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I’m sitting here on a plush white couch, looking out at the ocean from the breathtaking open living room in the main house on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

I’m blessed to be at an incredible business mastermind event with Richard, hosted by my good friends Joe Polish and Yanik Silver.

All I can say is that my head is exploding with ideas and possibilities. My notebook is filling up and my mind and heart are being stretched in the most incredible ways.

Speaking of loads of ideas, do you ever feel like you have too many? Add to that the daily demands of running and managing your business AND the demands of living a full life- things like eating healthy, working out, keeping your relationship going and having fun. Sometimes, it can all feel a bit overwhelming!

Inner chaos creates outer chaos. End your overwhelm w/ this 6 minute workshop! Click To Tweet

Here’s something I want you to remember – inner chaos creates outer chaos.

When you’ve got a million and one things renting space in your head and your heart, it becomes really difficult to slow down, get clear and actually start getting things done.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through a powerful, 6 minute exercise to help you create total mental clarity and get you out of overwhelm right now.

While completing the “meh” section of the workshop, you may be tempted to scream at the screen and say, “But Marie — so many ‘meh’ things on my list are things I don’t want to do but I feel like I should do to be responsible. What then?!”

Use your common sense! If one of your ‘meh’ items is paying your back taxes, you need to get focused and make it happen.

On the other hand, if a ‘meh’ project is something you agreed to because you didn’t know how to say no with class, or you’ve said yes to too many random coffee dates, then it’s time to renegotiate your commitments and get them off your list.

The point here is to challenge your assumptions of what you have to do and get insanely, brutally honest about what you truly want to devote your life and time to.

Because, like it or not, your clock is ticking. Time is not a renewable resource and the only person responsible for deciding how you invest it is you.

Now, if you haven’t fully done the exercises in the video, please do it now. Because insight means nothing without action.

2013 Update: Four Tools To Help You Stay Out Of Overwhelm

  • RescueTime: Ever wonder if you’re really spending your time on the right stuff? There’s one sure-fire way to find out. Check out rescuetime, an amazing tool that has both a free and paid option. (aff. link)

  • is an award-winning to do list app. Beautifully designed and simple!

  • Awesome resource to find local personal assistants, pet care, etc.

  • Another great resource to hire help get things done.

Now, as always, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, talk to me.

I wanna know:

1.  How do you feel after the doing the exercise to create mental whitespace? How much were you able to clear off your list?

2.  Do you have any best tools, apps, or practices that help you stay out of overwhelm?

Be as specific as possible and let us know. Remember, your shares and stories will help us all.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and sharing!


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  1. No time for a snazzy comment 😉

    Just want to say as always you freakin’ ROCK lady!!! Enjoy Necker, we want PICS! (I’ll be there one day!!) xox

    • marie

      Thanks Christine! Pics are coming 😉

    • kathy

      Thank you, the exercise helped bunches.. mucho gracious

  2. This is a fantastic exercise. It makes such a difference to get things out of the head and onto paper! Al in the head and it makes a gal crazy!!

    • Yes Daphne.. this IS a fantastic exercise!

      I noticed I didn’t have any “mehs.” At 1st it occurred to me that I may have filtered as I was writing, but then I realized I’m at a point in my life where I usually don’t let the “mehs” clutter my mind anymore.

      Next step is to highlight the items that I can outsource. Like my website is still not where I want it to be. So this week I’m delegating tasks for a fresh new look.

      Writing my new Kindle book series cannot be outsourced (well, it can but I’m not putting my name on anything I don’t personally write myself.)

      So I’m off to divvying up my tasks and the tasks I’ll outsource.

      darlene 🙂

  3. one last thing – I also want to see some pics from Necker Island!

  4. Awesome tips Marie. I’ve been doing “brain dumps” for several years now and I feel so good afterwords.

    My question is this, what happens if you can’t pare down the list by eliminating or delegating? My list still seems to be so long with my to-do’s.

    • marie

      Great question Jenn. In this case, “can’t” is really “won’t.” The truth is sometimes we don’t want to eliminate anything, or, we don’t want to do the work needed to delegate (like find an intern; create fun win-win situations with family or friends who can help out, take out a small business loan, barter, etc.)

      Another approach is simply to move some of your projects to later months in the year. Schedule them out. Get them off your current list so you don’t look at them everyday – especially if you’re not working on them right now.

      • This is exactly what I needed to hear. I couldn’t cross anything off my list because they are simple to-do’s and projects that I am currently (or not so currently) working on. I love the idea of delegating tasks. For example, I am stressed about all the “healthier” items I want to bring to Thanksgiving dinner but overwhelmed about the planning and prepping that will go into it while I am running two businesses. After hearing this piece of advice, I can ask my mother and grandmother if they would like to help me out and they would LOVE to spend more time with me and help. Also, I can pay someone to do small tasks for me that I do not have time for – laundry, car wash, grocery shopping, cleaning, ect. I’m also going to put some tasks into the following months.

        Thank you Marie! I love you, your Q&A Tuesday and B-School!!! <3

  5. Fantastic video Marie! A super useful tool for those anxious moments… thank you!

  6. This is great Marie. I did the exercise and then when I had to cross out what I can’t control, there wasn’t anything there to cross off! It actually opened my eyes that everything I’m internally bitching about is actually totally within my grasp. I just need a better action plan (and motivation) to get it done. I did cross off some ‘meh’ things, which made me feel super good.

    Thanks again for a wonderful exercise!

    • Wow … I agree with Melissa C. – it was a HUGE wake up call for me. This will definitely be a weekly practice for me.

      BIG xoxoxoxo

      • candy

        Yep, me too! I realized everything on my list was stuff I’ve been putting off doing and not being motivated enough. All of it within my control. Definitely a wake up call for me. I realize too that the “stuff” I need to do that overwhelms me just shouldn’t and I need to do a few a day, or even a week and I’d be freeeeee!

        • It’s so empowering to feel things are under your control. Congrats 🙂

          Doing stuff you love, and feeling free, ALSO rocks.

          P.S. I’ve always wanted to know a chick named “candy” – so cool.

  7. Love it! I didn’t realize my list would be soooo long at first. No wonder I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Thanks Marie, tonight will be better. 🙂

  8. Love it! As always, great advice 🙂

  9. Yup, yup 🙂

  10. Pat

    okay a bit off subject but love the shirt 🙂
    And thanks for the lil’ exercise I have had too much things on my “to do” list lately and some I just realized are “meh” stuff.. now on to gettin’ some ACTION in there 🙂

  11. Anne

    Great post. I start most of my writing sessions following Julia Cameron’s “Morning Writing Pages” suggestion. It’s from her book The Artist’s Way (A book I highly recommend for writing inspiration). I just dump my current thoughts on three pages and does really free my mind to then go and focus on the task at hand.

    What I really like and am encourage to put into practice with your “Creating Mental White Space” is the added steps eliminating items that are out of my control and then getting rid of the mehs. This is going to help take my Morning Writing Pages to the next level. I’m going to go back and look some of my these pages and see how many ideas/tasks/thoughts I keep hanging onto because I haven’t let them go. Ones that are just taking up residence in my thoughts and creating needless stress.

    Thanks, Marie!

  12. I like it!! ‘Nuff said x

  13. Great video again and this came at the perfect time for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do feel better. Looking at my list now – I have the same problem as Jenn. My list still seems to be still long with my to-do’s.
    Enjoy Necker Island!

    • marie

      Read my response to Jenn above! 🙂

  14. Hi Marie,

    This was such a great post. I got the major things I need to do on paper and out of my head. I had a hard time sleeping last night as well. Sweet dreams tonight 🙂


  15. Eleanor

    I loved doing this exercise – especially the “meh”s – very fun crossing those puppies off the list.
    Have fun with your meeting!

  16. Margje van Weerden

    Awesome, that was exactly what I needed! I love this kind of ‘workshops’ that make it possible to implement the Tuesday inspiration immediately! Give us more of this stuff!!

  17. Great topic…close to my heart and the subject of an upcoming personal challenge in March where people can come along for a ride. I am constantly doing this exercise with all my to dos and ideas and reminders!

    Love it! Great Video!

  18. srp

    i’m really glad for the gift of this exercise but after doing the brain dump for 9 minutes and coming up with three pages of items / worries, i only was able to cross one thing out. i am actually just truly overwhelmed by things that are both within my control and can’t be disregarded with a “meh”. any advice?

    • marie

      Hi there! First of all, great job on completing the exercise (many people watch this kind of thing, but take zero action so they get zero results.)

      Please read the response to Jenn above. You likely need to schedule out your tasks and projects on the calendar, and then remember that you can’t do everything all at once!

      Keep us posted.

  19. Liz

    Good stuff, Marie! My list is still kind of long, but the exercise was great! I think I could do this with my daily to do lists as well. My only issue is there are some things I really should do, even thought hey are “meh”–for example, exercise or balancing my checkbook. What is your take on those items?

    • marie

      Great question Liz! I’d suggest two things:

      1. Make exercise fun by choosing activity you enjoy (dance, sports, etc.)

      2. On money: the more respect your wealth and treat it with care, the more you’ll create. Make it an enjoyable experience. Play some music. Get organized. Bless all the things that you pay for as you write your checks and keep your finances in order.

      Do you perform better with social accountability? Make a bi-weekly or monthly money date with a friend. Choose a set amount of time to get your money handled and check in with your friend as soon as you’re complete. Make a game out of it and I’m sure it will go from “meh” to “magical” in no time.

  20. oooh, crossing those things off feels realyl really good!

  21. I’m so glad to learn another simple yet powerful exercise from you, Marie! I had a hard time identifying my “meh’s” — mostly because I felt guilty about it. Like I should care more about those things. It’s eye opening, though, when I’m really honest to myself, to find out what I really care about.

    Thanks for yet another great video, Marie!

  22. Nathalie

    Cleared the mental clutter brillantly. Love the ‘MEH’ attitude!

  23. Erin Ashley

    Loooove the exercise, Marie!

    I had nothing on my list that was out of my control, and for a second worried that I’d done it wrong! It was a great exercise. Now i have a great list of things that will rock my world, and other than the dishes, will be a lot of fun. 🙂


  24. Hi Marie! 🙂

    Oooh, I loved this exercise when we did it in RHH Virtual last month, and it’s one I know I’ll come back to again and again! It’s a GREAT way to filter out all of those “shoulds” and other stuff that doesn’t really belong in my head. 😉

    And I agree with the other gals who mentioned PICS from Necker Island!!!! 😉

  25. awesome stuff, lady! slightly discouraged cuz much of my brain dump list remains–it’s not meh and I have control over the items. it’s time–i need more time! i don’t watch tv, etc. so the typical places that time *hides* are not tripping me up. my client/work load, is, however, and that’s a big issue for me. my biz model has to change–and soon! The brain dump was so good for me, though. i needed that.

    funny you mention obligation and shoulds. well, not funny ha-ha, but you know what i mean. i am writing a piece on SHOULD and just published a piece that deals with obligation called Toxic Waste Management for Jack Move magazine. check it out if you have a moment:

    you SO make me smile–keep bringing the good stuff!


    • marie

      Hey Shanna! I can relate…we’d all love some more time 🙂

      My suggestion is to get **super honest** with yourself about what’s MOST important. What on that list will give you the most bang for the buck spiritually, financially, emotionally?

      Prioritize those projects first. Then relax and remember that the real key here is to create and enjoy the process.


  26. sarah p

    your life rules.
    will watch video when not on an equinox computer.

  27. i get very overwhelmed very easily sometimes… what an AMAZING – SIMPLE – little exercise to do – just writing it down creates so much more room in my head 🙂 LOVE IT! enjoy the island… still getting snow in New England 🙁

  28. Uhhhh. Well, this didn’t exactly help me. You see, Marie, everything that I’m thinking about now, everything that is overwhelm for me is about my business. Things I need to do, that are all totally in my control. I just need 24 hours in the day to get them done.

    Thankfully, I just got off of a 4 month stretch in which I literally needed 36 hours in every day–I was doing 2 biz coaching stints (for me) and 1 personal coaching plus intaking info and also outputting info.

    So things are a log more relaxed for me. But still, I got a 1 and 1/4 page list of things that are overwhelming me and not ONE can be removed for the reasons you mention–out of my control or meh.

    So what’s a girl to do?

    • marie

      Hey Jan,

      I hear ya. Most of us have felt the exact the same about all we want to get done in our business.

      First, take an honest look at possible time sucks. Email checking and responding throughout the day, T.V., social media, and internet surfing are great places search for extra hours each day.

      Next, prioritize your list and start mapping out your 1 + 1/4 page tasks in your calendar.

      What’s overwhelming may be that you want to get this all done within 30 days.

      What if you changed your perspective and planned everything out over the next 12 to 18 months?

      • Marie, I loved the original exercise, but I had some similar issues as Jan, so I really appreciated these follow-up instructions. Thank you!

        …and now for another kind of brain dump:

        I’m grateful I’m at a point in my life where not much stresses me anymore–IF everything is moving along normally–but I do have an ongoing buttload of items on my to-do list. Some are pie-in-the-sky goals which don’t really have a set due date and some are legit tasks to propel me onto my next step (classes toward my master’s degree, etc.) which are static.

        I’ve gotten great at being realistic in spreading everything out and scheduling priorities in my calendar, but, every so often, I hit a week where EVERYTHING just piles up and I completely freak out: I can’t move anything anymore than I already have, I’ve already whittled away what’s nice vs necessary, I’ve got deadlines and school exams coming up on the same day and then, at the same time, some family or other emergency comes in and throws everything off, so I end up with, like, 64 hours of stuff that “needs” to get done in one day.

        So, what’s probably best is that, when this kind of situation happens, I’ll be sure to refer to this post/video; but, should I also just admit to myself that, on occasion, stuff might just pile up and I might have to sacrifice a day of fun or night of sleep to revamp and clean up the poop storm until I can get back on track? I think my biggest problem is that I get bummed that I couldn’t keep up with everything in the first place or “control” the emergencies that might have come up and thrown off my nifty list that was so clean and organized to begin with…

        How do you or others here handle those kinds of crazy weeks/days?

        • Lorraine

          I sure can relate. Sometimes it has been due to putting a project on hold to deal with a family situation. Overwhelmed due to not being able to do what I want. But realizing that this is where I am needed now and when the situation passes start taking action to clear the deck and ger back to projects or put systems in place to cope etter next time. Maybe something as simple as schedule to pay bills early so I don’t worry about missing if something happens

          It sounds like a lot happens at one time for you. Sometimes is all you can do us the essentials and rest assured the rest will be done later you have to write the exam but something g else may be do e later. May not thrill you but it will get done. It is the loving yourself through it that is tough

          Personally I have decided to put projects on hold while I clear the decks. Organizing and putting systems in place. No ore excuses. Get it done and see freedom to move forward.
          Hope this helps

  29. Brilliant Marie! Many thanks! 🙂

  30. Lovely, thank you so much. I love meeh (however you spell it) I am adding that to my brain dump list for sure. Thanks for some more white space.

  31. Amanda

    I loved this… I use something similar when I’m overwhelmed and the great thing about doing this exercise is that you get rid of the brain fuzz and get to go to bed at night with a relaxed and empty head and you just sleep like a log.

  32. Olga

    I think it may be very efficient if you follow all the steps! Thanks for a new method of clearig up!

  33. xi

    I like the ‘meh’ it’s so true we often do things which we are not really interested to do but still do it for whatever silly reasons. Meh meh meh !

  34. Awesome video! Thank you!!
    I ended up not having a lot of lines, but realizing that most things on my list were things I really wanted to do and that they were mostly things that were in my control. I just need to schedule them out over a few days rather than feel like I need to do them all, uhm, yesterday. Yeah, that’s not helpful.
    Thanks for helping me realize that!
    Would love to hear more about how you prioritize things on your list.

    Thanks again Marie xoxo

    • Vladimir

      This constant concern of all the things that we need to do is the biggest absorber of our time and effort.
      With regard to the sequence of doing things I follow two rules: on the one side I try to do things in order of priority and on the other side with a lot expectations for the period (latest thing go out first), even though they have lower priority (latest thing press on us stronger).
      To collect, control, manage, set priorities, analyze things I use such a good tool as

  35. Great simple-but-helpful video; especially love how the info is conveyed. And LOVE that outfit – absolutely adorable top!!

  36. Awww… I can BREATHE! So much on plate, so many thoughts lately! THANK YOU my dear for this beautiful exercise, was definitely needed at this moment! (Love when the universe delivers!) Appreciate you!!!

  37. Loved the video! Are you in my head? How did you know I was feeling overwhelmed? lol. Awesome vid, keep them coming!

  38. Thanks for posting this! It’s a great idea. I actually have an account with for journaling so I was able to just delete the ‘uncontrollable’ and the ‘meh’.

    I will be ding this daily to keep on track!

  39. Wow. I did not realize that I needed permission to cross off the “meh” items. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t do the exercise yet, but am planning to right after my next call in a couple minutes. Very specific people popped into my head though that have been wanting to schedule calls or meetings. I realize that I need to listen to my gut more when dealing with prospects. There are people I know right away are not a right fit or will be more work than they’re worth and yet I go through the motions anyways. Not a good use of my time and I am not the right fit for them. Thanks for another AMAZING video! xo

  40. Love it. So simple to do – it is just taking the time to do. A friend mentioned the other day not to worry about those things out of my control. Those items are now Off the List! Thanks as always!

  41. omg i have some much meh! thanks for bringing that to my attention 🙂

  42. Kristin

    Love it! Thanks. My favorite part is the “Meh.” 🙂

  43. I really need to do this with starting this business. I have so many things I think need to be done NOW!!YESTERDAY !!! or LAST WEDNESDAY!!!! I’ve learned a few things over the past two weeks. First I expect way to much of myself, and 2nd there are only 24 hours in a day and I need some time for me. I believe that this may help cull the list a bit.

  44. Dimple Arora

    Great exercise Marie! Nothing on this list is out of my control, but I was able to make a huge to-do list of 54 items that I can now work with to prioritize and schedule! A bit “overwhelming”! lol Now I’m able to chunk business vs. personal and “scheduling my life” was on my to-do list anyways, so this has set me into action for the next step! Thanks! And BTW, my inbox is flooding with emails these days…I’ve been unsubscribing from many lists and sometimes just deleting emails, but I always open the Tuesday Q&A from you! xoxo

    • marie

      Hey Dimple! Thanks for your feedback and so glad you got value from this. And of course, I’m thrilled you look forward to Tuesdays 🙂 We look forward to sending them out!

  45. Jamie Ann Hurley

    meh. another piece of great content, thanks marie! BTW-love the gray backdrop!

  46. If i liked it???? I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUV IT!!!! I did it at once and it was like a fresh breeeeeeeeeeze in my heart & head. Thank you so much!

  47. I realised that some of my overwhelm is that I’m subscribed to so many freakin’ lists and get so many e-newsletters that I don’t read. I already filter them into a folder (so they don’t go through my inbox), but I feel heavy trawling through all that STUFF, opinions and other ideas. I feel totally overwhelmed and it makes me feel uncertain about my business. I’m going to do a HUGE unsubscribe sweep.

    BTW Marie – I ALWAYS read your emails – they have great value and make me smile.

  48. Kelly

    Love love LOVED this!! YOU, Ms. Marie are a goddess of modern times. Thank you for All that you do for us. I stumbled upon your book a few months ago, looked you up, and was instantly “in love” with you (in a girl crush/I-wanna-be-like-Marie sort of way) and am SO thankful for your postings, exercises, Q&A’s and well…Everything!!! Thank you SO much for being you. 🙂

  49. Evamarie

    Dear Marie,
    Your vids are great and very helpfull! I work in Germany in the english section of a bookshop and discovered your website after reading your wonderful book – and next time I trim the window with self-help stuff, it will be there definitely!
    Will the book be translated and published in Germany any time soon? ‘Cause I have some dear friends to whom it could definitely help a lot. Sorry for any language mistakes, I tried my best…;-))
    Take care!

  50. I like it ;-D

  51. Thank you once again for knowing exactly what to say! Marie you truly help me keep my sanity 🙂

    When I looked back at my list I couldn’t believe how many items where crossed out. I’ve been filling my brain with so much garbage and I know that’s what causes me to get off track.

    I am putting “Creating Mental Whitespace” time in my calendar to make sure I keep overwhelm at a minimum!

  52. Hey Marie, thnaks for helping me FEEL I am by the ocean. I checked out Necker Island. Wow!

  53. Love it Marie!

    I do a in depth version of this exercise in my Power & Accomplishment course and it’s the exercise that I get the most positive feedback on. It’s really quite freeing because it gets us focused on what’s actually important to us and what inspires us. When you focus on the important “to-do’s” and the things that inspire you, you will reach your goals and the level of success you desire much faster.

  54. Thanks Marie! I stuck with you the whole time and the exercise actually worked. I’ve got it! Thanks so much

  55. Heather

    It is 2AM in California and I am tossing and turning and unable to turn my brain off as it churns, counting down the hours until I have to wake up. Six hours, five hours….four hours. Yikes! I pulled out my computer and decided to catch up on Q&A Tuesday and what do I see? The perfect solution! I have my journal in my lap and am ready to write….and then hopefully get some shut eye. Thank you Marie!!

  56. This is awesome! And totally calming. Thank you!

  57. Taking the “power” out of the word is a good start. Instead of OVERwhelmed why not be just “whelmed”. Let’s get our power back by choosing words that help us stay in control.


  58. Mary Saxon Hobbs

    Just watched your video, ” Creating Mental White Space.” Great ideas. I got rid of two yucky thing on my list. All the others appear to be “Obligations.”
    However,there was one on the list (spelled), Money, Money, Money. I could have crossed it of, except, I do need money.

  59. Rachel

    Hey Marie!

    What business mastermind event was it? I would love to find out more as I am working on started my own branded venture capital conglomerate organisation and would love to be involved in anything related.



  60. Tommie Kvaternik

    This is the best site for anybody who desires to find out about this subject. You notice so much its almost onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!

  61. Larissa

    Hey Marie.
    This exercise was soooo helpful! Being a teenager and trying to find out my future career options can be difficult at times. And I have to admit I sometimes overthink things (not a very positive affermation) but this exercise definitely helped me.
    I managed to find out what I can’t control and can control in my life and resulting from this I have a clearer view of my future goals and a clearer mind. YAY! you are such an insperational person!
    thankyou for your words of wisdom. x

  62. I may incorporate something like this with my clients, Marie. It’s brilliant! Thanks for re-viving it and tweeting it from the archives 🙂

  63. Marie, THANK YOU so much for this video workshop. I find that there are just so many things that I ‘want’ to accomplish and never ever get around to. I just completed the exercise except I went on for . . . maybe 20 minutes. Writing, scribbing, jotting down thoughts, words, feelings . . . let’s just say I wrote on both sides of an 8 x 11 sheet of paper.
    Fortunately, the majority of these thoughts were striked through and all I need to do now is work on tackling these relevant actions.

    Thank you again and I am so glad to be a part of this community.



  64. Ok I cheated, I didn’t pause the first time I watched the video. But this week has been so crazy that I watched it again, paused and crossed lots of lines.
    Thank you for this!

  65. Jovana

    Thanks for this exercise. I think the next time I’ll try a wall and sticky notes. I’ll pull off the things out of my control and the “mehs” and literally see the white space.

  66. alexandra borden

    Well this was IMMENSELY helpful

  67. alexandra borden

    thats a clever idea Jovana!

  68. I have to laugh at myself because this is about the third time I have watched this video! I frequently suffer from what mentor Lissa Rankin calls “overwhelm paralysis”…I literally put too much on my plate constantly, more than can be done in any given day, expect myself to “do everything perfectly & RIGHT NOW!” (even though I know that’s rather ridiculous), then get upset/made/beat myself up when I can’t perform to a ridiculous standard that NO ONE could! (have to laugh at myself here!!!)

    I found that I couldn’t even write for the full 10 minutes, I think I got 6 – 8 minutes in and I was “empty”, which is funny because all those tasks and to dos crammed into my head seems like SO MUCH MORE than it looks like on paper. I also found I wasn’t as worried about things I couldn’t control or even meh things (I had all business stuff…eg signs of procrastination… and only 1 meh thing). But it took a serious mental load off and I feel “clearer” and more able to get through what I can today / schedule things for later!

    Thanks Marie – love your vids & posts!

  69. GIC

    I just started out my online business, selling ipad cases and just went live. A lot of things are really going on my mind: creating real and loyal subscribers, maintaining and adding a few touches to my website, and making sales! This really helped me layout my day-to-day activities and prioritize. Thanks Marie!

  70. GENIUS!!! I started out feeling like ‘ I totally don’t even need to do step one’ (haha) then did steps 2 and 3 TWICE and now I feel as if a freakin mountain has been lifted from my shoulders! LOVE YOU!!!!

  71. Crystal Mary W.

    Marie – you are the bee’s knees. I’m falling in love with your brain! Thank you.

  72. LisaR.

    Love Love Loved this Workshop – thanks for sending us this our way!

  73. Tulia Lopes

    Thank you Marie for your ‘reminders’.
    Love your work.


  74. Thanks soooo much for this awesome exercise, you’ve really helped me make some creative space. I know how I need to spend my time now and what I’ve been wasting my energy thinking about. Spend about 10 minutes you said, I needed 45(!), there was so much to do clutter! Your video articles are always amazing, thanks again for helping me loads!

  75. OK one question, the things left that are not scratched out, THOSE are the things that are the priority? If so…..that exercise just left me with 3 things out of the 25 I had on my list, that need my immediate attention……OMG!!! Lot’s of MEH…..which means why am I doing it? I called those people and politely declined. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

  76. Patsy

    This is way beyond awesome!!!

  77. Good exerise to confirm my list is whittled down to the important bare bones. Thank you.

  78. Sevie

    Thanks Marie, I did cross 3 off my list leaving 19 things to do, I am so fed up of dragging this around like a dead body, great exercise, now know that I need to kick this in to touch over the weekend and will keep going until everything is done or actioned! Thanks

  79. Hi Marie,
    I saw you on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and I’ve been a fan ever since! Quick question: how do you make your daily schedule? Is there technology that you use, like an app or online calendar system? I’m looking for recommendations to help organize myself.
    Thanks for all that you do! Great videos!

  80. Thanks, Marie, for this useful exercise. I feel as if I have lots of things that I would love to cross off the list, but that I HAVE to do. It’s probably a problem that is fairly common for those of us who are working in one job, while trying to build our own business. Sometimes the responsibilities of our job leave little time and energy to devote to our true passion (our growing business). What happens when the “meh” stuff must get done and we feel as if we are drowning in “meh”?

  81. I can’t believe it it works ha, ha was only left with 6 things on the list of about 25 things that naaaaaaaaaaaages me daily. I love your videos hallelujah in my best singing voice 🙂

  82. Once again, you are here to help me see a better perspective on my business and my life. I am sharing your wisdom with my friends and family. You make this sharing fun! Thank you.

  83. As always, brilliant strategy, brilliant video – awesome tips. The one thing I would add to that remaining list is to prioritize what’s left. Identify which of those todo’s will lead you closer to the goals you have set out… then attack those ones first.

    Thanks for the boost of clarity!

    • Absolutely right Shelagh! In fact, how to prioritize can be a WHOLE other video in itself — so much to talk about there 😉

  84. Hi Marie, and thanks for bringing us back to this video. I’ve actually been going through the archives lately and watching what pops out at me, but I definitely needed to see this one.

    While I didn’t have anything on my list that was outside of my control, I had a sh*t ton of stuff that I really didn’t care about all that much. And since I’m always having new ideas for businesses and marketing and junk, I kept adding things to my list over just the past few weeks that are really ‘meh’ things. This video really helped me throw a lot of the junk out and look at what I really need to be focusing on. And as Ramit Sethi has made me realize, we spend so much time focusing on things that make us feel productive, but aren’t actually doing a damn thing for our business (or our life) — thank you for introducing me to him.

    Thanks again for being awesome. You’ve become a real mentor for me, and I appreciate that more than you can ever know.


    • Fantastic on all accounts Adana! Honored to have you here and so glad this exercise helped you clear the decks 🙂

      • Thanks, Marie! But I just realized your wording… Did you do that on purpose?

  85. Claudia

    I loved this exercise and while I did not spend the entire 10 minutes downloading from head to paper, all the items listed were practical To-Dos for the day, plus they were all in my control.

    Progress feels AWESOME!!!!! Thank you Marie.

  86. Marie, I wish I was as comfortable in front of a camera as you. I’m working on it, but you are the Queen of Smooth.

    I solve overwhelm everyday before turning the computer on. My #1 rule is: Never turn on the computer without a written list of priorities. Not only what must be done but also how long I will devote to that item. I set a timer and start project #1, when the timer goes off, I complete any important thoughts, cleanup my project mess and leave the computer for 10 minutes or so.

    When I come back I start project #2. Any item left over at the end of the day becomes project #1 tomorrow.

    I’ve got to say this works really well for me. Steve

    • Steve, making a list before getting stuck in the world WIDE web is so key, thanks for reminding us

    • Steve, how clever to set a timer! I love this concept – will try it out!

    • Awesome Steve – thank you for sharing. This approach absolutely works. And I have to say, timers rock.

  87. Great review especially for us virgos going Into our own “new year” 😉 I use post its to no end the night before or in the early morning when ideas flood in. If I have an early morning meeting, the late night post it and sleep helps me win ten times over every time.

    Also, on the note of goals and competition, is it better to compete against yourself than others? Keep the blinders on? Thanks for the review, the love, and keepin us in check. Xo

  88. I’ve got to be honest with you… this exercise SCARED me before. I did it once (yeah I know… once might not be enough) and stopped myself all the time, forgetting what it was I was thinking about just a moment ago.
    SO – I was tempted not to do it again… but girl I did! And this time it went way better!
    Sure – most of the things really are things I have to get done at some point (a lot of the has to do with cleaning our apartment… putting away bags from a trip, putting clean laundry in it’s place, putting up books in my bookcase…).
    BUT now all my thoughts are finally on paper!

    Next time I do this I will try to be a little bit braver. You see – I have projects that I’ve started that I DO feel “meh” about now but I can’t really back out of (since other people are involved). How do you (and you other girls) go around that?

    • Hey Lina! First — big props to you for doing the exercise again.

      1. I would suggest looking at your list and seeing which things you can delegate/hire out/barter out (cleaning and putting things away are easy wins).

      2. In terms of projects that involve other people. You have to investigate each project on a case by case basis, and ultimately trust your gut. But, I will tell you that 99% of things you initially say yes to are negotiable, especially when you approach them with honesty, compassion and truth.

      Put yourself in the other persons shoes and you may see creative ways to help them accomplish what they want, just without you!

      • Thank you so much Marie!
        1. I started cleaning right away. I think you’re spot on about “inner chaos creating outer chaos”. And it feels SO good to check those boring tasks off the list!

        2. I love the way you say it: “put yourself in the other persons shoes”. I think that can make a difference. Part of my confusion about this is that I started a project (with people I don’t know, music producers in other parts of Europe) with a “semi-clear” idea of how we’re going to work together – and now when I’m right in the middle of it I fear choosing ONE direction and really taking charge of the project since we don’t have secured funding yet.
        But you gave me a little “light bulb moment” here because I haven’t thought about renegotiating the terms and really taking their perspective.
        Again, thank you – as always, you rock! 🙂

  89. Marian Knowles

    Hi Marie,
    I’m fairly new here, so having you curate your videos for re-play over the next few weeks is perfect for me. I’m a “big idea” person, so when I did the exercises I found I wasn’t crossing things off. Then you said “put it on the calendar so you are not looking at the same items everyday” and I said “Ding, ding, ding!” So I’m taking my list, breaking down the Big Topics, like “business partnership,” into action items and scheduling them on my calendar. Other items that can be delegated, like scheduling movers for my son’s move out of the house (empty nest, yah!) did get crossed off the list. As always, I’ve taken away something of value from Q&A Tuesday. Thank you!

    • Awesome Marian! If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real. We LIVE by that mantra here. And of course, feel free to tweak any idea or exercise we share so that it works brilliantly for you!

  90. Marie, thanks for bringing this video from the past and reintroducing it to us. Even though I have seen it I think its amazing how fresh the information still is…Why? BECAUSE life goes on. Life has changed since watching the first time 🙂

    Ok, so I really love Boomerang in Gmail because I don’t have to respond to email right that second or I’ll forget. Boomerang lets me send it where I can’t see it and schedule a time and date when I want to see it again. For example, an important email to respond to but not for another 4 hrs (if I’m waiting for info) OR purchased plane ticket receipt which I don’t want getting lost so I let it appear a week before my trip. Cool thing is if I ever need to see any of these emails sitting away in Boomerang Land I can always do a quick search and it comes up.

    Thats my email overwhelm solution! 🙂


    Thanks for the great tips. I am going to try the app you suggested. That darn overwhelm snuck in to another area of my life… hehe 🙂

    • Yes!! I love Boomerang too Sandy — thank you for adding it here 🙂

  91. Marie

    Marie, I have a list that is within my control and that I do care about and it’s long! That is really overwhelming to me. So, what is left? I’m guessing prioritizing.

    • Pat

      Ok -I typed in my name as Marie instead of Pat! How’s that for overwhelm? 🙁

      • Oh Pat! We all do things like that — it’s OK and hopefully, this exercise will help relieve some of the pressure and get you on track. xoxo

  92. Axy

    Girl I you love you work! YOU ROCK!!!

  93. Great exercise!!!

  94. awesome video Marie!

    I use to track my goals and habits – works great for me!

  95. So the good thing is is that I have clear TO DOs on my list that I have control over and aren’t “meh”. Bad thing is that I couldn’t clear anything off. :/

  96. Thank for bringing this video back Marie. I have been feeling stuck lately because I have so much chaos en la cabeza and it translates into ZERO activity precisely because of overwhelm. Now that I’ve scratched off several items I feel like I am better equiped to prioritize and maybe make an editorial calendar off my list 🙂

    I feel like I’m ready to rock&roll again!

  97. Once again, delivered J.I.T.
    I find it difficult to remove items off of my list, as I am a big, “BitingoffmorethanIcanchew,” type of person.

    While this vid may be an “oldie, but goodie,” I needed it more than anything.
    Being creative can be fantastic some days, and exhausting on others.

    Thanks for creating and sharing such fab information, because you are truly helping more people than you know!

    p.s. Per usual, you look fantastic! Love the beach pic. Keep rockin’ Marie!

  98. Jen

    You are amazing. I just did this and it was so help and I have the list to things to focus, just like you said. Thank you for being awesome and content that works!!

  99. Great video and a really useful exercise. It seems however that what I worry about, the number of tasks that are causing me overwhelm, are things I want to do or are required of me (like doing my tax return). Maybe I don’t have such a bad life if I’m overwhelmed by things I want to do anyway. I think I just need to set myself a decent routine.

    Thanks again.

    • Great insight! I have the same conclusion about my list of tasks. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!

  100. Marie, your email message was correct, I had not seen this video. I just discovered your genius last year, around this time. It has been a pleasure and joy to receive your messages, many of which I have shared with my blog’s audience. I have actually done this exercise before at a workshop. It’s amazing how the presentation of information makes such a difference. YOUR presentation ROCK’d!

  101. Thanks so much for revisiting this one, I have not seen it yet as I just joined about a year ago. But this ironically fits into exactly how I was feeling today, thanks so much for the exercise, hopefully I can work through all of my ‘meh’s’ and focus on what’s most important!

  102. Lucie

    Great article! Everyone needs help! I discovered the power of virtual assistance about 8 months ago, and highly recommend for their outstanding service.

    I have a VA that handles both business and personal tasks, and she has freed up so much of my time, I can finally breathe easy!

    Thanks, Marie for the reminder!

  103. Hi Marie,
    I loved the way you organize your tasks and goals. I do a lot of that as well. The “meh” concept is awesome. I also call it: only do what is a “Hell Yeah!” to you. If it is a “meh” or a “Hell No!” it’s gotta go! Life is so much simpler and joyful when we only do what gets us enthusiastic about.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us,

    • Love the “Hell Yeah!” label!

  104. Oh my!
    The energy I put on scratching each of those items was amazing! Thank you!

  105. Marie,
    Thanks so much for reminding me of this again! I’ve seen it before and have currently been in list overwhelm. LOVE IT!!

  106. Sarah

    This is great advice, Marie. Short, easy and effective. Im going to be doing this and sharing it with others. Thank you!

  107. Kelsey

    Perfect timing, thanks Marie!

    I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed today. The list made it clear. I have lots of important stuff to do in the next week, but I think it’s now “figureoutable”!

    Thank you!

  108. I like Time Doctor as a resource to help with managing tasks and tracking time spent on each activity 🙂

  109. Interesting!

    I hadn’t seen this episode – so, good point, Marie, to lead us to it!

    As I took B-school, I knew of this technique. Good reminder! But what was the most interesting was the evolution of your videos from here to the last week’s – editing, style, production value, message, branding – everything you taught us in B-school.

    Awesome for me to see how consistent work gets us to sharpening our skills and refine our message.

    So thankful for this!

    Thanks again (and again, and again, and again….)!

    • Llyane, I totally agree with you! I too noticed the evolution of Marie’s videos. However, the BEST part was knowing that the aesthetics of them changed greatly, but the content was still rich and Marie was still true to herself and to us. I am so appreciative of Marie! Thank you for bringing that point!

  110. Hi Marie! Great advice, thank you! I have a TON of action items on my list still! Perhaps this is a good thing, which means I’m focusing my attention on actionable to-do’s instead of just stressing out about things outside of my control, or those that are considered ‘meh’. Something I use to help manage overwhelm is to schedule in to-do’s for the day in a calendar, that way I block time off for a particular task. I may need to move it around, or to the next day, but it always has it’s time allotment on my calendar! Thanks again! ~Alyson

  111. 1. How do you feel after the doing the exercise to create mental whitespace? How much were you able to clear off your list?

    This is essential! I dropped everything to check out this video and was astounded by the things I wrote AND crossed off. After the exercise, I feel more focused, lighter, and definitely “chirpier”! I even laughed at myself for allowing these thoughts/ideas to overwhelm me (ie. my mom calling me about getting a ‘real’ job) all this time and I mean MONTHS. I also realize now how important it is to put things in writing and then to re-read what you just wrote. The first time I crossed off things, on one of them, I thought, “Whoa! I wrote that?!” This exercise certainly gave me insight into what I have been feeding my mind, upon seeing on paper. GREAT EXERCISE, Marie! Thank you!

    2. Do you have any best tools, apps, or practices that help you stay out of overwhelm?

    One of my best practices that help me stay out of overwhelm is confiding in my oldest sister. She lives on the other coast and always helps me put things into perspective. She often times reminds me of how little my “big dilemma” really is. I am grateful for a true friend in my sister.

    • I do want to add one more thing: my list is still a bit long. Many of the things I wrote, I know I have control over them, so I didn’t cross them off the first time. The second time, many of them are important to me and not “meh” to me. I still do not know how to truly distinguish between “meh” and “yes!”

      For example, I kept: working out for a healthy body, veganism, write more songs, doing the right thing, and finding my next chapter. These are BIG deals in my life, so I can’t label them as “meh.” And there are so many more of them like these on my list.

      Would you consider any of these things “meh”? If so, why?

      • I don’t think any of those are “meh” Pagnia!

        • Thank you so much for your reply, Marie! I really needed a response and am so grateful that YOU, Marie, did. I swear, miracles are everywhere. Thank you!

  112. Great video, Marie! Starting up a new business can be overwhelming, but I totally agree that your inner world will reflect your outer world. It can be easy to get addicted to needing drama and overwhelm in your life!

  113. I’ll be honest, I’ve done this exercise a few times, but I didn’t do it this time. 1) I’m not feeling overwhelmed right now so I can just keep it in my back pocket. 2) *Reality Check*: I am feeling overwhelmed but it’s because I am expecting myself to get too many things done in too little time. (I’m notorious for not really connecting with how much time I *actually* need to do something.)

    Prioritizing based on goals helps me keep my to do list sanity. Eg. If it’s something that needs to be done for my business, but can wait, it does. If I don’t want to do it – I need to get on with the delegatin’. And I need to make my list from a state of awareness in the first place (which I try to). If it’s meh, it’s not allowed on the list, if I feel guilty or obligated I can write it down on the “someday maybe” so it’s noted and not encroaching on right now’s priorities.

    <3 <3 <3 the "MarieTV Reboot" with updated tools etc!

  114. Great video Marie. As a software entrepreneur who designs productivity apps for for solopreneurs, this is a topic that many of our customers struggle with. Our software, Actionplanr, is specifically designed to help them get out of overwhelm and get organized by helping them in 5 key areas of their workflow:
    1. project and task management
    2. goal setting
    3. creating step-by-step action plans
    4. prioritizing and organizing data, content, and notes
    5. work-life balance

    Keep rockin’ it!

  115. Tanaja Greene

    Hello, Marie
    I loved the exercise and I have a question. I want to combine from another of your videos how can I keep from feeling overwhelmed with small tasks everyday task and still keep it together for business I have two children it gets really busy.
    Thank you

  116. Just what I needed right now! The fall is quite busy for me and August is my idea time and these are great tools! I especially love the app-will definitely have to try this. I have scheduled things right into my filofax, my sticky notes and for some reason , I end up having things “undone” at the end of the week, month etc. If this keeps happening, I will have to have a conversation with myself about Priorities!

    Amazingly, though when I have passion about something it gets done. Period. I think I should start rating my “tasks”, “goals” etc by passion level because if there is no passion, it’s not happening!!
    Thanks as always, Marie, you’re the best!
    Your timing is impeccable.
    Erica Meloe

  117. I love it! I have been wanting to do that for a long time now but I just didn’t take the time to do it. I am glad Marie forced me to do it. Thanks!

  118. Well, the workshop was fantastic and I enjoyed it, but unfortunately I couldn’t get much out of it because everything that I vented about were things that I feel are in my control. My to-do list has much to do with building my online business and getting things done in order to finally start profiting in order to live the lifestlye of my dreams. It’s been such a difficult process and I just can’t seem to have any breakthroughs. Yes I am overwhelmed, yes I feel much inner chaos, and yes it is affecting my life on the outside as well.

    All the things I wrote have to do with tasks that need to be completed to build and establish my company. None of the things I wrote were considered “meh”…

    I wish I could find a coach that could help me figure out the specific niche market that I should be targetting in order to really begin to put my efforts to good use.

    I often ask myself, “how can I guide others to reach their maximum potential when I can’t even do it for myself?”

    Thanks for the workshop though, I will try it again after some time has passed.

    Keep up the excellent work Marie.

    Oh and btw…. I find it incredible that everytime I am going through something in my life your subject line in your emails seem to relate to what I need to hear!

    It’s like we’re in complete sync!


    Thanks for all you do,


  119. Loredana

    Hallo, first time I write although I’ve been following you, Marie, for long long time and find your tips funny and helpful. And hallo to this wonderful great community, it’s nice I can join.

    OK, I did my list and, like many others, there was nothing to cross out. First reaction: sigh! Second: wow! It means I’m getting very well focused on things I can control and I really want and need and no longer wasting my time. The list is pretty long but, with the exception of some very big tasks (that I can divide in smaller parts and partly delegate, like finally setting up my language services website and marketing material!) it’s not full of complicated things. So it will be great to see the red pen filling the page day after day, I guess.


  120. Thank you Marie for these sturdy reminders and practical exercise to clear the decks. I love the sum-it-up-and-release-it-energy of “Meh” – simple yet Brilliant! On the surface doing this seems to be about “to-dos”, or carving out more time in the day, but it goes much deeper. It’s really about what is REAL, what is INSPIRING, and getting to the crux of what is the TRUTH of our life and Self – what matters most to us is key to who we are, and uncovering what we actually need (in that moment, on that day). Yet there are also times when it’s simply about cultivating the Art of the Guilt-Free Nap…

  121. Eri

    Just what I needed. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders – even just getting the stuff out of my head and onto my paper. And thanks, Marie, for acknowledging that personal stuff can weigh on your ability to be effective as much as the stuff going on in your business. I wrote everything down. Still working on whittling and prioritizing – not my strong suit. But this is a start! Thanks!

  122. Love the idea of doing “throwbacks ” for the month of August! Perfect timing! The mini-workshop is short, sweet, and POW all at the same time! Thanks, Marie!

  123. Anybody in Denver looking for a bonded and insured personal assistant please check out our website! Task Rabbit is not in Denver, but we are!!! Let us help you clear your task list!


  124. Love this surprise and new type of video from Marie. Great tools to prioritize your life. Thanks for reminding me what’s important.

  125. Love this episode of MarieTV, I needed this right now. Work has been so stressful, I am trying really hard to learn internet marketibg so I can increase my experience and knowledge. Thanks for helping me get my head clesr!

  126. Lisa

    Thanks for the jump start, Marie. I think I’ve already been through a few activities like this in my head, even though I hadn’t seen your video before, my list started out with only those concrete things that are action items in my brain, so my first round of crossing off didn’t have anything to cross off! There were a few things I was able to cross off as Meh, even though a couple gave me a twinge, but the reality is, I won’t get to them any time soon. I do still have an overwhelming list, but it’s on paper, and they are all physical, tangible, actionable things I need to get off my a$$ and just do!

  127. Thank you for sharing this video from the archives…it’s still relevant and fresh!! I am a person that’s very much in my head and it allowed me to dump all the questions (personally and professionally) that have been floating around in my head causing worry and anxiety. I already feel better by having down on paper. I will definitely be using this exercise again to a) get more specific about tasks/to dos that are overwhelming me or b) to get out of my head. Plus, it was refreshing to see that your content and personality has remained the same–fabulously awesome and authentic, yet branding and looking polished (e.g. the intro and outro screens then vs. now) takes time. In other words, I need to be easy on myself and recognize/remember that all good things take time. Again, thank you and I look forward to the next blast from the past!

  128. love this. everyone could use a good old dump once in a while!

  129. Great exercise. Thanks, Marie!

    I have created similar exercises, and really love what you have done here!

  130. Absolutely in love with this exercise! What a fantastic way to whittle down that is worry worthy. A while back I swore to myself I would not stress over things I couldn’t control. For a while people thought that it was “cold” but really it’s just a necessary part of my needing to prioritize my to do list. I’m going to use this exercise the next time things start creeping up on me though.

  131. tsehai

    Thanks Marie. Sometimes a little push is all one needs

  132. Oh – I love how I seem to stumble across things like this when I need to hear it the most! Only yesterday I was having a tidy of my office and found 10 pieces of paper all with a variation of the same list – lol Had a good old laugh at myself 😀 … love your energy and simplicity ! Cheers for the resource tools, will make life so much easier!

    Big love from another head full of ideas creative x

  133. Thank you soooo much Marie. Perfect timing to juice up my boost. Particularly love your happy dance at the end! And the ‘meh’ stuff – yeah, I got that. Inspiring, funny and so real. Love you!

  134. I loved this! I just moved to another city and deal with the sensation of overwhelm daily! this literally saved my life! Thank you Marie!!

  135. Luizer

    Hi MArie,

    Thanks for the exercise, really what i needed to hear and do.

  136. Dionne Barrett

    Thanks alot Marie. I found this tutorial real interesting, because for the past week I have been prioritising on what it is that I really want to do. There are so many projects that I could do and have just narrowed the prospects to just two, with my pet project taking centre stage at this time and the other – within the next four months.

  137. Phyllis

    I love your exercise, but my list seems to be filled with lots of questions. That’s what keeps me up at night. I want to start my own video production biz, but fear the loss of income in the job I have now. Still have 2 teenagers I support with my hubby. My contract in my job is coming up in October and part of me wants to walk away and start my biz, but the other part feels I should stick it out another year and ask for more money. So as you can see this is neither “meh” or out of my control. It’s more like I’m stuck in the middle zone, and that drives me crazy. Any thoughts??

  138. Bonnie

    I absolutely Loved this!!! It really helped me see that many of the things I worried about were out of my control & what to concentrate on that I’m passionate about & what really matters!! I’m going to ask my husband if he would like to do this exercise as well!! It would help him tremendously!! He really worries alot about things that are out of his control!!! I know I can’t make him do it. That’s not in my control, but I can offer him & show him the exercises to help him!! Thank you so much for your time & training!!

  139. Hi Marie,
    Great video and perfect advice for getting over overwhelm! I use the brain dump and teach my clients to use it as well. My question is – which of the tools that you mention above do you use and why do you recommend them over others?

  140. I have a bunch of lines, but still a TON of To Do’s!! It helped to get a bit of the junk out, but still totally overwhelmed with how much I have to do (on my own!).

  141. This came at the perfect time. I was just thinking to myself that I really need to get more on my GRIND so that I can afford to hire someone on a consistent basis to handle some of the research and compelling facts needed for the projects I want to launch in 2014. WOW! these steps actually helped me to see that I needed to prioritize and focus on what’s most important right now instead of overwhelming myself with “all” of the tasks that need to be completed. Thank you so much Marie, as always you are such a blessing in my life!

  142. Love Love Love these productivity tips. This is HUGE! I talk to my clients EVERY day about how to whittle down their list and this makes it so much easier to have them create a list of actionable items that I can help them with. I can’t help them learn a new language, but I *can* help them put together a marketing plan for a product launch. So much easier to work from a list of true action items. thx 🙂

  143. Jamala

    Love it!

  144. If some one needs to be updated with hottest technolokgies agter that he must be
    pay a quick isit this site andd bee up to date daily.

  145. Love your videos and just straight and no bs. I love that. You are helping a great deal in my life with recreating things that I knew but havent been practicing.. thanks, connie

  146. I’ve been super overwhelmed by trying to run 4 businesses at once and this was really helpful! I think I’m going to have to do this exercise a few times though to really clear out my head 🙂

    • Hi Katie,
      You are a multipreneur like me (I have three businesses)! I have a travel planning service, a preclinical safety consultancy, and a productivity practice. The latter is directly relevant to the topic of this thread!
      What are the businesses that you run?

  147. Lisa

    Excellent exercise. Unfortunately, I seem to be my own biggest hurdle. Nearly everything I wrote down is within my control. I seem to be holding myself back either by inaction, fear (of failure or success, who knows?), feeling overwhelmed or not having clarity. Like one of your readers above, my list is filled with mostly questions.
    I seem to be paralyzed by indecision and even though I make lists and know steps I can take to get things done, make things better, move things along, I don’t do them or at least not in any significant way.
    I feel stuck and need to focus & clarity.

    I’ll keep reading and watching. 🙂

  148. Marie!

    What if all the things I’m concerned about are things that I AM passionate about and love–like developing my musical and dance skills while taking business classes and working a 9-5 and creating stuff for my web design clients? How do we keep up with all the important things without overwhelm?



  149. Marie!

    What if all the things I’m concerned about are things that I AM passionate about and love–like developing my musical and dance skills while taking business classes and working a 9-5 and creating stuff for my side business as a web designer? How do we keep up with all the important things without overwhelm?



  150. Marilyn

    This was an amazing exercise! I haven’t finished going through everything here, but I loved the mental whitespace exercise! I have found all of the information on your site to be very valuable!

    I’ll be coming back for more “head expansion” exercises. A clearer head and a clearer heart = clearer vision. I have mountains to climb, so I need great vision to be able to see in the distance!

  151. Kristina

    Thank you so much for the “mental white space” exercise. Getting stuff out of your brain and onto paper does help with the overwhelm. Thanks Marie. By the way, you are HILARIOUS!

  152. Great and simple, easy to follow tip!
    Thank you so much!!!

  153. Thank you Marie! I must admit I first thought that I already had enough clarity about the things to be done (even though I was feeling a bit overwhelmed) but I decided to give this exercise a go and I’m very happy that I did. I have much more clarity and feel more excited about the things to be done. And I did leave out a few things from my list that probably wouldn’t have taken me to anywhere. Thank you 🙂

  154. What a great exercise! I did this twice, once for work and once for home and went from 2 pages down to half a page of immediate action items.
    Although for work I did add one more section and that was for “passing the buck” items that could be given to my team to work on. This is definitely going to become part of my monthly office “clean-up” routine.
    Thank you!

  155. Huzur

    Wouw i joust realized, that it is all in my control, i joust need to get my nice littel but from the comfortzone 😀 and startttt…. Thank you for the great Video and inspiring me! <3

  156. Okay this video just changed my life, for real.

  157. I am recently certified in Nutritional Therapy and I have been sitting at home really stuck on how to move forward with this career change for which I have so much passion. I no longer have the structure of school to keep me on track which has been a real struggle for me. I have started a business before which is still successful 15 years later but it is my husbands business and his dream. Now that I am able to work on my dream I sit here and watch the clock go by each day. I am dealing with health issues at the same time so I can’t figure out if that is my issue or if it is the scariness of putting myself out there for all to judge. I have struggled with that my whole life and while my husband is super supportive it has still been a struggle for me because I am getting in my own way. I have had a headache and “heavy” head for the last three days and this exercise lightened it up for me a bit.

  158. Jenn

    Hi Marie!! Thank you so much! Seriously, this is one of the most helpful tools I’ve EVER used and it is so simple and easy. I’ve been staying up late nights worrying about things I can’t control. and time to get rid of those “mehs” that are just not gonna happen. Sending you a gigantic virtual HUG!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Jenn! We’re so happy to hear this workshop was helpful — especially getting rid of those “mehs.” Huge virtual hugs right back! xo

  159. Great advice! I love this simple exercise:) It’s so helpful to just stop and take a few minutes and get everything down on paper in front of you. Crossing things off is even better;)
    Thanks, Marie!

  160. WKD

    THank you MARIE for this brilliant way of knowing what things to do from this constant long disturbing list in my mind.
    Thank you for staying consistent at MARIE TV and creating life changing videos.

  161. Great! Just don’t try to fix things out of your control!

  162. I totally agree, time passes very quickly. We have to ask ourselves what time we have spent on what they really deserve. Anyway, you have to balance your life with healthy health and getting enough sleep. Thank you

  163. I’m laughing at myself because every time the video asked us to pause I just ate another spoonful of ice cream! I feel myself resisting this because I take pride in my to-do lists, I still in many ways identify as someone who is “busy” (although I’m trying to shift that word to a more positive idea of abundance) and I can’t seem to let go of my eagerness to do everything on my own. I don’t trust other people to help me because “I know best” (yeah right) and I simply can’t imagine there being any “meh” on my list because I would like to think I’m smarter than that. How silly. Guess I will just have to go back and actually DO the exercise, not just watch the video. Imagine that! A tool that I like it the “Get to Work Book Project Pad” and good old iCal.
    P.S The Necker Island link isn’t working!

    • Hailey – Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing, Emily! You’re so not alone. It’s awesome that you’ve found some tools and systems that help you stay on track. Keep in mind, it’s always about “progress, not perfection”. We hope this video sparked some new ideas for you to try!

      We appreciate your eagle-eyes finding the missing link, too, so our team can fix that. In the meantime, you may enjoy Marie’s interview with Richard Branson here:

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