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Over the weekend I was in Scottsdale Arizona at Jeff Walker’s PLF event – which was simply fantastic.

Jeff is a great teacher, a brilliant marketer and a super nice guy. I love how important his family is to him.

I cannot emphasize enough how darn important it is to get out to business conferences. The insight, inspiration, and in-person networking are priceless.

I had a chance to hang with one of my dear friends and business mentors, Joe Polish. I roped a bunch of us into going to a haunted house. Yes, I am a zombie geek.

Shameless plug: If you haven’t yet registered for RHH Live – do it now because we’re over 70% sold out.

We have a ton of brilliant ladies flying in from all over the world – Cambodia, Scotland, England, Spain, Australia, all across the US and Canada and YES a few smart guys have registered too.

During the PLF conference itself I took a boatload of notes. All golden nugget type stuff that will add some zeros to my bottom line.

Here are two big take-aways that you can apply to your business now.

1. Take customers objections head on.

Potential customers always have reasons why something won’t work for them. Those reasons are what stops them from buying. They’re thinking this won’t work for me because…

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I’ve already spent XX dollars on all these other solutions and nothing works.

You need to enter the conversation that’s already going on in their head. Tackle customer objections straight on in your marketing.

For example, if you’re selling something that involves technology and a big customer objection is that “I’m a techno-idiot so this probably won’t work for me.”

You need to tackle that objection head on and prove otherwise.

Offer case studies from happy customers who are also “technically challenged” and have great success with your product.

Show screencasts of how “plug and play” it is.

Draw an analogy like “If you can send an email, you can do this!” Bottom line is that customer objections are already there. Tackle them head on and watch your sales soar.

Action Step: Go through your products and services and list out all the objections you can think of.

Talk to customers and find out what their hesitations were.

Then take those objections head on in your marketing! Adjust your sales letters, videos and testimonials to directly address every objection your potential customers may have.

2. They come for the content, they stay for the relationship.

This priceless nugget was from my friend Dean Graziosi (who helped me get Make Every Man Want You sold to a big publisher and it’s now in eleven languages – thanks Dean!)

Dean says, “Think of your list like your family and you want to protect them.”

So what exactly does that mean?

That means you remember that every single person on your list is a person. They are not a “lead” or a “number.”

This is about deeply honoring the relationship you have with the folks on your list.

How do you do that?

By giving away valuable free content on a consistent basis.

By being grateful for every single person who has graciously given you her time and attention by signing up for your newsletter.

It’s about putting heart and soul and thought into that relationship and treating each person like gold.

It’s also by not promoting sub-par products or being a JV for every Tom, Dick and Harry that asks you to “blast” your list.

Funny aside. Dean shared that his staff is not even allowed to say the word blast.

Think about it. When was the last time you wanted to be blasted by anything?

Action Step: Take a look at your communication strategy with your audience.

Are you protecting them? Do you communicate consistently?

Do you share content that inspires, educates and nurtures them – just like they were family? If not, make a change now.

Remember, they come for the content, but they stay for the relationship.

Ok, I’m off to shoot some videos with a few entrepreneurial ladies here in NYC.

But I’d love to know your thoughts on these two nuggets.

Leave a comment below and please share with your friends if you found this post useful!

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  1. Interesting stuff. #2 is great and so, so true. I try to use people’s names as much as is natural with a lot of thanks along the way. And not promoting every Tom, Dick and Harry is a message I want to keep hearing.

  2. Marie, you guys rocked at PLF Live. I rank you and Dean up there as some of the top presentations. I really love your approach to making it FUN. My business is energy efficiency – a very dry topic. We are hard at work thinking of ways to make products we sell (the learning) and doing for the client FUN.

    Dean has me rethinking the whole sell them a $39 book and move them through the process until after 6 months, they are buying $5000 coaching from you. And his approach is dead-on, treat them right, deliver a great product and they will follow your lead.

  3. Hi Marie,
    I’m pretty new here. This is fabulous information – I especially love the section about ” come for the content and stay for the relationship.” I think my takeaway is you have to really be talking to “each” person individually when you are writing articles or shooting videos. Make it personal, make it real and make it valuable.
    Thanks for the info,

  4. Hey Marie,

    Great post. Makes a lot of sense! Love that they showed your video. I took your advice from RHH and ate chocolate naked in bed on video to promote my Eat Chocolate Naked Week. It was so much fun and I felt alive while doing it.
    This might be a silly question but you seem to be always going to marketing events and such…what is the best way to find them?

    Lots of love,

    • Good point, Kimberly!
      I’ve asked myself this question more than once: Where are those networking events everybody talks about? How do I find them? Is there a section in the newspaper called “Great networking event for your niche with super inspirational people”? Would love to know where to look for them! Thanks.

      And Marie: Thank you for the two nuggets! Especially the first one is exactly what I’m needing right now, because I’m writing my first sales letter (Yeah)!

      Love you,

      .-= Hannah´s last blog ..10 Dinge- die ich an meiner Tochter liebe =-.

      • Elisha

        Great stuff Marie! I love Jeff Walker, awesome to hear you were there PRESENTING! Sweet!

        Best takeaway: handling the objections head on! I’ve been working on this lately for my upcoming product, and cannot stress enough how important this feels and how awesome when you get it feeling GOOD, ya know? I love stepping into my client’s heads, and talking to them as if they are a real person (as if?!) is SO MUCH MORE FUN!

        Kimberly and Hannah – Probably the BEST way to know about these events AND get some great free content is to start opting in like CRAZY to all the free pre-launch webinars, teleseminars, eBooks etc as you can. There’s Jeff Walker of course, John Carlton( copywriter guru), Robert Grant (Facebook marketing guru), Perry Marshall, Sean Malarkey and Lewis Howes (LinkdIn and Twitter gurus), Rick Schefren….OH and Eben Pagan, the original online marketing mastermind. (Notice how they are all MEN!?? Ugh! LOL. That’s why I LOVE YOU MARIE! We gotta take our place amongst these men in the online guru/mogul world, riiiiight?!)

        I am on so many lists I lose track…but they are AWESOME to watch and learn from (not all of them, but then it’s also good to learn what NOT to do, or what you don’t like).

        From the free content to seeing how they structure their blogs or product launches, email sequences etc, and of course you’ll hear about ALL kinds of events and trainings, both in person and via web. You only have to get on two or three of these people’s lists and they’ll start referring affiliates to you…I opt in to almost everything, just to learn a little. If it’s gimmicky, annoying or not serving me, I just unsubscribe.

        Hope that helps! Just google their names and you’ll see all kinds of websites and info…


        Thanks Marie!
        Have fun makin’ that video!

        • Jamie Ann Hurley

          I’m in the same boat Elisha. I get so many emails from being on the same kind of lists. The information is great but it can bog me down if I don’t keep up with it! I need a better system…sigh.

          Maria – I’m new here and am so happy I found you! Great nuggets and I love the analogy of treating your list like family. It IS that precious. Great reminder. Elisha is right…we need more women like you among the online marketing elite. Surely there’s room! 🙂

          Thanks for paving the way and sharing!

        • Thanks Elisha! That helps a lot!

          • Elisha

            Sure thing Kimberyl!

            Just watch out for overwhelm! Start small…opt in to one or two people’s stuff that makes sense for your niche and then see what/who they recommend to you.

            Google them and see what resonates with you! Happy learning 🙂

          • Elisha

            Sorry for the name mis-spell! 🙂

        • Thank you, Elisha!

          That’s a good idea. I will also have a look at local magazines.

          Have a great week,

          .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Gewinne 1 Stunde Beratung! =-.

        • Elisha – Great idea with opting in for good free info. Sean Malarkey has the best info – definitely opt-ion to his list 😉

          In all seriousness – thanks for the shout out!
          .-= Sean Malarkey´s last blog ..13-370 things to consider when using @PayPal =-.

          • Elisha

            Hey Sean, fancy seeing you HERE! I’ve loved your stuff, so you earned the shout out 🙂 And…I just got sucked into your blog thanks to that catchy @paypal tag, (I totally know what you are talking about there, great post with the play-by-play!) I’ll probably catch you again…sometime, somewhere!

    • Oh dear. Have I MISSED Eat Chocolate Naked Week?? How did this happen!? Do over, please!!

      (And, of course, great tips, Marie! #2 is spot on.)


      • JobJenny! Fancy seeing you out here! Love it. Kimberly’s planning another ECNW for next year — thank goodness. It was so much fun! 🙂

      • Hi JobJenny! Eat Chocolate Naked Week will be back next year! 😉

  5. Hi, Marie! I am so glad to hear what you say about treating customers like family. I do, but now my list is not huge. I’m so happy to hear that you can treat your list so well, even when there are 1,000s on that list, AND be mega profitable. Hugs from Charleston, SC.
    .-= Laura Camacho´s last blog ..How to Receive More than What You Paid For in Life =-.

  6. Amy

    What a great reminder from Dean. Taking the word “blast” out of our vocabulary speaks volumes I think. And “protecting” your list really changes the game I think. I will take both of these lessons to heart. GOOD STUFF!

  7. Hi Marie,
    I heard wonderful things about your presentation at Jeff’s event from one of his Platinum product launch managers, Jane Tabachnick. She gave me the heads up on your November event in NYC and wants me to attend with her. I’m trying to swing it!
    All the best,
    .-= Merlyn Sanchez´s last blog ..My love-hate relationship with blogging =-.

  8. Marie, dahling,
    Sometimes I think that you live in my head. All the things I think about, you write about. How do you do that?

  9. HI Marie,
    I think both of these tips are awesome. The first one is so important and I think it can be that direct. And you gave about 10 great suggestions in that paragraph about how to do it. You can just say, “you are probably thinking this is really expensive..” but you can also model people in the same situation who had great results. And in the end you really are helping them because you know what you give will help them.

    The second one- I need to take a good hard look at. I still feel like I am bothering people. I need to just bite it, let people unsubscribe if they feel bothered, and give 100%+ to the people who do want to share in my discoveries and expertise. The thing is while I get the family analogy, I don’t share eagerly everything I know is healthy and great with my family. I respect where they’re at and let them know what I’m up to.

    “It’s about putting heart and soul and thought into that relationship and treating each person like gold.” Love this. And it is easy to forget that cyber people are real people sometimes, because for me online can still seem surreal.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post! Wish I was going to be in NY!

  10. Love the tackling customer objections tip! I definitely need to address this in my copy. Also thanks for mentioning Dean Graziosi – my husband and I are real estate investors and he’s got some great information! xoxo, MC

  11. Hi Marie

    It was so good to catch up and chat on our trip from the Airport to the hotel. I’m continually impressed with your energy and enthusiasm for everything you do. Looking forward when you come down to Australia.


  12. Hi Marie!

    Love these two insights! 🙂 In particular, the second one jumped out at me – the part about RELATIONSHIP and treating them like GOLD. Love that! And I’ve seen it work from the perspective of a customer/subscriber – the people that I pay the most attention to are the ones who really give great value and let me know that I am important to them! 🙂

    Thanks for the good reminder on this – I’m going to be careful to put more thought into what I’m sending out to my subscribers, what I’m putting on my blog, and how I’m showing appreciation to my customers and subscribers. 🙂

  13. But the word “blast” is 80’s speak for a good time. ; )

    Yes, I TOTALLY protect my list, and I swear they can feel it. I’ve even had to turn down family members that have wanted access for their business wares that I didn’t feel were a good fit. I love my people!!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Kettle Cuisine Winners! =-.

  14. Hey Marie! I’ve been following you for a while, but this is my first time commenting. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your sassy, entrepreneurial, fun/ny, hot/happy everythings! You make me laugh, always have a great tip or perspective to share… and are simply a true inspiration!

    Be sure to drop me an email if you’d like to set up a RHH LIVE here in beautiful Santa Barbara! Love to have you! Plus, there is an awesome Women’s Festival (conference/exhibition) event going on March 4-5, 2011 celebrating International Women’s Day. Would you to jet out to the American Riviera and be one of our speakers?? You could combine it with a trip to LA… 😉 Pencil it in. Something to think about.

    Have a fabulous Halloween Weekend!

    PS: I was totally intrigued and wanted to submit a vid-vid-vid-video for your NY RHH Live, but I’m not quite poised to do so. Working on getting my hot little duckies in a row. I’ll be back around… Cheers!

  15. Thank you for sharing this. It’s true and something I’ve been realizing (the hard way) lately. It comes down to, how do I want to be treated when I’m a customer? Then that’s the same level of care I should give my own peeps. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the most basic actions. And yet…it’s those basic actions (protecting your list) that keep you in business. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing those nuggets.

    .-= Shay´s last blog ..The importance of believing youre all that and a bag of chips =-.

  16. Seriously great nuggets, Marie – you have a gift for zooming right in on key actionable takeaways. Found these super helpful, in particular….

    Pointer #1: What’s so great about this is that when you address customer concerns head on, it also forces you to make sure you are really meeting their true needs.

    Pointer #2: Bless you for emphasizing the importance of not abusing the trust of the people who have chosen to join your tribe, in a world of overwhelm that protection is vital.
    .-= Manisha Thakor´s last blog ..5 Ways To Eat Out For Less =-.

  17. Pat

    As always Marie, you always get me thinking.. its all about treating your people/tribe as you would like to be treated. I am always trying to be as authentic to myself as I can be in my business and that is very much linked to the way I treat my clients and my followers. I am very grateful for all the content that you are putting out there , Thanks for all your help.

  18. Christina

    Wonderful advice, Marie! I was thinking about how to apply it to my situation, since I’m starting a new business and don’t even have a list yet. For the past two weeks I’ve been finding it very hard to find the time to work on my web site, and I realized a great way to look at this is to think about the responsibility I have to FUTURE clients to get my web site together and get things up and running. It’s a great frame shift to think of motivation in that way–thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Timely tips, Marie! 🙂

    I love the first one. I think I let people walk away with the money excuse wayyy too often. I know I can help them, I know what actions they need to take, and I can see they’re scared of change, and I just let go. I’ll focus a little more on those objections.


  20. This is a great post, Marie! There is so much great information there! Thanks for sharing it with us. The part that sticks out to me the most is to think up all of the objections that you can and be ready for them. Being prepared is very important and it gives a great impression to the people with the objections.

    .-= Stacy´s last blog ..How to Become More Productive- Part One =-.

  21. I love what you wrote- they come for the content but stay for the relationship. Of course that’s the end goal is to build a list but you need a quality list not just any list. It’s best to have 10 people that actually pay attention to your stuff than 1000 who don’t. Thank you for reminding us of this key point.

    Awesome some stuff!!

    Janette Stoll

  22. Awesome Marie especially after yesterday’s b-school call. I love both of these steps and will put them into action. I was just thinking today to send my list a link to listen to a call I did just in case they missed it.

    Any thoughts on that one? I know I love to get free stuff and be taken care of.

    Looking fwd to RHH Live + meeting all the incredible woman.


  23. Thanks for sharing these golden nuggets. I love the line, “Remember, they come for the content but they stay for the relationship.” Priceless.

    My list has grown slowly but I have a really solid relationship with the “people” on that list and that’s so important.

    I’m having fun with my business and I am looking forward to being inspired by you at RHH Live. Can’t wait!

  24. Thanks for this Marie!

    You are so right! I feel like I know you already, but connecting with you and Laura one on one and in person at the event, that was such a cool surprise! And it made me MUCH more likely to spend more money with you and your programs in the future. Connection is key!

    Dean’s advice was my favorite by far. That’s why he’s the one with the $100 Million company and the dudes who simply spam and “blast” their lists have $1 million dollar companies. Big difference in the zeros…. they are looking at the relationships with their clients differently. When you see your clients as dollar signs, you get less of ’em. When you see them as family, you get more dollar signs.

    Wishing you a fabulous week!



  25. Number 1 is HUGE and something we really need to address in our business marketing. For us, most people don’t understand the value of branding let alone want to pay for it. When we have the opportunity to sit down with them and explain the value, 99% are sold. This is a huge smack in the face that will totally change my business going forward. I can’t imagine all the AMAZING nuggets I’ll take from RHH!!!

    Number 2 should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately for some is not.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing and important nuggets!

  26. I’m hearing a lot about how important it is to go to conferences, you sold me!
    That is my 2011 plan.
    .-= Sue Bates´s last blog ..Women will save the world =-.

  27. Fabulous post Marie and two things I am working on implementing even more in my biz. The second I am already doing but I’m making it juicier every week.

    My opt in offer for instance has just been seriously revamped and made uber juicy – people get awesome info right off the bat about how to kick the fat, bloat and blah feeling tot he curb and instead feel incredible.

    P.S. Nothing like a zombie to make you feel alive right?

  28. Awesome stuff Marie,
    Am just going through Creating Fame and re-reading Tribes..and I’m starting to pay much more attention to #2.
    (Will also be doing more of #1 as well) 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! Very cool!

  29. Both suggestions are right on the money.
    #1 is something I’ve been trained to do in sales, but now that I’m doing it for myself and my own service-oriented business, and not for a company, I am waaaay more cognizant of actually hearing what it is the customer/client is saying! And as hard as it is, paying attention to what they really mean! For example, someone who won’t return your calls may not actually be “too busy,” but rather, you may have done something to turn them off — say, you came across as a telemarketer when you called and left that last message, rather than as a real person who cares about THEIR needs and desires. You gotta make it about them! Handliing objections head on requires really, truly listening, and getting to the underlying nugget of what the objection is.
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..I Heart Mark Bittman =-.

  30. Hi Marie! I would ask if all is well with you but I’m sure that I already know the answer..

    I really like 2 things I read:

    1. treat your list like your family.
    2. They come for content, and stay for relationship.

    number 2 really hit me hard as I think of my list as my babies… but I’m afraid to the point of not “connecting” and forging the relationships with my “family members” as much as i need through newsletter updates.

    I’m trying to work on this… with the help of number 1 and 2. I’m now sure I can make something happen.


  31. Number 2 has given me food for thought. It is particularly applicible to my baby making challenged list. I mean family- must go & mind them a bit more now.
    Sarah Leather

  32. Hey Thanks for the post! I love the tip on tackling customer objections head-on. This makes a lot of sense. I know that when I have objections as a consumer and noone is brave enough to answer them, Im not brave enough to buy the product!
    Have a great one,

  33. Fabulous reminder Marie! Thanks so much for your honest and down-to-earth approach to business. I really resonate with your stuff. I am pretty green to all this blogging and online business but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you go against the grain and listen to your intuition. It takes a lot of courage and self-love to do so and I admire that! Great job! Looking forward to your next blog.

    And keep on dancing! Luvs the hip hop girl!


  34. Awesome Marie! Yes, there is so much value in attending and networking at live events. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we “know it all” once we’ve attended a few but each event really sharpens the saw and adds power to the tools!

    Why cut a tree down with a knife when a chainsaw is so much faster?!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  35. Thanks Marie! I really needed to read this post today and how to treat my list as a family. This is an area I really need to work on!

  36. mahshad mehrabi

    hi Mis Marie Forleo
    first i want to thank you so much for your excellent ideas and your great tips.
    i live in iran, and as you may now we have a very very different culture.
    but i applied your suggestions and the rezult was great. thank you so much.
    unfortunatelly i cant order your book, and its a dream for me to read your book one day.
    any way I like to say you are great. I appreciate your attempt to help us, women in the world.
    i wish your best.
    mahshad, 35 years old from iran, tehran

  37. Thanks for sharing. Great reminders of what’s really important: Our Customers!

  38. buffe

    HI Marie,

    Thanks for the Butterfly webinar today and for sharing some of the gems you brought back from Jeff Walker. If I hadn’t gone to a small mastermind summit in San Diego last Dec and met Katie Freiling I might not have still been following her blog and happened to catch the one recently with her interview with you, which led me to check you out further and now…ta-da…I’m coming to RHH.
    Can’t wait! Yes, I love following lines of connection & inspiration like that.

    Look forward to meeting you,

  39. Marie, meeting you and Laura was one the highlights of the weekend! I was thrilled that you got to share the BSchool launch with everyone. That place needed some female loving energy – not to mention some good booty pops! One of my biggest take-aways was around relationships as well. I think Jeff said this:

    You can’t refund your relationships!

    Sooo looking forward to RHH-Live. (And guess what? I’m staying the weekend with my Spirit-Guide Smack Down friend. How cool is that?)

    xo, Eugenia

  40. Marie,

    Great Post……..

    This is so true…….to quote the most important part….

    2. They come for the content, they stay for the relationship.

    Dean says, Think of your list like your family and you want to protect them.

    So what exactly does that mean? That means you remember that every single person on your list is a PERSON.
    They are not a “lead” or a “number.”
    This is about deeply honoring the relationship you have with the folks on your list.
    How do you do that?
    By being grateful for every single person who has graciously given you her time and attention……It’s about putting heart and soul and thought into that relationship and……treating each person like gold.

    Bravo for making these points…..

    It is unfortunate that some Markerters that teach Marketing DO NOT practice what they preach…i.e……deleting or blocking post that don’t promote only their programs or flatter their ego….so sad.

    This post is a good reminder of how to work successful and the key is in how they treat people.

    Great Response Elisha….

    I have done all those things myself…and now had to unsubscribe to them all too get any time to work on my own business….it becomes very distracting…100 emails a day is too much…

    Keep Rockin’ it Marie……



    PS: you should have video’d the audience response to your racy video…that
    would have been interesting.
    .-= KatrinaMarie´s last blog ..Are you Surviving or Thriving =-.

  41. Great reminder “they come for the content, stay for the relationship.” I used to think that if I put to much useable info out there, the people who might consider hiring me wouldn’t need my services anymore. Content is the way to the relationship and that’s why they hire me.

  42. Aloha E Marie, from Hawaii,

    Thank you for forwarding and sharing Dean Graziosi’s, “Golden Nugget” for us all to chew on. Mahalo Nui Loa from Hawaii.

  43. Reading Jeff’s book now, Launch. I remembered there was a connection here and read this article. Great article Marie!

  44. Marie, YOU are just a Diamond!
    I realise this is a general comment..but EVERY single my Business..when I need an answer..I just think ‘What would Marie do..’

    Seriously I so love your ‘Just start’ advice even if you know in your heart and could be better..your ‘just start’ advise is just incredible..even if you like back and awful but without that first step..where would WE be!

    Love YOU Loads xxxx

  45. Juan

    When was this PLF event? Which year, and is it still on going?

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