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Ever feel like there’s just soooo damn much to do that you want to cry?

It’s VITALLY important, especially for creative entrepreneurs, that we learn how to deal with the ever growing demands of running a successful business and a successful life.


Because when overwhelm strikes, intense emotions around “failure” and “guilt” often pop up and prevent us from getting the help and support we need.

In this video below, I’ll tell you how I deal with overwhelm and share simple actions you can take now to stay sane, happy and stress free as you grow your business.


So whatchya think?

Do you have effective ways of dealing with overwhelm as your business and life grows?

Do you have any of those same “mental hurdles” that I do?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Marie!

    I couldn’t agree more! I love what you said “Get of your a** and asked for support!” SO IMPORTANT! 🙂

    And also, so powerful “it is not a failure or a sign of weakness to ask for help” – I have recently experienced the very same hurdle!

    Thanks, much love!

    • marie

      Thank you DeAnna!! I think we can all be stubborn at times feeling like we HAVE to do it all or somehow we’ve failed. Time for a mental colonic for sure 🙂

    • Indeed asking for help is not a sign of weakness but truly honouring your needs.

      Delegate is MY favorite word.

      Pranayama (slow, deep, delicious breathing) is GREAT to clear overwhelm.
      Then delegate 🙂

  2. Hi Marie,
    You are awesome. I love this video. It was a great message. I have been doing my business on my own for the past year and realized this past January that you really can’t run a business without help. Otherwise you will get burnt out and overwhelmed. That is exactly what i have been feeling.
    My goal in the next couple of months is to find an assistant. Even if its just a couple of hours a month.

    • marie

      Hey Michellle! And I’ll bet you can find one FASTER than a couple months. I’d say a week or two 🙂 The key is to write down exactly what you want someone to do; what skills they need to have and also be clear on the energetic/workstyle they have. Hmmm…you just gave me a great idea for another post!

  3. Marie,

    Thanks for the reminder. As a woman, mom, wife, business owner, (& now soccer coach), I feel like I’m getting pulled in so many different directions.

    I love that I have a job where I can be home for my kids, but as I’m still working on growing it, I feel like I have to dump as much time into it as I can in order for it to be successful. At the same time, I feel like I’m not able to focus on being there (mentally) for my kids/husband.

    Keeping the house in order is a bit of a struggle and I’m working on getting my kids to help out more (Business hasn’t yet gotten to the point of being affordable to hire a housekeeper, not to mention that it is better if the kids learned the responsibility of helping out around the house!)

    Love your posts and am working on putting your advice into actionable steps. 😉 Wish I could participate in your next program, as I feel it would definitely help, but right now the $ is too tight. 🙁 Thanks so much for posting such great content that I can use day to day! Keep up the fantastic work. Love hearing about how you’ve overcome struggles that we all deal with. {hugs}

    ~ Jenn
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..What makes your business unique? =-.

    • marie

      Hey Jenn! You are so welcome 🙂 The live in the moment training is UBER important for the “being there” mentally piece. (email my team at [email protected] if want deets on that one!)

      NICE on getting the kids to help too. My stepson is stepping it up in that department!!

      Stay tuned and keep us up posted on how it’s all going. xo

  4. hee hee,

    you mean homeschooling my kiddos, starting an online business, maintaining my current clients, housework, cooking, shopping, rocking the RHH VM coaching program :-), babysitting the neighbors children, serving on one Board of Directors, and another task force could cause overwhelm? How about trying to maintain a loving relationship with my hubby, kiddos and 24 co-housing neighbors? Is that why I just crawled out of a one week slump this morning? ahhhhhhhh. thank you for calling it!

    How did I crawl out? well let’s see. It wasn’t all that graceful and I realize that is part of it. I give my self space to “lose-it” One thing I do well is not have to “hold it all together” When it falls apart I just let all of it go (except for the bare bones – cooking, showering, loving the kids) and I always come back new and refreshed. Pheonix out of the ashes. I know that to have a beautiful life I have to be willing to let go of the beauty when it is not real for me.

    On a side note. If any of you lovely ladies are STILL on the fence out there. Get your arse into the program! Your investment in yourself WILL payoff and there are a lot of open arms and hearts waiting for you in here. & I am sure that we can use whatever genius and guts and cool sh*t that you have to offer. Don’t deny us.


    • Shannon,

      You just posted how I feel at least once a month. Great suggestion about giving yourself permission to “lose it” . I’ll have to try that. I have tried setting schedules to balance out times for each of the areas of my life, but the pressure to get my business running successful seems to push into all those other areas. I think it’s time to cut out anything I can and take a day to refocus on the important stuff – kids, husband, time to grow spiritually, then fit the business stuff around that.

      ~ Jenn
      .-= Jenn´s last blog ..What makes your business unique? =-.

      • Hi Jenn,

        Thank you for appreciating this. One more word about it. The better able I am to fully sink in and let it all go… the faster the recovery time. If I am judging and reprimanding myself – no-go. I am coming to know myself and it is my cadence. In and Out… In and Out… When I love it – it shifts faster and more gracefully. That doesn’t mean that it feels good. It doesn’t.


        • OK, I knew in my heart that this was a positive direction to take to help me find balance in my self, family, business. I just signed up! Yeah! Nervous, but excited.

          Being a coach/consultant myself. I completely understand the importance that having someone like that can be. It was time I “asked” for a bit of that help for myself. Looking forward to an exciting, prosperous year ahead. 🙂

          ~ Jenn
          .-= Jenn´s last blog ..What makes your business unique? =-.

          • F*ckin A. I can’t wait to see you on the inside.


          • Hey Jenn! Hey Shannon! Hey Marie!

            Welcome Jenn! See you ladies on the other side;-)

            I’m dying for the next call. Wonder what you, Marie, will think we need a dose of.


    • marie

      All I can say is I love you woman. THANK you for sharing so beautifully, generously and with such heart – here and inside the VM program. It’s truly an HONOR to be with you. xoxo M

      • Shannon, you totally rock. This strategy totally works for me time and again (and I’m in the middle of it now). It’s so good to just let go! 🙂

        • I am with you in spirit and you are the one who rocks love.



      • why thank you Marie.

    • stephanie*

      Hey Shannon!
      Thanks a lot for the Phoenix Thing!!! I love Phoenixes and you just reminded me of my own…Thank you very much!

      • we are all in this together stephanie – it is my pleasure, that was useful for you.



  5. Marie!
    What a fabulous video! I watched the entire thing and couldn’t agree more! Thrilled to see you getting the support you deserve and modeling that for other women as well!

    • marie

      Why thank you Miss Gina! And we need to see your beautiful face so go ahead and get a Gravatar woman. This way your pic will show up anytime you blog or comment. oxoxoxo

  6. Jeannette

    Thank You!!! As a college student I attended countless seminars/workshops/events that highlighted successful women in business. The common message heard throughout was “You can have it all but not at once”. Althought lots of attendees agreed with this it didn’t sit right with me. I would even share with others that I did not agree with this message and they would respond by saying I was unrealistic, to be successful is all about making sacrifices and I need to get my priorities straight. Just reflecting on those moments makes me cringe!! Now I see that this message was coming from a place of having to do it yourself. Thanks Marie for flipping the coin and showing us that we can have what we want as long as we allow ourselves the support to make it happen. Just seeing things from this perspective lightens my own overwhelm tremendously!! Thank You!!

    • marie

      You are SO welcome Jeannette and YOU were a big inspiration for this video. So thanks for sharing so openly. VERY excited to hear your report after finding the perfect assistant. xoxo M

  7. Pauline

    Hi Marie,
    Love your hair!
    You’re absolutely right. I felt this message came at the right moment. For me its like I have to trust other people to help me with things of which I think only I can do it right. Actually, its very refreshing to see how others deal with it.
    Greetings from Holland,

    • marie

      Ha Ha! Thank you Pauline. The Italian Hair Gods blessed me with a lot of it 🙂 It takes practice and a willingness to not have things “perfect” at first – but it’s SOOO much better than making yourself crazy!

  8. Mel

    Good morning Marie! Thanks for this. I heard about you through Josh- I’m in his CI class. I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon your work, as well.

    I just want to echo the importance of having a team and counting on others for support! As a writer, producer, actress, etc, etc I had to learn that lesson FAST when I produced and acted in my first play in the Fringe festival in 2009. I really was afraid to give up control and I wanted it to be perfect. I was trying to lean on my co-producers, director, and fellow actors, but it was with a sh*t-ton of trepidation and mis-trust. I think many strong women believe we need to have micro-control over our projects because we think that’s the only way it will succeed!

    We think if we created the baby we must raise the baby- but this is wrong:


    When I relied on my co-producers, delegated to friends and family, asked for help, let go and fully TRUSTED, we created a spectacular production together.

    Since that production I produced another show in March for which I had an assistant and two co-producers. I also recently performed my short musical and sent out an e-mail blast to my theater friends asking for someone to direct me in it. One great director followed through, and let’s just say I nailed it and was immediately asked to perform it again.

    Thanks Marie! Keep it up!


    • marie

      EXCELLENT Story Mel and super excited to have C.I./RHH crossover. Obviously, I’m the BIGGEST Fan of Josh’s work 🙂

      That “micro-control” thing is very typical of high achieving women. Super important for us all to support each other OUT of that.

      Keep rockin’ woman. xo

    • stephanie*

      Hey Mel!
      Thank you for sharing this!! Another eye opener 🙂 Good luck for everything!

  9. Hi Marie,
    That’s great that you got some personal help. It’s wonderful to have that kind of support. I love how you said that we’re not a failure if we get help… I’m not too proud to admit that I need lots of help:-)


    • marie

      Hey Melody! SUPER important thing to not go down the “I’m a failure if I can’t do it all” road. Especially if you were raised in a culture of ‘we work hard and do everything ourselves.’ GOOD for you that you ask for help regularly!!!

  10. Fabulous post Marie! There have been more than a few times that as a woman and business owner with responsibilities inside and outside of the home where I’ve felt like was being pulled in a million different directions. Each time, though, asking for help has been the way out of overwhelm. Whether it’s full-time help like you have now with your new PA or help-on-demand (LOL) for little projects here and there, asking for help and realizing that I’m not super-woman has been the key.

    ~ Deborah 🙂
    .-= Deborah Carraro´s last blog ..How To Implement Your Automated E-mail Marketing =-.

    • marie

      Right on Deborah!! HA – I actually love that. “Help on demand”. That’s actually great for anyone offering VA or PA services!

      Thanks so much for coming by.

  11. I love the “you can have it all, but you cannot do it all.” I live in a country, BRazil, where getting help that is not too expensive is actually possible. I am just stubborn and I even get overwhelmed delegating, but time to get into problem-solving figureout-able mode.

    • marie

      AMEN Kimberly! And trust me, it does NOT take that long to delegate. Just sit down and start making a list. I do it electronically and lay out all details to make it as easy and clear for my assistant as possible. Also, I don’t have to recreate the wheel again and again. It’s useful when assistants change or you need more help! xo M

      P.S. Even in the US it can be VERY reasonable. There are loads of amazing people who’d love extra work and $$. Truly win-win.

  12. Wow, Marie!

    I have felt like this for quite a while now and it took me almost a year to even start thinking about hiring an assistant. I put it out to the Universe that I was ready in March and almost immediately I met and then interviewed a virtual assistant. She was out of my price range.

    Then at my recent workshop, someone approached me if I wanted to hire her as my personal assistant. We just literally spoke on the phone this morning. She sounds amazing and exactly what I need so I can focus on what I am best at. She is local and in need of my service and expertise. So we might even start off just trading services. When I got off the phone and I literally felt lighter and more excited about my business and my life. Then I get this video in my mailbox. You have just confirmed that this IS the right step for me now. Thank you, thank you!
    In love and health,


    • marie

      Hey Csilla! You are so welcome. Congratulations on finding the right assistant. And don’t forget that there are LOADS of people around the world who are fabulous at what they do and have very reasonable rates (I’ve had folks work on my business from the US, India, Philippines, Romania, Israel etc..) oxo M

  13. Saluton kara Marie
    Mi amas Vin
    Sincere Via:
    s ro Takev

  14. love this and totally can relate! I had a huge entrepreneurial breakdown right after moving into my new studio and right before leaving for a much needed vacation. It was exactly this realization…it is OK to ask for help, for me this was HUGE. Thank you!

    p.s. who did you hire as your biz coach?

    with gratitude,
    .-= Melissa D’Antoni´s last blog ..what would you create if you were completely free? =-.

  15. I was supposed to hear you. 🙂 I have been busy with my business, I have a FT job and a family and I have me too! I have no idea where the money will come from, but I am in the middle of looking for a VA right now because I too am through. Done. Finished. The business is TRYING to grow and I think we are stopping it because we (me and my business partner who also has a family and FT job) are not getting the kind of help that can really help. I can’t do it all and I know that, but money was stopping me. How can I afford quality, capable, reliable help? Beats me. I am looking anyway and planning to make it work. Now I just need help sorting through the offers to help! LOL!

  16. Lori

    Hi Marie,
    I’ve never added a post before this and have followed your writings and encouragement for a while now. Thank you for your words today. I feel overwhelmed more than I care to admit. However, because I know I can not do it all, I’m Ok with asking for help.
    Not sure I accomplish much more with that help tho…I’ve got too many things going on and am really having a hard time finding time for the one thing that I really want to be the priority. I’m in need a making a living in Real Estate and do not know where to go with a girl’s journal (& others) I’ve created and have a passion for. Many tell me it should be marketed worldwide and wonder why it’s not out there yet. This creates such an overwhelming feeling in me, fearing I’m not doing what I need to be doing for it as I work to make a living.
    Thank you for your wisdom and for showing up in my mailbox from time to time.

  17. Hi Marie,

    Do you have a camara in my house? LOL 😉 You nailed it…I have been trying to tell my husband….what I am going thru…he is half Italion…need I see more about his expectations.

    I have been looking for help but for some reason to this point can’t even get a good cleaning woman. All my girls have moved on and then money got tight so I started doing it all myself on top of starting an online business….trying to tackle finding a good Va that is hours of searching, consultations and finding one. I am loosing my hotness sitting in sweats and on the computer tryin to do it all………I can go on but you know…..Blah, Blah…I will work it out and do this.

    Anyway I wanted to just encourage you and thank you for posting this video it was very encouraging for me to know someone like you…beautiful, confident, smart, HOT and sexy 🙂 has the same struggles and I am not the only one feeling crazed.

    Thanks for posting….



    P.S. It took me an hour to hit submit on this comment because I got so distracted trying to multi task…and now kids are home…jeesh…!
    Yes Help right about now is good…… I go to find some…..;)

  18. stephanie*

    Thank you Marie for sharing! It made me think of Carrie in the Sex and the City-Film who got this GREAT assistant and they could share so much together. Me, I often underestimate how much it can empower everybody and also help everybody to expand, when I allow people to help me (and myself to be vulnerable). We create the world all together and we all can learn from each other and have a good time too! 🙂
    Love your posts!!

  19. stephanie*

    PS: I was also amazed by all these interesting posts of all the women you inspired to write something 🙂

  20. Marie Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this video. I have been living this dilemma for the last 2 years and really struggling with trying to be a good Mum, a good housewife and good to myself and not doing any of them well. My business is growing so fast and I cannot keep up with it all so you were right something had to give. So for the first time in my life I am letting go and handing over to an assistant who is starting in about 4 weeks. I am so relieved and this video has reinforced that I have made the right decision. I hope you are going to Frank’s event in San Diego I would love to buy you a drink and interview you while you are there and just catch up. I missed you last year. Thanks again Marie I love what you are doing, I love that you are so real and so approachable and that you support women to live their dreams. You rock! Have a fantastic weekend 🙂 Cheers Pam

  21. This may be the single biggest thing that holds women back in their business and their life. There is a false sense of control when we do not admit it, my clients come to be overwhelmed, burnt out, resentful (even though it is hard to admit) and even depressed.
    One of the top things that helps and I have experienced this myself being a wife, mother of two and a business owner…
    Remember who you want to BE in any given moment. It is so easy to get caught up in the to do list, racing from one task to the next, slow down look at your life for a minute, are you being the woman you want to be? If not what are you waiting for? The next twitter post? The next client? Someone else to give you permission? Women need to give themselves permission and allow themselves to BE the woman they want to be RIGHT NOW.
    Blessing to all of you beautiful gorgeous women who WANT it all


  22. Ok. To be honest. I kinda like the overwhelm feeling. So I bring it on myself. But when things get tough, I mean real bad, I outsource it (not to India, but to awesome, fabulous, rocking women in my own city.) I recently brought on a team to help me do a bunch of scheduling and research for my online magazine, My Voice is Strong. And it is amazing! The scheduling is the real crazy part. As an entrepreneur my schedule is different EVERY day. I’m always meeting with new people, meeting with clients, doing interviews, doing photo shoots, video shoots, hitting up 2 and 3 networking parties a night. The schedule gets a little crazy. But when it does, i have just asked for someone on my team to cut out the operational inefficiency of sending like 10 emails back and forth just to schedule a photo shoot, and focus on higher-value activities. Like closing sales 🙂

  23. Great and timely post, Marie! I am in the process of hiring help with the housework and I plan to hire a PA for just a few hours a week starting next month. I think when we do our business planning, it’s good to include a list of the resources (including help!) we need to carry out those growth plans and build reserves to deal with growth. I think being ready and prepared for something makes it happen faster, do you agree? Take care, Laura

  24. Marie,
    We are SO on the same wave length, sister! I have been doing a series of videos on the WSM blog about overwhelm too b/c my clients (and myself) have been so overwhelmed with life, buisness, etc lately. It is no surprise that we are all overwhelmed with all of the technology and accessibility that allow us to be so incredibly productive 24 hours a day. So it is always good to have tools to navigate what can feel like insanity. Thanks so much for your brilliant insight and for attracting such amazingly supportive women to your programs and blog. You have a great thing going on, woman!

    With Gratitude,

  25. Amy


    Thank you for such a powerful video, and it so resonated with me as I can tell it did for so many others after reading through the comments.

    Like you, I have often subscribed to the notion that asking for help is equivalent to “failure”, but what I am realizing more and more is that if I try to do everything myself then that is what will actually lead me to faliure.

    These days, when I find myself in overwhelm, instead of speeding up and trying to do more and more and more (which has long-been my default mode), I now consciously SLOW DOWN, turn inward, and regroup. I’ll even take a few days off from my business, and just allow myself to be okay with that and trust that it will all be okay, once I’m okay again. This is very challenging for me, but what I do notice is that when I do this, I am then able to come from such a different place once it’s time to work on my business again. I’m energized, more creative, and in tune with why I started my business in the first place.

    Slowing down and asking for help seem like two really huge keys for keeping entrepreneurs from ending up in a state of burnout.

    Thanks again, Marie.


  26. justine

    This is great advice. I did get a person to assist me at the office. It was fabulous she was on time, smart, great learner, patient, had ideas, friendly with customers and then one day she just didn’t show up. Her boyfriend finally called to let me know she was not in an accident and told me that she felt taken advantage of, and didn’t know when she was going to get paid etc. etc. I thought I went through all of that with her. So it was great while it lasted but now I am back doing it all and working to make enough money to afford to hire someone again. Any suggestions on how to get help when the money is low?

  27. Hi Marie,
    Yes! So much going on. What helps me is being really picky about what I take on! I really mind my ‘boundaries’ when people want my time, because there is only so much of it! I also regularly prioritize my to-dos as so often things really can wait and then perhaps be batched with other similar tasks or errands later on, so ultimately saving me some time and effort 😉 I look forward to hiring my own personal assistant in the (near?) future!

  28. awesome! I just taught my fitness system at the Sports Club LA in Los Angeles, after taking my son on vacation, and burst into tears as I got back into my car before I drove 9 hours home. I was feeling exactly what you are saying and what i did today is cancel all my obligations and took time to rest. x0x0x0

  29. Yay! Awesome job getting a personal assistant, mucho smart lady 🙂 I’m not at the point yet when I can actually hire a PA, but I do know the overwhelm feeling (though don’t we all). Honestly, when I get like that I make a list and GET. OUT. As in, out of my house. For some reason going to a coffee shop or the library or somewhere that’s not my home office makes me feel 100% better and more in control. Plus, if I can get stuff done while I’m out I feel more productive and when I feel productive I subsequently get more done. Funny how that works…

  30. Thank you so much Marie!! This is so spot-on, I had a day of experiencing HUGE overwhelm earlier this week, I felt so frustrated, anxious, stuck, on edge, and didn’t seem to snap out of it. I’m currently building my new venture and I’m so excited about it but it all just felt like it was just TOO MUCH..
    What helped me was stepping back and just observing my “state”. Rather than judging myself and giving myself a hard time for feeling that way and not having my “act together”, I just stepped back from the situation and embraced how I felt.
    After giving myself some time out, I got back to my project the next day with the attitude of; “one step at a time”.. My message to myself now is: “I’m her with you, you’re perfect the way you are right now, so let’s do this step by step and I support you all the way!”
    And you are so right, getting help is so essential, having a business coach is awesome
    and I’ve decided to get a cleaner too..: )

  31. Brad

    Guys can feel that overwhelmed feeling too!

    Last year, after several years of searching, I found a place I thought would work well for me to move my business into and double as a living space (a ‘soon to be’ Victorian apartment upstairs) – with SOME remodeling.

    Then a hail storm hit and I had roof and siding damage. Got the insurance estimates and payments waaay too late into the fall to do anything (haven’t remedied those problems yet). Turned the heat off in the building last fall since I hadn’t relocated there and monthly costs for heating the big building were going to be $300-500/month.

    I spent most of last year helping with my brother’s seed cleaning business (we’re in an agricultural area) and when that family emergency was over, thought I had found a job as a manager of a fitness equipment center, only to find out they hired me to ride a dead horse out of town and manage the place for the last 2 months of their 3-year lease on that location… struggled all winter trying to find something AND start up my own business.

    Turned the water back on in my building a week ago (since I had turned it off last fall) only to find that under the crawl space of the newest part of the building (which is still old, the main part was built in 1900) there had been a slow leak in the plumbing which no one had noticed. I then found out I now have a MAJOR leak. I flooded the crawl space in 2 minutes flat. Guess that just speeds up the new plumbing I needed to do to get a shower and washer/dryer hooked up. But it also means new flooring in the 2 bathroom areas and hallway, which I had NOT planned on….

    And I have bats in my belfry, so to speak, and don’t know quite how to get rid of them. Have found FIVE flying around in my building so far ~!

    Some days it seems like I take 2 steps forwards and 3 steps back! Not sure what ending this story has, as we are just now getting into our nicer spring days in Nebraska. But I do know I could work 24/7 (which I won’t be able to do) on this project for several months before I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Making the lists does help. Keeps me focused on what needs to be done.

    And that doesn’t even count the carving I NEED to be doing for my company, LEGENDARY CAROUSELS, INC.

    I do find console in being with people who are hard workers and know what I’m going through, even if it’s just a comforting “I know…” that comes from them now and then. It seems to make those few “kick back” minutes more enjoyable.

    I think your ideas and information are good for BOTH genders…. anyone with “drive” built into them can benefit from your words of wisdom and encouragement.

    I ran into you on a DVD I had purchased where you did an interview with David Deangelo. I had NO IDEA you were into so many things until I looked you up!


    Brad Roberts

  32. Hey Marie!
    Funny story – I only just now got around to watching this precisely because I am trying to do TOO much and have been spiraling into overwhelm! LOL Thank you for the timely message!


  33. Eleanor

    Hi Marie & all the great people out there!
    This is amazing synchronicity because I’m finally slowly getting over a horrible cold that laid me flat on my back for way too long & it was mostly due to overwhelm.
    How right you are Marie that you can’t do it all – congratulations on getting the personal assistant by the way – sounds like the perfect option!
    Letting some things go is another way to downsize on time spent stressing about stuff: for example opt where to spend valuable time & thoroughly enjoy the time spent rather than letting the experience be “gnawed” at by feelings that you need to be doing or be somewhere else. This works wonders & I even find the extra energy to get up a hour earlier on Sunday to finish what I need to do because I really just did what I wanted to do on Saturday.
    Another bonus tip, like Marie said, is to make a list & see where you spend time. I’ve found that MSN & Skype have a pull to go on for no reason when I could use the time more wisely to get stuff done & have more non-overwhelm time!
    Here’s to everyone- Marie’s program is 100000% worth the investment, turned my work and life vision around!
    Eleanor in Brazil

  34. LOVE THIS!!! So true! For me to help with the overwhelm, I agree and have someone take care of the personal list of to do & have also layed out what I have to do per day. What also helps me is time for myself before everything happens say an hour to stretch, meditate and nurture me then get to the work. And when I take a break to meditate, do a quick stretch or walk my dog it helps take the edge off.

    Lastly, I have opened up for help and see how it shows up. One more thing is to really open to a network of people and offer my help to them and ask for what I am needing…

    Thanks for your being you so clearly and with grace.
    .-= Hillary´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  35. Hello Marie,, I read all of your content, although this is the first I am replying to… I am a new business owner, a new wife, and a total TYPE A personality.. I just feel like I need to do it ALL (oh I might add a vegetarian 🙂 Needless to say.. this TOTALLY hit home with me.
    What has always worked for me is to go for a quick run, walk, or take some sort of group excercise class… it clears my head, and gets my thoughts back in order. I also try to remember.. stay in the moment priciples the BEST I can!!
    Thank you so much for all of your inspiration!!!

  36. cody

    Hi Marie,
    I liked the video, but I guess I’m curious about the definition of “having it all” really means? Isn’t what really matters is being happy at the end of the day?

  37. Three things really help me:
    1. Chunk it down into chewable bites (how do you eat an elephant?…bite by bite right?),
    which of course includes making that list that you are talking about…
    2. Have a notepad by the side of my bed where I write down stuff that pops into my head just as I’m heading for snoozy-land (because once its down on paper, it doesn’t keep me tossing and turning all night…)…
    3. Listening to audios on my ipod (affirmations, anything business or personal development related…just to keep my head in the right space! works miracles for me!)
    Thanks for your blog, Marie, it’s a great place to come for some support, too!

  38. First i would like to say wow. I just love the features you have on here. Ok what has helped me is “Thinking On Paper” having a note pad and putting my thoughts on paper then seeing what i need to do.

    One of my mentors also told me that getting help from other people is the best way to go if you have the money. This is what the super successful people do to free up there time to do the thing that matter to them.

    I also remember that i will get to where i am trying to get to if i take one step at a time.

  39. Gary

    Hi Marie,

    You seem to be to Beautiful, rich, and confident, and all that, to be overwhelmed.. Men get overwhelmed to, just don’t admit it much. Loved the video, your much more then a pretty face, though your definately that.. I’m looking forward to more stuff, keep it comming..


  40. Hi there. WOW! You really hit it right. I syndicated it, but hope some of the people who I most want to read it are not put off by some of your words. I just overlooked them to the great value in the rest of the words!


  41. This video really hit home with me Marie! I really do want to cry sometimes (and do!). I’m a busy web professional, thankfully freelance (so I’m my own boss), but I would rather make my blogs successful enough to take waaaay less projects than I do. So after I watched this video I thought what could I do to lighten my load? I can’t just trust another web designer friend to design like me and represent my name…so I realized I had revisions on designs that were already designed and hired a colleague to take care of that freeing me up enough to write a proposal and meet another design deadline and spend more time on blogging. with that extra time and less stress I can afford to hire her because I did three things that will bring more income.

  42. Anna

    I think you should stop saying HOLY SHIT after every 3 words. It doesn’t suit you, your appearance and the things you preach.

  43. Hey Marie
    I just wanted to say it’s good to hear someone being totally honest and although I understand the above comment about swearing I think that is because you were being honest and it just comes out!
    I actually get fed up of women PRETENDING that they are copying and are DOING everything because hey we are not. We want to, we think we are failures if we don’t but you are right, it is just humanely impossible. I had to give up my first business because it was a 24/7 a day bricks and mortar business and guess what being a full-time round the clock mother and all things to all people I was totally dying, I could not do it and I just kept at refusing to let myself stop.
    Eventually I did and I agree with you delegating and getting help is not the same as being a failure or a quitter it is called inter-dependence and as Stephen Covey says this is being a mature responsible adult and for all the people out there that think that its a but much to pay for help, think of it as job creation, you are helping someone else by them helping you. Win/ Win.
    I liked the honesty and the swearing made me laugh 🙂

  44. Awesome Blog Marie,

    You logo is priceless. Keep charging my friend.


  45. Aurélia

    Hi Marie,

    You already had a lot of comments so I don’t know if you will still have time to read them but I absolutely wanted to tell u that this video was magic!!

    I felt literally moved watching it because it resonated so much for me, especially the angst coming from not being able to do everything I usually do when I’m physically diminished. I’m a college student and work in a restaurant almost full time. This is so frequent that all my body hurts, and my mind -as you said- “freezes out”, getting 4xthe time normally necessary for a task or procrastinating for days to carry out this heavy bag and walk 10mn to go to the laundry…

    The funny thing is that the idea to hire someone for homework, shopping, going to the laundry came to my mind but I thought it was a bit out there given my modest situation… But I realize it is in fact totally affordable!! What refrained me is to hire a blue-collar worker when I’m one myself! But does that really matter?? I don’t think so!

    Thanks a lot!

  46. OMG!!! Marie! Thank God you exist and thank God the internet exists! I have four kids, I operate like your mother! Yes I have fixed a leak in our house’s foundation, tiled bathrooms, painted every square inch of this place, remade furniture – NUTS! And along with working part-time have been trying to create an online business for other moms needing support! I SOOOOOOO GET the overwhelm and after a lifetime of trying to do it all and burning out, breaking down, rallying and striving to survive, ready to get a babysitter and a job at Starbucks just to get a break, there you are with WISDOM I vow to spread faster than a flu pandemic –
    ***You can HAVE IT ALL. You just can’t DO IT ALL***
    Hallelujah Sista!
    If you don’t already have a Fanatical Fan Club. You do now!

  47. Dear super lovely, beautiful & smart Marie,
    I loved your video & your philosophical brand I totally agree with.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your own issues, and for helping so many of us..
    See you in the U Tribe!

  48. A topic that has been OVERWHELMING me at the moment. My business is growing exponentially and I know that I need more help.
    Here is my question – where do you find the best help. I have been through the online sites, with some success, but I am specifically looking for a New York based person that is an expert at social media marketing and writing.
    Any tips or advice?

  49. Marie I 100% felt you on this one, I came from a similar home situation and it was ingrained in me to “do it all” or it wouldn’t get done from a very early age. Now I find myself basically a single mother, trying to run two businesses, take care of thing around the house, do some things for myself, and get it all done every day – and it’s just not happenin’!

    I know right now I’m going to go and look at my daily schedule and itemize that bad boy and see what I have scheduled and see what needs to give! Some things I am sure I can move around and let go, others I will just have to find some way to hand them off or do them less frequently. I have been putting off re-doing my schedule and just trying to cram more in instead of re-evaluating it for over a year. You’ve inspired me, <3 you!

  50. Wow! Fantastic video and comments. Thanks for advising the business ladies out there that you “can have it all but you can not DO it all” !!! The biggest obstacle I have in my business is that many women simply will not let go – they think they must have *everything* under 100% control and then wonder why they feel so frazzled…you’re right, it’s the huge amount of mental energy you have to expend to keep all your plates spinning in the air. Try a Personal Assistant, Coach or even someone to do your housework or ironing. It really does help! Tracy.

  51. This is awesome! I know you did this 3 years ago but it couldn’t have come at the best time for me…after B-School closed out, feeling behind in my biz, being in a couple leadership roles in church organizations, getting ready for an international family mission trip in a month, and juggling duties as a wife and mom of 4 kiddos (under 6 yrs.)….I AM FREAKING OUT!

    You are so 100% right and this is something I always preach to new moms and to moms with PPD (as I, myself suffered horribly with this)…you can’t do it all! Ask for help! So true! It’s time for me to swallow my pride…AGAIN!

    Another thing…after making all those lists that I tend to make it’s high time that I really take a hard look at the “to-dos” and decide what is really important and cross out those things that aren’t (just like in your mental white space exercise). It’s time to hop on the “no train”!

    Thanks so much for this remind Marie! Love ya!

  52. Just today I sat down and made a list of the things I need in an employee. I’ve been running the show for a year, and the time has come to hire help. I can’t do everything, nor do I want to. My time is far more useful in the treatment room than doing laundry, checking inventory or making copies. The more patients I see, the more healing I give to the world. Plus, someone out there really wants to be my right hand woman, I know it!

  53. I can SO relate to this Marie! I just spent the last 3+ weeks running from doctor appt to testing appt to another testing appt and my business fell to the wayside bringing on guilt and overwhelm. I now got great news about my health and will be feeling better real soon. Thanks for letting all women out there that it’s ok to take care of yourself and to get help! xo Aimee

  54. I’m thinking these feelings of overwhelm and anxiety are often directly related to the online business lifestyle. It’s that relentless information overload from email and social media feeds that avalanches us til we feel we are sinking in quicksand. Not to say that the other tasks aren’t overwhelming too, but for Pete’s sake, they end at some point, while the internet data feed is relentless. I swear I never felt like I had ADD until I entered the world of online marketing full-time.
    So my focus to rein in the overwhelm is mainly about giving priority to certain blogs, sites, etc. and ignoring the rest. That includes unsubscribing to some email lists and resisting the feeling that I must be on every damn social media site – quality over quantity and focus on priorities & clear goals.

  55. I have been feeling a deep sense of overwhelm for months. I lost a very dear friend in February who was also my biggest cheerleader and then my grandfather two months later. So, my business progress needless to say has been on hiatus. I am working diligently to try and get my mojo back but at times I feel like there is just too much to do–and then I get depressed. I have just started asking for help…TODAY! This episode was a extremely helpful for me. Thanks Marie.

  56. This is right up my alley. I am 3 months away from getting my master’s degree, while balancing my clothing line and have recently taken on singing professionally. You’re so right about how failure and guilt can torment if you let them. Lately I’ve been considering what ‘motivation’ really is. I got in the habit of needing motivation instead of just getting up and doing. And then feeling sorry for myself because I had so much to do. But now I’m on the path to getting it together because of steps like just getting up and doing. And what I can’t finish in the day, I don’t beat myself up about and I just figure out the how to rearrange the plan for tomorrow.
    Thanks Marie, great advice as always!

  57. Dear Marie,

    First off I am so grateful for your influence in my life.

    Second- this is SUCH an important message to get out to women especially. I notice that women put so much almost burden/shame on themselves thinking than are less than, if they can’t do it all especially in the home. Truthfully not only does is not empower women, business or otherwise individually, but they, these successful women, are also not empowering others, those looking up to them, etc, to make healthier, take care of me choices, when all others see is the responsibility piled up. To me as younger entrepreneur, it makes me feel like I have to prepare for people to judge me if I want to have it all and accept I need help. Or I think well maybe I won’t be able to have a family and run a business as successfully as I would like.

    And bottom line- you can choose to live your life however you want. I would wish for people to really CHOOSE freely and not feel burdened to settle for feeling overwhelmed. Cause we have one life to make ourselves shine and empower others to do the same. We have no idea who is looking up to us, and it’s important to take care of ourselves for everyone we want to empower to do the same.
    Will be sharing this video with everyone I love.

    Thanks so much!!! <3

  58. Thank you Marie!
    “Ask for help”
    This is so important and so very true and yet often we are programmed to think the opposite even when that makes no sense whatsoever.
    I have begun to realize that the ability to ask for help is a skill that often is more difficult to master than running ourselves ragged trying to do everything. I hope more people get to see this video. It is awesome!

  59. Love it Marie! 🙂

    Thanks for being human + letting us all know it’s okay! 😉

    Also, loved what you shared about the diet!

    I’ve been a Raw Chef for 12 years ~ actually blogged for Kris Carr ~ and was 100% vegan for maybe 6-7 years. I am not currently 100% vegan or raw although I eat mostly vegan + my passion for Raw Food has not gone away!!! 🙂 I make my green smoothie every morning, but it’s okay to listen to your body too + make up your own diet that works for you, rather than following a diet “guru” or submitting to a “box.” Our bodies give us messages + it is so important to follow them! 😉

    So, kudos!!

    Love the lower-key vibe of this video too (I love the fancy ones as well! ;)) but it’s always nice to see that our mentors are real people too! 😉



  60. Love it!
    Although I thought it would be other advice here (like, say, better time management or focus) I totally got this message, Marie! For now I’m not in a position to delegate or hire someone (I’m just starting and need to work my butt off to make ends meet), BUT I now don’t think it’s my fault or feel bad about myself.
    What I found very useful is your strategy called “No-train” or focusing on things that are really important. Last time (a month or so) I felt very distracted from things I do, my mind constantly skipping from one thing to another. Despite all these, I continue practicing meditation. It gives me some relief – not only the practice itself, but the idea that no matter what you would sit some time (even if it’s 3 – 5 minutes) and try to calm down. I know it’ll get better after awhile.

  61. Hi Marie
    Great post. I couldn’t agree more. I recently felt so over-whelmed with everything I needed to sort out and get done and really didn’t know where to start. Surprise, surprise…. a friend was in the same boat (as I’m sure a lot of other women are too) and we decided to get together and help each other. She came over to help me sort out my office and I went over and did the same for her. We got way more done and it finally got my arse into gear and I got my stuff sorted. We both felt cleansed after our sort outs and far less over-whelmed. 🙂 x

  62. Thanks for such a noteworthy vlog and such great timing. My schedule doesn’t sound as busy as yours Marie, but even with those tasks you just don’t want to do and keep putting off, this is such a relevant vlog. This weekend I finally bit the dust and texted a neighbor/friend of mine to help me organize my office space, which has become the “throw all the nick-nacks room”. He helped me decide what to throw away, recycle and donate to goodwill. I wish I had asked him sooner! I even had time to make dinner AND dessert. Now that cloud of procrastinating is gone and I can actually use my office space instead of working out of my living room. It didn’t seem as overwhelming when I had a pal to help me out.

  63. This is what I know for sure:

    1) Make a list (like you say) of everything.
    2) Start plotting it on a simple graph where the X axis = Impact & the Y axis = Resources.
    The upper right quadrant is “A”: that is everything that will give you the greatest impact that you can achieve with existing resources (time + money). Lower right is “B”, upper left is “C” and lower left is “D”. [Ds aren’t necessarily bad–they just won’t give you the big impact and they will drain current resources if you deploy now]
    3) Voila. Your to-do list is magically prioritized.

    Thanks for your post today–I really needed someone to remind me of what I already know but was too overwhelmed to “see the light!”

    • Oooooh! I am a visual person so this is WONDERFUL Shirley! Thank you!

  64. Overwhelm is nothing new. I spent 25 years in a big tech corp learning how to deal with it. The difference now is I’ve started my own business and, for now at least, it’s just me. No team mates or staff to pass things off to. And, because I’m not in the spot to hire help I had to re-think a few things.

    First, I started looking at some of the apps I have and how they could save me time. Sometimes you use an app over and over and forget it might have some other options to automate some of the daily tasks.

    Second, I took a hard look at my business systems to see if there were redundant steps or just unnecessary steps that I was doing and got rid of them. It’s been about streamlining what I do and still making sure all the bases are covered.

    Finally, I’ve been learning to say no more often and even better, if I don’t get the dusting done today, oh well, I know it will be there tomorrow and I sit down with a glass of wine and my hubby for some quiet time.

    Cheers to you for this tweetable: You can have it all, You just can’t do it all!

  65. You are on point pretty lady! I realize that I have so many ideas and goals but I can’t do it all and hearing you say that validated what I have been feeling. Thank you Marie!

  66. I have been noticing this tread of overwhelm and ‘busy busy’ consistently around everyone I have come into contact with over the past few months. I myself have been experiencing it and the first thing I do is get grounded and run my energy (a form of light meditation). This technique is a well established tool that helps the individual get present to themselves as well as begin if not completely release overwhelm all together and allows life to flow with more ease and grace for you. Michael Tamaura, author of ‘You Are The Answer’ speaks about this technique in his book and how everything in his life seems to come together better than anticipated. Martin Luther King Jr. used this technique as well. He said he prayed for an hour every single day (prayer is a form of meditation) and on the really really busy days – he prayed for two. 🙂

  67. Rita

    OMG THIS IS SO HOW IM FEELING NOW . Thank you so much for your video . It was well timed and thats what it is ! im trying to do it all . Screw this . I know what I want and its time to let go and give to somone else what i dont want ! thanks you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxx

  68. WOW, great advice! I too find it hard to ask for help… my own mantra for years has been “I could do that” and I do try to do it all myself.

    I am going to take a look at what in my life or business could be done by someone else (eek that is hard) I know it will help 🙂

  69. sujatha prakash

    Thanks a ton for this video. How did you know that this is what I needed to hear at this time? Thank you and love you:)

  70. Jenna R

    Dear Jebus,
    thank you for this vid. I know its an oldie but a goodie. I have been thinking to hire someone for help but kept talking myself out of it because I’m “new” so I shouldn’t need one yet. But the more I do the less I feel gets done!! I don’t know how that works but it just seems to be the case.
    I’m going to invest in an assistant because otherwise I’ll just run myself more into the ground. thanks for the insight xo

  71. Stef

    SPOT ON! Thanks so much, needed to hear this today. Refreshing to here you say it. Thanks so much (from Australia!) 🙂

  72. For me, it’s a habit of thinking I have to do everything myself… as a woman with a fulltime job, starting a business on the side, & soon to be planning a wedding – it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start!
    Thanks for this vid & for the reminder that it’s OK to get help!!

  73. Fe

    This is JUST what I needed to hear! I have been beating myself up for the past three months with feelings of failure for not being able to “do it all”. Of course “ALL” seems to grow like a mushroom on a daily basis when you are exploring your passion and purpose. Who has time for laundry and cleaning when there are awesome messages like this to be found!

  74. I love this stuff! I am a “wow-man” who grew up amongst a pack of powerful woman (i can knit, do pedicures, manicures and even make up. Now married to my beautiful wife with our 1st little princess:) Thanx for your stuff Marie, really powerful stuff:)

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