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Why My Puppy Is Making Me Give You Free Business Advice

February 1, 2010

Hi! I'm Marie

You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

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Five days ago I brought home the most adorable, loving and ridiculously smart little four-legged creature on the planet.

His name is Kuma and he's a 12 week old Toy Aussie Shepherd.


“Puppies are a ton of work.”

You always hear that, but you never know exactly how much work until your knee deep in wee-pads, chew toys, treats and the overwhelming desire not to fuck up this highly impressionable little being with bad habits because you’re too busy running an online business.

(Note:  Dog training books are NOT written for people who live in NYC.  There’s a million dollar niche waiting for a smart infomarketer who can whip up something that’s downloadable and tailored for urban puppies that need paper training prior to being street legal.)

We’re also getting ready for the RHH Virtual Mastery Program opening up in two weeks or so.  If you don’t what that is, it’s my year long coaching program that’s crazy affordable, fun and guarantees you’ll get results or I pay you your money back.  Sweet, right?

Anyway, between prep for Virtual Mastery, my Mastery Gals (you ladies freaking rock), normal goofing off with Josh and my new little man Kuma, I have even less time than usual.

Rather than stressing myself out to come up with killer content for the blog, I’d rather give YOU free business/marketing/life advice right here in the form of Q & A.

Why?  Because I want to help you kill it in every sense of the word.

I want you to have more happiness.  More money.  More freedom.  More fame, adoration and pleasure.

And, I’m pretty darn good at Q&A.   It’s my favorite part of the whole coaching/teaching gig.

Plus, if this goes well my puppy gets more time with his mamma.  You get free business advice.   We all learn something along the way.

Here’s How It Works

1.   Grab your favorite beverage and dream up the juiciest, most important question you have about growing your business or moving your life ahead now.

Ask me anything you want about how to grow your business, how to market and sell more stuff, and anything that could fall into the get-your-head-out-of-your-ass-and-get-shit-done category.   General happiness and productivity questions are awesome too.

2.  Realize there are no stupid questions.

Whether you’re a beginner and have a “how to get started” type question or you’ve been in the game awhile and you want a fresh set of eyes on your marketing, your idea for a service, product or program or something specific about your life that you think I can help with, ask away.

EXTRA POINTS if you have your Gravatar set up when you ask your question.  Just helps me put a name to the face and is way more interesting to look at than the standard icon.

3. Write your direct and to-the-point question in the comments section below.

Remember, I’m likely chasing a puppy around house with treats flying out of my pockets trying to help him do his business on the wee-wee pad.  So no novellas or crazy-ass questions that I’ll need the Rosetta Stone to decipher, okay?

Provide relevant links to your site, products or services if you have them.  And whatever necessary background information I need to give a proper answer.

If this little experiment goes well, it’ll become a regular feature here. If it sucks, let’s both pretend it never happened.

(Kind of like what I do when Kuma misses the mark. Out comes Nature’s Miracle and we pretend the wee-wee off the pad never happened.)

“But Wait Marie, I’m Embarrassed To Ask My Question In the Comment Section!”

To that I say, get over it.

If you want to make it in business, and life, you’ve got to be willing to put your sh*t out there.   I’m here to help.  And in case you haven’t noticed, the people who hang around me happen to be very cool, positive minded and smart.

We’re all here to learn and grow together so toss your apprehension out the door and let’s get on with it, shall we?  Leave me your question (or comment) below.

***After-I-Hit-Publish-Just-To-Be-Clear-Note:  I’m SUPER happy about the responses so far!  To clarify, I’m collecting questions here to answer in upcoming blogs and video blogs over the next few weeks and months.  So thanks again for your qs. I’m excited to dive in.

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