within a year, I closed the doors of my Moxie Mothership, ditched the naysayin dude, and “went to work.”


    Bring Earning What I’m Worth into the Businesses and Persona I left behind to do it.
    In essence, Sell my Soul.
    Rich Happy and Hot–sans the 9-5, doing what I love,no compromise.
    Monetize, super fund, cash avalanche.

    I need to make the real cake doing it though, before I can take it live.


    After years of under earning, in money and relationships
    I MET my MAN!
    The hippest, best smellin ,coffee shop ownin, record store havin, dog lovin, man of my wildest dreams!
    AND. Hes a successful Entrepreneur.
    He shows up on the scene–and he’s also part of a large community of super successful indie biz owners, designers, photographers, branders who are also “Makin it Happen, Captain” And he gets credit for that line.
    (Philly really is a little New York, just way more underground…)
    I’m surrounded. By the proof, the power and even the poeple who can help me.
    Now teach me to make the cash flow!


    Make 100-250K plus annually hustlin’ my Soul.
    Commercial production of my accessory line; purposefully honoring and adorning Women.
    Fully booked Stylist. Working with my Heroes & Mentors.
    Bring my style, wit, philadelphia, fine to the Planet.
    Publish my Visions, preach purposeful work.
    Stand among you.

    • Hi Moxie Jane! 🙂 LOVED reading your submission here. You have a way with words that is enchanting! 🙂

      Hope to meet you at Selling Your Soul!

  74. Dear Marie…I’m ready to take all the parts, mix them together and show the planet how to “read” their lives through their photographs, videos and memorabilia. Thanks for giving me a chance to win a scholarship to the New York Event of the Year! And thanks for all the helpful (and fab) information you send out to cheerlead your buddies out here in Internet Land….

    • Hi Chris! 🙂

      Wow, your video was absolutely FANTASTIC! Loved all of the cool effects and how you put it all together. Well done! 🙂

  75. Marie and Danielle, you are my heroines! Can’t wait to learn from you and share resources with the EPIC women who will be at this event!


  76. Danielle and Marie, you are my heroines! Can’t wait to learn from you and share resources with the EPIC women who will be at this event!


  77. Joy

    Hi Marie and Danielle:

    Brevity: I pour my heart into *living* now I am eager to “sell my soul” so that I may continue to guide others to open their hearts to magical, extraordinary, peace filled moments, just as I’ve learned to do! Sharing my energy transforms lives; I would f’n *rock* this world by sharing my skills on a global level! I’m ecstatically ready to sell my soul!!!..waiting with open arms to receive such a perfect gift to share with the world…a scholarship to rev it up:)

    My biggest success to date: I don’t have *one*..each email, text, testimonial, conversation I have about how my work encourages, inspires, motivates men and women to stand strong in faith and work with fear to move into the life they’ve dreamed of is a huge success to me. I plant seeds, and am sometimes fortunate to hear of the consequent blossoms, sometimes have no idea where the seeds have traveled to..but I know my energy makes a difference, reminds people to open their hearts to the moment, to love and life fully, to just “be”.

    I began my online work under a different website name and shut it down due to the fact that one reader compromised the safety of my family by following my online presence and using online connections to physically “stalk” me in life..I worked through fear and birthed this new year ago today! Just one example of how I walk my talk..I took “ugly” and created beautiful with it.

    My obstacle today is in order to walk my talk, I have had to release “less than” in my life to embrace “far more than”..including some of my closest friendships. I recognize the importance of surrounding myself with people who reflect to me amazing quality, prosperity, abundance, positive energy.. sizzling sisters and brothers who do for me what I do for others. I had been resistant to release, perhaps I smell fear of smashing success surrounding me??

    Without that fear, the sky is the limit..and in my line of work that means entire communities of women and men will be soaring with me! Investing my heart *and* soul..f’ ya!..I’m ready!!!

  78. The idea that I might soon get to meet Marie Forleo & Danielle LaPorte has me all twisted!

  79. So excited to learn with and from you!


  80. Jen

    Marie and Danielle: Where am I at? Right here Sillies! But seriously-I have been blogging about spiritual and metaphysical follies, HOW TOs, and doing personal readings since 2007. Shameless plug. *wink* My biggest entrepreneurial victory to date, beyond the tiny following I have and random clients doing drive buys, is that before this year I have never totally owned my weirdness, kookiness, or fully unconditionally took pride like an addict in an AA meeting -Hello My name is Jen and I am an intuitive or what other people call a PSYCHIC. Now mind you I am not of the Dion Warwick variety but one who empowers her clients and helps shine a spotlight on their hidden lessons and desires. I have shied away from PSYCHIC terminology due to the stigma and the fact that rarely forecast someones future. Although I can “feel” the probability of a clients future my specialty is narrowing in on why they are not being real with themselves or others and teaching them energetically how they can move forward and out of their own way. My victory has come by being myself -the psychic- without the crystal ball, while being compassionate toward my clients issues and helping them achieve the life they desire this is my biggest *hoot and holler* for myself to date.

    My current biz CHALLENGE is Marketing! The Who, the Where, and the How. That is Marketing in a nutshell right? My voice is conversational and real but beyond the cheesy psychic fair circuit and the low paying clientele. (ANOTHER CONFESSION) I have had some secret shame in charging due to old thinking “If I am spiritual teacher or guide I have to be poor like a nun or monk.” This is why I need you swami’s of marketing. I am having a big brain fart on where to find my posse!

    Once I rock past this hiccup I know my voice and talent will find the right clients for me and I for them. Beyond helping keep a roof over this girl’s head and yummy organic food in my belly with the occasional ‘Spirit’ to quench my thirst. (Te-he Spirit get it LOL) I know my legacy for healing others in my own unique way will move outward hundred fold and eventually meet with helping others via authoring books via Hay House and workshop events in lovely Rhinebeck, NY at The Omega Institute.

    Please Marie and Danielle help me find the people that I can help the most! I know the Universe/God has put me here to help heal others and help get them out of their own way, I just need some expert guidance from you two awesome peeps and not just from my Spirit Guides.

    Lots of love and hugs,

  81. Thank you, right off the bat. You turn me on – to you, to me, to possibility.

    I want to make more money.

    I want to make a difference.

    I want to infuse my work with the high-frequency creativity and righteous love that I am made of.


    I’m an uber-competent misfit – too free-spirited and sexy for the corporate world, too brainy and urban to be a wilderness guide (I had the only New Yorker subscription in all of Wayne County, Utah). I’ve milked and birthed cows, professionally. I’ve been a litigator on Wall Street. I’ve bartended in dives and 5-star hotels. I’ve clerked at a war crimes trial. I currently close multi-million dollar deals for a world leader in finance. I’ve been teaching yoga for ten years. I’m also a writer. To be honest I sing too, but I have to draw the line somewhere.


    Domain purchased. Book in process. Space scoped. Horrendous technology skills improved. And frankly, law school nearly all paid for. Bye bye, debt.
    The premise is that mind and body don’t always agree, but body is always right. You get that down, and you’ve got Bliss On Tap.

    My place – online and in the flesh – is where people come to feel fantastic, and to get their inner wisdom magnified megawatt. Kripalu but sexy. The spa for your soul. Great yoga classes, great workouts, great reads. A health-conscious genius Cordon Bleu chef (my very own baby sister) and the coziest farm table café you’ve ever imagined. The recipes if you’re far away.

    My biggest entrepreneurial achievement coincided with a profound smack of self-awareness. Get your Kleenex. My client started our sessions in a wheelchair. Not long before, he was an avid runner and cyclist. No accident, it just happened slowly over time. I gave him three sessions a week. In two months he was bounding around the house like a child, elated. All from some breathing, some poses, some surrender, some gentle suggestions. His wife was shocked. I was surprised myself. I was actually somebody’s guru. WHAT?! I mean, of course.

    I’ve had teachers and healers really rock me, and wring the best out of me with effort and grace. It is in me too – and I was too scarred from the 2009 crash and what happened in my life in the immediate aftermath to own it. Blessings in disguise though they may be. Witnessing my client’s transformation hit it home: I am meant to do this work. This realization is the inside job – and there’s no skipping it. The Juice and the Guts.

    But the Glory needs outside work – and that’s why I need you! I’m in manifesting mode. My single biggest challenge is FOCUS. Strategy, competence, and crazy fun without a crystallized vision means I’m falling short of take-off. I’ve gotta admit that the picture is still a little hazy. I need the outer “AHA!”. And I’m RIPE.

    Pick me! Mwah.

  82. Julie Abdelahad

    Marie & Danielle –

    First, thank you for this opportunity! For those of us out there who aren’t quite rolling it, we’re really grateful for those other avenues that open up to us that we can take advantage of.

    I had mentioned to my boyfriend the other day that I was going to start being selfish and start doing things for me, when he reminded me that, that’s not being selfish, it’s just good sense! So here’s to my first act!! All I have ever wanted out of life is love and passion. I want to be working every day doing something that I’m empowered by, something that drives me to keep going. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of those moments in my life where everything becomes clear and you just can’t seem to stop doing what you’re doing. There really is no better thrill than getting wrapped up in it all. One of those moments was when I was living and volunteering in a small town in northern Peru for nine months.

    This experience shook my world, my being, my EVERYTHING. In Peru, I worked closely with an extraordinary organization that worked with the women from the community, training them for jobs in order to provide them with autonomy. As many of the women there were treated like second class citizens, I decided that with the help of the other female volunteers, we would start a self-esteem workshop for these women. I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments.

    Through all the difficulties that I faced in a third world country, my biggest challenge was returning home. Nothing I’ve done since has come close to the power, drive and passion I had with this experience. Through this exploration and search for my purpose in life, I’ve realized that I’m not alone. There are way too many people out there who are miserable, stressed, and feel incomplete. As a society, that’s just unacceptable. So I want to create an environment, a center, that will address our beings as a whole; where someone can go become one with their community as well as with their physical, mental, & spiritual being. I’ve started a “business plan”, but have a long way to go and request your help to start it going in the right direction.

    My Greatest Adversary: Trust – It’s a virtue that I easily offer to others, but can’t seem to offer myself.

    Why I’m Strange: I don’t care about money….Ok, well that’s not entirely true, but money is never my motivating factor. It’s not that I don’t want to make a lot of money, I would love to, but to me, it’s more important to love what you do, and be satisfied with the role that you are playing in society. I figure, if I’m able to do that, than I’m a very rich lady!

    Why You Want Me: I’m a certified “Care Bear”. I give 100% to everything I do. But mostly because nothing gets me more excited than empowered, passionate women pushing and helping each other get to where they want to go!

    SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul SYSoul

    • Laura

      oh my gosh, certified Care Bear!!! I love that!!! hope you win a spot!

      • Julie

        THANKS =)

  83. Marie and Danielle… OOOOh yeah… gonna be a juicy event… game freakin on 😉


  84. Hi {Marie+Danielle}

    {About Moi}
    My name is Bee and i’m so excited about this opportunity!!!! can you imagine?!!??
    I am a Graphic Designer & Event Planner and loooove what i do. Inspired by colors, textures, flowers and food and I end up with great ideas everyday of what i should do, want to do, need to do to pursue my passion. I’ve only discovered Marie’s website 3 months ago and I’ve been looking forward to your newsletters ever since – Marie, you are a huge source of inspiration and confidence to me and i can’t wait to drive down from Montreal to come spend a day with you girls and soak it all up.

    {Where I’m @}
    Right now i offer creative customized services
    Graphic design (wed+printed publicity, greeting cards, invitations, stationary…)
    Gifts and favor ideas with personalized packaging (gift baskets, wedding favor, loot bags…)
    Event Planning – i planned my wedding two years ago and had an epiphany – I’ve been planning birthday parties and family trips all my life but only then did it clicked… this part allows me to be hands on and really interact with people and create a special moment in their life. Even if that is a casual Moroccan backyard barbecue—
    Where i am right now is that I KNOW what i want to do and that is such a great feeling after almost a decade of exploring my creativity and knowing that coming from a very conventional family that i didn’t want to be going the conventional route. My biggest entrepreneurial victory was letting go of my first (amateur) business cards and logo that i made while i was in school, and completely re-branded, put up my website, printed a new set of professional b-cards and structured my ideas as into what services i would be offer and somehow am opened for business.

    {I Shall Overcome!!!}
    Where i stumble is that I’m “stuck in overwhelm” and have no idea how to take a LEAP – i want to be able to jump and never look back and be able to live off of my company, without stressing about extra sources of income and bills — i want to get out of my bubble and sell myself, sell my product without thinking about what people will think and say.

    {Oh-No-I-Didn’t} really!!! i can’t believe I’m saying this out loud—
    When i grow up (sooner than later) i would like to be the next Martha Stewart (without the indictment hihi!!). I want to expand my business into an event planning agency with a bakery/gift/coffee shop front where a client would come in and meet their coordinator and over a fresh cup of coffee plan their event from AtoZ – we would offer in-house catering, graphic design & decor and event planning.

    So Marie&Danielle, i absolutely can’t wait to meet you – this scholarship would make the great 27th birthday gift for me (May 17th) – pick me!- pick me!!

  85. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
    Here is my entry:

    I look forward to meeting you, Danielle, and lots more MARVELOUS women on May 12th! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Electra Ariail

  86. Hi! I would love to attend the Sell Your Soul Seminar. I am currently coaching 2 groups of 8 women in my Get Sexy in 8 Weeks program, I give lectures (average 3 a month) and I coach 28 IIN students. The women in my program get excited and feel great and that makes me feel insanely great. However, I am still hanging on to my corportate job out of financial fear. This is were I could use your help. I see myself in front of hundreds, no, thousands of women coaching them to become the Healthy Sexy Goddesses that they are; I see book signings (I already have the first of a series written and fear to try to publish) and TV show interviews, but I cannot get out of my own way to move to the next step! Help!

  87. A humble request for help!!!
    “The Anna Zuccarelli Method” is ready to launch…
    A website overweight women can go to get the latest on losing fat, gaining life
    and enjoying their fat loss journey.
    No detox kits.
    No packaged foods.
    No surgeries.
    No diets pills.
    No boot camps.
    No needles.
    No supplements.
    No cleanses.
    No humiliation.
    The Method rolls down the window of the overweight womans car while she binges in the fast-food parking lot, alone, among the seagulls waiting to see what scraps she might throw out to them. The Method whispers in her ear,
    “You, darling are not meant to be here among the scraps of the world, waiting for anything to come your way, settling, resigning. You are meant to be an “eagle-ess” and not stay here among the seagulls living in anxiety, grabbing, gobbling anything. You are meant to fly, high above this parking lot, among the eagles above in a zone waiting for you.
    My biggest victory so far is approaching a dance studio to run Yoga classes for plus size women so they too can experience the benefits yoga in a safe, modified, non-judgement enviroment. I ran it and 12 women came!!! 12 women changed. 12 women got to connect back with their bodies. Pure bliss.
    My challenge is learn how to market my method to get my message out to overweight women across the city, the continent, the world.
    The soul is there, its in goal setting, exercising as a gift to the body, understanding the power of focus, eating clean, self love, feeling feelings, cultivating thoughts and beliefs that get you to your goal of a lifestyle full of vitality (no scales here). What do I do to spread the word and excitement about this totally radical way to approach weight loss and live with intention? I need to learn the marketing tools that are on the edge, one step ahead. I don’t know the technology to sell the soul….
    A humble request for help!!
    Too many overweight and under seen. Overweight and under valued. Overweight and under estimated.
    My dream will be achieved when in one year, one million overweight women
    experience a yoga class designed for them.

  88. Courtney

    Ready to start selling my soul!

  89. Greetings from Costa Rica, where for the next 2 weeks I will be massively investing in my health, wealth, pleasure & ever-expanding love.

    kisses to you both. thanks for what you do- it takes us all HIGHER.
    My video:
    (Ps- that complimentary extra :01 is courtesy of youtube. not sure why.)

    • Oh Mishel that is AWESOME!! That is one of my biggest dreams: to lead women’s retreats in Costa Rica…what a beautiful place to rejuvenate and create…ENJOY you lucky thang 🙂

    • Sorry ladies… youtube is trippin’ on me. had trouble uploading but succeeded at last. Please click on this link instead:

  90. Louise

    I’m pinch-hitting for the lovely Christabel Zamor ( who is traveling in Mexico and unable to get her comment to stick.
    Here you go darling–

    Danielle and Marie, you are my heroines! Can’t wait to learn from you and share resources with the EPIC women who will be at this event!


  91. Laura

    so excited about this!!!! here’s my video entry. hope to see you all there! 🙂

    • Liz

      Aww, this made me smile 🙂 Good luck!!!

      • Laura

        awwww, I’m so glad! I love your blog, btw. 🙂 good luck to you, too!

  92. Paidamoyo-Janet Azehko

    I’m totally ready to Sell My Soul! In fact all I want to do is Sell My Soul! I don’t mean I want to make a contract with the Devil, I mean I really REALLY want to get my Live Coaching business started. A year ago I woke up one morning and realized: I need a change. I went to work because I had to, went to class because I had to, I lived life because I had to. Enough was enough and I just couldn’t take anymore! That’s when I decided I wanted to launch OhmLifeNow! So, I quit my job and spent all my spare time (I am a college student after all) since then researching on just what it would take to get started. After a while it became apparent that first I needed to work on me, so I did.
    So thus began my much needed journey into the soul of Janet. By searching for who I was, and how I relate to the world around me, I found that giving advice is just what I DO. It wasn’t long until people started asking me for advice, then asking “Exactly how did you become so wise for someone who’s only 24?” That’s when I KNEW I was in the right business, I absolutely have to do this.
    Up to date, my biggest entrepreneurial success is just sticking with the idea long enough to mold myself into the person I need to be. After being diagnosed with mild autism and ADHD, this is a success story in itself. There have been so many nights that I felt like I was crazy for trying, crazy for believing that I could do it, but still I stick with it because it’s in my soul now, every time I take a step close, I tingle with sheer bliss. Now it’s more than just an idea, it’s my Dharma.
    Right now, I need to know what the next step is. What are my options from where I stand, and how I can make this happen? I need advice from people who have been there and done it. I need a support network of people who I can turn to with questions, or even someone I can talk to in times of “Ohmigod! What’s going on?!” I guess, I kind of need a life-coach!
    I want OhmLifeNow! To be more than just a life-coaching company, I want to help people see their potential. I want to turn people on to their highest possible idea of life. I want to encourage people to reach for the stars, because if I can start my own company, and make it something more than just an idea, then anyone can do anything they dream of doing. It’s all a matter of selling your soul to the world, and having the world embrace it, love it and pass it on!

  93. Liz

    I’m a new media consultant and have owned my own business for almost 3 years. What this means is, I help clients launch or relaunch their digital presence. I also devise social media strategies for my clients. I didn’t plan extensively for this business, I kind of just saved up a bunch of money and jumped head first into it right before the worst part of the recession kicked in. I got into this business because I was an avid blogger of the space and people respected what I had to say about the industry. Eventually people gravitated towards me to help them out with their startups, blogs and small businesses. I’d say my biggest victory was being able to quit my full time job 3 months after starting my consultancy, and moving to NYC–which was a big time dream for me! I’ve been here for two years now and it’s been very satisfying.

    I am at a place where I feel like I’m burning out and failing. I LOVE helping my clients make over their web presence, and I love happy clients. But I feel unfocused and discouraged after some time. Business has slowed to a standstill and I am not finding the motivation to continue because I am so discouraged! Also, I have some other goals I’d like to work on, but I can’t when I feel like I am on a sinking ship. I feel like I am suffocating, and I don’t know if I should just give this up entirely and get a job, get a temp job, or power through. I have been in this state of confusion for almost 9 months. I want to hone in on who it is I really am, what I want to be, and *execute*. I have great ideas, I know I have the skills to execute but the discouragement in me keeps talking me out of my ideas.

    Once I get my business in order, I KNOW I would be so much closer to blossoming to my full potential and I’ll be able to tackle a lot of other goals I have planned. I have the desire to own various media properties that empower women/girls of color in the fields of health, technology and faith. I also want to launch a startup and be a social entrepreneur. I know I have it in me, but my day to day negative nancy voice is keeping a sista down!

    Thanks so much for providing this opportunity. I could have kicked myself when I didn’t apply for RHH Live! I REALLY wish I had the funds to pay for this upfront, because I know it is sooo worth it, and after being a fan of both you and Danielle for 9 months or so, I know you ladies are the real deal. I found you two independently of each other and I love your energy, so I am amped to see you ladies partnering up for an event!

  94. Dear Ms Forleo,
    It is wonderful that you are offering this amazing opportunity. I wanted to ask, I can’t apply for the scholarship as I am too sick to fly to the U.S but I wanted to know if it is possible to in some way apply for a distance scholarship? For example, to get some of the information / hand outs and so forth from the event even though I am not well enough to physically attend? Just in case this is possible I enclose my answers below:
    Where you’re at with your business – including your biggest entrepreneurial victory to date. We are setting up & have customers waiting for boxes. We are working on the promotional, legal & financial aspects & can’t wait to get the boxes out to people in need. My biggest victory is getting where we are today, through all the illness, discouragement, legal and benefits issues. Creating a job I can do. Its a miracle and I love it.
    The current business challenge that we can help you overcome. How to run a business, market & supply myself & my boxes despite the limits of the illnesses I am living with.
    A description of the spine-tingling, oh-no-she-didn’t dream that you’ll achieve once you rock past this challenge. Publishing my book “Blaze Your Own Trail: your healing journey with chronic illness” and helping thousands of young british women through diagnoses and fear to empowerment. Coaching people to wellness and joy. Sending boxes of healing, support & comfort to people living with serious &chronic illness. We had a request today for a Healing Box for a 18 year old going through chemo, but we are still in set up. We need to rocket-launch into action & be there for people who need it most.

    With love and gratitude, thank you for taking the time to read this.
    All best wishes, Grace Quantock

  95. Hi Marie and Danielle,

    What an incredible opportunity! Thank you sooo much for offering this scholarship. My technology skills need a lot of refining so I’m sticking to type however this is one of my hurdles to go through in the next few months and one of the reasons I am seeking this scholarship.

    I am an acupuncturist practicing outside of Philly. It is fairly successful however I’d like to expand in my creative realm so I am free to travel more. I envision creating artwork as an extension of patients’ healing where they have a piece of art to represent their healing….Yeah how do you market something like this? Can I expand on it? Is it possible to market it on the internet so I can work anywhere?

    My whole life has shifted recently (too much to include in less than 500 words) and I seek partnerships with people who are living their isness. I have connected with a few and am looking to broaden my social realm. Of course this includes with in me as well!

    Who will I be as a result of achieving my dreams? By day my avatar the animated version of a super herbal healer who inspires others to lead sassy healthy lives. By night the creative diva living my advice.

    Have a rockin time – I hope to be there!

  96. Phew! Just made the cut! Here’s my video. Thanks for the opportunity! See ya in NYC baby!
    Blessings and success,

    • you rock. I, too am….financially low but on the rise, and I, too with or without scholarship will be there. Cant wait to meet ya! Good luck!

      • Thanks Mishel!! Good luck to you too!!! See ya in the ‘da city 😉


    Hi sweet Marie!

    I trust you are fantastico and having the best day ever!

    I am so excited to have the opportunity to win a scholarship to SELLING YOUR SOUL! I am so 100% courted to being there that I’m getting my sassafras self there no matter what, but it sure would be so off the charts cool to win a scholarship. Thanks for considering me and for your time, energy and devotion to helping us all rock our dreams.

    Can’t wait to see you very soon.



    • Hello again gorgeous!

      As you can see my video came out a lil blurry. See how much I need your guidance? 🙂

      So I decided to add my written scholarship proposal and application to help you get the full spectrum of who I am, why I’m here and why I want this uber generous scholarship.

      Big LOVELIGHTBLISS and Gratitude flowing your way in copious amounts.

      XOXO Anne

      Hello there beautiful Chicas 🙂

      My name is Anne Van de Water and I create innovative lifestyle programs that help people experience fun, pleasure and love in all areas of their life. I have been intimately working with thousands of people for 16 years primarily as a Full-Time Yoga Teacher and have taught over 11,000 hours of yoga to date. This is what I know: There is nothing that can override the Human Spirit when we align with our True Self, live conscientiously and follow our bliss. The underlying theme of everything I do and everything I know about people is that we all want to live a life that we truly love. Everything I do is about helping people embody their highest potential and create a life that they are elated to be living. My biggest entrepreneurial success is pioneering a Yoga Program for Kids and creating aYoga for Kids Teacher’s Training with graduates all over the globe.

      The obstacle that I am facing is how to get my work out into the world in the most effective way. I need your help with practical tools to launch my lifestyle programs out the the world and to the masses so that I can help countless people live a life that they truly love. My program includes in person and on-line coaching, classes, motivational speaking, workshops, retreats, teleseminars, instantly downploadable dvds, cds and mp3s.

      My BIG spine tingling dream is to create massive passive mula of $500k/year so that I can continue to live my dream life and to help others to do the same as an philanthropist. My vision is to be a best-selling author with a $500k book deal, to be an Internationally known motivational speaker and lifestyle coach with cutting edge multimedia programs and presentations and to create an on-line world-wide network of fearless radical lovers including all of their offerings and products. My mission is to inspire the people of this amazing planet to live in alignment with their highest potential so that together we create a world of peace, harmony and beauty, pleasure and fun.

      I can’t wait to be in the presence of you 2 Divine Wonder Women on May 12 and thank you for being an a huge inspirational force of LOVELIGHTBLISS in my life.

  98. Moe Forleo you fu*king rock! Love your transparency. I have been following you for the last year and it has been a riot to watch you create your empire from a place of pure joy as you woop it up at the ultimate party of life.I bust a gut when I watch your videos….clever girl 🙂 To the point.. I created a women’s consignment store and called it Outkast….K for Karen…That’s (Just posted,still tweeking..adding photos and video). I am going into my 11 month and am crystal clear the I have created one of the best merchandised,comfortable and of course affordable stores in town. I carry name brand/designer clothing and accessories…..Thank you Marie…yes I my cute little ass rocks to. Did I mention hot and sexy cloths ? I have stupid fun and love to party and of course I want to take my business to the next level quickly. I will either sell it or have someone else run it..bored..I am a bit of a shit show and need to expand. It is clear that the fun for me is to create and have it take care of itself….My Saturday girl is the perfect sistah to take over and is excited about doing it. I created it for the pure challenge now I am ready to move on. In the past year I have manifested the ideal projects that can be nurtured from the comfort of my hot tub (well my special friends hot tub) bed,or the local bar. I want what you got Baby….All of it.
    Karen Mollison

  99. Hi Marie & Danielle! 🙂

    I realized when I re-read the instructions that I forgot to talk about my biggest challenge! Whoops! 😉

    So here’s my biggest challenge: knowing what to focus on and what is the most important thing to move me forward and make money. I have a ton of ideas and things that I want to work on and often feel like I get scattered trying to do too much. I know I need to focus on those things that will really move me forward and bring in revenue, but I’m not quite sure how to figure out what those are…

  100. Hi Marie + Danielle!

    In the last 24 hours I have released PERFECTIONISM, LET GO and DETACHED from the outcome. (Now I need a vacation! LOL – Kidding – it was the push I needed!) #gratitude

    Please enjoy my video submission for #SYSoul :

    My VERY Best,
    ♥ DeAnna


    • DeAnna,
      I loved your video! You and I share a common dream; to empower others. 🙂 I’m all about creating “think tanks” with friends who have similar goals. Let me know if you ever wanna Skype and just brainstorm ideas. It’s always fun to have someone to spitball thoughts; especially when that someone is also an aspiring entrepreneur with big dreams 😉 Good luck winning a ticket!

  101. I’m writing this response because I teach people how to use writing for holistic health, self-discovery and self-management, so it only fits that, I write!

    Late summer, 2009, I found myself on my living room floor at 3 a.m., weary, meditating, wondering. I was selling houses for a living, not because it was my passion, but because it was my responsibility. You see, I had hidden myself behind my fears, behind my husband (the brilliant artist) and became used to sucking it up for everyone else. It had been years since I had looked in the mirror and saw anything resembling life or joy looking back at me.

    Because I’ve been an avid journal writer since 3rd grade, I took time to re-read journals from different portions of the previous 10 years. By doing so, I realized it was time to change. Time to get healthy, rather. I longed to be healthy in every area of my life beginning with my career. In that early morning hour, I was prompted to type in “writing and healing” in Google. The first result gave me the answer I needed. I would begin a path toward using my love for writing to not only heal myself, but teach others how to do the same.

    The path toward healing mingles with the path toward truth. Because I’ve become brutally honest with myself, many things in my life had to change. Not an easy path, but I’m giving birth to the life where I sell my soul instead of houses.

    I’ve completed certification to teach a journal writing workshop called “Journal to the Self”. I teach people 18 techniques that transform a traditional diary into a powerful life resource.

    I’ve created my website/blog called because this is my writing season, and I teach people how to use writing to embrace, cope with, manage, learn from, capture the many seasons of life.
    Write + In Season + Feel Better.

    I also have booked my first two workshops.

    What is my grand dippity do dah?
    To fill 3 workshops/month, expand from there to become a personal historian where I help people write their memoirs to leave as a legacy, to heal, to capture life as they’ve known it.

    My heart of hearts also wants to work specifically with people who are recovering from sexual slavery, helping them tell their stories as a path to freedom.

    Also, I want to develop an online series of daily short videos of journal prompts based on the various seasons in nature and in life – this is where my love for art, fashion, writing, glowing and joy will come together as one!

    In my path toward health and selling my soul, I intended to put myself around people who are making life happen, who are making change, who are thinkers, believers and creators.

    I hope you’ll have me join you!!

    Thank you for the opportunity.


    • Hi Erin,
      I’m very impressed with what you’ve written here. It has an honesty and fullness I appreciate very much. If you win let me know. I’m in NY thinking about attending the event. I’ve been working on a social art project called hopeactlove in response to the crisis in Japan. One of the components was writing. We were moving pretty fast so I had to edit the sentiments and sometimes translate from spoken interviews. It became clear to me that writing workshops are also an essential element of these collaborative art projects, which I am interested in turning into a business of some kind. I will
      be based in NY but will soon be traveling the world and I’m interested in figuring out how I can evolve the project as I travel. Activating various locations can turn into an advantage as things unfold. Also I’d love to take your workshop someday – have kept journals on and off historically, but in the last 3 years with real passion – have been incorporating it into my visual art too.

      I hope you win.

      • Hi Amy,

        Thank you so much for saying these things. It means a lot to me. Could you email me your contact information ([email protected]) because I want to learn more about your project. My mother and brother are heading to Japan in 2 weeks as I have a cousin who lives there and is getting married. So, they’ll see and speak with people first hand about the crisis. I’m sure they’d be happy to gather stories or information for you while they are there (if you need any).

        Thanks again, and you are welcome to come to a workshop anytime or get some people together in NYC, and I’ll come to you!

        Looking forward to connecting privately. – Thanks Marie for the platform to make this connection!


  102. Time is quickly ticking down and I just wanted to wish each and every one of you the best karma and cosmic energy to making your dreams come true!! (There is NO luck, just opportunistic serendipity;) )

    Danielle Miller

  103. Hi Marie and Danielle!!!
    Here is our LUMINOUS video entry!
    “Turn up the lights in here baby
    Extra bright, I want y’all to see this
    Turn up the lights in here, baby
    You know what I need (to attend SELL YOUR SOUL)
    Want you to see everything
    Want you to see all of the lights”

    We had so much fun putting together the video and LOVE this opportunity. Thank you for being kick-ass entrepreneurs who INSPIRE us!

    go BIG or go home,
    Sarah Andersen & Michelle Grim
    Co-Founders for LuminosiTEES.

  104. Paidamoyo-Janet Azehko

    I want to wish all you wonderful women the best in everything that you do!! May the Universe bless you all abundantly with everything you hope for and more! Peace love and happiness!<3

  105. delectable, healthy cuisine of the region. Through an active, fun, pampering, kick ass, tactile, sensory, and over all balanced itinerary, women left our three day two night weekend get aways feeling ALIVE. This is my goal in life…to be alive, live alive, be HAPPY and serve as a beacon to help others truly be alive in their lives.

    Long story short – life and fears got in the way. The trips gave way to an independent event planning business that I currently run in Southern California. Long story short…I have yet to realize my incredible far reaching potential and NOW NOW NOW is the time!!!!! Selling your Soul is exactly what I need for Adventures for the Soul, need to do and need in my life and am ready for MORE THAN EVER.

    The deadline for submission is in 15 minutes so I am throwing this out there as a hopeful entry!!!! Im the one who needs to be there and Im ready to get on the plane tomorrow!

    Thanks soooooooooo much for all you are doing!!!!! I hope to see you in NY!!!

    Warmest Regards,
    Alexa 🙂

  106. I’m just under the wire. I know! I’m visiting my BFF in Spain, so no video, and I don’t know what time it is EST. Never let school get in the way of your education. That’s my motto. 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to come to #SYSoul via scholarship. Your generosity is gorgeous!
    Oh ya. I’m ready to execute. Meaningful money baby. I’m in.
    Biggest entrepreneurial victory to date? I have finally made sense to myself. (Phew! It was getting a bit uncomfortable.)
    Getting clear about what people thank me for most and finding a way to create a combination of offerings that would appeal to clients took me awhile. It was no easy task, since habitat strategy is completely unique to me. Here is the full debrief, written just a few weeks ago.
    Biggest challenge? I need to make sense to more people. Help!! I need to explain what I do in a simple, catchy, compelling way, and to generate more revenue. And, because it’s so new, the ‘know, like & trust’ factor is key. However, narrowing down to an ideal customer is proving more difficult than I thought, and time is of the essence. I’m loving life right now, and having tons of fun, but more moolah is a definite necessity if I am to turn Housters & Co. into a viable livelihood.
    Spine-tingling sign of success? I look forward to the day when my friends and family don’t furrow their brows and think to themselves “she’s one #$%@ crazy bird”. Yup. That’s right. I hope one day they’ll say instead “Wow. She’s a genius!” So yes, rocking past my current challenges will mean two things. First, someday soon I hope there will be enough dollars in the bank to sustain my family responsibly, to enable our mobility, and to give generously to the causes closest to my heart. Second, I aspire to acquire more time so I can continue learning , to create and to innovate – for myself, and in service to others.
    Good luck with your selections, and kick a$% at SYS! Have fun!
    xo, kc

  107. Nutritional maven, lupus whisperer….yes that’s me. Powerhouse, ivy league trained nurse practitioner with keen expertise in integrative medicine with one impactful story! Once severely ill and in the hospital, diagnosed with lupus and told I probably would be on the kidney transplant list in a few years, (that was 4 years ago!), I singlehandedly found the culprit for my illness, gluten. That immense shift brings me to where I am today, a vibrant, healthy entrepreneur in pursuit of all things fabulous. My mission is to take those women who have been walking around with their labels, living sub-optimal lives, tired, and achy and turn it all around for them!

    My creation of my 7 Step Protocol is what I personally do everyday to sustain my body and feel whole. I walk my talk, no BS. No longer in desperation, no longer taking a slew of medications, no longer feeling sorry for myself.

    For a long time, I struggled with my diagnosis, I too had hit rock bottom, I too had placed all my power in the hands of my specialists. Foods became my salvation, daily vitamin supplementation, my miracles. My ultimate victory was finally admitting to myself that this diagnosis was actually a gift and now I want to reach out to other women and help them soar, despite their diagnosis. No, it doesn’t have to be painful, no, you don’t have to live like this, there are choices.

    I speak for the Lupus Foundation here in NYC and have reached out in small scales, and working on launching my website. My message of nutrition and vital changes in food choices seems like a whisper compared to the pharmaceutical companies with their powerful immunosuppressant medications with deadly side effects.

    I’ve been there, I too could hardly walk or even wash my hair. You would never know it if you saw me today. My confidence and health beams through every single cell of my body!

    My ultimate kick ass dream, to be recognized by the lupus community, lupus foundations, as well as medical specialists for my knowledge, publish a gluten free cookbook and to empower women to find the source of their illness, reverse their symptoms, and finally have them live a beautiful, full out, thriving, mega delicious, life beyond your wildest dreams! Yes! to a live filled with pleasure and your once thought of impossibilities…



    • Jen

      Margaret – congrats on the scholarship to SyS! Wooo-hoo! Looking forward to meeting you there, I’m coming from Hawaii and when I saw your vid, I was like, I need to know her…my best friend has suffered from lupus and I know she would benefit from what you’ve learned in your own journey! I’ll look for you at the event! Jen

    • Margaret~
      Congratulations on your scholarship! You sound like you’re already there… I had a friend years ago with Lupus- it was heartbreaking. If we only knew…
      I just finished a cleanse myself (today) and realized in the deepest way I ever have, that we ARE what we eat. Sounds simple, but I’m behind you 100% to spread the word – don’t let our (bad?) diets determine our destiny! Or DO, put intentionally! Best of luck…

      • Congrats on winning the scholarship beautiful Goddess! You are soaring! Have a great time at the event. xoxo Azulita

  108. WOO! I’m am SO ready to sell my soul, baby. Check out my video that took me far too long to edit here. Can’t wait to see you divas in NY!

  109. Hi Marie + Danielle!

    In the last 24 hours I have released PERFECTIONISM, LET GO and DETACHED from the outcome. (Now I need a vacation! LOL – Kidding – it was the push I needed!) #gratitude

    Please enjoy my video submission for #SYSoul :

    My VERY Best,
    ♥ DeAnna

    NOTE: I tried to post about 45 mins ago, and my submission won’t appear as a comment. I waited til the final mins but didn’t want to risk missing out. My heart is in this. Please forgive if after 3pm EST the other post miraculously appears and shows up twice (not my intention) – I made sure to play by the rules 😉 – Thanks & My Best! Xx

  110. Hi Danielle and Marie,
    Wow, I almost just surrendered after seeing the awesome-ness of all these other fabulous women … but HEY, I thought, I want this too! I want to come rub shoulders with you on the dance floor and feel showered by some of your personal magic and kick some ass in the business world and in general shine on … So here’s my entry:
    Thanks for this opportunity to take a chance and to reframe my ideas about what it really means to “Sell Your Soul”!

    Buff Elting

  111. Hey Marie!

    So my computer was not cooperating and this did not get uploaded in time (and it’s about 4 secs too long) – sigh. I know I won’t win the scolarship but I thought I’d share my video anyway. I wanted this bad enough that this deadline got me motivated out of a deep funk. Just making this video felt like a win and it got me so present to my mission again that I am not going to let the lows get in the way anymore. What I have to do is far too important. This is a huge win because I have been in my way for the last couple of months after a separation from my husband. Thank you for the opportunity this was to get connected to what I am doing again and put myself out there. And I will definitely see you at RHH Live in November!!

    Here’s the video:

    Much Love,

  112. Ok so, I tried to post over at White Hot Truth, but kept getting an error message so I’m FREAKING OUT!!!!! I’m 38 minutes past the deadline and have no idea if the message made it in or not, so I’m reposting here.

    Hey Lovelies!

    I’m Elena of!

    Here’s the deal. 3 years ago, I stopped working for others and started working for myself as a writer. More then anything in my life, other then my longterm relationship, this has been so monumental and dream fulfilling, I still cry when I think about it.

    I’ve been writing since I was 4. Remember those little pink Hello Kitty journals? Ya… thats what my writing career began on. After 2 careers that had nothing to do with writing and everything to do with avoiding my raw, cracked open hearted dream, I just jumped. And here I am today.

    My entire life is about the practice of living consciously and in the present. I write about the practice of eating and cooking on my blog and am preparing to launch an online magazine that focuses on women’s spirituality.

    While doing this, I’ve been paying the bills by writing online content for other websites, and I have to tell you… I. CANNOT. DO. IT. ANYMORE! Seriously, its creative sovereignty or die for me at this point.

    My biggest challenge right now, is the big picture. Its about taking the bigger picture and translating that into a business plan that gives me structure on a day to day basis, as well as a measuring stick for the milestones I need to create. It feel so overwhelming that I just stare at the page and can’t seem to get it down.

    So thats me… in a small nut shell. I WANT so much to go see you both, dance, get down and get my ass lit on some seriously passionate fire! Oh… and the chocolate is pretty enticing too!

    Big love,
    Elena Rego

  113. Have I missed the deadline? Never. If it is meant to be it will be. Marie, I would love to join you for the SYS event in May. My business – es are just beginning and I want to learn what you know. I started after a near death experience, a weird journey to enlightenment in Los Angeles, and losing everything I had. My website and book that I am currently writing (Living in La La Land) are about what I have learned, and the things that I know, that can help other women (and men!). I am not surprised that you are uniting with Danielle La Porte! I had her name on my notebook and a SC, CA contact number for her while I was on my journey in LA, but never called her. We are bound to meet for sure, and no doubt you and she will put on a great event.

    My business is just beginning and I am coming to a familial roadblock. I come from a family with Gypsy ancestry. I love it! But in creating a business, I realize that my family runs on meeting all kinds of people – Networking, we are aces at it, but then we move on – I want to unite with you and Danielle and learn about keeping and growing those relationships. No fear and with a pure embrace.
    My biggest success is my website which has gotten rave reviews and the people who go on it and sign up for my newsletter to hear more. My dreams for my business start with my book, a screenplay, and more. It will happen. This is one thing I know.

    I am a firm believer in paying it forward and gratitude, so if you invite me, I’ll certainly have lots of both to extend in return. Marie, I am a dancer too, started out in corporate too, and I hear what you are saying and am in your corner.

    Love & Peace, Judith

  114. Thanks so much Jessilicious!!
    I love JayZ an Alicia Keys! So good 🙂
    I do hope to win and meet you and everyone there!!

  115. Where can I see the list of winners? I am reading comments, but no list. Did I miss it! Thanks T

    • Hey Terez,

      The list is on Marie’s last blog article… where she gets all up in girls business!

  116. So excited to see all the love going on around here! You ladies are freakin’ amazing! Marie sure knows how to pick ’em 😉

  117. Hello Soul Sisters!

    Where have I been?!?!! Falling behind in my Marie Forleo newsletter reading, that’s where! What a fabulous contest – wish I had seen it – did it – won it…. but to their delight, an incredible selection of other amazing women have!!!! Yay! Congratulations to you all – I’ve viewed the winning entries and celebrate all of you!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you will create with the knowledge and experiences you will encounter in NY! As for me, I’m entering next year!!!!

    Much Love, Light and Prosperity<

  118. Congrats to all the goddesses! Have fun, dive deep and enjoy the ride. So much fun to play with you all. xo Hillary

  119. Holly

    Dear Marie;

    I am ready to ‘Sell My Soul’ and be the unique person God put me here to be. My name is Holly and I live in Denver, Colorado. I am an only parent with a couple of business ideas and “Sell Your Soul” is the inspiration I need to get my spine tingling desires from ideas to plans and action.

    In 2006 I was punched in the face and set off kilter when my husband died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We were married for two and half years and our children were 20 months and 5 months old. This life experience was an eye opener for the way I view illness and death. First, watching your loved one fight for their life is overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the lack of support and education available for those fighting a disease. Especially for those who are alone, uneducated, and uninformed. Thankfully, I had the flexibility to support my husband through doctor appointments and treatments, the strong will to ask questions and get answers and to successfully advocate for my husband which led to greater peace with his death by not having the haunting “what if’s.” Through this and without getting too dark, I realized there is a need for patient advocacy. Individuals and caregivers need to be empowered when facing the overwhelmingness of a life threatening illness.

    Secondly, the impact of loss and the memorialization of your loved one as your life goes on has brought me to a level of compassion that runs deep. It has also brought me a level of awareness and appreciation for those whom have lost loved ones. Death is not a popular subject for anyone, however, it is a reality. Death is dark and drab…I want to shine a light and memorialize it with inspiration and lasting impressions that honor those that have passed. This taps into my creative side and I have a few ideas on how I can make an inspirational lasting impression of a loved one who has passed with creative memory cards and gifts that will last a lifetime.

    INSPIRE ME, Marie! I want to help others and make a difference, but where do I start? My life’s circumstances brought me to a “fear and survival” based way of living. Through Gabrielle Bernstein, Susan Sly, and yourself, I am ready to stop living under my life and start living on top of my life. I am passionate and compassionate and I want to nourish the gifts I have been given. The Sell Your Soul Seminar is the perfect avenue for me to gain the tools, inspiration and confidence I need to move forward and create a life that positively impacts others while feeding my soul and creating financial freedom for my family. And maybe during the seminar another idea will fire off and I will be inspired in a completely different direction. I’m ready.

    Thank you for your consideration!


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