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“Your Website Offends Me”: 3 Branding Strategies From A Company That Doesn’t Give AF

July 31, 2018

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Angry Twitter users have called him “offensive.” His professional website talks about STD tests, rash creams and hangovers.

And still, his app inspired the internet and makes us all more successful!

Personally, when I first saw it, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair.

It’s not just me, their founder said: “The app is good, sure, but without the, ‘Oh my God you have to see this website!’ element, we would never have spread beyond a small circle of friends and maybe a few of my followers.”

THAT’S the power of a great brand and memorable copy. Because even the best ideas don’t spread unless they’re messaged right.

Which is why I think you’re going to love this MarieTV “Love Your Branding, Baby” episode which highlights a simple, free and genius app that hit a copywriting and branding home run.

Not only do they provide an incredible service, but they’ve done what many companies find nearly impossible — captured everything about themselves on a simple, one-page website.

You’ll learn how to stay true to your voice, despite the haters. Plus, learn 3 smart strategies you can use to brand your business and be unforgettable, no matter what you sell.

As mentioned in the episode, if you’d like even more on this topic — take our free copywriting workshop at

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