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She’s got one of the rarest forms of cancer on the planet, a hot pink streak in her hair, and this week her new book Crazy Sexy Diet went straight to #1 on Amazon.

Over the past year, Kris Carr and I have had quite a girl-crush, soul-sister kind of love affair. We have multi-hour throw down sessions about love, relationships, dogs, business, marketing, publishing, life, creativity, dance, money and of course, health.

There’s no one I trust more when it comes to the subject of health and well-being than Kris Carr. She’s my personal well-being coach and I am absolutely in love with her new book!

In the video below, I share one of Kris’s concepts about “What’s Your Sh*t Pickle” and ask Kris why she feels every entrepreneur should get a copy of Crazy Sexy Diet.

Where to buy it: you can order it from Amazon (though it may be back ordered) or check out Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

Pretty awesome, huh?

One more thing about CSD and why I wholeheartedly recommend you buy it now.

It’s hilariously funny. Like LOL kind of funny.

Take wildly entertaining prose with OMG-I-can’t-believe-that’s-true-health-insight, recipes, checklists and a killer 21 day cleanse and it’s no wonder this book is a runaway bestseller.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

And if you dig this sort of thing, share it with your friends and family.

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  1. Love love love this Marie. I love the message this woman is putting out there. She’s inspiring, awesome and cool and I was overjoyed by her presence at RHH. Her story is why I do what I do. I want people to get it – they don’t have to die from cancer – and that nutrition (in all forms ) is at the root of your survival. Good stuff ladies 🙂 Keep rocking it!

    • marie

      Thanks Angela! We will certainly keep the love train going.

  2. Love Kris Carr– thrilled to see you interview her here!

  3. Ruth

    Thanks Marie!!! I bought it immediately on my kindle. Cant wait to dig in! xo

  4. Kris (and you, Maire) are an inspiration to working women in so many ways there are barely words to describe. So let me just thank you & Kris both for being so darn REAL. Can’t wait to read DSD – nothing like the immediacy of health issues to laser focus one on the things that do (and perhaps more importantly DON’T matter in life). Big karmic hug ‘o gratitude for all you do.

    • marie

      Hooray Manisha!!!

  5. Just bought the book today- GOOOOO Kris GOOOOOOOO!!!!

  6. Andrea

    I got it already and referred it to 7 of my friends too!!!

    • marie

      rock it Andrea!!

  7. Marie, I keep this book with me all day and lay it next to my bed at night.
    Day 2 of the 21 day cleanse!
    Thanks for spreading the CSD goodness.

  8. Yay!!!! Thanks Marie & Hooray Kris!!!!

  9. Eleanor

    Great stuff!

  10. And yep! It’s out of stock on amazon…

  11. Thank you Marie forgetting the word out on the IMPORTANCE of our health and well being. Kris Carr I look forward to your book… you both are sweet hearts and I TOTALLY LOVE Sh*t Pickle!!! Hehe Too Awesome!!!

  12. Could there be a more gorgeous and spunky wellness warrior leader for us all???

    Love you Kris, love you Marie.

    The book is juicy and real and each page is overflowing with gorgeousness. Kris inspires me to do what I do with women each day, keep it real and help us each get out of our own sh*t pickles.

    • marie

      That’s right Hannah!!

  13. I think i about fell off my chair when I read that as well— LOL…

    TOooooo funny!! :))

  14. Just bought sexy,cray,diet on my vacation in Flordia. Im from Denmark and have allready introduced both you and Kris Carr on Facebook and can see that people are passing it on. Would love to make a skype interview with both of you for my podcast talkshow. My email is [email protected] I know I can help to introduce you to the Danish audience. Im a motivational speaker. Lots of hugs Gitte

  15. Joany

    Getting the book today and looking forward to join the cleanse group!
    This book seems to be very juicy!

  16. Dana

    This book is already changing my life and I absolutely fell off my chair when I read SH*T PICKLE. I’m so glad you are putting it out there for everyone who may otherwise not have come across it. Love you.

  17. Hi Marie,
    I saw Kris on GMA and was enamored with her story and her book. Excellent to see her here on your blog too! Waiting for the book to arrive as I’m writing!

    Am really loving your videos and watching your progress! You are rocking, woman! 🙂


  18. Jamie Ann Hurley

    Started reading the book last night. Love, love it! So glad to hear there’s a 21- day-adventure-cleanse book club going on. Thinking I need to join.

  19. Downloaded this to the Kindle for iPhone! WooHoo, she rocks! Thanks Marie!

  20. OK- so my Sh*t Pickle is that I am WAY over weight and have been having a hell of a time taking it off. Thanks for sharing a bit of CSD- going to go hunt down a copy now!!!

  21. Elizabeth Barker

    I have purchased all of Kris’ books. Started Crazy,Sexy, Cancer and reviewed her UTubes interviews. I wished I had this information for my mother who passed away in July, but I do have it for my cousin who is handling her cancer/remission in warrior mode.
    Kris’ time at RHH impressed me and gave me incentive to pass information on to my friends and students. That they can be healthy, happy, and hot!

    Go Kris and Marie!!!!!!

    Thanks for all you do, all the information, and just for being you.

  22. Jennifer Bernstein


    I’m so grateful to you and Kris. You super-fine ladies are helping me live a JUICY (in all senses of the word) life.

    Last summer, when I started staging a revolution in my professional life, I started thinking about people who have inspired me. I remembered being so impressed by Kris’ documentary, so I watched it again and checked out her site. At some point she mentioned you, so I started checking you out.

    I love your work!


  23. It’s so great that you’ve gotten together with Kris. She’s been a wellness warrior for me for years and has transformed my life!! …even though I just met at her book signing at Jivamukti on Monday!
    I LOVE her to bits and she is the reason I know about YOU!!!

    Thanks for showin’ the girl love!!!
    As always …you rock!

  24. Hi Marie!

    Great little interview with Kris – I’m definitely going to pick up a copy of the book now, and heading over to Kris’s blog to learn more! 🙂

  25. Love your blog, it’s so much fun, I first heard of you when you were working with Ali brown. You were the most fun member. I love what you’re doing and how you are putting yourself out there. I will be getting book the book now. I can’t wait to start on the 21 day cleanse, after eating so much this Christmas. I’m ordering 5 and running a competition on my site to give some lucky winners. Can wait to announce me new giveaway

  26. Marie!!

    I went to her book signing at Barnes and Noble (upper west) the other night and am rip roarin’ through the book. It is sooooo good. She is beautiful (inside and out) and inspiring I am totally juicing and going just veggie (for the next few weeks at least.) Feeling G.O.O.D.

    I mentioned I am working with you and her face LIT up!!

    You both are loved!


  27. I love you guys. That’s all I have to say for right now 🙂

  28. Hi Marie
    Thanks for the great video!! Got the book 2 days ago and every page is a complete inspiration!
    New York Time best seller list will be here in no time 🙂

    YAY Marie, YaY Kris!!!

  29. Christina

    Just picked up my copy at B & N in Burlington Vermont. Last one on the shelf! I sat in the parking lot and LMAO for 15 minutes! So excited to read.
    Love! Love! Love!

  30. Hey lovely Marie!
    Thank You for this interview. You are just so lovely and awesome.
    I LOVE what Kris is doing.
    We need more people doing this in Australia as well.
    If anyone wants a holistic approach to bettering their body and health –
    go to He’s got the most amazing diet tips and I’m
    such a huge fan of his.

    Thanks again Marie – you always reel me in to your blog somehow,
    even if I’m feeling a little ‘meh’ and don’t feel like paying attention. 🙂



  31. I LOVE Kris! WE have the same mission…to spread the healthy, conscious living message and plant based whole food diet message – yeehah! Love her book!

  32. Huge fan of Kris! I am currently reviewing The 4 Hour Body but I think I am going to do this one at the same time. Great interview.

  33. Hey Marie,
    I just got Kris’ book & I LOVE it & have shared it already w my daughter & clients.
    & Marie, love you,too!

  34. She is simply glowing!! and comes across as an amazing role model. I’m off to check out her site. YAY!

  35. kris carr

    The love here is truly crazy sexy! Thank you my dear soul sista sparkle puss Marie and thank you Lady LOVES! Dang. The shit pickle never sounded so funny or looked so hilarious! Um, seeing it animated made me fall off my chair… Yeah, that’s how Marie rolls. She always take it up a notch-a-roo!

    Amazon is sold out (but they’ll have more books by tomorrow 1/21) – B&N still has stock though. My word. CSD is catching like wildfire thanks to YOU!

    Peace & veggies… x! k

  36. This is cool. I totally respect what you guys are doing and I love love the health aspect. Rock on!

  37. Total ditto on the crazy sexy girl crush! That book will soon be in my hands as I know it is a birthday gift on it’s way! Can’t wait for the yumminess! Kris, I am so holding the intention of NYT #1 for you. Our country needs you bad. Thanks for all your inspiration! xoxo

  38. denise marie

    Read this amazing book a couple of weeks ago. WOW! Thanks for the video!!

  39. I will DEFINITELY pick this one up for myself and my clients.

    Thanks for writing this book Kris!!!

    I already do an amazing cleanse on-going daily AND always looking to tweak things.

    NYC Healthy Chick

  40. Thanks for sharing this Marie. I can’t wait to get the book!


  41. On it, getting the book and love the shit pickle it’s spot on.

  42. Hey Maria!
    Love your vlogs and thanks for bringing the amazing and awesome Kris Carr in on your gig! I got a cool deal where I got $20 in books for $10 from Amazon…SO I bought Crazy Sexy Diet and your book too!! So I will be crazy sexy and make every man want me all at once! (not that I’m not already!) How RH&H is that?? 🙂

  43. I absolutely ADORE Kris!!! I saw her documentary and was just floored by how resilient she is and just full of life! I will definitely support her and purchase this book bc I already know without reading it that it’s AMAZING b/c she’s AMAZING!!!!

  44. Melissa

    love, love, love the video!!! I preiview the C.S.D- now have to purchase it!
    and Sh*t Pickle…….is so great!
    Thanks Kris & Marie!

  45. Hey Marie,
    YES! I love, love, love Kris’s book. A vegetarian for years myself, her book and ideas are really kicking my act up multiple notches. I loved meeting her at FHH Live and have been upping my game ever since.

  46. Hello Marie, loved the sh*t pickle concept! GENIOUS!!! 🙂 I so wanna buy the book the right now, do you know if there is any electronic way to get the book (I mean kindle or any way I can get an ebook copy) I’m asking because I just checked on and there is no kindle edition available.

    Thank you much!
    Best wishes from Peru 🙂

  47. Kris Carr

    Thanks everyone for the Crazy Sexy Love! Karla – You can grab your copy of Crazy Sexy Diet on Kindle here: xo Kris

  48. It was a wonderful woman, I liked the message she transmitted. I believe this is an inspiration that will help other women to overcome the situation to live better and happier. Love Marie

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