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Should You Keep Your Side Business A Secret?

November 22, 2011

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I’m really excited this week because it’s … Thanksgiving!!!

For me, that means a lot of downtime with family and friends and … a whole lot of truffled mashed potatoes.

Yes, I have fungi fever.

Now before we get into today’s video, I want to take a moment and thank YOU for reading this today.

Your support means more than you’ll ever know. For that, I’m forever grateful.

Today’s question is a tough one:  it’s about whether or not you should spill the beans about your side business at your full-time job.

In this video, you’ll hear my take on this often sticky subject and learn some guidelines you should follow no matter what.

Since this can be a controversial topic, I’d love to hear your feedback. Specifically, tell me this:

1.  Have you ever had a side business and a full-time job? How did you handle the “keep it a secret” thing?

2.  Are you an employer who’s had employees “sneaking around” on the side growing their own business? What’s your take on this topic?

Bonus points for leaving a video response (watch the video for instructions :)).

In a world where almost everyone is building a personal brand, it’s vital that we think this through and get it right.

Thank you, once again, for tuning in. And to all my US based friends, have a beautiful holiday!


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