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Working Moms: How to Balance Being a Great Mom with Growing Your Business

February 5, 2013

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Now THIS is a topic I’ve been itching to cover for a long time. In fact, I’ve gotten countless emails, questions and comments about it . . .

But here’s the problem. I’m not fully qualified to address it.

To be fair, I do have some experience in this department, as you’ll hear, but it ain’t nothing compared to what some of you are working to navigate each and every day.

Here’s just a sample of what inspired today’s episode:

“Yeah…all this advice is great Marie, but what if I have a newborn baby at home? Do you have any tips for us working moms?”

“Marie, I love your productivity advice, but I’m pregnant and about to become a single mom. Got anything specific for me?”

“What if my husband doesn’t support my business dreams and he’s the main breadwinner? He wants me to focus on taking care of the baby, but I want more out of my life. HELP!”

If you’re a new mom, or dad, and you’re trying to balance being the best parent you can be with creating a business and life you love, today’s episode of MarieTV is made especially for YOU.

Click play to learn some practical wisdom every working mom needs to know.

You can check out Latham’s book here or learn more about Latham on the MamaGlow site.

Now here’s what’s really important about today’s episode.

As I said before, we get a lot of emails about this.

My hunch is there are thousands, if not millions of new moms and dads who would love some tips, advice and encouragement.

So here’s my vision.

Let’s crowd source the best wisdom, tips, tools, techniques and strategies for all of our working parents in the comments below.

Whether you’re managing your business and a baby and have some wisdom to pass along, or your parents did a great job raising you while they were raising their company…

I really want to hear from YOU!

So right now, leave a specific, actionable comment below.

Thank you as always, for reading, watching and sharing.

With so much love!


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