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Ever wonder what it takes to start bringing in cash from your blog?

This is a juicy question I hear all the time.

In the video below, I answer Morgan’s question about how to transition from a blog that doesn’t sell into a blog that makes money.

You’ll learn three simple, actionable ideas that you can use right away.

Amazing, right?!

(And if you have a business or life question you’d like me to answer, go to this post and get in on the action!)

You’ll also see a very cool service that every creative, entrepreneurial woman on the planet should take advantage of.

So whatchya think?

Got any additional ideas or tips to add?

Thoughts, more questions, comments or resources on this topic?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Marie,
    I loved your ideas for Morgan ….It’s funny how sometimes we can’t see in our own backyard and recognize our talents!

    • marie

      Hey Sarah! Thank you – and doesn’t her sexy pic service look KILLER? Love it!

  2. GREAT POST MARIE! so funny how perfect the timing it for me. The amazing Amanda Krill just helped me re-vamp my website (the transition is happening right now! so i apologize if my site is wacky for the next few hours 😉
    I was just thinking during this process “how can i make more money directly from my site?” and MAKING OFFERS is so perfect. This video blog just lit another fire under my butt and I’m more excited than ever to get going! Thank you girlie!
    PS – Morgan’s photos are kick-ass! Where is she located? Ever in LA?

    • marie

      YAY for your new site. Super excited for you! Morgan is in Kentucky but i would LOVE her to come to NY/LA – let her know 😉 Miss ya xox M

    • I would love to come to NY and LA too! 😉

      • Hey Morgan! If you make it to NYC, let’s meet for coffee! 🙂 And thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

  3. Awesome! Love the whole video Q&A session. Keep it up! Great Stuff!

    • marie

      Thanks Rob! Truly appreciate it 🙂

  4. As always, you’re right on Marie! I’ve been wanting to create an information product for awhile and these tips definitely help (especially the survey!) Thanks again for keeping us on track.

    Also, love the sexy pic service – as a former model I have shot with lots of great photogs, but her work is really amazing!! 🙂 I encourage everyone to get shots like this – if not for your significant other, than for yourself! It’s super motivating to see yourself looking all hot and sexy!!

    • marie

      Awesome Melissa. One of the cool things is that if you have a service (photography, cooking classes, coaching, consulting, whatever!) you can make offers to your subscribers in a really genuine way. This way you don’t have to “wait” until your product or service is ready to generate cash.

      I TOTALLY agree on getting those pics done whether you’re single or attached 😉 Kuma says hi too.

    • I agree too (goes without saying? 😉

      My philosophy in photography is “Why should celebrities be the only one with hot photos?” Every woman deserves them.

      • Totally – I love that quote! We can look just as good as celebs – especially with kick ass photogs like you 🙂

        Marie – say hi to Kuma! Was thinking about you guys as my Aussie was romping through the snow today.

      • marie

        That is an AWESOME tag line woman. That’s a battle cry for us non-celebs to have gorgeous, artistic, unique and totally hot pictures.

  5. Spot on. Good to see you answering this question, because a lot of bloggers are panicking about how to make this transition without looking like a cash grab. Good news is that it’s all fixable!
    .-= Dave Navarro´s last blog ..The Dark Side Of Blogging: When Free Gets Ugly =-.

    • marie

      Hey Dave! I totally agree – great thing about the Internet is that it’s all fixable. I know you’ve got so much amazing knowledge to share on this topic so thank you SO MUCH for stopping by. I’m a fan!

  6. Thanks for the post, I’m definately in need of all the help I can get. I love your answers!! You’re great Marie!!
    .-= Pam French´s last blog ..Welcome to my blog! =-.

    • marie

      Aww- thank you Pam! I really appreciate it and glad to help.

  7. Love this.
    Of course, there’s always the step 4 (or step .5) – comment on the blog of someone who just might love your products or services. I’m waiting for a world-class puppy trainer to ask for your business advice, Marie!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Just making conversation. =-.

    • marie

      Oooh. I like that idea too!! It’s so easy these days to connect with folks by simply commenting; offering support; ideas; and resources. It’s never been simpler (or free-er. yes, Marie word alert) to create fans by simply being cool and real with people you would love to work with.

      • This is a fantastic idea! I’m constantly connecting with people in real life and providing advice or resources – I guess I didn’t realize it applies to the digital world too 🙂 Thanks for these amazing videos Marie!

        • marie

          You are welcome Christy. Super glad you’re enjoying them!

  8. Hi. It was almost freaky when I opened your email and you were talking about “your blog”. (although, everyone has a blog now, right?) I just signed up for your emails and I have a popular gluten-free lifestyle blog and I’ve been passionately blogging on it for about 6 years. Same scenario as your example blogger. Thanks for the tips. I’d love to hear more.
    I don’t exactly know what your Viral ebook/pdf idea would be? Example, please.
    Kinda crazy cuz I’ve had a contract with a book agent for about 6 months now, and I haven’t completed it. I’ve been contacted by many agents over the years. I thought books didn’t make that much money, or so I’m told, considering the work and promotion involved.
    I would love to turn my passion into my livlihood and I know there must be a way. Tired of basically working two jobs…the day job, and the passion.
    Thanks again!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Gluten-Free Rome =-.

    • marie

      Hey Kelly! Great qs. Viral Ebook/PDF idea is about creating a short piece of written work that serves as a manifesto. Killer content that gives people an awesome taste of who you are/what you offer/your take on the world. Give them your best stuff.

      If you’re a teacher, you offer free strategies or tips that help your target market GET what they want! If you’re a comedy writer, it could be a funny short story. If you’re a chef, it could be recipes. Get the idea?

      You can get SUPER creative here. No one “right way” to do it. You can offer it:

      1) For free – no “opt-in” required. Better chance of reaching more people and going “viral” via social media.

      2) For free – but “opt-in” required. All they need to do is provide their name/address. This helps build your mailing list. Very important if you want to make money online in a cool, ethical way 🙂

      My friend and fellow NYCer Jonathan Fields has a cool example of a no “opt-in” required here

      BOOKS: True. They don’t make a lot of money on the front end (there are always exceptions of course!) but it’s about the BIGGER business picture.

      Shameless plug here woman, you should TOTALLY get your butt into my Virtual Mastery Program when it opens. I’m sending out a special link to my subscribers later today.

      We specialize in helping people turn their passion into a profitable reality and I think you’d REALLY benefit from what we offer. Thanks for swinging by and AWESOME pics from Rome!!

      • Wooooow Marie thanks for your awesome advice! For so long I hadn’t ‘got’ it, but I got some thoughts now about viral e-book. But what if I don’t have a ‘killer content’, so far only a few people like my style (I’m creating kiddie-style graphics) but it’s something I’m really passionate about? I know…like you always said…I just have to jump and get into action! and we’ll see! :-)) So thanks alot for the fab inspiration!
        .-= Amreta´s last blog ..{.almost.there.} =-.

        • marie

          You are so welcome Amreta! Great to have you here 😉

          • This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any atricles on rehab?

      • Marie, Thank you for answering my question. Now I get it. My creative juices have been flowing all weekend thinking about this. I have several ideas. Oh, and small world, I used to read Jonathan Fields blog regularly!
        I’m seriously thinking about using your services. I’ve got a lot going for me, but for some reason I’m afraid and overwhelmed and then I get stuck. Blech. I was thinking back to when I hired a personal trainer because I was clueless at the gym and how it was such a great investment…every penny…even though it was spendy. I use what I learned from that several years ago down to this day regularly. SO, I was thinking that for someone like me, a business coach “trainer” would probably be the same type of investment. Just poking around and checking you out more. So far, I like what I see. AND, as a blogger I understand more and more the need to get paid for my services and understand why you deserve to get paid for yours.
        Unrelated blog tip: whoever designs your blog (nice job) you might want to have them fix it so that when people follow a link it opens a brand new page and will allow them easily to come back to your site when they are done browsing a referred site. For what it’s worth.
        Thanks again.
        p.s. I heard about you from Ane Weed…she spoke of you and your services.

        • marie

          Hey Kelly! SWEET on Jonathan – he’s super awesome. DOUBLE SWEET on Ane Weed. She’s been ROCKIN in our Mastery Program. Totally love her to pieces!!

          On working with me/my team. Please check me out all you want. I LOVE what I do and can assure you… myself & my team are dedicated to helping our clients not only get great business results, but we help them lead magnificent lives.

          If you have additional questions on our Virtual Mastery Program, write [email protected] We are NOT interested in just taking people’s money. If our programs/services are not a good fit we’ll let you know it.

          BLOG TIP: Thank you for that – we’re on it 😉

  9. Christine Laborie

    Hey Marie,

    Thanks for highlighting Morgan’s blog…and the steps to moving forward.

    Love the boudoir photography idea…the whole experience of posing, dressing pulling the sexy moves can really open the sensuality and a femininity of a woman…its a spiritual, thrilling experience. My man kept referring to the picture in his journal…a very special gift for him.

    Cheers…wishing you and Kuma much fun in the snow…


    • marie

      Hi Christine! Keep an eye on your email – sending you something based on your last blog comment re business coaching. Thank you SO MUCH – we’re totally buried in NYC. Kuma is happily napping near the door 😉

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful video Marie! I found out about you
    through Katie Freiling and you BOTH are AWESOME!
    I especially loved how you broke down what to do into
    bite-size steps. I want to take some boudoir pics too.
    Oooh la la! Thanks for sharing and have an awesome weekend!

    Love and Light,

    • marie

      Hi Therese! Katie freaking ROCKS. I had the pleasure of being with her all last weekend in Sedona. YES, aren’t those Boudoir pics amazing??? Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. Kim

    Hi Marie,

    What a great video. I love the presentation style & everything. Her blog reminded me of the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ Looking forward to seeing what offers she comes up with.

    Thanks for the Inspiration,
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Wachovia And World Savings Mortgages, Is This You? =-.

    • marie

      Thanks so much for stopping by Kim. I haven’t seen that flick yet but you’ve inspired me to check it.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing what offers I come up with too 😉
      Marie has really inspired me and given me a great boost in confidence to go forth and create something great and from the heart!

      • Morgan,
        Love your site, your work and the question that you ask on your opt in form! What a great idea! I am going to see if I can get my developer to put a question on my opt in form to start generating some dialogue with my list. Thanks for sharing that strategy! 😉

        Another thing that I really like that you are doing and that Marie touched upon is you are super aware of taking care of your peeps. I think it is so important (and really critical to our biz growth) to let people know that we are consciously taking steps to make sure that our followers and subscribers are taken care of (that they can not only trust is us as business owners, but that we are looking out for them and their needs). So, thank you for setting this example and Marie, thank you for pointing out Morgan’s talent!
        Great work ladies!
        .-= Britt´s last blog ..Starting A Business Can Be GREAT For Your Relationships! =-.

        • marie

          thank YOU for swingin’ by Britt 🙂

  12. Hey M,

    Thanks for the shout to to my Fire Fly Manifesto.

    Totally agree that free ebooks or PDF can be powerful tools to either drive people into your community and onto your list and to demonstrate a higher level of value, credibility and thought leadership…IF…you make them really, really good. Oh, and making them provocative doesn’t hurt either. The manifesto launched the pre-sales for my book and, in fact, went kinda viral and ended up selling enough books two months before publication that my publisher called the next day and said they were bumping the opening print run by 50%.

    The challenge, of course, is that there are sooo many other ebooks/PDFs/manifestos out there now that are garbage, there’s an increasing perception that anything “e” and “free” is worthless.

    On the issue of making it gated versus ungated. Tough call. I talked to a lot of people about it before launching it. The feedback was that studies have shown (supposedly, lol) your book will get passed around 20 to 50 TIMES more if it’s not gated. But, you also won’t get the email addresses to follow up with.

    So, what I did with the Fire Fly Manifesto was make it ungated, BUT then include two very strong gated calls to action in the end. That gave it the opportunity to get pretty hot in social media, generate serious word of mouth buzz and let me begin to build a list.

    Hope that helps gives you a bit of a window into why I did what I did.

    • marie

      You are SO good Jonathan! Thank you so much for sharing your insight and advice on this – it’s hugely valuable to all of us. We love you man 🙂

      • This is great advice Jonathan. It something I will definitely consider when I launch my first pdf.
        One thing I noticed is how well designed and attractive the Firefly Manifesto is. I’ve seen way too many ebooks that look more like sales pages or used car adds and it has always kept me away from creating my own pdf because there was such a bad taste in my mouth from the examples I had seen. People like you and Marie are helping me see new possibilities that are born from the heart….much more appealing!

  13. Great video as usual, Marie… love how you find the diamonds in each person’s business and polish them in your sassy style.

    Morgan… loved your manifesto and totally relate to your love of Italy. I came here almost 8 years ago, met the love of my life and never left. If you end up doing a retreat like Marie suggested and want to do it in Tuscany, I’d be happy to help you set it up!

    • Karen,

      WE are instant friends!
      Okay, you know I am definitely taking you up on that offer.
      I lived in Sienna for 6 months. Can’t wait to return!

      • Hey, if we can somehow fit in food allergy friendly in there then I’ve got the list of people to invite! Would love to help with that.

    • marie

      Thank you so much Karen! AND YES – fill me in on any details about a retreat in Tuscany please xo M

  14. How much do I owe you for this coaching?! Holy moly I had know idea what you were up to when you sent me that facebook message this morning and I’m so glad I didn’t miss this. (Been busy making a silly, surprise video for my husband’s birthday this Sunday). 😉

    First, thank you for seeing the spark in me and for taking the time to answer my question (I know there is a lot of bloggers that share it too).

    This beginning of 2010 has been all about discovering and really beginning to celebrate what it is that I can give to the world. You are right: I’m in my element, my zone!, when I am writing, photographing and creating video about love, romance and adventure.

    Here is what I have been simmering in my heart recently–, a couple things right in line with your suggestions:

    1. My little family has an amazing love story to tell– kind of an against all odds, ‘if i can do it, you gotta believe you can do it too’ memoir about the journey from single and pregnant broken girl, to happy, confident single mother, to love and romance-filled woman. And I do want to share it in book form. For all the single mommas out there who I love and who need a true story of hope, AND for all of us-mother or not, married or not- who need to believe in the power of love and what it means to love ourselves first in order to experience the fullness of love from another. (I have a feeling you and I, Marie, are kindred spirits in this philosophy)

    2. I also have been incubating ideas for a online course that incorporates both photography, romance and adventure– i.e. how to live life with more romance and adventure and how to capture it creatively in pictures so you and your family can hold on to the memories. In my work as a photographer I have found that photographs are an amazing way to redeem one’s own story and to awaken what is truly special about life. I would love to be able to share these lessons and tools with others.

    What’s been holding me back is uncertainty about the “how”. (Not a good excuse, I know). You’ve shifted things for me, Marie. From the gift you have given me in this blog post (your glorious vote of confidence!), I am not longer going to let questions like, “How do I create an online course?” “Where do I start with a book?” “Who do I align with/partner with?” hold me back.

    Big dance of thanks,

    P.S. Can’t wait to take your Boudoir shots, Regazza “Maria!” 😉

    • marie

      I know we’ve had a few exchanges via Facebook but once again, SO excited for you and honored that this video has helped bring you clarity and forward movement!! Please keep us updated. Big dance of thanks right back for submitting your q!! xoxo

  15. Marie ~ I love your suggestions for Morgan. They are dead on and so simple. It’s amazing how in so little time you were able to offer her such golden nuggets. Marie as always YOU [email protected]%ing rock!!! I now have to figure out how I can work with you…I want to be a ROCK STAR too!!! xo

    Morgan ~ I love your site and the Bluegrass Project. I just went to your blog and got super inspired from reading it…Good luck with everything. I am now following you on twitter. I look forward to connecting.

    • marie

      Hey Angela! thank you thank you thank you!! If you really do want to work together, our Virtual Mastery program could be PERFECT fit. If you’re interested, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you the details.

  16. Angela-I love your St. Francis quote on It’s A Chick Thing (it has now been transcribed in my journal ;). I’m looking forward to connecting too. Will you send me an @ message so I can be sure to be following you too?

    • Love, love, love all of this!!! I’m reveling in how all things come together. I’m thrilled that I found Marie’s site, which might not have happened if I didn’t bump into Morgan through another online group…. SO INSPIRATIONAL, ladies! THANK YOU!
      .-= Amber McCue´s last blog ..Two Paying Clients In the Hopper =-.

  17. HI Marie, You were RT’d by my fellow tribe member and collaborating partner Thérèse Cator. I have also been mentored by Katie Freiling. There is not enough space in this comment box to express how I really feel about her. She’s an AMAZING HUMAN BEING and has helped me grow so much. ANyway, I love all your vids. I saw you first with Katie F and haven’t really made comment before. I always enjoy learning from someone who’s walking the walk and talking the talk. Your a phenomenal woman! And I’m excited to learn more from you Marie.
    Thanks for all that you do Marie 😉
    .-= Therese Miu´s last blog ..Living Your Passion with Iman Rizky =-.

    • marie

      Hey Therese!! We LOVE Katie and thank you so much for stopping by! Great to have you here and I’m looking forward to learn more about you.

  18. Wow. I can’t say which is more valuable – the video or the fabulous comments. And….I’m going to see if I can post a survey on my blog from survey monkey. I learned how to use that in grad school for research, *never* thought about using it to connect more closely to my folks. Thanks, everyone for the great ideas and encouragement. You’ve really got me curious about Katie Freiling…gonna check her out, too!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..How Can You Be Even More Amazing? =-.

    • marie

      Thanks Laura!! I’m loving making these vids so I’m super happy you’re enjoying watching them. And yes, Katie is fantastic. xo M

  19. I have found also that writing guest posts is great for my fame. Why not write a guest post on the very famous digital photography school blog?

    Also you’ll see it’s a huge market: write an ebook on doing boudoir portraits – I’m sure it will sell if you do the whole marketing and launch thing after you have got your own following.
    .-= Claudia´s last blog ..Bacterial Vaginosis eating up your Love Pot? =-.

    • marie

      Great suggestions Claudia! I love the idea of Morgan guest posting on blogs that reach her ideal clients. 😉

  20. Thanks for sharing these easy and powerful tips! Your videos are wonderful! You seem so comfortable with the camera… Beautiful job!
    .-= Rose Goddess´s last blog ..Symbol of our Times: My Ode to Avatar =-.

    • marie

      Thank you Rose! It must be all my practice making fitness videos 🙂

  21. Hi Marie

    Great tips here. Love your tips & yes… survey monkey sound really good.

    Appreciate you sharing.

    .-= Damayanthi´s last blog ..Tips To Find a Great Domain Name and Forward To Your Site? =-.

    • marie

      Hi there Damayanthi! Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

  22. Armela Kennedy

    Hi Marie,
    First, I want to say “Thank you!”. I read your book at a time in my life that I really needed it. So after reading your book twice, I had to check out and learn more about you and how you have worked your butt off to be where you are. : )
    So I just had a question about the blog. What website or web design/development services do you use for your blog? How did you get it started?
    Have an awesome day,

  23. Gyda

    I love how professional your videos look like today. But I still love the old ones you took in your apartment. They are full of value and honesty!
    Thanks Marie!

  24. In the process of learning to e-publish a book of the stories on

    The immediate take-away is to add my Facebook & twitter links to my AboutUs and to review the Follow / Subscribe feature on the home page.

    Thanks for the recommendation to Survey Monkey. An easier way to engage my readers in helping to decide a logo for BOBB.

    Thanks much !!

  25. Love the “oldies-but-goodies” video. Still great tips and looks like Morgan took your advice to write a book. Congrats!

  26. I see this is from 2010, but I can’t tell you how timely this information is and I just love your ideas Marie. I’m in exactly the same boat, I’ve been blogging for 2 years now (just had my 2 year Anniversary on May 2nd ;-)) I do have a couple of affiliates with Amazon and Vitamix and I want to expand my services, I’m thinking through ebooks. I have so much to learn and I’m so thirsty for your insight so thank you for this video (I’m hoping to attend bschool next year to learn even more). If you do have any other tidbits of insight, I’m all ears!!

    Thanks again… I so love your stuff!! 😉


  27. Wow great post it;s funny how I just stumbled upon this. Great Q&A

  28. Nadia

    I love this video.
    I’m starting to learn about Blogging while studying in coaching, and I found this post really interesting!
    Thanks Marie!
    Nadia xx

  29. This is on point, Marie! From now on I will not limit myself to be more creative in terms of taking photos of mine on the next level. You are also right when you mentioned that we can still be sexy on photos whether we are single or we already have our partner. Also, we can convey our message more efficiently with a creative photos and visuals than you could with the written word alone. The truth is that people have a shorter attention span than goldfish, and that isn’t going to be changing anytime soon. So giving your followers something pleasing to their eyes will definitely catch their attentions. We simply don’t have the time to waste—we must find the most efficient and effective form to communicate. Either writing emails or reading them; no one can digest an entire novella with every email. Getting your message across in a clear, concise way can be difficult with words alone. By incorporating visuals, you can save a lot of back and forth due to confusion and it can even drive more traffic on your site. Thanks again for your tips Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Those are all great takeaways, Natalie! We’re so glad this video helped spark so many new ideas for you and we hope you have a blast implementing these tips in your own business. Keep up the great work, we’re all cheering you on!

  30. Your post information is very unique and useful for all readers.

  31. You know Marie, I am so glad you are doing this and so thankful to you for it. I was just going through to see what you were like some years ago and I am glad to see this ?. I want to do so much but, it is beginning to look like, I won’t be able to do it cause I have been trying to be fancy but, this is what your Q & A looks like and it is awesome. I just need to move my show to day, set it up and use the method that isn’t the prettiest ? but will get started Tnanks so much, I know I can do this

  32. Jamesscuch

    Weight Loss 4 Pills:

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