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This Gal’s Tweet Made Me Give Her Tens of Thousands of Dollars

March 22, 2011

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Less than a year ago, I saw a new cute face in my twitter stream. She tweeted something about ‘cutting this amazing mini-documentary about @marieforleo that’s changed my life.’

I clicked through and was blown away.

Not by “me” of course, but by the editing, the flow and the story that was weaved together in such a short amount of time. Supaah classy. Supaah pro.

You see, I’ve done a lot of video work in the past (I’m a Nike Athlete and dance fitness video queen, remember?) and I instantly knew that the chic who created this mini-doc was someone I wanted to work with. A lot.

And within a few weeks of meeting her in person, she came on board to run everything video related for my business. Best. move. ever.

Since we’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about how we’re creating these amazing videos for MarieTV , my music videos, and our newest video creation for Selling Your Soul, I thought you’d like to go behind the scenes in my business and meet the uber talented woman responsible for it all.

Michelle shares some pretty important lessons on creativity, dealing with criticism and making things happen when you’re first starting out, before you have the budget or expertise to match your ambitious dreams. Enjoy.

Isn’t she the best? I’m so grateful to have Vargas in my life. If you’re feeling it, leave a comment and share the love. Till next time…


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