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Happy, Happy 2010!

I’ve been quiet over the past few weeks, not because I don’t love ya, but because I’ve been recharging my batteries and taking some much needed Marie “unplugged” time.

One of the dangers of loving what you do is how incredibly addictive it becomes.  Especially when you have an online business and the laptop, email and social media is always beckoning.

But right before Christmas I made a conscious decision to step away from my normal routine and spend an extended period of time doing what my mind considers “non-business” related activities.

You know, tons of time with family, friends, going shopping, watching movies, doing lots of yoga, playing games, reading fun books, learning new recipes – cool stuff like that.

(Side note: if you’re into scary movies like I am, you HAVE to go see Daybreakers when it comes out.  I saw an advanced screening and it was A-freaking-mazing!!)

This unplugged time has been incredibly refreshing and probably one of the best things I could have done for my business.

In fact, a few really productive practices sprang out of this time off that I want to share with you.

These three are fast and actionable and I guarantee will help bring you more money, happiness and fun in 2010 starting right now.

1.  Clear your electronic decks.

Have a look at your inbox and I’ll bet you’re subscribed to a ton of random newsletters and lists that do nothing but waste your time, scatter your attention, or at worst, send you so far into comparison land that it takes you weeks to energetically recover.

(You know comparison land, right?  It’s that place you go when you look at other people’s businesses or lives, then look at yourself, and inevitably feel like you suck and should just quit and crawl under a rock. )

The past two weeks I unsubscribed from so many lists it felt like I got an info-colonic.


My rule of thumb for whether or not to unsubscribe from a list is to check for two key elements:

How I feel and what are my results are after reading someone’s information.  Ask yourself:

Are you inspired into action?

Do you feel like you’ve had a spiritual, financial or emotional vitamin or just ingested the information equivalent of a bag of Doritos and a Mountain Dew?

Does the information help you make more money or bring you more happiness or do you get distracted and click on 7 other sites, blink, and realize 4 hours have slipped away.

Here’s the deal.  We all get the same 24 hours in a day.

It’s how you’ll spend them in 2010 that will determine whether or not you have an awesome year.

If you have big dreams and goals for 2010 like I do, you need to clear out as much space as possible and be conscious of how you spend your time and attention.

Block out an hour right now to clear your electronic decks.

Respond to any old emails that have been lingering and unsubscribe from any list that does not make you feel great and help you see powerful results in your life. Be ruthless and cut out more than you think.

If you find yourself missing someone’s communication, you can always re-subscribe.

2.  Reduce your physical “stuff” by at least 50%.

The euphoric feeling from getting rid of excess junk in your physical space is almost as good as sex. (I said almost, people.)

What started out as an innocent, quick ‘clean up’ before my family arrived for Christmas eve turned into an all night purging party.

Josh and I went to town.  Drinking wine, playing music and filling 6 full garbage bags with chuckable or give-a-way-able stuff.

Here’s what’s crazy.  We’re pretty minimalist as it is.

So for us to find that much crap in our NYC apartment tells me that people who live in normal sized houses outside of Manhattan have ridiculous amounts of extra stuff.

So I would strongly encourage you to have your own New Year purging party today.

Best bet is to start small.  One drawer;  one closet;  one room.

And once again, be ruthless with what you get rid off.

Go for reducing your physical stuff by at least 50%.  If you haven’t used something in 3-6 months and it has no real sentimental value, get rid of it.

Donate it if it’s in good condition or recycle if possible.

And I’d highly suggest doing this with a partner or friend so you don’t get seduced into reading every piece of paper or looking at every old picture you find.   Wine and music helps too.

There’s an odd, yet reliable connection between clearing physical space and proactively calling in new ideas, fresh opportunities and other unexpected “magic” into your life.

3. Practice the T.I.O. method.

A few years ago, I had a wicked habit of opening emails, pieces of mail, etc. and saying to myself, “I’ll handle that later.”

This habit also extended to things like not hanging up my clothes, not putting my shoes back in the closet, not changing light bulbs, waiting till the last minute to sign up for things, etc.

Saying you’re going to handle something later is a recipe for extreme overwhelm, clutter and a backlog of ‘to dos” to deal with.   (Not to mention late fees, penalties and other silly money wasting practices.)

Just think about all the psychological time and energy we waste thinking about doing stuff.   Hours upon hours wondering whether or not we should do it; trying to remember to do it; wondering if we did it . . . you get the idea.

The T.I.O. or touch it once method means making a habit of only touching something once.

Open the mail and have a bill?  Pay it right then and there.

Click on an email that needs a response?  Take the 10 – 30 seconds and respond on the spot.

Used to randomly throwing clothes around the house?  Put them exactly where they belong the first time.

See a trip or program you know you want to sign up for?  Do it now for heaven’s sake.

Before the holidays, my wicked habit resurfaced and I started to feel some serious backlog building up.

Once I unplugged for Christmas, however, I got right back to my T.I.O. practice and boy does it feel good!

Touch it once trains you to start dealing with things more efficiently.  You’ll think twice about checking your email 100 times a day if you know you have to deal with whatever is there immediately.

This gives you more time and energy for what’s really important (making love; making money; having fun ;).

T.I.O. also automatically strengthens your truth telling muscles.  How?  Because once a request for your time or piece of information enters your world, you train yourself to tell the truth on the spot.

You’ll automatically get rid of “maybes”  or “this could come in handy someday” and get real.

For example, when you’re practicing T.I.O., if you know you’re not going to a party, you’ll decline immediately rather than torture yourself (and the host) with a last minute response.

Most importantly T.I.O. helps you stay on top of your game so you can quickly take advantage of the truly important opportunities coming your way in 2010.

Don’t let the simplicity of these three strategies deceive you.

Most people have so much clutter in their life (electronic, physical, psychological) that there’s not enough “white space” to really launch their New Year goals in a powerful and purposeful way.

While this list is a good start, I’m sure you’ve got gems to add.

Any of this resonate for you?

Do you have any simple, yet actionable advice to help us all get 2010 off to a fantastic start?  Let me know by leaving a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Another Forleo slam dunk. GODs I love ya woman. This is going up on my freakin’ office wall.
    .-= Linda Eaves´s last blog ..Cheesecake Numba Two – Life is SWEET!!! =-.

    • marie

      Hey Lovely Linda! Why thank you VERY much 😉 I’m honored to be on your office wall!! xo M

  2. David H.

    Keep rockin’ it girl! Nothing less than excellent, as usual. 😉

    • marie

      Thank you so much! Keep me posted on your adventures in assistance land. It’s AWESOME once you find the right fit. And of course, you know I’m always game to talk entrepreneurial shop. Hope to see you soon!

  3. An info-colonic!! I love it, and it’s just a little cynically awesome. 😉 I’ve done the unsubscribing thing a few times, but I feel it’s time to go through my stuff again.

    As for the clutter, you’re right on the money – I went through my closet yesterday and did just that. Now for my bookcase… 😀

    The last one is what really hit home for me, Marie. I used to do T.I.O. but recently have started opening & reading emails but not doing anything with them until “later”. Not good! I’m getting back to the T.I.O. practice ASAP. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • marie

      You are so welcome Nat! And part of what I’m doing in 2010 is eating a lot healthier so I’ll be looking to you for lots of Raw Food tips and Ideas 😉 Josh and I are shopping around for a good juicer right now – should be fun!

  4. Tim

    Number 3 is me exactly. Funny thing is I have been procrastinating doing exactly as you suggest. But I will change that starting now. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • marie

      Hey Tim! that #3 seems to be the crowd fav. I’m with you and you’re welcome!

  5. Sandra V

    What, are you reading my mind? Exactly the post I needed to read! There are no accidents ‘-) Love you!

    • marie

      Ha! I seem to do that mind reading thing, don’t I? Miss you woman and so glad to see your face. Love you too 🙂

  6. Yo M!

    Love the post. My wife and I are doing a bit-o purging ourselves and the results are wondaba. Thanks again for your awesome awesomeness. Holla!



    • marie

      Hey Mr. Rider! Give your beautiful family a huge squeeze from me and looking forward to catching up with you soon!

  7. You’re so right about clearing clutter. I had my house Feng Shui’d (sp??) right before Christmas and as you may or may not know, it involves a great deal of clearing clutter which essentially clears old energies and makes a path to bring in new. I couldn’t believe what a huge difference I felt immediately. It was crazy. I would encourage everyone to do it and see how it makes them feel!

    • marie

      YES on the Feng Shui – such good stuff and it is wild how dramatic the impact is. It’s like you have a whole new house!!

  8. Love your article … I think cleaning and organize helps organize thoughts, spirit and life in general. Reminds me how much needs to get done in my life!!!! Thank you for such inspiring thoughts!!!!! 🙂

    • marie

      You’re welcome Rebecca!

  9. Layna

    Thanks Marie! I am going to have a purging party tonight…I know I will feel so much better. Long ago I employed the T.I.O philosophy and it really helped save time. Thanks for reminding me!

    • marie

      SWEET Layna. I love that you’re taking action. Let us know how it goes.

  10. Always a pleasure to read your witty, informative and inspirational posts!!
    I have done these things at least more than once, but a great reminder that I need to keep doing them…and Now would be a good time!!! Thanks for the kick in the butt!

    One thing that I also do to clear my headspace Is to write down then keep a master “incomplete list” or better “Completion list” and I keep it in my planner and check-off things when I do them or add new ones. Things like the dentist, pet appts, tax accountant meeting, movie you want to see but not forget, etc.

    Thanks again for the great info and advice. You Rock Marie!

    • marie

      Hey Cindy! So great to see you. I like that suggestion. I’m starting to pre-plan my hair appointments, dentist, etc. and my iPhone is usually the place I capture things I want to remember like restaurants and movies. I’ll bet there’s an app for that vs. notepad though. I’ll check it out…

  11. Shivani

    Marie! Thanks for the article.
    I can totally relate to the TIO tip. I lost the plot over the last 2 weeks and did nothing but play on the playstation, drink and eat 🙂 It was Christmas! but it didn’t stop me from thinking about my ever extending to do list. On the last day of the holidays I got straight into action mode and did a blitz.
    Still more to go so thanks for the reminder. It’s SO true!

    A tip that works for me is to write a to-do list. As soon as it’s on paper I feel obliged, and compelled to tick it off 🙂

    Regarding the subsribe lists and newsletters – haven’t had so many these past few weeks. Now is that ‘cos everyone else is in a quiet period? Anyway, it was great to see a less cluttered inbox and got me thinking, if it ramps up again, I need to get off some of them! Spot on.

    S x

    • marie

      Sweet and so glad to hear about playstation, drinking and eating (that’s what the holidays are for!!) I think there will be an increase in mailings now that the holidays are over. xoxo M

  12. thanks for the kick up the bum! i think i’m going to have a go at getting rid of 50% of my stuff! cheers, loc

    • marie

      You’re welcome! Let us know how it goes 🙂

  13. Amy

    Happy New Year, Marie!

    Great post! Really spoke to me, as so much of your writing does. I especially identify with “Comparison Land.” I have been visiting there all too often (I think I even have some frequent flyer miles racked up now;-). I find that my energy is often completely drained after I spend time going through my email and reading some of the newsletters. I thought I was alone in this experience, but it brings great comfort to know that I’m not. A few months ago I unsubscribed from several lists, but now I’m thinking that it’s time to do it again. I appreciate the questions that you provided to help me to determine what to keep and what to say goodbye to. I can answer an emphatic YES! to all three questions when it comes to your messages and posts. Thanks for all of your amazing energy and inspiration!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Energy Boost: Taking Care of YOU so that You Can Better Care for Others =-.

    • marie

      LOL Amy! There are MANY of us who have frequent flyer miles racked up to comparison land. You are definitely not alone. And thank you – I’m honored to be on your yes list 😉

  14. maureen

    comparison land!! ha! sad but true.

    a lot of what you’ve written here is in line with feng shui (I’m a consultant) – clearing out, creating space, and increasing the flow to ease transformation and welcome more of what we need and want.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • marie

      Sweet Maureen! What you do is powerful stuff…and I’m guessing if you don’t have it already, some type of seasonal program would be AWESOME for your clients. (I’m thinking a year long membership or package for a year) Because no matter how many times I do it, it always needs to be done again in a few months 😉

  15. Done! Done! & the TIO is a work in progress! Great reminders and I can totally attest to the “high” one can get after getting rid of a ton of stuff – not as great as sex but better than putting on your “tight pants” and finding them loose 🙂

    • marie

      Ha! LOVE it Jennifer. Tight pants fitting loose is definitely a close second!

  16. Loved the post Marie! I just did a purge before the holidays and decided to get rid of old Christmas decorations that I hadn’t put out in years. Then it felt so good to do that, I started going through everything in the house and cleaned out more stuff. I had set it aside for a garage sale and just found out today about a family that lost everything last week in a fire in Clearwater and needed help. Now I’m taking all the garage sale stuff to them and going through my house once again to pull out more stuff for them.
    Thanks for all your great info!
    Kathy Perry

    • marie

      That is sooo cool Kathy! Sounds like you and I got bit by the same Christmas re-org bug. I love how beautifully it worked out for you to share what’s no longer for you with a family who really needs it!

  17. Kelly Ann


    LOVE the T.I.O!!! So right on how it also filters into our lives and could help our truth telling muscles. Just another way to observe how truthful I’m being with myself.

    Rock on! Love your emails and blog – love how you write like you speak.
    Happy 2010!

  18. What great, practical ideas! 3 especially will be greatly used this year!

    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Website in a Weekend goes live! =-.

    • marie

      Thank you Catherine! And you’re welcome 😉

    • Sandra

      Hi Catherine and hi Marie,

      Right on with the post, Marie. This post really hit me whammo slammo. (I’m taking a break from cleaning out my yahoo inbox to jot this note.)

      Just yesterday, a good friend and I had just shot a few emails back and forth about “comparison land”…such a place of “yuck”. Gald to know it hits others as well. (Not that I’d wish it on anyone.)

      I also wanted to shoot a “thank you” to Catherine for posting the Website in a Weekend link…and another “thank you” to Marie for hosting such a great site with such fab people with great products!

      Happy New Year – and Happy Clearing!

      : ) Sandra

  19. Great reminders Marie, I hope we both have a SUPERB year!

    • marie

      We WILL! Miss you and your hubby – send him our love 😉

  20. Hey, Marie! Great post. I did a bunch of unsubscribe’s a few days ago, too. Now when I open my email I receive a gift…it’s called TIME. 🙂 Concerning clutter, I’m starting with my files…the paper kind. I’ve got vet records on pets I don’t have anymore! I’ve been a T.I.O. kind of gal for years, and most of these files will be getting the FINAL touch…right into the trash. Thanks for giving me the extra “umph” I needed to tackle those file drawers. Happy New Year!
    .-= Judy Ransom´s last blog ..Meet Your Best Friend =-.

  21. marie

    HA – yes, I hear that on opening the email and having TIME. The holidays really reminded me of how awesome it is to have simplicity and down time. You are so welcome for the extra nudge on the drawers. Happy New Year to YOU!

  22. Megan

    SO needed the kick in the butt about getting rid of things…I’ve been on the road since August and as I get ready to head back home to Ireland I have too much stuff! Tonight, I give it away.

    • marie

      YAY Megan! It will feel so good (and likely be less expensive without extra baggage) to go home FREE. Safe travels!

      • megs

        just saw this now as I respond to the “meltdown” post…thanks! the cleansing continues here at home. 🙂

  23. Hey Marie,

    I think I am pretty sure I need a new house, computer ect… and have to start over!!:)
    I think that’s easier?!

    Great Post. I was just looking at my desk and there seems to be a small spot open between the mess for a garbage bag.


    • marie

      That’s one way to do it Alane! EXACTLY on the small spot. Squeeze it in baby!

  24. Loved this post Marie, it always comes back to these very simple housecleaning things that you talk about, and I always seem to be so good at straying from them!

    I really like the ” Electronic Deck” never thought of it that way…:)

    Happy New Year to you!


    • marie

      Hey Laree’ – aren’t we all 😉 This is a huge one and I predict it will become more and more important in 2010 and beyond to REALLY curate the information we take in and hold onto. Happy New Year right back xo

  25. Lisa Frederick

    Terrific info you put out there about helping one find answers in this ever changing life of technology. Some of us haven’t cleaned up our spaces in eons. I know for sure that getting organized even just a little more than I was before makes a world of difference in how I function daily.

    • marie

      Thank you Lisa! I know it makes a huge difference for me every time I do it and I find there’s no better way to start the New Year off right 🙂

  26. Great tips, thank you Marie! I love the TIO – SO TRUE! Sometimes I fluctuate between utilizing that method and deciding not to…and it is SUCH a waste of time when I say I’ll do it later. Happy New Year, and I enjoy your posts!

    • marie

      Thank you and Happy New Year Stephanie!

  27. Jessica

    This is sooo helpful! I have 2 jobs going to school and trying to study for the LSAT! You are so right about the emails! I have 3 accounts and they need to be cleaned out! As for my room, I will be using Goodwill for half my closet! I’m ready to make my mark on 2010! Hopefully I’ll be moving to NYC when I graduate 🙂

    • marie

      Rock it Jessica! You got me fired up just reading your comment. YAY – come to NYC girl, it’s amazing!!

  28. Lisa Persico

    Hey! Marie!
    Glad to have you back! As always, you really know how to nail it with whats going on and at the perfect time?!?!? ( are you spying) j/k … any-whoo…
    look forward to using these top 3 tips for cleansing all levels! My “info-colonic” is happening NOW.. flushing it! (especially all the hundreds of newsletters I signed up for in an internet marketing info “binge”!!!)
    I also am a big fan of raw foods and have been teaching classes for many years so anything ya need in terms of recipes etc… Eating, living & thinking healthy is my world!
    (of course you wouldn’t know since I have been a little immobilized when it come to promotion… not my forte for my own company!!anyone’s else’s biz, I am a marketing genius-he-he) That’s why you’re blogs always get me motivated and into action and really just excited to move forward! Thanks again for nailing it!
    Happy New year!

    • marie

      Hey Lisa! Thank you so much – will definitely take you up on that 😉 I think you’re already coming out of your stuckness – you just promoted yourself to me and our wonderful community! So keep going woman, keep going.

  29. Thanks, Marie. Powerful and helpful advice which resonates inside me. The T.I.O really struck a cord. I am the big PLANNER, and actually I thought yesterday how much time I really spend on each thing I do… A bit frightening to think about… So from today on I will use the T.I.O strategy!
    And the newsletters… wow… I have so many subscriptions where I just throw the newsletter away, without even opening it! Mostly newsletter I signed up for, due to a former customer project I was working on, where I was going to be up to date with what happened in “their world”. I should practice a “cleansing” after I finalize a project!
    Comparison land… Been there so many times, and I am glad to hear that I am not the only visitor…
    Another good advice, is the “Good is good enough”-advice. I am an extreme perfectionist, and can work hours and hours with the smallest of things. I think I heard about the Good is good enough in Ali’s workshop, and since then I have more cleared space, which I can use for more productive work in my business.
    Thanks again for an inspiring blog.
    Happy New Year!

    • marie

      Hi Annika! Good call on the perfectionist bit. Even stuff I’ve spent countless hours on (as well as other people) – like my book – there’s always a typo or something you notice after the fact. Happy New Year to YOU!

  30. Great post Marie

    • marie

      thanks James!

  31. Anna

    Hi Marie,
    What a great New Year, New Start article. I did a major de-cluttering a month ago & the great energy has supported me to get things done.
    Your electronic de-cluttering is a great idea too. Oftentimes we can’t handle too much info, so might as well eliminate while we can before OVERLOAD :).

    And here’s to you to encouraging the TIO method & I’m applying now as I read this!
    A very Happy New Year to you & your family~ Anna

    • marie

      SWEET Anna!

  32. stephanie*

    hey marie!
    a magical and wonderful new year to you! (you cleared the path, so it can come :o) ) i did some of the same things, because it seemed all too much for me and so far away from *nature*. (there is a wonderful visionary film on youtube called *the green beautiful*, very simple and touching, i loved it and still love it).
    it happens to me often, that when i feel stuck, i just do the things around me, clean off, put away, give away (always so beautiful to see somebody happy about something I do not need anymore) not to have too much baggage on the journey ;o) and being for what really matters.
    i’m very cheerful to read, that you will be doing a rich*happy*and hot* which is highly affordable (did i read right?), so looking forward to more news from you.
    this would be one of my new years wishes, a rich*happy*hot programm for me, aaaah!
    ciao bella!
    nb: beautiful fotograph, really!

  33. stephanie*

    nb. i’m not sure, if i put it clear with the *nature* thing: i just wanted to say, that too many things and too much electronical stuff, makes me feel further away from my *source* (not so easy to put it in words, i hope it is understandable?)

  34. Mayara

    Estou começando o meu 2010 com muita garra e amor.
    Vou fazer tudo doferente daqui para a frente, não está sendo nada fácil eu confesso mas vou conseguir.



    • marie

      Mayara! I don’t speak Portuguese but if anyone else does and can translate – that would rock 🙂 but thank you for your comment and Beijos right back 😉

      • Hi Marie: TY for the perfect NY’s post on the power of clearing magic!

        = = =
        With a little help from WordMonkey Translater (my indispensable iGoogle home page gadget), I’ll give Mayara’s lovely message a shot:

        I’m starting my 2010 with a lot of guts and love.

        I will do everything different going forward, not getting any easier but I confess I can.



        note: I use WMT often to communicate on Twitter with my dear Brazilian friends (who like to teach me Portuguese through tweets).

        Beijos to all!


        • marie

          You ROCK Sheri! What a great resource. Thank you so much for that!

  35. Hello Marie,

    Great Post.

    I agree personal clutter free space is luxurious! I’m a Spiritual Coach and have a very good track record of being extremely organized and efficient in my space. Recently however I had Feng Shui done in my home and office. I have since stepped up a notch on maintaining a harmonious, energy flowing space with no clutter or mess and I just love it! I highly recommend getting those bags out with all the things you just do not need and are only holding you back and weighing you down in life and business…

    My lastest post – 2 tips on helping you get out of your comfort zone!

    .-= Jacqueline Pigdon´s last blog ..Business Consulting Services =-.

    • marie

      Hey Jacqueline! Awesome on the Feng Shui – it’s great to get things bumped up to that next level, right? Keep rockin.

  36. Leigh

    Hi Marie!

    I loved this post. Funny, for me, I HAD to purge when I decided to renovate my apartment a year and a half ago, as it needed to be completely empty to save time and money on the renovation. It meant I also would be living elsewhere, so I only wanted to take the clothes and papers I really needed.

    It was alot of work, I actually hired a professional organizer to help me, she was amazing and she is here in NYC if anybody wants her name (and less expensive than
    alot of other p.o.s.) I donated ALOT of stuff to the Sal. Army (good karma) had one
    or two sidewalk sales, threw out some other stuff, sold stuff to an upscale second-hand
    store in the ‘hood, and sent family items I really didn’t want to my two sisters.

    Then when I moved out for the renovations, I found myself getting rid of half the clothing I’d packed…..and it wasn’t that much to begin with. Now that I’m home, I’m
    finding I don’t want to clutter my new space up, and am still getting rid of things as I
    bring stuff up from the basement!

    Ok, this is a bit long, sorry, but I thought this might help others…..

    • marie

      Hey Leigh! (is this THE Leigh who came to RHH Live in October?) Of course – share her name, we’re happy to promote great services! Not too long at all my friend. Keep it coming.

  37. AWESOME advice! Where have you been all this time?! LOL. I desperately need to clear my electronic decks – and I am on my way to do that right now – T.I.O. in action! (you see, it doesn’t take me very long to learn 😉

    Thanks for the post, Marie.

    • marie

      Love it LaVondilyn!! I get REALLY excited about people who take fast action.

  38. Anna

    Did it! Got rid of Old and New ill fitted work clothes, t-shirts, tons of bras and underwear (Victoria Secret is having a sale!) – 2 empty drawers! Between my room and my kids’ room, so much stuff off to the donation bins. Next comes the jewelry chest – purging is awesome and no regrets! (oh and I started the isness thinking and I’m sure my blood pressure has dropped to below normal; and listening to others – I find myself aggravated when I’m cut off, but I’m still not doing it to others).

    • marie

      YAY! Congrats Anna 🙂 Are you a Booty Camper or did you pick up all that “isness” from the book? ON LISTENING: Keep going and just remember that most of us, before we learn how to truly listen, are doing the best we can 🙂 (if it’s any help – my entire Italian family – including me – all ‘simultalk’ when we’re together!!)

  39. Katie Borchardt

    Hi Marie!!
    This article is awesome!! A perfect little kick-start to get things rolling in 2010. I’m going home to purge my closet tonight and reap the benefits of having a clean space for the year. I LOVE T.I.O!! That would help so much in keeping my space clean and tidy – which just gets me even more excited to come home. You know, I love going on vacations just to get away from some of the clutter at home – I need to create a mini-vacation spot for myself right at home…complete with hot-cocoa/coffee machine. Hah – I think I just took a mini-vacation!!
    Thanks Marie!! You Rock!

    • marie

      YOU DID. Yes – I was just T.I.O. ing myself when I took off the 17 layers I had to wear going out into the icebox called NYC. (it’s SOO freaking cold!) You are so welcome Katie xoxo M

  40. Christine Myers

    I guess we’re vibrationally linked, Marie, as over the last couple of days (before reading this post) I’ve been weeding out my email/blog subscriptions. Anything that was redundant (6 blogs on how to eat healthy??) or guilt inducing (I should read that but don’t enjoy it) got cut.

    Still working on the physical clutter. I’m trying to find a compromise with my husband who wants to save everything for a garage sale months from now, whereas I want to just toss/donate stuff now.

    As for T.I.O., as long as I schedule once or twice a day to deal with all those little things, it works. Otherwise, I spend most of my time on things that are urgent instead of things that are important.

    • marie

      excellent point Christine! Thanks for bringing that up. SUPER important to distinguish the important vs. the urgent. Some of the things I do to help “curb” the urgent are 1) turn off my phone 2) get off the internet 3) turn off instant notifications or anything that dings/vibrates/etc. 4) let my peeps know (Josh, Zane, my team) if I need some uninterrupted time to knock things out.

  41. Marie.
    My favorite post so far. Keep em coming. I love the T.I.O principle. I learned it in college as the O.H.I.O principle actually. (“Only Handle It Once”) Same idea. Different acronym and easy for me to remember being that Im from western PA close to Ohio. I have always suffered from major Adult ADD and this was something that all my counselors told me to do throughout school. Thanks for the reminder!

    • marie

      Nice Sarah! I like the OHIO version too 🙂 Welcome to the adult ADD club, you’re in good company.

  42. Marie:

    Wonderful advice! I’ve been hitting Unsubscribe to newsletters that make way too many promises without either giving clear steps or asking me…the reader to do much work.
    Since your seminar I’ve been working in a new way…hard, but on target and with fun.
    2009 clutter and a bunch of electronic distractions don’t work.

    .-= Yvonne Bynoe´s last blog ..A New Year’s Meditation on Love =-.

    • marie

      YAY Yvonne 🙂 I’m thrilled you’re clearing out AND that you’re still rocking from RHH Live in October. Super job and really excited to see all the awesomeness you create in 2010!

  43. Lenka

    Thanks Marie for a great advice! I’m definitely going to try it, I want a lot changes in 2010 and this is a good start!!! Thank you again and I wish you all the best!

  44. Great New Year’s post! The vacuum law of prosperity is the best way I’ve found to get an instant energy boost and get my focus back. Clear your drawers ladies and your mind becomes clear too. Funny but true.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  45. Hi Marie
    We did a huge de clutter in our home before New Years. Got rid of so much stuff that we were holding on to and when we asked why there was no readily available bye bye to the trash or off to Good Will.

    Love the T.I.O that is a great concept. I saw myself getting stuck into receiving to many ezines so I will take your advice and unsubcribe.
    So glad you had such an amazing time during the holidays
    .-= Tricia Dycka´s last blog ..Whose Ideals Are You Striving For? =-.

  46. Thanks Marie! I start right now :o))


  47. Jeannette

    Hi Marie! Happy 2010!

    Thanks for this post. I realize the more I practice the 3 points above the more calm and center I feel and the easier my life becomes. It’s so funny cause my apartment was a disaster this past month. I had a small NYE dinner party which forced me to scrub the place down from celing to floor and every corner (I get a bit crazy when I start cleaning). Anyway my apartment is sparkling clean and I love walking in it everytime I return home from being out. All my photos and knicknacks from my travels stand out at me and flood me with the most incredible feelings from the memories. I feel so much happier, lighter, less anxiety, less stress and get this…I am not just missing the bus or train anymore. HAHA! I am challenging myself to practice T.I.O for the next month because not putting things away right after I use them is my biggest downfall. When I am in no mood to wash the dishes or hang up my clothes I grab my ipod, crank up an upbeat song and it’s done in no time.

    The e-mail I need to work on big time (although I did delete some 600+ messages from my inbox over the Christmas holiday) and the purge I will do when I move out in April. Nothing like purging and packing at the same time!

    Loving your posts and thanks for the useful info. Hope your 2010 is off to a fabuloso start! Love ya!

  48. Deirdre

    LOVE this one! The best advice I’ve heard so far this year. Thanks Marie, you ROCK!

  49. Ziba

    Wow – I never thought about that – You are absolutely right – I can’t think of how many times I have wasted time reading about irrelevant things…

    Another advice that works great for me is to calendar things even down to my meals

  50. gia feraro

    cleaning out clutter….. it does feel so good and yes almost as good as sex, key word…. almost. how freakin cute you are. off to clean out my bedroom, the cleaner the romm the better the ambience:}

  51. T.I.O. those are letters to live by.
    Already have the maximumly minimal thing going on in my home (and it’s ahhhhh!)… but not on my computer. How good might THAT feel??
    Thanks for getting clear… and sharing it with us, Marie!

    • marie

      SUPER DUPER good Jeanne!! you are so welcome 😉

  52. Bethany Lyons

    Marie — this ROCKS. Thanks for a breath of of fresh air and fun, doable changes to make. Hope all is fantastic! xo-B

    • marie

      Miss you beautiful! We need to do some dancing together soon. thank you so much for swingin’ by!! (yes – all is pretty darn good 😉

  53. Hey Marie! Hope all is well!
    The One touch approach is excellent!
    And yes with a new year in full swing, and decade, why not open
    the floodgates for all good things a’ coming!!!
    Thanks much! Love it!

    • marie

      Lourdes! that’s what I’m talking about woman 🙂 xoo M

  54. I am in love with T.I.O!! I am so guilty of putting things aside and waiting to decide what to do with them later because often I am in overwhelm and my brain is shutting down in the moment. But I am seeing that the brain might not get so full if I don’t create the backlog in the first place. Brilliant! Thanks, Marie, for the practical and wise suggestions, as always!! Much love and can’t wait to rock it in 2010!!

    • marie

      I never knew how popular T.I.O would become!! 😉 absolutely excited for a rockin’ 2010 with you woman.

  55. Kate

    What a great post – perfect motivation for the start of a new year! I have already started to put T.I.O into action with great results. I also had a huge clear out over the Christmas holiday and I noticed how many items I had that at the time were a ‘must-have’ purchase and now only serve the purpose of gathering dust and cluttering up my cupboards. In 2010 I will certainly be more thoughtful about what I spend my money on and how long I spend shopping for these items. Perhaps my time and money could be put to better use elsewhere.

    • marie

      Ooohhwie you hit it girl. Most of us have WAY more $$ than we even realize to devote to what’s really important to us.

  56. Good one, I am going to put those tips into practice right now…!!

    • marie

      Yay Kathryn!

  57. Jennifer Rohner

    Wonderful post, as always, Marie! Thanks for bringing up “comparison land”…always good to remember that one!

    • marie

      Hey Jennifer! I was JUST thinking about you today. I know – right? I’m actually having a lot of fun with comparison lately – cool stuff! xo

  58. Egle

    Many thanks for inspiration! At the moment dealing myself with all three points. Tomorrow No 2 will be actively tackled – the project is called “audit of the closet”: a few objective and stylish girlfriends will attend as the distinguished members of the audit comission. Though not sure yet about the 50% result, but we’ll see.:)
    Greetings from Lithuania!

    • marie

      nice work Egle – friends with style are PERFECT for the audit commission! SO great to have such an awesome international crowd here!! that’s why I LOVE the internet!! 🙂

  59. Munira

    thank you for this! it was great and i am indeed ready for action 🙂

    • marie

      u are welcome!

  60. Ankita

    Hey Marie…
    Ur 3rd tip is totally the way to go…. Luking at piled up things [whatever] really scares the stuff out of us…
    N I did follow the 1st tip too… N it really felt a lot better.. 🙂 😉

    • marie

      Excellent Ankita!! 😉

  61. june

    I am in agreement……I have already started my toss it. I also went to Wal-Marts
    and bought a plastic tub with lid, so I can place all of my non-seasonal items in it. and
    carry it to the atic. Will make next spring so much easier. Spring will be hear before we know it.


    • marie

      nice june!! thanks for the “spring will be here soon” reminder! I just shoveled for a few hours and while the snow is beautiful, I’m a warm weather gal at heart!!

  62. Great post and philosophy, I read myself into your post, so true.

    I’m starting now, touch it once in 2010~!
    .-= Tony´s last blog ..My friend Dr. Jim Goldstein is fixing couples! (story below) =-.

    • marie

      Thanks Tony! It’s a great and simple tactic to use as MUCH as you can 🙂

  63. Wilma (from Amsterdam)

    Marie, I just love your blog, and you give such sound advise! Both practical and inspirational. Throwing away stuff can be very difficult, but it can be such a relief! Sometimes I take pictures of things with sentimental value I want to throw away, so I can always look them up on my computer later.

    • marie

      Yeaah for Amsterdam Wilma! I’ve been to your city lots of times for work with Nike 🙂
      That’s a very cool idea – taking a picture and saving it electronically!

  64. M,

    Lemme tell ya. I have carried over the junk fest to my store and man
    are we kicking ass. We are having so much fun joking about how much
    shit we have and getting rid of it ALL.

    We have like a zillion boxes in our warehouse for product in the gift
    area of the store. We started matching product with boxes and have
    found that we have more boxes than product. I mean TONS more boxes
    than product.

    I can literally feel the store letting out a huge SIGH b/c we are
    throwing away so much shit.

    And TIO! Forget about it. So simple and easy to use!




  65. I hope you’ll let me view you’re blog since I’m not a woman- I feel like I’m crashing a big slumber party or something.;) I have to say, you love the way your personality comes out in your blog, that has a huge appeal. You do a great job with this blog, thanks for the amazing content:)

    • marie

      Hey David! Men are TOTALLY welcome here 🙂 FYI, we’ve got some very smart men who come around often and even do our programs (think about it… learning cool stuff with smart, fun, enthusiastic, successful women – how can you go wrong?!?)

      Thank you VERY much and hope you’ll stick around!

  66. Tiiu (Saku, Estonia)

    Oh yes, yes! You’ve got your priorities right for sure! I mean -it is more fun to have sex than to worry about things you SHOULD do, but don’t have the guts to decide yes or no 😉
    Cleaning if FUN! The relief of throwing away things that just sit there, and are not used, or beautiful – wow! The energy this creates! I used to say I love my ex, since he left so much stuff behind when he finally moved out, that I have something to throw away or burn every time I feel down 🙂 (It is sometimes much harder to handle your own stuff).

    And girls, it gets easier with practice!

    Love you!

    • marie

      Now that’s funny Tiiu! 🙂

  67. Hi Marie,

    OMG…what great and “keep it simple” ideas to start the new year off fresh and free! You are truly an inspiration to every woman (and man) out there!

    When I was thinking of doing all these “simple” things, it became a bit overwhelming figuring out how I was actually going to DO IT! Then I read further in your blog and saw Egle’s idea of having stylish friends over to help with the “audit the closet” session…I love it! The other option in your blog is Grasie Mercedes…fantastic way to start the new year!

    TIO…is where I need help!!! I have the entire year of 2009 to update all my bank, credit card etc. statements into my Quicken in order to prepare for my taxes (because it went into the I’ll do it later pile). I continue to procrastinate because the task will be arduous. And I am already putting the 2010 items in the pile behind 2009. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to tackle this stressful pile of papers waiting in limbo to start the new year fresh?!!

    Thank you so much for sharing such great advise…Deb

  68. WONDERFUL post. Totally agree that certain emails can leave you in comparison land… and implementing TIO tonight! Love it – particularly when it comes to email and saving myself from constantly hitting send/receive… Thank you!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Happy New Year Announcement! =-.

  69. Justyna

    Love your post. Totally agree. I love #3. I am going to integrate it. Won’t be easy.

  70. Great post marie, have a wonderful 2010.

  71. Great advice! I think I need to start scheduling in some purging time into my week. I have been feeling really overwhelmed by all of the stuff that I want to do and all of the things that I am not able to finish each day. Maybe if I eliminate some of the clutter and make some white space like you said, I will be able to feel like I have accomplished more when I finally allow myself to stop working.

    Thanks for the great tips!
    .-= Melissa Wright´s last blog ..In Order to Lead You First Have to Follow =-.

  72. Just discovered your site. I love it so much.

  73. Although this was written in 2010, it fits EXACTLY where I am right now. GREAT TIPS! I re-started doing this, and it feels 100x better to have things cleaner, organized, and to get things done IMMEDIATELY than procrastinating.

    Thanks 🙂


  74. Pamela Garrison

    Will implement the e-purge practice and “TIO” philosophy.
    Thanks for “keepingitreal” simple.


  75. Thanks so much for this great piece! I recently discovered you through April Bowles Olin and am SO very happy that I did. Whenever I’m in need of a boost, I hit this site; It never disappoints. You rock!


  76. Hi Marie,

    This is my first time to go over your site, FB page, personal FB page and…wow! I can feel that you are no ordinary woman. You are fantastic! I am now your fan.

    Keep rocking the world!



  77. Hi there. I’m reading through some of this and wondering if you truly only work with “the next generation” or do you also work with people who are trying to make new things work at a later time in their life.

  78. This is so true! As a professional organizer, I see people struggling with clutter all the time. I always tell them about the TIO method, especially when it comes to organizing their papers. Very helpful!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      It’s so great hearing from a professional organizer that TIO is the way to go! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, Laura.

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