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Confession time. I’ve always loved making money in the most outrageously fun way possible.

From babysitting during parties at a waterfront mansion (while also playing DJ), to being a Carvel Ice Cream girl with unlimited access to raw cookie dough + cute, sweaty athletes after their games (my “uniform”: white shorts, white top, and a white visor with sprinkles on it – yeah, it worked), to landing a sweet gig selling beach badges on the boardwalk while getting a tan in my bikini, I’m clearly wired to make money doing what I love.

Translation? I live to sell my soul.

My heart’s desire = my greatest access to profitability = the best I have to give.

Conjure up your favorite musician or author. Think about the big brands you spend money with like Apple, Virgin or Ben & Jerry’s.

Now tell me . . . do you think that their success comes from phoning it in? From peddling goods they don’t believe in?

No. Shot. In. Hell.

Whenever you witness great art coupled with great profitability, you’re in touch with someone who knows the value of creating, innovating and selling what they believe in from the depths of their being.

Because if you’re not selling your soul, what are you selling?

If this idea is turning you on, then please join myself and Miss Danielle LaPorte for an unforgettable experience in New York City on May 12th, 2011.

Space is limited and tickets are moving fast.

Make no mistake. Soul sellers are the stewards of the future. They’ll show you the inside of who they are, and by doing so, get you in deeper touch with the beauty within yourself.

What could be more valuable and worthwhile than that?

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  1. Game ON!

    • I heard women are going to save the world.

      Awesome video, you two! Danielle, love your Fire Starter Sessions!


  3. Joyful to be attending. My soul is smiling.

    • marie

      Hooray Hannah! Thank you so much – our souls are smiling too.

  4. Elisha

    That was an AWESOME video you two! Very entertaining, engaging and oh-so-enticing! Looks like another fab event.

    • marie

      Thank you Elisha!

  5. Amazing video. You two have something…and clearly know how to incite a feeling of possibility into everything you do… Woo hooo!

    • marie

      Thanks Anne – this was V2. So glad u enjoyed it.

  6. Hells YES! Bought my ticket, unbuckled and ready for the ride.
    Deep appreciation for two of my soul sisters from other misters.

    See you in May!

    Love & Sprinkles,

    • marie

      Yeaah baby girl! Thank you for registering and can’t wait to see you there 😉

  7. Suset

    Funny you bring up Steve Job and others who have followed your soul. It seems like people like him, you, Danielle and some other passion followers have made it not only acceptable to live and thrive following your passion, but also super cool to do so. Thanks!

    • marie

      Apple is one of my favs, as is Danielle. Thank YOU for stopping by!

  8. Bought my tix last nite as soon as I got danielle’s email. Can’t wait to hang with you ladies and the other fab atendees. There is going to be some serious upleveling in that room! Can’t wait! Xoxo

    • marie

      Thank you Lora! It will be great to see you again 🙂

  9. YES!!! Must. Make. It. WORK. So excited for this amazing convergence of genius!

    • marie

      Ha ha Stephanie. I’m sure I’ll see you there.

  10. I’m so in love selling my soul right now.

    Equally in love with you amazing women for making selling your soul so incredibly hot and desirable.

    Very exciting times 🙂

    • marie

      thank you Tricia. Exciting times indeed. Great pic btw.

  11. Love it! I’M selling my soul!

    • marie

      That’s right guurrl, sell it!

  12. I would sell my soul to make it there! unfortunately I have a family vacation – it’ s a damn close toss-up though! LOL

    • marie

      Enjoy the vaca Dana. There’s also Rich Happy & Hot LIVE – 3 day event in the fall. Danielle will be there too 🙂

  13. SOOOOO freaking excited!

    • marie

      MISS you lady and SO excited to see you soon!

  14. I can’t get over how hot and fantastic this video is. Um, replay!

    • marie

      Turn the volume up and hit replay guurrrl!!

  15. Hmmm – I’d love to attend but I live in Australia, so it’s a bit far for one day (as awesome as it will be). I’d love a good excuse to come over to New York, but hopefully you’ll do the Rich, Happy and Hot bootcamp and I can come over for that!

    • marie

      SWEET Denise! Pencil in for October 21 – 23 2011 for Rich Happy & Hot LIVE. We’d love to have you (and there’s other country women already coming!!) xo M

  16. Prada Madonna

    Wow! Your videos are so damn contagious!! I will probably do this. How can I not?

    • marie

      YES! Can’t wait to see you Prada.

  17. Drooling over this gig… would love to join, but sadly have to pass this time around. Hope there will be some good post-materials to share. Luv, K

    • marie

      No worries Kris – we’ll catch you next time 🙂

  18. Beautiful page. Crisp. Can’t wait to click purchase 🙂

    What’s so freaking weird is I had this idea to interview successful women on what they were like in their teens. A la that MTV or vh1 show. And then I read your email. In case you needed ANY more proof: you are in touch with how your ppl think!

    • marie

      NICE Alison!!

  19. Oh, man… This is F-IN BRILLIANT.

    I have THE biggest smile on my face, right now…

    WAY TO GO, SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is SO on target, I can barely stand it. 🙂 Thanks for being such an out-of-the-box rock star. xoxx

    • marie

      thank YOU for letting me know how you feel Christina!

  20. Jen

    I’ve booked my tix and readied myself for an incredible day with 2 of my mentors in all things fabulous – life, businesses, authenticity – boo-yah! See you in NYC! Selling your Soul. So freakin’ genius.

    • marie

      SWEET Jen! Can’t wait to see you there 😉

  21. Linda Rihani

    This is so freaking hot! Ever thinking of taking this on the road?! I would to host a day like this here in Washington DC. Give me a holler if you’re up to this 🙂

    • marie

      Hey Linda – thank you so much. We’ll let you know if it travels.

  22. Cristy N

    Oh my god – I am soooo excited – my husband just surprised me with at ticket – Yeah!! I can not wait – NY here I come!!

    • marie

      Hi Cristy! THANK your husband for us. What an awesome awesome guy. 🙂

  23. I’m so in! I can’t wait to soak up all the soulful money-making energy!

  24. This video just got me SUPER HYPED lol, love the music and the motivating words you ladies rock. This is going to be a life changing even for soooo many women 🙂

  25. You girls ROCK in branding. Very modern. Love it.

  26. Anna

    Hoes song is it in the video? Love, but don’t know the artist.

  27. LOVE the title of this event! And I’ll be first in line when you bring it to England 😉

  28. nataleigh

    Someone please SOUL ME their ticket! Can’t wait for you two in Toronto.

  29. I aprepciate you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.

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