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What To Do When You Doubt Everything + Just Wanna Stay In Bed

July 19, 2011

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Do you ever start questioning everything you’re creating, everything you’re working on and everything you’re working towards?  Do you sometimes wish you could just stay in bed all day long?

First, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.   Millions of highly successful people go through periods of questioning what the heck they’re doing and crave a few days off the grid and under the sheets.

If you’ve been so busy that you’re pondering giving it up on it all, remind yourself of exactly why you’re doing this thing in the first place.

As we’ve talked about before, knowing your “why” is key to both success + longevity in any endeavor.

But once you’ve got that handled, you also need to proactively build in “NNT” time, which I quickly explain below, if you want to make sure you stay consistently on track and engaged. (Warning: you’ll hear me rap in the video below, kind of like I did here.)

Since I shared my core daily NNT activities above, I also want to share my weekly NNT too.  It’s made a huge difference in terms of my productivity and happiness.

I take at least one full day every week completely disconnected from email, cell phone and the computer. No business advice or self-help books allowed; just pure non-work related activities.

I can’t even begin to describe the massive impact this small change has made in my own well-being, and for my relationship.  I strongly recommend you give this a try too.

Put this into action now!

In the comments below, tell me your three NNT daily activities.  If you’re ready to go buck wild, outline your weekly, monthly and or yearly NNT activities too.

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